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Conference evtai1::squash

Title:Squash racquets
Created:Thu Jan 31 1991
Last Modified:Tue Dec 17 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:58
Total number of notes:305
Number with bodies:0
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1.01CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Jan 31 1991Introduction
2.034CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Jan 31 1991The Sign-in note
3.08CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Jan 31 1991Paris Squash section
4.01MEMCL1::KELLYJFri Feb 01 1991Professional tournaments notice
5.010HAMFri Feb 01 1991Miscellaneous Topic
6.02ENOVAX::KELLYFri Feb 01 1991Olympic squash?
7.06CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDMon Feb 04 1991Squash Clubs
8.06HAMTue Feb 05 1991What do you do to stay fit?
9.044IOSG::TYLDESLEYTue Feb 05 1991Digital REO Teams
10.0ONOIS1::PAYNEWed Feb 06 1991Squash in the Far West
11.012CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDFri Feb 08 1991Squash Racquets
12.07BEST1::ATKINSONThu Feb 21 1991Lets & Strokes ????
13.03MARVIN::ELLERBYFri Mar 08 1991Recommended Racket Shops
14.02USWAV1::BRAMHALLFri Mar 15 1991RI Squash League?
15.02MEMCL1::KELLYJFri Mar 15 1991Names of shots?
16.08DECALP::REESTue Mar 19 1991World rankings.
18.05EAYVMon Apr 08 1991Large "Head"ed Rackets
19.04CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Apr 10 1991Scoring
20.02MARVIN::ELLERBYFri Apr 19 1991Squash vs Tennis
21.01UPROAR::GUNNSTue May 21 1991Please explain the rules!
22.05CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Jun 19 1991Squash Magazines
23.08CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Jun 20 1991Looking for a game ?
24.03SAHQ::HICEThu Jul 18 1991Classifying Players
25.0BLOWUP::AHMADThu Aug 22 1991Digital Squash Tournament 1991
26.01BLOWUP::AHMADWed Aug 28 1991Squash courts...London??
27.01ZUABI1::WALKERNWed Aug 28 1991Looking for Squash in Reading
29.06ELYSEE::FUMSTue Sep 17 1991Coaching & training techniques
30.0IOSG::TYLDESLEYTue Sep 17 1991Squash leagues - Berks/Oxon??
32.0CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDMon Dec 30 1991Best wishes for 1992
33.0BLOWUP::AHMADTue Feb 04 1992Hi-Tec British Open 1992
35.0ZUG::AHMADFri Jul 24 1992Events!!!! have fun......
36.0CCAD27::ARCHEYMon Aug 24 1992Is it really surprising that Devoy won!?
37.0ELYSEE::FUMSTue Aug 25 1992Squash near Geneva
38.04PEKING::TAFF::WobFri Dec 18 1992Improving Sight on Court
39.02WMOIS::ANANDTue Jan 05 1993Any players in Western Massachussetts ?
40.01LARVAE::OSBORNE_NWed Jan 06 1993Courts near Spitbrook
41.02ANNECY::HOTCHKISSMon Feb 15 1993Squash court size
42.03WELCLU::YOUNGWed Feb 17 1993Beginners Help!
43.0ELYSEE::FUMSTue Mar 02 1993Starting to itch for a game.....
44.04BCFI::PURYERWed Mar 17 1993Scoring
45.09BCFI::PURYERMon May 03 1993Turning
46.04LUNER::KELLYJMon May 17 1993Squash on TV
47.01ZURMKT::AHMADThu Jun 17 1993British Open 1993
48.08NETMGR::KOPECSun Jun 27 1993Eyeguards - standard equipment or "an American thing"?
49.04SAHQ::HICEMon Jun 28 1993Publications/Video?
50.07CHEFS::MARCHRTue Aug 17 1993Sindlesham Squash Club (Reading)
51.02GLDOA::BOSSONNEYSun Dec 05 1993World championships
52.04CHEFS::TAFF::WobFri Jan 14 1994Definition of Obstructing a Player
53.0NWDMon Jan 17 1994squash players in Danvers area week of Jan 23?
54.02MARVIN::ELLERBYTue Feb 01 1994Squash in France
55.02NWDWed Feb 02 1994Squash club locations in New England
56.02MUGGER::LIVINGSTONEThu Aug 11 1994Squash Ladder Rules?
57.0FRAIS::AMUELLERTue Sep 03 1996Partner wanted...
58.0VAXRIO::WK_ESPOZELTue Dec 17 1996A player in Rio.