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Conference decc::radio_radioes]radio_radio

Title:Alternative to what?
Notice:Boston club listings in 825.lastLA in 925, London in 991
Created:Thu Apr 28 1988
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1126
Total number of notes:31528
Number with bodies:206
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1.023SONATA::LANGEThu Apr 28 1988Rules and Regulations
2.099SONATA::LANGEThu Apr 28 1988Most Memorable Concerts
3.076SONATA::LANGEThu Apr 28 1988Define Alternative Music
4.05SONATA::LANGEThu Apr 28 1988Disco Gets a Haircut
5.0+2017SONATA::LANGEThu Apr 28 1988Misc. Questions
6.049SONATA::LANGEThu Apr 28 1988Where to Shop
7.074SONATA::LANGEThu Apr 28 1988U2 is so Wonderful
8.0264--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 28 1988Who are you?
10.0194SONATA::LANGEThu Apr 28 19881st Liners
11.01SADU::KAWALEKThu Apr 28 1988Icehouse
13.0+151HYSTER::HIGGINSThu Apr 28 1988Directions to Clubs
14.0111HYSTER::HIGGINSThu Apr 28 1988Top 1
16.0HYSTER::HIGGINSThu Apr 28 1988Party planning note
17.01FSHQOA::SBEAUPREThu Apr 28 1988Alternative Alterations done while you wait.
18.06AQUA::ROSTThu Apr 28 1988Live Concert Broadcasts
20.018CGVAX2::DONNELLYFri Apr 29 1988Discoveries (how to)
21.01HPSVAX::DMEDEIROSMon May 02 1988Dissidenten
22.06CHARON::OLOUGHLINMon May 02 1988April: Song/Album of the month.
23.01OLTRIX::ZAPPIAThu Apr 09 1992Supterranean Pop
24.012USMVTue May 03 1988Chicago
26.048GOLONG::JUITTFri May 06 1988Sugarcubes
27.025AQUA::ROSTMon May 09 1988Salem 66
28.016GOLONG::JUITTTue May 10 1988The Fall
29.0159SONATA::LANGEWed May 11 1988Frank Zappa and friends....
30.03NHL::WIEGLEBWed May 11 1988The Mysteries of the Bulgarian Voice
31.04UPOVAX::BLOOMThu May 12 1988Boston band "The Five"
32.050ODIXIE::KAWALEKThu May 12 1988Album Reviews
33.02MGOBLU::KENNEDYThu May 12 1988Plate O' Shrimp
34.013ROLL::KEYEWed May 18 1988New Age on the Radio
35.026LEKTRA::PURMALMon May 23 1988May: Album/Song of the month
36.09BTO::MEUNIER_RTue May 24 1988Snakefinger?
37.0216LEKTRA::PURMALTue May 24 1988Recent Aquisitions
38.041PLANET::WIEGLEBWed May 25 1988Pere Ubu/David Thomas
39.04CGVAX2::DONNELLYThu May 26 1988O, Canada
41.08PSG::PURMALThu Jun 02 1988INS bullshit info?
42.013VAXSIM::JUITTFri Jun 03 1988Revolting Cocks
43.094BOSTON::SOHNFri Jun 03 1988Recently dusted off, and it *still* sounds good
44.019ANGORA::JLUDGATEMon Jun 06 1988Where can I find.....
45.0+710WAV12::SOHNWed Jun 08 1988Concerts you've been to
46.035VAXSIM::JUITTWed Jun 08 1988X
47.050MED::ARTHURMon Jun 13 1988Robyn Hitchcock
48.034BOSTON::SOHNMon Jun 13 1988Do you remember Rock N Roll Radio?
49.025SONATA::LANGETue Jun 14 19881988 'BCN Rumble (1
50.017SONATA::LANGETue Jun 14 1988Use for unwanted LP'S & 45's
51.025773Tue Jun 14 1988Quest for the Atlantics
52.011FRICK::HORNEThu Jun 16 1988BAD BAD BAD BAD....
53.061FSHQOA::SBEAUPREThu Jun 16 1988WIRE
54.02CGVAX2::GILLISFri Jun 17 1988Atlantics History Vol 1
55.045645::CROOKSTONMon Jun 20 1988Amnesty at Milton Keynes.
56.013VOLGA::S_BRYSONTue Jun 21 1988The Velvet Underground...revisited
57.011BOSTON::SOHNFri Jun 24 1988Radio Silence (observe) Radio Silence for a while
58.02CURIE::JAMESMon Jun 27 1988Amnesty Int. Shows
59.06NAC::CLOUTIERTue Jun 28 1988Too much audio processing!?!
60.028HYSTER::HIGGINSWed Jun 29 1988June song/album of the month...?
61.018CYCLPS::CRAMERThu Jul 07 1988where did the WBCN conference move?
62.038MED::ARTHURThu Jul 07 1988Railway Children - whatcha won, etc
63.0SMCMon Jul 11 1988Rare Smiths/Morrissey
64.025157731::AHARONIANMon Jul 11 1988WFNX: It's getting better all the time....
65.015SONATA::LANGETue Jul 12 1988Rank on Tai
66.019SQUEKE::STAFFONTue Jul 12 1988William Shatner does the Beatles?!?!?! HA!!
67.011PLANET::WIEGLEBFri Jul 15 1988Bill Nelson - Sign your name with a star...
68.0118SIETTG::FLANAGANFri Jul 15 1988Joy Division/New Order
69.037ANGORA::JLUDGATEFri Jul 15 1988Kate Bush
70.07WORDS::SWANBERYMon Jul 18 1988Alternative D.C. Clubs
71.01PLDVAX::GMANCINIMon Jul 18 1988Bobcat does Village People
72.04MED::ARTHURMon Jul 18 198823 SKIDOO
73.011GOLONG::JUITTMon Jul 18 1988Naked Raygun
74.0122HOT::KARDONWed Jul 20 1988Club policies
76.0415HYSTER::HIGGINSFri Jul 22 1988How are these connected?
77.0WELCOM::NOURSEWed Jul 27 1988Somebody Must Have a Tape
79.03HYSTER::HIGGINSWed Jul 27 1988Vocal Instructor Needed!!!
81.028CGVAX2::DONNELLYFri Jul 29 1988What gets you goin'?
82.02157731::AHARONIANFri Jul 29 1988The Sugarcubes Imbroglio
84.0BOSTON::SOHNMon Aug 01 1988A related topic...
85.09FSHQOA::SBEAUPRETue Aug 02 1988Penguin Cafe Orchestra
86.06NAC::CLOUTIERThu Aug 04 1988Jonny Guitar Watson..??
88.018PSG::PURMALFri Aug 05 1988I know it's alternative, but I still don't like it.
89.01VIA::KARDONSun Aug 07 1988Catheads?? Who are they?
90.019CASPER::EXCHANGE_1Mon Aug 08 1988World Party
91.032SRFSUP::MORRISTue Aug 09 1988You want Alternative????
92.024HYSTER::HIGGINSThu Aug 11 1988July Album/Song of the month
93.063SONATA::LANGEThu Aug 11 1988Echo and the Bunnymen
94.096AITG::PARMENTERThu Aug 11 1988Guilty Pleasures
95.015CASPER::EXCHANGE_1Thu Aug 11 1988Frequency
96.0122HYSTER::HIGGINSThu Aug 11 1988One more try for a RADIO get together!
97.021AITG::PARMENTERFri Aug 12 1988Shameful Pleasures
98.037SONATA::LANGEFri Aug 12 1988Does Anyone "Play" ?
101.04CGVAX2::DONNELLYMon Aug 15 1988Wanna Bees Register Here
102.017MPGS::TURNERTue Aug 16 1988BIG BLACK!
103.0129CGVAX2::DONNELLYTue Aug 16 1988"match the material to the artist"
104.04WRONGO::PARMENTERWed Aug 17 1988August Song/Album of the Month
105.02PSG::PURMALFri Aug 19 1988Tell me about Head
106.08AITG::PARMENTERFri Aug 19 1988Hairstyles!
107.071RICKS::STARVASKIFri Aug 19 1988Worcester scene
108.013WILLEE::KONDEKMon Aug 22 1988New Hunters & Collectors???
109.0106CASPER::EXCHANGE_1Mon Aug 22 1988Help Identifying a Tune??
110.06BOSTON::SOHNTue Aug 23 1988Duty Now for the Phone!
111.07CLOSET::T_PARMENTERThu Aug 25 1988Secrets of the Stars
112.040CASPER::EXCHANGE_1Thu Aug 25 1988Debating Club
113.042AITG::PARMENTERFri Aug 26 1988And in the end...
114.0638Wed Aug 31 1988Alternative radio bites the dust in Pittsburgh
116.011CYCLPS::CRAMERMon Sep 05 1988what would DEC Radio sound like?
117.055MED::ARTHURFri Sep 09 1988LIVE SMITHS!
118.069CGVAX2::DONNELLYTue Sep 13 1988The Asphyxiators.... ok... The Stranglers
119.042EUCLID::OWENThu Sep 15 1988* U2 * Rattle and Hum !!!!!
120.03LEADIN::HIGGINSMon Sep 19 1988DICK CHEESE by the Hard Ons
121.04VAXUUM::T_PARMENTERMon Sep 19 1988Wreckless Blockheads
122.046CGVAX2::DONNELLYTue Sep 20 1988SMASH or TRASH
123.080SMCWed Sep 21 1988Morrissey
124.048PSG::PURMALThu Sep 22 1988Pull up the covers!
125.029WILKIE::OLOUGHLINThu Sep 22 1988The two best CDs
126.0--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 28 1988First Liners in Reverse!
127.042WMBR::MAMROSWed Sep 28 1988All-time favorite songs?
128.0466SONATA::LANGEThu Sep 29 1988Names
129.035EUCLID::OWENSun Oct 02 1988Love & Rockets/Bauhaus/Peter Murphy
131.0WELMTS::GREENBTue Oct 04 1988Wanted - Comus lp
132.025LEADIN::HIGGINSTue Oct 04 1988Radio Ads you just love...to HATE
133.021--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 05 1988For sale
134.090WILLEE::KONDEKFri Oct 07 1988Better than Ralphs?
135.034CGVAX2::GILLISTue Oct 11 1988Tom Tom Club - Talking Heads
136.06PSG::PURMALMon Oct 17 1988September song/album of the month
137.025USMFG::JBARRYTue Oct 18 1988Tank & Bill on sports
138.07ADVENT::JUITTThu Oct 20 1988Mission of Burma
139.06ANT::JLUDGATEThu Oct 20 1988chevy's in framingham
140.025RICKS::STARVASKIFri Oct 21 1988Ghouls night out
141.035CGVAX2::DONNELLYThu Oct 27 1988OK, You're On, Hot Shot
143.011BOMBE::JUITTWed Nov 02 1988NoTe oF tHe YeaR
144.07PSG::PURMALWed Nov 02 1988Best song and album of October
145.03LEADIN::HIGGINSThu Nov 03 1988Help finding sheet music
146.03MJG::GRIERThu Nov 03 1988Announcing the new wave music conference
147.027BOMBE::JUITTFri Nov 04 1988Announcing Radio_radio
148.084LEADIN::HIGGINSFri Nov 04 1988A discussion on donating your talent to WMBR
149.0+3427FHQ::LANGEFri Nov 04 1988Soapbox note
150.0165MEMORY::MORELLOWed Nov 09 1988REM
151.0371TLE::WARDWed Nov 09 1988Tribe/Janet LaValley
152.011VISA::GENTILIMon Nov 14 1988A little word from france...
153.013LEADIN::HIGGINSFri Nov 18 1988HERITIX
154.054LEADIN::HIGGINSFri Nov 18 1988Cocteau Twins
155.018CGVAX2::DONNELLYFri Nov 18 1988Just Can't Stand It
156.0203DECSIM::BERRETTINIFri Nov 18 1988Elvis Costello
157.09PSG::PURMALMon Nov 21 1988The Dils / Rank and File / Blackbird
158.011PSG::PURMALTue Nov 22 1988Evolution of musical tastes
159.021RICKS::STARVASKIMon Nov 28 1988Christmas wishbook
160.019ANT::JLUDGATETue Nov 29 1988Rumors (no, NOT the album)
161.04MAMIE::DHALLThu Dec 01 1988Best Song and Album for November
162.0191MED::ARTHURWed Dec 07 1988Wedding Present/Pop Will Eat Itself
163.09WEA::PURMALFri Dec 09 1988The Best songs of 1988, new and newly discovered
166.036CLOSET::T_PARMENTERThu Dec 15 1988Even their mothers don't have these albums
167.08CLOSET::T_PARMENTERThu Dec 15 1988Nearly Free Samples
168.04SQUEKE::STAFFONWed Dec 21 1988Bowling Green hits the Punk Scene!!
169.017WEA::PURMALWed Dec 21 1988Most impressive groups of '88
170.016MAMIE::DHALLThu Dec 22 1988The Wolfgang Press
171.0118DECSIM::BERRETTINIThu Dec 29 1988Lou Reed
172.018MCIS2::HIGGINSFri Dec 30 1988CD Players - Advice Needed
173.0TLE::WARDTue Jan 03 1989Video Spins
174.08MEMORY::MORELLOTue Jan 03 1989Top 1
175.030--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 04 1989Edie Brickell & New Bohemians...
176.056WMBR::MAMROSThu Jan 05 1989Rad_Rad II: The Sequel
177.0WEA::PURMALThu Jan 05 1989The Gym Slips
178.016MCIS2::HIGGINSThu Jan 05 1989Friday the 13th....at Ralphs???
179.012VIA::KARDONFri Jan 06 1989MTV live concerts (specifically the Sugarcubes)
180.013BOSTON::DAGOSTINOThu Jan 12 1989Brainwashed top-4
181.02PARITY::STACIEFri Jan 13 1989Willie "Loco" Alexander
182.05PARITY::STACIEFri Jan 13 1989Lonely Hearts/ Down
183.0OSLWed Jan 18 1989Love is not music, MUSIC IS THE BEST!
184.08WMOIS::ZNAMIEROWSKIMon Feb 07 1994Doris Pootskid and her Magic Band
185.058VIA::KARDONThu Jan 19 1989The Violent Femmes
186.018CLOSET::T_PARMENTERFri Jan 20 1989Two Front Teeth
187.06RICKS::STARVASKIThu Jan 26 1989Tapeheads
188.0WEA::PURMALThu Feb 02 1989Hypno Love Wheel
189.082CGVAX2::DONNELLYMon Feb 06 1989"Hey, We're the Replacements"
190.050CGVAX2::DONNELLYTue Feb 07 1989The Hall of Shame
191.05ZEKE::MEMBRINOWed Feb 08 1989help finding Japan/Sylvian ?
192.023DISCVR::FISTERThu Feb 09 1989Gandhi's Lunchbox!
193.011WEA::PURMALThu Feb 16 1989Love/Hate at first listen
194.058WILLEE::KONDEKWed Feb 22 1989XTC - no repeats please!
196.01WEA::PURMALMon Feb 27 1989Screw the Grammies, here are the Bammies
197.011MCIS2::HIGGINSTue Feb 28 1989Album/song for February
198.010--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 01 1989New Radio Stations
199.03BOMBE::JUITTWed Mar 01 1989Network Problems?
200.016WMOIS::ZNAMIEROWSKIMon Feb 07 1994Things to Hate Today
201.02--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 01 1989Announcing Radio_Rathole!
202.0+51HAZEL::LEFEBVREThu Mar 02 1989Throwing Muses
203.04ANARCY::DILIDDOThu Mar 02 1989Alternative music across the U.S.
205.037CGVAX2::DONNELLYFri Mar 03 1989The Church
206.021TLE::WARDMon Mar 06 1989Titanics
207.03AYOV27::MBONETue Mar 07 1989The Brit Awards
208.052COMET::DVORAKPWed Mar 08 1989Talk Talk--- The The
209.09VIA::KARDONFri Mar 10 1989Sam Phillips
210.011AKO641::WARREN_JMon Mar 13 1989What is ENYA ??
211.022NEBVAX::BRADLEYTue Mar 14 1989Skinny Puppy
212.032HAZEL::LEFEBVREWed Mar 15 1989New Music Magazines
213.025ESKIMO::POTTERWed Mar 15 1989Red Hot Chili Peppers
214.012NEBVAX::BRADLEYThu Mar 16 1989New Order touring?
215.010CLOSET::T_PARMENTERThu Mar 16 1989Nightlife maneuvers
216.0108WMOIS::ZNAMIEROWSKIMon Feb 07 1994Things to like today
217.033ESKIMO::POTTERFri Mar 17 1989REM concert dates
218.02ESKIMO::POTTERMon Mar 20 1989James Ray and the Performance
219.083CLOSET::T_PARMENTERMon Mar 27 1989Cow-punk, Tex-Mex, N'Orleans, C&W
220.02AKOV12::FORESTIMon Mar 27 1989Adeva
221.015BSS::ALMEIDAThu Mar 30 1989Psychedelic Furs
223.036VIA::KARDONMon Apr 03 1989Mary's Danish, Julie Ritter, and Battery Acid
224.01VIA::KARDONMon Apr 03 1989Getting airplay for a band
225.01AYOV18::MBONETue Apr 04 1989S-EXPRESS
226.0126WEA::PURMALTue Apr 04 1989Sonic Youth
227.014USFSCR::RDONAHUEWed Apr 05 1989The Leaving Trains
228.01HAZEL::STARRWed Apr 05 1989Blues and R&B Conference Announcement
229.03ROLL::GASSAWAYThu Apr 06 1989The Connells
230.0278ZEKE::STAFFONThu Apr 06 1989The Cure
231.08CGVAX2::DONNELLYMon Apr 10 1989Backed/With
232.011CLOSET::T_PARMENTERTue Apr 11 1989Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
233.033HAZEL::LEFEBVRETue Apr 11 1989Living Colour
234.07CGVAX2::DONNELLYWed Apr 12 1989New Model Army
236.021CAPVAX::ZNAMIEROWSKITue Apr 18 1989Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper
237.0189BSS::ALMEIDATue Apr 18 1989MINISTRY
238.021ESKIMO::POTTERMon Apr 24 1989The Wonderstuff
239.0127CAPVAX::ZNAMIEROWSKIMon Apr 24 1989Songs you know and Hate
240.039BSS::ALMEIDATue Apr 25 1989Sisters_of_Mercy
241.021CGVAX2::DONNELLYThu Apr 27 1989Song of the Year
242.024CGVAX2::DONNELLYFri Apr 28 1989Album of the Year
243.09CAPNET::ZNAMIEROWSKIWed May 03 1989The Abecedarians
244.01WEA::PURMALWed May 03 1989Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada
245.01GIANTS::KEANEThu May 04 1989Atlanta alternatives?
246.07CAPNET::ZNAMIEROWSKIFri May 05 1989The Washboard Sisters
247.01PSG::PURMALMon May 08 1989Das Damen
248.080HAVOC::GILLIGANThu May 11 1989
249.0WMOIS::S_BRYSONThu May 11 1989Plastic People of the Universe 3 May 89
250.0--UnknownUser--Thu May 11 1989*** Bass Stuff For Sale ***
251.02CSC32::J_HERNANDEZFri May 12 1989the descendants / All
252.02BREW11::LAWTONMon May 15 1989Steely Dan = Hoops McCann ???????????
253.071ROLL::GASSAWAYMon May 15 1989The official Industrial note
254.0+69CAPNET::ZNAMIEROWSKITue May 16 1989Dinosaur Jr.
255.018RAB::KARDONWed May 17 1989Who is "Whoville"?
256.010MEMORY::SLATERMon May 22 1989Faith No More
257.01MEMORY::SLATERMon May 22 1989Faust
259.01FOGGYR::MURPHYFri May 26 1989Radio in general
260.0AKOV13::SALLOWAYTue May 30 1989"Smack My Crack"
261.012HAVOC::CORPSMSTue May 30 1989Voice of the Beehive
262.02USFSCR::RDONAHUEWed May 31 1989Giant Sand
263.021MED::ARTHURFri Jun 02 1989Surprise! Two tickets to...
264.01MED::ARTHURMon Jun 05 1989Records for Sale
265.076LEDS::BATESMon Jun 05 1989They Might Be Giants
266.031WEA::PURMALMon Jun 05 1989Patti Smith - new and old
267.015ROLL::GASSAWAYWed Jun 07 19891989 'BCN Rumble (11th annual)
268.03ESKIMO::POTTERWed Jun 07 1989TEXAS
269.01ESKIMO::POTTERWed Jun 07 1989Postcard label
270.013VINO::LLAVINThu Jun 08 1989ARTIST OF THE DAY --- WSRS
271.05GIANTS::KEANEFri Jun 09 1989Pussy Galore
272.012BOSTON::SOHNMon Jun 12 1989Avenue C
273.022--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 13 1989LYRICS NOTE
274.016SLSTRN::ZNAMIEROWSKITue Jun 13 1989Q and A with the Stars
275.04USCTR2::ZAPPIAFri Jun 16 1989Bands that could be God
276.073SMURF::BREAUWed Jun 21 1989Janes Addiction
277.0117LANDO::HAPGOODWed Jun 21 1989The Lemonheads
278.01ECHO::PRASADFri Jun 23 1989Concerts in Paris (in July)
279.021BOSTON::SOHNMon Jun 26 1989What did he say?
282.024SIETTG::FLANAGANWed Jun 28 1989Xymox
284.02KIRKTN::SPOTTERFri Jun 30 1989New Beat 15
285.02WAV14::FINKFri Jul 07 1989YBO2, from Japan
287.083ROLL::GASSAWAYMon Jul 10 1989SEATTLE
288.06WEA::PURMALMon Jul 10 1989Wall of Voodoo / Stan Ridgway
289.016LOWLIF::PRESTONFri Jul 14 1989Just Say...
290.011STAR::BULMERFri Jul 14 1989Ground Zero, 512 Mass. Ave., Cambridge
291.013STAR::BULMERFri Jul 14 1989The Damned
292.0DECSIM::BERRETTINIFri Jul 14 1989Victory Pig is looking for a drummer
293.02YUPPY::COFFEYSMon Jul 17 1989Any One For **Marillion**
294.05STAR::BULMERTue Jul 18 1989The Sequel
295.029ASHBY::GASSAWAYTue Jul 18 1989Club scene: Favs and least favs
296.059HAMER::COCCOLITue Jul 25 1989I hate the Cure!!
297.01ESKIMO::POTTERTue Jul 25 1989Buck Pets
298.083ROLL::GASSAWAYTue Jul 25 1989Flame session
299.01USCTR2::ZAPPIATue Jul 25 1989Sound Museum / topic idea
300.046SLSTRN::ZNAMIEROWSKIWed Jul 26 1989Negativland
301.032PNEUMA::WILSONThu Jul 27 1989Public Image Limited (PIL)
302.08WITNES::FUNKFri Jul 28 1989Old Skull (those krazy kids...)
303.018USCTR2::ZAPPIAFri Jul 28 1989WMBR Kickball Game?
305.0+80RCA::PURMALTue Dec 12 1989Tickets wanted/for trade/for sale
306.05MEMORY::MORELLOTue Aug 01 1989Anyone know about the music in Austin, TX?
307.06SHAPES::LATIMERDFri Aug 04 1989Blast First
309.09CATMAN::GOHNWed Aug 09 1989Maria McKee
310.0WEA::PURMALWed Aug 09 1989The Waxmen
311.06WEA::PURMALFri Aug 11 1989Fetchin' Bones
314.029STAR::BULMERMon Aug 14 1989Shake that thing! (B-52's)
315.030WEA::PURMALWed Aug 16 1989The Ramones, 15 years of ???
316.0126STAR::BULMERWed Aug 16 1989Your bones' gotta little machine... (Pixies)
317.02CGVAX2::DONNELLYMon Aug 21 1989Album/Song of the month, August
318.04STAR::BULMERTue Aug 22 1989Lou (Wimp) Reed
320.047SUBURB::HOWELLCWed Aug 30 1989Stone Roses
321.03STAR::BULMERWed Aug 30 1989Gotta dig it up! (Hoodoo Gurus)
322.03STAR::BULMERWed Aug 30 1989Jim Carroll, Henry Rollins
324.03PHAROS::WILSONFri Sep 01 1989Shriekback...?
326.07DPDMAI::WARDRFri Sep 01 1989Galaxy 5
327.09CSGTue Sep 05 1989Official Gary Numan note
328.09STAR::BULMERTue Sep 05 1989No reason to live anymore...
329.010PHAROS::WILSONFri Sep 08 1989The Mighty Lemon Drops
330.07UPOA1::BLOOMSat Sep 09 1989Need buying recommendations
331.07PHAROS::WILSONMon Sep 11 1989Tears for Fears
332.0120DELNI::S_NORBERGFri Sep 15 1989The Cavedogs (and beyond)
333.0OZONE::GOULDMon Sep 18 1989GUT BANK
334.012ASHBY::GASSAWAYWed Sep 20 1989Bad Brains
335.05MASALA::SPOTTERThu Sep 21 1989CND/NME Video
336.07EXIT26::SAARINENThu Sep 21 1989Robert Smith To Shave his Head!
337.021FCOIS1::LEFEBVRE_EThu Sep 21 1989The CuRe's Disintegration
339.02CGVAX2::VAILLANCOURTThu Sep 28 1989"Blue Monday" single CD wanted:
340.053ISLNDS::ROBINSONMon Oct 02 1989release dates/announcements
341.013DELNI::W_KINGWed Oct 04 1989"Never go out with a musician"
342.031SIETTG::FLANAGANWed Oct 11 1989The Butthole Surfers Appreciation Note
343.0BOSTON::SOHNMon Oct 16 1989Death in the Afternoon...
344.04HORSEY::GENTILEThu Oct 19 1989What is Axis like these days?
345.02SKETCH::MYSELFri Oct 20 1989Animal Logic
346.014SMURF::MURPHYTue Oct 24 1989Peter Gabriel
347.04RAB::KARDONMon Oct 30 1989ex of X (Exene Cervanka)
348.020PNEUMA::WILSONTue Oct 31 1989Stiv Bators?
349.02ASHBY::GASSAWAYWed Nov 01 1989Bebe Buell
350.012DECSIM::BERRETTINIWed Nov 01 1989King Missile
351.012BSS::DEBRAVThu Nov 02 1989Help! Need radio station on CO!
352.06AIAG::MAMROSSun Nov 05 1989The Primitives
355.031JUMBLY::OCONNORFri Nov 10 1989The Residents
356.04JUMBLY::OCONNORTue Nov 14 1989NY and Boston Music
357.030RCA::PURMALWed Nov 15 1989The Mekons
358.06DYO78Tue Nov 21 1989In search of....
359.014USCTR2::ZAPPIAFri Dec 01 1989Hiding in Public
360.02STAR::RDAVISMon Dec 04 1989Honk if you miss Lester Bangs
361.012PSYLO::WILSONTue Dec 05 1989Now the official Talk Talk topic 12/21/89
362.015BSS::DEBRAVThu Dec 07 1989Kid Creole and the Coconuts
363.020CASPRO::BECKTue Dec 12 1989The Dead Milkmen
364.05PSYLO::WILSONWed Dec 13 1989Jean-Paul Sartre Experience
365.031RCA::PURMALFri Dec 15 1989RAD_RAD favorites of 1989
366.021RCA::PURMALFri Dec 15 1989RAD_RAD favorites of the 8
367.08RCA::PURMALFri Dec 15 1989Predictions for 199
368.012BOMBE::JUITTFri Dec 15 1989New Years Resolution Contest
369.023STAR::RDAVISTue Dec 19 1989Maria Excommunikata
370.078RAB::KARDONTue Dec 19 1989The Boston local scene
371.03SUBSYS::DOUCETTEWed Dec 20 1989Musical Starstreams
372.04STAR::VILETTThu Dec 21 1989I Start Counting
373.017DECSIM::BERRETTINIWed Dec 27 1989Graham Parker
374.05CLOSET::T_PARMENTERThu Dec 28 1989Good morning, Panama!
375.071ISLNDS::ROBINSONTue Jan 02 1990Nine Inch Nails
376.010KAOA11::CHABOTMon Jan 08 1990Swans
377.019PSYCHE::WILSONTue Jan 09 1990
378.010EUCLID::OWENTue Jan 09 1990WFNX top 1
379.09RCA::PURMALThu Jan 11 1990Take a stand against censorship, act now!
380.07SHAPES::BROWNMMon Jan 15 1990Ciccone Youth
381.01SHAPES::BROWNMMon Jan 15 1990`Love Will Tear Us Apart' - words.
382.08SUBSYS::LYNCHMon Jan 29 1990PMRC Update
384.02EUCLID::OWENFri Feb 02 1990The Channel Club goes Chapter 11
385.06RAB::KARDONFri Feb 16 1990The Lunachicks
387.016BAHTAT::LOBLEYTue Feb 20 1990THE SHAMEN
388.015AYOV16::CCARSONTue Feb 20 1990Blue Aeroplanes
390.019SHAPES::BROWNMWed Feb 21 1990Nitzer Ebb
391.0BIS2::HENDERIX_CFri Feb 23 1990VICTIMS FAMILY and some nostalgiacrap
392.04RCA::PURMALMon Mar 05 1990Is/Are He/She/It/They Alternative?
394.010KAOA11::CHABOTFri Mar 09 1990Canadian Bands Eh
395.05CHFS32::HMONTGOFri Mar 09 1990Frozen Ghost
396.09FRICK::ZNAMIEROWSKIMon Mar 12 1990Sunday Morning Music
397.058RAB::KARDONMon Mar 12 1990Siouxsie and the Banshees
398.02PNEUMA::WILSONThu Mar 15 1990The Lilac Time
399.03VERVE::BUCHANANMon Mar 19 1990pd Heaton, ex-Housemartain
400.0+23CAVDOG::mamrosMon Mar 26 1990Poster Children
401.0+50BUSY::JMINVILLEMon Mar 26 1990Wanted
402.09CAPNET::ZNAMIEROWSKIFri Mar 30 1990Jello Biafra
403.0221Mon Apr 02 1990Laurie Anderson
404.021CLOSET::T_PARMENTERTue Jan 09 1990Moving Targets
405.040FSHQA2::SBEAUPREThu Apr 12 1990The Cramps
407.084LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Apr 12 1990Compilation CDs
408.0+66FSHQA2::SBEAUPRETue Apr 17 1990Van Morrison
409.0+93CGVAX2::VAILLANCOURTThu Apr 19 1990Sinead O'Connor
410.05CAPNET::ZNAMIEROWSKIThu Apr 26 1990Caterwaul
411.012GOLONG::JUITTMon Apr 30 1990Party Boys
412.03XCUSME::KRUYMon Apr 30 1990Life In Between
413.034GOLONG::JUITTThu May 03 1990199
414.02PENUTS::KSULLIVANThu May 03 1990In Tua Nua.
415.08HPSRAD::ARTHURWed May 09 1990"Live" Broadcasts on WFNX
417.077CAVDOG::mamrosWed May 16 1990Pipeline! on WMBR
418.021HUGS::KRISTYWed May 23 1990(revised) DECjam 199
419.017--UnknownUser--Mon May 21 1990DECjam 199
420.0USMFG::SBRYSONMon May 21 1990Posters - updated 5/21
421.07STAR::RDAVISFri May 25 1990Big Dipper / The Embarrassment
423.054STAR::RDAVISWed May 30 1990Kramer / B.A.L.L / Shockabilly / Bongwater
424.06SCARGO::VAILLANCOURTMon Jun 04 1990Hothouse Flowers--Concert
425.08RCA::PURMALMon Jun 04 1990Lene Lovich
426.07AIMHI::FOSSNESThu Jun 07 1990who's the mystery meat
427.05DECSIM::BERRETTINITue Jun 12 1990Richard Hell and the Voidoids
428.017WJOUSM::AREANOSat Jun 23 1990Check out WBRU
429.016HPSRAD::ARTHURWed Jun 27 1990Cabaret Voltaire
430.015CAPNET::ZNAMIEROWSKIFri Jun 29 1990Joe Jackson
431.03PNEUMA::WILSONFri Jun 29 1990The Vapors
432.01STRIKR::FROGGATTWed Jul 04 1990Sisters of Mercy tickets - UK - Any takers ?????
433.026CAPNET::ZNAMIEROWSKIThu Jul 05 1990The Breeders
434.026RCA::PURMALFri Jul 06 1990The Go-Gos (now my credibility is Gone-Gone)
435.037BUSY::SWANEYTue Jul 10 1990Concrete Blonde
436.06PNEUMA::WILSONTue Jul 10 1990Nick Lowe
437.018FSHQA2::SBEAUPREThu Jul 12 1990Tangerine Dream
438.018MDCRAB::636Fri Jul 13 1990Gang of Four
439.01PNEUMA::WILSONMon Jul 16 1990Syd Barrett U.K. Band Disc
440.02AYOV18::KWALES_YTSTue Jul 17 1990Desperately Seeking Brits!
442.015EDSVAX::CONFSCHEDTue Jul 17 1990O+ (O positively great)
443.019TOOHOT::LEASTue Jul 17 1990Iggy Pop
444.012AKOV13::HOWARDWed Jul 18 1990Where is MUSIC?
446.0WJOUSM::AREANOWed Jul 25 1990Wanted: Dual tape deck
447.015ROULET::WAXMANFri Jul 27 1990Tom Petty
448.012USMFG::SBRYSONWed Aug 01 1990Mazzy Star / S. Cal retro groups (D. Syndicate++)
449.06AUNTB::KULVETEMon Aug 13 1990FNX and BRU #s
450.015WECARE::PAMMERWed Aug 15 1990FRONT-2-4-2
451.016STAR::RDAVISWed Aug 15 1990Daniel Johnston Consumer Guide
452.0+132RAB::KARDONTue Aug 21 1990Mary Lou Lord
453.0112ASHBY::GASSAWAYWed Aug 22 1990Listen here you lame-o's
454.013SCARGO::VAILLANCOURTTue Aug 28 19901965 music trivia
455.010USCTR2::ZAPPIAThu Aug 30 1990Student Welcomings
456.0364ASHBY::GASSAWAYFri Aug 31 1990Lame contest
457.023MILLER::BULMERThu Sep 06 1990How the Web was Woven
458.03STAR::RDAVISThu Sep 06 1990Half Japanese
459.055AIMHI::DONNELLYTue Sep 11 1990Soap
460.045HPSRAD::ARTHURFri Sep 14 1990Not what's IN/What's ON!
461.0EUCLID::OWENTue Sep 18 1990TPOH - The Pursuit of Happiness
462.01WAV13::DAGOSTINOWed Sep 19 1990Good selection of alternative 12"?
463.09ASHBY::GASSAWAYMon Sep 24 1990
464.0PAOIS::LELOUTREThu Sep 27 1990Original Sound Track
465.015CAESAR::GASSAWAYThu Sep 27 1990Pretentious contest
466.024RAB::KARDONMon Oct 01 1990Most painful song searches
467.042CAESAR::GASSAWAYMon Oct 01 1990The Middle East Cafe (Central Sq, Cambridge)
468.029RAB::KARDONTue Oct 02 1990Bad times getting in the door
469.0MURPHY::BLOOMFri Oct 05 1990Found Bottleg Tapes
470.012WJOUSM::AREANOMon Oct 15 1990'BCN Bash??
471.09DOOLIN::HNELSONMon Oct 22 1990Pet Shop Boys, PSB, PS Boys, etc.
472.01XCUSME::SCHROEDERFri Oct 26 1990Heavy_Metal directory
473.027PSYLO::WILSONMon Oct 29 1990The Specials
474.033RAB::KARDONWed Nov 07 1990Anti-folk and new acoustic music
475.020SUBURB::COOKSTue Nov 13 1990English Stenchcore Anyone?
476.074SUBURB::COOKSWed Nov 14 1990The Official Clash Note(rock the Cashbah)
477.03ASHBY::GASSAWAYWed Nov 14 1990PoPcOrE
478.015ASHBY::GASSAWAYWed Nov 14 1990EHM Memorial Note
479.03--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 19 1990VANILLA ICE QUESTION????
480.016PSYLO::WILSONWed Nov 21 1990Thomas Dolby
482.015RAB::KARDONMon Nov 26 1990Keywords for RAD_RAD
483.03STAR::RDAVISFri Nov 30 1990Volcano Suns
484.018MILLER::BULMERMon Dec 03 1990Mudhoney
485.04RAB::KARDONMon Dec 03 1990Fertile Virgin
486.07SUBURB::COOKSTue Dec 04 1990Elvis Presley Or Buddy Holly???
487.038CAESAR::GASSAWAYFri Dec 07 1990Lies
488.09STAR::RDAVISTue Dec 18 1990Holiday in Iraq
489.013COMET::POSHUSTATue Dec 18 1990Best of '9
490.016MINDER::TURNERIWed Dec 19 1990has anybody ever....
491.026AIAG::WISNERFri Dec 21 1990Dread? Dispair?
492.04PENUTS::HNELSONThu Jan 03 1991Harvard orgy: Black Flag, Depeche Mode, house, hip hop
493.053USOPS::ZAPPIAFri Jan 18 1991Major Indie Label Discussion
496.036RAB::RAB::KARDONFri Feb 08 1991Trojan Ponies
497.07RAB::RAB::KARDONWed Feb 13 1991They're the Meatmen, and you suck
498.07PNEUMA::WILSONMon Feb 18 1991The Normal (1978 Band)
499.062USOPS::ZAPPIAMon Feb 18 1991Defunct Bands that you'd like to see...
501.04BINKLY::MINARDISun Feb 24 1991Sara Laughs
502.040RAB::RAB::KARDONThu Feb 28 1991Blake Babies
503.09CISM::MCATEEThu Feb 28 1991BALL AND PIVOT?????
504.04MIACT::RANKINEFri Mar 01 1991seen it,heard it,VELDT it ??
506.01DECWET::HORMANMon Mar 04 1991Braindrops keep falling on my head...
507.066KOALA::RYANTue Mar 12 1991The Basic Repertoire of "Alternative"
508.07RAB::RAB::KARDONTue Mar 12 1991the 36
509.06USOPS::ZAPPIAFri Mar 15 1991Pain Teens
510.022AIAG::WISNERFri Mar 15 1991Ed's Redeeming Qualities
511.0KOALA::RYANWed Mar 20 1991DECjam '91?
512.052SUBURB::MURPHYKFri Mar 22 1991Will Reading Rock Again?
513.07RAB::RAB::KARDONMon Mar 25 1991the Dead Kennedy's
514.02STAR::RDAVISMon Mar 25 1991Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers
515.010HYEND::T_HOLLANDMon Mar 25 1991Art of Noise ??
516.010USOPS::ZAPPIAThu Mar 28 1991Additional Tracks not on Vinyl/CD/Cassette
517.013ASDG::GASSAWAYTue Apr 02 1991Big chief
518.010AIAG::WISNERFri Apr 05 1991Bill's Bar - fun place...
519.019WLDKAT::GALLUPTue Apr 09 1991The Gun Club
520.03WLDKAT::GALLUPTue Apr 09 1991Youth Brigade
521.03FSDEV2::LWAINETue Apr 09 1991Mark Nolan, Didgeridoo musician comes to Boston
522.030RAB::RAB::KARDONTue Apr 16 19911991 'BCN Rumble (13th annual)
523.05STAR::RDAVISWed Apr 17 1991The Pogues
524.02USMFG::SBRYSONFri Apr 19 1991Boston Musician Seeking:
525.026AIAG::WISNERWed Apr 24 1991Politics in music? You only get one side, and you can dance to it.
526.036ASDG::GASSAWAYFri Apr 26 1991THE COWS
527.010--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 26 1991Johnny Thunders, New York Dolls, Heartbreakers
528.015CRISTA::MAYNARDFri May 03 1991the Sundays
529.09AIAG::WISNERMon May 06 1991Psychic TV
530.035SCOAYR::GMCPHEATORTue May 07 1991New Bands????
531.022SSGVWed May 15 1991Elvis tickets for sale
532.06DECWET::HORMANFri May 24 1991Laurie Anderson in Seattle
533.0ELMST::RAJTue Jun 04 1991Morrissey tickets for sale
534.0335VXTST5::REKULAWed Jun 05 1991Nirvana
535.017PIPA::REKULAMon Jun 10 1991SoundGarden
536.01FUNYET::ANDERSONTue Jun 18 1991Legendary Pink Dots
537.0+165EMDS::OWENWed Jun 19 1991Record Release Dates
539.023WLDKAT::GALLUPTue Jun 25 1991Fishbone!
540.010RAB::RAB::KARDONThu Jun 27 1991Tell me about local rock in New York
543.096MILLER::BULMERFri Jun 28 1991LUNCH Topic
544.01GIAMEM::DERRICOFri Jun 28 19911991 DECJam announcement!
546.010PIDA::SCHULTETue Jul 09 1991I need tixs to Lollapalooza!
547.019JUMBLY::OCONNORWed Jul 10 1991The Fatima Mansions
548.015FORTY2::CADWALLADERThu Jul 11 1991Any good clubs/pubs in Reading (UK)?
549.06KAOFS::C_CONNOLLYThu Jul 11 1991CFNY 1
550.01FORTY2::CADWALLADERMon Jul 15 1991Where can I get CURRENT 93?
551.068ASDG::GASSAWAYMon Jul 15 1991HOLE
552.01CUPMK::LEHRERWed Jul 17 1991STEVIE NICKS Concert Tickets
553.034ASDG::GASSAWAYWed Jul 17 1991LollipopsandBooze
554.032FORTSC::CHABANWed Jul 17 19911
555.014TPSYS::CRAIGFri Jul 19 1991PRIMUS
557.03GOLONG::JUITTTue Aug 06 1991Steel Pole Bath Tub
558.021SMURF::GALLOTue Aug 06 1991Sounds like...
559.08ESGWST::RDAVISThu Aug 08 1991Flamin(') Groovies
560.03AIAG::WISNERThu Aug 08 1991alternative in CDSWAP
561.060SCOAYR::SROBERTSONFri Aug 09 1991state of '91 so far
562.07ESGWST::RDAVISWed Aug 14 1991Sonny Sharrock and his loud guitar
563.062SYSTEM::HOWARDFri Aug 16 1991Billy Bragg
564.03TPSYS::CRAIGFri Aug 16 1991The Washington Squares
565.07HYEND::T_HOLLANDMon Aug 19 1991Hurricane BOB
566.0215646::WILSONWed Aug 21 1991Death of Samantha
569.018JUMBLY::OCONNORWed Aug 28 1991Little Feat
570.022DRAGN::BOURQUARDWed Aug 28 1991WMDK is changing its tune
571.012AIAG::WISNERThu Aug 29 1991Rock genres
572.050ASDG::GASSAWAYFri Aug 30 1991Favorite radio stations and personalities
573.037TPSYS::CRAIGFri Aug 30 1991What tapes are currently melting on Your dash?
574.019ESGWST::RDAVISMon Sep 02 1991Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
575.028ESGWST::RDAVISTue Sep 03 1991X-Ray Spex / Poly Styrene
576.01CRISPY::CUTLERJWed Sep 04 1991ChIcKaSaW mUd PuPpIeS...
577.09HPSRAD::ARTHURWed Sep 04 1991Sarah Records/The Field Mice
578.020JUMBLY::OCONNORThu Sep 05 1991Bob DYLAN (dylandylandylan...)
579.0ASDS::ROBINSONFri Sep 06 1991Foetus / Thirlwell / Ruin
580.012ESGWST::RDAVISFri Sep 13 1991Television / Tom Verlaine / Richard Lloyd
581.015646::WILSONMon Sep 16 1991Ernest Noyes Brookings, Vol. 2 CD
582.07FORTY2::THOMPSONTue Sep 17 1991From a Distance ....
583.086RAB::RAB::KARDONWed Sep 18 1991Video Panties
584.049RAB::RAB::KARDONMon Sep 23 1991The Tulips
585.016USPMLO::SULLIVANMon Sep 23 1991WFNX 8th Birthday
586.0SHARE::BEAUPREMon Sep 23 1991The ghost of Graham Parker
587.023RAB::RAB::KARDONMon Sep 23 1991Fan Support
588.016WELCLU::CADDThu Sep 26 1991MC5's Tyner dies
589.06DECWET::HORMANTue Oct 01 1991Leonard Cohen tribute - has anyone seen it?
590.05GOLONG::JUITTThu Oct 03 1991Pegboy
591.019RAB::RAB::KARDONMon Oct 07 1991Scrawl
592.010RAB::RAB::KARDONMon Oct 07 1991Slowdive
594.012PSYLO::WILSONThu Oct 10 1991Roky Erickson, "Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye"
595.037RAB::RAB::KARDONThu Oct 10 1991Curve
596.034GOLONG::JUITTFri Oct 11 1991Helmet
597.06RUTILE::BERNARDTue Oct 15 1991Boo Radleys
598.012FORTY2::CADWALLADERWed Oct 16 1991Death In June
601.05PSYLO::WILSONTue Oct 22 1991The Commissar's in Town (Uh-Oh)
603.07GOLONG::JUITTFri Oct 25 1991Madder Rose
606.047AIAG::WISNERFri Nov 01 1991Chameleons U.K.
607.03SOURCE::ZAPPIASun Nov 03 1991Contacts for FREE and For Sale Tapes
608.0GOLONG::JUITTMon Nov 04 1991
609.015--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 04 1991Superchunk
610.020RAB::KARDONTue Nov 05 1991My Bloody Valentine
612.06ESGWST::RDAVISWed Nov 06 1991Swervedriver
613.022SCOAYR::SROBERTSONFri Nov 08 1991Cranberries
614.015DECEAT::MORGENSTEINFri Nov 08 1991$35 Tshirts -- what a bargain
616.026THEBAY::WIEGLEBDAMon Nov 18 1991John Cale
617.06COMET::OLSONBSat Nov 23 1991Current-93
619.08RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERTue Nov 26 1991Overseas Record Purchases
621.013AIAG::WISNERTue Dec 03 19911992 Predictions
622.024RAB::KARDONWed Dec 04 1991Goths
624.044XSTACY::NBLEHEINThu Dec 05 1991Best L.P.s of '91
625.04XSTACY::NBLEHEINThu Dec 05 1991Worst L.P.s of '91
626.07ASDG::GASSAWAYWed Dec 11 1991G-Rated Tunes
627.014PSYLO::WILSONWed Dec 11 1991Ian McCulloch
628.020PSYLO::WILSONThu Dec 12 1991"New Wave" with Keyboards
629.013SCOAYR::SROBERTSONSat Dec 14 1991Punk is Dead?
630.0+10THEBAY::WIEGLEBDAMon Dec 16 1991Young Marble Giants/Weekend/The Gist/Devine & Statton
631.06DELNI::B_KELLEYThu Dec 19 1991SEKA
632.021SCOAYR::SROBERTSONFri Dec 20 1991The Nymphs!!!!!!!!!
634.09LJOHUB::HEERMANCEMon Dec 30 1991Who have the Rolling Stones borrowed from lately?
635.017AIAG::WISNERTue Dec 31 1991The Channel
636.013PSYLO::WILSONFri Jan 03 1992Human Sexual Response
638.084SCOAYR::SROBERTSONWed Jan 08 1992Lolapalooza 2
639.027JARETH::DKAPLANMon Jan 13 1992Matthew Sweet
640.0+63CRISPY::CUTLERJWed Jan 15 1992Henry Rollins / Black Flag
641.03RAB::KARDONWed Jan 15 1992Pulnoc - the Plastic People
642.043GOLONG::JUITTThu Jan 23 1992Tape Comp
643.045MILLER::BULMERThu Jan 23 1992Generation X
644.09PSYLO::WILSONThu Jan 23 1992The Adverts
645.01COLFri Jan 24 1992Penetration
646.06VAXUUM::T_PARMENTERMon Jan 27 1992This is a pop quiz
648.01SCOAYR::SROBERTSONFri Jan 31 1992Live Opinion
650.016GOLONG::JUITTFri Jan 31 1992Barb Manning
651.013RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERFri Jan 31 1992Sun Ra
652.06AD::STEWARTTue Feb 04 1992?? PHISH ??
653.023RAB::KARDONThu Feb 06 1992the Dwarves
654.016SOURCE::ZAPPIASun Feb 09 1992Experimental, Avant Garde, etc.
655.02SOURCE::ZAPPIAMon Feb 10 1992Think Tree
656.016SOURCE::ZAPPIAMon Feb 10 1992Books
657.02GOLONG::JUITTTue Feb 11 1992Big Catholic Guilt
658.0+29AIAG::WISNERMon Feb 24 1992Buffalo Tom
659.013SHARE::BEAUPRETue Feb 25 1992Alex Chilton
660.033VIA::KARDONWed Feb 26 1992Ween
661.027SWAM2::BERZER_VIThu Feb 27 1992Wedding Bands
662.020STKAI2::AROMAAFri Feb 28 1992From H.M to R.R
663.082GOLONG::JUITTMon Mar 02 1992Cool
664.09DKAS::GALLUPWed Mar 04 1992Ned's Atomic Dustbin
665.025ASDG::GASSAWAYWed Mar 04 1992THIS IS NOT NOTE 666
666.031ASDG::GASSAWAYWed Mar 04 1992THIS IS NOTE 666
667.03USOPS::ZAPPIAWed Mar 04 1992Cat Rapes Dog
668.0NYCITY::LORThu Mar 05 1992ska enthusiasts?
669.06NYCITY::LORFri Mar 06 1992Garage
670.010NYCITY::LORFri Mar 06 1992Lone Wolves...........
671.08PEKING::PERKINSPMon Mar 09 1992The Sultans of Ping FC
672.07SHARE::BEAUPREMon Mar 09 1992More Meat Puppets, Mom!
673.042SWAM2::BERZER_VIMon Mar 09 1992James
674.04NYCITY::LORTue Mar 10 1992Desmond Decker 1st US Tour..............
675.04RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERWed Mar 11 1992Erich Zann
677.024NYCITY::LORThu Mar 12 1992Shonen Knife
680.029GEMVAX::ALLISONFri Mar 13 1992Your Earliest Musical Memories?
681.014GOLONG::JUITTFri Mar 20 1992Best (and worst) of '92
682.05SIOG::D_LYNCHMon Mar 23 1992Is A.O.R. Taking Over?
683.026RAB::KARDONMon Mar 23 1992Babes in Toyland
684.010NYCITY::LORThu Mar 26 1992Karen Black---best band on the planet...
685.015AYOV27::MRENNISONTue Mar 31 1992Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
686.018RGB::ROSTThu Apr 02 1992Morphine
687.038ZEKE::MEMBRINOMon Apr 06 1992Future of Music?
688.021RAB::KARDONWed Apr 08 1992The Slits
690.010FORTY2::CADWALLADERWed Apr 08 1992Fields of the Nephilim.
691.06GOLONG::JUITTTue Apr 14 1992Molecules
693.01NYCITY::LORWed Apr 15 1992Fuzztone fans????????????
695.05GOLONG::JUITTThu Apr 16 1992Tall Dwarfs
696.09RAB::KARDONThu Apr 16 1992The Cranes
697.012RAB::KARDONFri Apr 17 1992'FNX Best Music Poll
698.02NYCITY::LORMon Apr 20 1992Sweet Baby.....the new Ramones?
699.061NYCITY::LORTue Apr 21 1992L7..............
700.013VIA::KARDONTue Apr 21 19921992 'BCN Rumble (14th annual)
701.04RAB::KARDONWed Apr 22 1992The Atom Said
702.012WELCLU::BROWNIThu Apr 23 1992Alternative Tentacles
703.01USOPS::ZAPPIAFri Apr 24 1992 Radio Tapes (Defunct/Current)
704.056NYCITY::LORFri Apr 24 1992CD .vs. Vinyl
705.043RAB::KARDONTue Apr 28 1992Love of cats mandatory
706.04SUBURB::HAWKESMWed Apr 29 1992RIDE
708.029RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERTue May 05 1992Teenage Fan Club
709.015GOLONG::JUITTWed May 06 1992Red Bliss
710.013ASDS::ROBINSONWed May 06 1992Tori Amos
711.07GOLONG::JUITTWed May 06 1992New Music Seminar
712.026USOPS::ZAPPIAWed May 06 1992Third (Shopper's) Eye
713.01RAB::KARDONThu May 07 1992Jodie Sussman/Porkchop
714.011NAPIER::RAJFri May 08 1992The Beautiful South
715.014ASDG::GASSAWAYMon May 11 1992The Bevis Frond
716.0+17GOLONG::JUITTWed May 13 1992Yo La Tengo
717.046RAB::KARDONMon May 18 1992Velocity Girl
719.017RAB::KARDONThu May 21 1992Lush
720.04JARETH::DKAPLANTue May 26 1992Shrimp Boat
721.012MCIS5::BLOOMThu May 28 1992Need Great Woods advice...
722.040DKAS::GALLUPFri May 29 1992All of the 'Jesus' bands
723.012GOLONG::JUITTFri May 29 1992Box Bands
724.013RAB::KARDONFri May 29 1992Bands of food items owned by women
725.04FUNYET::ANDERSONSat May 30 1992Elvis bands
726.019SCOAYR::SROBERTSONMon Jun 01 1992Videos
727.016--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 01 1992NYC rock guru bands
728.061ASDG::GASSAWAYWed Jun 03 1992MR. NEIL YOUNG - massive guitar hero
729.05AYOV27::MRENNISONWed Jun 03 1992Future Sound of London
730.06USMFG::SBRYSONWed Jun 03 1992The Bats (they eat the cats, they eat the dogs, ..
731.035GOLONG::JUITTWed Jun 03 1992Richard Thompson
732.022ASDG::GASSAWAYWed Jun 03 1992Reminiscing
733.03LANDO::HAPGOODWed Jun 03 1992Eleventh Dream Day
735.07AYOV27::MRENNISONThu Jun 04 1992Primal Scream
736.0PLAYER::VERMANDERThu Jun 04 1992Keziah Jones - "Blufunk is a fact !"
737.0LARVAE::BEGLEY_MFri Jun 05 1992Thing?
738.0MARVIN::WARWICKSun Jun 07 1992Swell
739.06GOLONG::JUITTWed Jun 10 1992Reggae
740.016CGOOA::ANDREWSFri Jun 12 1992kd lang
741.013PCOJCT::LABUDDEMon Jun 15 1992Caroline Records
742.06JARETH::DKAPLANTue Jun 16 1992The Pooh Sticks
743.022AYOV16::SROBERTSONThu Jun 18 1992Influence of video?
744.085AIAG::WISNERFri Jun 19 1992Sugar - Bob Mould
745.025EMDS::GRCOOPMon Jun 22 1992Social Distortion
746.045LJOHUB::ACTIONDESKFri Jun 26 1992Beastie Boys
748.09RAB::KARDONTue Jun 30 1992Lisa Suckdog
749.08SHARE::BEAUPREWed Jul 01 1992The Young and the Lunchbox
750.05GOLONG::JUITTMon Jul 06 1992American Standard
751.04TLE::OUELLETTEMon Jul 06 1992Magnolias
752.0USMFG::SBRYSONFri Jul 10 1992Pell Mell- no VOX works
753.011DELNI::MAMROSMon Jul 13 1992The Dentists
754.05RAB::KARDONMon Jul 13 1992Free Kitten
755.079RAB::KARDONMon Jul 13 1992Belly
756.04TRCOA::ROBINSONTue Jul 21 1992DEC Band Festival?
757.0NYCITY::LORThu Jul 23 1992the lone wolves mailing list....
758.012NEMAIL::MERCIERThu Jul 23 1992CoNtAgIOuS
759.05ESGWST::RDAVISMon Jul 27 1992Hillbilly music
760.011EMDS::GRCOOPMon Jul 27 1992The Vaselines
761.076RAB::KARDONWed Jul 29 1992Riot Grrrl
763.05AYOV14::MRENNISONThu Jul 30 1992SHAMEN
764.02USOPS::ZAPPIAThu Jul 30 1992Sebadoh
765.042USOPS::ZAPPIAWed Aug 05 1992Pavement
767.01NYCITY::LORMon Aug 10 1992hey hey.....we're the Gories!
768.05LACVWed Aug 12 1992Brazilian Music ...
769.076ESGWST::RDAVISWed Aug 12 1992PJ Harvey
772.020DKAS::GALLUPMon Aug 17 1992Suzanne Vega
773.012TAVIS::BARNIRWed Aug 19 1992Alice In Chains
774.059USCTR1::SBRYSONThu Aug 20 1992GOODBYE
775.011VIA::KARDONThu Aug 20 1992Lucinda Williams
776.014PSYLO::WILSONFri Aug 21 1992Plastic Bertrand
777.055EMDS::GRCOOPTue Aug 25 1992Current Faves
778.022VIA::KARDONTue Sep 01 1992Cover art
779.027LEVERS::AFFLECKTue Sep 01 1992Techno ?
780.018YUPPY::PANESThu Sep 03 1992Carter:The Unstoppable Sex Machine
781.06ESGWST::RDAVISThu Sep 03 1992The Puddle
782.01ESGWST::RDAVISThu Sep 03 1992Arrested Development and fellow mellows
783.075SUBURB::WAITEGFri Sep 04 1992PEARL JAM
784.07RUTILE::LETCHERMon Sep 07 1992Fire Engines
786.032SALEM::SHAWTue Sep 15 1992White Zombie
787.09ESGWST::RDAVISMon Sep 21 1992The Boredoms (BO! WEN)
788.017RAB::KARDONMon Sep 21 1992FNX 9th Birthday Bash
789.07AIAG::WISNERMon Sep 21 1992MTV "Smells Like GRUNGE" Special: unclear on the concept
791.03AYOV16::SROBERTSONTue Sep 29 1992Dance Vid
793.020VIA::KARDONTue Oct 06 1992When should a band change its name?
794.03VIA::KARDONTue Oct 06 1992Daisy Chainsaw
797.01ASDG::GASSAWAYFri Oct 09 1992SLAG
798.02TECRUS::LONELY::ROSTFri Oct 23 1992L.
799.0JUPITR::CRAIGTue Oct 27 1992HAM STORM
800.05BALZAC::BULMERMon Aug 31 1992Magnapop
801.041NOVA::RUBINOWed Oct 28 1992Newbury Comics charges more in Nashua NH
802.07PATE::SCHIAVONEFri Nov 06 1992Blind Melon
803.08RAB::KARDONFri Nov 06 1992Seven Year Bitch
804.09WONDER::REILLYTue Nov 10 1992Dream Syndicate
806.011MYJAM::MYSELThu Nov 12 1992Paul Weller
807.08LJOHUB::HEERMANCEFri Nov 13 1992Utah Saints
808.02RAB::KARDONThu Nov 19 1992Beat Happening
809.038RAB::KARDONWed Nov 25 1992The Sex Pistols
810.016TECRUS::TECRUS::ROSTWed Nov 25 1992DDT
811.09LEVERS::AFFLECKTue Dec 01 1992Dave Stewart/Barbara Gaskin
812.01TECRUS::ROSTWed Dec 16 1992The Chills/Martin Phillips
813.0PSYLO::WILSONMon Jan 04 1993Jude Cole
814.06TECRUS::ROSTMon Jan 04 1993Green Magnet School
815.03CSC32::K_TOTue Jan 05 1993The Mondays
817.03TECRUS::ROSTWed Jan 06 1993Come (the band)
818.046RAB::KARDONTue Jan 12 1993Clothes people are wearing to the clubs
819.012ESGWST::RDAVISTue Jan 12 1993Four Non-Blondes
820.010ESGWST::RDAVISTue Jan 12 1993The Young Gods
821.012TFH::CRAIGTue Jan 12 1993Sex Execs
822.04BLOOMS::DUTTONSFri Jan 15 1993Is music getting faster?
823.021TFH::CRAIGFri Jan 22 1993David Bowie
824.0TECRUS::ROSTThu Jan 28 1993Gavin Friday
825.0+49RAB::KARDONThu Jan 28 1993New England club listings
826.02AIAG::WISNERFri Jan 29 1993Thinner
827.031GOLONG::JUITTWed Feb 03 1993The Best
828.0TFH::CRAIGThu Feb 04 1993Life Goes Wrong
829.07PSYLO::WILSONFri Feb 05 1993Radio Free Europe
830.045IDEFIX::GEOFFMon Feb 08 1993Who does this song? Comments on Skynyrd & Neil Young
831.01ARRODS::DUTTONSMon Feb 08 1993Les Negresses Vertes
832.065--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 08 1993Sting Stinks, Pt.2
833.04STKAI2::VAKTMASTERITue Feb 09 1993Bullet Lavolta
834.017FORTY2::ETHERIDGEThu Feb 11 1993Rage Against The Machine
835.01ESGWST::RDAVISWed Feb 17 1993Caroliner Rainbow, masters of folk music
836.06VIA::KARDONThu Feb 18 1993th faith healers
837.04PSYLO::WILSONMon Feb 22 1993Jellyfish
838.04PSYLO::WILSONMon Feb 22 1993Mission (UK)
839.06MYJAM::MYSELThu Feb 25 1993Todd Rungren
840.01PKHUB2::VANKONYNENBUFri Feb 26 1993Independant Labels
841.019TLE::OUELLETTEFri Mar 05 1993Swirlies and Syrup USA
843.0TECRUS::ROSTMon Mar 15 1993Flipper
844.02TECRUS::ROSTMon Mar 15 1993Subaru Punk Rock Cars
845.05RAB::KARDONMon Mar 22 1993Nick Cave/the Birthday Party
846.07LJOHUB::HEERMANCETue Mar 23 1993Music in the News
848.04RAB::KARDONThu Mar 25 1993Chango Macho
849.05AKOVThu Apr 01 1993The Big Swap
850.0SMURF::BINDERFri Apr 02 1993Become famous instantly!
851.010AYOV14::DROBBTue Apr 06 1993American Music Club
852.018RAB::KARDONWed Apr 14 1993Brenda Kahn
853.018RAB::KARDONFri Apr 16 19931993 'BCN Rumble (15th annual)
854.0271BINKLY::DEMARSETue Apr 20 1993Mutterings/Digressions
855.09AIAG::WISNERWed Apr 21 1993Upcoming gigs- Recommendations?
856.06LARVAE::DRSD24::BEGLEYFri Apr 23 1993Bailter Space / Gordons
857.013NEMAIL::CARROLLJSun Apr 25 1993The Rev. Horton Heat
858.06CSC32::K_TOMon Apr 26 1993Black '47
859.0+22RAB::KARDONWed Apr 28 1993Frank Black
860.04CSC32::K_TOWed Apr 28 1993Moon Seven Times
861.0RAB::KARDONTue May 04 1993RAD_RAD distribution list
862.01RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERMon May 10 1993List of Internet Music Lists
863.07RANGER::CERQUATue May 18 1993Hello Recording Club
864.0DPDMAI::VETEIKISTue May 18 1993Jason & the Scorchers Alert!
865.05TECRUS::ROSTWed May 19 1993The Moors
866.015SUBURB::WAITEGWed Jun 02 1993(London) Suede
868.0TECRUS::ROSTWed Jun 16 1993John Felice/Real Kids---Missing In Action?
869.018BUSY::IRZAFri Jun 18 1993The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
870.030CHEEKO::ROBINSONFri Jun 18 1993the death of radio_radio
874.07AIAG::WISNERFri Jun 25 1993Deep Forest
875.026LANDO::ROSENSTEINMon Jun 28 1993Different music
876.02COMET::POFAHLThu Jul 01 1993Hardcore Music In Rad_Radland
878.08LANDO::ROSENSTEINWed Jul 07 1993Electronic R.A.D
880.07MYJAM::MYSELWed Jul 14 1993Dramarama
881.026KEEGAN::TURNERTue Jul 27 1993The Plimsouls/Peter Case, etc.
884.015QUIVER::BABINFri Aug 06 1993FUGAZI
885.01NWDFri Aug 13 1993glass eye
886.045BUSY::IRZAFri Aug 20 1993Eve's Plum
887.029DECC::OUELLETTEMon Aug 23 1993Liz Phair
888.03SPESHR::WAIBLETue Aug 24 1993Judy and the Wild Combo
889.011SPESHR::WAIBLEWed Aug 25 1993Tune; Straight lines circa 198
890.01CSC32::K_TOFri Aug 27 1993Kirsty MacColl
891.012BINKLY::DEMARSETue Sep 07 1993Mystery Jones
892.05DECC::OUELLETTEThu Sep 09 1993Small Factory
893.0AIAG::WISNERFri Sep 10 1993Cul De Sac
894.09AKOVSat Sep 11 1993Catherine Wheel
895.023SWAM2::BERZER_VIWed Sep 15 1993Dambuilders
896.0+6SWAM2::BERZER_VIWed Sep 15 1993The Muffs
897.09TECRUS::ROSTMon Sep 20 1993QUIVVVER
898.01TRACTR::BOWETue Sep 21 1993Paula Cole
900.09MEMIT::KIMMon Sep 27 1993Record clubs
901.05MEMIT::KIMMon Sep 27 1993Foreign/Import CDs
902.015RANGER::CERQUASat Oct 02 1993This Mortal Coil
904.08ROCK::MURPHYMon Oct 18 1993BoDeans
905.04VAXUUM::T_PARMENTERThu Nov 11 1993Cracker
906.07WMOIS::ZNAMIEROWSKITue Nov 16 1993tool
909.014RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERTue Dec 07 1993Trio
910.06AYOV25::SREGANSun Dec 12 1993The Long Ryders
911.0KETJE::DIERICKMon Dec 13 1993Guadalcanal Diary
912.039WMOIS::ZNAMIEROWSKIFri Dec 17 1993best and worst of 93
913.015AIAG::WISNERFri Dec 17 1993What I did on my Voluntary Vacation vacation
914.011USDEV::CUTTERTue Dec 28 1993The Disenfranchised Majority
915.04STKAI2::VAKTMASTERIMon Jan 03 1994G.G Allin
916.07RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERThu Jan 06 1994Stereo Lab/Mercury Rev
917.0TECRUS::ROSTMon Jan 10 1994Indie Music Mailing List
918.0+4FUJISI::FRIEDRICHTue Jan 11 1994The Forgotten Rebels
919.026CSC32::J_KUHNWed Jan 12 1994Brian Eno
920.01NODEX::ADEYWed Jan 12 1994Happy Rhodes
921.05TROOA::MUISEFri Jan 14 1994what song does this come from?
922.013ASIC::PTHAYERSun Jan 16 1994Letters to Cleo
923.017BUSY::IRZATue Jan 18 1994WBRU's 12 cuts above the rest
924.06DECCXL::OUELLETTEFri Jan 21 1994Medicine
925.01SWAM2::BERZER_VIMon Feb 14 1994LA club listing
926.072ASDG::GASSAWAYWed Feb 02 1994alt.otiose.verbiage.boredom.boredom.boredom
927.02NEMAIL::CARROLLJThu Feb 03 1994Bootlegs ( quasi-legal )
930.028--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 11 1994Weather Club Update
931.01CSLALL::MKELLYMon Feb 14 19941944 Songs
932.0DECCXL::OUELLETTEMon Feb 14 1994Tiger Trap
934.02BUSY::IRZAThu Feb 17 1994BOP(harvey)
935.07ROCK::MURPHYMon Feb 21 1994Urge Overkill
936.0POBOX::PATLATue Feb 22 1994Machines Of Loving Grace
937.017EDABOT::RDAVISWed Feb 23 1994Bury my body lord I don't care where
938.015WMOIS::ZNAMIEROWSKIFri Feb 25 1994My Leather Jacket
939.01LARVAE::DRSD24::BEGLEYFri Mar 04 1994Bilders / Bill Direen
940.011SWAM2::BERZER_VITue Mar 08 1994International Rock Festivals
941.010SWAM2::BERZER_VITue Mar 08 1994The Spinanes
942.01JGO::NIEMANTSTue Mar 08 1994Mano Negra
943.08TAVIS::BARNIRWed Mar 09 1994Praxis
944.026SWAM2::BERZER_VIMon Mar 14 1994Helium
945.04AIAG::WISNERMon Mar 14 1994Joe Frank
946.0+1STKAI2::VAKTMASTERIMon Mar 21 1994VooDoo Glow Skulls
947.08SUBSYS::ELSNAUTue Mar 29 1994Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll Celebration
948.01SWAM2::BERZER_VIWed Mar 30 1994That Dog
949.08SWAM2::BERZER_VIWed Mar 30 1994Rattleheater
950.02SSMPRD::SREGANThu Mar 31 1994Lard
951.021AIAG::WISNERThu Mar 31 1994College Music Journal New Music Monthly
952.07DECCXL::OUELLETTETue Apr 05 1994Congo Norvell
953.0+131ROCK::MURPHYFri Apr 08 1994Kurt Cobain, RIP
954.04NYEM1::ACKERTue Apr 12 1994Candlebox
955.0SWAM1::WATERS_JOFri Apr 15 1994NEW 'LIVE'
956.05SWAM2::BERZER_VIWed Apr 20 1994Codeine
957.015VAXUUM::T_PARMENTERThu Apr 21 1994Hipsters Alert: Slim Gaillard Retrospective
958.08TECRUS::ROSTWed Apr 27 1994TT The Bear's Place
959.039PATE::SCHIAVONEThu Apr 28 1994Nows your chance...release
960.0RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERThu May 05 1994Internet Underground Music Archive
962.010USDEV::CUTTERThu May 12 1994Wher is the rain?
963.011AIAG::WISNERThu May 12 19941994 'BCN Rumble (16th annual)
964.047STKAI1::VAKTMASTERITFri May 13 1994Straight edge
965.02USDEV::CUTTERFri May 13 1994The Frogs
966.06NEMAIL::CARROLLJSat May 14 1994What the world coming to?
967.023JUPITR::DERRICOJMon May 16 1994Green Day - Dookie. Longview.
968.016RANGER::CERQUATue May 17 1994Lollapalooza '94
969.010TECRUS::ROSTFri May 27 1994Mecca Normal
970.02AIAG::WISNERFri Jun 03 1994Pearl Jam vs Ticket Shafter
971.01DECC::OUELLETTEMon Jun 06 1994The Wailing Strangers
974.012EST::DEEGANThu Jun 16 1994Woodstock 94
975.07SWAM2::BERZER_VIWed Jun 29 1994Mistle Thrush
976.02DECC::OUELLETTETue Jul 05 1994Pop Narcotic Catalog
977.0DECCXL::OUELLETTEWed Jul 06 1994Crayon
978.03BUSY::IRZAMon Jul 11 1994The Stardarts
980.017CSC32::A_PARRACOFri Jul 22 1994BOINGO
981.010CTOAVX::KIMThu Jul 28 1994If I could, you know I would...
982.0BINKLY::DEMARSEThu Aug 04 1994Lay Quiet Awhile
983.022OBSESS::BEAUPREFri Aug 05 1994Power Pop Poop
984.08DECCXL::OUELLETTEWed Aug 10 1994Magic Hour
985.05CSC32::M_MOSHERThu Aug 11 1994Peak 96.5- A new alternative radio station in Denver
986.011GECTue Aug 16 1994Weezer
987.09LARVAE::DRSD24::BEGLEYWed Aug 17 1994London gig guide?
988.015LUNER::SAUDELLIThu Aug 18 1994PRIMUS anyone...?
990.03SUBSYS::ELSNAUThu Aug 25 1994311
991.05LARVAE::DRSD24::BEGLEYWed Aug 31 1994London Band Guide
992.015ASDG::GASSAWAYTue Sep 06 1994Punk Rock Rest Home
993.01411777::WISNERWed Sep 07 1994The Carpenters
995.061CAPO::BERZER_VISat Sep 17 1994Internet Contacts / WWW Pages
996.05AIAG::WISNERFri Sep 23 1994Hip Indie Rockers...
997.0LUDWIG::IRZASun Oct 02 1994Frente
998.031AIAG::WISNERMon Oct 03 1994Veruca Salt
999.012ASDG::GASSAWAYTue Oct 04 1994999
1000.05ASDG::GASSAWAYTue Oct 04 1994Mother of all R'n'R Conspiracy Theories
1001.01ALFAS::CHAMPIGNYSun Oct 09 1994Miranda Sex Garden
1002.022SMURF::JOHNFTue Oct 11 1994GWAR
1003.0STAR::PRAETORIUSThu Oct 20 1994cybercafe FM
1004.093Tue Nov 01 1994Portishead
1006.03ROBSON::BEGLEYMon Nov 28 1994Clean et al
1007.04AI::WISNERFri Dec 02 1994Still Home
1008.01DNEAST::BOUDREAU_JOEThu Dec 15 1994Red House Painters
1010.044WMOIS::BARRY_JThu Dec 22 1994Oasis
1011.06DNEAST::BOUDREAU_JOEWed Dec 28 1994Offspring
1012.0DECC::OUELLETTEWed Dec 28 1994Kicking Giant
1013.02FILTON::NOBLETue Jan 03 1995Massive Attack
1014.06DNEAST::BOUDREAU_JOEWed Jan 04 1995LUNA
1015.026WMOIS::BARRY_JWed Jan 04 1995Best and Worst of '94?
1017.08MSGAXP::ELSNAUTue Feb 14 1995Singles marketing approaches
1018.03ASDG::GASSAWAYThu Mar 30 1995Ditch Croaker
1020.03BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Apr 12 1995Atom Seed
1021.010BINKLY::DEMARSEWed Apr 12 19951995 'BCN Rumble (17th annual)
1023.031SALEM::BARRYTue Apr 25 1995Lollapallooza 95
1024.010STRATA::IRZATue May 02 1995Tracey Bonham
1026.012AIAG::WISNERWed May 03 1995Foo Fighters
1027.05MXOCSun May 07 1995It's new, again!
1028.0OTOOA::JGREGOIRETue May 09 1995Delerium
1029.03POLAR::LALUMIEREMon May 15 1995STP, IN JAIL?
1031.02KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed May 17 1995Peabody - "Lost in Old Rivers"
1032.04STAR::RSILVERMon May 22 1995Divinyls
1033.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 25 1995Reverand Horton Heat
1034.02CHEFS::SHERRATT_SMon Jun 26 1995Mother love bone
1035.01FABSIX::E_MAXWELLTue Jun 27 1995Stranger Than Pretty
1036.06VYGER::BONINIMSun Jul 09 1995Evan Dando
1037.06GRANPA::FDEADYWed Jul 12 1995Garbage
1038.0FUNYET::ANDERSONThu Jul 13 1995Messiah
1039.0DECC::OUELLETTEMon Jul 24 1995Jennifer Trynin
1040.0LUDWIG::IRZATue Jul 25 1995Geraldine Fibbers
1041.07AIAG::WISNERTue Aug 01 1995Elevator Drops
1042.0TNPUBS::BDAYThu Aug 03 1995Hope for Tomorrow Aids Benefit gig
1043.06AIAG::WISNERThu Aug 03 1995going to the Wellfleet Beachcomber
1044.0BINKLY::DEMARSEThu Aug 03 1995Babyfat
1046.0GRANPA::FDEADYMon Aug 14 1995Aqua Velvets
1047.05SPSEG::COVINGTONFri Aug 18 1995Who was on Letterman 8/17/1995?
1049.06RANGER::CERQUAMon Aug 21 1995Warped tour
1050.0CHEFS::PCBU24::pcbu1Fri Sep 15 1995Tribal music quest.
1051.01CHEFS::PCBU24::lambiemFri Oct 06 1995Is there no one in the know?
1052.06DECCXL::OUELLETTETue Oct 10 1995Dick Dale
1053.012ARBEIT::DEMARSEWed Oct 25 1995Boss Hog
1054.02DECCXX::OUELLETTEMon Oct 30 1995Milk Money
1055.0ZENDIA::MURPHYFri Nov 03 1995Ticket available for Green Day in Worcester
1056.04WRKSYS::ARTHURMon Nov 20 1995UNREST
1057.017CONSLT::OWENMon Dec 04 1995Best and Worst of '95
1058.05USPMLO::GILLIGANWed Dec 06 1995Cold Water Flat
1059.03BUSY::SLABOUNTYThu Dec 07 1995The Bottle Rockets
1060.06VYGER::BONINIMThu Jan 11 1996Presidents Of The USA
1061.06CSLALL::GKOPPSThu Jan 11 1996Miracle Legion?
1062.021AIAG::WISNERWed Jan 17 1996Breakfast
1063.06CHEFS::FIDDLER_MWed Jan 24 1996FILTER
1064.03ARBEIT::DEMARSEThu Feb 01 1996Spacehog
1065.012ACISS1::PATLAMon Feb 12 1996Cool Survey Please Respond
1066.0BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Feb 19 1996Nature
1067.05BSS::EPPERSONWed Feb 28 1996Everclear
1069.013ARBEIT::DEMARSEMon Mar 04 1996Powerman 5
1070.01ARBEIT::DEMARSEWed Mar 06 1996South by Southwest Conference (SXSW), Austin TX
1071.03STRATA::IRZAWed Mar 13 199616 Horsepower
1072.05DECCXL::OUELLETTEWed Mar 13 1996Big Heifer
1073.07ASDG::GASSAWAYThu Mar 21 1996Pipeline! comp
1074.02FABSIX::JO_BARTERTue Apr 02 1996Jack Logan?
1075.0ARBEIT::DEMARSETue Apr 16 1996Sixteen Deluxe
1076.0126ASDG::GASSAWAYWed Apr 17 1996I just don't get it.
1077.077ASDG::GASSAWAYWed Apr 17 1996Rebuttal to "I Don't Get It"
1078.06AIAG::WISNERThu Apr 18 199612
1079.05FABSIX::M_RICEFri Apr 19 1996Horde Festival
1080.010BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Apr 22 1996Rancid
1081.02ZENDIA::MURPHYFri Apr 26 1996No Doubt
1082.05SSDEVO::LAMBERTSun May 05 1996Mad Season
1083.09ARBEIT::DEMARSETue May 07 19961996 'BCN Rumble (18th annual)
1084.02CHEFS::UKARCHIVINGFri May 17 1996Ben Folds Five
1085.0PGREEN::FLINTMThu May 23 1996Carter USM R still alive
1086.09GRANPA::FDEADYTue May 28 1996Scud Mountain Boys
1087.01PGREEN::FLINTMFri May 31 1996$Money Mark
1088.0+3BALSAM::DRAPAThu Jun 06 1996SKA SKA SKA
1089.0MXOCThu Jun 06 1996Bjork
1090.07CPEEDY::CERQUAWed Jun 12 1996Lollapalooza '96
1091.023SSDEVO::LAMBERTWed Jun 12 1996Stone Temple Pilots
1092.03THEMAX::EPPERSONTue Jun 25 1996Son Volt
1093.02BALSAM::DRAPAThu Jun 27 1996rage against the machine in mass.
1095.0WRKSYS::WALLACEThu Jun 27 1996R.I.P. / OBITS
1096.02BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Jul 01 1996Edenfest
1097.0VYGER::KILTIETMon Jul 08 1996Alternative Trading
1098.02PGREEN::FLINTMMon Jul 08 1996electronic's 2nd lp
1099.01MOEUR5::BERNARDMon Jul 22 1996Chokebore
1100.015SALEM::SHAWFri Jul 26 1996Who are these bands?
1101.04STRATA::EMCGREWSat Jul 27 1996The Tea Party
1102.0STRATA::EMCGREWSat Jul 27 1996Die Cheerleader
1103.03FABSIX::J_WAGNERThu Aug 08 1996Chuckle Head
1104.04CONSLT::HOLLANDFri Aug 09 1996ENIT Festival at Great Woods - Info?
1105.0PGREEN::FLINTMMon Aug 12 1996Hello We Are Bennet
1106.04PGREEN::FLINTMTue Aug 27 1996Stone Roses At Reading 96
1107.0+1SEND::OMALLEYTue Sep 03 1996Ween
1108.03WRKSYS::WALLACEFri Oct 11 1996Man or Astroman?
1109.0FABSIX::JO_BARTERSun Oct 13 1996Sebadoh
1110.02THEBAY::WIEGLEBTue Oct 15 1996"League of Gentlemen" (198
1111.08PGREEN::FLINTMWed Oct 30 1996Elvis lives...
1112.02CONSLT::OWENMon Nov 11 1996The official "I'm too cool" fashion note
1113.0+5STRATA::EMCGREWFri Nov 15 1996Jawbox
1114.012ASDG::GASSAWAYWed Dec 04 1996Cheese Patrol
1115.0+6DECCXL::OUELLETTEFri Jan 03 1997Best of 1996
1116.0 *+2LUNER::BIRDTue Jan 28 1997DISHWALLA
1117.0 *+3CHEFS::UKFURNITUREWed Feb 05 1997Spice Girls
1118.0 *+4WOTVAX::STONEGTue Feb 18 1997Vistor to Boston, info. needed...
1119.0 *+7HOTLNE::YOUNGSat Mar 01 1997TANK 26
1120.0 *DECCXL::OUELLETTETue Mar 18 1997Rasputina
1121.0 *DECC::OUELLETTETue Apr 22 1997Rex
1122.0 *DECC::OUELLETTEMon Apr 28 1997Jeff's going to California
1123.0 *+5ASDG::GASSAWAYWed May 07 1997Terrastock
1124.0 *+2ASDG::GASSAWAYWed May 07 1997Arzachel
1125.0 *+4ASDG::GASSAWAYWed May 07 1997Flossie and the Unicorns
1126.0 *+4ASDG::GASSAWAYTue May 13 1997Chrome/Creed