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Conference noted::vcs

Title:VAXcluster Console System
Notice:Please use PCM, VCS is being retired
Created:Mon Jan 20 1986
Last Modified:Wed May 24 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2297
Total number of notes:10746
Number with bodies:0
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1.04GALLO::VOBAMon Jan 20 1986Welcome
2.05GALLO::VOBAMon Jan 20 1986SPD
6.04SHOGUN::BLUEJAYFri Jan 24 1986Only microVAXen?
7.01DLOWed Jan 29 1986FT Status?
8.03RICARD::TIMMERWed Jan 29 1986cluster set time ?
9.04LATOUR::VOBAFri Feb 14 1986Console for multiple VAXclusters
10.014LINCON::WOODBURYFri Feb 14 1986How about workstations?
13.05GVAEIS::JRSFri Mar 07 1986Part number for the H/W ?
14.01STKSWS::AXELSSONSat Mar 08 1986VCS working on VAX 11/785?
15.05SAVAGE::TURNERWed Mar 12 1986Hardware Installation Manual?
16.02GVAIC2::JRSMon Mar 17 1986Must it be a microVAX?
17.09GVASA::PRALONGMon Mar 17 1986support of new processors
18.04GALLO::VOBAMon Mar 17 1986VCS Security
19.02GVAIC2::JRSMon Mar 24 1986Really V4.4 ?
20.0GALLO::VOBAWed Mar 26 1986uVAX Memory
22.01ODIXIE::LAMBKEFri Apr 04 1986Color Projection Screen?
23.03ASGMKB::WAGNERMon Apr 07 1986Cluster availability and the Console
24.01ASGMKB::WAGNERWed Apr 09 1986Questions on functionality
25.05FROST::JARVISFri Apr 11 1986VCS command files? How?
26.07BLIZRD::JARVISFri Apr 11 1986Scanning, changing configuration questions
27.04SNOFLK::JARVISSat Apr 12 1986What is your VCS setup?
28.02SNOFLK::JARVISSat Apr 12 1986Log file size?
29.02FROST::JARVISTue Apr 15 1986Can we Purge Node Info???
31.03FROST::JARVISFri Apr 25 1986Non-interactive command Parsing wanted!
32.015FROST::JARVISWed Apr 30 1986Next Version requests
33.01FROST::JARVISWed Apr 30 1986VCS bug or TPU trait?
34.03SKIVT::JARVISSat May 03 1986View and Review bugs?
35.09SKIVT::JARVISWed May 07 1986Output Control Characters?
36.02SKIVT::JARVISThu May 15 1986Great Article!
37.02MARY::LEKASThu Jun 12 1986LA12s connected to HSCs
38.05MRJINX::PHILIPFri Jun 27 1986To Speak or not to Speak, that is the question!
39.07VINO::KOVALCINFri Jun 27 1986Use of certain processors
40.02NY1MM::MANERATue Jul 08 1986Software Disabled Cluster
41.0VINO::VOBAFri Jul 11 1986Get your orders in today !
42.01LSMVAX::MINERThu Jul 17 1986VCS pwr down, HSC crashes?
43.01KBOVSat Jul 19 1986VCS in Kaufbeuren, Germany
44.0VINO::VOBAMon Jul 21 1986VCS Bug Fixes
45.01NOVA::RDBCOGThu Jul 24 1986Using VCC for application monitoring
46.05KBOVWed Jul 30 1986More suggestions
47.01GVASA::PRALONGWed Jul 30 1986use of VT241 terminal
48.0VINO::VOBAWed Aug 20 1986Cheaper VCS!
49.04FROST::JARVISMon Aug 25 1986Help!, Can't start IODL !
50.012VINO::VOBAMon Aug 25 198616 systems
51.02FROST::JARVISThu Aug 28 1986VCS$IODL died? why?
52.08CSMADM::MELANSONTue Sep 02 1986vax 88
53.02VINO::VOBAFri Sep 05 1986Spring forward, Fall back.
54.02VINO::VOBAWed Sep 10 1986VCS Functional Specification
55.08CLUSTA::DAMONThu Sep 11 1986Local Area VAXcluster support?
56.03CSC32::D_COHNMon Sep 15 1986Take a number and please be seated...
57.0KBOVThu Sep 18 1986VCS access violation crash
58.03ANCHOR::LEVESQUEMon Sep 22 1986VCS needs horsepower!
59.03AIMHI::WAGNERTue Sep 23 1986Why buy a Console ???
60.0VINO::VOBASat Oct 04 1986V1.1 Phase
61.01VINO::VOBASat Oct 04 1986VCS Record Interface
62.04HIGHFI::LAMBERTThu Oct 09 1986Is a VWS Needed At All?
63.01KBOVFri Oct 10 1986(un)related bugcheck?
64.01NEWVAX::DTURNERWed Oct 15 1986VCS reference site?
65.01MARVIN::COBBFri Oct 17 1986Is a VCS supported for ordinary applications?
66.02COMET::CURTISWed Oct 22 1986Daylight Savings Time?
67.03POTARU::QUODLINGTue Oct 28 1986Is distance a problem
68.0VINO::VOBAThu Oct 30 1986DECnet EVL Process
69.05JOCKEY::BOURNETue Nov 04 1986VCS & Fibre Optics
70.09MOLE::BARKERWed Nov 19 1986Communications via LAT/DECserver?
71.013SAVAGE::TURNERMon Nov 24 1986Microvax console ports
72.015NEWVAX::ADKINSTue Dec 02 1986RDC, VCS, and PRO Consoles
73.04DELNI::FOLEYTue Dec 16 1986Scan files - Have you created any?
74.011DECNA::FOLEYThu Jan 08 1987VCS and LAT: Some hints to getting it to work
75.05AMRETO::BUDATue Jan 13 1987Some feelings for VCS
76.016VINO::VOBAWed Jan 14 1987Version 1.1
77.04LINCON::WOODBURYThu Jan 15 1987Hardware requirements?
78.02VNAFCC::HOFERMon Jan 19 1987READSYNC on OPA
79.010CLUSTA::DAMONThu Jan 22 1987Non-VMS configurations?
80.06NEWVAX::ADKINSThu Jan 22 1987Garbled output from 87
81.02TKTVMon Jan 26 1987BC14N and video terminal for VCS
82.02NEXUS::C_LEEThu Feb 05 1987tuning VCS station
83.01NEXUS::C_LEEFri Feb 06 1987Define Key with Trailing Space
84.0AMRETO::BUDASun Feb 08 1987Needed features.
85.02FOLES::FOLEYSun Feb 08 1987Running VCS IN your LAVc. A quick "How to" guide.
86.08VINO::KOVALCINTue Feb 10 1987Testing needed
87.07ORCAS::KUNZWed Feb 11 1987HELP ... and Thanks
88.04TKTVFri Feb 13 1987Vidoe Tape for VCS Operation?
89.014VINO::GSCOTTWed Feb 18 1987How about adding VCS MONITOR/ALL?
90.09VINO::GSCOTTWed Feb 18 1987VCS MONITOR Help Command Bug
92.01CLOVAX::SHORTWed Feb 18 1987fiber to twisted pair to consol port
93.05VINO::GSCOTTWed Feb 18 1987VCS Configuration Editor Bugs
95.03DECEAT::MELANSONTue Feb 24 1987increasing the speed on the PRO Communication/Console port
97.01PUZZLE::KERSHNEFLSat Mar 07 1987Look Dad a VCS!
98.0VINO::VOBATue Mar 10 1987New SCROLL {UP|DOWN} Command Syntax
99.01CSC32::SCHLABSWed Mar 11 1987Running VCS from a .COM file
100.01SSDEVO::D_BRAMEWed Mar 11 1987Limit on REVIEW buffer size?
101.04CSC32::LEFEVREMon Mar 16 1987machine readable copy of the SPD
103.012WATNEY::BINGHAMThu Mar 19 1987Port Baud Rates
104.01THEBAY::HAYESThu Mar 19 1987Central Operations, 4 VAXClusters
105.04CSC32::LEFEVRETue Mar 24 1987TPU errors doing VIEW/MESSAGE
106.010PUZZLE::KERSHNEFLWed Mar 25 1987VCS for 6
107.02JOCKEY::GAHANThu Mar 26 1987 85
108.04TKTVTue Mar 31 1987VCS scan file for 88
110.06VINO::VOBAThu Apr 02 1987VCS incantations and other magic spells ...
111.08NEXUS::C_LEEThu Apr 02 1987HUNG SYSTEMS
112.0VINO::VOBAThu Apr 02 1987Running VMS 4.6 LAT software on VMS 4.4 system
113.02VINO::VOBAWed Apr 08 1987Fiberoptic Cable Connector Coupler
114.03VAXINE::GORMANFri Apr 17 1987Anther hardware question.
115.015NEXUS::C_LEEMon Apr 20 1987OUTPUT lost command string on 3rd node
116.01NEXUS::C_LEEThu Apr 23 1987TPU-S-MSGNOTFND
117.03BARAKA::CALLAGHANSat May 02 1987VCS$SCANNER die-ing (Version 1.
118.03CUJO::HARTSHORNThu May 07 1987VCS abort w/ 3 users
119.064VINO::KILGOREMon May 11 1987VCS Wishlist
120.01MUNNAC::POLZINMon May 11 1987BREAK on reverse LAT
121.06CSC32::WATERSWed May 13 1987control P 88
122.01BASHER::RHASKINGFri May 15 1987VCS crashing,SWERROR,BADPKT
123.0VINO::VOBAMon May 18 1987Engineering Seminar
125.02VINO::KILGOREFri May 22 1987VCS in Digital Electronic Store
126.01VINO::VOBAWed May 27 1987/[NO]EIGHTBIT Patch for Version 1.1
127.07NEXUS::C_LEEFri May 29 1987TPU - VCS-F-VERSKW, version skew
129.02ROMThu Jun 04 1987focha-XX separate from VCS?
130.01CUJO::HARTSHORNMon Jun 08 1987Simultaneous CONNECTS to same node
131.07TRIPPR::POLLERTWed Jun 10 1987New VCS system/user needs doc.
132.01JEREMY::OFERWed Jun 17 1987OFFLIN event without DISABLE ?
133.01DPDMAI::SMITHMon Jun 22 1987VCS Monitor exits with bad time format
134.04RUNT2::SWARTZWed Jun 24 1987Scan Option Information access violation
135.02CSC32::WATERSThu Jun 25 1987VCS clears GPX windows
137.04USFHSL::RBROWNTue Jun 30 1987Controlling from Central Location
138.05CHUCKL::LEMONSWed Jul 01 1987VAXstation 2
139.08EAYVThu Jul 02 1987VCS as Boot Node on LAVC
140.02PH4VAX::KRYSTOThu Jul 02 1987EXIT
141.04OVDVAX::TACKETTThu Jul 09 1987focfb pain!!
142.010MTA::FLADUNGThu Jul 09 1987VAxstations, DECservers, etc.
143.01VINO::SCLEMENSTue Jul 21 1987Disk problems on the VINO cluster
145.08OTOUWed Jul 22 1987VCS with PROs and 8974
146.0VINO::SCLEMENSThu Jul 23 1987VCS$KIT logical defined
147.01OVDVAX::TACKETTTue Jul 28 1987VER. 1.1 QUESTION
148.02NCBDVX::HASKENThu Jul 30 1987VCS$RECORDER and VCS-W-RIOUT errors
149.01VINO::VOBAThu Jul 30 1987Configuration Editor Bug
150.04LAIDBK::HENRYFri Jul 31 1987PDP?? Help from Answer man & Others!
151.02CHUCKL::LEMONSWed Aug 05 1987Can fiber optic cables be repaired?
152.02VINO::VOBAFri Aug 14 1987GPX/VCS
154.03CSC32::FORSMANFri Aug 21 1987Sending BREAK through DMZ32 after VCS CONNECT
155.01AYOV18::STRACHANWed Aug 26 1987Two hard Copy Outputs?
156.08THEPUB::JRSThu Aug 27 1987Security Editor Bugs?
157.04MDVAX3::COARTue Sep 01 1987Packaged VCS: What about software updates?
158.02MDVAX3::COARWed Sep 02 1987/COMMAND problem in 1.
160.01JC::SYSTEMFri Sep 04 1987REVIEW/TIME?
161.01EAYVFri Sep 04 1987 Does RS423 work?????
162.02BIRMIC::SPRINGALLMon Sep 07 1987VCS on MIRA ?
163.02STEREO::BEAUDETTue Sep 08 1987One company...one console?
164.03AYOV18::STRACHANWed Sep 09 1987Scan Files For PDPs?
165.03CHUCKL::LEMONSFri Sep 11 1987
166.01NCBDVX::HASKENTue Sep 15 1987VCS forgets keypad definitions
167.0VINO::HOFFMANFri Sep 25 1987GPX user interface for VCS
169.02MXOVTue Sep 29 1987REDUNDANCY IN THE VCS ?
170.01MDVAX3::COARTue Oct 06 1987Nautilus console & VCS
171.03NCBDVX::HASKENTue Oct 06 1987Controlling OPCOM in a Cluster
172.04MDVAX3::COARThu Oct 08 1987VCS / Nautilus console dichotomy
173.01MDVAX1::HARMONFri Oct 09 1987855
174.04HJUXB::JUDICEFri Oct 09 1987Flow Control Problems
175.01MDVAX3::COARSat Oct 10 1987VCS 1.
176.07MDVAX3::COARMon Oct 12 1987Config editor ACCVIOs on new SCAN option
177.03MDVAX3::COARThu Oct 15 1987VCS TXA2 no faster than 48
178.012LABC::GRAYFri Oct 16 1987Irate VCS user
179.0VINO::VOBASun Oct 18 1987No VCS$* User Names
180.03KAOTMon Oct 19 1987Ctrl-U and delete key bug?
181.02AXEL::FOLEYWed Oct 21 1987Configuration inquiries
182.02MDVAX3::COARWed Oct 21 1987VCS CONNECT (1.1) and top-row function keys
183.01UTOPIE::ASCHAUERThu Oct 22 1987More than one VCS?
184.02CSC32::J_FELDMANFri Oct 23 1987vcs$ifex.exe is access violating
185.03VINO::HOFFMANMon Oct 26 1987Monitor failure with security on
186.02CUJO::HARTSHORNMon Oct 26 1987Ports allocated to LOGINOUT
187.02MDVAX3::COARFri Oct 30 1987Bugs: SET WIDTH 9
188.02FOURGL::MCPHERSONTue Nov 03 1987VCS/GPX as a Network Control machine?
189.03NEXUS::C_LEEThu Nov 05 1987limits on # of nodes that you can REVIEW
190.02OVDVAX::ROTHThu Nov 12 1987Question about the timestamp
191.03VICKI::TOMASWICKFri Nov 13 1987VCS kit for VMS V5?
192.01MDVAX3::COARFri Nov 13 19871.1 documentation error
193.013MDVAX3::COARFri Nov 13 1987VCS and RDC/MDS
194.01VFO::SPRAGUEFri Nov 13 1987VCS, LTdriver, and BreakSignal
195.02VFO::SPRAGUEFri Nov 13 1987Access Interface question
196.01VFO::SPRAGUEFri Nov 13 1987Line hung on initial startup of VCS?
197.01CANPAC::MCPHERSONTue Nov 17 1987Error: Ident mismatch withg shareable image?
198.03VINO::VOBAWed Nov 18 1987Undocumented Feature
200.01TEJAS::COLEMANThu Nov 19 1987How to configure 1.1?
201.02VFO::SPRAGUEFri Nov 20 1987@sys$examples:vcs$gpx ?
202.03VFO::SPRAGUEFri Nov 20 1987More on note 196
203.04CSC32::MCCLELLANDMon Nov 23 1987V1.1 sets ports to NOALTYPAHD
204.03SKIVT::JARVISMon Nov 23 1987Reverse lat Xon problem?
205.02ITINFO::MCPHERSONWed Nov 25 1987VCS$GPX in RWSWP. Help
206.024FOURGL::MCPHERSONTue Dec 01 1987VCS+Vitalink=Fatal Software Error
207.037VINO::VOBAThu Dec 03 1987VCS Mug
208.03SALEM::WELLSFri Dec 04 1987Bypassing the pro38
209.01BTOENG::JARVISSat Dec 05 1987VCS Crash - No logical Name Match???
210.09ARNOLD::ROTHMon Dec 07 1987Reserved operand fault - VCS V1.1
211.01--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 08 1987VCS dataoverrun errors
212.01AYOV27::STRACHANWed Dec 09 1987Power Dip on the PRO
213.03FOR2::ELLINGTONMon Dec 14 1987Event Window Not Displayed
215.02VANISH::WOODThu Dec 17 1987Scan file for Vitalink?
216.06VICKI::TOMASWICKSun Dec 20 1987VCS for VMS V5 FT2 - IFT (3N2)?
217.06VFOVAX::SPRAGUEMon Jan 04 1988Missing console comments when booting
218.01OVDVAX::ZIGLERMon Jan 04 1988VCS and Foreign Systems?
219.0SHARE::LEMONSMon Jan 04 1988How to detect VCS switch in 'local'
220.04CSC32::MCCLELLANDWed Jan 06 1988Hung up ports after VCS reboot
222.01HAEXLI::PMAIERTue Jan 12 1988????? on LA75
223.01SKIVT::JARVISFri Jan 15 1988Bugs with X5.
225.04SHARE::LEMONSWed Jan 20 1988What terminal server(s) does VCS support?
226.014VINO::VOBAWed Jan 27 1988Version 1.2
227.03CSCMA::COSTIGANWed Jan 27 1988Hardware Guide located on-line ??
228.05SHARE::TOMCZYKThu Jan 28 1988PRO on 88
229.08SHARE::LEMONSMon Feb 01 1988Security of VCS with DECserver services
230.05CHOVAX::FRIEDRICHTue Feb 02 1988OPA
231.02WRO8A::AFENDAKMIMon Feb 08 1988Garbage on screens
232.01NRADM::SWARTZWed Feb 10 1988Replacement for BC17R-
233.04JENEVR::BUDAFri Feb 12 1988Whats next?
234.07HPSMEG::BUCKLEYTue Feb 16 1988VCS Config. Editor... A poll!
235.014CRUNCH::GJOHNSONTue Feb 16 1988VCS crash rumor
236.02CSCMA::COSTIGANWed Feb 17 1988Additional processing of VCS logs and events
237.02WRO8A::AFENDAKMIThu Feb 18 1988Eight node cluster hang.
238.01CVG::TOMASWICKThu Feb 25 19881.2 old bugs still exist
239.03CSCMA::COSTIGANThu Feb 25 1988PRO console problem
240.06FLOCON::AUNGIERSat Feb 27 1988%VCS-I-SYSCHWAIT hangs
241.029SKIVT::JARVISMon Feb 29 1988VCS Version 1.2 Bug Reports
242.07CVG::LEKASMon Feb 29 1988Problem Report
243.02DUBTue Mar 01 1988Speed of link on 88
244.02CVG::LEKASTue Mar 01 1988General Performance Improvement?
245.01FLOCON::AUNGIERWed Mar 02 1988VCS CONNECT NODE error due to TPU error, I think
246.0SKIVT::JARVISFri Mar 04 1988Wishlist Item for version next.
247.05MAMTS7::JZITELMANMon Mar 07 1988VCCS with standalone systems
248.02GSPMO::DOWENWed Mar 09 1988record format for log files?
250.01BMT::SCHWARTZMon Mar 14 1988VCS hard copy
251.02RUTLND::MCPHERSONWed Mar 16 1988VCS Ignoring My Parity Settings!
252.03CSSE32::SIGMONTue Mar 22 1988Can't find kit for V5 FT2.1
253.03BSS::BOYERTue Mar 22 1988Data loss in VCS$IODL pipe...
254.01SHARE::LEMONSWed Mar 23 1988'window_size' parsing error in VCS ACCESS
255.01PEOVAX::LEWISThu Mar 24 1988VCS Version 1.2
257.03DPD13::STANARDMon Mar 28 1988
258.02HYEND::JBOWKERTue Mar 29 1988Fiber Optic Converter Kits
259.0HPSMEG::BUCKLEYTue Mar 29 1988
260.0ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Apr 04 1988Announcing (Nautilus) VAX Console V8.
261.012SHARE::LEMONSMon Apr 04 1988VCS support for 42-node cluster?
262.03BSS::BOYERMon Apr 04 1988Applications handled asyncronously by VCS?
264.07JIFFY::AFENDAKMIWed Apr 06 1988Vcs Security Editor Trouble
265.01VINO::VOBAWed Apr 06 1988VCS X1.2-BL1
266.02WAV12::NORDGRENThu Apr 07 1988Need VCS cust. Reference site
267.02PEOVAX::LEWISFri Apr 08 1988Big foot was here
268.06JIFFY::AFENDAKMIFri Apr 08 1988VCS$IODL problems
270.01JIFFY::AFENDAKMITue Apr 12 1988VCS connect in command procedure
271.04JIFFY::AFENDAKMIWed Apr 13 1988Character output truncation/garbage
272.08CSC32::BUTTERWORTHTue Apr 19 1988Problems with the MONITOR event window
273.03NRADM4::SWARTZTue Apr 19 1988VCS$LOG logical
274.01CSC32::BUTTERWORTHWed Apr 20 1988Insufficent virtual memory error from VCS
276.04JIFFY::AFENDAKMIThu Apr 21 1988VCS Presentation kits?
277.04HLISFri Apr 22 1988Life is not a test run, VCS is for real
278.07HJUXB::GREENFri Apr 22 1988BL1 1.2 problem
279.01GREEDO::MARCHESANIFri Apr 22 1988BL1 and V5.
280.01--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 22 1988vcs$iodl not startable
281.011VINO::VOBAFri Apr 22 1988VCS X1.2-BL2
282.03FNYFS::AUNGIERSat Apr 23 1988VCS CONNECT, does not connect me
283.010SHARE::LEMONSTue Apr 26 1988VCS$IODL creates .DMP
284.016CSCMA::COSTIGANTue Apr 26 1988Is optic fiber really necessary ??
285.0HYEND::JBOWKERTue Apr 26 1988SASE is looking for dead H7133's
286.02NRADM1::SWARTZWed Apr 27 1988PRO rev level encoding ?
287.01MDVAX3::COARWed Apr 27 1988One man's opinion about monochromicity
288.02NRADM::SWARTZThu Apr 28 1988Broken tip on fiber optic terminator
289.08NRADM::SWARTZThu Apr 28 1988Protecting the fiber optic cables
291.06HAEXLI::PMAIERTue May 03 1988user written VCS application
292.02RUTLND::MCPHERSONWed May 04 1988Can't get VitaLink Scan file to work right.
293.012CSC32::BUTTERWORTHWed May 04 1988Fatal bugcheck - image is VCS$IFEX.EXE
294.03JULIET::BOHAN_VIThu May 05 1988Two VCSes for availability?
295.03GYPSC::KERNWed May 11 1988bug is startup on bl2 ??
296.01SKIVT::JARVISFri May 13 1988Things aren't really what they seem-VCS Bug?
297.03SAMURI::COOPERMon May 16 1988HSC7
298.01SHARE::LEMONSMon May 16 1988Workaround for LTA not available yet during startup
299.01LEMAN::LUGRINTue May 17 1988VCS of a cluster of uVAXes
300.01ULYSSE::WEISSBECKWed May 18 1988Reverse LAT and Line speed
301.01HAEXLI::PMAIERThu May 19 1988optocoupler ..we have it
302.03COMICS::BIRKINSHAWTue May 24 1988User application examples in Basic?
303.05NRADM::SWARTZTue May 24 1988Red Light
304.017BSS::BOYERWed May 25 1988ACCVIO in LAYOUT
305.02HOO78C::ANDERSONThu May 26 1988Being driven mad by reverse ?
306.09CVG::TOMASWICKWed Jun 01 19881.2 BL2 Problems
307.0YQUEM::VOBAThu Jun 02 1988Console Hangs & System Crashing Caused by VMS Bugs
308.04CSC32::R_SOMBERGMon Jun 06 1988INCLUDE file for FORTRAN ?
309.02NRADM::SWARTZTue Jun 07 1988CAPTURE and VCS ?
310.02CSC32::BUTTERWORTHFri Jun 10 1988VCS recorder question
311.06VINO::VOBASun Jun 12 1988VCS X1.2-BL3
312.06HOO78C::ANDERSONMon Jun 13 1988^C eaten by select mode - film at 11!
313.04VINO::VOBAMon Jun 13 1988Software License
314.01SALEM::WELLSThu Jun 16 1988What privileges required for VCS account
315.03OPG::PHILIPThu Jun 16 1988Will the system limit increase ?
316.01CSC32::J_PARSONSFri Jun 17 1988INVDEVNAM when starting iodl
317.02CSC32::BUTTERWORTHMon Jun 20 1988Yet another monitor interface question!
318.01CSC32::R_SOMBERGMon Jun 20 1988HSC, SECURE switch & VCS crash.
319.01JGO::ENGVENRPTWed Jun 29 1988automatic starting diagnostics
320.03CSC32::BUTTERWORTHWed Jun 29 1988Is VCS 1.1 officialy supported under VMS 5.
321.02FLOCON::AUNGIERWed Jun 29 1988Does VCS work on
322.04ULYSSE::WEISSBECKFri Jul 01 1988PAK needed for LAVC?
323.014DGMTFri Jul 01 1988SWERR, IODL in RWAST
324.01VFOVAX::SPRAGUEFri Jul 01 1988output from access interface
325.06OZZAIB::KENNEDYWed Jul 06 1988Can 11/73
326.04VINO::HOFFMANWed Jul 13 1988VCS T1.2-FT1
328.02KLOVWed Jul 20 1988VCS on a 785 or 88
329.03USHSThu Jul 21 1988VCS 1.2 upgrade questions
330.01CSC32::M_FRYMIERFri Jul 22 1988RECORD node/OUPUT=CSA
331.04ATALL::ELLISMTue Jul 26 1988VCS V1.2 and LAT
332.02VINO::GSCOTTTue Jul 26 1988Occasional Poor Response Times
333.01VINO::GSCOTTTue Jul 26 1988Lost typein problems
334.08AXEL::FOLEYWed Jul 27 1988VCS $ DECwindows
335.01VINO::GSCOTTWed Jul 27 1988VCS 1.2 Scan File Format?
336.01CSC32::BUTTERWORTHWed Jul 27 1988TPU_F_NOCACHE error from the monitor
337.0COMICS::CROSBIEThu Jul 28 1988IODL dies intermittently under 1.1
338.04CSC32::WATERSThu Jul 28 1988Data Overrun error going to 865
340.03VINO::GSCOTTMon Aug 01 1988Window Update Problems
341.01VINO::GSCOTTTue Aug 02 1988Problem with disk full action
342.02VAXINE::DELIBERTISWed Aug 03 1988Unable to connect "11/785"
343.01HARDLY::ELLISMMon Aug 08 1988What does the LAYOUT do?
344.02STKEIS::BYSTAMMon Aug 08 1988Some problems with PROs as consoles
345.01VINO::GSCOTTTue Aug 09 1988Event Summary Window not updating
346.012AYOV18::STRACHANFri Aug 12 1988Help on 1.2 Bl3 required
347.01RUTLND::MCPHERSONFri Aug 12 1988"DCL-F-SYNTAX, error parsing '!AS'" from VCS$LAYOUT
348.08VINO::VOBAFri Aug 12 1988VCS 1.2 Documentation
349.02CSC32::BUTTERWORTHFri Aug 12 1988VCS unable to send data but can receive data.
350.015DEDOThu Aug 18 1988Performance problem - slow response
352.04VINO::VOBASun Aug 21 1988VCS T1.2-FT2
353.03ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Aug 22 1988Nautilus PRO Console Possible Character Loss
354.02CSC32::K_MEADOWSMon Aug 22 1988VCS-F-OLDSEC
355.02SNO78C::BOUNDSTue Aug 23 1988Monitor Logging Problem
356.08HARDLY::ELLISMTue Aug 23 1988Problem with VCS layout in V4 FT2
357.07KETJE::CORTEBEECKWed Aug 24 1988PDP connections, supported or a feature
358.04CUJO::VOSSLERThu Aug 25 1988Compatability of VMS 4.7 & 5.
359.06KERNEL::GILLESPIEFri Aug 26 1988Spurious Characters
360.01MDVAX1::RICHARDSONWed Aug 31 1988Scan Option gotchas?
361.02KERNEL::WIMBLEDONFri Sep 02 1988VCS 1.1 hanging on occasion
362.02CSC32::D_COHNFri Sep 02 1988VCS & RSM on the same system??
363.02BOGUSS::SHORESun Sep 04 1988VCS 1.2 for customers yet?
364.01PILOU::NAVARROMon Sep 05 1988Modem mds
366.05CTOAVX::VALENCISWed Sep 07 1988VCS on 35
367.07MPO::MACONIMon Sep 12 1988Crash: INCONSTATE, Inconsistant I/O data base
368.02CVG::MARSHALLTue Sep 13 1988VCS$IODL accvio
369.01POLAR::WILSONDTue Sep 13 1988Using VCS as a monitor of Reliability Testing
370.07MDVAX1::RICHARDSONTue Sep 13 1988VCS on VAX2
371.07GLDOA::WESTBROOKSWed Sep 14 1988Nodes Disapear!
372.02SRFSUP::YEUNGThu Sep 15 1988PRO-38
373.05ATALL::ELLISMFri Sep 16 1988VCS$IODL bombed out
374.04ATALL::ELLISMFri Sep 16 1988Something I'd like so see in the GPX interface
376.03VINO::GSCOTTMon Sep 19 1988IODL not managing LTA devices properly
377.02CSC32::BUTTERWORTHMon Sep 19 1988Monitor "hangs" on one node after purging log file
379.09JGO::ENGVENRPTWed Sep 21 1988vcs access application help
380.0SALEM::WELLSWed Sep 21 1988VCS nodes in LAVC?
381.01FNYFS::AUNGIERThu Sep 22 1988VCS system V5, connected systems V4.7, any problems
382.04HARDLY::ELLISMTue Sep 27 1988Can you use MUXserver 1
383.01VINO::GSCOTTThu Sep 29 1988VPA claims IODL hung in AST wait states
384.02CHGVThu Sep 29 1988VCS to monitor VAXes on WAN
385.03VINO::GSCOTTThu Sep 29 1988IODL apparently hanging/disk full action
386.01EAYVFri Sep 30 1988vr29
387.05HARDLY::ELLISMFri Sep 30 1988VCS Security editor
388.03USHSTue Oct 04 1988Local Console Commands Not Logging
389.06MDVAX1::RICHARDSONFri Oct 07 1988VCS ACCESS problem
390.03PAPERS::WINNMon Oct 10 1988VCS FT1.2 unable to reach 881
391.03VLOMFG::BEAUTue Oct 11 1988VCS on Uvax 35
392.01CRUISE::WBERNIERTue Oct 11 1988a VCS Green-horn
393.032Wed Oct 12 1988graphics capability ?
395.02FNYFS::AUNGIERMon Oct 17 1988VCS kit again for Micro Vaxen
396.01PAPERS::WINNMon Oct 17 1988Example of User Written Application
397.01MDVAX1::RICHARDSONMon Oct 17 1988Access Layout Problems
398.01DUNE::MAGGINETTIMon Oct 17 1988problem with VCS EDIT CONF
399.01GALLOP::BLACKMTue Oct 18 1988VCS look-see?
401.034VINO::VOBAThu Oct 20 1988VAXCLUSTER-CONSOLE PAK Requests
402.02BSS::BOYERThu Oct 20 1988Recovering from reverse lat interruption...
403.020VINO::VOBAFri Oct 21 1988VCS V1.2
404.06NEXUS::P_NOLLTue Oct 25 1988Reverse ? generated when connected to VAX-62
405.01MDVAX1::RICHARDSONTue Oct 25 1988More questions
406.05BSS::BOYERTue Oct 25 1988Reverse lat flow control?
407.01VINO::VOBAThu Oct 27 1988Supported VCS Platforms
408.01WARDER::FOSSEYFri Oct 28 1988Sizing Information Would be Useful
409.04VFOVAX::SPRAGUETue Nov 01 1988vcs access dead?
410.03MDVAX1::RICHARDSONWed Nov 02 1988UNIX competition
411.03WARDER::FOSSEYThu Nov 03 1988VCS v DECwindows
412.022COLFri Nov 04 1988Polarstar on VCS ??
413.02HARDLY::ELLISMSun Nov 06 1988Playing with the VCS$LAYOUT.DAT
414.01PRSUD2::SIMONMon Nov 07 1988Questions about VCS
415.05PRSUD2::SIMONMon Nov 07 1988Autoconfigure feature?
416.05PARVAX::LUTJENTue Nov 08 1988ULTRIX 865
417.09OSPREY::ITHOMSONTue Nov 15 1988Spurious characters with typeahead...
418.022Fri Nov 18 1988more vcs/pro/88
419.042VINO::VOBAFri Nov 18 1988VAXcluster Console System Phase
420.05CSC32::BUTTERWORTHFri Nov 18 1988Getting an LO_ILLOPT message from vcs connect - 1.2
421.04ULYSSE::WEISSBECKMon Nov 28 1988Internal RMS error
422.05WARDER::FOSSEYTue Nov 29 1988>>> on a uV2
423.010VINO::VOBAWed Nov 30 1988We need a new product name.
424.04FNYFS::AUNGIERThu Dec 01 1988VCS V1.2 installed, some comments
425.015PRSIS::BLONDEAUXFri Dec 02 1988Announcing VCS$DISPLAY V1.4
426.06CSC32::BUTTERWORTHSun Dec 04 1988Excessive PPI interrupts on pro-console with VCS
427.04BSS::BOYERWed Dec 07 1988Scanner stops scanning...
428.010ESDDEV::WSNYDERSMon Dec 12 1988SELECTED NODE 'Hangs' unil RETURN is pressed.
429.01VFOVAX::SPRAGUEThu Dec 15 1988LINERR ??
430.05BSS::RYERThu Dec 22 1988HSC's on reverse LAT?
431.0NYEM1::GILFEATHERThu Dec 29 1988Scan file for VMS message to opa
432.03PEOVAX::LEWISThu Dec 29 1988VCS V1.2
434.013GALLOP::BOURNEJWed Jan 04 1989URGENT: More than 16 nodes needed
435.01COPSL6::FTHOMSENWed Jan 04 1989VCS Info Needed
437.0VINO::VOBAFri Jan 06 1989Software Engineering Opportunities
438.0VINO::VOBASat Jan 07 1989TPU 2.2
439.01VFOVAX::SPRAGUEMon Jan 09 1989reducing multiple OPCOM in a cluster
440.04NYEM1::GILFEATHERMon Jan 09 1989Record not Found reading Log File
441.04FLOCON::AUNGIERThu Jan 12 1989Force privileged user to use VCS and not local
442.01PRSUD2::SIMONTue Jan 17 1989VCS on any VAXstations
444.02WARDER::FOSSEYWed Jan 18 1989Multi-User Licenses on VAXstations
445.018VINO::GSCOTTFri Jan 20 1989Access violation in monitor interface
446.01MARVIN::WARWICKSat Jan 21 1989Nautilus advice req'd
447.015FLOCON::AUNGIERTue Jan 24 1989Reverse LAT kit, part numbers needed
448.08WARDER::FOSSEYFri Jan 27 198931
449.03SNO78C::BOUNDSMon Jan 30 1989Application Interface Problem?
450.0CSC32::BUTTERWORTHThu Feb 02 1989Problem activating user written VCS ACCESS applcation.
451.03WELSWS::GRAHAMFri Feb 03 1989GPX ? + reference site
452.05MARVIN::WARWICKMon Feb 06 1989VCS from workstation menu ?
453.02VINO::VOBAMon Feb 06 1989VCS in LAVc with Reverse LAT
454.06VINO::VOBATue Feb 07 1989VCS 1.2 will NOT run on VMS T5.2
455.06BERNThu Feb 09 1989OPCOM over REVERSE LAT missing!
456.0IMBACQ::SCHMIDTWed Feb 15 1989Regarding capabilities of VCS and Nautilus...
457.0VINO::VOBAWed Feb 15 1989Best way to set up PRO console for VCS ?
458.02VINO::VOBAThu Feb 16 1989Multiple Layout Application Windows
459.03NANOOK::BRALEYThu Feb 16 1989Scan files for 3xxx,6xxx
460.03DLOACT::RYANThu Feb 23 1989Connection restrictions
461.04TRCAThu Feb 23 1989VCS References/Maintech Comp. Info?
462.08SHARE::LEMONSThu Feb 23 1989VAXstations can't be _real_ VCS clients??
463.01CSC32::K_MEADOWSMon Feb 27 1989How to relocate the event window?????
464.01MAIL::RICHARDSONTue Feb 28 1989icon colors
465.04MAIL::RICHARDSONTue Feb 28 1989VCS on Ultrix?
466.03BERNWed Mar 01 1989Problem upd EVENT RECORD
467.02SNOCThu Mar 02 1989Log file and Application Time Stamps?
468.05COORS::BUTTERWORTHThu Mar 02 1989What RS232 signals should be present on FOFCB
469.05IGETIT::ELLISMTue Mar 07 1989thoughts....
471.0VINO::VOBAWed Mar 08 1989Fiber Optic Cable Lengths
472.0VINO::VOBAWed Mar 08 1989VCS disable switch
473.04IMBACQ::SCHMIDTWed Mar 08 1989Are we gearing up to service optical products?
474.01IND::WELLISThu Mar 09 1989Berkeley and other questions
475.02VIVIAN::G_BAKERThu Mar 09 1989crashes at midnight
476.06IMBACQ::SCHMIDTThu Mar 09 1989A Unique VCS-to-PRO Hang Solved!
477.01GALLOP::BYNGNFri Mar 10 1989Configuration Editor - Problem
479.01FNYFS::BARONNETMon Mar 13 1989VCS PAK needed urgently, please help me
480.05FLATTP::THORNTON_JEMon Mar 13 1989interactive window sessions
481.04CSC32::BUTTERWORTHWed Mar 15 1989Excessive page faulting from MONITOR REVIEW commannd.
482.033VINO::VOBAMon Mar 20 1989Looking for a few brave souls ...
483.04AIRPRT::GRIERMon Mar 20 1989VCS LAYOUT crashes
484.02DIXIE1::KEIDAVISTue Mar 21 1989VCS processes go into MUTEX state
485.011CVG::ESONISTue Mar 21 1989console data lost- no error message
486.01AYOV24::TADAIRThu Mar 23 19896312 vaxcluster console system
487.01BSS::BOYERFri Mar 24 1989Merge the VCS$CONFIGURATION files?
488.08GALLOP::HODGSONCTue Mar 28 1989...Idiots guide to
489.07HARPO::WARDWed Mar 29 1989Is this do-able enough for wishlist?
490.06BSS::BOYERWed Mar 29 1989VCS$LAYOUT_MAXIMUM_WINDOWS and subprocesses..
491.01SMOOT::ROTHThu Mar 30 1989Can you have windows/icons and ANSI terminal too?
492.03GALLOP::HODGSONCFri Mar 31 1989I'll sell this stuff even if it kills me
493.03ENUF::GASSMANFri Mar 31 1989VCS 3'rd party manager - in the press?
494.02SHARE::LEMONSFri Mar 31 1989'CDISABLE'
495.01STAR::HOBBSMon Apr 03 1989OPCOM changes for V5.2
496.01BSS::BOYERMon Apr 03 1989Layout application locks console...
497.0CSC32::BUTTERWORTHWed Apr 05 19891.2 Config editor access violates
498.09IOSG::GARDNERMon Apr 10 1989stray ACCVIO
499.015IGETIT::ELLISMTue Apr 11 1989VCSMA
500.01RTOEU::DBOOBIERThu Apr 13 1989Ungranted Lock Failure
501.01WELSWS::MCANDREWThu Apr 13 1989HSC info in logfiles?
502.02PHDVAX::COMFORTThu Apr 13 1989VCS and 73
503.018SHARE::LEMONSMon Apr 24 1989'DEVALLOC'/'PORTALLOC' errors
504.0IMBACQ::SCHMIDTTue Apr 25 1989Announcing (Nautilus) VAX Console Version V9.
505.04HGSWWed Apr 26 1989Reverse LAT problem
506.02STKAI1::OAXELSSONFri Apr 28 1989Bad VCS log file???
507.03GALLOP::HODGSONCFri Apr 28 1989VS32
508.02HGOVC::ALANCHANMon May 01 1989Problem with ACCESS/LAYOUT
509.04BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOWed May 03 1989VCS processors othen than Q-BUS machines ???
510.01GIDDAY::MARSHALLTue May 09 1989What is the standard platform?
511.04VFOVAX::SPRAGUETue May 09 1989DECserver, break, and reverse lat
512.01MAIL::RICHARDSONWed May 10 1989Code examples?
513.04DRILL::BROWNThu May 11 1989question on VCS RECORD
514.04VINO::VOBAMon May 15 1989VCS Layout Magic
515.02CSC32::BUTTERWORTHWed May 17 1989Security editor reads the rights list twice
516.01IGETIT::ELLISMThu May 18 1989Duplicate processes
517.03IND::VIGLIOTTIMon May 22 1989Network config questions
518.05FLOCON::AUNGIERMon May 29 1989VCS, will it run on V5.2W
519.03CSC32::BUTTERWORTHWed May 31 1989MONITOR log window "jumps around" under VMS 5.1
520.01FNYFS::AUNGIERWed May 31 1989Systems crash or halt if VCS/SYSTEM is stopped
521.02BSS::BOYERWed May 31 1989Old buffers....
523.04CSC32::BUTTERWORTHThu Jun 01 1989Automatic VCS failover is possible and easy.
524.03RELYON::DCRAMMThu Jun 01 1989VCS from non-priviledged accounts?
527.04KETJE::DEMOORMon Jun 05 1989VCS AND SLS
528.010VINO::VOBATue Jun 06 1989X1.3-BL1
529.08HSOMAI::HARFORDWed Jun 07 1989Baud rate problems
530.01RELYON::DCRAMMThu Jun 08 1989Scan output to files?
531.02CTOAVX::GUMBUSThu Jun 08 1989VCS & Different Vendors - Can We Do Something?
532.02BRSSWS::PIRLETFri Jun 09 1989VCS - RDC - Vax system connection
533.09AYOU65::STRACHANMon Jun 12 1989Data Loss In Pipe
534.02AIRPRT::GRIERMon Jun 12 1989DECwindows UI only??
535.02CSC32::BUTTERWORTHWed Jun 14 1989IODL goes into RWAST state during normal operation
536.01BSS::BOYERWed Jun 14 1989Decserver 2
537.01UTOPIE::WOLFGANGTue Jun 20 1989Wishes for the fine Layout Interface
538.01MUSKIE::MILLERThu Jun 22 1989What is V1.2 max node support ?
539.03MUSKIE::MILLERThu Jun 22 1989What is V1.2 max supported nodes ?
541.01DWOMV2::CAMPBELLFri Jun 23 1989Question: OUTPUT in Batch?
542.05HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGWed Jun 28 1989VS2
543.04OPG::DAVIDMon Jul 03 1989Illegal Request...?
545.0HPSMEG::ASTONTue Jul 11 1989H7133-A Blitz and ARL report
546.08YUPPY::WOOLLEYWed Jul 12 1989VCS and Lights Out.
547.01CSC32::GULDENSun Jul 16 1989Setting host to VCS and Control P
548.02BMT::ZAMLERMon Jul 17 1989Remote change of Boot Path
549.02FROST::BARBERTue Jul 18 1989Questions about VCSMA
550.02BRSSWS::RIJMENANTSWed Jul 19 1989multiple "vcs stations" Mulitple VCS-systems in one cluster ?
551.08GALLOP::HODGSONCThu Jul 20 1989What's New - Fibre vs RS232???
552.02KERNEL::BRADSHAWThu Jul 20 1989Monitor Window Hangs
553.02PANIC::KNIGHTFri Jul 21 1989A few questions .....
554.02CSGFri Jul 21 1989? VCS Accepting 'foreign' alarms?
555.04CSC32::NOLLFri Jul 21 1989Default ACCESS not reporting SCANNER events
556.01PERFCT::ENSLEYMon Jul 24 1989Reverse LAT..a few questions
557.02IJSAPL::CAMERONMon Jul 24 1989Can an HSC connected to VCS affect booting ?
558.03USCTR2::ZAPPIATue Jul 25 1989Use an old VCS$CONFIGURATION.DAT file?
559.02PEOVAX::LEWISThu Jul 27 1989Pro locks up after VCS reboot
560.04FNYFS::AUNGIERFri Jul 28 1989VCS V1.2 running under VMS SSB V5.2, does it work
561.02BILLYK::PETERSMon Jul 31 1989Pending Sale - Need Answers!!!
562.01ULYSSE::WEISSBECKTue Aug 01 1989VCS$SPAWN is world writable?
563.01KERNEL::HODGKINSMon Aug 07 1989Cannot see HSC
564.0KERNEL::WIBREWWed Aug 09 1989VCS INTERUPT on BREAK detect
565.02TROAWed Aug 09 1989FO vs EIA232 again...
566.03HSSWS1::GREGThu Aug 10 1989VCS and Layered Products
568.08DPDMAI::BERNALWed Aug 16 1989VCS$IODL in MUTEX state
569.0CSC32::BUTTERWORTHWed Aug 16 1989VMS 5.2 - VCS 1.2 scan file wierdness!
570.01BSS::BOYERWed Aug 16 1989Better scan files for 82,83,62,63xx processors!
571.01CMKRNL::WALLThu Aug 17 1989VCS V1.3
572.0WAR75Thu Aug 17 1989Integrating other products with VCS
573.08GALLOP::BOURNEJWed Aug 23 1989VCS & RDC on 853
574.011PUGSLY::CHANGWed Aug 23 1989Problem with VCS on my system
575.05MAIL::HAYDENThu Aug 24 1989why color for a VAXstation?
576.04BSS::BOYERFri Aug 25 1989GPX consoles on VCS...
577.0HPSMEG::ASTONMon Aug 28 1989FOCHAs smoking
578.0VINO::DBIGELOWFri Sep 01 1989X1.3 BL2 kit
580.0144TALK::JARVISTue Sep 05 1989VCS V1.3 feedback/Bugs/Questions
581.0VINO::MCARLETONWed Sep 06 1989DECwindows access applications
582.016KRIS1Thu Sep 07 1989Permanently disabled node using reverse lat?
583.01WAR75Wed Sep 13 1989VCS V1.3 Documentation
584.02WAR75Wed Sep 13 1989VCS Limit of 24 nodes/objects
585.03GOLETA::SUKOVICH_ROWed Sep 13 1989VCS, MDS
587.03LATINA::RUPEREZTue Sep 19 1989No messages on screen
588.03YF23::VOGELTue Sep 19 1989Replace (14) H7132s with (1) H7133 ???
589.06PARVAX::KRIERTue Sep 19 1989How do I make a MVII into VCS?
590.01CARP::POPPTue Sep 19 1989vcs & remote diagnostics ???
591.05CSOA1::STUTSONTue Sep 19 1989DECwindows
592.01CSC32::BUTTERWORTHThu Sep 21 1989Monitor FIND command problem under 5.1-1 of VMS
593.06POLAR::LACAILLEFri Sep 22 1989Hardcopy/Record
594.06MTA::CHAMPAGNEMon Sep 25 1989Ordering fiber optic supplies
595.02BIGIST::ARDLEYTue Sep 26 1989Using VCS on extended lan
596.012SMAUG::GARRODWed Sep 27 1989Can't get send of BREAK to work
597.03PITMAN::GARRODWed Sep 27 1989Obscure location of NO LICENSE message
598.06HYDRA::COARThu Sep 28 1989Philosophy 442: `How many nodes should a VCS be allowed to serve?'
599.04GIDDAY::HALLNThu Sep 28 1989VCS CONNECT & TPU edit display problems
600.09GIDDAY::HALLNThu Sep 28 1989Can a VCS Workstation 31
601.02COMICS::AVERREMon Oct 02 1989VCS hang - REVERSE LAT XOFF
602.01COLTue Oct 03 1989VCS disk full = Polarstar crash ?
603.03EGAVTue Oct 03 1989interchangable vcs networks?????
604.01COMICS::JUDDWed Oct 04 1989Nautilus & Reverse Lat problems
605.0HPSMEG::ASTONThu Oct 05 1989FOCFB Blitz. RE: Heat and Binding
606.0HPSMEG::ASTONThu Oct 05 1989H7133 Blitz/ARL re-issue
607.04TRNFS::DEUSMACThu Oct 05 1989Merged VCS I'd like.
608.01MLNOI1::CARPENTIEROTue Oct 10 1989vcs for remote systems
609.02SUBWAY::CHAMPAGNEWed Oct 11 1989What type of cable should I use?
610.03OTOUMon Oct 16 1989Monitor - from Layout application
611.011VINO::VOBAMon Oct 23 1989X1.3 BL3 kit
612.04POLAR::LACAILLEFri Oct 27 1989Invalid record access mode
613.01HGOVC::LILLIANTANGSat Oct 28 1989misc configuration questions
614.0OFFHK::MCPHERSONWed Nov 01 1989Looking for a VCS 1.3 Demo near Marlboro
616.02KBOMFG::HOFGAERTNERThu Nov 02 1989Cannot Submit a Job VCS/CONN
617.05CRBOSS::LEMONSThu Nov 02 1989Can't find IMG$SHRLIB during VCS CONVERT
619.02UTRUST::RIJSBERGENMon Nov 06 1989Why do you need SYSPRV privilege for VCS EDIT LAYOUT ??
620.08WAR75Mon Nov 06 1989VCS V1.3 extra icons
621.026MISFIT::FOLTSDWed Nov 08 1989Control of color changes and oper messages
622.03ODIXIE::SPRINGERThu Nov 09 1989scan file question
623.02SMOOT::ROTHThu Nov 09 1989EDIT LAYOUT does not allow select of resource
624.03KETJE::DEMOORTue Nov 14 1989Multiuser workstation ?
626.01JAWJA::BRYANTTue Nov 14 1989VCS and VS32
627.03USATTue Nov 14 1989Need VCS Reference account
628.0CSC32::BUTTERWORTHFri Nov 17 1989SYSTEM-F-BUGCHECK, internal consistency failure
629.09GOTA1::BENZLERFri Nov 17 1989MV31
630.07GALLOP::BOURNEJTue Nov 21 1989Early release of v1.3??
631.02WARANT::ELLISMWed Nov 22 1989can't get remote displays to run
632.01WARMTH::ELLISMThu Nov 23 1989Extensible C3 and multiple windows
633.02HLISThu Nov 23 1989Coloured_frame around VCS_node_icon ?
634.06HYDRA::COARFri Nov 24 1989Putting VCS$LOG on non-local disks
635.0RUTILE::AUNGIERSat Nov 25 1989VCS, Reverse LAT, DECserver 5
636.02CVG::ESONISMon Nov 27 1989edit config problem
637.02GOTA1::BENZLERTue Nov 28 1989cont. of note 629; config problems VS31
638.0VINO::VOBATue Nov 28 1989Please upgrade your VCS system to VMS V5.3
639.03GIDDAY::KINGWed Nov 29 1989SYNCNONOP but VCS$IODL is there ? ?
640.02OPG::PHILIPThu Nov 30 1989VCS$ENS Baselevel 2 is now available....
641.03HGOVC::LILLIANTANGFri Dec 01 1989VCS Presentation
642.0MAIL::HEEBFri Dec 01 1989HP reference site needed
643.04CSC32::BUTTERWORTHSat Dec 02 1989Monitor CYCLE command gnerates TPU errors
644.01CAREA::RUDOLPHTue Dec 12 1989VCS 1.2 and CSA
646.03QUALLA::BETTROWed Dec 13 1989>>>Ok, I give. How do I break a 31
647.01POLAR::LACAILLEWed Dec 13 1989specify C3 creation position
648.019PUGH::GRAHAMWed Dec 13 1989VCS CONN - no echo back
649.08TRCAFri Dec 15 1989VCS on 9
650.014WOTVAX::ELLISMSun Dec 17 1989VCS V1.3 on LAVc
651.0VINO::VOBAMon Dec 18 1989X1.3 BL4 Kit
652.05DCWSFri Dec 22 1989Template scan/event files?
653.01DCWSFri Dec 29 1989VCS$ENS with BL4 Prob.
654.04DCWSWed Jan 03 1990Layout and Background Icon
655.03AYOV24::JVEITCHWed Jan 03 1990Memory for DECwindows
656.02IGETIT::PURNELLRThu Jan 04 1990Problem with VCS$C3 process
657.05RUTLND::POLCARIThu Jan 04 1990Disk space needed to Vcs system....
658.0CSC32::BUTTERWORTHMon Jan 08 1990TPU errors/warnings when invoking the monitor
659.017VINO::VOBAMon Jan 08 1990T1.3 FT1 Kit
660.06AYOV24::JVEITCHTue Jan 09 1990Announcement date V1.3
661.0VCSESU::BOWKERTue Jan 09 1990Need IFT sites for new 9pin adapters
662.04PEAHEN::GILFEATHERWed Jan 10 1990BadValue Editing Configuration
663.03MAIL::HARMONThu Jan 11 1990DECSERVER 55
664.01FRAMBO::DICKThu Jan 11 1990Installation of VCS_FT1_
666.01IJSAPL::VSTEENISFri Jan 12 1990DECserver 3
667.02CVG::ESONISMon Jan 15 1990ACCVIO's from IODL
668.06MLNOI1::ALLIN1Tue Jan 16 1990vcs event hang
669.07CRBOSS::LEMONSThu Jan 18 1990VCS takes control of workstation
670.07CAREA::RUDOLPHFri Jan 19 1990$ASSIGN problem
671.01OGOMTS::HETTICHMon Jan 22 1990Problem when installing VCS$ENS
672.07RTOVC7::CALTMANNTue Jan 23 1990Repeating messages on console
673.03FRAMBO::DICKTue Jan 23 1990VCS shutdown problems
674.03VAXWRK::MANSEAUTue Jan 23 1990color changes in LAYOUT
675.06CSOA1::CARLOTTITue Jan 23 1990Are local consoles usable?
676.0MLNOIS::DOMINUTTIWed Jan 24 1990VCS$C3 problem
677.0FRAMBO::DICKMon Jan 29 1990FAIL-OVER configuration and more ...
678.04LANDO::DUNAISKYMon Jan 29 1990Script characters lost at any baud rate...
679.0LISTIM::NETWORKThu Feb 01 1990
680.01KAOAFri Feb 02 1990VCS CONNECTION TO 865
682.06THRVCS::RIMMERMon Feb 05 1990Convert/Data - Add Rule ??
683.03CSC32::BUTTERWORTHTue Feb 06 1990Are we going to support Desktop VMS?
684.017FRAMBO::DICKFri Feb 09 1990VCS V1.2 on VMS V5.3
685.07UTOPIE::MUHRFri Feb 09 1990slow performance on a VS31
686.01WMOIS::D_MELANSONFri Feb 09 1990Anybody using VCS in a PRODUCTION environment?
687.07ULYSSE::WEISSBECKMon Feb 12 1990VCS 1.3 & configuration advise
689.05VAXWRK::MANSEAUMon Feb 12 199031
690.012JGO::RUDOLPHThu Feb 15 1990VCS ACCESS problems when linking VCS and PAMS
693.09SALSA::ABELSONWed Feb 21 1990DCM <==> VCS question
694.04MLNThu Feb 22 1990VCS crash. What happen ?
697.02HLYCOW::CUSUMANOTue Feb 27 1990Application Examples
698.01UTRTSC::CAHILLWed Feb 28 1990Where can I find Documentation ?
699.01HGOVC::DEREKLUIWed Feb 28 1990How many nodes can a 16MB GPX VCS support
700.010UTRTSC::CAHILLWed Feb 28 1990VCS$LAYOUT Access Violation.
701.01HGOVC::DEREKLUIWed Feb 28 1990Scan file for Vitalink ?
702.04BLKWDO::MCAFOOSWed Feb 28 1990Problems with REVIEW
704.06UNXA::MENNERSun Mar 04 1990Anyway to "clear" VCS
705.01ELMAGO::RGREENBERGMon Mar 05 1990VMS 5.3-1/ VCS 1.3/ LINEERR
706.05SKIVT::W_PIPERTue Mar 06 1990VCS 1.2, VMS 5.4 = version mismatch
707.07BSS::J_OLSSONThu Mar 08 1990"No Support for Direct Connect"????
708.02SKYLRK::CHINNSat Mar 10 1990CPU load on a 2
709.02WOTVAX::ELLISMSun Mar 11 1990invalid logical name
710.03FRAMBO::DICKMon Mar 12 1990URGENT: VWS 4.2 Font Problems
711.03VINO::VOBATue Mar 13 1990T1.3 FT2 Kit
712.013WOTVAX::ELLISMThu Mar 15 1990problems with FT2
713.0VANISH::HARRISThu Mar 15 1990RSX scan files wanted
714.03CVG::ESONISThu Mar 15 1990archive question
715.03THRVCS::RIMMERMon Mar 19 1990Pro settings revisited
716.01SUBWAY::ZAMORAMon Mar 19 1990Novice question - What happens when VCS crashes?
717.07LISTIM::NETWORKTue Mar 20 1990VCS failed startup
718.0183ACT::BRUNELLETue Mar 20 1990Coordinator in Batch Mode
719.02YUPPY::MOULDNFri Mar 23 1990VCS and DECnet Router's
720.01MOSAIC::SYSMAN1Fri Mar 23 1990Power supply damage?????
721.03WOTVAX::ELLISMMon Mar 26 1990Fooling VCS
722.02WOTVAX::ELLISMMon Mar 26 1990Bad Parameter Value in C3
723.016OSLLAV::MARTINRTue Mar 27 1990VCS - Course ?
724.01SIOG::ODRISCOLLTue Mar 27 1990UK sites using VCS??
725.02TRNOI2::TESTAWed Mar 28 1990Where are the kits?
726.08FAVAX::CRAWFORDWed Mar 28 1990HELP...can't make VCS work
727.014CVG::ESONISThu Mar 29 1990missing event text field
728.02SHARE::LEMONSThu Mar 29 1990Device Name field in Show Nodes too small
729.02UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDMon Apr 02 1990Error: Page Fault While IPL Too High??
730.02CSC32::J_ROZBORILTue Apr 03 1990resetting the system time
731.01CSC32::J_BECKERTue Apr 03 1990monitor repeat an event over and over
732.0VINO::GSCOTTTue Apr 03 1990VCS Hangs after 24 hrs in c3/monitor
733.01VINO::GSCOTTTue Apr 03 1990message number
734.03HLYCOW::CUSUMANOWed Apr 04 1990Invoking Bell Ring for an Event
735.01HLYCOW::CUSUMANOWed Apr 04 1990Any additional documentation for customers??
736.01CHOVAX::CUSATOThu Apr 05 1990terminal type not determined on SELECT
737.03NYAWThu Apr 05 1990%VCS-W-LINEDIS, Line is now disabled
738.01SSDEVO::EKHOLMThu Apr 05 1990FOCFB - FCO, is there one?
739.01VINO::VOBATue Apr 10 1990T1.3 FT3 Kit (Pre-SSB)
740.05HLSMWed Apr 11 1990VCS V 1.3 FT2/FT3 : VCS-E-PORTALLOC, The DECserver port cannot be allocated
741.03VINO::GSCOTTWed Apr 11 1990FT2 1.3 DECwindows Toolkit Warning
742.01TROAThu Apr 12 1990VCS$LAYOUT, CONNECT and BREAK help needed
743.01TAGART::CARTYThu Apr 12 1990reverse lat setup of ds2
744.02HYDRA::COARThu Apr 12 1990VCS CONNECT give privilege errors
745.04HYDRA::COARFri Apr 13 1990VCS REVIEW /SINCE=combination-time error
746.03VINO::SNDTRP::RANNEYMon Apr 16 1990Expected Release Date of V1.3.
747.01HYDRA::COARTue Apr 17 1990Long-standing scrolling bug in VCS MONITOR
748.03CSC32::BUTTERWORTHWed Apr 18 1990ACCVIO in the C3 config editor.
749.06WOTVAX::ELLISMFri Apr 20 1990problem with more than 4 actions in ENS
750.01CSC32::J_BECKERFri Apr 20 1990windows do not disappear from layout.
751.01HLYCOW::CUSUMANOFri Apr 20 1990VCS PAK Question
752.05HGSWTue Apr 24 1990Hot backup VCS??
754.06HLSMWed Apr 25 1990How to get a configuration overview ?
755.04HGSWThu Apr 26 1990Side-function of VCS
756.04BRSDVP::DEBEYSThu Apr 26 1990vcs edit layout access violates ??
757.01USCTR2::ZAPPIAThu Apr 26 1990VCS$CONFIGURATION pointing to old data file?
758.02MCIS2::SANDERSMon Apr 30 1990VCS <-> PRO functionality question
759.0VINO::DBIGELOWWed May 02 1990ENS event destination bug
760.02VINO::MCARLETONWed May 02 1990VCS 1.3 Patch for BadFont bug
761.03WOTVAX::ELLISMThu May 03 1990Problems with non-privileged accounts
762.04HLSMFri May 04 1990%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO after VCS-F-X_IO_ERR, Communication path to display lost
763.03MORO::WHICKER_BIFri May 04 1990Multiple Monitors?
764.03POLAR::LACAILLEThu May 10 1990startup procedure failed
765.07MUSKIE::MILLERThu May 10 1990vcs$layout in RWAST
766.04HGOVC::CHAKLEEFri May 11 1990WINDOW page fault problem
767.03KXOVAX::RMITCHELLFri May 11 1990VT1
769.010BAHTAT::HILTONMon May 14 1990VCS through servers?
770.05HGOVC::LILLIANTANGMon May 14 1990no fiber optics
771.0HXOUMon May 14 1990Booting a VAX from a .com file on the VCS
772.02VINO::VOBAMon May 14 1990H8575 Adapter Technical Summary
773.011UTRTSC::VDKLEIJTue May 15 1990Recover from Ethernet-problem with LAT-port
774.03HXOUThu May 17 1990Kickstart For VCS
775.03POLAR::LACAILLEThu May 17 1990Incorrect version shown in edit
776.0VINO::VOBAThu May 17 1990SYSGEN Parameters Suggestions
777.01VINO::VOBAThu May 17 1990V1.3 SSB Kit
778.03GVAFri May 18 1990%VCS-E-FLSETERM, Failed to setup user terminal
779.07ODIXIE::SPRINGERTue May 22 1990specify a tab in scan file?
780.07ORDERS::SANTINELLIWed May 23 1990Problems... Questions?
781.08ARRODS::JACOBWed May 23 1990Hardware for full functionality
782.06MUTTON::LAMBWed May 23 1990VCS Automatic fail over?
783.05POLAR::LACAILLEFri May 25 1990IFEX has yesterdays log open
784.03MCDONL::BUCKLEYWed May 30 1990vcs from home?
785.03HGJCFri Jun 01 1990More than 32 consoles
786.014TROATue Jun 05 1990"NO ROLLER-SKATING"???
787.01MRCSSE::ASTONThu Jun 07 19901
788.06LOWLIF::KERNSFri Jun 08 1990Limiting RECORD output?
789.02SHAPES::FRAWLEYJTue Jun 12 1990decserver 1
790.02UTRUST::RIJSBERGENWed Jun 13 1990Modify default event '*' ?
791.01WOTVAX::ELLISMWed Jun 13 1990Problem with OUTPUT/BREAK and enable central console on 882
792.01RUTILE::BARONNETThu Jun 14 1990does VCS1.3 run on WS354
793.01HGOVC::MICHAELSHIUSun Jun 17 1990SLOW response from ENS
794.06HGOVC::MICHAELSHIUSun Jun 17 19903 colors from C3 is insufficient
795.02HGOVC::MICHAELSHIUSun Jun 17 1990CTRL chars in console text?
797.05UTRUST::RIJSBERGENTue Jun 19 1990VCS V1.3 customer shipment ?
798.07VINO::MCARLETONTue Jun 19 1990VAXcluster Console System Phase
799.01POLAR::LACAILLETue Jun 19 1990No operator request event
800.02JOCKEY::MCNAMARALWed Jun 20 1990When is DEC423 Available !!
801.04OPG::SIMONThu Jun 21 1990Ultrix > VCS > DECwindows = Spurious Chjarecters.
802.05CSC32::J_BECKERFri Jun 22 1990IMG$SHRLIB.EXE not found during upgrade
803.06COMICS::EDMUNDSTue Jun 26 1990One window hangs on VT22
804.02SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Jun 26 1990VCS on Fault Tolerant VAX systems?
805.04CSC32::BUTTERWORTHTue Jun 26 19901.3 config editor access violates
806.03WMOIS::REED_CTue Jun 26 1990Security for CONNECT command
808.0CSC32::BUTTERWORTHThu Jun 28 1990Detached C3 has no window manager!
809.02HGOVC::ANDREWWAITESMon Jul 02 1990Some Problems ... Sigh
810.03HYEND::MMCDOWELLThu Jul 05 1990VCS vs. DECalert and DCM
811.03--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 06 1990IBM DCAF for PC-based workstation
813.06BAHTAT::HILTONMon Jul 09 1990VCS on 835
814.02CSC32::BUTTERWORTHMon Jul 09 1990Wrong version of VCS$IFEX.DBG in 1.3?
815.04FPTVX1::MORABITOMon Jul 09 1990ENS sending VAXmail
816.03HGOVC::MICHAELSHIUTue Jul 10 1990Performance with large scan profile?
818.02TROATue Jul 10 1990BREAK and DSV version 1.2
819.027VNABRW::HOFERWWed Jul 11 1990VCS$IFEX hangs
822.01VINO::DBIGELOWTue Jul 17 1990convert data accvio
823.02IOSG::REIDWed Jul 18 1990VCSIDOL keeps stopping
824.03CSC32::D_COHNWed Jul 18 1990"%UAF-E-NAOFIL" error during V1.3 installation
825.07KETJE::CORTEBEECKThu Jul 19 1990EMA Vision: VCS controlling IBM mainframes ???
826.01CSC32::L_BUCKLEYThu Jul 19 1990Can't resize event window on VT1
827.01RAJAH::CRAWFORDThu Jul 19 1990Help needed in connecting 88
828.08CSC32::V_SAUNDERSThu Jul 19 1990How to stop display of ENS and C3
829.06HLSMFri Jul 20 1990Window_manager problem with VCS V 1.3-
830.04EVOSY3::BELLALFri Jul 20 1990C3 security problems
831.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERFri Jul 20 1990Use of VCS and DECmcc on same VAXstation
832.03BACHUS::WILLEMMon Jul 23 1990FATALEXCPT under VCS 1.2
833.04RAJAH::CRAWFORDMon Jul 23 1990LAT mapping definitions disappearing...HELP
834.04HLSMTue Jul 24 1990VAXstation controlled by VCS ?
835.01ESSB::TLANDERSWed Jul 25 1990VCS PID??
836.03WOTVAX::PURNELLRWed Jul 25 1990ENS - Housekeeping
837.010WLDWST::RVANZUYLENThu Jul 26 1990VAXstation 31
839.01ULYSSE::WEISSBECKFri Jul 27 1990Icon not visible
840.02UFHIS::KZIEBARTHTue Jul 31 1990vcs startup problem
841.04ULYSSE::WEISSBECKWed Aug 01 1990Status today about decserver
842.06CAR::SYSTEMWed Aug 01 1990VCS$STARTUP error/
843.0VINO::VOBAWed Aug 01 1990R/CMP - Resource/Configuration Management Program
844.02WOTVAX::PURNELLRThu Aug 02 1990VCS$ENS repeatedly crashes on startup.....
845.04MCDONL::IOMERSOThu Aug 02 1990ICON colors and also performance questions
846.01BLKPUD::WILLOUGHBYDThu Aug 02 1990VCS not starting up correctly
847.019OPG::CHRISThu Aug 02 1990VCS on a VAX 4
849.09GOLF::GLENNTue Aug 07 1990DECW Process in RWMBX state
850.03MAIL::MARTINTue Aug 07 1990Remote and multiple use ?s
851.02CSC32::J_BECKERWed Aug 08 1990vcs connect or monitor does not echo characters until another view is done
853.01SALSA::RANGERWed Aug 08 1990Remote view-only monitor for workstation?
855.03AYOV18::SRANKINFri Aug 10 1990VCS ON 34
856.07RTOEU::ALONZMon Aug 13 1990nodes permanently disabled
857.0ZPOVTue Aug 14 1990Typos in Docs/SPDs
858.02CLARID::HOFSTEETue Aug 14 1990VCS doc. "Digital INternal Use Only"??
859.09WOTVAX::ELLISMTue Aug 14 1990Problem with VCS MONITOR
860.01WOTVAX::ELLISMTue Aug 14 1990Problem with long icon names
861.0CSC32::BUTTERWORTHTue Aug 14 1990VCS$IODL dies with VCS-F-DATLOSS during CUT/PASTE
862.07MUDDIN::MUNROEWed Aug 15 1990VCS_OPERATOR in RWAST mode
863.01CSC32::L_BUCKLEYWed Aug 15 1990Error deleting VCS$ENS_XXXX.ERR
864.09HYDRA::COARWed Aug 15 1990Errors during SSB 1.3 installation
865.03HYDRA::COARThu Aug 16 1990Auto VCS$C3 aborts
866.01LINZFri Aug 17 1990Mixed Connections simultaneously ?
867.03JETSAM::WHEELERFri Aug 17 1990Vcs cpu type??
868.01CRBOSS::LEMONSTue Aug 21 1990Can VCS slow down its clients?
869.01WOTVAX::ELLISMWed Aug 22 1990Automatic checking of terminal server availability
870.06ROYALT::MAYWed Aug 22 1990HELP! removing unwanted EVENTS in V1.3
871.02RTPSWS::DAVISWed Aug 22 1990DS2
872.01FRAIS::HENNENThu Aug 23 1990Synch Problems with vcs$elog
873.01WMOIS::REED_CMon Aug 27 1990Do you need a smart terminal for C3?
874.06SNOCTue Aug 28 1990DEVALLOC/PORTALLOC messages
875.02OSLLAV::JONHTue Aug 28 1990exquota in VCS$SPAWN_ERR..
876.02POLAR::LACAILLEWed Aug 29 1990set host uses alias name
877.07COPCLU::ALLANThu Aug 30 1990VCS V1.3 on VMS V5.4?
878.03WARNUT::FOSSEYThu Aug 30 1990How to get Session Manager active?
879.06GIDDAY::LIMFri Aug 31 1990vcs crash with system-f-nolognam
881.01GIDDAY::MARSHALLMon Sep 03 1990H7133 failing regularly?
882.03CHOVAX::CUSATOTue Sep 04 1990MONITOR/REVIEW prob fixed in 1.3?
883.03WILARD::IOMERSOTue Sep 04 1990ENS vs. VT1
884.02KERNEL::JUDDTue Sep 04 1990VCS$SCANNER dies with NOSUCHSEC error
885.04PEOVAX::LEWISTue Sep 04 1990merging log files
886.01HLSMWed Sep 05 1990Info needed on VCS$CONFIGURATION.DAT
887.02MCDONL::IOMERSOWed Sep 05 1990Need failover but a different scenario
888.015ULYSSE::WEISSBECKThu Sep 06 1990vcs$elog access violation
889.013ODIXIE::SILVERSThu Sep 06 1990VCS monitor display on VT13
890.02ULYSSE::WEISSBECKSat Sep 08 1990VCS$IODL VCS-F-SWERROR Internal Software error
891.04MUNICH::KASERMon Sep 10 1990Save placement of Event-window's
892.04GOLF::GLENNMon Sep 10 1990Exceeded byte count quota error
893.08FCOIS3::JOANNESMon Sep 10 1990need customer presentation
894.02YUPPY::RAVENTue Sep 11 1990VCS fails to shutdown
895.05WIKKIT::WARWICKTue Sep 11 1990DECwindows ENS editor ?
896.01THEBAY::WIEGLEBDATue Sep 11 1990Required GBLPAGES/GBLSECTIONS for install?
897.01OSLLAV::AGE_PFri Sep 14 1990Icon for uVAX31
898.02RTOVCFri Sep 14 1990VCS$ENS_WINDOW1 resources.
899.01CSC32::J_BECKERFri Sep 14 1990vcs$ens_window1 accvio's
900.01NEWVAX::SPRAGUEMon Sep 17 1990Getting more messages than expected with monitor
901.04JOCKEY::POINTSATue Sep 18 1990 V1.3 Questions
902.04RDGENG::FITTONTue Sep 18 1990VCS falls over at midnight
903.04COMICS::FARROW_SMITHTue Sep 18 1990How does VCS allocate Ports?
904.01PUGH::MGRAHAMWed Sep 19 1990RMS-F-DAC failure of IODL process
905.01NEWVAX::SPRAGUEWed Sep 19 1990confused specifying display servers
906.01PEOVAX::LEWISWed Sep 19 1990V1.2 to V1.3 conversion questions
907.01PEOVAX::LEWISWed Sep 19 1990Fail-over / standby mode
908.02PANIC::MOULDNFri Sep 21 1990VCS and the VAX 4
909.01HYDRA::COARFri Sep 21 1990
910.02CSC32::K_KINNEYFri Sep 21 1990Multiple VCS engines in an LAVC supported?
911.01TAZBOY::ZIGLERFri Sep 21 1990PC DECwindows VCS Display Engines?
912.03COMICS::FARROW_SMITHMon Sep 24 1990v1.3 installation fails with "error parsing vcs$access.uid" "error parsing vcs$access.uid"
913.03WIKKIT::WARWICKTue Sep 25 1990Start Monitor from SM - how ?
914.05LEDS::DIPINTOLWed Sep 26 1990Cannot start C3
915.013ZPOVC::CORE_KYCWed Sep 26 1990VCS startup hung
916.04KERNEL::SHELLEYRWed Sep 26 1990Cannot connect to more than 12 nodes.
917.06SNO78A::BHPCPDThu Sep 27 1990VCS-F-X_IO_ERR
918.01UTRTSC::DORLANDThu Sep 27 1990Remote Disabled??
919.01GRANPA::MJPRThu Sep 27 1990Fiber vs EIA 423
920.07HYDRA::COARThu Sep 27 1990Problems with VCS V1.3 SSB
921.010CSC32::J_BECKERThu Sep 27 1990VCS$ENS_WINDOW1.EXE returns XMultiplexInput
922.01COMICS::FARROW_SMITHThu Sep 27 1990VCS$IODL crashed with insufficient virtual memoryinsufficient virtual memory
923.01CRBOSS::LEMONSMon Oct 01 1990Shut off that 'I'm gonna delete your log files message
925.01CSC32::L_BUCKLEYTue Oct 02 1990Garbage in monitor window
926.02HLSMWed Oct 03 1990VS31
927.01COMICS::FARROW_SMITHThu Oct 04 1990events not written to logfile...
928.06DWOMV2::CAMPBELLThu Oct 04 1990VCS shutdown by itself?
929.010VINO::DBIGELOWMon Oct 08 1990VCS and the 9
930.03JOCKEY::BYNGNMon Oct 08 1990What's V1.3a ?
931.01MARVA1::SPRAGUEMon Oct 08 1990VCS hardware configuration question
932.03AUNTB::WILSONJMon Oct 08 1990VCS vs. RMS in NON-Clustered environment
933.01SHAPES::FRAWLEYJTue Oct 09 1990IODL fails to INIT
934.07BLKPUD::WILLOUGHBYDWed Oct 10 1990How is VCS$STANDBY used
935.03IOSG::MULLENFri Oct 12 1990Why do I have monochrome icons on a colour workstation?
936.011SMAUG::SODDERMon Oct 15 1990What's VCS == of SET-UP reset...
937.04STKAI2::ACEDERHAGTue Oct 23 1990NOSUCHGBLSEC, configuration file responsible.
938.05JOCKEY::MCNAMARALWed Oct 24 1990PART NO. for Switch
939.05VINO::MCARLETONMon Oct 29 1990Daylight savings time
940.02ULYSSE::WEISSBECKMon Oct 29 1990VCS$IODL stops with EXQUOTA
941.05TRFSV3::WALTERWed Oct 31 1990Icons disappearing and VCS hanging.
942.01CSC32::J_BECKERWed Oct 31 1990overriding SCREEN SAVER functionality
944.01MALLET::SERJEANTFri Nov 02 1990VCS and duplicate console windows
945.01GOLF::GLENNFri Nov 02 1990No EVENT Window Starting UP!!
946.01MSVAX::IOMERSOTue Nov 06 1990VCS & DECmcc
947.04NEPHI::COARWed Nov 07 1990VCS$C3 shows node, but dimmed out
948.01STKEIS::BYSTAMThu Nov 08 1990Missing icons
949.07COMICS::FARROW_SMITHThu Nov 08 1990pheripheral and scan files
950.05HGOVC::DEREKLUIFri Nov 09 1990VCS V1.2 kits ???
951.03MOMUNY::WSCFri Nov 09 1990modify c3 colors?
952.01BIS2::VANBLAEREMon Nov 12 1990decwindows server crashes when exiting vcs editor
953.03MUDIS3::STADLERTue Nov 13 1990Monitor (TPU) with VMS T5.4-1
954.01ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESTue Nov 13 1990SCAN Files???
955.01MARVA1::SPRAGUEWed Nov 14 1990Question regarding automatic enabling of nodes
956.01NOMUNY::WSCThu Nov 15 1990highlight peripheral icons?
957.03RANGER::CRAWFORDWed Nov 21 1990how to redirect the log files?????
958.07DUNDEE::MCKENZIEWed Nov 21 1990" Setting up VCS for a DG system"
959.02CGOOWed Nov 21 1990Monitor/Review - No data in window ??
960.02SNOFS2::OLEARYMon Nov 26 1990DECstation 31
961.01HGOVC::LILLIANTANGMon Nov 26 1990lights out operation
962.04TRUCKS::HERBERTMon Nov 26 1990Backing Up Onto VCS System
963.03RANGER::CRAWFORDMon Nov 26 1990VCS$ENS_READER paging to death...help!
964.01CRBOSS::LEMONSWed Nov 28 1990Suggested process quotas?
965.03ULYSSE::WEISSBECKTue Dec 04 1990VCS$ENS on multi headed workstations?
966.02MSVAX::IOMERSOTue Dec 04 1990Remote VCS
967.01BAHTAT::HILTONWed Dec 05 1990VCS Overhead on System?
968.05STKHLM::AMARTENSSONThu Dec 06 1990VCS and DECmcc?
969.07COMICS::FARROW_SMITHThu Dec 06 1990VCS monitor and Connect hang
970.03FXODEV::HEDEThu Dec 06 1990Scan to Event - how?
971.05MSAFS8::SYSTEMMon Dec 10 1990DECWINDOW LOGIN SCREEN superimposed VCS screen.
972.01ARRODS::HARDINGMon Dec 10 1990Fail-over configuration
973.04MUDDIN::DEBARROSThu Dec 13 1990Ultrix nodes repeat commands
974.010MUNICH::BENDERThu Dec 13 1990monochrome systems supported ?, VCS 1.3
975.02KANGAR::TANMon Dec 17 1990error in V1.3 release notes?
976.02REGENT::HUMMERSMon Dec 17 1990LPS2
977.02VINO::DBIGELOWMon Dec 17 1990VPA datafiles?
978.03CVG::ESONISTue Dec 18 1990fewer "clean your disk" messages, please?
979.01HGOVC::BARRYHOTue Dec 18 1990VCS through Modem?
980.01CSC32::R_ABBOTTTue Dec 18 1990VCS 1.2 configuration ?'s
981.012BRULE::MICKOLWed Dec 19 1990IBM Mainframes & VCS
982.05CGOOThu Dec 20 1990Instal/Upgarde VMS using VCS ?
983.02NEURON::HERZLICHThu Dec 20 1990connect VCS to Ultrix VS31
984.02PILONE::ROSSIFri Dec 21 1990vcs and 88
985.06WARDLE::REXMon Dec 24 1990VCS - Customer feedback VCS - Customer feedback
986.05MARVIN::WARWICKWed Jan 02 1991VCS stopped the cluster, apparently
987.01GRANPA::MJPRThu Jan 03 1991VCS ... X-terminals ... bridges
988.01WOTVAX::ELLISMFri Jan 04 1991changing the priority colours in the C3
989.02ISIDRO::ALBERTOFri Jan 04 1991ELOG fails with %SYSTEM-F-BADPARAM error
990.01NEWVAX::SPRAGUEFri Jan 04 1991Failover using a VAXstation 31
991.01KETJE::CORTEBEECKMon Jan 07 1991How to centralize 4
992.0WOTVAX::ELLISMTue Jan 08 1991DCINT V1.
993.04ULYSSE::WEISSBECKThu Jan 10 1991VCS$ENS merge window
994.03ROMFri Jan 11 1991VCS on 9
995.02YUPPY::NUTKIN::MARTINFri Jan 11 1991Multivendor environment Multivendor environment
996.05RTODWT::DCASSIDYMon Jan 14 1991 -VCS-E-NOENTRY, Entry VCS$USER_INITIALIZE is required but not found
997.03CSC32::R_SWANSONWed Jan 16 1991Will VCS run on a 13
998.07YUPPY::WOOLLEYThu Jan 17 1991Odd problem with HSC
999.06WNOUFri Jan 18 1991Poor performance with LAT connections
1000.01WOTVAX::PURNELLRTue Jan 22 19913rd Party Vendors & VCS
1001.0CRONIC::LEMONSTue Jan 22 1991EWS doesn't support secondary addresses?
1002.04MANIS2::WILLEWed Jan 23 1991LPS2
1003.02SLUGER::GRABOWSKIWed Jan 23 1991vcs sethost feature
1004.03FXODEV::ROBERGEWed Jan 23 1991no ens window
1005.0KXOVAX::RMITCHELLThu Jan 24 1991VCS Expert Needed for Start-Up
1006.01ULYSSE::WEISSBECKFri Jan 25 1991Next version of VCS?
1007.012TROASat Jan 26 1991VCS only on reboot?
1008.01SAC::WHITAKER_AMon Jan 28 1991Multiple (different) C3 displays ?
1009.013SQMJPN::IWAMOTOMon Jan 28 1991How to change DECterm controller?
1010.06VINO::MCARLETONTue Jan 29 1991ENS interval for one node or all?
1011.02DPDMAI::BERNALTue Jan 29 1991VCS and 6XXX - BN25J-xx bends
1012.05DBCIC1::HANLEYWed Jan 30 1991VMS upgrade on "host"?
1013.06COMICS::FARROW_SMITHWed Jan 30 1991SSRVEXCEPT non fatal bugcheck VCS$ENS process
1014.02COMICS::FARROW_SMITHWed Jan 30 1991reboot hangs via VCS on 641
1015.05HLSMWed Jan 30 1991VCS$IODL crash when disabling a node, VMS 5.4
1016.02CSC32::DE_SMITHThu Jan 31 1991Can I get the DECserver's "Local" error?
1017.02NCBDFS::OVERTURFFri Feb 01 1991VCS$RECORDER and C3 window questions ..
1018.04COMICS::FARROW_SMITHFri Feb 01 1991how to get ENS to mail me!!
1019.03COMICS::FARROW_SMITHFri Feb 01 1991ENS and window output
1021.01FRAIS::HENNENWed Feb 06 1991ENS does not send mail
1022.04CX3PST::WSC111::J_BECKERWed Feb 06 1991documentation suggestions
1023.01CX3PST::WSC111::J_BECKERWed Feb 06 1991vcs$standby and queued requests
1024.04JOCKEY::MCNAMARALThu Feb 07 1991Is my memory fading
1025.03DNEAST::PEASE_DAVEThu Feb 07 1991system MTBLUE is permanently disabled??????
1026.01FRAIS::JOSBAECHERFri Feb 08 1991C3 event window not expandable
1027.02CX3PST::WSC111::J_BECKERFri Feb 08 1991vcs with 5.4-1 is it supported yet??
1028.04MUNICH::KASERMon Feb 11 1991VMS5.4-1 & VCS 1.3
1029.07HAEXLI::PMAIERTue Feb 12 1991VCS connected to VCS
1030.07COMICS::FARROW_SMITHWed Feb 13 1991EVENTS with multiple ACTION that have NO destinaton
1031.05UTRTSC::CAHILLWed Feb 13 1991Problem with output since upgrade.
1032.02BELFST::M_DOHERTYWed Feb 13 1991Performance of CONNECT - V1.2
1033.02TROAThu Feb 14 1991Miscellaneous questions
1034.02COPCLU::BENNYFri Feb 15 1991VCS$IODL: OPCOM message goes into a loop
1035.01PRSUD1::GHEORGHINFri Feb 15 1991VCS problem on a 43
1036.010HLSMFri Feb 15 1991
1037.05TROASun Feb 17 1991Simplify window placement?
1038.01SA1794::ROACHBMon Feb 18 1991VCS AND RSX
1040.04CX3PST::WSC111::J_BECKERTue Feb 19 1991ens sends two mail messages for one event occurance
1041.01BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISTue Feb 19 1991VCS V1.3 process termination/DECwindows (EWS) crash
1042.02FULMER::CLASPERCWed Feb 20 1991%VCS-I-CDISABLE problem
1043.03BALZAC::PETITMon Feb 25 1991Supported Host Question/SPD
1044.03CIGRBX::LEWISMon Feb 25 1991VCS Access Interface Applications
1045.04SMOOT::ROTHMon Feb 25 1991Error in spawn when doing CONNECT in remote C3 window
1046.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICMon Feb 25 1991Output from program => input to VCS, no physical devices ?
1047.01MCDONL::IOMERSOTue Feb 26 1991Need help with a VCS configuration recommendation
1048.01SA1794::ROACHBTue Feb 26 1991failure at the end of vcs
1050.02WOTVAX::ELLISMFri Mar 01 1991Request - ENS /before,/after qualifiers?
1051.013KERNEL::JUDDSat Mar 02 1991VCS$IODL fails with SWERROR after reboot
1052.05FXODEV::HEDESat Mar 02 1991525 - Magic?
1053.02HGOVC::LILLIANTANGMon Mar 04 1991events in _SCAN$EVENTS
1054.04RTPSWS::FLACKWed Mar 06 1991How to keep from "losing" red events (DW interface)
1055.02FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Mar 06 1991Connecting to 6
1056.02KERNEL::CUNNINGHAMWed Mar 06 1991vcs starting displays on vt12
1057.08FULMER::CLASPERCWed Mar 06 1991Startup for VCS please
1058.08RTPSWS::FLACKWed Mar 06 1991X resource for Event box width?
1059.05NCBDFS::OVERTURFWed Mar 06 1991VCS Monitor screen hang
1061.02NEWVAX::SPRAGUEThu Mar 07 1991Restart of abnormally terminated Access Interface routine?
1062.01GUIDUK::ONOFri Mar 08 1991LAT-LAT connection? (no term server)
1063.02VINO::DBIGELOWMon Mar 11 1991New VCS/ENS Window program available
1064.03CGOOTue Mar 12 1991OPA
1065.01HGOVC::LILLIANTANGWed Mar 13 19913rd party serviced node has no host echo
1066.019TRCOWed Mar 13 1991VCS X.25 connections
1067.03TROAWed Mar 13 1991No-Name LOGINOUT messes up C3 Startup
1068.02CSC32::C_TOWNSENDWed Mar 13 1991BRDCST_
1069.01SNOCFri Mar 15 1991Help with SCAN Routine
1070.01WOTVAX::PURNELLRSun Mar 17 1991Differing Window clours
1071.06MUNICH::KASERMon Mar 18 1991Terminal WIndows Limit ?
1072.07UTRTSC::CAHILLMon Mar 18 1991Device allocated ..in VCS
1073.01KERNEL::JUDDMon Mar 18 1991Monitor hang and USEROVF error in IODL log file
1074.03SA1794::ROACHBMon Mar 18 1991vcs crash CPU
1075.02LIBNAN::FLACKMon Mar 18 1991VCS with DW V3
1076.01GAOV1Tue Mar 19 1991rotate icons ?
1077.01PTOVAX::PTOVAX::TYRRELLTue Mar 19 1991Configuration Questions ?
1078.02SKOSHI::BROWNTue Mar 19 1991VCS as a product testing tool?
1079.0SEDOAS::WRIGHT_AWed Mar 20 1991Audit events triggering event Login_
1080.04HGOVC::DEANGELISWed Mar 20 1991Getting full event text - an easy way?
1081.02RTODWT::MCHEQUERThu Mar 21 1991VPA and Lock requests problem.
1082.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWFri Mar 22 1991Remote VCS Host System?
1083.017FAVAX::JESSOPMon Mar 25 1991V1.3 Icon problems on a VMS 5.4 on a VS31
1084.01COMICS::FARROW_SMITHTue Mar 26 1991scanner accvio pc
1085.01WOTVAX::ELLISMWed Mar 27 1991bug in ENS ?
1086.03AIADM::OPERATORWed Mar 27 1991license invalid date
1087.02TRCOWed Mar 27 1991Any network overhead using reverse-lat conn?
1088.01SUBWAY::YANNIOSThu Mar 28 1991Simmultaneous access to systems by mult VCSs?
1089.02FORTSC::MAXFri Mar 29 1991Multiple C3 ?
1090.01PRIMES::VAUGHNFri Mar 29 1991VCS & DECwindows problem
1091.03NYAWFri Mar 29 1991Message number
1092.05FAVAX::JESSOPMon Apr 01 1991Just to let everyone know... TPU error
1093.010FZOVAX::FRANDSENMon Apr 01 1991
1094.03FORTSC::MAXMon Apr 01 1991only 128 events?
1095.05MTHOOD::GOODWINWATue Apr 02 1991How to get around the VCS when it is down?
1096.03HAEXLI::PMAIERWed Apr 03 1991Crashing VCS sends break?
1097.01FRAIS::JOSBAECHERThu Apr 04 1991Monochrome and ACCVIO
1098.02COMICS::FARROW_SMITHThu Apr 04 1991icon colour change
1099.01SMOOT::ROTHFri Apr 05 1991Tuning tips - C3 display missed events
1100.04HGOVC::DEANGELISMon Apr 08 1991VCS Audit utility
1101.03PATTY::TOOLSMon Apr 08 1991vcs - dcm integration
1102.02WOTVAX::PURNELLRMon Apr 08 1991Dual ethernet controllers
1103.08COMICS::FARROW_SMITHMon Apr 08 1991VCS over bridges
1104.07HGOVC::LILLIANTANGTue Apr 09 1991Processing console messages before sending to VCS
1105.05PANIC::QUINLESSTue Apr 09 1991VCS In a Wide Area Network scenario
1106.01VAOUTue Apr 09 1991who is product manager?
1107.016ROYALT::DAIGNEAULTThu Apr 11 1991VCS & DS9
1108.05HGOVC::BARRYHOFri Apr 12 1991Resize Event Window
1109.02WARNUT::FOSSEY::FOSSEYSat Apr 13 1991VCS V1.3 and LAT/master, does it work ?
1110.04HGOVC::BARRYHOMon Apr 15 1991VAXft Host System and VCS Log file
1111.02DWEEZL::BOUCHERMon Apr 15 1991Dead in the water since upgrading to V1.3
1112.01AUNTB::GALLIHERTue Apr 16 1991Correct way to connect a VAX 9
1113.01XCUSME::MORIN_JWed Apr 17 1991MICROVAX problems
1114.03PRSPSU::FAUDOTThu Apr 18 1991C3 on SPX kills DECwindow
1115.01XCUSME::MORIN_JThu Apr 18 1991Icon Question
1116.0SNOCSun Apr 21 1991Shadowset Down Notification
1117.04HGOVC::DEANGELISMon Apr 22 1991Merged console messages
1118.0WOTVAX::ELLISMTue Apr 23 1991resource file for ENS
1119.01HGOVC::DEANGELISWed Apr 24 1991ACCVIO in ENS logs
1120.0CSC32::BUTTERWORTHWed Apr 24 1991Event names/Event abbreviation conflicts.
1121.06ATHINA::RALLISThu Apr 25 1991Documentation for VCS 1.3???
1122.03HGOVC::BARRYHOThu Apr 25 1991VCS Question?????
1123.010HURRU::SIEWERTThu Apr 25 1991Will the new DECserver 9
1124.01DPDMAI::BERNALThu Apr 25 199133
1125.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWFri Apr 26 1991VMS 4.7, possible?
1126.011HANNAH::B_COBBFri Apr 26 1991Ultrix events in window
1127.02MEO78B::PHILIPSENFri Apr 26 1991AS4
1128.010YUPPY::NUTKIN::SYSTEMMon Apr 29 1991Security - VCS reverse LAT
1130.07CSOA1::WVCTue Apr 30 1991RMS-F-NOPRIV from DECwindows CCC connect only
1131.013GAOV11::GLYNNTue Apr 30 1991vcs on vt13
1132.03TRCOWed May 01 1991VCS hanging, shutdown, DECserver software
1133.02UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MWed May 01 1991Another performance question.
1134.02HLSMThu May 02 1991ACCVIO in config_editor when deleting users
1135.05SALISH::ROBERTS_JOThu May 02 1991Does VCS reboot effect 6
1136.01CX3PST::WSC111::J_BECKERThu May 02 1991vcs reconfiguration does not toggle logging
1137.010CSC32::K_KINNEYThu May 02 1991VCS 1.3, LATMASTER 5.4-2, NODE STATUS DISABLED
1138.01HANNAH::B_COBBThu May 02 1991Monitor crashes with TPU error.
1139.07SEDOAS::WRIGHT_AFri May 03 1991Events without C3 nofication + ENS question
1140.02BLKPUD::WARNESGFri May 03 1991SET DISPLAY fails sometimes
1141.0CVG::DONOVANMon May 06 1991 INT: 5
1142.01BELFST::M_DOHERTYTue May 07 1991Blurred output when starting C3/ENS
1143.05COMICS::IMBIERSKIThu May 09 1991Spurious opcom messages
1144.05TROAThu May 09 1991Sizing exercise
1145.01CSC32::C_TOWNSENDThu May 09 1991Devalloc at 5.4-2?
1147.04WOTVAX::PURNELLRFri May 10 1991How flexible are we in a multi-vendor environment ?
1148.04BTOVT::BARBER_DFri May 10 1991VCS Coor/Display=node:
1149.01YUPPY::RAVENFri May 10 1991VCS Sizing
1150.01YUPPY::RAVENFri May 10 1991Ethernet Device Bandwidth
1151.01GTOWN::GLOCKFri May 10 1991DESKTOP VMS Workaround
1152.05YUPPY::RAVENMon May 13 1991Correct Sex of DECconnect adapter.
1153.04EVOSY3::KRESSMANNMon May 13 1991VCS$IODL RMS-F-ISI error
1154.03CANYON::LEEDSMon May 13 1991need config advice for VCS cluster
1155.03ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESTue May 14 1991Disable Customizing
1156.06MARVA1::DISNEYTue May 14 1991combining multi license paks problem
1157.01XCUSME::MORIN_JTue May 14 1991Can VCS work accross Multiple Decnet Areas?
1158.0VINO::DBIGELOWThu May 16 19913rd party connections
1159.03SNOCFri May 17 1991Strategy DCM/VCS
1160.03GAOV1Fri May 17 1991Msg #
1161.03FPTVX1::WELLSMon May 20 1991How is licensing implemented?
1162.04GLOWS::FURUYAMon May 20 1991VCS configuration
1163.01MEO78B::MCKENZIEMon May 20 1991Current Marketing Product Manager
1164.01CX3PST::WSC111::J_BECKERTue May 21 1991layout of the configuration.dat file
1165.01SNOCWed May 22 1991Events don't trigger action
1166.02XCUSME::HECKWed May 22 1991How to set up Pro's?
1167.02XCUSME::MORIN_JWed May 22 1991RMS error updating ENS Database.
1168.02WOTVAX::PURNELLRWed May 22 1991Allocating bandwidth to a VCS connection
1169.02HANNAH::B_COBBThu May 23 1991WINDOW process faulting alot
1170.03MORRIS::KARENThu May 23 1991configure more than 32 systems?
1171.02ZPOVC::YORKSIEWFri May 24 1991Disable Operator.log?
1172.03HGOVC::BARRYHOFri May 24 1991Event Bell
1173.05CSC32::K_KINNEYFri May 24 19916 character limit to terminal names?
1174.010DELNI::MCGORRILLMon May 27 1991Moving vcs/logs off system disk
1175.01WOTVAX::PURNELLRWed May 29 1991VCS configuration overview
1176.01SNOCThu May 30 1991Help
1177.01WOTVAX::ELLISMThu May 30 1991Defining events to VCS
1178.02HGOVC::BARRYHOFri May 31 1991Review Log file on a Fail-over system
1179.03MDKCSW::EAGLEMon Jun 03 1991VCS RECORD for ENS WINDOW output?
1180.02UTRTSC::HELDENTue Jun 04 1991VCS iodl startup problem
1181.04ARTLIB::GOETZETue Jun 04 1991Who makes the icons?
1182.014ZPOVC::YORKSIEWWed Jun 05 1991Big fonts in ENS window?
1183.04NEWOA::SCOTTThu Jun 06 1991Unattended HSC Backup ?
1184.04REGENT::HUMMERSSun Jun 09 1991VCS LOG file Statistics
1185.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWSun Jun 09 1991Privileges require to start VCS?
1186.0ZPOVC::YORKSIEWSun Jun 09 1991Monitoring HSC devices....
1188.02ZPOVC::YORKSIEWTue Jun 11 1991Customising C3 options?
1189.03ZPOVC::YORKSIEWTue Jun 11 1991VCS Reivew with specifc event?
1190.04WOTVAX::ELLISMWed Jun 12 1991problem with VCS CONVERT/ICON
1191.01BRSSWS::KNEUTSThu Jun 13 1991connect does not work intermittently
1192.0GIDDAY::BOJOVICThu Jun 13 1991no more then 5 windows or vws$displaymgr will die
1193.02PLAYER::VANDENEYNDEThu Jun 13 1991SYSLCK privilege required ?
1194.02SNOCFri Jun 14 1991Help with Capturing event
1195.08RUTILE::VALLEPINFri Jun 14 1991%VCS-I-CDISABLE, System xxxxxx has been disabled
1197.014KERNEL::JUDDMon Jun 17 1991VCS$ENS dies with a SYSTEM-F-BADPARAM
1198.03GIDDAY::ARTHURTue Jun 18 1991Scan file for Vms 5.4
1199.03MSDSWS::DBROWNThu Jun 20 1991Special Startup Requests...
1200.05MARVA2::DISNEYThu Jun 20 1991VCS Problems
1201.05HERON::DELGIUDICEThu Jun 20 1991c3 set host--> set host/sna/blabla
1202.01BELLS::SYSTEMFri Jun 21 1991How do I assure that BREAK is always transmitted
1203.05MARVA1::SPRAGUESat Jun 22 1991Use of -F-, -W-, and -E- as scan events ?
1204.04UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MMon Jun 24 1991Program VCS to write to console.
1205.014CSC32::K_KINNEYMon Jun 24 1991DESKTOP VMS Support?
1206.08ANGLIN::KIRKMANTue Jun 25 1991Non-DEC x terminal support
1207.06HLSMTue Jun 25 1991File_version_limit on output_file for review : review does not work
1208.01COMICS::RUSSOWed Jun 26 1991ENS Window Icon colour changes
1209.03ZPOVC::YORKSIEWThu Jun 27 1991Window session exceeded....
1210.03ZPOVC::YORKSIEWFri Jun 28 1991Customised default REVIEW?
1212.02COMICS::FARROW_SMITHFri Jun 28 1991Mailbox full in VCS$ENS_OUTPUT.LOG
1213.012TOOK::D_DUGALMon Jul 01 1991Motif anyone?
1214.01BERNTue Jul 02 1991ENS window on different WS
1215.01HGOVC::BARRYHOThu Jul 04 1991VCS Event
1216.03TRUCKS::MOIRMon Jul 08 1991Controlling OPCOM output to TT port Interaction
1217.01SCADMN::KWILSONWed Jul 10 1991DECwindows version for VCS V1.3
1218.03SHAWB1::HUGHESSThu Jul 11 1991VCS message file
1219.01KERNEL::BROWNLOWHThu Jul 11 1991How can configuration.jou be used?
1220.02HAEXLI::PMAIERFri Jul 12 1991error
1221.05KERNEL::EVERESTAFri Jul 12 1991uVAX 31
1222.03MARVA1::SPRAGUESun Jul 14 1991IODL crashes with VCS-F-SWERR
1223.0WOTVAX::ELLISMMon Jul 15 1991Colour/Color icons in VCS V1.3
1224.02SHAWB1::FLYNNBTue Jul 16 1991ENS window keeps popping down and up.
1225.02SUNLVR::SEMMELWed Jul 17 1991%VCS-F-X_IO_ERR, Communication path to display lost
1226.03STAR::KAPLANThu Jul 18 1991INVAPPL and CDISABLE errors
1227.06STAR::KAPLANFri Jul 19 1991DECW$TE MUTEX -- VCS error in spawn processing (
1228.05SEDOAS::WRIGHT_AFri Jul 19 1991VAXSERVER 31
1229.06GIDDAY::BOJOVICTue Jul 23 1991VCS$CONFIGURATION.DAT deleted, how to recover while VCS is running ?
1230.014KERNEL::NBISHOPWed Jul 24 1991truncation of log files
1231.01STAR::KAPLANThu Jul 25 1991VCS CONNECT/INPUT stream is dropping characters
1232.02CSC32::K_KINNEYThu Jul 25 1991Event Track Window?
1233.01YUPPY::RAVENFri Jul 26 1991VCS Fail Over Problems.
1234.0HGOVC::BARRYHOMon Jul 29 1991IBM Mainframes & VCS
1235.02KERNEL::EVERESTAMon Jul 29 1991Ethernet cables in C3 display
1236.04HYEND::ARUDINMon Jul 29 1991To Develop a Standard Presentation Package
1238.01CSC32::E_LUFKERWed Jul 31 1991??? on vcs$ifex.dmp
1239.05ANGLIN::KIRKMANWed Jul 31 1991Connect not echoing prompt string immediately
1240.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWThu Aug 01 1991Patch for hung terminal?
1241.010SEDOAS::WRIGHT_AThu Aug 01 1991Event Notification Problem
1242.03CSC32::E_LUFKERThu Aug 01 1991monitor a PC with VCS
1243.018CSC32::T_MCCARTHYThu Aug 01 1991VCS$C3_MBX, VCS$IFEX..., logicals defined in group table prevent access to IFEX
1244.0CSC32::DE_SMITHFri Aug 02 1991Command files not deleted from VCS$ENS
1245.01CSC32::SHERRILLFri Aug 02 1991Settings for GBLPAGES & GBLSECTIONS
1246.02STAR::KAPLANMon Aug 05 1991VCS configuration editor -- looks pretty, but...
1247.01MEO78B::BROUGHTONMon Aug 05 1991Controlling the Server
1248.07SKYLRK::CHINNTue Aug 06 1991VCS$IODL fails with %RMS-F-DUP
1249.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWTue Aug 06 1991C3 during startup?
1250.02FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Aug 07 1991Sending BREAK to MicroVAX II, 36
1251.09OTOOA::RLAWRENCEWed Aug 07 1991minimum memory req??
1252.02FLYWAY::WALKERNThu Aug 08 1991VCS$LOG Logical
1253.011CSC32::C_TOWNSENDThu Aug 08 1991Decserver 55
1254.0WOTVAX::ELLISMSun Aug 11 1991DECscheduler sending messages to OPCOM
1255.02OPG::CMITCHELLMon Aug 12 1991VCS Resource Problem?
1256.07CSC32::E_LUFKERTue Aug 13 1991login box appears on top of C3
1257.01BOGUSS::CABREIRAWed Aug 14 1991VCS Connect very slow
1258.04WOTVAX::ELLISMWed Aug 14 1991What's in the next version?
1259.01WOTVAX::ELLISMThu Aug 15 1991Bug in ENS when there are no actions - ACCVIO
1260.02OTIGER::J_BOOSINGERThu Aug 15 1991VCS on 88
1261.02SHAWB1::WOODLFri Aug 16 1991VCS IODL crashing with SWERROR
1262.01ISOSPN::WHITAKER_AFri Aug 16 1991Possible OPCOM Problem ?
1263.03WOTVAX::ELLISMFri Aug 16 1991A 'feature' of the ENS WINDOW routine with % character
1264.02CX3PT3::WSC111::J_BECKERFri Aug 16 1991VCS-F-VERCLU and VCS-F-PROCSUBNOF errors from patch 2
1265.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWMon Aug 19 1991Add User/author=*, any bug?
1266.07BAHTAT::BAHTAT::HILTONWed Aug 21 1991VCS running on ULTRIX?
1267.01OTOUWed Aug 21 1991VCS configuration questions
1268.03CSC32::K_KINNEYThu Aug 22 1991VCS$ARCHIVE unable to fully DELETE files
1269.03SNOCFri Aug 23 1991No event text in WINDOW1
1270.01WARDLE::REXFri Aug 23 1991VCS in an ULTRIX/UNIX environment
1271.01DUNE::MAGGINETTIFri Aug 23 1991C3s displaying on a MOTIF workstation
1272.01HANNAH::B_COBBFri Aug 23 1991C3 gets Xlib errors on EWS workstation
1273.01AIWEST::ARVIDSONFri Aug 23 1991VCS can't handle a nodes bug check dump
1274.01USWRSL::RENFRORAFri Aug 23 1991VCS on a SEVMS cluster?
1275.04USWRSL::LIOU_PEMon Aug 26 1991VCS configuration Question
1276.04ULYSSE::WEISSBECKTue Aug 27 1991VCS$PATCHnn_
1277.02WOTVAX::PURNELLRWed Aug 28 1991HP3
1278.01COMICS::FARROW_SMITHFri Aug 30 1991scanner hang and "ERROR IN SPAWNED PROCESS"
1279.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICMon Sep 02 1991">>>" prompt after select, connect, <RET> on 855
1280.01MEO78B::MCKENZIEMon Sep 02 1991VCS window manager security defaults?
1281.03CSC32::K_KINNEYTue Sep 03 1991C3 randomly drops red/yellow/green?
1283.05ROMWed Sep 04 1991remote boot on a WAN
1284.02ANGLIN::KIRKMANWed Sep 04 1991Recognition of multiple events on 1 text line
1285.01OTOUThu Sep 05 1991HSC5
1286.01SIOG::ODRISCOLLFri Sep 06 1991use the secondary system??
1287.04POBOX::KLINDWORTHFri Sep 06 1991VCS can't keep Up with messages
1288.02CSC32::K_KINNEYFri Sep 06 1991MAXSCANCNT, Maximum subprofile and event exceeded
1290.01WARDLE::REXMon Sep 09 1991VCS functions within DECmcc
1292.01TALK::JARVISWed Sep 11 1991ENS exit seems to consume lots of workstation resources?
1293.03STAR::KAPLANThu Sep 12 1991Problem: Log files being split
1294.08STAR::KAPLANThu Sep 12 1991Problem: line noise? BREAKs not being transmitted properly
1295.02KUTIPS::LACAILLEThu Sep 12 1991How to unlock connected console?
1296.01KERNEL::FARROW_SMITHSun Sep 15 1991VCS$ENS_****.COM time stamp droping last digit
1297.01HANNAH::B_COBBMon Sep 16 1991Workstation makes link back to itself for Display
1298.02SOURCE::BERGERONTue Sep 17 1991Having problems getting display to work
1299.05SHAWB1::FLYNNBTue Sep 17 1991How many Connects from a C3 display?
1300.02STKAI2::VOGELTue Sep 17 1991To fool the russians ?
1301.04TKTVFS::SHINOSAKIThu Sep 19 1991Need help on ENS definition...
1302.01OPG::CMITCHELLFri Sep 20 1991C3 does not appear
1303.01KERNEL::FARROW_SMITHSat Sep 21 1991error in spawned process AGAIN!!
1304.04ZPOVC::MICHAELLEEMon Sep 23 1991VCS paging system?
1305.05WARDLE::REXThu Sep 26 1991VCS$ENS - looping
1306.01WOTVAX::ELLISMThu Sep 26 1991Problem with WINDOW action routine in ENS
1307.08CSC32::MJONESWed Oct 02 1991vcs-e-badrange error when doing vcs review/event=context
1308.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Oct 02 1991diskless 31
1309.05HTSC19::KENNETHThu Oct 03 1991auto failure over ???
1310.09CSC32::K_KINNEYThu Oct 03 1991ICON color mapping out of bounds
1311.0MEO78B::BROUGHTONSun Oct 06 1991AS4
1312.04HTSCMon Oct 07 1991VCS MONITOR problem.
1313.02MEMIT::CANSLERTue Oct 08 1991VS35
1314.03SHIPS::DAVENPORT_DWed Oct 09 1991VCS on a VAXstation 31
1315.02GLDOA::HALLIGANThu Oct 10 1991RDC access thru TTA2:
1316.01CSC32::E_LUFKERSat Oct 12 1991VCS V1.3 compatible with V5.4-3 ?
1317.03SHAWB1::FLYNNBMon Oct 14 1991Sess mgr. quits (INSVIRMEM)
1318.01HERON::TIMMERMANSMon Oct 14 1991VCS console access for distant systems using dialup?
1319.07CSC32::E_LUFKERMon Oct 14 1991Motif and VCS ???
1320.01STAR::KAPLANMon Oct 14 1991CONNECT session not echoing back
1321.03YUPPY::RAVENTue Oct 15 1991VCS Character Echo.
1322.011DNEAST::CAHALL_KATHITue Oct 15 1991HSC's not reachable
1323.01SHAWB1::ENTWISTLESWed Oct 16 1991event notification duplication
1324.01CSC32::E_LUFKERFri Oct 18 1991DS9
1325.01BALZAC::PETITMon Oct 21 1991Communication with serviced nodes/ Questions
1326.01LUXMon Oct 21 1991VCS config for remote site VCS config for remote site
1327.04CLOVAX::COBURNMon Oct 21 1991VCS exits to DECWindows login screen
1328.03YUPPY::RAVENTue Oct 22 1991VCS picking up echoed opcom messages
1329.03YUPPY::RAVENTue Oct 22 1991Lookj but not touch
1330.03RTODWT::RWOLKENTue Oct 22 1991C3, Data Loss in Pipe
1331.05FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Oct 23 1991VCS$IODL not setting terminal chars
1332.01OTOOA::VEYWed Oct 23 1991SCO/UNIX?
1333.04CSC32::E_LUFKERWed Oct 23 1991%lib-f-BADBLOSIZE
1334.01SUBWAY::SMITHWed Oct 23 1991Backup Console Question
1335.05SUBWAY::SMITHWed Oct 23 1991PDP versions supported?
1336.01MQOOA::LROYThu Oct 24 1991VCS competition
1337.03HANNAH::B_COBBThu Oct 24 1991VCS IODL process Access violates
1338.06BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISThu Oct 24 1991VCS V1.3 crashes DECwindows/EWS!
1339.01STAR::KAPLANThu Oct 24 1991Dealing with TWO vcs machines
1340.03STAR::KAPLANThu Oct 24 1991How to have your console and log it too?
1341.05DPDMAI::REEDERThu Oct 24 1991C3 X transport
1342.02COMICS::FARROW_SMITHFri Oct 25 1991firing up a C3 to another VCS captive interface
1343.01SUBWAY::SMITHMon Oct 28 1991identify event not-occuring?
1344.05IDOWS::IDOTue Oct 29 1991Patches confusion !!!
1345.028VINO::MCARLETONTue Oct 29 1991Looking for VCS 1.4 IFT sites
1346.07CLOVAX::COBURNTue Oct 29 1991Previous days logfile being held open by C3 - Why?
1347.01IDOWS::IDOWed Oct 30 1991VCS competitions ??
1348.01OTIGER::J_BOOSINGERWed Oct 30 1991Mainframe 9
1349.01WONDER::CROLLWed Oct 30 1991repeating command procedures?
1350.01HDLITE::MORINFri Nov 01 1991A/B switch box problems on a VAX 6
1351.02SIOG::PKIRKMon Nov 04 1991VCS connection problems
1352.03SUBWAY::SMITHTue Nov 05 1991PDP Crash?
1353.0SUBWAY::SMITHTue Nov 05 1991VAXstation VCS host performance
1354.018RENFRO::POWELLWed Nov 06 1991VCS on VMS 5.5?
1355.06FZOVAX::FRANDSENThu Nov 07 1991VCS$SCANNER dies??
1356.07DETOO::BOUCHERThu Nov 07 1991Problems with VCS COORDINATE from DECterm window
1357.04TROOA::LEONGFri Nov 08 1991VCS and REMS
1358.02CSC32::C_TOWNSENDFri Nov 08 1991VCS$terminal_default troubles
1359.01FULMER::CLASPERCMon Nov 11 1991Customer getting duplicate mail/window
1360.01SHIPS::GREEN_GTue Nov 12 1991Software check for valid VCS connection?
1361.01KERNEL::EVERESTATue Nov 12 1991SCAN profile for ULTRIX????
1362.03DURDUR::JOANNESTue Nov 12 1991Action routine problem
1363.06BTOVT::BARBER_DWed Nov 13 1991Feedback/Questions VCS V1.4 IFT
1364.06CMOTEC::AUSTINWed Nov 13 1991Licensing ?
1365.02CSC32::K_KINNEYWed Nov 13 1991Icon wierdness 5.4-3
1366.03HGOVA::EDDYBULLThu Nov 14 1991OPA
1367.03FULMER::CLASPERCThu Nov 14 1991VPA and VCS
1368.03FLYWAY::WALKERNMon Nov 18 1991Anounce messages on OPA
1369.04HLSMTue Nov 19 1991Icon not visible when added to configuration
1370.01HLSMTue Nov 19 1991Strange behaviour when moving icons
1371.03HLSMTue Nov 19 1991Access violation during vcs edit configuration
1372.03TROOA::BALDOCKWed Nov 20 1991Multiple VCS Sessions?
1373.02HTSC19::KENNETHWed Nov 20 1991No disk full warning
1374.04GIDDAY::BOJOVICFri Nov 22 1991decw$server loops, 1.3, 5.4-2
1375.02HTSC19::KENNETHFri Nov 22 1991VCS shutdown not complete
1376.01KERNEL::TITCOMBERFri Nov 22 1991VCS V1.3 & DECserver 2
1377.03MSAMFri Nov 22 1991VCS presentation material????
1378.03MUNICH::KASERMon Nov 25 1991Multiple VCS$C3 displays & dismiss events
1379.01MEO78B::HANDLEYThu Nov 28 1991window1 chnage default settings
1380.04SHAWB1::WOODLThu Nov 28 1991VCS and FT3
1381.01JOCKEY::GARDENPThu Nov 28 1991VCS ICONS
1382.01SHAWB1::FLYNNBFri Nov 29 1991MOTIF and VCS$STARTUP problems
1383.0VINO::MCARLETONMon Dec 02 1991VCS T1.4 EFT1 Kit
1384.04HLFSMon Dec 02 1991Subm/rem of C3 gives half duplex
1385.01WOTVAX::PURNELLRTue Dec 03 1991UK - Polycenter reference site
1386.01DRAC::COLLWed Dec 04 1991FT61
1387.03HOO78C::TIMMERMANSWed Dec 04 1991different C3 windows
1388.02CSC32::JJONESSun Dec 08 1991%RMS-F-XAB, invalid XAB or XAB not accessible at
1389.0HYEND::GRUPPOSOMon Dec 09 1991VCS Online Presentation Available
1390.022VINO::SPINKTue Dec 10 1991emulator testing
1392.02HGOVC::BARRYHOWed Dec 11 1991VCS manage DECstation and VS4
1393.02TMCUK2::LEDGERThu Dec 12 1991LAT Connections under 1.4/5.5
1394.04BLKPUD::WATTERSONPThu Dec 12 1991Problems using CSCPAT_
1395.02TMCUK2::LEDGERFri Dec 13 1991Cannot Add C3 Server
1396.01UBOHUB::BEVIS_SMon Dec 16 1991H7133 fibre optic psu failure
1397.04CRLRFR::BLUNTMon Dec 16 1991How to get to local (on the VCS host) DCL?
1398.01WOTVAX::ELLISMTue Dec 17 1991icons in V1.4
1399.021VCSESU::BRANAMTue Dec 17 1991VCS C3 window hangs and disappears
1400.02RENFRO::POWELLTue Dec 17 1991Application level use of VCS
1401.04KUTIPS::LACAILLEFri Dec 20 1991VCS$CEP not found v1.4
1402.01CSCRPT::KANESun Dec 22 1991vca 1.3 and console 9.4
1403.03SHIPS::GREEN_GMon Dec 23 1991Logical replacement for ENS field?
1404.02BTOVT::BARBER_DTue Dec 24 1991VCS System logicals and ENS
1405.01MSDOA::REICHTue Dec 24 1991When is 1.4 targeted for FRS?
1406.01ULYSSE::WEISSBECKTue Dec 31 1991LTAxxx # LTAxxx: ?
1407.02LEZAH::DOTYThu Jan 02 1992VCS 1.4 documentation drafts available online
1408.01HGOVC::BARRYHOThu Jan 02 1992Can VS4
1410.01KETJE::STEUKERSMon Jan 06 1992DECwindows software requirements
1411.03FLYROC::GOYETTEMon Jan 06 1992Can MONITOR, but cannot CONNECT ???
1412.03FLYROC::GOYETTETue Jan 07 1992# of event lines passed to action routine ?
1413.02SHIPS::SMITH_JWed Jan 08 1992Remote display drops with network traffic
1414.01TLAVC::EDDYBULLMon Jan 13 1992C3 menu installation problems
1415.02OPG::PHILIPMon Jan 13 1992VCS on U*ix
1416.04CSC32::MJONESMon Jan 13 1992vcs event window hangs vt13
1417.0KERNEL::JUDDTue Jan 14 1992ENS alarm device
1418.01CX3PT1::WSC111::J_BECKERTue Jan 14 1992exiting monitor on a vt13
1419.04LODGE::WVCTue Jan 14 1992Startup thru IODL with dead LAT modem lines
1420.07IJSAPL::VANDOMMELENWed Jan 15 1992VCS with LAT, also in open environment ??
1421.01ESSB::BREEThu Jan 16 1992comp. info
1423.01UTRTSC::ZWINKELSThu Jan 16 1992Is VAX 43
1424.02SALEBT::HEARNSThu Jan 16 1992Help with ENS and disk/memory errors
1425.01TKTV2Thu Jan 16 1992%VCS-W-NODELICENSE
1426.02MEO78B::MCKENZIEFri Jan 17 1992One Window for outstanding oper requests
1427.09BACHUS::WILLEMSFri Jan 17 1992Connection seems to hang from time to time
1428.01WOTVAX::PURNELLRWed Jan 22 1992Messages from X25/Software to VCS
1429.02AVIVA::NEUMANWed Jan 22 1992Manage Many Remote Sites Over WAN
1430.02HTSC19::STEVENLAUWed Jan 22 1992How to clear a Hung VCS Port?
1431.07SCOBIE::JCAROWFri Jan 24 1992need help vcs$ens_window1 accviolation
1432.07HOTWTR::MURRAY_RUMon Jan 27 1992Screen hangs on window overlay.
1433.02XCUSME::MORIN_JTue Jan 28 1992Start a C3 window for a nonpriveleged account
1434.01CSC32::C_TOWNSENDTue Jan 28 1992ENS ACCVIO at v5.5
1436.06KERNEL::EVERESTAWed Jan 29 1992VCS$ENS_****.COM file protection
1437.011CSC32::K_KINNEYThu Jan 30 1992To Support or Not to Support-That's the ?
1438.0VINO::MCARLETONTue Feb 04 1992Announcing VCS 1.4 EFT2
1439.03MANTA::SIMONWed Feb 05 1992EFT2 ACCVIO with Modify Label
1440.012MANTA::SIMONWed Feb 05 1992SHO DISPLAY wrong in character cell interface
1441.017OPG::DAVIDWed Feb 05 1992VCS in a Multi-vendor environment
1442.03SALEM::LUQUETTEWed Feb 05 1992 VCS$IODL - access violation problem
1443.05LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIWed Feb 05 1992Procedure to Parse SHOW?
1444.03NEWOA::SCOTTThu Feb 06 1992No echo on an NCR console
1445.09AIWEST::KEEFri Feb 07 1992Standalone backup procedure from VCS
1446.010COLES1::SCHROEDERFri Feb 07 1992No C3 on VS352
1447.04COLES1::SCHROEDERFri Feb 07 1992SYNCHINITWAIT no C3 Window
1448.08TROOA::IOSSIFIDISMon Feb 10 1992VCS AND DECserver7
1449.09COLES1::SCHROEDERWed Feb 12 1992What to choose Fiber or Host-Initiated conn.
1450.04MDKCSW::EAGLEWed Feb 12 1992ENS Event of command proc. gets extra characters
1451.022CSC32::BUTTERWORTHWed Feb 12 1992CSCPAT'ches for VCS are now available on ZENDIA::
1452.04COLES1::SCHROEDERThu Feb 13 1992Help with ENS needed ! Access violation T1.4
1453.02IDOWS::IDOMon Feb 17 1992Help in fixing a demo...Urgent
1454.01VIVIAN::J_GILBERTMon Feb 17 1992PRO38
1455.012TKTVFS::SHINOSAKIMon Feb 17 1992%VCS-E-NODATA,
1456.01BARYON::MUNRO_MTue Feb 18 1992VCS and LATmaster problem I think!!
1457.07VINO::MCARLETONTue Feb 18 1992Announcing VCS T1.4 EFT3
1458.03SQMJPN::IWAMOTOWed Feb 19 1992VCS *sometimes* failed to create DECterm
1459.04KURTAN::PALMWed Feb 19 1992Error in spawn..(
1460.02WOTVAX::PURNELLRWed Feb 19 1992ENS & Monochrome displays
1461.02EVOSY3::BELLALWed Feb 19 1992vcs$elog accvio
1462.05BELLS::SYSTEMThu Feb 20 1992VCS CONNECT hangs
1463.02HKOVC::TERENCEThu Feb 20 1992Need help installing VCS
1464.01KERNEL::FISCHERIThu Feb 20 1992Screen saver disable oddity
1465.04BALZAC::PETITThu Feb 20 1992Break Problem
1466.05ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESThu Feb 20 1992LAT Failover, Monitor, TPU, XTERM
1467.04VCSESU::BRANAMFri Feb 21 1992ENS reports ACCVIO and "Unknown reconfigure argument"
1468.02VIVIAN::J_GILBERTMon Feb 24 1992problem with ENS windows
1469.013ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESTue Feb 25 1992Detecting TS (HIC) Failures?
1470.04ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESWed Feb 26 1992VCS$CONFIGURATION Record Formats?
1471.011XCUSME::MORIN_JWed Feb 26 1992Need an opinion for VCS Support.
1472.01ESSB::BREEThu Feb 27 1992VCS 1.4 and X.25 network
1473.01COLES1::SCHROEDERFri Feb 28 1992Scanner died with ACCVIO EFT3
1474.06VCSESU::BRANAMFri Feb 28 1992SHOW NODES does not reflect current line status
1475.06TKTVFS::SHINOSAKISat Feb 29 1992Adding C3 server
1476.03TKTVFS::SHINOSAKIMon Mar 02 1992"Y" connection equip.
1477.09SHAWB1::WOODLMon Mar 02 1992VCS on 88
1478.07FILTON::EDWARDS_JTue Mar 03 19929
1479.019TODDLR::YANAGITue Mar 03 1992Broken cable? what happens?
1480.01HGOVC::BARRYHOWed Mar 04 1992Pseudo Terminal Support
1481.03WOTVAX::ELLISMWed Mar 04 1992Problem with modifying scan profile in VCS V1.4 ETF3
1482.02BACHUS::WILLEMSThu Mar 05 1992CSCPAT_
1483.02NCPROG::NORTHERNFri Mar 06 1992line open error BNT-
1484.04NCPROG::NORTHERNSun Mar 08 1992How to change it
1485.01HLSMMon Mar 09 1992
1486.03TRLIAN::DETROITTue Mar 10 1992Console msgs and Events in one window?
1487.02RCOJDS::SHOWALTERTue Mar 10 1992Is it possible to have a hardcopy printer for console along with VCS?
1488.01SHAWB1::WOODLWed Mar 11 1992ICONS not changing colour
1491.03TKTVFS::SHINOSAKIFri Mar 13 1992IODL died...
1492.013TKTVFS::SHINOSAKISun Mar 15 1992What is VCS-W-RIOUT?
1493.04VIVIAN::J_GILBERTMon Mar 16 1992break and DECservers again!!
1494.05CSC32::K_KINNEYMon Mar 16 1992Support VCS 1.4/VXT2
1495.03COLES1::SCHROEDERTue Mar 17 1992Disk full warning not cleared after disk is freed
1496.02LARVAE::BURGESSTue Mar 17 1992VAXft and VCS - questions?
1497.06MLNORO::CAMPICETue Mar 17 1992VCS & VS4
1498.015HANNAH::B_COBBTue Mar 17 1992C3 hangs with 1.4
1499.03BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Mar 18 1992Privilege question
1500.03ARRODS::WHITAKERThu Mar 19 1992VCS and VXT2
1501.02SLOVAX::NEWMANFri Mar 20 1992MDF Tie Breaker, VCS, OMS???
1502.02HGOVC::BARRYHOFri Mar 20 1992VCS dump in LOG files
1503.04RUSAVD::BARRETTMon Mar 23 1992VCS 1.4 / on Vms 5.5 connection/configuartion problem.
1505.04WOTVAX::ELLISMTue Mar 24 1992Problems with latest EFT kit and ENS
1506.016BEACHZ::SEMMELWed Mar 25 1992No ENS notification since 1.4
1507.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Mar 25 1992new hardware model supported for VCS 1.3 ?
1508.02DETOO::BOUCHERWed Mar 25 1992Invalid arg code in passed argument block
1509.03HTSC19::ANDYNGThu Mar 26 1992redirect VCS display problem !!
1510.01KAZAN::LELAYThu Mar 26 1992New Licensing ?????
1511.02SHAWB1::WOODLFri Mar 27 1992Limit to the number of events
1512.04KERNEL::SHELLEYRTue Mar 31 1992Screen hangs after connecting to 3 nodes
1513.09WOTVAX::ELLISMWed Apr 01 1992ENS /INTERVAL problem in VCS 1.4
1514.04TROOA::GREENALLFri Apr 03 1992Startup with pro consoles
1515.07SAC::MUNRO_MMon Apr 06 1992A few problems
1516.01TRNOI2::TESTAMon Apr 06 1992VCS for IBM 3
1517.06STAR::DICKERSONMon Apr 06 1992Fatal errors - VCS$ENS, VCS$IODL processes
1518.06BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISMon Apr 06 1992VCS config. for Remote Sys. Mgmt.
1519.09BRSDVP::DEBEYSTue Apr 07 1992vcs 1.3 and vms 5.5: pak problem???
1520.02VINO::SPINKTue Apr 07 1992Announcing VCS1.4 final field test kit
1521.07DARGLE::COUGHLANTue Apr 07 1992Problems on 5.5, 1.3 and patches
1522.03MFRFMS::KLAUSWed Apr 08 1992Problems when using multiline display on b/w workstation
1523.06COLES1::SCHROEDERWed Apr 08 1992Duplicate Key error, when disabling a node
1525.04MARVA1::SPRAGUEThu Apr 09 1992Problem debugging VCS Access application
1526.04HKOVC::TERENCEMon Apr 13 1992VCS supports VAX 4
1527.03KYOA::ANDERSONMon Apr 13 1992insvirmem error
1528.03ARRODS::SYSTEMMon Apr 13 1992Unable to squirt C3 screens...
1529.03RULLE::KLASSONTue Apr 14 1992Questionmarks in Event window
1530.04CHGVTue Apr 14 1992VCS Results Disk
1531.04STAR::KAPLANWed Apr 15 1992Merging multiple VCS files
1532.01STAR::KAPLANWed Apr 15 1992VCS software support contracts?
1533.01COLES2::SIEKWed Apr 15 1992Availability of new Scan Events
1534.01ZPOVC::YEECHINWed Apr 15 1992Field Test Volunteer...
1535.014JOCKEY::BOURNEJThu Apr 16 1992No login screen - Only Coord!
1536.05UTROP2::RIJSBERGEN_MThu Apr 16 1992Crashing VCS$ENS and no window for CONNECT etc.
1537.03BALZAC::PETITThu Apr 16 1992Access Restriction Question
1538.010ARTOO::BOUCHERTue Apr 21 1992ENS -> DECalert setup problem...
1539.08QUALLA::BETTROTue Apr 21 1992Cannot restart VCS...out of sync?
1540.04ZPOVC::HWCHOYWed Apr 22 1992Product Manager name needed
1541.04OSLACT::BJORNAUWed Apr 22 1992Presentation of VCS??
1542.02MKODEV::NAGARAJANWed Apr 22 1992Printing OPCOM to SYS$PRINT?
1543.011LODGE::WVCThu Apr 23 1992Disappearing LTA devices on DEVOFFLINE IODL errors
1544.03LODGE::WVCFri Apr 24 1992Request for ENS code examples
1545.05FRSOLD::HENNENFri Apr 24 1992Problems accessing ENS Editor
1546.04BRSDM::BOKORFri Apr 24 1992VCS 1.4 and SMP
1547.01LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIFri Apr 24 1992When V1.4 SSB?
1548.02MEO78B::HANDLEYMon Apr 27 1992VCS and Wang
1549.02MEO78B::HANDLEYMon Apr 27 1992VCS and NCR
1550.02MEO78B::HANDLEYMon Apr 27 1992VCS and IBM
1551.03JOCKEY::BOURNEJMon Apr 27 1992How to stop ENS messages?
1552.08ARRODS::SYSTEMMon Apr 27 19924
1553.02VIVIAN::J_GILBERTMon Apr 27 1992nodes permanently disabled again!
1554.01CSC32::K_KINNEYMon Apr 27 19929
1555.08GIDDAY::BOJOVICTue Apr 28 1992Output XOFFed, Overrun Errors, fibre optic
1556.02OTOOA::PONDTue Apr 28 1992HP/VCS emulation problem.
1557.06STKHLM::AMARTENSSONThu Apr 30 1992Sizing guide needed!
1558.09WHRAMI::DROBNISFri May 01 1992error spawning and windows limits
1559.04LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIFri May 01 1992Description/Definition for scans/events?
1560.011ZPOVC::KUMTONGMon May 04 1992VCS processes VCS$IFEX.EXE eats up CPU time- WHY?
1561.04SGWS::SIDMon May 04 1992How to run the "turnkey" demo?
1562.03ANGLIN::RJOHNSONMon May 04 1992When, where and how is 1.4
1563.01HXOUTue May 05 1992VCS Load Device
1564.05CSC32::T_MCCARTHYTue May 05 1992Sporadic VCS-F-ACCVIO errors from VCS CONNECT
1565.04EVTWTW::$WILLAYWed May 06 1992Error spawning (one more time...)
1566.05MACNAS::PCURLEYWed May 06 1992Problems with VCS
1567.03HLSMWed May 06 1992Icon problem, VS31
1568.02SIOG::MCCLUSKEYThu May 07 1992VCS and DGUX
1569.03SIOG::MCCLUSKEYThu May 07 1992VCS and RISC systems
1570.04WHRAMI::DROBNISThu May 07 1992%VCS-W-FULLWARN, Disk full warning.
1571.03VIVIAN::J_GILBERTThu May 07 1992log_bad file extension
1574.05LAIDBK::PETERSON_RISun May 10 1992Experiences with V1.4
1575.02FAILTE::CLASPERCMon May 11 1992ICONS are unknown after upgrade
1576.02LAIDBK::PETERSON_RITue May 12 1992VCS V1.4 and EDIT NOTI HELP
1578.02RESYNC::SHATue May 12 1992CVS support to VAXft ?
1580.01ARNE::TORLINDWed May 13 1992Powering off VCS causes VS31
1581.08PATTY::TOOLSWed May 13 1992vcs 1.4 supports ALPHA machines ??
1582.06VIVIAN::J_GILBERTWed May 13 1992edit/acl with VCS
1583.01CX3PT2::WSC211::J_BECKERWed May 13 1992VCS$ENS_EDITOR does not see all the events VCS$ENS_EDITOR does not see all events
1584.06GTDANE::GOYETTEFri May 15 1992Can context lines following an event be gotten via ens action routine ?
1586.02RESYNC::SHAMon May 18 1992Where is VCS spec ?
1587.02HGOVC::BARRYHOTue May 19 1992ENS WINDOW1 Display Error
1588.010KETJE::REMANSTue May 19 1992Console over X.25
1589.08SUBWAY::SMITHTue May 19 1992XOFF problem
1590.07ANIMLZ::DUBEWed May 20 1992Polarstar Micro/VAX Config Question
1591.01PYRO::VANZUYLENWed May 20 1992Disappearing ENS WINDOW icon
1592.02VIVIAN::J_GILBERTThu May 21 1992DECserver3
1593.04MIACT::ROWELLThu May 21 1992Security and VCS Coordinate
1594.010BTOVT::BARBER_DFri May 22 1992New Documentation for 1.4?
1595.01BACHUS::WILLEMSFri May 22 1992How can I create a event window on a vxt2
1596.06PYRO::VANZUYLENFri May 22 1992Can't add display name in ENS editor
1597.08TROOA::GREENALLFri May 22 1992problems automatically starting c3's
1598.05TOPTEN::LEONARDMon May 25 1992VCS connectivity alternatives?
1599.02SHAWB1::WOODLTue May 26 1992C3 ACCVIO and DECW$TE still in RWMBX
1600.02WMOIS::MELANSONWed May 27 1992connect a vax 4
1601.04VCSESU::BRANAMThu May 28 1992Restricting User Operations in VCS Interfaces?
1602.01MADBAS::SROSSFri May 29 1992VAX4
1603.02RANGER::BOOTHFri May 29 1992Advice on talking to VCS under program control using LAT
1604.02SOURCE::BERGERONSun May 31 1992VCS on a workstation with Monitor
1605.02ODIXIE::CAIRNSMon Jun 01 1992VCS for IBM console
1606.04HGOVC::LILLIANTANGTue Jun 02 1992VCS crash when disabling a node
1607.07OURGNG::HEDRICKTue Jun 02 1992VAX 4
1608.0HYEND::GRUPPOSOTue Jun 02 1992VCS V1.4 set to ship June 11th
1609.04VCSESU::BRANAMTue Jun 02 1992VCS V1.4 with Motif on VT13
1610.0ZPOVC::PHILIPLOWWed Jun 03 1992VCS/DECmcc on 38
1611.02KETJE::STAESWed Jun 03 1992NOVELL servers
1613.08VIVIAN::J_GILBERTWed Jun 03 1992EDIT/ACL ???
1615.04LODGE::WVCThu Jun 04 1992No VCS courses?
1616.02CSC32::BUTTERWORTHThu Jun 04 1992Motif session manager spawns user defiend applications
1617.05ZPOVC::MONGKIAFri Jun 05 1992VCS to control VAXstations/DECstations ?
1618.02SOURCE::BERGERONFri Jun 05 1992ENS goes away
1619.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Jun 05 1992How to change font/color for ENS window
1621.02PATTY::TOOLSTue Jun 09 1992sethost option very slow!!!
1623.015LATVMS::RASPUZZITue Jun 09 1992SYNCHNONOP error - why does VCS does this?
1624.06GTDANE::GOYETTEWed Jun 10 1992ENS, Nodename != Nodename
1625.010HDLITE::MORINWed Jun 10 1992VCS MOTIF problem ... help !!!!!!
1626.01TUNEIT::MAURERWed Jun 10 1992What about IBM 4381 and 3
1627.01BTOVT::BARBER_DThu Jun 11 1992? on service node term line setup
1628.04CSC32::K_KINNEYThu Jun 11 1992Error in spawn (
1629.02HDLITE::MORINThu Jun 11 1992HELP !!!! My nodes have fallen and can't get up
1630.01CHOVAX::SUITEThu Jun 11 1992Does anyone have a Fortran User Interface?
1631.01HDLITE::MORINFri Jun 12 1992Need help in ENS_EDITOR ....
1632.02OPG::PHILIPMon Jun 15 1992New Project Leader
1633.05ARRODS::HAWESJMon Jun 15 1992Problem with VCS 1.4 and motif 1.
1634.02GIDDAY::BOJOVICWed Jun 17 1992%CSCPAT_
1635.04BLKPUD::TAYLORJWed Jun 17 1992VS4
1636.04SHAWB1::WOODLThu Jun 18 1992Reconfigure ACCVIO
1637.06FLYWAY::WALKERNThu Jun 18 1992VCS 1.4 SSB ?
1638.01HERON::TIMMERMANSThu Jun 18 1992AS4
1639.03THEWAV::LEWFri Jun 19 1992DSSI and VCS
1640.01SALSA::MARSHALLSun Jun 21 1992Alerts in VCS Doc???
1641.0LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIMon Jun 22 1992ENS WINDOWS Hang - CLD in Progress
1642.07CRLRFR::BLUNTTue Jun 23 1992Icons "look" corrupted after 1.4 upgrade.
1643.07BYTOR::SPRINGERFri Jun 26 1992VCS 1.4 example scan files
1644.01LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIFri Jun 26 1992ENS Log & C3 Highlighting
1645.07KERNEL::EVERESTASat Jun 27 1992ENS using action MAIL with distribution list fails
1646.01HLSMTue Jun 30 1992DECwindows editor ACCVIO
1647.04HLSMTue Jun 30 1992%VCS-I-MISSIGNON, Failed to read signon packet from control pipe, retrying...
1649.01MFRFMS::RINGWed Jul 01 1992Slides ???
1650.02WARNUT::SOULMN::YATESFri Jul 03 1992VCS 1.4 Window1 Customisation - BUG?
1651.03WARNUT::YATESMon Jul 06 1992Re-establish LAT connections with VCS 1.4
1652.05BALZAC::PETITMon Jul 06 1992Problem with VCS$ENS_EDITOR
1653.014EVTWTW::$WILLAYMon Jul 06 1992"Failed to setup user terminal" with VCS 1.4/Motif 1.1
1654.02CSC32::C_TOWNSENDWed Jul 08 1992C3 to PC using Pathworks
1655.03LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIMon Jul 13 1992VCS ENS Image Example?
1656.02CSC32::K_KINNEYFri Jul 17 1992The demo that won't die
1657.06--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 17 1992VCSENS event is being triggered with success status.
1658.014MARVA1::SPRAGUEMon Jul 20 1992Message text not displayed on ENS WINDOW1
1659.02MDKCSW::EAGLETue Jul 21 1992Event Window DECWINDOWS resource file
1660.0LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIWed Jul 22 1992ENS Window not iconifying
1661.0BALZAC::PETITWed Jul 22 1992Looking for Scan Profile for LPS2
1662.08CHOVAX::SUITEWed Jul 22 1992IBM RS6
1663.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICThu Jul 23 1992VCS-partial line, meaning ?
1664.02BALZAC::PETITThu Jul 23 1992TSM with FTA
1665.04BACHUS::BUGGENHOUTThu Jul 23 1992VCS 1.4 RESTART and IVP (DEMO) failing
1666.07TROOA::GREENALLFri Jul 24 1992Ens, Elog, and C3 access violations
1667.01SHIPS::GREEN_GMon Jul 27 1992Is memory usage improved in V1.4?
1668.06CSC32::C_TOWNSENDMon Jul 27 1992Display/Access=Monitor in 1.4
1669.05OGWV5Mon Jul 27 1992Boot log capturing, how?
1670.0FLYWAY::WALKERNTue Jul 28 1992Icons for Decsystems?
1671.04KERNEL::HAWLEYITue Jul 28 19921.1 to 1.3 upgrade
1672.03KERNEL::SHELLEYRTue Jul 28 1992padlock not appearing on display when node locked
1673.02BELMNT::LANKATue Jul 28 1992VCS$LTA port name conflict problem
1674.03HTSC19::SIMONLAUWed Jul 29 1992What amendment needed for ethernet adds. change ?
1675.0FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Jul 29 1992ULTRIX scan files?
1677.07GLDOA::CROWNWed Jul 29 1992VCS Config. -- Input Requested
1678.03RUTILE::BARONNETWed Jul 29 1992VCS$IODL crashes with DUP key
1679.06KERNEL::SHELLEYRMon Aug 03 1992ENS notification on VT1
1680.01CSC32::C_TOWNSENDMon Aug 03 1992C3 Color on Decstation 5
1681.02KETJE::STEUKERSMon Aug 03 1992VCS 1.3 configuration converstion.
1682.04CSC32::C_TOWNSENDMon Aug 03 19921.4 and Decwindows Clock
1683.011CSC32::C_TOWNSENDMon Aug 03 1992Motif and 1.4 Windows
1684.03BLKPUD::SPENCERJTue Aug 04 1992Ports being disabled at random
1685.01HAEXLI::PMAIERFri Aug 07 1992security and C3 interface
1686.02TROOA::GREENALLFri Aug 07 1992Vcs 1.4 questions
1687.03LAIDBK::PETERSON_RITue Aug 11 1992Needed: VAXstation 4
1688.01DUNDEE::MCKENZIEWed Aug 12 1992VAXstation 4
1689.06TROOA::GREENALLWed Aug 12 1992Microvax 31
1690.01CSC32::C_TOWNSENDWed Aug 12 1992Juptier Xterminal and Icon Colors
1691.06MANTA::SIMONThu Aug 13 1992Reserved Operand Fault in VCS$SCANNER
1692.01TRCOA::AHMEDFri Aug 14 1992VCS for DECsystem 1
1693.07EEMELI::OJUSSILAMon Aug 17 1992VCS$ENS accvio PC=47AFA (VCS V1.4)
1694.010HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGTue Aug 18 1992Reason for LTA ports inactive?
1695.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Aug 18 1992use VCS without being logged in ?
1696.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Aug 18 1992How to monitor disks via VCS ?
1697.03CSC32::K_KINNEYTue Aug 18 1992ENS EDIT> RAB error
1698.012CSC32::K_KINNEYWed Aug 19 1992LPS2
1699.03HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGThu Aug 20 1992Presentation Material of V1.4
1700.03COLES2::SCHROEDERThu Aug 20 1992Problem with Archive procedure (Free Disk space)
1701.01VINO::VOBAThu Aug 20 1992Available Fiberoptic Components
1702.02KERNEL::EVERESTAThu Aug 20 1992VCS$DEBUG, what are it's uses?
1703.02CSC32::C_TOWNSENDFri Aug 21 1992StartIconified for Window at 1.4
1704.01KERNEL::ERLAMJFri Aug 21 1992font in ENS window too large on VXT2
1705.010CSC32::K_KINNEYFri Aug 21 1992VCS$ELOG Accvio VCS 1.4
1706.03JOCKEY::BOURNEJTue Aug 25 1992VCS$IFEX.EXE hogs cpu after 1.4 upgrade
1707.03BRSDVP::WILLEMSGTue Aug 25 1992How to break a 4
1708.017WARANT::WOODLTue Aug 25 19921.4 C3 compute bound
1709.06CSC32::C_TOWNSENDTue Aug 25 1992C3 crash using CLOSE for SHOW EVENTS
1710.03HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGWed Aug 26 1992C3 problem with IODL process
1711.021LODGE::WVCWed Aug 26 1992V1.4 & LAT simply stops listening until CONNECT
1712.06HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGThu Aug 27 1992network traffic induced by VCS?
1713.023HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGThu Aug 27 1992Add event?
1714.01FAILTE::CLASPERCThu Aug 27 1992VCS and MOTIF
1715.01OUTBCK::SANKARFri Aug 28 1992vcs 1.4 C3 interface in COM state after set host or review
1716.06CSC32::J_BECKERFri Aug 28 1992scanner dies with roprand error vcs 1.4 (long entry for decwindows users)
1717.06CSC32::C_TOWNSENDFri Aug 28 1992WINDOW taking 9
1718.05CSC32::K_KINNEYMon Aug 31 1992MON REVIEW doesn't TIME_STAMP
1719.02CSC32::BUTTERWORTHMon Aug 31 1992VCS$_ABOPRC is considered a successful status.
1720.08JDARC::SANTACREUTue Sep 01 1992Pb with ENS V 1.4
1721.010HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGTue Sep 01 1992ADD DISPLAY in V1.4?
1722.010CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Sep 02 1992OPCDEC displaying C3 to PC ?
1723.05GRANMA::EHEROLDWed Sep 02 1992TCP/IP ???
1724.01HTSC19::SIMONLAUThu Sep 03 1992VCS V1.4 include images in patch CSCPAT_
1725.05KERNEL::SHELLEYRThu Sep 03 1992VCS COORDINATE needed to start C3
1726.01ULYSSE::WEISSBECKFri Sep 04 1992Bell not on VCS ENS when iconized?
1727.02DPDMAI::AUTRYFri Sep 04 1992VCS on IBM 937
1728.01HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGMon Sep 07 1992add display in ENS EDIT?
1729.03HGOVA::PAULCHOITue Sep 08 1992Remote <BREAK> Failed on DS3
1730.01WNOUTue Sep 08 1992Is the Fibre optics option still available?
1731.07OGWV5Wed Sep 09 1992Prohibit Motif Login Window, How?
1732.02HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGWed Sep 09 1992CEP in V1.4?
1733.020CLO::POLITZERWed Sep 09 1992C3 won't start in systartup_v5
1734.02BAHTAT::FRANZThu Sep 10 1992Windows won't fully start up.
1735.04CSC32::K_KINNEYThu Sep 10 1992Scan File for 7
1736.02BAHTAT::FRANZTue Sep 15 1992Duplicate port ?
1737.02VIVIAN::J_GILBERTTue Sep 15 1992Concurrent use licenses ?
1738.03HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGWed Sep 16 1992Throughput -> the advantage?
1739.05CSC32::C_TOWNSENDWed Sep 16 1992Avoiding Duplicate Event Trigger
1740.04HOCUS::CUBASWed Sep 16 1992More than 32 in Future?
1741.09GIDDAY::BOJOVICWed Sep 16 1992ENS accvio after RECONFIG
1742.04HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGThu Sep 17 1992Add action?
1743.01CLPRThu Sep 17 1992No Ens Window and Display clock Problem
1744.01FAILTE::CLASPERCThu Sep 17 1992LPS$CONSOLE software anyone?
1745.010LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIThu Sep 17 1992VCS 1.4 Patch kits?
1746.04SWAM1::DAVIS_ROFri Sep 18 1992DECserver 7
1747.03HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGSat Sep 19 1992Specify LOG directory?
1748.03HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGSat Sep 19 1992ACCVIO in window.exe
1749.03WNOUSun Sep 20 1992Why use the Access Interface?
1750.04HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGMon Sep 21 1992Support Tandem boxes?
1752.03MANTA::SIMONThu Sep 24 1992VCS to ICL
1753.03GIDDAY::BOJOVICFri Sep 25 1992ENS window not coming back
1754.01GUIDUK::KERSHNERFri Sep 25 1992node limit?
1755.01GLDOA::CROWNSat Sep 26 1992VCS questions - 31
1756.01GLDOA::CROWNSat Sep 26 1992Additional applications on VCS Host - is this ok?
1757.01SWAM1::DAVIS_ROMon Sep 28 1992
1758.01KERNEL::FLANDERSDTue Sep 29 1992Scan profiles for ULTRIX or OSF (revisited)
1759.02VIVIAN::G_SIMMONETTTue Sep 29 1992losses through VCS adapters and switch
1761.014RDAMER::T_MCCARTHYWed Sep 30 1992VCS 1.4, MOTIF 1.1, "Failed to setup user terminal" revisited
1762.06ESSB::JNOLANThu Oct 01 1992How to shutdown a site without even trying
1763.02KAOTThu Oct 01 1992Do reserved events pass the information field P8
1764.02HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGFri Oct 02 1992analyse the logs
1765.01HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGSat Oct 03 1992vcs14 conference?
1766.04IDOWS::IDOSun Oct 04 1992Event format error...
1767.02CSC32::S_LEDOUXTue Oct 06 1992VCS$ERROR_LOG Interpretation - assistance requested
1768.05CSC32::S_LEDOUXTue Oct 06 1992Assistance requested with c3 ACCVIO
1769.04LYOISA::CAMPSTue Oct 06 1992VCS 1.4 and MOTIF 1.1 = 99% CPU
1771.04HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGWed Oct 07 1992Questions
1772.03VNABRW::SPITTERSBERGThu Oct 08 1992VCS-Messages to DCM
1773.09VCSESU::BRANAMThu Oct 08 1992Starting C3 before rest of VCS
1774.04UTRTSC::DORLANDThu Oct 08 1992Problems getting VCS to Motif
1775.02BACHUS::WILLEMSFri Oct 09 1992VCS$ENS_XXX has been stopped
1776.02TROOA::MSCHNEIDERFri Oct 09 1992deactivated problem
1777.04HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGMon Oct 12 1992icon convert?
1778.02HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGMon Oct 12 1992VCS access/default
1779.03HLSMMon Oct 12 1992Anybody tried to use the LATprint ThinWire Ethernet Interface ?
1780.02GIDDAY::FERGUSONTue Oct 13 1992RECONFIGURE when node permanently disabled?
1781.01CLPRFri Oct 16 1992CSCPAT 1
1782.06HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGMon Oct 19 1992Need more help V1.4 and Motif V1.
1783.05CHOVAX::SUITEMon Oct 19 1992VCS --Mailbox -- FTa--FTA question
1784.06EWBV1Tue Oct 20 1992Halt system by ENS
1785.03RENFRO::POWELLTue Oct 20 1992VLC & VCS V1.4 = YES or NO?
1786.02MJBOOT::SCOTTWed Oct 21 1992Different C3 Displays, futures or reality ?
1787.04COKPIT::BMCHATTIEThu Oct 22 1992OPCOM --> ENS ??
1788.02BRSDVP::WILLEMSGFri Oct 23 1992does FTA consumes license UNITS ?
1789.03REOSV2::HUGHESAMon Oct 26 1992Monitoring LPS2
1790.06WARTY::WOODLTue Oct 27 1992No login for MOTIF when VCS$MAILBOX defined
1791.04ODIXIE::BOURGEOISTue Oct 27 1992Performance and Max. # of nodes supported on VAXstation31
1792.014HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGWed Oct 28 1992C3 menu button
1793.01BLKPUD::SUMNERCWed Oct 28 1992Decserver Support + VCS
1794.02UTOPIE::VERONIKAWed Oct 28 1992vcs 1.4 and motif 1.
1795.03BTOVT::BARBER_DWed Oct 28 1992%VCS-E-FLSETER, Failed to setup user terminal
1796.0CX3PT1::ANASAZ::J_BECKERThu Oct 29 1992%VCS-I-MISSIGNON, Failed to read signon packet from control pipe
1798.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Nov 03 1992VCS-F-ACCVIO, VCS authorized access and privileges violation
1800.03SUBWAY::BONNELLTue Nov 03 1992Consol wind. width/text wrap/log records
1801.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Nov 04 1992ENS get message from DCM of unknown node !!!!
1802.02UTRTSC::WIJKAMPWed Nov 04 1992Icons kind of Upside-down?
1803.029BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Nov 04 1992VCS$IFEX is looping after installing CSCPAT_1
1804.07EBYGUM::SPENCERJWed Nov 04 1992Maximum node limit - impact
1805.04CSC32::MJONESWed Nov 04 1992tpu error from monitor window vcs 1.4
1806.03BTOVT::BARBER_DWed Nov 04 1992Using saved Monitor environment settings VCS MONI/SECTION
1807.04HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGThu Nov 05 1992Mailbox...?
1808.01CSC32::DE_SMITHThu Nov 05 1992Event names, 63 characters or 16 characters?
1809.01CSC32::DE_SMITHThu Nov 05 1992Wildcards in ENS event names
1810.01UTRTSC::PEETERSThu Nov 05 1992ENS process crash VCS$IFEX V1.4
1811.03CGOOA::RATHNOWThu Nov 05 1992Clarification: EVENTS and SCANners
1812.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Nov 06 1992XLIB-F-IOERROR in the ENS window
1813.01SAC::BRYAN_FMon Nov 09 1992DHW42 support ?
1814.08SHIPS::BLATCH_GTue Nov 10 1992VCS V1.4 C3 won't start in systartup_v5
1815.03HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGWed Nov 11 1992Monitor session - command file?
1816.06LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIWed Nov 11 1992Double ENS Messages in Mailbox?
1817.02HTSC19::SIMONLAUFri Nov 13 1992V1.4/C3 hang & VCS COORDINATE failed.
1818.02SAC::MUNRO_MTue Nov 17 1992Config help
1819.03JOCKEY::BUCKGTue Nov 17 1992Monitoring Disk errors on HSC's
1820.01ARRODS::WHITAKERWed Nov 18 1992Network Bandwidth ?
1821.05WELCLU::CLIFTONWed Nov 18 1992WINDOW1 and Motif v1.1
1822.03TADSKI::DOOLEYWed Nov 18 1992alpha port for VCS?
1823.01NEWOA::SCOTTThu Nov 19 1992USEROVF - the magic number ?
1824.02MUNICH::REINTue Nov 24 1992Icons no changing colors on V 1.4
1825.02HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGWed Nov 25 1992VCS w/ Volume Shadowing
1826.01BRSDVP::WILLEMSGWed Nov 25 1992Priority Bell Volume question
1827.02BALZAC::PETITThu Nov 26 1992VCS/EVENT - Definition question
1828.02HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGMon Nov 30 1992HSC matters
1829.02OSOMIA::MAEDAMon Nov 30 1992VCS on VAXcluster?
1830.03ULYSSE::WEISSBECKTue Dec 01 1992Patch included in CSCPAT_1
1831.01ROWDY::PAINTERTue Dec 01 1992Config guidelines for VCS, memory, disk, cpu
1832.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Dec 02 1992Can't install CSCPAT_1
1833.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Dec 02 1992LINERR and LAT device disconnected and reconnected
1834.02BALZAC::PETITThu Dec 03 1992Restarting C3 display on a VS that comes up
1835.03113Thu Dec 03 1992What does this error mean?
1836.02ULYSSE::WEISSBECKThu Dec 03 1992ENS windows and Motif login window
1837.01BLKPUD::SHAWKFri Dec 04 1992Supported configuration using RS232??
1838.0HERON::TIMMERMANSFri Dec 04 1992AS4
1839.01ARRODS::WHITAKERFri Dec 04 1992Dummy nodes ?
1840.0SOURCE::BERGERONSun Dec 06 1992shr.com
1841.014HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGMon Dec 07 1992Help
1842.04DPDMAI::RITZCTue Dec 08 1992PC display VCS?
1843.05TAVWed Dec 09 1992Event displayed from only one system
1845.04IJSAPL::PEURSUMThu Dec 10 1992VCS ENS Window1 popup-window stack-dump
1846.03BALZAC::PETITFri Dec 11 1992Event Context in VCS Application ?
1847.03BALZAC::PETITFri Dec 11 1992VCS$ELOG seems to loop in VCS$IFEX
1848.01ZPOVC::SINSPSSun Dec 13 1992Terminal line error, device timeout !
1849.04CGOOA::DOLMANMon Dec 14 1992MAIL to VCS using pseudo-terminal
1850.05BRSDVP::WILLEMSGTue Dec 15 1992VCS crash with BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
1851.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Dec 16 1992Scanner died, how to troubleshoot ?
1852.02MFRFMS::RINGThu Dec 17 1992ENS and self defined events
1853.01BTOVT::LAIDMANThu Dec 17 1992FT11
1854.03TRCOA::AHMEDFri Dec 18 1992Words to search for on the same line, only one message
1855.01JDARC::SANTACREUFri Dec 18 19924
1856.01REDBUD::garrisonnaFri Dec 18 1992Backup VCS Host
1857.08MFRFMS::LEIDINGERMon Dec 21 1992TTY as Console on a DECstation (ULTRIX) (again)
1858.04BTOVT::ISBOYDENMon Dec 21 1992VCS Pseudoterminals on serviced nodes?
1859.013BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Dec 23 1992C3 crashes when doing a SET HOST
1860.01--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 28 1992CONNECT PROBLEMS
1861.03CSC32::M_HANSONMon Dec 28 1992Seeking policy on EVENTs / SCAN tables for new hardware
1862.04CX3PT2::ANASAZ::J_BECKERWed Dec 30 1992VCS fails to see a tab character in the event stream
1863.01HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGWed Dec 30 1992Remote display for V1.3
1864.03EEMELI::PAKKANENMon Jan 04 1993%PATCH-W-DIFVAL when pathcing VCS$C3.EXE
1865.04HKOVC::TERENCEWed Jan 06 1993Which patch to apply?
1866.02SUBWAY::REGANWed Jan 06 1993Sale pending, help needed...
1867.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Jan 06 1993Licenses (how many) & what about backup?
1868.01MDKCSW::EAGLEThu Jan 07 1993VCS config on two network questions??
1869.01RAISSA::ESPOSITOThu Jan 07 1993is it possible?
1870.04TRCOA::AHMEDThu Jan 07 1993one system two consoles?
1871.03BTOVT::GAGNONDFri Jan 08 1993C3 toooooo BiiiiiG
1872.01SNAX::VIRGONAFri Jan 08 1993Can you disable disk warning?
1873.06HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGMon Jan 11 1993Node disabled in Connect?
1874.011BTOVT::GAGNONDTue Jan 12 1993Failed to set up user terminal.
1875.02SNAX::VIRGONAWed Jan 13 1993Current VCS switch (17-
1876.03PRIMES::BLASINGAMEWed Jan 13 1993Second head (MEDUSA) for VCS?
1877.02KETJE::STEUKERSThu Jan 14 1993One or two sets of VCS licenses?
1878.04LASCPM::PALASEThu Jan 14 1993vcs mem requirements
1880.01RAISSA::ESPOSITOThu Jan 14 1993always disabled
1881.01HANNAH::B_COBBFri Jan 15 1993Break and line questions
1882.03TROOA::WILLMSFri Jan 15 1993VS not getting LOGIN Prompt with VCS
1883.0VNABRW::SPITTERSBERGMon Jan 18 1993VCS-Cable-Kit Partnumber?
1884.05CX3PT2::ANASAZ::J_BECKERMon Jan 18 1993vcs review/event=context fails to get the context
1885.02TRCOA::NAHMMon Jan 18 1993VCS on Sun workstation?
1886.01SHIPS::GREEN_GThu Jan 21 1993VCS REVIEW query
1887.02SNAX::VIRGONAThu Jan 21 1993What methods of verifying connectivity is used out there?
1888.01SNAX::VIRGONAThu Jan 21 1993Node failover methods
1889.02MPGS::BKENDALLFri Jan 22 1993Problem with input to system through VCS
1890.06KERNEL::EVERESTAMon Jan 25 1993'Icon Update setting' not saved in vcs$configuration.dat
1891.022WELCLU::CLIFTONTue Jan 26 1993Break Problems again..
1892.012CHOOKE::SYSTEMTue Jan 26 1993VAX7
1893.01COMICS::ROOMEWed Jan 27 1993MONITOR console output from IBM 3
1894.01TRCOA::AHMEDWed Jan 27 1993More than 34 custom events defines?
1895.01WIZZER::VWed Jan 27 1993Bad Parameter Value in C3
1896.09SMEGHD::WOODLWed Jan 27 1993Extra characters in ENS routine
1897.01COMICS::WOODThu Jan 28 1993VCS causing DECterm controller to fail
1898.03TOOK::MCPHERSONMon Feb 01 1993Problem with ENS Window verbosity for Action routines.
1899.02MUNICH::REINTue Feb 02 1993VCS CONNECT - no immediate echo
1900.03ARRODS::SYSTEMTue Feb 02 1993Console on Vaxstation 35
1901.02KERNEL::EVERESTATue Feb 02 1993Dual C3 not updating on X-terminals
1902.01BIRMVX::TURRELLTue Feb 02 1993Power failure notification
1903.01OSOMIA::MAEDAWed Feb 03 1993Q.> Fail over for VCS
1904.03COLES2::SCHROEDERWed Feb 03 1993Additional Icons and Scan profiles
1905.01LEMAN::GABLERWed Feb 03 1993Problem connection a VS31
1906.02TKTV2Thu Feb 04 1993sample DCLs (lineup/boot)
1907.03HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGFri Feb 05 1993Inforserver and MDS
1908.02OSLAGE::AGE_PFri Feb 05 1993Alpha AXP Icons wanted !
1909.06MUDIS3::SMUELLERFri Feb 05 1993Another VCS$ENS accvio
1910.01EBYGUM::PEAKESMon Feb 08 1993dynamic memory exhausted errors
1911.08CX3PT2::ANASAZ::J_BECKERMon Feb 08 1993node stops scanning for events
1912.03BTOVT::GAGNONDTue Feb 09 1993Matching long text strings and ENS
1913.02HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGTue Feb 09 1993Event color?
1914.01BALZAC::PETITWed Feb 10 1993ENS questions / problem
1915.04KERNEL::JUDDWed Feb 10 1993ENS generates an invalid command file
1916.010MFRFMS::RINGThu Feb 11 1993VCS Concurrent Use Licence
1917.01LTLKNG::ZIGLERThu Feb 11 1993Prime/LAT/VCS - Help!
1918.0SHAWB2::LUCASGFri Feb 12 1993events logged but icons not changing colour
1919.0HOBBLE::WURZBERGERFri Feb 12 1993Define stable VCS environment.
1920.0VCSESU::LIZOTTEFri Feb 12 1993Console Data rate when IODL becomes active?
1921.03TUNEIT::MAURERMon Feb 15 1993A/B VCS cable part number?
1922.01KERNEL::HANNANSWed Feb 17 1993VCS$SAMPLE.COM ????
1923.09TKTVFS::SHINOSAKIThu Feb 18 1993When, VCS for VMS 6.
1924.01CSC32::C_LEEThu Feb 18 1993What if the Console Port is not connected ??
1925.01CGOOA::DOLMANThu Feb 18 1993Problem with pseudo-terminal program
1926.06MOSPRT::T_MCCARTHYFri Feb 19 1993LOG_BAD file not closed?
1927.01CGOOA::KLIPPENSTEINTue Feb 23 1993RS232 Line Surveillance ?
1928.03CGOOA::KLIPPENSTEINWed Feb 24 1993re: note 1927.1
1929.02UTRTSC::DORLANDThu Feb 25 1993No ENS window when logged in as user
1930.01LASCPM::PALASEThu Feb 25 1993Control of Working Set size
1931.06DARGLE::COUGHLANMon Mar 01 1993MVAX 31
1932.03MITCH::MITCHELLMon Mar 01 1993 Need help for a customer
1933.0HYEND::LHORNMon Mar 01 1993Console Manager V1.1 - Phase
1934.05HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGWed Mar 03 1993DECserver specification? Urgent!
1935.0BTOVT::GAGNONDWed Mar 03 1993Fatal VAXTPU internal error
1936.06HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGThu Mar 04 1993VCS coor?
1937.08HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGThu Mar 04 1993Monitoring?
1938.01DARGLE::COUGHLANThu Mar 04 19938
1939.0VINO::DBIGELOWThu Mar 04 1993VCS sizing report available
1940.03KITUThu Mar 04 1993Restart ENS Display
1941.02HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGFri Mar 05 1993Icons missing?
1942.05LISVAX::MIRANDAFri Mar 05 1993VCS$ACCESS_DWT aplication and Motif
1943.05HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGMon Mar 08 1993event and alarm?
1944.06CX3PT2::ANASAZ::J_BECKERTue Mar 09 1993LINERR appears to disable icon color changes
1945.05HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGWed Mar 10 1993No CUSTOMIZE menu in ENS window V1.3?
1946.0258633::IOSSIFIDISWed Mar 10 1993HSCs AND LICENSES
1947.05TPOVC::HCLINThu Mar 11 1993Any other devices ---> Hosts ?
1949.02COLES2::SCHROEDERThu Mar 11 1993Idle C3 crashes intermittently
1950.019BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Mar 12 1993insvirmem
1951.03DARGLE::COUGHLANFri Mar 12 1993remove event from remote display
1952.06HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGMon Mar 15 1993VS4
1953.01HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGTue Mar 16 1993THe halt button?
1954.03TAVTue Mar 16 1993Overlapping text in WINDOW1 (again)
1955.02KERNEL::EVERESTATue Mar 16 1993Support for Modem connections?
1956.0HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGThu Mar 18 1993Motif Patch?
1957.01LEMAN::GABLERFri Mar 19 1993BATCHNOOPR with OPA
1958.05SHAWB2::LUCASGFri Mar 19 1993Dismissed events updated on remote displays ?
1959.02HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGSat Mar 20 1993Problems on V1.4 Motif based VCS machine?
1960.01SNO78A::LAUTERMon Mar 22 1993VCS and UNISYS
1961.05PILCH::HELMUTMon Mar 22 1993
1962.01HGOVA::ALEXLUIWed Mar 24 1993VCS shutdown via standby node
1963.03FLYWAY::WALKERNFri Mar 26 1993Time shown in VCS MONITOR display... after patch
1964.05TKTVFS::SHINOSAKIWed Mar 31 1993ENS shows sys$_accvio...
1965.01EVOSY3::BELLALThu Apr 01 1993
1966.01ELMAGO::LVALDEZThu Apr 01 1993vcs review
1967.02SHAWB1::LUCASGFri Apr 02 1993decw$terminalshr.exe patch needed on 5.5-2 ?
1968.01BACHUS::VANDENBERGHETue Apr 06 1993Multivendor supporte Console ?
1969.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Apr 06 1993monitor disable/enable node and old messages problem
1970.0CSC32::E_VAETHTue Apr 06 1993unwanted escape sequences in message when viewed through vcs
1971.01SNO78A::LAUTERThu Apr 08 1993VCS Messaging performance specs.
1972.04IJSAPL::PEURSUMThu Apr 08 1993VCS LINERR event doesn't show information in ENS
1973.03MMODNS::TNKVS3::DBROWNThu Apr 08 1993Failover and LAT Reconnect Problem...
1974.010SNAX::BURKEThu Apr 08 1993OPCOM tape requests
1975.02STOHUB::DSCGLF::FARLOWFri Apr 09 1993VCS vs POLYCENTER Console Manager
1976.05DNEAST::CAHALL_KATHIMon Apr 12 1993Lost Connections
1977.0AZTECH::SCHROEDERMon Apr 12 1993FT61
1978.0CX3PT2::ANASAZ::J_BECKERMon Apr 12 1993VCS CONNECT from C3 returns NOSUCHDEV errors
1979.01BALZAC::PETITTue Apr 13 1993%VCS-E-FLSETTERM (again)
1980.08COLES2::SCHROEDERTue Apr 13 1993VCS not Inspect complaint!!!
1981.02SHAWB1::LUCASGTue Apr 13 1993Internal logic error, icon 36 does not exist
1982.02SHAWB1::LUCASGThu Apr 15 1993LICENSE-F-EXCEEDED when enough units are available
1983.01ROWDY::PAINTERThu Apr 15 1993VCS integration to electronic pagers
1984.02BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Apr 20 1993VCS 1.3 patch for VCS$IFEX compute bound problem.
1985.08COLES2::SCHROEDERTue Apr 20 1993Customizing window1 once more
1986.01MERIDN::BUCKLEYTue Apr 20 1993decterm timeout on connect and cscpat_1
1987.01TROOA::LFUNGTue Apr 20 1993VCS for RS6
1988.04CSC32::N_SCHENKTue Apr 20 1993FTADISCON
1989.010DARGLE::COUGHLANWed Apr 21 1993Command procedure to reboot system
1990.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Apr 22 1993two loginboxes when restarting DECwindows
1991.01HOBBLE::WURZBERGERThu Apr 22 1993VCS 1.4 & system resources
1992.014NEWOA::SCOTTFri Apr 23 1993OSF/ALPHA Scan Profile
1993.04KERNEL::PARKERDAFri Apr 23 1993C3 Process Termination
1994.01TMAKXO::RMUMFORDFri Apr 23 1993VCS1.4 and VMS5.5-2 and Motif 1.1?
1995.01HTSC19::ANDYNGTue Apr 27 1993how to control the display of console message !
1996.03KERNEL::PARKERDATue Apr 27 1993VCS C3 Motif 'Close' crash
1997.01HOBBLE::WURZBERGERTue Apr 27 1993ENS & TCP/IP mail.
1998.0LASCPM::PALASETue Apr 27 1993performance spec???
1999.03JULIET::JOSEPH_BOTue Apr 27 1993How to save SETU
2000.01MQOSWS::S_CHARBONNEAWed Apr 28 1993RSM-E-DNF Directory not found
2001.03TRCOA::BBUTLERFri Apr 30 1993Simple question about failover and Fileview window
2002.01CSC32::C_TOWNSENDMon May 03 1993Two_color machine icons
2003.04HTSC19::SIMONLAUTue May 04 1993V1.4 edit/re config not saved !?
2004.06BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue May 04 1993FULLSPWD problem
2005.03BLKPUD::TAYLORJTue May 04 1993VCS 1.4 + CSCPAT_1
2006.04HAEXLI::PMAIERWed May 05 19934
2007.01KERNEL::BROWNLOWHWed May 05 1993XYPLEX Terminal Severs and VCS?
2008.01SMAC1Thu May 06 1993C3 process on rem workstations when running Motif ?
2009.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu May 06 1993connecting to HSC gave garbage for about 15 min
2010.01HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGFri May 07 1993Questions on SCAN profiles and DECW$XDEFAULTS file?
2011.05ZURFri May 07 1993VCS$ENS_
2012.01ARRODS::SYSTEMTue May 11 1993ENS on Motif on DECstation
2013.03ISIDRO::DELGADOTue May 11 1993V1.4/C3 DESAPPEAR
2014.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed May 12 1993is it already there or wishlist
2015.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed May 12 1993colour problem
2016.02ELWOOD::GLATFELTERWed May 12 1993ENS problem
2017.01ZPOVC::KUMTONGWed May 12 1993Can VCS 1.2 work with VMS 5.5-2 systems ?
2018.06BUFORD::PFOHLWed May 12 1993No VCS symbol or logical defined after V1.4 inst.
2019.01TRCOA::BBUTLERMon May 17 1993Failed to setup user terminal & two other problems
2020.01COMICS::WOODWed May 19 1993DECwindows server aborts with INSVIRMEM after 1week
2021.01TRCOA::BBUTLERWed May 19 1993OPA
2022.01IJSAPL::PEURSUMTue May 25 1993Some ENS questions (VCS V1.4)
2023.02SWAM2::PALASE_FRWed May 26 1993Performance study on VCS
2024.03ULYSSE::WEISSBECKFri May 28 1993New DECserver with only two ports?
2025.0AUSSIE::LISTERMon May 31 1993Profiles for Alpha's???
2026.02MQOSWS::S_CHARBONNEAMon May 31 1993problem with VCS in startup file
2027.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Jun 01 1993VCS and DECnet OSI compatible ?
2028.01TRCOA::BBUTLERTue Jun 01 1993VCS remote display...Failed to Setup User Terminal
2029.02AUSSIE::LISTERWed Jun 02 1993ENS to 2 windows/workstations ???
2030.01AUSSIE::LISTERThu Jun 03 1993VCS$ENS EXQUOTA problem
2031.03KERNEL::BROWNLOWHThu Jun 03 1993
2032.02CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERThu Jun 03 1993SCANNER loops, ens and elog output log files filled the disk
2033.02AUSSIE::LISTERWed Jun 09 1993Padlock not being saved
2034.02EVOSY3::BELLALFri Jun 11 1993%VCS-W-INVSYS
2036.01YUPPY::BRIDLEGFri Jun 11 1993Trapping text betwen 2 events ?
2037.02UTROP1::SCHUURMANS_MMon Jun 14 1993SENTRY CTM/VCS differences: URGENT NEED
2038.01IOOSRV::TYPHAIRMon Jun 14 1993Input needed...C3/Performance/impact?
2039.0UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MThu Jun 17 1993Any APPLE servers connected to VCS.
2040.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Jun 18 1993Error in spawn processing
2041.01YUPPY::BRIDLEGMon Jun 21 1993Handling Quotes in Text string
2042.04PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGTue Jun 22 1993Icon color won't change
2043.04ATHINA::RALLISTue Jun 22 1993Does VCS work over modem-DECrouter-Leased lines?
2044.03VCSESU::LIZOTTEWed Jun 23 1993Logical Name Table Full?
2045.0MOSPRT::T_MCCARTHYWed Jun 23 1993Line Initialization -- What order does IODL process nodes?
2046.013VIRTUE::ROYThu Jun 24 1993LIB-F-BADBLOSIZ via connect
2047.06IJSAPL::PEURSUMMon Jun 28 1993How to 'nicely' restart ENS and all ENS processes?
2048.0COLES2::SCHROEDERMon Jun 28 1993Scan profile for FTVAX
2049.02IJSAPL::PEURSUMWed Jun 30 1993How does VCS monitor its own console ?
2050.06BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Jul 01 1993Scanner access violates
2051.05KERNEL::HANNANSThu Jul 01 1993VCS-F-DATLOSS, Iodl process dies
2052.04KERNEL::PARKERDAThu Jul 01 1993VCS Multiplexed support?
2053.07IJSAPL::PEURSUMFri Jul 02 1993DS9
2054.01GMTNET::SYSTEMFri Jul 02 1993Back to back terminal servers and Reverse LAT ?
2055.0ZOLA::AHACHEFri Jul 02 1993VCS in manufacturing env - multi units
2056.03CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERMon Jul 05 1993ens action command file receives context date centuries in the future
2057.018AUSSIE::LISTERTue Jul 06 1993VMS V6.
2058.02HRDBAL::MJONESThu Jul 08 1993ring buffer overflow in vcs$ens and vcs$elog output files
2059.0CSC32::DE_SMITHThu Jul 08 1993Scanner fails to see string at certain columns
2060.02LARVAE::GREEN_GFri Jul 09 1993Status Code 12DB821C in ENS
2061.02HGOVC::HANRIKYEUNGSat Jul 10 1993Help, insufficient SPTEs available???
2062.05BLKPUD::SHAWKMon Jul 12 1993Firing Up ENS window using eXcurision
2063.01ESSB::JNOLANMon Jul 12 1993Logical terminal, VCS$FTA2FTA
2064.04KETJE::STEUKERSThu Jul 15 1993Why are VCS$ENS_XXXX.COM files created with (R,R,R,) protection
2065.01BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Jul 20 1993RMS-F-WER, file write error and IODL dies.
2066.04BLKPUD::SHAWKTue Jul 20 1993Firing up C3 window on a VXT terminal.
2067.05BLKPUD::SHAWKWed Jul 21 1993Length of event text in ENS window.
2068.02GMTNET::SYSTEMFri Jul 23 1993Reverse-Telnet/Lat for VCS Client ?
2069.07HTSC19::KENNETHWed Jul 28 1993icon color not change when the event happen
2070.02SHAWB2::HUTCHINSONCWed Jul 28 1993ACCVIO from VCS edit config
2071.03TKTVFS::SHINOSAKIFri Jul 30 1993Doc. location?
2072.01ROMPY::SYSTEMWed Aug 04 1993License question...
2073.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Aug 09 1993quotes not seen in ENS EDIT>
2074.01CSC32::M_HANSONMon Aug 09 1993IODL dies with RMS-F-DEADLOCK
2075.03SALEBT::HEARNSTue Aug 10 1993VCS user input SLOW....Very SLOW
2076.03BRSDVP::WILLEMSGWed Aug 11 1993SCHEDULER,VCS,DCM(or PSW) integration problem
2077.06SHIPS::DAVIES_DThu Aug 12 1993Print Actions
2078.01IJSAPL::PEURSUMFri Aug 13 1993Corrupted ENS event record when no DEST=.. specifi
2079.0SALEM::ARNOLDFri Aug 13 1993VCS 1.3 and VMS 5-52 Patches
2080.0UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MMon Aug 16 1993Timestamp in VCS$*_OUTPUT.LOG !?
2081.01IJSAPL::PEURSUMThu Aug 19 1993Commandfile to create script from ENS database
2082.04COPCLU::SORENMon Aug 23 1993System reboot when DS2
2083.03ROCHE::EAGLETue Aug 24 1993Customer reference for using C3 on PC w/Excursion
2084.0CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERTue Aug 24 1993VCS RECORD skips lines or prints them out of order
2085.0BIGUN::WULFFThu Aug 26 1993VCS Monitoring of AMDAHL running MVS.
2086.0OPG::PHILIPFri Aug 27 1993POLYCENTER Console Manager V1.1 FT
2087.0MPGS::QUISTGFri Aug 27 1993how to setup vaxft81
2088.01SIOG::M_CONNOLLYMon Aug 30 199336
2089.01ANNAP::JFLUHRWed Sep 01 1993IN SEARCH OF A Y CABLE ??
2090.010MUNICH::REINThu Sep 02 1993Too many command parameters (229416)
2091.01LYOISA::HAMELFri Sep 03 1993VCS and IBM mainframes
2092.01MUNICH::REINFri Sep 03 1993"Too many parameters" in VCS$ens
2093.01IJSAPL::PEURSUMMon Sep 06 1993Help with ENS /INTERVAL wanted
2094.07OPG::SIMONTue Sep 07 1993How important is Remote Halt Capability.
2095.01NPSS::BRANAMTue Sep 07 1993ENS not using defined nodename when displaying to local workstation
2096.02FSSB::SUNDINTue Sep 07 1993HP9
2097.0CHOVAX::SUITEWed Sep 08 1993FTA to FTA Sample in fortran Needed
2098.06ESSB::BREEThu Sep 09 1993Voice product with VCS?
2099.03AUSSIE::LISTERFri Sep 10 1993break problems, Decterm problems
2100.03AUSSIE::LISTERMon Sep 13 1993thanks
2101.0COMICS::RUSSOMon Sep 13 1993CSCPAT_1
2102.04POBOX::WOODJMon Sep 13 1993How to highlight peripheral icons
2103.012USHSWed Sep 15 1993hsj4
2104.04SHAWB1::LUCASGWed Sep 15 1993Messages don't scroll in ENS window
2105.01IJSAPL::PEURSUMThu Sep 16 1993ENS WINDOW1 displays hexadecimal priority code
2106.01NEWOA::PAVITT_AFri Sep 17 1993%VCS-E-FLSETERM, Failed to setup user terminal
2107.04BELLS::SYSTEMMon Sep 20 1993Repeated VCS IODL ACCVIOs on V6 system
2108.03SHAWB1::HUTCHINSONCMon Sep 20 1993VCS halt of VAXstation 4
2109.0HOBBLE::WURZBERGERTue Sep 21 1993C3 display on SunOS workstation.
2110.0LTLKNG::ZIGLERTue Sep 21 1993Network Bandwidth - Help!
2111.01HTSC19::KENNETHThu Sep 23 1993Can we delete the VCS$SPAWN_ERR
2112.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Sep 23 1993sometimes P1 contains wrong information
2113.0AXEL::FOLEYMon Sep 27 1993Updated kit announcements?
2114.01KERNEL::HANNANSThu Oct 07 1993X_IO_ERR, over WAN.
2115.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Oct 07 1993DS9
2116.01MUNICH::REINTue Oct 12 1993License problem after upgrade to 1.4
2117.04IJSAPL::PEURSUMTue Oct 12 1993HSJ4
2118.02UTRTSC::DOCTERWed Oct 13 1993reverse question marks in event window
2119.03WELCLU::CLIFTONWed Oct 13 1993Connecting AS4
2120.02OTOUWed Oct 13 1993Loosing Event and C3 display...
2121.01LYOISA::RIVARDThu Oct 14 1993License checking in VCS 1.4
2122.01KERNEL::ROOMEMFri Oct 15 1993ENS status value evaluation from ACTION routines
2123.0COLES1::WERNERWed Oct 20 1993OFFLINE event
2124.01MLNORO::CAROSIFri Oct 22 1993HP/IBM Connection ?
2125.0COLES1::WERNERMon Oct 25 1993Urgent - OFFLINE Problem !
2126.06ROMTSS::MATTIANGELIFri Oct 29 1993Event line not complete
2127.0HTSC19::KENNETHMon Nov 01 1993Console busy, icon color change will be delayed
2128.03BLKPUD::SHAWKMon Nov 01 1993problem starting C3
2129.04HAEXLI::PMAIERWed Nov 03 1993VCS and VMS 6.
2130.03KERNEL::HANNANSThu Nov 04 1993C3 Default Colour?..
2131.02HTSC19::KENNETHTue Nov 09 1993VCS reconfigure, MISSIGNON message display
2132.04KERNEL::ROOMEMWed Nov 10 1993C3, IODL SYNCHINITWAIT on local node
2133.07OPG::PHILIPThu Nov 11 1993Console Manager V1.1 IFT
2134.01SMAC1Mon Nov 15 1993Lock the C3 window from modification
2135.01CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERMon Nov 15 1993monitor changes data to upcase on a 7
2136.01IJSAPL::PEURSUMTue Nov 16 1993HSC65 ScanProfile and TA91 icon wanted
2137.01FILTON::MITCHELLTue Nov 16 1993HSJ4
2138.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Nov 16 1993VCS,CXY
2139.01FAILTE::HUTCHESONTWed Nov 17 1993VCS over routed network?
2140.03HOBBLE::MAUROWed Nov 17 1993VCS event notification to user program
2141.010DELSWed Nov 17 1993VCS upgrade from 8 to 16 consoles!!!
2142.04SHAWB1::HUTCHINSONCThu Nov 18 1993multiple hosts and vcs config files
2143.02RT93::MURDOCKThu Nov 18 1993Security Documentation ? Resource ?
2144.01RT93::MURDOCKFri Nov 19 1993Current Product manager ?
2145.01KERNEL::JUDDMon Nov 22 1993C3 process looping again !
2146.04SHIPS::ABBOTT_KWed Nov 24 1993Has Local/VCS cable been deleted?
2147.01OTOUFri Nov 26 1993TCP as transport...
2148.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Nov 29 1993VCS/MOTIF startup problem
2149.04GIDDAY::TANTue Nov 30 1993Cannot re-connect once 9
2150.05KETJE::STEUKERSFri Dec 03 19931 OPCOM message, two strings to scan generating one event.
2151.01KETJE::STEUKERSFri Dec 03 1993No VCSENS action notification wanted
2152.06COLMon Dec 06 1993Migration VCS POLYCENTER Console Manager?
2153.01SHAWB1::HUTCHINSONCMon Dec 06 1993VCS support
2154.015SNAX::PATELTue Dec 07 1993VCS for Jensens
2155.01CGOOA::DOLMANTue Dec 07 1993ENS WINDOW fails to show event from FTA node
2156.03KETJE::STAESTue Dec 07 1993PROTOCOL converters to hook up non-RS232 lines?
2157.07KERNEL::BULLOCKKTue Dec 07 1993V6.
2158.02NEWOA::HATTWed Dec 08 1993ENS destination problem
2159.04KAOAThu Dec 09 1993Overloaded VCS system causes Cluster crash
2160.01HTSC19::TONYLIUFri Dec 10 1993New icon available
2161.011HTSC19::KENNETHFri Dec 10 1993icon color change only when set up to higher priority
2162.05VIVIAN::G_COOMBERMon Dec 13 1993Any clues.....????
2163.02LEMAN::CECCATOMon Dec 13 1993VS4
2164.02SIOG::PKIRKTue Dec 14 1993VCS on AXP When????
2165.02DATCHA::RAOULTTue Dec 14 1993%system-f-opdec or %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO with eXcursion 1.1
2166.04SHAWB1::HUTCHINSONCWed Dec 15 1993VCS shutdown crashes monitored machine
2167.03BLKPUD::SHAWKThu Dec 16 1993%XLIB-F-IOERROR, xlib io error
2168.03ISIDRO::JCUENCAMon Dec 20 1993Action routine terminated Abnormally
2169.02EWBVThu Dec 23 1993accvio on connect interface
2170.02KERNEL::ROOMEMTue Jan 04 1994BadAlloc, BadPixmap, BadDrawable, VXT2
2171.0OPG::PHILIPThu Jan 06 1994VCS Future
2172.0HACMAN::HACKThu Jan 06 1994VCS support for DECnet/OSI (Wave 3)?
2173.02KERNEL::ERLAMJMon Jan 10 1994ACCVIO in IODL with VCS 1.4
2174.0MLNORO::CAROSIMon Jan 10 1994VCS Conf File for HP, IBM, ... Systems
2175.01LILTue Jan 11 1994VCS client over TCPIP WAN ... one more
2176.09OTOUWed Jan 12 1994Restricting CONNECT and BREAK by User-ID
2177.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICThu Jan 13 1994reverse question marks in event window again
2178.01FLYWAY::WALKERNTue Jan 18 1994Halting and alpha 35
2179.02WOTVAX::MELLINGAFri Jan 21 1994HSJ4
2180.0DV78Fri Jan 21 1994C3 default colors vs. user SM colors
2181.01DV78Fri Jan 21 1994Where are scan profiles saved?
2182.02RCOCER::MICKOLWed Jan 26 1994Polling 3rd Party Systems?
2183.05HLSMFri Jan 28 1994LAT connection security
2184.02MUTTON::LAMBMon Jan 31 1994VCS Consolidated Log
2185.03LUXTue Feb 01 1994HP and VCS ok ?
2186.01CSOA1::ALLSHOUSEMon Feb 07 1994SCANNER Process Dying
2187.03DELSTue Feb 08 1994OPA
2188.02TKTVFS::SHINOSAKIThu Feb 10 1994life of vcs?
2189.01MUNICH::REINThu Feb 10 1994C3 window crash on VXT2
2190.01CX3PT1::ANASAZ::J_BECKERThu Feb 10 1994maximum peripherals
2191.01CX3PT2::ANASAZ::J_BECKERMon Feb 21 1994VMS V6 messages have changed - new scan file included
2192.06BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Feb 23 1994event triggering not always done
2193.010CGOOA::RATHNOWFri Feb 25 1994Is 96
2194.01CESARE::ERMACORAMon Feb 28 1994HP mania
2195.02NEWOA::PAVITT_AMon Feb 28 1994%SYSTEM-F-ABORT, abort
2196.011VIVIAN::J_GILBERTMon Mar 07 1994help with displaying VCS windows on a PC
2197.0CALDEC::GOETZEMon Mar 07 1994System Icon Resource--the Digital ArtLibrary
2198.0NPSS::WADETue Mar 08 1994Scan profile for the GIGAswitch?
2199.01KERNEL::EVERESTATue Mar 08 1994License and Permanently disabled messages
2201.01PATTY::TOOLSThu Mar 10 1994dcint 1.1 or higher
2202.01ZENDIA::DBIGELOWTue Mar 15 1994DECserver 9
2203.02KAOFS::L_PELLANDTue Mar 15 1994Problem to restart VCS after a VCS shutdown.
2204.01KERNEL::TITCOMBERMon Mar 21 1994Remote mono workstation event window customisation
2205.0MUNICH::REINMon Mar 21 1994VMS V6 and 2 login boxes after restart
2206.03AYOV25::PJURGENFri Mar 25 1994NO LOG FILES FOUND?
2207.01CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERTue Mar 29 1994ens WINDOW fails with %SYSTEM-F-INTDIV
2208.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Mar 29 1994Re-visiting VCS on an Alpha
2209.02CSC32::S_LEDOUXThu Mar 31 1994Anybody seen IODL go away with ILLIOFUNC ?
2210.01OTOUMon Apr 04 1994Review and selective search??
2211.01MUNICH::REINWed Apr 06 1994VCS License question
2212.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Apr 07 1994VCS ENS loops-->RMS-S-NORMAL
2213.0CX3PT1::ANASAZ::J_BECKERMon Apr 11 1994VCS COORD returns SYSTEM-F-OPCDEC on a PC
2214.01AXEL::FOLEYMon Apr 11 1994%TPU-E-ARGMISMATCH, error
2215.0DIODE::CROWELLTue Apr 12 1994VCS for VGA/RGB consoles?
2216.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Apr 13 1994VCS-->PSW loop problem
2217.02KERNEL::BINGHAMKWed Apr 13 1994OPCOM per node needed plse
2218.05FLYWAY::WALKERNThu Apr 14 1994Console connection possibilities?
2219.015BACHUS::WILLEMSTue Apr 19 1994Problem with permanent mailbox in user written action routine
2220.02ROCHE::EAGLEThu Apr 21 1994Need screen shots for proposal. Anyone?
2221.01VIVIAN::J_MORRISFri Apr 22 1994vcs$ens_window to a pc
2222.08SWAM2::DOURAGHI_IRFri Apr 22 1994VCS console doesn't display WINDOW1
2223.01TAVSun Apr 24 1994vcs reboot 761
2224.04HLFSTue Apr 26 1994Break problem to alpha 35
2225.05ROMTue Apr 26 1994VCS & PC via eXcursion?
2226.02ROMThu Apr 28 1994multiple ENS window on multiple display
2227.0WARNUT::63631::YATESTue May 03 1994Icon Repository ???
2228.02TROUWed May 04 1994Watchdog, console interface for VCS monitoring
2229.01UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERMon May 09 1994Interpretation of VCS$ERROR_LOG
2230.02--UnknownUser--Tue May 10 1994HSJ to VCS
2231.01HERON::TIMMERMANSTue May 17 1994VCS Internal events.
2232.02NEWOA::HATTWed May 18 1994%VCS-W-C3DPYNOF - deleted display causing problems
2233.02TNKSYS::RMUMFORDMon May 23 1994VCS 1.4 and VMS 6.1 ???
2234.02LOOKIN::BARHAMFri May 27 1994ENSBACKGROUND colour customisation under 1.4 ?
2236.01GIDDAY::OMELEYMon May 30 1994VCS V1.4 & VMS 6.. slow character echo-ing
2237.01LATINA::MAJOSEMon May 30 1994!!! VWS AND VCS !!!
2238.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICTue Jun 14 1994nodes permanently disabled again!
2239.01BRUMMY::LOXTONThu Jun 16 1994vcs connect via osigate
2240.04CHEFS::HANSONNFri Jun 17 1994HSC/HSJ recognition ?
2241.0MINNY::JOERGENSENMon Jun 20 1994VCS and SUN Solaris
2242.011KERNEL::HAWLEYITue Jun 21 1994Polycenter watchdog interfacing
2243.03MUNICH::REINWed Jun 22 1994VCS-W-MONOCHROME???
2244.01VNABRW::KARTNER_MWed Jul 13 1994Troubles after moving consoles to DECserver
2246.02NEPHI::COARThu Jul 28 1994ENS WINDOW to alternate screen
2247.08UTRTSC::DORLANDFri Jul 29 1994Weird behaviour with ENS windows (V1.4)
2248.05HLSMFri Jul 29 1994VCS$CFG_DW_MAIN.UID
2249.03NATA::TESTATue Aug 02 1994Scan profile UPDATING ???
2250.04MUNICH::KASERMon Aug 08 1994VAX9
2251.01ELWOOD::GLATFELTERTue Aug 09 1994MONITOR screen problem
2252.01MSBCS::FRAZIER_JTue Aug 09 1994Documentation anyone???
2253.01COMICS::JUDDFri Aug 19 1994DECserver 9
2254.03KAOFS::J_VORSTANDMon Aug 22 1994Config related Inquiry
2255.02ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANFri Aug 26 1994VCS run at 6.1 ?
2256.01DWNGRD::OLSONMon Aug 29 1994Need to increase maximum allowed system definitions.
2257.03UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RThu Sep 01 1994VCS questions
2258.05KERNEL::NICHOLSONAMon Sep 12 1994cscpat_1
2259.02SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUTue Sep 13 1994VCS/ENS Events display to a PC with eXcursion and/or Xterminals?
2260.0LATINA::MERCEDESTue Sep 13 19947xxx SCAN profile again?
2261.01DELDPN::A_SANTANATue Sep 13 1994IODL died with Data loss in pipe
2262.01LATINA::ARANCHAWed Sep 14 1994scan profile for 761
2263.0CSC32::BUTTERWORTHTue Sep 20 1994This notes contains 7
2264.07BSS::JSALEThu Sep 22 1994Disk Full Delete Percentage
2265.01NEPHI::COARTue Sep 27 1994Maintaining multiple configuration files (identical scans, events)
2266.05MUNICH::REINTue Oct 11 1994Vcs$ens is dying
2267.02COMICS::JUDDTue Oct 18 1994BREAK Generated by powering off a DECserver 7
2268.01CSC32::C_TOWNSENDFri Oct 28 1994Sable Connections and ARC Menu
2269.01DPDMAI::TURNERGThu Nov 03 1994VAXcluster console and Regular console question
2270.02GLDOA::CUTLERMon Nov 14 1994VCS Console on X-Window Terminal
2271.05MSE1::PCOTEMon Nov 14 1994User definable scan definitions ?
2272.04HGOVC::MICHAELWONGMon Nov 14 1994VAX/VCS working with Alpha OSF/1
2273.05MOSQUE::JOUVINThu Nov 17 1994Pb with VCS startup in SYSMAN
2274.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANWed Nov 23 1994Connect Problem XOFFED = 'yes' and Ownership.
2275.01GENIE::STOECKLIMon Nov 28 1994POLYCENTER Console Manager over the ethernet ?
2276.05COMICS::SYMONDSKMon Dec 05 1994Failed to setup user terminal & convert/icon
2277.01UTRTSC::WIJKAMPTue Dec 06 1994Failover gives .LOG_BAD file.
2278.0HANNAH::VOBATue Dec 06 1994Managing Xerox High-Speed Production Printers
2279.02LILThu Dec 08 1994ACCVIO in SHARE$VCS$ENSSHR+5B9
2280.0EWBVSun Dec 18 1994OPA
2282.01LUXThu Jan 19 1995Escape sequences problem with VCS CONNECT
2283.01LUXThu Jan 19 1995VCS CONVERT/ICON problem (DWTAPPL.UIL missing)
2284.01YUPPY::HOLLANDMWed Jan 25 1995ENS xlib fatal error on PC display
2285.01SWAM2::MILLER_VIThu Jan 26 1995Window close induced ^P halt?
2286.01MLNORO::PERIWed Feb 01 1995VCS$SCAN and VCS$IODL access violation
2287.01MARVA1::DISNEYWed Feb 22 1995VCS 1.4 supported on VAX OpenVMS 6.1
2288.09HLSMTue Feb 28 1995VCS Logicals.
2289.06TKTVFS::SHINOSAKIWed Mar 15 1995vcs1.4 on vms6.2?
2290.03DPDMAI::BROGDONWed Mar 15 1995export vcs display to pc?
2291.01MEOCSun Mar 19 1995Hardware manual for VCS?
2292.03COMICS::SYMONDSKWed Apr 05 1995CTRL/P from an OSF/1 box
2293.03COMICS::SYMONDSKThu Apr 13 1995VCS ENS to NT PC gives access violation, reason mask=!XB
2294.01RAISSA::RUSSO_CARThu Apr 20 1995Where is PCM ?
2295.03YOSSAM::SIMONThu May 04 1995Is it time to Write Lock this conference?
2296.01HGOSPS::TONYLIUThu May 11 1995Problems installing PCM V1.5
2297.01ROMEOS::RIFKIN_DAFri May 19 1995VCS V1.4 Vax/VMS Kit