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Conference uscd::easynet_kitss

Title:Network Kits Announcements
Notice:Please read note 1.*
Created:Mon Apr 03 1989
Last Modified:Fri May 09 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:405
Total number of notes:1149
Number with bodies:3
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1.06COMCAD::KRISTYMon Apr 03 1989Introduction
2.02COMCAD::KRISTYMon Apr 03 1989Where is KITSDIR.DOC?
3.06COMCAD::KRISTYMon Apr 03 1989VMS and how to get the kits
4.05KOBAL::WALLENTue Apr 04 1989VAX DEC/CMS (Code Management System)
5.0VINO::VOBATue Apr 04 1989VAXcluster Console System
6.02SIMON::SZETOThu Sep 05 1991VMS DECwindows Motif V1.
7.062921::SMITHWed Apr 05 1989VAX ACMS Transaction Processing System
8.0521324::VEZINAWed Apr 05 1989Volume Shadowing
9.013Thu Apr 06 1989SPICE?
10.0634833::HOLTFri Apr 07 1989request for info on decwindows
11.065Mon Apr 10 1989VAX/RBMS V1.2 Kit ?
12.0222868::LINDYTue Apr 11 1989vaxset documentation set
13.0KOBAL::FULLERTONWed Apr 12 1989DEC/Test Manager Announcements
14.0134293::KNIGHTLYThu Apr 20 1989VMS5.
15.015DDIF::WALSHFri Apr 21 1989DECTPU and EVE kit
16.0458Sun Apr 23 1989Looking for FOCUS kit
18.0132Wed Jan 03 1990DECimage V2.
20.03LASSIE::SYSTEMTue Apr 25 1989UCX - VMS/Ultrix Connection
21.0449312::POLTINWed Apr 26 1989DECnet for MicroVMS V4.7
23.0232486::GREANEYMon May 01 1989Calendar Kit Location?
24.0257Tue May 02 1989DECnet License?
25.0234332::FRANDSENWed May 03 1989DNS-Distributed Name Service ?
26.012253Thu May 04 1989Mira Shadow Disk V1.1 kit ?
27.0144273::ANDYMon May 08 1989Looking for DRX11C driver kit
28.049381::GUTZWILLERWed May 10 1989VAXC Guide & RTL docs
29.0211532::CRAIGWed May 10 1989VAX DSM (Digital Standard MUMPS)
30.040COMCAD::KRISTYSun May 14 1989Obtaining VMS Kits - Q&A/Discussion
31.03GALVIA::JKELLYWed May 17 1989DSRPLUS kit location change
32.01MAMIE::APONTEWed May 24 1989Need LAVC License Key...
33.0158452::BEKOLAYThu May 25 1989Location of ACMS V3.1 ??
34.0127652::LACROIXWed May 31 1989GRAMMAR KIT ?
35.01QUARK::LIONELSat Jun 03 1989DEC Fortran for OpenVMS VAX
36.0VISA::BIJAOUITue Jun 06 1989Automatic Call Back V1.1
37.01TASK::GLEASONTue Jun 06 1989VAX DEC/MMS kits
38.0234891::SYSTEMFri Jun 09 1989where is rsx11m ????
39.023532::DOTENFri Jun 09 1989VAX Data Distributor
40.015895::SIMMTue Jun 13 1989DECvoice VOX Software
41.0448277::BOQUETThu Jun 15 1989Where are LSE 2.1 PM 1.2 ?
42.042721::BROWNMon Jun 26 1989VMS V4.5B
43.03TASK::GLEASONTue Jun 27 1989VAX RALLY
45.0239293::BOUTHIETTEFri Jun 30 1989where is RAGS
46.0TOOK::HEFFERNANWed Jul 05 1989TSM V1.3
48.049287::HOURONFri Jul 07 1989MIRA Kits for MIRA lovers
50.0125453::NAYLORWed Jul 12 1989VAXELN Kit
51.03NAAD::ADAMSMon Jul 17 1989location of BLISS kit?
52.095Tue Jul 18 1989What happened to KITSDIR.DOC?
53.025Wed Jul 26 1989PCSA Kit ?
55.0151847::SIIGThu Jul 27 1989MMS documentation
56.037514::STOTTThu Jul 27 1989DECnet Router Server 1.2
57.0132799::MIGDALFri Jul 28 1989Encryption Dox Needed
58.02FLIPPR::LIGHTSTONESat Jul 29 1989ALL-IN-1 v2.3 kit on Network??
59.02MEMVMon Jul 31 1989VAXpm needed
60.05RACHEL::BARABASHThu Aug 03 1989VAX OPS5
61.0VIA::MORSEFri Aug 04 1989VAX Grammar Checker Kit Relocated
62.0VIA::MORSEFri Aug 04 1989DECspell Kit Relocated
64.031TOOLS::ADTMon Aug 07 1989DECdesign [was VAX Analysis & Design Tool (ADT)]
66.044273Mon Aug 14 19892
67.0131999::STACKMon Aug 14 1989LSE V2.3 Installation Guide???
68.0237297::HULETTTue Aug 15 1989ReGIS installation Kit???
69.03CGOSTue Aug 15 1989Where is NMCC DECNET Monitor?
70.02TOOK::W_MCGRATHFri Aug 18 1989VAXINFO
71.0334Fri Aug 18 1989SYSwatch V4.1
72.0157523::CARMISCIANOFri Aug 18 1989VWSLAT
73.042399::CHRISMon Aug 21 1989DECwindows version of ROLLUP
75.05Fri Aug 25 1989VAX LOLA still around?
76.0LEVERS::S_SHENFri Aug 25 1989NIE tool kit
77.01427Sun Aug 27 1989Where's LSE T3.
78.0122681::SINSPSMon Sep 04 1989Need Multiple CPU Access key for 835
79.0233166::BERGTue Sep 05 1989VAX SNA/DTF documentation
80.029786::ANDERSONTue Sep 12 1989VAXC
81.0148369::SANTACREUWed Sep 13 1989SHELL KITS?
82.021617Wed Sep 13 1989EPASCAL
84.02SALEM::APONTEThu Sep 14 1989POWERHOUSE Info Looking for...
85.0631996::JOLYThu Sep 14 1989Kit for DECalc has moved
86.0431996::JOLYThu Sep 14 1989Kit for DECalc-Plus has moved
87.0531996::JOLYThu Sep 14 1989Kit for DECgraph has moved
88.0131996::JOLYThu Sep 14 1989Kit for DECslide has moved
89.031996::JOLYThu Sep 14 1989Kit for XWAY has moved
90.0238392::ROONEYMon Sep 18 1989Building Install Kits Documentation
91.0334223::HUSSEYTue Sep 19 1989ALL-IN-1 System for Sales & Marketing 1.2
92.0334Wed Sep 20 1989Sideways kits moved
93.059786::KILGOREWed Sep 20 1989DECintact Transaction Processing System
94.0158521::TROTTIFri Sep 22 1989CIT kit?
95.0116577::UDICKSat Sep 23 1989Where is the Postscript Viewer
96.051847::SIIGMon Sep 25 1989RETOS, docs + newest kit
97.058453::PBLANEYTue Sep 26 1989PSI ???
98.0311778::ZAPPIATue Sep 26 1989ZKO Office Locator?
99.0237514::STOTTWed Sep 27 1989Is there a VTX kit out there?
100.0651351::LUITJESMon Oct 02 1989VAXpc E-net kit ?????
101.0251656::SKOGUMThu Oct 05 1989ds3
102.0CLT::SEANLD::MURRAYMon Oct 09 1989CMS T3.3-
103.0148197::MAILLARDTue Oct 10 1989VMS V5.2 SSB Release Notes?
104.051378::KUIJPERTue Oct 10 1989LN
105.0TLE::JOYCEThu Oct 12 1989New Location for LSE V2.3 SSB kit
106.0TLE::JOYCEThu Oct 12 1989LSE X3.
107.049968::AUNGIERThu Oct 12 1989NOTICE message board kit, where
109.02MAMTS2::GHULETTMon Oct 23 1989327
110.01OKYAH::GAYWed Oct 25 1989UIS -> DDIF Converter ?
111.04CGOFS::HILDERWed Oct 25 1989LTM V1.1 Network Kit??
112.0NEWS::HAKKARAINENWed Oct 25 1989Ordering kits from SSB on-line?
113.01438251::PLYNCHWed Nov 15 1989where is nmail?
114.0STAR::SZUBOWICZSat Dec 16 1989RMS Journaling T1.1 external FT (incl docs) available
116.0735186::MCKENNATue Dec 05 1989DECmcc
117.0148213::BEELENWed Dec 06 1989wps & allin1 problems
118.06DNEAST::WIGHT_BRIANFri Dec 08 1989Where have the paks gone to...?
119.042394::GOMESMon Dec 11 1989VAXSET V7.
120.02622::PWONGTue Dec 12 1989Announcing DECwrite for OS/2 Pre-IFT kit
121.0937448::GHULETTWed Dec 13 1989RDB and FMS savsets
122.0237448::GHULETTWed Dec 13 1989syswatch 4.
123.0MICLUS::MTAGThu Dec 21 1989VAX WAN Device Drivers
124.0157524::CARMISCIANOWed Dec 27 1989EPS NEEDED
125.0GIDDAY::KINGSMILLTue Jan 02 1990VAXC self paced course online files
126.07413::LUDWIGWed Jan 03 1990Description of Savesets?
127.03DELNI::MHARRISFri Jan 05 1990Location of INSPECT kits?
128.03VIA::SUNGTue Jan 09 1990DECwindows Desktop Kit Locations
130.016566::TANIGUCHIFri Jan 12 1990NEED 278
131.0536971::BREWTONFri Jan 12 1990DECPRINT kit?
133.011Tue Jan 16 1990WHERE IS RDB V3.1 NETKIT??
134.0311373::TABERThu Jan 18 1990Anyone have an updated address for the VAXlab software?
135.01DECWIN::SOMMERFri Jan 19 1990DECdx kit ?
136.0134228::FRANDSENFri Jan 26 1990SoftPC for VMS?
137.033249Mon Jan 29 1990VWS (NOT DECwindows) Network Kit
138.025Tue Jan 30 1990Docu for FMS ??
140.0157456::LANGWed Feb 07 1990Mathematica network kit?
141.0228746::SYSTEMTue Feb 20 1990File Protection on 2
142.0316715::LAWRENCETue Feb 20 1990FTSV - new location- Error in Directory Name
143.0133864::CARLAYTue Feb 20 1990Help in finding Install Notes
145.0LESLIE::LESLIESun Apr 01 1990PAN (Professional Adjunct to Notes)
146.03XL::JOHNMon Mar 05 1990Are the VMS kits out there anywhere?
149.02Fri Mar 30 1990VAX TEAMDATA V1.4
150.022578::MICHAELLEEFri Apr 06 1990Any network copy of VMS 4.7?
151.0SUBWAY::GREENZANGThu Apr 12 1990VUIT kit?
152.03296Wed Apr 18 1990DECplan
153.0227652::LACROIXWed Apr 18 1990Need VAX-VMS v5.3-1 SBB
154.015Thu Apr 19 1990OSF/1 - kit or documentation ?
155.0249287::HOURONFri Apr 20 1990DECdecision documentation ?
156.0VIA::ROSEWed Apr 25 1990DECdecision V1.1
157.04282Mon Apr 30 1990WPS-PLUS in French?
158.0136912::DOLLISHTue May 01 1990PAK for VMS?
159.043Wed May 02 1990MAILbus, Message Router, X.4
160.027652::LACROIXWed May 02 1990BASIC v3.4 or T3.4
162.024828Thu May 10 1990EPC V
163.015Mon May 14 1990NOTICEkit or other SWversion kit
164.012TOOK::MARSHALLThu May 17 1990Where has DECspell gone?
166.09419::WHITWed May 23 1990Also need the WAN Drivers... DSV11 in particular
167.0421131::CAVANAGHTue May 29 1990Incident Tracking System (ITS)
168.0142399::CHRISTue Jun 26 1990Queue Planner
169.01364Wed Jun 27 1990QuickPIC T1.
170.06Wed Jun 27 1990DECserver 25
171.0438879::DICASTROWed Jun 27 1990Looking for Netpath
172.051228::BLOEMENDALWed Jul 04 1990looking for netkit Microprogr. tools
173.015Thu Jul 05 1990Q: Electronic Dictionary
174.0236956::WESTMORELANDThu Jul 05 1990VAX OSI App. Kernel Kit
175.0122626::STANLEYWONGFri Jul 06 1990WAN Device Driver
176.0211778::ZAPPIAFri Jul 06 1990CMS in a DECwindow Environment Kit?
177.0148267::AUBERTWed Jul 11 1990DECNET E/N KEY KIT FOR VMS4.X
178.01SUBWAY::TIAMSICWed Jul 11 1990LAT Plus kit?
179.0PAXVAX::HASBROUCKFri Jul 27 1990Rdb/ELN - Relational Database For VAXELN
180.01UFP::MURPHYSun Jul 29 1990MODEM
181.01TSGDEV::ROSSMon Jul 30 1990Announcing VAX REMS Version 1.2
183.08CVG::CAMPANELLAThu Sep 13 1990Cluster Test Manager (CTM)
184.04KETJE::ROBBENSFri Sep 14 1990RDBexpert & DECtrace ?
185.05NUTMEG::LEBLONDWed Sep 19 1990Looking for CDD+ V4.1 Kit(s)
186.02MCDONL::BARANSKITue Sep 25 1990VNEWS
188.02HANNAH::DCLWed Oct 10 1990DECprint Printing Services (CPS) V4.
189.01CSGThu Nov 29 1990License Help.......
190.0R2ME2::S_SMITHThu Nov 29 1990VUIT V1.
191.02VXCENG::READWed Jan 16 1991KEYpak
192.0FREE::GOGUENWed Jan 16 1991DECdx?? Anyone have it??
193.02REMACP::RICHARDSONFri Jan 25 1991VMS5.2 kit needed (?)
194.01MYKENE::HARRISON_AWed Jan 30 1991DECpresent?
195.01BYENGThu Feb 07 1991DBMS V4.2
196.01REMACP::RICHARDSONMon Feb 11 1991NRM - Network Response Monitor
197.01GLDOA::WIGHTMANTue Feb 26 1991MUXServer 3
198.05GBLAUT::JANICKITue Feb 26 1991DECrpc Network Kit Information
199.01MXOVThu Feb 28 1991DECmcc V2.
201.03EVTAI1::LEGERWed Mar 06 1991DECscheduler anywhere ?
203.01MLCSSE::DEHEKMon Mar 18 1991Risc DECwrite kit ?
204.07DEMING::BRAUNWed Mar 20 1991Where did RETOS kit go to?
205.0BEING::FRANZINIMon Apr 01 1991VAX-11 RSX
206.0RTL::CLARKTue Apr 02 1991LinkWorks Developer's Tools V1.
207.02CRIME::BIJAOUIMon Apr 15 1991ACB T2.
208.03MALLET::HARRISON_ATue Apr 16 1991VAX PSI
209.0CERN::JRSTue Apr 16 1991VMS/RISCserver network kit available
210.0LARVAE::HUGHESMon Apr 22 1991DECelms kit anyone
211.0TSGDEV::ROSSThu May 02 1991Announcing VAX REMS Version 1.3
212.0PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGMon May 13 1991KMV1A kits
213.01SIENA::MUNROEWed May 15 1991DASL kit or developers wanted.
214.03COLWed May 22 1991IconAuthor 3.
215.06ABACUS::GABRIELMon Jun 10 1991DEMSA Router Software?
217.01CASEE::BALLADELLITue Jun 18 1991looking for VMS V5.1 kit
218.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Jun 27 1991DECserver 25
219.0CLT::SEANLD::MURRAYTue Jul 02 1991CMS version 3.5 is now available
220.01TAVIS::LANDAUTue Jul 02 1991Is DECtype still available ?
221.0FACWed Jul 03 1991Access to DECSCAN kit?
222.0CASEE::BALLADELLITue Jul 09 1991Announcing VTX V5.
223.0CACHE::LACROIXTue Jul 09 1991DEBUG kit needed.
224.01MISERY::BLUM_JOFri Jul 19 1991VAX Project Manager
225.02BAHTAT::BEAUMONTMon Jul 29 1991Volume Shadowing Documentation
226.07GIDDAY::BRODRIBBTue Jul 30 1991DIU ?
227.01BEAGLE::JACQUEMOUDWed Jul 31 1991vms 5.3-2 kit for vax 4
228.03OLDTOM::GREENGTue Aug 06 1991VMS V5.4 New Features Manual?
229.02NEBR::HARRISONWed Aug 07 1991QAR ? (Quality Assurance Reporting System)
230.01STUTue Aug 13 1991Dbase IV Kit ?
231.01HANNAH::GABBETue Aug 13 1991CPS T4.1-6 is in field test
232.03PCOJCT::FRANZIWed Aug 14 1991DECram for VMS location?
233.01ODIXIE::ASHMEADTue Aug 20 1991DECserver 3
234.01MOVIES::HARRISWed Aug 21 1991Whereabouts of CDD
235.0MLNFri Aug 30 1991bokkreader 2.2 PAK/ULTRIX
236.0CASEE::BALLADELLITue Sep 03 1991Announcing the DEC VTX External Field Test 2 Kit (T5.
237.0HGSWS1::WILLIAMCHANThu Sep 05 1991VMS Documentation
238.0LOSER::BEZEREDIThu Sep 05 1991Announcing DECdecision V1.5
239.01RTODWT::WMUELLERThu Sep 12 1991DECNET_ULTRIX for VAX running ULTRIX 4.2
240.0EISLMC::COHENFri Sep 13 1991RMS Journaling documentation
241.0GALVIA::MOONEYTue Sep 24 1991CDA Converter Library V1.1 Kits
242.02PT73::MGRACEFFASat Oct 05 1991We need the AD software condisks!
243.0CASEE::BALLADELLIFri Oct 11 1991Announcing DEC VTX T5.
244.0WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Oct 18 1991DOCUMENT documentation directory protected
245.0CASEE::BALLADELLIMon Oct 21 1991Announcing DEC VTX V5.1 EFT-3
246.02TRCOA::TROTTITue Oct 22 1991VAXnotes Callable Ref manual?
247.01PCAE::PCAE4::SHARPLESWed Nov 06 1991EWS
249.0PAMSRC::PVAX::MICHELSENTue Nov 12 1991DECmessageQ net kits
250.04TOOK::PELAGATTIThu Nov 14 1991DECmcc Family of Products (also see NOTED::MCC note 3)
251.02HPSRAD::ZINGARELLIFri Nov 15 1991ELF_FIND Net Kit
252.01HYEND::CKELLEHERMon Nov 18 1991DECwrite V2.
253.0216Tue Nov 19 1991WHERE IS EMACS?
254.02HGOVC::WONGKALOKWed Nov 20 1991Mobilizer?
255.03ESGWST::HANSENTue Nov 26 1991ACA Services Kit and Dox?
256.01ESTASI::GAIETTIMon Dec 02 1991WPS+ V.4.
257.0CASEE::BALLADELLITue Dec 10 1991Announcing the VTX V5.
258.0CASEE::BALLADELLIThu Dec 12 1991Announcing DEC VTX T5.1-4 field test kit
259.0NAPOIS::MENNUNITue Dec 17 1991RETOS Kit: Where is it?
260.0I18N::SZETOThu Dec 26 1991TFF incorporated in VMS V5.x
261.02TROOA::GREENALLTue Jan 07 1992VMS 5.5 New Features manual?
262.04AXIS::MCWILLIAMSFri Jan 10 1992VMS V5.5 Release Notes???
263.0CSCMA::ROSSWed Jan 15 1992Announcing DEC RPsM T1.
264.02TROOA::GREENALLMon Jan 20 1992DEC C for ultrix 4.2a ?
265.03SIMBA::AWDEFri Jan 31 1992DEC File Optimizer for VMS
266.01AUSSIE::TAJALLIMon Feb 03 1992VAXRTE kit location ?
267.0FCOIS::TARDIF_CThu Feb 13 1992TSM V1.5 kit ?
268.0MADCAP::GOZMANFri Feb 14 1992DECserver55
269.01GLDOA::STALLMANFri Feb 14 1992DECimage SCAN V2.1?
270.04--UnknownUser--Sun Feb 16 1992BASEstar ULTRIX V1.
271.01SAMUEL::MARRAMon Feb 17 1992IVVPCU Products (DAS, DSS, DCRS, DEX, and more) can be found in visual::ivvpcu$public:
272.01--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 20 1992Announcing VAX REMS V1.4-
273.0DSM::CRAIGTue Feb 25 1992DSM (Digital Standard MUMPS) for ULTRIX
274.01GIAMEM::LDALEYTue Mar 03 1992VAXLAB kit and Doc
275.02COKE::LUGO_JThu Mar 12 1992Lotus 123 for VMS
276.0EICMFG::HARTMANNWed Mar 18 1992Location RDB 3.1A
277.0VMSDEV::FERLANTue Mar 24 1992DECamds - Availability Manager for Distributed Systems
278.0TRCOA::TROTTIMon Apr 13 1992DECnet for SCO UNIX - Documentation?
279.01RAB::KARDONTue Apr 21 1992IFT kit for BookreaderPlus T1.
280.023D::GREGGThu Apr 23 1992where is motif for ultrix on dec station
281.01FAME::MONIERMon May 04 1992VMS ULTRIX Conn. Toolkit??
282.016I18N::SZETOSat May 16 1992VAX Notes kit and documentation
283.0WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon May 18 1992Account Workbench, New Startup Screen for 32
284.02ALLVAX::LALIBERTEThu Jun 04 1992DECstep ???
285.01ATPS::SYSTEMMon Jun 15 1992Announcing DSG v1.1 Field Test
286.03DPDMAI::WOODWARDTue Jun 16 1992VMS 5.3-1 kit?
287.0HGOVC::ANTHONYWONGTue Jun 16 1992Kit and docs for Auto-Receptionist??
288.0SLOVAX::TEERLINKThu Jun 18 1992DW/MOTIF V1.1 Saveset loc?
289.01TROOA::NAISHFri Jun 19 1992V5.5 -> AV5.5 to correct Queue problem
290.0RICKS::PHIPPSTue Jun 23 1992Not Available
291.0KADOW::PKADOWSun Jul 05 1992433t DEC pc
292.012BAHTAT::FRANZWed Jul 08 1992VTX 5.1 Please
293.01XCUSME::LACROIXWed Jul 08 1992VXT host software for VMS ?
294.0+11CECEHV::HAKKESTEEGTThu Jul 09 1992DECfuse, where are you?
295.02XCUSME::LACROIXTue Jul 21 1992dfg t1.
296.0SQRDNC::SCANLONFri Jul 31 1992VAX Lab Software Library, NEW KIT LOCATION
297.02WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAFri Jul 31 1992DECram location?
298.01FCOIS::TARDIF_CThu Aug 06 1992All-in-1 Starter / french V2.4 kit
299.01BBIVTue Aug 18 1992VMS New Features Mannual??
300.01CAADC::GALVINTue Aug 18 1992VMS V5.5-2...NOT!
301.0ODIXIE::CAWTHONThu Aug 20 1992SCA/DTR/BASIC Doc Sets?
302.02TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Aug 27 1992ALL-IN-1 Services for DECwindows kit and doc?
304.0ZPOVC::KUMARTue Sep 01 1992VAX RPG dated Jun '92
305.0BAHTAT::FRANZThu Sep 03 1992DCM v3.1 ?
307.0TAVWed Sep 23 1992Some VMS manuals pointers needed (.PS format)
308.01WOODBX::WARDMon Oct 12 1992Where are .PS of VMS Documents?
309.0FAILTE::TODDMon Oct 12 1992DEC.X25 ACCESS for Ultrix RISC
310.0ANGLIN::ORTHOBERThu Nov 12 1992Ort_GreyEdit simple greyscale image editor kit location
311.02TRIGG::GATESTue Nov 17 1992Location of kit for PSART
312.01NARFVX::FRANCINIMon Nov 30 1992PATHWORKS for VMS Kit Locations...
313.03GIDDAY::BRODRIBBThu Dec 03 1992DECprint Supervisor ?
314.03SSPENG::GREANEYMon Dec 21 1992DEC Distributed File Service - DECdfs
315.0BELFST::MCCORRYTue Jan 19 1993DECelms kit and doc location
316.0RICKS::PHIPPSTue Jan 19 1993Who owns CMOS5WCF?
317.01WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAWed Feb 03 1993MS-Windows Bookreader
318.05CITYFS::STUCKEYWed Feb 10 1993Where has PIXEL/DECWRITE gone
320.01UFHIS::MMCCREADYSat Feb 20 1993OpenBASEstar for OpenVMS VAX & MS-DOS
321.0UFHIS::MMCCREADYSat Feb 20 1993BASEstar Graphics Enabler OpenVMS/VAX ULTRIX/MIPS
323.01ODIXIE::CAWTHONWed Mar 03 19932HOT's NOT!
324.03TLE::SSDEVO::THIELWed Mar 17 1993Preliminary IFT of RAID5 Software for OpenVMS VAX Available
325.0LEMAN::PITTET_OThu Mar 18 1993CAPTURE for VMS ?
326.02SX4GTO::VUTue Mar 23 1993where are DATATRIEVE v5.1 and CDD/Plus v4.3-2 kits
327.0HLDEMon Apr 05 1993DECadvantage
328.0TOMK::KRUPINSKIMon May 17 1993PDP-11 C
329.02USHSThu Jun 03 1993HUBwatch
330.0TROPPO::BROUGHTONTue Jun 08 1993TeamLinks Integration/ALL-IN-1 2.4
331.04ICS::POLCARIMon Jun 14 1993Looking for V6.
333.0TLE::FOLTANFri Jun 18 1993DEC C++ V1.3-
334.01TRNMon Jun 21 1993CAN'T Access FDCV14
335.0UTRUST::WILLEMSENMon Jul 05 1993Looking for OSMS software
336.0TAVENG::CHANOCHSun Jul 25 1993OpenVMS Alpha Debugger??
338.01RANKU::S_BAKERTue Aug 03 1993IRIS KITS??
339.0SHRCAL::MORRILLMon Oct 11 1993OpenVMS 6.
340.0ZPOVC::MUICHOOWed Oct 20 1993Network unreachable for RALLY
341.0ICS::KAUFMANNMon Nov 01 1993COBOL RTL Kit?
342.0EXPLOR::NIELSENWed Nov 10 1993Where do I get kits for "Digital" software not available on the NET
343.03TRNMon Nov 22 1993Old VMS 5.4 kit requested
344.02NYOSMon Nov 29 1993LAN Bridge 2
345.02MXOVTue Dec 07 1993Polycenter Performance Solution for UNIX? Where?
346.01CSOADM::ROTHSun Dec 19 1993Lynx & Mosaic
347.0MLNTSC::BOTTIERIWed Jan 19 1994VMS Kits needed
348.03MEXVTue Feb 01 1994Some hidden place for decnet kit?
349.05MOVIES::HARRISWed Feb 02 1994What happened to KITSDIR?
350.04KELVIN::DEVANEYWed Feb 09 1994openVMS VAX V6.
351.01ROMFri Feb 11 1994VMS 5.4 kit needed!
352.01SUPER::SYSTEMTue Feb 22 1994problem with "ident mistmatch with shareable image"
353.01LILIMP::FITZThu Feb 24 1994NETWARE Kits
354.0REFINE::WEBERWed Mar 02 1994Announcing DQS T1.3
355.01XCUSME::LACROIXFri Mar 04 1994Pathworks V5 for OSF/1
356.05OMER::CONSTANTMon Mar 14 1994Looking for VTX for AXP kits
357.0DWTDAN::PARDONMon Mar 14 1994multimedia for osf
358.01LJSRV2::HUGE1::MATHEWSMon Mar 14 1994XV v3.
359.0HAXSAW::SHELDONFri Mar 18 1994VMS 5.4-3 Kit Needed...
360.02DIVING::DAVISTue Apr 05 1994Announcing WHO V5.6 for OpenVMS/VAX & AXP
361.03PARVAX::RUPARELIAThu Apr 07 1994OpenVMS AXP v1.5-1H1
362.02COMET::ESTLICKFri Apr 08 1994searching for pascal
363.02TPSYS::HOFFMANWed Apr 20 1994VAXDocument?
364.05SAYER::SYSTEMFri May 06 1994where is kitsdir.doc???
365.0CFSCTC::CERNESETue May 10 1994COHESION SEE Products
366.03MARIN::JONESMon May 23 1994DECgraph/DECspell kits ?
367.01SSDEVO::PARRISTue May 24 1994StorageWorks RAID Software for OpenVMS
368.01AKOCOA::BETTROTue May 24 1994VMS v5.5-2h4 need ASAP for VAX 4
369.03BBIVWed Jun 01 1994Where Can I Get These Kits ?
370.01VAXRIO::FREDWed Jun 01 1994Where is Poly 2
371.0QUARK::LIONELFri Jun 17 1994DEC Fortran 9
372.0SMD72J::WOODFri Jul 22 1994Kermit for Ultrix (VAX)?
373.01FORTY2::ABRAMThu Aug 18 1994VMS NEWS utility ?
374.02ROMWed Sep 14 1994UU: DECW2
375.01BABAGI::COOKWed Sep 14 1994SEDT?
376.02DCOPST::RIKER1::STEWARDMon Oct 03 1994Looking for Mosaic & Pworks V5
378.02SNOTTY::BARRYTue Oct 18 1994Looking for CD Player
379.04MQOOA::GASCONTue Oct 25 1994Polycenter System Watchdog
380.02ZPOVC::AROBINDUBASUMon Nov 14 1994MAN-MAN info..
381.05ROMMon Nov 21 1994VMS 5.5 Release Notes needed
382.01MOVIES::HARRISMon Nov 28 1994FTSO V1.
383.0DVLPWed Jan 11 1995Looking for MLU...
385.01YUPPY::GAURTue Jan 24 1995Objectbroker kits?
386.02PCMVThu Feb 02 1995Where I can find SPD/SSA ? (COBOL)
387.02MARX::FLEMINGThu Feb 02 1995Terminal Printer Port Utility?
388.0LUXMon Feb 20 1995Searching for DEC MailWorks V1.3A
389.02XKOVTue Feb 21 1995Decserver 7
390.0+723Mon Mar 27 1995Digital Porting Assistant
391.045596::RASOOLMFri Mar 31 1995Product called ADMIN?
392.01DECWET::WHITEMon Apr 17 1995DECaudio
393.0LISVAX::PRIBEIROThu Jun 29 1995Request for VMS 5.3
394.03MQOOA::GASCONMon Jul 10 1995Polycenter File Optimizer
395.0FBEDEV::LUONGMon Jul 17 1995Kits loction for OpenVMS Alpha V6.
396.0USCD::DOTENTue Aug 15 1995CDD for Alpha kit
397.0ALEXWS::ELLASun Aug 20 1995CUT_FAMILY V2.
398.04PERFOM::DONAHERThu Aug 24 1995VTX & DECspell needed for OpenVMS AXP system...
399.0MXOCWed Sep 20 1995Microvax 31
400.0NQOPS::BIROThu Oct 12 1995where is VTX KITSDIR
401.0VAXRIO::FREDWed Nov 01 1995LAT for Windows NT?
402.01DIEHRD::RAMANATHANThu Feb 08 1996ZAP kit location ?
403.0EDSDMon Aug 19 1996AVN / PAVN
404.03KETJE::STAESTue Aug 27 1996HTTP server for OpenVMS
405.0COOKIE::AMENDMon Dec 30 1996Disk File Optimizer (DFO) Kits