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Conference eusact::sap

Created:Mon Nov 09 1992
Last Modified:Wed Feb 26 1997
Last Successful Update:Wed Feb 26 1997
Number of topics:735
Total number of notes:2563
Number with bodies:21
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1.02MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Introduction
2.02MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992The company SAP
3.0101MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Conference Registration
4.01MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Competition
5.02MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992General Questions & Answers
6.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Events
7.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Sales Tools (Slides, etc)
8.07MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Projects
9.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Partners
10.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Reserved
11.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Reserved
12.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Product Descriptions
13.05MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Porting Schedules
14.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Configuration Examples
15.04MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Performance
16.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Installation
17.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Reserved
18.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Reserved
19.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Tools & Utilities
20.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Application Modules
21.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Enterprise Modelling
22.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Services
23.02MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Interoperability/Integration
24.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Reserved
25.0MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Reserved
26.01MANSW1::BAUERMon Nov 09 1992Added Value Engineering
27.01DECWET::BINGHAMThu Nov 12 1992SAP from November 199
28.0MANIS1::WAGNERThu Nov 19 1992SAP Press Information
29.0MANSW1::MOENCHTue Dec 01 1992R/3 config tips I
30.04COLFri Dec 04 1992Questions to R/2 Integration
31.0MANIOK::SIMONTue Dec 08 1992results internal SAPR3/VMS field test
33.0MANIOK::SIMONWed Dec 09 1992new SAPCUA-Version planed
34.0MANIOK::SIMONWed Dec 09 1992no SAP/R3 Application-Server or DB-Server on OS/2
35.03MANIOK::SIMONFri Dec 11 1992ORACLE (SAP/R3) in parallel mode --CLUSTER-ORACLE SAPR3 in parallel Mode -CLUSTER
36.03COLTue Dec 15 1992R/2 Integration with IMS???
37.0151383::ZEE_PWed Jan 06 1993BASF
38.05MRKTNG::VELIVISThu Jan 14 1993Configuration Guide (review copy)
39.06MRKTNG::VELIVISFri Jan 15 1993Distributed implementation vs Timezones.
40.0451383::SCHUURMANS_HWed Jan 20 1993Update on Porting schedules
41.0114963Fri Jan 22 1993VMS DB-Server - Unix Application Server
42.0161132::BONANNOSat Jan 23 1993SAP on the IBM <-> Pathworks: Can it be done??
43.0449437::THOMASWThu Jan 28 1993BASEstar Ultrix with SAP R3 Demo ?
44.0MRKTNG::BURROUGHSThu Feb 04 1993SAP/DEC USA Seminar Series
45.0451383::BOS_KMon Feb 08 1993disaster recovery of R/3
46.013338Thu Feb 11 1993The Great Client/Server Debate
47.0259563::TATSUKAWAFri Feb 12 1993 Q: SAP R/3 system sizing and DISPATCHER
48.01FRAMBO::KREMPELTue Feb 16 1993High-speed options for DB- and Application-Server interconnect
49.047516::MODENAThu Feb 18 1993files moved???
50.0259563::TATSUKAWAFri Feb 19 1993Q>Function of SAP DISPATCHER ?
51.05VNABRW::NOVAKMon Mar 01 1993PC-NFS with SAP-R/3
52.0MANSW1::OECHSLERTue Mar 02 1993.X25 what is needed ?
53.03MANSW1::MOENCHTue Mar 02 199311.h install-errors
54.01MANSW1::MOENCHTue Mar 02 199311H view DB - DDIC mismatches
55.052268Wed Mar 03 1993Hardware Config Help Needed !
57.02MRKTNG::VELIVISThu Mar 11 1993Help configuring PC presentation managers
58.03CLO::WERABFri Mar 12 1993Anderson deliverying SAP consulting?
59.01324Wed Mar 31 1993R2 <-> R3
60.032396::GRANSEWICZFri Apr 09 1993SAP Office Communication Interface
61.0SUOSW3::KRUEGERFri Apr 16 1993SAP CUA-Interface
62.0359563::TATSUKAWATue Apr 27 1993Q>ORACLE7 support on OSF/1 ?
63.0MANIS2::WEINERThu Apr 29 1993IFT SAP R/3 V1.2A
64.0947516::PALACIWed May 05 1993help needed on configurations
65.0145356::RUSSELLMon May 10 1993SAP demo on Alpha at end of June... VMS or OSF/1?
66.01427Fri May 14 1993SAP and Remote Comms links query
67.0256466::GOYETTEThu May 20 1993Definition of SAP/R3 instance ?
68.0347516::MODENAMon May 31 1993implementation plans
69.0149575::SELBYTue Jun 01 1993BERLIN CONFERENCE
70.07VNABRW::HOEFINGER_RFri Jun 04 1993R/3 2.
71.0FROCKY::KREMPELMon Jun 07 1993Little "SAP-cookbook" for OpenVMS AXP + PATHWORKS
72.0FRAMBO::KREMPELTue Jun 08 1993ENCORE OSF/1 clusters to support ORACLE "Mega"-Servers
73.02MUDIS3::RBOEDEKERWed Jun 09 1993SAP R/3 in a WAN Konfiguration ??
74.0247516::PALACIThu Jun 10 1993CUA functionalities?
75.0147516::MODENATue Jun 22 1993tech info about CAPISCE ?
76.01VNABRW::HOEFINGER_RWed Jun 23 1993SAPTEMU Pathworks 5.
77.0MANIOK::SIMONThu Jun 24 1993clarification on ORACLE 6.
78.02VNABRW::HOEFINGER_RFri Jun 25 1993R/3 on Informix ?
79.047516::PALACIMon Jun 28 1993Satellite configuration?
80.017MRKTNG::SLATERFri Jul 02 1993Application Performance and Configuration Guide
81.0351383::BOS_KMon Jul 05 1993R/3 win at DSM EP the Netherlands
82.02514Wed Jul 07 1993V1.2 and umlaut displays as #
83.01514Wed Jul 07 1993dutch language V1.1h and SAP v1.2??
84.0849978::6371Mon Jul 12 1993Alpha vs HP and IBM
85.051156::EICHETue Jul 13 1993sapdba not part of V2.
86.010MANIOK::SIMONFri Jul 23 1993english language support
87.09MANIOK::SIMONFri Jul 23 19932.1 Saptemu looks very different
88.0FRUST::STEINKETue Jul 27 1993SAP-Inofs on EUSACT
89.04CURRNT::DAWFri Jul 30 1993Training - request for Training agenda
90.03AYRDAM::DAGLEISHPFri Jul 30 1993SAP Enterprise Model and associated metadata - Any Info on this?
91.0MANIOK::SIMONSat Jul 31 1993DEC/TCPIP for OpenVMS AXP special info
92.01BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODMon Aug 02 1993Availability of VAX/OpenVMS versions
94.01LISVAX::FERREIRA_ATue Aug 03 1993VAT round-off problem
95.02MUDIS3::DORNAUFri Aug 06 1993AS/4
96.02MANIOK::SIMONSat Aug 07 1993SAP-Gateway R2/R3 connection is running on OpenVMS-AXP
97.0MANIS2::WEINERMon Aug 09 1993R/3 2.
98.02HEWIE::RUSSELLWed Aug 11 1993Help with installations?
99.0ODAY4Mon Aug 16 1993Digital internal use of SAP R/3
100.03HEWIE::RUSSELLTue Aug 17 1993Any guidelines on installation charges?
101.01VNABRW::AUMAYR_WFri Aug 27 1993demo-license?
102.06MLNMon Sep 06 1993Pathworks 5.
103.02MANIOK::SIMONWed Sep 08 1993new conference for OpenVMS tech. support
104.011MANIS1::WEINERSat Sep 18 1993SAP R/3 V2.
105.03TKOV51::TATSUKAWATue Sep 28 1993SAP Salesguide V2 ?
106.02TKOV51::TATSUKAWAThu Sep 30 1993Q:OSF/1 user licence ?
107.05CURRNT::DAWThu Sep 30 1993OSF/1 R/3 V2.
108.0156466::GOYETTEFri Oct 01 1993Word substitution ?
109.02GOVTTue Oct 05 1993SAP R/3 talking to SAP R/2
110.04COLA1::COLPC3::stalzWed Oct 06 1993CUA for R/2 (Windows) over VMS
111.02MANPRO::SIMONWed Oct 06 1993brbackup OpenVMS 2.
112.011BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODThu Oct 07 1993Availability on Windows NT ?
113.02KAOAFri Oct 08 1993Does R3 have any dependecies on Microsoft Mail transport
114.01SAHQ::LUBERMon Oct 11 1993R/3 on VAX/VMS -- Not!
115.03TKOV51::TATSUKAWATue Oct 12 1993Q:System size for PP,MM,CO,PM ?
116.03BPSOF::CSELOTEITue Oct 12 1993Sizing for OSF/1
117.07LDVDS3::BRZOSKAThu Oct 14 1993SAPtemu through serial lines (SLIP)
118.03MUDIS3::DORNAUFri Oct 15 1993Minimum Configuration
119.0MUDIS3::DORNAUFri Oct 15 1993Data centers and R/3
120.05TKOV51::TATSUKAWAFri Oct 15 1993How many installation ?
121.01TBJPST::MJRMon Oct 18 1993Training Price as partner
122.01MANIS1::WEINERWed Oct 20 1993R/3 problems on OSF/1
123.01MUNDIS::CSCHMIDTThu Oct 21 1993Transferring Data between different vendors ?
124.01EEMELI::MAIJALAFri Oct 22 1993R/3 in textile industry
125.02CURRNT::DAWWed Oct 27 1993Bimbo questions on SAP R/3 (System modules and Oracle)
126.03TKOV51::TATSUKAWAThu Oct 28 1993Q:RAID and Tape backup Solution ?
127.02SUOSWS::NIESSERThu Oct 28 1993R/3 and outsourcing
128.02CURRNT::DAWThu Oct 28 1993R/3 OpenVMS to R/3 OSF/1 migration ?
129.06MANIS2::MSCHAEFERThu Oct 28 1993hostname variable on PC
130.0MANIS2::MSCHAEFERThu Oct 28 1993saptemu FTP 2.2
131.05CURRNT::DAWTue Nov 02 1993Request for R/3 integration information !
132.01CURRNT::DAWTue Nov 02 1993no connect possible error R/3 on OpenVMS help ?
133.02CURRNT::DAWWed Nov 03 1993multi-vendor hardware in an R/3 installation question !
134.02SAHQ::THORNEWed Nov 03 1993Help on getting printer to work with R/3
135.06KETJE::SYBERTZWed Nov 03 1993Luxair : SAP R/3 on OSF/1 with ADVFS - Disk Shadowing - NSR - Console Manager - FullSail
136.07KETJE::SYBERTZThu Nov 04 1993OSF/1 : ADVFS & LSM <-> LVM
137.012KETJE::SYBERTZThu Nov 04 1993OSF1 SAP : brarchive & brbackup
138.07PORVAX::SILVA_JCFri Nov 05 1993Network load and performance
139.02MLNFri Nov 05 1993U: info about satellites
140.01MANIS1::WEINERSat Nov 06 1993Engineering news
141.0MANIS1::WEINERSat Nov 06 1993Performance update
142.02--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 08 1993SAP Official Support statement : OSF/1 - ASE - NSR - ADVFS
143.01BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODMon Nov 08 1993Procedure for software loan and source of kit?
144.014MLNWed Nov 10 1993Disk sizing
145.02RTOEU::MHOFFMANNFri Nov 12 1993Gartner on SAP R/3
146.05CURRNT::DAWMon Nov 15 1993Information on ORACLE/clusters and VMS,OSF licencing !
147.01HEWIE::RUSSELLMon Nov 15 1993IBM mainframe co-existence?
148.0COLTue Nov 16 1993LPS17 and SAP solution
149.06COLTue Nov 16 1993 OSS on OSF1 ?
150.03CROWN::BAUMANNAFri Nov 19 1993SAP and Pathworks for TCP/IP
151.0BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODFri Nov 19 1993WAN loading Bytes versus Bits again
152.0BARSAC::GRANSEWICZFri Nov 19 1993OpenVMS UCX TCPIP parameters
153.0BARSAC::GRANSEWICZFri Nov 19 1993PC Hangs, EWRK3 cards
154.01COLMon Nov 22 1993SAPDBA problem
155.05BARSAC::GRANSEWICZWed Nov 24 1993Mixed Vendor Environments
156.017SHIPS::DARNTON_LWed Nov 24 1993SAP/Rdb Info Please
157.01COLThu Nov 25 1993
158.02COLFri Nov 26 1993Performance batch-input
159.026MANSW1::CZWIKLAFri Nov 26 1993SAP Supported Network Products
160.0MANSW1::MOENCHTue Nov 30 1993Base-System Workshop Report
161.01VNASWS::GERHARDKWed Dec 01 1993PW FT 5.
162.01LDVDS3::BRZOSKAMon Dec 06 1993Does Oracle fit well with ADVFS
163.0LDVDS3::BRZOSKATue Dec 07 1993Is there an SAP OSF/1 notesfile ?
164.01PLAYER::VANHOOFThu Dec 09 1993R2 -> R3 Migration
165.02CURRNT::DAWFri Dec 10 1993WM - Warehouse Management Module of SAP R/3 Question
166.05ISIDRO::TOMASMon Dec 13 1993Migration to OSF/1
167.01356466::GOYETTETue Dec 14 1993Brbackup & Brarchive errors using compression...
168.0156466::GOYETTEWed Dec 15 1993Brbackup: Datafile has online backup set
169.01HEWIE::RUSSELLFri Dec 17 1993Token Ring for R/3?
170.02TBJPST::MJRDEV::EGUCHISat Dec 18 1993Internal empirical knowledge
171.01MANIS2::GKRUEGERTue Dec 21 1993SAP, HP LaserJet III and VMS
172.04KETJE::SYBERTZTue Dec 21 1993OSF/1 V2.
173.03PORVAX::MORAISTue Dec 21 1993Printing to DEClaser 1125 ( Postscript ) in R/3
174.01FUTURS::FRANCEWed Dec 22 1993System support resource requireements
175.012PLAYER::VANHOOFWed Dec 22 1993R3trans export problem
176.04NOSTRL::DAVIESThu Dec 23 1993Error when executing EXTRACT with EXTRACT.TOX!
177.04MOEUR1::BOSWORTHTue Jan 04 1994SAP Support for CPI-C on PC
178.02SCOBIE::JCUTCHINWed Jan 05 1994R3 system hang after DB error
179.02LDVDS3::BRZOSKAWed Jan 05 1994Historization in huge databases
180.02ISIDRO::TOMASWed Jan 05 1994Window Manager
181.08LDVDS3::BRZOSKAFri Jan 07 1994Forms management on R/3
182.0SOADC1::LAMBFri Jan 07 1994Conversion help
183.02MANIS1::GKRUEGERMon Jan 10 1994Data from ROSS/Renaissance -> SAP R/3
184.0PAULUS::JAKOBIMon Jan 17 1994Info on Put 2.
185.01COLMon Jan 17 1994Printoutput with LPS2
186.01COLMon Jan 17 1994Printing in a LAN-Environment
187.04COLMon Jan 17 1994Printing on LPS2
188.03SOADC1::LAMBWed Jan 19 1994A few questions
189.01MANIOK::SIMONThu Jan 20 1994conference has been moved!!!
190.0EUSACT::MICHAELISThu Jan 20 1994new conference R3_OSF1_TECHNICAL
191.01KETJE::SYBERTZTue Jan 25 1994OSF/1 : SAP brbackup & NSR : Any news about integration
192.0DRAC::ROCATue Feb 01 1994SAP & Multiprocessing on OSF/1
193.03CURRNT::DAWThu Feb 03 1994New database products for R/3 ?
194.07PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Feb 03 1994directions to Walldorf
195.05HEWIE::RUSSELLFri Feb 04 1994Correction & Transport System- R3trans set ups
196.0LDVDS3::BRZOSKATue Feb 08 1994Management issues with R/3 and OSF
197.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETTue Feb 08 1994satellite of an R/3 ?
198.03PLAYER::VANAVERMAETTue Feb 08 1994license-checking in D-server ?
199.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETTue Feb 08 1994global MRP ?
200.0FRAIS::PLOIXTue Feb 08 1994Small guide to client copy
201.07PLAYER::VANAVERMAETWed Feb 09 1994obtaining (electronic) support from SAP
202.02CURRNT::DAWThu Feb 10 1994Performance Tuning SAP R/3 ORACLE database ?
203.08PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Feb 10 1994Macintosh SAPtemu ?
204.03KETJE::SYBERTZThu Feb 10 1994SAP on DOS : hostname length
205.0KETJE::SYBERTZThu Feb 10 1994Luxair presentation
206.0LDVDS3::BRZOSKAThu Feb 10 1994Need for a powerfull spooler ?
207.03CURRNT::DAWFri Feb 11 1994Question on missing database and data-dictionary indexes
208.01BAHTAT::MCCORMICKMon Feb 14 1994A quick PUT wanted
209.01BAHTAT::MCCORMICKMon Feb 14 1994PUT Courses???
210.04MANPRO::SIMONTue Feb 15 1994SAP-Parameter setting guide
211.01TRUCKS::WILLIAMS_CTue Feb 15 1994Moving ABAP programs
212.07PLAYER::VANAVERMAETTue Feb 15 1994Hinweis 6
213.01CURRNT::DAWTue Feb 15 1994Minimum Specification for a frontend PC
214.02KIRKTN::SUPPALTue Feb 15 1994Internal use of R/3?
215.01MLNTue Feb 15 1994Oracle license
216.01NOSTRL::DAVIESWed Feb 16 1994Any help with IVP out there?
217.0TAVIS::ERANSat Feb 19 1994International Channels
218.07TRUCKS::WILLIAMS_CMon Feb 21 1994Oracle problems during import/export
219.05NBOSWS::SATTLERTue Feb 22 1994Linkworks/LNX integrating R/3 or vice versa
220.01SNOCWed Feb 23 1994Architectural Questions
221.01TRUCKS::WILLIAMS_CWed Feb 23 1994Pro*C question
222.04OSTVThu Feb 24 1994Config. Guide of R/3 V2.1 on OSF/1 ?
223.03MLNFri Feb 25 1994u : help on R/2- R-3 communication
224.0MLNTue Mar 01 1994lvs satellite
225.0CURRNT::DAWMon Mar 07 1994Help with setting up R/3 (V2.
226.03PLAYER::VANAVERMAETTue Mar 08 1994PostScript from R/3, corrupted and exhausting
227.02MUDIS3::JONESTue Mar 08 1994Security - Network encryption
228.02AKOCOA::VMCCARTHYWed Mar 09 1994How to reorg tablespaces under OpenVMS ???
229.0COLThu Mar 10 19942.
230.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Mar 10 1994printing with Fortran conventions
231.0DRAC::MERCADALFri Mar 11 1994Financial modules of 2.1.c version for OSF
232.01TRUCKS::WILLIAMS_CMon Mar 14 1994Oracle Block Size
233.010FUTURS::CLARKMMon Mar 14 19942.
234.0BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODMon Mar 14 1994FDDI connection with DECconcentrator 9
235.02ATYISA::PICHONTue Mar 15 1994SNI competition ??
236.0ULYSSE::FINKATue Mar 15 1994Access to R/3
237.01MUDIS3::JONESWed Mar 16 1994Setting priorities within SAP R/3
238.01TRUCKS::WILLIAMS_CThu Mar 17 1994alert[SID].log
239.03TROOA::SOLEYThu Mar 17 1994V2.1C OVMS when?
240.01OSTVFri Mar 18 1994Need MACX informaton
241.0HLDEFri Mar 18 1994Looking for SAP R/3 interfaces
242.04SNOCTue Mar 22 1994DECsafe and SAP, application server failover
243.01CURRNT::DAWTue Mar 22 1994Setting up the online documentation CD
244.01TRUCKS::WILLIAMS_CWed Mar 23 1994Very large database
245.03TRUCKS::WILLIAMS_CWed Mar 23 1994TCP/IP set up on PC
246.03FUTURS::CLARKMWed Mar 23 1994SAP Archive-Link
247.02UTROP1::BOS_KThu Mar 24 1994Reference asked OVMS, Dbs & As separated
248.01UTROP1::BOS_KThu Mar 24 1994Experience of R/3 in OVMS cluster???
249.0SNOCFri Mar 25 1994Database size for CO transactions required, please
250.01TPLAB::SCHRECKENBERThu Mar 31 1994SAP storage sizing
251.01BPSOF::CSELOTEIThu Mar 31 1994DB and AP server on WAN
252.0BPSOF::CSELOTEIThu Mar 31 19942.1.C NLS (multilingual support)
253.0REMBOW::KILEYFri Apr 01 1994World Wide Journey
254.0REMBOW::KILEYFri Apr 01 1994Any help using RSCLITRA out there?
255.04GJOVAX::GRAEFFWed Apr 06 1994SAP Windows Client and PATHWORKS V5.
256.02TRUCKS::WILLIAMS_CWed Apr 06 1994pcinst program ends unexpectedly
257.01OSTVMon Apr 11 1994Any R/3 Server colud access from my PC
258.0MANIS2::MSCHAEFERWed Apr 20 1994ISDN and SAPGUI
259.0TROOA::SOLEYFri Apr 22 1994Real R/2 - R/3 experience sought
260.03EVTAI1::GOGUELINFri Apr 22 1994ORACLE, R/3 and RDB on the same server
261.03BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODFri Apr 22 1994Help with X.25 connection/OSF/1
262.05BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODFri Apr 22 1994ORACLE and OSF versions and R/3 versions
263.05MLNWed Apr 27 1994Supported printers?
264.07FUTURS::CLARKMWed Apr 27 1994Very Large Databases
265.02FRODO2::DERBYWed Apr 27 1994Experience w/Application Security & Enabling Printers Tasks
266.02CURRNT::DAWWed May 04 1994BRBACKUP & BRARCHIVE questions
267.04COLES1::ESGWed May 04 1994SAPGUI via SLIP?
268.05CURRNT::DAWWed May 04 1994SAP wont operate over a kilostream link
269.01SNOCThu May 05 1994SAPGUI Location
270.0SNOCFri May 06 1994RRD Selection
271.0BRUMMY::TIDMARSHFri May 06 1994Is X.25 good enough?
272.02FUTURS::CLARKMTue May 10 1994Accuracy of Sizings?
273.02CURRNT::DAWThu May 12 1994Porting schedules/versions for other databases please ????????
274.02SNOCFri May 13 1994Wins
275.06MLNMon May 16 1994Calling SAP from C
276.013GNPIKE::ASCHERTue May 17 1994ORIGIN???
277.02LUXWed May 18 1994SAP and the Utilities Market
278.0CURRNT::DAWWed May 18 1994Please can you help me copy a file from SAP's sapserv3 to the easynet ?
279.0GNPIKE::ASCHERWed May 18 1994 Status of 2.1D and status of brbackup?
280.0ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKThu May 19 1994when will SAP be available for OpenVMS 6.1?
282.01HEWIE::RUSSELLFri May 20 1994SAP support in the news in the UK.
283.02GNPIKE::ASCHERWed May 25 1994Printers - client independent in V2.1D?
284.01SNOCThu May 26 1994Transport (tp) oddities
285.09SNOCMon May 30 1994Database Sizing Model
286.08TROOA::SOLEYMon Jun 06 1994Three tier reference needed
287.0MR4DEC::TFLYNNWed Jun 08 1994Information on the EIS module???
288.05SOADC1::DERBYWed Jun 08 1994Who uses Plant Maintenance?
289.03SHRMSG::VMCCARTHYTue Jun 14 1994how to allocate tablespaces for R/3
290.01GVPROD::BIKER::PETERWed Jun 15 1994SAP transactions
291.06PORVAX::MORAISWed Jun 15 1994Development vs Production systems
292.02TROOA::SOLEYWed Jun 15 1994What is put 3?
293.01CUESTA::SIERRAMon Jun 20 1994SAP CPI-C software for OpenVMS
294.03GTDANE::GOYETTETue Jun 21 1994SAP on an Alpha pc ?
295.0BPSOF::CSELOTEIThu Jun 23 1994R/2 -- R/3 connection, CUA gateway, LU6.2, SAP EIS
296.0LISVAX::RODRIGUESThu Jun 23 1994unexpected QuickWin error
297.0ZPOVC::KHANEJAFri Jun 24 1994HP-MM3
298.0CHEFS::BRANDPFri Jun 24 1994Off-site Disaster Recovery
299.0FUTURS::CLARKMFri Jun 24 1994OPS, OSF/1 Cluster & SAP?
300.0COLA1::COLPC3::stalzFri Jul 01 1994Communication with R/2...
301.03SNOCMon Jul 04 1994OSF V2.
302.01TRUCKS::WILLIAMS_CTue Jul 05 1994Disk Sizing for Application Servers
303.04DRAC::DSMAILWed Jul 06 1994Remote PC in a WAN and SAP no connection
304.08BPSOF::CSELOTEIWed Jul 06 1994SAP R/3 Analyzer -- has anyone heard about it?
305.05TAOVFri Jul 08 1994WINSOCKET ERROR WITH R/3 2.1C
306.02MLNORO::CAMMAROTOTue Jul 12 1994Remote PC in WAN: SAPLPD not working
307.01NOSTRL::DAVIESTue Jul 12 1994Migration: ULTRIX -> DEC OSF/1
308.011NOSTRL::DAVIESWed Jul 13 1994ISDN - Support & set-up
309.02CSOA1::MOULDERWed Jul 13 1994SAP Contact
310.01PORVAX::MORAISThu Jul 14 1994Client copy problem - tables missing
311.0SNOCFri Jul 15 1994Tablespace Sizes
312.01ZPOVC::KHANEJAWed Jul 20 1994R/3 expertise in digital-DC, any takers!!
313.0TROOA::SOLEYFri Jul 22 1994sapfax.dll???
314.0MANIS2::MSCHAEFERFri Jul 22 1994sapdba -check
315.01MXOCWed Jul 27 1994SAP's R3 and DECFBE
316.0BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODThu Jul 28 1994Computer Center/ Systems Management Links
317.01BRUMMY::TIDMARSHFri Jul 29 1994Secure environment - Encryption?
318.03SNOCSat Jul 30 1994Running multiple SAP systems on one machine
319.0SNOCSat Jul 30 1994SAP printing impact on network
320.01SNOCSat Jul 30 1994Impact of online brbackup on SAP
321.04PLAYER::VANAVERMAETMon Aug 01 1994BPCS (or BCPS?)
322.05SXKITN::DAWTue Aug 02 1994Barcode printing/reading help
323.03FUTURS::CLARKMTue Aug 02 1994Solid State Disks?
324.03BPSOF::CSELOTEIWed Aug 03 1994memory configuration
325.0116799::VONEHRENTue Aug 09 1994SAP in Japanese
326.01BONNET::SEZNECThu Aug 11 1994Billing funtionalities for Telecom Industry ?
327.014SNOCThu Aug 18 1994RAID in SAP Environment
328.03MASALA::SUPPALThu Aug 18 1994Any presentation material?
329.01COLA1::COLPC3::stalzFri Aug 19 1994Infoserver,..,FAX,..,
330.02SXKITN::DAWMon Aug 22 1994Client Copy - R/3 Configuration Data
331.0TROOA::SOLEYTue Aug 23 1994T+C Question
332.05ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Aug 23 1994SAPR3 interfacing with other applns-anybody in production?
333.02BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODWed Aug 24 1994EDI and R/3 - what is our strategy
334.01TROOA::SOLEYThu Aug 25 1994MANIS1 down again
335.010TLSE1Sun Aug 28 1994Network sizing again
336.01SNOCTue Aug 30 1994IP Alias and Printing
337.01SNOCWed Aug 31 1994Print Tray Selection
338.02SNOCWed Aug 31 1994RSLANGIM and RSLANGCP, why?
339.013SNOCWed Aug 31 1994Access to OSS...
340.04EPS::VIJAYThu Sep 01 1994" Sap Documentation? "
341.04CSOA1::BOLENBAUGHWed Sep 07 1994R3TRANS of T683 - Is this safe?
342.02CURRNT::SHAWWed Sep 07 1994Project Management
343.0SNOCThu Sep 08 1994How do you handle development & upgrades?
344.01COLA1::COLPC3::stalzFri Sep 09 1994DEC21
345.0PORVAX::MORAISFri Sep 09 1994Pathworks X25 on the SAP R/3 presentation server?
346.05TKOVOA::HASEGAWA_ATue Sep 13 1994Walldolf expertize centre visit requested
347.0SXKITN::DAWWed Sep 14 1994Security, Encryption and SAP R/3
348.01SOADC1::BAAHPC::lambThu Sep 15 1994Time to do upgrades and PUTs
349.03PLAYER::VANAVERMAETMon Sep 19 1994R3INST fails on orabuild - SQLplus
350.0SNOCTue Sep 20 1994Token Ring?
351.03UTROP1::WALLACE_BThu Sep 22 1994SAP on ALPHA/OSF/1 Whitepaper
352.01SNOCSun Sep 25 1994RSCLIEXP anyone?
353.01SNOCMon Sep 26 1994CPI-C - Can we do it?
354.01SNOCTue Sep 27 1994Other Databases
355.05PLAYER::VANAVERMAETWed Sep 28 1994SAPgui/Motif problems, pre-requisites
356.01SOADC1::MKTWed Sep 28 1994Info needed on 2.2 release installs
357.02CGOOA::MASONFri Sep 30 1994Stress test tool set?
358.0MUGGER::BROOKESWed Oct 05 1994Installation Instructions for MOTIF Client?
359.01COLA1::COLPC3::stalzThu Oct 06 1994Referenz sites needed....
360.02ISIDRO::JOSEMANUELFri Oct 07 1994Practical Experience in MM
361.04DRAC::ROCAMon Oct 10 1994Problems with batch input
362.0EPS::VIJAYWed Oct 12 1994AXP NT based SAPGUI available?
363.08SAPEC2::SIMONThu Oct 13 1994EOL announcement SAP R/3 OpenVMS AXP
364.03SNOCWed Oct 19 1994Sizing Model "Flaw"
365.03RTOEU::CHEESWIJKWed Oct 19 1994
366.0MANIS2::FROEHLICHFri Oct 21 1994Largest customer database?
367.02BRUMMY::TIDMARSHMon Oct 24 1994Plant Maintenance?
368.0CSOA1::BOLENBAUGHThu Oct 27 1994Tax configuration info?
369.0MLNORO::MODENAFri Oct 28 1994double unit of measure
370.04SNOCMon Oct 31 1994Sizing Handouts
371.02FUTURS::CLARKMWed Nov 02 1994R/3 & UNIX scheduler
372.0TROOA::SOLEYMon Nov 07 1994Freight Management extention to R/3
373.01CHEFS::BRANDPWed Nov 09 1994Telephonic SAP?
374.01TROOA::SOLEYWed Nov 09 1994Barcodes in R/3 detail please
375.010GLDOA::BOELEMAThu Nov 10 1994schedule for SAP on OSF/1 V3
376.08GLDOA::COKEThu Nov 17 1994Imaging with SAP
377.0GVPROD::BORBOENTue Nov 22 1994SAP v2.2 Release Notes ?
378.0BOLINA::GADALETAMTue Nov 22 1994R/3 and DECsafe
379.09SAPEC2::SIMONWed Nov 23 1994Goodbye Digital!
380.0ISIDRO::GUSTAVOFri Nov 25 1994New version to configure?
381.02FUTURS::CLARKMTue Nov 29 1994Application Consulting & Project Management
382.03GTDANE::GOYETTEThu Dec 01 1994SAP Integration comments, ideas, suggestions...
383.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETMon Dec 05 1994installing SAPGUI on Intel/NT; post-install
384.02PLAYER::VANAVERMAETWed Dec 07 1994which tablespace for which purpose ?
385.01TRUCKS::WILLIAMS_CThu Dec 08 1994Pentium PC?
386.06SOADC1::PULLENFri Dec 09 1994rdisp/keepalive=12
387.0BPSOF::CSELOTEISat Dec 10 1994NT conference?
388.0SNOFS1::NICHOLLSMMon Dec 12 1994Latest on CUA
389.01BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODWed Dec 14 1994Looping jobs/performance degradation
390.01FIREBL::LEEDSWed Dec 14 1994SAP versions vs OSF/1 versions ??
391.04MSAMThu Dec 15 1994Can DBI work with SAP???
392.0MSAMFri Dec 16 1994SAP satellite implementation..
393.05BIS1::BHP686::ravytsThu Dec 22 1994SAP on Internet
394.04PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Dec 22 1994RFC anyone ?
395.03FIREBL::LEEDSWed Dec 28 1994OSF V3.2 ???
396.01TROOA::DLOTENFri Jan 06 1995RTAP Knockoffs?
397.08PORVAX::MORAISMon Jan 09 1995SAP R/3 - OSF/1 V2.1B version Compatibility !!
399.01BIS6::CLERENSTue Jan 10 1995SAP V2.2C
400.0TROOA::SOLEYThu Jan 12 1995FAX from R/3, how???
401.0OSLACT::BJORNAUWed Jan 18 1995Which AlphaServer and operating system is used?
402.0SNOCWed Jan 25 1995CO Sizing Question
403.0SNOCWed Jan 25 1995Throughput Nos & Competition
404.0UTROP1::SCHUURMANS_HThu Jan 26 1995Hans Schuurmans says "Goodbye"
405.01WARNUT::FODDYFri Jan 27 1995Management by NetView (or OpenView)
406.0BOLINA::GADALETAMMon Jan 30 1995X terminals
407.0MKOTS3::MAGUIREWed Feb 01 1995Other SAP/R3 notes conferences ?
408.0SNOCFri Feb 03 1995CO and FI Transactions
409.02VNZVFri Feb 03 1995SAP R/3 V2.2A fails creating tablespace PSAPOOLI on OSF V2.
410.04SNOCTue Feb 07 1995What SAP Relationship?
411.07482::FRIEDMANTue Feb 07 1995Using SAP for Departmental App
412.01LEMAN::POLOMon Feb 13 1995Status for Alpha/WindowsNT ?
413.02KETJE::63911::mylleTue Feb 21 1995SAP over satellite links ?
414.0PLAYER::VANHOOFTue Feb 21 1995Query on SAP and other data
415.01CGOOA::GUNDERSONThu Feb 23 1995BASIS Certification - How?
416.03ATHINA::KANATASFri Feb 24 1995Reference Sites on OSF & Hospitals
417.04VNZVFri Feb 24 1995Upgrading to 2.2C fails
418.07ZPOVC::HANTIONGMon Feb 27 1995SAP R/3 licensing
419.01FAILTE::HUTCHESONTMon Feb 27 1995Digital's SAP plans?
420.02GLDOA::COKEMon Feb 27 1995Backup for Large R/3
421.07WARNUT::FODDYWed Mar 01 1995POLYCENTER integration with SAP
423.02GTDANE::GOYETTEFri Mar 03 1995US Expertise Center is on the "Web"
424.01PLAYER::VANAVERMAETMon Mar 06 1995SAP R/3 Mailing List on Internet
425.0CGOOA::MASONTue Mar 07 1995Clone set backup script
426.0TROOA::SOLEYTue Mar 07 1995Post Office Reference
427.0TKOV51::OIKAWAWed Mar 08 1995SAP MAIL and Powershare
428.01BPSOF::KESZTHELYI_ZWed Mar 08 1995R/3 on Windows NT/Intel platform
429.010VNZVThu Mar 16 1995Printer definition on V2.2C
430.0ISIDRO::GUSTAVOFri Mar 17 1995Do you have Lotus Notes????
431.05MIMS::SANDERS_JFri Mar 17 1995Does SAP run on Unisys U-6
432.05SNOCThu Mar 23 1995Backup/Recovery Questions
433.04LEMAN::POLOThu Mar 23 1995Any Airport for reference ?
434.02PF::ASCHERWed Mar 29 1995PUT Passwords
435.011FUTURS::CLARKMWed Mar 29 1995Multiple SAP Systems On Single Machine
436.02LEMAN::POLOThu Mar 30 1995Existing desktop to take into account
437.015SNOCFri Mar 31 19952.2D & D+
438.020SNOCSat Apr 01 1995Cloning and Online/P-I-T Backup/Recov
439.09LEMAN::POLOMon Apr 03 1995SAP/R3 - Clusters and Failover recovery
440.01LEMAN::POLOMon Apr 03 1995Test machine for SAP/R3
441.03PLAYER::VANAVERMAETTue Apr 04 1995Sun (Business Wire Article 4/3/95)
442.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETTue Apr 04 1995Re: SAP's Annual Report - now for some 1994 statistics
443.03GVPROD::6372Thu Apr 06 1995Call Handling?
444.02SNOCWed Apr 12 1995SAP CC EXARC Requests
445.03CAPNET::ALAGAPPANFri Apr 14 1995ICS Deloitte - Elf Lubricant's implementation in 7 months
446.0COLA1::COLPC3::stalzFri Apr 21 1995CUA via Digital UNIX-Server to R/2 (TCP/IP)
447.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETFri Apr 21 1995SAP & CTG (Cambridge Technology Group)
448.01TKOV51::TATSUKAWAWed Apr 26 1995Q>SAP X4
449.05ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKThu Apr 27 1995increased hw requirements after upgrades ???
450.0LUXFri Apr 28 1995HCS + link to R/3
452.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETTue May 02 1995AlphaServer 84
453.01ZPOVC::HANTIONGWed May 03 1995HP MPE Image-1
454.01ZPOVC::HANTIONGWed May 03 1995disk sizing tools
455.016MLNORO::MODENAFri May 05 1995r/ wrapper
456.02STOWOA::READTue May 09 1995Multia and R/3
457.0VNZVWed May 10 1995Digital UNIX vs HP-UX SAP R/3 document
458.0259Thu May 11 1995RAMS + ARIS
459.03PF::ASCHERFri May 12 1995possible 2.2DPLUS sighting
460.0MLNORO::PALACIFri May 12 1995OSF/1 security lev. C2
461.0SNOCThu May 18 1995Updated TurboLaser Numbers Anyone?
462.0ISIDRO::JANTONIOThu May 18 1995SAP R/3 & TurboLaser Migration Path?
463.03MIDNIT::GOGUENMon May 22 1995R/3 training availability?
464.0MLNORO::MODENATue May 23 1995LU6.2 big problem
465.0MLNORO::MODENATue May 23 1995R/3 on WNT : any news ??????
466.04MLNORO::MODENAThu May 25 1995urgent : IBM configuration criteria
467.02ZPOVC::HANTIONGWed May 31 1995R/3 2.2d on Informix
468.02MLNORO::MODENATue Jun 06 1995urgent : decimage
469.0MLNORO::MODENATue Jun 06 1995documentation about RAMS-ARIS
470.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Jun 08 1995Informix/SAP solution now available on AlphaServer
471.07RTOEU::SUPPORT_ESMon Jun 12 1995Problem printing with access mode U
472.06UTROP1::MAAT_RWed Jun 14 1995Disaster Recovery
473.03ZPOVC::HANTIONGThu Jun 15 1995oraclevlm on Alpha
474.02936::GOYETTEThu Jun 15 1995FYI: Oracle VLM Training Course...
475.02936::GOYETTEThu Jun 15 1995FYI: Some VLM Tuning Tips
476.05TAOVFri Jun 16 1995Receive files but not printing out
477.02LEMAN::DZIALOWSKIFri Jun 16 1995SAP R/3 available for Windows NT 3.5 & Oracle
478.04USATFri Jun 16 1995V2.2C to V3.
479.0TROOA::SOLEYMon Jun 19 1995Pricing conditions effect on performance
480.03COPCLU::GREGTue Jun 20 1995Standard SAP benchmark/performance?
481.04ZPOVC::HANTIONGTue Jun 20 1995R/3 2.
482.04STOWOA::DMCCARTHYTue Jun 20 1995Worldwide Capacity Planning?
483.02NETRIX::"@aty.mts.dec.com"Wed Jun 21 1995SAP www internal pag
484.03NEMAIL::SHAHThu Jun 22 1995Outside Mail from SAP
485.04NEMAIL::SHAHThu Jun 22 1995SAP Backup on VMS
486.02SNOCFri Jun 23 1995Time to Attack
487.02TLAVTue Jun 27 1995SAP R/3 on Alpha and Pathwork Client
488.0BIS5::DEHUYSSERWed Jun 28 1995Config. tool oversizes??
489.01LUXFri Jun 30 1995CAPISCE still existing ?
490.01LUXFri Jun 30 1995
491.01SNOCThu Jul 06 1995EDS and/or imaging interfaces?
492.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETWed Jul 12 1995HP vs Digital, Internet opinion (ICS Deloitte)
493.02NEMAIL::HAUSERWed Jul 12 1995Oracle Parallel Server Plans
494.01TKOV51::TATSUKAWAWed Jul 19 1995Tele-selling system by R/3 ?
495.06BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODWed Jul 19 1995Multiple Languages supported?
496.03BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODWed Jul 19 1995Apple Mac GUI front end status?
497.0254Mon Jul 24 1995DEC Install Base
498.0ZPOVC::HANTIONGTue Jul 25 1995R/3 over Frame-relay against dedicated lease line
499.01FUTURS::CLARKMThu Jul 27 1995Installing with Multiple Languages
500.01BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODThu Jul 27 1995Any info on ALE
501.06SNOFS1::NICHOLLSMFri Jul 28 1995Looking for 2.2D language import code
502.01TROOA::LUIMon Jul 31 1995SAP backup questions.
503.01COMICS::PARRYTue Aug 01 1995Work involved managing SAP ?
504.0KETJE::MONTEThu Aug 03 1995AXP vs SUN ???
505.0USCTR1::REICHThu Aug 03 1995CPIC times out w/AVP tax lookup
506.02BACHUS::WAUTERSTue Aug 08 1995Installation sequence
507.01FUTURS::CLARKMMon Aug 14 1995Full Database on Integration System?
508.0TRUCKS::BARRONTue Aug 15 1995Over 1
509.01ANGLIN::KASEFANGWed Aug 16 1995Porting Schedule by Platform
510.09FUTURS::CLARKMWed Aug 16 1995Duplicate Instance ID
511.0NETRIX::"Thomas Hein@FRA"Mon Aug 21 1995DEC SAP Engineering PM
512.0MLNORO::CARPENTIEROMon Aug 21 1995brbackup remember the backup story after an import on a different system
513.02LEMAN::DZIALOWSKIThu Aug 24 1995SAP WWW home page
514.02WOTVAX::PCThu Aug 24 1995R/2 to R/3 costs
515.0BACHUS::WAUTERSMon Aug 28 1995R3INST fails in 2.2D+ or 2.2D- ( Appl. Server )
516.06ISIDRO::JANTONIOWed Aug 30 1995Large Database Quick Backups Help
517.01BACHUS::WAUTERSThu Aug 31 1995There is a world ouside Digital : go Internet !
518.03CGOOA::BHARRISWed Sep 06 1995R3, NT, Prioris Certification??
519.0TROOA::LUIWed Sep 06 1995Performance issue on 4MB token ring network
520.02SNOCThu Sep 07 1995WNT - Alpha - SAP Revisited
521.03BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODMon Sep 11 1995Jetforms integration
522.0253822::KANATASMon Sep 11 1995SAP/OSF/ORACLE Versions
523.03BOLINA::GADALETAMTue Sep 12 1995IBM SP2 competition ?
524.01OTOOA::BUTLERTue Sep 12 1995SAP/Alpha/WNT/SQL Server 6.
525.02CURRNT::SHAWWed Sep 20 19952.2D stability
526.06SNOFS1::NICHOLLSMFri Sep 22 1995A way to see who is using SAP
527.01MLNORO::MODENAWed Sep 27 1995rams
528.0145769:: ScattergoodWed Sep 27 1995Sapphire 95 - any news?
529.0ULYSSE::KRESTICFri Sep 29 1995SAP life
530.02CGOOA::JBUTLERFri Sep 29 1995SAP GUI under Windows '95?
531.01ZPOVC::HANTIONGSat Sep 30 1995Is Polycenter netview been integrated on CCMS
532.09PLAYER::VANAVERMAETMon Oct 02 1995SAP R/3 and DEC EDI in VNS
533.01WOTVAX::PCMon Oct 02 1995Oracle or Informix
534.0BACHUS::WAUTERSTue Oct 03 1995SAP R/3 V3.
535.0BEAVER::MCKEATINGThu Oct 05 1995Anyone have SAP R/3 on AIX or HP-UX internally?
536.03BACHUS::WAUTERSThu Oct 05 1995Backup ( again !? ) - please help
537.06VNZVThu Oct 05 1995Problems after Upgrade to 2.2E
538.07KETJE::MONTEFri Oct 06 1995brbackup: using multiple devices in parallel?
539.01NETRIX::"scaglion@wcuba.mln.dec.com"Thu Oct 12 1995sapdataN mount point
540.01BACHUS::WAUTERSThu Oct 12 1995English language in 2.2E
541.03BACHUS::WAUTERSFri Oct 13 1995Looking for an invitation ...
542.0MIMS::SANDERS_JMon Oct 16 1995SAP R/3 Benchmarks & Competition
543.045769::absip22.reo.dec.com::SALESPERSONWed Oct 18 1995R/3 release 3.
544.06UTROP1::MAAT_RFri Oct 20 1995No more CPI-C and RFC?
545.02WARNUT::FODDYFri Oct 20 1995version req's for 2.1G
546.08SHARE::LUNDMon Oct 23 1995R/3 Training Resources
547.045769::ast176.olo.dec.com::hallThu Oct 26 1995Urgent reference needed
548.0131979::VIJAYTue Oct 31 1995Problem linking with cpictlib.o
549.01COLA1::COLPC3::StalzWed Nov 08 1995TZ87-Problem with BR-Backup
550.06FUTURS::CLARKMThu Nov 09 1995Status of NSR with R/3
551.08BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri Nov 10 1995Integrating Applications with SAP R/3 Using CORBA or MOM Middlware
552.0245769:: Nov 15 1995MRP run times?
553.045769:: Nov 15 1995Platinum Technology TS REORG
554.02MSDOA::PERKINSTThu Nov 16 1995Status of Anderson's "IS Oil"?
555.0MSAMMon Nov 20 1995SAP vs. ORACLE Financials
556.010MXOCFri Nov 24 1995RAID-5 with OSF/1-SAP/R3 references?
557.0MKOTS3::COUTURETue Nov 28 1995ASUG Fall 95 trip report
558.0444992::MAXOSD_PRODThu Nov 30 1995ABAP help needed from experienced programmer
559.045769::absip2.reo.dec.com::ScattergoodThu Nov 30 1995Memory Channel - can we use it?
560.09WOTVAX::UNITED::MCDONNELLFri Dec 01 1995SAP problems - input required.
561.045769::absip43.reo.dec.com::ScattergoodTue Dec 05 1995Consolidation of multiple systems
562.08HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GTue Dec 05 1995SAPmail onto MAILbus 4
563.011BACHUS::WAUTERSWed Dec 06 1995Install second DB server
564.01LISVAX::MORAISWed Dec 06 1995client transaction data delete?
565.0VNABRW::RADOWAN_HWed Dec 06 1995ORACLE / SAP R/3 Database performance tools
566.02EPS::BARRYThu Dec 07 1995Need 2.2E Benchmark Tool
567.03TROOA::DLOTENFri Dec 08 1995Experience with PA???
568.01TKOV5Mon Dec 11 1995RAID Config Guide
569.0SXKITN::DAWMon Dec 11 1995Course Announcement: INFORMIX DSA and BC1
570.01TROOA::DLOTENThu Dec 14 1995x Transactions = y Dialog Steps?
571.02AUSSIE::JAINFri Dec 15 1995SAP for beginners
572.02MAIL1::YATESWed Dec 20 1995minimum pc config?
573.0YIELD::COLLICAThu Jan 04 1996Any documentation on SAS -> SAP interface on R/3?
574.02CGOOA::BHARRISFri Jan 05 1996Prioris Certification??
577.0KETJE::MONTEThu Jan 11 1996SAP BENCH for EC : people needed !!!!
578.06LISVAX::MORAISTue Jan 16 1996OSS connection, again!
579.0TKOV51::TATSUKAWAWed Jan 17 1996Q>R/3 and Lotus Notes integration?
580.03VNZVFri Jan 19 1996Oracle Reorganization Problem
581.04SNOFS1::NICHOLLSMFri Jan 19 1996Upgrading 2.1D - 2.2E
582.02TROOA::SOLEYFri Jan 19 1996SAP results/marketshare for Canada 1995
583.0NETRIX::"gian@cadmio.mln.dec.com"Mon Jan 22 1996Memory reconfiguration
584.0VNABRW::WINTERSPERGEMon Jan 22 199664 Bit Filesystem ?
585.0VNZVWed Jan 24 1996Thanks for your help
586.03SXKITN::DAWWed Jan 24 1996Bring back the SAP/VMS conference please
587.01VNZVThu Jan 25 1996Open status in transport requests
588.01TROOA::SOLEYThu Jan 25 1996SAPTECH, what a joke
589.01TKOV51::OIKAWAMon Jan 29 1996Lotus/Notes as a SAPGUI?
590.03IRNBRU::BRIDGEFORDTue Jan 30 1996SAP Note or SAP Notes?
591.0HERON::VANCOLLIETue Jan 30 1996Free 'Mng SAP/R3' training .. interested?
592.02BIS6::CLERENSTue Jan 30 1996WANTED : SAP R/3 under NT (Intel) and ADABAS Installer
593.03OSTVWed Jan 31 1996R/3 benchmark
594.04SNOFS1::NICHOLLSMThu Feb 01 1996Benchmark/script tools
595.0VNABRW::WINTERSPERGEMon Feb 05 1996saprouter on Easynet ???
596.02FUTURS::CLARKMWed Feb 07 1996R/3 Help Desk Service
597.03PLAYER::VANAVERMAETWed Feb 07 1996"terminal name" in SM
598.0TROOA::DLOTENWed Feb 07 1996IBM LANserver sites
599.05BOLINA::BUDINO::gadaletaThu Feb 08 1996SYSSIZER error
600.03NETRIX::"stefan@furka.zuo.dec.com"Thu Feb 15 1996Thousands of lpd's on (almost) hangingSAP-System
601.01BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri Feb 16 1996Will Digital be at SAPPHIRE 96??
602.06ACISS1::POUNDERSSat Feb 17 1996Faxing from R/3
603.02VNZVThu Feb 29 1996Documentation about Tunning
604.01OZZIES::MICHAUDThu Feb 29 1996WIN95 setup questions..
605.0VNABRW::WINTERSPERGEFri Mar 01 1996HP Performance Monotoring SAP Announcement
606.0345769::absip3.reo.dec.com::ScattergoodFri Mar 01 1996Digital UNIX V4 - which SAP version?
607.0TROOA::DLOTENWed Mar 06 1996Help in sizing PCA
608.011875::ANNIBALLIWed Mar 06 1996Visio Interface to SAP
609.03QCAVTue Mar 12 1996Why Digital ? Why not others ?
610.01TROOA::srnpThu Mar 14 1996Transparent vs compact?
611.01KETJE::SCHREURSFri Mar 15 1996SAP and OPS ?
612.0202936::GOYETTEMon Mar 18 1996OSS Anyone ?
613.022936::GOYETTEMon Mar 18 1996R/3 Agent for DU Announced
614.04OSLLAV::BJARNE_PWed Mar 20 1996What is a SAPStone? How do we calculate it?
615.0ATYISA::SCHWAMBORNFri Mar 29 1996Migration to R/3
616.04LUXMon Apr 01 1996SAP & Legato (Polycenter) NetWorker
617.03HGOVC::JAMBUTue Apr 02 1996Urgent: Dialogue steps/hour against sp2
618.03USCTR1::ELLIOTTThu Apr 04 1996X_QueryColors error when calling sapgui
619.02BACHUS::WAUTERSFri Apr 05 1996?? dialog steps / transaction
620.0HAMWed Apr 17 1996DDE between 327
621.03DEKVC::JAEHOCHUNGThu Apr 25 1996Reference in Steel Insudtry?
622.02BBIVFri May 03 1996SAP/NT/Intel...
623.04MRKTNG::SLATERSat May 04 1996SAP R/2 V2.2E with Digital UNIX AlphaServers Performance
624.01NETRIX::"cristina.morais@xip.mts.dec.com"Mon May 06 1996OSS file
625.01SCASS1::HARRISONTue May 07 1996DEC/EDI Certified with SAP R/3
626.01COPCLU::GREGThu May 09 1996SD benchmarks and Memory?
627.0HGOVC::JAMBUMon May 13 1996SAP : IBM SP2 comp. and supported platforms ??
628.02EVOCDG::EL_YOUSSEFIWed May 15 1996Hardware config on Alpha+NT
629.01ZPOVC::HANTIONGThu May 16 1996R/3 client in 22E to 3
630.02NETRIX::"Fri May 17 1996NT App Srvr with DUNIX DB Srvr
631.03ZPOVC::HANTIONGFri May 17 1996financial batch input to R/3 system
632.03TKOBE1::OIKAWAFri May 17 1996Backup time estimation.
633.0245769::ast164.lzo.dec.com::SALESPERSONMon May 20 1996Alphaserver 41
634.04ALCALA::JANTONIOThu May 23 1996Status of 41
635.01TRUCKS::BARRONWed May 29 1996PCBU SAP R/3 System Configuration
636.0145769::absip36.reo.dec.com::GrahamScattergoodFri May 31 1996What's wrong with Alphaserver 4
637.02ALCALA::MARIANOFri May 31 1996Multivendor environments
638.03NETRIX::"ronie.simhon@joburg.jhb.dec.com"Tue Jun 11 1996Import a customer data
639.0MAY29::DIASThu Jun 13 1996# of SAP instances supported by ORACLE
640.03VNZP71::prietoThu Jun 13 1996How to fix Database Indexes Missing
641.04NETRIX::"Pietro Negroni @mln.mts.dec.com"Thu Jun 13 1996LU6.2 data transfer
642.0145769::ast176.olo.dec.com::hallThu Jun 13 1996V3.
643.01PF::ASCHERSun Jun 16 1996R/3 V3.
644.045769::ast164.lzo.dec.com::GrahamScattergoodTue Jun 18 1996How do you size SAP batch work?
645.0MLNORO::MODENAWed Jun 26 1996prioris benchmarl available ??
646.01VNABRW::MAYER_KHWed Jun 26 1996ORACLE or MS-SQL Server
647.0PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Jun 27 1996Peter Van Avermaet says goodbye
648.03VNZP71::prietoFri Jun 28 1996How to define open_max_soft (R/3 V3.
649.04LISBAK::MSEPULVEDAFri Jun 28 1996Signal 11 crashing processes
650.01VNZP71::prietoFri Jun 28 1996TP crash under Digital UNIX
651.02ALCALA::MARIANOMon Jul 01 1996ARIS and Hospitals
652.01FRAIS::CELLAMTue Jul 02 1996Lookin For SAP R3 Alpha WNT Files or Contact.
653.04TROOA::LUIFri Jul 05 1996Urgent: Remote printing problem
654.0ODIXIE::alf_dial7_port2.alf.dec.com::pullenmThu Jul 11 1996RFI: RF, scales interface to warehouse/distribution app
655.01ATZIS2::WINTERSPERGEMon Jul 15 1996printing from Novell ??
656.0LUXWed Jul 17 1996OSS link via EUNET
657.01NETRIX::"glen.pounders@aci.mts.dec.com"Wed Jul 24 1996Faxing from R/3
658.01SAWA::DANIELEWSKIWed Jul 24 1996Agent & Manager status ?
659.01MLNOIS::belin.gba.dec.com::GADALETAThu Jul 25 1996About SAP in DEC presentation
660.01KAOFS::J_VORSTANDThu Jul 25 1996SAPGUI not working - WHY ?
661.02VNZP71::prietoTue Aug 06 1996DATEX-P for Conexion to OSS Germany
662.0MSAMWed Aug 14 1996SAP on Windows NT / 21
663.01VNZP71::prietoThu Aug 15 1996INFORMIX availablity on DEC Intel ?
664.0645769::absip26.reo.dec.com::GrahamScattergoodThu Aug 22 1996Measuring PC response times
665.02VNZP71::prietoFri Aug 23 1996Mixed Windows NT (Alpha and Intel)
666.0PF::ASCHERFri Aug 23 1996update processes not updating automatically?
667.0KTOV11::KUMEMon Aug 26 1996CA-Unicenter based System Management?
668.01TAVIS::AVNITue Aug 27 1996Looking for a SI proposal
669.09NEOVFri Aug 30 199615
670.01NETRIX::"christophe.vanmollekot@bro.mts.dec.com"Mon Sep 02 1996Keyboard lock with UNIX front-end
671.0NETRIX::"gerard.polo@zsw.mts.dec.com"Mon Sep 02 1996Need an ATM connection for SAP R/3
672.0MAY29::HAGGERTYWed Sep 04 1996Oracle solutions for SAP R/3
673.04VNZP71::prietoThu Sep 05 1996EXPFULL.IMP > 2.
674.0NETRIX::"hlavac@gate.chk.dec.com"Fri Sep 06 1996Mixed HW platform (AS4
675.0NETRIX::"hlavac@gate.chk.dec.com"Fri Sep 06 1996Mixed HW platform (AS4
676.01NETRIX::"hlavac@gate.chk.dec.com"Fri Sep 06 1996Mixed HW platform (AS4
677.04PF::ASCHERMon Sep 16 1996SAP and OS versions certification
678.01BIS1::DBC294::vandoorslaerWed Sep 25 1996Severe R/3 3.
679.0NETRIX::"joe@saposf.zko.dec.com"Wed Oct 02 1996R/3 3.
680.02QCAVFri Oct 04 1996Disaster recovery site
681.045769::absip1Sat Oct 05 19961,
682.01ACISS1::OLEARYMon Oct 07 1996printer drivers
683.03NETRIX::"estrada.antonio@sqo.dec.com"Mon Oct 07 1996SAP and NT domains
684.01CGOOA::KUHNENWed Oct 09 1996eSNMP Agent ?
685.0MEOCTue Oct 15 1996SAP and PATROL or Unicentre
686.0CGOU36::MALONEWed Oct 16 1996SAPOSCOL process missing
687.02ULYSSE::KRESTICWed Oct 16 1996HTML interface for SAP
688.02GRANPA::PETERSONWed Oct 16 1996Does VLM Really Work with R/3?
689.02IRNBRU::JWESTERMANWed Oct 16 1996SAP R/3 Interconnect - DECmessageQ R/3 BusinessBus
690.09MUDGEE::ZORBASTue Oct 22 1996High Availability NT Solutions?
691.0QCAVWed Oct 23 1996SAP on NT queries
692.0SAPEC3::TRINHWed Oct 23 1996"What is R/3, actually?"
693.045769::absip29.reo.dec.com::GrahamScattergoodWed Oct 23 1996Status of HP PA-8
694.0CGOOA::KUHNENWed Oct 23 1996Enhance Security
695.01VAXRIO::63Mon Oct 28 1996Mixed Alpha/Intel solution for SAP R/3
696.0IRNBRU::JWESTERMANMon Oct 28 1996SAP R/3 Documentation?
697.031979::BRAITHFri Nov 01 1996?forming a customer tech data database?
698.0ALFSS1::WALTERSThu Nov 07 1996Newbie questions about systems certified
699.01PF::ASCHERFri Nov 08 1996backint in field test
700.03QCAVWed Nov 13 1996* SAP R/3 - Migrating Legacy Applications *
701.02PF::ASCHERTue Nov 19 1996Request for real life information
702.01QCAVTue Nov 19 1996SAP R/3 and Windows-NT clusters
703.05PF::ASCHERThu Nov 21 1996Storage Sizing
704.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOFri Nov 22 1996Are these 3 companies references?
705.01CSC32::S_HUSEMANSat Nov 30 1996v3.
706.0NETRIX::"warshawsky@lando.enet.dec.com"Tue Dec 10 1996
707.01ALFSS1::WALTERSWed Dec 11 1996R/3 NT SD 41
708.02BIS1::DUBOISWWed Dec 11 1996? BMC Patrol Knowledge Modle
709.0BIS1::DUBOISWWed Dec 11 1996 ? Reporting Service Levels
710.05ALFSS1::WALTERSThu Dec 12 1996hostname change
711.0SAPEC3::BACHOFERFri Dec 13 1996NT4
712.01ALFSS1::WALTERSFri Dec 13 1996Failover status
713.02ALCALA::DELCURAMon Dec 16 1996OSS connection on NT?
714.02MEOCWed Dec 18 1996DU vs R/3 compatibility matrix?
715.01MLNORO::MODENAThu Dec 19 1996nt, alpha,sizing tool
716.02TROOA::rasMon Dec 23 1996v3.
717.0TROOA::rasMon Dec 23 1996IBM AS4
718.01MSDOA::HICKSTTue Dec 24 1996sizing tools and Ralf's presentation?
719.01NETRIX::"jamesyen@tpovc.enet.dec.com"Fri Jan 10 1997Upgrade From IBM AIX SAP R/3 V2.2E to Digital Unix SAP R/3 V3.
720.03ALCALA::DELCURAWed Jan 15 1997HP-UX SAP 2.2F ---> DEC NT SAP 3.
721.02GRANPA::PETERSONWed Jan 15 1997Problem with Printservers?
722.0BIS1::DBC294::vandoorslaerWed Jan 15 1997Looking for a consultant with ALE experience
723.0BIS1::DBC294::vandoorslaerMon Jan 20 1997ALE on an isolated LAN segment ?
724.0BACHUS::WAUTERSTue Jan 21 1997Monitoring tools
725.0OTOOA::kap43Wed Jan 22 1997APp,DB server and Fast Ethernet
726.0+7OFOSS1::GINGERThu Jan 23 1997Unix 4.x support?
727.0+1TIMAMD::CASTILLAThu Jan 23 1997Batch input load model?
728.0+3GRANPA::PETERSONFri Jan 24 1997Problem with 32-bit SAPGUI on Alpha NT?
729.0 *+1MUDGEE::ZORBASFri Jan 24 1997IS-R (Retail) Information
730.0 *GRANPA::PETERSONSun Feb 02 1997Print Management Integration?
731.0 *GRANPA::PETERSONSun Feb 02 1997Integration with Batch Scheduler?
732.0 *+2ALFSS1::WALTERSSat Feb 08 1997dual instances on NT
733.0 *31392::OMARADAWed Feb 12 1997Starting a SAP TP from the IBM system
734.0 *MSAMMon Feb 24 1997Data Warehouse - INSIGHT
735.0 *+1OTOOA::kap43Tue Feb 25 1997Dial on demand network connection