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Conference edieng::hostbridge

Title:HostBridge for DEC/EDI - Information Exchange
Created:Mon Jan 20 1992
Last Modified:Thu Mar 23 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:32
Total number of notes:120
Number with bodies:0
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1.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 20 1992Welcome!
2.024EPS::HOSTBRIDGEMon Jan 20 1992Sign in here please.
3.04EPS::HOSTBRIDGEMon Jan 20 1992HostBridge Summary and Release Info
4.06PARVAX::SOFIOTue Feb 25 1992Documentation available?
5.01GOONS::CHAPMANMon Mar 23 1992Filebridge error returns
6.02RDGENG::BENDLEFri Apr 03 1992Documentation for HostBridge
7.01PNDSCM::MORSEWed Jun 17 1992Customer implementations
8.03SNOCFri Jun 26 1992Postscript Software Description?
9.0RDGENG::BENDLEFri Aug 21 1992Batch Client and other improvements
10.0RDGENG::BENDLEFri Aug 21 1992HostBridge futures
12.0DELSFri Feb 05 1993Hostbridge order info?
13.0RDGENG::BOLDOR::BENDLEMon Apr 26 1993Pre-requisite Software and Patch levels
14.01HTSC19::ALEXLUIThu Jul 22 1993How to join FILEBRIDGE conference?
15.0HBSRVR::JENKINSFri Mar 11 1994HostBridge for OS/4
16.05RULLE::KLASSONTue May 10 1994Import of large file fails with HBR-E-ERROR
17.07SNATCH::EGGIMANNTue Aug 16 1994Hostbridge crashes with ACCVIO
18.01METSYS::NELSONWed Aug 17 1994HBR Server Support Announcement
19.02CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONFri Aug 26 1994Resource failure retry???
20.01CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONTue Aug 30 1994Condition codes returned on MVS Batch?
21.03CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONThu Sep 22 1994Hostbridge ADMIN doesn't work
22.03RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Oct 05 1994documents not getting high priority status
23.02RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Oct 06 1994HBR server dying. I have the log file
24.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Nov 10 1994'til we meet again
25.03RULLE::KLASSONTue Nov 29 1994More then 4
26.01RULLE::KLASSONWed Nov 30 1994CICS V4.1
27.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Dec 07 1994problem ordering Hostbridge
28.06NCMAIL::MACKINWed Jan 11 1995DEC/EDI and AS4
29.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Jan 30 1995description and vs. DECEDI V2 client
30.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Feb 17 1995DECEDI versions?
31.01ROMTue Feb 28 1995Hostbridge on AXP Openvms (and OSF/1 ?)
32.01METSYS::NELSONTue Mar 21 1995NOTICE: Change of Ownership