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Conference bhajee::germany

Title:Germany - The Country, its people, and its culture
Notice:**** Moved to BHAJEE::GERMANY (germany@bhajee.rto.dec.com) ****
Created:Tue Jun 21 1988
Last Modified:Fri Mar 21 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:544
Total number of notes:5682
Number with bodies:4
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1.0+13DCC::COURTSTue Jun 21 1988Welcome
2.03DCC::JAERVINENTue Jun 21 1988Reserved
3.02DCC::JAERVINENTue Jun 21 1988Discussion on conference policy
4.083DCC::JAERVINENTue Jun 21 1988
5.079DCC::JAERVINENTue Jun 21 1988Der Betriebsrat
6.071COMET::BRUNOWed Jun 22 1988Introductions.
7.022COMET::BRUNOWed Jun 22 1988Diversions
8.069DCC::LANEFri Jun 24 1988Is Germany a Sexist Society ?
9.022DCC::LANEFri Jun 24 1988German Labour Laws and Unions
10.041WELSWS::MANNIONFri Jun 24 1988Digital Germany
11.022DCC::COURTSThu Jun 30 1988Germans abroad ?
12.0114DCC::HAGARTYFri Jul 01 1988SPEED LIMITS
13.013DCC::LANETue Jul 05 1988AIDS and the CAR DRIVER
14.062THEONE::PARSONSWed Jul 06 1988Exchange Student Questions.
15.089THEONE::PARSONSThu Jul 07 1988Advice for Tourists/Visitors.
16.012SPGOGO::LEBLANCWed Jul 13 1988Auto Rental Agency Recommendations?
17.015GYPSC::BINGERMon Jul 18 1988What about the trees
18.06DCC::LANETue Jul 19 1988Is Munich an Expensive City to live in ?
19.041MOVIES::ROBERTSThu Jul 21 1988German psychology
20.013GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Jul 26 1988German Grammar Variations?
21.092DCC::LANETue Aug 02 1988Germany and the Legacy of WW II.
22.098THEONE::PARSONSWed Aug 03 1988Food and Drink in Germany
23.026DCC::LANEThu Aug 04 1988Rust ist Frei !
24.0NEXUS::MARTENSFri Aug 05 1988IFMA Motorrad Show
25.027THEONE::PARSONSWed Aug 10 1988German Humour (Oxymoron?)
26.04MOVIES::ROBERTSTue Aug 16 19881992
28.05RTOIC1::RSTANGEMon Aug 22 1988OS8 on RL
29.05SSVAX2::WEMETTWed Aug 24 1988Directions Needed!!
30.01VENOM::HOUTZFri Aug 26 1988Help with HASSLOCH
31.06UNTADH::ROBERTSFri Sep 02 1988
32.010JAIMES::TRAPHAGANFri Sep 02 1988German Ancestors
33.04MUNTRA::TOWNSHENDTue Sep 06 1988Telecommunications
34.013MUNICH::JAERVINENFri Sep 09 1988German work life and love life...
36.01ASIC::DRYANThu Sep 15 1988University in Germany
37.060--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 15 1988LOOKING FOR JOBS INFO
38.016MUNICH::JAERVINENWed Sep 21 1988Why are *you* here [in Germany]?
40.04BONK::CHEQUERTue Sep 27 1988Die Wies'n
41.029MUNICH::JAERVINENTue Oct 04 1988
42.04COVERT::COVERTWed Oct 05 1988Ich bin ein Berliner
43.011IAMOK::BANCROFTMon Oct 10 1988Organisation der ehemaligen SS Angeheorigen
44.031ADT::OXENBERGThu Oct 27 1988German Translation Please!
45.014BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Nov 09 1988Betriebsrat and computers
46.07BAGELS::MOOREFri Nov 11 1988Work permit needed?
47.09DIXIE1::JPIERCEFri Nov 11 1988International Drivers License?
48.09HYDRA::MCALLENFri Nov 11 1988Phillip Jenninger resigns ?
49.012WAV14::BOEWed Nov 30 1988What Means Gru_ Gott?
50.014AUSTIN::BOGGESSThu Dec 08 1988Best chocolates in Germany?
51.012SMOOT::ROTHWed Dec 14 1988German Christmas recipie(s) wanted
52.06SMOOT::ROTHWed Dec 14 1988Info on German Christmas customs sought
53.03WAV12::PHILLIPSTue Dec 27 1988Babynames
54.02REGENT::WEMETTThu Dec 29 1988Advice on what to bring??
55.02EIGER::GUTZWILLERTue Jan 03 1989Contracting in Germany
57.023BYENGMon Jan 09 1989US Military in Germany
58.029BYENGMon Jan 09 1989How important is money to Germans ?
59.0GALVIA::SPAINMon Jan 09 1989The Bavaria Clinic
61.0215828::CAVANNAThu Jan 12 1989Wanted: 356 Porsche
62.022GYPSC::LANEThu Jan 19 1989German Literature
63.01BYENGMon Jan 23 1989Auf Wiedersehen !
64.08MUNICH::WEYRICHMon Jan 23 1989it says WIEDERsehen...VOTE FOR DAVID
65.015ASABET::SCHUFFELSWed Feb 01 1989German passport eligibility
66.07IND::LIEBERMANMon Feb 06 1989Frankfurt...where to go sightseeing?
70.02HYDRA::MCALLENFri Mar 03 1989Republican Party wins seats?
71.04MAY43::THUNTTue Mar 07 1989Wanted: German Language Lessons
73.02YUPPY::FOXWed Mar 15 1989Neuschwanstein Castle/Accommodation
74.01COOKIE::WAHLTue Mar 21 1989Karlsruhe
76.02CHEFS::BAGGOTTCTue Mar 28 1989AU PAIR Wanted
77.03BTO::MORRIS_KWed Mar 29 1989Congress/Bundestag Scholarship
78.030GYPSC::SCHNEEThu Apr 06 1989german people
79.05NUTLET::BHUMRALKARFri Apr 14 1989Oktoberfest 1989
80.01CRATE::CLEMENTSWed Apr 19 1989English Contractor after a German Contract
81.014GYMRC::DAVECTue Apr 25 1989Cricket fixtures
83.04FNYFS::WYNFORDTue Apr 25 1989Zugabeordnung
84.01MUDIS3::SWOBODAWed May 03 1989au pair wanted
85.0171Wed May 03 1989Bicycle trips in Germany, Cz.
87.05GIDDAY::CHEDRAFri May 19 1989Anyone from Hannover oder Hamburg...
88.02FSTVAX::ROYERMon May 22 1989Missing Munich!
89.01SLOVAX::HASLAMTue May 23 1989Help Needed
90.06IOENG::FEELEYTue May 23 1989HELP...small hotel near Munich
91.06EMASS::MCDONALDSun Jun 11 1989Any pilots over there?
92.014DCC::COURTSMon Jun 12 1989European Elections
93.0GIDDAY::CHEDRATue Jun 13 1989Hannover Prtnrship Club
94.03CADSYS::BAERWed Jun 21 1989Trouble flying into Germany?
95.01DPDMAI::FREIMANThu Jun 29 1989Help a visitor!!!!!
98.0LLOYDJ::OSTIGUYMon Jul 10 1989Congratulations
99.015WBC::KELLYThu Aug 10 1989Translation for QUARK
100.05MED::WOODCOCKFri Aug 11 1989When is Munich Oktoberfest?
101.05BISTRO::BREICHNERThu Aug 17 1989German DTN system ?
103.014BISTRO::BREICHNERTue Aug 22 1989German schools for foreign kids ?
104.07BXBWed Aug 30 1989Opel parts to import to the US.
105.05MAY28::YURYANMon Sep 11 1989East Germany
106.063YIPPEE::GOULNIKFri Sep 15 1989job opportunities
107.04WITNES::DINESWed Sep 20 1989U.S. Family Seeks Au Pair
108.037CALLME::MR_TOPAZWed Oct 04 1989
109.017GIDDAY::HERRINGEMon Oct 09 1989learn to speak german?
110.03KID2::GOODMANWed Oct 11 1989Translation help for project requested
111.01LUTECE::LOCHOUARNMon Oct 16 1989AUPAIR girl needed in PARIS,please!
112.09GYPSC::NOTTWed Oct 18 1989Vw Camper for Sale
113.09CURRNT::GARSONWed Oct 18 1989
114.01--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 24 1989apartment in frankfurt!!!!!!!!
115.02JOVIAL::MARIWed Oct 25 1989Oberammergau Passion Play?
116.044KBOMFG::NIECKAUThu Nov 02 1989No more D.E.P.P. in Germany????
117.01NDLIS4::JRICHARDSWed Nov 08 1989DEC Employee discounts
118.05FSEDU::MEGANThu Nov 09 1989East Gone West
119.06WELSWS::MANNIONThu Nov 09 1989Help with GDR Address?
120.04CSOA1::WERABFri Nov 10 1989Information on visiting GDR??
121.015HPSTEK::SHERMANFri Nov 10 1989"And the WALL Came TUMBLIN' DOWN!"
122.016MISERY::EGGLY_WAFri Nov 10 1989A piece of the Wall
123.05GYPSC::BINGERTue Nov 14 1989Food for the poor, Snacks for the hungry
124.03SIMD::SOLAYMANTASHFri Nov 17 1989Laws on issue of number plates.
125.017SUTRA::EOSMon Nov 20 1989Hotel in Heidelberg
126.011TKOVFri Nov 24 1989Door of hotels
127.02CLO::WERABFri Nov 24 1989Munich Directions?
128.03TROAMon Nov 27 1989Terminals and ERGONOMICS?
129.0FRAIS::LANGJAHRWed Nov 29 1989flat swopping
130.02SX4GTO::BERNARDThu Nov 30 1989Leica cameras and prices
131.03STNING::DSM_SECMon Dec 04 1989Help...
132.05KYOA::KULKARNIMon Dec 11 1989Travel Info Required.
133.04DCC::COURTSTue Dec 12 1989FT anyone ??
134.01TPWEST::JOVANWed Dec 13 1989I need a contact in DEC Koln/West Germany....
135.09ASKFOR::HAIGHFri Dec 15 1989Ski boots going for a song!
136.0KBOMFG::NIECKAUTue Dec 19 1989Short term accomodation wanted!
137.01SQPUFF::HASKELLThu Dec 21 1989Help
138.0CARTUN::POMMERTue Jan 02 1990Info on Post Office 5
139.034ASKFOR::HAIGHWed Jan 03 1990Just a few little questions for the floor.
140.01KBOMFG::KEYESMon Jan 15 1990parachute Clubs?
141.01WIENER::BOSTERSWed Jan 24 1990Announcing AUSTRIA conference...
142.015KKELLY::KELLYThu Jan 25 1990U.S. Telephones in Germany?
143.04MUSKIE::GAINESSun Jan 28 1990Family vacationing soon, please help.
144.02ROMTue Jan 30 1990Siemens competition info needed
145.02MOSAIC::TARBETThu Feb 01 1990Versandhaus Quelle?
146.031FSEDU::MEGANSun Feb 04 1990What's Happenning?
147.02ASKFOR::HAIGHMon Feb 05 1990DECpark Canteen.
148.01USRCV1::FEBUSJTue Feb 13 1990Tourist help please!
149.038FRAMBO::LIEBERMANMon Feb 19 1990Berlin, where to go, and accomodations?
150.011SUOSW3::PPM_USERMon Feb 19 1990British Pubs In Stuttgart
151.056--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 23 1990
152.03COMET::ALFORDSat Feb 24 1990Looking for Public PC Software in Munich
153.02PSYCHE::GEORGETue Feb 27 1990have laptop will travel
154.0CURIE::URBANMon Mar 26 1990suche wohnung in Muenchen
155.07CURIE::URBANMon Mar 26 1990US Radio receiver in Germany?
156.02BMW32Thu Apr 12 1990More job opportunities in Deutschland
158.011NEWVAX::RICKThu Apr 19 1990Military collector shows?
159.036PARVAX::LUTJENFri Apr 20 1990driving in East Germany (DDR)
161.0DCC::URBANWed Apr 25 1990Zimmer Frei in Lehel
162.05LANDO::NIEMIFri Apr 27 1990Wanted: Germelshausen,Immensee,Emil/Detectiva
163.05YUPPY::FOXThu May 03 1990Stuttgart
164.02USHSSat May 05 1990Where is Darum?
165.016ISLNDS::PUMAMon May 07 1990A brief stay in Frankfurt...
166.02MUNEDI::GGAMPERLINGWed May 09 1990Aupair job offering
167.01TINCUP::BDOUGLASTue May 15 1990looking for house in Munich area
168.03IDEFIX::GEOFFWed May 16 1990Meine Tochter sucht eine Arbeitstelle
169.03RTOIC::ACROYThu May 17 1990911 SC 3.
170.05BIGUN::TANNERFri May 18 1990looking for "JACK WOLFSKIN" winter jacket
171.0VANISH::HALLFri May 18 1990INTER RAIL European Holiday
172.01--UnknownUser--Mon May 21 1990SATELLITE TV ISSUES...
173.026YANKS::COSTAWed May 30 1990Geographical question about Berlin wall
174.05MILPND::SNYDERThu May 31 1990Need English translation of Mozart, please
175.01AICASE::SYSTEMFri Jun 01 1990Any Schools In Munich?
176.01AICASE::SYSTEMSat Jun 02 1990Any English Entertainment in Germany?
177.01FSHQA2::LWHITEMon Jun 04 1990Questions on Media Coverage
178.011MCIS2::WALTONTue Jun 05 1990Relocating to Bad Tolz, W. Germany
179.0RTOIC::ACROYFri Jun 08 1990DECmateII - harddisk controller
180.010NITTY::COHENFri Jun 15 1990Hotels in Frankfurt and Munich
181.01DECWET::SIEBOLDSun Jun 17 1990SCHWINN in Germany?
182.06KLEE::ZABKAMon Jun 18 1990Shipping car to Germany - help needed
183.0DCC::COURTSMon Jun 18 1990Munich party time ??
184.02KISHOR::HEIMANNMon Jun 18 1990Looking for professional contact
185.01FIXSR2::CROWMon Jun 18 1990Munich Visitor Seeks New Friends
186.07BCSE::DESHARNAISTue Jun 26 1990Radon in Germany
187.02DCC::COURTSWed Jul 04 1990Wanna vote back home ?
188.01JGO::APETERSMon Jul 09 1990Seeking UDMS contact person
189.059CAFEIN::FECHERTue Jul 10 1990World Cup
190.065SALEM::ATKOCAITISWed Jul 11 1990Translation question
191.029MANIOK::WRIGLEYFri Jul 13 1990Ridleys Comments on W. German Government
192.01MANIOK::WRIGLEYTue Jul 17 1990Importing Cars from US to BRD
193.06RECAP::HERMANDAFri Jul 20 1990Kreenheinstetten location?
194.025CAFEIN::FECHERThu Aug 02 1990Is anything really "Made in Germany"?
195.049CAFEIN::FECHERThu Aug 02 1990Iraq/Kuwait impact on Europe?
196.06CAFEIN::FECHERMon Aug 06 1990Where's the Law in Germany?
197.01TOOLS::SHAHTue Aug 21 1990Address/Tel. German Embassy
200.05AYOV24::CFLOYDFri Aug 31 1990AYR (Scotland) Calling!!!
201.01EICMFG::MALLETTFri Aug 31 1990Prague? today...
202.07PARVAX::LUTJENTue Sep 11 1990Chemnitz
204.02AUNTB::LAROEThu Sep 13 1990Looking for DEC contact for Wild Leitz
205.045DECWET::SIEBOLDFri Sep 14 1990What happens on October 3rd
206.029CAFEIN::FECHERTue Sep 18 1990Red Lights in Hamburg?
208.04DECWET::SIEBOLDMon Sep 24 1990Any Unification Celebrations?
209.02ORCAS::MCKINNON_JATue Sep 25 1990Gateway to Becton-Dickinson
211.02ZUDEV1::KUHNTue Oct 02 1990
212.021JGO::KWIKKELWed Oct 03 19903rd of October...to be remembered.
213.034UNTADC::SAVILLETue Oct 09 1990Car accidents and the courts
214.010MCIS2::WALTONThu Oct 11 1990Help Request
215.06CAFEIN::FECHERTue Oct 16 1990Environmental matters
216.011CSOA1::WILSON_PTue Oct 23 1990DEC Germany-The "big picture"?
217.015EICMFG::BINGERThu Oct 25 1990Voting for Auslanders in Munich?
218.048EICMFG::WJONESThu Oct 25 1990Lufthansa and smoking
219.06ACESMK::GOLIKERIWed Oct 31 1990Frankfurt stop over
220.09UNTADH::DBRODIEFri Nov 02 1990Kufstein Autobahn bridge
221.06FSEDU::MEGANTue Nov 06 1990Language Barrier
222.018DCC::COURTSThu Nov 08 1990Postleitzahlen...
223.052CAFEIN::FECHERThu Nov 08 1990Can you fix your car on Sunday?
224.02KYOA::KULKARNISat Nov 10 1990Address in Stuttgart?
225.01MOVIES::PLAYFORDMon Nov 12 1990German Board Games
226.07RAGS::SIEBOLDMon Nov 12 1990Two tier payment in Germany??
227.010VNASWS::ERIKWed Nov 14 1990German private pilots speak up!
228.03ROMSat Nov 24 1990CB radio in Germany: restrictions?
229.061UNTADH::SAVILLETue Nov 27 1990Europe - let's vote on it
230.051TOOLS::SHAHWed Nov 28 1990June Honeymoon..PLEASE HELP...
231.027EICMFG::WJONESMon Dec 03 1990Elections 2 Dec 199
232.022DCC::COURTSTue Dec 04 1990Recycling in DEC Germany
233.03DCC::COURTSTue Dec 04 1990Information needed from crime in Schweinfurt
234.01RAGS::SIEBOLDThu Dec 06 1990Germany - 1 or 3 stamp countries ?
235.013EICMFG::BINGERThu Dec 13 1990Who is on my side
236.01MLNCSC::CESANIMon Dec 17 1990PC prices help
237.09SHIRE::PUGHTue Dec 18 1990Lufthansa redefines "women and children first"
238.01ROMTue Dec 18 1990Schwarzwald in dezember?
239.0CAFEIN::FECHERThu Dec 20 1990Euro Reaction to Shevardnadze?
240.09RAGS::SIEBOLDWed Jan 02 1991Spaec in Berlin for sale ???
241.01BEAGLE::BREICHNERFri Jan 04 1991What about KIENZLE ?
242.05EICMFG::HUTHFri Jan 04 1991What happens with the company BRAUN
243.03FRAMBO::LIEBERMANFri Jan 11 1991Stock Plan, who to contact @RTO
244.097R7NET::WALTHERSat Jan 12 1991Colorado to Germany move ????'s
245.010FRAMBO::LIEBERMANMon Jan 14 1991Arbeitszeitnachweis reporting form
246.08MR4DEC::GAUTHIERTue Jan 15 1991Persian Gulf: Influence on German Travel?
247.0CUPMK::SMURPHYWed Jan 30 1991Three Books in German for sale
248.067SUFIX::robWed Jan 30 1991Anybody know about Dresden?
249.08VIA::SUNKARAWed Feb 06 1991Need some info on Frankfurt.
250.0BERNMon Feb 11 1991Info about Language courses needed.
251.02GYPSC1::NOTTThu Feb 14 1991Anybody want a lift from Munich to England
252.010BIGUN::COBDENTue Feb 19 1991Any Jobs for an Australian
253.08ACETEK::TIMPSONFri Feb 22 1991
254.04DCC::COURTSWed Mar 13 1991Wanna go to England ?
255.0EICMFG::BINGERWed Mar 20 1991How does the reclaiming of DDR Property work
256.027CLO::WERABWed Mar 27 1991German to English translation opinion?
257.08UNTADI::HORTONThu Mar 28 1991Hic..ooo...
258.02RANGER::PEASLEETue Apr 02 1991Golf in Germany?
259.03CADSE::SMITHTue Apr 02 1991CJT schools?
260.04GVATue Apr 16 1991Hotel south of Stuttgart?
261.03--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 16 1991Berlin?
262.01--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 17 1991Interested in Town of Stargart during WWI
263.020--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 17 1991I have just received DM 329,
264.01--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 17 1991German Medallions from 1897 to 1916
265.027DELNI::D_LONGWed Apr 24 1991Luggage Racks?
266.011RTOIC::TLOTTUMThu May 02 1991DecDogDay
267.022BOSOX::BEEKHUYSENFri May 03 1991U.S./German job-levelling??
268.024UNTADI::WALKERMon May 06 1991DBP and German free enterprise
269.027UFHIS::CKOEVMon May 13 1991ARMY SHOPS
270.05LAKWNA::FECHERFri May 17 1991German economy vs French economy
271.012LAKWNA::FECHERTue May 21 1991In the News
272.01DCC::COURTSThu May 23 1991Deutsch/English anyone ??
273.06MUDIS3::UKERSTINGThu May 23 1991Deutsche Sprache - einfache Sprache
274.01UNTADI::IBRODIESat May 25 1991_THE_ red button
275.02--UnknownUser--Wed May 29 1991FRAULINES REQUIRED
276.0PROSE::CLOUTIERWed May 29 1991Looking for US homes for German High School Kids
277.014MELKOR::HENSLEYSat Jun 01 1991Advice for a visit to Meissen/Naumberg area??
278.014MELKOR::HENSLEYSat Jun 01 1991Octoberfest Dates??
279.0115SHIRE::PUGHMon Jun 03 1991Where is the VTX Jobs file for Germany??
281.047FROCKY::TOWNSHENDFri Jun 07 1991The state of Cities
282.08LANDO::SOOMREMon Jun 10 1991Air Mail Rates From Germany
283.04LUDWIG::KETRONTue Jun 11 1991Translation help needed.
284.041BANBAN::CHERNGTue Jun 11 1991Local tours around Munich
285.045FROCKY::TOWNSHENDFri Jun 21 1991Bonn
286.019GLDOA::NATHASINGHWed Jul 03 1991Tax increase and ...
287.0BONNET::HARDYFri Jul 05 1991Baden-Baden, accommodation and sights?
288.015EICMFG::DOUGLASTue Jul 09 1991buy stock in Germany ! ??
289.02EICMFG::DOUGLASWed Jul 10 1991looking for VMS sources
290.04DCC::HAGARTYTue Jul 16 1991German GP?
291.02FORTSC::WALLACEThu Jul 18 1991Advice on visit to Heidelberg
292.0SCARGO::CORMIERTue Jul 23 1991Wanted: student to visit USA for summer 1992
293.09CADSE::SMITHMon Jul 29 1991Request for a travel mentor
294.04RTOEU::DREUTHERThu Aug 01 1991U.S. Car Phone in Germany
295.0GIAMEM::PUMAThu Aug 01 1991Tips for Touring please....
296.07RTOEU::DREUTHERFri Aug 02 1991TV series <NIPPON> on video?
297.02GLDOA::NATHASINGHThu Aug 15 1991German-to-English translator ?
299.013LAKWNA::FECHERTue Aug 20 1991Downfall of Gorbachov
300.012TENAYA::RAHThu Aug 29 1991Trial for Erich Honecker?
301.03EICMFG::DOUGLASThu Sep 12 1991those bloomin' flowers!
302.034UFHIS::BFALKENSTEINTue Sep 17 1991Hackers report taped on video?
303.03LARVAE::SUGDENTue Sep 17 1991Accommodation in Munich
304.06CSC32::D_ROYERTue Sep 17 1991Lost a friend.
305.05CHESS::KAIKOWWed Sep 18 1991Hotels, exercise facilities
306.012CSC32::R_SWANSONWed Sep 25 1991German trivia facts needed...
307.0BYENGWed Oct 02 1991CD swap notesfile for Munich area
309.04ODIXIE::JPIERCEMon Oct 07 1991Help identify furniture craftsman?
310.020ZPOVC::POHINGTue Oct 15 1991First time traveller to Germany
311.09COVERT::COVERTTue Oct 15 1991Trains from Frankfurt Airport to Munich
312.03NBOIS3::BLUNKFri Oct 18 1991University Studies Germany to U.S.A.
313.028UNTADH::LEWISMon Oct 21 1991Remembrance ?
314.05CSCOA1::BRENNER_CMon Oct 28 1991Vacation Coming Soon!!
315.018EICMFG::SLEMBEKMon Nov 04 1991Purchasing real estate in Germany
316.08BIS1::ROELSWed Nov 06 1991XMAS market Nurnberg
317.01AKOFIN::LIZOTTEFri Nov 08 1991Munich to Kaufbeuren Directions
318.03CSCOAC::BRENNER_CSat Nov 09 1991zurich accommadations
320.021SALEM::DEANFri Nov 15 1991Consumer goods question
322.018CAFEIN::FECHERWed Nov 20 1991Beer, wine or heart disease?
323.025KBOMFG::BOSNIACKThu Nov 21 1991Buying Train Tickets to the borders
324.0FORTY2::NAHAJSKIThu Nov 28 1991Info wanted about Wesel (and surrounding area)
325.06EICMFG::BINGERWed Dec 11 1991Money for old rope.. oder..
326.024EICMFG::BINGERWed Dec 11 1991Junk Phone calls.. Defence..??
327.013VINO::CASTELLANOThu Dec 12 1991? German periodicals available in USA ?
328.019CAFEIN::FECHERTue Dec 17 1991Croatia/Slovenia
329.02BBIVThu Dec 19 1991!!HELP CLAUDIA NEEDED!!
330.051DCC::COURTSFri Dec 20 1991German Holidays/1992 - use for DECwindows Calendar
331.01CSOA1::OQUINNMon Dec 30 1991Student needs help finding flat
332.0FORTSC::CHABANThu Jan 09 1992UNIX sales support in Germany?
333.09NEWOA::BOSLEYWed Jan 15 1992Translation Please..
334.06MUDIS3::VUSCLU::HOUGHWed Jan 29 1992Automatic car / people carrier wanted
335.06HYEND::PLIEBERMANThu Jan 30 1992Volkswagen, need DEC contact name
336.06YUPPY::RAVENWed Feb 05 1992Army Surplus
337.012GIMP77::MACAULAYThu Feb 06 1992INternet to Roding Germany
338.02FRUST::HAMILTONMon Feb 10 1992Studium Financing In Germany...
339.017RTOEU::CLEIGHWed Feb 12 1992Driving in Germany
341.020GSRC::BARRASTue Feb 18 1992Questions on Munich and Germany
342.02TLE::JOYCETue Feb 18 1992Directions to the Nurburgring test track?
343.03BERNSat Feb 22 1992Summer jobs?
344.01WEREOK::GOUVEIAMon Feb 24 19923 Bad Toelz pensions - any recommendations?
345.092COVERT::COVERTFri Feb 28 1992Will Hashish be legalized in Germany?
346.01ZYDECO::REDDYSun Mar 01 1992Information on Magdeburg
347.02GEMVAX::ALLISONMon Mar 02 1992Performing arts; "avant garde"
348.04BEAGLE::ICARDIMon Mar 16 1992Early music shops in Germany.
349.08--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 18 1992Help!!! Need travel info to Frankfurt or Zeitz.
351.03WLDWST::NCAOThu Mar 19 1992HELP!!! Need travel info to Frankfurt.
352.05ASDG::ZETTERLUNDThu Mar 19 1992
353.0DCC::COURTSTue Mar 24 1992Looking for Arthur McCulloch
354.040DCC::COURTSTue Mar 24 1992Kindergeld/Aufenthaltserlaubnis/Work and living Permits
356.01EICMFG::GUILBERTTue Mar 31 1992PAL Format UK vs Germany
357.021RTOEU::CLEIGHWed Apr 01 1992general question to German model cars
358.0VAXRIO::FORESTIThu Apr 09 1992Info on Kassel
359.05LARVAE::LONIE_AMon Apr 13 1992Help info required.
360.0FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSFri Apr 17 1992
361.02FROCKY::ROBERTSWed Apr 22 1992NEWS feed?
362.0FROCKY::ROBERTSWed Apr 22 1992Free to a good home:
363.010FRMWRK::SMITHTue Apr 28 1992Effect of labor actions on rail service?
364.019SNOCFri May 01 1992"WHERE IS FEUDENHEIM ?????"
365.07BERNSat May 02 1992Nightlife in Berlin
366.010FORTY2::NAHAJSKIFri May 08 1992Moving to Germany...what do I need to do (register etc)?
367.02DCC::HAGARTYWed May 13 1992DCC Going away
368.05--UnknownUser--Wed May 20 1992Germany and the Roman Empire
369.08DCC::COURTSThu May 21 1992Wolfsburg info...
370.03EICMFG::BINGERTue May 26 1992Tickets for Tracy Chapman concert in Munich
371.01BLKPUD::WATTERSONPTue Jun 02 1992Armenia Bielefeld
372.01UNTADI::NOTTThu Jun 04 1992Wannabuyacar ?
373.02GOOEY::FRIDAYThu Jun 04 1992Looking for Silcher's Lorelei
374.06I18N::SZETOFri Jun 05 1992Train from Frankfurt to Austria
375.0CLARID::ROEMERWed Jun 10 1992Au Pair wanted in South of France
376.01FROIS1::LEWISThu Jun 11 1992Music,rock band??
377.02SHIRE::GOLDBLATTMon Jun 15 1992driving questions
378.011ORING::GULATIThu Jun 18 1992car-rental agencies in Munich
379.04IOSG::JOHNSONRMon Jun 22 1992Lodgings in Frankfurt
380.0FRUST::HAMILTONWed Jul 01 19922 more cars for sale...
381.03RTOEU::CLEIGHThu Jul 02 1992electrical fuses
382.08KAOOA::VLASICFri Jul 03 1992Help/Advice for Flying Visit
383.03VISA::CHURCHMon Jul 06 1992No luck mailing Edwin...
384.02EICMFG::DOUGLASThu Jul 09 1992returning train tickets
385.052SHIRE::GOLDBLATTMon Jul 13 1992autobahn speedlimits ?
386.01AIMHI::HUMMELTue Jul 14 1992
387.05MUDIS3::VUSCLU::HATHWAYThu Jul 16 1992Only in Germany!
388.0RTOVCSat Jul 18 1992Pier Carlo Falotti leaves DEC
389.0FRUST::HAMILTONMon Jul 20 1992Help!!!
390.0UFHIS::BFALKENSTEINMon Jul 20 1992NEC-P6 for sale
391.010BLKPUD::WILLIAMSHWed Jul 22 1992Credit Cards.
392.02NDLVAX::MTANNERMon Jul 27 1992Exhibitions
393.04SPI4::AVANESSIANThu Aug 06 1992U.S. Embassy in Frankfurt ?
394.06COVERT::COVERTThu Aug 06 1992Abortion / Abtreibung
395.02METSYS::NELSONWed Aug 12 1992Travel: Train info, flight costs, and Rostock
396.01TAEC::MILESThu Aug 13 1992Liebherr?
397.0NBOFS1::RAUCHTue Aug 25 1992documenta in Kassel; buisness hours
398.037NDLVAX::MTANNERThu Aug 27 1992Events in Rostock and....
399.014FRUST::HAMILTONThu Sep 03 1992International Banking Blues...
400.01--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 04 1992Villa, in Spain with tennis court
401.01BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Sep 07 1992BC-
402.01SANFAN::BROWN_DATue Sep 15 1992Need a Toast
403.0EICMFG::BINGERTue Sep 29 1992Anyone for Squash?
404.045Tue Sep 29 1992Help needed finding a piece of hardware.
405.02GNOCLU::LUBNIEWSKIThu Oct 01 1992BMW, DEC account contact?
406.02EICMFG::DOUGLASMon Oct 05 1992
407.011MUDIS3::VUSCLU::HATHWAYThu Oct 15 19921993 and all that
408.01--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 26 1992KRATZEBURG (Location Please)
409.01--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 30 1992Directions to Villengen
410.02MUDIS3::BARVUS::HATHWAYFri Nov 06 1992German Tax question
411.0TIMBER::KENNEYTue Nov 17 1992Need Home for German Exchange Student
412.07FORTY2::GOETZThu Nov 19 1992One way ticket to GB after Christmas?
413.0DV78Mon Nov 23 1992Need Pen Pals for 7th Grade Students
414.03EICMFG::BINGERMon Nov 23 1992Witneses needed..
415.01MOVIES::BOWDENMon Nov 23 1992Foreign Exchange
416.01RTOVCMon Nov 23 1992Returning to Britain by car
417.016ITHIL::CHADThu Nov 26 1992payday and the stupid 13month system
418.02MEO34A::TECH_SUPPORTMon Nov 30 1992Phone/FAX number
419.02HOO78C::ANDERSONTue Dec 01 1992Help.
420.03--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 30 1992New Year Celebration Traditions
421.04FRUST::HAMILTONThu Jan 07 1993Antiquing in Germany...
422.01HAND::BUGDENWed Jan 13 1993ALL-IN-1 contacts in Germany
423.05ITHIL::CHADThu Jan 14 1993looking for German equivalent product to american 3M "77" sprayable contact cement
424.0FRUST::HAMILTONThu Jan 28 1993US Tax Consultant needed...
425.03EMDS::TOOMEYThu Feb 04 1993Frankfurt Airport & vicinity hotel
426.03EEMELI::CSIRENFri Feb 05 1993moving to Germany
427.019NDLVAX::MTANNERTue Feb 23 1993Why/What is Fasching
428.04ODIXIE::KISTEMAKERThu Feb 25 1993where is this town...
429.05ODIXIE::KISTEMAKERTue Mar 09 1993recipe
431.0TKOV5Tue Mar 16 1993The bus route from Rothenburg to Heidelberg
432.010MR4DEC::MROCZKAWed Mar 24 1993Gift for German Hosts
433.019MR4DEC::MROCZKAMon Mar 29 1993Hotel recommendations
434.04DECWET::MARCINKECHWed Mar 31 1993Info on trains/accomodations
435.01NDLVAX::MTANNERFri Apr 02 1993Motorcycling in Germany
436.03ODIXIE::KISTEMAKERThu Apr 15 1993machill
437.03EEMELI::TOSSAVAINENWed Apr 28 1993Formula 1 tickets to Hockenheim?
438.01MUNICH::URBANThu Apr 29 1993hotel in Regensburg
440.03WOTVAX::DRAPERPMon May 24 1993German relatives - to move or not??
441.0JANIX::jmhSat Jun 05 1993GERMANY offline
443.01BERNTue Jun 08 1993German motorcycle 5
444.012AIMHI::SEIFERTWed Jun 09 1993How do I get to Hanover???
445.03PEKING::PEPALLIWed Jun 09 1993Cheap hotels for the Oktoberfest
446.03CSOA1::GOBEYThu Jun 10 1993Help: Dortmund to Magdeburg
447.01ZURMon Jun 14 1993Addresses in Traunstein and Diessen
448.03TKOVOA::HAMADA_YMon Jun 21 1993NURBURG
449.05GLDOA::FINKELSTEINWed Jun 23 1993DEC/Germany "on strike" ???
450.02AIMHI::SEIFERTMon Jun 28 1993English Horse Riding in Germany
451.06SNOCThu Jul 01 1993New Postcodes/PLZ for Germany?
452.08SNOFS1::STOCKLFri Jul 02 1993Is this the info line ?
453.01CSC32::SCHIMPFTue Jul 13 1993Please Help...?
454.0BPO414::leahyWed Jul 14 1993Request for Info. - Freiburg area
455.04SHIPS::ABBOTT_KThu Jul 15 1993Change to Autobahn Limits?
456.05MUNICH::SCHALLERTue Jul 20 1993american fridge, where do I get it?
457.07EICMFG::GAUTHIERWed Aug 04 1993German travel claims via spreadsheet?
458.03EWBV51::NAGURAThu Aug 05 1993Berliner Festwochen
459.02KIRKTN::AMCKEOWNThu Aug 05 1993Anything on ACCHEN
460.01KBOMFG::AVWERNERFri Aug 20 1993The countdown begins..
461.02EMC2::TARBAYWed Sep 01 1993
462.03PCBOPS::LINAThu Sep 09 1993What to see aroun Tauberbishopshelm?
463.0RTOVCTue Oct 26 1993Flat to Rent for 2 Months.
464.0TROOA::SELMECZIWed Nov 03 1993* Please help - GERMAN translation *
465.01GRANMA::EGOSSFri Nov 05 1993BROTCHEN
466.0EKAS::EGERTONSat Nov 06 1993For sale: bikes and accessories
467.08TAVIS::6522Sun Dec 12 1993I am looking for second hand car catalog.
468.0MARCM3::TLOTTUMThu Dec 23 1993Drowning cities...is travel still possible?
469.0MAASUP::AUSTINFri Dec 31 1993Where can I find Mickey Mouse pan in Munich?
470.0EASE::KEYESWed Jan 05 1994frankfurt search
471.02NDLVAX::MTANNERTue Jan 18 1994New European Management & Territories
472.02AIMHI::SEIFERTWed Jan 19 1994help requested
473.01UNTADB::WHELANTue Feb 01 1994ALFA - *must* sell !!
474.03SNELL::SCHMIDTWed Feb 02 1994Welcome gifts in East Germany?
475.02WMOIS::SPAGNUOLO_GThu Feb 03 1994info on Wurzburg needed....
476.03OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUTue Feb 08 19941
477.01STRATA::BRICHARDThu Feb 10 1994Trading CD's
478.0VILIS1::AFAUSERMon Feb 21 1994au pair wanted
479.08LARVAE::ANSELL_RMon Feb 28 1994Weather reports?
480.04WMOIS::SPAGNUOLO_GMon Feb 28 1994Train info needed....
481.01UNTADB::WHELANTue Mar 08 1994VOLVO 76
482.0REMBOW::KILEYTue Apr 19 1994Help with EMACS of Deutsch LK4
483.02LARVAE::ANSELL_RMon Apr 25 1994RSVP?
484.04CLARID::HOFSTEEMon May 02 1994newspapers in/around munich (and other big cities)?
485.0SUTRA::MOTZIA::avigdorWed May 04 1994Au pair wanted for August in South of France
486.0ICS::CULVERMon May 09 1994Freiburg University Information, please
487.04UBOHUB::BRIGHTWELL_ATue May 24 1994German BBS Numbers
488.01PETRUS::GUEST_NMon May 30 1994Telephones
489.01TAVIS::JONATHANWed Jun 01 1994Help wanted in Hanover
490.04MLNCSC::BARILAROMon Jun 06 1994Salary in Germany
491.05KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Jun 07 1994Information about KIEL
492.021STSDEV::GRAYMon Jul 04 1994Time/Distance Munich - Hamburg?
494.074678::LUHRSFri Jul 15 1994Wicshhafen addresses and phone numbers ?
495.05VAXSPO::RP_SATOMon Jul 18 1994Weather in Berlin ?
497.01JGODCL::APETERSWed Aug 03 1994Looking for lost friends
498.02ROTHKO::AUSTINWed Aug 03 1994Oostende to Bayreuth
499.09DAIVTue Aug 09 1994Deutschland ueber alles ??
500.07SSDEVO::FROEHLINMon Aug 22 1994
501.08ZURMon Sep 05 1994LOTTO: 42mio ! Question
503.0SPEZKO::FRASERWed Oct 05 1994Rotamint "BRILLANT" tech. docset wanted
504.03BACHUS::ROSSAThu Oct 06 1994Learning German grammer on pc
505.02MSGAXP::GRAYFri Oct 21 1994Auto-terms Dictionary Wanted
506.01SNOFS1::CHOALEXThu Nov 03 1994Ute Lemper
507.02SNOFS1::CHOALEXMon Nov 07 1994German Romance??
508.016DAIVWed Nov 09 1994Study in Germany
509.05SNOFS1::CHOALEXThu Nov 10 1994Green Green Grass
510.03JGODCL::KWIKKELFri Nov 11 1994Quorum International GmbH Germany
511.01ZURWed Nov 16 1994Address of Staatsarchiv in Ludwigsburg
512.01TAOVC::DCHEThu Jan 19 1995Nuremburg Info Request
513.01JOKUR::LINTWed Jan 25 1995Where to stay between Karlsrhue and Zurich?
514.02WEAR::BODDYTue Jan 31 1995Ski in the north ?
515.03LEMAN::ANNOUNCEMENTThu Feb 02 1995EUR/TRNG - OpenVMS V6.2 Update Seminar
517.01GLDOA::RBROWNFri Feb 24 1995Germany - A 5th Grader Wants to Know ....
518.0EICMFG::DRECHSELFri Mar 24 1995House to rent near Munich
519.01STAR::LOWERYThu Mar 30 1995Info on Oberstauffen?
520.0ODIXIE::CONNELLJWed Apr 19 1995Apartment for rent during the 1996 Summer Olympics
521.02HANDVC::STEVELIUThu Apr 27 1995Classical Music Composers
522.0EVTISA::ES_COLASTue May 02 1995English/German dictionnary ?
523.01CUPMK::TEMPLETue May 02 1995KD Rhine cruise and Cologne
524.01QCAVFri May 05 1995DRUPA '95 at Dusseldorf...
525.0SUTRA::MOTZIA::avigdorTue May 09 1995Looking for au Pair
526.02BLNOTE::RICHARDSONSat May 13 1995Location of Schwedelbach?
527.02ULYSSE::KRESTICTue May 16 1995SAP R/3 products
528.03KAHALA::BURKHARDTWed May 17 1995Helping my daughter find a German song or poem
529.01BHAJI::RBERNARDThu Jun 22 1995Nazi's Again??
530.0ULYSSE::LENAINMon Jul 03 1995
531.02SIOG::KEYESTue Jul 04 1995Phone number?
532.01KAHALA::TRYONFri Jul 07 1995need translation to surprise a friend
533.02HPCGRP::BRADYThu Jul 27 1995Could someone please translate? Thank you.
534.01BBPBV1::CARTERThu Aug 17 1995Digital and German Nuclear Power ?
535.0UFHIS::JYUSUFThu Sep 21 1995"Holidayflat" in Munich
536.01FABSIX::A_ESPERTITue Nov 21 1995beer info
537.0ACISS2::ECKTue Jan 23 1996ECABS??
538.0ULYSSE::DENISFri Mar 08 1996Stage in Sophia-Antipolis ?
539.0IOSG::MAURICETue Mar 26 1996
540.0BIS1::bhp1Tue Apr 09 1996On the move again
541.05DECC::CLAFLINThu Oct 24 1996General Information on Essen
542.0SNOCTue Nov 26 1996Help with Film title?
543.02MAIL1::BARNESJWed Nov 27 1996Information needed -transportation
544.0 *+2STPFri Jan 24 1997Looking for relatives.