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Conference evms::jensen_vms

Notice:Conference is writelocked - please see note 172.0
Created:Fri Jul 23 1993
Last Modified:Mon Jan 09 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:172
Total number of notes:990
Number with bodies:0
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1.0BLSFUL::PAYNETue Jul 27 1993Welcome!
2.028BLSFUL::PAYNETue Jul 27 1993OpenVMS FT update notices:
3.09LAMOTA::HORTONWed Jul 28 1993Jensen PALcode... this is the place
4.038CGOOA::BARNABEThu Jul 29 1993Graphics support?
5.02KITVAX::METHOTThu Jul 29 1993Server, Network and Disks
6.02CGOOA::BARNABEThu Jul 29 1993Dual Monitor Support?
7.015RSNC::WABRAHAMSMon Aug 02 1993How to create/boot VMS on Jensen??
8.03IOOSRV::HITTENMILLERTue Aug 03 1993EISA Device Driver Support?
9.04XLIB::CHINMon Aug 09 1993Code/binary compatibility, common media
10.01IXOYE::KENTue Aug 17 1993Token Ring Adapter??
11.02GYUPCC::GABLERWed Aug 18 1993UCX supported ?
12.04BERNTue Aug 24 1993Performance
13.03HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Aug 25 1993JENSEN_OSF notes conference ?
14.034ZIGLAR::WILSONThu Aug 26 1993How many scsi adapters supported?
15.06TROOA::BALDOCKSat Aug 28 1993Problem Installing OpenVMS AXP V1.5
16.02STAR::FARIZTue Aug 31 1993FAST SCSI, your JENSEN, and you
17.05WRKSYS::AMARALWed Sep 01 1993docs?
18.04TROOA::GILBERTWed Sep 01 1993RAID on Jensen?
19.030BLSFUL::PAYNEThu Sep 02 1993Jensen SRM Console update kits...
20.010WRKSYS::AMARALThu Sep 02 1993firmware
21.05STAR::FARIZThu Sep 02 1993 SCSI bus termination on JENSEN
22.0ZIGLAR::WILSONTue Sep 14 1993Supported SCSI Controllers
23.018JRDVWed Sep 15 1993Keyboard support
24.02SOS6::BERNARDWed Sep 15 1993Adaptec firmware rev. level ?
25.020CERN::HOBBSThu Sep 23 1993Does Motif really run on FT4?
26.07SMAUG::BELANGERFri Sep 24 1993DECpc AXP/15
27.0NECSC::BOWENMon Sep 27 1993NT and OpenVMS on Jensen...what's needed?
28.0AYJEN1::ARMSTRONGMon Sep 27 1993Support for PC4XD-AA
29.06RBW::WICKERTMon Sep 27 1993Sep 27th 1H1 has old stuff in it?
30.05TKOV5Tue Sep 28 1993DECpc aXP 15
31.015OSLACT::HARALDJ_PThu Sep 30 1993Problems getting DECnet started
32.05ZIGLAR::WILSONFri Oct 01 1993Volume Shadowing
33.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERFri Oct 01 1993Jensen, Invalid Stack Booting Problem
34.04CERN::HOBBSMon Oct 04 1993Strange DECterm pauses
35.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Oct 04 1993Device Timeout ERA
36.02SWAM1::DUTTA_VETue Oct 05 1993HELP! Can't get Jensen w/two SCSI to boot
37.02ZIGLAR::WILSONThu Oct 07 1993EISA FDDI Support?
38.011CGOOA::BARNABETue Oct 12 1993Jensen hangs at Motif logon screen
39.05EVTAI1::OURGHANLIANThu Oct 14 1993Jensen and Epsilon ?
40.03ZIGLAR::WILSONThu Oct 14 1993Console Baud Rate
41.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERFri Oct 15 1993Bugcheck No ECU for DECwindows with 1H1
42.0ZIGLAR::WILSONSat Oct 16 1993Crash with multiple Adaptec 174X's
43.04SOS6::BERNARDMon Oct 18 1993ECU questions
44.012ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Oct 18 1993Additional Graphics Boards for VMS on Jensen
45.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Oct 20 1993First Draft, Multi OS Jensen Info
46.02ALPHY::ROBERTSThu Oct 21 1993Bugcheck during EXECINIT IOCONFIG
47.013CERN::HOBBSFri Oct 22 1993Screen saver is bright yellow?
48.05KITVAX::METHOTMon Oct 25 1993Performance Report Available
49.07I8BEVO::FINDLEYFri Oct 29 1993Is the RZ56 supported
51.0SUPER::EARLETue Nov 02 1993Licensing question - DEC 2
52.06CSC32::WROBELWed Nov 10 1993Comm Port Names
53.010CERN::HOBBSThu Nov 11 1993INCONSTATE bugcheck on 1H1
54.010COLMon Nov 15 1993Console Problems
55.09CTHU41::M_MCNAMARAWed Nov 17 1993DEC2
56.06SOS6::BERNARDWed Nov 24 1993Manufacturing hold ?
57.030MVCAD3::SMITHTue Nov 30 1993Adaptec Firmware
58.03BACHUS::VANHAVEREWed Dec 01 1993Other Ethernet boards on Jensen?
59.04VAXRIO::SCHORThu Dec 02 1993Jensen console disk from DOS
60.04OSLThu Dec 02 1993VMS mouse/pointer movement is a pain?
61.017SLPSTK::ILESThu Dec 02 1993Use of the printer port...
62.06TRNThu Dec 02 1993problem updating the firmware
63.06LEMAN::MARTINELLIFri Dec 03 1993crash when installing VMS 1.5
64.020BACHUS::BRST2Fri Dec 10 1993EXternal SCSI Terminator for Adaptec ?
65.03OSLTue Dec 14 1993Halt, BOOT => INCONSTATE bugcheck?
66.010RBW::WICKERTWed Dec 15 1993AUDIT_CHECKSUM_FAIL error?
67.02CX3PST::JAZZIZ::DICKERSONTue Dec 21 1993Another INVEXCEPTN trying to install v1.5-1h1
68.03OSLWed Dec 22 1993DECpc XL with Alpha support?
69.04HIHOSS::HOSSFELDThu Dec 30 1993Can't run decnet
70.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Jan 03 1994MAX Serial Ports for Jensen and VMS
71.05PEKKA::peuraMon Jan 03 1994jensen scsi config question
72.0HIHOSS::HOSSFELDWed Jan 05 1994
73.06SNOCThu Jan 06 1994Jensen, DEFEA (FDDI) and clustering?
74.04VMSNET::E_MAULUCCIFri Jan 07 1994infoserver anyone ?
75.0TROOA::CSULLIVANSat Jan 08 1994X.25, PSI, Synchronous support?
76.06SMAUG::BELANGERTue Jan 11 1994software -> hardware/software 16-bit emulation?
77.03ANGLIN::ORTHOBERTue Jan 11 1994Firmware V1.2 and Built In Serial ports
78.02VASYS1::DRAZINFri Jan 14 1994MAJOR WIN - AT the VA - 5
79.0AYJEN1::ARMSTRONGMon Jan 17 1994Jensen Revision Matrix: H/W and F/W and S/W
80.08ANGLIN::ALLERMon Jan 17 1994Has to run ECU each time they switch OS
81.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERTue Jan 18 1994PC4XD-AB dual Serial ISA Board ECU .cfg file needed
82.08ANNECY::BULTEWed Jan 19 1994Disabling halt button on Jensen ?
83.01MUNICH::HAHNWed Jan 19 1994Is there a possibility to trigger a DEC2
84.01LSNCSC::NEUWEILERThu Jan 20 1994Non US keyboard support ?
85.017MSBCS::WIBECANThu Jan 20 1994Problems booting and autoconfiguring
86.02JOCKEY::HUBBARDPThu Jan 20 1994LAT Problem
87.03AMCFAC::DISHNEAUThu Jan 20 1994Questions Around SET CONSOLE and DECWindows Motif on DECpc AXP 15
88.07LEMAN::MARTINELLIMon Jan 24 1994strange backup
89.01MROA::SHILOTue Jan 25 1994pointer to JENSEN specifications
90.0DRAC::JLSOLEMon Jan 31 1994tlz
91.02UKARC1::HAGUEWed Feb 02 1994Support for non digital disk
92.01CSC32::D_COHNThu Feb 03 1994ISL booting?
93.02BBPPDR::ROWELLFri Feb 04 1994Update to Pass 3
94.02CSC32::B_CUSACKFri Feb 04 1994How to disable CTL_P on 2
95.03TYSON::HORTONFri Feb 04 1994Serial and Parallel ports and legacy printers
96.0154625::HUWAERTMon Feb 07 1994Speed setting on OPA1
97.02MKOTS1::LEBLONDMon Feb 07 1994BootFile Name for V2.6 Firmware?
98.01CSC32::J_SOBECKIMon Feb 07 1994Console vs. VMS device name change?
99.01AYJEN1::ARMSTRONGThu Feb 10 1994New Notes Conference : AYJEN1::JENSEN
100.01CSC32::RODASTue Feb 15 1994Firmware upgrade over the infoserver ??
101.08GIDDAY::PHELPSTue Feb 15 1994Adaptec 274
102.03BLOFLY::SMITHPThu Feb 17 1994Is cut/paste with 2-button mouse supported ?
103.010CSC32::BUTTERWORTHMon Feb 21 1994INCONSTATE bugcheck on 2
104.03SPACE2::HABERLANDTue Feb 22 1994Firmware problem
105.01KOYADO::COLLADOThu Feb 24 1994Jensen and the DW3
106.01CGOOA::CUCHMon Feb 28 1994Supported ISA products?
107.02MRBASS::PUISHYSMon Feb 28 1994Getting started VMS on a jensen
108.05NYOSFri Mar 04 1994Terminal Ports & DDCMP
109.06HIHOSS::HOSSFELDMon Mar 07 19946.1 ft4 jensen load fails
110.02EASE::BRADSHAWTue Mar 08 1994Unexpected Interupt and APB-F-NOIOVEC at boot time
111.04BROKE::HUBVAX::SEKURSKITue Mar 08 1994DECwindows won't start T6.1-FT4
112.0454625::HUWAERTWed Mar 09 1994Some other SCSI config questions
113.0CCEIThu Mar 10 1994DEC 2
114.0SOS6::BERNARDFri Mar 11 1994BBU on DEC 2
115.0DIVING::DAVISFri Mar 18 1994Problem with additional COM ports
116.02GIDDAY::BOJOVICMon Mar 21 19947bit even parity on OPA1:
117.01SUBSYS::DCAMPBELLWed Mar 23 1994Standalone backup in Vms 6.1
118.01RT95::TEDESCOFri Mar 25 1994Adaptec 1542 supported?
119.05FSAEUR::RYEFri Mar 25 1994NEED ECU after Firmware upgrade
120.01HPRDRV::SIMMONSMon Apr 04 1994V1.3 Firmware?
121.04MLNTSC::RESNATITue Apr 12 1994v1.51h1 Remastered???
122.03DRAC::JLSOLEWed Apr 13 1994configuration of graphic console?
123.05PUPPIE::GRANTHAMThu Apr 14 1994OPA1: ==> LA75 questions
124.02KAOFS::R_HOUDEMon Apr 18 1994RRD43 is it supported?
125.02BLOFLY::SMITHPFri Apr 22 1994Is the KFESA (EISA/DSSI) adapter supported ?
126.09FILTON::VINERMon Apr 25 1994Driver help required (Again)
127.02LTLKNG::SHREVEMon Apr 25 1994AXP 15
128.02CSC32::D_COHNThu Apr 28 1994Suspected bad bootblock - is there a "fix"?
129.0HPRDRV::SIMMONSTue May 03 1994No Hangup behavior on OPA
130.02DIVING::DAVISThu May 05 1994Help with Standalone backup on T6.1-FT4
131.02HPRDRV::SIMMONSThu May 05 1994Standalone backup on tape?
132.01ROMVLC::SALVATIFri May 13 1994Console V1.3 available ?
134.02CSC32::J_SOBECKIFri May 20 1994RRD44 Firmware & OpenVMS support?
135.02PUPPIE::GRANTHAMFri May 20 19942
136.012AYOCQA::caly8Wed May 25 1994Machine Check 214 - Urgent
137.03VAXRIO::MANOELFri Jun 03 1994Intermittent hangs in console.
138.0DRAC::JLSOLEFri Jun 10 19942nd scsi controller feedback
139.0CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZSun Jun 19 1994console reverse mapping keyboard at >>>
140.02TREES::MARSHALLFri Jun 24 1994LRA
141.01RT95::TEDESCOMon Jun 27 1994Second SCSI Controller again!
142.06TEACH::WICKERTWed Jun 29 1994Can't boot Jensen from INFOserver using 6.1
143.01VAXRIO::MANOELWed Jun 29 1994M24
144.02RDGE44::SYMONDSKFri Jul 01 1994Attaching a VT terminal to a 2
145.06PARVAX::JANOCKTue Jul 05 1994failed detect keyboard
146.05SX4GTO::OLSONFri Jul 15 1994help with 'Use VT as DEC 2
147.01HPRDRV::SIMMONSMon Jul 18 1994DIGIBOARD PC/8 - how many?
148.04HPRDRV::SIMMONSMon Jul 18 1994Digiboard to VT32
149.01CSC32::D_COHNWed Jul 27 1994Problem booting after running ECU for 1
150.010BACHUS::648Thu Aug 18 1994Modem support on 2 base serial lines ??
151.011TAVThu Aug 18 1994JENSEN keyboard
152.01ANGLIN::DPROSEThu Aug 18 1994multiple e-net cards
153.01SEDOAS::CLIFFE_SThu Aug 25 1994Problems booting OpenVMS 6.1 AXP CD
154.0PIGTAL::DONOVANFri Aug 26 1994Is TMSCP available for Jensen with ba35
155.01COLThu Sep 01 1994ECU-Diskette online ??
156.04PIGTAL::DONOVANThu Sep 01 1994SWXCR-SB Card Available for 2
157.0PIGTAL::DONOVANWed Sep 07 1994Getting Valid Crash Dump by Force
158.06ROMTSS::CANDIDIWed Sep 14 1994 Serial Port Config.DECpc AXP 15
159.02CIVPR1::SIMMONSThu Sep 22 1994?
160.09SUBURB::GRANTT::TAYLORGMon Oct 10 1994What Version of VMS for AXP 15
161.02HDLITE::NEWMANFri Oct 21 1994DISCONNECT on QIO to DE422 on busy network -- why?
163.01CSC32::J_SOBECKIWed Nov 02 1994Using 96
164.0SUOSWS::GRAMMERMon Nov 07 1994sys$dvdriver.lis
165.01ROMSLS::FARRAUTOWed Nov 09 1994EISA to IEEE-488
166.04SUBURB::GRANTT::TAYLORGWed Nov 09 1994How do you break into a JENSEN running 6.1 OVMS
167.06DECWET::BRUNDRETTFri Nov 11 19942
168.01AEOLUS::DAIGNEAULTFri Nov 11 1994What jensen decnet IV license
170.01SSSAXP::LIVINGSTONEFri Dec 16 1994External disks going offline, system needs to be power cycled
171.01CSC32::K_JOHNSONMon Dec 19 1994JENSEN fails to boot as satellite with two DE422-SA ethernet controllers
172.0BLSFUL::PAYNEMon Jan 09 1995conference shutdown