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Conference noted::windows95

Title:Microsoft Windows 95 ("Chicago")
Notice:Please read topics 1 to 22 before writing anything
Created:Mon Nov 14 1994
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2958
Total number of notes:19968
Number with bodies:1319
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1.02EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Nov 14 1994Welcome to the Microsoft Windows 95 Notes Conference
2.04EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Nov 14 1994Conference and Noting Guidelines
3.02EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Nov 14 1994Conference & Other Notices
4.03EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Nov 14 1994Related/Other Conferences and Finding Out Their Status
5.04EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Nov 14 1994Keywords (Creation Restricted, Use Encouraged)
6.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Nov 14 1994Conference Directory Listings
10.03EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Nov 14 1994Tips On Searching Conferences
20.0106EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Nov 14 1994Introductions
22.0+6EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Nov 14 1994Conference Discussion
25.062EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Nov 14 1994Press Releases, Articles & Such
26.017EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Nov 14 1994WinNews
27.016DAVE::MITTONWed Nov 16 1994Books
28.01DAVE::MITTONTue Nov 22 1994Supplemental Kits, (drivers, etc...)
29.034DAVE::MITTONTue Dec 20 1994New files on the net, et.al.
30.02DAVE::MITTONTue Feb 07 1995PATHWORKS on Win 95 Announcements
50.013DAVE::MITTONWed Mar 22 1995Humor...
128.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Nov 14 1994[Not Reserved, New Topics Start Here]
129.052RTRYOU::LichtenbergSun Nov 13 1994Calling all W95 Beta Sites...
130.034RTRYOU::LichtenbergSun Nov 13 1994So, what _is_ "Pathworks for Windows95?"
131.05BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Nov 14 1994Error accessing D:
132.04NYOSS1::MONASCHMon Nov 14 1994Product Manager or Relationship Manager
133.020ZENDIA::MCARLETONMon Nov 14 1994Did I make the Beta 2 cut?
134.05SKYLAB::FISHERMon Nov 14 1994The official "Does Windows 95 fix problem xxx note"
135.012TALLIS::MORRISMon Nov 14 1994Troubles bringing up IP
136.020TALLIS::MORRISMon Nov 14 1994Where's the documentation
137.028UNTADI::SAXBYTue Nov 15 1994Memory and Windows95
138.0STAR::DZIEDZICTue Nov 15 1994Anyone know anyone at Microsoft?
139.05AZUR::GEERDESTue Nov 15 1994The official 'that will not work' topic
140.07FORTY2::BOONHAMWed Nov 16 1994Explorer API
141.05OSLWed Nov 16 1994Pointer to newsreader for Windows 95
142.014DEMAND::GALLAGHERWed Nov 16 1994Multi-tasking & win95???
143.024FORTY2::TATHAMFri Nov 18 1994Same or new video drivers for Windows95?
144.06LARVAE::64419::JORDAN_CFri Nov 18 1994DE2
145.0STOWOA::BUFTON::NBUFTONTue Nov 22 1994The Windows '95 Phone Survey
146.03TFOSS1::DALTON_BRTue Nov 22 1994S3 Driver Help
147.022METSYS::GOODWINWed Nov 23 1994Windows '95 on MSDN II
148.09CSOA1::HENRYMon Nov 28 1994DECnet and Win95
149.03XCUSME::BOOTHTue Nov 29 1994Windows-95 license restrictions?
150.011PROXY::ALLENTue Nov 29 1994window to a VAXcluster?
151.02TEACH::WICKERTTue Nov 29 1994Rewriting the boot sector?
152.0+14TEACH::WICKERTWed Nov 30 1994Uploading distribution files
153.06CSLALL::GASPAROLAWed Nov 30 1994Will 95 work with.......
154.011KDX2Wed Nov 30 1994not enough space for registry (build 267)
155.02BAHTAT::HILTONThu Dec 01 1994Authorised Beta Service Providors
156.08NYAAPS::CORBISHLEYFri Dec 02 1994What Hardware etc. have you tested?
157.0191GIDDAY::MORANSun Dec 04 1994Win95 and Tape backup
158.014COMICS::TRAVELLTue Dec 06 1994Support for strictly DOS only games ??
159.06VMSNET::P_ALBRECHTTue Dec 06 1994Pathworks v4 support
160.011SU2PLY::GALLAGHERWed Dec 07 1994WIN95 and ALPHA ???
161.04BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Dec 09 1994Windows 96?
162.041BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Dec 09 1994Tips & tricks
163.04MSDOA::HICKSTFri Dec 09 1994DOS drivers under Win95?
164.06CSLALL::GASPAROLAFri Dec 09 1994Will S3 8
165.026BASTAR::KAIRYSMon Dec 12 1994NTFS?
166.05UCROW::GIBSONMon Dec 12 1994Trouble with DOS sessions?
167.017STOWOA::BUFTON::NBUFTONMon Dec 12 1994Can one still use program and file manager as the GUI shells
168.04CSLALL::GASPAROLATue Dec 13 1994S3 8
169.04WELCLU::SHARKEYAWed Dec 14 1994TCP ?
170.05ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Dec 15 1994Problems installing a BETA2 kit
171.04BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Dec 15 1994Enabling user profiles hangs login
172.06HERON::decvtt.vbo.dec.com::lalliThu Dec 15 1994PPP and TCP/IP Installation
173.02IOSG::TALLETTThu Dec 15 1994Hunt the checkbox again
174.0133AXEL::FOLEYThu Dec 15 1994Native drivers for Viper video cards?
175.05BAHTAT::HILTONThu Dec 15 1994Non-CDROM Install?
176.0BAHTAT::HILTONFri Dec 16 1994Unknown hardware
177.066BAHTAT::HILTONFri Dec 16 1994Dual boot, DOS or Windwos95
178.05BAHTAT::HILTONFri Dec 16 1994Don't load IFSHLP.SYS
179.01AKRON::RATASKIFri Dec 16 1994Browsing PW V5.
180.02BBOSun Dec 18 1994"Free" access to Microsoft Network now !!!
181.013ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Dec 19 1994PRE SSB version of WIN95v for testing ??
182.0+9NUTS2U::LITTLEWed Dec 21 1994Trouble mapping network drive?
183.025COMICS::TRAVELLWed Dec 21 1994Virus protection in Windows95
184.0DEMON::NOWARE::WITTMANWed Dec 21 1994User Interface screen captures???
185.01ROMEOS::HSU_HEMon Dec 26 1994How to obtain a copy of windows95?
186.02WETONE::LICATATue Dec 27 1994Winbench runs faster on WIN95
187.0WKRP::HENRYThu Jan 05 1995Norton Backup and Tandberg 42
188.05WKRP::HENRYFri Jan 06 1995Application compatibility between NT and Win95?
189.02OSLFri Jan 06 1995User Profile from Windows NT server?
190.07WOTVAX::HATTOSSat Jan 07 1995EISA mode for DE2
191.02KDX2Sat Jan 07 1995internet and win95
192.04AZUR::GEERDESMon Jan 09 1995drives shuffled after install
193.02MUGGER::GREENMon Jan 09 1995Has anyone got build M7 to work with the DECpc 425i Video card?
194.01HERON::TUFTMon Jan 09 1995XCURSION
195.09ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Jan 10 1995Old MS-DOS Doublespace
196.026AZUR::GEERDESTue Jan 10 1995memory questions
197.0AZUR::GEERDESTue Jan 10 1995dropper
198.025AZUR::GEERDESTue Jan 10 1995joystick and SCSI matters
199.015BAHTAT::HILTONTue Jan 10 1995New Icons?
200.010RANGER::COOKWed Jan 11 1995PAS Studio, anyone?
201.0DELBOY::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSWed Jan 11 1995Print Page Seperator - how?
202.03COMICS::TRAVELLFri Jan 13 1995Boot fail, error configuring device.
203.04PAMSRC::PROCTORFri Jan 13 1995Video init problem on DECpc 32
204.010HTSCSat Jan 14 1995Setup problem: General Error 57, build 265
205.06AXEL::FOLEYMon Jan 16 1995WinG on Windows95?
206.0AZUR::GEERDESWed Jan 18 1995disk swapping?
207.03AZUR::GEERDESWed Jan 18 1995CD player and Explorer
208.011MOEUR8::VIPONDWed Jan 18 1995Remote Booting capabilities
209.02NECSC::LEVYThu Jan 19 1995Dial-up Networking - a couple of issues
210.04BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Jan 20 1995Multiboot problem
211.03HLFSSat Jan 21 1995Reflection/Windows95 problems to start
212.01NOVAMon Jan 23 1995Word and mysetup ?
213.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jan 25 1995traincast 95 on windows95
214.0197GOVTWed Jan 25 1995Dial-up Networking with SLIP/PPP problem
215.09DECWET::SHOEMAKERWed Jan 25 1995Run DOS Application by Exiting to "DOS" Trouble! Make "DOS" Stick Around?
216.033SCAPAS::DLO77::ONAKAThu Jan 26 1995Build 314 = Retail-Beta?
217.0DEBUG::GALLOThu Jan 26 1995WinNews Newsletter Subscription info
218.04IJSAPL::SINKEMon Jan 30 1995COM3 detected but not available
219.05HLRGFri Feb 03 1995scanning sw not working
220.0IOSG::TALLETTMon Feb 06 1995Exit Windows 95 without a reboot
221.04AXEL::FOLEYMon Feb 06 1995Windows Protection error?
222.06PEAKS::LILAKMon Feb 06 1995Jan MSDN.. Where is Beta ?
223.08AZUR::GEERDESWed Feb 08 1995exchange faxes?
224.0SHIPS::BURY_JWed Feb 08 1995"Cannot remove CLOSE option" error Help needed
225.06SCAPAS::DLO77::ONAKAWed Feb 08 1995324 complain about the mouse driver
226.08BAHTAT::HILTONThu Feb 09 1995Keyboard stops working
227.06PROXY::ALLENThu Feb 09 1995LJ25
228.02IOSG::TALLETTThu Feb 09 1995AUTORUN.INF: Help needed for an ageing memory
229.0XCUSME::NOLANThu Feb 09 1995PC TOOLS 2.
230.0CADSYS::COOKTue Feb 14 1995Multimedia demo on build 331 CD-ROM
231.07BAHTAT::HILTONWed Feb 15 1995Cleanly remove Windows 95?
232.018BAHTAT::HILTONWed Feb 15 1995BriefCase
233.020MUGGER::GREENWed Feb 15 1995Access to psg.microsoft.com?
234.06KDX2Wed Feb 15 1995Windows95 and NetWare
235.013BOUGY::LE_VIETFri Feb 17 1995POLEdit or not ?
236.05OSLMon Feb 20 1995Diskless support?
237.0OSLMon Feb 20 1995Can't login after adding the TCP/IP protocol?
238.01AKOCOA::DANEK::DANEKMon Feb 20 1995FTP Server in W95?
239.02MINNY::ZANGGERTue Feb 21 1995diskless anyone?
240.010MUGGER::GREENTue Feb 28 1995Anyone know when M8 is due out?
241.05NYFSTue Feb 28 1995MDI Supported in Windows95?
242.012DELBOY::nukvxa.olo.dec.com::Andy_DoranWed Mar 01 1995Chicago on 433W - Ethernet card problems
243.04SYSMGT::DUTKOWed Mar 01 1995In search of WINSOCK documentation
244.03DELBOY::nukvxa.olo.dec.com::Andy_DoranThu Mar 02 1995STP Program woes
245.08DELNI::P_KEATINGFri Mar 03 1995Etherworks config problems (de2
246.04METSYS::GOODWINSat Mar 04 1995Windows '95 show in the UK
248.033AXEL::FOLEYMon Mar 06 1995DECpc XL, NCR SCSI and Beta 345
249.011PEAKS::LILAKWed Mar 08 1995Windows 95 Preview program - I'll pass
250.010SYSMGT::DUTKOWed Mar 08 1995Seeing files as longnames on PATHWORKS served volumes?
251.05PMESE::ABBOTTThu Mar 09 1995Enabling LMHOSTS file?
252.05NWTIMA::MARIOThu Mar 09 1995DEC32
253.0DRIFT::WOODThu Mar 09 1995Build 347 = Beta 3 = M8
254.0BERGEN::ARNEMFri Mar 10 1995COM3 hex addr/irq problem
255.03DAVE::MITTONFri Mar 10 1995Win 95 may remove DOS utilities
256.010GIDDAY::THOMPSONSSun Mar 12 1995TLZ
257.015BRSTR2::SYSMANMon Mar 13 1995backup/restore?
258.02DFSAXP::JPMon Mar 13 1995Can't figure out how to run NVT (Novell Virtual Terminal) on WIN95's NetWare client???
259.016ZEKE::MAURERWed Mar 15 1995Stacker ?
260.02ZENDIA::MCARLETONWed Mar 15 1995Beta-3 and Tax software?
261.053UFHIS::TMCCRILLISFri Mar 17 1995Chicago and No-Names
262.0LARVAE::OSMOND_NFri Mar 17 1995DECpc 466 LPV+ and Windows 95 M7
263.016NETCAD::HILLERMon Mar 20 1995DE425 driver in need of testing
264.03BEYER::beyerTue Mar 21 1995Tape support?
265.04GOVTTue Mar 21 1995WARNING - TBFIX does not fix irreversible timebomb in M7
266.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed Mar 22 1995Microsoft Windows 95 newsletter via Internet
267.064BAHTAT::HILTONWed Mar 22 1995How stable is it really?
268.01HERON::DAIMIO::BEAUThu Mar 23 1995WIN 95 hangs if NO CD in the CD-ROM Drive
269.07648912::ntvar.aty.DEC.COM::van-trung truongFri Mar 24 1995Exchange and internet
270.05BASEX::KAIRYSFri Mar 24 1995Please help me plan the transition...
271.05HANNAH::BECKSat Mar 25 1995CNN HN story about Win95 problem?
272.04PCTEAM::WMSun Mar 26 1995adding an unsupported modem
273.035MSDOA::MCCLOUDSun Mar 26 1995Windows 95 Preview Ships
274.07BAHTAT::HILTONMon Mar 27 1995No mixer program for mmedia?
275.058WELCLU::SHARKEYAMon Mar 27 1995MSN help please
276.01BASEX::KAIRYSMon Mar 27 1995Help! Up the creek w/o a mouse!
277.06RUMOR::stanpc.ogo.dec.com::fosterMon Mar 27 1995Pre-release installs but will not start on 333c
278.02ZEKE::MAURERMon Mar 27 1995Disk/CD caching ?
279.07BASEX::KAIRYSMon Mar 27 1995KEAterm, anyone?
280.015ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Mar 29 1995Powerpoint and W95
281.011KOALA::EISENBERGWed Mar 29 1995driver for de422 on DECpc 466d2 MTE
282.07MANANA::TRCKER::CUMMINGSThu Mar 30 1995Video - Diamond Stealth64 - VRC21-HA
283.04BEYER::beyerFri Mar 31 1995BETA-4 on it's way...:wq
284.01BREAKR::FRANKFri Mar 31 1995Can MSDN L2 members access psg.microsoft.com
285.05KERNEL::BROWNMFri Mar 31 1995Autoexec Menu appears while starting win95
286.08KERNEL::BROWNMFri Mar 31 1995TCP/IP Configuration help
287.08ZURMon Apr 03 1995is Dos 6.X dead ?
288.015BIS1::brh578.bro.dec.com::DeBoeverMon Apr 03 1995Compose for 32-bit applications ?
289.05STAR::DZIEDZICMon Apr 03 1995Daylight Savings Time adjustment oddity
290.03CLO::KATZENMEYERMon Apr 03 1995JUMBO 25
291.0OSLTue Apr 04 1995Bitmap import in Freelance Graphics
292.0+10RANGER::COOKTue Apr 04 1995Printing problems...
293.07BALTMD::apg19.cop.dec.com::LAMBWed Apr 05 1995no logonoff.exe in win95
294.05ELIS::SOBOTFri Apr 07 1995W95 and Novell 3.12 server ?
295.066STOWOA::BUFTON::NBUFTONFri Apr 07 1995Windows NT over Windows '95
296.011BALTMD::apg19.cop.dec.com::LAMBFri Apr 07 1995Problem with credit card dialing in dial-up networking
297.03DAVE::MITTONFri Apr 07 1995InfoWorld pans M8
298.03CGOOA::BONTJESat Apr 08 1995Problem printing to LPS17, SPD files
299.05BALTMD::rempl1.cop.dec.com::lambSun Apr 09 1995Slip modem connection problems - can't get 576
300.09QUARK::LIONELMon Apr 10 1995Symantec and Windows 95
301.03ROMEOS::MIKAO::mullickMon Apr 10 1995Win95 on WinNT system - app issues!
302.022LJSRV2::oranpc.ljo.dec.com::ORANTue Apr 11 1995Printing Postscript files on Win95
303.08CGOOA::YAKIMISHYNTue Apr 11 1995need LAT on Win95
304.06RUMOR::stanpc.ogo.dec.com::fosterWed Apr 12 1995Missing or corrupted command.com after installation
305.09ALBIS::BOLLIGERWed Apr 12 1995Release 438 (Final-final-final out ?)
306.011DECWET::RWALKERWed Apr 12 1995Where did all the memory go.
307.08SNOFS1::GREENANAThu Apr 13 1995Clean install over WFWG?
308.017BAHTAT::HILTONThu Apr 13 199532-bit MicroSoft Office
309.02COMPLX::WANGERINThu Apr 13 1995msoffice and invalid Dynalink to a .DLL
310.04COPCLU::OVESENFri Apr 14 1995SETUP problems using final beta release !
311.03WOOK::LEEFri Apr 14 1995Can't Get WINS Configuration to Stick in M8 (B347)
312.02GLDOA::WERNERMon Apr 17 1995Running Build 44
313.0+5TLE::TARSAMon Apr 17 1995UNINSTALL feature
314.09SKYLAB::FISHERMon Apr 17 1995Is Interlink supported?
315.03MINNY::PARKERTue Apr 18 1995networking with NT problems
316.079NOVA::MULLENTue Apr 18 1995Sound Blaster 16 (SB16) and Win95
317.02TAKEOF::KAUFMANNTue Apr 18 1995PCMCIA and Z-Player CDROM
318.01STOWOA::READTue Apr 18 1995How do I get rid of the extra Netscape menu button?
319.04NUTS2U::LITTLEWed Apr 19 1995Map a COMx port to terminal server port?
320.01SUBURB::GRANTT::TAYLORGWed Apr 19 1995Drivers for HP Scanner & WangDAT 31
321.04GLDOA::WERNERWed Apr 19 1995Hoverin' along on 445
322.0BAHTAT::HILTONWed Apr 19 1995Can't connect to Ultrix from Win95, can from DOS
323.0CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Apr 19 1995How to add a NT SCSI driver to Windows 95?
324.0FLAMES::TAFTWed Apr 19 1995MicroChanel Question
325.02BIS1::brh578.bro.dec.com::DeBoeverThu Apr 20 1995lview works/works-not ?
326.024WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSFri Apr 21 1995Digital Network Printing Software?
327.013GOVTFri Apr 21 1995TEAC CD55A CD-ROM drivers anyone?
328.08STAR::PITCHERFri Apr 21 1995Icons no longer appearing in my task bar!
329.09DECWET::BERKUNMon Apr 24 1995MSN and DECmodem?
330.07ANOHAC::COMFORTMon Apr 24 1995setup woes, can't get past first base
331.05QUARK::LIONELTue Apr 25 1995Procomm Plus for Windows and Win95?
332.015HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENTue Apr 25 1995Celebris, Adaptec 294
333.06STOWOA::absWed Apr 26 1995Formating floppies to 1.3 MB instead of 1.4 MB
334.05TNPUBS::MACDONALDWed Apr 26 1995Floppies Not Recognized
335.03TNPUBS::MACDONALDWed Apr 26 1995Splash -> DOS -> Splash
336.020BASEX::KAIRYSWed Apr 26 1995Everyone needs RoboDUN!
337.024ZPOVC::MONTYWONGThu Apr 27 1995Need PathWorks 4.1 Windows driver diskette
338.04CHEFS::NAYLORGThu Apr 27 1995Full Undelete as per Windows 3.11
339.010RIOTThu Apr 27 1995Epson Printer Drivers
340.05QUARK::LIONELThu Apr 27 1995Windows system error on shutdown
341.03HDLITE::MORINThu Apr 27 1995DE2
342.02BASEX::KAIRYSThu Apr 27 1995Enabling full-window drag/resize
343.010BASEX::KAIRYSThu Apr 27 1995How to print PostScript files from Win95?
344.02ALBIS::LIEBFri Apr 28 1995WIN95 Boot after DOS SYS C:
345.01IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Apr 28 1995Fonts used in info bar
346.02BASEX::KAIRYSFri Apr 28 1995Keyboard shortcut cheat sheet
347.018USCD::tisFri Apr 28 1995Copy a floppy from Windows?
348.042COPCLU::FINNSat Apr 29 1995DECpc 433 W display drivers
349.016COPCLU::cpc269.dmo.dec.com::RiisSat Apr 29 1995Patches for Build 347
350.013SALEM::YANNONESat Apr 29 1995Corrupted *.CAB files WIN95
351.0POLAR::STOODLEYSat Apr 29 1995Problems with mail/video.
352.013CGOOA::BONTJESat Apr 29 1995Want a clean desktop - can I do it?
353.05HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENMon May 01 1995SUBST functionality in Win95
354.03TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon May 01 1995Internet Connection - Dialup - MV
355.014SKYLAB::FISHERMon May 01 1995Large disks from Win95
356.06ANOHAC::COMFORTMon May 01 1995Win95 config questions
357.08RICKS::PHIPPSMon May 01 1995Excessive activity on hard drive.
358.07CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONMon May 01 1995FTP problems via SLIP
359.02BASEX::KAIRYSMon May 01 1995Anyone got RAS347?
360.011GVAWed May 03 1995Unstable final beta, help
361.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed May 03 1995M8 beta: dual boot, documentatio, PATHWORKS, ...
362.09SKYLAB::FISHERWed May 03 1995User profile...what should it do
363.07TNPUBS::MACDONALDWed May 03 1995Exchange Questions
364.0TNPUBS::MACDONALDWed May 03 1995Postscript vs ASCII
365.08CIM2NI::MESSIERWed May 03 1995Schedule+ in WIN95?
366.0ROCK::MEHTAWed May 03 1995gateway 2
367.03TIMMII::RDAVIESThu May 04 1995Lost allocation units after full disk!
368.05HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENThu May 04 1995Winpad on M8?
369.01BASEX::KAIRYSThu May 04 1995"Extended" network via SLIP connection?
370.04NOTAPC::SEGERFri May 05 1995FM hardware not responding
371.018NOTAPC::SEGERMon May 08 1995troubles connecting to MSN
372.08ANOHAC::COMFORTMon May 08 1995PPP problems
373.07DKAS::BHATIAMon May 08 1995Conferencing Not Working with MS-TCP/IP ??
374.0GLDOA::WERNERMon May 08 1995Build 456 Impressions
375.020DABEAN::ROJMon May 08 1995loading myst
376.010COPCLU:: May 08 1995PPP connection to Compuserve via Win95
377.014DRIFT::WOODMon May 08 1995Windows 95 on the World Wide Web (WWW)
378.0SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue May 09 1995LAT & VT32
379.017SKYLAB::FISHERTue May 09 1995Hassle with extension/application binding
381.0+22--UnknownUser--Tue May 09 1995Need "Netscape setup for the dummies"
382.03ZEKE::MAURERWed May 10 1995W95 and Nokia monitors ?
384.03ODIXIE::CREACYWed May 10 1995ODBC not Working!
386.011IE::dumpty.reo.dec.com::SMITHWed May 10 1995DEPCM PCMCIA Etherworks Drivers?
387.013NOTAPC::SEGERWed May 10 1995how do you share between Win95 and WFW?
388.011CSC32::L_FRYWed May 10 1995Jazz 16 not working with Windows95
389.08NOTAPC::SEGERWed May 10 1995Setting up a dual-boot AFTER the fact...
390.02VCOUWed May 10 1995Changing Icons
391.01OZROCK::GROHNThu May 11 1995JetAdmin utility
392.03KERNEL::BROWNMThu May 11 1995Qemm problems
393.0GLDOA::WERNERFri May 12 1995Gettin closer with Build 462...
394.0+10ANOHAC::COMFORTFri May 12 1995Shortcut icons
395.01DPDMAI::GRESSFri May 12 1995Pathworks patch for WIN95 (WFW3.11)
396.023NOVA::MULLENFri May 12 1995Windows 95 Plus Pack
397.06HANNAH::FINGERHUTSat May 13 1995Problem printing locally with LN
398.03GLDOA::STREKSun May 14 1995Promise 23
399.010GOVTMon May 15 1995Serial mouse & COM port conflict?
400.0SPEZKO::DORSEYMon May 15 1995HP 51
401.09COOKIE::FROEHLINMon May 15 1995Support for GREEN features
403.04DKAS::BHATIATue May 16 1995Using PW file services ??
404.019ANGST::crank.zko.dec.com::HPTue May 16 1995Xircom CE-1
405.05TLE::ELLENBERGERTue May 16 1995DEC Multijet 2
406.04MPGS::TUCKERTue May 16 1995WIN95 CD problems
407.02HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENTue May 16 1995Recommendations for moving files from DMF cab -> floppy?
408.019LARVAE::636Wed May 17 1995Simple Networking with Win95
409.02MSE1::ENOWed May 17 1995DEPEA WFWG Drivers not fully functional
410.02NUTS2U::LITTLEWed May 17 1995Network parameters?
411.05GENIE::CAMUSOThu May 18 1995Viper Driver disappearing groups
412.01SHRCTR::EJONESThu May 18 1995Appian Video not working
414.021BAHTAT::HILTONThu May 18 1995Adding Adaptec controller into Win95
415.04SUBURB::GRANTT::TAYLORGFri May 19 1995SMTP Mail Client/Server for Dial-Up TCP/IP
416.03STOWOA::READFri May 19 1995Lotus Notes 3.
417.0REGENT::N2ITIV::LEEFri May 19 1995 Help replacing sys files from setup prog
418.010TROOA::BARTLETTSun May 21 1995Win95 retail Beta and Xircom PE-II
419.0TOMMII::RDAVIESMon May 22 1995Dorling Kindersley's Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science
420.01TOMMII::RDAVIESMon May 22 1995Where is original dos config kept?
422.05GIDDAY::BRYDENMon May 22 1995anyone got the scanman scanner working?
423.06FBEDEV::KYZIVATTue May 23 1995upgrading from Norton Desktop
424.05NETCAD::WATERMAN_DTue May 23 1995Win95 RAM usage
425.030RDGENG::BAKERSWed May 24 1995Set environment variables?
426.022ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed May 24 1995Uninstalling W95
427.03FBEDEV::KYZIVATWed May 24 1995spreading W95 across disks
428.020KERNEL::BROWNMThu May 25 1995Digital and MSN
429.09PCBUOA::ANGELONEThu May 25 1995Help with tuning.....
430.0+6NOTAPC::SEGERThu May 25 1995Ontrack Disk Manager
431.0NUTS2U::LITTLEThu May 25 1995MS DOS ( ) command grouping?
432.0TROOA::BARTLETTFri May 26 1995Send MS FAX within an application - Broken?
433.0LARVAE::636Fri May 26 1995Clipart & Simm Savers
434.02BOUGY::LE_VIETFri May 26 1995LFN informations, where are they stored ?
435.04ESSB::CMERLEHANFri May 26 1995 MSDOS games with Sound Card problems
436.02HANNAH::FINGERHUTSat May 27 1995Reader Rabbit - illegal instruction
437.05GOLLY::SIGMONSun May 28 1995Extra copy of Windows '95 for sale
438.02BASEX::KAIRYSTue May 30 1995non-8.3 filenames in PATHWORKS share not seen
439.06BOHITE::E_GONZALEZTue May 30 1995Missing SYSTEM.DAT and BOOTLOG.TXT with build 347 on DECpc32
440.08SKYLAB::FISHERTue May 30 1995Tools to measure memory, page file, etc use?
441.03SKYLAB::FISHERTue May 30 1995Line speed to an external modem
442.010BAHTAT::HILTONWed May 31 1995The Registration Wizard
443.03TUXEDO::D_MAGIDWed May 31 1995Drive letters change on reboot
444.02FLAMES::TAFTWed May 31 1995Problems with PCMCIA configuration
445.09DIBDIB::DBATESWed May 31 1995Screen saver quick activate?
446.01ADOVWed May 31 1995NetWare server under Windows 95?
447.020BBPBV1::WALLACEThu Jun 01 1995System hangs, recovers. Sony CDU31 is suspected. Comments?
449.06WELCLU::62967::sharkeyaThu Jun 01 1995How do I use my own netlogon box ?
450.06RTOIC::FSEVERINFri Jun 02 1995Start command / Deinstallation?
451.028ANOHAC::COMFORTFri Jun 02 1995DOS games and configs
452.08ICS::BEANSat Jun 03 1995Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM VLB questions
453.02DFSAXP::JPMon Jun 05 1995Virtual Memory
454.02ROMEDU::NEBBIAMon Jun 05 1995Application development tools
455.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAMon Jun 05 1995COMCTL32.DLL
456.06SMURF::SNAMANMon Jun 05 1995sleeping system?
457.04SNLVTue Jun 06 1995Updated s3 864 driver for Celebris??
458.02SHRCTR::EJONESTue Jun 06 1995'print to file' gone in WORD and EXCEL?
459.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 06 1995CMS Drive and Win 95?
460.01ATYISA::PIRALTue Jun 06 1995MSN and download files
461.04OBED::STSAUVEURTue Jun 06 1995DECpc32
462.04MKOTS3::CHHATWALTue Jun 06 1995windows95 + PCI + scsi gives flaky system
463.05TLE::TARSATue Jun 06 1995Expanded Memory in MS-DOS environment: How?
464.09GRANPA::RSHEINBERGTue Jun 06 1995Windows 95 problem on DECpc466D2LP
465.03MUGGER::HUGHESSWed Jun 07 1995large icons blanked out
466.04BAHTAT::HILTONWed Jun 07 1995File Associations/Helper Applications
468.0DWOVAX::EROSWed Jun 07 1995DMQCL3
469.02LEMAN::DZIALOWSKIWed Jun 07 1995modem activity icon in taskbar ?
470.03ICS::BEANWed Jun 07 1995hardware configuration help request
471.01ADOVWed Jun 07 1995Standard networking on W95 preview?
472.016TROOA::BARTLETTThu Jun 08 1995MS FAX dialing/printing problem.
473.023RTOIC::FSEVERINThu Jun 08 1995Drive Space Experiences?
474.0HAMSUP::BANNACHThu Jun 08 1995hp54
475.01GIDDAY::BRYDENFri Jun 09 1995no support yet for windows95..
476.013UTRTSC::VDBURGFri Jun 09 1995CDROM - MSCDEX
477.037KERNEL::BROWNMFri Jun 09 1995Windows 95 Prices
478.01ICS::BEANMon Jun 12 1995win95 on Toshiba 215
479.03TALE::golon.geo.dec.com::bezenconMon Jun 12 1995Hinote with WIN95 to XL with NT 3.5 through null-modem ?
480.011TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon Jun 12 1995"Latest" Build for $25
481.05THEWAV::GASSNER_STMon Jun 12 1995Where's SYSTEM MONITOR?
482.018GIDDAY::PACKHAMTue Jun 13 1995Dynamic IP address
483.04BAHTAT::HILTONTue Jun 13 1995TCP/IP Patches for <=M8 builds
484.0FUTURS::CHAMBERSTue Jun 13 1995Error 58: The network has responded incorrectly
485.04FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Jun 14 1995EZ drive incompatable?
486.04LARVAE::636Wed Jun 14 1995Request for Office95
487.04LINDT::benceWed Jun 14 1995Norton Desktop ==> Windows 95?
488.05CSC32::A_GEORGEThu Jun 15 1995Problem with Netscape V1.1N and Windows 95
489.02BIS1::brh578.bro.dec.com::DeBoeverThu Jun 15 1995Growing registry grows too large too start win95 properly.
490.08MSE1::WEYMOUTHThu Jun 15 1995Digital solved the Win95 problem reported in the Globe
491.02MUGGER::HUGHESSThu Jun 15 1995CTL3D.DLL missing
492.013BASEX::KAIRYSThu Jun 15 1995Different interfaces seem to need same IP address
493.072METSYS::imekon.reo.dec.com::goodwinFri Jun 16 1995Windows 95 Preview Update
494.01SHRCTR::EJONESFri Jun 16 1995MD3
495.0BOUVS::OAKEYFri Jun 16 1995Preference persistence in TELNET
496.013VNASWS::HAUSBMon Jun 19 1995Parameters for cache settings ???
497.045MU::porterMon Jun 19 1995Build 49
498.02CONSLT::OWENMon Jun 19 1995Invalid Vxd dynamic link call from NWREDIR - HELP PLEASE!
499.011PCBUOA::pcbuimt7.ako.dec.com::swanstromMon Jun 19 1995Windows95 network printer connection problems
500.010BOUVS::OAKEYMon Jun 19 1995Password protection without screen saver?
501.09MU::porterTue Jun 20 1995Number Nine REFRESH.EXE
502.02LEAF::MACDONALDTue Jun 20 1995Using Microsoft Exchange Offline
503.02POBOX::ZWIKELTue Jun 20 1995Where to get LN
504.01NOVA::DUTKOTue Jun 20 1995Fix for Developer's Network CD?
505.08LARVAE::JORDANTue Jun 20 1995Hoinote Laptop with Win95
506.04TPSYS::OTOOLEWed Jun 21 1995Installing NT to d: over Win 95 (Problems)
507.02OZROCK::GROHNThu Jun 22 1995Shell_NotifyIcon doco
508.03VIVIAN::GOODWINThu Jun 22 1995Certification?
509.01PADNOM::BACHELETThu Jun 22 1995ALG23
510.0DIBDIB::DBATESThu Jun 22 1995CD drive not showing up any more
511.027NOTAPC::SEGERThu Jun 22 199532 bit modem application problems
512.08TROOA::trp271.tro.dec.com::AkermanisThu Jun 22 1995How to recover lost START|PROGRAMS groups
513.0MPGS::LACHIUSAThu Jun 22 1995List of supported PCMCIA cards
514.0BOHITE::E_GONZALEZThu Jun 22 1995DECpc 32
515.025TROOA::MANNELLAThu Jun 22 1995Digital PCMCIA Ethernet II drivers
516.023IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Jun 23 1995Office95 Preview as followup to Windows95 Preview
517.013WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSFri Jun 23 1995Just what is the S3 on a Celebris59
518.01NOVA::DUTKOFri Jun 23 1995Separator pages on printers
519.026CIVPR1::SIMMONSFri Jun 23 1995Speaker.Drv
520.05QUARK::LIONELFri Jun 23 1995CompuServe CD self-starter
521.06KERNEL::BROWNMMon Jun 26 1995Lost All Configurations with a Crash
522.07MSE1::WEYMOUTHMon Jun 26 1995Help on LINKS386 CD
523.01SHANE::PACIELLOMon Jun 26 1995Win95 Accessibility Request
524.06ANGST::boebnr.ljo.dec.com::BOEBINGERTue Jun 27 1995Build 49
525.06EVTAI1::DTSF11::SAMIETue Jun 27 1995Backup to TZK11
526.01WETONE::LICATAWed Jun 28 1995Corrupt registry, after all these months
527.07BEET::EAGANWed Jun 28 1995lps2
528.07BIS1::brh578.bro.dec.com::DeBoeverWed Jun 28 1995Xircom cem2 modem woes
529.04NETCAD::PICKETTWed Jun 28 1995Win95/NT API Differences...
530.03--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 28 1995ftp downloads of Windows 95
531.033STAR::DZIEDZICWed Jun 28 1995Windows 95 delayed until October?
532.01NOTAPC::SEGERThu Jun 29 1995Network domain names with build 5
533.05GENRAL::TURCHECKThu Jun 29 1995Backup to ZIP Drive?
534.05STOWOA::READThu Jun 29 1995XIRCOM CE card works; PS card doesn't !!
535.05WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSFri Jun 30 1995S3/mouse blanking woes!
536.05BIS1::brh578.bro.dec.com::DeBoeverFri Jun 30 1995Invalid dynamic link call to a .DLL file ???
537.01LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AFri Jun 30 1995How to lock-in a 95 user?
538.02OZROCK::GROHNMon Jul 03 1995MS Test
539.0OZROCK::GROHNMon Jul 03 1995InstallSHIELD
540.08WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSTue Jul 04 1995Netbios names via DNS? Since When?
541.01WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSTue Jul 04 1995W95 being advertised in UK
542.08UKARC1::CHAMBERLINTue Jul 04 1995Free updates in the UK
543.09OTOOA::TRIMBLETue Jul 04 1995Adding a SCSI RRD4
544.0OZROCK::GROHNTue Jul 04 1995Icon Shell Extensions
545.09VAXRIO::RICARDOWed Jul 05 1995INFOSERVER access (LAD/LAST)
546.010FSSB::PTORLINDWed Jul 05 1995ZIP2EXE files in win95
547.08SML1DR::xploit.del.dec.com::EROSWed Jul 05 1995Retail beta updates
548.07KAOTWed Jul 05 1995Install problems in Celebris XL 59
549.040BBPBV1::WALLACEWed Jul 05 1995Name that tune - Goodtims.avi on Win95 MSDN CD
550.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu Jul 06 1995Netscape won't start; invalid path
551.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Jul 06 1995Where is QUICKVIEW
552.07INTER::MACDONALDThu Jul 06 1995Forbes and Bill Gates
553.03DEMAND::GALLAGHERThu Jul 06 1995DE-install NT??
554.09INTER::MACDONALDThu Jul 06 1995Pathworks
555.010DEMAND::GALLAGHERThu Jul 06 1995I want my 3D pipes 8-)
556.018SKYLAB::FISHERThu Jul 06 1995How to see a secondary IDE controller
557.0+41CGOWGS::DREWThu Jul 06 1995WIN32 ASPI Tar available for Win95 & NT
558.06CRONIC::LEMONSFri Jul 07 1995Network Neighborhood
559.04AKOCOA::DANEK::danekFri Jul 07 1995E-Mail Connection problem
560.04LEAF::MACDONALDFri Jul 07 1995Network Password???
561.010SKYLAB::FISHERFri Jul 07 1995How do you switch from CD to Floppy?
562.02ANGST::16.11.16Fri Jul 07 1995Problem using Plus compression
563.018ROCK::STROPPAROSun Jul 09 1995FAX Problems
564.09NAC::KROENINGMon Jul 10 1995SLIP INSTALL problem
565.07MIMS::OLSEN_GMon Jul 10 1995Install WIN95 from Network Drive?
566.02MIMS::OLSEN_GMon Jul 10 1995PW Windows Drivers Diskette?
567.05KAOTMon Jul 10 1995How to get latest Win95 builds?
568.05ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAMon Jul 10 1995W95 does NOT support DCI? A step backward?
569.01BLAZER::MIKELISTue Jul 11 1995Corrupt Registry in Build 49
570.08AKOCOA::DANEK::danekTue Jul 11 1995EIDE question
571.05XTINE::HARDINGTue Jul 11 1995Help for a user without documentation
572.08BASEX::KAIRYSWed Jul 12 1995Lend me a Plus Pack?
573.02STPWed Jul 12 1995FM chip in 433DT under b.347
574.03TOHOPE::TOHOPE::VORE_SWed Jul 12 1995DECwriter 1
575.05DEMAND::GALLAGHERWed Jul 12 1995Assigning a drive letter to a subdirectory???
576.011CIVPR1::SIMMONSWed Jul 12 1995FTP Software PC/TCP w/ Windows 95
577.017PCIGAT::TilleyWed Jul 12 1995PathWorks and Windows 95 READY.......
578.0LARVAE::JORDANWed Jul 12 1995ALL-IN-1 direct from Win-95
579.0CGOOA::SATISHWed Jul 12 1995Megahertz Modem+Ethernet Combo card with Win95
580.07TOMMII::RDAVIESThu Jul 13 1995Add-on for Windows 95
581.04MUGGER::HUGHESSThu Jul 13 1995Binding text is missing in network setup
582.011DIBDIB::DBATESThu Jul 13 1995Network utilisation extremely high with tcpip
583.03WELCLU::SHARKEYAFri Jul 14 1995Is something up with this notesfile ?
584.06DFSAXP::JPFri Jul 14 1995Delete confirmations
585.01DFSAXP::JPFri Jul 14 1995Start Menu - RUN history list
586.08SKYLAB::FISHERFri Jul 14 1995DIrect-connection Networking
587.06BLAZER::MIKELISFri Jul 14 1995Can't Reinstall 49
588.03ANGST::EGOLFSat Jul 15 1995Starion 5
589.02MROA::HEIER_LSun Jul 16 1995TCP/IP problems
590.08GOVTMon Jul 17 1995How do I set up SCSI disks on Adaptec 154
591.06KERNEL::BROWNMMon Jul 17 1995Windows 95 Upgrade Problems
592.01AXEL::FOLEYMon Jul 17 1995Drivers for SIIG EIDE VLB disk controller
593.0TELEM::TREATMon Jul 17 1995Win 95, Lotus Notes, Pathworks; print problem
594.08ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Jul 18 1995Do BETA testers need .....?
595.08KERNEL::BROWNMTue Jul 18 1995Adding a ZYNX Network Adapter
596.02CADSYS::COOKTue Jul 18 1995Ah - it should still work without your help!
597.02CADSYS::COOKTue Jul 18 1995Windows 95 releases to manufacturing!
598.05STOWOA::BUFTON::NBUFTONTue Jul 18 1995Byte Article - '95 v. NT
599.011FBEDEV::KYZIVATTue Jul 18 1995Does w95 allow a bigger FAT?
601.09FIEVEL::FILGATETue Jul 18 1995Changing the startup picture for Windows 95
602.07SU2PLY::GALLAGHERWed Jul 19 19953 Button Mice ???
603.017PCBUOA::KRATZWed Jul 19 1995finding a real mode driver?
604.04CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Jul 19 1995Voice mail software
605.04CGOOA::BARNABEWed Jul 19 1995SNMP agent??
606.01NETCAD::STEFANIWed Jul 19 1995Windows 95 driver available for DEFPA (FDDI PCI)
607.04WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSThu Jul 20 1995Dial-Up IP - only see own subnet?
608.09CHEFS::GRANTT::GRANTTThu Jul 20 1995TeamLinks running over TCP/IP
609.05FORTY2::NEWELLThu Jul 20 1995MIDI Mapper?
610.02FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Jul 20 1995build expiration dates?
611.03LJSRV1::BONNEAUFri Jul 21 1995HCL for Windows 95? Network cards
612.01NEWVAX::MURRAYSat Jul 22 1995Discounts for Digital?
613.02FSCORE::KAYESun Jul 23 1995problems with racal NIC
614.03GENIE::CAMUSOMon Jul 24 1995Miro graphic card
615.013DFSAXP::JPMon Jul 24 1995PC client for mounting NFS disks over PPP links
616.04STOWOA::READMon Jul 24 1995Lotus Screencam ??
617.019WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSMon Jul 24 1995Another problem with DE2
618.04OTOOA::TRIMBLEMon Jul 24 1995Dial Up Networking & internal modem probs.
619.0PHXSS1::sultry.tfo.dec.com::DALTONMon Jul 24 1995IRQ Assignments for PCMCIA Devices ??
620.02SIOG::E_CUSACKTue Jul 25 1995DECIOCB.386
621.0DFSAXP::JPTue Jul 25 1995Vote on Windows 95 Newgroups @
622.03WMGEN1::seawtr.dvo.dec.com::adamsTue Jul 25 1995Mobile Media Drivers
623.06KERNEL::BROWNMWed Jul 26 1995Video Adapter Compatability
625.02WOTVAX::pcThu Jul 27 1995Boot Diskette with no Drvspace load
626.02ZKWRK1::RJACKThu Jul 27 1995Windows-95 Server? Anyone try this?
627.03PEACHS::MACEACHERNThu Jul 27 1995Question on Tape Backup.
628.03ADOVThu Jul 27 1995W95 and PW4OSF servers problems.
629.03SML1DR::EROSFri Jul 28 1995Add Win95 to NT 3.51 system?
630.0MRKTNG::16.11.16Fri Jul 28 1995Another randon keyboard problem
631.04BIGUN::chmeee::MayneMon Jul 31 1995Connect to hidden shares without drive letter?
632.017BIS1::MENZIESMon Jul 31 1995Hardware Drivers
633.03BAHTAT::HILTONMon Jul 31 1995MSN=The Internet
634.09JUGHED::JOHNMon Jul 31 1995Driver for Digital PCMCIA network card??
635.011SML1DR::EROSMon Jul 31 1995Iomega Zip drive with Windows 95?
636.0GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Jul 31 1995runtime C error on build r2...
637.04GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Jul 31 1995problem with mouse driver at DOS level
638.01SPEZKO::MERMELLMon Jul 31 1995Windows95/PCI Technology Exchange Program session
639.065SUBSYS::DTSULLIVANTue Aug 01 1995Order Windows 95 from SSB or Stream?
640.03ROMEOS::HARRIS_MATue Aug 01 1995How to move data/apps from one PC to another?
641.0SKYLAB::FISHERTue Aug 01 1995Why can't I change the volume name of D:?
642.03STOWOA::READWed Aug 02 1995Docked/Undocked Icon on Start Menu ??
643.030DELBOY::pcThu Aug 03 1995433W animated cursors (curses!)
644.01DIBDIB::DBATESThu Aug 03 1995Copying one installation to another machine?
645.09DKAS::DEPCThu Aug 03 1995Trouble with June Pre-Release 2
646.01PCBUOA::KRATZThu Aug 03 1995Winstone95 on Windows95
647.02OTOOA::otonFri Aug 04 1995Screen corruption in DOS shell
648.04HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENFri Aug 04 1995How to UN-associate a file extension?
649.05QUARK::LIONELFri Aug 04 1995Subliminals in Windows 95 startup screen?
650.01KDCFS1::FRENCHFri Aug 04 199595 certification
651.01OTOOA::SPOONERFri Aug 04 1995Hardware Certification???
652.02DONVAN::REICHERTSun Aug 06 1995Dual SCSI/PCI Controllers?
653.03BBOVSun Aug 06 1995Qlogic PCI SCSI drivers
654.06ZHSOS1::STAMPFLIMon Aug 07 1995Celebris 59
655.03FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Aug 07 1995Problem printing out the documentation from the CD
656.012WELCLU::62967::sharkeyaMon Aug 07 1995Whats a good backup utility for Win95 ?
657.03TLE::TARSAMon Aug 07 1995Audio volume related questions
658.01DPDMAI::HAGENTue Aug 08 1995Gold Disk???
659.06USCTR1::PARKER_JTue Aug 08 1995w95 on-line location?
660.0+25USDEV::RSTREETERTue Aug 08 1995Disk cluster sizes?
661.024KERNEL::BROWNMWed Aug 09 1995MSN Charges
662.011WOTVAX::DORANAWed Aug 09 1995SCSI CD-ROM problem
663.03WELCLU::CARTERPWed Aug 09 1995Shortcut to By-Pass Win95 on Boot
664.0+80BAHTAT::HILTONWed Aug 09 1995PowerToys
665.05USCD::tisWed Aug 09 1995Hayes Optima 288 V.34 PCMCIA under build 347
666.04CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Aug 09 1995Direct Connection with SLIP and PPP
668.02WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSThu Aug 10 1995TIP: QuickView
669.0ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Aug 10 1995MSN access in Germany
670.018HOTLNE::WILLISThu Aug 10 1995Will it run on my .......
671.013BAHTAT::HILTONFri Aug 11 1995Changing MTU param for TCP/IP routing
672.04OTOOA::TRIMBLEFri Aug 11 1995Display settings for DECpc 433dxLP???
673.016WELCLU::62967::sharkeyaFri Aug 11 1995Win 95 games ?
674.05TROOA::TRP271::AkermanisSat Aug 12 1995Disk Compression Note - General
677.019DIBDIB::DBATESSun Aug 13 1995Do you need to load MSCDEX to see a CD drive?
678.01OTOOA::TRIMBLESun Aug 13 1995Network installs of Win95 build 95
679.01WELCLU::62967::sharkeyaSun Aug 13 1995Who sings Goodtime ?
680.08KERNEL::BROWNMMon Aug 14 1995MSN Access Problems??
681.06RANGER::COOKMon Aug 14 1995Can network bindings be disabled?
682.01LUXMon Aug 14 1995Where is the policy editor for Window 95 ?
683.0+27NOTAPC::RIOPELLEMon Aug 14 1995Dual Boot ( Windows NT and Windows 95 )
684.017STOWOA::READMon Aug 14 1995Hinote Ultra IR Port Driver for W95 ??
685.015GVPROD::FITZGERALDTue Aug 15 19958514 and VRC16-CA?
686.0KAMPUS::NEIDECKERTue Aug 15 1995Driver for E-Tech C9624RX PCMCIA Modem
687.012WELCLU::SHARKEYATue Aug 15 1995Can I directly delete files ?
688.01DKAS::HPS4Tue Aug 15 1995System Performance Tab/ DOS Compatibility Mode
689.01LUXTue Aug 15 1995Trying to install nettools gives empty selection
690.01FIEVEL::FILGATETue Aug 15 1995MathCad 6.
691.03MKOTS3::CHENG_MTue Aug 15 1995user profile and roving user
692.01OGBON::COCAM::GORDONTue Aug 15 1995Woes with printing to V4.2 server
693.031LEMAN::DZIALOWSKIWed Aug 16 1995Web access through MSN & MS'own browser
694.04WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSWed Aug 16 1995WNT, 95 and DHCP problems.
695.04MUNSBE::CHEQUERWed Aug 16 1995Autologon of a Windows-95 system
696.022HGOVC::NELSONTSANGWed Aug 16 1995Using Tape drive in W95
697.04SKYLAB::FISHERWed Aug 16 1995Startup Menu
698.06TNPUBS::MACDONALDWed Aug 16 1995Netscape Exchange Agent
699.01ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAWed Aug 16 1995W95 Exiting screens are just BITMAPS. You can EDIT.
700.013HGOVC::NELSONTSANGWed Aug 16 1995<CD-ROM Problem>
701.011JHAXP::DECARTERETThu Aug 17 1995GPF's using newest Netscape
702.08SML1DR:: Aug 17 19953Com PCMCIA Ethernet card/1
703.09QUARK::LIONELThu Aug 17 1995Best deals on Windows 95 software
704.06HERON::milThu Aug 17 1995Clock delays and mouse related PC hangs?
705.02BALTMD::J_SMITHFri Aug 18 1995HiNote, WIN95, PCMCIA Sound Adapter problem
706.02RANGER::COBBFri Aug 18 19953-Disk CDROM trouble
707.025RANGER::COOKSat Aug 19 1995Discuss the 'autoplay' feature here
708.0TIMMII::RDAVIESSat Aug 19 1995IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM with Windows 95 32 bit drivers
709.029RICKS::PHIPPSSun Aug 20 1995Windows95 Resource Kit Note
710.05QUARK::LIONELSun Aug 20 1995Deleting sound events
711.07WOTVAX::pcMon Aug 21 1995problems with PostScript to a FILE:
712.02WOTVAX::pcMon Aug 21 1995Problems with PowerPoint V7
713.0BESMon Aug 21 1995Needed driver for scanner and tablet
714.06SU2PLY::GALLAGHERMon Aug 21 1995WIN95 install from a shared networked CD
715.015FSAEUR::ROEMon Aug 21 1995WIN95 part numbers
716.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Aug 21 1995Cardshop Plus on W95 ?
717.031FSAEUR::ROEMon Aug 21 1995MS Office Upgrades
718.05STOWOA::SANDERSONMon Aug 21 1995Quicktime for windows 95?
719.08IAGO::wort1.ljo.dec.com::CUMMINGSMon Aug 21 1995Diamond Stealth Pro displays garbage
720.06ORAREP::OAKEYMon Aug 21 1995Using older single spin Mitsumi CD-ROM
721.0CIVPR1::SIMMONSMon Aug 21 1995Setting default fot used in Word pad
722.01RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABETue Aug 22 1995Internal Order Number?
723.05MANMWed Aug 23 1995App written to WIN32 API- run on NT, WIN95?
724.032QUARK::LIONELWed Aug 23 1995Easter Eggs
725.018IAGO::wort1.ljo.dec.com::CUMMINGSWed Aug 23 1995SLIP -> Decserver
726.05OUTPOS::EKLOFWed Aug 23 1995Disabling auto restart of applications running at shutdown?
727.030SNOFS1::GREENANAWed Aug 23 1995I got mine!
728.01CAPNET::PJOHNSONWed Aug 23 1995All that's missing is my M: drive
729.06STAR::FENSTERThu Aug 24 1995What's the program associated with .INF ?
730.030WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSThu Aug 24 1995Your Impression of the Launch
731.011UTRTSC::VDBURGThu Aug 24 1995MIDI problems with new soundcard
732.04STOWOA::bufton.ogo.dec.com::NBUFTONThu Aug 24 1995MSN without Win95?
733.034WELCLU::62967::sharkeyaThu Aug 24 1995Enter your retail bugs here
734.07BSS::A_SALEThu Aug 24 1995List of DEC products supported on Win 95?
735.012SNOFS1::GREENANAFri Aug 25 1995Living books
736.015BAHTAT::HILTONFri Aug 25 1995Free MS-Money for '95
737.015BSS::G_MCINTOSHFri Aug 25 1995File Manager
738.01DECWET::RWALKERFri Aug 25 1995BLASTER setting for soundblaster pro 2
739.01WHYNOW::NEWMANFri Aug 25 1995Looking for Windows95 DECwriter 9
740.02OTOOA::BUTLERFri Aug 25 1995PAS works now, but no SB emulation?
741.01SPEZKO::DORSEYSun Aug 27 1995Work around for postscript printing problems
742.019HLFSSun Aug 27 1995V34 modem not responding.
743.05WHYNOW::NEWMANSun Aug 27 1995HiNote Ultra & switching between floppy & CDROM
744.05SKYLAB::FISHERSun Aug 27 1995Tried Internet Assistent?
745.08BIS6::CASSARTMon Aug 28 1995installation of upgrade/setup fails
746.03EVTAI1::DEGATMon Aug 28 1995LK45
747.02TROOA::HULSEMon Aug 28 1995RRD4
748.010ROBRVW::MITCHELLMon Aug 28 1995WINDOWS 95 Exception Error
749.021NETCAD::MELARAGNIMon Aug 28 1995Win 95 installation horror stories
750.030HGOVC::NELSONTSANGMon Aug 28 1995Full version or Upgrade???
751.08WHYNOW::NEWMANTue Aug 29 1995What do these DEVICE MANAGER messages mean?
752.05FIEVEL::FILGATETue Aug 29 1995Multiple users of a notebook
753.08WELCLU::SHARKEYATue Aug 29 1995Can you change icons in office toolbar ?
754.014QUARK::LIONELTue Aug 29 1995Word 7.
755.013WRKSYS::SOVIETue Aug 29 1995Modem connect problem
756.010DRIFT::WOODTue Aug 29 1995Please delete duplicate MSN accounts
757.06PAMSRC::ARENDTTue Aug 29 1995has anyone gotten tape backup to work?
758.01SALEM::DANCONATue Aug 29 1995DEC part number ???
759.025CGOOA::BARNABETue Aug 29 1995Upgrade experiences
760.09CAPNET:: Aug 29 1995Pro Audio Spectrum 16 Driver anyone?
761.05SWAM1::HUFFAKERTue Aug 29 1995Natural Keyboard and Win95 final release
762.06DWOMV2::CAMPBELLTue Aug 29 1995New "Windows 95 Keyboards"??
763.025LOSPED::MCGHIEWed Aug 30 1995Copy Win95 bootable disk
764.07BAHTAT::HILTONWed Aug 30 1995Win95 Performance
765.04KERNEL::FORDRWed Aug 30 1995Disk Compression speed issues
766.018ANGST::EGOLFWed Aug 30 1995Fast Shutdown icon?
767.03ARNIES::JULIANWed Aug 30 1995Are program groups obsolete?
768.02HANNAH::COBBWed Aug 30 1995Sharename character limit?
769.035QUARK::LIONELWed Aug 30 1995Tailor startup for DOS mode
770.023RUMOR::t1p1Wed Aug 30 1995Windows cannot run this program. - Why?
771.07BSS::G_MCINTOSHWed Aug 30 1995My Computer?
772.02BSS::G_MCINTOSHWed Aug 30 1995How to delete a "Program Item"
773.0WELCLU::SHARKEYAWed Aug 30 1995Anyone gets lots of GPFs ?
774.03WELCLU::SHARKEYAWed Aug 30 1995I found this in my startup group ?
775.03CGOOA::BARNABEWed Aug 30 1995old doom under W95
776.07MROA::MGREENFIELDWed Aug 30 1995FDISK/Partition upgrade considerations
777.03BIS6::CASSARTThu Aug 31 1995disable theh system shadow bios
778.038ANGST::EGOLFThu Aug 31 1995Way to get rid of shortcut arrow?
779.01HANNAH::COBBThu Aug 31 1995Shortcut for Find?
780.015PINBOT::ERVINThu Aug 31 1995Can't shut the system down with win95
781.0+17PINBOT::ERVINThu Aug 31 1995Best way to do a clean install of retail win95?
782.06HOTLNE::DOYLEThu Aug 31 199532
783.03ESCROW::HEWITTThu Aug 31 1995Can't get Microsoft FTP to login
784.013EVMS::SCHUETZThu Aug 31 1995Help! Registry gone.
785.05NETCAD::S_HARRISThu Aug 31 1995great job
786.011HANNAH::COBBThu Aug 31 1995Installing from centralized server over the net
787.04WELCLU::CARTERPThu Aug 31 1995fe
788.026WOTVAX::PUGWSH::GilbertThu Aug 31 1995Auto change IP addresses?
789.03BLKPUD::WILLOUGHBYDThu Aug 31 1995Windows'95 and Panasonic KX-P61
790.015NCMAIL::LEFFLERMThu Aug 31 1995backing up DMF?
791.05KERNEL::BROWNMFri Sep 01 1995On-Line Registration Problems
792.02ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Sep 01 1995Celebris 59
793.014ROWLET::ALBURYFri Sep 01 1995SoftRam '95
794.03NCMAIL::LEFFLERMFri Sep 01 1995Hinote Ultra install problem
795.019CGOOA::BARNABEFri Sep 01 1995Adaptec 154
796.04TROOA::JOHNSTONFri Sep 01 1995Stupid User Shutdown loop
797.02TROOA::JOHNSTONFri Sep 01 1995Explorer doing things TOO easily!
798.01LANDO::EIBENSun Sep 03 1995missing pieces of flop distribution
799.05WRKSYS::RAMANUJANMon Sep 04 1995Disk duplicated ...!?
800.013MINNY::PARKERMon Sep 04 1995can't browse my network
801.04ARNIES::JULIANMon Sep 04 1995Short cut for Shutdown
802.04PRSSOS::BERNARDMon Sep 04 1995Sysbckup content ?
803.03GENIE::MAURERFMon Sep 04 1995Deskjet 66
804.04BASLG1::BADMANJMon Sep 04 1995Changing HELP colours ?
805.03RDGENG::GREIDMon Sep 04 1995How to find Hardware Address
806.01VIRGIN::HOFERMon Sep 04 1995lad's on Win95 with Pathworks kit
807.05ZPOVC::PHILIPTANGMon Sep 04 1995Details view problem in Explorer
808.05TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon Sep 04 1995Automated Mail Pickup and Delivery with PPP
809.033SWAM2::WONG_HEMon Sep 04 1995WIN95 and AHA-294
810.07SIOG::E_CUSACKTue Sep 05 1995PW 4.1 and WINDOWS 95
811.010GRUMBL::KEANETue Sep 05 1995multiple internet providers?
812.03KERNEL::PERKINSRTue Sep 05 1995Tidying up the house...
813.01RTOMP2::STEFAN_ADMINTue Sep 05 1995Old multiple DOS configurations.
814.03RTOMP2::STEFAN_ADMINTue Sep 05 1995TCP/IP, Winsock, Pathworks
815.04JHAXP::DECARTERETTue Sep 05 1995CARDFILE Replacement
816.05AD::EMERTue Sep 05 1995Setting Default Logon Name
817.05WELCLU::SHARKEYATue Sep 05 1995How do I store user profiles remotely ?
818.06ALICAT::MACKAYTue Sep 05 1995How to set folder display defaults?
819.01ZPOVC::YINGYONGWed Sep 06 1995DEC's Basic Redirector
820.010GENIE::MAURERFWed Sep 06 1995Modem communication problem
821.032RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEWed Sep 06 1995How to connect to a VMS printer queue?
822.029WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSWed Sep 06 1995Do I dare delete C:\DOS ??
823.07ROCK::STROPPAROWed Sep 06 1995Multiple Networks
824.02WELCLU::SHARKEYAWed Sep 06 1995Plus fails to install - any clues ?
825.021HLFSWed Sep 06 1995Modem not compatible????
826.024NETRIX::"harinder@zk3.dec.com"Wed Sep 06 1995Optimal system requiement for "WIN95"?
827.0GENRAL::TURCHECKWed Sep 06 1995WUGNET CD 4-sale
828.012JHAXP::DECARTERETWed Sep 06 1995Garbled Audio
829.0AXEL::FOLEYWed Sep 06 1995433SLC network problems with DEC/IBM PCMCIA card
830.03NUTS2U::LITTLEThu Sep 07 1995Multi-port serial card?
831.03BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Sep 07 1995Putting Win95 on SCSI D: ?
832.07KERNEL::BROWNMThu Sep 07 1995Interesting News
833.04GENIE::MURRAYThu Sep 07 1995F-PROT, Partiy-B and SUHDLOG.DAT
834.05ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAThu Sep 07 1995SCSI disk auto spin-down. Where is it set?
835.03NCMAIL::LEFFLERMThu Sep 07 1995Stop persistent port mapping?
836.07NETRIX::"duerksen@zk3.dec.com"Thu Sep 07 1995Does PPP have CCP?
837.02GRANPA::BARABIAFri Sep 08 1995Problems with .BAT Files on NET
838.010QUARK::LIONELFri Sep 08 1995Free Norton Anti-Virus for WIndows 95
839.04CURRNT::BAILEYFri Sep 08 1995D-Link DE-65
840.012ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAFri Sep 08 1995W95 kits from SSB. Ordering info.
841.03SYSSRV::WEISFri Sep 08 1995netware 3.11 and long file names
842.03RANGER::COOKSat Sep 09 1995Aren't network-printers 'transparent' to clients?
843.09SKYLAB::FISHERSun Sep 10 1995Internet Explorer messed up my TCP settings
844.014CRONIC::LEMONSSun Sep 10 1995Dial-Up Networking, Exchange scripting?
845.014HGOVC::NELSONTSANGMon Sep 11 1995DOS??? Win95???
846.02GIDDAY:: Sep 11 1995Win95 drivers from Quad speed IDE CDROM
847.05EPS::BOEHMMon Sep 11 1995Can't Drvspace removable drive?
848.01JULIET::LEE_CAMon Sep 11 1995music CD's on rrd2
849.012TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon Sep 11 1995WIN95 Backup Problems
850.04NETRIX::"sven.eriksson@soo.mts.dec.com"Mon Sep 11 1995Playing .AVI-files
851.04THEWAV::LYNCHMon Sep 11 1995Drive "B" only recognised if disk installed
852.06SUBSYS::TEECEMon Sep 11 1995Hard Disk boot problem
853.06ZEKE::MAURERMon Sep 11 1995Intel Endeavor motherboard & W95
854.07BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Sep 12 1995Dial-up TCP/IP broken, NetBEUI not
855.0BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Sep 12 199553C81
856.09PEACHS::MACEACHERNTue Sep 12 1995Problems with Grolier's with WIN95
857.05NCMAIL::LEFFLERMTue Sep 12 1995fonts missing in word & ppt
858.01PCBUOA::YOUNGTue Sep 12 1995DOS BAT job Window loses focus, stops executing...
859.05TUXEDO::WRAYTue Sep 12 1995Upgrade questions
860.04EPS::BOEHMTue Sep 12 1995Network info - where located?
861.03CSC32::M_MENKHUSTue Sep 12 1995Windows 95, ftp/binary problems w/ds7
862.021GRANPA::BMCCARTYTue Sep 12 1995KEAterm - KEA!
863.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Sep 13 1995WNT vs Windows 95?
864.0KERNEL::BROWNMWed Sep 13 199545
865.03DIBDIB::DBATESWed Sep 13 1995How to change Registery entries
866.010ICS::CWILSONWed Sep 13 1995Need help with PC internal speaker set-up
867.0PIETWed Sep 13 1995Mail Merge from Access - stack dump - Help!
868.03IJSAPL::VANGEESTWed Sep 13 1995Best drivers for the Logitech SoundMan?
869.0+31OTOU25::G_DONELYWed Sep 13 1995S3 911/924 Video Driver Problem
870.03ESBWed Sep 13 1995Force WIN95 to use WfWg's Permanent Swapfile?
871.01MIMS::MCFARLAND_DWed Sep 13 1995Fatal Exception
872.08POBOX::MSPAM::WIESSWed Sep 13 1995HiNote keeps running and running and running ...
873.035RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEThu Sep 14 1995The Windows95 Secret Screen
874.04SNOFS2::FUNGSIONGMAThu Sep 14 1995GAIW31.ZIP -> Graph OK, Fonts NOT OK...
875.02DIBDIB::DBATESThu Sep 14 1995DECpc 433DXLP won't run SETUP.EXE
876.02GRANPA::CPOINDEXTERThu Sep 14 1995My Connection/internet Provider
877.05HYLNDR::ROYThu Sep 14 1995DECpc 466 MTE fails with SU-
878.013NODEX::ADEYThu Sep 14 1995Swap File
880.012BSS::PROCTOR_RThu Sep 14 1995DISKIMAG type utility?
881.04SHRCTR::JSTODDARDThu Sep 14 1995Do I need ASPIBUF.SYS?
882.08ROBRVW::MITCHELLThu Sep 14 1995CPU Upgrade
883.04PLUTO::BRUNTThu Sep 14 1995Reflection 4.
884.03GLDOA::gbatts.tlo.dec.com::westbrooksFri Sep 15 1995Problems with 1152 Printer Driver
885.02KETJE::WARICHETFri Sep 15 1995HP LaserJet Ethernet JetAdmin
886.013CAPNET::PJOHNSONFri Sep 15 1995Batch jobs
887.0JHAXP::DECARTERETFri Sep 15 1995NOVAback tape backup
888.01CSOA1::FULTONFri Sep 15 1995Questions about Mail
889.01WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSFri Sep 15 1995Winpopup and printing?
890.04NOTAPC::SEGERFri Sep 15 1995Microsoft FAX
891.06MMOAXP::MHENSONFri Sep 15 1995WIN95 Install Modifications Possible?
892.0+6BSS::PROCTOR_RSat Sep 16 1995Megahertz 14.4 PCMCIA modem doesn't wanna!
894.01FORTY2::TATHAMMon Sep 18 1995BIOS settings on 425iDX2
895.012ICS::BEANMon Sep 18 1995Creative Labs IDE CDrom 4x
896.02GLRMAI::GEOFFROYMon Sep 18 1995More LPS2
897.011NODEX::ADEYTue Sep 19 1995Visual C++ V2.x 32-bit under Windows 95?
898.05HGOVC::NELSONTSANGTue Sep 19 1995Removable Disk???
899.026LISVAX::RIBEIRO_NTue Sep 19 1995WIN95 and Netscape.
900.03KETJE::WARICHETTue Sep 19 1995boot start with menu
901.0SPARGL::6369Tue Sep 19 1995DEClaser not print over Pathworks Share to Digital Unix
902.0RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABETue Sep 19 1995Print to FILE: - Do not want prompt for filename
903.0MIMS::TAFT_STue Sep 19 1995Sharing "dial-in" information between systems
904.07HDECAD::MICHAUDTue Sep 19 1995Runtime screen capture question..
905.018STAR::DZIEDZICTue Sep 19 1995Diamond "beta" drivers and VRC16 timing setup
906.01EPS::BOEHMTue Sep 19 1995Boot different SW configs?
907.01NWDTue Sep 19 1995Add options to NEW SHORTCUT
908.01CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Sep 19 1995Fonts
909.0134823::FOILESTue Sep 19 1995LA65 Driver??
910.06HGOVC::NELSONTSANGTue Sep 19 1995Creating New Icons???
911.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Sep 20 1995Maximized DOS box --- How to minimize??
912.08ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Sep 20 1995DOS box and command recall
913.08VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Sep 20 1995How to install the DEClaser 35
914.05VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Sep 20 1995Why can't I browse my PW/UNIX domain with Win95?
915.032EPS::BOEHMWed Sep 20 1995How does one get rid of the Logon stuff?
916.02GENRAL::TURCHECKWed Sep 20 1995Control Panel
917.042ZEKE::MAURERWed Sep 20 1995Changing boot drive - strategy ?
918.010BBRDGE::LOVELLWed Sep 20 1995Minimal System/ Bootable Floppy with NetBeui
920.05EPS::BOEHMWed Sep 20 1995Closing DOS window automatically?
921.03MIMS::MCFARLAND_DWed Sep 20 1995How to exit dial-up networking?
922.02ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAWed Sep 20 1995Need to locate resource kit, ANIEDIT.INF
923.02HANDVG::STEVELIUThu Sep 21 1995unicode support ?
924.03FSAEUR::ROEThu Sep 21 1995Restoring from backup
925.011EPS::BOEHMThu Sep 21 1995Current user name available?
926.01WRKSYS::MORINThu Sep 21 1995W95 reporting wrong amount of memory.
927.05WASHDC::PAGANOThu Sep 21 1995Can't browse network
928.06OTOU25::G_DONELYThu Sep 21 1995Proaudio Spectrum and Soundblaster Volume
929.01VERSA::GASSERTThu Sep 21 1995slow floppy tape
930.08LISVAX::RIBEIRO_NFri Sep 22 1995Windows95 with PW4.1 on Ultrix
931.03FORTY2::HARDINGFri Sep 22 1995Dial up networking problems
932.02ODIXIE::SIMPSONTFri Sep 22 1995Problem with LJ52
933.016DELNI::DUNCANFri Sep 22 1995Win95 forced into "DOS-compatibility mode"?
934.02SALEM::TAYLOR_JFri Sep 22 1995dumping WIN95 ! Help please ?
935.03COOKIE::FROEHLINFri Sep 22 1995Plug & Play or Autoconfigure
936.09WKRP::HENRYSat Sep 23 1995Celebris 59
937.021ZPOVC::JASONCHANSun Sep 24 1995Win95 TCP/IP client can't see server!
938.01--UnknownUser--Sun Sep 24 1995Teamlinks ver 2.5 problems
939.03LISVAX::RIBEIRO_NMon Sep 25 1995Delete pointers of docs.
940.013CHEFS::MORRISCMon Sep 25 1995Drivespace 2 to 3 upgrade nightmares
941.06ZPOVC::FABIANLEEMon Sep 25 1995login script for NW not processed in NW/NT environnent
942.06ZEKE::MAURERMon Sep 25 1995Hijaak 95
943.01FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Sep 25 1995windows upgrade to Windows 95 `burries' the games group
944.02TRNOIS::BOCCIMon Sep 25 1995driver for s3-964 (pcxag-al)
945.0CAPNET::PJOHNSONMon Sep 25 1995Where's Word's equation editor?
946.01VIRGIN::SUTTERMon Sep 25 1995how to restore my task-bar?
947.01CGOOA::BARNABEMon Sep 25 1995425SE and shutdown?
948.02CHEFS::grantt.reo.dec.com::GRANTTTue Sep 26 1995Problem with printers going Oll-line
949.01SETIMC::NOREN_NTue Sep 26 1995Resource Kit help file in Postscript ?
950.02GENIE::MAURERFTue Sep 26 1995address book update?
951.07PCBUOA::ANGELONETue Sep 26 1995Windows 96 ? Come on.....
952.03BOUGY::CACHINTue Sep 26 1995Celebris FP59
953.0ANOHAC::COMFORTTue Sep 26 1995notepad <> wordpad & printing
954.01LUXTue Sep 26 1995How to extend the explorer (Programming Q.)
955.04RULLE::GORANTue Sep 26 1995DECPC433 and C&T
956.03MQOOA::LETue Sep 26 1995Best settings for VRT17-HA (monitor type)???
957.02ANGST::EGOLFTue Sep 26 1995Can get icon in folder for file on net drive
958.03ZPOVC::MONTYWONGTue Sep 26 1995Order Technet and MSDN II?
959.02MPGS::TUCKERTue Sep 26 1995Where's the documents?
960.02SNOFS2::FUNGSIONGMAWed Sep 27 1995Philip CM2
961.02HGOVC::NELSONTSANGWed Sep 27 1995Prevent illegal User
962.05GRUMBL::KEANEWed Sep 27 1995Aztech Galaxy Sound card and WIn95
963.04KERNEL::BROWNMWed Sep 27 1995Goodbye All
964.08ZURWed Sep 27 1995Is MSN only 192
965.01KRYSTL::POPHAMWed Sep 27 1995Dial In Network Termination?
966.025SNLVWed Sep 27 1995HiNote Ultra running out of IRQs?
967.02MEOCThu Sep 28 1995Can't connect to Print shares under Pathworks?
968.03TOHOPE::VORE_SThu Sep 28 1995NetWatcher
969.04KOALA::CIOTThu Sep 28 1995IDE drive missing after reboot ?
970.01ZURThu Sep 28 1995HP Deskjet 85
971.020ANOHAC::COMFORTThu Sep 28 1995Backup and Conner tape drive
972.04SWAM1::BALDWIN_LEThu Sep 28 1995Slow cascading menus??
973.02WOTVAX::64115::GilbertThu Sep 28 1995Laptop forgets hardware profile
974.07--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 28 1995Office 95 CDROM, $18, QA-39NAB-G8, Mistake?
975.0TOHOPE::VORE_SThu Sep 28 1995Find Fast control panel
976.06MAS::OREILLYThu Sep 28 199532
977.02LISVAX::RIBEIRO_NFri Sep 29 1995Ultrix, pathworks and Windows95 battle.
978.05ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAFri Sep 29 1995PC Mag's Win 95 Tuneup Util (WINTUNE95) now available
979.023PEACHS::MACEACHERNFri Sep 29 1995Many GPFs running WIN95 on an AMD dx4 -1
980.06VAIL::OXENBERGFri Sep 29 1995Windows95...
981.02TENNIS::KAMSat Sep 30 1995Does Windows 95 support Real-estate vs. Click-to-focus mode?
982.01ZPOVC::DANIELLIMMon Oct 02 1995Hard Disk Copy /Migration
983.013CHEFS::MORRISCMon Oct 02 1995OFFICE 95 Problems
984.0BASLG1::BADMANJMon Oct 02 1995Mouse speed at DOS level ?
985.08KYPROS::ERAKLEDESMon Oct 02 1995Mitsumi 4X Driver Anyone
986.09CHEFS::MORRISCMon Oct 02 1995HiNote W95/BIOS Upgrade
988.01BIS1::MENZIESMon Oct 02 1995AMIGO COMMUNION voice-fax-modem
989.023WELCLU::SHARKEYAMon Oct 02 1995Where is Arcada starting from ?
990.01HDECAD::MICHAUDMon Oct 02 1995CDROM driver error message on bootup..where from?
991.02MIMS::OLSEN_GMon Oct 02 1995Using Scripts ???
992.04SMURF::LABATue Oct 03 1995Does Parallel Interlink cable = LapLink cable?
993.01CHEFS::MORRISCTue Oct 03 1995Plus pack help
994.04NISSER::BURKETue Oct 03 1995Problems With Digital Starion 13
995.0QUARK::LIONELTue Oct 03 1995MS Access for Windows 95 needs 12MB RAM
996.0NETRIX::"maupin@ardc.pa.dec.com"Tue Oct 03 1995How to make Win95 act like MS-DOS/Windows combo
997.05KICKER::N2ITIV::LEETue Oct 03 1995 Internet Explorer and proxy servers
998.01HGOVC::ANTHONYWONGWed Oct 04 1995MS Office 95 internal part no.?????
999.010KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIWed Oct 04 1995Windows95 + DOS Compatibilty Mode = NO CD-ROM
1000.02NETRIX::"raymond.dewil@bro.mts.dec.com"Wed Oct 04 1995View on processes, threads & memory occupation
1001.03VIDEO::WILLIAMSWed Oct 04 1995Backup from 3.11, restore to win95 didn't work
1002.013TUXEDO::GOLDFARBWed Oct 04 1995One screen saver with password, one without
1003.08HGOVC::NELSONTSANGWed Oct 04 19951 card 2 address???
1004.01WELCLU::HUBBARDPThu Oct 05 1995Change of Settings ?
1005.05BASLG1::BADMANJThu Oct 05 1995MPEG with Diamond Stealth 64
1006.05QUARK::LIONELThu Oct 05 1995Iomega tape drives
1007.05BSS::PROCTOR_RThu Oct 05 1995My progress bar ain't!
1008.07SBUOA::sbuc37.mro.dec.com::jenkinsThu Oct 05 1995DEC Laser 18
1009.04ALFAM7::SIEBOLDFri Oct 06 1995What does MSGSRV do?
1011.0EPS::BOEHMFri Oct 06 1995DOS copy loses properties?
1012.03PCBUOA::MCQUADEFri Oct 06 199595, Word 6.
1013.01TNPUBS::MACDONALDFri Oct 06 1995Remote Access to Home System
1014.02GECFri Oct 06 1995H/W Address of NIC Card?
1015.07NETCAD::HILLERSat Oct 07 1995Hang with CMD
1016.01POLAR::SCHILDKRAUTSun Oct 08 1995Missing com port
1017.09PLUTO::BRUNTSun Oct 08 1995LN
1018.01COPSSun Oct 08 1995Profiles and system Policies
1019.0HDECAD::MICHAUDMon Oct 09 1995Qmodem QuickLearn question..
1020.01LUNER::GROVESMon Oct 09 1995How do I restore GAMES ?
1021.0LUNER::GROVESMon Oct 09 1995Problem with LJ12
1022.07ZURMon Oct 09 1995Windows95/DECpc433/Diskette problem!
1023.011WHYNOW::NEWMANMon Oct 09 1995HELP! - Unable to connect to my PWRK File Services
1024.04WHYNOW::NEWMANMon Oct 09 1995Where did my COM ports go?!
1025.013CRONIC::LEMONSTue Oct 10 1995What files does Windows 95 load driver info from?
1026.07HLFSTue Oct 10 1995LK45
1027.03TNPUBS::MACDONALDTue Oct 10 1995Hints about Reinstallation
1028.07CHEFS::MORRISCTue Oct 10 1995Ultrasound W95 Driver
1029.0ACISTue Oct 10 1995IrmaLan and Win95
1030.0+5SNLVWed Oct 11 1995Printing to LA7
1031.05BIS1::VANDENEYNDE_Wed Oct 11 1995Backup and the Windows95 system agent
1032.01DECC::WHOLLEYWed Oct 11 1995comm ports
1033.0BIS1::MENZIESWed Oct 11 1995DTC Enhanced EIDE driver for Win95
1034.03PULMAN::WOLGASTWed Oct 11 1995Demo disk problem ==>>Install problems?
1035.019LUXWed Oct 11 1995User profiles for uninitiated
1036.03FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Oct 11 1995Dark Forces
1037.02OREGUN::GREGORYWed Oct 11 1995prob: aha-274
1038.05MQOOA::LEWed Oct 11 1995KEA!42
1039.07SMURF::LABAWed Oct 11 1995Problem Installing MS Acesss 2.
1040.05--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 12 1995still no joy, but one more casualty!
1041.05GUIDUK::MCCANTAThu Oct 12 1995win16 commdlg and long names
1042.011FARAN::vanion.reo.dec.com::noddleThu Oct 12 1995DOS/Windows 95/Windows NT on same system?
1043.06TOHOPE::VORE_SThu Oct 12 1995PC7XV-CA - Which Monitor Type?
1044.02BAHTAT::HILTONThu Oct 12 1995Clever file associations?
1045.06JHAXP::DECARTERETThu Oct 12 1995Setting up Post Office
1046.01BAHTAT::HILTONFri Oct 13 1995Shared print button gone!
1047.05WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSFri Oct 13 1995Another Pathworks problem
1048.03WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSFri Oct 13 1995
1049.0ALLVAX::CIACCIOFri Oct 13 1995Problem Activating Dial-Up Networking from C++
1050.06KAOFS::C_MENENDEZFri Oct 13 1995OPENGL32.DLL missing...
1051.0VAIL::OXENBERGFri Oct 13 1995md-dos app, run in dos mode only
1052.02SEND::FERWERDAFri Oct 13 1995Icelandic or IsoLatin1 codepage?
1053.05WOTVAX::buzyal.wlo.dec.com::sharkeyaSat Oct 14 1995Why does 95 take so long to shut down ?
1054.0WHYNOW::NEWMANSat Oct 14 1995Problem with Microsoft Office 95 Binder
1055.01GIDDAY::LEESun Oct 15 1995New BIOS Needed??
1056.02ORAREP::BOIKOMon Oct 16 1995Monitor I/O rate per disk..how?
1057.02COPSMon Oct 16 1995Oak Tech. Video driver
1058.03DIBDIB::DBATESMon Oct 16 1995DEPEA and Windows 95 and HiNote Ultra
1059.016JHAXP::DECARTERETMon Oct 16 1995Using MS-Exchange for VMSmail
1060.02MROA::HEIER_LTue Oct 17 1995Remote browsing of network.
1061.01WRKSYS::MORINTue Oct 17 1995"The Last Dynasty" has no "JOY"
1062.04WOTVAX::HATTOSTue Oct 17 1995NET PASSWORD - should it work?
1063.01WHYNOW::NEWMANTue Oct 17 1995WordBasic Err = 582 - What does it mean?
1064.01ASDG::ACITOTue Oct 17 1995Win95 Benchmark Programs
1065.019RCOCER::PEGANTue Oct 17 1995DEC433W running W95
1066.01BAHTAT::HILTONWed Oct 18 1995Windows 95 Updates
1067.01PRMSWed Oct 18 1995Arabic Windows-95???
1068.08GECWed Oct 18 1995File Copy Question - Help!
1069.07CGOOA::OWONGWed Oct 18 1995REGEDIT woes...
1070.07SNOFS2::ATKINSONMARKWed Oct 18 1995WIN95 probs on Venturis 51
1071.06ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Oct 19 1995Audio CD without audio
1072.0+8GVAThu Oct 19 1995CD-ROM CAB-files to floppy?
1073.010RANGER::COOKThu Oct 19 1995Windows-95 system became corrupted/unusable
1074.0WOTVAX::buzyal.wlo.dec.com::sharkeyaThu Oct 19 1995Remote booting topic
1075.06WRKSYS::LASKYThu Oct 19 1995The Internet (MS answer to Netscape)
1076.03ALLENB::BISSELLThu Oct 19 1995LA75 on Win 95
1077.04TROOA::BANGUSFri Oct 20 1995Trouble with Plus!
1078.08LEMAN::DZIALOWSKIFri Oct 20 1995Why is Network Neighborhood incomplete
1079.010TUXEDO::GOLDFARBFri Oct 20 1995Usability of Explorer vs MyComputer
1080.047GIDDAY::MORANSat Oct 21 1995TLZ
1081.09HGOVC::NELSONTSANGSun Oct 22 1995FTP Server for Win95
1082.02SNOFS1::FARRELLMon Oct 23 1995Actix Picasso video driver for 95
1083.010GIDDAY::pcbu42.snl.dec.com::LIELLMon Oct 23 1995Lost Network Connection
1084.08ARNIES::JULIANMon Oct 23 1995DOS memory used by vmm32
1085.0CHEFS::MORRISCMon Oct 23 1995W96 - WFWG3.11 - Parallel port network ?
1086.0RSNC::SCHMIDTMon Oct 23 1995Scanner driver
1087.04DELNI::DUNCANMon Oct 23 1995Slave drive inaccessible
1088.023CAPNET::PJOHNSONMon Oct 23 1995Celebris 59
1089.0CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONMon Oct 23 1995How do you update the install/uninstall list after backup/restore
1090.03REDDWF::ozaxp.sno.dec.com::GiffordMon Oct 23 1995Arcada backup - should be reply to 1
1091.02ANGLIN::SCHWEITZERMon Oct 23 1995toshiba floppy errors
1092.02ACISS1::CHAPUISMon Oct 23 1995Reflections and Windows 95
1093.05CRONIC::LEMONSMon Oct 23 1995How to access a password-protected file share
1094.01QUARK::LIONELMon Oct 23 1995W95 security bug
1095.03IJSAPL::SINKETue Oct 24 1995W95 shared installation question
1096.06ARNIES::JULIANTue Oct 24 1995Deleting a folder on the screen?
1097.02KERNEL::ROELTue Oct 24 19959pin - ps2 converter on a comm port
1098.01LEMAN::DZIALOWSKITue Oct 24 1995problem with Powerpoint V7 display
1099.03MROA::HEIER_LTue Oct 24 1995Watermarks with 35
1100.07STKAI1::BLUNDBERGTue Oct 24 1995Problem with Ensemble CD in Win95
1101.0ROMEOS::HARRIS_MATue Oct 24 1995External MV RENO CDROM drive under Windows-95?
1102.025BAHTAT::HILTONTue Oct 24 1995Daylight Saving Time
1103.030WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSTue Oct 24 1995Proxy settings on Internet Explorer
1104.08NOTAPC::SEGERTue Oct 24 1995accessing infrared port on hinote ultra
1105.013HYLNDR::BROWNTue Oct 24 1995Partial brain-dead system after win95 upgrade
1106.01AUSSIE::TONGTue Oct 24 1995use of \windows\sysbckup ?
1107.07WHYNOW::NEWMANTue Oct 24 1995Problem with Cover Pages and Microsoft FAX
1108.01EJOULT::KRYSTOWed Oct 25 1995QIC113 Specification
1109.01POBOXA::KEEFERWed Oct 25 1995Windows 95 logo requirements?
1110.0ASABET:: Oct 25 1995Numlock problem with Win95/Excel
1111.02HERON::guinea.vbo.dec.com::ballettaWed Oct 25 1995New driver for File and printer sharing for Microsoft Network?
1112.010ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed Oct 25 1995Windows 95 interface on WNT 3.51
1113.04BIS1::MENZIESWed Oct 25 1995Playing with startup/shutdown screens
1114.0NUTS2U::LITTLEWed Oct 25 1995Accessing a remote domain controller?
1115.06AXEL::FOLEYWed Oct 25 1995Celebris 51
1116.03NETCAD::PICKETTWed Oct 25 1995Named Pipes and RPC
1117.04NCMAIL::LEFFLERMWed Oct 25 1995strange browsing problem
1118.0+5FIREBL::LEEDSThu Oct 26 1995KEAterm and dial-up PPP ??
1119.010COPCLU::SNEDKERThu Oct 26 1995PPP and Dial-BACK ?
1120.02ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Oct 26 1995Does Scheduler+ work with ccMail ?
1121.01LEMAN::DZIALOWSKIThu Oct 26 1995opening long name .doc file by clicking
1122.08MKOTS3::RAYMONDThu Oct 26 1995Need help with Phillips IDE CD rom
1123.06POLAR::SCHILDKRAUTThu Oct 26 1995Help with Hyperterminal
1124.015CCDCAT::KOEPPLThu Oct 26 1995Defragmentation
1125.0MPGS::BROMBERGThu Oct 26 1995BOCA Multifunction Card
1126.02CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu Oct 26 1995Dialing in to Work
1127.04MPGS::TUCKERThu Oct 26 1995Real mode driver problems, slow PC now
1128.04CGOOA::OWONGFri Oct 27 1995SAGE Return Status
1129.01BRUMMY::REANEYFri Oct 27 1995w97+o95=file size increase why
1130.01HLFSFri Oct 27 1995TaskBar button labels?
1131.0+7NOTAPC::SEGERFri Oct 27 1995What is an Internet Shortcut?
1132.02WOTVAX::buzyal.wlo.dec.com::sharkeyaSat Oct 28 1995Why does MSN inbox lock up on me ?
1133.02ZPOVC::POHINGSun Oct 29 1995unable to see share tab after enable sharing
1134.0ZPOVC::SEOWHURNMon Oct 30 1995Win95 printing to Netport attached printer-via netbeui ?
1135.01ROWLET::AINSLEYMon Oct 30 1995The joys of dueling operating systems...
1136.02--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 30 1995Cache Memory allocator problem...
1137.016BSS::PROCTOR_RMon Oct 30 1995All I want for Christmas is 1
1138.05OGBON::COCAM::GORDONMon Oct 30 1995Windows Protection Error
1139.02SNOFS2::FUNGSIONGMATue Oct 31 1995Customize Boot Menu?
1140.013WOTVAX::HUBBARDPTue Oct 31 1995DHCP Problem
1141.03UTROP1::LITTEL_MTue Oct 31 1995Drivespace and virtual memory - just a thought
1142.02TROOA::BANGUSTue Oct 31 1995Inbox and Schedule+
1143.016HDECAD::MICHAUDTue Oct 31 1995WIN95 hangs on boot-up after upgrade.
1144.05SLICER::RODTue Oct 31 1995Access to Sales Workbench from Win95
1145.011ICELAN::JOHNTue Oct 31 1995win95 and de1
1146.07JRFVAX::FRANDSENTue Oct 31 1995Windows95 on RZ29 disk?
1147.04STAR::PITCHERTue Oct 31 1995LA95/DECwritr95 printing problems.
1148.09DECLNE::LANTEIGNEWed Nov 01 1995drive letters changed
1149.04JGODCL::BASTENWed Nov 01 1995Win95 and TZK1* streamer ????
1150.012MROA::ALAVALLEYWed Nov 01 1995Older DECpcXL 59
1151.0KERNEL::ELLIOTTRWed Nov 01 1995windows95 nt logon process
1152.09STOWOA::tavo.ogo.dec.com::ODIAZWed Nov 01 1995HOME NETWORK WOOS
1153.010ROWLET::AINSLEYWed Nov 01 1995Temporarily disable automatic startup items
1154.0+17SKYLAB::FISHERWed Nov 01 1995Writing Spanish on an English W95 system
1155.05QUARK::LIONELWed Nov 01 1995Windows Protection Error #14
1156.05SCASWed Nov 01 199595 Migration CD
1157.01HACMAN::WEEKSWed Nov 01 1995RRD2
1158.01NEWVAX::RAYWed Nov 01 1995Where's VTSTAR?
1159.02SNOFS2::MOOREADRIANThu Nov 02 1995MPEG Full Video Card drivers ?
1160.02AIAYR::SLATERThu Nov 02 1995any drivers out there ?
1161.03HAMThu Nov 02 1995Network Setup Disk
1162.07STAR::PITCHERThu Nov 02 1995Dumping the EXCHANGE wastebasket.
1163.02DFSAXP::JPThu Nov 02 1995Partition drive letter changed
1164.01LUNER::GROVESThu Nov 02 1995FS Telehone # ?
1165.02CRONIC::BURKEThu Nov 02 1995Deployment of windows 95
1166.0ZURFri Nov 03 1995spooling freezing apps
1167.03KYPROS::ERAKLEDESFri Nov 03 1995Win95/acad13 halts problem
1168.07ZPOVC::SEOWHURNFri Nov 03 1995Network Neighbourhoond Browser slow to pick up nodes !
1169.018LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Nov 03 1995How to do terminal emulation
1170.03RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEFri Nov 03 1995How to change yellow bubbles on MS Office toolbar?
1171.010AUSSIE::TONGFri Nov 03 1995Microsoft Fax problem
1172.07RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEFri Nov 03 1995Where goes all my physical memory?
1173.0PCBUOA::sheldon.ako.dec.com::GlicklerFri Nov 03 1995Install fax problem.
1174.011MOEUR8::PHOFri Nov 03 1995mapping problem on PWTHWORKS file service
1175.05NETRIX::"mcfarland@hobble.enet.dec.com"Fri Nov 03 1995My display is disappearing!!!
1176.03GVASat Nov 04 1995PCMCIA port 16-bit driver troubles
1177.0COOKIE::FROEHLINSat Nov 04 1995Paradox on '95?
1178.04CSCMA::MACVICARSat Nov 04 1995MS Project, data exchange compat between 95/3.1?
1179.013CAPNET::PJOHNSONSat Nov 04 1995Dial-in Networking Woes
1180.06YIELD::HARRISSat Nov 04 1995Modem transfer rate monitor?
1181.03BSS::PROCTOR_RMon Nov 06 1995Blank Screen Screen Saver left me!
1182.0NOTAPC::SEGERMon Nov 06 1995Unknown devices and missing monitor drivers
1183.03LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Nov 06 1995Map network drive (or net use) problems
1184.03FSAEUR::ROEMon Nov 06 1995WWW, Digital, Windows 95, Browser
1185.0RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEMon Nov 06 1995Need VBADE32.OLB, VBADE32.DLL (german)
1186.04BRSTR1::DERASMon Nov 06 1995Audio CD is not recognized on Ultra
1187.01CRONIC::BURKEMon Nov 06 1995HITNOTE ULTRA won't boot..
1188.023TELFON::MAILMANMon Nov 06 1995Disk partition appears twice in Explorer
1189.01STAR::KRSNA::DKOSKOMon Nov 06 1995Substituting System Fonts
1190.02SMURF::HOLTMon Nov 06 1995lpt1 GONE!
1191.0GRANPA::ATKINSMon Nov 06 1995Network Neighborhood Novell Properties
1192.06TROOA::STANFIELDTue Nov 07 1995GCC Tech. Laser Printer Driver?
1193.02PCBUOA::ANGELONETue Nov 07 1995Help with HP 56
1194.03PCBUOA::ANGELONETue Nov 07 1995Help copying a drive to another.
1195.01SNOFS2::MOOREADRIANTue Nov 07 1995DecWriter 11
1196.07ASDG::WATSONWed Nov 08 1995Number Nine (#9) Motion 771
1197.02MPOSWed Nov 08 1995W95 Brother Printer Drivers
1198.02SNOFS1::MOOREADRIANWed Nov 08 1995VRC21-H4 monitor type, flickering.
1199.0SWETSC:: Nov 09 1995UMAX UC84
1200.02FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Nov 09 1995Can Windows 95 `Help' files be converted to text?
1201.07CHEFS::MILLSThu Nov 09 1995Replicating Windows 95 environment over a network
1202.04SHANE::PACIELLOThu Nov 09 1995Explorer Error Message: What does it mean?
1203.04CURRNT::BAILEYThu Nov 09 1995Win95 serial numbers and NETBUI
1204.04JHAXP::DECARTERETThu Nov 09 1995Installing IDE over SCSI
1205.0WASHDC::PAGANOThu Nov 09 1995Screen Saver timing
1206.09CURRNT::BAILEYFri Nov 10 19954 drive IDE controllers and Win95
1207.0KERNEL::SMITHPAFri Nov 10 1995windows 95 and depca
1208.03ANGST::crank.zko.dec.com::HPFri Nov 10 1995Boot fail, A2
1209.04BABAGI::SCAPPARONEFri Nov 10 1995Help !! Win95 Marketing data needed!!!
1210.02WOTVAX::16.194.2Sat Nov 11 1995MSN - reading mail locks app.
1211.01ZURMon Nov 13 1995ECP/EEP how ?
1212.09CURRNT::BAILEYMon Nov 13 1995NETAPI error
1213.04TROU48::HANDYMon Nov 13 1995Upgrade '95 pc433 to Venturis? Won't boot.
1215.0+18PLADDA::DRIVETTMon Nov 13 1995Problem using Sportster 28,8
1216.07TELFON::MAILMANMon Nov 13 1995I/O Addresses, DMA, and IRQs
1217.015WHYNOW::NEWMANMon Nov 13 1995HELP! My Long Filenames have Disappeared!
1218.07BSS::PROCTOR_RMon Nov 13 1995uSoft software cheapies?
1219.023VLNVAX::VEN_SANVILLEMon Nov 13 1995Stealth64 Video 32
1220.06FIEVEL::FILGATETue Nov 14 1995Changing the PC name and IP address
1221.013NOTAPC::SEGERTue Nov 14 1995Periodic systems 'freeze-ups'
1222.01CURRNT::BAILEYTue Nov 14 1995NETBUI - machines can't see each other
1223.010NOTAPC::SEGERTue Nov 14 1995How stable is drivespace?
1224.046BSS::PROCTOR_RTue Nov 14 1995Data CD works, MegaDeath doesn't!
1225.013NOTAPC::SEGERTue Nov 14 1995grep for windows?
1226.05QUARK::LIONELTue Nov 14 1995Undocumented Windows 95 Error-Codes
1227.02MROA::HEIER_LTue Nov 14 1995Print problems in w95
1228.08TROFS::WEBSTERWed Nov 15 1995Venturis upgrade to WIN95 problems.
1229.02BSS::PROCTOR_RThu Nov 16 1995Performance Monitor location?
1230.02NOTAPC::SEGERThu Nov 16 1995Laplink forces a reboot between runs
1231.08LEMAN::DZIALOWSKIThu Nov 16 1995"send to any folder" ?
1232.04NETRIX::"mcfarland@hobble.enet.dec.com"Thu Nov 16 1995How can I read my internal mail?
1233.06CHEFS::swrhd1.new.dec.com::mitchell_aFri Nov 17 1995frsutrated newcomers questions
1234.05HDECAD::MICHAUDFri Nov 17 1995WINTUNE 95??
1235.07FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Nov 17 1995Hardware Profiles
1236.05DEMAND::GALLAGHERFri Nov 17 1995How to add a extenttion to the Hidden tyes list???
1237.022COOKIE::FROEHLINFri Nov 17 1995Official NovaBack/Novastor Backup Topic
1238.01COOKIE::FROEHLINFri Nov 17 1995New Exchange add-on - CompuServe Mail
1239.02HYLNDR::ROYFri Nov 17 1995win95 client shares
1240.0MASURE::CRAPAROTTAFri Nov 17 1995Registry Problems ??
1241.03XSTACY::PATTISONFri Nov 17 1995Ensoniq Soundscape Wavetable Sound Card
1242.01TROOA::CSULLIVANFri Nov 17 1995Stereo audio on Ultra U/S
1243.09CGOOA::BARNABESat Nov 18 1995Trumpet and W95
1244.010FIEVEL::FILGATESat Nov 18 1995Windows 95 `Shutdown and Power off??' from NT conf 3656.
1245.012GERUND::WOLFESat Nov 18 1995win 95 on the p6?
1246.014AUSSIE::SULLIVANSun Nov 19 1995Accounts/users on Windows 95
1247.0THEWAV::LYNCHSun Nov 19 1995Compressed and un-compressed Fonts
1248.04RDGENG::ANDYBUSHSun Nov 19 1995Dialup problems with 32bit Internet applications
1249.0SWAM1::HUFFAKERSun Nov 19 1995Sloooow keyboard response
1250.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMSun Nov 19 1995Reboot replaces Win95 UNIDRV with Win3.x version
1251.02ZURSun Nov 19 1995DEClaser35
1252.0CHEFS::NAYLORGMon Nov 20 1995Longshine Pocket Adaptor
1253.09LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIMon Nov 20 1995Background CPU Util on HiNote?
1254.011BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Nov 20 1995Direct Cable Connection Problem
1255.02MSAMMon Nov 20 1995Where is logon/logoff
1256.01WHYNOW::NEWMANMon Nov 20 1995Any way to modify the "Open A Document" dialog box?
1257.010COOKIE::FROEHLINMon Nov 20 1995Official WordPad Topic
1258.01CECMOW::SHAFIRINMon Nov 20 1995Excursion doesn't see DECnet.
1260.09IAGO::16.12Mon Nov 20 1995LA75P problem w/Windows95
1261.010RDGENG::ANDYBUSHMon Nov 20 1995DIALUP networking with DIALBACK sessions
1262.05MROA::HEIER_LMon Nov 20 1995LN
1263.0SWAM1::BARNETTE_NEMon Nov 20 1995How to use a RAMdrive for a spool area under Win95?
1264.02SWAM1::BARNETTE_NEMon Nov 20 1995Ghost-path busters?
1265.019BPSERX::GALLTue Nov 21 1995Conferencing fails ...
1266.01WARXL1::WARNESGTue Nov 21 1995COMMAND.COM not found after moving disk
1267.04CUSTOM::HULLTue Nov 21 1995Free MS applets - PowerToys
1268.06BSS::PROCTOR_RTue Nov 21 1995Comments on MSNet?
1269.03NOTAPC::SEGERTue Nov 21 1995Anyone ever hear of a program called SCOUT?
1270.0ACISS2::KRIEGTue Nov 21 1995IBM ThinkPad and PCMCIA Token-Ring
1271.05CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Nov 21 1995Win 95 not quite ready for 1/1/2
1272.06MOVIES::POTTERWed Nov 22 1995Aztech Sound Galaxy Loses CD ROM
1273.012FORTY2::ELLISWed Nov 22 1995Can not get 1
1274.06NOTAPC::SEGERWed Nov 22 1995Any way to get rid of logon screen?
1275.07NCMAIL::NADROWSKIWed Nov 22 1995Printing to HP Deskjet 5
1276.05ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Nov 23 1995Lost the logon screen at startup...
1277.010WOOSTA::rickw.reo.dec.com::WilsonrFri Nov 24 1995Remote Administration - setup problems
1278.03TIMAMD::PEDROAFri Nov 24 1995Where can I find the video drivers for S3 911/924 ?.
1279.06KERNEL::HAINESDFri Nov 24 1995Unable to Browse the Network - Pathworks for Win95
1280.02EVTAI1::DTSF11::SAMIEFri Nov 24 1995Ciruus Logic driver
1281.02VIRGIN::BOLLIGERFri Nov 24 1995general settings for windows how ?
1282.010NOTAPC::SEGERFri Nov 24 1995getting aq 2 node network going at home...
1283.01SIOG::J_DUNNEFri Nov 24 1995EIDE and ISA-Vl bus support for DECpc's
1284.03TUXEDO::KEEGANFri Nov 24 1995changing default 'New Folder' name
1285.07ZEKE::KEITHSat Nov 25 1995Delete Win95 AGAIN !!!
1286.05NEWVAX::RAYSat Nov 25 1995Help needed with dialup PPP Connection
1287.03ANGST::EGOLFSun Nov 26 1995Something trying to access a: on startup
1288.07SPEZKO::HARROWSun Nov 26 1995Looking for that "Best Buy" Windows 95 machine
1289.05MSAMMon Nov 27 1995XCOPY WINDOWS 95
1290.06VNABRW::EXEL_TMon Nov 27 1995Soundblaster AWE32 & SBK-files load problems
1291.011PULMAN::WOLGASTMon Nov 27 1995Word for Win95 problem
1292.013NOTAPC::SEGERMon Nov 27 1995more dial-up woes...
1293.02NWDMon Nov 27 1995P75 and KEA!42
1294.0+18IAGO::16.12Mon Nov 27 1995Cannot See CD drive
1295.016IJSAPL::SINKETue Nov 28 1995Again: Shutdown problems
1296.01BIS6::dbc154.bro.dec.com::geesselsTue Nov 28 1995Exchange client and virtual desktop
1297.03TIMAMD::PEDROATue Nov 28 1995Is posible to boot from SCSI disk?
1298.09BSS::PROCTOR_RTue Nov 28 1995Can winword be cleaned up?
1299.03CGOOA::BCLARKETue Nov 28 1995Windows 95 on a MAC ??
1300.03TMCUKA::ROWELLTue Nov 28 1995Hidden Drive problem
1301.01WHYNOW::NEWMANTue Nov 28 1995Is DE45
1302.04AUSSIE::SULLIVANTue Nov 28 1995Downgrade NT 3.51 to Win 95?
1303.07ODIXIE::POLLARDTue Nov 28 1995Out of Memory
1305.04FORTY2::ABRAMWed Nov 29 1995Loss of grey shades in printing from Win95
1306.06FSTSC1::AURANDWed Nov 29 1995PPP connection from Windows95 over nullmodem cable
1307.019BRITE::FYFEWed Nov 29 1995Windows 95 with Windows 3.1 desktop ...
1308.012PRMSWed Nov 29 1995How can I set default protocol??
1309.03IAGO::16.12Wed Nov 29 1995Connecting to NT print servers
1310.01TUXEDO::KEEGANWed Nov 29 1995Trident video adaptor with Windows 95
1311.01DIBDIB::DBATESThu Nov 30 1995COM ports and PCMCIA IRQ assignments
1312.011IJSAPL::AARTSEN_BThu Nov 30 1995Exchange questions
1313.07IJSAPL::AARTSEN_BThu Nov 30 1995TCP/IP over Ethernet AND Dial-Up Adapter
1314.010BGSDEV::RJONESThu Nov 30 1995Is this a hardware problem???
1315.06DP2FS2::KLASINSKIThu Nov 30 1995Network printing problems
1316.021CGOOA::SYEDThu Nov 30 1995
1317.019THEWAV::LYNCHFri Dec 01 1995Logo screen goes away sometimes
1318.04PEACHS::MACEACHERNFri Dec 01 1995Problem: Unable to use Internet Explorer with CompServe.
1319.0TELFON::MAILMANFri Dec 01 1995DOS and partitioned hard disk
1320.04NOTAPC::SEGERFri Dec 01 1995Is anyone doing desktop video conferencing yet?
1321.03TNPUBS::CHIASSONFri Dec 01 1995Need to know how to disable Network drive
1322.05EVMS::E_SMITHFri Dec 01 1995Help setting up a kid proof environment!
1323.02BPSERX::bphmot.bps.dec.com::montvaiFri Dec 01 1995Driver for MAPI
1324.06BSS::PROCTOR_RFri Dec 01 1995Hide! Quick! Here comes my boss!
1325.011SWAM1::BARNETTE_NEFri Dec 01 1995Drag & Drop creates shortcuts (in Explorer)
1326.09BASEX::KAIRYSFri Dec 01 1995VTX PCSOFTWARE made easy
1327.09GSGLXT::CHMURAFri Dec 01 1995Employee discounts for Microsoft Software?
1328.016VIRGIN::SUTTERSat Dec 02 1995How to change CD-ROM drive letter from E: to L: ?
1329.03NQOSSun Dec 03 1995Can't boot system after upgrade w/Norton Desktop
1330.0OPCO::TSG_BHLSun Dec 03 1995slow control panel/slow response after boot/mouse
1331.05METALX::SWANSONMon Dec 04 1995New bug-free version of Win95?
1332.02BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Dec 04 1995Yet another dialup networking problem
1333.06ZEKE::MAURERMon Dec 04 1995where is the modem string hiding ?
1334.06BBQ::WOODWARDCMon Dec 04 1995non-PnP Hardware moves
1335.02GIDDAY::pcbu42.snl.dec.com::LIELLMon Dec 04 1995Ping - request timed out
1336.06BBRDGE::LOVELLTue Dec 05 1995Generic Text Only Printer Driver?
1337.03HAMTue Dec 05 1995PWNT/95 Domain passwords
1338.01IROCZ::PASQUALETue Dec 05 1995how to view dhcp derived info?
1339.03POLAR::SCHILDKRAUTTue Dec 05 1995PLUS! Stole my icons
1340.04FIEVEL::FILGATETue Dec 05 1995Plus!, user profiles and desktop icons
1341.0KERNEL::SIMEONCTue Dec 05 1995HPlaserjet4Plus Print Stall Problem
1342.0DRIFT::alfant.ljo.dec.com::WoodTue Dec 05 1995Can't play ADPCM sound files on some Ultra's
1343.07AKOCOA::DOUCETTETue Dec 05 1995Print icon grayed out
1344.01FRAIS::PWOLFWed Dec 06 1995problems after Installation of Office 4.2
1345.07EDSCLU::NICHOLSWed Dec 06 1995fix shifty taskbar icons in place?
1346.01ACISS1::CHAPUISWed Dec 06 1995Too Many Network Connections?
1347.03SHANE::PACIELLOWed Dec 06 1995Explorer GPF - Help needed
1348.032PEAKS::LILAKWed Dec 06 1995You've been using Win95 too long when.......
1349.03SWAM1::BARNETTE_NEWed Dec 06 1995The Invisible CD-ROM
1350.0WARXL1::WARNESGThu Dec 07 1995Printserver 2
1351.03VNABRW::SCHNABL_RThu Dec 07 1995Win95 + CelebrisFP59
1352.01ZACHEO::COLBATHThu Dec 07 1995LoadFail errors?
1353.01NIOSS1::THOMPSONThu Dec 07 1995Need procedure to sync all the passwords for users
1354.0GENRAL::TURCHECKThu Dec 07 1995WD7193 SCSI Problem!
1355.0BASEX::KAIRYSThu Dec 07 1995Corp. License for InstallSHIELD?
1356.010NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonThu Dec 07 1995How to get rid of "Treasure" in NDW?
1357.09RLG8Thu Dec 07 1995Win95 DEC PrintServer direct print S/W is...
1358.05DECWET::WHITEThu Dec 07 1995Appian Drivers?
1359.04ANOHAC::COMFORTFri Dec 08 1995How did YOU upgrade from the beta
1360.02CSC32::B_HIRSCHONFri Dec 08 1995Can you remove a shutdown option?
1361.09NOTAPC::SEGERFri Dec 08 1995Why is my laptop touching my floppy drive?
1362.01FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Dec 08 1995Digital and Microsoft network for dual tcp/ip appears to have an impasse
1363.05SWAM1::BARNETTE_NEFri Dec 08 1995Open hundreds of windows with 1 (well, two) clicks.
1364.012CGOOA::OWONGSun Dec 10 1995Wintune 95 says 'slow memory'
1365.03MTWASH::GAGNON_KSun Dec 10 1995VKD.VXD driver file doesn't exist.
1366.03HAUSI2::STAMPFLIMon Dec 11 1995APM - No Battery Icon in SysTray
1367.08BASEX::KAIRYSMon Dec 11 1995Help: Sportster 28.8 -> DS7
1368.02STOWOA::tavo.ogo.dec.com::ODIAZMon Dec 11 1995CORELDRAW V3
1369.01JULIET::HARRIS_MAMon Dec 11 1995Win-95 makes adding a 3rd EIDE LARGE drive easy...
1370.07TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon Dec 11 1995Plus Pack System Agent
1371.0EDSCLU::NICHOLSMon Dec 11 1995system w/out winsock/wsock32 installed?
1372.048NOTAPC::SEGERMon Dec 11 1995The 'official' Colorado Backup note
1373.013BSS::PROCTOR_RMon Dec 11 1995Did I booboo or did Bill Gates leave something out?
1374.0RSNC::BRUILTue Dec 12 1995Command promt.
1375.05FSCORE::PATTERSONTue Dec 12 1995Won't retain 'long date format'
1376.08ROCK::STROPPAROTue Dec 12 1995rlogin server
1377.01NETRIX::"raymond.dewil@bro.mts.dec.com"Tue Dec 12 1995Win95 update via SMS ??
1378.03LEXSS1::KELLEHERTue Dec 12 1995Password need for Network Printer??
1379.09CGOOA::BONTJETue Dec 12 1995xposted to decstation-Persistent comm ports
1380.03NETRIX::"sven.eriksson@soo.mts.dec.com"Tue Dec 12 1995No CD-sound in Win95 from Philips CD-player
1381.0RDGENG::therml.reo.dec.com::BAKERSWed Dec 13 1995RPC and Name Service Provider - how?
1382.01ROMWed Dec 13 1995Himem.sys ERROR
1383.06BRSTR2::SYSMANWed Dec 13 1995Big S3-confusion... help?
1384.03CTUADM::COOKEWed Dec 13 1995Postscript kerning / clipping
1385.0HANNAH::COBBWed Dec 13 1995Looking for driver for AV32
1386.01KERNEL::ELLIOTTRWed Dec 13 1995Network printing, pathworks v5 share, offline
1387.06WRKSYS::MORINWed Dec 13 1995Colorado backup and floppy question
1388.03TELFON::MAILMANWed Dec 13 1995Removing programs
1389.04ATYISA::DUPASThu Dec 14 1995Running an old MS-DOS application requiring a large amount of conventional memory
1390.017ZPOVC::CSNAQSThu Dec 14 1995Questions on Win95
1391.07NOTAPC::SEGERThu Dec 14 1995How do you put ALL the dial-up n/w pieces together?
1392.06TROU48::HANDYThu Dec 14 1995VFAT error during Boot. System halted.
1393.03VNABRW::MATIASCH_AThu Dec 14 1995How to undock Hinote U from Mobile Media
1394.01DELNI::DUNCANFri Dec 15 1995Crystal Rpts install problems?
1395.03LEMAN::ZILIOTTIFri Dec 15 1995Shutdown: How to add a procedure/command
1396.07CSOADM::tcpip152.cso.dec.com::CCOOPERFri Dec 15 1995Dial Up networking Redial
1397.03CSOADM::tcpip151.cso.dec.com::innesFri Dec 15 1995Dial-up inactivity
1399.03POLAR::SCHILDKRAUTSat Dec 16 1995Strange coloured squares
1400.02SUBSYS::sloop.shr.dec.com::danekSat Dec 16 1995Starfish's Dashboard Web Edition (Preview)
1401.0MUNICH::REINMon Dec 18 1995hanging after closing welcome window!
1402.03NOTAPC::SEGERMon Dec 18 1995IOMEGA tape drive and backup software
1403.03SMURF::TARSAMon Dec 18 1995Icons versus menu entries
1404.0NZOVMon Dec 18 1995The specified location does not contain information...
1405.0GRANPA::BMCCARTYMon Dec 18 1995FAXViewer doesn't print fax
1406.02THEWAV::LYNCHTue Dec 19 1995program display ordering
1407.013PEACHS::MACEACHERNTue Dec 19 1995Dialup scripting -- single step mode???
1408.07ZACHEO::COLBATHTue Dec 19 1995BACKUP copy of WIN95 floppies?
1409.011ICS::BEANTue Dec 19 1995is there NOTES after DEC?
1410.07STAR::KINGTue Dec 19 1995Problems with MSN-Exchange/E-mail ???
1411.02BASEX::KAIRYSTue Dec 19 1995How to change modem init string?
1412.0+38DECWET::BERKUNTue Dec 19 1995Win95 on CDROM?
1413.05KETJE::VANGRIEKENTue Dec 19 1995Yet another CD-ROM Problem
1414.01SCASS1::PATTERSONTue Dec 19 1995W95 and sharing problems
1415.03ODIXIE::AKINGTue Dec 19 1995Declaser 1152 Postscript L2 issue
1416.02MCSILO::CMERLEHANWed Dec 20 1995How to "Display modem status" ???
1417.08PCTEAM::MILBERGER_RWed Dec 20 1995Sharing Modem under Win95 ???
1418.0MCITS1::BROSCHATWed Dec 20 1995Move / Remove Registered application (in Registry)
1419.014BASEX::KAIRYSWed Dec 20 1995Please help with DUN -> RAS TCP connection
1420.08NQOSWed Dec 20 1995How to transfer a file?
1421.01VNABRW::WESSELY_UThu Dec 21 1995WIN95 and Office 4.2
1422.0BOUGY::MIMAULTThu Dec 21 1995MYLEX DTP 376 and win95
1423.01HOBBLE::MCFARLANDThu Dec 21 1995POP/ULTRIX and Win95 woes...
1424.02BLAZER::MIKELISThu Dec 21 1995Lots of questions on shaky system
1425.06SSDEVO::TOWNEThu Dec 21 1995dos prompt is ng; memory alloc error
1426.01NETRIX::"waldman@mkots4.mko.dec.com"Thu Dec 21 1995WIN95 and DEc 96
1427.03GUIDUK::MCCANTAThu Dec 21 1995MSDOS.SYS documentation
1428.01CSOADM::tcpip151.cso.dec.com::CCOOPERFri Dec 22 1995SCSI Tape Backup
1429.01IJSAPL::KNOLFri Dec 22 1995strange reboot problem
1430.01ZPOVC::JASONCHANFri Dec 22 1995Jazz 16 & DE2
1432.02DV78Fri Dec 22 1995SoundBlaster 16 and Internal 28.8 Modem problem
1433.03NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonFri Dec 22 1995OCR does not work with Word 7
1434.09GRANPA::BMCCARTYFri Dec 22 1995Missing Neighborhood Icon
1435.06NWDSat Dec 23 1995SMARTDRV or not?
1436.09NETCAD::dialin_125.lkg.dec.com::simonTue Dec 26 1995Windows Protection -- what is this?
1437.04PH4VAX::SCHNAUFFERTue Dec 26 1995growing MSN files
1438.011PEACHS::MACEACHERNTue Dec 26 1995Password dialog box appearing how to remove.
1439.03CSC32::R_IVERSTue Dec 26 1995File access question on network drive!
1440.04VLNVAX::FRIESTue Dec 26 1995KEA "modem not responding" when using PHONE dialer
1441.06BOGUSS::BOSKLOPPERWed Dec 27 1995No printing com port
1442.03COPSWed Dec 27 1995Automated Hardware Detection
1443.03SWAM1::BARNETTE_NEWed Dec 27 1995OPAL CD-ROM overwrites WIN32s
1444.013STOWOA::BERSONThu Dec 28 1995Yet another Win95 crashes topic
1445.02HLFSThu Dec 28 1995Building information driver database
1446.06PH4VAX::SCHNAUFFERThu Dec 28 1995MK3 help = lunch
1447.0SPEZKO::MERMELLThu Dec 28 1995Technology Exchange Program Feb 5 - Mar 1
1448.07STOWOA::SANDERSONThu Dec 28 1995Display blanking out
1449.011MSDOA::CUPERFri Dec 29 1995LA75 Plus problems under WIN95
1450.034JULIET::HARRIS_MAFri Dec 29 1995Diamond MultiMedia Windows-95 V2.
1451.0CSOADM::tcpip151.cso.dec.com::CCOOPERSat Dec 30 1995Help With Schedule +
1452.02IJSAPL::ONDERWATERSat Dec 30 1995Cannot delete "in use" file
1453.011DECWET::BERKUNSat Dec 30 1995MSN & Modem problem
1454.01USCTR1::OMALLEYSun Dec 31 1995Problems setting LastDrive=Z with DRVSPACE and Windows 95
1455.03GRANPA::RSHEINBERGSun Dec 31 1995TCP/IP Connection
1456.01CGOOA::OWONGSun Dec 31 1995Tip to Speed up Windows Refresh Rate???
1457.01GUIDUK::MCCANTASun Dec 31 1995Start Dial-up Network from Free Agent?
1458.013ASABET::nqsrv3Sun Dec 31 1995WIN 95 upgrade problems
1459.01LEXSMon Jan 01 1996CleanSweep95
1460.01ODIXIE::PFLANZMon Jan 01 1996928 Movie and Win95 Drivers
1461.05ODIXIE::MOREAUMon Jan 01 1996DOS box relocates itself on suspend/resume
1462.06IAGO::wort1.ljo.dec.com::CUMMINGSTue Jan 02 1996Dialup Networking and Lan Mgr problems
1463.07SPEZKO::EARLETue Jan 02 1996Lose ability to move mouse cursor
1464.04BOOKIE::chayna.zko.dec.com::EPPESTue Jan 02 1996Turn off "Click here to begin" message at startup?
1465.08SYSMGT::CLABORNTue Jan 02 1996W95: The ultimate upgrade virus
1466.022TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 03 1996Not enough memory to load registry or its corrupted?
1467.023TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 03 1996what config file is executed?
1468.06STAR::PITCHERWed Jan 03 1996Microsoft Office Fast Start
1469.013NEWVAX::CARNELLWed Jan 03 1996Animated Cursor on a Starion 94
1470.010DECWET::BERKUNWed Jan 03 1996explorer dies, comes back, dies
1471.01HURON::BATESWed Jan 03 1996Internet Explorer upgrade prob's...
1472.09COMICS::PERKINSRWed Jan 03 1996Help....Please....
1473.06ROBRVW::MITCHELLWed Jan 03 1996Award Modular BIOS
1474.02BSS::PROCTOR_RWed Jan 03 1996How can I modify the Notepad page format?
1475.01TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 03 1996can't use TAB to separate command & argument in config.sys
1476.05TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 03 1996Adaptec EZ-SCSI corporate license to use latest drivers?
1477.0MPGS::TUCKERWed Jan 03 1996P1
1478.0TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 03 1996What files comprise the REGISTRY.
1479.02CGOOA::BARNABEThu Jan 04 1996Word 2.
1480.04HERON::MINVIELLEThu Jan 04 1996Importing with Schedule+
1481.03VIRGIN::SUTTERThu Jan 04 1996How to configure Win95 Exchange MUA to a POP Server?
1482.0NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonThu Jan 04 1996Video problem with Netscape v2.
1483.03ABBOTT::chord.zko.dec.com::YoungThu Jan 04 1996Can I speed up the auto hide feature in Windows 95
1484.0TNPUBS::MACDONALDThu Jan 04 1996MS Exchange and FAX
1485.01TUXEDO::GOLDFARBThu Jan 04 1996Duplicate items in MS-Office "desktop"
1486.017JHAXP::DECARTERETThu Jan 04 1996DE2
1487.01TENNIS::ivosrv5.ivo.dec.com::kamThu Jan 04 1996SUWIN caused an illegal instr at
1488.05LEMAN::DZIALOWSKIFri Jan 05 1996profiles and net settings
1489.03ASABET::nqsrv317.nqo.dec.com::clabaughFri Jan 05 1996Office 4.3 and the new word processor on win95
1490.02CHEFS::CRIDDLEFri Jan 05 1996Moving frames with S3 Trio video adapter
1491.04MLNADFri Jan 05 1996Problem with DECPc 333 and 256 colours
1492.03ICS::BEANFri Jan 05 1996HELP! Netscape won't dial telephone.
1493.02MSDOA::CUPERFri Jan 05 1996KEA42
1494.016VAXSPO::YUKARIFri Jan 05 1996Xircom adapter with W95 - PS-CE2-1
1495.05MSDOA::CUPERFri Jan 05 1996clock/date problems on 75Mhz Hinote Laptop
1496.010IVOSS1::BONNER_BOFri Jan 05 1996Help, please, on .HLP
1497.02KANATA::ZUTRAUENFri Jan 05 1996browser connected but not talking
1498.08SHRCTR::PJOHNSONFri Jan 05 1996Soundblaster Pro
1499.04VIRGIN::SUTTERFri Jan 05 1996How to print duplex to an LPS17 over the net?
1500.06SEDSWS::MILTONFri Jan 05 1996SCSI CD writer problem.
1501.0KERNEL::ROELFri Jan 05 1996share problem on initial boot
1503.04GUIDUK::MCCANTAFri Jan 05 1996duplicate system disks
1504.03FISHIN::SKRABUT_LASat Jan 06 1996Bus Mastering Question on EIDE
1505.01HGOVC::NELSONTSANGMon Jan 08 1996DriveSpace Warning
1506.04CHEFS:: Jan 08 1996COnfiguration Manager
1507.03HERON::BLOMBERGMon Jan 08 1996Scroll bars for DOS window.
1508.01CURRNT::BAILEYMon Jan 08 1996HELP! Recover accidentally deleted partition?
1509.07OTOOA::otonMon Jan 08 1996Explorer & Right Mouse - > GPF
1510.02COMICS::PERKINSRMon Jan 08 1996Give some data to a little floppy disk.
1511.012GUIDUK::MCCANTAMon Jan 08 1996When will service pack be ready?
1512.02JULIET::ROGERMon Jan 08 1996Slow bootup after adding new HD
1513.01DECWET::BERKUNMon Jan 08 1996Stealth in Celebris XL - It Works
1514.03DECWET::BERKUNMon Jan 08 1996Dueling Floppies
1515.0VERSA::GASSERTMon Jan 08 1996mouse and scroll bars
1516.016STOWOA::bufton.ogo.dec.com::NBUFTONTue Jan 09 1996I'd like to read this through my newsreader
1517.01JULIET::HARRIS_MATue Jan 09 1996Starting Office 95 apps without OPEN document
1518.06TNPUBS::MACDONALDTue Jan 09 1996Schedule+ V7.
1519.023PASTA::LUDWIGTue Jan 09 1996MS-DOS Console and long filenames? ~1
1520.01GRANPA::SKINNERTue Jan 09 1996Norton Navigator and randon floppy accesses
1521.04WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSWed Jan 10 1996Imager for Word 7.
1522.03CURRNT::BAILEYWed Jan 10 1996Can't partition 1Gb disk as 3rd IDE drive
1523.02RDGENG::ANDYBUSHWed Jan 10 1996VERY slow startup of Netscape offline
1524.07RDGENG::ANDYBUSHWed Jan 10 1996Multiple Network configurations
1525.04WOTVAX::16.194.2Wed Jan 10 1996How do I change logon password from a program ?
1526.010WOTVAX::16.194.2Wed Jan 10 1996what happened to 4,5,6...94 ?
1527.03JDARC::PAULINWed Jan 10 1996HP deskjet 66
1528.061UTROP1::hlpThu Jan 11 1996SERIOUS performance problems with 12Mb?
1529.02RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEThu Jan 11 1996Dial-Up with failover number?
1530.08RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABEThu Jan 11 1996Map dial-up connection as network-drive?
1531.03ULYSSE::DIVINEThu Jan 11 1996Unable to have multi boot option even with BootMulti=1 in MSDOS.SYS
1532.029NOTAPC::SEGERThu Jan 11 1996arcsolo95 - backup for windows 95
1533.06PEACHS::MACEACHERNThu Jan 11 1996CDRom connected to secondary ide port not found
1534.013FOUNDR::GRODERThu Jan 11 1996W95<->NT file system question
1535.020CHEFS::LAU_JThu Jan 11 1996Win95 killed my HDs
1536.02GVPROD::FITZGERALDThu Jan 11 1996Dropped digits in FAXmodem dialing
1537.01UTRTSC::XAVEERThu Jan 11 1996Winpopup iconized ?
1538.05SHANE::PACIELLOThu Jan 11 1996Damaged Driver Files
1539.02TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 11 1996Bad or missing Command Interpreter?
1540.02GUIDUK::MCCANTAFri Jan 12 1996LBA automatic in 95?
1541.01WOTVAX::16.194.2Fri Jan 12 1996How do I get MSN to work via Easynet ?
1542.011EPS::DEANEFri Jan 12 1996Hardware removal proceedure needed...
1543.08JHAXP::DECARTERETFri Jan 12 1996Floppy drive problems
1544.0SWAM1::DANAHY_DAFri Jan 12 1996RSH with Win95 IP stack?
1545.011DECWET::KARMALIFri Jan 12 1996How do I uninstall WIN95 ?
1546.042BSS::PROCTOR_RFri Jan 12 1996Disk Cluster sizing under Win95; a pain? or not?
1547.02TENNIS::KAMFri Jan 12 1996HiNote ULTRA boot Win95 off PCMCIA SCSI disk?
1548.01AD::BARBERSat Jan 13 1996Out of Conventional Memory
1549.01CWBNGA::VONEHRENSun Jan 14 1996Editing pop-up menus in folders
1550.06EPS::DEANESun Jan 14 1996Dynamically switching Color resolution?
1551.04LEMAN::DZIALOWSKIMon Jan 15 1996Blink if you ar not dead!
1552.03GOVTMon Jan 15 1996Report page printed for every job
1553.01QUARK::LIONELMon Jan 15 1996Norton Utilities Rescue Disk
1554.03LJSRV1::BONNEAUMon Jan 15 1996Getting access to drvspace'd files on old drive?
1555.02EPS::DEANEMon Jan 15 1996What are the config/autoexec default values?
1556.0ZEKE::t1p14.zko.dec.com::heinselmanMon Jan 15 1996Plus! Dial-up Server Modem Release Problems
1558.015TENNIS::KAMMon Jan 15 1996Dial-up network & network neighborhood simultaneously?
1559.04ZPOVC::SEOWHURNTue Jan 16 1996Words appear way after typing was done....
1560.04AUSSIE::SULLIVANTue Jan 16 1996File services over modem link - what's it like?
1561.04GENIE::MURRAYTue Jan 16 1996WINS Proxy Agent
1562.01NOTAPC::SEGERTue Jan 16 1996Cache too big for Map Network Drive!
1564.011NOTAPC::SEGERTue Jan 16 1996how big is a folder and all its contents?
1565.0ROBRVW::MITCHELLTue Jan 16 1996Cluster Sizes
1566.08AKOCOA::MCGINNESSTue Jan 16 1996RCM & Win95
1567.015NETRIX::"randall.king@sno.mts.dec.com"Tue Jan 16 1996TLZ
1568.02CSC32::K_JOHNSONTue Jan 16 1996W95 fails to configure mouse upon reboot
1570.02GVAWed Jan 17 1996can't change user logon name
1571.0TMCUKA::ROWELLWed Jan 17 1996sDate, sShortDate Registry Entries
1572.06LEXSS1::GINGERWed Jan 17 1996New install, mouse wont work
1574.05OTOOA::TRIMBLEWed Jan 17 1996Windows 95 ERAS connect - Can't NET VIEW W95 workstations
1575.02RDVAX::MAILLETWed Jan 17 1996sick of "large icons"...
1576.02TEKDEV::YUILLWed Jan 17 1996Inserting File Version info in DLL or EXE
1578.05--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 17 1996MS-TCP/IP 32 - LMHOSTS - MAX NUMBER!
1579.0GIDDAY::pcbu44.snl.dec.com::LiellDavidThu Jan 18 1996FAX Problem
1580.03ZVOLMC::LE_THThu Jan 18 1996any info on Workgroup Web?
1581.018BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Jan 18 1996Ever uncompressed a drive?
1582.01ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Jan 18 1996De- and reinstalling Exchange kills the MS-Mail..
1583.04KERNEL::FORDRThu Jan 18 1996Win95 Boot disk nightmare
1584.03DIBDIB::DBATESThu Jan 18 1996CONFIG.POL file keeps being deleted
1585.0DEMAND::GALLAGHERThu Jan 18 1996Dial and new Domain Name ???
1586.017GANTRY::HULLThu Jan 18 1996Shutdown phase won't complete
1587.01JULIET::DARNELL_DAThu Jan 18 1996keaterm problems
1588.07NODEX::CLBMUD::mcgrealThu Jan 18 1996Drivers for Apian card (VRC19-HA) monitor
1589.04FORTY2::TATHAMFri Jan 19 1996How to kill other applications?
1590.03PRNRD1::JOUVELLIERFri Jan 19 1996User level security
1591.08BSS::PROCTOR_RFri Jan 19 1996My stick has no joy...
1592.06JHAXP::DECARTERETFri Jan 19 1996PPP over a dial-up server for Internet Mail
1593.02WOTVAX::16.194.2Fri Jan 19 1996The war is not yet lost
1594.019POLAR::SCHILDKRAUTSat Jan 20 1996Using PLUS!'s Dial-Up Server?
1595.02KDX2Sat Jan 20 1996Help with NetBEUI and TCP/IP - Please!
1596.03GIDDAY::pcbu44.snl.dec.com::LiellDavidMon Jan 22 1996Full Video Display Problem
1597.03RDGENG::ANDYBUSHMon Jan 22 1996TLZ
1598.01SMURF::LABAMon Jan 22 1996Problems with PCL5 driver under Windows 95?
1599.02JURA::plisnr.geo.dec.com::HOUZEMon Jan 22 1996PLUS! SETUP.STF - Changing ref to install directory ?
1600.03MIMS::MITCHAM_AMon Jan 22 1996Setup Error Message: Warning SU
1601.03EPS::DEANEMon Jan 22 1996Icons from jpeg/gifs?
1602.02WRKSYS::MORINMon Jan 22 1996EZSCSI 4.
1603.0TOOK::PHANMon Jan 22 1996Mirage Storm video board's driver needed...
1604.05TROOA::rasMon Jan 22 1996Migrating share connections
1605.017NETRIX::"nanguang@zpovc.enet.dec.com"Tue Jan 23 1996Does Win95 need license to access Pathworks service?
1606.06NOTAPC::SEGERTue Jan 23 1996problems with ACTOWN flatbed scanner from Damark
1607.02LANDO::CHEWTue Jan 23 1996CARDVIEW won't load
1608.0JURA::plisnr.geo.dec.com::HOUZETue Jan 23 1996Schedule+ File Pull Down Menu: How to reset list of Appointment Books
1609.03PONDA::pb.mso.dec.com::pbennettTue Jan 23 1996Printing problem from Windows 95 on Celebris 5133 to 35
1610.019DOGONE::WOODBURYTue Jan 23 1996Celebris can't install from 3-1/2 floppy
1611.013ANOHAC::COMFORTTue Jan 23 1996Monitor type question
1612.02QCAVWed Jan 24 1996TLZ
1614.09COMICS::MCSKEANEWed Jan 24 1996Mwave sound on IBM Thinkpad 755CX
1615.02WOTVAX::SLATTERWed Jan 24 1996Invisible Colorado Jumbo 25
1616.010NOTAPC::SEGERWed Jan 24 1996how do you make a PS printer print a text file?
1617.0+7SKYLAB::FISHERWed Jan 24 1996Dialup networking (several providers) stops using name server
1618.07HLRGWed Jan 24 1996Network installation of W95
1620.039MROA::HEIER_LWed Jan 24 1996Keaterm problems with w95
1622.06ARNIES::JULIANThu Jan 25 1996Line-drawing characters in Netscape textbox
1623.01CANDOO::GRIEBThu Jan 25 1996How to report bugs over the net ?
1624.05DEMAND::GALLAGHERThu Jan 25 1996Printing large jobs from WIN95
1625.05BUMP::MHOMERThu Jan 25 1996Code for Registry Functions
1626.02A1VAX::GIUDICEThu Jan 25 1996DEClaser 18
1627.08SEND::PEREZThu Jan 25 1996Explore, not Open, for default...
1628.0+12CHEFS::grantt.reo.dec.com::GRANTTFri Jan 26 1996Problem with FAX and US Robotics Modem
1629.04ZURZI::WITZIGFri Jan 26 1996Etherworks Turbo PCMCIA
1630.02SAYER::ELMOREFri Jan 26 1996VMS to Win95 mail?
1631.05NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonFri Jan 26 1996Wang Imaging and Microtek scanner
1632.01OTOOA::BROOMEFri Jan 26 1996256 Colour driver for DECpc 425SL
1633.06DEBUG::GALLOFri Jan 26 1996Mixer Device and MMMIXER.DLL?
1634.0HOBBLE::SWEATTFri Jan 26 1996Print error. Resource conflict?
1635.03EVTAI1::CHAVERONSun Jan 28 1996print across UCX (LPD)...?
1636.01MVMKT::KELLYSun Jan 28 1996FT Build of Windows "96"
1637.06ODIXIE::MOREAUMon Jan 29 1996Shortcut properties destroyed between window invocations
1638.03TAEC::quango.vbo.dec.com::MilesMon Jan 29 1996Using MS Fax in conjunction with a call-back service?
1639.01SEDSWS::BRODIEMon Jan 29 1996Keaterm & reverse LAT connections
1640.015BSS::G_MCINTOSHMon Jan 29 1996"diskcopy" within Win95?
1641.05QCAVTue Jan 30 1996DOS & WIN95
1642.08PKHUB1::WILSONTue Jan 30 1996Printing to file, but not as .PRN
1643.08BSS::PROCTOR_RTue Jan 30 1996Minimize windows w/ a keystroke?
1644.01DECIDE::NELSONTue Jan 30 1996Another S3 Graphics Question
1645.02EVMS::KRSNA::DKOSKOTue Jan 30 1996System Shuffle
1646.01VMSNET::H_COOPERTue Jan 30 1996Excursion, Dc21
1647.0RINGSS::WALESTue Jan 30 1996Network Priority
1648.04MMOAXP::MHENSONTue Jan 30 1996DECpc XL NCR SCSI Problem (Bios V1.22)
1649.04AIAYR::SLATERWed Jan 31 1996driver required for LJ25
1650.0CRIME::COADYWed Jan 31 1996MS-Exchange; configuring 2 User profiles ?
1651.023NOTAPC::SEGERWed Jan 31 1996can you just power down and NOT run shutdown?
1652.01BSS::PROCTOR_RWed Jan 31 1996Click Here To Begin (and produce WEIRD sounds!)..
1653.0BOUGY::LE_VIETWed Jan 31 1996MSDET.INF and Installation from a server
1654.04PENUTS::DESRUISSEAUXWed Jan 31 1996Screen recording software???
1655.02NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonWed Jan 31 1996Sony CD-ROM problem
1656.03DECWET::WHITEWed Jan 31 1996Replace Video on DECpc 433?
1657.01GANTRY::HULLWed Jan 31 1996Modem won't init
1658.03AIAYR::SLATERThu Feb 01 1996new driver please
1659.02TINGAU::HEFELEThu Feb 01 1996PXCBV-A3 and better resolution...
1660.01STOWOA::bufton.ogo.dec.com::NBUFTONThu Feb 01 1996IconTray - Quick launch pad
1661.09LARRYS::BROOKSThu Feb 01 1996FPU Numeric Processor Diagnostic Failure
1662.07ASABET::nqsrv324.nqo.dec.com::TuckerFri Feb 02 1996Dial up Networking - Save Password box
1663.03NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonFri Feb 02 1996Why does it not restart in DOS mode?
1664.06PCBUOA::sheldon.ako.dec.com::GlicklerFri Feb 02 1996A cry for help.
1665.03LANDO::CHEWFri Feb 02 1996Ultra/W95 hard drive 32bit driver
1666.06NYOSS1::MONASCHFri Feb 02 1996AUTORUN Help...
1667.02TAKEOF::FOWLERSat Feb 03 1996RAS: How to skip the dialback confirmation dialog?
1668.04MROA::HEIER_LSun Feb 04 1996Connection problem to pw5 server
1669.02HLRGMon Feb 05 1996Updating 'Startup' folder
1670.05BASEX::KAIRYSMon Feb 05 1996How to control assignment of hard drive letters?
1671.0+10BUMP::LEEMon Feb 05 1996required file missing at reboot
1672.06BLAZER::MIKELISMon Feb 05 1996removing desktop folder
1673.011BLAZER::MIKELISMon Feb 05 1996no Internet Mail service with Exchange?
1674.04TROOA::GIRDHARMon Feb 05 1996Disk Write Error
1675.0KANATA::ZUTRAUENMon Feb 05 1996DOS shortcut fails, double-clicking file works!?
1676.08CIVPR1::SHULLMon Feb 05 1996Remove Programs & Documents Selection?
1677.0OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Feb 06 1996Brief case sync inaccessible, yet accessible from Explorer
1678.01CURRNT::BAILEYTue Feb 06 1996Problem with 2 identical modems...
1679.02NETRIX::"scott.cramer@ako.mts.dec.com"Tue Feb 06 1996Network Adaptor Not Recognized
1680.05ANOHAC::COMFORTTue Feb 06 1996System pauses during game play
1681.073Tue Feb 06 1996TCP/IP Networking problem.
1682.010CSC32::R_IVERSTue Feb 06 1996How to make PC talk FTP server?
1683.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Feb 06 1996FDDI in a mixed environment
1684.0+26CHEFS::NAYLORGWed Feb 07 1996Direct Cable Connection Problem
1685.06IROCZ::MORRISONWed Feb 07 1996How to print (hardcopy) on-line help?
1686.0+2STAR::CRITZWed Feb 07 1996SCANPROT hoses Office95 tool?
1687.02NWDWed Feb 07 1996What are mscreate.dir files used for?
1688.0UTOPIE::BRAUN_RWed Feb 07 1996NETbeui bufsize?
1689.02JHAXP::TRAINORWed Feb 07 1996testnote
1690.02HDLITE::MORINWed Feb 07 1996Slow printer response with the CBJ21
1691.013TUXEDO::FRIDAYThu Feb 08 1996Change size of Win95 partition?
1692.0SIOG::16.2Fri Feb 09 1996IRQ 11 and 15, Hinote
1693.0ZKWRK1::RJACKFri Feb 09 1996What Registry entries are set when a local device is shared?
1694.0+23DIBDIB::DBATESFri Feb 09 1996Add new font option missing
1695.02CSC32::COMULADAFri Feb 09 1996CD AUTOPLAY IN WIN95
1696.08GAAS::FISHERFri Feb 09 1996Quick View and CD and Floppies
1697.08CSC32::R_IVERSFri Feb 09 1996Running eXcursion on WIN95!
1698.02LAOSS1::UDICK_STSat Feb 10 1996Win95 w/Plus Pak - Compression does not work.
1699.01CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONSat Feb 10 1996Couple of Exchange questions
1700.01ACISS2::FULTONSun Feb 11 1996Adlib Driver?
1701.05MCSILO::CMERLEHANMon Feb 12 1996SCANDISK hangs....
1702.0NETRIX::"jm@uvo.dec.com"Mon Feb 12 1996Registry + Printer config problem ...
1703.05WOTVAX::LOXTONMon Feb 12 1996Free disk space report wrong
1704.07COLMon Feb 12 1996again depea kit for win95
1705.011TUXEDO::WRAYMon Feb 12 1996New upgrade won't start
1707.02NEWVAX::RAYMon Feb 12 1996PCMCIA memory and windows95
1708.0MPGS::REITHTue Feb 13 1996TCP/IP discard port daemon setup
1709.02AD::CLOUSERTue Feb 13 1996W95UNDO.DAT?
1710.03PRNRD1::LE_DISQUETue Feb 13 1996Users Profiles,Pathworks & grammatical accents
1711.03COPSTue Feb 13 1996Plus! pack bad disk 6
1712.05BLAZER::MIKELISTue Feb 13 1996CDROM halts system
1713.01BRAT::uidiot.mko.dec.com::SmithTue Feb 13 1996Not enough memory in LPS17 (w/16Mb) to print?!
1714.028ESBWed Feb 14 1996Win95 Service Pack #1 Now On-Line
1715.07STUWed Feb 14 1996Netscape, ISDN and TCP/IP
1716.01CGOOA::BARNABEWed Feb 14 1996Moving to diff scsi controller
1717.02MSAMWed Feb 14 1996Ven575 hangs after shutdown
1718.02WOTVAX::HILTONWed Feb 14 1996Setting the temp directory?
1719.01TNPUBS::CHIASSONWed Feb 14 1996Need to disable sounds
1720.02HURON::BATESWed Feb 14 1996CHEFS::MS-EXCHANGE.NOTE ? Where/Why
1721.03DECAGE::HESSWed Feb 14 1996spell checker for Exchange?
1722.017DECWET::BERKUNWed Feb 14 1996Reinitialize Registry?
1723.05EPS::NGUYENThu Feb 15 1996Netscape, network on windows95.
1724.07CHEFS::NAYLORGThu Feb 15 1996Drivespace 3
1725.01PDMOPS::SAFFERThu Feb 15 1996Connecting to a Remote Access Server
1726.03LEMAN::usr58.zuo.dec.com::dzialowskiThu Feb 15 1996Carrier speed status
1727.011MPGS::TUCKERThu Feb 15 1996Sripting to a SLIP account Help NEEDED!
1728.06JURA::plisnr.geo.dec.com::HOUZEFri Feb 16 1996Registry: Restore from backup and restart
1729.05UFHIS::MDRECHSELFri Feb 16 1996`dir' of c:\ is corrupted in MSDOS mode
1730.07MROA::HEIER_LFri Feb 16 1996Why password limitations for Microsoft?
1731.0WOTVAX::16.194.2Fri Feb 16 1996Unstall W95 does work
1732.012JULIET::HARRIS_MAFri Feb 16 1996BUS MASTERING IDE drivers from Intel/Triones avail
1733.03NETRIX::"duerksen@grumpy.mko.dec.com"Fri Feb 16 1996Odd video problem on laptop, regedit culprit???
1734.020NCMAIL::LEFFLERMFri Feb 16 1996screen saver stopped working
1735.0+7AUSSIE::SULLIVANSat Feb 17 1996Problem recording WAV files with PAStudio 16
1736.01DECWET::BERKUNMon Feb 19 1996Disk Corruption?
1737.01GVPROD::DAWKESMon Feb 19 1996USR Sportster doesn't drop line on hangup
1738.01DECC::WHOLLEYMon Feb 19 1996sound
1739.06FSAEUR::ROEMon Feb 19 1996Office 95 Minimize at Startup?
1740.02NOTAPC::SEGERMon Feb 19 1996Ever see an inaccessible partition?
1741.01HAGGLE::dorianMon Feb 19 1996USR Courier PCMCIA blues....
1742.014BSS::PROCTOR_RMon Feb 19 1996CompuServe Comp-u-blues
1743.01--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 19 1996Add device driver files to networked Win-95 kit?
1744.03CSC32::R_IVERSMon Feb 19 1996Get rid of user info!
1745.04CGOOA::SYEDMon Feb 19 1996Teamlinks 2.5 under Win95
1746.04LEMAN::DZIALOWSKITue Feb 20 1996Drivespace and Defrag anxiety
1747.01LEMAN::DYSLITue Feb 20 1996Latin-3 (ISO-8859-3) character displays on Windows-95 WE
1748.012XSTACY::PATTISONTue Feb 20 1996Print To File messes up .prn files
1749.06SIOG::E_CUSACKTue Feb 20 1996WIN95 and NETWORK LOGIN
1750.0PGREEN::HAYESITue Feb 20 1996Consistent number for disk size on DRVSPACEd disk?
1751.0SPEZKO::MERMELLTue Feb 20 1996TCP/IP in a Microsoft environment (TEP session)
1752.09CSC32::R_IVERSTue Feb 20 1996WIN95 network problem!
1753.02WOTVAX::HILTONTue Feb 20 1996Dial-up Server from Win95 Dial-up Laptop!
1754.04GENRAL::TURCHECKTue Feb 20 1996386SX - Will WIN95 run?
1755.07LURE::ticks.mpo.dec.com::CerlingTue Feb 20 1996DE422 a valid card?
1756.012NOTAPC::SEGERTue Feb 20 1996This program has performed an illegal operation...
1757.0UNXA::LARSENTue Feb 20 1996Setting up alternate boot disk
1758.05EDISTO::greeneTue Feb 20 1996Ecco Pro on Win 95?
1759.04FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Feb 21 1996PC Mag `Protecting Your Password In Windows 95' pg69 March 12,1966
1760.0VNABRW::MANNSBERGERWed Feb 21 1996MiroCONNECT 34 Wave/Office under Windows95
1761.0+30SIOG::B_OREILLYWed Feb 21 1996win95 copying procedure needed
1762.011DCEIDL::EVE_LIWed Feb 21 1996HOw to update system-wide env
1763.02WRKSYS::OLESINWed Feb 21 1996Upgrading Hardware with WIN95
1764.022NOTAPC::SEGERWed Feb 21 1996How do YOU do complete backups?
1765.015NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonWed Feb 21 1996How to Change Network Password?
1766.04NOTAPC::SEGERThu Feb 22 1996Complete Reinstall, network now dead!
1767.03ULYS::VANGLABEKEThu Feb 22 1996How to show *.pcd files ?
1768.03LEFTY::CWILLIAMSThu Feb 22 1996CD Changers and Explorer interaction
1772.03LANDO::CHEWThu Feb 22 1996PC card & CDROM don't work together
1773.0NUTS2U::LITTLEFri Feb 23 1996Dialing DTN's?
1774.07IJSAPL::OTTENSun Feb 25 1996looking for CD writer
1775.02OCHOTA::ParlinskiMon Feb 26 1996\Windows directory moves to \Temp\Windows
1776.04FORTY2::TATHAMMon Feb 26 1996DJ66
1778.02QUARK::LIONELMon Feb 26 1996Restart windows, get duplicate drives!
1779.0ALCALA::BURGOSMon Feb 26 1996Latinoamerican Keyboard, wrong setup problem ???
1780.016RUMOR::cfgxMon Feb 26 1996Windows95 & Windows NT licensing program
1781.02JHAXP::DECARTERETMon Feb 26 1996Obselete Video
1782.02CRONIC::treker.hlo.dec.com::dunlopMon Feb 26 1996Can't access CD-ROM on HiNote Ultra with Mobile Media Option
1783.01TRNOIS::LOIZZOTue Feb 27 1996Error saving on file server
1784.05MANTue Feb 27 1996How to change LAN-Manager pasword
1785.010LEDDEV::MAYLOTTTue Feb 27 1996Not enough memory to Print error message
1786.01NCMAIL::SMITHBWed Feb 28 1996Installing utilities off of floppies
1787.04ZPOVC::TALEGHANIWed Feb 28 1996Problem with Win95 + Xircom CE1
1788.0ZPOVC::CSNAQSWed Feb 28 1996NT icons not visible in Network Neighborhood
1789.04JGO::BEERWed Feb 28 1996ATI mach 64 video driver
1790.01UTROP1::LUITJES_RWed Feb 28 1996External CD-ROM drive
1791.03MSBCS::MORINWed Feb 28 1996Help with hard disk controller seeing devices
1792.04BLAZER::MIKELISWed Feb 28 1996NetBeui and TCP/IP
1793.08TEAMLK::CAMPKINWed Feb 28 1996Compression and defrag problem
1794.01GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOThu Feb 29 1996PW License on Windows 95 PC from VMS server
1796.05OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Feb 29 1996How to view specific files with Explorer
1797.03MEMMFG::MICHAUDThu Feb 29 1996Multiple TCP/IP service providers..NO??
1798.025VIRGIN::BOLLIGERThu Feb 29 19963 button mouse ?
1799.05STAR::CRITZThu Feb 29 1996Special Win95 key sequences
1800.0SWAMPD::ZIMMERMANNThu Feb 29 1996PowerGrade effects
1801.07STAR::CRITZFri Mar 01 1996dial-up networking no longer saves password
1802.06HYDRA::goivit::ALDENFri Mar 01 1996help needed on locating storage of dial-in server password
1803.02STAR::PITCHERFri Mar 01 1996MSN occasionally hangs system.
1804.0MAIL2::RMILLERFri Mar 01 1996Complete Win 95 Remote Access Solution Available
1805.02TNPUBS::CHIASSONFri Mar 01 1996154
1807.03NQOSFri Mar 01 1996DIal up with SWB problems
1808.0RUMOR::cfgxFri Mar 01 1996MS-Acess Install - Device Error?
1809.02ODIXIE::SIMPSONTSun Mar 03 1996Simple Peer-To-Peer Network Help!
1810.03POBOXB::KEEFERSun Mar 03 1996CFGBACK.EXE program on Win95 CD
1811.02HAUSI2::STAMPFLIMon Mar 04 1996DECpc 425SL - Sound Driver ???
1812.01WRKSYS::MORINMon Mar 04 1996Dial up networking problem
1813.07HANDVA::HOMANSANGTue Mar 05 1996Another dial-up networking problem.
1814.01LESREG::JACKSONTue Mar 05 1996Limited to 8.3 files. Help?
1815.03TNPUBS::MACDONALDTue Mar 05 1996Error 254
1816.05ASABET::nqsrv328.nqo.dec.com::clabaughTue Mar 05 1996OFFICE 95 - where is it?????
1817.04TUXEDO::WRAYTue Mar 05 1996System Agent & no user
1818.019VCOUTue Mar 05 1996service pack 1
1819.01NOTAPC::SEGERWed Mar 06 1996applications development using Exchange
1820.05ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIWed Mar 06 1996Clone Soundcard / Win95 Functionality?
1821.025CONSLT::MALLOYWed Mar 06 1996Can't enter TCP/IP infomation
1822.01IOSG::TALLETTThu Mar 07 1996Prot mode vs 32-bit
1824.0VNABRW::WESSELY_UThu Mar 07 1996Printing to a DEClaser225
1825.04CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Mar 07 1996Question about the Registry...
1826.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Mar 07 1996Question about Microsoft Client for Netware
1827.02DIBDIB::DBATESThu Mar 07 1996Can a Dos app print directly to a TCP/IP printer?
1828.011QUARK::LIONELThu Mar 07 1996Audio CD driver fix for Philips/Starion
1829.04BUMP::AADERERThu Mar 07 19962 PC's, Direct Cabled, Can't Talk To Modem
1830.0KANATA::ZUTRAUENThu Mar 07 1996Netscape dialog box bug?
1831.0ODIXIE::SIMPSONTThu Mar 07 1996Help with Dial-In Server Problem!
1832.08MROA::HEIER_LFri Mar 08 1996Another location
1833.02VNASWS::HAUSBFri Mar 08 1996Icons on desktop curropted
1834.01KERNEL::ELLIOTTRFri Mar 08 1996Modem access over dial-up tcp/ip
1835.03WHYNOW::NEWMANFri Mar 08 1996Disappearing Desktop Icons
1836.01ALFAM7::URBANFri Mar 08 1996433w, memory, mouse problems
1837.03BSS::G_MCINTOSHFri Mar 08 1996PC Tumbling Down
1838.04DKAS::depcFri Mar 08 1996Celebris GL 152
1839.02--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 08 1996Only via redirections
1840.02SIOG::B_OREILLYSat Mar 09 1996Drivers for Logitech scanner rqd
1841.08BRSTR1::SCHOOFSMon Mar 11 1996Remote control on Win95
1842.07SHRCTR::PJOHNSONMon Mar 11 1996Network SW and HW Inventory gatherer?
1843.06HLFSMon Mar 11 1996modemsharing possible?????
1844.09SCASS1::DAVIESTue Mar 12 1996Dial-Up Networking and Long Distance
1845.07RTOMS::MACKNEYJTue Mar 12 1996Login Script Parameter - %USERNAME%
1846.023IOSG::TALLETTTue Mar 12 1996Stuck in MS-DOS mode
1847.09TOSSUB::SABBADINTue Mar 12 1996SDK WIN32 for WINDOWS 95 ?????
1848.03CONSLT::OWENTue Mar 12 1996Having trouble with W95 install (over Windows 3.1)
1849.07ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Mar 12 1996ZNYX ZX312 board - Still not working
1850.08TAENG4::JSHONGTue Mar 12 1996help me !!  Appear windows Protect after shutdown win95
1851.0+6ZPOVC::HEERJEETue Mar 12 1996net use command
1852.03TAEC::quango.vbo.dec.com::MilesWed Mar 13 1996Explanation of Modem .INF file HKR entries?
1853.02SSDEVO::TOWNEWed Mar 13 1996ZIP drive by Iomega; problem on Win95
1854.010JULIET::ORNELAS_JAWed Mar 13 1996Boot hangs for a minute with no activity
1855.0NOTAPC::SEGERThu Mar 14 1996protection on a non-protected print queue?
1856.03DANGER::ARRIGHIThu Mar 14 1996Help: retaining application icons.
1857.011STAR::CRITZThu Mar 14 1996TGA Graphics work?
1858.04DIBDIB::DBATESFri Mar 15 1996Modem does not answer
1859.07BBRDGE::LOVELLFri Mar 15 1996Is CD-ROM "AutoRun" feauture a Trojan Horse?
1860.04MSAMFri Mar 15 1996NT invisible when browsing
1861.05MSAMFri Mar 15 1996sharing modem in 95
1862.01GUIDUK::MCCANTAFri Mar 15 1996Create a share from within VB (or C)
1863.03CHEFS::pjlpc.rhc.dec.com::lewisFri Mar 15 1996Which PW client kit for NT workstation 3.51?
1864.011AUSSIE::PENNYSun Mar 17 1996RZ28-E
1865.04TPLAB::VLASIUMon Mar 18 1996Audio CD - no playable tracks ..
1866.0QCAVMon Mar 18 1996problem with windows95 in venturis 575model.
1867.03TALLIS::KOCHMon Mar 18 1996Problems installing new C:
1868.02TNPUBS::CHIASSONMon Mar 18 1996Need to have 256 colors as option
1869.04GRANPA::BARABIAMon Mar 18 1996.BAT's From PATHWORKS Shares
1870.03SHRCTR::PJOHNSONMon Mar 18 1996MS Certification
1871.011LARRYS::BROOKSMon Mar 18 1996WD316
1872.0BOUGY::LE_VIETTue Mar 19 1996System Monitor, Spyxx and COMMAND.COM
1873.012BOUGY::LE_VIETTue Mar 19 1996W95 setup and LPV+ !!!
1874.0NOTAPC::SEGERTue Mar 19 1996looking for a single file for Laplink
1875.02STAR::ROZETTTue Mar 19 1996Taskbar with amnesia...
1876.01PRSSOS::TEBOULTue Mar 19 1996Looking for...
1877.05MQOOA::LETue Mar 19 1996How to upgrade the drive C (W95) ?
1878.08IAGO::wort1.ljo.dec.com::CUMMINGSTue Mar 19 1996Problem configuring Zoom modem for ras
1880.022RDGENG::CHRISTIEWed Mar 20 1996network drives, different username
1881.03EVMS::E_SMITHWed Mar 20 1996Building a floppy install kit
1882.03TAENG6::JSHONGWed Mar 20 1996Which is best in printer-server ?
1883.03NETRIX::"jeff.beaupre@cop.dec.com"Wed Mar 20 1996Renaming files at a pathworks Server
1884.011SHRCTR::PJOHNSONThu Mar 21 1996Corrupted registry?
1885.0CPEEDY::MURRAYThu Mar 21 1996nikon ls1
1886.02NEWVAX::LAURENTThu Mar 21 1996Backup hangs my computer
1887.010NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonThu Mar 21 1996MS Word confuses DEClaser printer
1888.03GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Mar 21 1996'connect to' dialog - how to remove it?
1889.05UTROP1::SCHEER_RFri Mar 22 1996Adding menu item behind Right Click
1890.04SIOG::FITZMAURICEFri Mar 22 1996Logon API's
1891.0HOBBLE::POLSINSat Mar 23 1996Can't receive mail through POP server
1892.02TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon Mar 25 1996Missing Folders
1893.010DYPSS1::COGHILLMon Mar 25 1996Names of multiboot system files?
1894.041NOTAPC::SEGERMon Mar 25 1996who thinks Windows 95 is a stable platform?
1895.04ROBRVW::MITCHELLMon Mar 25 1996Help using an FX Line?
1896.03AKOCOA::LEWISMon Mar 25 1996Printer error from Keaterm
1897.05HDLITE::PASHAPOURMon Mar 25 1996Internal modem not responding!
1898.01WOTVAX::HILTONTue Mar 26 1996Long Files Names : LFNsNow
1899.02JURA::JURA::HOUZETue Mar 26 1996MAXI SOUND 16 Drivers for W95 ?
1900.0IJSAPL::VANHULSTTue Mar 26 1996recovery clipart powerpoint version 7
1901.07TINCUP::KOLBETue Mar 26 1996how to use character map key strokes
1902.02BSS::G_MCINTOSHTue Mar 26 1996Win95 shutdown to MS-DOS Question
1903.03SCASS1::auodial1_port4.auo.dec.com::kornsTue Mar 26 1996Ultra, Music/Audio CDs, quick setup for autoplay
1904.01EVTAI1::r2Tue Mar 26 1996CAB editor ?
1905.06IOSG::TALLETTWed Mar 27 1996Microsoft Product CDs use simple check digit
1906.03ALFETA::MAURICIOWed Mar 27 1996WinCIM problem under W95
1907.02TUXEDO::WRAYWed Mar 27 1996Exchange, FAX & dial-up networking
1908.06HDLITE::PASHAPOURWed Mar 27 1996Strings for Boca modems?
1909.08EVMS::E_SMITHWed Mar 27 1996Changing a Drive's ICON?
1910.08CHEFS::MORRISCThu Mar 28 1996WFW - W95 Netwrking via serial/parallel ports ?
1911.01POWDML::ddean.mso.dec.com::DEANThu Mar 28 1996WIN95 Printer Problem
1912.02POWDML::ddean.mso.dec.com::DEANThu Mar 28 1996Microsoft's Internet Explorer Problem
1913.02PRMSThu Mar 28 1996Network upgrade fails w/ Venturis P75, DE435
1914.02GNOMO::JOSEFThu Mar 28 1996Windows 95 & DE435 problems
1915.0HDLITE::PASHAPOURThu Mar 28 1996connecting imagewriter II to win95 pc?!
1916.01WASHDC::nqsrv328.nqo.dec.com::kmooreFri Mar 29 1996Disk locked by utility?
1917.02NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonFri Mar 29 1996Network Logon is Gone!
1918.04LARRYS::BROOKSFri Mar 29 1996CELEBRIS XL 59
1919.01ASABET::SANDLERSat Mar 30 1996Printing problems to Okidata OL4
1920.013UTROP1::FUHREN_PSat Mar 30 1996Memory LEAK on +32MB systems ??
1921.07DECWET::BERKUNSun Mar 31 1996IRQ conflict, sound, video, enet, lpt
1922.05--UnknownUser--Sun Mar 31 1996Help Reclaiming Disk space Please
1923.011ASABET::SANDLERSun Mar 31 1996Problems Networking Win95 & WFWg3.11
1924.05BLAZER::MIKELISMon Apr 01 1996Network Neighborhood and SliRP
1925.02CHEFS:: Apr 01 1996Abort job - printer hangs
1926.07HURON::BATESMon Apr 01 1996Win95 cache-flush causes long-hang...
1927.010LEXSMon Apr 01 1996Speaker Volume Adjustments!
1928.010BBRDGE::LOVELLTue Apr 02 1996Change licensed owner name in Office 95?
1929.016UTROP1::FUHREN_PTue Apr 02 1996WinCHAT available for W95??
1930.01GRANPA::BMCCARTYTue Apr 02 1996Phone Cards & 8
1931.03BOUGY::LE_VIETTue Apr 02 1996How to disable the floppy access ?
1932.024SWAM1::BARNETTE_NETue Apr 02 1996Beware of PaintShop Pro - File Associations Change
1933.03ZPOVC::TALEGHANIWed Apr 03 1996How do I do a "who am I"
1934.09IRNBRU::MACKENZIEWed Apr 03 1996Network config problems with 3COM card
1935.09LEXSWed Apr 03 1996Keaterm - final.exe fails during install!
1936.01FORTY2::TATHAMWed Apr 03 1996Winoldap error on MS-DOS prompt box startup
1937.0NPSS::KACZORWed Apr 03 1996Virtual ComPorts
1938.02TNPUBS::MACDONALDWed Apr 03 1996Briefcase Question
1939.07LEXSWed Apr 03 1996Save date and time settings!
1940.01CSC32::A_DEBRITOWed Apr 03 1996Will not print when asked to
1941.0NETCAD::shedde.mro1.dec.com::SIMONWed Apr 03 1996Can't print to a network printer
1942.09NEMAIL::TUCKERThu Apr 04 1996Norton Utilities for WIN95
1943.07FIREBL::LEEDSThu Apr 04 1996no boot sector on hard disk ??
1944.04MIZZOU::WIEDEMANThu Apr 04 1996Next Win 95 release?
1945.01MKOTS3::TINIUSThu Apr 04 1996Printer setup - UNC vs capture LPT ??
1946.04REGENT::HOPEFri Apr 05 1996How can I disable the special win95 keys?
1947.05NETCAD::S_HARRISFri Apr 05 1996Diamond Speedstar 24X
1948.05HDLITE::PASHAPOURFri Apr 05 1996AT Compatible chars?
1949.01SCASS1::DAVIESFri Apr 05 1996COM4 port specifed by modem problem
1950.04SYSMGT::CLABORNSun Apr 07 1996SoundBlaster AWE32 won't play .wav files
1951.02MPOSSun Apr 07 1996Invalid page fault in Win95/EXCEL
1952.01FJIVMon Apr 08 1996WIN95/WFWG Mail problem.
1953.02STOW2:: Apr 08 1996Unattended SOHO/COHO and RAS/Exchange
1954.010TOPTEN::LEONARDMon Apr 08 1996Pentium upgrade and shutdown no longer worky...
1955.03TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon Apr 08 1996Clean Registry
1956.013MIZZOU::WIEDEMANMon Apr 08 1996Is Winodws 95 backward compatilble?
1957.033NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonMon Apr 08 1996Help identifying Matrox video card
1958.06ODIXIE::SIMPSONTMon Apr 08 1996Digital Network Printer Port?
1959.0STPTue Apr 09 1996Multilanguage support on WIN'95 FIS ?
1960.05TUXEDO::WRAYTue Apr 09 1996Dial-up networking & Free Agent
1961.02LEXSTue Apr 09 1996removing .vxd file's & error messages
1962.04SUTRA::HEMET::goldsteinTue Apr 09 1996shell extension with the dial-up networking folder
1963.01ZPOVC::JASONCHANTue Apr 09 1996pnpdrvr.drv ?
1964.0NETRIX::"marc@suopnv.suo.dec.com"Tue Apr 09 1996Adaptec APA-358 MiniSCSI EPP Host Adapter
1965.0ODIXIE::GARABOWed Apr 10 1996Print Shop Deluxe Ensemble reports device malfunction
1966.016QCAVWed Apr 10 1996VT22
1967.0LUXWed Apr 10 1996POERTOYS - HTLM driver
1968.0HGOVC::ANTHONYWONGWed Apr 10 1996Error 54 : The network is currently busy??
1970.07NYAAPS::CORBISHLEYWed Apr 10 1996Looking for Windows95 Fax OCR software
1971.05TRNOI2::BOCCIWed Apr 10 1996XCOPY32
1972.016CHEFS::ABBOTT_KThu Apr 11 1996Soundblaster 16 IRQ Problem
1973.02TNPUBS::MACDONALDThu Apr 11 1996Adding Address Books
1974.04HANSBC::BACHNERThu Apr 11 1996Files on CD-ROM shared off Win95 not seen on WfW 3.11 PC
1975.07ZKWRK1::RJACKFri Apr 12 1996Uninstall woes with dual-boot NT/Win95 system!
1976.01COMICS::PERKINSRFri Apr 12 1996Death of a mouse....
1977.06EDWIN::MACHONFri Apr 12 1996Hardware address setting
1978.02EVMS::KRSNA::DKOSKOMon Apr 15 1996Strange Symbols After Fresh Install
1979.02CHEFS::nplus2.hhl.dec.com::GayMon Apr 15 1996Help Required on Fatal Exception
1980.01CSC32::R_IVERSMon Apr 15 1996New dial in config breaks home network!
1981.03RCOCER::KNIGHTTMon Apr 15 1996Hinote Ultra / Win 95 / PCMCIA woes
1983.01MEOCTue Apr 16 1996Yet another network browse problem
1984.07--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 16 1996
1985.04LATINA::CHICOWed Apr 17 1996Problem installing DE45
1986.05AMER::HONOREWed Apr 17 1996LA5
1987.05BIS1::BRISMEWed Apr 17 1996video driver
1988.03ALFSS2::WILBUR_DWed Apr 17 1996How to check bios on video card?
1989.0SHANE::PACIELLOWed Apr 17 1996W95 SOHO Network Accounting Package
1990.02ALFSS2::WILBUR_DWed Apr 17 1996How to change/remove Auto function when clicking certain file types.
1991.06HELIX::SONTAKKEThu Apr 18 1996Can Xmouse auto raise active window ?
1992.05STOWKS::FBROUWERThu Apr 18 1996AUTOEXEC.??? -> which one is doing what ?
1993.03STOWKS::FBROUWERThu Apr 18 1996FDISK not seeing secondary SCSI adapter
1994.0CHEFS:: Apr 18 1996Hinote Ultra and Parallel Port Mode
1995.0JULIET::HARRIS_MAThu Apr 18 1996POSTSCRIPT PREVIEWER, Win3,Win95,WinNT. $4
1996.020CSC32::D_PERRINThu Apr 18 1996win95 keyclick
1997.03WOTVAX::HILTONThu Apr 18 1996Get MS-FAX to use DTN?
1998.07VNABRW::BOOT2A::MEZERA_HFri Apr 19 1996Can I execute Dial-Up from Run and how ?
1999.02ALLVAX::UTZFri Apr 19 1996Dual Display Support under Win95?
2000.05TNPUBS::MACDONALDFri Apr 19 1996MS FAX Cover Page
2001.04TENNIS::KAMSun Apr 21 1996hardcopy output from 'winipcfg'?
2002.05VAXSPO::ARRONQUEMon Apr 22 1996Deleting a Network Path...
2003.011NETCAD::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonMon Apr 22 1996Digital S3 864 at 1
2004.0NETRIX::"brian.sabrowsky@gbo.mts.dec.com"Mon Apr 22 1996word 7.
2005.04VMSNET::P_NUNEZMon Apr 22 1996Change TCP/IP Broadcast Address?
2006.03MSBCS::MORINTue Apr 23 1996Driver for TZK11 2GB SCSI tape drive available ?
2007.04MSAMTue Apr 23 1996XIRCOM in WFW & WIN95 on Hinote
2008.02OTOOA::GMACDONALDWed Apr 24 1996CP->Network->Add->Service is Gone?
2009.010MFOIS1::TURCHIWed Apr 24 1996Basic questions from beginner
2010.02LATINA::MONJEWed Apr 24 1996Easy way to remove Persistent net connections ...
2011.022TUXEDO::GOLDFARBWed Apr 24 1996Help needed - System pausing
2012.05COOKIE::reuter.cxo.dec.com::REUTERWed Apr 24 1996taskbar will not un-hide!
2013.0SHANE::PACIELLOWed Apr 24 1996W95 Network Help Needed...
2014.01GUIDUK::MCCANTAWed Apr 24 1996Exchange client and MS-Word config
2015.0VNZVWed Apr 24 1996Postscript in WIN95
2016.0JURA::DUQUESNEThu Apr 25 1996466d2 completly hang?
2017.02RUMOR::cfgxThu Apr 25 1996Problem installing Printers
2018.02REDDWF::GIFFORDThu Apr 25 1996Fullvideo and joystick
2019.03JOBURG::NICOPFri Apr 26 1996Looking for driver for DEC colour writer 1
2020.03ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Apr 26 1996Viewing full details while opening folders
2021.01ALFSS2::WILBUR_DFri Apr 26 1996CD drive missing in win95, usable from dos, used to work fine.
2022.04FIREBL::LEEDSFri Apr 26 1996double-click doesn't launch apps anymore
2023.01DANGER::ARRIGHIMon Apr 29 1996Reinstall refuses to work
2024.01HDLITE::PASHAPOURMon Apr 29 1996Trouble sending FAX
2025.01DANGER::ARRIGHIMon Apr 29 1996Where is recycle bin?
2026.01NEMAIL::CASHMANCMon Apr 29 1996MS-exchange pointer
2027.02ROUTES::TEDESCOTue Apr 30 1996Corel Print House clipart
2028.0VNABRW::BOOT2A::MEZERA_HTue Apr 30 1996Strange Explorer error, reinstall does not help
2029.04BULAN::peoto.soo.dec.com::bulan::ptorlindTue Apr 30 1996
2030.09WOTVAX::nicey.olo.dec.com::Craig_HarrisTue Apr 30 1996Muli Network startup configs?
2031.03ZURTue Apr 30 1996Problem with LK45
2032.03HAGGLE::dorianTue Apr 30 1996NetWare-compatible shell is not available?
2033.037SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue Apr 30 1996Corrupt registry?
2034.012ZPOVC::16.158.8Wed May 01 1996Network Neighbourhood & PPP Woes
2035.03BOUGY::LE_VIETWed May 01 1996Automat. Install with Matrox Millennium
2036.01DANGER::ARRIGHIWed May 01 1996Trojan horse question.
2037.0CIVPR1::BURKEWed May 01 1996Unknown User / Uninstalled Version ?
2039.03ROMOIS::PACCAGNELLAThu May 02 1996header information using Microsoft FAX?
2040.01NETRIX::"prk@viis.shr.dec.com"Thu May 02 1996Icon Color Depth
2041.01CHEFS::MORRISCFri May 03 1996EtherWORKS Turbo PCMCIA drivers ?
2042.03CHEFS::MORRISCFri May 03 1996Dataoverun errors on com port
2043.0VAXRIO::DJOPC4::schorFri May 03 1996NetBEUI & Ti - How to change ?
2044.02HAGGLE::dorianFri May 03 1996Using Cooltalk with DHCP.
2045.02KALI::eugene.dechub.lkg.dec.com::simonMon May 06 1996Wrong Association
2046.012TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon May 06 1996Time Servers
2047.01--UnknownUser--Mon May 06 1996Powergrade Help
2048.03BRITE::FYFETue May 07 1996DriveSpace compatability with previous versions
2049.0UTROP1::GEERDES_BTue May 07 1996modem in auto answer with Quickcam Video Conferencing
2050.010SALEM::SHAWTue May 07 1996Pentium 32MB, but ???MHZ
2051.0KETJE::GEORGESTue May 07 1996?? RASDIAL for W95 ??
2052.02LEXSTue May 07 1996Pcscrtch public share needs password - why?
2053.05TENNIS::KAMTue May 07 1996PPT v7 opening PPT v4 files runs out of disk space?
2054.03HGOVC::YYLEEWed May 08 1996Re-dialing using dial-up adaptor with scripts
2055.01KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIWed May 08 1996Bibliographic Information from Bookshelf '95
2056.03CRONIC::LEMONSWed May 08 1996NTP client?
2057.04TENNIS::KAMWed May 08 1996Fix Registry with SETUP /D /P F
2058.029NETRIX::"bsjogren@stkai1.enet.dec.com"Thu May 09 1996Win95 and big memory
2059.03CONSLT::OWENThu May 09 1996Command line options for launching Windows Explorer
2060.012TUXEDO::WRAYThu May 09 1996Win95 & Adaptec 174X SCSI controller
2061.06--UnknownUser--Thu May 09 1996Travel Management System (TMS) comments
2063.03TENNIS::KAMThu May 09 1996Kernel Processor Usage is 1
2064.03GSHKG1::YYLEEThu May 09 1996Re-dialing to different phone number using scripts?
2065.02STAR::BLAKEFri May 10 1996Changing TCP/IP timers
2066.0ATHINA::PAGEFri May 10 1996RAS/NON-dialup?
2067.01RDGENG::COBBFri May 10 1996Modem dialing doesn't insert number
2068.04TELFON::MAILMANSun May 12 1996UnInstaller V3 on Win95?
2069.05BROUGH::HEALEYMon May 13 1996tcp/ip loopback config required
2070.05STOWOA::bufton.ogo.dec.com::nbuftonMon May 13 1996Multiple Dial-up, RASand Exchange
2071.02BER::KERSCHATMon May 13 1996
2072.08BER::KERSCHATMon May 13 1996PPP/DEC Internet Tunnel/Ethernet-Card under Windows95
2073.0CGOOA::BARNABEMon May 13 1996DECservers and PPP dialin again
2074.03CONSLT::MALLOYMon May 13 1996windows explorer don't expand drive C:
2075.01USDEV::IRWINTue May 14 1996DOS prompt won't work at 256 color, okay at 16
2076.03NETRIX::"roger.harvey@gmt.mts.dec.com"Tue May 14 1996Win95 upgrade queries....
2077.01WOTVAX::wazock.lzo.dec.com::taylor_mWed May 15 1996moving and shifting icons - why & where?
2078.06BATVXWed May 15 1996How to capture a desktop icon.
2079.02GRUMBL::KEANEWed May 15 1996Win95's netstat
2080.0NYOSS1::MORANWed May 15 1996Problem with Printer Options in Word
2081.08UNXA::LARSENWed May 15 1996Recreating system registery
2082.03HDLITE::PASHAPOURWed May 15 1996answering machine and FAX together?
2083.02ADOVThu May 16 1996Pointer to DOS6INST. Big drive fixer for dos/wfw/95
2084.01MMOAXP::MHENSONThu May 16 1996DECpcXL/Win95 System Hangs -- Please Help!
2085.0BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu May 16 1996Start menu reverts to large icons
2086.01BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu May 16 1996Netscape bookmark window isn't sticky anymore
2087.04NQOSThu May 16 1996MS Office Shortcut bar disappears
2088.01TRUCKS::BURYThu May 16 1996LoadFailed DRVSPACE.SYS ???
2089.0ODIXIE::MOREAUFri May 17 1996POP account name too long for registry
2090.0SCASS1::HAGENFri May 17 1996Nashville Beta
2091.02UNXA::RUCHFri May 17 1996"Phantom" drives won't go away...perf. problems
2092.07ODIXIE::GARABOFri May 17 1996SCANDISK reports spurious disk errors
2093.01NCMAIL::LEFFLERMSat May 18 1996excel virus?
2094.03BIS1::BRISMESun May 19 1996animate cursor
2095.01DEKVC::YONGHOKIMMon May 20 1996additional patch of windows 95
2096.03PTOVAX::PEARLMANMon May 20 1996can't get Task Bar
2097.0+6TIMABS::GUGELIMon May 20 1996Icons in Control-Panel missing...
2098.01TIMABS::GUGELIMon May 20 1996How to restore form a xxxx.QIC saveset file.
2099.03JULIET::HARRIS_MAMon May 20 1996Current source for Sound card to CDROM cables?
2100.02DECCXL::KAOTue May 21 1996Now, my windows95 always starts with safe mode...
2101.01KAOFS::kap894.kao.dec.com::avelarTue May 21 1996Printing to Pathworks Queues
2102.01KAOFS::E_VIAUTue May 21 1996No mail today
2103.03BSS::G_MCINTOSHTue May 21 1996Set IP Address Setup
2104.04OTOOA::GMACDONALDTue May 21 1996Screen Saver & Task Bar
2105.08NQOSWed May 22 1996Can't find the clock!
2106.06COOKIE::FROEHLINWed May 22 1996Booting off a CD
2108.06CHEFS::HARVEYThu May 23 1996Use "old" DOS SYPLUS s/w ?
2109.013WRKSYS::LASKYThu May 23 1996Win95 and partitions?
2110.03MKOTS3::TINIUSThu May 23 1996Using DriveSpace3 with no compression
2111.01JULIET::yosmte::HARRIS_MAThu May 23 1996Infinite Disk for Win-95. $19.95
2112.01DOGONE::WOODBURYThu May 23 1996Printing from Netscape
2113.07WOTVAX::16.194.2Thu May 23 1996how do I get the fax added as a printer ?
2114.08SCAMP::mkodhcp-461287Fri May 24 1996Can't get files from VMS Account into Briefcase
2115.0ODIXIE::GARABOFri May 24 1996WD316
2116.013CHEFS::LAU_JSun May 26 1996Looking for a good terminal emulator
2117.03ROMEDU::NEBBIAMon May 27 1996Printing via Pathworks
2118.01OTOOA::GMACDONALDMon May 27 1996Multiple User Preferences
2119.03NQOSTue May 28 1996poor TCP/IP performance DUN->RAS
2120.08NOTAPC::SEGERTue May 28 1996Windows 95 can't handle the year 2
2121.0LISVAX::SILVA_PTue May 28 1996Fatal exception after KERNEL32.DLL update installation
2122.09MARVIN::WATERSTue May 28 1996W95 and Routed IP/TCP over ISDN
2123.0+8REFINE::COHENTue May 28 1996Win95 MPEG Player
2124.011HAGGLE::dorianTue May 28 1996Samba Anyone???
2125.01SNOFS1::IPSSG_FLWed May 29 1996Rdr - ConnectMaxTimeout ??
2126.04MFOIS1::TURCHIWed May 29 1996GID files: what is it ?
2127.03ZKWRK1::RJACKWed May 29 1996BACKUP - Error: Not enough memory available
2128.02VCOUThu May 30 1996Application installation tailoring in WIn 95
2129.02LATINA::UCEDAThu May 30 1996Fatal exceptions
2130.0CXOSS1::cxoras3.cxo.dec.com::highlandSun Jun 02 1996UCX->SLIP->WIN95->PATHWORKS
2131.013HOTLNE::DISun Jun 02 1996Dos "Net Logon" = Invalid key message
2132.012REFINE::COHENMon Jun 03 1996Navigator 3 or IE 3???
2134.05PROXY::DEFELIPPIMon Jun 03 1996Epson Stylus Spooler Problem
2135.02JULIET::capitn::HARRIS_MAMon Jun 03 1996Share a W95 attached printer (TCPIP) from VMS?
2136.01TROOA::NAISHTue Jun 04 1996Unable to Insert Objects on CELEBRIS XK 51
2137.03WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::Liz_ToddTue Jun 04 1996Declaser 225
2138.01SEDSWS::MILTONTue Jun 04 1996W95 and Word 6 together
2139.02LEXSS1::KELLEHERTue Jun 04 1996Schedule Locator error!
2140.07VMSNET::FARLOW_JTue Jun 04 1996SessTimeout for Windows 95?
2141.02KETJE::VANGRIEKENTue Jun 04 1996No way out of PC
2142.01VAXRIO::MARCIA_LTue Jun 04 1996Please help - Phone Dialer setting
2143.0STOWOA::NORTON_KWed Jun 05 1996Win95 doesn't print to bottom tray on LPS32?
2144.012JULIET::capitn::HARRIS_MAWed Jun 05 1996RAM Doubler for Win3 now available for Win95. Connectix
2145.0ADOVWed Jun 05 1996worldview for windows ? on win95?????
2146.09NIOSS1::DEANThu Jun 06 1996Help WIN95/WFW
2147.06TENNIS::KAMThu Jun 06 1996Scan Disk, System Agent, automatically fix errors?
2148.01ALFSS1::tun-2.imc.das.dec.com::KimbelSun Jun 09 1996VESA for W95 on HiNote?
2150.04NIOSS1::visrp1.nio.dec.com::proulxMon Jun 10 1996Fatal exception error after Win95 Upgrade on CT475 Ultra
2151.0+25CSC32::BOWMANTue Jun 11 1996FAT32 coming later this year
2152.07WOTVAX::HILTONTue Jun 11 1996NT 4 vs Win95 Performance?
2153.04WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::Liz_ToddTue Jun 11 1996Can you log onto different domains with different usernames and passwords
2154.0IBTue Jun 11 1996Hinote Ultra II network problems.
2155.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed Jun 12 1996Details vs. large icons as Explorer default
2156.03KERNEL::PATELAWed Jun 12 1996Win 95 and DE5
2157.0TNPUBS::MACDONALDWed Jun 12 1996Network Backup of Laptop
2158.01NETRIX::"reg@superuser.stl.dec.com"Wed Jun 12 1996Explorer Page Down Key problem
2159.015MSDOA::HICKSTWed Jun 12 1996Win95 drivers for Celebris PCI IDE controller?
2160.010CRONIC::LEMONSThu Jun 13 1996Where is 'Connect As' functionality?
2161.03ANNECY::BLANDIN_FThu Jun 13 1996Using TLZ
2162.05HOLST::LITTLEThu Jun 13 1996Problem printing on Turbo2
2163.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu Jun 13 1996<domain> is not accessible in Network Neighborhood
2164.0SCAMP::JANEBThu Jun 13 1996Installing printer driver - iconlib.dll
2165.013CHEFS::fbspc2.hhl.dec.com::LUCKMANSThu Jun 13 1996Internet Explorer access Internal SItes
2166.01CONSLT::MALLOYThu Jun 13 1996?? New Hardware found pci
2167.04TINGAU::HEFELEFri Jun 14 1996Win95, Access7 & RDB?
2168.07NETCAD::CHALMERSFri Jun 14 1996How to local ASCII text console?
2169.01METALX::SWANSONFri Jun 14 1996Show contents during move
2170.01CGOOA::BARNABESat Jun 15 1996ADD/REMOVE Programs + disk space?
2171.03CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONSun Jun 16 1996Does a WIN95 do optimization on systems with a Pentium?
2172.01DV78Sun Jun 16 1996Can't change screen saver timeout!!
2173.0+13TELFON::MAILMANMon Jun 17 1996Microsoft Backup abnormalities
2174.0FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Jun 17 1996AT&T Worldnet and Britannica together, bug fix
2176.01BSS::G_MCINTOSHTue Jun 18 1996Added Hard Drive but......
2177.07LEMAN::16.44.Tue Jun 18 1996TZK11 Driver for Win95 / NCR SCSI controller
2178.02NETRIX::"CNielsen@dklab1.dmo.dec.com"Tue Jun 18 1996Windows 95 push installation on Celebris GL
2179.010CECAMO::SALEM_HTue Jun 18 1996Win95 : Ethernet + PPP
2180.06ODIXIE::RREEVESTue Jun 18 1996Plus installation fails.
2181.03PCBUOA::sheldon.ako.dec.com::GlicklerTue Jun 18 1996IE3.
2182.01GUIDUK::MCCANTATue Jun 18 1996Compress Exchange Folder file *.pst?
2183.01HDLITE::PASHAPOURWed Jun 19 1996Toshiba CD drivers?
2184.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Jun 19 1996Is there a DRWATSON for WINDOWS95?
2185.03QUARK::LIONELWed Jun 19 1996VMM32.VXD and dial-up woes
2186.07TDCIS5::LE_NYThu Jun 20 1996RE-ARCADA PROBLEM
2187.07PCMVThu Jun 20 1996#9 GXE and Windows95
2188.08GUIDUK::MCCANTAThu Jun 20 1996DRVSPACE2 vs DRVSPACE3 vs Stacker
2189.01CECAMO::SALEM_HFri Jun 21 1996XircomCombiCard and Windows95 !!!
2190.09NQOSSat Jun 22 1996Canon BJ-1
2191.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANSat Jun 22 1996Invalid page fault while trying to drag on HiNote
2192.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANSun Jun 23 1996WINDOWS95 on a HiNote & an LN
2193.02TROOA::NAISHMon Jun 24 1996Single Display Adapter (Trident) Showing Twice
2194.0GENIE::MURRAYMon Jun 24 1996Animated Startup Screens.
2195.05HGOVC::NELSONTSANGMon Jun 24 1996Win95 New Patch
2196.02ZPOVC::TALEGHANIMon Jun 24 1996How to send a file to the Recycle Bin from a drive other than C:
2197.03STAR::FENSTERMon Jun 24 1996SIIG EIDE with large disk requires MS DOS compatability mode ?
2198.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAMon Jun 24 1996Windows 95 Upgrade setup
2199.03RDGENG::WOOD_JMon Jun 24 1996Problem using dial-up networking and "Ethernet-card" networking: how to switch between the two?
2200.04HDLITE::PASHAPOURMon Jun 24 1996Problem after isntalling Plus!
2201.01HYDRA::goivit::ALDENMon Jun 24 1996Laserwriter 2
2202.03STOWOA:: Jun 25 1996Plus! source drive fixation
2203.01CHEFS::MITCHELL_ATue Jun 25 1996Help with recording Voice
2204.04USOPS::KADOWTue Jun 25 1996Move files from C:> to D:> disk?
2205.0ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Jun 25 1996Read-only and read-write shares
2206.02BRAT::PETERS_NTue Jun 25 1996DECwriter 95 with Windows 95
2208.03WOTVAX::HUBBARDPWed Jun 26 1996Advise on PCMCIA cards
2209.06ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Jun 26 1996Creating space on W95 system disk
2210.011ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Jun 26 1996Moving boot disk contents to SCSI disk
2211.02YIELD::BURKEWed Jun 26 1996WIN95 Networking Protocol?????
2212.04NOTAPC::SEGERWed Jun 26 1996What is the impact of disk SEEK time on performance?
2213.03WOTVAX::HILTONThu Jun 27 1996Multi-configs and mysterious emm loads!
2214.02PTHRED::PORTANTEThu Jun 27 1996SPRY's Internet in a Box V2.
2215.03ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu Jun 27 1996Policy files
2216.04ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu Jun 27 1996Null modems
2217.029686:: Jun 28 1996Digital SCSI - TK5
2218.02GRANPA::ATKINSSat Jun 29 1996REGEDIT Automated Entry
2219.03SSDEVO::LAMBERTSat Jun 29 1996Modifying Explorer and system-level options?
2220.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGMon Jul 01 1996Missing a driver when upgraded from WFW3.11
2221.01FORTY2::WATSONTue Jul 02 1996Problems with Network Password
2222.0+5TALLIS::KOCHTue Jul 02 1996Is there any way to change the DOSbox colors?
2223.03ROMEDU::NEBBIAWed Jul 03 1996Screensaver and password
2224.04STAR::RICOWed Jul 03 1996Can't use COM1 serial port
2225.018LEXSWed Jul 03 1996RAS and browse Langroup problem...
2226.01USOPS::KADOWWed Jul 03 1996Procedure to build Menu Entries Automatically
2227.01TROOA::LUIThu Jul 04 1996System agent can't be turned on after Service Pack 1
2228.05GVAFri Jul 05 1996Winfax and Dial-up Server coexistence
2229.0GALVIA::RAWLINGSFri Jul 05 1996screensaver & keyboard focus
2230.01QCAVFri Jul 05 1996Intel EtherExpress Driver.
2231.05ESSC::esscFri Jul 05 1996Problem with Visual Basic application
2232.02TROOA::LUIFri Jul 05 1996Short cut : Long command with more than 1 parameters ? How ?
2233.04BEET::EAGANSun Jul 07 1996TCP/IP precludes NETbui?
2234.013--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 08 1996Invalid page fault on Windows95
2236.03BULEAN::BANKSMon Jul 08 1996DirectX? DirectDraw?
2238.08CADSYS::GROSSMon Jul 08 1996Problem with Faxtalk-Messenger on a Starion running Win95
2239.07QUARK::LIONELMon Jul 08 1996Kernel Toys
2240.02TNPUBS::MACDONALDTue Jul 09 1996Startup Folder
2241.02FRSBEE::BROOKSTue Jul 09 1996Anyone Else See This???
2242.02STAR::jacobi.zko.dec.com::jacobiWed Jul 10 1996425SE and 256 colors?
2243.08PHXSS1::HEISERWed Jul 10 1996Modem echo problem in W95
2244.08LJSRV2::LANGThu Jul 11 1996Diamond InControl drivers - interesting feature
2245.01ESSC::esscThu Jul 11 1996Remote connection times out
2246.02MUCCS1::VINZENZThu Jul 11 1996OmniPage Pro 7 or TextBridge Pro?
2247.01RTOIC::FSEVERINThu Jul 11 1996Delete Map Network drive History?
2248.011WOTVAX::16.194.2Thu Jul 11 1996[Start] wont work for about 3
2249.02NETRIX::"heinisch@gaas.enet.DEC.Com"Thu Jul 11 1996
2250.04UTROP1::KENDZIORRA_EThu Jul 11 1996Dial_up Server to pick up line after 5 rings?
2251.04SWAM1::ROMERO_CAFri Jul 12 1996Win95 no intervention install
2252.03RDGENG::GREIDFri Jul 12 1996What are .PDF files
2253.01KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIFri Jul 12 1996Can't Connect to Novell Netware V4 as ADMIN
2254.03QCAVFri Jul 12 1996Sony SDT 5
2255.01VARESE::CORGNATIFri Jul 12 1996Dialup connection w/out modem
2256.06BLAZER::MIKELISFri Jul 12 1996mapping a network drive
2257.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANSun Jul 14 1996Can Windows NT be installed w/ Windows95?
2258.010WOTVAX::HILTONMon Jul 15 1996Dial-up SCripting doesn't!
2259.01OHFSS1::tlo1Mon Jul 15 1996Retrieve groupname for server
2260.01NPSS::JOHNSONMon Jul 15 1996WIN95 drivers and FONTS for PCXAG-AH
2261.0CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONMon Jul 15 1996WIN95 on removable cartridge?
2262.03TENNIS::KAMMon Jul 15 1996can 2 Win95 systems communicate over modem w/PPP or RAS?
2263.02TENNIS::KAMTue Jul 16 1996Windows cannot view list of users at this time?
2264.03WOTVAX::HILTONTue Jul 16 1996Internet Explorer Cache folder?
2265.04NOODLE::ANDERSONTue Jul 16 1996.au to .wav
2266.0VAXRIO::DJOPC4::schorTue Jul 16 1996TCP/IP X Token ring X Dial up
2267.0TALLIS::KOCHTue Jul 16 1996Install New Hardware corrupts system ...
2268.03HACMAN::HACKWed Jul 17 1996Invalid System Configuration Data.
2269.0TAEC::miles.vbo.dec.com::milesWed Jul 17 1996A single Exhange profile for multiple ISP accounts?
2270.019STOWOA::READWed Jul 17 1996MS Internet Explorer V3.
2271.05ASABET::nqsrv218.nqo.dec.com::WorkbenchWed Jul 17 1996RESTORING W-3.11 BACKUP FROM ZIP DRIVE
2272.04HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENWed Jul 17 1996Looking for DOS env. var for config info
2273.03USPS::FPRUSSWed Jul 17 1996Password needed for wfwg schedule file?
2274.02NEWVAX::MZARUDZKIWed Jul 17 1996Communications driver not detected.
2275.0LEXSThu Jul 18 1996Program Manager Sentry already running!
2276.06LATINA::PEDROAFri Jul 19 1996TZ3
2277.05PCBUOA::sheldon.ako.dec.com::GlicklerFri Jul 19 1996ANTIEXE virus
2278.01XSTACY::MTOBINFri Jul 19 1996Automatically detecting IRQ
2279.01HAN::ULRICHMon Jul 22 1996SLIP to digital via ACB and VTLAT
2280.08PCBUOA::sheldon.ako.dec.com::GlicklerMon Jul 22 1996Need a pointer
2281.03BIGUN::chmeee::MayneTue Jul 23 1996Edit registry from Windows NT?
2282.0242333::LESLIETue Jul 23 1996Am I DOS or Windows?
2283.05STOWOA::ogodhcp-125-112-11.ogo.dec.com::nbuftonTue Jul 23 1996Explorer (no, not the real one) GPFs
2284.01HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENTue Jul 23 1996Great suggestions, thanks!
2285.016BLAZER::MIKELISTue Jul 23 1996Dial-up networking using MCI credit card dysfunctional
2286.05COPSWed Jul 24 1996Win95, EPS, Printing to file
2287.0742333::LESLIEWed Jul 24 1996Partition Magic for Win95
2289.08TRUCKS::BURYWed Jul 24 1996Slow disconnect from DUN
2290.09AIAG::SEGERWed Jul 24 1996why can't I tell MS apps where *I* want to put them?
2291.05THEBAY::WIEGLEBWed Jul 24 1996"Windows NT Server Management Tools for Windows 95"
2292.01NYAAPS::CORBISHLEYThu Jul 25 1996Need Help with generic FaxModem
2293.01TNPUBS::CHIASSONThu Jul 25 1996WIN95 install IOS error]
2294.06LEXSThu Jul 25 1996Com1 is missing
2295.04BIS1::BRISMEFri Jul 26 1996cust. tool bar
2296.017JGO::POMMERENFri Jul 26 1996win95 problems
2297.06BBRDGE::LOVELLFri Jul 26 1996Routing TCP/IP from Windows95
2299.0+29JGODCL::POMMERENFri Jul 26 1996Iomega Zip-drive + WIN95
2300.02NPSS::JOHNSONFri Jul 26 1996X windows replication
2302.0KZIN::HUDSONMon Jul 29 1996"Terminal" fonts available only when a MS-DOS box is active
2303.01TAENG4::CHHUANGMon Jul 29 1996A Windows'95 function call for shared directory
2304.0+10MFOIS1::TURCHIMon Jul 29 1996Problem with Regclean 3.
2305.04SEDSWS::MILTONMon Jul 29 1996postscript printing again.
2306.04PASTA::LUDWIGMon Jul 29 1996DECwriter 5
2307.0ALFSS2::OLSEN_GMon Jul 29 1996Starting PW License Service in msbatch.inf?
2308.01TAINO::JRUIZMon Jul 29 1996Remove MIDI Config File
2309.026FRSBEE::BROOKSMon Jul 29 1996VMS mailing PC generated PRN (PS) files
2310.0TELFON::MAILMANMon Jul 29 1996Start/Documents menu
2311.08CSC32::K_JOHNSONTue Jul 30 1996DOS fails to format large (1.6GB) IDE drive (in preparation for W95 install)
2312.03SWTHOM::GRAMAINTue Jul 30 1996win95 hang before the windows login display
2313.06SAYER::ELMORETue Jul 30 1996deleting temp files ???
2314.014ATHINA::PAGEWed Jul 31 1996Help with theory
2315.05TDCIS5::LE_NYWed Jul 31 1996AWE32 and MIDI (
2317.0+38JGODCL::POMMERENWed Jul 31 1996Win'96 / Win'97
2318.01BSS::PROCTOR_RWed Jul 31 1996Failure to init device boot error?
2319.06AIAG::SEGERWed Jul 31 1996where is best place for academic discounts?
2320.0STOSS1::SEITZWed Jul 31 1996How to read a .map file?
2321.04KERNEL::IMBIERSKITThu Aug 01 1996Windows 95 freeware - Network Beverage Selector
2322.0QCAVThu Aug 01 1996Venturis 512
2323.02SIOG::E_CUSACKThu Aug 01 1996Install from NET and HANG
2324.03ICS::POMEROYThu Aug 01 1996Net printer Problems!!
2325.010CSC32::K_JOHNSONThu Aug 01 1996Iomega JAZZ drives
2326.014HGOVC::FUNGCHEUKWAFri Aug 02 1996defrag. in win95
2327.04MWBVAX::BROWNFri Aug 02 1996Fax/Modem/Speakerphone/Answering software?
2328.0+49GVAFri Aug 02 1996Why remain under 95 when NT4.
2329.03WOTVAX::HILTONFri Aug 02 1996%1 is not a valid win32 application
2330.012CADSYS::GROSSFri Aug 02 1996How can I get the SUSPEND icon to reappear?
2331.03STAR::PITCHERSat Aug 03 1996Getting 24
2332.05HGOVC::FUNGCHEUKWAMon Aug 05 1996What is MMX?
2333.01142333::LESLIEMon Aug 05 1996(Uncaring) Sharing violation
2334.0JGODCL::POMMERENMon Aug 05 19963DS Max
2335.02GRANPA::BARABIAMon Aug 05 1996Couple Basic Questions
2336.03SWAM1::WONG_HEMon Aug 05 1996Problem with JAZ drive
2337.01HDLITE::PASHAPOURMon Aug 05 1996native alpha applications?
2338.02SWAM1::HOLT_JOTue Aug 06 1996Trouble with Infoserver & Pathworks...
2339.01MOVIES::POTTERTue Aug 06 1996Fonts showing as symbols
2340.03WOTVAX::pervy.mco.dec.com::wotvax.olo.dec.com::gilbertbTue Aug 06 1996TCP/IP maximum connections, leakage problems
2341.01MSAMTue Aug 06 1996Remote boot and connecting to NetWare and NT
2342.0HELIX::THISSELLWed Aug 07 1996Buffer Error message w/ MS-DOS
2343.05HGOVC::ANDREWFUNGWed Aug 07 1996pointer for C++
2344.01NETRIX::"thilo.keller@suo.mts.dec.com"Thu Aug 08 1996only standard icons on the desktop
2345.03FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Aug 08 1996UNIVesa (...and SDD52.exe)
2346.03TRUCKS::BURYThu Aug 08 19962 configs for one modem??
2347.023Fri Aug 09 1996Application Automation Software
2348.0235Fri Aug 09 1996Dead Gateway Detection
2349.019471::FISHERFri Aug 09 1996Direct Connection PPP
2350.04BBOVMon Aug 12 1996CPS type tools for W95
2351.04ADOVMon Aug 12 1996Fuzzy VRT17 on VP 1
2352.06ANNECY::AEO452::KENNEALY_RMon Aug 12 1996Hanging problem after receiving fax
2353.0OGBON::gordon.stl.dec.com::gordonMon Aug 12 1996another hinote MM problem
2354.01ALFSS2::OLSEN_GMon Aug 12 19963C589 and WIN95...HELP!
2355.04IAGO:: Aug 12 1996Can't add printer
2356.0ODIXIE::GARABOMon Aug 12 1996Error upgrading HP 855Cse drivers
2357.04WOTVAX::pervy.mco.dec.com::gilbertbMon Aug 12 1996Dynamic monitoring of modem, dial-up networking
2358.02BSS::G_MCINTOSHTue Aug 13 1996Change List of Documents
2359.03ADCAWed Aug 14 1996Can't restore files backed up in Win NT
2360.0SUBSYS::MSOUCYWed Aug 14 1996internet and wildcat via FRAD connection?
2361.06COOKIE::FROEHLINThu Aug 15 1996PC Card/PCMCIA SCSI controllers
2362.05KERNEL::WITHALLGFri Aug 16 1996doss 6.22 install killed win95
2363.06NQOSFri Aug 16 1996MS Internet Explorer Copy Problem
2364.02KERNEL::WITHALLGMon Aug 19 1996DOS6.22/w95 = no multiboot
2365.025BASEX::KAIRYSMon Aug 19 1996Installing '95 with 'NT (reprise)
2366.04NIOSS1::DEANMon Aug 19 1996Help Reinstall?
2367.02RTOMS::dhcp-2Mon Aug 19 1996See file size with MS Explorer?
2368.014NQOSMon Aug 19 1996WIN95 Boots DOS after power is turned off
2369.01EDSDMon Aug 19 1996IP/DNS drive mapping question
2370.04SMURF::HASKELLMon Aug 19 1996Font Glut Freeze
2371.0PERFOM::TARSAMon Aug 19 1996Can no longer drag and drop desktop or explorer icons
2372.07POWDML::DFARRELLTue Aug 20 1996Slow Video Scrolling with Win95
2374.01WRKSYS::CHALTASTue Aug 20 1996Windows95 stuck in DOS mode
2375.01JULIET::yosmte::HARRIS_MATue Aug 20 1996Kurzweil Voice Recognition application. Nice. Free Eval
2376.03MSE1::KBROWNTue Aug 20 1996Bad spot on floppy
2377.08CUSTOM::HULLWed Aug 21 1996Fix Long Win95 shutdown time?
2378.0EVOAWed Aug 21 1996Unable to connect to Unix 3.2/ppp server
2379.02NQOSWed Aug 21 1996Adaptec MiniSCSI Plus on HiNote Ultra
2380.04EVTAI1::RENOUVELThu Aug 22 1996EXABYTE Pilot needed.
2381.06MKOTS3::TINIUSThu Aug 22 1996How to see all open files?
2382.0MEOCFri Aug 23 1996Customising System Policies - ADMIN.ADM
2383.02NETRIX::"josef.watzko@lnz.mts.dec.com"Fri Aug 23 1996SlimSCSI with Sony CDU-541
2384.03NQOSFri Aug 23 1996Printing from OpenVMS
2385.014ACISS2::BEJCEKSat Aug 24 1996FDISK incompatible with DOS
2386.04WHYNOW::NEWMANMon Aug 26 1996How do I get Netscape to print in color?
2387.05TUXEDO::FRIDAYMon Aug 26 1996Explorer questions
2388.03TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon Aug 26 1996Synching Briefcase Across Three PCs
2389.013GUOVMon Aug 26 1996boot problem with VXD and VMM
2390.05HYDRA::PASHAPOURMon Aug 26 1996Can't see anything! Help!
2391.014HERON::MINVIELLETue Aug 27 1996Strange behavior of my desktop
2392.0KAOFS::O_DEBOERTue Aug 27 1996System reboots and shuts down
2393.0USCTR1::SCHWABETue Aug 27 1996Windows.
2394.01ZEKE::ranger.zko.dec.com::dilsworthWed Aug 28 1996Printer hangs durring system power up
2395.014ORAREP::BOIKOWed Aug 28 1996Largest files on disk(s) utility...??
2396.02LEXSWed Aug 28 1996DEClaser 18
2397.03CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AFri Aug 30 1996How to protect SHFT/F5 SHFT/F8 at boot time?
2398.03BSS::G_MCINTOSHFri Aug 30 1996Remove Icon Only From Desktop
2399.03CHEFS::HEWITTCMon Sep 02 1996Encrypt files?
2400.04WOTVAX::kelsae.edo.dec.com::Liz_ToddMon Sep 02 1996copying files from network drive to briefcase
2401.03OPCO::TSG_BHLTue Sep 03 1996defrag and scandisk problems
2402.03KAOFS::P_LETue Sep 03 1996CBTWNTARC.EXE overflow err ?
2403.043TUXEDO::WRAYTue Sep 03 1996Win95 DUN
2404.05NOKNOK::LANDRYTue Sep 03 1996Unnecessary Drive A: seeks
2405.06ODIXIE::GARABOTue Sep 03 1996Need to reverse print
2406.08WHYNOW::NEWMANTue Sep 03 1996Problem connecting to file/print services via Dial-up Networking
2407.06CALDEC::AVERYWed Sep 04 1996Start Menu has Life of Its Own
2408.02HGOVC::ANDREWFUNGWed Sep 04 1996winnt & win95
2409.0THESUN::ROELWed Sep 04 1996Dont display last user name in logon box
2410.02POBOXA::KEEFERWed Sep 04 1996Dual Boot (Win31/Win95) and DrvSpace Compression
2411.07EVTAI1::PAULYWed Sep 04 1996Win 95 on a DECpc 325 ?!
2412.01NEMAIL::TUCKERWed Sep 04 1996Digital Fax cover in WinFax format?
2413.09CURRNT::BAILEYThu Sep 05 1996Vanishing partitions!
2414.05HERON::KAISERThu Sep 05 1996Canon BJC-41
2415.04WOTVAX::16.194.2Thu Sep 05 1996Starting inside the tray ?
2416.013COOKIE::FROEHLINFri Sep 06 1996Time/clock wrong from sleep/suspend/energy save mode
2417.01RTOMS::dhcp-2Mon Sep 09 1996Driver for RICOH RS632 scanner (TWAIN)?
2418.012WOTVAX::NAYLORTue Sep 10 1996Multiple WINSOCK.DLL
2419.07HNDYMN::MCCARTHYTue Sep 10 1996Windows95 random crashes
2420.039NETCAD::SCARAMUZZOTue Sep 10 1996Windows Explorer/Network Neighborhood via PPP connection?
2421.02SCASS1::auodial1_port1.auo.dec.com::kornsTue Sep 10 1996pav_pancho?
2422.03AKOCOA::BERNIERWed Sep 11 1996Add printer icon won't open
2423.0+3JULIET::yosmte::HARRIS_MAWed Sep 11 1996ZIP V5 tools now on-line
2424.01KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIWed Sep 11 1996Windows95 Anniversary Screen Saver Hangs HiNote CT475
2425.034BSS::PROCTOR_RWed Sep 11 1996CD Applet (powertoy) startup in paused state?
2426.0+14JGODCL::APETERSFri Sep 13 1996LMOUSE.DRV needed
2427.07PTOSS1::THEOBALDFri Sep 13 1996OEM Service Release 2?
2428.04AMCFAC::RABAHYFri Sep 13 1996qbasic kit for Windows 95?
2429.02AMCFAC::RABAHYFri Sep 13 1996MS Hearts network
2430.03BRAT::TAILLONFri Sep 13 1996HELP! DOS - Changes Screen resolution
2431.01NETRIX::"Skeenc@mail.dec.com"Sun Sep 15 1996Policy problems with Word
2432.01NETRIX::"skeenc@mail.dec.com"Sun Sep 15 1996Modem compatability issues
2433.05SNOFS1::PENNYSIMONMon Sep 16 1996Broken system - removed NT
2434.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Sep 16 1996Problem w/ modem, could be TCP/IP->Dial-Up Adapter
2435.0KERNEL::WITHALLGMon Sep 16 1996Highnote MMM and My Computer not responding
2436.08CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AMon Sep 16 1996Defrag cannot handle 4gb drives?
2437.01GVATue Sep 17 1996Streamer TZK1
2438.04LEMAN::BOTHNERTue Sep 17 1996Which is reccomended NFS client?
2439.03POWDML::EKBERGTue Sep 17 1996Celebris 5133 shutdown (not)
2440.01PCBUOA::sheldon.ako.dec.com::GlicklerTue Sep 17 1996Find, Run
2441.04ODIXIE::SIMPSONTTue Sep 17 1996new powertoy release
2442.07SKYLAB::FISHERWed Sep 18 1996Microsoft Mail (with IE) vs Microsoft Messaging (formerly Exchange)
2443.07RSNC::BRUILThu Sep 19 1996Fast sound ??
2444.01TREES::THOMASThu Sep 19 1996tcpwindowsize, other parameters for tcp tuning?
2445.09RICKS::WINDNAGLEFri Sep 20 1996MS backup crashes after exactly 32 min.
2446.05LEXSFri Sep 20 1996sound
2448.03TRENO::SYSTEMMon Sep 23 1996Video Drivers need?
2449.020MEMMFG::MICHAUDMon Sep 23 1996Recycle bin misses the throw??
2450.01OTOOA::GMACDONALDMon Sep 23 1996W95 Share Connection Limit
2451.01ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Sep 24 1996Setting priority for threads and processes
2452.02PRMSTue Sep 24 1996DECpc XL + Matrox Mystique = problem
2453.04ALEF::NIKOLICTue Sep 24 1996VRC2
2454.07ZKWRK1::RJACKTue Sep 24 1996Direct Printing via TCP/IP?...
2455.03TOLKIN::MENDESWed Sep 25 1996Write Fault Error
2456.01BIS1::brodhcp1-179.bro.dec.com::deroreWed Sep 25 1996
2457.026QUARK::LIONELWed Sep 25 1996Screen saver causes typed characters to be lost
2458.010GANTRY::HULLWed Sep 25 1996Win95 sees 3.5 floppy as a 5.25; fix??
2459.01CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AThu Sep 26 1996How to restart with shares but not lose teh connection.
2460.01GVPROD::FITZGERALDThu Sep 26 1996Briefcase synch problems
2461.013CADSYS::GROSSFri Sep 27 1996Can I avoid bad spots on floppy disks?
2462.03DECWET::RWALKERFri Sep 27 1996Can't get SB-32 P&P to work
2463.0BGSDEV::RJONESFri Sep 27 1996Looking for the latest driver?
2464.0+5WRKSYS::NEWTONSat Sep 28 1996Can't see pc on network neighborhood...
2465.05OHFSS1::RBROWNSat Sep 28 1996RAS won't go past the laptop ...
2466.06CPEEDY::PITCHERSun Sep 29 1996Which to use: Excel or Acces??
2467.04ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon Sep 30 1996Netware Client 32 support DE435 ???
2468.03WOTVAX::HILTONMon Sep 30 1996PACE internal modem problem
2469.05KANATA::ZUTRAUENMon Sep 30 1996LMHOSTS vs HOSTS (?)
2470.0+13ABACUS::TOMASMon Sep 30 1996DirectX video install question
2471.04TROOA::EPIERCEMon Sep 30 1996Permanent Volume Icon gone from Task Bar
2472.05NPSS::BENZMon Sep 30 1996Another multiboot question - dos AFTER 95+NT
2473.04FRAIS::ROETue Oct 01 1996New CET Daylight Savings Time Fix?
2474.09STAR::CAMUSOTue Oct 01 1996DriveSpace wedged me!
2475.01HGOVC::ANDREWFUNGWed Oct 02 1996pointer need
2476.08TRNOIS::TESTAWed Oct 02 1996Irwin 8
2478.02HGOVC::ANDREWFUNGThu Oct 03 1996documentation pointer
2479.04FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Oct 03 1996Samsung SENS81
2480.0FORTY2::KALUSThu Oct 03 1996WINOA386.MOD ?
2481.05SCASS1::DAVIESThu Oct 03 1996.BMP become Screen Saver
2482.02GALVIA::thebe.ilo.dec.com::rawlingsFri Oct 04 1996Why no pasteable passwords...?
2483.010KAOFS::P_LEFri Oct 04 1996Windows95-USR 28,8bps modem conflict ?
2484.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANSun Oct 06 1996My modem doesn't work anymore...
2485.04JULIET::yosmte::HARRIS_MAMon Oct 07 1996Can you mix vendors with S3 Scenic Highway?
2486.0LEMAN:: Oct 07 1996CLSID in Registry ?
2487.015STOWOA::ogodhcp-125-112-226.ogo.dec.com::nbuftonMon Oct 07 1996Norton Crashguard
2488.03GANTRY::HULLMon Oct 07 1996Dial-up networking crashes
2489.05ZGOMIF::HWLEEMon Oct 07 1996forgotten screensaver password
2490.0ALLVAX::UTZTue Oct 08 1996Add Printer GPF's
2491.06KAOFS::C_MENENDEZTue Oct 08 1996"exit to DOS" w/o reboot W95?
2492.06STAR::PITCHERTue Oct 08 1996Dialup networking and file and print sharing
2493.05HGOVC::ANDREWFUNGWed Oct 09 1996ps file
2494.04WOTVAX::HILTONWed Oct 09 1996Print Notification Program>
2495.01RTOMS::dhcp-2Wed Oct 09 1996Share compressed drive?
2496.02IOSG::TALLETTWed Oct 09 1996HiNote Ultra NIC
2497.02WHYNOW::NEWMANWed Oct 09 1996Anyone get MS Publisher 97 Trial Version to work?
2498.01LGP3Thu Oct 10 1996Is ASPI included in Windows 95?
2499.05OHFSS1::RBROWNThu Oct 10 1996Can't see the world or netscape
2500.02WOTVAX::HUBBARDPFri Oct 11 1996Nokia DTP-2 Cellular Data Card ?
2501.0+2CIVPR1::SIMMONSSat Oct 12 1996System Error. Network error on drive ?:.
2502.0+4CHOWDA::GLICKMANSat Oct 12 1996Problem with Sweep95 2.9
2503.02LUXMon Oct 14 1996One Second hangs
2504.012POMPY::LESLIEMon Oct 14 1996J++
2505.0ELIS::EIJKHOUTMon Oct 14 1996Excel 7.
2506.07MKOTS3::JABLONSKYMon Oct 14 1996Video driver for S3.
2507.017KEEF::PETERSTue Oct 15 1996 COM1 in use?
2508.04SKYLAB::FISHERTue Oct 15 1996Multiple CDs with Microsoft AutoStreets
2509.01PCBUOA::BAYJTue Oct 15 1996'95 forgets time settings
2510.01LEXSTue Oct 15 1996Pathworks LAT needed for Windows 95
2511.01NETCAD::BARENYSWed Oct 16 1996office 95 apps crash at startup...
2512.01DEKVC::MANKIDOThu Oct 17 1996Bad performance of Venturis with 128Mb memory
2513.01RTOMS::dhcp-2Thu Oct 17 1996How to stop drivespaces from recompressing?
2514.014BSS::PROCTOR_RThu Oct 17 1996The Strangest Software Title You've Seen
2515.06UTROP1::FASBENDER_GFri Oct 18 1996Prevent windows logon cancel
2516.04VYGER::GIBSONJFri Oct 18 1996Start three applications at the same time?
2517.01CECAMO::SALEM_HFri Oct 18 1996MAPI Driver (All-in-1) and win95 !
2518.0OSLLAV::BJORNSun Oct 20 1996Fixed dial prefix for long-distance calls?
2519.0FSCORE::KAYESun Oct 20 1996boot error - cannot locate Sound System Hardware
2520.03ODIXIE::RREEVESSun Oct 20 1996Help running 2 instances of the same application
2521.06ASDG::ACITOMon Oct 21 1996Track
2522.09DECLNE::LANTEIGNEMon Oct 21 1996I get tired of waiting!
2523.02STOWOA::NEWBERYMon Oct 21 1996Sigma Design RealMagic under 95 no work
2524.0+4MUCCS1::VINZENZWed Oct 23 1996QuickRes From Batch
2525.01TAENG4::WSSHIHWed Oct 23 1996ASk for Help about Adding User Account in NT
2526.07KANATA::ZUTRAUENWed Oct 23 1996Dial-up networking re-install procedure?
2527.010LEXSWed Oct 23 1996Remove driver completely?
2528.01SPSEG::BRAMSONWed Oct 23 1996Normal Behavior?
2529.03RICE::BRZOZOWSKIThu Oct 24 1996Web browser search order?
2530.0SPSEG::BRAMSONThu Oct 24 1996Missing subdirectory, CD ROMS, DOS mouse support
2531.03NPSS::KIRKThu Oct 24 1996Looking for Starion registry file
2532.01SUBSYS::K_WOODWARDThu Oct 24 1996FrontPage
2533.0GANTRY::HULLThu Oct 24 1996Difficulties adding shortcut to desktop
2534.02NETRIX::"reg@superuser.stl.dec.com"Thu Oct 24 1996FIS Win95 Make Backup Diskettes Once Only Mechanism
2535.05BEORN::vesoul.geo.dec.com::dawkesFri Oct 25 1996Netscape via Compuserve and W95 ?
2536.03ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Oct 25 1996Windows 95 STANDARD Exchange Client
2537.01NETRIX::"chow.huey-jiun@msa"Fri Oct 25 1996Win 95 as Novell Netware Client
2539.03UTROP1::GEERDES_BFri Oct 25 1996WIn95 as router system for NT
2540.04NETRIX::"RUIZAN@mail.dec.com"Fri Oct 25 1996Copy large files from Windows 95
2541.01VAXRIO::CARDOSOFri Oct 25 1996Print jobs disappear
2542.02LUNER::DEVANEYFri Oct 25 1996office pro wrong icons
2543.0MASURE::CRAPAROTTASat Oct 26 1996W95 local and W31 network
2544.03GRANPA::CABANASun Oct 27 199696
2545.02OHFSS1::RBROWNSun Oct 27 1996Can't run WORD 6.
2546.02WOTVAX::HILTONMon Oct 28 1996Plus! Random changer??
2547.02KNEIPE::KRAMERMon Oct 28 1996WIN95 and WIN 3.11 display driver
2548.06CADSYS::GROSSMon Oct 28 1996Oddity in changing from Daylight Savings back to Standard time
2549.02HERON::KAISERMon Oct 28 1996Miscellany: desktop, Winword, using CD under DOS
2550.03CRVETE::CHAVEZMon Oct 28 1996Dial-Up Through Terminal Server?
2551.02BSS::PROCTOR_RTue Oct 29 1996Win95 --> Win3.1 Winzip?
2552.01ZKWRK1::RJACKWed Oct 30 1996Remotely adding/importing Registry Entries?
2553.04WOTVAX::HILTONWed Oct 30 1996Sync your favourites folder using briefcase & IE
2554.012QUARK::LIONELWed Oct 30 1996Digital monitor types in W95
2555.02WHOSThu Oct 31 1996PCMCIA cards gone on Hi Note
2556.09MARVIN::WATERSThu Oct 31 1996TCP window can double transfer rate
2557.01UTROP1::GEERDES_BThu Oct 31 1996starting explorer differently?
2558.06SKYLAB::FISHERThu Oct 31 1996Blue Screen when I am not looking
2559.08STAR::ASWINThu Oct 31 1996require equivalent of "DIR/SIZE=ALLOC [...]"
2560.026PFSVAX::FECICHThu Oct 31 1996WIN95 Dialer & re-entering password
2561.01DEKVC::SWSPKOThu Oct 31 1996How to integrate MS-WORD6.
2562.0NQOSFri Nov 01 1996Utility to Change W95 Profiles
2563.02ODIXIE::PFLANZFri Nov 01 1996DEClaser 51
2564.01TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon Nov 04 1996NetMeeting
2565.03TENNIS::KAMTue Nov 05 1996Service Pack 2 - have you seen it?
2566.04ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Nov 05 1996How to install parts of WIN95?
2567.06HERON::KAISERTue Nov 05 1996Why the window on C:\WINDOWS ?
2568.0JOBURG::NICOPTue Nov 05 1996vcache(
2569.06BSS::G_MCINTOSHTue Nov 05 1996Conceptual Question - 2 Modem Cards?
2570.012POMPY::LESLIEWed Nov 06 1996COpying many linked web pages locally
2571.01WOTVAX::HILTONWed Nov 06 1996Virenprufung on Win95!
2572.03MROA::DHOWEWed Nov 06 1996screen freezes in powerpoint
2573.03SPSEG::BRAMSONWed Nov 06 1996Tool Tip on Task Bar
2574.02NETCAD::BARENYSWed Nov 06 1996long file names in winfile...
2575.03WOTVAX::HILTONThu Nov 07 1996IE bug?
2576.04OHFSS1::MAURERThu Nov 07 1996win95 map network drive to VMS w/o Pathworks
2577.03VYGER::GIBSONJFri Nov 08 1996sound in games but no audio?
2578.08VYGER::GIBSONJFri Nov 08 1996A friend told me.
2579.01WOTVAX::HUBBARDPFri Nov 08 1996OEM 2 and DOS?
2580.02NWDSat Nov 09 1996Win95/Win-NT4.
2581.02RTOMS::BRODIEIMon Nov 11 1996Defining printer connections from .INF file
2582.03AIAG::SEGERMon Nov 11 1996reverting back to a single exchange profile
2583.0SNOFS1:: Nov 12 1996XL56
2585.02NOODLE::DEMERSTue Nov 12 1996folders mysteriously appear
2586.06RDGENG::COBBTue Nov 12 1996W95 causes network file corruption
2587.04AD::QUINNTue Nov 12 1996Problems replacing compressed SCSI drive
2588.05ODIXIE::SIMPSONTTue Nov 12 199632k mem mode?
2589.01ADOVTue Nov 12 1996MSworks loses excel columns and fonts.... help.
2590.0ULYSSE::DENISWed Nov 13 1996Driver: StarJet SJ-48 or Epson LQ-85
2591.0+11EPS::BOEHMWed Nov 13 1996Permanent setting of drive letters?
2592.04KAOFS::E_VIAUWed Nov 13 1996Drivespace loads for nothing
2593.01POMPY::LESLIEThu Nov 14 1996WORD 7 cannot find WORDART - help appreciated
2594.03FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Nov 14 1996`eject PC'
2595.02ZPOVC::MONTYWONGFri Nov 15 1996Digital PCMCIA Ethernet card driver
2596.01SCASS1::DAVIESFri Nov 15 1996Incease number of sockets
2597.02NETCAD::MORRISONFri Nov 15 1996Command line recall at ftp> prompt?
2598.06CADSYS::GROSSFri Nov 15 1996Telnet crashes
2599.02TENNIS::KAMSat Nov 16 1996Basics of ping, lmhosts, & hosts interaction?
2600.07FIREBL::LEEDSSat Nov 16 1996Adaptec drivers loaded from DOS ??
2601.09SNOFS2::HONALBERTMon Nov 18 1996Network card detection fails using win95 CD installtallns
2602.01BRADEC::BPCMon Nov 18 1996WIN95 client can't get license in WAN
2603.02POMPY::WILLIAMSMon Nov 18 1996Explorer Hangs reading NTFS
2604.017BLAZER::MIKELISMon Nov 18 1996Autoplay Doesn't
2605.09RANGER::OSMANMon Nov 18 1996moving entire windows instead of just a frame
2606.0RANGER::OSMANMon Nov 18 1996popular user features in "command" window ?
2607.07TAPE::FEASEMon Nov 18 1996How to set up Explorer collapsed?
2608.01DEMON::NOWARE::WITTMANTue Nov 19 1996how to show the default printer ?
2609.03RANGER::OSMANTue Nov 19 1996scroll bars on command window on w95 ?
2610.01IAGO:: Nov 19 1996KNOWN16DLLs impact on DLL search order
2611.0WHYNOW::NEWMANWed Nov 20 1996Problem with Schedule+ display
2612.0WRLDYD::HASHMIWed Nov 20 1996Dialing out with KEA!
2613.02FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Nov 20 1996PCMCIA flash cards
2614.05CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Nov 20 1996PCMCIA card not recognized
2615.0PCTEAM::NESTLERThu Nov 21 1996error: 7
2616.0PASTA::DEMERSThu Nov 21 1996recreating Text Document file type
2617.02CSTMSO::MAILLETThu Nov 21 1996DEClaser 35
2618.0LEMAN:: Nov 23 1996Numeric keypad dosen't work
2619.02NETRIX::"lamb@mail.dec.com"Sun Nov 24 1996Taskswitching with office 95
2620.04VYGER::GIBSONJMon Nov 25 1996floppy disk problem?
2621.010TENNIS::KAMMon Nov 25 1996Dial-Up Networking could not negotiate a protocol?
2622.02WOTVAX::HILTONMon Nov 25 1996Disappearing system tray icons!
2623.01STRWRS::KOCH_PTue Nov 26 1996Constructing another "My Computer", a custom one?
2624.04POMPY::LESLIETue Nov 26 1996There's no place like home
2625.08STAR::MICHAUDTue Nov 26 1996Viper VLB/VRC16-HA/W95 setup problems
2626.05LILCPX::WANGERINTue Nov 26 1996Venturis FX 5166s Disk problems
2627.0ODIXIE::GARABOTue Nov 26 1996Two copies of WIN95 on the same CPU
2628.0KAOFS::C_MENENDEZTue Nov 26 1996Network settings hanging Starion 96
2629.03ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Nov 28 1996Direct communication between PCs with cable
2630.02EVTVThu Nov 28 1996agent system error (null sage.dat size)
2631.07OHFSS1::STREKThu Nov 28 1996HOSTS Resolution causes Winsock error
2632.0+1SNLVFri Nov 29 1996HiNote VP535 & OEM SR2 release and PCMCIA problem
2633.02--UnknownUser--Sat Nov 30 199664 Meg Memory Not Seen
2634.03SALEM::IMENDOZASat Nov 30 1996Win/95 @ Netscape 2.1
2635.0IOSG::TALLETTMon Dec 02 1996Recycle Bin APIs?
2636.05CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AMon Dec 02 1996How to customise the windows startup bitmap...?
2637.02OSEC::mcopc2.mco.dec.com::GREENMon Dec 02 1996Anyone got a copy of DirectVideo for MGA Millenium?
2638.0USDEV::IRWINMon Dec 02 1996CPI 33.6 Viva and RAS win 95 dial up ?
2639.06RANGER::OSMANMon Dec 02 1996how do I specify both a USER and PASSWORD during network connect ?
2640.01SNOFS1:: Dec 03 1996Bypass License Screen on Unattended Install
2641.04CADSYS::GROSSTue Dec 03 1996How do you configure real-mode drivers for a DOS program?
2642.05MKOTS3::JABLONSKYTue Dec 03 19961 Button mouse.
2643.04BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Dec 03 1996Zip Folders - useful shareware
2644.03ZIGLAR::KOZIANAWed Dec 04 1996Is there a backdoor into 95??
2645.0+9USCD::tisras2.mko.dec.com::HeussWed Dec 04 1996How to buiild a floppy kit from the CDROM kit
2646.0MLNCSC::DEPOLIGThu Dec 05 1996DEClaser 35
2647.09SIGSR1::BEGLEYThu Dec 05 1996Slow performance after power up
2648.0STAR::MICHAUDThu Dec 05 1996Can't change/install Monitor Type!
2649.0BOOKIE::KELLERThu Dec 05 1996Question about rebuilding Win 95
2650.06WOTVAX::HILTONThu Dec 05 1996Can only copy files one way!
2651.08LEFTY::CWILLIAMSThu Dec 05 1996DEC 425c + WIN95 = much strangeness
2652.03EPS::BOEHMThu Dec 05 1996Floppy install <= to CD install
2653.01NEMAIL::TUCKERFri Dec 06 1996Strange icon select highlighting
2655.0+30NETRIX::"dwayne@zman.zk3.dec.com"Fri Dec 06 199621142 and Win 95 networks
2656.0JULIET::HARRIS_MASat Dec 07 1996Image Composer from Microsoft is FREE currently.
2657.0SNOFS1:: Dec 08 1996XL56
2658.02TAVMon Dec 09 1996Strange Printing Problems
2659.0NETRIX::"faidherb@ciney.bro.dec.com"Mon Dec 09 1996Energy Power Managment problem.
2661.0+3SKYLAB::FISHERMon Dec 09 1996HP LaserJet 5/L and upgrade to W95
2662.01SIOG::B_OREILLYTue Dec 10 1996himem.sys error
2663.06BSS::PROCTOR_RTue Dec 10 1996Monitor disappears/reappears?
2664.07AOSF1::krasTue Dec 10 1996change print spool directory on 95?
2665.03MARVIN::WATERSWed Dec 11 1996proxy copy
2666.0DECWET:: Dec 11 1996de435 enet adapter in celebris 51
2667.01ALFSS2::WHITTINGTONThu Dec 12 1996Bi-directional parellel
2668.02STAR::HARTERThu Dec 12 1996Deleted MSWorks, can't play .avi files
2669.0TAVIS::tavnt.iso.dec.com::baldermanThu Dec 12 1996RPCPP ?
2670.0+8CHEFS::SAUNDERS_AThu Dec 12 1996No CDrom audio on W95.
2671.01VYGER::GIBSONJFri Dec 13 1996connect 2 pcs via com2?
2672.0VYGER::GIBSONJFri Dec 13 1996Synchronise Problem?
2673.02CHEFS::A1_ADRIANFri Dec 13 1996Winpopup
2674.01HERON::KAISERMon Dec 16 1996DIR in DOS window shows only short filenames
2675.0+3HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENMon Dec 16 1996DOS-mode Config/autoexec file pointers wanted
2676.051RTOMS2::ADAMSONCMon Dec 16 1996The ongoing backup saga......
2677.0+15CHEFS::iankng.hhl.dec.com::chefs.reo.dec.com::kingiMon Dec 16 1996Corrupt Registry
2678.02TAVIS::tavnt.iso.dec.com::baldermanTue Dec 17 1996InfoServer and Windows NT
2679.0PCBUOA::BAYJTue Dec 17 1996Problems with date and time formats
2680.04NWDTue Dec 17 1996Install fails--cd-rom drive gets lost
2681.04USCTR1::SCHWABEWed Dec 18 1996Network drive folder rename?
2682.01PAMSRC::DRANO::MARCUSWed Dec 18 1996Lost multiple logon passwords
2683.02DECALP::KLAVINSWed Dec 18 1996any tool to view DLLs loaded by process?
2684.0+4HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENWed Dec 18 1996shortcuts REALLY seem to use UNC paths.
2685.0DYPSS1::COGHILLThu Dec 19 1996W95 won't use SVGA on Venturis 466
2686.05TAVIS::16.19Thu Dec 19 1996Screen Saver password problem
2687.03WHYNOW::NEWMANThu Dec 19 1996Help needed networking my 2 PC's at home
2688.02POLAR::SCHILDKRAUTSat Dec 21 1996Unwelcome Mirrored Hard Drive
2689.0WOTVAX::16.194.2Sun Dec 22 1996Matrox bios/drivers update location
2690.02HERON::KAISERMon Dec 23 1996Celebris GL 51xx ST: change Matrox display params?
2691.05MKOTS3::LANTEIGNEMon Dec 23 1996Strange characters...
2692.01VMSNET::WHITTINGTONMon Dec 23 1996Can't run DOS anymore
2693.0QCAVMon Dec 23 1996Dial-up Networking Problem.
2694.02ZEKE::ranger.zko.dec.com::dilsworthMon Dec 23 1996DOS window becomes minimized
2695.0+14TUXEDO::WRAYTue Dec 24 1996Re-installing Win95
2696.0JULIET::HARRIS_MATue Dec 24 1996New SB16/32/64 Win-95 driver available...
2697.01WOTVAX::16.194.2Thu Dec 26 1996How can I get the line input to work on a basic SB card ?
2698.02SHOGUN::KOWALEWICZFri Dec 27 1996int 13 problem on Windows 95
2699.07TENNIS::KAMFri Dec 27 1996Minimize to Taskbar as Button or ICON?
2700.04BBRDGE::LOVELLFri Dec 27 1996FTSV-like utility for Win95 (retrying file transfer)
2701.03DYOSW5::WILDERSat Dec 28 1996Password protect TCP/IP??
2702.0IJSAPL::ONDERWATERSat Dec 28 1996DECWriter 65 problem
2703.01POMPY::LESLIEMon Dec 30 1996Dial-up timeout
2704.01tired2.ogo.dec.com::McCauleyBMon Dec 30 1996Initial boot goes straight to shutdown
2705.02LEXSMon Dec 30 1996OSR-2, HiNote, and DEPCM
2706.06PENUTS::COMEAUMon Dec 30 1996Pentium and Appian
2707.04PTOSS1::pto1Mon Dec 30 1996How can I tell which Domain I am log into
2708.01ODIXIE::RREEVESTue Dec 31 1996Contacting Microsoft
2709.0+14STAR::PITCHERTue Dec 31 1996Reading MIME attachments under MS EXCHANGE/MESSAGING.
2710.0+6HERON::KAISERFri Jan 03 1997Taskbar appears spontaneously after Emacs
2711.08TUXEDO::WRAYFri Jan 03 1997Enabling MIDI-out
2712.0+2MYOTT::PERRYFri Jan 03 1997Slow copies using drag n' drop???
2713.03COPSFri Jan 03 1997Printing from w95 to LN
2714.015WHYNOW::NEWMANSat Jan 04 1997Dial-up networking bombs out on disconnect
2715.0+6SNOFS1::craike.pc.sno.dec.com::craikesMon Jan 06 1997->ftp: connect:Connection refused
2716.0+10VYGER::GIBSONJMon Jan 06 1997Wrong Dos Version?
2717.0ZUOSNO::WITZIGMon Jan 06 1997Printing Windows95 and Novell Netware
2718.08NETCAD::CHALMERSMon Jan 06 1997More Printing woes, serial LA75
2719.0+14SMURF::TOMGMon Jan 06 1997"Mandatory" Patches?
2720.02NETRIX::"jayaram@qcavWed Jan 08 1997timeout for win nt logon
2721.05ALFSS1:: Jan 08 1997MCI credit card, 1-8
2722.0BOOKS::RAPHAELSONWed Jan 08 1997Multiple Sound Cards?
2723.04ACISS2::BEJCEKWed Jan 08 1997W95 & DOS622 coexistence ??
2724.0+4STAR::PITCHERWed Jan 08 1997Busy signals dialing into MSN from Nashua.
2725.03SMURF::TOMGThu Jan 09 1997Disk Problems Following Restart?
2726.0+1ROBRVW::MITCHELLThu Jan 09 1997Schedule+
2727.03WOTVAX::fluffybunny.bvo.dec.com::warins::fitzpatrickThu Jan 09 1997API call for retrieving Password from cache in Win95?...
2729.03JULIET::HARRIS_MAFri Jan 10 1997Network access now tries MSN first. How to fix?
2730.05SHRCTR::PJOHNSONFri Jan 10 1997Inherited machine
2731.0+12NETRIX::"sowards@mail.dec.com"Fri Jan 10 1997Drivers for TLZ
2732.0+4HANNAH::SCHULLMANSat Jan 11 1997how to read DOS Help file under Windows 95?
2733.0SIOG::B_OREILLYSat Jan 11 1997WIN95 RESTART
2734.0+46WOTVAX::16.194.2Sat Jan 11 1997How do I save Word 97 docs in '95 format ?
2735.02UTROP1::BEHARI_ASat Jan 11 1997DMI Service Layer not loaded.
2736.014hndymn.zko.dec.com::MCCARTHYSun Jan 12 1997No A floppy but how to tell W95 that
2737.04NETRIX::"fbrouwer@jgo.enet.dec.com"Mon Jan 13 1997where to find fullvideo basic win95 drivers ???
2738.0+20KERNEL::ROELMon Jan 13 1997336
2739.0+6LJSRV1::BONNEAUTue Jan 14 1997How to maintain same software configuration?
2740.02LEXSS1::HEGGEWed Jan 15 1997MSN wizard install
2741.01HERON::KAISERThu Jan 16 1997Eudora Light, autodial, dunce
2742.07PROXY::ALLENThu Jan 16 1997Question: Dial-up network, saving two sets of IP properties?
2743.0+4GVPROD::FITZGERALDMon Jan 20 1997Network Installation Problems
2744.0CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMMon Jan 20 1997Missing OLE/Messaging Library in WIN95
2745.0+3FIREBL::LEEDSMon Jan 20 1997what does tracert output show me ??
2746.02TLE::BOOTHMon Jan 20 1997Restoring file from Full backup
2747.0+3STAR::PITCHERTue Jan 21 1997E-mail solution for a small network.
2748.0+10KANATA::ZUTRAUENTue Jan 21 1997how to swap drives without re-installing
2749.05ACISS2::FULTONTue Jan 21 1997POP3 mail from IE without exchange?
2750.02LJSRV1::SCHLENERTue Jan 21 1997VXD question - looking for a win95 internals newsgroup
2751.06BSS::G_MCINTOSHTue Jan 21 1997Change Default Page Setup in Notepad
2752.0+9POMPY::LESLIEWed Jan 22 1997Internet Explorer and killfiles
2753.0+7BSS::PROCTOR_RWed Jan 22 1997Cheap Hardware? Cheap Software? Look here!
2754.0+3FIREBL::LEEDSWed Jan 22 1997mmsystem.dll creating problems ???
2755.0+2HYDRA::PASHAPOURThu Jan 23 1997drivers for DEC PCI Fast Ethernet DECchip 21142?
2756.0 *+1MKOTS3::JABLONSKYThu Jan 23 1997Information on Date for Evaluation software.
2757.0 *+3HANNAH::SCHULLMANFri Jan 24 1997use short (vs. long) file specs in shortcut target spec?
2758.0 *+3CHEFS::SAUNDERS_AFri Jan 24 1997W95 always in MSdos
2759.0 *+1CPEEDY::WANGFri Jan 24 1997Why hex 1A ends some of FAT text files?
2760.0 *+4CXOSI::TEJAFri Jan 24 1997Problems with Cirrus Logic Video Card
2761.0 *+4NETCAD::MORRISONSat Jan 25 1997Double-click on icon has unwanted effect; how to fix?
2762.0 *+3POLAR::SCHILDKRAUTSat Jan 25 1997Modem freezes
2763.0 *+8CALDEC::BOSKLOPPERSun Jan 26 1997Pentium or K5
2764.0 *PTOSS1::MATSCHERZSun Jan 26 1997SDC-16
2765.0 *+4WHOSMon Jan 27 1997Sound Problems
2766.0 *+2ZKWRK1::RJACKMon Jan 27 1997My Briefcase woes...
2767.0 *+1STAR::DZIEDZICTue Jan 28 1997Window-E key sequence acting funny
2768.0 *+2FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Jan 29 1997Plus! System Agent and ScanDisk report error 255, but disks are ok.
2769.0 *+5IVOSS1::NGUYEN_DWed Jan 29 1997dmhkey performs illegal operation
2770.0 *+1JULIET::HARRIS_MAWed Jan 29 1997Troubleshooting Media-Player startup problem?
2771.0 *+3WRKSYS::DEROSAWed Jan 29 1997Help with 'Open With' command in W95
2772.0 *+3WOTVAX::SHARKEYAThu Jan 30 1997Too small icons
2773.0 *+3LNZALI::BACHNERFri Jan 31 1997common dial-up setup for multiple users with individual profiles
2774.0 *+3NQOSFri Jan 31 1997NT Fax Server with 95 clients
2775.0 *+2USCTR1::SCHWABEFri Jan 31 1997Problems adding one printer
2776.0 *+2PRMSSat Feb 01 19971152x864x256Colors w/S3 Trio?
2777.0 *+3ECADMon Feb 03 1997Ms-Dos Peompt
2778.0 *+27NETCAD::MORRISONMon Feb 03 1997Can I make a Telnet VMS session act like a DECterm?
2779.0 *+12CHEFS::16.37.1Tue Feb 04 1997Installing fonts
2780.0 *+1SIOG::T_CUNNINGHAMTue Feb 04 1997Xcopy with win95
2781.0 *+26--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 04 19974.
2782.0 *+2WOTVAX:: Feb 05 1997Delphi help wanted
2783.0 *+14CHEFS::TAYLORMThu Feb 06 1997Publishing question
2784.0 *+6CPCOD::CODYThu Feb 06 1997Problems Printing on a Dell Computer
2785.0 *+2SPSEG::BRAMSONThu Feb 06 1997Selective Removal of Power Toys Routines
2786.0 *+528981::A_ANDERSONFri Feb 07 1997Cannot boot in safe mode, normal boot is ok.
2787.0 *+2VMSNET::F_HARRISFri Feb 07 1997PPP and lan connections ?
2788.0 *NETRIX::"jayaram@qcavSat Feb 08 1997network neighbourhood problems
2789.0 *NETRIX::"jayaram@qcavSat Feb 08 1997network neighbourhood problems
2790.0 *+1WHYNOW::NEWMANMon Feb 10 1997Help includeing HELP source code in MSWORD document
2791.0 *SCASS1::GRESSMon Feb 10 1997disconnected shares - TCPKEEPALIVE?
2792.0 *+7ROCKS::KEANEWed Feb 12 1997A plethora of Schedulers!
2793.0 *ANNECY::AEO452::KENNEALY_RWed Feb 12 1997Celebris GL power management problem
2794.0 *BSS::PROCTOR_RWed Feb 12 1997Diskette image utility GRDUW -- No workie
2795.0 *+1NETRIX::"bartosj@gate.chk.dec.com"Fri Feb 14 1997Fax problem with MT1432LTI
2796.0 *TNPUBS::MACDONALDFri Feb 14 1997MS News - Boldface Type for Unread Topics
2797.0 *+3NWDFri Feb 14 1997Compaq 71
2798.0 *+1BRLLNT::JABLONSKYSun Feb 16 1997DCIMAN32.DLL won't start
2799.0 *+1WOTVAX::16.194.2Mon Feb 17 1997STLMODE.EXE wanted please
2800.0 *+33BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Feb 17 1997OSR2
2801.0 *+9HGOSPS::NORMANTSUIMon Feb 17 1997Missing "dial-up networking" icon
2802.0 *+3KAPTIN::BLEIMon Feb 17 1997Word V7.
2803.0 *+6NWDTue Feb 18 1997SYSTRAY in the task list, what is it?
2804.0 *+6JULIET::HARRIS_MATue Feb 18 1997Wavetable in software for SB16/32 owners. $29.95
2805.0 *+1WOTVAX::HUBBARDPTue Feb 18 1997MMX and Direct3D Graphic Cards ?
2806.0 *TYCHE::WOLFGANGWed Feb 19 1997How to create a 2nd Mail Address Book
2807.0 *HAN::HAEUSSERWed Feb 19 1997regularly "ghosts" connections
2808.0 *+6MR1PST::sbo2Wed Feb 19 1997Floppy boot with Netbeui
2809.0 *+4VYGER::GIBSONJThu Feb 20 1997Win95 explorer not seeing some files?
2810.0 *+3NETCAD::MORRISONFri Feb 21 1997Can I avoid "Getting started" splash on bootup?
2811.0 *+2MARVIN::CARLINIFri Feb 21 1997MMSYSTEM.DLL and W95B reinstall ...
2812.0 *+1WOTVAX::16.194.2Sat Feb 22 1997OUTLOOK question on file locations
2813.0 *+1WOTVAX::16.194.2Sat Feb 22 1997Screensaver and themes funnies?
2814.0 *+2SMURF::TOMGMon Feb 24 1997What is rnaapp.exe?
2815.0 *+1TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon Feb 24 1997Cellular Dial-Up
2816.0 *+3UTRUST::TIMMERTue Feb 25 1997Problem inserting page numbers in Word
2817.0 *+10WHYNOW::NEWMANTue Feb 25 1997How do I remove this "feature" message box?
2818.0 *+4COPSWed Feb 26 1997Dial up Networking - Save password grayed out
2819.0 *COOKIE::FROEHLINThu Feb 27 1997Spin down/up SCSI disk
2820.0 *+5MAASUP::TURROThu Feb 27 1997Hinote MMM driver update Problems
2821.0 *+4WHYNOW::NEWMANSun Mar 02 1997MS OFfice Shortcut Bar Icons have turned BLACK
2822.0 *+1QCAVMon Mar 03 1997ISDN & Windows 95.
2823.0 *+6GEMGRP::BRENDERMon Mar 03 1997How to make Display->Appearance be permanent?
2824.0 *+2HGOVC::ANDREWFUNGMon Mar 03 1997Ramdrive
2825.0 *+1CHEFS::SAUNDERS_ATue Mar 04 1997OS/2 on drive E
2826.0 *+2KAOFS::E_VIAUTue Mar 04 1997virtual drive already loaded
2827.0 *RDGE44::WINTERRWed Mar 05 1997Interfacing to a number of mail systems
2828.0 *+11STAR::PITCHERWed Mar 05 1997Establishing a user DEFAULT directory.
2829.0 *+4MSAMWed Mar 05 1997illegal operation
2830.0 *+15TDCIS3::BORELThu Mar 06 1997Force W95 name to be the DOS name ?
2831.0 *+3TUXEDO::FRIDAYThu Mar 06 1997Icons for devices in Windows Explorer
2832.0 *+3TROOA::QIANThu Mar 06 1997need tape driver for SONY SDT-5
2833.0 *+5SANITY::LEMONSThu Mar 06 1997Can browse through only one of two adapters
2834.0 *+2KAOFS::LEBLANCFri Mar 07 1997GPFs in WIN95
2835.0 *+3SUBSYS::CHAGNONFri Mar 07 1997Netscape error
2836.0 *+2SIOG::CORCORANFri Mar 07 1997win95 error-can't load a DLL
2837.0 *+2WHYNOW::NEWMANSun Mar 09 1997Having problems getting MS IntelliPoint mouse to work
2838.0 *BICYCL::RYERMon Mar 10 1997Fonts displaying as "Wing Dings"
2839.0 *ogodhcp-125-112-13Mon Mar 10 1997IrLan for Windows-95
2840.0 *SIOG::CORCORANMon Mar 10 1997get rid of annoying n/w file messages at startup?
2841.0 *UTROP1::FASBENDER_GTue Mar 11 1997"Create Map" Icon in My Computer????
2842.0 *+4JULIET::HARRIS_MATue Mar 11 1997How to install OSR2 on top of existing Win95!
2843.0 *+7SANITY::LEMONSWed Mar 12 1997Baffling device conflict
2844.0 *WOTVAX::HILLISWed Mar 12 1997disable close button
2845.0 *+1FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Mar 13 1997MS Office 97 and Window 95 (95
2846.0 *+2USDEV::IRWINThu Mar 13 1997Network name not found over tcp/ip
2848.0 *+2ROCKS::KEANEThu Mar 13 1997Files in use error on shared drives
2849.0 *+19BIGCHZ::EZZELLThu Mar 13 1997Can bad sectors be mapped out?
2850.0 *+1MARVIN::SHANDFri Mar 14 1997Music printing problems with Noteworthy Composer
2851.0 *OFSIDE::MARKOWITZFri Mar 14 1997dialup,isdn,problems
2852.0 *+4PRMSMon Mar 17 1997Need Utility to Read DOUBLESPACE.
2853.0 *AVANT::CHOUMon Mar 17 1997Find info on partition table
2854.0 *+6WOTVAX::HILTONTue Mar 18 1997VRC16 and interlaced
2855.0 *+5SUBSYS::MSOUCYTue Mar 18 1997Modem stops dialing when dial window moved?
2856.0 *+22WMOIS::NILSENTue Mar 18 1997Is there Notes after no Vax
2857.0 *+5mro-ras-1-14.mro.dec.com::levineTue Mar 18 1997DOS window causes monitor problem
2858.0 *+8GIDDAY::ANDREASENDWed Mar 19 1997DE5
2859.0 *+3SIOG::CORCORANWed Mar 19 1997Word V2 documents -garbage since Win95 upgrade?
2860.0 *+2SIOG::CORCORANWed Mar 19 1997CMD driver on Venturis and Win95 problem?
2861.0 *+10CHEFS::KOSKUBA_KWed Mar 19 1997moving Windows but not drives
2862.0 *+1SANITY::LEMONSThu Mar 20 1997Changing 'TMP' variable setting
2863.0 *+1ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu Mar 20 1997Internet Explorer - Preferite folder - Favorite
2864.0 *+8KERNEL::PHILLIPSNThu Mar 20 1997Static Resource Conflict - Help !!
2865.0 *+1TBCThu Mar 20 1997Windows 97?
2867.0 *+3TOHOPE::WSAThu Mar 20 1997WORD97 document garbled/corrupted by Pointcast?
2868.0 *+5TNPUBS::MARKThu Mar 20 1997Can't copy large number of files PC - VMS
2869.0 *+1HIDEOA::GABRIELIThu Mar 20 1997Distributed kit/ Install variables.
2870.0 *+4NETRIX::"wold@pa.dec.com"Thu Mar 20 1997Celebris GL62
2871.0 *+4DECIDE::LANGFELDTFri Mar 21 1997Office '97 on Alpha?
2872.0 *+1FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Mar 21 1997Windows 95 TCP network works on dial-up, not on hardwire...
2873.0 *+2KYOSS1::MARKOWITZSun Mar 23 1997No dialing tones, DUN
2874.0 *+1DJOVMon Mar 24 1997Win95 script / Mspsrv
2875.0 *+4CHEFS::KOSKUBA_KMon Mar 24 1997Registry import/export business
2876.0 *+35FIEVEL::FILGATETue Mar 25 1997Timex Data Link watch
2877.0 *SHRMSG::HOWARDTue Mar 25 1997Add Printer icon missing?
2878.0 *CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AWed Mar 26 1997Right hand MB2 click on start button. Modifyable?
2879.0 *+6BRITE::FYFEWed Mar 26 1997W95 default DOS setup
2880.0 *+3WRKSYS::CHALTASThu Mar 27 1997Video Refresh Rate?
2881.0 *+7CADSYS::GROSSThu Mar 27 1997Problem with HP inkjet printer
2882.0 *+1TALLIS::KOCHThu Mar 27 1997Modem disconnects on download
2883.0 *+5DYOSW5::WILDERSat Mar 29 1997ddeml.dll old???
2884.0 *+4ZKWRK1::RJACKSun Mar 30 1997Remove dual-boot, revert to Win95 only?
2885.0 *+2WOTVAX::16.194.2Mon Mar 31 1997How Do I make an unattended install unique ?
2886.0 *+8AXEL::FOLEYTue Apr 01 1997Win95 hangs 1-2 minutes after boot
2887.0 *+8TNPUBS::MARKWed Apr 02 1997Cannot copy large files from PC over Net
2888.0 *+6NETCAD::THAYERWed Apr 02 1997Hyperterm backspace .ne. delete
2889.0 *+3STOWOA::tavo.ogo.dec.com::DiazWed Apr 02 1997Newer S3 driver hangs my 45
2890.0 *+3ABACUS::mkodhcp-46144185.mko.dec.com::TOMASThu Apr 03 1997Delete Control Panel icons?
2891.0 *+8BSS::G_MCINTOSHThu Apr 03 1997Enter Network Password
2892.0 *WHOSSat Apr 05 1997HP Officejet, "printer can not be found" in some apps
2893.0 *+2SNOFS1:: Apr 06 1997Win95 SP2 and 32 bit client failure.
2894.0 *+4MLNCSC::MISLERMon Apr 07 1997Problem with duplicated Netbios names
2895.0 *+2SCASS1::BERNALMon Apr 07 1997address conflicts with windows95
2896.0 *+6JULIET::CABREIRA_ROTue Apr 08 1997Sound Blaster Emulation for Multia
2897.0 *+2JULIET::HARRIS_MATue Apr 08 1997How did I lose VOLUME icon from Task box?
2898.0 *+4LOCH::SOJDATue Apr 08 1997Creating Windows 95 Distribution Kit
2899.0 *+3TNPUBS::MACDONALDTue Apr 08 1997Computer Won't Shut Down - It Only Reboots
2900.0 *+19ODIXIE::RREEVESTue Apr 08 1997Mysterious disk I/O
2901.0 *+4WRKSYS::CHALTASFri Apr 11 1997who's mucking with my floppy?
2902.0 *+15STOSS1::DPROSEFri Apr 11 1997Mouse Pointer is GONE!!!!!
2903.0 *+1WOTVAX::16.194.2Fri Apr 11 1997How do I avoid the license screen ?
2904.0 *HLFSTue Apr 15 1997Install Lotus Notes 4.5 failing
2905.0 *+4OGBON::desgor.shl.dec.com::gordonWed Apr 16 199795 fax software when "real" exchnage loaded?
2906.0 *+4NNTPD::"luraschi@mail.dec.com"Thu Apr 17 1997Pentium Pro and Win95 95
2907.0 *TLE::MCCLUREThu Apr 17 1997"if errorlevel vs copy"
2908.0 *SNOFS1::dhcp-172-128-184.dhcp.sno.dec.com::ATKINSROYSun Apr 20 1997Remote Fax engaged probs
2909.0 *+20FIREBL::LEEDSMon Apr 21 1997recovery from deltree c:\*.* ???
2910.0 *+6DUBWed Apr 23 1997dir of win95 diskettes available?eg Quick View?
2911.0 *+17WHYNOW::NEWMANThu Apr 24 1997My system keeps telling me it is out of disk space
2912.0 *+8SIOG::CORCORANFri Apr 25 1997CD appears as drive G instead of F...
2913.0 *+2SSDEVO::TURCHECKFri Apr 25 1997MEMPHIS AKA Windows97
2914.0 *+1TRUCKS::BURYTue Apr 29 1997Dual stack (IPX/IP)??
2915.0 *+4CUJO::PADILLAWed Apr 30 1997Unable to save word doc in office 97
2916.0 *+1TRUCKS::BURYWed Apr 30 1997mprexe.exe crashing!?
2917.0 *+1POBOXA::BAUSTThu May 01 1997Can't install HP87
2918.0 *MQOOA::LEDOUXFri May 02 1997Apple StyleWriter 25
2919.0 *MUDGEE::ZORBASFri May 02 1997Drivespace can't complete
2920.0 *+9TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon May 05 1997POP Clients and DIGITAL1
2921.0 *+2ESTASI::DELPINCIOTue May 06 1997NO DOS MODE
2922.0 *+5RDGENG::CHAMBERLINTue May 06 1997Unable to see RZ23L disk with Future Domain TMC165
2923.0 *SBPTMA::ABBOTT_KWed May 07 1997GPF with Update Info Tool
2924.0 *+1DIVING::DAVISWed May 07 1997ARP behavior?
2925.0 *+1SIOG::T_CUNNINGHAMFri May 09 1997win95 device naming
2926.0 *+2TIMAST::16.77.2Tue May 13 1997Control Panel Missing Icons
2927.0 *+11FREEBE::NEARYFri May 16 1997Win95 286 printservers
2928.0 *+6QDOVMon May 19 1997WIN 95 on Personal Workstation 2
2929.0 *+3CHEFS::SAUNDERS_AMon May 19 1997changing closedown message
2930.0 *+3CIRCUS::BOSKLOPPERMon May 19 1997Dirty ram chip what is it?
2931.0 *+13CADSYS::GROSSTue May 20 1997Need help making an Ethernet LAN work
2932.0 *+2PKGSRV::SCHEINOHAWed May 21 1997Garbled Display Text on HiNote w/Chips Adapter
2933.0 *HGOM3Thu May 22 1997< DECLaser 35
2934.0 *+3WKOL1Thu May 22 1997What is KGB.TAF?
2935.0 *OSEC::oloras2.olo.dec.com::GILBERTSun May 25 1997System pauses, timeouts, Explorer problem
2936.0 *QCAVMon May 26 1997connecting to LAN Manager share over slow WAN
2937.0 *+5DECBAH::SYSTEMTue May 27 1997Crash after upgrade
2938.0 *VAXRIO::TULATue May 27 1997PPP over synchronous modem
2939.0 *+6FIEVEL::FILGATETue May 27 1997TPC/ip can see out, but node can not be seen by other or itself
2940.0 *HLFSWed May 28 1997Win95 client hangsup HP DeskJet 16
2941.0 *SNOFS1::powell.snl.dec.com::powellronaldThu May 29 1997Problem with 95 reload on FX-2
2942.0 *+2LILThu May 29 1997How to update a server kit of Win95
2943.0 *+8DECXPS::HENDERSONThu May 29 1997NEC/MITSUMI CDROM Challenge
2944.0 *+4EPS::16.83.24Thu May 29 1997Unattended install of Win95 with layered products?
2945.0 *+5CHR27::YEUNGMon Jun 02 1997Problem Accessing shared resources
2946.0 *+2WOTVAX::gjcpc.reo.dec.com::criddleMon Jun 02 1997How to determine the hardware type
2947.0 *+4JULIET::HARRIS_MAMon Jun 02 1997Free Windows 95 screen save rotating cubes...
2948.0 *+2CARLSN::GASSERTMon Jun 02 1997runtime error 6?
2949.0 *+3FIEVEL::FILGATETue Jun 03 1997tapiexe causes a general protection fault
2950.0 *FX28PM::SMITHPTue Jun 03 1997Color palette problem
2951.0 *+6FIEVEL::FILGATETue Jun 03 1997PC hang / freeze as modem hangs-up
2952.0 *+3WOTVAX::16.195.8Tue Jun 03 1997IRQ 9 used by many devices ?
2953.0 *CONSLT::OWENWed Jun 04 1997Problems printing to an NEC Colormate printer
2954.0 *+4SNOFS1::PENNYSIMONThu Jun 05 1997Bad disk blues - need help
2955.0 *+3TUXEDO::WRAYThu Jun 05 1997Drive letters change on reboot
2956.0 *+442Thu Jun 05 1997How did MS know what my mail address was ?
2957.0 *CPCOD::CODYThu Jun 05 1997Problem Installing Print Shop Deluxe
2958.0 *+5COMICS::CORNEJFri Jun 06 1997IP routing through W95?