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Conference decwet::advfs_support

Title:AdvFS Support/Info/Questions Notefile
Notice:note 187 is Freq Asked Questions;note 7 is support policy
Created:Wed Jun 02 1993
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1077
Total number of notes:4417
Number with bodies:372
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1.02DECWET::HAROLDSONWed Jun 02 1993Welcome to ADVfs Support Notes File
2.023DECWET::HAROLDSONWed Jun 23 1993V1.
3.07DECWET::HAROLDSONWed Jun 23 1993Field-test kits
4.03DECWET::HAROLDSONWed Jun 23 1993Kits
5.02DECWET::HAROLDSONWed Jun 23 1993Customer success stories/wins/refs
6.013DECWET::HAROLDSONWed Jun 23 1993Resource sheet, lit, art, competition, press, ...
7.03DECWET::PENNEYFri Sep 02 1994On revising the support process
8.0DECWET::HAROLDSONWed Jun 23 1993Reserved
9.0DECWET::HAROLDSONWed Jun 23 1993Reserved
10.0DECWET::HAROLDSONWed Jun 23 1993Reserved
11.04ABYSS::jtkohlTue Jun 29 1993rmvol error message misleading
12.05OSOSPS::SUEHIROMon Jul 05 1993future support MIRRORING ?
13.06DECWET::STOPPANITue Jul 06 1993ADVFS questions
14.03ABYSS::jtkohlFri Jul 23 1993clones out of space? what to do?
15.014PEKKA::peuraTue Jul 27 1993advfs /usr and Sterling upgrade
16.05RHETT::LACORTIThu Jul 29 1993sum for patches
17.06TKOVOA::NISHIOMon Aug 02 1993Problem: user/group quota and AFVFS; Removing files cause Kernel Memory fault
18.01ABYSS::jtkohlWed Aug 04 1993panic on I/O error? eeewww!
19.07MIACT::CARTERRMon Aug 09 1993PAK for ADVFS Utilities.
20.023PEKKA::peuraMon Aug 09 1993megasafe hangs on sterling
21.06RHETT::LACORTITue Aug 10 1993system is crashing all the time!
22.01DECWET::STOPPANIMon Aug 16 1993UFS fsck corrupts ADVFS file domains
23.03TKOVOA::NISHIOWed Aug 18 1993Cannot mount ths Advfs
24.0TKOVOA::NISHIOWed Aug 18 1993mmap and msync ...
25.03DECWET::STOPPANIWed Aug 18 1993rmvol hangs
26.06DECWET::STOPPANIWed Aug 18 1993kits and patches have moved to node SLUGBT
27.011RHETT::JOHNSONFri Aug 20 1993vdump hangs, incorrect file/filesystem size problem
28.04ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGSun Aug 22 1993dQuot: Table is full error
29.01DECWET::CARRUTHERSMon Aug 23 1993showfsets caused system panic
30.01DECWET::STOPPANITue Aug 24 1993rmfset of a clone crashes
31.05LISVAX::RODRIGUESThu Aug 26 1993Filesize limit exceeded ??
32.01ABYSS::jtkohlFri Aug 27 1993sterling debugging prints?
33.01SEAWLF::ROSSERFri Aug 27 1993adv fs utilities for sterling???
34.06ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGMon Aug 30 1993catastrophic crash problem
35.09CVG::STRICKERFri Sep 10 1993How to get ADVfs on T2.
36.03POCUS::MADDUXMon Sep 13 1993AdvFS and RealTime kernel
37.0DECWET::HUNTMon Sep 13 1993AdvFS version number revision
38.02CVG::STRICKERTue Sep 14 1993striping and pagesize question
39.08GARNER::mader@wonk.enetTue Sep 14 1993HELP! vrestore broken
40.0DECWET::HUNTThu Sep 16 1993looking for FT sites (internal)
41.01ECCGY4::KRAFTFri Sep 17 1993Extent-based Allocation
42.04HAMSUP::MEIERFri Sep 17 1993Problem with sockets during rmvol operation
43.02INDYX::ramFri Sep 17 1993uasm restore work on ADVFS?
44.011ACESPS::MADERMon Sep 20 1993Striping and performance?
45.01ABYSS::jtkohlTue Sep 21 1993sterling crash
46.02DV78Tue Sep 21 1993Tx877 support?
47.02SEAWLF::ROSSERMon Sep 27 1993Product Manager?
48.06SEAWLF::ROSSERMon Sep 27 1993Patches for T2.
49.03NZOMIS::PELThu Sep 30 1993vdump causes system panic, crashdump included (long)
50.02TVC15::davidFri Oct 01 1993V1.
51.021DECWET::STOPPANIFri Oct 01 1993Sterling vs Pre-Sterling 'df' disk space usage reporting
52.04GARNER::mader@wonk.enetMon Oct 04 1993System crahses... repeatable
53.01MEOCTue Oct 05 1993AdvFS copy/write speed - slow?
54.02DECWET::STOPPANIWed Oct 06 1993trashcan questions
55.03CVG::PETTENGILLWed Oct 06 1993crash in Module 41, Line 397; is this interesting?
56.03IJSAPL::ESSERThu Oct 07 1993application transparentie / MAILworks
57.06DECWET::SAETHERThu Oct 07 1993moved from adv_file_sys
58.013HAMSUP::MEIERSat Oct 09 1993AdvFS vs. UFS: much slower on writes - why?
59.018WARNUT::THOMASAMon Oct 11 1993Trouble with rm
60.02ARRODS::NADERMon Oct 11 1993Installation/Configuration problem
61.010IJSAPL::ESSERMon Oct 11 1993/tmp as advfs -> cat: input - is output
62.06UKARC1::CHAMBERLINTue Oct 12 1993Vdump doesnt work with unmounted filesystems
63.03GRNCHZ::ESCHENBACHTue Oct 12 1993File System Size Changes??
64.04STRASB::HONOREWed Oct 13 1993No space left?????????
65.05CALDEC::HEINEYFri Oct 15 1993API?
66.02MUTTON::LAMBFri Oct 15 1993Customer wants to create contiguous files
67.03TRUCKS::LYE_RWed Oct 20 1993mount logical volumes on a T2.
68.01DECWET::CARRUTHERSWed Oct 20 1993chfile fails with striped file
69.03RHETT::ELLISWed Oct 20 1993ADVFS:linker creating incomplete images
70.05ACESPS::MADERTue Oct 26 1993Stripe existing file?
71.04GYUPCC::URBANFri Oct 29 1993V1.3A/advfs????
72.04PEKKA::peuraMon Nov 01 1993vdump performance
73.06PEKKA::peuraThu Nov 04 1993slow file deletions on ADVFS T2.
74.05OSLLAV::KJELLNI_PThu Nov 04 1993BUG in AdvFS !?!?!?!
75.03ZURFri Nov 05 1993patch for advfs 1.
76.03GYUPCC::URBANFri Nov 05 1993two questions...
77.0DECWET::PALMERThu Nov 11 1993defragmenter patch available
78.02GRNCHZ::ESCHENBACHFri Nov 12 1993ADVFS and Logical Storage Manager
79.022CALDEC::HEINEYFri Nov 12 1993Running News on AdvFS
80.01PEKKA::peuraTue Nov 16 1993Sterling Bl7
81.06CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Nov 23 1993ADVFS breaks remote printing? lpd complains
82.02GLDOA::GSORENSENWed Nov 24 1993Interoperabiltiy questions
83.01XLIB::MARSONThu Dec 02 1993Question about AFS
84.01MOVIES::MARTINMon Dec 13 1993Problems using DBX on executable living on an ADVFS partition
85.01RUSURE::MELVINThu Dec 16 1993System panic following removal of ISO966
86.0ACESPS::MADERTue Jan 11 1994What to install? V1.
87.016DEMOAX::GINGERSat Jan 15 1994vdump |vrestore fails
88.01BREAKR::HAWed Jan 19 1994expanding root file system
89.01OSOSPS::SUEHIROMon Jan 24 1994vdump vrestore /usr/ucb,/usr/tmp link file lost
90.01TKOV6Thu Jan 27 1994NFS mount over ADVFS
91.02MOVIES::WIDDOWSONTue Feb 01 1994Wishlist item - Don't crash on device offline
92.06MUNICH::ARINGERFri Feb 04 1994doc for tools in /usr/field
93.01MINNY::CASAULTAWed Feb 09 1994Patch for AdvFS V2.
94.0DECWET::STOPPANIWed Feb 09 1994vdump patch for V1.
95.0254831::SYBERTZThu Feb 10 1994OSF/1 V1.3 : ADVFS V1.
96.03KERNEL::COFFEYJThu Feb 10 1994Instal of 1.
97.02OSLAGE::JONER_PThu Feb 10 1994Advfs crash
98.0MUNICH::BEICHTFri Feb 11 1994Another performance problem
99.06MUTTON::LAMBThu Feb 17 1994SYBASE and ADVFS vs. raw partitions
100.02DECWET::PALMERThu Feb 17 1994new utility
101.05DEMOAX::GINGERFri Feb 18 1994Vrestore with multiple sets per tape
102.014PH4VAX::GENTILETTIFri Feb 18 1994Performance issue with iostone benchmark
103.07TAVMon Feb 21 1994PrestoServe support !!!
104.03JULIET::FELKINS_KEWed Feb 23 1994OSF/1 bug wipes out disk? Help!
105.04MUNICH::BEICHTFri Feb 25 1994Problem with corrupted directory on Advfs
106.03POCUS::MADDUXMon Feb 28 1994Best version for OSF 1.3?
107.01RHETT::BAYMONMon Feb 28 1994Quotas and ADVFS
108.01RHETT::BAYMONTue Mar 01 1994advfs deletes take too long
109.03COLWed Mar 02 1994vchkdir hangs
110.01MKOTS3::COUTUREFri Mar 04 1994How does AdvFS Journaling work?
111.02ROMEOS::POCZO_GASat Mar 05 1994Sybase & raw devices vs log based fs
112.01XLIB::CHINMon Mar 07 1994Deadlock situation when testing code using AdvFS
113.03PEKKA::peuraWed Mar 16 1994
114.01HOBBLE::YOUNGThu Mar 17 1994ADVFS crashes
115.04MARX::GRIERFri Mar 18 19948k pages -> small files expensive?
116.03ATYISA::REBOURSFri Mar 18 1994MFCOBOL on top of AdvFS ?
117.05VNASWS::HAUSBFri Mar 25 1994Another Performance Observation .....
118.04DEMOAX::GINGERFri Mar 25 1994Clone of a disk with AdvFs
119.02KETJE::BEYENSMon Mar 28 1994Document that describes logging mechanism?
120.02MIMS::BAYMON_ETue Mar 29 1994 advfs 1.
121.04TKOVOA::OHKI_YTue Mar 29 1994The size of journaling file ??
122.09MUNICH::BEICHTTue Mar 29 1994Problem with vrestore on V1..
123.01MIMS::BAYMON_EFri Apr 01 1994vdump and F option causes problem w/ vrestore
124.02HOCUS::MADDUXWed Apr 06 1994vdump,vrestore version compatibility
125.07MUNICH::BEICHTWed Apr 06 1994Problem with vrestore and multi volume backup
126.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Apr 07 1994renaming filesets
127.0RHETT::ELLISFri Apr 08 1994ADVFS is hung after 'dd'
128.010TAVSun Apr 10 1994Remote vdump/vrestore !?
129.05WARNUT::GALLACHERMMon Apr 11 1994Vdump and -F
130.05SOADC1::DSNYDERWed Apr 13 1994vdump -
131.05PRSSOS::HERSCOVICIThu Apr 21 1994addvol fails with LSM volume in OSF/1 V2.
132.02RHETT::ELLISThu Apr 21 1994Can ADVFS & LVM work together?
133.05ATHINA::KANATASWed Apr 27 1994Questions about LSM + AdvFS
134.03OSLFri Apr 29 1994internal inconsistency when altering tablespace
135.06OSLLAV::SVEINN_PMon May 02 1994file not found
136.08DEMOAX::GINGERMon May 02 1994vdump does not return errors
137.01DECWET::HUNTMon May 02 1994U/R Symp Q's (trashcans, NSR, etc.)
138.02NOSTRL::DAVIESTue May 03 1994Free space inconsistencies with df command.
139.09ZURWed May 04 1994stripe or migrate ??
140.05ZURWed May 04 1994vdump without controlling tty
141.01MUNICH::SPICKERFri May 06 1994vdump -x num_block ???
142.04WARNUT::GALLACHERMTue May 10 1994Corrupt ADVFS==panic???
143.01RHETT::BAYMONThu May 12 1994ADVFS Inconsistency/ Recovery Procedure
144.09INDYX::ramThu May 12 1994Mounting a V2.
145.01RHETT::ELLISThu May 19 1994Link removal crashes the system!?!
146.07RHETT::ELLISMon May 23 1994vrestore "data not in compress format"
147.02DV78Tue May 24 1994Customer Questions...
148.02GOONS::SWIGGWed May 25 1994panic: when umount/mount cloned fs
149.02NABETH::alanFri May 27 1994What version of the ADVFS for OSF/1 V1.3 and where?
150.02MUNICH::DANNERTue May 31 1994quota files not at mountpoint?
151.04LSNCSC::MARTINTue May 31 1994AdvFS cannot be installed with AFS !??
152.08RHETT::JOHNSONTue May 31 1994rm did not reclaim space
153.02OSLLAV::SVEINN_PWed Jun 01 1994mknod on nfs mounted file set fails..
154.0ROMEOS::POCZO_GAWed Jun 01 1994addvol patch with LSM, breaks what wasn't broken..
155.02OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DSat Jun 04 1994another rmvol is removing data
156.01FXODEV::ROBERGEFri Jun 10 1994advfs system crash
157.03OSLLAV::KJELLNI_PTue Jun 14 1994Problems with advfs v3.
158.02DELSTue Jun 14 1994Some problems with ADVFS in OSF2.
159.01OSLACT::JENSHThu Jun 16 1994Configuration of generic demo system?
160.0DECWET::HUNTThu Jun 16 1994V3.
161.02POCUS::MADDUXFri Jun 17 1994umount(MNT_FORCE)
162.04APACHE::RIDDLETue Jun 21 1994"Panic when mounting logical unit #8"
163.02TROOA::BBUTLERWed Jun 22 1994After OSF/1 re-install how to mount advfs '/u' ?
164.04THEWAV::KRUEGERWed Jun 22 1994/usr problem - OSF v1.3b and Advfs v1.
165.03PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGMon Jun 27 1994behaviour of mkfdmn -o
166.02WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Jun 30 1994extending a domain or fileset
167.04TRUCKS::DAVIESThu Jun 30 1994Accidental filesystem corruptions !
168.03RHETT::JOHNSONThu Jun 30 1994upgrade OSF with /usr ADVFS
169.04ZPOVC::RICHARDTANMon Jul 04 1994Trashcan behavior
170.0ROMEOS::POCZO_GATue Jul 05 1994Bad File Number
171.06CUESTA::CHAVARRIAWed Jul 06 1994advfs I/O error and Bad file number
172.02CECEHV::JAGERMANFri Jul 08 1994"upgrading" an existing disk to advfs?
173.05MINNY::DOLDERMon Jul 11 1994dxadvfs hangs after 'add volume' operation
174.03MINNY::DOLDERMon Jul 11 1994Parallel Advfs ?
175.01ZPOVC::CHINHENGMon Jul 11 1994nfsd hang in uninterruptible sleep state
176.0DECWET::PENNEYMon Jul 11 1994moved from adv_file_sys
177.0DECWET::PENNEYMon Jul 11 1994press postings (from adv_file-sys)
178.0DECWET::PENNEYMon Jul 11 1994v3.
179.01CECEHV::JAGERMANTue Jul 12 1994addvol is not atomic
180.01RHETT::ELLISTue Jul 12 1994NFS timeout problems when ADVFS is configured
181.07MUNICH::BEICHTTue Jul 19 1994Problem with vrestore -if in version 2.
182.05BRIEIS::DOLANTue Jul 19 1994Confusing df output
183.03CUESTA::CHAVARRIAWed Jul 20 1994bad file number again
184.010CALDEC::HEINEYThu Jul 21 1994no space error when there is space
185.02OSOSPS::HAMADAThu Jul 21 1994nfsd hang in U status on OSF/1 V2.
186.02DECWET::HUNTThu Jul 21 1994NSR vs. vdump/vrestore?
187.0+18DECWET::STOPPANIThu Jul 21 1994Frequently Asked Questions
188.06DECWET::HUNTThu Jul 21 1994StorageWorks BA35
189.04TKTVFS::HAMADA_SFri Jul 22 1994Are there more details about patches for "panic: advfs inconsistency"
190.0MUNICH::DANNERWed Jul 27 1994fset full -> msg -> kern.log by syslogd
191.0MUNICH::BEICHTWed Jul 27 1994Problem OSF/1 2.
192.01KERNEL::CARPENTERSWed Jul 27 1994Defrag striped files?
193.02USPS::FPRUSSFri Jul 29 1994change names of domains, filesets?
194.02OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DMon Aug 01 1994advfs write error panic.
195.02RHETT::WALTERMon Aug 01 1994vdump/vrestore sparse file problem
196.06TAEC::NICOTRATue Aug 02 1994crash machine on "writev" system call
197.04USPS::FPRUSSTue Aug 02 1994mount fileset - Not Owner?
198.010USPS::FPRUSSTue Aug 02 1994What patches/kits for best Sable?
199.06BIGUN::chmeee::MayneTue Aug 02 1994ULTRIX NFS errors to AdvFS server
200.02MUTTON::LAMBWed Aug 03 1994Customer reports missing disk space on ADVfs volume
201.01KAOFS::N_PIROLLOWed Aug 03 1994swap and ADVfs
202.05MPGS::LAVINThu Aug 04 1994Help with a 12.6GB domain
203.01DEMOAX::GINGERThu Aug 04 1994Clone filesets cause too many files error
204.04LSNCSC::MARTINFri Aug 05 1994Performance problem AdvFS 2.
205.04BUELL::dehahnFri Aug 05 1994domain not recognized...can this be patched?
206.02WASHDC::SARASINWed Aug 10 1994test file create program runs 3x slower on advfs than ufs
207.02RHETT::LACORTIWed Aug 10 1994MSFS kernel option and 2.
208.01STUThu Aug 11 1994DEC7
209.02HGOVC::MICHAELPOONFri Aug 12 1994swap partition and addvol
210.01ATZFri Aug 12 1994ADVFS on SWXCR -> panic
211.02STUMon Aug 15 1994vdump patch for V1.
212.01POBOX::HAYES_JMon Aug 15 1994Move root_domain?
213.01CECEHV::JAGERMANTue Aug 16 1994Panic during normal use, OSF/1 T3.
214.03KETJE::SYBERTZTue Aug 16 1994ADVFS version regarding OSF/1 version
215.06MQOSWS::A_YASSIRTue Aug 16 1994Network Save & Restore For AdvFs ??
216.02DECWET::GIRDLERTue Aug 16 1994Fix for NFSD hangs
217.01TKOV51::EGAWAWed Aug 17 1994Confliction of defragment I/O
218.08ZURThu Aug 18 1994bad performance of filetransfers pcnfs -> advfs
219.04MUGGER::WHITHAMFri Aug 19 1994vdump returning errors patched yet ?
220.01HERON::KAISERFri Aug 19 1994Marketing data: interesting maxima?
221.03MUNICH::DANNERFri Aug 19 1994f77/ld problem on nfs-mounted advfs2
222.013MPGS::LAVINFri Aug 19 1994what do I do now...
223.02RHETT::ELLISFri Aug 19 1994'cat' command fails if /tmp is an advfs filesystem
224.03PEACHS::TRENTAFri Aug 19 1994Does AdvFS handle byte-range locking?
225.09KAMPUS::NEIDECKERSun Aug 21 1994AdvFS in Solaris possible ?
226.014MGOFMon Aug 22 1994panic:advfs inconsistency
227.02OSLAGE::KJELLNI_PTue Aug 23 1994Need help finding a doc. called "Design Overview"
228.06MUNICH::BEICHTTue Aug 23 1994Can not mount advs any more: panic: advfs inconsistency
229.07GALVIA::JLAWTONTue Aug 23 1994panic: advfs inconsistency
230.010HANNAH::ALFREDWed Aug 24 1994How to add a partition to existing domain?
231.04STKHLM::SUNDSTROMThu Aug 25 1994Want to move a disk to another controller
233.01MUTTON::LAMBThu Aug 25 1994rmvol causes system crash
234.02DECWET::HUNTFri Aug 26 1994prob with reboot on v2.
235.02ROMEOS::POCZO_GAFri Aug 26 1994Deleting a large file
236.03HANSIX::hanscSun Aug 28 1994Small files allocation
237.05USPS::FPRUSSTue Aug 30 1994ADVFS v.s. UFS under NFS data point...
238.03USPS::FPRUSSTue Aug 30 1994UFS v.s. ADVFS nit-picking...
239.07BRIEIS::DOLANThu Sep 01 1994Massive increase in space used for /usr
240.02OSOSPS::HAMADAFri Sep 02 1994panic: advfs inconsistency (Module = 54, Line = 1
241.01PEACHS::TRENTAFri Sep 02 1994vdump/vrestore Taking Much Longer
243.02WASHDC::SARASINFri Sep 02 1994What is the best way to tmp mount an old advfs
244.01HANSIX::hanscMon Sep 05 1994File access date?
245.01RHETT::JOHNSONTue Sep 06 1994move scsi disks?
246.04SNOCWed Sep 07 1994AdvFS Doublespace
247.02MUNICH::DANNERThu Sep 08 1994checking AdvFS metadata on disk without mouting it?
248.0RHETT::JOHNSONThu Sep 08 1994Problem installing on Root
249.03EEMELI::TAVIThu Sep 08 1994how about striping attribute for directories?
250.01RHETT::JOHNSONThu Sep 08 1994patch for V2.
251.02DEVIN::LUCASThu Sep 08 1994Presentation on ADVfs and LSM?
252.06DV78Fri Sep 09 1994How to move an advfs disk and domain/filesystem
253.05CWBNGA::VONEHRENSat Sep 10 1994Does AdvFS fragment excessively?
254.01ZPOVC::CHINHENGMon Sep 12 1994system hang
255.03OSLLAV::SVEINN_PTue Sep 13 1994ubc_unwire: not wired, ADVFS crash
256.02CGDEIS::KELSEYTue Sep 13 1994need dxlsm to create fileset???
257.03CGDEIS::KELSEYTue Sep 13 1994can i grow the advfs memory size ???
258.09MUTTON::LAMBFri Sep 16 1994ADVFS and news spool partitions with ADVFS V3.
259.01RHETT::JOHNSONFri Sep 16 1994remote dump of ADVFS
260.02DV78Sun Sep 18 1994technical info on advfs internals wanted
261.0KYOSS1::MICHIEMon Sep 19 1994UUCP and ADVFS
262.0DV78Mon Sep 19 1994why does vdump use 2nd tape on smaller domain?
263.03RIXRAX::jptMon Sep 19 1994Request form customer: dirhierarchy dump
264.02MPGS::LAVINMon Sep 19 1994trying to create a failover set
265.01TAEC::SAVYWed Sep 21 1994AdvFs panic
266.02RHETT::WALTERWed Sep 21 1994adfvs inconsistancy causes system to panic
267.03EVTISA::ES_DEGELASWed Sep 21 1994(-1
268.02ODIXIE::CJOHNSONWed Sep 21 1994addvol and LSM problem
269.05GIDDAY::ROMANIThu Sep 22 1994OSF/1 v3.
270.01MUNICH::BEICHTThu Sep 22 1994Problem with ADVFS Internal Error dealloc_bits page ...
271.08MUNICH::BEICHTThu Sep 22 1994A different cus with advfs inconsistency panic
272.01CGOWGS::DREWFri Sep 23 1994domain wont mount write error = 28
273.01EVTISA::ES_DEGELASFri Sep 23 1994doc for tools in /usr/field and AdvFS internals
274.04SNOCSat Sep 24 1994Write error = 6, Panic.
275.01BROUGH::DAVIESMon Sep 26 1994restore /usr (Advfs Fileset ) ???
276.05OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DMon Sep 26 1994advfs performance questions.
277.05ESBTRN::POPHAMTue Sep 27 1994dxadvfs via decnet? Doesn't appear to be supported
278.02TRUCKS::LYE_RWed Sep 28 1994Problem recovering after root domain disk loss
279.013BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Sep 28 1994dxadvfs: advfs_setup_mon error
280.01KERNEL::CARPENTERSFri Sep 30 1994Advfs errors
281.0KERNEL::CARPENTERSFri Sep 30 1994kdbx commands wanted
282.05TRNWed Oct 05 1994panic, msfsck does not fix!
283.01EVTISA::ES_DEGELASWed Oct 05 1994big problem with metada frag file
284.02WRKSYS::BAUMWed Oct 05 1994What drives supported?
285.04OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DThu Oct 06 1994advfs panic under 3.
286.02WRKSYS::BAUMFri Oct 07 1994dxadvfs fatal error
287.08DRAC::CHECATue Oct 11 1994Corruption problem or malfunction?
288.01TLAWS4::LINITDAFri Oct 14 1994Advfs Internal Inconsistency (module:3,line:2488)
289.01VAXSPO::WANDERLEYMon Oct 17 1994AdvFS inconsistency mod:2 line:786
290.01TRUCKS::DAVIESMon Oct 17 1994how to mount a volume without fileset ?
291.02GIDDAY::ROMANITue Oct 18 1994Is IPI drives supported for AdvFS for OSF/1 v2.
292.05TKOV6Tue Oct 18 1994Q: Advfs on multiprocessor
293.011ADOVWed Oct 19 1994dxadvfs gives continuos errors
294.01FROCKY::DIETZWed Oct 19 1994advfs internal inconsistency (Module = 41, Line = 547)
295.0DECWET::HUNTWed Oct 19 1994slugbt:: status
296.0MSAMThu Oct 20 1994ufs <--> advfs vdump, vrestore
297.08TROOA::BATLIWALLAThu Oct 20 1994Migrate root to Advfs
298.01DECWET::HUNTThu Oct 20 1994vdump, etc, questions
299.03DECWET::HUNTThu Oct 20 1994Wishlist
300.03RHETT::ELLISFri Oct 21 19943.
301.0SUOSWS::FLOEGELFri Oct 21 1994rsh "vdump" | vrestore ?!
302.01DECWET::GIRDLERMon Oct 24 1994New advscan utility
303.04BALTMD::GLOCKMon Oct 24 1994Help with addvol in single user mode??
304.08AUSSIE::PARKERMon Oct 24 1994ADVFS err on /usr with ASE failover
305.02WRKSYS::BAUMTue Oct 25 1994prestoserve usr_domain#usr
307.04ZPAC2Wed Oct 26 1994Advfs/NFS errors
308.01NAMIX::jptWed Oct 26 1994large Oracle database on AdvFS
309.04UTRTSC::BANSEMAThu Oct 27 1994chfile added value?
310.03UTRTSC::BANSEMAThu Oct 27 1994free space alert report wrong?
311.05OSLLAV::SVEINN_PFri Oct 28 1994remote dump/restore ?
312.01DPDMAI::GROVEFri Oct 28 1994Backing Out AdvFS
313.02DECWET::DADDAMIOTue Nov 01 1994root full using AdvFS
314.03DECWET::HUNTTue Nov 01 1994q's re: Sable, v3, RAID, AdvFS config
315.05ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Nov 02 1994AdvFS Internals doc
316.02DYOSW8::WILDERFri Nov 04 1994Recover data after make file domain??
317.03RHETT::WALTERFri Nov 04 1994vdump extremely slow
318.01GIDDAY::HAGANSun Nov 06 1994usenet preallocation of metadata
319.0COPCLU::TRIERMon Nov 07 1994remvol - ENO_MORE_MCELLS
320.02OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DMon Nov 07 1994user id in quota files.
321.0DECWET::GIRDLERMon Nov 07 1994How to mount a domain that you found with advscan
322.0KERNEL::BAYSATue Nov 08 1994WARNING: advfs v2.1 utilities and OSF v3.
323.05EEMELI::WIKWed Nov 09 1994incremental vrestore problem
324.02GIDDAY::STRAUSSWed Nov 09 1994mkfdmn: domain init error E_ADVFS_NOT_INSTALLED (-11
325.08CSC32::ROZBORILThu Nov 10 1994AdvFS, LSM mirroring, and application availability
326.02HOBBLE::KELSEYSat Nov 12 1994TAR & advfs dont work !!!
327.06CGDEIS::KELSEYMon Nov 14 1994device numbers for advfs filesets ??
328.010BIGUN::chmeee::MayneTue Nov 15 1994ustat(2) broken by AdvFS
329.02DV78Tue Nov 15 1994Need to change fileset name
330.0+12PEACHS::TRENTATue Nov 15 1994What is -r in mkfdmn command?
331.01DECWET::HUNTThu Nov 17 1994AdvFS performance requests?
332.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGMon Nov 21 1994Can't copy patch from GURU
333.02RHETT::WALTERMon Nov 21 1994ADVFS performance problem V1.3
334.01ATHINA::TSAKALOSWed Nov 23 1994two more inconsistencies please help!!
335.06ISTWI1::OZILFri Nov 25 1994UFS ---> AdvFS
336.04HANNAH::ALFREDMon Nov 28 1994AdvFS header files?
337.04TAVTue Nov 29 1994Vdump modified the access time
338.03FIRTue Nov 29 1994How can I repair an Advfs FS causing a HANG?
339.02BIGUN::chmeee::MayneTue Nov 29 1994Single user mode AdvFS read-write root
340.06TRNWed Nov 30 1994URGENT: info on patches needed!!!
341.05GLDOA::GSORENSENWed Nov 30 1994customer issue on the net
342.08HGOVC::JOSEPHKWOKThu Dec 01 1994Can Advfs detect the size change on an LSM volume
343.01RHETT::ELLISThu Dec 01 1994How does vdump -x # works?
344.02GUIDUK::SANFORDThu Dec 01 1994Advfs Customer Evaluation Advice Needed, Pls.
345.01TENNIS::KAMSun Dec 04 1994Why would one NOT want the AdvFS as root?
346.02EVTAI1::BROCHARDMon Dec 05 1994ADVFS panic ... hardware problem ... intended behaviour ?
348.02EVTAI1::BROCHARDMon Dec 05 1994ADVFS and non-DEC disks Problem to update disklabel
349.08NRSTA1::OBRIENTue Dec 06 1994advfs internal inconsistencty encountered
350.02MUGGER::WHITHAMTue Dec 06 1994Perf Tuning for ADVFS sync writes ?
351.08PEACHS::TRENTATue Dec 06 1994AdvFS and bufcache??
352.01TAVThu Dec 08 1994vrepquota goes into infinite loop
353.01STKHLM::PENNSATERThu Dec 08 1994License V3.
354.01STUThu Dec 08 1994irreversible upgrading on-disk version number from 2 to 3 ???
355.06GLDOA::GSORENSENThu Dec 08 1994news spool area
356.02PEACHS::TRENTAFri Dec 09 1994vdump and open files
357.03PEACHS::TRENTASun Dec 11 1994dxadvfs: error code 22
358.0DECWET::HUNTTue Dec 13 1994rmvol open pipe/socket restriction?
359.01MUNICH::BEICHTTue Dec 13 1994Problem with mount: bad file number
360.02KAOOSC::boivinWed Dec 14 1994Can I simply rename a domain?
361.05TENNIS::KAMWed Dec 14 1994What is AdvFS Cloning? Any beginner's guide available?
362.01CERN::THIBONNIERThu Dec 15 1994AdvFS & AFS incompatibility
363.01QCAVThu Dec 15 1994ADVFS internal inconsistency .module=19,line=2
364.07RHETT::JOHNSONThu Dec 15 1994Additional info requested on BMT
365.02SWETSC::HAGLUNDFri Dec 16 1994dumped files > available files????
366.01EPS::ANANDWALAFri Dec 16 1994AdvFS and its utility version?
367.02--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 16 1994Tar from NFS to ADVFS?
368.01EWBUTue Dec 20 1994advfs inconsistency on osf/1 v3.
369.02HERON::KAISERTue Dec 20 1994You'll like this: 2 days to fsck!
370.01OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DTue Dec 20 1994addvol fails with device busy
371.03PEACHS::TRENTATue Dec 20 1994'tuning' of disk writes
372.02QCAVThu Dec 22 1994how to create cloneset in advfs 3.
373.04OSLLAV::SVEINN_PThu Dec 22 1994dump believes fileset to be 17 terabyte !
374.03OSLThu Dec 22 1994How can I delete files with bad file number??
375.01OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DWed Dec 28 1994No advfs file set found
376.02EEMELI::SYVANENThu Dec 29 1994NAS 2
377.03KYOSS1::GREENFri Dec 30 1994fs space and printing
378.02NAMIX::jptMon Jan 02 1995suggestions from customer
379.07NETRIX::"jm@uvo.dec.com"Tue Jan 03 1995Combined root + user domain
380.01OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DWed Jan 04 1995advfs and raid panic
381.02ACDC1::HOBSONWed Jan 04 1995addvol clobbered root partition -- can I undo it?
382.01RHETT::JOHNSONFri Jan 06 1995defragment, write failed, user disk limit reached
383.01WOOK::LEEFri Jan 06 1995Suggestions for rearranging exisitng domains and filesets
384.04GLDOA::BLOESERMon Jan 09 1995performance hit ?
385.02OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DMon Jan 09 1995and yet another panic.
386.05BUELL::dehahnTue Jan 10 1995recover domain without vrestore?
387.02HERON::LAFORGUEWed Jan 11 1995cannot mount 2 LSM mirrors at the same time
388.01SUOSWS::KENNTNERThu Jan 12 1995rmvol messages OK ?
389.011ADO75A::SHARPEThu Jan 12 1995No rvrestore?
390.02GIDDAY::STRAUSSThu Jan 12 1995how to measure _usable_ disk capacity
391.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Jan 13 1995advfs, oracle performance...
392.04QCAVFri Jan 13 1995AdvFS+LSM+ASE: comments, please?
393.01PEACHS::TRENTAMon Jan 16 1995read error = 5 ????
394.01CSC32::HEINZWed Jan 18 1995nfs errno 22
395.01PEACHS::TRENTAMon Jan 23 1995vdump not handling tape errors?
396.02NWDTue Jan 24 1995MLS+ for OSF/1?
397.01OFOSS1::GINGERWed Jan 25 1995Deleting files- trashcans?
398.02CECAMO::JAGERMANThu Jan 26 1995ADVFS inconsistency
399.02STKHLM::PENNSATERThu Jan 26 1995Hot to use patches from V3.
400.03DECWET::HUNTThu Jan 26 1995quotactl() and AdvFS ?
401.09GUIDUK::SOMERMon Jan 30 1995Can't add available volumes to root_domain
402.05MSAMTue Jan 31 1995Balancing vs striping
403.01MSAMTue Jan 31 1995vdump, tape span, multiple vdump
404.07GUIDUK::SOMERTue Jan 31 1995Available partitions don't show in dxadvfs
405.05TISWAT::hanWed Feb 01 1995Configuring AdvFS on a RAIDarray
406.02CADSYS::BOGDANOVWed Feb 01 1995renaming a domain?
407.01TKTVFS::ASARAThu Feb 02 1995advfs inconsistency Module=34 N1=-1
408.02BACHUS::648Thu Feb 02 1995SVE command "fuser" causes panic : "advfs inconsistency" OSF/1 V2.
409.09OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DThu Feb 02 1995vrestore and quotas.
410.05MSAMFri Feb 03 1995Restoring a filesystem from 2 tapes
411.011RHETT::JOHNSONFri Feb 03 1995ADVFS 3.
412.01PEACHS::TRENTAFri Feb 03 1995EBAD_PARAMS but right AdvFS version
413.0PEACHS::TRENTAMon Feb 06 1995incremental vdump taking longer than level
414.07MEOCTue Feb 07 1995Creating a bootable copy of root fileset.
415.03ZPAC2Tue Feb 07 1995Advfs problems with RAID
416.01DV78Tue Feb 07 1995Vrestore and second tape!
417.01DV78Tue Feb 07 1995how to get last file dumped with vdump
418.05RHETT::JOHNSONTue Feb 07 1995one user can not display dxadvfs
419.03MSAMTue Feb 07 1995vrestore - mt in single user mode don't work
420.0ATSE::KATZTue Feb 07 1995
421.01ZPOVC::SONGHUATWed Feb 08 1995advfs inconsistency - read/write error = 5
422.01LEMAN::AGASSISWed Feb 08 1995vdump -N buggy ?
423.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGMon Feb 13 1995realtime kernel with AFA3
424.02ZPOVC::HINSIONGMon Feb 13 1995advfs v2 to advfs v3 volumes
425.01OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DTue Feb 14 1995vdump an incrementals seem to be broken.
426.01RHETT::WALTERTue Feb 14 1995How to rename domain
427.02STKHLM::KARLSSON_SWed Feb 15 1995ADVFS and disc write cache
428.04QCAVWed Feb 15 1995using stat() call with advfs!
429.01CSC32::N_HENDERSONWed Feb 15 1995User and Group Quota files after migrating
430.02GALVIA::STONESThu Feb 16 1995Consistency checker? Disk repair?
431.06EEMELI::WIKThu Feb 16 1995'vquot' accessible by anyone ?
432.02MEDINA::BEELENTue Feb 21 1995Clone fileset question
433.04AMCCXN::VOSSTue Feb 21 1995dxadvfs and volumes ??
434.0ATSE::KATZTue Feb 21 1995vdump much slower during incrementals
435.02QCAVWed Feb 22 1995Problem using stat to get device numbers
436.03DECWET::HUNTWed Feb 22 1995any probs with v3, presto, hsz4
437.0UFHIS::JPARETIThu Feb 23 1995lsm/AdvFS problems on 3.
438.01NEWOA::SMITHMRThu Feb 23 1995chk_blk_quota: fset_count_underflow?
439.02RMDSRV::KIRKThu Feb 23 1995"Panic...Disk error?"
440.02TRUCKS::LYE_RThu Feb 23 1995dxadvfs unable to see lsm volumes not in rootdg
441.04GIDDAY::SAMPSONSun Feb 26 1995ADVFS -> HSZ4
442.01LABC::TANIGUCHIMon Feb 27 1995Upgrade UFS to ADVfs - help needed!
443.01DREUL1::robTue Feb 28 1995What does the file-id mean?
444.03ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGTue Feb 28 1995ACL (Access Control List) on Advfs?
445.01NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Wed Mar 01 1995vdump use of / partition?
446.02NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Wed Mar 01 1995no space and ENO_SUCH_DOMAIN
447.06RHETT::WALTERThu Mar 02 1995RMS database problem...get old data when reading file
448.05SAC::MAGUIRE_GThu Mar 02 1995Questions on rmvol/vdump/compression/ORACLE/write-ahead logging
449.0DECWET::GIRDLERThu Mar 02 1995AdvFS utilities and PLatinum BL4
450.01MUNICH::DANNERFri Mar 03 1995OSF V3.
451.02LSNCSC::MARTINFri Mar 03 1995rmvol strange behaviour !!!
452.05SIBILO::BARBERISMon Mar 06 1995Help : rsh rdump from SUN for ADVFS
453.032NABETH::alanMon Mar 06 1995running out of BMT extents
454.04OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DMon Mar 06 1995dxadvfs fails to display to vms host.
455.03ANGLIN::ASHBYTue Mar 07 1995dxadvs and prestoserve panic
456.02RHETT::ELLISWed Mar 08 1995'rmvol' yeilds Can't read bootblock errors
457.01DECWET::HUNTWed Mar 08 1995stripe writing perf anomoly ?
458.01TLSEThu Mar 09 1995SYNC & ADVFS
459.01NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Thu Mar 09 1995ADVfs panic mod 3 line 3
460.01RHETT::ELLISFri Mar 10 1995ASE member hangs during failover
461.01DECWET::HUNTFri Mar 10 1995AdvFS and CDE
462.01NETRIX::"hitchens@epaMon Mar 13 1995How to wait for a change in the file system.
463.011RHETT::WALTERMon Mar 13 1995device does not contain a valid AdvFS filesystem V3.2
464.05CADSYS::BOGDANOVTue Mar 14 1995v2.
465.01DECWET::PETKUSTue Mar 14 1995Your view of online documentation
466.03FORGER::POLETTIWed Mar 15 1995ADVFS check.
467.01LATINA::CARVAJALMon Mar 20 1995panic (advfs inconsistency) /RAID-5
468.06NAMIX::jptMon Mar 20 1995AdvFS panic, V3.2 and presto involved
469.03DECWET::HUNTTue Mar 21 1995Uniforum '95, Dallas, TX, USA
470.01NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Tue Mar 21 1995access slow via NFS/NOVELL
471.05SSDEVO::T_GONZALESWed Mar 22 1995Cache Scheme? and Tune Parameters?
472.01SSDEVO::T_GONZALESWed Mar 22 1995Use of advfsstat??
473.05NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Thu Mar 23 1995advfs inconsistency Module = 25, Line = 113
474.05KERNEL::MCNULTYThu Mar 23 1995Restoring a multi-volume usr_domain
475.04HAN::KUNTZEMon Mar 27 1995Error E_VD_DMNATTR_DIFF (-1
476.02WOTVAX::DAVIESGMon Mar 27 1995End-user undelete - how does it work?
477.0+31SNOCTue Mar 28 1995Granularity of clone deltas?
478.05SMOKN::MEAGHERTue Mar 28 1995AdVFS or LSM or both?
479.05NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Wed Mar 29 1995clonefset and database shutdown
480.02NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Wed Mar 29 1995quotas and advfs, user disk limit reached
481.03SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUSat Apr 01 1995Disk Space as seen by df(1) on ADVFS after vrestore
482.02ANGLIN::LANKFORDMon Apr 03 1995large files and df and du size problems
483.03EVTAI1::POUSSARDTue Apr 04 1995 vdump | vrestore bug ?
484.02ZPOVC::EDWINWONGTue Apr 04 1995Balance command don't work
485.03MUNICH::DANNERWed Apr 05 1995advfs exception mod=1 line=271
486.016CALDEC::HEINEYFri Apr 07 1995USENET News Revisited
487.03SSDEVO::ROLLOWFri Apr 07 1995FYI: HSZ4
488.01ATSE::KATZTue Apr 11 1995If you have a news server - please help
489.01RHETT::ELLISWed Apr 12 1995presto "PRENABLE failed " on AdvFS fileset
490.06OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DWed Apr 12 1995To patch or to unpatch
491.03ZPOVC::SONGHUATThu Apr 13 1995'ls /ftp' always panic
492.0TROOA::BATLIWALLAMon Apr 17 1995Unix installs fails with RAID5
493.02CHGVTue Apr 18 1995Need help vrestore ing remotely using rsh...
494.03RHETT::WALTERTue Apr 18 1995OSF V3.
495.01STKHLM::BEETSWed Apr 19 1995Error when booting ADVFS-root domain "load of /etc/init failed errno2(8)
496.02KERNEL::BAYSAThu Apr 20 1995no such domain/fileset or mount directory
497.02RHETT::WALTERFri Apr 21 1995vdump and sparse files
498.02SSDEVO::T_GONZALESFri Apr 21 1995CAN'T OPEN OSF_BOOT FROM restored root??
499.04TRNTue Apr 25 1995Quota exceeded: file
500.0BUDDIE::KENWORTHYTue Apr 25 1995OSF V3.
501.02SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUWed Apr 26 1995Read Error = 6 Error message Meaning?
502.01PONY::BONANNOWed Apr 26 1995Apply 3.2 patches to 3.2A?
503.01RHETT::WALTERThu Apr 27 1995Presto with EISA RAID contoller
504.03KERNEL::DAVIESOFri Apr 28 1995Help setting QUOTAS on ADVFS
505.05NETRIX::"warren@mpsg.hpc.pko.dec.com"Fri May 05 1995Stripping across NFS
506.02TALLIS::SCHULERMon May 08 1995Potential ADVFS crash (Sable running OSF V3.2)
507.07JANIX::jmhMon May 08 1995Yet another dead body (ADVFS EXCEPTION Module = 4, Line = 4691 N1 = 65536)
508.04TROOA::ANGTue May 09 1995how to remove a corrupted directory under ADVFS?
509.02RHETT::JOHNSONTue May 09 1995rmvol and vol 1L
510.09OSLLAV::SVEINN_PThu May 11 1995USENET news, again !
511.02NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Fri May 12 1995advfs and quota problem
512.01SSDEVO::ROLLOWFri May 12 1995Large quota files.
513.02MUNICH::BEICHTMon May 15 1995strange advfs inconsistency
514.01ALFAM7::STREPPELMon May 15 1995AdvFs needs 1
515.02GLDOA::BOELEMAMon May 15 1995what happened to info on slugbt?
516.02BAHTAT::MCCORMICKTue May 16 1995OSF/1 V2.1 cat patch wanted.
517.04RHETT::WALTERTue May 16 1995Presto problem/question
518.06SALEM::HARRIS_MTue May 16 1995ADVFS Vdump/Vrestore questions
519.04PEACHS::TRENTATue May 16 1995max of write system call to AdvFS file?
520.01HAMER::BREDENWed May 17 1995ADVFS GUI toolbar problem
521.0DECWET::GIRDLERWed May 17 1995File Systems Limits Update For DEC OSF/1 v3.
522.02RHETT::ELLISThu May 18 1995msfs_mount bnfr_put_rec warning E_READ_ONLY -1114
523.06RHETT::WALTERThu May 18 1995E_BMT_NOT_EMPTY when rmvol executed
524.0DECWET::GREENFri May 19 1995Work In Progress - announcing dxadvfs v4 prototype
525.0EEMELI::SYVANENSun May 21 1995Tuning Advfs ?
526.04NAMIX::jptMon May 22 1995utility to clear error status ? (urgent)
527.03NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Mon May 22 1995NEWS service performance seems slow
528.06TALLIS::SCHULERTue May 23 1995Possible ADVFS generated crash...
529.04CECAMO::JAGERMANWed May 24 1995How to regenerate .tags directory?
530.02KAOOSC::boivinWed May 24 1995inodes are scarce...
531.04SIBILO::BARBERISFri May 26 1995About group and user quota increase
532.07TISWAT::hanTue May 30 1995Installing AdvFS utilities on V3.2B
533.04EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed May 31 1995same pb than note 511
534.0KYOSS1::GREENWed May 31 1995quota exceeded notification?
535.06TROOA::BATLIWALLAWed May 31 1995RAID 5 with ADVFS does it work?
536.01GRANPA::JCONNORSWed May 31 1995OSF V2.1 - ADVFS Version ????
537.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 01 1995ASE-Removing a disk service,removes ADVFS domain
538.0MAASUP::GULDANFri Jun 02 1995panic --- advfs inconsistency
539.01OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DFri Jun 02 1995vdump of an unmounted dir is bad news.
540.0OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DFri Jun 02 1995what is msfs_getpage error 11
541.01ADOVMon Jun 05 1995NAS Licences, does AFU understand them?
543.0DECWET::HUNTTue Jun 06 1995notes for doing a GUI-based demo
544.04DECWET::GREENWed Jun 07 1995Advanced Utilities for users of Platinum Base Level 6
545.04TAKEOF::FOWLERFri Jun 09 1995AdvFs Corrupted File System in ASE Config
546.03LISTIM::ULTRIXMon Jun 12 1995what it means minfragpr ?
547.01NETRIX::"paul@foobar.mfr.dec.com"Mon Jun 12 1995directory structure and performance
548.04KERNEL::BARTHURTue Jun 13 1995advfs i/o panic
549.08MUGGER::WHITHAMWed Jun 14 1995advfsstat manual page ?
550.04OSLBIR::AGE_PFri Jun 16 1995Negative tags (tag
551.01TALLIS::SCHULERFri Jun 16 1995ADVfS V3.
552.04RHETT::WALTERFri Jun 16 1995wrtie failed, user diskquota exceeded too long message
554.01BBIVSun Jun 18 1995recovering adfs data
555.03EVTAI1::VALENTINMon Jun 19 1995"disklabel -z" on a root domain
556.02TRNMon Jun 19 19954
557.03WASHDC::KMOOREMon Jun 19 1995Advfs mount crashes system
558.09KERNEL::BAYSATue Jun 20 1995chgrp produces - fileset disk limit reached
559.02NETRIX::"jm@uvo.dec.com"Wed Jun 21 1995Cloneset backups: 1
560.02EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Jun 21 1995 3.2 ADVFS patches valid for 3.2B ???
561.04NWDWed Jun 21 1995vdump support tz877 autloader
562.01CSC32::COLTERWed Jun 21 1995Were can I find PS documentation?
563.03ZURThu Jun 22 1995balance: Error = ENO_MORE_BLKS (-1
564.01LISTIM::ULTRIXThu Jun 22 1995vdump saying is dumping +3Tb
565.08HGOVC::DONWONGFri Jun 23 1995defragmentation question?
566.01OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DSun Jun 25 1995log file corrupt
567.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROTue Jun 27 199542MBSOlid-state with AdvFS/DBMS application
568.04LEMAN::AGASSISWed Jun 28 1995NFS/AdvFS/UNIX 3.2 performances vs. UFS...
569.02EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Jun 28 1995ADVFS tuning doc..
570.02LABC::RUWed Jun 28 1995Crash on V3.2B
571.01OSLBIR::AGE_PThu Jun 29 1995vrepquota shows incorrect values, even after vquotacheck is run
572.01RHETT::ELLISThu Jun 29 1995How to obtain domain and fileset name?
573.0+4NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Thu Jun 29 1995addvol and E_TOO_MANY_VIRTUAL_DISKS
574.02ADOVFri Jun 30 1995Funny problems with AdvFS?
575.01MUGGER::WHITHAMMon Jul 03 1995advfsstat units (again)
576.08RHETT::WALTERTue Jul 04 1995Can AdvFS filesystem overhead be reduced?
577.02BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Jul 05 1995UFS buffer cache still used?
578.02ROMEOS::GAVINThu Jul 06 1995Alexandria and ADVFS
579.07LEMAN::ZOFKAMon Jul 10 1995Remove an original fileset and keep the clone?
580.03OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DMon Jul 10 1995interactive vrestore and pipes.
581.03COPCLU::KARSTENTue Jul 11 1995HSZ4
582.01STKHLM::BEETSWed Jul 12 1995How to add a disk without addvol?
583.02ZURThu Jul 13 1995doconfig undefined shelving_is_enabled
584.03WANDAA::RICHARDSMon Jul 17 1995Does ADVFS defragment by default
585.02MUNICH::BEICHTTue Jul 18 1995Questions regarding huge quota.group file
586.03ATSE::KATZTue Jul 18 1995performance - tuning
587.02ZPOVC::HINSIONGThu Jul 20 1995defragment utility problem
588.01ATSE::KATZThu Jul 20 1995quota status
589.02JOBURG::SIMHONFri Jul 21 1995Performance problem with big domains
590.07ANGLIN::SCHIMPFTue Jul 25 1995vdump does not prompt for next tape
591.03CAD::BOGDANOVTue Jul 25 1995Advfs crash. Does not mount after.
592.01MSDOA::HICKSTTue Jul 25 1995Field folks: should I pull the plug on AdvFS?
593.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Jul 27 1995More Usenet
594.03RHETT::HEBERTThu Jul 27 1995Can I change ADVFS disk quotas from a C program?
595.02GIDDAY::SANKARFri Jul 28 1995lp fails and lpr works for the same file in an advfs domain!!
596.03OFOSS1::GINGERFri Jul 28 1995hsz4
597.04VFOVAX::ZITELMANMon Jul 31 1995File System Recommendation?
598.02CSC32::BAKERMon Jul 31 1995msfsck: will it be put on OSF cdrom's in the future?
599.02VAXSPO::WANDERLEYWed Aug 02 1995AdvFS Exception - Mod=53, Line=1325.
600.01CERN::THIBONNIERThu Aug 03 1995balance: Can't find file set hdr - tag 4.32769
601.04MAJERE::RAISTLINFri Aug 04 1995Truncated files on copy between advfs & nfs !!
602.06SAC::MAGUIRE_GWed Aug 09 1995Maximum number of files per file system?
603.01SNOFS1::PORTERJEFFThu Aug 10 1995I/O error when mounting a fileset on RAID 5 array.
604.05OFOSS1::GINGERMon Aug 14 1995vdump | vrestore very slow
605.05DV78Mon Aug 14 1995Help on media errors
606.07KYOSS1::GREENTue Aug 15 1995no valis advfs FS
607.01BIKINI::ADAEWed Aug 16 1995info wanted
608.04STUWed Aug 16 1995advfs I/O error
609.01OSLLAV::AGE_PWed Aug 16 1995Advice needed for BITMAP MISMATCH!
610.02FOUNDR::GUESTWed Aug 16 1995ADVFS EXCEPTION,Module=1, Line=487 N1 = 139
611.03GIDDAY::STRAUSSThu Aug 17 1995df shows capacity > 1
612.05SNOCThu Aug 17 1995NSR+Advfs Cloneset = Data Loss
613.03AZUR::DICKOThu Aug 17 1995huge quota.group
614.01MKTCRV::KMANNERINGSMon Aug 21 1995File mirroring how are you?
615.01MQOOA::LECOMPTEMon Aug 21 1995Resetting the year under ADVfs
616.0NETRIX::"valenta@kitche.zk3.dec.com"Tue Aug 22 1995Customer scenarios wanted
617.05OSLLAV::JENSHWed Aug 23 1995Crash after shutdown, AdvFS & V3.2B?
618.04PEACHS::TRENTAWed Aug 23 1995Associating tag with file. How?
619.02SNOFS1::GARRETTMARKWed Aug 23 1995Cannot remove files
620.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGSun Aug 27 1995Quota report doesn't match disk usage
621.010OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DMon Aug 28 1995vdump and /proc errors on 3.2c
622.03SALEM::HARRIS_MMon Aug 28 199521
623.02KERNEL::COFFEYJWed Aug 30 1995AdvFS defragment gives E_NO_SUCH_BF_SET and other errors... 11
624.0BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Aug 30 1995Running out of metadata crashes system
625.06BIGUN::chmeee::MayneFri Sep 01 1995Suggested no of files/mkfdmn for news spool?
626.02TRNMon Sep 04 1995Why reinstall AdvFs with 3.2C ?
627.04NETRIX::"jem@mars.iso.dec.com"Wed Sep 06 1995dxadvfs under DMS: unable to initialize login subsystem
628.01VAXSPO::TOMEWed Sep 06 1995Can I remove quota.user file ???
629.0QCAVMon Sep 11 1995Can't clear bit twice!
630.06TAVMon Sep 11 1995dxadvfs warning - empty volume on non-empty
631.01HERON::LAFORGUETue Sep 12 1995undocumented sysconfigtab advfs-parallel parameter
632.05TROOA::MSCHNEIDERWed Sep 13 1995moving from advfs to ufs
633.03DV78Wed Sep 13 1995DIGITAL UNIX BACKUP HELP!
634.01MSAMThu Sep 14 1995swap and advfs
635.04TLSEThu Sep 14 1995AdvfsCacheMaxPercent Problem
636.03MUNICH::DANNERThu Sep 14 1995dUNIX V3.2a - ADVFS EXCEPTION Module=36, Line=3648 - help pls.
637.02MQOU18::mqp153.mqo.dec.com::a_yassirThu Sep 14 1995Advfs competitive matrix needed
638.01MQOU18::mqp153.mqo.dec.com::a_yassirThu Sep 14 1995Performance of Advfs versus UFS
639.01VAXRIO::EMILIOFri Sep 15 1995Urgent problem with ADVFS in /usr
640.01RHETT::HEBERTTue Sep 19 1995v3.2c vdump gives incorrect byte count estimates
641.01QCAVWed Sep 20 1995Advfs inconsistency mod=41 line=547
642.02MGB::GILLOTTThu Sep 21 1995vdump/vrestore question from a novice
643.01MPGS::LAVINFri Sep 22 1995Errors since V3.2C
644.01POLAR::STEWARTNTue Sep 26 1995ADVFS+Raid 5
646.01NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Thu Sep 28 19951 file quota on root hangs processes
647.02BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Sep 28 1995Verify vdump?
648.03TPOVC::ALLENCHENTue Oct 03 1995power off AdvFS disk cause AXP OAXP system AUTO DOWN.
650.01SSDEVO::T_GONZALESThu Oct 05 1995Remove File Domain ??
651.02MAASUP::DMFORDThu Oct 05 1995Recover from E_BAD_MAGIC (-####)?
653.02NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Mon Oct 09 1995ADVFS io Panic
654.03ACISWed Oct 11 1995Advfs chvol not working with LSM
655.05TROOA::JADAMSWed Oct 11 1995Writes not balancing across multivolumes
656.02GIDDAY::GARDNERWed Oct 11 1995AdvFS V3.2c patches ??
657.02NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.DEC.COM"Thu Oct 12 1995rmfset hangs ???
658.013ACISThu Oct 12 1995Slow I/O and small I/O with rmvol
659.01LEMAN::BEZENCONFri Oct 13 1995addvol -x flag signification
660.01KETJE::BEYENSMon Oct 16 1995vdump and /dev/fd problems
661.02NAMIX::jptMon Oct 16 1995AdvfsFixUpSBM and Can't clear bit twice: V3.2c and other versions
662.01VAXRIO::MEYERMon Oct 16 1995control area size
663.02LEXSS1::GINGERMon Oct 16 1995huge domains?
664.04ODIXIE::KRUSZEWSKIMon Oct 16 1995LSM and Advfs and mirroring on 3.2c
665.01TROOA::JADAMSMon Oct 16 1995Can't migrate between volumes
666.02CSC32::SHEAFFERTue Oct 17 1995Mapping nfs file system handles to advfs domain/fileset
667.0EVTAI1::POUSSARDFri Oct 20 1995 always EISA NVRAM pb on 3.2C Digital UNIX
668.01LNZALI::WATZKOFri Oct 20 1995panic (cpu 9): ADVFS EXCEPTION
669.0CSC32::S_HUSEMANSun Oct 22 1995msfsck error - in-mem tag does not have a matching on-disk tag
670.01NETRIX::"otd@tekkno.frs.dec.com"Tue Oct 24 1995move mirror plex and mount
671.01BPEPSI::NICHOLASHOWed Oct 25 1995vdump behavour
672.01NETRIX::"bachmann@epaFri Oct 27 1995performance ADvFS,UFS,NFS
673.01DV78Mon Oct 30 1995file create/mod/exp date?
674.01MUNICH::VASSIGHWed Nov 01 1995dxadvfs + floppy-drive: no media error on console
675.05NETRIX::"andy.bays@.uvo.dec.com"Wed Nov 01 1995passwd file overwritten with various commands
676.01LSNCSC::MARTINMon Nov 06 1995V3.2c panic (cpu
677.01IAMOSI::LEUNGMon Nov 06 1995mkfdmn : minimum no. of log pages
678.03KERNEL::MORGANITue Nov 07 1995ADVFS troubleshooting....
679.01NETRIX::"hancock@alf.dec.com"Wed Nov 08 1995Can you clone a root fileset in 3.2c?
680.01NETRIX::"hancock@alf.dec.com"Wed Nov 08 1995Is msfsck benign or not?
681.03NETRIX::"bachmann@epaThu Nov 09 1995data caching, buffer clearing...
682.01YEENOT::LAWRENCEPFri Nov 10 1995bad file number, advfs or lsm?
683.01STKHLM::BEETSFri Nov 10 1995panic when mounting domain, ftx_fail_2
684.03LEXSS1::GINGERSun Nov 12 1995mount -u / -> not enough space?
685.02LSNCSC::MARTINMon Nov 13 1995panic: kernel memory fault v3.2C !!!
686.01NETRIX::"bachmann@epaMon Nov 13 1995advfsstat -B w domain
688.03SZOSS1::nqsrv4Wed Nov 15 1995Minimum volume size limitation ?
689.02YEENOT::LAWRENCEPWed Nov 15 1995SYBASE databases on advfs??
690.06FAME::MONIERWed Nov 15 1995SMP - bound to CPU
691.01NETRIX::"bachmann@epaFri Nov 17 1995Questions for the experts
692.02MLNCSC::VOCIFri Nov 17 1995advfs crash help on method
693.02STKHLM::KARLSSON_SMon Nov 20 1995How much overhead does vdump allocate?
694.02JULIET::SHOMO_ROMon Nov 20 1995What are ADvFS mcells?
695.09JULIET::SHOMO_ROMon Nov 20 1995Any update on sparse file handling?
696.02NETRIX::"bachmann@epaThu Nov 23 1995Migrate and M-6 ???
697.04TKOV51::EGAWAFri Nov 24 1995Illegal status of AdvFS file
698.04ABITZ::harleyWed Nov 29 1995ADFVS EXCEPTION, Module=26, Line=2727, N1=-1
699.04CHEFS::CARTERRFri Dec 01 19953rd party backup products and Advfs
700.03SALEM::ARNOLDMon Dec 04 1995File domains and the number of file sets.
701.01OSLLAV::SVEINN_PTue Dec 05 1995ls -l on .tags results in I/O error
702.02LKPDEE::BRAGEWed Dec 06 1995AdvFS and HSZ4
703.0ANNECY::HAVARD_PThu Dec 07 1995HSZ4
704.0AOSG::SNOWDONThu Dec 07 1995Request for Product Requirements
705.01TKOV51::EGAWATue Dec 12 1995AdvFS Utilities 3.2 and UNIX 3.2D
706.02TRNTue Dec 12 1995Help needed for a crash !!
707.05TROOA::RJUNEAUWed Dec 13 1995Strange results from defragmentation
708.03GRANPA::RDOSW1::PARKERWed Dec 13 1995Tuning doc? again.
709.01MSAMWed Dec 13 1995vdump/vrestore from V1.3 -> V3.2
710.03UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTH_BThu Dec 14 1995dxadvfs core dumps
711.04ZPOVC::CHINGYUEThu Dec 14 1995Sparse files, Quota.group and how to reduce the size
712.013MPGS::KAUFMANNMon Dec 18 1995i/o error 28
713.09CERN::THIBONNIERTue Dec 19 1995Moving AdvFS disks to another system
714.02BELFST::DOGGARTTue Dec 19 1995Corruption after power failure.
715.06FAME::MONIERWed Dec 20 1995fsync with advfs & HSZ WBC ?
716.01QCAVThu Dec 21 1995Installing Sys V environment on AdvFS setup
717.03IBFri Dec 22 1995msfsck and vchkdir commands
718.02SALEM::HARRIS_MWed Dec 27 1995MAX number of files in a filedomain.
719.02TEACH::DANWed Dec 27 1995white-paper location?
720.01NEWVAX::CGARMANTue Jan 02 1996How combine HSZ4
721.01ROMTSS::PASCUCCIWed Jan 03 1996advfs vs ufs
722.01NETRIX::"cole@cop.dec.com"Sun Jan 07 1996help 1.5 Million files !
723.04SALEM::HARRIS_MMon Jan 08 1996Increasing the metadata size...
724.01PRMSMon Jan 08 1996fileset created with future date !! problems ?
725.01HGOSPS::FEYNMANLOMon Jan 08 1996Urgent..block sizes of Advfs and/or LSM?
726.02ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon Jan 08 1996Different Sizes on ADVFS & UFS ?
727.05PRMSTue Jan 09 1996conflicting info on metadata extent size parameter
728.07BOUNCR::GLEAVETue Jan 09 1996Simultaneous mounting of two LSM mirrors ?
729.01JOBURG::DOTTIWed Jan 10 1996hw vs sw mirroring
730.01HGOVC::JAMBUFri Jan 12 1996ADVFS question... of Max limits
731.03OTOOA::JPONDWed Jan 17 1996fsck not run on either ADVFS *or* UFS partitions.
732.01HERON::WENDLINGThu Jan 18 1996ADVFS EXCEPTION Module = 4, Line = 4691 N1 = 65536
733.01GIDDAY::ROMANISun Jan 21 1996free space alert and dxadvfs
734.01OSLLAV::SVEINN_PMon Jan 22 1996fd failure: no media in drive
735.09PRMSMon Jan 22 1996root & /usr Advfs not Recommended???
736.03HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEETue Jan 23 1996Two question about LSM & Striped Volume.
737.03HDLITE::DONSBACHTue Jan 23 1996how to recover advfs root partition data?
738.02WASHDC::SARASINTue Jan 23 1996UFS -->ADVFS 1
739.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEWed Jan 24 1996addvol during online defragmention.
740.01VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Jan 24 1996root & /usr in root_domain?
741.01SEVERN::BREWTONWed Jan 24 1996Recovery tools?
742.03NETRIX::"hancock@alf.dec.com"Wed Jan 24 1996vrestore of sparse files fixed?
743.01NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Wed Jan 24 19963.2d and RelNotes 2.1.9
744.01KETJE::BEYENSFri Jan 26 1996Bad performance on multi-disk domain
745.02YEENOT::STOCKMANSFri Jan 26 1996Reverting to a UFS filesystem
746.07MSAMMon Jan 29 1996copy I/O error
747.01NAMIX::jptTue Jan 30 1996AdvFS or ADVfs ?
748.06NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Tue Jan 30 1996adddvol of 4th LSM volume fails
749.01MLNCSC::VOCIWed Jan 31 1996doubt on quota
750.01NETRIX::"bachmann@epaFri Feb 02 1996horrible number of extents
751.03TRNMon Feb 05 1996OSF 3.2A ADVFS EXC. Module=28, Line=1646
752.05LEMAN::BEZENCONTue Feb 06 1996Defragmentation stop with error
753.03NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Wed Feb 07 1996AdvFS quota for user resetingg
754.05FBEDEV::ASCHERThu Feb 08 1996Can advfs still lose data?
755.09BIGUN::chmeee::MayneSun Feb 11 1996Details on large number of files?
756.05XKOVMon Feb 12 1996Help ! ADVFS EXCEPTION MODULE=1 LINE 487! Urgent
757.06ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Feb 13 1996at least 2 filesets per domain
758.0DECWET::MARIERWed Feb 14 1996VRESTORE in BL1
759.0BALTMD::GLOCKSat Feb 17 1996Split File System metadata?
760.04MPGS::KOSINSKIMon Feb 19 1996Question about AdvFS data logging
761.01MPGS::KOSINSKIMon Feb 19 1996Question about AdvFS file (directory) logging
762.01CRONIC::KBERRYTue Feb 20 1996Shadowing and RAID questions
763.01NETRIX::"bachmann@epaTue Feb 20 1996chfile
764.03NETRIX::"s_brunet@kaofs.enet.dec.com"Wed Feb 21 1996Advfs: Can't create directory; too many links
765.01YEENOT::LAWRENCEPThu Feb 22 1996bad file file number and vchkdir
766.05MSAMFri Feb 23 1996Advfs Utils and raw device
767.07SEVERN::BREWTONMon Feb 26 1996Hitchiker's Guide to AdvFS?
768.01AEOENG::SALOMONTue Feb 27 1996advfs / crashes system when mounting it
769.01ICELAN::ORCUTTThu Feb 29 1996Multi-Volume Allocation Policy
770.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGSat Mar 02 1996advfs and smp
771.0MPGS::KOSINSKITue Mar 05 1996AdvFS overwites two files with other data, not even changing timestamp on the two files
772.01ALFAM7::URBANTue Mar 05 1996news on V4.
773.0+2MPGS::AGGARWALThu Mar 07 1996ADVFS EXCEPTION Module = 41, Line = 544
774.01CSC32::KIRKThu Mar 07 1996ADVFS slow on systems with greater than 512mb of memory
775.02IBFri Mar 08 1996rmvol and LSM volumes
776.03ZPOVC::HINSIONGMon Mar 11 1996question on advfs patches
777.03BEJVC::SYLVIAXIONGTue Mar 12 1996Advfs license vs NAS25
778.02CSC32::I_WALDOMon Mar 18 1996GUI doesn't see available drives
779.05TRNTue Mar 19 1996what version for -x ?
780.01EEMELI::JHIETANIEMIThu Mar 21 1996AdvFS unlink (rm) performance problems
781.03STKHLM::BEETSFri Mar 22 1996System panic while running defragment
782.02ECFATue Mar 26 1996Recursive mktrashcan ???
783.08NETRIX::"mervyn.weis@alf.mts.dec.com"Tue Mar 26 1996Processor/CPU
784.02RHETT::LACORTIWed Mar 27 1996vquotacheck hangs on all filesets
785.02MXOCWed Mar 27 1996symmetrix disks on KFTIA and advfs
786.01TALLIS::SCHULERThu Mar 28 1996Log file of GUI operations/changes?
787.03TAVThu Mar 28 1996balance fill new volume too much
788.01MXOCThu Mar 28 1996vrestore vs vdump TIME
789.02CRVETE::JORDANFri Mar 29 1996Do more partitions == better performance in AdvFS Domain?
790.02RULLE::BRINGHMon Apr 01 1996changing filesize when copying NFS->AdvFS
791.02TKOV51::EGAWAThu Apr 04 1996AdvFS panic and UFS no panic
792.02RCOCER::MICKOLThu Apr 04 1996Customer has RAIDache!
793.0ECFATue Apr 09 1996panic(cpu
794.03SIERA::"pascal@zuo.dec.com"Wed Apr 10 1996Save AND Restore AdvFS Quota Information ( Tool )
795.01NETRIX::"hancock@alf.dec.com"Thu Apr 11 1996How long should clone ops take?
796.04MUGGER::WHITHAMMon Apr 15 1996ADVFS vol size probs after EISA->PCI SWXCR upgrade
797.09BBIVTue Apr 16 1996* dump/restore on AdvFS *
798.05MEOCTue Apr 16 1996vrestore fails on striped files!
799.01HGOVC::JAMBUTue Apr 16 1996advfs utlities kit loc pls ??
800.01ODIXIE::GORDONDTue Apr 16 1996Multi-threaded AdvFS for 4.
801.03OSOSPS::MORINAKAThu Apr 18 1996AdvFS I/O resource handling problem.
802.07RHETT::LACORTIThu Apr 18 1996clonefset limitation
803.02GRANPA::JCONNORSThu Apr 18 1996Mount Options
804.01NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Tue Apr 23 1996Why and How to remove bad file.
805.02CSC32::KIRKWed Apr 24 1996Cannot mount root after installing OSF35
806.05BIGUN::caod11dgp6.176.153.16.in-addr.arpa::yatesWed Apr 24 1996Bad File Number AGAIN
807.0NETRIX::"Clarence.Simms@COP"Thu Apr 25 1996Systems Intergration
808.04MEOCMon Apr 29 1996Problem with vrestore
809.02NEWVAX::CSIMMSTue Apr 30 1996...Help... ADVFS/NSR and Small Files
810.0MXOCTue Apr 30 1996File set irrecoverable with E_BAD_MAGIC
811.01MXOCTue Apr 30 1996E_PAGE_NOT_MAPPED
812.04LEMAN::BEZENCONThu May 02 1996adfvs domain mixes the device file ...
813.02DECIDE::LANGFELDTThu May 02 1996vdump: unable to write to device
814.04FBEDEV::ASCHERFri May 03 1996Does this make sense?
815.05MGB::GILLOTTThu May 09 1996AdvFS on 2xRZ28 v RZ29
816.03ZPOVC::SONGHUATFri May 10 1996vdump /var return exit (1) after completed
817.02RHETT::LACORTIMon May 13 1996improvements in vdump in 4.
818.03BACHUS::VANDORMAELTue May 14 1996(-113
819.01TALE::mizwin.geo.dec.com::MilanFri May 17 1996What is normally corrupt in AdvFS ??
820.010HGOVC::JAMBUWed May 22 1996file system getting full strangely !!
821.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGFri May 24 1996advfs domain panic
822.06LEXSS1::GINGERTue May 28 1996vrestore / and /usr disaster test
823.02HEN::MEHTATue May 28 1996Which AFAADVGUI??? is compatible to OSFADVFS35
824.01KAOFS::G_STOFKOWed May 29 1996rmvol not removing volume
825.01RHETT::JOHNSONThu May 30 1996rmvol removing wrong volume (or link).
826.05VIRGIN::SUTTERFri May 31 1996V4.
827.013HGOSPS::FEYNMANLOMon Jun 03 1996Ways to cause Oracle files sparse?
828.06MUGGER::WHITHAMTue Jun 04 1996ADVFS took a domain offline on I/O error
829.01BABAGI::MANSIRTue Jun 04 1996TLZ
830.01BLAZER::MIKELISThu Jun 06 1996ADVFS error: alloc_mcell: next free page has no free mcells
831.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Jun 06 1996Unzip crashes AdvFS reliably
832.02NETRIX::"jm@uvo.dec.com"Mon Jun 10 1996WARNING: advfs cannot open the original file; ENO_XTNTS(-1
833.02CADSYS::BOGDANOVMon Jun 10 1996cannot add a partition to a domain
834.02NETRIX::"jan-ake.olsson@ugo.mts.dec.com"Thu Jun 13 1996Return code from vdump
835.02MUGGER::WHITHAMThu Jun 13 1996rmvol and unable to get fset info
836.02BIGUN::chmeee::MayneSat Jun 15 1996Is /sbin/advfs/verify enough?
837.05TLAVMon Jun 17 1996cpio and ADVfs
838.02VIRGIN::SUTTERMon Jun 17 1996How to proofread a vdump with vrestore?
839.02TLAVMon Jun 17 1996Advfs panic
840.06WASHDC::RKLINGMon Jun 17 1996AdvFS to slow for I/O performance
841.01GYPOS3::DAVIDWed Jun 19 1996Additional Kernel options for vedquota necessary?
842.01SEVERN::BREWTONWed Jun 19 1996ADVFS and NFS
843.03NETRIX::"lance@stl.dec.com"Wed Jun 19 1996vdump errors
844.03C6BON::BLATThu Jun 20 1996ADVFS EXCEPTION , Module = 3, Line = 2694
845.01GIDDAY::SCHWARZFri Jun 21 1996vrestore errors
846.02AMCCXN::VOSSFri Jun 21 1996ERROR(Setting callback) error code = 1
847.01NETRIX::"Michael.Balomiri@aui.mts.dec.com "Mon Jun 24 1996hard coded limit # of subdirectories in a directory?
848.03VIRGIN::SUTTERMon Jun 24 1996'vdump -x' corrupts the vdump??
849.02ZPOVC::HINSIONGTue Jun 25 1996msfs_unmount failed message
850.0NETRIX::"pascal@zuo.dec.com"Wed Jun 26 1996rmvol = ENO_MORE_MCELLS ? Hint ?
852.02BACHUS::ROETSThu Jun 27 19963.2c msfs_sync uaerror
853.01NETRIX::"wuilque@evt.dec.com"Thu Jun 27 1996Disk usage on advfs
854.03UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTH_BFri Jun 28 1996vrestore mtime of directories ?
855.02NETRIX::"alessio@emi1.mln.dec.com"Mon Jul 01 1996vdump with a write protected tape
856.02RHETT::MOOREMon Jul 01 1996advfs and news spools, again
857.01BBIVMon Jul 01 1996advfs fragementation problem ?
858.01OSANPO::TASUMITue Jul 02 1996How to get the signal when disk is broken
859.03OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Jul 02 1996dxadvfs consistently dumps core on Digital UNIX 4.
860.05IAMOSI::LEUNGWed Jul 03 1996dxadvfs : volume name which exceeds 31 characters
861.01DEKVC::LISTERBYRONFri Jul 05 1996defrag and inode changes???
862.01IAMOSI::LEUNGTue Jul 09 1996ADVFS EXCEPTION Module = 28, Line = 1646
863.02ECFATue Jul 09 1996swap and AdvFS
864.01BBIVTue Jul 09 1996advfs defragment utility queries
865.06KAMPUS::BRANDNERThu Jul 11 1996AS 84
867.03KETJE::BUGGENHOUTFri Jul 12 1996performance of advfs and ufs the same in V4.
868.04KERNEL::MANGERJMon Jul 15 1996root domain containing multiple filesets ?
869.01BRSTR1::DEMOORThu Jul 18 1996vdump / vrestore problem
870.04GIDDAY::STRAUSSFri Jul 19 1996AdvFS panic during ASE failover
871.02BROUGH::DAVIESMon Jul 22 1996does mkfdmn write over the existing partition ?
872.01NETRIX::"powers@decatl.alf.dec.com"Mon Jul 22 1996ADVfs and DCE
873.0+5NETRIX::"claus.vestergaard@dmo.mts.dec.com"Wed Jul 24 1996E_BMT_NOT_EMPTY during rmvol (again)
874.01HGOSPS::FEYNMANLOThu Jul 25 1996Problem in cp/dd Oracle control file
875.02FOUNDR::STRICKERMon Jul 29 1996Need 5
876.02NETRIX::"sri@alf.dec.com"Mon Jul 29 1996Max number of domains per system; 3.2c
877.012COMICS::HAWLEYITue Jul 30 1996Patch OSF365-35
878.01KERNEL::CARPENTERSTue Jul 30 1996More balance problems
879.04FBEDEV::ASCHERSat Aug 03 1996changing the name of a volume under a domain
880.01DAGWST::PIAZZAWed Aug 07 1996Problems after patch install OSF35
881.05GYPOS3::DAVIDFri Aug 09 1996advfsd hangs just after start
882.01ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGFri Aug 09 1996minfree equivalent in advfs
883.02BALZAC::QUENIVETTue Aug 13 1996AdvFS cold start on a backup system
884.01HDLITE::LNARAYANWed Aug 14 1996VFS, vnode operation calls
885.01ZURFri Aug 16 1996quota limits?
886.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGMon Aug 19 1996advfs admin guide for du 4.
887.014PTOSS1::CYPHERMon Aug 19 1996A customer's view - idea's needed badly
888.01BRESUP::THOMASThu Aug 22 1996vquotacheck in crontab causes cpu exceptions?
889.04ZPOVC::HINSIONGMon Aug 26 1996du 4.
890.01CSC32::K_GILFORDMon Aug 26 1996dU V4.
891.02BERGEN::ARVIDWed Aug 28 1996can't clear locks,child processes, ls -l
892.01SIOG::TMCKEOWNFri Aug 30 1996Hang on vdump and AdvFS on 21
893.03BLGTue Sep 03 1996msfs_umountfailed with error 16
894.04CSC32::R_GROSSMANWed Sep 04 1996advfs inconsistency panic from V2.1
895.07FBEDEV::ASCHERWed Sep 04 1996reading from clones (again)
896.010XKOVSun Sep 08 1996Advfs msfs_bread: I/O error ..Help
898.05BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneFri Sep 13 1996CPU panic: module = 25, line = 4
899.02TUXEDO::SIREENThu Sep 19 1996E_ADVFS_NOT_INSTALLED attempting to mkfdmn
900.01NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.dec.com"Mon Sep 23 1996advfs number of files limits ??? Huge directory
901.01HANNAS::sarasinMon Sep 23 1996man page for advfs(4) missing from 4.
902.01KITCHE::schottTue Sep 24 1996sys_check configuration description to html
903.02HTSC19::IVANCHENGMon Sep 30 1996Bad file number ...
904.02DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGMon Oct 07 1996advfs and panic
905.03NETRIX::"jarkko.hietaniemi@fno.mts.dec.com"Thu Oct 10 1996What is the correct AFA??? for 3.2G? AFA35
906.02ZPOVC::DAIVC::ADEMon Oct 14 1996Backup error rewind_tap, vdump_disk on ase
907.03AXPBIZ::SWIERKOWSKIMon Oct 14 1996Pointer to Admin manual in PostScript?...
908.01QCAVTue Oct 15 1996DU 4.
909.01VIVIAN::D_BONOTue Oct 15 1996vdump [25] Not a typewriter work around ?
910.0+3EVTAI1::POUSSARDTue Oct 15 1996 defragmenttation question
911.01TUXEDO::ROMBERGThu Oct 17 1996Is there someone here that can help this guy?
912.02VIRGIN::SUTTERThu Oct 17 1996Can't remove a volume with 'dtadvfs' on V4.
913.01TPOVC::THOMASYANGFri Oct 18 1996another advfs error's question
914.04BERGEN::ARVIDMon Oct 21 1996vquotacheck, ASE
915.04BRADEC::PODOLINSKYTue Oct 22 1996URGENT: E_BAD_MAGIC (-1167)
916.012RHETT::LACORTIWed Oct 23 1996rz28m and rmvol does not work
917.02EPS::CONNORSWed Oct 23 1996failed agent connection
918.0+4OSLLAV::SVEINN_PThu Oct 24 1996next free page has no free mcells
919.01OSLLAV::SVEINN_PThu Oct 24 1996df displays capacity 1
920.01LISTIM::HENRIQUEThu Oct 24 1996advfs proxy server crash.
921.0STAR::FENSTERSat Oct 26 1996Experimental AdvFS salvage tool available
922.01SWTHOM::TINOMon Oct 28 1996defragmentation values on DU V3.2c ??
923.01KERNEL::COFFEYJMon Oct 28 1996dxadvfs: licence not valid with this version... 6
924.02LEMAN::AGASSISTue Oct 29 1996bad v1 frag free list, UNIX V4.
925.02NETRIX::"jan-ake.olsson@ugo.mts.dec.com"Wed Oct 30 1996Questions raised by a customer
926.04SCASS1::FIFEWed Oct 30 1996ADVFS/HSZ4
927.02RUSURE::KATZWed Oct 30 1996vdump and sparse files
928.01QCAVSun Nov 03 1996ADVFS exception,module=19,line 698...DU V3.2-d1
929.01EDWIN::JJMon Nov 04 1996ADVFS EXCEPTION Module = 19, Line = 252
930.0FXODEV::LEONTue Nov 05 1996ftx_fail: dirty page not allowed!
931.03ADOVFri Nov 08 1996AdvFS root and disk must be moved.
932.0MLNCSC::VOCIFri Nov 08 1996file crashes advfs
933.01MSE1::CAMPBELLFri Nov 08 1996cannot mount fileset ...
934.0NETRIX::"romani@stl.dec.com"Mon Nov 11 1996sys-v-mode and AdvFS on v4.
935.01EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Nov 13 1996 ADVFS defragment negative values
936.0RUSURE::KATZWed Nov 13 1996Need expert opinion on this msfsck warning
937.02ATHINA::KANATASWed Nov 13 1996ADVFS Utils Competition
938.0NETRIX::"tmark@zk3.dec.com"Thu Nov 21 1996chfile data logging
939.04NETRIX::"watzko@samba.lnz.dec.com"Thu Nov 21 1996dtadvfs: Failed to connect to agent for host
940.04RHETT::LACORTIThu Nov 21 1996simple quota question
941.02DAGWST::PIAZZAThu Nov 21 1996Panic cause questions
942.04EDWIN::JJMon Nov 25 1996Notes from Internet - Status
943.01MLNCSC::VOCIMon Nov 25 1996advfs questions
944.01TAVSun Dec 01 1996filesystem full when first volume is full ?
945.01ATYISA::MAILLARDMon Dec 02 1996/, /usr, /var in same domain ?
946.02NETRIX::"dallmeyr@hermes.muh.dec.com"Mon Dec 02 1996need AdvFs Patches for OSF V1.3b !
947.0NQOSMon Dec 02 1996vdump & vrestore / LSM vs. AdvFS
948.05EEMELI::TERANENTue Dec 03 1996Module = ms_logger.c, line = 1878
949.02MSDOA::HICKSTTue Dec 03 1996UNIX V4 defragment broken?
950.01RHETT::SPARKSTue Dec 03 1996need advfs ||-ized do pointer
951.01CSC32::I_WALDOTue Dec 03 1996vchkdir syntax?
952.06UNXA::MOKTue Dec 03 1996All files missing, all directories still there.. hmmm
954.01DEKVC::YONGJOONCHOIWed Dec 04 1996can,t create new domain
955.08NETRIX::"lindinger.andreas@frs.mts.dec.com"Fri Dec 06 1996ADVFS exception Module=19,line=698 N1=-1
956.0+6UTRUST::PILMEYERMon Dec 09 1996MSM journal files on AdvFS
957.03LEMAN::MARTIN_ATue Dec 10 1996fileset clone size problem !!!
958.03NETRIX::"jarkko.hietaniemi@fno.mts.dec.com"Tue Dec 10 1996The advfs parameters are documented in...?
959.05CSC32::RUTSCHOWTue Dec 10 1996Disk usage and showfdmn VS. showfsets
960.03MANMWed Dec 11 1996ADVFS EXCEPTION, module=26 line=1483
961.05TPOMC2::DAVIDHSIEHWed Dec 11 1996Advfs and EDI Raid Disk
962.01RUSURE::KATZThu Dec 12 1996BSR_VD_DISMOUNTED ???
963.02NQOSThu Dec 12 1996How to recover (undelete) files
964.0LATINA::ARANCHAMon Dec 16 1996More information about advfsstat and bottleneck ??
965.02NPSS::GARRYMon Dec 16 1996df shows wrong disk capacity
966.03CSC32::J_BECKERMon Dec 16 1996advfs is missing blocks that lsm knows about - Urgent
967.04CSC32::J_BECKERMon Dec 16 1996what does the message chk_bf_quota: user/group underflow mean?
968.08MANMMon Dec 23 1996vdump/vrestore question
969.012CSC32::J_BECKERMon Dec 30 1996Another disk usage issue
970.014YEENOT::LAWRENCEPThu Jan 02 1997can't allocate memory for mcell header array
971.010TPOVC::MOBBYLINTue Jan 07 1997mount unknow domain and fileset?
972.08ISTWI1::ASLANTEKINTue Jan 07 1997ADVFS data extents problem
973.01NETRIX::"michael.hellmann@frs.mts.dec.com"Thu Jan 09 1997Programming interface
974.03HTSC19::IVANCHENGFri Jan 10 1997directory file size ?
975.0YEENOT::LAWRENCEPFri Jan 10 1997verify fail - no primary mcell
976.05WRKSYS::ALONGIMon Jan 13 1997ADVFS and RAID5 configuration question
977.07GUIDUK::SOMERMon Jan 13 1997directory is recursively linked to its parent
978.01NETRIX::"AustinK@mail.dec.com"Tue Jan 14 1997Excessive paging with mmap()
979.02MSAMTue Jan 14 1997How to disable fd failure message?
980.02KYOSS1::HUSBYWed Jan 15 1997ADVFS VS UFS ..performance increase?
981.0+11NETRIX::"orendorf@alf.dec.com"Fri Jan 17 1997Runaway advfsd using >1
982.03MXOCTue Jan 21 1997UNIX 3.2d-1 and panic: can't clear a bit twice !
983.0+6AUBER::TINOWed Jan 22 1997DU 3.2G and advfs exception can't clear a bit twice!
984.01TKTVFS::OKAMOTO_HYOWed Jan 22 1997Advfs clone problem when heavy i/o
985.0+5HGOVC::NANDANThu Jan 23 1997vdump/vrestore problems-3.2G
986.0 *+1HTSC19::IVANCHENGFri Jan 24 1997a filesystem corrupted ...
987.0 *+1CSC32::PITTSun Jan 26 1997dtadvfs yields BadMatch
988.0 *+1USCTR1::ASCHERMon Jan 27 1997An advfs puzzle
989.0 *+2CUESTA::VEIGATue Jan 28 1997advfs exeption module=6
990.0 *+1NETRIX::"feynmanlo@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Wed Jan 29 1997Resource limitations of Advfs
991.0 *+2MSAMWed Jan 29 1997dtadvfs doesn't appear!
992.0 *+1DYOSW5::WILDERWed Jan 29 19973
993.0 *DAIVC::SUGIYONOWed Jan 29 1997lsm, advfs and size differences
994.0 *+5NETRIX::"jarkko.hietaniemi@fno.mts.dec.com"Thu Jan 30 1997advfs quotas problems: grace time does not (really) reset
995.0 *+4HGOVC::NANDANFri Jan 31 1997System disk re-creation
996.0 *TKTVFS::NAGAI_KSun Feb 02 1997ADVFS+Presto and Restart, File system broken
997.0 *+1SIGSR1::BEGLEY_MWed Feb 05 1997Vdump and open files
998.0 *+2ATZIS1::PUTZENLECHNEWed Feb 05 1997ADVFS HW-fault -> panic immediately?
999.0 *+8COMICS::CORNEJWed Feb 05 1997Panic "ftx_recovery_pass: bad log sts"
1000.0 *MUNICH::DANNERThu Feb 06 1997vdump|vrestore on TZK11 QIC-15
1001.0 *+7NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Wed Feb 12 1997dtadvfs error
1002.0 *+1DECWET::KEGELFri Feb 14 1997Soliciting all SNMP/ PM-MIB users...
1003.0 *+3DYOSW5::WILDERSun Feb 16 1997vquotacheck on an ASE service??
1004.0 *+1TPOVC::DICKLIAOTue Feb 18 1997record header (unknown/unexpected)
1005.0 *+1MLNCSC::VOCIWed Feb 19 1997problem with quotacheck
1006.0 *+3SIOG::TMCKEOWNWed Feb 19 1997Advfs and quotas - rw !! rq in /etc/fstab
1007.0 *+1DEKVC::JINSUNPARKThu Feb 27 1997panic with dealloc_bits_page
1008.0 *+4PEACHS::LAMPERTFri Feb 28 1997How to tell through an api that an a file is nsf mounted
1009.0 *+1NETRIX::"trewitt@pa.dec.com"Sat Mar 01 1997What good is verify, issue #1
1010.0 *NETRIX::"trewitt@pa.dec.com"Sat Mar 01 1997What good is verify, issue #2
1011.0 *+6INDYX::ramMon Mar 03 1997Beserk advfsd crashing system
1012.0 *+3HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEETue Mar 04 1997Some ADvfs concept questions ?
1013.0 *+4MDRWed Mar 05 1997Problem with ADVFS representation on 4.
1014.0 *+5BACHUS::BIS1Wed Mar 05 1997Finding out what value was used on -x with mkfdmn and addvol ?
1015.0 *+7NETRIX::"faidherb@tsc.bro.dec.com"Tue Mar 11 1997AdvFS panic on init
1016.0 *+3VAOUThu Mar 13 1997showstopper in v4.
1017.0 *+6NETRIX::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Fri Mar 14 1997Temp hang
1018.0 *+7HYDRA::LAVINMon Mar 17 19974.
1019.0 *HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEWed Mar 19 1997msfsck and vchkdir error messages.
1020.0 *+2HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEWed Mar 19 1997Performance degrade .
1021.0 *+4CHEFS::MAGUIRE_GWed Mar 19 1997NFS exporting seperate file domains?
1022.0 *+5QCAVWed Mar 19 1997DU 3.2G, dealloc_bits_page: Can't clear a bit twice...
1023.0 *+1ATZIS1::PUTZENLECHNEThu Mar 20 1997mirrored HSZ4
1024.0 *+3MANMThu Mar 20 1997Move ADVFS FS from 3.X to 4.X
1025.0 *NETRIX::"gretchen@kitche.zk3.dec.com"Mon Mar 24 1997New - DIGITAL StorageWorks Software and StorageWorks PLUS Software
1026.0 *+5NETRIX::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Tue Mar 25 1997Different free space issue
1028.0 *+4GYRO::faux.zko.dec.com::skinnerWed Mar 26 1997Initial mkfdmn values (where?)
1029.0 *+2NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Mon Mar 31 1997Can't find file set hdr - tag 4.32769
1030.0 *+1NETRIX::"miller@gsg.dec.com"Tue Apr 01 1997Customer advfs panic, then corruption
1031.0 *+4NETRIX::"?hthomas@tntee.alf.dec.com"Wed Apr 02 1997Syncing Disks Messages
1032.0 *+2DEKVC::YONGJOONCHOIFri Apr 04 1997auto set quota?
1033.0 *+7VELENO::MICHIELIMon Apr 07 1997Against IBM: how?
1034.0 *+3UTRTSC::WINDMEIJERMon Apr 07 1997advfs fragments
1035.0 *+6MDRMon Apr 07 1997vquotacheck panics
1036.0 *+1HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGMon Apr 07 1997Advfs for news service question
1037.0 *+1MSAMTue Apr 08 1997Advfs I/O Error
1038.0 *+1HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEThu Apr 10 1997Advfs and LSM backup question ?
1039.0 *+3NETRIX::"jeff.dickens@altavista-software.com"Thu Apr 10 1997The last word on advfs & usenet news ?
1040.0 *+2RULLE::BRINGHFri Apr 11 1997dxadvfs: cannot init logging subsystem, DU v3.2G
1041.0 *+4EVTAI1::BROCHARDMon Apr 14 1997showfdmn inconsistency.. DU v3.2C
1042.0 *+1MIPSBX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Mon Apr 14 1997ESERVICE_CLASS_NOT_FOUND (-1
1043.0 *NNTPD::"feynmanlo@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Mon Apr 14 1997Large extent count with 9
1044.0 *+1KERNEL::COFFEYJTue Apr 15 1997High CPU usage advfsd Freeing memory... 82652
1045.0 *+4NNTPD::"thantos@alf.dec.com"Wed Apr 16 1997Problem with Vrestore Under 4.
1046.0 *+3AKSELI::RIDANPAATue Apr 22 1997defragment on ingres databases ?
1047.0 *+3NNTPD::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Tue Apr 22 1997Is it an advfs problem?
1048.0 *+4NNTPD::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Wed Apr 23 1997vdump byte size differ on 1
1049.0 *DEKVC::YONGJOONCHOIThu Apr 24 1997file create fail?
1050.0 *+5NNTPD::"Wil.Bergman@uto.mts.dec.com"Thu Apr 24 1997sparse files advfs problem ?
1051.0 *+1NNTPD::"faidherb@tsc.bro.dec.com"Thu Apr 24 1997%%% HELP %%% OSF 4.
1052.0 *+1DEKVC::YONGJOONCHOIThu Apr 24 1997number of file over 8
1053.0 *+1BERGEN::ARVIDTue Apr 29 1997vquotacheck, run manually ??
1054.0 *+1OTOOA::LACHANCEWed Apr 30 1997defrag and open file
1055.0 *+1HYDRA::BRYANTWed Apr 30 19974.
1056.0 *+4NQOSMon May 05 1997Direct I/O and sync I/O
1057.0 *+3ZPORDS::SONGHUATFri May 09 1997vchkdir reports //proc is corrupted ?
1058.0 *+5RHETT::MOOREMon May 12 1997"can't migrate hole" error
1059.0 *DV78Mon May 12 1997Increment defrag's, defrag resource usage
1060.0 *+4MLNCSC::VOCIThu May 15 1997log file size
1061.0 *+4WASHDC::mccain.cop.dec.com::sarasinMon May 19 1997ftx_bfmeta_rec crash kill's 3 node cluster
1062.0 *+5TLAMC1::WISOOTTue May 20 1997Delete quota.user file in ADVfs
1063.0 *+4NNTPD::"faidherb@dbc4Thu May 22 1997msfs_unmount failed message osf 3.2c
1064.0 *+6VAXRIO::CSANTOSThu May 22 1997dtadvfs error 573
1065.0 *+2HGOSPS::MICKWIDLAMSun May 25 1997V4.
1066.0 *+3DEKVC::MOONSUCHOTue May 27 1997advfs-PANIC-Ver4
1067.0 *+3TKTVFS::SUWABETue May 27 1997write error 5 and bind set volume
1068.0 *+1MSBCS::REEDTue May 27 1997corrupt bmt record header
1069.0 *+4DEKVC::YONGJOONCHOIWed May 28 1997EXTENT failed?
1070.0 *+2TKTVFS::SUWABEThu May 29 1997msfs_getpage returned error 5
1071.0 *+9BIS1::RAVYTSFri May 30 1997Owner changed after vrestore
1072.0 *+3IBMon Jun 02 1997ADVFS DOCU AND OTHER ...
1073.0 *+1MSBCS::REEDWed Jun 04 1997ASVFS I/O error, metadata
1074.0 *+1KITCHE::schottThu Jun 05 1997Blitz note How to recover from corruption
1075.0 *ATHINA::TSAKALOSFri Jun 06 1997HELP!! Can't access bitfile-set's tag
1076.0 *TKTVFS::SUWABEFri Jun 06 1997BMT and fileset
1077.0 *UNIFIX::HARRISFri Jun 06 1997How to access AdvFS domains when booted from CD-ROM?