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Conference tekvax::audio

Title:The Emperor's New Audio
Notice:for sale: 1456 wanted: 1467
Created:Tue Feb 04 1986
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:4122
Total number of notes:38634
Number with bodies:567
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1.025SMILEY::MARSHALLMon Sep 26 1983Introduction
2.0187BRUTUS::SANDERSTue Sep 27 1983Looking for a turntable/phonograph/record player
3.045--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 29 1983CONFERENCE ADMINISTRATION
4.049FDCVTue Oct 04 1983Digital disks
5.06PIXEL::DICKSONThu Nov 03 1983Portable recorders
6.024ELSIE::SPEARWed Nov 09 1983Low end hi fi
7.09BRUTUS::SCHNEIDERThu Nov 10 1983Amplifier power
8.062PIXEL::DICKSONFri Nov 11 1983Speakers
9.011PIXEL::DICKSONFri Nov 11 1983In search of Verdi
10.0ALIEN::PETTENGILLSun Nov 13 1983Report on Sony WM-1
11.0104PIXEL::DICKSONWed Nov 16 1983Turntable problems
12.06PIXEL::DICKSONWed Nov 23 1983Saving 78's
14.05PIXEL::DICKSONThu Dec 08 1983Auto radio trade-in
15.028MILKWY::SLABOUNTYFri Jul 20 1990Related NOTES conferences
16.0106ELUDOM::HANKINFri Dec 30 1983Bose 9
17.09PIXEL::DICKSONWed Jan 04 1984Furniture
18.0MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu Aug 08 1991Place-holder
20.0ORPHAN::LIONELTue Feb 28 1984The Quality Connection
21.06MILKWY::SLABOUNTYTue Jul 17 1990Summer cleaning of AUDIO
22.03ORPHAN::LIONELFri Mar 02 1984Japanese pressings
25.053HARPO::BRALEYTue Mar 20 1984DBX [expander] info
26.010FDCVWed Mar 21 1984LP Maintenance
27.010DUNE::SMITHMon Apr 16 1984Suggestions on new Amp/Rec
28.065BEAGLE::SWARDWed Apr 25 1984Looking for a Walkman [or other headset]
29.078BEAGLE::SWARDWed Apr 25 1984Headphones
30.03HARDY::JOHNSONThu Apr 26 1984Let the music take you...
31.02CAMLOT::TURNERFri Apr 27 1984Acoustat Amplifiers
32.050R2ME2::HANKINThu May 03 1984Carver receivers
33.019R2ME2::HANKINThu May 03 1984Ohm Walsh 2's
34.03SUMMIT::GRIFFINMon May 07 1984Signal leakage
35.0175GALAXY::STEEVESWed May 09 1984Cartridge/stylus note
36.053ELUDOM::CLARKMon May 14 1984Looking for a dual cassette/tape deck
37.0220VLNVAX::SUDTue May 29 1984Looking for a home cassette/tape deck
38.078VLNVAX::SUDFri Jun 01 1984Sub-woofer [subwoofer] in a car/auto
39.03VAXWRK::FARNHAM_PMon Jun 04 1984Consumer Reports
40.05ALIEN::PETTENGILLWed Jun 06 1984Sterophile
41.01ELUDOM::CLARKThu Jun 07 1984Sony vs. Fair Trade laws
42.041AJAX::MALIKTue Jun 19 1984Metal tape/cassette note
43.016MILKWY::SLABOUNTYTue Aug 28 1990Remote controls
45.01VAX4::CRANEWed Aug 08 1984Pioneer Parts Info Needed
46.014TAS::SMITHWed Aug 08 1984DBX Dead?
47.06DAEMON::WORRALLSat Aug 11 1984Piano music from Charlie Brown
48.010KRYPTN::T_KOPECWed Aug 15 1984Stereo shops
49.039MILRAT::MARRAWed Aug 22 1984Revox CD [compact disc] players
50.027PUFFIN::KENNEDYWed Aug 29 1984Carver amplifiers
51.0131OSLTue Dec 25 1984A/B [A vs. B] receiver comparisons
52.0229PYRITE::WEAVERThu Feb 28 1985A/B [A vs. B] amplifier/pre-amp comparisons
53.032STING::PIELWed Jan 21 1987A/B [A vs. B] tape/cassette deck comparisons
54.0102ERIC::SALLITTTue Jan 27 1987A/B [A vs. B] CD [compact disc] comparisons
55.0354BELKER::JACKSONWed Nov 30 1983A/B [A vs. B] speaker comparisons
58.01MAGRAT::SADINWed Sep 26 1984Snell Type A upgrade
59.03XENON::MUNYANFri Sep 28 1984Portable Cassette Player
61.014KRYPTN::T_KOPECWed Oct 03 1984Bensi Box/pull-out/anti-theft/removable radios
62.012SOURCE::DEADERICKThu Oct 04 1984Can one build a dbx?
63.09ELUDOM::ARSENAULTFri Oct 05 1984Great Tuners
64.04ELUDOM::ARSENAULTFri Oct 05 1984Short-wave tuners
65.019ELUDOM::CLARKThu Oct 11 1984gold-plated phono jacks
66.014XENON::MUNYANThu Oct 11 1984Sheffield Recordings
67.01FRSBEE::FOSTERWed Oct 17 1984Carver Receiver/Holography Unit
69.03MANANA::DICKSONMon Oct 22 1984B+O, worth the money?
70.033XENON::MUNYANFri Oct 26 1984AR Remote Control
72.012PIPA::JANZENThu Nov 08 1984build it yourself
73.0140MDVAX1::ALBERTSat Nov 10 1984Nakamichi home tape/cassette decks
76.04ZGOVMon Nov 19 1984Carver m1.5t
78.02CYGNUS::LAMBERTMon Dec 03 1984DQ-1
79.015REGINA::AUGERIMon Dec 03 1984Noise Reduction Systems
80.0+265GYCSC1::ORATue Dec 04 1984Speaker wire/cable and gage/gauge/guage
81.06ASGNQH::SMITHWed Dec 05 1984Mission (Nearly) Impossible
82.04GYCSC1::ORAThu Dec 06 1984HiFi philosophies
83.05PSGVAX::READIOFri Dec 07 1984Mail Order Half-speed, HQA, etc.
85.05CYGNUS::LAMBERTTue Dec 11 1984Ambiance in the home, and speake
86.029SDCTue Dec 11 1984DYNACO parts supply
90.0111GYCSC1::ORATue Dec 18 1984Home-made speakers
91.08XENON::MUNYANThu Dec 20 1984Munch ... Munch... Munch...
93.05PEACHS::SCHULTZWed Dec 26 1984Linear Trackers Revisited
94.020VIKING::FLEISCHERWed Jan 02 1985Tape [cassette/reel-to-reel] head alignment
95.06NCCSB::DPARKERWed Jan 02 1985Looking for an AM tuner
97.0275MANANA::DICKSONMon Jan 07 1985Looking for a stereo system
99.025ELUDOM::CLARKWed Jan 09 1985Problem with cassette tape
100.0+1242USWAV1::THOMPSONTue Sep 17 1991Conference Directories
101.066SDCFri Jan 11 1985Cramolin, Tweek and Kontak
104.079HYDRA::MIDDLETONMon Jan 14 1985Magneplanar/Magneplaner speakers
106.071PYRITE::DAVISWed Jan 16 1985Looking for a car stereo/radio/cassette/tape player
108.010AURORA::HALLYBSun Jan 20 1985The Cabinet of Dr. Fritz
109.03CYGNUS::LAMBERTThu Jan 24 1985D5 in a car, How to
111.03PYRITE::SCHNEIDERTue Jan 29 1985Waltham Record Shop
114.053SYBIL::MUNYANMon Feb 04 1985Speaker Stands
115.021CONEJO::SANDERSTue Feb 05 1985Connectors
116.0+118ELUDOM::CLARKThu Feb 07 1985Buying sub-woofer [subwoofer] and satellite speakers
117.02PYRITE::SCHNEIDERTue Feb 12 198512 gauge zip cord cheap
120.04PARVAX::COLEMANTue Feb 19 1985tiptoes
124.022PARVAX::COLEMANThu Feb 21 1985So what's a good preamp
128.0151DRUID::KARDELLFri Mar 01 1985Looking for an amplifier/pre-amplifier/receiver
129.0188FURILO::JOHNSONSun Mar 03 1985High-end speakers
135.011ASGNQH::SMITHTue Mar 19 1985Digitized Hiss
136.09MILRAT::FORSBERGWed Mar 27 1985Proton's "The Radio"
137.06ELUDOM::CLARKThu Mar 28 1985High-Figh Fable
138.04HELOS::MALIKFri Mar 29 19854-track studio suggestions?
139.06BETA::HALLFri Mar 29 1985Wanted: Dynaco modifications
140.010CRVAX1::KAPLOWTue Apr 02 1985where to shop while out east
142.02VIKING::FLEISCHERWed Apr 03 1985speaker shelves/brackets?
143.03XENON::MUNYANTue Apr 09 1985Tandberg TIA3
144.02PYRITE::SCHNEIDERWed Apr 10 1985Philips parts
145.055DELPHI::MALIKWed Apr 10 1985Antennas and amplifiers/boosters [car/auto]
146.01BETA::HALLWed Apr 17 19851974 Audio Amatuer??
147.06RAINBW::CLARKThu Apr 18 1985DEPT STORES! YACH!!!
148.0103NOVA::RAVANFri Apr 19 1985Blank recording tape [reel-reel, cassette]
150.08MILOS::BECKFri Apr 19 1985Dynaco Stereo 12
152.02MOTHER::RHINEThu Apr 25 1985Help a 4 channel diehard!
154.06EVE::M_SHAMELWed May 01 1985Harmon Kardon for Car
156.011DEMILO::DODGETue May 07 1985Front Loading Turntables
157.074WEBSTR::NELSONMon May 13 1985Buying a car/auto stereo system
158.014SYBIL::MUNYANFri May 17 1985Tuners
159.03RAINBW::CLARKWed May 29 1985What Does This Mean?
160.04SYBIL::WHITESIDEThu May 30 1985Reproducing tapes with Dolby
161.020PSYCHE::STEWARDFri May 31 1985Recording from CD [compact disc] to tape/cassette
162.012WEBSTR::NELSONMon Jun 03 1985sleepless nights
165.05RAINBW::CLARKMon Jun 10 1985CD in the studio
166.014ELUDOM::CLARKWed Jun 19 1985Does Hafler wear a white hat?
169.03ZENITH::GRIFFINFri Jun 21 1985Car Tuner/Preamp Q's
170.011SPRITE::WHITELEATHERTue Jun 25 1985Which Tapedeck Should I Buy?
171.013ELMO::LEIGHWed Jun 26 1985Dolby HX-PRO?
172.04STKCSC::GANDALFWed Jun 26 1985Spectro Acoustics Info
173.016TOPDOC::SAMPATHThu Jun 27 1985Amplified speakers for Walkmans/Discmans
174.03CACHE::LUCIERMon Jul 01 1985dbx DISC LIST...ANYONE??
176.03RAINBW::CLARKThu Jul 11 1985Where do I buy??
182.01SUMMIT::GUNNERSONThu Jul 25 1985J&R MUSIC WORLD + "Warrentech"
183.015WHEN::YERAZUNISThu Jul 25 1985Comments on Carver CD?
184.010DYO78Fri Jul 26 1985dbx in Car Units
185.08EVE::M_SHAMELWed Jul 31 1985BOSE AW-1
186.08DRUID::KARDELLWed Jul 31 1985Help with preamp special feature
188.01WEBSTR::NELSONThu Aug 01 1985help w/car stereo volume
190.031SOURCE::PRISMDEVMon Aug 05 1985CDs and Amplifier Power
193.037DRUID::KARDELLWed Aug 14 1985CD [compact disc] players in car/auto
194.014DEMILO::DODGEFri Aug 16 1985SONY Service
195.017MENTOR::LUKOWSKIFri Aug 16 1985Bose 5
198.074QUOIN::BEVERIDGEMon Aug 19 1985Polk Audio
199.012RAINBW::CLARKTue Aug 20 1985SMOKE!!!
200.043MILKWY::SLABOUNTYTue Jul 24 1990Addresses and phone numbers
202.011XENON::CODERREThu Aug 22 1985Esoterica, anyone?
203.011KIRK::KYZIVATFri Aug 23 1985How to evaluate Headroom?
204.038VIKING::MCNALLMon Aug 26 1985Stereophile [and other] test CD's [compact discs]
205.07LEROUF::HEINTue Aug 27 1985Dynamic Range and dBs revisited
208.07KIRK::KYZIVATWed Sep 04 1985how far is too far???
209.08EIFFEL::MEIERThu Sep 05 1985Stores that carry APT + Carver
213.03RAINBO::GALLAGHERMon Sep 09 1985Amp Help Please/Yamaha A-1
214.014CADET::MAHLERMon Sep 09 1985Integrated car stereos.
215.010MOTHER::SIEBOLDTue Sep 10 1985Dual voltage equipment
216.013MSEE::BREAULTWed Sep 11 1985Headphones vs Speakers
218.03CRVAX1::KAPLOWTue Sep 17 1985High End Tuners
219.03FSLENG::RAFWed Sep 18 1985Subcarrier decoders ??
220.031NEPTUN::DEHAHNThu Sep 19 1985Tweeters
225.014SYBIL::FEINBERGTue Sep 24 1985An "Audiophile" Clock Radio
226.03ACADYA::PAHIGIANTue Sep 24 1985Inexpensive phono front ends
229.022AMBER::KAEPPLEINThu Sep 26 1985Audio magazines
230.02HARE::COWANMon Sep 30 1985In search of mid-fi
231.029OBIWAN::SCHORRMon Oct 07 1985Usable Audio Furniture
232.07EUCLID::PAULHUSMon Oct 07 1985Equal loudness contours
242.04MEO78B::S1Mon Oct 14 1985phase linear 2
243.03SAGE::KENNEDYThu Oct 17 1985FM Diversity
244.043TURBO::PATTERSONFri Oct 18 1985Fixing Dynaco Speakers
245.020RAINBO::GALLAGHERMon Oct 21 1985Klipsch Prices/Music Box
249.07GRDIAN::HOFFMANThu Oct 31 1985Yamaha Receiver info, anyone?
251.0+6MRADM::CASELLATue Nov 05 1985Akai Reel to Reel-model M9
254.029TUNDRA::BAGDYThu Nov 07 1985Linear vs. Conventional ?
255.082STUBBI::COWENFri Nov 08 1985Buying an amplifier/receiver and speakers
257.03OEDPUS::PHILPOTTMon Nov 11 1985Linn Sondek query
258.027WHO::ADEYMon Nov 11 1985New Amp Configuration
260.07TLE::CLARKWed Nov 13 1985SAE Impulse Noise Reduction
262.09CRVAX1::KAPLOWThu Nov 14 1985stereo reviews
264.026GRDIAN::RUBINSTEINSun Nov 17 1985Klipsch - Q & A
266.02TLE::CLARKMon Nov 18 1985Hafler DH-11
267.057PISA::CLARKTue Nov 19 1985Phono Cables vs. Interconnects
270.02TLE::CLARKWed Nov 27 1985Q Audio - an endorsement
271.0+35COGITO::WHITEThu Nov 28 1985Service Shops?
273.0153GRAMPS::WCLARKMon Dec 02 1985Room acoustics
277.012TOOTER::GALLAGHERWed Dec 04 1985Searching for a Good Tuner
278.03PLDVAX::SUCHMAFri Dec 06 1985Hafler Equipment Improvements
280.020SPIDER::JUDEMThu Dec 12 1985Attaching microphone to cassette/tape deck
284.045GRAMPS::WCLARKFri Dec 13 1985DAK Industries
286.0+72GALAXY::MALIKTue Dec 17 1985Amplifier/receiver problems
288.036GRAMPS::WCLARKThu Dec 19 1985Cramolin (again)
289.0113SARAH::P_DAVISFri Dec 20 1985Looking for small/bookshelf speakers
292.02JRDVTue Dec 24 1985New Japanese Speaker
296.010TLE::MEIERMon Dec 30 1985APT preamp mods??
297.03TLE::MEIERTue Dec 31 1985DQ-1
298.018TLE::CLARKWed Jan 01 1986Bolting speakers to the floor
301.085FARMER::ADAMSFri Jan 03 1986Record/LP cleaners/kits
302.09TLE::CLARKFri Jan 03 1986Playing 78's on a modern hi-fi
303.07MMOTue Jan 07 1986Tuners again
304.0GRAMPS::WCLARKWed Jan 08 1986The Sounds of Music
305.013AKOVThu Jan 09 1986ONKYO ??
306.010PSGVAX::READIOFri Jan 10 1986Stereo TV decoders
307.026IMBACQ::SADINThu Jan 09 1986Yamaha cassette/tape decks
308.011PYRITE::SCHNEIDERMon Jul 21 1986Tape and pinch-roller cleaner/destroyer
309.030DSSDEV::DAVISONThu Jan 09 1986Listening rooms
310.022CRVAX1::KAPLOWFri Jan 10 1986AC Cord Direction Finder
313.08ROCKET::TERELLAFri Jan 10 1986MEGA-System
318.027PAUPER::AUGERIWed Jan 15 1986Problem with car/auto stereo
319.07CRVAX1::KAPLOWWed Jan 15 1986Dishonest Dealer Doings
321.03ACADYA::PAHIGIANFri Jan 17 1986Buy interconnects, THEN modify.
322.01NANOOK::RAWDENSat Jan 18 1986Lucasfilm's Projection Room
323.016--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 20 1986FMX [FM stereo enhancer]
325.0114DSSDEV::DAVISONMon Jan 20 1986Thiel speakers
326.03EUCLID::LEVASSEURTue Jan 21 1986Updating my System - Advice?
327.0210COGITO::RAMACHANDRANWed Jan 22 1986Problem [noise/static/buzzing/etc.] on car radio/stereo
328.034SMAUG::PORTERThu Jan 23 1986Problem with a home cassette/tape deck
330.013MUNFri Jan 24 1986Active speakers
331.010EUCLID::LEVASSEURFri Jan 24 1986Do It Youself Audio Kits?
332.0123AKOVSat Jan 25 1986Problems with speakers
337.07MTV::NEILFri Jan 31 1986B+O Inadequacies ???
339.0122OBLIO::SHUSTERMon Feb 03 1986Antennas [home]
341.015DSSDEV::MUNYANWed Feb 05 1986Hello out there where are the golden ears?
346.021PARSEC::KARDELLMon Feb 17 1986Do they all sound alike ?
347.03RAJA::SCHMIEDERMon Feb 17 1986syncing tape decks
348.019TLE::FAIMANTue Feb 18 1986Stereo for new Accord
350.087SYBIL::CHALTASThu Feb 20 1986Stereo/radio installation in a car/auto
351.09SERPNT::SCHULTZThu Feb 20 1986Tuner Input - 75 or 3
353.013CADDLE::MAHLERThu Feb 20 1986Rememebr SOundGuard ?
356.02NATASH::MCGREALFri Feb 21 1986opinions on Creative Car Stereo ?
357.0141JOET::JOETFri Feb 21 1986Capacitors [caps]
362.06NATASH::MCGREALThu Feb 27 1986Looking for a good repair shop.
363.027MILES::KAEPPLEINThu Feb 27 1986Digital-ready speakers
364.023APOLLO::DEHAHNFri Feb 28 1986turntable/cartridge setup
366.019OBLIO::SHUSTERFri Feb 28 1986More on (moron?) speakers: liquid-cooled
368.05MENTOR::BIGELOWFri Feb 28 1986Klipsch Forte speakers
369.014NONAME::MAHLERMon Mar 03 1986
370.02CADZOO::MAHLERMon Mar 03 1986Argh, decisions decisions ...
377.020CRVAX1::KAPLOWFri Mar 07 1986Audio Recording Rights Coalition
378.041NATASH::WAGNERMon Mar 10 1986Grado cartridges
381.02CADCAM::ROBERTThu Mar 13 1986Klipsch Cornwall
383.026GRDIAN::HOFFMANThu Mar 13 1986Wireless/cordless/remote/infrared headphones
387.06NATASH::MCGREALSat Mar 15 1986Parsec 74
391.07FRSBEE::ROLLAMon Mar 17 1986Bass-reflex speakers
392.031DSSDEV::CHALTASMon Mar 17 1986House wiring?
393.047ZGOVMon Mar 17 1986op-amps
403.061MILDEW::DEROSAFri Mar 28 1986Denon receivers/amplifiers
407.034PSYCHE::STEWARDMon Mar 31 1986Recording to tape/cassette with DBX
409.07CSSE32::NICHOLSTue Apr 01 1986Buyer's guide to amplifiers?
410.066MILDEW::DEROSATue Apr 01 1986Good and bad mail-order companies [stereo equipment]
411.039NERMAL::LAURENCEWed Apr 02 1986Subwoofers - One or Two?
412.01KATIE::EDELWed Apr 02 1986DCM Time Frames
415.047OPUS::WOODSThu Apr 03 1986Amp designs
418.02CSSE32::NICHOLSSat Apr 05 1986Seeking loooow-fi recommendations
419.029BETHE::LICEA_KANESun Apr 06 1986How to demagnitize?
420.016COMET2::OREILLYMon Apr 07 1986Technics cassette/tape decks
424.04WAGON::BRACKTue Apr 08 198678 turntable anyone?
426.028ERLANG::DICKENSWed Apr 09 1986Bose Roommates speakers
427.01KATIE::BURDICKThu Apr 10 1986DBX on personal/portable tape players?
428.09AKOVThu Apr 10 1986More Power ??
430.011TLE::WINALSKISat Apr 12 1986How to set adjustable bias?
432.06IMGAWN::SADINMon Apr 14 1986Preamp quuestion
433.03VIKING::HARDYTue Apr 15 1986Demagnetize tapes in transit?
435.04APOLLO::TATOSIANThu Apr 17 1986Latest DOLBY LABS Process??
438.021OLD75Sat Apr 26 1986HH Scott tube amp
442.026NWDMon Apr 28 1986Subwoofer Design Update
445.04MADMAC::SWARDThu May 01 1986Luxman 1
446.08ACADYA::PITERAKSun May 04 1986An audio course???
447.021ADVAX::T_ROBERTSun May 04 1986Some advice please...
449.03SMURF::PARENTIFri May 09 1986Harmon-Kardon 93
451.011NATASH::MCGREALMon May 12 1986How to EQ a 4 channel car stereo
456.026--UnknownUser--Tue May 20 1986Vacuum tube amp kits, bits and plans...
458.04AMBER::KAEPPLEINThu May 22 1986Erno Borbely amplifiers/pre-amps
464.011EUCLID::WHITEThu May 29 1986Good (not great) preamp (searching for)
476.085ASYLUM::PLAISTEDMon Jun 09 1986Surround sound
480.010BPOVThu Jun 12 1986An A-B Speaker Wanted...
484.014PYRITE::SCHNEIDERMon Jun 16 1986Transistors
485.021RAYNAL::DIAG3Mon Jun 16 1986help wanted: Hi-Fi Ghurus
486.07ANYWAY::ARVIDSONThu Jun 19 1986A 'fuzzy' feeling.
488.08NUWAVE::HATCHERFri Jun 20 1986Are component prices negotiable?
489.078NATASH::WEIGLFri Jun 20 1986Tweeter, Inc.
496.023NUWAVE::HATCHERWed Jun 25 1986Do you like Dolby noise reduction?????
498.0+21NEXUS::GULDENSat Jun 28 1986Help , what type of cable should I use
506.04FURILO::JOHNSONMon Jul 07 1986For you humbusters
513.04PARITY::KARDELLMon Jul 14 1986I only wanted a CD....
515.06STAR::KAPLANMon Jul 14 1986Is a 13 VAC Tuner safe (electrically hot) ?!?
519.01ADVAX::HACKTue Jul 22 1986Acoustic Research EB-1
522.025QUOIN::BELKINWed Jul 23 1986Japanese (who else?!) DAT
525.036MERLYN::BILLMERSWed Jul 23 1986Will 5
539.023PSYCHE::STEWARDTue Aug 12 1986Equalizer question for car/auto
540.03WINERY::JAEGERTue Aug 12 1986Older amps
545.06MANTIS::VINELEAFFri Aug 15 1986Just curious...
547.06BARNUM::SHUCKMon Aug 18 1986Profile 1.5 JSE speakers?
549.033DSSDEV::MUNYANMon Aug 18 1986Suggestions on how to reduce bass boom
554.014NSSG::KAEPPLEINWed Aug 20 1986Gems from Phil R. via usenet net.audio
556.014BARNUM::RHODESFri Aug 22 1986Bass attenuation in the car
557.08QUOIN::BELKINFri Aug 22 1986LOUD, NOISY computer labs
561.02KAFSV4::LINK_MARKTue Aug 26 1986bi-amp DQ1
565.015BLISS::HILLSONTue Sep 02 1986NAD 6155 pros/cons ??
566.03DSSDEV::CHALTASWed Sep 03 1986Panasonic parts
568.02GOBLIN::ROSENBERGThu Sep 04 1986Proton D94
569.025MERLYN::BILLMERSFri Sep 05 1986Do Graphic Equalizers Really Work?
576.06PAMPAM::CLARKSun Sep 14 1986Hafler power conversion info wanted
578.04TWOCAD::GREENSTEINMon Sep 15 1986Concord and Crutchfield
582.013NANOOK::RAWDENTue Sep 23 1986Rega Turntables?
583.012EVEN::KARDELLTue Sep 23 1986Preamps VS Potentiometers
584.03BARAKA::FELDMANTue Sep 23 1986Comments on the Maggie 1
585.052DV78Tue Sep 23 1986Apogee Speakers
587.0PAMPAM::CLARKMon Sep 29 1986Audio and Video interconnect wire
592.05MISFIT::HALEYCWed Oct 01 1986Info? on Belles Preamp
593.027EVEN::KARDELLMon Oct 06 1986Speaker modifications
595.04BETA::HALLTue Oct 07 1986_Tu-be or Not Tu-be_
598.06DECEAT::FEINBERGWed Oct 08 1986Bittersweet Crutchfield?
599.013OPUS::WOODSWed Oct 08 1986Question about phono inputs
600.026DSSDEV::POVEYThu Oct 09 1986NAD Amplifiers
612.09CASEE::CLARKWed Oct 15 1986Mechanical hum from a Hafler DH-22
614.02CRVAX1::KAPLOWThu Oct 16 1986WGBX Ch 44 "Digital Audio"
622.01VAXWRK::SWARDThu Oct 23 1986Second hand shop's?
630.027USMRM2::GROSSThu Oct 30 1986Dynaco product history
634.016IMNAUT::SIEGMANNThu Oct 30 1986A TESTIMONIAL for mods
637.05GRAMPS::WCLARKMon Nov 03 1986Bi-wiring
642.016TENSHN::WERTHTue Nov 04 1986wireless speakers
650.06GRAMPS::WCLARKFri Nov 07 1986Volkswoofer tweeking
651.09OMEGA::QUIMBYFri Nov 07 1986Expensive doesn't always mean great
652.02SIERRA::GABBESun Nov 09 1986Furniture designed for audio equipment
654.07QUARK::LIONELMon Nov 10 1986dbx 1
659.01ZEPPO::MAHLERWed Nov 12 1986SONY APM's...
660.084158::PERKINSThu Nov 13 1986Trouble shooting 1.
665.014IRT::VECRUMBAThu Nov 13 1986YAMAHA A-52
666.015CRVAX1::KAPLOWThu Nov 13 1986Is audiophile car stereo an oxymoron?
675.016ANT::JANZENTue Nov 18 1986Musicians judging hi-fi's
679.03ERLANG::BDThu Nov 20 1986Maine Recommendations
683.07ARGUS::COOKMon Nov 24 1986Sanyo electronics...
684.05JOKE::ROBERTSONMon Nov 24 1986help x 4
685.04CSCMA::PLAISTEDMon Nov 24 1986EPI sold!
688.066REGENT::SCHMIEDERMon Nov 24 1986MonsterCable
689.03BARAKA::FELDMANMon Nov 24 1986What is emphasis? and other questions
691.0136EUCLID::LEVASSEURTue Nov 25 1986Problems with CD [compact disc] players
692.04BARAKA::FELDMANTue Nov 25 1986Hafler dealers
695.09KRYPTN::JASNIEWSKIMon Dec 01 1986Contactless (almost) reciever
698.01WATNEY::OLSENMon Dec 01 1986Carver m4
700.04SHIRE::BOULMIERTue Dec 02 1986...-dj's looking for sound-...
702.08ZEPPO::MAHLERTue Dec 02 1986Holding at $5
704.023ZEPPO::MAHLERTue Dec 02 1986Audio Furniture ?
705.023BPOVTue Dec 02 1986Tweeter/ Crossover Help Needed
706.021ANT::JANZENTue Dec 02 1986Speaker Placement Physics
707.019IRT::VECRUMBATue Dec 02 1986NIKKO - Good at the price?
710.060BARNUM::JORGENSENWed Dec 03 1986Audio Concepts speakers
712.012ZEPPO::MAHLERThu Dec 04 1986B&O T2 bought but not yet delivered...
713.09STAR::NISHIMOTOThu Dec 04 1986Grounding Hum - HELP!!
714.04MEDUSA::KWILSONThu Dec 04 1986HELP...my QED's are NFG
716.07IRT::VECRUMBAFri Dec 05 1986So low it hertz?
717.026APOLLO::GOODWINFri Dec 05 1986active crossover issues
720.02DECNA::R_SPENCESun Dec 07 1986Alpine Alarm Systems -- opinions wanted
721.09BPOVMon Dec 08 1986Any KEF dealers around?
724.016CAD::LIMon Dec 08 1986Advice wanted: Integrated Amplifier
725.01KAFSV1::KAYEMon Dec 08 1986DQ1
726.09KAFSV1::KAYEMon Dec 08 1986ground loop problem
727.030GERBIL::LITMANTue Dec 09 1986LUXMAN
728.020ZEPPO::MAHLERTue Dec 09 1986Sony D-5 craps out, trash at 11.
730.02ADVAX::T_ROBERTWed Dec 10 1986tape dupping hardware ??
734.019NATASH::WEIGLWed Dec 10 1986Problems with Onkyo components
736.02COLORS::HARDYThu Dec 11 1986Carver car/auto stereos
738.012PHOBOS::SCHORRTue Dec 16 1986Stereo Review amplifier tests
745.03BPOVThu Dec 18 1986Yamaha advice requested
746.013ARCHER::DEVLIBThu Dec 18 1986Stolen equipment for sale
747.04RANGLY::FOOTER_JOEFri Dec 19 1986Help TV Audio into Stereo
748.08DARTH::SCHORRFri Dec 19 1986Phone amps/pre-amps
749.069GRAMPS::WCLARKFri Dec 19 1986Old Colony Sound Lab Kits
751.0QUARK::LIONELSun Dec 21 1986Sony STR-VX55
752.01FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIMon Dec 22 1986Internal adjustments
754.01FANTUM::TIMMONSTue Dec 23 1986SERIES 2
756.06BPOVMon Dec 29 1986Any KEF 1
758.011NEWVAX::BONANNOTue Dec 30 1986Experience with Aiwa AD-F77
760.02PARITY::SANDERSTue Dec 30 1986What is your background?
761.01BPOVTue Dec 30 1986Where is Take 5 Audio???
763.06ERIC::SALLITTMon Jan 05 1987Excuse me I'm new around here.....
765.023ERIC::SALLITTMon Jan 05 1987The UK audio scene
766.06REGENT::SCHMIEDERMon Jan 05 1987demagnetisation techniques
767.01ERLANG::MILLERTue Jan 06 1987Antenna mixing
771.02CSSE32::RHINEWed Jan 07 1987Series wiring multiple speakers?
784.04APOLLO::GOODWINThu Jan 15 1987Wired
787.031CADSYS::BURDICKFri Jan 16 1987Microphone recommendations?
788.042OPUS::DEBUGFri Jan 16 1987Bridging power amplifiers
789.01CASPRO::MWRESINSKIMon Jan 19 1987Pressureless Pads
790.01BARAKA::FELDMANMon Jan 19 1987Sam's Photofax
794.05BETHE::LICEA_KANETue Jan 20 1987Mr. Microphone?
795.02OPUS::RSCHMIDTWed Jan 21 19872 track query
796.04ERIC::SALLITTWed Jan 21 1987What-no kits?
797.0MILKWY::MECE_SHAWNThu Jan 23 1992Reserved
798.02WHICH::ADEYWed Jan 21 1987An amp's soundstage?
799.06TILTS::CZARNECKIFri Oct 07 1988Looking for a manual
800.02BARNUM::PELLETIERThu Jan 22 1987B&W anyone
804.02NAC::PICKETTFri Jan 23 1987EQ settings for voice??
805.05MAHLER::DAVEFri Jan 23 1987Unfinished Klipsch Speakers
807.03RSTS32::LABAMon Jan 26 1987Old Tandberg receiver needs your support
808.01SSDEVO::PHERSONMon Jan 26 1987+12V stereo for mountain cabin
811.011EUCLID::PRINCEWed Jan 28 1987Multiple pairs of speakers
812.017ELWOOD::QUISTGWed Jan 28 1987Pioneer receivers
816.049SQM::MARCONISThu Jan 29 1987good car FM tuners?
817.014ERIC::SALLITTFri Jan 30 1987Digital Audio Tape
819.03WINERY::JAEGERFri Jan 30 1987Setting up the Sota
826.04CRVAX1::KAPLOWTue Feb 03 1987Well Tempered Table & Arm
827.01BEES::SCHLIESMANNTue Feb 03 1987Two Dolby positions but not B&C?
828.0APOLLO::GOODWINTue Feb 03 1987HELP!! AUDIO back issues.
830.01NCVAX1::SHEETSWed Feb 04 1987DJ needs help
831.08USRCV1::THOMPSONPWed Feb 04 1987Upgrade Advice/Recommendations
833.01043156::ANDY_LESLIEThu Feb 05 1987Mains hum elimination from transformer?
834.026USRCV1::THOMPSONPThu Feb 05 1987Celestion Speakers
835.088RAMONA::ROBBINSFri Feb 06 1987Long speaker cables/wires vs. interconnects
838.03USRCV1::THOMPSONPMon Feb 09 1987Balanced Volume Control
839.01BARNUM::PELLETIERMon Feb 09 1987Home Up Grades
840.06RSTS32::LABATue Feb 10 1987Hafler 11
843.05HYDRA::BURNATue Feb 10 1987Rec.'s on NYC Stereo Stores
844.05CAFEIN::PFAUTue Feb 10 1987Mixing inputs on recorder?
847.01LA78Tue Feb 10 1987HPL-55
848.07FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIWed Feb 11 1987Plugging Autocorrelation!
852.010PSYCHE::STEWARDThu Feb 12 1987I Could'nt believe it! (a Turntable)
853.03SERPNT::SONTAKKEFri Feb 13 1987Opinions on VLFI (Very Low FI) systems
854.09PARITY::KARDELLFri Feb 13 1987Looking for Satellites
855.024REGENT::SCHMIEDERFri Feb 13 1987Cassette/tape decks <> natural sound
859.019RSTS32::LABASun Feb 15 1987New Hafler XL-28
861.014DSSDEV::CHALTASMon Feb 16 1987Problems with Dual turntables
866.07BARNUM::PELLETIERThu Feb 19 1987So you think you know stereo
867.043CLT::CANDELAFri Feb 20 1987A/V [audio/video] receivers/systems
869.017DELNI::GILEFri Feb 20 1987Get that wife off my back
872.026MOTHRA::DUTKOSun Feb 22 1987Teac cassette/tape decks
873.01JON::ODDOMon Feb 23 1987portable stereos with CD?
876.02AKOV68::EATONDMon Feb 23 1987Help for a novice
878.07SYRAH::JAEGERMon Feb 23 1987Input on analog front-ends ?
879.01ADVAX::HACKMon Feb 23 1987Nitty Gritty prices
881.03GRAMPS::WCLARKTue Feb 24 1987Power amps, speaker wires and listening
882.08CSSE32::RHINETue Feb 24 1987Need Recording Advice
883.0ERIC::SALLITTTue Feb 24 1987Solid State sound???
884.02TALLIS::VANCLEEFTue Feb 24 1987Garrard turntable spares needed
887.034SYRAH::JAEGERTue Feb 24 1987Sumiko Fluxbuster
888.04TALLIS::DAVEWed Feb 25 1987Sony CDP-2
889.014VAXINE::HENNESSEYThu Feb 26 1987P.A. systems/speakers
890.03TLE::SUNDARAMThu Feb 26 1987Desperately seeking advice!!!
892.023USRCV1::THOMPSONPMon Mar 02 1987High Current Amps
894.07NWDTue Mar 03 1987Dual turntables
895.03CSSE32::NICHOLSTue Mar 03 1987Are there test recordings?
897.07GENRAL::STAATSWed Mar 04 1987AKAI-Mitsubishi
900.06FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIThu Mar 05 1987Wha? No Altec!?!
901.05GRAMPS::WCLARKThu Mar 05 1987Birdbath 1 ....a turntable
903.09CGFSV1::VIITAMAKIThu Mar 05 1987Borbley Preamp
904.01STAR::YETTOFri Mar 06 1987Repair parts for Martin speakers?
905.09SQM::HALLYBSat Mar 07 1987Dead channel -- maybe fusion resistor?
907.08DEBET::GILEMon Mar 09 1987ready to Jump to the low Hi end
908.0117MPGS::PONDMon Mar 09 1987Looking for car/auto speakers
910.01ERIC::SALLITTTue Mar 10 1987New cartridge from Linn
912.013WINERY::JAEGERTue Mar 10 1987Little details that help
913.013ERLANG::MILLERTue Mar 10 1987screwy economics
914.0116GENRAL::STAATSTue Mar 10 1987Speakers/receivers and impedance [ohms]
916.06ODIXIE::7R3ENGThu Mar 12 1987??JVC GOOD??
917.02GRAMPS::WCLARKThu Mar 12 1987A-V Torroids at Active
920.06CSSE32::NICHOLSThu Mar 12 1987Help on paleolithic speakers
921.01ERLANG::MILLERFri Mar 13 1987Regulator chip replacements
922.01USRCV1::THOMPSONPFri Mar 13 1987dbx CD with Compander
923.03JETSAM::NORRISFri Mar 13 1987Headphone Extensions
925.016NEWVAX::MALLONEEMon Mar 16 1987Spendor SP-1 Bass Extension
927.017STAR::BSEGALMon Mar 16 1987Digital Cassette Players, Laser Turntables?
928.01NYAREA::VECRUMBAMon Mar 16 1987Design Acoustics PS.8 Help
930.03ERLANG::MILLERMon Mar 16 1987Pooge?
933.028EUREKA::HARQUAILTue Mar 17 1987Help, Advice, Fisher
935.022NANUCK::PEREZWed Mar 18 1987Walkman [and other] radio/cassette player problems
938.0APOLLO::GOODWINThu Mar 19 1987magnasphere speakers
939.02ZEPPO::MAHLERThu Mar 19 1987Woah, wait, he buys something every day?
940.028RSTS32::VMILLERMon Mar 23 1987Carver speakers
942.031SATYR::GOODWINMon Mar 23 1987The McHafler
943.03GNERIC::SIEGELMon Mar 23 1987Advice on a Proton ??
944.06ANTARE::BLITZMon Mar 23 1987Equalizer/receiver problem
946.04CASSAN::JOHNSONWed Mar 25 1987Info on Tandberg power amps
948.01FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIThu Mar 26 1987Overdriving the Room?
949.03RSTS32::VMILLERFri Mar 27 1987Proton car/auto amp/amplifiers
951.05ANGORA::RTURNERFri Mar 27 1987Nak. headphone repair
952.05MAGIC1::GRACEFri Mar 27 1987Tandberg Demo W
955.05CSSE32::NICHOLSMon Mar 30 1987Loudspeaker circuitry 1
956.01ZENSNI::DCHAVEZTue Mar 31 1987Temporarily Soundproofing a Basement
957.024MARTY::FRIEDMANWed Apr 01 1987Bose Acoustic Wave
962.025BPOVFri Apr 03 1987Ringing Ears????
963.08AKOV68::EATONDFri Apr 03 1987Fostex X-15 with DBX unit
966.07TLE::KLINGMon Apr 06 1987When's the last time you read a good book?
967.05RGB::MCGRATHMon Apr 06 1987Preamp Pooge anyone
968.011NEWVAX::MALLONEETue Apr 07 1987Merrill mods for Acoustic Research ES-1 speakers
970.025JOULE::OBRIENTue Apr 07 1987Moving floors VS B&O Turntable
971.0VOLGA::POSCOWed Apr 08 1987*** Advice on Nec components ***
972.03DSSDEV::CHANWed Apr 08 1987Reagan's Tariff?
974.01CLT::ORTHOBERThu Apr 09 1987US Music Club
975.020GENRAL::SEAGLEThu Apr 09 1987? Amp Damping Factors
977.024AQUA::ROSTFri Apr 10 1987Warning on NATURAL SOUND in Framingham
978.012NWDSat Apr 11 1987Biamplify...?
982.03CHOVAX::ALPERTMon Apr 13 1987Wanted: 8-track recorder
983.09MENTOR::PJOHNSONMon Apr 13 1987Speakers-in-the-walls?
984.019PARITY::SANDERSMon Apr 13 1987Do you Pooge?
985.014NEBVAX::GOSSELINMon Apr 13 1987Noisy Carver
986.0WINERY::JAEGERMon Apr 13 1987Better recordings?
989.010RSTS32::VMILLERMon Apr 20 1987Interlink 4
990.02ERLANG::MILLERMon Apr 20 1987Barcus-Berry gizmo
993.010BENWAY::HAMBYTue Apr 21 1987Fixing Flawed Recordings
995.074PSYCHE::STEWARDFri Apr 24 1987Looking for a car/auto amplifier
998.03MAGIC1::GRACESat Apr 25 1987FM De-emphasis switch
999.07ERLANG::MILLERSat Apr 25 1987Filters for Digital Recording
1000.076NEWVAX::MALLONEEWed Apr 08 1987Tube gear vs. solid state/transistor gear
1010.014PDVAX::P_DAVISMon May 04 1987Losing right channel sometimes
1012.017MARRHQ::MALLONEEMon May 04 1987Adcom modifications [mods]
1018.020NAC::PICKETTFri May 15 1987Superconductors in audio equipment
1019.012NAC::PICKETTFri May 15 1987Power Amp recommendations
1024.03GNERIC::SIEGELWed May 20 1987Head/Tape Contact During Music Search
1028.05BARNUM::PHURDTue May 26 1987Got 'dem auto-reverse blues
1042.09USRCV1::THOMPSONPThu Jun 04 1987Solid Core vs. Multiple Strand Wires and Cables
1046.016FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIFri Jun 05 1987System Add-ons
1047.010REGENT::SCHMIEDERFri Jun 05 1987Joe's racks
1048.013REGENT::SCHMIEDERFri Jun 05 1987record cabinets
1049.01MEMVFri Jun 05 1987Mondail, Anyone?
1053.017KRAKAR::WARWICKTue Jun 09 1987Where does the future lie ?
1060.0CONTRL::LATTAMon Jun 15 1987EPI/SONY Satellite-subwoofer system
1065.0MAGIC1::BEAUDETTue Jun 16 1987Time Delay - is it time?
1066.011KANE::MAHEUTue Jun 16 1987Yamaha DSP-1
1071.022BIGMAC::KAUFMANNThu Jun 18 1987DAT: Congressional Bill
1072.091ERLANG::MILLERFri Jun 19 1987High-end CD [compact disc] players
1075.04VINO::LOMARTIREMon Jun 22 1987Shure V15 Type V-MR
1076.0+18SHIPIT::SEXTONMon Jun 22 1987HELP, I've got a hum
1079.04JOCK::BENDECKTue Jun 23 1987ADVENT CORP
1082.018USWAV3::NEADISWed Jun 24 1987McIntosh Tuners & Preamps
1084.012ERIC::SALLITTThu Jun 25 1987HFN/RR Sony RDAT review
1089.010KACIE::WAGNERMon Jun 29 1987Copyguard System - the story
1091.07NCADC1::PEREZTue Jun 30 1987The Yamaha AV-5
1092.030SHIRE::DIRKTue Jun 30 1987JBL speakers
1098.04ORIOLE::WATKINSTue Jul 07 1987Sound Stream amps any good????
1099.015WINERY::NUCKLESTue Jul 07 1987Want-Ads for Audio Gear
1102.05NWDThu Jul 09 1987Media Quality..
1106.07GENRAL::STAATSSat Jul 11 1987Pyramid Loudspeaker Corp.
1108.014SOURCE::JBURNETTTue Jul 14 1987ARC info., please.
1109.086KACIE::WAGNERTue Jul 14 1987VW GTI/Jetta Car Stereo
1110.01BARNUM::JORGENSENWed Jul 15 1987MicroTrak Inc.
1111.020HBO::MACDONALDWed Jul 15 1987Rack Systems Opinions Wanted
1112.01NOFALT::BLITZWed Jul 15 1987Help with car cross-overs
1113.025WORDS::ILYADISThu Jul 16 1987Looking for a 3-head tape/cassette deck
1115.011AITG::CURTINFri Jul 17 1987System upgrade advice wanted
1120.070SOFBAS::JOHNSONMon Jul 20 1987Portable CD [compact disc] players
1121.06BARNUM::CHENETZMon Jul 20 1987Targa car/auto stereos
1135.06CONTRL::NUCKLESTue Jul 28 1987Infinity KAPPA speakers
1137.02LEDS::ROBERTSONThu Jul 30 1987solar battery for portable
1138.05CONTRL::NUCKLESThu Jul 30 1987SONY ES CD players
1141.01CONTRL::NUCKLESFri Jul 31 1987Threshold pre-amps
1142.02NAC::PICKETTTue Aug 04 1987Audio Mixer Design Questions
1145.04DISSRV::ALLENThu Aug 06 1987Equalizer: Adding Power to Source?
1146.016CONTRL::NUCKLESMon Aug 10 1987Hybrid Amp questions
1148.018GRAMPS::WCLARKTue Aug 11 1987Audio Project Cases
1151.02OBIWAN::ELZAMSTue Aug 11 1987GRACE F9E?
1153.015MAGIC1::GRACEThu Aug 13 1987Thorens 126 MKIII
1154.01CONTRL::NUCKLESThu Aug 13 1987Another MC question
1155.02SWAPS::LEWISThu Aug 13 1987Home built projects
1163.056GRAMPS::WCLARKMon Aug 17 1987Fidelity ?=? Accuracy ?=? Musical
1166.010SWAPS::LEWISTue Aug 18 1987B&W Speakers Revisited
1167.028SWAPS::LEWISTue Aug 18 1987Randall Research speaker cable?
1171.09PVAX::PATTERSONFri Aug 21 1987New Allison Speakers
1179.0198SWAPS::LEWISMon Aug 24 1987Crown equipment thoughts
1180.02HYDRA::MYERSTue Aug 25 1987Turntable isolation needed
1185.06FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIFri Aug 28 1987Home Recording Discussion
1187.09FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIMon Aug 31 1987System Tweaks
1188.010BANDIT::MOOGMon Aug 31 1987Dynamic Noise Reduction
1192.015VAOATue Sep 01 1987Best pre-amp under $8
1202.08SPYDER::JEFFERYThu Sep 10 1987Want to Upgrade
1203.02DREAMN::LORADITCHThu Sep 10 1987THD rating
1205.08TLE::MEIERMon Sep 14 1987Voltage leakage on ground terminals
1207.05BPOVMon Sep 14 1987High Freq. tape distortion
1216.011PARITY::KARDELLThu Sep 17 1987Acrosound ?
1220.02ZUDEV2::ANTENENMon Sep 21 1987Info about ED MEITNER
1222.014AKOV68::EATONDTue Sep 22 1987Audio Spectrum Display?
1223.010DARTH::SCHORRTue Sep 22 1987Cheap taping ability needed
1225.010ISTG::WARDENTue Sep 22 1987amp clipping harm speakers?
1228.06CURIE::WOLFEThu Sep 24 1987MC questions from novice
1230.04CSMSRE::HIGINBOTHAMMon Sep 28 1987Getting Quality Service
1236.07CURIUM::DOCSECTue Sep 29 1987THE WHINNING BLUES AGAIN?!@#$%&^%#@?
1246.05LDP::BURKHARTMon Oct 05 1987Line Level Outputs
1248.014CINN::LAHRMon Oct 05 1987What receiver/separates to buy???
1255.010ALEX::CONNMon Oct 12 1987Is Vinyl dying (what's happening to all-analog LPs)?
1257.02CHEST::SADATTue Oct 13 1987Sound Organisation turntable table.
1258.09BMT::GONSALVESTue Oct 13 1987Energy Speakers ??
1259.010MILVAX::HOWERTONTue Oct 13 1987Rowland & Spectral Amps
1261.049EPOCH::JOHNSONTue Oct 13 1987Multi-disc CD [compact disc] players
1267.016AMUSE::QUIMBYThu Oct 15 1987CD : Vinyl :: Elliptical : Spherical ??
1269.07LYRA::MYERSThu Oct 15 1987Help with low end TT.
1272.09CSMSRE::HIGINBOTHAMFri Oct 16 1987EQ Buying Advice
1273.011SACMAN::GLAZERFri Oct 16 1987Piano in room:Better Sound?
1276.07VOLGA::T_NELSONWed Oct 21 1987Box for extra cables to receiver
1282.07ROCK::FLOYDTue Oct 27 1987Active Crossover Info
1283.06HAMSTR::GONZALEZTue Oct 27 1987Plays both sides at once.
1286.010DREAMN::LORADITCHThu Oct 29 1987Powered Speaker Recommendations
1292.05NOETIC::RUSSELLMon Nov 02 1987Rotel,Creek,Linn,Mordaunt-Short,AR,Naim
1293.06HYDRA::MYERSTue Nov 03 1987Speaker Building Electronics
1297.03TRCAWed Nov 04 1987Component upgrade of old preamp?
1299.054DROID::EDRYThu Nov 05 1987Stereo/hi-fi/mono VCR's [video cassette recorders]
1302.06MUGSY::GLANTZMon Nov 09 1987Anybody know about Jadis amps/preamps?
1306.0663D::WALTONTue Nov 10 1987Vacuum tubes
1307.020LUDWIG::THILBERTTue Nov 10 1987Yamaha Speakers ?
1309.078CRETE::CASHMANFri Nov 13 1987Looking to buy a CD [compact disc] player
1311.02VIDEO::RADICIONITue Nov 17 1987Where to buy gear in NH
1312.026--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 17 1987
1313.03UPWARD::WOYAKFri Jul 12 1991Speaker cable test
1314.09SCOMAN::BARBIERIWed Nov 18 1987asking suggestions for stereo upgrade
1316.03USRCV1::HUGHESGWed Nov 18 1987Adding a phone jack
1317.022HYSTER::MIKEWed Nov 18 1987How to Get Started
1329.02BENWAY::HAMBYMon Nov 23 1987Building a better cassette deck
1331.024MEMVTue Nov 24 1987What's "Balanced"?
1338.06ERIC::SALLITTMon Nov 30 1987Headphone amp, anyone?
1339.05TALLIS::GOYKHMANMon Nov 30 1987Profit margins for audio equipment?
1341.07DELNI::PERKINSMon Nov 30 1987PRO speakers needed
1344.01MEMORY::GOODWINTue Dec 01 1987rack mount enclosures
1345.02ERIC::SALLITTTue Dec 01 1987Is absolute phase important?
1347.07KACIE::WAGNERTue Dec 01 1987Question on Dahlquist DQ-1
1349.033D::WALTONWed Dec 02 1987Receiver acting as wireless microphone?
1350.05IND::GONSALVESThu Dec 03 1987Table Radio Recommendations
1357.026ASPEN2::BOIKOFri Dec 04 1987Adcom GTP-5
1358.02MORRIS::RJEFFRIESFri Dec 04 1987Phantom Radio Station
1361.031ESD66::GOODWINSun Dec 06 1987Modifying a CD player
1362.016QBUS::SCHULTZMon Dec 07 1987A/B speaker switch
1364.05AESIR::SWONGERTue Dec 08 1987Where to buy in Southern NH?
1365.017KNEE::FORBESMTue Dec 08 1987Carpet Spikes?
1368.011FOR8::SYSTEMMon Dec 14 1987Bose 3
1369.040OVDVAX::RANKINMon Dec 14 1987BOSE AM-5
1370.059CACHE::LEIGHMon Dec 14 1987Low-end CD [compact disc] players
1374.05ERLANG::MILLERMon Dec 14 1987Power amp design questions
1375.018ALPINE::REVCON1Mon Dec 14 1987Tonearms
1378.018ISTG::CRAGGTue Dec 15 1987Which Integrated Amp to Buy
1379.015MARRHQ::SBSSCOTTTue Dec 15 1987The Bottom Octave
1384.021FACTThu Dec 17 1987System Add-ons, etc.
1385.05FACTThu Dec 17 1987Great Used Equipment Buys
1388.03CURIUM::SHAHFri Dec 18 1987How does DAT work?
1389.011VIDEO::KANOUNFri Dec 18 1987Sennheiser 'Phones Where?
1394.014BMT::PLAUTFri Dec 18 1987Cerwin Vega: Any Good?
1397.03RGB::GOLDBERGTue Dec 22 1987weatherproofing car speakers
1398.013FACTWed Dec 23 1987Reference Recordings
1405.03CRVAX1::KAPLOWTue Dec 29 1987How do I figure WATTs from VOLTAGE?
1406.025MUGSY::GLANTZWed Dec 30 1987Yet another request for upgrade advice
1407.03CGFSV1::SAITOWed Dec 30 1987Boston Inch Scale ???
1412.025MEMORY::SLATERMon Jan 04 1988CD error reporting
1413.014SWAPS::LEWISMon Jan 04 1988a/d/s [ads] equipment
1414.033ARCHER::FOXTue Jan 05 1988Active crossover questions
1415.040SHIPIT::ROSINSKITue Jan 05 1988Connecting components in a stereo system
1419.016FACTWed Jan 06 1988"Audio Cheapskate" Recommendations
1421.04TELCOM::ROSENBERGWed Jan 06 1988Report on Spica Angelus Speakers
1422.01ROCKIT::SHEEHYWed Jan 06 1988"bi-amp" and "bi-wiring" Vandersteen 2C's?
1424.01MUGSY::GLANTZThu Jan 07 1988Ground loops
1431.08ALPINE::REVCON1Fri Jan 08 1988Tas & Stereophile #'s?
1432.06HENRY::APFELBAUMSun Jan 10 1988Synagogue sound system help wanted.
1435.02CIMAMT::CHINNASWAMYWed Jan 13 1988kit speakers.quality stuff??
1437.024ISTG::CORAKThu Jan 14 1988In Need Of Advice
1451.018DISSRV::PATTERSONWed Jan 20 1988Turntable Questions
1456.0+425FACTFri Jan 22 1988*** ITEMS FOR SALE NOTE ***
1462.04SHIGEO::SASAKIMon Jan 25 1988Two Observations
1467.0+238POOBAH::NUCKLESTue Jan 26 1988Wanted to buy....
1468.04SLDA::PINSONNEAULTWed Jan 27 1988Distortion, Distortion?!?!?!
1471.08ATEAM::WATKINSFri Jan 29 1988Not enough inputs
1475.08DELNI::OVIATTMon Feb 01 1988Playing/taping from 78's
1476.05USRCV1::HUGHESGTue Feb 02 1988Active subwoofer
1477.08CURIE::DECARTERETTue Feb 02 1988Will my speakers die??
1480.08GRECO::MAURERFri Feb 05 1988inconspicuous 75 ohm antenna ?
1481.04STAR::ELBEERYFri Feb 05 1988Rich's Car Tunes
1485.07HPSTEK::CYGANMon Feb 08 1988HELP - Is PIONEER GOOD?
1486.03MERIDN::SIMONIANMon Feb 08 1988Mail Order Cassettes?
1487.012CHEFS::JMAURERTue Feb 09 1988Linn specialist ?
1490.09VINO::LOMARTIRETue Feb 09 1988CD [compact disc] cleaners/kits
1492.08PNEUMA::STEWARDWed Feb 10 1988Tape and Bias Adjustments?
1493.032ORACLE::KHANNAWed Feb 10 198811
1497.023FDCVMon Feb 15 1988Info on B&O CD5
1499.08SHIRE::GOLDBLATTTue Feb 16 1988Advice wanted
1505.033D::WALTONWed Feb 17 1988Motor Starting Capacitor
1506.04PEACHS::HESSWed Feb 17 1988Dynaco Pre-amps/kits.....Questions????/Help!!!
1507.015JENEVR::PEREZWed Feb 17 1988Need more power for my Snell's
1508.07BENWAY::HAMBYWed Feb 17 1988With more ambition than sense
1511.020SHIRE::GOLDBLATTFri Feb 19 1988record blues
1521.065FACTWed Feb 24 1988Dolby, HX-PRO, DYNEQ
1528.027FACTWed Mar 02 1988DAT copycode shoots self in foot...
1532.04MARTY::FRIEDMANThu Mar 03 1988Low frequency eliminator
1534.035ERLANG::MILLERThu Mar 03 1988Surge and RFI suppressors
1540.012CANE::JUSKIEWICZWed Mar 09 1988Adcom SLC-5
1541.05DECSIM::PENGThu Mar 10 1988need recommendation of HiFi stores in NewYork City
1543.012CSMSRE::WRIGHTThu Mar 10 1988Analog to CD, Should I??
1548.05COMET::GRAYJMon Mar 14 19886
1556.06AIMHI::SMITHTue Mar 22 1988What is "damping factor"?
1557.036ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Mar 22 1988Frequency component's relative phase
1560.016LARVAE::JEFFERYWed Mar 23 1988REGA topic.
1561.05GNERIC::SIEGELWed Mar 23 1988Phono Capacitance
1566.06PNEUMA::STEWARDMon Mar 28 1988Question: Listening to Amps/Pre-Amps
1568.05FLOWER::JASNIEWSKITue Mar 29 1988BSO on my kitchen table?
1569.023PBA::NEILTue Mar 29 1988Help - NAK RD-45
1572.02AUDIO::MCGREALWed Mar 30 1988tape transport question?
1574.016SSTMV1::LEVASSEURFri Apr 01 1988Cuomo's in Salem New Hampster
1575.01VICKI::PAHIGIANFri Apr 01 1988stolen Hafler DH2
1576.06KYOA::ELZAMSFri Apr 01 1988NAD modifications?
1578.018MTA::GRAHAMFri Apr 01 1988Who Is A True Audiophile?
1580.060ERIC::SALLITTTue Apr 05 1988Linn topic
1582.021KYOA::ELZAMSThu Apr 07 1988Magnavox CD [compact disc] players
1583.036FACTThu Apr 07 1988The All New CD vs LP Note
1587.015FRSBEE::WORRALLFri Apr 08 1988My best of the best
1588.010VENOM::WATERSFri Apr 08 1988Stereo/speakers in a truck/pickup [pick-up]
1593.031TIGER::SLABOUNTYThu Apr 14 1988Clarion car/auto stereos/radios
1594.04CHGVThu Apr 14 1988WARNING - Honda + ADS problem
1599.08KYOA::ELZAMSMon Apr 18 1988Another suggestion question
1600.010DEALIN::LORADITCHTue Apr 19 1988Mosfet vs Bipolar power amp design
1602.027NCPROG::PEREZWed Apr 20 1988Today, I was robbed.
1610.020IRT::GRAHAMFri Apr 22 1988Tandy's Reusable "Thor-CD"
1613.03ISTG::NIPFri Apr 22 1988need help on plate mount car spks
1614.042FGVAXZ::LAINGMon Apr 25 1988Home/audiophile vs. live/studio gear
1617.011CNTROL::GEORGEWed Apr 27 1988ground loops from cable TV hookup?
1624.05CNTROL::GEORGEFri May 06 1988repair hints: installing mica insulators under T
1625.041TRCAMon May 09 1988FM reception
1626.08ISOLA::BREICHNERWed May 11 1988Not "Audiophile" yet, but..
1634.038ERIC::SALLITTMon May 16 1988Fields and system variability
1643.0196GRAMPS::WCLARKThu May 19 1988POOGE4
1646.01CORE::KAYEFri May 20 1988HF-1 -> DQ1
1647.05DECSIM::BERRETTINIMon May 23 1988Signal strength problem on QDeck/Signet table
1651.0MALLET::NEALEThu May 26 1988Where was AUDIO NOTES in 192
1655.01LARVAE::JEFFERYFri May 27 1988Curious tuner problem.
1663.019ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Jun 03 1988Questions on Watts and SPL?
1670.012DSSDEV::CHALTASThu Jun 09 1988Inexpensive Tuner recommendations?
1671.011CSSE32::NICHOLSThu Jun 09 1988Acoustic Research speakers
1672.01MARRHQ::MALLONEEThu Jun 09 1988Fluxbuster Overpriced?
1674.06SADU::KAWALEKFri Jun 10 1988Dahlquist DQ-2
1675.01STKHLM::LIDENSun Jun 12 1988Bi-wiring Vandersteen 2C
1677.03CSMSRE::HIGINBOTHAMMon Jun 13 1988MB Quartz
1678.0482EASY::BRITOTue Jun 14 1988Speaker-weight Champion of the World
1679.012KOALA::LESNIAKTue Jun 14 1988Magnepan comments, please
1680.09ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIWed Jun 15 1988Binaural recording?
1693.022SHIRE::GOLDBLATTTue Jun 21 1988The end of the CD ???
1697.08CORE::KAYEThu Jun 23 1988designing A/V room
1698.014ANGORA::JACQUESFri Jun 24 1988Home recording-Microphones !!
1699.08FACTWed Jun 29 1988The Audio Primer
1702.02PNO::HEISERTue Jun 28 1988Mixers
1704.08STAR::NICHOLSTue Jun 28 1988help
1705.03HPSTEK::JORGENSENTue Jun 28 1988New Filter Design for CD...
1708.020FACTThu Jun 30 1988** THE AUDIO SURVIVAL GUIDE **
1709.0114FACTThu Jun 30 1988The Survival Guide Companion
1710.033LDP::GRANATTue Jul 05 1988Bi-wiring speakers?
1713.03PNO::HEISERTue Jul 05 1988Entertainment Centers
1714.01HGOSPS::NORMANTSUIWed Jul 06 1988Components will affect sound quality
1715.05NOAC2::LORADITCHWed Jul 06 1988NAD bi-amp sounds NG
1716.013PNO::HEISERWed Jul 06 1988Buying Overseas
1718.01EPOCH::JOHNSONThu Jul 07 1988Wire one outside speaker
1719.014NYAREA::VECRUMBAThu Jul 07 1988How do you emphasize reflected sound?
1720.03CORE::KAYEFri Jul 08 1988Heathkit IG-12 Distortion Analyzer?
1721.02EDCS::WRIGHTFri Jul 08 1988To sub or not to sub, that is the bottom octave...
1724.029HEYDEN::DECARTERETSat Jul 09 1988More power??
1725.029PNO::HEISERMon Jul 11 1988Adcom GFA-555 amplifier
1726.046ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Jul 11 1988CDs is durable!
1728.037CSC32::J_PARSONSWed Jul 13 1988Cambridge Soundworks/Ensemble speakers
1730.016ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Jul 14 1988Aural Compensation Revisited
1732.017REGAL::SUNKARAMon Jul 18 1988Cleaning speakers
1737.014SKYWAY::RUEFFThu Jul 21 1988PCM vs DAT - are both digital?
1738.01TALLIS::DARCYThu Jul 21 1988Multiple radio to one speaker system?
1748.04SPGOPS::MAURERThu Jul 28 1988Active (multi-amp) systems
1752.076DELNI::MCGORRILLTue Aug 02 1988Building speakers from scratch
1756.010WAV12::REYNOLDSWed Aug 03 1988"klh" woofer replacements....
1757.06SHERRY::NUCKLESWed Aug 03 1988a bit of digital snythesizing
1758.01BPOVThu Aug 04 1988ILP Power Amps???
1776.011ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Aug 12 1988Special Bi-Amp Scheme?
1777.09SUCCES::MATTINGLYFri Aug 12 1988Ribbon Speaker Longevity
1778.010HPSRAD::HARTERFri Aug 12 1988Need advice on dealers W. MA
1780.01KAOAMon Aug 15 1988Design Acoustics PS-1
1781.015VIA::GLANTZMon Aug 15 1988How to practise witchcraft
1785.07CPRS::LACAIREWed Aug 17 1988Tuners sometimes forget
1786.02BPOVWed Aug 17 1988More Active Crossover questions
1787.04NAC::HAWKESWORTHWed Aug 17 1988CD or tape in car
1788.011CALLAO::RUPEREZThu Aug 18 1988Setting up KEFs speakers
1789.07IAMOK::ROSENBERGThu Aug 18 1988Pinnacle PN5+
1790.02ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Aug 19 1988Quest for class A
1791.02TALLIS::DOCKSERFri Aug 19 1988looking for the BAS
1793.09MEMVMon Aug 22 1988One last gasp?
1795.026PUMPKN::NEWMANTue Aug 23 1988Nakamichi receivers
1799.01RTPSWS::BRILEYFri Aug 26 1988NAD 725
1800.0POLAR::CAMPBELLFri Aug 26 1988NAD 324
1801.05FSHQA1::SBEAUPREFri Aug 26 1988Cleaning volume controls?
1802.011CASEE::CLARKSat Aug 27 1988Best audio dealers in greater Colorado Springs?
1804.0CSMSRE::CROSWELLSat Sep 03 1988Gold Sound Drivers ?
1805.02SNDCSL::SMITHTue Sep 06 1988Digital Signal Processing SW around?
1806.018SNDCSL::SMITHTue Sep 06 1988Digital output from CD player?
1808.015BROKE::NEWMANTue Sep 06 1988recording levels
1809.02MUNEDU::MASLENWed Sep 07 1988Koss Speakers
1811.01HAVOC::ZABEKThu Sep 08 1988Mission PCM7
1812.048ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Sep 09 1988Bob Carver's got me thinkin'
1813.05LDP::GRANATFri Sep 09 1988Stereophile Reader Survey Promise
1816.02ROBOAT::HEBERTMon Sep 19 1988Is Wharfedale still viable?
1817.024ISTG::MEISELLMon Sep 19 1988How to Demagnetize?
1819.017CSSE32::NICHOLSTue Sep 20 1988Do amplifiers REALLY matter? An Experiment for charity
1821.016HPSTEK::JORGENSENWed Sep 21 1988Should I hang it up?
1822.016AUGGIE::SEGOOLThu Sep 22 1988B&W CM2's
1825.0IOSG::BARTLETTFri Sep 23 1988Covent Garden Records
1826.01PICVMon Sep 26 1988Autosound-Watertown any good?
1829.09MUNICH::CARLIWed Sep 28 1988opinions please...
1833.05MUNICH::CARLIFri Sep 30 1988How good is Sherwood?
1834.04HAZEL::THOMASFri Sep 30 1988What is "C" weighting?
1836.01DEBUG::GALLOSun Oct 02 1988Let's talk Eclipse
1837.011TIS::GRUHNMon Oct 03 1988PLATTER MATTERS
1839.015ROSBUD::SFREEMANTue Oct 04 1988New Audiophile Shop in Westboro?
1841.06GLIND1::SHOTWELLWed Oct 05 1988Audio Room Model
1842.08ERIC::SALLITTThu Oct 06 1988A technical question....
1846.027CSSE32::NICHOLSThu Oct 06 1988Seeking comments & info on ADS 52
1847.025DELNI::CORCORANFri Oct 07 1988CD players not properly calibrated?
1849.014ROLL::BEFUMOFri Oct 07 1988Speaker formulas or THEILE dimensions?
1852.07GLASS::HULLSat Oct 08 1988Is this a simple (home) repair?
1854.09PICVMon Oct 10 1988Help! Concord CX-6
1855.01PICVMon Oct 10 1988Hidden Car Audio
1861.02CADSYS::TAITue Oct 11 1988Power switch not working
1862.03NAMBE::TRNMFGTue Oct 11 1988McIntosh speakers
1863.08MDVAX1::RUHLTue Oct 11 1988Transmission line speaker design
1864.07FACTTue Oct 11 1988Stereo Exchange
1866.03TRCAThu Oct 13 1988TWEEK/Stabilant22/22a info.
1867.03BRSDVP::MARCELFri Oct 14 1988Technics SA949 drawings and spares needed
1868.06BPOVFri Oct 14 1988looking for Crutchfield
1869.012FACTFri Oct 14 1988Peter Belt Magic Foils
1870.02JOKUR::MCCONNEYFri Oct 14 1988Sony DIN to RCA
1871.06DELNI::MCGORRILLFri Oct 14 1988Harmon/kardon amp/receiver info
1872.01SOFBAS::LACAIRETue Oct 18 1988Rewiring speakers... worth it?
1873.03SHERRY::NUCKLESTue Oct 18 1988just asking....
1876.03LATINA::RUPEREZThu Oct 20 1988Harman Kardon PM655Vxi ?
1877.08CIMAMT::CHINNASWAMYThu Oct 20 1988New cabinets for existing designs??
1879.023ADVLSI::MALLYAThu Oct 20 1988Technics CD [compact disc] players
1880.0+149GENRAL::NAUGHTONFri Oct 21 1988Passive preamps [pre-amps]/components/devices
1881.08GENRAL::NAUGHTONFri Oct 21 1988Bi-amping?
1882.06CSMSRE::HIGINBOTHAMFri Oct 21 1988MATSUSHITA pronounce
1884.030IAMOK::PATTERSONSun Oct 23 1988Stereophile's Recommended Components
1885.01ISTG::ADEYMon Oct 24 1988What Used Turntable?
1886.08CAADC::COFBOUCHAMon Oct 24 1988Q's about FOSTEX/TASCAM reels
1887.03VIA::GLANTZTue Oct 25 1988Why tube amps sound the way they do
1888.0FACTTue Oct 25 1988Component Swapping
1889.025PSYCHE::STEWARDTue Oct 25 1988The Hunt is on for Hi-Fi!
1892.02LATINA::RUPEREZThu Oct 27 1988Right H-K name!
1894.014EUCLID::OWENThu Oct 27 1988Microphone Sensitivity ratings?????
1899.0GENRAL::NAUGHTONSun Oct 30 1988Sonographe pre-amps?
1900.04DELNI::MCGORRILLMon Oct 31 1988Special Bose speaker design
1901.02NYAREA::VECRUMBATue Nov 01 1988Confused by Wow and Flutter Specs
1902.0141ISTG::MEISELLTue Nov 01 1988Isobarik subwoofer design
1904.03CHEST::LEESWed Nov 02 1988Looking for LAST and MFSL/RR records
1905.03IPSG::SCHULTZWed Nov 02 1988MC upgrade for Hafler ??
1906.03CAADC::COFBOUCHAWed Nov 02 1988Shopping for quality $25
1907.08REMEDY::KOPECThu Nov 03 1988Car stereo: to Pooge or not to Pooge?
1911.07CSMSRE::HIGINBOTHAMMon Nov 07 1988Classic (?) Turntables
1913.07THRUST::THISSELLMon Nov 07 1988NEW, BIG Stereo in New Car with Baby Radio
1917.052BINKLY::SABADATue Nov 08 1988Adcom CD [compact disc] players
1921.04CSMSRE::HIGINBOTHAMWed Nov 09 1988dbx 14/1
1922.08BLASE::GAUTHIERThu Nov 10 1988Tape plays fine, then loses the highs.
1924.029USRCV1::HUGHESGThu Nov 10 1988Conditioned Power
1926.039CSMSRE::HIGINBOTHAMThu Nov 10 1988Mirage Speakers
1927.05COFLUB::WRIGHTThu Nov 10 1988Is there an easy and quick fix??
1928.017FSHQA1::SBEAUPREThu Nov 10 1988Quality dubbing decks?
1929.013HAZEL::MCFALLThu Nov 10 1988AKG headphones
1930.08NECVAX::SCHOTT_RFri Nov 11 1988Stereo in a closet
1931.09WMOIS::T_NELSONFri Nov 11 1988Amp Help
1932.031STAR::PROSKAUERFri Nov 11 1988Female audiophiles?
1933.018TILTS::CZARNECKISat Nov 12 1988Looking for a schematic [wiring diagram]
1936.017SLDA::DUNAISKYTue Nov 15 1988new tape for "the masses"(i.e.me)
1937.01ERLBB::BULLISTue Nov 15 1988Ariston Q Deck
1940.06CGHUB::RODENHISERWed Nov 16 1988Dubbing from LP to cassette
1943.05SHERRY::NUCKLESMon Nov 21 1988an ignorant question
1945.014THRUST::THISSELLWed Nov 23 1988Amps and watts
1946.011EVETPU::EIRIKURWed Nov 23 1988Tape deck switch boxes, switch boxes in general
1947.08PBA::GORMANWed Nov 23 1988YAMAHA Service Rip-off!!
1952.03MSEE::BREAULTMon Nov 28 1988Thorens TD 165 Info
1955.02RTPSWS::BRILEYMon Nov 28 1988$2
1957.016EUCLID::OWENTue Nov 29 1988HEATHKIT questions
1959.07KALKI::LANGTue Nov 29 1988Power Amp. Suggestions
1960.020HILLST::AMELIWed Nov 30 1988How about ALTEC LANSING??
1963.010EUCLID::OWENThu Dec 01 1988Warranty HORROR/SUCCESS stories?
1965.019KAOFS::C_MENENDEZMon Dec 05 1988SR test on top CD players
1966.03NHL::GORMANMon Dec 05 1988How much is this stuff worth????
1967.07PICVTue Dec 06 1988Onkyo TX8
1969.06EUCLID::OWENThu Dec 08 1988Ideas on non-component stereo???
1972.077SHERRY::NUCKLESThu Dec 08 1988Looking for a subwoofer amplifier
1973.03DELNI::MCGORRILLThu Dec 08 1988Laser Turntable anyone?
1974.01PICVMon Dec 12 1988Update on purchase saga
1975.08PNO::HEISERMon Dec 12 1988Preamp/Tuner Combos vs. Receivers
1977.04PICVWed Dec 14 1988Stereo expansion vs. Surround sound
1978.05CURIE::WAGNERWed Dec 14 1988Any suggestions?
1981.017ATSE::DMILLERFri Dec 16 1988How do *you* audition speakers?
1983.03WMOIS::CASELLAMon Dec 19 1988broke technic 12
1985.06MXOVMon Dec 19 1988AIWA systems help needed
1986.023VIA::GLANTZTue Dec 20 1988AM stereo
1987.09NAMBE::BENBACATue Dec 20 19884,6,or 8?! Help!!
1988.03CADSE::ELLISTue Dec 20 1988Dubbing 8 track to cassette
1989.01STAR::PROSKAUERWed Dec 21 1988Sony Model line???
1990.019MERIDN::MICHAELSWed Dec 21 1988McIntosh equipment
1991.03TPS::BRAGINSKYFri Dec 23 1988Nakamichi mini
1992.01SHERRY::NUCKLESTue Dec 27 1988phase inversion
1993.01PAWSOX::SPALDINGTue Dec 27 1988hybrid car audio systems - how to do it?
1994.0+19GRAMPS::WCLARKWed Dec 28 1988Mail Order Parts Houses
1998.0COFLUB::WRIGHTWed Dec 28 1988Wax recordings, what are they worth??
2000.05QUOKKA::SNYDERThu Dec 29 1988Realistic car stereo?
2001.04VAXWRK::SWARDThu Dec 29 1988Looking for a 'thingie'
2004.012GENRAL::NAUGHTONSun Jan 01 1989Tube Pre-Amp Hiss?
2006.09KALKI::LANGTue Jan 03 1989Is this a scam or what?
2008.018LDP::GRANATTue Jan 03 1989Looking for amp, VTL's anyone?
2010.089BSS::RUSSELLTue Jan 03 1989Tape better than CD!!!
2013.011PICVWed Jan 04 1989Reading tape deck specs
2014.02GENRAL::NAUGHTONThu Jan 05 1989Outputs on a CD [compact disc] player
2016.09PNO::HEISERFri Jan 06 1989The Formula Note
2018.011FGVAXX::LAINGMon Jan 09 1989Combination CD [compact disc] and cassette/tape decks
2019.014GENRAL::NAUGHTONMon Jan 09 1989Pooge?
2020.052NAMBE::BENBACATue Jan 10 1989NA-KA-ME-CHI?
2027.040GENRAL::NAUGHTONFri Jan 13 1989Q Sound?
2028.03SHIRE::GOLDBLATTFri Jan 13 1989comparisons ?
2029.017CSTEAM::SOUZATue Jan 17 1989Putting together high-end stereo system
2030.019ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIWed Jan 18 1989Quality recordings here
2031.03PICVWed Jan 18 1989Akai pulling out of U.S.?
2032.04BLUMON::EVANSThu Jan 19 1989upgrading Klipschorns in long room
2033.025BOMBE::GOLDSTEINThu Jan 19 1989Opinions on Onkyo Receiver?
2034.06SPGBAS::MAURERThu Jan 19 1989Panasonic refunds
2036.0ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Jan 20 19891
2038.06CADSYS::PHILLIPSFri Jan 20 1989Subwoof Recommendations Wanted
2040.06GLASS::BURSTALLFri Jan 20 1989Bose 6.2's
2042.07GENRAL::NAUGHTONMon Jan 23 1989Speaker cones?
2043.011SMAUG::MURALIMon Jan 23 1989rated power less than actual capacity?
2045.014KDCFS1::PAPPTue Jan 24 1989HELP!! Buying Pre-Amp
2047.04BSS::RUSSELLTue Jan 24 1989Speaker/room arrangement
2050.04BSS::RUSSELLThu Jan 26 1989Matching amplifier/speaker power
2052.05BESS::NAGARAJANFri Jan 27 1989Buing AMP,CASSETTE DECK! Help!!
2055.034GENRAL::NAUGHTONSat Jan 28 1989CD [compact disc] Sound Rings
2061.049FACTTue Jan 31 1989SP Reader's Equipment Survey
2062.023PNO::HEISERTue Jan 31 1989Volume Levels from Components don't match
2063.05MERIDN::SIMONIANTue Jan 31 1989Good recorder for lectures Wanted!
2065.022BOOKS::ANGELONEWed Feb 01 1989Highland Superstores [and other] sales
2067.09IAMOK::PATTERSONThu Feb 02 1989SP Reviewed & Recommended Loudspeakers
2071.013MEMORY::SLATERFri Feb 03 1989What makes fi, hi?
2072.021KAOFS::C_MENENDEZSun Feb 05 1989CD/DAT debate!!!
2074.04PACKER::DJENNASMon Feb 06 1989PS audio 4.6
2075.0142EASY::PIKETMon Feb 06 1989How to tell if a used deck is in good condition?
2076.03KAOFS::C_MENENDEZTue Feb 07 1989Best AUDIO REVIEWER award!
2078.022GRAMPS::WCLARKTue Feb 07 1989Recordable tape (DAT) vs. Recordable disc
2079.06ELMST::DECARTERETTue Feb 07 1989Another request for purchasing equipment
2082.06FYRCAT::CUMMINGSThu Feb 09 1989Impedence Risk?
2083.024HILLST::AMELIThu Feb 09 1989Anybody using 'Forte Audio stuff out there?
2084.05CIMAMT::CHINNASWAMYFri Feb 10 1989CD to FM converters
2085.070TRCOFri Feb 10 1989LP/CD Quality Soapbox
2086.02STAR::RHOFFMANFri Feb 10 1989Want advice on buying components
2088.09SMAUG::MURALISun Feb 12 1989Klipsch KG2s
2091.016PFLOYD::ROTHBERGMon Feb 13 1989My car needs more power for my system!
2094.02KYOA::MAUROTue Feb 14 1989Mchafler Pre-amp?
2097.09KALKI::LANGWed Feb 15 1989Help - Speaker Construction Books
2099.013SCRUZ::FIGUEROA_JEWed Feb 15 1989Dinosaurs of yesteryear
2101.073FACTThu Feb 16 1989How about a get together....
2102.024VENOM::WATERSFri Feb 17 1989Nakamichi CD [compact disc] players
2103.03DELNI::MCGORRILLFri Feb 17 1989Infinity RS1A's????
2104.05EUCLID::GROSEFri Feb 17 1989Rebuilding speakers? Help!
2105.07PFLOYD::ROTHBERGSat Feb 18 1989Pyramid car/auto amplifiers
2106.03HGOVC::CHAKLEEMon Feb 20 1989Enough power for MG IIIa?
2108.03BPOVMon Feb 20 1989Eastern Acoustic, Dead Drivers?
2109.05BMT::MAUROTue Feb 21 1989Monitor Audio R252's...
2112.08FGVAXX::LAINGTue Feb 21 19891-Space RackMount PowerAmps?
2115.022HGOVC::CHAKLEESat Feb 25 1989Balance I/O ??
2116.02AUDIO::MCGREALMon Feb 27 1989Change Automatic antenna to semi-automatic
2121.0221ACE::SANDERSTue Feb 28 1989Southwest Listening Experience
2122.036CADSYS::TAITue Feb 28 1989Tiptoes
2123.03FACTWed Mar 01 1989Sound + Music Store: Northampton,Ma.
2126.03IAMOK::PATTERSONWed Mar 08 1989Line Interference
2127.06ATSE::DMILLERWed Mar 08 1989Power controllers
2128.06STAR::ROBINSONWed Mar 08 1989Need a belt for an old pioneer tuntable
2129.03ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Mar 09 1989Stereo Wide. How's it done?
2130.015GENRAL::NAUGHTONThu Mar 09 1989"Audio" The next 5
2135.03MEMORY::SLATERFri Mar 10 1989Effects of mechanical vibration on solid state
2137.06BRAT::SMITHMon Mar 13 1989Leaking Signal - Is it normal?
2138.06TIS::GRUHNMon Mar 13 1989LP Groove Skipping Question
2139.06CURIE::LOMon Mar 13 1989receiver with most "bells and whistles"
2140.06BRAT::SMITHTue Mar 14 1989Wading through the hype...
2143.06BIGNUM::GOKHMANWed Mar 15 1989Decibell questions
2147.0142ISTG::MEISELLThu Mar 16 1989AC power needs of amps
2148.04VMSSPT::NICHOLSFri Mar 17 1989Question about buying used equipment
2149.04BLUMON::EVANSFri Mar 17 1989Lexicon (Waltham, MA) surround sound
2152.015LDP::BYARSMon Mar 20 1989CD Static Electricity?
2153.029AIAG::BILLMERSTue Mar 21 1989How to clean dirty cartridge?
2154.01JGO::MEMASSWed Mar 22 1989looking for record from LONDON HOBO BAND
2155.07BOSHOG::TOMAIOLOWed Mar 22 1989NAK 1
2158.09ACESMK::MCGINNESSFri Mar 24 1989new in town
2159.014NEATO::CAMHITue Mar 28 1989what's on a CD?
2160.05ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Mar 28 1989Remembering the Early Years of Audio
2163.06POCUS::KANALEYThu Mar 30 1989speaker grill
2164.02DELNI::GRACEThu Mar 30 1989Goodwin's Music relocated
2168.01RELYON::HIGINBOTHAMMon Apr 03 1989Kenwood Auto Service ?
2170.01NEATO::CAMHIWed Apr 05 1989CD Listings?
2171.04MUNEDU::MASLENThu Apr 06 1989Infinity car speaker prices/recommendations please!
2172.04HILLST::AMELIThu Apr 06 1989Anybody with PERREAUX stuff out there?
2175.012IAMOK::WESTERFri Apr 07 1989RFI problem with NAD preamp
2179.05LAIDBK::GRANTMon Apr 10 1989Reel to reel wire recordings
2181.05BAHTAT::SALLITTWed Apr 12 1989Linn Sondek hacker's guide
2183.021GRAMPS::WCLARKWed Apr 12 1989The LAST topic
2184.029CTOAVX::JLAWRENCEWed Apr 12 1989CD catches LP; News at 11....
2186.020IXIX::PAGEThu Apr 13 1989Acoustic Linear Systems Pro Series 52
2187.04EUCLID::OWENFri Apr 14 1989Integrated amp or tape deck?
2188.04MUSKIE::SUZDAFri Apr 14 1989How good is the old Sansui 9
2189.04USRCV1::MILLERGFri Apr 14 1989CI's for your stereo
2192.06FEISTY::SALADINOMon Apr 17 1989Dual Digital Converters???
2193.03LDP::GAUTHIERMon Apr 17 1989DCM speakers??
2194.014FEISTY::SALADINOMon Apr 17 1989To The Moderator!!
2198.09GENRAL::NAUGHTONFri Apr 21 1989Using car/auto speakers in a house
2200.02DEBUG::GALLOMon Apr 24 1989Receiver/Switcher/TV Tuner in 1!
2202.025ROLL::BEFUMOThu Apr 27 1989Alpine car/auto tape/cassette decks
2203.04DENVER::MALKOSKIThu Apr 27 1989Auditioning Sources
2204.05IMBACQ::SZABOThu Apr 27 1989Recording a Piano Recital
2206.036NRPUR::DEATONMon May 01 1989Stereos and small children
2207.020VAOATue May 02 1989"Over-sampling CD players"
2208.07KALKI::LANGTue May 02 1989CD "Emphasis" Indicator ??
2209.06SKITZD::NUCKLESWed May 03 1989impedences and cables?
2210.06CSCMA::J_CLARKWed May 03 1989Upgrade questions
2211.06NCPROG::PEREZThu May 04 1989So, you wanna leave the equipment on all the time?
2213.014GUESS::MEISELLThu May 04 1989before-echo on CDs????
2214.014DWOVAX::HUNTSat May 06 1989Yamaha CD [compact disc] players
2215.054HGSWMon May 08 1989Accurate and Musical
2217.03CAADC::WDBOUCHAMon May 08 1989Help mounting car stereo
2218.01TILTS::CZARNECKIMon May 08 1989Parts for a Scott Stereomaster 333
2219.03ASAHI::COOPERMon May 08 1989Magazines for multi-disk CD players...
2221.05ERLANG::MILLERTue May 09 1989Calculating power supply size
2222.034ISTG::ADEYTue May 09 1989Bass problem
2224.03ZPOVWed May 10 1989whick INT AMP/Tuner ?
2226.018ACE::SANDERSThu May 11 1989Pro Audio
2228.033ACE::SANDERSThu May 11 1989Power and Ground
2229.04ROULET::BARBIERIThu May 11 1989Where To Get Repair
2230.01BMT::MAUROFri May 12 1989VTL .vs. MOSFET ?
2231.011BMT::MAUROFri May 12 1989What's timbre?
2232.067PFLOYD::ROTHBERGSun May 14 1989Crank It Up Car Audio Contests
2235.0118FACTTue May 16 1989Music and Hearing Loss !!
2236.07KAOM25::TOMKINSTue May 16 1989Canada races forward by adding tires.
2237.0CRATE::HOBBSWed May 17 1989Nightmare! [I dropped my stereo system!!]
2238.04ANT::SLABOUNTYWed May 17 1989Speaker adapters/adaptors
2239.02DELNI::S_DOWMANWed May 17 1989Need help with station presets
2240.02SELAVY::KLINGWed May 17 1989Looking for info on low- to mid-market preamps
2241.03ACE::SANDERSWed May 17 1989Violating the Rules
2243.02ANT::SLABOUNTYFri May 19 1989Bazooka tubes
2244.016ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri May 19 1989Clearing out the Room.
2246.011ACE::SANDERSMon May 22 1989Setting up your system
2247.012LASHAM::PHILPOTT_ITue May 23 1989Audiophile quality amp for headphone listening?
2254.038FGVAXZ::SIANSat May 27 1989KENWOOD car stereos
2255.03CRONIC::PERKINSTue May 30 1989Stolen Equipment
2257.0108MILPND::PARATOREWed May 31 1989Building a sub-woofer [subwoofer]
2258.09ELMAGO::BENBACAWed May 31 1989Bass wavelengths...How BIG do they get?
2259.09ATPS::JORDANWed May 31 1989Scott speakers and replacement parts
2261.043DICKNS::CAHALANMon Jun 05 1989Magazine/Carousel CD [compact disc] players
2265.01SQGUK::NOCKWed Jun 07 1989Comments from the experts?
2275.020DELNI::MCGORRILLMon Jun 12 1989Why I didn't build the ultimate speakers!
2276.022BOSHOG::TOMAIOLOTue Jun 13 1989 JVC XDZ11
2277.02HBO::MACDONALDTue Jun 13 19898 track player repair advice wanted!
2280.07GVAIC2::GOLDBLATTMon Jun 19 1989A+B= ?
2281.010HPSTEK::XIATue Jun 20 1989Help needed
2282.07POBOX::DAVIATue Jun 20 1989Basic Technical description
2283.09GRANMA::MOLSONTue Jun 20 1989SWAN IV Speaker System
2284.021E::EVANSTue Jun 20 1989Amp for Klipschorns
2285.034HGOVC::CHAKLEEWed Jun 21 1989Class A or Class AB
2286.04GRAMPS::WCLARKWed Jun 21 1989Modifying Acoustic Research speakers
2288.01HYDRA::LARUThu Jun 22 1989SAE T-1
2289.019ERLANG::MILLERThu Jun 22 1989Help with multipath
2290.08QUARK::LIONELThu Jun 22 1989Farewell to "High Fidelity"
2292.015CSCMA::LEONGFri Jun 23 1989Bias & Eq questions
2294.02KAOM25::TOMKINSMon Jun 26 1989DOLBY Adjustment Assistance Please?
2295.01LARVAE::IVES_JMon Jun 26 1989Ls3/5A Owners club
2299.01FCCVDE::SPILLERWed Jun 28 1989Where to buy Cart.
2300.01LATINA::RUPEREZThu Jun 29 1989Humm noise when dubbing
2303.011HGOVC::WINSTONSONGWed Jul 05 1989Power Amp for Quad ESL63 Pro
2305.07WONDER::STRANGEWed Jul 05 1989Nakamichi automobile tuner/cassette decks
2306.06ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Jul 05 1989Orion car/auto amplifiers
2307.015TRCOThu Jul 06 1989Distributed POOGE on APT Hollman preamp.
2309.02AQUA::ROSTFri Jul 07 1989Problem With Warp Distortion When Taping
2310.022BOSHOG::TAMFri Jul 07 1989How would you spend $25
2311.026STAR::BIGELOWMon Jul 10 1989to fuse or not to fuse
2314.015ORIENT::SANKARWed Jul 12 1989Are These Extinct?
2315.03MILPND::PARATOREWed Jul 12 1989High vs Low level Outputs/Inputs
2318.07WEFXEM::COTEMon Jul 17 1989Noise and SPL...
2320.016GUESS::MEISELLMon Jul 17 1989building thump-on amp protection
2322.06MAGIC1::BEAUDETTue Jul 18 1989Settle for 2nd best ?
2326.012VINO::SWARDThu Jul 20 1989More black magic.
2327.013CTOAVX::JLAWRENCEThu Jul 20 1989SP Blind Listening Tests
2330.09HGSWFri Jul 21 1989Need a barometer?
2334.01LARVAE::SCANTLEBURYMon Jul 24 1989DB info required please.
2335.032IOENG::SEGOOLMon Jul 24 1989Stax headphone hookup
2336.03AIAG::SURESHMon Jul 24 1989System from scratch
2337.02TEMPE1::KWILSONTue Jul 25 1989LOW Tandberg prices
2339.018MILPND::PARATOREThu Jul 27 19892 Speakers VS. Sub/Sat setup?????????
2340.029APEHUB::RONThu Jul 27 1989Looking for mid-priced/quality speakers
2343.053MQOAMon Jul 31 1989"DAT" comeback..?
2345.06PARITY::WOYAKTue Aug 01 1989L.P. Collection Appraisal
2346.06USCTR2::TMCGOUGHWed Aug 02 1989Converting mini-cassettes/tapes to full-size
2348.05PNO::SANDERSBFri Aug 04 1989Low-feedback vs. High-feedback amps
2349.09PNO::SANDERSBTue Aug 08 1989Training your Ears.
2351.05ISLNDS::ROBINSONThu Aug 10 1989SONY SDP 777ES
2352.09MILPND::PARATOREFri Aug 11 1989****SPEAKER LIST 1989****
2353.038STAR::BIGELOWFri Aug 11 1989Adcom ACE-515 AC Enhancer
2354.0188PNO::SANDERSBSun Aug 13 1989Speakers - Minimus 7 / Optimus PRO7 mods
2355.02MOOVMon Aug 14 1989New Improved Digital Tapes ???
2357.04MILPND::PARATORETue Aug 15 1989Power and Ampl ratios in dBs....
2358.07HPSTEK::KKELLEYTue Aug 15 1989Auto Speaker Box building help please
2359.020SALEM::LORANGERTue Aug 15 1989Exaggerated SSSSSS Sounds
2360.010MILPND::PARATOREWed Aug 16 1989ZZZZZ...How is THOR coming along?
2361.04TROAThu Aug 17 1989Cerwin Vega Subwoofer YES?NO?
2364.031HPSTEK::XIAFri Aug 18 1989Frequency response of human ears
2365.015AQUA::ROSTFri Aug 18 1989Shure Phono Cartridges With "Stabilizers"
2366.07ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Aug 18 19893-position monitor selector at Radio Shack
2367.017MILPND::PARATOREMon Aug 21 1989ROGERS/Natural Sound advice needed?
2369.017WJO::GORMANWed Aug 23 1989Car/auto amplifier problems
2370.05ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Aug 25 1989Citizen audio stuff
2371.09BRAT::SMITHSun Aug 27 1989A plea for technical assistance
2372.04HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Aug 28 1989Kits? And Opinions Solicited
2373.08HPSRAD::BLITZTue Aug 29 1989checking out Luxman T-1
2376.014VIDEO::BATTISTAWed Aug 30 1989Car Radio repair??
2377.0SHIRE::GOLDBLATTThu Aug 31 1989Small Sony CD
2379.08IOENG::BERUBEThu Aug 31 1989need feedback...er...assistance
2384.06LATINA::RUPEREZTue Sep 05 1989Bi-Amp KEF 1
2385.026E::EVANSTue Sep 05 1989Sony TA1
2387.0APEHUB::RONWed Sep 06 1989Hackers' Korner
2389.07TROAThu Sep 07 1989The low down on low filters
2391.05JUPITR::BARWISEMon Sep 11 1989anti theft auto radio prob
2392.013KAOFS::N_PIROLLOMon Sep 11 1989single vs. three beam
2393.0CTOAVX::JLAWRENCEMon Sep 11 1989ECCA Club...?
2395.06KISHOR::HIGINBOTHAMTue Sep 12 1989BIG AMP / little spks.
2398.02WEDOIT::JOYCEThu Sep 14 1989underwater speakers?
2401.035DEC1Tue Sep 19 1989Pioneer VSX-95
2402.05GENRAL::NAUGHTONTue Sep 19 1989Mil. Spec. ?
2403.05HGOVC::KENBERKUNThu Sep 21 1989Off the wall idea...
2404.030HPSTEK::JORGENSENThu Sep 21 1989Reviews of Sony components...
2405.07STAR::ROBINSONThu Sep 21 1989Car stereo wiring question
2407.014ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Sep 25 1989Audio Excellance.
2410.06POBOX::PATLATue Sep 26 1989EQ Settings for a STRV-9
2411.026MINDER::WOODSTue Sep 26 1989Long way from amp to speakers
2412.07MEO78B::CON_OREILLYTue Sep 26 1989JBL Kit Speakers enquiry?
2413.03IOENG::BERUBEWed Sep 27 1989help...meter needed
2414.04MILPND::GLAZERWed Sep 27 1989any reviews on the Sony MDR-V6?
2415.0FRANKY::HARVEYThu Sep 28 1989City Stereo
2419.052ROLL::ADAVISFri Sep 29 1989BOXRESPONSE - Need help.......
2420.08KAOM25::TOMKINSFri Sep 29 1989I'll have two frozen CD's, to go.
2421.0844Mon Oct 02 1989Belles Research
2422.040KISHOR::HIGINBOTHAMTue Oct 03 1989Annual Audio Equipment Directory
2423.048ASPEN2::BOIKOWed Oct 04 1989Audio Ensemble, Amherst, NH
2424.012DELNI::MCGORRILLWed Oct 04 198924
2425.03COMET::DIZONWed Oct 04 1989KLIPSCH
2429.021POBOX::LACEYFri Oct 06 1989New ARC AMPS/PRE-AMPS
2430.010DFACTO::NEWMANSun Oct 08 1989Sansui AU-99
2433.0AUGGIE::SEGOOLWed Oct 11 1989Discman Antenna
2434.04COMET::DIZONWed Oct 11 1989SANSUI AU-59
2435.05CSCMA::J_CLARKFri Oct 13 1989Help wanted
2436.06CURIE::LOFri Oct 13 1989Speakers for SYNTHESIZER
2438.07NERGIE::SOLONMon Oct 16 1989CD Mortality
2439.023COMET::DIZONMon Oct 16 19893BX
2440.07GRUFFY::ZAHORAMon Oct 16 1989Movie Theater Audio
2441.06OPAMP::VMILLERTue Oct 17 1989Electrostatic speakers
2442.07ISLNDS::RADICIONITue Oct 17 1989HELP
2443.014ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Oct 17 1989Acoustic Research AR-3/AR-3A speakers
2444.02FGVAXX::LAINGFri Oct 20 1989Shielding components in rack?
2446.024GENRAL::NAUGHTONMon Oct 23 1989Vertical vs. Horizontal bi-amping
2447.01BERNTue Oct 24 1989USA-Infinity speaker prices ???
2448.02PARITY::WOYAKTue Oct 24 1989Lynn Power amp and Pre-Amp
2449.07LEAF::HARRISONWed Oct 25 1989Good parts store?
2450.04NRADM::ESOAWed Oct 25 1989Rewiring speaker components
2451.08CSC32::R_BRADLEYThu Oct 26 1989Audio/video CD [compact disc]/laserdisc players
2452.04ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu Oct 26 1989Klipsch Tangent 2
2455.013CXUNIX::BEATYMon Oct 30 1989Need help with an old cassette
2457.015SIGVAX::KARRFALTTue Oct 31 1989No More XLII-9
2460.016DFACTO::NEWMANThu Nov 02 1989tape output buffering
2462.06ASPEN2::BOIKOThu Nov 02 1989Car Audio - MB Quartz/Sony/Soundstream
2463.07ARGUS::HARVEYFri Nov 03 1989Boston Acoustics?
2464.06COMET::DIZONMon Nov 06 1989Integrated amp info needed
2466.013NRADM::ESOATue Nov 07 1989Alpine car/auto CD [compact disc] players
2467.01DELNI::MCGORRILLThu Nov 09 1989indexing turntables
2468.08OBIWAN::ELZAMSFri Nov 10 1989DENON DRM-7
2470.030DELNI::MCGORRILLFri Nov 10 1989Not as many Hi-end audiophiles per capita in NE
2473.021CNTROL::STECKOMon Nov 13 1989Auto Audio help sought
2474.05BULEAN::LANDERTue Nov 14 1989CASTLE speakers ?
2475.02AZUR::DOTTITue Nov 14 1989How to improve turntable performance
2476.05GUESS::MEISELLTue Nov 14 1989Speaker Builder magazine/articles
2479.09GLORY::HULLThu Nov 16 1989Amp Recommendations?
2481.011STAR::BIGELOWSun Nov 19 1989XTC Acoustic Baffles?
2483.036CURIE::HARTMon Nov 20 1989D/A [D-A] converters
2484.05GRAMPS::WCLARKMon Nov 20 1989Technics Pro RS-15
2486.03STRATA::BARBIERITue Nov 21 1989Opinions Sought on FMS/Alex Gibson
2487.019GRAMPS::WCLARKFri Nov 24 1989"Subjective", "Double-blind, and Measured tests
2490.010PNO::SANDERSBMon Nov 27 1989Boulder preamps and amps
2491.09THOM::LANGLOISMon Nov 27 1989Opinions on Panasonic car stereo
2493.013KBOMFG::STROBLTue Nov 28 1989Lautsprecher Gehauesedaempfung - Hilfe?
2495.025INTER::HELMREICHTue Nov 28 1989The Marantz Mistique?
2497.06STAR::TANDONWed Nov 29 1989var o/p cd vs line controller
2499.09COMET::DIZONWed Nov 29 1989Kenwood CD [compact disc] players
2501.032FACTWed Nov 29 1989CD Heaven in New York??
2502.0TOOTER::WEBERWed Nov 29 1989Dual CS-7
2505.01AYOV11::NBEATONFri Dec 01 1989Rega RB3
2507.020PNO::SANDERSBMon Dec 04 1989Jordan speakers
2509.02POBOX::PATLAMon Dec 04 1989Infinity SM series
2510.028MILPND::STALLINGSTue Dec 05 1989Shielding Speakers?
2511.0143PNO::SANDERSBTue Dec 05 1989Krell
2513.07GENARO::ROCHTue Dec 05 1989Need info on speakers ASAP
2516.016TOOK::BLOUNTWed Dec 06 1989music for a winter morning
2517.01MILKWY::SLABOUNTYWed Dec 06 1989Walkman and other portable stereo headphones
2519.011LEAF::HARRISONThu Dec 07 1989Buzzing transformers
2521.020VINO::SWARDThu Dec 07 1989Philips CDB482 or The ugly duckling
2522.026OPAMP::VMILLERFri Dec 08 1989Another ripped-off car accessory
2523.043ELMAGO::BENBACASat Dec 09 1989Oct.89 Stereophile Recommended Components
2524.01GIGI::WENTZELLMon Dec 11 1989ONKYO DX-17
2525.0PHAROS::STEWARDMon Dec 11 1989Stereo Review Buyer Guide
2528.03GUESS::MEISELLTue Dec 12 1989vent/port length vs. diameter
2530.05STAR::BIGELOWFri Dec 15 1989BBE Sonic Maximizer
2532.03COMET::TANZERFri Dec 15 1989 Old Equipment, New Player
2533.03CSC32::J_PARSONSFri Dec 15 1989KEF C55/C75
2535.02VINO::SWARDMon Dec 18 1989A Sell Note, sort of.
2539.02BAHTAT::SALLITTTue Dec 19 1989Quad CD player
2540.03NRADM::ESOATue Dec 19 1989Alpine speakers
2542.03USWAV1::THOMPSONThu Dec 21 1989Equipment Dealers
2543.018AUNTB::WARNOCKFri Dec 22 1989Converting stereo to mono - how ?
2545.05PROXY::PATHAKTue Dec 26 1989Pioneer VSX 45
2549.027LEZAH::W_JOHNSONThu Dec 28 1989Heat Buildup/Cooling
2550.01NOSNOW::WATSONPHThu Dec 28 1989Read/Write CD Players?
2552.01HGOVC::KENBERKUNFri Dec 29 1989Luxman PD-21
2554.02FASDER::PHENNEMon Jan 01 1990Monitor 121 loudspeakers by Kirksaeter
2555.010ROULET::BLAISTue Jan 02 1990WHERE'S THE BASS!!!!!
2557.05USWAV1::THOMPSONTue Jan 02 1990Component Compatibility
2558.042CSGWed Jan 03 1990Dyna Stereo 7
2559.04ZPOVWed Jan 03 1990Audio Lab 8
2560.03GUESS::MEISELLWed Jan 03 1990subwoof in parallel off 1 chan??
2562.04BERNThu Jan 04 1990Negelex Speaker-wire ?
2563.031REJOIC::LOMBARDOThu Jan 04 1990Boom boxes [portable radios/stereos]
2564.022SQUONK::OUELLETTEFri Jan 05 1990Banana jacks or Spade lugs
2565.07WLDWST::FIGUEROASat Jan 06 1990Looking for info on Perreaux amp and pre-amp
2568.06NWACES::FROLICHMon Jan 08 1990An Oldie but Goodie that Needs Help
2569.011COMET::DIZONMon Jan 08 1990KIMBER CABLE
2570.06WORDS::ALBINOMon Jan 08 1990Looking for Bose 1
2572.054HILLST::AMELITue Jan 09 1990ADCOM GFA-565 preamp?
2578.01THOM::LANGLOISFri Jan 12 1990Mail-order house for Yamaha car audio?
2579.014ITASCA::ALLENTue Jan 16 1990DISCFOLK ALERT !!!
2580.0ZPOVSun Jan 21 1990Harman Kardon 76
2581.01SICVAX::SCHEIBELTue Jan 23 1990Noisy BRB 2
2582.04MSAMTue Jan 23 1990"Lost in the Hi-Fi jungle !"
2583.07PERN::SMITHWed Jan 24 1990Problem with Marantz Receiver
2584.071GENRAL::NAUGHTONWed Jan 24 1990Stereophile question
2585.019DELNI::MCGORRILLThu Jan 25 1990Isotropic driver ideas
2588.02OURPUB::KULKARNIFri Jan 26 1990POSSO Media Box?
2589.0229Mon Jan 29 1990Parasound Power Amps
2590.03FSCORE::KAYEMon Jan 29 1990opamp stuff from USENET
2591.08WMOIS::M_PHELPSTue Jan 30 1990CrO2/Metal tape/cassette indicator
2592.016FLOWER::JASNIEWSKITue Jan 30 1990Coplanar driver mounting best?
2594.08BSS::PONDTue Jan 30 1990Soundsteam car deck comments??
2596.01CADSYS::TAIThu Feb 01 1990VTL low-end AMP
2602.03KISHOR::HIGINBOTHAMMon Feb 05 1990"Knight" Reel-to-Reel
2610.07ELWOOD::BERNARDMon Feb 12 1990New tape with a splice.
2611.031CSC32::D_LEWISTue Feb 13 1990Multi room system implementation
2614.033GRAMPS::WCLARKWed Feb 14 1990Bryston announces 2
2615.02ASPEN2::BOIKOThu Feb 15 1990USENET - NY Mag Recommended List...
2618.03DEC1Mon Feb 19 1990SONY digital receiver??
2622.021AV8OR::UTTLEYMon Feb 19 1990B&K Components, Ltd.
2624.08XCUSME::WATERSTue Feb 20 1990BLOWN 2
2625.018MILKWY::SLABOUNTYTue Feb 20 1990Built-in equalizer vs. bass/treble adjustments
2628.07LDYBUG::SANTOROWed Feb 21 1990Yamaha Car Stereos
2629.07DC1Wed Feb 21 1990Opinions on Cambridge Soundworks Ambiance speakers?
2630.09ZPOVThu Feb 22 1990Marantz CD [compact disc] players
2633.06RICKS::CALCAGNIThu Feb 22 1990bone conduction headphones?
2634.011CSGSun Feb 25 1990APT-1 power amplifiers
2635.06WORDY::HARRISONMon Feb 26 1990transformer query
2637.07FRAMBO::HSCHAEFERTue Feb 27 1990Bryston 1
2640.08FOO::BHAVNANITue Feb 27 1990TDK MA-R replacement?
2641.05ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIWed Feb 28 1990Repair shop that does "contact cleaning"?
2642.08MIZZEN::DEMERSWed Feb 28 1990what's the watts
2643.01USRCV1::HUGHESGWed Feb 28 1990The Mod Squad
2644.09GRAMPS::WCLARKThu Mar 01 1990OCSL Speaker Saver
2645.08BRSRHM::WYNSFri Mar 02 1990Should I do it or not
2649.01TOOK::BLOUNTMon Mar 05 1990Under-Ware number wanted
2652.0ESRAD::PANGAKISTue Mar 06 1990RRD41? Audio in Digital products?
2659.07WORDY::G_KNIGHTINGMon Mar 12 1990THX stereo?
2660.0500TRCATue Mar 13 1990Green Marker/Armor-All note
2662.01LUNER::ROLLAWed Mar 14 1990Earphones ??
2663.02SCOTMN::AUSTINThu Mar 15 1990Sony CDP-555esd an comments
2664.02ZENBOX::ARGENTATIThu Mar 15 1990Cheap an easy ways of mixing
2665.04BTOVT::DODGEFri Mar 16 1990Index Listing of "Speaker Builder" Articles
2666.01PIRATE::SIMONFri Mar 16 1990Info on HK TubeAmp & PreAmp
2669.035ELMAGO::BENBACATue Mar 20 1990Velodyne Subwoofer(s)
2673.01FSDEV3::DLORADITCHWed Mar 21 1990Speaker Saver
2675.017MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu Mar 22 1990Input sensitivity of an amplifier
2677.016MILKWY::SLABOUNTYFri Mar 23 1990Making an air-tight enclosure
2678.017AMTLBB::PAVLAKSat Mar 24 1990Microphone questions for bird listening
2679.016LOOKUP::VPAPIAMon Mar 26 1990"Serious Listeners"
2680.0POBOX::PATLAMon Mar 26 1990Toshiba XB-1
2681.06GUESS::MEISELLMon Mar 26 1990McIntosh MR-65 tuner
2682.017GUESS::MEISELLMon Mar 26 1990equipment warm-up??
2685.03BARDOT::E_GILBERTWed Mar 28 1990Crutchfield el-cheapo Sony subwoofer
2688.03MSD36::RONFri Mar 30 1990In search of excellence
2690.09NSSG::ROSENBAUMFri Mar 30 1990Dahlquist
2692.022NSSG::ROSENBAUMSun Apr 01 1990CD mechanical noise: survey
2693.05BMW32Sun Apr 01 1990Shopping options in central Massachusetts
2695.017ASPEN2::BOIKOMon Apr 02 1990USENET - Dolby-S is coming...
2696.07MILKWY::BLOMBERGMon Apr 02 1990Looking fro Dolby A NR for a couple weeks use.
2697.04TEMPE1::SIMONEMon Apr 02 1990Carver M4
2698.063UPWARD::HEISERMon Apr 02 1990Your Equipment/Configuration
2700.015GLASS::HULLTue Apr 03 1990Smaller Advent woofer repair? Cost?
2701.05TOOK::BLOUNTWed Apr 04 1990Electrical question
2707.019XFORM::PANSun Apr 08 1990From the Usenet...(too serious for a 4/1 joke?)
2708.022AGUILA::RUPEREZMon Apr 09 1990Thorens topic
2709.04TOOK::BLOUNTMon Apr 09 1990Continuous playback
2710.017EXIT26::JOHNSONMon Apr 09 1990Problem with Sony auto tape/cassette deck
2712.02FGVAXX::LAINGMon Apr 09 1990ADCOM GFA-1 (?)
2713.03VAXRT::GREENMANWed Apr 11 1990Dolby B help please
2714.020GUESS::MEISELLWed Apr 11 1990Problems with Sony home tape/cassette decks
2715.021GRAMPS::WCLARKWed Apr 11 1990To tell or not to tell...
2716.012MILKWY::SLABOUNTYWed Apr 11 1990Insurance for stereo equipment/audio paraphernalia
2717.02SHIRE::GOLDBLATTThu Apr 12 1990hot music
2718.02MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu Apr 12 1990What is happening along the frequency spectrum?
2719.01VIA::GLANTZThu Apr 12 1990Conference policy and guidelines
2722.0UPWARD::SANDERSBMon Apr 16 1990Harmonic Distortion & Acoustics
2724.01ASPEN2::BOIKOTue Apr 17 1990NYC Stereophile Show 4/26-4/29 - Who's Going..?
2726.01FSDEV1::DLORADITCHWed Apr 18 1990GSI?
2727.011PCOJCT::KRUGThu Apr 19 1990Sony STR-AV71
2728.020MEO78B::SHERRATTThu Apr 19 1990Turntable in a Cabinet - How to?
2729.02ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Apr 20 1990The Bauer Circuit for Headphone listening.
2731.0VNABRW::EXEL_TWed Apr 25 1990Pioneer KEX M8
2732.022WLDWST::FIGUEROAWed Apr 25 1990Integrated Amps......
2734.08VAXRT::GREENMANThu Apr 26 1990Ortofon OM-3
2736.03GRAMPS::WCLARKTue May 01 1990Improving CD sound
2738.01CNTROL::STECKOWed May 02 1990Car sub info?
2739.06MILKWY::SLABOUNTYWed May 02 1990Fader control
2740.021HGSWThu May 03 1990Optics Vs Coaxial Digital Transfer
2742.02RUMOR::WEBBERThu May 03 1990Sony Discman originated 5
2743.02BAHTAT::SALLITTFri May 04 1990Finial laser phonograph is here
2744.01BAYES::HIGINBOTHAMFri May 04 1990why 33,45,78 ?
2745.022RAVEN1::KROBINSONMon May 07 1990Amp help needed
2746.04GBIMon May 07 1990Futterman OTL amplifier design
2748.03BTOVT::SCHOFIELD_KTue May 08 1990Looking for Criterion drivers.
2749.06DCC::URBANTue May 08 1990how is Kenwood 7
2751.039AKOV12::LANOIXTue May 08 1990Pro-logic choices?
2755.022MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu May 10 1990AC and/or DC adapters/adaptors
2758.09XFORM::PANFri May 11 1990What is the VU meter reference?
2761.07RCKRLL::STANLEYTue May 15 1990Car Audio for Convertible - how to
2762.03WOTVAX::MEAKINSTue May 15 1990Bi-amping characteristics
2763.02KISHOR::HIGINBOTHAMTue May 15 1990J.A. Michell's Syncro Turntable
2764.0128HGOVC::CHAKLEEWed May 16 1990Grandson of CD Vs. LP
2766.0DELNI::MCGORRILLWed May 16 1990Art of Recording
2767.05ISTG::ADEYThu May 17 1990Channel Separation
2769.09KISHOR::HIGINBOTHAMMon May 21 1990Icon Acoustics visit, products
2770.01DCC::URBANTue May 22 1990What's Yamaha's ACTIVE SERVO??
2771.022GVATue May 22 1990Denon CD players
2772.023WOTVAX::MEAKINSWed May 23 1990Bitstream vs Multibit
2773.039AV8OR::UTTLEYWed May 23 1990Sony CDP X33ES CD Player
2775.01MORO::BERG_BRWed May 23 1990BOSE 1
2777.0KISHOR::HIGINBOTHAMThu May 24 1990Gloucester audiophile request
2779.02GYPSC::ESCHENBACHThu May 31 1990Discounter in L.A.
2780.0GLORY::HULLFri Jun 01 1990CD Review Bus Tour - See It!
2781.06HGOVC::KENBERKUNSun Jun 03 1990Arista Pro Turntable?
2782.050RAVEN1::KROBINSONSun Jun 03 1990McIntosh amp, wise choice?
2784.05BUYDEC::KENNEDYMon Jun 04 1990Sub - sat product comparison
2785.018FIGMNT::MUNYANMon Jun 04 1990* * * * * * AUDIO is looking for a new home * * * * * *
2786.04FSCORE::KAYETue Jun 05 1990to cabinet, or not to cabinet?
2787.07RTL::CLARKWed Jun 06 1990Balanced interconnect cables
2788.0BTOVT::DODGEThu Jun 07 1990Wanted Used Power Amp
2789.09KAOFS::C_MENENDEZFri Jun 08 1990help: car stereo common vs separate ground
2790.05LACVMon Jun 11 1990Info on ESS AMT3's
2792.01UPWARD::SANDERSBTue Jun 12 1990Kennedy Audio Labs newsletter
2795.04TIS::GRUHNThu Jun 14 1990SENSE OF PACE
2797.0TEMPE1::SIMONEThu Jun 14 1990Magnum Tech.
2798.021POLAR::BOWIEThu Jun 14 1990Optima (Radio Shack)
2800.02MSAMFri Jun 15 1990How do you compare Mini-component systems?
2801.01CNTROL::STECKOFri Jun 15 1990Hampton's Auto Stereo Competition?
2802.05ROULET::WAXMANFri Jun 15 1990Receiver cutting out
2805.011KISHOR::HIGINBOTHAMWed Jun 20 1990A/B [home] tuner comparisons
2806.06SKAGIT::WOODKEFri Jun 22 1990Boosters vs. Amps-which is better?
2808.06HOO78C::ESSERTue Jun 26 1990electrostatic headphone
2809.0FGVAXX::LAINGWed Jun 27 1990NIH Labs gear - any good?
2810.07GLASS::HULLWed Jun 27 1990channel imbalance
2811.034DEBUG::GALLOThu Jun 28 1990`boom cars' outlawed in Illinois
2812.0STAR::VILETTThu Jun 28 1990haunted Aiwa WX-9
2813.024EVETPU::MUNYANThu Jun 28 1990Sparkomatic discussions
2814.03DEBUG::GALLOFri Jun 29 1990dealer ships piece not ordered
2815.010FSHQA2::FVANBENNEKOMFri Jun 29 1990NAD 124
2816.02GRAMPS::WCLARKSat Jun 30 1990Tri-amping a speaker system
2817.080VLNVAX::ALECLAIRESun Jul 01 1990SONY DAT on sale starting today
2821.09TIS::GRUHNTue Jul 03 1990silicon/silicone
2823.07MILKWY::SLABOUNTYMon Jul 09 1990Roadmaster
2824.03SA1794::MILLERDATue Jul 10 1990HOW LOUD IS LOUD!
2827.022GRAMPS::WCLARKWed Jul 11 1990 Self Improvement
2828.01ZPOVWed Jul 11 1990ProAcs Supertablets question
2830.05CURIE::DECARTERETFri Jul 13 1990Combining car stereo front/rear outputs
2831.04ODIXIE::WATSONPHMon Jul 16 1990AudioAccess & Adcom
2832.07BROKE::ACHARYAMon Jul 16 1990Boston Accoustic dealers around Nashua ?
2833.032UPWARD::WOYAKTue Jul 17 1990Martin Logan speakers
2834.01XANADU::FLEISCHERWed Jul 18 1990Advice and rental of wireless/pro microphones wanted
2835.05DEKTOL::ROBBINSThu Jul 19 1990Simple electronics question
2836.0BAHTAT::SALLITTThu Jul 19 1990UK vinyl interest group
2837.03CSCOAC::MULLINS_DThu Jul 19 1990radio band and station locked, HELP!
2841.06PHONES::KOTOKWed Jul 25 1990Camcorder external mike matching problem
2843.026AKOV13::HADNEYFri Jul 27 1990KEF speakers
2844.011CSC32::J_MACGOWNSat Jul 28 1990CD lasers hit rate
2845.09EXIT26::JOHNSONTue Jul 31 1990How to connect car stereo for home use?
2846.02LUDWIG::BARBIERIWed Aug 01 1990Need Help Getting a Driver
2847.0JULIET::FULGENCIO_DAThu Aug 02 1990Panasonic SV-35
2848.03VOGON::MORRELLThu Aug 02 1990Decisions, Decisions
2849.0MAIL::EATONDThu Aug 02 1990Sansui cassette/tape decks
2850.015CTOAVX::JLAWRENCEFri Aug 03 1990REVIEW: Velodyne ULD-15
2851.020PNO::HEISERFri Aug 03 1990Tannoy Monitors
2852.010GRAMPS::WCLARKFri Aug 03 1990RS SPL meter uses
2854.03DATABS::KUMARMon Aug 06 1990Pioneer CTM5R/CTM6R cassette/tape changer
2855.03KISHOR::HIGINBOTHAMWed Aug 08 1990(USA+) FM Station Directory
2860.05DEMON::CRAMERFri Aug 10 1990Audio Engineering NOTES???
2861.02--UnknownUser--Sat Aug 11 1990Philips S-DAT RECORDERS
2862.02UFHIS::JMASLENMon Aug 13 1990QUAD II pwr amp valves
2864.01PDVEUS::BORTOLAMITue Aug 14 1990Audio Innovation price/dealer in England
2866.07EAGLE1::BRUNNERWed Aug 15 1990Automatic Input Switch?
2867.012PIRATE::SIMONFri Aug 17 1990Acoustic CAD program question
2868.010CLUSTA::GLANTZMon Aug 20 1990FM xmtr for playing walkman on car radio?
2869.02XFORM::PANMon Aug 20 1990HiFi Coded Digital Audio Standard
2870.08SUCCES::W_JOHNSONTue Aug 21 1990Help finding Edmund Scientific Reply
2871.011TROCTue Aug 21 1990Amplifier Spec Definitions?
2872.036MFGMEM::MICHAUDThu Aug 23 1990On/Off in On only! >8^O
2873.03ISIDRO::RUPEREZFri Aug 24 1990Pink Triangle turntables
2874.011FULCRM::D_DAGGFri Aug 24 1990Shopping at Audio Vision in Arlington
2875.06UPWARD::SANDERSBFri Aug 24 1990Audio-Video reference material
2877.022TALENT::RECOVERYThu Aug 30 1990Japanese Buy McIntosh
2878.0--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 31 1990AUDIO reorg. is poor
2880.02OPAMP::VMILLERMon Sep 03 1990Listening tests - AC Sapphires
2881.02HGOVC::JAMESTSANGMon Sep 03 1990SWAP Power Cables
2882.01PNO::SANDERSBWed Sep 05 1990Getting Service - The nightmare
2884.032CURIE::HARTThu Sep 06 1990Revox cassette/tape decks
2885.01DNEAST::MAHANEY_MIKEFri Sep 07 1990Accoustimass
2886.06DECSIM::PENGTue Sep 11 1990hi-fi stores in Toronto area?
2887.03BAYES::HIGINBOTHAMTue Sep 11 1990Word on Magnat Speakers?
2888.01MARLIN::WOODBURNThu Sep 13 1990Humidity Harmful?
2889.08COLBIN::FREEMANThu Sep 13 1990Stereo -> Monaural Questions
2890.015YODA::MCCARRONTue Sep 18 1990Technics receivers
2891.06CTOAVX::JLAWRENCEWed Sep 19 1990Audio Shoot Out on 9/15
2892.058MFGMEM::MICHAUDWed Sep 19 1990High End Auto Audio!! Oh oh!
2893.017GETZ::RECOVERYThu Sep 20 1990FOCAL drivers
2894.0KYOA::ELZAMSSat Sep 22 1990FM Car Radio Disease
2895.01WELBY::MURRAYMon Sep 24 1990Probably answered elsewhere, but...
2896.016RELYON::HIGINBOTHAMMon Sep 24 1990Rotel: where to find?
2898.08RAVEN1::DJENNASThu Sep 27 1990SONY D-15---->AMP??
2899.01PAXVAX::RAVIFri Sep 28 1990Bose XL3
2900.01PRCFS1::DLCHANSat Sep 29 1990NHT (Now Hear This) ?!
2901.021CURIE::DECARTERETSun Sep 30 1990Cheap car/auto amplifiers ... too good to be true?
2902.07QUARK::LIONELMon Oct 01 1990Guarding against hearing damage from using headphones
2903.06BTOVT::SCHOFIELD_KTue Oct 02 1990Car audio amps to drive sound reinforcement applications.
2904.02SUBWAY::PIZZELANTITue Oct 02 1990COMPONENT reviews
2905.05TIS::GRUHNWed Oct 03 1990Magneticaly Driven Planar
2906.01MFGMEM::MICHAUDTue Oct 09 1990A/D/S/ AX2 wiring???
2907.0NAC::HAWKESWORTHThu Oct 11 1990Portable radio for pull-out car stereo
2910.01MVDSWed Oct 17 1990Design Acoustics PS1
2911.028CLUSTA::GLANTZThu Oct 18 1990choosing the perfect output tube
2913.010WORDY::GRACEFri Oct 19 1990SHOOTOUT/Get-together 1
2914.02WRKSYS::FITZPATRICKMon Oct 22 1990Stereo Balance Control Circuit?
2915.034RNDPIN::NUCKLESTue Oct 23 1990Inverting polarity - tech question
2916.03SSGBPM::HERGTWed Oct 24 1990
2917.03SMURF::BREAUWed Oct 24 1990CD player optimized for compilation tapes?
2918.09TIS::GRUHNWed Oct 24 1990Roberts 99
2919.01GLDOA::ARYThu Oct 25 1990Hi-Fi News & Record Review
2920.02ERLANG::MILLERThu Oct 25 1990Flaky car radio --> battery?
2921.016GETQUI::NELSONTue Oct 30 1990CD Walkmans
2922.024CSS::KRAWIECKITue Oct 30 1990Cassette w/pitch control
2923.011UTROP1::BOSMAN_PThu Nov 01 1990Stereo set-up for a motorcycle
2924.024PNO::SANDERSBThu Nov 01 1990Speaker Imaging and Soundstage
2925.031BLKWDO::RABINOMon Nov 05 1990Scott brand audio equip.
2926.023MIPS16::CAMPBELLMon Nov 05 1990Sony STR-AV1
2927.03MIPS16::CAMPBELLThu Nov 08 1990Denon AVC-1
2928.021ELMAGO::BENBACAThu Nov 08 1990Oct-199
2929.03MQOAFri Nov 09 1990"JAMO" loudspeakers....?
2930.022CYCLST::DEBRIAEFri Nov 09 1990Receiver Tuner vs Separate Tuner...
2932.06MIPS16::CAMPBELLTue Nov 13 1990Polk Speakers
2933.057IOENG::SEGOOLMon Nov 19 1990CD Transports/Players
2934.0VAXWRK::SWARDFri Nov 30 1990Topic deleted
2935.01ATSE::LABASun Nov 25 1990Aiwa ADF8
2936.09DELNI::MCGORRILLMon Nov 26 1990Inverter project
2937.06USWAV1::THOMPSONWed Nov 28 1990Duntech Loudspeakers
2938.01SMAC::MACARTHURWed Nov 28 1990Yamaha DSP-A7
2939.01SNAX::THILBERTSat Dec 01 1990The NEW "Q" Sound ??
2942.01NEMAIL::MERCIERFri Dec 07 1990KICKER speakers???
2943.010SCAACT::AINSLEYMon Dec 10 1990Less than $1
2944.05RTL::CLARKMon Dec 10 1990Connecting headphone output to line-level input?
2945.01PNO::WOYAKWed Dec 12 1990Bi-Amping
2946.013NOVA::ZASTERAWed Dec 12 19902 questions
2947.037ASIC::ARRIGHIWed Dec 12 1990What am I missing?
2948.0ROSSIN::WAGNERFri Dec 14 1990Wanted - Documentation for Hafler DH11
2951.010ODIXIE::BIRCHMon Dec 17 1990Subliminal music tapes
2955.012CIMNET::MOCCIAWed Dec 19 1990BIC Venturi
2956.01ODIXIE::BIRCHWed Dec 19 1990$1
2957.03MIDI::DANWed Dec 19 1990Kenwood 9
2958.056PNO::SANDERSBWed Dec 19 1990CDs a really dumb design.
2961.012DSSDEV::ARNDTFri Dec 21 1990Speaker Interference, What to do ?
2963.01ISIDRO::RUPEREZThu Dec 27 1990Does plastic still wear the info?
2964.01BOOKS::ANGELONEThu Dec 27 1990Wood eye ?
2965.09FSCORE::KAYETue Jan 01 1991damping materials??
2966.03ZOOP::MEISSNERWed Jan 02 1991VSX_D1S
2967.037RNDPIN::NUCKLESFri Jan 04 1991Mark levinson topic
2968.0H2OLOG::YAPLEEFri Jan 04 1991Meridian 2
2969.011VNABRW::SCHERBMon Jan 07 1991Portable DAT pricing ?
2970.029--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 08 1991Golden Ear Olympics - why not??
2971.019CTOAVX::JLAWRENCETue Jan 08 1991Adcom 565 Pre + amps
2972.0DEC1Wed Jan 09 1991Sony STRD-2
2974.02VNABRW::SCHERBFri Jan 11 1991?? Audio magazine DAT review
2975.06ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Jan 11 1991"Active" bass tube traps?
2976.033VAXWRK::SWARDMon Jan 14 1991Bob Carver on cables
2978.0MR4DEC::LOMon Jan 14 1991Mariah Speakers
2979.01CSCOAC::HILLING_PWed Jan 16 1991Sony Sub-code connector
2980.03UPWARD::SANDERSBFri Jan 18 1991Temperament types - GEs vs. MRs
2981.0288KCBBQ::TERRYMon Jan 21 1991Building a tube amp.
2982.031--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 21 1991Absolute polarity
2983.01FSCORE::KAYEMon Jan 21 1991TEC-2
2984.03FLOWER::HILDEBRANTTue Jan 22 1991What level to Evaluate Sound?
2985.01OPAMP::VMILLERTue Jan 22 1991Stereo Cost Cutters - number?
2986.030HILLST::AMELITue Jan 22 1991Need help with upgrading Preamp!
2987.018APOGEE::SNYDERWed Jan 23 1991AUDIOMART, a great way to save $$$
2988.01CGOAFri Jan 25 1991Quad Subwoofer Prototype
2989.022SCAVAX::LACAIREMon Jan 28 1991Health and electro-magnetic fields
2992.08POBOX::HACKMANFri Feb 01 1991Help: sub-woofer/pro-logic????
2993.05ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Feb 01 1991The *argument* can be explained, anyway...
2994.033CISM::SOUZASun Feb 03 1991Advice for High-End Amp
2997.011STRATA::BARBIERIFri Feb 08 1991Does Theory Sometimes Defend Tables versus CD?
2998.04STAR::RHOFFMANTue Feb 12 1991Dual CR-59
2999.04PCOJCT::TURNOFThu Feb 14 1991SONY STR GX5ES Receiver
3000.01RUMOR::WEBBERThu Feb 14 1991What is the standard DIN size (car audio head units)
3001.010RUMOR::WEBBERFri Feb 15 1991how to build 6db and 12db/octive passive crossovers?
3002.03CTOAVX::JLAWRENCESun Feb 17 1991L-pads and T-pads
3003.04HGOVC::CRISOLOGOMon Feb 18 1991MIDI systems?
3004.08ELMST::RAJTue Feb 19 1991Rechargable batteries
3005.02STAR::TRAVISTue Feb 19 1991Question about Sony turntable PS-LX41
3008.03COMET::MESSAGEFri Feb 22 1991PDM CD Players
3009.05MAJTOM::ROBERTFri Feb 22 1991Power Amp losing "power"?
3011.05ANGLIN::JOHNSONMMon Feb 25 1991Help on Luxman
3012.0REBEL1::FAUCHERTue Feb 26 1991SANSUI 8
3013.02--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 26 1991Re-entering this for the second time!
3014.010SALEM::LORANGERTue Feb 26 1991OTARI tape decks
3015.0DEC1Wed Feb 27 1991Yamaha 85
3016.017FULCRM::D_DAGGWed Feb 27 1991Bass Reflex vs. Acoustic Suspension Speakers
3017.0SOLVIT::KRAWIECKIWed Feb 27 1991Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3018.037GRAMPS::WCLARKThu Feb 28 1991Tice Pulse "Technology"
3020.016--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 01 1991Recording engineers on CD vs LP
3021.01FSCORE::KAYETue Mar 05 1991need Mouser phone #
3022.0MILKWY::AAHMEDThu Mar 07 1991Carver cassette/tape decks
3023.06AUGGIE::SEGOOLThu Mar 07 1991Critical Listening
3024.01KCBBQ::TERRYFri Mar 08 1991APC or CPC Xover?
3025.03ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Mar 11 1991Shopping for Component Speakers
3026.03--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 11 1991One set of speakers, two receivers...
3027.07SLSTRN::BROWNMon Mar 11 1991Bright speakers
3028.01NOBOZO::HENNESSYWed Mar 13 1991Repair Rectilinear IIIa speakers?
3029.01USWAV1::BRAMHALLMon Mar 18 1991Sony's MHC 55
3030.01PENUTS::WOLFEMon Mar 18 1991blown B&W tweeter?
3031.029UPWARD::WOYAKThu Mar 21 1991A good friend is leaving us
3033.017UPWARD::SANDERSBFri Mar 22 1991Transformers - The great debate
3034.09TRCAFri Mar 22 1991FOSGATE in upstate NY?
3035.01ODIXIE::LORINGFri Mar 22 1991Satellite/Subwoofer
3036.06NEWFUN::GEORGEMon Mar 25 1991Help adjusting poweramp trimpots
3037.011FOGGYR::MURPHYSat Mar 30 1991SONY TCD-D3 DAT Walkman
3038.05FSCORE::KAYETue Apr 02 1991Edison Cylinder Recordings
3039.014LASCPM::BARNETTETue Apr 02 1991B&O - What do the "experts" think?
3040.02USWAV1::BRAMHALLWed Apr 03 1991dB and ohms?
3041.02NSDC::SIMPSONSun Apr 07 1991Dealer who will mail things outside US?
3042.015NATASH::WEIGLTue Apr 09 1991hum when using VCR as source
3043.013SMOGGY::TURNERWed Apr 10 1991any TURNTABLES avail. other than P MOUNT???
3044.032CTOAVX::JLAWRENCEThu Apr 11 1991REVIEW: The "Killer" Amps
3045.05CX3PST::WSC183::D_LEWISThu Apr 11 1991Yamaha DSP-A1
3046.02RANGER::EIRIKURSat Apr 13 1991Gemini audio gear?
3047.027CALS::ARONSONWed Apr 17 1991pls review this car stereo configuration and comment
3049.08KAOFS::C_MENENDEZThu Apr 18 1991High-end and reliability....
3050.070CTOAVX::JLAWRENCEThu Apr 18 1991REVIEW: The "Killer" Preamps
3051.010TRCOFri Apr 19 1991Center Channel for the car
3053.030CHIPS::DACOSTATue Apr 23 1991Ohm F speakers.
3055.06ISLNDS::MASHIATue Apr 23 1991Cubicon Speakers
3056.06ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Apr 26 1991As simple as it *sounds*?
3058.04ODIXIE::BIRCHSat Apr 27 1991Sources for PRO Equipment (DAT)
3059.07AYOV29::SHASSONMon Apr 29 1991SONY CDP79
3060.01AYOV29::SHASSONMon Apr 29 1991Pioneer A-4
3061.014LUPUS::J_JOSEPHMon Apr 29 1991Tape decks under $14
3062.010TENERE::MALLETThu May 02 1991Mono-Triode amps
3065.022KOOZEE::OWENMon May 06 1991DCC, Digital Compact Cassette
3066.0FSCORE::KAYEMon May 06 1991help identify old Fada Andrea Radio
3067.05JEREMY::OFERWed May 08 1991Pioneer car/auto speakers
3068.08UFHIS::JMASLENWed May 08 1991German pre/power amp reviews please Meine Herrn!
3069.04SQGUK::LEVYFri May 10 1991the future of CD
3070.02CALS::ARONSONFri May 10 1991Clarion 593
3071.04ZPOVC::PARRYCHUASat May 11 1991Melior 1-bit D/A convertor, review needed
3072.022ODIXIE::BIRCHTue May 14 1991DAT vs Analog. Which is better?
3073.03FORTSC::CHABANTue May 14 1991Restoring early recordings
3074.01MRKTNG::MANNWed May 15 1991Harman Kardon cassette/tape decks
3075.03ZPOVC::PARRYCHUAWed May 15 19911-bit DAC,Sony,Philip [convertor]
3076.011UFHIS::JMASLENThu May 16 1991AudioAlchemy D/A converter reviews please.
3077.020GIAMEM::OFORI_ASANTEMon May 20 1991RoomTunes
3078.05DELNI::MECHLINGMon May 20 1991Acoustic Research LST speakers
3082.01QBUS::T_ROCCATue May 28 1991Sony STR-GX67ES
3083.06QBUS::T_ROCCATue May 28 1991Sony CDP-2
3084.011WMOIS::BLANCHARDWed May 29 1991Re-cone-ing
3085.02JEREMY::GABISun May 26 1991Where is the MIDI standard?
3086.09VMSSPT::NICHOLSWed May 29 1991Does Toyota Tercel "eat" audio systems
3087.01SMURF::SMURF::BINDERSat Jun 01 1991Looking for a buildable multiplex filter
3088.04--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 06 1991"ACOUSTAPHASE SPEAKERS"
3089.05AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri Jun 07 1991Carrying bag/case for portable CD player?
3090.03AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri Jun 07 1991Help! Can't find proper connector
3091.06BAHTAT::SALLITTMon Jun 10 1991Shock/horror:hardened Linnie buys CD player
3095.04SWAM2::SEIDMAN_ERMon Jun 10 1991The Sensible Sound
3096.01HAMSTR::GILMANTue Jun 11 1991YAMAHA CDX-615 CD Player
3097.0396653::HUITue Jun 11 19911st time buyer needs help
3098.071HAMPS::IVES_JMon Jun 24 1991Tube Power Supplies
3099.02HAMPS::IVES_JMon Jun 24 1991TANDY MEGA Cable
3100.01WOLVER::MEISSNERMon Jun 24 1991Yamaha RX113
3101.03MFOIS1::TURCHITue Jul 02 1991Sansui A-6
3102.0WMOIS::STROLLO_TTue Jul 02 1991Audio/Video Media Rooms
3103.01BMW32Wed Jul 03 1991Vector Research VRX35
3104.05SMURF::BREAUWed Jul 03 1991tape dubbing & sound fidelity
3105.022QUARK::LIONELWed Jul 03 1991Sony ES-line of CD players for 1991
3106.01EFGVWed Jul 10 1991Advice on proposed configuration
3107.024HAMPS::IVES_JWed Jul 10 1991Mains Purifiers
3108.04MR4DEC::LOThu Jul 11 1991Pioneer car cd changer and head unit
3109.010FLOWER::HILDEBRANTThu Jul 11 1991Sonic Restoration....signal off the Record?
3110.09QUARK::LIONELThu Jul 11 1991Royalties on digital recorders and blank tape may become reality
3111.05AIDEV::SPERRYThu Jul 11 1991Digital Radio?
3112.028WORDS2::ILYADISTue Nov 17 1987Japanese Audio Shock
3113.0TOOK::MATTIOLIFri Jul 12 1991need info: (Denon tape duplicater)
3114.018ABACUS::FARLEYFri Jul 12 1991$5
3115.016HAMPS::IVES_JMon Jul 15 1991Replacing Tubes ?
3116.026AKOCOA::MILNETue Jul 16 1991Dedicated Circuit for Audio System
3117.0ODIXIE::WATSONPHTue Jul 16 1991MORTRONICS phone #
3118.07ELWOOD::WCLARKWed Jul 17 1991AUDIO related software packages
3119.033MRMIKE::ROSENWed Jul 17 1991NAD or Adcom?
3120.02RAVEN1::DJENNASThu Jul 18 1991Electronic Visionary Passive Units.
3121.03EMDS::DOWSEThu Jul 18 1991Problems with Kenwood receivers
3123.01ZPOVC::PARRYCHUASat Jul 20 1991Need B&K modification [MODS] information
3124.017GIAMEM::OFORI_ASANTEMon Jul 22 19917/21/91 SHOOT OUT
3126.09SICVAX::LITue Jul 23 1991Center Channel Speaker Recommendations?
3127.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 24 1991Altech-Lansing model five speakers
3129.0CSC32::R_DESKOThu Jul 25 1991Denon G-
3130.06RAVEN1::DJENNASThu Jul 25 1991Kenwood Monoblocks.
3131.0BSS::K_SCHMUECKERFri Jul 26 1991Repairsin CS/Denver
3132.017HAMPS::IVES_JTue Jul 30 1991TUBE Reference CD
3133.08ODIXIE::BIRCHThu Aug 01 1991ONKYO and SONY receivers
3136.03MILKWY::SLABOUNTYFri Aug 02 1991Jean-Pierre, please read this ... can't send MAIL.
3138.04MRMIKE::ROSENThu Aug 08 1991Connect preamp to receiver?
3139.015CGOOA::CHANFri Aug 09 1991Input sensitivities of bi-amp
3140.0XNOGOV::PATTISONMon Aug 12 1991Dynamic Audio Speakers
3141.0PYRENE::ORNELASWed Aug 14 1991Need Info on Epicure Model 2 speakers
3142.021GRANMA::GGARDNERWed Aug 14 1991Is McIntosh Equipment Really Worth The Money?
3143.04PARITY::SINGHFri Aug 16 1991Yamaha YSTC1
3145.03FASTGO::CARAPELLOTTISun Aug 18 1991Buying drivers in Burlington
3146.06GYPSC::JOEHNKTue Aug 20 1991Relay of remote control signals?
3147.06GYPSC::JOEHNKThu Aug 22 1991Loudness control?
3148.04SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Aug 22 1991Panasonic=Quasar=Technics??
3149.01BOXERS::ROSINSKIFri Aug 23 1991How to Buy a CD Player
3150.021BOXERS::ROSINSKIFri Aug 23 1991American Audio Manufacturers?
3151.0ODIXIE::BIRCHSat Aug 24 1991Digital/Analog sounds the same to me
3152.06RGB::MCDONALDMon Aug 26 1991Hafler DH-2
3153.04KALKI::LANGTue Aug 27 1991dbx Soundfield speakers
3154.01KOMRAD::FRANCKTue Aug 27 1991Ceramic speakers
3155.013BOSWKG::GARDNERWed Aug 28 1991CDROM readers as CD players...
3156.01MSEE::BREAULTWed Aug 28 1991Passive Audio Switch
3157.03UFHIS::JMASLENThu Aug 29 1991DSP-A/V receiver centre chan.pwr. question
3158.0CHIEFF::DORANTESFri Aug 30 1991Audio Empire 598-III turntables
3159.010ISIDRO::RUPEREZMon Sep 02 1991Upside down Pioneer CD player
3160.09RAVEN1::JERRYWHITETue Sep 03 1991What CD brings out the BEAST in your car system ?
3161.01ISIDRO::RUPEREZTue Sep 03 1991SP review of KEF 1
3162.06HAMPS::IVES_JWed Sep 04 1991Philips 732
3163.02MEMORY::MICHAUDJWed Sep 04 1991B.A. Proseries???
3164.01KENT::KENTWed Sep 04 1991Canare?
3165.05ELMST::FRIESThu Sep 05 1991SONY D-16
3166.02GRANPA::JNEWMANThu Sep 05 1991Sony CD player questions
3167.02COOKIE::TAMThu Sep 05 1991Audio Quest Silver Interconnect
3168.06NYTPFri Sep 06 1991Home CD Recorder
3169.07WUMBCK::FOXFri Sep 06 1991add-on FM-modulated car CD player?
3170.06RANGER::ROZETTSun Sep 08 1991Modify speakers from 4 to 8 ohm impedance?
3171.02DELNI::MECHLINGSun Sep 08 1991Merrill Sound HD-1 ??
3172.05ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Sep 09 1991Sound of a T-Line enclosure?
3176.01WNPVThu Sep 12 1991Right channel frustration
3177.03AHIKER::EARLYThu Sep 12 1991Help ! What is the more signif: dbf or uVolts Sensitivity ?
3178.0OTOOA::DUNCANThu Sep 12 1991Sony MHC-16
3179.017AKOCOA::HADNEYFri Sep 13 1991Boulder Amps., Inc.
3180.08NECSC::LEVYMon Sep 16 1991Problem with tweeter on ADVENT speaker
3183.014CPDW::LACAIREWed Sep 18 1991ARC M1
3184.02LUDWIG::MVALERAThu Sep 19 1991Mini Advent's
3185.025ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Sep 23 1991"New" Dyna MKIII's for me.
3186.045GIAMEM::OFORI_ASANTEMon Sep 23 1991Tonecones, Acoustic Resonators and Silencers
3187.02KOMRAD::FRANCKTue Sep 24 1991High Frequency distortion with balanced lines
3188.04KOMRAD::FRANCKTue Sep 24 1991Cones with Magnapans
3189.07FLOWER::HILDEBRANTWed Sep 25 1991Transformer Info Needed
3190.03BIODTL::FERGUSONWed Sep 25 1991Right channel is dying on my Sony car stereo
3191.01053273::HUNYORMon Sep 30 1991Pioneer equipments & 1-bit CD-players
3192.02KENT::KENTTue Oct 01 1991MOGAMI Neglex
3193.02GIAMEM::ACEVEDOWed Oct 02 1991Need Advise: EPI 12
3194.012TENERE::MALLETMon Oct 07 1991An explanation of the tube amps secret(s)....
3195.04ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Oct 07 1991Leak product line/history?
3196.06FASTGO::CARAPELLOTTIWed Oct 09 1991Help required: Speaker cables
3197.0MQOOA::LEWed Oct 09 1991ADVENT soundspace 5
3198.0JAC::COFFLERThu Oct 10 1991Database facility to store Compact Discs online
3199.02EVTDD1::WILCOCKFri Oct 11 1991Opinions on Marantz CD-42 ?
3200.0GANTRY::HULLSun Oct 13 1991CD database written in ALL-IN-1
3202.09ELWOOD::WCLARKSun Oct 13 1991Resistors
3203.010CPDW::LACAIREMon Oct 14 1991multi-meters
3204.02AIAG::KALEESWARANTue Oct 15 1991Good short Wave radio
3205.0NOVA::KEENANWed Oct 16 1991Trade repairs for record collection access?
3206.024WLDWST::MARTIN_TWed Oct 16 1991Earthquakes 15"
3207.06MPGS::JURGIELThu Oct 17 1991Auto Digital Sound Processor
3208.01DESERT::WOYAKThu Oct 17 1991Microphne help please
3209.01KALKI::LANGFri Oct 18 1991dbx Soundfield 1
3210.07USRCV1::FEBUSJFri Oct 18 1991CD --> DAT
3211.07AKOCOA::MILNEFri Oct 18 1991Martin Logans and Grounding
3213.015QUARK::LIONELMon Oct 21 1991Tricks and techniques used by audio salespeople
3215.014NAVIER::VALOISTue Oct 22 1991Help on Car Stereo!!
3216.014USRCV2::FEBUSJTue Oct 22 1991Hi end Analog vs DAT
3218.032BAHTAT::SALLITTWed Oct 23 1991Analogue Addicts:contacts wanted
3219.02MCIS5::GOODENOWWed Oct 23 1991Surround static
3220.0711SRUS::HUDSONThu Oct 24 1991Need Help, Cable TV hookup = humm!!!!
3221.03STRATA::HUIFri Oct 25 1991Is UL approval require in US?
3222.03SMAUG::MCDONELLSun Oct 27 1991obsolete reel tape transfer
3223.019ELWOOD::WCLARKTue Oct 29 1991The Audio Critic
3224.0FLOWER::HILDEBRANTThu Oct 31 1991TR Speaker Info Needed
3225.06RNDPIN::NUCKLESFri Nov 01 1991Bi-amping, revisited
3226.018DOCWIZ::WOODBURNFri Nov 01 1991Piano Music Meltdown
3227.011ROMMon Nov 04 1991Speaker scrumbling
3228.06RDVAX::SNYDERMon Nov 04 1991Merging of Audio/Video systems
3229.010DYPSS1::ROPERTue Nov 05 1991Paradigm Speaker Help
3230.06FLOWER::HILDEBRANTWed Nov 06 1991HH Scott Preamp Info Needed
3231.030FORTSC::RAVIKUMARWed Nov 06 1991Help with speakers
3232.01AD::GAETZWed Nov 06 1991LA Sound Equipment
3233.06BALBOA::PANDYARAJANWed Nov 06 1991BOSE acoustic wave system
3234.016NIOMAX::LAINGThu Nov 07 1991DAT Questions ...
3235.06NIOMAX::LAINGThu Nov 07 1991DataCompression and Audio?
3236.035POBOX::RUTSCHOWFri Nov 08 1991Receivers in $5
3238.02YUPPIE::LINCEFri Nov 08 1991TANBERG 3
3239.0QUARK::LIONELSun Nov 10 1991Audiolink - Bedford, NH
3240.02SNAX::THILBERTMon Nov 11 1991"Stereo" recording using VCR
3241.02MRKTNG::WASDYKEMon Nov 11 1991Used Hafler DH11
3242.09ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Nov 12 1991A dilemma?
3243.017DESERT::WOYAKTue Nov 12 1991amp stand..??..
3244.03F18::ROBERTTue Nov 12 1991mail order d18
3245.017WLDWST::NISHINAKAWed Nov 13 1991Can you tell me about DSP
3247.01AKOCOA::HADNEYMon Nov 18 1991Stereophile Vol.13 No.1
3248.012FORTY2::CADWALLADERTue Nov 19 1991HELP! Awkward CD!
3249.08GERBIL::DOWNINGTue Nov 19 1991Portable Powered Speakers
3250.07BOXERS::ROSINSKIThu Nov 21 1991The Absolute Sound (the magazine/periodical)
3251.014HELIX::RAVIFri Nov 22 1991KEF dealers in N.H.?
3252.07GRUFFY::ZAHORAFri Nov 22 1991equipment for the visually impaired
3253.0POBOX::KAPLOWFri Nov 22 1991Out to Launch...
3254.02USRCV1::ANTONUCCIJTue Nov 26 1991Celestion 5's and other bookshelf speakers
3255.017KUTIPS::LACAILLEFri Nov 29 1991Looking for car CD deck
3256.012AKOCOA::HADNEYWed Dec 04 1991Receivers in the $4,
3257.015DELNI::MCGORRILLWed Dec 04 1991Xfmr & ideas needed
3258.014YUPPIE::LINCEWed Dec 04 1991ACOUSTAT speaker Mod info?
3259.07SOLVIT::JKELLEYSun Dec 08 1991Purchase (Nakamichi/Yamaha) Advice Requested
3260.08IAMOK::PATTERSONMon Dec 09 1991The Snell B Speaker
3261.011ODIXIE::BIRCHTue Dec 10 1991Edit audio on a PC
3262.09NIOMAX::LAINGTue Dec 10 1991KARAOKE technology?
3263.03WOTVAX::MEAKINSWed Dec 11 1991Transmission Lines
3264.07TECRUS::FROMMWed Dec 11 1991looking for advice on cassette decks
3265.026EMDS::ROSINSKIWed Dec 11 1991Recommended CD's (quality recordings, fidelity)
3266.04RNDPIN::NUCKLESWed Dec 11 1991d'Apppollito configuration
3267.06TAEC::MALLETFri Dec 13 1991Dynaco Stereo 7
3268.010SALEM::TAYLOR_JFri Dec 13 1991BSR+DBX=quality ???HELP!!!
3269.04SWAM2::SEIDMAN_ERFri Dec 13 1991Stereophile '92 show
3270.037TECRUS::FROMMMon Dec 16 1991why WOULDN'T you want to record in Dolby?
3271.02AKOCOA::DROMANOMon Dec 16 1991Yamaha RX-V85
3272.05STAR::TANDONTue Dec 17 199122
3273.07NYTPTue Dec 17 1991CD/Record player
3274.010HELIX::RAVIWed Dec 18 1991dynamic headroom in amps.
3275.02USWAV1::THOMPSONWed Dec 18 1991NAD CD Players
3276.03HAMPS::IVES_JFri Dec 20 1991Audio Alchemy Clearline
3277.02KOMRAD::FRANCKFri Dec 20 1991Stereo System Comments and Upgrades
3278.013NECSC::BEAUREGARDThu Dec 26 1991Ways to improve WFNX FM reception?
3279.01SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Dec 30 1991Audio concepts info ?
3280.028MEMORY::MICHAUDJMon Dec 30 1991Alpine blues!!
3281.02MRKTNG::WASDYKEThu Jan 02 1992Advice on Proton Audio
3282.011MRMIKE::ROSENThu Jan 02 1992Amp power supply hum?
3283.04NYTPThu Jan 02 1992CD's sounding like scratched records.
3284.0BRADOR::DAVYThu Jan 02 1992KOSS PRO4XL Pricing Info Needed
3285.02MQOOA::LEThu Jan 02 1992Boost the power amp ???
3286.06ZIGLAR::MROCHThu Jan 02 1992Sony rcvr/Scott spkrs impendance
3287.05SEGAL::SEGALThu Jan 02 19923M Black Watch Tapes??
3288.010SALEM::TAYLOR_JFri Jan 03 1992a + b speakers ???
3290.063CPDW::LACAIREMon Jan 06 1992TDK noise blockers
3291.03QUABBI::"springer@pawpaw.lkg.dec.com"Wed Jan 08 1992Looking for connector source
3292.05XCUSME::KRUYWed Jan 08 1992Speaker design software?
3293.011EMDS::OWENThu Jan 09 1992Adcom GFA-535 II stereo amplifier
3295.010ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Jan 10 1992Where's AUDIO_ENGINEERING gone?
3296.01GUIDUK::BERKUNSat Jan 11 1992obscure speakers, good prices?
3297.01SKIWI::EATONMon Jan 13 1992'91 Stereophile Recommended Components
3298.01SNAX::THILBERTWed Jan 15 1992Splicing Block
3299.02COOLER::MUNNSWed Jan 15 1992Do speakers wear out ?
3300.010AD::STEWARTThu Jan 16 1992bsr?
3301.02TAEC::MALLETFri Jan 17 1992Balanced line in/out
3302.0ISIDRO::RUPEREZFri Jan 17 1992NAGAOKA record clamp
3304.013MCIS5::GOODENOWWed Jan 22 1992Tape Comparisons
3305.013ECHOES::HOLLOCHERFri Jan 24 1992Two radio stations in one.
3306.0100SCAVAX::LACAIREFri Jan 24 1992Cable Enhancer
3307.03LARVAE::IVES_JMon Jan 27 1992are IC's microphonic ?
3309.026--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 27 1992GLASS Scale Companion
3310.01FLOWER::HILDEBRANTTue Jan 28 1992Teac Model 33
3311.010POLAR::BOWIETue Jan 28 1992Sound quality with low ceilings??
3312.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Jan 30 1992Wharfedale Delta Speakers
3313.09FLOWER::HILDEBRANTThu Jan 30 1992Teac 33
3314.010ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Jan 30 1992Fact of Life.
3315.021CIMNET::ASCHERThu Jan 30 1992Smaller Advents - age and technology catches up?
3316.02GOLLY::ZAREMBAMon Feb 03 1992Problem with casette deck
3317.014TYFYS::MUNNSTue Feb 04 1992Comments on non-Sony/Denon CD player ?
3318.03HILLST::AMELIWed Feb 05 1992TANDBERG distributer/dealer phone number?
3320.01RGB::ROSTFri Feb 07 1992Recommendation For Car Audio Install (Worcester, MA)?
3321.03TAEC::MALLETTue Feb 11 1992Building your own DAC
3322.0PINION::WRESINSKIThu Feb 13 1992What's a DAAD?
3323.013ALEX::CONNFri Feb 14 19921-bit versus 16+ bit DACs
3324.01--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 14 1992The "GLASS" Scale
3325.016BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Feb 14 1992Leiser Superstores
3326.04UPROAR::WEIGHTMMon Feb 17 1992Info on 47th St Photo, NY ?
3327.03AKOCOA::DROMANOMon Feb 17 1992HD-Series - Boston Acoustics
3328.013--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 17 1992Sub-woofer hook-up
3329.013--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 17 1992Under $75
3330.0CSSE::ELDRIDGETue Feb 18 1992Speaker Repair
3334.07TALK::MAGNANEThu Feb 20 1992compare pioneer/sony/yamaha
3335.03UPROAR::WEIGHTMThu Feb 20 1992Remote Remote Control
3336.05--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 21 1992UK price on Rogers LS3/5A & Shipping back to U.S.
3337.05PINION::WRESINSKIFri Feb 21 1992RIAA curve ?
3338.014ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Feb 24 1992Finyl?
3339.01SEEPO::GRANATMon Feb 24 1992Misc Stereophile & Test CDs for free
3340.0FERITE::KLIMASEWSKITue Feb 25 1992Philips DC-777 @discount?
3341.0SEEPO::GRANATTue Feb 25 1992Audible Ilusions review in TAS #46 - help
3342.010ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Mar 02 1992Rolling Own Speaker Cables.
3343.04FLOWER::HILDEBRANTMon Mar 02 1992Whats a MC24
3344.09WMOIS::POSCOWed Mar 04 1992B + W DM64
3346.03HLFSWed Mar 04 1992BOSTON Acoustics car speakers ?
3347.02GRANMA::GHALSTEADThu Mar 05 1992Help for a novice
3348.0BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Mar 06 1992Profile car/auto stereo/radios
3349.036SWAM2::SEIDMAN_ERFri Mar 06 1992Why are we Audiophiles?
3350.01MSEE4::CHENGSun Mar 08 1992Any experience with these mail order shops
3351.05WMOIS::POSCOMon Mar 09 1992Yamaha DSP-A1
3352.05LUDWIG::SANTANAMon Mar 09 1992Need help with two amps
3353.06SCAACT::AINSLEYMon Mar 09 1992CD player price points
3354.06CHIPS::LEIBRANDTMon Mar 09 1992ESS Woofer Repair/Replace ???
3355.01--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 09 1992Stereophile - Februrary 1992
3356.02--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 09 1992Reel-to-reel tape deck parts needed
3357.01ONOIS1::SABIAUXWed Mar 11 1992searching for electronic suppliers..
3358.015FLOWER::HILDEBRANTTue Mar 17 1992Mac Vs Marantz
3360.02SNAX::THILBERTWed Mar 18 1992DIGITAL portable FM radio
3361.0ODIXIE::RIDGWAYWed Mar 18 1992When are the new models of Yamaha due out?
3362.04NODEX::ADEYFri Mar 20 1992Stereo Seperation Adjuster
3363.08RAVEN1::BLAIRSun Mar 22 1992need help recording from mic's
3364.06SEEPO::WEIGLMon Mar 23 19926
3365.02FASTGO::CARAPELLOTTIMon Mar 23 1992audio suppliers to overseas
3366.02JOCKEY::BUCKGTue Mar 24 1992Pioneer A/V Info Wanted
3367.0VSSCAD::LANGEThu Mar 26 1992Seeking advice on Hafler tuner/preamp & amp
3368.024POLAR::TANSLEYFri Mar 27 1992QUAD/KEF Sound Harsh on CD!!
3369.0115FLOWER::HILDEBRANTTue Mar 31 1992Tone Controls.....Whats Wrong With Them?
3370.010RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERTue Mar 31 1992Heathkits Gone Forever
3371.08MICROW::GLANTZWed Apr 01 1992breakthrough in classical music reproduction
3372.03POLAR::SAVOVWed Apr 01 1992Rotel vs Adcom
3373.03FLOWER::HILDEBRANTThu Apr 02 1992Info Needed on ADS 71
3374.017GIAMEM::MICHAUDFri Apr 03 1992RTA/Analyzer???
3375.07QUABBI::"glantz@tay1.dec.com"Mon Apr 06 1992 My April Fools note (Golden Ears on CD players)
3376.04ESKIMO::AUSTINWed Apr 08 1992NAD vs. Harmon/Kardon
3377.07FRETZ::HEISERWed Apr 08 1992DEC's RRD42 data/audio CD drive
3378.01--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 10 1992Wanted: Schematic for McIntosh MC4
3379.026ELWOOD::WCLARKMon Apr 13 1992Politics, Free Speech, and studio sound discussions
3380.08TDCAI1::BELBEZEMon Apr 13 1992BAD IMAGE on JBL 4333
3381.013ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Apr 13 1992Advice on some older sound reinforcement stuff
3382.02GRANMA::GHALSTEADMon Apr 13 1992Kenwood receivers (7
3383.03QUARK::LIONELMon Apr 13 1992When a cartridge goes bad
3384.05QUARK::LIONELTue Apr 14 1992Sony CD History contest
3385.03NWTIMA::SORENSOJAWed Apr 15 1992Advice for Novice
3386.04LARVAE::IVES_JThu Apr 16 1992rear speaker/hafler setup
3387.01CHE::VISCAROLASun Apr 19 1992Impedence matching speaker switch?? How to build?
3388.0142ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Apr 21 1992The "there's more" CD-magic note
3389.02CAFEIN::PFAUWed Apr 22 1992Pioneer SX-535, PL-S3
3390.02--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 27 1992ALTEC LANSING SPEAKERS
3391.010ROULET::AUSTINTue Apr 28 1992Yamaha receiver won't hold preset stations
3392.0616BITS::DELBALSOWed Apr 29 1992Questions on Phonograph history
3393.06NAPIER::EDWARDSThu Apr 30 1992HIFI VCR woes.
3394.015--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 30 1992Question on CD players
3395.06SNAX::THILBERTSun May 03 1992Boom Microphones
3397.04POLAR::SAVOVMon May 04 1992Source switching: Which is best?
3398.05GIAMEM::MICHAUDTue May 05 1992A/D/S/ SB1
3399.0COMET::BOLTETue May 05 1992NEI 31 band EQ
3400.020BAHTAT::SALLITTWed May 06 1992Listening psychology
3401.05ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu May 07 1992Any comments on KEF car speaker system ?
3402.05MICRON::HILDEBRANTThu May 07 1992Vocals Removed....How?
3403.03EPS::BAUERThu May 07 1992SONY STR-AV77
3405.023COMET::COFFINThu May 07 1992What are Ohms?
3406.02EPS::BAUERFri May 08 1992Cheap Radio Antenna for Sony Receiver
3407.08SEAVU::SLABOUNTYMon May 11 1992Miracle Ear
3408.01EPS::BAUERMon May 11 1992I am looking for Bose 2
3409.014CUPTAY::BRADFORDTue May 12 1992Woofer enclosures - must they be so big?
3411.01FAILTE::DAVIESTWed May 13 1992Speaker Cables
3412.01MCIS5::GOODENOWWed May 13 1992Pitch Problem on Cassette Deck
3413.0AKOCOA::CAPUTOWed May 13 1992Reel to Reel Audio Tape For Sale
3414.0TAVMon May 18 1992Part for AUREX receiver (by TOSHIBA)
3416.04RNDPIN::NUCKLESWed May 20 1992conrad johnson
3417.07STAR::VANDENHEUVELThu May 21 1992B776 transitor anyone?
3418.08ENABLE::glantzThu May 21 1992Locating sound sources in the vertical dimension
3419.014POLAR::SAVOVFri May 22 1992Neglex cable info needed
3420.0HGOVC::JAMESTSANGMon May 25 1992Question on Preamp Gain, ARC LS1?
3421.01KOMRAD::FRANCKTue May 26 1992Goodbye and Good Luck - from a SERPer
3422.07UNYEM::HUGHESGTue May 26 1992Help with antenna
3423.044DENVER::MALKOSKIWed May 27 1992Amps under $2k?
3424.08AKOCOA::MILNEWed May 27 1992Digital Cables, Transports & D/As
3425.018AKOCOA::MILNEWed May 27 1992Acrotec Cable
3426.04SNAX::THILBERTWed May 27 1992Recording Studios
3427.01TRAIN::TEWHEYThu May 28 1992Virtual Acoustics
3428.010COOLER::MUNNSThu May 28 1992NEAR 1
3430.0MILKWY::WCHINTue Jun 02 1992Need help on KENWOOD 8
3431.0MILKWY::WCHINThu Jun 04 1992Pioneer 9
3432.0BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Jun 05 1992Audio Stop, North Attleboro MA
3433.0NINFA::RUPEREZMon Jun 08 1992Note for Local Pricing
3434.02EPS::BAUERMon Jun 08 1992Surround Delay - How does it work?
3435.01CAFEIN::PFAUMon Jun 08 1992Ampex 12
3436.01BEAD::KEEFEWed Jun 10 1992Soundstream Head Units
3437.05SALEM::SULLIVAN_DWed Jun 10 1992Pioneer CD/tuner install questions
3438.030MICRON::HILDEBRANTThu Jun 11 1992Wire discussions: 1992
3439.048MAIL::THOMPSONPTue Jun 16 1992Placebo Effect Discussions
3440.033AKOCOA::HADNEYTue Jun 16 1992"Audio Person Of The Year"
3441.02ELMAGO::PJENKINSThu Jun 18 1992AMPS
3442.07ARGUS::ROMANOWICZThu Jun 18 1992Stereo to TV Cable
3443.019BSS::PONDThu Jun 18 1992surge supressor
3444.05SALEM::SULLIVAN_DTue Jun 23 1992Acoustic C.A.R. Audio, Salem, NH
3445.010--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 24 1992Schematic for ADC EQ
3446.0102TROOA::MEUNIERThu Jun 25 1992Sony's "Mini Disc" Article
3447.011LARVAE::IVES_JMon Jun 29 1992digital/analogue regulator needs
3448.06SICVAX::LIWed Jul 01 1992Panasonic CD Portable SL-S33
3450.03MUNICH::TUSIAMon Jul 06 1992Any thoughts on M+K sub-woofers
3451.052LARVAE::IVES_JTue Jul 07 1992tube pin numbers
3452.023DELNI::MCGORRILLWed Jul 08 1992I likea surround sounda!!
3453.010ROULET::RAPHAELSONThu Jul 09 1992Convert Mike Power?
3455.01LARVAE::IVES_JTue Jul 14 1992What are photoflash caps ?
3456.0POLAR::SAVOVWed Jul 15 1992Mogami speaker cable?
3457.0ADSERV::PW::WINALSKIWed Jul 15 1992Looking for Teac open-reel repair shop in NH/MA
3458.063ELWOOD::WCLARKMon Jul 20 1992Audio Get-together 1992
3459.08VIKING::MARTELThu Jul 23 1992Is Cramolin toxic?
3460.01EMDS::OWENMon Jul 27 1992Splitting a line level output
3461.05WOTVAX::MEAKINSTue Jul 28 1992AC vs DC coupling
3462.01MCIS5::GOODENOWWed Jul 29 1992Sub-woffer/satellite/matrix???
3463.01SCHOOL::SUSELWed Jul 29 1992car deck parts?
3464.06DELNI::MCGORRILLThu Jul 30 1992WHERE best position for low bass, woof-subwoof
3465.08ELWOOD::WCLARKThu Jul 30 1992SONY Super Bit Mapping
3466.0BEAD::KLIMASEWSKIThu Jul 30 1992Who sells Philips DC777
3469.011HGRDWed Aug 05 1992How to interpret audio spec without prejudice ?
3470.015AKOCOA::MILNEWed Aug 05 1992D/A Conversion Questions
3471.06CLT::DESK::TottonTue Aug 11 1992ADCOM / System Input Requested
3472.08SCARGO::CORMIERWed Aug 12 1992CD Player - Use in europe????
3473.05POBOX::KOCHWed Aug 12 1992A speaker dillema
3474.012ISLNDS::CIUFFETTIFri Aug 14 1992Recommendations please
3475.014HGRDMon Aug 17 1992Speaker sound chamber
3476.011--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 17 1992CD: dynamic range/harshness
3477.02--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 18 1992looking for Fitchburg Music
3479.010UTROP1::SIMPSON_DFri Aug 21 1992Nakamichi?
3480.03XAPPL::CLARKFri Aug 21 1992Video speakers require "shielded" magnets
3481.030DELNI::MCGORRILLWed Aug 26 1992Joint project
3482.025CTOAVX::JLAWRENCEWed Aug 26 1992Field Trip Report by JL
3483.015CARMEL::NUCKLESWed Sep 02 1992Avalon Speakers
3485.04MUNICH::TUSIAThu Sep 03 1992Sub Woofer sometimes is boomy
3486.025GRANPA::ELOMAXThu Sep 03 1992Rotel vs. Adcom combo
3487.09LANDO::MARCHANTTue Sep 08 1992Pre-recorded cassettes
3488.0CLT::DESK::TottonWed Sep 09 1992Revisiting Nakamichi High End
3489.09SEARCH::BREEDINGFri Sep 11 1992interference/prankster? at apartment complex
3490.01--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 14 1992Speaker Bug - What is it ?
3491.039--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 16 1992Review: CD Absolver
3492.07VNOAPP::TIMA_248477Sat Sep 19 1992Soundstream in my car ?
3493.0AKOCOA::HADNEYTue Sep 22 1992Grado Headphones + Amp
3494.019NICCTR::MILLSFri Sep 25 1992Best buy active subwoofers?
3495.06MPGS::MICHAUDFri Sep 25 1992Audio/electronic show Bayside??
3496.01--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 28 1992Need speakers repaired!
3497.06YAMS::CARDUNERMon Sep 28 1992"walkman" recorder experience wanted
3498.02HALITA::RUPEREZWed Sep 30 1992FAX number of AUDIO mag.
3499.0411SRUS::HUDSONFri Oct 02 1992Kenwood carousel CD player with problems!
3501.026ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Oct 05 1992Jitter.
3502.011ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Oct 05 1992Beyond Audio?
3503.02RICKS::ROSTWed Oct 07 1992High Fidelity House (Worcester, MA dealer)
3504.02NZOMIS::MARTINThu Oct 08 1992B&W DM2
3505.0+11AIDEV::HOLLANDThu Oct 08 1992Car speaker questions
3506.07YAMS::BASLIN::RYANFri Oct 09 1992Car deck installation problem
3507.030UNYEM::FEBUSJSat Oct 10 1992Which DAT to choose?
3508.01VNABRW::ENGEL_WSun Oct 11 1992Glass Mount Tweeter for car !?
3509.06SPESHR::WCLARKSun Oct 11 1992Moving coil phono cartridge load impedance
3510.020SMEGIT::MILNEMon Oct 12 1992Speaker Buzz Problem
3511.01DELNI::MCGORRILLMon Oct 12 1992Stepp Audio Tech - surrounds
3512.03SMEGIT::MILNETue Oct 13 1992High Quality Switch
3513.02DEBUG::GALLOWed Oct 14 1992Service needed on SAE amplifier
3514.05HTSC19::SIMONLAUThu Oct 15 1992Mission 762 speakers with Cyrus II.
3515.025CTHQ1::DELUCOThu Oct 15 1992Microphone to Camcorder Configurations
3516.04HTSC19::SIMONLAUFri Oct 16 1992QUAD 34/4
3517.05PNEUMA::WOODBURNMon Oct 19 1992Large Advent Reissued
3518.0SALEM::HOULEMon Oct 19 1992Reputable AIWA repair person??
3519.028AKOCOA::HADNEYWed Oct 21 1992Audio Open House
3520.03AKOCOA::DROMANOThu Oct 22 1992Smaller speakers for rear channels
3521.03ZPOVC::JUSTINWed Oct 28 1992SAE spares needed
3523.01SNAX::THILBERTFri Oct 30 199215 TO 7 1/2 " DUB
3524.02VMSMKT::NASDOS::Gary LightTue Nov 03 1992Audio trouble-shooting
3525.05AKOCOA::PORCIELLOWed Nov 04 1992Problem with DENON CD player
3526.01ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Nov 06 1992Mach I Acoustics?
3527.03SPESHR::MALONEYWed Nov 11 1992EV_Patricians
3528.02TIS::GRUHNWed Nov 11 1992What is/was a Stereotech 12
3529.01BBIVSat Nov 14 1992tandberg spool system
3530.01BAHTAT::SALLITTTue Nov 17 1992Pro question
3531.01UFHIS::JMASLENTue Nov 17 1992Meridian CD-R question?
3532.028NINFA::RUPEREZTue Nov 17 1992Pre-echo from turntable
3533.010CSOA1::LENNIGTue Nov 17 1992Need a new midrange/tweeter amp
3535.09FDCV25::FORDThu Nov 19 1992California Audio CD players?
3536.012HALFDM::NUCKLESThu Nov 19 1992triode tube operation??
3537.0NEMAIL::MERCIERTue Nov 24 1992Sony STR-D79
3538.04OSLTue Nov 24 1992Do I need software for a DAT?
3539.07KRELL1::SNYDERMon Nov 30 1992Another hum problem
3540.05QBUS::T_ROCCAMon Nov 30 1992surround from TV?
3541.021AIDEV::HOLLANDTue Dec 01 1992Removable faceplates for car stereos
3542.0CTOAVX::JLAWRENCETue Dec 01 1992D/A Convertor Reviews
3543.010THUD::DELANEYTue Dec 08 1992If you had $15
3544.05CSOA1::LENNIGTue Dec 08 1992inexpensive cassette decks?
3545.06MRKTNG::MILNEWed Dec 09 1992Soldering RCA Connectors
3546.08DWOVAX::ROSENBERGWed Dec 09 1992Recommendations: New CAR CD/Tuner system
3547.0COMICS::GLEDHILLThu Dec 10 1992Info on JBl T545 car speakers please.
3548.06NIOMAX::LAINGThu Dec 10 1992Hsu Research SUBWOOFERS?
3549.05UFHIS::JMASLENFri Dec 11 1992Blown Magnapan tweeter-help please!
3550.06CSOA1::LENNIGFri Dec 11 1992Digital Cable Radio/Digital Music Express
3551.08VAXWRK::OXENBERGMon Dec 14 1992LWE Speakers
3552.024CTOAVX::JLAWRENCEWed Dec 16 1992They shot us all...
3553.06ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Dec 17 1992Network available Audio Software
3554.051SPESHR::WCLARKFri Dec 18 1992Buffered preamps and buffers topic
3555.01SUBPAC::MAGGARDFri Dec 18 1992DAT: professional/consumer formats
3556.02VAXWRK::OXENBERGMon Dec 21 1992sluggish reel-to-reel
3557.0SNAX::THILBERTSat Dec 26 1992Small portable with cassette deck
3558.04AKOFIN::ROCHEMon Dec 28 1992unfinished speakers
3559.028DECWIN::TRNADO::BREAUTue Dec 29 1992Surround sound, Yamaha RX-V1
3560.01LIOSMon Jan 04 1993Re-Cover DCM Time Frame 5
3561.01HALFDM::NUCKLESMon Jan 04 1993TAS questions
3562.011MELODY::QUISTGTue Jan 05 19933
3563.04HPSRAD::RENEWed Jan 06 1993Jensen car audio decks
3564.01TIS::GRUHNWed Jan 06 1993Test CD-2
3565.030ROWLET::AINSLEYWed Jan 06 1993CD Clubs
3566.012GLDOA::DLAVALLEYMon Jan 11 1993Building Speakers From A Kit
3567.02ROCK::FROMMWed Jan 13 1993how do i service/adjust my analog tape decks?
3568.02CSCMA::J_CLARKThu Jan 14 1993Looking for better multidisc player..
3570.05ROCK::ANDERSONFri Jan 15 1993Low-end Sony portable CD player skipping
3571.07NOHOST::LEVINFri Jan 15 1993Digital-out (optical) CD player wanted
3572.031AIMHI::CANELASMon Jan 18 1993Vertical Bi-Amping?
3573.0TIS::GRUHNMon Jan 18 1993East meets West
3574.03AKOCOA::GLANTZMon Jan 18 1993Why Do I Hear the Music Before I Hear the Music?
3575.01VAXWRK::OXENBERGTue Jan 19 1993looping cd player
3576.012ZYDECO::MCABEETue Jan 19 1993A sensitive tuner
3577.06MRKTNG::PINCOMBWed Jan 20 1993Yet ANOTHER Speaker Wire Question
3578.02LARVAE::IVES_JThu Jan 21 1993Horn Loaded Info needed
3579.03LEDS::KELLYThu Jan 21 19933-Head Cassette Deck wanted
3580.02COMET::LYNCHEThu Jan 21 1993Sony's MiniDisc format
3581.08HALFDM::NUCKLESMon Jan 25 1993harmonic distortion in preamps?
3582.012MIMS::CRISAFULLI_CTue Jan 26 1993Unhappy Camper
3583.046SPECXN::MUNNSTue Jan 26 1993Choosing Audiophile Quality CD's
3584.012LISVAX::NUNES_RWed Jan 27 1993Solder resin=sound degrade ??
3585.05PMRV7Wed Jan 27 1993Sony box recording problem
3586.04UFHIS::JMASLENThu Jan 28 1993ENLIGHTENED AUDIO DESIGNS reviews please?
3587.07CALL::GUARINOFri Jan 29 1993Luxman and JS Audio opinions
3588.01MCIS5::GOODENOWSun Jan 31 1993Looking for dealer of used equip
3591.01TROOPR::DALESSANDROMon Feb 01 1993Acoustic Wave for Sale
3592.0ASDS::WELCHMon Feb 01 1993Surround Power Amps (recommendations?)
3593.018LISVAX::NUNES_RTue Feb 02 1993power amp. power supply
3594.02TAMARA::BISWASTue Feb 02 1993CD-Laser Combi player questions
3595.04WOTVAX::MEAKINSWed Feb 03 1993Old Colony
3596.02ODIXIE::WATSONPHWed Feb 03 1993YAMAHA phone number?
3597.0KAOTWed Feb 03 1993Maplenoll pointer Please
3598.020MOEUR2::CHRISTIANThu Feb 04 1993Amps using VT3
3599.03UNYEM::SCOBLICKSat Feb 06 1993Front End Overload?
3600.09TECRUS::ROSTMon Feb 08 1993C-1
3601.0ASDG::RJONESWed Feb 10 1993Problem with LXI amplifier selection switch
3602.01LJOHUB::MORRISWed Feb 10 1993Any inpInputs(or outputs)on AVA phase inverter CKT?
3603.06HALFDM::NUCKLESWed Feb 10 1993Atma-Sphere equipment
3604.02KAOTMon Feb 15 1993Pad the volume down
3606.01NOHOST::LEVINMon Feb 22 1993Audire amps?
3607.01TAMARA::BISWASTue Feb 23 1993Mid-range speaker suggestion
3608.02BAHTAT::HILTONTue Feb 23 1993ADC Speakers
3609.016BAHTAT::HILTONWed Feb 24 1993New Speakers - Where do I start?
3610.0UFHIS::JMASLENThu Feb 25 1993Shahinian speaker reviews please?
3611.03ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Feb 25 1993Glass Audio Magazine.
3612.015CHEEKO::ROBINSONTue Mar 02 1993The future of home DAT decks
3613.01ASDG::ADAVISFri Mar 05 1993HELP! Car alarm problem...
3614.0ROMMon Mar 08 19935-1
3615.034ZENDIA::FERGUSONMon Mar 08 1993Quality AMP needed for a car stereo system
3616.027SASE::BUTTIGLIERIMon Mar 08 1993Help fixing CD player, pooping noise in L channel
3617.011PCOJCT::DELEONMon Mar 15 1993high end speakers/electostatics
3618.08MACROW::RAOMon Mar 15 1993Problem with NAD 7
3619.06SWAM2::SEIDMAN_ERMon Mar 15 1993'93 Stereophile Show in S.F.
3620.010TAMARA::BISWASTue Mar 16 1993What's the real price?
3621.05SA1794::BOILARDTWed Mar 17 1993MINI-CD external control
3622.09RPSTRY::WEBBERThu Mar 18 1993CI cable as Interconnects?
3623.0CSCMA::J_CLARKFri Mar 19 1993Looking for Superdisc list
3624.04KALKI::LANGSun Mar 21 1993DAT tape cart. question
3625.01AIMHI::DECARTERETSun Mar 21 1993Can CD player be used as CDROM?
3626.05STAR::TRNADO::BREAUTue Mar 23 1993Speaker interference with TVs
3627.07SWAM2::SEIDMAN_ERTue Mar 23 1993Positive Feedback
3628.07VLNVAX::TSMITHThu Apr 01 1993Wiring 4 speakers to a 2 channel truck stereo.
3630.03CALDEC::NUCKLESFri Apr 02 1993why certain cutoff frequencies are chosen?
3631.03ENABLE::glantzFri Apr 02 1993world's toughest speaker critic praises Bose 9
3632.0EZ2GET::STEWARTTue Apr 06 1993I know this is AUDIO, but this really is an audio problem
3633.023--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 07 1993MTX info. please?
3634.02STOWOA::HOWERTONMon Apr 12 1993High End Shops in Bay Area
3635.08BSS::STPALY::J_KUHNMon Apr 12 1993BOSE 1
3638.019JUPITR::HILDEBRANTThu Apr 15 1993What Speaker System For Low Power Tube Amps?
3640.04CGOOA::CHANThu Apr 15 1993Audiomart
3641.02SNAX::THILBERTFri Apr 16 19933 or 4" VU Meters
3642.03PCOJCT::DELEONTue Apr 20 1993Consolidation of components
3643.07STRATA::BROOMFIELDTue Apr 20 1993Digital iterconnect.
3644.07MINOTS::CAIAZZIWed Apr 21 1993System for a Toyota 4x4?
3646.08MPGS::MICHAUDThu Apr 22 1993Dear moderator 'For Sale' note...
3647.02DCEIDL::CLARKThu Apr 22 1993Philips Customer Service -- an amazing story
3648.09CSLALL::GKOPPSFri Apr 23 1993Car audio connections
3649.01MRKTNG::MILNEMon Apr 26 1993Benefits of Clean Power Supply
3650.02SMURF::CORCORANFri Apr 30 1993Pentacord driver information needed
3651.08MRKTNG::WASDYKEFri Apr 30 1993Building a headphone amp - need a good design
3652.015CANON::HARTFri Apr 30 1993VandenHul Carbon Fiber Interconnects
3653.09ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIWed May 05 1993On building a "Synthesized Bandpass" Subwoofer.
3654.03ZENDIA::FERGUSONTue May 11 1993NAK TA2A rec'r randomly powering itself off
3655.010KRELL1::SNYDERThu May 13 1993Classe Audio
3656.09DEMING::WETHERELLTue May 18 1993Marantz equipment problems.
3657.03VAXWRK::SWARDTue May 18 1993Audio Classics
3658.0GJOWed May 19 1993Label Printing Software
3659.020BRYAN::ARCHERThu May 20 1993Amp's always on!
3660.02TAPE::LKLMon May 24 1993My Sony receiver problem.
3661.05ISEQ::JSMYTHThu May 27 1993Amplifer o/p question?
3662.07AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LThu May 27 1993getting some form of distortion when recording vocals
3663.04ROMMon May 31 1993Hafler prices in USA?
3664.036SWAM2::WOYAK_JITue Jun 01 1993Transparent Cable
3665.03CALDEC::NUCKLESTue Jun 01 1993Audiostatic speakers
3666.06NYEM1::DELEONThu Jun 03 1993hissing noise from amp
3667.02TIS::GRUHNThu Jun 10 1993Signet 5Ea cartridge?
3669.02HDECAD::WALTONFri Jun 11 1993Information wanted on Wire Recorder/Players
3670.07GAUSS::BRANDENBERGFri Jun 11 1993Recommendation: recording in the wild
3671.01ZURMon Jun 14 1993Help on SOUNDSTREAM amp.
3672.06DISCOS::KALEESWARANTue Jun 15 1993Skips on a CD player
3673.07SWAM2::SEIDMAN_ERTue Jun 15 1993Study on 5 month olds
3674.022CALDEC::SUCHMATue Jun 15 1993Mail Order Car Stereo Dealers?
3675.012ASDG::SBILLThu Jun 17 1993Adapter for RCA to "Clip type(?)"
3676.014CSSE::MERCIERMon Jun 21 1993Entry Level System Trade-offs
3677.017WOTVAX::MEAKINSTue Jun 22 1993Dynamic Range reduction
3678.0MOEUR2::CHRISTIANTue Jun 22 1993Mac Intoch Typical Prices
3679.01AKOCOA::HADNEYTue Jun 22 1993CD Indexing - ??
3680.01CALDEC::NUCKLESWed Jun 23 1993Soundlabs speakers
3681.04HKGACT::CHAKLEEMon Jun 28 1993Good bye, friends
3682.04SDOGUS::MORINTue Jun 29 1993Dynamat for Car Damping
3683.08BAHTAT::SALLITTWed Jun 30 1993Dealer question
3684.01RANGER::OLSONWed Jun 30 1993Rectilinear II speakers
3686.08EMDS::OWENThu Jul 01 1993Speakers (Near, Mirage, Vandersteen, etc...)
3687.01DCEIDL::CLARKFri Jul 02 1993"Matched" speakers for surround sound
3688.018CALDEC::NUCKLESTue Jul 06 1993interconnect question
3689.015CALDEC::NUCKLESTue Jul 06 1993Paragon Speakers - evaluations?
3691.0POWDML::BERNARDThu Jul 08 1993Nakamichi info please!
3692.03ZURSun Jul 11 1993help on AVI
3693.077AKOCOA::HADNEYTue Jul 13 1993** AUDIO BBQ II **
3694.06TAPE::LKLMon Jul 19 1993SONY portable CD adapter jack problem
3695.09EST::BOURDESSTue Jul 20 1993CD player problems
3699.02CALDEC::NUCKLESWed Jul 28 1993kimber kable at a discount?
3700.02BRSTR2::SYSMANThu Jul 29 1993akai/technics/pioneer cd?
3701.06--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 03 1993Employee Interest Notesfile in danger (again)
3702.07RANGER::WESTERVELTWed Aug 04 1993Walkman & AC/DC adapter
3703.05ATSE::VMILLERThu Aug 05 1993Farewell...
3704.01DISCOS::KALEESWARANFri Aug 06 1993Weird behavior of the CD player
3705.04NWDSat Aug 07 1993Intermittent Fuzzy Noise (Bad Cables?)
3706.01TAPE::LKLTue Aug 10 1993The AUDIO on my phone doesn't work.
3707.015LARVAE::IVES_JWed Aug 11 1993TUBE coolers
3708.06BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Aug 11 1993Sony CD changer for the car
3709.02QUARK::LIONELFri Aug 13 1993Tech Hi-Fi in Nashua going out of business
3710.013UNYEM::FEBUSJFri Aug 13 19934 ohm speakers, 8 ohm output?
3711.02FSCORE::KAYEThu Aug 19 1993update of the conference directories
3712.01CTHQ::LANGLOISTue Aug 24 1993Faded display on Panasonic car stereo
3713.0MINNY::SCHUMACHERFri Aug 27 1993Infinity Kappa *.i Prices ?
3714.03LEDDEV::CHAKMAKJIANTue Aug 31 1993A story to start a discussion...
3715.01EST::ENGWed Sep 01 19931 bit DAC?
3716.0HGOVC::JAMESTSANGThu Sep 02 1993Matisse
3717.02SMURF::LONGOThu Sep 02 1993Need advice: professional car audio installation
3718.0511SRUS::DELBALSOTue Sep 07 1993Cassette stuck in Delco player. Help?
3719.013TROIKA::BAKALETZTue Sep 07 1993Help Euro Standards
3720.017CTHQ::LANGLOISFri Sep 10 1993Pro-Logic receiver recommendation?
3722.03KAOFS::M_COTEThu Sep 16 1993Quicksilver Amplifiers
3723.0CALDEC::NUCKLESThu Sep 16 1993Spectral Preamp Opinions
3724.08WMOIS::PHELPS_MFri Sep 17 1993Truck Equalizer/Booster advice needed
3725.03SMAUG::MCGORRILLSat Sep 18 1993vaxwrk going?
3727.06SPECXN::MUNNSTue Sep 28 1993In the mood ...
3729.06CTHQ::REILLYMon Oct 04 1993CAR CD CHANGER ????.
3730.0+38CALDEC::NUCKLESMon Oct 04 1993interconnects and impedence matching - part II
3731.01MSDOA::REEDTue Oct 12 1993Difference between JVC/Pioneer COMPU-LINK systems
3732.06NIOMAX::LAINGWed Oct 13 1993Time-Shifting audio recording?
3733.02CTHQ::LANGLOISFri Oct 15 1993Pioneer receiver causing speaker "whine"
3735.09DELNI::WOODBURNMon Oct 18 1993amp hum from video
3736.011CALDEC::NUCKLESMon Oct 18 1993homemade isolation bases
3737.05--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 18 1993Auto Power Booster Wiring - Need Help
3738.0SMURF::HARDINGTue Oct 19 1993re: 3737 The Booster is Dead
3739.07ODIXIE::CERASOTue Oct 19 1993Amps,Apogee,Alabama
3740.05CAPNET::WCLARKWed Oct 20 1993Digital Audio Interface standards/specifications
3741.0MIZZEN::DEMERSThu Oct 21 1993Wanted: Sony STRAV91
3742.04EASEW9::BRADSHAWThu Oct 21 1993CD Player - Digital Output ..
3743.0ANGLIN::THOMPSONPFri Oct 22 1993Musical Design CD One
3744.04RDGENG::FRYMon Oct 25 1993Cheapest/Best Linn LP12 upgrade!
3745.011AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LMon Oct 25 1993Turntable/cartridge advice?
3746.03ADISSW::SMYTHMon Oct 25 1993Can I better RRP at the high end
3747.011SUNNIE::GOWTue Oct 26 1993Buzz in Car Audio
3749.010TAMRC::LAURENTTue Oct 26 1993How to use phantom power
3750.06SAHQ::LUBERThu Oct 28 1993Sony Receiver -- how the #$*(@# do you use it?
3751.01SAHQ::LUBERFri Oct 29 1993Kilpsch speaker question
3752.03POLAR::BOWIESat Oct 30 1993AMP plays only MONO.
3753.01MRKTNG::WASDYKEMon Nov 01 1993How to stabilize audio shelf?
3754.01PRLUDE::FRANCISTue Nov 02 1993Yamaha, schematic and parts wanted.
3755.0SAHQ::LUBERTue Nov 02 1993Preventative for speaker foam rot
3756.0ERLANG::SEGOOLWed Nov 03 1993Problem with NAD 17
3757.01NSTG::BABINEAU_NFri Nov 05 1993Car CD player problem
3758.01LEDDEV::DELMONICOMon Nov 08 1993New Sony 1
3759.04SKYE::MAURERMon Nov 08 1993MM Cartridge Advice needed
3760.05DVOPAS::MARSHL::malkoskiMon Nov 08 1993Cable Experiment
3761.07TLE::PERIQUETMon Nov 08 1993Looking for stereo wire clips
3762.01SWAM1::MEUSE_DAMon Nov 08 1993Pioneer CT-4 Home Cassette Problem
3763.015POLAR::LOWTue Nov 09 1993CD player not recognizing disc
3764.02ADISSW::SMYTHTue Nov 09 1993Blank MiniDisc prices?
3765.04RDVAX::BREEDINGMon Nov 15 1993answers to frequently answered questions
3766.07QUARK::LIONELMon Nov 15 1993Headphones with volume limiter
3767.03LEDS::ORSIWed Nov 17 1993WANTED: Schematic for Class A Power Amp
3768.010ASIC::PATSISThu Nov 18 1993Dynaco PAS Pre Amp Problem
3769.03TFH::MAHENDRAThu Nov 18 1993Wall mounted speakers
3770.010CALDEC::NUCKLESThu Nov 18 1993Theta CD and D/A topic
3771.0CALDEC::NUCKLESFri Nov 19 1993WADIA topic
3772.0WEORG::GILLISMon Nov 22 1993Car CD player skipping/"rapping" Heat-related problem?
3773.08TOPPER::ESMITHMon Nov 29 1993Graham tonearm dealer info needed ?
3774.02CPDW::LACAIREMon Nov 29 1993LP repair
3775.07HGOVC::JAMESTSANGMon Nov 29 1993Tube Amp repair advice needed
3776.03CANON::HARTWed Dec 01 1993Synergistic Research Cables
3777.08CHEFS::TAFF::WobThu Dec 02 1993Getting a line level output from speaker wires
3778.02SKYE::MAURERFri Dec 03 1993Howard Stern ?
3779.04GIAMEM::HOVEYMon Dec 06 1993GM cassette problem
3780.011HOCUS::KCARPENTERMon Dec 06 1993Any jukebox CD experience?
3781.05ENABLE::glantzThu Dec 09 1993small enclosures for 15" woofers?
3782.07MRKTNG::WASDYKEThu Dec 09 1993Aragon electronics
3783.019NAMSTE::PATELThu Dec 09 1993Need OPinions on Speakers
3784.09BOBSBX::QUINLANMon Dec 13 1993mini-stereo system recommendations
3785.0+32HUMAN::AVERYWed Dec 15 1993Headphone Suggestions, please
3786.03CSLALL::GKOPPSThu Dec 16 1993whole house system!!!
3787.0ROMOIS::MASSONEFri Dec 17 1993tape prices
3788.01SMURF::CORCORANFri Dec 17 1993Stereo shops in the Montreal area?
3789.015AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LThu Dec 23 1993Copying Dat to Analog???
3790.012ASDG::SBILLThu Dec 30 1993CSW retail outlet...
3791.015TUXEDO::BLOUNTMon Jan 03 1994Should I scrap old equipment?
3792.02ENABLE::glantzMon Jan 03 1994Job opening in NYC
3793.09AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LTue Jan 04 199412
3794.014SAKE::YAUThu Jan 06 1994Places to buy equipment racks?
3795.03HGODC1::NICHOLASHOThu Jan 06 1994MF A1
3796.02SWAM2::WOYAK_JIMon Jan 17 1994Enet for Sanders
3797.06--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 20 1994SYSTEM UPGRAGE -- ADVISE
3798.014ODIXIE::SNYDERDThu Jan 20 1994CD Players < $1
3799.015ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Jan 25 1994Verticle dipole stack? - Or not?
3800.01SAKE::YAUWed Jan 26 1994Small dent in the tweeter dome
3801.02IAMOK::RYANWed Jan 26 1994NAD 26
3802.0MOEUR2::CHRISTIANThu Jan 27 1994Low speaker Shop in NY ?
3803.017TAVIS::MAURICEThu Jan 27 1994Micro HI-FI best in class
3804.022DVOPAS::MARSHL::malkoskiTue Feb 01 1994Are Record Player Worth It?
3805.04TPSYS::LAINGWed Feb 02 1994CD remote - unusual need
3806.04COOKIE::MUNNSWed Feb 02 1994RICH analog sound
3807.05TOOK::HADNEYFri Feb 04 1994Rotel Amp Design
3808.012CPDW::LACAIREFri Feb 04 1994Tuning Dots
3809.043CAPNET::WCLARKFri Feb 04 1994Tuning devices
3810.03--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 07 1994Stereo Receivers,Speakers & record Changers
3811.014POLAR::STOODLEYMon Feb 07 1994Buying a receiver/amp, spkrs
3812.02QCAVTue Feb 08 1994Any feedback on STK459 AUDIO IC?
3813.0UNYEM::MCNALLTWed Feb 09 1994KEF 1
3814.04SWAM2::WOYAK_JIWed Feb 09 1994subs/Home Theater or Music.??
3815.01TROOA::BARTLETTThu Feb 10 1994CANUCK's final logoff
3816.01397Mon Feb 14 1994Aud. Illusions PreAmp
3817.011COOKIE::MUNNSTue Feb 15 1994DG's New 4D Technology
3818.03MRKTNG::WASDYKEThu Feb 17 1994High pass filter - help needed
3819.0VMSDEV::DINESHThu Feb 17 1994NAD 3225PE Amp For Immediate Sale
3820.0938782::MENTALFri Feb 18 1994Recommendations on in-dash CD player?
3821.01QETOO::BASQUEFri Feb 18 1994Purchasing new equipment
3822.019QCAVTue Feb 22 1994Tweeters that don't tweet.
3823.09BOOKIE::HARRISONWed Feb 23 1994Power amp problem..
3825.0BASLG1::BURNLEYFri Feb 25 1994Second Hand Stores in Vegas?
3826.060CAPNET::WCLARKFri Feb 25 1994Mobile Fidelity Ultradisk II..... Muddy Waters
3827.02WMNIST::TILLERYFri Feb 25 1994Surround sound - input requested
3828.0QCAVMon Feb 28 1994Please reply to 3822
3829.04AIPLAN::SBILLWed Mar 02 1994AUTO PRO-LOGIC?
3830.09QUARK::LIONELFri Mar 04 1994Audio Alchemy DAC-in-the-box
3831.08QCAVMon Mar 07 1994Formula for low-pass passive filter?
3832.06GIAMEM::HOVEYTue Mar 08 1994Port. CD/Speakers problems
3833.05AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LTue Mar 08 1994Are home dats being phased out?
3834.09BASLG1::BURNLEYThu Mar 10 1994Power Amp Supplies
3835.0ZURMon Mar 14 1994Looking for a DAC
3836.02MRKTNG::WASDYKEMon Mar 14 1994Tube/hybird amplifiers - Moscode 6
3837.037CALDEC::NUCKLESMon Mar 14 1994Power Conditioners - base note
3840.01MRKTNG::WASDYKEFri Mar 18 1994Source for quality RCA connectors?
3841.013AIMHI::BOWLESMon Mar 21 1994Books On Tape (for the blind)
3842.09AIPLAN::SBILLTue Mar 22 1994Satellite speaker stand ideas?
3843.05USCTR1::BJORGENSENWed Mar 23 1994Bose Corporation
3844.08TAMRC::LAURENTFri Mar 25 1994Poor man's phono preamp
3845.019547Mon Mar 28 1994DCC, DAT, Minidisk or VHS HiFi ?
3846.010LANDO::CHEWMon Mar 28 1994Sub-woofer/sat: Cambridge SW?
3848.010SWAM2::WOYAK_JIThu Mar 31 1994Jeff Rowland
3849.0ODIXIE::MLONGFri Apr 01 1994Fiber Cable Differences?
3850.04TLE::NOVAKMon Apr 04 1994Natural Sound or comparible in Nashua, NH
3852.019E::EVANSTue Apr 05 1994To Fan or Not To Fan
3853.07ROMMon Apr 11 1994High Definition CD (HDCD)
3854.05DVOPAS::MARSHL::malkoskiThu Apr 14 1994ARC LS2 a Real Bargin?
3855.057397Fri Apr 15 1994XLO/Sheffield Test & Burn In Disc
3856.02TLE::NOVAKThu Apr 21 1994CD player, power on/off
3857.0BSS::PONDMon May 02 1994help Onkyo cassette rec
3859.03ZENDIA::FERGUSONTue May 03 1994Pinout for SONY AM-FM in-dash CD unit?
3860.0CAPNET::WCLARKTue May 03 1994ET2 pick-up arm info
3861.0CALDEC::NUCKLESTue May 03 1994Spectral SDR 2
3862.07TIS::GRUHNTue May 03 1994Noise question
3863.02SSPADE::ZANZERKIATue May 03 1994Roland D-1
3864.012WMNIST::TILLERYWed May 04 1994Linear Phase Speakers for sale
3865.08SUBURB::POWELLMTue May 17 1994 DCC and MD "DOA," long live DAT?
3866.0LANDO::PTAKTue May 17 1994Yamaha Home Theater (surround sound system)
3867.0SWAM2::WOYAK_JIMon May 23 1994Headroom
3868.03CANON::HARTTue May 24 1994Velodyne Full-Range Loudspeakers
3869.02SOLVIT::GULDENSTERNThu May 26 1994Audio Engineering Career Help
3870.03EVOAI2::NGUYEN_GFri Jun 03 1994HAFLER/ONKYO/NAD PwAMP Advice request
3872.0WRKSYS::REISERTMon Jun 06 1994Looking for Denon HD8 75 minute cassette tapes
3873.010AKOCOA::MINEZZITue Jun 07 1994Acoustic Response?
3874.029CPDW::LACAIRETue Jun 07 1994RS Optimus 34
3875.012JUPITR::HILDEBRANTThu Jun 09 1994Yet Another Good Bye!
3876.07DOCTP::BRADFORDThu Jun 09 1994How to ground a car audio system?
3877.05PLUGUG::LAVALLEYFri Jun 10 1994Is there such an animal???
3878.02TIS::GRUHNMon Jun 13 1994AmpHours for 9 volt battery?
3879.09TIS::GRUHNMon Jun 13 1994Another one bites the dust.
3880.05SWAM2::WOYAK_JIMon Jun 13 1994another one gone
3882.03ROMEOS::HARRIS_MATue Jun 14 1994Looking for AKAI cassette deck belt. Phone number?
3883.09DANGER::CHRYSOSTue Jun 14 1994Mirage Vs. Boston Acoustics
3884.05VLS6::ZAHORAFri Jun 17 1994RDL Acoustics speaker placement program
3885.08MUGGER::PICKTHALLMon Jun 20 1994Wanted : portable recorder recommendations
3886.01OSLMon Jun 27 1994Anti shock CD player is skipping without getting shocks?
3887.05TAVIS::MAURICETue Jun 28 1994TOP 5 Mini systems - Anyone ?
3888.04TROOA::VIAUTue Jul 05 1994Boston Acoustics out of business?
3889.02AIMHI::RGAUTSCHIWed Jul 06 1994Nakamichi Phone Needed
3890.010MRKTNG::WASDYKEMon Jul 11 1994ARC preamps LS1 vs. LS3 or SP9mkII
3891.055TYSON::KURATASat Jul 16 1994Need recommendations on car CD
3892.022TROOA::BARTLETTMon Jul 18 1994White noise generator required.
3893.04MRKTNG::WASDYKEFri Jul 22 1994FM sure has changed - used tuner suggestions
3894.02STAR::HUSSAINFri Jul 22 1994Help needed --- Cassette deck head skewed.
3895.01HGRDTue Jul 26 1994Advice for Naim set-up
3896.01CHEFS::FRYFSun Jul 31 1994Circuit diagram
3897.05WAMMEY::NUCKLESWed Aug 03 1994More questions on polarity/phase
3898.03NILPS1::WHITE_RFri Aug 05 1994Adcom 58
3899.03GRANMA::GHALSTEADThu Aug 11 1994Better AM reception
3900.0CHEFS::FRYFMon Aug 15 1994Kenwood XS protocol?
3902.01WAMMEY::NUCKLESTue Aug 16 1994Goldmund d/a converter
3903.07MQOOA::ROBINTue Aug 16 1994Yamaha RX-V87
3904.05MQOOA::ROBINWed Aug 17 1994Altec Lansign Sub-Woofer feedback ...
3905.012PERLE::glantzMon Aug 22 1994Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT)
3907.07PERLE::glantzWed Aug 24 1994humour/humor
3908.06TROOA::TRP3Fri Sep 02 1994PS Audio preamp model 7.
3909.010CSC32::J_WETHERNTue Sep 06 1994Any audio cassettes longer than C-12
3910.01ODIXIE::MURDOCKThu Sep 15 1994Schematic for sub-woofers...?!?!
3911.07QCAVMon Sep 19 1994Problem with Crackle in Car stereo
3912.013TAPE::LKLMon Sep 19 1994Do these features exist?
3913.08TROOA::SKOVHOJWed Sep 21 1994Alpine VS. Pioneer
3914.0LEDS::BURATIWed Sep 21 1994info on tape echo units
3915.06QCAVThu Sep 22 19943 way crossover - component values
3916.01ASDG::RJONESFri Sep 23 1994Cassette/radio problem in Toyota Corolla
3917.01ZPOVC::JOBCHANSat Sep 24 1994Nakamichi AV1 problem
3918.01QCAVTue Sep 27 1994How to wire a FADER for Car
3919.01ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Sep 27 1994Temporary Conference Shutdown - 9/29.
3920.03CANON::HARTMon Oct 03 1994Consonant Alloy
3921.018BASLG1::BURNLEYTue Oct 04 1994Internet?
3922.026ASDG::SBILLMon Oct 17 1994Center speaker selection...
3923.01HDECAD::MICHAUDWed Oct 26 1994Yamaha DSP question.
3924.08CHIPS::LEIBRANDTThu Oct 27 1994Sony Car Stereo/CD Changer Help Needed
3925.01ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIWed Nov 02 1994Computer CD drive Audio POOGE?
3926.010CANON::HARTWed Nov 02 1994Ruark Acoustics Question
3927.018PONDA::QUOIN::BELKINMon Nov 07 1994where to find lead shot for speaker stands?
3928.04HGOVC::JAMESTSANGFri Nov 11 1994Add Sawdust too
3929.0LEMAN::ZILIOTTISun Nov 13 1994LEXICON Pro-Logic THX decoder
3930.0UHUH::DILLBERGERTue Nov 15 1994Repairing a dbx 4bx?
3931.05APLVEW::DEBRIAEWed Nov 16 1994CD player door-opening rubber belt - or rubber band?
3932.03BSS::PONDMon Nov 21 1994?? tweeter for boston accu
3933.05TROOA::VIAUMon Nov 28 1994Info need for Bic TT
3934.083WAMMEY::NUCKLESTue Nov 29 1994Sony X-779 ES CD player Pooge
3935.014CANON::HARTWed Nov 30 1994Goertz flat cables
3937.02QCAVFri Dec 02 1994Calculations for 2-woofer enclosure
3938.03QCAVFri Dec 02 1994Playback amp circuit required
3939.02TAEC::MALLETFri Dec 02 1994Burr_Brown chips sources
3940.0ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Dec 05 1994Messages
3941.01JULIET::CABREIRA_ROMon Dec 05 1994Solid State Audio Recorder
3942.015STRATA::V_HOANGTue Dec 06 1994Surround sound set-up
3943.05FIRSC1::CECCHITue Dec 06 1994national I.C.
3944.01BASLG1::BURNLEYWed Dec 07 1994onic s
3945.07CXDOCS::HELMREICHWed Dec 07 1994Car-to-CD player adapters?
3946.01WAMMEY::NUCKLESWed Dec 07 1994Siltech Cable
3947.01WAMMEY::NUCKLESWed Dec 07 1994Coda - preamp, opinions Please
3948.05TAVWed Dec 14 1994Compact systems ...
3949.01NASENG::MUNYANSun Dec 18 1994Goodbye - Steve Munyan
3950.05MUNCH::FRANCINIMon Dec 19 1994Dolby Cassette -> DAT -> CD-Recordable? Doable?
3951.04HELIX::THISSELLMon Dec 19 1994Help with audio on new VCR
3952.04CANON::HARTThu Dec 22 1994Tara Labs Cables
3953.01HGRDFri Dec 30 1994Musical Fidelity pre-Amp/power-Amp
3954.04WAMMEY::NUCKLESTue Jan 03 1995Accuphase products
3955.0WAMMEY::NUCKLESTue Jan 03 1995Audio Dealer - the private line
3957.044CADSYS::SHEPARDThu Jan 05 1995Maturity of the Home Theatre market
3958.02WAMMEY::NUCKLESFri Jan 06 1995chuckle, chuckle ....
3959.011CSOA1::LEECHWed Jan 11 1995Small mains, subwoofers and crossover points...
3960.020CAPNET::GIBIN::WCLARKThu Jan 12 19952
3961.0DNEAST::GOULD_RYANFri Jan 13 1995Atlantic Technology Pattern 1
3962.013AUSSIE::SULLIVANSat Jan 14 1995Noise problem with Philips AK621 CD player
3963.010CADSYS::SHEPARDSat Jan 21 1995High End CD player replacement needed
3964.06QCAVMon Jan 23 1995Help required on Sub-woofer design
3965.012SMURF::SCOTTTue Jan 24 1995Bose Wave radio?
3966.013Tue Jan 31 1995Adcom or Yamaha Pro-Logic (upgrade or start over?)
3967.01ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Feb 02 1995Radio Shacks's Lineaum(r)-design speakers.
3968.01WARS::JERZYNSKIFri Feb 03 1995Pls. comment on DALI-85
3969.01TAEC::MALLETMon Feb 06 1995Acro 2A3 amplifier. Thanks to Kewin Ballast
3970.06STAR::TRNADO::BREAUMon Feb 06 1995mid-priced speaker recommendations
3972.011CANON::HARTTue Feb 07 1995LAT International
3973.03TROOA::BARTLETTTue Feb 07 1995Battery powered phone preamp - build vs. buy?
3974.04POLAR::THIMOTThu Feb 09 1995Clements Speakers??
3975.05MSAMMon Feb 13 1995Preamp /threshold
3976.01AMCUCS::NUCKLESTue Feb 14 1995Pooge for Marrantz CD 63
3978.09EZ2GET::STEWARTThu Feb 16 1995 David Haffler DH-5
3979.08BAHTAT::HALLAMon Feb 20 1995Oh no not more speakers!
3980.01WARS::JERZYNSKITue Feb 21 1995Philips CD-951 review ?
3981.04SAWA::JERZYNSKIFri Feb 24 19951
3982.01VMSNET::N_WILKINSONFri Feb 24 1995Denon AVR 25
3983.0AMCUCS::NUCKLESTue Feb 28 1995Making balanced interconnect cable
3984.07KIDVAX::GWHITEMon Mar 06 1995Need directions to cookin
3986.07SMURF::HARDINGWed Mar 08 1995Speaker wiring question
3987.05KIDVAX::GWHITEFri Mar 10 1995Questions on components and Speakers
3988.04MEOMCS::CARAPELLOTTIThu Mar 16 1995Amp, class a, kit required.
3989.02BOOGIE::TAYLORFri Mar 24 1995Tweeter Etc. - Salem NH
3990.011LUDWIG::V_HOANGMon Mar 27 1995Buying new speakers!!
3991.01CALDEC::NUCKLESMon Mar 27 1995Nelson Pass
3992.0COOKIE::MUNNSFri Mar 31 1995Audio-cloak Tweak
3993.08BAHTAT::HILTONWed Apr 05 1995Amp causes speakers to pop
3994.02CALDEC::NUCKLESFri Apr 07 1995Single ended designs
3995.020ASIC::WASKOTue Apr 11 1995Directional cables?
3996.02GANTRY::HULLWed Apr 12 1995video problem
3997.08WARS::JERZYNSKIThu Apr 13 1995Ethernet cable interconnects ?
3998.03NCMAIL::SOFIASun Apr 16 1995Hafler P-225
3999.0CSC32::B_GABLEFri Apr 21 1995Harman Kardan system for $5
4000.0MEOMCS::CARAPELLOTTIWed Apr 26 1995Need some info from Audio magazine.
4001.02WARS::JERZYNSKIFri May 12 1995Upside-down loading cd (Pioneer)
4002.08MKOTS1::WAITTFri May 12 1995Audison vs Alpine Any comments?
4003.012JUMP4::JOYFri May 12 1995Sony 5 CD carousel player has died
4004.02AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LMon May 15 1995playing Dat tapes on different machines?
4005.0WARS::JERZYNSKIWed May 17 1995floppy/SCSI flat speaker cable ?
4006.018LUDWIG::BARBIERIWed May 17 1995Looking for Suggestions for Buying A Cassette Deck
4007.03CONSLT::OWENMon May 22 1995Adcom GSP-56
4008.0SAWA::JERZYNSKIWed May 24 1995Pioneer 7
4009.06LEMAN::SIMPSONThu Jun 01 1995Pacific Microsonics
4010.01OSLThu Jun 01 1995Schematics for amplifier??
4011.0PASTA::DEMERSTue Jun 13 1995Battery pack needed for Sony D4 Portable CD Player
4012.05RICKS::CHRYSOSThu Jun 15 1995Completely new system shopping
4013.02COOKIE::MUNNSThu Jun 15 1995Removing boomy bass in new setup
4014.05DKAS::SPIELMANWed Jun 21 1995Satellite vs Tower Speakers
4015.02SSRHQ::MICALIMon Jun 26 1995Help - Audio Amateur issues!
4016.03SALEM::PHELPS_MTue Jun 27 1995Used Carver CD player - How much ??
4017.02CANON::HARTFri Jun 30 1995Another Good-Bye
4018.02ZEKE::MEMBRINOFri Jul 07 1995Help with crossover identification needed.
4019.0BSS::MESSAGEMon Jul 10 1995'Nother Bye Bye
4020.0ZURFri Jul 14 1995Source for Stax parts wanted
4021.04PCBUOA::ANGELONETue Jul 18 1995KHT speakers
4022.012SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Jul 20 1995Watts/Decibles/nuclear sirens?
4023.03MEMIT::BATORThu Jul 20 1995BOSE Outlet Store in Kittery
4024.0FCCVDE::SHERWOODMon Jul 24 1995Miscellaneous audio equip. for sale
4025.05RICKS::CHRYSOSThu Jul 27 1995Recordings
4026.01BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Aug 02 1995AUDIO losing track of time??
4027.011POBOX::LAMFri Aug 11 1995NHT VT2s speaker opinion needed
4028.07NETRIX::"jenkins@wrksys.enet.com"Fri Sep 01 1995Alpine V12 Amps
4029.02ZPOVC::MIKEYUNTue Sep 05 1995DIY tube amp ?
4030.04CALDEC::NUCKLESThu Sep 07 1995Single ended amps - triode & mosfet
4031.04IRPCFri Sep 08 1995Wrestling Where Are You
4032.06YOUNG::YOUNGMon Sep 11 1995Need replacement speakers for Bose 8
4033.08CHEFS::GERRYTThu Sep 14 1995Anyone own a DCC? - Comments?
4034.0+14BABAGI::walt.shr.dec.com::clarkWed Sep 20 1995Speaker repair - surounds, cones, etc.
4035.04VAGORA::WOODThu Sep 21 1995Micromega CD players, 'Stage' family
4036.0MARVIN::TANGTue Sep 26 1995DAB radio broadcasts
4037.011DECWET::LANEThu Sep 28 1995Opinions on M&K speakers
4038.08MKOTS3::TINIUSMon Oct 02 1995Subwoofer under the floor?
4039.05AZUR::DESOZAMon Oct 09 1995Longevity of CDs? Here's my experience ...
4040.06VAGORA::WOODThu Oct 12 1995Super/High Density CD
4041.013WRKSYS::RAMANUJANSun Oct 15 1995Yamaha RXV89
4042.017SOLVIT::KOTTKE::BOOTHThu Oct 19 1995Speakers
4043.04NEWVAX::BUCHMANMon Oct 23 1995One channel output to 2 channel input
4044.0MSDOA::GUIDRYMon Oct 30 1995On the Critical List?
4045.05IAMOK::PATTERSONMon Oct 30 1995Dealer Blows-Up my amp
4046.0KAOFS::C_MENENDEZWed Nov 01 1995ALPS L-381 switch needed
4047.05DECWET::LANEThu Nov 02 1995Speakers seperation distance?
4048.01GVPROD::WENGERSun Nov 12 1995Optical connection to Sony MD ?
4049.0MOEUR2::CHRISTIANFri Nov 24 1995Altec 417H infos?
4051.04POWDML::WANGMon Nov 27 1995Speaker Box
4052.0TAEC::MALLETThu Nov 30 1995Burr-Brown PCM63P-K
4053.01VMSSPT::MICHAUDWed Dec 06 1995Onkyo or Yamaha A/V Receiver
4054.0STRATA::MACALLISTERMon Dec 11 1995Advent car speakers
4055.03ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Dec 12 1995WWW Audiophile Sites
4056.03MQOOA::LETue Dec 19 1995Spendor's distributor in North America ?
4057.03ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Dec 21 1995Where's Jim and Mike?
4058.03TUXEDO::MOLSONWed Dec 27 1995advice sought
4059.01619745::EVANSThu Dec 28 1995Tips or help need in car stereo head removal
4060.08MQOOA::LETue Jan 02 1996Purchase, YES,an "open-reel" tape deck ?
4061.0ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Jan 02 1996WWW Article on Audio Culture
4062.01SSDEVO::THOMPSONWed Jan 03 1996Where did CD conference go?
4063.0+9HANDVC::STEVELIUWed Jan 10 1996Video-CDs and VCD players
4064.08STRATA::BARBIERIWed Jan 10 1996Where Should I Get My Preamp Fixed???
4065.02VLNVAX::GWHITEMon Jan 15 1996Marantz - Have they come back to be as good as before
4066.04297Wed Jan 17 1996Car Stereo Power Amp Technology? Switching Amps?
4067.04MQOOA::LEThu Jan 18 1996Best Tube's home page on Internet ?
4068.0OSLThu Jan 18 1996Need info on SONY DTC-59ES
4069.08MKOTS1::WAITTFri Jan 19 1996Help. How do I get 4 ohm load?
4070.02VYGER::HANCOCKMFri Jan 26 1996Musical Technology Speakers
4071.0VYGER::HANCOCKMMon Jan 29 1996Sugden best integrated amps?
4072.0MQOOA::LEMon Feb 05 1996GRUNDIG RF255U/STEREO help?
4073.03STAR::VAN_ERONMon Feb 05 1996CD player possessed
4074.014ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIWed Feb 07 1996Marantz CD63-SE
4075.05CTPCSA::GOODWINMon Feb 12 1996Help with converting dbx recorded cassettes
4076.0WASHDC::nqsrv3Mon Feb 19 1996Pioneer remote no longer works
4077.01BIS1::BHP832::stesTue Feb 20 1996looking for Crimson amps
4078.02BELFST::MILLSWESTThu Feb 22 1996What is AC-3 ??
4080.09REFINE::COHENWed Mar 06 1996Help w/speaker stands
4081.03MQOOA::LETue Mar 12 1996GRUNDIG's address in Europe ?
4082.03DABEAN::SCOBLICKWed Mar 13 1996Weird Reel-to-Reel tape deck
4083.04ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIThu Mar 14 1996Soundblaster / Soundcard Note
4084.01SSDEVO::THOMPSONThu Mar 14 1996Power realized when strapping amps
4085.02NETRIX::"Jenkins@wrksys.enet.dec.com"Mon Mar 25 1996Sound deadening material or not?
4087.04ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Mar 29 1996Using Pink Noise for room EQ
4088.019CSC32::DECKERWed Apr 10 1996Help with surround
4090.03LJSRV1::RICHThu Apr 18 1996driver recommendation sought for subwoofers
4091.01REFINE::MUMFORDTue Apr 23 1996WTB: Sony wireless remote CAR audio
4092.01MSBCS::BRYDIEFri Apr 26 1996Akai reel-to-reel
4093.04ASDG::SBILLThu May 02 1996Subwoofer hookup...line or speaker level?
4094.01CADSYS::PENGFri May 10 1996Sony D-8 portable DAT info?
4095.026SSDEVO::THOMPSONWed May 22 1996Changes in Conference over the years
4096.01STRATA::BARBIERISun Jun 02 1996Asking A Favor
4097.06KAOFS::C_MENENDEZFri Jun 07 1996Fabio's interview on SP stinks!!
4098.0POLAR::DODWELLRMon Jun 10 1996Bryston 4b
4099.011POLAR::ROBINSONPThu Jun 13 1996More bass in a big BMW (car)
4100.02CSC32::DECKERThu Jun 13 1996Static in rear channel
4101.02MPGS::WHITNEYTue Jun 18 1996Surrond sound left/right imaging problem
4102.04ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIWed Jul 03 1996AUDIO needs a new home! :'(
4103.01ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Jul 12 1996Happy Trails!
4104.01NWDTue Aug 13 1996Heard of a company called INSIDER'S AUDIO???
4105.0NETRIX::"tal@muhthr.hlo.dec.com"Tue Aug 13 199622
4106.05NETRIX::"tal@muhthr.hlo.dec.com"Tue Aug 13 199622
4107.05ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Sep 09 1996Sony CDP-297/CDP-397 -- No Remote? Try anyway!
4108.03ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Sep 09 1996In search of a used/abused Sony D-1
4109.0CADSYS::TAIFri Sep 20 1996Mail order source for Pioneer?
4110.08MSE1::MCCROSSANFri Oct 11 1996Televsion Audio Output Problem
4111.02BUSY::SLABMon Oct 21 1996Media [CD/LP/tape/cassette] storage built into wall
4112.0VYGER::HANCOCKMFri Nov 15 1996Whats happening at Systemdek Scotland
4113.0+3LABC::RUThu Dec 12 1996Digtial receiver?
4114.02DSPAC9::TAITue Dec 17 1996Meridian 5
4115.0APACHE::THOMSONThu Dec 19 1996GE Stereo Classic 77
4116.0+16BRAT::WAITTMon Jan 06 1997Help needed on Cd Player recomendations
4117.0NSICMon Jan 13 1997Backcoated tapes: what if the backcoat comes off?
4118.02AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LTue Jan 14 1997Places to mail order DAT tapes?
4119.0 *+1CAM::WAYThu Feb 20 1997Question: Setting Clock on Pioneer DEH-68
4120.0 *+1ZPOVC::PARRYCHUASat Mar 08 1997wanted tube infor/design/circuit
4121.0 *KYOSS1::MCFADDENJWed Apr 02 1997Bose Lifestyle25
4122.0 *STAR::EVANSWed May 14 1997Sony 4
4122.0 *RDGENG::MORRELLWed Jun 04 1997Comments on Dolby Digital(AC3)/THX/DTS Amp's?