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Conference forty2::x400-support-information

Title:X.400 Support Information
Notice:Conference Read-only - see note #706.*
Created:Tue Jul 14 1987
Last Modified:Fri Jul 17 1992
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:714
Total number of notes:2397
Number with bodies:0
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1.04RDGENG::MAILBUSMon Oct 24 1988Welcome - Moderator's Notes and Comments
3.01FORTY2::FOXFri Jul 17 1987Keywords
4.0FORTY2::FOXMon Jul 20 1987X.4
5.02SHIRE::WENGERThu Jul 30 1987MRX - Research networks
7.05FORTY2::ROBLESTue Aug 04 1987Interworking Hints
8.0LESLIE::LESLIEWed Aug 05 1987Problems with Carriers
9.0FORTY2::FOXTue Aug 11 1987Comparison matrix for all 4 X.4
10.07MARVIN::LBARKERThu Aug 13 1987X.4
11.0LESLIE::LESLIESat Aug 22 1987Don't stop OSAK$TRACE when used with MRX
12.05HSKTue Sep 15 1987MHS Products
14.07NEWVAX::ROMMTue Sep 22 1987X.4
16.03BERNThu Oct 08 1987PerRecipientFlag, UTCTime
17.0113RDGENG::LESLIEThu Oct 08 1987Sign here...
18.01MOSSAD::GREGMon Oct 12 1987Differences between ISO 8225 and X.4
19.01LESLIE::LESLIETue Oct 13 1987X4
20.09LESLIE::LESLIETue Oct 13 1987What are you/your customers doing with X4
21.02HERON::WENGERMon Oct 19 1987X.4
22.01CHEFS::KEMPSTERWed Oct 21 1987X.4
23.01BISTRO::KELLEHERFri Oct 23 1987MTACONTROL = 2 = NL:
24.0LESLIE::LESLIEMon Nov 02 1987Successful installation at Georgia-Pacific
25.04LESLIE::LESLIEFri Nov 06 1987Telecom '87 Report
26.01HERON::WENGERFri Nov 13 1987Help for ISO MHS references
27.02LESLIE::LESLIETue Nov 17 1987Probe Messages
29.01FORTY2::FOXFri Nov 20 1987Requst for an ATLAS 4
30.0HERON::WENGERMon Nov 23 1987BT's GOLD/4
31.01HERON::WENGERTue Nov 24 1987BULL
32.01SRFSUP::UDICKWed Nov 25 1987Names/Addresses Updated?
33.01SRFSUP::UDICKWed Nov 25 1987Good Info. Sources ? Status?
34.05HERON::WENGERWed Dec 02 1987Multi-vendor domain questions
35.0HSKFri Dec 04 19875th RARE WG1 Meeting
36.02HSKSun Dec 06 1987EAN & IBM Interworking
37.01HERON::WENGERMon Dec 14 1987MAILBUS/X.4
38.02MUNICH::RUDDATWed Dec 16 1987Telecom 87 & X.4
39.01BERNWed Dec 23 1987OSAKTRACE
40.01KAOSWed Dec 23 1987Telecom Canada - EnvoyMHS
41.03LESLIE::LESLIEThu Jan 14 1988MRX V2.
42.0BISTRO::KELLEHERFri Jan 15 1988Son of COSINET
43.01BERNThu Jan 21 1988size of the external (and internal) mta name
44.01BERNThu Jan 21 1988PerMessageFlag and empty BitString
45.03FORTY2::MCCARTHYThu Jan 21 1988MRX V2.
46.014TAMRC::ROMMWed Jan 27 1988multivendor network
47.03MUNICH::RUDDATWed Jan 27 1988X.4
48.07LESLIE::LESLIETue Feb 02 1988Phase
49.0BERNWed Feb 03 1988P2 conformance tests
50.01BERNWed Feb 03 1988Is SFD possible?
51.07OASS::HCRAWLEYFri Feb 05 1988WPS+ bolding, underlining, through MRX 2.
52.04BISTRO::KELLEHERWed Feb 10 1988ATLAS interworking
53.01BISTRO::KELLEHERThu Feb 11 1988Hidden Powers...
54.06LESLIE::LESLIEThu Feb 11 1988Choosing between MR/Profs and MRX
55.01OASS::HCRAWLEYMon Feb 15 1988MRX 1.1 can't pick up WPS+ from MR 2.1
56.0GIDDAY::LOCHRINTue Feb 16 1988MRX V2.
57.04GRANMA::VLEONARDThu Feb 18 1988MRX conversions and grade of delivery
58.01GRANMA::VLEONARDThu Feb 18 1988MRX vs. MR time format
59.05GRANMA::VLEONARDThu Feb 18 1988MRX interconnection questions
60.03HSKFri Feb 19 1988Public X.4
61.02FORTY2::BOONHAMFri Feb 19 1988Calling all MHS Conformance Testers
62.01GRANMA::VLEONARDTue Feb 23 1988MRX and duplicate DDAs
63.03UTRTSC::SETTELSThu Mar 03 1988WPS+, but not for X.4
64.01DISSRV::HUNGFri Mar 04 1988VOTS/PSI profile?
65.015HSKTue Mar 08 1988Anybody seen RETIX X.4
66.08AHTOE::COHENMon Mar 14 1988Data General CEO via x.4
68.02TRCTWed Mar 16 1988M/R needed with MR/X ?
69.0GUCCI::ESTEKIWed Mar 16 1988X.4
70.01COPThu Mar 17 1988MRX and PSI security....
71.0FORTY2::AMOSMon Mar 21 1988Patch for MRX V2.
72.01DPDMAI::RESENDEMon Mar 21 1988DCA/RFT and .WPL Translation - what's lost?
73.02ZPOVThu Mar 24 1988MR vs X.4
74.01USHSTue Mar 29 1988x.4
75.01OASS::HCRAWLEYTue Mar 29 1988MRX 1.1 installation fails without PSI
76.0BISTRO::KELLEHERWed Mar 30 1988SUN goes x4
77.0BISTRO::KELLEHERWed Mar 30 1988Sweden goes telenet
78.01GUIDUK::GREENThu Mar 31 1988ACCVIO for x4
79.03UTRTSC::SETTELSThu Apr 07 1988MRX X.4
80.0TAMRC::ROMMFri Apr 08 1988Message Text not deleted after WPS+ conversion
81.01HERON::WENGERMon Apr 11 1988Large messages and other questions ...
82.01SKYWAY::BICHSELTue Apr 12 1988MRX accounting
83.01MDRADV::JUANJOCTue Apr 12 1988DEC-DG/CEO and 8 bits
84.017OASS::HCRAWLEYThu Apr 14 1988MRX 2.
85.0HERON::WENGERMon Apr 18 1988Documentation change request
86.020HERON::WENGERMon Apr 18 1988X.4
87.01OASS::HCRAWLEYTue Apr 19 1988ES to IS protocol at Network layer?
88.05FORTY2::AMOSWed Apr 20 1988Teletex and MRX\
89.01MUNICH::RUDDATThu Apr 21 1988Telex/Teletex X.121 number
90.04MUNICH::DITEThu Apr 21 1988CheckpointSize - X.41
91.02MUNICH::KLOEPPERThu Apr 21 1988MRX V2.
92.0MUNICH::KLOEPPERThu Apr 21 19881=NN::2=" " ... ???
93.08FORTY2::PANDHAThu Apr 21 1988X4
94.03SHIRE::BARTAMon Apr 25 1988X.4
95.06ULYSSE::MCCORMICKMon Apr 25 1988Problems with subscriber entries in MRX
96.01GUIDUK::GREENWed Apr 27 1988%MRX-E- errors
97.0LESLIE::LESLIEWed Apr 27 1988Pacific Bell offers an X.4
98.0LESLIE::LESLIEThu Apr 28 1988Are you developing MAILbus-related courses?
99.01GUIDUK::GREENFri Apr 29 1988MRS MAP 16 (MRX addressee problem?)
100.02LESLIE::LESLIEFri Apr 29 1988Where to go for Support?
101.02LESLIE::LESLIEFri Apr 29 1988MRX Packaging changes this summer
103.04GUIDUK::GREENTue May 03 1988I say Retry_timer=5 MRX sess says
104.01TRCTTue May 03 1988uVAX 2
105.03MUNICH::KLOEPPERWed May 04 1988GMT_time_offset ?
106.0GUIDUK::GREENThu May 05 1988uncommon upgrade pitfalls MRX
107.0GVAThu May 05 1988X.25 Pricing Information
108.03ROMFri May 06 1988Can we test P1 and P2 separately on MRX ?
109.01PANIC::HOUSTONFri May 06 1988WPS+ attachments via MRX
110.0KERNEL::RWATSONTue May 10 1988NULL ADMD names - how to send them?
111.01SUPTue May 10 1988NBS to X4
112.0LESLIE::LESLIESun May 15 1988MCI announce an X4
113.04TRCTMon May 16 1988VAX OSAKS Documentation?
114.01ROMTue May 17 1988multiple MTA network adresses for an MTA
115.01GIDDAY::AIKINSTue May 17 1988UDA in X4
116.07PANIC::QUINLESSWed May 18 1988MRX connections to multiple ADMDs
117.03HERON::WENGERThu May 19 1988Security exposure with X.29 PAD ?
118.0MDRADV::JUANJOCTue May 24 1988PC-ALL-IN-1 and X.4
119.03MUNICH::RUDDATThu May 26 1988MRX and PTT's
120.03FRAMBO::NICKLASTue May 31 1988MRX and CCITT's 1988 X.4
121.05GVAThu Jun 02 1988Digital PRMD Status and Customers
122.01BERNTue Jun 07 1988no FF in TTX-out!
123.03UTOPIE::ANDREASWed Jun 08 1988RADIO AUSTRIA ordered MRX
124.04BERNTue Jun 14 1988user not authorize to use MRX
125.0UTOPIE::ANDREASWed Jun 15 1988Info on Telebox from RADIO AUSTRIA
126.04THEBAY::SHARPWed Jun 22 1988MRX/VOTS/PSI <-no subaddress-> DG/CEO
127.05OASS::HCRAWLEYThu Jun 23 1988Upper/lower case to UNIX (Sydney Messenger)x4
128.01MDRADV::JUANJOCMon Jun 27 1988MRX V2.
129.02MLNMon Jun 27 1988X.4
130.08TAMRC::ROMMWed Jun 29 1988How does MRX do it in a cluster?
131.03OASS::HCRAWLEYThu Jun 30 1988MRX in a multi-vendor Domain
132.0LESLIE::LESLIEThu Jun 30 1988Digitals official position on X.5
133.03BERNFri Jul 01 1988object identifiers
134.03MDVAX1::SANDERSRFri Jul 01 1988MRX support for compound documents?
135.01TAMRC::ROMMFri Jul 08 1988Cluster alias dispatching
136.03MDVAX1::SANDERSRWed Jul 20 1988MRX-MRX to connect DECnet networks?
137.010BERNMon Jul 25 1988Delivery- and receipt notifications
138.01SKYWAY::BICHSELWed Aug 03 1988Connecting to HPdesk - need urgent help
139.010WELSWS::MCINTOSHMon Aug 08 1988multiple admd's
140.0BERNMon Aug 08 1988interoperability to WANG
141.01KOAL::STRONGWed Aug 10 1988MRX and order of OrgUnits
142.01KOAL::STRONGWed Aug 10 1988DDS domain entry attributes
143.02SUPThu Aug 11 1988MRX Tower / VMS V5.
144.01KERNEL::RWATSONThu Aug 11 1988TSAPs with underscores and IP-message-ID
145.05MUNICH::ROSENBERGERFri Aug 12 1988MRX V2.
146.0BERNFri Aug 19 1988corrupted SCI
147.01MDVAX1::SANDERSRWed Aug 24 1988MRX and NBS X.4
148.02TAMRC::ROMMMon Aug 29 1988discloserecipents in MRX
149.04BERNTue Aug 30 1988again a X.4
150.0LESLIE::LESLIEWed Aug 31 1988NBS Encoding Standard
151.05UTRTSC::SETTELSThu Sep 01 1988MRGATE not authorized by MRXMANAGER....
152.0FRAMBO::NICKLASTue Sep 06 1988German Rail & DEC & X.4
153.04GRANMA::VLEONARDFri Sep 09 1988NBS vs. CEN/CENELEC interworking
155.06AUNTB::BIRMINGHAMTue Sep 13 1988How many simultaneous connections
156.02LESLIE::LESLIETue Sep 13 1988See FORTY2::MAILbus Notes #1161.*
157.09BERNSat Sep 17 1988no outgoing message
158.013UTOPIE::ANDREASTue Sep 20 1988X4
159.05CUJO::CASETue Sep 20 1988Sydney - User Data in X25 Call Packet
160.011BERNTue Sep 20 1988serious lack of VOTS
161.07BERNWed Sep 21 1988double last line
162.04BERNThu Sep 22 1988from where are the n.TXT files?
163.04FORTY2::MCCARTHYThu Sep 22 1988Future support documentation
164.02UTRTSC::SETTELSFri Sep 23 1988Let's meet on the (MAIL)bus
166.05TKOV6Mon Oct 03 1988First MHS public demonstration in Japan.
167.011MDVAX1::SANDERSRTue Oct 04 1988MRX <-> SUN MHS over Ethernet
168.0IAMOK::DEVIVOMon Oct 10 1988A Nordik Folktale ?
169.0BRYAN::ARCHERMon Oct 10 1988No country code for PAC*ITNET
170.02WELSWS::MCINTOSHWed Oct 12 1988Questions from Wang about MR/X ?
171.01BERNThu Oct 13 1988UserMPDU SEQUENCE element missed
172.03UTRTSC::BOERHOUTThu Oct 13 1988MRX$:MRX_DUMPER output to a disk file
173.02BERNFri Oct 14 1988system interface error
174.01MUNICH::ROSENBERGERFri Oct 14 1988Illegal O/R names
175.023BERNSat Oct 15 1988ADMD network
176.01HSKSat Oct 15 1988International ADMD Operators Group
177.01MDRADV::JUANJOCTue Oct 18 1988MRX V2.1 and ISO 6937
178.02MUNICH::ROSENBERGERTue Oct 18 1988MRX V2.1 and 'transparent mode'
179.05ULYSSE::MCCORMICKTue Oct 18 19882
180.01FORTY2::GOULDTue Oct 18 1988Network Kits available
181.02LAIDBK::HAACKWed Oct 19 1988What to order for X.4
182.05BERNThu Oct 20 1988T.61 Bug in MRX
183.08MUNICH::ROSENBERGERThu Oct 20 1988X.4
184.05MUNICH::ROSENBERGERMon Oct 24 1988undocumented MRX feature for MR/Fax ?
185.02BRYAN::ARCHERTue Oct 25 1988PROFS --> Soft Switch --> X.4
186.01MDRADV::JUANJOCTue Oct 25 1988MRX, PSI packet size 128 or 256?
187.0COGMK::SILVAWed Oct 26 1988EDI and X.4
188.07BERNTue Nov 01 1988Encode thread waiting for DDS transaction
190.0BERNFri Nov 04 1988User Directory
191.02DIEHRD::HUNGSun Nov 06 1988Help on DDA translation from MRX to MR
192.01COGMK::SILVAWed Nov 09 1988MRX without MR
193.01OASS::HCRAWLEYFri Nov 11 1988First line of X.4
194.03PANIC::QUINLESSMon Nov 14 1988MRX -> Telemail ADMD
195.0COGMK::SILVATue Nov 15 1988ADMD certification?
196.0TAMRC::ROMMTue Nov 15 1988New release of Telemail 4
197.0DIEHRD::HUNGTue Nov 15 1988PRMD to PRMDs connection
198.01SUPThu Nov 17 1988MRX Implementation, Handled P2 Elelments
199.01GIDDAY::AIKINSMon Nov 21 1988SERVICE_CLASS parameter
200.02MDVAX1::SANDERSRFri Nov 25 1988Repeating text in MRX message
201.0LESLIE::LESLIEFri Nov 25 1988MB$CONFIG/Recover must be done before installing MRX
202.04MUNICH::KLOEPPERWed Nov 30 1988InternalTraceInfo ???
203.04BERNMon Dec 05 1988Reason/Diagnostic codes
204.013KOAL::STRONGThu Dec 15 1988ACCOUNTING & xxxKEEP flags in MRX 2.1
205.0BERNMon Dec 19 1988PROBE
206.02BERNMon Dec 19 1988undefined BodyPart
207.02GYMRC::DAVECMon Dec 19 1988Large records through MRgate to X.4
208.05BERNMon Dec 19 1988X4
209.01UTOPIE::ANDREASTue Dec 20 1988MCI goes ICL ?
210.04MUNICH::BAUMGARTNERWed Dec 21 1988MTA ENTRY without TSAP
211.02GYNMCC::RUDDATTue Dec 27 1988OSI Multi Vendor Demo CeBit '89
212.0UTRTSC::SETTELSFri Jan 06 1989VOTS & OSAK conformance tests
213.06LISVAX::CALADOFri Jan 06 1989X4
214.02STOWMA::HENRYMon Jan 09 1989Problems with external CC's
215.01SUPFri Jan 20 1989MRX V2.
216.05UTOPIE::ANDREASFri Jan 20 1989Tests with Siemens, DTE addr. in Call Accept ?
218.0IAMOK::DEVIVOTue Jan 24 1989US public E-Mail subscriber data
219.03HERON::WENGERTue Jan 24 1989VAX/NOTES over X.4
220.0KOAL::OUTMANTue Jan 24 1989Help on ADMD & Multiple PRMD's
221.01UTRTSC::BOERHOUTFri Jan 27 1989OPCOM operator class for MRX error messages
222.03COGMK::SILVAMon Jan 30 1989message store vs submit and dleivery element?
223.01KAOSTue Jan 31 1989Using DDA's to uniquely identify recipients
224.0SICKO::DUNCANWed Feb 01 1989DG-to-MRX and fwd-IPMs
225.0CUJO::CASEFri Feb 03 1989ACCVIO and Session Layer errors
226.04GIDDAY::LOCHRINFri Feb 03 1989System crash while DDS$TIDY running
227.02GIDDAY::LOCHRINFri Feb 03 1989DDS object protection
228.0KOAL::ANGLINTue Feb 07 1989MRX for intra-domain routing between VAXen?
229.01MAILVX::JBRYSONWed Feb 08 1989Size limit on incoming files?
230.02KOAL::STRONGThu Feb 09 1989MRX drops DeliveryInformation??
231.0BERNTue Feb 14 1989password encoding in test system
232.03AUNTB::BIRMINGHAMTue Feb 14 1989Reason code explanation
233.0VAXWRK::BBERRYTue Feb 14 1989MRX and P5 support?
234.01UTOPIE::ANDREASWed Feb 15 1989Radio Austria will demonstrate ADMD
236.0DUBThu Feb 16 1989X.4
238.0BERNTue Feb 21 1989Nixdorf and X.4
239.03ENUF::CAUDILLTue Feb 28 1989FYI on MRX support guide - OSAK trace info
240.01SHIRE::BARTATue Feb 28 1989The Digital PRMD: documentation
241.012ENUF::CAUDILLThu Mar 16 1989Sessions to TELEMAIL hanging
242.0TAVIS::GABBYMon Mar 27 1989x.4
243.02ACESMK::SILVAMon Mar 27 1989DTEs for X.4
244.04MAIL::SANDERSRSun Apr 02 1989Wang X4
245.01HERON::WENGERWed Apr 05 1989X.4
246.0ODIXIE::WELLISWed Apr 05 1989ALL-IN-1 -> MR -> MRX -> DG -> CEO -> WORDPERFECT
247.02LAIDBK::DIAZWed Apr 12 1989MRX$NOTIFY Problem
248.03TKOV5Wed Apr 26 1989Simple MRREVLOOKUP
249.03EEMELI::VESALAINENWed Apr 26 1989X.4
250.01USHSThu Apr 27 1989Banyan and x4
251.02HERON::WENGERPTue May 02 1989NDN diagnostic interpretation please
252.03KOAL::STRONGTue May 09 1989Name to address translation
253.02GYMRC::DAVECWed May 17 1989Reconnection attempts & timeout
254.02GBLDEV::BUTLERFri May 19 1989What is ISO 6937 char set, how does it relate to ISO LATIN1
255.02MUDIS3::MELLORMon May 22 1989Recipient O/R name processing
256.04INFACT::BEVISWed May 24 1989ATTMAIL configuration question
257.02INFACT::BEVISWed May 24 1989Looking for Digital_PRMD conference
258.03TAVFri Jun 02 1989MRX USERID/ROUTE for recipient params - Domain mbo
259.02BERNMon Jun 05 1989Supported Forms of O/RNames
260.0BERNFri Jun 09 1989frequent problems with the MRX
261.01SHIRE::BARTAFri Jun 09 1989GeoMail/GeoNet, anyone?
262.0TAVSat Jun 17 1989MRX: ORnames for subscribers of other domains?
263.03GIDDAY::LOCHRINThu Jun 22 1989MRX "Cluster_alias" parameter
264.04FOR3::ANGLINTue Jun 27 1989Class 3 MTA?
265.018MUDIS3::MELLORWed Jun 28 1989MRX Relaying
266.01STKHLM::ALINDGRENWed Jun 28 1989Document transfer in Multivendor MHS ?
267.0TRCAFri Jun 30 1989X.4
268.04MUDIS3::MELLORFri Jul 07 1989MRX P2 support
269.02NEWVAX::GOLDSTEINFri Jul 07 1989Question about changing the DTE address later...
270.02HERON::WENGERMon Jul 10 1989Blue book availability
271.0SAGE::CANNONThu Jul 13 1989Who have you interoperated with?
272.01GVAFri Jul 14 1989Blenheim Online Conference
273.0MUDIS3::SCHAUMANNTue Jul 18 1989DDS domain lookup: ambiguous for ADMDs ?
274.01BERNTue Jul 18 1989ASCII vs. IA5
275.01ASDS::CMCDERMOTTTue Jul 18 1989Packet Sizes?
276.04GIDDAY::LOCHRINWed Jul 19 1989MRX routing revisited
277.06HERON::HOOSTEWed Jul 19 1989
278.03HERON::HOOSTEThu Jul 20 1989Relocating MRX
279.05BERNWed Aug 02 1989MRXMAN hang
280.012BERNSun Aug 06 1989FAX as an MTA
281.02MERIDN::DIONNEWed Aug 09 1989Does RETIX require DTE addresses in a CALL ACCEPT?
282.03OASS::HEARNSThu Aug 10 1989Lower case O/R names
283.01ROMFri Aug 11 1989Automatic DDS registration
284.01--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 17 1989running MRX$OSISTRACE not possible
285.0MUDIS3::DIETRICHFri Aug 18 1989MRX conversion tables
286.02BERNTue Aug 22 1989service code 75
287.01BERNThu Aug 24 1989freeformname revised
288.03CANYON::GAETATue Aug 29 1989X4
290.01CANYON::GAETAWed Aug 30 1989MRX session hangs??
291.05BERNThu Aug 31 1989routing on Organization
292.02CANYON::GAETASun Sep 03 1989Illegal Char. processing?
293.0UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Sep 07 1989Should MRX$TUTOR go?
294.01ACESMK::SILVAThu Sep 07 1989X.4
295.06CANYON::GAETAWed Sep 13 1989MR /replace= problem
296.02TKOV5Wed Sep 13 1989Lowercase recipient O/Rname
297.01TRNOIS::ASTRUAThu Sep 14 1989non-standard "content type"
298.0BERNWed Sep 20 1989User Data should be NULL
299.0STKHLM::ALINDGRENThu Sep 21 1989National versions of IA5 ?
301.02MAIL::SANDERSRWed Oct 04 1989MRX on a DDS non-World Search node?
302.08MUDIS3::MELLORMon Oct 09 1989MRX Checkpointing
303.02MDVAX3::HEFFERNThu Oct 19 1989help with SUN installation
304.05VANPYR::BLAKEFri Oct 27 1989Help wanted on MRX files in MRX$
305.02BIS::VANKERKHOVEFri Oct 27 1989MRX Message Delivery Report "feature" ?
306.0COIT::GARRISON_NAMon Oct 30 1989Internet -> X.4
307.017TRNOIS::ASTRUATue Oct 31 1989MRX problem during Relay
308.06MUNICH::ROSENBERGERMon Nov 06 1989Multivendor EDI over X.4
309.012SUBURB::VEALESMon Nov 13 1989Unable to answer.. address too long
310.0TKOV6Tue Nov 14 1989Question about OSAK programming
311.06BERNWed Nov 15 1989reverse charging with a X.4
312.01TAVThu Nov 16 1989Party line for 1988 (Blue Book) recommendation?
313.01SHIRE::BARTASun Nov 19 1989Swiss ADMD live from 1-Jan-199
314.04KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Nov 21 1989
315.03SUBURB::VEALESThu Nov 23 1989Dying MRX process
316.09SUBURB::VEALESFri Nov 24 1989MRX stops logging
317.012LISVAX::CALADOMon Nov 27 1989X.4
318.0OGOMTS::HENRYTue Nov 28 1989Any performance monitoring tools around?
319.03TKOV5Tue Dec 12 1989Interoperability test with PROFS ?
320.0HSOMAI::EATONFri Dec 15 1989Novell x.4
321.02VMSNET::J_BRYSONFri Dec 15 1989Can you repost a .X4
322.0MAIL::SANDERSRMon Dec 18 1989Blind CC support in MRX
323.06KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Dec 19 1989P2 and MRX
324.04OASS::M_HYDEFri Jan 05 1990Can private domains be part of the same DDS network?
325.03CANYON::GAETATue Jan 09 1990DDA Encoding ?
326.01MACNAS::RBROWNETue Jan 16 1990Illegal I/O Function in VOTS IVP
327.06VMSNET::H_HEARNSFri Jan 26 1990Way to Speed Up Gateway
328.02MAIL::SANDERSRWed Jan 31 1990Does HP have 1988 X.4
329.01SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Feb 01 1990MRX 2.1 on a VAXserver (limited interactive users)
330.0VAXWRK::BBERRYThu Feb 01 1990X.4
331.02ACESMK::SILVAMon Feb 05 1990CCITT X.4
332.0BERNWed Feb 07 1990pageFormat is required
333.02SUPMon Feb 19 1990DG DGX4
334.0ROMFri Feb 23 1990MRXMAN>sho session/ACTIVE and /INACTIVE output
335.0HOO78C::VESALAINENTue Feb 27 1990RFC987 gwy?
336.03OGOMTS::HENRYFri Mar 02 1990Clarification Message exp timers
337.02STKOFF::SPERSSONTue Mar 06 1990MRX and UACONTID - 16 bytes only. Why?
338.02EGAVTue Mar 06 1990WARNING.TXT & DEC/EDI
339.04GIDDAY::NASHTThu Mar 08 1990DCFERROR connecting to TANDEM
340.0SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Mar 08 1990Disk space requirements / log file format
341.01MSAMSun Mar 11 1990Competition with RetixMail
342.0EEMELI::MITTSMon Mar 12 1990Intra domain relay hardship...
343.01DELREY::KELLY_JATue Mar 13 1990Wang X.4
344.03MAMTS3::RRICKFri Mar 16 1990MRXMAN and BYPASS priv?
345.05SUBWAY::LEEFri Mar 16 1990MRX & X.4
346.02BERNFri Mar 23 1990LIB$DELETE_FILE error
347.08KETJE::VANHOOSTEMon Mar 26 1990ODA/CDA via X.4
348.05MAIL::SANDERSRTue Mar 27 1990Soft.Switch & binary files
349.01NUTMEG::VANPATTENWed Mar 28 1990DECwrite in VMSDECwindows MAIL
351.01EEMELI::MITTSWed Apr 04 1990How to generate P2 originator,primaryRecipients
352.0SUBURB::VEALESFri Apr 06 1990MRX Crash... any ideas ?
353.02BIS1::VANKERKHOVETue Apr 10 1990MRX and blocked SVC's
354.0FROSTY::CANNONTue Apr 10 1990Does SoftSwitch P2?
355.04FOODBV::GREGORYFri Apr 13 1990Missing CC's and Originator in Attachments
356.01BERNMon Apr 23 1990t.61 from UNISYS - please comment
357.0EEMELI::MITTSMon Apr 23 1990Naming error on non-del acc files?
358.0BERNTue Apr 24 1990no progress in transmission - sizes changed
359.02ROMTue Apr 24 1990mr-mailboxes and MRX
360.02GIDDAY::ROWETue May 01 1990unable to delete session , latest skits installed
361.06OTOUWed May 02 1990X4
362.0MUDIS3::SCHAUMANNThu May 03 1990UNKMTANEN unknown MTA error ?
363.02BERNThu May 10 1990Postscript via X.4
364.0BLUES::HASSFri May 11 1990Need help configuring test bed
366.02EEMELI::MITTSMon Jun 04 1990Exact name of NIST X.4
367.01MAIL::SANDERSRThu Jun 07 1990MRX not sending END-ACTIVITY-ACK
368.0OGOMTS::KAMINSKYFri Jun 08 1990Arrival Date NDN Message
369.01ROMWed Jun 13 1990MRX and Extension Identifier
370.02OSLACT::PAALKThu Jun 14 1990MRX DDS problem
371.01KAOSWS::FERENZWed Jun 20 1990Announcing Message Router X.4
372.0FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONFri Jun 29 1990Sending binary data via MRX
373.0UTRTSC::EDERVEENMon Jul 02 1990MRX inter/intra domain relay questions
374.0GRANPA::WDUNCANTue Jul 03 19901992 x4
375.08KETJE::VANHOOSTEMon Jul 09 1990X.4
376.0HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUTue Jul 10 1990CENp1 ??
377.02TOWNS::VALENTINEWed Jul 11 1990MRX <--> Retix Open Server Model MH-44
378.0HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUThu Jul 12 1990CEBIT'9
379.03MUNICH::ROWOLDFri Jul 13 1990TELETEXT_OUT line length and other questions
380.0NEWVAX::MAASFri Jul 13 1990Need SUN X.4
381.0SYSTEM::BOOTHETue Jul 17 1990<CR><LF> probs
382.01SIOG::ODRISCOLLWed Jul 18 1990ALL-IN-1 versus MRX mail handling??
383.01KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Jul 19 1990Typed body "UNIDENTIFIED"
384.05ROMWed Jul 25 1990X.4
385.04CSC32::D_GARZANITIWed Jul 25 1990%MRX-E-RTSPABUND abort
386.02HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUThu Jul 26 1990MRX to Unisys?
388.0UKCSSE::SMITHJTue Jul 31 1990Multiple Organisation Units on X.4
389.03BERNWed Aug 01 1990Live initialization not compatible
390.0MUDIS3::HHEYNGThu Aug 02 1990how to remove @ from messageId string
391.05BIS1::VANKERKHOVEThu Aug 09 1990MRX - RETIXMail connectivity ?
392.0BAHTAT::WILLIAMSHMon Aug 13 1990Novell MHS
393.0TKOV5Tue Aug 14 1990IBM can't detect inter domain loop
394.02HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUWed Aug 15 1990VOTS and MRX?
395.06BERNThu Aug 16 1990conversion IA5--->IA5 prohibited?
396.01BERNMon Aug 27 1990Siemens BS2
397.02GUIDUK::MILLSFri Aug 31 1990Ordering info for standards?
398.05MACNAS::RBROWNETue Sep 04 1990VOTS License
399.01HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGTue Sep 04 1990PAK for VOTS?
400.03MUNICH::ROWOLDThu Sep 06 1990Question about private domain identifier
401.02OSITEL::RUDDATWed Sep 12 1990lasttracearrivaltag
402.03MUDIS3::SCHAUMANNThu Sep 13 1990DiscloseREcipients bit unclear to me
403.0UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Sep 14 1990MB & X.4
404.02MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERTue Sep 18 1990RTS Open authentication
405.0NEWOA::GRIFFITHTue Sep 18 1990MRX - lost files on system disk.
406.03INFACT::BEVISWed Sep 19 1990What's a "Touch" box?
407.01PRSSOS::DIETZThu Sep 20 1990%MRX-E-RTSPABUND abort (from MRX)
408.0UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Sep 21 1990*** MR V3.1B and MRX V2.1B - Mandatory Updates ***
409.06ENUF::CAUDILLMon Sep 24 1990V2.1B <, =, or > S2.1-17???
410.02ENUF::CAUDILLMon Sep 24 1990Example MTA defs for DEC/EDI?
411.05MACNAS::RBROWNEFri Sep 28 1990Unspecified Provider Error
412.01MACNAS::RBROWNEFri Sep 28 1990Service code 75
413.01FOODBV::GREGORYSat Sep 29 1990@n Abbreviations
414.03STKHLM::P_ERIKSSONMon Oct 01 1990X.121 Internet and mrx?
415.02NZOVFri Oct 05 1990Network object unknown/rejected
416.01KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Oct 11 1990ENV412
417.0PRSSOS::DIETZTue Oct 16 1990MRX V2.2 Field Test : how, when ?
418.01OTOAThu Oct 18 1990BASIC INFO NEEDED
419.01SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Oct 25 1990Date sent field missing
420.03MAYDAY::ROBERTThu Oct 25 1990MRX V2.2 Release notes
421.05WKRP::FRANKMon Oct 29 1990List of P2 elements
422.03BERNWed Oct 31 1990ADMIN as surname not allowed?
423.02BERNWed Oct 31 1990A slide about ADMD-ADMD connections in Europe
424.02FORTY2::MAILBUSThu Nov 01 1990Proposed change in MRX
425.01BERNTue Nov 06 1990don't use numeric country codes
426.02TENERE::SILVAWed Nov 07 1990ATLAS subscription?
427.04WR2FOR::HORSCHMAN_ERWed Nov 07 1990X.4
428.03WAGGIS::ALTORFERFri Nov 09 1990conversion failure when DDS entry contains ADMD...
429.0ISTWI1::KAYIMon Nov 12 1990Help needed for Public E-Mail RFP
430.02HLISWed Nov 14 1990Automatic DDS load...
431.04BERNWed Nov 14 1990OSI products under ULTRIX
432.03OAXCEL::KAUFMANNMon Nov 26 1990FYI: MR/X Customer Training
433.05BACHUS::WAUTERSWed Nov 28 1990Conversion Prohibited (CONVPROHIB) after 2.1B
434.01DEBUG::GALLOThu Nov 29 1990LIMIT_DDS_SEARCH parameter?
435.0WAGGIS::ALTORFERMon Dec 03 1990relay problem when O/R F1.3 is used
436.03XLIB::SCHAFERWed Dec 05 1990No "To:" field
437.04ENUF::CAUDILLTue Dec 11 1990X.4
438.03ENUF::CAUDILLTue Dec 11 1990Can DEC X.4
439.0ENUF::CAUDILLWed Dec 12 1990Why does MRXMAN cancel type ahead?
440.01TARDS::TORKILD_PThu Dec 13 1990Non-delivery: invalid parameters
441.0SHIRE::BARTAFri Dec 14 1990EDIFICE CTG position on global X.4
442.05SHIRE::BARTAFri Dec 21 1990Outbound DDIF conversion
443.0GIDDAY::ROWEFri Jan 04 1991call missing remote dte address/vots rejects
446.03MUDIS3::HHEYNGThu Jan 10 1991miss. set element in MTA conn. to finnish RETIX system
447.01WAGGIS::ALTORFERWed Jan 16 1991MRX to MR/S relay problem when delivery notificati
448.0HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUThu Jan 17 1991MRXV2.2 and ADMD routing?
449.01BERNFri Jan 18 1991NOX4
450.02BERNFri Jan 18 1991DEC/EDI Geisco
451.01SDOGUS::DIAZSun Jan 20 1991x.4
452.07COMICS::MAGUIRETue Jan 22 1991MRX-E-UNSUPBODY when sending text attachments
453.0MUDIS3::SCHAUMANNFri Jan 25 1991Conformance test failure with AUTHORIZINGUSERS
454.0MUDIS3::SCHAUMANNFri Jan 25 1991MRX cannot relay DRPDU: a local system problem !?
455.022WKRP::LEETCHThu Jan 31 1991Orgunit usage and routing
456.02SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Jan 31 1991Organisation name problem with Wang system?
457.01TPOVC::NORBERTLAIThu Feb 07 1991MRX Support Guide
459.01TLSESat Feb 09 1991ATLAS and FAX
460.04EEMELI::MITTSMon Feb 11 1991MTA-MTA over Cisco/OSI-routing??
461.05BONNET::MCCORMICKMon Feb 18 1991ADMD interconnections
462.02LFOIS1::MOUSSUMon Feb 18 1991VMSMail/X.4
463.03GIDDAY::ROWEFri Feb 22 1991use of the paramater hopcount ???
464.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Feb 25 1991From MRMEMO via MRX, mail sent but not received
465.01ZURThu Feb 28 1991ISO6937, tabs converted to space
466.012COMICS::MARSDENThu Feb 28 1991P2 PrimaryRecipients field
467.02ISIDRO::AGOMEZTue Mar 05 1991Trying x.4
468.0BERNTue Mar 05 1991X.5
469.04WAGGIS::ALTORFERTue Mar 05 1991ULTRIX X.4
470.03WKRP::LEETCHTue Mar 05 1991MRXTBED and Retix questions
471.02TPOVC::ROGERLIUThu Mar 07 1991X.4
472.03KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Mar 08 1991ODA and BINARY Support - What standard ?
473.0HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUWed Mar 13 1991VAX as ADMD?
474.01LARVAE::AITKINS_TWed Mar 13 1991PRMD names rejected
475.0MSAMFri Mar 15 1991X.4
476.01ROMFri Mar 15 1991-RMS-W-RTB,
477.0KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Mar 21 1991Supplementary info field in del notif
478.0MSAMSun Mar 24 1991Currently supported VMS Version for MRX V2.1?
479.02SICKO::DINARDOWed Mar 27 1991Maximum MDPU size through MRX
480.02BERNSun Mar 31 1991incompatible version MRX V2.1B-121
481.0ROMThu Apr 04 1991RTS recovery
482.0SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Apr 04 1991Accounting file format?
483.0SUBURB::VEALESThu Apr 11 1991Too many attachments
484.0SOS6::DIETZThu Apr 11 1991MRX T2.2/ EncodedInformationTypes
485.0FROCKY::STEINEKEMon Apr 15 1991X.435 where to find?
486.0ZURWed Apr 17 1991%MRX-W-OSAKMINOR, RTS terminating error message
487.02MACNAS::RBROWNEThu Apr 25 1991LARGE file Xfer to IBM
488.03AUNTB::MAGENHEIMFri Apr 26 1991Difference bet. UMC and ULTRIX X.4
490.0HAAG::HAAGTue May 07 1991HELP! X.4
491.01CGOOWed May 08 1991MRX configuration?
492.02COMICS::MAGUIREThu May 09 1991non-p2 ua and non-delivery notification
493.02ROMThu May 09 1991MRP no-delivery and MRX
494.08COMICS::MAGUIREThu May 09 1991/teletex_out width restriction revisited
495.02OSLACT::TORKILD_PSat May 11 1991PSI/VOTS/MRX and security
496.0SUBURB::VEALESTue May 14 1991MRX and multi-part names
497.02MSAMThu May 16 1991X.4
498.0EEMELI::MITTSTue May 28 1991Incorrect info in MRX log
499.0MACNAS::RBROWNEWed May 29 1991No IN-RTS Thread...
500.01BBIVWed May 29 1991MTA setup for loopback?
501.0223489::RAMACHANDRANMon Jun 03 1991X4
502.0--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 07 1991MRX (T2.2-EFT1) & Multi-Part Names
503.04SOS6::DIETZFri Jun 07 1991Multi-Part Names & MRX (T2.2 Tests)
504.01MACNAS::RBROWNEWed Jun 12 1991Content too long for UA
505.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Jun 12 1991Sprint and Digital in X.4
506.04GIDDAY::KOFri Jun 14 1991Startup MRX returned RTSVOSINE & DEVOFFLINE!
507.0MACNAS::RBROWNEFri Jun 14 1991X.4
508.01MACNAS::JMCCOURTFri Jun 14 1991EDI & X.4
509.0MACNAS::JMCCOURTFri Jun 14 1991Delivery note. switched off by receiver
510.0TPOVC::CJCHIANGSat Jun 15 1991Where to get 3rd party x4
511.01OSLACT::TORKILD_PWed Jun 19 1991Line length restrictions in IA5
512.01BELFST::R_DOHERTYWed Jun 19 199188 X.4
513.01WAGGIS::ALTORFERWed Jun 19 1991hunt groups, multiple DTE# and outgoing calls
514.01CSOA1::ESLINGERThu Jun 20 1991XAPI Plan ?????
515.02KETJE::MORRENThu Jun 20 1991x4
516.0BERNMon Jun 24 1991MRX-I-EXEFILKEY - MRX crashes - dump
517.07CGOSWed Jun 26 1991MRX errors:AMBIG, RTSRJTBSY, RTSVOSERR???
518.0GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Jun 27 1991X.4
519.01GIDDAY::ROWEThu Jul 04 1991exclude USERID element using MRIF with x4
520.03GIDDAY::KOMon Jul 08 1991DDSWAIT on NON world seach node again!
521.01ACESMK::REHBEINTue Jul 09 1991Accessing Enet from X.4
522.0GIDDAY::KOThu Jul 11 1991MRX Gateway crashed twice with ACCVIO !
523.01BERNThu Jul 11 1991mapping MPDUID to originator
524.0STKHLM::ASUNDQVISTThu Jul 11 1991Problem with intra domain relay
525.02KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLMon Jul 15 1991Multiple access crash
526.02WAGGIS::ALTORFERWed Jul 17 1991MRX on a single clusternode and ER
527.05COPCLU::BIRGERWed Jul 17 1991X.4
528.01COLBIN::CHENTue Jul 23 1991System messages in .x4
529.0OTOOA::AUBINTue Jul 23 1991X4
530.01GBITue Jul 23 1991MRX V2.1 and RECOVERY
532.01SUBWAY::LOUIESun Jul 28 1991X.4
533.0FLYWAY::BICHSELMon Jul 29 1991Problem talking to RETIX
534.0MUDIS3::ARTMANNMon Jul 29 1991Problem with alternate recipient allowed flag
535.0THEBAY::WIEGLEBDATue Aug 06 1991MRXMAN no longer displays version under V2.1-121
536.02SUBWAY::LOUIETue Aug 06 1991MR/COMET Gateway - custom gateway
538.0HTSC19::TERENCEYINGThu Aug 08 1991X4
539.03OTOUThu Aug 08 1991x4
540.03KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Aug 14 1991MRX V2.2 and prereqs
541.02KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Aug 14 1991MRX V2.2 and performance
542.01BERNMon Aug 19 1991wrong PerRecipientFalg and wrong P2-time under ULTRIX
543.08GO4GUT::NASHTThu Aug 22 1991User authentication change between MRX v2.1B-121 and v2.1B-118 - NOTAUTH
544.0MUDIS3::SCHAUMANNThu Aug 22 1991Known limit on EDI msg size in P2 body ?
545.02GUIDUK::ROSSWed Aug 28 1991run MRXMAN without MRX$GATEWAY?
546.02COMICS::PATELAThu Aug 29 1991Help with SESSION LEVEL TRACE.
547.04CSC32::D_GARZANITIThu Sep 05 1991MRX hangs when sending an invalid PRMD to TELEMAIL ?
548.01CGOSSun Sep 08 1991Practical MRX management
549.0CGOSSun Sep 08 1991MRX message transfer log
550.01PANIC::HOAREMon Sep 09 1991Alternate Recipient query
551.0MSAMTue Sep 10 1991MRX to HP DESK on HP 3
552.03COMICS::MAGUIREThu Sep 12 1991mrx session trace info required
553.0ROMFri Sep 13 1991lowercase for INTERNAL_NAME
554.0SIOG::ODRISCOLLMon Sep 16 1991IBM IN network anyone?
555.03EEMELI::MITTSTue Sep 17 1991Pls, comment on X.4
556.01THEBAY::WIEGLEBDAThu Sep 19 1991Rejecting incoming USA bodypart 31
557.0CGHUB::CANNONMon Sep 30 1991Free X.4
558.05HAAG::HAAGThu Oct 03 1991MR/X and RETIX Params. Help?
559.0HAMPS::SHERMAN_GFri Oct 04 1991MLS+ and security
560.01SUBWAY::LOUIEMon Oct 07 1991Access to Two DDS's on same system
561.03STKHLM::MAHLOUJIANTue Oct 08 1991Relay from DG to X.4
562.01THEBAY::WIEGLEBDATue Oct 08 1991MRX accounting still requiring NBSKEEP?
563.0STKHLM::MAHLOUJIANWed Oct 09 1991VAX <----> XEROX by IEEE 8
565.03TAVTue Oct 22 1991How to X.4
566.01SUBWAY::LOUIEWed Oct 23 1991Dick O. Van Dyke
567.05WAGGIS::ALTORFERThu Oct 24 1991ODA, Bodyparts and conversions in V2.2
568.0ROMFri Oct 25 1991X.4
569.0TKOV5Mon Oct 28 1991Japanese version of MRX
570.05KOLFAX::TURNERFri Nov 01 1991session numbers to ***
572.02STKHLM::BREMSJOTue Nov 12 1991MRX <-> A1 vs A1-MAIL attachments
573.02KOLFAX::CHENWed Nov 13 1991Probes and Receipt Reports
574.0EEMELI::MITTSThu Nov 14 1991How are X.121 addresses used?
575.01INFACT::BEVISThu Nov 14 1991MRX O/R parsing problem?
576.0COPCLU::TORBENHFri Nov 15 1991Opcom messages from MRX
577.01COMICS::PEWTERFri Nov 15 1991Message Currently being used by mail system
578.0GIDDAY::KOMon Nov 18 1991MRX Log intermittently recorded MRX-E-NONODE & MRX-W-WASPRESENT
579.01LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERMon Nov 18 1991how to get x4
580.02OSIBCO::ALTORFERMon Nov 25 1991multiple surname and gateway interworking MRX,MR/S
581.01LISVAX::APPEREIRATue Nov 26 1991DEC X.4
582.01MACNAS::RBROWNEThu Nov 28 1991Error Code 74
583.0SIOG::ODRISCOLLThu Nov 28 1991Interwork with ATTmail??
584.0EEMELI::MITTSMon Dec 02 1991MRX in tight loop around PC=
585.05LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERTue Dec 03 1991vax/vms gateway syntax
587.0SNATCH::EGGIMANNWed Dec 04 1991MRX session hangs when sending long messages ...
588.03MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERThu Dec 05 1991MRX V2.2 and character set conversions
589.0FCOIS::DALMASSOThu Dec 05 1991u: MRX Bug
590.02STKOFF::SPERSSONThu Dec 05 1991MRX outgoing service message address conversion?
591.0LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERMon Dec 09 1991WSCORP unknown data type
592.01LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERMon Dec 09 1991field 8=C what is it?
593.04COPCLU::TORBENHTue Dec 10 1991MPDUid
594.05BERNTue Dec 17 1991X.4
595.07INFACT::BEVISThu Dec 19 1991Those facinatin' Fascicles
596.03SUPThu Dec 19 1991Example: MRX V2.2 on DNVEXT V5.4 (Vots + Psi)
597.01TPOVC::BARRYCHANGFri Dec 20 1991MRX as UA and MTA?
599.01FRUST::STEINKEThu Jan 09 1992MRX V2.2 and VMS 5.5
600.0VNABRW::EHRLICH_KMon Jan 13 1992MRIF 3.1 and sending to MRX 2.1.3
601.0KOLFAX::CHENWed Jan 15 1992What are <nnn>S<n>.X4
602.03BACHUS::VERBRAEKENWed Jan 15 1992Bad sequence ?
603.0STKOFF::SPERSSONThu Jan 16 1992MRX V3.1 <-> NEW Wave interoperability tests?
604.01OSIBCO::ALTORFERThu Jan 16 1992MRX fails to translate DDAs when reply used
605.01WARIOR::WALKER_VSat Jan 18 1992/RESTRICT_INB_OR flag
606.01ZPONC3::BURKESat Jan 18 1992MB$MRXCVP.COM Address?
607.01TENNIS::KAMSun Jan 19 1992X.4
608.01MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERTue Jan 21 1992Numerical vs. alphabetical country codes
609.01MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERThu Jan 23 1992Loop detection with MRX S
610.01COMICS::MARSDENFri Jan 31 1992externel name not transmitted
611.01SUBURB::VEALESTue Feb 04 1992Multiple MRX V2.2
612.04EEMELI::MITTSMon Feb 10 1992Is binary support in MRX? Is there a UA?
613.01GALVIA::PKENNEDYTue Feb 11 1992ODA conversion and MRX V2.2
614.0GIDDAY::KOTue Feb 11 1992%MRX-W-OSAKMINOR, %MRX-W-RTSUEXNSE, ..., %MRX-E-RTSPABUND errors !!!
615.04COPCLU::TORBENHTue Feb 11 1992Bodypart lost in conversion to V1 format, type 32769
616.0SUBURB::VEALESTue Feb 11 1992What is a sync minor ??
617.04VAXRIO::MAURICIOThu Feb 13 1992MRX V2.2 without DECnet Extensions problem
618.04BACHUS::VERBRAEKENFri Feb 14 1992s121 kit for MRX 2.1B needed !
620.02NEJPAJ::WOOTue Feb 18 1992Native X.4
621.07COMICS::MAGUIREFri Feb 21 1992No ADMD specified by MTA ..probs for ALL-In-1
622.01TPOVC::BARRYCHANGMon Feb 24 1992With SPRINT: invalide parameter?
623.02TPSP11::SYSTEMTue Feb 25 1992MRX2.2 questions
624.0STKHLM::BREMSJOTue Feb 25 1992x.25 native for Ultrix and DEC X.4
625.01SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Feb 25 1992How correlate delivery notif and sent mail?
626.01GLDOA::COHENTue Feb 25 1992Pepsi global X.4
627.02SUBWAY::LEEWed Feb 26 1992Native x4
628.03BERNWed Feb 26 1992trailing zeros in NPDU (or what?)
629.01COMICS::HALFACREEWed Feb 26 1992MANDOMDUP, Domain already exits
631.0KXOVAX::ISAACFri Feb 28 1992x.4
632.04TPOVC::BARRYCHANGMon Mar 02 1992Will MRX2.1 work on wave-1?
634.0SNATCH::EGGIMANNThu Mar 05 1992Order of FIELD[ITRACE] SEQ entries?
635.0WASHDC::VALENTINESun Mar 08 1992/number_of_retries parameter works incorrectly
636.0ISIDRO::LUCIAWed Mar 11 1992Is conversion problem solved in V2.2?
637.0MLNWed Mar 11 1992mrx 2.1b s-121 ... please help
638.04ISIDRO::LUCIAWed Mar 11 1992Where can I find and S-Kit
639.06OSLACT::TORKILD_PThu Mar 12 1992%MRX-W-WASPRESENT, Node to be inserted in tree is already present
640.05WASHDC::VALENTINEMon Mar 16 1992Routing: rationale for DEC's implementation?
641.0STKHLM::CARLSSON_GWed Mar 18 1992MRX on the same node - problem
642.0STKHLM::MAHLOUJIANWed Mar 18 1992
643.01GIDDAY::WANThu Mar 19 1992reducing /checkpoint_size has no effect on I/O
644.03STC::TIMMONSThu Mar 19 1992FAX with graphics?
645.03ISIDRO::JCLOPEZMon Mar 23 1992PICS ?
646.01OSIBCO::ALTORFERMon Mar 23 1992routing term instead of node name needed in revers
648.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Mar 24 1992message size field in message?
649.01THEBAY::WIEGLEBDAWed Mar 25 1992Non-PrintableString characters allowed in DDA fields
650.01NZOMIS::SWALESWed Mar 25 1992X4
651.0ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 26 1992Engineering Update Training - Handouts
652.01WKRP::FRANKFri Mar 27 1992& valid in O/R address?
653.03EISYFI::ISLERFri Mar 27 19921984 or 1988 MTA to be demoed in DECworld?
654.0DC1Fri Mar 27 1992NIST X.4
655.03ISIDRO::JCLOPEZMon Mar 30 1992MS Mail message exchange ?
656.05UTRUST::WILLEMSENTue Mar 31 1992Body part 14 and the DCA-RFT/FFT tag
657.0GIDDAY::LOCHRINWed Apr 01 1992SURNAME handling by MRX
658.01SUBURB::VEALESWed Apr 01 1992MRX looping on incoming message translation
659.0SNOCThu Apr 02 1992MRX-E-RTSVOSTCE
660.01KURTAN::DIRINGFri Apr 03 1992RETIX OpenServer MRX 2.2
661.0EEMELI::KINNARIFri Apr 10 1992MRX 2.2-
662.01COMICS::PEWTERMon Apr 13 1992KFD?
663.01RUTILE::AUNGIERWed Apr 15 1992X.4
664.01VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Apr 21 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL and Remote MR
665.01SUBURB::VEALESTue Apr 21 1992Conversion subprocess terminated unexpectedly
666.02MLCADG::ECUTue Apr 21 1992Bug in GIVEN_NAME parsing?
668.0BERNMon Apr 27 1992No outbound message to justify immediate reconnection
669.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri May 01 1992What's new in MTA 1988?
670.02NEWOA::SMITHMRFri May 01 1992Help addressing MCI
671.01SHIRE::BARTASun May 03 1992Proposal for ADMDs to provide "GCMD" services
672.04STKOFF::SPERSSONMon May 04 1992T61 bodyparts wrap differently than IA5
674.01MSAMWed May 13 1992PER RECIPIENT FLAG Options?
675.01OSIBCO::ALTORFERWed May 13 1992PICS for MRX urgently needed
676.03SHIRE::BARTATue May 19 1992Teletex problem for MRX with Atlas UA
677.07ANGLIN::ORTHOBERTue May 19 1992OSAK, VOTS, MRX product questions
678.02TRCOA::DMUIRWed May 20 1992exchange binary files - who?
679.01BER::RAMMWed May 20 1992Hyphen within Initials
680.02OTOUWed May 20 1992MRX over DECnet?
681.0KETJE::MOSNERONThu May 21 1992Compliance
682.0OTOUThu May 21 1992relaying MTAs
683.0THEBAY::WIEGLEBDAFri May 22 1992Question on T.61 character set
684.07BERNMon May 25 1992G3fax supported?
685.04GIDDAY::LOCHRINMon May 25 1992Order, please !!!
686.01BERNMon May 25 1992X.4
687.0TYSON::HUNGTue May 26 1992MRX/VOTS over DDCMP async line?
688.01GIDDAY::BURTWed May 27 1992User pays - charging for A1MAIL
689.0SUPWed May 27 1992SPR for %ANALDISK-W-BACKLINK MRX lost files
690.0KETJE::STAESWed May 27 1992Cryptographic functions with X4
691.03VANPYR::DRATHTue Jun 02 1992Large binary attachments and MRX
692.0COPCLU::TORBENHWed Jun 03 1992Full stop Character in givennames or surnames ?
693.01KERNEL::CHEWTERThu Jun 04 1992Password problem fixed or not?
694.03MSAMFri Jun 05 1992/PMFRCR_BIT?
695.02COMICS::HALFACREEMon Jun 08 1992WordPerfect tagged as USA 31
696.0GBIMon Jun 08 19921988 MTA SPD ?
697.010SUBURB::VEALESTue Jun 09 1992Problem with MRX S2.2-
698.02FPTVX1::ABRAMSTue Jun 09 1992MRX to Softswitch X4
699.01OTOUWed Jun 10 1992org unit routing cookbook?
700.0ANGLIN::ORTHOBERThu Jun 11 1992Retix Openserver Help Needed
701.04ANGLIN::ORTHOBERThu Jun 11 1992MRX V2.2 SAP connection problems
702.0CAADC::SOBELFri Jun 12 1992Can't Launch Attachment
703.03GOTA1::KLASSONFri Jun 12 1992Are space characters allowed in initials?
704.08KARI::SUIHKONENFri Jun 12 1992org routing gives me 'ambiguous domain'
705.01PINION::NORMANWed Jun 17 1992ALL-IN-1 MAIL for Windows Documentation ?
706.07ROCKS::MAILBUSWed Jun 17 1992Conference change? A proposal
707.0GIDDAY::WANThu Jun 18 1992X4
709.0MLNFri Jun 19 1992List based Routing
710.05BERNSat Jun 20 1992ADMD services in Hongkong
712.0YUPPIE::MILNERTue Jun 23 1992multi-vendor MCI mail G/W
713.0CAFEIN::POLAKOWSKIThu Jun 25 1992Auto CC and Restrictions on sneding to an Organization
714.0IJSAPL::VANGEESTTue Jun 30 1992X.4