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Conference cpdev::opencp

Title:Capacity Planner for Open Systems
Created:Tue Aug 17 1993
Last Modified:Tue Jun 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:708
Total number of notes:2503
Number with bodies:130
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1.02DISCOS::SYSTEMTue Aug 17 1993Welcome to Capacity Planner conference
2.0+27DISCOS::SYSTEMTue Aug 17 1993Kit location
3.02DISCOS::PANGTue Oct 25 1994Latest External Field Test
4.03DISCOS::SYSTEMThu Dec 01 1994Conference Administrivia
5.0DISCOS::PANGMon Mar 20 1995Frequent users as IFT sites
6.0DISCOS::SYSTEMTue Aug 17 1993Reserved Note
7.0DISCOS::SYSTEMTue Aug 17 1993Reserved Note
8.0DISCOS::SYSTEMTue Aug 17 1993Reserved Note
9.0DISCOS::SYSTEMTue Aug 17 1993Reserved Note
10.0DISCOS::SYSTEMTue Aug 17 1993Reserved Note
11.033589Wed Aug 25 1993install questions
12.07KETJE::CORTEBEECKThu Aug 26 1993eCP kit for AXP?
13.02KETJE::CORTEBEECKThu Aug 26 1993Kit location scheme question ?
14.0134941::ARKB::MELOMThu Aug 26 1993V1.1 Analysis doesn't work with V2.
15.0CALJRN::NEWMANThu Aug 26 1993Tool Positioning
16.04CHGVThu Aug 26 1993PLAN verb and coexistance with DECcp 1.2
17.01KETJE::CORTEBEECKFri Aug 27 1993.SPM and .EVM question
18.043589Fri Aug 27 1993edi and ecp install problems
19.08CRASHR::JILLYMon Aug 30 1993Undefined symbols linking the EDI
20.04DISCOS::CASTELLANOWed Sep 01 1993Some Bugs
21.01117Tue Sep 07 1993V2.
22.018965::MORGANTue Sep 07 1993Question on PSDC version
23.0117Tue Sep 07 1993MSCP Server resource utilization modeling
24.03STKHLM::HOLMTue Sep 14 1993Some questions...
25.053589Tue Sep 14 1993data integration problems
26.01KETJE::BEYENSWed Sep 22 1993Tried it on ULTRIX V 4.3
27.0134941::ARKB::MELOMFri Sep 24 1993Pricing question
28.01WARNUT::ALLENWed Sep 29 1993Install doc nit
29.0349438::PAYCI_FWed Sep 29 1993FDDI - Cluster Model
30.06CHGVThu Sep 30 1993When Customer Orderable?
31.01DATCHA::GHEORGHINMon Oct 04 1993where is the DECPS conference
32.02GIDDAY::SPEEDYMon Oct 04 1993Bad elapsed time on response event
33.01CALJRN::NEWMANWed Oct 20 1993Problem with AXP DI PAK
34.03SNO78A::WASITU::KORSPAULThu Oct 21 1993OPEN class response time validation
35.0333438::KOCH_PThu Oct 28 1993OpenVMS VAX data to model response on OpenVMS AXP?
36.0CRASHR::JILLYFri Nov 05 1993Capacity Planning issue for V2.
37.0141318::PARKSFri Nov 05 1993DECps V1.1 DC useable by V2.
38.04CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Nov 12 1993Who is the moderator for the FALCON conference?
39.01DISCOS::PANGMon Nov 15 1993FRS dates for CP V2.
40.03TROOA::SISSONWed Nov 24 1993%DCL-E-NOTFR
41.03KETJE::CORTEBEECKFri Nov 26 1993
42.04TROOA::SISSONThu Dec 02 1993DECps/OpenCP V2.
43.06TROOA::SISSONThu Dec 02 1993ACCVIO building base model
44.0149437::FLORTue Dec 14 1993ECP2
45.035Wed Dec 15 1993IFT4 - Access Violation when Defining Classes
46.01DATCHA::PICQMon Dec 20 1993Message
47.0158635::RATHNOWWed Dec 22 1993OpenCP Training
48.03TROOA::SISSONWed Dec 22 1993Advice requested about AXP Migration
49.0134838::MAPPLEGATEMon Jan 03 1994Ultrix Release note files broken
50.0TROOA::SISSONTue Jan 04 1994ACCVIO in T2.
51.0147211::NOFERINIWed Jan 05 1994Version/Platform - Big Confusion
52.0634941::ARKB::MELOMWed Jan 05 1994Closed classes don't get built?
53.034941::ARKB::MELOMWed Jan 05 1994ACCVIO on Class Population select
54.0147211::NOFERINIMon Jan 10 1994pls check my understanding
55.02DISCOS::CASTELLANOTue Jan 11 1994Extended Field Test
56.06TRNWed Jan 12 1994OPENCP OSF/1 EFT4 Problem
57.0136495::krasFri Jan 14 1994Need description
58.02KETJE::CORTEBEECKMon Jan 17 1994From WORKLOADS to (sub)CLASSES question ?
59.01TRNOIS::TESTAMon Jan 17 1994On OSF/1: some questions!
60.0KETJE::CORTEBEECKTue Jan 18 1994Don't use <>es
61.0KETJE::CORTEBEECKTue Jan 18 1994SAVE classification????
62.0KETJE::CORTEBEECKTue Jan 18 1994Confused by filters
63.02KETJE::CORTEBEECKTue Jan 18 1994DAD
64.06KETJE::CORTEBEECKTue Jan 18 1994Worload Import data ?
65.02KETJE::CORTEBEECKTue Jan 18 1994Workload Analysis Reporting Mystery !
66.01KETJE::CORTEBEECKTue Jan 18 1994Workload What_else Editing crash
67.0KETJE::CORTEBEECKTue Jan 18 1994Classification Support?
68.04KETJE::CORTEBEECKTue Jan 18 1994SUBCLASS reporting ????????
69.022937::CHARLESKWANTue Jan 18 1994HSJ and RZ disk modelling?
70.01KETJE::CORTEBEECKWed Jan 19 1994TRYING to collect AXP data for Eng.
71.01KETJE::CORTEBEECKWed Jan 19 1994CPD + EVM collection || 1 Window???
72.01KETJE::CORTEBEECKFri Jan 21 1994Cosmetic n+m in the DEFINE CLASSES WINDOW
73.01KETJE::CORTEBEECKFri Jan 21 1994Multiple classes selection for class deletion ??
74.03KETJE::CORTEBEECKFri Jan 21 1994End user question : Image classification wildcarting question.
75.0KETJE::CORTEBEECKFri Jan 21 1994Cosmetic x : reorder classes
76.03KETJE::CORTEBEECKFri Jan 21 1994Image Classification on .cpd only question
77.05KETJE::CORTEBEECKFri Jan 21 1994End user question : Loading .CLASS files ????
78.02KETJE::CORTEBEECKFri Jan 21 1994End user question : saving a model?????
79.03KETJE::CORTEBEECKMon Jan 24 1994
80.0222937::CHARLESKWANTue Jan 25 1994DECps for Unix ...
81.03TRNOIS::TESTAWed Jan 26 1994Processes don't found - OSF!
82.08MPOPAS::ARKB::MELOMWed Jan 26 1994EFT4 problems
83.04GIZMOE::FORDWed Jan 26 1994New User guide available
84.02KETJE::CORTEBEECKTue Feb 01 1994Crash on validation EFT4_D
86.0KETJE::CORTEBEECKFri Feb 04 1994End user questions
87.0KETJE::CORTEBEECKWed Feb 09 1994Alpa modeling expierence sought
88.0351847::SIIGFri Feb 11 1994Which kit for a customer capacity planning
89.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Feb 17 1994Is explicit EXPORT required to generate .BASE?
90.08343Thu Feb 17 1994DIsk Space Report Problem
91.03589Fri Feb 18 1994character cell status?
92.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEMon Feb 21 1994Training?
93.04EFRAT::EFRATTue Feb 22 1994Installation problems of EFT5
94.033589Wed Feb 23 1994crash at pc
95.013589Wed Feb 23 1994how to import DECps parameters file correctly?
96.0435879::DRGThu Feb 24 1994Problem with Draw Configuration..
97.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Feb 24 1994QAR system password expired
98.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Feb 24 1994ACCVIO in Balance Workload window
99.0558378::BOIVINFri Feb 25 1994Can ECP V2.
100.01EFRAT::EFRATMon Feb 28 1994Trace point error
101.02SNO78A::WASITU::KORSPAULTue Mar 01 1994DSSI Config inconsistencies
102.02YUPPY::NUTKIN::MARTINTue Mar 01 1994ECP crash
103.0YUPPY::NUTKIN::MARTINTue Mar 01 1994To many disks on a DSSI
104.0435879::DRGTue Mar 01 1994Stacking on Data Integration.
105.03KETJE::CORTEBEECKWed Mar 02 1994European OPENCP course announcement
106.01TROOA::WALLACEMon Mar 07 1994Recommended or support tool?
107.0442397::MAGUIRE_GWed Mar 09 1994Relatinship of CP to Perf. Mgr & Data Collector
108.0142721::GALLAGHER_DTue Mar 15 1994FOUND A BUG IN v2.
109.0CESARE::ERMACORATue Mar 15 1994Complex Capacity Plan
110.0131388::WHITTONWed Mar 16 1994Can't copy PAK_CP_VAX.COM from DISCOS::PUBLIC:[EFT5]
111.0542179::SLOANThu Mar 17 1994Access Violation using T2.
112.0WARNUT::ALLENTue Mar 22 1994ULTRIX and Pathworks
113.01WARNUT::ALLENTue Mar 22 1994More ULTRIX/OSF questions.
114.02WARNUT::ALLENThu Mar 24 1994OSF/2????
115.02TROOA::WALLACEThu Mar 24 1994Modeling problems
116.02KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINFri Mar 25 1994Hardware support for CP 2.
117.064963Tue Mar 29 1994Problem with Installation of T2.
118.0632895::SCHULZTue Mar 29 1994Network tools?
119.0454687::WDEBAKKERThu Mar 31 1994Prevent subdivision of workloadnames?
120.06CSC32::D_TAYLORThu Mar 31 1994%PSCP-W-DSKFAILOVR1
121.0MRKTNG::SLATERFri Apr 01 1994Performance Information Repository
122.024963Tue Apr 05 1994Response time problem
123.0342179::SLOANFri Apr 08 1994ECP V2.
124.03MUNICH::FERSTLFri Apr 08 1994Polyc.Cap.Planner V2.
125.016MRKTNG::SLATERSun Apr 10 1994Application Performance and Configuration Guide
126.01058378::BOIVINFri Apr 15 1994Segmentation fault plan (core dumped)...when reading VMS .MERG file on OSF/1
127.09CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Apr 19 1994Is the documentation available?
128.03CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Apr 20 1994Does OpenCp support shadowing and striping?
129.01CSC32::T_KNAPPWed Apr 20 1994PSDC-F-MSGTXTVER
130.0MRKTNG::SLATERThu Apr 21 1994Positioning, Sizing, and Optimizing Oracle Applications
131.0231318::MURRAY_RUThu Apr 21 1994access vio at
132.0331318::MURRAY_RUThu Apr 21 1994Problems with disk modeling.
133.0YUPPY::MUNROMFri Apr 22 1994Mailworks / Teamlinks
134.08COPCLU::SIIGFri Apr 22 1994ECP-ERROR, Cannot open display
135.010CRASHR::JILLYFri Apr 22 1994What are 'disksets'??
136.02ZPOVC::DAIVMon Apr 25 1994SDK for CP on OpenVMS AXP
137.0132895::SCHULZWed Apr 27 1994Service del problem if PSDC v1.1
138.02CSC32::T_KNAPPWed Apr 27 1994How to use .DBA files?
139.03CSC32::T_KNAPPWed Apr 27 1994ACCVIO PC=
140.01CSC32::T_KNAPPWed Apr 27 1994ECP
141.02226Thu Apr 28 1994Stripeset modelling
142.02GIDDAY::CHEUNGJFri Apr 29 1994"Load change" problem in modelling
143.01422Wed May 04 1994SSB release to model HSJ
144.0ARRODS::HARDINGWed May 04 1994OpenCP training in UK
145.0436648::FEUERSTEINThu May 05 1994Darn thing keeps crashing on me....
146.0332895::SCHULZThu May 05 1994Does CP start .cpd collector too?
147.0222583::TUNGMon May 09 1994how to add KFMSA DSSI adapter
148.0432895::SCHULZMon May 09 1994Data Integrator..starts, quits, no msgs
149.0MRKTNG::SLATERTue May 10 1994LinkWorks Performance Update Presentation
150.0432895::SCHULZWed May 11 1994Some install concerns..
151.0232895::SCHULZWed May 11 1994DECCP files + .cpd =
152.01ZPOVC::DAIVFri May 13 1994Modelling MV31
153.01CRASHR::JILLYFri May 13 1994DECUS = more calls for the CSC
154.0MRKTNG::SLATERWed May 18 1994Sizing and Tuning Oracle Applications on Digital Platforms Presentation
155.0121272::INTERD_MARIOWed May 18 1994The "OLD" PSCP: can I use it????
156.04WARNUT::ALLENFri May 20 1994PAK for ULTRIX and OSF
157.03WARNUT::ALLENFri May 20 1994Memory file for H/W input ULTRIX/OSF
159.0233436::JAUNGFri May 20 1994capacity planning for client/server
160.053Mon May 23 1994Error message during disk load balancing
161.02CSC32::G_ROGERSMon May 23 1994PSDC$EVENT_BUFFERS stuck at default (EVM)
162.0236766::POLYCENTERTue May 24 1994CP versus BGS Best/1 (Customer is on the fence)
163.01CSC32::G_ROGERSTue May 24 1994DI fails [on CPD data?]
164.0754687::PEETERSWed May 25 1994CP problems reading AXP data
165.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu May 26 1994ECP-WARNING, Insufficient data collected?
166.04CRASHR::JILLYFri May 27 1994V2.
167.04CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri May 27 1994ACCVIO pc=
168.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri May 27 1994How to bring up all available Icons
169.02CRASHR::JILLYTue May 31 1994FLTINV V2.
170.01WARNUT::ALLENTue May 31 1994
171.04WARNUT::ALLENFri Jun 03 1994MUP bug device stats buttons
172.01WARNUT::ALLENFri Jun 03 1994MUP MAJOR bug disk utils
173.0145266::PACK_JFri Jun 03 1994Disk can responce faster than built in miniums
174.0216553::LEEDSMon Jun 06 1994DECps CP for V2.
175.08CRASHR::JILLYTue Jun 07 1994V2.
176.0231318::SHORT_CHWed Jun 08 1994Product Manager ??
177.01BOMBOM::PALMERRJMon Jun 13 1994Memory movement?
178.01CRASHR::JILLYTue Jun 14 1994OPENCP Docs not on May 1994 VAXDOC CD
179.04ODIXIE::AKINGThu Jun 16 1994When OpenVMS VAX 6.1 support??
180.0SNO78A::63619::KORSPAULThu Jun 16 1994one image, many different transactions
181.02CRASHR::JILLYThu Jun 16 1994PLAN opens SYS$INPUT for write
182.018SNO78A::63619::KORSPAULThu Jun 16 1994Trace point error on VMS V5.5-2h4
183.06SNO78A::63619::KORSPAULFri Jun 17 1994Stripe / Shadow validation problems
184.01ZPOVC::DAIVMon Jun 20 1994Info on VAX-Alpha migration ?
185.0142441::VTue Jun 21 1994Alpha AXP CPUs not found in modify cpu option
186.04DATCHA::GHEORGHINWed Jun 22 1994ecp
187.04MPOPAS::ARKB::MELOMWed Jun 22 1994Validation problems/questions
188.0142679::HARDINGMon Jun 27 1994Missing disks when reloading from .BASE
189.02CSC32::G_ROGERSThu Jun 30 1994v2.1-2
190.01MPOPAS::ARKB::MELOMFri Jul 01 1994File location
191.0MPOPAS::ARKB::MELOMFri Jul 01 1994Sorry, wrong path
192.0216913::EDWARDS_RIMon Jul 11 1994UNIX version available to customers?
193.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Jul 14 1994IS CI modeling accurate?
194.03CRASHR::JILLYTue Jul 19 1994ECP
195.054963Thu Jul 21 1994Problems with modelling
196.02CRASHR::JILLYThu Jul 21 1994ECP V2.1 install problem on OpenVMS VAX V6.1
197.08YUPPY::MUNROMMon Jul 25 1994ACCVIO on data integration address 3A5D1
198.01EPS::BABINEAUMon Jul 25 1994how to QAR?
199.07EPS::BABINEAUTue Jul 26 1994DECwindows Required?
200.0248332::SIPMon Aug 01 1994VAX 4
201.04ARRODS::WHITAKERMon Aug 01 1994A HP question
202.01SNO78A::63619::KORSPAULTue Aug 02 1994HSD3
203.03DATCHA::PICQWed Aug 03 1994ACCVIO when reading reduced data
204.0142441::JUDDWed Aug 03 1994
205.076Thu Aug 04 1994ECP V2.
206.0242441::JUDDSun Aug 07 1994%SYSTEM-F_FLTDIV_F error reading data. V2.1-2
207.06SNO78A::63619::KORSPAULSun Aug 07 1994ACCVIO in DATA INTEGRATOR
208.04DATCHA::PICQThu Aug 11 1994My Model makes me crazy .?.!
209.01DISCOS::STEPHENSTue Aug 16 1994Disk type lost
210.02DISCOS::STEPHENSTue Aug 16 1994Classification by process name
211.046Wed Aug 17 1994ECP$PLAN going into infinite CPU loop!!
212.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Aug 17 1994ECP-WARNING, no image data in the .MERG file?
213.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Aug 17 1994boolean handling of multiple filters in classes?
214.02TPSYS::DUMASThu Aug 18 1994Can't copy V2.1 kit - prot violation
215.0154625::WILLEMSGFri Aug 19 1994Which version of VMS VAX is needed ?
216.0542441::JUDDTue Aug 23 1994Another occurrence
217.0YUPPY::MUNROMTue Aug 23 1994HSJ & Cache
218.01KERNEL::WATTSJTue Aug 23 1994Moving Disksets with ECP ?
219.03CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Aug 23 1994Import psdc$params.dat twice gives odd results
220.08GIDDAY::CHEUNGTue Aug 23 1994ACCVIO in REDUCE at PC
221.052Wed Aug 24 1994ECP$PLAN is looping forever...
222.01DISCOS::STEPHENSThu Aug 25 1994A crash
223.03CLO::6444Thu Aug 25 1994Problems with memory utilizations
224.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Aug 25 1994help including an AXP 461
225.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEMon Aug 29 1994When will fix for stripe/shadow validation be avail?
226.05CSC32::T_KNAPPTue Aug 30 1994EVM Data Collector requires CAPACITY-PLANNER license?
227.052Tue Aug 30 1994ECP Motif functionality vs character cell
228.012Wed Aug 31 1994ACCVIO in Data Import at PC 7C8FF
229.01CSC32::A_STEINDELThu Sep 01 1994ECP V2.1-2
230.0POBOX::GRANTFri Sep 02 1994Diskset info in AXP .CPDs
231.023728Fri Sep 02 1994Please Explain the Definition of 'Transaction'
232.0929633::MULLIGANThu Sep 08 1994ECP-ERROR, No data found in specified time interval
233.03COMICS::JUDDThu Sep 08 1994VUP ratings in ECP_VAXCPU.DBA
234.03BOHITE::E_GONZALEZMon Sep 12 1994Still get ACCVIO in Data Integrator
235.0135223::SMITHWed Sep 14 1994No image data in the MERG file
236.07CRASHR::JILLYThu Sep 15 1994How does ECP handle the VIOC
237.0242376::BARKERTue Sep 20 1994ACCVIO reading .MERG files with T2.1a-23
238.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Sep 21 1994Ramdisk channel included in channel utilization?
239.0142376::BARKERThu Sep 22 1994User summary report - only last .MERG used
240.0342376::BARKERFri Sep 23 1994ACCVIO in ECP$PLAN with T2.1a-23
241.04BIS54::CORTEBEECKWed Sep 28 1994REOPEN of a 2 year old classification question
242.06COMICS::GORMANTThu Sep 29 1994HSJ & SCSI Modelling
243.05MUNICH::KASERFri Sep 30 1994Cannot open message file - ECP_LIBRARY
244.07ARRODS::STEVENSLMon Oct 03 1994Network Modelling Tools
245.0537922::PCUMMINGSTue Oct 04 1994Latest docs for CP on OSF/1 ?
246.01CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Oct 04 1994What does Resp S.D(sec) refer to in the .PROC rpt?
247.0252246::ALBERTOThu Oct 06 1994%CPU invalid after Recalibration
248.0152246::ALBERTOThu Oct 06 1994Transactions for Transient Processes ? How?
249.012127Fri Oct 07 1994DUPVOLUME warning. A doubt!!
250.0442359::BARKERSat Oct 08 1994Cannot define new AXP CPUs
251.0242577::ADAMSMon Oct 10 1994OpenVMS mailbox utilisation
252.0742376::BARKERTue Oct 11 1994ACCVIO reading .MERG file with ECP T2.1-24
253.0337922::PCUMMINGSWed Oct 19 1994no Memory Util in .proc files (OSF)
254.02VAXRIO::MAUROWed Oct 19 1994Questions about shadow/unknow_cpu models.
255.04MINNY::MUETSCHMon Oct 24 1994ECP changes workload classification
256.024836Wed Oct 26 1994MDL file and CP V2.1-2
257.044836Thu Oct 27 1994SCSI device on HSC
258.03CRASHR::JILLYThu Oct 27 1994V2.1A-24 ACCVIO pc = 182D7E
259.02VAXRIO::MAUROFri Oct 28 1994DSSI disk in a 45
260.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Oct 28 1994ACCVIO @ PC=17BD32 while Exporting model
261.04CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Nov 01 1994ACCVIOSs with a PC=
262.03CRASHR::JILLYWed Nov 02 1994ECP V2.1 ACCVIO PC = B87CC
263.015ISIDRO::ALBERTOFri Nov 04 1994Cannot find AXP CPU type in .DBA (but it's there!
264.012OSOSPS::KAGEYAMAMon Nov 07 1994Define class and ACCVIO at PC 122C1E
265.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Nov 09 1994ACCVIO PC=
266.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Nov 09 1994ACCVIO PC=
268.04KAOOA::ALJAARMon Nov 14 1994Which kit to use?
269.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEMon Nov 14 1994ECP-warning, non-interactive load saturates system.
270.04COMICS::FRAWLEYJWed Nov 16 1994ACCVIO v2.1 and Draw config
271.01YUPPY::MARTINWed Nov 16 1994CI saturation?
272.03CRASHR::JILLYMon Nov 21 1994DI T2.2-25 ACCVIO pc = 6
273.02KAOOA::ALJAARMon Nov 21 1994Latest PolyCP and PathWorks.
275.04CESARE::BELLONIFri Nov 25 1994Mikasa CPU?
276.04NYOSS1::ZAMORAThu Dec 01 1994%PSCP-E-MESSFILEVER after installing T2.2-25
277.02CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Dec 05 1994Collector does not stop
278.01CRASHR::JILLYMon Dec 05 1994Release Notes for ECPMUPA
280.01YUPPY::MUNROMThu Dec 08 1994Class file restore
281.02KAOOA::ALJAARFri Dec 09 1994Help with disk load balancing.
282.0BIS54::CORTEBEECKMon Dec 12 1994The B.S.W. methodology
283.01EFRAT::EFRATTue Dec 13 1994VMSinstal instructions
284.02CRASHR::JILLYFri Dec 16 1994Can a 2-button mouse be used in the CP
285.0ZEKE::SINHAMon Dec 19 1994CP Info sheets & Demo diskettes available
286.01CRASHR::JILLYMon Dec 19 1994Cannot add an HSD
287.01COMICS::GORMANTWed Dec 21 1994Merge 2 nodes to Model
288.05EFRAT::EFRATThu Dec 22 1994Using OpenCP for CP Services
289.04KAOOA::ALJAARFri Dec 23 1994GREAT JOB!!! (and a few suggestions)
290.0EFRAT::EFRATTue Dec 27 1994Release notes
291.0STKHLM::HOLMThu Dec 29 1994DC for other operating systems? Future plans?
292.02YUPPY::MUNROMTue Jan 03 1995restore classes
293.08CSC32::G_ROGERSWed Jan 11 1995EVM Collector Does Not Stop
294.04PLUNDR::LAWRENCEWed Jan 11 1995Disk Validation problem
295.01BOHITE::E_GONZALEZWed Jan 11 1995ACCVIO with ECP version T3.
296.05NAMIX::jptMon Jan 16 1995Problem with DEC OSF/1 AXP kit when DECnet not installed
297.02DATCHA::GHEORGHINTue Jan 17 1995problems with RAMDISKS....
298.03DATCHA::GHEORGHINWed Jan 18 1995keypad problems...
299.01ALXNDR::TOLMANThu Jan 19 1995Sable version of ECP/Error Validating ...
300.04ATYISA::PICQMon Jan 23 1995Classification and T3.
301.01EFRAT::EFRATTue Jan 24 1995Saving a .BASE model
302.02ATYISA::PICQWed Jan 25 1995Classification upon Process Name
303.0EFRAT::MIROSun Jan 29 1995Training 95
304.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEMon Jan 30 1995If users are increased, do # subprocesses increase?
305.02BRIEIS::ANDREWS_ATue Jan 31 1995Problems validating model
306.04EFRAT::EFRATWed Feb 01 1995# of Event Buffers
307.04EFRAT::MIROThu Feb 02 1995Alpha and Vax compatable ?
308.013ATYISA::PICQFri Feb 03 1995Multiprogramming Level (MPL)
309.01ATYISA::PICQFri Feb 03 1995Population Distribution vs DECPS-PA
310.01DYOSW5::WILDERFri Feb 03 1995Avilibility on Sun??
311.01TAVIS::MIROMon Feb 06 1995course/trainning ??
312.09MSDOA::KURECZKAMon Feb 06 1995looking for training information
313.03MERIDN::BUCKLEYTue Feb 07 1995saturation only goes negitive?
314.01MSDOA::KURECZKATue Feb 07 1995questions on vax/alpha mix
315.013DV78Wed Feb 08 1995Model problem with HSJ 'channels'
316.01MSAMFri Feb 10 1995OSF/1 V3.
317.06TRNWed Feb 15 1995OSF kit on CD-ROM doesn't exist !!
318.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Feb 15 1995Can't change the name of a new cpu
319.02VAXSPO::INTERD_MARIOThu Feb 16 1995Data Integrator generates inexisting usernames!!
320.04OSOSPS::KAGEYAMATue Feb 21 1995model validation failure
321.01TPSYS::BHATWed Feb 22 1995POLYCENTER Performance Advisor for Digital UNIX (DEC OSF/1)
322.04ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKThu Feb 23 1995can you model for OSF, based upon VMS data?
323.03OPCO::TSG_GKBThu Feb 23 1995Capacity planner For Ultrix
324.03DISCOS::STEPHENSMon Feb 27 1995Disk set numbers after read base and move workload
325.0POBOX::GRANTMon Feb 27 1995Capacity Planning TRAINING
326.05WOTVAX::WARNUT::ALLENTue Feb 28 1995How is a Shadowed Stripe Set Created?
327.01WOTVAX::WARNUT::ALLENTue Feb 28 1995Active Window Not On Top + Reports using too much resources
328.03KERNEL::MCGILLMTue Mar 07 1995Can't open display error with Capacity Planner
329.03CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Mar 08 1995When is 3.
330.02MSAMThu Mar 09 1995Modelling VAX4
331.03CRASHR::JILLYFri Mar 10 1995V2.1A-24 Reducer ACCVIO PC = 3ABFF
332.04CRASHR::JILLYMon Mar 13 1995Need .DBA files for new Alphas
333.03CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Mar 14 1995ACCVIO, PC=
334.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Mar 15 1995Memory utilization lower under 2.1A than 2.
335.04CRASHR::JILLYWed Mar 15 1995Possible to do elapsed time modeling?
336.04POBOX::GRANTThu Mar 16 1995*** UPDATE COURSE - April 1
337.08CRASHR::JILLYThu Mar 16 1995ECP V2.1A-24 Can't bring up a Collection Window
338.03SNOFS1::ELLISSMon Mar 20 1995How do you automaticaly collect UNIX and OpenVMS data
339.04NEWOA::GLINNATue Mar 21 1995ECP 3.
340.02NEWOA::GLINNATue Mar 21 1995ECP 3.
341.03HAN::HALLEThu Mar 23 1995ETF/EVM programming interface for OpenVMS AXP ?
342.010CRASHR::JILLYMon Mar 27 1995How to move a Class from one model to another
343.02WOTVAX::WARNUT::ALLENTue Mar 28 1995Import of UNIX DECps data??
344.04SNOFS1::ELLISSWed Mar 29 1995Missing information from ECP T3.
345.01GUIDUK::BARTLETTThu Mar 30 1995Where is CP 3.
346.04CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Apr 06 1995ACCVIO VA =
347.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Apr 07 1995Why does RZ28 show up as HSX
348.05CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Apr 07 1995What is a 'node'$SBCxxx device?
349.03CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Apr 07 1995More on HSX
351.01ROMMon Apr 10 1995how i can change paged memory input value?
352.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Apr 12 1995Where is Characterization? Should be under Options
353.019CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Apr 12 1995Nomsg
354.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Apr 14 1995How to access User and Measured reports w/ 3.
355.01NWDMon Apr 17 1995Whence StandardDiskServiceTime?????
356.02NWDThu Apr 20 1995POLYCENTER Framework and network.BASE????
357.04KERNEL::MCGILLMTue Apr 25 1995Classes truncated at 254 Characters?
358.02TAVIS::MIROTue Apr 25 1995CP 3.
359.04TAVIS::MIROWed Apr 26 1995Memory saturation ...
360.01TAVIS::MIROWed Apr 26 1995Is OPENcp a must for data collection ?
361.01TAVIS::MIROWed Apr 26 1995Rating questions...
362.03TAVIS::MIROWed Apr 26 1995FDDI and response time
363.03TAVIS::MIROThu Apr 27 1995666
365.01MUNICH::KASERThu May 04 1995Problem with evm-data-collection - lost events
366.03EFRAT::MIROTue May 09 1995ECP-WARNING, Disk Server configuration has changed
367.01TAVIS::MIROSun May 14 1995DECps 1.1 and OPENcp 3.
368.01UTRTSC::WIJKAMPMon May 15 1995Problems with V3.
369.01TAVIS::MIROMon May 15 1995Alpha Migration help , Please
370.01TAVIS::MIROMon May 15 1995Increase system load without increasing # of users
371.03NEMAIL::SHAHTue May 16 1995Validation problem
374.02COMICS::MILLSSWed May 17 1995V3.
375.02MUNICH::KASERWed May 17 1995Different service time measured
376.02EFRAT::MIROWed May 17 1995Validated or NO
377.03CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed May 17 1995PWRK$TEMP_MONITOR_WRITE_DATA doesn't get defined???
379.05DAIVC::FABIANThu May 18 1995Again: data collector error !!
380.04MSDOA::KURECZKAThu May 18 1995problem modifying class profile
381.01ATYISA::PICQTue May 23 1995ECP crash when buiding model.
382.01DAIVC::SAPTONOWed May 24 1995bug on V3.
383.02EFRAT::MIROWed May 24 19953.1 - Growth rate affects base model
384.0KERNEL::ROOMEMWed May 24 1995EVBM data intergration gives false process classification
385.07COMICS::MILLSSThu May 25 1995Disk load balancing probs - V3.
386.01CSC32::K_JOHNSONThu May 25 1995"Can't open display" from within ECP 2.1A
387.01TAVIS::MIROMon May 29 1995Modeling of CI adapters
388.02MSDOA::KURECZKATue May 30 1995problem with 84
389.01NBOFS1::HAHNThu Jun 01 1995ECP
390.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Jun 01 1995accvio, pc=
391.05SAWA::63594::SOBOLEWSKISat Jun 03 1995CP for ACMS application
392.05SAWA::63594::SOBOLEWSKISat Jun 03 1995CP crashing during DiskLoad distribution
393.06SAWA::63594::SOBOLEWSKIMon Jun 05 1995More problems, Unknow CPU type, RMS-W-RTB, etc
394.04NBOFS1::HAHNTue Jun 06 1995Diskqueue - Diskutilization
395.03CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Jun 07 1995non-linear saturation analysis?
396.01ROMThu Jun 08 1995About Unix data collector e Capacity Plann.
397.06CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Jun 08 1995phantom CI?
398.03NBOFS1::HAHNMon Jun 12 1995Disk load distribution problems?
399.03CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Jun 13 1995%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, PC=
400.01TAVIS::MIROWed Jun 14 1995OPENcp and Storage
401.01TAVIS::MIROThu Jun 15 1995Open discussion on Alpha Migration.
402.07SWAMPD::ZIMMERMANNThu Jun 15 1995True I/O won't validate
403.01CSC32::P_MILLSMon Jun 19 1995Help in CPUMODEL LIST "Cannot find label"
404.02EFRAT::MIROThu Jun 22 1995"Think/Trans" vs Lock Delay" + Memory
405.01EFRAT::MIROThu Jun 22 1995Software delay and CPU model
406.04MSDOA::KURECZKAThu Jun 22 1995acc vio building model
407.04MIMS::WOMACK_JFri Jun 23 1995Under Digi: Digital Unix - Capacity Planner core dumps
408.02BIRMVX::SLOANTue Jun 27 1995No queuing info & accvio
409.013CRASHR::JILLYThu Jun 29 1995V3.
410.02CSC32::A_STEINDELWed Jul 05 1995RMS-W-RTB in integration step
411.01EFRAT::MIROSun Jul 09 1995AlphaServers missing from DBA files
412.03TAVIS::MIROSun Jul 09 1995Wait Time break down does not add up.
413.01ROMMon Jul 10 1995multiplatforms cp services
414.02NZOVTue Jul 11 1995ACMS CP, Data Capture
415.05CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Jul 12 1995CPU Util. and I/O Rate won't validate
416.01BIRMVX::SLOANThu Jul 13 1995Print Volumes
417.07EFRAT::MIROSun Jul 23 1995Is Alpha migration possible ?
418.05OSOSPS::KAGEYAMAMon Jul 24 1995Saturation report and ACCVIO
419.04COMICS::CURRENTue Jul 25 1995Does the Modeller handle Deadlocks?
420.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Jul 26 1995ECP versus PA compute queue length difference
421.01EFRAT::MIROSun Jul 30 1995Alpha Migration problems
422.01EFRAT::MIROSun Jul 30 1995Alpha Migration is it Reliable ??
423.03KERNEL::HORSNELLMon Jul 31 1995 V3.
424.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Aug 03 19953.
425.01VNZVMon Aug 14 1995CP V3.
426.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEMon Aug 14 1995Solve changes Displayed Metric to Total but not wl name
427.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEMon Aug 14 1995Why is tabinfo_popup window required?
428.01OPCO::TSG_GVTue Aug 15 1995DI Date Problem on OSF/1
429.05DAIVC::FABIANSat Aug 19 1995ProcessVista: disk missing
430.04OWDGIT::MARTINKMon Aug 21 1995Access violation when reducing data using ECP V3.
431.07CSC32::K_GAMBLEMon Aug 21 1995T3.1 build takes very long time
432.03UTRTSC::HALLINGFri Aug 25 1995OpenVMS v6.2 TRACEPTERR
433.03EFRAT::MIROTue Aug 29 1995EVM data collection on AXP using DECps ??
434.02CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Aug 29 1995%SYSTEM-F-HPARITH only on 2
436.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Sep 06 1995Why are only Interactive trans/sec part of Overall
437.01FIREBL::LEEDSThu Sep 07 1995viewing individual controller performance ?
438.04FIREBL::LEEDSThu Sep 07 1995storage configuration/modelling problems
439.02TRNOIS::SORRENTINOTue Sep 12 1995HSj and RZ25L not seen with ECP
440.08KERNEL::DAVIDCWed Sep 13 1995Capacity Planner Incorrectly Shows Disk Types.
441.03NETRIX::"womack@alf.dec.com"Wed Sep 13 1995Does capacity planner work on digital unix 3.2c ??
443.01CHTRBX::HESHELMANTue Sep 19 1995How do I add an HS111 Storage Server?
444.02GONWST::OSULLIVANWed Sep 20 1995How do I modify .DBA files in ECP_LIBRARY
445.01OSOSPS::KAGEYAMAThu Sep 21 1995Disk server saturation
446.01KERNEL::NICHOLSONASun Sep 24 1995pscp-e-notsolved
447.05UTRTSC::HALLINGTue Sep 26 1995Triple host DSSI and V3.
448.01TRNOIS::TESTAWed Sep 27 1995Problem loading DECPS 'workload'
449.03CSC32::G_ROGERSTue Oct 03 1995EVM crashes w/ HSM and/or PerfectCache
450.02CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Oct 03 1995What are the risks to using alternate cpd data?
451.07ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGMon Oct 09 1995CPU, Disk data are all zeroes
452.01SNOFS1::JONESCHRISThu Oct 12 1995PSPA - a couple of newbe user questions
454.01MINNY::MUETSCHMon Oct 16 1995FDDI modelling and utilization problem?
455.02COMICS::CURRENWed Oct 18 1995CI Utilisation info
456.05CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Oct 20 1995%SYSTEM-F-HPARITH, -SYSTEM-F-FLTINV, from DI T3.1
457.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Oct 20 1995Singlethread vs Multithread?
458.02UTRTST::BOORMon Oct 23 1995USERCPU_LNM_UND on 47
459.01GIDDAY::MUNNTue Oct 31 1995CPU Upgrade has no effect - Why ?
460.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Nov 02 1995accvio in CP PC=
461.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Nov 09 1995How to move part of load under ft3.1
462.04CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Nov 10 1995ACCVIO, PC=
463.01EFRAT::MIROMon Nov 13 1995VMS 5.4A support ???
464.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Nov 15 1995Moving load saturates ethernet?
465.0CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Nov 16 1995Add in 21
466.0SNOFS1::JONESCHRISThu Nov 16 1995Benchmark rating of processors
467.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Nov 17 1995%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, pc=
468.03CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Nov 17 1995Comments on T3.1 from customer
469.03CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Nov 17 1995%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, PC=
471.0EFRAT::MIROTue Nov 21 1995Capacity Planning for NT - when ??
472.01MSAPC1::MONGKIAWed Nov 22 1995Alpha SMP Scaling
473.03EFRAT::MIROMon Nov 27 1995I/O, CPU from OPENcp report
474.02COMICS::CURRENTue Nov 28 1995HSJ4
475.0135657::GRIGGFri Dec 01 1995Is there a new release?
476.03CHGVMon Dec 04 1995W95 kit releasable yet?
477.0235657::GRIGGWed Dec 06 1995Problems with ECP T3.1
478.03CSC32::K_GAMBLEMon Dec 11 1995FRS for ECP 3.1?
479.02CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Dec 12 1995How to invoke Select Disk box under 3.1?
480.0CPDEV::DOUGLASTue Dec 12 1995P1: by_image data stops pathworks
481.02CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Dec 12 1995T3.1 questions
482.01ODIXIE::AKINGWed Dec 13 1995Can't create graph in T2
483.02ODIXIE::AKINGWed Dec 13 1995Frustration over instability in ECP
484.05COMICS::JUDDFri Dec 15 1995Discrepencies in measured disk statistics
485.02DUNDEE::CLEARYMon Dec 18 1995Help needed integrating fullsail data.
486.0248276::MATHIEUWed Dec 20 1995elapsed time and batch
487.0148276::MATHIEUThu Dec 21 1995Access viol on T3.1-15 and userload
488.01BSS::JILSONThu Dec 28 1995Problems changing IO/Transactions
489.048276::MATHIEUWed Jan 03 1996Elapsed Time and Batch
490.0854625::PETRIOLITue Jan 09 1996How to create Disksets ?
492.0154625::PETRIOLIThu Jan 11 1996326.1 does not help!
493.0231224::GAVINThu Jan 11 1996License where ??
494.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Jan 12 1996What is the Resp. Limit in the classes?
495.0131224::GAVINMon Jan 15 1996Questions on ECP Large Unix configuration
496.02BSS::JILSONTue Jan 16 1996V3.
497.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Jan 17 1996DI Data Output info being ignored
498.0854712::HENK_HWed Jan 17 1996Problems installing 3.1 on OpenVMS 6.1 / Motif 1.2
499.01CSC32::G_ROGERSThu Jan 18 1996PATHworks monitor not started, ECP v3.
500.01EFRAT::MIROThu Jan 25 1996Classification Question - Isolation of load
501.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Jan 25 1996What is a greenbox ?
502.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Jan 26 1996Ncpu doesn't update when changing HW platforms
503.0954712::HENK_HSun Jan 28 1996Problems with V 3.1 / SSB
504.03COMICS::ROOMEMon Jan 29 1996ACCVIO PC=
505.01CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Jan 30 1996DI bottom buttons partly occluded
506.01TROOA::MOKBELWed Jan 31 1996How to define a new CPU model?
507.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Jan 31 1996%RMS-W-RTB, in DI again under 3.
508.01EFRAT::MIROThu Feb 01 1996Detached process modelling
511.03BIGUN::KEOGHWed Feb 07 1996Problem with C/S modelling
512.04BIGUN::KEOGHMon Feb 12 1996Help with madelling cache effect.
513.0EFRAT::MIROWed Feb 14 1996Client/Server Modeling - INGRES
514.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Feb 15 1996accvio when moving diskload under 3.
515.01BIGUN::KEOGHSun Feb 18 1996A crash with Build 18.
517.07KERNEL::BARTLETTDFri Mar 01 1996VAX7
518.0145769::MUNROMMon Mar 04 1996edit transaction
519.01KERNEL::HORSNELLWed Mar 06 1996optimum disk capacities
520.08CPDEV::DOUGLASWed Mar 06 1996Capaciy Planner for Windows
521.026Wed Mar 06 1996Post Modeling Event Simulator !?!
522.0448253::RIVARDTue Mar 19 1996Building Model loops
523.0112368::"richard.carter@gmt.mts.dec.com"Thu Mar 21 1996CP3
524.01COMICS::SHELLEYFri Mar 22 1996Exaggerated response times on interactive processes
526.0129572::STILL_GTue Mar 26 1996install fails with IVVERB \PSPA$READ\
527.01COMICS::JUDDWed Mar 27 1996V3.1 Problem with Edit Class Profile when Edit Transaction enabled
528.09COMICS::JUDDWed Mar 27 1996V3.1 increasing the number of users without increasing workload
529.03UTRTSC::HALLINGWed Mar 27 1996ECP v3.1 and VMS v5.5-2
530.0145769::MUNROMTue Apr 02 1996Non existent workload
531.03COMICS::JUDDWed Apr 03 1996Effects of Virtual I/O Cache
532.02BSS::JILSONThu Apr 04 1996??? on process classification
533.02COMICS::JUDDTue Apr 09 1996Controller based Raid
534.046Wed Apr 10 1996Automatic window selector?
535.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Apr 11 1996accvio PC=
536.05CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Apr 11 1996Output of graph data is zero blocks
537.011MEOCFri Apr 12 1996Incorrect results of disk Utilization
538.01KERNEL::TITCOMBERFri Apr 12 1996LINK-W-MULDEF errors with ECP
540.06Sun Apr 14 1996saturation analysis reporting
541.0123285::SAPTONOMon Apr 15 1996merging workload
542.07CSC32::G_ROGERSMon Apr 15 1996Installation Failures, ECP v3.1 on v6.1 VAX OVMS
543.046Mon Apr 15 1996Alpha 41
544.029Tue Apr 16 1996SSB v3.1A for OpenVMS VAX (license change to v3.1)
545.01BSS::JILSONFri Apr 19 1996??? on disk util % for shadow set members
546.01CSC32::A_STEINDELThu Apr 25 1996Metrics for 7
547.0116616::MELENDEZFri Apr 26 1996Capacity Planner Problems.
548.0233321::SCHAFFERThu May 02 1996Need CPU data for VAX784
549.02CSC32::A_STEINDELTue May 07 1996Metrics for 82
550.04XTINE::HARDINGMon May 13 1996V3.1-18 Access violation at PC 8
552.02COMICS::CORNEJTue May 14 1996SPD questions
553.04OHFGMG::GRIGGWed May 15 1996>8 hour model builds
554.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEMon May 20 1996ACCVIO selecting Decps data
555.0121284::MOREYTue May 21 1996Metrics for 21
556.03TRNOIS::TESTATue May 28 1996BRS cluster modeling?
557.0BSS::JILSONMon Jun 03 1996ECPMUPB
558.0135223::SCHAFERMon Jun 03 1996I/O Load Disappears After Disk Balancing
559.0161132::ROLLERSIMONWed Jun 05 1996Unable to Integrate RE disks on DECUnix
560.03CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Jun 07 1996Modeled RAID5 performance accurate?
561.0142326::HEGARTYPFri Jun 07 1996Modelling Raid 5 Sets!!
562.03BSS::JILSONFri Jun 07 1996UPI for CAPACITY-PLANNER ???
564.073787Fri Jun 14 1996Modeling on another system???
565.0BCMPQN::GRANTFri Jun 14 1996Announcing POLYCENTER Capacity Planner v3.2
566.0DISCOS::RAGHUFri Jun 21 1996Announcing CP for Windows V3.
567.01EFRAT::MIROSun Jun 30 1996Memory Utilization - mis-match
568.01EFRAT::MIROSun Jun 30 1996Disk Utilization mis-match
569.08MUNICH::KASERWed Jul 03 1996ECP-WARNING, User number xxx is out of range
570.0CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Jul 05 1996What is definition of transaction?
571.0STOWOA::SWFULLERMon Jul 08 1996Training - August 12-16
572.01XTINE::HARDINGWed Jul 10 1996Urgent: ACCVIO in 3.1-8 at PC
574.010COMICS::MILLSSMon Jul 15 1996General query
575.03OSOSPS::KAGEYAMAThu Jul 18 1996undefined symbols, IVP ACCVIOed
576.02KERNEL::AMISSMFri Jul 19 1996DECps Data Collector version compatibility with capacity planner
577.0447173::BELLONIFri Jul 19 1996Rawhide modeling?
579.05BSS::JILSONFri Jul 19 1996??? on managing graph colors
580.08NETRIX::"chris.jones@sno.mts.dec.com"Tue Jul 23 1996Request VMS kit in ZIP format
581.0BCMPQN::GRANTWed Jul 24 1996*** POLYCENTER Capacity Planner v4.
582.03BSS::JILSONThu Jul 25 1996Way to change multiple unknown devices in .MERG
583.03OSOSPS::KAGEYAMAFri Jul 26 1996Disk load balancing for a new disk
584.03BOBINS::ALLENMon Jul 29 1996third party disk.dba
585.026Tue Jul 30 1996SCSI CLUSTER setup
587.01WOTVAX::DAVIESGThu Aug 01 1996/usr/opt/ECP4
588.0NETRIX::"chris.jones@sno.mts.dec.com"Thu Aug 01 1996Anoth binary thought for PLAN
589.02BACHUS::PETRIOLIFri Aug 02 1996ACMS Methodology paper ?
590.012253Mon Aug 05 1996CP in 1992
591.07EFRAT::MIROTue Aug 06 1996Marketing-Training : Australian Software Inovations
592.03NETRIX::"chris.jones@sno.mts.dec.com"Wed Aug 07 1996Problems with ASI AIX data dictionary
593.01EFRAT::MIROThu Aug 08 1996Digital UNIX , IBM AIX, HP-UX, and Sun Solaris : Actual CP studies
594.0EFRAT::MIROMon Aug 12 1996access violation,- when installing 3.2-
595.0EFRAT::MIROMon Aug 12 1996ecp
596.02EFRAT::MIROMon Aug 12 1996ecp
597.01NETRIX::"chris.jones@sno.mts.dec.com"Mon Aug 12 1996Dynix CP with ASI, data dictionary ?
598.01NETRIX::"chris.jones@sno.mts.dec.com"Tue Aug 13 1996Having trouble down-loading save sets (ecp
600.01EFRAT::MIROMon Aug 19 1996reading base file - performence prediction : access violation
601.04EFRAT::MIROMon Aug 19 1996Access violation during disk load balancing
602.06EFRAT::MIROMon Aug 19 1996ECP
603.02CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Aug 20 1996Graph doesn't update after change to userload
604.01NETRIX::"chris.jones@sno.mts.dec.com"Fri Aug 23 1996having trouble understanding the V4.
605.02BACHUS::PETRIOLITue Aug 27 1996mixup of vms/unix workloads !?
606.01226Wed Aug 28 1996D.unix/84
607.02NETRIX::"deb@nell.cop.dec.com"Wed Aug 28 1996Collectors for UNIX
608.03BACHUS::PETRIOLIWed Aug 28 1996T 4.
609.0EFRAT::MIROMon Sep 02 1996Decwindows problem in 4.
610.03UTRTSC::BOORTue Sep 03 1996Comparing numbers between Planner and Advisor
611.0+5WOTVAX::DAVIESGThu Sep 05 1996%PSPA-E-ErrFNF, what is this?
612.0CHGVThu Sep 05 1996Location of Capacity Planning SDK (service delivery kit)
613.02CSC32::K_GAMBLEThu Sep 12 1996Numerous errors with ECP 4.
614.02OHFGMG::GRIGGTue Sep 17 1996ECP 4.
615.03MUNICH::KASERWed Sep 18 1996License - What License ?
616.0442Wed Sep 18 1996RMS-W-RTB when integrating data
617.02EFRAT::MIROThu Sep 19 1996ECP
618.01GUIDUK::BARTLETTSat Sep 28 1996What do I need for CP on DUNIX?
619.02TRNOIS::TESTAThu Oct 03 1996CP for not digital unix?
620.0CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Oct 04 1996HSJ5
621.06EFRAT::MIROMon Oct 07 1996Temp PAKS for Capacity Planning
622.02TRNOIS::TESTAWed Oct 09 1996ata collector for PC (NT & W95)?
623.01WOTVAX::DAVIESGThu Oct 10 1996Unable to use DI on *.CPD files outside of default
624.01GALINA::SSMITHThu Oct 10 1996What's needed to just _collect_ data?
625.0BACHUS::PETRIOLIMon Oct 14 1996Questions on IO modeling
626.01BACHUS::PETRIOLIMon Oct 14 1996Network RT in RT breakdown report ?
627.02OHFGMG::GRIGGMon Oct 14 1996ACCVIO when balancing diskload
628.01OHFGMG::GRIGGTue Oct 15 1996ECP_CI.DBA Problem
629.0OHFGMG::GRIGGWed Oct 16 1996HSJ5
630.02CSC32::A_STEINDELFri Oct 18 1996MULDEF errors link data integrator 3.2 install
631.03BSS::JILSONWed Oct 23 1996Balance User Load causes bogus pagefault numbers
632.01CHEFS::MUNROMFri Oct 25 1996cp for windows
633.0+425536::MACKINMon Nov 04 1996V3.2 Documentation?
634.01BSS::JILSONFri Nov 08 19965
635.02COLThu Nov 14 1996DCL warnings in SSB version
636.04COMICS::SUMNERCMon Nov 18 1996.DBA files for Alpha 41
637.01CSC32::K_GAMBLEMon Nov 18 1996Is ECP_AXPVMSCPU_MAP.DBA used anymore?
638.0CSC32::K_GAMBLEMon Nov 18 1996Accvio on VT12
638.01CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Nov 19 1996 Accvio on VT12
639.01CHEFS::MUNROMWed Nov 27 1996Install failure V4.
640.01OHFSS1::MAURERMon Dec 02 1996Combining two clusters' loads?
641.0OHFSS1::MAURERMon Dec 02 1996Factors for 5/44
642.01MLNCSC::ZAGHITue Dec 03 1996SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO error with V3.2-
643.01BACHUS::PETRIOLITue Dec 03 1996ECP_AXP*CPU.DBA corrupt in ECP4
644.02CPDEV::DOUGLASTue Dec 10 1996Capacity Planning Web Site
645.01BSS::JILSONThu Dec 12 1996V4.
646.01LATINA::TERESAWed Dec 18 1996PADC and ECP UNIX versions compatibility
647.03BACHUS::PETRIOLIMon Dec 23 1996Proble changing disk type, SSB ECP4
648.04TAVMon Jan 06 1997CP for VMS and UNIX interleaved systems ?
650.01KERNEL::BARKERHWed Jan 08 1997Capacity Planner - Class Information
651.0+4BSS::JILSONWed Jan 08 1997ECP V4.
652.01LILFri Jan 10 1997** urgent ** CP questions on DU4.
654.0+5BSS::JILSONMon Jan 13 1997ECP V4.
655.02NETRIX::"alberto.yanguas@sqo"Mon Jan 13 1997V4.
656.01HGOVC::STEVENCHEUNGTue Jan 14 1997Response Limit Classification
657.01CHEFS::MUNROMTue Jan 14 1997Accvio in data integrator
658.04TAVWed Jan 15 1997OpenCP T4.
660.0+2CSC32::G_ROGERSFri Jan 17 1997v4.
661.0+4KERNEL::MEGARITYThu Jan 23 1997Support for OpenVMS Alpha V7 ?
662.01CHEFS::MUNROMThu Jan 23 1997VMS version 7
663.0 *+1SNOFS1::CHURCHILLJThu Jan 23 1997KZPSC model
664.0 *HGOVC::STEVENCHEUNGMon Jan 27 1997EVM Record Definition
665.0 *+3COMICS::JOLLEYDTue Jan 28 1997Building base model process in loop
666.0 *+1NATA::TESTAWed Jan 29 1997kit for W95 & WNT
667.0 *+4NZOVMon Feb 03 1997VAX/Alpha CPU utilization descrepencies on model
668.0 *+2HGOVC::STEVENCHEUNGMon Feb 03 1997I/O/trans on User rpt and Class Profile
669.0 *+1CHEFS::MUNROMMon Feb 03 1997ACCVIO
670.0 *+2TAVWed Feb 12 1997Installation of ECP V3.2 failed on VMS 5.5-2h4
671.0 *+1ALFAM7::STREPPELWed Feb 12 1997Digital UNIX questions - RSS, memory etc
673.0 *+3SIOG::BRENNAN_MMon Feb 24 1997Building a model crashes Capacity Planner V4.
674.0 *+1CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Feb 26 1997V7.1 support for ECP?
675.0 *+1MDRFri Feb 28 1997DU 3.2f and Datacollector
676.0 *+3TRNOIS::TESTAFri Feb 28 1997where 4.
677.0 *+2ZPOVC::YINGYONGMon Mar 03 1997Internal License for WinCP
678.0 *+2MSE1::ENOWed Mar 05 1997LASTEST 4.
679.0 *RHETT::LAROSEWed Mar 12 1997how CP uses other collected data
680.0 *+5MSE1::ENOWed Mar 12 1997Follow on to note 678
681.0 *+1VAXRIO::MIRIAMFri Mar 14 1997CP and Digital UNIX 4.
682.0 *+3TRNOI2::TESTATue Mar 18 1997ACCVIO again building model
683.0 *+1ODIXIE::GROBINSONWed Mar 19 1997CP V 4.
684.0 *+2CSC32::K_GAMBLEWed Mar 19 1997%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, VA=
685.0 *+3TAVThu Mar 20 1997CP 4.
687.0 *+6DEKVC::KANGOKSEOFri Mar 28 1997Data Integration Error occurred?
688.0 *+4COMICS::CORNEJTue Apr 01 1997ECP4
689.0 *+2BACHUS::PETRIOLIFri Apr 04 1997xwd format ?
690.0 *+1TRNOIS::TESTAMon Apr 07 1997Unix data collector?
691.0 *+1TRNTue Apr 08 1997Data Integrator Crash
692.0 *+3CHTRBX::HESHELMANTue Apr 08 1997MSCP Disk Serving and True I/O
694.0 *ZPOVC::RAJGOPALWed Apr 16 1997ECP4
695.0 *BACHUS::PETRIOLIMon Apr 21 1997ECP V4.
696.0 *DEKVC::KANGOKSEOTue Apr 22 1997Data Collector question?
697.0 *+1DYPSS1::SCHAFERFri Apr 25 1997V4.
698.0 *RHETT::CHOYFri Apr 25 1997does ECP v4.
699.0 *+2CSC32::G_ROGERSMon Apr 28 1997v4.
700.0 *BACHUS::PETRIOLIWed Apr 30 1997ECP_AXP_APPL.DBA usage ?
701.0 *COMICS::OCALLAGHANKWed Apr 30 1997Alphaserver-41
702.0 *+1NNTPD::"c-fitzgmatt@mail.dec.com"Fri May 02 1997No disk statistics
703.0 *+1TAVWed May 07 1997DIGITAL UNIX - negative CPU UTIL ????
704.0 *NZOVWed May 21 1997FDDI modelling data for PEA
706.0 *CSC32::G_ROGERSThu May 22 1997ECP OVMS v4.
707.0 *DISCOS::SHAHTue May 27 1997Product Loan/Purchase process...
708.0 *CHEFS::MUNROMTue Jun 03 1997ecp-error