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Conference decwet::voucher

Title:Electronic Vouchers, are you serious?
Notice:See note 2.* for kit information
Created:Mon Oct 22 1990
Last Modified:Wed Sep 18 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:65
Total number of notes:401
Number with bodies:0
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1.09DECWET::FUJIIMon Oct 22 1990Welcome
2.046DECWET::FUJIIMon Oct 22 1990Get your kits here ...
3.030GLDRVR::THROCKMOR_JOThu Nov 01 1990User Introductions
4.047GLDRVR::THROCKMOR_JOThu Nov 01 1990Wish Lists
5.06CRLVMS::HALBERTThu Nov 01 1990Making VOUCHER output acceptable to Petty Cash
6.010ODIXIE::RIDGWAYFri Nov 02 1990Prerequisite software?
7.02CHEESE::KAISERFri Nov 02 1990Printing hints
8.03GUIDUK::KEROUACFri Nov 02 1990Traveletter & employee paid reversed!
9.02CSGFri Nov 02 1990Great idea!
10.012MANMWed Nov 07 1990Auto Conversion?
11.0XANADU::FLEISCHERWed Nov 07 1990Paren in text field makes bad postscript
12.0DECWET::COLGATEWed Nov 07 1990Bug in output file name
13.03CHEESE::KAISERFri Nov 09 1990Now I can do it in batch
15.018BRULE::MICKOLThu Nov 15 1990PLAN A Form?
16.01KYOA::BAUMANTue Nov 20 1990Glue Stick??/Retreive
17.02CIVAGE::LYNNFri Nov 30 1990Accounts handled differently?
18.0STAR::BLAKEWed Dec 05 1990Alternate Forms/Vouchers?
19.02DECWIN::FISHERWed Dec 05 1990Please use structure comments in the PostScript output
20.011GUIDUK::STEBBINSMon Dec 10 1990BUGS in V1
21.0STAR::JACOBIFri Dec 21 1990Incorrect mileage calculation?
22.03POBOX::ZEISLERFri Dec 21 1990Plan B question
23.04USRCV1::COOKJMon Jan 07 1991ULTRIX (?) problem with neg. numbers
24.0MAY1Wed Jan 30 1991more than one Misc page needed
25.01GARIT::VANSICLENFri Feb 08 1991PostScript forms
26.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Feb 15 1991Problem with Voucher and VT1
27.017WECARE::LYNCHFri Feb 15 1991Problem printing VOUCHER.PS
28.0GLORY::SPATOULASWed Feb 27 1991How about Ultrix ???
29.07GUIDUK::STEBBINSMon Mar 18 1991V2 comments/suggestions/bugs
30.012MTHOOD::GREGORYDATue Apr 16 1991What is the OFFICIAL approval mechanism?
31.0INFACT::HACKERWed Apr 17 1991What is the final form of Expense data
32.01SOADC::STREMICKTue Apr 23 1991Vouchering from FileView!
33.01POBOX::LENOWTue Apr 23 1991Vehicle Expense Summary
34.05CTHQ3::SPENCERMon Apr 29 1991currency conversion
35.02TENNIS::KAMWed May 01 1991How to modify SYS$LOGIN:VOUCHER.PROFILE
36.01XANADU::CAMPBELLTue May 21 1991EBD (Electronic Business Document) using VOUCHER
37.01XANADU::CAMPBELLTue May 21 1991Is VOUCHER callable? If not, will it be?
38.02OBSESS::COHENWed Jun 05 1991Automated Education and Training Form -- Pls help
39.019GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue Jun 11 1991V3 buglets
40.02LJOHUB::CRAWFORDMon Jul 01 1991problem with DECstation 316 navigation
41.04MQOOA::LEFri Aug 30 1991%PL/I error condition
42.05SANFAN::CHARGOIFRMon Sep 02 1991What about Time Cards?
43.01GARIT::VANSICLENTue Sep 17 1991Datafile not compatable
44.02DIODE::CROWELLWed Sep 25 1991Any other forms? Mileage? etc
45.02PASHIN::JOVANMon Oct 14 1991Electronic approval and submission??
46.09MCIS5::BARETue Nov 26 1991Print Problem
47.02POBOX::ZEISLERWed Nov 27 1991Add month ending date??
48.0ZPOVC::INDOMon Dec 02 1991Need more positions for currency!
49.02LRGMTH::TOWNSENDFri Dec 13 1991$.
50.05PCOJCT::MILBERGThu Jan 02 1992VOUCHER vs EXPENSE ?????
51.01GLDING::OLDING_NITue Jan 28 1992?My name in Receiver's name?
52.04SPTNIK::SWABOWICZWed Mar 25 1992Pointed to Expense
54.01SALISH::KRUG_PAWed Apr 08 1992Travelletter < Employee Paid?
55.01BOBSEG::SEGRESTWed Aug 19 1992HELP !!!!!
56.01BALBOA::ALTIERITue Aug 25 1992Screen 2 - Need more room
57.01MCIS2::BOUCHARDMon Aug 31 1992Recognize queue logicals?
58.0ANGLIN::BENNETT_GThu Oct 22 1992vehicl summary sheet
59.03MR4DEC::PUCHRIKMon Jan 31 1994AVMS support
60.01--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 23 1994Trying to install Voucher
61.02RLTIME::COOKMon Jan 23 1995Voucher and Alpha AXP
62.01CALDEC::RAHWed Jun 21 1995how to post misc expenses to employee paid?
63.01MARIN::JONESWed Jun 28 1995AXP Kit if yer want it !
64.0POWDML::DUVIVIERFri Jul 14 1995Project and Seg Entries in TMS
65.01STAR::CLABORNSun Oct 29 1995MS-Excel version?