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Title:Triviality is its own reward
Notice:Directory Listings in note 55
Created:Fri Feb 06 1981
Last Modified:Tue Mar 11 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:3766
Total number of notes:41591
Number with bodies:5
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1.016VAXWRK::VAXworksFri Feb 06 1981Introduction
2.042VAXWRK::SMITHFri Feb 06 1981What's in a name?
3.072VAXWRK::EKBERGFri Feb 06 1981Dear Trekkies
4.016VAXWRK::CONLIFFEFri Feb 06 1981Missing link
5.034VAXWRK::MCCABETue Feb 10 1981Yes but what of the PDP-11's
6.06VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue Feb 10 1981What is it?
7.021VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue Feb 10 1981currency
8.010VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Feb 11 1981Why Colorado?
9.06VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Feb 11 1981This is a good one .....
10.012VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Feb 11 1981Someone may even know ..
11.018VAXWRK::GOLDMANWed Feb 11 1981Lucky Seven
12.08VAXWRK::CONLIFFEFri Feb 13 1981Hog wild
13.06VAXWRK::CONLIFFEMon Feb 16 1981"The Elephant Directive"
14.08STAR::LIONELMon Feb 16 1981More "name that system!"
15.08VAXWRK::STEPHENSTue Feb 17 1981Keeping busy
16.030VAXWRK::CONLIFFEWed Feb 18 1981Moonshots
17.07VAXWRK::GARYMon Mar 02 1981a strange one
18.03VAXWRK::GOLDMANTue Mar 03 1981Always Fair Game
19.068VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Mar 04 1981Cartoons
20.06MARIAH::KRANTZFri Mar 06 1981son of Star Trek
21.036VAXWRK::CONLIFFESun Mar 08 1981Beatlemania
22.04VAXWRK::MCCABEMon Mar 09 1981From Doonesbury
23.06VAXWRK::MCCABETue Mar 10 1981Replies to Star Trek
24.015VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue Mar 10 1981Quotations
25.080VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue Mar 10 1981Songs
26.02VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue Mar 10 1981The Third Man
27.013VAXWRK::CONLIFFEWed Mar 11 1981Ancient Science (not RSTS)
28.012VAXWRK::CONLIFFEWed Mar 11 1981Note 28
29.011VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Mar 11 1981detectives
30.05VAXWRK::CONLIFFEWed Mar 11 1981Literary Epic
31.07VAXWRK::CONLIFFEWed Mar 11 1981American Literary Epic
32.06VAXWRK::CONLIFFEThu Mar 12 1981Boring
33.030VAXWRK::RODThu Mar 12 1981Monsters
34.010VAXWRK::CONLIFFEThu Mar 12 1981More System trivia
35.013VAXWRK::RODThu Mar 12 1981Consenting Adults
36.02VAXWRK::RODThu Mar 12 1981Popular Products
37.06VAXWRK::RODFri Mar 13 1981More Popular Products
38.06VAXWRK::RODFri Mar 13 1981Alcoholics
39.04VAXWRK::RODSat Mar 14 1981Initials
40.06VAXWRK::RODMon Mar 16 1981Brains of mush
41.05VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue Mar 17 1981Famous Saying
42.048VAXWRK::MCCABETue Mar 17 1981Leave it to Beaver ....
43.020VAXWRK::MCCABETue Mar 17 1981The secret agent et al
44.06STAR::LIONELTue Mar 17 1981Birds of a Feather
45.08VAXWRK::RODTue Mar 17 1981Grant's Tomb
46.06VAXWRK::RODTue Mar 17 1981Robert
47.053VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue Mar 17 1981Dr Who
48.010VAXWRK::RODWed Mar 18 1981St. Louis
49.011VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Mar 19 1981Measure for Measure
50.024VAXWRK::EKBERGThu Mar 19 1981Bambi
51.08VAXWRK::CONLIFFEThu Mar 19 1981More Trivia
52.016VAXWRK::EKBERGThu Mar 19 1981Pick on Rod time
53.036VAXWRK::MCCABEFri Mar 20 1981If you have two ...
54.06VAXWRK::RODFri Mar 20 1981Name that Group
55.037DELNI::CANTORSat Jun 06 1987Directories of this conference
56.09VAXWRK::RODFri Mar 20 1981Paradise
57.07VAXWRK::RODFri Mar 20 1981Brothers
58.06VAXWRK::RODFri Mar 20 1981Auld Sod
59.012VAXWRK::CONLIFFEFri Mar 20 1981more measurement
60.046MARIAH::KRANTZFri Mar 20 1981Name that TV show
61.08VAXWRK::RODSat Mar 21 1981A Real Gem
62.03STAR::LIONELMon Mar 23 1981Presidential Timber
63.02VAXWRK::RODMon Mar 23 1981Beacon Hill
64.011VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue Mar 24 1981Off to see the Wizard
65.07VAXWRK::RODTue Mar 24 1981Beacon Hill again
66.01VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue Mar 24 1981Speaking of the Wizard
67.021VAXWRK::STEPHENSThu Mar 26 1981Don't Panic
68.014VAXWRK::CONLIFFEFri Mar 27 1981duodecaphobia
69.014VAXWRK::SMITHFri Mar 27 1981Note 69
70.04VAXWRK::CONLIFFESat Mar 28 1981Army Ranks
71.04WILBUR::CONNORSTue Mar 31 1981Literature trivia
72.08VAXWRK::MCCABEThu Apr 02 1981Numbers
73.013VAXWRK::CONLIFFEFri Apr 03 1981Mystical Melodies
74.04VAXWRK::RODFri Apr 03 1981Riddle, N
76.017VAXWRK::RODFri Apr 03 1981Painted Wagons
77.010VAXWRK::RODFri Apr 03 1981Jamaica
78.09VAXWRK::RODFri Apr 03 1981This is a 1
79.06VAXWRK::RODFri Apr 03 1981Little clouds
80.02VAXWRK::RODFri Apr 03 1981two timing
81.04VAXWRK::SCHWARTZSat Apr 04 1981Idle hands
82.012VAXWRK::CONLIFFEWed Apr 08 1981What's in a name?
83.021MARIAH::PRIBORSKYWed Apr 08 1981Mel Brooks
84.07VAXWRK::STEPHENSThu Apr 09 1981More general knowledge
85.02VAXWRK::RODThu Apr 09 1981Back to back
86.022STAR::LIONELMon Apr 13 1981The Invaders
87.06STAR::LIONELMon Apr 13 1981Alfred E. Neumann
88.07WILBUR::CONNORSTue Apr 14 1981A Funny Thing....
89.04VAXWRK::GARYThu Apr 16 1981more aliens...
90.03WILBUR::CONNORSThu Apr 16 1981Casino Royale
91.010VAXWRK::MCCABETue Apr 21 1981You Won't believe it ..
92.011VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue Apr 21 1981Lost in Space ...again
93.017STAR::LIONELWed Apr 22 1981Word Play
94.012VAXWRK::RODThu Apr 23 1981Like we did last summer
95.030VAXWRK::MCCABEMon Apr 27 1981Going ape
96.07VAXWRK::CONLIFFEMon Apr 27 1981Inventors
98.06STAR::LIONELTue Apr 28 1981More Monkee business
99.08VAXWRK::MCCABETue Apr 28 1981The winners
100.014VAXWRK::CONLIFFEWed Apr 29 1981In the Middle
101.08VAXWRK::RODWed Apr 29 1981Performance Problems
102.02VAXWRK::RODWed Apr 29 1981Horsemanship
103.06VAXWRK::CONLIFFEThu Apr 30 1981more quotes
104.010VAXWRK::STEPHENSFri May 01 1981Airships
105.05VAXWRK::RODSat May 02 1981Bathing Beauties?
106.06VAXWRK::MCCABEMon May 04 1981Cognac
107.07VAXWRK::MCCABEMon May 04 1981Movies
108.07VAXWRK::RODMon May 04 1981Trust
109.03VAXWRK::SCHWARTZMon May 04 1981We transport you into transports
110.012STAR::LIONELTue May 05 1981Being taken to the cleaners
111.05VAXWRK::MCCABETue May 05 1981Citizen Kane
112.04VAXWRK::MCCABETue May 05 1981More movies
113.06VAXWRK::CONLIFFEWed May 06 1981More quotes
114.016VAXWRK::CONLIFFEWed May 06 1981Interpretation
115.09VAXWRK::RODWed May 06 1981Danny Boy
116.037MARIAH::KRANTZThu May 07 1981the MASH movie
117.013VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu May 07 1981Sic Transit Gloria
118.04VAXWRK::RODFri May 08 1981Under $2.
119.016VAXWRK::STEPHENSFri May 08 1981It's all GREEK to me
120.04VAXWRK::RODFri May 08 1981Apples
121.010VAXWRK::SCHWARTZFri May 08 1981Fair is Fair
122.05VAXWRK::SCHWARTZFri May 08 1981Screaming Eagles
123.09VAXWRK::MCCABEFri May 08 1981A good math note
124.017VAXWRK::MCCABEFri May 08 1981Have you been brainwashed
126.07VAXWRK::RODSat May 09 1981Human Kindness
127.040VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue May 12 1981Peanuts
128.04VAXWRK::GUESTTue May 12 1981Busy people
129.020STAR::LIONELWed May 13 1981The Great State of Despair
130.010VAXWRK::CONLIFFEThu May 14 1981Movie jargon
131.07VAXWRK::STEPHENSFri May 15 1981Who was that man?
132.029VAXWRK::COURSEFri May 15 1981On the Road
133.07VAXWRK::CONLIFFEFri May 15 1981Old Cowboys never die....
134.02VAXWRK::CONLIFFEFri May 15 1981Grammar
135.03VAXWRK::CONLIFFEFri May 15 1981Coming soon on a computer ....
136.06MARIAH::PRIBORSKYMon May 18 1981WWII-The 2nd war to end all wars
137.010VAXWRK::RODTue May 19 1981For only three cents
138.07MARIAH::PRIBORSKYTue May 19 1981Communication
139.020MARIAH::PRIBORSKYTue May 19 1981Cat Ballou
140.07VAXWRK::MCCABETue May 19 1981Just for the Record
141.033VAXWRK::SCHWARTZTue May 19 1981Hardware
142.06VAXWRK::SCHWARTZTue May 19 1981Modern Science
143.01MARIAH::PRIBORSKYTue May 19 1981Oh come on now...
144.011VAXWRK::CONLIFFEWed May 20 1981Best Supporting Specialist
145.010VAXWRK::RODThu May 21 1981Mellow
146.09VAXWRK::RODThu May 21 1981Days of my youth
147.0167VAXWRK::CONLIFFEFri May 22 1981What's in a name?
148.02VAXWRK::SCHWARTZSat May 23 1981Night Train
149.013VAXWRK::RODTue May 26 19811
150.02VAXWRK::RODTue May 26 1981True Love
151.05VAXWRK::ROEMERTue May 26 1981Knowing more than how to program
152.03VAXWRK::SCHWARTZTue May 26 1981Son of On The Road
153.04VAXWRK::SCHWARTZTue May 26 1981Lest we forget
154.011VAXWRK::MCCABETue May 26 19817 Dwarves Phase II
155.07VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue May 26 1981Godzirra
156.02VAXWRK::SCHWARTZTue May 26 1981Lumpy Gravy
157.04MARIAH::KRANTZTue May 26 1981More from the Old West
158.08VAXWRK::MCCABETue May 26 1981An easy one (hee hee)
159.07VAXWRK::CONLIFFEWed May 27 1981Fear of Flying
160.08VAXWRK::RODWed May 27 1981Source Material
161.011VAXWRK::RODThu May 28 198125 NOVEMBER 1952
162.02VAXWRK::RODThu May 28 1981Humility
163.010MARIAH::KRANTZFri May 29 1981Liquid Units
164.04STAR::LIONELFri May 29 1981You're a what?
165.03VAXWRK::CONLIFFEMon Jun 01 1981Standards of a sort
166.03VAXWRK::CONLIFFEMon Jun 01 1981Ethnic Name
167.05VAXWRK::RODMon Jun 01 1981Gin
168.07VAXWRK::MCCABEMon Jun 01 1981More booze
169.021STAR::LIONELMon Jun 01 1981Sing..sing a song...
170.010VAXWRK::MCCABEMon Jun 01 1981Gods
171.02VAXWRK::RODTue Jun 02 1981Beyond The Reef
172.05VAXWRK::MCCABETue Jun 02 1981Above 32K words ..
173.010STAR::LIONELThu Jun 04 1981Das Blinkenlights
174.08VAXWRK::RODThu Jun 04 1981Ontology
175.06VAXWRK::STEPHENSFri Jun 05 1981Who was that man (again)
176.07VAXWRK::RODFri Jun 05 1981Name that tune
177.02MARIAH::KRANTZFri Jun 05 1981The Giving Tree
179.09VAXWRK::STEPHENSMon Jun 08 1981Names denoting functions.
180.07VAXWRK::MCCABETue Jun 09 1981Then there were none ...
181.03VAXWRK::RODWed Jun 10 1981Robert Leroy Parker
182.02VAXWRK::CONLIFFEWed Jun 10 1981love letters?
183.02VAXWRK::CONLIFFEThu Jun 11 1981I see no future in it
184.02STAR::LIONELThu Jun 11 1981Everything is fungible
185.06VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Jun 17 1981How soon we forget ...
186.06VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Jun 17 1981Great dates in history
187.06VAXWRK::MCCABEFri Jun 19 1981Just like the dwarves...
188.04VAXWRK::CONLIFFEMon Jun 22 1981More history
189.03VAXWRK::COURSEWed Jun 24 1981janjan's contribution
190.02VAXWRK::MCCABEThu Jun 25 1981This is trivia
191.05WILBUR::CONNORSTue Jun 30 1981I love New York cattle
192.07WILBUR::CONNORSTue Jul 07 1981We're talkin 'bout real money he
193.03VAXWRK::RODWed Jul 08 1981A real circus
194.02STAR::LIONELFri Jul 10 1981More word play
195.04VAXWRK::RODMon Jul 13 1981The Empire Strikes Back
196.010VAXWRK::STEPHENSWed Jul 15 1981New Math??s??
197.01VAXWRK::RODWed Jul 15 1981congruence
198.01WILBUR::CONNORSWed Jul 15 1981And you call yourself.....
199.012VAXWRK::COURSEThu Jul 16 1981Worldly Wisdom
200.028VAXWRK::RODThu Jul 16 1981Metropolitan Wisdom
201.07VAXWRK::RODThu Jul 16 1981Horsing around
202.05VAXWRK::MCCABETue Jul 28 1981From Desperato
203.016VAXWRK::RODThu Jul 30 1981A rose by any other name
204.05VAXWRK::CONLIFFEFri Jul 31 1981Star Trek Revisted
205.013VAXWRK::COURSEMon Aug 03 1981IMF
206.02VAXWRK::CONLIFFEMon Aug 03 1981Flash Gordon
207.06VAXWRK::MCCABEMon Aug 03 1981Quseting for an answer
208.03VAXWRK::CONLIFFEMon Aug 03 1981Man of Bronze
209.02VAXWRK::CONLIFFEMon Aug 03 1981Drugs....
210.06WILBUR::CONNORSTue Aug 04 1981Chinese Need Not Apply
211.012WILBUR::CONNORSTue Aug 04 1981Parker Street Water????
212.04VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Aug 06 1981Getting Near the Edge
213.04VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Aug 06 1981Motion Sickness, part 1
214.03VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Aug 06 1981Motion Sickness, part 2
215.02VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Aug 06 1981Motion Sickness, part 3
216.07VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Aug 06 1981Insomnia
217.05VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Aug 06 1981Midnight Madness
218.02VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Aug 06 1981Popular Products revisited
219.013VAXWRK::RODThu Aug 06 1981Legal Eagles
220.02VAXWRK::RODFri Aug 07 1981For GAS
221.032VAXWRK::SCHWARTZSat Aug 08 1981Motion Sickness, part 4
222.013VAXWRK::CONLIFFEMon Aug 10 1981Faster than a speeding bullet
223.08VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue Aug 11 1981You Bet your Life
224.03VAXWRK::CONLIFFEWed Aug 12 1981Dice
225.010VAXWRK::CONLIFFEThu Aug 13 1981Wedded Bliss ????
226.012VAXWRK::RODMon Aug 17 1981Valley
227.05STAR::LIONELThu Aug 20 1981Who knows...?
228.06VAXWRK::CONLIFFEMon Aug 24 1981True Knowledge?
229.06VAXWRK::RODMon Aug 24 1981Stuffing
230.010MARIAH::KRANTZMon Aug 24 1981Pink Carnations
231.03ORPHAN::CONNORSTue Aug 25 1981WWOO
232.06VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Aug 26 1981Movie Time Again
233.020VAXWRK::SCHWARTZWed Aug 26 1981Non-identical twins
234.012VAXWRK::STILESThu Aug 27 1981Phoebe Snow Answer Time
235.08VAXWRK::CONLIFFEThu Aug 27 1981Agricultural Entrepeneur
236.04VAXWRK::GARYThu Aug 27 1981We all remember IDA
238.019VAXWRK::STILESFri Aug 28 1981MOR Trivia
240.04VAXWRK::MCCABEMon Aug 31 1981When threatened from within
241.02VAXWRK::RODMon Aug 31 1981Never knew Phoebe
242.03VAXWRK::RODMon Aug 31 1981Previously rosin
243.02VAXWRK::CONLIFFEMon Aug 31 1981Wooden Indian
244.03VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue Sep 01 1981OMNI-present
245.05VAXWRK::RODTue Sep 01 1981What's In A Name
246.013VAXWRK::CONLIFFETue Sep 01 1981Crown of Thorns
247.03VAXWRK::STEPHENSWed Sep 02 1981Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of RUM
248.05VAXWRK::SCHWARTZWed Sep 02 1981Troupers
249.03VAXWRK::STILESTue Sep 08 1981Perry-a water in a Mason jar
250.011VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Sep 09 1981E Pluribus Unum
251.07VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Sep 10 1981Aria still with me?
252.03VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Sep 10 1981Dangerous Characters
253.04VAXWRK::RODThu Sep 10 1981Sisters
254.019VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Sep 10 1981Hit the road, Jack
255.08VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Sep 10 1981Yellow Peril
256.05VAXWRK::SCHWARTZFri Sep 11 1981Spectrum
257.010BERGIL::MITTONMon Sep 14 1981Middle Earth & Dist. Sys Enet no
258.02VAXWRK::RODMon Sep 14 19811
259.09VAXWRK::RODMon Sep 14 1981Thank you
260.03VAXWRK::RODMon Sep 14 1981Golux, Trolls, Need not apply
261.011VAXWRK::STILESWed Sep 16 1981Snob football
262.06VAXWRK::RODWed Sep 16 1981Golden oldies
263.015VAXWRK::RODFri Sep 18 1981Dialing for Daleks
264.013VAXWRK::BOURQUARDMon Sep 21 1981U.S. History!
265.034VAXWRK::STILESMon Sep 21 1981Word Play for Shrinks
266.09VAXWRK::STILESTue Sep 22 1981The Odd Couple
267.024VAXWRK::SCHWARTZTue Sep 22 1981Is this a record?
268.022STAR::LIONELWed Sep 23 1981Holy Whiskers!
269.035VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Sep 23 1981Superheros
270.06MARIAH::KRANTZFri Sep 25 1981228
271.06VAXWRK::STILESFri Sep 25 1981Malcolm who
272.03VAXWRK::LONGWORDSThu Oct 01 1981Preparing "Buffer" Articles
273.02VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Oct 01 1981Hot Wheels!
274.02VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Oct 01 1981MORE Hot Wheels!
275.07VAXWRK::STILESFri Oct 02 1981The BIG Money
276.028VAXWRK::STILESFri Oct 02 1981the little money
277.05VAXWRK::STILESMon Oct 05 1981Federal Reserves
278.06VAXWRK::RODTue Oct 06 1981Size
279.0VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Oct 07 1981We're calling youuuuu ..
280.011VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Oct 07 1981Assassins in the news
281.03VAXWRK::MCCABEThu Oct 08 1981Ohhhhh
282.034MARIAH::OAKEYMon Oct 12 1981Why round?
283.07VAXWRK::MCCABETue Oct 13 1981Ronnie trivia
284.05VAXWRK::RODTue Oct 13 1981The closer you shave ...
285.05VAXWRK::ROEMERTue Oct 13 1981More cars
286.03VAXWRK::RODWed Oct 14 1981Tiajuana cabs
287.020VAXWRK::STILESWed Oct 14 1981Cloak 'n' Dagger Time
288.05VAXWRK::STILESThu Oct 15 1981The Brass
289.010VAXWRK::STILESThu Oct 15 1981Random hackery
290.02VAXWRK::STILESThu Oct 15 1981Who's on first?
291.04VAXWRK::GARYThu Oct 15 1981forbidden fruit
292.07VAXWRK::BOURQUARDFri Oct 16 1981For you Turkeys out there...
293.04VAXWRK::SCHWARTZFri Oct 16 1981Sexual equality
294.06VAXWRK::RODSun Oct 18 1981Stars of...
295.06VAXWRK::RODSun Oct 18 1981Ratso
296.013VAXWRK::MCCABEMon Oct 19 1981Bonanza
297.010VAXWRK::BOURQUARDMon Oct 19 1981Getting High
298.011VAXWRK::SCHWARTZMon Oct 19 1981Gumshoe
299.08VAXWRK::STILESTue Oct 20 1981Man and Machine
300.015VAXWRK::RODWed Oct 21 1981By any other name
301.02VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Oct 21 1981From Whence do they come
302.09MARIAH::KRANTZFri Oct 23 1981tea and fangs
303.02VAXWRK::RODMon Oct 26 1981Commerce
304.028VAXWRK::MCCABEMon Oct 26 1981Remember the Motto ...
305.08VAXWRK::RODMon Oct 26 1981Star of stage and screen
306.012VAXWRK::BOURQUARDTue Oct 27 1981States the Fact
307.05VAXWRK::STILESTue Oct 27 1981Entry Level States
308.013VAXWRK::RODTue Oct 27 1981Lapine
309.04VAXWRK::RODTue Oct 27 1981Not San Simeon
310.09VAXWRK::MCCABEFri Oct 30 1981All hallows eve.
311.014VAXWRK::SCHWARTZFri Oct 30 1981Lupine
312.06VAXWRK::GOLDMANMon Nov 02 1981Neil's Diamonds
313.015VAXWRK::GOLDMANMon Nov 02 1981Satisfaction
314.019VAXWRK::BOURQUARDTue Nov 03 1981More R&R
315.05VAXWRK::MCCABETue Nov 03 1981Even more R&R
316.08VAXWRK::STILESWed Nov 04 1981Go West Young Man
317.07VAXWRK::RODWed Nov 04 1981After Midnight
318.08VAXWRK::GARYThu Nov 05 1981Zapped
319.04VAXWRK::RODFri Nov 06 1981What are friends for?
320.023STAR::LIONELFri Nov 06 1981The name game
321.05VAXWRK::SCHWARTZMon Nov 09 1981I have often walked...
322.03VAXWRK::SCHWARTZMon Nov 09 1981Last Stop
323.08VAXWRK::RODTue Nov 10 1981Name game pt ?
324.08VAXWRK::RODTue Nov 10 1981Halloween
325.07VAXWRK::RODThu Nov 12 1981A Bad Combination
326.06VAXWRK::STILESThu Nov 12 1981Friends in high places
327.03VAXWRK::MCCABEThu Nov 12 1981Bridge over troubled water
328.04VAXWRK::MCCABEThu Nov 12 1981Halloween 2, the terror continue
329.08VAXWRK::MCCABEThu Nov 12 19817 more dwarves ...
330.04VAXWRK::RODFri Nov 13 1981Judge Sluggo
331.07MARIAH::KRANTZFri Nov 13 1981Triskaidekaphobia
332.014VAXWRK::STILESSun Nov 15 1981Pogo Pogo [sick]
333.09VAXWRK::RODMon Nov 16 1981Name That Show
334.04VAXWRK::SCHWARTZTue Nov 17 1981Look at those eyes! Wieeeerd...
335.07VAXWRK::SCHWARTZTue Nov 17 1981Revenge!
336.03VAXWRK::RODWed Nov 18 1981Steamboat Bill
338.04VAXWRK::STILESWed Nov 18 1981TPC
339.012VAXWRK::STILESThu Nov 19 1981Frostbite Falls, Minnesota
340.04VAXWRK::RODTue Nov 24 19811
341.010EIFFEL::HARRISSun Nov 29 1981In God We Trust
342.019STAR::LIONELTue Dec 01 1981Smile!
343.03VAXWRK::ZARRThu Dec 03 1981Infant Animals
344.06VAXWRK::RODThu Dec 03 1981Free States
345.012VAXWRK::ZARRThu Dec 03 1981More baby Animals
346.06EIFFEL::HARRISSat Dec 05 1981Channel 7
347.05VAXWRK::STILESFri Dec 11 1981Unhealthy habits
348.016VAXWRK::SCHWARTZFri Dec 11 1981Sitting in the dark
349.06VAXWRK::RODSun Dec 13 1981Hula Hoops
350.043METOO::WINALSKISun Dec 13 1981Golden Arches
351.06METOO::WINALSKISun Dec 13 1981Obscure Sports
352.010VAXWRK::RODTue Dec 15 1981Novak
353.04VAXWRK::RODThu Dec 17 1981Missing Link
354.023METOO::WINALSKIThu Dec 17 1981Dwarven Lore
355.010VAXWRK::RODSat Dec 19 1981Things that fold
356.016VAXWRK::SCHWARTZMon Dec 21 1981Twins
357.07VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Dec 23 1981Santa's Dwarves
358.07METOO::WINALSKIWed Dec 23 1981Rock n' Roll Cleanser
359.010BABEL::LIONELMon Dec 28 1981Double L
361.03METOO::WINALSKIFri Jan 01 1982Three Roads
362.06EIFFEL::HARRISSun Jan 03 1982Department stores
363.04VAXWRK::RODMon Jan 04 1982Way Back
364.011VAXWRK::RODMon Jan 04 1982Mississippi Man
365.010VAXWRK::RODTue Jan 05 1982Not a Waggonmaster
366.018METOO::WINALSKITue Jan 05 1982beyond all recognition
367.04VAXWRK::STILESThu Jan 07 1982Ye Olde Watering Hole
368.029VAXWRK::GITNERThu Jan 07 1982For all you CLEAVER fans
369.017VAXWRK::GITNERThu Jan 07 1982Female never male
370.02VAXWRK::SCHWARTZThu Jan 07 1982Spin of the Wheel
371.07VAXWRK::GITNERFri Jan 08 1982TV Revisited
372.07VAXWRK::RODFri Jan 08 1982Circle Star
373.04VAXWRK::POSTOFFICEMon Jan 11 1982Itself
374.07VAXWRK::GOLDMANMon Jan 11 1982A Barroom Bet
375.04METOO::WINALSKITue Jan 12 1982Turkeys
376.07EIFFEL::HARRISTue Jan 12 1982Strawberries, Corn, and Milk
377.04STAR::LIONELWed Jan 13 1982Smoke gets in your eyes
378.012METOO::WINALSKISun Jan 24 1982VII
379.05VAXWRK::MCCABEMon Jan 25 1982Today in History
380.013METOO::WINALSKIWed Jan 27 1982Small Change
381.09VAXWRK::RODWed Jan 27 1982Dragon's Retreat
382.019VAXWRK::STILESThu Jan 28 1982S.O.B.
383.010ABLE::MARTYMon Feb 01 1982Uncle
384.04STAR::LIONELTue Feb 02 1982Frost you say
385.04MARIAH::KRANTZThu Feb 04 1982Gertrude Margarete Zelle
386.05VAXWRK::MCCABEFri Feb 05 1982A 1.
387.07METOO::WINALSKITue Feb 09 1982VOS
388.05EIFFEL::HARRISThu Feb 11 1982No CO residents need answer
389.09VAXWRK::MCCABEWed Feb 17 1982On the High Seas
390.07METOO::WINALSKIFri Feb 19 1982Mah Ideel
391.010EIFFEL::HARRISMon Feb 22 1982Ancient Horseflesh
392.08BABEL::BISHOPTue Feb 23 1982King Zog I
393.03BABEL::BISHOPTue Feb 23 1982Various Cranks and Nuts
394.04VAXWRK::STILESWed Feb 24 1982General Stuff
395.03BABEL::BISHOPWed Feb 24 1982The Hard Stuff
396.02BABEL::BISHOPThu Feb 25 1982Royal Superstars
397.02VAXWRK::GOLDMANFri Feb 26 1982Not quite Fort Knox
398.04VAXWRK::RODMon Mar 01 1982Duck
399.023VAXWRK::STILESTue Mar 02 1982 ... ___ ...
400.017VAXWRK::STILESTue Mar 02 1982Flags and Semaphores
401.03EIFFEL::TITLETue Mar 02 1982The Great War's Music
402.07EIFFEL::TITLETue Mar 02 1982nothing to do with dinosaurs
403.018VAXWRK::MCCABEThu Mar 04 1982Stalag 13
404.06ORPHAN::BISHOPFri Mar 05 1982translator, traitor
405.08VAXWRK::BOURQUARDFri Mar 05 1982The Final Frontier
406.019APOLLO::KANEFri Mar 05 1982e tu?
407.08METOO::WINALSKISun Mar 07 1982More Dwarven Lore
408.011METOO::WINALSKIMon Mar 08 1982Dark Shadows
409.010ORPHAN::BISHOPMon Mar 08 1982Long, long time
410.021VAXWRK::MCCABETue Mar 09 1982Firesign Continuity
411.021EIFFEL::NYLANDERWed Mar 10 1982More Firesign
412.014EIFFEL::GHASSETTWed Mar 10 1982Pink Floyd et al
413.05METOO::WINALSKIWed Mar 10 1982Something completely different
414.04METOO::WINALSKISat Mar 13 1982Elementary, my dear Watson...
415.07METOO::WINALSKISat Mar 13 1982Radio Documentary
416.04BABEL::GHASSETTMon Mar 15 1982More Pink Floyd et al
417.07BABEL::GHASSETTMon Mar 15 1982Rock & Roll (good stuff only)
418.016METOO::WINALSKITue Mar 16 1982Yet More Firesign
419.021VAXWRK::GOLDMANWed Mar 17 1982Just Ask Alice
420.04ORPHAN::BISHOPWed Mar 17 1982In The Money
421.04EIFFEL::NYLANDERThu Mar 18 1982Trip the Light Fantastic
422.06ORPHAN::BISHOPThu Mar 18 1982The Neuter Gender
423.012EIFFEL::TITLEThu Mar 18 1982oedipus wrecks
424.013CACHE::NEWMANMon Mar 22 1982Speaking of past TV shows...
425.05VAXWRK::GITNERMon Mar 22 1982Another Theme Song
426.01EIFFEL::NYLANDERMon Mar 22 1982Expanding on #423
427.03EIFFEL::NYLANDERMon Mar 22 1982Before Magoo and T. Howell
428.04CACHE::VOSBURYMon Mar 22 1982Golden oldies.
429.01EIFFEL::TITLETue Mar 23 1982A Glorious Pasta
430.02METOO::WINALSKITue Mar 23 1982Frumps
431.09VAXWRK::STILESTue Mar 23 1982 Take your thumb out
432.011METOO::WINALSKIWed Mar 24 1982Unexpected
433.06ORPHAN::BISHOPWed Mar 24 1982Trix for Keds
434.09EIFFEL::HARRISWed Mar 24 1982French pastry
435.01VAXWRK::EKBERGThu Mar 25 1982Car Freaks of the 6
436.05CACHE::VOSBURYThu Mar 25 1982In the Dales
437.02ORPHAN::BISHOPThu Mar 25 1982The man with a Cigar
438.02ORPHAN::BISHOPFri Mar 26 1982Earl and Empress of B...
439.05ORPHAN::BISHOPFri Mar 26 1982Ride the Rails
440.09ORPHAN::WINALSKISat Mar 27 198242
441.05ORPHAN::BISHOPSat Mar 27 1982Clean Linen Sheets
442.04MARIAH::KRANTZMon Mar 29 19829 Years Ago Today
443.04CACHE::VOSBURYMon Mar 29 1982Pre-Xerox
444.03VAXWRK::GITNERTue Mar 30 1982Doesn't anyone remember ?
445.08ORPHAN::BISHOPTue Mar 30 1982a rose by any other name...
446.09ORPHAN::WINALSKITue Mar 30 1982Hokkaido and Arda
447.09ORPHAN::BISHOPWed Mar 31 198239
448.07METOO::WINALSKIWed Mar 31 1982Detectives
449.011EIFFEL::HARRISFri Apr 02 1982So it goes.
450.03ORPHAN::BISHOPSat Apr 03 1982Betting Gored?
451.016VAXWRK::RODSat Apr 03 1982Cold?
452.05METOO::WINALSKIWed Apr 07 1982Marty Feldman Eyes
453.036VAXWRK::STILESThu Apr 08 1982
454.02METOO::WINALSKIThu Apr 08 1982Bills Person
455.08METOO::WINALSKISat Apr 10 1982Dangling Participles
456.09CACHE::VOSBURYTue Apr 13 1982Spreading Joy
457.020VAXWRK::ROEMERTue Apr 13 1982Play it again, Sam
458.09EIFFEL::HARRISTue Apr 13 1982Vain Person
459.010METOO::WINALSKIWed Apr 14 1982Vein Person
460.03VAXWRK::MCCABEThu Apr 15 1982They said it couldn't be done
461.010VAXWRK::GITNERThu Apr 15 1982A Date in History
462.04EIFFEL::HARRISFri Apr 16 1982EO
463.08ORPHAN::BISHOPFri Apr 16 1982Old Oleo
464.012CACHE::VOSBURYFri Apr 16 1982Vane Person
465.05METOO::WINALSKISat Apr 17 19826
466.019MARIAH::KRANTZWed Apr 21 1982Flying Fickle Finger of Fate
467.016VAXWRK::GITNERFri Apr 23 1982CAR 54 Where are you ?
468.04BABEL::BISHOPMon Apr 26 1982low-torque hi-revs
469.09METOO::WINALSKIThu Apr 29 1982Saturday Morning
470.047METOO::WINALSKIThu Apr 29 1982And what has she won, Don Pardo?
471.02VAXWRK::JOYMon May 03 1982Keeper of the Croutons
472.08CACHE::CACHELIBMon May 03 1982D. Duck
473.09CACHE::KANEWed May 05 1982Today is...
474.013VAXWRK::GITNERWed May 05 1982Palendromes
475.08TINCUP::FINKWed May 05 1982Late Night TV
476.08ORPHAN::BISHOPThu May 06 1982Word Games by Pros
477.03TINCUP::FINKFri May 07 1982Say The Secret Word
478.032METOO::WINALSKIFri May 07 1982Happiness is a trivia question
479.08CACHE::GREENFIELDFri May 07 1982From whence it comes...
480.02CACHE::NEWMANFri May 07 1982Cracked Pictures
481.03MARIAH::KRANTZWed May 12 1982Return of Zappa
482.08CACHE::NEWMANMon May 17 1982Sorry to be knurdly, but...
483.07ORPHAN::BISHOPTue May 18 1982Charge it
484.07CACHE::NEWMANTue May 18 1982Nursery Rhymes
485.016METOO::WINALSKIWed May 19 1982You gotta have Hart
486.05ORPHAN::BISHOPWed May 19 1982Classics
487.07ORPHAN::BISHOPThu May 20 1982Flattery's Sincerest Form
488.010ORPHAN::BISHOPThu May 20 1982Pinnae
489.07VAXWRK::RODThu May 20 1982Jump into the ...
490.08VAXWRK::RODThu May 20 1982Celtic
491.09CACHE::NEWMANThu May 20 1982How high can you get?
492.05XENON::MCCABEFri May 21 1982Almost a 1
493.06ORPHAN::BISHOPFri May 21 1982Not Sand-cast
494.013EIFFEL::HARRISMon May 24 1982Coincidence
495.011BABEL::HARRISThu May 27 19821
496.07METOO::WINALSKIFri May 28 1982Before the Rabbit
497.05VAXWRK::STILESFri May 28 1982 Riv. Triv.
498.03METOO::WINALSKISat May 29 1982Gidget
500.013METOO::WINALSKIThu Jun 03 1982The Punishment Fits The Crime
501.03STAR::LIONELFri Jun 04 1982Ahoy!
503.09CACHE::KANEMon Jun 07 1982Quotas
504.010KRYPTN::MCCABEWed Jun 09 1982Country Club Cabinet
505.08VAXWRK::RODMon Jun 14 1982Mystery
506.012XENON::MCCABEWed Jun 16 1982I am not a crook
507.019VAXWRK::GITNERThu Jun 17 1982Where they come from
508.05EIFFEL::HARRISThu Jun 17 1982The ends of the earth
509.016STAR::LIONELFri Jun 18 1982Native Mode
510.07VAXWRK::RODMon Jun 21 1982Boston Globe
511.012VAXWRK::RODMon Jun 21 1982Fish and Chips
512.019STAR::LIONELMon Jun 21 1982Only The Names Have Been Changed
513.07VAXWRK::RODTue Jun 22 1982Twelve O'Clock High
514.02CACHE::VOSBURYWed Jun 23 1982Return of the Magnificent Seven
515.07ORPHAN::BISHOPWed Jun 23 1982Code of Hammurabi
516.019VAXWRK::RODMon Jun 28 1982Red, Yellow, Green
517.09EIFFEL::HARRISMon Jun 28 1982Son of a Sea Cook
518.05CACHE::NEWMANTue Jun 29 1982Man in the Moon
519.06APOLLO::KANEWed Jun 30 19821
520.05METOO::WINALSKIWed Jun 30 1982Non-current currency
521.05ORPHAN::BISHOPThu Jul 01 1982Jesses and Terces
522.017EIFFEL::HARRISFri Jul 02 1982Music of the Spheres
523.08STAR::LIONELTue Jul 06 1982An Electrifying Tale
524.09EIFFEL::HARRISFri Jul 09 1982More Kubrick
525.010METOO::WINALSKIMon Jul 12 1982Larry, not David
526.014ORPHAN::BISHOPWed Jul 21 1982Leaden Oldies
527.05ORPHAN::BISHOPWed Jul 28 1982How to Kipple
528.03ELWOOD::KANEThu Jul 29 1982One year ago today...
529.012EIFFEL::BLICKSTEINThu Jul 29 1982Will the real Dr. Demento...
530.015ORPHAN::BISHOPMon Aug 02 1982Odd Cases
531.013ORPHAN::NYLANDERMon Aug 02 1982A long one
532.010ORPHAN::BISHOPWed Aug 04 1982Structual Materials
533.015ORPHAN::BISHOPWed Aug 04 1982Good Deed
534.02MARIAH::KRANTZThu Aug 05 1982Music of the Tube
535.05XENON::MCCABEThu Aug 05 1982ET phone home
536.04EIFFEL::HARRISFri Aug 06 1982Hofstader strikes again
537.05MRBILL::MRBILLFri Aug 06 1982Ahead of its time
538.05CACHE::VOSBURYFri Aug 06 1982Miracle of Rare Device
539.010NEWTON::FINKFri Aug 06 1982Sci Fi
540.09METOO::WINALSKISat Aug 07 1982Big Rats
541.011METOO::WINALSKISun Aug 08 1982Technicolor Ink
542.06ORPHAN::BISHOPMon Aug 09 1982Megaporn
543.08ORPHAN::BISHOPMon Aug 09 1982Good Old Baedeker
544.016ORPHAN::BISHOPMon Aug 09 1982Geological Oddities
545.028ORPHAN::BISHOPWed Aug 11 1982Delphi Test
546.04VAXWRK::RODWed Aug 11 1982"Mean and evil thru and thru"
547.05CACHE::VOSBURYWed Aug 11 1982He can't be ALL bad
548.011CACHE::VOSBURYThu Aug 12 1982He's everywhere he's everywhere
549.07CACHE::NEWMANFri Aug 13 1982Wonder of wonders...
550.08METOO::WINALSKIFri Aug 13 1982Mudd's Women
551.02EIFFEL::HARRISSat Aug 14 1982Relevance
552.07METOO::WINALSKISun Aug 15 1982Rhinestones
553.019EIFFEL::HARRISMon Aug 16 1982A geographical contest
554.021VAXWRK::RODMon Aug 16 1982"Three's Company"
555.02EIFFEL::HARRISTue Aug 17 1982Making Contact
556.05ORPHAN::BISHOPWed Aug 18 1982Making Contract
557.08STAR::LIONELWed Aug 18 1982A Real Bill Saluga
558.07SHORTY::SPAINWed Aug 18 1982Rain and Shine
559.013CACHE::VOSBURYThu Aug 19 1982Double-dactyl
560.02ORPHAN::NYLANDERThu Aug 19 1982Double-dactyls and Academia
561.06EIFFEL::HARRISThu Aug 19 1982Ancient History
562.03VAXWRK::STILESFri Aug 20 1982It's the Goodrich blimp!
563.018VAXWRK::STILESFri Aug 20 1982Trojans
564.02METOO::WINALSKISun Aug 22 1982By George
565.08VAXWRK::STILESTue Aug 24 1982Convertable convertible?
566.016CACHE::NEWMANThu Aug 26 1982Complex Arithmetic
567.014BABEL::GLYNNFri Aug 27 19827 SISTERS
568.03VAXWRK::RODSat Aug 28 1982Wider than a mile
569.03EIFFEL::HARRISSun Aug 29 1982Self Denial
570.02METOO::WINALSKISun Aug 29 1982Designer Genes
571.09STAR::LIONELMon Aug 30 1982You Naughty Boy
573.04EIFFEL::HARRISSat Sep 04 1982Foreign power
574.03VAXWRK::RODWed Sep 08 1982Happiness?
575.05XENON::MCCABEWed Sep 08 1982A path to eternity
576.05CACHE::NEWMANThu Sep 09 1982An Island in Eternity
577.07EIFFEL::HARRISThu Sep 09 1982Catchy Names
578.015ORPHAN::BISHOPFri Sep 10 1982Really Famous
579.06METOO::WINALSKIFri Sep 10 1982Car Names
580.013METOO::WINALSKISat Sep 11 1982Basket Case
581.05STAR::LIONELTue Sep 14 1982Still more famous names
582.011STAR::LIONELTue Sep 14 1982Planet X
583.05EIFFEL::HARRISTue Sep 14 1982Sea Power
584.010METOO::WINALSKIFri Sep 17 1982They were, but not any more
585.05VAXWRK::RODFri Sep 17 1982Look between the Lions
586.08METOO::WINALSKISun Sep 19 1982Stick It in Your Ear
587.03ORPHAN::NYLANDERThu Sep 23 1982Oops!
589.05COGNAC::APPSMon Sep 27 1982How fast does a runner bean?
590.026VAXWRK::RODFri Aug 27 1982The man in their lives
591.07EIFFEL::HARRISMon Sep 27 1982More Avengers
592.04STAR::LIONELTue Sep 28 1982255
593.08VAXWRK::RODTue Sep 28 1982Monsters
594.012MRBILL::KANETue Sep 28 1982which way did he go...
595.014MRBILL::KANEFri Oct 01 1982Shattered mirrors
596.05VAXWRK::BARTHMon Oct 04 1982From a day in Bedford
597.02EIFFEL::HARRISTue Oct 05 1982Shot heard 'round the world
598.03MRBILL::MRBILLFri Oct 08 1982Wocka wocka wocka...
599.04CACHE::NEWMANMon Oct 11 1982State that again...
600.05ORPHAN::BISHOPTue Oct 12 1982The Number of this Note
601.014CACHE::NEWMANTue Oct 12 1982Fun with VMS
602.013VAXWRK::BOURQUARDWed Oct 13 1982"Concerto For Horn And Hardart"
603.04VAXWRK::RODSun Oct 17 1982The singer or the song?
604.03VAXWRK::RODMon Oct 18 1982William Boyett
605.04EIFFEL::HARRISMon Oct 18 1982Sports History
606.08EIFFEL::HARRISThu Oct 21 1982Talking Animals
607.02METOO::WINALSKISun Oct 24 1982Past Her Prime
608.011ORPHAN::NYLANDERMon Oct 25 1982And how about talking plants?
609.05VAXWRK::BOURQUARDTue Oct 26 1982Aviation
610.016STAR::LIONELFri Oct 29 1982Texas Tea
611.07CACHE::VOSBURYFri Oct 29 1982Mysterious Message
612.017PHENIX::OKEEFEWed Nov 03 1982Comics
613.07EIFFEL::HARRISFri Nov 05 1982Good Source
614.015METOO::WINALSKIFri Nov 05 1982Almost Fred
615.011ORPHAN::BISHOPFri Nov 05 1982Roy G. Biv
616.07PHENIX::OKEEFEFri Nov 05 1982lost in space
617.019VAXWRK::RODSun Nov 07 1982Little Boys
618.011STAR::LIONELMon Nov 08 1982The Vast Wasteland
619.019VAXWRK::STILESMon Nov 08 1982Snoopy
620.03PHENIX::OKEEFEMon Nov 08 1982games?
621.09EIFFEL::HARRISMon Nov 08 1982George's claim to fame
622.07EIFFEL::BRETTTue Nov 09 1982CH3CO2C6H4CO2H
623.014EIFFEL::BRETTWed Nov 10 1982unnecessary redundancy
624.010STAR::LIONELThu Nov 11 1982The place to be
625.02VAXWRK::RODMon Nov 15 1982Weighty problem
626.011EIFFEL::HARRISTue Nov 16 1982small potatoes
627.012CYGNUS::GOLDBERGThu Nov 18 1982Set, Match, Fire
628.013PHENIX::OKEEFEThu Nov 18 1982Our Navy
629.08MARIAH::PRIBORSKYThu Nov 18 1982The Three
630.03STAR::LIONELFri Nov 19 1982A Clue For You In '82
631.05CYGNUS::GOLDBERGMon Nov 22 1982Locals Only
632.06EIFFEL::LIONELMon Nov 22 1982Have You Seen the Globe Today?
633.013ORPHAN::NYLANDERMon Nov 22 1982Renaissance Pest Control
634.02EIFFEL::HARRISMon Nov 22 1982A quote for our time
635.015VAXWRK::RODTue Nov 23 1982Shades and Tales
636.06ORPHAN::BISHOPTue Nov 30 1982Monoceros
637.014XENON::MCCABEFri Dec 03 1982Whose Mama?
638.09EIFFEL::SYSMGRMon Dec 06 1982Coming to our Senses
639.012ORPHAN::NYLANDERTue Dec 07 1982things are hopping along again
640.021EIFFEL::BRETTWed Dec 08 1982Patronymic
641.09VAXWRK::STILESWed Dec 08 1982Up, up, and away!
642.06VAXWRK::RODWed Dec 08 1982Dry
643.03EIFFEL::BRETTWed Dec 08 1982Russian Dolls
644.07VAXWRK::RODFri Dec 10 1982New instructions
645.04CACHE::VOSBURYSat Dec 11 1982Travis McGee.
646.06EIFFEL::BRETTTue Dec 14 1982DCL - again
647.021DEVEL::SUPPORTMon Dec 20 1982getting high again
648.04DEVEL::SUPPORTMon Dec 20 1982holidays
649.06STAR::LIONELMon Dec 20 1982Good Viewing
650.04ALIEN::PARMENTERWed Dec 29 1982Semi-ruthlessly
651.09EIFFEL::BRETTSat Jan 01 19831984-1
652.05EIFFEL::BRETTTue Jan 04 1983More from the Globe
653.08VAXWRK::STILESThu Jan 06 1983Tunnel Fun
654.08VAXWRK::STILESThu Jan 06 1983It slices, it dices...
655.06VAXWRK::STILESTue Jan 11 1983Naming Conventions
656.015XENON::MCCABEThu Jan 13 1983The sound of his masters voice
657.07ORPHAN::BISHOPThu Jan 13 1983Upper Cover
658.01EIFFEL::BRETTSun Jan 16 1983If a thing can go wrong...
659.023EIFFEL::HARRISMon Jan 17 1983Obscure sciences
660.05NEWTON::FINKWed Jan 19 1983In the Air
661.038ORPHAN::BISHOPTue Jan 25 1983Not one of us
662.013EIFFEL::HARRISTue Jan 25 1983Obscure slogans
663.020METOO::WINALSKIWed Jan 26 1983Talking Chairs Need Not Apply
664.07METOO::BISHOPWed Jan 26 1983Street Walkers
665.03VAXWRK::RODWed Jan 26 1983Tarred
666.014EIFFEL::HARRISWed Jan 26 1983Significance of the Pickle
667.015METOO::BISHOPThu Jan 27 1983Hues Last?
668.05VAXWRK::RODFri Jan 28 1983Acting Governor
669.05EIFFEL::BRETTMon Jan 31 1983Liars, Damned Liars, and Politic
670.07CACHE::VOSBURYMon Jan 31 1983George Splevin.
671.011CACHE::KANEMon Jan 31 1983Golden Tickets...
672.07VAXWRK::RODTue Feb 01 1983Drugs
673.03STAR::LIONELWed Feb 02 1983Eight is Enough
674.015VAXWRK::RODWed Feb 02 1983Before there was hair
675.04CACHE::KANEMon Feb 07 1983-1
676.0+12EIFFEL::HARRISMon Feb 07 1983Anniversary
677.03VAXWRK::RODFri Feb 11 1983Food for thought
678.09EIFFEL::HARRISTue Feb 15 1983Star Wars
679.04BABEL::GLYNNTue Feb 15 19831988
680.013ORPHAN::BRETTThu Feb 17 1983365.24219879 (approx)
681.05METOO::WINALSKISun Feb 20 1983The Unlucky One
682.01ALIEN::PARMENTERMon Feb 21 198343 without, 1 with
683.05ORPHAN::BRETTThu Feb 24 1983This Song Has No Title
684.016METOO::BISHOPThu Feb 24 1983How many Ducks?
685.020STAR::LIONELFri Feb 25 1983Jane Fonda Lives!
686.012EIFFEL::HARRISMon Feb 28 1983IQ Test
687.014METOO::BISHOPWed Mar 02 1983Pre-Caffeine
688.09STAR::LIONELThu Mar 03 1983Fact or Fiction?
689.010DEVEL::SUPPORTThu Mar 03 1983Nothing to it
690.012METOO::BISHOPFri Mar 04 1983Up-to-date for SL
691.011METOO::BISHOPTue Mar 08 1983Literary Question
692.05ORPHAN::BRETTTue Mar 08 1983Promotion
693.07XENON::MCCABETue Mar 08 1983Take me out to the ball game
694.05XENON::MCCABETue Mar 08 1983Where's Adolf?
695.05EIFFEL::HARRISWed Mar 09 1983Stock Market
696.05ORPHAN::STOCKSThu Mar 10 1983Alphabet soup
697.07METOO::WINALSKIFri Mar 11 1983No, It's Not His Sister
698.013METOO::BISHOPMon Mar 14 1983Harpax
699.011ORPHAN::NYLANDERTue Mar 15 1983BEWARE
700.032VAXWRK::STILESTue Mar 15 1983
701.09ALIEN::PARMENTERWed Mar 16 1983Just Gimme Some of That
702.016STAR::LIONELWed Mar 16 1983TV or not TV
703.012METOO::WINALSKIWed Mar 16 1983Video Game Sequels
704.09METOO::WINALSKIWed Mar 16 1983We all BM for IBM
705.011METOO::WINALSKIFri Mar 18 1983Not the Rifle
706.05VAXWRK::RODSun Mar 20 1983Heavy Metal
707.05TURTLE::STANMon Mar 21 1983maximizing replies
708.04TURTLE::STANTue Mar 22 1983Notes files
709.06EIFFEL::MAXWELLFri Mar 25 19831138
710.014CACHE::KANEMon Mar 28 1983WARNING
711.08XENON::MCCABEMon Mar 28 19833 years ago today ...
712.06METOO::BISHOPWed Mar 30 1983Renamed
713.08TURTLE::STANThu Mar 31 1983Song de ja vu
714.07EIFFEL::HARRISThu Mar 31 1983Qiviut
715.08VAXWRK::RODThu Mar 31 1983skin cancer
716.02ORPHAN::BRETTFri Apr 01 1983balls
717.03METOO::WINALSKIThu Apr 07 1983NETdwarves
718.013DEVEL::KLEINERThu Apr 07 19835
719.016METOO::WINALSKISat Apr 09 1983At least one dry one
720.05EIFFEL::HARRISMon Apr 11 1983Lorraine Collett Peterson
721.03ELUDOM::WINALSKIMon Apr 11 1983Jerry Samuels
722.05STAR::LIONELMon Apr 11 1983A Tacky Subject
723.014CACHE::KANEMon Apr 11 1983A lot of hot air?
724.03VAXWRK::RODMon Apr 11 1983Windmills, for Yani
725.017TURTLE::STANTue Apr 12 1983Loggin' Out
726.022CACHE::KANETue Apr 12 1983DECplates...
727.03VAXWRK::RODWed Apr 13 1983By Randy Sparks
728.012ORPHAN::NYLANDERThu Apr 14 1983Not Mithrander
729.0STAR::LIONELFri Apr 15 1983Future Trivia
730.042TURTLE::STANTue Apr 19 1983NODE Nomenclature
731.06VAXWRK::BOURQUARDTue Apr 19 1983RIGHT!
732.017TURTLE::STANTue Apr 26 1983Terminal Song Titles
733.023TURTLE::STANTue Apr 26 1983Numbers in titles
734.09TURTLE::STANTue Apr 26 1983Missing songs
735.015TURTLE::STANWed Apr 27 1983Collateral Adjectives
736.07TURTLE::STANWed Apr 27 1983Anacreon
737.05ELUDOM::WINALSKIThu Apr 28 1983Paper Molestation
738.04EIFFEL::HARRISThu Apr 28 1983Smoke that cigarette
739.03TURTLE::STANFri Apr 29 1983single prez
740.014ALIEN::PARMENTERTue May 03 1983Capes and Masks
741.013ELUDOM::BISHOPTue May 03 1983Dense Metal
742.010ELUDOM::BISHOPWed May 04 1983High and Mighty
743.07VAXWRK::RODWed May 04 1983King of the vampires
744.05ORPHAN::NYLANDERThu May 05 1983Ancient Grapes
745.09CACHE::KANEMon May 09 1983More numbers in titles...
746.03VAXWRK::STILESWed May 11 1983This Quilted Land
747.010VAXWRK::STILESWed May 11 1983Foreign [Device] Drivers
748.05VAXWRK::RODThu May 12 1983What's for breakfast?
749.02STAR::LIONELFri May 13 1983John Motschitta, Jr.
750.03VAXWRK::RODFri May 13 1983Friday nights at 1
751.04CACHE::KANEMon May 16 1983Which way did he go?
752.012CACHE::NEWMANTue May 17 1983En Guarde!
753.02CACHE::NEWMANTue May 17 1983Tables
754.03CACHE::NEWMANTue May 17 1983N, S, E, W Which ever
755.015CACHE::NEWMANTue May 17 1983Roy G. Biv
756.020ROYAL::RAVANMon May 23 1983Non-musical Stones
757.06ALIEN::PARMENTERMon May 23 1983Explosive Virgins
758.06CACHE::KANEWed May 25 1983May the force...
759.07ELUDOM::WINALSKIMon May 30 1983A Definite Longhair
761.07CACHE::VOSBURYWed Jun 01 1983Four-star trivia
762.05OBLIO::POTUCEKWed Jun 01 19831=SINGLE,2=DOUBLE
763.02BABEL::GLYNNWed Jun 01 1983It's a dog's life...
764.09CACHE::NEWMANThu Jun 02 1983What's your area?
765.024MAISHA::GRIFFINFri Jun 03 1983Buddy, can you spare a dime?
766.05ELUDOM::BISHOPTue Jun 07 1983Big Bucks
767.029TURTLE::STANTue Jun 07 1983Names and Adjectives
768.04CACHE::NEWMANWed Jun 08 1983Special on Dwarves!!!
769.02DEVEL::KLEINERThu Jun 09 1983rarely in Massachusetts
770.05VAXWRK::RODSat Jun 11 1983Unlike Joe Friday
771.04MAISHA::GRIFFINMon Jun 13 1983Lest we forget...
772.09CACHE::KANEMon Jun 13 1983another leap
773.020ORPHAN::BRETTSun Jun 19 1983Yet More Dwarves?
774.010DEVEL::KLEINERMon Jun 20 1983not in the zoo
775.05ORPHAN::NYLANDERTue Jun 28 1983Tribute from England
776.011ELUDOM::BISHOPTue Jun 28 1983Non-NH-ites only
777.021ELUDOM::BISHOPTue Jun 28 1983MPH Forever!
778.09VAXWRK::RODFri Jul 01 1983All wet
779.014MAISHA::GRIFFINSat Jul 02 1983EST, GMT, EDT, etc.
780.012TURTLE::STANTue Jul 05 1983RACE TRIVIA
781.019MAISHA::GRIFFINWed Jul 06 1983Sorry, Col. Sanders...
782.03CACHE::KANEWed Jul 06 1983Debatable?
783.015CACHE::KANEWed Jul 06 1983Commercialism...
784.05ELUDOM::BISHOPThu Jul 07 1983Recursion
785.07TURTLE::STANThu Jul 07 1983Carless Movies
786.07ORPHAN::BRETTSun Jul 10 1983From The Telegraph...
787.031ORPHAN::LIONELMon Jul 11 1983Sorry, Qantas
788.09ORPHAN::BRETTThu Jul 14 1983POSH
789.011ELUDOM::WINALSKIFri Jul 15 1983Ole Pointy-Teeth
790.010CACHE::KANEFri Jul 15 1983Steve's Ice Cream...
791.014ORPHAN::LIONELMon Jul 18 1983Dr. Memory
792.06ORPHAN::NYLANDERTue Jul 19 1983Not Tennessee
794.03ELUDOM::WINALSKIWed Jul 27 1983The Dr.'s Little Helpers
795.019CACHE::KANEFri Jul 29 1983Things are slow...
796.06ELUDOM::BISHOPMon Aug 01 1983Hot Stuff
797.02VAXWRK::RODMon Aug 01 1983St. Giles
798.04ORPHAN::BRETTTue Aug 02 1983We're losing
799.06ELUDOM::BISHOPWed Aug 03 19833
800.05ELUDOM::BISHOPWed Aug 03 1983Prince of Whales?
801.03ELUDOM::BISHOPWed Aug 03 1983Multi-horns
802.02ORPHAN::LIONELWed Aug 03 1983Alphabetics
803.06CACHE::KANEWed Aug 03 1983Red & White
804.07BABEL::BISHOP_2Thu Aug 04 1983Red & Yellow
805.013VAXWRK::RODFri Aug 05 1983Let 'em blow
806.08CACHE::NEWMANFri Aug 05 1983Slowly, now
807.013CACHE::NEWMANFri Aug 05 1983...violets are blue...
808.010ELUDOM::BISHOPFri Aug 05 1983Sincerest Praise
809.04CACHE::KANEMon Aug 08 1983High point...
810.01CACHE::KIRKWed Aug 10 1983Fair Fare
811.010BABEL::BISHOP_2Fri Aug 12 1983Haddock's Eyes
812.05CACHE::NEWMANFri Aug 12 1983Also done w/Mass Storage
813.02VAXWRK::BOURQUARDMon Aug 15 198315-AUG-69
814.011CACHE::KIRKTue Aug 16 1983Specifically, gravity
815.09ELUDOM::BISHOPTue Aug 16 1983The Whole Tooth
816.06TURTLE::STANWed Aug 17 1983Colorful horse
817.019TURTLE::STANWed Aug 17 1983Midnight
818.05TURTLE::STANWed Aug 17 1983Unit of measure
819.06OBLIO::POTUCEKFri Aug 19 1983SVG vs. HTHG
820.010TURTLE::STANSun Aug 21 1983Fools
821.08VAXWRK::RODMon Aug 22 1983From the frozen north
822.021CACHE::NEWMANThu Aug 25 1983More fun things to do with VAXes
823.03CACHE::KANEFri Aug 26 1983Dreams
824.02BISON::RICHARDFri Aug 26 1983Hairy subject
825.014EIFFEL::HARRISMon Aug 29 1983Odd number
826.03DEVEL::KLEINERThu Sep 01 1983You'll never forget this sport
827.015BABEL::BISHOP_2Thu Sep 01 1983Sunda Thunder
828.06CACHE::NEWMANThu Sep 08 1983Now you see it...
829.08ORPHAN::LIONELThu Sep 08 1983Take over
830.07CACHE::KIRKMon Sep 12 1983Gra'ma's Lunch
831.020ELUDOM::WINALSKIMon Sep 12 1983More Gra'ma's Lunch
832.04CACHE::NEWMANThu Sep 15 1983Keep that summer coming...
833.019COGITO::KANEThu Sep 15 1983What is this?
834.07ORPHAN::LIONELMon Sep 26 1983No Poofters!
835.05ORPHAN::LIONELMon Sep 26 1983Benson, Arizona
836.04ALIEN::PARMENTERMon Sep 26 1983I'll take Manhattan
837.016DREAMS::KLEINERTue Sep 27 1983new moons
838.021DREAMS::KLEINERTue Sep 27 1983Across the Atlantic by Air
839.031EIFFEL::MAXWELLFri Sep 30 1983Money matters....
840.06VAX4::JIMMORGANMon Oct 03 1983Strange Numbers
841.06MARVIN::ISBELLTue Oct 04 1983The mystic east
842.09BABEL::BISHOP_2Wed Oct 05 1983More Mystic West
843.09NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 06 1983Casting couch
844.03NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 06 1983Where's Morgan?
845.08VAXWRK::STILESThu Oct 06 1983Just plain mystical
846.03VAXWRK::RODThu Oct 06 1983August
847.010MARVIN::ISBELLFri Oct 07 1983It's been going a long time
848.07FDCVMon Oct 10 1983While Jim...
849.025NACHO::LYNCHWed Oct 12 1983Shortstops, etc
850.027NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 13 1983Serious music
851.07COGITO::KANEThu Oct 13 1983The seven dwarves
852.08ORPHAN::LIONELFri Oct 14 1983Zonked out
853.010ORPHAN::LIONELMon Oct 17 1983East meets Western Music
854.03MARIAH::EITZMANMon Oct 17 1983Guthrie, not Lavin
855.06TURTLE::STANTue Oct 18 1983Ex post facto songs
856.02NUHAVN::CANTORWed Oct 19 1983Fake holidays
857.018ORPHAN::LIONELWed Oct 19 1983Ex post facto movies
858.011TURTLE::STANWed Oct 19 1983righty sports
860.01VAXWRK::MULHERINFri Oct 21 1983Aren't you hungry?
861.09MARVIN::ISBELLWed Oct 26 1983But is it a joke?
862.021VAXWRK::STILESWed Oct 26 1983The Right Stuff (attn: dwarves)
863.06NUHAVN::CANTORFri Oct 28 1983Dumb stuff from childhood
864.05NUHAVN::CANTORFri Oct 28 1983Say, kids, what time is it?
865.02NACHO::LYNCHFri Oct 28 1983Speaking of (for) the Devil
866.04CURIE::CASSONEFri Oct 28 1983Ronald MacDonald
867.019RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Oct 28 1983H minor?
868.03ATFAB::WYMANSat Oct 29 1983Joy Boys
869.018NACHO::LYNCHSun Oct 30 1983(Un)Civil War
870.06ORPHAN::BRETTMon Oct 31 1983Strange Directions
871.09ELUDOM::WINALSKIMon Oct 31 1983Catalogues
872.02RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon Oct 31 1983A-muse-ing
873.09RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon Oct 31 1983New form of origami??
874.08CACHE::VOSBURYMon Oct 31 1983White City
875.012DVINCI::FISHERTue Nov 01 1983Astrotrivia--one more time
876.03ATFAB::WYMANWed Nov 02 1983Golden Oldies
877.015NACHO::LYNCHFri Nov 04 1983What's in a name?
878.019VAX4::JIMMORGANMon Nov 07 1983The Big Apple
879.013NACHO::LYNCHMon Nov 07 1983History 1
880.023RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Nov 08 1983Real Trivia
881.025BABEL::BISHOP_2Tue Nov 08 1983(Doctor Do More?)
882.040BABEL::BISHOP_2Tue Nov 08 1983Moxie
883.039VAXWRK::STILESWed Nov 09 1983* ATTENTION: Trivia Index *
884.020TURTLE::STANThu Nov 10 1983Concordance comments
885.010BABEL::BISHOP_2Thu Nov 10 1983Prester John
886.015ALIEN::PARMENTERThu Nov 10 1983Discordance
887.04ORPHAN::LIONELThu Nov 10 1983You naughty boy
888.04VAXWRK::STILESThu Nov 10 1983e's wright dead, 'e is
889.012VAXWRK::STILESThu Nov 10 1983snaggle, snuffle, snark
890.022COGITO::KANEFri Nov 11 1983*Not* the big apple
891.06RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Nov 11 1983Say what??
892.06DVINCI::FISHERFri Nov 11 1983A Bang or a Whimper?
893.04VAXWRK::STILESFri Nov 11 1983It's a Dog's Life
894.04VAXWRK::STILESFri Nov 11 1983Life in the Fast Lane
895.04VAXWRK::STILESFri Nov 11 1983Human Anatomy I
896.011VAXWRK::STILESFri Nov 11 1983Human Anatomy II
897.03VAXWRK::STILESFri Nov 11 1983Human Anatomy III
898.013ELUDOM::WINALSKIFri Nov 11 1983Extremely Foreign Language
899.05NUHAVN::CANTORSat Nov 12 1983Human Anatomy Nomenclature -- 3
900.08TURTLE::STANSat Nov 12 1983Knuth's first
901.06VAXWRK::RODSat Nov 12 1983Rep to 883
902.013NACHO::LYNCHSun Nov 13 1983Dr Who Alert!
903.03BABEL::GLYNNMon Nov 14 1983Happy new year
904.03VAXWRK::STILESMon Nov 14 1983Hidden
905.06BABEL::BISHOP_2Mon Nov 14 1983Breathe Easy
906.05MARVIN::ISBELLTue Nov 15 1983Somewhere in the U.K.
907.05CACHE::VOSBURYTue Nov 15 1983Mayor La Trivia
908.05DVINCI::FISHERTue Nov 15 19839 Lives
909.016NACHO::LYNCHTue Nov 15 1983Don't Crush that Dwarf...
910.04BABEL::BISHOP_2Tue Nov 15 1983E.C.O. for U.
911.08ELUDOM::WINALSKITue Nov 15 1983Easy as A, B, C
912.012TURTLE::STANWed Nov 16 1983Klystron relays
913.014TURTLE::STANWed Nov 16 1983Lord Greystoke's aliases
914.03MARVIN::ISBELLWed Nov 16 1983These are rare
915.06TURTLE::STANWed Nov 16 1983Ode to the Pythagoreans
916.0+14TURTLE::STANWed Nov 16 1983Remakable movies
917.07TURTLE::STANWed Nov 16 1983Not a plural be
918.09TURTLE::STANWed Nov 16 1983If I were a rich man
919.04TURTLE::STANWed Nov 16 1983A movie star
920.09TURTLE::STANWed Nov 16 1983Poems in movies
921.04TURTLE::STANWed Nov 16 1983EMACial origin
922.02TURTLE::STANWed Nov 16 1983Leap year instruction
923.05TURTLE::STANWed Nov 16 1983
924.04TURTLE::STANWed Nov 16 1983No soap
925.04TURTLE::STANWed Nov 16 1983Single channel
926.017TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Are you a Turtle?
927.05TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Reprisals
928.09TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Horse's feet
929.010TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983The pellet with the poison.
930.01TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Numbered streets
931.014TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Buddy Rogers
932.02TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Peanuts
933.07TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Misquoted rose
934.08TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Tarzan speaks
935.02TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Governor's invention
936.0TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Focal point
937.05TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Famous pets of TV land
938.02DVINCI::FISHERThu Nov 17 1983Psycotriviatic
939.014TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Multiple movie parts
940.013TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Real actors
941.04TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983The money is safe
942.011ORPHAN::LIONELThu Nov 17 1983125 Years Ago Today?
943.013TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Chicken music
944.05TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Death of big Al
945.01TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Remember the first
946.05TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983Q Who
947.01TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983TV cuties
948.08TURTLE::STANThu Nov 17 1983One for the byrds
949.019NACHO::LYNCHThu Nov 17 1983More
950.05TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Lunar movie
951.017TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Secret agencies
952.09TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Presidential Cartoon
953.05TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983One-armed killer
954.01TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Unfriendly 3
955.07TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Move over Moxie
956.015TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Gort
957.017TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Fluffy dreams
958.04TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Princess of all seasons
959.05TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Know your DEC computers
960.08TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Unwritten TECO tradition
961.04TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Immortal librarian
962.09TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Unit of what?
963.02TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Is this a joke?
964.03TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Foreign car
965.02VAX4::JIMMORGANFri Nov 18 1983RSTS/E Lives!
966.06TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Convenience story
967.018TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983ZIPpety doo-dah
968.08VAXWRK::STILESFri Nov 18 1983Hi Mom!
969.07VAXWRK::STILESFri Nov 18 1983Quotable (trivial) quotes
970.09TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Ye Gods!
971.016TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Short plurals
972.02TURTLE::STANFri Nov 18 1983Middle Initials
973.04TURTLE::STANSat Nov 19 1983Old Space Ships never die
974.0TURTLE::STANSat Nov 19 1983Paul Drake
975.04TURTLE::STANSat Nov 19 1983Small cents
976.02TURTLE::STANSat Nov 19 1983The 4H's
977.04TURTLE::STANSat Nov 19 1983Blimps
978.012TURTLE::STANSat Nov 19 1983Black/white and color all over
979.09TURTLE::STANSat Nov 19 1983Heavenly dog
980.09TURTLE::STANSat Nov 19 1983First Bunny
981.019TURTLE::STANSat Nov 19 1983Capp Holiday
982.07TURTLE::STANSat Nov 19 1983Recursive acronyms
983.012TURTLE::STANSat Nov 19 1983Saints alive
984.011TURTLE::STANSat Nov 19 1983Horses
985.07NACHO::LYNCHSat Nov 19 1983Stevie Wonder? No!
986.03NACHO::LYNCHSat Nov 19 1983Not possible
987.011NACHO::LYNCHSat Nov 19 1983Duplicates
988.02NACHO::LYNCHSat Nov 19 1983First of (too) many
989.08TURTLE::STANSat Nov 19 1983Assemblers
990.09TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983Supermom
991.01TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983Chess Titles
992.05TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983Ouija Matters
993.018NUHAVN::CANTORSun Nov 20 1983The '3' is silent.
994.08TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983Heavenly Hitters
995.02ELUDOM::WINALSKISun Nov 20 1983Floydian Slip
996.021ELUDOM::WINALSKISun Nov 20 1983Killer Beatles
997.04ELUDOM::WINALSKISun Nov 20 1983In the Court
998.05ELUDOM::WINALSKISun Nov 20 1983Large Cats
999.05ELUDOM::WINALSKISun Nov 20 1983Drinkable Cash
1000.023ELUDOM::WINALSKISun Nov 20 1983Yet More Al Capp
1001.046TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983Conference rooms
1002.07TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983So you think you know dwarves
1003.072TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 19837's
1004.026TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983Here's a tip
1005.05TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983Plastic TV
1006.08PIXEL::PWONGSun Nov 20 1983MTM
1007.06TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983Chitty Chitty Chitty Chitty
1008.08TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983Chuckles
1009.022TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983Monster defeats
1010.02FDCVSun Nov 20 1983Sniff!
1011.06TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983Calculated to befuddle
1012.04TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983DECUS does it
1013.04TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983Thinkers do it better
1014.04TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983The force is with him
1015.011TURTLE::STANSun Nov 20 1983Colossal Sequels
1016.021TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Airport Trivia
1017.03TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Ferdy
1018.010TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Straight lines
1019.012NUHAVN::CANTORMon Nov 21 1983I *LIKE* short shorts.
1020.052TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Pictorial Badges
1021.016TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Interstate numbers
1022.035TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983STP
1023.05TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Funny driving laws
1024.020TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Hugo
1025.01TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983More Gardner
1026.010TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983New songs
1027.07XENON::SAUTERMon Nov 21 1983CASE statement
1028.07TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Logo
1029.07TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Rotten Question
1030.03TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Mutliple Popes
1031.02TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Winy letters
1032.02TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Penny King
1033.02TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Why a
1034.021TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Mickey Days
1035.012ELUDOM::WINALSKIMon Nov 21 1983Stan
1036.010TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Secret Secretary
1037.023DVINCI::FISHERMon Nov 21 1983TS
1038.09ORPHAN::NYLANDERMon Nov 21 1983Scripophilia
1039.010TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Plastic covered computer
1040.02TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 19832
1041.013TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Typograpic Meter Shtick
1042.02TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Yellow sideline
1043.011TURTLE::STANMon Nov 21 1983Earl Stanley Mason
1044.011TURTLE::STANTue Nov 22 1983Old SPRs (low badge numbers only)
1045.08TURTLE::STANTue Nov 22 1983The End of this Madness
1046.032NUHAVN::CANTORTue Nov 22 1983Repetitious and redundant
1047.015DVINCI::FISHERTue Nov 22 1983Questionable Parentage
1048.011NACHO::LYNCHTue Nov 22 1983Archives
1049.011RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Nov 23 1983Fax
1050.017MARVIN::ISBELLThu Nov 24 1983Arfur tow crate in...
1051.021CACHE::VOSBURYThu Nov 24 1983Programming languages
1052.04BABEL::BISHOP_2Tue Nov 29 1983In the Air
1053.011BABEL::BISHOP_2Tue Nov 29 1983Hair on the Palms
1054.06EIFFEL::HARRISTue Nov 29 1983Bright idea
1055.09ELUDOM::WINALSKITue Nov 29 1983Intentionally Left Blanc
1056.016NACHO::LYNCHWed Nov 30 1983RIP
1057.011CACHE::VOSBURYWed Nov 30 1983Famous Pets
1058.040RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Dec 01 1983Chalant??
1059.014FDCVFri Dec 02 1983Spooks
1060.01KERMIT::PARMENTERFri Dec 02 1983All the way to the top
1061.013EIFFEL::HARRISFri Dec 02 1983Ashes to ...
1062.09COGITO::KANESun Dec 04 1983Just beat it...
1063.011COORS::ECKERTSun Dec 04 1983Who was Herman?
1064.015NACHO::LYNCHMon Dec 05 1983I'll drink to that...
1065.043MARVIN::ISBELLWed Dec 07 1983Kan u spel
1066.010NACHO::LYNCHThu Dec 08 1983The beat goes on
1067.08NACHO::LYNCHFri Dec 09 1983Savoy truffle
1068.01BABEL::GLYNNFri Dec 09 1983foreign takeover
1069.04MAISHA::GRIFFINSat Dec 10 1983Hummmmmm!
1070.05BABEL::BISHOP_2Sun Dec 11 1983Only for the Best
1071.018ORPHAN::LIONELMon Dec 12 1983Shut up and eat your vegetables!
1072.024DVINCI::FISHERMon Dec 12 1983The Queen's English
1073.05ORPHAN::LIONELWed Dec 14 1983Why does it have to be snakes?
1074.09BABEL::BISHOP_2Thu Dec 15 1983The Real Murphy
1075.013Raven1::BLUEJAYThu Dec 15 1983Colour My World
1076.02ORPHAN::LIONELThu Dec 15 1983Wearing tight shoes
1077.010ERLANG::DRLFri Dec 16 1983Rimes and Reasons
1078.06MARVIN::ISBELLFri Dec 16 1983Initial counterpoint
1079.024MAYTAG::SAUTERFri Dec 16 1983Flip Chips
1080.013RAINBO::GREENWOODFri Dec 16 1983States
1081.04ATFAB::WYMANSun Dec 18 1983Lake-Less
1082.018ORPHAN::LIONELMon Dec 19 1983So sue me!
1083.02COGITO::KANETue Dec 20 19831
1084.031BABEL::BISHOP_2Wed Dec 21 1983Yesterday's Names
1086.022PUFFIN::GRUBERWed Dec 21 1983Don't blame me, I voted for...
1087.06CACHE::VOSBURYThu Dec 22 1983A First
1088.07KERMIT::PARMENTERThu Dec 22 1983Off by two days
1089.023NUHAVN::CANTORThu Dec 22 1983Trolley on the MTA
1090.023DVINCI::FISHERThu Dec 22 1983A flash in the pan...
1091.016ELUDOM::HETRICKTue Dec 27 1983Opposites Attract
1092.08PUFFIN::GRUBERThu Dec 29 1983So, Do It, Already
1093.015GOLD::WEAVERThu Dec 29 1983PI in the sky
1094.012NACHO::LYNCHSat Dec 31 1983Who are these people??
1095.04DVINCI::FISHERSun Jan 01 1984Happy New Year
1096.02ORPHAN::BRETTMon Jan 02 1984Frigid People
1097.03NACHO::LYNCHMon Jan 02 1984Better known as...
1098.031BABEL::BISHOP_2Mon Jan 02 1984Yellow Ribbon
1099.06BABEL::BISHOP_2Mon Jan 02 1984Where Does the Car Go?
1100.015NUHAVN::CANTORTue Jan 03 1984Apparent opposites
1102.06CDR::OKEEFEWed Jan 04 1984pseudonyms
1103.07ELUDOM::WINALSKIWed Jan 04 1984And In This Corner...
1104.017REX::MINOWWed Jan 04 1984computer cargo cult from 1981
1105.028ERLANG::DRLWed Jan 04 1984Rockets red glare
1106.016NACHO::LYNCHFri Jan 06 1984How soon we forget
1107.013NACHO::LYNCHFri Jan 06 1984Trivial challenge
1108.09DRAGON::MCCABEMon Jan 09 1984I pity the fool ..
1109.019BABEL::BISHOP_2Tue Jan 10 1984Efi yu sel yo hed
1110.011VOGON::GREENWOODTue Jan 10 1984Delusions of granduer
1111.011EUCLID::KANETue Jan 10 1984Binary questions
1112.03SUPER::KENAHTue Jan 10 1984Fogelberg
1114.023ORPHAN::BLICKSTEINSat Jan 14 1984Something borrowed... (ELP)
1115.06NACHO::LYNCHTue Jan 17 1984Something borrowed (Part II)
1117.011COGITO::KANEFri Jan 20 1984Another name for....
1118.08RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Jan 20 1984Meow
1119.02GALAXY::TOPAZFri Jan 20 1984Conversations with paintings
1120.027RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Jan 20 1984Alpha and Omega?
1121.017NACHO::LYNCHSun Jan 22 1984First names please
1122.05RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon Jan 23 1984Move over Bryant Pond
1123.06ORPHAN::NYLANDERMon Jan 23 1984A Trivial Question
1124.01ORPHAN::NYLANDERMon Jan 23 1984Poppycock
1125.014RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Jan 25 1984 An answer (at last!)
1126.017Raven1::BLUEJAYWed Jan 25 1984A glass WHAT?
1127.06RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Jan 26 1984By yon bonnie banks
1128.07KZIN::MCCANNFri Jan 27 1984(Ancient History)
1129.05EIFFEL::HARRISFri Jan 27 1984Don't take any wooden . . .
1130.05ALIEN::SZETOFri Jan 27 1984Year of the ...
1131.025ASYLUM::SIMONSun Jan 29 1984The Big Apple
1132.020NACHO::LYNCHMon Jan 30 19842 Baseball Anniversaries
1133.011XENON::BOURQUARDMon Jan 30 1984"The agony of..."
1134.011RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon Jan 30 1984What's in a name?
1135.02NACHO::LYNCHMon Jan 30 1984Say it ain't so, Joe!
1136.09NACHO::LYNCHMon Jan 30 1984A first
1138.012ASYLUM::STRAITTue Jan 31 198415 Years and 1 Day ago
1139.07ARK::THOMPSONWed Feb 01 1984Chip and Dale
1140.026DVINCI::FISHERWed Feb 01 1984Number 9...
1141.010RAINBO::GREENWOODThu Feb 02 1984cisum sdrawkcab
1142.012OLORIN::CLINEThu Feb 02 1984Of Moles and Men
1143.025ELUDOM::CLARKThu Feb 02 1984How many ...???
1144.020ELUDOM::CLARKThu Feb 02 1984Vowels
1145.01REGINA::AUGERIThu Feb 02 1984The Compleat Beatles
1146.04NACHO::CONLIFFEFri Feb 03 1984Once in a lifetime...maybe twice
1147.09ASYLUM::STRAITFri Feb 03 1984Rock n roll tragedy
1148.05BABEL::BISHOP_2Fri Feb 03 1984No-Good, No-Count
1149.03COGITO::KANESun Feb 05 1984More music....
1150.04BERGIL::CLINEMon Feb 06 1984Look At Those Dimples!
1151.019NACHO::LYNCHMon Feb 06 1984Chariots of Fire
1152.020DVINCI::FISHERMon Feb 06 1984Sin Who?
1153.010ORPHAN::NYLANDERMon Feb 06 1984A fishy question
1154.07ORPHAN::BRETTMon Feb 06 1984Its a strange, strange world
1155.05FDCVMon Feb 06 1984No Concordance
1156.09NACHO::CONLIFFETue Feb 07 1984Hidalgo Trading Company
1157.018RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Feb 07 1984Three years ago today..
1158.032RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Feb 07 1984More Cat Stuff
1159.033RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Feb 07 1984Equal Time
1160.014RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Feb 07 1984Famous last words
1161.015NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Feb 08 1984By any other name...
1162.09NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Feb 08 1984Preppie Haven
1163.07NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Feb 08 1984Once upon a time
1164.026RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Feb 08 1984Whence come these?
1165.037NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Feb 08 1984A word from our sponsor
1166.013BERGIL::CLINEThu Feb 09 1984Do Not Pass Go(Pip,Pip,Cheerio)
1167.01BERGIL::CLINEThu Feb 09 1984To Be Or Not To Be
1169.018NACHO::LYNCHThu Feb 09 1984Wanna buy a bridge?
1170.015DVINCI::FISHERThu Feb 09 1984Be Prepared
1171.05ELUDOM::CLARKThu Feb 09 1984For train buffs only!
1172.04ABLE::DUGGANThu Feb 09 1984Yet More Cat Stuff
1173.04BERGIL::CLINEFri Feb 10 1984Sand Kicked In Your Face?!?
1174.06NACHO::CONLIFFEFri Feb 10 1984tragic...
1175.010NACHO::CONLIFFEFri Feb 10 1984Moonlighting...
1176.09RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Feb 10 1984Brave bird
1177.0165RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Feb 10 1984Who are you?
1178.08ADVAX::C_WAYFri Feb 10 1984USA! USA! USA!
1179.023SUPER::KENAHFri Feb 10 1984Lights! Camera! Wax Paper!
1180.018RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Feb 10 1984Fashion
1181.010NACHO::LYNCHSun Feb 12 1984Mystery woman
1182.06KZIN::MCCANNMon Feb 13 1984More DEC ancient history
1183.028RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Feb 14 1984Holy Smoke, Batman!
1184.03NACHO::CONLIFFETue Feb 14 1984folk law
1185.07NACHO::CONLIFFETue Feb 14 1984Coarse Sailing
1186.08NACHO::CONLIFFETue Feb 14 1984More digital DEClore
1187.011NACHO::CONLIFFETue Feb 14 1984Famous Father
1188.016LAMBDA::VOSBURYTue Feb 14 1984What four networks?
1189.014RAINBO::GREENWOODTue Feb 14 1984Especially for our UK readers
1190.010RAINBO::GREENWOODTue Feb 14 1984Trivia trivia
1191.06ALIEN::SZETOWed Feb 15 1984Please ignore this note
1192.06ABLE::DUGGANWed Feb 15 1984Music -- REAL oldie
1193.031DELPHI::TOPAZWed Feb 15 1984Grim Reaper & the Top 4
1194.028BERGIL::CLINEWed Feb 15 1984The Unreal Thing...
1195.016PIXEL::DICKSONWed Feb 15 1984We have no bananas
1197.014NACHO::LYNCHWed Feb 15 1984SYS$NODE
1198.013NACHO::LYNCHWed Feb 15 1984Do you remember?
1199.012ORPHAN::LIONELWed Feb 15 1984Little cat feet
1200.07PNEUMA::MCVAYWed Feb 15 1984Expressions & such
1201.08COGNAC::ADOERFERThu Feb 16 1984Scripts, Books of TV Series
1202.012RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Feb 16 1984Parlez vous?
1203.08RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Feb 16 1984Casper
1204.09RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Feb 16 1984And the winner is...
1205.011RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Feb 16 1984I decline
1206.022ORPHAN::LIONELThu Feb 16 1984Instant Replay
1207.028COGITO::BUEHLERThu Feb 16 1984Credit where it's due
1208.011RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Feb 17 1984JC and DJ
1209.06NACHO::CONLIFFEFri Feb 17 1984olympian heights
1210.017NACHO::LYNCHFri Feb 17 1984Expletive not deleted
1211.041COGNAC::ADOERFERFri Feb 17 1984Instant Replay Re-run
1212.081COGNAC::ADOERFERFri Feb 17 1984Not so super, Atlanta?
1213.04NACHO::CONLIFFEFri Feb 17 1984Speaking of Carol Burnett
1214.09BERGIL::CLINESun Feb 19 1984In God We Trust-Others Pay Cash
1215.09BABEL::BISHOP_2Sun Feb 19 1984Ho Ho, Hee Hee
1216.04PNEUMA::MCVAYSun Feb 19 1984Origins of words
1217.06ELUDOM::WINALSKISun Feb 19 1984Not a TECO macro
1218.07ELUDOM::WINALSKISun Feb 19 1984Not-so-famous holiday
1219.03NACHO::LYNCHMon Feb 20 1984Look deep, deep,...
1220.02NACHO::LYNCHMon Feb 20 1984In a spin
1221.030PUFFIN::GRUBERMon Feb 20 1984Foo and ...
1222.040PUFFIN::GRUBERMon Feb 20 1984...and the Bars
1223.012BABEL::BISHOP_2Mon Feb 20 1984Bear with Sticky Buns
1224.03REGINA::PAPPASTue Feb 21 1984TIME
1225.015BERGIL::CLINETue Feb 21 1984The 1st Bug(But Not The Last)
1226.012PUFFIN::GRUBERTue Feb 21 1984Routine D
1227.025RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Feb 21 1984The eyes have it
1228.015RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Feb 21 1984Famous first words
1229.014RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Feb 21 1984Just for you
1230.09RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Feb 21 1984More famous lines
1231.049GALAXY::TOPAZTue Feb 21 1984Geographical stuff
1232.015MENTOR::JNELSONTue Feb 21 1984Nancy Who?
1233.06BABEL::BISHOP_2Tue Feb 21 1984Admirable
1234.038GALAXY::TOPAZWed Feb 22 1984Lewd I did live,evil did I dwel
1235.016NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Feb 22 1984atomic antics
1236.06COGNAC::SCOTTWed Feb 22 1984Howard, Fine, Howard et all
1237.011ELUDOM::CLARKWed Feb 22 1984Henson, Oz & Company
1238.010ELUDOM::CLARKWed Feb 22 1984See the USA ...
1239.028ORPHAN::LIONELWed Feb 22 1984Triple Play
1240.019ERLANG::DRLWed Feb 22 1984State of the state
1241.011RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Feb 23 1984The Rain in Spain...
1242.015RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Feb 23 1984Langston, 1959
1243.016RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Feb 23 1984A bald WHAT?
1244.016RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Feb 23 1984Murder most foul
1245.017SPIDER::FISHERThu Feb 23 1984Luck be a lady tonight
1246.011DVINCI::FISHERThu Feb 23 1984Another snowstorm in a bottle
1247.041RAINBO::GREENWOODThu Feb 23 1984How many
1248.04NAAD::GOLDBERGThu Feb 23 1984Now That It's All Over
1249.055XENON::SAUTERFri Feb 24 1984Where were you?
1250.021BERGIL::CLINEFri Feb 24 1984Dear Abby...
1251.018RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Feb 24 1984Spring has sprung
1252.09ELUDOM::WINALSKIFri Feb 24 1984... the grass is riz
1253.08HARE::STANSun Feb 26 1984Short names
1254.041ELUDOM::CLARKSun Feb 26 1984... when the lights went out?
1255.035ELUDOM::CLARKMon Feb 27 1984What color is a fire engine?
1256.07GALAXY::TOPAZMon Feb 27 1984Are Sea Em Pee?
1257.09BERGIL::CLINEMon Feb 27 1984Drunken Sailor
1258.08SUPER::KENAHMon Feb 27 1984Eighty-Six
1259.011NACHO::CONLIFFEMon Feb 27 1984Kiss my What ???
1260.04NACHO::CONLIFFETue Feb 28 1984a small step for bad taste
1261.04NACHO::CONLIFFETue Feb 28 1984Truth in television
1262.017NACHO::CONLIFFETue Feb 28 1984but not in advertizing
1263.039PUFFIN::GRUBERTue Feb 28 1984First "Nick" Last
1264.02NACHO::CONLIFFETue Feb 28 1984Not Dick Clark
1265.014RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Feb 28 198476 Trombones
1266.026RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Feb 28 1984Mob Control
1267.024BABEL::BISHOP_2Tue Feb 28 1984A Wanderer
1268.039GALAXY::TOPAZWed Feb 29 1984Complex question
1269.010CDR::OKEEFEWed Feb 29 1984titles
1270.0ELUDOM::HETRICKWed Feb 29 1984RAAM
1271.04KERMIT::PARMENTERWed Feb 29 1984Pumping
1272.019RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Feb 29 1984political quotes
1273.014PNEUMA::MCVAYWed Feb 29 1984Leap Year romance
1274.05EIFFEL::HARRISWed Feb 29 1984Heavy Fingers
1275.08ASYLUM::SIMONWed Feb 29 1984Two Pair
1276.04BABEL::GLYNNThu Mar 01 1984TIP-LESS HOUSE
1277.016RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Mar 01 1984Fat Cat
1278.08ROYAL::RAVANThu Mar 01 1984E is for Edward,
1279.06HARE::FISCHERThu Mar 01 1984Tourist attractions
1280.012ELUDOM::CLARKThu Mar 01 1984One great step ...
1281.03NACHO::CONLIFFEThu Mar 01 1984Good name for a Farmer
1282.012NACHO::CONLIFFEThu Mar 01 1984Town trivia
1283.018ERLANG::DRLThu Mar 01 1984State Capitols
1284.08RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Mar 02 1984longevity
1285.028RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Mar 02 1984For lack of a nickel
1286.026RAINBO::GREENWOODFri Mar 02 1984Singers
1287.02NACHO::CONLIFFEFri Mar 02 1984More Quotes
1288.09SPIDER::FISHERFri Mar 02 1984The Glendale Train
1289.02NACHO::LYNCHFri Mar 02 1984Trivial Pursuits Challenge
1290.017BABEL::BISHOP_2Fri Mar 02 1984Ditto
1291.033PUFFIN::GRUBERFri Mar 02 1984Beah Heah
1292.05HARE::FISCHERFri Mar 02 1984Effervescent athlete?
1293.03ATFAB::MCCABEFri Mar 02 1984Trivia Trivia
1294.021EIFFEL::HARRISSat Mar 03 1984DEC power failures
1295.07EIFFEL::HARRISSat Mar 03 1984Crash and Burn
1296.011ELUDOM::WINALSKISun Mar 04 1984I came, I saw, I CONCORD.COM
1297.028SPIDER::FISHERMon Mar 05 1984Dept. of Redundancy Dept.
1298.011BABEL::BISHOP_2Tue Mar 06 1984The Disc of Karma
1299.012NACHO::LYNCHTue Mar 06 1984Something to remember
1300.032ELUDOM::CLARKTue Mar 06 1984F. Middle Last
1301.09NACHO::CONLIFFETue Mar 06 1984Bare Faced Lie
1302.042ELUDOM::CLARKTue Mar 06 1984Laws of the Universe
1303.07BABEL::BISHOP_2Wed Mar 07 1984Doch
1304.012NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Mar 07 1984Once only
1305.04ORPHAN::NYLANDERWed Mar 07 1984Truth is stanger than fiction
1306.02NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Mar 07 1984between two bales
1307.015REGINA::AUGERIThu Mar 08 19843
1308.07NACHO::CONLIFFEThu Mar 08 1984Hidden Meaning
1309.018NACHO::CONLIFFEThu Mar 08 1984This just in
1310.042NACHO::LYNCHThu Mar 08 1984F. M. Last
1311.05NACHO::LYNCHThu Mar 08 1984Home sweet home
1312.020PUFFIN::GRUBERThu Mar 08 1984tout de SWEET
1313.012ORPHAN::BENSONThu Mar 08 1984Swaddling Clothes
1314.016SPIDER::FISHERThu Mar 08 1984F.M.L.
1315.06NACHO::LYNCHThu Mar 08 1984What dat??
1316.035LAMBDA::VOSBURYThu Mar 08 1984Name
1317.030LAMBDA::VOSBURYThu Mar 08 1984no name
1318.038BABEL::BISHOP_2Thu Mar 08 1984Dvorak
1319.022PNEUMA::MCVAYFri Mar 09 1984Software history
1320.06NACHO::LYNCHFri Mar 09 1984NPR correspondents
1321.036ELUDOM::CLARKFri Mar 09 1984Partners!
1322.016REGINA::AUGERIFri Mar 09 1984Hopefully this story...
1323.011NUHAVN::CANTORSat Mar 10 1984The wurst one yet
1324.017PNEUMA::MCVAYSat Mar 10 1984Critics' Comments
1325.08EDEN::MAXSONSat Mar 10 1984Identify this quote
1326.02NACHO::LYNCHSun Mar 11 1984Moral of the Work
1327.04ELMER::GOUNMon Mar 12 1984Did he wear a sweater, I wonder
1328.05NACHO::CONLIFFEMon Mar 12 1984Word Trivia
1329.04NACHO::CONLIFFEMon Mar 12 1984curses, foiled again
1330.06ROYAL::RAVANMon Mar 12 1984Out of the hunt
1331.08ELUDOM::CLARKMon Mar 12 1984The Old Red Head
1332.08ELUDOM::CLARKMon Mar 12 1984Early Carol
1333.023LAMBDA::VOSBURYMon Mar 12 1984Police Take Notice
1334.04LATOUR::KKLEINERTue Mar 13 1984croo
1335.04LATOUR::KKLEINERTue Mar 13 1984What a bunch!
1336.07LATOUR::KKLEINERTue Mar 13 1984Organ Donor Awareness Month
1337.02SPIDER::FISHERTue Mar 13 1984History repeats?
1338.010NACHO::CONLIFFETue Mar 13 1984Power behind the Throne
1339.014ROYAL::RAVANTue Mar 13 1984What gaul...
1340.023ELMER::GOUNTue Mar 13 1984Name space
1341.024RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Mar 13 1984One for Beth
1342.020ELUDOM::CLARKTue Mar 13 1984Clairvoyant trivia
1343.06ERLANG::DRLWed Mar 14 198417 variaties
1344.039ABLE::DUGGANWed Mar 14 1984My First Computer
1345.09SUPER::KENAHWed Mar 14 1984Adverse Adverbs
1346.028BABEL::BISHOP_2Wed Mar 14 1984Quake, Shake, and Quiver
1347.06EIFFEL::HARRISWed Mar 14 1984Disinformation
1348.021XENON::BOURQUARDThu Mar 15 1984BRUTal
1349.014BERGIL::CLINEThu Mar 15 1984Dog Gone
1350.07NUHAVN::CANTORFri Mar 16 1984My first hack
1351.0SPIDER::FISHERFri Mar 16 1984Car 54 where are you?
1352.023PSYCHE::MCVAYFri Mar 16 1984The ultimate animal
1353.06ELUDOM::WINALSKISat Mar 17 1984Over The Hill
1354.012PSYCHE::MCVAYSat Mar 17 1984the LORD thy God...
1355.017ELMER::GOUNSat Mar 17 1984Colors of the day
1356.06BERGIL::CLINEMon Mar 19 1984America, America...
1357.07COGNAC::ADOERFERMon Mar 19 1984Lights, bells eh? Tommy
1358.017PIXEL::DICKSONTue Mar 20 1984Hello muddah, hello faddah
1359.02NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Mar 21 1984CSS did what...
1360.03NACHO::LYNCHWed Mar 21 1984Swing and a miss
1361.023RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Mar 21 1984JFK
1362.017RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Mar 21 1984Fast and nimble fingers
1363.010RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Mar 21 1984Cleveland
1364.025NACHO::LYNCHWed Mar 21 1984Lights, camera, sound!
1365.021NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Mar 21 1984evnik, where are you?
1366.016BABEL::BISHOP_2Wed Mar 21 1984Wort
1367.011CGHUB::SPENCERWed Mar 21 1984Garfield, oh Garfield!
1368.06ROYAL::RAVANThu Mar 22 1984Word for the day
1369.030NACHO::LYNCHThu Mar 22 1984Movie endings
1370.013NACHO::LYNCHThu Mar 22 1984So where is it??
1371.011RAINBO::GREENWOODThu Mar 22 1984A funny thing happened
1372.024RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Mar 22 1984No Dictionaries
1373.08RAINBO::GREENWOODThu Mar 22 1984Leslie Lynch King Jr
1374.03SPIDER::FISHERFri Mar 23 1984Suicide is painless
1375.09NACHO::CONLIFFEFri Mar 23 1984Athos, Bathos and Pathos?
1376.016NISYSG::DERANIANFri Mar 23 1984INUENDO
1377.07XENON::BURLEWFri Mar 23 1984Only One
1378.018CGHUB::SPENCERFri Mar 23 1984Wizbang Process Names
1379.013BABEL::BISHOP_2Fri Mar 23 1984Ok, Flying Aces
1380.03VECTOR::KANESat Mar 24 1984Ok, I won't...
1381.05ERLANG::DRLSat Mar 24 1984You swine, you!
1382.01ERLANG::DRLSat Mar 24 1984Squeeze it in.....
1383.017ERLANG::DRLSat Mar 24 1984Hollywood and Vine
1384.04ERLANG::DRLSat Mar 24 1984I can feel it....
1385.08NACHO::LYNCHSat Mar 24 1984Completely different
1386.04ERLANG::DRLSun Mar 25 1984Always a Professional
1387.02ATFAB::WYMANSun Mar 25 1984Counting Pixies...
1388.015SUPER::KENAHMon Mar 26 1984"World's Hardest Spelling Test"
1389.04BERGIL::CLINEMon Mar 26 1984Help!
1390.011SUPER::KENAHTue Mar 27 1984"World's Hardest Quotes Test"
1391.03JON::OLSONTue Mar 27 1984mice
1392.032NACHO::LYNCHTue Mar 27 1984One liners
1393.016NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Mar 28 1984Tube Alloys
1394.05SPIDER::FISHERWed Mar 28 1984Another quote
1395.013NACHO::LYNCHWed Mar 28 1984Over the hill
1396.06JON::OLSONWed Mar 28 1984More Quotes
1397.06ERLANG::DRLWed Mar 28 1984Those were the days...
1398.018NACHO::LYNCHThu Mar 29 1984More musical lines
1399.031NACHO::LYNCHThu Mar 29 1984Name --> Verb
1400.05JON::OLSONThu Mar 29 1984What's in a name.....
1401.016XENON::BURLEWThu Mar 29 1984Whistle
1402.06NACHO::CONLIFFEFri Mar 30 1984Hello, Hello, Hello
1403.03NACHO::LYNCHFri Mar 30 1984He dead all right!
1404.06NACHO::LYNCHFri Mar 30 1984Popping off
1405.012NACHO::LYNCHFri Mar 30 1984Russky bricks
1406.017NACHO::LYNCHFri Mar 30 1984G?
1407.08NACHO::LYNCHFri Mar 30 1984Short subject
1408.08REGINA::AUGERIFri Mar 30 1984The First Mustang
1409.07NACHO::LYNCHFri Mar 30 1984More names from the past
1410.023PSYCHE::MCVAYFri Mar 30 1984Word origins
1411.018NACHO::LYNCHFri Mar 30 1984Three of a kind
1412.017PSYCHE::MCVAYMon Apr 02 1984More Caffeine, etc.
1413.06BERGIL::CLINEMon Apr 02 1984The Wild, Wild West
1414.011LATOUR::KKLEINERMon Apr 02 1984Message
1415.013NACHO::LYNCHMon Apr 02 1984Banned
1416.05NACHO::CONLIFFEMon Apr 02 1984Also featuring
1417.04NACHO::CONLIFFEMon Apr 02 1984Parody Bit
1418.09ATFAB::MCCABEMon Apr 02 1984Official Baby Doctor of the ..
1419.05ATFAB::MCCABEMon Apr 02 1984Leave my teeth alone
1420.05ATFAB::MCCABEMon Apr 02 1984Pass me another Hot Dog
1421.016PSYCHE::MCVAYTue Apr 03 1984Borrowing from the Classics
1422.015BABEL::GLYNNTue Apr 03 1984Pentacocca
1423.06ELUDOM::BISHOPWed Apr 04 1984Ain't got no body..
1424.013EVE::MAXSONWed Apr 04 1984Chemical humor
1425.07PSYCHE::MCVAYWed Apr 04 19841984
1426.014BRSThu Apr 05 1984Two Bits in a Bite
1427.05BERGIL::CLINEThu Apr 05 1984Chip Off the Old Block
1428.017PSYCHE::MCVAYThu Apr 05 1984Blastoff, Cap'n Comet!!
1429.09PSYCHE::MCVAYThu Apr 05 1984Money of Their Own
1430.012PSYCHE::MCVAYThu Apr 05 1984Immortalized in Language
1431.07NUHAVN::CANTORFri Apr 06 1984"Heart line"
1432.09XENON::SAUTERFri Apr 06 1984$
1433.020PICA::FRIEDRICHSFri Apr 06 1984chocolate lovers
1434.07RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Apr 06 1984An azalea by any other name..
1435.07SDCFri Apr 06 1984A little Beatlemania...
1436.013PSYCHE::MCVAYSat Apr 07 1984Trivia Shows
1437.08PSYCHE::MCVAYMon Apr 09 1984Fanatics
1438.012NACHO::CONLIFFEMon Apr 09 1984Hair
1439.09SDCMon Apr 09 1984Beatle Trivia
1440.025SUPER::KENAHMon Apr 09 1984Occupation --> Name
1441.010ELIXIR::ABURLEWMon Apr 09 1984Figures
1443.06NACHO::LYNCHMon Apr 09 1984Keep the horses
1444.03TONTO::COLLINSTue Apr 10 1984(And the Winner is...)
1445.015SDCTue Apr 10 1984Howard, Fine, & Howard
1446.07EDEN::MAXSONTue Apr 10 1984Philo-logy
1447.011ELMER::GOUNWed Apr 11 1984Gotta sing, gotta dance
1448.08NACHO::LYNCHWed Apr 11 1984Another Czar
1449.05NACHO::LYNCHWed Apr 11 1984Award winners
1450.014NACHO::LYNCHWed Apr 11 1984State songs
1451.0NACHO::LYNCHWed Apr 11 1984JR as director
1452.03BERGIL::CLINEWed Apr 11 1984Mooooooooo. Thud.
1453.04BERGIL::CLINEWed Apr 11 1984Waterloo
1454.012NACHO::LYNCHThu Apr 12 1984Rock and Roll!
1455.09NACHO::LYNCHThu Apr 12 1984Succession
1456.017ASYLUM::SIMONThu Apr 12 1984On The Air...
1457.07SDCThu Apr 12 1984Billy Shears????
1458.027TONTO::COLLINSThu Apr 12 1984Auntie Em! Auntie Em!
1459.02NACHO::CONLIFFEThu Apr 12 1984A cut above the rest
1460.07NACHO::CONLIFFEThu Apr 12 1984Be prepared...
1461.013EDEN::MAXSONFri Apr 13 1984Name that routine
1462.013EAYVFri Apr 13 1984Hands, knees and ....
1463.010DONJON::SPERTFri Apr 13 1984I was working in the lab...
1464.026PSYCHE::MCVAYSat Apr 14 1984Mnemonic porn
1465.010PSYCHE::MCVAYSat Apr 14 1984The same language?
1466.09NACHO::LYNCHSun Apr 15 1984TV Crime Show Quiz (1)
1467.09NACHO::LYNCHSun Apr 15 1984TV Crime Show Quiz (2)
1468.012NACHO::LYNCHSun Apr 15 1984TV Crime Show Quiz (3)
1469.015NACHO::LYNCHSun Apr 15 1984TV Crime Show Quiz (4)
1470.020NACHO::LYNCHSun Apr 15 1984TV Crime Show Quiz (5)
1471.03NACHO::LYNCHMon Apr 16 1984Golllllleee, Sergeant!
1472.013PSYCHE::MCVAYMon Apr 16 1984Town Names
1473.07TURTLE::WIECHMANNTue Apr 17 1984I hear voices...
1474.012ABLE::DUGGANTue Apr 17 1984Computrivia
1475.05KOALA::ROBINSTue Apr 17 1984NADSAT
1476.06NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Apr 18 1984Runs on air
1477.021ARK::DELBALSOWed Apr 18 1984Historic Double-header
1478.04SUPER::KENAHWed Apr 18 1984Days of Our Lives
1479.09ORPHAN::LIONELWed Apr 18 1984Cap'n Crunch nor Raisin Bran
1480.07BISON::TEDONEWed Apr 18 1984Between substance and trivia
1481.017ROYAL::RAVANThu Apr 19 1984'So Saying, He Vanished'
1483.05BISON::PARENTIThu Apr 19 1984Between the lines
1484.08ORPHAN::BRETTThu Apr 19 1984DUNGEON
1485.01NACHO::LIONELFri Apr 20 1984Apropos Easter
1486.03ELUDOM::WINALSKISat Apr 21 1984Here, Fido, Here, Fido....
1487.05ERLANG::DRLSun Apr 22 1984Trailor for Sale (or Rent)
1488.03MARIAH::EITZMANSun Apr 22 1984AT4
1489.07KOALA::ROBINSSun Apr 22 1984Buffalo Bill
1490.05NACHO::CONLIFFEMon Apr 23 1984Spot the Loonie
1491.012NACHO::CONLIFFEMon Apr 23 1984Say Goodnight, Mark
1492.015RAINBO::GREENWOODMon Apr 23 1984For God, Harry, and ...
1493.018BERGIL::CLINEMon Apr 23 1984Off With Her Head!!!
1494.02ELMER::GOUNTue Apr 24 1984'Copters in the sand
1495.02GRAFIX::CAMPOSTue Apr 24 1984CARTOONS 2
1496.018BERGIL::CLINETue Apr 24 19843DBB
1497.05HARE::FISCHERTue Apr 24 1984Correspondense
1498.08RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Apr 25 1984Long
1499.016BERGIL::CLINEWed Apr 25 1984Bullwinkle and Rocky
1500.08BERGIL::CLINEWed Apr 25 1984Country Mile
1501.08TURTLE::WIECHMANNWed Apr 25 1984Famous Kangaroos
1502.011MANANA::DICKSONWed Apr 25 1984dink...dink...dink
1503.04ELIXIR::ABURLEWWed Apr 25 1984Greens
1504.03RAINBO::CLOSEWed Apr 25 1984What's his real name?
1505.06ASYLUM::SIMONThu Apr 26 1984More Cartoon Trivia
1506.06EDEN::MAXSONThu Apr 26 1984Yet more " "
1508.013RENOVO::SYDOWThu Apr 26 1984Roman Deficiencies
1509.08ERLANG::DRLThu Apr 26 1984Ma Bell is a Mother
1510.025NACHO::CONLIFFEThu Apr 26 1984Wrong Answer???
1511.014SUPER::KENAHSun Apr 29 1984abbr. wd.
1512.015SUPER::KENAHSun Apr 29 1984Violence in the Arts
1513.026BERGIL::CLINESun Apr 29 1984Leapin' Lizards
1514.011EDEN::MAXSONSun Apr 29 1984One last TV Crime Drama
1515.09RAINBO::GREENWOODMon Apr 30 1984Another movie question
1516.034EDEN::MAXSONMon Apr 30 1984Fireball XL5
1517.012SDCTue May 01 1984JUDY GARLAND
1518.032BERGIL::CLINETue May 01 1984Because Its There
1519.052RENOVO::SYDOWTue May 01 1984Evils of Pool
1520.04BERGIL::CLINETue May 01 1984Sorrows of Gin
1521.04HARE::FISCHERTue May 01 1984Sorrows of Fiction
1522.016NACHO::CONLIFFETue May 01 1984It is written
1523.011VAXWRK::FARNHAM_PWed May 02 1984...oft gang agley
1524.08RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu May 03 1984Famous horses
1525.09RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu May 03 1984No clever title this time.
1526.017RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu May 03 1984Gone to the dogs
1527.07RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu May 03 1984Epitaph
1528.09VAXWRK::FARNHAMThu May 03 1984oft gang agley rides again
1529.05NACHO::CONLIFFEThu May 03 1984Lost in the middle
1530.0PSYCHE::MCVAYFri May 04 1984Future Shock
1531.012RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri May 04 19841889 Pest control
1532.07ABLE::DUGGANFri May 04 1984lowcase cokroach, highclass cat
1533.014NUHAVN::CANTORSat May 05 1984An old Diamond
1534.017JACOB::M_MAXSONMon May 07 1984Those young bloodhounds
1535.012PSYCHE::MCVAYMon May 07 1984UPPER/lowercase?
1536.06RENOVO::SYDOWMon May 07 1984Old Timer's Moments
1537.010ELIXIR::ABURLEWMon May 07 1984More movie
1538.08NACHO::CONLIFFEMon May 07 1984Sweet Dreams
1539.017RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon May 07 1984Doom and Gloom
1540.021RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon May 07 1984What big knockers!
1541.07RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon May 07 1984Sibling Affection
1542.06RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue May 08 1984Greystoke
1543.09EDEN::MAXSONWed May 09 1984Fear and loathing...
1544.08RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed May 09 1984How a snake eats?
1545.07RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed May 09 1984Ibsen
1546.021RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed May 09 1984Norman Bates
1547.07RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed May 09 1984Immoral porpoises
1548.06MARVIN::ISBELLThu May 10 1984DIY Instrument
1549.09PARROT::BLOTCKYThu May 10 1984so long Abner Doubleday
1550.011NACHO::LYNCHThu May 10 1984Page one news
1551.014NACHO::LYNCHThu May 10 1984More of the Doctor
1552.012ABLE::DUGGANThu May 10 1984Railtriv
1553.04BERGIL::CLINEThu May 10 1984What's in a name
1554.06BERGIL::CLINEThu May 10 1984Can't Get Theh From Heah
1555.07CDR::OKEEFEThu May 10 1984Monkey in the Middle
1556.02RENOVO::SYDOWMon May 14 1984June's loss
1557.06PIXEL::BRIANMon May 14 1984Janice Joplin & Monty Python
1558.014SUPER::KENAHMon May 14 1984Not the Opposite of Ripoff
1559.02TURTLE::WIECHMANNMon May 14 1984a memorable quote
1560.010RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon May 14 1984Sun King
1561.013RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon May 14 1984It's impolite...
1562.012RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon May 14 1984Early Special Effects
1563.04ELUDOM::WINALSKIMon May 14 1984D. <tbs> D.
1564.018XENON::SAUTERMon May 14 1984Goofy
1565.012RAINBO::GREENWOODMon May 14 1984Infrequent occurence
1566.04AURORA::HALLYBTue May 15 1984Fear and Loathing II
1567.048BERGIL::CLINETue May 15 1984Football Trivia
1568.011RAINBO::GREENWOODTue May 15 1984Well 'e 'adn't 'ad 'e
1569.07BISON::VANDERWAALLTue May 15 1984Herptile Trivia
1570.018EDEN::MAXSONTue May 15 1984Man with a Tewk
1571.011EDEN::MAXSONTue May 15 1984Frank Zappa's father
1572.028PARROT::BLOTCKYWed May 16 1984Help me . . .
1573.012AKOV68::BOYAJIANWed May 16 1984SPACE ANGEL
1574.05HARE::FISCHERWed May 16 1984Innuendo
1575.09TONTO::COLLINSThu May 17 1984Hey babe, let's get steamed...
1576.010NACHO::CONLIFFEThu May 17 1984Wired
1577.012LYRA::FOLEYThu May 17 1984Noters Get Together
1578.06ARK::THOMPSONThu May 17 1984The 17th of May
1579.02NISYSG::VANASSEThu May 17 1984Milking it
1580.012NISYSG::MOCCIAThu May 17 1984School daze
1581.02CDR::OKEEFEThu May 17 1984question
1582.04PSYCHE::MCVAYThu May 17 1984Expose yourself to Art
1583.025NUHAVN::CANTORFri May 18 1984Hack! Hack!
1584.08BERGIL::CLINEFri May 18 1984Straight From the Horse's Mouth
1585.020BERGIL::CLINEFri May 18 1984It Pays To Be Ignorant!
1586.016RENOVO::SYDOWFri May 18 1984HIS HONOR's competition
1587.095LYRA::FOLEYFri May 18 1984You are...
1588.019NACHO::CONLIFFEFri May 18 1984Starting small
1589.02STAR::BECKFri May 18 1984I Have No Mouth
1590.08TONTO::COLLINSMon May 21 1984Vanity Plate
1591.04TONTO::COLLINSMon May 21 1984Give me an "H"...
1592.011MARVIN::ISBELLMon May 21 1984Attention Didier
1593.09NACHO::LYNCHMon May 21 1984R&B Biggies
1594.05NACHO::LYNCHMon May 21 1984Animal Farm Team
1595.018TRIFID::TOPAZMon May 21 1984All the nooz that fits
1596.025SMURF::SEGERMon May 21 1984Dick Van Dyke anyone?
1597.09XENON::SAUTERTue May 22 1984Opthalmologist
1598.04NACHO::LYNCHTue May 22 1984Eye care
1599.09VAX4::STEINERTue May 22 1984VARIETY
1600.07VAX4::STEINERTue May 22 1984FRIDAY THE 13TH
1601.07BERGIL::CLINETue May 22 1984FutureTrivia
1602.015RENOVO::SYDOWTue May 22 1984Uniform Regulations?
1603.0LYRA::FOLEYTue May 22 1984Noters Get Together Party
1604.08CDR::OKEEFETue May 22 1984Skull bone's conncected...
1605.02NUHAVN::CANTORWed May 23 1984Summer time, again
1606.07NACHO::CONLIFFEWed May 23 1984Andromeda Again
1607.02VAX4::STEINERWed May 23 19845
1608.04NACHO::LYNCHWed May 23 1984Ride, Captain, Ride
1609.04VAX4::STEINERWed May 23 1984Power to the People!
1610.08BERGIL::CLINEWed May 23 1984OK? S'Alright.
1611.028PARROT::BLOTCKYThu May 24 1984It's not the point
1612.019VAXUUM::DYERThu May 24 1984Why VAXUUM?
1613.021NUHAVN::BRUNERThu May 24 1984Middle Names
1614.018BERGIL::CLINEThu May 24 1984Hobson's Choice
1615.06ARK::DELBALSOFri May 25 1984Name of the game
1616.03GAUCHO::CONLIFFEFri May 25 1984and a 1 and a 2 and a
1617.010GAUCHO::CONLIFFEFri May 25 1984A moving experience
1618.019NACHO::LYNCHFri May 25 1984Not the candy bar
1619.024VAX4::STEINERFri May 25 1984Till death Duke us part, pilgrim
1620.08ELUDOM::WINALSKIMon May 28 1984Lake Geneva Mythology
1621.021VAXUUM::DYERTue May 29 1984It's not Cheap Trick!
1622.08PARROT::BLOTCKYTue May 29 1984Not for $$$$$$
1623.01OCKER::HAGARTYTue May 29 1984where have my little legs gone
1624.03SUPER::KENAHTue May 29 1984Sounds like....
1625.014GAUCHO::CONLIFFETue May 29 1984Not my age
1626.09GAUCHO::CONLIFFETue May 29 1984A company called...
1627.03ROYAL::RAVANTue May 29 1984Beautiful Dreamer
1628.022RENOVO::SYDOWTue May 29 1984OCS on the ????
1629.016ALIEN::SZETOWed May 30 1984Darkness at noon
1630.03BERGIL::CLINEWed May 30 1984Till the Cows Come Home
1631.014ELMO::LAIDLAWWed May 30 1984Why 21?
1632.04BESSIE::JELICHWed May 30 19843 in 1
1633.0ADVAX::N_FINNEGANThu May 31 1984History Anyone
1634.09BERGIL::CLINEThu May 31 1984Thanks A Lot!
1635.027RENOVO::SYDOWThu May 31 1984"Truth, Justice, and Virtue"
1636.016VAXWRK::FARNHAM_PThu May 31 1984Dopey Shrugged
1637.0DELPHI::BECKFri Jun 01 1984Monty Gamester
1638.012SDCFri Jun 01 1984...by the Dashboard Light
1639.04SUPER::KENAHFri Jun 01 1984"Wrong, Scrivener Breath!!"
1640.015TURTLE::WIECHMANNFri Jun 01 1984Home to Emily
1641.03TURTLE::WIECHMANNFri Jun 01 198412th Precinct
1642.010NISYSG::MOCCIAFri Jun 01 1984Getting On Track
1643.015ATFAB::MCCABEFri Jun 01 1984Concordance Be Damned
1644.012ROYAL::RAVANFri Jun 01 1984___s are Beautiful
1645.011VAX4::STEINERFri Jun 01 1984Belly up to the Barr
1646.09PARROT::BLOTCKYSat Jun 02 1984Nothing goes right
1647.04DVINCI::KANESat Jun 02 1984Questionable invention....
1648.014AKOV68::BOYAJIANSun Jun 03 1984THEY RAN OUT OF S's
1649.07GAUCHO::CONLIFFEMon Jun 04 1984By any other name would be...
1650.012ELMO::LAIDLAWMon Jun 04 1984More from our Nation's Capital
1651.010VAX4::STEINERMon Jun 04 1984Remember the Alamo
1653.02R2ME2::EPPESMon Jun 04 1984Vote early and often
1655.09RENOVO::SYDOWTue Jun 05 1984A Freebie for the Local Natives
1656.05GAUCHO::CONLIFFETue Jun 05 1984Avenging Angel
1657.07HARDY::KENAHTue Jun 05 1984Shake your speare..
1658.06NACHO::CONLIFFETue Jun 05 1984missing link
1659.08ASYLUM::SIMONWed Jun 06 1984His name rings a bell...
1660.022OTHER::PRIBORSKYWed Jun 06 1984D-Day
1661.05OTHER::PRIBORSKYWed Jun 06 1984Birthplace
1662.026ALPINE::ROGERSWed Jun 06 1984The most Common Place Name?
1663.020XENON::GAUDREAUWed Jun 06 1984Sur le pied
1664.010BABEL::BISHOPWed Jun 06 1984D-Other-Day
1665.010ASYLUM::SIMONWed Jun 06 1984Musical Tales
1666.011NISYSG::MOCCIAWed Jun 06 1984Full of Holes
1667.04ORPHAN::BRETTThu Jun 07 1984Tinker, Tailor,...
1668.014ORPHAN::BRETTThu Jun 07 1984G & S
1669.04ORPHAN::BRETTThu Jun 07 1984Naturally...
1670.013JON::OLSONThu Jun 07 1984swen strops
1671.02SBGVAX::OKEEFEThu Jun 07 1984Hi Ethel...
1672.018NERMAL::FRASHERThu Jun 07 1984Crustaceans
1673.010NANOOK::RABIDEAUThu Jun 07 1984Marine Royalty
1674.07XENON::GAUDREAUThu Jun 07 1984Its empty again
1675.06XENON::GAUDREAUThu Jun 07 1984A mystery
1676.011ARK::DELBALSOThu Jun 07 1984Ah, yes! Justin Dart -
1677.05BRSFri Jun 08 1984Power Up Front
1679.024ELIXIR::ABURLEWFri Jun 08 1984I can't think of a title
1680.04ASYLUM::SIMONSat Jun 09 1984Come Fly With Me
1681.09BERGIL::CLINEMon Jun 11 1984Toto Too
1682.026TRIVIA::PRASADMon Jun 11 1984Shakespeare
1683.09TRIVIA::PRASADMon Jun 11 1984Hitchhikers' guide.....
1684.07R2ME2::EPPESMon Jun 11 1984Death of a legend
1685.05VAX4::STEINERMon Jun 11 1984Don't Hurt me Rick
1686.06TRIVIA::PRASADMon Jun 11 1984Andy Hardy
1687.01XENON::GAUDREAUMon Jun 11 1984Its a Sony...
1688.014TRIVIA::PRASADTue Jun 12 1984OPEC
1689.017TRIVIA::PRASADTue Jun 12 1984Why round ?
1690.07NACHO::LYNCHTue Jun 12 1984Who said...
1691.014NACHO::LYNCHTue Jun 12 1984Who said...
1692.018ELMO::LAIDLAWTue Jun 12 1984McTrivia
1693.016NISYSG::MOCCIATue Jun 12 1984Danvers
1694.015TRIVIA::PRASADTue Jun 12 1984to err
1695.017ARK::DELBALSOWed Jun 13 1984Verne in the flicks
1696.05NACHO::CONLIFFEWed Jun 13 1984High Noon
1697.014XENON::GAUDREAUWed Jun 13 1984Werewolfs...
1698.06RAINBO::GREENWOODWed Jun 13 1984Watch with Mother
1699.012NERMAL::FRASHERWed Jun 13 1984CREST
1700.03NISYSG::MOCCIAWed Jun 13 1984Reprise
1701.016PUFFIN::GRUBERThu Jun 14 1984More Future
1702.015TRIVIA::PRASADThu Jun 14 1984$ 1
1703.024PAXVAX::WELLCOMEThu Jun 14 1984Who said....
1704.09RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Jun 15 1984Here I go again!
1705.022ELMO::LAIDLAWFri Jun 15 1984The Devil Made Me Do It!
1706.011HARDY::KENAHFri Jun 15 1984In Yo' Face!!!
1707.05ADVISE::COXFri Jun 15 1984Free Lunch?
1708.016BABEL::GLYNNFri Jun 15 1984DATSUN
1709.05TONTO::COLLINSSat Jun 16 1984I owe Simon a favor
1710.03TONTO::COLLINSSat Jun 16 1984It's Magic
1711.04CYPRUS::TOPAZSat Jun 16 1984Take me out of the ballgame
1712.07TONTO::COLLINSSat Jun 16 1984Irish Rover
1713.05NEXUS::REMOTESat Jun 16 1984Boxing Trivia
1714.025NEXUS::REMOTESun Jun 17 1984Viva Le Surrealist
1715.06HARDY::KENAHSun Jun 17 1984Presidential Connections
1716.06ELMO::LAIDLAWMon Jun 18 1984Grandfather Clock
1717.011NACHO::LYNCHMon Jun 18 1984Death and Transfiguration
1718.045ELMO::LAIDLAWMon Jun 18 1984Ancient Boob Tube
1719.061CYPRUS::TOPAZMon Jun 18 1984Immoral porpoises
1720.07NACHO::LYNCHTue Jun 19 1984C. C. Rider
1721.023FUTBAL::WIECHMANNTue Jun 19 1984Scooby Dooby Doo Wop
1722.017RAINBO::GREENWOODTue Jun 19 1984Gremlins
1723.014VAXWRK::MAXSONWed Jun 20 1984Virgins in Virginia?
1724.017RENOVO::SYDOWWed Jun 20 1984For the English...
1725.04RAINBO::GREENWOODWed Jun 20 1984Ronnies relations
1726.02ASGMKA::GLEASONThu Jun 21 1984Attention Noters!
1727.06CAR::TOWLEThu Jun 21 1984Nuts to You...
1728.04ROYAL::RAVANThu Jun 21 1984The Devil, You Say
1729.018XENON::GAUDREAUThu Jun 21 1984The Devil's Home -
1730.013VAX4::STEINERThu Jun 21 1984Six Flags
1731.016CAR::TOWLEFri Jun 22 1984animal,veggie,or mineral?
1732.07CAR::TOWLEFri Jun 22 1984Here's lookin at ya...
1733.013CAR::TOWLEFri Jun 22 1984Fly by night..
1734.034RAINBO::GREENWOODFri Jun 22 1984First and Last
1735.08CAR::VEDDERFri Jun 22 1984BUGS `N STUFF
1736.011ELIXIR::ABURLEWFri Jun 22 1984Where is it?
1737.010AKOV68::BOYAJIANSat Jun 23 1984Clavell Claver
1738.03SBGVAX::OKEEFESat Jun 23 1984Not Nancy's Father
1739.026VAXWRK::MAXSONMon Jun 25 1984Spades, Hearts, Diamonds &
1740.014ELMO::LAIDLAWMon Jun 25 1984Potpourri
1741.09R2ME2::DUNLAPMon Jun 25 19841984
1742.033RENOVO::SYDOWTue Jun 26 1984Fare for the Fourth
1743.010ELMO::LAIDLAWTue Jun 26 1984Who said...
1744.09AURORA::HALLYBTue Jun 26 1984Expensive Extermination
1745.013VOGON::GREENWOODTue Jun 26 1984East is east
1746.015PSYCHE::MCVAYTue Jun 26 1984All the News, right or wrong
1747.019RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Jun 27 1984What Tangled Webs...
1748.03VAXWRK::MAXSONWed Jun 27 1984Hello Larry
1749.027R2ME2::EPPESWed Jun 27 1984Briefs
1750.010ELMO::LAIDLAWThu Jun 28 198412th Precinct Revisited
1751.016NACHO::LYNCHThu Jun 28 1984Lyrics quiz
1752.042RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Jun 28 1984The official...
1753.019VAX4::STEINERThu Jun 28 1984winnebago
1754.03ELMO::LAIDLAWThu Jun 28 1984Move Over Ed
1755.06FDCGIA::SYSTEMFri Jun 29 1984Beverly Hillbillies
1756.011ELMO::LAIDLAWFri Jun 29 1984Don't Forget the Pics
1757.02NACHO::CONLIFFESat Jun 30 1984Golden Oldie
1758.05QUILL::NELSONSat Jun 30 1984Most Popular...
1759.014ELUDOM::HETRICKSat Jun 30 1984Charlie on the LIRR
1760.04NACHO::CONLIFFESat Jun 30 1984More chemistry
1761.09NACHO::CONLIFFESat Jun 30 1984Two unique qualities
1762.07SBGVAX::OKEEFESun Jul 01 19841
1763.05SMURF::CLINEMon Jul 02 1984Fat Cat
1764.09VAX4::STEINERMon Jul 02 1984Wheels
1765.05VAX4::STEINERMon Jul 02 1984Lost in the Ozone
1766.011ELMO::LAIDLAWMon Jul 02 1984By Any Other Name
1767.018ASGMKA::GLEASONMon Jul 02 1984In the tradition of Soapbox
1768.04VAX4::STEINERMon Jul 02 1984Who am I?
1769.05XENON::GAUDREAUMon Jul 02 1984In the sky, it's...
1770.013BABEL::BISHOPTue Jul 03 1984Give a little, take a little
1771.02BABEL::BISHOPTue Jul 03 1984Pell lost his hair
1772.03PARROT::BLOTCKYTue Jul 03 1984Give the man some credit
1774.06SUPER::KENAHTue Jul 03 1984three for three
1775.010SUPER::KENAHTue Jul 03 1984three for four
1776.012SUPER::KENAHTue Jul 03 1984one for two
1777.016SUPER::KENAHTue Jul 03 1984One for the fourth
1778.07ELMO::LAIDLAWTue Jul 03 1984Who Died...
1780.06VAX4::STEINERTue Jul 03 1984double feature
1781.022NACHO::LYNCHWed Jul 04 1984Who are we?
1782.04PARROT::BLOTCKYWed Jul 04 1984in the bag
1783.04NACHO::LYNCHWed Jul 04 1984Radical words
1784.04BOOKIE::PARODIThu Jul 05 1984geography
1785.07SBGVAX::OKEEFEThu Jul 05 1984gloworm
1786.014VAX4::STEINERThu Jul 05 1984Butts
1787.09NACHO::LYNCHThu Jul 05 1984Number 1
1788.02ELMER::GOUNThu Jul 05 1984There's a Good Time Coming
1789.011EXODUS::MCKENDRYThu Jul 05 1984The Name of the Rose
1790.06ELMO::LAIDLAWFri Jul 06 1984Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor...
1791.010R2ME2::EPPESFri Jul 06 1984Trying harder
1792.011RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Jul 06 1984Party time
1793.010RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Jul 06 1984Kitties
1794.06VAX4::STEINERFri Jul 06 1984Ayuh
1795.016VAX4::STEINERFri Jul 06 1984Vietnam Vet
1796.025EXODUS::MCKENDRYFri Jul 06 1984Aforementioned Note
1797.012NACHO::LYNCHSat Jul 07 1984The War Between the States
1798.012TONTO::COLLINSSat Jul 07 1984Brownbagging It
1799.017BERGIL::CLINESat Jul 07 1984Hi Ho Silver
1800.020ASGMKA::GLEASONSun Jul 08 1984Trivial Animals
1801.04ASGMKA::GLEASONSun Jul 08 1984Trivial Sex, Love, and Marraige
1802.05ASGMKA::GLEASONSun Jul 08 1984Trivial Food
1803.04ASGMKA::GLEASONSun Jul 08 1984Trivial Travel
1804.03PARROT::BLOTCKYMon Jul 09 1984Horn Abbott
1805.025ORPHAN::LIONELMon Jul 09 1984You've got it
1806.04TRIVIA::PRASADMon Jul 09 19841st women in Olympics
1807.08VAX4::STEINERMon Jul 09 1984Elephant food.
1808.01USMRM1::BSYLVESTERMon Jul 09 198418
1809.019ELMER::GOUNMon Jul 09 1984Zero, zero, zero, destruct zero
1810.04VAX4::STEINERMon Jul 09 1984Country doctor.
1811.015ELMER::GOUNMon Jul 09 1984Greater Maynard trivia
1812.02VAX4::STEINERMon Jul 09 1984Tuesday Nights at 8
1813.03PAXVAX::WELLCOMETue Jul 10 1984The Monitor (ship) (again)
1814.06HELOS::TOPAZTue Jul 10 1984Yellow journalism
1816.01SBGVAX::OKEEFETue Jul 10 1984Paul Revere
1817.023VAXWRK::OMALLEYTue Jul 10 1984Feel good about what?
1818.09SMURF::CLINETue Jul 10 1984Good Grief, You Blockhead
1819.015SBGVAX::OKEEFEWed Jul 11 1984Little Rhodey
1820.020R2ME2::EPPESWed Jul 11 1984Presidentrivia
1821.031ROYAL::RAVANWed Jul 11 1984Connections
1822.022ELMER::GOUNWed Jul 11 1984Sagans and Sagans
1823.012NACHO::LYNCHThu Jul 12 1984Commonality
1824.011SMURF::CLINEThu Jul 12 1984Holy Spitball, Batman!
1825.03VAX4::STEVENSONThu Jul 12 1984Lipstick -- A Music Question
1826.02NISYSG::MOCCIAThu Jul 12 1984Timely
1827.015SPCTRM::CLOSEThu Jul 12 1984What's my name?
1828.012PROVMS::[BECK]Fri Jul 13 1984Ocular levity
1829.011RAINBW::STRATTONFri Jul 13 1984Future Trivia
1830.029SUPER::KENAHFri Jul 13 1984Another Chemistry Question
1831.010BABEL::BISHOPSat Jul 14 1984Lord Acton and Others
1832.010NEWTON::WEISSSat Jul 14 1984New Type of Trivia! (One-liners)
1833.011ELUDOM::WINALSKISun Jul 15 1984Ha-ha-ha-HA-ha! Ha-ha-ha-HA-ha!
1834.019NEWTON::WEISSSun Jul 15 1984More Music One Liners!
1835.03ELMER::GOUNMon Jul 16 1984Octopussy
1836.07PARROT::BLOTCKYMon Jul 16 1984$2
1837.08XENON::SAUTERMon Jul 16 1984Grapes
1838.014TONTO::COLLINSMon Jul 16 1984Well if you really want to know
1839.025RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon Jul 16 1984Wedding Bells
1840.034NACHO::LYNCHMon Jul 16 1984Get under your desk!
1841.015XENON::SAUTERMon Jul 16 1984tlh's intended
1842.019VAX4::STEINERMon Jul 16 1984Commonality II
1843.012EXODUS::MCKENDRYTue Jul 17 1984Singin' the Cattle Call
1844.011ROYAL::RAVANTue Jul 17 19841894
1845.018ROYAL::RAVANTue Jul 17 1984Anchors Away
1846.012EXODUS::MCKENDRYTue Jul 17 1984To Look Sharp...
1847.017SPCTRM::CLOSETue Jul 17 1984Joan Rivers' 1st flick
1848.04XENON::GAUDREAUTue Jul 17 1984It drips when it's hot
1849.04SUPER::KENAHTue Jul 17 1984Gold Diggers
1850.07PARROT::BLOTCKYTue Jul 17 1984Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
1851.04NEWTON::WEISSWed Jul 18 1984It has it's ups and downs
1852.028NEWTON::WEISSWed Jul 18 1984Holy Trivialities!!!
1853.08HARE::FISCHERWed Jul 18 1984Trivia Operatica
1854.021RAINBO::GREENWOODWed Jul 18 1984uisge beatha
1855.02ALPINE::ROGERSWed Jul 18 1984A piece of the Rock
1856.09ELMER::GOUNWed Jul 18 1984On These Days in History
1857.010NEWTON::WEISSWed Jul 18 1984A Click of Terminals
1858.011MAISHA::BUBAWed Jul 18 1984More rock 'n Roll liners
1859.046XENON::GAUDREAUWed Jul 18 1984Phantasms
1860.08MAISHA::BUBAWed Jul 18 1984language twisters
1861.011VAX4::STEINERWed Jul 18 1984Even more Rock 'n Roll
1862.09VAX4::STEINERThu Jul 19 1984Feij~ao Preto
1863.013NISYSG::MOCCIAThu Jul 19 1984For CATS lovers
1864.013NEWTON::WEISSThu Jul 19 1984Super Obscure Trivia!
1865.035MAISHA::BUBAThu Jul 19 1984Veni, vidi, vici.
1866.08MAISHA::BUBAThu Jul 19 1984TOP 4
1867.08NACHO::LYNCHThu Jul 19 1984It's over my head
1868.04LAMBDA::VOSBURYThu Jul 19 1984Rat-faced McDougall
1869.021PARROT::BLOTCKYThu Jul 19 1984Phonies
1870.09EAYVFri Jul 20 1984Name the Elvis film.
1871.016ERLANG::WHALENFri Jul 20 1984Turning blue
1872.06XENON::GAUDREAUFri Jul 20 1984How to square a circle
1873.012VAXWRK::MAXSONFri Jul 20 1984before midnight tomorrow
1874.017VAX4::STEINERFri Jul 20 1984More than all the news that's fi
1875.05EAYVFri Jul 20 1984Better known as ?
1876.05ATFAB::MCCABEFri Jul 20 1984Trivia
1877.011ROYAL::RAVANFri Jul 20 1984More Language Twisters
1878.011NEWTON::WEISSFri Jul 20 1984Concordance to the Max!
1879.011TURTLE::GILBERTFri Jul 20 1984Good Luck
1880.08PSYCHE::MCVAYFri Jul 20 1984Forensic Scientists need not app
1881.015NEWTON::WEISSSun Jul 22 1984Madam, I'm Adam
1882.03SBGVAX::OKEEFESun Jul 22 1984Birds of a Feather
1883.017BISON::RICHARDSun Jul 22 1984After the movies
1884.011NACHO::LYNCHMon Jul 23 1984No dwarfs need apply
1886.09ELMO::LAIDLAWMon Jul 23 1984By the Neck!
1887.015HARE::FISCHERTue Jul 24 1984L'Reine est morte; vive l'Reine
1888.015TONTO::COLLINSTue Jul 24 1984Necrotrivia
1889.03VAX4::STEINERTue Jul 24 1984Tropical Sunburn
1890.013RAINBO::GREENWOODTue Jul 24 1984Trivial Pursuit rip offs
1891.012TRIVIA::PRASADTue Jul 24 1984Gandhi......
1892.018XENON::GAUDREAUTue Jul 24 1984Mr. Kent is here, sir...
1893.021PARROT::BLOTCKYWed Jul 25 1984Here she is
1894.019PRSTSC::MAILLARDWed Jul 25 1984Vaspourakan
1895.016XENON::GAUDREAUWed Jul 25 1984In your pocket
1896.010CYGNUS::ARVIDSONWed Jul 25 1984batcave
1897.010LAMBDA::VOSBURYWed Jul 25 1984Alexander Botts
1898.07XENON::GAUDREAUThu Jul 26 1984The farm
1899.09XENON::GAUDREAUThu Jul 26 1984Samuri & Ninja power
1900.011EXODUS::MCKENDRYThu Jul 26 1984Benefit of Clergy
1901.06XENON::GAUDREAUThu Jul 26 1984It came from space
1902.05SMURF::CLINEThu Jul 26 1984RFI
1903.02XENON::GAUDREAUThu Jul 26 1984Trivia for ZK
1904.05SUPER::KENAHThu Jul 26 1984More Latin
1905.031SUPER::KENAHThu Jul 26 1984Toto, I've a feeling...
1906.014RAINBO::GREENWOODThu Jul 26 1984My first computer
1907.025NACHO::LYNCHFri Jul 27 1984State of mind
1908.014NACHO::LYNCHFri Jul 27 1984In the News
1910.020XENON::GAUDREAUFri Jul 27 1984Name that fear in N screams...
1911.018ELMO::LAIDLAWFri Jul 27 1984Klatu
1912.011SBGVAX::OKEEFEFri Jul 27 1984Wedded Bliss??
1913.018VAXUUM::DYERSat Jul 28 1984A Famous Quote
1914.038NEWTON::WEISSSat Jul 28 1984Olympic Trivia
1915.019VAXWRK::OMALLEYSat Jul 28 1984Not Michael Jackson
1916.017NACHO::LYNCHMon Jul 30 1984Another music quiz
1917.020PARROT::BLOTCKYMon Jul 30 1984The offical candy
1918.02SPCTRM::CLOSEMon Jul 30 1984The real Jerry Langford
1919.012PARROT::BLOTCKYTue Jul 31 1984Youngest of three
1920.024XENON::GAUDREAUTue Jul 31 1984They still linger...
1921.01SBGVAX::OKEEFETue Jul 31 1984F.Y.I.
1922.011SUPER::KENAHTue Jul 31 1984Dynamite!
1923.05SUPER::KENAHTue Jul 31 1984Six Colors & Six Flavors
1924.08ELMO::LAIDLAWWed Aug 01 1984Smile Bill
1925.014MAISHA::BUBAWed Aug 01 1984More Olympic Trivia
1926.015SUPER::KENAHWed Aug 01 1984Roll 'Em!
1927.014NACHO::LYNCHWed Aug 01 1984Sports shorts
1928.018VAX4::STEINERThu Aug 02 1984Live, from N.Y.
1929.016HARE::FISCHERThu Aug 02 1984Istanbul & Constantinople
1930.019ORPHAN::BRETTThu Aug 02 1984Ancient Mores
1931.08KATIE::WHEELERThu Aug 02 1984YES album
1932.06ELMO::LAIDLAWThu Aug 02 1984Gentlemen, Start Your Engines
1933.011NACHO::LYNCHThu Aug 02 1984More sports shorts
1934.010ALIEN::SZETOThu Aug 02 1984More ancient Olympic games
1935.012RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Aug 03 1984A Musical Question
1936.012NISYSG::MOCCIAFri Aug 03 1984Biztriv
1937.05NACHO::LYNCHFri Aug 03 1984Yet more sports shorts
1938.015NACHO::LYNCHFri Aug 03 1984SF trivia
1939.08AJAX::BECKFri Aug 03 1984Plunder
1940.03ELUDOM::WINALSKISat Aug 04 1984New Concordance Available
1941.011ROYAL::RAVANSun Aug 05 1984Stepcousin-in-law of SF trivia
1942.017COGITO::BUEHLERSun Aug 05 1984Remember What?!
1943.012HARE::GILBERTMon Aug 06 1984Purple Cow
1944.02ELMO::LAIDLAWMon Aug 06 1984Trade Names
1945.021VAX4::STEINERMon Aug 06 1984Freeze, Now!
1946.018FDCVMon Aug 06 1984** M.A.S.H. **
1947.03VAXWRK::MAXSONMon Aug 06 1984Dreams & Dates
1948.04PRSTSC::MAILLARDTue Aug 07 1984Wisdom
1949.030ELMO::LAIDLAWTue Aug 07 1984Hollywood
1950.07SMURF::CLINEWed Aug 08 1984Richard Burton Trivia
1951.012ROYAL::RAVANWed Aug 08 1984Holy ---
1952.03ROYAL::RAVANWed Aug 08 1984Trick Question
1953.014VAX4::STEVENSONWed Aug 08 1984Dacron Revisited
1954.028PSYCHE::COTTONWed Aug 08 198421ST CENTURY
1955.012SMURF::CLINEWed Aug 08 1984More Fun
1956.05VAXWRK::MAXSONWed Aug 08 1984Live cheap or die
1957.09VAX4::STEINERWed Aug 08 1984The Last 2
1958.011VAX4::STEINERWed Aug 08 1984No comment
1959.03NACHO::LYNCHThu Aug 09 1984Call the Doctor
1960.05NEWTON::WEISSThu Aug 09 1984What's in a name?
1961.06EAYVThu Aug 09 1984SPORT HISTORY
1962.02ABLE::DUGGANThu Aug 09 1984"I am NOT president"
1963.012SPCTRM::CLOSEThu Aug 09 1984...like a naked lady
1964.012NACHO::LYNCHFri Aug 10 1984Doctor Strangelove
1965.08ELMO::LAIDLAWFri Aug 10 1984Go West...
1966.07WARLRD::MCABEEFri Aug 10 1984Ahooha!
1967.05RAINBW::STRATTONMon Aug 13 1984Knock, knock
1968.07SBGVAX::OKEEFEMon Aug 13 1984Say it!
1969.010NACHO::LYNCHMon Aug 13 1984Another musical quiz
1970.05MAISHA::MAJORMon Aug 13 1984Baseball fever
1971.05PUFFIN::GRUBERTue Aug 14 1984Not Buckwheat
1972.017NACHO::LYNCHTue Aug 14 1984More sporty shortys
1973.015ELMO::LAIDLAWTue Aug 14 1984Peck, peck..
1974.06VAX4::STEINERWed Aug 15 1984Down on the farm
1975.015NACHO::LYNCHWed Aug 15 1984More S. S.
1976.011MAISHA::MAHONEYWed Aug 15 1984Beatle Berry
1977.027ELMO::LAIDLAWWed Aug 15 1984Not Just a Pretty Face
1978.06FRSBEE::GALVINWed Aug 15 1984Prince Trivia
1979.01Ghost::DEANWed Aug 15 1984Mother
1981.04SMURF::CLINEWed Aug 15 1984Good Sport
1982.04SMURF::CLINEThu Aug 16 1984Hot Hippo
1983.014EIFFEL::BRETTFri Aug 17 1984LDS
1984.04EIFFEL::BRETTFri Aug 17 1984Obscure indeed
1985.07ORPHAN::BRETTFri Aug 17 1984Another US pres.
1986.07ASYLUM::SIMONFri Aug 17 1984Arch Criminal
1987.03ASYLUM::SIMONFri Aug 17 1984Lassie Come Home...
1989.022COGITO::BUEHLERSat Aug 18 1984Lessee, turn left ...
1990.09ELMO::LAIDLAWSat Aug 18 1984Proud Son
1991.010NISYSG::MOCCIAMon Aug 20 1984Olympic Reprise
1992.04WEBSTR::STUARTMon Aug 20 1984speaking of proud sons ...
1993.04COGITO::BUEHLERMon Aug 20 1984Weighty Brothers
1994.05ELMO::LAIDLAWMon Aug 20 1984He May Be Right
1995.07WEBSTR::STUARTMon Aug 20 1984heroes
1996.06VAX4::STEINERTue Aug 21 1984Warren's Sister
1997.03ELMO::LAIDLAWTue Aug 21 1984MMT
1998.016SUPER::KENAHWed Aug 22 1984It Brought Down the House
1999.010SUPER::KENAHWed Aug 22 1984Versa Vice
2000.021SUPER::KENAHWed Aug 22 1984Millennium Two
2001.029VECTOR::KANEWed Aug 22 1984Probably not Ronnie....
2002.09COGITO::BUEHLERWed Aug 22 1984A girl's best friend
2003.08NACHO::LYNCHThu Aug 23 1984Who?
2004.022NUHAVN::CANTORThu Aug 23 1984Self-contradictory signs
2005.011NACHO::LYNCHThu Aug 23 1984A and A
2006.017ELMO::LAIDLAWThu Aug 23 1984Matinee Time
2008.011GUIDO::SVIRSKYThu Aug 23 1984Anybody got 3 Scooby-snacks?!
2009.03ELMO::LAIDLAWFri Aug 24 1984Slightly Overcast
2010.030NACHO::LYNCHFri Aug 24 1984More news
2011.011MAISHA::BUBAFri Aug 24 1984glittery oration
2012.016NACHO::LYNCHMon Aug 27 1984Film quotes quiz
2013.010NACHO::LYNCHMon Aug 27 1984Lights, camera,...
2014.05MANANA::DICKSONMon Aug 27 1984Not Frost
2016.063ELMO::LAIDLAWTue Aug 28 1984Good Old Days
2018.09CAR::VEDDERTue Aug 28 1984Buried Alive
2019.012ELMO::LAIDLAWTue Aug 28 1984Help!
2020.028GRAFIX::EPPESWed Aug 29 1984Booze
2021.011NACHO::LYNCHWed Aug 29 1984In and Out
2022.05CAR::VEDDERWed Aug 29 1984Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,I,O,P,
2023.01VAX4::STEVENSONWed Aug 29 1984Last but not Least
2024.09VAX4::STEINERWed Aug 29 1984Unique Bum
2025.07RAINBW::STRATTONThu Aug 30 1984V
2026.07VAX4::STEINERThu Aug 30 1984quill
2027.05NACHO::LYNCHThu Aug 30 1984Drop a dime
2028.016NISYSG::MOCCIAThu Aug 30 1984Ahoogah
2029.01SDCFri Aug 31 1984DIAMETRICS
2030.012ELMO::LAIDLAWFri Aug 31 1984Move Over Geraldine
2031.08SUPER::KENAHFri Aug 31 1984Lyrics with a twist- of a knife
2032.06VAXWRK::MAXSONSat Sep 01 1984Where all the songs are sad
2033.07SMURF::CLINESat Sep 01 1984Cat Got Your Tongue?
2034.02SUPER::KENAHSun Sep 02 1984Art Deco
2035.012NACHO::LYNCHTue Sep 04 1984Beers
2036.015VAXWRK::CIMALORETue Sep 04 1984Springsteen
2037.03KRYPTN::NICHOLSWed Sep 05 1984Str Trk meets Rdgrs & Hmrstn
2038.024ELMO::LAIDLAWThu Sep 06 1984Who Said...
2039.06NETMAN::DUNLAPThu Sep 06 1984Gilmore the Lion
2040.011SMAUG::CLARKFri Sep 07 1984Hide and Seek
2042.02ATFAB::MCCABEFri Sep 07 1984chirp chirp
2043.010VAXWRK::CIMALOREFri Sep 07 1984What is PRINCE
2044.08BISON::RICHARDSun Sep 09 1984Going West
2045.018SUPER::KENAHMon Sep 10 1984The Golden North
2046.016VAX4::STEINERMon Sep 10 1984CASEY CASEM SEZ:
2047.09ELMO::LAIDLAWTue Sep 11 1984Remember Fury?
2048.010VAXWRK::MAXSONTue Sep 11 1984mad. av. radio
2049.03NACHO::LYNCHWed Sep 12 1984Cool guy
2050.011R2ME2::EPPESWed Sep 12 1984America jumps on the bandwagon
2051.014SUPER::KENAHWed Sep 12 1984NOT Children
2052.05FDCVWed Sep 12 1984More Fantasy
2053.012MAISHA::BUBAThu Sep 13 1984Just another famous saying
2054.08CAR::VEDDERThu Sep 13 1984Brimstone and cherubs
2055.03NACHO::LYNCHFri Sep 14 1984It's in the bag
2056.07Futbal::WIECHMANNFri Sep 14 1984Cost of Living
2057.018NISYSG::MOCCIAFri Sep 14 1984Verily
2058.09ELUDOM::WINALSKISun Sep 16 1984Heavy Commentary
2059.04TAVMon Sep 17 1984Words to Bonanza??
2060.05SDCMon Sep 17 1984What did I just say?
2062.05CAR::VEDDERTue Sep 18 1984___ goes the weasel !
2063.010VAXWRK::MAXSONTue Sep 18 1984This is WORKER speaking.
2064.05SDCTue Sep 18 1984More Subaru nomenclature
2065.05VAX4::STEINERThu Sep 20 1984BANANAS
2066.011XENON::BOURQUARDThu Sep 20 1984Star Trek Revisited
2067.0MAISHA::BUBAThu Sep 20 1984Melt and drip, drip...
2068.07ANNECY::DEIGHTONFri Sep 21 1984Continuing the nautical vein
2070.06VAX4::STEVENSONFri Sep 21 1984Southfork Psychics
2071.07VAXWRK::MAXSONSun Sep 23 1984plewds and lucaflects
2072.03TAVTue Sep 25 1984What's New With Francis Bavier?
2073.07NACHO::LYNCHTue Sep 25 1984Beep-Beep
2074.06NACHO::LYNCHTue Sep 25 1984Alias Arnold
2075.06NACHO::LYNCHTue Sep 25 1984Premier person
2076.09NACHO::LYNCHTue Sep 25 1984Good boy
2077.06NACHO::LYNCHTue Sep 25 1984Your immenseness
2078.023NACHO::LYNCHTue Sep 25 1984At the Junction
2079.012NACHO::LYNCHTue Sep 25 1984Better known as
2080.06NACHO::LYNCHTue Sep 25 1984Rat
2083.04FDCVTue Sep 25 1984Wheres the Magnum?
2084.06OCKER::GIFFORDWed Sep 26 1984Winged?
2085.09ELMO::LAIDLAWWed Sep 26 1984Couldn't Resist
2086.02AKOV68::BOYAJIANWed Sep 26 1984Periodic relative
2087.014RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Sep 26 1984It's an academic question
2088.014RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Sep 26 1984Attention Card players!
2089.011RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Sep 26 1984suntan lotion needed
2090.07RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Sep 26 1984solitary work
2091.02RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Sep 26 1984One for the Brits
2092.03RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Sep 26 1984Native Son
2093.02RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Sep 26 1984Native Son -- Part II
2094.012RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHWed Sep 26 1984Tribal Groups
2095.024MAISHA::BUBAWed Sep 26 1984The honeymoon is over...
2096.07COEVAX::STRYKERWed Sep 26 1984Star Trek --> TJ Hooker
2097.022EUCLID::CONNELLWed Sep 26 1984Over the Rainbow (not 1
2098.03VAX4::STEINERWed Sep 26 1984Buck Rogers goes to London
2099.06NACHO::LYNCHThu Sep 27 1984Granny
2100.021MAISHA::BUBAThu Sep 27 1984Bang, bang, bang, bang...
2101.06NACHO::LYNCHThu Sep 27 1984Day of Infamy
2102.021RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHThu Sep 27 1984Poetic Justice
2103.09VAX4::STEINERThu Sep 27 1984Would you believe James Dean?
2104.012VAX4::STEINERThu Sep 27 1984Wilde about movies
2105.014MAISHA::BUBAFri Sep 28 1984Abbott and Costello
2106.013MAISHA::BUBAFri Sep 28 1984Dragnet...
2107.06MAISHA::BUBAFri Sep 28 1984Not rednecks...
2108.06CAR::VEDDERFri Sep 28 1984There's a fly in my soup!
2109.029PSYCHE::COTTONFri Sep 28 1984FTROOP
2110.09CAR::VEDDERFri Sep 28 1984Ancient apples
2111.02REX::BRIGGSFri Sep 28 1984In Record Time
2112.09CAR::VEDDERFri Sep 28 1984Nonsense
2113.029CAR::VEDDERFri Sep 28 1984Russian fizz
2114.02MAISHA::BUBAFri Sep 28 1984Ex-Russian lit.
2115.03SDCFri Sep 28 1984Parsec
2116.06STOWMA::RIPLEYFri Sep 28 1984Now it's a DEC plant
2117.011BISON::RICHARDSat Sep 29 1984Ahead of his time
2118.08REX::BRIGGSMon Oct 01 198415 yrs. ago today
2119.01MAISHA::BUBAMon Oct 01 1984Whatever happened to...
2120.04VAX4::STEINERTue Oct 02 1984Wedgewood
2121.02CAR::VEDDERTue Oct 02 1984Didn't have a library
2122.04METEOR::CALLASTue Oct 02 1984Second order trivia
2123.05RAINBW::CREWSWed Oct 03 198433 years ago today ...
2125.013ASYLUM::CHARBONNEAUThu Oct 04 1984stumper
2126.02NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 04 1984Whipping
2127.09RAINBW::FREEDMANThu Oct 04 1984defenders
2128.021RAINBW::FREEDMANThu Oct 04 1984how do you say it?
2129.09NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 04 1984What's that sound?
2130.05NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 04 1984Only a bird
2131.03NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 04 1984Stand aside, Jack Palance
2132.017NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 04 1984Early biggies
2133.010RAINBW::FREEDMANFri Oct 05 1984Partnerships
2134.01CHOPIN::PARENTIFri Oct 05 1984Twilight Zone Marathon
2135.019SUPER::KENAHFri Oct 05 1984The Great White Way
2136.09SUPER::KENAHFri Oct 05 1984Unlike M&M's....
2137.09ELMO::LAIDLAWFri Oct 05 1984Lady Bird
2138.09SUPER::KENAHFri Oct 05 1984Skewered!
2139.01OCKER::GIFFORDSat Oct 06 1984Olympics 1896
2140.06LATOUR::KKLEINERSun Oct 07 1984Trivial Pursuit benefit
2141.02TAVSun Oct 07 1984My 3 Sons' First Son?
2142.09NACHO::LYNCHMon Oct 08 1984Memorable event
2143.04RAINBW::FREEDMANTue Oct 09 1984famous Birthdays
2144.012PSYCHE::COTTONTue Oct 09 1984DEBATE
2145.022NACHO::LYNCHTue Oct 09 1984Another movie quiz
2146.06NACHO::LYNCHTue Oct 09 1984Batter up!
2147.011THOTH::CONNELLWed Oct 10 1984Will he trip over the ottoman?
2149.012TONTO::COLLINSThu Oct 11 1984Third Regeneration
2150.012ELMO::LAIDLAWThu Oct 11 1984$$
2151.018ELMO::LAIDLAWFri Oct 12 1984Who Was...
2152.06MAISHA::BUBAFri Oct 12 1984D.C. Memorials
2153.012PSYCHE::COTTONFri Oct 12 1984Since the 1952 elections
2154.05NACHO::LYNCHFri Oct 12 1984Renamed classic
2155.010RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Oct 12 198416
2156.018RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Oct 12 1984Books, Unlimited
2157.04RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Oct 12 1984Man of the Year
2158.04RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Oct 12 1984Marilyn M., Eat your heart out
2159.08RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Oct 12 1984Boston Event
2160.07RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHFri Oct 12 1984Financial Affairs
2161.010SUPER::KENAHFri Oct 12 1984Shalom
2162.01RAINBW::MAASMon Oct 15 1984Question
2163.05NACHO::LYNCHMon Oct 15 1984Don't ya just love her?
2164.021RAINBW::FREEDMANMon Oct 15 1984A Horse is a horse
2165.08RAINBW::MAASMon Oct 15 1984From the world of video
2166.09RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon Oct 15 1984A titillating question
2167.02RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon Oct 15 1984Dear Ann Landers
2168.04RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHMon Oct 15 1984Dan Fogelberg
2169.08ORPHAN::BRETTMon Oct 15 1984Stupid Trivia
2170.011RAVEN1::HOLLABAUGHTue Oct 16 1984First Ladies
2171.022ROYAL::RAVANTue Oct 16 1984Well, I'll Be ...
2172.09NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 18 1984Not Al Kooper
2173.03NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 18 1984Full names?
2174.06NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 18 1984Live from New York!
2175.07NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 18 1984Raise the curtain
2176.06NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 18 1984Too much
2177.04NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 18 1984Casting mis-call
2178.05WARLRD::JELICHThu Oct 18 1984Heavy Duty
2179.09PIXEL::OREARFri Oct 19 1984Oct 19, 1774
2180.011NACHO::LYNCHFri Oct 19 1984Spread 'em!
2181.02SUPER::KENAHFri Oct 19 1984Get 'em!
2182.02NACHO::LYNCHFri Oct 19 1984The End
2184.08VAXWRK::MAXSONSat Oct 20 1984Model Government
2185.08PARROT::GRILLOSat Oct 20 1984Cats & Dogs
2186.014COMET::TIMPSONSat Oct 20 19846
2187.02VAXWRK::OMALLEYMon Oct 22 1984Better late than never
2188.013ELMO::LAIDLAWWed Oct 24 1984Who Else?
2189.08RAINBW::FREEDMANWed Oct 24 1984MTM Again!
2190.022HELOS::TOPAZWed Oct 24 1984Of course I still respect you
2191.01RAINBW::FREEDMANWed Oct 24 1984Chandler fans
2192.09RAINBW::FREEDMANWed Oct 24 1984Mr. Ed Strikes Again!
2193.03REX::BRIGGSThu Oct 25 1984Island hopping
2194.04ALPINE::ROGERSThu Oct 25 1984Eyetie Composers
2195.012NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 25 1984It is to laugh
2196.02NACHO::LYNCHThu Oct 25 1984Film society interest?
2197.05RAINBW::MAASFri Oct 26 1984MASS TRANSIT
2198.011TONTO::COLLINSFri Oct 26 1984Bang! Bang!..
2200.05ATFAB::LIPSEYFri Oct 26 1984Goto h-ll
2201.0METEOR::CALLASFri Oct 26 1984Trivia Contest
2202.07VAXWRK::MAXSONSat Oct 27 1984Regular Polyhedra
2203.07VAX4::STEINERSun Oct 28 1984Time's Running Out
2204.04NACHO::LYNCHMon Oct 29 1984A lesson for us all
2205.021NEWTON::GWBMon Oct 29 1984Nero Wolfe
2206.05EXODUS::MCKENDRYTue Oct 30 1984The Odd Couple
2207.05SUPER::KENAHTue Oct 30 1984Cheers!
2208.06DOSADI::BINDERTue Oct 30 1984Sailing, sailing...
2209.05ELMO::LAIDLAWTue Oct 30 1984By Any Other Name...
2210.07DOSADI::BINDERWed Oct 31 1984Who was that masked man?
2211.010VAX4::STEVENSONWed Oct 31 1984Speaking of Doubles . . .
2212.04VAX4::STEINERWed Oct 31 1984Halloween Movie Question
2213.05MAISHA::BUBAThu Nov 01 1984Writer's B-day
2214.051VAXWRK::OMALLEYThu Nov 01 1984One-hit wonders
2215.07SUPER::KENAHFri Nov 02 1984The Bronx Bombers
2216.020TOPDOC::LYNCHSun Nov 04 1984GENUS II puzzlers
2217.07VAXWRK::FARNHAMMon Nov 05 1984Today in History
2218.02SUPER::KENAHMon Nov 05 1984Shut up & Eat Your Veggies...
2219.02VAXWRK::MAXSONTue Nov 06 1984It'll never catch on
2220.08MAISHA::MAJORTue Nov 06 1984Tough Luck
2221.03DELPHI::TOPAZTue Nov 06 1984Bird's Nests (oh, gross)
2222.04PARROT::GRILLOTue Nov 06 19842222
2223.02CLOSUS::MCVAYWed Nov 07 1984The foods we ?eat?
2224.02VAX4::STEINERThu Nov 08 1984It's a jungle out there.
2225.023RAINBW::FREEDMANThu Nov 08 1984Pet Trivia
2226.011TOPDOC::LYNCHThu Nov 08 19844 more years!
2227.013SUPER::KENAHThu Nov 08 1984I still respect you -- Part 2
2228.012PARROT::GRILLOThu Nov 08 1984NOVA quiz
2230.02TONTO::COLLINSSat Nov 10 1984and the wenner is...
2231.012COMET::TIMPSONSat Nov 10 1984Lunatic
2232.07VAX4::STEINERSat Nov 10 1984Film at 11
2233.06COMET::TIMPSONMon Nov 12 1984Running mates
2234.02AKOV68::BOYAJIANTue Nov 13 1984Not found on any map...
2236.03PSGMKG::COHENWed Nov 14 1984COSMO WHO?
2237.012TONTO::COLLINSWed Nov 14 1984Brand Name Merchandise
2238.04VAXWRK::MAXSONWed Nov 14 1984Undeer
2239.015TOPDOC::LYNCHThu Nov 15 1984For the many things
2240.013ISHTAR::DPARADISOThu Nov 15 1984WOW
2241.01BABEL::BISHOPFri Nov 16 1984Ingredients
2242.09SUPER::MATTHEWSFri Nov 16 1984The body in question
2243.07ALIEN::SZETOSat Nov 17 1984Day Zero
2244.0ELUDOM::WINALSKIMon Nov 19 1984George Spelvin Revisited
2245.01VULCAN::STEPHENSTue Nov 20 1984Egg on the Shamrock
2246.01MILOS::CALLASTue Nov 20 1984In English?
2247.09TONTO::COLLINSTue Nov 20 1984I can't hear you
2248.012TOPDOC::LYNCHTue Nov 20 1984Mystery men
2249.020TONTO::JONESWed Nov 21 1984The Mechanically Man
2250.03PHOBOS::SPEAKEWed Nov 21 1984Middle Man
2251.03METEOR::CALLASWed Nov 21 1984Don't drop it!
2252.013TRON::WARWICKThu Nov 22 1984Strange American Word
2253.06ELUDOM::WINALSKISun Nov 25 1984Old and Blue
2254.020MAISHA::MAJORMon Nov 26 1984Rerun Details
2255.05CLOSUS::MCVAYMon Nov 26 1984Attention, K-Mart Shoppers!
2256.03WAR75Tue Nov 27 198423 November 1859
2257.03RAINBW::FREEDMANFri Nov 30 1984robots
2258.011TOPDOC::LYNCHFri Nov 30 1984Kissy-kissy, part 1
2259.01TOPDOC::LYNCHFri Nov 30 1984Kissy-kissy, part 2
2260.04DAMSEL::LINETFri Nov 30 1984Well, I'll be
2261.08GIGI::BRENDANFri Nov 30 1984An obscure Beatles question
2262.012NISYSI::KINGFri Nov 30 1984(Ancient History)
2263.06COMET::TIMPSONFri Nov 30 1984Kissy-kissy part III
2265.016TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Dec 03 1984And the winner is...
2266.03ELMO::LAIDLAWWed Dec 05 1984'Tis the Season
2267.03VAX4::STEINERWed Dec 05 1984Protection
2268.06ELMO::LAIDLAWThu Dec 06 1984Not the Economy
2269.07ELMO::LAIDLAWThu Dec 06 1984It Figures
2270.07PARROT::BLOTCKYFri Dec 07 1984From the mayonnaise jar
2272.011FDCVFri Dec 07 1984more rocky
2273.05TOPDOC::LYNCHFri Dec 07 1984It's been a long time coming
2274.05BEING::SEGALFri Dec 07 1984The Honeymooners
2275.023ISHTAR::DPARADISOFri Dec 07 1984Sports Fans
2276.013PARROT::GRILLOFri Dec 07 1984send in the clowns
2277.0111VAXWRK::OMALLEYSun Dec 09 1984More Obscure Hits
2278.010TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Dec 10 1984Charge it
2279.015TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Dec 10 1984Monumental
2280.012TONTO::JONESTue Dec 11 1984The Voice of Popeye
2281.012VAXWRK::DALLASTue Dec 11 1984A question about R1
2282.012MAISHA::BUBAWed Dec 12 1984It's not easy _____ _____.
2283.08GIGI::BRENDANWed Dec 12 1984A few easy baseball questions
2284.012BEING::SEGALWed Dec 12 1984A few easy Boxing questions
2285.012GVASA::CASELLINIThu Dec 13 1984A way to make MONEY (It works!)
2286.05TOPDOC::LYNCHThu Dec 13 1984SF Movie Quiz #1
2287.010TOPDOC::LYNCHThu Dec 13 1984SF Movie Quiz #2
2288.0+10TOPDOC::LYNCHThu Dec 13 1984Movie Quiz
2289.0SPRITE::MCVAYThu Dec 13 1984Obscure Origins
2290.07TONTO::COLLINSFri Dec 14 1984Another One Bites the Dust
2291.09RAINBW::FREEDMANFri Dec 14 1984Dynamic Duos
2292.015TOPDOC::LYNCHFri Dec 14 1984By any other name...
2293.019SUPER::MATTHEWSFri Dec 14 1984...continued
2294.06ORPHAN::BRETTSat Dec 15 1984Ooops
2295.01COGNAC::ADOERFERSun Dec 16 1984A "DOOM" one (TV)
2296.0AKOV68::BOYAJIANMon Dec 17 1984The Time Traveller
2297.04TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Dec 17 1984Man knows how to score
2298.05TOPDOC::LYNCHWed Dec 19 1984Death be not proud
2299.044AKOVWed Dec 19 1984spinoffs
2300.018AKOVWed Dec 19 1984presidents and wives
2301.07AKOVWed Dec 19 1984SHIP OF THE DESERT
2302.013AKOVWed Dec 19 1984Ethnic Geography..
2303.04RAINBW::FREEDMANThu Dec 20 1984copycats
2304.011DVINCI::KANEThu Dec 20 1984In Boston, Massachusetts....
2305.04TONTO::JONESFri Dec 21 1984The Rolling Stones
2306.021TONTO::JONESFri Dec 21 1984M*A*S*H
2307.023AKOVFri Dec 21 1984SPINOFF "SPINOFF"
2308.01CIVIC::WEBERFri Dec 21 1984More Star Trek
2309.0NY1MM::SWEENEYSun Dec 23 1984DEC is an admired company
2310.011TOPDOC::LYNCHWed Dec 26 1984An offer you can't refuse
2311.09TOPDOC::LYNCHWed Dec 26 1984Big scorer
2312.05CIVIC::WEBERWed Dec 26 1984Anyone know?
2313.09TRIFID::TOPAZWed Dec 26 1984Frankenstein et ux
2314.019NISYSG::MOCCIAThu Dec 27 1984The Seventies
2315.010TOPDOC::LYNCHThu Dec 27 1984Misc
2316.08TONTO::JONESFri Dec 28 1984A Golden Drink
2317.06CIVIC::WEBERFri Dec 28 1984Pres trivia
2318.09VAX4::STEINERFri Dec 28 1984Madison Ave.
2319.09Ghost::DEANFri Dec 28 1984Alpine Skiing
2320.06Ghost::DEANSun Dec 30 1984From the horse's mouth.
2321.02AKOVMon Dec 31 1984a riveting question
2322.012ISHTAR::DPARADISOMon Dec 31 1984Midway
2323.06COMET::TIMPSONTue Jan 01 1985Death to you all
2324.03DOSADI::HAPGOODTue Jan 01 1985Quick Draw
2325.05HARE::STANWed Jan 02 1985Canons, tra la
2326.035NY1MM::VECRUMBAWed Jan 02 1985English Literature
2327.016MAISHA::BUBAWed Jan 02 1985food for thought
2328.05NY1MM::SWEENEYWed Jan 02 1985Trivia for the comrades
2329.013COGNAC::WAITEFri Jan 04 1985Misc. bits and pieces
2330.06COGNAC::WAITEFri Jan 04 1985Green and Black
2331.05SUPER::MATTHEWSFri Jan 04 1985It comes and gets you
2332.05DELPHI::BECKFri Jan 04 1985Club 47
2333.06TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 07 1985K, F and O
2334.09TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 07 1985KABONG!
2335.03TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 07 1985Name change
2336.03TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 07 1985Gasp!
2337.011TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 07 1985Get out of here!
2338.05NERMAL::FRASHERMon Jan 07 1985Martian Chronicles
2339.06TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 07 1985Graveyard rock
2340.014TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 07 1985Video
2341.013TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 07 1985Famous flickster
2342.07TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 07 1985Another name change
2343.06TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 07 1985Famous initials
2344.05BEING::SEGALMon Jan 07 1985Light It Up Red
2346.06PNEUMA::WILSONTue Jan 08 1985Believer
2347.04NERMAL::FRASHERTue Jan 08 1985Tulips anyone?
2348.03CASTOR::MCCARTHYWed Jan 09 1985Five Years ago today
2349.011CASTOR::MCCARTHYWed Jan 09 1985As trivial as I can get
2350.017ELMO::LAIDLAWWed Jan 09 1985Number 9
2351.011MAISHA::BUBAWed Jan 09 1985More literature
2352.07SUPER::KENAHWed Jan 09 1985It's Greek to me
2353.01USRCV1::FRANKEWed Jan 09 1985Let's be brief
2354.015BEING::SEGALWed Jan 09 1985Let's be brief Part II
2356.06AKOVThu Jan 10 1985a rolling stone
2357.06COGNAC::WAITEThu Jan 10 1985Geography?
2358.025FARMER::BURNSFri Jan 11 1985the pen is ???
2359.08AKOVFri Jan 11 1985bebop
2361.019SUPER::MATTHEWSSat Jan 12 1985California, the Trivial State
2362.08ELMO::LAIDLAWSat Jan 12 1985VAROOM!
2363.01ROYAL::RAVANSun Jan 13 1985Jigsaw Puzzles
2365.07TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 14 1985Another quote
2366.011TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 14 1985Author please
2367.06TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 14 1985Abutting
2368.015TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 14 1985No 14
2370.010PYRITE::BELANGERMon Jan 14 1985Hook & Ladder
2372.022MILOS::CALLASMon Jan 14 1985Ski Resorts
2374.07TOPDOC::LYNCHTue Jan 15 1985Prize winner
2375.011CAR::VEDDERTue Jan 15 1985Noo Ingland
2376.08PARROT::GRILLOTue Jan 15 1985pick him up by the ears
2377.016COGNAC::WAITETue Jan 15 1985375
2378.05VAXWRK::MAXSONTue Jan 15 1985Four walls do not...
2379.06DOSADI::PANNELLWed Jan 16 1985big state
2380.07DOSADI::PANNELLWed Jan 16 1985Home Run King Trivia
2381.017AKOVWed Jan 16 1985Another Home Run King
2382.04COGNAC::WAITEThu Jan 17 1985Farmers Reply
2383.016COGNAC::WAITEThu Jan 17 1985LOCAL STARS
2385.017NISYSI::KINGFri Jan 18 1985Follow the bouncing ball.
2386.021CIVIC::WEBERFri Jan 18 1985DUO-ROLES
2387.01PARROT::GRILLOFri Jan 18 1985It doesn't look like a lady
2388.08COGNAC::WAITEFri Jan 18 1985WHO'S #2
2389.05VAX4::STEINERMon Jan 21 1985Inauguration
2390.022TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 21 1985Super Bowl
2391.04MAISHA::MAJORWed Jan 23 1985Fun in Flushing
2392.010ALPINE::ROGERSWed Jan 23 1985What color is your racing car?
2393.09RAINBW::FREEDMANThu Jan 24 1985Springsteen
2394.07SCOTCH::JANSENThu Jan 24 1985Do you know this cycle ?
2395.023ISHTAR::DPARADISOThu Jan 24 1985Winners!!!!!
2396.04ATFAB::MCCABEThu Jan 24 1985Pick a god, any god.
2397.05ATFAB::MCCABEThu Jan 24 1985Money in your Pocket
2398.07ATFAB::MCCABEThu Jan 24 198512 Cigars a day
2399.010CASTOR::MCCARTHYFri Jan 25 1985P O E
2400.020AKOV68::BOYAJIANFri Jan 25 1985A different kind of crossover
2401.012DOSADI::PANNELLFri Jan 25 1985AFL & NFL
2402.07USMRW1::JTRAVERSFri Jan 25 1985THE JETSONS!!
2404.029TOPDOC::LYNCHMon Jan 28 1985Musical questions
2405.08MILVAX::S_LEPIREMon Jan 28 1985classic movie
2406.013DONJON::GOLDSTEINMon Jan 28 1985Local Languages
2408.014FDCVTue Jan 29 1985Deck The Halls
2409.03PYRITE::MCCARTHYTue Jan 29 1985Show tunes?
2410.07MILVAX::S_LEPIRETue Jan 29 1985name the state
2411.06TOPDOC::LYNCHWed Jan 30 1985Pause to reflect
2412.07ELIXIR::ABURLEWWed Jan 30 1985They're In or They're Out
2413.07RAINBW::FREEDMANThu Jan 31 1985women.
2414.02TOPDOC::LYNCHThu Jan 31 1985This guy bugs me
2415.05TOPDOC::LYNCHThu Jan 31 1985Sub host
2416.06DOSADI::HAPGOODThu Jan 31 1985More Sports
2417.016RAVEN1::HEFFELFINGERFri Feb 01 1985Flags
2418.014RAVEN1::HEFFELFINGERFri Feb 01 1985Government Agencies
2419.010RAVEN1::HEFFELFINGERFri Feb 01 1985Halls of fame
2420.03VAXWRK::OMALLEYFri Feb 01 1985Meat Trivia
2421.06TOPDOC::LYNCHFri Feb 01 1985Casting call revisited
2422.01VLSBOS::GERRYFri Feb 01 1985'55 T'bird revisited
2423.06CASTOR::MCCARTHYFri Feb 01 1985Trivia causes software slips
2424.03CASTOR::MCCARTHYFri Feb 01 1985Superlatives
2425.02EIFFEL::BRETTSat Feb 02 1985Taboo...
2426.01HARE::STANSun Feb 03 1985Trivia Firsts
2427.010CASTOR::MCCARTHYSun Feb 03 1985Over 5
2428.04SUPER::KENAHMon Feb 04 1985Tommy, Can You Hear Me?
2429.03NISYSI::KINGTue Feb 05 1985Boy who?????
2430.06VAXWRK::FARNHAMTue Feb 05 1985NOTESFILE unavailable
2431.011CADLAC::GOUNWed Feb 06 1985Got on board a westbound 747...
2432.02VAXWRK::FARNHAMWed Feb 06 1985No Asterisk
2433.01CASTOR::MCCARTHYWed Feb 06 1985Place holder
2434.05CADLAC::GOUNFri Feb 08 1985Not a Sticky Subject
2435.08SPEEDY::WINALSKISat Feb 09 1985Peter, Spike, and Harry
2436.01VAXWRK::MAXSONSun Feb 10 1985The Danger Zone
2437.06ORPHAN::BRETTMon Feb 11 1985A current issue
2438.08SUPER::KENAHWed Feb 13 1985Element Array, my dear Watson
2439.0ROYAL::RAVANWed Feb 13 1985In Search of...Quotes
2440.05NUHAVN::CANTORFri Feb 15 1985Numeric inflation
2441.02ELMO::LAIDLAWFri Feb 15 1985Friday Night at the ...
2442.02ELMO::B_LYNCHSun Feb 17 1985In your neighborhood
2443.011ELMO::B_LYNCHSun Feb 17 1985Hub hurler
2444.07CADLAC::GOUNThu Feb 21 1985The Pop-Quiz
2445.06ELMO::B_LYNCHFri Feb 22 1985Full name?
2446.017VAX4::STEINERSat Feb 23 1985Dieter's Goal
2447.05AURORA::HALLYBSat Feb 23 1985Bolivia it or not
2448.019AKOVMon Feb 25 1985INHERIT THE WIND
2449.07AKOVMon Feb 25 1985SEVEN DAYS A WEEK
2450.08VAXWRK::MAXSONMon Feb 25 198523-Feb-1685
2451.03ELMO::B_LYNCHSat Mar 02 1985196
2452.03WFOVXTue Mar 05 1985SEVEN DWARFS
2453.010WFOVXTue Mar 05 1985FOUR STATES
2454.04ELMO::B_LYNCHTue Mar 05 1985Not Alice's Restaurant
2455.03ELMO::B_LYNCHWed Mar 06 1985Don't forget
2456.03MILOS::CALLASFri Mar 08 1985Dum dadada dum dadada dum dum
2457.010VAX4::STEINERFri Mar 08 1985Whatsamatta U.
2458.010ENGGSG::BURNSMon Mar 11 1985wizard of oz
2459.02AKOVMon Mar 11 1985VMS PRIVILEGE
2460.02VAX4::STEINERMon Mar 11 1985No plaids, please.
2461.014ELMO::B_LYNCHWed Mar 13 1985The man behind the camera
2462.02ELMO::B_LYNCHThu Mar 14 1985Take Two
2463.03ELMO::LAIDLAWThu Mar 14 1985Honest
2464.016SPMFG1::HAMRERThu Mar 14 1985Not whodunit but whowroteit?
2465.01EIFFEL::GLYNNThu Mar 14 1985States' Parties
2466.04GAOVFri Mar 15 19851,524 YEARS AGO
2467.05ERIE::MORSESat Mar 16 1985Calendar Change
2468.019SPMFG1::HAMRERSat Mar 16 1985Ya think ya know but ya don't!
2469.05SPMFG1::HAMRERSat Mar 16 1985Vague but Makeable
2470.03BABEL::HARRISSun Mar 17 1985ITS THE PITS
2471.02SPMFG1::HAMRERTue Mar 19 1985Home Grown
2472.04ELMO::B_LYNCHWed Mar 20 1985Film score
2473.02ELMO::B_LYNCHThu Mar 21 1985An easy one
2474.03ELMO::B_LYNCHThu Mar 21 1985Last stand
2475.07ELMO::B_LYNCHThu Mar 21 1985Good Oater
2476.03ELMO::B_LYNCHThu Mar 21 1985Valuable Arm
2477.07ELMO::B_LYNCHThu Mar 21 1985Author!
2478.02ELMO::B_LYNCHThu Mar 21 1985Wilde and Crazy Guy
2479.03ELMO::B_LYNCHThu Mar 21 1985Sign here
2480.04ELMO::B_LYNCHThu Mar 21 1985Sesame Street etc
2481.07ELMO::B_LYNCHThu Mar 21 1985Pucker up
2482.03ELMO::B_LYNCHThu Mar 21 1985By any other name
2483.07ERIE::MORSEThu Mar 21 1985Who?
2484.05SPMFG1::HAMRERFri Mar 22 1985You Must Remember This ....
2485.012DONJON::GOLDSTEINFri Mar 22 1985Lotsa pasta
2486.026SPMFG1::HAMRERSat Mar 23 1985Bang, bang... you're dead!
2487.02ERIE::MORSESun Mar 24 1985TREK 1999
2488.022ELMO::B_LYNCHSun Mar 24 1985Who are these guys?
2489.04SPMFG1::HAMRERTue Mar 26 1985Ya Think Ya Know --- Part 2
2490.028ERIE::MORSETue Mar 26 1985Ya think ya know... Part III
2492.010SPMFG1::HAMRERThu Mar 28 1985Hello, Mr. President?
2493.015EXIT26::FREEDMANFri Mar 29 1985Nothin' Up My Sleeve!
2494.03COGITO::BUEHLERSat Mar 30 1985Sizing up the thin ones
2495.04GUIDO::STEINERSat Mar 30 1985Sexual Equality...
2496.012GUIDO::STEINERSat Mar 30 1985Rich Girl
2497.04CADLAC::GOUNSat Mar 30 1985Nobody expects...
2498.03AURORA::STEINERSat Mar 30 1985What I Did For Love...
2499.04ERIE::MORSESun Mar 31 1985A whatwhatwhatwhat?
2500.06ERIE::MORSESun Mar 31 1985Ship ahoy!
2501.02ORPHAN::WINALSKISun Mar 31 1985meow
2502.03PARROT::BLOTCKYSun Mar 31 1985Smoke gets in your eyes
2503.05SPMFG1::HAMRERMon Apr 01 1985Once Around the Track
2504.05VLSBOS::GERRYMon Apr 01 1985BAH-BA-SHOPPA'
2505.08VAXWRK::MAXSONMon Apr 01 1985Circumspicae
2506.03NUHAVN::CANTORTue Apr 02 1985Not an ash hole
2507.010ERIE::MORSEWed Apr 03 1985Weird Words
2508.02TONTO::JONESThu Apr 04 1985A civil person
2509.02ELMO::B_LYNCHThu Apr 04 1985Trivia contest in NH
2510.07ELMO::LAIDLAWSat Apr 06 1985For No Special Reason
2511.016ERIE::MORSESat Apr 06 1985Unforgivable
2513.07SPMFG1::HAMRERTue Apr 09 1985UP, UP & AWAY !!!!!
2514.02CASTOR::MCCARTHYWed Apr 10 1985Ya think ya know .....
2515.07GUIDO::RAVANWed Apr 10 1985Sticky Subject
2516.05GUIDO::STEINERWed Apr 10 1985Swat.
2517.07SMURF::LAIDLAWThu Apr 11 1985Not for Nina
2518.07ELMO::B_LYNCHFri Apr 12 1985Ya think ya know (Hill Division
2519.026AURORA::STEINERFri Apr 12 1985History
2520.06MILOS::CALLASSat Apr 13 1985Not a Spaniard
2521.011MILOS::CALLASMon Apr 15 1985Necessity's Husband?
2522.09ISTARI::HELSELWed Apr 17 1985Space Review
2523.02ISTARI::FARNHAMFri Apr 19 1985Chez Bambino
2524.07ERIE::MORSESun Apr 21 1985Four Unique Westerns
2526.03GVAFri Apr 26 1985SMYRPH??
2527.04ELMO::LAIDLAWFri Apr 26 1985Help
2528.022ELMO::B_LYNCHFri Apr 26 1985The Seven
2529.05ELMO::B_LYNCHFri Apr 26 1985The Twelve
2530.07AURORA::STEINERSat Apr 27 1985The Ten
2531.04ERIE::MORSESat Apr 27 1985Baseball Numbers
2532.02ERIE::MORSESat Apr 27 1985Baseball Etomology
2533.07VORTEX::DTLSun Apr 28 1985car license plate
2534.02MILOS::CALLASMon Apr 29 1985Clothes dragged through the mud
2535.08ELMO::B_LYNCHWed May 01 1985Movies (1)
2536.015ELMO::B_LYNCHWed May 01 1985Movies (2)
2537.08ELMO::B_LYNCHWed May 01 1985Movies (3)
2538.06ELMO::B_LYNCHWed May 01 1985Movies (4)
2539.03ELMO::LAIDLAWSat May 04 1985Leib Davydovich
2540.03VAXWRK::MAXSONSun May 05 1985On our own
2541.011JON::MORONEYMon May 06 1985For Millrats Only
2542.01VAX4::STEINERMon May 06 1985Movies (5)
2543.04FRSBEE::DTLWed May 08 1985an easy one
2544.013GAOVWed May 08 1985do U. No
2545.01MILVAX::S_LEPIREThu May 09 1985TINKER
2546.05AURORA::STEINERThu May 09 1985Be Fruitless...
2548.013VAXWRK::MAXSONMon May 13 1985John Smallberries
2549.09PARROT::BLOTCKYTue May 14 1985A double day
2550.02TONTO::JONESThu May 16 1985What does it mean?
2551.02MILOS::CALLASFri May 17 1985REPORTs of its death PERFORMed?
2553.03SMURF::LAIDLAWFri May 24 1985Troubled Water
2554.04AURORA::STEINERSat May 25 1985Glove at First Bite
2555.02AURORA::STEINERSat May 25 1985Say What, who?
2556.08VLSBOS::GERRYWed May 29 1985The ovum & eye.
2557.03SBGVAX::OKEEFEThu May 30 1985kaboom!!!
2558.01CIVIC::WEBERWed Jun 05 1985bulletin boards
2559.02CASVThu Jun 06 1985before his command
2560.02AURORA::RAVANFri Jun 07 1985"And that's the end of round 2"
2561.04LEHIGH::MORSESun Jun 09 1985Not Isabella
2562.038AKOV68::BOYAJIANTue Jun 11 1985Doubles
2563.010SMURF::LAIDLAWSat Jun 15 1985Not One for the Birds
2564.03SBGVAX::OKEEFESun Jun 16 1985King Tut
2565.0PLOVER::D_OREILLYSun Jun 16 1985How about a MASH thing?
2566.01AURORA::RAVANTue Jun 18 1985Fly Me
2567.010DONJON::GOLDSTEINFri Jun 21 1985hand people
2568.05SPMFG1::HAMRERMon Jun 24 1985Coke & Catgut & Me
2569.04ATFAB::MCCABETue Jun 25 1985Programming Memorial
2570.08SPMFG1::HAMRERTue Jun 25 1985Don't Say a Thing!
2571.06PARROT::BLOTCKYSat Jun 29 1985take it to court
2572.05METEOR::CALLASMon Jul 01 1985Jason's Buddies
2573.01DAIRY::KRAWIECKIMon Jul 01 1985Houston Astros
2574.03CASINO::DALESSANDROTue Jul 02 1985New Coke-a-Cola is #
2576.08SUPER::KENAHWed Jul 03 1985Continental Memory
2577.06ATOWed Jul 03 1985GIDNEY and CLOYD
2578.011RAVEN1::HEFFELFINGERThu Jul 04 1985Common theme
2579.04VORTEX::LYNCHMon Jul 08 1985Home of the Braves
2580.06VORTEX::LYNCHMon Jul 08 1985MVPs
2581.010STAR::CALLASMon Jul 08 1985Ding-a-lung
2582.08ATHENS::TOPAZTue Jul 09 1985Ante feminism
2583.010SPRITE::MCVAYWed Jul 10 1985International Law
2584.03AURORA::STEINERThu Jul 11 1985Boy, do I feel old!
2585.02STAR::CALLASSun Jul 14 1985Let's go, kids!
2586.05ATFAB::MCCABEMon Jul 15 1985Button it Gwennet
2587.017CADLAC::GOUNMon Jul 15 1985Who Mourns for Adonis?
2588.02VAXWRK::HELSELTue Jul 16 1985Full Moon
2589.03XENON::EPPESTue Jul 16 1985Comic Relations
2591.04PARROT::BLOTCKYWed Jul 17 1985Its got the time . . .
2592.07STAR::CALLASWed Jul 17 1985Mickey's Brother?
2593.08SMILEY::EPPESWed Jul 17 1985Mind your PDQs...
2594.010PARROT::BLOTCKYWed Jul 17 1985ARCO
2595.019AURORA::STEINERThu Jul 18 1985More oil.
2596.09VORTEX::LYNCHThu Jul 18 1985Certainly familiar to all
2597.02ALIEN::POSTPISCHILThu Jul 18 1985Dictionary Cosmetics
2598.08ATOThu Jul 18 1985For you REAL old-timers
2600.0EIFFEL::WINALSKISat Jul 20 1985New Concordance Available
2601.07EKBVThu Jul 25 1985INFANTILE WISDOM
2602.08NUHAVN::CANTORFri Jul 26 1985One was a classic
2603.017AURORA::RAVANMon Jul 29 1985Asphalt Mysteries
2604.04ATFAB::MCCABEWed Jul 31 1985A second's first
2605.026ATFAB::MCCABEWed Jul 31 1985Mail it to Sudbury
2606.06ATFAB::MCCABEWed Jul 31 1985Silly Inventions
2607.011CADLAC::GOUNThu Aug 01 1985Full of it
2608.04VORTEX::LYNCHSun Aug 04 1985And I quote
2609.04VORTEX::LYNCHSun Aug 04 1985Slippery dude
2610.01STAR::CALLASWed Aug 07 1985Pop Goes the Weasel
2611.03ATOWed Aug 07 1985JC - Call home!
2612.06TONTO::JONESWed Aug 07 1985The Big One
2613.03GUIDO::RAVANThu Aug 08 1985Attack of the Yellow Mold
2614.014DONJON::GOLDSTEINWed Aug 14 1985A lot goes on between NY and PA
2615.09ATFAB::MCCABEThu Aug 15 1985Spaced
2616.032CHARS::SZETOMon Aug 19 1985Moon festival
2617.05VORTEX::LYNCHTue Aug 20 1985Movies 1
2618.06VORTEX::LYNCHTue Aug 20 1985Movies 2
2619.011VORTEX::LYNCHWed Aug 21 1985Movies 3
2620.05VORTEX::LYNCHWed Aug 21 1985Movies 4
2621.03VORTEX::LYNCHWed Aug 21 1985Movies 5
2622.06VORTEX::LYNCHWed Aug 21 1985Movies 6
2623.03DAIRY::KRAWIECKITue Oct 01 1985Steve McQueen
2624.04VORTEX::LYNCHWed Aug 21 1985Movies 7
2625.08VORTEX::LYNCHWed Aug 21 1985Movies 8
2626.04HAMSTR::TORTORINOThu Aug 22 1985On a potato farm?
2627.08METEOR::TOPAZThu Aug 22 1985Gone but maybe not forgotten
2628.03DELPHI::CALLASThu Aug 22 1985A horse, of course
2629.02DELPHI::CALLASTue Aug 27 1985I feel the Earth move
2630.03AURORA::RAVANTue Aug 27 1985On bended knee...
2631.012SMILEY::EPPESWed Sep 04 1985Name that name
2632.013DVINCI::KANEFri Sep 06 19852 points
2633.02NISYSI::KINGFri Sep 06 1985Pow-Wow
2634.01CYCLPS::SECURITYMon Sep 09 1985Benny Hill
2635.04ATOThu Sep 12 1985Charlie Hustle!
2636.03ATFAB::MCCABEWed Sep 18 1985Put that back, it's not your's
2637.01VLNVAX::MCKENZIEThu Sep 26 1985Rum Tum Tum...
2638.03BEING::POSTPISCHILThu Sep 26 1985Metamorphose
2639.05DAIRY::KRAWIECKIWed Oct 02 1985Bullet
2640.044CORVUS::THALLERMon Oct 07 1985Lost in Space
2641.08CORVUS::THALLERMon Oct 07 1985Baseball has been very ...
2642.014ERIE::MORSEThu Oct 17 1985Record Setting Numbers
2643.04EXIT26::STRATTONSat Oct 19 1985Re 2642.3
2644.08DVINCI::KANEWed Oct 23 1985Tomato
2645.022CHARS::SZETOThu Oct 24 1985Unbirthday
2646.04ALPHA::GOLDSTEINMon Oct 28 1985His Struggle
2647.06CORVUS::THALLERThu Oct 31 1985Ultimate Star Trek Trivia
2648.03RAINBO::MAXSONSat Nov 09 1985Bluebirds and white cliffs
2649.04NY1MM::SWEENEYSat Nov 09 1985Strategic Defense Initiative
2650.05VORTEX::LYNCHFri Nov 15 1985Yankee Beer
2651.06VAXINE::LEONARDSat Nov 16 1985Captain Kangaroo
2652.039FES2::GALLANTThu Nov 21 1985What about Cartoons
2653.02WR2FOR::DOOLITTANFri Nov 22 1985The Big Bang
2654.05VORTEX::LYNCHFri Nov 22 1985No physician
2655.014HYDRA::THALLERTue Nov 26 1985Dogs of Television
2656.03VORTEX::LYNCHTue Dec 03 1985Man behind the Magic
2657.01VORTEX::LYNCHTue Dec 03 1985Barbra's pick
2658.04VORTEX::LYNCHTue Dec 03 1985Here's ??
2659.03VORTEX::LYNCHTue Dec 03 1985Surround-sound
2660.0VORTEX::LYNCHTue Dec 03 1985Gable-Garson
2661.04VORTEX::LYNCHTue Dec 03 1985And all the ships at sea
2662.02VORTEX::LYNCHTue Dec 03 1985Pop
2663.02VORTEX::LYNCHTue Dec 03 1985Athlete
2664.016HYDRA::THALLERTue Dec 03 1985TV acronyms
2665.02CYCLPS::SECURITYWed Dec 04 1985Daylight Savings??
2666.05ELUDOM::WINALSKIThu Dec 05 1985Watch Out for That Tree!
2667.05HYDRA::THALLERThu Dec 05 1985short body
2668.05HYDRA::THALLERThu Dec 05 1985wordsgry
2669.04JON::MORONEYFri Dec 06 1985More words trivia
2670.02SANFAN::SAUNDERMIFri Dec 06 1985Animals with a message
2671.06HYDRA::THALLERSat Dec 07 1985baby animals
2672.03SCOTTY::KANESat Dec 07 1985A Toast!
2673.03TOOLS::STANSun Dec 08 1985U.S. Language
2674.07HYDRA::THALLERSun Dec 08 1985Detective Names
2675.05HYDRA::THALLERSun Dec 08 1985Games
2676.09JON::MORONEYTue Dec 10 1985Not Real
2677.05CYCLPS::SECURITYMon Dec 16 1985Song of the South Pacific
2678.05CYCLPS::SECURITYTue Dec 17 1985Music Trivia
2679.013HYDRA::THALLERTue Dec 17 1985Ships of the U.S. Navy
2680.06HYDRA::THALLERTue Dec 17 1985Who lives here
2681.06HYDRA::THALLERTue Dec 17 1985Boroughs of NYC
2683.013CYCLPS::SECURITYWed Dec 18 1985Golly, Andy!
2684.012CYCLPS::SECURITYWed Dec 18 1985555-2368
2685.07LEHIGH::CANTORSat Dec 21 1985Phone numbers in songs
2686.04BETHE::LICEA_KANESun Dec 22 19858. Happiness is....
2687.011UCOUNT::SYSTEMSun Dec 22 1985And I quote...
2689.07LASSIE::TORTORINOTue Dec 31 1985Coined TV sayings?
2690.04ORPHAN::WINALSKIWed Jan 01 1986name the Polar bear
2691.08OCALA::CALLASFri Jan 03 1986One ringy-dingy...
2692.06UCOUNT::SYSTEMMon Jan 06 1986Iron Man II
2693.04AKOV75::BOYAJIANTue Jan 14 1986Black and Blue
2694.06HYDRA::THALLERTue Jan 14 1986man of money faces
2695.04HYDRA::THALLERTue Jan 14 1986Ivy League
2696.015HYDRA::THALLERTue Jan 14 1986"and the" rock groups
2697.06HYDRA::THALLERThu Jan 16 1986What a Pair
2698.04HARE::STANFri Jan 17 1986Melt in your Mouth
2699.03LATOUR::KKLEINERTue Jan 21 1986Runner, Spanish, & Valencia
2700.06CORVUS::THALLERTue Jan 21 1986food for thought
2702.04CYCLPS::SECURITYWed Feb 12 1986VAXNOTE's conversion??
2703.06ODIXIE::COLEWed Feb 12 1986James, not George!
2704.07BETHE::LICEA_KANESat Feb 15 1986The lights dimmed a little....
2705.04JON::MORONEYThu Feb 20 1986EEEEeeeeeeee....
2706.01TOOLS::STANTue Feb 25 1986Farewell Story from STAN
2707.0ISTARI::WILSONFri Mar 28 1986It's here !!!
2708.03ISTARI::WILSONFri Mar 28 1986Free Popcorn, if...
2709.02BOVES::WALLFri Mar 28 1986A breif note...
2710.045CANYON::MOELLERFri Mar 28 1986More 'and the' groups
2711.01BETHE::LICEA_KANEMon Mar 31 1986Can I go out once a month?
2712.04BLOTT::WARWICKTue Apr 01 1986Look at the date
2713.01BOVES::WALLTue Apr 01 1986Radio On...
2714.05ERIS::CALLASThu Apr 03 1986His children, they were brave
2715.03UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu Apr 03 1986Pure as the driven slush
2716.05UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu Apr 03 1986Not "The Kareem Story"
2717.03UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu Apr 03 1986RIP
2718.03UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu Apr 03 1986Eleanor
2719.0UCOUNT::SYSTEMFri Apr 04 1986Musical Contest
2720.016JON::CALABRIAFri Apr 04 1986Records
2721.010UCOUNT::SYSTEMMon Apr 07 1986Familiar face nowadays
2722.02CANYON::MOELLERMon Apr 07 1986Physio/logy/gnomy
2723.07BESPIN::FARRELLTue Apr 08 1986Boston,Mass. Street Names
2724.04AVANTI::OSMANTue Apr 08 1986Bit-O-Honey oldest surviving candy?
2725.019UNCLE::KIMBLEThu Apr 10 1986SF Besides Trek
2726.0UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu Apr 10 1986You've seen it a lot
2727.010UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu Apr 10 1986Catered by Baskin-Robbins
2728.09CANYON::MOELLERThu Apr 10 1986What is (a) SMOUTING ?
2729.01BESPIN::FARRELLFri Apr 11 1986Origin of Word Caucus ?
2730.01BESPIN::FARRELLFri Apr 11 1986Origins of metal ADAMANTIUM ?
2731.05BESPIN::FARRELLFri Apr 11 1986Thor's Hammer
2732.03BESPIN::FARRELLTue Apr 15 1986First Police Car ?
2733.03OLIVER::DODAFri Apr 18 1986Smoky the Bear birth
2734.03DELNI::CANTORTue Apr 22 1986And don't forget
2735.021HITECH::BLOTCKYSun Apr 27 1986Disney cartoons
2736.02CYCLPS::SECURITYTue Apr 29 1986Viet Nam trivia
2737.03CYCLPS::SECURITYTue Apr 29 1986'The Duke' trivia
2738.04UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu May 01 1986Big game
2739.0HYSTER::RHINEThu May 01 1986HELP!!!
2740.03UCOUNT::LAIDLAWWed May 07 1986Whack!
2741.02BOVES::WALLThu May 08 1986Happy brithday to...
2742.02UCOUNT::LAIDLAWThu May 08 1986A Gimme
2743.03HITECH::BLOTCKYSat May 10 1986TV real estate
2744.02VIRTUE::RAVANMon May 12 1986Not Mickey
2745.06ERIS::CALLASMon May 12 1986Don't break it
2746.024<deleted>Wed May 14 1986ADAMS FAMILY LOVERS....
2747.02UCOUNT::SYSTEMFri May 16 1986Jump!
2749.06UCOUNT::SYSTEMMon May 19 1986Cheap at twice the price
2750.04UCOUNT::SYSTEMMon May 19 1986All rise!
2751.03UCOUNT::SYSTEMMon May 19 1986Your move
2752.0UCOUNT::SYSTEMMon May 19 1986Dead art
2753.04UCOUNT::SYSTEMMon May 19 1986Bzzzz (puff-puff) Bzzzz
2754.07UCOUNT::LAIDLAWTue May 20 1986So Sorry!
2757.011DELNI::CANTORSun May 25 1986We'll have fun
2758.013NONODE::CHERSONTue May 27 1986The narrator of victory at sea
2759.011SUPER::KENAHTue May 27 1986Extra-ordinal-ly tough?
2760.06ERIS::CALLASFri May 30 1986Smoke gets in your eyes...
2761.03BARAKA::LASTOVICASun Jun 01 1986Cars
2762.01LISVAX::FRCHAVESTue Jun 03 1986Visiting New York-How much?
2763.02BOVES::WALLTue Jun 03 1986Different Strings...
2764.04UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu Jun 05 1986Atop his field
2765.07UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu Jun 05 1986No fan I'm sure
2766.03UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu Jun 05 1986Funny line
2767.011UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu Jun 05 1986Huh?
2768.05UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu Jun 05 1986Not Audie Murphy
2769.02UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu Jun 05 1986On the road again
2770.03UCOUNT::SYSTEMThu Jun 05 1986Hang it on Archie's chair
2771.05STAR::BECKTue Jun 10 1986... and I know I must die ...
2772.09CHOVAX::HUNTTue Jun 10 1986Name Those Teams ....
2773.01ENDOR::SWONGERFri Jun 13 1986This actually came up in conversation.
2774.010JON::MORONEYSun Jun 15 1986We might otherwise be working elsewhere...
2775.04WHYVAX::HAMPTONMon Jun 16 1986Origin of leap seconds?
2776.08PH4VAX::OWENSTue Jun 17 1986Out standing in their field
2777.07VISUAL::OCONNORThu Jun 19 1986Back to the Movies
2778.02SIERRA::OSMANThu Jun 19 1986why was route 25 never finished ?
2779.025ANT::ZARLENGAWed Jun 25 1986Star Trek and Flintstones
2780.09RDGE28::STEPHENSWed Jun 25 1986The "bad" guys won
2781.010MRMFG1::A_PEIRANOWed Jun 25 1986Gone to the Dogs ????
2782.028ENDOR::SWONGERThu Jun 26 1986Non-Trivial People
2783.010APTECH::RSTONEThu Jun 26 1986For the Oldtimers!
2784.05EARTH::BLODGETTThu Jun 26 1986Pass the Mustard, Please.
2785.05UCOUNT::LYNCHFri Jun 27 1986Please join in singing...
2786.02UCOUNT::LYNCHFri Jun 27 1986Psst...Hey, buddy...
2787.02UCOUNT::LYNCHFri Jun 27 1986Doing the doggie paddle
2788.08UCOUNT::LYNCHFri Jun 27 1986Tasty
2789.05OLIVER::THOMSFri Jun 27 1986RAMBO
2790.023ODIXIE::COLESun Jun 29 1986This is escape?
2791.03RANCOR::SWONGERMon Jun 30 1986Two more on Presidents
2792.013RANCOR::SWONGERMon Jun 30 1986Yet More...
2793.04VAXWRK::NORDLINGERMon Jun 30 1986Trevanian?
2794.06ENDOR::SWONGERTue Jul 01 1986Happy Fiscal New Year!!!
2795.01PISCES::HAFFNERTue Jul 01 1986not NCC 17
2796.03ERIS::CALLASTue Jul 01 1986Not much was left at all...
2797.016SARLAC::SWONGERWed Jul 02 1986..A Yankee Doodle Dandy
2798.02JON::MORONEYWed Jul 02 1986To celebrate her 1
2799.02GNUVAX::BKETTLERThu Jul 03 1986Red, White, & Blue tunes
2800.04PISCES::HAFFNERWed Jul 09 1986left or right?
2801.029PISCES::HAFFNERWed Jul 09 1986Seven with one blow.
2802.011PISCES::HAFFNERWed Jul 09 1986Giddy yup, Whoa Boy!
2803.08HARDY::KENAHWed Jul 09 1986Zeus's Dwarves
2804.07AIWEST::MATTHEWSThu Jul 10 1986The Numbers Game
2805.032AIWEST::MATTHEWSThu Jul 10 1986Blues Brother's Quiz
2806.021VIRTUE::RAVANTue Jul 15 1986Sequel-itis
2807.017ULTRA::ELLISWed Jul 16 1986Jeopardy!
2808.068ANT::ZARLENGAWed Jul 16 1986Beverly Hillbillies quiz
2809.017GUMDRP::HAFFNERWed Jul 16 1986Who said.....?
2810.01LEIA::SWONGERFri Jul 18 1986A Suggestion
2811.035VAXWRK::SCHNEIDERFri Jul 18 1986More Odd Couple Trivia
2812.04PISCES::HAFFNERMon Jul 21 1986Is this 418-9749?
2813.01BLUES::MCEVOYMon Jul 21 1986TRIVIA ...
2814.05ALIEN::MCCARTHYMon Jul 21 1986Software's favorite building material
2815.07BLUES::MCEVOYTue Jul 22 1986Hawaii Five O
2816.07NYALYF::HORWITZTue Jul 22 1986Marx Brothers
2817.09PNEUMA::ANGELONEWed Jul 23 1986Ghostbuster, help me !!!!
2818.03OLIVER::THOMSThu Jul 24 1986WITNESS
2819.07LEIA::SWONGERFri Jul 25 1986Live, From NY...
2820.07NONODE::CHERSONFri Jul 25 1986Guess this if you can
2821.03VAXWRK::NORDLINGERTue Jul 29 1986I hate Illinois Nazis
2822.03OOLA::SWONGERTue Jul 29 1986Cluster Name Origins
2823.08AKOVTue Jul 29 1986The Great Escape/Hogan's Heros
2824.015VAXWRK::NORDLINGERWed Jul 30 1986Phonetic Alphabet
2825.0ZEKE::SHEBAKWed Jul 30 1986Kirk
2826.08TMCUKA::BARKERWed Jul 30 1986Heigh-Ho Silver, Away ...
2827.02BARAKA::LASTOVICAWed Jul 30 1986Surprise in every box
2828.065MRED::ANGELONEThu Jul 31 1986One Liners, here we go !!
2829.09VAXWRK::NORDLINGERThu Jul 31 1986Funny Money
2830.098ZEKE::SHEBAKFri Aug 01 1986Beatle Trivia
2831.031SWSNOD::RPGDOCFri Aug 01 1986Titanic
2832.02HEFTY::GLADUGFri Aug 01 1986Rolling Stones Vintage Pickers
2833.010DELNI::CANTORSun Aug 03 1986Some Strong questions
2834.07NY1MM::SWEENEYSun Aug 03 1986Twenty Years Ago Today
2835.04EAGLE7::DANTOWITZMon Aug 04 1986November 17,1858
2836.043STUBBI::REINKEMon Aug 04 1986Biology trivia
2837.012HEFTY::GLADUGTue Aug 05 1986One hen. One hen,two ducks,...
2838.03ERIS::CALLASWed Aug 06 1986Just spell the name right!
2839.01WARHED::SUDDICKWed Aug 06 19863
2840.057STUBBI::OUELLETTEWed Aug 06 1986"Ships both Sea and Space"
2841.010BARAKA::LASTOVICAWed Aug 06 1986What is Spyro Gyra
2842.07PISCES::HAFFNERThu Aug 07 1986Cheyenne, Sugarfoot...
2843.03STUBBI::REINKEThu Aug 07 1986Secretly
2844.07TURBO::NEWSHAMFri Aug 08 1986Wild Bill Hickcock
2845.019BLUES::MCEVOYFri Aug 08 1986Soap
2846.010HERMES::CLOUDFri Aug 08 1986Burt Convy
2847.06PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 10 1986No relation to Maynard G.
2848.03NY1MM::SWEENEYMon Aug 11 1986Orson Welles
2849.037GAYNES::WALLTue Aug 12 1986Aliens
2850.022HERMES::CLOUDTue Aug 12 1986He's dead, Jim...
2851.0PSW::WINALSKIWed Aug 13 1986Coenzyme A
2852.03STAR::TOPAZWed Aug 13 1986Muriels, or cats?
2853.018VIRTUE::HALLYBWed Aug 13 1986"I feel naked without my blade"
2854.012SMURF::CLINETue Aug 19 1986Baby on Board
2855.03DOOZER::SADLERWed Aug 20 1986Can anyone settle this?
2856.019GRAMPS::ANGELONEWed Aug 20 1986They said as they got in the car....
2857.07ERIS::CALLASWed Aug 20 1986Unspeakably Horrible
2858.02WARHED::SUDDICKWed Aug 20 1986Easy one for starters
2859.07SADVAX::HARVEYThu Aug 21 1986Sneeks??
2860.03MAHLER::FVARPAHOVSKYThu Aug 21 1986Russian (Soviet) Trivia.
2861.055COMET2::TIMPSONMon Aug 25 1986Towards the Unknown
2862.014RSTS32::DBMILLERMon Aug 25 1986Wages, tips, and other compensation
2863.014GRAMPS::ANGELONEWed Aug 27 1986MAKE-UP !!!!!!!
2864.0CAMLOT::DAVISWed Aug 27 1986Trivia on Radio
2865.04<deleted>Thu Aug 28 1986A REAL STUMPER !
2866.011BPOVThu Aug 28 1986how about this one?
2867.0BPOVThu Aug 28 1986Try this
2869.02BPOVFri Aug 29 1986an easy one
2870.07WARHED::SUDDICKTue Sep 02 1986Hereditary titles
2871.014GRAMPS::ANGELONETue Sep 02 1986Starting with the letter "A"...
2872.03BRAT::SHEPARDTue Sep 02 1986Attention GUMBYPHILES!
2873.08WARHED::SUDDICKWed Sep 03 1986A mathematical one
2875.088NELSON::PIMENTELWed Sep 03 1986MORE MASH
2876.02WARHED::SUDDICKThu Sep 04 1986A patchy question
2877.03WARHED::SUDDICKThu Sep 04 1986Macwho's what?
2878.09GRAMPS::ANGELONEThu Sep 04 1986On to "B"...
2879.01VIRGO::COUGHLINFri Sep 05 1986In search of DEC trivia ...
2880.07HERMES::CLOUDFri Sep 05 1986HELP, CECIL, HELP!
2881.08HERMES::CLOUDFri Sep 05 1986He reaches into his bag of tricks...
2882.02DOOZER::SADLERMon Sep 08 1986One for the punters!
2883.06GRAMPS::ANGELONEMon Sep 08 1986And then came "C"..........
2884.026OOLA::SWONGERMon Sep 08 1986Monty Python
2885.019ALIEN::BEZEREDITue Sep 09 1986A Man to Remember
2886.04HITECH::BLOTCKYWed Sep 10 1986Two years short
2887.04<deleted>Sat Sep 13 1986TRIVIA, OR CREAM FILL CITY !
2888.01<UNKNOWN>Sat Sep 13 1986THE BAIT IS OUT,NOW TO SET IT !
2889.06USWRSL::MARCHETPETue Sep 16 1986And then there was fish....
2890.01USWRSL::MARCHETPETue Sep 16 1986Corrected question
2891.03<UNKNOWN>Tue Sep 16 1986This one is a bit touchy
2893.07USWRSL::MARCHETPEWed Sep 17 1986Here come the Brides
2894.022PUZZLE::ECTORWed Sep 17 1986And the HITS just keep on coming
2895.033VENTUR::POZNICKThu Sep 18 19865
2896.0VENTUR::POZNICKThu Sep 18 19862895 IS "RADIO TRIVIA"
2899.01UCOUNT::LYNCHTue Sep 23 1986Trivia at BC 1
2900.010NISYSI::KINGWed Sep 24 1986No Haig, not you....
2901.015<deleted>Thu Sep 25 1986Green Acres
2902.06VENTUR::POZNICKThu Sep 25 1986When the military errs
2903.02PISCES::PORTERDThu Sep 25 1986Mick and Tina
2904.031<deleted>Thu Sep 25 1986Hogan's Heroes
2905.010SADVAX::HARVEYMon Sep 29 1986Constitutional History
2906.02ERIS::CALLASMon Sep 29 1986In a puff of black smoke
2907.013NONODE::CHERSONWed Oct 01 1986Major Mudd, R.S.V.P.
2908.012GRAMPS::ANGELONEWed Oct 01 1986No first names or......
2909.06UCOUNT::LYNCHThu Oct 02 1986Lt. with no first name
2910.03DRAGON::MCVAYFri Oct 03 1986Left full rudder! No--right full! No--left...
2911.010DRAGON::MCVAYFri Oct 03 1986Constitutional History, cont.
2912.07CRISIS::OCONNORMon Oct 06 1986The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?
2913.06DROID::DAUGHANTue Oct 07 1986Pat Garrett
2914.05DRAGON::MCVAYThu Oct 09 1986From 'Channel 3, Moscow'
2915.03STAR::TOPAZMon Oct 13 1986A propos of nothing ...
2916.06LIME::BERNARDOTue Oct 14 1986TRIVIA is up for adoption
2917.04TUNDRA::RICERMon Oct 20 1986USMA
2918.09CRISIS::OCONNORTue Oct 21 1986Motown
2919.02MARCIE::CSWEENEYTue Oct 21 1986 <MEDIA>
2920.033GRAMPS::ANGELONEWed Oct 22 1986You say who ???????????//
2921.055NIEMAN::ELIAThu Oct 23 1986MASH us some more!!
2923.06DELNI::GOLDSTEINMon Oct 27 1986Identity crisis, corporate style
2924.07KESTRL::CLOUSERTue Oct 28 19861967 jynx?
2925.010SKYHWK::GOGUENTue Oct 28 19861986 World Series
2926.012PABLO::RECKARDTue Oct 28 1986World Series - Met fan (booo!)
2928.046RDGEWed Oct 29 1986The (original) Jackie Gleason Show
2929.03NEXUS::BONOMOFri Oct 31 1986Glen Ford movie
2930.04HITECH::BLOTCKYSat Nov 01 1986Late Night
2931.011JON::MORONEYMon Nov 03 1986He slept through most of his term
2932.06CTOAVX::IZZOWed Nov 05 1986Easy one
2933.05OFFRT9::NROMMWed Nov 05 1986Trivial Pursuit Game Players Wanted!
2934.042LOOKUP::AMSCOMThu Nov 06 1986STARWARS
2935.031<deleted>Thu Nov 06 1986ANY SPRINGSTEEN FANS HERE???
2936.07SQM::CAFARELLASun Nov 09 1986Famous day in history (for some people)
2937.05STOWMA::LANGEMon Nov 10 1986 Grab Bag...
2938.02UCOUNT::LAIDLAWMon Nov 10 1986Thanks Clarence
2939.011BCSE::SCOPATue Nov 11 1986Lee Marvin's TV Show
2940.024WELSWS::TREVENNORWed Nov 12 1986Fawlty Towers trivia quiz
2941.018DRAGON::MCVAYWed Nov 12 1986State/Commonwealth
2942.09RDGE28::ROBERTSONFri Nov 14 1986US & UK equivalents
2943.01ADVLSI::HARVEYFri Nov 14 1986 Soup's on!
2944.05BIOSYS::EDWARDSSun Nov 16 1986Soccer Question
2946.01IMNAUT::CLEMINSHAWTue Nov 18 1986ROSS MARTIN/Artemus Gordon?
2947.09IMNAUT::CLEMINSHAWTue Nov 18 1986Last Waltz/Robbie Robertson
2948.04RDGEThu Nov 20 1986GET SMART!!
2949.02USMRM2::MGRACEMon Nov 24 1986Where Were You in '32?
2950.01<deleted>Tue Nov 25 1986It's about time
2951.02INABOX::BENHAMTue Nov 25 1986Jayne Mansfield
2958.028TSE::LEFEBVRETue Dec 02 1986More Cartoon Trivia
2959.017ODIXIE::COLEWed Dec 03 1986Did Judy know ?
2960.06BCSE::SCOPAThu Dec 04 1986Great White Hope?
2961.018ZEKE::SHEBAKFri Dec 05 1986In memory of.....
2962.06RADON::SCHNEIDERMon Dec 08 1986name that candy bar
2963.04POWPAC::CONNELLMon Dec 08 1986A trivial Trivia.not question
2964.01<deleted>Tue Dec 09 1986WHO PLAYED "MARATHON JOHN"??
2965.06SMURF::LAIDLAWFri Dec 12 1986Good Evening
2966.016PABLO::RECKARDFri Dec 12 1986Green Acres - the first?
2967.01STOWMA::GALVINMon Dec 15 1986There will be no liberty for this crew!!
2968.07DROID::DAUGHANWed Dec 17 1986Colloquialisms.
2969.05CEODEV::FAULKNERMon Dec 22 1986baseball ?
2970.06SKETCH::MYSELMon Dec 22 1986Who Was Supposed to Play.........
2971.05CEODEV::FAULKNERMon Dec 22 1986well.....
2972.048SKETCH::MYSELTue Dec 30 1986Batman and Robin.....anyone?
2973.08NISYSI::KINGTue Dec 30 1986Flash Gordon
2974.012DEBET::CANTORFri Jan 02 1987I'll bet you don't know.
2976.010DROID::DAUGHANMon Jan 05 1987history & geography
2977.04RDGE43::KEWWed Jan 07 1987I give up
2978.02DROID::DAUGHANThu Jan 08 1987peter pan
2979.024DECNA::CANTORThu Jan 08 1987Song titles which contain song titles
2980.012WKRP::SCHORNAKFri Jan 09 1987WHY IS IT...
2981.018ODIXIE::COLEMon Jan 12 1987Frankly Scarlett, I don't give ....
2982.03ODIXIE::COLEMon Jan 12 1987Does your mama know that you're out?
2983.03STOWMA::LANGETue Jan 13 1987This may be your cup o' *tea*???
2984.023TSG::BOONEWed Jan 14 1987seven seas ?????
2985.010POWPAC::CONNELLFri Jan 16 1987Tempest in a teapot?
2986.05MRMFG1::S_REARDONMon Jan 19 1987Army's first coach
2987.09NACMTW::DALYMon Jan 19 1987Wizard of OZ
2988.02BIOSYS::GSMITHTue Jan 20 1987A question for UK drivers
2989.013DROID::DAUGHANTue Jan 20 1987"Now there's a strange animal."
2990.022EGRET::GOGUENWed Jan 21 1987The Total Eclipse of the Sun
2991.04OASS::DCOWARTWed Jan 21 1987Went to a Garden party
2992.08HARDY::KENAHWed Jan 21 1987Ho! Ho! HO??
2993.010HARDY::KENAHWed Jan 21 1987A Continent of Ghosts...
2994.03HARDY::KENAHWed Jan 21 1987The Color Purple...
2995.04HARDY::KENAHWed Jan 21 1987Black, Black, Black, Black -- or Black.
2996.07HARDY::KENAHWed Jan 21 1987A Blue Streak
2997.016HARDY::KENAHWed Jan 21 1987Orange ya glad...?
2998.02HARDY::KENAHWed Jan 21 1987Black and White and...
2999.011HARDY::KENAHWed Jan 21 1987...and Red All Over!
3000.016HARDY::KENAHWed Jan 21 1987Millennium Three
3001.09NISYSI::KINGWed Jan 21 1987Elton John Trivia
3002.021DRAGON::MCVAYThu Jan 22 1987They'll NEVER take us!
3003.03URSULA::WIECHMANNFri Jan 23 1987Trivia Hall of Fame Location?
3004.04DRAGON::MCVAYTue Jan 27 1987Murther, Thee Wrote...
3006.08RSTS32::MORGANTue Feb 03 1987What's in a Name?
3007.03WELMTS::MANNIONFri Feb 06 1987Where Are They Now?
3008.02CEODEV::FAULKNERMon Feb 09 1987musical sort a
3009.06RSTS32::MORGANMon Feb 09 1987Musical "Snippets"
3010.06FDCVMon Feb 09 1987SPORT SHORT
3011.03CRISIS::OCONNORMon Feb 09 1987America's Cup
3012.02WILLIE::TIMMONSTue Feb 10 1987Help on Ken Murray's Show
3013.093NISYSI::KINGTue Feb 10 1987Geography Trivia
3014.05WELSWS::DISTRICTWed Feb 11 1987How many words in Hamlet?
3015.05TARKIN::BLOOMWed Feb 11 1987DEC Stock Anyone?
3016.03GRAMPS::ANGELONEFri Feb 13 1987At the Oscars
3017.010ODIXIE::COLEFri Feb 13 1987Where's the rabbit's foot?
3018.06CRISIS::OCONNORFri Feb 13 1987Blues Brothers
3019.014CRISIS::OCONNORFri Feb 13 1987Title first album == Title track == Group Name
3020.014ICEMAN::RUDMANFri Feb 13 1987Violent Quotes
3021.07ICEMAN::RUDMANFri Feb 13 1987More Violent Quotes
3022.017ICEMAN::RUDMANFri Feb 13 1987Still more Violent quotes.
3024.012JON::MORONEYTue Feb 17 1987JUMP!
3025.01ESDC2::SOBOTWed Feb 25 1987Mounties protect him/her.
3026.03CEODEV::FAULKNERWed Mar 04 1987motion pic
3027.019MDVAX3::WOODALLWed Mar 04 1987Narnia Questions.
3028.033KESTRL::CLOUSERFri Mar 06 1987Any Civil War buffs left out there?
3030.06MORRIS::MLOEWEMon Mar 16 1987The first KMART's
3031.04VINO::KKLEINERThu Mar 19 1987Darrow came eighty years later
3032.01EDWIN::OCONNORThu Mar 19 1987Andrew Gold
3033.07BAEDEV::RECKARDThu Mar 19 1987Crest TV commercial
3034.0133CYCLPS::CHALMERSMon Mar 23 1987NYUK! NYUK! NYUK!
3035.06DRAGON::MCVAYTue Mar 24 1987He's what, Trekkie?
3036.021CURIUS::LEEWed Mar 25 1987J.R.R. Tolkien Trivia
3037.02DEVEL::SULLIVANFri Mar 27 1987VMS Trivia (Earliest VMS Date)
3038.04AKOV68::BOYAJIANSat Mar 28 1987Beep!
3040.030SPMFG1::DANIELETMon Mar 30 1987Cereal Trivia
3041.020SPMFG1::DANIELETMon Mar 30 1987'6
3043.011SPMFG1::DANIELETTue Mar 31 1987Jetsons trivia
3044.07MDVAX3::WOODALLTue Mar 31 1987OZ Books
3045.013<deleted>Wed Apr 01 1987TV COMMERCIALS
3047.02CYBORG::SHAWThu Apr 02 1987WHO TRIVIA
3048.03MDVAX1::VANDYKEThu Apr 02 1987trekkies
3049.017HYDRA::ECKERTFri Apr 03 1987On the cover...
3050.05HYDRA::ECKERTFri Apr 03 1987A sticky wave
3052.037PIGGY::NEALEMon Apr 06 1987Sports
3053.017<deleted>Wed Apr 08 1987FRODO LIVES!
3055.02HUMOR::EPPESWed Apr 08 1987Just put your lips together...
3056.010WONDER::FEINWed Apr 15 1987Abbie 'n' Amy
3057.023SKETCH::BASSETTThu Apr 16 1987MONKEES
3058.019KANE::BALDYGAFri Apr 17 1987OUTA NOWHERE
3059.016CEODEV::FAULKNERWed Apr 22 1987more tv nostalgia
3060.06FXADM::RAPOSOThu Apr 23 1987McCool
3061.09CEODEV::FAULKNERFri Apr 24 1987think deep thoughts
3062.06DELNI::CANTORSat Apr 25 1987Check your spelling
3063.024IPOVAX::FAULKNERMon Apr 27 1987commercial's too good to forget
3064.010RSTS32::MORGANTue Apr 28 1987MORE Movie Trivia
3065.08VICKI::PTHOMPSONTue May 05 1987"EMBICILE"
3066.01UCOUNT::LAIDLAWWed May 06 1987Get this Charlie!
3067.05NUTMEG::RYANThu May 07 1987*** MUSIC TRIVIA ***
3068.011DELNI::CANTORSat May 16 1987Cigars
3069.03CEODEV::FAULKNERSun May 17 1987a title
3070.012CRISIS::OCONNORMon May 18 1987All-time All-stars
3071.016FDCVWed May 20 1987Dobie Gillis
3072.02MAPLE::WHEELThu May 21 1987EVIL ROY SLADE
3073.07SUPER::KENAHMon Jun 01 1987It was twenty years ago today...
3074.06NEXUS::MCCLOSKEYSun Jun 14 1987Steve Allen
3075.020MORRIS::SLABOUNTYTue Jun 16 1987Movie Pets
3076.06ULTRA::ELLISWed Jun 17 1987Anniversary
3077.034MORRIS::SLABOUNTYThu Jun 18 1987Color my music
3078.034MORRIS::SLABOUNTYThu Jun 18 1987Under Cover
3079.0254MORRIS::SLABOUNTYThu Jun 18 1987First things first
3080.04STAR::YANKOWSKASThu Jun 18 1987Celtics trivia question
3081.011WILEYC::POWELLThu Jun 18 1987School Mascots
3084.037FXADM::RAPOSOTue Jun 23 19875
3085.02EXIT26::SNOWTue Jun 23 1987SPENSER
3086.021MORRIS::SLABOUNTYTue Jun 23 1987The Doctor Is In !!
3087.05FACTWed Jun 24 1987Sky King
3088.088REGENT::LETENDREThu Jun 25 1987THE NEW 6
3090.02NBC::CORMIERFri Jun 26 1987B. Bob, Howdy and Me
3091.031FACTFri Jun 26 1987GUNSMOKE
3092.05REGENT::LETENDREFri Jun 26 1987What do you do for a headache?
3093.013SKETCH::MYSELWed Jul 01 1987Sports Trivia?
3094.017CAM2::GALVINThu Jul 02 1987Emergency (the show)
3096.08MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Jul 06 1987Uniformity is the meaning of life
3097.0DELNI::CANTORTue Jul 07 1987By the numbers
3098.0219FXADM::RAPOSOFri Jul 10 1987Potpourri
3099.09HYDRA::ECKERTWed Jul 22 1987There's a holdup...
3100.01FROST::LEVESQUEMon Jul 27 1987samson and delilah
3101.014SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERFri Jul 31 1987Say the Magic Word...
3102.019SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERFri Jul 31 1987A Gem of a Question
3103.06SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERSat Aug 01 1987To Err is Humam...
3104.05SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERSat Aug 01 1987A Purrfect Strategy
3105.03SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERSat Aug 01 1987Legal Eagles
3106.015SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERMon Aug 03 1987Not Pop
3107.09SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERMon Aug 03 1987Who Am I?
3108.05SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERTue Aug 04 1987Musical Quotes
3109.011SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERWed Aug 05 1987Hagar the Horrible
3110.08SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERWed Aug 05 1987Organization Chart
3111.05SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERWed Aug 05 1987Who am I? (2)
3112.016CHFVThu Aug 06 1987It's Howdy Doody Time!
3113.011LEZAH::BOBBITTTue Aug 11 1987Blues Brothers Movie Trivia
3114.02MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Aug 12 1987Come Together ... over me ...
3115.0757419::BOYAJIANFri Aug 14 1987Left and Right
3116.05CAM2::GALVINThu Aug 20 1987Real People
3117.08LEZAH::BOBBITTFri Aug 21 1987Can Anyone Tell Me About...?
3119.04CIVIC::WINBERGTue Aug 25 1987LUCIFER
3120.02MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Aug 26 1987Man lives in the sunlit world ...
3121.028MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Aug 26 1987BTW, all from the same author.
3122.029EDUHCI::BOELKEWed Aug 26 1987Baseball
3124.08GNUVAX::BOBBITTThu Aug 27 1987Define the following:
3126.012MORRIS::SLABOUNTYTue Sep 01 1987More music trivia
3127.017FXADM::RAPOSOWed Sep 02 1987SUPERSTITIONS!...oooooh!
3128.03ANTARE::ABIDIThu Sep 03 1987Lexicographers delight
3129.017HPSMEG::MCKINSTRYThu Sep 03 1987Dollars and presidents
3130.04HPSMEG::MCKINSTRYThu Sep 03 1987gotta think about this one
3131.02ANTARE::ABIDIFri Sep 04 1987Untitled poems
3133.03LASSIE::MARIGOWDAFri Sep 11 1987What...and Who...
3134.02HYDRA::ECKERTTue Sep 15 1987Jeepers, Mary!
3135.016ANTARE::ABIDIWed Sep 16 1987 Proverbially Speaking
3136.011ANTARE::ABIDIWed Sep 16 1987Who Are They ?
3137.02FRAGLE::GREENAWAYThu Sep 17 1987For the serious Beatle fan
3138.04MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Sep 21 1987We were never IN aisle 7 !!!!
3139.02ICARUS::WAITETue Sep 22 1987DIVCO
3140.07AIMHI::JUTRASWed Sep 23 1987CARTOONS
3141.026AIMHI::JUTRASWed Sep 23 1987addresses!!!\
3143.034AIMHI::JUTRASWed Sep 23 1987Cartoons
3144.014AIMHI::JUTRASWed Sep 23 1987Golly gee Wally!!!
3145.08DELNI::CANTORFri Sep 25 1987Are they home?
3146.027KAOATue Sep 29 1987Songs That Begat Songs
3147.02TIGER::SLABOUNTYWed Sep 30 1987Ric,Ben,Greg,Eliot and Dave
3148.07ANGORA::MORINMon Oct 05 1987Commonwealth states
3149.057PECOCK::STUARTTue Oct 06 1987cartoon sidekicks
3150.04AIMHI::JUTRASWed Oct 07 1987Hill Street Blues
3151.029MORRIS::SLABOUNTYFri Oct 09 1987License Plates
3152.018MORRIS::SLABOUNTYFri Oct 09 1987Street names
3153.027HYDRA::ECKERTSun Oct 11 1987Can you spare a dime?
3154.018MORRIS::SLABOUNTYTue Oct 20 1987Top ten list
3155.012MORRIS::SLABOUNTYTue Oct 20 1987On the obscure side
3156.08MPGS::ROBINSONTue Oct 20 1987Tough Ones (?)
3157.02DANUBE::STRUCKWed Oct 21 1987More proverbs ?
3158.03SKYHWK::STUARTFri Oct 23 1987frozen in time
3159.08SKYHWK::STUARTFri Oct 23 1987good ole Mr. wilson
3160.01MORRIS::SLABOUNTYSat Oct 24 1987* * Request for info * *
3161.02MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Oct 26 1987Spring ahead ... fall back
3162.01MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Oct 26 1987For those about to rock ...
3163.07GRAMPS::ANGELONEWed Oct 28 1987And the newspaper headlines read...
3164.018EGRET::STUARTThu Oct 29 1987Celeb. D.J.'s
3165.07BISTRO::WATSONFri Oct 30 1987proportion of lawyers in government?
3166.013MORRIS::SLABOUNTYThu Nov 05 1987Least favorite question?
3167.02NWDThu Nov 05 1987Digital clock tower time?
3168.020HPSRAD::ABIDIFri Nov 06 1987 Some "Why"'s questions.
3169.02HPSCAD::WALLSat Nov 07 1987There's Antimony Aresenic Aluminum Selenium...
3171.018HPSRAD::ABIDITue Nov 10 1987 So, What ?
3172.031PLDVAX::MLOEWEWed Nov 11 1987XANTH trivia
3175.018HPSRAD::ABIDIMon Nov 30 1987Turkey, anyone?
3176.03KOALA::HYDESun Dec 06 1987ALL THAT JAZZ movie music question
3178.05MSDOA2::SATTERTue Dec 08 1987Physicists Only
3179.013TROPPO::WARDThu Dec 10 1987Rock/Pop Trivia
3180.08CSTVAX::MPOWELLThu Dec 10 1987Singular Teams (so to speak)
3181.01DICKNS::F_MCGOWANFri Dec 11 1987Some "used" Red Sox trivia
3182.04DELNI::CANTORSat Dec 12 1987Antoinette Perry
3183.03MMOMon Dec 14 19871st KO = TD
3184.015SALEM::LUQUETTEMon Dec 14 1987extra point questions
3185.07HPSRAD::ABIDITue Dec 15 1987 Vincent Van Gogh
3186.05CSTVAX::INTERNTue Dec 15 1987More Wizard of Oz
3187.013DICKNS::F_MCGOWANSat Dec 19 1987Jazzmen, Better Known As...
3188.01WORDS::KRISTYSun Jan 03 1988Are you a triviaphile?
3189.04HPSRAD::ABIDIWed Jan 06 1988Assorted Flavors
3190.02FNYFS::CAMPBELLThu Jan 07 1988*PSYCHO*
3191.09DELNI::CANTORSat Jan 09 1988Not the apple of my eye
3192.06HPSRAD::ABIDITue Jan 26 1988Basketball
3193.06GNUVAX::ANGELONEFri Jan 29 1988Only three words ??
3194.03KAOAThu Feb 04 1988One Day in America
3195.06AUNTB::WARNOCKSat Feb 13 1988Three Stooges sing "B-A-BAY..."
3196.02MUNEDU::BEARDSWORTHMon Feb 15 1988BIG and I mean BIG!
3197.02SYSEFS::MCCABETue Feb 16 1988Vote Early and often
3198.08PION::COSGALVINWed Feb 17 1988A Poser for you ....
3199.04HPSRAD::ABIDIMon Feb 22 1988 Filling Up
3200.04GIDDAY::GILLARDThu Feb 25 1988Randall & Hopkirk (deceased)
3201.02VIDEO::ASHEWed Mar 02 1988Double Trouble trivia
3202.07HPSRAD::ABIDIFri Mar 11 1988"Curiosity, Information, and Fun"
3203.018MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Mar 14 1988I've seen him in another movie ...
3204.01RUMOR::CHADDOCKWed Mar 16 1988Broken Wheel Ranch.
3205.012DSTR15::CHADDOCKSat Mar 19 1988It's not Rocky.
3208.012ORACLE::THEURINGSat Apr 09 1988trivia tossup
3209.01CSSE::COUTUREWed Apr 13 1988Flash Gordon
3210.03FIDDLE::DELUCOWed Apr 13 1988Abbott and Costello
3211.09DELNI::CANTORFri Apr 15 1988What do they have in common?
3214.05XCUSME::OPERATORSat Apr 16 1988Hotel California II
3215.05XCUSME::OPERATORSat Apr 16 1988Who said...
3216.01XCUSME::OPERATORSat Apr 16 1988Over the hill...
3218.04HXOUMon Apr 18 1988Rolling Boulders
3220.01WOODRO::JOHNSENTue Apr 19 1988Live-Aid
3221.015WOODRO::JOHNSENThu Apr 21 1988U bet
3222.01WOODRO::JOHNSENThu Apr 21 1988FIRE!!!
3223.04CHEST::STREETFri Apr 22 1988Dad=Buck, Mum=Doe but..
3224.06UCOUNT::LAIDLAWMon Apr 25 1988This is the NBC television network
3225.01DRONGO::MATTHEWSFri Apr 29 1988By and large...
3226.01STARZ::LOHMILLERTue May 03 1988tea in the sea
3227.012SQUEKE::KOZIKOWSKITue May 03 1988Captain Kangaroo and friends
3228.012VXHDRM::SUNNYFri May 06 1988Clubs and Organizations
3229.014VXHDRM::SUNNYFri May 06 1988Bridges
3230.07HPSRAD::ABIDIWed May 11 1988 Oil
3231.09VXHDRM::SUNNYThu May 12 1988Fathers, Dads and Oh My Papa
3232.013VXHDRM::SUNNYThu May 12 1988Original Titles
3233.08VALKYR::RUSTTue May 17 1988Simply darling
3234.015VXHDRM::SUNNYTue May 17 1988*** Unions ***
3235.021CSC32::J_HERNANDEZTue May 31 1988cartoon trivia
3236.02AIMHI::LEBLANCFri Jun 03 1988 And the answer is?
3237.03ACOMA::JBADERFri Jun 10 1988 * Indians *
3239.016TUBORG::J_HERNANDEZThu Jun 30 1988Bloom County
3240.09TIS::CARNEYFri Jul 08 1988Call for Gilligan's Q&A
3241.0TWEED::E_HAYESTue Jul 12 1988Psycho trivia
3242.04QUOKKA::SNYDERWed Jul 13 1988Who performed these songs?
3243.04CALLME::MR_TOPAZFri Jul 22 1988Bi-lingual places (French/Dutch)
3246.08SYSEFS::MCCABETue Aug 09 1988Bassets and Typewriters
3247.01CSOA1::BRESWed Aug 10 1988Who Sang IT??
3248.05SYSEFS::MCCABEThu Aug 11 1988Golf anyone?
3249.07SYSEFS::MCCABEThu Aug 11 1988Alphabet soup
3250.05SYSEFS::MCCABEThu Aug 11 1988Its a wonder its still there!
3251.06SYSEFS::MCCABEThu Aug 11 1988No No note the Gulag ..
3252.02SYSEFS::MCCABEThu Aug 11 1988This is easy. isn't it?
3253.03MEMVThu Aug 11 1988Get this out of my head!
3254.03SHRFAC::ADAMSMFri Aug 12 1988Wizard of Oz
3255.014ACOMA::JBADERTue Aug 16 1988Pseudonyms
3256.03HPSTEK::SKIESTThu Aug 18 1988SUN RISE
3257.05SALES::JUSSAUMEThu Aug 18 1988Scooby-Doo
3258.08SYSEFS::MCCABEThu Aug 18 1988Alimentary my Dear Watson
3259.09SYSEFS::MCCABEThu Aug 18 1988By george you haven't got it.
3260.01SYSEFS::MCCABEThu Aug 18 1988No, dear, I'll pay for both of us.
3261.07SYSEFS::MCCABEThu Aug 18 1988From Here to ... Where?
3262.03SYSEFS::MCCABEThu Aug 18 1988Dressing is important.
3264.09SYSEFS::MCCABETue Aug 23 1988Quick, fetch Custers brown pants
3265.01SYSEFS::MCCABETue Aug 23 1988An axe murder eatting ice cream ..
3266.08SYSEFS::MCCABETue Aug 23 19881st read Strunk and White
3269.08ORACLE::THEURINGFri Aug 26 1988An epigram a day...
3271.06STARZ::LOHMILLERFri Aug 26 1988Name that curve!
3272.02KLCSE::JORDANTue Aug 30 198815
3273.013SYSEFS::MCCABEFri Sep 09 1988Shake his hand or pat em on the shoulder
3274.05FRAGLE::STUARTFri Sep 09 1988brought to you by......
3275.02FRAGLE::STUARTFri Sep 16 1988states and capitals
3276.012FRAGLE::STUARTWed Sep 21 1988The Mod Squad
3277.015STARZ::LOHMILLERMon Sep 26 1988M&Ms
3278.014FRAGLE::STUARTMon Sep 26 1988remember Mayberry
3279.05FRAGLE::STUARTMon Sep 26 1988Hazel
3280.029WMOIS::C_GIROUARDFri Sep 30 1988Cartwrong or Cartwright
3281.02FRAGLE::STUARTFri Oct 07 1988I Love Lucy
3283.023SYSEFS::MCCABEThu Oct 13 1988at the tone the time will be ding dong
3284.06LAIDBK::MIKKELSONWed Oct 19 1988Languages
3285.026FRAGLE::STUARTFri Oct 28 1988Rock Stars
3287.03KLCSE::JORDANWed Nov 02 1988Some Latin !!
3289.02KLCSE::JORDANWed Nov 02 1988fender ???
3290.02KLCSE::JORDANWed Nov 02 1988?? Food ??
3292.01KLCSE::JORDANWed Nov 02 1988? Author ?
3293.01KLCSE::JORDANWed Nov 02 1988?? Song of Norway ??
3294.019TARKIN::WISMARWed Nov 02 1988Rock-net.
3295.05<UNKNOWN>Fri Nov 04 1988Magazine Trivia
3296.07JEMEL::JBADERSat Nov 05 1988Lucky 7
3297.019NECVAX::ARLINGTONTue Nov 15 1988Famous Voices
3298.033SKAGIT::WOODKEWed Nov 16 1988Who made this song famous?
3299.04SLSTRN::LINDMARKThu Nov 17 1988Old children's shows theme songs
3300.08EASYNT::LANGLOISThu Nov 17 1988Car quiz
3301.03CSGFri Nov 18 1988Gilligan's Island
3303.02BANZAI::CAMERONTue Nov 22 1988Thanksgiving Trivia??
3304.08SUBURB::GOREIMon Nov 28 1988Fillums and things
3305.030RDGOAR::HORTON_9Wed Nov 30 1988Collective Nouns
3306.07NECVAX::VEILLEUX_LWed Nov 30 1988Canine Trivia
3308.014USWAV1::CHAPLAINWed Dec 07 1988Damned Little Corporal
3309.05MPO::GILBERTWed Dec 07 1988Age question...
3310.010ANT::SLABOUNTYThu Dec 08 1988Traditional/modern gifts for anniversaries
3311.010CSOA1::BRANSTEINTue Dec 13 1988More Christmas Trivia
3312.07REPAIR::FRANKLINThu Dec 15 1988QUEEN
3313.05TULA::JBADERSun Dec 18 1988Hi sailor. Gotta light?
3314.06TULA::JBADERSun Dec 18 1988It's all in the Translation
3315.08FRAGLE::STUARTThu Dec 22 1988comic books
3316.08FRAGLE::STUARTThu Dec 29 1988record labels
3317.0637936::SLABOUNTYFri Dec 30 1988Signs of the Zodiac
3318.04USRCV1::POLINOJSat Dec 31 1988WHATZIT?
3321.014MAMTS1::FMUDGETTTue Jan 03 1989World War II Aircraft trivia
3322.01CHEFS::CHEWSThu Jan 05 1989Hogmanay
3323.02SAC::GALVINThu Jan 05 1989mirror mirror on the wall ....
3324.01USCTR2::PNOVITCHThu Jan 05 1989The Deer Hunter
3325.04IVOGUS::WALLISThu Jan 05 1989Fast Food Restaurant Trivia
3326.0LAIDBK::MIKKELSONMon Mar 13 1989Trivia Trivia
3328.05SNOCSat Mar 25 1989First shot
3331.08JUNCO::RUDMANFri Aug 06 1993Horses and Their Riders (Part 1)
3332.02JUNCO::RUDMANFri Aug 06 1993Horses and Their Riders (Part II)
3366.023STRATA::RUDMANMon Sep 09 1991Things That Come in Threes
3372.0STRATA::RUDMANTue Oct 15 1991Civil War Trivia
3373.0BHUNA::BCULLIONMon Sep 04 1989ROCKS
3375.010STRATA::RUDMANMon Sep 09 1991Historic Aircraft
3376.032STRATA::RUDMANMon Sep 09 1991Historic Watercraft
3378.018STRATA::RUDMANMon Sep 09 1991Going to the Dogs
3401.0STRATA::RUDMANMon Sep 09 1991Buy Bonds
3430.018STRATA::RUDMANMon Sep 09 1991Things That Come in Fours
3542.017STRATA::RUDMANMon Sep 09 1991Things That Come in Fives
3551.01STAR::CANTORFri Aug 02 1991Moderators' Administrivia Note
3552.023STAR::CANTORMon Aug 05 1991History of the Trivia conference
3553.0STAR::CANTORTue Aug 06 1991reserved
3554.0STAR::CANTORTue Aug 06 1991reserved
3555.0STAR::CANTORTue Aug 06 1991reserved
3556.0STAR::CANTORTue Aug 06 1991reserved
3557.0STAR::CANTORTue Aug 06 1991reserved
3558.0STAR::CANTORTue Aug 06 1991reserved
3559.0STAR::CANTORTue Aug 06 1991reserved
3560.0STAR::CANTORTue Aug 06 1991reserved
3561.02ROBOAT::HEBERTTue Aug 13 1991Tequilaaaaaaaa
3562.06FDCVThu Aug 15 1991Soapbox star
3563.07DUCK::SERJEANTSWed Aug 21 1991TP
3564.02MINAR::BISHOPMon Aug 26 1991USR employee
3565.02DROOPR::MEYERS_NAMon Aug 26 1991What did Wimpy (Popeye's) Say???
3566.017XSTACY::PATTISONThu Aug 29 1991Snails, spirals and bathtubs
3567.0739527::ELMANTue Sep 10 1991HIT PARADE memories
3568.06DUCK::SERJEANTSWed Sep 11 1991Musical Thrones
3569.02FASDER::MTURNERWed Sep 11 1991More Latin
3570.05CUSPID::MCCABEThu Sep 12 1991A turn of a phrase
3571.02CUSPID::MCCABEThu Sep 12 1991Chicken or Egg
3572.0CUSPID::MCCABEThu Sep 12 1991couldn't find my way without one
3573.011CUSPID::MCCABEThu Sep 12 1991A hint would go swimmingly here
3574.01CUSPID::MCCABEThu Sep 12 1991Pan-trival pursuit
3575.0239527::ELMANMon Sep 16 1991Who did it? What's the name? an old Christmas song
3576.04TLE::BRETTMon Sep 16 1991Benelux
3577.017TLE::BRETTMon Sep 16 1991Los Alamos means?
3578.012KURTAN::WESTERBACKThu Sep 26 1991Swedish loan-words
3579.06TLE::BRETTFri Sep 27 1991Words in English borrowed from Malaysian
3580.01RDGE44::KEEGAN_9Fri Oct 04 1991RollsRoyce Lady
3581.08VMSZOO::ECKERTSun Oct 06 1991A conference by any other name...
3582.02CHAUCR::REAVESFri Oct 11 1991Who sings this song?
3583.020MINAR::BISHOPFri Oct 18 1991Archaic Chemistry
3584.05VMSMKT::KENAHTue Oct 22 1991All the colors in the rainbow
3585.04PHONE::MCCABEMon Oct 28 1991the more they stay the same ...
3586.01JOKUR::KEATINGWed Oct 30 1991Down the cellar?
3587.011STRATA::RUDMANThu Oct 31 1991Famous Cats
3588.018STRATA::RUDMANThu Oct 31 1991Six Packs (Things That Come in Sixes)
3589.032STRATA::RUDMANThu Oct 31 19917 Isn't Always Lucky (Things That Come in Sevens)
3590.012STRATA::RUDMANThu Oct 31 1991Crazy Eights (Things That Come in Eights)
3591.09STRATA::RUDMANThu Oct 31 1991More Historic Aircraft
3592.025STRATA::RUDMANThu Oct 31 1991Things That Come in Threes (Part II)
3593.018STRATA::RUDMANThu Oct 31 1991More Historic Watercraft
3594.016STRATA::RUDMANThu Oct 31 1991Things That Come in Fours (Part II)
3595.011STRATA::RUDMANThu Oct 31 1991Still Going to the Dogs
3596.012STRATA::RUDMANThu Oct 31 1991Things That Come in Fives (Part II)
3597.012KURTAN::WESTERBACKWed Nov 06 1991Blimp
3598.09MTWAIN::YOUNGThu Nov 07 1991TV trivia - Route 66
3600.01CALLME::MR_TOPAZWed Nov 20 1991Who's the Rheingold Girl for You?
3601.02SNOBRD::CONLIFFEWed Nov 20 1991Numbering of US aircraft?????
3602.016PHONE::MCCABEMon Nov 25 1991Buddy can you spare a dime
3603.08MINAR::BISHOPMon Dec 09 1991Zero dates
3604.08FASDER::MTURNERMon Dec 09 1991New Coke
3605.03CFSCTC::CONLIFFEMon Jan 06 1992"Keep yelling, kid! They'll stop"
3606.05CNTROL::DGAUTHIERTue Jan 07 1992President's Middle Names?
3608.05RAMBLR::MORONEYSun Jan 12 1992Not CDB
3609.014SHIRE::RICETue Jan 14 1992Palance and Valence?
3610.018VMSMKT::KENAHFri Feb 07 1992Presidential Trivia
3611.04BRUMMY::LAWTONWed Feb 12 1992IV not IIII
3612.01RDGE6Tue Feb 18 1992Synchronous orbit calculation
3613.06MCIS5::CCHRISTENSENWed Feb 19 1992Three Little Pigs
3614.02RDVAX::MCCABEFri Feb 21 1992Maybe F is for Forbes
3615.06STOKES::NEVINWed Feb 26 1992Rules for Holiday dates
3616.01VICKI::LONGThu Mar 05 1992Date Shake?
3617.05MEO78B::MANDERSONMon Mar 23 1992Sealing wax question?
3618.01MSDOA::GUYTue Mar 31 1992dynasty TV show trivia????
3619.0MINAR::BISHOPTue Apr 07 1992Shelk
3620.0MINAR::BISHOPTue Apr 07 1992Jenny Haniver
3621.09STRATA::RUDMANThu Apr 16 1992Things That Come in Threes (Part III)
3622.07STRATA::RUDMANThu Apr 16 1992Things That Come in Fours (Part III)
3623.014STRATA::RUDMANThu Apr 16 1992Things That Come in Fives (Part III)
3624.02MINAR::BISHOPTue Apr 21 1992Color silent movie(s)
3625.02MINAR::BISHOPTue Apr 21 1992Bah!
3626.04XSTACY::PATTISONMon May 04 1992Famous Vegetarians
3627.020RDVAX::MCCABEWed May 06 1992The first of many. Most elsewhere ...
3628.02FASDER::MTURNERFri May 08 1992Vincent Youmans?
3629.08RDVAX::MCCABEMon May 18 1992Green gress and Hightides in the beyond
3630.011RDVAX::MCCABEWed May 20 1992Kinda like cattle
3631.03CADSYS::BROPHYThu Jun 04 1992Please Help with title & artist
3632.04DCC::HAGARTYMon Jun 15 1992Cat Stephens story?
3633.07FASDER::MTURNERWed Jun 17 1992Coolidge Dollar?
3634.08POBOX::SEILERMon Jul 20 1992Empire State Bldg
3635.01INFACT::BEVISTue Jul 21 1992K.O.'s middle name?
3636.04ENABLE::glantzMon Jul 27 1992Mr. Mxyzptlk (from Superman/DC Comics)
3637.04CFSCTC::SNOBRD::CONLIFFETue Jul 28 1992A very Dirty Harry
3638.04CFSCTC::SNOBRD::CONLIFFETue Jul 28 1992"A League of Their Own" Trivia
3639.02RDVAX::MCCABEMon Aug 03 1992They are looking much older ...
3640.02NLATue Aug 04 1992Wojo's full last name (Barney Miller)
3641.05ZPOVC::KUMARSun Aug 09 1992WATCH trivia !
3642.02AIDEV::TATLOWThu Aug 13 1992National Trivia Network
3643.04CSSE::TWELSHFri Aug 14 1992mexican radio
3644.038WMOIS::GALLANTGWed Aug 26 1992Who said......?
3645.01CRAIC::DFALLONThu Sep 03 1992Movies questions
3647.05TLE::JBISHOPWed Sep 09 1992"___ alive or ___ dead!"
3648.01AYOV11::IGILLESPIEFri Oct 09 1992Baby's name
3649.03STAR::CANTORMon Oct 19 1992It's not sour.
3651.08CALLME::MR_TOPAZFri Nov 13 1992Separation of Church & State ... not!
3652.02ACETEK::TIMPSONThu Nov 19 1992Birds of a feather
3654.03GVPROD::RICEThu Dec 03 1992animal questions
3655.01AIMHI::RAYMONDFri Dec 04 1992Music trivia help "In the year 2525...."
3656.03FLYWAY::REESThu Dec 17 1992Lice populations.
3657.0MILPND::SIPILAThu Jan 07 1993Looking For A 4
3658.01CIVIC::MACFAWNThu Jan 14 1993All in the Family???
3659.010WMOIS::KOWALEWICZ_MFri Feb 12 1993Naval/historical trivia
3660.02MSAMThu Mar 18 1993Shipping Company
3661.08STRATA::RUDMANThu Mar 25 1993Historic Watercraft (Part III)
3662.02STRATA::RUDMANThu Mar 25 1993Things That Come in Fours (Part IV)
3663.09STRATA::RUDMANThu Mar 25 1993Historic Watercraft (Part IV)
3664.0TLE::JBISHOPThu Mar 25 1993Unclean
3665.014OASS::FLASHE::BURDEN_DMon May 03 1993wagons --> cars
3666.0+2OASS::FLASHE::BURDEN_DTue May 04 1993Real Time Movies?
3667.04LEVERS::WOODFORDTue May 04 1993Silly Trivia
3668.01HAMMAR::DANIELSThu May 06 1993Trivial Help
3669.02KERNEL::SCUFFHAMTue May 11 1993The Shining -'h-e-e-e-e-e-r-r-e-s Trivia!!'
3670.012LEVERS::WOODFORDWed May 12 1993Presidential Trivia
3671.05EMDS::DOWSEWed May 12 1993Musical Trivia - Can anyone helP?
3672.04TLE::JBISHOPThu Jun 10 1993A.E.I.O.U.
3673.02STAR::ROBIEThu Jun 24 1993Rex Trailor
3674.04OASS::BURDEN_DFri Jul 09 1993Violin and cookie
3675.0OASS::BURDEN_DFri Jul 09 1993Cars, saws and bridges
3677.02MILPND::CLARK_DFri Jul 30 1993McGuire Sisters
3678.04OASS::BURDEN_DTue Aug 17 1993195
3679.06SWAM1::MADES_SHWed Aug 18 1993bonanza
3680.04SWAM1::MADES_SHWed Aug 18 1993THE WEST AS IT WAS
3681.01SWAM1::MADES_SHWed Aug 18 1993the west again
3682.01SWAM1::MADES_SHWed Aug 18 1993indians
3683.0SWAM1::MADES_SHWed Aug 18 1993wildlife of the west
3684.02SWAM1::MADES_SHWed Aug 18 1993guns of the west
3685.02SWAM1::MADES_SHWed Aug 18 1993mountain men
3686.01SWAM1::MADES_SHWed Aug 18 1993travel- old west style
3687.02GLITTR::WARRENWed Aug 18 1993Primrose Lane
3689.03ASIC::PTHAYERTue Sep 21 1993TV series named TOPPER
3690.08JUNCO::RUDMANTue Oct 12 1993Going to the Dogs Part III
3691.05JUNCO::RUDMANTue Oct 12 1993Famous Cats (Part II)
3692.012TLE::JBISHOPThu Nov 04 1993Odd Authors
3693.08TLE::JBISHOPWed Dec 01 1993Mt Rushmore order
3694.06FXODEV::LANDRYTue Dec 28 1993Jack Palance alive?
3695.01ANGLIN::SITEMPOThu Dec 30 1993Vincent Scarapelli alive ?
3696.02ANGLIN::SITEMPOThu Dec 30 1993Vincent Scarapelli alive ?
3697.021GOOFY::CLAFFEYTue Jan 18 1994who sang MacAurthur Park?
3698.03CLOUD9::WEIERMon Jan 24 1994Writing in Roman
3699.020OKFINE::KENAHTue Mar 08 1994Assassins
3700.02JOKUR::BOICEFri Mar 18 1994Name That Tune
3701.02TLE::JBISHOPMon Mar 21 1994Industrial dynasty
3702.0TLE::JBISHOPMon Mar 21 1994Election Science
3704.04TLE::JBISHOPMon Mar 21 1994Blood
3705.0TLE::JBISHOPMon Mar 21 1994Boom town
3706.02TLE::JBISHOPMon Mar 21 1994Missing fingers?
3707.02TLE::JBISHOPMon Mar 21 1994Pseudo Psand
3708.04ABACUS::GREENWOOD_CWed Mar 30 1994it's revolutionary, dear Watson!
3709.0FOO::BARWed Mar 30 1994Conference needs a new home!
3710.02TLE::JBISHOPFri Apr 01 1994Cosmic Horsepower
3711.03TLE::JBISHOPTue Apr 05 1994Jogging Colors
3712.04TLE::JBISHOPWed Apr 06 1994Real upper-class vocabulary
3713.0GLITTR::WARRENThu Apr 07 19941964 Trivia Needed
3714.08TLE::JBISHOPMon Apr 11 1994Hot Dogs and ?
3715.0TLE::JBISHOPMon Apr 11 1994Route 495 and the Mass Pike
3716.03OASS::HEARSE::Burden_dWed Apr 20 1994Presidential Deaths
3717.03TLE::JBISHOPWed Apr 20 1994Classy Clock Conundrum
3718.0FOO::BHAVNANIThu Apr 21 1994Conference write-locked
3719.0122524::JBISHOPMon May 02 1994Yes, we have no babies now
3720.02524::JBISHOPMon May 02 1994Klang has half a million or so
3721.02524::JBISHOPTue May 03 1994qanik, aput
3722.0257784::MILLERThu May 05 1994"Rockin' Robin"
3723.01TRUCKS::GOREWed May 25 1994Musical Ads
3725.0316134::SADIN_SWed Jun 15 1994Hanna Barbara charaters
3726.05CSLALL::CARDOZAWed Jul 20 1994? From A Newcomer
3727.03AWECIM::FLOYDMon Aug 15 1994Homonyms (homophone)
3728.01XSTACY::JLUNDONWed Aug 24 1994What happened at the end of the old Fugitive?
3729.01CRISTA::MAYNARDThu Aug 25 1994Wings trivia
3730.01COMET::MURPHY_TThu Sep 15 1994UHHH...OOPS??
3731.039COMET::MURPHY_TMon Sep 19 1994classic rock trivia
3732.07OKFINE::KENAHMon Oct 03 1994And Now for Something Completely Different...
3733.013CAPO::SMITH_MAFri Oct 07 1994Going up?
3734.012ROKFRD::DDAVIESFri Nov 04 1994Guy Fawkes
3735.01SAC::JEPSONTue Nov 08 1994Water-skin ??
3736.04NLAWed Nov 30 1994Presidents and Dogs
3737.05NCMAIL::KINNEYDThu Dec 08 1994Dudley Doright Characters
3738.04TAVIS::YAACOV_STue Jan 03 1995make a pair
3739.04TAVIS::SHIRANTue Jan 10 1995HOW FAST
3741.01NWGEDU::RAIJMAKERSMon Feb 06 1995Movie trivia questions.
3742.010TAVIS::SHIRANSun Feb 12 1995immortal
3743.06BIS1::MENZIESWed Feb 15 1995Quickie!
3744.05MROA::HUNTERThu Mar 09 1995What does B.B. in B.B.King stand for?
3745.01DECLNE::SHEPARDWed Apr 12 1995TV Commercials
3746.027CADSYS::SPADAFOREMon Jun 12 1995What Ever Happened To ?????
3747.0MAGIC::CRAVENWed Aug 09 1995Color my world...
3748.02WRKSYS::LONGFri Oct 13 1995Who?
3749.06AIMTEC::BURDEN_DMon Oct 30 1995The Mortician
3750.013POLAR::BOISJOLYWed Dec 27 1995Northen Wildlife
3752.04BABAGI::LYSETHTue Jan 09 1996Mile High Club?
3753.03AIMTEC::HEARSE::Burden_dThu Jan 11 1996RKO
3754.010CADSYS::SPADAFOREThu Feb 01 1996Help EL~DORADO !
3755.02TPMon Feb 12 1996Self-referential
3756.05MROA::ELMANMon Feb 19 1996Shredded Wheat enclosure/circa 4
3757.0+4MKOTS1::MONBLEAUThu Feb 22 1996Who Said?
3758.0MROA::ELMANTue Mar 12 1996"White Mane"
3759.01CADSYS::SPADAFOREWed Mar 27 1996THE COMET !!!
3760.03MKOTS3::GARSTTue Apr 02 1996SEA HUNT
3761.02NETCAD::CREEGANMon Apr 08 1996Is red a good color for a wedding gift (Chinese?)?
3762.0AIMTEC::STDBKR::Burden_dFri Apr 26 1996Colleges and tobacco
3763.04CHEFS::SERJEANTSFri Jul 19 1996Help !!
3764.0263Wed Jul 31 1996THE DIRTY DOZEN, WHAT ARE THEY ?
3765.02CHEFS::KEARNS_RTue Oct 22 1996The Big Apple ?
3766.07SCAMP::WARDThu Nov 14 1996SNARF!!!!!