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Conference decwet::hsm-4-unix

Title:HSM for UNIX Platforms
Notice:Kit Info in note 2.1 -- Public Info Pointer in 3.1
Created:Fri Jul 08 1994
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:238
Total number of notes:998
Number with bodies:109
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1.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Welcome
2.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 08 1994Pointer to Latest Kit
3.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 08 1994Pointer to Public Directory (Infosheets, Papers, etc)
4.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
5.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994REserved
6.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
7.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
8.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
9.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
10.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
11.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
12.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
13.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
14.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
15.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
16.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
17.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
18.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
19.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
20.0DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jul 08 1994Reserved
21.03CSC32::COLTERMon Jul 25 1994RW536 hang, XZA Adapter no longer operational..
22.02ZIGLAR::FPRUSSMon Jul 25 1994HSM on SABLE?
23.02ZIGLAR::FPRUSSWed Jul 27 1994listm "nano-bug"?
25.02USPS::FPRUSSFri Jul 29 1994HSM & OSF/1 V2.1B?
26.02USPS::FPRUSSTue Aug 02 1994mount fileset -- Not Owner?
27.04COLTue Aug 02 1994Documentation
28.0DECWET::GETSINGERTue Aug 02 1994DEC 21
29.03MUNICH::UNTERBERGERWed Aug 03 1994RWZ52 on OpenVMS AXP ???
30.03DV78Fri Aug 05 1994Keep getting the error "Could not format media"
31.07ECFAMon Aug 08 1994Panic : Bad dir
33.03USPS::FPRUSSTue Aug 09 1994archive/backup copies of filesets?
34.01CSC32::COLTERWed Aug 10 1994Procedures to follow when CD-ROM drive replaced??
35.01CSC32::COLTERThu Aug 11 1994How to prevent an inventory on boot?
36.03CSC32::COLTERFri Aug 12 1994Can't init/open jmd database???
37.01DV78Fri Aug 12 1994VA ratings for RW53
38.01BAHTAT::DODDMon Aug 15 1994HSM for OpenVMS?
39.05USPS::FPRUSSThu Aug 18 1994HSM breaks doconfig -c GENERIC?
40.06USPS::FPRUSSFri Aug 19 1994VMS's "Shelved State"???
41.08DV78Fri Aug 19 1994Why is second drive not being used?
42.02PDVEUS::BORTOLAMIMon Aug 22 1994ultrix 4.4 and SS1
43.01DV78Mon Aug 22 1994showbox?
44.01DNEAST::KOENIG_TODDTue Aug 23 1994can I use a 31
45.03GIDDAY::MUNNMon Aug 29 1994Can't see MO drives in jukebox
46.0DECWET::GETSINGERMon Aug 29 1994HSM and DEC 1
47.0MRED::ROBBINSTue Aug 30 1994Wanted: People to Evaluate Network Mgr's Guides
48.03HANSIX::hanscThu Sep 01 1994edager -r
49.03CSC32::COLTERFri Sep 02 1994Soft error recovery problem with RW536
50.09EEMELI::TAVIThu Sep 08 1994support for TL82
51.01NBOSWS::HESSELMANNFri Sep 09 1994HSM for OSF/1 3.
52.01HANSIX::hanscMon Sep 12 1994ssg_fsck
53.01HANSIX::hanscTue Sep 13 1994
54.01STKHLM::JOHANSSON_TWed Sep 14 1994formatm/importm, gives a lot of warnings and errors in jlog file. OSF v1.3 HSM 1.2A
55.02SNOFS1::ZANOTTOFri Sep 16 1994TZ877 loader support
56.03DV78Sun Sep 18 1994Need Ultrix S/W part numbers
57.05KLUSTR::GARDNERMon Sep 26 1994basic questions
58.04KLUSTR::GARDNERTue Sep 27 1994HSM GUI?
59.01SMURF::ANGELThu Sep 29 1994Where are the kits?
60.04TSCVFri Sep 30 1994importm
61.0LEFTY::CWILLIAMSMon Oct 03 1994Optical Notes has moved
62.01DV78Tue Oct 04 1994Does HSM work with ASE?
63.01CSC32::COLTERThu Oct 06 1994 panic: kernel memory fault caused by "formatm -m -f -n b13a 1
64.0YAKKA::FREEMANFri Oct 07 1994sendmigin errors in errorlog
65.04USPS::FPRUSSFri Oct 07 1994Oops, changed platter ID of "live" platter...
66.01USPS::FPRUSSFri Oct 07 1994ager won't?
67.01USPS::FPRUSSFri Oct 07 1994Does HSM use root fs for anything?
68.03UTRTSC::HOPMANMon Oct 10 1994HSM doesn't start after upgrade from V1.
69.03NBOSWS::HESSELMANNWed Oct 19 1994cat file (on optical with status ONLINE) - hanging procs
70.02NBOSWS::HESSELMANNWed Oct 19 1994WORM support (RW524) ???
71.05NBOSWS::HESSELMANNWed Oct 19 1994which features are in HSM or are planned?
72.05NLAFri Oct 21 1994Sable/ASE/HSM/TZ877/HSZ4
73.01DECWET::GETSINGERFri Oct 28 1994SS1
74.09TPOVC::DAVIDHSIEHFri Nov 04 1994Urgent! Where is the HSM for OSF/1 V3.
75.01MANIOK::SUTORFri Nov 04 1994HSM API ?
76.01DV78Thu Nov 10 1994INstall HSM on advfs/clonefs/balance questions
77.02SMURF::ANGELThu Nov 10 1994Yet another formatm question
78.02TROOA::JADAMSTue Nov 15 1994cant get mbufs-ultrix&ss1
79.01DV78Fri Nov 18 1994QL-
80.03TRNWed Nov 23 1994Help needed for an HSM solution
81.01AROSWed Nov 23 1994What versions of OSF/1 , ADVfs , SCSI cam is HSM V1.1 working on, build kernel problem
82.08VAXSPO::WANDERLEYWed Nov 23 1994HSM with DECNSR integration ???
83.01GLDOA::BOELEMAWed Nov 30 1994DEC 7
84.01MANIOK::SUTORThu Dec 08 1994Synchronized shelving?
85.02MEOCTue Dec 13 1994Clarification of TZ877 support
86.02MEOCWed Dec 14 1994On-llie manuals for MO jukeboxes???
87.04UTRTSC::BUITENHUISWed Dec 14 1994Several HSM problems.Jukebox rw53
88.04UTRTSC::BUITENHUISFri Dec 16 1994ssgfsck errors on filesystem
89.03UTRTSC::BUITENHUISFri Dec 16 1994man page for hmdump
90.03COPCLU::GREGMon Jan 09 1995quota and accounting?
91.03AROSTue Jan 10 1995RW536 dont save DECmode after test 4
92.03EEMELI::LAPPALAINENWed Jan 11 1995Formatm Could not format media.
93.02STKAI1::ISACSSONSun Jan 15 1995OSF V3.
94.04MEOCTue Jan 17 1995Status of V1.2 distribution etc.
95.01GRANPA::NNICOLLMon Jan 30 1995HSM and DFS?
96.012HLFSTue Feb 07 1995HSM qr causing performance problems
97.01PTOVAX::SCOTTWed Feb 08 1995ordering help
98.06UTRTSC::BUITENHUISThu Feb 09 1995WARNING in jlog: reservevs: platter a
99.01TROOA::GILLAMFri Feb 10 1995HSM & Alphaserver server 1
100.06STKHLM::PENNSATERTue Feb 14 1995formatm problem HSM V1.2 and osf/1 V3.
101.0VAXSPO::WANDERLEYThu Feb 16 1995Blist field description.
102.0STKAI1::EROSENTue Feb 21 1995How to upgrade RW536 firmware ?
103.02HAN::PETERSFri Mar 03 1995SS1
104.01VAXSPO::WANDERLEYMon Mar 13 1995Time quantum doesn't work.
105.02RHETT::WALTERWed Mar 15 1995Can't shelve file with size of
106.02RHETT::WALTERWed Mar 15 1995hb -t redirected to a file (>) doesn't work
107.01SUBURB::FABRICIUSWed Mar 15 1995HSM and a Pathworks environment
108.02RHETT::WALTERWed Mar 15 19953.
110.03SHIPS::WILLS_AMon Mar 20 1995system crashing on osf V3
111.03USPS::FPRUSSWed Mar 22 1995Digital Unix - OSF/1 v3.2?
112.03PTOVAX::SCOTTThu Mar 23 1995migrate dirs and alternate backing store?
113.02SSUPD::MARCHETTIWed Apr 05 1995request for JLOG error explanation/hints
114.01LFOIS1::ALIEThu Apr 06 1995SS1
115.01TROOA::SOLEYThu Apr 06 1995HSM with HD only???
116.01KIDVAX::DDELOSSANTOSFri Apr 07 1995HSM License
117.01BOZEMN::ANDERSONWed Apr 12 1995HSM and PATHWORKS for OSF/1
118.01MANRHS::SCHMIDTFri Apr 28 1995How to report errors?
119.01GRANPA::JCONNORSTue May 02 1995IBM 349
120.01DECWET::CRONIC::LEMONSTue May 09 1995StorageServer 1
121.01GIDDAY::MUNNWed May 10 1995O/S Migration Scenerio
122.01GRANPA::JCONNORSWed May 10 1995DLT & TurboLaser Support ?
123.03GIDDAY::MUNNWed May 10 1995what about this???
124.03SNOFS1::ZANOTTOWed May 10 1995HSM or UNITREE !
125.01GRANPA::JCONNORSFri May 12 1995HSM license - Maintenance Only ??
126.02UEOIS1::CYVOCTThu May 18 1995HSM clients ...
127.05EEMELI::SYVANENTue May 23 1995*Urgent* stale data problem !
128.010MANRHS::DEMOWed May 24 1995hmdump error: "No default library available for NORIGHT."
129.02DECWET::GETSINGERFri Jun 02 1995Managing Offline Data
130.03ECFAMon Jun 05 1995File status doesn't change.
131.02WARNUT::FODDYTue Jun 06 1995Presentation pointer please
132.01ECFATue Jun 06 1995Not enough space on platter.
133.09NETRIX::"pascal@zuo.dec.com"Wed Jun 07 1995Incorrect behaviour when EFS fills up HSM v1.2 / OSF v3.2a
134.03KETJE::HAESAERTSTue Jun 20 1995are AdvFs utilities like addvol/rmvol transparent to EFS file systems ???
135.08SIBILO::BARBERISThu Jun 22 1995Urgent Help : HSM and OSMS
136.04DECWET::TRESSELMon Jun 26 1995SS1
137.05SIBILO::BARBERISThu Jun 29 1995Help about formatm utility
138.02WOTVAX::JOYFri Jun 30 1995Stand-alone access via HSM
139.02VILIS1::HWANDELTue Jul 04 1995EFS entry in /etc/fstab
140.01NETRIX::"poletti@caron.trn.dec.com"Tue Jul 04 19952 or more TZ877 with HSM/UNIX
141.02ECFAWed Jul 05 1995NFS Big File Transfers...
142.010NETRIX::"angel@zk3.dec.com"Mon Jul 10 1995mig_set_media failed errors
143.04SIBILO::BARBERISTue Jul 11 1995Suggestion how to save HSM dataes
144.02DAGWST::DAHMTue Jul 11 1995HSM and AFS
145.05ECFATue Jul 18 1995Recommended upgrade procedure???
146.09ECFAWed Jul 26 1995qqr command not responding.
147.05TOSSUC::MIONFri Aug 04 1995Parallel write on two or four Optical disk
148.02ATCJPN::FUJITAWed Aug 09 1995Meaning of maximum sustained transfer rate
149.01TROOA::HENDRIKSEThu Aug 10 1995OSMS 1.4
150.01FIREBL::LEEDSSun Aug 13 1995 Can HSM support more than 1 RW536??
151.04FIREBL::LEEDSSun Aug 13 1995RW536, 21
152.02GRANPA::JCONNORSMon Aug 14 1995DLT Support - UNIX ??
153.02TKOV51::NAKANOWed Aug 30 1995TL82
154.02DONZ::SOUDERTue Sep 05 19954mm Loader Support?
155.0ROMEOS::RIFKIN_DATue Sep 05 1995Public Info Location
156.04ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGTue Sep 19 1995Database files on Optical?
157.01PTOSS1::CYPHERSun Sep 24 1995HSM CBT w/no UNIX
158.01EEMELI::SYVANENTue Sep 26 1995HSM info on the net ??
159.01SWTHOM::MEYERThu Sep 28 1995ULTRIX 4.3A StorageServer 1
161.0VAOUTue Oct 10 1995ql-
162.01WMGEN2::hornet.det.dec.com::comfortThu Oct 12 1995Role of AdvFS
163.01ANNECY::WHARMBY_MThu Oct 19 1995HSM with RW536 and NSR with TL82
164.02NAMIX::jptFri Oct 20 1995Making HSM more attractive - is the pricing an issue?
165.0ROUTES::TEDESCOThu Oct 26 1995HSM questions from customer
166.07NABETH::alanFri Oct 27 1995Announceing Media Robot Utility.
167.03EEMELI::SYVANENTue Oct 31 1995Reading MO-disks w/o HSM
168.018SWTHOM::MEYERFri Nov 03 1995Errorlog problem on RW524/RW531
169.04STKHLM::BEETSThu Nov 09 1995Question over content in qrlog
170.02KERNEL::MORGANIThu Nov 09 1995HELP PLEASE!!!
171.01GIDDAY::ROMANIMon Nov 20 1995Alphaserver 2
172.03WPOPTH::wpopc3.wpo.dec.com::EMMANUELMon Nov 20 1995AlphaServer 2
173.01KERNEL::MORGANITue Nov 21 1995Documentation request!!
174.01KETJE::MONTEWed Nov 22 1995StorageTEK silo 4791 ( 936
175.01NETRIX::"beat.muetsch@zuo.mts.dec.com"Thu Nov 23 1995PAB Questions
176.03KERNEL::MORGANIThu Nov 23 1995Anyone point me to the OSDS/OSMS conference? Or is this it?
177.04DECWET::TRESSELTue Nov 28 1995Everyone, please read this before posting!
178.02IJSAPL::KUPPENSWed Nov 29 1995TL82
179.019ZURTue Dec 12 1995HSM and NFS (Server blocks/not responding)
180.0TJOVMon Dec 18 1995When support ASE and HSM ?
181.07VAXRIO::MEYERWed Jan 10 1996problems with efs_rebuild
182.02GRANPA::JCONNORSWed Jan 10 1996%Optical vs %Magnetic
183.03ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Jan 16 1996how to move from one system to another
184.02NQOSTue Jan 16 1996HSM + RAID?
185.01KERNEL::MORGANIThu Jan 18 1996
186.04AROSMon Jan 29 1996Whats the simpiest way to move data to release platters on HSM
187.015MSAMThu Feb 01 1996HSM and OSMS cannot co-exist ?
188.04TOLOSA::MARCIANOMon Feb 05 1996HSM and magnetic tapes ?
189.04QCAVSun Feb 18 1996How juke box functions ?
190.02QCAVWed Feb 28 1996clarification needed for 2.x GB platters
191.03BBIVWed Mar 06 1996osms v/s hsm comparison
193.04SQUALO::FIORINIMOMon Mar 18 1996HSM 1.2A, DIGITAL UNIX 3.2c, RW525
194.0DECWET::TRESSELTue Mar 19 1996Upgrading to Digital Unix v3.2c
195.07RULLE::BRINGHThu Mar 21 1996files truncated when copied over nfs after a short while.
196.013EEMELI::SYVANENMon Mar 25 1996Magnetic media full > AdvFS Inconsistency crash
197.01ROMWed Mar 27 1996HSM and ORACLE
198.02DV78Mon Apr 15 1996ADSM Questions
199.0+11SIERA::"pascal@zuo.dec.com"Wed Apr 17 1996HSM for Platinum (v4.
200.08SIERA::"pascal@zuo.dec.com"Wed Apr 17 1996C1716T and HSM1.2a any way to get it working ?
201.011RULLE::BRINGHWed May 08 1996doconfig fails with HSM(?) + patchid OSFV3
202.02DECWET::TRESSELTue May 14 1996small files waste massive disk space on efs (re-posted from Digital Unix conference)
203.01NETRIX::"powers@decatl.alf.dec.com"Tue May 14 1996HSM compression
204.02WOODYS::SLOUGHWed May 22 1996EFS or optical volume backup, NSR integration, copym vs. hb_opt, single file recovery
205.01TAVIS::VONSOVERSun Jun 16 1996Magnetic to magnetic support?
206.04MARVEL::NICHOLSONATue Jun 18 1996 Can't initialize server jmd errno 48 zerrno 3
207.01UTRUST::KUIJPERThu Jun 20 1996formatm nor oputil -f can format the media
208.02BBIVFri Jun 21 1996queries on jukebox
209.04KERNEL::NICHOLSONAMon Jul 08 1996formatm on new platter gives error number 5
210.04QCAVWed Jul 10 1996does HSM has a client component
211.03USCTR1::nqsrv424.nqo.dec.com::WorkbenchTue Jul 30 1996Platform Sizing?
212.03BBIVMon Aug 05 1996support under DigitalUNix 3.2G
213.02SWTHOM::TINOThu Aug 22 1996HSM/OSF which license needed ??
214.0DECWET::TRESSELFri Aug 23 1996new jukeboxes come with SCSI ids in descending order
215.05EVTAI1::BROCHARDWed Oct 02 1996HSM without jukebox...
216.02KERNEL::NICHOLSONAFri Oct 04 19963.2c -3.2e what are the implications for hsm
217.06TRNTue Oct 08 1996HSM and NSR strategy status ??
218.01VAXSPO::WANDERLEYFri Oct 18 1996HSM, Digital Unix & DLT
219.02AOSF1::krasFri Oct 18 1996Any HSM tape solutions for TL81
220.0DECWET::HUBERThu Nov 07 1996HSM Plans for Digital UNIX
221.014ITBGMon Nov 11 1996HSM 1.2A error on shelving errno 22
222.04MEDINA::BEELENThu Nov 28 1996Help needed for big config
223.07ROMThu Dec 12 199618TB, 5Bfiles for hsm?
224.09MLNFri Dec 13 1996Cache Policy Documentation for HSM
225.0+9MARVEL::NICHOLSONATue Dec 17 1996RWZ52 support?
226.06UTRTSC::VELDMANTue Dec 17 1996bulk ager with timeout never finish?
227.02BRSADV::BUGGENHOUTTue Jan 14 1997NSR-HSM extra questions
228.0+20FURKA::"Wil.Bergman@uto.mts.dec.com"Fri Jan 17 1997meaning of messages from qjmd -s
229.0 *+4FURKA::"pascal@zuo.dec.com"Wed Jan 29 1997ft-kit-112196 hooks with ADVfs ?
230.0 *+1DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYIFri Feb 14 1997HSM Schedule on Digital UNIX 4.
231.0 *+10GIDDAY::SCHWARZMon Mar 03 1997backup HSM cache ?
232.0 *+2ANNECY::POULAINWed Mar 05 1997AMASS and DATAMGR
233.0 *+33UTRTSC::VELDMANThu Mar 06 1997files not migrating anymore
234.0 *+1MAIL1::GHAHRAMANIFri Mar 07 1997OSDS support for RW546-ZA
235.0 *+12VAXSPO::HORTAThu Apr 10 1997Two steps to write into specific platter!
236.0 *+3SWETSC::HAGLUNDFri Apr 11 1997How to upgrade DU when RW536 is involved?
237.0 *+2DECWET::TRESSELFri May 30 1997platter not internal message
238.0 *+1RYNGET::BASHAWed Jun 04 1997Status/future of HSM