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Conference dypss1::brain_bogglers

Title:Brain Bogglers
Notice:BRAIN_BOGGLERS is, like, back in business, totally
Created:Mon Jul 13 1987
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1441
Total number of notes:13981
Number with bodies:161
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.0+17DYO78Mon Jul 13 1987Introduction
2.011DYO78Mon Jul 13 1987Keywords
3.0253363::MORGANTue Jul 14 1987Doctors in Jungle ... Not enough gloves?
4.053MORRIS::SLABOUNTYTue Jul 14 1987A bell tolls ...
5.0+437895::SLABOUNTYTue May 07 1996KEYWORD = UNSOLVED
6.030CACHE::DIMITRIOUTue Jul 14 1987dead man with paper on chest
7.09CIMLAB::SILINTue Jul 14 1987Locker Room
8.05MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Jul 15 1987Eat seagull and commit suicide
9.07ACE::GALLEGOSWed Jul 15 1987Who's the doctor?
10.05UTRTSC::VANSENTENThu Jul 16 1987Flying standing still
11.06UTRTSC::VANSENTENFri Jul 17 1987A Man, A Car and An Hotel
13.082MORRIS::SLABOUNTYFri Jul 17 1987Man and octopus in wash. mach.
14.010CANDY::POTUCEKFri Jul 17 1987Who Took the Child ??
15.015MEDUSA::DORAYFri Jul 17 1987What machine is doing it?
16.011HTLANA::PEACOCKFri Jul 17 19875 Pat Poker Hands
17.032BARNES::RENOMon Jul 20 1987Using form feeds (FF's)
18.07ANGORA::ZARLENGAMon Jul 20 1987Hot water in bottle
20.013MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Jul 22 1987The music stops ...
21.011MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Jul 22 1987Man goes through tunnel ...
22.014ANGORA::ZARLENGAWed Jul 22 1987Forest ranger and raccoons
23.033ANGORA::ZARLENGAWed Jul 22 1987How many beans in the urn at noon?
24.015SHIRE::SPICTHALLThu Jul 23 1987Two dead on floor with water
25.03HSKThu Jul 23 1987Yes/No Mystery Classics
26.03SHIRE::SPICTHALLThu Jul 23 1987Elevator yes/no mystery
27.03ANGORA::ZARLENGAThu Jul 23 19871,
28.07ANGORA::ZARLENGAThu Jul 23 1987Secure the boat with 5 locks and 2 chains
29.08DYO78Thu Jul 23 1987Alien marks rod to reproduce encyclopedia
30.03DYO78Thu Jul 23 1987List of mystery puzzles
32.015SHIRE::SPICTHALLFri Jul 24 1987Man saves woman, she kills him
33.026HSKFri Jul 24 1987A man, Booze, Suicide ...
34.023WARSAW::SUDDICKFri Jul 24 1987Next letter.
35.026ANGORA::ZARLENGAFri Jul 24 1987Marry a woman who won't kill you
36.03CHAMP2::SURVEYFri Jul 24 1987A SOAP OPERA
37.05ECAD::BARNESFri Jul 24 1987Three Missionaries-Three Cannibals
38.015SHIRE::SPICTHALLMon Jul 27 1987Man almost dies laughing !!!!
39.07HSKTue Jul 28 1987How old are they ?
40.05UTRTSC::VANSENTENTue Jul 28 1987Next letter with a difference
41.05QRTRS::COGHILLTue Jul 28 1987What's after tricycles?
42.06NAUGHT::COILEYWed Jul 29 1987How far apart are the towns?
43.013ANGORA::ZARLENGAWed Jul 29 198712 coins, 3 PRE-DETERMINED weighings
44.02HSKSat Aug 01 1987Boggler about to commit suicide
45.012CRAVAX::SECTEMPMon Aug 03 1987Here is an old one
46.063363::DELBALSOMon Aug 03 1987Classifying the Alphabet
47.09TRACTR::JOHNSONMon Aug 03 1987Man mails arm
48.02HSKTue Aug 04 1987Whodunnit ?
49.04UTRTSC::VANSENTENTue Aug 04 1987Water levels
50.017CHEFS::GROOMTue Aug 04 1987Escape
51.017UTRTSC::VANSENTENTue Aug 04 1987Cornering Problems.
52.06VINO::JMUNZERWed Aug 05 1987Moscow spies
53.025HSKThu Aug 06 1987Dead man, Pair of shoes ...
54.07HSKThu Aug 06 1987Yet another elevator ...
55.06CACHE::DIMITRIOUThu Aug 06 1987person at bottom of ravine
56.020JOULE::PINEAUThu Aug 06 1987man underwater/accident
57.09MPGS::LEGAREFri Aug 07 1987Cross the moat
58.05DYO78Mon Aug 10 1987letters and numbers
59.02DYO78Mon Aug 10 1987fill-in-the-blanks division problems
60.05DYO78Mon Aug 10 1987Computer Logic - traffic lights
61.03DYO78Mon Aug 10 1987Computer Logic - truffles
62.06QRTRS::COGHILLMon Aug 10 1987Mathematical Palindromes
63.05QRTRS::COGHILLMon Aug 10 19871
64.08QRTRS::COGHILLMon Aug 10 1987Write all ten digits as 1
65.012QRTRS::COGHILLMon Aug 10 19871
66.09QRTRS::COGHILLMon Aug 10 19871
67.04QRTRS::COGHILLMon Aug 10 1987Palindrome with only 1s
68.02QRTRS::COGHILLMon Aug 10 1987All digits from five 2s
70.030NEWPRT::FLATMAN_DAWed Aug 12 1987A corpse, computer, and ALL-IN-1 manual
71.07PLDVAX::ZARLENGAThu Aug 13 1987Convert a repeating number to a fraction
72.03SHIRE::SPICTHALLFri Aug 14 1987A Request for Etiquette
73.03SHIRE::SPICTHALLWed Aug 19 1987White , Hairy Arm. Dusty Trousers.
74.03VIDEO::OSMANThu Aug 20 1987interesting number reversal puzzle
75.04VIDEO::OSMANThu Aug 20 1987timesaving respells negativism, vinaigrette/integrative
76.05CUCKOO::WRIGHTMon Aug 24 1987Bombs dont come out of aeroplane
77.07CUCKOO::WRIGHTMon Aug 24 1987what does five equal?
78.05AYOV18::ISMITHWed Aug 26 1987Animal Fodder
79.03ANGORA::ZARLENGAWed Aug 26 1987Mentally calculate volume ratio Sun:Moon
80.02QRTRS::COGHILLWed Aug 26 1987The iceman cometh
81.09QRTRS::COGHILLWed Aug 26 19871 lump or 2?
82.0+7BMT::KABELThu Aug 27 1987Loose belt
83.06BMT::KABELFri Aug 28 1987divisibility
85.063363::MORGANWed Sep 02 1987Carpenter problem
86.04TFH::MARSHALLWed Sep 02 1987Martiansentencescontainnospaces
87.03HPSMEG::MCKINSTRYWed Sep 02 1987Keep you *LOGIC* in balance
88.08HPSMEG::MCKINSTRYWed Sep 02 1987Pretty easy *LOGIC* problem
89.06HPSMEG::MCKINSTRYWed Sep 02 19873
90.04OTOUThu Sep 03 1987Thinking out loud
91.08QRTRS::COGHILLThu Sep 03 1987Capital problem
92.08HPSMEG::MCKINSTRYThu Sep 03 1987 here's one to think about
93.019HPSMEG::MCKINSTRYThu Sep 03 1987There's only one!
94.015EDUVBO::STUDTHHFri Sep 04 1987Double it up!
95.016QRTRS::COGHILLFri Sep 04 1987Small Vocabulary
96.06MPGS::LEGARESat Sep 05 1987Back At The Start
97.04HPSMEG::MCKINSTRYThu Sep 10 1987Easy one, don't give it away.
98.08SPMFG1::HAMRERFri Sep 11 1987YOU TELL ME ...
99.0193363::DELBALSOMon Sep 14 1987A Rather Unique Number
100.03MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Sep 16 1987The Centennial - McDonald's
101.03BOARDS::CASWELLWed Sep 16 1987The new kid raises his hand.......
102.06MORRIS::SLABOUNTYThu Sep 17 1987Detentions for all !!
103.010AYOV18::ISMITHThu Sep 17 1987Dijkstra's Problem
104.06NAC::MITHALFri Sep 18 1987And we thought we could count
105.0PRSOIS::NAGLEMon Sep 21 1987First time for evry thing.
106.03MOSAIC::BERUBEThu Sep 24 1987JOHN AND MARSHA......
107.09MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Sep 28 1987It's all in the syllables
108.05ESASE::PAULSWed Sep 30 1987Word problem
109.016ESASE::PAULSWed Sep 30 1987Numbers problem
110.010ESASE::PAULSWed Sep 30 1987Drinks problem
111.08ESASE::PAULSWed Sep 30 1987Desert island fire
112.016ESASE::PAULSWed Sep 30 1987Chess puzzle
113.03ACE::GALLEGOSWed Sep 30 1987Water and Goat? Who?
114.010ESASE::PAULSThu Oct 01 1987Nine dots puzzle
115.070STAR::HUBERThu Oct 01 1987Dead man in an alley
116.0133363::MORGANFri Oct 02 1987Walk or run to stay dry?
117.036PLDVAX::ZARLENGASun Oct 04 1987Find the red card
118.025STAR::HUBERMon Oct 05 1987What's my name?
119.011VIDEO::OSMANTue Oct 06 1987blowing offf steam
120.026STAR::HUBERTue Oct 13 1987Murder on Faraway Isle
121.03STAR::HUBERTue Oct 13 1987Cannibals and Veggies
123.053363::DBMILLERTue Oct 20 1987The Bitter Drink
124.018DELAND::HUBERTue Oct 20 1987
125.07STAR::HUBERWed Oct 21 1987
126.05RDGE28::PERRINThu Oct 22 1987Drilled sphere volume
127.07STAR::HUBERThu Oct 22 1987A Triple Double
128.018STAR::HUBERThu Oct 22 1987Goto Jail?
129.06STAR::HUBERThu Oct 22 1987Lettermania
130.05RDGE28::PERRINThu Oct 22 1987Cocktail Time
132.019STAR::HUBERThu Oct 22 1987What's my alibi?
133.019RDGE28::PERRINFri Oct 23 1987Butt how long ?
134.06MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Oct 26 1987Have you had a hard one lately?
135.041STAR::HUBERTue Oct 27 1987Assorted Letters...
136.014MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Oct 28 1987Train - meet train, and likewise ...
137.013Wed Oct 28 1987A Real Problem to solve (volleyball).
138.018MUNED3::BEARDSWORTHThu Oct 29 1987Quadruple Goats
139.040MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Nov 02 1987Brain_Bogglers registration
141.012STAR::HUBERWed Nov 04 1987You can put a round peg in a round hole II
142.011STAR::HUBERWed Nov 04 1987On the subject of bridges...
143.083363::DBMILLERWed Nov 04 1987Speaking of underpasses...
144.010ZWODEV::NOBLEThu Nov 05 1987A cross-number puzzle
145.023363::MORGANThu Nov 05 1987Impossible scrabble word
146.03ACE::OLIVASThu Nov 05 1987An interesting business card
147.05PRSOIS::NAGLEFri Nov 06 1987Nice if you know how.
148.07PRSOIS::NAGLEFri Nov 06 1987Row your boat.
150.06STAR::HUBERFri Nov 06 1987
151.02RDGEFri Nov 06 1987Every one's a winner !
152.04STAR::HUBERFri Nov 06 1987
153.02MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Nov 09 1987Compromising (card) position
154.012MMOMon Nov 09 19873switches 3lights wiring problem
155.012VIDEO::OSMANMon Nov 09 1987spy dies from drinking same drink as diplomat
156.04INFACT::FRIESENMon Nov 09 1987Five different in a Row
157.014CADSE::ECHENTue Nov 10 1987A subway scene
158.06MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Nov 11 1987Goats II
159.05MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Nov 11 1987The algebraic shuffle
160.034MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Nov 11 1987Prime factors
161.07STAR::HUBERThu Nov 12 1987An interesting murder...
162.05STAR::HUBERThu Nov 12 1987Picking a number between 1 and 1
163.04RDGE28::HORTONFri Nov 13 1987Man and 2 barbers
164.04RDGEFri Nov 13 1987Pardon my french
165.03MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Nov 16 1987Cryptogram #1
166.01MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Nov 16 1987Cryptogram #2
167.03MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Nov 16 1987Cryptogram #3
168.02MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Nov 16 1987Cryptogram #4
169.02MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Nov 16 1987Cryptogram #5
170.09STAR::HUBERMon Nov 16 1987Another crypto-whatever.
171.04SHIRE::BUJASTue Nov 17 1987One more cryp...
172.02ZWODEV::NOBLETue Nov 17 1987Cross-number puzzle II
173.02DYO78Tue Nov 17 1987numbers matrix
174.016DYO78Tue Nov 17 1987nickels and pennies
175.011RDGEWed Nov 18 1987Don't smoke 'em, stack 'em (cigarettes)
176.06STAR::HUBERWed Nov 18 1987Another strange murder...
177.013RDGEThu Nov 19 1987Wrong number, What do you do ?
178.07MORRIS::SLABOUNTYThu Nov 19 1987Farmer's Almanac Assorted
179.06STAR::HUBERThu Nov 19 1987Doing the time warp...
180.053363::DBMILLERThu Nov 19 1987
181.033363::DBMILLERThu Nov 19 1987
182.0511836::GOLDMANFri Nov 20 1987Coin Problem
183.0911836::GOLDMANFri Nov 20 1987word ladders
184.0517576::ALIZIOFri Nov 20 1987KIDNAPPED!!
185.05VIDEO::SULLIVANFri Nov 20 1987
186.04HSKSat Nov 21 1987HELP ! Purple Paper Eater...
187.011DYO78Mon Nov 23 1987Two clocks. Who is older?
188.015STAR::HUBERMon Nov 23 1987HELP! Purple Paper Eater...
189.04DYO78Mon Nov 23 1987Who is it?
190.05MUNED3::BEARDSWORTHTue Nov 24 1987British Boggler!
191.01STAR::HUBERTue Nov 24 1987The Adventures of Shawn
192.07MORRIS::SLABOUNTYTue Nov 24 1987Spike goes out for pizza
193.06QRTRS::COGHILLTue Dec 01 1987Hang the liar!
194.083363::KASPERTue Dec 01 1987A 4
195.010SHIRE::BUJASWed Dec 02 1987I'm not sure it should be where it is
196.016STAR::HUBERWed Dec 02 1987The story of Shawn and Madonna
197.07QRTRS::COGHILLWed Dec 02 1987Primes, 1 and 6
198.0511836::GOLDMANWed Dec 02 1987What comes next?
199.07TIGER::SLABOUNTYThu Dec 03 1987Which group is missing?
200.08TIGER::SLABOUNTYThu Dec 03 1987Bicentennial word games
202.01TIGER::SLABOUNTYThu Dec 03 1987Crossword puzzle - original, too!!
203.04611836::GOLDMANMon Dec 07 1987Ty(p)ing it all together
204.07DYO78Mon Dec 07 1987Money: How many I's on a $5?
205.05DYO78Mon Dec 07 1987Money: How many 13's on the back of a $1?
206.03DYO78Mon Dec 07 1987number sequence problem
207.09STAR::HUBERMon Dec 07 1987The adventures of Barry
208.025MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Dec 07 1987Word Manipulation
209.05DYO78Mon Dec 07 1987word boggler
210.016MORRIS::SLABOUNTYTue Dec 08 1987Sequence #1 - numbers
211.08MORRIS::SLABOUNTYTue Dec 08 1987Sequence #2 - words
212.015MORRIS::SLABOUNTYTue Dec 08 1987Congressmen shaking hands
213.04MORRIS::SLABOUNTYTue Dec 08 1987Attack on Pearl Harbor - BANZAI!!
214.03STAR::HUBERTue Dec 08 1987A Christmas Boggle
215.075Wed Dec 09 19872
216.03DYO78Wed Dec 09 1987Chess: bishop exchange
217.02711836::GOLDMANWed Dec 09 1987numbers+letters=phrases
218.02QRTRS::COGHILLWed Dec 09 1987Equal Holidays
219.03STAR::HUBERWed Dec 09 1987A Christmas Boggle II
220.03MORRIS::SLABOUNTYThu Dec 10 1987Joe, Barry, Amy and Natacha
221.07MORRIS::SLABOUNTYThu Dec 10 1987It's Joe and Barry - Nyuck Nyuck!!
222.05MORRIS::SLABOUNTYThu Dec 10 1987Retaliation to Joe's warning!!
223.05MORRIS::SLABOUNTYThu Dec 10 1987Double letters II
224.04MORRIS::SLABOUNTYThu Dec 10 1987Double Letters III
225.03STAR::HUBERFri Dec 11 1987Joe's Revenge I
226.03MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Dec 14 1987A rather strange sentence
227.05STAR::HUBERTue Dec 15 1987Joe's Revenge II
228.022STAR::HUBERWed Dec 16 1987First and Last the same...
229.023831::MORGANWed Dec 16 1987Find the 5 letter word
230.05STAR::HUBERThu Dec 17 1987First & Last the same: quantity
231.03STAR::HUBERThu Dec 17 1987Last=First+1
232.03STAR::HUBERThu Dec 17 1987First=Last+1
233.08STAR::HUBERThu Dec 17 1987Repeat:Repeat:Repeat:Repeat
234.014CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Dec 17 1987aptitude test
235.02DYO78Thu Dec 17 1987Using DECspell
236.063363::MORGANThu Dec 17 1987Find the 5 letter word #2
237.06CLARID::HOFSTEETue Dec 22 1987feeding cows
238.0235281::ROSSMANTue Dec 22 1987Can race be run?
239.05HSKWed Dec 23 1987What are the words ?
240.06HSKWed Dec 23 1987Rabbits, candles and old gramps !
241.03HSKWed Dec 23 1987Old Spidey in trouble (again) !
242.05HSKWed Dec 23 1987Birthday Puzzle
243.02HSKWed Dec 23 1987A quick snale question ?!
244.02HSKWed Dec 23 1987Detective Quiz
245.04CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Dec 23 1987white and black stones
246.04WARSAW::SUDDICKWed Dec 23 1987Simple Arithmetic
247.01DDMAIL::MBOUTCHERThu Dec 24 19871=2
248.04QRTRS::COGHILLSun Dec 27 1987Phil Anthrope
249.02QRTRS::COGHILLSun Dec 27 1987The Empty Flasks
250.01QRTRS::COGHILLSun Dec 27 1987Bank error in your favor, collect $???
251.01QRTRS::COGHILLSun Dec 27 1987Dismantle the Grid
252.03STAR::HUBERMon Dec 28 1987Super Secret Shawn...
253.010SUBSYS::COTEMon Dec 28 1987Words ending with GRY
254.01HSKTue Dec 29 1987The Dynamic Duo
255.04HSKTue Dec 29 1987A Farewell Note
256.03STAR::HUBERTue Dec 29 1987Playing in the band...
257.09GENRAL::DCHAMBERLAINTue Dec 29 1987MONOPOLY - Help wanted
259.02SHIRE::BUJASWed Jan 06 1988For Joe...
260.04GAOVThu Jan 07 1988The Pleasant Pheasant Plucker...
261.085STAR::HUBERThu Jan 07 1988One man dead, another holding two items...
263.010MORRIS::SLABOUNTYThu Jan 07 1988** The OFFICIAL Bye Joe Topic **
264.08BEING::POSTPISCHILThu Jan 07 1988Running Extra Hard
265.05DYO78Wed Jan 13 1988Fly's distance & colliding cars
266.07DYO78Wed Jan 13 1988Why more ice at South Pole than at North Pole?
267.03MORRIS::SLABOUNTYMon Jan 18 1988** The Official Meeting Topic **
268.02SAHQ::DCARNELLMon Jan 18 1988Unusual Paragraph!
269.07RSTS32::MORGANMon Jan 18 1988Paper = Dog? (Word play)
270.014DYO78Mon Jan 18 1988Requesting discussion on UNSOLVED keyword
271.053GAOVTue Jan 19 1988Dead man,coin and hook
275.02RDGEWed Jan 27 1988Sleeping drunk jumps
276.04RDGEThu Jan 28 1988Twotiming Tim, Southerly Sue and Northbound Anita
277.05PLDVAX::ZARLENGAFri Jan 29 1988Earth and Emet, lying ambassador
278.08QRTRS::COGHILLTue Feb 09 1988Shortened Words
279.06QRTRS::COGHILLTue Feb 09 1988Playing Card List
280.06MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Feb 10 1988Atlantis I - Dog show
281.023DYO78Wed Feb 10 1988Figure with infinite perimeter but finite area?
282.05MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Feb 10 1988Atlantis II - Coins
283.04MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Feb 10 1988What's the answer to this one??
284.09MORRIS::SLABOUNTYWed Feb 10 1988Atlantis III - Our Hero
285.010PLDVAX::ZARLENGAThu Feb 11 1988Colonel Parker's pecking chickens
286.035DYO78Fri Feb 12 1988probability: two children
287.08DYO78Fri Feb 12 1988Solve for X: infinite number of exponents
288.033DYO78Mon Feb 15 1988In space or on earth?
289.03MORRIS::SLABOUNTYTue Feb 16 1988The OFFICIAL BB Mailing List
290.01KAOOTue Feb 16 1988Where on Earth?
291.05MUNEDU::BEARDSWORTHWed Feb 17 1988Bear Neccessities!
292.03SLOVAX::TMIDDLENWed Feb 17 1988The Dunk Family
293.09KRYPTN::ANDRUSFri Feb 19 1988Three Chests
294.06TRACK::BRODERICKFri Feb 19 1988To win at chess...
295.02QRTRS::COGHILLMon Feb 22 1988Sphere with unique area and volume
296.013QRTRS::COGHILLMon Feb 22 1988Three arrows and a Sphere
297.02DYO78Mon Feb 22 1988More Spheres
298.024DYO78Mon Feb 22 1988Odd digits = Even digits
301.06MORRIS::SLABOUNTYTue Feb 23 1988Theory of (in)equalities
302.09QRTRS::COGHILLTue Feb 23 1988A Taxing Situation
303.020QRTRS::COGHILLTue Feb 23 1988Penny and the Boat
305.011WARMTH::SUDDICKThu Feb 25 1988The Three Way Dual
306.07DYO78Thu Feb 25 1988Truckload of birds weigh less if they're airborn?
308.023DYO78Thu Feb 25 1988Finger in a glass of water - weight change?
309.010QRTRS::COGHILLThu Feb 25 1988A bunch nonprimes
311.02SALEM::CAYABYABFri Feb 26 1988A die and a coin
312.09PFLOYD::ROTHBERGSun Feb 28 1988The monkey . . . AGAIN!!!
313.03ALIEN::POSTPISCHILSun Feb 28 1988Othello Strategy
314.010DYO78Mon Feb 29 1988Monkey climbs rope - what happens to weight?
315.012TRACK::BRODERICKMon Feb 29 1988The tennis match...
316.08TFH::DONNELLYTue Mar 01 1988dips .vs. bumps
317.013SALEM::CAYABYABTue Mar 01 1988Violets are blue
318.05GWEN::BRODERICKTue Mar 01 1988Bowling for triangles???
319.03ALIEN::POSTPISCHILTue Mar 01 1988Cycloids
320.012QRTRS::COGHILLTue Mar 01 1988Cycloid II - Application
321.01JENEVR::CHELSEATue Mar 01 1988Word Graph
322.05IPG::CATTERMOULWed Mar 02 1988word play
323.02MUNEDU::BEARDSWORTHThu Mar 03 1988Sunny Boys!
324.012MUNEDU::BEARDSWORTHThu Mar 03 1988Must be a Digital Clock!
325.07DYO78Thu Mar 03 1988Two words with two consecutive U's?
326.06SALEM::CAYABYABThu Mar 03 1988School
327.020MUNEDU::BEARDSWORTHFri Mar 04 1988Quid Note Bugs
328.011IOSG::CARLINSat Mar 05 1988Ages and angles
329.05VIDEO::BRODERICKMon Mar 07 1988Cryptarithms...
330.07DSSDEV::SACCOTue Mar 08 1988words with initial letters
331.03IOSG::CARLINWed Mar 09 1988Revolving doors
332.023VIDEO::OSMANWed Mar 09 19882
333.09DYO78Wed Mar 09 1988Game theory: two persons with
334.04SALEM::CAYABYABSat Mar 12 1988Castor Oil
335.04STARZ::LOHMILLERMon Mar 14 1988Role Reversal
336.04ACUTE::MCKINLEYWed Mar 16 1988The census taker
337.06ACUTE::MCKINLEYThu Mar 17 1988The King's hats
338.038DYO78Fri Mar 18 1988Names for groups of animals
339.02ACUTE::MCKINLEYFri Mar 18 198812 stones (see also .2)
340.07TRACK::BRODERICKFri Mar 18 1988A few tricky problems...
341.08LARVAE::JONESWed Mar 23 1988Try this one for size..
342.012DYO78Fri Mar 25 1988Number that's two different sums of cubes
343.012LAMHRA::WHORLOWWed Mar 30 1988From Downunder - THE convict Colony
344.09LAMHRA::WHORLOWWed Mar 30 1988A tiny two second trivial non-entity of a problem
345.0+6VIDEO::OSMANThu Mar 31 1988the widget-numbering puzzle
346.013TRACK::BRODERICKFri Apr 01 1988Tests of divisibility...
347.032KAOOMon Apr 04 1988The Ultimate Stalemate
348.08KAOOMon Apr 04 1988Bisectors of Isosceles Triangle
349.04LAMHRA::WHORLOWTue Apr 05 1988Its tough in the Country
350.03BSKTBL::MORGANWed Apr 06 19882 forks in the road
351.012VIDEO::OSMANThu Apr 07 1988chess problem: white to mate in ONE
352.027MDVAX1::HAYDENThu Apr 07 1988golfer dies on 13th green
353.01ULYSSE::JOHNSONFri Apr 08 1988Numbers on doors.
354.013MUNEDU::BEARDSWORTHFri Apr 08 1988Chess in the Army
355.04SHIRE::BUJASWed Apr 13 1988Welcome back! Great Vacation!
356.04BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Apr 13 1988More Probability
358.013WARMTH::SUDDICKThu Apr 14 1988A rectangular view of a square
359.03CNTROL::MENTALThu Apr 14 1988Harry and Fran are dead
360.04CNTROL::MENTALThu Apr 14 1988Fine cuisine
361.07CHEST::BADMANFri Apr 15 1988Wrap your brains about THIS one!
362.04CHEST::BADMANFri Apr 15 1988White to mate in 1 again
363.03QRTRS::COGHILLSun Apr 17 1988Magic Card Squares
364.021OTOUMon Apr 18 1988Three houses; connect to 3 utilities
365.09MUNEDU::BEARDSWORTHTue Apr 19 1988Number Crunching
366.05CGVAX2::CORMIERTue Apr 19 19884 Straight Lines
367.09MUNEDU::BEARDSWORTHFri Apr 22 1988Book strikes back!
368.09WARSAW::SUDDICKFri Apr 22 1988Miscellaneous chess problems
369.05CSOA1::COGHILLSun Apr 24 1988Construct an oval
370.013STOPIT::BADMANMon Apr 25 1988An unpronouncable word.
371.02TAVENG::CHAIMThu Apr 28 1988Looking for a five letter word ...
372.03FSTRCK::THOMPSONThu Apr 28 198816 dots
373.04FSTRCK::THOMPSONThu Apr 28 1988How Old?
374.011VIDEO::OSMANMon May 02 1988average 6
375.01EXPRES::HAJIWed May 04 1988ex
376.05LAMHRA::WHORLOWThu May 05 1988Roobergers? got lots of em, cheap too!
377.01MUNEDU::BEARDSWORTHThu May 05 1988Holiday Time for Me!
378.06FSTRCK::THOMPSONThu May 05 1988Farmer and the field
379.06FSTRCK::THOMPSONFri May 06 1988Even Number
380.010STOPIT::BADMANFri May 06 1988Next In The Sequence ?
381.014STOPIT::BADMANMon May 09 1988Chess - A disturbed game!
382.03VIDEO::OSMANMon May 09 1988how much does earth curve a 1 mile wide pond ?
383.013VIDEO::OSMANMon May 09 1988how much does earth curve a 1 mile wide pond ?
384.011VIDEO::OSMANWed May 11 1988a new more fun version of "guess my number"
385.05MDVAX1::HAYDENWed May 11 1988draw design w/o lifting pencil
386.06PLANET::MARCHETTIFri May 13 1988Area of a Triangle
387.02FOO::BHAVNANIMon May 16 1988Three Men And A Balloon
388.06FOO::BHAVNANIMon May 16 1988Punctuating Problem
389.08FOO::BHAVNANIMon May 16 1988Puzzling Phrases?
390.07WARMTH::SUDDICKTue May 17 1988ABBEY to ANNOY
391.07FOO::BHAVNANITue May 17 1988What color is the bear?
392.08FSTRCK::THOMPSONWed May 18 1988How old is Jane?
393.03MDRLEG::MARTINFri May 20 1988AEIOU words
394.03COMICS::DEMORGANFri May 20 1988adjacent vowels
395.014FOO::BHAVNANIFri May 20 1988Vowel-ess
396.04FSTRCK::THOMPSONSat May 21 1988Looong words
397.0VIDEO::OSMANMon May 23 1988for Mastermind puzzle, see CLT::MATH, note #775
398.015AYOV27::ISMITHMon May 23 1988The Beale Cyphers/Ciphers
399.019ATSE::MORGANThu May 26 1988Are eyes open or closed by default?
400.02MUNEDU::BEARDSWORTHTue May 31 1988German Numbers
401.01437519::COGHILLWed Jun 01 1988A funny plural
403.06CURIUM::PRGSECThu Jun 02 1988African earings
404.06CURIUM::PRGSECThu Jun 02 1988How logical are you?
405.03SCOMAN::BINGFri Jun 03 1988MATH PUZZLE
406.014EDENPK::COGHILLFri Jun 03 1988Tdn lqkv orrg?
407.013DYO78Mon Jun 06 1988Chess: checkmate the invisible king
408.017STAR::HUBERMon Jun 06 1988Monday the Sixth part II: Joe Returns...
409.013VINO::JMUNZERFri Jun 10 1988Roman numerals
410.012SLDA5::KIRICHOKFri Jun 10 1988Genesis Riddle
411.05GRANPA::BBOYESun Jun 12 1988A Matter of Deduction
412.08VANISH::STRANGEWAYSMon Jun 13 1988Mathematicians at a party
413.04MDVAX1::HAYDENTue Jun 14 1988Can you read??
414.06SALEM::CAYABYABWed Jun 15 1988Biden I'm Not
415.019STAR::HUBERWed Jun 15 1988Titles, titles, everywhere, and not a word to spare...
416.04GYPSC::SHIPLEYThu Jun 16 1988Minefield Maze I
417.06STAR::HUBERThu Jun 16 1988A bad case of the Uuuus...
418.05CHESS::KAIKOWFri Jun 17 1988CHESS
419.025MORRIS::SLABOUNTYFri Jun 17 1988How many eggs in my basket?
420.02SANCHO::THOMASMon Jun 20 1988Man drives car off cliff...
421.042STAR::HUBERTue Jun 21 1988Shawn is dead?!?...
422.06SALEM::CAYABYABWed Jun 22 1988Who's Car
423.01ISTG::DICASTROWed Jun 22 1988its in a word
424.014GYPSC::SHIPLEYThu Jun 23 1988Minefield Maze II
425.02STOPIT::BADMANMon Jun 27 1988One Helluvan Anagram!
426.01GYPSC::SHIPLEYWed Jun 29 1988Domino set
427.03GYPSC::SHIPLEYWed Jun 29 1988Bog Hopping Maze I
428.020OTOUWed Jun 29 1988Do you have change for my $1.
429.019JGO::ENGVENRPTThu Jun 30 19884 times 4
430.012SALEM::CAYABYABFri Jul 01 1988Eye sees not itself
431.06GRAMPS::MUSHOVICFri Jul 01 1988Paper and Pencil Puzzle !!!
432.07GRAMPS::MUSHOVICFri Jul 01 1988Another Paper and Pencil Puzzle
435.015EDENPK::COGHILLWed Jul 06 1988A Boggle Experiment - Real Graphics
436.07TRCAThu Jul 07 1988Sphere Problem - Yes, There *IS* an Answer
437.014STAR::HUBERThu Jul 07 1988Man shot at, then arrested...
438.07TFH::MARSHALLTue Jul 12 1988the railroad trestle race
439.018SALEM::CAYABYABWed Jul 13 1988Prime # ?
440.06WAV14::DENTONWed Jul 13 1988Flip a coin three ways?
441.06TARKIN::WISMARThu Jul 14 1988The Elevator: Who Went Where?
442.02SA1794::TALBOTCThu Jul 14 1988Elementary Algebra
443.011GRAMPS::MUSHOVICFri Jul 15 1988A Difficult Code To Break
444.06TARKIN::WISMARFri Jul 15 1988Who sat/brought where/what?
445.03CLYPSO::WISMARFri Jul 15 1988Word Graph.
446.02ANGORA::ZARLENGASun Jul 17 1988From Discover ... breaking a candy bar into sections
447.037ANGORA::AVONCAMPESun Jul 17 1988Man and Newspaper (A Yes/No Mystery)
448.03MUNICH::BEARDSWORTHMon Jul 18 1988Gotta Match?
449.017CLT::JDAVISMon Jul 18 1988Riddle Night
450.010TRASH::SULLIVANMon Jul 18 1988Puzzling Card Trick
451.03CAVEAT::ROBINSONTue Jul 19 1988dead man in room
452.06CHEFS::HAIGHAWed Jul 20 19883 services to 3 houses
453.01CHEFS::BUXTONThu Jul 21 1988take six fags
454.019CHEFS::BUXTONThu Jul 21 1988take two balls
455.02CHEFS::BUXTONThu Jul 21 1988Acton or bust!
456.03CHEFS::BUXTONThu Jul 21 1988Bondage Boggler
457.06PCASSO::MACGREGORFri Jul 22 1988Illegal Division
459.02ANT::SLABOUNTYTue Jul 26 1988Addition to note #267 ...
460.013TOOK::DDS_SECFri Jul 29 1988A simple one already heard???
461.09ANT::ZARLENGASat Jul 30 1988parking dilemma .. park closest to the curb .. how?
462.030STAR::HUBERMon Aug 01 1988Odd bits of evidence...
463.09SHAPES::SMITHE2Tue Aug 02 1988Irish releations
464.07TARKIN::WISMARTue Aug 02 1988School Daze
465.015TARKIN::WISMARFri Aug 05 1988Picnic arrangements.
466.029CHEFS::BUXTONTue Aug 09 1988This problem sucks
467.04TARKIN::WISMARThu Aug 11 1988Hotline.
468.06ANT::SLABOUNTYTue Aug 16 1988Things are getting sloooowwwww
469.06CASVTue Aug 16 1988How well do you know your HISTORY?
470.08PCASSO::MACGREGORTue Aug 16 19884 pres. > 1 pres.
471.06SA1794::TALBOTCWed Aug 17 1988Square Deal
472.010DYPSS1::COGHILLWed Aug 17 1988Plantation Problem
473.010DYPSS1::COGHILLThu Aug 18 1988Trains travel both directions at once
474.05DYPSS1::COGHILLThu Aug 18 1988Byzantine Basketball
475.03DYPSS1::COGHILLThu Aug 18 1988How many primes
477.06BREW11::LAWTONFri Aug 19 1988"Let me bring you songs from the wood.."
478.028BREW11::LAWTONFri Aug 19 1988Yet another apparently motiveless suicide...
479.029BREW11::LAWTONSun Aug 21 1988Pick it up 'n' kick it..
480.05VLMAIL::VEISSIERMon Aug 22 1988how to split a camel herd?
481.043HPSCAD::WINTERMon Aug 22 1988Death and a Baby
482.0BREW11::LAWTONMon Aug 22 1988"there's nowt as queer as folk.." (old NUK saying)
483.04AYOV16::EBYRNETue Aug 23 1988GOLF BALLS
484.07DYPSS1::COGHILLWed Aug 24 1988Atomic Root
485.028AYOV11::EBYRNEWed Aug 24 1988SUPER FLY
486.08SMC::COGHILLWed Aug 24 1988Force/Object Paradox
487.05AYOV11::EBYRNEThu Aug 25 1988DEATH OR A BEER
489.05HPSCAD::WINTERThu Aug 25 1988Number Series'
490.019HPSCAD::WINTERThu Aug 25 1988More numbers
491.02SCARGO::SOMERVILLEFri Aug 26 1988String around the World
492.02HPSCAD::WINTERFri Aug 26 19882 = 1
493.02DYPSS1::COGHILLSat Aug 27 1988How Many Martian Fingers?
494.018DYPSS1::COGHILLSat Aug 27 1988Riddling Color
495.04ANT::ZARLENGASun Aug 28 1988Zoroastorian dinner party
496.014DYPSS1::COGHILLSun Aug 28 1988Magic square with 8 at top
497.016CLT::JDAVISMon Aug 29 1988The Magic Square strikes again
498.08ZGOVTue Aug 30 1988What's the word?
500.018ANT::SLABOUNTYTue Aug 30 1988Another 'Title Boggle' from Joe
501.09VIDEO::OSMANTue Aug 30 1988find ten fractions such that...
502.09BSKTBL::MORGANTue Aug 30 1988Magic Square Contest!
503.036USACSB::DAVIDSONTue Aug 30 1988The Montey Hall Puzzle
504.04VLMAIL::VEISSIERThu Sep 01 1988Another Al Gebra story!
505.03CHEST::BURRELLThu Sep 01 1988Air within a Sphere
506.011AYOV16::EBYRNEThu Sep 01 1988Numbers
507.04AYOV16::EBYRNEThu Sep 01 1988METAL MIX
508.03PCASSO::MACGREGORFri Sep 02 1988Delete UNSOLVED???
509.031PCASSO::MACGREGORFri Sep 02 1988Family, bank, intersection, two objects
510.06PCASSO::MACGREGORFri Sep 02 1988Magic TRIANGLES !!!
511.012ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Sep 02 1988Store-bought brain-teasers
512.06MUNICH::BEARDSWORTHMon Sep 05 19883 way logic question, short please
513.036BREW11::LAWTONTue Sep 06 1988I am not a number , I am a free man...
514.09BREW11::LAWTONWed Sep 07 1988Real-Time One-on-one Bogglers
515.025BREW11::LAWTONThu Sep 08 1988An easy one
516.017BREW11::LAWTONThu Sep 08 1988A pink and wrinkled boggle...
518.09BREW11::LAWTONThu Sep 08 1988The unspeakable in pursuit of the unwriteable....
519.09TRUCKS::KOSKUBAFri Sep 09 1988Truth, Lie and Wisdom.
520.07ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Sep 09 1988Magic Rectangles
522.011DECWET::ABOSEINSat Sep 10 1988MURDER MYSTERY!!!!!!
523.013VIDEO::OSMANMon Sep 12 1988how much do the four broken urn pieces weigh?
524.02DYO78Mon Sep 12 1988Next 3 letters?
525.04DYO78Mon Sep 12 1988Sequence 3,6,9,12
526.02DYO78Mon Sep 12 19887 letter jumble
527.04DYO78Mon Sep 12 19881
528.05DYO78Mon Sep 12 1988Words with common charateristics
529.04DYO78Mon Sep 12 1988Perfect square with matchsticks
530.06DYO78Mon Sep 12 1988Woman murders husband at the movies
531.06DYO78Mon Sep 12 1988Another number sequence
532.07DYO78Mon Sep 12 1988Half a Hole
533.05DYO78Mon Sep 12 1988WLCNITA Sequence
534.02DYO78Mon Sep 12 19881988 dollar bills worth more
535.03DYO78Mon Sep 12 19887 11 (not the BIG GULP variety)
536.04DYO78Mon Sep 12 1988AEFHIKLM Sequence
537.05DYO78Mon Sep 12 1988A crossword puzzle
538.07CHEFS::TOMASITue Sep 13 1988Triple Double
539.02CHEFS::TOMASITue Sep 13 1988How are your vowels?
540.01BEING::POSTPISCHILTue Sep 13 1988"Pictures" Anagram
541.03STEGO::PELLETIERTue Sep 13 19881
542.023PCASSO::MACGREGORTue Sep 13 1988Even More Number Sequences
543.02VIDEO::OSMANTue Sep 13 1988please read instructions carefully for most fun
544.02STEGO::PELLETIERWed Sep 14 1988Wine & Water concentrate
545.03LEWEY::DESELMSWed Sep 14 1988A Family Boggle!
546.014USACSB::DAVIDSONWed Sep 14 19881=-1 .not. /
547.02HPSTEK::ZIOBROThu Sep 15 1988Mirror Mirror on the wall...
548.02SMC::COGHILLFri Sep 16 1988Unusual Sentence
549.07SMC::COGHILLFri Sep 16 1988Double the square
550.02SMC::COGHILLFri Sep 16 1988Moving the pyramid
551.06SMC::COGHILLFri Sep 16 19881 3 5 7 8 Sequence
552.01ANT::SLABOUNTYMon Sep 19 1988Yet another number sequence
553.02STARZ::LOHMILLERTue Sep 20 1988Sequenc-o-mania
554.09LEWEY::DESELMSTue Sep 20 1988Magazine Mystery
555.09LEWEY::DESELMSTue Sep 20 1988When will it end?!?
556.010IOSG::CARLINWed Sep 21 1988(Non-magic) square
557.05IOSG::CARLINWed Sep 21 1988The Printer's Devil
558.01ULYSSE::ZITTAThu Sep 22 198812345679*x=nnnnnnnnn
559.03REGRES::KURLANDFri Sep 23 1988The Ultimate Number Sequence Answer
560.017TARKIN::WISMARTue Sep 27 1988Sequencium ad Nauseum
561.06EXPRES::FERRAROWed Sep 28 1988Lets get away from sequences.......
562.08ANT::SMCAFEEThu Sep 29 1988Killer Sequence
563.06ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Sep 30 1988Yet another truly amazing sequence
564.06ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Oct 05 1988Distance a baseball can be hit
565.05ULYSSE::ZITTAFri Oct 07 1988n**5 last digit??
566.09BREW11::LAWTONSat Oct 08 1988Sequencing for it's own sake.....
567.015ANT::SLABOUNTYMon Oct 10 1988Sequence mania continues
568.021MUNICH::BEARDSWORTHTue Oct 11 1988Ruff Ruff one here
569.05MUNICH::BEARDSWORTHTue Oct 11 1988cigam square
570.08ATSE::MORGANWed Oct 12 1988Jeopardy!
571.019ULYSSE::ZITTAFri Oct 14 1988Give a shot to this one!
572.03DYPSS1::COGHILLSun Oct 16 1988A prime number?
573.09DYO78Mon Oct 17 19881
574.02CLUSTA::ROSSIMon Oct 17 1988Try this quickie...
575.021USACSB::DAVIDSONMon Oct 17 1988Birthday Problem
576.015DYO78Tue Oct 18 19881
577.024USACSB::DAVIDSONTue Oct 18 1988chess ending
578.02DYO78Wed Oct 19 19881
579.012DYO78Wed Oct 19 1988word with 4 consecutive vowels
580.013DYO78Wed Oct 19 1988Underwater balloon - what's it do?
581.06CHEST::BURRELLWed Oct 19 1988I'm Kennedy's Clone!
583.06ATSE::MORGANThu Oct 20 1988Measure width of a river ...........
584.07ANT::SLABOUNTYThu Oct 20 1988Hexagon puzzle
585.010COMICS::DEMORGANFri Oct 21 1988yet another number sequence - but different
586.04CNTROL::MORINMon Oct 24 1988Sequence 4,8,32,512,?
587.022FRAGLE::STUARTMon Oct 24 1988a moldie oldie
588.05MDVAX1::HAYDENMon Oct 24 1988another sequence
589.08ULYSSE::ZITTATue Oct 25 1988it's time for another one
590.03MDVAX1::HAYDENTue Oct 25 1988another sequence
591.025BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Oct 26 1988Programming Twist
592.09BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Oct 26 1988Programming Twist # 2
593.02SENIOR::KUNZWed Oct 26 1988yet another sequence puzzle
594.06ANT::ZARLENGAWed Oct 26 1988Yet another sequence
595.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHThu Oct 27 1988X-Word from Usenet
596.08FRAGLE::STUARTFri Oct 28 1988another moldie
597.07CALBAN::GILLISFri Oct 28 1988Unmask the larceny...
598.012SMOGGY::AMIRISat Oct 29 1988Who or What would say.....
599.03GRANPA::BBOYESun Oct 30 1988Can -u- Add????
600.045SMOGGY::AMIRIMon Oct 31 1988ANOTHER SEQUENCE.:...::.:..
602.02FDCV16::FONTAINEWed Nov 02 1988Wedding Departy - Logic Problem
603.06FOO::BHAVNANIWed Nov 02 1988(Yet Another) Sequence
604.01ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Nov 02 1988Mathematical 'i' problem
605.07FOOT::OTTENThu Nov 03 1988Bistromathics (3 persons; $3
606.08SMC::COGHILLThu Nov 03 1988Sequence 1 2 4 8 16 77 154
607.06HAGGIS::FIELDThu Nov 03 1988OneHundredandEighteyyy
608.0521971::DESELMSFri Nov 04 1988Fun with DCL 'n' quotes
609.06SMOGGY::AMIRISun Nov 06 1988Words count
610.08TFH::MARSHALLMon Nov 07 1988A man, a plan, ..., a canal, Panama!
611.07GRANPA::BBOYETue Nov 08 1988Numbles (number substitution)
612.02FOO::BHAVNANIWed Nov 09 19882 6 15 28 55 78 119...
613.010USACSB::DAVIDSONThu Nov 10 1988Annuder Annoying Sequence
614.012SMOGGY::AMIRISun Nov 13 1988~~~~~HangmaN~~~~~
615.03REGRES::KURLANDMon Nov 14 1988whats missing from sequence
616.0FOO::BHAVNANIMon Nov 14 1988Anagram
617.05SMOGGY::AMIRITue Nov 15 1988Decode this word "fohoys;"
618.07MEMORY::BERKSONTue Nov 15 1988Fastest way around curve
619.03BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHThu Nov 17 1988New USEnet Cross-Number
620.010ANT::SLABOUNTYMon Nov 21 1988Pick a number between 1 and 1
621.05ANT::SLABOUNTYMon Nov 21 1988Assorted '89 Farmers mini-Almanac bogglers
622.07USACSB::DAVIDSONTue Nov 22 1988Golden Ratio
623.03ANT::ZARLENGAMon Nov 28 1988The philanthropist and his needy friends
624.04ANT::ZARLENGAMon Nov 28 1988The Five Paperboys, Jacksons & Saunders
625.03SUBURB::GOREIMon Nov 28 1988Grammar
626.09ANT::ZARLENGAMon Nov 28 1988Nine cards on a table, 3 common letters to win
627.013LEVEL::OSMANMon Nov 28 1988use all English letters exactly once in a sentence
628.03SUBURB::GOREITue Nov 29 1988Back to school
629.03AITG::TRUMPLERTue Nov 29 1988Liars and Truth-tellers (yet again)
630.06ANT::ZARLENGAWed Nov 30 1988Letters required to spell numbers, transform them
631.02ANT::ZARLENGAWed Nov 30 1988A word of 1
632.03ANT::ZARLENGAWed Nov 30 1988The cyclist and the wind
633.03ANT::ZARLENGAWed Nov 30 19884 facts about 4 women (Bertha, Chloe, Jemima, Hattie)
634.02MDVAX4::HAYDENWed Nov 30 1988a 13 letter word...
635.03WONDER::KEEFERThu Dec 01 19883 dots on 3 foreheads
636.01ANT::SLABOUNTYThu Dec 01 198814-letter word
637.05ANT::ZARLENGAThu Dec 01 1988List of words. What's unique about them?
638.06ANT::ZARLENGAThu Dec 01 1988I read the time wrong
639.02ANT::ZARLENGAThu Dec 01 1988A rhyme and 3 words
640.010ANT::ZARLENGAThu Dec 01 1988Word ladders
641.017FOOT::WRIGHTFri Dec 02 1988Create 24 with 3 digits all the same.
642.05ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Dec 02 1988More word ladders
643.012ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Dec 02 1988The word ladders continue
644.08ATSE::MORGANFri Dec 02 1988Farmer Green and Farmer Brown split up
645.04LEVEL::OSMANFri Dec 02 1988how may diameter-1 circles fit in a diameter-1
646.08ANT::ZARLENGASun Dec 04 1988Anagrams
647.06ANT::ZARLENGAMon Dec 05 1988Coming Soon ...
648.02ANT::ZARLENGATue Dec 06 1988What do these words have in common?
649.010ANT::ZARLENGATue Dec 06 1988Rearrange digits
650.05ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Dec 07 1988Tuesday + 3 days = Tuesday?
651.012EGAVThu Dec 08 1988 FORMULAE...UNITS.
652.010ANT::SLABOUNTYThu Dec 08 1988No repetition of letters
653.02SED75Fri Dec 09 1988Rearranging Digits
654.04DYO78Fri Dec 09 1988Boxes and Marbles.
655.03ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Dec 09 1988Maximum percentage of letter occurrence
656.013TARKIN::WISMARFri Dec 09 1988A REAL old one: Timmy grows up fast!
657.04ANT::ZARLENGAMon Dec 12 19884 digit lottery ticket, (half1+half2)^2 = orig #
658.012ANT::ZARLENGATue Dec 13 19881<x<1
659.01526959::ROTHBERGTue Dec 13 1988Code of the day algorithm = free pizza
660.06WONDER::KEEFERThu Dec 15 1988Child's play
662.05LEVEL::OSMANFri Dec 16 1988newspaper is thicker than you think !
663.05ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Dec 16 1988Rearranging words/letters boggler
664.09CNTROL::MORINFri Dec 16 1988word boggler
665.02CNTROL::MORINFri Dec 16 1988number with no common letters
666.09ANT::ZARLENGASun Dec 18 1988Find the names hidden in the sentences
667.011ANT::ZARLENGASun Dec 18 1988The pet store that wouldn't sell fractional rabbits
668.05SCOMAN::IRZAMon Dec 19 1988What time is it?
669.09BCSE::SPT_ROWLETTMon Dec 19 1988Help a kid today!
670.05NUTLET::DCHAMBERLAINMon Dec 19 1988Reindeer Names
671.02LEVEL::OSMANMon Dec 19 1988according to the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas"
672.03ANT::SLABOUNTYTue Dec 20 19883 digit number, ABC
673.0521551::MACGREGORTue Dec 20 1988Pattern Recognition (numbers)
674.0221551::MACGREGORTue Dec 20 1988Pattern Recognition II
675.0921551::MACGREGORWed Dec 21 1988Pattern Recognition III
676.02SMC::COGHILLWed Dec 21 1988Fractions
677.03SED75Thu Dec 22 1988Erm...Long Division?
678.06SED75Thu Dec 22 1988More long division (grooaaann)
679.04HANNAH::OSMANWed Dec 28 1988keep tripling, adding one, and dividing by 2 until odd
680.05MERIDN::TSMITHThu Dec 29 1988Food for Thought
682.012ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Jan 04 1989Waterfalls
683.022ANT::SLABOUNTYThu Jan 05 1989Absolute Zero
684.012AITG::TRUMPLERThu Jan 05 1989Dudeney's Math Problems 1
685.012SED75Fri Jan 06 1989Powers.
686.05SED75Mon Jan 09 1989Money problems
687.04CALBAN::GILLISMon Jan 09 1989Have you reached a verdict?
688.07HANNAH::OSMANMon Jan 09 1989help put the labels on the right boxes
689.06NEXUS::K_STRANDMon Jan 09 1989nfl football team names
690.04JAILER::WRIGHTMon Jan 09 1989how many- Nursery ryme.
691.010SED75Tue Jan 10 1989Marbles
692.05SED75Tue Jan 10 1989High-scores
693.05SED75Tue Jan 10 1989Shuffle the numbers.
694.03BREW11::LAWTONTue Jan 10 1989Eat more fibre !!!
695.033HANNAH::OSMANWed Jan 11 1989number puzzle
696.05BREW11::LAWTONThu Jan 12 1989The Man In Black
697.09AITG::TRUMPLERFri Jan 13 1989Dudeney's Math Problems 2
698.015LARVAE::TURNERMon Jan 16 1989A Charade
699.07CNTROL::MORINTue Jan 17 198982687 ? 63
700.04SED75Wed Jan 18 1989Circles 'n' Lines
701.07POOL::TRUMPLERThu Jan 19 1989Dudeney's Math Problems 3
702.05ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Jan 20 1989'Heat circle' formed by a cup on a table
703.05DYPSS1::COGHILLSat Jan 21 1989Train Crew Logic Problem
704.09INCH::BADMANMon Jan 23 19899 letter place name ?
705.013VINO::JMUNZERTue Jan 24 1989bridge problem
707.04POOL::TRUMPLERMon Jan 30 1989Dudeney's Pouring Puzzles 1
708.07HANNAH::OSMANTue Jan 31 1989another vessel problem
709.03POOL::TRUMPLERMon Feb 06 1989Dudeney's Archery Problems
710.05POOL::TRUMPLERMon Feb 06 1989Monkey, Pulley, Rope, and Mother
711.05WARMER::SUDDICKThu Feb 09 1989Simple equations
712.02POOL::TRUMPLERFri Feb 10 1989Train Switching
713.02BREW11::LAWTONFri Feb 10 1989From my compadre Bob
714.03CTOAVX::GALLOMon Feb 13 1989Word Puzzle--It's a Tough One
716.013POOL::TRUMPLERMon Feb 13 1989A Grave Problem
717.02HOCUS::GRENINGERWed Feb 15 1989Election time
718.03SALLIE::DDESMAISONSTue Feb 28 1989what's up here?
719.07POOL::TRUMPLERTue Feb 28 1989More Dudeney Puzzles
720.03SQUEKE::ZICOLELLAWed Mar 01 1989Where is the missing Dollar?
722.012POOL::TRUMPLERThu Mar 02 1989Dudeney Does Cryptarithmetic
723.08HANNAH::OSMANMon Mar 06 1989how far can you offset a stack of pennies ?
724.020ATSE::MORGANFri Mar 10 19896 consonants in a row
725.0321568::SANDLERSun Mar 12 1989Why did he kill himself?
726.02ALXNDR::MARONMon Mar 13 1989A man leaves home....
727.08FSTRCK::THOMPSONWed Mar 15 1989Some more sequences
728.07ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Mar 15 1989It's hard looking in his mirror
729.010POOL::TRUMPLERThu Mar 16 1989Long Division Skeletons
730.03MTADMS::DOO_SECURITYSun Mar 19 1989Is It Legal?!?!?
732.027BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Mar 28 19892 ** 5 for you
733.09YARD::BADMANSat Apr 01 1989Some Hard ones ...
734.0INCH::BADMANTue Apr 04 1989Codebusters
735.05IOSG::CARLINTue Apr 04 1989Funny arithmetic
736.05INCH::BADMANWed Apr 05 1989Some more TIMES puzzles
737.0SHAPES::BADMANJFri Apr 07 1989How Far To London II
738.03SED75Tue Apr 11 1989Real-time quiz?
739.08HANNAH::OSMANTue Apr 11 1989find largest boggle word in N I R O V E N M I L N E T S A T
740.018SALLIE::DDESMAISONSWed Apr 12 1989encore une boggle
741.02AYOV11::EBYRNETue Apr 25 1989The Hangee's problem
742.02TAVENG::CHAIMThu Apr 27 1989Same place same time.....
743.015KETJE::ROBBENSThu Apr 27 1989The empty warehouse mystery
744.04HPSCAD::RFACCENDAThu Apr 27 1989How many cuts....?
745.09HANNAH::OSMANFri Apr 28 1989divide pizza into 11 equal pieces in 4 cuts
746.010MINDER::LAWJWed May 03 1989Metamorphosis Question
747.02POBOX::PENINGERTue May 09 1989Mysterious Guest
748.05KETJE::ROBBENSTue May 09 1989Sleep-and-suicide mystery
749.05KETJE::ROBBENSTue May 09 1989The Running Dog
750.01POBOX::PENINGERTue May 09 1989Who Knows?
751.03MDRLEG::MARTINWed May 10 1989A man and a lift.
752.03KETJE::ROBBENSWed May 10 1989Why is he fired ?
753.02KETJE::ROBBENSWed May 10 1989What's wrong in the article ?
754.020IRT::LAUERThu May 11 1989What's "The Title"
755.04CHUNK::STOKKERMon May 15 1989A game called SNAPS
756.05ZGOVWed May 17 1989Riddle from a Game
757.08CHUNK::STOKKERThu May 18 1989Man dies 'cuz he didn't see the sawdust
758.010WFOV11::TRUSTYThu May 18 1989 Colored or not
759.030KORAL::TURNERFri May 19 1989Charade No. 2
760.04KORAL::TURNERFri May 19 1989Address
761.013KETJE::ROBBENSThu May 25 1989A dark candle ?
762.02EUREKA::DENISEThu May 25 1989Alphabetic Crossword
763.013KETJE::ROBBENSMon May 29 1989Advertising-slogan wanted
764.09YIPPEE::BUXTONMon May 29 1989Getting a suntan while hiking
765.07ANT::SLABOUNTYTue May 30 1989Falling out of a boat
766.022HPSCAD::RFACCENDAFri Jun 02 19893
768.05KDCAFri Jun 09 1989Shopper City Shopper City Five Times Fast
769.02ELWOOD::BENOITMon Jun 12 1989no-write?
770.03ELWOOD::BENOITMon Jun 12 1989Fly vs Trains!
771.058HPSCAD::WINTERTue Jun 20 1989Death Alone
772.010CACTFri Jun 23 1989Warped Mystery
773.014STAR::HUBERFri Jun 23 1989Three Dead Men
774.017GRANPA::BBOYEFri Jun 23 1989Shows, Songs, Movies of 5
775.05MINDER::LAWJMon Jun 26 1989Just one allowed
776.02SELECT::TURNERMon Jun 26 1989Charade No. 3
777.09BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Jun 27 19898 * EIGHT = SIXTY4
778.08SELECT::TURNERTue Jun 27 1989Charade No. 4
779.01GIAMEM::LAFLAMMEWed Jun 28 1989The Running Man
780.02GIAMEM::LAFLAMMEWed Jun 28 1989Man and his bicycles
781.09ABOORO::GALLEGOSThu Jun 29 1989Remove the outer part not once but twice!
782.09BUFFER::SWARTZFri Jun 30 1989For the arithmetically inclined...
783.07ABOORO::GALLEGOSThu Jul 06 1989How long to fill up a jar of bugs.
784.06YUPPY::HEWITTGFri Jul 07 1989CW July 6
785.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Jul 07 1989CW 8. June
786.09BMT::LAUERFri Jul 07 19892 ladders, 2 buildings, how far.
787.031STAR::HUBERMon Jul 10 1989A Dead Man, A Plan, A Canal
788.05RIGEL4::JBONNOWed Jul 19 1989Which of These Numbers Doesn't Belong?
789.03ELWOOD::BENOITThu Jul 20 1989The Chain and the Weight
790.04ELWOOD::SPIELMANThu Jul 20 1989Thought you'd seen the end of the sequences?
791.09GVAFri Jul 21 1989How Old?
792.028ANT::ZARLENGASat Jul 22 1989cable and weight problem / tensile strength
793.07KORAL::TURNERTue Jul 25 1989Charade No. 5
794.031STAR::HUBERWed Jul 26 1989The Lair of the Minotaur
795.028HANNAH::OSMANWed Jul 26 1989how's your probability w.r.t. card games ?
796.02KORAL::TURNERWed Jul 26 1989Charade No. 6
797.04DDIF::BRAMHALLWed Jul 26 1989Yes No Mabye So, No Yes Ya Gotta guess!!
798.019ANT::SLABOUNTYWed Jul 26 1989Fahrenheit/Celcius/Centigrade degree problems
799.04KORAL::TURNERTue Aug 01 1989Charade No. 7
800.02SALEM::CAYABYAB_WWed Aug 02 1989Area of a Circle
801.010KORAL::TURNERWed Aug 02 1989Charade No. 8
802.015KORAL::TURNERThu Aug 03 1989Charade No. 9
803.022HPSCAD::WINTERThu Aug 03 1989Tomb of the Dead Bogglers
804.06CACTFri Aug 04 1989Card Probability II
805.08CACTFri Aug 04 1989The case of the extra body parts
806.011ANT::SLABOUNTYMon Aug 07 1989Battleship ... BOOM!!
807.07GOLLY::JDAVISWed Aug 09 1989Posers
808.036KORAL::TURNERWed Aug 09 1989Charade No. 1
809.07AYOV27::OPSSat Aug 12 1989Unravel this! (Logic quiz question)
810.0PAMLOG::REEDMon Aug 14 1989CRYPTO, the game!
811.019HPSTEK::ZIOBROTue Aug 15 1989Two hungry cats need food...
812.02GOLLY::JDAVISTue Aug 15 1989Excelsior by Lewis Carroll
813.07ELWOOD::BENOITWed Aug 16 1989How many F's
814.018ELWOOD::BENOITThu Aug 17 1989The Bookworm
815.019WAR75Fri Aug 18 1989Anagrams
816.04RAVEN1::K_STEVENSSat Aug 19 1989The Question Is;
817.012PAMLOG::REEDMon Aug 21 1989A man sits down
818.02VANISH::BROOMFIELDMon Aug 21 1989#97 - The Spot on the Table
819.03GOLLY::JDAVISMon Aug 21 1989Trains passing in the night (or day)
820.033HANNAH::OSMANMon Aug 21 1989I'm thinking of a word
821.015ELWOOD::BENOITMon Aug 28 1989Two EGGS ...
822.010POOL::TRUMPLERMon Aug 28 1989Math Problems
823.02DYPSS1::COGHILLMon Aug 28 1989Royal Reigns
824.04DYPSS1::COGHILLMon Aug 28 1989Truth Is The Strangest Lie
825.05HANNAH::OSMANTue Sep 05 1989polygon-tessellated table top (why no triangles ?)
826.01TROU1Tue Sep 05 1989Coffee Cup Problem (and sub-bogglers)
827.07TROU1Fri Sep 08 1989Interchangeable Clock Hands
828.07ANT::SLABOUNTYFri Sep 08 1989Add .
829.07TWIRL::MPELONFri Sep 08 1989A case in old Greece
830.05HANNAH::OSMANMon Sep 11 1989find the three words that make these yes-no questions work
831.02TROU1Tue Sep 12 19892 to the n minus one
832.07TROU1Tue Sep 12 1989I am thinking of a factorial
833.02SNDCSL::BLEIWASTue Sep 12 1989Card/Math Trick
834.02HANNAH::OSMANTue Sep 12 1989can you find a set of three interesting questions?
835.010SMVDV1::EHOFFMANThu Sep 14 198912 toothpicks
836.02SLUGER::HOLTFri Sep 15 1989SQRT of WONDERFUL
837.06TROU1Fri Sep 15 1989Lunar Journey - Conserve Fuel
838.06SMVDV1::EHOFFMANFri Sep 15 1989Correct the equation.
839.04CRVAX1::TANGFri Sep 15 1989Common Words
840.05PH4VAX::DISTRICTSun Sep 17 1989""ADAM AND EVE""
841.011SNDCSL::BLEIWASTue Sep 19 1989Mr. Jones - Guilty or not?
842.07HEEP::PETTEFARThu Sep 28 1989Try this one...
843.06BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Sep 29 1989Holiday question
844.010TROU3Mon Oct 02 1989Eccentric Farmer
845.04MISERY::BLUM_JOWed Oct 04 1989Calculating square footage
846.018TROU3Fri Oct 06 1989Find Shape and Size of Least Area
847.0LAIDBK::FRIEDMANTue Oct 17 1989@@@@@@@@@
848.017HANNAH::OSMANWed Oct 18 1989The Wandering Coin Game
849.09POOL::TRUMPLERWed Oct 18 1989More Dudeney Math
850.029SNDCSL::BLEIWASThu Oct 19 1989man dead in corridor
851.02KORAL::TURNERMon Oct 23 1989Charade No. 11
852.03KORAL::TURNERMon Oct 23 1989Charade No. 12
853.05KORAL::TURNERMon Oct 23 1989Next Number
854.027HPSCAD::RFACCENDAMon Oct 23 1989Megabucks: match 2 #'s
855.015HANNAH::OSMANTue Oct 24 1989five questions to find four pieces of information
856.03TROU1Tue Oct 24 1989Find the one error in this Sequence
857.05TRNPRC::OBRIENFri Oct 27 1989Just a little humor %*)
858.021BTOVT::BROWN_JMon Oct 30 1989numbers & letters
859.02KORAL::TURNERWed Nov 01 1989Charade No. 13
860.03KORAL::TURNERWed Nov 01 1989Charade No. 14
861.08CERRIN::TURNERThu Nov 02 1989Charade No. 15
862.05HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 06 1989can you make 4 from just 3, square root, and !
863.03HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 06 1989how many digits long is n! ?
864.015CRVAXMon Nov 06 1989A man was chased!
865.05KORAL::TURNERTue Nov 14 1989Charade No. 16
866.01HANNAH::OSMANWed Nov 15 1989what n! begins with 7 ? How about 9 ?
867.012--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 16 1989Poor Michael
868.03RICARD::KOFOEDFri Nov 24 1989Letters to Numbers...
869.06HPSTEK::LESPERANCETue Dec 05 1989sequence problem...
870.03HPSTEK::ZIOBROFri Dec 08 1989International Sequence Speed Problem
871.06ELBERT::AGUESun Dec 10 1989Freight Cars
872.05VMSDEV::BUFORDMon Dec 11 1989Yet another sequence
873.02AIAG::PRAKASHTue Dec 12 1989A Geometry puzzle.
874.04HPSTEK::ZIOBROTue Dec 12 1989Fun with numbers!
875.011HPSTEK::LESPERANCEWed Dec 13 1989Warped Views..,
876.014DYO78Fri Dec 15 1989Christmas Carols - or Are They?
877.05ELWOOD::SPIELMANTue Dec 19 1989dirty graphics
878.03ELWOOD::SPIELMANThu Dec 21 1989twelve coins, 3 weighings
879.05HPSTEK::LESPERANCEThu Jan 04 19902,3 [sequence problem]
880.09VIKING::SLABOUNTYFri Jan 05 1990Temperature problem
881.02DOAR::TURNERMon Jan 08 1990Anglo-Saxon Riddle No. 1
882.07MELEE::ERANDEMon Jan 08 1990those amazing words! can you do without them?
883.07PAMLOG::REEDMon Jan 08 1990mystery: you are chasing someone...
884.038DOAR::TURNERWed Jan 10 1990Anglo-Saxon Riddle No. 2
885.06YODA::VEIGAThu Jan 11 1990Where's the Dollar?
886.04DOAR::TURNERWed Jan 17 1990Anglo-Saxon Riddle No. 3
887.03DOAR::TURNERWed Jan 17 1990Anglo-Saxon Riddle No. 4
888.02DOAR::TURNERFri Jan 19 1990Anglo-Saxon Riddle No. 5
889.05DOAR::TURNERFri Jan 19 1990Charade No. 17
890.04WKRP::COGHILLMon Jan 22 1990Escape from sealed room
891.08BUFFER::C_REEDWed Jan 24 1990MENSA Quiz-A-Day Game
892.019MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu Feb 15 1990Refilling coffee mug
893.06SNELL::DJBROWNFri Feb 23 1990Rocket altitude measurements via ground telemetry
894.04COLLEX::SCARBOROSat Mar 03 1990Prime Geometry
895.010IJSAPL::IJBENMon Mar 05 1990chessproblem: exchange places in 2 !
896.02IJSAPL::IJBENMon Mar 05 1990Binomial of Newton ?
897.07IJSAPL::IJBENTue Mar 06 1990Enter the missing number! [Sequence problem]
898.07IJSAPL::IJBENTue Mar 06 19903 prisoner problem
899.07IJSAPL::IJBENWed Mar 07 1990A twin problem
900.017IJSAPL::IJBENWed Mar 07 1990A geometrical problem
901.04IJSAPL::IJBENWed Mar 07 1990A little riddle
902.05IJSAPL::IJBENThu Mar 08 1990Anagram
903.05IJSAPL::IJBENThu Mar 08 1990Cost control !
904.014MINIM::OSMANFri Mar 09 1990how hard can a ONE-move chess problem be ?
905.0836983::COGHILLMon Mar 12 1990Queen moves furthest in 5 moves
906.03CHFS32::HMONTGOWed Mar 14 1990CHECKMATE in one!
907.010--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 15 1990Mental Flexibility Quiz..
908.04FRAGLE::STUARTFri Mar 16 1990fahr... fahrveg.... who? what ?
909.03ILOV14::PATTISONFri Mar 16 1990Card Shuffling
910.03DOAR::TURNERThu Mar 22 1990Charade No. 18
911.05DOAR::TURNERFri Mar 23 1990Charade No. 19
912.014VANISH::BROOMFIELDMon Mar 26 1990A tricky(?) chess problem
913.02DOAR::TURNERTue Mar 27 1990Charade No. 2
914.023DOAR::TURNERTue Mar 27 1990Charade No. 21
915.09AMIS::HOLSTENSONTue Apr 03 1990indian question
916.07HANNAH::OSMANMon Apr 09 1990a puzzle I found interesting about related rates
917.023VISHNU::KRISHNASWAMYMon Apr 09 1990sequence puzzles from an ASIMOV book
918.01--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 11 1990Shipsladders and Water
919.0YUPPY::OSULLIVANThu Apr 12 1990Double Trouble !!
920.01BTOVT::ELKINS_DMon Apr 16 1990"Card Boggler, Go ahead try it!"
921.02ESCROW::MUNZERThu Apr 19 19902
922.012VANISH::BROOMFIELDMon Apr 23 1990196th root
923.06DPDMAI::HUDDLESTONWed Apr 25 1990Adam and Eve
924.06SNDCSL::BLEIWASWed Apr 25 1990LCD 'analog' watch boggler
925.05CASDEV::JENKSThu May 03 1990 Connect the Dots
926.027IOSG::CARLINFri May 04 1990The diagonal stripe
927.07WLDWST::EDDYMon May 07 1990Which way is up?
928.06LEMAN::SCHUTTEThu May 10 1990How much to deposit for college tuition?
929.018HANNAH::OSMANWed May 16 1990train-entering-station puzzle
930.03VANISH::BROOMFIELDFri May 18 1990Schoolboy Problem #1
931.0HANNAH::OSMANWed May 23 1990how to do puzzles without this conference
932.019VANISH::BROOMFIELDTue May 29 1990Schoolboy Problem #2
933.013BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Jun 01 1990Murderess goes free, why?
934.013BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Jun 01 1990Dead Man, Gold/Jewels/Chandelier
935.09KAOAFri Jun 01 1990Square E
936.011KAOAFri Jun 01 1990Eggs
937.019BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Jun 05 1990Sneezing Children
938.07PUERTO::SANCHEZThu Jun 07 1990Licence plates with decimal points.
939.04BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Jun 26 1990Shoving Coins/Draughts Pieces around
940.03IOSG::CARLINWed Jun 27 1990The supermarket bill
941.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Jul 04 1990Enigma # 51
942.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Jul 04 1990Enigma # 512
943.02VANDAL::STRANGEWAYSWed Jul 04 1990Button-count blues
944.05BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHThu Jul 05 1990Enigma # 55
945.010BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Jul 09 19903 from Usenet
946.03CNTROL::HUBERMon Jul 09 1990The Case of the (Nearly) Identical Brothers
947.0349ER::KOLODZIEJWed Jul 11 1990Lottery Odds...
948.07BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Jul 20 1990Another Usenet Boggler
949.04CNTROL::HUBERThu Aug 02 1990Insane Puzzle #1
950.02CNTROL::HUBERFri Aug 03 1990Insane Puzzle #2
951.02CNTROL::HUBERFri Aug 03 1990Insane Puzzle #3
952.02CNTROL::HUBERFri Aug 03 1990Insane Puzzle #4
953.03CNTROL::HUBERFri Aug 03 1990Insane Puzzle #5
954.02CNTROL::HUBERMon Aug 06 1990Insane Puzzle #6
955.02CNTROL::HUBERMon Aug 06 1990Insane Puzzle #7
956.02CNTROL::HUBERMon Aug 06 1990Insane Puzzle #8
957.02CNTROL::HUBERMon Aug 06 1990Insane Puzzle #9
958.02CNTROL::HUBERWed Aug 08 1990Insane Puzzle #1
959.02FASDER::MTURNERWed Aug 08 1990Charade No. 22
960.03MILKWY::SLABOUNTYSat Aug 18 1990Sales tax on top of sales tax
961.02CNTROL::HUBERMon Aug 20 1990The Yellow Thorn of Taxes...
962.06XSTACY::PATTISONMon Aug 20 19904 Triangles
963.02BCSE::KREFETZMon Aug 27 1990what happened to the dog?
964.04--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 28 1990pack on back in desert
965.03BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Aug 31 1990Quiet! PLEASE!
966.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Aug 31 1990Light up!
967.05BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Aug 31 1990Angles?
968.06XSTACY::PATTISONMon Sep 03 1990Pool Ball Triangles
969.04BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Sep 05 1990
970.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Sep 05 1990Second set of questions
971.015SWSCHZ::KIRKMANThu Sep 06 1990Overlapping discs covering a Circle
972.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHThu Sep 13 1990Computer Weekly Division Problem
973.07APACHE::CAYABYABFri Sep 28 1990Somewhere
974.06BTOVT::BETTIS_LMon Oct 01 1990Why are they round?
975.03FASDER::MTURNERWed Oct 03 1990Charade No. 23
976.07IOSG::CARLINTue Oct 09 1990Subterranean Sonics
977.04BOOTKY::MARCUSWed Oct 10 1990Eternal Bliss/Instant Death
978.04BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHThu Oct 11 1990Usenet Logic Puzzles (3 of em)
979.04BOOTKY::MARCUSMon Oct 15 19902 Dead Men in the Alley
981.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Oct 26 1990Usent Logic Puzzle (new)
982.03CARP::GAINESFri Oct 26 1990magic scarf trick anyone?
983.02NEWOA::STRANGEWAYSThu Nov 01 1990Flying milk
984.014XSTACY::PATTISONWed Nov 07 1990$1
985.04MLCSSE::BRACKThu Nov 08 1990Invalid geometry
986.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Nov 13 1990USENET Crossword
987.07XSTACY::PATTISONTue Nov 13 1990$1
988.02SELECT::TURNERTue Nov 27 1990Charade No. 24
989.06MILKWY::SLABOUNTYWed Nov 28 1990987654321 = 1
990.05FASDER::MTURNERTue Dec 04 1990Charade No. 25
991.02FASDER::MTURNERThu Dec 06 1990Charade No. 26
992.02FASDER::MTURNERThu Dec 06 1990Charade No. 27
993.02SFCPMO::BORTERMon Dec 10 1990Blacksmith Math
994.05BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Dec 12 19902 clocks, different times
995.02FASDER::MTURNERFri Dec 14 1990Charade No. 28
996.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Dec 18 1990Radial Cryptic Puzzle
997.02ELMAGO::CGRIEGOThu Jan 03 1991A horse story
998.022GALVIA::DEASYTue Jan 08 1991Darts - lowest score not possible
999.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Jan 11 1991Saftladen
1000.011MILKWY::SLABOUNTYFri Jan 11 1991Fold a square piece of paper into thirds
1001.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Jan 14 1991usenet, Cryptic Crossword
1002.08BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Jan 16 19916 "programming" puzzles from usenet
1003.021YUPPY::GOSLINPFri Jan 18 1991A dark mystery
1004.016BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHThu Jan 24 1991Other computer Questions
1005.025SUBURB::HIGHLANDGFri Jan 25 1991Which twin robbed the bank?
1006.02HANNAH::OSMANFri Feb 01 1991WITHOUT just trying divisors, is 1
1007.03BUSDV1::REEDSun Feb 03 1991new mystery time!!
1008.02PENUTS::BATORWed Feb 06 1991Puzzle Books For Sale
1009.010BUSDV1::REEDFri Feb 08 1991Time to wake up and die
1010.02PENUTS::BATORMon Feb 11 1991Logic Problem #8
1011.019IOSG::CARLINMon Feb 11 1991A sort of boggler
1016.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Feb 18 19912 more from usenet
1017.07CARECL::CASTIENTue Feb 19 1991Speed problem
1018.08TEMPE::RAMSAYWed Feb 20 1991THE SQUARE
1019.010FASDER::MTURNERThu Feb 28 1991Charade No. 25
1020.02IOSG::CARLINFri Mar 01 1991A crossword for the weekend (or two)
1021.04BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Mar 08 1991Usenet Double Crostic
1022.05ANGLIN::KIRKMANTue Mar 12 1991Substitute, then answer.
1023.0BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Mar 12 1991Lewis Carroll on Floating Point Cats
1024.02HANNAH::OSMANTue Mar 12 1991cookin' steaks
1025.08TEMPE::RAMSAYThu Mar 14 1991Drops of Water
1026.02FASDER::MTURNERSat Mar 16 1991Charade No. 26
1027.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Mar 19 1991Usenet Rotated Puzzles
1028.02IOSG::CARLINTue Mar 19 1991Another Independent crossword
1030.05LEDS::JAPPEThu Mar 21 1991Math Problem - 'The Hole Truth'
1031.06LEDS::JAPPEThu Mar 21 1991Letter Pattern Problem
1032.06SELECT::TURNERThu Mar 21 1991Charade No. 27
1033.06UFHIS::SFISCHERWed Mar 27 1991Coded fishy message
1034.05FASDER::MTURNERWed Mar 27 1991Charade No. 28
1035.011XSTACY::PATTISONFri Mar 29 1991Standing on the moon
1036.03KAOFS::C_VALIQUETTEMon Apr 01 1991solution #2
1037.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Apr 02 1991Usent Picture Puzzle
1038.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Apr 02 1991Across/number/word
1039.010HANNAH::OSMANTue Apr 02 1991what digit replaces the letter E ?
1040.0+5BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Apr 03 1991Logic puzzle (old?)
1041.02XSTACY::PATTISONThu Apr 18 1991Franglais
1042.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Apr 22 1991Usenet Escalator
1043.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Apr 23 1991Usenet Crossword
1044.03PENUTS::BATORThu Apr 25 1991Logic Problem
1045.079CHIEFF::HUBERFri Apr 26 1991Shawn is Dead - Probably/Probably Not Mystery
1046.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue May 07 1991farthings anyone
1048.014SHARK::DOWWed May 15 1991word game
1049.04PENUTS::BATORFri May 17 1991An easy logic problem
1050.020MILKWY::SLABOUNTYThu May 23 1991Joe vs. the Volcano
1051.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon May 27 1991Usenet Cryptic Puzzle
1052.05FASDER::MTURNERTue May 28 1991Syllogism
1053.04ZYDECO::PEACOCKFri May 31 1991Help requested
1054.08IOSG::CARLINMon Jun 03 1991Some autophagous words
1055.02PENUTS::BATORMon Jun 03 1991Another Logic Problem
1056.02ATSE::MORGANMon Jun 03 1991Connect the dots
1057.02PENUTS::BATORTue Jun 04 1991Bowling Logic Problem
1058.02PENUTS::BATORTue Jun 04 1991POOL - Logic Problem
1059.03PENUTS::DDESMAISONSWed Jun 05 1991number, please
1060.02PENUTS::BATORWed Jun 05 1991Logic Problem with a MAP
1061.02PENUTS::BATORWed Jun 05 1991Tennis Anyone?
1062.015SHARK::DOWThu Jun 06 1991bears ?
1063.06WMOIS::BLANCHARDFri Jun 07 1991Lttrs pzzl
1065.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Jun 21 1991Usenet Cryptic Squares
1066.05MACNAS::CMORRISWed Jun 26 1991> Why 24 ? <
1067.015IOSG::CARLINThu Jun 27 1991Words with all different letters
1068.02YUPPY::AMERRThu Jun 27 1991Meeting puzzles sought!!!
1069.09RAB::TIBBITTSThu Jun 27 1991A simple puzzle
1070.02YUPPY::AMERRFri Jun 28 1991NAIL IT!
1071.02PENUTS::BATORWed Jul 03 1991A MATH PUZZLE
1073.04FASDER::MTURNERTue Jul 09 1991Charade No. 29
1074.012FASDER::MTURNERFri Jul 12 1991Bogglers' Dinner?
1075.04PENUTS::BATORFri Jul 12 1991Musical Logic puzzle
1076.03WOTVAX::CLEVELANDBWed Jul 17 1991Simple mathematics problem
1077.08BAHTAT::FRANZWed Jul 24 1991clock puzzle
1078.051KURTAN::WESTERBACKSun Aug 11 1991Screaming woman
1079.09BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Aug 19 1991How old is Ann?
1080.02PENUTS::BATORWed Aug 21 1991Logic Problem
1081.03PENUTS::BATORWed Aug 21 1991Logic Problem 2
1082.010PENUTS::BATORWed Aug 21 1991Logic Problem 3
1083.04KURTAN::WESTERBACKThu Aug 22 1991Athletics
1084.07KURTAN::WESTERBACKFri Aug 23 1991Division
1085.016KURTAN::WESTERBACKMon Aug 26 1991Ice cubes on the Moon
1086.04KURTAN::WESTERBACKTue Aug 27 1991Plus or minus
1087.02KURTAN::WESTERBACKThu Aug 29 1991Houses built in year...?
1088.026KURTAN::WESTERBACKTue Sep 03 1991Man kills woman, goes free.
1089.03WHELIN::RICEWed Sep 04 1991Three Salesmen - math problem
1090.010PENUTS::NOBLEWed Sep 04 1991Color-blind Man's Bluff
1091.02WHELIN::RICEWed Sep 04 1991Two airports/three airplanes
1092.06PENUTS::BATORFri Sep 06 1991Logic Problem
1093.02STKHLM::GYULAIMon Sep 09 1991a non-trivial estimation...
1094.05KURTAN::WESTERBACKTue Sep 10 1991The weight of an elephant
1095.07KURTAN::WESTERBACKTue Sep 10 1991Square hole in paper
1096.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Sep 10 1991Usenet Crossnumber
1097.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Sep 10 1991Usenet Logic Puzzle
1098.03STKHLM::GYULAITue Sep 10 1991A few puns to solve...
1099.04FASDER::MTURNERTue Sep 10 1991Charade No. 3
1100.02TARKIN::KEEFERWed Sep 11 1991PC memory problem
1102.02PENUTS::BATORThu Sep 12 1991Logic Problem 61
1103.05PENUTS::BATORThu Sep 12 1991Logic Problem 85
1104.02KURTAN::WESTERBACKThu Sep 12 199115 matches, 8 squares
1105.05KURTAN::WESTERBACKThu Sep 12 1991Fraction with 1-9
1106.08MAIL::BACKSTROMThu Sep 12 1991Mystery: Moaning Crowd #1
1107.022MAIL::BACKSTROMThu Sep 12 1991Mystery: MOANING CROWD #2
1108.013KURTAN::WESTERBACKFri Sep 13 1991Concrete falling on elevator
1109.04BHUNA::WMCCAFFERTYSun Sep 15 1991New Lateral Thinkers
1110.04BHUNA::CMTSun Sep 15 1991This is a hard one!
1111.031STKHLM::GYULAIMon Sep 16 1991the Hourglass's mass
1112.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Sep 25 1991Cryptarithmetic (is this the right word?)
1113.0BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Sep 27 19913-7th October->NO BB
1114.013PLAYER::BROWNLTue Oct 08 1991An Alphametic
1115.05FASDER::MTURNERThu Oct 10 1991Charade No. 31
1116.010STKHLM::GYULAIMon Oct 14 1991Coffee, everybody likes it hot!
1117.012KURTAN::WESTERBACKWed Oct 16 1991Swedish Coffee
1118.09KAOFS::R_YURKIWWed Oct 16 1991Simple chess puzzle??
1119.01BEING::EDPWed Oct 16 1991Spring and Rope System
1120.017STKHLM::GYULAIThu Oct 17 1991briliant bike boggle
1121.03LUPUS::J_JOSEPHFri Oct 18 1991Mathematical boggle.
1122.013BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Nov 04 1991Usenet MAP Puzzle
1123.05BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Nov 04 1991Usenet, "Strip Quote"
1124.014STKHLM::GYULAITue Nov 19 1991break burning boggle!
1125.05BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHThu Nov 28 1991Usenet Birthday Puzzle
1126.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Dec 09 1991Usenet Really Cryptic Crossowrd
1127.09MCIS2::DUPUISFri Dec 13 1991HELP!!!--One tough puzzle
1128.03BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Dec 16 1991Usenet Crossword - DIAGONALS
1129.05ATSE::MORGANThu Jan 02 1992Poor Winchester
1130.02ATSE::MORGANThu Jan 02 1992Calendice
1131.016CSDNET::DICASTROFri Jan 03 1992Common quotes/ converted
1132.05BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Jan 10 1992usenet Cryptic Crossword
1133.0+16IOSG::CARLINMon Jan 13 199217
1134.07CARTUN::ELGINTue Jan 14 1992The messenger and the marching army
1135.04LURE::CERLINGMon Jan 20 1992Eighth Grade Algebra
1136.07HANNAH::OSMANWed Jan 22 1992sum of reciprocals adds to an integer
1137.0STKHLM::GYULAIMon Jan 27 1992Occam's razor, useable by bogglers!
1138.09IOSG::CARLINMon Jan 27 19924x4
1139.07CARTUN::ELGINTue Jan 28 1992Sums and Sines?
1141.08SQM::SAXENAMon Feb 10 1992Coffee Puzzle (#1116) revisited
1142.05BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Feb 10 1992Usenet Cryptic Crossword
1143.011SQM::SAXENAWed Feb 12 1992One step forward for mankind.
1144.01PAISA::STAMMERSThu Feb 13 1992Polyominoe Problems
1145.0+9SQM::SAXENAThu Feb 20 1992Elementary School Geometry ???
1146.04BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Feb 26 1992Usenet Crossowrd
1147.04BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Feb 28 1992Division problem from Usenet.
1148.011PENUTS::NOBLEWed Mar 18 1992Soma cube
1149.028IOSG::CARLINThu Mar 26 1992An impossible crossword
1150.025SQM::SAXENAThu Mar 26 1992The Murdered Butcher Mystery
1151.017SQM::SAXENAFri Apr 03 1992Who is SILLY::PAKORA ???
1152.012BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Apr 21 1992Usenet Puzzles (part of an Examination)
1153.05BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHThu Apr 23 1992Logic from USenet
1154.0BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Apr 28 1992Cross-star-puzzle-word
1155.018STKHLM::GYULAITue Apr 28 1992Decipher this:
1156.011TROOA::POECHMANFri May 08 1992dead man, phone booth
1157.039TROOA::POECHMANMon May 11 1992dead man in prison
1158.03OTOAWed May 13 1992Another YES - NO Boggler. Sawdust gets in yer i's
1159.09TROOA::POECHMANThu May 14 1992boat with ladder
1160.07TROOA::POECHMANThu May 14 1992bridge and two guards
1161.037TROOA::MTANNERThu May 14 1992Give me hand off this floor!
1162.09STKHLM::GYULAIThu May 21 1992A few riddles
1163.012TROOA::MTANNERThu May 21 1992Climbing Problem
1165.08FUTURS::HILL_KMon Jun 01 1992IBM-DEC Boatrace
1166.02TROOA::BROOKSThu Jun 11 19922
1168.01SUBURB::NEWTONBWed Jun 24 1992ex
1169.02LARVAE::HUTCHINGS_PTue Jun 30 1992Where
1170.04HANNAH::OSMANWed Jul 01 1992a cryptogram
1171.09FUTURS::BURRELLWed Jul 01 1992Frozen Peas!
1172.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Jul 06 1992Usenet Crossword
1173.03BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Jul 08 1992bark bark
1174.05WMOIS::LECLAIR_SFri Jul 10 1992Yes or No Puzzle
1175.03WMOIS::LECLAIR_SFri Jul 10 1992Yes or No Puzzle #2
1176.019WMOIS::LECLAIR_SFri Jul 10 1992Yes or No Puzzle #3
1177.045DNEAST::BOURQUE_JEFFTue Jul 14 1992Yes/no who done it
1178.04BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Jul 17 1992Cubic problem
1179.02VFOVAX::BELLWed Jul 22 1992The HME Pinafore puzzle
1180.020MLCSSE::BENOITThu Jul 23 1992G-force question
1181.036DNEAST::BOURQUE_JEFFMon Jul 27 1992yes/no lets go!
1182.017BUSY::SLABOUNTYThu Jul 30 1992The speed of heat?
1183.012DNEAST::BOURQUE_JEFFFri Jul 31 1992LIGHT
1184.04CPCOD::CITGO::BASHAWTue Aug 11 1992Balance Scale Problem
1185.06XSTACY::PATTISONTue Aug 11 1992Snooker puzzle
1186.05SQM::SAXENAWed Aug 12 1992chicken|egg
1187.02MILKWY::ZARLENGASun Aug 16 1992On train schedules
1188.04MILKWY::ZARLENGASun Aug 16 1992YACQ (yet another card question)
1189.014MILKWY::ZARLENGASun Aug 16 1992the cyclist and the wind
1190.031CNTROL::HUBERTue Aug 18 1992A man, a gun, and an octopus... (Yes/No)
1191.07AWARD::MEHENDALETue Aug 18 1992The defective tennis ball
1192.07SQM::SAXENAWed Aug 19 1992cutting a metal strip
1193.02SQM::SAXENAWed Aug 19 1992ironing those wrinkles away
1194.06SQM::SAXENAWed Aug 19 1992Sound of silence
1195.011SQM::SAXENAWed Aug 19 1992electricity
1196.07AWARD::MEHENDALEWed Aug 19 1992Ages of 3 sons
1197.031SQM::SAXENAThu Aug 20 1992can't can
1198.09AWARD::MEHENDALEFri Aug 21 1992How long did the man walk?
1199.05CARECL::GJANSENFri Aug 21 1992One = Two ?
1200.012CARECL::GJANSENMon Aug 24 1992Ladder problem
1201.03VFOVAX::BELLThu Aug 27 1992Summation expressed as algebraic
1202.03DYPSS1::COGHILLSat Aug 29 1992A question of primality
1203.05RICKS::D_ELLISTue Sep 01 1992Circular Ticktacktoe
1204.03HANNAH::OSMANTue Sep 01 1992the four numbers
1205.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Sep 07 1992Card Table Logic
1206.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Sep 07 1992Cat logic
1207.05BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Sep 07 1992College Entrace Logica
1208.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Sep 07 1992Preparedness Logic
1209.03BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Sep 21 1992usenet puzzle (like ages of people, but different)
1210.042IOSG::CARLINMon Sep 21 1992Auto-boggle
1211.02WEAR::BODDYTue Sep 22 1992Mystery. Doctor cannot operate .
1212.03SUBURB::MAYJTue Sep 29 1992Hanging around in the desert.
1214.03PEKING::RANWELLJWed Oct 07 1992
1215.07PEKING::RANWELLJThu Oct 08 1992Snooker puzzle
1216.08PENUTS::DDESMAISONSThu Oct 15 1992Cubic
1217.019HANNAH::OSMANWed Oct 21 1992who can find 4 "better" numbers ?
1218.0CSDNET::DICASTROWed Oct 28 1992A classic,expanded
1219.07CARECL::CASTIENTue Nov 03 1992Olympic Challenge?
1220.03IRNBRU::EDDIEWed Nov 18 1992Ages of the best and worst players
1221.08BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Nov 20 1992crypto-analogies
1222.011BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Dec 08 1992Christmas Carols - a bit disguised
1223.021SUBSYS::FAIRBANKSThu Dec 10 1992MENSA problem
1224.02PENUTS::DDESMAISONSWed Dec 16 1992watts wrong with this picture
1225.030HANNAH::OSMANTue Jan 05 1993bill bill bo bill. banana nana bo bill. bill. (the name game)
1226.010WOTVAX::GLASSUPBThu Jan 28 1993Drink of water
1227.02WOTVAX::GLASSUPBThu Jan 28 1993Another drink of water
1228.01SUBURB::MAYJFri Jan 29 199395
1229.06HDLITE::ZARLENGAThu Feb 04 1993rearrange the matches to make "nothing"
1230.02BALZAC::SIEFri Feb 05 1993Numerical sequence ...
1231.07BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri Mar 05 1993Easy Addition
1232.06HDLITE::ZARLENGATue Mar 16 19931
1233.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Mar 17 19932 from usenet
1234.05SICVAX::WYATTWed Mar 17 1993Timber problem copied from 1233
1235.03BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHTue Mar 30 1993Alphacipher from Usenet
1236.06TAVThu Apr 01 1993Deaf, Dumb, and Blind
1237.05CAILIN::SIDThu Apr 08 1993W.Y.B.M.A.P.I.I.T.Y.
1238.04BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Apr 14 1993Ages puzzle from usenet
1239.013MUZICK::SPELLMANThu Apr 15 1993Friday (?) the 13th
1240.08HEADHD::STAMMERSWed Apr 21 1993Battleships
1241.05CAILIN::SIDThu Apr 22 1993What Colour is My Hat
1242.07CAILIN::SIDMon Apr 26 1993Which box?
1243.027POLISH::GARDNERTue Apr 27 1993Yes / No Mystery: Blades, a stone, and red pulp...
1244.025BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHThu Apr 29 1993fractured phrases
1245.04MAYES::MOCCIOThu May 06 1993Try this one.....
1246.0HANNAH::OSMANThu May 06 1993a pseudo-random number generator
1247.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri May 28 1993Addition by letters
1248.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHFri May 28 1993Maths Ruler
1249.025BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Jun 11 1993Puppy/dog boggler
1250.07CALS::DESELMSMon Jul 12 1993Two tokens for a dollar...
1251.04TAVTue Jul 27 199321
1252.01BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHThu Jul 29 1993maze puzzle (sort of)
1253.07HANNAH::OSMANMon Aug 02 1993leave and return on thursday
1254.08VFOVAX::BELLTue Aug 31 1993Of what time do I think?
1255.017BARQUE::WHITWOOD_NFri Sep 10 1993Card Prediction
1256.019BARQUE::WHITWOOD_NFri Sep 10 1993A Card Trick
1257.03PAKORA::DROONEYFri Sep 17 1993What is it?
1258.019TAVMon Sep 27 1993The Identical Professors
1259.016AUSSIE::WHORLOWThu Sep 30 1993How wide is a Mack Truck?
1260.0SHIPS::WHITWOOD_NFri Oct 01 1993Pinocle Poker
1261.066--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 13 1993A very tricky puzzel
1262.01STAR::MUNZERMon Oct 18 1993consonants, vowels, country
1263.032OTOOA::OTOP19::AndersonWed Oct 27 1993Petal Around the Rose
1264.06REDARO::WLC_IMPROV1Tue Nov 09 1993"Missing the obvious"
1265.03BELFST::HARTEWed Nov 10 1993Samson and Delilah
1266.02TOOK::DELBALSOSun Nov 21 1993Seeking books on wire puzzles
1267.035BASLG1::SEDGWICKWed Dec 01 1993Bakers Shop Classic
1268.03SNOCMon Dec 06 1993Riddled racehorses
1269.03CADSYS::WENCYTue Dec 07 1993Coffee anyone???
1270.02CADSYS::WENCYTue Dec 07 1993old puzzle
1271.0BASLG1::BARNESWed Dec 08 1993simple when you know how
1272.06ROAMIN::SHIPLEYMon Dec 13 1993Simple substitution
1273.013STAR::MUNZERTue Dec 14 1993w_rds
1274.08HANNAH::OSMANMon Jan 03 1994evaluate this expression
1275.024KAOFS::R_YURKIWMon Jan 24 1994centre of gravity problem
1276.020KAOFS::R_YURKIWThu Jan 27 1994line puzzle
1277.08AUSSIE::PENNYMon Feb 07 1994
1278.09CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Feb 22 1994Can you help my mom?
1279.031ELIS::BOERENMon Feb 28 1994Threatening letter!
1280.03NEMAIL::CARROLLJWed Mar 02 1994bad party + housefiles = good party
1281.011NEMAIL::CARROLLJWed Mar 02 1994Biblical - animals on the Ark?
1282.06NEMAIL::CARROLLJFri Mar 04 19947 men in rain, one doesn't get wet
1283.016--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 04 1994BAFFLED IN BRAZIL
1285.061RUTILE::BOTWed Mar 09 1994He didn't brush his teeth (Y/N)
1286.06MSBCS::NARENDRAFri Mar 11 1994cigrette problem!
1287.0+20COMET::SOCORROSat Mar 12 1994Down in the grass...
1288.051ELIS::BOERENFri Mar 18 1994Sad awakening, the mysterie!
1289.011HANNAH::OSMANFri Mar 18 1994how many quarts of water ?
1290.021ASABET::DOWNSWed Mar 23 1994Things that make you go HHMMM!
1291.011NEMAIL::CARROLLJTue Mar 29 1994outside/inside/outside/inside
1292.019EASI::WALLACEThu Mar 31 1994 1 1 is a horse
1293.08COMET::SOCORROSat Apr 02 1994How about a Trivia Question!
1294.07COMET::SOCORROSat Apr 02 1994Take this Numeric baffler wit' ya!
1295.019COMET::SOCORROSat Apr 02 1994One more for the Road!
1296.011ELIS::BOERENMon Apr 18 1994Holland promotion, or is it?
1297.011NEMAIL::CARROLLJSun Apr 24 1994The Returning Explorer
1298.06NEMAIL::CARROLLJSun Apr 24 1994Draw poker, face up . . .
1299.09NEMAIL::CARROLLJSun Apr 24 1994Mathematical Fallacy . . .
1300.06HANNAH::OSMANTue Apr 26 1994all mixed up
1301.09HANNAH::OSMANThu Apr 28 1994sorry, can't quite change that
1302.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed May 11 1994Add 'em up
1303.044--UnknownUser--Thu May 19 1994what are the 2 numbers ?
1304.07PAKORA::BHAILEMon May 30 1994Skyscraper headscratcher....
1305.015OKFINE::KENAHTue May 31 1994Yes? False!!
1306.07ROCK::HUBERThu Jun 09 1994Lions and Octopuses and Cows, Oh My!
1307.0+12KIRKTN::GILLESPIESWed Jun 22 1994summery connection
1308.07KIRKTN::GILLESPIESThu Jun 23 1994"Glass of water, Please"
1309.02PIETTue Jul 19 19942 Sons, 2 Fathers, and $3...
1310.018PIETTue Jul 19 1994Four 9's
1311.05TRUCKS::GOREWed Jul 27 1994Woman, basket and breakfast
1312.04OKFINE::KENAHMon Aug 01 1994Reducing Fractions
1313.06CLYDE::KOWALEWICZ_MFri Aug 05 1994Cryptic Comment
1314.03MASALA::SGILLESPIEMon Aug 08 1994Bawbusters
1315.014SHIPS::WHITWOOD_NTue Aug 09 1994Water Level Puzzle
1316.03KURMA::RDOUGLASTue Aug 09 1994Overheard in a ski lodge
1317.02TOOK::DELBALSOThu Aug 11 1994Three men and five hats (NOT a yes/no problem)
1318.06BPSOF::NEWBERGMon Aug 15 1994Men with fruit trees - logic puzzle
1319.07BPSOF::NEWBERGWed Aug 17 1994Women with cars - logic puzzle
1320.07BPSOF::NEWBERGTue Aug 23 1994Bears - logic puzzle
1321.08MASALA::DWALLACEThu Aug 25 1994Multi food puzzle
1322.02LEZAH::WELLCOMEWed Aug 31 1994What time is it on the moon?
1324.04BPSOF::NEWBERGWed Oct 05 1994Commuters - logic puzzle
1325.05MASALA::BHAILEThu Nov 03 1994man in field
1326.0+7CAPELA::GILLESPIESThu Nov 03 1994Alphabet
1327.05SIOG::E_CUSACKThu Nov 03 1994Whats the Connection ?
1328.02HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 03 1994whats the connection ?
1329.03STOHUB::SLBLUZ::WINKLEMANMon Nov 07 1994Record Puzzle
1330.05SUBURB::STRANGEWAYSTue Nov 08 1994Spilt Coffee
1331.0+2SUBURB::STRANGEWAYSWed Nov 09 1994More coffee
1332.03SIOG::E_CUSACKThu Nov 10 1994help on riddle
1333.01PAKORA::RDOUGLASMon Nov 21 1994Drugs,Sex,Murder,Death
1334.024RTOEU::AHESKETHThu Nov 24 1994The man and the woman (Y/N)
1335.011WELLIN::GRAHAMFri Nov 25 199452 s in the us
1336.03HANNAH::OSMANFri Dec 02 1994a slap is heard...
1337.0+3MASALA::DWALLACEMon Dec 12 1994Achallinj but wurth it !
1338.0345777::ALEUC3Tue Jan 24 1995Guarantee 5 number winner
1339.04NETRIX::"Bockel@jgotmp.jgo.dec.com"Wed Feb 08 1995Mathematic problem !
1340.04KAOFS::R_YURKIWWed Feb 08 1995balance scale problem.
1341.03NETRIX::"Bockel@Emiel.Address"Thu Feb 09 1995Another Logic Problem ...
1342.019KAOFS::R_YURKIWThu Feb 09 1995Chess problem.
1343.0245796::STRANGEWAYSFri Feb 10 1995Logic: Sum of cubes of digits
1345.03CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Feb 13 1995permutation problem
1348.025JGODCC::BOCKELTue Feb 21 1995Man is Drunk ...... (Y/N)
1349.08JGODCC::BOCKELWed Feb 22 1995Linear Programming Problem ...........
1350.029JGODCC::BOCKELThu Feb 23 1995The Surgeon and the Policeman ....... (Y/N)
1351.05TAVIS::SHIRANTue Feb 28 1995dry watermelon
1352.03ULYSSE::ZITTATue Mar 14 199512345679*x
1353.015STKAI1::T_ANDERSSONThu Mar 16 1995Magic Squares
1354.05VYGER::GIBSONJFri Apr 14 1995A weighty problem?
1355.013DYPSS1::COGHILLMon Apr 17 1995Disappearing Woman (Yes/No Mystery)
1356.012MIMS::GULICK_LFri Apr 28 1995List Letters
1357.03SALEM::BURGERThu May 04 1995High above the earth - map puzzle
1358.020AQUFri May 12 1995A SUPPER BOGGLE
1359.011AQUSun May 21 1995Copperfield's magic with numbers
1360.05HANNAH::OSMANMon May 22 1995$5
1361.03AQUWed May 24 1995Getting the last Ketchup out of yr bottle
1362.030PERFOM::NRAJANWed May 24 1995Liquid volume riddle
1363.06BPSOF::GYONGYOSISat Jun 03 1995Extreme "languages"
1364.09BPSOF::GYONGYOSISat Jun 03 1995Simmetric sentences
1365.025BRAT::VINCENTTue Jun 06 1995more phractured frases
1366.020AQUWed Jun 07 1995next in the number series
1368.014BRAT::VINCENTThu Jun 08 1995dice fur dish
1369.09BRAT::VINCENTMon Jun 26 1995more fractured fraises
1370.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHThu Jul 06 1995Murder logic puzzle
1371.060HANNAH::OSMANThu Jul 06 1995prisoner's paradox
1372.05BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHThu Jul 13 1995Second Murder House
1373.010MKOTS3::DQUINNTue Jul 25 1995Logic problem - gold coins
1374.067HANNAH::OSMANThu Jul 27 1995eye island
1376.012HOTLNE::GRILLOFri Aug 11 1995Unicorn Manor
1377.06HANNAH::OSMANMon Oct 02 1995disappointment
1378.015TPTue Oct 03 1995Picturesque Places
1379.06TPTue Oct 03 1995DVWLZD Names
1380.09TPWed Oct 04 1995BOOK 'EM
1381.03PERFOM::NRAJANWed Oct 04 1995Sultan's solution
1382.010HANNAH::OSMANThu Oct 05 1995say "red"
1383.01211874::SANTRYFri Oct 13 1995Creative Physics - Barometers
1384.06SPSEG::COVINGTONMon Oct 30 1995A tale of two syllables
1385.03TPFri Nov 03 1995Working Titles
1386.012HANNAH::OSMANThu Nov 09 1995getting to 1
1387.08BUSY::SLABOUNTYThu Nov 16 1995Adding digits in a number
1388.04DYPSS1::COGHILLThu Nov 16 1995Word Diamond #1
1389.05DYPSS1::COGHILLThu Nov 16 1995Word Diamond #2
1390.05DYPSS1::COGHILLThu Nov 16 1995Word Diamond #3
1391.08DYPSS1::COGHILLThu Nov 16 1995Hannah's Marriage Proposal
1392.0+7DYPSS1::COGHILLThu Nov 16 199515 Sheep in 4 Pens
1393.04DYPSS1::COGHILLThu Nov 16 1995King Arthur's Round Table
1394.02SPSEG::COVINGTONWed Nov 29 1995Another riddle
1395.02SPSEG::COVINGTONWed Nov 29 1995A "hidden puzzle" boggler
1396.0CHEFS::STRANGEWAYSThu Nov 30 19953 layers - not for faint hearted
1397.05HANNAH::OSMANFri Dec 08 1995the magic number
1398.05ULYSSE::ZITTAWed Dec 20 19951.11.21.1211.111221.....
1399.01ZURTue Jan 09 1996Not a good one for you - Einstein's
1400.01BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Jan 30 1996UNSOLVED bogglers
1401.021HANNAH::OSMANFri Feb 02 1996cartalk cake puzzle
1402.05BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Feb 07 1996Combined discount and tax
1403.03HANNAH::OSMANTue Mar 05 1996any way you slice it
1404.0+6226Tue Mar 26 1996FreeCell conjecture
1405.0+7HANNAH::OSMANTue Apr 09 1996divide a rectangle into an odd number of congruent pieces
1406.0922933::HOMANSANGThu Apr 25 1996Geometry question
1407.04226Thu Apr 25 1996another sequence puzzle
1408.06HANNAH::OSMANThu Apr 25 1996bunch of stamps
1409.01CHEFS::STRANGEWAYSMon Apr 29 1996Yet another sequence
1410.0417644::s_coghill.dyo.dec.com::S_CoghillTue May 07 1996Most Perfect Word
1411.0+15HANNAH::OSMANWed May 29 1996what inch-mark is ruler hanging at ? (training puzzle for 967)
1412.01336218::SADLERWed Jun 26 1996IQ test
1413.01SALEM::PEGUERO_JFri Jun 28 1996Find the #'s and the right place
1414.0+26HANNAH::OSMANMon Jul 15 1996what are the chances that lefthand person eats last ?
1415.0358379::TEMPLEWed Jul 31 1996What am I?
1416.02WMOIS::HINESFri Aug 02 1996BAR MYSTERY (Y/N)
1417.07RUSURE::EDPMon Aug 05 1996A Riddle
1418.01CHEFS::ASHTONMon Aug 19 1996Taipei
1419.014STAR::BETTLEThu Aug 29 19964 quarts from 3 and 5?
1420.01158379::COCHRANEHMon Sep 16 1996A TRAIN OF PEOPLE
1421.01258379::COCHRANEHMon Sep 16 1996SILLY BOGGLES
1422.0658379::COCHRANEHThu Sep 19 19964
1423.012STAR::BETTLESat Sep 21 1996hel
1424.03317644::s_coghill.dyo.dec.com::S_CoghillWed Sep 25 1996Brain Bogglers Babbler
1425.0+12XSTACY::PATTISONFri Nov 15 1996ROT-13 quickie
1426.09IOSG::CARLINTue Dec 03 1996CL*SS*C CL**S
1427.02RANGER::OSMANMon Dec 23 1996simple arithmetic card trick
1428.0+9BUSY::SLABSat Jan 11 1997Use 4 4's to 'formulate' numbers
1430.0 *+154446::OSMANMon Jan 27 1997directions boggler
1431.0 *+9BUSY::SLABMon Jan 27 1997Cross sums
1432.0 *+18IOSG::CARLINTue Feb 04 1997Find your field
1433.0 *+5DYPSS1::s_coghill.dyo.dec.com::CoghillSMon Feb 10 1997What kind of arithmetic is this?
1434.0 *+34446::OSMANTue Feb 11 1997too many cooks...
1435.0 *+3BUSY::SLABMon Feb 24 1997Crush 3-D box and end up with a hexagon
1436.0 *+4IOSG::CARLINTue Apr 01 1997No clues today!
1437.0 *+73824Wed Apr 16 1997Seven wives......
1438.0 *+1345426::tunaFri May 02 1997Gravity at the Centre of the Earth
1439.0 *+74446::OSMANTue May 06 1997large disc rolling by your window
1440.0 *+539Sun May 25 1997Times Teaser
1441.0 *+44446::OSMANTue May 27 1997belt around the earth