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Conference decwet::enotes

Title:ENOTES - VAX Notes Batch Extractor
Notice:Conference closed -- See topic 181
Created:Mon Jul 14 1986
Last Modified:Fri Jun 28 1991
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:181
Total number of notes:802
Number with bodies:0
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.01DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Jul 14 1986Welcome
2.017DECWET::SCHREIBERThu Jul 17 1986Kit location
3.09MILRAT::SEGALThu Jul 17 1986ENOTES + PRE-V1.
4.067RAINBO::WELLSThu Jul 17 1986TPU base extract reader
5.05CRVAX1::LAMPSONThu Jul 17 1986Extracting multiple conferences via batch...
7.03VLNVAX::FERWERDAFri Jul 18 1986Dumb Question
8.09PBSVAX::COOPERFri Jul 18 1986Odd DIRECTORY behavior.
9.09GEM::ANDY_LESLIEMon Jul 21 1986Improved Enotes.com
10.01CRVAX1::LAMPSONTue Jul 22 1986Request: Small enhancement
11.017NANUCK::SSMITHTue Jul 22 1986Problem EXTRACTing to a "Special_output" file
12.0DELNI::CANTORWed Jul 23 1986Requests for a couple of enhancements
13.02NANUCK::SSMITHWed Jul 23 1986"%ENOTES-E-NOWRITE_CONF" inappropriate for reading
14.06DECWET::EASTThu Jul 24 1986"I wish there were a node..."
15.05CSSE32::PHILPOTTFri Jul 25 1986bug?
16.01ERLANG::WHALENMon Jul 28 1986Unwind currently in progress?
17.02KBOVFri Aug 01 1986...RNotes...
18.02DYO78Fri Aug 01 1986UPDATE only finds first 22 entries
19.02DYO78Fri Aug 01 1986Does EXTRACT/UNSEEN extract all unseens?
20.03KBOVSat Aug 02 1986Too many extracts
21.02KOALA::ROBINSThu Aug 07 1986Record not found?
22.08JAWS::STRYKERFri Aug 08 1986Suggestion: UPDATE/SEEN
23.02NANUCK::SSMITHFri Aug 08 1986Yet another BATCH-mode EXTRACTor
24.05UNIVAX::SCHREIBERTue Aug 12 1986New version coming soon
25.01DELNI::CANTORWed Aug 13 1986Request for feature
26.04SEARAY::EASTMon Aug 18 1986Keeping Mr. Enotes busy...
27.02DYO78Tue Aug 19 1986VAXnotes X1.1
28.04NANUCK::SSMITHWed Aug 20 1986Help for WRITE command
30.03SPIDER::GOHNThu Aug 21 1986%ENOTES-I-SRV_NEWPROTUPD message?
31.04DYO78Thu Aug 21 1986NO_SUCH_CLASS needs work
32.0DELNI::CANTORThu Aug 21 1986Serendipity: how to find all the hidden notes
33.02CIM::KAIRYSMon Aug 25 1986A new user hits some snags
34.02KOALA::ROBINSWed Aug 27 1986Bug in EXTRACT's abbreviation handling
35.01HUMAN::CONKLINTue Sep 02 1986ENOTES error discards notes
36.04HUMAN::CONKLINTue Sep 02 1986ENOTES changes minus to underline
37.01HUMAN::CONKLINTue Sep 02 1986This conference has no keywords
38.01DYO78Mon Sep 08 1986INVENTNAM problem
39.01HUMAN::CONKLINThu Sep 18 1986Allow a list of notes
40.0HUMAN::CONKLINThu Sep 18 1986/NONOTEBOOK seems to have some problem
41.03ZIFFEL::ROTHFri Sep 19 1986Extract/title="mumble" doesn't get all notes
42.03HBOMB4::SUTTONWed Sep 24 1986ENOTES hangs on bad IFI value
43.02DYO78Tue Oct 07 1986Reply still gives NO_SUCH_ENTRY
44.01HUMAN::CONKLINSun Oct 12 1986Need comparison date format
45.01ALLUDE::CARIGNANTue Oct 21 1986WRITE/KEYWORD doesn't add keyword
46.02DYO78Fri Oct 31 1986An ENOTES/VAXNotes_V1.1 problem?
47.03DYO78Thu Nov 06 1986EXT/UNS is extracting Seen
48.0PRSIS7::LUGRINFri Nov 07 1986ENOTES / OUTLINE synergy
49.01CRVAX1::LAMPSONFri Nov 07 1986Notes Class Manipulation Tool - RECLASS.COM
50.01PRSIS7::LUGRINThu Nov 27 1986Another ENOTES extraction procedure
51.02ILOVFri Nov 28 1986UPDATE hangs on pre-V1.1 server
52.022UNIVAX::SCHREIBERTue Dec 09 1986Maintaining conference membership lists
53.02NANUCK::SSMITHThu Dec 11 1986Merge Extracted notes procedure
54.02UNIVAX::SCHREIBERTue Jan 06 1987Field test of ENOTES X1.6 available
55.02KOALA::ROBINSWed Jan 21 1987EXT/out or DIR/out (?) bug
56.0143156::ANDY_LESLIEWed Feb 11 1987One New Note?
57.03KUNTRY::MITCHAMTue Feb 17 1987Can VAXmail's 'From:' info be written to 'Author' field?
58.01HARDY::BERNSTEINTue Feb 17 1987ENOTES article for Notes Digest anyone?
59.07UNIVAX::SCHREIBERSat Feb 28 1987ENOTES V1.6 available
60.02COPSun Mar 01 1987NOTEMAILER - Now available for Critique
62.01THE78Wed Mar 04 1987UNSEEN question...
63.06COPWed Mar 04 1987Confict of /UNSEEN and note range
64.0VIDEO::OSMANWed Mar 04 1987ENOTES sometimes replies to wrong note
65.01VIDEO::OSMANTue Mar 17 1987titles with quotes in them are common
66.03KOALA::ROBINSMon Mar 30 1987Indicate hidden notes in extracts?
67.04HUMAN::CONKLINTue Mar 31 1987Please print keywords
68.02DSSDEV::BURROWSWed Apr 01 1987Problem with DIRECTORY/KEYWORD
69.01KESEY::GETSINGERTue Apr 07 1987PRINT support
70.03VIDEO::OSMANTue Apr 14 1987ENOTES/NONOTE REPLY seems to not work at all.
71.01USFHSL::SONNTAGWed Apr 29 1987EXT Problem on TRAINING conf
72.0ILOVThu Apr 30 1987Extracting all unseen replies from 1 note
73.0VMSDEV::SZETOThu Jun 04 1987Reply repeated in lieu of deleted reply
74.02OVDVAX::ROTHFri Jun 12 1987EXTRACT with /CONTAINS/LINE_LIMIT = Bizzare!!
75.0VIDEO::OSMANFri Jun 26 1987I hope the ENOTES> command level doesn't disappear
76.03GLORY::STREMICKThu Jul 09 1987DIR/UNSEEN question/problem
77.02NANUCK::SSMITHFri Jul 10 1987Strange behaivior using range with implicit note #
78.0HOUSE::HERGTTue Jul 28 1987Reverse listing upto date procedure
79.02KESEY::GETSINGERFri Jul 31 1987EXTRACT one note
80.05PAULUS::WEHLEWed Sep 09 1987Wanted: "local copy" of a conference
81.01SUPER::MATTHEWSMon Sep 28 1987ADD MEM fails on list with commas
82.01UNIVAX::SCHREIBERTue Sep 29 1987ENOTES X1.7 available for your (ab)use
83.0GVAWed Sep 30 1987ENOTES' FUTURE ???
85.0LESLIE::LESLIEWed Oct 21 1987Kudos
86.01SPIDER::BURKEThu Nov 19 1987YABECP - Batch Extraction
87.04DECWET::SCHREIBERSun Nov 22 1987ENOTES V1.7 available with a new TPU-based notes reader
88.02QUARK::LIONELSun Nov 22 1987SS$_ROPRAND with ENOTES V1.7 and NOTES T1.2a
89.020LOIOSH::GOUNTue Dec 01 1987Problems with distributed NOTES_EXTRACT.TPU
90.02ODIXIE::HERNANDEZTue Dec 01 1987Can you use notebooks on a remote node with ENOTES
91.03RIPPLE::KOTTERRISat Dec 26 1987NOTES_EXTRACT.TPU breaks my "/" key
92.04RIPPLE::KOTTERRISun Jan 03 1988PROCESS_EXTRACT.COM - Make a formatted directory
93.01LESLIE::LESLIESun Jan 03 1988Shadowing, anyone?
94.06RIPPLE::KOTTERRIMon Jan 04 1988Problems writing notes
95.0DELNI::CANTORWed Jan 06 1988Error msgs in wrong file when using special output
96.01HANZI::SIMONSZETOThu Jan 07 1988DIR/TITLE=string doesn't find matching topics
97.0TOPDOC::FRASCINELLAFri Jan 08 1988getting automatic & duplicate batch jobs
98.02CVG::THOMPSONMon Jan 11 1988ENOTES SHOW MEMBER - user error?
99.0UNIVAX::SCHREIBERMon Jan 11 1988ENOTES maintainer needed
101.010RIPPLE::KOTTERRIThu Jan 21 1988Skip to a certain note
102.01REVERB::HANNAThu Feb 04 1988Continue after an error.
103.01DYO78Fri Feb 19 1988EXTRACTs not consistent (not all have FFs)
104.0SNOCTue Feb 23 1988Notes not written to output file
105.05ANGORA::MORRISONThu Mar 10 1988Does sys mgr have any incentive to install Enotes?
106.09QBUS::MITCHAMTue Apr 05 1988Requesting process to setup TPU extract procedures...
107.04EVER11::HAMPTONWed Apr 06 1988FOR/EXTR in TPU interface to read notes
108.0GHOST1::REDERSun Apr 10 1988A get note in AVN DN
109.01HUMAN::CONKLINTue Apr 12 1988Suggestion to filter output
110.02MOIRA::FAIMANMon Apr 18 1988Wish list: REPLY/MODERATOR and DELETE
111.0RIPPLE::KOTTERRIFri Apr 29 1988Babysitting conferences
112.01MARVIN::VERKADEWed May 11 1988Error message in wrong file
113.05QBUS::MITCHAMThu May 26 1988Can GET_NOTES.COM extract HIDDEN notes that aren't hidden?
114.02HLISMon May 30 1988DIR/AUTH= fails to find base notes written by author
115.03DELNI::CANTORTue Jun 07 1988Request for feature--select notes by conf. pointer
116.0BEAGLE::REZUCHAWed Jun 08 1988Search/Match=AND cross reference files...
117.03GLASS::NOTES_BATCHTue Jun 14 1988Automatic SET NOTES command
118.04VINO::CRITZThu Jun 16 1988TPU V2 running NOTES_EXTRACT
119.0DSSDEV::CANTORSat Jul 09 1988Enhancement request -- form feed replacement
121.012INFACT::NORTHERNMon Jul 25 1988VMS Version 5.
122.03DSSDEV::CANTORTue Jul 26 1988ENOTES SHOW MEMB gives wrong information
123.0DYO78Mon Aug 15 1988EXTRACT doesn't honor /ALL when LAST specified
124.02GUIDUK::STEBBINSThu Aug 25 1988Bug in DIR *.* /title=xxx
125.01VINO::CRITZFri Sep 09 1988SIR #1475: MARK command
126.0RIPPLE::KOTTERRIWed Sep 21 1988Kill an extract & Allow ambiguous wildcards
127.01RIPPLE::KOTTERRIThu Sep 29 1988Directory/title misses notes
128.019RIPPLE::KOTTERRIThu Sep 29 1988GET_NOTES Procedure
129.03RIPPLE::KOTTERRIThu Sep 29 1988Quoting a note
130.02BALZAC::KUOCHFri Sep 30 1988ENOTES and DECwindow ?
131.01AITG::DERAMOSun Oct 30 1988ENOTES EXTRACT extracted a reply twice.
132.08DECWET::SCHREIBERSun Nov 06 1988ENOTES X1.7B available for testing
133.0HUMAN::CONKLINMon Nov 07 1988wish to improve installation
134.01KLO::MCLAYThu Nov 10 1988Every System should have it!
135.05COOKIE::KITTELLFri Nov 11 1988How to SET SEEN?
136.0SWSCHZ::THOMPSONFri Nov 11 1988Dream searches
137.01VFOFS::PHILLIPSFri Dec 30 1988Where is "NO_SMOKING"
139.01HANNAH::OSMANMon Feb 06 1989why does enotes fail to find note # 1 ?
140.01ROMCSA::RUSSOFri Feb 17 1989When a NOTES dies, does it become a GHOST ?
141.0SKYWAY::REPONDWed Feb 22 1989test
142.06FRSTSC::BILLINGThu Feb 23 1989EXTRACT does not work - HELP !!
143.04DELNI::B_INGRAHAMWed Mar 08 1989Wish list for WRITE and REPLY
144.010ULYSSE::BIGNOTTIMon Mar 20 1989Extract with several keywords
145.0DDIF::CANTORThu Mar 23 1989Request: Allow list of note numbers as input file
146.01BMW32Tue Mar 28 1989Notes Lexicals
147.02USWAV1::HEEFri May 05 1989Help, new user print/?
148.01SHIRE::ROUSSETTue May 09 1989%RMS-W-RTB, 512 byte record too large for user's buffer
149.04WILKIE::EARLYWed May 17 1989Automatic EXPIRED Notes deletion. DOes one exist?
150.0ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri May 26 1989Status codes ($STATUS)
151.01GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue May 30 1989Error message appears in wrong extract
152.06ULYSSE::BIGNOTTIFri Jun 16 1989How can we get topic + answers
153.01BUBBLY::LEIGHWed Jun 21 1989ENOTES UPDATE CLASS sometimes hangs
154.0ULTRA::GONDAThu Aug 10 1989DIR/ALL support /HIGHLIGHT?
155.0CIRCUS::DISCOLOMon Aug 14 1989Digest format documentation?
156.05ATEFri Aug 25 1989Is there a TPU V2.X compatible version of NOTES_EXTRACT.TPU?
158.01TFH::TORABIThu Sep 28 1989Need help
159.01TFH::TORABIThu Oct 05 1989extracting only last replies
160.04UBEAUT::MANDERSONTue Oct 17 1989Can ENOTES help with this situation???
161.07CHEESE::KAISERThu Oct 19 1989Bug: EXTRACT/ALL skips and repeats
162.02RDVAX::FIRTHThu Nov 16 1989Adding members from distribution
163.06LESLIE::LESLIEFri Nov 17 1989Announcing PAN - see .4
164.01RICARD::REZUCHASun Nov 19 1989Calling Notes from C?
165.0HWSSSTue Nov 21 1989Indented titles on written notes, *REPLY*.COM not deleted
166.05HANNAH::OSMANTue Nov 28 1989should /ALL on EXTR/UNSEEN be same as VAXnotes?
167.02RHODES::MARSHWed Dec 13 1989Command file to create conference
170.01CIMFIE::RAMESHFri Mar 09 1990bug/feature ?
171.02IKE22::EIKENBERRYWed Mar 28 1990Topic tracker for enotes wanted
172.01TLE::ELLENBERGERMon Apr 02 1990ENOTES and .com procedure?
173.04WADE::KAIRYSThu Apr 05 1990ENOTES source available for informational purposes?
174.01HGABSS::SZETOWed Apr 25 1990Indented title; *REPLY*.COM left around
176.04HLYCOW::ORZECHWed May 16 1990Please to explain EXTRACT/UNSEEN/ALL/SEEN behavior
177.06HLYCOW::ORZECHTue May 22 1990EXTRACT/UNSEEN doesn't seem to be working
178.02HLYCOW::ORZECHThu Jun 14 1990Can ENOTES chain two commands for one entry?
179.03WHELIN::LAMBERTWed Jun 20 1990Limiting output to unseen replies to a particular topic
180.0PROPOS::BURKHARDTTue Jul 24 1990Mailing Unseen Notes
181.01DECWET::SCHREIBERTue Jul 31 1990ENOTES Phase 5 closure planned for 6-Aug-199