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Conference forty2::mailbus_update

Title:*** MAILbus Status / Update Information ***
Notice:Kit Copy Utility - Note 52, Problem Escalation - Note 1
Created:Tue Nov 29 1988
Last Modified:Fri May 26 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:176
Total number of notes:272
Number with bodies:0
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991Welcome to MAILbus V3.2
2.03ROCKS::MAILBUSMon Jun 15 1992Mail Conferences
5.0FORTY2::MAILBUSTue Aug 18 1992Mailbus Support accounts
10.06UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991This Release (MB V3.2) ...
11.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991The Next Release (post MB V3.2) ...
12.0FORTY2::MAILBUSFri Jan 22 1993MAILBUS relevent information
15.02UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991Miscellania
20.04UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991MAILbus - Standard Documentation
21.07UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991Library Information
30.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991MB V3.2 - MAILbus based on MR V3.2
31.02UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Oct 18 1991MB System Platforms
32.0UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Oct 18 1991MB Interoperability
33.0UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Oct 18 1991MB Performance
34.0UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Oct 25 1991MB Supporting Documentation
35.06UKCSSE::MAILBUSMon Nov 18 1991Quick Touch/Tip Tools
36.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon Mar 30 1992MB V3.2 - General Status
40.06UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991MR - Message Router V3.2
41.03UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991MRIF - Message Router Programmer Interface V3.2
42.05UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991MRGATE - Message Router VMSmail Gateway V3.2
43.05UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991MRP - Message Router/P Gateway V1.2
44.06UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991MRS - Message Router/S Gateway V1.2
45.014UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991MRX - Message Router X.4
50.01ROCKS::MAILBUSWed Mar 31 1993MAILbus 4
51.01FORTY2::MAILBUSWed Oct 21 1992MAILbus 4
52.0FORTY2::CUNNINGHAMFri May 26 1995MAILbus/XMR Kit copy utility
100.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSThu Oct 17 1991*** Product Specific Statements ***
101.03UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Oct 18 1991MRP - invalid timezone parameter when upgrading
102.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Alphanumeric Characters in O/R Name Initials Field
103.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Null Recipient Surnames Causing Non-Delivery
104.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Case Sensitivity in MTA Names
105.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Disconnecting Idle Connections
106.02UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Support for ALL-IN-1 Read Receipts
107.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Maximum Number of MTA Connections
108.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Non-Delivery of Unsupported Document Types
109.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Attributes Exceeding Standard Field Length
110.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Messages Deleted from Decoder Queue
111.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Country Failover
112.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Storage of O/R Names Changed
113.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Storage of Bodypart 14 Changed
114.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Multiple Bodypart 14 Attachments
115.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Mailbox Entry Output Truncated
116.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Network Addresses Containing Full-Stops
117.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Illegal String Class Error Messages
118.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Interworking Problems with EDI
119.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - Process Quota Changes
120.01UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX V2.2 - /LOCAL Qualifier Needed for Generic Mailbox
121.0UKCSSE::MAILBUSFri Jan 17 1992MRX S2.2-
122.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - Directory Service Access Violates
123.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - Upgrade to MR S3.2-
124.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - Intermittent /RUN problem
125.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - Empty File Created
126.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - Transfer Service IVP Fails
127.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - Talker Log Files Not Purged
128.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - Multiple Talkers and Default Routing
129.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - Problem Changing Configuration Type
130.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - MR on Satellite Nodes in a Multiple-environment
131.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - Directory Service Lock Management
132.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - Corrupted Semantic_object in MRIF$GET_RMS_FILE
133.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - Non-receipt Notification not Supported by MRIF$START_PUT
135.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - /RUN Ignored
136.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - Node Names Recognition problem
137.01ROCKS::MAILBUSThu Mar 12 1992MR V3.2 - Multiple Transfer Service Listeners
138.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - SUPPLY_INB_FFNAME Flag
139.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Converted Encoded Information Types Created
140.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Trace Information Causes Recursive Loop
141.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Delivery Reports Contain Insufficient Information
142.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Illegal X.4
143.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Unnecessary World Search of the Directory Service
144.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Duplicate Domain-Defined Attributes in Userid
145.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Illegal Characters Allowed in Inbound Domain-Defined Attributes
146.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Invalid Recipient Not Identified
147.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - PerRecipientFlag Dropped
148.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - replyToUsers Field Incorrectly Encoded
149.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Incorrect Non-delivery Notification Generated
150.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Service Messages Rejected
151.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Messages to Valid Recipients Delivered Incorrectly
152.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Duplicate TO: Field in Service Messages
153.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Incorrect freeformName Created
154.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Local Recipients Sent into X.4
155.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Inconsistent Display of Session ID Numbers
156.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Empty Surname Field Causes Failure
157.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Messages with Duplicate reportRequest Flags
158.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - More Information in Log File
159.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Subscribers with More than Four Organizational Unit Values
160.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Delivery Reports from MRS and MRP Not Transferred
161.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Latest Version of Message Router Required
162.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - MRX Returns Incorrect Error Message for Invalid O/R Name
163.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - MRX Gives Excessive Trace Information
164.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Problems With Domain-Defined Attributes
165.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Case Sensitivity Prevents Exact Matches
166.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Message Indicates Relay is Disabled
167.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Invalid Network Address Error Message
168.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - MRX Modifies Encoded Information Types
169.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - MRXMAN Returns User To DCL Prompt
170.01ROCKS::MAILBUSMon May 18 1992MRX V2.2 - Sending Large Documents Through MRX
171.0A1VAX::GUNNThu Aug 26 1993Alpha, MAILbus and ALL-IN-1.
172.0A1VAX::GUNNThu Nov 11 1993MAILbus Version *.3 Availability
173.0FORTY2::MAILBUSWed Nov 24 1993MAILbus V*.3 SPD/SSA are available
174.0FORTY2::ABRAMFri Dec 10 1993IMPORTANT NOTICE - PAKS generated by ALL-IN-1 and DEC MAILworks
175.0FORTY2::CUNNINGHAMWed Jun 22 1994 Announcement : MRS/P V1.3 with DEC SNA Domain G/W