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Conference demon::digital_contractor

Title:Topics of interest to Digital contract workers
Notice:Please read Notes 1 and 11 and their replies
Created:Mon Sep 19 1988
Last Modified:Tue Feb 18 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:276
Total number of notes:2394
Number with bodies:7
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1.07QUARK::LIONELMon Sep 19 1988Conference rules and guidelines
2.04QUARK::LIONELMon Sep 19 1988Conference availability notices
3.0185QUARK::LIONELMon Sep 19 1988Please sign in
4.01--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 19 1988Related conferences
5.0QUARK::LIONELMon Sep 19 1988Reserved for future use
6.0QUARK::LIONELMon Sep 19 1988Reserved for future use
7.0QUARK::LIONELMon Sep 19 1988Reserved for future use
8.0QUARK::LIONELMon Sep 19 1988Reserved for future use
9.0QUARK::LIONELMon Sep 19 1988Reserved for future use
10.0QUARK::LIONELMon Sep 19 1988Reserved for future use
11.015UNTADH::ROBERTSTue Sep 20 1988Policies and other important information
12.019UCOUNT::BAILEYThu Sep 22 1988Contract vs Permanent - Pros, cons
13.012VIDEO::FARRELLThu Sep 22 1988Services and Facilities for Contractors
14.07FTMUDG::DUGGANThu Sep 22 1988Taxes and Tax Laws affecting Temps (U.S.A.)
15.012UCOUNT::BAILEYFri Sep 23 1988Wanna Party?!
16.07UCOUNT::BAILEYThu Sep 29 1988NE Party Pooped -- Try again!
17.013TRUCKS::STONEFri Sep 30 1988UK get together...
18.09ABLE::MONSONTue Oct 04 1988Policy on rehiring employees as consultants
19.033UCOUNT::BAILEYWed Oct 05 1988Insurance for Contractors
20.07UCOUNT::BAILEYFri Oct 07 1988Books -- DEC Libraries
21.02SIEVAX::RWATSONFri Oct 14 1988Where are they now ?
22.042SLSTRN::WILCZYNSKIFri Oct 14 1988Contracting Directly with Digital
23.02UCOUNT::MAILHOTTue Oct 18 1988OEM, How do you become?
26.0MAMIE::SYPEKFri Oct 28 1988Lost your address
27.08VINO::AMACINNESWed Nov 02 1988Car and mileage expenses
29.013DOOZER::KERRISKWed Nov 16 1988UK Accountant Recommendations
30.0143D::FISKEWed Dec 07 1988How to contract?
31.01DR::BLINNThu Dec 08 1988Why "Executive" vs. "Consultant" for IRS, etc.?
32.05CADSE::KOWALFri Dec 30 1988this ain't fun no more
34.08REGRES::KURLANDThu Jan 05 1989Can we send unsolicited MAIL?
35.037MVCAD3::MCBLANEWed Jan 18 1989Independent Computer Consultants Association
37.0WOODRO::RICHMONDMon Feb 06 1989The Job-Shopper's Leavetaking
38.017DEMON::MCMAHONFri Feb 10 1989Here today, gone tomorrow
40.014UNTADH::ROBERTSThu Feb 16 1989The things they didn't tell you about ...
41.02SHAPES::CAMPBELLSMon Feb 27 1989Flight Insurance? Who pays?
42.01CHEETA::NGWed Mar 15 1989lawyer for contractors
43.013WECARE::BAILEYWed Mar 15 1989Raises with contract extensions
44.09GVAFri Mar 17 1989looking for a book...
45.06SMURF::JJGWed Apr 05 1989travel questions
46.05ELISFri Apr 07 1989Roll on 1992 - please....
47.012TOOK::CURRIERThu Apr 13 1989HARD TIMES for contractors
48.06YARD::RIMMERFri Apr 14 1989Working In France ??
49.06JENO::TINGLYMon Apr 17 1989Beginners please
50.018ENGINE::PAULHUSFri Apr 21 1989Informative Personal_Names
51.014RHODES::SURVEYFri May 05 1989Independent Contractors?
52.03CRATE::CLEMENTSMon May 08 1989The Swiss Contract
53.022TRIVIA::JANZTue May 23 1989Agency requiring OVERTIME!!
56.013MILPND::DIGENNAROFri May 26 1989Newsletter
57.019WECARE::BAILEYMon Jun 05 1989No Freeze on Contracts (Currently)
58.04IJSAPL::MALLETTWed Jun 07 1989Living in America
59.04MILPND::DIGENNAROWed Jun 07 1989Acquiring DEC stock
60.025CRATE::HOBBSMon Jun 12 1989UK IR Expenses
61.01BUOVAX::GAMATue Jun 13 1989Supreme Court ruling on Copyrights
62.03SHALDU::MCBLANEThu Jun 15 1989Workman's Compensation
63.01CHOTI::MENARDWed Jun 21 1989Tax and Business Handbook
65.02RDGOAR::BEAKEM_9Fri Jun 23 1989I'm hospitalized - who pays ?
66.032HANNAH::LEVFri Jun 23 1989Contracting at DEC just got ugly.
68.0HYDRA::MORRISONTue Jun 27 1989Technician Contracts in Europe?
70.041RHODES::SURVEYThu Jul 06 1989Advance Notice?
71.0VIDEO::WALTHERMon Jul 17 1989Temporary Work in the U.K.?
72.02FLOCON::GUESTWed Jul 19 1989Termination in Basingstoke
73.03IOSG::GARDNERTue Jul 25 1989Rate survey
74.05IOSG::GARDNERTue Aug 08 1989Isle of Man company ?
76.013FNYFS::DRISCOLLFri Aug 11 1989help required on US contracting scene
77.06IOSG::GARDNERMon Aug 14 1989Which agents does DEC patronise ?
78.010--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 16 1989Rumor of the Day
79.01--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 16 1989Survey
80.022--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 17 1989The contract-of-a-lifetime!
81.01MAMIE::RAJAGOPALANSun Aug 20 1989S-Corp Questions
82.01ORCHRD::UNDERKOFLERTue Aug 22 1989Any info on becoming 'certified'?
83.05RHODES::SURVEYWed Aug 23 1989Have you seen today's Boston Globe?
84.08REORG::LEPINEMon Aug 28 1989Proposed sales tax on consulting in MA
85.043REORG::LEPINEThu Aug 31 1989Now you can get the straight story
86.02MILPND::DIGENNAROTue Sep 05 19891
87.05IOSG::GARDNERWed Sep 13 1989Topic 343 of MARVIN::UK_DIGITAL may be of interest
88.05PNEUMA::DONOVANMon Sep 18 1989Tax Agencies Overseas
89.01RC3Mon Sep 25 1989Contracting in Sweden
90.02IJSAPL::MALLETTMon Sep 25 1989Anyone I know in Germany?
91.02JAIMES::STACKWed Sep 27 1989Sample Consulting Contracts
92.01SPKALI::AXELThu Oct 05 1989New "Approved" Vendor List
93.07IBIS::CARLAYMon Oct 09 1989How to become a contractor
94.033RHODES::SURVEYMon Oct 23 1989Agency only?
95.02OMNIWed Dec 06 1989Wanted: Accountant and Insurance
96.021BREW11::WICKETTThu Dec 07 1989MAS X
97.06FORTSC::KRANTZTue Jan 02 1990Does it make sense to put in extra hours?
98.08NZOVWed Jan 03 1990contracting in Holland
100.04DEMON::FREEMANTue Jan 09 1990Recent policy Changes?
101.06BRAT::JOSEPHSONWed Jan 10 1990Rules Regarding Agency Percentages???
102.01VOGON::WALTHERThu Jan 11 1990Different Job=New contract?
103.013RUTILE::NEJJARThu Jan 25 1990I am new in contracting world
104.04RHODES::SURVEYWed Jan 31 1990anyone direct?
105.03ARIANE::NEJJARWed Feb 07 1990looking for a contract in the states...
106.01FORTSC::KRANTZTue Feb 13 1990Professional Liability Insurance
107.09FORTSC::KRANTZTue Feb 13 1990Billing Practices
108.05NATIVE::DSM_SECThu Feb 22 1990What's The Scoop?
109.05AKOVTue Feb 27 1990MUSINGS ON NOTES
110.03WECARE::BAILEYWed Feb 28 1990Goodbye from the Sleuth!
111.04MAMIE::LIVELYMon Mar 12 1990As Time Goes By
112.016CLYPPR::EASTLANDWed Mar 21 1990Should this notes file be put to death?
113.04CHOTI::AVALLONEFri Mar 16 199017
114.015AKOVFri Mar 16 1990Good stuff from 17
115.020UTRTSC::D_ARNOLDWed Mar 28 1990Cutting Out The Middle Man!
116.010AKOV12::CARRWed Mar 28 1990A contest
118.06BACHUS::LEWISFri Apr 13 1990Living in Brussels!
119.021SMURF::PARADISWed Apr 18 1990Name that company!
120.022ULTRA::INFANTEMon Apr 23 1990Marketing yourself (agency/direct)
121.016ESDVTue Apr 24 1990Rates Review NOW ?
122.04FSDEV1::DLORADITCHThu Apr 26 199017
123.024AYOV29::GBUCZMAMon Apr 30 1990Contracting in France
124.09BACHUS::LEWISWed May 02 1990Poll tax for contractors?
125.023FORTSC::KRANTZFri May 04 1990Contract clauses for termination notices
126.01FORTSC::KRANTZFri May 04 1990Any contractors from N. CA., WA, or OR?
127.07REFINE::KUPPERSTEINFri May 18 1990Massachussetts State Senate proposes sales tax on services
128.021OBSESS::MAILHOTThu May 24 1990Contractor's List. Why Not?
129.04CHOTI::AVALLONETue May 29 1990Consultants Liaison Program
130.020AYOV27::CONTRACT_OPSTue Jun 05 1990Contractor group on USEnet
131.05STEPS1::CAISSIETue Jun 12 1990DECtemp Layoff?
132.07RDGENG::HAYWARDThu Jun 14 1990How to start as a contractor in the UK
133.01OMNITue Jun 26 1990How to find an overseas position?
134.03FSTDEC::KRANTZMon Jul 02 1990Interested in California?
135.03DEMON::RUHROH::FREEMANMon Jul 02 1990retirement plans?
136.02CRBOSS::MAILHOTMon Jul 09 199017
137.07SHALDU::MCBLANETue Jul 10 1990Mass. Tax on Services
138.015CSC32::K_DAVISThu Jul 12 1990Certification Information
139.023DOOLIN::HNELSONMon Jul 16 1990What skills are *hot* in the *market*?
140.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 24 1990Beginner/need info
142.011WOODRO::RCOLLINSWed Aug 15 1990We DO need stinkin' badges!
144.017UTRTSC::CAHILLFri Sep 14 1990Info needed on (UK) Off Shore companies.
145.01CAM::MAZURWed Sep 26 1990What is EDP ?
146.03TALENT::RECOVERYThu Sep 27 1990MANTIS??
147.019BRUMMY::HAZELFri Sep 28 1990Looking to expand my skills
149.08ROYALT::JANZFri Oct 19 1990Dry like wine...
150.01--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 22 1990Accountant recommendation needed in central Mass.
151.06CADSE::MACKENZIEMon Nov 05 1990Contract Renewals?
152.010RHODES::SURVEYThu Nov 29 1990collecting unemployment/eligibility!
154.01HURON::MUDGETTThu Nov 29 1990Cut NOTES to cut costs?
155.03FORTY2::MOOREWed Jan 30 1991French/Italian Contracts
156.05PRSIS7::CHEWWed Jan 30 1991Help - need to find address/phone
157.09TOOK::CURRIERWed Feb 20 199131 days off every year
158.03RUTILE::COXTue Mar 05 1991Buying DEC equiptment ...
159.011PLAYER::MCGUIREThu Mar 07 1991Contracts on the East/West Coast
160.07HORSEY::MACKONISThu Mar 07 1991Boom or Doom
161.05FSDEV2::DCHATTENFri Mar 22 1991FED/STATE taxes question!
162.05NOVA::EASTLANDThu Mar 28 1991Urquhart seminar - any takers?
163.01--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 29 1991IEEE Entrepreneurs Network
164.02TOOK::CURRIERWed Apr 10 1991So long
166.01EXIT26::BERTEWed May 15 1991Southern CA Job search...
167.0METSYS::WINNETTTue May 21 1991Money Manager - PC accounting package
168.0HORSEY::MACKONISTue May 28 1991Seeking "PD News" info
169.09HAMPS::PATTISON_MWed May 29 1991Any truth in this vicious rumour ?
170.09CURRNT::QUINNThu Jun 20 1991C courses in the UK
171.02FORTY2::MOOREFri Jun 21 1991For people working for DEC in South France
172.04BUFFER::DUNNIGANFri Jun 28 1991Current Contract Agencies???
173.014EDSAIC::ARONSONWed Jul 17 1991(U.S.) Rating different agency Benefits
174.03PINION::TUCKERMon Jul 22 1991INFO NEEDED - research phase Vendor Services Training course
175.03UPROAR::DARRALLDWed Jul 24 1991Dave Wood Whereabouts
177.025JAWS::MCFARLANDThu Aug 22 1991Hurrincane Bob wrecks havoc on pay check!
178.0SYSTMX::WILCZYNSKIFri Sep 06 1991Computer Contracting in CA
179.04BAGELS::ALAGAPPANThu Sep 12 1991How to start an agency? Respond...
180.011SISDA::MENARDTue Sep 17 1991Productivity
181.045--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 24 1991Had any Robert Maxwells?
182.06EICMFG::WJONESThu Sep 26 1991US Immigration Opportunity (Morrison visas)
183.022PENUTS::HNELSONThu Oct 03 1991No time-and-a-half for over 4
184.01ONEDGE::FARRELLMon Oct 07 1991Sign off...
185.02RUTILE::BUCZMAThu Oct 10 1991Accountant rip off? Naahhh!
186.01CERRIN::PHILPOTTMon Oct 14 1991Anybody care to recomend an agency?
187.04FORTY2::QUICKWed Oct 16 1991European contract rates
188.09CECVMon Oct 28 1991Will a Non-public NOTES file buy us anything?
189.09SED75Tue Nov 05 1991Accountancy Costs Nowadays ?
190.05PLAYER::PELLEMANSFri Nov 08 1991South America ?
191.09CURRNT::PAGEDTue Nov 12 1991Ltd Vs Partnership
192.01HEART::WALTHERTue Nov 12 1991Computer Contractor magazine back issue
193.012TASTY::NISBETFri Nov 15 1991Personal Pension Plans (PPP) [UK]
194.05CLARID::INGLESONMon Nov 18 1991Off shore Bank
200.03TYFYS::OCONNELLWed Nov 27 1991how business in Massachussets? Hows business in MASSACHUSSETS?
201.019PENUTS::HNELSONSat Jan 04 1992When a "firm offer" isn't -- what's the strategy?
202.07EVTPUB::ANDERSFri Jan 10 1992Writing your Resume / CV.
203.011PENUTS::HNELSONFri Jan 17 1992SWM seeks SWF contractor for marriage/family???
204.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 22 1992Advertising contracts/contractors
205.022SED75Tue Feb 04 1992Are there still freebies ?
206.04--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 05 1992Complaints about agencies
207.0XNOGOV::MCGRATHWed Feb 05 1992Working for DEC Frankfurt?
208.064HUGH::RAYNERTMon Feb 17 1992preferred agency list
209.0MARVIN::CASELLSMon Mar 02 1992F-International
211.0--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 05 1992Can I consult you on this question?
212.0BUOVAX::WILCZYNSKIFri Mar 06 1992Contracting in Chicagoland
213.06METSYS::BOOTHEFri Mar 06 1992DECexecutive
214.08HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHWed Mar 11 1992Agency list again (without ratholes)
215.026PLAYER::WINPENNYThu Mar 12 1992Too much censorship
216.01TAEC::HALDANEThu Mar 12 1992Writing in France
217.016NOVA::EASTLANDThu Mar 12 1992A note of thanks
218.0BAGELS::ALAGAPPANFri Apr 24 1992Lawyers needed...
219.01OLDTMR::FOXMon Apr 27 1992Contracting and The Times
220.04BAGELS::ALAGAPPANTue Apr 28 1992How much is the referral fee.
221.0RAAJI::ALAGAPPANSat May 09 1992IBM Expert needs Contracting..
222.07AKPHAB::ENGELHARDTFri May 15 1992Finding an agency
223.0BAGELS::ALAGAPPANSat May 23 1992What rates one can get in Boston
224.01BAGELS::ALAGAPPANSat May 23 1992Contract Lawyers referral
225.04IW::GRACEWed May 27 1992Unclean -Unclean - Unclean
226.08EPS::LEPINEWed May 27 1992The latest 17
227.01CSC32::MOUTNS::K_DAVISSun May 31 1992Consistent Postal Mail Delivery While Contracting
228.013TLSETue Jun 02 1992Companies : where and how
230.01LIOSMon Jun 22 1992Access to Digital's systems...
231.04SAC::ADAMS_RThu Jul 30 1992BRUSSELS: Tax? Costs?
232.012SOFBAS::SAPPTue Aug 11 1992Help D.E.C. save money?
233.03LEADIN::LAHMANThu Aug 13 1992Taking knowledge from DEC to other clients
234.010CECVThu Aug 27 1992General "Good Bye" note
235.017NOVA::EASTLANDThu Aug 27 1992Post permanent network address
236.04NIAM::BWILSONTue Sep 01 1992? Contracting cross country
237.02RT93::HUThu Sep 17 19921
240.0TRLIAN::SCHOFIELDMon Oct 26 1992Phoenix area agencies?
241.01APACHE::BROWNTue Nov 24 1992legits shops=reasonable rate
242.09CURRNT::JACKSONMon Nov 30 1992Training for ORACLE ???
243.02YAMS::BASLIN::RYANWed Dec 23 1992PC software to support a consulting business
244.01TRUCKS::GIFKINSFri Jan 22 1993euro_contractor
245.01TPLAB::ADAMSTue Jan 26 1993Colorado agencies
246.0OSITEL::BRITTAINMon May 24 1993Germany: Rdb + DECforms experience wanted
247.03COMUTE::STJOHNWed Jun 02 1993Contract Employment Weekly or PD news
248.03GOOROO::DCLARKWed Jul 28 1993Part-time/At-home/Piecework contracting?
249.0TRUCKS::GIFKINSTue Aug 17 1993agencies or dec contacts
250.0SOFBAS::SHAPIROThu Aug 19 1993Bye Bye Again
251.01NSDC::KENNEDYTue Oct 05 1993Need: RDB, 'C', SQL, A/P-Datamodeller ASAP!
252.01NOVA::EASTLANDMon Nov 15 1993Section 17
253.01CROW::GARCIAMon Dec 13 1993Info on U.S. Off Shore companies needed
254.0NSTG::SAPPTue Dec 14 19934
256.01TRUCKS::GIFKINSMon Dec 20 1993HK,singapore,thailand,OZ and NZ contractors
257.02CROW::GARCIATue Jan 04 1994How is Per Diem calculated?
258.01--UnknownUser--Sun Jan 16 1994Boston, MA rates for Sybase w/ Powerbuilder
259.01CAPNET::ALAGAPPANThu May 05 1994Any Windows Cand/Client/Job Order SW?
260.0SWAM1::LEE_KOThu May 19 1994PC-LAN Contract
261.01COMET::RALSTONThu Jul 07 1994What if CXO is Sold?
262.0DSPCNV::DEE_CONV_PSPWed Aug 24 1994Contracting in South Africa
263.011BABAGI::CRESSEYWed Sep 21 1994Consultants and Telecommuting
264.04PCBUOA::GIUNTAFri Oct 07 1994how do I set up my own agency?
265.0LYOISA::NEJJARWed Feb 01 1995contract in FRANCE...
266.04ARNIES::RYDERPFri Mar 10 1995Boston Agenciesfor UK Contractor
267.010CHEFS::DALTONMSat Sep 16 1995Anybody there ?
268.04ULYSSE::LEONARDWed Nov 22 1995Internet Newsgroup
269.04BIS1::LANEFri Dec 01 1995Diploma in Mgmt: Help requested
270.0ULYSSE::DOROSHFri Jan 12 1996Canadian setup...
271.0ALTOS::SCHUETZMon Feb 05 1996You've been a consultant too long when...
272.0CSCMA::GEDDISMon Feb 12 1996Introduction
273.07DECC::CLAFLINThu May 30 1996End of year cut back
274.01STAR::HUVALTue Sep 03 1996Departure: Au Revoir, Farewell, Goodbye
275.0EVMS::SCHUETZTue Oct 15 1996Temp workers gain benefits at Microsoft
276.0 *+6CURRNT::GILROYCMon Feb 10 1997Technical Aid - resourcing company