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Conference edieng::filebridge

Title:DEC/EDI FileBridge Notes File
Notice:V1.1 network kit and documentation in note #321
Created:Sun Nov 04 1990
Last Modified:Fri May 23 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:489
Total number of notes:1637
Number with bodies:9
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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2.06--UnknownUser--Sun Nov 04 1990
3.026DNEAST::DUPUIS_STEVEWed Nov 07 1990Who are you?
4.02DRIFT::WOODWed Nov 14 1990FB$SEND_FILE enhancement needed
5.03DRIFT::WOODWed Nov 14 1990Please change default for MAX_EXCEEDED
6.01DRIFT::WOODWed Nov 14 1990What does OUT_OF_DATA mean?
7.01DRIFT::WOODWed Nov 14 1990Record Layouts and Level Numbers
8.01DRIFT::WOODThu Nov 15 1990Can we make creating maps easier?
9.01UNTADH::MACLIESHWed Nov 28 1990Q: Best way of inserting (default) records/segments
10.07DRIFT::WOODThu Dec 06 1990New Hook Routine Needed
11.07KAHALA::HOLMESMon Dec 10 1990Easy Table maintenance ?
12.02KAHALA::HOLMESMon Dec 10 1990dec/edi migration
13.03DRIFT::WOODMon Dec 17 1990Need Status Messages While Processing
14.03DRIFT::WOODMon Dec 17 1990Need better error messages on invalid data
15.01KAHALA::HOLMESMon Jan 14 1991fb optomize ?
16.02KAHALA::HOLMESMon Jan 14 1991rec_ty = " I"
17.02KAHALA::HOLMESMon Jan 14 1991map to single record, cdo structure
18.01ARCHER::HOLMESWed Jan 16 1991technique question
19.02ARCHER::HOLMESThu Jan 17 1991rec_type = unique records ?
20.04ARCHER::HOLMESTue Jan 22 1991map labels
21.04KAHALA::MENARDThu Jan 24 1991Redefining function keys
22.01KAHALA::HOLMESTue Jan 29 1991%CLI-F-SYNTAX, error parsing 'match'
25.04UNTADH::MACLIESHTue Feb 05 1991Size limits: reasonable & absolute
27.02DRIFT::WOODFri Feb 22 1991How do you invoke a hook routine after last doc received?
28.0KAHALA::HOLMESFri Mar 08 1991upward compatable ?
29.01KAHALA::HOLMESFri Mar 08 1991Where is it ?
30.0MRKTNG::HOOVERMon Mar 11 1991Change to Rdb Prereq
31.05KAHALA::HOLMESWed Mar 13 1991Cobol bytes count conflict ?
32.04SNOCWed Mar 20 1991Filebridge and CDD
35.01SNOCWed Apr 03 1991START_DOCUMENT hook and Global Variables
36.02MRKTNG::HOOVERSat Apr 06 1991VMS 5.3 Prereq for FB
37.07KAHALA::HOLMESTue Apr 09 1991record order
38.09KAHALA::HOLMESFri Apr 12 1991record sequence
39.05EPSYS::FIGWERThu May 02 1991Document identity and tracking
41.0MRKTNG::HOOVERSun May 05 1991Revised PreReqs
42.011KAHALA::DILIPThu May 09 1991How to control runtime termination of FIlebridge ?
43.01KAHALA::DILIPFri May 10 1991Compilation problem with Hook routine declaration
44.06MRKTNG::HOOVERSun May 12 1991Revised Reference Manual
45.07KAHALA::DILIPWed May 15 1991Linking FBR Callable Interface: What option file ?
46.05KAHALA::MCGUIREThu May 16 1991Test Indicator and interface implications
48.03KAHALA::DILIPFri May 17 1991Some questions about Audit Database
49.01SNOCTue May 21 1991Callable interface error
50.0KAHALA::HOLMESThu May 23 1991Volume test results
51.01SNOCFri Jun 07 1991%FBR-E-STACK_ERROR
52.01STKHLM::WILHELMSONTue Jun 11 1991Estimates of time needed
53.05SNOCWed Jun 12 1991Mapping Problem help.
54.01CLO::BARNETTWed Jun 19 1991Some LOOKUP questions
55.01DRIFT::WOODFri Jun 21 1991What table am I defining?
56.01KAHALA::HOLMESMon Jun 24 1991installation requirements
57.03KAHALA::HOLMESTue Jun 25 1991DEC/EDI yet ?
58.01SNOCTue Jun 25 1991Installed Shareable?
59.0SNOCMon Jul 01 1991Hook request.
60.02CLO::BARNETTTue Jul 02 1991FileBridge functionality questions
61.01MRKTNG::HOOVERWed Jul 03 1991Question about SET CONTEXT
62.01UNTADH::MACLIESHFri Jul 26 1991DEC/EDI extract
63.01IJSAPL::BLEDOEGMon Jul 29 1991cannot import labels of segments with seg-qualifiers
64.01IJSAPL::BLEDOEGFri Aug 02 1991SET CONTEXT autorepeat problem?
65.01IJSAPL::BLEDOEGFri Aug 02 1991Findings after FileBridge usage
66.06KAHALA::MENARDThu Aug 22 1991Custom Hook Routine problem
67.01KAHALA::MENARDFri Aug 30 1991HELP! with data labels
68.0DRIFT::WOODWed Sep 18 1991Hook routine error message: writable shareable images must be installed
69.02MRKTNG::HOOVERSun Sep 22 1991FB Class Munich Oct 9-1
70.03KAHALA::HOLMESFri Sep 27 1991FB audit/recovery
71.0MRKTNG::HOOVERThu Oct 10 1991Test vs Live MISMATCH
72.0MRKTNG::HOOVERMon Oct 14 1991What FB does with a BAD Incoming Document
74.01CPCOD::WHITMOREFri Oct 25 1991Is that a light at the end of the tunnel, or an oncoming train?
75.0SYSTEM::POADMon Oct 28 1991Why does recover always complete a failed run ?
76.01SYSTEM::POADThu Nov 07 1991Wrong when sending standing doc for partner when is TP version
77.01GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Nov 07 1991does FB hold channels open to EDI files?
78.02GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Nov 07 1991instal prob - no decedi$extshr.exe
79.03SYSTEM::POADMon Nov 11 1991Have to enter duplicate maps for TP documents
80.01XCUSME::BISHOPMon Nov 11 1991Copy Function from one installation to another?
81.01DRIFT::WOODThu Nov 14 1991Please add record lengths to compiler listing
82.02DRIFT::WOODThu Nov 14 1991FileBridge Class - 11/2
83.01MAJORS::SPENCEFri Nov 15 1991DEC/EDI V1.1 support
84.01VNABRW::SOUDATTue Nov 19 1991EDIFACT and ODETTE out of one .FBO?
85.02SYSTEM::POADWed Nov 20 1991Being able to receive a specified number of documents ?
86.04SCAACT::ALBURYThu Nov 21 1991multi-output file capability
87.0MRKTNG::HOOVERMon Nov 25 1991CBI for FileBridge
88.0MRKTNG::HOOVERMon Dec 02 1991Post problem reports in FB_FT_BUGS
89.010CLO::BARNETTThu Dec 12 1991SPD for FileBridge?
90.0MRKTNG::HOOVERTue Jan 07 1992FileBridge Status Update
91.0MRKTNG::HOOVERTue Jan 07 1992Dropping support of Quadword and Octaword
92.03EPS::HOOVERFri Jan 10 1992Dropping Float, Justification, Alignment, etc.
93.0EPS::HOOVERMon Jan 13 1992FileBridge Schedule
94.0MRKTNG::HOOVERThu Jan 16 1992$PRECISION superseded by $ROUND
95.06KAHALA::MAYNARDTue Jan 21 1992Map part and def. questions
96.01MRKTNG::HOOVERWed Jan 22 1992Wishlist from Welty-Leger
97.01MCIS5::CHILTONThu Jan 23 1992Alternative to postprocess hook?
98.01MRKTNG::HOOVERFri Jan 24 1992NOTES File ACCESS problem
99.02KETJE::GORREMANSWed Jan 29 1992Problem with new version?
100.0MRKTNG::HOOVERMon Feb 03 1992FileBridge Callable Interface
101.01MCIS5::LOCKHARTTue Feb 11 1992Error Handling in Postprocess Hook
102.01KAHALA::MAYNARDWed Feb 12 1992Going back to Header rec after lines?
103.01KAHALA::MAYNARDTue Feb 18 1992same record-diff condition
105.04DRIFT::WOODMon Feb 24 1992Help catch unreferenced data
106.01COPCLU::LINERFri Feb 28 1992FB supports MCS
107.08EPS::HOOVERSun Mar 01 1992Decommit List update - includes some Struct. Mapping
108.01EPS::HOOVERSun Mar 01 1992EFT5 kit available
109.01MRKTNG::HOOVERMon Mar 02 1992Wishlist Item: write trailer recs
110.0MRKTNG::HOOVERTue Mar 03 1992Wishlist from ADA
111.0MRKTNG::HOOVERTue Mar 03 1992Restore D_FLOATING
112.0DRIFT::WOODTue Mar 03 1992Please restore SIGNED QUADWORD
113.07OAXCEL::SOMERSMon Mar 09 1992FB DOCTYPE list?
114.0MRKTNG::HOOVERTue Mar 10 1992Reqested Format for Wishlist Notes
115.0MRKTNG::HOOVERWed Mar 18 1992Getting Started with FileBridge and DEC/EDI
116.01CLO::BARNETTThu Mar 19 1992Wishlist: Run-Time License
117.02MCIS5::CHILTONThu Mar 19 1992Mailing on Soft Errors
118.01CARNTA::RAWLINSThu Mar 19 1992Multiple Dest from One Source
119.01CARNTA::RAWLINSThu Mar 19 1992HL Segments in X12 856
120.05KAHALA::MCGUIREFri Mar 20 1992Wishlist: 1 application trans to many recipients
121.01KAHALA::MCGUIREMon Mar 23 1992Wishlist:Beyond VMS?
122.03KAHALA::MCGUIREMon Mar 23 1992wishlist: Flexible Live vs Test Option?
123.01CSLALL::MATARAZZOTue Mar 24 1992Software Supply Business / Part Numbers?
124.0MRKTNG::HOOVERTue Mar 24 1992FileBridge Description Available
125.03IRONIC::GONYEATue Mar 31 1992IS PATCH.DIR a Patch kit??
126.02FDCVWed Apr 01 1992HELP with Definition of OUTPUT File Layout
127.06CLO::BARNETTTue Apr 07 1992Wishlist: Map from/to multiple files directly
128.06SCAACT::HARRISONMon Mar 09 1992Wishlist: Rec Defs from ASCII COBOL
129.04SNOCMon Mar 09 1992Wishlist: Document processing limit
130.02CARNTA::RAWLINSWed Apr 08 1992Wishlist: Make Test/Live Audit db Simpler
131.06CLO::BARNETTSun Apr 12 1992Wishlist items --> Bronze Mapper?
132.08CPCOD::RIPLEYWed Apr 15 1992DOCCOUNT - when is it available?
133.01FDCVThu Apr 16 1992HELP with Mapping Problem.....
134.0DRIFT::WOODFri Apr 17 1992How to have multiple inbound generic mapping sets
135.01DRIFT::WOODSun Apr 19 1992How to have multiple outbound generic mapping sets
136.02SNOCTue Apr 28 1992Map Parts and set default?
137.01STKEUC::ALPSTENThu Apr 30 1992File size problems?
138.02GOTA1::JHALLDENThu Apr 30 1992NEXTLIST as unsupported feature
139.01MRKTNG::HOOVERThu Apr 30 1992Please send examples of what's hard to map
140.01GOTA1::JHALLDENFri May 15 1992Some feedback requested, please
141.0CCIIS1::LEBRUNFri May 15 1992Wishlist: Use of MANMAN print files directly with Fortan DTypes
142.02CCIIS1::LEBRUNFri May 15 1992Wishlist: Use of the LOCAL-TEST output IHF file in production
143.03CARNTA::HARRISONTue May 19 1992Wishlist: JUSTIFIED RIGHT
144.01CARNTA::HARRISONTue May 19 1992Wishlist: 1
145.04MCIS5::CHILTONWed May 20 1992DELIVER access problem
146.01GIDDAY::BRYDENThu May 21 1992TABLE FAIL read error when processing outgoing docs
147.04MRKTNG::HOOVERThu May 21 1992Order Form for FileBridge
148.01CARNTA::RAWLINSThu May 21 1992Global Variables - Integer or Decimal Points?
150.0MRKTNG::HOOVERFri May 22 1992Tip: Don't use apostrophe in MAP ID
151.01MAJORS::SPENCEWed Jun 10 1992What defines a TEST database?
152.03GOONS::CHAPMANThu Jun 11 1992Date/Time Function?
153.010KETJE::GORREMANSThu Jun 11 1992VMS 5.5 problems????
154.0MRKTNG::HOOVERWed Jun 17 1992Call for V1.1 FT sites
155.02CARNTA::RAWLINSTue Jun 23 1992Document Order Reversed?
156.03GOONS::CHAPMANWed Jun 24 1992Mixed doctypes in input file + data types question
157.02MAJORS::COCKBURNThu Jun 25 1992FileBridge Internal Error,
158.0MRKTNG::HOOVERMon Jun 29 1992Check your entry for this notes conference
160.02SYSTEM::COCKBURNWed Jul 01 1992Wishlist: Len Chk on Recog Expressions
161.04MAJORS::SPENCEWed Jul 01 1992Compilation error - what's wrong?
162.04SYSTEM::ZENTNERMon Jul 06 1992DEC/EDI cvp with Filebridge with error INVHIERKY
163.04CPCOD::RIPLEYTue Jul 07 1992Will this work?
164.05MAJORS::SPENCETue Jul 07 1992Table compile gets %FBR-E-TABLEFILE_VER_E
165.01GOONS::CHAPMANWed Jul 08 1992Adding segments to a mapping set
166.01MAJORS::SPENCEThu Jul 09 1992Wishlist: copy Lookup tables between systems
167.02MAJORS::SPENCEThu Jul 09 1992Inbound doc doesn't see the FTX segment...
168.02KAHALA::MAYNARDThu Jul 09 1992how to map floating?
169.02CLO::BARNETTTue Jul 14 1992Need alternative for UNTIL x CHANGES
170.03MCIS5::CHILTONWed Jul 15 1992Capturing values for Filebridge errors
171.0MRKTNG::HOOVERWed Jul 15 1992Hint: Empty Segments (no elements or data labels)
172.01MRKTNG::HOOVERThu Jul 16 1992Hint: Avoiding problems when starting to use FileBrige
173.01CARNTA::RAWLINSFri Jul 17 1992History File at Process Start: Intention?
174.03MCIS5::CHILTONMon Jul 20 1992Scheduler problem with Filebridge
175.04KETJE::GORREMANSWed Jul 22 1992Skipping a document?
176.0MRKTNG::HOOVERTue Jul 28 1992Toggling between test and live db - a little com file to help
177.01CARNTA::HARRISONThu Jul 30 1992Wishlist: Hooks & >1 Return Arg
178.01CARNTA::HARRISONThu Jul 30 1992Wishlist: SIGNED QUADWORD
179.01CARNTA::HARRISONThu Jul 30 1992CDD/Plus datatypes?
180.03CARNTA::HARRISONMon Aug 10 1992Wishlist: support Stream_LF files
181.01CARNTA::HARRISONMon Aug 10 1992Wishlist: IF THEN ELSE enhancements
182.0CARNTA::HARRISONMon Aug 10 1992Wishlist: FOR loop enhancements
183.0CARNTA::HARRISONTue Aug 11 1992Wishlist: WHILE DO logic
184.03IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKThu Aug 13 1992Trying to build map for 856 message
185.02SCAACT::PARODIJThu Aug 13 1992FB V1.
186.01FDCVFri Aug 14 1992HELP..Rdb error?
187.01MRKTNG::HOOVERThu Aug 20 1992How to Handle X12 HLs in Outbound Tables
188.0CARNTA::HARRISONThu Aug 20 1992Hint: Hooks and Rdb (SQL)
189.01GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Aug 25 1992INTERNAL ERROR no status or 2nd msgs..
190.03KAHALA::MAYNARDTue Sep 01 1992initializing at record lvl?
192.01OAXCEL::SOMERSMon Sep 14 1992FileBridge and Ordered documents
193.03KETJE::GORREMANSSun Sep 20 1992Filebridge performance?
194.01OAXCEL::SOMERSThu Sep 24 1992Wishlist: Display table name on menu
195.05MRKTNG::HOOVERMon Oct 05 1992Wishlist: initial value filling for recs and fields
196.01KAHALA::MAYNARDMon Oct 12 1992Inbound Mapping sets!
197.0MRKTNG::HOOVERMon Oct 12 1992Wishlist: Multiple partners per mapset
198.01GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Oct 21 1992V1.
199.01CARNTA::RAWLINSThu Nov 05 1992Another Mapping Question
200.01FDCVMon Nov 09 1992Help with Index Of Maps
201.09FDCV14::DOTENMon Nov 16 1992BADSPEC error installing, file spec cannot be parsed
202.01CEDSWS::MYERSFri Nov 20 1992%FBR-E-INTERNAL-ERROR when duplicating segment
203.01SCAPAS::NEWEDI::RAWLINSMon Nov 23 1992PreProcessing Hook using $FILENAME
204.02KAHALA::MAYNARDTue Dec 01 1992Issue w/document type 2
205.01STKHUV::SEVERINThu Dec 10 1992Filebridge 2.
206.03VAXSPO::CRISTINAFri Dec 18 1992DECEDI-E-INVLBLFMT, data label has an invalid FMT...
207.01EPS::HOOVERTue Dec 22 1992.com file to catch undefined fbr$library
208.01FDCVTue Dec 29 1992Help with MAP IF THEN ELSE Clause
209.04MRKTNG::HOOVERTue Dec 29 1992How to move an audit database and continue?
210.07ELIS::PEGGTue Jan 05 1993TRADACOMS Problem???
211.010VAXRIO::ALCIDESMon Jan 11 1993Mapping to mandatory sub-elements
212.03TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GTue Jan 19 1993Confused over record levels
213.01TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GWed Jan 20 1993TRADACOMS Document Definition problem
214.03TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GFri Jan 22 1993Problem passing variables to hook routine
215.01GOTA1::VIKTORSSONFri Jan 22 1993why set test flag in .fbo file?
216.01ZENA::PISANIFri Jan 29 1993FileBridge possible convertion !?
217.01OAXCEL::SOMERSFri Jan 29 1993$INT function
218.01VAXRIO::ALCIDESWed Feb 03 1993Mapping leading zeros
219.01MUDIS3::ARTMANNMon Feb 15 1993FB on U*IX?
220.01MRKTNG::HOOVERThu Feb 25 1993Hints for Using the Archive restore function
221.0MRKTNG::HOOVERThu Mar 04 1993Patch kit for Rdb deadlocks
222.01FDCVMon Mar 08 1993Help with Filebridge Map
223.04CSC32::L_BARNESWed Mar 24 1993version of tablefile & processor incompatible
224.01MRKTNG::HOOVERWed Mar 24 1993Advice for documents with the HL segment
225.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Mar 24 1993what privs and rights are needed to use FBR$DECEDI_EXTRACT.EXE
226.01ICS::SOMERSFri Mar 26 1993multiple values in hook return argument
227.0MRKTNG::HOOVERTue Apr 06 1993NOTES file moving to node ABBOTT::
228.04SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSFri Apr 09 1993Wish List - Add ADET Indexes
229.0MEOCTue May 04 1993Mapping EDIFACT with segment collision
230.01CSC32::D_CAREWThu May 13 1993ACCVIO on FILEBR DEFINE xxx.fbo cmd
231.0BCSE::HOOVERSat May 22 1993FileBridge group now on bcse::
232.0STKAI1::JHALLDENTue Jun 01 1993ACCVIO when importing local defined table
233.02UTRTSC::RONCKENFri Jun 04 1993FB release & performance
234.03MACNAS::JMCCOURTTue Jun 08 1993Multiple records mapped to 1 segment
235.03ICS::SOMERSThu Jun 10 1993questions with defining data types
236.01CSC32::D_CAREWThu Jun 10 1993NTE segment mapping problem on OUTBOUND
237.04ICS::SOMERSMon Jun 14 1993FBR$USER_PREFERENCES. pointer
238.03VAXRIO::ALCIDESTue Jun 15 1993Records ending with <CR><LF>?
239.01KETJE::GORREMANSWed Jun 16 1993Two stumbleblocks...
240.04VAXRIO::ALCIDESWed Jun 16 1993Testing data label existence
241.02ICS::SOMERSThu Jun 17 1993using $THROWAWAY
242.05VAXRIO::ALCIDESTue Jun 22 1993Error in loop level calculation
243.0BCSE::HOOVERTue Jun 22 1993Tutorial on Finding Runtime errors in Incoming Tables
244.0CSC32::D_CAREWThu Jun 24 1993FBR-E-BADPARAM on preprocessing hook routine
245.04MEOCFri Jul 02 1993FBR
246.0BCSE::HOOVERFri Jul 09 1993If you a using a T1.n-nn Kit, please UPGRADE!!
247.07MEOCTue Jul 13 1993Tracking question and problem.
248.03DPDMAI::EYSTERWed Jul 21 1993FDL specified on inbound
249.03HTSC19::ALEXLUIFri Jul 23 1993FILEBRIDGE upgrade time estimation
250.02KAHALA::MENARDTue Jul 27 1993Training
251.0BCSE::HOOVERFri Jul 30 1993Finding cause of ERROR %FBR-E-TG_MAP_UNDER_DU
252.0TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GMon Aug 02 1993European FileBridge Training Announcement
253.01TAVThu Aug 19 1993Spaces Process. in incoming document
254.03IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKWed Aug 25 1993Formal reaction for customer needed
255.0CLOUD9::HOOVERWed Aug 25 1993New node is cloud9::
256.01CLOUD9::HOOVERWed Aug 25 1993Questions about some error messages
257.06VAXRIO::ALCIDESThu Aug 26 1993Data do not agree with source hierarchy
258.01KETJE::GORREMANSTue Aug 31 1993Performance problems
259.01ELIS::PEGGMon Sep 13 1993FB Training??
260.08MUDIS3::ARTMANNFri Sep 17 1993problem with UNDEFINED record format
261.0CLOUD9::HOOVERMon Sep 20 1993New Patch kit available - V1.
262.05ELIS::PEGGTue Sep 21 1993DECEDI V1.3 Impact
263.0TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GTue Oct 05 1993FileBridge Training Announcement
264.03CLOUD9::HOOVERTue Oct 26 1993fbr$tracking exe compatible with Rdb4.2 now available able
265.04PERENS::KIMMELThu Oct 28 1993Questions for RFP
266.03CSC32::L_BARNESWed Nov 03 1993enter rec sequence - fbr internal error
267.02KAL::VIKTORSSONFri Nov 05 1993tracking outbound messages
268.05KETJE::GORREMANSFri Nov 12 1993Filebridge fetch problem - urgent!
269.03MUDIS3::ARTMANNTue Nov 16 1993problem mapping 1 to N of the same kind
271.01KERNEL::OTHENJThu Nov 25 1993Urgent : extract not working with EDI v1.2-2
272.03PERENS::KIMMELTue Nov 30 1993can't find audit database
273.02UTRTSC::RONCKENFri Dec 03 1993suppress 'user reference' element ??
274.010KAHALA::MAYNARDFri Dec 03 1993API to API limitation!??
275.03PRSEA7::EBLEMon Dec 06 1993Numeric format under Filebridge.
276.01CLOUD9::HOOVERTue Dec 07 1993Patch Kit V1.
277.02CSC32::BEACHThu Dec 09 1993FBR-E-TG-BAD-FLD-REF problem
278.0WAYOUT::CROOKSMon Dec 13 1993Consultancy required.
279.010CLOUD9::HOOVERMon Dec 13 1993FT1 kit for version 1.1 now available
280.02ROWLET::ALBURYWed Dec 15 1993FB -> DEC/EDI error when detached
281.01KETJE::GORREMANSWed Dec 15 1993Filebridge server outgoing?
282.02ICS::SOMERSThu Dec 16 1993$BLANK - is this supported?
283.04MUDIS3::ARTMANNThu Dec 16 1993mapping problem with variants
284.02CLOUD9::HOOVERWed Dec 29 1993FileBridge transition to Reading
285.01HGODCS::RICHARDLAMMon Jan 10 1994what's filebridge curr veriosn
286.011IJSAPL::STOEKENBROEKTue Jan 11 1994Filebridge and Translator Bypass of DEC/EDI
287.03TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GThu Jan 13 1994Problem displaying Tracking Events
288.03KETJE::GORREMANSThu Jan 13 1994BUG in callable interface?
289.03DPDMAI::EYSTERFri Jan 14 1994database access denied to FBR$AUDIT_DATABASE
290.0+1SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSTue Jan 18 1994How to Move FileBridge
291.01CSC32::L_BARNESTue Jan 18 1994How to get Filebridge to use , as decimal separator
292.03PRSEA7::EBLEMon Jan 24 1994Record containing G_FLOATING fields
293.04GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Jan 27 1994how to define arrays for X12 translation??
294.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Jan 28 1994Deadlock on compiling
295.09TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GFri Jan 28 1994FB hanging during RECEIVE
296.01TRUCKS::CHAPMAN_GWed Feb 02 1994Hard Error
297.01KERNEL::OTHENJWed Feb 02 1994Filebridge and no data
298.05IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Feb 04 1994$USERREF on incoming docs??
299.0SYSTEM::BABERWed Feb 09 1994FileBridge futures
300.012CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONMon Feb 14 1994Global parameter and argument passing questions, problem with a COBOL hook
301.0RULLE::KLASSONWed Feb 16 1994RDB Multiversion
302.01KAL::VIKTORSSONWed Feb 16 1994Audit Database Size
303.01HGODCS::RICHARDLAMFri Feb 18 1994IVP failed (FileBridge V1.
304.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Feb 21 1994Using the same record sequence more than once
305.05DPDMAI::EYSTERThu Feb 24 1994Large files/Big files
306.02CSC32::CEASAR::R_GOLLEHONWed Mar 02 1994Deleting an imported document definition
307.01ISIDRO::JLUISWed Mar 02 1994Problem repeated maps
308.01HGODCS::RICHARDLAMThu Mar 03 1994How does EDI know a doc is coming from FB?
310.0METSYS::REIDFri Mar 04 1994accessing SQL from a hook routine
311.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKSun Mar 06 1994LIB$-F-DESSTROVF?? What is this?
312.0MUDIS3::ARTMANNMon Mar 14 1994example of PASCAL hook needed
313.02WAYOUT::CLARKEThu Mar 24 1994Help Needed Creating Filebridge Table
314.06HGODCS::RICHARDLAMFri Mar 25 1994FB & RDB V4.2
316.01MKOTS1::TOOLEYWed Mar 30 1994Help with ST and GS Segments
317.06CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONTue Apr 05 1994FBR fails to find record in flat file
318.0METSYS::REIDWed Apr 06 1994notes file moving to EDIENG::
319.010CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONThu Apr 07 1994%STR-F-INSVIRMEM, insufficient virtual memory
320.02PERENS::KIMMELMon Apr 11 1994Multiple instances of same segment to one output record?
321.015METSYS::REIDTue Apr 12 1994network kit location for DEC/EDI FileBridge V1.1 SSB
322.01TLSEFri Apr 15 1994Automated Mapping ?
323.03TLSE1Tue Apr 19 1994How to suppress user reference field ?
324.03RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Apr 20 19941
325.0HGODCS::RICHARDLAMThu Apr 21 1994pricing for Filebridge Prod
326.04KETJE::GORREMANSFri Apr 22 1994Suppress compare warning?
327.05METSYS::REIDFri Apr 22 1994is FileBridge compatible with Rdb V6.
328.03RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Apr 26 1994post process issue with $ERROR_CODE
329.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Apr 26 1994what happens when there are no documents?
330.0MUDIS3::SPAULIKFri Apr 29 1994shareable FBR$RTLIBRARY?
331.01SCAPAS::MAPPED::GONYEAFri Apr 29 1994Old FileBridge bug could be a show-stopper
332.0METSYS::REIDFri Apr 29 1994submitting IPMT cases and copying bug data
333.0RULLE::KLASSONWed May 04 1994Wishlist: Case sensitive mail addresses
334.0CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONFri May 06 1994DMQ Attach fails from FileBridge post process hook
335.03RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu May 12 1994wierdness when using callable FileBridge with ACMS
336.0PERENS::KIMMELMon May 16 1994complicated mapping - outbound array
337.04RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu May 19 1994maps disappearing under v1.1
338.01PERENS::KIMMELThu May 19 1994Stuck in a catch 22
340.04CSC32::B_ALTMIRETue May 24 1994Supported mapping?
341.0CSC32::EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONThu May 26 1994DECEDI AFS looking in wrong location for .IHF when using callable filebridge
342.02MUDIS3::SPAULIKWed Jun 08 1994cross-posted in DEC_EDI: 1637
343.01PERENS::KIMMELWed Jun 08 1994Batch Trailer
344.02EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONTue Jun 14 1994
345.0RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHFri Jun 24 1994training announcement
346.02VAXRIO::ALCIDESFri Jun 24 1994Mapping problem (?)
347.01AKOCOA::BOLANDFri Jul 08 1994Incomplete Subscript problem.
348.01SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSThu Jul 21 1994Re-Sizing FileBridge Audit Database Template
349.0DPDMAI::EYSTERFri Aug 05 1994v1.
350.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Aug 10 1994commit document hook: only for outbound?
351.0ABBEDI::SCHAELCHLIFri Aug 12 1994Missing the BREAKON FIELD
352.01VAXSPO::CRISTINATue Aug 16 1994Database filename is corrupted
353.01EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONWed Aug 17 1994More fun with Callable Filebridge...%FBR-E-INPUT_OPEN_ERRO,
354.01PCBUOA::BOLANDThu Aug 18 1994kit and doc location
355.0VAXRIO::63Wed Aug 24 1994EDIFACT 93A and FBR V1.1
356.03MUDIS3::UWEISThu Aug 25 1994UNH,UNT,UNZ missing in Inhouse File (INBOUND)
357.0ABBEDI::SCHAELCHLIWed Sep 14 1994Hook Postprocess error
359.0WAYOUT::CROOKSTue Sep 20 1994%FBR-E-DOC_DEF_MISSING, No Mapping set
360.01BIKINI::DITEWed Sep 21 1994Filebridge Support Status on OpenVMS/VAX V6.1 ?
361.03BUSY::RIPLEYWed Oct 12 1994Need example of INBOUND 856 & advice
362.013KAHALA::MAYNARDWed Oct 12 1994FB-internal-error
363.02CSC32::S_SCHWEINThu Oct 13 1994Filebridge edit
364.03AQUFri Oct 14 1994HELP.. Getting %FBR-E-ABORT error msg
365.02TLSEThu Oct 20 1994Access Violation in FileBridge
366.06EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONThu Oct 27 1994Map initialization and concatenation
367.03RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHMon Oct 31 1994what is the DECEDI.ERR file?
368.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHTue Nov 01 1994why no output to the screen?
369.01UTRTSC::VDRIELWed Nov 02 1994multiple fields in same segment
370.01MUDIS3::UWEISWed Nov 02 1994$LOGICAL function
371.08CSC32::B_ALTMIRETue Nov 08 19942.
372.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Nov 10 1994'til we meet again
373.03HGOVC::WILSONWONGTue Nov 15 1994does filebridge support rdb mutiversion ?
374.09IJSAPL::DEWIJKTue Nov 15 1994need Help on Hook programming
375.01MEOCThu Nov 17 1994Up to date SPD?
376.02HGOVC::WILSONWONGThu Nov 17 1994Can v1.1 support more than 3 level message struct.
377.05KAHALA::MAYNARDFri Nov 18 1994incomplete subscript-1.1 bug??
378.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Nov 24 1994unwanted inconsistancy in statuscodes
379.01METSYS::REIDSat Dec 03 1994DEC/EDI T2.1 Announcement - includes integrated FileBridge mapper
380.0METSYS::REIDSat Dec 03 1994DEC/EDI T2.1 Mapper Reference - review comments
381.0METSYS::REIDSat Dec 03 1994DEC/EDI T2.1 Using the Mapper - review comments
382.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Dec 05 1994platform compatibility and extract/load
383.011METSYS::REIDTue Dec 06 1994futures - sample record layout templates, your input requested
384.0SCAPAS::TAQITO::HARRISONTue Dec 06 1994$AUDIT_ID & Ordinal Number
385.03PERENS::STODDARTThu Dec 08 1994Adding dates
386.04CSC32::S_SCHWEINWed Dec 14 1994Filebridge internal error
387.01IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Dec 15 1994mapping performance
388.04AQUWed Jan 04 1995V2.1 Referencing no longer existing metadata objects
389.02MEOCWed Jan 04 1995Wishlist: Better error messages for INVALID HIERARCHY errors
390.01MEOCWed Jan 04 1995V2.1 Mapper operation
391.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKWed Jan 04 1995Customer question re. mapping-API issues
392.02EEMELI::EINAMOWed Jan 25 1995Chance case
393.02PCBUOA::SWANEYWed Jan 25 1995Next Filebridge class?
394.01MUDIS3::UWEISThu Jan 26 1995$LOGICAL($USERREF) fails
395.05EEMELI::EINAMOFri Jan 27 1995Mapping problems
397.01MEOCThu Feb 02 1995Filebridge and EDIFACT UNS segments
398.03EEMELI::EINAMOThu Feb 02 1995Desimal sign
399.0--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 07 1995%FBR-E-INTERNAL_ERROR, FileBridge Internal Error
400.0HGOCS::TONYLIUWed Feb 08 1995More than 3 level message struct?
401.01BIKINI::DITEThu Feb 09 1995%FBR-E-TABLEFILE_VER_E again ...
402.02KETJE::GORREMANSThu Feb 09 1995Batch run Filebridge problem.
404.03METSYS::REIDTue Feb 14 1995PC based Mapper GUI prototype
405.01EEMELI::EINAMOTue Feb 14 1995ssb kits for 2.1
407.0EDI4ME::R_GOLLEHONThu Mar 02 1995Commit Doc after invalid record encountered?
408.0COPCLU::644Tue Mar 14 1995Avoid empty HISTORY files
411.04EEMELI::EINAMOThu Mar 30 1995%DECEDI-E-TRNSEGOUTSEQ, segment TOD is out of sequence
412.02EEMELI::EINAMOTue Apr 04 1995many segment -> one record
413.02PERENS::STODDARTTue Apr 11 1995Stipping spaces inside a string
414.03ZGOVFri Apr 21 1995IVP failed (Filebridge v1.1)
415.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Apr 21 1995ERRACCINF and ABORTs on Fetch and Post
416.02MEOCMon Apr 24 1995Callable interface support?
417.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Apr 24 1995Urgent needed capability to generate multi appl files
418.0METSYS::REIDMon May 01 1995problems migrating mapper database in decedi$v21_migrate.com
419.02EEMELI::EINAMOWed May 03 1995problems FBO-file corrupt
420.05KERNEL::SIMPSONRWed May 10 1995Any restriction on the size of file that Filebridge can handle?
421.05CHPSC::LUETue May 16 1995FILE SEND crashed
422.01EEMELI::MHANNULATue May 16 1995How to receive decimal numbers ?
423.0PERENS::STODDARTFri May 19 1995Problems with using live and test with ACAS
424.0PERENS::STODDARTWed May 24 1995Internal reference not returned
425.01HTSC19::MASCOTTANGMon Jun 05 1995filebridge internal error
426.01HTSC19::MASCOTTANGTue Jun 06 1995Can it support under VMS 6.1 and OSI 6.1
427.02KETJE::GORREMANSTue Jun 06 1995TRADE fetch timeout?
428.01PCBUOA::SWANEYTue Jun 13 1995DEADLOCKS on Insert??
429.03METSYS::REIDMon Jun 19 1995mapper futures - any comments welcome
430.03TLSETue Jun 20 1995%LIB-E-KEYNOTFOU Error with FILE command
431.0EEMELI::EINAMOTue Jun 20 1995conversion from 7 -> 8 and 8 -> 7bit char set
432.04HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Jun 23 1995define table problem
433.02CSC32::J_LINKFri Jun 23 1995FBR$NO_STR_WARN logical
434.01MUDIS3::SPAULIKThu Jul 13 1995FBR$LIBRARY lost
435.03CSC32::J_LINKFri Jul 14 1995Logical for tracking database
436.01HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri Jul 14 1995How to delete file in "AVAILABLE STATUS"
437.0UTRTSC::SMEETSWed Jul 19 1995Training schedules ??
438.01ROMEOS::RIFKIN_DAThu Jul 27 1995Filebridge and VMS 6.1
439.03KERNEL::SIMPSONRMon Jul 31 1995Filebridge 1.
440.05FUTURS::SPELLERThu Aug 17 1995Segment Sequence Missing In Index Of Maps
441.02PRSSOS::CAPAZZATue Aug 22 1995mapping error : FB V1.
443.01CSC32::S_SCHWEINFri Sep 01 1995Hooks and conversion to 2.1
444.03STKAI1::JHALLDENMon Sep 04 1995Numeric conversion
445.01EEMELI::EINAMOTue Sep 05 1995RMS-W-RTB, 292471 byte record too large for user's buffer
446.08IJSAPL::BROUWER_DWed Sep 06 1995U: INVHIERKY error
447.05TROU48::HANDYSat Sep 09 1995Problem mapping 811 w/ FB 1.
448.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Sep 15 1995mapping multiple segments to one record?
449.0METSYS::REIDTue Sep 26 1995DEC/EDI V3.
450.011METSYS::GOODWINWed Sep 27 1995DEC/EDI V3.
451.03HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGWed Sep 27 1995file server error detected
452.07EEMELI::EINAMOWed Oct 11 1995old errors in 2.1 decedi
453.08EEMELI::EINAMOWed Oct 18 1995Feature needed
454.02EEMELI::EINAMOFri Oct 20 1995Enter/Edit Record Sequence
455.02KETJE::GORREMANSThu Nov 02 1995Select mapping for incoming document?
456.0DPDMAI::EYSTERFri Nov 03 1995/mail qualifier restricted to user accounts
457.05EEMELI::EINAMOSat Nov 04 1995Data does not agree with Specified Source Hierarchy
458.08EEMELI::EINAMOWed Nov 15 1995FBR installation error
459.03EEMELI::EINAMOThu Nov 16 1995EXTRA RECORDS needed to the begining of appfile !
461.02JOBURG::BERETTAFri Dec 08 1995FileBridge Internal Error
462.04IJSAPL::BROUWER_DThu Dec 14 1995repeating problem
463.01WMOIS::RAHILLYWed Jan 10 1996Courses Available
464.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Jan 11 1996how does mapping works with dynamic $PARTNER
465.01KERNEL::SIMPSONRTue Jan 23 1996EDI V2.1 has problems with invoices
466.02WMOIS::RAHILLYFri Feb 02 1996Table is invalid or not compiled
467.0PCBUOA::RIPLEYMon Feb 05 1996FB hangs on me???
468.02UTRTSC::SMEETSTue Feb 06 1996Quota related FBR-E-INTERNAL error ?
469.02IJSAPL::DEWIJKFri Feb 09 1996scope errors, why?
470.03IJSAPL::BROUWER_DTue Feb 20 1996empty numeric field in outgoing message
471.01IJSAPL::BROUWER_DMon Feb 26 1996post processing hook
472.02UTRTSC::DIENAARTue Feb 27 1996trade fetch /timeout=3
473.0IJSAPL::DEWIJKMon Mar 25 1996FF character in V3 mapper?
475.0IJSAPL::BROUWER_DTue Apr 09 1996filler
476.01EEMELI::EINAMOThu May 09 1996Trade fetch/wait
477.03DYPSS1::DIXONTue Jun 04 1996Are my record levels wrong in my map?
478.04IJSAPL::DEWIJKThu Jun 27 1996stackdumping FBR-map V1.1-9
479.02EEMELI::PLAHTEENMAKIWed Jul 17 1996Bypass COBOL program?
480.01RULLE::WELINFri Aug 02 1996live mapper database
481.01REFDV1::ESULLIVANTue Aug 13 1996Document Sequence - extract problem?
482.04UTROP1::BRUIJNSun Aug 25 1996Incomplete doc transmitted as result of error
483.0HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Sep 02 1996get file bridge document
484.04PCBUOA::RIPLEYTue Sep 03 1996Need help! Thanks
485.01CSC32::J_LINKWed Oct 16 1996$Status codes for 2.1
486.0+2CSC32::LINKTue Jan 14 1997Meaning of doc count
488.0 *CSC32::LINKThu May 22 1997Delete of Lookup Table - Deletes Wrong Table
489.0 *+1HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGFri May 23 1997Any advice on year 2