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Conference forty2::mailbus_400

Title:MAILBUS 400 User Forum
Notice:kits 100-109 - Infocenter //www.digital.com/info/messaging
Created:Thu Jun 11 1992
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:3210
Total number of notes:9174
Number with bodies:299
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10.0FORTY2::MAILBUSMon Jun 15 1992Standards for X.4
20.011FORTY2::MAILBUSMon Jun 29 1992Product Announcements
30.02FORTY2::DONOVANWed Feb 24 1993MAILbus 4
31.0FORTY2::DONOVANThu Oct 29 1992MAILbus 4
32.02FORTY2::TSANGThu Aug 11 1994Interworking with other vendors
100.018FORTY2::DONOVANThu Nov 12 1992MAILbus 4
101.06FORTY2::DONOVANTue Mar 22 1994DEC X.5
102.0+21FORTY2::PAULLEYTue Mar 29 1994MAILbus 4
103.010FORTY2::DONOVANWed Apr 20 1994MAILbus 4
104.05FORTY2::DONOVANThu Jun 23 1994MAILbus 4
105.0FORTY2::BOONHAMMon Jul 18 1994MAILbus 4
106.012FORTY2::SIMSMon Oct 31 1994Announcing the X.4
107.01FORTY2::WILKINSThu Feb 16 1995MAILbus 4
108.02FORTY2::ABRAMTue Jul 18 1995X.gate MAILbus 4
109.012FORTY2::BOONHAMFri Sep 22 1995Announing Digital X.5
110.01FORTY2::MAILBUSMon Apr 15 1996MAILbus Directory Migration Toolkit
1000.0ROCKS::MAILBUSMon Jun 15 1992Base Note usage
1001.05DC1Tue Jun 16 1992Internal field test kits ???
1002.07SKULLY::COMPTONTue Jun 16 1992Directory Support for Mailbus_4
1003.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Jun 17 1992MAILbus 4
1004.02SHIRE::BARTAWed Jun 17 1992RE: 1.
1005.05SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Jun 24 1992Document conversion - type encoding.
1006.06CAFEIN::POLAKOWSKIThu Jun 25 1992Auto CC and Restrictions on Sending to an Organization
1007.03DCOPST::COLSRV::BARTAThu Jun 25 1992'84 and '88 MTA integration
1008.03SAHQ::ROSENKRANZThu Jun 25 1992Performance Guidlines?
1009.01SKULLY::COMPTONFri Jun 26 1992Configuration Guidelines?
1010.02SEVERN::BOBMon Jun 29 1992Managing via DECmcc/VMS?
1011.07IJSAPL::VANGEESTTue Jun 30 1992X.4
1012.03DC1Wed Jul 01 1992Customer point of contact ?
1013.013KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Jul 02 1992Burning question ...
1015.07TROOA::POOTSThu Jul 09 1992MAILBUS<->MAILBUS 4
1016.010SKULLY::COMPTONThu Jul 09 1992Can I implement a Message Store Using the API?
1017.05CSC32::R_SMITHThu Jul 09 1992Session Abort from RETIX with MRX 2.2
1018.01MLNFri Jul 10 1992LIST BASED ROUTING
1019.01ZURFri Jul 10 1992MRX session hangs , MRX-W-NOMRXRESP , MANSTONOT
1020.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJFri Jul 10 1992X.4
1021.02WELCLU::LEWISMon Jul 13 1992NIST v CEN-CENELEC profiles
1022.07BRUMMY::MORTONThu Jul 16 1992PC Mail systems and MAILbus 4
1023.01FAILTE::LAAHSTue Jul 21 1992How do I request a kit?
1024.03DRKGTue Jul 21 1992UNIPLEX
1025.04IJSAPL::VANGEESTThu Jul 23 1992Message Tracing over MTA's utility?
1026.08COPCLU::TRIERFri Jul 24 1992Setup example for 88MTA,Poste,Smtp,MRX
1027.0BER::BEOPC2::RammWed Jul 29 1992How to connect Token Ring/Novell/MS-Mail to MAILbus?
1028.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJWed Jul 29 1992Correct DiscloseRecipients Behaviour ?
1029.08PRESS1::PAULTERThu Jul 30 1992Updated Ship Date?
1030.01OTOOA::BELLTue Aug 04 1992smtp gateway
1031.02COMICS::HALFACREEWed Aug 05 1992Replying to a Mail with blank PRMD...
1032.05OSAPThu Aug 06 1992Need help for 88MTA RFP
1033.05DGOPC2::HANNOYERFri Aug 07 1992SMTP gateway and VMS MAILBUS ?
1034.02SWAM1::SUMRALL_JIFri Aug 07 1992Any documentation for MAILbus 4
1035.01DCOPST::COLSRV::BARTAFri Aug 07 1992Presentation Address Unknown ERROR
1036.01EEMELI::VESALAINENMon Aug 10 1992How to route messages with X.121 addresses
1037.06SHIPS::SMITH_JMon Aug 10 1992GOSIP profile alignment?
1038.03MARVA1::MILESMon Aug 10 1992Management Modules Expansion
1039.01SWTHOM::CORNUMon Aug 10 1992'Error connecting to the FC server'
1040.03CSC32::E_ALSBERGTue Aug 11 1992Interpreting MRXTBED output
1041.01SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Aug 11 1992Questions on SMTP <--> X.4
1042.04KOALA::MROZIENSKIWed Aug 12 1992Unable to access directory service - ftu kit
1043.03HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Aug 12 1992Training/Presentation Materials?
1044.02OTOP67::BellWed Aug 12 1992mta functionality clarification
1045.0COMICS::HALFACREEThu Aug 13 1992Not all Recipients seen when forwarding thru MRX
1046.06HIWA61::farowichSat Aug 15 1992Announcing MAILbus Conversion Manager
1047.03ENUF::CAUDILLTue Aug 18 1992How to set up orgunit routing in multi-homed prmd
1048.03PTOVAX::TYRRELLTue Aug 18 1992WhitePaper Anyone?
1049.03TRCOA::FLOTNERWed Aug 19 1992MAILbus 4
1050.02GUCCI::CCORTESWed Aug 19 1992Disk space requirements for MTA
1051.01KIPPIS::OLLIKAINENFri Aug 21 1992 MRXMAN Hangs in -DDS-S-DEFERRED when try to modify subscriber !
1052.0BALZAC::KUOCHFri Aug 21 1992X4
1053.019ENUF::CAUDILLFri Aug 21 1992Multi-homed User Agents???
1054.01OTOUFri Aug 21 1992release notes
1055.01TRCOA::FLOTNERSat Aug 22 1992Admin, Security issues for an RFP
1056.02FORTY2::MAILBUSWed Aug 26 1992MRX V2.2G Field Test
1057.07FAILTE::LAAHSThu Aug 27 1992Beginners questions on SMTP gateway/converters
1058.01PRIAM::OESTREICHERThu Aug 27 1992Competitive information
1059.011FORTY2::PAULLEYFri Aug 28 1992MAILbus 4
1060.03TRCOA::BBUTLERTue Sep 01 1992X.4
1061.01PRIAM::OESTREICHERTue Sep 01 1992PICS
1062.04GUIDUK::KANGWed Sep 02 1992How compatible is our Shared file interface?
1063.05FAILTE::LAAHSThu Sep 03 1992How do we get converters to market?
1064.01KIPPIS::OLLIKAINENWed Sep 09 1992MRX V2.1B fails with ACCVIO !
1065.03DPDMAI::RITZCWed Sep 09 1992Benefits of X4
1066.03OTOOA::BTORENVLIETWed Sep 09 1992documentation required
1067.01DYPSS1::YINGLINGThu Sep 10 1992What is the 1984 Shared File Interface ?
1068.04WOOK::LEEThu Sep 10 1992V1.
1069.02VFOVAX::CANNONMon Sep 14 1992Multiple ADMDs
1070.07NANTES::DUMOULINTue Sep 15 1992Cannot Access documentation on the net
1071.04FORTY2::DONOVANTue Sep 15 1992When and why do we lose sales ?
1072.01KETJE::ERNSTWed Sep 16 1992Compliancy EPHOS ENV412
1073.09METSYS::ROGGENSTEINThu Sep 17 1992MRX question - why NOMORE?
1074.01CAATS::MURRAYFri Sep 18 1992Any glossies out yet?
1075.01LISVAX::DOMINGUESTue Sep 22 1992Mailbus 4
1076.01BARQUE::SMITH_JTue Sep 22 1992XAPI - is an RPC needed as well?
1077.01PRIMES::CONNORSWed Sep 23 1992OSF ?
1078.018METSYS::ROGGENSTEINWed Sep 23 1992API access to X.4
1079.06SWTHOM::CORNUWed Sep 23 1992Accounting for MRX4
1080.01SNATCH::EGGIMANNThu Sep 24 1992File locked by another user on inbound messages
1081.02CTOAVX::MACKINFri Sep 25 1992MRX performance help. Please!
1082.05YUPPY::CARTERWed Sep 30 1992Urgent: Need DDS and Synchronizer docs.
1083.03SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Sep 30 1992XAPI to/from other X.4
1084.01ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZWed Sep 30 1992X.4
1085.04BERNThu Oct 01 1992Default routing entry.
1086.03BERNThu Oct 01 1992Non-delivery.
1087.02OTOUFri Oct 02 1992RFP questions
1088.06KASINO::STHOMASFri Oct 02 1992How can I get an MTA for TCP/IP (RFC 1
1089.03BERNSun Oct 04 1992Delivery Report (POSTE/X.4
1090.02GUIDUK::KANGTue Oct 06 1992What is MOTIS (ISO DIS 1
1091.07CAATS::MURRAYTue Oct 06 1992Only in Canada? Pity....
1092.01QCAVWed Oct 07 1992--- X4
1093.06SKYLRK::FAFRAKThu Oct 08 1992Directory inaccessible?
1094.03SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Oct 08 1992Mailbus 4
1095.0SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Oct 08 1992Binary body parts 1988 MTAs --> MRX
1096.01SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Oct 08 1992Invalid MTA name
1098.07GUIDUK::KANGFri Oct 09 1992/usr/examples/mta/mtamail.c - Usable?
1099.0PCAENG::LARGAR::BROWNFri Oct 09 1992X4
1100.0WASHDC::BARTASat Oct 10 1992RETIX ccmail
1101.02SUBWAY::VIGLIOTTIWed Oct 14 1992Dueling APIs
1102.01CAATS::MURRAYThu Oct 15 1992API license not in OSI App. Toolkit?
1103.01GUIDUK::KANGThu Oct 15 1992What is X/Open XMP API?
1104.06GUIDUK::KANGFri Oct 16 1992Is ODA an acceptable bodypart for our '88 MTA?
1105.03PEARS::SONNTAGFri Oct 16 1992customer questions
1106.09PHDVAX::JPOWER::JenkinsFri Oct 16 1992Mailbus 4
1108.01BOSSOB::MCDERMOTTTue Oct 20 1992Alfalfa Contact and Phone Number?
1109.01LKPDEE::HALLBERGThu Oct 22 1992Routing between X.4
1110.07WASHDC::BARTAFri Oct 23 1992O/R Addressing problems...
1112.06GUIDUK::KANGTue Oct 27 1992'88 MTA interface to FAX?
1113.06ITGATE::NETWORKTue Oct 27 1992MTA 88 and MRX via X.25
1114.03NANTES::DUMOULINTue Oct 27 1992cc:Mail & MTA Pb with large attachment
1115.01HERON::LYSAAWed Oct 28 1992MTA'88/MRX/cc:Mail/Routing/etc./info.
1116.01GUCCI::CCORTESWed Oct 28 1992X.4
1117.0GUIDUK::KANGThu Oct 29 1992Citibank commits to OSI with X.4
1118.04DCOPST::COLSRV::BARTAThu Oct 29 1992SUN and NeXT connect to SMTP GW
1119.05MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERFri Oct 30 1992'Editing' recipient's address possible?
1120.03WASHDC::BARTAFri Oct 30 1992WANG X.4
1121.01PHDVAX::JPOWER::JenkinsFri Oct 30 1992Number of Mailbus 4
1122.01COMICS::MARSDENMon Nov 02 1992Memory requirement
1123.0WASHDC::BARTAWed Nov 04 1992OSI Ping command
1124.02WASHDC::BARTAWed Nov 04 1992Document Convertors...
1125.01GUIDUK::KANGFri Nov 06 1992MTA Sizing, Coniguration, MTA set issues...
1126.01GUIDUK::KANGFri Nov 06 1992MTA Connection Limitation?
1127.02A1VAX::GUNNFri Nov 06 1992Seminars at U.S. Fall DECUS in Las Vegas.
1128.02TRCOA::FLOTNERFri Nov 06 1992Is it shipping? Was it operational at EMA?
1129.01LAIDBK::CONSTANTINESun Nov 08 1992SMTP Gateway vs UMC??
1130.02GVPROD::BARTAMon Nov 09 1992ISOCOR working for Digital Sweden
1131.024GUIDUK::KANGMon Nov 09 1992How does the Area Server Routing work?
1132.03GUIDUK::KANGTue Nov 10 1992How would MTA Set serve as bourndary MTAs?
1133.02TRCOA::FLOTNERTue Nov 10 1992P35 <-> P
1134.01BERNWed Nov 11 1992DDIFF body part, Mailbus 4
1135.02COMICS::HALFACREEThu Nov 12 1992MRX-E-RTSVOSERR, service code 74
1136.05DC1Mon Nov 16 1992DECmigrate to Alpha ??
1137.03MRALN1::DISMUKE_MOMon Nov 16 1992MAILbus 4
1138.010GUIDUK::KANGWed Nov 18 1992Server Licensing question
1139.0116821::RITZCFri Nov 20 1992Quickmail / Tandem / RS6
1140.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Nov 23 1992documentation VMS 4
1141.02PRSSOS::CAPAZZATue Nov 24 1992Existing presentation ?
1142.02COPCLU::TRIERWed Nov 25 1992How to listen for several diff. Cons Templates
1143.01TRCOA::FLOTNERWed Nov 25 1992Current status of MAILbus 4
1144.05GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Nov 26 1992Questions - message decoding and no of mta's
1145.01GIDDAY::WANFri Nov 27 1992Is DDS search being done for non-X4
1146.01GIDDAY::WANFri Nov 27 1992Need help in analysing an X.4
1147.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon Nov 30 1992Archiving shared file interfaces?
1148.011STKHLM::KALIXMon Nov 30 1992Authorisation problem with Retix MS-Mail gateway ?
1149.012COMICS::LANCS::marsdenWed Dec 02 1992Presentation address
1150.06HERON::LYSAAWed Dec 02 1992technical support for MAILbus 4
1151.01ISIDRO::LUCIAThu Dec 03 1992MRX NOLINKS error
1152.05PRIAM::OESTREICHERThu Dec 03 1992MIME support for SMTP gateway
1153.01ITGATE::NETWORKFri Dec 04 1992MRX version to talk with MAILbus 4
1154.02MUDIS3::TMAYRFri Dec 04 1992Netware Gateway Documentation needed
1155.01JITMon Dec 07 1992Documentation for MTA converters?
1156.04GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDTue Dec 08 1992Session problem to tandem retix openserver
1157.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Dec 08 1992X.4
1158.04DCOPST::COLSRV::BARTATue Dec 08 1992Enterprise Mail User Agent
1159.06EEMELI::VESALAINENWed Dec 09 1992Looking for the real SMTP-config info
1160.02IDEFIX::GEOFFThu Dec 10 1992DSA configuration problems
1161.03DC1Thu Dec 10 1992Message Security Protocol/Privacy Enhanced Mail ???
1162.0FORTY2::DONOVANThu Dec 10 1992MAILbus 4
1163.01CRIME::ZAAFFri Dec 11 1992User Agents strategy?
1164.0GUCCI::CCORTESFri Dec 11 1992Message transfer envelope size?
1166.02ODIXIE::SHILLINGMon Dec 14 1992HP and SUN - Competition with MAILbus 4
1167.02STKHLM::KALIXTue Dec 15 1992Directtory information with RETIX-gateway
1168.05TROOA::PIGGOTTue Dec 15 1992Protocol ID for X.4
1169.01VNABRW::BURGER_KThu Dec 17 1992OpenServer 4
1170.0KAOFS::E_SPLETTThu Dec 17 1992ENVOY 1
1171.01COPCLU::ELINTue Dec 22 1992Parser error on mails with attachments
1172.01QCAVWed Dec 23 1992X.4
1173.010WR2FOR::HORSCHMAN_ERWed Dec 23 1992Example config: MB4
1174.02TAMRC::ROMMThu Dec 24 1992DDA routing & multi-homed PRMDs
1175.03HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Dec 24 1992X.4
1176.0TAMRC::ROMMThu Dec 24 1992accounting/journaling questions
1177.02STKHLM::KALIXWed Dec 30 1992More problems with RETIX-MSMAIL Gateway
1178.02HOTAIR::HOYMon Jan 04 1993root logout kills SMTP gateway?
1179.02OZROCK::COURTWed Jan 06 1993Mail UA Questions again.
1180.06OZROCK::COURTWed Jan 06 1993MailBus 4
1181.01OZROCK::COURTWed Jan 06 1993Non-Delivery Timeout Question
1182.06TRCOA::FLOTNERThu Jan 07 1993MAILbus 4
1183.03FAILTE::ADAMSThu Jan 07 1993p7 support ?
1184.03EEMELI::VESALAINENThu Jan 07 1993Looking for mapping tables
1185.02GUCCI::CCORTESFri Jan 08 1993MAILbus 4
1186.02OTOOA::BOGARTMon Jan 11 1993PDS Support
1187.02MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERTue Jan 12 1993Routing to default MTA and SMTP Gwy name creation
1188.01BERNTue Jan 12 1993SNMP management
1189.03BERNTue Jan 12 1993P7 and P3.
1190.0BERNTue Jan 12 1993Z-Mail and IDA-Mail
1191.01SWETSC::DIRINGWed Jan 13 1993Event: Transport class unavailable...
1192.03VNASWS::MOSERWed Jan 13 1993PC-mail gateways - docs/kits ?
1193.02POKIE::ADAMSWed Jan 13 1993Event Dispatcher not working under OpenVMS
1194.02OSLACT::OLAVFThu Jan 14 1993MAILBUS 4
1195.03SWTHOM::CORNUThu Jan 14 1993-MRX-W-MRERROR with MRX 2.2-
1196.0QCAVFri Jan 15 1993P3 support on VAX & on PC
1197.03FSOA::KAMINSKYFri Jan 15 199388/84 MTA Interoperability Testing
1198.06SHIPS::SMITH_JMon Jan 18 1993Mailbus 4
1199.02BERNWed Jan 20 1993XAPI on SUN?
1200.03MRALN1::DISMUKE_MOFri Jan 22 1993Directory Inaccessable Error
1201.04STKOFF::SPERSSONFri Jan 22 1993Problems with specifying DDAs for MS-Mail addressees
1202.013STKOFF::SPERSSONFri Jan 22 1993Unsupported bodyparts from MRX?
1203.03VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTFri Jan 22 1993DECmcc modules for MTA,X.5
1204.0WR1FOR::DISMUKEMOFri Jan 22 1993adding non-DEC node to local namespace
1205.01GIDDAY::BURTMon Jan 25 1993Patch prior to Upgrade for MRX?
1206.0STKHLM::BREMSJOTue Jan 26 1993Customer questions, please help
1207.02FRAMBO::HAIMERLTue Jan 26 1993Use of 'Common Name', 'Personal Name' or both
1208.01SAHQ::LIVNGD::LIVENGOODWed Jan 27 1993MTA Testing
1209.01LISVAX::KALENGAWed Jan 27 1993RETIX Open Server <--> MRX and Directory integration
1210.03MSDOA::HICKSTWed Jan 27 1993White paper or tutorial on mail integration?
1211.02LISVAX::KALENGAWed Jan 27 1993DSA & X.5
1212.018STKHLM::KALIXWed Jan 27 1993More RETIX-gateway problems
1213.0COPCLU::TRIERWed Jan 27 1993Conversion problem MB4
1214.0OZROCK::COURTThu Jan 28 1993SMTP Gateway features matrix
1215.02STKHLM::BREMSJOThu Jan 28 1993Security and XAPI use?
1216.012LISVAX::KALENGAThu Jan 28 1993MB4
1217.01SAHQ::LIVENGOODFri Jan 29 1993List of ADMDs MB4
1218.01MAIL::SANDERSRFri Jan 29 1993X.5
1219.01DYPSS1::YINGLINGMon Feb 01 1993Runaway SMTP Gateway
1220.012KXOVAX::ISAACWed Feb 03 1993vms status
1221.01LKPDEE::HALLBERGWed Feb 03 1993SMTP Gateway addressing?
1222.03KXOVAX::ISAACThu Feb 04 1993Is MRX the only way to get to old mailbus ?
1223.025MSAMSat Feb 06 1993MAILbus 4
1224.01NZOMIS::WILSONSun Feb 07 1993Help! SYNCHRONIZER and VMSmail?
1225.02SAHQ::PJOHNSONMon Feb 08 1993X.4
1226.07BERNMon Feb 08 1993Multiple ou's in POSTE, redirection.
1227.04CRIME::GENTILITue Feb 09 1993smtp-gateway question/problem...
1228.010TAMRC::ROMMTue Feb 09 1993large MTS database at leaf level
1229.04MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERWed Feb 10 1993X.5
1230.01HAAG::HAAGThu Feb 11 1993MAILbus 4
1231.04DYPSS1::YINGLINGFri Feb 12 1993ADMD = <space> and SMTP Gateway
1232.04HOTAIR::ENGQUISTSun Feb 14 1993X4
1233.01LKPDEE::HALLBERGMon Feb 15 1993SMTP Gwy reply problem
1234.0OTOUMon Feb 15 1993PP, EAN, UCOM>X, OSITEL/4
1235.0KOALA::GRAFFMon Feb 15 1993Field test sites needed for DEC MAILworks for UNIX
1236.01SAHQ::PJOHNSONTue Feb 16 1993Integrating Proprietary Converters
1237.0--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 17 1993Filling the TO: field.
1238.01LISVAX::KALENGAWed Feb 17 1993POSTE/MAILbus 4
1239.02WR1FOR::DISMUKEMOWed Feb 17 1993911 for MAILbus Training
1240.010IOOSRV::HITTENMILLERMon Feb 22 1993Problem seting up MTS ORAddress
1241.01DYPSS1::YINGLINGMon Feb 22 1993ORaddresses and DMS/US GOSIP Guidelines
1242.01DYPSS1::YINGLINGMon Feb 22 1993MAILbus 4
1243.01BERNTue Feb 23 1993RETIX MTA, encoding of the SCI.
1244.01SWETSC::HEDLUNDTue Feb 23 1993RTSE Protocol Violation
1245.03MUDIS3::HHEYNGTue Feb 23 1993multiple MTAs with identical networkaddresses possible?
1246.0ODIXIE::JSLPC::LaRoeTue Feb 23 1993Soft-Switch competitive info?
1247.0TYSON::HUNGWed Feb 24 1993Content Correlator/ANY declaration problem
1248.05SAHQ::LIVNGD::LIVENGOODWed Feb 24 199388 MTA and X.25 Connections
1249.08OTOUWed Feb 24 1993MAILbus 4
1250.01TYSON::HUNGThu Feb 25 1993X.4
1251.07CRIME::GENTILIFri Feb 26 1993MTA Counters through an API ???
1252.01PRSSUD::CEGALERBAMon Mar 01 1993RTS specif for suspicious customer
1253.01QCAVTue Mar 02 1993" Is UUCP mail supported by X4
1254.09MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERThu Mar 04 1993Availability and failover
1255.04GUIDUK::KANGThu Mar 04 1993Status on ULTRIX MTA V1.1 - RFC 1
1256.03SAHQ::LIVENGOODFri Mar 05 1993local name, peer name, MTA "name"
1257.02SAHQ::LIVENGOODFri Mar 05 1993Comments based on experience (some flames)
1258.03OTOP5Fri Mar 05 1993Interoperability of MTAs
1259.05TAMRC::ROMMWed Mar 10 1993use if re-direction
1260.02FILTON::GILLEN_FThu Mar 11 1993Some MAILbus 4
1261.05POKIE::ADAMSThu Mar 11 1993Cons/X25 Addressing questions
1262.01LISVAX::KALENGAFri Mar 12 1993MAILbus 4
1263.0HGTAI1::PRCSWSSat Mar 13 1993MTA interface to PAGER and Sprint-mail?
1264.05IJSAPL::VANWOLFERENMon Mar 15 1993Store and Forward mailbox system
1265.05MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERWed Mar 17 1993Interworking '88 --> '84
1266.040MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERThu Mar 18 1993Some XAPI questions
1267.01SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Mar 19 1993DECnet/OSI 'No resources' events
1268.0ORO5Fri Mar 19 1993Installation service for VMS
1269.0FORTY2::DONOVANTue Mar 23 1993Information on Poste / MAILworks for UNIX
1270.02ANNECY::ROUXWed Mar 24 1993ncl command
1271.04OSIBCO::ALTORFERWed Mar 24 1993DXD$DSA_CONFIGURE aborts - NSAP difficulties ?
1272.07OSIBCO::ALTORFERThu Mar 25 1993CONS NSAP use and syntax in MTA definition
1273.01IJSAPL::VANWOLFERENMon Mar 29 1993Documentation on Mailbus Conversion Manager?
1274.03COPCLU::TRIERMon Mar 29 1993IPM format problem when sending to SMTPGW from A1MAIL
1275.015MUDIS3::SCHAUMANNMon Mar 29 1993XAPI: Usage of memory ? reject of bad message ?
1276.03LISVAX::KALENGAMon Mar 29 1993MB4
1277.01OZROCK::COURTTue Mar 30 1993Found Fax and Telex Gateway to MAILbus 4
1279.05POKIE::ADAMSWed Mar 31 1993Questions about the Accounting process on MB4
1280.01OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Apr 02 1993Status of X.4
1281.0BERNSat Apr 03 1993RETIX - MB4
1282.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTMon Apr 05 1993Courses on MAILbus 4
1283.01SMOKN::MEAGHERMon Apr 05 1993Attachment Format Definition?
1284.01ANNECY::BONNIERThu Apr 08 1993SMTP Gateway configuration issue
1286.02BERNFri Apr 09 1993Looking for MB4
1287.08CRIME::GENTILITue Apr 13 1993Using the Mtamail (from VMS) to access a RISC MTA ?
1288.02POKIE::ADAMSWed Apr 14 1993Privledges required to manage the MTA
1289.05LISVAX::KALENGAWed Apr 14 1993X4
1290.04RLAV::TURNERWed Apr 14 1993MAILbus 4
1291.03ITGATE::NETWORKWed Apr 14 1993Multiple CONS NSAPs
1292.0FORTY2::DONOVANThu Apr 15 1993MAILbus 4
1293.01EEMELI::VESALAINENThu Apr 15 1993SST X.4
1294.016LISVAX::KALENGAThu Apr 15 1993POSTE/DMWU remote access to MAILbus 4
1295.0FORTY2::GROOMFri Apr 16 1993Zippo marketing achievement
1296.01COPCLU::TRIERFri Apr 16 1993Status of high speed int. MB4
1297.06FORTY2::PAULLEYMon Apr 19 1993MAILbus 4
1298.02GUIDUK::KANGTue Apr 20 1993NIST X.4
1299.02CRIME::GENTILIWed Apr 21 1993MTAs on ULTRIX and VMS using the same routing domain
1300.0CRIME::GENTILIThu Apr 22 1993Using DECmcc V1.3.
1301.02EEMELI::VESALAINENThu Apr 22 1993Looking for mail integration help
1302.04OSITEL::RUDDATTue Apr 27 1993OR-attributes
1303.01MUDIS3::SCHAUMANNTue Apr 27 1993XAPI: om_write of arbitrary ASN.1 encoded CONTENT ?
1304.09AZUR::RUEBNERThu Apr 29 1993SMTP Gateway definitions
1305.02STKOFF::SPERSSONThu Apr 29 1993ADMD opportunity - help/info required
1306.02FORTY2::BAKERThu Apr 29 1993ORADDRESS = Country/ADMD/DDA only = allowed in '84
1307.01DIEHRD::KENNEDYFri Apr 30 1993ULTRIX 4.3 sendmail mods for the SMTP gateway?
1308.05ANNECY::BONNIERWed May 05 1993O/R address (alias/content types precisions)
1309.03OSIBCO::ALTORFERWed May 05 1993reroute to FAX gateway, X.121 address attribute ne
1310.018CRIME::GENTILIWed May 05 1993XAPI - mt_start_transfer_in() help
1311.06GUIDUK::KANGWed May 05 1993What is APS?
1312.01OSIBCO::ALTORFERThu May 06 1993MTA V1.1 specifications
1313.01OSIBCO::ALTORFERThu May 06 1993SMTP gateway and binary bodyparts RFC 987 extensio
1314.010BARQUE::SMITH_JMon May 10 1993ISO 6397?
1315.01CRIME::GENTILIMon May 10 1993XAPI - Trace/dump routine for public objects ?
1316.03MUDIS3::SCHAUMANNTue May 11 1993MTA routing to multi-user MessageStore Questions
1317.014WPOPTH::WPOAJB::BeesonWed May 12 1993MAILworks, MRIF and SMTP questions
1318.01MSDOA::DAVISSTWed May 12 1993MTA Management Examples +GUI?
1319.02DIEHRD::KENNEDYThu May 13 1993Will MAILbus 4
1320.04CRIME::GENTILIThu May 13 1993Filtering messages being processed by an MTA
1321.03COPCLU::GREGThu May 13 1993Support for MB4
1322.02A1VAX::GUNNThu May 13 1993MAILbus Training
1323.04KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu May 13 1993Simple question
1324.01FILTON::GILLEN_FFri May 14 1993Mandatory Fields for X4
1325.06SHIPS::SMITH_JFri May 14 1993Open management of MAILbus 4
1326.03SHIPS::SMITH_JFri May 14 1993Reply requested, etc, through SMTP gateway?
1327.07FILTON::GILLEN_FFri May 14 1993DSA entity Create fails!!!
1328.04MSDOA::DAVISSTFri May 14 1993supportDX enabled Retix g/w?
1329.02POKIE::ADAMSTue May 18 1993Ques: T61 in MTSid, Supported Content types, IPM security support
1330.01CAATS::MURRAYWed May 19 1993Q on MD Redirection
1331.01RT93::NICHOLSFri May 21 1993session rejecting incoming connection, type=12
1332.05OSLACT::TORKILD_PFri May 21 1993File in "/mta_to_rts"-directory
1333.02KETJE::VANHOOSTETue May 25 1993Bodypart 15 support ?
1334.05WKRP::LEETCHThu May 27 1993initials, ".", and NIST compliance
1335.03OSLACT::OLAVFFri May 28 1993MAILbus 4
1336.010CRIME::GENTILIFri May 28 1993OM_WRONG_VALUE_NUMBER help ...
1337.01CESARE::FRASSINOFri May 28 1993Implementing a multihomed GDI
1338.04ITGATE::NETWORKTue Jun 01 1993MAILbus 4
1339.01LEMAN::MAURONWed Jun 02 1993MRX2.2G - RTSBADIDB/RTSVOSTCE error message
1340.0CESARE::FRASSINOWed Jun 02 1993Multiple GDI and VMS MTA84
1341.0KOALA::HOLOHANWed Jun 02 1993DEC MAILworks for unix conference
1342.0MSDOA::DAVISSTFri Jun 04 1993no match, default to ADMD?
1343.01MSDOA::DAVISSTFri Jun 04 1993initial build for 25,
1344.01PRSSUD::JANSMon Jun 07 1993X4
1345.02SWAMPD::FEARNOWMon Jun 07 1993Conversion prohibition
1346.01SWAMPD::FEARNOWTue Jun 08 1993NIST Stable Agreements Quality of Service, Forced Delivery Notification Times, etc
1347.03KOALA::ARMSTEADThu Jun 10 1993Downgrading text/binary 1988 to 1984
1348.02ROMThu Jun 10 1993Shared File Interface; Simplified Routing
1349.01CRIME::GENTILIFri Jun 11 1993Incomplete start_transfer_in() behaviour ???
1350.02ANNECY::ROUXMon Jun 14 1993Naming & Adressing (O/R names)
1351.01COPCLU::TRIERMon Jun 14 1993Problem with addresses with an OU, but without O
1352.022CRIME::BONGARTZTue Jun 15 1993Some Gateway questions...
1353.09BLOFLY::SMITHPThu Jun 17 1993M4
1354.09ITGATE::NETWORKFri Jun 18 1993MAILbus 4
1355.02QCAVWed Jun 23 1993X 4
1356.02EZLCHZ::EZZELLThu Jun 24 1993PROFS to X.4
1357.03OTOOA::CHANDLERThu Jun 24 1993MAILbus 4
1358.01GBIFri Jun 25 1993MR & Mailbus 4
1359.0SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Jun 30 1993Encrypted messages over X.4
1360.05STKOFF::SPERSSONWed Jun 30 1993VMS NSAP config problem
1361.01KAMPUS::STHOMASWed Jun 30 1993Correct Encoding of Externally-defined bodyparts
1362.02KAMPUS::STHOMASWed Jun 30 1993Bodypart 15, externally-defined parameters
1363.01ZENA::ASTRUAWed Jun 30 1993VMS-mail directly integrated
1364.03DYPSS1::YINGLINGWed Jun 30 1993RFC822 to RFC822 via SMTP Gateway
1365.01POKIE::PATTERSONThu Jul 01 1993how many inbound associations are allowed from each peer?
1366.02POKIE::ADAMSThu Jul 01 1993OpenVMS performance numbers????
1367.01COMICS::HALFACREEFri Jul 02 1993Help with Decoder & 'Invalid MPDU detected'
1368.013CRIME::GENTILIFri Jul 02 1993Mail-11/X.4
1369.05ZENA::ASTRUAFri Jul 02 1993Is API necessary on end system ?
1370.02SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Jul 06 1993OpenVMS - MAILbus --> MR/X CLNS template use
1371.01BIGUN::MAYNEThu Jul 08 1993OSF 1.2 sendmail mods for the SMTP gateway?
1372.0DC1Fri Jul 09 1993need published interoperability results
1373.08MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERMon Jul 12 1993Problem with MTA configuration (VMS)
1374.05HIWA61::farowichTue Jul 13 1993Quoting Gateways
1375.01ROMTue Jul 13 1993MRX over CLNS?
1376.04OSITEL::RUDDATTue Jul 13 1993multinational MD's
1377.02MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERTue Jul 13 1993MTA shared file interface file format
1378.03ROMTSS::MARTIREWed Jul 14 1993X25 & OSI related NCL examples needed
1379.01OASS::HARRIS_RFri Jul 16 1993How to determine NSAP connection list
1380.03SIOG::B_RAFFERTYFri Jul 16 1993X.5
1381.04DC1Mon Jul 19 1993limits on number of addresses, size of msg ?
1382.01OTOOA::CHANDLERTue Jul 20 1993SNAPI support?
1383.04PRSSOS::CAPAZZAWed Jul 21 1993MB4
1384.015OTOOA::AUBINWed Jul 21 1993MRX to Mailbus-4
1385.04ROMTSS::MARTIREThu Jul 22 1993X25 & Mailbus 4
1386.04BERNFri Jul 23 1993routing in Mailbus4
1387.01KOALA::ARMSTEADFri Jul 23 1993No space left on device
1388.01ORO5Fri Jul 23 1993Internet mail help needed
1389.05SAHQ::LIVENGOODMon Jul 26 1993Retix cc:Mail gwy "Parser/API error"
1390.0TAMRC::GOLDSTEINMon Jul 26 1993Softline - FAX capability - route to recipient?
1391.05GUIDUK::FAROWICHTue Jul 27 1993'88 Extensions
1392.01SAHQ::LIVENGOODTue Jul 27 1993Patches, etc
1393.01COPCLU::TRIERTue Jul 27 1993mta_irchild: Not enough core when running DECmcc
1394.03AEOENG::LAGARRIGUE_PWed Jul 28 1993Setting MTA Content Type
1395.0OSIBCO::ALTORFERWed Jul 28 1993X.25 port terminated -> check expedited data
1396.01SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Jul 28 1993Wild cards and routing
1397.01FRIDYS::MCCAINThu Jul 29 1993location of current A!mail kit (1.2)
1398.04TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GMon Aug 02 1993unsupported encoded information type error
1399.04MUDIS3::SCHAUMANNTue Aug 03 1993MTA and MRX on same node ? (DEC/EDI)
1400.03RT95::EISMAC::nicholsWed Aug 04 1993Does the Retix Gateway require its own PC ?
1401.06VISA::BONGARTZThu Aug 05 1993Can the MTA be forced to convert a message when it enters the MTA ?
1402.0SAHQ::LIVNGD::LIVENGOODSun Aug 08 1993Shared File gateways via NFS stumble...by a naive implementor
1403.02SAHQ::LIVNGD::LIVENGOODSun Aug 08 1993RETIX MS-Mail gateways...Replies?
1404.01OSIBCO::ALTORFERMon Aug 09 1993serious routing problems with 84 domains !
1405.017FORTY2::REEDMon Aug 09 1993VMS perfomance data fo MAILbus 4
1406.03SMAC1Mon Aug 09 1993MRIF Programmers Guide
1407.01BACHUS::FOLENSTue Aug 10 1993MRX versus DECnet/OSI v5.6
1408.04DPDMAI::RITZCWed Aug 11 1993"home grown"? training? conpliance?
1409.02IDEFIX::NANNIK::GEOFFWed Aug 11 1993Problem installing SMTP gateway
1410.03KCBBQ::HELTONThu Aug 12 1993RFI questions (x.41
1411.019IDEFIX::NANNIK::GEOFFFri Aug 13 1993Problem with outbound MAILbus 4
1412.010DC1Fri Aug 13 1993NCL manual for MTA/MTS ??
1413.01FRAIS::ARENTZENMon Aug 16 1993Monologue Mode in RTSE
1414.02SAHQ::LIVENGOODTue Aug 17 1993SMTP/Gwy use from Internet
1415.01LSNCSC::STSULP::ERICTue Aug 17 1993Binary with MRX and RETIX/CC:mail ??
1416.0VMSNET::R_HARRISTue Aug 17 1993Mail not being delivered - no errors
1417.01QCAVWed Aug 18 1993TC 4
1418.04IDEFIX::NANNIK::GEOFFFri Aug 20 1993smtp gateway partial address mapping
1419.0GUIDUK::KANGSat Aug 21 1993SLIP support?
1420.09IDEFIX::NANNIK::GEOFFMon Aug 23 1993MAILbus 4
1421.01CTOAVX::DESENATue Aug 24 1993Install Time Frames?
1422.07CRIME::GENTILIWed Aug 25 1993Integration of new converters : ASN-1 Encode/Decodde
1423.06CTOAVX::DESENAWed Aug 25 1993MTA License/Config Question
1424.0A1VAX::GUNNThu Aug 26 1993Alpha, MAILbus and ALL-IN-1.
1425.06OSIBCO::ALTORFERMon Aug 30 1993invalid trace information, XAPI bug ?
1426.01BERNMon Aug 30 1993POSTMASTER on OSF/1.
1427.01MSAMFri Sep 03 1993DDS and Mailbus 4
1428.06UTRTSC::EISINKMon Sep 06 1993Conformancy testing MAILbus 4
1429.03IJSAPL::MEYLERMon Sep 06 1993DXD creates NCL inconsistancy?
1430.01TROOA::LFUNGTue Sep 07 1993SST Telematic Gateway. Any experience ?
1431.08SEAWLF::COLEThu Sep 09 1993sending binary with mtamail ???
1432.09MUDIS3::HHEYNGThu Sep 09 1993MAILbus 4
1433.07KAMPUS::STHOMASFri Sep 10 1993X.4
1434.01SAHQ::LIVENGOODFri Sep 10 1993MB4
1435.03SAHQ::LIVENGOODFri Sep 10 1993MB4
1436.01RT95::EISMAC::nicholsMon Sep 13 1993Polycenter Management Direction ?
1437.0FLEX7::PATON_SMon Sep 13 1993MRX Security
1438.02ODIXIE::STUMPFMon Sep 13 1993cluster environment
1439.09SHIPS::SMITH_JMon Sep 13 1993MAILbus 4
1440.01TRNTue Sep 14 1993bytes transmitted over total bytes ?
1441.07NEOVWed Sep 15 1993MRIF UA and MAILbus 4
1442.02MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERWed Sep 15 1993Generation of GDIs in Trace Info
1443.03MEOCThu Sep 16 1993License problem with internal pak
1444.04OTOOA::CHANDLERThu Sep 16 1993MAILbus4
1445.05SAHQ::LIVENGOODThu Sep 16 1993Redirection (MD REDIRECT) question
1446.01BERNFri Sep 17 1993 ExtensionType = 38
1447.06SAC::OLDNIC::COHEN_DFri Sep 17 1993cc:Mail connectivity
1448.0RT93::EISMAC::nicholsFri Sep 17 1993Which DECmcc to manage MTA ?
1449.02VFOVAX::MURLEYMon Sep 20 1993SMTP Gateway for VMS Mail
1450.0BERNMon Sep 20 1993RTSE protocol violation with TANDEM (88).
1451.04TRNOI2::ASSELLETue Sep 21 1993Crash/Recovery Support Needed
1452.08MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERThu Sep 23 1993Some Distribution list questions
1453.01KETJE::MORRENThu Sep 23 1993Windows-NT / Fax ?
1454.02GJOVAX::GRAEFFMon Sep 27 1993X.4
1455.0CRIME::GENTILIMon Sep 27 1993DECnam II - Call for Requirements
1456.02OTOOA::CHANDLERMon Sep 27 1993MAIlbus 4
1457.02COPCLU::TRIERMon Sep 27 1993Invalid gateway/mta name from Retix (cgw)
1458.06SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Sep 28 1993Softline FAX gateway users?
1459.03OSIBCO::ALTORFERTue Sep 28 1993redirection of service messages allowed ?
1460.01OSIBCO::ALTORFERThu Sep 30 1993SMTP Gateway and T.61 bodypart conversion
1461.05KAMPUS::STHOMASThu Sep 30 1993PP MTA Problems
1462.02CRIME::BEROUDFri Oct 01 1993API to access accounting ?
1463.07FORTY2::BAKERMon Oct 04 1993EMA Push use of '92 file-transfer bodypart
1464.01SAHQ::PJOHNSONMon Oct 04 1993sendmail -> smtp gateway stalled
1465.06SAHQ::LIVENGOODTue Oct 05 1993Foreign Address...when does/doesn't it work
1466.0SAHQ::LIVENGOODTue Oct 05 1993SMTP gateway oddity
1467.03BLOFLY::MIKKELSENWed Oct 06 1993Mailbus 4
1468.07BACHUS::BOLLENWed Oct 06 1993x25 reason code and origin ???
1469.03HGOVC::FRANCISHUNGTue Oct 12 1993Contact point of RETIX!
1470.01FORTY2::REEDTue Oct 12 1993Network configuration for Local Office Integration
1471.04BERNFri Oct 15 1993where is VAXCMA
1472.0KOALA::GRAFFSat Oct 16 1993Field Test of DEC MAILworks for OSF/1
1473.07OSIBCO::ALTORFERTue Oct 19 1993international company means lots of routing trees
1474.01CTOAVX::DESENATue Oct 19 1993Reference Sites Needed
1475.02FLYWAY::BICHSELWed Oct 20 1993XAPI: dump message to disk
1476.01OTOOA::CHANDLERWed Oct 20 1993MAILbus SMTP questions
1477.0CTOAVX::DESENAWed Oct 20 1993Competitive Info on CDC MailHUB product?
1478.03CSC32::SHEEHYThu Oct 21 1993MRX V2.3 and MTA V1.1 coexisting
1479.0COPCLU::TRIERFri Oct 22 1993Converters to/from NCRS ?
1480.01BERNSat Oct 23 1993DXD$DSA_CONFIGURE + prefix 39 :-(
1481.0COPCLU::TRIERMon Oct 25 1993High Availability MAILbus 4
1482.02BIKINI::DITEMon Oct 25 1993Known problem ?: unexpected error on service code 75 received from Session Layer
1483.0VANINE::LOVELLTue Oct 26 1993Competition with Microsoft Enterprise Messaging Server (EMS) - codename Trigger
1484.05HERON::LYSAAThu Oct 28 1993Directory Service Error/OM_SYSTEM_ERROR
1485.03COLThu Oct 28 1993U: Gateways for Mailbus OSF/1 Alpha?
1486.07OTOOA::CHANDLERThu Oct 28 1993'88 MAILbus SMTP Gateway?
1487.07SEAWLF::COLEFri Oct 29 1993IBM to resell HP Open Mail !!
1488.02ADO75A::BAIRDSun Oct 31 1993WordPerfect X.4
1489.02GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDTue Nov 02 1993Unknown Peer MTA in one direction only!?
1490.07SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Nov 02 1993Linkworks <--> ALL-IN-1 messages double spaced
1491.04SAHQ::LIVENGOODWed Nov 03 1993RETIX/cc:Mail gwy: # Addressee limit?
1492.09MUDIS3::HHEYNGWed Nov 03 1993MTA conn fails, S1.
1493.06SAHQ::LIVENGOODWed Nov 03 1993How to use MTA DLs from 84 systems
1494.01COPCLU::TRIERThu Nov 04 1993XAPI - limit on Output and Input Queues
1495.03OSIBCO::ALTORFERFri Nov 05 1993extra P2 header on messages passing the SMTP Gwy
1496.01CGOOA::CRICKTue Nov 09 1993Another distribution list question
1497.05HERON::LYSAATue Nov 09 1993Transport disconnects...
1498.0--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 09 1993V1.2 installation woes
1499.03SAHQ::LIVENGOODWed Nov 10 1993WPO X.4
1500.01COPCLU::JRNThu Nov 11 1993Profile A/MH 11 ?
1501.06MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERThu Nov 11 1993AREA only for naming convention ?
1502.03MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERThu Nov 11 1993Cancellation of deferred messages and security
1503.04KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Nov 12 1993MB4
1504.06FLYWAY::BICHSELSat Nov 13 1993om_write problem on ULTRIX ?
1505.0MUDIS3::RROSENBERGERMon Nov 15 1993[Non]Receipt Notification and Message Store (MS)
1506.01OSLACT::DORTHEMon Nov 15 1993Rewrite 84->88, what kind of problems?
1507.02MIMS::MITCHELL_EMon Nov 15 1993Network kits?
1508.02GUCCI::JCONNORSTue Nov 16 1993EDIFACT & X.435
1509.07SAHQ::LIVENGOODWed Nov 17 1993Directory Service Errors
1510.01CTOAVX::DESENAWed Nov 17 1993MTA/Doc Conversion Config Question
1511.0ISIDRO::LESTEBANWed Nov 17 1993OSIWARE compared, is working on our platforms?
1512.0CTOAVX::DESENAWed Nov 17 1993Canned DECmcc Alarms
1513.07VAXRIO::BIANCOWed Nov 17 1993MAILbus 4
1514.0LVOVAX::CASIE::CarpenterThu Nov 18 1993Looking for "POP SERVER"post office protocall server
1515.03HERON::LYSAAFri Nov 19 1993SMTP g/w and DECnet/OSI 5.1A
1516.01FORTY2::PAULLEYMon Nov 22 1993Retix [TM] cc:Mail [TM] Gateway to X.4
1517.01FORTY2::PAULLEYMon Nov 22 1993Retix [TM] Microsoft Mail [TM] for PC Networks Gateway to X.4
1518.06KAMPUS::STHOMASMon Nov 22 1993MTA interworking problem: cn spdu refused
1519.04HERON::LYSAATue Nov 23 1993RETIX API error doc. please
1520.03AEOENG::DEPARDONTue Nov 23 1993Is CEN/CENELEC A/MH 21 profile supported?
1521.01CHEFS::BROWNDTue Nov 23 1993P7 and Message Store
1522.05GBITue Nov 23 1993Urgent help about MTS
1523.0TROOA::LFUNGTue Nov 23 1993MAILBUS 4
1524.011ZENA::ASTRUAThu Nov 25 1993Internal Error, Diag=115
1525.01OTOOA::CHANDLERThu Nov 25 1993Unix->MAILbus4
1526.01LARVAE::SHERMAN_GFri Nov 26 1993RFCs 1138 & 1148 update please
1527.06SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Nov 26 1993Want to put an MPDU on 'hold'
1528.03KAMPUS::STHOMASFri Nov 26 1993Inter-working problem: MAILBus, ISODE MTA
1529.01OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Nov 26 1993directory name/distribution list support
1530.01KERNEL::NAYLERMTue Nov 30 1993How do you requeue a message.
1531.0FORTY2::REEDWed Dec 01 1993Schedule information for MAILbus 4
1532.01EISYFI::LABWed Dec 01 1993PMDF on MAILbus 4
1533.03COPCLU::TRIERThu Dec 02 1993Monitor problems with POLYCENTER Framework
1534.01SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Dec 03 1993Blocked Peer MTA - DIS/ENAbling seemed to cure?
1535.01FORTY2::BAKERFri Dec 03 1993Conformance to CEN/CENELEC ENV 412
1536.01GLDOA::CARLENMon Dec 06 1993MAILbus 4
1537.01COPCLU::TRIERTue Dec 07 1993SMTP GW RFC987 mapping changable ?
1538.04COMICS::MISTRYWed Dec 08 1993problem talking to mercury
1539.08KCOHUB::KCPCXX::SCHELLWed Dec 08 1993User Agent?
1540.04SAC::MAGUIRE_GThu Dec 09 1993An API for Electronic Mail and RFC 1327 Relationship
1541.01BPSOF::BPPC5Thu Dec 09 1993RUA solution based on SLIP ?
1542.0RESTRT::LATIMERFri Dec 10 1993Workgroup Systems White Papers
1543.01WOOK::wookpc.mso.dec.com::LEEMon Dec 13 1993How does one manage access control in the directory?
1544.06STKOFF::SPERSSONTue Dec 14 1993Support of Security class S1a?
1545.0OTOOA::CHANDLERTue Dec 14 1993x.4
1546.03TRNOIS::ASSELLEWed Dec 15 1993Crash/Recovery further support needed
1547.02BELFST::TURBVO::McCorryThu Dec 16 1993MS-Mail/IOS/Uniplex conversion
1548.01WOOK::LEEThu Dec 16 1993Remote management from DECnet/OSI T5.7 doesn't always work right
1549.0COMET::CHANGThu Dec 16 1993quit
1550.02COMET::CHANGThu Dec 16 1993Using XAPI to submit ASN.1 msg to MTA
1551.02PRSST4::HENONFri Dec 17 1993Field test kit of MTA on OSF V1.3
1552.03KERNEL::PATELAMon Dec 20 1993MTA accounting & achieving query.
1553.04WELTM1::CRIDDLEMon Dec 20 1993Is it possible to release an MPDU
1554.01HERON::NANNIK::ROBB_GTue Dec 21 1993MAILbus 4
1555.01TAMRC::GOLDSTEINTue Dec 21 1993MIME support - an update please...
1556.03OSIBCO::ALTORFERWed Dec 22 1993conversion problems - different ISO6937 encoding
1557.02STKOFF::SPERSSONThu Dec 23 1993Paper on MAILworks - MAILBUS 4
1558.07NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu Dec 30 1993MAILBUS 4
1559.05COPCLU::TRIERMon Jan 03 1994Patches needed for MAILbus 4
1560.02TAMRC::LAURENTMon Jan 03 1994Arrival time of a delivery report
1561.02BIS1::STIENAERSTue Jan 04 1994UUU: SNADS gateway
1562.04SUPTue Jan 04 1994 Reason Code = Temporary Problem
1563.01HERON::LYSAATue Jan 04 1994ADMD connections for MTA '88?
1564.06ROMWed Jan 05 1994Mailbus4
1565.03EVTAI1::62662::BrandonThu Jan 06 1994DECnet/OSI V5.7
1566.01BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANFri Jan 07 1994Retix Openserver troubleshooting
1567.06ROMTue Jan 11 1994Message store on VAX/VMS
1568.03NZOMIS::ROBBINSTue Jan 11 1994Need comparison of MAILbus versus SMTP
1569.03NZOMIS::ROBBINSTue Jan 11 1994DECnet/OSI or TCP/IP (for MAILbus 4
1570.01HGTAI1::CANDYGAOWed Jan 12 1994MTA and UA on OpenVMS AXP?
1571.01GBIFri Jan 14 1994XAPI help needed
1572.03SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Jan 14 1994X.4
1573.03VFOVAX::MURLEYFri Jan 14 1994MAILbus 4
1574.07MSDOA::DAVISSTFri Jan 14 199485
1575.07ADO75A::BOUCHERWed Jan 19 1994Problems with attachments
1576.02TIMAMD::ANTONIOTINThu Jan 20 1994Integrate different messaging/mail server ?
1577.04GIDDAY::COOPERThu Jan 20 1994Segmentation error running API code
1578.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Jan 20 1994Any competitive products for VAX (Alpha)??
1579.05NZOMIS::ROBBINSFri Jan 21 1994Can I propse MAILbus 4
1580.03WELTM1::CRIDDLEFri Jan 21 1994Internal trace information and loop detection?
1581.02ATYISA::JOUVELLIERFri Jan 21 1994AXP<->A1<->X.4
1582.01GLDOA::LEONARDFri Jan 21 1994X.4
1583.07TROOA::LFUNGTue Jan 25 1994Which is Which ?
1584.011STKAI1::SBERGQUISTTue Jan 25 1994Our X.4
1585.04BERNWed Jan 26 1994MB4
1586.07BERNWed Jan 26 1994SMTP Gateway, header info.
1587.06ROMThu Jan 27 1994XAPI question
1588.02BERNThu Jan 27 1994X.5
1589.02GBIThu Jan 27 1994Help about Postal O/R Address
1590.04COPCLU::TRIERThu Jan 27 1994Semaphore Operation problem on OSF/1
1591.04DELSThu Jan 27 1994Mailbus 4
1592.0ROWEL::PONTIUSFri Jan 28 1994X.4
1594.02GVAFri Jan 28 1994Draft EEMA paper on Internet interworking
1595.02CTOAVX::DESENAFri Jan 28 1994DECpc AXP platform support?
1596.04KAMPUS::STHOMASMon Jan 31 1994Interworking: ISOCOR, PP, CoCoNET
1597.03OTOOA::CHANDLERMon Jan 31 19941992 compliancy?
1598.01TROOA::LFUNGTue Feb 01 1994Can't sent atttachment from MRX to MB4
1599.0BERNWed Feb 02 1994Conversion problem with LNX.
1600.01DV78Thu Feb 03 1994MI. Problem
1601.04OSLACT::OLAVFMon Feb 07 1994MB 4
1602.03CSC32::M_ROSSMon Feb 07 1994MTA lookahead questions
1603.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Feb 08 1994Packaged Order No.?
1604.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Feb 08 1994Sizing Guidelines?
1605.02MSDOA::DAVISSTTue Feb 08 1994smtp g/w on osf/1
1606.04WKRP::LEETCHWed Feb 09 1994problem mixing XAPI and XDS
1607.08OSITEL::RUDDATWed Feb 09 1994parent entry does not exist
1608.04OTOOA::CHANDLERThu Feb 10 1994fax gateway
1609.04DV78Thu Feb 10 1994verify mail flowing?
1610.01SAC::KINDER_NFri Feb 11 1994Mailbus security
1611.09ALFETA::SYSTEMFri Feb 11 1994MB4
1612.01DELSFri Feb 11 1994DSA license??.
1613.02KAMPUS::STHOMASMon Feb 14 1994Local Timeout Period Expired, workarounds?
1614.014KAMPUS::STHOMASTue Feb 15 1994Control over tpdu size?
1615.010GVAWed Feb 16 1994O/R address creation problem.
1616.05ESSB::PMCCORMICKWed Feb 16 1994ISOGATEs and MAILbus 4
1617.06OSIBCO::ALTORFERFri Feb 18 1994XAPI problem with ISO6937 bodyparts
1618.02MUDIS3::LONGUETFri Feb 18 1994Generic Access Unit / Gateway
1619.01FRAIS::ARENTZENTue Feb 22 1994
1620.03MUDIS3::STEINTue Feb 22 1994OSF/1 with RFC1
1621.01SHIPS::DAVENPORT_DTue Feb 22 1994X4
1622.01OTOOA::BOGARTTue Feb 22 1994Security Documentation
1623.03OSLACT::OLAVFThu Feb 24 1994problems with cc:Mail Retix gtw to MB4
1624.02MUDIS3::LONGUETFri Feb 25 1994X.5
1625.03POKIE::DIFIORESat Feb 26 1994MCI is using MB4
1626.05ATHINA::FENNYMon Feb 28 1994mta for osf/1 (DECmcc,Netview,Retix)
1627.01VILIS1::EFUCHSTue Mar 01 1994Mailbus4
1628.02RT95::EISMAC::nicholsWed Mar 02 1994Boundary MTA Set configuration?
1629.01RT93::EISMAC::nicholsWed Mar 02 1994Support of X.4
1630.01ZENA::ASTRUAThu Mar 03 1994XEDI Package in XAPI kit ?
1631.01CGOOA::CRICKThu Mar 03 1994Which SMTP Gateway?
1632.03BIS1::VANKERKHOVEThu Mar 03 1994libpthreads patch ?
1633.02GRANMA::SGOLDSTEINFri Mar 04 1994How about DEC OSF/1? How about a "party line"?
1634.0MSDOA::DAVISSTMon Mar 07 1994DEMSA: G/W or Router? (OSF)
1635.0DV78Mon Mar 07 1994X.4
1636.01BELFST::HILLISMon Mar 07 1994Problem with Retix Ms-Mail Gtwy to Mailbus 4
1637.02MUDIS3::AKLAMERMon Mar 07 1994XAPI changes (1.
1638.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Mar 07 1994DSS where maximum number of characters is 24
1639.01IJSAPL::VANGEESTTue Mar 08 1994MRIF => XAPI?
1640.06LACVTue Mar 08 1994XMR pointer needed urgently!
1641.05ADO75A::BOUCHERWed Mar 09 1994Shared file interfaceinfo
1642.09BERNWed Mar 09 1994internal trace sent to 84 systems (diff.CCITT dom)
1643.02OSIBCO::ALTORFERWed Mar 09 1994invalid MPDU event as reaction to network problem
1644.03ATH853::FENNYThu Mar 10 1994Remote MTA and DSA Access
1645.01OSIBCO::ALTORFERThu Mar 10 1994not a network problem
1646.01WELCLU::WELSAU::LIThu Mar 10 1994Directory synchronisation with MB4
1647.06FORTY2::BAKERThu Mar 10 1994MTA Accounting facility: anyone using it?
1648.06OTOOA::BOGARTThu Mar 10 19946937 Conversion
1649.03DYPSS1::YINGLINGFri Mar 11 1994Case Sensitivity w/HP Openmail and MB4
1650.01ATHINA::FENNYFri Mar 11 1994API Client over X.25
1651.05HANSBC::BACHNERFri Mar 11 1994how do I pass/construct MTA_NODE ?
1652.09OSIBCO::ALTORFERFri Mar 11 1994MTA interaction with ISOCOR gateways
1653.01CGOOA::CRICKSat Mar 12 1994Any universities using MB4
1654.0CHEFS::BROWNDMon Mar 14 1994Telex and Physical DUs?
1655.03BIGUN::JRSVM::BAKERWed Mar 16 1994MTA performance on Alpha/OSF ballpark numbers?
1656.07KETJE::MORRENWed Mar 16 1994X.4
1657.04GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Mar 16 1994Reject agent error with enterprise mail
1658.02MUDIS3::STEINWed Mar 16 1994create mta fails/not correct
1659.011BERNThu Mar 17 1994BP15 downgraded to BP14.
1660.02TAKEOF::FREUNDThu Mar 17 1994How to downgrade from 88 to 84 - or BP 15 to 14 conversion
1661.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Mar 17 1994om_put segmentation fault osf/1.
1662.02STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Mar 18 1994FAX Gwy to MAILbus 4
1663.01BERNMon Mar 21 1994secure messaging in a MB4
1664.0TAMARA::OFFILTERMon Mar 21 1994What's my GDI ...
1665.01GUCCI::KWHITEMon Mar 21 1994Limitation on simultaneous connections to MTA
1666.07WELTM1::CRIDDLEMon Mar 21 1994Internal error code 116
1667.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue Mar 22 1994PSI and DNVEXT
1668.01COPCLU::TORBENHTue Mar 22 1994ISOPLEX 8
1669.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTTue Mar 22 1994Ways to use X.5
1670.07SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Mar 22 1994XAPI odd after reboot?
1671.0VFOVAX::MURLEYTue Mar 22 1994X.25 Addresses which must be 1
1672.02BERNWed Mar 23 1994Performance and sizing data.
1673.02BERNWed Mar 23 1994Mail-11 Gateway does not work
1674.03OSIBCO::ALTORFERWed Mar 23 1994smtp gateway, strange extraction od DDA values
1675.08OSIBCO::ALTORFERWed Mar 23 1994session recovery - how to switch off ?
1676.0STKAI1::SBERGQUISTWed Mar 23 1994Messaging solution for health care organisation, sanity check ...
1677.08FORTY2::REEDWed Mar 23 1994PERFORMANCE on DEC OSF/1 - preliminary data for the MAILbus 4
1678.03BERNWed Mar 23 1994CONS (X.25) with VMS
1679.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTThu Mar 24 1994MAILbus View for Windows and MTA on OSF/1 ?
1680.08UTROP1::CAMPENHOUT_RThu Mar 24 1994Mailbus migration
1681.01HGOVC::STANLEYYUFri Mar 25 1994MRX gateway problem.
1682.03FAILTE::LAAHSFri Mar 25 1994What can I get rid of when moving to Mailbus_4
1683.02SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Mar 25 1994MIME and/or RFC 1154 support?
1684.0BERNSun Mar 27 1994MIME products available?
1685.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTMon Mar 28 1994MAILbus 4
1687.03HANSBC::BACHNERWed Mar 30 1994ma(X)_open returns OM_SUCCESS though the Session object is not initialized
1688.02DV78Wed Mar 30 19947/93 MAILbus_4
1689.05WELTM1::CRIDDLEWed Mar 30 1994Small X.25 packets being used by OSI Transport
1690.01GIDDAY::BURTThu Mar 31 1994"temporary problem"??
1691.01BERNThu Mar 31 1994remote API (MB4
1692.07OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Apr 01 1994Recursive distribution lists
1693.07GUCCI::KWHITESat Apr 02 1994MAILbus 4
1694.02DCOFS::DENNARDMon Apr 04 1994Creating mta entry fails VMS node
1695.01TROOA::BBUTLERMon Apr 04 1994how to dump/analyze e-mail from ../workspace..?
1696.03OSITEL::RUDDATTue Apr 05 1994trace rfc1
1697.01OTOOA::CHANDLERTue Apr 05 1994language conversion
1698.02SCSSRN::NELSONWed Apr 06 1994Message Router / MRX /MAILBUS 4
1699.07OSIBCO::ALTORFERWed Apr 06 1994SMTP-GW produces overflowed PDU buffer event
1700.015MUDIS3::STEINThu Apr 07 1994RFC1
1701.01FORTY2::JAFFERThu Apr 07 1994FYI: NCL Online Help for MTA V1.2 on OSF/1 V2.
1702.02OSITEL::RUDDATFri Apr 08 1994gdi=* , c=* ?
1703.01MUDIS3::STEINFri Apr 08 1994RFC1
1704.01FORTY2::GROOMFri Apr 08 1994VMS: MAILbus 4
1705.01CECEHV::HARVALA_MFri Apr 08 1994Mailbus X.4
1706.05OTOOA::CHANDLERMon Apr 11 1994CN mapping during Downgrading
1707.01OTOOA::CHANDLERMon Apr 11 1994message content during downgrade
1708.01SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Apr 12 1994DECmcc and MAILbus 4
1709.01TLKOS::KULIGWed Apr 13 1994When is RFC 1566 available?
1710.02OTOOA::CHANDLERWed Apr 13 1994Message Store
1711.02TLKOS::KULIGWed Apr 13 1994Status certification MAILbus4
1712.0OTOOA::CHANDLERWed Apr 13 1994prohibiting transiting
1713.01MUDIS3::FISCALThu Apr 14 1994SW-configuration for sending X.4
1714.0FORTY2::MELLINGThu Apr 14 1994MAILbus 4
1715.010OTOOA::CHANDLERThu Apr 14 1994message duplication
1716.01VILIS1::EFUCHSFri Apr 15 1994EPHOS and UA questions
1717.09OTOOA::ROUFFri Apr 15 1994MAILBUS 4
1718.07ADO75A::CLEGHORNMon Apr 18 1994error sending, vms ema agent, mta$start.ncl
1719.02HANSBC::BACHNERMon Apr 18 1994how to tell the MTA what to do with NDRs ?
1720.03SQGUK::DRANSFIELDWed Apr 20 1994v2 retix gateways tried?
1721.0VAXSPO::BIANCOWed Apr 20 1994CA Email gateway
1722.011OSLACT::OLAVFThu Apr 21 1994How to convert documents like WP to Word ?
1723.01OTOOA::CHANDLERThu Apr 21 1994LAN-->softswitch-->MAILbus 4
1724.01OTOOA::CHANDLERThu Apr 21 1994National Routing (ADMD = ' ')
1725.02WELTM1::CRIDDLEFri Apr 22 1994How to remove a Routing Instruction?
1726.06SAHQ::PJOHNSONFri Apr 22 1994Quickmail and MAILbus 4
1727.06DIEHRD::KENNEDYFri Apr 22 1994Local Timeout problems - how to enable OSAK trace?
1728.0FORTY2::OADESFri Apr 22 1994MAILbus 4
1729.01OTOOA::CHANDLERSat Apr 23 1994trace records
1730.01MUDIS3::TMAYRMon Apr 25 1994MTA$ACCDECODER access violation
1731.04STKHLM::ALINDGRENMon Apr 25 1994Standard status - '88 IPMS content downgrade
1732.02KERNEL::NAYLERMMon Apr 25 1994Failure to CREATE MTA, access denied
1733.02OSLLAV::HELGEM_PTue Apr 26 1994Size of message, API, UK GOSIP V4
1734.01FAILTE::HUTCHESONTTue Apr 26 1994MAILbus 4
1735.04SEAWLF::COLETue Apr 26 1994smtp-gateway OSF/1 EFT questions
1736.01WKRP::LEETCHWed Apr 27 1994XAPI application and linking with xti*
1737.05ROMThu Apr 28 1994Routing info & ISO/MHS-DS standard
1738.01ANNECY::KIRKHAMThu Apr 28 1994Delivery problems with GEISCO's MAR4
1739.01ADOVFri Apr 29 1994Access to X.5
1740.09MUDIS3::LONGUETMon May 02 1994P7 under MAPI for X.4
1741.01LISVAX::KALENGATue May 03 1994RETIX Open Server part number
1742.01STKHLM::SUNDSTROMWed May 04 1994AP-title, anything we can deal with ??
1743.02CHEFS::BROWNDWed May 04 1994No. of users on MS
1744.02MUDIS3::STEINWed May 04 1994Forced Exit from Journalling Server ???
1745.06DV78Wed May 04 1994Use MB4
1746.07SAHQ::LIVENGOODWed May 04 1994More DistList fun
1747.03WELTM1::CRIDDLEThu May 05 1994Message Store and MCC, any problems?
1748.01MUDIS3::STEINThu May 05 1994How to trigger MPDUs ?
1749.0RT95::EISMAC::nicholsThu May 05 1994MTA usage of Grade of Delivery Service Element
1750.0VAXRIO::BIANCOThu May 05 1994Retix MHS gateway to X.4
1751.01SHIPS::SMITH_JFri May 06 1994SMTP gateway and MAILworks on same nodee
1752.01SHIPS::SMITH_JFri May 06 1994MRX, MB4
1753.0SHIPS::SMITH_JFri May 06 1994LLC2 Relay Clients can't have individual X.25 subaddresses
1754.01MUDIS3::STEINMon May 09 1994DXIM for MTA management ?
1755.01CHEFS::BROWNDMon May 09 1994GOSIP4.1, ISP 1
1756.0CHEFS::BROWNDMon May 09 1994Initiator Validation
1757.06KAMPUS::STHOMASMon May 09 1994Object Identifiers, '92 audio?, '92 text?
1758.08FILTON::GILLEN_FMon May 09 1994OpenVMS V6 MTA V1.1 Support Status
1759.04EEMELI::VESALAINENWed May 11 1994Softline FAX gateway on OSF/1
1760.01OSLACT::OLAVFWed May 11 1994PDMF and MAILbus 4
1761.02NSICWed May 11 1994Define an User agent?
1762.05ADOVThu May 12 1994Management of MTAs - What do you do?
1763.01GOYA::MICThu May 12 1994Programming help needed
1764.03DELSThu May 12 1994MAILbus 4
1765.01SAC::KINDER_NFri May 13 1994NCL HELP for MAILBUS 4
1766.01TRNFri May 13 1994RFC1
1768.01GIDDAY::COOPERWed May 18 1994Move mta and dxd directories?
1769.02ROMWed May 18 1994Mailbus 4
1770.02STKHLM::ALINDGRENWed May 18 1994International ORadresses ?
1771.01ROMWed May 18 1994From MR to MB4
1772.01GIDDAY::WANThu May 19 1994Routing message between MRX, Mailbus4
1774.01OSIBCO::ALTORFERThu May 19 1994RTS checkpoint size window size
1775.02OTOOA::CHANDLERThu May 19 1994archiving/accounting questions
1776.0OTOOA::CHANDLERFri May 20 1994internal trace loop detection
1777.03OTOOA::CHANDLERFri May 20 1994ISO 6937 --> IA5 conversion
1778.01OTOOA::CHANDLERFri May 20 1994XAPI customization question
1779.02OTOOA::CHANDLERFri May 20 1994remote XAPI performance
1780.01SAC::KINDER_NSat May 21 1994SMTP GW extracting the From: Name out of address
1781.01CSC32::J_DRIGGERSMon May 23 1994local transport disconnect
1782.03CSC32::C_NORMANWed May 25 1994unhandled exception at SHARE$MRAPPSHAR+72896
1783.05BIS1::VANKERKHOVEThu May 26 1994O/R name translation and routing issue
1784.01VILIS1::UGAREISThu May 26 1994Softline Fax Gateway with LinkWorks
1785.02RAISSA::CERIOLIThu May 26 1994Question abot NDRs
1786.03OTOOA::CHANDLERThu May 26 1994ASN.1 encoding method
1787.03VAXRIO::ESPOZELMon May 30 1994MRX <-> MAILBUS4
1788.02SNOCTue May 31 1994Minimum Mail Turnaround Time?
1789.01VAXRIO::MALICETue May 31 1994List of DEC Products X.4
1790.01CODS::ESBECKFri Jun 03 1994Store/forward Failure
1791.0EEMELI::VESALAINENTue Jun 07 1994Softline contacts
1792.04STKOFF::SPERSSONWed Jun 08 1994OSF/1 SMTPgw->MB4
1793.02STKOFF::SPERSSONWed Jun 08 1994How to define DDA's in translating addresses?
1794.02VILIS1::UGAREISThu Jun 09 1994Mailbus4
1795.01CODS::ESBECKThu Jun 09 1994Message Queues and siz control
1796.01VAXSPO::RP_SATOFri Jun 10 1994certification
1797.01MFRFMS::SUSANNEMon Jun 13 1994KIT Location for MTAMUPA
1798.09KAMPUS::STHOMASMon Jun 13 1994mtamail msg without common name disappears
1799.03KAMPUS::STHOMASMon Jun 13 1994How can I delete mts subordinates?
1800.01MUDIS3::TMAYRMon Jun 13 1994XAPI MA_ interface: missing MH_T_DISTINGUISHED_RECIP_ADDR
1801.06FLYWAY::BICHSELTue Jun 14 1994unresolved references (IM_C_EXTERN_DEF_BD_PRT)
1802.03DV78Wed Jun 15 1994talking to MS-MAIL
1803.0SAHQ::LIVENGOODWed Jun 15 1994Acceptance Test Plan input
1804.01CSC32::N_HENDERSONThu Jun 16 1994Attachment File Name Preservation?
1805.01GUIDUK::FAROWICHFri Jun 17 1994smtpgw_setup won't update sendmail.cf
1806.07HERON::NATURE::CLOKEFri Jun 17 1994Lotus buys S*S
1807.01KAMPUS::STHOMASFri Jun 17 1994Processed Messages, how to list them?
1808.01OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Jun 17 1994file protection violation
1809.01MUDIS3::TMAYRMon Jun 20 1994How to add an Originator with UniqueUAID?
1810.03AUSSIE::JAINTue Jun 21 1994latest versions ??
1811.06MUDIS3::TMAYRTue Jun 21 1994time zone in SubmissionResult.Time
1812.01ADOVTue Jun 21 1994error diag 31, osf/1, enterprise
1813.07QCAVWed Jun 22 1994Urgent Clarification on Standards
1814.04FRAIS::WEIDEMANNWed Jun 22 1994Multiple ADMDs/PRMDs
1815.02SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Jun 22 1994ICL Office Power in 1988 mode?
1816.07BERNThu Jun 23 1994Magic three characters
1817.03CHEFS::BROWNDThu Jun 23 1994using API between differing operating systems
1818.01OFOSThu Jun 23 1994MB4
1819.02SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Jun 24 19941988 over 1984 stack (hybrid)
1820.06GOYA::64556::MICMon Jun 27 1994Transport Service Unavailable
1821.01COPCLU::TRIERMon Jun 27 1994SMTP GW error: reason=1,diag=11 ?
1822.02OSLACT::OLAVFTue Jun 28 1994TOPCALL as alternative FAX/TELEX gtw for MB4
1823.021VAXSPO::RP_SATOTue Jun 28 1994MB4
1824.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Jun 28 1994MB$MRG error opening ::"27" insufficient priv
1826.02QCAVWed Jun 29 1994Alprange RUA inputs wanted urgently..
1827.0STKHLM::ALINDGRENWed Jun 29 1994Rough estimation of implementation project around MAILbus 4
1828.0ISTWI1::OZILThu Jun 30 1994System sizing help
1829.03DYPSS1::YINGLINGThu Jun 30 1994smtpgw_setup for V1.1 broken
1830.02BERNThu Jun 30 1994WPSPLUS and Cover Note
1831.06ADOVFri Jul 01 1994PMDF
1832.05GOYA::64556::MICMon Jul 04 1994Configuration advice for OSF/1 needed
1833.013FORTY2::OADESMon Jul 04 1994MAILbus 4
1834.04FROCKY::WIESSNERWed Jul 06 1994MTA V1.1 & X.5
1835.03SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Jul 06 1994X.5
1836.0ROMWed Jul 06 1994Help for XMR
1837.03OTOOA::ROUFWed Jul 06 1994X.5
1838.0MFRNW1::RITAWed Jul 06 1994OSIS-E-NOCONNECT, failed to connect to target SAP
1839.05USHSThu Jul 07 1994X.4
1840.02USHSFri Jul 08 1994Severe X4
1841.0ISIDRO::LUCIAFri Jul 08 1994Time to develop a gateway
1842.0ISIDRO::LUCIAFri Jul 08 1994Time to develop a gateway
1843.01SNATCH::EGGIMANNMon Jul 11 1994MIME Header and Binary Bodyparts ...
1844.01SNATCH::EGGIMANNMon Jul 11 1994Where are these Files from ...?
1845.02SNATCH::EGGIMANNMon Jul 11 1994SMTP Gateway Error Codes ...
1846.04BELFST::TURBVO::McCorryTue Jul 12 1994Scheduling delivers/transfers
1848.03GENIE::CADUFFTue Jul 12 1994smtp gateway and T.61
1849.0NEWVAX::TALLEYWed Jul 13 1994Recommentations Document
1850.0KERNEL::NAYLERMWed Jul 13 1994Can't fine Mailbus 4
1851.05DEMON::TIMOWed Jul 13 1994SMTP Gateway sendmail to X.4
1852.03TKOVOA::ANDO_SThu Jul 14 1994MB4
1853.03DEMON::TIMOThu Jul 14 1994OpenVMS and OSF/1 peer mta protocol violations
1854.03FROCKY::WIESSNERThu Jul 14 1994Protocol Violation Event and MTA using LLC2
1855.02FILTON::GILLEN_FTue Jul 19 1994More Routing Questions
1856.04WLW::PCLAN7::shreveTue Jul 19 1994Help with configuring SMTP Gateway and admd parameter
1857.02SWTHOM::GRAMAINWed Jul 20 1994pb using distribution list with inbound messages
1858.01FORTY2::TATHAMThu Jul 21 1994EMEF 94 Slides available
1859.01MSAMMon Jul 25 1994help in configuration - Mailbus components...
1860.03CHEFS::BROWNDMon Jul 25 1994MB4
1861.05FILTON::GILLEN_FTue Jul 26 1994MAILbus 4
1862.01DRAC::DSMAILTue Jul 26 1994SMTP documentation unrecheable....
1863.02MSAMWed Jul 27 1994urgent help in configuration....
1864.06SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Jul 27 1994MB4
1865.03OTOOA::CHANDLERWed Jul 27 1994xapi gateway
1866.04KAMPUS::STHOMASThu Jul 28 1994German Standards Org? CMC, MAPI?
1867.01ROMEOS::LOUIE_JAThu Jul 28 1994OVMS/AXP + DMW + MS MAIL + Internet + X4
1868.03GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Jul 29 1994ultrix v1.2 mta outbound problem..
1869.01WELTM1::CRIDDLEFri Jul 29 1994Deleting MTA subsets when Message Store is enabled
1870.03KAMPUS::STHOMASFri Jul 29 1994German X.4
1871.03WELTM1::CRIDDLEFri Jul 29 1994Managing routing information remotely from OpenVMS
1872.02FRAIS::ARENTZENMon Aug 01 1994SMTP-GW and MIME
1873.02FRAIS::ARENTZENMon Aug 01 1994User profiles ??
1874.03BERNTue Aug 02 1994MRS and XMR
1875.03BERNTue Aug 02 1994Incomming message filter
1876.0JRDVWed Aug 03 1994MB 4
1877.07WELTM1::CRIDDLEWed Aug 03 1994Downgrade to '84 body part and X.121 addressing
1878.03SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Aug 04 1994MTRACE EITs to MS Exchange
1879.03SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Aug 04 1994Experiences with Microsoft Exchange
1880.01TKOVOA::ANDO_SThu Aug 04 1994Questions regarding MB4
1881.01SNATCH::EGGIMANNThu Aug 04 1994Special Characters in DDAs
1882.06SNATCH::EGGIMANNThu Aug 04 1994SMTP gateway loosing messages ...
1883.05BERNThu Aug 04 1994no resources available
1884.0GENIE::CADUFFThu Aug 04 1994incomming messages
1885.01OTOOA::BOGARTThu Aug 04 1994POSTAL O/R - standard
1886.03A1VAX::GRAFFThu Aug 04 1994MIT Study of Telecommuting
1887.08GIDDAY::LOCHRINTue Aug 09 1994CONS NSAPs again!!
1888.0KERNEL::NAYLERMTue Aug 09 1994Finding MPDUids of sent messages
1889.01MSAMWed Aug 10 1994MR to/from MB4
1890.027KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Aug 10 1994XMR addressing question
1891.02SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Aug 11 1994MTA not enabled at reboot on OSF/1 MTA 1.2
1892.04SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Aug 11 1994Unique userid's in directory?
1893.06SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Aug 12 1994Back to wild cards in ORaddresses
1894.01ANNECY::NEYROUD_NFri Aug 12 1994ADMD and PRMD coexistence?
1895.02UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RMon Aug 15 1994Mailbus4
1896.04MUDIS3::STEINTue Aug 16 1994routing of numeric addresses ?
1897.02GIDDAY::LOCHRINTue Aug 16 1994Why does MTA V1.3 require MRX V2.3 ?
1899.01TRNWed Aug 17 1994DDA and PMDF.
1900.01HGODCS::FRANCISHUNGWed Aug 17 1994Gateway to Profs and Snads?
1901.01UTRTSC::EDERVEENThu Aug 18 1994resources on Open/VMS
1902.0KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Aug 19 1994Planning and setup guide errors ?
1903.04KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Aug 19 199488mta domain A <-> 84 mta domain A question
1904.02OSLLAV::DORTHE_PMon Aug 22 1994Retix/cc:Mail, encryption supported?
1905.011UTRTSC::EDERVEENTue Aug 23 1994RTSE protocol violation Open/VMS 1.3
1906.01OSIBCO::ALTORFERTue Aug 23 1994definitive O/R address ignored ?
1907.0TAKEOF::FREUNDThu Aug 25 1994Enhanced mtamail and autoanwser kit for OSF/1
1908.03MINNY::JOERGENSENThu Aug 25 1994How to Address MCI mail
1909.06DV78Thu Aug 25 1994X4
1910.01HGODCS::LKLEESat Aug 27 1994MRX<->MAILBUS 4
1911.03DV78Mon Aug 29 1994Is Anybody Out There?
1912.01HERON::NATURE::CLOKEMon Aug 29 19941988<->1984 addressing clarification pls.
1913.01AEOENG::MOUTHONTue Aug 30 1994ADMD and PRMD coexistence more info needed
1914.022KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Aug 30 1994MB4
1915.03ZPOVC::DUINWed Aug 31 1994PICSs needed
1916.02OTOOA::CHANDLERWed Aug 31 1994Versions and dependencies
1917.03SHLSAM::BEANEThu Sep 01 1994Banyan Vines/Beyond Mail Anyone?
1918.02WELCLU::MARSHALLJThu Sep 01 1994Accounting not capturing data for delivered messages
1919.08WELCLU::MARSHALLJThu Sep 01 1994Multiple-recipient accounting records ?
1920.03SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Sep 02 1994Why do distribution lists have to be complete O/Rs
1921.01OSLLAV::DORTHE_PFri Sep 02 1994Retix cc:Mail GW test environment
1922.0BELFST::TURBVO::MCCORRYFri Sep 02 1994DiscloseRecipients?
1923.03BELFST::MCCORRYFri Sep 02 1994Error CREATE MTS
1924.04MSAMMon Sep 05 1994Mailbus 4
1925.0FORTY2::REEDMon Sep 05 1994Next RELEASE DATEs - 3 platforms
1926.01MSAMTue Sep 06 1994ms-mail with X.5
1927.09SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Sep 06 1994Bouncing report!!
1928.03MUDIS3::TMAYRThu Sep 08 1994XDS to access MTS schema?
1929.017KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Sep 08 1994XMR requires X.5
1930.01WELCLU::MARSHALLJThu Sep 08 1994Intermittent `blank' accounting records ?
1931.01OFOSThu Sep 08 1994X25 for OSF/1 and X25gateway 5
1932.04SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Sep 09 1994OM_NETWORK_ERROR from XAPI client after many messages
1933.01ODIXIE::LIVENGOODFri Sep 09 1994EITs to MSMgwy via MAILworks
1934.02LARVAE::JORDANFri Sep 09 1994MRGate on Alpha with MAILbus 4
1935.07KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Sep 09 1994XMR and DECnet/OSI
1936.01ADOVMon Sep 12 1994Detailed Design Info required.
1937.05ADOVMon Sep 12 1994ISOgate info required
1938.01OTOOA::CHANDLERMon Sep 12 1994message store spd
1939.02OTOOA::ROUFTue Sep 13 1994OSF V3 Support
1940.01MLNPC2::SELVATICITue Sep 13 1994MB4
1941.03WELTM1::CRIDDLEWed Sep 14 1994Using non-standard characters in Message Store user names
1942.0BELFST::TURBVO::MCCORRYWed Sep 14 1994Wrap and tagging problems (MB4
1943.01WELCLU::MARSHALLJWed Sep 14 1994Problems with MTA$MTS process (V1.3) in a cluster
1944.08UTRTSC::EDERVEENThu Sep 15 1994RTSE Protocol Violation on incoming '88 connection
1945.02BELFST::MCCORRYThu Sep 15 1994MRX/MB4
1946.01LARVAE::JORDANFri Sep 16 1994Consulting needs on OSF?
1947.01TEXAS1::KARPELFri Sep 16 1994Set probes relay?
1948.01ZIGLAR::FOXWELLMon Sep 19 1994seeking email solution
1949.04WELTM1::CRIDDLETue Sep 20 1994How are RFC1
1950.05KETJE::VANHOOSTETue Sep 20 1994Small comment on MB4
1951.04SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Sep 20 1994Problems with HP Openmail over CLNS from MB4
1952.08UTRTSC::EDERVEENWed Sep 21 1994STRATOS TPDU size negotiation
1953.025KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Sep 22 1994V1.3 (?) and External loop detection ...
1954.02IOSG::VASLIN::spindlermFri Sep 23 1994Unable to access directory services
1955.02GENIE::CADUFFFri Sep 23 1994MB4
1956.03VAXSPO::RP_SATOFri Sep 23 1994X.4
1957.01OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Sep 23 1994X.25 for remote API client connections
1958.05BIGUN::WULFFMon Sep 26 1994XMR Kit?
1959.03TAKEOF::FREUNDMon Sep 26 1994Conversion problem iso6937 to latin1
1960.02GRANPA::MPETERSONTue Sep 27 1994Any XAPI "shell" planned?
1961.05KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Sep 28 1994MB4
1962.01MUNICH::MATTHESWed Sep 28 1994call user data and dte
1963.04TRNWed Sep 28 1994A customized mta_accdecoder ???
1964.08KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Sep 29 1994Dumping a message inside the mta ?
1965.06WELTM1::CRIDDLEThu Sep 29 1994Message History State question
1966.010KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Sep 29 1994Why is my from = xmr
1967.01LUXThu Sep 29 1994Connect from Software AG
1968.04SHIPS::SMITH_JMon Oct 03 1994Hard copy printer gateway?
1969.01BSS::HEWITTMon Oct 03 1994X.5
1970.02VAOUTue Oct 04 1994MRX or XMR for connection to mailbus?
1971.01FSTSC1::ELCHAMITue Oct 04 1994MAILBUS 4
1972.0ALFETA::MAURICIOTue Oct 04 1994SMTP Gateway and public services?
1973.01MSAMWed Oct 05 1994need info on Retix CC:Mail connectivity
1974.01WOTVAX::MCGUIREVWed Oct 05 1994MAILbus 4
1975.0331276::KRUCKMANWed Oct 05 1994RFP Questions on Performance
1976.011KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Oct 06 1994XMR+SSW gives wrong return address for mail ...
1977.01BAHTAT::LIMBThu Oct 06 1994Help configuring X25 Peer MTA
1978.02OSLLAV::DORTHE_PFri Oct 07 1994Questionaire
1979.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Oct 07 1994how to prevent relaying ?
1980.08VAXSPO::RP_SATOFri Oct 07 1994Questions on X.4
1981.01UTRTSC::EDERVEENMon Oct 10 1994Need to develop XAPI appl on VMS 6.1.......
1982.07SHIPS::SMITH_JMon Oct 10 1994ALL-IN-1, XMR, MB4
1983.08ODIXIE::LIVENGOODMon Oct 10 1994Create MTS isn't working w/v1.3 and VMS5.5-2h4
1984.06WELTM1::CRIDDLEMon Oct 10 1994Confusing NDN report when message addressed to Mailworks and Message Store
1985.01GVAMon Oct 10 1994RFC 1
1986.05HERON::NATURE::CLOKEMon Oct 10 1994MIG$PROJLIB - so near and yet so far...!
1987.09VNABRW::PAYLOR_STue Oct 11 1994Diagnostic codes and reasons
1988.03UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RTue Oct 11 1994mailbus4
1989.03UNITED::PCTue Oct 11 1994Info on RETIX / OpenServer Gateways pls.
1990.04ABBEYS::KALINATue Oct 11 1994What version of MB 4
1991.01GLDOA::HALLBERGWed Oct 12 1994> Who touches the body parts? <
1992.03WELTM1::CRIDDLEWed Oct 12 1994Accented characters in personal name attribute
1993.02FORTY2::OADESWed Oct 12 1994ISOCOR cc:Mail & MS:Mail Gateways
1994.0FORTY2::OADESWed Oct 12 1994ISOCOR Lotus Notes Gateway
1995.02WELTM1::CRIDDLEThu Oct 13 1994Maximum length of Message Store user name
1996.03BIKINI::DITEThu Oct 13 1994APS asynchronous protocol in DECnet/OSI status ?
1997.03DPDMAI::MORNINGThu Oct 13 1994MTA unable to access MTS entities
1998.04GENIE::DURANDThu Oct 13 1994MB4
1999.02COPCLU::TRIERFri Oct 14 1994Some Message Store questions
2000.06WELTM1::CRIDDLEMon Oct 17 1994Delivery notification on distribution lists?
2001.06WELTM1::CRIDDLEMon Oct 17 1994Downgrade Common Name to DDA when originator is Message Store
2002.02NCMAIL::DESENAMon Oct 17 1994bodypart lost in conversion...
2003.0CLARID::BOBKA::malkowiakTue Oct 18 1994BbEMIS: MHS Planning and Design Support Material
2004.05UTRTSC::EDERVEENTue Oct 18 1994Invalid MPDU at incoming message
2005.02QCAVWed Oct 19 1994Internet to X.4
2006.0CSOA1::JANOSWed Oct 19 1994GDI information is missing
2007.03KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Oct 19 1994Looping XMR ?
2008.01ROMThu Oct 20 1994European Workshop on Open Systems
2009.02LARVAE::JORDANThu Oct 20 1994ISOCOR and MAILbus 4
2010.0ROMEOS::LOUIE_JAThu Oct 20 1994Gateways, cc:Mail, AOCE, MAPI, Profs, Alisaswitch
2011.02DV78Fri Oct 21 1994smtpgw mangling headers
2012.01MSAMFri Oct 21 1994mailbus 4
2013.04MSAMFri Oct 21 1994training courses available - anywhere ??
2014.05IJSAPL::BROUWER_DFri Oct 21 19941 mta, serveral PRMD's ?
2015.01SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Oct 21 1994Can I re-route a message?
2016.01OTOOA::CHANDLERSat Oct 22 1994archived message/accounting record correlation
2017.04WELTM1::CRIDDLETue Oct 25 1994Routing problems as a PRMD
2018.05UNITED::PCO848::Phil_PughTue Oct 25 1994X.4
2019.01GENIE::ZUMBRUNNENWed Oct 26 1994RFC1
2020.01SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Oct 27 1994FAX Gateway on OpenVMS?
2021.05OSLACT::BJORNThu Oct 27 1994R1
2022.05TIGRA::SCHORNOThu Oct 27 1994MTA to SSW inbound failures (RTSE Protocol Violation)
2023.01OTOOA::CHANDLERThu Oct 27 1994outgoing message size
2024.05PEARS::KIRBACHThu Oct 27 1994DEC-C Runtime conflict with MTA V1.1
2025.05COPCLU::TRIERFri Oct 28 1994SMTP/X.4
2027.03STKHLM::LENA1::andersson_lMon Oct 31 1994Standard MAILbus 4
2028.06NSICTue Nov 01 1994When is X.4
2029.02TIGRA::SCHORNOThu Nov 03 1994Outbound failure/local system problem
2030.07OSLLAV::DORTHE_PThu Nov 03 1994XMR and waiting for VMS V6 support...
2031.0HAACK::HAACKThu Nov 03 1994rfi/rfp proposals, put them here?
2032.01WELSWS::CRIDDLEFri Nov 04 1994Handling of G3Fax bodyparts
2033.07WELSWS::CRIDDLEFri Nov 04 1994What does the 'ncl> create mta' command do, or why does it hang?
2034.0BONNET::GUINEA::BALLETTAFri Nov 04 1994Messaging Integration Lab announcement
2035.09CSC32::MCFADDENSat Nov 05 1994Maximum Content Length param on MTS OR entity doesn't appear to work...
2036.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DTue Nov 08 1994UA and MTA-SETS
2037.06GECTue Nov 08 1994SMTP/X4
2038.03STKHLM::ALINDGRENTue Nov 08 1994SMTP Gateway error codes
2039.0VMSNET::PCTRAL::lawyer_rTue Nov 08 1994Mailbus 4
2040.04OSIBCO::ALTORFERWed Nov 09 1994core dump when DIT memory occupance exceeds 1
2041.02CSC32::MCFADDENWed Nov 09 1994Problem encoding OM_FALSE values in Delivery Envelope of msg bodypart
2042.01ZUREDU::MISERRAWed Nov 09 1994DSA dying with DECsafe
2043.03VAXSPO::RP_SATOThu Nov 10 19941.5MB message transmission problem
2044.05NCMAIL::DESENAThu Nov 10 1994MAILbus 4
2045.02SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Nov 11 1994XAPI failover to the MTA?
2046.01SHIPS::SMITH_JFri Nov 11 1994WordPerfect conversion for XMR/MB4
2047.01SHIPS::SMITH_JMon Nov 14 1994MAILbus 4
2048.01TRNTue Nov 15 1994"Internal" accounting behaviour ??
2049.02WELTM1::CRIDDLEWed Nov 16 1994DL expansion and Disclose Recipients
2050.08WELTM1::CRIDDLEWed Nov 16 1994Downgrade and Conversion prohibited
2051.02EVTISA::SFBUR2::BrandonFri Nov 18 1994SMTP GWY and uuencode
2052.06TAKEOF::FOWLERFri Nov 18 1994rfc1
2053.02OTOOA::ROUFSun Nov 20 1994SMTP Gateway working with other MIME pacakges
2054.02OTOOA::ROUFSun Nov 20 1994Encryption defined in the MTA
2055.02HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GMon Nov 21 1994How to configure SMTP gateway to transmit 8-bit text
2056.06MUDIS3::STEINTue Nov 22 1994MTS Dumper crash if MTS name .NE. Namespace
2057.01OFOSWed Nov 23 1994Disable outbound session recovery
2058.0KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Nov 24 1994Announcement of Office Forum, Brussels, Jan 95
2059.01OSITEL::RUDDATThu Nov 24 1994address translation and smtpgw
2060.07WELCLU::WLOThu Nov 24 1994cc:Mail to MTA migration
2061.02OSIBCO::ALTORFERThu Nov 24 1994Asynchronous access to Message Store
2062.08WELTM1::CRIDDLEMon Nov 28 1994Bodypart and Content types conversion?
2063.02ESSB::PMCCORMICKMon Nov 28 1994set MPDU n retry=now ?
2064.02TRIGG::VOGELMon Nov 28 1994X.4
2065.03BIS1::VANKERKHOVETue Nov 29 1994Nr. of transfer associations
2066.03CSOA1::JANOSWed Nov 30 1994Reposting messages in the bad message area
2067.02MUDIS3::STEINThu Dec 01 1994EFT1.4 can not create MTS if different to naming Context
2069.06STKHLM::ALINDGRENFri Dec 02 1994MTA 1.3 abort association when corrupt incoming message is recevied
2071.05OSLMon Dec 05 1994XMR: %MRIF-E-INVHERE, routine is invalid in this state
2072.02GSGLXT::CHMURATue Dec 06 1994Email "Wiring Diagrams"
2073.01ODIXIE::LIVENGOODWed Dec 07 1994MTA detecting FORWARD "loops"
2074.05WELTM1::CRIDDLEWed Dec 07 1994Protocol problems when restarting a failed transfer
2075.0CSOA1::JANOSWed Dec 07 1994Decoding ASN.1 BER format messages on VMS
2076.011GECWed Dec 07 1994SMTP gtwy uuencode problem
2077.01VAXSPO::RP_SATOWed Dec 07 1994Delivery Notification X Original Message ???
2078.03OTOOA::ROUFWed Dec 07 1994Uuencode/decode question
2079.02GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Dec 08 1994smtp to mailworks binary encoding problems
2080.09OSITEL::RUDDATThu Dec 08 1994internet via mta to internet
2081.06GENIE::DURANDThu Dec 08 1994RFC1
2082.02MUDIS3::LONGUETThu Dec 08 1994Dialogue Mode = {Monologue | Two Way Alternate}
2083.01UTRTSC::EISINKThu Dec 08 1994XAPI and when to decide to retry ?
2084.02BERFS4::ROBINThu Dec 08 1994vmsmail-gateway for mb4
2085.01CSC32::MCFADDENThu Dec 08 1994Questions about through-put with an XAPI gateway application...
2086.06OSLFri Dec 09 1994XMR, WPS-PLUS and BP questions
2087.07EVTAI1::LEPAULFri Dec 09 1994XMR send and reply problem
2088.03IJSAPL::BROUWER_DSat Dec 10 1994TANDEM 88 - MTA 88 problems
2089.09CSC32::N_HENDERSONMon Dec 12 1994Who creates OSF MTA CONS templates?
2090.02ODIXIE::LIVENGOODTue Dec 13 1994DistLists with overlapping names
2091.04ODIXIE::LIVENGOODTue Dec 13 1994Reply/all getting info from P2 & P1?!
2092.06KETJE::63878::VANHOOSTETue Dec 13 1994Message Store and CDIF ?
2093.01CHEFS::BROWNDTue Dec 13 1994Report type distinction
2095.09BIGUN::jrsvm.cao.dec.com::BakerThu Dec 15 1994Mailbus 4
2096.01VAXSPO::RP_SATOThu Dec 15 1994Bcc users can see each other ?
2097.02LEMAN::BOTHNERThu Dec 15 1994Corrupted foreign addresses from SMTPGW
2098.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Dec 15 1994Status of XMR, if you please
2099.03MUDIS3::64676::ErichFri Dec 16 1994APICantSubmit error, MW or MB4
2100.01OSLLAV::DORTHE_PFri Dec 16 1994Read receipt and it's definition in an ASN1 file
2101.01NCMAIL::DESENAMon Dec 19 1994XMR and MRX on same system
2102.02BIGUN::WULFFWed Dec 21 1994FROM: Has double address.
2103.07GVPROD::WBKWed Dec 21 1994MB4
2104.020FORTY2::KINGSNORTHWed Dec 21 1994INTERNAL USE ONLY - Next release of SMTP gateway
2105.06COPCLU::TRIERWed Dec 21 1994SFI 1992 - Is there a cc:Mail GW for it?
2106.0FORTY2::ABRAMWed Dec 21 1994MAILbus 4
2107.04HERON::NATURE::CLOKEWed Dec 21 1994No Resource Available?
2108.08VAXSPO::RP_SATOThu Dec 22 1994SMTP gtwy: BCC users not receiving messages
2109.0NCMAIL::DESENAThu Dec 22 1994AS/4
2110.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DSun Dec 25 1994routing with MTA and with MR/X
2111.02IJSAPL::BROUWER_DTue Dec 27 1994XMR 1.
2112.04COPCLU::TRIERWed Dec 28 1994Large distributionlist - performance question
2113.02VILIS1::EFUCHSFri Dec 30 1994Mailing with IBM-Hosts (DISOSS)?
2114.0ODIXIE::LIVENGOODFri Dec 30 1994Digital Signatures?
2115.0DECPRG::PAVLUPMon Jan 02 1995Military X.4
2116.07OSLTue Jan 03 1995XMR or MTA messing with 8 bit chars in envelope
2117.09TAKEOF::FOWLERWed Jan 04 1995MTA hanging with state "??? 4"
2118.01ESSB::PMCCORMICKThu Jan 05 1995NSAP => presentation address
2119.03WELTM1::CRIDDLEThu Jan 05 1995Terminal and Mnemonic Routing question
2120.03MSOTIS::LEFri Jan 06 1995Command failed due to: get list error
2121.04OSLFri Jan 06 1995IPM converter not invoked
2122.04SHIPS::SMITH_JSat Jan 07 1995Convert forwarded bodyparts?
2123.02SHIPS::SMITH_JSat Jan 07 1995Supress Common Name DDA?
2124.0SHIPS::SMITH_JSat Jan 07 1995Siemens-Nixdorf Mail.d to MAILbus 4
2125.011COPCLU::TRIERMon Jan 09 1995XMR and MRX - Originator address un-replyable
2126.07GECTue Jan 10 1995VMSmail via SMTP gwy and local node def
2127.02COPCLU::TORBENHTue Jan 10 1995Wish a sample of a bodypart converter for MB4
2128.09IJSAPL::BROUWER_DTue Jan 10 1995Delivered but retried ?
2129.06CSOA1::JANOSTue Jan 10 1995SMTP GATEWAY using RFC-822 Fields?
2130.09BELFST::TURBVO::MCCORRYTue Jan 10 1995MailWorks/X.4
2131.06BIGUN::JRSVM::BAKERWed Jan 11 1995Workgroup Forum and Windows NT
2132.02NCMAIL::DESENAWed Jan 11 1995Help setting up XMR w/remote MTA
2133.0BELFST::TURBVO::MCCORRYWed Jan 11 1995Real cost of X.4
2134.03OSANPO::TA_TANAKAWed Jan 11 1995XAPI application, wrong cc option prevent dbx debugging
2135.03KETJE::GORREMANSPThu Jan 12 1995peer mta naming problem
2136.05BACHUS::COLLARTFri Jan 13 1995XAPI error during MTA$VP ...
2137.016IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Jan 16 1995GDI in reports ?
2138.0MUDIS3::64676::ErichTue Jan 17 1995how to switch off successful delivery notice ?
2139.01OFOSS1::SHORETTETue Jan 17 1995MPDU size field value?
2140.08GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Jan 18 1995create mts fails with authorizing user error
2141.04VEGAS::GEORGESWed Jan 18 1995Support for Content Protocol P772 in X.4
2142.01VAXRIO::63Wed Jan 18 1995Using DDA parameter in Mailbus 4
2143.02COMICS::HALFACREEThu Jan 19 1995MTAmail on OSF/1 ...???
2144.04COMICS::HALFACREEThu Jan 19 1995Problem using MTAmail...
2145.02DECPRG::PAVLUPFri Jan 20 1995CITY network information wanted...
2146.04SUOS18::SANDERSMon Jan 23 1995mts create failed --> access denied
2147.02ODIXIE::LIVENGOODTue Jan 24 1995Domain or Agent...both work
2148.04OSLLAV::DORTHE_PTue Jan 24 1995ISOCOR SFI 88
2149.07CSOA1::JANOSTue Jan 24 1995smtp gateway translations
2150.02STKHLM::ALINDGRENTue Jan 24 1995RTSE Initiating failure with MTA 1.4 to Sun
2151.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 25 1995smtp address translations
2152.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DWed Jan 25 1995XMR v1.1 kit ?
2153.04ZURWed Jan 25 1995smtpgw_ea's virtual memory increase
2154.02KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Jan 25 1995Shared File Interface (SFI) questions
2155.02SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Jan 26 1995XAPI application slow over X.25
2156.07KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Jan 26 1995MB4
2157.07DYPSS1::YINGLINGFri Jan 27 1995Upgrade from V1.2 -> V1.4 and Access Denied
2158.02RULLE::KLASSONMon Jan 30 1995SMTP-GW problem access directory
2159.06IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Jan 30 1995smtpgw_setup procedure
2160.0SHIPS::SMITH_JMon Jan 30 1995OSF/1, LLC2, MAILbus 4
2161.09CSC32::N_HENDERSONTue Jan 31 1995OSF/1 MTA Outbound Establishment Failure
2162.01FORTY2::DONOVANTue Jan 31 1995MAILbus 4
2163.01CSOA1::JANOSTue Jan 31 1995Special Characters in DDAs
2164.04BIGUN::WULFFWed Feb 01 1995XMR questions from a customer.
2165.03CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Feb 01 1995Invalid PPDU paramter?
2166.06IVOSS1::KELLY_JAWed Feb 01 1995XMR: Bodypart problems/question
2167.015IVOSS1::KELLY_JAWed Feb 01 1995MB4
2168.01REOSVThu Feb 02 1995Area Server Naming
2169.07NCMAIL::DESENAFri Feb 03 1995Retix/cc:Mail/MRX/MAILbus 4
2170.0ALFETA::MAURICIOFri Feb 03 1995PDAU for MB4
2171.0HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GFri Feb 03 1995X.4
2172.014WELTM1::CRIDDLEFri Feb 03 1995Invalid MPDU when receiving P22 binary from Alprage/Message Store
2173.04IJSAPL::BROUWER_DFri Feb 03 1995bodypart for MRX ?
2174.01CSC32::N_HENDERSONFri Feb 03 1995SXAOSF ECO 1
2175.03TAKEOF::FOWLERMon Feb 06 1995Bodypart tagging and LNX
2176.02LEMAN::BOTHNERWed Feb 08 1995Can I prevent ISO-latin-1 convertor from cutting lines?
2177.03BERNThu Feb 09 1995CONS NSAP, DECnet osi 6.1, MB 1.4
2178.01BIGUN::WULFFFri Feb 10 1995XMR questions cross posted in MAILworks.
2179.02SHIPS::SMITH_JMon Feb 13 1995WPSplus to Text converters
2180.08CSOA1::JANOSMon Feb 13 1995SMTP gateway recipient translations
2181.0BELFST::ERVINETue Feb 14 1995Net Traffic: GW <->MTA / MTA <-> MTA
2182.09SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Feb 14 19951988 association problem to Exchange
2183.0IVOSS1::KELLY_JAWed Feb 15 1995Thanx, will check into ECO's
2184.0HGOCS::MASCOTTANGThu Feb 16 1995x4
2185.01NZOVThu Feb 16 1995ISOCOR and MAILBUS 4
2186.01OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Feb 17 1995cpu size configuration question
2187.02OTOOA::ROUFFri Feb 17 1995MADMAN standard
2188.04IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Feb 20 19951 MTA , more than 1 PRMD?
2189.0BIGUN::WULFFTue Feb 21 1995DMS Products List? Cross posted in MailWorks-unix.
2190.03ZPOVC::YORKSIEWTue Feb 21 1995ALL-IN-1 with XMR
2191.02GRANPA::PETERSONTue Feb 21 1995ALL-IN-1 and XMR with WPSPLUS problems
2192.01MKOTS3::HAHNTue Feb 21 1995Polycenter Network Application Monitor?
2193.02NEWOA::SMITHMRWed Feb 22 1995Deinstall the SMTP gateway and lost NCL Help
2194.01FAILTE::HALLETTKWed Feb 22 1995DDS update from ASCII file via batch process?
2195.01DPSWWed Feb 22 1995Question on routing
2196.0COPCLU::TRIERThu Feb 23 1995Remote management of rout.inf without DNU license?
2197.09KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Feb 23 1995Question on OID 56
2198.04KOALA::GUAM44::bbakerThu Feb 23 1995Distribution lists
2199.02WPOPTH::WADMFri Feb 24 1995Customer Questions Re: MAILbus 4
2200.01BIGUN::WULFFFri Feb 24 1995Military Messaging.
2201.07BREAKR::FRANKFri Feb 24 1995Help with Backslash in translations...
2202.03IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Feb 27 1995XMR v1.1 prereqs licenses
2203.03COPCLU::TRIERTue Feb 28 1995Cannot send Word document to XMS
2204.02SWE215::lundqvistTue Feb 28 1995Remote connection of MAIbus 4
2205.02IJSAPL::BROUWER_DTue Feb 28 1995XMR startup problem
2206.0OTOOA::ROUFTue Feb 28 1995PMDF gateways to MB4
2207.09GECWed Mar 01 1995RFC822 Header Fields
2208.04HIJACK::LIVENGOODWed Mar 01 1995Soft Reject:Max Inbound Assoc Exceeded
2209.01SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Mar 02 1995Alias's and personal names?
2210.016STKOFF::SPERSSONThu Mar 02 1995Can MTA V1.3 use shadow V2.
2211.03FOR26::CROWEThu Mar 02 1995MAILbus 4
2212.03DUBGEN::RAFFERTYFri Mar 03 1995originat improper accessing directory
2213.03OSLSun Mar 05 1995Converter unavailable: "latin1toiso6937"
2214.05COMICS::HALFACREEMon Mar 06 1995Transport Service Unavailable
2215.04VNABRW::MOSER_WTue Mar 07 1995Problem with SMTP-GW V1.1 ECO1 ?
2216.04BELFST::BVOJD::Jacqueline DeanTue Mar 07 1995Mailbus Training
2217.03TAKEOF::FOWLERWed Mar 08 1995Interworking with EAN: RTSE Protocol Violation
2218.06KETJE::VANHOOSTEWed Mar 08 1995X.4
2219.05SHIPS::SMITH_JThu Mar 09 1995Tagging attachments and ISOCOR gateways?
2220.0ADOVThu Mar 09 1995PEM PGP Encoding Question
2221.02KETJE::VANHOOSTEFri Mar 10 1995XMRV1.1 - NDN when sending from MTA to XMR ...
2222.02KOALA::GUAM44::bbakerFri Mar 10 1995How to map MPDU to file
2223.02KOALA::GUAM44::bbakerFri Mar 10 1995Messages backing up in the MTA
2224.05ZURFri Mar 10 1995Duplicate MPDU-IDs
2225.02KETJE::VANHOOSTEMon Mar 13 1995Any plans for TCPIP support on VMS for the mta ?
2226.0WELSWS::NUTKINSMTue Mar 14 1995Re Install - missing /var/mts directory
2227.03ALFETA::MAURICIOWed Mar 15 1995SMTP Gwy simultaneous connections max?
2228.04COMICS::HALFACREEWed Mar 15 1995XMS - Internal Error & Forced Exit
2229.03KAMPUS::STHOMASWed Mar 15 1995CONNECT ERROR: Unable to decode received management PDU:
2230.02VAXRIO::ESPOZELWed Mar 15 1995MB4
2231.02WELTM1::CRIDDLEThu Mar 16 1995Can queued MPDUs be re-routed?
2232.02OSITEL::RUDDATThu Mar 16 1995mrxtbed send feature
2233.03WOOK::LEEThu Mar 16 1995CMA Threads Crash when starting XMR V1.1
2234.02DPDMAI::HANSONLFri Mar 17 1995Unisys Competitive Info?
2236.017IJSAPL::BROUWER_DSun Mar 19 1995XMR not started with MRAPPSHAR
2237.05TAKEOF::FREUNDSun Mar 19 1995MAILbus 4
2238.03COMICS::HALFACREEMon Mar 20 1995MB4
2239.04KETJE::VANHOOSTEMon Mar 20 1995MTA V1.4 and X.5
2240.05WOOK::LEEMon Mar 20 1995XMR V1.1 isn't recognizing its own o/r address
2241.02SIOG::B_RAFFERTYMon Mar 20 1995SMTP Gateway on OpenVMS ?
2242.01WEOPSS::DOWSETue Mar 21 1995MB4
2244.03HERON::NATURE::CLOKETue Mar 21 1995Problem creating association with Retix '84 MTA
2245.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Mar 21 1995where is info about SFI messages?
2246.02KETJE::63559::J-L_HOFMANTue Mar 21 1995XAPIA and CMC .... related?
2247.0OTOOA::BOGARTTue Mar 21 1995X.25 Circuit?
2248.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Mar 22 1995MTA fail over to second DSA?
2249.01HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GWed Mar 22 1995Shared File 1992 Interface and downgrading
2251.0WPOPTH:: Mar 23 1995Customer Questions
2252.02KETJE::VANHOOSTEThu Mar 23 1995Some X-API / Remote X.5
2253.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Mar 23 1995isocor mhs gateway with mb4
2254.04KOALA::GUAM44::bbakerThu Mar 23 1995Need description of OM_VALUES_NOT_ADJACENT
2255.03YUPPY::BROWNEAThu Mar 23 1995cc:Mail / Mailworks Demo
2256.0SAC::HERBERTThu Mar 23 1995ISPICS for AMH2n ??
2257.02KOALA::GUAM44::bbakerThu Mar 23 1995Injecting messages into the MTA
2258.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESFri Mar 24 1995Gateway for SNADS and CA-Email
2259.05HGOCS::WILLIAMMANMon Mar 27 1995Fail to run mts_create_mta_entry.ncl
2261.01VAXRIO::63Mon Mar 27 1995AlphaServer 1
2263.01VAXRIO::63Wed Mar 29 1995What DECnet/OSI license is needed?
2265.05OSLLAV::TORKILD_PWed Mar 29 1995Config. help needed, MTA 1.3 on OpenVMS over X.25
2266.06HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GThu Mar 30 1995Why use X.4
2267.09MEOCFri Mar 31 1995ISOCOR Dos/Windows Gateway
2268.02EISYFI::ISLERSat Apr 01 1995WilTek, Control Data and Lotus
2269.0WPOPTH:: Apr 03 1995MAILBus 4
2270.04OTOOA::ROUFMon Apr 03 1995OSF 3.2 support
2271.01KETJE::63559::J-L_HOFMANMon Apr 03 1995SMTP Gwy and MIME ... again!
2272.01WOTVAX::ROVRUM::McGuireVMon Apr 03 1995Anyone heard of CDC?
2273.02NZOVTue Apr 04 1995Integrating MSMail
2274.02COPCLU::TRIERWed Apr 05 1995SMTP GW and '_' in recipient addresses
2275.04ADOVWed Apr 05 1995SHARED FILE 1992 problem
2276.010HERON::NATURE::CLOKEWed Apr 05 1995MTA won't start...
2277.01PCA1V::Simon WattThu Apr 06 1995List of Gatweways for MB4
2279.01MUNICH::PCIVM::MatthesThu Apr 06 1995License needed for API applications ?
2280.0EISYFI::ISLERMon Apr 10 1995Defer Mail based on size of message and attachments
2281.0EISYFI::ISLERTue Apr 11 1995Adding External addresses to X.5
2282.03NWGEDU::DE_JONGWed Apr 12 1995mtamail -s mtamail ---> OM_WRONG_VALUE_NUMBER
2283.05ACIHUB::YESYOU::MAYWed Apr 12 1995Installation clarification
2284.01ABBEYS::KALINAThu Apr 13 1995TPC-A Rating?
2285.04HERON::NATURE::CLOKEFri Apr 14 1995Lost without Trace...
2286.03CSC32::CESARONESat Apr 15 1995MTA V1.3 on VMS V6.1?
2287.02OTOOA::ROUFMon Apr 17 1995XMR configuration queries
2288.03TAKEOF::FOWLERTue Apr 18 1995ISO6937 to IA5 Conversion Question
2289.01HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GTue Apr 18 1995The MTA Journal
2290.02BIS1::VANKERKHOVEWed Apr 19 1995MTAMAIL source code
2291.011VUSCLU::SYSTEMWed Apr 19 1995xmr v1.1 remote to DECnet/OSI V5.6B-11
2292.01HERON::NATURE::CLOKEWed Apr 19 1995Which license type for MS?
2293.02WOOK:: Apr 19 1995XMR won't transfer to MTA
2294.016Thu Apr 20 1995TEMPORARY REDIRECTION
2295.051336::ALINDGRENThu Apr 20 1995MTS size restrictions/system requrement
2296.03HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GThu Apr 20 1995MTA decoder problems
2297.02GECThu Apr 20 1995Archived messages in ASN.1 format
2298.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DThu Apr 20 1995SMTP/TEAMlinks reference site ?
2299.0EISYFI::ISLERFri Apr 21 1995MAILbus 4
2300.02COPCLU::TRIERFri Apr 21 1995Many concurrent XAPI connections - How?
2301.06IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Apr 21 1995DTSS$SHRD.EXE and XAPI ???
2302.01HERON::NATURE::CLOKEFri Apr 21 1995What's in a Definitive name?
2303.04HTSC19::WILLIAMMANTue Apr 25 1995Can't talk with 1984 MTA
2304.01MUNSBE::GSTEINTue Apr 25 1995MTS_DUMPER, Debug Version with access problems
2305.02OSLACT::TORKILD_PWed Apr 26 1995Problem connecting to Tandem using RFC1
2306.07IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Apr 26 1995timestamp vs daylight savings
2307.03HLISC1::6363Thu Apr 27 1995GroupWise WordPerfect office to MAILbus4
2308.02WOOK::LEEThu Apr 27 1995Restrictions on shell for running the agent invocation filename?
2309.03WOOK:: Apr 28 1995X.4
2310.01HGOVC::MASCOTTANGFri Apr 28 1995how to delete non-delivery mail in queue
2311.05TROOA::HALSEYSun Apr 30 1995VAX PEER MTA connecting to Microsoft
2312.05OTOOA::CHANDLERMon May 01 1995MB4
2313.01HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWTue May 02 1995cannot set content types
2314.05FSTSC1::AURANDTue May 02 1995Outbound Failure but messages were delivered
2315.0BELFST::64524::mccorryTue May 02 1995Remote XAPI performance -- update?
2316.06BINARY::OSTTue May 02 1995OSF address change
2317.05VAXSPO::RP_SATOWed May 03 1995DSA and MB4
2318.05VAXSPO::RP_SATOWed May 03 1995Mandatory lookup question
2319.010SNOFS1::THERKELSENPThu May 04 1995SMTP to X4
2321.07ADOVMon May 08 1995converter, bodypart, eit, keypak, asn.1
2322.04OSLTue May 09 1995Report MPDU invalid - help needed
2323.08KAMPUS::STHOMASWed May 10 1995(long) Migration MR/MRX, Mailbus 4
2324.02OSLThu May 11 1995MTAs with same GDIs via ADMD ?
2325.02GIDDAY::YUFri May 12 1995OpenVMS MTA V1.4 crashed using CONS (LLC2)
2326.02ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNFri May 12 1995DEC/EDI documentation set?
2327.01ROMA::FOLEYMon May 15 1995XMR V1.1 on Vax 7xxx?
2328.05DAGWST::DAHMTue May 16 1995PMDF Connectivity
2329.01VAXRIO::MAURICIOWed May 17 1995Co-located VT UA?
2330.04VAXRIO::MAURICIOWed May 17 1995Message Store "cleanup"?
2331.03WELCLU::CRIDDLEWed May 17 1995MB4
2332.01HERON::NATURE::CLOKEWed May 17 1995US31
2333.03TAVIS::MERONWed May 17 1995MESSAGE STORE functionality for OpenVMS Alpha
2334.01KIRKTN::ASCELA::kchickThu May 18 1995Message router -> SMTP migration
2335.01ZURThu May 18 1995MB4
2336.02VAXSPO::RP_SATOThu May 18 1995help on chapter C-3.1 of SMTPgw Managing doc
2337.01KAMPUS::STHOMASSat May 20 1995Problem with powerpoint file, migr4
2339.01HTSC19::TONYLIUTue May 23 1995upgrade questions
2340.04WELCLU::CRIDDLEWed May 24 1995Queensland Govt Electronic Msg System
2341.01OSLWed May 24 1995MTA upgrade and XAPI applications
2342.013HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu May 25 1995Syntax Error
2343.06VAXSPO::RP_SATOFri May 26 1995SMTP gateway uudecode/uncompress problem
2344.02VAXSPO::RP_SATOFri May 26 1995No PRMD in foreign address translation ?
2345.01VAXSPO::RP_SATOMon May 29 1995"Received" RFC822 header not being mapped
2346.04MALTue May 30 1995Messages stuck in Shared File Input Queues
2347.010BERNWed May 31 1995Teamlinks to Linkworks no luck
2348.0152419::VICTORFri Jun 02 1995RFC-822 FIELD
2349.03FORTY2::ABRAMTue Jun 06 1995OpenVMS/ALPHA mailing - cross-posted from FORTY2::MAILbus
2350.03KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Jun 06 1995MAILbus 4
2351.01HGOVC::MASCOTTANGWed Jun 07 1995exit
2352.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Jun 07 1995fax/telex on VMS available somewhere?
2353.03HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWWed Jun 07 1995FreeFormName
2354.02HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Jun 08 1995Time Stamp issue
2355.02MUNSBE::GSTEINThu Jun 08 1995XMS, no connections?
2356.03TAKEOF::FOWLERFri Jun 09 1995QuickMail integration with MB4
2357.0845464::SMITH_JJFri Jun 09 1995Accented (teletext?) characters in OR addresses
2358.04GECMon Jun 12 1995V1.4 messages stuck in the shared file interface input que
2359.01HLDETue Jun 13 1995remote API via DECnet IV?
2360.06GECTue Jun 13 1995SMTP Gtwy - XAPI interface error
2361.01LEMAN::BOTHNERWed Jun 14 1995MAILworks/MB4
2362.09COPCLU::TRIERWed Jun 14 1995XMR: Problem with DDA with embedded 'at' (cc:Mail)
2363.03CHEFS::SMITHMRThu Jun 15 1995MAILbus 4
2364.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTThu Jun 15 1995Using CONS NSAPs ...
2365.04FSATRA::H_ANDERSSONThu Jun 15 1995Converters and Accounting
2366.0HGOVC::LIKSANGCHOWThu Jun 15 1995Need help on ISOGATE
2367.01BREAKR::FRANKThu Jun 15 1995SMTP: problems with comma in "From:" header field
2369.016ADOVMon Jun 19 1995MTA with XMR to remote MR
2370.01VAXSPO::RP_SATOMon Jun 19 1995REPLY-TO is not being correctly translated
2371.01VAXSPO::RP_SATOMon Jun 19 1995BCC users not addressable from SMTP to X.4
2372.01VAXSPO::RP_SATOMon Jun 19 1995X-Delivery-Notification and X.4
2373.01VAXSPO::RP_SATOMon Jun 19 1995add_map and Common Name
2374.02GENIE::MUELLERSTue Jun 20 1995Invalid MTA password when connecting to other vendors peer MTA
2375.019BELFST::64524::mccorryTue Jun 20 1995Replicated MTS: Access Denied on Create
2376.0745464::SMITH_JJWed Jun 21 1995How can I get a US 31
2377.01BACHUS::COLLARTWed Jun 21 1995Accounting problem....
2378.02KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Jun 21 1995MAILbus 4
2379.03VAXSPO::RP_SATOWed Jun 21 1995SMTPgtwy: Problem with Receipt Notification
2380.01VAXSPO::RP_SATOWed Jun 21 1995SMTPgw: Another delivery notification problem
2381.045464::SMITH_JJThu Jun 22 1995Odd occurrence ~ deleting peer mta?
2382.02ZURFri Jun 23 1995SMTP GTW: upgrade mess. env. for V2.
2383.04MAIL1::OSTFri Jun 23 1995?? Protocol violation problems???
2384.06MSAMMon Jun 26 1995list of gateways for MB4
2385.05KOLFAX::WIEGLEBMon Jun 26 1995MAILbus 4
2387.03FORTY2::MELLINGTue Jun 27 1995Problem running MTA V1.4 on DECnet/OSI V3.2 for UNIX
2388.04BIS1::VANKERKHOVETue Jun 27 1995TP2 support ?
2389.04TIMAMD::VICTORWed Jun 28 1995mta bodyparts problems
2390.08EVTAI1::LEPAULWed Jun 28 1995internal trace information
2391.0145464::SMITH_JJWed Jun 28 1995XAPI over routed IP network
2392.05STKAI1::SBERGQUISTWed Jun 28 1995Updating MTA entry in X.5
2393.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBThu Jun 29 1995Is null MTA password supported?
2394.02STOWOA::QCAVTue Jul 04 1995MAILbus 4
2395.08MUDIS3::GKRIEGLTue Jul 04 1995Non-/Delivery Report question
2396.01UTRTSC::EDERVEENTue Jul 04 1995stable and volatile storage not cleaned up
2397.03MLNORO::MALACRIDAWed Jul 05 1995pointer to MBtopcall notes file?
2398.04VAXSPO::RP_SATOThu Jul 06 1995Underscore not valid in surname ?
2399.01VAXSPO::RP_SATOThu Jul 06 1995PDU Overflowed Buffer ?
2400.04TROOA::HALSEYFri Jul 07 1995Any automated procedures written?
2401.01STOWOA::QCAVFri Jul 07 1995MB 4
2402.01HERON::NATURE::CLOKEFri Jul 07 1995Does MS require multi-user UNIX license?
2403.02HERON::NATURE::CLOKEFri Jul 07 1995Customer problem
2404.03BIS6::DBC153::VANHOOSTEMon Jul 10 1995DECmcc support = ?
2405.0BIS6::DBC153::VANHOOSTEMon Jul 10 1995GDI and sender OR address
2406.04HERON::NATURE::CLOKEMon Jul 10 1995Customer problem - XMR or MRX?
2407.08OTOOA::BOGARTTue Jul 11 1995CONS NSAP????
2408.02ADOVWed Jul 12 1995multiple xmr agents / entities
2409.01FROCKY::WIESSNERWed Jul 12 1995Load Balancing for outgoing X.25 calls via LLC2
2410.06ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROThu Jul 13 1995Pointers to X.4
2411.03QDOVFri Jul 14 1995Time Stamp Problem ...
2412.01VAXSPO::RP_SATOFri Jul 14 1995DDA is not being used from translation ?
2413.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGSat Jul 15 1995exit
2414.04ADOVMon Jul 17 1995CLNS, AT&T, NSAP ADDRESS
2415.09UTRTSC::EDERVEENTue Jul 18 1995return the original message at NDN, how?
2416.05BELFST::MCCORRYTue Jul 18 1995Isocor UA and MAILbus 4
2417.05KAMPUS::STHOMASWed Jul 19 1995message store won't enable, no resource available
2418.0VUSCLU::UHLIGFri Jul 21 1995Accounting Message Size only in KB?
2419.03GENIE::MUELLERSFri Jul 21 1995DDA.tel, DN/RN, IPM id: ALL-IN-1-XMR-MTA-RUA
2420.07ZURMon Jul 24 1995Per-recipient flag on report
2421.0ZURTue Jul 25 1995Does the MTA have to deliver all bodyparts?
2422.01UTRTSC::EDERVEENTue Jul 25 1995MTA won't start after upgrading to OSI 3.2
2423.02WELCLU::CRIDDLETue Jul 25 1995When does the MTA look at /etc/dua.defaults to find the DSA address
2424.04NEWVAX::MURLEYWed Jul 26 1995MTA Can Not Access Converters
2425.01PCIGAT::TilleyWed Jul 26 1995Standards Committee
2426.03BELFST::64524::mccorryWed Jul 26 1995International PRMD to PRMD transfer
2427.010GENIE::MUELLERSThu Jul 27 1995XMR and multiple DDAs crashes XMR
2428.02GENIE::MUELLERSThu Jul 27 1995free_form_name / telephone_number filled up with spaces
2429.07GECThu Jul 27 1995SMTP gateway V2.
2430.01PCPLOD::63524::COHENDFri Jul 28 1995Security extensions
2431.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Jul 28 1995X.435 support and FTAM interface with Mailbus?
2432.07KAMPUS::STHOMASFri Jul 28 1995maxware and message store, problem using tcp/ip
2433.02MUDIS3::JANTHUBERMon Jul 31 1995X.435 and the XAPI
2434.0HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGTue Aug 01 1995Does it have problem in MTA
2435.0MUDIS3::FISCALTue Aug 01 1995WANTED: Restrictions
2436.02LISTIM::ULTRIXTue Aug 01 1995create mts gives error with password.
2437.0LISTIM::ULTRIXTue Aug 01 1995Config help
2438.08NEWVAX::DANGTue Aug 01 1995SNMP MIBs For Mail Agents?
2439.08STKAI1::SBERGQUISTWed Aug 02 1995RTSE protocol violation on incoming -88 message
2440.01OSITEL::RUDDATFri Aug 04 1995multiple GDI's and NDN
2441.01KAMPUS::STHOMASFri Aug 04 1995Prob: Inter-operability MaXware, Digital Products
2442.02ADOVMon Aug 07 1995Urgent Defence Messaging Questions
2443.03DPDMAI::MORNINGMon Aug 07 1995Mailbus 4
2444.0HGOVC::LKLEETue Aug 08 1995Pls Help ! MTA Set configureation.
2445.0HGOVC::MANJREKARTue Aug 08 1995MR-MRX & MB4
2446.01FORTY2::MELLINGTue Aug 08 1995Problem with MAILbus 4
2447.05STOWOA::QCAVWed Aug 09 1995Customer questions on MAILbus 4
2448.05MUDIS3::FISCALWed Aug 09 1995non-DEC UAs
2449.01BIS6::GEESSELSThu Aug 10 1995PMDF-MB4
2450.012NEWVAX::DINARDOThu Aug 10 1995How are distribution lists expanded?
2451.01PARZVL::KENNEDYFri Aug 11 1995Create MTA causes System Interface "Not owner" error
2452.03GENIE::MUELLERSFri Aug 11 1995MS-Mail X.4
2453.01LEMAN::BOTHNERFri Aug 11 1995Create mta gives Interprocess communication error
2455.01STOWOA::QCAVMon Aug 14 1995SMTP Gateway question...
2456.01DPDMAI::HANSONLMon Aug 14 1995Adding TCP/IP Transport Services
2457.04AUSSIE::WHORLOWTue Aug 15 1995Source of Isocor in the US...
2458.02MSAMWed Aug 16 1995connecting diff. PC LAN Mails together ..
2459.03COMICS::HALFACREEWed Aug 16 1995Language Extension...supported ???
2460.03DIMUND::DRANSFIELD_MWed Aug 16 1995illegal fd on Unix 3.2 to VMS 6.1
2461.05OSITEL::RUDDATThu Aug 17 1995 Lower Layer Protocol Violation
2462.02VAXRIO::ESPOZELThu Aug 17 1995SMTP V2.
2463.01BIS6::VANHOOSTEFri Aug 18 1995successfull config, no adapted start_mta.ncl
2464.0TAKEOF::EGGIMANNMon Aug 21 1995Announcement TOPCALL Notes Conference
2465.03TAKEOF::EGGIMANNMon Aug 21 1995NON-Delivery of bodypart 15 with content-syntax-error
2466.014MEOCTue Aug 22 1995document conversion problems WPS-PLUS to IA5
2467.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Aug 23 1995upgrade MRX problem
2468.02GENIE::MUELLERSThu Aug 24 1995wishes for future versions
2469.01CGOOA::PUTNAMSun Aug 27 1995MIME and X.4
2470.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Aug 28 1995send x4
2471.05VAXRIO::MAURICIOMon Aug 28 1995"Protocol Violation" with SMTP Gwy V2
2472.01VEGAS::GEORGESTue Aug 29 1995Need MB4
2473.02ZURTue Aug 29 1995create mta Connect Error
2474.08EEMELI::PAKKANENWed Aug 30 1995RFC address has control characters
2475.02EEMELI::PAKKANENWed Aug 30 1995MTA connections are very slow
2476.02CHEFS::HARVEYWed Aug 30 1995Lightweight Asyncronous Protocol ??
2477.02ZURWed Aug 30 1995Multi-homing and External Trace
2478.06KOALA::PAWELKOWed Aug 30 1995Where are strange (double) X.4
2479.01GECWed Aug 30 1995Sending to Multiple Peer MTAs..
2480.02STKAI1::SBERGQUISTWed Aug 30 1995CONS NSAPs and using subaddressing
2483.01HGOVC::MASCOTTANGThu Aug 31 1995How can move old database to new system
2484.04SWAM1::SEELEY_JEThu Aug 31 1995MPDU roach motel--they check in, but not out
2485.01IJSAPL::JONG_AThu Aug 31 1995difference "THROUGH" or "TO" domain
2486.05ALFETA::MAURICIOThu Aug 31 1995MB4
2487.0452419::NIEVESFri Sep 01 1995problems with archive
2488.07HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GFri Sep 01 1995The ten commandments
2489.0FORTY2::TATHAMMon Sep 04 1995Problem with this notesfile
2490.01FORTY2::NEWELLMon Sep 04 1995MAILbus/IP - SMTP/POP3 Server for Windows NT
2491.02STKAI1::63662::acederhagMon Sep 04 1995Mailbus and MS-x4
2492.02MUDIS3::GKRIEGLTue Sep 05 1995MTA setup and XAPI memory questions
2493.06MSAMTue Sep 05 1995hugh complicated EM Backbone solution...
2494.02BIS6::VANHOOSTETue Sep 05 1995SMTP/MIME -> X.4
2495.01BIS6::VANHOOSTETue Sep 05 1995SMTP GW V2 doc error ?
2496.06CHEFS::SMITH_JETue Sep 05 1995Sensitivity field support?
2497.03OTOOA::CHANDLERTue Sep 05 1995Multiple SMTP Gateway domain names?
2498.05MSAMWed Sep 06 1995MB4
2499.07VAXRIO::63Wed Sep 06 1995Is MB4
2500.05GECWed Sep 06 1995Content Information/Bodypart Converters
2501.03SWAM1::SEELEY_JEThu Sep 07 1995Which entries need translate/foreign XMR address?
2502.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Sep 08 1995How can define subscribers and send mail
2503.0245464::SMITH_JJFri Sep 08 1995ADMD=
2504.04NCMAIL::DESENAFri Sep 08 1995XMR/ALL-IN-1/BP14
2505.01VAXRIO::63Fri Sep 08 1995Is MB4
2506.04GECSun Sep 10 1995SMTP V2.
2507.0COMICS::MCINTOSHMon Sep 11 1995minor documentation error
2508.01ROMMon Sep 11 1995What is BRISA profile?
2509.03OTOOA::ROUFTue Sep 12 1995XMR bodypart tagging/receipt notif question
2510.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Sep 13 1995Message Store on MAILBUS 4
2511.01OTOOA::CHANDLERThu Sep 14 1995smtp gateway to ip network problem
2512.06HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Sep 15 1995DIALup connection from Remote UA???
2513.06NEWVAX::MURLEYFri Sep 15 1995MS Exchange Questions
2514.01MALFri Sep 15 1995MTA counters with SMTP Gty V2.
2515.03OTOOA::ROUFMon Sep 18 1995Full O/R address routing question
2516.0HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GMon Sep 18 1995Question on security label, as specified in X.4
2517.01HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GMon Sep 18 1995GOSIP conformance
2518.02EVTAI1::GODARDTue Sep 19 1995How to use MTA$MTAMAIL?
2519.01DIMUND::DRANSFIELD_MTue Sep 19 1995Digital X.5
2520.06TAKEOF::FOWLERWed Sep 20 1995MTA Startup with large DSA
2521.017HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GWed Sep 20 1995Authorized MTS cannot be accessed
2522.02EVTAI1::MORVANWed Sep 20 1995XMR and AXP? configuration question.
2523.0A1VAX::SCHIMELWed Sep 20 1995Americas Messaging Symposium - OCT 1995
2524.03OTOOA::BOGARTThu Sep 21 1995Distribution Lists problems
2525.01OSLThu Sep 21 1995Accounting Purge Interval ignored at MTA restart(?)
2526.01VAXRIO::63Fri Sep 22 1995X.4
2527.0MUDIS3::GKRIEGLFri Sep 22 1995Memory allocation/deallocation in XAPI
2528.01WMGEN1::absWed Sep 27 1995DEC EDI and Mailbus 4
2529.03HERON::ROBB_GFri Sep 29 1995References for Defence Messaging
2530.01BEJVC::LKLEESat Sep 30 1995Pls Help on setting up Fax gateway routing info.
2531.01HERON::ROBB_GSun Oct 01 1995Probe prevention
2532.02HGOVC::MANJREKARMon Oct 02 1995Mailbus Postmaster vis-vis ISOCOR (?)
2533.02CSC32::MCFADDENMon Oct 02 1995How to repost archived messages?
2534.07STKOFF::SPERSSONMon Oct 02 1995XMR: problems with national characters in A1 user names
2535.02HERON::ROBB_GTue Oct 03 1995Foreign MTAs connecting to MAILbus 4
2536.05IOSG::MARSHALLTue Oct 03 1995XMR address processing
2537.02VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Oct 04 1995WPS+ conversion with SMTP V2.
2538.02VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Oct 04 1995MIME and File_Extension?
2539.0BELFST::KILREA::deanThu Oct 05 1995X.4
2540.04RULLE::KLASSONThu Oct 05 1995MB4
2541.01HGOVC::MANJREKARFri Oct 06 1995BACK-UP LINK FOR MR-MRX with Decnis-5
2542.04CHEFS::SMITH_JJFri Oct 06 1995Exchange, RFC1
2543.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Oct 10 1995Format mapping table ('DECtext')?
2544.01BIS6::dbc153.bro.dec.com::VANHOOSTETue Oct 10 1995Directory X.5
2545.02ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKWed Oct 11 1995Insufficient Virtual Memory????
2546.03DECPRG::PAVLUPWed Oct 11 1995V1.4 AXP/VMS crashing on incoming OSI CONS connec
2547.03GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Oct 12 1995ms-exchange beta2 and attachments problem
2548.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Oct 12 1995autoprint UserAgent, papermail
2549.08GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Oct 13 1995Exchange and FTBP- what's happening?
2550.02DECPRG::PAVLUPFri Oct 13 1995Erroneous transport, reject cause 133 ??!!
2551.04OTOOA::BOGARTFri Oct 13 1995Protocol Violation Events
2552.01OSLFri Oct 13 1995SMTP gw: Internal error on Non-deliv. reports
2553.01OTOOA::BOGARTMon Oct 16 1995EITs and Tagging
2554.03GENIE::MUELLERSMon Oct 16 1995Problems with ISOPRO P7 User Agent and XMS
2555.05JRDVTue Oct 17 1995VMSmail <-> Mailbus4
2556.04MLNORO::MALACRIDAWed Oct 18 1995why US31
2557.02DPSWWed Oct 18 1995Non-delivery Notifications to ALL-IN-1 Users
2558.012GENIE::MUELLERSWed Oct 18 1995Performance of Message Store
2559.0NCMAIL::DESENAThu Oct 19 1995XMR/ALL-IN-1 handling field
2560.01STKOFF::SPERSSONThu Oct 19 1995SMTP gwy remote XAPI?
2561.05STKOFF::SPERSSONThu Oct 19 1995Problem with XMRROUTE in messages X.4
2562.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGSat Oct 21 1995MB4
2563.01HGOVC::TIMOTHYKOMon Oct 23 1995MRX2.1B -->MRX2.3
2564.04OTOOA::BOGARTMon Oct 23 1995MR/X to MAILbus and French Chars.
2565.03CSC32::K_MARTINTue Oct 24 1995Message hangs in /var/mta/workspace/stable until MTA bounced
2566.04VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Oct 24 1995WPS+ conversion and MTA V1.4-ECO2?
2567.06VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Oct 24 1995MAILbus 4
2568.03OTOOA::BOGARTTue Oct 24 1995More EIT trouble!
2569.07DECPRG::PAVLUPThu Oct 26 1995ISOCOR cc:Mail gw (Windows) and address translation
2570.02COMICS::HALFACREEThu Oct 26 1995Memory fault - core dumped
2571.0OTOOA::ROUFThu Oct 26 1995Delivery notifications problems
2572.04NEWVAX::DINARDOFri Oct 27 1995free form names in XMR?
2573.01SWAM1::GHAVAMI_KEFri Oct 27 1995Recovering MB4
2574.06COMICS::HALFACREEFri Oct 27 1995Probs with SMTP v2.
2575.01BELFST::MCCORRYSat Oct 28 1995core dump on create mts
2576.01STKHLM::FORSBERGMon Oct 30 1995Problem with leading zero in DTE address
2577.01STKOFF::SPERSSONMon Oct 30 1995Problem to send message from VMS-mail to X.4
2578.01VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTTue Oct 31 1995LAN mail and MAILbus 4
2579.02ODIXIE::LIVENGOODTue Oct 31 1995The ole currency ($) conversion issue...again
2580.04ODIXIE::LIVENGOODTue Oct 31 1995BP15, Exchange, MAILworks-Unix, MB4
2581.01ZUOSNO::WETTERWed Nov 01 1995Recipient Redirect does not send Reports back
2582.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBThu Nov 02 1995Remote XAPI access from other OSes (3rd party)
2583.01STKAI1::SBERGQUISTThu Nov 02 1995SMTP Gwy and communication with MTA during boot-sequence
2584.09GOBUCS::COOLEYThu Nov 02 1995Feedback on Information Manager (IM)
2585.08ODIXIE::LIVENGOODThu Nov 02 1995Exchange and characters/conversions nec?
2586.03STKAI1::RJOHNSSONFri Nov 03 1995smtp gw v2 - ADMD=space =>problem
2587.01GENIE::RUFFIEUXFri Nov 03 1995Message store: no resources available
2588.02ODIXIE::LIVENGOODFri Nov 03 1995xmr/mrs
2589.03BEJVC::LKLEESat Nov 04 1995Help ! Connection to remote MTA
2590.06FORTY2::TATHAMMon Nov 06 1995X.5
2591.02VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Nov 07 1995XMR T1.2 and cannot get extentions?
2592.01ZURWed Nov 08 1995SMTP Gateway V2.
2593.011IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Nov 08 1995info requested re. ISOCOR products
2594.02RTP4ME::WILLIAMSThu Nov 09 1995buying KeyPak converter
2595.01NCMAIL::DESENAMon Nov 13 1995Changing XMR mailbox password
2596.06EVTAI1::MORVANTue Nov 14 1995Failed to Decode Bind Information in operator.log
2597.02MUDIS3::GKRIEGLWed Nov 15 1995bodypart conversion help please!
2598.05MUDIS3::YOUNGWed Nov 15 1995U : Help needed on calculation of Message Size !!!
2599.02RTP4ME::WILLIAMSWed Nov 15 1995MKI on the MAILbus MTA
2600.026Fri Nov 17 1995Mailbus 4
2601.02RTP4ME::WILLIAMSFri Nov 17 1995ISOGATE x4
2602.0TRNFri Nov 17 1995Ultrix v1.
2603.02PEARS::ROWOLDFri Nov 17 1995Cannot mail directly to files ---> SMTP Non-Delivery
2604.03MALFri Nov 17 1995Externally/Bilaterally downgrade problem
2605.0252419::NIEVESMon Nov 20 1995imported/exported mpdu
2606.07JULIET::CRABTREETue Nov 21 1995got BP-TYPE=15 want CHARSET=US-ASCII
2607.01RTP4ME::WILLIAMSWed Nov 22 1995ISOCOR and exchange....
2608.05COPCLU::TRIERWed Nov 22 1995Bulk load of MTS takes very long time
2609.01BEJVC::LKLEEThu Nov 23 1995How to clean up Mailbus 4
2610.0DECPRG::PAVLUPThu Nov 23 1995Latin2 char sets handling in our products?
2611.05STKAI1::ALINDGRENThu Nov 23 1995MTA and SMTPGW and HP OpenMail Obj ID
2612.03BEJVC::LKLEEThu Nov 23 1995Please Help ! XAPI programming
2613.0ADOVFri Nov 24 1995Asia Pacific Messaging & EDI Forum
2614.07TAVMon Nov 27 1995DELIVERY receipt AFTER read ...
2615.02MALMon Nov 27 1995Delivery/Receipt Notification Time Stamp
2616.02TAKEOF::FOWLERTue Nov 28 1995SMTP: Address translation problem
2617.03STKOFF::SPERSSONTue Nov 28 1995T61 element PAGES gets screwed up. What is it? ISO6937 instead?
2618.05GRANPA:: JenkinsWed Nov 29 1995Mailbus 4
2619.02EVTAI1::PCBSYB::BOURDARIASThu Nov 30 1995MR and date in attachment mail
2620.0252419::NIEVESThu Nov 30 1995again error starting mta!
2621.09MUDIS3::GKRIEGLFri Dec 01 1995gt-latin1 to teletex conversion
2622.01OTOOA::CHANDLERMon Dec 04 1995fax solutions for unix
2623.01BELFST::MCCORRYMon Dec 04 1995xdsu/ncl scripts for foreign addresses
2624.01EVTAI1::LECADETTue Dec 05 1995Help on new instalation of Message Store
2625.01BELFST::MCCORRYWed Dec 06 1995SFI message prot mask
2626.04MLNORO::MALACRIDAWed Dec 06 1995another RTSE problem
2627.01OSITEL::RUDDATFri Dec 08 1995messages lost MAILbus 4
2628.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Dec 08 1995DDS database enquiry
2629.03EVTAI1::FREULONTue Dec 12 1995Problem with AUTHORIZE
2630.01EEMELI::PAKKANENWed Dec 13 1995Error creating MTA after update
2631.06MUDIS3::MFORKELWed Dec 13 1995Downgrading of IPM Heading
2632.02SCASS1::HANSONLThu Dec 14 1995Experience with PMDF-LAN?
2633.0SHEILA::LOCHRINFri Dec 15 1995A question on MIME types/subtypes
2634.01OTOOA::CHANDLERMon Dec 18 1995X.4
2635.07HGOVC::CECILIACHENGTue Dec 19 1995No resource problem with replicated MTS
2636.06GENIE::kadi.ebo.dec.com::ruffieuxTue Dec 19 1995Connect SUN-Users to MB4
2637.03STKAI1::RJOHNSSONTue Dec 19 1995Ip alias MB4
2638.09TAKEOF::EGGIMANNTue Dec 19 1995Message gets non-delivered with R=1, Diagnostic=14 (protocol-violation)
2639.05OTOOA::ROUFWed Dec 20 1995Notification Problems
2640.06MALThu Dec 21 19951988 peer MTA RTS Failure
2641.01VCOUThu Dec 21 1995Custom Directory solutions for customers
2642.01LISVAX::DAVIDFri Dec 22 1995mailbus configuration in Portugal
2643.02VMSNET::M_NEVINSMon Jan 01 1996LOTUS X4
2644.01MUNDIS::64844::ErichTue Jan 02 1996Q: what do I need for a remote MTA ?
2645.02NEWVAX::RAKTue Jan 02 1996Message Tracing Design Questions
2646.03CRIME::BIJAOUIWed Jan 03 1996Logging access to XMS ?
2647.01OTOOA::CHANDLERWed Jan 03 1996directory name
2648.05OTOOA::CHANDLERWed Jan 03 1996protocol support
2649.01HSOSS1::MORNINGWed Jan 03 1996Mailbus4
2650.02NEWVAX::MURLEYThu Jan 04 1996Redirection Question
2651.01OTOOA::CHANDLERThu Jan 04 1996secure military MHS
2652.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DThu Jan 04 1996X.5
2653.03CSC32::K_MARTINFri Jan 05 1996MTA failed to transfer this message after processing. (1
2654.06OSANPO::TA_TANAKAFri Jan 05 1996"MAILbus Internet SMTP and POP3 Server" information?
2655.07BELFST::64524::mccorryFri Jan 05 1996XMR cannot put recipient?
2656.01VNABRW::MOSER_WTue Jan 09 1996MTA V2.
2657.04IJSAPL::BROUWER_DTue Jan 09 1996Defintive oraddress not passed to PMDF
2658.01HGOVC::TIMOTHYKOWed Jan 10 1996O/R name is not unique
2659.01OTOOA::CHANDLERWed Jan 10 1996madman
2660.01NEWVAX::RAKThu Jan 11 1996MB 4
2661.02MEOCFri Jan 12 1996MailWorks/UNIX - Mailbus 4
2662.02LEMAN::BOTHNERFri Jan 12 1996Can XAPI run on AIX?
2663.02OTOOA::BOGARTSun Jan 14 1996Errors sending to Dist. Lists
2664.0SNOFS1::THERKELSENPMon Jan 15 1996Ultrix mta and Isocor mta
2665.01HSOSS1::MORNINGMon Jan 15 1996RFC1
2666.02HAMSC2::EBUSCHTue Jan 16 1996VMS,ALPHA,MB4
2667.01STKHLM::FORSBERGWed Jan 17 1996SMTP Gateway and RFC 1522
2669.03CSC32::K_MARTINThu Jan 18 1996Transport Disconnect Received, Outbound Establishment Failure
2670.04ZURThu Jan 18 1996SMTP GTW MIME boundary separator too long
2671.0MLNORO::MALACRIDAFri Jan 19 1996logging message traffic to a console?
2672.03OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Jan 19 1996ESMTP/8 bit MIME, RFC 1651, 1652
2673.0TRNSun Jan 21 1996X5
2674.02MALTue Jan 23 1996DECnet/OSI V3.2 for Unix requirements
2675.013BIS6::dbc153.bro.dec.com::VANHOOSTETue Jan 23 1996Exchange -> MB4
2676.01CSC32::COLTERTue Jan 23 1996show xxx yyy mta mpdu * all, faile between unix-vms
2677.02HERON::ROBB_GWed Jan 24 1996X.5
2678.03OTOOA::otonWed Jan 24 1996P7 message store questions
2679.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Jan 24 1996MAILbus 4
2680.02HGOVC::CECILIACHENGWed Jan 24 1996Connecting to MS X.4
2681.01COPCLU::TRIERWed Jan 24 1996XMR and empty body part
2682.01GRANPA::CULBERTSONWed Jan 24 1996How many messages..
2683.01GENIE::MUELLERSWed Jan 24 1996MB4
2684.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Jan 25 1996XMR address lookup and translation problem
2685.04CHEFS::SMITH_JJThu Jan 25 1996Trouble with pounds signs in ASCII ...
2686.04522Fri Jan 26 1996No Online Help in ncl
2687.01OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Jan 26 1996Message Store questions
2688.01FSTSC1::AURANDMon Jan 29 1996MTA/MTS modules are removed from the NCL helpfile
2690.03TIMAMD::VICTORTue Jan 30 1996sent message dissapears
2691.01MAIL2::OSTTue Jan 30 1996X.25 on ALPHA with MR on VAX????????
2692.02UTRTSC::KLEINWed Jan 31 19964
2693.02CHEFS::JORDANThu Feb 01 1996Does DECnet conflict with TCP/IP?
2694.03MEOCFri Feb 02 1996MAILbus 4
2695.0EVTAI1::SFBUR2::LEPAULFri Feb 02 1996Text encoder questions
2696.01ODIXIE::LIVENGOODMon Feb 05 1996X.4
2697.0242223::MCCORRYMon Feb 05 1996Problem with MB4
2698.03HGOVC::LKLEETue Feb 06 1996Solution for pre-process all msg to/from an UA ?
2699.06BIGBOS::61569::coutantTue Feb 06 1996no connection to the MTA can be made
2700.03SCASS1::hapy.sca.dec.com::hansonlTue Feb 06 1996Virus Checking Capability?
2701.04TAKEOF::FOWLERWed Feb 07 1996MIME tags incompatible between Exchange and SMTP G/Way
2702.05STKAI1::63661::cederhagWed Feb 07 1996MAilbus and Isocor cuts messages after 8
2703.03EVTAI1::SFBUR2::LEPAULThu Feb 08 1996mts access control and shadowingflags
2704.01MUNDIS::64844::ErichFri Feb 09 1996MTA on ASE-Cluster ?
2705.09KOALA::PAWELKOSat Feb 10 1996What does it mean if no archived export (outbound) file is created?
2706.010DECPRG::PAVLUPTue Feb 13 1996PMDF into Easynet instead MB4
2707.03IJSAPL::BROUWER_DTue Feb 13 19961 accounting file for every 6 hours
2708.03DECPRG::PAVLUPTue Feb 13 1996Problems with uuencoding at SMTP gateway
2709.04MRKTNG::LOVELUCKTue Feb 13 1996XMR can't find MTA after ECO for TCP/IP
2710.08NETRIX::"dave.nissen@mpo.mts.dec.com"Tue Feb 13 1996MailWorks SMTP vs. MAILbus 4
2711.01HGOVC::LKLEEWed Feb 14 1996Pls help ! MB4
2712.0151651::KLASSONWed Feb 14 1996X.435 encoded information type?
2713.05ADOVThu Feb 15 1996MSX RC2 to MB4
2714.02BIS1::VANKERKHOVEThu Feb 15 1996"Unacceptable Dialogue Mode" event
2715.01FORTY2::REEDFri Feb 16 1996NOTE 27
2716.06BELFST::MCCORRYFri Feb 16 1996DECnet/OSI 3.2A slooowws MB4
2717.01EISYFI::ISLERMon Feb 19 1996MailBus 4
2718.03MSDOA::WILLIAMSGTue Feb 20 1996XMR NDRs
2719.04STKHLM::FORSBERGWed Feb 21 1996MTA Access Error and Internal Error from SMTP gwy
2720.05NCMAIL::DESENAWed Feb 21 1996Forced exit from Journalling/MTA crashes
2721.06IJSAPL::BROUWER_DWed Feb 21 1996address information passed to PMDF-MB4
2722.02EDITEX::BRUNNOCKThu Feb 22 1996XMR and DECnet Phase IV
2725.02ZURMon Feb 26 1996SMTP GW: Can it queue msgs? Old flag no longer works
2726.01SCASS1::HANSONLMon Feb 26 1996How to connect to MCImail?
2727.02STKAI1::SBERGQUISTTue Feb 27 1996RFC 1327, SMTP Gwy and "mixed mode" addresses ...
2728.03CHEFS:: Feb 27 1996XMR generates zero length Bodypart
2729.05CHEFS::SMITH_JJTue Feb 27 1996Forced exit from Relayer
2730.09CHEFS::CRIDDLETue Feb 27 1996How does XMR handle Common Names?
2731.02SIOG::P_HARRINGTONTue Feb 27 1996Need help routing to XMR using DDA's ?
2732.04LEMAN::BOTHNERWed Feb 28 1996Can we make SMTP-GW be non-conformant with RFC1327? (for Exchange)
2733.01WOTVAX::NAYLORWed Feb 28 1996Message Size limit ?
2734.02ZURWed Feb 28 1996X.5
2735.03GIDDAY::YUThu Feb 29 19961988 GROUPWISE X4
2736.01HGOVC::CECILIACHENGThu Feb 29 1996Invalid MPDU from non-delivery report
2737.04MSDOA::WILLIAMSGFri Mar 01 1996New XMR V1.2
2738.02ACISS2::SDATZMANFri Mar 01 1996DEC X.4
2739.04ACISS2::SDATZMANSun Mar 03 1996MB4
2740.02ADOVMon Mar 04 1996sockets, accept(), tcp/ip drvr, event 92
2741.03COPCLU::FLADER_RMon Mar 04 1996X.gate Mailbus 4
2742.01ZURMon Mar 04 1996Show all Dist List entries from NCL?
2743.04STKOFF::SPERSSONMon Mar 04 1996Shared File Interface OQ File Name problem
2744.01MEOCTue Mar 05 1996ddiftolatin1 step in wps to text conversion fails
2745.01ZURWed Mar 06 1996SMTP Gw V2, create client problem
2746.01BARNA::DSMAILWed Mar 06 1996Updating X25 number
2747.02STKOFF::SPERSSONWed Mar 06 1996XMR and outgoing RFC1327 address
2748.04COPCLU::FLADER_RThu Mar 07 1996To use the "with" prepositional phrase to qualify an MTA related NCL command to limit the scope of its operation
2749.02LEMAN::BOTHNERThu Mar 07 1996Looking for Internet-connected ADMDs
2750.02OTOOA::ROUFFri Mar 08 1996Firewall MTA configuration
2751.01STAR::RICOMon Mar 11 1996a customer question on Exchange integration
2752.02GIDDAY::LEHTue Mar 12 1996creating an alias for a fax device
2753.010UTRTSC::KLEINTue Mar 12 1996GDI wrong in REPORTS
2754.02DECPRG::PAVLUPWed Mar 13 1996Character codes convertors, templates?
2755.04MLNORO::MALACRIDAFri Mar 15 1996abort from remote MTA
2757.02MEOCMon Mar 18 1996MR to MB4
2758.07STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTMon Mar 18 1996Help to read decoded files
2759.04WOTVAX::NAYLORTue Mar 19 1996Linkworks to ISOCOR downgrade ?
2760.013COPCLU::FLADER_RTue Mar 19 1996Problems with Mailbus 4
2761.0216632::GEORGESThu Mar 21 1996Preventing "Mail Storms"
2762.01WOTVAX::NAYLORFri Mar 22 1996Delete DSA NAMING Context
2763.0CSC32::K_MARTINMon Mar 25 1996Trouble encoding BP15s.
2764.0COPCLU::TRIERMon Mar 25 1996MTA V2.
2765.02MLNORO::MALACRIDAMon Mar 25 1996common name, how?
2766.02UTRTSC::KLEINTue Mar 26 1996XMR & DMW, downgrade and conversion
2767.01STKHLM::FORSBERGTue Mar 26 1996SMTP Gwy Internal Errors
2768.04COPCLU::TRIERTue Mar 26 1996WPS+ Converter in MTA V2.
2769.04BACHUS::ROELANDTSWed Mar 27 1996enable mta crashes the system
2770.01ATYISB::LANZAWed Mar 27 1996MS and ISOPRO P7 configuration
2771.0OTOOA::CHANDLERWed Mar 27 1996xmr versus alisamail to exchange
2772.02NEWVAX::MZARUDZKIWed Mar 27 1996Gateway vs. MTA solution
2773.04GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Mar 28 1996How to repost good "bad" messages?
2774.0STKAI1::16.2Mon Apr 01 1996Mac and Mime support
2775.02VAXRIO::63Mon Apr 01 1996XMR and Mailbus 4
2776.01OTOOA::CHANDLERMon Apr 01 1996ultrix dump command
2777.03VAXRIO::ALCIDESMon Apr 01 1996Problem configuring Mailbus 4
2778.03SEGUR::CHESNOTTue Apr 02 1996XMS, X.25, X.29 and P7
2779.03PEARS::ufcnt2.ufc.dec.com::ErichTue Apr 02 1996Routing info Mailbus <-> CoCoNet ?
2780.02OTOOA::ROUFTue Apr 02 1996MTA set query
2781.0+5ZURWed Apr 03 1996Possible problem with XMR V1.2, and Unisource 4
2782.02TAKEOF::FOWLERWed Apr 03 1996Delivery Time on SMTP Reports (1 hour ahead)
2783.0FORTY2::GUNNThu Apr 04 1996Help Wanted - Product Manager
2784.02ZURTue Apr 09 1996Which standard specifies EITs bit for ISO6937?
2785.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Apr 09 1996country/admd routing
2786.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Apr 09 1996concurrent P1 conn limit?
2787.0COMICS::MCINTOSHTue Apr 09 1996utilizing accounting for billing
2788.02VAXRIO::VALERIATue Apr 09 1996error mapping to SMTP Gateway
2789.02MSDOA::WILLIAMSGTue Apr 09 1996XMR question
2790.05VAXRIO::63Wed Apr 10 1996MTA and UA configuration problem
2791.06NQOSThu Apr 11 1996Exchange, MB4
2792.04GENIE::kadi.ebo.dec.com::ruffieuxThu Apr 11 1996MB 4
2793.03MEOCMon Apr 15 1996MR - XMR - MB4
2794.03VNABRW::MOSER_WMon Apr 15 1996MTA V2.
2795.0BELFST::MCCORRYMon Apr 15 1996Message Store (xms) presentation address
2796.0OTOOA::BOGARTMon Apr 15 1996Ultrix to Unix MAILbus 4
2797.01OTOOA::ROLFETue Apr 16 1996SMTP RFC-822 in originator address
2798.09STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTTue Apr 16 1996GDI setup
2799.03MSDOA::WILLIAMSGTue Apr 16 1996converting BP15 to FTBP
2800.09STKHLM::SPERSSONTue Apr 16 1996SMTP gwy V2.1 Lookitup unexpected failure
2801.02NQOSTue Apr 16 1996Deterministic Messaging RFP, HELP!!
2802.04GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Apr 17 1996MS-Mail Read Receipts bounced by MTA
2803.0GENIE::MUELLERSWed Apr 17 1996Managment Solution for multi vendor backbone
2804.0ACISS2::SDATZMANWed Apr 17 1996DECNET/OSI Management ?
2805.02COPCLU::TRIERFri Apr 19 1996Time stamp problem - XMR?
2806.02EVTAI1::SFBUR2::LEPAULFri Apr 19 1996XMR and OpenVAX/VMS 7.
2807.07CHEFS::CRIDDLEFri Apr 19 1996What exactly is ia5text?
2808.02EVTAI1::LEPAULMon Apr 22 1996FATAL BUGCHECK with MAILbus 4
2809.07ZURTue Apr 23 1996MB4
2810.04OSITEL::RUDDATWed Apr 24 1996O/R address and routing
2811.01GENIE::DURANDWed Apr 24 1996SAP/R3
2812.0CHEFS::SMITH_JJThu Apr 25 1996MTA set address problem
2813.0STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTThu Apr 25 1996t.61 and generaltext coded how
2814.01TAMVM6::FERRANTEFri Apr 26 1996RFC1
2815.04STKAI1::RJOHNSSONFri Apr 26 1996SMTP gw - sendmail setup question
2816.05GENIE::kadi.ebo.dec.com::ruffieuxFri Apr 26 1996MAILbus 4
2817.0+5SUOWS6::SANDERSMon Apr 29 1996XMR-E-MTAAPIERROR, MTA API returned "Wrong-Value.-Length"
2818.02BIKINI::DITEMon Apr 29 1996MTS DUA behaviour ?
2819.0NCMAIL::DESENAMon Apr 29 1996MTA Distribution Lists/Personal Name
2820.04BELFST::MCCORRYTue Apr 30 1996Invalid T-CONNECT with Message Store
2821.02WOTVAX::NAYLORThu May 02 1996Exchange Patch ALL-IN-1 Interwork
2822.0DPSWFri May 03 1996Decoding MTA Accounting Records
2823.01ATYISB::LANZAMon May 06 1996ESL Informations
2824.0MAIL2::OSTMon May 06 1996OPenmail - Worldtalk and Digital
2825.05Tue May 07 1996External trace in multi-homed environment
2826.04CHEFS::SMITH_JJWed May 08 1996Non-delivery report not aimed at originator?
2827.05VAXRIO::ALCIDESWed May 08 1996Mailbus 4
2828.01MSAMThu May 09 1996vmsmail to ms-mail ... solution available ?
2829.01WOTVAX::NAYLORThu May 09 1996Acess Denied on WRITE to replica MTS
2830.03EVTAI1::BOURDARIASFri May 10 1996address with AT
2831.04BIS1::VANKERKHOVEFri May 10 1996Message Store "" user entities
2832.04HGOVC::MANJREKARFri May 10 1996Mailbus Internet Server
2833.02GENIE::MUELLERSFri May 10 1996No Resource Available
2834.01VAXRIO::63Fri May 10 1996Lotus Notes/Teamlinks via X.4
2835.01MXOCFri May 10 1996MTA's not communicating
2836.0CSC32::KLIMASSat May 11 1996distinguish between ftpbp15 and bp15
2837.01NCMAIL::DESENAMon May 13 1996DMW/XMR/MB4
2838.01HGOVC::CHRISTSANGTue May 14 1996Mailbus, EDI , and Internet
2839.01BELFST::MCCORRYWed May 15 1996SMTP gateway and underscores
2840.02MSDOA::WILLIAMSGWed May 15 1996P1 extension and Exchange
2841.04ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSWed May 15 1996mta process and xapi
2842.02OTOOA::BOGARTThu May 16 19962 IA5 bodyparts?
2843.01AOSF1::krasThu May 16 1996IEEE 1224.1 compliance
2844.04VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTFri May 17 1996The year 2
2845.01CHEFS::SMITH_JJFri May 17 1996Version 2.
2846.02COPCLU::TRIERTue May 21 1996Avoid sending delivery report from XAPI appli?
2847.03ZURWed May 22 1996No resource available / directory is unwilling
2848.03MEOCThu May 23 1996XMR and _ in Internet address (underscores)
2849.02PEARS::ufcnt2.ufc.dec.com::ErichThu May 23 1996MR, XMR and MB4
2850.01OTOOA::BOGARTThu May 23 1996SMTP GW - Free Form Name
2851.02UTRTSC::KLEINThu May 23 1996What about ECO1 ?
2852.01VMSNET::M_NEVINSThu May 23 1996Banyan Vines Zoomit - unable to send to MB4
2853.05STKAI1::63661::AcederhagFri May 24 1996Smtpgw Mta access error
2854.02STKAI1::63661::AcederhagFri May 24 1996smtp gw header encoding=mime hangs
2855.0OTOOA::CHANDLERMon May 27 1996xmr version clarification
2856.0OSANPO::TA_TANAKAMon May 27 1996AltaVista Mail (MAILbus Internet) info?
2857.01COMICS::HALFACREETue May 28 1996MB4
2858.01KERNEL::HOULDINGJTue May 28 1996System crash apparently caused by MB4
2859.06COMICS::HALFACREETue May 28 1996OM Network Error with multiple MS's
2860.01CHEFS::SMITH_JJWed May 29 1996Recovered message accounting data wrong?
2861.018IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu May 30 1996invalid P1 envelope??? Alcatel
2862.05STKAI1::OLSSON_JAFri May 31 1996Transfer impossible:conversion unsubscribed.
2863.01FLYWAY::SCHORNORFri May 31 1996Misleading MPDUs Out counter
2864.01COPCLU::TRIERFri May 31 1996Unable to load MBMT /var/smtpgw/mbmt.cf
2865.0OTOOA::ROLFESun Jun 02 1996MTA error message
2866.03STKAI1::OLSSON_JAMon Jun 03 1996uuencode & B-64 for incoming mail
2867.02STKAI1::63661::AcederhagMon Jun 03 1996<no from> possible to replace with DDA value?
2868.01COPCLU::ELINMon Jun 03 1996MTA$SERVER.EXE cannot be parsed - vmsinstal error
2869.02BIKINI::DITEMon Jun 03 1996Session Version negotiation ?
2870.02SCASS1::HANSONLTue Jun 04 1996Config/sizing License Questions
2871.0COPCLU::TRIERTue Jun 04 1996Upgraded continfo.txt for DXIM to support FTBP
2872.01HGOM11::THOMASWANGWed Jun 05 1996DOCUMENT
2873.06VAXRIO::63Wed Jun 05 1996Problem using Mailbus 4
2875.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Jun 06 1996RTSE STA4 protocol violation talking to LMS
2876.02BIS1::VANKERKHOVEThu Jun 06 1996BP14/US31
2877.02EVTAI1::62662::LEPAULFri Jun 07 1996CMA-F-EXCCOPLOS
2878.02UTRTSC::KLEINMon Jun 10 1996No From in Teamlinks client with SMTP gw
2879.0+4IOSG::EVANSTue Jun 11 1996ALL-IN-1 to EXCHANGE interoperability FIX
2880.01STKHLM::SPERSSONTue Jun 11 1996SMTP gwy V2.
2881.01NETRIX::"gallaghe@mail4u.zko.dec.com"Tue Jun 11 1996X.121 downgrade message
2882.04GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Jun 12 1996Exchange to ALL-IN-1 bodypart problems
2883.03UTRTSC::EDERVEENTue Jun 18 1996Question on DDA usage in XAPI
2884.08VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Jun 18 1996Mastersoft converter available for MTA V2.
2885.04NETRIX::"Pascal Van Bever@bro.mts.dec.com"Tue Jun 18 1996RTSE Busy
2886.06ALEF::NIKOLICTue Jun 18 1996Limit Internet Access to Mailbus users
2887.03OTOOA::BOGARTThu Jun 20 1996Exchange=>XMR=>MR/P
2888.01NETRIX::"torbens@dmats2.dmo.dec.com"Thu Jun 20 1996Urgent: Incomming msg duplicated in MAILbus 4
2889.03MFRFMS::UWEThu Jun 20 1996memo to remote x4
2890.03VAXRIO::63Fri Jun 21 1996X.gate needs Mailbus 4
2891.01WKOL1Sun Jun 23 1996Bundling Issue - NEED HELP!!
2892.0HGOVC::CHRISTSANGMon Jun 24 1996Internet mail server : faxing, universal inbox
2893.01GIDDAY::pca1v.dao.dec.com::wattMon Jun 24 1996MB4
2894.04TAKEOF::FOWLERMon Jun 24 1996Using Kanji character sets
2895.03MEOCTue Jun 25 1996MIME and UUENCODE decoding automatically?
2896.01RULLE::WELINTue Jun 25 1996osf3
2897.02COPCLU::TRIERTue Jun 25 1996Running multiple SMTP Gwy processes?
2898.03NEWVAX::MURLEYTue Jun 25 1996EXCH->MB4
2899.03JOBURG::BERETTAWed Jun 26 1996Help needed - peer mta's
2900.02GRANPA::copdial1_port12.cop.dec.com::rsheinbergThu Jun 27 1996ALL-IN-1, Mailbus 4
2901.03NQOSThu Jun 27 1996Advantis X.4
2902.05NQOSFri Jun 28 1996Mailbus 4
2903.04COPCLU::TRIERFri Jun 28 1996Unable to downgrade report - Why?
2904.03VAXSPO::64Fri Jun 28 1996Isocor +MAILbus 4
2905.012VNABRW::EHRLICH_KMon Jul 01 1996SMTP Gtwy and various formats (MIME,UUE,7/8bit)
2906.03NETRIX::"steve@mfrfms.enet.dec.com"Mon Jul 01 1996MTA$SERVER IN HIB WITH MESSAGES PENDING
2907.03STKHLM::SPERSSONMon Jul 01 1996MTS DUMP-wrong syntax/password caused corruption
2908.0COPCLU::TORBENSMon Jul 01 1996Invalid MPDU Detected - Protocol Violation
2909.022VNABRW::RHOTON_JWed Jul 03 1996MTA disappearing?
2910.06KETJE::BUTTIENSWed Jul 03 1996XMS-DSA X.5
2911.04VAXRIO::63Wed Jul 03 1996Exchange/Mailbus 4
2912.02COPCLU::FLADER_RThu Jul 04 1996Problems with installation of Mailbus 4
2913.02EVTAI1::62662::LEPAULThu Jul 04 1996A minor mistake in the mts.sc file ?
2914.02OTOOA::CHANDLERFri Jul 05 19968-bit sendmail and our SMTP Gateway
2915.09QDOVSat Jul 06 1996RFC1
2916.05OTOOA::CHANDLERMon Jul 08 1996xmr versus mrx
2917.01OSITEL::RUDDATTue Jul 09 1996MAIL.X - MAILbus 4
2918.06SIOG::MCCORRYWed Jul 10 1996Peer MTA name and Printable Characters
2919.013UTRTSC::EDERVEENWed Jul 10 1996Service messages from MB4
2921.01COPCLU::TRIERThu Jul 11 1996Prob. send IA5 type char. in ISO-8859-1 to Exchange
2922.02HGOVC::CECILIACHENGThu Jul 11 1996Another Access Denied error on replicated MTS
2923.06QDOVThu Jul 11 1996Exchange-MB4
2924.0HGOVC::LKLEEThu Jul 11 1996How to relocate directories of mailbus 4
2925.0IJSAPL::BROUWER_DThu Jul 11 1996P1 flags incorrectly coded ?
2926.04VMSNET::M_NEVINSFri Jul 12 1996SMTP Gateway 2.1 mime adds spaces to header
2927.011GENIE::MUELLERSFri Jul 12 1996ncl> show mts -> no resources available
2928.012QDOVSat Jul 13 1996Exchange to Sprint via MB4
2929.0SNOFS1::JOYCEJENNYMon Jul 15 1996Do I need a cluster alias
2930.05COMICS::HALFACREEMon Jul 15 1996Problems with EVENT_FILE not logging...
2931.07VAXRIO::WK_ESPOZELTue Jul 16 1996MTS operations are VERY SLOW!
2932.04XANADU::johnm.zko.dec.com::TAMARA::mcclungTue Jul 16 1996TeamLinks MIME not decoded by MAILbus 4
2933.010NETRIX::"jan-ake.olsson@ugo.mts.dec.com"Wed Jul 17 1996Connecting MS 1.1 & Isopro RUA
2934.0+23Wed Jul 17 1996Related Notes Conferences
2935.02VIRGIN::OTTThu Jul 18 1996Digital UNIX 4.
2936.02GIDDAY::JOYCEFri Jul 19 1996Restricting message size?
2937.05EVTAI1::LEPAULFri Jul 19 1996Help needed
2938.04KERNEL::HOULDINGJMon Jul 22 1996Peer MTA problems
2939.01ADCAMon Jul 22 1996Problem with sending Remote mail thro' allin1
2941.01JRDVThu Jul 25 1996Localization of SMTP Gateway V2.1?
2942.01ZURThu Jul 25 1996x.gate adding CRLF breaks EDI
2943.02DECPRG::PAVLUPThu Jul 25 1996Internal Error and Forced Exit of XMS, diag 19 ?
2944.01KERNEL::HOULDINGJMon Jul 29 19962 messages into one - can this happen?
2945.01BACHUS::64734::larocheMon Jul 29 1996Security Problem; Access denied
2946.03DECPRG::PAVLUPMon Jul 29 1996Can't make XMS accessible over CONS X.25!
2947.01KETJE::MONTETue Jul 30 1996iso8859-7 iso8859-5
2948.02OTOOA::CHANDLERTue Jul 30 1996smtp 'deferred' messages
2949.0137328:: Jul 30 1996MB4
2950.01CSC32::K_MARTINWed Jul 31 1996mta 2.
2951.01WOTVAX::haddock.lzo.dec.com::limbWed Jul 31 1996X.25 cons outbound connection problem
2952.03VAXRIO::63Wed Jul 31 1996Invalid body part problem - Lotus MTA
2953.01BACHUS::COLLARTThu Aug 01 1996Mail to self via IBM x4
2954.03PEARS::jazroc.fkr.dec.com::ROWOLDThu Aug 01 1996Accounting algorithm on UNIX and OpenVMS?
2955.02AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DThu Aug 01 1996ECO's via TIMA?
2956.01SCASS1::HANSONLFri Aug 02 1996SMTP GTWY, DMW & MS Mail Config Questions?
2957.04ACISS2::MKELLYFri Aug 02 1996Damage Control
2958.04BULAN::exten.soo.dec.com::bulan::acederhagTue Aug 06 1996Message stuck in smtp gateway
2959.03ANNECY::ROUXFri Aug 09 1996CONS NSAP Outgoing call Pbm
2960.0KISMIF::BROWNFri Aug 09 1996UNIX FIS IMAGE & Mailbus 4
2961.01KISMIF::BROWNFri Aug 09 1996UNIX FIS IMAGE & X.5
2962.05EEMELI::EINAMOTue Aug 13 19962 prmd and routting
2963.02JOBURG::BERETTATue Aug 13 1996 Licensed Message Throughput
2964.05COPSThu Aug 15 1996Exchange Attachments-BP15 Not delivered
2965.05WKOL1Thu Aug 15 1996Need help with document conversion
2966.0VIRGIN::OTTThu Aug 15 1996Remote Transport Disconnection stops Incomming mail
2967.06FSTSC1::ELCHAMIThu Aug 15 1996O/R in envelope and content are different
2968.01MSDOA::STETSONMon Aug 19 1996Another Customer Scenario with Internet Mail.
2969.0BIKINI::DITETue Aug 20 1996XAPI: ma_start_delivery 'multiple delivery' featurre?
2970.0ZURWed Aug 21 1996Old XAPI VMS application (PEDI) and UNIX MTA?
2971.02ZURWed Aug 21 1996ISO6937 Repertoire missing on msg to Exchange
2972.07STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTWed Aug 21 1996internal error on smtp gateway
2973.01OSANPO::TA_TANAKAThu Aug 22 1996release schedule of SMTPGW (Japanese)?
2974.010SIOG::MCCORRYThu Aug 22 1996MTA V2.
2975.0IOSG::EVANSFri Aug 23 1996Announcing : Directory Migration Toolkit
2976.01VAXSPO::RP_SATOFri Aug 23 1996X25gateway can route packets using subaddress?
2977.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Aug 27 19968bit sendmail and SMTP-Gtwy (again?)
2978.02MSAMWed Aug 28 1996mb4
2979.03GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Aug 29 1996Positional OUs in O/R Address
2980.02OTOOA::LACHANCEFri Aug 30 1996Error msg using SMTP/MRX
2981.06QDOVMon Sep 02 1996domain worldbank.org - mails bounce
2982.0QDOVMon Sep 02 1996Probably PMDF at origin
2983.03DECPRG::PAVLUPMon Sep 02 1996Latin 2 characters in message subject get messed up
2984.01KERNEL::HOULDINGJMon Sep 02 1996No non-delivery from XMR
2985.013OSLLAV::EVEN_PMon Sep 02 1996BP14 rejection mystery
2986.03WKOL1Tue Sep 03 1996ISOCOR & Alpha ALL-IN-1 - HOW?
2987.04TROOA::rasWed Sep 04 1996MS exchange MTA network error
2988.01MSAMThu Sep 05 1996X4
2989.03ZURFri Sep 06 1996Exchange Latin 1 rejected by MTA converter
2990.01GECFri Sep 06 1996Mime Confusion?
2991.01COPCLU::FLADER_RTue Sep 10 1996ContentType (built-in) HEX 23 DEC 35 ----> X.435 Message ???
2992.01JOBURG::BERETTATue Sep 10 1996illegal transport fd
2993.04BACHUS::DBCWed Sep 11 1996Additional routing instruction
2994.05BACHUS::DBCWed Sep 11 1996Transport interface error code 16
2995.0ZURThu Sep 12 1996Object identifiers and interoperability
2996.01BELFST::16.2Mon Sep 16 1996Remote XAPI over RFC1
2997.0NEWVAX::DECOURSEYMon Sep 16 1996Counting In-house MPDUs
2998.03KETJE::GORREMANSWed Sep 18 1996STA4
2999.04MEOCThu Sep 19 1996XMR routing info on other O/R addresses
3000.03486Fri Sep 20 1996MB4
3001.0DECPRG::PAVLUPMon Sep 23 1996X.4
3002.02BIS5::VANBEVER_PTue Sep 24 1996Checking originator of a message
3003.01RULLE::KLASSONWed Sep 25 1996SMTP Gwy and Warning text
3004.01ZURWed Sep 25 1996LMS FTBP without extension downgraded to US31
3005.05BIKINI::DITEWed Sep 25 1996Problem with remote XAPI (Gateway mode)?
3006.02GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Sep 26 1996Downgrade the whole MTA?
3007.06WKOL1Fri Sep 27 1996Document Conversion - How?
3008.06OTOOA::dhcpFri Sep 27 1996vmsmail->mb4
3009.01OTOOA::dhcpFri Sep 27 1996MB4
3010.02OTOOA::dhcpFri Sep 27 1996MB4
3011.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Oct 01 1996ALL-IN-1, XMR and missing TOs in attachment?
3012.02STKHLM::SPERSSONTue Oct 01 1996SMTP gateway mail.log error messages?
3013.01STKHLM::HORNBLADWed Oct 02 1996Problems with trunkated messages
3014.02BELFST::ras6.wro.dec.com::belfst.bvo.dec.com::mccorryWed Oct 02 1996Redundant connections to X.4
3015.02EPS::jmnote.zko.dec.com::amuzed::masorsWed Oct 02 1996XMR - DECnet/OSI doesn't know about agent
3016.06MEOCThu Oct 03 1996dmw-Exchange not delivered, type=undetermined?
3018.0BIKINI::DITEMon Oct 07 1996MTA_NODE == LOCAL = network connection ?
3019.07SIOG::P_HARRINGTONMon Oct 07 1996Exchange - Mailbus again !
3020.02MEOCTue Oct 08 1996naming context? /MTS= naming context location?
3021.0IOSG::BILSBOROUGHTue Oct 08 1996Mailbus 4
3022.01GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Oct 10 1996XMR event sink problems
3023.03STKHLM::SPERSSONThu Oct 10 1996XMR V1.2 - problem creating Entity
3024.05BACHUS::CAPPELLEMANSThu Oct 10 1996Erroneous active user on a ncl sho mes sto all stat
3025.0EVTAI1::LEPAULMon Oct 14 1996Suggestion
3027.09ZURWed Oct 16 1996Messaging Strategy
3028.02VAXSPO::RP_SATOThu Oct 17 1996SMTPGW: Invalid-Parameters (11)
3029.01BEEZER::HOULDINGJThu Oct 17 1996Install MAILbus 4
3030.09COPCLU::FLADER_RThu Oct 17 1996Mailbus 4
3031.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KFri Oct 18 1996XMR and PageFileQuota (corruption possible) ...
3032.0CHEFS::SMITH_JJFri Oct 18 1996Remote MAILWorks/MB4
3033.0CHEFS::SMITH_JJFri Oct 18 1996Invalid credentials - I don't think so!
3034.0RULLE::KLASSONTue Oct 22 1996Caution, UNIX V3.2D+ and SMTP Gateway
3035.0MLNORO::MALACRIDAWed Oct 23 1996isocor "ascii interface"
3036.03COMICS::HALFACREEThu Oct 24 1996Fix for Exchange --> MB4
3037.09BIS1::VANKERKHOVEFri Oct 25 1996MailmaX.4
3038.03NETRIX::"torbens@dmats2.dmo.dec.com"Mon Oct 28 1996MAILbus 4
3039.011VAXRIO::63Mon Oct 28 1996XMR address conversion problem
3040.02VAXRIO::MAURICIOTue Oct 29 1996MB product set .vs. ISOCOR ?
3041.02VAOUTue Oct 29 1996SST Fax Core Dumps under Unix
3042.043Tue Oct 29 1996Need book, Can't parse P1 error
3043.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Oct 30 1996MRX system hang
3044.09IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Oct 30 1996MB4
3045.02OSLLAV::EVEN_PWed Oct 30 1996Illegal extensions?
3046.05UTRTSC::KLEINThu Oct 31 1996XMR V1.2 ECO1 available ???
3047.0IOSG::HOLTDThu Oct 31 1996Related Topic: MAILbus 1 Retirement in process
3048.05SKYLRK::FAFRAKMon Nov 04 1996SMTP -> X.4
3049.01NETRIX::"buettiker@mail.dec.com"Tue Nov 05 1996MIME Support
3050.05NQOSWed Nov 06 1996HouseKeeping ?
3051.0COPCLU::FLADER_RThu Nov 07 1996Latest version of the file: create_mta_extdef_bodyparts.ncl
3052.0EVTAI1::GODARDThu Nov 07 1996XMR in RWMBX state
3053.05VIRGIN::OTTFri Nov 08 1996SMTP GTW Encoding Rules
3054.05VNABRW::MOSER_WFri Nov 08 1996XMR feature?
3055.07VIRGIN::OTTMon Nov 11 1996XMR splits message into two mpdu's from DL with RFC822 DDA
3056.0VMSNET::C_ESTESTue Nov 12 1996adding text to MPDUs
3057.01EPS::LOVELUCKWed Nov 13 1996Can't convert WPS-PLUS to anything
3058.0BIGUN::BRUCEThu Nov 14 1996Hex tsel in presentation address?
3059.01FLYWAY::SCHORNORThu Nov 14 1996What's included in BP15 (?? TIFF ??)
3060.0MLNORO::MALACRIDAThu Nov 14 1996multiple GDI
3061.07SIOG::rasmodem2.dbo.dec.com::dubFri Nov 15 1996Attachment Names - ALL-IN-1/XMR/MAILbus/Exchange
3062.05VAXRIO::63Mon Nov 18 1996X.4
3063.01EPS::LOVELUCKMon Nov 18 1996conversion results wrong - mta-bp15-encode(?)
3064.06VMSNET::R_HARRISMon Nov 18 1996SHOW MTS hangs
3065.03NETRIX::"schornor@.zuo.mts.dec.com"Wed Nov 20 1996
3066.05COPCLU::TRIERWed Nov 20 1996GDI in message <-> First trace element
3067.01KERNEL::HOULDINGJWed Nov 20 1996Messages stuck - help please
3068.08ALEF::NIKOLICWed Nov 20 1996XAPI error code 5 - SMTP Gateway
3069.03AIMTEC::ZANIEWSKI_DWed Nov 20 1996Exchange, WordPerfect and ALL-IN-1 v3.2
3070.016MEOCThu Nov 21 1996DDA CN downgrade handling
3071.07NETRIX::"torbens@dmats2.dmo.dec.com"Thu Nov 21 1996Explain what does files in bad_msgs is for.
3072.0MUDIS3::FISCALThu Nov 21 1996X.4
3073.06OSITEL::rtont2.rto.dec.com::ErichFri Nov 22 1996I need some basic info please...
3074.0CHEFS::BROWN_DMon Nov 25 1996Syste Memory getting wired
3075.013EVTIS6::62662::LEPAULTue Nov 26 1996Time stamp problem
3076.02VNABRW::EHRLICH_KWed Nov 27 1996Multihome GDIs (ADMD=' ' routing)
3077.04KERNEL::TALBOTWed Nov 27 1996Deferred Mail in MTA is it a restriction or bug?
3078.03MEOCThu Nov 28 1996PMDF-MB4
3079.0+18OSITEL::rtont2.rto.dec.com::ErichWed Dec 04 1996Connect info for Lotus Messaging Switch ?
3080.04TROOA::HANDYThu Dec 05 1996peer MTA's not able to see each other, user agent
3081.02EVTIS6::62662::LEPAULThu Dec 05 1996BinHex and MAILbus 4
3082.01SIOG::P_HARRINGTONThu Dec 05 1996Exchange - MRX over x.25 reason failure ??
3083.02IBMon Dec 09 1996Urgent help for Spanish Symposium of Mail & Messaging
3084.0EVTAI1::BOURDARIASTue Dec 10 1996explanation of log files
3085.02GENIE::16.184.2Wed Dec 11 1996conversion problem from WPS+ to isolatin
3086.03GIDDAY::JOYCEWed Dec 11 1996Configure A1/MB4
3087.02ZURWed Dec 11 1996Converter to produce Telex bodyparts?
3088.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Dec 11 1996rc1
3089.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Dec 11 1996X5
3090.015ATZIS2::EHRLICH_KFri Dec 13 1996MAILbus 4
3091.03IJSAPL::DEWIJKSat Dec 14 1996XMS does not recognize rfc1
3092.06ESSB::PMCCORMICKMon Dec 16 1996FTBP and EXt defined mapping
3093.0VMSNET::R_HARRISMon Dec 16 1996How do you set RTS values
3094.02MEOCThu Dec 19 1996FTBP downgrade to USA31
3095.0321272::RP_SATOThu Dec 19 1996RFC-822 domain = MailHub domain ?
3096.07BELFST::barry.bvo.dec.com::ANONYMOUS%Fri Dec 20 1996CC:Mail / Mailbus 4
3097.01MEOCSat Dec 21 1996Routing with MS-Exchange / MB4
3098.03COMICS::HALFACREEMon Dec 23 1996XMR/MB4
3099.01ZURTue Dec 24 1996ISO6937 line length limit?
3100.05SOS6::LECONTETue Dec 31 1996XMR process (xmr$x4
3101.0IOSG::HOLTDTue Jan 07 1997MR Migration Package now orderable
3102.02ATZIS2::MOSER_WTue Jan 07 1997Large DL blocks SMTPGW
3103.03RULLE::KLASSONTue Jan 07 1997SMTP-GW X2.1-2 core dumps (Internal Error)
3104.01EVTAI1::GODARDTue Jan 07 1997files in XMR$X4DIRECTORY ??
3105.0921272::RP_SATOTue Jan 07 1997Remote Protocol Error ?
3106.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Jan 09 1997MB4
3107.0STKHLM::SPERSSONThu Jan 09 1997history logging tools?
3108.01SIOG::volta.dbo.dec.com::dubFri Jan 10 1997Exchange as an X.4
3109.0VNABRW::EHRLICH_KTue Jan 14 1997Status for MS-Office 97 Support
3110.01ZURMon Jan 20 1997Compuserve and the Undefined EIT
3111.03MEOCTue Jan 21 1997text attachment handling by MAILbus 4
3112.02EVTAI1::GODARDTue Jan 21 1997MR.LOG ?
3113.0VMSNET::R_HARRISTue Jan 21 1997Install MTA converters in Memory
3114.01CANOVA::GERMANAWed Jan 22 1997AMH32 profile supported?
3115.0UTRTSC::EDERVEENThu Jan 23 1997How to install converters to improve performance
3116.01TAGEIN::ELCHAMIThu Jan 23 1997smtpgw v2.1 core and loop
3117.01ZURThu Jan 23 1997SMTP GW Internal Error with unusual Originator
3118.0 *+5NETRIX::"jolsson@a-117.tunnel.crl.dec.com"Fri Jan 24 1997Downgrade of commonname in envelope
3119.0 *+5ZURMon Jan 27 1997"Routing attempts limit reached" event
3120.0 *+3MLNORO::MALACRIDAMon Jan 27 1997more than one MTS entry?
3121.0 *UTRTSC::EDERVEENTue Jan 28 1997Performance guidelines?
3122.0 *+2VMSNET::M_NEVINSTue Jan 28 1997MB4
3123.0 *+1ZURWed Jan 29 1997MTA NCL command hangs, max mess processors workaround
3124.0 *+3DECWIN::ZAWARSKIWed Jan 29 1997Need SDML files for MAILBUS_4
3125.0 *TAGEIN::ELCHAMIThu Jan 30 1997Protocol Violation error
3126.0 *ZURWed Feb 05 1997Netscape sets Sender so reply via SMTPGW goes astray
3127.0 *STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTWed Feb 05 1997Diagnostic 14
3128.0 *+1TAMARA::NEUMAN::NeumannFri Feb 07 1997Impact of re-installing DECNet
3129.0 *+1SIOG::ras4.wro.dec.com::dubTue Feb 11 1997MAILbus 4
3130.0 *+1STKHLM::SPERSSONWed Feb 12 1997C=xxx;a=internet;DDA valid X.4
3131.0 *+1ATZIS2::MOSER_WThu Feb 13 1997Stable Implementers Agreement?
3132.0 *+3TAMARA::NEUMAN::NeumannThu Feb 13 1997Support for UNIX V4
3133.0 *+5SIOG::16.6Fri Feb 14 1997Aliases/redirects on partial OR addresses
3134.0 *+1TAMARA::NEUMAN::NeumannFri Feb 14 1997Meaning of Error 4
3135.0 *+1NETRIX::"torbens@dmats2.dmo.dec.com"Mon Feb 17 1997SMTP mails outbound stops.
3136.0 *+1VMSNET::R_HARRISMon Feb 17 1997Sending to the Internet using RFC822
3137.0 *GIDDAY::JOYCEThu Feb 20 1997MB4
3138.0 *+1KERNEL::uvodhcp23.uvo.dec.com::houldingjMon Feb 24 1997Core dump analysis useful?
3139.0 *+1TAGEIN::ELCHAMITue Feb 25 1997MTA V2.
3140.0 *ZPOVC::SIRCARWed Feb 26 1997MB4
3141.0 *+1KERNEL::uvodhcp23.uvo.dec.com::houldingjWed Feb 26 1997xms_mgt loses its way
3142.0 *+5RULLE::KLASSONWed Feb 26 1997SMTP-Gwy and "mta_error = 7
3143.0 *+1MAIL1::KMAHERThu Feb 27 1997remote SMTP gateway
3144.0 *+3MAIL1::KMAHERThu Feb 27 1997populating x.5
3145.0 *BIKINI::DITEMon Mar 03 1997UNIX MTA checks calling NSAP !
3146.0 *+3VAXRIO::ABREUWed Mar 05 1997Changing the node name
3147.0 *+1TAGEIN::ELCHAMIThu Mar 06 1997duplicate mpdu_id for different messages
3148.0 *+1IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Mar 07 1997Error initialising RTSE to Zoomit MTA
3149.0 *+1SQUALO::ASTRUAFri Mar 07 1997How to set the ACC. storing only MTS_ID ?
3150.0 *+1EVTAI1::GODARDFri Mar 14 1997Process XMR$MRTOX4
3151.0 *+3VMSNET::R_HARRISFri Mar 14 1997USA 31
3152.0 *+1NETRIX::"SilvaM@mail.dec.com"Wed Mar 19 1997Messaging from Exchange to Banyan Vines/ZOOMIT MTA via MailBus4
3153.0 *+4IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Mar 21 1997XAPI toolkit and prereqs
3154.0 *+2JACEK::waldek.rpw.dec.com::agatka::calkaTue Mar 25 1997National characters in address fields
3155.0 *+2GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Mar 26 1997DDA routing needed for Exchange
3156.0 *COPCLU::TORBENHWed Mar 26 1997Unable to get MB-SMTP gateway to connect to remote MTA
3157.0 *+1BACHUS::CLEVELANDThu Mar 27 1997MHS distribution list question
3158.0 *+1124333::lorapc.dlc.dec.com::scasThu Mar 27 1997SMTP Delivery Problems
3159.0 *+7CSC32::K_MARTINFri Mar 28 1997MB4
3160.0 *+5NETRIX::"bichsel@mail.dec.com"Fri Mar 28 1997SMTP gw question
3161.0 *+1TAVMon Mar 31 1997Training in near future ???
3162.0 *VAXRIO::6323Mon Mar 31 1997Fax solutions with mailbus 4
3163.0 *+1EVTAI1::GODARDMon Apr 07 1997MAILBUS 4
3164.0 *+5VMSNET::R_HARRISWed Apr 09 1997How to create the decoder script
3165.0 *+4ATZIS2::EHRLICH_KWed Apr 09 1997NSAP address of Peer-MTA to ExchangeServer on multihome WNT
3167.0 *+1QCAVThu Apr 10 1997MAILBUS4
3168.0 *VMSNET::R_HARRISThu Apr 10 1997Bad Timestamp on message
3169.0 *+1BACHUS::BERVOETSMon Apr 14 1997Mailbus 4
3170.0 *BALTMD:: Apr 15 1997Bilateral Info error in XMR log file?
3171.0 *+1KOALA::PAWELKOWed Apr 16 1997Large temp files accumulating in /volatile area (filling up disk)
3172.0 *+3KERNEL:: Apr 16 1997Diagnostic 1
3173.0 *+148646::KUOCHThu Apr 17 1997Minimum DECnet/OSI components for MAILbus 4
3174.0 *WOTVAX::haddock.lzo.dec.com::limbThu Apr 17 1997MTA message processors and transfer associations
3175.0 *+4GIDDAY::VELDFri Apr 18 1997Code 27 error during common startup on VMS
3176.0 *+1NCMAIL::DESENAFri Apr 18 1997Changing smtp domain names
3177.0 *+6ATZIS2::EHRLICH_KMon Apr 21 1997MAILBus 4
3178.0 *JOBURG::BERETTAWed Apr 23 1997BASE64 and EIT's?
3179.0 *+2TAKEOF::EGGIMANNFri Apr 25 1997MB4
3180.0 *STKHLM::SPERSSONTue Apr 29 1997Shared File Interface and BP15 question
3181.0 *+1BIKINI::DITEWed Apr 30 1997Product statement MTA V2.
3182.0 *+2SIOG::MCCORRYThu May 01 199784 Encoding of text attachments
3183.0 *+4MEOCWed May 07 1997ASN.1 encoding problem for inbound message
3184.0 *JOBURG::BERETTAWed May 07 1997Exchange->MB4
3185.0 *+4COMICS::HALFACREEThu May 08 1997MB4
3186.0 *XANADU::mrjoe.zko.dec.com::manana::famularoMon May 12 1997Attachment title question...
3187.0 *+1GIDDAY::JOYCETue May 13 1997MB4
3188.0 *WOODY::FABBRITue May 13 1997ISOGATEPlus and bodypart 15
3189.0 *BACHUS::COLLARTTue May 13 1997**UU** is MTA 2.
3190.0 *+4BACHUS::COLLARTTue May 13 1997SMTP gateway core dump
3191.0 *+2BACHUS::COLLARTTue May 13 1997How to mail to support ?
3192.0 *JOBURG::BERETTAWed May 14 1997MAILBUS4
3193.0 *+3BRADAN::ELECTRONFri May 16 1997X5
3194.0 *+1MLNORO::MALACRIDAFri May 16 1997help needed here ...
3195.0 *+1ROMFri May 16 1997NSAP length
3196.0 *+3BACHUS::COLLARTFri May 16 1997Convert WPSPLUS to RTF2 problem
3197.0 *+3KERNEL:: May 20 1997MTA shutdown
3198.0 *+3OSITEL::rtont2.rto.dec.com::ErichWed May 21 1997RFC1
3199.0 *+8BACHUS::CLEVELANDWed May 21 1997PerDomainBilateralInformation assistance required
3200.0 *+3VAXRIO::ABREUWed May 21 1997BADDATE and MIDPRES errors in XMR log
3201.0 *+4ROMFri May 23 1997Incoming x25 calls cleared, outgoing work
3202.0 *+1NNTPD::"ducrett@mail.dec.com"Fri May 23 1997SMTP GW - uudecode non MIME ?
3203.0 *+3EVTAI1::GODARDFri May 23 1997MAILBUS and UNIX V4.
3204.0 *+2TAGEIN::ELCHAMIFri May 23 1997isolatin to ia5 converter feeds LF
3205.0 *+2MSAMThu May 29 1997mb4
3206.0 *+2BACHUS::COLLARTFri May 30 1997Disconnect with RFC1
3207.0 *+3ATZIS3::MOSER_WMon Jun 02 1997XMR drops address elements?
3208.0 *+3MLNORO::MALACRIDAMon Jun 02 1997SNADS connection again ...
3209.0 *+1BACHUS::CLEVELANDWed Jun 04 1997Message decoder functionality