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Conference ecadsr::hammer

Notice:See Note 94 for latest version
Created:Tue Mar 24 1987
Last Modified:Tue Feb 11 1992
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:109
Total number of notes:279
Number with bodies:0
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1.03--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 24 1987Welcome aboard.
2.0SHAMU::DIAZTue Mar 24 1987Problem Reporting
3.0REGENT::SIMONEThu Apr 02 1987Minor graphics bug(s)
4.0SHAMU::DIAZThu Apr 02 1987RELEASE 1.
5.0SHAMU::DIAZThu Apr 02 1987write/view asks for group instead of view name!
6.0REGENT::SIMONEThu Apr 02 1987Future Enhancements (1)
7.0SHAMU::DIAZWed Apr 08 1987erase/signal for vectors (syntax)
8.0SHAMU::DIAZWed Apr 08 1987get command 'odometer' missing.
9.01SHAMU::HAMMERWed Apr 15 1987RELEASE 1.1 available
11.0SHAMU::DIAZFri Apr 17 1987Where is my display?
12.01SHAMU::HAMMERTue Apr 21 1987signal name truncated!!
13.0SHAMU::HAMMERTue Apr 21 1987floating point truncation!
14.039381::SMITHWed Apr 22 1987What _is_ HAMMER????
15.05713Tue Apr 28 1987New user comments
16.01713Tue Apr 28 1987Commands from DCL command line parameters?
17.0118583::ZAYASTue Apr 28 1987The SLANT Tool
18.0713Wed Apr 29 1987HAMMER hardcopy has inconsistent line widths
19.0945Tue May 05 1987good news - bad news
20.01SHAMU::HAMMERMon May 11 1987Version T1.2-
21.0713Wed May 13 1987User interface suggestions
22.0171Tue May 19 1987GET/SIGNAL for vectors
23.0SHAMU::HAMMERFri May 29 1987Version T1.2-
24.01ZEN::STROUBLEMon Jun 01 1987HAMMER wishlist
25.02SHAMU::HAMMERTue Jun 02 1987Version T1.2-
26.02SHAMU::DIAZTue Jun 02 1987VECTOR declaration
27.03SHAMU::HAMMERMon Jun 08 1987Version T1.2-
28.0SHAMU::DIAZThu Jun 11 1987T1.2-
29.0318584::TATOSIANThu Jun 11 1987How Do You Get the HEX In Here? ;^)
30.02JEREMY::MICHELWed Jun 17 1987HAMMER and hardcopy
31.0SHAMU::HAMMERWed Jun 17 1987Version T1.2-
32.0225717::SLATERMon Jun 22 1987if only it did...
33.0ECADSR::SHERMANThu Jun 25 19878-states in TIMEDIT?
34.01SHAMU::DIAZThu Jun 25 1987Version T1.2-
35.04CAMPER::LOMICKAJTue Jul 14 1987GET performance
36.01SHAMU::DIAZTue Jul 28 1987Version T1.2-
37.01ESASE::GLEESONFri Aug 14 1987Logic Analyser Input to HAMMER.
38.01CAMPER::LOMICKAJFri Aug 21 1987Spurious DCS in ReGis output
39.06ESASE::GLEESONWed Sep 16 1987Signal display in the same order as the trace.
40.05776::MOSERMon Oct 05 1987A new symbol for RF, problem with vectored signals
41.056326::LAHRFri Oct 16 1987Vectors, Multiple windows in Hammer?
42.05SHAMU::DIAZWed Oct 21 1987Version 1.2 available
43.0SHAMU::DIAZWed Oct 21 1987LN
44.018775::REICHELThu Oct 22 1987Help on HELP!
45.0ECADSR::SHERMANThu Oct 29 1987ECAD Reference Materials
46.0SHAMU::DIAZThu Nov 05 1987Autodly to VALID TV translator for use in Hammer
47.0SHAMU::DIAZThu Nov 12 1987VECTOR statement quirk
48.0SWATT::CHEWFri Nov 13 1987Another WAVEFORM DISPLAY tool
49.0541Fri Nov 20 1987Cryptic error message form CHECK/SAVE
50.0SWATT::CHEWMon Nov 23 1987WAVEFORM DISPLAY available
51.0SHAMU::DIAZTue Dec 01 1987Version T1.3-
52.0DONNIE::MOSERSat Dec 05 1987Easy wishlist item
53.037593::GOODSTEINWed Dec 09 1987MOVE command?
54.037593::CARNThu Dec 17 1987VT125/VSIIGPX PROBLEMS
55.0SHAMU::DIAZSun Dec 27 1987Version T1.3-
56.0118853::LESHAYMon Dec 28 1987Bug in new Hammer T1.3-
57.0SHAMU::DIAZWed Dec 30 1987Version T1.3-
58.01COOKIE::FONTANATue Jan 05 1988Signals Sorted Alphabetically?
59.01CAMPER::LOMICKAJThu Feb 18 1988Stack dump from wide trace files
60.014ASG3::STEWARTFri Feb 19 1988PLOT wishlist item
61.07CAMPER::LOMICKAJTue Feb 23 1988TRACE, yet another waveform tool
62.01HYDRA::HORGANWed Mar 02 1988Problem with SPEC??
63.0ECADSR::SHERMANFri Mar 04 1988AUTODLY pattern file read problem
64.0ECADSR::SHERMANTue Mar 15 1988DECPAT notes announcement
65.01SHAMU::HAMMERTue Mar 15 1988Version T1.3-
66.02ASG3::STEWARTFri Mar 18 1988Signal name length
67.0SHAMU::HAMMERThu Mar 31 1988Version T1.3-
68.02ECADSR::SHERMANWed Apr 06 1988Doesn't like quotes?
69.05NEIGH::LESHAYFri Apr 15 1988Plotting a scrolled window
70.0SHAMU::HAMMERMon Apr 25 1988Version T1.3-
72.01ASG3::STEWARTThu Apr 28 1988T1.3-
73.0SHAMU::DIAZFri Apr 29 1988Version T1.3-
74.03ASIC::PRASADThu May 05 1988Number of views??
75.02AWL::WOODSFri May 06 1988VECTORed signals not working on VT241
76.01ECADSR::SHERMANMon May 16 1988Reading funny AUTODLY states?
77.01SHAMU::HAMMERFri May 27 1988Version T1.3-
78.04COOKIE::FONTANATue Jun 07 1988B Size Plots
79.0SHAMU::HAMMERTue Jun 21 1988Version T1.3-
80.04HPSRAD::SAWINWed Jul 13 1988VECTORIZE, a TRACE preprocessor
81.01SHAMU::HAMMERSat Jul 23 1988Version T1.3-
82.053D::GALLOTTATue Aug 02 1988DINOTRACE: Waveform Display Tool
83.02SHAMU::DIAZThu Aug 25 1988Version T1.3-
84.03ASG3::STEWARTThu Sep 01 1988Ignoring VECTOR statement???
85.02IAGO::SCHOELLERFri Sep 16 1988Announcing SEDAN
86.01ASG3::STEWARTWed Sep 21 1988HAMMER and DECWindows
87.02278Thu Sep 22 1988Can * be legal in a signal name?
89.0ECAD2::LINAThu Oct 13 1988Conversion program for pattern formats
90.01SHAMU::HAMMERWed Nov 09 1988Version T1.3-
91.03ASG3::STEWARTFri Nov 11 1988PROFILE troubles or pilot error?
92.01ASG3::STEWARTFri Nov 11 1988REGIS plot messed up?
93.03ASG3::STEWARTMon Nov 14 1988ERASE/SIGNAL woes
94.04SHAMU::HAMMERTue Dec 20 1988Version T1.4-
95.02ESD19::MOSERThu Feb 02 1989more pages per plot??
96.03IOENG::GOODSTEINMon Feb 20 1989Include HAMMER plot in report
97.0115728::KIRKMANTue Mar 28 1989HAMMER ON A VT34
98.01ESD19::MOSERFri Mar 31 1989range/zoom enhancement
99.01TALLIS::MARTINAGEMon Apr 03 1989Vector Problems
100.0LBDUCK::DIAZThu Jul 27 1989Request for SEDAN (Note 85) beta test sites
101.0LBDUCK::SULLIVANFri Dec 29 1989V1.
102.0BRANDX::SULLIVANWed Feb 14 1990Hammer notes file will be moving soon
103.02MEALA::J_HICKEYThu Jan 10 1991HILO Input Format Required
104.0ECAD2::LINATue Jan 15 1991SEDAN Field Test Version 2.
105.0DIKYJR::WHITEThu Oct 17 1991ECAD Training Center Services
106.0DIKYJR::WHITEMon Jan 06 1992Call for Topics - VHDL Forum (2)
107.0DIKYJR::CORADMINTue Jan 07 1992February VHDL Training
108.0DIKYJR::WHITEMon Jan 13 1992Call for Papers - VHDL Design Process Forum (2)
109.0DIKYJR::WHITETue Feb 11 1992VHDL Vendors Are Coming to the Mill!