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Title:God made man, but Sam Colt made men equal
Notice:Welcome to the firearms conference!
Created:Tue Mar 04 1986
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:6616
Total number of notes:49869
Number with bodies:778
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1.05PEAKS::OAKEYFri Dec 18 1992Welcome to the FIREARMS notes file
2.03LOSER::BEZEREDIFri Mar 17 1989Conference notices
3.07PEAKS::OAKEYFri Dec 18 1992Notes files related to FIREARMS
4.098LOSER::BEZEREDIThu Dec 19 1991Directory of Conference by Keywords
5.0+270WAR75Mon Dec 31 1984Who are you?
6.03LOSER::BEZEREDIThu Aug 24 1989Conference Suggestions/Moderator Complaints
7.0107LOSER::BEZEREDIThu Nov 02 1989Gun Club Directory - a place to shoot
8.039--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 03 1987Up and coming gunshows
9.022LOSER::BEZEREDIThu Aug 24 1989FFL holders register here
10.053ALIEN::BEZEREDIMon Apr 07 1986Gunsmith Directory
11.0105--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 08 1987Firearm manufacturers' address/phone numbers
12.051PEAKS::OAKEYTue Dec 04 1990Equipment manufacturers' address/phone numbers
13.0+59COMET::PERCIVALFri May 24 1991Shooters on the road (Visiting)
14.0+36PEAKS::OAKEYMon Dec 13 1993Life after DEC -- Ex-noters news & addresses
15.0+89VSSTEG::TOWLEMon Apr 11 1994News releases
16.0+20PEAKS::OAKEYFri May 10 1996Firearms related WWW pages
19.0+95PEAKS::OAKEYFri Dec 18 1992The "Wanted" note
20.0+130--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 18 1992The "For Sale" note
21.041VICKI::THOMPSONWed Nov 07 1984Recommendations for a beginner
22.012ELMO::HOLLENWed Nov 28 1984Browning BLR
23.011SPMFG1::ARCANDDThu Nov 29 1984Serious Air Guns
24.0221BISON::EDWARDSThu Nov 29 1984Reloading - How to get started (rifle/pistol)
25.023ERLANG::LEVESQUEMon Nov 28 1988Reloading - How to get started (shotgun)
26.0+63BISON::EDWARDSFri Nov 30 1984Reloading - For maximum accuracy
27.054MOTHER::PHILPOTTFri Nov 16 1984What's "The best gun for the job?"
28.01PARSEC::DAVISTue Dec 04 1984Help please on barrel liners
30.014NY1MM::CANZONERIWed Dec 05 1984Flying with Firearms: Private Aircraft
32.0+14BISON::EDWARDSWed Dec 05 1984??Pistol Competition??
33.048MOTHER::PHILPOTTWed Nov 14 1984firearm regulations
34.030ELWOOD::VROBELThu Dec 06 1984Deer Huntin'
35.08ERIE::MCGORRILLWed Nov 14 1984dual nine
37.012SPMFG1::ARCANDDMon Dec 10 1984I shot it, How do I cook it ?
38.04WAR75Tue Nov 27 1984What's hunting like in the United States
39.083JUNIOR::FULTONMon Dec 10 1984Deer Gun requirements.
40.05IMGAWN::AHOWed Nov 28 1984SHOT SIZE
41.05JUNIOR::FULTONTue Dec 11 1984R E C O I L
43.08JUNIOR::FULTONWed Dec 12 1984enough GUN or RIGHT BULLET?
47.020ELMO::NIEMIFri Dec 14 1984Casting Your Own
50.04JUNIOR::FULTONMon Dec 17 1984NRA firearm courses
51.025JUNIOR::FULTONMon Dec 17 1984Handgun Hunting
54.09JUNIOR::FULTONThu Dec 20 1984Buck Fever...
57.09JUNIOR::FULTONFri Dec 21 1984Metallic Silhouettes
60.0189LATOUR::FAUSTThu Dec 27 1984Ruger Mini-14 pros-cons
64.011WAR75Wed Jan 02 1985metrication
65.044WAR75Wed Jan 02 1985military ammo
70.04REX::BRIGGSFri Jan 04 1985Parkerizing
74.0AUTHOR::WELLCOMEFri Jan 04 1985G.O.A.L.
80.04ZEPPO::BANCROFTMon Jan 07 1985gun safety locks
83.021ZANDAR::LAFOSSETue Jan 08 1985freebore
85.05WAR75Wed Jan 09 1985target grips
88.07LAUREL::HASKELLThu Jan 10 1985New 2
89.024JUNIOR::FULTONFri Jan 11 1985In DEFENSE of the .44 MAGNUM
90.019WAR75Fri Jan 11 1985SA8
97.04JUNIOR::FULTONSun Jan 13 1985Clint's "SUDDEN IMPACT" movie.
100.039ZANDAR::LAFOSSEMon Jan 14 1985Survival/Paintball Game
103.036ZANDAR::LAFOSSETue Jan 15 1985New Army issue -- The Beretta 92F
105.010ELMO::NIEMIWed Jan 16 1985Bird Hunters????
109.03EVER11::EKLOFFri Jan 18 1985Heckler & Koch P7
111.014ELMO::HOLLENMon Jan 21 1985New British Battle Rifle
112.05REX::BRIGGSTue Jan 22 1985Paramilitary Weapons
114.010VLNVAX::HEDERSTEDTWed Jan 23 1985varmint rigs
119.07LAUREL::HASKELLThu Jan 24 1985SIG/SAUR 9mm
120.0278NUHAVN::GCRONINFri Jan 25 1985COLT AR-15
122.013LATOUR::FAUSTFri Jan 25 1985Accuracy plus?
124.014ELMO::NIEMITue Jan 29 1985Rabbit Hunting
127.05REX::BRIGGSSat Feb 02 19857.7mm Jap Arisaka ammo
134.010FDCVThu Feb 07 198522 Revolver
135.011FRIDAY::OAKEYThu Feb 07 1985Physics and the .41 vs the .44
137.04CASTOR::BEZEREDIFri Feb 08 1985.38 target auto
153.032NERMAL::TUSLERMon Feb 25 1985Reloading - Autoloading rifles/.223
158.07WFOVX3::MATHEWSWed Feb 27 1985AUTOMAG
162.074FRSBEE::LAMBERTTue Mar 05 1985Ruger 1
163.02NERMAL::TUSLERTue Mar 05 1985MAXI-14
165.07NY1MM::CANZONERISat Mar 09 1985scatterguns
166.021PIGGY::BROUILLETTEWed Mar 13 1985357 & 44 MAG Pet loads?
167.05ELMO::NIEMIThu Mar 21 1985Squirrel Hunting
168.07FRSBEE::LAMBERTMon Mar 25 1985Folding Stock - 1
169.018ELMO::NIEMITue Mar 26 198545 Colt
170.030ELMO::HOLLENTue Mar 19 1985Pistol Scopes
171.0110NWDMon Jul 21 1986Rifle scopes
172.04BPOVWed Dec 10 1986Rifle scope advice needed: Compact vs. Regular
173.01WFOVX3::BILODEAUThu Mar 21 1985LASER sight
174.021TODD::WARNOCKTue Apr 14 1992Optical sights for IPSC
175.022TWEED::GRIFFINThu May 01 1986Sighting scopes
176.0+31MELODY::PONDWed May 27 1987Scope mounting problems
177.06TARKIN::AHOTue Aug 04 1987Unertl scopes
178.012NWDMon Mar 21 1988Scope mounts
179.02POBOX::KOCHWed Oct 03 1990See through scope mounts
180.04MONSTR::PHILPOTTMon Oct 12 1987Q D scope mounts
181.04DISCVR::FERRAROWed Sep 27 1989Scope, tilted reticle
182.07CHRLIE::HUSTONThu Dec 28 1989How well is zero held on adjustable scopes?
183.013JUPITR::MILLSWed Mar 07 1990Shotgun scopes
184.021BRAT::BERKELEYThu Aug 09 1990Simmons scopes
185.07CHOLLA::MARTYTue Apr 02 1991Parrellax in scopes
186.013CVG::THOMPSONMon Apr 08 1991Scopes for low end .22 rifles?
187.02CSC32::P_HIROSSMon Feb 03 1992Help needed in mounting a scope
188.018TPWORM::BRYANTFri Jul 22 1988.22 target rifle/scope combo
189.012PEAKS::OAKEYWed Apr 22 1992Scope terminology and/or features
190.04TWEED::FLETCHERFri Aug 01 1986Leupold scopes
191.05HEFTY::CHARBONNDFri Apr 24 1992Designing the perfect scope
192.06BEDAZL::LEGERMon Nov 23 1992Tip-off scope mounts
193.01UNYEM::HAYESTTue Jun 08 1993Mounting a scope on a 1917 Enfield w/o removing sights
194.017MOTHER::PHILPOTTWed Apr 03 1985recoil & noise
195.014NERMAL::TUSLERMon Apr 08 1985351 SL
196.0+37FRSBEE::LAMBERTMon Apr 08 1985Trap shooting, and fun fun
198.012NERMAL::TUSLERTue Apr 09 1985Prairie Dog shooting
199.01ZEPPO::BANCROFTThu Apr 11 1985Explosive bullets
200.046MARRHQ::MALLONEEThu Jan 07 1988The 1911 Family
202.014DNEAST::GOULD_RYANWed Feb 12 1992Colt Combat Commander
203.0103ELMO::NIEMITue Apr 02 1985Colt Officers Model 45
204.051STEREO::DINATALEMon Sep 21 1987.45 ACP problems & solutions (1911 design)
205.081NEROPS::BERNARDWed Jul 16 1986Model 1911 modifications and recommendations
209.04NUHAVN::GCRONINSat Mar 30 1985Who manufactured this 1911 design?
215.03NERMAL::TUSLERTue May 14 1985Loads for the .22-25
216.05MOTHER::PHILPOTTTue May 14 1985BAT out of ...
217.09NECVAX::GARCEAUWed Apr 17 19851
219.06BALROG::HARMONFri May 03 1985Loads for the .357 Maximum
223.03IMGAWN::AHOWed Jun 05 1985Progressive Shotgun Press Info
231.06STKFri Jun 14 19855 mm Remington magnum.
233.05MIGHTY::WILLIAMSSat Jun 15 1985More on Gun Shops
237.010NERMAL::TUSLERWed Jul 03 1985BALL POWDERS- W748 -
241.013MOTHER::PHILPOTTMon Jul 15 1985
245.05TONTO::EARLYFri Jul 19 1985Rimfire .56-5
246.03CYCLPS::SECURITYMon Jul 22 1985Drop-holster
248.06MAISHA::HAMBURGERTue Jul 23 1985What would you own depending on the era?
253.09IMGAWN::AHOMon Jul 29 19851
255.028ELMO::NIEMIThu Aug 01 1985Reloading - Lube, graphite and carbide expander balls
260.047NERMAL::TUSLERWed Aug 07 1985PRE '64 Winchester ?'s
261.044JUNIOR::PELTONENThu Aug 08 1985Oils and lubricants for your guns
263.08ELMO::HOLLENTue Aug 13 1985Wet Weather Muzzleloading
270.08ELMO::NIEMIFri Aug 23 1985Barrel Length
278.010MOTHER::PHILPOTTFri Aug 30 1985proposed bill in NH
280.04MOTHER::PHILPOTTTue Sep 03 19857mm TCU caution
286.010DOSADI::BINDERFri Sep 06 1985More on squirrel hunting
287.02MILVAX::ROSEFri Sep 06 1985M-1 copys in 22 cal.
292.010MARRHQ::PCOLEMANFri Sep 13 1985Handgun Grip advice wanted
294.07ZEPPO::BANCROFTFri Sep 20 1985Gun Vendor Advice
295.039HBO::NEILFri Sep 20 1985WEATHERBY - Worth It ?
296.010NETWRK::NIEMIWed Sep 25 1985Winchester 88 information wanted
298.08ISTARI::HELSELMon Sep 30 1985Yankee Trader Gun Shop in NH
299.05ZEPPO::BANCROFTTue Oct 01 1985recoil reducers
310.03ZEPPO::BANCROFTThu Nov 14 1985airguns notes file
311.01ELMO::HOLLENThu Nov 14 1985Pyrodex Pistol powder in rifles
313.04ALIEN::BEZEREDIFri Nov 15 1985Colorado Elk Hunt '85
314.027ALIEN::BEZEREDIFri Nov 15 1985Big game knockdown power
316.050BISON::OAKEYFri Nov 22 1985Quality in Firearms
317.058ACOMA::MKEPSELFri Nov 22 1985Reloading the .45 ACP on a Lee 1
318.05AKOV68::NORRISFri Nov 22 1985Gun Kits
324.01ELMO::HOLLENThu Dec 05 1985Model 94 Angle Eject Rifles
326.0311NWDThu Dec 05 1985Progressive reloading press comparisons
328.016TRACTR::BECKNERMon Dec 09 1985How much UNIQUE for 9mm
329.012PSGMKG::DWYERMon Dec 09 1985Charter Arms AR-7 Comments...
332.045SPMFG1::ARCANDDTue Dec 10 1985.22 Rimfire Ammunition
341.09--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 19 1985NEW GUN SHOP IN NASHUA
342.023JUNIOR::FULTONThu Dec 19 1985Traditional N.E. Deer Guns???
343.058JUNIOR::FULTONFri Dec 20 1985Disgusted of NE Deer Hunting???
350.01IMGAWN::AHOThu Dec 26 1985Browning Grades..
352.014JUNIOR::PELTONENTue Dec 31 1985What motivates a hunter?
356.01MILRAT::SEGALMon Jan 06 1986GOAL phone numbers for legislation information
358.051TRUCK::TOWLETue Jan 07 1986Fictional TV and Gun Control
360.064NERMAL::TUSLERWed Jan 08 1986Reloading - Setting headspace
362.036TONTO::R_SCOTTThu Jan 09 1986What is your favorite pistol?
363.025ESPN::NEILFri Jan 10 1986S&W Mod 41 - .22 discussion
368.03ZEPPO::BANCROFTTue Jan 14 1986letter to ABC
369.03AUTHOR::NIEMITue Jan 14 1986Opinions on .35 Remington
370.022NISYSE::SOELDNERTue Jan 14 1986Question on primers
371.010NSSG::LYONSTue Jan 14 1986DECpistol team
372.09FSTVAX::DAVIDSONTue Jan 14 19861911 vs 92
374.012ELMO::HOLLENWed Jan 15 1986Handgun hunting (and Handgun vs. Rifle debate)
378.07JUNIOR::FULTONFri Jan 17 1986"Weapon" or "Firearm"
379.05IMBACQ::AHOFri Jan 17 1986.357 MAG Autos, etc.
380.046BISON::OAKEYFri Jan 17 1986Revolver vs. Auto
385.011JUNIOR::FULTONWed Jan 22 1986Turkey Huntin'
386.0116NWDWed Jan 22 1986Cleaning Brass -- Vibrators, Tumblers, Media and Polish
387.015COMET2::TIMPSONWed Jan 22 1986RedHawk Vs. BlackHawk
390.016STUBBI::TETZLOFFSun Jan 26 1986Lethal Force Institute (LFI)
391.02AUTHOR::NIEMIMon Jan 27 1986Rechambering Question
395.06ALIEN::BEZEREDIMon Jan 27 1986FFL product liability ins.
397.037COMET2::TIMPSONWed Jan 29 1986Cleaning Equipment
398.010ACOMA::MKEPSELWed Jan 29 1986"GUN LAWS" - who needs em?
402.010COMET2::ROSSCThu Jan 30 1986HANDGUN HELP
404.048MILRAT::SEGALFri Jan 31 1986Range Safety Rules & Regs
406.0ELMO::HOLLENFri Jan 31 19861985 N.H. Deer and Bear kill
408.047PVAX::PATTERSONMon Feb 03 1986.22 rifle for young beginner?
410.057SPECTR::OAKEYMon Feb 03 1986The .41 Magnum
414.017NWDTue Feb 04 1986Concealables
415.03COORS::BUNDYTue Feb 04 1986Mag-na-port, to port or not-to-
418.06JUNIOR::FULTONFri Feb 07 198644 Mag. Revolver vs. 3
420.05CANYON::DAVISSat Feb 08 1986Charter Arms problem
421.012MILRAT::SEGALSat Feb 08 1986HELP to Influence MA Gun Laws
423.014SUSHI::PORCUPINETue Feb 11 1986Brass Brands
424.02ALIEN::BEZEREDIWed Feb 12 1986Shop Manuals
425.020COMET::TIMPSONTue Feb 18 1986Grips
430.0+459CANYON::ABELSONFri Feb 21 1986Anyone for Machineguns?
431.064CANYON::ABELSONWed Apr 09 1986Lets talk specific MG's
432.078SCOMAN::WGREENThu Oct 27 1988Suppressers (Silencers)
433.09ORACLE::WETMORETue Aug 13 1991Where to shoot full autos
443.0178555::MARTINWed Mar 05 1986Bren 1
447.07NWDTue Mar 11 1986Blackpowder Smoothbores (Shotguns)
451.07NERMAL::TUSLERThu Mar 13 1986.22-.25
452.025SEINE::BBARBERThu Mar 13 1986Ammo Shelf Life ?
455.013DEREP::NIEMITue Feb 25 198638 Defense Loads
456.010AKOV68::ROSCHTue Feb 25 1986Ammo and cleaning solvents
457.04AKOV68::ROSCHMon Feb 24 1986Cleaning a rifle
465.021COMET2::MARTINMon Mar 31 1986Tritium sights/Night sights/Glow in the dark sights
466.025--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 27 1986ARMY TO 9 MM VS 45 REVISTED
468.019VELVET::CAMELIOFri Mar 28 1986Colt series 8
469.03BISON::OAKEYFri Mar 28 1986Definitions: Sub-machine guns, machine guns
472.015ALIEN::BEZEREDIMon Mar 31 1986Info needed on the 9mm COBRAY
474.013--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 31 1986The Savage 99
478.016CHET::K_SULLIVANWed Apr 02 1986Quality of Dan Wesson
481.014AKOV68::ROSCHWed Apr 02 1986DCM-New Policy
483.017CSSE32::PHILPOTTThu Apr 03 1986Australian army to get Steyr bullpups
484.017MILVAX::SCHUFFELSThu Apr 03 1986Ruger vs S&W
496.010CSSE32::PHILPOTTMon Apr 14 19862nd amendment intentions imply machine guns at home?
498.05ELMO::HOLLENTue Apr 15 1986Guns with some History
501.02CYGNUS::HAMBURGERWed Apr 16 1986BIG GUNS and accuracy
504.03CSC32::HAGERTYFri Apr 18 1986Anybody tried 24
507.01ACE::BREWERSat Apr 19 1986Select fire 1
508.02MILRAT::SEGALSun Apr 20 1986Wholesale Suppliers in Albuquerque?
509.09STUBBI::TETZLOFFMon Apr 21 1986Treat EVERY gun as if it were loaded!!!
510.014CANYON::ABELSONMon Apr 21 1986MG Ban - Bologne!
521.030SOFCON::ROSCHWed May 07 1986Hi-Power 3
522.0119GALACH::ZECCHITELLAWed May 07 1986Comparison of different makes of .45 ACP autos
527.05APPLE::SCHMIDTMon May 12 1986Restoration
528.0278672::PERRYMon May 12 1986Springfield Armory .45 info
530.04SUSHI::PORCUPINEFri May 16 1986How dey do dat?
531.01SUSHI::PORCUPINEFri May 16 1986MOA maximum info needed
533.048COOKIE::COLECCHIFri May 16 1986recommendations for pistols
534.07VAXWRK::HELSELMon May 19 1986Hunting dogs
536.02CSC32::HAGERTYThu May 22 1986Dr Brothers speaks on guns
544.05APOLLO::DIMASCIOWed May 28 1986Browning Hi Power Accuracy Question
551.01IMGAWN::AHOMon Jun 02 1986Chruchill Shotgun Info
553.0CSSE32::PHILPOTTTue Jun 03 1986Defense Issues
554.09FXENG1::SUSELTue Jun 03 1986home self defense
560.04IMGAWN::AHOThu Jun 05 1986"Deadly Weapons" video
564.06FXENG1::SUSELSun Jun 08 1986Uzi pistol?
565.02BACKUP::FRIEDRICHSMon Jun 09 1986Shelf Life of ammo
566.014MASTER::BGARCEAUMon Jun 09 1986California gun laws
567.06MILVAX::SCHUFFELSMon Jun 09 1986"Bear Butt"
569.02GALACH::ZYCYCKTue Jun 10 1986cast bullets that frag on impact
572.02COIN::MILLERWed Jun 11 1986Baretta contact/number needed
573.0438672::PERRYWed Jun 11 1986FFL info (how to apply, questions, etc)
585.011GENRAL::TUSLERFri Jun 20 1986FAVORITE .243 LOADS ????
587.020ADVAX::MCMULLENTue Jun 24 1986PMC ammo comments ?
588.0ALIEN::BEZEREDIWed Jun 25 1986DEC shooters do well nationally
592.013NWDSat Jun 28 1986.338 Winchester Magnum
596.024BPOVWed Jul 02 1986HUNTER'S CLAYS
597.023SOFCON::ROSCHThu Jul 03 1986Cosmoline/Grease Removal
598.017TURBO::NEWSHAMMon Jul 07 1986Topographic Map Information
599.03COIN::WIEMERTue Jul 08 1986Browning Hi-Power jams
603.01TAHOE::CHURCHTue Jul 15 1986loading software?
604.034NAVAJO::TRAININGTue Jul 15 1986Civil War reenactor/competitor
605.018WA1KNX::MCGORRILLWed Jul 16 1986universal/compromize/ "super rifle" keep it brief!
608.063BPOVFri Jul 18 1986Remmington 11
610.0CARLIN::BANCROFTMon Jul 21 1986New Shotgun / Assault Weapon
611.017DELNI::NIEMIMon Jul 21 198645/7
614.028CSSE32::PHILPOTTWed Jul 23 1986armor piercing v. anti-personnel ammunition
616.04GENRAL::KAUFMANWed Jul 23 1986AK-47 in 223
618.07CANYON::ABELSONWed Jul 23 1986.3
619.04COMET2::MARTINThu Jul 24 1986Connecticut permit information
621.017ANT::BLAKETue Jul 29 1986New Sights Needed
625.064IMGAWN::AHOFri Aug 01 1986.223 Loads
630.06SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMMon Aug 04 1986Valmet M-78
631.018CSSE32::PHILPOTTMon Aug 04 1986Millitary light & fast bullets
634.02BRAT::TMSDEVWed Aug 06 1986Rifle vs. Carbine
639.04ERIC::SMITHMTue Aug 12 1986origins of th Enfield wepons system
642.033SHIVER::RIVERSDWed Aug 13 1986Steel Shot Note
643.014CSSE32::PHILPOTTTue Aug 26 1986Silvertips
644.012ELMO::HOLLENTue Aug 19 1986Military sidearms
646.0--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 18 1986RUGER XGI is DEAD!!!
648.018MOSBRG::MONTAGUETue Aug 19 1986Merits of Win. 7
650.058GENRAL::KAUFMANThu Aug 21 1986.22 caliber pistols - a discussion
658.01TAHOE::CHURCHMon Aug 25 1986Concealed Carry Permit in California
660.04MTV::HESSELTINEWed Aug 27 1986A Good Sidearm
662.010IMBACQ::AHOThu Aug 28 19861,
663.07BOVES::SHOOPThu Aug 28 1986Self Defense - target & self defense firearm?
664.019KIRK::IANNELLIFri Aug 29 1986Need Boat Defense Weapon Quickly
667.012SCAVAX::ROSCHTue Sep 02 1986Rockchucker As A Start?
675.020TAHOE::CHURCHTue Sep 09 1986Hunting wild pigs
682.09SHIVER::REMILLARDMon Sep 15 1986Mis-fired load???
684.01SSDEVO::OAKEYMon Sep 15 1986Ruger Mk II Barrel/Front Sight interface corrosion
685.01CSC32::WATERSMon Sep 15 1986REMINGTON 7
687.040COIN::WIEMERTue Sep 16 1986Aimpoint and other electronic sights
695.06CSMSRE::RCARROLLThu Sep 18 1986OLIN (Winchester) LAW SUIT
697.012VAXWRK::NORDLINGERThu Sep 18 1986Biathlon or bust
699.01ELMO::HOLLENFri Sep 19 1986T/C New Englander
700.09CSSE32::PHILPOTTSun Sep 21 1986teaching gun handling (war stories)
705.018AIMHI::EMERYTue Sep 23 1986Stainless, Nickel, or Blued?
708.04DECEAT::HELSELWed Sep 24 1986Eat my duck
709.015QBUS::LIBSThu Sep 25 1986guncases for storage
710.070CYGNUS::HAMBURGERThu Sep 25 1986Anti-gun Charities
717.05VLNVAX::HEDERSTEDTMon Sep 29 1986 shot gun loads???
719.013GLORY::AHMEDTue Sep 30 1986Confused about shotguns Browning or ???
722.013ACOMA::MKEPSELWed Oct 01 1986Shotgun to Riot gun.
723.06STKORP::OBERGWed Oct 01 1986.444 Marlin
724.070VELVET::CAMELIOWed Oct 01 1986Reloading the 9MM
728.037ELMO::HOLLENThu Oct 02 1986BP Deer Hunting. Minie' vs. Roundball
729.026AIMHI::EMERYFri Oct 03 1986Self Defense - tell that I'm carrying concealed?
730.06CANDY::GILONFri Oct 03 1986Colt .45 Auto BB
737.0105ELMO::HOLLENFri Oct 10 19863
742.04--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 15 1986New Service Pistol Competition
743.04TURBO::NEWSHAMThu Oct 16 1986S&W model 686
751.01TAHOE::CHURCHMon Oct 20 1986Should concelaed carry permits be public record?
755.027ARMORY::CHARBONNDThu Oct 23 1986Bowling pin shooting
757.02GEMINI::CIPPUBWed Oct 29 1986H&R Model 976 - yes/no/maybe
759.07FXADM::BOHANEKThu Oct 30 1986Where can I get smooth bore left-handed BP rifles?
760.05--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 03 1986Smith & Wesson "Effector Model"
764.010MELODY::GRANTTue Nov 04 1986Beginner needs Help with Skeet
765.027TSE::LEFEBVREThu Nov 06 1986In search of the elusive buck...
767.0NEWVAX::RICKThu Nov 06 1986Steyr-Hahn History
774.0+108CYGNUS::HAMBURGERWed Nov 12 1986RUGER MINI-3
778.01KANE::GILONTue Nov 18 1986Stainless Steel Target Guns
784.021RT1Wed Nov 19 1986Black powder shooting supplies
786.02GENRAL::TUSLERWed Nov 19 1986Autos and the Maltese Pigeon...
787.03GENRAL::TUSLERWed Nov 19 1986Top QUALITY Binoc's
788.03BAXTA::BAKER_CHUCKThu Nov 20 1986Down range velocity
789.016--UnknownUser--Sun Nov 23 1986gun safes?
790.078--UnknownUser--Sun Nov 23 19862
792.033BOTTLE::FORBESMMon Nov 24 1986Where to get a new stock
796.06SUSHI::PORCUPINETue Nov 25 19863rd party barrels for a Contender?
798.028NEWVAX::RICKTue Nov 25 1986Accurate arms powders
801.084158::MCGORRILLMon Dec 01 1986.44 PUG or .38 COLT/S&W
803.02SCAVAX::ROSCHMon Dec 01 1986Christmas-A time for giving
807.055HEADS::HILDEBRANTWed Dec 03 1986Blackpowder rifles and shotguns
810.06ANYWAY::PARODIThu Dec 04 1986How old must someone be before they can shoot?
812.010USMRM3::SMARINOFri Dec 05 1986BROWNING 3
826.0107AIMHI::EMERYMon Dec 15 1986Self Defense - what time should I draw and use?
827.0--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 15 1986
828.062GENRAL::TUSLERTue Dec 16 1986Reloading - Mailorder houses
832.03ALIEN::BEZEREDIWed Dec 17 1986Dwyer Group Gripper info needed
833.015SAFETY::SEGALThu Dec 18 1986Stun Guns ILLEGAL in MASS
835.07--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 18 1986barrel snapped open => damage?
843.09HENRY8::BUSTAMon Dec 29 1986.44 auto mag
844.053SSDEVO::LILAKMon Dec 29 1986.38 Super : From Obscurity to ??
849.020TAHOE::CHURCHTue Dec 30 1986.45 Long Colt, anyone?
851.03CSC32::WATERSWed Dec 31 1986Rust-blueing (browning)
852.011SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMWed Dec 31 1986Japanese collectors
854.010GEMINI::CIPPUBMon Jan 05 1987On blueing
861.018PRANCR::MARTINTue Jan 06 1987Cocked and locked. How safe?
862.015TURBO::NEWSHAMTue Jan 06 1987Walther PPK/S .38
863.014SOFBAS::ROSCHThu Jan 08 1987Build an M14?
864.014YOSSER::BENNISONThu Jan 08 1987Importing Firearms
866.012ELMO::HOLLENMon Jan 12 1987Info on cast bullet alloys needed
872.07--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 15 1987Webley? Wembley? What is it?
873.043SUSHI::PORCUPINEThu Jan 15 1987U.S. Military Rifle info - Mxx et. al.
875.012WILLIE::DERIEFri Jan 16 1987Mass permits for non-residents
879.05GEMINI::CIPPUBMon Jan 19 1987Trigger Pull
880.059YAZOO::TETZLOFFTue Jan 20 1987Toy guns, fake guns, look-alikes
882.09ERIC::SMITHMWed Jan 21 1987African hunting stories -- .3
884.06FROST::SCHRAFTTue Feb 03 1987wooden bullets
885.011SOFBAS::ROSCHFri Jan 23 1987Trap/Skeet?
886.017DEBET::NIEMIMon Jan 26 1987Winchester 97 trench gun
887.05DECEAT::HELSELMon Jan 26 1987Pheasant Hunters
889.05GENRAL::TUSLERWed Jan 28 1987taper crimping
901.012HAVOC::BLAKEWed Feb 04 1987Recipe For Disaster
902.07CYGNUS::HAMBURGERMon Feb 09 1987Guns and Magnets ???
903.03HAVOC::BLAKETue Feb 10 1987Bear Butt Revisited
906.077MAILER::PELTONENWed Feb 11 1987Refinishing Stocks
907.09SSDEVO::OAKEYWed Feb 11 1987.41 Action Express
915.037CSC32::WATERSTue Feb 17 1987Black Powder Beginner here
917.050ALIEN::BEZEREDIWed Feb 18 1987NRA Elections - where do you stand?
920.012DONNER::MARTINMon Feb 23 1987Chief Munger speaks out...
925.049GEMINI::CIPPUBTue Feb 24 1987586 vs 686
927.04CSSE::BANCROFTWed Mar 04 1987Maine used to be Pro-Gun
930.023NAVAJO::WRODGERSThu Mar 05 1987Sometimes, we win one!
933.05TAHOE::CHURCHFri Mar 06 1987.357 rifle
935.04NORDIC::BRAMLEYFri Mar 06 1987Reloading the .45 Auto Rim
936.011NEPTUN::DIMASCIOFri Mar 06 1987mustang 38
938.07WHAT::EWALDMon Mar 09 1987Antique Colt pistol
941.0105YODA::TAYLORTue Mar 10 1987Looking for a good .22 auto handgun
943.02CSSE::WIEMERTue Mar 10 1987Feedback wanted on S&W 745
944.04NORDIC::BRAMLEYWed Mar 11 1987.45 Win Mag, Revolvers???
945.011LOOKUP::PELTONENWed Mar 11 1987Military Shotguns
946.05YODA::TAYLORWed Mar 11 1987stainless or blued steel?
953.02ELMO::HOLLENTue Mar 17 1987The Honorable rep. Mario Biaggi (?)
955.026NOBLE::CHARLESTue Mar 17 1987AK-47(SEMI-AUTO) VS. AR15
956.03TRACTR::DOWNSMWed Mar 18 1987Plain Old .38 cal
959.06CSC32::WATERSMon Mar 30 1987bird hunting
960.011NORDIC::BRAMLEYFri Mar 20 198745LC, How HOT in a BlackHawk?
962.010BASVAX::BURSTALLSat Mar 21 1987An odd place to find a gun
963.01TARKIN::AHOMon Mar 23 1987Info needed on Shotgun beads..
965.03ELMO::HOLLENTue Mar 24 1987Old Charles Daly 1
966.07SOFBAS::ROSCHTue Mar 24 1987Smithing Texts?
967.01USFHSL::LEIBOWITZTue Mar 24 1987King Cobra or Python?
969.05ALIEN::BEZEREDIWed Mar 25 1987.32 S&W Long loads for wadcutters
972.03CUERVO::GATHThu Mar 26 1987Powder,Powder everywhere?
973.0SYSENG::BITTLEMon May 15 1989Gun shops in the greater Boston area
974.09COBRA::ROYThu Mar 26 1987Colt revolvers
979.023LILAC::MKPROJSat Mar 28 1987Mike Dukakis (spread the word)
980.0+305CLOVAX::SYKESSun Mar 29 1987Garands are Grand
982.06MTBLUE::TURCOTTE_PAUTue Mar 31 1987need help finding antimony
987.020NAVAJO::WRODGERSThu Apr 02 1987Books on Gun Control. Both Pro and Con
993.01SOFBAS::ROSCHSun Apr 05 1987Colt Series 8
998.083GLORY::TRANTue Apr 07 1987Desert Eagle .357/.41/.44/.5
1002.041GLASS::TRANWed Apr 08 1987Taurus 92 and 99
1011.015CSCMA::MCMANAMONFri Apr 10 1987WANTED: Advice and a 12 gauge.
1014.020GOJIRA::PHILPOTTTue Apr 14 1987proposed Mass. amnesty and law (from AP)
1015.027LILAC::MKPROJThu Apr 16 1987How to join the NRA
1022.06--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 17 1987Advice on loads for .44 Mag S&W Mod 29
1023.066--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 17 1987Advice wanted on Gun Safes
1026.014DECWET::PALMERSat Apr 18 1987Steel vs brass cases?
1028.013SUBSYS::FILGATETue Apr 21 1987gun manufacturers quality ranking
1034.017LILAC::MKPROJThu Apr 23 1987Headspace on M19
1035.026NAVAJO::WRODGERSThu Apr 23 1987Awareness campaign within DEC?
1037.0+62MORO::MILOSEVIC_DAMon Feb 27 1989DCM discussions
1038.0+2098MKFSA::GOULDFri Apr 24 1987Media Bias - TV, Newspapers, Magazines, etc
1043.03CSC32::HAGERTYTue Apr 28 1987What do history books say about 2nd amendment?
1047.02FDCV14::DRENASWed Apr 29 1987Gun Owners of America
1051.0104LILAC::MKPROJFri May 01 1987The dumbest thing I ever did...
1055.05HUDSON::MCELHINEYMon May 04 198745 rimmed..GOT ANY?
1058.08STING::BARBERThu May 07 1987Problem with Mil 45 brass
1061.06OPHION::CHURCHThu May 07 1987Self Defense - what state of readyness (at home)
1062.09CSSE::BANCROFTFri May 08 1987.458 Winchester or similar data query
1072.03CSMSRE::RCARROLLFri May 15 1987Long arms in Vehicles
1077.03ELMO::HOLLENMon May 18 1987Look Ma, no Blackhawk ejector!
1080.07YODA::COOKTue May 19 19871912 Winchester .22
1082.052ACOMA::MKEPSELWed May 20 1987Reloading the 12 gauge
1085.018CSSE::BANCROFTThu May 21 1987How to keep shot from deforming -- Some wild ideas!
1086.09CAMLOT::COFFMANThu May 21 1987Dupont to sell Explosives Business
1087.037CAMLOT::COFFMANThu May 21 1987Congress and the Plastic Gun
1092.04MKFSA::GOULDTue May 26 1987L C Smith 2
1094.06TACHYN::SUSELWed May 27 1987Info on Bersa
1098.05XCUSME::WILSONWed May 27 1987Going price for Colt Ace?
1099.01MVSUPP::SMITHThu May 28 1987Sokolovsky .45 Auto
1101.013CAMLOT::COFFMANThu May 28 1987Stun Guns???
1102.015HSKSA1::TILLANENFri May 29 1987Power sling
1110.03HSKSA1::TILLANENMon Jun 01 1987Jati-matic
1116.0169KNEE::FORBESMTue Jun 02 1987Surplus military rifles
1117.017--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 02 1987Ruger #1 Rifle in 45LONG Colt???
1124.015SPMFG1::CHARBONNDWed Jun 10 1987Reloading Dies -- comparisons
1129.010GEMINI::CIPPUBFri Jun 12 1987Single station presses
1135.013MKFSA::GOULDThu Jun 18 1987Acceptable Leading
1138.013JACUZI::DESHARNAISThu Jun 18 1987Black Powder Accessories?
1141.07ELMO::HOLLENMon Jun 22 1987Old loadings and powder
1144.014CANDY::GILONTue Jun 23 19878mm Rem magnum = mucho recoil
1151.020CSSE::BANCROFTThu Jun 25 1987MV Sort Range Pistol slug
1154.011NWDFri Jun 26 1987"Predator"s Gatling Gun
1166.01USFHSL::LEIBOWITZMon Jul 06 1987Colt Police Positive
1169.017MVSUPP::SMITHTue Jul 07 1987Best Gun designer?
1172.013ARMORY::CHARBONNDTue Jul 07 1987The LUGER note
1175.03ARMORY::CHARBONNDWed Jul 08 1987AR7 trouble
1179.01DECEAT::HELSELThu Jul 09 1987Gun Cabinet Plans
1180.048LILAC::MKPROJFri Jul 10 1987Tips on improving your shooting ability
1181.010LILAC::MKPROJTue Jul 14 1987child protect your firearms
1183.061ARMORY::CHARBONNDWed Jul 15 1987Pro gun bumper stickers
1188.07TODD::WARNOCKTue May 05 1992IPSC Holsters ?
1189.0535ACE::TORRESWed Jul 15 1987Let's talk IPSC
1196.05CAMLOT::COFFMANTue Jul 21 1987Shooter's Bookshelf (Books on shooting)
1198.03DIXIE1::HEALEYFri Jul 24 1987Combat Shooting Schools
1199.039DECEAT::HELSELFri Jul 24 1987Ann Landers takes anti position
1202.02OPHION::CHURCHFri Jul 24 1987California Sheriffs say ...
1203.022USWAV1::SERRAFri Jul 24 1987Wanted: Taget gun +
1209.0SHIPIT::ZOGGTue Jul 28 1987Address For Dueling Tree
1220.012ARMORY::CHARBONNDFri Jul 31 1987Carroll Cast Bullets
1221.034DIXIE1::RIDGWAYFri Jul 31 1987A question of bullets
1222.04SUBSYS::FILGATEMon Aug 03 1987looking for a semi-auto rim fire, not a 1
1225.06GENRAL::ALBERTUSTue Aug 04 1987Sabot round for .357/.44?
1226.02SHIPIT::ZOGGWed Aug 05 1987Address for Magnetic Clip Holders???
1227.03MONSTR::PHILPOTTTue Aug 11 1987shotguns for home defense
1228.06GENRAL::ALBERTUSWed Aug 05 198712GA sabot round
1232.09STING::BARBERThu Aug 06 1987Standard vs magnum primers
1235.09UXB::DERIEMon Aug 10 1987TRIGGER JOB
1236.050FUTURE::HINZMon Aug 10 1987Black Powder questions?
1237.04HUDSON::MCELHINEYTue Aug 11 1987S&W MOD 41-1 MAGS
1239.09LILAC::MKPROJTue Aug 11 1987Second Amendment Foundation
1240.014DEPOT::STERLINGWed Aug 12 1987Blackpowder Cannon's
1241.019AKOV85::MTAYLORWed Aug 12 19877mm Rem mag recommendations
1244.04FDCVThu Aug 13 1987Why such early announcements for new products?
1245.03SHIVER::RIVERSDFri Aug 14 1987American Arms
1246.01NEBVAX::PAPPALARDOFri Aug 14 1987Redfield Address
1248.019SUSHI::PORCUPINEFri Aug 14 1987Why does 9MM Luger need case lube?
1251.05FDCVMon Aug 17 1987REMINGTON 552 .22 CALIBER
1252.027CAM::JOHNSONWed Aug 19 19879mm handguns
1254.018HERON::GASCOIGNEThu Aug 20 1987Tragedies in Britain and Government reaction
1256.02NEXUS::PITTThu Aug 20 1987winchester model 94 finish problem
1257.05MTBLUE::MAHANEY_MIKEFri Aug 21 1987.243 winchester
1258.030SSDEVO::OAKEYMon Aug 24 1987Smith and Wesson L-Frame problem
1263.012ODIXIE::HEALEYTue Aug 25 1987Shotshell Hulls Different ?
1265.07HPSCAD::WFIELDWed Aug 26 1987Hornady 366 AUTO
1269.08SSDEVO::OAKEYThu Aug 27 1987Flintlock ignition -- questions and hints
1271.02LILAC::MKPROJThu Aug 27 1987The Pilgrams and thier guns...
1282.0150CLUE::DRENASWed Sep 02 1987Concealed carry permit in New Hampshire
1286.0+9CAADC::GREGORYFri Sep 04 1987Florida Concealed-Weapons Law
1287.06SHIPIT::ZOGGFri Sep 04 1987? on 1
1295.01HPSCAD::WFIELDTue Sep 08 1987Reloading the 2
1296.011LILAC::MKPROJTue Sep 08 1987How is the guage of a shotgun determined?
1298.027SADU::HANSENTue Sep 08 1987Tips for informal range?
1299.015NOPROB::SORGERTue Sep 08 1987AMT Backup
1302.01SSDEVO::OAKEYWed Sep 09 1987Pet .3
1305.01SADU::HANSENWed Sep 09 1987Blue Gun Blues
1310.022HERON::GASCOIGNEFri Sep 11 1987PISTOL SKEET Guess the scores
1312.01MTBLUE::MAHANEY_MIKEMon Sep 14 1987Will it fit
1313.06KNEE::FORBESMTue Sep 15 1987How to sell?
1314.013SSDEVO::OAKEYTue Sep 15 1987Reader's Digest Guide to Smokeless Powders
1319.020LILAC::MKPROJThu Sep 17 1987Hunting with a muzzle loader
1321.03SADU::HANSENThu Sep 17 1987Collector's items ???
1322.010ALIEN::BEZEREDIFri Sep 18 1987IHMSA and silhouette
1324.02AIMHI::JSMITHFri Sep 18 1987"2
1328.04GENRAL::KAUFMANMon Sep 21 1987BLR or BAR
1331.01SHIVER::RIVERSDTue Sep 22 1987Mossberg Accessories
1334.08NISYSG::HARTTue Sep 22 1987Arrested with handgun
1335.017CSC32::WATERSTue Sep 22 1987VMS prompt for Hand Gunners
1337.0264CSMADM::CONROYThu Sep 24 1987RKBA spoken here
1340.015TALLIS::WERNICKISat Sep 26 1987Looking for Remington info
1341.070NEXUS::MCCLOSKEYSun Sep 27 1987more HCI crap
1343.06VICKI::DERIEMon Sep 28 1987Overpressure Signs?
1348.023LILAC::MKPROJWed Sep 30 1987Banning realistic toy guns...
1351.0+49LILAC::MKPROJWed Sep 30 1987Florida: The Great Experiment
1356.06OLIVER::FIELDTue Oct 06 1987WINCHESTER 375 XTR
1357.012MARRHQ::ARABIATue Oct 06 1987The Taurus 66 (.357) note
1361.011ALIEN::BEZEREDIThu Oct 08 1987NH hunting accident report - 1986
1362.011CYGNUS::HAMBURGERFri Oct 09 1987Has the Boston Council murdered cops?
1364.03NOPROB::SORGERFri Oct 09 1987Parts Source for Older Rem 12ga ?
1365.019VAXINE::KELLYFri Oct 09 1987deerslayer barrel
1367.02FLYSQD::NIEMIMon Oct 12 1987T/C New Englander
1372.012SUSHI::PORCUPINETue Oct 13 1987?? What's a Damascus Barrel??
1373.01MPGS::GIFFORDWed Oct 14 1987Question on Winchester Mod. 5
1374.0105SHIPIT::ZOGGThu Oct 15 1987The new NRA adds
1376.034USHSThu Oct 15 1987----Laser sights!
1377.025WAYWRD::PARODIThu Oct 15 1987Almost broken into -
1378.04TWOBOS::LAFOSSEFri Oct 16 1987Nosler polycarbonite tipped bullets
1382.03ELWOOD::QUISTGWed Oct 21 1987"Southpaw Trap Shooter needs Info"
1383.011ENDMIL::GIBSONWed Oct 21 1987Sig Sauer P23
1385.011PUPPIS::LENGYELThu Oct 22 1987What's a Double vs. Single action Auto?
1386.0KAOFS::D_STJEANFri Oct 23 1987Brass catcher for AR1
1388.03NEXUS::PITTFri Oct 23 1987Painting metal question
1390.02CLOSUS::KUSHNERMon Oct 26 1987How do I cut tempered steel?
1391.010CSSE::BANCROFTTue Oct 27 1987.45-7
1393.02SADU::HANSENWed Oct 28 1987COLT TROOPER .22LR
1401.012ARMORY::CHARBONNDFri Oct 30 1987recommended spare parts
1408.06MTBLUE::FOOTER_JOEWed Nov 04 1987Parker-Hale help!
1409.08SSDEVO::OAKEYThu Nov 05 1987How do you remove Loctite from screw threads?
1412.08OPHION::CHURCHThu Nov 05 1987Marshal Dillan, the stage is comming ...
1418.017GORT::QUIGLEYTue Nov 10 1987'88 HCI Campaign Strategy
1420.04DECEAT::HELSELWed Nov 11 1987B-Square
1421.016ODIXIE::HEALEYWed Nov 11 1987Consumer Reports - .3
1422.024AKOV68::SHAWThu Nov 12 1987Remington 87
1423.012KLAATU::QUIGLEYThu Nov 12 1987Who can't own a gun
1424.02BOOTES::PELTONENThu Nov 12 1987NITEX?
1429.05SCOMAN::DESHARNAISWed Nov 18 1987Defective Colt -- Where can I buy replacement parts?
1430.010REGENT::PATTENDENWed Nov 18 1987Aliens and handguns
1436.015JUNIOR::MONTVILLEMon Nov 23 1987Need info on .357 for Police carry
1438.086CANDY::GILONTue Nov 24 1987.5
1441.02DECWET::PALMERTue Nov 24 1987Plastic cased ammo
1443.014TUNER::DINATALEWed Nov 25 1987How do you react?
1444.023SUSHI::PORCUPINEWed Nov 25 1987Serious Holsters for Social Workers
1448.0102VCQUAL::THOMPSONMon Nov 30 1987Self Defense - why, when and where to carry concealed
1451.04ELMO::HOLLENTue Dec 01 1987Ever heard of Lefever Shotguns?
1460.011CYGNUS::HAMBURGERFri Dec 04 1987Elk and Mule deer hunt questions(Colorado)
1464.04WBA::HARDINGMon Dec 07 1987Taurus model 96 information wanted
1466.010ATEAM::GILONTue Dec 08 1987Mass gun law violation
1470.019FXGSG1::COLEWed Dec 09 1987looking for .41
1472.023FARMER::ROYThu Dec 10 1987RUGER DIS. DOWN BY 65
1473.016SALEM::PAPPALARDOThu Dec 10 1987Shotgun News FFL vs. Public
1474.063SSDEVO::LILAKThu Dec 10 1987Self-defense in Court
1477.01DELNI::MCGORRILLMon Dec 14 1987Spent bullets reused unrecast!
1479.08TWINS::CORTISMon Dec 14 1987New Hampshire Township Gun Laws
1481.09CSC32::HAGERTYMon Dec 14 1987Compute velocity to get same point of impact?
1482.052ELWOOD::HILDEBRANTWed Dec 16 1987Blackpowder Handgun buying info needed
1483.02CSC32::K_JACKSONWed Dec 16 1987Book on Antique shotguns??
1488.043FHOOA::LEIBOWITZMon Dec 21 1987BATF search of FFL holder's premises
1492.015SHIPIT::ZOGGMon Dec 28 198732 Remington Brass or Dies, Got any??
1493.03SHIPIT::ZOGGMon Dec 28 1987Reloading - The Texan press
1495.020ATEAM::GILONTue Dec 29 1987FN LAR (FAL)
1501.05NYJOPS::BOBAWed Dec 30 1987Hopkins & Allen ?
1503.0130NWDThu Dec 31 1987.3
1505.06SADU::HANSENMon Jan 04 198822LR in a 22MAG?
1508.03MEMORY::DIMASCIOMon Jan 04 1988SS-1
1511.06BPOVTue Jan 05 1988S&W 669
1512.021REGENT::PATTENDENTue Jan 05 1988External ranges temporarily closed
1513.05BAGELS::MONDOUTue Jan 05 1988need stainless info
1514.05CLT::FANEUFTue Jan 05 1988A little Garand history wanted
1516.02CSC32::HAGERTYWed Jan 06 1988Difference between .22 short and CB cap
1525.012SSDEVO::OAKEYFri Jan 08 1988Speedloaders for revolvers
1527.018MDVAX1::KIRKSat Jan 09 1988Reloading the 1
1532.015RDGENG::HAYWARDMon Jan 11 1988Anyone British ??
1534.014SMEGIT::BROUILLETTETue Jan 12 1988When do you inform the police?
1535.05MARRHQ::MALLONEEMon Jan 11 1988A caliber for deer, bear & hawgz.
1539.04ELWOOD::TANZERThu Jan 14 1988Winchester Model 62A
1540.02MEIS::PARODIThu Jan 14 1988Shell holders for Semi-auto shotguns?
1543.010LOCH::BRAMLEYFri Jan 15 1988Stainless 45LC; Dan Wesson vs Smith
1547.07SQM::BURKHOLDERTue Jan 19 1988Colt .38 snubbie with "funny" sights
1562.04LILAC::MKPROJMon Jan 25 1988Folding stocks vs. fixed stocks
1564.08LEZAH::W_JOHNSONWed Jan 27 1988.22LR vs .22 S,L,LR ??
1565.012LOCH::BRAMLEYThu Jan 28 1988Least favorable caliber
1569.035JUNIOR::MONTVILLEFri Jan 29 1988The Ruger P85
1572.04CSSE::BANCROFTMon Feb 01 1988need nelp identifying a 9mm shell
1577.015DECWET::HELSELTue Feb 02 1988Tax-free firearms
1578.05PIECES::WITCHEYTue Feb 02 1988Denver Goes 9mm (kinda)
1589.022SUSHI::PORCUPINEThu Feb 11 1988Concealed carry permit in Maine
1594.02AKOV12::MCLEMENTIMon Feb 15 1988H&R Model 923
1599.03WAV14::HICKSThu Nov 30 1989Ruger Red Label shotgun
1608.01SHIPIT::ZOGGMon Feb 22 1988Any gun shops in Agusta Maine?
1610.014TRACTR::BUTEAUMon Feb 22 19889mm REVOLVER ???????
1611.073OPHION::CHURCHMon Feb 22 1988Women in Shooting
1613.019SSDEVO::OAKEYTue Feb 23 1988What's it about this sport that's so dern fun!?
1614.017HSKSA4::TILLANENTue Feb 23 1988Tell me about Bazookas...
1617.016SSDEVO::OAKEYWed Feb 24 1988Ruger MK II re-assembly hints and tips
1619.08TRACTR::DHOULEThu Feb 25 1988Self Defense - ammunition selection
1624.05DIXIE1::RIDGWAYMon Feb 29 1988NRA magazine comparison?
1627.024TUNER::DINATALETue Mar 01 1988Public? Yes. Published? NO!!
1630.07SSDEVO::OAKEYSun Mar 06 1988Skeeter Skelton just passed away...
1633.032TWINS::CORTISMon Mar 07 1988What is Hunting
1635.04FIDDLE::MITCHELLMon Mar 07 1988Cleaning plastic clips, etc.....
1637.072SCAVAX::RENOTue Mar 08 1988And, what's *your* favorite target?
1642.02VELVET::CAMELIOFri Mar 11 1988Tracers ?
1654.052SCAVAX::RENOWed Mar 16 198811-yr. Old Kills Thieves
1657.017HSKSA1::TILLANENFri Mar 18 1988What about Boobytraps?
1658.082SCAVAX::RENOFri Mar 18 1988Self Defense - what do you use for protection?
1660.01VOLGA::G_PELLETIERFri Mar 18 1988Ruger Single Six .22 problem
1662.037OLDMAN::DOO_SECURITYSat Mar 19 1988H&K Care
1671.039LILAC::MKPROJWed Mar 30 1988Drug dealers and guns
1678.029NEXUS::MARTENSSat Apr 02 1988Older Unknown Ammo.
1681.015COMET::ALBERTUSTue Apr 05 1988Penguns/Flareguns
1683.04SPMFG1::CHARBONNDWed Apr 06 1988Case forming for 7mm-
1685.09LOCH::CASAZZAWed Apr 06 1988"Toting" holster questions
1687.05OXNARD::CHURCHWed Apr 06 1988Grips for the Colt OM (Colt emblem? Ivory? Abalony?
1688.02RSTS32::MARSHALLThu Apr 07 1988Winchester Model 24 info?
1691.03SHIPIT::ZOGGMon Apr 11 1988Info on Parker Shotguns???
1692.065LILAC::MKPROJMon Apr 11 1988Back against the wall & nowhere to run gun
1697.026DV78Tue Apr 12 1988Maryland Action Against Handguns?
1700.016ELWOOD::HILDEBRANTFri Apr 15 1988Need Lead Balls!
1704.063D::DJONESTue Apr 19 1988Info On Marine Corp Hardware Needed.
1708.07SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMWed Apr 20 1988Taking guns to Canada
1712.01MTBLUE::MAHANEY_MIKEFri Apr 22 1988?Ruger Bearcat?
1716.016STAR::GFISHERMon Apr 25 1988Valmet M-76 anyone??
1718.038CSOA1::BERNARDTue Apr 26 1988Colt Delta Elite & 1
1726.021VIDEO::SFREEMANFri Apr 29 1988Looking for a gun made to order
1728.038--UnknownUser--Sun May 01 1988Glaser/PPS vs. Evan Marshall's findings
1734.022WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEMon May 02 1988ABC and guns...
1735.09JEREMY::DRORTue May 03 1988shooting in ISRAEL
1736.05LILAC::MKPROJTue May 03 1988US Rifle Model 19
1747.03FXADM::SELIMAFri May 06 1988Matching funds?
1749.012MURPHY::ENSLEYFri May 06 1988Soviet WWII weapon
1758.017AUGGIE::WFIELDMon May 16 1988AR-15 feed problem
1759.019MORGAN::BARBERMon May 16 1988Warbirds and guns
1766.012FRAGLE::GOGUENTue May 24 1988transporting across state lines
1767.0+73LILAC::MKPROJTue May 24 1988On preventing bad guys from buying guns...
1776.010CANYON::ABELSONThu May 26 1988I'm a Yankee-Doodle Dandee!
1777.021NWDFri May 27 1988Dukakis and gun control
1780.014TRPTWN::GRIFFINTue May 31 1988A picky 9MM shopper
1784.014CVG::THOMPSONTue May 31 1988Little old lady gun?
1785.017PUGET::BROWNTue May 31 1988Pro-Point (Tasco)
1788.04FCCVDE::KEEFEThu Jun 02 1988Browning 9MM Target Model Question
1789.012GORT::QUIGLEYFri Jun 03 1988Gun right battle
1792.036MTBLUE::GILPATRICK_RFri Jun 03 1988AK-47 / AKS-47 - Mitchell Arms/Poly Tech
1793.03MTADMS::DOO_SECURITYSun Jun 05 1988Tokarev
1797.016ALIEN::BEZEREDITue Jun 07 1988the BATF knows we are here
1798.02PERFCT::ENSLEYTue Jun 07 1988"BOGUS" .22 ammo
1799.03PERFCT::ENSLEYTue Jun 07 1988Exel Arms
1800.015OXNARD::CHURCHWed Jun 08 1988Are the BATF good guys?
1804.07SHARE::TEWKSBURYThu Jun 09 1988NORINCO 9mm info wanted
1805.02MPGS::HILDEBRANTThu Jun 09 1988Basic bullet questions
1806.09STAR::MCCARTHYThu Jun 09 1988Worth of a 1842 Sharps Carbine 5
1808.05MURPHY::ENSLEYFri Jun 10 1988AK-47 during 'Nam
1816.06MURPHY::ENSLEYTue Jun 14 1988"Sighting in" an M1
1818.020CSOA1::BERNARDWed Jun 15 1988Control is for others... (Carl Rowan)
1821.08WAV12::HICKSThu Jun 16 1988Food for thought, (on defending your home).
1822.08USMRW1::FMOLLERThu Jun 16 1988Suggestions on lessening the pounding from 12ga?
1825.08MURPHY::ENSLEYThu Jun 16 1988M1 bayonet
1829.06LOCH::CASAZZAMon Jun 20 1988Mini .22 Revolvers
1830.04MPGS::GIFFORDTue Jun 21 1988What a Graduation Gift!!!!
1831.028PUGET::BROWNTue Jun 21 1988Gun Safe Dehumidification
1832.021--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 22 1988Reagan and Donaldson - waiting periods
1834.03YODA::TAYLORWed Jun 22 1988Loose wristing a .45?
1835.013MURPHY::ENSLEYWed Jun 22 1988"tracer" ammo
1839.011RETORT::UMINATue Jun 28 1988Help with VT Transfer
1843.0192B::ZAHAREEWed Jun 29 1988Sigh... "Guns, Guns, Guns."
1845.05MURPHY::ENSLEYThu Jun 30 1988M1 Garand reloads
1848.08AKOV13::FULTZTue Jul 05 1988Skeet vs. Trap?
1852.03OTOFS::SCLOOKUPThu Jul 07 1988Swedish WWII Semi-auto
1855.05SHARE::TEWKSBURYMon Jul 11 1988Ortgies .32 Auto Info
1858.026SUSHI::PORCUPINEWed Jul 13 1988Case Trimming note, and a labor-saving hint
1860.016LILAC::MKPROJMon Jul 18 1988Reloading - Scale comparisons
1866.013CSSE32::PHILPOTTTue Jul 19 1988what if... blue sky and lots of money.
1871.05ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu Jul 21 1988Buying firearms overseas....
1876.061CSSE32::PHILPOTTMon Jul 25 1988The colonel is changing his mind ...
1881.01JUNIOR::PELTONENTue Aug 02 1988GUN LIST magazine
1884.07LOUIE::DJONESThu Jul 28 1988Changing Blue To Stainless Look.
1885.09ELMO::HOLLENThu Jul 28 19883
1886.0+49MDVAX1::KIRKThu Jul 28 1988Colorado Gun Laws
1889.02CSC32::HAGERTYWed Aug 03 1988Florida schoolkids being taught gun safety?
1893.046WINERY::BOUCHARKEWed Aug 03 1988handling a firearm safely
1900.013WOODRO::DHOULESun Aug 07 1988Taurus revolvers
1901.019WOODRO::DHOULESun Aug 07 1988What kind of .38 do you own?
1903.04SUSHI::PORCUPINEMon Aug 08 1988Another snake in the grass, the Colt Boa
1905.012TRPTWN::GRIFFINMon Aug 08 1988Did your civil rights start at age 18?
1911.0513D::DJONESThu Aug 11 1988Bulletproof vest information
1919.06FXADM::SELIMAWed Aug 24 1988Rifle and Handgun combo's?
1922.02SUBSYS::FILGATEThu Aug 25 1988Commercial 3
1923.017ALIEN::BEZEREDIFri Aug 26 1988Sears shotgun
1927.019SMURF::YELGINTue Aug 30 1988Advice on Winchester 12 GA
1929.012USMRW1::FMOLLERTue Aug 30 1988Ruger .22 Single Six
1932.013CYGNUS::HAMBURGERWed Aug 31 1988Lock and Load
1937.012SEDJAR::COZZENSFri Sep 02 1988Need Shotgun Advice
1940.06CYGNUS::HAMBURGERThu Sep 08 1988In Isreal: to shoot or not to shoot
1946.04MODL29::LEMKEFri Sep 09 1988Dan Quayle on GUN CONTROL
1947.012SHIPIT::ZOGGFri Sep 09 1988Pocket Pistols????
1952.012CYGNUS::HAMBURGERMon Sep 12 1988source for odd-weight cast bullets
1954.012LILAC::MKPROJMon Sep 12 1988RKBA in state constitutions.
1959.08SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMWed Sep 14 1988Korean Daewoo AR-1
1962.025COMET::ALBERTUSThu Sep 15 1988Home defense arrangements
1965.035MPGS::GRANTMon Sep 19 1988Trap and Skeet help needed
1967.06GORT::QUIGLEYMon Sep 19 1988San Jose PD Chief
1968.021WINERY::BOUCHARKEMon Sep 19 1988Magnum carbine
1973.017HSKThu Sep 22 1988Talking about power!
1983.09PEAKS::OAKEYTue May 29 1990Flying commercial airlines with firearms
1988.04COMET::ALBERTUSMon Oct 03 1988English Private Weapons Turn-In?
1990.023POBOX::CHATROOPMon Oct 03 1988Corrosive ammo - testing and using
1992.017MEIS::GARCEAUTue Oct 04 1988Basement Range
1995.06WORDS::QUIMBYWed Oct 05 1988CVA breach plug removal????
1998.02SYSENG::MCGRATHThu Oct 06 1988Help - Winchester Mod. 75 info
2004.012DECWET::PALMERTue Oct 11 1988ammunition storage
2005.012TERPIN::SUSELWed Oct 12 1988grenades by mail!
2006.010USWAV9::HICKSFri Oct 14 1988?!? Mossberg 6
2007.02WILKIE::GFISHERFri Oct 14 1988Hi-Standard 22 mag
2010.017CHARON::CHENMon Oct 17 1988.22 stingers???
2011.020DIXIE1::RIDGWAYTue Oct 18 1988Info on Binoculars?
2012.027SALEM::PAPPALARDOThu Oct 20 1988Info on Over/Under Shotguns
2013.06SHIPIT::ZOGGThu Oct 20 1988?? How to make small primer holes into large P??
2017.012FHQ::IRVINEFri Oct 21 1988AR15 DELTA-HBAR comments ???
2021.013MURPHY::ENSLEYFri Oct 21 1988New Mexico gun laws, etc.
2025.013LILAC::MKPROJMon Oct 24 1988Shooting and your ears (hearing protectors)
2026.03NEBVAX::PAPPALARDOWed Oct 26 1988Big Bore .444
2030.041NSSG::FEINSMITHThu Oct 27 1988Redhawk or M29
2035.09USAVAX::GAZZANIGAFri Oct 28 1988To sight or not to sight
2037.09SPMFG1::CHARBONNDFri Oct 28 19882
2038.06OPHION::CHURCHFri Oct 28 1988My BEST shoot
2039.02JACKAL::CARROLLFri Oct 28 1988Concelaed carry permit in New York/NY permits
2040.03POBOX::CHATROOPFri Oct 28 1988Worst Shot Ever Stories
2044.069LILAC::MKPROJThu Nov 03 1988Pro gun news letters/papers, TV & radio shows.
2049.067SSDEVO::OAKEYMon Nov 07 1988Smith and Wesson 625-2 .45ACP Revolver
2051.042NAAD::REITERFri Nov 11 1988"I'm the NRA" Campaign
2053.06GENRAL::BOURBEAUFri Nov 11 1988Rifle Shotshells??
2058.027COMET::ALBERTUSTue Nov 15 1988Superlight .44 handloads
2059.05AD::GIBSONThu Nov 17 1988.41
2061.04PUGET::BROWNThu Nov 17 1988The Streetsweeper
2064.07CVG::THOMPSONMon Nov 21 1988Is that chip loaded?
2065.02SCOMAN::BINGTue Nov 22 1988removing rust from old gun
2066.04SUBSYS::FILGATETue Nov 22 1988Mass Chiefs of Police Assoc. solicitation for donations
2074.035BRUTUS::JONESMon Nov 28 1988Shotgun Questions.
2079.04WMOIS::D_ANDERSONThu Dec 01 1988Enfield info needed
2100.08GENRAL::ROOHRMon Dec 12 1988Varmint rifles
2108.016RT1Fri Dec 16 1988Wanted: Small defensive handgun
2110.03WINERY::BOUCHARKEMon Dec 19 1988powder storage - how long?
2111.017BOSHOG::WRONSKIMon Dec 19 1988West German Firearms Buff's? K8
2116.017PLATA::BILLINGSLEATue Dec 20 1988Recommendations on a 27
2117.07NEURON::BERBRICKThu Dec 22 1988Consistant Cast Bullet weights in 7 MM
2128.03WAV12::MERCUREThu Dec 29 1988Sidelock / Boxlock ???
2129.014PUGET::BROWNThu Dec 29 1988Rifle/Shotgun Over/Under combinations
2142.07PERFCT::ENSLEYFri Jan 06 1989WWII infantry weapon
2159.06LILAC::MKPROJFri Jan 13 1989New magazine: Women & Guns
2160.0658LILAC::MKPROJWed Jan 18 1989Assault rifles
2164.02RAINBO::WASSERThu Jan 19 1989The Gyrojet Rocket Gun
2166.035LILAC::MKPROJFri Jan 20 1989Massachusetts' Bartley-Fox law
2169.012WHYVAX::MARSHALLMon Jan 23 1989New S&W "Ladysmith" Revolver
2173.015WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEMon Jan 23 1989two cops shot
2177.09DASXPS::SLADEWed Jan 25 1989Sniping rigs
2186.02ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_IFri Jan 27 1989Current British Firearms Laws
2187.023LILAC::MKPROJFri Jan 27 1989Care and maintenance of match rifles.
2196.05NWDWed Feb 01 1989portable shooting bench
2202.03BSS::S_KULCHINSKYFri Feb 03 198912 Ga. Rem. Priemere Hulls
2207.06ODIXIE::RIDGWAYMon Feb 06 1989H&R 38 S&W and French Civil War pistol
2210.022SAURUS::CASAZZAWed Feb 08 1989Lonesome Dove
2216.012DNEAST::GOULD_RYANFri Feb 10 1989Tour of Duty
2217.018COMET::ALBERTUSFri Feb 10 1989Proposed Sat. Night Special legislation
2219.01WOOF::GREENWALDMon Feb 13 1989Need UK Info
2220.017CSC32::J_PEDERSENMon Feb 13 1989Browning A-Bolt
2221.04BTO::NOYESWed Feb 15 1989obermeyer "right twist" rifling
2222.07GUNNER::TOWLEWed Feb 15 1989Accuracy of the AR15
2224.011MORO::MAPPS_RITue Feb 14 1989Reloading Benches
2227.0176NAAD::REITERWed Feb 15 1989LET FREEDOM RING '89
2229.05MURPHY::ENSLEYWed Feb 15 1989Arisaka 7.7 cal.
2231.08CUERVO::CAMELIOWed Feb 15 1989.45 Magazine question
2232.06COMET::ROSWOLDWed Feb 15 1989**Accurate powder**
2235.02MPGS::HAMBURGERThu Feb 16 1989Ultimate Paranoia? or a measure of truth?
2236.07SAURUS::CASAZZAThu Feb 16 1989Need cap n'ball advice
2238.08COMET::ROSWOLDThu Feb 16 1989sanding away the gloss
2239.043LOSER::BEZEREDIFri Feb 17 1989M1 Carbine Info
2240.01LILAC::MKPROJFri Feb 17 1989Firearms conference on usenet
2243.01ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_IMon Feb 20 1989Anschutz or Walther for 3 position
2256.05CVG::THOMPSONWed Feb 22 1989What's the difference between a 3
2259.075AKOV13::FULTZThu Feb 23 1989Should I renew my NRA membership?
2261.08DISCVR::FERRAROThu Feb 23 1989Youngsters first rifle
2263.07VIDEO::BRITTFri Feb 24 1989NEW 1
2265.05CUERVO::CAMELIOMon Feb 27 1989M16
2268.02WLDWST::BROGDENMon Feb 27 1989Chemical Blueing Solutions
2272.02COMET::ALBERTUSTue Feb 28 1989various courses of fire/listings
2273.011WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KETue Feb 28 1989.45s for the underground
2274.01ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_IWed Mar 01 1989Antique Gallois (sp?) pocket pistol
2283.020MARRHQ::MALLONEEMon Mar 06 1989Python/Cobra/GP-1
2284.02TOLKIN::LUKOWSKIMon Mar 06 1989Starting charge for beginners
2285.031DECWET::HELSELMon Mar 06 1989Repair advice needed on Browing Sweet 16
2292.0+55VICKI::DODIERThu Mar 09 1989Products to boycott
2299.05BTO::BURKE_KTue Mar 14 1989Political Science v/s Semi-auto
2312.0+21SSDEVO::FISHSat Mar 18 1989Chronographs
2313.01WHACK::CRAIGSun Mar 19 1989rotating springs vs magazines
2314.01MPGS::GRANTMon Mar 20 1989Browning vs Barretta
2317.022CVG::THOMPSONMon Mar 20 1989March on Washington 89?
2320.037DIXIE1::RIDGWAYTue Mar 21 1989Spouse/Significant Other Pro or Anti?
2321.09FLDSVC::CABRALTue Mar 21 1989M1 Garand malfunction...help
2324.011DNEAST::AVERELL_MICHFri Mar 24 1989S&W 69
2328.011SALEM::MACGREGORSat Mar 25 1989magnum primers or not
2329.01SALEM::MACGREGORSat Mar 25 1989boattails
2330.015LILAC::MKPROJSun Mar 26 1989Bullet weight vs. rifling twist
2337.06MPGS::HILDEBRANTTue Mar 28 1989Technique to hold a shot gun?
2339.025CSSISG::CHENTue Mar 28 1989HELP! Looking for a "small" 9mm
2343.03RUTLND::GAUVINFri Mar 31 1989 AR-15 Kits in SGN
2347.09PERFCT::ENSLEYMon Apr 03 1989B-29 turrets
2352.013HAMPS::PHILPOTT_IMon Apr 03 1989uses for an paramilitary carbine
2355.04PERFCT::ENSLEYTue Apr 04 1989US Cavalry carbines/rifles
2356.03PACKER::GIBSONWed Apr 05 1989Reboreing Caplock
2357.09DNEAST::GOULD_RYANThu Apr 06 1989S & W model 422
2365.01OXNARD::CHURCHTue Apr 11 1989AR-15 spare parts
2367.010OXNARD::CHURCHWed Apr 12 1989Officer Leroy R. Pyle Jr. relieved of duties
2371.0468SYSENG::BITTLEThu Apr 13 1989Concealed carry permit in Mass/Mass permits
2375.010DECWET::PALMERThu Apr 13 1989Colt Bankruptcy???
2378.04--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 13 1989Information on a used scope needed
2383.04IXIX::PAGETue Apr 18 1989Hotter Loads for 8mm Mauser??
2384.093MPGS::HILDEBRANTWed Apr 19 1989Gun Safe info needed
2385.036PERFCT::ENSLEYThu Apr 20 198919
2388.012SA1794::TENEROWICZTFri Apr 21 1989Beginner's shooting
2390.06MURPHY::ENSLEYSun Apr 23 1989'
2392.021WOODRO::DOLLSun Apr 23 1989BRITISH SMLE
2395.02CDR::CABRALMon Apr 24 1989Flannel cleaning patches by the pound!
2397.021DISCVR::FERRAROTue Apr 25 1989S&W Hammer Fall Adjustments
2398.08COOKIE::BERENSONTue Apr 25 1989NCBH Participating Organizations
2402.012SPMFG1::CHARBONNDWed Apr 26 1989Slandering the NRA
2403.05CAM::JOHNSONWed Apr 26 1989input requested on a .22 mag AMT
2411.017COMET::ALBERTUSFri Apr 28 1989Dimensional tolerances/brass ... ?
2415.0+69JACKAL::CARROLLMon May 01 1989Mass. Legislator Info
2416.01COMET::ALBERTUSMon May 01 1989Physics vs. IPSC factors
2423.0+41GENRAL::LUNTThu May 04 1989Comparison of "Starting out" .22s
2424.028PERFCT::ENSLEYFri May 05 1989Platoon "the movie"
2429.018FLDSVC::CABRALWed May 10 1989Leather Care
2437.06TUNER::DINATALEWed May 10 1989Opinions on Ruger .44 Carbine wanted
2439.017COMPLX::WILLIAMSWed May 10 1989SS Lugar History Search
2442.04LUDWIG::BINGFri May 12 1989.357 conversion to 9mm help
2444.021PACKER::SOLONFri May 12 1989Replacement Magazine Info?
2446.026SYSENG::BITTLESun May 14 1989Proper shooting stance
2447.023MCIS2::BELLIVEAUSun May 14 1989Help! Gun + permit confiscated in Mass.!
2455.09HPSCAD::BPUISHYSThu May 18 1989.244 Remington 74
2457.030AKOV75::MITCHELLThu May 18 1989rifles
2462.09HYSTER::MINUTITue May 23 1989Concealable 9MM questions, WALTHER P5
2467.01957Thu May 25 1989.454 Casul "BIG PISTOL:
2468.02LILAC::MKPROJThu May 25 1989Regular, stainless steel and chrome barrels
2474.01CANYON::ABELSONTue May 30 1989Ruger Security-Six problem
2483.011DNEAST::MICHAUD_DANTue Jun 06 1989.445 magnum and .44 mag
2484.0SALEM::AYOTTETue Jun 06 1989RECALL
2488.09SSDEVO::OAKEYWed Jun 07 1989Heckler and Koch G11 caseless firearm
2489.038MORO::MILOSEVIC_DAWed Jun 07 1989Titanium Components
2491.04MISFIT::DEEPFri Jun 09 1989New York State Topics
2492.013MURPHY::ENSLEYFri Jun 09 1989Chicomm weapons
2494.031MISFIT::DEEPMon Jun 12 1989Muzzle Brake? What's that?
2495.057PERFCT::ENSLEYMon Jun 12 1989Tank armament
2497.041TPWORM::BRYANTTue Jun 13 1989Competition handgun: .45 vs. 1
2500.012MISFIT::DEEPWed Jun 14 1989Abreviations and Acroynms Defined Here
2502.05MURPHY::ENSLEYFri Jun 16 1989Sarco, Inc.
2505.028LILAC::MKPROJMon Jun 19 1989Florida law regarding gun accidents by children
2506.04COMET::ALBERTUSTue Jun 20 1989Python problem
2508.09MURPHY::ENSLEYWed Jun 21 1989Laws on mailing firearms ?!
2516.01CUERVO::CAMELIOSun Jun 25 1989M16 problem...?
2517.020CIMNET::FREEMANMon Jun 26 1989Help sighting Ruger Mk II.
2518.026SA1794::CHARBONNDMon Jun 26 1989Gun Theft, Federal Crime ?
2521.09MEIS::MIKSISTue Jun 27 1989Solvents = Poison?
2522.021BTOVT::PEDERSENDThu Jun 29 1989.22 Semi-auto rifle wanted
2525.011COOKIE::BERENSONWed Jul 05 1989Law Enforcement 4 the Preservation of the 2nd Amendment
2526.05MAIL::HENSONWed Jul 05 1989Remington Wingmaster
2527.021CAMLOT::COFFMANWed Jul 05 1989Marlin 9mm?
2528.03ROULET::WIINIKKAThu Jul 06 1989Info on B-square Mounts needed
2530.02FLDSVC::CABRALThu Jul 06 1989S&W interchangable cylinders?
2532.05SSDEVO::FISHERRFri Jul 07 1989Shotgun Fitting
2534.027MPGS::PONDTue Jul 11 1989Move to CXO with guns...
2542.08ANOVAX::WHITEWed Jul 12 1989No 4 Enfield in American Rifleman
2562.012COMET::ALBERTUSWed Jul 19 1989Shootin' Den in the Springs
2565.02LUDWIG::BINGThu Jul 20 1989Non-citizen/bringing gun to U.S.
2571.01SALEM::TORRESFri Jul 21 1989How can I legally ship to PR ?
2585.08MOSAIC::WASSERTue Jul 25 1989Name that 22LR headstamp
2586.015CVG::THOMPSONTue Jul 25 1989NRA Electronically
2588.04DECWET::HELSELWed Jul 26 1989Winchester 1
2598.07JAZZIZ::DICKERSONMon Jul 31 1989Wyoming Arms .45???
2600.041LASHAM::PHILPOTT_IWed Aug 02 1989a few thoughts on caseless ammunition systems
2604.016RUTLND::GAUVINThu Aug 03 1989AR-15 Letterhead Sales Policy
2608.03COMET::ALBERTUSMon Aug 07 1989Pachmayr Dominator
2612.02LILAC::ZORETue Aug 08 1989Visiting VT and legally carrying.
2613.03QUASER::STROTHERTue Aug 08 1989Gun Control in the USSR
2621.021COMET::PERCIVALSun Aug 13 1989Support Manufacturers that Support RKBA.
2623.0MPGS::GRANTMon Aug 14 1989Richard Gath, Champion
2624.07MAIL::HENSONMon Aug 14 1989Old Shells
2629.05DASXPS::SLADETue Aug 15 1989LAR Manufacturing... MK1
2638.010OXNARD::CHURCHFri Aug 18 1989Youth Marksmanship Programs
2641.08UTROP1::KOOIKER_DIRKMon Aug 21 1989Question on trigger creep
2645.05UTROP1::KOOIKER_DIRKTue Aug 22 1989Dutch firearms legislation
2647.039WMOIS::S_NIEMITue Aug 22 1989Magazine/Newspapers articles
2656.010UTROP1::KOOIKER_DIRKTue Aug 29 1989Service rifle matches in Holland
2659.05TWOCAD::SIREENTue Aug 29 1989Need info on Westley Richards 1
2661.06PACKER::GIBSONTue Aug 29 198912Ga single info needed
2664.013GSFSWS::MILLERWed Aug 30 19897 MM Mauser "headspace"?
2665.01RAINBO::WASSERWed Aug 30 1989How can a smith add metal?
2671.07COMET::PAPASun Sep 03 1989Get them while they're young
2672.02PEAKS::OAKEYMon Sep 04 1989Shotgun Velocities (Both shot and slugs)
2674.031SALEM::HOULEMon Sep 04 1989New SIG P228 (9mm)
2675.03AZTECH::BILLINGSLEATue Sep 05 1989Collum & Boren, 12 ga.
2677.09PACKER::GIBSONWed Sep 06 1989Anyone have a melting pot?
2684.046WFOV12::DRUMMFri Sep 08 1989drawing the line on the 2nd
2685.010MAIL::HENSONFri Sep 08 1989Sabot rounds for muzzleloaders
2686.056LILAC::ZORESat Sep 09 1989Does the militia still exist?
2689.033ANOVAX::JWHITESat Sep 09 1989Bullet lubricants?
2703.03UTROP1::KOOIKER_DIRKThu Sep 14 1989Cleaning right or wrong ?
2706.0+19SYOMV::DEEPThu Sep 14 1989.38 Special Loads for the novice...
2708.09GOLETA::JOYCE_BOThu Sep 14 1989Charter Arms in .44 Special
2712.020COOKIE::BERENSONSun Sep 17 1989What shotgun for IPSC?
2718.04FSHQA1::DBROSNIHANTue Sep 19 1989blue dot for mags
2723.06STAR::FARNHAMFri Sep 22 1989NH law on discharge of firearms?
2727.010WAV12::HICKSMon Sep 25 1989Lee Loader, anyone?
2735.014COMET::ALBERTUSTue Sep 26 1989trajectory of bullet shot at angle
2737.04LCDR::REITERWed Sep 27 1989Disestablishing an FFL
2738.022LCDR::REITERWed Sep 27 1989The "Charity Begins At Home" Project
2748.013DECWET::HELSELMon Oct 02 1989Case Lube hints and kinks
2753.0449ER::NGUYENWed Oct 04 1989Help on recoil of over/under 12g.
2758.010UTROP1::KOOIKER_DIRKFri Oct 06 1989Overall length of .3
2759.01GSFSWS::MILLERFri Oct 06 1989KETTNER Shotgun Info?
2761.014MCIS5::ENSLEYFri Oct 06 1989Maryland laws
2762.01SALEM::TORRESMon Oct 09 1989Colt Long Awaited DA Pistol
2763.04COMET::ALBERTUSMon Oct 09 1989self-forging projectiles ?
2766.04CIMAMT::PSMITHWed Oct 11 1989Choice: .22-25
2769.03SAURUS::BRAMLEYWed Oct 11 1989Guns & Felons
2779.01MAMIE::DOLLMon Oct 16 1989THE .44-4
2796.02PNO::KINGMon Oct 23 1989(NEF) New England Firearms
2820.09LILAC::ZOREWed Nov 01 1989Local NRA neighborhood chapters?
2822.090COOKIE::BERENSONWed Nov 01 1989HR7/S257 - Brady Bill
2830.05COOKIE::BERENSONFri Nov 03 1989ACLU and the 2nd
2842.045COOKIE::BERENSONThu Nov 09 1989Colorado Springs S.A. Ban?
2843.02HARDY::HOLLENTue Nov 14 1989The "business decision" applies here...
2845.02USCTR2::GAZZANIGAFri Nov 10 1989Opinions on Ranger
2846.08PACKER::GIBSONFri Nov 10 1989Rotry Drum Shotgun?
2847.03SX4GTO::BERNARDFri Nov 10 1989Lawsuit against gunmakers loses
2850.02PEAKS::OAKEYSun Nov 12 1989Colorado IPSC Information
2854.05LILAC::ZOREFri Nov 17 1989blackpowder general question on politeness
2861.01CSC32::M_ROSWOLDThu Nov 16 1989**Extra M1 Parts****
2863.01WMOIS::S_NIEMIThu Nov 16 1989Marlin Chronology
2865.018WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEThu Nov 16 1989inheriting guns
2869.01WMOIS::C_GIROUARDMon Nov 20 1989HSc MAUSER HELP...
2873.014LILAC::ZOREWed Nov 22 1989Hunter harrassment
2875.020MPGS::HAMBURGERWed Nov 22 1989.3
2885.02ASABET::SCHUFFELSFri Dec 01 1989Arizona help
2888.012SUSHI::PORCUPINEMon Dec 04 1989Scot Brigadier cooler burning powders
2894.010CXCAD::COLECCHITue Dec 05 1989Reloading -- Equipment manufacturers (not components)
2898.078AKOV68::ANDERSSONWed Dec 06 1989Defend your property and you're a criminal!!
2900.019ROYALT::BRITTWed Dec 06 1989Carry Gun in R V ?
2906.03SENIOR::MITCHELLFri Dec 08 1989Help with Appraisal
2907.044FOOZLE::VALLIERESFri Dec 08 1989New Firearms Management Conference Announced
2911.011EBBVWed Dec 13 1989NPR Part 2
2912.06MITCH::PERLITCHWed Dec 13 1989Restoring Old Guns
2914.06SA1794::CHARBONNDWed Dec 13 1989Taurus company name ?
2926.027ITAMKT::SIMINOTue Dec 19 1989Maximum Loads for 44M
2934.010WRK4ME::LUNDFri Dec 22 1989Question on TC Blackpowder
2945.02SA1794::CHARBONNDFri Dec 29 1989S&W model numbers
2950.0211LEDS::HORSEYFri Dec 29 1989highpower rifle competition
2953.020FIEVEL::FILGATETue Jan 02 1990How short can a rifle barrel be?
2959.02STRATA::BINGThu Jan 04 1990Firearm depreciation/appreciation
2963.04IOENG::TESTAGROSSAThu Jan 04 19907
2968.03WOOF::GREENWALDSun Jan 07 1990WWII Pistol Info Needed
2970.03MAIL::HENSONMon Jan 08 1990Keeping your powder dry
2978.08SYORPD::DEEPWed Jan 10 1990S&W Model 41 History Note
2979.02MILPND::DACOSTAWed Jan 10 1990Restoring Browning Auto-5 shotgun.
2986.06COOKIE::BERENSONFri Jan 12 1990Communicating with the outside world
2988.015ANOVAX::JWHITESat Jan 13 1990Mauser 98/.264 mag re-barreling?
2993.06MAIL::HENSONTue Jan 16 1990Dummy Military Training Rifles
2994.016PEAKS::OAKEYTue Jan 16 1990IPSC Club Finder
2995.015KIER::KIERTue Jan 16 1990Scanned NRA logo available?
2996.013MADMXX::PELTONENTue Jan 16 1990WW 231 loads
3003.012MCIS5::ENSLEYFri Jan 19 19901864 Springfield
3006.049CSMADM::PAPPALARDOFri Jan 19 1990The Official 3
3016.016NWDMon Jan 22 1990Reloading - Ballistics
3023.011GWEN::BARBERTue Jan 23 1990Firearm cane
3025.09GUNNER::TOWLEWed Jan 24 1990Gunsmith WARNING on Springfeild Armory 45ACP
3034.04CNTROL::PINHOTue Jan 30 1990Grips for Ruger Mk.II
3035.02MAMIE::DOLLTue Jan 30 1990SWISS VETTERLI 1
3037.017ISLNDS::ROBERTSTue Jan 30 1990NRA's Whittington Center
3042.09--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 31 1990Pistol Rugs
3045.012LEAF::HELMREICHWed Jan 31 1990.22 now, what next?
3046.017DEPOT::CABRALWed Jan 31 1990Any big bore reloaders out there?
3053.04WOOF::GREENWALDMon Feb 05 1990Info wanted on Star M3
3054.0477SYSENG::BITTLEMon Feb 05 1990A.W.A.R.E.
3063.02DISCVR::FERRAROTue Feb 06 1990Reloading the .17 Remmington
3065.02127748::MILLSWed Feb 07 1990stock refinishing
3066.012MPGS::MCCLUREWed Feb 07 1990identify strange brass?
3069.0+159BRABAM::PHILPOTTFri Feb 09 1990Ruger and gun control
3078.054ROULET::BINGTue Feb 13 1990bullets that penetrate vests?
3081.03HEFTY::CHARBONNDTue Feb 13 1990SA M1-A grades - best choice ?
3090.058COOKIE::BERENSONThu Feb 15 1990Neal Knox Reports
3097.018COOKIE::BERENSONMon Feb 19 1990California Legislation
3112.019LOOP::SENNFri Feb 23 1990Load wanted for 3
3118.03LILAC::ZORESun Feb 25 1990How to attach a bayonet lug to a musket
3120.010CHOLLA::MARTYMon Feb 26 1990Astra A-9
3121.07SYSENG::MCGRATHMon Feb 26 1990Gunclub Insurance Cost?
3122.067SA1794::CHARBONNDWed Feb 28 1990.4
3126.05LOOP::SENNWed Feb 28 1990New sizing dies
3138.03WORDY::HELMREICHSat Mar 03 1990Dry-fire a .45?
3150.05DECALP::HOHWYWed Mar 07 1990Help Needed for Exporting Brass and Bullets.
3151.011DECALP::HOHWYWed Mar 07 1990Custom shop wanted.
3154.01VELVET::CAMELIOWed Mar 07 1990XM-15 (SENDRA)problem
3155.07LILAC::ZOREThu Mar 08 1990Gun shops for black powder shooters
3156.09AKO472::BRAYThu Mar 08 1990Help w/ Woolf Spring Kit
3158.04WJOUSM::MAZEROLLEFri Mar 09 1990T/C Renegade Question ?
3168.012SA1794::LIVETue Mar 13 1990Colt Anaconda 44 Magnum
3170.0100COOKIE::BERENSONTue Mar 13 1990New Jersy Going Down the Toilet
3173.010ISLNDS::GARYWed Mar 14 1990Gunsmithing, how to get started, etc.
3176.023CASPRO::FLOODThu Mar 15 1990Shooting Glasses - prescription style
3200.016MADMXX::PELTONENFri Mar 23 1990Building an outdoor backstop
3201.07DECALP::HOHWYSat Mar 24 1990Storage of propellant.
3216.0+70COMET::JOHNSTONThu Mar 29 1990T/C Contender-Ques/Ans/Opin/etc.
3221.09LILAC::ZOREFri Mar 30 1990New gauge measures distance to lands&groves
3227.012HERON::GASCOIGNEMon Apr 02 1990SAFETY _ what would you have done ?
3229.09DECALP::HOHWYMon Apr 02 1990Zeiss and Schmidt+Bender supplier.
3232.010CXCAD::COLECCHITue Apr 03 1990IMR4198 for 3
3242.023RANGER::WASSERFri Apr 06 1990Semi-auto Ejection Problems
3247.07EUCLID::PETERSONMon Apr 09 1990Surplus Rifles-Are they worth it?
3258.041LCDR::REITERThu Apr 12 1990Who's Who List of Gun Control / Anti's in America
3263.064EUCLID::PETERSONFri Apr 13 1990PRO Gun people/organizations
3264.018MAIL::HENSONFri Apr 13 1990Shotguns - Remington vs. Winchester
3272.05DEPOT::CABRALTue Apr 17 1990help on recoil pad shaping
3276.08QUIVER::PICKETTWed Apr 18 1990MKII Government vs. Non-Government
3283.029COOKIE::WILKINSSun Apr 22 1990S&W 4
3284.010NZOVMon Apr 23 1990Identifying M16 variants?
3295.016WARIOR::SOBCZYNSKI_LTue May 01 1990Gun Wrap Paper Advice needed
3299.010LILAC::ZOREWed May 02 1990All about competition dies.
3305.010CASPRO::COLARUSSOFri May 04 1990Winchester Model 1
3332.012DECALP::HOHWYWed Apr 11 1990More women shooters needed.
3335.023DCL::NANCYBSun May 20 1990Gun Show Safety
3343.022YUPPY::MEADOWSWed May 23 1990Advice on S&W mod 686
3350.04SENIOR::VANOFri May 25 1990Walther, Pardini, or Hammerli target pistols
3352.09DECWET::PALMERMon May 28 1990Nickel plated vs unplated
3360.07LEDS::HORSEYFri Jun 01 1990.38 S&W / .38 Colt New Police
3370.04RECAP::READFTue Jun 05 1990What about windage?
3380.03KNGBUD::SIREENThu Jun 07 1990FFL Collectors License Help
3381.09GLDOA::MADISONSun Jun 10 1990Need recommendation for O/U shotgun
3395.03LILAC::ZOREThu Jun 14 1990Turning your case necks down
3399.07HYSTER::MINUTIThu Jun 14 1990Buying/owning a BB gun in DUKE-LAND?
3409.09SQM::ROYWed Jun 20 1990SAVAGE model -1899Info wanted
3429.013DECALP::HOHWYTue Jun 26 1990Shoot High Primer => Excessive pressure ?
3430.05SALEM::TOWLE_CWed Jun 27 1990New Guns introduction note
3439.07SQM::ROYThu Jun 28 1990?Stock/polish?
3449.06ABACUS::ALLENFri Jul 06 1990Full Metal Jacket question
3450.07STAR::NORCOTTFri Jul 06 1990Colt Double Eagle double action .45 pistol
3456.040DECALP::HOHWYMon Jul 09 199022 LR Bolt-Action Info Wanted.
3457.05HYEND::POPIENIUCKMon Jul 09 1990Help wanted on misfiring Marlin .22 Mod. 6
3462.0+65LEDS::HORSEYWed Jul 11 1990Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54R rifles.
3463.03STAR::NORCOTTThu Jul 12 19909MM carbines?
3466.04MCIS5::ENSLEYThu Jul 12 1990Japanese 7.7
3468.06JUPITR::HILDEBRANTFri Jul 13 1990Black Powder Cleanup
3475.05PHLACT::QUINNTue Jul 17 1990Swords vs. guns
3477.016COOKIE::BERENSONTue Jul 17 1990Another manufacturer does something somewhat ANTI - Mossberg
3480.08CURIE::MARINOWed Jul 18 1990Need info on shotgun choke tubes
3488.016STAR::NORCOTTThu Jul 19 1990Boycotts of AMERICAN manufacturers
3490.015DNEAST::MAHANEY_MIKEFri Jul 20 1990Win. or Weatherby
3496.01AOXOA::STANLEYMon Jul 23 1990Re-ratification of the Bill of Rights
3500.02DECALP::HOHWYTue Jul 24 1990Cartridge Expansion Ratio ?
3505.08MPGS::HAMBURGERWed Jul 25 1990Powder measures/throwers ???
3506.05OASS::SOBCZYNSKI_LWed Jul 25 1990Sighting In a rifle
3507.04BAGELS::WILLIAMSWed Jul 25 1990Concealability?
3515.03DNEAST::MAHANEY_MIKETue Jul 31 1990Winchester Recall
3521.07FULCRM::PICKETTWed Aug 01 1990PostScript Targets available
3527.09LILAC::ZOREThu Aug 02 1990The NRA TV Network
3530.0+20BOSTON::HICKSThu Aug 02 1990Glass bedding & free-floating?
3541.011JURAN::GULDNERTue Aug 07 1990Gun Show Stupidity
3547.06FULCRM::PICKETTWed Aug 08 1990Fake AR-15?
3549.024WORDY::HELMREICHThu Aug 09 1990Interstate move....
3552.013CNTROL::PINHOThu Aug 09 1990Latest FIREARMS Statistics
3556.09SA1794::TENEROWICZTTue Aug 14 1990Tauras,Ruger P85 or Smith
3567.08AIMTEC::SOBCZYNSKI_LSun Aug 19 1990Shakiest Shooter in the South?
3571.019EUCLID::PETERSONMon Aug 20 1990What is your club like?
3577.023WAHOO::LEVESQUEWed Aug 22 1990Opinions on Remington 74
3582.08MAMIE::CHENThu Aug 23 1990A "free" gift?
3594.014AUSTIN::CULPTue Aug 28 1990Taurus 9 shot revolver (Taurus 96/96)
3596.020CSOA1::CONNERThu Aug 30 1990.357 Python or Dan Wesson?
3603.013COOKIE::BERENSONMon Sep 03 1990Firearms Coalition of Colorado
3604.04FULCRM::PICKETTTue Sep 04 1990Comp mods for the MkII Gov.
3611.05AIMTEC::SOBCZYNSKI_LWed Sep 05 1990Bullet Weight
3612.0+78RECAP::READFWed Sep 05 1990.3
3614.08LILAC::ZOREThu Sep 06 1990Japan
3622.07USRCV1::DEEPRMon Sep 10 1990Visitors Pistol Permit in CA?
3633.011ITAMKT::SIMINOMon Sep 17 199046
3640.07FLYSQD::NIEMIWed Sep 19 1990REMINGTON .223
3641.017ATPS::MILLERWed Sep 19 19903
3663.012CHRLIE::HUSTONWed Sep 26 1990Opening up a shotgun choke
3668.012DCL::NANCYBThu Sep 27 1990Arthritis & (which) firearms (?)
3673.05EUCLID::PETERSONFri Sep 28 1990Daisy bolt action advice
3674.06REGENT::PATTENDENFri Sep 28 1990Pistol Permit Service
3678.03SALEM::LAMPASSITue Oct 02 1990Info on Cech shotguns
3682.012WILARD::EGANTue Oct 02 1990High Capacity Mags for the GLOCK
3689.041HUB::READFWed Oct 03 1990Primer Problem
3696.09LILAC::ZOREFri Oct 05 1990Hollywood Personalities and guns
3697.04STAR::QUODLINGFri Oct 05 1990replicas of handguns.
3720.07BTOVT::RIVERS_DThu Oct 11 19902
3731.015COMET::ALBERTUSMon Nov 05 1990making your own handgun
3732.025LILAC::ZOREMon Oct 15 1990Interesting ideas for gun designers to consider
3736.010KNGBUD::SIREENTue Oct 16 1990? for Class III FFL Holders
3737.02CSC32::R_RHODESTue Oct 16 1990TZ75 magazines
3738.02MISERY::CORTOPASS_DAMon Mar 11 1991TZ & CZ 9mm?
3739.02FSTVAX::OTOOLEWed Oct 17 1990mossberg 835? comments?
3749.04SEDSWS::BARNARDFri Oct 19 1990What's Buck and Bird shot?
3753.04MLCSSE::AMORELLIMon Oct 22 1990What should I write ?
3761.028WAHOO::LEVESQUEWed Oct 24 1990Black Powder Rifle Accuracy
3763.015CAM::HESSWed Oct 24 1990Gun choice for Sporting Clays?
3773.099CURIE::SLIEKERFri Oct 26 1990.3
3778.07BPOVTue Oct 30 1990Backboring and forcing cones
3786.02DNEAST::HASSAM_JOHNWed Oct 31 1990trajectory and zero,question
3787.013BRABAM::PHILPOTTThu Nov 01 1990Self stabilised optical images...
3788.035USA1::OUELLETTEThu Nov 01 1990Trajectory Physics
3789.032SALEM::TOWLE_CFri Nov 02 1990So which one would you choose ???
3792.05JAWS::ENSLEYSun Nov 04 1990Rubber bullets
3802.05HAVOC::TATEWed Nov 07 1990Electronic Sights
3803.032COMET::ALBERTUSWed Nov 07 19902
3809.0+22BTOVT::MASKELL_RFri Nov 09 19903
3811.036ANOVAX::JWHITESat Nov 10 1990Semi-Auto Compensators
3813.08SALEM::TOWLE_CThu Nov 15 1990Digital and firearms
3816.01MPGS::GIFFORDMon Nov 12 1990Homemade stocks
3819.017AKOFIN::ANDERSSONWed Nov 14 199022 mag - needed or not?
3821.05ALLVAX::BRANDENBERGWed Nov 14 1990The WEBLEY Note
3838.011JAWS::ENSLEYThu Nov 22 1990Rifles/bayonet "training"
3841.030JUPITR::FERRAROMon Nov 26 1990Squib Loads
3873.03PHDVAX::WINIGRADTue Dec 11 1990Cleaning w/Slotted Tips
3881.07KNGBUD::LAFOSSEThu Dec 13 1990BAUSKA BBK-
3887.013SONATA::KENEFICKTue Dec 18 1990O/U: Browning, Weatherby or Beretta?
3891.06QUASER::JOHNSTONWed Dec 19 1990Caliber 3
3899.04REGENT::PATTENDENWed Dec 26 1990Glock .4
3903.011BOSTON::HICKSThu Dec 27 1990Handgun Hunting with an AUTOLOADER???
3907.068ABACUS::BERKELEYFri Dec 28 1990Which small gun should I carry.
3908.025LILAC::ZORESat Dec 29 1990Remington Model 7
3909.032RUTLND::GAUVINWed Jan 02 1991First Impressions: S&W 1
3915.0+118COMET::MARTINThu Jan 03 1991Colorado Concealed Carry Permit
3919.031BEDAZL::BRASSARDSat Jan 05 1991Browning Hi-Power
3928.011COOKIE::BERENSONTue Jan 08 1991RKBA.* - Condensed Facts on RKBA
3930.01STRATA::WIINIKKATue Jan 08 1991Info on the Valmet 412S
3943.02BLITZN::HEAVN::READFTue Jan 15 1991Machine gun ban upheld
3945.06FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Jan 17 1991The Gunlist
3950.03LEDS::HORSEYMon Jan 21 1991Ruger Blackhawk .38-4
3953.060ODIXIE::DIGNANTue Jan 22 1991Info on Winchester
3961.03CSTEAM::BURSTALLSun Jan 27 1991Recommendation of the Calico
3962.07EEMELI::LINDSTROMMon Jan 28 1991Model 422 S&W
3964.03CSS::ARNDTMon Jan 28 1991Fitting 3
3967.015OASS::SOBCZYNSKI_LTue Jan 29 1991Nosler Ballistic -vs- Silvertip Boat Tail
3977.05ELWOOD::MONDOUMon Feb 04 1991Need ammo for F.N. 7mm rifle
3978.05KNGBUD::LAFOSSETue Feb 05 1991Exporting guns to Canada
3979.036PERFCT::ENSLEYTue Feb 05 1991Marines with AK47's? Also, sniper rifles
3984.017PEAKS::OAKEYFri Feb 08 1991Reloading - Die Setup
3988.06DECWET::PALMERMon Feb 11 1991Forcing cone to cylinder gap size?
3998.025OASS::SOBCZYNSKI_LTue Feb 19 1991Do Clean Up Rounds Work?
4000.015AMELIA::SEGALTue Feb 19 1991AIRGUN Recommendations Requested RE: Woodchucks
4010.05ITAMKT::SIMINOFri Feb 22 199146
4023.039COMET::ALBERTUSThu Feb 28 1991Backpacking/hiking pistol?
4040.011HYSTER::MINUTIWed Mar 06 1991Candia NH, Pistol Permit changes
4047.020WAHOO::LEVESQUEFri Mar 08 1991Accuracy
4074.021GLDOA::REITERMon Mar 18 1991Midbore Madness 1
4089.08PHDVAX::WINIGRADMon Mar 25 1991Remington 87
4094.05GRAFIK::BRASSARDTue Mar 26 1991Browning Hi-Power Magazine Safety Problem
4103.019ENOVAX::KULAFri Mar 29 1991Mossberg Home Security 41
4107.013OASS::SOBCZYNSKI_LTue Apr 02 1991Need accurate information on 2nd generation Colt
4119.05COOKIE::BERENSONThu Apr 04 1991Internet Access to Bills and other stuff
4122.0101--UnknownUser--Sat Apr 06 1991Glock talk spoken here
4123.012RYKO::NANCYBMon Apr 08 1991AWARE & the attacks against women in Cambridge
4127.011SPCTRM::BOTTCHERMon Apr 08 19919mm accuracy question
4138.08DECALP::HOHWYTue Apr 16 1991Marking cartridges - nail polish?
4139.09BOSTON::HICKSWed Apr 17 1991Remington ammo misfire, two questions
4143.02PHDVAX::WINIGRADWed Apr 17 1991Shotgun Hull Catchers
4144.05DECALP::HOHWYThu Apr 18 1991Cool loads for hot pursuit
4146.04DEPOT::CABRALFri Apr 19 1991questions on GI bullets CAL. .276
4148.032ELMAGO::CGRIEGOFri Apr 19 1991Savage 11
4154.04HEIDI::TATEMon Apr 22 1991need reccommendations for a 22 cal. lever action
4168.013BEDAZL::BRASSARDWed Apr 24 1991blue finish warranty/durability question
4169.07DECALP::HOHWYWed Apr 24 1991Implications of minimal SAAMI dimensions
4174.02DECALP::HOHWYThu Apr 25 1991Load and feed woes with Rem M7
4180.041IRWIN::OUELLETTEFri Apr 26 1991Carrying In Public
4182.049COOKIE::BERENSONFri Apr 26 1991Re-Birth of the NRA
4183.010COMET::ALBERTUSSat Apr 27 1991dragon's breath 12 gauge shell
4184.016DECWET::PENNEYSat Apr 27 1991Armalite AR7 info needed...
4186.012RUTLND::FIELDTue Apr 30 1991request for blown up firearms
4193.0+210COOKIE::BERENSONTue Apr 30 1991Pro-Gun Media Coverage
4195.07ROULET::BINGWed May 01 1991Rem. model 11 and Stevens "Scout"
4202.015HIDELB::WFIELDFri May 03 1991Checking Headspace
4211.010CSC32::J_HENSONWed May 08 1991Rebarreling from 3
4230.0+30CSC32::J_HENSONMon May 20 1991Cleaning solvents and/or supplies
4236.05PINION::GONZALEZTue May 21 1991need ladies/youth shotgun ??
4248.04CXCAD::COLECCHIWed May 29 1991twist vs pressure?
4254.010PERFCT::ENSLEYMon Jun 03 1991WWII semi-automatic rifles
4263.08TLE::STERNFri Jun 07 1991Leaving magazine loaded?
4264.05PIPPER::ROBERTSFri Jun 07 1991Peregrine Industries (the Bren Ten Lives)
4266.08PERFCT::ENSLEYSun Jun 09 1991WWII firearms issuance?
4281.07DCL::NANCYBMon Jun 17 1991Design the ideal gun club
4283.09BEDAZL::BRASSARDMon Jun 17 1991Acid hands finds cheap easy blueing product!
4286.018LEDS::HORSEYTue Jun 18 1991Iron sights of all types.
4292.016QUIVER::PICKETTThu Jun 20 1991Mauser 98 questions
4295.010ECAD2::CANFIELDWed Jun 26 1991Mountain Bike Biathlon (Bike and Shoot)
4302.08HURON::MYERSThu Jun 27 1991Ruger Mark2 vs. Browning Buckmark
4304.05SHIPS::MERRETT_GFri Jun 28 1991night-sight bino's
4316.012BURGIS::BURGISMon Jul 08 1991Youth Rifle
4328.07WLDWST::BROGDENFri Jul 12 1991Walther PPKS pistol
4340.026DECIDE::WINDLEThu Jul 18 1991.3
4359.04EMDS::PETERSONThu Jul 25 1991State Militias
4361.051GSMOKE::GCHARBONNEAUSat Jul 27 1991UPS and firearm delivery
4365.010HABELL::STERLINGMon Jul 29 1991Rhode Island Gun Laws
4370.021LUPO::SIMINOWed Jul 31 1991WEAPON RECOIL: Big Bores and how to compute it
4383.08TLE::STERNMon Aug 05 1991FBI recalls S&W 1
4384.068COOKIE::BERENSONMon Aug 05 1991First Deer Rifle (for an adult)
4389.0+16SALEM::MACGREGORTue Aug 06 1991Some reloading questions
4392.02CSC32::J_HENSONWed Aug 07 1991Rem. 7
4394.023CSC32::J_HENSONFri Aug 09 1991RCBS - they're nice people
4412.086DECWET::PENNEYMon Aug 19 1991SKS Carbine question
4424.025OASS::SOBCZYNSKI_LFri Aug 23 1991How does the bullet arc?
4426.02MURPHY::PAPPALARDOFri Aug 23 1991Samuel Colt (A bit of History)
4440.015NEST::CURRYFri Aug 30 1991Ivanhoe's??
4445.05DOGGIE::WYOUNGTue Sep 03 1991glock 17 problem
4467.018OASS::SOBCZYNSKI_LTue Sep 10 1991Are Rugers Disposables like lighters??
4491.08EXPRES::AUBUCHONTMon Sep 23 19916MM Mauser
4493.06LEDS::HORSEYMon Sep 23 1991Revolvers and Cast Bullets.
4494.03WEDOIT::1FAITH::COXMon Sep 23 1991Question on regs for transfer of M1 as gift
4501.06BTOVT::MASKELL_RTue Sep 24 1991Damascus steel shotgun
4510.019OTOOA::BROOKSTue Oct 01 1991Advice needed on sabot slug barrels.
4514.017LUPO::SIMINOTue Oct 01 1991Delta Elite or S&W 1
4519.05COMET::ALBERTUSThu Oct 03 1991.3
4542.014MCIS5::ENSLEYMon Oct 14 1991WWII bomber machine guns
4555.032SMURF::CRAIGFri Oct 18 1991Pro-Gun Laws -- They Work! (RKBA)
4571.010HURON::MYERSSun Oct 27 1991Advice needed: Autoloader vs. Revolver?
4580.013HURON::MYERSTue Oct 29 1991Different Smith and Wesson frames?
4582.027WEDOIT::1FAITH::COXWed Oct 30 1991MA Law ?: FID vs License to Carry
4586.031LANDO::SIEMINSKIWed Oct 30 1991NY to MA Purchase?
4587.04FLOWER::HILDEBRANTThu Oct 31 1991Ithaca Shotgun Info Needed
4598.08BTOVT::BARCOMBTue Nov 05 1991Which shotgun? upland birds and ducks
4610.033PHLACT::QUINNSun Nov 10 1991The Lady needs a gun.
4616.02SA1794::EGANRWed Nov 13 1991Drill the Rivet = 5 -> 2
4620.05ELMAGO::MKEPSELWed Nov 13 1991HellFire trigger actuator
4621.028DPDMAI::JOHNSTONThu Nov 14 1991Is "Anything" Better Than "Nothing"?
4623.010SWSCHZ::MATEJCEKFri Nov 15 1991Editorial comment on advertising here
4630.034CSOA1::CONNERMon Nov 18 1991Taurus .357 669/689
4633.01438AUTO::LILAKThu Nov 21 1991The Glock Sport Shooting Foundation
4637.03SSDEVO::SHUEYWed Nov 27 1991Safari Arms?
4641.013ICS::SHERMANSun Dec 01 1991common pistol/rifle calibers?
4642.05ICS::SHERMANMon Dec 02 1991changing barrels
4647.023CSC32::P_HIROSSTue Dec 03 1991Ruger 77R vs 77MII barrel lengths??
4650.0LUDWIG::SADINTue Dec 03 1991SAAMI incompatible ammunition list
4652.095TLE::STERNWed Dec 04 1991TV & Movie Errors
4654.032DPDMAI::JOHNSTONThu Dec 05 1991AR15 Questions
4657.01HOTWTR::MURPHYROMon Dec 09 1991Nat. Reloaders Mfg. Assoc.
4659.05CSC32::J_HENSONTue Dec 10 1991Winchester Poster
4660.08--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 10 1991Enfield .3
4665.011LUDWIG::SADINWed Dec 11 1991.44special Glaser Safety Slugs????
4669.04JUPITR::BERARDThu Dec 12 1991shotgun finishes - parkerizing?
4670.05BUFFER::KEYESFri Dec 13 1991Gun Bluing Question/s.
4671.019FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Dec 13 1991Model number for this S & W
4672.025ASABET::POMEROYFri Dec 13 1991RUGER 357 info needed
4678.01DPDMAI::JOHNSTONMon Dec 16 1991Small Arms of the World
4682.014TODD::WARNOCKTue Dec 17 1991Does a blank loaded gun require a permit ?
4694.014HOTWTR::MURPHYROFri Dec 20 1991REM XP1
4697.010TODD::WARNOCKWed Dec 25 1991Lever action shotgun ?
4700.05STAR::BUDAFri Dec 27 1991Need help in tearing down Smith & Wesson model 459 handgun
4701.012COOKIE::BERENSONSat Dec 28 1991Colt All American Model 2
4704.07BUFFER::KEYESMon Dec 30 1991Help getting 28ga Slugs.
4708.06REGENT::PATTENDENTue Dec 31 1991Gun safety device
4713.02TODD::WARNOCKThu Jan 02 1992Anschutz .22LR
4714.01CXCAD::COLECCHIFri Jan 03 1992Millett sights
4715.02JURAN::GULDNERFri Jan 03 1992M1 Carbine Rewelds
4719.022LUDWIG::SADINTue Jan 07 1992Help! Need .22lr take down survival rifle...
4729.04DECALP::HOHWYThu Jan 09 1992Muzzle velocity vs barrel length
4734.03MR4DEC::CAINMon Jan 13 19921935 Polish Mosin-Nagant
4740.016SA1794::CHARBONNDTue Jan 14 1992Official 7mm-
4742.017SA1794::EGANRTue Jan 14 1992Exploding Targets
4744.06DPDMAI::SIMMONSTue Jan 14 1992Machineguns in Atlanta?
4746.027TODD::WARNOCKWed Jan 15 1992CAP-STUN (OC)
4751.015CSC32::R_RHODESFri Jan 17 1992relic .45?
4756.027MCIS5::PAPPALARDOMon Jan 20 1992Which deer shotgun?
4759.06ECAD2::SCHOENFELDTue Jan 21 1992Comments on Colt Dectective Spc.
4760.024DPDMAI::FEINSMITHTue Jan 21 1992State by State Gun Law outline
4767.012LUPO::SIMINOThu Jan 23 1992SUPERGUNS: 7
4771.012CVG::THOMPSONTue Jan 28 1992Shooting Gloves
4780.015CSC32::G_ROBERTSThu Jan 30 1992Barrel shortening
4783.011SOLVIT::ALLEN_RSat Feb 01 1992Colt's new Sporter
4787.013SWSCHZ::MATEJCEKMon Feb 03 1992Hansen ammo?
4792.017GIAMEM::J_AMBERSONThu Feb 06 1992Remington POS
4793.08CSC32::J_HENSONThu Feb 06 19927 mm magnum loading data
4804.010TUNER::DINATALEWed Feb 12 1992AR-15 .223 to .22 conversion kit info
4807.04LJOHUB::STERNFri Feb 14 1992Secret Service Browning 9mm
4812.018BAHTAT::OGDEN_KMon Feb 17 1992Which 243
4816.017CSOA1::CONNERMon Feb 17 199222 lever/bolt & 22S,L,LR ammo
4821.025DELNI::MCGORRILLTue Feb 18 1992SP1
4827.011TODD::WARNOCKThu Feb 20 1992Bill of Sale ?
4830.026GUCCI::SANTSCHIThu Feb 20 1992looking for Maryland FFL
4831.018EMIRFI::SEGALFri Feb 21 1992AK 47 WARNING!
4842.014VNABRW::HERRMANN_CThu Feb 27 1992Austria
4843.07FINALY::SEATSDBFri Feb 28 199222
4846.015NEWVAX::PENNINGTONMon Mar 02 1992Marlin 444?
4849.012DECWET::PALMERTue Mar 03 1992removing stuck bullets from rifle bores?
4857.013CSCOA1::HENDERSON_JThu Mar 05 1992Is Charter Gone???
4859.07TODD::WARNOCKThu Mar 05 1992Speciality Bullets
4863.011SNAKKE::HAMILTONMon Mar 09 1992Ayoob: Should Women Have Guns for Self-Defense?
4868.06BIGSOW::WILLIAMSTue Mar 10 1992Chromed Barrels?
4871.065COOKIE::KITTELLWed Mar 11 1992What's a dum dum?
4879.02NEST::BARBERTue Mar 17 1992Ramline hi-tec 22 pistol
4886.020OXNARD::CHURCHFri Mar 20 1992How much are guns *worth*?
4890.01GH54::HAMBURGERMon Mar 23 1992Problem with 9MM military brass
4895.07LJOHUB::STERNWed Mar 25 1992Western-stysle SA revolver?
4901.021DPDMAI::SIFTARMon Mar 30 1992Surplus .3
4903.04SWSCHZ::MATEJCEKTue Mar 31 1992Single & double action revolver mechanics
4912.013FENNEL::MAURERThu Apr 02 1992Pin Shoots, bullets, loads, etc.
4913.012CXCAD::COLECCHIFri Apr 03 1992When should old brass be discarded?
4918.07TODD::WARNOCKMon Apr 06 1992Size chart for percussion caps ?
4926.013MIMS::HENDERSON_JThu Apr 09 1992FFLs
4928.02GUCCI::SANTSCHIFri Apr 10 1992VA, DC, and MD Topic
4929.01FLYSQD::NIEMIFri Apr 10 1992Info on Spencer carbine wanted
4933.04REDHWK::FULTONMon Apr 13 1992.475 Linebaugh Revolver vs. Magna-Porting
4943.01DPDMAI::JOHNSTONTue Apr 21 1992Information wanted on Savage 24V Series D rifle
4945.05SWSCHZ::MATEJCEKTue Apr 21 1992.3
4947.08TODD::WARNOCKTue Apr 21 1992Shotgun Speedloader
4948.04NEST::CURRYWed Apr 22 199212 Gauge Nonlethals?
4950.06KYOA::POELKERWed Apr 22 1992Skeet in CXO area?
4957.015POBOX::KOCHTue Apr 28 1992Double Eagle discontinued?
4958.031FENNEL::MAURERTue Apr 28 1992Headstamp directory ?
4959.03--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 29 1992Glock pistol improvement program
4961.010FUTURA::MCNULTYFri May 01 1992High-capacity M1 Carbine mags wanted
4963.012PARITY::RZASASat May 02 1992Wilson/Rogers Mags junk?
4966.04OXNARD::CHURCHMon May 04 1992Millett Bar-dot-bar review.
4967.03MIMS::HENDERSON_JTue May 05 1992ROSSI revolvers
4975.07CSC32::J_HENSONWed May 06 1992MV - actual vs. published
4977.01DECWET::PALMERThu May 07 1992steel bullet jackets
4984.01MORLEY::OGDENThu May 14 1992Musgrave questions
4991.04DECALP::HOHWYWed May 20 1992Win M7
4992.07EEMELI::SALMINENWed May 20 1992Flechette rounds
4993.02DELNI::MCGORRILLThu May 21 1992<All new .44 Bulldog, (in .45)
4997.08OXNARD::CHURCHTue May 26 1992Winchester Featherweight Classic
4998.013SSDEVO::FISHWed May 27 1992bite the bullet?
5000.09POBOX::KOCHThu May 28 1992Pointer to BBS's?
5002.06MIMS::HENDERSON_JThu May 28 1992P9
5006.01DECWET::PALMERMon Jun 01 1992FMJ bullets in 7mm and 8mm ??
5007.014BAHTAT::OGDEN_KTue Jun 02 1992Lee factory crimp
5021.05COMET::MACHADOTue Jun 09 1992Firearm related videos
5022.01RANGER::ALFA::DURSOWed Jun 10 1992Reload Recipe for Beretta 38
5049.022FENNEL::MAURERThu Jun 18 1992NRA and Shareholder Action
5051.07REGENT::BENDELFri Jun 19 199222 blank pistol (firearm or not ??)
5053.05CSC32::ZECCHITELLASun Jun 21 19929mm carbine?
5056.016BOSTON::HICKSTue Jun 23 1992Barrel length - pistol vs. revolver
5062.07VFOVAX::STULLWed Jun 24 1992CZ-85
5064.01DUSTY::BRADFri Jun 26 1992SA Firecat Problem.
5070.044DUSTY::BRADMon Jun 29 1992Revolver 1 : Autoloader ?
5071.03STAR::BUDATue Jun 30 1992Speed loader for rifle magazines!
5075.021LJOHUB::SECURITYThu Jul 02 1992SA vs DA vs DAO
5078.06GUMBAH::DAWSONThu Jul 02 1992Mauser 1893 info needed
5079.08DECWET::PALMERFri Jul 03 1992FN 49 rifle
5085.033COOKIE::BERENSONTue Jul 07 1992Handgun Ban
5086.015DELNI::MCGORRILLWed Jul 08 1992SP-1
5087.09LUDWIG::SADINWed Jul 08 1992Virgina instant check is rolling....
5090.019MR4DEC::ROCHELEAUWed Jul 08 1992Looking for Pistol Reloading Equip
5092.01LJOHUB::SECURITYThu Jul 09 1992Info on Wyoming Arms.
5099.016SALEM::MACGREGORMon Jul 13 1992Case length of rifle cartridges
5103.012TROOA::DPURDIEWed Jul 15 1992SAKO rifles
5105.032LJOHUB::SECURITYThu Jul 16 1992Ideas for a new handgun.
5107.07UNYEM::HAYESTThu Jul 16 1992Eddystone ??????!!!!
5109.07BAHTAT::OGDEN_KThu Jul 16 1992Tetra Gun
5116.044AMCCXN::BERGHFri Jul 17 1992Advice for beginner
5117.02WRKSYS::WALTHALLMon Jul 20 1992Help on S&W 622 Adjustable sight.
5121.03WEPUBS::HELMREICHTue Jul 21 1992The checkering note..
5122.016LJOHUB::STERNTue Jul 21 1992Comp vs. Muzzle brake?
5123.053POBOX::GASCOIGNE_RTue Jul 21 1992"Other" reloading questions
5128.09COOKIE::BERENSONThu Jul 23 1992NRA/Mail Order Firms
5131.06LJOHUB::STERNMon Jul 27 1992Open vs Closed bolt, et al.
5136.07--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 27 1992Collecting Military Memorabilia
5142.01MELKOR::DEWISThu Jul 30 1992Doglock musket
5143.014SENIOR::VANOFri Jul 31 1992Opinions on Trap Guns Needed
5146.04DECWET::PALMERFri Jul 31 199211mm Mauser and 71-84 rifle?
5150.03POBOX::GASCOIGNE_RMon Aug 03 1992How much is .22 Bolt action rifle worth ?
5153.012JUPITR::HILDEBRANTTue Aug 04 1992Wanted ....3
5154.032DECALP::HOHWYTue Aug 04 1992Caliber .416 - and other big bores.
5157.016MCIS2::ENSLEYWed Aug 05 1992.38 vs .38-special
5164.036YNGSTR::MARSDENThu Aug 06 1992.38s in a .357 & .32 W. Mag Questions
5166.014TODD::WARNOCKSun Aug 09 1992AR-15 for lefties - watch out !
5171.079VMSDEV::HAMMONDMon Aug 10 1992What is Clinton's position on RKBA?
5175.036DELNI::MCGORRILLMon Aug 10 1992lady, needs a Smith?
5185.02LUDWIG::SADINThu Aug 13 1992Starfire ballistic data
5193.05TODD::WARNOCKMon Aug 17 1992SP89 Front Grip
5195.022PBST::K_TICETue Aug 18 1992Convert Colt .45 ACP to .4
5196.06CSOA1::VANDENBARKTue Aug 18 1992Flintlock Muzzleloader?
5197.06LUDWIG::SADINTue Aug 18 1992Ladysmith .357mag specs
5199.011BAHTAT::OGDEN_KThu Aug 20 1992S&W 617
5201.011DPDMAI::JOHNSTONMon Aug 24 1992A Better Mousetrap?
5203.01CSC32::G_ROBERTSMon Aug 24 1992Rem 7
5204.027TEMPE::GREENGARDMon Aug 24 1992need target 9mm
5210.04GCHASE::GCHASETue Aug 25 1992HANGFIRE!!! HELP!!!
5214.011TROOA::GRAYSONWed Aug 26 1992Software for Shooters
5215.026DELNI::PASCHALThu Aug 27 1992Sig P228 Problems
5218.022DELNI::PASCHALMon Aug 31 1992Where can I get .....?
5222.09--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 01 1992Norinco 7.62 Pistol
5223.015MISERY::CORTOPASS_DATue Sep 01 1992Berretta 85F
5225.05COOKIE::BERENSONWed Sep 02 1992Legitimate Strawman Case?
5226.04FDCVWed Sep 02 1992Help needed .22 cal target revolver
5227.05SALEM::MACGREGORThu Sep 03 1992.243 Winchester Magnum?
5229.01CXCAD::COLECCHIFri Sep 04 1992How to mount scope?
5232.025VMSNET::RRICKFri Sep 04 1992Tear gas in a safe?
5233.011COOKIE::BERENSONMon Sep 07 1992S. 2913 Handgun Ban
5234.010COOKIE::BERENSONMon Sep 07 1992Accident Statistics (by state)
5239.02VAXRIO::RICARDOWed Sep 09 1992BRAZIL
5242.011SUBWAY::SCANLANFri Sep 11 1992help for a novice looking for a .44 Mag wheel gun
5244.029NEST::GREENLAWMon Sep 14 1992is there room in here for some humor?
5246.047SUSHI::KMACDONALDTue Sep 15 1992Derringers and hideout guns....base note
5249.014AIMHI::COLLETONWed Sep 16 1992quest? gun law.
5251.013FSOA::HAMILTONThu Sep 17 1992Any Bear Hunters/Cooks?
5252.0129LJOHUB::BOTTCHERThu Sep 17 1992 SKS INFO
5261.01LJOHUB::BOTTCHERMon Sep 21 1992 re-issued sks ???????????
5266.04CPDW::ROSCHTue Sep 22 1992Flintlock flint lock?
5268.024BEDAZL::LEGERWed Sep 23 1992Browning/FN BAR questions
5270.09GUCCI::SANTSCHIThu Sep 24 1992some more questions on p23
5271.02LJOHUB::SECURITYFri Sep 25 1992Supervel .44 Mag
5278.031LUDWIG::SADINMon Sep 28 1992Winchester "Black Talon" ammo specs...
5285.04SALEM::PAPPALARDOWed Sep 30 1992Winchester's Future, and Visions ....
5295.035BEDAZL::LEGERWed Oct 07 1992List of Pro/Anti RKBA cos., media, orgs., etc.
5298.032--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 08 1992Competition Bolt Guns
5304.023DELNI::PASCHALFri Oct 09 1992Deterrent Effect of Guns?
5308.010FENNEL::MAURERMon Oct 12 1992Recommendations on .22 rifle shortlist ?
5310.012CSC32::M_COOPERWed Oct 14 1992Help with a MOSS 5
5311.015OSLLAV::FSKBG_PThu Oct 15 1992Single-shot rifles ??
5312.07CSLALL::MFLAHERTYThu Oct 15 1992Need help on a research paper
5321.02JURAN::LUONGWed Oct 21 1992help find/want/need side holster for P228
5326.04VAXRIO::RICARDOFri Oct 23 1992Neeed info on WALTHER TPH
5335.018SPUDDS::MCKENZIEThu Oct 29 1992Modern SHARP shooter ...
5340.0ROYALT::MAYMon Nov 02 1992Help with Winchester M/12 pump shotgun
5342.043MSBCS::MCBRIDEMon Nov 02 1992Election day!!!
5343.075SLEKE::KNIGHTTue Nov 03 1992Looking for a 45
5344.017MILKWY::SMCCORMICKTue Nov 03 1992Info needed on 9mm pistol.
5349.018EMDS::MBELANGERWed Nov 04 1992looking for rifle range!!!Help
5350.03TOOK::SUISSE::RDHWed Nov 04 1992U.S. Senate Report on RKBA -- Reprints Now Available
5351.012DELNI::CULBERTWed Nov 04 1992M-16's
5353.014HAL9::gauvinThu Nov 05 1992Hollis or Brookline NH, PRO or ANTI
5355.06DECWET::PALMERThu Nov 05 1992WSJ: NRA election gains
5364.036CSC32::J_HENSONMon Nov 09 1992NRA and hunting?
5367.022LEDS::ACCIARDITue Nov 10 1992Beermugs don't kill people...
5368.017FENNEL::MAURERTue Nov 10 1992Gunstore business practices
5374.029LJOHUB::SECURITYFri Nov 13 1992Down with ATF!!!
5375.01TPWORM::BRYANTFri Nov 13 1992S&W 69
5376.048STAR::BUDAFri Nov 13 1992Dillon Increases Prices
5380.06DECALP::HOHWYWed Nov 18 1992Other countries - gun laws
5381.03SALEM::BOWEN_PWed Nov 18 199212ga Flare Gun - Need FID in MASS?
5382.027USCTR1::JHERNBERGWed Nov 18 1992Recent hunting fatality; any info. available?
5383.03--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 19 1992Holster Break-in
5389.0+12BEDAZL::LEGERMon Nov 23 1992Slings; Military and Other
5390.0--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 23 1992
5391.013TIS::HAMBURGERMon Nov 23 1992source for SNAP CAPS requested
5392.01GENRAL::WILSON_JTue Nov 24 1992AR15 upper/lower receivers, Sprgfld
5394.0+37RTPSWS::HICKSTue Nov 24 1992Reloading 7.62x39
5398.020CX3COM::SMITHThu Nov 26 1992Lady needs a hunting rifle
5399.09HAL9::gauvinMon Nov 30 1992Merrimack NH. - Pro or Anti ?
5400.023HAL9::gauvinTue Dec 01 1992Mass State Police turn down free Glocks
5402.013LANDO::SIEMINSKIWed Dec 02 1992S&W Model 39?
5404.03BTOVT::BURKE_KThu Dec 03 1992.3
5405.06LJOHUB::STERNThu Dec 03 1992Springfield viable? Falcon dead?
5408.06DPDMAI::SIFTARFri Dec 04 1992Any interest in SOCOM pistol??
5410.041EARRTH::ROBERTSTue Dec 08 1992NASHUA FISH & GAME...we need it
5412.09NOVA::BERENSONWed Dec 09 19921992 Charitable Contributions
5414.0+18--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 10 1992Wildcat heaven?
5415.0CXCAD::COLECCHIThu Dec 10 1992Anyone using SCOT powder for reloading?
5416.08GAUSS::BRANDENBERGThu Dec 10 1992Voere - Commercial Caseless Cartridge/Rifle
5417.05TEMPE::GREENGARDThu Dec 10 1992front sight for springfield
5419.05VMSNET::RRICKFri Dec 11 1992Set Triggers
5424.0DECWET::PALMERWed Dec 16 19928mm Kropatchek rifle
5428.06BEDAZL::LEGERSat Dec 19 1992BAR fed problems
5431.02RANGER::WASSERTue Dec 22 1992Massachusetts Laws
5435.016SALES::GKELLERMon Dec 28 1992MVP out of the firearms business...
5437.0+927VSSTEG::TOWLEThu Dec 31 1992Interesting articles repository available
5438.01MORO::MILOSEVIC_DAThu Dec 31 1992Who Is Skip Gordon?
5439.031LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Dec 31 1992No Justice in Massachusetts
5440.0TWEKE::KNIGHTMon Jan 04 1993Nashua FFL wanted
5441.04NOVA::BERENSONMon Jan 04 1993Less than 5
5442.06PHDVAX::WINIGRADMon Jan 04 1993Shotshell Hull Life
5444.04TEMPE::GREENGARDMon Jan 04 1993stripper clips?
5445.03SA1794::CHARBONNDTue Jan 05 1993Barnes X Bullet - basenote
5447.01CHRLIE::HUSTONTue Jan 05 1993Remington 742, gouges side of clip
5448.06GAUSS::BRANDENBERGTue Jan 05 1993Reloading info on .3
5449.03--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 05 1993Ruger Collectors Association
5450.030CSC32::J_HENSONWed Jan 06 19933 shots in 5.6 seconds?
5451.06--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 11 1993Pro Porting for Shotguns.
5452.061SSDEVO::38AUTO::LILAKMon Jan 11 19931993 Colorado Gun Legislation Note
5453.010NOVA::BERENSONMon Jan 11 1993Soldier of Fortune driven out of business
5454.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 12 1993Win 43, .218 Bee
5455.02KAYAK::GROSSOTue Jan 12 1993Pointer to Course Announcement please
5456.011CSC32::J_HENSONWed Jan 13 1993Imperial Magnums
5457.02RAGMOP::FALLETWed Jan 13 1993Phone bills support the RKBA
5458.08STUDIO::GMARINIThu Jan 14 1993Special Service Arms Manf Inc...Rifle/Shotgun combination
5459.0CXCAD::COLECCHIThu Jan 14 1993Gart Bros in CS co. bullet clearance
5460.08MISERY::CORTOPASS_DAMon Jan 18 1993Taurus 9mm
5461.02BIGSOW::WILLIAMSMon Jan 18 1993Federal Statutes and Regulations
5462.022DPDMAI::SIFTARTue Jan 19 1993Shot Show '93 report
5463.08SPECXN::K_TICETue Jan 19 1993Playboy magazine gun poll !
5465.0GAUSS::BRANDENBERGWed Jan 20 1993Szecsei Double Barrel Bolt Repeater
5466.045MKOTS1::DOLLFri Jan 22 1993The Official Media Firearms Stupidity Topic
5467.0BEDAZL::LEGERMon Jan 25 1993CZ 83
5468.012PHIGAM::CANFIELDMon Jan 25 1993GOAL (MASS) phone number
5469.02PHIGAM::CANFIELDMon Jan 25 1993good price for a CZ-75 copy (EXCAM-88?)
5470.04CVG::THOMPSONMon Jan 25 1993Gun Pictures - online!
5471.05CHIPS::LEIBRANDTMon Jan 25 1993Midway phone#...Gun Safes???
5472.0191SSDEVO::38AUTO::LILAKMon Jan 25 1993Conspiracy, anyone ?
5473.09STAR::BUDATue Jan 26 1993Upcoming Hearings for 1993 NH Laws
5474.026CXCAD::COLECCHIWed Jan 27 19939x18 Makarov
5475.020DELNI::PASCHALWed Jan 27 1993BOGUS Statistics
5476.0104SALEM::PAPPALARDOThu Jan 28 1993"Ultimate" Varmint Rifle/Caliber ???
5477.0SALEM::MACGREGORFri Jan 29 1993Pitman-Robertson Act
5478.04HPRDRV::SIMMONSFri Jan 29 1993Internet E-mail address for The Whitehouse
5479.04NOVA::ARNOLDTue Feb 02 1993IMPORT BAN... Is it true??
5480.015MEMIT::FISCHERTue Feb 02 1993Old Guns
5481.07PHIGAM::CANFIELDWed Feb 03 1993AK-47 Clone
5482.09VSSTEG::TOWLEWed Feb 03 1993Scary stuff...
5483.01TPWORM::BRYANTWed Feb 03 1993Federal Ordnance is out of business
5484.04DELNI::PASCHALWed Feb 03 1993SIG 228 Magazine
5485.0PHIGAM::CANFIELDWed Feb 03 1993Taking the plunge
5486.04OS2LAN::NANCYBThu Feb 04 1993Changing the point of aim of a revolver
5487.09MKOTS1::MESSERThu Feb 04 1993Springfield Armory - defunct?
5488.08DPDMAI::DICKThu Feb 04 1993'93 Bill Introduction - Child Safety - Texas
5489.013NOVA::BERENSONThu Feb 04 1993NRA 1993 Board of Directors Election
5490.02AMCCXN::BERGHFri Feb 05 1993Keeping track of old DECcies
5491.09BODGIE::Conferencing-UserMon Feb 08 1993.25 rimfire
5492.04SALEM::MAZEROLLEMon Feb 08 1993Simmons Scope Phone #
5493.011DEMING::GULDNERWed Feb 10 1993Mass. Police Chiefs Assoc.
5494.02LUDWIG::SADINWed Feb 10 1993Specs and ballistic data for Voere VEC 91...
5495.02CVG::THOMPSONTue Feb 16 1993Converse take 'gun' from shoe name
5496.010SPESHR::MAHONWed Feb 17 1993Which firearm is for me?
5497.029OS2LAN::NANCYBFri Feb 19 19931993 AWARE Invitational IPSC match and more!
5499.03USCTR1::JHERNBERGMon Feb 22 1993Info. on buying .22LR in bulk.
5500.044QUASER::NGUYENGMMon Feb 22 1993Let's fight back.
5501.02LUDWIG::SADINMon Feb 22 1993Need a Mass FFL for firearms transfer!!!
5502.03TOOK::MILLERMon Feb 22 1993 ? VALOR scope ?
5503.04NOVA::BERENSONTue Feb 23 19931993: HR544 - One handgun purchase a month limitation
5504.02NOVA::BERENSONTue Feb 23 19931993: S178 - Ban .25, .32, and 9mm ammo
5505.08NOVA::BERENSONTue Feb 23 19931993: S179 - Tax on .25, .32, and 9mm bullets
5506.0177NOVA::BERENSONTue Feb 23 19931993: HR1
5507.08CVG::THOMPSONWed Feb 24 1993Lead or what?
5508.06SUBWAY::SCANLANThu Feb 25 1993buy this Mauser 98K or not?
5509.03NOVA::BERENSONFri Feb 26 1993VA approved 1 handgun per month limit
5510.01TROOA::GRAYSONFri Feb 26 1993P9 - DA problem
5511.03OASS::SOBCZYNSKI_LMon Mar 01 1993A Number for Numerich?
5513.0NWDWed Mar 03 1993FFL in WA. State??
5515.012B::ZAHAREEThu Mar 04 1993F & L Associates courses.
5516.02B::ZAHAREEThu Mar 04 1993Upcoming NRA Personal Protection Program
5517.010LJOHUB::SECURITYThu Mar 04 1993PRO-GUN article
5518.080TIS::HAMBURGERThu Mar 04 1993PRO- RKBA Letters to Federal offices
5519.014TIS::HAMBURGERThu Mar 04 1993PRO-RKBA Letters to state lawmakers
5521.09TIS::HAMBURGERThu Mar 04 1993Anti-gun activity needing rebuttal, addresses
5522.04--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 05 1993Screws Loosening on 44 Mag
5523.03TNPUBS::JPMSun Mar 07 1993Help -- identify a .22LR
5524.01MIMS::HENDERSON_JMon Mar 08 1993strange scope
5525.04DNEAST::GOULD_RYANMon Mar 08 1993Wayne LaPierre & Schumer on Face the Nation
5526.013LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Mar 08 1993Recommendations on 1 st 9mm semi-auto
5527.037MPGS::NIKITASTue Mar 09 1993NO DRUGS, NO GANGS, NO GUNS billboard
5529.03OS2LAN::NANCYBWed Mar 10 1993Firearms Safety Course offerings
5530.010LUPO::SIMINOThu Mar 11 1993Ruger GP1
5531.033COMET::PERCIVALFri Mar 12 1993NRA Lobbyist Resigns
5533.015--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 15 1993No Censorship
5534.048STAR::BUDATue Mar 16 1993DECShoot - Are you interested?
5535.06NWDTue Mar 16 1993Browning BBR
5536.014WMOIS::GIROUARD_CWed Mar 17 1993PRICE FOR AN M14?
5537.03OASS::SOBCZYNSKI_LWed Mar 17 1993Winchester Model '92 Help
5538.042MAIL::SHEAWed Mar 17 1993Chinese SKS questions
5539.01MKOTS1::MESSERThu Mar 18 1993Colt AR15 - National Match 'tuning' mods? Ideas?
5540.013CSC32::R_HARVEYThu Mar 18 1993DEC and Sporting Clays League
5541.01--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 19 1993Help with appraisal $$$
5542.012DPDMAI::SIFTARFri Mar 19 1993Final note, I got TSFO'd
5543.010GIAMEM::J_AMBERSONMon Mar 22 1993Tightening Patterns on a Turkey Gun
5544.03VMSNET::RRICKMon Mar 22 1993Steyr SPP vs SSP ?
5545.017RAGMOP::FALLETWed Mar 24 1993Browning Auto-5 or Remington 11-87
5546.010LUDWIG::SADINThu Mar 25 1993ss-1
5547.0NOVA::BERENSONThu Mar 25 1993Firearms and Life...a little humor
5548.0+9SA1794::CHARBONNDFri Mar 26 1993another farewell
5549.04CSC32::J_HENSONFri Mar 26 1993Guns for Goods
5550.0NOVA::BERENSONMon Mar 29 1993Colorado Pro-Gun Rally
5551.03WMOIS::LUPIEN_WTue Mar 30 1993would like a little info on a .22
5552.04SUBWAY::SCANLANFri Apr 02 1993Insearch of knowledge: 1911 vs 'Browning'
5553.09NWDFri Apr 02 1993Powder: Clean Burning VS Dirty
5554.020TIS::HAMBURGERMon Apr 05 1993APRIL 7 HEARINGS at STATEHOUSE, BUS available
5555.0EEMELI::SALMINENTue Apr 06 19937.62 rk 92 - new SAKO assault rifle
5556.0VMSNET::RRICKFri Apr 09 1993NRA Meeting Nashville Apr 23-25
5557.08LJOHUB::STERNTue Apr 13 1993Stripper for moon clips
5558.015CXCAD::COLECCHITue Apr 13 19933
5559.04CVG::THOMPSONThu Apr 15 1993NRA Legislative Update for States
5560.020GJOThu Apr 15 1993Mandatory Training Class Requirement
5561.013NWDFri Apr 16 1993European American Armory??????
5562.040KAYAK::GROSSOTue Apr 20 1993Bullets: What do the numbers and letters mean?
5563.013TIS::HAMBURGERWed Apr 21 1993upcoming firearms related courses
5564.011WLW::KIERMon Apr 26 1993SB 639 "Antidrug Assault Weapons Limitation Act of 1993"
5565.02WLW::KIERMon Apr 26 1993SB 653 "Semiautomatic Assault Weapon Violence Prevention Act of 1993"
5567.0RUSURE::ZAHAREEMon Apr 26 1993Upcoming NRA Personal Protection Program
5568.09MIMS::HENDERSON_JMon Apr 26 1993$$$$
5569.031SOLVIT::MAATJE::SHIRLEYTue Apr 27 1993Firearms Noter in serious accident (automotive)
5571.018SUBWAY::SCANLANThu Apr 29 1993Question re: buying ammo in Mass.
5573.029JURAN::GULDNERFri Apr 30 1993Upcoming Legislation on Capitol Hill
5574.0+10EEMELI::SALMINENMon May 03 1993How to clean a bayonette?
5575.05CXCAD::COLECCHIWed May 05 1993touch up of ground millet sight
5576.05DECWET::PALMERThu May 06 1993part needed for 19
5577.03MSDOA::HICKSTTue May 05 1992Is there a professional 'smith listing anywhere?
5578.09TIS::HAMBURGERWed May 06 1992BATF, new lows in deceit
5579.04RUSURE::ZAHAREEMon May 10 1993Merrimack NH, conversvation land hunting ban.
5580.08CSC32::SCHIMPFMon May 10 1993informal survey
5581.082MIMS::HENDERSON_JWed May 12 1993self defense
5582.02SNOCFri May 14 1993H&K Model 63
5584.0FIEVEL::FILGATESun May 16 1993Non scholarly reference....on AMA
5585.050LUDWIG::SADINMon May 17 1993Official shootzenfest video note!
5586.04JUPITR::HILDEBRANTTue May 18 1993M1 Garand Rear Handguard Problems
5587.06JUPITR::HILDEBRANTTue May 18 1993M1 Garand General Cleaning Questions
5588.07NOVA::BERENSONTue May 18 1993Texas CCW
5589.04TPWORM::BRYANTTue May 18 1993Goffestown pin shoot schedule needed
5590.09REFDV1::CALDERAWed May 19 1993High Tech Recoil pads?
5591.0457Wed May 19 1993Clinton coming to NH - should we protest?
5592.012FSOA::HAMILTONThu May 20 1993Somebody here needs a letter
5593.02LUDWIG::SADINFri May 21 1993Handgun training in Manchester NH??
5594.06VFOVAX::STULLFri May 21 1993Help finishing gunstock.
5595.02CXCAD::COLECCHIFri May 21 1993which scope does he choose?
5596.04DECWET::PALMERFri May 21 1993Hello from Wess Rodgers
5597.010KAYAK::GROSSOTue May 25 1993Help: Service on Mossberg Shotgun
5598.0MSBCS::STANLEYWed May 26 1993Model 188
5599.02SWAM1::BASURA_BRWed May 26 1993Setting Length of Pull ???
5600.0357Thu May 27 1993Whittington Center - East
5601.024SVCVAX::RIHMFri May 28 1993CT Senate Passes Assault Weapons Ban
5602.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon May 31 1993Laurona 85 Over and Under Chokes Needed
5603.0DECWET::PALMERWed Jun 02 1993experience with blunt vs pointed rifle bullets
5604.01JURAN::LUONGWed Jun 02 1993Help w/ Intratec TEC-22 Scorpion
5605.035OSLLAV::FSKBG_PWed Jun 02 1993Marlin versus Winchester..
5606.06STOHUB::SLBLUZ::BROCKUSThu Jun 03 1993Clinton's E-mail address; use with caution
5607.020MSDOA::HICKSTThu Jun 03 1993Minimum barrel and overall length for shotgun?
5608.01OS2LAN::NANCYBFri Jun 04 1993Snubby / PPC shoots at Boston Gun & Rifle
5609.02TROOA::GRAYSONFri Jun 04 1993Cracked Barrel - How can you tell?
5610.03NOVA::BERENSONSat Jun 05 1993NRA Press Release on HARRIS Poll
5611.02JUPITR::HILDEBRANTMon Jun 07 199322 Target Reising Info Needed
5612.02UNYEM::HAYESTTue Jun 08 19933
5613.011UNYEM::HAYESTWed Jun 09 1993Sniping rig ?
5614.05ANARKY::BREWERFri Jun 11 1993Tainted with Defilement
5615.06CPDW::ROSCHFri Jun 11 1993How do I get to Riley's?
5616.010MLTVAX::MORRISFri Jun 18 1993Bye!
5617.09OASS::SOBCZYNSKI_LFri Jun 18 1993Any Comments on Reloading Manuals
5618.022UNYEM::HAYESTMon Jun 21 1993Bye Two !
5619.01NOVA::BERENSONMon Jun 21 1993Harris & Lunz-Webber Polls
5620.03BLGTue Jun 22 1993M-24's scope
5621.05DEMING::TOPELTue Jun 22 1993Mossberg mod 183KD info
5622.010NOVA::BERENSONWed Jun 23 1993Canadian Firearms Fallacies
5623.0CPDW::ROSCHWed Jun 23 1993Gun or Goodyear
5624.070CSC32::R_RHODESThu Jun 24 199328
5625.030CVG::THOMPSONFri Jun 25 1993Thompson v M-16 (.45 v .223)
5626.02CPDW::ROSCHMon Jun 28 1993Aimpoint vs. ADCO ?
5627.013COMET::PAPATue Jun 29 1993Metzenbaum is retiring
5628.01538AUTO::LILAKTue Jun 29 1993'Black Talon' controversy
5629.04SOFBAS::SHERMANTue Jun 29 1993MA laws - permit to carry and FID (Firearms ID)
5630.010LUDWIG::SADINWed Jun 30 1993Martini ammo?
5631.03SPUDDS::MCKENZIEThu Jul 01 1993U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service back at it ...
5632.03BOUTYE::MULLANMon Jul 05 1993Winchester 14
5633.0+13COALTue Jul 06 1993FIRESTAR M4
5634.035OTOPWed Jul 07 19937.62 Tokarev
5635.07SOFBAS::SHERMANWed Jul 07 1993FIC? (FID - MA Firearms ID)
5636.08DABEAN::SIMONSThu Jul 08 1993Need a sling cuff for a .22 target rifle
5637.06CSC32::R_RHODESFri Jul 09 1993.4
5638.02WMOIS::LUPIEN_WMon Jul 12 1993A 9mm rimfire shotgun?!
5639.055SOFBAS::SHERMANMon Jul 12 1993pepper next?
5640.03--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 13 1993C/AR-15 Advice
5641.07CSC32::R_HARVEYTue Jul 13 1993Denver vs bb guns
5642.012BAHTAT::OGDEN_KThu Jul 15 1993.3
5643.014SOFBAS::SHERMANThu Jul 15 1993Boston mayoral race
5644.07PEAKS::OAKEYFri Jul 16 1993Eddie the Eagle in Colorado Springs
5645.02ASABET::POMEROYFri Jul 16 1993Japanese 7mm Help
5647.03--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 19 1993
5648.02STOWOA::ELCHINGERMon Jul 19 1993Question: Winchester Headquarters Location
5650.023SALEM::MACGREGORTue Jul 20 1993N.H laws on CCW?
5651.033CHRLIE::HUSTONWed Jul 07 1993spray more effective than gun?
5652.010PEAKS::OAKEYTue Jul 20 1993IPSC arms race: The 9x25 Dillon
5653.038NOVA::BERENSONWed Jul 21 1993Friends of the NRA
5654.03ODIXIE::QUIGLEYWed Jul 21 1993Python Problem
5655.07ABACUS::PRIESTLEYThu Jul 22 1993Dupont owns Remington?
5656.0+4LUDWIG::SADINFri Jul 23 1993Book on 1911 and 1911A1 .45ACP pistols...
5658.048MIMS::HENDERSON_JMon Jul 26 1993Trivial Pursuit
5659.07CX3PST::BSS::DSMITHTue Jul 27 1993Products to Support!
5660.05BRAT::PRIESTLEYTue Jul 27 1993HK SOCOM pistol
5661.041CALDEC::RAHWed Jul 28 1993Lever action carbines
5662.017COALThu Jul 29 1993firearms disposal techniques
5663.011DECWET::PALMERFri Jul 30 1993.38-55 Marlin lever action
5664.083DELNI::PASCHALMon Aug 02 1993Mass Semiauto Ban
5665.014MIMS::HENDERSON_JMon Aug 02 1993Preference,then and now
5666.05CXCAD::COLECCHIMon Aug 02 1993Need Ideas for concealed carry recommendation letter
5667.03438AUTO::LILAKMon Aug 02 1993Colo. Special Session 1993 -
5668.01ARNOLD::LEECHTue Aug 03 1993FBI = future federal police force?
5669.01NOVA::BERENSONWed Aug 04 1993Court rules ATF can regulate AW imports/resales
5670.04NOVA::BERENSONWed Aug 04 1993FAX #s for Officials
5672.08FEENIX::PASCHALThu Aug 05 1993Airweight +P loads
5673.05TIS::HAMBURGERFri Aug 06 1993call for volunteers
5674.04NOVA::BERENSONMon Aug 09 1993John Farnam's Advanced Defensive Pistol Class
5675.03PHIGAM::CANFIELDMon Aug 09 1993On to new things
5676.0NOVA::BERENSONMon Aug 09 1993We WIN first gun control vote of 1993
5677.013NOVA::BERENSONMon Aug 09 1993NRA Congressional Testimony
5678.02TNPUBS::STEINHARTTue Aug 10 1993Appraisal wanted
5679.0KUMITE::K_TICETue Aug 10 1993Fair price for Colt CLW .45 ?
5680.014ZURTue Aug 10 1993Reloading 9mm data?
5681.0DECWET::PALMERWed Aug 11 1993123 grain .311 bullets in non-AK47 calibers?
5682.083TIS::HAMBURGERWed Aug 11 1993Crime bill 1993
5683.0+277MIMS::HENDERSON_JFri Aug 13 1993BATF,FBI,DEA,INS = Reno's Raiders also Waco stuff
5684.04WLW::KIERFri Aug 13 1993The Ohio Supreme Court rolls over on Assault Weapons bans
5686.016ODIXIE::FRAZIERGRFri Aug 13 1993HANDGUN CONTROL INC., is on the MOVE
5687.03NOVA::BERENSONSun Aug 15 1993Congressional Directory Available
5688.06--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 18 1993Mass Registration Laws?
5689.08ODIXIE::RHARRISWed Aug 25 1993nosler partition
5690.07PIKOFF::SCANLANWed Aug 25 1993help with metal double rifle cases???
5691.01NOVA::BERENSONWed Aug 25 1993This could be a really neat tour
5692.07MIMS::GERRITY_LSat Aug 28 1993Energy Level Requirements
5693.031NOVA::BERENSONMon Aug 30 1993Gun Registration in Progress?
5694.09CSC32::J_HENSONMon Aug 30 1993Kids and Guns
5695.0DECWET::PALMERTue Aug 31 1993bore brush for 6.5mm bore?
5696.013ANARKY::BREWERTue Aug 31 1993pre-ban, what was the cost? (of an AK47 AKM47)
5697.01KIDVAX::OPR_BROGDENTue Aug 31 1993Help w/Worcester gun club
5698.09JUPITR::GUERRINIThu Sep 02 1993Colt Info wanted
5699.03VMSNET::RRICKThu Sep 02 1993Gun Sale fraud warning.
5700.06COMET::KARLSONMon Sep 06 1993Wahington state/ Oregon Gun laws
5701.01NOVA::BERENSONMon Sep 06 1993California SB 1128
5702.02NOVA::BERENSONMon Sep 06 1993NRA ACTION
5703.05GUNNER::TOWLEWed Sep 08 1993Need FOPA info pointer
5704.08CSC32::S_HUNTERWed Sep 08 1993New Harris Poll. Bleet, Bleet go the sheep.
5705.06GUNNER::TOWLEThu Sep 09 1993A victory in California!
5706.07ELWOOD::LANEFri Sep 10 1993Civil War muskets
5710.05CSOA1::LEECHTue Sep 14 1993GUN STATISTICS
5711.02MIMS::HENDERSON_JWed Sep 15 1993Colt Lawman MK III
5712.0RUSURE::ZAHAREEWed Sep 15 1993Upcoming NRA Personal Protection Program
5713.0+32CSC32::D_PELTONENWed Sep 15 1993Gun Control of the future
5714.04VMSNET::RRICKWed Sep 15 1993.3
5715.044CHIPS::LEIBRANDTWed Sep 15 1993Another MASS LTC Horror Story!!!
5717.01CVG::THOMPSONFri Sep 17 1993Firearms within 1,
5718.05WMODEV::DELANEY_RTue Sep 21 1993Need Help With ID Of Rifle
5719.014MELKOR::DEWISTue Sep 21 1993Swedish Ljungman
5720.028TIS::HAMBURGERThu Sep 23 1993Ted Kennedy and those who are against him
5721.07PROXY::GRUDAThu Sep 23 1993What is the difference between a Heavy Target load and a Super Handicap Heavy target load
5722.038114::SADINThu Sep 23 1993Hirstenberger .223FMJ ammo....
5723.021CSC32::S_HUNTERThu Sep 23 1993How can I best respond to this?
5724.042BRAT::PRIESTLEYThu Sep 23 1993Gun Control will be in nat'l Health Plan
5725.02SSDEVO::LAMBERTFri Sep 24 1993Question on Cabela's Black Powder Rifles
5726.0516134::SADIN_SSat Sep 25 1993Seen it!!! Booby traped AK-57
5727.0131CSC32::S_HUNTERSun Sep 26 1993Brady Bill Almost Upon Us...
5728.05CSC32::D_STUARTThu Sep 30 1993how to change conference guidlines
5729.04BRAT::PRIESTLEYThu Sep 30 1993see you on the range
5730.03NYOSFri Oct 01 1993Moisin-NAgant advise 4 fmr noter
5732.03MIGHTY::WILLIAMSTue Oct 05 1993News about Rich Zore
5733.014DECLNE::GANTLEYTue Oct 05 1993AR15: Colt vs. Clones.
5734.014CVG::THOMPSONWed Oct 06 1993Concealed Carry Weapons Permit - Which States Allow
5735.02OSLLAV::EGILK_PWed Oct 06 1993Springfield 1911-A1 price..?
5736.039TIS::HAMBURGERFri Oct 08 1993MASS HEARINGS OCTOBER 19 1993
5737.032SOLVIT::CHENMon Oct 11 1993Is K-Mart being targeted again?
5738.06NEST::BARBERMon Oct 11 1993FREEDOM - If Thats OK with you that is ....
5739.06CVG::THOMPSONMon Oct 11 1993 6
5740.02STOWOA::BERNIERMon Oct 11 1993Need help in gun identfication.
5742.03--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 11 1993NRA Life Insurance Offer
5743.012CVG::THOMPSONWed Oct 13 1993Clinton's "Assault Pistol" memorandum
5744.02ODIXIE::RHARRISFri Oct 15 1993S&W mdl 442
5745.021FREEBE::SIMONSMon Oct 18 1993Recomendations Wanted - .22 Handguns
5746.01CSC32::R_RHODESMon Oct 18 1993Good CZ shaped 4
5747.06MIMS::HENDERSON_JTue Oct 19 1993Colt vs What
5748.080CSC32::S_HUNTERTue Oct 19 1993New Improved Clinton "Crime" Package
5750.02MKOTS3::BROWNTue Oct 26 1993joint the arm clumps, fasten the arm nuts
5751.03GRANMA::MWANNEMACHERWed Oct 27 1993Maryland FFL holder needed
5752.03CSC32::GR_TOBINThu Oct 28 1993Jennings .38
5753.01SMURF::RPSThu Oct 28 1993H&K USP
5755.0916134::SADIN_SFri Oct 29 1993Polytech M-14 reproduction infoneeded.
5756.06CPDW::ROSCHFri Oct 29 1993Rem. Std Vel .22 failures
5757.024AKLEJA::BERENSONFri Oct 29 1993Something up at Walmart!
5759.010CSC32::S_HUNTERTue Nov 02 1993Need Some Advice on Relic P38
5760.02BSS::MURREYTue Nov 02 1993NRA Home Protection Class
5761.06CPDW::ROSCHWed Nov 03 1993.22 Gallary Match Pistols
5762.09VFOVAX::JOHNSThu Nov 04 1993.3
5763.011SOFBAS::SHERMANFri Nov 05 19932nd amendment in the news
5764.0MKOTS3::ROBERTS_JMon Nov 08 1993From The RISKS forum
5765.07ODIXIE::DIGNANMon Nov 08 1993SMC .38
5766.02DECWET::PALMERMon Nov 08 1993Franco-Prussian War and needle-fire rifles
5767.06--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 09 1993Firearms Video Tape
5768.0132CSC32::S_HUNTERWed Nov 10 199319 Assault Weapons to Be Banned?
5769.030DELNI::PASCHALWed Nov 10 1993S&W 64
5770.0416134::SADIN_SSat Nov 13 1993Info on AK-74(5.45mm)
5771.08LEDS::ACCIARDISat Nov 13 1993A Nation of Cowards?
5772.028DELNI::PASCHALMon Nov 15 1993Kennedy Letter on 2nd Amendment
5773.047GUCCI::SANTSCHIWed Nov 17 1993how do we define ourselves?...self-examination
5774.0625Wed Nov 17 1993Timber Wolf - .44 Mag (was Wolverine .44 Mag)
5777.013CALDEC::RAHThu Nov 18 1993MILTECH
5779.08CSOA1::RANKINThu Nov 18 1993Glock Pricing ?
5780.04AKLEJA::BERENSONThu Nov 18 19931993 Charitable Contributions
5781.03EVMS::GODDARDFri Nov 19 1993Firearms Victim Act (S 868)
5782.01MILKWY::GOODRIDGEFri Nov 19 1993Pricing for a P7M__
5783.055AKLEJA::BERENSONMon Nov 22 1993Living in a ban panic
5784.047CSOA1::RANKINMon Nov 22 1993Traveling safely/legally
5785.05STOWOA::VANOTue Nov 23 1993Knife Throwing Help
5786.038DELNI::PASCHALWed Nov 24 1993Gun laws get "criminal" off the streets
5787.02ANGLIN::ALLERWed Nov 24 1993Food For Thought
5788.01338114::SADINSat Nov 27 1993AR-15 barrel marking question....
5789.03MKOTS3::GARSTMon Nov 29 1993WESTERN SHOOT 12/11 & 6/5
5790.030NOVA::BERENSONMon Nov 29 1993High Tech Hollowpoints
5791.04LUDWIG::SADINMon Nov 29 1993Full auto question....
5792.06CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINTue Nov 30 1993NRA 9
5793.05ATPS::MILLERWed Dec 01 1993M94 info needed
5794.019RAYBOK::DAMIANOWed Dec 01 1993pricing info for used firearms
5795.012CSC32::J_HENSONThu Dec 02 1993Browning's BOSS
5797.04NEST::BARBERFri Dec 03 1993Another Good By
5798.04MPGS::NIKITASSat Dec 04 1993Iver Johnson address????
5799.09SAHQ::NEWSHAMSun Dec 05 1993License guns like autos ?
5800.01GIDDAY::CASEYSun Dec 05 1993J. Stevens of Chicopee Falls Mass.
5801.03YUPPIE::TUCKERTue Dec 07 1993Help wanted with antiques.
5802.01CXCAD::C_WILLIAMSTue Dec 07 1993Monthly NRA Info-Tapes
5803.042COMET::MARTINWed Dec 08 1993 Here we go again... (NY Train Shooting)
5804.05SOLVIT::DAYWed Dec 08 1993C. Heston on Saturday Night Live
5805.021--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 08 1993History of the 3
5807.04DECWET::PALMERThu Dec 09 1993National Bullet Co?
5808.06SOLVIT::BXOFRN::ROYFri Dec 10 1993Can .38 and .357 have same impact point?
5809.045SHIBA::GULDNERFri Dec 10 1993Can Noting Help the NRA Cause?
5810.08NWDMon Dec 13 199312 gauge Flares
5811.06NYOSMon Dec 13 1993anyone familiar with the Coonan .357?
5812.015CSC32::S_HUNTERMon Dec 13 1993Report Illegal Guns, Call 634-STOP
5813.034ILBBAK::LEGERTue Dec 14 1993How to zero AR-15?
5814.012CSOA1::RANKINTue Dec 14 1993Seacamp ?
5815.03SCHOOL::PICKETTWed Dec 15 1993Pointer to text of final version of 'Crime' Bill
5816.017CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINThu Dec 16 1993And now even in Colorado...
5817.07SOLVIT::BXOFRN::ROYThu Dec 16 1993Stoeger Shotgun info request.....
5818.011ATPS::MILLERFri Dec 17 1993Bullet ID info?
5819.02MROA::HAMILTONFri Dec 17 1993So long
5820.09TAMDNO::WHITMANFri Dec 17 1993Magazines (printed material) about Firearms
5821.046NOVA::BERENSONMon Dec 20 19931994: Assault on FFLs Planned
5822.04CHRLIE::HUSTONMon Dec 20 1993.3
5823.011SUBPAC::SADINWed Dec 22 1993Bill to ban 9mm????
5824.08CSC32::J_HENSONWed Dec 22 1993Misfires
5825.09CIM1::FLOYDWed Dec 22 1993A little help, Please
5826.09MILKWY::RENWed Dec 22 1993Boston Sunday Globe article on Guns
5827.08--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 23 1993It seems so clear
5828.04DELNI::G_STERNMon Dec 27 1993"Only accurate rifles are interesting."
5829.02STUDIO::GMARINIWed Dec 29 1993I'm callinig my rep now !
5830.03POKIE::HORNThu Dec 30 1993Where is the HUNTING file???
5831.049KYOSS1::LUIZZAThu Dec 30 1993Gun Fighters Deathclock
5832.0RUSURE::ZAHAREESun Jan 02 1994Upcoming NRA Personal Protection Program
5833.01CSOA1::RANKINSun Jan 02 1994Accutech 38
5834.021--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 03 1994SELLING GUNS????
5835.0--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 03 1994Oehler Type 43 Ballistics Lab
5836.013CSC32::D_STUARTMon Jan 03 1994max amount of ammo???
5838.011MILKWY::RENTue Jan 04 1994Digital Policy on Political Material at Work?
5839.014NYOSWed Jan 05 19941911ish 1
5840.021RUSURE::ZAHAREEThu Jan 06 1994Legislative Alert - NH HB 1221
5841.08MSDOA::HICKSTThu Jan 06 1994Rush Limbaugh sounds-off on gun control
5842.09CSC32::S_HUNTERThu Jan 06 1994Who should I contact about what???
5843.01CX3PST::BSS::DSMITHThu Jan 06 1994Meet a Candidate for Sheriff
5844.014LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Jan 07 1994White House GUn Survey
5845.04SALEM::PAPPALARDOFri Jan 07 1994N.H. Pro-Firearms Bills ........
5846.05NOVA::BERENSONFri Jan 07 1994New Head of ILA - Tanya Metaska
5847.02--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 07 1994taurus Pt-9
5848.03STAR::BUDAFri Jan 07 1994UPS Charges Increasing
5849.03ANARKY::BREWERSat Jan 08 1994L1A1's from Century?
5850.02NOVA::BERENSONSun Jan 09 1994NJ/VA - Campaign Analysis
5851.02ANARKY::BREWERMon Jan 10 1994Good Gun Press in NM
5852.07NWDMon Jan 10 1994Breaking in A New Gun
5853.08VSSTEG::TOWLETue Jan 11 1994The official statistics note
5854.0SUBPAC::SADINTue Jan 11 1994phone number for Paragon????
5855.07ODIXIE::RHARRISTue Jan 11 1994Vaquero (ruger)
5856.014CVG::THOMPSONTue Jan 11 1994Mother Jones is anti gun
5858.014CXCAD::COLECCHIWed Jan 12 1994Can a german citizen buy a pistol in us
5859.021MSDOA::HICKSTThu Jan 13 1994Official Smith and Wesson Auto Pistol Note
5860.030PEAKS::LILAKThu Jan 13 19941994 Colorado Gun Legislation
5861.021IRNBRU::MACPHERSONFri Jan 14 1994View's of a Brittish shooter
5862.08RUSURE::ZAHAREEMon Jan 17 1994GONH Legislative Alert -- HB-1528
5863.07--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 17 1994Bench Rest Shooting
5864.07ALOSMon Jan 17 1994Shorty Forty?
5865.026IRNBRU::MACPHERSONMon Jan 17 1994Oh to be Swiss
5866.0RUSURE::ZAHAREEMon Jan 17 1994GONH Legislative Alert - SB562, SB577, SB587
5868.07--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 18 1994Spring sa-48
5869.05IRNBRU::MACPHERSONWed Jan 19 1994Rossi quality & Springfield Armoury
5870.04--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 19 1994Good Source for Cleaning Supplies?
5871.06LANDO::ZIPPA2::SIEMINSKIThu Jan 20 1994M1911 Ejector Tuning
5872.03PATE::MORRISSEYThu Jan 20 1994S&W 4
5873.04CX3PT1::BSS::DSMITHFri Jan 21 1994Colorado Personal Protection course
5874.04IRNBRU::MACPHERSONSun Jan 23 1994New tTwist To Firearms Legislation In Great Brittain
5875.037CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINSun Jan 23 1994Spudguns
5876.025BECALM::MAHONEYMon Jan 24 1994.38
5877.033CXCAD::COLECCHIMon Jan 24 1994Test of OUTER FOUL OUT 2
5878.0NWDTue Jan 25 1994lapping lugs
5879.0OTOOA::BELLONITue Jan 25 1994Need ammo in Vermont
5880.010GENRAL::KILGOREWed Jan 26 1994Gun/Firearm Safety Clinic in Colorado Springs, CO
5881.03JUPITR::GINGRASWed Jan 26 1994Viper or 1
5882.038NOVA::BERENSONWed Jan 26 1994NBC internet address?!
5883.08NOVA::BERENSONWed Jan 26 1994Southern States PBA Membership Survey
5884.0BAHTAT::OGDEN_KFri Jan 28 1994Imports
5885.04RANGER::NANCYBSun Jan 30 1994The Life Clock
5886.05SUBPAC::SADINMon Jan 31 1994choice between Russian or German sub-gun....
5887.010SUBPAC::CRONINTue Feb 01 1994Smith & Wesson/Federal .356 TSW
5889.0120VICKI::CRAIGWed Feb 02 1994Memorable Quotes (repository only - no comments)
5890.030VICKI::CRAIGWed Feb 02 1994Memorable Quotes - place comments here
5892.06SUBPAC::SADINWed Feb 02 1994Silver czech 9mm para bullet?
5893.04PATE::MORRISSEYWed Feb 02 1994??? Adjustable Sights ???
5895.06LOWELL::GUGELFri Feb 04 1994S&W "K Comp" Raffle to Benefit AWARE
5896.02NOVA::BERENSONSun Feb 06 1994Gun-Talk: WA Alert
5897.0118TPWORM::BRYANTMon Feb 07 1994Brady Law Implementations
5898.06A1VAX::CLANCYMon Feb 07 1994Winchester Model 75T
5899.08DECWET::PALMERTue Feb 08 1994Trapdoor Springfields
5900.09ANARKY::BREWERTue Feb 08 1994MAKs not importable?
5901.0ASDG::ELLISTue Feb 08 1994Trigger Pull S&W 439 semi-auto
5902.0VICKI::CRAIGWed Feb 09 1994Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO)
5903.01EEMELI::TOUKKARIThu Feb 10 1994Folding stocks for AK??
5904.02LANDO::ZIPPA2::SIEMINSKIThu Feb 10 1994S&W Revolver I.D?
5905.043CXCAD::COLECCHIFri Feb 11 1994What is the availability of primers and pwdr
5906.034WMOENG::BELLETETEMon Feb 14 1994Personal Protection vs. All Lawful Purposes
5907.04GENRAL::KILGOREMon Feb 14 1994CNN broadcast - Arms Race
5908.016DECWET::PALMERWed Feb 16 1994neck sizing rifle brass
5909.01VICKI::CRAIGWed Feb 16 1994NRA WOMAN'S VOICE (repository only - no comments)
5910.09VICKI::CRAIGWed Feb 16 1994NRA WOMAN'S VOICE (comments)
5911.0NWDThu Feb 17 1994Custom Bullet Maker ?
5912.05IRNBRU::MACPHERSONThu Feb 17 1994Full auto ranges in Orlando area
5913.016TPWORM::BRYANTFri Feb 18 1994CBS sets new Anti-gun Media Blitz
5914.0DECWET::LOWEFri Feb 18 1994Scope shooting Super Blackhawk
5915.034AMCUCS::POPOVICHSat Feb 19 1994.45acp .vs. .4
5916.0--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 22 1994need HK and Valmet magazines
5917.03TFH::CRONINTue Feb 22 1994Value of a Winchester Flashlight
5918.012SUBPAC::SADINWed Feb 23 1994Buy back program success <add sarcasm>..
5919.015CSOA1::HORTONWed Feb 23 1994DOT guidelines on ammo/powder storage?
5920.01RUSURE::ZAHAREEFri Feb 25 1994Upcoming NRA Personal Protection Program
5921.046DPDMAI::MCINTOSHMon Feb 28 1994help!! new to handguns
5923.01VICKI::CRAIGMon Feb 28 1994Firearm Quick-Reference Glossary
5924.057CSC32::S_HUNTERTue Mar 01 1994Brady II
5925.04DECWET::PALMERTue Mar 01 1994.4
5926.013AMCUCS::POPOVICHWed Mar 02 1994Para-Ord P13.45
5927.081--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 02 1994The 1994 S**********T Note?
5928.058ZEKE::MORIN_JThu Mar 03 1994Welcome to Bill Clinton's America
5929.010VICKI::CRAIGThu Mar 03 1994Gun Control is a Substitute for Solutions
5930.04ODIXIE::RHARRISFri Mar 04 1994Bianchi number needed
5931.014MRKTNG::CLANCYFri Mar 04 1994Gun Control: Help needed for offhand
5932.01JURAN::LUONGFri Mar 04 1994new gun store in Hudson, Ma.
5933.0+6CVG::THOMPSONSun Mar 06 1994Nine (NH) State Senators Reject 2nd Amendment
5934.0KEPNUT::WOLFMon Mar 07 1994Inputs on 7.62 (NATO) SA Rifle wanted
5935.055TPWORM::BRYANTMon Mar 07 1994What Republicans would you pick ??
5936.06ELWOOD::GATHMon Mar 07 1994Release Triggers, are they Dangerous?
5937.022KOALA::DEFELICEMon Mar 07 1994Investment purchases?
5938.056NYOSMon Mar 07 1994help with Beretta 92 - 9mm
5939.02--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 07 1994??Rare??
5940.06GEMGRP::FISHERWed Mar 09 1994Natl. Assoc. of Chiefs of Police mailing
5941.09CHIPS::LEIBRANDTWed Mar 09 1994Personal Gun Control Protest
5942.032VSSTEG::TOWLEThu Mar 10 1994Gun control bills in Congress
5943.065--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 11 1994A March on Washington
5944.0CVG::THOMPSONFri Mar 11 1994Ruger End of Year Financials (CY 1993)
5945.016CVG::THOMPSONFri Mar 11 1994Glasses and Contacts for Shooting Vision Problems
5946.011KOALA::DEFELICEFri Mar 11 1994Competitive Target Shooting Equipment
5947.04ANARKY::BREWERSat Mar 12 1994Century Arms, and L1A1
5948.03AMCUCS::POPOVICHSun Mar 13 1994SAKO TRG-S
5949.01BRUMMY::TRACEYGMon Mar 14 1994HK USP
5950.012AIMHI::GANTLEYMon Mar 14 1994Brady Woes
5951.03REMACP::RICHARDSONMon Mar 14 1994Q: AK-22 Semi Auto .22cal Rifle
5952.01RANGER::WASSERMon Mar 14 1994Fly a Blue Ribbon for RKBA!
5953.01CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINTue Mar 15 1994Compuserve/US News "Crime in America" moderated conference tonight
5954.039CSC32::D_STUARTWed Mar 16 1994new anti group w/8
5955.03--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 16 1994Small Bore Rifle Competition
5956.018VSSTEG::TOWLEThu Mar 17 1994Consumer Product Companies that are Anti Gun
5957.02NYOSThu Mar 17 1994rife stock finish - touchup ???
5959.037SOLVIT::CHENMon Mar 21 1994What is the best "all around" rifle?
5960.07OTOPMon Mar 21 19946
5961.07KEPNUT::SIEMINSKIMon Mar 21 1994hi power clinic?
5962.0CSOADM::ROTHMon Mar 21 1994WWW pointer: rec.guns FAQ Home Page
5964.03SKYE::MAURERTue Mar 22 1994The Official Online Conferences Topic
5965.0+20--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 22 1994Massachusetts Hearings April 4
5966.03SUBSYS::ARCHTue Mar 22 1994Not-for-Women-only issues
5967.03OASS::SOBCZYNSKI_LWed Mar 23 1994? Can MAC9
5968.08SUBPAC::SADINWed Mar 23 1994Trichloroethane (1-1-1) targeted by EPA!!!!
5969.021NYOSWed Mar 23 1994INFO ON .45 ACP +P AMMO
5970.07CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINThu Mar 24 1994Colorado RKBA Rally
5971.037ILBBAK::LEGERSat Mar 26 1994Letter from HCI
5972.022TAMDNO::WHITMANMon Mar 28 1994reloading .38
5973.02--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 28 1994Grips for PPK
5974.0MR4SRV::PCAVANNATue Mar 29 1994Pricing Help...
5975.023WREATH::SNIDERTue Mar 29 1994Merrimack NH Resident Alert
5976.025MPGS::DCJTue Mar 29 1994Need Help! MA LTCs
5977.012MPGS::STANLEYTue Mar 29 1994Grips for a Makarov
5978.020CX3PST::BSS::DSMITHWed Mar 30 1994Sons of Liberty in Colorado
5979.08NWDWed Mar 30 1994Corbon Ammo
5980.07KALVIN::MCGRATHWed Mar 30 1994Short lived Primer/Ammo?
5981.06--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 31 1994Anyone tried K-Kote?
5982.027CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINThu Mar 31 1994Olympic Arms OA93 AR-15 pistol
5984.03CXCAD::C_WILLIAMSFri Apr 01 1994NRA/USO Shooting Team
5985.07NOVA::BERENSONSun Apr 03 1994NH ALERT! HB 1528
5986.02--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 04 1994price for valmet 78??
5987.031NOVA::BERENSONMon Apr 04 1994NRA Futures POLL!
5989.019NOVA::BERENSONTue Apr 05 1994Another departure, but not for a few days
5990.04VSSTEG::TOWLETue Apr 05 1994Glock blow up statistics
5991.012DELNI::PASCHALWed Apr 06 1994U MASS Panel Discussion opportunity
5992.06DELNI::PASCHALWed Apr 06 1994Marty Meehan - Hopeless?
5993.04TIS::HAMBURGERThu Apr 07 1994Winchester primer danger Magnum small pistol
5995.07VSSTEG::TOWLEFri Apr 08 1994A news tid-bit
5996.01AMCUCS::POPOVICHFri Apr 08 1994Glock model 24
5998.09JUPITR::BERARDMon Apr 11 1994Address for Burris...??
5999.05MSBCS::GREENWALDMon Apr 11 1994What is this worth?
6000.03SUBPAC::SADINMon Apr 11 1994A note of thanks to Amos....
6001.030COMET::YOUNGRTue Apr 12 1994MAC 9
6002.0VICKI::CRAIGWed Apr 13 19941994 NRA Firearms Fact Card from ftp.nra.org
6003.01--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 14 1994SOCRATIC DIALOG
6004.01DELNI::PASCHALThu Apr 14 1994Roberti Recall results?
6005.01CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINThu Apr 14 1994Good price on .223, 9mm Norinco
6006.04VICKI::CRAIGThu Apr 14 1994One Citizen's Manifesto
6007.07AOSG::IANNELLIMon Apr 18 1994Which FAL? New Brazilian or Century refurb?
6008.0VICKI::CRAIGMon Apr 18 1994The Anti-Gun Mind
6009.016NYOSTue Apr 19 1994experience with PO P-12
6010.0+60OTOOA::BELLONITue Apr 19 1994Frenzy in Canada
6011.02NAC::FALLETTue Apr 19 1994Lever-action .22 rifles
6012.02CSC32::W_LINVILLETue Apr 19 1994reloading?
6013.01COMET::MARTINWed Apr 20 1994Sections 21-7-1
6015.05DECWET::LOWEWed Apr 20 1994Calibers I never heard of
6016.021COMET::MARTINWed Apr 20 1994A story...
6017.015COMET::YOUNGRWed Apr 20 1994Any info on Tech 9
6018.019VICKI::CRAIGWed Apr 20 1994Ground-Penetrating Radar
6019.03CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINThu Apr 21 1994Lawyers (ABA) against gun owners
6021.02CXCAD::C_WILLIAMSFri Apr 22 1994Are We Scaring Ourselves To Death?
6023.033JUPITR::HILDEBRANTMon Apr 25 1994Which Rifle For High Power?
6024.011CSC32::SCHIMPFWed Apr 27 1994Take off of last topic..
6025.08SALEM::MACGREGORThu Apr 28 1994Sporting Use under attack?
6026.084COMET::YOUNGRThu Apr 28 1994Assault Ban Questions
6028.017CXCAD::C_WILLIAMSMon May 02 1994Meet the Press 1MAY94
6031.07RANGER::NANCYBTue May 03 1994Looking for a gold gun pendant
6033.011COMET::PAPAWed May 04 1994Rule proposed to ban firearms from National Forests
6035.039CSC32::R_HARVEYWed May 04 1994State Militia
6037.05NYOSMon May 09 1994diff S&W Sigma vs. Glock 24L or 22
6038.015IRNBRU::MACPHERSONTue May 10 1994Lessons from U.K Gun Control
6041.021CSOADM::ROTHTue May 10 1994NRA needs to shed image
6043.012SUBPAC::SADINWed May 11 1994Looking for a Custom Holster...this is from a friend.
6044.0DELNI::G_STERNThu May 12 1994Ching Sling?
6045.01VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKThu May 12 1994The Future of Reloading. Is it scheduled for attack?
6049.014COMET::MARTINThu May 12 1994Document search...
6050.011COMET::YOUNGRThu May 12 1994SKS Mags
6053.023ODIXIE::SMITHJSun May 15 1994advice needed on a sidearm!!!
6056.028CNTROL::REARWINMon May 16 1994Fitchburg FID problems
6058.08AIMHI::GANTLEYTue May 17 1994Ruling on Brady Challenge
6059.03MIMS::JOHNS_DWed May 18 1994m1a and norinco .3
6060.081DABEAN::SIMONSWed May 18 1994help needed on pepper spray
6061.01DELNI::PASCHALWed May 18 1994Valley Forge Firearms Program
6065.011BSS::PONDMon May 23 1994NRA ON NPR!
6066.09CXCAD::C_WILLIAMSMon May 23 1994H&K MP5
6067.0CVG::THOMPSONTue May 24 1994Pro gun SCOTUS Ruling
6068.010OTOPTue May 24 1994Remington 7
6069.016WMOIS::SADIN_STue May 24 1994The U.N enforcing gun controll in U.S.
6071.02ODIXIE::RHARRISWed May 25 1994Tikka Rifle Topic
6072.0KYOSS1::LUIZZAWed May 25 1994New Jersey Handgun Laws Proposed
6073.0+43MIGHTY::WILLIAMSThu May 26 1994The NRA and me.
6074.04JUPITR::HILDEBRANTFri May 27 1994Sight Correction to a SKS
6075.04CXCAD::COLECCHIFri May 27 1994Need product review of Dillon Rapid trim case trimmer
6077.011RANGER::NANCYBTue May 31 1994RequestForComment: response to Ms. Magazine
6079.01MR2SRV::ELCHINGERWed Jun 01 1994Hoppes gun cleaner
6081.028CARROL::COXWed Jun 01 1994Ammo shortage
6082.08NYOSS1::SCANLANWed Jun 01 1994Browning BL81 for .3
6083.04ANNECY::MORRISSEY_KThu Jun 02 1994Temporary Export
6084.02MIMS::HENDERSON_JThu Jun 02 1994S&W Triplelock
6085.04ODIXIE::CIAROCHIFri Jun 03 1994Big Bang Physics?
6087.02RANGER::WASSERTue Jun 07 1994Source: for the "43 times more likely" lie.
6088.04MPGS::NIKITASWed Jun 08 1994Old musket - what is it?
6089.011DNEAST::COOK_JEFFWed Jun 08 1994New Noter Needs Help With P-89
6093.011VSSCAD::LANGThu Jun 09 1994New MA Law: Restraining Orders & Gun Surrender
6095.025KUMITE::K_TICEThu Jun 09 1994Quality of Norinco 1911A1 ?
6098.0BIGQ::GULDNERFri Jun 10 1994Powder Horn Exhibit
6099.010GENRAL::KILGOREFri Jun 10 1994Time-Life supports anti-gunners?
6101.05LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Jun 10 1994Required Reading - Ayn Rand 'Atlas Shrugged'
6102.01SUBPAC::SADINTue Jun 14 1994State of Emergency?
6103.04KOALA::DEFELICEWed Jun 15 1994Advice on Gun Shows
6104.02RANGER::WASSERSat Jun 18 1994Lee Precision (reloading presses, bullet molds)
6105.09--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 20 1994When writing to Washington
6106.039TAMDNO::WHITMANMon Jun 20 1994Bumper-Snickers
6109.01NOVA::ARNOLDTue Jun 21 1994"Objectivist" views on gun control
6111.04CARROL::COXWed Jun 22 1994Maine law / Mass FID ?
6112.08ANGLIN::ROGERSThu Jun 23 1994Internet meeting places for departed Digits?
6113.03MPGS::MARKEYThu Jun 23 1994Firearms on CD-ROM
6115.09MSDOA::HICKSTThu Jun 23 1994W-W Super-X .22 ammo question
6116.02CXCAD::COLECCHIFri Jun 24 1994idetify this 3
6117.012CNTROL::REARWINFri Jun 24 1994NRA-TV
6118.016SUBPAC::SADINTue Jun 28 1994Brayco 9mm
6121.09--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 01 1994INFO ON A.M.T. .5
6122.04MSBCS::GREENWALDTue Jul 05 1994Info on the Astra A75L please
6123.09CNTROL::REARWINTue Jul 05 1994non-lethal guns
6124.03NYOSS1::SCANLANFri Jul 08 1994recoil springs ?
6125.08VMSNET::RRICKTue Jul 12 1994Customers who sell Firearms & Supplies
6126.03POBOX::WILSONWed Jul 13 1994BP Shotgun
6127.010MKOTS3::DALEYFri Jul 15 1994Info on Parabellum
6128.04DSKSPT::FONTAINETue Jul 19 1994help dating a Marlin 3
6129.020COMET::YOUNGRWed Jul 20 1994Dragonov Sniper Rifle
6131.08PEAKS::OAKEYThu Jul 21 1994The EAA Witness handgun series and other CZ clones
6132.07SUBPAC::SADINFri Jul 22 1994Robar Company, Tactical Division
6133.06AWECIM::FLOYDFri Jul 22 1994MOA calculations
6136.015COMET::CAUDLEMon Jul 25 1994HOW TO SHIP???
6137.06NWDTue Jul 26 1994Info on Benelli?
6138.07MPGS::MARKEYTue Jul 26 1994AR15: Building up from the receiver
6139.08SUBPAC::SADINThu Jul 28 1994Fax/telephone#/address' of Senate and House + delivery service
6140.02REMACP::RICHARDSONThu Jul 28 1994Value of M1861 Springfield Rifle
6142.01CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINFri Jul 29 1994Trijicon ACOG sight
6144.010CSC32::SCHIMPFMon Aug 01 1994Equates to what??
6146.01CUPMK::KNIGHTINGWed Aug 03 1994Stevens/Browning 12-ga.
6148.0104MPGS::MARKEYFri Aug 05 1994"Beginner" Handguns
6149.07DABEAN::SIMONSTue Aug 09 1994info on .45 needed
6150.08KELVIN::COXThu Aug 11 1994Reading problems in brass
6151.0SNOCSun Aug 14 1994Browning, BOSS and BAR feedback
6152.04WMOIS::CHARTIER_DWed Aug 17 1994Bank of Boulder
6153.0DELNI::PASCHALThu Aug 18 1994Progress???
6154.07BRAT::BIONDIThu Aug 18 1994What Is This AR15?
6155.06RANGER::WASSERSat Aug 20 1994Get the President to certify your shooting practice...
6157.082IRNBRU::MACPHERSONTue Aug 23 1994Clinton's Crime Bill
6158.010SUBPAC::SADINTue Aug 23 1994Ammo with serial numbers? right...
6162.08NYOSS1::SCANLANThu Aug 25 1994hypothetically experience...
6163.020CXCAD::COLECCHIThu Aug 25 1994When is a patriot a terrorist?
6164.01OTOPFri Aug 26 1994Boycott Baretta
6166.05WRKSYS::CAMUSOFri Aug 26 1994CCW from state to state?
6168.08NYOSS1::SCANLANMon Aug 29 1994PO P12 recoil spring & guide ???
6170.05NYOSS1::SCANLANTue Aug 30 1994info on comm. loaded ammo
6171.0DELNI::MCGORRILLWed Aug 31 199445ACP Combat load stats!
6172.015CSC32::D_STUARTWed Aug 31 1994hercules powder
6174.013WRKSYS::CAMUSOThu Sep 01 1994Glock vs. S&W
6176.08TAMDNO::WHITMANTue Sep 06 1994Resizing Military Brass
6178.020BSS::H_SOLOMONTue Sep 06 19941994 Colo. elections & RKBA
6179.04TAMDNO::WHITMANWed Sep 07 1994AMT .45 BACKUP
6180.010MCITS1::TEJAWed Sep 07 1994Used Rifles???
6181.011CALDEC::RAHFri Sep 09 1994Nagant Gas - Seal Revolvers
6183.011CALDEC::RAHMon Sep 12 1994Colt AR15 scopes - any good?
6184.014IRNBRU::MACPHERSONThu Sep 15 1994Effects of magazine ban
6185.07MSDOA::SEATSThu Sep 15 1994Bermuda Anyone?
6186.011CXCAD::COLECCHIThu Sep 15 1994Looking for good powder for 357mag reloads
6187.01DNEAST::CURAVOO_GARYFri Sep 16 1994H K
6188.014ELWOOD::GATHFri Sep 16 1994Does H11
6190.032WRKSYS::CAMUSOMon Sep 19 1994jacketed or no?
6191.03BIGQ::GULDNERThu Sep 22 1994Safety/Handling Course
6192.04CSC32::R_RHODESThu Sep 22 1994Reloadable 22 Mag...
6193.03MSDOA::HICKSTFri Sep 23 1994value of Weatherby Vanguard 3
6194.01CXDOCS::KNIGHTINGFri Sep 23 1994Reloading .35 Whelan
6197.09MROA::JMAYMon Sep 26 1994Mold/Mildew/chea-pets?HELP!
6200.08SUBPAC::SADINFri Sep 30 1994S349, Lobby Reform Act
6201.04MSDOA::HICKSTFri Sep 30 1994Whazzis new long-range bolt hand thingummy?
6202.04VMSNET::RRICKMon Oct 03 1994Replacement of 'restricted' parts?
6203.06SNOCTue Oct 04 1994Mail Order Suggestions
6204.013SUBPAC::SADINTue Oct 04 1994U.S. trying to stem arms flow!
6205.06TAMDNO::WHITMANWed Oct 05 1994Firearms related E-mail addresses
6206.022CAPNET::ROSCHWed Oct 05 1994Poached Pistol
6207.017ROWLET::AINSLEYFri Oct 07 1994Help me avoid looking like a fool at a gun show
6208.033ROWLET::AINSLEYFri Oct 07 1994Home security systems and firearms
6209.02TAMDNO::WHITMANMon Oct 10 1994Ramp job on a lever action carbine
6211.01DECLNE::WATKINSTue Oct 11 1994NAPO
6212.0SUBPAC::SADINFri Oct 14 1994New Declaration of Independence
6213.05ZEKE::SMITHTue Oct 18 1994Sharps rifles & replica's
6214.03TPWORM::BRYANTWed Oct 19 1994ABA in favor of more gun control
6216.06GENRAL::KILGOREMon Oct 24 1994Criminals input hunting info into computers in CO
6217.0--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 24 1994Markey needs to lose.
6219.01328Wed Oct 26 1994Inheritance & Transfers
6220.03AKOCOA::SECURITYSun Oct 30 1994old winchester pistol info needed
6222.025SSDEVO::PEAKS::LILAKTue Nov 01 1994The Whitehouse Incident
6224.02GRANPA::WHITMANAWed Nov 02 1994Rossi
6226.0126MARKO::MCKENZIEWed Nov 09 1994Election '94 results and comments.
6227.010DNEAST::CURAVOO_GARYThu Nov 10 1994Need help identifying rifle
6230.06SUBPAC::SADINFri Nov 11 1994New Survey on guns! 2
6231.07MIGHTY::WILLIAMSFri Nov 11 1994Anyone know about Anthony Silva?
6233.07ZEKE::MAURERWed Nov 23 1994Citizen's Self Defense Act (HR1276)
6235.02HIGHD::MELENDEZTue Nov 29 1994California State Militia !
6236.01ZEKE::MAURERMon Dec 05 1994Looking for a book
6237.033TAMDNO::WHITMANWed Dec 07 1994Exotic ammo??
6238.016PEAKS::LILAKThu Dec 08 1994Delicious Irony in Colo.
6239.01GENRAL::KILGORETue Dec 13 1994SWARM (Women's group) - Lobbying for CC Rights in CO
6241.05VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKSun Dec 18 1994The Brass Exchange
6244.052ROWLET::AINSLEYTue Dec 27 1994Letter to the Editor
6245.031STNKBG::MELENDEZFri Dec 30 1994Gunman in boston shoots Two abortion Clinics
6247.03STAR::BUDAThu Jan 05 1995Gun magazine Sold at DEC!
6248.06CSC32::J_FELDMANThu Jan 05 1995Rampart range to go commercial
6250.049NOVA::ARNOLDFri Jan 06 1995New Hampshire's "instant background check"
6252.07POBOX::ROGERSSun Jan 08 1995Catastrophic dismantling
6255.08PEAKS::LILAKWed Jan 11 19951995 Colorado Legislative Session
6257.03ZEKE::MAURERWed Jan 11 1995WANTED: small piece of carpet
6258.064SUBPAC::SADINFri Jan 13 1995Gun Ban Repeal Act
6259.03MIGHTY::WILLIAMSFri Jan 13 1995NH Alert: HB 212 - "Children's firearm safety"
6261.06BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMTue Jan 17 1995Rookie BP questions
6263.029MSDOA::HICKSTMon Jan 23 1995EPA attempt to ban lead bullets.
6264.03ZEKE::MAURERMon Jan 23 1995Latest NRA congressional ratings ?
6265.03ZEKE::BIONDITue Jan 24 1995Bushmaster 223 Pistol
6266.07SUBPAC::SADINTue Jan 24 1995CBS and the Killing Fields
6267.027OTOOA::BELLONITue Jan 24 1995Ontario call to join Liberal Party
6268.031TAMDNO::WHITMANWed Jan 25 19951995 State of Union Address
6269.02ZEKE::BIONDIFri Jan 27 1995Accurizing Ruger Mini 3
6270.04POLAR::PERCYFri Jan 27 1995noise pollution controls
6271.0OTOOA::BELLONIWed Feb 01 1995H&R 3
6272.05NWDThu Feb 02 1995Question about CCI .38 +P
6273.06STKAI1::TGUSTAFSSONMon Feb 06 1995Bore lapping?
6275.046CAPNET::ROSCHMon Feb 06 1995Colt Sporter
6276.06ZEKE::MAURERTue Feb 07 1995GO-NH Alert - New Hampshire HB 445
6278.03DV78Tue Feb 07 1995Have TOY guns disappeared?
6279.03TRACTR::WINANSWed Feb 08 1995Surplus Info Needed
6280.0SDTPMM::MESSERWed Feb 08 1995Golden Eagle reliability problems?
6282.054SUBPAC::SADINSat Feb 11 1995Canadian Gun Control!
6283.05VMSNET::RRICKWed Feb 15 19955.45x39mm Russian
6284.05MPGS::WALTHALLThu Feb 16 1995MASS long gun transfers to adjoining states.
6285.04LJSRV2::MATHEWSThu Feb 16 1995Letters of Reference
6286.07POWDML::HOFri Feb 17 1995How to Bore Sight a Rifle
6287.050SUBPAC::SADINWed Feb 22 1995MA to ban 25 firearms!!
6290.02MIMS::HENDERSON_JTue Feb 28 1995C.PARKER Co.
6291.025ZEKE::BIONDIWed Mar 01 19953
6292.024KEPNUT::SIEMINSKIFri Mar 03 1995Cambridge, MA shoot out
6293.015--UnknownUser--Sun Mar 05 19951995 NRA BOARD of Directors election
6294.015POWDML::TAILLONMon Mar 06 1995Official Cowboy Shoot Note
6295.01--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 07 1995High Power and Service Rifle Clinic
6297.01KOALA::DEFELICEThu Mar 09 1995SIG 22
6300.0+982SUBPAC::SADINMon Mar 13 1995NRA Alert/info!
6301.014SUBPAC::SADINMon Mar 13 1995Discussion of NRA postings.
6303.022LUDWIG::BINGWed Mar 15 1995Ruger P94 or Berretta 32F
6304.05WMOIS::CASTIGLIONEWed Mar 15 1995Need feedback on Ruger P9
6306.013TAMDNO::WHITMANMon Mar 20 1995Taurus 6
6307.016MIGHTY::WILLIAMSMon Mar 20 1995NH RSA159 - Concealed Carry Law
6308.03MIGHTY::WILLIAMSTue Mar 21 1995Anyone in Tn?
6311.07NWDMon Mar 27 1995Sub- vs Supersonic question
6313.025AOSG::IANNELLITue Mar 28 1995Sig Sauer P229
6314.020TAMDNO::WHITMANWed Mar 29 1995turkey shoot type events
6315.04BSS::HAYESJWed Mar 29 1995Still another good-bye
6316.011RTL::SALADINOWed Mar 29 1995The mystique of the one-shot-stop
6318.017TAMDNO::WHITMANFri Mar 31 1995Firearms taskforce hearings
6320.03SUBPAC::SADINSun Apr 02 1995Smith & Wesson Model 13 .357mag Carry Gun
6322.033TAMDNO::WHITMANMon Apr 03 1995secure those arms
6323.08SALEM::SILVA_KTue Apr 04 1995notes S&W Airweight 38's
6324.018POBOX::ROGERSTue Apr 04 1995Prodigy Poll on Assault Weapon Ban
6325.07DELNI::PASCHALThu Apr 06 1995Training ??
6326.03SUBPAC::SADINSun Apr 09 1995A tragic tale
6327.022VMSNET::RRICKMon Apr 10 1995Camp Perry 1995
6328.09BIGQ::GULDNERWed Apr 12 1995Selling on Commission
6329.010DECWET::PENNEYMon Apr 17 1995gunplay on the information highway
6331.0CSC32::J_FELDMANMon Apr 17 1995Win 231 going?
6332.08CSC32::J_FELDMANTue Apr 18 1995Who was Ackley, and what did he improve?
6333.0+55TAMDNO::WHITMANTue Apr 18 1995Swedish Mauser M96 & M38 6.5x55
6334.01ZEKE::SMITHThu Apr 20 1995PC Ballistics Programs
6335.02TPWORM::BRYANTThu Apr 20 1995Corbon bulk purchase
6336.07TAMDNO::WHITMANFri Apr 21 1995PSP-25 / Baby Browning clones
6339.0SALEM::LANCTOTMon Apr 24 1995Londonderry outdoor shooting?
6341.043BRAT::BIONDITue Apr 25 1995Guns In The News
6342.01--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 27 1995WARNING WARNING
6343.01--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 27 1995Junior Smallbore Outdoor Match
6344.03CSC32::J_FELDMANThu Apr 27 1995Lyman 55 powder measure questions
6348.02EEMELI::SALMINENWed May 10 1995Goodbye and thank you!
6349.04--UnknownUser--Mon May 15 1995Warning
6350.01BIGQ::GULDNERThu May 18 1995Fox Stirlingworth Value?
6351.05SALEM::PAPPALARDOFri May 19 1995HUNTING Files NEW Home address
6353.03NETCAD::SHERMANTue May 23 19951
6354.0KAHALA::KINGSLEYThu May 25 1995Value of Rem 7
6355.028NWDTue May 30 1995How hot is too hot?
6356.015DLOWed May 31 1995.338-8Mag Info??
6357.01IMTDEV::READFWed May 31 1995Old back issues of AR available in Colo.
6358.09DECWET::LOWEThu Jun 01 1995Mountain lion control in Calif
6359.04FOUNDR::CRAIGSun Jun 04 1995Lawyer recommendation for routine work?
6361.010MARKO::MCKENZIEWed Jun 07 1995Anti-terrorism Bill, taggants, and reloading.
6363.010HOTLNE::BURTWed Jun 07 199514 Signposts to Slavery
6364.01TRUCKS::GAILANNWed Jun 14 1995Back Issues of Game Shooting Magazines.....
6365.03SMURF::SUITORWed Jun 14 1995Shooting Related Web Sites
6367.05DOCTP::KELLERThu Jun 15 1995The Armed Citizen
6368.0CSC32::J_MAUTINOThu Jun 15 1995Colorado Springs Firearms Training
6369.0+20SUBPAC::SADINThu Jun 22 1995Beretta .25acp Model 21
6370.022TIMMY::FORSONFri Jun 23 1995Buying back your own stolen gun
6372.01MIGHTY::WILLIAMSFri Jun 23 1995NH - Congressman Bass needs to hear from you
6373.027ROWLET::AINSLEYMon Jun 26 1995Beretta 84F
6374.011MILKWY::RENThu Jun 29 1995RKBA Personal Name Complaints?
6375.016STOWOA::VANOFri Jun 30 1995Pardini & M41
6376.07AD::DBROWNFri Jun 30 1995Guns: reporter seeks sources -- Lets help him some.
6377.0FOUNDR::CRAIGSun Jul 02 1995FBI's latest ammo test results
6378.017BRUMMY::JOHNSTONMon Jul 03 1995Idiot's Guide to Shotguns
6379.05GENRAL::KILGOREFri Jul 07 1995What would the NRA say about this book?
6380.02ROWLET::AINSLEYMon Jul 10 1995BATF Raid in Boston?
6381.021STAR::BUDAMon Jul 10 1995Gun records kept by local police?
6382.03SMURF::GLUMACWed Jul 12 1995Help with Marlin Glenfield 6
6383.06NWDWed Jul 12 1995.14 caliber rifle
6384.04SUBPAC::BJUBINVILLEThu Jul 13 1995Mass. hunting/fishing license on the rise in '96
6385.0RTL::SALADINOMon Jul 17 1995The new baby Sigma (.38
6386.09ZEKE::MAURERThu Jul 20 1995Where to shoot in/near Corcord, NH ?
6387.04ZEKE::MAURERThu Jul 20 1995Union Leader headline: "Digital gunsmith sells out, goes mainstream" :-)
6388.0PEAKS::OAKEYFri Jul 21 1995Tread Model 2
6389.02PEAKS::OAKEYMon Jul 24 1995Pen Guns for ultimate concealement
6390.02WONDER::CONSLT::WOLFWed Jul 26 1995Pulling Bullets/Bullet Pullers
6391.04MCITS1::TEJAWed Jul 26 1995Another what should I buy question.
6392.017CSC32::J_HENSONWed Jul 26 1995Winchester Model 7
6393.09ZEKE::SMITHFri Jul 28 1995B-Square shotgun scope mounts?
6394.02CSC32::SCHIMPFSat Jul 29 1995High Standard info sought
6395.01STRATA::FRIBERGMon Jul 31 1995Pistol transport question.
6396.017CAPNET::ROSCHTue Aug 01 1995Why the M1 Carbine?
6397.011PEAKS::OAKEYFri Aug 04 1995I need help finding these discussions
6398.04GRANPA::MWANNEMACHERWed Aug 09 1995S&W Sigma in .38
6399.034DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Aug 09 19951898 German Mauser questions
6400.06TAMDNO::WHITMANMon Aug 14 1995Kel-Tec P11 9mm DAO pistol
6401.012OTOOA::BELLONITue Aug 15 1995Ammunition in Nashua
6403.03GRANPA::MWANNEMACHERFri Aug 18 1995;') ;')
6404.06POBOX::ROGERSTue Aug 22 1995A question from Mike Hohwy
6405.03SALEM::PAPPALARDOThu Aug 31 1995.5
6406.04POWDML::TAILLONThu Aug 31 1995Part I - They still don't all go in the Black!
6407.01HYLNDR::REILLYWed Sep 06 1995Women Self-Defense class
6408.03RTL::SALADINOWed Sep 06 1995Upcoming shows
6409.03PERFOM::GREENWALDFri Sep 08 1995Question on .222 Remington vs. .223 Remington
6410.018WRKSYS::CAMUSOTue Sep 12 1995FFL needed to xfr shotgun?
6411.01CSC32::SCHIMPFFri Sep 15 1995Marlin .218 Bee ???
6413.05TIMMY::FORSONWed Sep 20 1995internet locations for parts and pricing
6415.01CAPNET::ROSCHThu Sep 21 1995Barney Silhouette
6416.08TAMDNO::WHITMANTue Sep 26 1995here try my gun - club event
6417.025ZEKE::SMITHThu Sep 28 1995Ruger #1 single shot rifles
6418.016MINOTR::BANCROFTThu Sep 28 1995Lefty bolt action
6419.03AOSG::IANNELLIFri Sep 29 1995After many years I must bid you adieu
6420.01CSC32::J_MCCLELLANDSat Sep 30 1995Questions on an old caplock
6421.02PEAKS::LILAKWed Oct 04 1995Ruger M77 Scope question.
6422.07CAPNET::ROSCHThu Oct 05 1995Remington shotgun barrel claims
6423.024MCITS1::TEJAFri Oct 06 1995I just bought a rifle. How did I do?
6424.01STAR::BUDATue Oct 10 1995TV Program on NH Public TV...
6425.04WMOIS::GIROUARD_CFri Oct 13 1995.22 Erfurt Luger
6426.021BRAT::VAILLANCOURTTue Oct 17 1995British 3
6428.03CAPNET::ROSCHThu Oct 19 1995Don't worry, be happy
6429.01TIS::HAMBURGERThu Oct 19 1995Symposium on Militias in MA
6430.043ALFSS1::NEWSHAMMon Oct 23 1995Amos Hamburger
6431.050ROWLET::AINSLEYMon Oct 23 1995How can we honor Amos?
6432.0+62CAPNET::ROSCHTue Oct 10 1995Enhanced penalities for various crimes discussion
6433.0+62--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 24 1995What is it worth...???
6434.08SDTPMM::MESSERMon Oct 30 1995M1911 carry - use Colt or SA frame?
6436.022USDEV::DLORADITCHMon Oct 30 19953
6437.07SUBSYS::WATSONThu Nov 02 1995Sportsman's Den on 1
6438.02MAIL2::KOSTARASThu Nov 02 1995S&W Mdl 13 question
6439.04ICS::WALKERFri Nov 03 1995Looking for Souther NH firing ranges
6440.03SMURF::SUITORWed Nov 08 1995Postal Matches Available on the Internet
6441.031SUBPAC::SADINTue Nov 14 1995Insults and comebacks...:*)
6442.010BEMUS::KELLEYMon Nov 27 1995Are there any handgun enthusiasts in this area?
6443.03CSC32::HADDOCKTue Nov 28 1995The passing of a "gunner"--RIP
6444.013RTL::SALADINOTue Nov 28 1995New SIG P239
6445.03DPDMAI::EYSTERFri Dec 01 1995Tex says "goodbye" and thanks
6447.013PEAKS::OAKEYFri Dec 01 1995Who's going to be at the SHOT show?
6448.03ACISS2::SHOESMITHMon Dec 04 1995To Weatherby (vgx) or not to Weatherby...
6449.017OTOP89::"belloni@otopMon Dec 04 1995Ho ho season, you been bad little boys and girls
6450.013USCTR1::pelkey.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyTue Dec 05 1995help, need info on selling firearms
6451.07SDTPMM::MESSERWed Dec 06 1995Closing of Riley's indoor range?
6452.0+12VMSNET::RRICKThu Dec 07 1995Highpower Rifle Match Schedules
6453.07CSSREG::LAMYThu Dec 07 1995ALCAN AL-5 Powder Info Wanted
6454.052BSS::PROCTOR_RThu Dec 14 1995M1 <-> M1A differences? (Long version ,please>
6455.029GRANPA::MWANNEMACHERFri Dec 15 1995The generic what is it note
6456.054BSS::PROCTOR_RFri Dec 15 1995The Enfields (revisited elsewhere in this conf...)
6457.08BSS::PROCTOR_RSat Dec 16 1995Ammo for French MAS Mle 1936?
6458.08BEMUS::KELLEYMon Dec 18 1995Gun books
6459.011BSS::PROCTOR_RTue Dec 19 1995FFL FAQs
6460.025BSS::PROCTOR_RWed Dec 20 1995Dear New-Year's-Fairy, What I want for 1996 is...
6461.016STOWOA::ROSCHTue Dec 26 1995.22 Shoot Ideas?
6462.03VMSNET::RRICKTue Dec 26 1995Steyr sold to Daewoo
6463.01STAR::BUDATue Dec 26 1995Class III Mailing List
6464.01NYOSS1::DILLARDTue Dec 26 1995Sportsmans Challenge Weapons?
6465.033ZEKE::SMITHThu Dec 28 19953
6466.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 03 1996A bullet is a bullet is a bullet?
6468.032GENRAL::KILGORETue Jan 16 1996Candidates -- where do they stand re: RKBA?
6469.013BEMUS::KELLEYTue Jan 16 1996Dan Wesson owners?
6470.07MAIL2::KOSTARASFri Jan 19 1996.223
6471.028BSS::PROCTOR_RTue Jan 23 1996Dear Heloise...
6472.04ICS::WALKERMon Jan 29 1996Looking for Winch West 32/2
6473.07FREEBE::SIMONSWed Jan 31 1996Camp Perry 1996
6474.031BSS::PROCTOR_RFri Feb 02 1996What's YOUR Favorite excuse/story/lie/??
6475.011CONSLT::SIEMINSKIMon Feb 05 1996Savage-Anschutz Model 64 - value?
6476.06BSS::PROCTOR_RMon Feb 05 1996 The First (and Last) Annual Flee Market?
6477.06CXOSI::tempst.cxo.dec.com::DtejaTue Feb 06 1996Reloading: some success and more questions
6478.01SALEM::ANNESEThu Feb 08 1996Gunsmith needed Nashua N.H.area
6479.010SNOFS1::HAGARTYDSun Feb 11 1996Remington Sendero Report
6480.03MKODEV::CALVETTIWed Feb 14 1996TUARUS PT22 trigger questions
6481.0ZEKE::SMITHWed Feb 14 1996Handloader/Rifle Backissues
6482.011WMOIS::CASTIGLIONEThu Feb 15 1996Need advice???
6483.05MIMS::HENDERSON_JThu Feb 15 1996FTC is after us now
6484.02VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKMon Feb 19 1996Firearms mfg.s and Stock Car Racing
6485.09MPGS::NIKITASTue Feb 20 1996Beretta 92f vs 92FS
6486.03MPGS::NIKITASTue Feb 20 1996National Coalition Against Domestic Violence?
6487.02SALEM::ANNESEWed Feb 21 1996Wanted barrels for Remington 11
6488.011MIMS::HENDERSON_JThu Feb 22 1996Firearms in the News
6490.04BIGQ::GULDNERTue Feb 27 1996Lyman Address?
6491.028SCOMAN::BINGFri Mar 01 1996Wildlife protection act
6492.0+38SUBPAC::SADINSun Mar 03 1996Beretta "Tomcat" .32acp pocket pistol!
6493.01VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKWed Mar 06 1996Interviewing for a LTC :^|
6495.03NOTAPC::MILLERTue Mar 12 1996Bear Claw/Elk Creek Source ?
6496.06STRATA::CARROLLSat Mar 16 1996S.& W.MODEL 17
6497.02SUBPAC::SADINTue Mar 19 1996N.H. town BANS all firearms!!!
6498.024CSC32::J_HENSONTue Mar 19 1996Scotland?
6499.01TAMDNO::WHITMANWed Mar 20 1996Gun-Bowling - a new shooting game
6501.05MRKTNG::CLANCYThu Mar 21 1996 Who makes the best brass?
6502.0107ALFSS2::HENDERSON_JWed Mar 27 1996Waco in Montana?
6503.09ALFSS2::HENDERSON_JThu Mar 28 1996Winchester Collect'n
6504.0+10LJSRV2::HAMILTONFri Apr 05 1996Amos Hamburger Estate Auction
6505.025NEWVAX::WHITMANMon Apr 08 1996Conspiracy theory?
6506.01TPWORM::BRYANTWed Apr 10 1996Glock 27
6507.01NWDThu Apr 11 1996Black Hills Odor
6508.08MIGHTY::WILLIAMSFri Apr 12 1996Time to hit the road
6509.010MAIL1::KOSTARASMon Apr 15 1996Help with 12ga recoil
6510.014BOOKIE::FALLETWed Apr 17 1996Kleck and Forida statistics
6511.02PEAKS::LILAKFri Apr 19 1996Farewell, Friends. Publius Departs
6512.02RUSURE::ZAHAREEThu May 02 1996Stephen Halbrook / GONH Banquet
6515.0+91PEAKS::OAKEYFri May 10 1996The making of a gun ban -- Australia
6517.02--UnknownUser--Fri May 10 1996Walther P-38 9mm
6518.08AWECIM::SCALZISat May 11 1996New Massachusetts Bill to outlaw Laser sights
6520.08SKETCH::DOWSEThu May 16 1996Franchi SPAS 12 Price?
6521.023WOTVAX::WILLIAMSMFri May 17 1996Ball fired, ball falling
6522.018WONDER::CASABONATue May 21 1996S&W mod 27 - Nickel ?
6523.05--UnknownUser--Wed May 22 1996Obit for NRA member Al Phenix
6524.0MAIL2::KOSTARASWed May 29 1996Dillon w/Lee Bullet Feed?
6525.06SMURF::MJVGWed May 29 1996Question on American Derringer
6526.06SOLVIT::CHENThu May 30 1996Help needed: Shipping Amo
6527.0143GMC::KEITHFri May 31 1996Strafford Hollow MG shoot
6528.03MPGS::NIKITASFri Jun 07 1996Corky's father passed away last night
6529.01BECALM::NYLANDERFri Jun 14 1996Bye
6530.012SUBPAC::SADINMon Jun 17 1996PANIC TIME!
6531.0+12NEWVAX::WHITMANFri Jun 21 1996Remington 12 ga class action suit settled
6532.03FOUNDR::DERIEMon Jun 24 1996Looking for 6.5 Remington Mag.
6533.020SUBSYS::NEUMYERTue Jun 25 1996Shooting events at the Olympics
6534.0CSC32::SCHIMPFSun Jul 14 1996Trade for Gun Item
6535.01AIAG::MILLERTue Jul 16 1996SIG Promo Sale
6536.01BSS::PROCTOR_RWed Jul 17 1996Sig/Browning 9mm
6537.03PEAKS::OAKEYSun Jul 28 1996Anyone got a tape of Friday night's Olympic coverage?
6538.02WOTVAX::JOHNSTONMon Jul 29 1996Beretta Silver Pigeon
6539.014BULEAN::MCGORRILLTue Jul 30 1996Child proof guns, ban Saturday night specials
6540.07BSS::PROCTOR_RMon Aug 05 1996Relettering a piece?
6542.010SALEM::PAPPALARDOTue Aug 06 1996Mass Bill# ????????
6543.02ALFSS2::HENDERSON_JTue Aug 13 1996Weatherby,Arisaka?????
6544.011MAIL1::KOSTARASThu Aug 15 1996Out of State Resident Sales in Mass???
6545.06FOR2Thu Aug 15 1996Colt 1911A1
6546.0ALFSS2::HENDERSON_JTue Aug 20 1996Colt New Service 44-4
6547.0STAR::CAMUSOTue Aug 20 1996Vote Against Gun Control
6549.04BIGQ::GULDNERTue Aug 27 1996Second Ammendment Foundation
6550.0PCBUOA::DIMASCIORThu Aug 29 1996Marui Airsoft Guns?
6551.0ALFSS2::HENDERSON_JFri Aug 30 1996Ruger Full Flap Shuck
6552.015VMSNET::RRICKFri Aug 30 1996Moly coated bullets
6553.010BSS::PROCTOR_RTue Sep 03 1996Who wants a Better Brass Trap?
6554.017ROWLET::AINSLEYWed Sep 04 1996Goodbye
6555.0+23CSC32::J_HENSONTue Sep 17 1996Domestic violence / Brady II
6556.0FOUNDR::CRAIGWed Sep 18 1996RKBA-aware roofer?
6557.0CSC32::J_FELDMANMon Sep 23 1996Feds after sales tax records
6558.0+16STAR::CAMUSOThu Sep 26 1996NH Needs Your Help!
6559.0129BSS::PROCTOR_RMon Oct 07 1996*If* Bill gets reelected, we can expect....
6560.06FOUNDR::CRAIGMon Oct 14 1996Clinton/Gone '96 sign?
6561.01PEAKS::OAKEYMon Oct 14 1996Pro-gun companies
6562.04BSS::PROCTOR_RTue Oct 15 1996Today's bleary question re: flash hiders
6563.045PGREEN::RICHARDSThu Oct 17 1996Draconian UK Legislation
6564.01RUSURE::ZAHAREEMon Oct 21 1996Nashua Fish & Game Association Information
6565.0BSS::PROCTOR_RThu Oct 24 1996Spanish .3
6565.05TALLIS::MARRAThu Oct 31 1996Kahr 4
6566.03TALLIS::MARRATue Nov 05 1996Zanotti Armor Safes at Heritage Firearms Nov6
6567.038BSS::PROCTOR_RThu Nov 07 1996How can I clean rusty/stained/ugly ammo?
6568.0AIAG::MILLERMon Nov 11 1996'93 or '94 Browning catalog ?
6569.09FOUNDR::CRAIGWed Nov 13 1996Advice on slaughtering steer?
6570.01PATS::RICHARDSONWed Nov 20 1996Re: Winchester MFG dates.
6571.02CSC32::J_HENSONThu Nov 21 199622 SEMIs - why so cheap?
6572.023BIGQ::GULDNERWed Nov 27 1996Latest Propsed Ban
6573.09PENUTS::LOUDERMILCHWed Dec 04 1996Turning the Corner
6575.049CSC32::J_FELDMANTue Dec 10 1996AT&T and HCI
6576.0+73SBUOA::MARINIFri Dec 13 1996The Combat/Defensive shotgun
6577.02CSC32::D_STUARTMon Dec 30 1996FOP and Clintons election\
6578.011ALFSS2::EBBITT_RSat Jan 04 1997Walther .22 Cal Mags
6581.0BIGQ::GULDNERTue Jan 07 1997Colt Exhibition in Hartford
6581.0+16PCBUOA::PLUMLEYHMon Jan 13 1997Horton's closing shop
6582.04BSS::PROCTOR_RMon Jan 13 1997Krag 1898 - Grandfather of US Military Rifles..
6584.0NEWVAX::WHITMANThu Jan 16 1997Colt "Pony" DAO .38
6585.01ALFA2::MCGINNISTue Jan 21 19971831 Gun manufactured by Sutt
6586.0SSDEVO::COLECCHIWed Jan 22 1997S&W model 39
6587.0 *+12PEAKS::KNIGHTINGTue Jan 28 1997Fluted vs unfluted cylinder
6588.0 *+7TRIODE::SMOOTWed Jan 29 1997Need help in identifying this rifle...
6589.0 *+1OASS::SOBCZYNSKI_LWed Feb 05 1997IRS requests list of NRA membership
6590.0 *+4SBUOA::MECLERWed Feb 05 1997Garand Collectible
6591.0 *+3MAIL1::KOSTARASFri Feb 07 1997Ranger Rifle Mystery
6592.0 *+1STOWOA::MCNULTY_MMon Feb 10 1997value of a Browning semi...
6593.0 *VMSNET::RRICKThu Feb 20 1997Rocky Mtn Palma & Colo Rifle Club Matches
6594.0 *+3PCBUOA::PLUMLEYHTue Feb 25 1997Acton Trap/Skeet
6595.0 *BUSY::JWHITTEMOREFri Feb 28 1997Words to live by.....
6596.0 *VMSNET::RRICKFri Feb 28 1997AR15 Clinic by AMU at Ft. Benning
6597.0 *+11CSC32::HADDOCKTue Mar 11 1997Springfield "loaded" M1A.
6598.0 *+4VMSNET::RRICKFri Mar 14 19971997 High Power Rifle Competitions
6599.0 *+7STAR::CAMUSOMon Mar 17 1997Not a Gun Control Law
6599.0 *CSC32::SCHIMPFSun Mar 16 1997.12 Guage Home defense system
6600.0 *SSDEVO::COLECCHIMon Mar 17 1997Need estimates of value for a private collection
6601.0 *+2SALEM::PAPPALARDO_RFri Mar 21 1997Wanted- Extractor for 1936 Mexican Mauser
6602.0 *+5PEAKS::OAKEYMon Mar 24 1997Colorado NRA Courses
6603.0 *+32NWDThu Mar 27 1997H.R.339..for or against?
6604.0 *+3BLAKFT::KINGSLEYMon Mar 31 1997Thompson Center Arms Burns!!
6605.0 *+5SALEM::MAZEROLLETue Apr 01 1997Sporting Clays Fun shoot 4/26/97
6606.0 *ALFSS2::HENDERSON_JThu Apr 03 1997New set of Texan Rebels
6606.0 *+21JANVAX::NERLSun Apr 06 1997Pistol ownership requirements
6607.0 *+1ALFSS2::HENDERSON_JMon Apr 14 1997Ethan Allen??
6608.0 *+2ALFSS1::NEWSHAMTue Apr 29 1997S&W Model 317
6609.0 *+2PEAKS::OAKEYFri May 09 1997Colorado Events
6610.0 *+5NETCAD::MCGRATHThu May 15 1997MASS - Criminal Justice Hearing
6611.0 *+8PEAKS::OAKEYFri May 16 1997Bye bye concealed carry. Senate bill 7
6612.0 *+10MAIL2::KOSTARASTue May 20 1997Is the worthwhile?
6613.0 *ASIC::RANDOLPHWed May 21 1997Mass Department of Public Safety address
6614.0 *+51CXOSI::TEJAFri May 23 1997Moses and the 2nd Ammendment
6615.0 *+4CXOSI::TEJAFri May 23 1997Scope adjustment
6616.0 *+5BSS::PROCTOR_RWed May 28 1997MTV video: Treat with respect...