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Conference bulova::decwindows

Notice:DECwindows Motif V1.2-4 SSB kits: note 5519
Created:Wed Nov 28 1990
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:5861
Total number of notes:24081
Number with bodies:393
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1.04LESLIE::LESLIEWed Nov 28 1990Welcome
2.041STAR::VATNEFri Mar 09 1990How to file problem reports using QAR
9.03OPTIMA::HAKKARAINENMon Jan 07 1991Product manager for DECwindows?
10.051DECWIN::FISHERThu Jan 26 1989Related Conferences
11.014BAJA::THORSTEDWed Nov 28 1990VCB
12.014SMOP::GLOSSOPThu Nov 29 1990DECTERM: Can't open DRM database w/ V3 IFT
13.020DECWIN::MESSENGERThu Nov 29 1990Captive accounts
14.03PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Nov 29 1990Second (remote) session on dual-screen system?
15.03COMICS::FISCHERThu Nov 29 1990Typing captured Sixel file in DECterm crashes controller
16.013MUTTON::LAMBThu Nov 29 1990DECwindows application limit (13 clocks) revisited
17.03PSW::WINALSKIThu Nov 29 1990how to get shift-space in Calendar in DW V3 IFT
18.03DELNI::MCGORRILLThu Nov 29 1990Decw$mail & mrgate problem
19.0TRACE::GILBERTThu Nov 29 1990Screen Capture -> Clipboard, directly?
20.03LASCPM::LEEThu Nov 29 1990DECwindows prob w/ Tektronix X-terminals.
21.011BINKLY::KUMPFThu Nov 29 1990create /terminal /detatch /process="name"
22.02CSGThu Nov 29 1990DDIF Images to clipboard
23.02HGABSS::CTAUYEUNGThu Nov 29 1990]any restrictions on modifying Xm Toolkit
24.014DSCVRY::PBRIGGSFri Nov 30 1990DECterm Windows & Controllers Disappear
25.02PLAYER::DEVALCKFri Nov 30 1990VUE$MASTER opens SYSUAF for read/write
27.011DGMTFri Nov 30 1990Icon Box startup parameters please
28.05FRSCS::DERKSFri Nov 30 1990Logical on the decw$terminal_default.dat
29.08NOATAK::KLOSTERMANFri Nov 30 1990Problems with Session Manager
30.02OTOOFri Nov 30 1990POP UP PROBLEM
31.08NEVADA::KOLLINGFri Nov 30 1990ULTRIX DW3 kit?
32.08ODIXIE::STAROSTASat Dec 01 1990Is fonts.alias available in VMS DECWINDOWS ?
33.06HANDVC::CTAUYEUNGMon Dec 03 1990File Code Set & OS Code Set
34.01TAVMon Dec 03 1990A turn-key system under decw..possible??
35.01TRNOI2::LEONEMon Dec 03 1990upgrade from v5.1-1 to v5.3 ?
36.01DSTEG2::HOSSFELDMon Dec 03 1990session manager exited!
37.07MCDONL::IOMERSOMon Dec 03 1990Session Manager customization
38.04TAVMon Dec 03 1990Unnecessary Print widget
39.04GOTA1::UTTBERGMon Dec 03 1990DECpaint acts strange on scanned images
40.03POBOX::MAMMENMon Dec 03 1990product mgr for display postscript?
41.02RHETT::BONNEMon Dec 03 1990"DS5
42.09RTL::CLARKMon Dec 03 1990Can CREATE/TERMINAL have initial command *and* stick around?
43.01RTL::CLARKMon Dec 03 1990Turn off the Motif F1
44.03PRAVDA::JACKSONMon Dec 03 1990How can I capture a portion of a screen with a pulldown menu on it?
45.02FRSCS::DERKSTue Dec 04 1990Getting smooth scrolling
46.04PLAYER::DEVALCKTue Dec 04 1990DECW$WAITFORSM image running after login ?
47.05NECSC::LEVYTue Dec 04 1990Session Events...what's the correct command line?
48.02LUXTue Dec 04 1990VT34
49.09ISIDRO::JOSEMIGUELTue Dec 04 1990DECWindows V3 documentation
50.07ROMTue Dec 04 1990Multi-screen: SW is OK, but HW?
51.013TARKIN::AHOTue Dec 04 1990Non-privileged Shutdown
52.06NECSC::LEVYTue Dec 04 1990icon has invalid depth
53.06MIZZEN::DEMERSTue Dec 04 1990Technology got the better of me
54.03XLIB::ONEALWed Dec 05 1990Where is CDA's DVR$CSW.EXE; also TBD.H?
55.08NECSC::LEVYWed Dec 05 1990V3 server - clipboard locked from remote V2 mail
56.02KURTAN::PERSSONThu Dec 06 1990XGetWindowProperty questions
57.05KRAKAR::WARWICKThu Dec 06 1990Workaround for screwed up greyscale systems in V5.4
58.01UFRCS2::RINGThu Dec 06 1990DECWmail and documents (DECwrite)
59.05H2SO4::GERSBACHThu Dec 06 1990Unrealize/realize of 2nd Application shell looses popup action
60.02HACMAN::HACKThu Dec 06 1990Link Lost to VT-1
61.05EPIK::P_DAVISThu Dec 06 1990Substituting tablet for mouse?
62.01ABSZK::SZETOThu Dec 06 1990Re-apply MUP after tailoring on DECwindows?
63.04BUGEYE::CLARYThu Dec 06 1990DWFT3 won't prompt for screen.
64.05BSS::F_BLANDOFri Dec 07 1990Can I customize the double-click timeout?
65.02TABSCO::DAVENPORTFri Dec 07 1990ICON placement for V3 IFT
66.0SMURF::CORCORANFri Dec 07 1990Porting Documentation
67.03ZIBBY::ROBINSONFri Dec 07 1990Kit missing DECW$DXM_PORT_CALL.EXE
68.02DSM::CRAIGSat Dec 08 1990Remote session manager possible?
69.04NZOVMon Dec 10 1990Window Manager Is Confused (AUTOCAD)
70.04HGOVMon Dec 10 1990mixed XUI and MOTIF calls???
71.011BROKE::THATTEMon Dec 10 1990mixing XUI and MOTIF on a cluster
72.03GIDDAY::WANMon Dec 10 1990Customize DECWindow application menus
73.02GLORY::STAFFORDMon Dec 10 1990create decterm on unix
74.02EWBVTue Dec 11 1990DECW Install After Upgrading to VMS5.3-2
75.08AYOV29::PBRADYTue Dec 11 1990Resize window from DCL ?
76.05TRCATue Dec 11 1990VMS DECTERM Problem
77.0BACHUS::RIJMENANTSTue Dec 11 1990info needed on window/widget 'cache'
79.08DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Dec 11 1990Color map full problem
80.07CSC32::BUTTERWORTHTue Dec 11 1990VCS/DECWindows login problem
81.03SALSA::MOELLERTue Dec 11 1990X Load simulators ?
82.010SUBWAY::YANNIOSTue Dec 11 1990XNextEvent Error?
83.01REDBRD::CHANDLERTue Dec 11 1990Does FUSION support TCP/IP transport for DECwindows?
84.03VNASWS::GEROLDWed Dec 12 1990Logo change on ULTRIX ?
85.09PEARS::IONESCUWed Dec 12 1990XLIB-F-IOERROR crash during DECWrite Session
86.017SUBWAY::YANNIOSWed Dec 12 1990VMS DECwindows & TCP/IP (UCX) Transport
87.019MUNICH::BENDERWed Dec 12 1990default font changed with VMS 5.4 ?
88.08HAMSC2::VOLKMARWed Dec 12 1990X protocol error detected by server
89.0AIAG::KAMESHWed Dec 12 1990Decwindows Window Manager changes in version on Ultrix 4.
90.06AIAG::KAMESHWed Dec 12 1990VMS 5.4 Decwindows server font aliasing produces strange effects
91.03RHETT::MACEACHERNWed Dec 12 1990Can the client detect the server connection lost
92.01CGOOWed Dec 12 1990create/term/resource question !?
93.01AIAG::KAMESHWed Dec 12 1990Ulitrix 3.1 and 4.
94.04AIAG::KAMESHWed Dec 12 1990Questions about dxdb on Ultrix
95.02HAMThu Dec 13 1990Schnittstelle Bookreader
96.04HARDY::EARLEThu Dec 13 1990How many nodes away can I run?
97.02WJG::GUINEAUThu Dec 13 1990DECwindows application integration
98.07MAIL::KUTZThu Dec 13 1990CBI and VT12
99.07MEO78B::LYONSThu Dec 13 1990Documentation of vue$*
100.0HOOCHR::griffinThu Dec 13 1990width and heigh of popup shell != set values
101.02SUBWAY::DELOATCHThu Dec 13 1990Need Font with fractions for DECwindow
102.04RHETT::MACEACHERNFri Dec 14 1990UIL identifier problem.
103.0TROAFri Dec 14 1990Getting Started in Windows Development
104.0HITPS::PRENTICEFri Dec 14 1990DECwindows V3 IFT Update: comments
105.014385Sun Dec 16 19902 users on my DW3 system, bug?
106.044TMISMon Dec 17 1990Calculator inaccurate.
107.051LESLIE::LESLIEMon Dec 17 1990This topic superseded by 32
108.03TMISMon Dec 17 1990VT13
109.03MCDONL::LUSTENBERGERMon Dec 17 1990Externally triggering callbacks
110.010SWAM2::MASTROMAR_JOMon Dec 17 1990Dummy Display?
111.03QCAVTue Dec 18 1990Programmer toolkits in ultrix
112.017RHETT::MACEACHERNTue Dec 18 1990decw$dwtstruct.for declared locally?
113.05SWAM2::MASTROMAR_JOTue Dec 18 1990icon creation?
114.03VROSRV::HEAFEYTue Dec 18 1990SYNERR when printing from VUE to LPS4
115.06ALLVAX::ANDERSONTue Dec 18 1990Serious 'pause' bug (VMS V5.3-2)
116.03TRCOTue Dec 18 1990Image display on VT12
117.01KETJE::PUTMANSTue Dec 18 1990PIXMAP size ?
118.03NIMVAX::CUMMINGSTue Dec 18 1990Capture problem
119.03TASTY::JEFFERYTue Dec 18 1990Multi Headed on a DECstation 5
120.01BACHUS::RIJMENANTSWed Dec 19 1990x$query_font is filling up my address space
121.04TYFYS::DAVIDSONWed Dec 19 1990VT33
122.01MALLET::ABNETT_KWed Dec 19 1990DECwindows 3-Screens solution?
123.01SWTHOM::TISSERANDWed Dec 19 1990DECW$FD crashes the system
124.0TASTY::JEFFERYWed Dec 19 1990One key pause for dxsession/Session Manager
125.09BAVIKI::GOODWed Dec 19 1990Session and file management
127.011SCAACT::ANDERSONWed Dec 19 1990sm.PauseFile ?
128.0YZR5Thu Dec 20 1990SPX Server looping, after DECWSERVER$PATCH
129.04DLOPAS::DLO13::BARRThu Dec 20 1990DECwindows freeze
130.01MAIL::KUTZThu Dec 20 1990CBI comments from user
131.01ROV2K2::DTURNERThu Dec 20 1990Compound to Simple Stream conversion?
132.01COMICS::BELLFri Dec 21 1990Viewer unable to display PS figure from Document
133.03DSTEG2::HOSSFELDFri Dec 21 1990FileView goes bang!
134.02VAXUUM::EROSSFri Dec 21 1990DS5
135.0TAVWed Dec 26 1990Q. about X/Xt error handlers
136.01ODIXIE::STAROSTAWed Dec 26 1990Insuficient Resources - X protocol error
137.011TENNIS::KAMWed Dec 26 1990Arrow keys moves pointer instead of cursor
138.0411SRUS::MARKWed Dec 26 1990Help on XRebindKeysym requested
139.01NECSC::LEVYThu Dec 27 1990Remote (V5.3) EVE dies when CUT or COPY performed
141.04ZPOVC::PIKHWAFri Dec 28 1990Problem with formated strings in listbox
142.01EMILE::BRIARDFri Dec 28 1990What is the lasted version of DECwindows V3.
143.04CSOA1::DICKERFri Dec 28 1990Print Screen color postscript support
144.02GDJUNK::HOULEFri Dec 28 1990IFT R3 DECwindows First Experience
145.04BUGEYE::CLARYFri Dec 28 1990UTOX broken on DECwindows IFT3
146.01BDYSRF::UDICKFri Dec 28 1990Any good PIMS.
147.019PJWL::LAMBMon Dec 31 1990Dialing The Telephone from CARDFILER
148.0FRSTSC::ERLEMANNWed Jan 02 1991Clock image prob's?
149.02FRSTSC::ERLEMANNWed Jan 02 1991SPX prob's under 5.4 still alive?
150.01AUSSIE::SULLIVANWed Jan 02 1991Sysgen parameters for non-workstations
152.01NHASAD::FULLERWed Jan 02 1991VTX/DECWindows problems
153.03POBOX::FEIGLEWed Jan 02 1991VT12
154.08THRILL::NELSONWed Jan 02 1991Pointer grab problem
155.01CSC32::B_KEMPWed Jan 02 1991Session Manager Options / unable to open MRMHierarchy
156.02CX3PST::WSCWed Jan 02 19915.4 decterm resize problem - clarification
157.02DECWET::THOMASWed Jan 02 1991Escape sequences for DECterm customization?
158.02SUBURB::MUNROMThu Jan 03 1991No PCB
159.04FSADMN::CARZELLThu Jan 03 1991Fonts/Screen Too Large for Macintosh
160.04CADSE::DDOUCETTEThu Jan 03 1991What the the latest schedule for DECwindows V3?
161.01CSC32::M_TURNERThu Jan 03 1991DECWINDOWS dies with ACCVIO after sitting overnight
162.07ALLVAX::CREANThu Jan 03 1991Access violation on VUE$MASTER.EXE
163.06ESIS::TURCOTTEThu Jan 03 1991Problem with DW_NET
165.01AIAG::KAMESHFri Jan 04 1991Teleswat baselevel 2.2 announcement
166.05GOULAG::NERAALFri Jan 04 1991Tektronix 4125 emulator
167.01SFCPMO::KENOYERFri Jan 04 1991TPU$TPU / DECwindows bug?
168.09OPTIMA::HAKKARAINENFri Jan 04 1991Interleaf crashes under V3
169.01HANDVA::NELSONNGSat Jan 05 1991Display non-printable character in SText
170.04BUGEYE::CLARYSun Jan 06 1991Some dual screen observations and a ?
171.09AISG::LANDINGHAMMon Jan 07 1991Where is XEventsQueued()?
172.04XSTACY::HUTTONMon Jan 07 1991getting the icon position using XGetWMHints
173.01SUBWAY::OLOFSONMon Jan 07 1991X protocol error/major op code 94
174.04CSCMA::HODGEMon Jan 07 1991Xcfb crash when displaying VMS DECwindows applications
175.02128964::MACEACHERNWed Jan 09 1991XLIB IO error, network partner exiting
176.04REDBRD::CHANDLERWed Jan 09 1991How does X perform over "slower" serial lines?
177.03MCDONL::SUNWed Jan 09 1991SPX video memory mapping method?
178.06MANTA::SIMONThu Jan 10 1991DECwindows v3.
179.011SBPUS4::MARKThu Jan 10 1991Logging in problems
180.05BACHUS::KNEUTSThu Jan 10 1991print screen kills session mgr with LINKABORT msg
181.07AZUR::CHALONYThu Jan 10 1991Problem in work_in_progress box managing
182.03TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 10 1991Recovering a DECwindows Mail editing session
183.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDThu Jan 10 1991Sticky button state "on" by default !?
184.010FISWThu Jan 10 1991Mouse Buttons don't work
185.015PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Jan 10 1991How to enable Display Postscript
186.014STAR::SZETOThu Jan 10 1991Text widget: You mean, I'm using a widget not an editor?
187.0HOBBLE::WILEYThu Jan 10 1991Dual-display config help needed
188.02EDSBOX::EBROWNThu Jan 10 1991SPX, VMS 5.3-2, loss of color
189.0EWBV31::FUJIYAMAFri Jan 11 1991DS52
190.02BSS::J_LEHTOFri Jan 11 1991Windows Performance
191.03AKOCOA::DROMANOFri Jan 11 1991Memory Requirement/Configuration question
192.02HPSRAD::ARTHURFri Jan 11 1991Debugger DECwindows Interface Dies
193.01RANGER::PESENTIFri Jan 11 1991Unusual behavior of initialState resource???
194.01CLOSUS::DCHAVEZFri Jan 11 1991Office Filter Application
195.02WILARD::LOWFri Jan 11 1991VT13
196.01DSTEG1::HOSSFELDMon Jan 14 1991vue$pop_confirm - dies
197.02LATHAM::D_LATHAMMon Jan 14 1991Problems with "Pause"
198.06PRAVDA::JACKSONMon Jan 14 1991DECWindows Mail - How to "Save" Number_Up?
200.08ASABET::K_HAMILTONMon Jan 14 1991Help with Notes in DECwindows
201.06WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Jan 15 1991Need help with Cut & Paste
202.01MLTVAX::COOPERTue Jan 15 1991Can V2 and V3 run on a cluster together?
203.01H2SO4::GERSBACHTue Jan 15 1991Anyone using INGRES?
204.08ZURTue Jan 15 1991Event flags on DECwindows?
205.03PHDVAX::STOTTTue Jan 15 1991Recording a DECwindow Demo
206.012CIM::KAIRYSTue Jan 15 1991How to debug X without server timing out?
207.01ALLVAX::DUNTONTue Jan 15 1991where's the kit....?
208.04ROCKT::CHENGTue Jan 15 1991Where is X11 online documents?
209.05TAVIS::ZOHARTue Jan 15 1991SPX problem with XGetImage
210.0DEDHED::SPINETue Jan 15 1991Porting XUI Applications to Motif
211.02SUBWAY::BAUMGARTNERTue Jan 15 1991IBM/Windowing/GUI Query
212.04COMICS::AUSTINWed Jan 16 1991server CPU load on SPX
213.0SUBWAY::MONASCHWed Jan 16 1991DECpaint Ultrix Problems
214.05RHETT::PICKETTWed Jan 16 19915.4-1a not allowing local transport
215.02H2SO4::GERSBACHWed Jan 16 1991Multiple fonts in CStext widget
216.01STKHLM::P_SUNDSTROMWed Jan 16 1991VS31
217.01HOBBLE::SUPPLEEWed Jan 16 1991Unknown window ids
218.0KENT::KENTWed Jan 16 1991Popular Science
219.03OSLLAV::BERITR_PThu Jan 17 1991Use of MB1 to scroll in EVE
220.06MOMAX2::WOODThu Jan 17 1991Create/term display to a hidden node
221.01SALEM::ATKOCAITISThu Jan 17 1991Frozen login dialog
222.07PEACHS::BELDINThu Jan 17 1991What is DECW$LOGIN_MULTIPLE used for?
223.0LARRYC::SYSTEMThu Jan 17 1991Location of User's Guide & Desktop Applications Guide?
224.014MEMORY::CHUAThu Jan 17 1991Loading Fonts ...
225.0KDFF::GODFREYThu Jan 17 1991DECPaint Questions
226.07SMURF::BREAUThu Jan 17 1991random function w/Calculator enhancement
227.058TOOK::C_PEREZThu Jan 17 1991DECwindows Banner
228.02SCAACT::ANDERSONThu Jan 17 1991Startup_state: iconic ??
229.09UTRTSC::HELDENFri Jan 18 1991SPX problem with 5.4
230.02ODIXIE::BOYLESFri Jan 18 1991A DECW$SERVER performance problem
231.05FASDER::MTURNERFri Jan 18 1991Dynamic Data Graph Widget(s)?
232.0VAXSYS::ALEXANDREFri Jan 18 1991Expanding Icon Box Kills Window Manager
233.0KAOTFri Jan 18 1991Multiple selections in simple text widget
234.07DEWEYD::WIRZBICKIFri Jan 18 1991Saveing ICON BOX setup of icons/ positions
235.04KURTAN::PERSSONSat Jan 19 1991 Do pseudo ast's need a Display .
236.01TMISSat Jan 19 1991Display corrupted on high rate drawing on SPX.
237.0HOBBLE::PAULINSat Jan 19 1991Problem with DwtNinsertionPosition
238.0BERNMon Jan 21 1991need scroll bar resources for monochrome
239.05BERNMon Jan 21 1991is there a resource editor around?
240.04DEKVC::KYUNGWONLEEMon Jan 21 1991Printscreen problem - Color Sixel format
241.03GIDDAY::KINGSMILLMon Jan 21 1991DW V3.
242.02GIDDAY::KINGSMILLMon Jan 21 1991Bringing up bookreader as an ICON (DW 3.
243.01RDGENG::FITTONMon Jan 21 1991DECterm causing lots of BUFF I/O
244.03COMICS::FISCHERMon Jan 21 1991fonts.alias question
245.0MAIL::KUTZMon Jan 21 1991VT1xxx limited X sessions
246.02CSC32::L_ALMEIDAMon Jan 21 1991SET HOST problem
247.02EWBVTue Jan 22 1991Print screen eats up SM pgflquota
248.02WELMTS::CRIDDLETue Jan 22 1991No prompting in Commands menu
249.0HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHTue Jan 22 1991redirect xconx
250.08WELMTS::CRIDDLETue Jan 22 1991Opcom messages to Message Window?
251.0LYOIS1::LEFEBVRETue Jan 22 1991"imagers" in France?
252.06UNXA::CHIBBAROTue Jan 22 1991DW V3 for Ultrix?
253.03HANNAH::OSMANTue Jan 22 1991MEMORY CORRUPTION in print widget, critical for DECterm
254.0WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFTue Jan 22 1991tlist widget availability
255.01WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFTue Jan 22 1991XReparentWindow - question
256.01KETJE::LEFEVERWed Jan 23 1991CALENDAR printout
257.04BRSSWS::KNEUTSWed Jan 23 1991Icon Startup for Calculator?
258.04LEZAH::MCHIASSONWed Jan 23 1991DECWINDOWS won't start...keyboard error
259.01NIKE::LEZONWed Jan 23 1991Sharable Calendar file...
260.06RHETT::KNORRWed Jan 23 1991ADB that's a child of an ADB seems kinda useless
261.03DIODE::CROWELLWed Jan 23 1991When is the next base level >14-DEC comming out
262.0AISG::MISKINISWed Jan 23 1991Dialog box - VT1
263.04VINO::HOFFMANWed Jan 23 1991Limit on fonts loaded?
264.0OSLACT::TOREOThu Jan 24 1991XGetImage( "XYPixmap") bombs Xtm2d on a 5
265.07ASD::ROSSIThu Jan 24 1991Is there a routine to copy a widget hierarchy?
267.08KOOZEE::SOWINSKIThu Jan 24 1991Read from SYS$COMMAND hangs DECWINDOWS
268.08SLINK::HOODThu Jan 24 1991Where'd my CTRL/U, CTRL/E, and double-click go?
269.01HANNAH::OSMANThu Jan 24 1991what does this print-widget error mean ?
271.04MCDONL::LUSTENBERGERThu Jan 24 1991Application start up problem loggig
272.05VAXSYS::ALEXANDREThu Jan 24 1991Icon Box Title = "No Name"?
273.01FRAFS1::ELHAJFri Jan 25 1991Local printing on VT12
274.02WRK4ME::LUNDFri Jan 25 1991VS2
275.023POIDOG::PARMENTERFri Jan 25 1991VMS process names are meaningless
276.03SALISH::MOORE_JASun Jan 27 1991Flags for Session Manager
277.011HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHMon Jan 28 1991Turn off shmem in X server?
278.04AIDA::CARCANOMon Jan 28 1991Listbox different in UWS 3.1 and 4.
279.04SEWS1::ROPERMon Jan 28 1991Ada binding under ULTRIX
280.0USHS11::YANGMon Jan 28 1991Automate windows & captive accounts
281.02MLNOIS::CAPERDONITue Jan 29 1991MapOutputBuffer: can't create gpd
282.01STKHUV::HULTMANTue Jan 29 1991EDIT with BIG font
283.01XLIB::MARSONTue Jan 29 1991MOTIF as default environment for DECwindows
284.06WILARD::NEWCOMBTue Jan 29 1991Leaving DECwindows Without Exiting Process??
285.09CIM::KAIRYSTue Jan 29 1991Increase server timeout?
286.07ASD::DIGRAZIATue Jan 29 1991Callable "Print Screen", hardcopy?
287.08HPSCAD::MAYERTue Jan 29 1991F1
288.025VAXSYS::ALEXANDRETue Jan 29 1991RRD42 & DECwindows Audio Driver
289.01ROMTue Jan 29 1991VT1X
290.05ODIXIE::WOODLEYTue Jan 29 1991Replication of Data
291.02ARGYLE::LEMONSTue Jan 29 1991DECwindows transports
292.02CX3PST::WSCTue Jan 29 1991bookreader font weirdness
293.01GUIDUK::SOMERTue Jan 29 1991Scalable Text Supprot
294.07GLADYS::HERRINGEWed Jan 30 1991352
295.04COMICS::BELLWed Jan 30 1991Pixmap / bitmap to hardcopy ?
296.0GALVIA::BREATHNACHWed Jan 30 1991Sample Motif compliant UIL wanted
297.05CASEE::BALLADELLIWed Jan 30 1991Announcing the VTX V5.
298.04STAR::VATNEWed Jan 30 1991fonts.alias file to cure interoperability problems
299.03--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 30 1991Font name recommendations
301.07EDSBOX::EBROWNWed Jan 30 1991preventing color attribute inheritance-XCreateWindow
302.01FLYWAY::WIEDLERThu Jan 31 1991DECwindows performance on Mac/MacX?
303.01UTRTSC::CAHILLThu Jan 31 1991Session manager using large amounts of resource.
304.05TINGAU::HEFELEThu Jan 31 1991Cannot allocate clientrec ??
305.07OPG::SIMONThu Jan 31 1991Remote DECwindows won't die
306.09WFOV12::LANOUEThu Jan 31 1991Freezes at system startup!
307.01MUNICH::BENDERThu Jan 31 1991no login, WSA process cycling
308.02LIOSThu Jan 31 1991Autopause or Zap for Decwindows
309.07COPCLU::SVENDSENFri Feb 01 1991Live video in a window??
310.01EEMELI::KALINFri Feb 01 1991How to turn screen saver off in VS31
311.010DSTEG2::HOSSFELDFri Feb 01 1991pause from mwm popup
312.08TOOK::MARSHALLFri Feb 01 1991Looking for Banner
313.02RIVAGE::SILVAFri Feb 01 1991List widget question?
314.0HOOCHR::griffinFri Feb 01 1991application state vs. popup child state
315.026STAR::BROUILLETTEFri Feb 01 1991DECWindows/VMS V3 EFT Announcement
316.049ER::FULLERFri Feb 01 1991Naming DECW$KEYMAP files
317.02RABITT::SYSTEMFri Feb 01 1991Invisible Decwindows!!!
318.06PEACHS::BELDINFri Feb 01 1991Whereabouts of Motif conference?
319.03BSS::GUTZMERFri Feb 01 1991V5.3-1 and PAINT Crashes by system. Why??
320.040LESLIE::LESLIESat Feb 02 1991DW3 EFT Comments
321.02OTOUSat Feb 02 1991No-login on X-terminal?
322.02TAVSun Feb 03 1991352
323.05BERNMon Feb 04 1991DECW 3.
324.0WILARD::COUTUMon Feb 04 1991Disappearing DECterm window
326.013ROMMon Feb 04 1991Vs2
327.014NZOMIS::TOMBLINMon Feb 04 1991Scaleable Font Support
328.01ODAY4Mon Feb 04 1991cant create gpd on 31
329.02LESLIE::LESLIETue Feb 05 1991Should VIEW/FORMAT=PS work?
330.01GYLCG::FAUSERTue Feb 05 1991GKS 4.1 under DECwindow zoom function takes endless.
331.05ROMTSS::SERAFINITue Feb 05 1991DECW$WINMGR_PGFLQUO info needed......
332.02WELMTS::CRIDDLETue Feb 05 1991Return in FileView does not Update
333.06MU::PORTERTue Feb 05 1991Fixing the session manager window
334.06MU::PORTERTue Feb 05 1991Cardfiler initial state?
335.02MU::PORTERTue Feb 05 1991Xpostit MB2 broken
336.05MU::PORTERTue Feb 05 1991NOTES pop-up strangeness
337.02MU::PORTERTue Feb 05 1991Motif scroll bars are awful
338.07MU::PORTERTue Feb 05 1991Colourmix for icons is confusing
339.06QOQUAQ::PELTZTue Feb 05 1991V3 EFT and 2-headed WS?
340.0QOQUAQ::PELTZTue Feb 05 1991DECwindows V3 documentation online?
341.06INBLUE::BASSINNETue Feb 05 1991VPA 2.1 installation failed?
342.0156863::NELSONTue Feb 05 1991Help widget problem
343.04ABSZK::GREENWOODTue Feb 05 1991Why does notes eat all the CPU ?
344.04BUGEYE::CLARYTue Feb 05 1991Load new fonts after boot?
345.03HKOVC::TERENCEWed Feb 06 1991Does V3 support f.exec?
346.0INBLUE::BASSINNEWed Feb 06 1991sysgen param gotch'yas
347.0SHAWB1::THOMASAWed Feb 06 1991Notepad Journalling doesn't work VMS 5.4-1
348.08DSTEG2::HOSSFELDWed Feb 06 1991Is any one had any luck getting custom vue files to work?
349.01MU::PORTERWed Feb 06 1991Session events? What's that?
350.03ZURWed Feb 06 1991wishlist: save print options
351.01TRUCKS::YOUNGWed Feb 06 1991Decwindows Hangs
352.04COOKIE::KELLERWed Feb 06 1991DECW V3/Motif licensing on clusters
353.04SHINER::D_HOHMWed Feb 06 1991Monitor resolutions in DPI
354.02MU::PORTERWed Feb 06 1991mwm customize workspace problems
355.01VISTAS::GAMLIELWed Feb 06 1991DW3 EFT: X Toolkit Warning: Shell widget "..." has an invalid geometry specification: "" ry specification: ""
356.0BREAKR::HAWed Feb 06 1991color print screen
357.03KIPPIS::RUUSKANENThu Feb 07 1991"Fatal internal library error". Why ???
358.01GIDDAY::BARLINThu Feb 07 1991Disable SHUTDOWN messages to a Decterm?
359.01MUCTEC::WENDLThu Feb 07 1991bs/su problem on PX machines
360.07MRKTNG::KNIGHTThu Feb 07 1991Iconic interface to VMS/ULTRIX
361.02MU::PORTERThu Feb 07 1991How to customize Cardfiler colours?
362.06CSC32::L_ALMEIDAThu Feb 07 1991PrintScreen--color monitor-->b/w printer
363.02VNASWS::WILFRIEDThu Feb 07 1991DW3 EFT VMS 5.4-1: can't create terminal window; session mgr NOT starting
364.012DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Feb 07 1991Bliss require files for DXM, MRM and XM
365.08DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Feb 07 1991customize and help root window pulldowns not active
366.02CAPITN::OLDING_NIThu Feb 07 1991Automated cut and paste ?
367.0GRNBLT::RUFFIEUXThu Feb 07 1991decw$startxterminal crashs system
368.01KEBLER::T_MCCARTHYThu Feb 07 1991LOGINOUT image accounting record -- where? why?
369.01MEO78B::LYONSThu Feb 07 1991XSTONE figures?
370.01MISERY::AFENDAKIS_MIThu Feb 07 1991Printer Form entries not complete in Print Options Window
371.012MUCTEC::EIBLFri Feb 08 1991X11 program with 256 colors on 8-plane VS352
372.03TOOK::HAOFri Feb 08 1991backward compatibility between V3 and V2
373.01TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 08 1991Printscreen in ULTRIX has wrong output filename
374.01MARX::WALSHFri Feb 08 1991CREATE/TERMINAL problem
375.02POBOX::GUSTAFSONFri Feb 08 1991Open Look fonts for VAX VMS workstation?
376.05POLE::LEMMONSat Feb 09 1991Can Data be shared across Application Contexts?
377.01TMISSun Feb 10 1991Toggle Button problem.
378.0MU::PORTERSun Feb 10 1991'strings' for VMS, fyi
379.0ROMMon Feb 11 1991Bookreader on dos??
380.01INFACT::DATZMANMon Feb 11 1991Bookreader and Images
381.01HERCUL::MOSERMon Feb 11 1991HIDE DIALOG button a one way street???
382.01OLDTMR::SECGMon Feb 11 1991Released InfoServer 1
384.05XLIB::MARSONMon Feb 11 1991Problem allowing ULTRIX to serve a VMS client
385.01HOOCHR::griffinMon Feb 11 1991XtSetValues vs XtConfigureWidget
386.0311SRUS::LUCIAMon Feb 11 1991DECTERM Controller MUTEX
387.0SKYLRK::FAFRAKMon Feb 11 1991Printscreen Problem with ULTRIX... Sixel Output
388.01MU::PORTERMon Feb 11 1991How does one set up an icon picture these days?
389.026ANNECY::LEHYTue Feb 12 1991cluster aliases in Cust. Security
390.01CSC32::L_ALMEIDATue Feb 12 1991Font weirdness with Paint on VR315/VR319
391.02VAOUTue Feb 12 1991Print Screen ?
392.06STAR::VATNETue Feb 12 1991Announcing the ANNOTATE tool for server log files
394.04GIDDAY::HYDETue Feb 12 1991session manager crash
395.01COLWed Feb 13 1991spx and tablet
396.02BERNWed Feb 13 1991specify pattern in *.DAT resource files?
397.03TEVIOT::CORNWALLWed Feb 13 1991Customize pointer problem
398.01FRAMBO::REHBERGWed Feb 13 1991Guest account,Login Procedures
399.06KETJE::DIERICKWed Feb 13 1991XtAppAddInput question
400.08REGENT::HUMMERSWed Feb 13 1991NOMSG
401.01RLAV::GORMLEYWed Feb 13 1991print screen function in motif application
402.01CSC32::K_TICEWed Feb 13 1991Server hang on VMS V5.4-1 ?
403.06LARVAE::BURGESSWed Feb 13 1991X.11 OVER native X.25 (VAX PSI)?
404.011WJG::HINDIWed Feb 13 1991help! Can't Pause out of session with DECW V3 EFT!!!!
405.02BRSSWS::VERCAMMENThu Feb 14 1991DECW$TE_1 process created with BYTLM limit 5
406.02ESDVThu Feb 14 1991what's in the *CBI* directories?
407.01USRCV1::LEFFLERMThu Feb 14 1991Batch Printscreen?
408.0NECSC::LEVYThu Feb 14 1991Problem with DECW$DWTSHR.EXE on EFT kit
409.03TASTY::JEFFERYThu Feb 14 1991Sources to Paint anyone?
410.04DECWIN::MESSENGERThu Feb 14 1991DECUS Questionnaire
411.031HANNAH::OSMANThu Feb 14 1991do you suffer from MOUSE SLIPPAGE ?
412.01DBSALF::JACOBSThu Feb 14 1991V3 EFT fileview COMMANDS... menu options
413.0DSSDEV::GRIFFINThu Feb 14 1991XIO error - broken pipe
414.08CRONIC::PAGEThu Feb 14 1991whose colors are these?
415.01ZIBBY::ROBINSONThu Feb 14 1991"UnsignedChar" resource type vs XUI?
416.04INFACT::BEVISThu Feb 14 1991EFT2 problem, EFT3 fix?
417.02DSTEG1::HOSSFELDFri Feb 15 1991Menus and profiles
418.01CSC32::D_MAHDERFri Feb 15 1991curser going away...31
419.03EICMFG::HOLZERSat Feb 16 1991DECWINDOWS V3 crashing/hanging sinc upgrade to EFT3
420.06HIGEAR::AVERYSat Feb 16 1991Picking Up My VMS Environment
421.02PLAYER::VANAVERMAETMon Feb 18 1991ATT_FAIL when attempting to use LAT transport
422.03WECARE::LYNCHMon Feb 18 1991V5.4 CLOCK display bugs?
423.06MLNCSC::VOCIMon Feb 18 1991decwindow logicals
424.06EEMELI::PEURAMon Feb 18 1991FrameMaker fails with BadAtom on most DEC Xservers
425.014AZUR::BENOLIELMon Feb 18 1991How to use the Ultrix UIDPATH environment variable ??
426.0SMAUG::GRAHAMMon Feb 18 1991XPostit send-note functionality broken
427.03RHETT::KNORRMon Feb 18 1991Anyway for resource files to be read faster? (VMS)
428.02TAVMon Feb 18 1991OPTION MENU questions
429.02VINO::HOFFMANMon Feb 18 1991fetch_icon_literal
430.010CVG::PETTENGILLMon Feb 18 1991Testing 1
431.02TKOVOA::MORI_YMon Feb 18 1991Where is Xterm/ELN kits?
432.04PJWL::LAMBTue Feb 19 1991Query Server Node Name??
433.04BRSSWS::ROETSTue Feb 19 1991Xtgetvalues orientation vax-risc/vms-ultrix
434.04PAPERS::WINNTue Feb 19 1991Are Customer Written Fonts Supported?
435.06HOOCHR::griffinTue Feb 19 1991XSetInputFocus failing to child of popup shell
436.0HOBBLE::WILEYTue Feb 19 1991Need help w/ background pixmap
437.09MU::PORTERTue Feb 19 1991Message panel customization
438.0OSLACT::ARVETue Feb 19 1991NOMSG 13ab82
439.01AUNTB::WILSONJTue Feb 19 1991286-Based PC's Running X-Windows?
440.08CACIQE::FONSECATue Feb 19 1991VS31
441.06BUGEYE::CLARYTue Feb 19 1991EWS INFO?
443.015PARVAX::WARDLETue Feb 19 1991X$X
444.03HAMSC3::UHABENREICHTue Feb 19 1991DECW$MAIL default directory
446.0DUBSWS::DALYTue Feb 19 1991Advice required ....
447.01MEO78B::LYONSTue Feb 19 1991DECW over 3rd party TCP/IP??
448.02KIPPIS::RUUSKANENWed Feb 20 1991DECWindows EFT V3 and XlookupString() called from Fortran ?
449.05ROKCTR::GRAHAMWed Feb 20 1991DECwindows Data Entry
450.013GRANE::HEINTZEWed Feb 20 1991Wanted: Program that will capture DECterm session in file <<< SUBWAY::DISK$D1:[NOTES$LIBRARY]MOTIF.NOTE;1 >>> -< MOTIF >- ================================================================================ N
451.02BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOWed Feb 20 1991DECwindows V3 & misc directory ???
452.05RAGS::SIEBOLDWed Feb 20 1991Problem with PRIVATE_SERVER_SETUP
453.05VERNA::V_GILBERTWed Feb 20 1991Application Context problems
454.020THEWAV::KRUEGERThu Feb 21 1991Font names differ on VMS & Ultrix
455.0TKTV2Thu Feb 21 1991How to be managed input focus?
456.07PAPERS::WOODThu Feb 21 1991Using s_text_set_string from ADA causes VM expansion
457.06BARMY::PETERThu Feb 21 1991Multimedia toolkit under DECwindows ?
458.03KIPPIS::MOSERThu Feb 21 1991set term/width=132 does not always work
459.01SMAUG::DESMONDThu Feb 21 1991Generated password problems.
460.0NWGEDU::DINGEMANSThu Feb 21 1991Fortran Translation mgt problem (XUI)
461.010CIM1NI::WALKERThu Feb 21 1991dual screens - density prob
462.05ESGWST::KISHIMURAThu Feb 21 1991Change paste buffer size?
463.01ANCHRD::MCEVOYThu Feb 21 1991Looking for table drive Menu System
464.01RELYON::DCRAMMThu Feb 21 1991Application Definition Options Available?
465.01ZPOVC::GEORGEKOHFri Feb 22 1991Authorized all users to display application on W/S don't work
466.02WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIFri Feb 22 1991rgb.txt and VMS
467.02ROMTSS::PASIFri Feb 22 1991How to link on VMS?
468.07FUNYET::ANDERSONFri Feb 22 1991Change display while running application?
469.01WHELIN::TASCHEREAUFri Feb 22 1991color allocation problem
470.08ISIDRO::DELCURAFri Feb 22 1991HP client to VMS X-server ?
471.05RHETT::WILLIAMSFri Feb 22 1991Applications Menu Pulldown = Right Justify?
472.021BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOFri Feb 22 1991How to deinstall DECwindows V3 (FT) ???
473.0KOALA::RYANFri Feb 22 1991dxelf - see KOALA::DXELF
475.01TAVSun Feb 24 1991set icon name to popup adb?
477.03DPDMAI::DAVIESSun Feb 24 1991DECwindows/Ethernet White Paper
478.02INFACT::BEVISSun Feb 24 1991ALL-IN-1 Mail for DW - a BUG?
479.02PLAYER::DEVALCKMon Feb 25 1991Logging in a second time works ?
480.01LYOIS1::JACQUINMon Feb 25 1991DECW 3.
481.08EVMS::MASONMon Feb 25 1991Coloring Icons
482.0CTOAVX::SFOSTERMon Feb 25 1991Missing pixels in captured SIXEL files
483.01DSSDEV::QUINLANMon Feb 25 1991DwtMainWindow question
484.01MPGS::GIFFORDMon Feb 25 1991DECwindows V3 and DW_NET
485.02TOOK::HAOMon Feb 25 1991linking correct libraries??
486.010HPSRAD::DZEKEVICHMon Feb 25 1991UISX & HCUIS under DECwindows
487.06MOVIES::KAKAMon Feb 25 1991An easy question.
488.036BIGRED::DANIELSMon Feb 25 1991Roll-your-own widgets? Documentation?
489.04DIODE::CROWELLTue Feb 26 1991DECW V3-EFT- InputFocus problem
490.0CAFEIN::KANOUSETue Feb 26 1991resize button - vt1
491.02MU::PORTERTue Feb 26 1991Moving DECW$XDEFAULTS.DAT under VMS - how?
492.02TAVTue Feb 26 1991ACCVIO when more then 1115 widget used...
493.014CSC32::E_KWANTue Feb 26 1991Is it possible to display mac II applications
494.031Tue Feb 26 1991Cursor blink rate units
495.03PSTWKS::THOMASTue Feb 26 1991HyperHelp in DECwindows: V3.
496.01TAVTue Feb 26 1991OVERRIDE translkation table in UIL fails
497.02CIGRBX::NELSONWed Feb 27 1991Customization Problems
498.04FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSWed Feb 27 1991Linguistics Aids for DECwindows V3
499.01YUPPY::DUTTONSWed Feb 27 1991Change fill pattern in PAINT?
500.03GBIWed Feb 27 1991User data in Display struct
501.018NMGDV4::DOEVEWed Feb 27 1991Start Executable or Command file in DECterm
502.08INFACT::NORTHERNWed Feb 27 1991Welcome/Announce "application"?
503.012SOOTY::ALFORDWed Feb 27 1991Tailoring startup files
504.01VAXWRK::CRAIGWed Feb 27 1991DECW$SM.LOG for Ultrix?
505.02WTPOOH::GILLISWed Feb 27 1991XLIB-F-IOERROR / SYSTEM-F-PATHLOST fairly frequently...
506.05HAVOC::SHEPROWed Feb 27 1991Changing the Icon name and Window name
507.04USRCV1::OHARAWed Feb 27 1991Xpr,Xwd, and Xdpyinfo
508.05SMAUG::L_HOWed Feb 27 1991Invisible screen content on DS5
509.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed Feb 27 1991User executive and double click actions
510.06DIODE::CROWELLThu Feb 28 1991DECW V3-EFT, Menu bar labels - clipped?
511.03DPDMAI::FISCHERThu Feb 28 1991DECwindows -> Open Look
512.017WR1FOR::BARTLETROThu Feb 28 1991When is SDC release of V3 expected???
513.01NEWVAX::SPRAGUEThu Feb 28 1991Advice for getting cluster informtaion to DECwindows appliation running on non-cluster VAXstation
514.09TLE::MEIERThu Feb 28 1991How to start Cardfiler iconified under V3-EFT
515.01TLSEThu Feb 28 1991Possible XtInitialize memory problem
516.02WHELIN::LOMBARDOThu Feb 28 1991Highlight Pixmap in Scrolled list.
517.02ODIXIE::MAGOONThu Feb 28 1991DECwindows support for VSV21 ?
518.03ABLE::CLEMENSThu Feb 28 1991I need Window/Session manager source code .....
519.02HANFri Mar 01 1991Colour problem with 31
520.02MU::PORTERFri Mar 01 1991Application behaviour varies with WM implementation
521.011GRANE::HEINTZEFri Mar 01 1991How to link with DWT routines
522.05SMAUG::PORTERFri Mar 01 1991VMS V5.4-1 on top of DECwindows V3?
523.08SMAUG::PORTERFri Mar 01 1991Does DECwindows V3 need a PAK?
524.01COLSat Mar 02 1991bug in xuidemo
525.03PT73::MGRACEFFASat Mar 02 1991DECwindows V3 EFT w/ Motif Window Manager dies
526.0STAR::VATNESat Mar 02 1991Font names are now returned in lowercase
527.03HOBBLE::PETSun Mar 03 1991Problem with Accelerator
528.06DSM::CRAIGSun Mar 03 1991Very slow iconizing (window unpainting)
529.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Mar 04 1991DDIF (CDA) viewer to ULTRIX workstation problem
530.02FRSTSC::ERLEMANNMon Mar 04 1991Popping dialog boxes "move"
531.0MOVIES::HOWELL_MAMon Mar 04 1991How to change paste button in V3?
532.01BLYTH::CORNWALLMon Mar 04 1991Cardfiler - Include Image......
533.02IJSAPL::BLEDOEGMon Mar 04 1991possible to disable icon box menu and scrollbars?
535.01MOVIES::BENSONMon Mar 04 1991definition of terms
536.04SWTHOM::MALASPINAMon Mar 04 1991DECW$SERVER loops if writing E's on SPX ...
537.01CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Mar 04 1991how to save customized settings?
538.0ZURMon Mar 04 1991Language dependent start from FileView
539.02MUCTEC::WENDLMon Mar 04 1991Print/Capture Portion of Screen - box on DS 52
540.0IDOOA::VALASEKMon Mar 04 1991dw_net , VT13
541.03PRTCHZ::KASCHINSKEMon Mar 04 1991Dedicated Xterm application?
542.02AIAG::LINDSEYMon Mar 04 1991What version of DECwindows do I have?
543.03IJSAPL::BROUWERSMon Mar 04 1991tektronix emulation ?
544.010NOVA::SMITHIMon Mar 04 1991How do you enter MCS character in MOTIF?
545.02HSOMAI::YANGMon Mar 04 1991Customized LOGO?
546.04DSSDEV::BIBEAULTMon Mar 04 1991Installation of DECwindows V3 died a horrible death...
547.0HKOVC::TERENCEMon Mar 04 1991I don't want the menu bar.
548.04HERON::MARSHALLTue Mar 05 1991slow FireFox
549.01PHONE::AYRETue Mar 05 1991Question on setting the login and pause backgrounds - ULTRIX
550.013CLARID::HOFSTEETue Mar 05 1991startup as icons instead of windows?
551.0VERNA::V_GILBERTTue Mar 05 1991_XInputArrival error running VMS DECwindows V2.
553.012VERNA::V_GILBERTTue Mar 05 1991DECmcc, DECwindows V2.
555.03RDGENG::HAYWARDWed Mar 06 1991How to position DECterms ?
556.01COMICS::WOODWed Mar 06 1991Any way of using non-default visual with Dwt
557.02ZURWed Mar 06 1991FMS Problem in SESSION MANAGER
558.02ESRAD::PANGAKISWed Mar 06 1991Foreground and Background reversed in Paint?
559.01VLNVAX::TSMITHWed Mar 06 1991Pasting v2 cut onto V3 EFT window locks window manager.
560.01DSSDEV::MORWed Mar 06 1991DECW default directory
561.03SHALOT::TAYLORWed Mar 06 1991DECwindows Notes pointers?
562.01POBOX::LARKWed Mar 06 1991font alias for Apollo
563.03TRNOI2::POLETTIThu Mar 07 1991XDestroyImage and memory deallocation
564.02AIADM::MALLORYThu Mar 07 1991Problem with PAUSE
565.020DECWIN::LEMBREEThu Mar 07 1991Bug Compatability: How do YOU think the server should work by default?
566.03KETJE::PACCOThu Mar 07 1991Window Manager disappears after a while.
567.0COLThu Mar 07 1991alloc/xcfb problem
568.0HACMAN::HACKThu Mar 07 1991printer port for DECw v3FT ... how to use?
569.0NOATAK::KHALLThu Mar 07 1991Session Manager and Environment Variable?
570.01HKOVC::TERENCEThu Mar 07 1991UWS X server release question
572.07GRANPA::GHULETTFri Mar 08 1991DECTERM Bold Color?
573.01GSRC::KENOYERFri Mar 08 1991Is your LOGO secure?
574.03CRLVMS::HALBERTFri Mar 08 1991Worksheet program
575.03IOSG::BILSBOROUGHSun Mar 10 1991Graphics window widget problems.
576.0TAVSun Mar 10 1991error handler questions.
577.02GBIMon Mar 11 1991using AST routine to displays windows
578.01SMOOT::ROTHMon Mar 11 1991error spawning in remote window
579.03CALS::BRAGINSKYMon Mar 11 1991Which X is in ULTRIX 4.
580.02SNOCMon Mar 11 1991Identifying a client. Focus Events.
581.04GOONS::MCGUIRETue Mar 12 1991Capture Screen
582.03MUNICH::BENDERTue Mar 12 1991no login, _WSAn dies with ACCVIO
583.01MR4DEC::JAINTue Mar 12 1991Can change font path without using xset?
584.02PEACHS::GILBERTTue Mar 12 1991Setting Iconify Pixmap on ADB changes its focus policy
585.01LTLKNG::TAZBOY::ZIGLERTue Mar 12 1991Earliest VMS Release?
586.02HSOMAI::HOTue Mar 12 1991client connected to multiple servers
587.01MARX::BARFIELDTue Mar 12 1991Automatic input focus for dxterm window
588.04OZZAIB::IOMERSOWed Mar 13 1991DECW EFT3.
589.01NMGDV4::DOEVEWed Mar 13 1991Questions about DECW$DWT_DECNET !
590.013UTOPIE::KREISLERWed Mar 13 1991VS31
591.03GIDDAY::VETTEWed Mar 13 1991DECterm, BadMatch - parameter mismatch error
592.03TROAWed Mar 13 1991No-Name LOGINOUT messes up C3 Startup
593.04TLE::MEIERWed Mar 13 1991How to save icon box position with V3 EFT
594.05CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESWed Mar 13 1991Ultrix security bug ???
595.04GBIThu Mar 14 1991I used toolkit routine from ast level
596.02PEACHS::BELDINThu Mar 14 1991Command line overrides documented?
597.01PIBALD::PETThu Mar 14 1991Unable To Modify Terminal Characteristics
598.06GLORY::FISCHERThu Mar 14 1991LSE interface environment, anyone?
599.0108STAR::VATNEThu Mar 14 1991Ideas for DECwindows V4
600.0JRDVFri Mar 15 1991Semantics of Compound String
601.0LEAN::SOVINSKYFri Mar 15 1991Modifying tab in Notepad
602.02ROCHE::LOESCHFri Mar 15 1991Mouse goes out to lunch on DS5
603.01DEDHED::SPINEFri Mar 15 1991OSF/Motif Level One (Style Guide) Certification Checklist
604.06PVCSSE::PICCICUTOSat Mar 16 1991DECwindows Mail giving me ACP file create failed!
605.04PVCSSE::PICCICUTOSat Mar 16 1991Window resourse question!
606.0HKOVC::TERENCESun Mar 17 1991'Menu bar + F1
607.07VLNVAX::TSMITHMon Mar 18 1991DECW mail - DDIF$VIEWSHR & DPS$VIEWSHR must be installed error
608.010HANNAH::OSMANMon Mar 18 1991please help me solve scrollbar FOCUS problem in DECterm
609.0SNOCTue Mar 19 1991List Box : Updating in place
611.02GLDOA::RACZKATue Mar 19 1991SunView display to DECwindows?
612.01WELCLU::CRIDDLETue Mar 19 1991Cardfiler Process exits after closing card
613.05WR1FOR::BARTLETROTue Mar 19 1991MOTIF/DW3 licensing clarification??
614.01WR1FOR::BARTLETROTue Mar 19 1991Fix for growing dialog box????
615.01ATPS::EVATue Mar 19 1991ACCVIO using Pause
616.02COMICS::STUBBINGTONTue Mar 19 1991DECwindows interface using CMS - customize view...
617.02PIBALD::WILEYTue Mar 19 1991Option menus and DXmActivateWidget
618.02CSC32::D_MAHDERTue Mar 19 1991add print format
619.02RHETT::BONNETue Mar 19 1991LineWidth >
620.01RHETT::WESTTue Mar 19 1991 XDM Implementation in future release?
621.05HSOMAI::LINTue Mar 19 1991V5.4 client and V5.2 server?
622.02EWBV21::INAZU_KWed Mar 20 1991XtOverrideTranslation causes ACCVIO
623.0HGOVC::LILLIANTANGWed Mar 20 1991displaying window mgr on more than 1 vt13
624.05MANTA::SIMONWed Mar 20 1991Bizarre features with V3 on IOWA
625.036STAR::BMATTHEWSWed Mar 20 1991VMS DECwindows Motif V1.
626.05LEDDEV::GARDEWed Mar 20 1991Problem running ULTRIX application remotely
627.05CRONIC::DUNLOPWed Mar 20 1991Session Manager hanging
628.0CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESWed Mar 20 1991ultrix dxmail and sedt
629.01CGOAWed Mar 20 1991mouse coordinates
630.06COMICS::FISCHERThu Mar 21 1991Server process crashes on 31
631.010SMAUG::GRAHAMThu Mar 21 1991IFT2 Problems
632.0FROCKY::LOEFFELSENDThu Mar 21 1991Modal dialog box
633.0RHETT::WESTThu Mar 21 1991Toner Saver and LJ25
634.03DEBUG::BERRYThu Mar 21 1991What & Where is ATMEMMGT
635.02MU::PORTERThu Mar 21 1991%DECW-W-NORELOAD from IFT2
636.04BIODTL::FERGUSONThu Mar 21 1991DWT$C_NGEOMETRY format and other misc DECwindows ?s
637.02COPCLU::FLEMMINGCFri Mar 22 1991Help wanted: poor bitmap performance on SPX/panni
638.01BARD::mcafeeFri Mar 22 1991Key Translations
639.0CTCFri Mar 22 1991LMS error when loading license for IFT2
640.03MARX::BARFIELDFri Mar 22 1991Problem with XSetInputFocus for Ultrix dxterm
641.01WR1FOR::BILLJAFri Mar 22 1991Account privileges appear and disappear on LAVC (Using DECwindows)
642.03CSC32::C_KERSEYFri Mar 22 1991Cardfiler - sort routine failed, status is 69
644.03CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESFri Mar 22 1991.Xdefaults from mips or vax
645.06TAVSun Mar 24 1991Pressing the 3 mouse buttons together??
646.02BRSSWS::WILLEMSGSun Mar 24 1991pagefilequota--logout problem
647.05TEACH::DANSun Mar 24 19918 plane --> 24 plane??
648.0TAVMon Mar 25 1991XtsetSensitive - BadMatch Error
649.013HANNAH::OSMANMon Mar 25 1991when would colormap ever NOT be full ?
650.04NBOFS1::HERMANNMon Mar 25 1991A function like $SHOW DISPLAY
651.01KETJE::DIERICKMon Mar 25 19911
652.023CECVMon Mar 25 1991decterms vanish intermittently
653.0DSSDEV::BIBEAULTMon Mar 25 1991Bogus PRCLM dialog box
654.0MARX::LEVINMon Mar 25 1991Tlist widget with horizontal scroll bar
655.05EMASS::MURPHYMon Mar 25 1991Help with events
656.0SKIGOD::PFROMERMon Mar 25 1991text justification
657.04AIAG::BILLMERSMon Mar 25 1991Can't set icon box geometry
659.01DSTEG2::HOSSFELDTue Mar 26 1991debugger speed!
660.05OSLACT::OLAVTue Mar 26 1991DECwindows startup problem
661.0SORGEN::ANDREASTue Mar 26 1991decw$server_ddx_ge problem with versions
662.08COMICS::PENDERGRASTTue Mar 26 1991pause password login peculiarity
663.01FAVAX::JESSOPTue Mar 26 1991Problem going from DECwindows V3 back to X-windows.
664.01DECWET::VANDERBURGTue Mar 26 1991ACCVIO when tabbing with DECWindows V3 IFT2
665.01DCVAX::SPRAGUETue Mar 26 1991Captive account as callback routine?
666.03VIA::POONTue Mar 26 1991New Cardfiler images with fixes to accvio problems in the IFT2 cardfiler available.
667.01PRTCHZ::KASCHINSKETue Mar 26 1991vt32
668.010HANNAH::OSMANTue Mar 26 1991is u*ix more capable than vms with multi-screen ?
669.0CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESTue Mar 26 1991loss of delete key
670.01STOIC::ALANWed Mar 27 1991Need to mimic Quit
671.01HAMSC3::UHABENREICHWed Mar 27 1991Output format of X$DISPLAY_STRING
672.06HANNAH::OSMANWed Mar 27 1991what's a simple way to catch failing XtMallocs ?
673.06VISA::GENTILIWed Mar 27 1991VS31
674.01RDOVAX::SOBECKWed Mar 27 1991Removing Login Screen and other questions
675.01AITPLB::PBRIGGSWed Mar 27 1991Bookreader Access Violation Stack Dump -- DECwindws v3
676.01HUMDRM::LAWTONWed Mar 27 1991Font Problem DECwindows/ULTRIX <--> ODT (SCO UNIX)
677.02HOOCHR::griffinWed Mar 27 1991Problems resizing a top level (application shell) widget
678.01PVCSSE::PICCICUTOWed Mar 27 1991Icon Box is not appearing as it should
679.010PT73::MGRACEFFAWed Mar 27 1991DECwindows V3 IFT2 on a VT13
680.06CTHULU::YERAZUNISWed Mar 27 1991TWM (Tom's Window Manager)
681.013QUARK::LIONELWed Mar 27 1991IFT2 - DECW$WSINIT looping
682.0CSCOA1::HOOD_RWed Mar 27 1991xdm and UDXUNMIT4xx
683.0MUCTEC::WENDLThu Mar 28 1991some minor errors with dxterm and others clients
684.02TRNOI2::POLETTIThu Mar 28 1991When Color Postscript Print Screen available ?
685.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Mar 28 1991Cant find window location?
686.0NMGDV4::DOEVEThu Mar 28 1991Network load using private servers
687.04TRUCKS::BURYThu Mar 28 1991Vanishing menubar
688.03GIGGLE::LOMBARDOThu Mar 28 1991Questiondialog,Scale,ScrolledText,Pixmap????
689.0ROSEN::ROSENThu Mar 28 1991IFT2 problem: some strange results from the shadowThickness resource
690.02UTRTSC::LITHThu Mar 28 1991SERVER ACCVIO when using PLAY/DECW under DTM 3.2
691.01ARRODS::HARDINGThu Mar 28 1991IFT2 - DECW$SERVER hung
692.01CSC32::C_KERSEYThu Mar 28 1991calculator -accvio - pc=8
693.01KDFF::GODFREYThu Mar 28 1991VT1
694.08ALAMOS::ADAMSThu Mar 28 1991Unable to CONVERT or CDA View (DW3 IFT2)
695.0DLOThu Mar 28 1991X/OPEN branding?
696.09HACMAN::HACKFri Mar 29 1991DECwindows v3 compose key settings
697.07MANTA::SIMONFri Mar 29 19914-plane problem fix ??
698.03DSTEG2::HOSSFELDFri Mar 29 1991Anyone know what happened to the motif conference?
699.05BEAUTY::SWANFri Mar 29 1991Message number
700.027LAGER::SANDERSFri Mar 29 1991Can't create DECterms with DECWindows V3 IFT2 on VMS
701.03GDJUNK::HOULEFri Mar 29 1991V2 DECwindows documentation -bookreader format
702.01LAGER::SANDERSFri Mar 29 1991ACCVIO trying to access screen 1
703.01ZGOVIZ::JSTANGMon Apr 01 1991implementing scroll bars
704.01PCOJCT::COLVARDMon Apr 01 1991DECwindows for VMS V5.3?
706.01KANGAR::TANTue Apr 02 1991Printscreen for a dual-headed workstation
707.02TRNOI2::POLETTITue Apr 02 1991How to avoid a loop in a callback ?
708.05LARVAE::JEFFERYTue Apr 02 1991ACCVIO problem for nonpriv user
709.09RCOJDS::SHOWALTERTue Apr 02 1991DECwindows Startup - Sequence of Events
710.01KISMIF::COTETue Apr 02 1991DECTERM within MOTIF
711.0DEDHED::SPINETue Apr 02 1991Motif user interface futures...
712.02KETJE::PUTMANSTue Apr 02 1991display of DEC-products on non-DEC equipment.
713.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Apr 02 1991Direct connect/disconnect to server process puts it in an infinite loop
714.03DUCATI::LASTOVICATue Apr 02 1991decw$session dies with accvio at pc 129aaf while user tries to log in
715.05KISMIF::TURNERTue Apr 02 1991CRE/TERM/RESOURCE_FILE -> illegal combination
716.03CTHQ1::WALKERWed Apr 03 1991DECwindows resource files ???
717.0HAVOC::KISERWed Apr 03 1991DECWindows Drafting Board???
719.04GOBAMA::CHANDRASEKHAWed Apr 03 1991sess mgr. quits (INSVIRMEM)
720.03DEMON::MARSHWed Apr 03 1991Outline for Advanced Motif Course
721.09DECWIN::MESSENGERWed Apr 03 1991Should clicking a mouse button cancel pseudo mouse mode?
722.01CSC32::E_ALSBERGThu Apr 04 1991XSERVER Crash
723.02XLIB::JACKSONThu Apr 04 1991Finding the DECterm
724.02ZURFri Apr 05 1991application hanging
725.01PLAYER::DEVALCKFri Apr 05 1991Conflict between def command and DEFRAGMENT cmd
726.04OPG::RAYERFri Apr 05 1991Keyboard Shortcut on MOTIF WM
727.07ESRAD::PANGAKISFri Apr 05 1991Page File Badly Fragmented?
728.017TRNING::ALLERTONFri Apr 05 1991Automatic DECterm Remote Login
729.01HANNAH::OSMANFri Apr 05 1991does XtAppAddTimeout really cause XtIMTimer ??
730.02ALEXWS::ALEXSun Apr 07 1991Program Controlled EndSession on V2
731.016SEAPEN::PHIPPSSun Apr 07 1991How to tell the version?
732.0LEVERS::MELARAGNIMon Apr 08 1991Can't open local display/login problem
734.02FUNYET::ANDERSONMon Apr 08 1991DECW$STARTLOGIN.EXE behavior changed in DECwindows Motif?
735.06MARX::KELLEYMon Apr 08 1991dxmail - can't read newmail on ultrix
736.03CRONIC::ORTHMon Apr 08 1991VUE$GET_QUALIFIERS, unrecongnized command verb
737.012TLE::WILLIAMSMon Apr 08 1991Text is bigger on 1
738.05BRULE::MICKOLMon Apr 08 1991Can you print Bookreader documents?
739.02HPTP11::HARRISMon Apr 08 1991Looping process id/i.e. session manager
740.03UTRTSC::CAHILLTue Apr 09 1991Color postscript file questions.
741.05COMICS::FISCHERTue Apr 09 1991Cardfiler ACCVIO
742.04COMICS::PENDERGRASTTue Apr 09 1991fileview puts sys$disk in wrong table: TOP not lnm$process
743.0FSTVAX::WISETue Apr 09 1991Advanced Motif/DECwindows course
744.09CACHE::LEIGHTue Apr 09 1991Changing DECterm fonts
745.01RHETT::BONNETue Apr 09 199116 million colors on Turbo?
746.03URSUS::RICKTue Apr 09 1991DECW$CURSOR: Displaying DECwrite on non-Digital Xservers
747.024PSW::WINALSKITue Apr 09 1991DW V3 Window Management Beef
748.01MEO78B::FLAHERTYWed Apr 10 1991Define sys$input prob???
749.05BUGEYE::CLARYWed Apr 10 1991Can't run on screen 1...
750.03UTRTSC::CAHILLWed Apr 10 1991problem starting applications..
751.05BPCVAX::DELANEYWed Apr 10 1991Refused by Server
752.04MARVA1::SPRAGUEWed Apr 10 1991problem using DECterm result dev in lib$spawn
753.02COMICS::FISCHERWed Apr 10 1991Text alignment in a caution box
754.03BIGRED::DOMINEYWed Apr 10 1991RS6
755.01SMPVAX::BLUNTWed Apr 10 1991Tek X-27 operates oddly on 2nd connect
756.07MR4DEC::HITCHCOCKWed Apr 10 1991DECwindows Environment Logical Needed
757.02STKHLM::MALMBERGWed Apr 10 1991Font for BigFont & LittleFont ???
758.02WKRP::HENRYWed Apr 10 1991Where can I find DECwindows??
759.0MARX::WALSHWed Apr 10 1991remoteX (DW_NET) is available
760.01MUNCHZ::MORGANWed Apr 10 1991Print Screen Negative Images?
761.03WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Apr 11 1991colo(u)r screen capture
762.013COMICS::FISCHERThu Apr 11 1991Server hang on 31
763.03BIGRED::DANIELSThu Apr 11 1991Compressing motion events at user level?
764.08MAIL::HIRABAYASHIThu Apr 11 1991Kanji font and user interface?
765.05CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Apr 11 1991network partner disconnected logical link error
766.03TAVThu Apr 11 1991Why can't he open display?
767.01PROXY::CHENISThu Apr 11 1991Anyone have a fix for NOTEPAD DW V3 - IFT2 - or is this me ???
768.02GIDDAY::WANThu Apr 11 1991Paint on VT12
770.0SHAWB1::THOMASAFri Apr 12 1991Documentation of implementation/internals
771.011GOTA1::KLASSONFri Apr 12 1991Paint and landscape printing
772.0FRSTSC::ERLEMANNFri Apr 12 1991White area in PrintScreen -> green?
773.0ISVBOO::JACKSONFri Apr 12 1991Slow response time for 5
774.03RHETT::KNORRFri Apr 12 1991XtRealizeWidget/XtUnrealizeWidget calls increase virtual memory
775.01CRIME::BIJAOUISat Apr 13 1991IFT2: Where is my border shadowing ?
776.010LYOIS1::JACQUINMon Apr 15 1991DECW 3.
777.02TASTY::JEFFERYMon Apr 15 1991Make Printscreen Live Linkable.
778.02HACMAN::HACKMon Apr 15 1991DECwindows v3FT - Optional Qualifiers on Menus
779.01TLE::HUSSONMon Apr 15 1991Interesting problem when debugging DECwindows V3
780.01MLNCSC::VOCIMon Apr 15 1991decw$defaults.dat & pixel size
781.018TOKNOW::METCALFEMon Apr 15 1991Hibernating Motif problem...
782.03GIDDAY::ARTHURMon Apr 15 1991Default Font size Vt1
783.03TAVTue Apr 16 1991XIO handler, How to get the errors?
784.0CERN::JRSTue Apr 16 1991VMS/RISCserver network kit available
785.0WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Apr 16 1991print screen & color sixel prints
786.03SHIPS::WEBSTER_MTue Apr 16 1991DECwindows resources for high res screens
787.0VNASWS::GEROLDTue Apr 16 1991How to define Compose key in keymap file
788.04ETVSTue Apr 16 1991Problem with DECterm Color Display
789.01DSSDEV::LANGONETue Apr 16 1991The search paths for UID files with VMS
790.05ARRODS::MORSESTue Apr 16 1991Running A Detached Application
791.03MANTA::SIMONTue Apr 16 1991HIS$SHARE.EXE ???
792.05ZIBBY::ROBINSONTue Apr 16 1991How to test ICCCM compliance?
793.02AIAG::WRIGHTTue Apr 16 1991Auto Start under V3 of DecWindows...
794.0SUBWAY::LEETue Apr 16 1991Problem sending mail using dxmail
795.01PROXY::CHENISTue Apr 16 1991IFT2 Problem - invalid window ID running Unigraphics V7.
796.0GUIDUK::B_WOODWed Apr 17 1991PC DECWindows to Ultrix Problem
797.01ISIDRO::DELCURAWed Apr 17 1991Multi-screen support ??
798.02HAMSC2::RMEIERWed Apr 17 19915
799.09TURBAN::SZE_CHANWed Apr 17 1991problem with attach ScrolledList to Label widget
801.03ACESMK::MCKIMWed Apr 17 1991How to enlargen FileView fonts
802.02AIMHI::TINIUSWed Apr 17 1991%SYSTEM-F-BADPARAM, bad parameter value
803.01PSW::WINALSKIThu Apr 18 1991VMS DW V3 IFT2 Calendar won't come up iconified
804.02TRNOI2::LEONEThu Apr 18 1991undo FETCH WIDGET ?
805.01MLNCSC::MILANAThu Apr 18 1991How to input DDIF files into a window
806.04IJSAPL::BROUWERSThu Apr 18 1991font name for DECterm ?
807.025POIDOG::PARMENTERThu Apr 18 1991copyrighting applications?
808.0MUNICH::BENDERThu Apr 18 1991xtremovegrab error with cautionboxes
809.0MARX::MICOZZIThu Apr 18 1991Main window stops being active
810.0LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERThu Apr 18 1991color ddif to color PS?
811.030POBOX::PETROVICThu Apr 18 1991VT34
812.07RHETT::BONNEThu Apr 18 1991Draw line start/end pts same
813.01DSTEG2::HOSSFELDFri Apr 19 1991lock up
814.02GLDOA::DSMITHFri Apr 19 1991decw-w-att_fail - cross posted note
815.06HIGEAR::AVERYFri Apr 19 1991NOTEPAD - editor & keypad definitions
816.02KAHALA::PRESTONFri Apr 19 1991Background Screens
817.02DSM::WHITEFri Apr 19 1991A VMS Way to rapidly change Resource.DATs ?
818.06BEBE::GALLEGOSFri Apr 19 1991HELP! Need assistance on a couple of problems.
819.05FUNYET::ANDERSONFri Apr 19 1991Screen saver disabled at login screen
821.02AVIAN::CORBOMon Apr 22 1991LSE under Motif version of Mai
822.05SMPVAX::SIMPSONMon Apr 22 1991invalid access on login
823.0PEACHS::BELDINMon Apr 22 1991DXSetIOErrorHandler example anyone?
824.0FRSCS::DERKSTue Apr 23 1991Virtual pages never be released!!
825.0BERNTue Apr 23 1991text animation for demo trailer
826.03MUNICH::REINTue Apr 23 1991set display/create/node= doesn't work!
827.01WR2FOR::RIFKIN_DATue Apr 23 1991FILE NOT FOUND during LOGIN
828.08HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHWed Apr 24 1991LAT X Sessions?!?
829.0WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed Apr 24 1991Changing font sizes in user executive
830.0WARNUT::YOUNGWed Apr 24 1991vsf application on PCDEcwindows fails
831.0MTA::SAMBAMURTYWed Apr 24 1991AutoLogin on a 13
832.07RONAN::RONANWed Apr 24 1991Trouble w/ScreenSaver
833.08OBBEER::JIMWed Apr 24 1991Login Box does not appear after boot
834.02SWAM2::CIANFLONE_FRWed Apr 24 1991scriptchart widget needed
835.04NODEX::NIPWed Apr 24 1991Pop-up "Please Wait" MSG problem. HELP!
836.01YOSMTE::JOSEPH_BOWed Apr 24 1991Where is the MOST current V3 FT please ?
837.05RTOEU::WENGEMANNThu Apr 25 1991DECwindows Style Guide
838.02MANTA::SIMONThu Apr 25 1991Fatal server bug!
839.01MARVA2::SPRAGUEThu Apr 25 1991Pass input parameters to remote DECwindows appl on create
840.04TENAYA::KOLLINGThu Apr 25 1991dictionary license?
841.07FLOWER::GHARRISThu Apr 25 1991Font selection sadly lacking
843.02VLOMFG::ARNOLDFri Apr 26 1991TRouble after 5.3 to 5.4 upgrade
844.0EHVVS1::OSSEYRANFri Apr 26 1991Spend 4 months in Amsterdam? (Hw/Sw Senior engineer)
845.012HPSCAD::MAYERFri Apr 26 1991NOTEPAD not MOTIF Compliant?
846.033D::DAVISFri Apr 26 1991BUG: dxpsview crashes server
847.010LAVETA::DICKERSONFri Apr 26 1991MOTIF vs DW behavior... bugs or features??
848.02PEACHS::GILBERTFri Apr 26 1991Capture screen gets the wrong colors
849.03KIPPIS::RUUSKANENSat Apr 27 1991X$GET_IMAGE and SPX-machine ?
850.02COMICS::FISCHERMon Apr 29 1991Broken pipe on X server
851.01LARVAE::SUGDENMon Apr 29 1991DECterm smooth scroll?
852.02KETJE::PUTMANSMon Apr 29 1991fonts on a SUN ?
853.03SMAUG::DESMONDMon Apr 29 1991Access by multiple users on the workstation?
854.02ASD::RAMANMon Apr 29 1991DECWINDOWS V3...
855.01BERNTue Apr 30 1991Translation Guidelines for Windows Applications
856.01COMICS::FISCHERTue Apr 30 1991Window manager ACCVIO on v5.4-1
857.01BRSSWS::KNEUTSTue Apr 30 1991gray scale capture screen output does not reflect input
858.03CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Apr 30 1991ResizeRequest Event doesn't always contain the right values
859.0CAADC::FCNINELSONTue Apr 30 1991Incomplete Print Screen with Mwm and Motif application
860.03RHETT::KNORRTue Apr 30 1991Cannot change label in Option Menu (Bug or Feature?)
862.01BEBE::GALLEGOSTue Apr 30 1991DECterm name with counter
863.01MEO78B::FLAHERTYTue Apr 30 1991Pointer shapes!!
864.010CSC32::JJONESWed May 01 1991decw-e-timeout_control; multiple DECW$TE processes
865.0DEKVC::YOUNGCHOONYOWed May 01 1991session error:
866.01TAVWed May 01 1991Any example of DEC ADA window application (Ultrix
867.0ALFTP::HOSSEINIWed May 01 1991Login Box With digital logo not displayed.
868.02BEBE::GALLEGOSWed May 01 1991Printer queue doesn't work when printing orientation or landscape mode
869.02TKTV2Thu May 02 1991 Display PostScript System ??
870.0TKTV2Thu May 02 1991Don't change title bar color
871.0TAVThu May 02 1991Hebrew character problem, EVE/interface=DECW
872.07PRTCHZ::KASCHINSKEThu May 02 1991problems passing display to program
873.06PHDVAX::RICCIOThu May 02 1991Peek-a-boo...
874.0UNXA::PATELThu May 02 1991Running application from non-X system.
875.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu May 02 1991Server occasionally does lots of IOs to the GAA
876.01UNTADI::HITCHENSThu May 02 1991problem getting the display name.
877.02MAIL::HAYDENThu May 02 1991If DW & Bookreader support PS will PCdecw?
878.06BERNFri May 03 1991How to test for windows or 'real' VT3
879.02SAC::EXTON_MFri May 03 1991DECwindows with no display deveice?
880.05SMAUG::DESMONDFri May 03 1991Question about dash lists.
881.06GUIDUK::TREMBLAYFri May 03 1991decw$startlogin doesn't work with pcdecwindows
882.0VOGON::HAIGHAFri May 03 1991HYPERCARD porting tool
883.02BLKPUD::WARNESGFri May 03 1991SET DISPLAY, C3 and VCS
884.03TRCOFri May 03 1991Need UIL Compiler
886.055STAR::BMATTHEWSFri May 03 1991VMS DECwindows Motif V1.
887.03HLYCOW::DKREMERFri May 03 1991Pause Screen - Password Override
888.0GIDDAY::ARTHURMon May 06 1991Cant customize icon box with MB2
889.01PAOIS::PHILIPPEMon May 06 1991chinese X developments?
890.02TRCAMon May 06 1991PrintScreen Problems
891.03SPAZZO::SHEPARDMon May 06 1991Multi-line Icon text ...
892.01TROAMon May 06 1991HELP NEED DECW V2.
893.04CAYUGA::STEFANELLIMon May 06 1991VMS session manager & X extensions
894.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERMon May 06 1991Deleting Directories with FileView
895.04LAIDBK::METZIDISMon May 06 1991existance of SPX ?
896.02CAYUGA::STEFANELLIMon May 06 1991Copy/Paste between screens of multiheaded system
897.02BEBE::GALLEGOSMon May 06 1991HHEELLLLPPP...windows crashing on dual monitors
898.03MERIDN::HARRISMon May 06 1991Grey out customize?
899.03ADO75A::SHARPETue May 07 1991Book Reader displaying on Sun IPC under Open Windows 2
900.01DEKVC::YOUNGCHOONYOTue May 07 1991GVAX has no heartbeat
901.02PAOXCS::PHILIPPETue May 07 1991arabic X developpement
902.07STKHLM::HENNERTTue May 07 1991Fonts Unix => VMS = possible ???
903.0KETJE::DIERICKTue May 07 1991Problem in X11 R4 server on DS31
904.01HGOVC::GUSTAFSONTue May 07 1991XtLangExpand undefined
905.02JANUS::BHARRISONTue May 07 1991Pointer Setup on Dual Headed (Screened) VAXstation 31
906.01SKYE::FSSGTue May 07 1991vs35
907.0MARVA1::SPRAGUETue May 07 1991Problem with Create/terminal=DECterm command
908.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue May 07 1991Session Manager dies sometimes when exiting from LSE or EVE
909.08AIRBAG::SWATKOTue May 07 1991Need help getting MWM and SM resource values from resource manager
910.017CIMFIE::RAMESHTue May 07 1991Dual display across Ultrix and VMS
911.01ONTIME::SYSTEMWed May 08 1991Strange X-lib Error
912.05RDOVAX::SOBECKWed May 08 1991Touch Screen Display for VAXstations?
913.011SALISH::LYON_ROWed May 08 1991DECW$LOGINOUT access control problem
914.0NITMOI::TURNERWed May 08 1991[resource?] setting iconify|push|resize button color
915.08WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu May 09 1991Fast SUN .vs. Slow DEC
916.06WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu May 09 1991X11R4 .vs. X11R3 compatibility
917.06MKODEV::OSBORNEThu May 09 1991How to create .DECW$BOOKs?
918.08GLDOA::MCKENNAThu May 09 1991customer questions
919.05EPIK::MELBINThu May 09 1991how to not die if connection lost
920.03SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri May 10 1991XtGetValues on width or height gives strange values
921.010BGOFri May 10 1991DECTERMS dissapearing after upgrade to VMS ver 5.4
922.07PEACHS::WORDFri May 10 1991XTOpenDisplay/XOpenDisplay using TCPIP
923.0GUIDUK::SOMERFri May 10 1991Greek Fonts, Commercially Available
924.05PNEUMA::BOOTHFri May 10 1991OPCOM blanks VR29
925.01R2ME2::OBRYANFri May 10 1991Problems w/mwm IFT2 on small screens
926.0144GL::TSEFri May 10 1991Motif mouse interaction for graphics
927.04VERNA::V_GILBERTMon May 13 1991Re-entrancy problems
928.03DEMON::EXCOOP::COURTMon May 13 1991VMS DECwindows Motif - Trademark?
929.01TAVMon May 13 1991stextsetstring from PASCAL do not work
930.01SUBWAY::BUONOMOMon May 13 1991Development tools
931.02SHINER::D_HOHMMon May 13 1991DECW$PAINT draws ellipse instead of circle?
932.011CSOA1::CARLOTTIMon May 13 1991Open Look vs. DECwindows...R4 vs. R3?
933.02SALSA::CAMBRONMon May 13 1991Session Manager (sm.???) documentation
934.05JAC::COFFLERMon May 13 1991Problem with SET DISPLAY on DECwindows V3.
935.0RHETT::BONNEMon May 13 1991XDrawImageString not using plane_mask correctly?
936.02TRCAMon May 13 1991Printscreen - A different problem
937.03SNOCTue May 14 1991USer data from resource files
938.01SNOCTue May 14 1991Coordinates for DECterm started from Autostart
939.01LISVAX::RODRIGUESTue May 14 1991Upgrade to PXG 8 plans...
941.05FREBRD::POEGELTue May 14 1991XLIB-NO-MORE ??
942.010PRAVDA::JACKSONTue May 14 1991EFT2 instalation causes workstation death?
943.02TAVTue May 14 1991XtRemoveEventHandler Question
945.02DLOTue May 14 1991Define onscreen keyboard map
946.02FRSCS::DERKSTue May 14 1991Docu about inherit constants
947.03KOOZEE::THAYERTue May 14 1991Color print screen?
948.09RIPPLE::FARLEE_KETue May 14 1991Customizations disappear on installation of EFT2.
949.0TKTV2Wed May 15 1991PS print screen lost frame and boundary line
950.01MEO78B::LYONSWed May 15 1991Double click Xlib error
951.0BACK::haycoxWed May 15 1991"Best" transport to use? DECNET,TCPIP,LAT
952.02GEMVAX::BARBUTOWed May 15 1991source codes
953.012ESRAD::PANGAKISWed May 15 19911
954.08ROMCSA::RAMPAWed May 15 1991A BIG I18N problem!
955.012STARWed May 15 1991clip List did not get into Offscreen
956.02DEMON::RUHROH::VEZINAWed May 15 1991Looking for material on X-Windows and XIE
957.09VINO::LLAVINWed May 15 1991How do you create REMOTE DECterms with EFT2
958.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERWed May 15 1991Time-Delayed Capture - DECwindows V3 EFT2
959.03KHUFU::EVENSONWed May 15 1991Double click on icon to mimimize doesn't work
960.0GBIThu May 16 1991Color Paint and virtual memory
961.06NECSC::LEVYThu May 16 1991Icon editor for MOTIF icons?
962.02MANTA::SIMONThu May 16 1991VCS/ENS window problem on v3
963.0CSC32::K_OGLESBYThu May 16 1991Looking for Previous V3 Kit
964.04MUDIS3::REPPERMUNDThu May 16 1991Notepad-Limit: 15 MBytes ?
965.012RIPPLE::FARLEE_KEThu May 16 1991Can Motif be installed on individual satellites?
966.0MILRAT::UGRINOWThu May 16 1991X Window Courses
967.05CSCOA1::HOOD_RThu May 16 1991rootPasswd anyone?
968.02DYPSS1::SMITHThu May 16 1991Bookreader looping
969.05DSSDEV::QUINLANThu May 16 1991which window mgr is running
970.03DELNI::MCGORRILLThu May 16 1991Decw timeout logicals
971.03CHENG6::IMERFri May 17 1991XIO: fatal IO error 32 broken pipe on X Server
972.08PCOJCT::YOUNGFri May 17 1991Saving the placement of windows
973.02NECSC::LEVYFri May 17 1991Documentation for DECW$PRIVATE_SERVER_SETUP?
974.05DWOVAX::BEHNKEFri May 17 1991Resource names, specifically fileview icon.
975.05MERIDN::ALLENFri May 17 1991Set Display to VT12
976.0DECWIN::BROUILLETTEFri May 17 1991DECwindows Layered Product Impact Statement
977.02DECWIN::BROUILLETTEFri May 17 1991eft3 kit is going to require VMS 5.4-2
978.08LAIDBK::SCHNEIDERFri May 17 1991is case an issue with VMS servers running unix clients?
979.02RT95::STILLWAGGONFri May 17 1991non-printable chrs in Notepad?
980.010ORO5Fri May 17 1991MOVE Login box ?
981.04FORTSC::SHOMOSun May 19 1991Menu Fonts in bdf format?
982.01TAVMon May 20 1991ADB does not shrinks back
983.03DEMON::EXCOOP::COURTMon May 20 1991Bookreader - Always Included with DECwindows?
984.0GUIDUK::SOMERMon May 20 1991InputFocus & XSendEvent Problems
985.010CIM::KAIRYSMon May 20 1991Error writing customization file
986.01NMGDV4::DOEVETue May 21 1991DECwindows question
987.07DYPSS1::SMITHTue May 21 1991Problem selecting windows
988.08SDTMKT::DWNEWSTue May 21 1991First issue of DECwindows Newsletter
989.01SNAX::LEONETue May 21 1991Attach LA75 printer directly to a GPX Workstation running DECwindows
990.03RHETT::KNORRTue May 21 1991How do you get the x and y position of the shell?
991.0ANDREW::OSTROMWed May 22 1991DECwindows MAIL Window Customization Problem.
992.0COMICS::FISCHERWed May 22 1991Print Screen to an HP PaintJet
993.01OSLMR::MARTINR_PWed May 22 1991VMS version for DECWINDOWS V.3 ?
994.02MARVA1::SPRAGUEWed May 22 1991Accvio on call to DwtFetchWidget
995.02SALEM::ATKOCAITISWed May 22 1991Compose Character Key
996.02VINO::LLAVINWed May 22 1991Help with the basics of EFT2
997.06COMICS::FISCHERWed May 22 1991Bypassing the Session Manager's security
999.07ASD::ROSSIWed May 22 1991Change in XDisplayString();
1000.02HOBBLE::GRIEBLINGThu May 23 1991dual screen example needed
1001.01AYOV24::IZENUWAHThu May 23 1991DW 4125 EMULATOR FOR VMS
1002.04EEMELI::LINNA_ALHOThu May 23 1991decw$server accvio's
1004.02BROKE::THATTEThu May 23 1991object library and decwindows
1005.01CSSE::FRANGIADAKISThu May 23 1991Link with decw 3.
1006.01SHAWB1::THOMASAThu May 23 1991
1007.03GERUND::WOLFETue May 14 1991spawned vs. detached for V3 session manager
1008.08RTPSWS::FLACKThu May 23 1991Misc DW V3 EFT2 quirks/annoyances
1009.02PEACHS::BELDINThu May 23 1991Who fixes fonts?
1010.0123D::DAVISThu May 23 1991Generating pseudo-events
1011.0MXOVFri May 24 1991whatever hapenned to xcube(?) ?
1012.013SDSVAX::SWEENEYSat May 25 1991Icons -- hundreds of icons
1013.012TAVMon May 27 1991Truecolor + pseudocolor on 52
1014.0OTOUMon May 27 1991Change active window from an application?
1015.0MANMTue May 28 1991Ultrix 4.
1016.06SHAWB1::THOMASATue May 28 1991keysym/fonts & xterm question
1017.012BLUMON::QUODLINGTue May 28 1991Trouble with Dual head setup...
1018.01BIGRED::DOMINEYTue May 28 1991Font path shenanigans
1019.01CIMTWO::AGBEAR::HORNERTue May 28 1991How to prevent SM from using its icon image?
1020.01ELWOOD::JPETERSTue May 28 1991Limiting a user to 1 program
1021.0SCAACT::HAYASHITue May 28 1991Customizing dxue
1022.01SAMUEL::MARRAWed May 29 1991Screen Saver Disable...
1023.02ULYSSE::BIGNOTTIWed May 29 1991Can't start DECW$MAIL or DECwrite
1024.03UFHIS::MMCCREADYWed May 29 1991AWD installation on bound volume set
1025.01MUNICH::BENDERWed May 29 1991workinprogress boxes are becoming larger !?
1026.07CISVAX::CONGDONWed May 29 1991can i secure a window?
1027.01MARVA1::SPRAGUEWed May 29 1991Question with value_changed and simple text widget
1028.02BOMBE::CORDESWed May 29 1991How do I forcibly un-obscure a window?
1029.03ALLOUT::STEWARTWed May 29 1991set term fails in sylogin of DECterm DECwindow
1030.03XLIB::JACKSONWed May 29 1991Motif crash when debugger used
1031.01MARVA1::SPRAGUEWed May 29 1991More problems with the simple text widget
1032.04ELWOOD::JPETERSWed May 29 1991Radio Button Problems
1033.02HAMSC4::CLUBITZThu May 30 199131
1034.01EVTIS2::HOANGThu May 30 1991New extensions ?
1035.04GLDOA::TEVANSThu May 30 1991DECwindows & VS31
1036.01STKHLM::ARENDIThu May 30 1991(dvt:s-text-get-string widgetname)LISP and decwindows
1037.03CHOWDA::HARNOISThu May 30 1991tuning cluster for X applications
1038.02CSC32::D_MAHDERThu May 30 1991DECterms going away
1039.01SCAM::ORENGOThu May 30 1991Problem with ULTRIX 4.2 X server?
1041.02MLNCSC::RAMAZZOTTIFri May 31 1991widget class name
1042.03PEACHS::BELDINFri May 31 1991Xlib fatal io when no access allowed
1043.01ISIDRO::ALSOP2Fri May 31 1991DECview3D on the network
1044.05PHOEBE::SOLOMONFri May 31 1991big endian output from VMS font compiler? big endian output from VMS font compiler?
1046.03HAACK::HAACKFri May 31 1991screen capture from a program
1047.011COTTON::DAVIESMon Jun 03 1991Decwindows Cookbook. A Good Idea ?
1048.08GLDOA::TEVANSMon Jun 03 1991DECwindows Vs VS3
1049.05PEACHS::BELDINMon Jun 03 1991Where is Xlibint.h?
1050.03--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 03 1991Mini-course on XLIB Programming
1052.03SCAACT::BROWNLMon Jun 03 1991decw$server_
1053.03SHAWB1::THOMASATue Jun 04 1991XDrawRectangle & GPX server bug
1054.03BUFFER::LITue Jun 04 1991BadIDChoice error from X_CraeteGC
1055.0SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Jun 04 1991printing to HP colorsprint XL?
1056.03CREME::BELDINTue Jun 04 1991Experience with server at elevated priorites?
1057.03PSW::WINALSKITue Jun 04 1991shareable image name changes in EFT3?
1058.06PSW::WINALSKITue Jun 04 1991NOTES resources lost under EFT3
1059.0PSW::WINALSKITue Jun 04 1991xroach corrupts server pixmap memory?
1060.01CVG::PETTENGILLWed Jun 05 1991Please explain VMS DW V3 font alias and sys$common:[sysfont.decw.common]
1061.01ZPOVC::GEORGEKOHWed Jun 05 1991DECW Mail access violation (VMS5.4-1)
1062.042STAR::BMATTHEWSWed Jun 05 1991Announcing DECwindows Motif 1.
1063.01TLE::ELLENBERGERWed Jun 05 1991fd_set
1064.08STKAI1::BRUNZELLWed Jun 05 1991can i have mono as screen
1065.03BRSRHM::JONCKERSWed Jun 05 199131
1066.01SSDEVO::MORGANWed Jun 05 1991Licensing for DECwindows Motif V1.
1067.03PSW::WINALSKIWed Jun 05 1991size of DECW$XDEFAULTS.DAT in EFT3
1068.03CSC32::L_ALMEIDAWed Jun 05 1991Couldn't assign channel to DECW$KEYBOARD
1069.010CSC32::BOWMANThu Jun 06 1991Warning...EFT3 can produce bad sysgen parameters!
1070.01CHOVAX::JVANWINKLEThu Jun 06 1991sm Pause questions
1071.09ISIDRO::ALSOP2Thu Jun 06 1991DECWindows & Cobol
1072.04TARKIN::AHOThu Jun 06 1991Session manager doesn't start on X-terminal...
1073.07CARAFE::GOLDSTEINThu Jun 06 1991Is it really huge or can old DW files go away?
1074.055Thu Jun 06 1991FILEVIEW Delete adds wildcard?
1075.02RECORD::COLLIERFri Jun 07 1991Function Keys in Toggle/Repeat mode...
1076.030CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Jun 07 1991uniquely identify version of DECwindows?
1077.03PEACHS::SELBYFri Jun 07 1991Multi screen Autostart -- DECwindows V3
1078.01CUJO::PROCTORFri Jun 07 1991%NONAME-E-NOMSG, Message number
1079.03GSRC::KENOYERSun Jun 09 1991Remote DECterm, different Userid?
1080.05WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTISun Jun 09 1991True color .vs. pseudo color ?
1081.03MUNMCC::READMon Jun 10 1991strange system crashes with EFT3
1082.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 10 1991EFT3 "missing" file?
1083.02ATZMon Jun 10 1991DECwindows and TrueColor ??????
1084.03CSC32::M_TURNERMon Jun 10 1991XmNmarginWidth and XmNmarginHeight sort of work!
1085.05ESRAD::PANGAKISMon Jun 10 1991PrintScreen from command line?
1086.09WHELIN::LOMBARDOMon Jun 10 1991Font Selection Widget
1087.0HPSCAD::MAYERMon Jun 10 1991Session Manager running out of AST Quota keeps Pause window forever
1088.0MUTTON::LAMBMon Jun 10 1991Enter Key problems w/DECWINDOWS EFT3 & VAXnotes
1089.0LATHAM::D_LATHAMMon Jun 10 1991Handling different keyboards
1090.05RIPPLE::FARLEE_KEMon Jun 10 1991Icon for a specific DETerm?
1091.022WFIS22::WHITTEMORE_JTue Jun 11 1991Writing to Session Manager Message Window ...
1092.02KHUFU::EVENSONTue Jun 11 1991Minor install problems
1093.01BOMBE::CORDESTue Jun 11 1991Cant get Map callback from work_area_menu
1094.01PEACHS::GILBERTTue Jun 11 1991XtRemove Grab warning with CautionBoxes
1095.03SALSA::ABELSONTue Jun 11 1991$CREATE/TERM/WINDOW=(FONT...) Problem
1096.02CGOSWed Jun 12 1991LAT X SESSIONS
1097.01OSLACT::OLAVWed Jun 12 1991Help widget, LinkWorks, bookreader?
1098.02TOOK::L_OUELLETTEWed Jun 12 1991Help with standard include file
1099.02SVCRUS::LOPEZWed Jun 12 1991printscreen key
1100.01CWORLD::RICHARDSWed Jun 12 1991Help with X Toolkit Warning
1101.02CRONIC::LEMONSWed Jun 12 1991EFT3 documentation hodge-podge
1102.0STRIKR::SINGHWed Jun 12 1991DECWINDOWS Video featuring Customers DECWINDOWS Video Featuring Customers
1103.05QUINCE::MADDENWed Jun 12 1991DECW$SERVER_
1104.04DIZZY::ASFOURWed Jun 12 1991Warping and Grabbing a pointer?
1105.04GL::TSEWed Jun 12 1991Motif graphics interaction
1106.05KURTAN::SNILSSONThu Jun 13 1991Where is MB3 on tablet VSXXX-AB
1107.01KERNEL::PARRYThu Jun 13 1991Notepad denies access to a file
1108.04STAR::BSEGALThu Jun 13 1991Displaying Remote Application thru VXT
1109.03GVRIEL::SCHOELLERThu Jun 13 1991DECterm font customization
1110.0WELCLU::CRIDDLEThu Jun 13 1991Commands menu problem from Fileview
1111.02MARVA1::SPRAGUEThu Jun 13 1991Question about label gadgets
1112.012ALLOUT::STEWARTThu Jun 13 1991all decterm windows vanish
1113.0SELAVY::KLINGThu Jun 13 1991VAX/VMS DECset V11 debugger available for IFT
1114.03EVTIS2::HOANGThu Jun 13 1991Motif and resource files on VMS.
1115.05GOLLY::ARSENAULTThu Jun 13 1991Hanging in _XWaitForReadable
1116.0MARX::ZELTSERMANThu Jun 13 1991DECWindows 4.
1117.02DEDHED::SPINEThu Jun 13 1991"OSF/Motif Style Guide" questionnaire
1118.03PEACHS::GILBERTThu Jun 13 1991Not receiving keymap state events.
1119.0--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 13 1991IFT2 Release of DECwindows Motif for the Sun SPARCstation
1120.02WHELIN::LOMBARDOThu Jun 13 1991Multi-color text display
1121.03TENAYA::KOLLINGThu Jun 13 1991Who "owns" dxmail?
1122.05KONING::KONINGThu Jun 13 1991Workaround for no-diskspace hang bug?
1123.0WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIFri Jun 14 1991DECwindows children refuse to die?
1124.07HOO78C::63526::RIDDERFri Jun 14 1991Unable to restart Window Manager V3
1125.01CIMNET::NMILLERFri Jun 14 1991use of custom keyboard and custom ikdriver?
1126.07MARVA2::SNEADFri Jun 14 1991Does Cardfiler include text files, limit card length?
1127.01ALLOUT::STEWARTFri Jun 14 1991can't print-screen part of screen
1128.02MU::PORTERFri Jun 14 1991Who's been messing with my file semantics?
1129.0ASDS::HANSENFri Jun 14 1991File Selection Resize
1130.06MERIDN::ALLENFri Jun 14 1991Execute Command Procedure Before "QUIT" Session
1131.02CSC32::D_MAHDERFri Jun 14 1991server crashing
1132.02BROKE::LONGFELLOWFri Jun 14 1991version 2 to 3 display question
1133.01TOOK::CBRADLEYFri Jun 14 1991what makes a widget indexed ?
1134.02YOSMTE::OLDING_NIFri Jun 14 1991Node name for SET DISPLAY to VT13
1135.03HABS11::MASONFri Jun 14 1991DECwindows fails login after power hits...
1137.06COMICS::FISCHERMon Jun 17 1991DECwindows Motif v1.
1138.0MARVA1::SPRAGUEMon Jun 17 1991Assigning null to label value from a uil file?
1139.0ALLOUT::STEWARTMon Jun 17 1991a pause, not refreshing
1140.01THEWAV::GASSNERMon Jun 17 1991X on OSI?
1141.04HRCG::DAVIESTue Jun 18 1991VWS under DECwindows????
1142.05BRUNEL::ROBERTTue Jun 18 1991DECWindows captive accounts ??
1143.0MUCTEC::EIBLTue Jun 18 1991X server thick line drawing performance
1144.0PEACHS::BELDINTue Jun 18 1991DECwindows printscreen aborts with 1/3 screen
1145.05PAKORA::CMACDONALDTue Jun 18 1991No login prompt!
1146.018DECAUX::VNATIM::HELMUTTue Jun 18 1991save terminal settings ---> cannot write file sys$sysroot:[sysmgr]decw$terminal_defaults.dat
1147.0PVCSSE::PICCICUTOWed Jun 19 1991Fileview doesn't start up!
1148.02AINODE::TURCOTTEWed Jun 19 1991SPX and DECwindows problem
1149.02BRSSWS::KNEUTSWed Jun 19 1991Converting a text file to DDIF and then using PAINT.
1151.02CHOVAX::ALPERTWed Jun 19 1991Problem with Session Manager & Graph-On
1152.01TROUWed Jun 19 1991FileView, etc., won't run in "group" account
1153.03DENVER::MATSUSHITAWed Jun 19 1991Help --Ctrl key and XRebindKeysym
1154.04GIDDAY::ARTHURThu Jun 20 1991Another missing login box - 31
1155.0GIDDAY::SHCHIUThu Jun 20 1991NCP X/window terminal, dies with netdriver path
1156.05DANGER::WESTGATEThu Jun 20 1991FETCH WIDGET OVERRIDE vs. Identifiers
1157.01YUPPY::FREEMANCThu Jun 20 1991Why do all my DECterms, run from vue, die when one is killed?????
1158.01SEIC::FIELDSThu Jun 20 1991XOpenDisplay question
1159.04CSCOA1::HOOD_RThu Jun 20 1991Xws visuals and mono 5
1160.03HACMAN::HACKFri Jun 21 1991DECw v3.
1161.06SCOT::GORDONFri Jun 21 1991Workstation -> VT1X
1162.02MARX::LEVINFri Jun 21 1991pushbutton press from program control, how?
1163.02TENNIS::KAMFri Jun 21 1991difference between DECwindows Motif & OSF/Motif Kits?
1164.02TMISSun Jun 23 1991SPX, VMS 5.4-n Patch problem.
1165.0FREEBE::RUFOMon Jun 24 1991printscreen to an LJ25
1166.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGMon Jun 24 1991MOTIF problem with SUN machine
1167.01ZURFCC::SCHUMACHERMon Jun 24 1991List of layered Products?
1168.0CTHQ1::ROSENBERGMon Jun 24 1991Want to Check All-in-1 Mail on Unpause
1170.03TAVMon Jun 24 1991DS5
1171.01BRAGE::ESKEMon Jun 24 1991Qality of color sixel to LJ25
1172.05CSC32::L_ALMEIDAMon Jun 24 1991DECWrite causes DECW$WM_n to ACCVIO
1174.0SDOGUS::MORINTue Jun 25 1991Tools Used to Create SM Training?
1175.01OSLLAV::EIVINDR_PTue Jun 25 1991vt13
1176.015DECWIN::MESSENGERTue Jun 25 1991Increasing working set quotas to improve performance
1177.02BONNET::FINTRAININGTue Jun 25 1991To Run VT34
1178.04CSC32::J_HODGESTue Jun 25 1991%SYSTEM-F-EXQUOTA on V3
1179.03LARRYC::SYSTEMTue Jun 25 1991Window mgr. can't perform calloc??
1180.0REDBRD::CHANDLERTue Jun 25 1991Setting specific client windows to be sticky via .Xdefaults?
1181.03PAMSRC::63643::BARRETTTue Jun 25 1991Accessing DW3 from DW2
1182.03COMICS::FISCHERWed Jun 26 1991Anyone know what _XInputArrival is?
1183.03ISOSPN::WHITAKER_AWed Jun 26 1991DECW V3 Icon placement
1185.0MARVA1::SPRAGUEWed Jun 26 1991Question about list_box widget
1186.04GL::TSEWed Jun 26 1991Extensions to the Motif graphics interaction style
1187.0CSC32::B_BRADACHWed Jun 26 1991motif 1.1 convert string to virtualbinding error
1188.02CSC32::D_MAHDERWed Jun 26 1991mail transports
1190.05WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Jun 27 1991Xlib: sequence lost (
1191.0SAC::WOOD_JThu Jun 27 1991How to catch "Cancel Operation" event from pop-up?
1192.01KERNEL::BAYSAThu Jun 27 1991Xtm2d server for Ultrix crashing
1193.04FROCKY::REHBERGThu Jun 27 1991DECwindows versus X.windows
1194.0SHAWB1::THOMASAThu Jun 27 1991Graphics TCD review
1195.07TROU51::HANDYThu Jun 27 1991EWS/UISX,DECwindows crashing
1196.0WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIFri Jun 28 1991Help with XGetWindowAttributes
1197.03WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIFri Jun 28 1991Determining font info of other windows?
1198.02ISOSPN::WHITAKER_AFri Jun 28 1991Remote displays
1199.0TLE::ZANZERKIAFri Jun 28 1991UIL/Icon/Color problem
1200.01AVIAN::CORBOFri Jun 28 1991How do I delete obsolete print queue names from the Print Queue Options
1201.01ROYALT::MISHRASat Jun 29 1991DECstation 5
1202.09KERNEL::PARRYMon Jul 01 1991CPUTIME exceeded before logging in ?
1203.01TASTY::JEFFERYMon Jul 01 1991Multiple file filters on DECwrite Open Document.
1204.04NMGDV4::DOEVEMon Jul 01 1991DECwindows Application menu around ?
1205.04MUCTEC::WENDLMon Jul 01 1991set display problems on pure Xservers
1206.01TAVMon Jul 01 1991X$GET_CHAR_STRUCT return NULL values?...
1207.07KADOW::PKADOWMon Jul 01 1991Disappearing Session
1208.0JENKAT::SORENSONMon Jul 01 1991Requesting Input - Motif Listings/Source Kit
1209.06PRIMES::CASEMon Jul 01 1991Thai font for DECterm or similar capability
1210.02ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Jul 02 1991Window Manager & Documentation
1211.03CERN::HOBBSTue Jul 02 1991"Auto login" for a vaxstation...
1212.01JUNO::SAHDEVTue Jul 02 1991production of dec window applications
1213.01RHETT::KNORRTue Jul 02 1991Any way to disable all vertical scroll bars?
1214.04FRSCS::DERKSTue Jul 02 1991Multi-Seat-Workstation?!?!
1216.010AIAG::WISNERTue Jul 02 1991DECwindows, DECwindows Motif product name/version number compatibility note
1217.0DEMON::MARSHTue Jul 02 1991Early module review on widget writing
1218.0MARVA1::SPRAGUETue Jul 02 1991Runaway Create/decterm/detach process
1219.0GLADYS::HERRINGEWed Jul 03 1991decwindows and graphics
1220.02EVTPUB::PAOLONIWed Jul 03 1991Can't end a session, nor pause it
1221.03SAC::WOOD_JWed Jul 03 1991how to get foreground & background colours from session mgr (VMS)
1222.01PAPERS::WINNWed Jul 03 1991SPLIPLHIGH bugcheck from INDRIVER
1223.0MLNCSC::MILANAWed Jul 03 1991XGetGeometry
1224.0GBIWed Jul 03 1991Vt1
1225.05COMICS::FISCHERWed Jul 03 1991Duplicate key detected from DW Mail
1226.02XANADU::BOCKWed Jul 03 1991ANSWER GARDEN Researcher looking for test site
1227.06WDFRT1::JALOPY::RABAHYWed Jul 03 1991DECterm hold screen delay
1228.01PHILIP::JOHNSONWed Jul 03 1991XHOST for VMS?
1229.02CSC32::E_KWANWed Jul 03 1991Cardfiler not sorting cards
1230.0TAVThu Jul 04 1991DS5
1231.04KERNEL::LOATThu Jul 04 1991Problem with Xlib-F-ioerror, connection aborted.
1232.01COMICS::FISCHERThu Jul 04 1991Input Arrival??
1233.03--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 04 1991Decwrite Zoom = Vt12
1235.015UFRCS1::VINZENZFri Jul 05 1991How Can I Start dxue As An Icon?
1236.0INBLUE::DAIANMon Jul 08 1991No logical name match when creating DECterm.
1237.012GBIMon Jul 08 1991shared window reusability with toolkit applications
1238.02MODNAT::GRAYMon Jul 08 1991FETCH_LITERAL gone?
1239.06MLNCSC::RAMAZZOTTITue Jul 09 1991decterm from c-program
1240.010TAIPAN::BIBEAULTTue Jul 09 1991Automatic Shadow Colors broken? or just changed?
1241.0UTRTSC::OOSTERHOFTue Jul 09 1991VS31
1242.02GBITue Jul 09 1991privs/rights problem in FileView subprocess
1243.06SUOSW3::WAGENBLASTTue Jul 09 1991HP "Shared X" - we too?
1244.02COMICS::FISCHERTue Jul 09 1991%DECW-F-BUFFERTIMEOUT, buffer wait timed out
1245.09CASEE::BALLADELLITue Jul 09 1991Announcing VTX V5.
1246.011KISHOR::VARGASTue Jul 09 1991DECwindows, Memory and Performance
1247.03KERNEL::CARLETONLTue Jul 09 1991.logoProgramName option on Xprompter
1248.0ROYALT::SPICERTue Jul 09 1991VIPS Technical Seminar
1249.04HIPOWR::B_KEMPTue Jul 09 1991Changing displays in one application
1250.02AITPLB::PBRIGGSTue Jul 09 1991V3 EFT2 -- Mail & Notes Minor Problems
1251.01KERNEL::CARLETONLWed Jul 10 1991Who wrote Xprompter?
1252.01MARVA1::SPRAGUEWed Jul 10 1991Problem with alignment attribute of label gadget
1254.0BIGRED::DANIELSWed Jul 10 1991Positioning dxsession window?
1255.01TLE::DINGEEWed Jul 10 1991XmTextField cursor and last character disappear
1256.04TAIPAN::BIBEAULTWed Jul 10 1991How to write vue command procedures
1258.07TAIPAN::BIBEAULTWed Jul 10 1991How to AutoStart as a detached process?
1259.0SHINER::D_HOHMWed Jul 10 1991Xlib: sequence lost running EVE/LSE
1260.0GIDDAY::ARTHURWed Jul 10 1991Decwrite font 2x Zoom = Garbage on vt12
1261.0TKTVFS::FUJIYAMAThu Jul 11 1991Print Screen: DDIF file
1262.07CGOOThu Jul 11 1991exiting windows
1263.02CHENG6::IMERThu Jul 11 1991Create/Modify Fonts
1264.0MERIDN::LUSTENBERGERThu Jul 11 1991create term and vtx
1265.0XAPPL::CLARKThu Jul 11 1991Restoring the Link menu's Alt+Select accelerator
1266.02DC1Thu Jul 11 1991Inbound tcp/ip .nes. works
1267.0PIPE::TSEThu Jul 11 1991How do you use color?
1268.03IDEHUB::GHOSHThu Jul 11 1991Cannot open display from remote system ?
1269.014ZPOVC::TEOHENThu Jul 11 1991DECW$TAILOR doesn't work?
1270.0OLDTMR::FRANCEYFri Jul 12 1991need windowing help ASAP (motif)
1271.03PEACHS::WALKERFri Jul 12 1991Compose key sequence broken in Ultrix/UWS Version 4.2
1272.06BIGRED::DOMINEYFri Jul 12 1991Jumbled fontpath
1273.06IDEHUB::GHOSHFri Jul 12 1991Help : Can't open display...
1274.06PEACHS::MITCHAMFri Jul 12 1991Convert from Cardfiler to ASCII format?
1275.0LAIDBK::METZIDISFri Jul 12 1991Print screen and multiple colormaps
1276.04HSOMAI::LINSun Jul 14 1991Public Domain Graph widgets?
1277.04HDLITE::ALJAARSun Jul 14 1991Problems with DWmail.
1278.04COMICS::BELLMon Jul 15 1991Is mapped_when_managed ignored by message box widgets ?
1280.0REDBRD::CHANDLERMon Jul 15 1991Missing fonts from UWS V4.1 -> V4.2
1281.03MARVA1::SNEADMon Jul 15 1991Submit/username of decw app fails to display locally
1282.04MARX::CHOYMon Jul 15 1991text display while not in focus
1283.05BASEX::KAIRYSMon Jul 15 1991Text widget still eats my CPU...
1284.019CRONIC::LEMONSMon Jul 15 1991DECwindows Motif V1.
1285.01WMOIS::STROLLO_TMon Jul 15 1991FileView Title Block Problem
1286.017KAOFS::P_CHAPLINSKYMon Jul 15 1991decw$printer_format_xxx logical
1287.03FREBRD::POEGELMon Jul 15 1991xrdb on VMS
1288.06VOGON::MORRELLTue Jul 16 1991Pixmaps and forking....
1289.017BOMBE::CORDESTue Jul 16 1991How do I find my window's background color?
1290.04WELCLU::MASONTue Jul 16 1991ALL-IN-1 in DECterm makes my screen go black
1291.0LINCN3::HAWLEYTue Jul 16 1991Bookreader toolkit error going to VT12
1292.03SDOGUS::HOOKERTue Jul 16 1991what .dwf font files
1293.02KETJE::DIERICKWed Jul 17 1991Remapping of F13-F2
1294.0SKIWVA::MCGUFFINWed Jul 17 1991decwindow services for allin1 and dw/motif
1295.0UTOPIE::KASPARWed Jul 17 1991VUIT V1.1 and DECWindows/Motif Versions?
1296.03ROCK::CRUZWed Jul 17 1991Beginner programmer needs help
1297.06FULMER::LAAHSWed Jul 17 1991Anyway to restrict SET DISPLAY?
1298.02FORTSC::CHABANWed Jul 17 1991OSI Transport w/ X?
1299.01LAIDBK::METZIDISWed Jul 17 1991removing title banner ?
1300.03DIVING::DAVISWed Jul 17 1991Kit Location?
1301.06GIDDAY::KINGThu Jul 18 1991SPX crash with x11perf on vms x5.5 with Server T1.
1302.0MFRNW1::DENISGThu Jul 18 1991seeking a specific document
1303.01NZOMIS::HOWARDThu Jul 18 1991Remote (modem) access to display X ?
1304.08BERNThu Jul 18 1991Bookreader : DECW$BOOKSHELF search list needs version nos !?!?
1305.02RANGER::HITTThu Jul 18 1991Doing LOGOUT/NOHANGUP causes DECterm to disappear under Motif
1306.01SORGEN::SUSANNEThu Jul 18 1991qio and driver
1307.03MERIDN::HARRISThu Jul 18 1991Customize Workspace feature/bug?
1308.01UBOHUB::HOWLETT_TThu Jul 18 1991how to exit our session manager?
1309.06MARVA1::SPRAGUEThu Jul 18 1991Virtual pages won't stop growing
1310.0PHDVAX::DLEWISThu Jul 18 1991Autologout of idle server??
1311.02WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Jul 18 1991dxue and do?? scripts
1312.02DLOSWS::EAGANFri Jul 19 1991Colors won't stick with Session Manager
1313.02HWSWL1::SYSTEMFri Jul 19 1991Toolkit error: XMultiplexInput??
1314.01LATINA::CGONZALEZFri Jul 19 1991Pointer in Dual-head VAXstation
1315.07SOLVIT::ADLERFri Jul 19 1991Mouse driver info sought
1316.02FRSTSC::ERLEMANNFri Jul 19 1991Can GKS disturb/struggle the DECw server?
1317.07XCUSME::FULTZFri Jul 19 1991Clock problems
1318.07DYPSS1::SMITHFri Jul 19 1991Postion initial DECterm?
1319.02TAIPAN::BIBEAULTFri Jul 19 1991How to use DXmChildren properly?
1320.010UBOHUB::HOWLETT_TFri Jul 19 1991simple x program in loop loosing memory
1321.05DLOSWS::EAGANFri Jul 19 1991Logical Names in DW3.
1322.01ODIXIE::HALLMIFri Jul 19 1991Aydin Graphics Terminal Emulator Needed!
1323.03ELBERT::K_OGLESBYFri Jul 19 1991Mrm as a Generalized String Retrieval Mechanism
1324.02HSOMAI::LINFri Jul 19 1991DECwindows Graphical Interface Tools V1.
1325.05SKYLRK::KURATASat Jul 20 1991How is performance/compatability on DECwindows/MOTIF
1326.0LLANDA::MICHIMon Jul 22 1991Problems with installing
1327.01SUNNIE::GOWMon Jul 22 1991DECterm Errors...why?
1328.0SMAUG::L_HOMon Jul 22 1991Select Text Displayed in Multiple Colors
1329.05CWORLD::RICHARDSMon Jul 22 1991XOpenDisplay
1330.0MERIDN::BUCKLEYMon Jul 22 1991addition of write sys$output results in window hang
1331.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Jul 22 1991security of the server with a remote session manager
1332.01PEACHS::SELBYMon Jul 22 1991Control text placed in message window at login?
1333.0ADTSHR::RHODESMon Jul 22 1991SSB Network Kit Availability ?
1334.05GLDOA::HACKTue Jul 23 1991Pixmap memory limitation under VMS??
1335.0KERNEL::BROWNLOWHTue Jul 23 1991Problems with booting workstations simultaneously?
1336.01MUNICH::BENDERTue Jul 23 1991MOTIF : backgr. color problem, scrolled window
1337.02BRAT::BUKOWSKITue Jul 23 1991Session Manager Hung. Had to reboot to fix.
1338.03DIVING::DAVISTue Jul 23 1991DUal Head problems with mail
1339.03IOSG::WDAVIESTue Jul 23 1991DECTerm Bug anyone ?
1340.02NACAD::OLIVEIRATue Jul 23 1991DECStation Motif -> VAXStation client problem
1341.02HANNAH::OSMANTue Jul 23 1991why is help widget coming up in wrong language ?
1342.04LJOHUB::GIBIANTue Jul 23 1991Editor overload
1343.03ALLVAX::SCHMIEDERTue Jul 23 1991Proper use of OpenHierarchy routines (Motif and DECwindows)
1344.04TENAYA::KOLLINGTue Jul 23 1991dxmail customizations
1345.016BUSHIE::OMELEYWed Jul 24 1991VMS V5.4-1a Login startlogin failing with a OPCODE RESERVERD error
1347.0MUDIS3::SWOBODAWed Jul 24 1991row-based CUT&PASTE
1348.06CSC32::HULLWed Jul 24 1991MOTIF, how much disk space is required?
1349.08WELCLU::CRIDDLEWed Jul 24 1991Dxterm to VS31
1350.01BIGUN::TANNERThu Jul 25 1991preventing decterm starting on login
1352.03OSLACT::OLAVFri Jul 26 1991DECpaint via AIL, input file problem
1353.0EEMELI::ROUHUFri Jul 26 1991How to change keyboard language on a DS31
1354.0YUPPY::FREEMANCFri Jul 26 1991DECwindows V2 login comm. procs.
1355.0FRSCS::ULRICHFri Jul 26 1991ACCOUNTING elapsed time on DECwindows
1356.02EEMELI::ROUHUFri Jul 26 1991Cut and paste with mouse changes 7-bit NRCS characters to MCS
1357.01DSTEG2::HOSSFELDFri Jul 26 1991edit/tpu/disp=decw crashes on text cut
1358.02YUPPY::FREEMANCFri Jul 26 1991DECwindows V2 - funny behaviour with MOUNT/FOREIGN from "DCL Command" window
1359.04THEPGA::LEBLANCFri Jul 26 1991DECwindows & VT1
1360.03RANGER::PESENTIFri Jul 26 1991ULTRIX equivalent of VMS CREATE/TERMINAL command
1361.016KETJE::DIERICKFri Jul 26 1991Urgent help needed on xmodmap and dxsession
1362.02POLE::MURRAYFri Jul 26 1991Registering callbacks - DwtRegisterDRMNames
1363.01AZTECH::LASTOVICAFri Jul 26 1991what kit to install and what is it called?
1364.02AIDEV::MISKINISFri Jul 26 1991PRINT SCREEN blues...
1365.0DSTEG2::HOSSFELDFri Jul 26 1991Hoe do you link with the g_float lib and decw$dwtlibshr
1366.04ALLOUT::STEWARTFri Jul 26 1991faulty unpause
1367.02TAIPAN::BIBEAULTFri Jul 26 1991XmText and XmTextFIeld and XmNbackgroundPixmap -- bug or feature?
1368.0115STAR::BMATTHEWSFri Jul 26 1991Announcing VMS DECwindows Motif V1.
1369.01PEACHS::BELDINFri Jul 26 1991Rectangular cut and paste in DECwindows
1370.07CGOOA::BARNABEFri Jul 26 1991What is fastest way to display images?
1371.02HGSW15::NICHOLASHOSat Jul 27 1991How to detect the Do key ?
1372.0COLMon Jul 29 1991example and doc for X & fortran again
1373.0BOSBEN::LASHERMon Jul 29 1991Problem when Autostarting Fileview, Clock, DECterm
1374.03CVMS::DOTENMon Jul 29 1991Is it Motif 1.
1375.01CVMS::DOTENMon Jul 29 1991Major blues with Motif 1.
1377.01MUNICH::BENDERTue Jul 30 1991problem with notepad and large files.
1379.02MERIDN::ALLENTue Jul 30 1991DW Customizing Doc (sm. DECW$TERMINAL, etc)
1380.0FORTSC::CHABANTue Jul 30 1991X benchmark?
1381.02VSSCAD::MAYERTue Jul 30 1991Trouble Starting Application on some Cluster Nodes
1382.01TLE::REAGANTue Jul 30 1991Early window focus and icon placement
1383.03TLE::PETERSONTue Jul 30 1991RISC Installation error,V4.2,DXMKIT111: doc files not verified
1385.0BOJOLB::ZAMBOTTIWed Jul 31 199124 plane has jumpy graduation color sliders
1386.01DEMON::DEMON::MARSHWed Jul 31 1991Pilot of Advanced DECwindows Motif Programming
1387.011ZPOVC::TEOHENWed Jul 31 1991Non-privileged accounts can't log on DECW
1388.0TENNIS::KAMWed Jul 31 1991The task could not be started because of the following error:
1389.07DBSALF::TOLLIVERWed Jul 31 1991Obtaining Widget Identifier
1390.02TOOK::TANWed Jul 31 1991How to increase # tasks under fileview
1391.02SMAUG::DESMONDWed Jul 31 1991V3 client to V2 server ?
1392.011XANADU::FLEISCHERWed Jul 31 1991SSB IVP fails: security problem in local use of DECnet transport
1393.010ARTLIB::GOETZEWed Jul 31 1991Device timeout on startup of 12th & higher DECwin app. on VT12
1395.01HGSW15::NICHOLASHOThu Aug 01 1991GXxor function doesn't work
1396.01VINO::LLAVINThu Aug 01 1991Can't find PAUSE WINDOW ID
1397.02MARX::KELLEYThu Aug 01 1991dxmail - can't read new mail
1398.03DLOSWS::EAGANThu Aug 01 1991VMS Upgrade after MOTIF install
1399.03CWORLD::RICHARDSFri Aug 02 1991DECW$MAIL does not read folders
1400.0TLE::JOYCEFri Aug 02 1991Documentation on writing dxue "do" scripts?
1401.02TOOHOT::WALTERSFri Aug 02 1991Screen capture w/menu????
1402.02FRSCS::ERLEMANNMon Aug 05 1991Allocating the first color cells?
1403.02HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHMon Aug 05 1991TIF is ?
1404.012HABS11::MASONMon Aug 05 1991Running apps from Session Manager without quota problems?
1405.07LJOHUB::GIBIANMon Aug 05 1991Anyone have favorite fonts?
1406.04MU::PORTERMon Aug 05 1991DECterm woes with SSB kit
1407.07ZPOVC::YORKSIEWTue Aug 06 1991Suppress Window Manager?
1408.0WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Aug 06 1991X servers eat swap?
1409.04COMICS::FISCHERTue Aug 06 1991Print Screen looping
1410.0KERNEL::TRAVELLTue Aug 06 1991Accvio from DECW$MAIL on message delete
1411.010PRAVDA::JACKSONTue Aug 06 1991Strange pause screen behavior after upgrade to SSB V1.
1412.04ASICS::LESLIETue Aug 06 1991 "cant open file, DXmwm.uid"?
1413.0TLE::EIKENBERRYTue Aug 06 1991Only Getting One Event for the Help Key
1414.03ISLNDS::DOUCETTETue Aug 06 1991Can't open Fileview
1415.09PEACHS::GILBERTTue Aug 06 1991Pressing a key generates keypress AND keyrelease events.
1416.03GAUSS::ASFOURTue Aug 06 1991Translating coordinates between Root and other windows
1417.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Aug 06 1991MOTIF versions of dx* applications
1418.02AKOVTue Aug 06 1991Help to connect 31
1419.0RCOJDS::SHOWALTERTue Aug 06 1991Screen Print/Capture Background Please
1420.04STKHLM::KLARSSONWed Aug 07 1991DCL oddies with CREATE/TERMINAL
1421.09BYHAND::MCDONNELLWed Aug 07 1991Wierdness with DW and VT13
1422.05KERNEL::YOUNGMWed Aug 07 1991Query on icon picture inverting?
1423.014BUFFER::LIWed Aug 07 1991Continuous scrolling with vertical scroll bar
1424.02SWTHOM::TISSERANDWed Aug 07 1991XYPixmap/XGetImage problem on vs31
1425.02CSCMA::J_BUSHWed Aug 07 1991server crashing
1426.03LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERThu Aug 08 1991RWAST when doing a QUIT
1427.04WHELIN::DAVISThu Aug 08 1991Help!!! Problem with MOTIF SSB Reboot...
1428.03LJOHUB::GIBIANThu Aug 08 1991Ultrix, DECwindows, and X
1429.03SFCPMO::DAVISThu Aug 08 1991Need Sample Help Widget
1430.01KAPTIN::BLEIThu Aug 08 1991Moveable x-window help needed.
1431.01HABS11::MASONFri Aug 09 1991PostScript Previewer gone after Motif was installed
1432.02RDGENG::HAYWARDFri Aug 09 1991Sub-menus on the Session Manager ?
1433.04EWBV35::TSURUMIFri Aug 09 1991Not all Figures appear on FIREFOX
1434.03IOSG::MULLENFri Aug 09 1991UK PAK - has anyone tried it withh SSB kit?
1435.08BRSSWS::LAROCHEFri Aug 09 1991DECwrite V1.1 Crashes
1437.013IBR1::JAINFri Aug 09 1991Can't cut and paste w/MButtons only.
1438.05SMAUG::GARRODFri Aug 09 1991No boxes/outlines
1439.02TLE::REAGANFri Aug 09 1991Problem with Xloadimage not restoring colormap
1440.01TOOHOT::WALTERSFri Aug 09 1991DCL interface to printscreen???
1441.09PSW::WINALSKISat Aug 10 1991mwm autoKeyFocus question
1442.02TLE::DINGEESun Aug 11 1991XAtom messaging mysteriously off'ed.
1443.03CSCOAC::HOOD_RMon Aug 12 1991xman+dxwm+Ultrix V4.2= xman hang?
1444.021PRIM17::VAUGHNMon Aug 12 1991DECwindows V3 + V2
1445.0HVDSQR::HERRLICHMon Aug 12 1991DECwindows or VMS bug involving DECW$SERVER and MOM jobs?
1446.03DGOSWMon Aug 12 1991VLIST widget under MOTIF ?
1447.012CRAZY::SYSTEMMon Aug 12 1991fileview disappears after 5 seconds...
1448.0PSW::WINALSKIMon Aug 12 1991SmPauseWindow() function for VMS DW Motif V1.
1449.01CSC32::T_LONGBOTHAMMon Aug 12 1991DECTERM hangs on NCD Xterminals
1450.05CVG::PETTENGILLMon Aug 12 1991How do we address interoperability problems? Case Study: DECwindows Motif V1 versus ChameLAN 1
1451.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOTue Aug 13 1991ATHENA widgets? include files?
1452.0KERNEL::BAYSATue Aug 13 1991login refused intermittently
1453.05MLNCSC::RAMAZZOTTITue Aug 13 1991XtRemoveGrab - CAUTION BOX
1454.02MANTA::SIMONTue Aug 13 1991Pause screen changing screens
1455.01GLDOA::TREBILCOTTTue Aug 13 1991Where can I find XGIFROOT?
1456.06XNOGOV::JOETue Aug 13 1991No XtAppInitialize :-( :-(
1457.07AIDEV::MAGERSTue Aug 13 1991Decwindows V3 Multiple Licenses?
1458.01LOVADA::SCHERRERWed Aug 14 1991V354
1459.04BEAGLE::GODFRINDWed Aug 14 1991VUE$MASTER loses pull-down menus on Ultrix
1460.06UFHIS::MMCCREADYWed Aug 14 1991Can't open display
1462.03YUPPY::FREEMANCWed Aug 14 1991DECwindows V2, V3 and mixtures thereof.........
1463.05PAKORA::CMACDONALDWed Aug 14 1991Problem modifying security on ULTRIX V4.2
1464.01CFSCTC::CHABOTWed Aug 14 1991What converter are available?
1465.02RHETT::BONNEWed Aug 14 1991XtNameToWidget broke both ways!?
1466.025Wed Aug 14 1991DECwindows crashing, how to troubleshoot?
1467.01MUNICH::BENDERThu Aug 15 1991searching decwserv$patch
1468.05BERNThu Aug 15 1991USERS LOCKED OUT
1469.01RIPPLE::BRENNAN_JEThu Aug 15 1991Link on EFT3, Run on SSB?
1470.04BITBKT::HARRIOTTThu Aug 15 1991need point sizes over 24 - larger fonts
1471.02KAOFS::S_LASSEYThu Aug 15 1991Mouse and Icons fuzzy
1472.015RHETT::BONNEThu Aug 15 1991Backwards labels on 4.2 Xws server
1473.06CLOSUS::DCHAVEZThu Aug 15 1991DECwindows and MOTIF co-exist on LAVC?
1474.03CSCOA1::HOOD_RThu Aug 15 1991string literal char sets?
1475.05CX3PT3::RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Aug 15 1991not able to find font for DECterm
1476.0MACNAS::MERLEHANFri Aug 16 1991PRINTSCREEN key emulation required
1477.05PEACHS::MITCHAMFri Aug 16 1991Disable 'Work in Progress' box for Session Manager (as FileView)?
1478.0BENONI::FORBESFri Aug 16 1991Dialog Placement Algos?
1479.01MARX::FLEMINGFri Aug 16 1991Xt2md freezes?
1480.09SHAWB1::HEYMERJFri Aug 16 1991notepad creates link on "save" and "exit" operations??
1481.011WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Aug 16 1991How can I configure ramdisk to speed up windows?
1482.01BIGUN::CROSSSun Aug 18 1991dxfc and bdftopcf
1483.02ELIS::DOEVEMon Aug 19 1991DECW$DWT_DECNET gives a strange error
1484.07IW::GRACEMon Aug 19 1991XSelectAsyncEvent where are you ?
1485.0REDBRD::CHANDLERMon Aug 19 1991xinit fails under ULTRIX V4.2
1486.03VOGON::SAPITue Aug 20 1991Hungarian character set with DECwindows Motif
1487.03UTOPIE::SCHNABELTue Aug 20 1991Toolkit warning:overr. tranlation manager actions
1488.02PARVAX::WARDLETue Aug 20 1991Syspassword feature...
1489.03ROYALT::DAIGNEAULTTue Aug 20 1991No logical and Nomsg errors and nowhere to turn
1490.01JMPOFF::RONANTue Aug 20 1991Performance on 3MIN server
1491.01DLOACT::DAVISTue Aug 20 1991Need source for a manual
1492.07NMGDV4::DOEVEWed Aug 21 1991Can't do CTRL_Y or CTRL_T anymore
1493.0KETJE::VERVAENENWed Aug 21 1991Terminal emulation for A-Series
1494.018NMGDV4::DOEVEWed Aug 21 1991Problem creating DECterm
1495.02DIVING::DAVISWed Aug 21 1991Problems with root menu "options"
1496.09HDLITE::NEWMANWed Aug 21 19911
1497.01RHETT::WILLIAMSWed Aug 21 1991Dirty white???
1498.02DEKVC::YOUNGKOOKLEEWed Aug 21 1991PEX order information
1499.05MBALDY::LANGSTONThu Aug 22 1991still crashing after swapper
1500.01PRSSOS::AMAURYThu Aug 22 1991syntax question
1501.01CTOAVX::MACKINThu Aug 22 1991Motif performance? Help!!
1502.03GDJUNK::HOULEThu Aug 22 1991decw$mwm root menu fexec now failing 4 a task-2-task command file
1503.011RHETT::WESTThu Aug 22 1991Dual Head Installation.
1504.03SMAUG::DESMONDThu Aug 22 1991Where is UrmHGetIndexedLiteral?
1505.02CSC32::S_CONNORThu Aug 22 1991Problems with DWT$C_ATTACH_OPP_WIDGET
1506.02PEACHS::BELDINThu Aug 22 1991XPutImage slow first time executed
1507.04NEURON::HERZLICHFri Aug 23 1991Session Mgr and f.exec spawn????
1508.01NEURON::HERZLICHFri Aug 23 1991Server Extensions?
1509.02SWTHOM::TISSERANDFri Aug 23 1991Direct qio to pointer device => Crash.
1510.014WELCLU::MASONFri Aug 23 1991%DECW-F-CANT_OPEN_DISPL & language problem starting DECterm
1511.02STAR::MEIERFri Aug 23 1991Windows get input focus but don't pop forward; Help!
1512.01PVCSSE::PICCICUTOFri Aug 23 1991DECW$CALENDAR dies on start up after DECWINDOWS$MOTIF
1513.08TAVSun Aug 25 1991how to process all events--HELP
1514.025Mon Aug 26 1991Cannot open SYS$INPUT?
1515.0DENVER::MATSUSHITAMon Aug 26 1991Bug in X11 R3 server?
1516.0AXEL::FOLEYMon Aug 26 1991DECwindows V3 (Motif) default key bindings
1517.04FPTWS1::ABRAMSMon Aug 26 1991DECW startup on LAVC Boot node?
1518.02ULYSSE::M_BLASSINMon Aug 26 1991Problem with XtNextEvent ???
1519.0ASDS::HANSENMon Aug 26 1991Color Coversion
1520.01NZMOA::ARTHURTue Aug 27 1991DECwindows developer kit for OSF/MOTIF Where?
1521.03WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Aug 27 1991dxsession custom definitions cant find PATH
1522.01LJOHUB::GIBIANTue Aug 27 1991Cardfiler on Ultrix 4.2 may loose data
1523.03MACROW::GLANTZTue Aug 27 1991How to access remote bookreader docs from ULTRIX?
1524.0DLOTue Aug 27 1991VMS Motif/VAXELN V4.3 Motif Set Displays
1525.015WARNUT::JOYTue Aug 27 1991Sixel problem in MOTIF DECterm
1526.07BOSWKG::GARDNERTue Aug 27 1991Icon picture problem?
1527.02ANVIL::BUEHLERWed Aug 28 1991Motif Window Manager 'Options >'
1528.07OPG::SIMONWed Aug 28 1991How do I specify Transport.
1529.02BGOWed Aug 28 1991SET DISPLAY/NODE=.....
1531.05RHETT::PICKETTWed Aug 28 1991accvio in server log when resetting server
1532.05MSDOA::SECRISTWed Aug 28 1991Official OSF/MOTIF Info ?
1533.02UNTADH::BACHNERWed Aug 28 1991doc bug or software restriction ?
1534.01DUNE::MAGGINETTIWed Aug 28 1991adding item names
1535.04VEGAS::GURALNIKWed Aug 28 1991NOTEPAD start as an Icon?
1536.01TOSSUC::RECCHIAThu Aug 29 1991can a program expand/iconify his decterm window?
1537.02IW::GRACEThu Aug 29 1991Which Event ?
1538.03CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Aug 29 1991Decwindows development environment?
1539.03CSC32::L_ALMEIDAThu Aug 29 1991How to find number of planes on workstation?
1540.05CSC32::HULLThu Aug 29 1991Pause Screen Picture for Customer?
1542.01COMICS::JAMESMFri Aug 30 1991No user interphase DECterm
1544.03MLNFri Aug 30 1991bookreader/ULTRIX PAK
1545.012RIPPLE::FARLEE_KEFri Aug 30 1991Error
1546.03GARIT::VANSICLENFri Aug 30 1991Tuning guide for DECwindows V3
1547.06PEACHS::BELDINFri Aug 30 1991How to use translations on Dwtext in Ultrix?
1548.03CLOVAX::FORNERMon Sep 02 1991DECwindows over Terminal Server.
1549.01EWBV37::FUJIIMon Sep 02 1991XTextWidth returns zero ?
1550.02GIDDAY::KINGSMILLMon Sep 02 1991Add command to application menu for all users
1551.05IJSAPL::WOODROWMon Sep 02 1991Does Motif V1.
1552.03OSLACT::JENSHMon Sep 02 1991Performance figures for VMS DECwindows Motif V1.
1553.01COMICS::BELLMon Sep 02 1991Login box dies with status
1554.01HGSW15::NICHOLASHOMon Sep 02 1991How to start applications from Root Menu in Motif ?
1555.010MU::PORTERTue Sep 03 1991It's not very nice when your licence expires
1556.01SFCPMO::SMITHPTue Sep 03 1991simple text perform as a work area to scrolled window?
1557.02AYOU34::GARYWed Sep 04 1991Insufficient Vitual Mem
1558.01MYMOON::CASSINELLIWed Sep 04 1991About hardware
1559.04ALOSWS::HOULIHANWed Sep 04 1991Select window with keystrokes only?
1560.05SYORPD::DEEPWed Sep 04 1991Firing an application inside a DECterm window?
1561.09AIDEV::LANDINGHAMWed Sep 04 1991V2 app shell titles don't work under V3
1562.03UFHIS::MMCCREADYWed Sep 04 1991Fileview application starts 5
1563.01PEACHS::BELDINWed Sep 04 1991Method to assure that events happen on time
1564.01DSM::WHITEWed Sep 04 1991Whither DXM_LINK.OPT?
1565.0STAR::VATNEThu Sep 05 1991VMS DECwindows Motif V1.
1566.05FORTY2::TATHAMThu Sep 05 1991Defining system-wide application invocation
1567.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Sep 05 1991Help! Can I prevent the Icon Box from moving.
1568.010IOSG::BILSBOROUGHThu Sep 05 1991Using your own icons?
1569.01SMAUG::DESMONDThu Sep 05 1991Widget positioning inside a Form Widget
1570.01DECLNE::WILLETTThu Sep 05 1991help widgets
1571.01CSC32::DUBOISThu Sep 05 1991Where are IO$K_DECW_xxx Parameters?
1572.04OGWV5Thu Sep 05 1991Create a Window on Motif from Remote Node
1573.02TOOIS1::MIRGHANEFri Sep 06 1991Problem Decwindows loosing windows from time to time
1575.03IW::GRACEFri Sep 06 1991Creating Colors
1576.03ZURFri Sep 06 1991Printscreen: Problem with Print Format after changing the output format
1577.010BROKE::LONGFELLOWFri Sep 06 1991meaning of decterm_error.log
1578.01ASD::RAMANFri Sep 06 1991XTERM problem on VMS....
1579.03DEBUG::BERRYFri Sep 06 1991invalid parameter delimiter
1580.05HOBBLE::SUPPLEEFri Sep 06 1991Larger font for BOOKREADER needed!
1581.02SHAWB1::TAYLORJSat Sep 07 1991Couple of DECwindows questions
1582.01ILKKA::KORKKOSun Sep 08 1991%DCL-W-PARMDEL, invalid parameter delimiter - check use of special characters \;EXT_17_1\
1583.02BRAGE::ESKEMon Sep 09 1991How to trap "End Session Notfifcation" from SM?
1584.04TELFY::SYS_246257Mon Sep 09 1991Decwindows won't start
1585.06NYEM1::JAWORSKYJMon Sep 09 1991Window Manager icon control
1586.02JMPOFF::RONANMon Sep 09 1991X queue overrun? Disappearing window
1587.01KOMAIL::VALASEKMon Sep 09 1991Help please on autofocus, not a problem under DECwindows Window manager
1588.01CSC32::D_MAHDERMon Sep 09 1991xlib-f-ioerror, decw-e-cnxabort
1589.03KERNEL::LOATTue Sep 10 1991X and Y position of Session Mgr.
1590.05RDGENG::HAYWARDTue Sep 10 1991Callable DECspell (plus examples...) ?
1591.0EWBVTue Sep 10 1991How to disable auto-repeat UserName line..
1592.07TROU51::HANDYTue Sep 10 1991Background colours keep changing!
1593.05CUJO::LENTZTue Sep 10 1991Process name problem with create/term
1594.0AIRBAG::SWATKOTue Sep 10 1991Need info on DPSVMSTEST program
1595.01ODIXIE::STAROSTATue Sep 10 1991Changing Tab settings for text editing
1596.02CSC32::D_MAHDERTue Sep 10 1991server lockout
1597.05VFOVAX::EICHNERTue Sep 10 1991V3 Insufficient Virtual Memory when booting VS31
1598.02DECEAT::DGUERRATue Sep 10 1991where is decw$xdefaults.dat?
1599.0VAOUTue Sep 10 1991WM_COMMAND form dxterm???
1600.01BERNWed Sep 11 1991MOTIF on 4 plane graphics
1601.01MUNICH::WENDLWed Sep 11 1991spezial sized fonts for customers?
1602.02PROXY::CHENISWed Sep 11 1991Xtm2d becoming a hog ...
1603.05JENKAT::SORENSONWed Sep 11 1991VMS DECwindows Motif Source Code Debug FT Kit
1604.01SUPER::SYSTEMWed Sep 11 1991Screen capture works sometimes???
1605.01TELFON::MAILMANWed Sep 11 19912 session managers
1606.02HGTAI1::MATTHEWZHOUThu Sep 12 1991Motif & DW coexist/cooperate in DECnet?
1607.01NMGDV4::DOEVEThu Sep 12 1991Stack dump @#!
1608.0MLNCSC::BELLENCHIAThu Sep 12 1991X-terminal with Big Endian format and reverse bit.
1609.02CADM::BEERMANThu Sep 12 1991VMS fileview displaying on ULTRIX
1610.08MU::PORTERThu Sep 12 1991Unmap ignored for iconified windows
1611.08PEACHS::MITCHAMThu Sep 12 1991SPX intensity system show stopper...
1612.014BUYDEC::KENNEDYThu Sep 12 1991Problem with Restart...
1613.02PYLON::PERSELSFri Sep 13 1991License terminated on DW-MOTIF
1614.03EISNOW::LYONFri Sep 13 1991Monochrome display on color hardware?
1615.01CRAIGA::SCHOMPFri Sep 13 1991Calendar File Trouble...
1616.01BLKPUD::TAYLORJFri Sep 13 1991Maintaining connection to server across logins
1617.04EPAVAX::CARLOTTIFri Sep 13 1991Sun Open Windows not popping on VT12
1618.05PEOVAX::PREISTERFri Sep 13 1991Extract decwrite document in dxmail?
1619.0ALEXWS::ALEXSun Sep 15 1991AutoStart in DETACHED mode
1620.0GOTA1::PERMon Sep 16 1991Disable use of DCL?
1621.0TWYLA::LOEWMon Sep 16 1991Screen image to DDIF and Postscript.
1622.015CGOOA::OWONGMon Sep 16 1991Motif Autostart Application question
1623.02PEACHS::BELDINMon Sep 16 1991Discussion - DECwindows memory tuning
1625.04DEMON::DEMON::MARSHMon Sep 16 1991Widget Writing Course Pilot
1626.02FORTSC::DUFFYMon Sep 16 1991Client Messages R3-> R4??
1627.0NWGEDU::DINGEMANSMon Sep 16 1991'Session-wide' logical names?
1628.02MUNICH::REINTue Sep 17 1991cannot login under motif after changing language setup!
1629.0MUNICH::REINTue Sep 17 1991account quota requirement not in istallation guide!
1630.04VNOTSC::BIRGITTue Sep 17 1991todo packet pool ???
1631.07KAY::FISHERTue Sep 17 1991ZAP - no windows
1633.05GOBAMA::BROOKSTue Sep 17 1991Problems starting apps from FileView.
1634.03ODIXIE::STUMPFTue Sep 17 1991trouble with Motif DECterms on VT12
1635.01TAZMAN::TRIOLITue Sep 17 1991How do you set decwindows printer defaults?
1636.03RHETT::BONNETue Sep 17 1991bad buffer in free and add chunk?
1637.010CTHQ3::WICKTue Sep 17 1991VAXnotes font sizes
1638.012YOSMTE::THROCKMOR_JOTue Sep 17 1991Help for bursty performance of windows
1639.06MLNCSC::VOCIWed Sep 18 1991menu bar with a lot of pulldownentry
1640.01DECEAT::DESHMUKHWed Sep 18 1991DECwindows on T5.5-4x6, DECimage12
1641.02IDEFIX::COWBURNWed Sep 18 1991Pixmap problems
1642.01WELLIN::GRAHAMWed Sep 18 1991run without dxsession ?
1643.02SHINER::D_HOHMWed Sep 18 1991Pause Screen doesn't like 2ndary passwords (Motif
1644.07ALLVAX::POKALLUSWed Sep 18 1991motifgif demo vs ds5
1645.02CHIRPA::DACOSTAWed Sep 18 1991mwm: Could not fetch Customize widget ?????
1646.05SMAUG::DESMONDWed Sep 18 1991Is command line parsing built in on VMS?
1647.06TOOK::MCPHERSONThu Sep 19 1991Error loading font (Ultrix App; VMS server)
1648.02WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Sep 19 1991dxmail and print...
1650.0MLNCSC::VOCIThu Sep 19 1991load font via ucx for tektronix terminal
1651.09ELWOOD::SPIVAKThu Sep 19 1991Using Hyper Applications
1652.07KAOTThu Sep 19 1991decwindows and remote app's
1653.024DECWIN::MESSENGERThu Sep 19 1991Announcing DECwindows Motif remedial kit
1654.04OSLACT::WENCHEJ_PFri Sep 20 1991%SYSTEM-F-BADPARAM, bad parameter value
1655.03PROXY::POWERSFri Sep 20 1991Pointers to VAX DECW Docs Needed, Please
1656.01SOLVIT::JKELLEYFri Sep 20 1991Print Portion Screen - no frame with drag
1657.02NUCASE::EPPERSONFri Sep 20 1991DECwindows, DECwindows/Motif, X-lib function calls
1658.013MUNICH::BENDERMon Sep 23 1991SUN Client, VMS Server : Window Manager Problems
1659.05MUNICH::BENDERMon Sep 23 1991printscreen on HP Laserjet
1660.02SUBWAY::TANNAMon Sep 23 1991Need Info on XUseKeymap in libX11F77
1661.0VERNA::V_GILBERTMon Sep 23 1991Resize problems on Ultrix
1662.03TOOHOT::WALTERSMon Sep 23 1991redirect window to output to another window?
1663.028CLOVAX::COBURNTue Sep 24 1991How to startup an application at system boot?
1664.01BIGRED::DANIELSTue Sep 24 1991Using R4 under ULTRIX 4.2?
1665.03BREAKR::UDICKTue Sep 24 1991X.desktop - How do I get a copy
1666.01ODIXIE::STUMPFWed Sep 25 1991HP display on DECwindows
1667.04ALLOUT::STEWARTWed Sep 25 1991install guide reccs confusing
1668.07SASE::MATTOCKWed Sep 25 1991Windows disappearing
1671.0MARVA2::SNEADWed Sep 25 1991Soliciting experience with remote x display over X.25 via PSDN
1672.0104BY4::LESLEThu Sep 26 1991DECterm failures - Decwindows Motif V1.
1674.04COMICS::AUSTINThu Sep 26 1991create/term/input with looping process ???
1675.01CSC32::DUBOISThu Sep 26 1991WML Problem; Syntax Error
1676.09ELMST::MCAFEEThu Sep 26 1991Get current display?
1677.02CSC32::S_CONNORThu Sep 26 1991Label widget strings
1678.0MUNICH::STEFANFri Sep 27 1991distinguish betweena mouse or a tablet ?
1679.01BERNFri Sep 27 1991ACCVIO in session manager decw v3 (SSB) Motif
1680.04AIAG::LINDSEYFri Sep 27 1991pause process pending
1681.03LYOIS1::GUERPILLONFri Sep 27 1991Wanting to move cursor both with mouse and arrows
1682.043Fri Sep 27 1991DECterm sessions crashing.
1683.04UFHIS::MMCCREADYFri Sep 27 1991Phase V node names in UWS V4.2 DECwindows security
1684.03R2ME2::WWALKERFri Sep 27 1991SSB release of DECwindows Motif for the Sun SPARCstation
1685.01GERUND::WOLFEFri Sep 27 1991decw$serverstartup and backing_store
1686.0ECADSR::LINAMon Sep 30 1991Need libXt.a pointer...
1688.0EPAVAX::CARLOTTIMon Sep 30 1991Problem with Dialog boxes under Motif v1.
1689.02PSW::WINALSKIMon Sep 30 1991SWPOUTPGCNT under V5.4-3 with ATMM
1690.01YOSMTE::GARRISON_NAMon Sep 30 1991ApeX Info Needed
1691.04BLYTH::CORNWALLTue Oct 01 1991Notepad and UCX
1692.0UTOPIE::KASPARTue Oct 01 1991GEA
1693.01DSSDEV::GRIFFINTue Oct 01 1991output buffers a different size?
1695.03ELMST::MCAFEETue Oct 01 1991Another create/term question...
1696.011STUWed Oct 02 1991Decwindows session without icon box
1697.0SWTHOM::MALASPINAWed Oct 02 1991Printscreen on ULTRIX gives PIXELTOOLRG error
1698.08NEWVAX::SPANNWed Oct 02 1991Looking For Previous Kit
1699.0ROMTSS::PASIWed Oct 02 1991Paint and postscript format
1700.06TAVWed Oct 02 1991HP Interface
1701.03BASEX::KAIRYSWed Oct 02 1991Request info on default visuals and color maps
1702.05CSC32::D_MAHDERWed Oct 02 1991DECterms crashing
1703.07TOPCHZ::KASCHINSKEWed Oct 02 1991Any way to test for X-server?
1704.02CSC32::DUBOISWed Oct 02 1991DECwindows QIO Problem With Pointer
1705.09CSC32::T_ABDELLAWed Oct 02 1991Motif session manager loops multiple logins
1706.08DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDWed Oct 02 1991Restarting DECwindows under ULTRIX 4.2
1707.03HIHOSS::HOSSFELDThu Oct 03 1991How do you change the pixmap of a toggle button?
1708.01STARThu Oct 03 1991Window_to_widget in Pascal problem
1709.01BITBKT::HARRIOTTThu Oct 03 1991strange resizing of S TEXT with font changes
1710.0BLKPUD::TAYLORJThu Oct 03 1991SET HOST from DECterm with BIG FONT blows them away !
1711.0ASDS::HANSENThu Oct 03 1991List Box Scroll
1712.01RANGER::MORINThu Oct 03 1991mouse&&decw&&ultrix ??
1713.02COMICS::FISCHERFri Oct 04 1991_XInputArrival information again!
1714.05TENERE::SILVAFri Oct 04 1991X Toolkit Warning: No type converter?
1715.03AYOU34::GARYFri Oct 04 1991Bookbrowser PAK
1716.034BY4::LESLEFri Oct 04 1991DECterm failures continue - ACCVIO on DECterm controller
1717.08ODIXIE::PEACOCKRFri Oct 04 1991DECwindows - DECwindows Motif Problem
1718.0TENNIS::KAMSat Oct 05 1991Session Terminated by remote node
1720.04ZURMon Oct 07 1991Printscreens fill up pagefile
1721.01VINO::HOFFMANMon Oct 07 1991Where's VUIT?
1722.09VINO::HOFFMANMon Oct 07 1991font alias explanation
1723.03BLKPUD::TAYLORJMon Oct 07 1991Select failed X toolkit error on shutdown
1724.01CSC32::G_OGLESBYMon Oct 07 1991PAINT returns error "Picture is too large", v2
1725.08HIBOB::KRANTZMon Oct 07 1991help? resource ID allocation space exhausted!
1726.01PIANST::JANZENMon Oct 07 1991Disappearing Text
1727.08AUNTB::GRAYMon Oct 07 1991Zombie dxterms when exiting Session Mgr
1728.01NSDC::DONALDSONTue Oct 08 1991Simple batch program for data entry using DECwindows
1729.0MIZZEN::DEMERSTue Oct 08 1991can't see the colors that I'm customizing
1730.03RHETT::BONNETue Oct 08 19911/1
1731.04COGITO::ZIKATue Oct 08 1991VMS V5.3-1 VS31
1732.02NBOFS1::HERMANNTue Oct 08 1991SIGHTS Editor and DECWINDOWS ?
1733.05DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSETue Oct 08 1991Half Breed Motif on the Loose
1734.0OSLACT::OLAVTue Oct 08 1991Annoying DECpaint MessageBox
1735.02NECSC::LEVYWed Oct 09 1991DECterm accvio when doing Copy
1736.0CASEE::BALLADELLIWed Oct 09 1991Announcing DEC VTX FT3
1737.04TROOA::POOTSWed Oct 09 1991Moving DECWindows to ESE2
1738.01SIOG::CARRICKWed Oct 09 1991sun motif problems
1739.04MU::PORTERWed Oct 09 1991Scrabble
1740.03RMDSRV::WALTHERWed Oct 09 1991set term/term=XXXXX???
1741.03SUBWAY::LAFFORDWed Oct 09 1991VT1
1742.04FLYSQD::FERJULIANWed Oct 09 1991BUG: DWM V1.
1743.0HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHThu Oct 10 1991login -e strangeness
1744.018ALEXWS::ALEXThu Oct 10 1991How to determine that workstation is not used...
1745.01HIHOSS::HOSSFELDThu Oct 10 1991server eats up the page file
1746.03TLSEThu Oct 10 1991choosing : Attached DB or simple Dialog Box ?
1747.01CNTROL::GORRThu Oct 10 1991MOTIF License requirments with EWS on VMS?
1748.03STAR::RJONESThu Oct 10 1991Problems with VAXstation II T5.5-4ZK
1749.04NANOOK::RIMALOVERThu Oct 10 1991memory utilization of DW vs UIS?
1750.05HANNAH::B_COBBThu Oct 10 1991MOTIF on ULTRIX
1752.07COMICS::BELLFri Oct 11 1991What's the official word on DWM : new product or upgrade ?
1753.011KITVAX::METHOTFri Oct 11 1991SM App activation failure
1754.013BROKE::JBAUERFri Oct 11 1991How do I customize individual keys like shift-comma?
1755.03WLDWST::TURNER_JFri Oct 11 1991how do you get the character cell debugger interface?
1756.04DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Oct 14 1991mouse buttons and the standard
1757.05PEACHS::PICKETTMon Oct 14 1991version of postscript for print screen?
1758.0CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Oct 14 1991X$QUERY_TEXT_EXTENTS not working in DW-MOTIF 1.
1759.01ABLE::CLEMENSMon Oct 14 1991X11 bindings for RISC/Pascal
1761.02HANNAH::PORTANTETue Oct 15 1991MWM does not dress windows
1762.02PEACHS::BURQUESTTue Oct 15 1991XTRAP server extension documentation???
1763.02MLNCSC::RAMAZZOTTITue Oct 15 1991gks kit examples-vt13
1764.02CADSE::CADSE::ENGELHARDTTue Oct 15 1991Slow pixmap:window graphics on 5
1765.02OSTV1Wed Oct 16 1991XtOverrideTranslations Problem
1766.02SMAUG::DESMONDWed Oct 16 1991How do I keep a widget managed?
1767.01DSSDEV::ENXINGWed Oct 16 1991X-Transport Buffer Size
1768.010HANNAH::B_COBBWed Oct 16 1991MOTIF upgrade precautions?
1769.01ROYALT::FINGERHUTWed Oct 16 1991Help interpreting KEYSYM
1770.012CRONIC::LEMONSWed Oct 16 1991DECterm + printer port printer = VT w/att. printer
1771.02PEACHS::BURQUESTThu Oct 17 1991Strange behaviour of SET DISPLAY/DELETE WSAx
1772.03EEMELI::RUUSKANENThu Oct 17 1991XDrawPoint() draws nothing to the VT12
1773.02AIAG::KALEESWARANThu Oct 17 1991Window Manager, SYS$OUTPUT, stdout
1774.01OAXCEL::GRIFFINThu Oct 17 1991
1775.08HANNAH::OSMANThu Oct 17 1991trying to solve DECterm QUOTA problem (crossposted in VMSNOTES)
1776.013WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Oct 17 1991Friendlier QUIT menu for saving settings
1777.0CSC32::JJONESThu Oct 17 1991PAINT Accvio, pc=
1778.01SWAM2::MAMMEN_DAFri Oct 18 1991Motif on Pathworks
1779.04TAVSun Oct 20 1991Resource file problem..HELP
1780.0ROMMon Oct 21 1991displays in real-time
1781.01HGOVC::BENNYCHANMon Oct 21 1991DECwindows Motif Migration - VT12
1782.0UTRTSC::WINDMEIJERMon Oct 21 1991User executive creates zombies when using bourne shell
1783.01EWBVMon Oct 21 1991Query on Server Memory Usage.
1784.04ZURMon Oct 21 1991noname msg
1785.03ARTLIB::GOETZEMon Oct 21 1991Cost of supporting novice DECwindows users
1786.08RMDSRV::WALTHERMon Oct 21 1991Decwrite over modem lines
1787.01ALLOUT::STEWARTMon Oct 21 1991VT colors pollute window dressing
1788.010SAYER::ELMOREMon Oct 21 1991PRINTSCREEN is bad
1789.08CHEFS::MCCAUSLANDATue Oct 22 1991XUI Support questions
1790.01ZURTue Oct 22 1991CSCPAT_
1791.04XANADU::FLEISCHERTue Oct 22 1991decw$paint can't produce sixels?
1793.06PEACHS::MITCHAMTue Oct 22 1991How to redefine the LOGO process name?
1794.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Oct 22 1991Ultrix 4.1 and fonts ITC & Menu
1795.08CSC32::D_MAHDERTue Oct 22 1991eliminating window decorations
1796.01GUNSMO::BAGLEYTue Oct 22 1991Debugging Motif application port
1797.01VELVET::MICHONTue Oct 22 1991DECterm config for GNU emacs?
1798.04ADTSHR::PHILLIPSTue Oct 22 1991Events on Ultrix
1799.05RIPPLE::BRENNAN_JEWed Oct 23 1991CreatePixmap=>BadImplementation error
1800.01GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Oct 23 1991XIO: fatal io error 65535 on x server SA3
1801.02CSC32::D_MAHDERWed Oct 23 1991Bind Concurrent Events
1802.0TOOK::MCPHERSONWed Oct 23 1991RE-install MOTIF V1.
1803.01COLWed Oct 23 1991Openlook on VMS
1804.05CLARID::CHAMEROYWed Oct 23 1991DUAL Monitor Adapter problem ?
1805.01CSC32::D_MAHDERWed Oct 23 1991can we paste with mb3
1806.07NLAWed Oct 23 1991DECwindows pause screen secure?
1807.01COOKIE::GORTONWed Oct 23 1991Colormap Full problems
1808.06VINO::HOFFMANWed Oct 23 1991BLISS support with MOTIF?
1809.0ISLNDS::SCHWABEWed Oct 23 1991create/term command-string question
1810.03BASEX::KAIRYSWed Oct 23 1991Whither ELKTRA::DW_EXAMPLES?
1811.04DEKSW3::JAEHOLEEThu Oct 24 1991remote dxsession doesn't work
1812.0ZPOVC::SINSPSThu Oct 24 1991fonts.alias and fonts.alias-mit, how it is used ?
1813.03MUNICH::STULLICHThu Oct 24 1991Problem with tabs (\t) in Listbox and CompoundStri
1814.03H2SO4::GERSBACHThu Oct 24 1991X$Query_Colors fails with DECwindows/Motif
1815.02SHAWB1::TAYLORJThu Oct 24 1991Focus problem with dxterm and OpenWindows
1816.01AIDEV::DRUMMONDThu Oct 24 1991Static Color Question
1817.05BIGHRN::RAVEYThu Oct 24 1991RZ23 not supported in VMS DECwindows kit as part of VMS V5.5?
1818.01--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 24 1991LK4
1819.01ARRODS::MORSESFri Oct 25 1991DECwindows Font Editor
1820.03TKTV2Fri Oct 25 1991Attachment of ADB
1821.04ZURFri Oct 25 1991again -- XLIB-F-IOERROR, xlib io error , need a solution!!
1822.08SMAUG::DESMONDFri Oct 25 1991Resource file naming conventions?
1823.01VCOUFri Oct 25 1991Xlib errors - how do I proceed?
1824.010ALICAT::MACKAYSun Oct 27 1991Development and exception handling standards wanted
1825.06ALPAUL::ALOISIMon Oct 28 1991Windows drop when router node shifts
1826.01ROMMon Oct 28 1991Pointer shape setup without dxsession
1827.0LYOIS1::MARTINMon Oct 28 1991DECW$PRINTSCREEN.TMP location
1828.021KONING::KONINGMon Oct 28 1991Time bugs
1829.02RAMBLR::MORONEYMon Oct 28 1991How to keep new MOTIF window from grabbing keyboard?
1830.02BRSSWS::ROETSMon Oct 28 1991Patched Xws inverting black and white
1831.02NBOFS1::HERMANNMon Oct 28 1991*.UIL files and CONVERT/DOCUMENT
1832.06MSBCS::DORMITZERMon Oct 28 1991Looking for server design notes
1833.05EMDS::THAYERMon Oct 28 1991xwininfo?
1834.02I18N::GREENWOODMon Oct 28 1991Cannot unpause screen
1835.01CX3PT3::ODULES::W_MATTHEWSMon Oct 28 1991Print Screen and SIXEL under MOTIF V1.
1836.02FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSTue Oct 29 1991Dynamic Linking to widgets from the toolkit
1837.03BIGRED::DUANETue Oct 29 1991A few general, basic questions
1838.01SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDTue Oct 29 1991Ahhhh! Accelarators not working
1839.010THEGIZ::PITARDTue Oct 29 1991Workstations log user out w/errors on Pause
1840.05LGP3Tue Oct 29 1991how to disable XIE at system startup?
1841.01NIAM::BWILSONTue Oct 29 1991Where should a VMS product's app-defaults files get installed ?
1842.06HANNAH::OSMANTue Oct 29 1991why BLUE, and HOW do I change it ?
1843.03DLOTue Oct 29 1991DECW$EXAMPLES: ICO ???
1844.012SAMUEL::MARRAWed Oct 30 1991The Corporate Mouse is dead!
1845.0TOOHOT::WALTERSWed Oct 30 1991?Callable interface to security on DECwindows?
1846.02TOOHOT::WALTERSWed Oct 30 1991?callable interface to security??
1847.03HGOVA::TASMANSIUWed Oct 30 1991LK4
1849.02ROMThu Oct 31 1991Applic. windows and DECTERMs disappear on VT1
1850.0ROMTSS::PASIThu Oct 31 1991Xserver shutdown or kill client
1851.05ADAWES::MALLORYThu Oct 31 1991Problem with PAUSE password(s)
1852.02CSC32::D_MAHDERThu Oct 31 1991Disable blinking login cursor?
1853.03FUNYET::ANDERSONThu Oct 31 1991LCG initialization error
1854.05ZPOVC::TEOHENThu Oct 31 1991how to get lat host addr of vt12
1855.01HOBBLE::WURZBERGERFri Nov 01 1991Fonts: VMS to ULTRIX?
1856.02CADSE::HARDINGFri Nov 01 1991DECWmail problem with PS files
1857.020TELFON::MAILMANFri Nov 01 1991DECterms problems with clipboard locked
1858.01MARX::ROSSSun Nov 03 1991motif run-time only libraries ?
1859.01ZPOVC::PAULCHENMon Nov 04 1991Any switch between MOTIF and DECWINDOWS?
1860.01GIDDAY::ROSICMon Nov 04 1991DECwrite/Ultrix & Word-Perfect/VMS
1861.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Nov 04 1991Looking for ideas.... XBell quits working
1862.05NECSC::LEVYMon Nov 04 1991Views menu only presents a stub
1863.06WELLIN::BULLARDMon Nov 04 1991How do you invoke xdm?
1864.05OAXCEL::GRIFFINMon Nov 04 1991Screen Captures in Motif?
1865.04CUJO::LENTZMon Nov 04 1991Modifying the workspace menu
1866.04FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONTue Nov 05 1991What does this error message mean?
1867.0PEACHS::BELDINTue Nov 05 1991DECstations and tablet and aspect ratio
1868.02VFOVAX::EICHNERTue Nov 05 1991Trying to auto boot and start WM & SM on VT13
1869.07KHAN::SELBYTue Nov 05 1991DECWindows Motif V1.
1870.0PEACHS::BELDINTue Nov 05 1991DECwindows, DECnet and recieve buffers
1872.06BRSDVP::RIJMENANTSWed Nov 06 1991how to prevent 'tiling' ....
1873.0DSSDEV::MORWed Nov 06 1991Help with XGetWindowAttributes()
1874.02HANNAH::ALFREDWed Nov 06 1991Help with event loop
1876.01ESMAIL::MAGALETTAWed Nov 06 1991fileview problems
1877.03WELLIN::GRAHAMThu Nov 07 1991screen dump of login window ?
1878.02MERISE::BROWNThu Nov 07 1991Need To Find Classes...
1879.01FIRFri Nov 08 1991DECTERM DISAPPEAR
1880.03HANNAH::ALFREDFri Nov 08 1991Should DECwindows support cut buffers?
1881.04PROMPT::MILLINGFri Nov 08 1991multi-screen support - change in behavior
1882.06CSCOAC::HOOD_RFri Nov 08 1991XtMoveWidget under dxwm?
1883.03CSC32::DUBOISFri Nov 08 1991BASIC$DWCI.EXE & DECW$DWTLIBSHR.EXE Don't Match
1884.03BERNMon Nov 11 1991ULTRIX equiv of DECW$PRIVATE_SERVER_SETUP ?
1885.02STAR::DIGIOIAMon Nov 11 1991XLIB FONTS
1886.04TOOHOT::WALTERSMon Nov 11 1991How to write msgs to session managers window?
1887.01CSC32::VISAGEMon Nov 11 1991Installation order dependency? VMS 5.4-3 & DECw MOTIF
1888.01MLNCSC::RAMAZZOTTITue Nov 12 1991NOTEPAD - File is Read Only- RW protections
1889.08ZURTue Nov 12 1991Change Language to SWISS ITALIAN -- server crash
1890.011USPMLO::SHEPROTue Nov 12 1991Session Manager's applications run as sub processes vs detached processes
1891.02DIVING::DAVISTue Nov 12 1991Large Icons under DECWv3 Motif?
1892.06KERNEL::PARRYTue Nov 12 1991Ultrix V4.2 DS31
1893.04BREAKR::HATue Nov 12 1991screensaver -> autopause
1894.01MBTEST::GREGORYTue Nov 12 1991Motif ACCVIO on login
1895.01COMICS::PENDERGRASTWed Nov 13 1991DECw security loophole ?
1896.04DETOO::BOUCHERWed Nov 13 1991DECwindows System Management Doc's ???
1897.02VPSF::OLESINWed Nov 13 1991UIS-Xwindow graphics diappear
1898.04GIDDAY::DUBBERWed Nov 13 1991How much space on sys disk with an AWD specified?
1899.02PEACHS::LAMPERTWed Nov 13 1991decw$paint memory usage
1900.02AIDEV::MISKINISWed Nov 13 1991iconify buttons, works on some versions, not others
1901.01BRSSWS::ROETSThu Nov 14 1991X11/Intrinsic.h & FUNCPROTO
1902.0KERNEL::FISCHERIThu Nov 14 1991Fileview process running after Quit Session
1903.02SWTHOM::TISSERANDThu Nov 14 1991Where is DECW$LICENSE_CHECK defined ?
1904.01SUOSW4::GEISELHARTThu Nov 14 1991Intrinsics R 4 -->CoreWidgetClass ???
1905.0OAXCEL::GRIFFINThu Nov 14 1991Motif Applications Guide?
1906.06USPMLO::SHEPROThu Nov 14 1991Can not see symbols that point to workstation-node
1907.01MLNCSC::RAMAZZOTTIThu Nov 14 1991tekp27-fileview-accvio
1908.04DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Nov 14 1991vue$master run twice?
1909.04DIODE::CROWELLThu Nov 14 1991V5.5-M4/Motif V1.
1910.02ISLNDS::SCHWABEThu Nov 14 1991DECTERM resize problem
1911.01LAVGOD::ALLENThu Nov 14 1991Network Traffic LAVc & DECwindows
1912.09TENNIS::KAMThu Nov 14 1991VT24
1913.03CSOA1::HOLLERANThu Nov 14 1991automatic lat connections
1914.03FUEL::grahamThu Nov 14 1991Conference Policy?
1915.03SHINER::D_HOHMThu Nov 14 1991What is the <Background> menu?
1916.05IDOFLY::LUDWIGFri Nov 15 1991DECW$MOTIF
1917.09BEBE::GALLEGOSFri Nov 15 1991Can't log into my workstation, since installing MOTIF
1918.0HANNAH::BAYFri Nov 15 1991Phase
1919.02MR4DEC::LYSAKOWSKIFri Nov 15 1991DECterm VT34
1920.01CERN::JRSMon Nov 18 1991Pause and DECW$PAUSESESSION differences?
1921.03PEACHS::BELDINMon Nov 18 1991QuickCopy doesn't always work - who's fault?
1922.03CSC32::B_BRADACHMon Nov 18 1991see note 632 in dw-mail conference
1923.01SWTHOM::TISSERANDTue Nov 19 1991DECWindows Motif fatal server bug
1924.01AIRSIC::COMOLLITue Nov 19 1991Problems with 352
1925.02AIDEV::MISKINISTue Nov 19 1991V2/V3 interoperability (Motif appls under XUI?)
1926.01SUBWAY::LAFFORDTue Nov 19 1991Accvio in DwtLatin1String?
1927.03PEACHS::BELDINTue Nov 19 1991Whyfor DECW$MWMEX ?
1928.0DUCATI::LASTOVICATue Nov 19 1991motif terminal emulator does not disappear when server goes away
1929.01EDUOZ::KOWed Nov 20 1991Fileview question
1930.06HANNAH::BAYWed Nov 20 1991Need better hashing technique for EFC names
1931.09GIAEN1::CANFIELDWed Nov 20 1991New keymap for LK444-type keyboard
1932.016FAB2NI::COLBATHWed Nov 20 1991DECW/MOTIF CBI
1933.05RIPPLE::BRENNAN_JEWed Nov 20 1991delete_file_when_printed resource?
1934.02MAIL::CLAYTONWed Nov 20 1991Naming ICONs and Windows - How?
1935.04KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Nov 20 1991screen saver stuff...
1936.0BUSY::BONVINWed Nov 20 1991Get data from simple text
1937.01EMDS::THAYERWed Nov 20 1991PostScript Previewer - findfont error
1938.03TEGAN::LACORTIWed Nov 20 1991mapping keys to events
1939.012FORFUN::SAMPSONWed Nov 20 1991Vanishing DECterms. Help!
1940.02IJSAPL::WOODROWThu Nov 21 1991Colors change with VMS 5.4-3 - ideas?
1941.02HAM::CALCOTTThu Nov 21 1991I18N woes ?
1942.0UPROAR::GUNNSThu Nov 21 1991LK2
1943.0MUNICH::BENDERThu Nov 21 1991font changes with VMS-DECW 5.5 ?
1944.0DELNI::WALSHThu Nov 21 1991QAR Security Menu Only Uses /etc/hosts file
1945.01RANGER::PESENTIThu Nov 21 1991dxcalendar no longer stays put...
1946.01CSC32::L_ALMEIDAThu Nov 21 1991NO SUCH DEVICE from detached DECTerm in Batch
1947.01SUBWAY::LAFFORDThu Nov 21 1991Potential ACCVIO in DwtLatin1String?
1948.07ONOIS1::AUGERFri Nov 22 1991XLIDDY : where is it ?
1949.01XLIB::MOSESFri Nov 22 1991DwtJStext / Stext / JStext problem
1950.04BLKPUD::TAYLORJFri Nov 22 1991XCopyPlane problem only on DECstation 31
1951.01CSC32::K_TICEFri Nov 22 1991XrmGetFileDatabase no longer accepts Unix syntax on VMS
1952.02CSC32::B_HIBBERTFri Nov 22 1991Can I use LAT transport to display on a workstation?
1953.0TLE::REINIGFri Nov 22 1991Petal's callback routine called just once
1954.02TYSON::KURATASun Nov 24 1991Captive accounts under Ultrix
1955.02SICBL::LITTLESun Nov 24 1991LKWSETFUL Error from DCL Command started by FileView
1956.01VISA::PIKEMon Nov 25 1991XGetGeometry gives
1957.010RWOODS::GOLDBERGMon Nov 25 1991HELP on PseudoColor on TrueColor
1958.03ARGUS::LEBLONDMon Nov 25 1991Can't Open Display on VMS to Ultrix
1959.04GOONS::MCGUIREMon Nov 25 1991Capture a complete windows session ?
1960.02ENTIAT::GORDONMon Nov 25 1991Save Unders and Backing Stores
1961.03SORGEN::UWEHTue Nov 26 1991Login not possible when language german with Motif V1.
1962.06DOWNBE::LOWETue Nov 26 1991Security problem displaying windows
1963.0SHALOT::JANCULATue Nov 26 1991Cursor/Motif BADPARAM prob on VS 31
1964.01SWTHOM::TISSERANDTue Nov 26 1991Print Text Page decterm output garbaged.
1965.02MEO78B::LYONSWed Nov 27 1991OPEN LOOk display under DECwindows??
1966.01USPMLO::SHEPROWed Nov 27 1991Initial position of DECterm
1967.01LATINA::ALVAROWed Nov 27 1991dxsession doesn't work with dwdos286
1968.03SEACPA::WHITTONWed Nov 27 1991MOTIF 1.1 - modify borders?
1969.02TETLEY::DULIPSINGHWed Nov 27 1991Setting Bitmaps on Screen Background.
1970.02TETLEY::DULIPSINGHWed Nov 27 1991VMS Decwindows Motif Installation Guide
1971.02KERNEL::PARRYThu Nov 28 1991Is DECwindows running ?
1972.03IJSAPL::WOODROWThu Nov 28 1991Problem with xt$add_event_handler. Urgent please.
1973.0VIVIAN::RANCEThu Nov 28 1991Listings for TMPARSE.LIS
1975.0PRSSOS::AMAURYThu Nov 28 1991Resize DECterm
1976.02KERNEL::PENDERGRASTWThu Nov 28 1991dxue.How to search for a string?
1977.02GOTA1::KLASSONSun Dec 01 1991Login processes dies with %LIB-F-IOERROR
1978.02BRSDVP::WILLEMSGSun Dec 01 1991create/term and file not found problem
1979.04GANTRY::HULLMon Dec 02 1991Japanese/English DECwindows compatibility?
1980.03TROOA::DLOTENMon Dec 02 1991VUE$COMMAND gets munged
1981.01SAHQ::JPAPPASMon Dec 02 1991BDF Fonts Needed
1982.05CDROM::SCHWEIKERMon Dec 02 1991always SET DISPLAY to login node?
1983.04PEACHS::BELDINMon Dec 02 1991Popup menus and style under Motif...
1984.01BIGRED::DANIELSMon Dec 02 1991Andrew and -G
1985.07TKOV51::FUKUSHIMATue Dec 03 1991Multi-head Screen on VS4
1986.011CHOWDA::HARNOISTue Dec 03 1991Performance and Tuning problems
1987.024NOHOST::LEVINTue Dec 03 1991Produce C code from RAGS!!
1988.0EVMS::NORDLINGERTue Dec 03 1991"C Users Journal:Motif Programming"
1989.06UTOPIE::KASPARWed Dec 04 1991Server access violation after logout on SPX, VMS5.4-2, DECW V2
1990.01MEAD::FULLERWed Dec 04 1991Pause screen and log files ?
1992.02CX3PT2::ODULES::W_MATTHEWSWed Dec 04 1991Dual Head Setup with VRT19 and VR319 Monitor's
1993.02HEYYOU::ZARLENGAWed Dec 04 1991Programming guide available?
1994.04BAGLEY::FOSTERWed Dec 04 1991Motif kills DECterm
1995.03GIDDAY::STRAUSSWed Dec 04 1991alternate console on 5
1996.0ZURThu Dec 05 1991XLIB, insufficient virtual memory ...
1997.03VAXRIO::NASCIMENTOThu Dec 05 1991X11 / DECwindows / Motif Presentation
1998.0MUNICH::CLAUSThu Dec 05 1991M76 (gpx) internal runtime error
1999.02CHOWDA::HARNOISThu Dec 05 1991login questions
2000.0PEACHS::BELDINThu Dec 05 1991XENVIRONMENT - implemented on Decw Motif 1.
2001.02NODEX::MULLERThu Dec 05 1991DECwindows mail MUTEX waiting for DECwindows server
2002.03H2SO4::GERSBACHFri Dec 06 1991Problem with VS4
2004.03ANIMLZ::DUBEFri Dec 06 1991Problem getting DECW$FSD process at boot time
2005.01SORGEN::UWEHFri Dec 06 1991server crash on 352
2006.03SORGEN::UWEHFri Dec 06 1991Iinsert Mode in command line of EVE when called from FileView
2007.02CGOOA::JANICFri Dec 06 1991DECwindows over 96
2008.0PTOECA::JOEWFri Dec 06 1991xtm2d problem?
2009.02SUNNIE::GOWSat Dec 07 1991Pause/End Session Suggestion
2010.06OSLLAV::KNUTC_PSat Dec 07 1991DECWindows elevated privileges, documented ?
2011.02TENNIS::KAMSun Dec 08 1991After installation it can't find GEBDRIVER.EXE
2012.03WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTISun Dec 08 1991dxmail - stuck rescanning drafts
2013.01ROMTSS::PASIMon Dec 09 1991text translation and function values
2014.02BOBSEG::SEGRESTMon Dec 09 1991Font problems again.....
2015.04SHALOT::NICODEMMon Dec 09 1991Creating a windowed process -- sizing the window
2016.01REJOIC::OMBARDOMon Dec 09 1991DECW$DXM_I18NLIB.EXE file execute prob
2018.02SORGEN::UWEHTue Dec 10 1991dwt$open_hierarchy declaration in pascal
2019.04SONRIZ::T_BURLEYTue Dec 10 1991Set Display from spawned process changes parent process display?
2020.02MVDSTue Dec 10 1991MOTIF: In search of a graphic window
2021.01PFSVAX::MIGNOGNATue Dec 10 1991DECterm print-screen VT52 mode
2022.010CSOA1::STUTSONTue Dec 10 1991Need Sun feature
2023.02TKTVFS::FUJIYAMAWed Dec 11 1991XSendEvent on Ultrix
2024.02BRSIS6::BUTTIENSWed Dec 11 1991create /terminal from 2 different accounts on 1 client system
2025.01TOPCHZ::KASCHINSKEWed Dec 11 1991equivalent of DECW$PAUSESESSION on ULTRIX?
2026.0MQOOA::CARBONNEAUWed Dec 11 1991Color Printscreen
2027.09XAPPL::CLARKThu Dec 12 1991MacX + "delete" key doesn't work with Text widget
2028.02XAPPL::CLARKThu Dec 12 1991Problems with MacX's client window icons
2029.03COMICS::BELLThu Dec 12 1991Window manager colours moved on different GPX servers
2030.01IDOFLY::LUDWIGThu Dec 12 1991Function keys and DECwindows v3.
2032.0KURTAN::MSUNDSTROMFri Dec 13 1991Print Format dont change
2033.02SORGEN::UWEHFri Dec 13 1991display info from program ?
2034.02SORGEN::ANDREASFri Dec 13 1991problem : changing width of widget to >32K
2035.01FUTURS::HILL_KFri Dec 13 1991Unconfirmed security problem report
2036.04TPSYS::WONGFri Dec 13 1991Two problems: rebuilding rgb and strange session manager
2037.01VOGON::MILLSONMon Dec 16 1991Server Dying when displaying Postscript
2039.04SAYER::ELMORETue Dec 17 1991mapping funtions to keys
2040.01FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSTue Dec 17 1991DECLinguist Pre Field Test SPELLCHECKER
2041.05QUIVER::WASHABAUGHTue Dec 17 1991Font problems: displaying on a vms worstation from an ultrix station
2042.07OTOOA::PONDTue Dec 17 1991Session Manager - using CPU
2043.02EDUOZ::KOWed Dec 18 1991PAK for LINKWORKS!
2044.09NOLE2::KIMBELWed Dec 18 1991Decwindow Server_
2045.02CSC32::E_KWANWed Dec 18 1991Problem starting motif after upgrade to 5.5
2046.01DETOO::BOUCHERWed Dec 18 1991startup geometry for dxcalendar
2047.02STAR::DIGIOIAWed Dec 18 1991XNextEvent question
2048.02CARLSN::YUNGWed Dec 18 1991mail and fileview windows disappear
2049.06VINO::WELLINGTONWed Dec 18 1991Print Screen on dual-headed workstation
2050.04EDUOZ::KOWed Dec 18 1991MOTIF program can't link under ULTRIX
2051.07PANIC::SIMONThu Dec 19 1991No Session Manager- How?
2052.0BOBSEG::SEGRESTThu Dec 19 1991Positioning Notepads at startup?
2053.0TADSKI::SANDERThu Dec 19 1991Cardfiler won't print, ULTRIX
2054.0CSCOA1::HOOD_RThu Dec 19 1991BadAtom from XDeleteProperty
2055.01RAGS::KUSCHERThu Dec 19 1991No Login Box
2056.0WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Dec 19 1991Type file.SIXEL kills off all decterms
2058.05BIGRED::DANIELSFri Dec 20 1991How to build/link X contribs & progs from the net
2059.05ROYALT::FINGERHUTFri Dec 20 1991Austrian German LK4
2060.02NECSC::LEVYFri Dec 20 1991Remote FileView can shut down session on workstation
2061.04AIDEV::DRUMMONDFri Dec 20 1991Color Problem
2062.02SONRIZ::T_BURLEYFri Dec 20 1991VAXStation 4
2063.02GANTRY::FISCHERSat Dec 21 1991DECw 5.5 can't find graphics device
2064.01PIBALD::RUFFIEUXSun Dec 22 1991DECwindows V3 Sources
2065.0CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Dec 23 1991Format of UID files
2066.02MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIMon Dec 23 1991windows disappeared
2067.02ZENDIA::FERGUSONTue Dec 24 1991DECw->Motif upgrade w/ EWS: performance is aweful
2068.01LISVAX::SEPULVEDAThu Dec 26 1991CSCPAT_
2069.01BRAT::BUKOWSKIThu Dec 26 1991Disappearing DECTERMs
2070.01TARDIS::EISENBERGMon Dec 30 1991Can initial placement of icons be specified?
2071.03BROKE::LONGFELLOWMon Dec 30 1991Window crash on dual monitor
2072.01ODIXIE::PEACOCKRMon Dec 30 1991Window Manager Won't Run
2073.01SWTHOM::TISSERANDTue Dec 31 1991PHIGS and PEX : server crashes.
2074.01SHAWB1::BARROWCLOUGHThu Jan 02 1992confusion over sm.x and sm.y resources
2075.01ISIDRO::CALVINOFri Jan 03 1992Ultrix Xws again
2076.01DSTEG::HOSSFELDFri Jan 03 1992function keys as accelerators
2077.02USPMLO::SHEPROFri Jan 03 1992Modifing system wide applications
2078.04KERNEL::FISCHERIFri Jan 03 1992Does double-click timeout really work?
2079.05VANGA::KERRELLFri Jan 03 1992DECW$CALC - DRM Not Found
2080.04AIMHI::TINIUSFri Jan 03 1992Problem with dual-head VAXstation
2081.027STAR::HARDYFri Jan 03 1992DW Motif V1.1 - Detached processes or subprocesses?
2082.024STARFri Jan 03 1992Differences in Leave/entry notify events between XUI and Motif.
2083.01CTHQ3::OBRIENFri Jan 03 1992FileView - Pending Problem
2084.010PEACHS::BURQUESTFri Jan 03 1992How to set a default cardfiler directory?
2085.0HANNAH::B_COBBFri Jan 03 1992Server hang with MOTIF
2086.0SWTHOM::TISSERANDMon Jan 06 1992ISL-F-INVDTHBIT on capture screen.
2087.06TAVMon Jan 06 1992Multiple displays & XIO errors
2089.0DECWIN::LEMBREEMon Jan 06 1992Connectathon 1992 Participation
2090.08XNOGOV::PAVITTMon Jan 06 1992sendImageToX: unsupported display visual
2091.02MUNICH::STEFANMon Jan 06 1992fix for German LK4
2092.03JAYMES::BASCHALMon Jan 06 1992Pulldown menus which don't fit on the screen
2093.04CFSCTC::CHABOTMon Jan 06 1992Access to display device w/o a current session
2094.02DSSDEV::GOHNMon Jan 06 1992Name length limits?
2095.05CSC32::D_MAHDERMon Jan 06 1992remove options in DECterm
2096.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Jan 06 1992How to prevent user from leaving textfield if bad answer
2097.04ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSMon Jan 06 1992Customization questions
2098.0PEACHS::LAMPERTMon Jan 06 1992Regen reset - BAD BOX message in server error log
2099.01HGOVC::ACRISOLOGOTue Jan 07 1992New demos
2100.03ENAEAS::GADALETATue Jan 07 1992Documentation about VUE$*
2101.0SORGEN::SUSANNETue Jan 07 1992print portion of screen, color and negative?
2102.03CGOWGS::OAKLEYTue Jan 07 1992no Lat X Service with Motif 1.
2103.04ARRODS::HOUSTONTue Jan 07 1992DECwindows across WAN Links
2104.012PEACHS::BURQUESTTue Jan 07 1992X11R5....When?
2106.02CARROL::MOORETue Jan 07 1992NO graphics after Ultrix port
2107.01VINO::KOMARTue Jan 07 1992User wants a larger font for the Help Widget
2108.02XCUSME::KOSKITue Jan 07 1992Print Que Names being truncated
2110.0SAYER::ELMOREWed Jan 08 1992concise performance parameters document???
2111.05SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDWed Jan 08 1992Will DECWindows/Motif apps run under DECW v2
2112.013TRHLE2::MOGENSWed Jan 08 1992XDM for VMS?
2113.065Wed Jan 08 1992VMS 5.5 Upgrade generates cannot find language error.
2114.05WHEELR::WESTMORELANDWed Jan 08 1992%Timeout starting DECTERM controller
2115.01CRONIC::DUNLOPWed Jan 08 1992Previewer (Ultrix 4.2 RISC) - "BadAlloc - insufficient resources"
2116.08KERNEL::PARRYThu Jan 09 1992Ultrix Print Screen alternatives
2117.04BEAGLE::CAMPBELLThu Jan 09 1992Error writing resource file
2118.02SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDThu Jan 09 1992Session manager ACCVIO when logging in
2119.013HYEND::CKELLEHERThu Jan 09 1992Local Prompt on Workstation????
2120.01HANNAH::OSMANThu Jan 09 1992this is a bit hard to describe but IT DRIVES ME KERFLOOEY
2121.0XLIB::MARSONThu Jan 09 1992ULTRIX 4.2 RISC libX11.a built with -G
2122.07HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Jan 10 1992XLIB problem !
2123.02VNOTSC::BIRGITFri Jan 10 1992left handed / graphic tablet
2125.01SORGEN::SUSANNEFri Jan 10 1992setfontpath, different with Motif Server?
2126.03SHAWB1::TAYLORJFri Jan 10 1992Tutorial displays funny on VAXstation 4
2127.0COMICS::AUSTINFri Jan 10 1992colour / color to intensity / monochrome conversion method
2128.04HSOMAI::LINFri Jan 10 1992DECW$CALENDAR problem
2129.05CX3PT1::GORE::WESTDALEFri Jan 10 1992^c hangs the window
2130.01SAC::MUNRO_MSat Jan 11 1992DECwindow and Motif question
2131.02BACHUS::RIJMENANTSMon Jan 13 1992overstrike in a simple text widget ?
2132.01GLDOA::DSMITHMon Jan 13 1992INTDIV - divide by zero error
2133.02XCUSME::TRAYNORMon Jan 13 1992DECwindows Motif (tutorial)
2134.0CSC32::HODSONMon Jan 13 1992Modifying VUE$INQUIRE_SYMBOL
2136.01CSOA1::STUTSONMon Jan 13 1992BKreader w/customer data
2137.03HGOSPS::DENISLITue Jan 14 1992session manager & LOGIN.COM
2138.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Jan 14 1992MACX window manager problem
2139.023MUNSBE::CHEQUERTue Jan 14 1992Language support under DECW$MOTIF
2140.04KETJE::IMAGINGTue Jan 14 1992FindDpyNum(one display per person):too many links
2141.02CLOSUS::CHESNEYTue Jan 14 1992Have to kill vms startup to run?
2142.0VNOTSC::BIRGITTue Jan 14 1992decwindows version 2 and lk4
2143.03YAKNOW::MCHIASSONTue Jan 14 1992smooth scroll option?
2144.012NWGEDU::DINGEMANSTue Jan 14 1992Shell widgets on two screens (DECwindows Motif)
2145.01ISIDRO::ALSOP2Wed Jan 15 1992Invoking an application from a MOTIF program
2146.06COLWed Jan 15 1992Which DECW$SERVER_MAIN for Firefox?
2147.06HOTSPR::NORTHAMWed Jan 15 1992Control F2 hangs Workstation
2148.04SMAUG::DESMONDWed Jan 15 1992DECburger question?
2149.0ARRODS::HOUSTONWed Jan 15 1992window manager load
2150.01KERNEL::FISCHERIWed Jan 15 1992Parameters for DECW$WSCUST.EXE
2151.04HANNAH::ACHANWed Jan 15 1992How can I get the transport from display?
2152.01ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSWed Jan 15 1992Auto Logout of Session?
2153.05TLE::WINALSKIWed Jan 15 1992DECW$SMB_WINDOW_COLOR.DAT seems to be ignored
2154.07TMISThu Jan 16 1992SHADE/SHAPE ext.
2155.02WHELIN::LOMBARDOThu Jan 16 1992Wasted Screen Space?
2156.03UTOPIE::KASPARThu Jan 16 1992VMS5.5 DECW$PAINT %ISL-F-INVZERFID, invalid value of zero passed
2157.03SMAUG::DESMONDThu Jan 16 1992Using MB1 and MB3 in a posted popup?
2158.03SOUTHN::MULDOONThu Jan 16 1992DECW$USER_DEFAULTS question
2159.0HANNAH::SEARSThu Jan 16 1992Font Selection Widget UIF prototype avalable
2160.0SITBUL::FLAKESThu Jan 16 1992Did DECwindow backing store have a problem?
2161.01DETOO::BOUCHERThu Jan 16 1992Flickering DECwindows login window
2162.0WHEELR::WESTMORELANDThu Jan 16 1992Session MGR produces stack dump when exiting
2163.01COLFri Jan 17 1992PRINT SCREEN: fatal internal library error
2164.03SHAWB1::WHITTLEIFri Jan 17 1992SPX, Hanging Window problem
2165.01STIXS::OBARAFri Jan 17 1992Problem With Tutorial
2168.02KETJE::STEUKERSFri Jan 17 19921
2169.04BIGRED::DANIELSFri Jan 17 1992Colors wrong on 5
2170.03VAOUFri Jan 17 1992dxterm Motif version for Ultrix ???
2171.03VAOUFri Jan 17 1992xterm output logging to pipe ???
2172.07KEPERA::GRBSun Jan 19 1992XUI to Motif Presentation?
2173.02SORGEN::SUSANNEMon Jan 20 1992create/term and spawn gives rms-e-fnf
2174.02PEACHS::BELDINMon Jan 20 1992How do you specify white-space in .dat files?
2175.01CSC32::J_BASCHALMon Jan 20 1992Compose key on LK4
2176.0117318::STUDTMon Jan 20 1992Problem with XInstallColormap and XFillPolygon on GPX
2177.09MAST::MEINERTHTue Jan 21 1992Accelerated Rendering to Virtual Pixmaps?
2178.01SALISH::FOWLERDATue Jan 21 1992Creating new DECwindow fonts -- Help!
2179.05AIDEV::DRUMMONDTue Jan 21 1992Mapping & Unmapping Widgets
2180.04TROOA::POOTSTue Jan 21 1992Help Relocating .UID File Please
2181.02CGOOA::GUNDERSONTue Jan 21 1992Xws Screen Saver
2182.03KERNEL::FISCHERIWed Jan 22 1992dxmail problem on dual head
2183.0XLIB::MARSONWed Jan 22 1992International keyboards and dead keys
2184.04RANGER::WEMETTWed Jan 22 1992List of DECwindows Apps
2185.0CSC32::HENNINGWed Jan 22 1992Can Motif-Paint import color-DDIF images?
2186.04WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAWed Jan 22 1992Can't Print from DECTerm...
2187.03CSC32::DUBOISWed Jan 22 1992BadDrawable When Using 2 Displays
2188.01BREAKR::UDICKWed Jan 22 1992DECwrite does not seem to support the DECwindows clipboard. Why ?
2189.020DECWIN::GMCCOYWed Jan 22 1992Announcing VMS DECwindows Motif V1.1 IFT Kit
2190.0WNOUWed Jan 22 1992BANNER and Spring DECUS
2191.01POLAR::WEINSTEINWed Jan 22 1992DECTERM window colours
2192.06SHALOT::TAYLORWed Jan 22 1992Display an ASCII file?
2193.01LNGBCH::METZIDISWed Jan 22 1992no UIL compiler in vms/decwindow 5.5 kit
2194.03DSTEG::HOSSFELDThu Jan 23 1992decw$motif 1.1 window manager customize broke!
2195.04EDSBOX::EBROWNThu Jan 23 1992Session Error: -SYSTEM-F-PRIVINSTALL
2196.01R2ME2::GLOYDThu Jan 23 1992"Installing" VMS DW Motif 1.1 kit to display on non-VMS workstation
2197.08MLTVAX::FISHERThu Jan 23 1992Resource to eliminate "Pause Information" box?
2198.02CAPITN::BARDSLEY_JEThu Jan 23 1992Color screen capture?
2199.09SFBAY::UBELLThu Jan 23 1992Setting font for DECterm
2200.04EWBVThu Jan 23 1992Pull down menu problem on DW V2.
2201.08GOTA1::SJOBERGFri Jan 24 1992End Session and Decterm_error.log
2202.01SWTHOM::TISSERANDFri Jan 24 1992Cut/paste between fileview tasks : session aborts!
2203.01BLKPUD::TAYLORJFri Jan 24 1992Odd swapping of letters when listing property names
2204.08STAR::TALEGHANIFri Jan 24 1992How to define <CR> on a mouse?
2205.01XLIB::CHANGFri Jan 24 1992Modify tab in Notepad
2206.05GUIDUK::GRAHAMFri Jan 24 1992Where is the Workspace Menu - DECwindows Motif 1.
2207.05TENNIS::KAMFri Jan 24 1992Limited Workspace menu
2208.03CGOOA::VALERIOFri Jan 24 1992DECwindows/MOTIF and MACX.
2209.012KERNEL::FISCHERIMon Jan 27 1992v1.1 installation problems
2210.03VNOTSC::BIRGITMon Jan 27 1992double-buffering with ultrix decwindows?
2211.0KERNEL::PARRYMon Jan 27 1992Replace Startup with something,dxue
2212.03VCOUMon Jan 27 1992Motif transition questions
2213.03CAADC::NELSONMon Jan 27 1992Using VMS 5.4's bundled DECwindows under 5.5?
2214.06SAYER::ELMORETue Jan 28 1992another print/capture screens program
2215.06OSLACT::JARLEETue Jan 28 1992callable set password dialog?
2216.01IXIVIV::KEENANTue Jan 28 1992DW Mail Crashes - %XLIB-E-INSFMEM
2217.0TAVTue Jan 28 1992selection /cut&paste -- help
2218.01USPMLO::SHEPROTue Jan 28 1992Tailor on Decwindows v2 for VMS 5.4
2219.02NBOFS1::HERMANNTue Jan 28 1992DECW$TE_1 and ACCVIO after change <Lines of Top>.
2220.01TANSKI::TANSKITue Jan 28 1992How do you determine if backingstore is enabled/disbaled?
2221.0HSOMAI::LINTue Jan 28 1992DECW$terminal_mailbox message format?
2222.02MANEGE::GREBEWed Jan 29 1992ULTRIX Print/Capture-Screen in Color-Postscript, when ??
2223.01KETJE::PACCOWed Jan 29 1992ALF on DECwindows ?
2224.03CHOWDA::HARNOISWed Jan 29 1992login box color?
2225.03XLIB::PAANANENWed Jan 29 1992No mouse response on Toggle Buttons
2226.01WHEELR::WESTMORELANDWed Jan 29 1992No login banner, ACVIO error
2227.01COMICS::BELLWed Jan 29 1992Dual-head server hogs DS5
2228.016BIGRED::DUANEWed Jan 29 1992Can't unpause gracefully
2229.04TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Jan 30 1992enable save-under and backing-store?
2230.07VSSCAD::MAYERThu Jan 30 1992Cookbook Procedure for setting up displays between VMS and Ultrix
2231.01AIDEV::KURASThu Jan 30 1992yet another Access Violation
2232.0BROKE::LONGFELLOWThu Jan 30 1992using remote nodes Bookreader library
2233.06FORFUN::SAMPSONThu Jan 30 1992V5.5 upgrade question.
2234.07MEAD::FULLERFri Jan 31 1992the digital logo on motif
2235.02DECWIN::GMCCOYFri Jan 31 1992Have you installed the V1.1 IFT Kit?
2236.0GIZARD::WETZELFri Jan 31 1992Icon Box Scroll bars. Don't want em!
2237.01CSC32::S_CONNORFri Jan 31 1992No graphics drawn in window on VAX 4
2238.05BLSEYE::MANNONFri Jan 31 1992Accidently installed delelopers kit
2239.02DSSDEV::GRIFFINFri Jan 31 1992which version of DECW$TRANSPORT_COMMON.EXE ???
2240.0852925::AUNGIERFri Jan 31 1992OFFICIAL MOTIF KIT for VMS V5.5, SSB only, not ft
2241.0PEACHS::PICKETTSat Feb 01 1992xui window manager dies with fatal x i/o error dpy:1564152
2242.05MUTTON::LAMBMon Feb 03 1992DECwindows Installation Problems
2243.03TAVIS::ANAT_DMon Feb 03 1992DECwindows Motif on ultrix is it available?
2244.01ENAEAS::GADALETAMon Feb 03 1992Paging file not reused by DECW$TE_n
2245.03UNTADH::CULLENMon Feb 03 1992$SET PASSWORD cures ACCVIO...
2246.02TILTS::VANDERPOTMon Feb 03 1992interleaf hangs with XUI
2247.011SOUTHN::MULDOONMon Feb 03 1992Need help with font size.
2248.04KERNEL::PARRYTue Feb 04 1992No fonts seen on VAXstation from DECsystem
2249.02SCOAYR::JNOLANTue Feb 04 1992Problem Logging in on a decwindows terminal
2250.02THAVTue Feb 04 1992BookReader Internals?
2251.03KERNEL::FISCHERITue Feb 04 1992XT$WINDOW_TO_WIDGET returns
2252.03MARVIN::COBBTue Feb 04 1992Specifying LK2
2253.03BSS::M_JORDANTue Feb 04 1992User cannot change wastebasket to another folder
2254.011DIEHRD::ODONNELLTue Feb 04 1992DECw & Motif on same node?
2255.01CSOA1::STUTSONTue Feb 04 1992NeXT vx. Us?
2256.03KEIKI::BROWNLOWTue Feb 04 1992DECwindows/Motif jungle
2257.01GIDDAY::KINGSMILLWed Feb 05 1992Problems after upgrading to DECwindows MOTIF
2258.02AZUR::HUREZWed Feb 05 1992Bugged VUIT generated hash function (for ADA)...
2259.04WELLIN::FINNISWed Feb 05 1992Pause DecWindows
2260.01SWTHOM::TEMAMWed Feb 05 1992Print Scren Postscript
2261.01IOSG::WDAVIESWed Feb 05 1992LSE$EDIT.COM and FILEVIEW (Vue$master)
2263.01PARVAX::YANAGIWed Feb 05 1992print screen gives "." file
2264.03WHYNOW::NEWMANWed Feb 05 1992Is there a way to detect if a workstation is PAUSEd?
2265.0IW::GRACEThu Feb 06 1992v4.2a broke my dxdb ?
2266.01UTOPIE::KASPARThu Feb 06 1992XCreatePixmapCursor, XRecolorCursor, VMS5.4-3 & 5.5, V31
2267.01STAR::GRIFFINThu Feb 06 1992%DECW-E-TIMEOUT_CONTROL when using VWSLAT.
2268.02LNGBCH::METZIDISThu Feb 06 1992How to set server font path per application?
2269.05FRSTSC::CHRISTIANFri Feb 07 1992customize security to be open for all systems
2270.03--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 07 1992I've lost my RED!
2271.03UTOPIE::KASPARFri Feb 07 1992Server ACCVIO on VS4
2272.06GLDOA::DSMITHFri Feb 07 1992DECWRITE files display differently on different VMS versions
2273.01HABS11::MASONFri Feb 07 1992CardFiler gets tired and just dies at any old time...
2274.014WHELIN::TASCHEREAUFri Feb 07 1992Wish for Message Window enhancement
2275.01CRONIC::SCHULERFri Feb 07 1992Looking for RPN calculator
2276.02PJWL::SYSTEMSun Feb 09 1992Malloc problems - Window Manager Dies
2277.02CASEE::BALLADELLIMon Feb 10 1992NeedWidePrototypes definition in the intrinsics
2278.03ISIDRO::RAMARTINEZMon Feb 10 1992Dashed lines in VS4
2279.0ROYALT::PORCHERMon Feb 10 1992s/w engineer position available - X terminal host support
2280.0159249::millerMon Feb 10 1992DECterm break and logging
2281.02DEBUG::BERRYMon Feb 10 1992DECW$MOTIF
2282.03GIAMEM::RJBROWNMon Feb 10 1992set display with MOTIF and clean exit
2283.02ZPOVC::TEOHENTue Feb 11 1992DECterms just disappear!
2284.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Feb 11 1992How to check physical screen size ?
2285.01BRUMMY::LUMMISTue Feb 11 1992Tectronix Emu ?
2286.01--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 11 1992SEND function on Xpostit ???
2287.07DYOSW8::WILDERTue Feb 11 1992Support lower case usernames - when?
2289.014LEMAN::CACCIAWed Feb 12 1992Decterm queue setting not saved
2290.06BLKPUD::WATTERSONPWed Feb 12 1992Pseudo terminal driver support V5.5
2291.0FHOPAS::JUNKER::RABAHYWed Feb 12 1992DECwrite hang
2292.05MANTA::SIMONWed Feb 12 1992Motif v1.1 and BLADE
2293.0TSCGPX::UWEHWed Feb 12 1992new terminal server process crash bug ?
2294.010SELECT::SHANAHANWed Feb 12 1992locating .olb files
2295.01XLIB::MARSONWed Feb 12 1992Problems processing key events
2296.01SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDThu Feb 13 1992Problem with MOTIF/PAINT displayed to DS PXG
2297.02FSOA::HHESSThu Feb 13 1992Error With CDA Viewer
2298.03TOOLS::POZZETTAThu Feb 13 1992Modifying the Cardfiler Icon Label
2299.0RHETT::WILLIAMSThu Feb 13 1992XUI VMS 5.5 Clock problems
2300.04KONING::KONINGThu Feb 13 1992Motif vs. performance
2301.0BEJVC::PRCSWSFri Feb 14 1992LUT for DS5
2302.04NWGEDU::DINGEMANSFri Feb 14 1992FileView CBI under Motif?
2303.01FORFUN::SAMPSONFri Feb 14 1992Motif and MAIL problem
2304.03SWTHOM::TISSERANDFri Feb 14 1992BadImplementation error or server crash with XDrawArc
2305.03SHALOT::NICODEMFri Feb 14 1992BACK utility crashes on color workstation
2306.08OSOEIC::IHARAMon Feb 17 1992BadImplementation error and DECterm
2307.04DENVER::OMALLEYMon Feb 17 1992Q: User-Based Access Control
2308.06BASEX::KAIRYSMon Feb 17 1992Ultrix Motif Status?
2309.04SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDMon Feb 17 1992disable DECW$SM.LOG ?
2310.02CNTROL::GORRTue Feb 18 1992"run-away" process - LARGE CPU & BUFIO charges - DECW$SESSION
2311.03EICMFG::DOUGLASTue Feb 18 1992method for checking that it is installed
2312.04PIBALD::WILEYTue Feb 18 1992Installing Motif 1.1 - VMSPARAMS problem
2313.04RHETT::WESTTue Feb 18 1992clipList did not getinto Offscreen
2314.010AIDEV::LANDINGHAMTue Feb 18 1992Help! Strings in wrong direction!
2316.02DECWIN::GMCCOYWed Feb 19 1992VMS DECwindows Motif V1.1 Internal Field Test Update
2317.01ROOS::HAMILTONWed Feb 19 1992SIXEL Print Screen quality and lj25
2318.06HTSC19::STEVENLAUWed Feb 19 1992How to disable VMS DECwindows Motif
2319.0POWDML::KMURPHYWed Feb 19 1992opcode reserved for Digital
2320.02LGP3Wed Feb 19 1992MB2 pasting not working under Motif 1.1 IFT
2321.03CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Feb 19 1992Motif V1.
2322.03FRAFS1::DUELLWed Feb 19 1992MOTIF V1.
2323.01MINNIE::MOBEYWed Feb 19 1992client low on memory
2324.09ROYALT::MISHRAWed Feb 19 1992cannot run application on PXG/Turbo
2325.02XLIB::MARSONWed Feb 19 1992keyboard types and differences
2326.01BAYES::VARGASWed Feb 19 1992DECterms windows dissapearing!!!
2327.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Feb 20 1992MACX problem
2328.01RHETT::LOHThu Feb 20 1992Windows remain on screen after usr logs off
2329.01KERNEL::RUSSOThu Feb 20 1992Document/graphics gives badvalue error
2330.0TRIVIA::GRASSThu Feb 20 1992Program Office requests requirements for next major DECwindows release
2331.05CCYLON::ANDERSONThu Feb 20 1992PC DECWindows and MOTIF
2332.03GUIDUK::KANGFri Feb 21 1992X Window over OSI - Any Plan/Project?
2333.03ZURFri Feb 21 1992Pauseproblem Motif
2335.02TSCGPX::UWEHFri Feb 21 1992PSPRINT does not print PS files from MS-tools
2336.0OAXCEL::GRIFFINFri Feb 21 1992Print Screen Problem
2337.01CSC32::D_MAHDERFri Feb 21 1992font too large
2338.02CRONIC::LIVINGSTONEFri Feb 21 1992Server dies with SYSTEM-F-OPCDEC error
2339.02CGOOA::BARNABESat Feb 22 1992DW Motif / old win mgr / color
2340.0EWBV37::FUJIISun Feb 23 1992DECpaint message box and DDIF attribute
2341.04GBIMon Feb 24 1992X$CREATE_PIXMAP and screen width
2342.01RHETT::BONNEMon Feb 24 19924.2a image size larger?
2343.02PAULUS::HARTNAGELMon Feb 24 1992decw$init causes ACCVIO
2344.0MARVIN::WARWICKMon Feb 24 1992DECW$DWT_DECNET broken in V5.5 ?
2345.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Feb 24 1992REGIS output to decterms in 5.5 VMS - decterms disappear.
2346.02WHOSMon Feb 24 1992Which Saveset to Install?
2347.02UPROAR::FINKAMTue Feb 25 1992X Error: BadImplementation
2348.06VERS::MALASPINATue Feb 25 1992shift/caps lock broken on DECWindows with V5.4-3
2349.0KERNEL::LOANETue Feb 25 1992What governs X-function timeouts to broken Servers?
2350.06STKHLM::BERGGRENTue Feb 25 1992help on UIS -> DECwindows/MOTIF conversion
2352.06HSOMAI::LINTue Feb 25 1992Browsing only notepad?
2353.03BLKPUD::TAYLORJTue Feb 25 1992VS2
2354.01CALS::CHINTue Feb 25 1992What are the XUI toolkit files?
2355.0DECEAT::HAKALATue Feb 25 1992Help on SPACE
2356.01GAMBLN::DARUWALATue Feb 25 1992"DECwindows MOTIF --> DECwindows" Reverse Migration
2357.02WAGGIS::SYSTEMWed Feb 26 1992Printer port access via DECterm?
2358.015IOSG::TALLETTWed Feb 26 1992dxdiff for VMS anybody?
2359.03GRANPA::DSTONESIFERWed Feb 26 1992Debug Logicals?
2360.015Wed Feb 26 1992Any info on Xwindow application design?
2361.02DSTEG::HOSSFELDWed Feb 26 1992motif v1.1 problems popup
2362.05OSLACT::OLAVWed Feb 26 1992End session kills *all* sessions?
2363.02WIZZY2::WIRZBICKIWed Feb 26 1992HELP with MOTIF installation gone bad..
2364.0ANOSWS::COMFORTWed Feb 26 1992Problems/Questions DECW$MOTIF
2365.04CSOA1::HORRIGANWed Feb 26 1992X-Windows from VAX to Sun?
2366.01DWOMV2::CAMPBELLWed Feb 26 1992Trying to switch to Motif - ACC VIOlation?
2367.05ALLOUT::STEWARTThu Feb 27 1992pql parameter tuning hints?
2368.07SWTHOM::TISSERANDThu Feb 27 1992x$fill_rectangles broken with dw/motif v1.
2369.02SPACC::POACHThu Feb 27 1992Tabbing to all simple text fields within a particular DECwindow
2370.05CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Feb 27 1992XtAppCreateShell gets ACCVIO for topLevelShellWidgetClass
2371.04PEACHS::LAMPERTThu Feb 27 1992Where is DwtFreeGrayPixmapCache?
2372.04USWRSL::LIOU_PEThu Feb 27 1992asyn read from client
2373.06CGOOA::BARNABEFri Feb 28 19924
2374.01BACHUS::RIJMENANTSFri Feb 28 1992Rs6
2376.01USPMLO::SHEPROFri Feb 28 1992Clipboard locking up
2377.03TRCOA::LIUFri Feb 28 1992session crash without doing anything.
2378.0MAJORS::REVELLFri Feb 28 1992Light blue touchpaper.......
2379.04CALS::PADHYFri Feb 28 1992REL 4 INTRINSICS documentation
2380.06CARROL::DEVANEYFri Feb 28 1992increase phys mem for DECW$SERVER_
2381.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Feb 28 1992Is it possible to go from SNF font format back to BDF format?
2382.01EWBVMon Mar 02 1992Query on tunning of backing store size.
2383.0MUNICH::CLAUSMon Mar 02 1992Searching for a Presentation "Customizing DECwindow Motif"?
2384.01SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDMon Mar 02 1992GPX server crash on logout
2385.05ASD::DIGRAZIAMon Mar 02 1992Use freed memory, and collide with fake_vm?
2386.016TRIVIA::WWALKERMon Mar 02 1992Discussion: Adding Audio Support to DECwindows
2387.03CSC32::G_OGLESBYMon Mar 02 1992Motif window displays too small to resize, can only be Closed.
2388.02ODIXIE::BEARDMOREMon Mar 02 199265534 New Mail Messages
2389.02ZUREDU::SANDROMon Mar 02 1992Reviewers needed
2390.0GLDOA::LIBOVEMon Mar 02 1992arrows don't work in dxsession customize dialog boxes
2391.01OUTBCK::OMELEYTue Mar 03 1992Updating BG colour timing different on Text and Label widget
2392.01KERNEL::FISCHERITue Mar 03 19924
2393.0TSCGPX::UWEHTue Mar 03 1992Server looses MB4 of tablet with logout
2394.01ZPOVC::KUMTONGTue Mar 03 1992How to print screen -> Unigraphics window appl?
2395.04CRONIC::DESSORMEAUTue Mar 03 1992SSB release date for MOTIF V1.1
2396.05CHENG5::WIDMERTue Mar 03 1992Recorder for DECWindows/Motif
2397.05CSC32::L_ALMEIDATue Mar 03 1992Pseudo Mouse not available
2398.05GOYA::ANAWed Mar 04 1992BUGS in Spanish Language Variant kit.
2399.0COMICS::BELLWed Mar 04 1992Print screen timing : wrong data captured
2400.01COLWed Mar 04 1992DECW$XTSHR +
2401.02FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Mar 04 1992Motiff session manger resource for icon display change....
2402.0338869::MIWed Mar 04 1992DEC FUSE crashed X server on a DS5
2403.02PIOTR2::SORKINWed Mar 04 1992How can multi-page select for cut/paste be done?
2404.06TROOA::NAISHWed Mar 04 1992DECW$SESSION and PC DECwindows
2405.0152925::ASHYAM::CAGNINThu Mar 05 1992Message Window: Automatic pop-up at new brodcast?
2406.01BACHUS::RENTYThu Mar 05 1992Can't find font -BITSTREAM-TERMINAL-...-22
2408.02FRAFS1::DUELLThu Mar 05 1992Startup Restart --> Operator Console displayed !!
2409.01PUGET::SCHEELThu Mar 05 1992Can't find DECW$SESSIONSHRP after MOTIF 1.1 install
2410.05WMVAXD::SCHWARTZ_MThu Mar 05 1992Problem with Login: Login Logicals not visible through WIndows
2411.06OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 06 1992Session manager should show username?
2412.0PEACHS::BELDINFri Mar 06 1992Primary selection problems with DECW Motif 1.
2413.06PEKING::BRETTCFri Mar 06 1992DECWLAT problem
2414.02VINO::KUSHNERFri Mar 06 1992Problem porting VMS midnight project to Ultrix
2415.0BLKPUD::TAYLORJFri Mar 06 1992Clipboard locked from LSE window and DECterm
2416.05DETOO::BOUCHERFri Mar 06 1992Problems w/MOTIF DECterm's & DECwindows SM
2417.01MUTTON::LAMBFri Mar 06 1992Linkworks & Mailing a link
2418.07SWAM2::MIYAMOTO_KYFri Mar 06 1992Text copy of "Guide to Xlib Programming" (FONTS)
2419.03COOKIE::SORENSENFri Mar 06 1992multi-server output from one client?
2420.02MEO78B::MANDERSONSun Mar 08 1992cleanup during process session logout??
2421.01VAOUMon Mar 09 1992GoBE on ultrix, when?
2422.03GIDDAY::KINGSMILLMon Mar 09 1992DECps brocken under DECwindows Motif T1.1
2423.04SWTHOM::TEMAMMon Mar 09 1992Default Language in Decwindows Motif French kit
2424.0QUINCE::MADDENMon Mar 09 1992Client->server traffic gets stuck
2425.02DYPSS1::DIXONMon Mar 09 1992mouse buttons stop working
2426.0HOBBLE::CLIFFORDMon Mar 09 1992DECW V2 resource leaks?
2427.06FSAEUR::PACEMon Mar 09 1992Performance Problems
2428.01RHETT::SHEPPARDMon Mar 09 1992 bad buffer in free and add chunk?
2429.05MUTTON::LAMBMon Mar 09 1992Autogen not working after upgrade to VMS 5.5 and DECWMotif 1.1
2430.0CSCOA1::SMITH_MMon Mar 09 1992Cannot click "ok" when running pc decwindows
2431.01RHETT::SHEPPARDTue Mar 10 1992dbx slow when tracing loops
2432.04CSC32::S_ROCHFORDTue Mar 10 1992DW license question
2433.03MUTTON::LAMBTue Mar 10 1992Display Postscript still not working??
2434.0HANNAH::ALFREDTue Mar 10 1992Need XrmRemoveResource and XrmCopyDatabase functions
2435.02TYGON::DUFFYTue Mar 10 1992XEvents - Shouldn't Motif play this game??
2436.012NLATue Mar 10 1992X Window security query
2437.04HGOSPS::DENISLIWed Mar 11 1992Can third-party DW fonts be used in Motif?
2438.0148253::GUERPILLONWed Mar 11 1992Removing Ctrl F2 default action
2439.02PAWSOX::ADERERWed Mar 11 1992Help with MOTIF Preinstallation
2440.010MLNTSC::RAMAZZOTTIWed Mar 11 1992resources with xlibrary calls
2441.03HSOMAI::LINWed Mar 11 1992Popup and pushdown subprocess window?
2442.03CGOOA::BARNABEWed Mar 11 1992dual head on upgrade style 4
2443.01CRAKEL::SNYDERThu Mar 12 1992I give up...
2444.08BERNThu Mar 12 1992MOTIF V1.
2445.0WHITER::WHITEThu Mar 12 1992A Curiosity Question (buglet?)
2446.012CSC32::A_GEORGEThu Mar 12 1992computing memory for widget data structures
2447.03BASEX::KAIRYSThu Mar 12 1992Set display to LAT X terminal?
2448.05AWECIM::MCMAHONThu Mar 12 1992What're they using to display?
2449.05TENNIS::KAMThu Mar 12 1992program to control CDROM to play music, etc...
2450.01CGOOA::BARNABEThu Mar 12 199231
2451.02WELSWS::WILLIAMSFri Mar 13 1992Auto login on boot up
2452.01CIMNET::MIKELISFri Mar 13 1992Fileview = Session Manager now
2453.03SHINER::D_HOHMFri Mar 13 1992What are rules around FileView subprocesses?
2454.01GLDDST::HURST_JOFri Mar 13 1992Something funny happened on the way to the ... Session Manager
2455.01HANNAH::PORTANTEFri Mar 13 1992*** FAF ***: Samples of prototype output available...
2456.02COLLEX::SCARBOROSun Mar 15 1992...Looking for a DEMO application
2457.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGSun Mar 15 1992print colour screen problem
2458.01GIDDAY::ROWEDSun Mar 15 1992Language problem with VMS 5.5 and DECwrite
2459.02STAR::MEIERSun Mar 15 1992DECW$PAUSESESSION eats CPU time
2460.01MSASW1::DOUGLASBURKEMon Mar 16 1992DECwindows with IBM 6
2461.02HOPS::M_BLESSINGMon Mar 16 1992VAXstation 4
2462.02MINNY::PFISTERWTue Mar 17 19924 Windows on a 16" screen
2463.0--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 17 1992XSetInputFocus
2464.02MLNTSC::RAMAZZOTTITue Mar 17 1992XSetInputFocus
2465.010TOSSUC::MIONTue Mar 17 1992Aspect ratio of tablet on Decwindow
2466.0BACHUS::ROETSTue Mar 17 1992command widget, perhaps two problem ????
2467.01GENIE::FRIDLETue Mar 17 1992Memory usage of X-Server
2468.0SWTHOM::TISSERANDTue Mar 17 1992DECwindows/motif troubleshooting guide
2469.0CSC32::A_GEORGETue Mar 17 1992Reading/writing to Decterm mailbox
2470.0TSCGPX::SUSANNETue Mar 17 1992string length in uil?
2471.03WAYLND::HOWARDTue Mar 17 1992Login window does not come back under Motif
2472.02POBOX::PATLAWed Mar 18 1992SoftPc v3.
2473.0CGOSWed Mar 18 1992Cookbook for Motif (vms)
2474.07DECWIN::GMCCOYWed Mar 18 1992VMS DECwindows Motif V1.1 EFT Kit
2475.05STARWed Mar 18 1992Can backingstore be cleared.
2477.06SALEM::FLYNNWed Mar 18 1992Problems with end session under session mgr
2478.01CSC32::B_BRADACHWed Mar 18 1992new colormap and pointer color?
2479.04CSC32::L_ALMEIDAWed Mar 18 1992Working set quotas for SessionManager and/or MWM
2480.04ZPOVC::CHINHENGThu Mar 19 1992customising DECwindow 75 dpi fonts
2481.07OSLACT::OLAVThu Mar 19 1992Fileview, accvio when display to RISC ULTRIX?
2482.05ABSISG::WEAVERThu Mar 19 1992Keyboard error with proto PMariah
2483.02LTLKNG::DOUGHTYThu Mar 19 1992Another Keyboard error on Model 6
2484.03SCAACT::AINSLEYThu Mar 19 1992VMS DECwindows Motif 1.
2485.010PTOVAX::WILKINSThu Mar 19 1992switch input focus w/o mouse?
2486.04COLFri Mar 20 1992DECW$WSINIT - access violation
2487.06KETJE::DIERICKFri Mar 20 1992Up to date info on dual screen VAXstations ?
2488.02AIRBAG::SWATKOFri Mar 20 1992Need to find bkgd pixel value given a window
2489.02POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAFri Mar 20 1992Including images in a bookreader file?
2490.02ZYDECO::PEACOCKMon Mar 23 1992cardfiler printing
2491.06GSRC::SARFFMon Mar 23 1992Crash in INDRIVER
2492.05H2SO4::GERSBACHTue Mar 24 1992Fixed Font for Cardfiler?
2493.02BACHUS::BUGGENHOUTTue Mar 24 1992DECwindows and LWK$DXMSHR.EXE ...
2494.02ARNE::XOLOVSSONTue Mar 24 1992terminating windows
2495.0AIAG::VALCARCETue Mar 24 1992Motif PushButton and menu problems under XUI window manager
2496.01VMSNET::CHURCHETue Mar 24 1992does anyone know how this works?
2497.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGTue Mar 24 1992PrintScreen usage when entire screen is printed
2498.04MUTTON::LAMBTue Mar 24 1992DECwindows Mail crashes intermitantly on EWS Terminal (will QAR)
2499.01BLYTH::CORNWALLWed Mar 25 1992VMS5.5 DECW$PAINT %ISL-F-INVZERFID, invalid value of zero passed
2500.05OSLACT::JARLEEWed Mar 25 1992Problem opening grayscale image in paint
2501.08GEM::NORTHAMWed Mar 25 1992Motif V1.1 and CDA Viewer problem
2502.03CARROL::MOOREWed Mar 25 1992Changing the fixed session manager font ... etc.
2503.02CSC32::A_GEORGEThu Mar 26 199275/1
2504.0PEACHS::BELDINThu Mar 26 1992PrintScreen - verifying validity on foreign serve
2505.01ZSAZSA::READINGSThu Mar 26 1992Bug in Motif1.1.3 Ultrix dxterm?
2506.02TRIVIA::GRASSThu Mar 26 1992Seminar announcement - Building X-based Apps
2507.0BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Mar 26 1992pty exiting message --> quota problem ?
2508.03CSC32::L_ALMEIDAThu Mar 26 1992Digital Logo bitmap corrupt (?)
2509.023EPAVAX::CARLOTTIThu Mar 26 1992HP and NewWave ... real sexy!!
2510.02STARFri Mar 27 1992Clearing Backing store
2511.03GUESS::WALTHERFri Mar 27 1992DW Motif 1.1 upward incompatibility: bug or feature?
2512.0OTOUFri Mar 27 1992Only UIC [1,4] can Open Display on DS31
2513.02DSSDEV::PIANTONIFri Mar 27 1992DW-Motif V1.1 idosyncrasies
2514.038664::"gibian@ljohub.enet.dec.com"Fri Mar 27 1992Editor overload and customization of tools
2515.016KERNEL::FISCHERISat Mar 28 1992Suppressing task output window
2516.01HKOVC::TERENCESun Mar 29 1992Where can I find xterm source?
2517.0SWTHOM::DORNANOMon Mar 30 1992secure keyboard and pause session
2518.034BY4::LESLEMon Mar 30 1992SERVER logicals used on 4
2519.0TINGAU::HEFELEMon Mar 30 1992Performance problem with Motive v1.
2520.03KETJE::DIERICKTue Mar 31 1992xroot, show your customer what you are presenting...
2521.0BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Mar 31 1992pty exiting in decterm logfile !
2522.03WBC::DOERINGTue Mar 31 1992PAK for CDA/Postscript Viewer ??
2523.05HANNAH::OSMANTue Mar 31 1992TCP/IP TRANSPORT gurus: why is NOTES hanging forever after VXT reboots ?
2524.01UTRTSC::BEYERTue Mar 31 1992RDVAX::X dead??
2525.0UTRTSC::BEYERTue Mar 31 1992/etc/screens ?
2526.02MUNICH::STEFANWed Apr 01 1992Motif/Deutsch Tutorial available ?
2527.0LATINA::GEMMAWed Apr 01 1992DECw$server hangs system with 5.4-3
2528.06IJSAPL::WOODROWWed Apr 01 1992VMS equivalent to XSCOPE to count Xlib calls?
2529.05KERNEL::FISCHERIWed Apr 01 1992Why are PS Screen dumps so big?
2530.02TAVWed Apr 01 1992How to light a (saved) screen?
2531.014ORCIM::VSRINIVASWed Apr 01 1992Latest DECwindows & Motif sys s/w location - Help wanted
2532.01MARVA1::SNEADWed Apr 01 1992How to obtain Large fonts for decwindows application
2533.04LEZAH::QUIRIYWed Apr 01 1992what version is running?
2534.01CECVWed Apr 01 1992Missing a license???
2535.0TSCGPX::UWEHThu Apr 02 1992ACCVIO at LOGIN, errors after resuming a paused session
2536.05IOSG::WDAVIESThu Apr 02 1992New Authorize Field for DECW$USER_DEFAULT
2537.011MUDIS3::AMOUSSETThu Apr 02 1992Cyrillic language ?
2538.03RCKPRT::GAUVINThu Apr 02 1992ex
2539.05HKOVC::TERENCEFri Apr 03 1992Not all fonts installed in our VAXcluster.
2540.03UTOPIE::KASPARFri Apr 03 1992Long description of DECW$PRIVATE_APPS_SETUP needed
2541.02MLNTSC::RAMAZZOTTIFri Apr 03 1992after upgrade vms 5.5- decw server crash
2542.01OOBIE::DAMOREFri Apr 03 1992Announcing DECwindows Motif on Sun V1.1
2543.01ZURFri Apr 03 1992Motif Print Screen parameters / quotas
2544.02TSCGPX::UWEHFri Apr 03 1992VS4
2545.011TRUCKS::THRUSSELL_RFri Apr 03 1992DECterms with no Session Manager
2546.013Fri Apr 03 1992DECwindows over T1?
2547.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Apr 03 1992Direct Color question
2548.02FSAEUR::RYESun Apr 05 1992X11 V4 Available on VMS ?
2549.0KETJE::GEORGESMon Apr 06 1992Pause and login background with MOTIF ???
2550.01IOSG::TALLETTMon Apr 06 1992No error messages
2551.011EWBVMon Apr 06 1992Backingstore fail on VS4
2552.02MIZZEN::DEMERSMon Apr 06 1992vertical bars on window borders and icon titles
2553.01BLKPUD::TAYLORJMon Apr 06 1992Ultrix -> VMS via DECnet. *Why* is uid used ?
2554.01TELFON::MAILMANMon Apr 06 1992interaction of calendar & other dialog boxes
2555.01TRIVIA::RAVITZMon Apr 06 1992Motif 1.2 style guide HOT off the press
2556.01NBOFS1::HERMANNTue Apr 07 1992V1.
2557.015BEBBI1::THOMMENTue Apr 07 1992keyboard remapping on HP's and SUN's
2558.04GOTA1::GORANTue Apr 07 1992VSXXXAB with puck
2560.01STKHLM::RANDSTROMTue Apr 07 1992REGIS ON DECterm problem
2561.01CROWN::HILLTue Apr 07 1992DECwindows crashes system with non-US keyboard
2562.05LEDS::ACCIARDITue Apr 07 1992Force a Motif window to remain in background?
2563.02WIZZY2::WIRZBICKITue Apr 07 1992Latest Patch kit for FT DECWIN
2564.014SHALOT::NICODEMTue Apr 07 1992Error displaying PostScript picture containing text
2565.02HANNAH::OSMANTue Apr 07 1992Are XUI libraries broken under Motif version of DECwindows ??
2566.02MEO78B::LYONSWed Apr 08 1992Remote display over TCP/IP problem?
2567.0FSSB::LILJAWed Apr 08 1992DW motif 1.1 FT and DECimage Express
2568.04CX3PT1::OBFSKT::G_THROWERWed Apr 08 1992HELP!!! T1.1 won't allow me to create sessions
2569.03XLIB::JUNGCLASWed Apr 08 1992X11 R4 and X11 R5 compatibility
2570.04ONOIS1::LECONTEWed Apr 08 1992How to limit item list in automatic startup menu?
2571.0TLE::ZANZERKIAWed Apr 08 1992Motif based debugger for VMS & Ultrix
2572.03WLDWST::TURNER_JWed Apr 08 1992How about allowing CTRL/X as an equivalent to CLEAR
2573.03EVOAI2::RENOUVELThu Apr 09 1992Is MOTIF included in VMS V 5.5
2574.01SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDThu Apr 09 1992DOC/GRAPH won't read PRINTSCREEN output
2575.01ELIS::LENSENThu Apr 09 1992Repaint a window !!!
2576.0128236::HORGANThu Apr 09 1992Where did device PYA
2577.01VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Apr 09 1992Screen Capture to HPGL,Calcomp?
2578.0FZOVAX::MNICHOLSONThu Apr 09 1992DOS clients?
2579.015BROUGH::DAVIESFri Apr 10 1992Whats BROWN on VMS, WHITE on ULTRIX ?
2580.01WAYOUT::CLARKEFri Apr 10 1992DECwrite crashes Motif server...
2582.01MR4DEC::AVESPERFri Apr 10 1992PEX support on VS4
2583.08AIRBAG::SWATKOFri Apr 10 1992Need resource name to change color of active toggle buttons
2584.06KYOA::KOCHFri Apr 10 1992System-wide DECW$SM_GENERAL.DAT file?
2585.0ZURMon Apr 13 1992Print Screen Motif 1.
2586.01ROMCSA::VENTURINOMon Apr 13 1992window manager loop
2587.0KURTAN::PERSSONMon Apr 13 19924
2588.05ECASWS::KAIRYSMon Apr 13 1992dxpsview hangs with Motif 1.1.3?
2589.01ECASWS::KAIRYSMon Apr 13 1992BULOVA has stale DECnet data!
2590.02TOOK::YIUMon Apr 13 1992%XLIB-W-MAXOPENDSP, exceeded maximum number of open displays
2591.04NILES::TRANMon Apr 13 1992Disable session manager
2592.0FORTY2::RAKSHIT_UTue Apr 14 1992Small Fonts Problem when displaying to 1
2593.01H2SO4::GERSBACHTue Apr 14 1992Override redirect login box - why?
2594.01DEKVC::HYUKJAEKWONTue Apr 14 1992informap on decstation and sun station
2596.0NIMVAX::CUMMINGSWed Apr 15 1992Documentation
2597.04MLNTSC::RAMAZZOTTIWed Apr 15 1992v32
2598.01HSOMAI::GARRETTWed Apr 15 1992
2599.02TROOA::NAISHWed Apr 15 1992Autostart X Client on VT13
2600.02ZPOVC::CORE_KYCThu Apr 16 1992decwindow problem
2601.01MANEGE::GREBEThu Apr 16 1992Ultrix-Multihead: screen bounds. Problem
2602.0339675::MIKELISThu Apr 16 1992Motif/VMS quick copy not working
2603.01CSSE32::FRAZIERFri Apr 17 1992Resource consumption mystery...
2604.01FORFUN::SAMPSONFri Apr 17 1992Arithmetic trap error??
2605.01BIGRED::GARRETTMon Apr 20 1992How do you determine when you've been STOPped
2606.02TELFON::MAILMANMon Apr 20 1992"invalid parameter delimiter" error msg
2607.01HTSC19::ANDYNGTue Apr 21 1992xlib-f-ioerror in DECwindows Motif
2608.02BREAKR::HATue Apr 21 1992SGI Codevision debugger
2609.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TTue Apr 21 1992how can I use the session manager routines?
2610.04VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Apr 21 1992Lexical for DECterm Window settings?
2611.012PIANST::JANZENTue Apr 21 1992Label Widget XtSetValues DwtNlabel
2612.04TLE::REPETEWed Apr 22 1992ACCVIOs after VMS 5.5 upgrade
2614.03MERIDN::BUCKLEYWed Apr 22 1992decwindows v2 to decwindows motif questions
2615.01CRONIC::SCHULERWed Apr 22 1992Remote display of DECW$MAIL generates ACCVIO error
2616.01MANEGE::GREBEThu Apr 23 1992another Xws problem
2617.01KERNEL::WOODThu Apr 23 1992Resizing window with filled rectangle does not work correctly on VS31
2618.01HDLITE::GAETZThu Apr 23 1992I have the same problem!!!
2619.07DRJOHN::HALNANThu Apr 23 1992Pause problem with motif
2620.02HPSRAD::LUDWIGThu Apr 23 1992Protection violation with detached decterm
2621.01COMET::WACKERFri Apr 24 1992Logitech Trackman on VAX?
2622.01COPCLU::NISSENFri Apr 24 1992Login box never appears
2623.03TROOA::NAISHFri Apr 24 1992De-install MOTIF and reinstate XUI
2624.01ONOIS1::LECONTEFri Apr 24 1992possible to limit item list in startup menu ?
2625.01LEDS::DANFri Apr 24 1992dxterm font search - motif v1.1.3
2626.02HUMAN::AVERYFri Apr 24 1992All DECterm Windows 'Wink' Away
2627.0KYOA::WINGSat Apr 25 1992CBI,DECwindows,MOTIF again...
2628.02AUSSIE::CHANSun Apr 26 1992pushbuttons missing pixmap label
2629.0KERNEL::WOODSun Apr 26 1992Client doesn't get notified that the server has been disconnected ?
2630.01BEJVC::PRCSWSMon Apr 27 1992Where are xset, bdftosnf and mkfontkir?
2631.01STKEIS::BYSTAMMon Apr 27 1992Strange behaviour in DECW$Motif V1.1 Field Test
2632.06TRMPTN::WILLIAMSGMon Apr 27 1992
2633.07CRLRFR::BLUNTMon Apr 27 1992Application display from V5.4-2 doesn't FIT VLC
2634.01UPROAR::DARRALLDTue Apr 28 1992Motif version
2636.01GOOEY::RAVITZTue Apr 28 1992IBM Xstation 13
2637.01BIGRED::DOMINEYTue Apr 28 1992Decwindows fonts in BDF format?
2638.02SITBUL::MCCARTNEYTue Apr 28 1992How to make customized File View the system default
2639.0JHEARD::WILSONTue Apr 28 1992On killing an X window, control is not being returned to the parent process. Help!
2640.03SUBWAY::OBERLETue Apr 28 1992Access by lowercase username to VMS server
2641.03BASTAR::KAIRYSTue Apr 28 1992Help with unresolved symbols
2642.08SWAM2::JANES_DETue Apr 28 1992dxnotepad issues: control chars, cut/paste, EOR
2643.04JOMO::SYSTEMWed Apr 29 1992PAK for Motif 1.1?
2644.02EEMELI::RUUSKANENWed Apr 29 1992VMS 5.4-3 DECW$SERVER crash with SunOS X-client to ACCVIO ?
2645.05MLNTSC::RAMAZZOTTIWed Apr 29 1992xlib-io-error | accvio | LineDoubleDash
2646.05WHOSWed Apr 29 1992de-install DW-MOTIF ?
2647.05DSSDEV::HANNAWed Apr 29 1992Ultrix Xlib and DXM files don't all compile using DEC C (they're not ANSI C)
2648.07JHEARD::WILSONWed Apr 29 1992Pseudocolor window on SPXgt?
2649.05HTSC19::KENNETHThu Apr 30 1992How to use the British "Pound" sign in X window
2650.01UPROAR::CLARKEMThu Apr 30 1992DEC Servers Font Handling
2651.02BLKPUD::TAYLORJThu Apr 30 1992Want just a dxterm after login i.e. no dxsession, etc
2652.08HANNAH::OSMANThu Apr 30 1992On SUN DECwindows 1.1, XOpenHeirarchy failing
2653.0GAUSS::PONGFri May 01 1992How to Spawn and close DECWindows?
2655.05MKFSA::STONEFri May 01 1992Looking for Motif V1.1 documentation
2656.07HANNAH::B_COBBFri May 01 1992Session manager blank
2657.0DEMON::ARRINGTONFri May 01 1992Widget Writing in the OSF/Motif Environment Pilot
2658.0BLKPUD::TAYLORJFri May 01 1992window larger than screen - maximumClientSize resource
2659.02HANNAH::OSMANFri May 01 1992program CRASHES on DECwindows on SUN (v1.1)
2660.01GAUSS::PONGMon May 04 1992Customer question on opening DECWindows
2661.08HIHOSS::HOSSFELDMon May 04 1992Help with sm color file
2662.0TAVENG::SHAIMon May 04 1992DW Mail and MB2
2663.03SMPVAX::SIMPSONMon May 04 1992Next release of DECwindows-MOTIF
2664.02FXODEV::SEMMELMon May 04 1992can't set ICON/WINDOW labels under MOTIF 1.1
2665.02CAFEIN::SANFORDMon May 04 1992Destroy then Recreate Application Context revisited
2666.0HTSC19::KENNETHTue May 05 1992font bigger than the default
2667.04UTRTSC::SCHUITEMANTue May 05 1992Tektronics X-terminal and PrintScreen characters reflected
2668.03LEMAN::AGASSISTue May 05 1992How to find the revision on-line / Ultrix 4.2...
2669.0MLNTSC::VOCITue May 05 1992errors on device gaa
2670.03MYNAME::BRADYTue May 05 1992DECW-W-NODEVICE after 5.5-4ZK to 5.5 SSB upgrade
2671.0BLKPUD::TAYLORJTue May 05 1992default screen server interval ?
2672.01RUTILE::ASHYAM::CAGNINTue May 05 1992Black line on Color monitor with black window background
2673.04HALIBT::MCCANTATue May 05 1992Workspace Customizing Options in 1.1?
2674.01CALS::TALEBITue May 05 1992Porting DECwindows XUI to Motif...
2675.01EDUOZ::KOWed May 06 1992Motif on Xterminal problem?
2676.01GIDDAY::KINGWed May 06 1992VMS server bad alloc on create pixmap 5.5 GPX ?
2677.01JHEARD::WILSONWed May 06 1992Record/playback of Mouse/Keyboard input?
2678.04CARROL::MOOREWed May 06 1992Linking Decwindows programs under Motif
2679.044BY4::LESLEWed May 06 19921.1, DECW$DWTSHR problems
2680.02CSC32::K_CARNEYWed May 06 1992Vue$popup_focus problems
2681.02HUMAN::AVERYWed May 06 1992VAX Notes: Editing Defaults
2682.0VNOTSC::BIRGITThu May 07 1992"positive d:" entries in decw$server_
2683.01MANEGE::GREBEThu May 07 1992XDrawLine problems with Xws
2684.05KYOA::KOCH_PThu May 07 1992This doesn't work under MOTIF 1.
2685.01KYOA::KOCH_PThu May 07 1992Why don't I get the right process name?
2686.09COMICS::BELLThu May 07 1992XtGetValues result lags actual X & Y position
2687.0BLKPUD::TAYLORJThu May 07 1992restart decwindows - old server still holds TTA
2688.01KYOA::KOCHThu May 07 1992Very wide icons?
2689.015ZIGLAR::WILSONFri May 08 1992Login Inefficiency???
2690.0KERNEL::WOODMon May 11 1992ULTRIX DECW v4.2 - segmentation fault running dxclock,notepad, DECNET transport
2691.02OSLAGE::AGE_PMon May 11 1992Layered Product compatible list for DECW$Motif V1.x ?
2692.03TAEC::SABIANITue May 12 1992DXmChildren bug ?
2693.02FROCKY::NICOLTue May 12 1992First DECterm disappears when opening 2nd DECterm
2694.025Tue May 12 1992Runaway DECW$session/PCX$server processes
2695.0TSCGPX::UWEHTue May 12 1992when does Paint tell : picture too large ?
2696.0312GAGE::DERIETue May 12 1992USER can't login, but SYSTEM can?
2697.0PAMSRC::REBOO::BARRETTTue May 12 1992Using Overscan with DECwindows
2698.04STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANTue May 12 1992DECterm error
2699.02PEACHS::GINGHERTue May 12 1992GET_WORKSTATION_INFO failed error message ???
2700.08ZPOVC::PETERDINGWed May 13 1992%xlib-error event received from server msg
2701.010ROMWed May 13 1992Questions on pixmap's allocation
2702.05OUTBCK::OMELEYWed May 13 19924
2703.01KIPPIS::PAKKANENWed May 13 1992color-DDIF files cannot be read by PAINT
2704.04ROYALT::DAIGNEAULTWed May 13 1992autostart won't go away...
2705.02PAPERS::WOODWed May 13 1992Motif License prob tailoring on XUI DW after tailoring off DW/Motif
2706.04XLIB::CHANGWed May 13 1992Creating public profile file at runtime
2707.0ROMTSS::CANDIDIWed May 13 1992Shift key doesn't work after upgrade to vms5.4-3
2708.06DECALP::SHRAGERWed May 13 1992Creating a DECTERM window on local workstation doesn't seem to work
2709.02SLINK::HOODWed May 13 1992Motif Session Manager for Motif Window Manager (1.1.3) ULTRIX?
2710.01VARESE::ANGELIThu May 14 1992VS 4
2711.09PIANST::JANZENThu May 14 1992DECwindows apps break under Motif window manager
2712.01XLIB::CHANGThu May 14 1992How to set XUI default values
2713.0CSC32::M_HANSONThu May 14 1992PRINT_SCREEN widget customiztion woes
2714.0SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDThu May 14 1992setting up alternate console using xcons ?
2715.05THEBAY::BOSWELLBRThu May 14 1992Faster mouse acceleration?
2716.01PAPERS::PARRYFri May 15 1992no triangle on menu on 2nd screen of VS4
2717.0MSAMFri May 15 1992Re-install DECwindows over DECwindows/MOTIF?
2718.03CAFEIN::SANFORDFri May 15 1992Debugger failure with Motif 1.1 EFT version
2719.0TELFON::MAILMANFri May 15 1992performance problem in decwmail?
2720.01SKYLRK::ENDTERFri May 15 1992dxterm prob. with vt1
2721.0GIDDAY::STRAUSSSun May 17 1992customise dxsession Quit to run a script ?
2722.03LGP3Mon May 18 1992Can my own application definitions run detached?
2724.07THEWAV::TAKASHIMATue May 19 1992Is X/Motif reenterant?
2725.0KURTAN::PERSSONTue May 19 1992Decw$termport,Lib$spawn & logical NAMIND_FTA*
2726.0PAOIS::DUROUXTue May 19 1992Bookreader/Motif with VMS 5.5
2727.0DECWIN::GMCCOYTue May 19 1992VMS DECwindows Motif V1.1 Poll
2728.02PUERTO::HECTORTue May 19 1992DECwindows wont start on satellite VAXstation 4
2729.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue May 19 1992VS4
2730.0XLIB::CHANGTue May 19 1992Svn widget questions
2731.02WILBRY::HETTICHTue May 19 1992DECW$PSVIEWER problem
2732.05LUNER::DESPOTOPULOSTue May 19 1992Window Title/Icon Name
2733.02WARNUT::FRECKNALLWed May 20 1992V1.1 upgrade failed
2734.04SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDWed May 20 1992Color postscript as login logo not working ?
2735.03PAPERS::PARRYWed May 20 1992decw$transport_common - protected images must be installed
2736.02ZURWed May 20 1992Print Format types, asking for description
2737.08CSC32::C_SNIDERWed May 20 1992DECwindows login eating up CPU
2738.01SWTHOM::TISSERANDWed May 20 1992VS4
2739.09886::CHOIWed May 20 1992How to hange Menu names on the fly
2740.0MSAMThu May 21 1992Invalid Parameter Attributes msg
2741.04KIPPIS::PAKKANENThu May 21 1992ACCVIO with pause
2742.01LEMAN::FONTOVAThu May 21 1992WS31
2743.01FORTY2::RAKSHIT_UThu May 21 1992ICON problem when displaying DECterm to remote W/S
2744.03DLJ::JENNINGSThu May 21 1992XtDestroyWidget uses free'ed pointer
2745.0CSC32::L_ALMEIDAThu May 21 1992Changing System time causes DECW$TE to die
2746.0EWBVFri May 22 1992Query on LCG Server error messages.
2747.01STKHLM::MNILSSONFri May 22 1992Can't get Popup in SVN to work
2748.05BARQUE::WOOD_JFri May 22 1992want to port UIS$CREATE_TERMINAL to DECwindows..
2749.020NECSC::LEVYFri May 22 1992Auto repeat goes away?
2750.01KERNEL::AUSTINFri May 22 1992Xui support with decwindows motif V1.
2751.02CRONIC::LIVINGSTONEFri May 22 1992What does server error ""bad length request detected" mean?
2752.0EPIK::MELBINFri May 22 1992maximum window size
2754.0ROMTSS::DESIDERIMon May 25 199231
2755.05TSCGPX::SUSANNETue May 26 1992resourcenames for dw-Extension-Widgets?
2756.04VNOTSC::BIRGITTue May 26 1992maximum number of clients reached?
2757.01VNOTSC::BIRGITTue May 26 1992mwm and multiscren
2758.0SWTHOM::TISSERANDTue May 26 1992VS31
2759.0GOOEY::RAVITZTue May 26 1992Announcing the Motif User Interface Committee
2760.01VPSF::OLESINTue May 26 1992Resize printscreen for local printer
2761.0KAOFS::D_CHENGTue May 26 1992Terminal Emulator Wanted
2762.01OSLACT::DAGFRAWed May 27 1992what does DECW$WSINIT do
2763.09QUIVER::DESMONDThu May 28 1992Common named colors between VMS and ULTRIX
2764.03SUBWAY::OBERLEFri May 29 1992LAT Transport setup?
2765.01MLNTSC::PASSALACQUAFri May 29 1992example needed for always-visible window
2766.02GALVIA::STEPHENSFri May 29 1992Supress/redirect DECwrite journal replay screen output
2767.01TSCGPX::UWEHFri May 29 1992Cursor does not blink in DCL Command from FileView
2768.01CGOOA::OWONGFri May 29 1992New standard??? - windows for character cell
2769.029DECWIN::GMCCOYFri May 29 1992VMS DECwindows Motif V1.1 SSB Kit
2770.01--UnknownUser--Sun May 31 1992this conference, note 2667.
2771.01COPCLU::MARTINMon Jun 01 1992puck / tablet problem -> unplug plug for fix !!?
2772.0PEACHS::PICKETTMon Jun 01 1992how to recover with a journal file
2773.0WNRWHO::HOLLYMon Jun 01 1992DECpc 433 hangs using PC DECwindows/Motif
2774.04MUTTON::LAMBMon Jun 01 1992Font Problems from HP Snake displaying to VMS DECwindows 5.4-2
2775.03STAR::MEIERMon Jun 01 1992PAINT leaks memory and grows to 9
2776.05OZROCK::SALAMACHATue Jun 02 1992Login box not appearing ...
2777.01XSTACY::PATTISONTue Jun 02 1992Ghost windows? Ultrix/4.2A display, VMS applications
2778.03SWTHOM::TISSERANDTue Jun 02 1992Vmsinstal and decwindows Motif question.
2779.02LSNCSC::MEISTERTue Jun 02 1992polyline > 4
2780.04SWTHOM::TISSERANDTue Jun 02 1992Negative open_ref_count font problem.
2781.03CHIPS::SYSTEMTue Jun 02 1992Nuisance window?
2782.02CERN::HOBBSWed Jun 03 1992V1.1 - Session Manager ACCVIO
2783.06NOVA::ANDERSONWed Jun 03 1992callbacks in a seperate compilation unit
2784.01TROOA::NAISHWed Jun 03 1992Cursor Disappers with CORAL on DS31
2785.011LGP3Wed Jun 03 1992DECsound just hangs
2786.0LARRYC::SYSTEMWed Jun 03 1992CORE graphics library help needed!
2787.02DSM::CRAIGWed Jun 03 1992Session manager hangs on DECW$WAITFORSM
2788.08IOSG::TALLETTThu Jun 04 1992VXT-2
2789.01HIHOSS::HOSSFELDThu Jun 04 1992Compile on v1.1 and run on v1.
2790.012RDGENG::FITTONThu Jun 04 1992MOTIF V1.1 Server crashes with %LCG- errors
2791.02MR4DEC::GAYThu Jun 04 1992Memory leak?
2792.04STAR::KAPLANThu Jun 04 1992DDIF images to root window?
2793.0TAEC::SABIANIFri Jun 05 1992XRooms and Virtual Desktops...
2794.04BLKPUD::SHAWKFri Jun 05 1992login.com run twice.
2795.06XLIB::CHANGFri Jun 05 1992Private colormap and print screen
2796.01BOBOB::LEMBREEFri Jun 05 1992Font problem in V5.5-2E3 (Amber EFT2) X Server
2797.04CERN::HOBBSSat Jun 06 1992DECW$MAIL V1.1 SSB -- accvio with 2 create windows
2798.01DEKSW3::JAEHOLEEMon Jun 08 1992keyboard input using UIL
2799.06KAHALA::RECKARDMon Jun 08 1992decterms in decw$login
2800.02USPMLO::SHEPROMon Jun 08 1992DecTerminal Question
2801.05SASE::HILLMANMon Jun 08 1992DECwindows version support for Motif?
2802.0CRONIC::BUTTRICKMon Jun 08 1992DS5
2803.06EISCPM::MCCANNTue Jun 09 1992How to iconify an application?
2804.04CSC32::M_TURNERTue Jun 09 1992Question on definition of DECW$COLOR on VS4
2805.02PEACHS::FORDTue Jun 09 1992XtSetWMColormapWindows -- missing routine?
2806.01CSC32::J_MAUTINOTue Jun 09 1992RMS-E-EXTNOTFOU with DDIF files
2807.0NECSC::BOWENTue Jun 09 1992Xws on MX display problem?
2808.04SMOP::GLOSSOPTue Jun 09 1992Calendar problem in DW/Motif 1.1 - workarounds?
2809.04NOBOZO::PELLERINTue Jun 09 1992Pop_Up Menu questions in UIL...
2810.01NEJPAJ::WOOTue Jun 09 1992Adobe Font Metric information
2811.01ENAEAS::GADALETAWed Jun 10 1992DECW$FD in loop
2812.03BERNWed Jun 10 1992rgb and Xresources
2813.04LJOHUB::CRAWFORDWed Jun 10 1992DECwindows mail problem...please help!
2814.01SWTHOM::TEMAMWed Jun 10 1992Keyboard and Dxsession
2815.06CGOSWed Jun 10 1992Russian font??
2816.01POLAR::TOMKINSWed Jun 10 1992DECterms disappear upon ridiculously small resizing
2817.07GLDOA::TREBILCOTTWed Jun 10 1992 invalid font depth?
2818.0GOOEY::RAVITZWed Jun 10 1992Final **1.2 style guide** available
2819.017BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Jun 11 1992How to install a colormap so it sticks?
2820.02VNOTSC::BIRGITThu Jun 11 1992fileview with remote nodes
2821.03HSSWS1::GREGThu Jun 11 1992Accessing Calendar from non-Windows terminal
2822.03USPMLO::SHEPROThu Jun 11 1992Decwindows/Motif configuration
2823.010DSTEG::FOXThu Jun 11 1992After Motif Upgrade to V1.1, Window Mgr Doesn't Start!
2824.07ISIDRO::GEMMAFri Jun 12 1992XDRAWLINE & 31
2825.03CHELSY::GILLEYFri Jun 12 1992Printscreen dies.
2826.0MUMBLE::BALLADELLIFri Jun 12 1992DECwindows Notes Conferences in VTX/TR
2827.02SUNNIE::GOWSun Jun 14 1992Fileview Probs in V1.1
2828.03TAEC::SABIANIMon Jun 15 1992Resolution,fonts and X server
2829.04SWTHOM::TISSERANDMon Jun 15 1992Where is GECDRIVER.EXE ?
2830.02BLKPUD::TAYLORJMon Jun 15 1992Border problem on window when using mwm on VMS
2831.01ABOX::PECKMon Jun 15 1992Multi-threading and limited tooklit usage
2832.02CGOOA::BARNABEMon Jun 15 19924
2833.02LARVAE::HOWLETT_TTue Jun 16 1992Anyone running v/s4
2834.0DTIF::GRASSTue Jun 16 1992Motif/XUI questionnaire
2835.01KERNEL::AUSTINTue Jun 16 1992Fetch literal with fonts
2836.05VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Jun 16 1992UISX problems with GPX,SPX,4
2837.02EWBV37::FUJIIWed Jun 17 1992MWM customize - change button binding
2838.04AUNTB::GRAYWed Jun 17 1992Print screen in DECterm on Ultrix?
2839.01BLKPUD::TAYLORJWed Jun 17 1992VS4
2840.04CSC32::DUBOISWed Jun 17 1992XtTranslateCoords Gives Strange Results
2841.01ODIXIE::DWILLIAMSWed Jun 17 1992move login again?
2844.02SORICH::RAMANWed Jun 17 1992Is MOTIF part of VMS
2845.018BGYBRD::UDICKWed Jun 17 1992Why do we not have a way to easily launch X-Win Apps
2846.03KERNEL::BELLThu Jun 18 1992SPX fill pattern corruption on 26FEB92 GEBDRIVER ?
2847.03CHIPS::SYSTEMThu Jun 18 1992LPS2
2849.02GLDDST::HURST_JOThu Jun 18 1992FIPS-158
2850.02BLKPUD::TAYLORJThu Jun 18 1992question about #ifndef COLOR in .Xdefaults file
2851.0KAOA12::BEKOLAYThu Jun 18 1992Fatal Sever Bug Motif V1.
2852.09WONDER::COMMOThu Jun 18 1992<< Problems relinking VMS 5.5 app under VMS 5.4 >>
2853.010DTIF::GRASSFri Jun 19 1992Desktop manager announcement
2854.011QUARK::LIONELFri Jun 19 1992No sound with DECsound
2855.02MEO78B::PLATTSMon Jun 22 1992Technical Training (Not Programming)
2856.01KIPPIS::PAKKANENMon Jun 22 1992ACCVIO from serveral applications
2857.07SHIPS::CONNOLLY_GMon Jun 22 1992Where is it!
2858.02CGOOA::BARNABEMon Jun 22 1992DWT notesfile
2859.04LODGE::MARCHIONDOTue Jun 23 1992ALT key quits working on 4
2860.02FORFUN::SAMPSONTue Jun 23 1992Autostart windows after reboot?
2861.0GOOEY::VANGILDERTue Jun 23 1992Motif 1.2 ALERT - Please read NOTED::MOTIF note 3
2862.01ISIDRO::ACERAWed Jun 24 1992Behaviour of Select Feature
2863.010HGOVA::TIMA_KIMWed Jun 24 1992Security in VAXstation ?
2864.01CRABS::SCHEELWed Jun 24 1992ACCVIO on Window Foreground Color
2865.04GIDDAY::STRAUSSThu Jun 25 1992p_write() : write failed, errno = 5 when ^D in sh, sh5 or ksh in dxterm
2866.02UTRTSC::BARKThu Jun 25 1992Looking for decwindows patches
2867.02VNAFMS::VNAVS2::SEIDLERThu Jun 25 1992Problem with Autostart
2868.06RANGER::BOOTHThu Jun 25 1992Can't tell the difference in SOLITAIRE cards, color is wrong.
2869.0DSSDEV::LANGONEThu Jun 25 1992Clash in UIL file call back procedure
2870.02TAINO::GONZALEZEFThu Jun 25 1992DECwindows/eXcursion on Token Ring?
2871.01TOOIS1::ROUILHACThu Jun 25 1992Pb with UIL compiler & WMD files with DWMotif 1.1
2872.01ISLNDS::DOUCETTEThu Jun 25 1992Motif User's Guide??
2873.01CRLRFR::BLUNTThu Jun 25 1992Corrupted icons?
2874.03DWOVAX::KYLEThu Jun 25 1992Alternate CLITABLES and DECwindows Motif
2875.01EWBV37::FUJIIThu Jun 25 1992Automatic application starts from FileView
2876.01HGOVA::TIMA_KIMFri Jun 26 1992Diff of DECwindows & Motif window manager ?
2877.013SUOSW2::WILLOUGHBYFri Jun 26 1992Windows crash leaving only the SM
2878.03MISTIK::JAURES::BROUSTEMon Jun 29 1992DECW$PRINTSCREEN Customization
2879.04CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Jun 29 1992LAT pciker available for VMS DECwindows?
2880.04BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISMon Jun 29 1992Modifying DECW$*.DAT files?
2881.02MSAMTue Jun 30 1992decw$motif_tailor
2882.0PAPERS::WOODTue Jun 30 1992Differences in DECW$DWTLIBSHR between DECW v5.5 and DECW/MOTIF v1.
2883.0GLDOA::KOENIGTue Jun 30 1992Creating Entries for applications
2884.04ZURWed Jul 01 1992Fatal Server Bug, DECW$SERVER_DDX_GF, VS4
2885.01ISLNDS::SCHWABEWed Jul 01 1992Cannot start DECW$FD Process
2886.0TPOVC::JOHNNYHOWed Jul 01 1992dxmail font and security problem in Motif 1.1.3
2887.09TOOK::GUERTINWed Jul 01 1992DECterm dies with Xerror: BadMatch
2888.01CHIPS::PAGEWed Jul 01 1992DECTERM wont open
2889.02WHEEL::POMEROYWed Jul 01 1992MOTIF disk space
2890.0BOBOB::LEMBREEWed Jul 01 1992New X11 Display Server available with VMS V5.5-2 EFT3
2891.0TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Jul 02 1992remorte dxsession/DECW$SESSION on Motif 1.1.3
2892.01BACHUS::RENTYThu Jul 02 1992DECW$SERVER and WSA waiting in LEF during startup :deadlock ?
2893.02LARVAE::6376Thu Jul 02 1992Question on Session Manager Help Widget
2894.02KERNEL::FISCHERIThu Jul 02 1992Can't start applications from SM
2895.05AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Jul 02 1992DECwindows bugchecks
2896.03CSC32::E_KWANThu Jul 02 1992problem with decwrite with motif T1.1
2897.05HANNAH::OSMANThu Jul 02 1992what's latest way to customize keys ?
2898.0SUBWAY::GRAHAMThu Jul 02 1992ULTRIX Motif 1.1.3 cripples system...
2899.06IOSG::TALLETTFri Jul 03 1992How does xv permanently allocate colours?
2900.01GOONS::MCGUIREFri Jul 03 1992Graphical CPU usage monitor
2901.01MEO78B::LYONSMon Jul 06 1992resizing for diff screens ???????
2902.01ZPOVC::SINSPSMon Jul 06 19923/4 SCREEN ONLY ON VS4
2903.06RDOVAX::SOBECKMon Jul 06 1992Workstation or X-terminal - how can you tell/
2904.0ZURTue Jul 07 1992Printscreen DDIF greyscale Motif V1.1, doesn't wo
2905.01SUBWAY::TJIONASTue Jul 07 1992MOTIF: Stack Dump & other problems
2906.03H2SO4::GERSBACHWed Jul 08 1992Strange behavior of the window manager
2907.01CSC32::D_MAHDERWed Jul 08 1992message window hangs session manager
2908.05PHDVAX::LARSONWed Jul 08 1992TImeout waiting for DECterm controller to start...
2909.04LMOADM::CORMIERWed Jul 08 1992windows won't come all the way up
2910.02WIDGIT::WESTWed Jul 08 1992Info about WCL ??
2911.08EWBV37::FUJIIThu Jul 09 1992Server performance and font size
2912.01OSLLAV::ARNEP_PThu Jul 09 1992no safety display could be opened
2914.01STAR::MEIERThu Jul 09 1992Can't create DECterm under V1.1 for user account
2915.02XLIB::CHANGThu Jul 09 1992Display postscript question
2916.01AEOEN1::TUAUXFri Jul 10 1992Tool to draw graph with high precision
2917.011PEACHS::SILVERSTEINFri Jul 10 1992problems with dxsession pause on motif 113
2918.01SWTHOM::TISSERANDFri Jul 10 1992Lock key not working after end session.
2919.01TSCGPX::UWEHFri Jul 10 1992Security entries/bell volume do not apply on dual
2921.01KHAN::SELBYFri Jul 10 1992Change with the R4 server regarding XGrabButton?
2922.03CANYON::LEEDSMon Jul 13 1992scanned image as background ?? (again)
2923.04CUJO::SAMPSONMon Jul 13 1992fix for scrambled atoms under VMS V5.5-1?
2925.01JHEARD::WILSONMon Jul 13 1992Window position problem; X vs. MOTIF
2926.03LSNCSC::MEISTERMon Jul 13 1992xdpyinfo for vms?
2927.01QUALLA::BETTROMon Jul 13 1992Can't create DECterms anymore!
2928.0CUSTOM::OS_RAJVANSHIMon Jul 13 1992Session manager crashes on VMS...
2929.09BERNTue Jul 14 1992MOTIF V1.1 LAnguage Variants ?
2930.01MSDOA::SECRISTTue Jul 14 1992Based on X11{3,4,5} ?
2931.0MLNTSC::RAMAZZOTTITue Jul 14 1992sixel printscreen - poor quality - decw
2932.03EASI::RAVICHANDRANTue Jul 14 1992X$BBLSTRINGS..unresolved symbol in VMS5.5-1
2933.02HANWed Jul 15 1992can't display x-apps on each terminal...
2935.07PASHIN::JOVANWed Jul 15 1992Defining DECW$DEFAULT Help Needed
2936.0CUSTOM::OS_RAJVANSHIWed Jul 15 1992Session Manager/Server crashes on VMS....
2937.03CRONIC::DUNLOPWed Jul 15 1992Server crash with Arithmetic Trap error on VS4
2938.06SWETSC::SNILSSONThu Jul 16 1992Fatal Literal after Pause in Motif Swedish
2939.02FORFUN::SAMPSONThu Jul 16 1992XIO: fatal IO error
2940.025BOBOB::LEMBREEThu Jul 16 1992New VMS DECwindows X11 Display Server kit available
2941.01GUIDUK::ELLENBECKERThu Jul 16 1992Good quality 'print screen' - revisited
2942.03TENNIS::KAMThu Jul 16 1992How to control placement of DECterm on the screen?
2943.0CARLSN::YUNGFri Jul 17 1992Where can pointers to cookbooks be found?
2944.02VINO::LLAVINMon Jul 20 1992WSA devices go offline???
2945.03SAWMIL::VPCSMon Jul 20 1992Control over icon colors
2946.04EWBV37::FUJIIMon Jul 20 1992DECwindows server performance
2947.02XLIB::CHANGTue Jul 21 1992Couldn't convert fontlist font
2948.01DCOPST::COLSRV::ASHERISACOFFTue Jul 21 1992Problem between Sun OpenWin & DECwindows
2949.0DSSDEV::LANGONETue Jul 21 1992Use of DwtOpenHierarchy
2950.02TODD::WARNOCKWed Jul 22 1992VAXstation 36
2951.05TROUWed Jul 22 1992DECwindows or Motif Session Manager?
2952.0PEACHS::WILKWed Jul 22 1992Use of XmDrawingArea shadow thickness changed.
2953.01REDBUD::garrisonnaWed Jul 22 1992LAT X Documentation
2954.01WNOUWed Jul 22 1992Client-Server Motif licensing?
2955.05PAPERS::FISCHERThu Jul 23 1992SM customization problems (v1.1)
2956.0PAPERS::PARRYThu Jul 23 1992dual headed VS4
2957.0BLKPUD::ELLISMThu Jul 23 1992bt###.o patches
2958.01BLKPUD::NORRISMThu Jul 23 1992DW-MOTIF Paint Problem with VT12
2959.02TPOVC::JOHNNYHOFri Jul 24 1992how to use Mailbox with Motif?
2960.0BASTAR::KAIRYSFri Jul 24 1992Resource file typo causes DECterm ACCVIO
2961.01MLNAD8::LONGONIFri Jul 24 1992AIL problem with DECW$PAINT
2962.0OSLAGE::HALVORV_PFri Jul 24 1992DECpaint crashing on VXT2
2963.03CSC32::P_GARVINFri Jul 24 1992DECterm problem with LK45
2964.02ROCKT::MAFri Jul 24 1992UIS or UISX available on Alpha?
2965.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Jul 24 1992CPU utiliization when updating label widget
2966.03CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Jul 24 1992Problem with hold screen light not working
2967.03CUJO::SAMPSONSat Jul 25 1992nice new server, couple of nits
2968.0GUIDUK::SOMERMon Jul 27 1992Sources to the latest Paint
2969.01CSC32::MCGOVERNMon Jul 27 1992How to tell if user has paused session How to tell if a user has paused thier session
2970.01BEJVC::PRCSWSTue Jul 28 1992/usr/examples/decburger ?
2971.03OSLACT::BJORNTue Jul 28 1992Problems with DECW$MWM_xxxx looping
2972.02USHSTue Jul 28 1992FAKE_VM conference?
2973.0HPOUTue Jul 28 1992Larger fonts needed.
2974.0DOOBIE::millerTue Jul 28 1992V5.3-1 testing needed
2975.05GALVIA::STONESTue Jul 28 1992Window resizes itself?
2976.0TELFON::MAILMANTue Jul 28 1992MessageBox_popup from which application
2977.02MEO78B::LYONSTue Jul 28 1992TX/PIP support overlay planes??
2978.01ATHINA::SKARLATOSWed Jul 29 1992Problem generating Multi-Keystroke chars
2979.01NCEIS1::CHOQUETWed Jul 29 1992connection refused, Maximum number of clients reached
2980.02MANENG::WHEELERWed Jul 29 1992Help files and Raising windows.
2981.06RANGER::PESENTIWed Jul 29 1992Problem with MOTIF look
2982.03GNUVAX::ZARRWed Jul 29 1992Changing dpi on 4
2983.03LUXWed Jul 29 1992How will the product evolve in the next 2 years ?
2984.01SHAWB1::TAYLORJWed Jul 29 1992CSCPAT_3
2985.03WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Jul 30 1992motif 1.1.3 dxterm no help key
2986.01XDELTA::HOFFMANThu Jul 30 1992XtAppErrorMsg()?
2987.05CRONIC::PISCOPOThu Jul 30 1992DECterm drop off w/OPTIONS
2988.0PASMFri Jul 31 1992Process with state MUTEX?
2989.01SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDFri Jul 31 1992autoKeyFocus doesn't work
2990.01IJSAPL::DIRKSFri Jul 31 1992How to use 'OPEN SELECTED' in decw motif
2991.0WD8EHB::T_EPLEYFri Jul 31 1992macx and dxsession not working
2992.04SMAUG::MENDELFri Jul 31 1992DECW$PRINTSCREEN corrupts SM Display
2993.04EISYFI::VANPATTENSun Aug 02 1992Online Help Utility: Motif V1.1??
2994.04PAPERS::PARRYMon Aug 03 19923rd party font doesn't work on X-terminals
2995.02GAUSS::ROSENBLUMMon Aug 03 1992Fixes for several problems with VS4
2996.04ROMTSS::PASITue Aug 04 1992BadDrawable error
2997.04BALZAC::ANAKOKTue Aug 04 1992Performance pb Motif V1.1
2998.01COPCLU::WAGTBERGTue Aug 04 1992Motif 1.
2999.04NLATue Aug 04 1992Pause checking or auditing
3000.07AIDEV::YLEEWed Aug 05 1992Motif V1.
3001.01SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDWed Aug 05 1992disabling MB1 on MWM can't be done ?
3002.0EDSBOX::EBROWNWed Aug 05 1992Motif UIL code availability?
3003.04DNEAST::KOENIG_TODDWed Aug 05 1992Do these look like Motif related problems?
3004.02TAMBUR::STADELMANNThu Aug 06 1992Pointers to drag-and-drop wanted!
3005.01PHDVAX::LARSONThu Aug 06 1992CSCPAT_1
3006.02NCEIS1::CHOQUETThu Aug 06 1992Where are .mwmrc subprocesses error messages ?
3007.01SPESHR::DEMOSThu Aug 06 1992Help with DECW$CLOCK /DECWINDOWS
3008.01HALFDM::SCHMIDTFri Aug 07 1992Upgrading from VMS 5.4-3 & motif 1.1 -> VMS 5.5
3009.04ZURFri Aug 07 1992IWS 4.3-4 startup CRASH with Motif
3010.02BLKPUD::TAYLORJFri Aug 07 1992PostScript options... unavailable in Print Screen
3011.0JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROFri Aug 07 1992URGENT - References Needed
3012.0HGSW67::NICHOLASHOMon Aug 10 1992How to emulate PC touch screen behaviour ?
3013.02MOVIES::BENSONMon Aug 10 1992SVNM.C question.
3014.07EPAVAX::EPAPC1::EPAVAX::CARLOTTIMon Aug 10 1992Digital vs. HP keymaps?
3015.02SNAX::VIRGONAMon Aug 10 1992DECW$TE_xxxx DECterm controller no starting/v1.1
3016.03BOBOB::LEMBREEMon Aug 10 1992Question for Application developers
3017.02BACHUS::DECLERCKTue Aug 11 1992ADA, DECwindows and TASKing?
3018.01MAST::WESTGATETue Aug 11 1992Athena Widgets & Cascading Menus
3019.01KAOFS::G_BREZINATue Aug 11 1992ULTRIX Notepad from SUN
3020.02HYEND::CKELLEHERTue Aug 11 1992Sort Routine Failed (Cardfiler Application)
3021.04BALBOA::WEILERWed Aug 12 1992Icon Box Size
3022.03SIOG::M_CRONINWed Aug 12 1992Motif on VMS 5.5 - IVP fails etc.
3023.01SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDWed Aug 12 1992Open/close display loop problem on Motif
3025.0PROXY::BUTTIGLIERIWed Aug 12 1992Problem with 1
3027.0ECAD2::LINAWed Aug 12 1992DECWindows applications crashed under VMS V5.5 and Motif 1.1...
3028.011MISFIT::SALEHIMThu Aug 13 1992Motif 1.1.3 hang
3029.05JURA::SYSTEMThu Aug 13 1992decterm pb with motif 1.1
3030.0OGWANI::NAKATAFri Aug 14 1992XmCvtXmStringToCt doesn't work !
3031.0ATHINA::SKARLATOSFri Aug 14 1992Getting my font to come up on DECTERM ...
3032.01SSUPD::SIMONATOFri Aug 14 1992buttons bindings in decterm
3033.03DPDMAI::GREERWFri Aug 14 1992Accessing shell widget titles
3035.03KERNEL::SUMMERFIELDJMon Aug 17 1992Arrow keys moving mouse pointer, not cursor
3036.07H2SO4::GERSBACHMon Aug 17 1992Motif 1.1 Session manager crash
3037.0STKHLM::ISACSSONTue Aug 18 1992Does animated postscript work with dxdoc
3038.012ABOX::PECKTue Aug 18 1992Odd Pointer behaviour on a dual head VS31
3039.02SLINK::CHILDSTue Aug 18 1992Cardfiler won't use my .DXcardfiler
3040.01BACHUS::VERCAMMENWed Aug 19 1992VT42
3041.03H2SO4::GERSBACHWed Aug 19 1992Orphan WSA devices
3042.04ZURWed Aug 19 1992Motif 1.1, Session crash after work in FileView
3043.06RUTILE::THESY::CAGNINWed Aug 19 1992Colors of grayed buttons and options
3044.010PEACHS::BELDINWed Aug 19 1992Are XT$ routines still supported?.
3045.05ODIXIE::WATSONPHWed Aug 19 1992Software available for X terminal?
3046.01LADEDA::GRIGLACKWed Aug 19 1992doc error in creating shareable library
3047.01SAYER::ELMOREWed Aug 19 1992turning off the login window upon startup
3048.0JHEARD::WILSONWed Aug 19 1992Keymap question on F11 in DW vs. MOTIF
3049.05JHEARD::WILSONThu Aug 20 1992Color map PrintScreen conflict
3050.09TOOLEY::GEORGEThu Aug 20 1992Change in functionality for DWT$S_TEXT_GET_STRING
3051.02CIGRBX::SHUBERTThu Aug 20 1992XIO: Fatal IO error 32
3052.02BLKPUD::NORRISMFri Aug 21 1992Problem DWMOTIF Printscreen Capture with POSTSCRIPT O/P
3053.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Aug 21 1992FileSelectionBox - ? on setting size of parts
3054.01MUNICH::CLAUSFri Aug 21 1992Server crashes, by DECwrite scroll up/down !
3056.0EEMELI::RUUSKANENMon Aug 24 1992Application Dragging in SVNMSAMPLE demo gets 'insufficient resources' - Any experiments ???
3057.01RDGENG::HAYWARDMon Aug 24 1992Problem with "stippled vectors"
3058.01SWTHOM::TISSERANDMon Aug 24 1992Session manager dies with accvio or badbloadr
3059.04BLKPUD::NORRISMTue Aug 25 1992DWMOTIF Intermittant Hang on VXT2
3060.03PEACHS::LAMPERTTue Aug 25 1992Motif 1.1 Fileview selection box now only show 1 column?
3061.02EDWIN::LASSENTue Aug 25 1992Decwindows server crash, any insight?
3062.01EDWIN::LASSENTue Aug 25 1992DECterm crash using decw$decterm_output logical
3063.01BLYTH::CORNWALLWed Aug 26 1992Aspect of scanned images....known problem ?
3064.01FZOVAX::DOVEWed Aug 26 1992VMS DECwindows v1.1 and single function accts
3065.03TYSON::KURATAWed Aug 26 1992Is color postscript print screen available under Ultrix
3066.01DEBUG::BERRYThu Aug 27 1992\EN_US\ Message
3067.010HACMAN::HACKThu Aug 27 1992memory leak, pagefile full with Motif v1.1 SSB
3068.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBThu Aug 27 1992XDPS Server error displaying PostScript files
3069.05MGB::GILLOTTFri Aug 28 1992Problem with Bookreader not updating screen
3070.02CERN::EJMFri Aug 28 1992Is callback procedure order really undefined?
3071.03RAGS::KEENANFri Aug 28 1992DECW Server crash - QAR ?
3072.03DSSDEV::WIELEFri Aug 28 1992VAX ULTRIX Xqdsg problem
3073.01IOSG::TALLETTFri Aug 28 1992Alpha Software Motion Pictures available
3074.06CX3PT3::GORE::J_LAWSONSun Aug 30 1992What are the rules for when a WSAn: device gets destroyed?
3076.04JRDVMon Aug 31 1992Is VMS Server too much sensitive?
3077.02MR4DEC::RWHALENMon Aug 31 1992No password. PAUSE still needs it
3078.0MIMS::SMITH_MTue Sep 01 1992IOCTL error #9 from Oracle
3079.01MERIDN::LUSTENBERGERTue Sep 01 1992Server still hangs with motif 1.1 AND the patch
3080.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Sep 01 1992XmListSetHorizPos routine does not work on XmList widget
3081.01BOBOB::LEMBREETue Sep 01 1992Registration Information: 7th Annual X Technical Conference
3082.0LIOSWed Sep 02 1992uvaxII,vcb
3083.02SALEM::FLYNNWed Sep 02 1992Disconnected processes
3084.06CSC32::L_DVORAKWed Sep 02 1992Can't open Locale
3085.01PEACHS::BELDINWed Sep 02 1992Will 354
3086.01CSC32::MCGOVERNWed Sep 02 1992decw$mail and decw$mail$ooooo6.tmp
3087.05KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Sep 02 1992Shift-Comma/Period no longer produce angle brackets
3088.05COLSER::FASSBENDERThu Sep 03 1992Server dies on VMS V5.5-2E7 using instantSQL
3089.0EWBVThu Sep 03 1992Query on the patch "DECW$
3090.03CERN::EJMThu Sep 03 1992How can I detect inactivity like screen saver?
3091.06ZPOVC::PETERDINGThu Sep 03 1992WSEXTENT insufficient for DECW$DWT_FON image
3092.03CSC32::E_KWANThu Sep 03 1992What is decwmotifdb.a and .b are for ?
3093.010MARX::FLEMINGThu Sep 03 1992XRemote?
3094.03FDCV14::FAHERTY$PThu Sep 03 1992Displaying simultaneously to a second W/S for demoing
3095.04VSSCAD::MAYERFri Sep 04 1992XSetWindowColorMap doesn't?
3096.01ADO75A::JARMANMon Sep 07 1992xinit and multiple X servers?
3097.03EVTAI1::RENOUVELMon Sep 07 1992DECWINDOW doesn't want to start...
3098.0MANIOK::SIMONMon Sep 07 1992how to link /G_FLOAT compiled programms URGENT!!
3099.02BLKPUD::NORRISMTue Sep 08 1992Ultrix Xserver Tablet Support Query
3100.03PEACHS::BELDINTue Sep 08 1992DECwindows DECnet display requires OPER priv?
3101.01SWTHOM::TEMAMWed Sep 09 1992MWM acces violation on Dual-Head Vaxstation
3102.01PRSSOS::AMAURYWed Sep 09 1992Server crash with paint
3103.0TINCUP::CSENCSITSWed Sep 09 1992Server dies with CDA View PS
3104.0CUSTOM::BEASLEYWed Sep 09 1992screen dump routines
3105.01RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHThu Sep 10 1992problem with VCB
3106.01RHETT::KATZThu Sep 10 1992dxcalendar title bar text
3107.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Sep 11 1992DECwindows processes on the VAX -- what are they?
3108.0HANNAH::B_COBBFri Sep 11 1992XV available on ALPHA
3109.01GIDDAY::KINGSMILLSat Sep 12 1992xterm for VMS
3110.03STKHLM::ARENDIMon Sep 14 1992Session manager goes via decnet at login?????
3112.01WRKSYS::MCMULLENMon Sep 14 1992?Install/Session Mgr
3113.0SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDMon Sep 14 1992color DECstation coming up b+w
3114.01ESTASI::CAPERDONITue Sep 15 1992Saving Session Manager?
3115.01ROTHKO::PARRYTue Sep 15 1992DECW$ENDSESSION Fatal IO error VMS Motif 1.1
3116.011HUMAN::AVERYTue Sep 15 1992Pointer stays displayed as a watch
3117.0CSC32::V_STROUDTue Sep 15 1992DECwindows Debugger - BadMatch
3118.01KERNEL::BELLTue Sep 15 1992CSCPAT_3
3119.01CSC32::MCGOVERNTue Sep 15 1992Disabling shif f11
3120.06GUIDUK::FARLEETue Sep 15 1992Change node name => decwindows login breaks
3121.01GNPIKE::TANSKITue Sep 15 1992Session Manager Limit
3122.09GLDOA::MCKENNATue Sep 15 1992change login screen?
3123.06WARABI::KYRIACOUWed Sep 16 1992Software with Motif Interface.
3124.0BERNWed Sep 16 1992Access violation when user tries to log in.
3125.01RANGER::PESENTIWed Sep 16 1992The ghosts of windows remain as window frames
3126.02RHETT::KATZWed Sep 16 1992New dxterm() Options Printer menu
3127.05CRONIC::DUNLOPWed Sep 16 1992Server crash at PC
3128.01VINO::HOFFMANWed Sep 16 1992undefined symbols
3130.01CSC32::MCGOVERNWed Sep 16 1992mouse not working
3131.05LGP3Wed Sep 16 1992Session crash apparently due to MessagePanel
3132.0TKTVFS::FUJIYAMAThu Sep 17 1992right shift key of LK4
3133.04STKHLM::LINDGREN_PThu Sep 17 1992VMS 5.5-1 installation and DECwindows 2.
3134.01HGTAI1::PRCSWSThu Sep 17 1992Can't open frame buffer
3135.01CERN::BOTHNERThu Sep 17 1992DW soloution for Sun Solaris?
3136.03MRSVAX::TSMITHThu Sep 17 1992Escape characters don't display on DECterms (only)
3137.04TAVHLT::DORONFri Sep 18 1992LSE gets into COM loop.
3138.01EEMELI::RUUSKANENFri Sep 18 1992$CREATE/TERM gives error message
3139.01PEACHS::LAMPERTFri Sep 18 1992Pointer attachments on Multiheaded workstations via resources?
3140.01CSC32::L_DVORAKFri Sep 18 1992Session Manager dies with ACCVIO
3141.02LEMAN::ROSSIERFri Sep 18 1992screen capture with pulldown menu under Motif
3142.02BLKPUD::NORRISMFri Sep 18 1992VXT/ULTRIX FONT Problems
3144.02TAVSun Sep 20 1992DW-Motif v1.1 Selecting from filevue pasting to DCL command appends carriage return
3145.08HGSWS1::NICHOLASHOMon Sep 21 1992Session manager customization
3146.01HGSWS1::NICHOLASHOMon Sep 21 1992Motif window mgr crash if not start by session manager
3147.06VERGA::WARDMon Sep 21 1992What is this &#@$!
3148.01STAR::MEIERMon Sep 21 1992How to get input focus in XmDrawingArea?
3149.01CSC32::L_DVORAKMon Sep 21 1992No login box after END SESSION
3151.0CASEE::DAVIDSONTue Sep 22 1992Font selection dialogs
3152.01ROTHKO::WOODTue Sep 22 1992Support for DECSOUND on DECwindows Motif v1.
3153.04CHELSY::GILLEYTue Sep 22 1992Question about XLIB error.
3154.01MUNICH::STEFANTue Sep 22 1992Logicals and Print Screen Output File Name
3155.01RHETT::KATZTue Sep 22 1992New dxterm() Printer Options Broken
3156.01GIDDAY::KINGSMILLTue Sep 22 1992User Mode AST's being disabled by window events
3157.04OUTBCK::OMELEYWed Sep 23 1992Session Manager, ACCVIO @ PC=81
3158.01MLNADWed Sep 23 1992Xie crashes X server
3159.03MINNY::PFISTERWWed Sep 23 1992Procedure for unused files
3161.01HUMAN::AVERYWed Sep 23 1992Updating session manager's knowledge
3162.06SHAWB1::ROBERTSCWed Sep 23 1992Screen saver not disabling
3163.01DURDUR::MARCOSWed Sep 23 1992WRAP.C ?
3164.07PEACHS::MACEACHERNWed Sep 23 1992Problems with DirecColor
3165.02CSC32::MCGOVERNWed Sep 23 1992Decw$clock and alarm
3166.04TECRUS::KUMPFWed Sep 23 1992Attempt to remove non-existant passive grab (ACCVIO) Entry on : Tuesday the 22nd of September, 1992 From : 5:3
3168.02PEACHS::HAZZARDThu Sep 24 1992When would we use __STDC__,__cplusplus and c_plusplus
3169.01KAOU59::K_MAINThu Sep 24 1992Recommendations req'ed for MOTIF V1.1,VMS V5.5-2 and CSCPAT_1
3170.05HANSBC::BACHNERFri Sep 25 1992Session Manager ACCVIO at logout (End Session)
3171.01EEMELI::RUUSKANENFri Sep 25 1992Motif V1.
3172.02MU::PORTERFri Sep 25 1992Mouse freezes
3173.02BLKPUD::NORRISMFri Sep 25 1992Unable to Start Font Deamon
3174.02TELFON::MAILMANFri Sep 25 1992Directory scan for: DECW$DXM_I18NLIB.EXE
3175.02TECRUS::KUMPFFri Sep 25 1992XtRemoveGrab asked to remove a widget not on the grab list (accvio)
3176.012FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSMon Sep 28 1992DECWINDOWS BANNER Needs a new home today
3177.02ZURMon Sep 28 1992Tek4125 Emulator and VMS 5.5
3178.03TSCGPX::UWEHMon Sep 28 1992abnormal Cardfiler termination recovering possible
3179.06XLIB::CHANGMon Sep 28 1992X$DRAW_POINTS problem
3180.03CRONIC::DUNLOPMon Sep 28 1992Session Manager ACCVIO
3181.05CHIPS::PAGEMon Sep 28 1992type-ahead/auto-repeat question
3182.0OUTBCK::OMELEYMon Sep 28 1992DW-MOTIF and UniGraphics2. Colour oddities
3183.01TKTV2Tue Sep 29 1992Remote Session manager
3184.01RHETT::KATZTue Sep 29 1992dxterm() and XPolyFillRectangle()
3185.04RHETT::KATZTue Sep 29 1992Xws() and Shared Memory
3186.0MANEGE::GREBEWed Sep 30 1992Remove XUI decterm menubar ??
3187.04CSC32::D_DERAMOWed Sep 30 1992FORTRAN .TRUE. not a Boolean any more?
3188.0REACH::WRIGHTWed Sep 30 1992XvmsAlloc
3189.065Wed Sep 30 1992Session manager cannot find display?
3190.0PEACHS::BELDINWed Sep 30 1992Message - using factory defaults - where from?
3191.01TECRUS::KUMPFWed Sep 30 1992accvio after Attempt to remove non-existant passive grab
3192.03HAVOR::MELVILLEMWed Sep 30 1992VAXnotes under DECwindows problem
3193.01FUTURS::HILL_KThu Oct 01 1992calc pixel size of string?
3194.01HANNAH::PORTANTEThu Oct 01 1992XDPS crashed my Xserver, VMS 5.4-3, DECwindows Motif V1.1
3195.05ZURThu Oct 01 1992Limit on size of DECW$XDEFAULTS.DAT ?
3196.01BIZZY::HAMSONThu Oct 01 1992Missing Functions
3197.08CSC32::G_OGLESBYThu Oct 01 1992Motif v1.1 NOTEPAD will not wordwrap.
3198.0MIDI::DANThu Oct 01 1992Announcing Bookreader X4.
3199.03GANTRY::BEASLEYFri Oct 02 1992XopenDisplay using LOCAL transport
3200.01MSDSWS::RMUMFORDFri Oct 02 1992Help-Xwindows!
3201.08PEACHS::HAZZARDSun Oct 04 1992Announcing XteleServer for VMS and decwindows (peachs::xteleserver for more information)
3202.02BLKPUD::TAYLORJMon Oct 05 1992Where does GECDRIVER, etc for SPXgt come from ?
3204.01CSC32::D_DERAMOMon Oct 05 1992Error in BASIC include files for Motif V1.1
3205.0ENTIAT::GORDONMon Oct 05 1992X Error - BADM-X Error - BadMatch
3206.01BOGUSS::CABREIRAMon Oct 05 1992MX Display Dither Problem
3207.04ICS::SOBECKYTue Oct 06 1992Problem opening window when I SET HOST
3208.02CRONIC::DUNLOPTue Oct 06 1992Session Manager ACCVIO at PC=
3209.05VORTEX::FYRFTR::BLINNTue Oct 06 1992WSA process repeatedly disappears...
3210.03TSCGPX::UWEHWed Oct 07 1992maximize tpu results in 2
3211.02TAVThu Oct 08 19924
3212.08MLNCIB::VENIANIThu Oct 08 1992DRCS font problem.
3213.013SUBWAY::BONNELLThu Oct 08 1992Color me perplexed
3214.01HANNAH::SCHULLMANThu Oct 08 1992problems when XLFD ADD_STYLE_NAME field is non-null
3215.01ZURFri Oct 09 1992Toolkit for VS4
3216.0ROTHKO::PARRYFri Oct 09 1992%LCG-W-QIOW_TIMEOUT, QIOW completed with status = TIMEOUT
3217.0ZGOVFri Oct 09 1992Icon for POP-UP windows disappear for some VT12
3218.08SWTHOM::MALASPINAFri Oct 09 1992Print Screen ==> %ISL-F-DPREMAPER
3219.08CFSCTC::MLISSA::KENNYFri Oct 09 1992Compose Character - how to enable/disable
3220.0HANNAH::BAYFri Oct 09 1992Looking for lost symbols
3221.06CADSYS::BRIX::KINMONTHFri Oct 09 1992XtAppNextEvent not returning events chronologically
3222.01ASDS::DIOTALEVIFri Oct 09 1992MOTIF V1.1 Dated 4-jun-1992 Is patch needed?
3223.0DURDUR::CHAFFAUTMon Oct 12 1992Debug does not work with DECwindows motif V1.1 ?
3224.05RIPPLE::KOPEC_STMon Oct 12 1992Does DECwindows support XDMCP over IP?
3225.01ROLAID::PNDSKM::sheproMon Oct 12 1992Decterm doesn't know where its server is
3226.02WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Oct 13 1992dxmail and aliases
3227.01HGOSPS::DENISLITue Oct 13 1992Change pointer shape fails...
3228.01GIDDAY::TANTue Oct 13 1992VT13
3229.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Oct 13 1992XDrawPoint problem with HX board
3230.01UTOPIE::SCHIEFERTue Oct 13 1992rgb modifications (vax ultrix)
3231.07FREEBE::MACLEANTue Oct 13 19925.5 upgrade application slowed down
3232.01CSC32::D_DERAMOTue Oct 13 1992XSetIOErrorHandler -- handler not called
3233.08BALZAC::ANAKOKWed Oct 14 1992DW Motif, Decimage and Xie
3234.01TRHLE2::MOGENSWed Oct 14 1992X tools to give away?
3235.05MSDSWS::RMUMFORDWed Oct 14 1992Windows Blowing Away
3236.0MARVIN::COBBWed Oct 14 1992unable to open font: 6x13
3237.04COLA1::ESGWed Oct 14 1992How to chnge default envi. for first login to motif?
3238.05CADSYS::LEMONSWed Oct 14 1992Screen capture to .GIF
3239.0BSS::CODE3::BANKSWed Oct 14 1992Runaway batch processes invoked via DECwindows
3240.01PASVC::STEVENTAMThu Oct 15 1992Create Message Window
3241.03IOSG::TALLETTThu Oct 15 1992Move an mwm window?
3242.05SUBWAY::BONNELLThu Oct 15 1992Icons get a a "bite" taken out?
3243.07SUBWAY::BONNELLThu Oct 15 1992initial decterm positioning?
3244.04HUMAN::AVERYThu Oct 15 1992Displaying a popup dialog box from DCL
3245.01SUBURB::PEGGVFri Oct 16 1992XWD in VMS DECwindows Motif?
3246.08TASTY::JEFFERYFri Oct 16 1992How to Use XOpenDisplay to use a VXT2
3247.0CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Oct 16 1992How to get a popup menu to stay up
3248.07BLYTH::CORNWALLFri Oct 16 1992Moving login box....yet again
3249.0ISIDRO::ITZIARFri Oct 16 1992DECwindows v Motif
3250.01UTOPIE::SCHIEFERFri Oct 16 1992accvio, session mgr as fileview from any item
3251.01UKEDU::SMITHBSat Oct 17 1992Help setting font
3252.012TYSON::KURATASun Oct 18 1992Customer complaints on Decwindows Motif - VMS
3253.03KTOV12::TAKEUCHIMon Oct 19 1992snf font detail format
3254.03ZURMon Oct 19 1992No negative printouts with printscreen motif 1.1
3255.04MSDSWS::RMUMFORDMon Oct 19 1992More Xlib IO errors
3256.01WLW::DOUGHTYMon Oct 19 1992color mapping???
3257.04DIEHRD::ODONNELLMon Oct 19 1992How run both Motif & DECW?
3258.04DBSRFX::LEAGUEMon Oct 19 1992popup shells
3259.0ZURTue Oct 20 1992Timing problems sending ESC sequences
3260.02HWSIYTue Oct 20 1992restart the server automatically in VMS
3261.04HAMSUP::NICOLTue Oct 20 1992Austrian_German_LK4
3262.05TAVTue Oct 20 1992VMS server bug? PB border width not changed...
3263.01GIZARD::WETZELTue Oct 20 1992The "connection abort" problem.
3264.04DPDMAI::STEINERTue Oct 20 1992modifying login box in VMS5.5-2/MWM1.1
3265.05DEKSW3::JAEHOLEETue Oct 20 1992fuction key when text widget and pushbutton mixed
3266.01BODRUM::ERKUSWed Oct 21 1992VMS 5.5 kit and DECwindows/DECterm versions...
3267.01MRSUN::millsonWed Oct 21 1992Mouse pointer disappears for a while then reappears for now reason
3268.03ARTLIB::GOETZEWed Oct 21 1992Any KEYCAPS program available for X?
3269.02LIOSWed Oct 21 1992Is there a printscreen alternative?
3270.01LOSPED::MCGHIEThu Oct 22 1992Medusa on DECwindows
3271.01SWETSC::ASTROMThu Oct 22 1992<lock>key is still activated when moving window
3274.0TOOLEY::GEORGEThu Oct 22 1992decwtermport (dewc$term_port) and event flags
3275.0DECWIN::BROUILLETTEFri Oct 23 1992Phase
3276.02GNPIKE::TANSKIFri Oct 23 1992session manager error
3278.05ROCK::FREEDMANMon Oct 26 1992Create and map global section ($CRMPSC) breaks DECwindows
3279.01BLKPUD::BARROWCLOUGHMon Oct 26 1992How to change user exec default "umask"
3280.01RHETT::KATZMon Oct 26 1992dxue(): Define File Type screen questions
3281.01EBYGUM::NORRISMMon Oct 26 1992Active Tasks on Quiting Session
3282.01TECRUS::KUMPFTue Oct 27 1992decw$server accvio's on large ps file in decw$mail
3283.0CX3PT1::PWAKET::CBUTTERWORTHTue Oct 27 1992X Toolkit Warning: Urm__FetchLiteral:??
3284.03FSAEUR::NEDBALEKTue Oct 27 1992MOTIF print problem with LA12
3285.0TLE::REAGANTue Oct 27 1992System hangs after upgrade to Motif 1.1
3286.04PEACHS::KENDRIXTue Oct 27 1992Hold Screen...
3287.04QUABBI::"gibian@ljohub.enet.dec.com"Wed Oct 28 1992Need info on NOTES X resource names
3288.04MUNICH::RMEIERWed Oct 28 1992TX problems on flamingo
3290.0SWTHOM::TISSERANDThu Oct 29 1992VS4
3291.04TOSSU3::ALESSIOThu Oct 29 1992DDIF to PS scale problems
3292.01WEORG::GILLISThu Oct 29 1992Motif on ultrix: text-editing keys not working
3293.08VNASWS::WILFRIEDThu Oct 29 1992ALT key doesn't work - reboot solved the problem
3294.03MFRFMS::RINGFri Oct 30 1992VIEW, PSfiles , VXT or EWS Terminals (DECwrite)
3295.04HELLO::CUMMINGSFri Oct 30 1992DXRN and MXRN news reader crashing DECwindows server
3296.03HOTAIR::VIVERITOFri Oct 30 1992Login window on 2-head display
3297.01PRSSUD::NEYERSMon Nov 02 1992Decwindows/hangul on Ultrix ?
3298.06TASTY::JEFFERYMon Nov 02 1992Can I get text from a file into Cardfiler?
3300.01PEACHS::FORDMon Nov 02 1992documentation for Xprompter?
3301.0PEACHS::FORDMon Nov 02 1992how to skip user validation on boot up?
3302.01JULIET::JOSEPH_BOMon Nov 02 1992Customized CALENDAR to keep track of resources
3304.09WAHOO::LEVESQUETue Nov 03 1992MOTIF-DECWindows MAIL performance
3305.02CSC32::D_MAHDERWed Nov 04 1992could not allocate named color
3306.02ZURWed Nov 04 1992Internal server error code 12, fatal server bug
3307.0IHIKE::STRAWThu Nov 05 1992Motif R1.2.1 Toolkit IFT2 Kit
3308.01SLINK::CHILDSThu Nov 05 1992VT34
3309.06287Thu Nov 05 1992Where is Bookreader conf? Starting iconic?
3310.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Nov 06 1992scheduler sftwr.
3311.02HANNAH::OSMANMon Nov 09 1992on a NORMAL WINDOW, how can I know when user has selected "CLOSE" ?
3312.05KAOFS::P_CHAPLINSKYMon Nov 09 1992Customize Security creates decw$???
3313.04HANSBC::BACHNERMon Nov 09 1992can I find out screen density from DCL ?
3314.01IOSG::TALLETTMon Nov 09 1992Colour me bad
3315.01NASMon Nov 09 1992Help needed: PRINT... and PRINT cause CARDFILER to crash
3317.06ZURTue Nov 10 1992Can't save session manager
3318.0ROMTSS::SERAFINITue Nov 10 1992Performance problem btw V31
3319.02BLKPUD::NORRISMTue Nov 10 1992WS Symbol Problem in DW MOTIF V1.1
3320.04FORTSC::SHOMOTue Nov 10 1992Is FileView source avail for ext. customers?
3321.0GANTRY::BEASLEYTue Nov 10 1992Does XWD and XPR support COLORS ?
3322.03WMOENG::D_VALLIERETue Nov 10 1992anyone else losing window borders ???
3323.04ANGLIN::SCOTTGWed Nov 11 1992How do I turn off "Applications" and "Options" from the Session Manager for a user?
3324.0ISTWI1::ERKUSWed Nov 11 1992Vms V5.5 and DECwindows UIL
3325.01UNYEM::LEFFLERMWed Nov 11 1992dxterm fonts Ultrix 4.3?
3326.02PINBOT::ERVINWed Nov 11 1992Need assistance with Japanese
3327.05MUNICH::MHEINEWed Nov 11 1992Ultrix4.3: 2nd paste hangs dxterm
3328.0CUJO::BROWNWed Nov 11 1992Problems with XSETROOT and Motif V1.1
3329.05ROTHKO::WOODThu Nov 12 1992client not authorized from DS52
3330.01LSNCSC::MEISTERThu Nov 12 1992dwt$s_text_set_string has memory leak?
3331.04CARECL::DEKKERSThu Nov 12 1992%XLIB-F-IOERROR, xlib io error, after MENU change
3332.01SHAWB1::ROBERTSCThu Nov 12 1992Garbage in Message Window (motif)
3334.0DELNI::WALSHThu Nov 12 1992Help building xlogin from MIT
3335.02PETRUS::TRINHFri Nov 13 1992Problems after instl. VMS5.5-2
3336.06UTRTSC::WIJKAMPFri Nov 13 1992Decterm Options Help behaviour?
3337.02BEDEMO::ENKERLIFri Nov 13 1992ADA and PASCAL Bindings for OpenVMS for AXP
3338.02EVTAI1::RENOUVELFri Nov 13 1992UIS to GIF converter
3339.02GALVIA::QUIGLEYFri Nov 13 1992DECwindows Developers Kit for OSF/Motif 1.1.3
3340.09RHETT::LOHMon Nov 16 1992DXTERM can't save default printer queue option
3341.01MPOSUP::HEISELMon Nov 16 1992Cardfiler runs away with the CPU
3342.04CSC32::D_MAHDERTue Nov 17 1992Printscreen error message widget
3343.08WECROW::RAGHAVANTue Nov 17 1992Motif 1.1
3344.0SWTHOM::TEMAMWed Nov 18 1992XDM, dxsession and pause session
3345.03FXODEV::SEMMELWed Nov 18 1992UDKs-User defined keys for VXT
3346.04SHAWB1::ROBERTSCWed Nov 18 1992quitting from the session manager takes minutes
3347.0EVTAI1::RENOUVELThu Nov 19 1992Autoresize problem
3348.01ASD::RAMANThu Nov 19 1992MOTIF help system problems....
3349.02XAPPL::CLARKThu Nov 19 1992Deleted Applications menu items reappear
3350.05RCOCER::EPSTEINThu Nov 19 1992Font name Bigelow and
3351.06GIDDAY::SHCHIUFri Nov 20 1992motif 1.1 server crash code= 12
3352.01MLNTSC::FROSINIFri Nov 20 1992customization of DECW$BOOKREADER.DAT
3353.01EEMELI::KALINFri Nov 20 1992x$set_screen_saver in SYSTARTUP not always working
3354.01COMICS::SUMMERFIELDFri Nov 20 1992problems with Print Screen & DECW$PRINTSCREEN.DAT
3355.06RHETT::LOHFri Nov 20 1992Cut & paste doesn't work with EVE
3356.04SQM::WUZZLE::BOWERFri Nov 20 1992Borders missing from WINDOWS
3357.0STAR::MEIERSun Nov 22 1992Ok to call X routine at AST level?
3358.01SHAWB1::ROBERTSCMon Nov 23 1992Xws -once causes delayed Xprompter
3359.0SHIPS::COLWELL_DMon Nov 23 1992VUE processes in MUTEX state
3360.03GLDOA::CUTLERMon Nov 23 1992XTERM ON VMS?
3362.02KERNEL::FISCHERITue Nov 24 1992Where are item names stored?
3363.0ZPOVC::XKOVTue Nov 24 1992DECWindows/Motif Prog. (EY-D588E-LO)
3365.03PHDVAX::LANDISTue Nov 24 1992wkspaceMenu and turning off A all MWM menus
3366.02FORTY2::BAKERTue Nov 24 1992ULTRIX base files being overwritten by DXMXM
3367.0MOIRA::FAIMANTue Nov 24 1992DW Mail, Notes hang after VMS 5.5-2 upgrade
3368.01PHDVAX::LANDISTue Nov 24 1992DECwindows login and login qualifiers
3369.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Nov 24 1992session manager accvio pc=1261C1
3370.01TKTV2Wed Nov 25 1992Specifying TCP/IP again
3371.04VNOTSC::BIRGITWed Nov 25 1992XtDestroyWidget memory leak again
3372.0UTRTSC::WIJKAMPWed Nov 25 1992Print screen color and DDIF errors.
3373.0ROMWed Nov 25 1992VAXStat. 4
3374.09PH4VAX::KRYSTOWed Nov 25 1992Session Manager goes away
3375.09KIPPIS::OLLIKAINENThu Nov 26 1992My FileView has three different cursor !
3376.0VNASWS::THOMASWThu Nov 26 1992Fonts for AIX applications, what's possible ?
3377.01BAYERN::WOLFFFri Nov 27 1992XCreateImage/XPutImage on PXGTurbo+?
3378.08COMICS::WOODFri Nov 27 1992DW-Motif v1.1 - AUTOGEN setting WINDOW_SYSTEM to '1' on CI NODES ?
3380.02BLKPUD::NORRISMFri Nov 27 1992Blank Screen for long time during login
3381.03EDWIN::TRASATTISun Nov 29 1992Resolving Xlib undefined symbols
3382.02MEOCSun Nov 29 1992PXGT low level info?
3383.03TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGMon Nov 30 1992Problem with image which used to work with DECWindows
3384.0WAHOO::LEVESQUEMon Nov 30 1992Notes hangs after using MAIL- MOTIF
3385.04KERNEL::BELLMon Nov 30 1992GrabInvalidTime even when specifying CurrentTime - server bug ?
3387.06RHETT::LOHMon Nov 30 1992problems with dxnotepad
3388.08RHETT::LOHMon Nov 30 1992Can dxmail include the msg you are replying to?
3389.03RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Dec 01 1992FileView drops 6th DECterm
3390.04VESPER::VESPERTue Dec 01 1992_XDispatchInput problem
3391.06MSDSWS::RMUMFORDTue Dec 01 1992Questions on backingstore
3392.04RHETT::WILLIAMSTue Dec 01 1992Changing Font for DCL command window
3393.03WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Dec 01 1992dxmail postscript files no longer displayed???
3394.02SUBWAY::BONNELLTue Dec 01 1992Set D/W mail window title?
3395.0TAVHLT::DORONWed Dec 02 1992Print color screen on LA75+
3396.01MLNTSC::VOCIWed Dec 02 1992how to trap events of another window
3397.0FROCKY::DIETZWed Dec 02 1992dxsession on VXT2
3398.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Dec 02 1992window manager and callbacks - X toolkit warning
3399.03PEACHS::BELDINWed Dec 02 1992Will xpr ever make it to VMS Motif?
3400.02SUOSW3::BOCKThu Dec 03 1992DECwindows with X11R5 for VMS
3401.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Dec 03 1992lab kit for "DECwindows Motif Programming" needed
3402.02USDEV1::JBONINThu Dec 03 1992Colors and sharpness turn dull and fuzzy
3403.02CSC32::D_DERAMOThu Dec 03 1992_XmPopWidgetExtData: no extension found with XFindContext
3404.02HANNAH::OSMANThu Dec 03 1992why does TCP transport hang ?
3405.0EBYGUM::TAYLORJThu Dec 03 1992App compiled with SYSTEM_FIVE causes XIO error
3406.0SSPADE::LASKYThu Dec 03 1992XSelectAsyncEvent planned for OSF?
3407.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOMon Dec 07 1992XIE in DECwindows?
3408.01SOFBAS::SULLIVANMon Dec 07 1992Ident mismatch - No login box.
3409.01CSC32::D_SANBORNTue Dec 08 1992Need a definition for TRUE in DECW$XLIBDEF.FOR
3410.01CSC32::A_DEBRITOWed Dec 09 1992Searching the Scroll buffer
3411.06PHDVAX::LANDISWed Dec 09 1992Is the Window Manager ALWAYS needed?
3412.014SHAWB2::ROBERTSCThu Dec 10 1992Pause session grabbing server and blocking events
3413.02BLKPUD::NORRISMThu Dec 10 1992XMIRegisterDDXMarkProcsProcs(), Function Details Required
3414.02AZUR::MANCINIThu Dec 10 1992DECWINDOWS help widget on Alpha
3415.03DSSDEV::SCHANThu Dec 10 1992Pointer for "DECWindows Extensions to Motif". Anyone?
3416.04GIDDAY::CHONGMon Dec 14 1992Session manager ACCVIO
3417.05PEACHS::PV2PWR::BECHTOLDTue Dec 15 1992Need Way to determine Graphics controller type for VS4
3418.02HKOVC::TERENCEWed Dec 16 1992How does f.dec_customize generate shadow colors?
3419.0MUNICH::STULLICHWed Dec 16 1992How to use XtFindFile with VMS?
3420.04HOBBLE::DONAHUEWed Dec 16 1992Transport program call
3422.05STKHLM::SUNDSTROMWed Dec 16 1992How do I get rid of the DwtTextSource created by DwtSTextCreate ??
3423.04OUTBCK::OMELEYWed Dec 16 1992Sess Mgr/Fileview profile & task questions
3424.01PEACHS::LAMPERTThu Dec 17 1992VS4
3425.02AZUR::GEERDESFri Dec 18 1992angle bracket problem with eXcursion and motif 1.1
3426.01COPCLU::SCHOUBOFri Dec 18 1992XZAPTB for MOTIF?
3427.01MINNY::PFISTERWFri Dec 18 199224 or 26 fonts for a fonttypeface?
3428.03ROTHKO::PARRYFri Dec 18 1992QIOW to DECWKEYBOARD failed, cannot init input from keyboards 12
3429.0GANTRY::BEASLEYFri Dec 18 1992VAXStation 4
3430.01MUNICH::HABENREICHMon Dec 21 1992MWM: could not grab pointer OR MWM: could not grab keyboard
3431.04MLNMon Dec 21 1992lack of fonts using Bookreader on Unix X servers
3432.05MUNICH::SCHWEMMERMon Dec 21 1992mwm 1.1-3 crashes with ACCVIO when running DECmcc
3433.01MU::PORTERMon Dec 21 1992Too many SPAWNs kill the session manager
3434.0BUDDIE::SHWIFFMon Dec 21 1992need code for LOGIN BOX
3435.01EWBV37::FUJIITue Dec 22 1992no sound on DECsound
3436.08ZURTue Dec 22 1992No session manager --> login box returns
3437.01SEDSWS::BADRICKTue Dec 22 1992End session takes a long time
3438.0SWTHOM::TISSERANDTue Dec 22 1992XLookupString listing for DW Motif v1.1
3439.06GUIDUK::FARLEETue Dec 22 1992Login Box ACCVIO's - Motif 1.1
3440.0GIDDAY::HAGANWed Dec 23 1992Need resource for vue$popup
3441.0DWOVAX::VANWINKLEWed Dec 23 1992Motif V1.1 shareable image maps?
3442.02MUNGO::CHENGMon Dec 28 1992Device name of a window
3443.0DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKMon Dec 28 1992X Error of failed request : Bad.....
3444.04CSC32::L_DVORAKTue Dec 29 1992Printscreen options are dimmed out
3445.03HANNAH::OSMANWed Dec 30 1992uil fetchwidget routine crashing on alpha
3446.03EYEORE::STEWARTWed Dec 30 1992How to link Motif application on Alpha??
3447.03EYEORE::STEWARTWed Dec 30 1992UIL include file behavior different on Alpha
3448.02UNIVSE::DOUCETTEThu Dec 31 1992Motif Development installed?
3449.05ZURMon Jan 04 1993Base priority of detached process. How to change?
3450.0HANNAH::OSMANMon Jan 04 1993bug [ACCVIO] in DwtFetchWidget (can someone please help ?)
3451.0CADSYS::HECTOR::RICHARDSONMon Jan 04 1993clipping rectangles vs. display postscript
3452.015COMICS::SUMMERFIELDTue Jan 05 1993Window appears OVER the pause screen!!!
3453.04ZAPDEV::MACONITue Jan 05 1993Login failes with Session Manager ACCVIO
3454.05CIMFIE::RAMESHWed Jan 06 1993Security problem for local display
3455.01HGSWS1::KENNETHTOWed Jan 06 1993Workstation Fails to run application at LOGIN.COM
3456.02OXNARD::KLEEWed Jan 06 1993paper on X protocol error debugging
3457.011RANGER::WESTERVELTThu Jan 07 1993DECterms crashing
3458.01SWTHOM::TISSERANDThu Jan 07 1993DDIF printscreen and ps file size
3460.01HDLITE::BHINDARWALAThu Jan 07 1993.pas files missing in decw for axp v1.1
3461.02ZURFri Jan 08 1993Messages missing in message window
3462.0H2SO4::GERSBACHMon Jan 11 1993ACCVIO from CREATE/TERM/DETA from within SM/FV
3464.02PEACHS::GINGHERMon Jan 11 1993ULTRIX 4.3 Xqdsg X server crashes.
3465.01CROWES::HULLEYMon Jan 11 1993automatic startup customized decterms?
3467.05SDOGUS::HOOKERMon Jan 11 1993Color Postscript screen captures
3469.01KERNEL::FISCHERITue Jan 12 1993What do you get with FIS?
3470.03SUBWAY::MONASCHTue Jan 12 1993cardfiler data recovery question
3471.025Tue Jan 12 1993Custom application resource question.
3472.01COMICS::SUMMERFIELDTue Jan 12 19932 Session Managers cause fatal server error & necessary reboot
3473.03SAMUEL::MARRATue Jan 12 1993Fatal server bug! after 2 months of usage...
3474.02HOTAIR::VIVERITOTue Jan 12 1993Modifying Session Manager menus
3475.0EWBV37::FUJIIWed Jan 13 1993PushButton activate without mouse
3476.08FUTURS::HILL_KWed Jan 13 1993colormap help?
3477.04AYOU49::CHARLESWed Jan 13 1993Lose control of window if top is moved off screen
3478.01SHAWB2::ROBERTSCWed Jan 13 1993dxmail -fn option does not work
3479.01CSC32::A_DEBRITOWed Jan 13 1993*bottomShadowPixmap: unspecified_pixmap
3480.01BAYES::SAUBERWed Jan 13 1993Equation editor causes X server to crash
3481.02ZURWed Jan 13 1993Reproduceable Bookreader Crash (SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO , Dump)
3482.03COMICS::WOODWed Jan 13 1993XUI application won't run under DECwindows v5.5
3483.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Jan 13 1993Bulletin-Board/Real-time Conferencing
3485.03TAVHLT::DORONThu Jan 14 1993Reset the server.
3486.04JUNO::WESTONThu Jan 14 1993Help with colormapFocusPolicy resource
3487.09IMPROV::KENNELLThu Jan 14 1993X11R4 security
3488.01TERPS::KMOOREThu Jan 14 1993Login window on OSF/1 AXP
3489.01NMGDV4::DOEVEMon Jan 18 1993DECwindows programming knowledge required !
3490.01INBLUE::RODASMon Jan 18 1993Composed keys table somewhere ?
3491.0ROMMon Jan 18 1993Screen capture using Postscript Level 2
3492.01CROWES::HULLEYMon Jan 18 1993decw$server_
3493.0MLNTSC::VOCITue Jan 19 1993XtDestroy and memory allocation
3494.01DBOTTue Jan 19 1993Decwindows on non-system disk?
3495.04LISVAX::BRITOTue Jan 19 1993Problem using DECwindows Applications
3496.011RPSTRY::KELLERMANTue Jan 19 1993How to use TCP as a transport
3497.02MLNTSC::VOCITue Jan 19 1993decterm customizations are not saved
3498.0HANNAH::OSMANTue Jan 19 1993is athena widgets available on vms easily ?
3499.01MUNICH::STEFANWed Jan 20 1993VCB
3500.0DGOSWWed Jan 20 1993X-Window and Dual EThernet Problems with UCX
3501.03CHIPS::PAGEWed Jan 20 1993DECW-W-NODEVICE
3502.05CSC32::V_STROUDWed Jan 20 1993Difference between 1.1 Motif and 1.
3504.03TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 20 1993Running remote Session Manager & can't open any DECterms?
3505.02ADO75A::CLEGHORNWed Jan 20 1993TRACKBALL
3506.0TAVThu Jan 21 1993I18N PROBLEM WITH LSE 4.
3507.02ACESMK::KENDALLThu Jan 21 1993Table of color names/hex values?
3508.0RHETT::LOHThu Jan 21 1993Add menu items in session manager on OSF/1 AXP???
3509.01ROMVLC::SALVATIThu Jan 21 1993Decw$printscreen, how to pass arguments
3510.04LASCPM::YEUNGThu Jan 21 1993Sharing Display ID
3511.05VESPER::VESPERThu Jan 21 1993Xlib: sequence lost vs. Client Messages
3512.01BACHUS::RIJMENANTSFri Jan 22 1993Invisible I-beam cursor in CSText
3513.0ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Jan 22 1993Documentation part numbers
3514.0H2SO4::GERSBACHFri Jan 22 1993Problem with AST count
3515.02KDX2Fri Jan 22 1993How to supress "Task Output" windows
3516.03SWTHOM::TISSERANDTue Jan 26 1993Xws, fixed up unaligned data access, Ultrix v4.3
3517.05OSLACT::OLAVTue Jan 26 1993ULTRIX V4.3, DECterm 8-bit characters?
3518.0MUCTEC::EIBLTue Jan 26 1993Key translation Ctrl-A to toggle insert/overwr. ?
3519.06BRSTR2::SYSMANTue Jan 26 1993end-session
3520.01BRSTR2::SYSMANTue Jan 26 1993list of motif parameters?
3522.02KYOA::KOCHTue Jan 26 1993Why doesn't doc tell me how to create an icon box?
3523.0SUBPAC::SAUBERThu Jan 28 1993Is the GORGE QAR system only for field test revs?
3524.014UTRTSC::HELDENThu Jan 28 1993DECwindows Motif sources ....??
3525.06OSLACT::OLAVFri Jan 29 1993FileView, how to get console output?
3526.02MUNICH::RUZICKAFri Jan 29 1993size of printscreen ddif files into decwrite
3527.01PEACHS::WORDFri Jan 29 1993System Menu Bar: XGetPointerMappingFailed!
3528.02SPEZKO::FRAZIERFri Jan 29 1993ileView/Session Manager version X1.1-92115 error
3529.03DSSDEV::CHESTNUTTFri Jan 29 1993Out-of-the-box fonts?
3530.05NEWPRT::NEWELL_JOFri Jan 29 1993Session Managers look like FileViews
3531.06SRINIV::RAGHAVANMon Feb 01 1993Debugging help!!!
3532.01MAGS2::MAGALETTATue Feb 02 1993missing sys$common:[decw$motif] files
3533.02ZURWed Feb 03 1993Pause screen: resource to move pwd box, buttons??
3534.0ICELAN::MIKEWed Feb 03 1993Xstone performance numbers for AXP
3535.0USHSWed Feb 03 1993Question on displaying on pause screen
3536.01ADO75A::MCSHANEWed Feb 03 1993invalid password on SEVMS (security Enhanced)
3537.0OSLAGE::AGE_PThu Feb 04 1993Print Options just hang if DECW$PRINTER_FORMAT_xxx not defined on ALPHA
3538.0PEACHS::SILVERSTEINThu Feb 04 1993Xprompter hangs!
3539.02GOYA::ANAFri Feb 05 1993Is possible to disable DECW$SERVER_
3540.03RHETT::CHOYFri Feb 05 1993window overlapping problem
3541.01ONOIS1::LECONTEFri Feb 05 1993no ctrl/y ctrl/t in created decterm
3542.02TRCOA::ANGFri Feb 05 1993DECwindow question?
3543.02CSC32::L_DVORAKFri Feb 05 1993DECwindows Motif bidirectional support
3544.01ONOIS1::LECONTESat Feb 06 1993RMS-F-DEV error with printpasteboard call..
3545.06CSOA1::LENNIGMon Feb 08 1993Two head config
3547.04TALK::MORONGMon Feb 08 1993 %SET-F-NOMSG, Message number
3548.0HANNAH::SCHULLMANMon Feb 08 1993seeking DECfonts Typeface Collection V1.3 IFT sites
3549.02ZURTue Feb 09 1993Reproducable FileView crash with VUE$POPUP_PROGRESS_BOX 8
3550.01PRSSOS::AMAURYTue Feb 09 1993performance PB after upgrade
3551.04MU::PORTERTue Feb 09 1993Compose or Alt ?
3552.04TMAKXO::RMUMFORDWed Feb 10 1993EndSession not stopping all windows
3553.01TSCGPX::UWEHThu Feb 11 1993Paint with converted Sight files ?
3554.0EARRTH::COXThu Feb 11 1993Window colors & Workspace ? on Ultrix
3555.02EARRTH::COXThu Feb 11 1993Adding Apps menu to fileview on remote session?
3556.01COMICS::SUMMERFIELDFri Feb 12 1993Keymap does not work on LK2
3557.02PHDVAX::LARSONFri Feb 12 1993Notepad: Filter
3558.02CRONIC::SCHULERFri Feb 12 1993DECW$DWTMSG.EXE - Session Error: -NOSUCHDEV,
3559.01SUOSW4::GEISELHARTMon Feb 15 1993Multiple displays
3560.03OSLAGE::AGE_PMon Feb 15 1993Any way to prevent the user to make their own DECW$MWM_RC.DAT...?
3562.0RICKS::SNYDERMon Feb 15 1993DWT file select problem & manual request
3563.01RESYNC::PCOTETue Feb 16 1993WIndows and VMS 5.4-3 ?
3564.04CHIPS::PAGETue Feb 16 1993DECTERMs disappearing
3565.07TLSEWed Feb 17 1993XdrawImageString ans our Xserver implemantation gives flicker on VAX
3566.01MINNY::SCHWARZRWed Feb 17 1993Non-Motif DECwindows server version
3567.05MIMS::BEKELE_DWed Feb 17 1993Hung Process
3568.01SUBWAY::CHENWed Feb 17 1993327
3569.03BACHUS::RENTYThu Feb 18 1993TCP/IP and access by USERNAME (SECURITY menu)
3570.0CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Feb 18 1993XDrawLines problem when non-
3571.02MU::PORTERThu Feb 18 1993German standard DECterm font and bold characters?
3572.03RESYNC::PCOTEThu Feb 18 1993Installation woes
3573.0ZPOVC::SINSPSThu Feb 18 1993XLIB, XIO & ACCVIO errors !
3574.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Feb 18 1993lk2
3575.03EBYGUM::NORRISMFri Feb 19 1993Has anyone seen the Bookreader Conference?
3576.01DSSDEV::SCHANFri Feb 19 1993WML ACCVIO
3578.08CADSYS::LEMONSMon Feb 22 1993How to create a trademark (TM) symbol?
3580.0CALVIN::WEAVERMon Feb 22 1993Local shared memory transport
3581.03SWETSC::SNILSSONTue Feb 23 1993DECterm output only write protect
3582.0ROTHKO::PARRYTue Feb 23 1993Prevent saving on PrintScreen settings.
3583.08EEMELI::KUPARSAARITue Feb 23 1993Motif V1.1, TDMS and national char. replacement
3584.015KERNEL::FISCHERITue Feb 23 1993Patched printscreen on dual head problem
3585.02UTROP1::WALLACE_BTue Feb 23 1993Shell Query about X over UCX
3586.05SFCTue Feb 23 1993DECW$FONT and human factors
3587.09SRINIV::RAGHAVANTue Feb 23 1993The dreaded GC Problem
3588.04PLAYER::VANDENEYNDEWed Feb 24 1993Password verification problem:invalid resultant string size
3589.06ALLOUT::STEWARTWed Feb 24 1993mailbox errors again
3591.01COMICS::WOODWed Feb 24 1993ULTRIX v4.3 DwtAppl.h doesn't compile with 'c89' ansi standard compiler
3592.0TLE::REAGANWed Feb 24 1993Looking for Pascal DECwindows code
3593.02LIOSThu Feb 25 1993DECterm and DECamil resource list?
3594.01HGOSPS::DENISLIFri Feb 26 1993invoke DECterm from session manager see problem...
3595.0MOURS::MALASPINAFri Feb 26 1993VUE$POPUP_HELP no longuer works with MOTIF 1.1
3596.07PHDVAX::LARSONFri Feb 26 1993Window Life after Session?
3597.0QUIVER::DESMONDFri Feb 26 1993Bug in X*Context calls
3598.04MLNTSC::VOCIMon Mar 01 1993bad match
3599.0CSC32::V_STROUDMon Mar 01 1993Can't use help from applications get error in DECW$SM.LOG
3600.02DWOVAX::MANUSZAKMon Mar 01 1993DECWindow Startup - Can't create gpd?
3601.02EBYGUM::WILLOUGHBYDTue Mar 02 1993XDM on Ultrix 4.1
3602.01BGOTue Mar 02 1993keyboardFocusPolicy for dxwm ?
3603.02TAVTue Mar 02 1993Accvio in X$CONFIGURE_WINDOW with Pascal
3604.01HOBBLE::WURZBERGERTue Mar 02 1993Open Look cursor fonts and font info.
3605.01EBYGUM::WILLOUGHBYDTue Mar 02 1993VS 4
3606.01MPGS::SHARMATue Mar 02 1993HP View
3607.05SEND::PRINCIPIOWed Mar 03 1993Adding items to the Applications menu
3608.02COMICS::SUMMERFIELDWed Mar 03 1993Motif 1.1 libraries cause compilation to take 4 times longer!
3609.01WHYNOW::NEWMANWed Mar 03 1993Problem with Session Manager crashing
3610.0BASTAR::KAIRYSWed Mar 03 1993Tools for working with xwd files??
3611.01CSC32::L_DVORAKWed Mar 03 1993Picture Size Resolution optoin
3612.0TKOV51::YOSHIMURAWed Mar 03 1993Memory management of window server
3613.02ALLOUT::STEWARTThu Mar 04 1993motiff
3614.0NSDC::RUTTIThu Mar 04 1993Dynamic menu accelerators
3615.02AVANT::WONGThu Mar 04 1993DECW$SESSIONSHRP image linked with /TRACBACK ????
3616.01CADSYS::LEMONSThu Mar 04 1993.PCX file manipulator
3617.08HIBOB::KRANTZFri Mar 05 1993Help with dual headed VS4
3618.02COMICS::SUMMERFIELDMon Mar 08 1993Xws server does not free memory!!!
3619.08SED75Mon Mar 08 1993Speeding up EndSession
3620.08ASD::DIGRAZIAMon Mar 08 1993C++?
3621.02ISTWI1::ARIKANTue Mar 09 1993Get rid of motif forever
3622.011TINCUP::S_ROSCIOTue Mar 09 1993SYSTEM-F-CONNECFAIL for LOCAL transport
3623.01ROTHKO::PARRYTue Mar 09 1993EndSession gives "DialogShell widget only supports one rectObj child"
3624.01EWBV37::FUJIIWed Mar 10 1993connect to LAT X session
3625.01EWBV37::FUJIIWed Mar 10 1993can't connect to LAT X session
3626.01EBYGUM::WILLOUGHBYDWed Mar 10 1993PAINT fill doesn't work
3627.06TMAKXO::RMUMFORDWed Mar 10 1993calendar file corruption?
3628.01ROTHKO::PARRYWed Mar 10 1993LIB IO ERROR on AlphaVMS AXP system
3629.04GIZARD::WETZELWed Mar 10 1993DECterm creation problems.
3630.06CSC32::L_DVORAKWed Mar 10 1993CDAViewer doesn't display PostScript file correctly
3631.04COOKIE::WALLACEWed Mar 10 1993Widget Meta Description (.WMD) files -- How does one do this?
3633.07ZAPDEV::MACONIThu Mar 11 1993Session manager crashes when CDA viewer opens PS file
3634.0115Thu Mar 11 1993Workstation stops creating new applications.
3635.07VLNVAX::TSMITHThu Mar 11 1993DECW$USER_DEFAULTS defined to solve vanising SM at startup
3636.03CSC32::V_STROUDThu Mar 11 1993A way to tap into pause information?
3637.012HANNAH::ACHANThu Mar 11 1993How to get xnllanguage?
3638.03RCOCER::SALEHIFri Mar 12 1993Lock server setups
3639.08SSDEVO::LUJANFri Mar 12 1993Need help with Decwindows performance
3640.03SUBWAY::YANNIOSSat Mar 13 1993Creating a Custom Color Login Logo?
3641.07PROPER::TEGSun Mar 14 19934
3642.0DEKSW3::JAEHOLEESun Mar 14 1993keyboard input problem!
3643.02KEPTIN::GRANOFFMon Mar 15 1993Message Panel accvio: %XLIB-E-INSFMEM
3644.01BACHUS::LEENMon Mar 15 1993DECW$Calendar
3645.0VIA::FLANAGANTue Mar 16 1993Accvio displaying decw$mail on a VAX to an AXP
3646.0EVTAI1::RENOUVELTue Mar 16 1993BASIC and UIL's files help.
3647.03RHETT::KNORRTue Mar 16 1993Let UTOX help w/ VMS DECwindows Motif Print Screen Needs
3648.02COMICS::SUMMERFIELDWed Mar 17 1993Override class behaviour...
3649.02LARVAE::HOWLETT_TWed Mar 17 1993Failover to anothe X server?
3650.0VNABRW::EHRLICH_KThu Mar 18 1993LK4
3651.06SWETSC::SNILSSONThu Mar 18 1993MOTIF 1.1 Printscreen update wanted
3652.0MPGS::PRIMMERThu Mar 18 1993Mail process hungs...
3653.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Mar 18 1993Training: Distributed Computing for Decision Makers
3654.01TROOA::POOTSFri Mar 19 1993X-Windows Performance, Network Impact ??
3655.05SQM::DOTYFri Mar 19 1993Poor Man's Routing?
3657.01WHITER::WHITEMon Mar 22 1993Has XrmCompileResourceList gone missing on DELTA?
3658.0NBOIS::KLIMMMon Mar 22 1993 Problem with DXmhelp on ULTRIX
3659.02MARVIN::WESTONMon Mar 22 1993Disabling mail notification in Message Window?
3660.01VAOUMon Mar 22 1993Xws messes up colormap
3661.09CSC32::V_STROUDMon Mar 22 1993CREATE/TERM/LOGICAL_NAME= help please
3662.02BACHUS::RIJMENANTSTue Mar 23 1993temperature problem ?
3663.02CHARON::UBANTue Mar 23 1993Dragon chips/VR299 support?
3664.09WIZZY2::WIRZBICKITue Mar 23 1993decw-f-timeout_control error
3665.05KEPTIN::GRANOFFTue Mar 23 1993"Client 11 resets the server" -- Huh!?
3666.01LASCPM::YEUNGTue Mar 23 1993DECW$TAILOR problem
3667.0EWBV37::FUJIIWed Mar 24 1993stack order of window
3668.01COPCLU::WAGTBERGWed Mar 24 1993No login box after cluster boot
3669.0PHDVAX::LANDISWed Mar 24 1993VMS 5.5-2, Notes 2.3, SHRIDMISMAT, & Motif 1.1
3670.03CALLAO::CORRALESWed Mar 24 1993Motif login returns you to login box.
3671.0SWAM2::SOTO_RUWed Mar 24 1993Fixed size "Files" dialog box on Link-to-picture
3672.0BLKPUD::TAYLORJThu Mar 25 1993convertfont and DECwindows bdf files
3673.01EBYGUM::WILLOUGHBYDFri Mar 26 1993DECterm and OOTB problems
3674.01SWTHOM::TISSERANDFri Mar 26 1993DW Motif v1.1 french : Installation fails if not vms v5.5-2
3675.01ROMFri Mar 26 1993XmText not scrolling?
3677.0MIDI::DANFri Mar 26 1993Announcing Bookreader V4.1, Bookreader/CC X1.
3678.04CSC32::G_OGLESBYFri Mar 26 1993Mwm*iconImage fails under Motif v1.1
3679.0AWECIM::WALKERFri Mar 26 1993window manager de-iconize by double click activates application pushbuttons
3680.01LOSPED::MCGHIESat Mar 27 1993DECwindows Server Crash on OpenVMS Alpha
3681.0BARIMon Mar 29 1993BadDrawable errors
3682.06DV78Mon Mar 29 1993mwm: Invalid icon bitmap for VUE$MASTER
3683.01LURE::CERLINGMon Mar 29 1993MS Windows conversion to X Windows
3684.02WASHDC::SARASINTue Mar 30 1993Need to Disable Customize Menu option in dxsession
3685.01STKHLM::P_SUNDSTROMTue Mar 30 1993Mwm*iconBoxSBDisplayPolicy and iconbox background color
3686.04XCUSME::MICHAUD_MTue Mar 30 1993Need help restoring Windows, please?
3687.0SITBUL::LANGONETue Mar 30 1993Parameters for changing mouse pointer acceleration and threshold
3688.01DMEICE::UBANTue Mar 30 1993SPX+VR299+uVAX31
3689.0LEDDEV::DISALVOTue Mar 30 1993Q4 MAET Training Calendar: 'State-of-the-Art' series
3690.01HURRU::SIEWERTTue Mar 30 1993Color defaults provided by system
3691.0EVTW13::POULLEAUWed Mar 31 1993LAT transport to display on a workstation
3692.0MLWS::LICHTWed Mar 31 1993PASCAL+MOTIF reference ?
3693.02WIZKID::ESTESWed Mar 31 1993DECwindows-Motif problem
3694.03LARVAE::HOWLETT_TThu Apr 01 1993can the Xserver flash?
3695.02WOTVAX::BROWNRThu Apr 01 1993window problem?
3696.01CSC32::G_OGLESBYThu Apr 01 1993Why does DECW$MWM restart with a base priority of 7?
3697.04GIDDAY::STRAUSSSun Apr 04 1993mit-magic-cookie in _all_ v4.3 applications?
3698.0OTIGER::J_WALKERMon Apr 05 1993Window Server or Station problem???
3699.04ZURMon Apr 05 1993process hangs in CEF after session quit.
3700.02HDLITE::MADONIAMon Apr 05 1993Disconnected processes .. won't disconnect
3701.04ZPOVC::KUMTONGTue Apr 06 1993Motif Printscreen fills up pagefile - Help
3702.05HANNAH::ALFREDTue Apr 06 1993Adding conditional compilation to UIL files
3703.01COPCLU::WAGTBERGTue Apr 06 1993End Session leaves some processes behind (MBAXXX: Disconnected)
3704.04SFCTue Apr 06 1993DwM 1.1 DECW$ENDSESSION->No login box.
3705.02ZPOVC::CHINGYUETue Apr 06 1993printscreen problem...
3706.01TMAKXO::RMUMFORDWed Apr 07 1993Runaway DECW$TE Process...
3707.03FUNYET::ANDERSONWed Apr 07 1993Fonts not found or loaded
3708.01COMICS::WOODWed Apr 07 1993License needed to access CDA converter library books
3709.01CRONIC::BUTTRICKWed Apr 07 1993ACCVIO pc=
3710.01SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PThu Apr 08 1993XQueryFont crashes the server
3711.04GBIThu Apr 08 1993tList and Motif???
3712.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Apr 08 1993NEW v1.2 OSF/Motif Training: Release 1.2 Update Seminar
3713.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Apr 08 1993MORE NEW v1.2 OSF/Motif Training: User Interface Design
3714.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Apr 08 1993STILL MORE NEW v1.2 OSF/Motif Training: Intro. to Prog..
3715.0MLNTSC::LAGORIThu Apr 08 1993default language problem
3716.02CSC32::V_STROUDFri Apr 09 1993What is the Messagepanel class name
3717.01CSC32::D_SANBORNFri Apr 09 1993
3718.01CSC32::D_SANBORNFri Apr 09 1993XtGetValues accvio for DwtNx on toplevel shell
3719.06CSC32::D_SANBORNMon Apr 12 1993sys$library redefined to sys$library_en_us by xtInitialize()???
3720.01RHETT::WESTMon Apr 12 1993DECW$SESSION 'How to start with 'Def Privs'?
3721.05CSC32::V_STROUDMon Apr 12 1993resources for PRINTSCREEN coordinates for automatic capture???
3722.09COPCLU::FLEMMINGTue Apr 13 1993Cut & paste problem in Motif 1.1
3723.05MU::PORTERTue Apr 13 1993Any update needed for Blade?
3724.01CRONIC::DUNLOPTue Apr 13 1993Session Manager ACCVIO @ PC=A9132
3725.0UTOPIE::SCHIEFERWed Apr 14 1993XDefineCursor on root window, problem using xui-window-manager
3726.03MSESU4::MCCULLERSWed Apr 14 1993PostScript file kills workstation
3727.05TARKIN::SINGERThu Apr 15 1993Change German Font selection?
3728.03ZURFri Apr 16 1993DECW$LOGINOUT eats up CPU
3729.02WIZZER::PARRYFri Apr 16 1993XUI Fileview fails with XVision server.
3730.01RHETT::KATZFri Apr 16 1993DECterm Windows not dying when Session ends
3731.07WEORG::ROGOFFFri Apr 16 1993Can't save session manager customizations
3732.011SOS6::AMAURYFri Apr 16 1993VAX station 4
3733.014RICKS::PHIPPSFri Apr 16 1993Crash after using arrow key when selecting list item.
3734.03ODIXIE::STUMPFMon Apr 19 1993help with XmNlabelString
3735.02REGENT::HUMMERSMon Apr 19 1993keyboard focus on burried window in Motif?
3736.02TOOIS1::MIRGHANETue Apr 20 1993Tektronix plotting compatibility
3737.03BLKPUD::ROBERTSCTue Apr 20 1993Fileview, accvio's when started from session manafg
3738.06BASTAR::KAIRYSTue Apr 20 1993Athena widgets on VMS?
3739.02KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Apr 20 1993Stray directory? SYS$SPECIFIC:[SYSUPD.DECW$MOTIF
3740.015MSAMWed Apr 21 1993New Digital logo color
3741.05CLPRWed Apr 21 1993Motif and sixel file ?
3742.01CRONIC::BUTTRICKWed Apr 21 1993Session Mgr crash @PC=
3743.02ZURWed Apr 21 1993DECterm and application crash on VS 4
3744.01EMDS::SOUBBLEThu Apr 22 1993Can't start CALENDAR
3745.01BLKPUD::ROBERTSCThu Apr 22 1993Is VAXMOTF
3746.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Apr 22 1993two loginboxes when restarting DECwindows
3747.0RHETT::KATZThu Apr 22 1993DxDiff Resource File Malfunction
3748.06ZURThu Apr 22 1993quad-head screen on VS4
3749.06CUSTOM::BEASLEYThu Apr 22 1993INQUIRE command fails!!
3750.03XLIB::CHANGThu Apr 22 1993How to disable mail message window
3751.01BREAKR::HAThu Apr 22 1993bypass login screen on VMS
3752.01HTSC19::ANDYNGFri Apr 23 1993what is DECW$WSGOBESHR.EXE...
3753.01CSC32::J_WIELANDFri Apr 23 1993Registering nodes in Security window with OSI/Decnet
3754.0TMAKXO::RMUMFORDFri Apr 23 1993DECW motif 1.1 and VCS 1.4?
3755.04CRLRFR::BLUNTFri Apr 23 1993DECWindows not starting; gives
3756.02PLAYER::HERICKXMon Apr 26 1993Icon Box options not working as expected
3757.03ONOIS1::DEGATMon Apr 26 1993Decterm and WSA
3760.02ALFAI::HENNESSYMon Apr 26 19931.1 is brilliant!!!
3761.013ZURTue Apr 27 1993Bug in Motif PrintScreen patch --> QARed
3762.03EICMFG::CUSHNIETue Apr 27 1993Help :::X errors when using DECWindows on an ULTRIX server......
3763.04SAC::MUNRO_MWed Apr 28 1993DECW$TE in MUTEX State
3764.02STKHLM::HENRIKSSONWed Apr 28 1993cut&paste window hung
3765.04GALVIA::HOGANWed Apr 28 1993Problem using create/terminal
3767.0ODIXIE::CASASWed Apr 28 1993CSCPAT 1
3768.02BLKPUD::WILLOUGHBYDThu Apr 29 1993Block mode terminal emulator available ?
3769.08IJSAPL::BROUWERSThu Apr 29 1993VT34
3770.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Apr 29 1993X Toolkit Error: Cannot perform malloc
3771.03GWYENG::RAWLINGSFri Apr 30 1993Inter icon spacing changes with default stacking of icons.
3772.01SUOSW3::GROSSFri Apr 30 1993VAX/DECstation and VGA ???
3773.01KYOA::KOCHFri Apr 30 1993DECwindowns Tailoring Question
3774.03COPCLU::SANDGRENMon May 03 1993SET DISPLAY/SCREEN=screen-number .nes. zero?
3775.01GLDOA::KLAMERUSMon May 03 1993XUI apps under Motif???
3776.02TOSSUB::ALESSIOTue May 04 1993Xprotocol error with Unigraphic rel.9
3777.019HANNAH::ALFREDTue May 04 1993DECterm Survey: Keyboard Options
3778.03CSC32::D_DERAMOTue May 04 1993Source_has_selection (quick copy from function)
3779.02BACHUS::RENTYWed May 05 1993Problems with touchscreen
3780.04SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PWed May 05 1993Does MOTIF installation require a license?
3781.05VAXRIO::CONTRASTEWed May 05 1993parameter for motif
3782.01VOLMAN::CCORTESWed May 05 1993Use of cascade buttons in applications menu?
3783.012LATINA::CORRALESThu May 06 1993DECW$SERVER_DDX_GF Fatal server bug!
3784.05CSC32::D_SANBORNFri May 07 1993Can Return key be forced to Autorepeat?
3785.03VNASWS::WILFRIEDSat May 08 1993DECwindows won't start on VAXstation 4
3786.0BLKPUD::ROBERTSCMon May 10 1993Release date VAXMOTF
3787.02TSCGPX::UWEHMon May 10 1993HPEXTENSION and softbench redirecting from HPUNIX
3788.02KERNEL::BELLMon May 10 1993DECW$LOGINOUT ACCVIO when password expired
3789.01COPCLU::FLEMMINGMon May 10 1993HELP needed for VXT 1.3 crash (Excep 64)
3790.07EEMELI::RUUSKANENTue May 11 19934
3791.01SAAVAK::CHANDLERTue May 11 1993more info on preprocessing directives in resource files
3792.02TMAKXO::RMUMFORDTue May 11 1993Query process for display node?
3793.02UNSINN::RUGGI::RUGGIEROWed May 12 1993is grayscale the same as color?
3794.01TRMPTN::MORRISRWed May 12 1993DECW$STARTI18N.COM question
3795.085Thu May 13 1993FileView's font resource?
3796.01GENVA1::RIPOLLThu May 13 1993X.Desktop information ?
3797.05MUCTEC::EIBLFri May 14 1993Why max. pixmap size of 256
3798.04ZPOVC::SINSPSMon May 17 19932 colors icon limitation ?
3799.01CGOOA::OWONGMon May 17 1993XpmReadfileToPixmap routine???...
3800.01CSC32::D_SANBORNTue May 18 1993ISV DECWindows notes conference?
3801.015GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue May 18 1993xlib-f-ioerror, and session manager crash
3802.03TAVWed May 19 1993Server images from CSCPAT_1
3803.0GLDOA::KLAMERUSWed May 19 1993EventHandlers on XmPushButtons???
3804.05MASALA::GMURRAYWed May 19 1993Left handed mouse setup hangs workstation
3805.06DEVIN::LUCASWed May 19 1993DECwindows not starting on Alpha in Mixed architecture cluster
3806.02ENTIAT::GORDONWed May 19 1993Controlling Workspace Menu
3807.01SXOSLS::BANKEYWed May 19 1993Bar Code input to DECterm Session?
3808.03SXOSLS::BANKEYWed May 19 1993Bar Code input to DECterm sessions on Ultrix
3809.0CSC32::L_DVORAKWed May 19 1993Bottom 1/4 of screen from previous session is viewable
3810.04FSOA::BAZWed May 19 1993Using both 75 DPI and 1
3811.0TAVThu May 20 1993Xaw - linking problem on Ultrix VAX
3812.0CSC32::L_DVORAKThu May 20 1993Repeating keys in translation table override
3814.05WAYLAY::GORDONThu May 20 1993DECterms crashing -- Toolkit bug
3815.03GLDOA::KLAMERUSThu May 20 1993Changing Logon Window???
3816.06TSQUAR::CEWBMGRThu May 20 1993X error event received from server: BadColor
3817.07SIREN::KENOYERThu May 20 1993Server hangs & windows destroyed
3818.02ZPOVC::PHILIPLOWSat May 22 1993Missing ICON BOX for non-priv user ??
3819.01STAR::HARDYTue May 25 1993Hints, Kinks, Magic and War Stories
3820.07ECADSR::LBDUCK::DEADERICKTue May 25 1993Printing Cardfiler cards
3821.01OSLLAV::BERITR_PThu May 27 1993Different X (Xlib) with DECWINDOWS than with Motif?
3822.01ZURThu May 27 1993MANUAL_FEED is missing in print option input_tray
3823.09MEO78A::SIMMONDSThu May 27 1993Mwm: one window over 2 screens ?
3824.0CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu May 27 1993? on size of a bitmap and using XReadBitmapFile...
3825.04BASTAR::KAIRYSThu May 27 1993How to put (C) notice in titlebar?
3826.05BSS::CODE3::BANKSThu May 27 1993Bug in SET TERM in DECterm?
3827.01EEMELI::HAKALAFri May 28 1993Button2MotionMask works differently in VMS and UULTRIX
3828.02IOSG::TALLETTMon May 31 1993LOCAL transport/DECterm stopped working after AUTOGEN
3829.04SWETSC::SNILSSONTue Jun 01 1993Multiple Expose Event on RESIZE Motif 1.1
3830.03ZURTue Jun 01 1993Bug: CTRL/MB1 crashes Fileview or Session Manager
3831.0MIMS::FINKELSTEINTue Jun 01 1993Memory Leak in X
3832.04XLIB::PAANANENTue Jun 01 1993Session Manager Loops (AXP)
3833.0GIDDAY::COOPERWed Jun 02 1993VS2
3834.08ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEWed Jun 02 1993x toolkit
3835.01COMICS::GLEDHILLWed Jun 02 1993system crash after stop/id no FTA UCB
3836.03MINNY::PFISTERWThu Jun 03 1993DECwindows/Motif 1.2 shippment?
3837.0DECWUI::HURLEYThu Jun 03 1993Need application that use Xlib VAX Bindings for testing Motif V1.2 Xlib image
3838.02STKHLM::HENRIKSSONFri Jun 04 1993ultrix notepad limits?
3839.01USOPS::KADOWFri Jun 04 1993Cannot Cut and Paste, Microvax 39
3840.05ADISSW::UBANFri Jun 04 1993detached DECwindows processes?
3841.02MUNICH::STEFANMon Jun 07 1993Why 3 Buttons with motif and no Login Box after authorization error
3844.011KYOA::KOCHTue Jun 08 1993Can't create remote display, why?
3845.0FROAKS::GORDON_JPWed Jun 09 1993.IMG as pixmap
3846.02BACHUS::RENTYWed Jun 09 1993what about the VAXMOTF
3847.0CSOA1::MAYNARDWed Jun 09 1993DECwindows Motif server performance after upgrade
3848.04PRSSOS::AMAURYThu Jun 10 1993Session Mgr crash with Decchart !
3849.0DTENG1::CARTYFri Jun 11 1993Any pointers to R4 MIT sources etc.!! getting R3 error
3850.01CAGED::CLARKFri Jun 11 1993Session Manager eats CPU?
3851.02CMOTEC::EVANSMon Jun 14 1993HX off-screen memory.
3852.01NLAMon Jun 14 199364 bit Xlib fields for Alpha OSF
3853.0LEMAN::AGASSISTue Jun 15 1993DECwindows 4.3A kit...
3854.01EURHEP::BROWNTue Jun 15 1993DECinspect Lockdown and X Toolkit error
3855.0SCAM::MURDOCKTue Jun 15 1993AXP/OSF/1 Windows slow down
3856.03ZAPDEV::MACONITue Jun 15 1993Remote Session Management?
3857.0MLNCSC::ODOARDIWed Jun 16 1993Unknown keysym name
3858.01CUESTA::MARCOSThu Jun 17 1993Motif ,Posix and Events Flags
3859.03MARX::FLEMINGThu Jun 17 1993X and modems?
3860.02LARVAE::MUIR_JOHNFri Jun 18 1993Micro Window created!
3861.0COPCLU::FLEMMINGFri Jun 18 1993Sloow performance of DECwindows Mail
3862.05QUINCE::MADDENFri Jun 18 1993"Client not authorized..." preventing login
3863.0ZURMon Jun 21 1993tablet mouse, left handed?
3864.0ADISSW::UBANMon Jun 21 1993Need some custom fonts
3865.01SNAX::VIRGONAMon Jun 21 1993Color Model won't allow Picker to be Chosen, only RGB/HLS/Browser/Grayscale
3866.01ANNECY::BESSEASTue Jun 22 1993DECW$SESSION restart
3867.03HANNAH::OSMANTue Jun 22 1993getting garbage from XGetWMHints
3868.09HUMAN::AVERYWed Jun 23 1993Background Colors don't stick
3870.02TENNIS::KAMWed Jun 23 1993Our interface as compared to HP?!
3871.0XLIB::MARSONWed Jun 23 1993Resource Question in DXVDOC
3872.0EMDS::THAYERThu Jun 24 1993Placing User Executive with -geometry
3873.03ZAPDEV::MACONIThu Jun 24 1993Two pause screens?
3874.02FROAKS::GORDON_JPThu Jun 24 1993Cross-Terminal compatibility
3875.01FROAKS::GORDON_JPThu Jun 24 1993Pushbutton accelerators
3876.0FROAKS::GORDON_JPThu Jun 24 1993Text Fields with Overstrike Mode
3877.02DSSDEV::LANGONEThu Jun 24 1993What tools are there for generating synthetic X events?
3878.05GWYNED::PCOTEThu Jun 24 1993VS31
3879.07SANBDO::GRANTThu Jun 24 1993MOTIF V1.1 PrintScreen to UCX problem
3880.01JUPITR::STEWARTFri Jun 25 1993GPX screen goes black except for DECterm seesion
3881.03FRAIS::ORCHIS::MAASSFri Jun 25 1993Language Related Problem with Motif V1.1 on VMS V5.5-2 on a VS31
3882.04CGOWGS::OAKLEYFri Jun 25 1993Differences between VS31
3883.03LARVAE::DRSD11::THRUSSELLMon Jun 28 1993Fallback Resources
3884.02TARUGO::ALVAROTue Jun 29 1993MaxRequestSize Increased? and drawing lines
3885.05BLKPUD::ROBERTSCWed Jun 30 1993Session Manager accvio PC=
3886.02ROTHKO::AUSTINWed Jun 30 1993Help with server crash (error 44) please
3887.01HUMAN::AVERYWed Jun 30 1993Calendar -- print an entire month?
3888.03TEVIOT::PAULThu Jul 01 1993Looking for .h files
3889.011EMDS::THAYERThu Jul 01 1993c/s mode, DECdecsison Calc & Motif a bad mix
3890.01ROMTSS::CANDIDIFri Jul 02 1993%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO....Request opcode 53 Vms 5.4
3891.03SEESAW::PILANTFri Jul 02 1993DECwindows Authorize utility
3892.0TAVTue Jul 06 1993Winmgr crash. OPCODE reserved to DIGITAL
3893.03QUARK::LIONELTue Jul 06 1993After installing VMS V6.
3894.05CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYTue Jul 06 1993Problem with DECwindows $QIO to perform XWarpPointer across display screens
3896.08WEORG::GILLISWed Jul 07 1993CDA Viewer logs me out of workstation -- Bug
3897.05NEPHI::COARThu Jul 08 1993XNextEvent in main loop, XSendEvent in AST
3898.04CADSYS::LEMONSThu Jul 08 1993Permanent Print Format value in DECwindows Motif Mail?
3900.020ALLOUT::STEWARTThu Jul 08 1993MOTIF 1.1 and VMS V6.
3901.01VENLA::PAKKANENFri Jul 09 1993Motif patch questions
3902.01TRUCKS::BUSHEN_PFri Jul 09 1993screen slave utility?
3903.03MUCTEC::EIBLFri Jul 09 1993TIFF -> DDIF file not DECpaint'able on 24 planes
3904.04ADISSW::UBANSat Jul 10 1993Hints to MWM ignored?
3905.04EBYGUM::TAYLORJMon Jul 12 1993ICO returns SS$_BADPARAM with LAT transport
3906.0PEACHS::SELBYMon Jul 12 1993Problem with XDrawRectangles on GPX server.
3908.03TROOA::DLOTENTue Jul 13 1993DECTERM Colour problem
3909.02PEACHS::EVANSTue Jul 13 1993Intermittent Cardfiler ACCVIO
3910.03GIDDAY::OMELEYWed Jul 14 1993STOP TASK when VUE$POPUP visible = SM/FV ACCVIO
3911.05HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Jul 14 1993Motif server crash ?
3912.01TINGAU::HEFELEWed Jul 14 1993Using extra todo packet pool...
3913.02SUNNIE::GOWThu Jul 15 1993