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Conference 7.286::frp

Title:*** FRP ***
Created:Wed Feb 05 1986
Last Modified:Tue May 13 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:818
Total number of notes:8564
Number with bodies:5
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1.05ASGMKA::GLEASONThu May 31 1984Excelsior!
2.031ROYAL::RAVANFri Jun 01 1984Gaming Utilities
3.026VIKING::MCCARTHY_1Fri Jun 01 1984Any AD&Ders near Worcester?
4.01BESSIE::WOODBURYFri Jun 01 1984APAzines
5.020BESSIE::JELICHFri Jun 01 1984variations
6.030ROYAL::RAVANSat Jun 02 1984Conventions
7.02ROYAL::RAVANSat Jun 02 1984Review: Chill!
8.031PNEUMA::MCVAYSun Jun 03 1984Your favorite Devices...
9.02NACHO::CONLIFFEMon Jun 04 1984TRAVELLER mods
10.06ROYAL::RAVANTue Jun 05 1984Time
11.034ROYAL::RAVANWed Jun 06 1984Call of Cthulhu
12.021NACHO::CONLIFFEThu Jun 07 1984How Many FRPers deos it take...
13.09PSYCHE::MCVAYFri Jun 08 1984Kids & Ethics
15.010GAUCHO::CONLIFFEMon Jun 11 1984Gadgets to avoid
16.0ROYAL::RAVANWed Jun 13 1984SCA?
17.011ROYAL::RAVANMon Jun 18 1984Gender in FRPs
19.01ROYAL::RAVANMon Jun 25 1984PBM: Cthulhu
21.012ASGMKA::GLEASONMon Jul 02 1984Your favorite tricks/traps
23.0ASGMKA::GLEASONWed Jul 11 1984Critique on CHAMPIONS III
24.02ROYAL::RAVANTue Jul 17 1984Review: Justice, Inc.
25.014ROYAL::RAVANTue Jul 24 1984Maps and Mapping
27.01EARTH::MJOHNSONFri Jul 27 1984Lords of Creation
28.09HUMAN::BURROWSTue Jul 31 1984Family tree
29.01REGINA::LASKOTue Aug 07 1984Review: Witch Hunt
31.0CYGNUS::ARVIDSONThu Sep 06 1984FASA Mini-games
33.06REGINA::LASKOThu Sep 20 1984T O O N
34.06REGINA::LASKOThu Sep 20 1984The Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon
35.01DRAGON::SPERTTue Oct 16 1984Boris Vallejo
36.0ROYAL::RAVANWed Oct 17 1984Review: Runequest 3
37.03REGINA::LASKOFri Oct 19 1984The Long List of RPGs
38.06ASGNQH::GRIERSun Oct 21 1984Phantasmal Problems
39.041ROYAL::RAVANThu Nov 01 1984FRP Censorship...
41.03PROSE::WAJENBERGFri Nov 09 1984Microcosmic Settings
42.01SYBIL::BURROWSThu Nov 15 1984PBEM RPG
43.01CHEAPR::LCFri Nov 23 1984Top Secret
44.07WARLRD::JELICHMon Nov 26 1984Palladium
46.044PROSE::WAJENBERGThu Dec 06 1984Alignment
47.07PROSE::WAJENBERGFri Dec 14 1984Mathematics of Dicing
48.03NACHO::CONLIFFEMon Dec 17 1984Is there a good con?
50.06ROYAL::RAVANTue Jan 15 1985Twilight: 2
53.010GRDIAN::K_MOREAUTue Jan 29 1985How much does player=character?
54.07GIGI::BRENDANFri Feb 08 1985Advice for a new DM
57.01PROSE::WAJENBERGMon Mar 04 1985Henchmen
58.031LATOUR::KSTEVENSWed Mar 06 1985electronic mail DND
59.023NCVAX1::PETERSENSat Mar 16 1985The Computer is your Friend!
60.031GUIDO::RAVANThu Mar 21 1985DragonRaid: Christian FRP?
63.07GUIDO::RAVANWed Apr 17 1985Ladyhawke - See It
64.02USRCV1::HAUSTPMon May 06 1985A Little Canadian Help, please
65.05AURORA::RAVANThu May 16 1985Game News magazine
66.022MAGIC::BUFORDMon May 20 1985Stained-glass Dice
67.018SPHINX::SWEATTFri May 24 1985New Spell Book (TSR for AD&D)
68.05AURORA::RAVANWed May 29 1985Review: "Pendragon"
70.013TRIVIA::REINIGTue Jun 25 1985integrating new players
72.011EIFFEL::WINALSKISat Jul 13 1985New AD&D Books--Phooey
73.0REGINA::LASKOSat Jul 13 1985Review: Unearthed Arcana
75.04GUIDO::RAVANThu Jul 18 1985Swordbearer Revisited
77.08SPHINX::SWEATTFri Jul 26 1985Need Help for a campaign !!!!
78.09ELMO::LEIGHThu Aug 01 1985idea -- mad max frp
79.0GUIDO::RAVANThu Aug 01 1985Review: Dragonroar
80.017GUIDO::RAVANThu Aug 01 1985TSR's Temple of Elemental Evil
81.03GUIDO::RAVANThu Aug 01 1985Sabratact - a Martial Sport
82.013ELMO::LEIGHTue Aug 06 1985New oriental book?
83.03ELMO::LEIGHWed Aug 07 1985where do YOU buy DRAGON?
84.0HUMAN::BURROWSMon Aug 12 1985Lands of Mystery
85.0ASGMKB::GLEASONThu Aug 15 1985V&V --> Champions conversion
86.06SPAGS::DICKEYFri Aug 16 1985Any Littleton D&D groups?
88.037SPAGS::DICKEYSun Sep 15 19856
89.04DRAGON::SPERTFri Sep 20 1985Adventurer's Guild
90.09USHSTue Sep 24 1985FRP RATEINGS
91.0ULTRA::HERBISONTue Oct 01 1985Paranoia questions
92.015JAWS::CHARDONWed Oct 02 1985FRP stores
94.04NUTMEG::BALSWed Oct 23 1985Mystery Parties?
95.013PIGGY::GEORGEWed Oct 23 1985Mini-conventions?
96.05NUTMEG::BALSFri Oct 25 1985How Can 2 Newbies Get Started?
99.01NUHAVN::ASANKARSun Dec 01 1985I found it.
100.08ELMO::PFYFFERTue Dec 03 1985Another email Quest..
101.026RUBY::CORBETTThu Dec 05 1985Game settings
102.022UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Dec 09 1985Software for DM's?
103.06PROSE::WAJENBERGWed Dec 11 1985Levels of Power
104.014DELNI::DICKEYSun Dec 15 1985Trillion Credit Squadron !?
105.038VIA::SCHUETZWed Dec 18 1985Chronicles as NOTES files
106.02TURRIS::WINALSKIFri Dec 20 1985Gygax out at TSR?
107.011NCVAX1::PETERSENMon Dec 30 1985They talk funny
109.012HYDRA::BARANSKIWed Jan 01 1986Reality or Heroism?
111.016INANNA::WALLThu Jan 09 1986Swashbuckling System
113.0ANYWAY::COLLITONTue Jan 28 1986D&D group looking for players
114.0GUIDO::RAVANFri Feb 21 1986Dark Cults: the Horror Story Game
116.08VIRTUE::RAVANFri Feb 28 1986Adding Spice to Your Campaign
117.05VIRTUE::RAVANThu Mar 20 1986Review: Alone Against the Dark (CoC)
118.02HYDRA::BARANSKITue Mar 25 1986Expertise or Versatility?
119.06NANUCK::PETERSENTue Mar 25 1986Breaking the ice
120.0FNYFS::WYNFORDWed Apr 09 1986PBM C&S in France
121.0HITECH::DEMERSWed Apr 09 1986PBM Games: The Player behind the mail
123.01VIRTUE::RAVANTue Apr 22 1986Cthulhu by Gaslight!!!
124.01USHSThu Apr 24 1986Gyax books
126.05HYDRA::BARANSKIMon May 12 1986SF/F people needed around Lowell...
129.04GUIDO::RAVANFri May 30 1986CoC: Dreamlands: Beyond the Wall of Sleep
130.06PROSE::WAJENBERGFri May 30 1986Robot Characters
131.02RANCOR::SWONGERMon Jun 09 1986New Player/DM on the block.
132.0DONJON::MCVAYTue Jun 10 1986AD&D Dungeon Startup
133.03PARROT::GOUTALWed Jun 11 1986proposal for want-ad scheme
134.02ENDOR::SWONGERTue Jun 17 1986AD&D stores near Lowell?
135.012LEIA::SWONGERFri Jun 20 1986Like/Dislike Modules?
136.01PIGGY::CUMMINGSSat Jun 28 1986AD&D game wanted
138.05AUTHOR::DECOSTAFri Jul 11 1986Twilight 2
139.012AUTHOR::DECOSTASat Jul 12 1986
140.09AUTHOR::DECOSTASat Jul 12 1986MERP
141.010HOMBRE::CONLIFFEMon Jul 14 1986Dr Who FRP
142.08AUTHOR::DECOSTAMon Jul 14 1986Fellowship members
143.012AUTHOR::DECOSTATue Jul 15 1986Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever
145.0GUIDO::RAVANWed Jul 16 1986Review: Gangster!
146.0172GUIDO::RAVANWed Jul 16 1986Review: Steve Jackson's GURPS
147.024VIRTUE::AITELFri Jul 18 1986Books as inspirations/sources...
148.02UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Aug 04 1986Need players for AD&D game. (by mail)
150.012TLE::ROUTLEYWed Aug 20 1986Harn
151.04EUREKA::KRISTYFri Aug 22 1986PARANOIA PBEM campaign???
152.02CHEERS::CREANThu Aug 28 1986random damage instead of encounters?
153.06CHEERS::CREANThu Aug 28 1986traps--DM's option
154.01DELNI::DICKEYThu Aug 28 1986Dungeoneer's Survival Guide
157.02IOSG::WDAVIESFri Sep 26 1986HELP!!!!!
158.05VIA::SCHUETZFri Oct 03 1986CATHEDRAL
161.010YODA::BARANSKIWed Oct 15 1986WHAT!! No 18:
162.04YODA::BARANSKIThu Oct 16 1986DEC RPG Club/League?
163.025YODA::BARANSKISun Oct 19 1986Illusion Questions
164.021PROSE::WAJENBERGMon Nov 10 1986Spaceship Design
166.010VLNVAX::DMCLUREThu Nov 13 1986Games dealing in Aurthurian Legends?
167.04PROSE::WAJENBERGFri Nov 14 1986Origins of FRP
168.05IOSG::WDAVIESFri Nov 14 1986ATLANTIS
169.01LEIA::SWONGERMon Nov 17 1986Yet Another AD&D Book
170.014YODA::LIGENZASun Nov 30 1986BattleTech Is taking over AD&D!!!
171.015HPSCAD::WALLMon Dec 01 1986Traveller 23
172.0BACH::TENNYMon Dec 01 1986All-DEC STARWEB PBM
173.05LEIA::SWONGERMon Dec 01 1986Home-brew rules?
174.022VIA::SCHUETZMon Dec 01 1986What do you use for markers?
175.013SQM::RAVANWed Dec 17 1986Pre-tech communication / wild animals
176.07BIGALO::BAKER_CHUCKFri Dec 19 1986GM Stats help
178.0HYDRA::SANZONETue Jan 06 1987Looking for adventurers ! ! !
179.0SQM::RAVANWed Jan 07 1987Review: Hidden Kingdom
180.0DELNI::DICKEYWed Jan 07 1987Player needed, Lowell area
181.02NISYSE::GREENIDGEMon Jan 26 1987Interactive FRP-Network possibility?
182.01TSG::DOWNSMon Feb 02 1987look for a good game
183.07XANADU::RAVANThu Feb 05 1987TOTAL CONFUSION Gaming Convention
184.010GIGI::BRENDANWed Feb 11 1987Havin my baby
185.03CSC32::M_JORDANMon Feb 16 1987Help with GURPS to ADnD conversion
186.014GL::SCHUETZWed Feb 18 1987Starting from Scratch
187.010DECBEL::DOMSThu Feb 19 1987And another PBEM game...
188.012XANADU::RAVANThu Feb 19 1987VAXnotes as a 'programmed adventure'?
189.01MKTGSG::PARKERTue Feb 24 1987PRO-38
190.01PROSE::WAJENBERGFri Feb 27 1987Verse
191.04GL::SCHUETZTue Mar 10 1987Price of Freedom (review)
194.05HUMAN::BURROWSThu Mar 26 1987Wanted: Game map for a computer game
197.02XANADU::RAVANThu Apr 02 1987Review: CoC's "Terror Australis"
199.04SSDEVO::BARACHWed Apr 22 1987Two for the price of one....
200.06SSDEVO::BARACHWed Apr 22 1987FRP EXPERIMENT: "Pass the brain over here, Igor..."
201.033SSDEVO::BARACHFri Apr 24 1987He's dead, Jim.
202.018SSDEVO::BARACHSun Apr 26 1987A bag of tricks
203.09REWIND::JEFFMon Apr 27 1987Role Master or Space Master
204.02CEDEX::TIMOTHYFri May 01 1987Legendes (celtiques, des mille et une nuits, etc.)
205.03CEDEX::TIMOTHYFri May 01 1987Club de JDR a Valbonne
206.024GL::SCHUETZMon May 04 1987Home-grown Weapons?
208.04XANADU::RAVANFri May 08 1987Review: ICE's "Robin Hood"
209.01TARKIN::SWONGERFri May 08 1987Use of DEC facilities
210.03NEXUS::BONOMOMon May 11 1987Treasure?
211.0EAYVThu May 14 1987<anybody in NZ ?
212.019BANDIT::MARSHALLFri May 15 1987Would you want this sword?
213.018TAMARA::RAVANTue May 19 1987Artifacts as PCs
214.011SSDEVO::BARACHTue May 19 1987Don't believe in "NPCs"....
215.07BANDIT::MARSHALLTue May 19 1987"Swords as Player Character" Tables
216.0TARKIN::SWONGERWed May 20 1987Looking for a few good players
217.068SSDEVO::BARACHTue Jun 09 1987Climbing that ladder....
218.02INANNA::WALRATHWed Jun 10 1987EGG no longer with TSR ?
219.08YODA::BARANSKIWed Jun 10 1987How to Play High Level Characters
220.04SSDEVO::BARACHThu Jun 11 1987Curses, spoiled again!
221.06COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Jun 12 1987The Fine Art of Magical Device Creation.
222.02AUTHOR::DECOSTASun Jun 14 1987Monsters and GURPS
223.02VISA::GEOFFSat Jun 27 1987JRR's works
224.01JETSAM::DODGEWed Jul 01 1987WANTED: entry level D&D players at PKO1-3
226.012SSDEVO::BARACHMon Jul 06 1987"Dear Diary...."
228.04CGFSV1::EDMENGThu Jul 09 1987TSR's GENCON?????
229.04SSDEVO::BARACHFri Jul 10 1987"A chip off the old block...."
230.06EAGLE1::BESTFri Jul 10 1987Raking the players over the coals
231.014MANANA::RAVANTue Jul 14 1987Charisma vs. Comeliness vs. Leadership
232.021XANADU::RAVANTue Jul 14 1987Kindling the Spark: Preparing for a Dungeon
234.02BOEHM::MEYERThu Jul 16 1987mind altering fuzzy variations
235.011PROSE::WAJENBERGThu Jul 16 1987Contrivance
236.013ISTG::CONLIFFEThu Jul 16 1987How do PLAYERS get in the "mood"?
237.031COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Jul 17 1987Who goes there?
238.054COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Jul 17 1987Who are you really?
239.019NYMPH::ZACHWIEJAMon Jul 20 1987Adventures in Nashua
240.01MTAPE::JEFFTue Jul 21 1987Looking for an Ogre
241.05ULTRA::HERBISONFri Jul 24 1987Ad libs
242.031SUBTLE::ROUTLEYMon Jul 27 1987Whats its name?
243.013CLOSET::OTTEMon Jul 27 1987Spell Point Systems: What brand do you use?
244.053SMAUG::MENDELThu Jul 30 1987Do Gods Walk the Earth?
245.03SSDEVO::BARACHFri Jul 31 1987PROPHESY or "I see a tall dark man in your future"
246.019CLT::GARYBWed Aug 12 1987How small is noticeable?
247.017SSDEVO::BARACHFri Aug 14 1987"...All the world a stage...."
249.012SMAUG::MENDELMon Aug 17 1987PLAYER vs CHARACTER difficulties
250.01BOEHM::PEDERSONTue Aug 18 1987Lunch-time hacking at BXB1
252.01CHOVAX::YOUNGThu Aug 20 1987Philly area AD&D needs players.
255.04JENEVR::CHELSEAWed Aug 26 1987Lighting the fuse
256.03ATTILA::ADAMSThu Aug 27 1987Colours '87
257.029RUTLND::ASANKARTue Sep 01 1987Figure Painting...
258.0RUTLND::ASANKARWed Sep 02 1987Clay-O-Rama!
260.01HAVEN::PORTERThu Sep 03 1987AD&D 'Play-by-ECHOMAIL'!!
262.0IOSG::WDAVIESFri Sep 11 1987Hawkmoon and Stormbringer RPGs
263.08IOSG::WDAVIESFri Sep 11 1987Master of Five Magics
264.055SMAUG::MENDELMon Sep 14 1987Computer Game System Rules
265.010ECLAIR::GOODWINFri Sep 18 1987Any DND in UK?
266.021CRUNCH::SCHWARTZFri Sep 18 1987Looking for Plot Lines for Mercenaries
267.012YODA::BARANSKITue Sep 29 1987Random Pet Peeve...
268.05TARRA::MCDONALDTue Sep 29 1987AD&D Battle System experience needed
270.013COOKIE::ROLLOWSun Oct 11 1987Who are they?
271.03VENTUR::PREVIDITue Oct 20 1987Wanted: DEITIES and DEMIGODS (AD&D)
272.018--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 21 1987Murder Mystery Weekend
273.0BRUTUS::MAXMGR1Thu Oct 22 1987Murder Mystery
274.0PIGGY::GEORGESun Oct 25 1987Warhammer FRP
275.01AESIR::SWONGERMon Oct 26 1987Dragon Magazines for Sale
276.020BELKER::KHALLTue Oct 27 1987Star Trek: Questions/Suggestions
277.048RUTLND::ASANKARWed Oct 28 1987Wanted:City Setting
278.012CSSE::GORMANThu Oct 29 1987Dave Betz's ADVSYS
279.05CLOSET::OTTEFri Oct 30 1987When is it a town and not a village or city?
280.010TELCOM::MCVAYSun Nov 01 1987Anyone have D&D "to hit" algorithm?
281.018--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 03 1987RoleMaster
282.019RUTLND::ASANKARWed Nov 04 1987You want info?!?! I'll give you *info*!
283.02RUTLND::ASANKARWed Nov 04 1987Figuratively speaking
284.03MANANA::RAVANFri Nov 06 1987Wanted: "Narnia" Writers
285.05AESIR::SWONGERTue Nov 10 1987Sci-Fi RPG's?
286.03HPSCAD::WALLTue Nov 10 1987Star Wars: The Role Playing Game
287.01RUTLND::ASANKARWed Nov 11 1987moving!
288.016VAXUUM::OTTEFri Nov 20 1987What's in an Elf?
289.03BELKER::KHALLTue Nov 24 1987How to Play-by-Mail
290.012FURILO::KHALLTue Dec 01 1987Thieving Missions
291.02RENKO::KHALLWed Dec 09 1987Role Playing Game Association???
292.019YODA::COOKThu Dec 10 1987To kill or not to kill
293.012CREPES::GOODWINFri Dec 11 1987UK_FRP
294.018SSDEVO::BARACHFri Dec 11 1987Mega-Traveller
295.04RTPSWS::DPARKERMon Dec 14 1987New Adventurer seeks guidance
296.040AKOV11::KINGTue Dec 15 1987Hero Game System
297.066SMAUG::MENDELWed Dec 16 1987Is FRP for moral degenerates?
298.023PROSE::WAJENBERGThu Dec 17 1987Where are you?
299.010AKOV11::KINGMon Dec 28 1987FRPer Persectution
300.0SKIVT::P_BOUCHERTue Dec 29 1987Games for RT-11(PDT-11/15
301.025DSSDEV::REINIGSun Jan 03 1988When the dice roll true.
302.018YODA::BARANSKITue Jan 05 1988How do you role play romance?
303.019RENKO::KHALLWed Jan 06 1988DM Blunders
304.07PROSE::WAJENBERGWed Jan 06 1988"Based on the Best-Selling Novel"
305.06CRUNCH::SCHWARTZThu Jan 07 1988WANTED: RuneQuest v2 Trollpak
306.04CHOVAX::YOUNGSat Jan 30 1988A great time in CXO...
307.015DPDMAI::TROSPERTue Feb 02 1988Censorship revisited
308.029SMAUG::MENDELWed Feb 03 1988The Wandering Cleric
309.01--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 05 1988CALL FOR ULTIMA!!!!
310.0SCOMAN::JLOREMon Feb 08 1988ULTIMA
311.040HAZEL::KEATINGMon Feb 15 1988Illusions - Do you Ba lave !!!!
312.02SSDEVO::BARACHTue Feb 16 1988Colorado Springs Super Hero Campaign
313.010LEZAH::BOBBITTFri Feb 19 1988SILiCON III - in March '88
314.019HAZEL::KEATINGFri Feb 19 1988Best FRP Game System ? WHAT ?
315.02AKOV11::KINGTue Feb 23 1988FYI: A new Gaming store in Arlington
316.01DPDMAI::TROSPERTue Feb 23 1988Spell BAZAAR
317.011SMAUG::MENDELTue Feb 23 1988Tale of Two Wizards
318.07BOEHM::MEYERTue Feb 23 1988Magic Resistance
319.02TMENG::SANZONEThu Feb 25 1988Looking for Hudson,MA Adventurers ! ! !
320.0GSPMO::KENTFri Mar 04 1988Gamma World Rules Index
321.07ELWOOD::PETERSJMon Mar 07 1988Gamma World, ha Gamma Pit
322.0LOOP::RUSMERWed Mar 09 1988Computerized multi-user????
324.0SSDEVO::BARACHFri Mar 11 1988Open House Moves West
325.0122Sat Mar 12 1988Open House Dungeons (general discussion)
326.04JETSAM::DODGETue Mar 15 1988average dungeon vs a convention dungeon. any difference?
327.0GSPMO::KENTFri Mar 18 1988Gamma World Discussion
328.049AKOV11::KINGTue Mar 22 1988Read any good books lately?
329.033NYMPH::ZACHWIEJAFri Apr 01 1988CE notesfile ?
331.015RENKO::KHALLTue Apr 12 1988FRP Classifieds
332.0PRSIS4::ROSQUINWed Apr 13 1988Alone in France...?
333.027RSTS32::WAJENBERGWed Apr 20 1988Murphy's Rules
334.03OTFSV1::LALONDEFri Apr 22 1988TALISMAN
338.04AESIR::SWONGERTue May 03 1988New MegaTraveller campaign in Nashua
339.04CLOSET::OTTEMon May 09 1988A Gaming Shop in the Nashua Area
340.04HILLST::KHALLThu May 19 1988Traitorous Ideas for Paranoia
341.0ERIS::CALLASThu May 19 1988Players needed for a Mystery
342.02841Tue May 24 1988Let's talk about Greed.
345.018HILLST::KHALLWed Jun 08 1988Fantasy Wargaming
347.01PULSAR::WALLYWed Jun 15 1988looking for a few good players
348.01WORDS::PIERCEWed Jun 22 1988AD&D Anyone?!?
349.039CLT::JDAVISThu Jul 07 1988Cosmic Encounter
350.031SMAUG::MENDELTue Jul 12 1988RPQ: Role Playing Questionaire
351.012SCOMAN::JLORETue Jul 19 1988AN AD&D FIRST
352.07PULSAR::WALLYTue Jul 19 1988answers to questions in note 35
353.03DWOVAX::YOUNGTue Jul 26 1988M.E.R.P. stats conversions needed...
354.02CLT::SCHUETZWed Jul 27 1988Victorian Picnic
356.012SSDEVO::BARACHThu Jul 28 1988They're just sitting on their hands like a buncha...
357.08SSDEVO::BARACHFri Jul 29 1988Planning Ahead
358.038AESIR::SWONGERFri Aug 05 1988Discussion of Rules Systems
359.026SMAUG::MENDELFri Aug 05 1988Anti-Hero
360.01CLOSET::OTTEFri Aug 05 1988What kind of PC(s) recurs in your campaign?
361.033VIDEOT::DUCRAYSun Aug 07 1988OnLine Adventuring!(The new craze in Ca.)
362.022ANKH::KIRSCHBAUMMon Aug 08 1988Evolution in FRP Systems
363.04VIDEOT::DUCRAYThu Aug 11 1988Apply here, for the adventure of a lifetime!!
364.010PULSAR::WALLYSat Aug 13 1988the seven original FRP plots
365.036VIDEOT::DUCRAYTue Aug 16 1988HELP!! I need your advice and wisdom!!
366.01NYMPH::ZACHWIEJATue Aug 16 1988In general
367.025HILLST::KHALLWed Aug 17 1988Arch-Enemies: People you can't kick around.
368.014GNUVAX::BOBBITTThu Aug 18 1988Berserking
369.012ANKH::KIRSCHBAUMMon Aug 22 1988The Lycanthropy Tango!
370.046ANKH::KIRSCHBAUMMon Aug 22 1988Vampires!
371.01HGOVC::LAWRENCEThu Aug 25 1988Available thru Net?
372.01ASIC::RENWed Aug 31 1988Renegade Legion
373.09SSDEVO::BARACHFri Sep 02 1988He's dead, Jim, Part II: Death Scenes
375.0CLT::SCHUETZTue Sep 06 19883 Little Orcs
376.04TONTO::BISHOPWed Sep 07 1988King Richard's Faire
377.06RAIN::LAFONDMon Sep 12 1988A Cautionary Tail...
378.08RAIN::LAFONDMon Sep 12 1988The Most Important Stat is...
379.024WHYVAX::AITELWed Sep 14 1988Ideas for playing an ET
380.02BYO515::CRUTCHFIELDWed Sep 14 1988Wanted: ICE players
381.027RAIN::LAFONDFri Sep 16 1988Parties That NEVER Do What You Want...
382.06RAIN::LAFONDWed Sep 21 1988PBMs - Fact or Friction?
383.011POOL::EIKENBERRYThu Sep 22 1988PBeM Sci-Fi FRP game starting
384.01FDCV3Tue Sep 27 1988GOHOSTBUSTERS
385.08CLOSET::OTTEMon Oct 03 1988Addressing your character's baser needs
386.03CSGMon Oct 03 1988Games in the Worcester area?
387.02GRAMPS::MUSHOVICWed Oct 05 1988Stores near Worchester
388.020SMAUG::MENDELTue Oct 11 1988When Lightning Strikes
390.0BYO775::CRUTCHFIELDTue Oct 11 1988A Shameless plug for ICE
391.03RAIN::LAFONDWed Oct 12 1988Favorite Monsters?
393.01COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Oct 14 1988Even legends have basis in fact...
394.025COBRA::CAIAZZIThu Oct 27 1988Risks vs. Rewards
395.012SMAUG::MENDELFri Oct 28 1988Whats a nice jewel like you doing in a hole like this?
396.08BOSHOG::SCHWARTZWed Nov 02 1988GDW's New RPG - SPACE:1889
397.0FNYFS::WYNFORDWed Nov 02 1988Alarums and Excursions
398.021LOOP::RUSMERThu Nov 03 1988HELP a forgetful person??
399.034LEZAH::BOBBITTFri Nov 04 1988Help in Fighting a Mad Druid
400.07HERON::BUCHANANMon Nov 07 1988My greatest enemy
401.017RAIN::LAFONDWed Nov 09 1988Total Confusion???
403.0OHWOW::MCLAUGHLINSat Nov 12 1988New Mexico players??????
404.02HILLST::KHALLMon Nov 14 1988Various Alien Races
405.0MAMIE::BISHOPMon Nov 14 1988Playing AD&D in the Great North Wood
406.021SMAUG::MENDELTue Nov 15 1988Boo!
407.032VIRRUS::DIEWALDTue Nov 15 1988Go out and get me a time elemental!
408.013RAIN::LAFONDMon Nov 21 1988DMing for the mentally challenged...
409.0APEHUB::SANZONEMon Nov 21 1988Looking For A GURPS Player In HUDSON MA
411.0ROCK::CASTELINOMon Nov 28 1988More GURPS players wanted in Hudson, MA
412.01RAIN::LAFONDWed Nov 30 1988GhostBusters...
413.04WANTON::DEVIOUSMon Dec 05 1988Anyone Seen PFLOYD::conferences ?
414.011RAIN::LAFONDMon Dec 12 1988Conventions (Where, When, Why...)
415.02IAMOK::MCVAYWed Dec 14 1988Chaotic DM ideas to screw it up...
416.020SCOMAN::DBOHNETThu Dec 15 1988The multi-class delemia
417.016LEZAH::BOBBITTWed Dec 21 1988Assassins
418.03ORION::HERBERTWed Dec 21 1988Non-role playing games?
419.01LEZAH::BOBBITTThu Dec 29 1988New AD&D Group Starting in Central Mass.
421.012INDEBT::TAUBENFELDWed Jan 04 1989Recommendation for a low level pre-made module?
422.09FSHQA2::SMURTAGHFri Jan 06 1989The Devil Made Me Do It
423.08LOOP::RUSMERSat Jan 07 1989MIGHT and MAGIC
424.06AYOV29::GHERMANSat Jan 07 1989Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
425.031FRAGLE::ROSENBERGFri Jan 13 1989A question of knowledge!
426.06HBO::VELEZThu Jan 26 1989Role playing CONVENTION in MA.
427.021FRAGLE::ROSENBERGMon Jan 30 1989Floating a camel
429.012AKOV13::MCGARGHANTue Feb 07 1989Language Generation--ME
430.013BITS1::SCHULTETue Feb 07 1989Make your saving throw or DIE.
431.017FSADMN::FLEMINGMon Feb 13 1989Runequest III and Jorune
432.025HPSCAD::WALLWed Feb 15 1989Initiative
433.07SSDEVO::BARACHMon Feb 20 1989He's Dead, Jim, Part III: No He Isn't!
434.0117SSDEVO::BARACHMon Feb 20 1989Character Quotes, or "HE SAID *WHAT*?!"
435.0ANT::JLUDGATESat Feb 25 198925 Types of FRP Players
436.0ANT::JLUDGATEMon Feb 27 198919 Types of Game Masters
437.050PULSAR::WALLYFri Mar 03 1989a GURPS Magic challenge
438.021SSDEVO::BARACHTue Mar 07 1989The Special NPC Escape Rule (and other GM lies)
439.05RAIN::DELPHIASun Mar 12 1989DECWEB version 1.
440.015INDEBT::TAUBENFELDTue Mar 14 1989DESTROYing a magical item
441.019OGRE::FERGUSONWed Mar 15 1989A 2nd GURPS Challenge ??
443.01FSHQA1::SMURTAGHWed Mar 15 1989Adventure Beckons
445.04LUDWIG::DBOHNETFri Mar 17 1989"What do you mean I don't have one"
446.024SSDEVO::BARACHFri Mar 17 1989Limits/Changes/Suggestions for GURPS
447.02VINO::KSTEVENSSun Mar 19 1989Another PBEM
448.018OTOFS::LALONDEMon Mar 20 1989AD&D second edition
449.022NABETH::alanWed Mar 22 1989Yet another GURPS challenge.
450.09YODA::BARANSKIThu Mar 23 1989The Ultimate GURPS Challenge!
451.0149ER::B_SMITHThu Mar 23 1989Lycanthropy?!
452.03WLDWST::JOVANMon Mar 27 1989Problem DMs!!
453.022NYMPH::ZACHWIEJAWed Mar 29 1989FTL travel in Hyperspace
454.010SSDEVO::BARACHThu Mar 30 1989This is probably my last note...
455.06FSHQA1::SMURTAGHFri Mar 31 1989Who Was that Masked Man?
456.04TOXMAN::PETERSMon Apr 03 1989Players Wanted
457.08HILLST::KHALLFri Apr 07 1989Gaming for Dollars
458.022RAIN::LAFONDWed Apr 19 1989Here You Go Campaigns...
459.0FSHQA1::SMURTAGHTue May 02 1989Another Transplant
460.010LUDWIG::DBOHNETWed May 03 1989Temple of Elemental Evil? nasty, nasty!!
461.05LUDWIG::DBOHNETThu May 04 1989Your DMing tonight, right???
462.030HILLST::KHALLTue May 16 1989Heavily-Armed, Time-Travelling Morons
463.023ACESMK::CHELSEAWed May 17 1989Impossible situations
464.041RAIN::LAFONDWed May 31 1989Alignment, what's it REALLY mean to you?
465.010HPSCAD::WALLMon Jun 05 1989TSR selling DragonQuest???
466.08RAIN::LAFONDThu Jun 08 1989Casting spells from horseback...
467.020BSS::S_MURTAGHFri Jun 09 1989Beginners' Game?
468.037SOJU::CHELSEASun Jun 11 1989Character Custody
469.067AYOV27::GHERMANFri Jun 16 1989Impossible situations- examples
471.01DPDMAI::TROSPERMon Jun 19 1989review: Shadow World
472.09INDEBT::TAUBENFELDMon Jun 19 1989Changing the Color of a Magical Cloak
473.020DECSIM::BARACHTue Jun 20 1989How to separate player from character
474.057DECSIM::BARACHWed Jun 21 1989How to encourage better role playing
475.08DECSIM::BARACHWed Jun 21 1989How do you deal with (dump?) problem players?
476.01ODIHAM::MCMASTER_EThu Jun 22 1989Hitch-Hiker's Guide - I'm stuck
477.06SMAUG::MENDELFri Jun 23 1989Does anyone EVER use a Referee?
478.0ATSE::WAJENBERGThu Jun 29 1989FRPing at Noreascon 3
479.04CALDEC::JOVANThu Jun 29 1989A little info please??
480.0MSD36::SANZONEFri Jun 30 1989Players For GURP Space Campaign
481.032AYOV27::GHERMANSun Jul 02 1989GURPS and Cyberpunk
482.049DECSIM::BARACHWed Jul 05 1989PCs that defy D&D alignment classifications
483.06HPTS::A_JOVANFri Jul 07 1989First time tournaments...
484.02VALKYR::RUSTMon Jul 17 1989Review: Ars Magica
485.02ORIENT::SANKARMon Jul 17 1989Selling Miniatures
488.030HILLST::KHALLTue Jul 18 1989CyberPunk
489.012AKOV13::MCGARGHANTue Jul 18 1989Transplanting PCs
490.08AKOV13::MCGARGHANThu Jul 20 1989Gaming More and Enjoying It Less?
491.028DECSIM::BARACHSun Jul 23 1989PCs answer the Questions of Note 474
492.012DECSIM::BARACHSun Jul 23 1989Examples of GURPS characters
493.07DECSIM::BARACHWed Jul 26 1989Ironic twists of fate / surprise endings
494.020DECSIM::BARACHTue Aug 01 1989Gaining experience without "adventuring"?
495.05HILLST::KHALLWed Aug 09 1989Any ideas on a new GURPS Supers Power?
497.019AV8OR::RENTue Aug 15 1989Shadowrun
498.02LEZAH::BOBBITTFri Sep 08 1989SIL - Society for Interactive Literature games
499.02DIXIE1::DYERSun Sep 10 1989NEW GAME
500.0ODIXIE::DYERSun Sep 10 1989Why a Druid ??
501.0TLE::FUELLEMANNTue Sep 12 1989Looking for a wandering game
502.0155DECSIM::BARACHWed Sep 13 1989If wizards ruled the world / The Mage Sea Campaign
503.042ATSE::WAJENBERGThu Sep 21 1989Non-Standard Player Races
504.07FERNEY::OTTFri Sep 29 1989Genetics and Heredity
505.09DELNI::W_KINGFri Sep 29 1989Inexperienced Bard Seeks Advice
506.0HPSTEK::RJONESTue Oct 03 1989DM seeking players
507.07DECSIM::BARACHFri Oct 06 1989He's Dead, Jim, Part IV: Going to Heaven
509.021ATSE::WAJENBERGWed Oct 11 1989Finished: Announcing the End of a Long Campaign
510.054DECSIM::BARACHThu Oct 12 1989Time Travel
511.026MARVIN::JOHNSTONThu Oct 26 1989 Chaosium news...
512.05CSSE32::SCHUETZFri Nov 10 1989VORTEX
513.0DIXIE1::DYERMon Nov 27 1989New Game
514.05FORTY2::BOYESNETTue Nov 28 1989DC Heroes 2nd Edition
515.020DSSDEV::GRIFFINThu Nov 30 1989Live Role Playing
516.01AV8OR::RENThu Nov 30 1989Wanted: The Tricolor's Shadow
517.02COBRA::CAIAZZIThu Dec 14 1989Heroes wanted for new campaign
518.03VIRGO::CRUTCHFIELDWed Dec 20 1989CyberPunk a la ICE
519.03GETS::SWONGERFri Dec 29 1989GURPS Cliffhangers in Nashua
520.050TALLIS::DUTTONTue Jan 09 1990Help me, I'm falling!
521.05TALLIS::DUTTONWed Jan 10 1990Up in the air, Junior Birdmen!
522.07FORTY2::BOYESFri Jan 12 1990Cyberpunk: North Ireland Campaign
523.01POBOX::BOLKERTue Jan 23 1990A Chicago adventure...
524.04TROAThu Feb 01 1990The Arcanum
525.020KSA::WAJENBERGFri Feb 02 1990Fabulous Beasts - Background Detail
526.061POBOX::BOLKERThu Feb 08 1990More on Markers, Miniatures, Hex Grids etc.
527.01THEWIZ::LUCASTue Feb 13 1990Call for players for 3 existing campaigns
528.011DECSIM::BARACHMon Feb 19 1990Funny scenes / situations
530.01DUGGAN::ROSENBERGTue Feb 27 1990Seeking Rolemaster players
531.010SUBURB::MAYNEDTue Mar 06 1990New(ish) from ICE?
532.051CHOVAX::YOUNGWed Mar 21 1990Alien Invasion Brainstorming.
533.03VIRGO::CRUTCHFIELDThu Mar 22 1990Euro_FRP?
534.036DECSIM::BARACHFri Mar 23 1990Brainstorming on Knightly Tournements
535.04POBOX::BOLKERMon Mar 26 1990Questions concerning Wizard Spells (AD&D)
536.04FORTY2::BOYESTue Mar 27 1990The Great Mr. Average Contest
538.054TROAThu Apr 05 1990Arcade-style Simsense Games
539.01SHIRE::BIZEThu Apr 12 1990A Swiss FRP fan travelling to the US
540.09DECSIM::BARACHThu Apr 26 1990A list of GURPS Quirks
541.03MEMSPO::WOODARDMon May 07 1990Star Fleet Battles Players Needed
542.021XLSIOR::OTTETue May 08 1990Character movement, how fast is fast?
543.04FORTY2::ELLISTue May 15 1990NETHACK
545.022FORTY2::ELLISFri Jun 01 1990Games Workshop anyone?
546.022HILLST::KHALLTue Jun 05 1990Looking for good sources for Historical backgroud
547.014VANDAL::STRANGEWAYSMon Jun 11 1990GURPS tables on-line?
549.01SMAUG::MENDELTue Jun 12 1990New Game Announcement
550.02SANSON::WILLARDWed Jun 13 1990GURPS Clerics
551.04CGVAX2::CONNELLThu Jun 14 1990Some help needed
552.010VANDAL::STOPHERFri Jun 29 1990Teleport Traps
553.06HILLST::KHALLMon Jul 02 1990Role Players in Seattle?
554.07HILLST::KHALLThu Jul 05 1990Introducing Non-FRPers to the Game
555.04ACESMK::CHELSEAThu Jul 05 1990Chronicler Available
556.012ERIS::CALLASMon Jul 09 1990TinyMUCK, a multi-user, Virtual Reality FRP
557.05NABETH::alanTue Jul 17 1990The Lighter Side of Destroying a Device of Power.
558.024ATSE::WAJENBERGThu Jul 26 1990Mixed Genres
559.027CSCOA5::ARNETT_HUTTOWed Aug 01 1990Yellow Pages for Hades?
560.0CHIRPA::SANZONEFri Aug 03 1990Players needed for Games
561.0SANSON::WILLARDTue Aug 21 1990GURPS Magic enhancements
562.09YENREF::OTTThu Aug 30 1990Experiments - successes and failures
563.01--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 05 1990Roleplay in READING (UK)
564.0DPDMAI::TROSPERMon Sep 17 1990HOLLOW WORLD Review???
565.03PHLACT::ROSENBERGTue Sep 18 1990Philadelphia games?
566.018DECSIM::BARACHTue Sep 18 1990Ancient Egypt sourcebook for Rolemaster / Fantasy Hero
567.08TROAWed Sep 19 1990Boxed vs. Home-Grown
568.04SANSON::WILLARDFri Sep 21 1990The Fantasy Trip
569.020PEKING::CROSSATue Sep 25 1990Seeking the EURO_FRP conference
571.09HILLST::KHALLTue Sep 25 1990How to model the Shadowrun Dicing System?
572.01MERCRY::PETERSWed Sep 26 1990The Future Today
573.0HILLST::KHALLWed Sep 26 1990Anyone doing Morrow Project?
574.0HAMPS::SKEEN_CThu Sep 27 1990HAMPS::EN_GARDE for swashbucklers
575.034AYOV27::GHERMANMon Oct 01 1990Sexism in FRP games
576.0CSGTue Oct 02 1990GAMES FOR SALE
577.01CESARE::CORTESEFri Oct 05 1990Robotech Universe
578.05VIDEO::SAULThu Oct 11 1990Nero - New England Role Playing
579.09DECSIM::BARACHTue Oct 16 1990The Burle Mythos
580.01ATSE::WAJENBERGFri Oct 26 1990"So how are things in Chaos?"
581.04SMAUG::OAKLEYFri Nov 09 1990HELP ?
582.028SIEVAX::CHANTWed Nov 21 1990Riddle
583.0ROMMon Dec 03 1990looking for business games
584.017TROAFri Dec 07 1990What's your race archetype?
585.09--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 14 1990'Copyrighting' game rules
586.01SUBWAY::BERGThu Jan 24 1991Games in N.Y.C. or W. Mass???
587.05IKE22::EIKENBERRYWed Feb 13 1991Looking for GURPs Bestiary...
588.02ALAZIF::wherryFri Feb 15 1991Players/Games in the Colorado Springs Area
589.02ISLNDS::MILLERTue Feb 19 1991FuRPiG-rules wanted
590.015NOATAK::KHALLTue Feb 26 1991"Duality of Magic" or "Some people are better at some things"
591.05DPDMAI::TROSPERWed Mar 13 1991Is the HERO system on ICE?
593.010LEZAH::BOBBITTThu Mar 21 1991Lead Figurines May Become Unavailable...
594.010IKE22::EIKENBERRYMon Apr 08 1991A GM's challenge...
595.08IKE22::EIKENBERRYTue Apr 16 1991GURPs computer assistance...(Character Generator for NPCs)
596.0SYSTEM::GOODWINWed Apr 17 1991Games Fair '91, Reading University, UK
597.0JGODCL::APETERSMon Apr 22 1991Shadow/beats - Infestation help wanted
598.06IKE22::EIKENBERRYWed Apr 24 1991GM's preparation skills & process
599.010IKE22::EIKENBERRYSat Apr 27 1991GURPs listing of Advantages, Disads, and skills
600.016IKE22::EIKENBERRYWed May 01 1991The Ideal GM...
601.09IKE22::EIKENBERRYWed May 01 1991The ideal player...
602.06CSSE::NEILSENMon May 13 1991the character they never let you play
603.017STRATA::VAGHINIWed May 22 1991Ideas please ?
604.0HAMPS::SKEEN_CMon Jun 03 1991En Garde the swashbuckling netgame
605.0JUPITR::ZAFFINOWed Jun 19 1991Pirates and Plunder
606.04NOATAK::KHALLTue Jun 25 1991Good Modules??
608.01DANGER::SANZONETue Jul 02 1991Opening For AD&D Players
609.010VALKYR::RUSTTue Aug 06 1991Review: Vampire, the Masquerade
610.011VLNVAX::COOPThu Aug 15 1991Dark Conspiracy and ShadowRun
611.012BOOKIE::OTTEFri Aug 16 1991Theories for Invisibility
613.027VSSCAD::WALLWed Aug 21 1991The System Setting Interplay
614.024USWRSL::SHORTT_LAFri Aug 23 1991Gods...ya gotta love 'em!
615.05VLNVAX::COOPWed Aug 28 1991Lankhmar and Nehwon
616.0GUCCI::EWISEThu Aug 29 1991The Living City
617.013VLNVAX::COOPFri Aug 30 1991RavenlofT
618.02VOGON::MILLSONTue Sep 03 1991New VAXquest available
619.011NETCUR::KIRSCHBAUMFri Sep 06 1991Powering Up Existing Characters
620.013VOGON::MILLSONSun Sep 08 1991AD & D Priest's Pray Book
621.022NETCUR::KIRSCHBAUMTue Sep 17 1991Faerie
622.011RDGENG::SJONESFri Oct 04 1991Introduction required to Dungeonsand Dragons
624.02MRVAX::CESCOBARTue Oct 08 1991The Ruins Of Undermountain
625.07NODEX::SELECT::RIVERSTue Oct 08 1991Subtle GMing
626.0FORTY2::ELLISMon Oct 14 1991Aliens the RPG
627.021XLSIOR::OTTEFri Oct 25 1991Where do Liches come from?
628.02NOATAK::KHALLFri Oct 25 1991Gaming in Springfield or NorthHampton, MA?
629.010VINO::HOAGFri Oct 25 1991Any one interested?
630.03NODEX::SELECT::RIVERSMon Oct 28 1991Gamers wanted
631.03CSOA1::LEECHTue Oct 29 1991DARK SUN
637.04AIRBAG::SWATKOMon Nov 04 1991FOR SALE: D&D figurines, books, display/storage case
638.024CSSE::NEILSENWed Nov 13 1991Are your PCs too powerful?
639.019JETSAM::DODGETue Nov 19 1991From INT 9 to INT 3 in one easy spell!
640.03LEZAH::BOBBITTThu Nov 21 1991The Realms
641.0AMAMA::PETERMWed Dec 04 1991Oz based Live Role Playing...
642.02RTOEU::CLEIGHWed Dec 11 1991computer aided DMing
643.03DORA::MAYNARDThu Dec 12 1991For Sale: DND items
644.03DSSDEV::GRIFFINMon Dec 30 1991GENCON information?
645.012SWAM1::NMESER::MILLERTue Dec 31 1991Immortal wizards in GURPS
646.03IKE22::EIKENBERRYThu Jan 02 1992ROLEPLAYER magazine...
647.021MILKWY::RENWed Jan 08 1992Rifts from Palladium?
648.01DSSDEV::GRIFFINThu Jan 09 1992Survey of women gamers
649.019IKE22::EIKENBERRYFri Jan 10 1992GURPs lists discussion note...
650.03--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 10 1992GURPs lists - sources
651.06--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 10 1992GURPs Advantages List (132 columns)
652.06--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 10 1992GURPs Disadvantages list (132 columns)
653.06--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 10 1992GURPs Skills list (132 columns)
654.011IKE22::EIKENBERRYMon Jan 27 1992Further details...
655.03WLDWST::BOWMANMon Feb 03 1992DunDraCon XVI
656.02IKE22::EIKENBERRYMon Feb 10 1992GURPs Races
657.015CASINO::VAGHINIFri Feb 14 1992Space/Fantasy World
658.05RANGER::WODOO::RANGER::MIKESTue Feb 18 1992FRP gamer looking for gaming groups.
659.024ROULET::KATTAUFri Feb 21 1992WANTED:More City suggestions
660.02A1VAX::BARTHFri Feb 28 1992TSR cards, anyone?
661.04XLSIOR::OTTEMon Mar 09 1992Raymond A Feist-inspired games?
662.025FRAIS::OPERATORWed Mar 11 1992Lost YOUR youth ?
663.012POBOX::SCHELTERFri Mar 13 1992How do you DM?
665.010ANVIL::BUEHLERSun Mar 15 1992Mundane Universes
666.05PEAKS::RIVERAMon Mar 16 1992SHADOWRUNning in Colorado Springs
667.028CUPMK::WAJENBERGWed Mar 18 1992Amber RPG
668.02RAISSA::MORGANTIWed Mar 25 1992Italiani dove siete ?
669.0IKE22::EIKENBERRYTue Mar 31 1992Monster conversion: AD&D -> GURPs
670.03IKE22::EIKENBERRYThu Apr 02 1992DRAGON magazine article sought...
671.0OOES::WOODARDMon Apr 06 1992AD&D and Other Games
672.010MINOTS::CAIAZZIFri Apr 10 1992Archaic Travel Times - Oxcart arriving at Minis Tirith
673.04SWAM1::MILLER_SUTue Apr 14 1992HACKER, The Computer Crime Card Game
674.01FORTY2::ELLISMon May 11 1992spelljammer
675.03LARVAE::WEST18::Skeen_cTue May 12 1992Temporary player needs home
676.01NASThu May 21 1992New Game, Marlboro area: Looking for players
677.019EPS::PETERSTue May 26 1992Wanted old games
678.05AEOEN2::LAMIROY_BWed Jun 17 1992Anybody has/wants 'em ?
679.09GOLF::HERMANFri Jun 19 1992Play-aid for FRP
680.030GOLF::HERMANThu Jun 25 1992Lifespans in FRP
681.015SWAM1::MILLER_SUTue Jun 30 1992Gaming Future Warfare
682.02BRSISD::ROOSENThu Jul 02 1992What's FRP?
683.0PLAYER::BOWENWed Jul 08 1992GENCON tickets for sale
684.01XNOGOV::CHAPPINTue Jul 21 1992Player seeks player(s)
685.025AEOEN1::LAMIROY_BTue Aug 04 1992AD&D Character Genrators
686.03FORTY2::ELLISFri Aug 07 1992dangerous adventure?
687.031CUPMK::WAJENBERGMon Aug 10 1992Fast Combat
688.04AEOEN2::LAMIROY_BTue Aug 11 1992AD&D book review wanted
689.0STRATA::VAGHINIMon Aug 17 1992Ifrits?
691.07XLSIOR::OTTEWed Aug 26 1992Higgins Armory Museum--check it out
692.05VALKYR::RUSTThu Aug 27 1992Covington Cross - medieval England in prime time
693.0AEOEN2::LAMIROY_BFri Aug 28 1992Calendar RP-aid
694.03FORTY2::ELLISThu Sep 17 1992Magic 'systems'
695.0EPS::PETERSWed Sep 23 1992Players Wanted
696.0REGENT::BROOMHEADWed Sep 23 1992A Review of Time Riders
697.015AIMTEC::WARRENS_RTue Sep 29 1992Dangerous Journeys, Mythus, etc.
698.06SWAM1::MILLER_SUTue Sep 29 1992GURPS Lensman
699.02N2ITIV::LEEMon Oct 05 1992 Looking for new players
700.01CADSYS::CADSYS::LEVITINThu Oct 15 1992PBM: Realm of the Immortals/Midnight Games
701.03KBOMFG::AVWERNERFri Oct 30 1992HELP!!!
702.012ERLANG::DODGETue Nov 24 1992What's your favorite practical joke?
703.0ITHIL::CHADMon Dec 07 1992Wanted: Dragon 115
704.07HANNAH::BAYThu Jan 07 1993Laser tag comes to Massachusetts
705.017CUPMK::WAJENBERGWed Jan 13 1993FRP and Spiritual Health
706.04COMET::VERMETTECSun Jan 17 1993Vampire !
707.08HEART::JOHNSTONThu Jan 28 1993RuneQuest Ressurrection.
708.04LILITH::CALLASFri Jan 29 1993Steve Jackson Games Vindicated
709.0SPEZKO::SCHUETZMon Feb 08 1993GURPS Magic list anyone?
710.04ODIXIE::MOREAUMon Feb 15 1993A narrow escape...
711.013BUSY::ESCOBARWed Feb 17 1993Dual Dungeon Masters
712.0TALLIS::KIRKMon Feb 22 1993GURPS campaign, Wednesday nights
713.015KERNEL::HOGGANDThu Feb 25 1993Powerful Characters
714.012ERLANG::DODGEWed Mar 03 1993In your dreams....
715.011CUPMK::WAJENBERGFri Mar 05 1993Lace and Steel
716.04LEMAN::MOULYMon Mar 08 1993Business Game
717.07ROULET::KATTAUTue Mar 09 1993WANTED: Ship information
718.09CUPMK::WAJENBERGWed Mar 10 1993Playing Aliens
719.06IKE22::EIKENBERRYWed Mar 10 1993Computer layout/Drawing system....
720.04ERLANG::DODGEMon Mar 15 1993How to play characters of the opposite sex?
721.01AIMT::PETERSWed Apr 07 1993Players Wanted
722.04KERNEL::JACKSONThu Apr 29 1993If Psi ruled the world
723.07STKAI1::SWETue May 04 1993Sherlock Holmes-like games
724.011ATEIS::DEMERSWed May 12 1993Kobolds, Where are they from?
725.02REGENT::BROOMHEADThu May 13 1993Welcome to the Future
726.011AIMT::PETERSFri May 14 1993Interesting Names
727.04CSOA1::LEECHWed May 19 1993For Sale Topic
728.09SMAUG::MENDELTue Jun 01 1993Open Locks Question
729.027ESTASI::ALAIMOFri Jun 18 1993Best adventures
730.0HEART::JOHNSTONMon Jun 21 1993Elric!
731.026NWDMon Jul 19 1993What were Druids really like?
732.07NWDTue Aug 03 1993Wanted: Mystical Magic
734.01FORTY2::ELLISFri Aug 13 1993Eathdawn - new form FASA
735.02NABETH::alanMon Sep 20 1993Calling GURPS Mages.
736.014HOTWT1::HALL_KYMon Sep 27 1993Always the GM, Never the Player Blues
737.02ELIS::ELIS::SCHUURMANSTue Sep 28 1993Ultima VII : Test of Truth
738.0DECWET::JTRAUBThu Sep 30 1993Ars Magica supplements wanted
739.02ROCK::CASTELINOTue Oct 19 1993Players Wanted
740.0MIDI::DANFri Oct 29 1993Wanted: Classic Traveller items
741.01COMET::BELLRSun Nov 07 1993Seeking players & GM
743.039AKOVWed Dec 08 1993Real vs. Role
744.014STKAI1::SWEWed Dec 15 1993Help with selection of a good RPG??
745.01APACHE::PETERSFri Jan 21 1994New Game In Hudson
746.01LEDS::CHEWFri Jan 21 1994Looking for gaming group
748.011DPDMAI::MCINTOSHWed Mar 02 1994Serial # 1
749.010NWDThu Mar 10 1994What gaming magazines do you like & why?
750.02TAVIS::BARNIRFri Mar 11 1994help a lowlife beginner
751.02MOEUR8::GRAYThu Mar 17 1994Lands of Lore (Help)
752.05COMET::STEPHENSJSat Apr 09 1994Looking for a Dragon magazine.
753.01NWDMon Apr 25 1994Goodbye. Its been fun.
754.0ROCK::CASTELINOMon Apr 25 1994Costume Party --- May 1
755.02TLE::ABRAMSONThu May 12 1994Request for Publisher Information
756.06HYLNDR::SCHUETZFri May 27 1994See you around!
758.010ERLANG::DODGEMon Jun 27 1994Does "bed-rest" mean you HAVE to be in a bed?
759.04KERNEL::BROWNMMon Jul 11 1994Looking for some roleplaying
761.0WFOV11::MACKThu Jul 14 1994Looking for a GURP group/Springfield area
763.02KERNEL::BROWNMThu Jul 28 1994Looking for Players in Basingstoke & Reading
764.0BRONS::BURROWSMon Aug 01 1994Moderator needed.
765.05KERNEL::BROWNMTue Aug 02 1994Basingstoke/Reading FRPing
766.04KERNEL::BROWNMTue Aug 02 1994Campaign Cartogropher Info
767.07SSDEVO::ROLLOWFri Aug 19 1994Where do *they* live?
768.0STAR::PRAETORIUSFri Aug 19 1994not quite the same thing, but related
769.0AOSG::IANNELLITue Sep 06 1994Old game needs fresh players
770.0SMAUG::MENDELWed Oct 05 1994Open Game
771.06REGENT::BROOMHEADThu Nov 17 1994Star Trek: The Next Generation (card game)
772.02KERNEL::HOGGANDThu Dec 01 1994Record of Lodoss Wars
773.02FORTY2::ELLISFri Dec 23 1994Highlander 2nd ed RPG
774.01TALLIS::KIRKTue Jan 17 1995Player wanted in Littleton, MA
775.0AIMTEC::WARRENS_RFri Jan 27 1995Play during the next month.
776.0FORTY2::ELLISMon Feb 06 1995RPG for sale
777.0MPGS::URBINTue Feb 21 1995Traveller FF&S
778.01IKE22::EIKENBERRYTue Feb 28 1995Live Roleplaying Event - 31 Mar - 2 Apr, 1995. Lots of fun!!!
779.02KERNEL::BROWNMMon Mar 06 1995BLOOD WARS - New TSR Card Game
780.01KAOFS::CTHPTue Mar 07 1995Unlimited Adventure modules
781.03BALZAC::EVTAI1::REISER::totoTue Mar 21 1995Magic : the game
783.02ESTASI::ALAIMOFri Mar 31 1995RPG for reviews
784.03KERNEL::BARLOWDMon Apr 24 1995May Humakt bless this sword and all who die by it
785.0ROCK::CASTELINOMon Apr 24 1995Looking for players of AD&D for game in Hudson MA
786.02KERNEL::BROWNMWed Apr 26 1995European Gen Con 1995
787.015COMICS::FINNEYJThu May 18 1995What have I done wrong ???
788.04EVTAI1::48644::VASTMon May 22 1995Looking for Seattle maps...
789.03KERNEL::FINNEYJFri May 26 1995Fearless Adventurers Wanted in Basingstoke , UK
790.02KERNEL::BROWNMMon May 29 1995I would like some help
791.03ZEKE::ROYTue Jul 11 1995Rifts
792.01SHIPS::YOUNG_PFri Jul 28 1995Looking for conference
793.02EVMS::MARIONTue Aug 15 1995Werewolf: the Apocolypse
794.0KERNEL::BROWNMWed Aug 23 1995South UK Games Convention 19th Nov
795.01MPGS::URBINWed Sep 06 1995Old posters
796.0COMICS::FINNEYJThu Sep 07 1995"Vampire the Masquerade"
797.017HANNAH::BAYMon Sep 11 1995Computer software for players
798.01CHEFS::YOUNG_PThu Sep 21 1995Someone please help me!!
799.0ROCK::CASTELINOFri Sep 29 1995Looking for AD&D players for game in Hudson MA
800.01CHEFS::YOUNG_PFri Oct 27 1995Can anyone help ??
801.01BIS54::LOUPPEThu Nov 30 1995Playing "Legendes des Mille et une Nuits / Legendes Celtiques"
802.03TLE::LUCEWed Dec 27 1995What's the gaming like around Nashua, NH?
803.02COMICS::FINNEYJWed Jan 24 1996"Trading for Newbie's in Magic"
804.02SNOFS1::DAVIESJOHNTue Jan 30 1996Greetings and salutations
805.03CHEFS::YOUNG_PWed Feb 14 1996The Wheel Of Time RPG
806.04MPGS::URBINThu Mar 07 1996Traveller IV
807.0BPSOF::SIPOSWed Mar 13 1996Vampire & Shadowrun
808.02GRMDIG::CASTELINOTue Mar 19 1996AD&D players wanted for game in Hudson MA
809.02HANNAH::BAYFri Apr 05 1996New game in central Mass!
810.0YIELD::MMURRAYTue Jul 23 1996New AD&D game in Hudson, MA...
811.0CHEFS::YOUNG_PThu Aug 15 1996SHANNARA - HELP!!!!!!!!
812.0FORTY2::ELLISTue Aug 20 1996Colours96
813.03POLAR::RDEMERSMon Sep 16 1996Fantasy Hero - Extinct?
814.0HANNAH::MORRISFri Sep 27 1996Character Sheet Program Beta
815.0FORTY2::ELLISTue Oct 01 1996DeadLands the RPG
816.02EVMS::MARIONTue Oct 29 1996Looking for a game
817.0+5VIRRUS::diewaldFri Dec 13 1996It's Friday the Thirteenth: AN IMPORTANT LARP CONVENTION ANNOUNCEMENT!
818.0 *ROCK::CASTELINOTue Mar 11 1997 AD&D players wanted for game in Hudson MA