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Conference decwet::ntaxp

Title:Windows NT For Alpha AXP
Created:Mon Sep 27 1993
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1058
Total number of notes:4567
Number with bodies:255
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1.0DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Sep 27 1993Welcome
2.0DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Sep 27 1993Conference notices
3.0+125DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Sep 27 1993Conference Registry
4.08DECWET::SCHREIBERTue Sep 28 1993Related conferences
5.0DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Sep 27 1993Reserved
6.0DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Sep 27 1993Reserved
7.0DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Sep 27 1993Reserved
8.0DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Sep 27 1993Reserved
9.0DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Sep 27 1993Reserved
10.0DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Sep 27 1993Reserved
11.013D::SEARSTue Sep 28 1993How to file problem reports (PTT?)
12.01HGOVC::AARONYUENWed Sep 29 1993IBM MVS connectivity solutions, Term. Emul., File Transfer
13.09DRUMS::FEHSKENSWed Sep 29 1993Another Race Goes to MIPS
15.03SAYER::ELMOREWed Sep 29 1993Why MIPS?
16.017MBALDY::LANGSTONWed Sep 29 1993ALPHA AXP file server
17.01LJSRV1::STOREYWed Sep 29 1993NWCS (NetWare Workstation Compatible Services)
18.02SX4GTO::TZAYWed Sep 29 1993Bogus GL record type ??
19.03RANGER::PITONIAKThu Sep 30 1993AXP and Bios probs?
20.02RANGER::PITONIAKThu Sep 30 1993axp system bd clk rate
21.017REGENT::LOMICKAThu Sep 30 1993Firmware Update Failed
22.053D::SEARSFri Oct 01 1993Stress crash and perf problems?
23.02MBALDY::LANGSTONFri Oct 01 1993Final Release Installation woes
24.025SX4GTO::CHONGFri Oct 01 1993NT/AXP public domain tools
25.03CSC32::BINGHAMFri Oct 01 1993Why *two* FAT partitions?
26.012KETJE::DIERICKMon Oct 04 1993Visual C++ Alpha NT ?
27.03LEDS::DTSULLIVANMon Oct 04 1993Where's the DDK for customers?
28.06SCHOOL::WASHABAUGHMon Oct 04 1993Link problem (NdisGetBufferPhysicalAddress) has suddenly appeared under RC 2
29.05KAOFS::V_LEDOUXMon Oct 04 1993EISA configurator diskette
30.01GUIDUK::TREMBLAYMon Oct 04 1993customer get jensens without ECU
31.01Mon Oct 04 1993NTAXP V1.
32.07ZURTue Oct 05 1993ADP 274x boot support - when ?
33.03EEMELI::JUPPI::POKKINENTue Oct 05 1993Banyan Vines on NT?
34.03HERON::LALLITue Oct 05 1993SCSI Printer on the Jensen
35.01VERS::HOANGTue Oct 05 1993Diagnostic tool for ALPHA for EISA boards.
36.04SMOP::GLOSSOPTue Oct 05 1993Trying to print task list from Sched+ on a Jensen
37.06LOWELL::MACKTue Oct 05 1993Problem with WinDebug on Alpha AXP NT V3.1
38.028CERN::HOBBSThu Oct 07 1993NT VDM emulation - 286 vs. 386 or 486, 1 MByte memory limits
39.011LJSRV1::64855::MacKenzieThu Oct 07 1993DDK Availability Status
40.04AKOCOA::652Thu Oct 07 1993novice cant get network files or mail
41.035GIDDAY::MILNEThu Oct 07 1993Final release CDs in Australia?
42.06GRANMA::FPRUSSThu Oct 07 1993MKS Toolkit anyone?
43.0TASTY::JEFFERYFri Oct 08 1993Handy demo tip for the Alpha PC!
44.016LJSRV1::STRAUBFri Oct 08 1993NWCS Beta - Limited time only - INTERNAL
45.015ANGLIN::ORTHOBERSun Oct 10 1993VMS and NT store Year Differently in NVRAM
46.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERSun Oct 10 1993Wierdo Problem Booting NT with VMS Disk
47.01NOLE2::KIMBELMon Oct 11 1993Checksum Problem during/after Install?.
48.013SWAM2::MARTIN_KEMon Oct 11 1993Graphics options?
49.04AIAYR::SLATERTue Oct 12 1993Laser printer parallel port
50.013OSLTue Oct 12 1993Image software and scanners supported?
51.01GYUPCC::GABLERTue Oct 12 1993Old keyboard with PS/2 adapter fails.
52.04LJSRV2::BROWNTue Oct 12 1993Automatic Distribution Application - Win NT and NT Adv Srv
53.06CGOOA::BARNABEWed Oct 13 1993How to complete install of SDK?
54.03HGOVC::GUSTAFSONThu Oct 14 1993Monitors, Monitors, Monitors?????
55.013MUNSBE::CHEQUERThu Oct 14 1993Remote booting a Jensen
56.03LJSRV1::EVANSThu Oct 14 1993Problems Upgrading to Final Release
57.0NOLE2::KIMBELThu Oct 14 1993Checksums - One more time?
58.03HELIX::LUNGERThu Oct 14 1993ntoskernel.exe corrupted?
59.09GANNON::31668::BurkeeThu Oct 14 1993TLZ
60.02ADO75A::CLEGHORNThu Oct 14 1993PC NFS
61.0TASTY::JEFFERYFri Oct 15 1993Can we recommend an Alpha PC to access the internet?
62.01GYUPCC::BALTESKONISFri Oct 15 1993C++ on NT
63.05LJSRV1::EVANSFri Oct 15 1993Digital Portable Math Library Locations
64.0LJSRV1::EVANSFri Oct 15 1993Problem Backing up OS/2 Extended Attributes
65.01TRLIAN::SHENFri Oct 15 1993Beta NT-kernel exception???
66.02ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGSat Oct 16 1993SNA connectivity via DECnet ?!
67.010STKHLM::BENEDICTSSONMon Oct 18 1993ECU and firmware on the net ?
68.01JULIET::CRABTREE_LAMon Oct 18 1993Link problem with Windows NT AXP final release
69.01DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Oct 18 1993NT/Alpha porting information
70.06BOBSBX::CLIFFORDTue Oct 19 1993Problem with lot's of processes
71.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Oct 20 1993Jensen Multi/OS first draft, comments welcome
72.0+14KOALA::LATHAMWed Oct 20 1993Intel emulation?
73.06TPOVC::DAVIDHSIEHWed Oct 20 1993Adaptec 2742 work with AXP PC?
74.03DECWET::RICHARDSONThu Oct 21 1993SNA for Windows NT
75.03SMOP::GLOSSOPThu Oct 21 1993MS Mail questions (smtp, etc.) Better place to ask?
76.018DC1Fri Oct 22 1993Hard Disk Activity Light ???
77.01CVMS::DOTENSat Oct 23 1993Pointer to kit available?
78.02GYUPCC::BALTESKONISMon Oct 25 1993Multiheaded NT?
79.010TRLIAN::SHENMon Oct 25 1993TCP/IP questions
80.012CSCMA::HODGEMon Oct 25 1993COM1 and COM2
81.01COPCLU::WAGTBERGMon Oct 25 1993Digital WNT alpha-CD
82.03OSLMon Oct 25 1993Supported Token Ring network adapters?
83.04RCOCER::SALEHIMon Oct 25 1993misconfigured paging file
84.02TKOV51::EGAWAWed Oct 27 1993WAN communication boards
85.08TLE::SHIJUN::KAOWed Oct 27 1993We do support MFC on Alpha NT AXP, don't we?
86.02FIXES::CALANDRAWed Oct 27 1993ARCDOS.EXE suggestion
87.03SMOP::GLOSSOPThu Oct 28 1993Can't logout/shutdown, differences from Intel
88.03DC1Thu Oct 28 1993Loosing ECU setting on slot 4 - DE422 ?
89.08PEARS::HUBERFri Oct 29 1993When will NTAS be released?
90.0BIS1::BHP695::FORSTERFri Oct 29 1993U: needed : Win32-AXP Benchmarks !!!
91.02AMCFAC::DISHNEAUFri Oct 29 1993Question Around Wall Street Article on NOT Supporting NT on Alpha in Future
92.01GYUPCC::BALTESKONISFri Oct 29 1993Smalltalk?
93.01GYUPCC::GABLERFri Oct 29 19932 New Demos on the block
94.03ANGLIN::HUGHESDFri Oct 29 1993Emergency Repair procedure
95.02TKOV51::TANAKASun Oct 31 1993Someone used SZ-2
96.04HGRDMon Nov 01 1993alphakd.exe built for Intel, Where???
97.09LJSRV1::MUISEMon Nov 01 1993Alpha AXP Hardware Compatibility List
98.011ASIMOV::LAXMANMon Nov 01 1993OpenGL - when will it be available on the Jensen?
99.06AMCFAC::DISHNEAUMon Nov 01 1993Comments from A Business Partner on Porting to NT on Alpha
100.0UTROP1::HUISKAMP_PWed Nov 03 1993Using NTAS in Netware environment.
101.01TARUGO::ALVAROFri Nov 05 1993Sybase on Alpha PC (WNT)
102.02GYUPCC::BALTESKONISFri Nov 05 1993Novell Client on NT/Alpha?
103.03D::SEARSFri Nov 05 1993Solid non standard desktop colors: how?
104.05LJSRV2::BROWNFri Nov 05 1993INTERNAL USE ONLY Windows NT and Windows NT AS
105.03TOOK::R_SPENCEFri Nov 05 1993How to force the screen saver (ie: pause) ??
106.02EEMELI::JUPPI::POKKINENSun Nov 07 1993Microstation V5 on NT/AXP
107.05OSLMon Nov 08 1993TeamLinks does not run on Alpha?
108.0GYUPCC::BALTESKONISMon Nov 08 1993Bus Products on NTA
109.01OSLMon Nov 08 1993Mview.exe update?
110.010LJSRV1::STRAUBMon Nov 08 1993Novell's NetWare Requestor for Windows NT on Alpha AXP
111.03OSLMon Nov 08 1993CSD
112.0CSC32::C_NADROWSKIMon Nov 08 1993Unsupported Software List
113.011BARD::mcafeeMon Nov 08 1993Poor Jensen Demo
114.02STAR::PATHAKMon Nov 08 1993Printing on a Jensen running WNT
115.08WINI::NICOLTue Nov 09 1993system carsh with Exabyte 82
116.020TRCP44::KUNAUSTue Nov 09 1993IBM Token ring card - NO WORKEE
117.0RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Nov 10 1993Win16/WinSock app fails on AXP. CTL3D.DLL the culprit?
118.015ASIMOV::LAXMANWed Nov 10 1993rz74 - can it be hooked up to a Jensen?
119.0SMOP::GLOSSOPWed Nov 10 1993Schedule+ RAS file access issue (bug, feature?)
120.01SRSVAX::SHAHThu Nov 11 1993What is the setup required for FTP/TELENET to WNT system?
121.02XLIB::MODIFri Nov 12 1993invalid ssr record type error
122.02OSLTue Nov 16 1993Windows NT Advanced Server order number?
123.03ICELAN::SNOMAN::AaronTue Nov 16 1993Windows Sources review w/ NT/AXP v3.1!
124.03RBW::WICKERTTue Nov 16 1993Network printers between AXP and Intel
125.06OSLWed Nov 17 1993How is Alpha PC performance with 16MB?
126.08OSLWed Nov 17 1993Alpha PC configurations?
127.06AMCCXN::BERGHWed Nov 17 1993Windows NT resource kit
128.0LJSRV1::EVANSThu Nov 18 1993Info on OS/2 Migration
129.0ICELAN::SNOMAN::AaronThu Nov 18 1993AXP 15
130.01SMOP::GLOSSOPFri Nov 19 1993Any plans for 128
131.07HGOVC::MONTYWONGSat Nov 20 1993New Excel (Tech rel) for Alpha?
132.01ZURMon Nov 22 1993LPT1 check fails
133.05FIXSR2::WILKINSONMon Nov 22 1993Pagefile incorrect size
134.06ICELAN::SNOMAN::AaronMon Nov 22 1993I beat MIPS R44
135.06HERON::LALLITue Nov 23 1993Power On Test error on the jensen
136.03HERON::LALLITue Nov 23 1993PC Keeps on Beeping...
137.01XLIB::CHINTue Nov 23 1993porting tablet driver to NT/AXP
138.02TRCP44::KUNAUSTue Nov 23 1993COMDEX - ALPHA PROBLEM publicized!!
139.01POLAR::TOMKINSTue Nov 23 1993ARC Console
140.01EVMS::KILGALLENWed Nov 24 1993International Versions of NT for Alpha
141.04ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Nov 24 1993Digital VGA Cards, Please help fill in the blanks
142.05TLE::HUANGMon Nov 29 1993DEC Fortran V1.
143.04DC1Mon Nov 29 1993Battery problems ?
144.020OSLMon Nov 29 1993ECU problems when switching OS?
145.05OSLTue Nov 30 1993Tape drives and "List available devices"?
146.0HGOVC::GUSTAFSONWed Dec 01 1993Any end user APC customer lists?
147.01ODIXIE::SILVERSWed Dec 01 1993Video capture board???
148.08TRLIAN::SHENWed Dec 01 1993SQL server for Alpha NT?
149.01TALLIS::KIRKWed Dec 01 1993Software producer needs help
150.03OTOOA::WEISSWed Dec 01 1993AXP 15
151.03--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 01 1993Alt/ enter is different on INTEL
152.04BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANWed Dec 01 1993WOW vs Binary translator vs WABI
153.04OSLThu Dec 02 1993Microsoft Developer Network CD 4 does not run on Alpha?
154.011ZTOIS1::HARDYThu Dec 02 1993SCSI Conflict with ADAPTEC 1742
155.01WARNUT::PAVERDFri Dec 03 1993TIGA drivers
156.01WELSWS::GRIFFINFri Dec 03 1993ifp error after firmware upgrade
157.01SIMESE::STARRMon Dec 06 1993Hermes on NT-AXP?
158.03SWAM2::MARTIN_KEMon Dec 06 1993FUTURES questions
159.02RAINBO::PANDYAMon Dec 06 1993Alpha Vs Pentium performance
160.02--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 07 1993DE422 DRIVER NOT ON CD??
161.03OSLWed Dec 08 1993Alpha specific techtips from Microsoft?
162.05TRLIAN::SHENThu Dec 09 1993remote incoming dial support?
163.01MUNICH::GABLERFri Dec 10 1993Direct raw date to ethernet ?
164.05MUNICH::GABLERFri Dec 10 1993Proteon Revision level for Jensen ?
165.01HGORS::KIMWAHNGFri Dec 10 199316 bits Mview (MPEG viewer) ?
166.03FLYNHI::DALTONFri Dec 10 1993DEFEA Performance in AXP 15
167.07MUNICH::RADLERMon Dec 13 1993Installation of Digiboard digichannel PC/4
168.05SMEGHD::WOODLTue Dec 14 1993Printing problems
169.0LJSRV1::SHAROSTue Dec 14 1993Arcinst problem
170.04LJSRV1::EVANSTue Dec 14 1993LIB32.EXE Bug?
171.01ALFAM7::GABLERWed Dec 15 1993SCSI-driver programming questions.
172.02SPESHR::FORTIERWed Dec 15 1993Help with "supported" sound card
173.02TALLIS::KIRKWed Dec 15 1993Soliciting Intel to Alpha AXP Binary Translator Partners
174.014ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGWed Dec 15 1993Assembler on NT Problem
175.04KETJE::WARICHETThu Dec 16 19934 SCSI in same AXP ?
176.05KAOFS::B_KORTEThu Dec 16 1993Two AXP's, different run times
177.03LJSRV1::SHAROSFri Dec 17 1993Windebug problem
178.01LJSRV1::SHAROSFri Dec 17 1993possible driver problem for sound boards
179.02HGOVC::MONTYWONGFri Dec 17 1993Alpha-NetWare PIN notes conference?
180.08RCOCER::SALEHISun Dec 19 1993Problem with tlz
181.0SCHOOL::WASHABAUGHTue Dec 21 1993AXP driver for Etherworks 3 card now available!
182.08LUXWed Dec 22 1993Boot, WM on Alpha & Pentium
183.04SWAM2::MARTIN_KEWed Dec 22 1993Ethernet address??
184.01VAXRIO::SCHORMon Dec 27 1993Upgrade diskette ?
185.01ATHINA::GABIThu Dec 30 1993NTAS to NTAS Mail over RAS
186.08GOOEY::MILLERThu Dec 30 1993Re-install fails with ntoskrnl.exe error
187.02ZPOVSun Jan 02 1994NT on Alpha presentation
188.01NYOSMon Jan 03 1994RPC ?
189.05SHIRE::ZAVADILMon Jan 03 1994need more than 4 SCSI controllers
190.015HGOVC::MONTYWONGMon Jan 03 1994Benchmark software for AXP?
191.01GUIDUK::SOMERMon Jan 03 1994Support for FDDI with DEFEA cards
192.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERThu Jan 06 1994#9 GXE board runs slower then Qvision, why?
193.05MYSERV::HENRYThu Jan 06 1994Is there an SMP Alpha that runs NT?
194.04INTERN::SWABOWICZThu Jan 06 1994
196.08BBOThu Jan 06 1994NT console show devices doesn't see TLZ
197.01SX4GTO::RAUThu Jan 06 1994bug in COPY command
198.04EPS::MARISONMon Jan 10 1994DECpc AXP15
199.03RCOCER::SALEHIMon Jan 10 1994PKUNZIP on alpha
200.05VSSTEG::BEDARDTue Jan 11 1994can't boot preinstalled O/S
201.06OSLTue Jan 11 1994#9 GXE max refresh rate in 128
202.01MUNICH::GABLERWed Jan 12 1994How can I write progamms, that run on firmware level ?
203.01VAXRIO::SCHORWed Jan 12 1994Word for Win 2.
205.013RCOCER::SALEHIWed Jan 12 1994New SQL server
207.0BACHUS::VANTUYKOMThu Jan 13 1994NTAXP and WFW v3.11
208.02MSBCS::CSGPERFThu Jan 13 1994DECpc AXP 15
209.03DV78Thu Jan 13 1994Need SLIP/CSLIP for NT AXP 1
210.0AYJEN1::ARMSTRONGMon Jan 17 1994Jensen Revision Matrix : H/W and F/W and S/W
211.020SMOP::GLOSSOPMon Jan 17 1994Just having "a bad software day"?
212.09LJSRV1::MUISEMon Jan 17 1994Windows NT Service Pack (update) now available
213.08TEACH::WICKERTTue Jan 18 1994FAT/NTFS disk save and restore?
214.03ZURWed Jan 19 1994Has Creative Labs NT-AXP drivers now ?
215.09ANNECY::LAGARRIGUE_PThu Jan 20 1994HD, DD floppy disk format error
216.0BEYER::beyerThu Jan 20 1994Security auditing weardness
217.04HPCGRP::DEGREGORYThu Jan 20 1994TCP/IP won't start
218.02MUNICH::GABLERFri Jan 21 1994Problem with ECU, 1742 not rekognized correctly
219.0ATYLAN::SOUCHKOFFFri Jan 21 1994Problem with adaptec and CALAMUS software
220.01CAMONE::ZIOMEKFri Jan 21 1994NT on 3
221.01BGSDEV::SEITSINGERMon Jan 24 19948RLE bitmap conversion...
222.014GVPROD::ZAVADILTue Jan 25 1994TLZ
223.05LJSRV1::MUISETue Jan 25 1994NtSetInformationThread information
224.031ICELAN::AARONTue Jan 25 1994PC Computing trashes Alpha. Our response???
225.03VAXRIO::SCHORFri Jan 28 1994C
226.01SAC::GIBSON_CMon Jan 31 1994Writeback Cache
227.02NECSC::BOWENMon Jan 31 1994Help compiler: not enough memory...
228.02EPS::BOEHMMon Jan 31 1994Wrong part number for memory in Options catalog
229.011PEARS::HUBERTue Feb 01 1994Parallel port problems
230.02DRIFT::WOODTue Feb 01 1994perctrs - log of required dll failed
231.0TKOV51::TANAKAWed Feb 02 1994Full color driver for #9
232.01VEGAS::GURALNIKWed Feb 02 1994DXML or equivalent?
233.02EMASS::FIELDSThu Feb 03 1994Windows from AXP NT Server?
234.06BARD::mcafeeThu Feb 03 1994Use PW printer service?
235.0NZOMIS::CANDYThu Feb 03 1994F1
236.02LJSRV1::MUISEFri Feb 04 1994New CLAXP document available
237.013--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 07 1994Backround changing colour .....
238.01ALFAM7::GABLERTue Feb 08 1994SCSI problem, 1742 sees 6 disks
239.02DC1Tue Feb 08 1994Media Vision ProGraphics 1
240.01VAXRIO::SCHORWed Feb 09 1994Harvard for Win & NTAXP ?
241.03UNYEM::LEFFLERMWed Feb 09 1994ECU for #9 board?
242.029UNYEM::LEFFLERMWed Feb 09 1994Format new hard disk?
243.02TERPS::KMOOREWed Feb 09 1994New CD-ROMs supported?
244.0MUNICH::GABLERThu Feb 10 1994MIRO got true color
245.07RICKS::ZERANSKIThu Feb 10 1994Customer Questions
246.02RBW::WICKERTThu Feb 10 1994Upgrading the amount of memory
247.0MSBCS::BROWN_LFri Feb 11 1994graphics for AXP-based DECpc XL?
248.0RCOCER::SALEHIMon Feb 14 1994Is there a limit for file connects on NTAS
249.013DECCXL::OUELLETTETue Feb 15 1994E4 claxp compiler available
250.03BAHTAT::HILTONWed Feb 16 1994NT and High Availability
251.01ZENDIA::BORSOMWed Feb 16 1994Supported Software List?
252.02AYJEN1::ARMSTRONGFri Feb 18 1994REAL Database Application for Windows NT (Alpha + Intel)
253.0DECTLK::NELSONFri Feb 18 1994ZTK1
254.04KEIKI::WHITESat Feb 19 1994NTAS - Alpha RAS Postoffice - If not here then where?
255.03CSCMA::HODGEMon Feb 21 1994print problem - can't spool more than 127 jobs on AXP
256.03LJSRV1::MUISEMon Feb 21 1994DMA question
257.01CADSYS::COOKTue Feb 22 1994NTAS on Alpha, RAS and Digital's DF296 modem
258.03OSLThu Feb 24 1994Problem with E4 compiler?
259.03ZPOVC::EAPENGEORGEFri Feb 25 1994Location of Rel. ver of SQLServer for A/NT
260.013LJSRV1::SHAROSFri Feb 25 1994ISA parallel port card detection
261.011SHIPS::YATES_MThu Mar 03 1994CAD Dual Screen on AXP
262.016DECC::MULLENThu Mar 03 1994new newer UNZIP?
263.01LJSRV1::MUISEThu Mar 03 1994New Hardware Compatability List (March 94)
264.02--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 04 1994Socket Problems on NT-AXP
265.01OSLMon Mar 07 1994CLAXP and the /MT (multithread) option?
266.04DV78Mon Mar 07 1994AS4
267.02LJSRV1::EVANSMon Mar 07 1994Touch Screen Driver Port for AXP 15
268.0LJSRV1::EVANSWed Mar 09 1994CompuServe Mirrors
269.07PIKOFF::SMITHThu Mar 10 1994Feedback from happy AXP 15
270.01DECPRG::LISKAThu Mar 10 1994#9 does not work at 128
271.02KAAKAA::SEPPIThu Mar 10 1994Banyan Vines redirector?
272.06RCOCER::SALEHIThu Mar 10 1994Memory in Jenson rules
273.04VERN::CARPENTERFri Mar 11 1994PB22H-CX ????
274.04ADO75A::JARMANTue Mar 15 1994Stripe parity problem with service pack 2?
275.03VERN::CARPENTERTue Mar 15 1994New pc ZXP 15
276.05LJSRV2::BROWNTue Mar 15 1994Windows NT Advanced Server Software Kit now Available
277.04EVMS::JSAUNDERSTue Mar 15 1994NT Install vs. Culzean
278.01MSBCS::RAOWed Mar 16 1994Daytona Beta - Jensen
279.01KAAKAA::SEPPIThu Mar 17 1994TPC-B for SQL Server?
280.03NECSC::BOWENThu Mar 17 1994More than 256 colors?
281.0TPSYS::BONNEAUMon Mar 21 1994Drive A: problems under NT
282.06HERON::LALLITue Mar 22 1994SCSI DPT PM2
283.03SLOVAX::THOMSONWed Mar 23 1994NT availability on Sable
284.0DECWET::RICHARDSONWed Mar 23 1994Sales Update Article on Daytona and Sable
285.01ROMA::KAEMPFEThu Mar 24 1994Urgent info : SMP & WNT !
286.06ADO75A::JARMANMon Mar 28 1994RAID woes, messing up a good sale :-(
287.06DELSMon Mar 28 1994 Problemas with unaligned data access in Windows NT Alpha
288.0CSOA1::ECKMon Mar 28 1994Microsoft DEVCAST 3/3
289.03BCFI::UUSSAARMon Mar 28 1994SNA support for DECpc AXP 15
290.0MSBCS::BROWN_LMon Mar 28 1994ATI video driver for Alpha?
291.03TROOA::KUNAUSMon Mar 28 1994NTAS SDK w/ C or C++ where?
292.01DECWET::RICHARDSONThu Mar 31 1994MSDN Level 2 issue
293.05MSBCS::RAOFri Apr 01 19948mm DAT support
294.01LAOSMon Apr 04 1994Banyan NTAXP Client Drivers ?
295.01DRAC::DSMAILTue Apr 05 1994Last patch from Compuserve?. Service Package xxx
296.0LJSRV1::SHAROSTue Apr 05 1994ODBC SDK for the Alpha
297.0LJSRV1::SHAROSTue Apr 05 1994Thunk to x86 16 bit DLL?
298.02DECWET::RICHARDSONTue Apr 05 1994Hitchhikers Guide to Daytona Beta
299.012NZOMIS::BLUETTTue Apr 05 1994TLZ
300.06VNABRW::SCHNABL_RWed Apr 06 1994Madge Smart 16/4 Token Ring Adapter
301.0MR4DEC::JAINWed Apr 06 1994Jensen CRASH
302.013PARVAX::SZORENYIFri Apr 08 1994RZ57/RZ23 problem!
303.0SLPPRS::SCHAFERFri Apr 08 1994Network file locking
304.01POCUS::HUSTONFri Apr 08 1994documentation?
305.04OSLSat Apr 09 1994Strange configuration file names => bad board?
306.03TPOVC::DAVIDHSIEHTue Apr 12 1994txtsetup.sif modification skill!?
307.07BGSDEV::GREGGTue Apr 12 1994Need help reverting from NT 3.5 to NT 3.1
308.01ROMA::KAEMPFEWed Apr 13 19942*4k or 1*8k page to swap ?
309.02OSLWed Apr 13 1994Problem with E4 compiler?
310.05COPCLU::JORNThu Apr 14 1994Microsoft Sound System problems.
311.07ICELAN::SNOMAN::AaronThu Apr 14 1994FDDI+IPX=slow AXP server?
312.06ESBTST::PERRYThu Apr 14 1994Icon Title Fonts
313.01SYORRK::krasThu Apr 14 1994SABLE NT Benchmarks?
314.02SYORRK::krasThu Apr 14 1994NT boot off jetstream RAID?
315.011HANNAH::FINGERHUTFri Apr 15 1994Using VC++ to develop Alpha applications
316.02PARVAX::SZORENYIFri Apr 15 19943C5
317.06PARVAX::SZORENYISun Apr 17 1994How to run IDA disk on Jensen?
318.02OSLWed Apr 20 1994DECpc 15
319.011SYORRK::krasWed Apr 20 1994high-end tape backup?
320.0HANNAH::MUIThu Apr 21 1994Network counters
322.04VAXRIO::SCHORMon Apr 25 1994write and NTFS files
323.03HDLITE::LAXMANMon Apr 25 1994Unable to install WNT -J - complains about "chkdsk"
324.08HPRDRV::SIMMONSWed Apr 27 1994How to get a partition on the %#$*&%$ SCSI DISK???
325.03LARVAE::MOORE_AThu Apr 28 1994Ray Tracers on NTAXP?
326.013IOSG::BILSBOROUGHThu Apr 28 1994Run NT on DEC 3
327.01PIYUSH::RUPARELIAFri Apr 29 1994Routed TCP/IP Question (Cross-posted in NT-Developers)
328.05HDLITE::VWONGFri Apr 29 1994Constructing a variable arguments list?
329.03HDLITE::VWONGFri Apr 29 1994memory usage: compiling C++ programs ...
330.08RANGER::PITONIAKMon May 02 1994Dos Box Size
331.02KAAKAA::SEPPIMon May 02 1994Format perf and/or software diags?
332.05HPRDRV::SIMMONSFri May 06 1994Tape boots and bootable backup...
333.06LJSRV1::SHAROSMon May 09 1994porting a device driver to alpha
334.0116724::PAINTERMon May 09 1994NT AXP cluster
336.03KAOFS::R_HOUDETue May 10 1994UPS and RAS on serial ports.
337.01SICVAX::TIMMINSTue May 10 1994Daytona/PPP and Mosaic (WWW)
338.0TPSYS::BONNEAUWed May 11 1994PKZIP/UNZIP for Alpha?
339.01BGSDEV::SEITSINGERThu May 12 1994Crash installing Checked Build
340.02LAOSThu May 12 1994How do I install NTAS on Sable- Pointer plz
341.02CANARD::FALCONEThu May 12 1994Lost boot selections installing Daytona firmware...
342.03DEKVC::JAEILLEEFri May 13 1994Digiboard and etc
343.025DPDMAI::ROSESun May 15 1994WE NEED THIS FOR WNT!!!
344.03BGSDEV::TANNENBAUMMon May 16 1994Bad Neighbors
345.04NYOSMon May 16 1994Microsoft Fortran compiler for NT/AXP ?
346.02DEKVC::JAEILLEETue May 17 1994NVRAM and no space left
347.0BRUMMY::WOODSTue May 17 1994LJ25
348.03BOBSBX::CLIFFORDWed May 18 1994Problem with asaxp and .float
349.01OSLWed May 18 1994Service Pack questions - Who & How
350.04WINI::NICOLWed May 18 1994ISDN Adapter and Driver for Jensen
351.03VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOWed May 18 1994Subtle changes of color on Jensen
352.02DECLNE::KENNYWed May 18 1994Help locating partners program
353.04MONSTA::COLLINSThu May 19 1994GUI freezes on AXP 15
354.02EEMELI::SYVANENThu May 19 1994New fw for Alpha AXP PC, where ?
355.01DC1Thu May 19 1994Multimedia shareware available
356.01TAVSun May 22 1994How to read a raw tar from SunOS on Win-NT axp
357.013KCBBQ::WONGMon May 23 1994HELP!-Pentium beats AXP
358.03KAOFS::R_HOUDETue May 24 1994Service Pack 2 on Compuserv?
359.01INTGRA::grbWed May 25 1994HW/SW Raid on SABLE with NTAS
360.04QEThu May 26 1994Problem with IP on jensen
361.03RT93::MCDONALDJFri May 27 1994Kernel-mode threads?
362.07KAAKAA::SEPPIFri May 27 1994Layered product - diff kit for diff hardware?
363.04LJSRV1::SHAROSFri May 27 1994Interrupt latency problem?
364.01NYOSS1::BUONOMOFri May 27 1994ARCINST w/Sable and V3.5
365.09ISTWI1::SENYUZMon May 30 1994Culzean Hangs
366.08DPDMAI::ROSETue May 31 1994Code 11
367.02JEREMY::PHILIPPETue May 31 1994DC21
368.03ESSB::JMURPHYWed Jun 01 1994Jensen and Infotower
369.03WASHDC::KMOOREWed Jun 01 1994Problem booting Jensen with NTAS V3.1
370.05RANGER::HARRISWed Jun 01 1994Windows-NT & Jenson - how are Key Clicks enabled/disabled?
371.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Jun 02 19942
372.0ESSB::JMURPHYThu Jun 02 1994Jensen + Infotower crash
373.0PFSVAX::WUENSCHELLFri Jun 03 1994Add server to domain via TCP/IP
374.01DPDMAI::ROSESun Jun 05 1994Digital buys WNT??? Rumor
375.08VPSF::OLESINMon Jun 06 1994NTAXP Apps
376.0UPSAR::ARNAUDMon Jun 06 1994Need info about GetVDMPointer, etc
377.02OSLTue Jun 07 1994Problem booting from a second 174
378.01OSLTue Jun 07 1994More than one system partition?
379.07VAXRIO::SCHORTue Jun 07 1994DOS IBM emulator & NT
380.02CGOOA::OWONGWed Jun 08 1994DEC 21
381.03KCBBQ::WONGWed Jun 08 1994General Protect Fault in module KRNL286.EXE
382.0TLE::TATHAMThu Jun 09 1994Phase
383.02DC1Thu Jun 09 1994NWCS-like 'Gateway' for DECnet (PW4NT) ?
384.04SWAM2::SOTO_RUThu Jun 09 1994Modem/FAX pool solution ?
385.01CTXOBJ::PatrickSat Jun 11 1994Can't find boot.ini on NT AXP
386.03DAH::whiteMon Jun 13 1994Running Demos for WNT AXP
387.04MLNTSC::DALPORTOTue Jun 14 1994TLZ
388.03KERNEL::SMITHERSJWed Jun 15 1994Speed of serial port
389.01KALI::HILLERWed Jun 15 1994Problem installing Daytona
390.0MUNICH::GABLERThu Jun 16 1994True Color Graphics on SALE !
391.03VAXRIO::SCHORFri Jun 17 1994install error - copying the file
392.05ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Jun 20 1994WNT doesn't boot after upgrade to OVMS V6.1
393.03MINNY::PARKERMon Jun 20 1994requires a 386 or higher processor...!
394.05LJSRV1::SHAROSTue Jun 21 1994Unmapping memory?
395.04MLNCBI::DI_DEOTue Jun 21 1994no boot partition
396.05MUDIS3::STEINMETZWed Jun 22 1994Where is the SPD?
397.01NBOSWS::BLUNDELLWed Jun 22 1994Where is claxp kit and mscgem notes?
398.02FARAN::talen.new.dec.com::NODDLEThu Jun 23 1994AXP 15
399.03OSLMon Jun 27 1994Can anyone answer this customer question in comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.win32?
400.01VAXRIO::VELASCOMon Jun 27 1994Windows NT and OSF/1 question.
401.0OSLMon Jun 27 1994Windows NT marketing may want to post some facts
402.02LURE::CERLINGTue Jun 28 1994Hot-swap or replaceable disks
403.05CX3PST::JSFINE::M_HERRERAWed Jun 29 1994disable com ports on jensen?
404.01WARABI::ROSICWed Jun 29 1994Qvision on Sable
405.01TASTY::JEFFERYThu Jun 30 1994System mgt for NT as network server.
406.02TUXEDO::CHUBBThu Jun 30 1994GCC ported?
407.01OSLMon Jul 04 1994Official response on Windows NT support for DEC 3
408.02OSLMon Jul 04 1994Firmware announcement/location for customers?
409.0DPDMAI::ROSETue Jul 05 1994MIPS does NT Pentium-style
410.0DPDMAI::ROSETue Jul 05 1994NEC enters NT workstation market
411.012MLNTSC::DALPORTOWed Jul 06 1994very urgent: new arcinst needed!!
412.014HGOVC::MAHUAHSINThu Jul 07 1994How to init hard disk to FAT/NTFS om OSF/1 ?
413.01HANNAH::HENEGHANFri Jul 08 1994claxp and link32 on Alpha (Beta-2) problems
414.03CX3PST::JSFINE::M_HERRERAFri Jul 08 1994WNT won't boot with Exabyte 82
415.01OSLMon Jul 11 1994What IDE equipped C++ was demoed at Comdex?
416.05OSLTue Jul 12 1994Partyline answer on Visual C++ V2.
417.03TEACH::BEEBETue Jul 12 1994VIDEO DRIVER PROB - have you seen ?
418.01WASHDC::KMOOREWed Jul 13 1994Sound Blaster Pro setup problems
419.03PRIM18::LEARYFri Jul 15 1994Toasted Jensen ?
420.03STAR::JSAUNDERSTue Jul 19 1994Disk Administrator vs. Non-NT Disks
421.01ANGLIN::SEITZTue Jul 19 199416 bit DOS application support?
422.04QETue Jul 19 1994Can't delete files that are supposedly not open and are owned by me
423.0TPSPS1::TSC1MGRWed Jul 20 1994SQL server on AXP PC NTAS server
424.0MONSTA::COLLINSThu Jul 21 1994Cheer up, Jensen does us proud!
425.01ROWDY::PAINTERMon Jul 25 1994Microsoft SNA Manager for NTAS, Available? What is it?
426.06GIDDAY::SANKARTue Jul 26 1994DEFEA on a 2
427.01VAXRIO::SCHORTue Jul 26 1994Msg - Stop:
428.02TPSYS::BONNEAUTue Jul 26 1994Connect DOS system to NT?
429.01TPSYS::BONNEAUWed Jul 27 1994How to boot up/install Daytona on my alpha?
430.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 28 1994arcinst says "disk is full", won't format
431.01CALDEC::RAHThu Jul 28 1994ARCINST says "Disk is full" ??
432.0BAHTAT::HILTONWed Aug 03 1994Whizzy Demos?
433.01ANNECY::CHABORD_DWed Aug 10 1994NEW: High Availability product
434.04OSLThu Aug 11 1994Sable performance info, when?
435.01SUBSYS::HOPEWELLFri Aug 12 1994REGEDIT Corrupted database
436.05ZURMon Aug 15 1994Bios Emulation - whats that for ?
437.010KAORSC::B_BUTLERThu Aug 18 1994#9 GXE 128
438.012ZURThu Aug 18 1994File copy from Pathworks 4 server to Alpha NTAS slower than to Intel NTAS?
439.014ANNECY::LAGARRIGUE_PFri Aug 19 1994Alpha AXP Eisa bus initialization error
440.0EASI::ADAMSONThu Aug 25 1994Problems running Excel/Using External Data
441.0BBOFri Aug 26 1994Sound Blaster 16 CD drivers for AXP15
442.01OROHUB::SPOINT::BOURGEOISFri Aug 26 1994NT backup Interchangeability
443.02ANNECY::LAGARRIGUE_PFri Aug 26 1994Critical error when installing Windows NT on AXP15
444.02CIMCAD::PIERSONMon Aug 29 1994Diamond Stealth Refresh Set Up
445.01KYOSS1::HUSBYTue Aug 30 1994NT systems accessing terminal servers?
446.01CGOOA::BARNABEWed Aug 31 1994configuring for NT
447.06DECC::OUELLETTEWed Aug 31 1994Visual C++ V2.
448.011CVMS::DOTENThu Sep 01 1994NTFS partition for AXP installation
449.01OSLFri Sep 02 1994Sable conference unreachable?
450.01ANNECY::LAGARRIGUE_PMon Sep 05 1994ECU 1.2 on the net ?
451.02OSLTue Sep 06 1994New demo CD's?
452.0OSLTue Sep 06 1994Demo versions of 32-bit Excel and Word for demo?
453.08OSLTue Sep 06 1994Corell Draw on Alpha?
454.02MUNICH::GABLERTue Sep 06 1994Cool: IDE-disks are supported as boot device with beta2 and rc2
455.05OSLTue Sep 06 1994Windows NT AXP public domain ftp pointer?
456.0BBOThu Sep 08 1994Dual Monitor Microstation V5 on AXP15
457.02OSLMon Sep 12 1994DE425 and DECpc AXP 15
458.01MSAMMon Sep 12 1994Error configuring System Partition
459.02OSLWed Sep 14 1994What makes a card (EISA/ISA) work in an Alpha PC?
460.02OSLThu Sep 15 1994AutoCAD?
461.04MUNICH::RADLERThu Sep 15 1994DATA_BUS_ERROR, Parity error Icache FIll, Dcache Fill
462.01ANNECY::LAGARRIGUE_PFri Sep 16 1994SNA Server for Windows NT/AXP 15
463.0DECWET::AUBERGFri Sep 16 1994Visual C++ for Alpha: EFT1 now available
464.01DJMVX1::"Rocco@roccom.two.dec.com"Mon Sep 19 1994New AXP system information?
465.01MLNORO::CAMPICEThu Sep 22 1994Configuration guidelines ?
466.04ROWDY::PAINTERThu Sep 22 1994Btrieve on NT Alpha
467.02ZPOVC::JASONCHANFri Sep 23 1994NT and StoragewWorks RW5
468.03WELCLU::HUBBARDPTue Sep 27 1994Fortran and Daytona RC2
469.013OSLWed Sep 28 1994Alpha performance status?
470.02ODIXIE::RYANKEWed Sep 28 1994Daytona Shipping Yet?
471.0SMURF::MENNERFri Sep 30 1994one byte silo blues?
472.0OSLMon Oct 03 1994We need to be more agressive with Windows NT/Alpha!
473.01KERNEL::SMITHERSJThu Oct 06 1994Tape loaders on 21
474.0ZURThu Oct 06 1994PB5
475.0+5OSLFri Oct 07 1994HP ScanJet IIc + DECpc AXP/15
476.0VAXRIO::SCHORMon Oct 10 1994Error joining domain
477.02CRIME::BALLADELLITue Oct 11 1994NT Final version and OLE E_INVALIDARG
478.06CSC32::M_MOSHERFri Oct 14 1994ARCINST status codes
479.01DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Oct 18 1994Does NTAS support LAT?
480.01WRKSYS::KASZYNSKITue Oct 18 1994ftp problem to OpenVMS
481.01ALFAM7::SCHUETZWed Oct 19 1994Configuring WNT Workstation 3.5 (RC2) for 4 Processors
482.02ODIXIE::KIMBELSat Oct 22 1994Update on the AXP VDM - 3/486 available yet?
483.03OSLMon Oct 24 1994How to avoid disaster due to graphics card mismatch?
484.01ODIXIE::KIMBELMon Oct 24 1994Network File and Print Problems
485.01AIMHI::ONETME::TAYLORWed Oct 26 1994Accessing an AXP 15
486.05ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Oct 27 1994Installing NT from CD results in VIRUS bugcheck !?
487.0GUESS::NOEThu Oct 27 1994Setup problem
488.05EEMELI::RAISKINENMon Oct 31 1994mustang & tga & NT 3.5 != OK
489.06NETRIX::"jdr@mozaic.sno.dec.com"Mon Oct 31 1994Driver for PBXGA-AA
490.0LURE::CERLINGWed Nov 02 1994RAS hangs system?
491.01ANNECY::MARTINEZThu Nov 03 1994AlphaStation 2
492.02SAWA::JERZYNSKIThu Nov 03 1994WNTAS CD-install problem: unformatted disk
493.0MSBCS::CSGPERFThu Nov 03 1994AlphaServer and AlphaStation Performance Documents
494.03KAOOA::PINKERTONThu Nov 03 1994Raid on DECpc AXP 15
495.018MLNORO::CAMPICEFri Nov 04 1994Mikasa VGA problem
496.03GRANPA::EHEROLDFri Nov 04 1994ARCINST.EXE fails to create system partition ???
497.02ODIXIE::KIMBELSun Nov 06 1994Print problem - Me or the Jensen?
498.01COPCLU::63928::JthomsenMon Nov 07 1994Matrox drivers
499.05CSOA1::SMARACKOMon Nov 07 1994Software Support for NT/Alpha
500.03FJIVTue Nov 08 1994RAS/X25 Access on Alpha
501.01MUMPS::WILLIAMSWed Nov 09 1994ASAXP Application error
502.01--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 09 1994Very basic NT install problem - AVANTI
503.06NECSC::BOWENFri Nov 11 1994Digiboard no workee in Avanti
504.06TEACH::BEEBEFri Nov 11 1994source for install guide ?
505.01ANGLIN::GAINESMon Nov 14 1994Latest copy of Service Update ?
506.03NECSC::BOWENTue Nov 15 1994Customer loves his AXP
507.01ESSB::JMURPHYWed Nov 16 1994spoolss.exe dies on Jensen
508.02ODIXIE::KIMBELWed Nov 16 1994What is v1.1a upgrade?
509.0DECLNE::PEACOCKThu Nov 17 1994Synchronous controller for NT?
510.04CSCMA::LACHANCEFri Nov 18 1994Sizing questions for AXP's
511.02POBOXA::COMMOMon Nov 21 1994<< Resource Kit and NT 3.5 on AXP >>
512.04STKAI1::MALMC1::FehrmFri Nov 25 1994WIN32 Excel performance on NT/AXP
513.02YAKKA::ASHLEYFri Nov 25 1994ECU 1.5 and arcinst + heap problem
514.03MSGAXP::DTSULLIVANMon Nov 28 1994Can't install NT 3.5 on MIKASA
515.01CESARE::VIOLATue Nov 29 1994Image Format Lib. from Accusoft Co.
516.01LISTIM::CARVALHOTue Nov 29 1994EVENT ID: 5
517.0LJSRV1::SHAROSTue Nov 29 1994Microsoft Visual C++ V2.
518.02DIVING::DAVISWed Nov 30 1994Need Paper on VDM's on AXP
519.04OSLWed Nov 30 1994Madge PCI Token Ring and Alpha?
520.03MUNK::DOIRONWed Dec 07 1994Intel Etherexpress Pro 1
521.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Dec 07 1994Boot from alternate mirror disk?
522.01NYOSS1::BUONOMOThu Dec 08 1994Digital Products ??
523.04CVMS::DOTENFri Dec 09 1994SDK kits for Alpha
524.03BIGRED::PARKERMon Dec 12 1994Sable SMP performance question
525.02BLAZER::MIKELISTue Dec 13 1994Customer needs firmware upgrade
526.02PERFOM::BWATERSTue Dec 13 1994IPROBE T2-
527.03DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Dec 13 1994Token Ring (again)...
528.01PTOVAX::SCOTTWed Dec 14 1994Factory Installed Software
529.01DEKVC::JAEILLEEThu Dec 15 1994Order number of Windows NT(server) V3.5 AXP?
530.0AMCUCS::BROTHERThu Dec 15 1994Problem win "axpalign" command on NT 3.5
531.04HGOVC::RAPHAELHUNGFri Dec 16 1994NCR SCSI driver for 21
532.09OSLFri Dec 16 1994Any idea on "Unexpected error: 11" problem from customer?
533.01SUBURB::HARWOODJTue Dec 20 1994ECU - psrt numbers and other such things
534.0CANDOO::GRIEBTue Dec 20 1994Sector translation enabled ???
535.0PWRPC::AYJEN4::ARMSTRONGFri Dec 23 1994
536.02BLAZER::MIKELISThu Dec 29 1994generating implicit libraies on Alpha
537.01ODIXIE::KIMBELFri Dec 30 1994LPT1
538.03VNOTSC::BOSTERSTue Jan 03 1995Qvision EISA CFG file?
539.09MUNK::DOIRONWed Jan 04 1995Workstation as a Server ?
541.0XLIB::CHINThu Jan 05 1995Restriction of SETUP to use Long file name?
542.01GUIDUK::MCCANTAThu Jan 05 1995Benchmark numbers for NT/AXP?
544.04SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUThu Jan 05 1995Can't initialise fdisk functions...
545.01LURE::CERLINGFri Jan 06 1995COMDEX CD?
547.0AD::MADLERFri Jan 06 1995Remapping keyboard
548.0HGOVC::MAHUAHSINMon Jan 09 1995looking for device driver for DEClaser 18
549.01NYOSS1::TAGGARTTue Jan 10 1995TLZ
550.06HGOCS::DENISLIWed Jan 11 1995RZ28B must be partitioned before install NT 3.5
551.04MSGAXP::DTSULLIVANWed Jan 11 1995SABLE Video card problem
552.011MELKOR::DEWISWed Jan 11 1995386 emulation? If/When?
553.02BUDDIE::SHWIFFWed Jan 11 1995Is microcode update required for AlphaStation 4
554.0OSLMon Jan 16 1995How to update HAL?
555.03BAHTAT::WALLS_TMon Jan 16 1995Oracle Performance on NT
556.015NOVA::JAGADISHMon Jan 16 1995Public Domain/GNU software on Alpha NT
557.0OSLMon Jan 16 1995Windows NT/Alpha machine on Internet (for porting)?
558.07WELSWS::GRIFFINTue Jan 17 1995IBM Token Ring on XL AXP
559.01AD::MADLERTue Jan 17 1995Win16 Subsystem bug with eudora 1.4
560.06OSLWed Jan 18 1995Why must I run ECU again?
561.0JAMTEN::NILSSONThu Jan 19 1995UPS Culzean PB3HB-AA 2
562.01MUNICH::GABLERMon Jan 23 1995Device driver problems for Twin-face
563.01DECLNE::PEACOCKMon Jan 23 1995Modems. NT & Sable
565.01BOBSBX::LANGONEWed Jan 25 1995Need help with screen saver code
566.06B17::LAPORTEMon Jan 30 1995OSLOADER=?? for NT 3.5
567.0KYOSS1::GREENWed Feb 01 19951
568.02TALLIS::SCHULERWed Feb 01 1995No "system sounds" on Avanti/NT 3.5
569.01OSLThu Feb 02 1995ORACLE on Windows NT/Alpha?
570.03BACHUS::CAERELSFri Feb 03 1995How to configure LPT2 on Jensen ?
571.03THEWAV::LEWTue Feb 07 1995Paradox for Windows NT (Alpha AXP)?
572.0WILBRY::SWABOWICZTue Feb 07 1995groups and icons loss when joining server
573.0148912::deccso.aty.DEC.COM::souchkoffThu Feb 09 1995AXP calling standard on NT
574.01PRIM18::LEARYMon Feb 13 1995FPNW
575.02DPDMAI::ROSEWed Feb 15 1995NT Boot Partition size?
576.0GIDDAY::BARNIERWed Feb 15 1995Proteon p19
577.0DECWET::MADSENThu Feb 16 1995** Jobs: NT/Alpha - Seattle Area **
578.05HANNAH::B_COBBThu Feb 16 1995Adaptec 1542C in 21
579.01SMOP::glossopThu Feb 16 1995Has anyone seen this RAS failure on an Alpha?
580.01KYOSS1::HUSBYFri Feb 17 1995Alpha migration tools under NT?
581.0SAPEC2::HELLMANNFri Feb 17 1995gzip.exe file needed
582.02DEKVC::JAEILLEETue Feb 21 1995Mustang and DigiBoard?
583.02VIVIAN::P_MILNERTue Feb 21 1995de435 driver please
584.01MUNK::DOIRONTue Feb 21 1995Tricord (sp?) Boxes Anyone?
585.02PLAYER::LEWISWed Feb 22 1995OSF/1 or VMS and Internal Modem
586.01STKHLM::SAMUELSSONThu Mar 02 1995Serial Mouse on Alpha systems?
587.03TRUCKS::KEMPSTERThu Mar 02 1995Timeout
588.0PERFOM::CSGPERFThu Mar 02 1995Updated Alpha Systems Windows NT perf docs avail
589.01GENIE::LEUENBERGERWTue Mar 07 1995multihead support ?
590.03SMOP::glossopMon Mar 13 1995How do you tell what caused a machine check?
591.02LURE::CERLINGTue Mar 14 1995How to obtain a crash on running system?
592.02ATYISA::JOUVELLIERTue Mar 14 1995installation crash
593.0ZPOVC::JASONCHANWed Mar 15 1995NT firewall
594.01HDLITE::CHINWed Mar 15 1995infinite number of the breakpoint exception events
595.014MUNICH::RADLERThu Mar 16 1995Alphaserver 1
596.04MSAMSun Mar 19 1995qvision for 128
597.04CANDOO::GRIEBMon Mar 20 1995Can't boot 3.5 anymore
598.0NCMAIL::MACKINMon Mar 20 1995Configuration questions
599.08VIDEO::PAYSONMon Mar 20 1995Audio player for .AU format
600.01LARVAE::64443::JORDAN_CTue Mar 21 19952 Eternet and 1 Token Ring?
601.04STAR::RICOWed Mar 22 1995two Ethernet cards on Jensen => can't get network to come up
602.02MJBOOT::SOUDERThu Mar 23 1995CorelDRAW5 on NT/Alpha?
603.0MLNORO::CAMPICEFri Mar 24 1995Looking for a Graphic Package for Alpha NT
604.02GUIDUK::MCCANTAFri Mar 24 1995Max drives on NT
605.01HGOVC::MAHUAHSINMon Mar 27 1995ZLXp Graphical control problem ?
606.06ATHINA::PAGEMon Mar 27 1995Power problem on Alphaserver
607.0SCASMon Mar 27 1995MIB Extended Services
608.08FJIVMon Mar 27 1995NT on AlphaServer 1
609.02FJIVMon Mar 27 1995StorageWorks TLZ
610.01ANNECY::ACHINOTue Mar 28 1995NT / TELNET / DecServer ?
611.04BBOTue Mar 28 1995Am I the only one needing 386 emulation ???
612.0AXEL::FOLEYWed Mar 29 1995modems and Alphaserver 1
613.01DEKVC::JAEILLEEThu Mar 30 1995DigiBoard and IRQ/address?
614.01BLAZER::MIKELISFri Mar 31 1995Need Multile Bridge support help
615.0NETRIX::"gjohnson@mpgs.enet.dec.com"Tue Apr 04 1995
616.05USCD::DOTENWed Apr 05 199528.8 V.Fast Class Bocamodem & Jensen/NT
617.01POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAThu Apr 06 1995Native Alpha/WNT FoxPro?
618.0MUNK::DOIRONFri Apr 07 1995NT: Major TCP/IP Performance Problems?
619.01BSS::F_BLANDOFri Apr 07 1995DC21
621.01MUNICH::GABLERTue Apr 11 1995Disk defragmenter fro WNT AXP ??
622.07AD::LOWNEYWed Apr 12 1995Jensen 3.5 upgrade problem
623.0UTROP1::OVERBEEK_HThu Apr 13 1995Digiboard/EISA/8 ports ?
624.0ADISSW::FERRARAThu Apr 13 1995Problem with DSKLAYT2 in Setup Toolkit
625.04GEMGRP::GLOSSOPThu Apr 13 1995"Automatically reboot" as a recovery option on an Avanti doesn't...
626.03LISVAX::SILVA_PMon Apr 17 1995Alphaserver 1
627.02LABC::NGUYENMon Apr 17 1995Urgent- help needed in the WNT 3.5 installation
628.01ISIDRO::JOMANUELTue Apr 18 1995Any pointer to benchmark software?
629.03EEMELI::RASANENThu Apr 20 1995Dual-screen needed for AXP
630.0TOHOPE::WSAThu Apr 20 1995dac96
631.0BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDFri Apr 21 1995nt 3.5 crash on 21
632.08HERON::decvtt.vbo.dec.com::lalliFri Apr 21 1995MIB sof Alpha?
633.0DEKVC::KWANHOKIMMon Apr 24 1995"X.25 adapter and AlphaServer NT.
634.02ESSB::JMURPHYTue Apr 25 1995Another nt 3.5 crash on 21
635.03AD::MADLERTue Apr 25 1995Jensen disk mounting hardware
636.03LARVAE::JORDANWed Apr 26 1995MULTIA and NT server??
637.015BLOFLY::SMITHPWed Apr 26 1995NTAXP performance/tuning guide please ???
638.02UTROP1::WALLACE_BThu Apr 27 1995ALPHA/WNT Incompatibility Question
639.04CUSTOM::ALLBERYMon May 01 1995NT equivalents of CMS and MMS???
640.02OGBON::COCAM::GORDONWed May 03 1995a Stop
641.04KAOFS::V_LEDOUXWed May 03 1995Mustang AlphaStation 2
643.04GIDDAY::SANKARWed May 03 1995matrox video card drivers .....Is there any new one?
644.06PMESD::KENOYERFri May 05 1995XL56
645.02NYOSS1::BUONOMOMon May 08 1995Ada on Alpha ??
646.020NYOSS1::BUONOMOTue May 09 1995EV5 performance questions
647.01AD::MADLERWed May 10 1995Multisession CD-ROM drive
648.01DECLNE::PEACOCKTue May 16 1995Remote Server Manager for NT?
649.02NYOSS1::WANGWed May 17 1995Performace of Excel on Alpha NT
650.05USCD::DOTENThu May 18 1995NVRAM/firmaware problem during boot ("must be fixed")
651.01LJSRV1::FREITASWed May 24 1995Why won't Alpha load Intel-built resource-only DLL?
653.010AIMHI::ONETME::TAYLORTue May 30 1995VAX/VMS files to Windows NT
654.02DECLNE::PEACOCKThu Jun 08 1995SNA server and Alpha 1
655.01KERNEL::GARDNERNThu Jun 08 1995HP laserjet 4 driver !!!
656.03TAVMon Jun 12 1995Fail to start firmware update
657.02STAR::MONTAGUETue Jun 13 1995CD's, DAT, and sound?
658.01ZPOVC::ROYTANTue Jun 13 1995Update of firmware needed!!!!
659.0CALDEC::MCCATHERNTue Jun 13 1995HP 66
660.01TPOVC::ALBERTHUANGWed Jun 14 1995where to get the Update Utility of FSL
661.01ODIXIE::WOODDAFri Jun 16 1995can't add 2nd adaptec 1742
662.0ISTWI1::OZILThu Jun 22 1995Sybase availability
663.0DPDMAI::BROGDONFri Jun 23 1995exabyte 82
664.05CGOWGS::GIBBMon Jun 26 1995PowerGrade Upgrade Problems on Celebris XL's
665.01STAR::KEENANWed Jun 28 1995EB64+ (Alpha PC64) - Need System Support Floppy
666.02HANNAH::COBBThu Jun 29 1995Adding a CPU to a Sable running NT
667.08LURE::CERLINGFri Jun 30 1995SMP scaling
668.0VAXRIO::EMILIOTue Jul 04 1995Help in NT benchmark with AlphaStation
669.01ATYISA::JOUVELLIERWed Jul 05 1995DEC 2
670.0GUIDUK::MCCANTAThu Jul 06 1995Banyan and NT update?
671.03NETRIX::"jacques@hannah.enet.dec.com"Fri Jul 07 1995Need help on Windows/NT manufacturing installation
672.0LURE::CERLINGTue Jul 11 1995Hot Standby System Disk
673.02DECLNE::PEACOCKWed Jul 12 1995Detail info on ev45 vs ev5 compiling?
674.0COPCLU::GREGFri Jul 14 1995Additional client licenses?
675.025KXOSRV::ALLEYWed Jul 19 1995Poor TPC-B Performance Numbers!?!?!?
676.0STTNG::reisertWed Jul 19 1995Kermit developers need NT keyboard scan codes
677.05LEMAN::JOSHIThu Jul 20 1995MIXED Mode? ALPHA Server/INTEL Clients?
678.02EVTISA::ES_HOANGFri Jul 21 1995OPTIONS environement variable for the ARC.
679.03DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Jul 21 1995Alpha vs. Pentium NT help?
680.04SIOG::FITZMAURICEMon Jul 24 1995MIKASA and install woes
681.03MANMWed Jul 26 1995WNT setup error
682.02HGOSPS::DENISLIThu Jul 27 1995Need NT video driver for ATI Mach64 video card
683.01ANNECY::CHABORD_DFri Jul 28 1995NT part numbers ???
684.09WELCLU::HUBBARDPFri Jul 28 1995Token Ring Cards ??
685.01VAXRIO::62981::SCHORFri Jul 28 1995Insuficient memory - Visual C
686.0PT73::MGRACEFFAFri Jul 28 1995NTAS V3.5 Servers hanging/freezing on 21
687.08JUMP4::JOYWed Aug 02 1995Netscape fails on WNT V3.51 on Jensen
688.03TRFSV3::M_LUKWed Aug 02 1995where is Cirrus 542x driver ?
689.04RECV::SETTYMon Aug 07 1995Installation - INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE ??
690.02OGBON::COCAM::GORDONTue Aug 08 1995location of upgraded ncr81
691.0OGBON::COCAM::GORDONTue Aug 08 1995adding extra memory to Alpha
692.025COMICS::TURTONJTue Aug 08 1995V poor performance since upgrading to 3.51 on Jensen AXP 15
693.03SWAM2::DOURAGHI_IRSun Aug 13 1995Is there a winNT-axp trumpet version?
694.01TLAVMon Aug 14 1995256 or true color for E3 under WNT
695.0ADISSW::FERRARAWed Aug 16 1995Windows NT driver for TKZ15?
696.0PERFOM::CSGPERFFri Aug 18 1995AlphaServer Windows NetBench Performance Flash
697.08RLTIME::COOKMon Aug 21 1995DMA problems with Windows NT Driver
698.02PARODY::CAETANOMon Aug 21 1995are sound systems compatible between multia and mustang (2
699.03RECV::SETTYTue Aug 22 1995Boot problem
700.02DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Aug 25 1995SNA Server questions
701.01HAN::KUNTZEMon Aug 28 1995WIN-NT API on OpenVMS info required
702.03MSDOA::JOHNSON_MMon Aug 28 1995upgrade to 35.1
703.01VAXRIO::MARCIA_LWed Aug 30 1995Serial port - NT 3.5
704.04SEAWLF::UEBERSAXThu Aug 31 1995PCMCIA Support
705.01ZPOVC::JASONCHANFri Sep 01 1995NT driver question again
706.04POLAR::TOMKINSTue Sep 05 1995STOP: c
707.01VASSA::HARALAMBOUSThu Sep 07 1995NT 3.15 and apple talk with two ethernet controllers
708.0PERFOM::CSGPERFThu Sep 07 1995Announcing CSD Performance Group's WWW Site
709.09GBIMon Sep 11 1995NT setup error...
710.0PFSVAX::WUENSCHELLMon Sep 11 1995Update to DC21
711.05MOSDM::GALITSKYWed Sep 13 1995Is it possible to install fresh Windows NT from other source then CD-ROM?
712.01DIVING::DAVISWed Sep 13 1995Shell Update Release - Beta Win95 GUI for NT?
713.06PCBUOA::aki1Wed Sep 13 19953.51 install problem on Mikasa
714.0LURE::CERLINGThu Sep 14 19953.51 arcinst
715.02USCTR1::lexyfi.lex.dec.com::islerThu Sep 14 1995Tape Drives on AXP15
716.04TEACH::WICKERTTue Sep 19 1995non-system partition with ARCINST?
717.02VAXRIO::EMILIOFri Sep 22 1995NT and FDDI Controller
718.01DECC::OUELLETTEFri Sep 22 1995Visual Basic V4.
719.01VLNVAX::FRIESWed Sep 27 1995Looking for WINNT AXP version of NETSCAPE
720.02TAVThu Sep 28 1995fast-ethernet perf on Alpha/NT
721.04STAR::DUMASFri Sep 29 1995Mikasa installation - vga?
722.01ODIXIE::KIMBELSun Oct 01 1995Defragmentation tool?
723.06DIVING::DAVISMon Oct 02 1995How to set up NTFS on big partitions?
724.01DIVING::DAVISTue Oct 03 1995Windows 95 apps won't run on NT on Alpha!
725.0DEKVC::SANGYEOBLEETue Oct 03 1995Change the IRQ3 on AXP 21
726.04NWDWed Oct 04 1995Customer Questions
727.01JRDVThu Oct 05 1995HCT fails on ZLXp-E3
728.0JAMTEN::NILSSONMon Oct 09 1995stop
729.04NUBABA::FRACCHIAMon Oct 09 1995Alpha XL as a NT Server ?
730.03DECWET::B_LEAHYMon Oct 09 1995Matrox MGM Millennium Driver
731.04DECWET::B_LEAHYMon Oct 09 1995Alpha XL Windows NT FIS
732.02TARUGO::LIDIATue Oct 10 1995ftp and home directory
733.01HAN::HAEUSSERTue Oct 10 1995Upgrade to NT3.5 with ECU v1.2 ?
734.01I4GET::HENNINGWed Oct 11 1995"Response Probe" hints?
735.01STOSS1::KUTZMon Oct 16 199516bit NT application on Alpha
736.02ANNECY::LAGARRIGUE_PTue Oct 17 1995Need Update Utility diskette (FSL)
737.03PRMSTue Oct 17 1995Documentation - Hard copy available?
738.0PERFOM::CSGPERFTue Oct 17 1995Application-based AlphaServer Performance Docs
739.0GBIThu Oct 19 1995Access to terminal serve port as application port?
740.0CSC32::DUNCANThu Oct 19 1995Any problems with NT V3.51 w/SP2 and Proteon 199
741.02ATYISB::MOCHELFri Oct 20 1995netware file service for NT
742.0DECLNE::PEACOCKMon Oct 23 1995NT Spooler Performance?
743.01UTROP1::WALLACE_BMon Oct 23 1995Compaq's "Smartstart"
744.01VOLAPM::HAIGHWed Oct 25 1995WNT Event log mailer software?
745.03HYLNDR::POLTRACKThu Oct 26 1995Why is the data area for the Win32 spooler too small?
746.05USCTR1::16.132.8Tue Oct 31 19953D and OpenGL on Windows NT on Alpha
747.0+8TOHOPE::WSAWed Nov 01 1995Which hal for which alpha?
748.01DPDMAI::ROSEThu Nov 02 1995Customer question on mfg default of SCSI/RAID
749.04DPDMAI::ROSEThu Nov 02 1995Boot Partition Size?
750.02UKARC1::HAGUEMon Nov 06 1995Problem with AlphaStation and card reader.
751.01BLKES7::BLASINGAMEMon Nov 06 1995Retrieving Alpha System Serial Number
752.0LURE::CERLINGTue Nov 07 1995Tuning an Alpha for MS Mail
753.0EMNTAL::STADELMANNWed Nov 08 1995Auto 16/4 Token-Ring ISA Adapter
754.013BALTMD::GLOCKWed Nov 08 1995FX32 anyone??
755.0BACHUS::VERCAMMENFri Nov 10 1995NTVDM - CPU has encountered an illegal instruction
756.01DUKBIL::VaughnFri Nov 10 1995How to replace a file???
757.01GYUPCC::SIEBOLDMon Nov 13 1995System unbootable after mirror set change
758.0IVOSS1::TU_TOMon Nov 13 1995Multi-threads=1
759.02SNOFS1::CORDWELLPAULMon Nov 13 1995Digital Clusters for NT
760.0EVTISA::ES_HOANGFri Nov 17 1995Secure system partition strangeness.
762.0FSSB::PTORLINDThu Nov 23 1995Matrox
763.0KAOFS::kaoxThu Nov 23 1995Do I really need a Fault Tolerant Boot Floppy?
764.02CHEFS:: Dec 01 1995TPC-C Benchmark performance press release
765.0SNOSHU::CSGPERFFri Dec 01 1995Digital now has world-leading TPC-C price/perf!
766.02ZPAC12::MURALISun Dec 03 1995Oracle on Alpha/WNT ?
768.02IVOSS1::TU_TOThu Dec 07 1995Disk Quota?
769.0ODIXIE::FEINSTEINFri Dec 08 1995Beta PCMCIA/PC card NTAXP driver
770.04IVOSS1::TU_TOFri Dec 08 1995Going backward!!!
771.01UTROP1::OVERBEEK_HSun Dec 10 1995comm ports on AXP15
772.01BACHUS::LEENTue Dec 12 1995QuickTime viewer for Windows NT on Alpha
773.04CANOVA::6158Tue Dec 12 1995Cobol on WNT AXP
774.016BGSDEV::MORSHEDTue Dec 12 1995Problems installing NT on a Mustang
775.03COLTue Dec 12 1995writable CDROM solutions
776.0PERFOM::CSGPERFThu Dec 14 1995AlphaServer 1
777.06CSC32::MARSHALLSat Dec 16 1995Wavelan NIC on a Jensen?
778.01ACISS2::SWARDENTue Dec 19 1995AlphaVMS to AlphaNT?
779.03MLNORO::CAMPICETue Dec 19 1995FAX Solution for NT alpha, anyone ?
780.02IVOSS1::TU_TOThu Dec 21 1995Imaging App. For Health Cares
781.05TEACH::BEEBEThu Dec 28 1995Can you use /mem=? boot option
782.0VNABRW::638Wed Jan 03 1996DIGIBOARD PC/XEM on Alpha WNT 3.51
783.03AUSSIE::SULLIVANWed Jan 03 1996MIDI through external SB MIDI port?
784.0VAXSPO::TONYMon Jan 08 1996ATI Match64 drivers where ? ? ?
785.09HOMERO::FIELDWed Jan 10 1996Alphastation 2
786.01MKOTS3::DUDEVOIRFri Jan 12 1996Serverbench for Alpha?
787.03IJSAPL::ONDERWATERTue Jan 16 1996Converting WNT partition from FAT to NTFS
788.08ATHINA::TSAKALOSWed Jan 17 1996EVENT ID 22 & clinear any solution ?
789.01LYOIS1::DUCEPTWed Jan 17 1996Migration from NetWare to NT
790.03TOHOPE::MIMS::CHURCHE_JMon Jan 22 1996how to correctly expand HAL from cdrom?
791.01NYUK::DIFONZOMon Jan 22 1996Avanti but not Alcor?
792.02STPFri Jan 26 1996PBXDF-AA modem on AlphaServer 4
793.02NQOSMon Jan 29 19965/3
794.03ADISSW::FERRARAMon Jan 29 1996Lost Unix Boot Block?
795.01SUBSYS::HOPEWELLWed Jan 31 1996CU_HTML on WORD for NTAXP?
797.010DUKBIL::VaughnMon Feb 05 1996Netbench results... Any comments???
798.01MCSILO::JMURPHYMon Feb 05 1996NT Partition Information
799.02USCD::DOTENTue Feb 06 1996ARCINST.EXE and ARC Boot Menu documentation?
800.015USCD::DOTENTue Feb 06 1996Convert FAT to NTFS
801.05TOHOPE::MIMS::CHURCHE_JFri Feb 09 1996standard vga driver question
802.03SRVPC::USTINOVFri Feb 09 1996NT3.51 & Parity Checking on PowerGrade
803.05STKAI1::FEHRMFri Feb 09 1996NT 4.
804.0PRIM18::LEARYSun Feb 11 1996From alphant@foo.garply.com
805.0MAIL2::DERISEMon Feb 12 1996AS21
806.02MKOTS3::HAHNTue Feb 13 1996Alpha Firmware for Beta 4.
807.01SEAWLF::UEBERSAXThu Feb 15 1996Memory size for OA
809.0BGSDEV::LANGONETue Feb 20 1996V3.
810.02EVTISA::ES_ROETTATue Feb 20 1996alpha 4/266 parity error dcache fill
811.01LURE::ticks.mpo.dec.com::CerlingTue Feb 20 1996CA Unicenter
812.02DECC::MORSHEDWed Feb 21 199616 bit Windows Subsystem "direct access to disk error"
814.03QUARK::LIONELSun Feb 25 1996Matrox Impression driver for NT 3.51
815.03ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONETue Mar 05 19962nd cpu on a21
816.01MKOTS3::RENZULLITue Mar 05 1996System Crashing running Microsoft office
817.0MAIL1::DERISETue Mar 05 1996KZPSC-BA: How many?
818.02NQOSWed Mar 06 19965/3
819.0LFOIS1::ALIEThu Mar 07 1996NT V4 Installation pb?
820.05VAXRIO::MARCIA_LFri Mar 08 1996zlxp-e3 / 8-bit color
821.04LFOIS1::ALIEMon Mar 11 1996TZ88 driver
822.02KEIKI::WHITEMon Mar 11 1996What compiler does Microsoft use to build NT Alpha?
823.02TPOVC::MOBBYLINTue Mar 12 1996PPP max sessions?
824.01LATINA::TERESATue Mar 12 199621
826.03MAIL1::DERISETue Mar 12 1996Maximum memory for NT?
827.01MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIThu Mar 14 1996Problem with AUTOCAD rel 13 on WNT AXP 3.51
828.05STOSS1::KUTZThu Mar 14 19963Com FDDI
829.0PERFOM::CSGPERFFri Mar 15 1996New AlphaServer Windows NT Performance Flashes
830.01ZURFri Mar 15 1996ALPHA XL and Matrox Milliennium
831.02FOUNDR::borg1.nio.dec.com::TippinMon Mar 18 1996Strange install problem
832.02NWDMon Mar 18 1996Customer Questions
833.0ROWDY::PAINTERTue Mar 19 1996HAL developers kit Windows NT Alpha needed for Alpha designer/reseller
834.04NETRIX::"johann.beck@aui.mts.dec.com"Wed Mar 20 1996Service Pack 4 available !!!
835.01QUARK::LIONELWed Mar 20 1996Epson Stylus Pro
836.0LFOIS1::ALIEFri Mar 22 199616-bits / 32-bits Mixture on NT/AXP ?
837.0HITIT::ELUMARWed Mar 27 1996SABLE & GXE WNT v3.52 install pb
838.08CHEFS::BLATCH_GWed Mar 27 1996IDE CDROM on ALPHA for NT ?
840.01HDLITE::DAVISMon Apr 01 1996MSNULL Print Driver needed
841.010TAVSun Apr 07 1996DLL size, Cimatron software
842.0DIVING::DAVISMon Apr 08 199621
843.03NETRIX::"petteri.heino@fno.mts.dec.com"Tue Apr 09 1996Jensen and ATI mach64 ISA?
844.01MUDGEE::HUMMERSTONTue Apr 09 1996Wyse Winterm 25
845.02STAR::KEENANWed Apr 10 1996Is upgrade from WNT 3.51 Workstation to WNT 3.51 Server on Alpha supposed to work ?
846.01GIDDAY::SANKARThu Apr 11 1996Is a ATI mach64 ISA video card supported....do we have the drivers for axp21
847.0TARUGO::LIDIAMon Apr 15 1996TLZ7L-VA
848.06VIVIAN::D_BONOWed Apr 17 1996Jensen NT V4 running slow. Help!
849.02SEAWLF::LEVENTERWed Apr 17 1996ALphaStation 255 needs NT V3.51c?
850.01MJBOOT::SOUDERWed Apr 17 199664-bitfunctions on NT/Alpha?
851.02VERN::CARPENTERTue Apr 23 1996LPs printers on NT server
852.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneTue Apr 23 1996Alignment faults not generating exceptions?
853.010NETRIX::"petteri.heino@fno.mts.dec.com"Wed Apr 24 1996On AutoCAD R13C4 performance (long)
854.03UNXA::PATELWed Apr 24 1996Disk Administrator vs. non-NT disks
855.02PCBUOA::KRATZMon Apr 29 1996NTFS reader debuts
856.01CGOOA::BONTJEMon Apr 29 19963D Studio MAX - still happening on Alpha NT
857.01SIOG::KILROYWed May 01 1996Crashes on AXP 21
858.01EISYFI::ISLERThu May 02 1996Banyan Vines clients print and do SQL via TCP/IP?
859.03TAVThu May 02 1996PTC graphic perf on Alpha XL
860.03BLAZER::MIKELISMon May 06 1996Avantages in choosing Alpha over Intel
861.01BLAZER::MIKELISMon May 06 1996need Proteon p199x Adapter
862.02BGSDEV::DINTINOThu May 09 1996Switches for Max Performance
863.04GBIFri May 10 1996File Manager crashes on 3.51 AXP A/S 2
864.0DECWET::JENNESSSat May 11 1996Are you a notes moderator?
865.05HERON::decvtt.sbu.vbe.dec.com::lalliTue May 14 1996ARC over serial port
866.02VAXSPO::TONYTue May 14 1996ARC Menu on 1
867.01MAIL1::DERISEThu May 16 1996ZLXp-L video drivers?
868.02DECWET::ONOThu May 16 1996NetWorker for Windows NT Alpha (backup)
869.03WASHDC::redskn.cop.dec.com::kmooreThu May 16 1996V3.51 -> V4.
870.011MEDINA::MULLERFri May 17 1996Alpha XL 3
871.04KERNEL::WILTSHIREAMon May 20 1996Firmware Upgrade Word 6 Winfile
872.05BGSDEV::DINTINOThu May 23 1996NT PCI bus performance
873.01UTROP1::GEERDES_BFri May 24 1996word causing disk corruptions?
874.02BIGUN::chmeee::MayneMon May 27 199664 bit Windows NT?
875.02EISYFI::ISLERTue May 28 1996Is there a 2GB RAID set limit?
876.01WRKSYS::MCMULLENTue May 28 1996?How to program "Show List For"
877.07NQOSWed May 29 1996Unattended installation on Alpha
878.01EPS::SLATERWed May 29 1996Lotus Notes V4.1 on AlphaServer 21
879.01KERNEL::WILTSHIREAThu May 30 1996Communique Free Software ? Notes ?
880.0SCASS1::HITTENMILLERMon Jun 03 1996Sound Blaster 16 PnP on ALpha?
881.01MAIL1::DERISETue Jun 04 1996LJSRV1: what happened?
882.01TPOVC::ERICHUANGTue Jun 04 1996Where to find WNT 3.51 resource kit?
883.06EPS::DEANEWed Jun 05 1996Questions about new byte instructions
884.03MKOTS3::DUDEVOIRThu Jun 06 1996Cirrus Linear Problem
885.06EPS::DEANEMon Jun 10 1996Optimizing unaligned byte manipulation
886.02IBMon Jun 10 1996Thomas Conrad
887.07GUOVWed Jun 12 1996Help needed with IP routing on NT 3.51
888.01ODIXIE::VANESSOThu Jun 13 1996MS products on Alpha
889.02RDGENG::therml.reo.dec.com::BAKERSMon Jun 17 1996HCL for EB164?
890.01NETCAD::BARENYSMon Jun 17 1996IBG netscape for alpha expiring soon... new version out there?
891.0KERNEL::WILTSHIREATue Jun 18 19961
892.06VIVIAN::P_MILNERTue Jun 18 1996max raidset size
893.0VAXRIO::DJOVWed Jun 19 1996WIN NT Crashing without write MEMORY.DMP
894.06ODIXIE::VANESSOWed Jun 19 1996XL set to factory default
895.02ZPOVC::HANTIONGSun Jun 23 1996remote printing with SUNos
896.01GIDDAY::SAMPSONMon Jun 24 1996TZ88 behind SWXCR-
897.08TAKEOF::KAUFMANNMon Jun 24 1996Alphaserver 4
898.02MAIL1::DERISETue Jun 25 199616-bit support: C/C++?
899.03KERNEL::WILTSHIREAWed Jun 26 1996NT HD only formats as FAT
900.05TROOA::rasWed Jun 26 1996Additional SCSI Card assigned as Bus
901.05HERON::decvtt.sbu.vbe.dec.com::lalliThu Jun 27 1996NT on 41
902.08IBThu Jun 27 1996MADGE PCI Token Ring
903.02EPS::MURRAYThu Jun 27 1996HAL for 1
904.01ODIXIE::VANESSOMon Jul 01 1996Visual Foxpro
905.02GUIDUK::SOMERMon Jul 01 19961
906.0GEMEVN::K_FORBESWed Jul 03 1996incorrect rounding of an IEEE denormalized result
907.02VAXRIO::CORREAThu Jul 04 1996Where to get DECprint supervisor for WNT?
908.05MSE1::MACLEANMon Jul 08 1996Memory.dmp problems 21
909.02WOTVAX::WALLS_TWed Jul 10 1996VRML and JAVA support
910.0+1HERON::decvtt.sbu.vbe.dec.com::lalliThu Jul 11 1996Scanner on alpha/NT
911.08CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Jul 12 1996Couple of questions (coming from VAX OpenVMS)
912.02MAIL1::DERISEFri Jul 12 1996ServerWORKS Manager on Alpha?
913.05NETCAD::BARENYSMon Jul 15 1996adobe acrobat for AXP NT
914.01CHEFS::HARWOODJFri Jul 19 1996AlphaServer 1
915.04ODIXIE::VANESSOTue Jul 23 1996ODBC driver for NT Alpha
916.01BARNA::DSMAILThu Jul 25 1996AS21
917.04VAXRIO::DJOPC4::schorThu Jul 25 1996Token ring & AlphaStaion supported ?
918.0WOTVAX::HILTONFri Jul 26 1996>4 CPUs under NT?
919.01PRIM18::LEARYMon Jul 29 1996CPS for Alpha NT ?
920.08PRIM18::LEARYFri Aug 02 1996Multimedia Madness for Alpha NT
921.02SLICER::RODMon Aug 05 1996ZLXp-E Grpahics Support V3.1 bad Zip file
922.0ZPOVC::JASONCHANTue Aug 06 1996print on HP4MV
923.06COMICS::SYMONDSKTue Aug 06 1996The system can not log you on (C
924.01ZPOVC::JASONCHANTue Aug 06 1996PowerStorm drivers?
925.01ZPOVC::JASONCHANTue Aug 06 1996ZLXp-L on NT 4.
926.0PRIM18::LEARYTue Aug 13 1996Excerpt from Windows Magazine - Sept, 96
927.01ZPOVC::JASONCHANMon Aug 19 1996ZLXp-L and 4D5
928.0NBOFS1::RITZERWed Aug 21 1996A2
929.01MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIWed Aug 21 1996DEFEA MTU size
930.02TAVTue Aug 27 1996Threads on an SMP server
931.04UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Aug 30 1996illegal instruction in module FPTAB11.VBX ?
932.02IVOSS1::TU_TOTue Sep 03 1996SCSIPORT2 timeout.
933.0EEMELI::palm1.fno.dec.com::RASANENWed Sep 04 1996X-terminals running Alpha/NT apps
934.0HERON::decvtt.sbu.vbe.dec.com::lalliThu Sep 05 1996Booting NT from KZPSA and HSZ4
935.0RCOCER::KNIGHTTThu Sep 05 199641
936.02WOTVAX::WALLS_TThu Sep 05 1996Bourne Shell for Alpha NT
937.01ACISS2::ECKSat Sep 07 1996Certification of applications to run on NT Alpha ?
938.03IVOSS1::TU_TOWed Sep 11 1996DECMessageQ s/w
939.04IVOSS1::TU_TOThu Sep 12 1996Bitsurfr Pro on Alpha/NT?
940.019MAIL2::DERISEThu Sep 12 1996P6 vs. Alpha?
941.0NETRIX::"stretch@ipsrv.uto.dec.com"Mon Sep 16 1996NT Environment problems?
942.02HAN::HAEUSSERMon Sep 16 1996Poor Performance in DOS-Box
943.01DIVING::DAVISTue Sep 17 19964GB on 41
944.0LNZALI::BACHNERWed Sep 18 1996HP DesignJet 65
945.0WASHDC::snowme.cop.dec.com::copss1::MOOREWed Sep 18 1996HSZ4
946.01MOOZY::HAVERFIELDPSun Sep 22 19961
947.01PRIM18::LEARYTue Sep 24 1996IE3.
948.01TRLIAN::LAILThu Sep 26 1996Anyone Know why this ERROR is occuring
949.0ZPOVC::JASONCHANMon Sep 30 1996DICOM?
950.0GIDDAY::SANKARTue Oct 01 1996 AS1
951.0CSC32::STRINGWed Oct 02 19963.51 PCI/Driver Issues
952.01ACISS2::ECKMon Oct 07 1996Media and Documentation for NT V 4.
953.05CTHU22::M_MORINThu Oct 10 199621
954.01NETRIX::"CHRISTIAN@MAIL.DEC.COM"Thu Oct 10 1996Banyan Street talk on Alpha
955.02SSMPRD::DBROWNFri Oct 11 1996Single bit errors on NT???
956.01PRIM18::LEARYFri Oct 11 1996ActiveMovie fails on AS5
957.01NWDFri Oct 11 1996Any chance of reverse FX!32?
958.01GIDDAY::PUDIPEDDITue Oct 15 1996TLZ
959.04MAIL2::DERISEFri Oct 18 1996Problem with Exchange: Shutdown?
960.02WOTVAX::monstr.lzo.dec.com::abearTue Oct 22 1996SETUP fails loading CD File System
961.01PTOSS1::RCOLLINSWed Oct 23 1996NT 4.
962.03ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Oct 24 1996One CPU missing after crash ??
963.0DRAGN::BOURQUARDFri Oct 25 1996Year 2
964.04VAXSPO::TONYTue Oct 29 1996can't start write.exe and setup.exe ! ! !
965.0NETRIX::"@rto541.rto.dec.com"Tue Oct 29 1996
966.04MAIL2::DERISETue Oct 29 1996V4.
967.05PRIM14::ZIMMERMANNFri Nov 01 1996NT 4.
968.0BSS::A_SALETue Nov 05 1996PCXAL-FA keyboard with NT 4.
969.03CHEFS:: Nov 08 1996PCMCIA/NT4.
970.0KYOSS1::HUSBYFri Nov 08 1996SMP on NT/Alpha?
971.06TROOA::BROWNFri Nov 08 1996?status of PCI Token Ring on NT 4.
972.01MLNOIS:: Nov 11 1996Newer "Porting Apps from X86 to WNT/Alpha"
973.01SIOG::FITZMAURICEThu Nov 14 1996255 HAL V4
974.0BGSDEV::MORRISSat Nov 16 1996DMA Read performance slowdown under NT 4.
975.0NQOSThu Nov 21 1996NT on 21
976.02STAR::RICOFri Nov 22 1996AS1
977.01HYDRA::LAVINTue Nov 26 199641
978.01MANIOK::WINKLERMon Dec 02 199641
979.0MAIL2::DERISETue Dec 03 1996Info for NT on Turbolasers
980.02NPSS::DIFONZOWed Dec 04 1996NT 3.51 driver crashing on AVANTI
981.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Dec 11 1996error code 1797
982.02FOR2Mon Dec 16 1996Generic file util for tapes?
983.0MLNCSC::DALPORTOWed Dec 18 1996RASLOG_CALLBACK_FAILURE only on alpha system
984.01UFHIS::LOCHSCHMIDTThu Dec 19 1996ISR access to I/O: How ?
985.01HGOM22::WEISUNWed Jan 01 1997Question about windows nt server RAS.help me
986.01ZURTue Jan 07 1997Raid Problem
987.0NPSS::DIFONZOTue Jan 07 1997Problem running driver on Alphastation 6
988.09VAXRIO::EMILIOTue Jan 07 1997Problems installing NT 4.
989.0ZURThu Jan 09 1997TZ87 on Alpha under NT 4.
990.0+5MPOSThu Jan 09 1997DirectX SDK for Alpha?
991.06COMICS::SYMONDSKMon Jan 13 1997Windows NT 4.
992.0+2ACISS2::GIENKOMon Jan 13 1997NT 4.
994.0+3NPSS::DIFONZOFri Jan 17 1997Shared Memory Allocation under 4.
995.0SPANIX::ALVAROTue Jan 21 1997HP ITOperation for Alpha???
996.0+5CGOWGS::GIBBWed Jan 22 1997Scsi Bus Performance problem with tape Drives.
997.0 *+1novaTue Jan 28 1997NT 4.
998.0 *+1STOSS1::KUTZTue Jan 28 1997NICs on V4.
999.0 *+3CSC32::GLAUNERWed Jan 29 1997nt V4.
1000.0 *BGSDEV::LANGONETue Feb 04 1997New kit available for TGA/TGA2
1001.0 *+14MAIL2::DERISETue Feb 04 19976MB FAT partition: why???
1002.0 *TLAVThu Feb 13 1997A1
1003.0 *+7HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Feb 13 1997When will Digital ship NT 4.
1004.0 *MEDINA::MULLERFri Feb 14 1997Digital Employees NT internal subscription
1005.0 *TARKIN::LINMon Feb 17 1997NT 4.
1006.0 *+7VAXRIO::EMILIOWed Feb 19 1997Problems installing NT 3.51 on 1
1007.0 *+7KERNEL::GARDNERNFri Feb 21 1997Lotus Notes running on AXP /NT
1008.0 *+1ANNECY::FICHTERTue Feb 25 1997Norton on NT / Alpha
1009.0 *+2SIOG::BRENNAN_MTue Feb 25 1997Scheduler for WNT
1010.0 *+1TAVWed Feb 26 1997Symantec C++
1011.0 *+3SPOOKS::WINCEWed Feb 26 1997perl for ntaxp anywhere?
1012.0 *OSLThu Feb 27 1997Perf.Mon and IP problems on AS2
1013.0 *+1KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Feb 28 1997a1
1014.0 *+1TPOVC::ERICHUANGWed Mar 05 1997setup TLZ
1015.0 *+1FREE::DOUCETFri Mar 07 1997Problems using a TLZ
1016.0 *+2MLNCSC::DEPOLIGMon Mar 10 1997CD recorder and WNT Alpha
1017.0 *+2KANATA::TOMKINSTue Mar 11 1997Firmware updates for Alpha
1018.0 *+3ANNECY::FICHTERFri Mar 14 1997NT 4.
1019.0 *+3SCASS1::GALVINSat Mar 15 1997Can I build NT V4.
1020.0 *+1ANGST::tunsrv2-tunnel.imc.das.dec.com::angst::boebingerSun Mar 16 1997Uattended installation revisited (with custom CD-R)
1021.0 *+1TOSSUB::ALESSIOTue Mar 18 1997WNT 4.
1022.0 *+6NETRIX::"MartinoD@mail.dec.com"Fri Mar 28 1997DECthreads for NT available on non-DEC NT platforms?
1023.0 *+1HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Apr 01 1997NT AXP HAL on external WEB???
1024.0 *+6NQOSWed Apr 02 1997System hangs when a DR Watson log is written
1025.0 *+11NYOSS1::BUONOMOMon Apr 07 1997Netshow and stuff
1026.0 *+3ODIXIE::VANESSOTue Apr 08 1997Modem setup on 433a
1027.0 *+4VAXRIO::PCSUP1::souzaWed Apr 09 1997AlphaServer 1
1028.0 *CARDHU::LUONGOFri Apr 11 1997NFS/BOOTP for NT-Alpha
1029.0 *OSLLAV::JENSHMon Apr 14 1997pkzip for multiple floppy volumes?
1030.0 *+26Wed Apr 16 1997Alpha games
1031.0 *+1NNTPD::"sundaehong@is.digital.co.kr"Thu Apr 17 1997Unknown Hard Error
1032.0 *+1LNZALI::BACHNERWed Apr 23 19971
1033.0 *MLNCSC::DEPOLIGWed Apr 23 1997Document modification missed on NT AXP
1034.0 *PFSVAX::WUENSCHELLWed Apr 23 1997274
1035.0 *+3CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Apr 24 1997Internet Explorers?
1036.0 *+11DV78Fri Apr 25 1997why Alpha over Intel?
1037.0 *+3NETCAD::BARENYSWed Apr 30 1997identify an Alpha NT system...
1038.0 *+1GRIFUN::BENVIWed Apr 30 1997FX!32 and Action Request System by Remedy corp
1039.0 *+3MLNCSC::DALPORTOWed Apr 30 1997HAL for Alphastation 5
1040.0 *NNTPD::"dave.martino@wro.mts.dec.com"Thu May 01 1997Where can I find config file for TLZ
1041.0 *+6NYOSS1::BUONOMOFri May 02 1997Iomega Zip dirve
1042.0 *+4KAOFS::M_VALLEETue May 06 19971
1043.0 *+5NNTPD::"rogerg@mail.dec.com"Tue May 06 1997Named Pipes and SMP
1044.0 *+1TURRIS::av_pc1.shl.dec.com::sullivanWed May 07 1997Problem installing Active Server Pages on Alpha NT
1045.0 *+3DJOVWed May 07 1997Alpha 215
1046.0 *+5CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed May 07 1997Anti-virus software & disk defrag for Windows NT 4.
1047.0 *+1TURRIS::av_pc1.shl.dec.com::sullivanThu May 08 1997IIS Server error 5
1048.0 *+4QUARK::LIONELTue May 13 1997>64KB read through SCSI?
1049.0 *+1NQOSWed May 21 1997Autodesk stops supporting Alpha and UNIX with R14
1050.0 *+6CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu May 22 1997Windows NT 4.
1051.0 *+1CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu May 22 1997Multi-CPU??
1052.0 *SIOG::BATEMANMon May 26 1997sizeof( long double )
1053.0 *+4VAXRIO::EMILIOTue May 27 1997ALPHASERVER 21
1054.0 *+3KANATA::TOMKINSMon Jun 02 1997Firmware upgrade/downgrade, ECU/ISACFG usage
1055.0 *+1DIVING::DAVISTue Jun 03 1997WINS DB not replicating to Alpha NT
1056.0 *+1TPOVC::ERICHUANGThu Jun 05 1997CGI application on the Alpha WNT IIS?
1057.0 *NETCAD::BARENYSThu Jun 05 1997scandisk equivalent?
1058.0 *EPS::SLATERThu Jun 05 1997Application Performance Update May 97