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Conference ecadsr::viewlogic

Title:Viewlogic tools
Created:Mon Sep 14 1992
Last Modified:Mon Feb 05 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:28
Total number of notes:62
Number with bodies:0
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1.01ECADSR::KINZELMANMon Sep 14 1992Welcome to the Viewlogic notes file
2.06ECADSR::KINZELMANMon Sep 14 1992Sign in
3.0ECADSR::KINZELMANMon Sep 14 1992Reserved
4.0ECADSR::KINZELMANMon Sep 14 1992Reserved
5.0ECADSR::KINZELMANMon Sep 14 1992Reserved
6.0ECADSR::KINZELMANMon Sep 14 1992Reserved
7.02--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 21 1992converting Valid parts
8.02JEREMY::YUVALWed Sep 23 1992Digital-ViewLogic cooperate agreement ?
9.03KELVIN::LUDWIGWed Mar 03 1993library
10.02ECADSR::SCHNEIDERFri Apr 23 1993ViewPLD -> DECSIM ???
11.01TRLIAN::NSGMon Apr 26 1993Verilog to VHDL Translator?
12.03ADVLSI::HALLTue Jun 08 1993Borrow some Viewlogic time ?
13.01ECADSR::HAMPTONThu Jun 17 1993EDA Data Engineering Services
14.0MARVIN::DOSANJHFri Jun 18 1993** For Sale (LM1
15.01ADVLSI::HALLTue Aug 24 1993Prices $$, ??
16.03--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 25 1993VHDL VIEWSIM compiler
17.0PCBOPS::LINAFri Oct 29 1993ECAD tools announsment...
19.0GMCTRK::FERREIRATue Feb 01 1994Beg, Borrow, or Buy 2 Licenses
20.01KBOMFG::MYURCHAKTue Feb 08 1994Output Formats
21.01EOS::SHANNONFri Feb 18 1994Internal Viewlogic toolsuite
22.01PASTA::WATERSWed Mar 23 1994Other internal or public VIEWlogic tools
23.0NUPE::hampFri Apr 01 1994Viewlogic acquires Chronologics...
24.0NACAD::SHERMANTue Apr 12 1994d2v - DECsim to VHDL conversion
25.0ECADJR::WILLIAMSMon Apr 25 1994Viewlogic Users' Group - Northeast Region
26.02NOODLE::WATERSMon Aug 22 1994Hierarchical PCB design issues
27.0TEKVAX::KOPECTue Dec 05 1995Workview Office?
28.04DMEICE::FERREIRAFri Feb 02 19965.3.2 alpha problems