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Notice:Now open for transactions in TAY-1
Created:Wed Oct 01 1986
Last Modified:Thu Mar 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Sat Mar 22 1997
Number of topics:271
Total number of notes:916
Number with bodies:0
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6.07DR::BLINNWed Jan 20 1988Welcome to OLTP_INFORMATION
7.03DR::BLINNWed Jan 20 1988OLTP News back-issues
8.015DR::BLINNWed Jan 20 1988Pointers to related information
9.025DR::BLINNMon Jan 25 1988Is DEC really #2 in OLTP?
10.0DR::BLINNFri Jan 29 1988Old membership list
11.04DR::BLINNFri Jan 29 1988TP_INTEREST mail distribution list
12.0DR::BLINNTue Feb 02 1988OLTP News, Oct. - Dec. 1987
13.08KACIE::SANDERWed Feb 03 1988How do we demo OLTP?
14.0DR::BLINNTue Feb 09 1988OLTP News, July-Sept. 1987
15.01--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 23 1988?
16.0CLUSTA::SIMONMon Feb 29 1988TP_INTEREST #1
17.03--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 01 1988?
18.05JENEVR::OCONNELLThu Mar 10 19887:24:365 - necessary? possible?
20.04GLASS::LAITue Mar 22 1988Credit card check application
22.013SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Mar 28 1988Not a technical note
23.02COOKIE::JOHNSTONMon Mar 28 1988OLTP Documentation -- who's in charge?
24.05CSOA1::CARLOTTITue Mar 29 1988A Database Machine
25.03HGOVFri Apr 08 1988help - oltp definition
26.02CLOVAX::MOLLEYThu Apr 28 1988Need Fault Tolerance Info
27.01MUNBIO::EISELEFri Apr 29 1988TP-Performance
28.011MUNBIO::APPSFri May 06 1988do we need a 'new' form of training for TP?
29.01PRCSWS::JIMMYCHANThu May 12 1988Retail banking system help?
30.01HGOVTue May 17 1988TP Sizing/modeling tools?
31.07AKOV11::NEEDLEMANThu May 19 1988we has met the enemy...
32.0HPSRAD::SUNDARFri May 20 1988VME - a modeling tool for VAXclusters
34.0DR::BLINNWed Jun 08 1988OLTP/Fault Tolerance in the news
35.013PTOVAX::PEARLMANThu Jun 09 1988To TP or not to TP
36.03PTOVAX::PEARLMANThu Jun 09 1988Tandem and TP
37.04CGOSMon Jun 27 1988redundant hardware??
38.011DR::BLINNWed Jun 29 1988Market Awareness Training -- 7/14/88
39.0DR::BLINNThu Jul 14 1988Salomon Bros. on DEC & OLTP
40.04HPSVAX::HAMMONDMon Jul 18 1988DECtp and CASE
41.09MJG::GRIERTue Jul 19 1988Why use ACMS or DECintact - education needed
42.05MJG::GRIERThu Jul 21 1988Two-phased commit explanation?
43.01BMT::NGTue Jul 26 1988TP Technology Training
44.06MJG::GRIERWed Jul 27 1988DECtp and distributed security
45.01DR::BLINNWed Jul 27 1988From VNS COMPUTER NEWS #1617
46.010DUBThu Jul 28 1988Desperately seeking reference sites
47.0KACIE::SANDERFri Jul 29 1988TP customer seminar
48.02LEZAH::SMASELLAWed Aug 03 1988Looking for Application Design Expertise
49.04CLO::MOLLEYThu Aug 04 1988Another TP SIZING Inquiry
50.05MJG::GRIERWed Aug 10 1988Cross-transactional locking in a server environment
51.01SVBEV::VECRUMBAMon Aug 15 1988OLTP NEWS still around?
52.010ZPOVMon Aug 22 19888
53.03VAOUMon Aug 22 1988OLTP in 1995?
54.0VAOUMon Aug 22 1988Take us seriously ... please.
55.0HYEND::ALTMANNTue Aug 30 1988DECintact training - Sept
56.0HYEND::TROGERSWed Aug 31 1988need real world info
57.018VIDEO::FINGERHUTWed Aug 31 1988OLTP Terminal
58.01BRDWLK::LINCOLNWed Aug 31 1988ACMS/Rdb appl? HELP!
59.05GLORY::JSTEWARTFri Sep 02 1988TP users licenses???
60.01TPOVMon Sep 05 1988SUPER_PROJECT!!!
61.01HYEND::EMATALONTue Sep 06 1988New OLTP Application sizing conference
62.01NANOOK::ANTHONYThu Sep 08 1988CICS & DECintact Comparison
63.0TYCOBB::POWELLWed Sep 21 1988Anaheim DECUS TP Sessions
64.04DSTRWed Sep 21 1988ACMS/DECintact comparison?
65.01CIMNET::CUSICKWed Sep 28 1988Product managers ?
66.02BOSTON::DAGOSTINOThu Oct 06 1988SLC and American Airlines
68.0LACVMon Oct 10 1988Software AG
69.0CSGTue Oct 11 1988DECtp Press/Analyst Quotes
70.0AKOV11::WADETue Oct 11 1988CEA Newsletter
71.01HOTAIR::DAVISWed Oct 12 1988The OLTP Software Funnel
72.02LACVFri Oct 14 1988BiiN
73.0WLW::ROARKMon Oct 17 1988ULTRIX, OLTP & High Availability issues
74.04HOTAIR::DAVISWed Oct 26 1988Store Reporting reference Site?
75.0BANZAI::CARPENTERTue Nov 01 1988Database Systems Engineering Bulletin
76.03DPDMAI::DAVISGBWed Nov 02 1988DECtp slide set Out yet?
77.01LACVTue Nov 08 1988Unisys
78.03EIGER::GUTZWILLERTue Nov 08 1988ACMS,DECwindows & distrib. processing
79.0USRCV1::SHOWALTERThu Nov 10 1988Definition of "Audit Trail"
80.01HOTAIR::DAVISThu Nov 10 1988DECtp Slide Presentations
81.0WLW::ROARKSat Nov 12 1988UNIX, TP, /usr/group/tpsig
82.04AKOV11::WADEFri Dec 02 1988Debit/Credit specification
83.0LACVTue Dec 06 1988Honeywell Bull
84.06LACVWed Dec 07 1988CICS and SAA
85.01DPDMAI::DAVISGBFri Dec 09 1988Another salvo from IBM...
86.010KYOA::FARESEMon Dec 19 1988Benchmark Rpt - Where is it??
87.02DPDMAI::DAVISGBMon Dec 19 1988ANY TP reference accounts out there?
88.0DPDMAI::DAVISGBMon Dec 19 1988Recent Merger Activity
89.01LACVTue Dec 20 19883rd parties ?
90.02TKOV51::TATSUKAWAMon Dec 26 1988Results of I/O on DEBIT-CREDIT benchmark
91.0LACVTue Dec 27 1988and now NCR
92.01DEBNA::B_DONOVANFri Dec 30 1988RSDC Phase
93.0WLW::ROARKFri Dec 30 1988X/Open
94.04LACVThu Jan 05 1989Informix for UNIX OLTP
95.07HAMPS::JONES_STue Jan 10 1989ASCI CICS Liberator
96.05GVAFri Jan 13 1989DECTP II Announcement
97.03MERIDN::SIMONIANFri Jan 20 1989Urgently need #'s for TPS for various SW products
98.02LACVMon Jan 23 1989Tandem news
99.02DPDMAI::DAVISGBWed Feb 01 1989Sales Survey
100.01DPDMAI::DAVISGBFri Feb 03 1989Another shot across the bow...
101.03HOTAIR::DAVISMon Feb 06 1989Just handed this by my unix buddy
102.0LACVWed Feb 08 1989tp on ibm mvs/esa
103.01LACVFri Feb 10 1989Press release please
104.01TYCOBB::ZWICKERMon Feb 13 1989A new DECtp Notes member
105.02TYCOBB::ZWICKERMon Feb 13 1989memo on audited DebitCredit results
106.0KACIE::SANDERThu Feb 16 1989'WILLIAMSBURG III' registration is reopened!
107.0HOTAIR::DAVISWed Feb 22 1989CICS VMS
108.0POBOX::LACEYWed Feb 22 1989Credit Bureau Interface
109.02EXIT26::ZIKAFri Mar 03 1989What's in OLTP Reports
110.06DPDMAI::DAVISGBSat Mar 04 1989F.A.S.T.
111.01LACVMon Mar 06 1989Sequent
112.02NEWVAX::STASSETue Mar 07 1989Network design and OLTP?
113.0DPDMAI::DAVISGBWed Mar 08 1989database designer for IBM??
114.010IND::NAEGELYFri Mar 10 1989Who's on first?
115.06EVOAI1::BALLINIMon Mar 13 1989Arguments for installed base migration ?
116.02DPDMAI::DAVISGBTue Mar 14 1989Paine Webber report on ORACLE
117.03TYCOBB::ZWICKERThu Mar 16 1989Release of Digital's Competitive Attestation Report
118.02LACVTue Apr 04 1989Stratus
119.0LACVTue Apr 04 1989GG excerpts
120.0DPDMAI::DAVISGBWed Apr 05 1989Ingres on Wall Street
121.0DSTR13::NATANSONThu Apr 13 1989Request for Feedback and Participation
122.0OFFHK::HENDRYWed Apr 26 1989Data Redundancy in TP like environs
123.0LACVTue May 02 1989DECtp over TMX
124.0WLW::ROARKWed May 10 1989mix of ULTRIX with VMS database
125.0SKITZD::NUCKLESMon May 15 1989open seat in oltp seminar
126.03SNOCTue May 30 1989TP versus Timeshare?
127.09KETJE::VANGRIEKENMon Jun 05 1989What essentially is TP ?
128.03DPDMAI::DAVISGBTue Jul 11 1989TP Training August '89
129.0LACVMon Jul 17 1989Fujitsu
130.05RNDPIN::NUCKLESTue Jul 18 1989CICS to ACMS or RTI conversions. .. need names and tools
131.01LACVFri Aug 04 1989and now EDS
132.06AKOV11::WADEMon Aug 07 1989TP Literature List
133.03OKYAH::VANVURENWed Aug 30 1989Useful new book
134.04TRUCKS::MOIRFri Sep 08 1989The cost of response time / Distrib. TP response ?
135.02ACESMK::GRIFFINTue Oct 03 1989DECtp service requirements
136.02ACESMK::GRIFFINTue Oct 03 1989ACMS services, training, and tools
137.08CLUSTA::GARCIATue Oct 03 1989Soliciting input for DECtp sysmgmt...
138.0FSCORE::LEMYREWed Oct 11 1989OLTP Design Question
139.03BERNTue Oct 31 1989ISO OSI TP standard
141.05WELSWS::DODDTue Nov 14 1989Front end/Back end sizing?
142.0VAOUThu Nov 23 1989Max users on FE running ACMS and DECforms
143.05OKYAH::VANVURENThu Nov 30 1989Very high insert rates?
144.01CSOA1::TAVANOTue Dec 05 1989ACMS TP HELP NEEDED!!!
145.04AKOV12::HAGGERTYTue Dec 19 1989TP job in GIA
146.01BANZAI::YOSHIOKATue Dec 26 1989Book? Concurrency Control and Recovery in Database Systems, by Bernstein, P.A.
147.03HGOVC::MICHAELWANTue Jan 02 1990Tp sizing, any updates?
148.0JTRBUG::HABIBWed Jan 03 1990Pointer to TP FAST sizing tool !!
149.01TOWNS::ROBERTSThu Jan 18 1990Info on DEC TP II Announcement?
150.04PTOVAX::PEARLMANSat Jan 27 1990ACMS vs Conv Language
151.01BREW11::QUINNTue Jan 30 19905
152.04EMILE::CHAFFAUTMon Feb 05 1990INformation on SYSTEL or SYSTEL customers ?
153.01PEOVAX::VANPROOYENMon Feb 05 1990Utopian System
154.03HOTAIR::DAVISMon Feb 19 1990ISODP 1
155.0ACESMK::GRIFFINFri Mar 02 1990"Managing DECtp Projects" handbook
156.0HPSRAD::NORCROSSFri Mar 02 1990VAXft 3
157.010ODIXIE::TBYRDFri Mar 09 1990From timesharing to DECtp
158.03SUBWAY::ENGWed Mar 14 1990Large ULTRIX systems
159.03HITPS::FALORWed Mar 21 1990DB/TP/CASE Example
160.03MAIL::SHAHNAMWed Mar 21 1990TP on Ultrix
161.0HITPS::FALORThu Mar 22 1990New Reference Account person
162.02SUBWAY::ENGFri Mar 23 1990Effort needed to do a benchmark.
164.0HITPS::FALORFri Mar 30 1990Souza on DEC vs HP/OLTP claims
167.01EMASS::SLATTERYThu Apr 05 1990Can I do Queue stuff in VMS
168.0ACESMK::SUPPLEFri Apr 06 1990TP/CASE toolkit available
169.04SNOCTue Apr 10 1990EDI help needed
170.07GUIDUK::TREMBLAYWed Apr 11 1990definition of two phase commit?
172.01HGOVC::MICHAELWANFri Apr 20 1990Camelot and Tuxedo.
173.0ACESMK::SUPPLETue May 01 1990VAX ACMS Desktop Interface to DOS, Macintosh, ULTRIX
174.04STORM::STCLAIRThu May 10 1990What is a transaction?
175.04CLARID::SIELKERFri May 11 1990DECtp System Design Consulting SDK
176.013TENERE::SILVATue Jun 05 1990Definition of TP?
177.02KYOA::SCHERERTue Jun 26 1990backend for IBM TP application
178.04FNYTC6::HOUZEMon Jul 02 1990Geographically distributed single database ?
179.02HAM::CALCOTTWed Jul 04 1990U*IX TP monitor
180.01TPSWS1::ALLENPENGWed Jul 11 1990IBM 4381-921 benchmark result?
181.0STKMKT::SWEENEYMon Jul 16 1990NAS (Network Application Support) and DECtp
182.06MAIL::SHAHNAMThu Jul 19 1990form printing application??
184.024OSLSWS::HAAVARDOFri Aug 03 1990TPC-A Benchmark Report
185.02NYTP13::TLRFri Aug 03 1990VT1
186.01DSM::CRAIGWed Aug 08 1990Recently announced TPC-A results
187.07HITPS::FALORThu Aug 30 1990TP on Unix
188.03FULMER::MELLINGEWed Oct 03 1990Tuxedo
189.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Oct 10 1990Credit Card software, anyone?
190.0BOSTP2::BEAUTue Oct 16 1990How many developers on 4
191.0JTRBUG::HABIBMon Dec 03 1990Creating the Digital "folklore"
192.023478::JAMBUWed Dec 12 1990Dectp Presentation Material wanted
193.0NIKKOR::HICKSTue Dec 18 19902,
194.01NIKKOR::HICKSTue Jan 08 1991Pointer to TPC-A description
195.0SHIRE::WOOGWed Jan 16 1991EUROPEAN TP Internals training
196.04HITPS::FALORMon Jan 21 1991Unix TPmonitor Market & Products
197.0DECALP::REESWed Jan 23 1991RTR Goes Corporate
198.0HOTAIR::DAVISFri Jan 25 1991Teknekron (SP?)
200.03ESCROW::KILGOREThu Mar 14 1991DECintact -- General Information
201.0AKOCOA::HAGGERTYFri Mar 15 1991Digital Technical Journal
202.01SHIRE::WOOGMon Mar 18 1991P.A. Bernstein "TP Internals" video available
203.0CLO::MOLLEYTue Mar 26 1991ULTRIX/RISC Sizing Tool?
205.02KOZY::STEWARTTue Apr 09 1991TPS Benchmark bottleneck ??
206.01TRCOTue Jun 11 1991DECtp Security
207.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Jun 21 1991ISO 1
208.03SHIPS::MILLS_PMon Jul 01 1991TP and ULTRIX ?
209.0MACROW::MCEVOYMon Jul 22 1991PHASE
210.03XCUSME::KRUPICKAWed Aug 07 1991Training
211.02PDVFri Aug 23 1991Tp, U*ix, Open Systems ?
213.0CECVTue Oct 15 1991Book Review, Benchmark Handbook, ed. Jim Gray
214.02PAOIS::EYHERAMENDYThu Oct 24 1991Is ACMS necessary ?
215.01TAVWed Nov 13 1991Need information of CICS
217.0WASHDC::BUZZERDWed Nov 20 1991Need 2PC reference
218.01MSAMFri Nov 22 1991Credit Card Package on Rdb/VMS ?
219.02BIGUN::ANDERSONWed Nov 27 1991DECtp ASD?
220.02WARNUT::BRYANMon Dec 09 1991IMS access - FLASH ?
221.02PTOVAX::SMITHWed Jan 15 1992Open TP Glossary
222.01AUNTB::CLARKMon Feb 24 1992ULTRIX/OSF TP Application Development
223.05TPOVC::ALLENPENGMon Mar 23 1992X/OPEN TP spec?
224.0VICKI::LINKWed Mar 25 1992Resumes Wanted "JOBS" NTT Project
225.0TRCOA::MESICMon Mar 30 1992unisys 22
226.0DECWET::PENNEYWed Apr 01 1992TPframe (UNIX OLTP) available for orders
228.0AMAMA::MPHELPSTue May 12 1992ACMS 3.2 support course with 3.3 preview, June 1-5
229.0TAVThu May 21 1992Urgent Help Needed - HUGE ACMS job
230.0BERNFri May 22 1992Help on how to base a new project on an existing
231.0DECWET::PENNEYTue May 26 1992unix tp and storage server press release
232.0TAVWed May 27 1992OLTP defense systems
233.0BERNMon Jun 22 1992ft, tp, osf/1, tandem, police, programming, stds.
234.05TAVTue Jul 14 1992OSCA & MIA
235.03CLO::MOLLEYTue Jul 14 1992TUXEDO vs. Encina?
236.01JURA::DUQUESNEFri Jul 31 1992DECtp Demo V2.2 available
237.0UCROW::MCEVOYThu Aug 20 1992TP Marketing Input Needed!
239.0IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSTue Sep 08 1992TP on U*ix with Oracle/Ingres
240.01TRCOA::VANDUYVENVOOWed Jan 06 1993TPframe on OSF/1 AXP?
241.010UFHIS::MMCCREADYTue Jan 19 1993X/OPEN DTP; XA; TA on Alpha AXP?
242.01STRASB::HONOREThu Jan 21 1993TP on UNIX Market
243.02FIRWed Jan 27 1993credit card background needed
244.04HERON::ROWLANDSFri Feb 19 1993ISAM-XA, Gresham Telecomputing Plc
245.0DECWET::APPELLOFThu Feb 25 1993Phase
246.01TKOVOA::KATO_ZEMon Mar 01 1993Where is RAINIER #235?
247.0TRCU11::WEISSWed Mar 03 1993System Sizing using Debit/Credit Transactions
248.0DECWET::APPELLOFThu Mar 25 1993Rename of TPframe to TUXEDO Software
249.011USWRSL::AGOPIAN_ARThu Mar 25 1993Are there articles on why use a TP Monitor ?
250.0NEWPRT::CERVENKA_GATue Mar 30 1993End-User Response Time Measurement???
251.0DECWET::PENNEYFri Jun 25 1993TUXEDO 4.2 for OSF enters EFT
252.01DECWET::APPELLOFMon Jul 12 1993Announcing TUXEDO Software for OSF
253.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFFri Oct 01 1993DB2 on HP
254.0DECWET::APPELLOFWed Oct 27 1993TUXEDO training - Input requested
255.02POBOX::BLAINEThu Nov 04 1993TPS on 41
256.01JURA::SIMARD::DUQUESNEMon Nov 29 1993CICS -> VMS / OSF/1 ?
257.01SNOCSun Dec 19 1993Looking for info on ISO/IEC CD 1
258.02BIS1::BHP384::BICCLERThu Apr 28 1994comparing Ensigna and Tuxedo
260.03FAILTE::GRACIEFri May 27 1994Encina OSF/1 status??
261.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Jun 06 1994Customer's questions about DEC tp & OLTP
262.0DEKVC::JOONGSUNJUNFri Aug 19 1994Questions on COM-PLETE
263.02BONNET::GUINEA::BALLETTATue Aug 23 1994CPI-C support?
264.0MICROW::FLEMINGWed Oct 12 1994TUXEDO for OSF/1 V3.
265.02MIMS::SANDERS_JMon Dec 05 1994TIP/ix Available On OSF/1
266.0TAVMon Jan 23 1995Powerbuilder & ODBC & RDB Solution
267.01NETRIX::"LYNES@send.enet.dec.com"Fri Jan 27 1995Transactional Messaging Anyone?
268.049559::JURA::DUQUESNEMon Jan 08 19962PC between OpenVMS Rdb <-> SQLServer on NT - possible?
269.0UTROP1::ROTENSTEIN_ATue Jan 09 1996Compatibility AT&T/NCR
270.02IJSAPL::OLTHOFThu Feb 15 1996TopEnd info needed