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Conference decwet::tuxedo_software

Title:Tuxedo (OLTP) for AXP OSF
Notice:conf write locked; see 3.1; use TPSYS::TUXEDO
Created:Mon Sep 26 1994
Last Modified:Sun Jan 01 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:19
Total number of notes:42
Number with bodies:0
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1.01DECWET::PENNEYMon Sep 26 1994introduction
2.04DECWET::PENNEYMon Sep 26 1994Product Information
3.01--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 26 1994Product Support
4.01DECWET::PENNEYMon Sep 26 1994V2.1 on-line kit
6.0MICROW::FLEMINGWed Oct 12 1994TUXEDO for OSF/1 V3.
7.01DEKVC::DONGWONSHINMon Oct 17 1994Automatic code generator in Tuxedo ?
8.01TKOV51::EGAWAFri Oct 21 1994Informix and SYBASE
9.0MICROW::FLEMINGTue Oct 25 1994Technical Resources to support Tux in Europe
10.01PENSKE::SDATZMANFri Nov 18 1994Product Manager
11.0ASABET::SILVERBERGMon Nov 21 1994TUXEDO TALES Newsletter
12.0MICROW::FLEMINGTue Nov 22 1994Attention Tux customers/sales-in-progress
13.01PERFOM::NARENDRAWed Nov 30 1994Tuxedo on NT
14.05WARNUT::PICKERINGSTue Dec 06 1994Hot standbys using Tuxedo
15.0MICROW::FLEMINGMon Dec 12 1994Tuxedo training in Hong Kong
16.05ADO75A::SHARPEThu Dec 15 1994Customer has problems, help please ...
17.0OLCROW::HERRLICHThu Dec 22 1994Using Oracle w/ XA and Tuxedo
18.0OLCROW::HERRLICHWed Dec 28 1994Quickly geting OSF/1 and MS-Windows working with /WS
19.01MICROW::FLEMINGFri Dec 30 1994New TUXEDO notesfile