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Conference decalp::rtrnotes

Title:Reliable Transaction Router
Created:Tue Dec 12 1989
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:695
Total number of notes:2564
Number with bodies:104
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1.0DECALP::SHRAGERTue Dec 12 1989Product Description
2.0+67DECALP::SHRAGERTue Dec 12 1989Kit and Documentation location
3.06DECALP::SHRAGERTue Dec 12 1989Licensing and Pricing Structure
4.03DECALP::SHRAGERTue Dec 12 1989Reply to this note after RTR V1.
5.04SNO78C::MCLARENTue Dec 19 1989V1 with DEBUG crashes machine
6.04SNO78C::MCLARENTue Dec 19 1989Is GROUP mode supported?
7.03UTOM::SULLIVANWed Dec 20 1989Concurrent servers on single node!?
8.01DECALP::SCHOFIELDWed Dec 20 1989New kit available
9.02DECALP::SCHOFIELDWed Dec 20 1989SYSGEN parameters for RTR
10.01SNOCThu Dec 28 1989Post Mortem on Debug Crashes
11.03LKPDEE::SULLIVANMon Jan 08 1990Multiple facility problem
12.08SNO78C::MCLARENTue Jan 09 1990RTR Dies with Corrupt data structures
13.01SNO78C::MCLARENTue Jan 09 1990Valid Application call sequence?
14.07SNOCWed Jan 10 1990Q Number and Co-efficients
15.04SNO78C::MCLARENThu Jan 11 1990$ENQ_TX doesn't always return SS$_NORMAL!
16.01SNO78C::MCLARENFri Jan 12 1990Command Server loses control of ACP
17.05DECALP::DESHMUKHFri Jan 12 1990How recovery works after failure
18.0DECALP::DESHMUKHSat Jan 13 1990Documentation errors
19.01SNO78C::MCLARENMon Jan 15 1990State Change Notification
20.011SNO78C::MCLARENMon Jan 15 1990ENQ return TIMEOUT status
21.01SNO78C::MCLARENTue Jan 16 1990How is AST QUOTA charged?
22.01SNO78C::MCLARENTue Jan 16 1990ENQ_TX/VOTE_TX completion
23.020SNOCWed Jan 17 1990Training courses or materials?
24.07SNO78C::MCLARENFri Jan 19 1990Death of another ACP!
25.02SNO78C::MCLARENFri Jan 19 1990Can RTR Applications deadlock?
26.02UTOM::SULLIVANMon Jan 22 1990Rerouting outstanding transactions?
27.07SNO78C::MCLARENTue Jan 23 1990RTR/Event Flags
28.01EEMELI::CASTRENTue Jan 23 1990Problems with INIT JOURNAL
29.0SNOCThu Jan 25 1990Conditions required to force RTRACP dumps
30.0935154::RABAHYThu Jan 25 1990Shadowed servers vs. local accessors
31.02UTOM::SULLIVANSat Jan 27 1990Your future plans
32.0335154::RABAHYThu Feb 01 19907x24 shadows
33.0535154::RABAHYThu Feb 01 1990Soft code the shadow bit
34.07EEMELI::CASTRENTue Feb 06 1990DCL_TX_PROC hangs
35.04GLOBI::GUTZWILLERFri Feb 09 1990DECnet links still around after RTR com server exits
36.0245624::FRYMon Feb 12 1990 Which VMS version?
37.0635154::RABAHYTue Feb 13 1990shadow server ENQ disgarded
38.035154::RABAHYTue Feb 13 1990Questions about play back to recovering shadow server
39.0135154::RABAHYTue Feb 13 1990Maybe I should go beat up on the RDB guys
40.01SNOCWed Feb 14 1990Device Timeout Locks RTR
41.014SNOCWed Feb 14 1990Kernel Stack Overflow
42.02EEMELI::CASTRENThu Feb 15 1990$COMMIT doesn't complete
43.04SNOCMon Feb 19 1990Maximum Facilities
44.01LNKHUB::HALLBERGMon Feb 19 1990Routing key vs. performnace
45.0645624::FRYTue Feb 20 1990 How are you using RTR?
46.0345624::FRYWed Feb 21 1990 What should a server do
47.01SNOCThu Feb 22 1990SS$DEVTIMEOUT
49.057841::HERRLICHSat Feb 24 1990Where does RTR fit in with all the rest of the tools?
50.01SNOCWed Feb 28 1990VMS VERSION FOR RTR 1.1
51.0SUBWAY::WATSONThu Mar 01 1990RTR Questions from NY
52.08SNOCTue Mar 06 1990Transaction sequencing
54.05SNOCMon Mar 12 1990DEVTIMEOUT turns into RWAST
55.0DECALP::SHRAGERMon Mar 12 1990RTR Training Announcement
56.0YAMAN::SCHOFIELDWed Mar 14 1990Description of $DCL_TX_PRC flags
57.01DECALP::HOHWYFri Mar 16 1990RTR Broadcast - observed performance.
58.03STKHLM::GREENFri Mar 16 1990$ENQ/Broadcast in event routine crasch
61.06SNOCWed Mar 21 1990BACK/ROUTER/FRONT on same node?
62.0EEMELI::ATUOVINENWed Mar 21 1990Netw. obj. TASK
63.03SNOCThu Mar 22 1990Updating facilities on the fly?
64.0YAMAN::DESHMUKHThu Mar 22 1990Why run group mode?
67.03SNOCTue Mar 27 1990Occassional Requester Hang
68.02MINNY::GUTZWILLERThu Mar 29 1990RTRACP crashes with status
69.0EEMELI::ATUOVINENMon Apr 02 1990latest updated release ????
71.02SNOCMon Apr 02 1990Quorate / Restarted nodes
72.03SNOCMon Apr 02 1990RTRACP crash with status
73.0LNKHUB::HALLBERGTue Apr 03 1990Correct error handling?
77.0335218::RABAHYThu Apr 05 1990Round robin shadow servers
78.02DECALP::SCHOFIELDMon Apr 09 1990Anybody still using old FT2 'datpar's?
79.02EEMELI::ATUOVINENMon Apr 09 1990RTR-W-OUTQUORUM message hangs the console
80.03MINNY::GUTZWILLERTue Apr 10 1990RTR journal record sequence error
85.03LNKHUB::HALLBERGThu Apr 26 1990Link failure test help needed
86.0UTOM::SULLIVANMon Apr 30 1990Kit testing
87.0SNOCMon Apr 30 1990Performance of latest kit
90.01SNOCMon Apr 30 1990MWAIT Status
94.01SNOCTue May 01 1990Alternate Routing Recovery
95.01SNOCTue May 01 1990Starting RTR on 15 nodes
97.01SNOCTue May 01 1990Restarting 1 of 13 nodes
99.03EEMELI::CASTRENFri May 04 1990Training materials needed
100.0245624::FRYTue May 08 1990Ada RTR bindings?
101.01EEMELI::ATUOVINENWed May 09 1990%RTR-F-ERRJOUNAM; INIT JOUR Doesn't help?
102.0845624::FRYWed May 09 1990ACP no longer viable
103.0345624::FRYThu May 10 1990Scheduling The Monitor
104.0245624::FRYThu May 10 1990RTRACP loop
105.0245624::FRYThu May 10 1990ADD/DELETE running facilities?
106.04VANILA::FRYThu May 10 19902 Install Glitches
107.01VANILA::FRYFri May 11 1990When are TXNs aborted?
109.02UTOM::SULLIVANTue May 15 1990RTR commercial
110.03LNKHUB::HALLBERGWed May 16 1990Broadcast problem
111.01EEMELI::CASTRENWed May 16 1990DATPAR problem
112.0DECALP::DESHMUKHSat May 19 1990STOP RTR will not blow your application out
113.0SNOCTue May 29 1990"NODSTFND" after network recovery
114.03FRAMBO::ERIKSSONTue May 29 1990RTR and OSI??
116.01FRAMBO::ERIKSSONWed May 30 1990Wanted: RTR references
117.0UTOM::SULLIVANWed May 30 1990TxId info
118.01SNOCFri Jun 01 1990Close channel/ Deallocating resources
119.03DECALP::DESHMUKHMon Jun 04 1990Security issue with remote commands
120.05EEMELI::CASTRENMon Jun 04 1990DECwindows and RTR, problems
121.02EEMELI::ATUOVINENWed Jun 06 1990NETCOMBLO-message and boradcasts
122.02ACESMK::MCCANNWed Jun 06 1990Am I missing something?
124.01EEMELI::CASTRENTue Jun 12 1990%RTR-F-NETSHUT when DECnet is up
125.0DECALP::HOHWYWed Jun 13 1990$START_TX without TXSB => ACCVIO, fixed
126.02OSLACT::OLAVWed Jun 13 1990RTR on ULTRIX
127.0544164::BRENNANKThu Jun 14 1990SECURITY ISSUES ON RTR HELP!!!
128.02SNOCTue Jun 19 1990System-F-No logical name match
131.0435218::RABAHYFri Jun 22 1990Flaw attempting to recover from server failure
132.04SNOCFri Jun 22 1990DECnet shutdown leaves RTR in limbo
133.06DURDUR::MONTANUYThu Jun 28 1990Some problems using RTR
134.035218::RABAHYMon Jul 02 1990Wish: Co-servers
135.02EMILE::MONTANUYThu Jul 12 1990RTR on MS-DOS
136.01EMILE::MONTANUYThu Jul 12 1990References needed on RTR
137.0EMILE::MONTANUYThu Jul 12 1990Using shadow servers
138.01EEMELI::CASTRENFri Jul 13 1990DEQ_TX and CALLS monitor picture
140.01SNOCFri Jul 20 1990Shadow Master?
141.02SNOCMon Jul 23 1990V1.1 Ship Date
142.05DECALP::HOHWYMon Jul 23 1990Quorum Establishment. Request.
143.0SUBWAY::WATSONWed Jul 25 1990RTR and DECmcc?
144.03SNOCThu Jul 26 1990RTR questions
146.03RUTILE::BROOKSBANKFri Aug 10 1990RTR in an LAVC
147.0SNOCWed Aug 15 1990Partitioned Data Model/RDB
148.0SNOCThu Aug 16 1990RTR Commercial #2
149.02SAC::HEWITTThu Aug 16 1990Positioning vis a vis PAMS/DTS/DTM/...
150.04SNOCTue Aug 21 1990RT$CHM_-F-NOABORTMSG - what does this mean?
151.0142326::BIRKINSHAWWed Aug 22 1990RTR vs DECintact/ACMS
152.04SNOCFri Aug 24 1990RTR$_NONTRMTXSDWN Undocumented error
153.06SNOCFri Aug 24 1990RTR Abort Monitor Stats
154.04DECALP::HOHWYFri Aug 24 1990DECALP:: availability
155.01SNOCMon Aug 27 1990KEYRANGEGAIN
156.0735218::RABAHYTue Aug 28 1990Deadlock, who's job is it?
157.0428991::LASTOVICAWed Aug 29 1990simple RTR questions: multiple record transactions and queued, no wait transactions.
158.0135218::RABAHYWed Aug 29 1990Shadow vs. RDB DBKEY
159.035218::RABAHYWed Aug 29 1990$ENQ_TX after request to vote -> 2PCINPROG
160.05EEMELI::CASTRENMon Sep 03 1990RTR-F_BUGCHECK when opening and closing a channel
161.03EEMELI::CASTRENMon Sep 03 1990OLDDATPAR messages on operator consol
162.01335376::RABAHYThu Sep 06 1990Single channel nodes vs. throughput optimization
163.02EEMELI::CASTRENFri Sep 07 1990Large replies don't work
164.01EEMELI::CASTRENFri Sep 07 1990Multichannel CALL-OUT server ??
165.03UTOM::SULLIVANMon Sep 10 1990Privilege and command server problems
166.01HAMPS::JONES_STue Sep 11 1990RTR to IBM MVS etc.
167.01052246::CABELLOMon Sep 24 1990Help with Multi-Threaded Request/Servers and Broadcast
168.035376::RABAHYFri Sep 28 1990V1.1 partial shadow server support
169.0535376::RABAHYFri Sep 28 1990Quorum vs. certain configurations
170.02EEMELI::ATUOVINENThu Oct 04 1990The RTR front for ULTRIX?
171.01EEMELI::ATUOVINENThu Oct 04 1990The broadcasts and loading of network?
172.01EEMELI::CASTRENMon Oct 08 1990Problem with call-out server
173.01EEMELI::CASTRENMon Oct 08 1990Journal corrupted
174.03IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Oct 10 1990Credit Card software, anyone
175.0CLUSTA::VONMon Oct 15 1990Example using RTR to route txns to ACMS agent
176.026Wed Oct 24 1990RTR Transaction Aborts Under Interesting Circumstances.
177.016Wed Oct 24 1990Looking for V1.1 release notes
178.06DECALP::HOHWYWed Oct 24 1990RTR commit dependency example
179.0BITBAG::HOHWYThu Nov 01 1990Multiple $ENQ_TX - restriction
180.0DECALP::DESHMUKHMon Nov 05 1990Key range overlap problem - fyi
181.01DECALP::SHRAGERMon Nov 12 1990RTR V1.1 SPD
182.02BERNThu Nov 15 1990API Tandem - DEC
183.01BEAGLE::REZUCHATue Nov 20 1990SNA/LU6.2 Course and/or IBM CICS Course
185.02DECALP::HOHWYWed Nov 28 1990RTRCHANNEL.MON - replacement
186.04DECALP::SHRAGERThu Nov 29 1990RTR V1.1 Patch availability
187.01EEMELI::ATUOVINENFri Nov 30 1990The journal becomes full?
188.035154::RABAHYFri Nov 30 1990Command server process - detached vs. interactive
189.03EMILE::MONTANUYTue Dec 11 1990Resend messages on replayed transaction
190.02EEMELI::ATUOVINENWed Dec 12 1990PROBLEM: Applications hangs...
191.01EEMELI::ATUOVINENTue Dec 18 1990the outputs of monitoring
192.0EEMELI::ATUOVINENThu Dec 20 1990Sorry, we have to wait the trace
193.0135412::TALOA::RABAHYFri Jan 04 1991Async transactions
194.01635412::TALOA::RABAHYWed Jan 16 1991Multiple server race
195.01DECALP::REESTue Jan 22 1991Corporate RTR, watch this space for Details
196.04EEMELI::ATUOVINENTue Jan 22 1991call-out srv. on routenode ->ACP die
197.08SUBWAY::BONNELLSat Jan 26 1991Error accessing DCL interface
198.04SIEVAX::FOXMon Jan 28 1991EDI over RTR some questions.
199.052693::KUBELKAThu Jan 31 1991Can I have the SDL's please
201.01GIDDAY::SOMMERVILLEMon Feb 04 1991Known problem list for V1.1?
202.01SNOCTue Feb 05 1991RTR Vs the distributed database
203.06SUBWAY::BONNELLThu Feb 07 1991RTRACP crashes w/ access violation
204.035412::TALOA::RABAHYMon Feb 11 1991Transaction assignment to a journal file
205.02DECALP::REESTue Feb 12 1991Article on ASX
207.01EEMELI::ATUOVINENWed Mar 06 1991response time vs. configuration ?
208.0435154::RABAHYWed Mar 06 1991Purge "old" record of transaction ID
209.01AYOV27::BRENNANKWed Mar 06 1991OPER privilege problem
210.02QCAVThu Mar 14 1991Handling transaction queue in RTR Application ?
211.02EEMELI::ATUOVINENFri Mar 15 1991The critical resources for broadcasts?
212.09DECALP::MAEDERWed Mar 20 1991RTR/MS-DOS Field Test Version available
213.02SUBWAY::BONNELLThu Mar 28 19911 client, 1 channel, 1 xaction, 2 servers?
214.04DECALP::REESSun Apr 14 1991Approved Customer References
216.01DECALP::REESSun Apr 14 1991Related Brochures
217.02FRAMBO::ERIKSSONMon Apr 15 1991non-VMS clients?
218.01QCAVTue Apr 16 1991How can we handle sub-txn in RTR ?
219.02SIEVAX::FOXWed Apr 17 1991RTR partitioned data model and SQL ?
220.03SUBWAY::BONNELLTue Apr 23 1991RTR,DECnet and a single node
221.023355Wed Apr 24 1991RTR Brodcast, and routing, and multi-cast,...
222.0EEMELI::ATUOVINENThu May 02 1991The pricing of RTR/MS-DOS??
223.0258432::MCMULLENTue May 07 1991Presentations
224.06SUBWAY::BONNELLWed May 08 1991Priority of RTRACP?
225.01EEMELI::ATUOVINENWed May 15 1991RTR "protocol overhead" on DDCMP line?
226.0442326::BIRKINSHAWFri Jun 14 1991Fair trading - is it possible?
227.0535154::RABAHYTue Jun 18 1991Concurrent server algorithm
228.0535154::RABAHYMon Jun 24 1991Server stuck in MUTEX state
229.01BAKOM::SULLIVANWed Jun 26 1991Concurrent call-out servers
230.0335154::RABAHYWed Jun 26 1991ACP stuck in RWAST
231.0235154::RABAHYWed Jul 03 1991RTR + RDB commit time constraint = trouble
232.0235154::RABAHYWed Jul 03 1991non-concurrent + same data = trouble
233.08DECALP::SHRAGERMon Jul 08 1991RTR V1.1-1 SBB kits are available
234.035154::RABAHYTue Jul 09 1991non-concurrent + same meta-data = trouble?
235.01VNABRW::SMOLNIKFri Jul 12 1991RTR> DEFINE/KEY crashes RTR Utility !?
236.02NSDC::PERNETThu Jul 18 1991RTR$SPECIFY_STATUS_VARIABLE does not seem to work...
237.0343984::KALUSFri Aug 02 1991Cache Exhaustion problems
238.0243984::KALUSFri Aug 02 1991RTR ACP keeps falling over
239.0232176::MURRAYTue Aug 13 1991Performance Note
240.0932176::MURRAYTue Aug 13 1991Shadow Servers - Restrictions??
241.021351::MEHRHARDTFri Aug 23 1991Access to Documents
242.01497Fri Aug 23 1991*No dump* RTR started from system
243.03DECALP::DESHMUKHFri Aug 23 1991This note is for V1.1-1 patch availability announcements
244.035412::JUNKER::RABAHYFri Aug 23 1991Read only vs. shadow = performance?
245.02SUBWAY::BONNELLThu Aug 29 1991Shadowing ENQs to requester - depleting cache?
246.07MUDIS3::EHEUTEThu Aug 29 1991RTR & Rdb again ...
247.01OSI::HARPERTue Oct 08 1991Documentation...?
248.0UNTADH::BRANDLThu Oct 10 1991info needed
249.01OSI::HARPERTue Oct 15 1991Load sharing across multiple servers
250.0TPVON::VONThu Oct 17 1991USA - DEC RTR (TM) Pilot Training
251.0159847::OGINOMon Oct 28 1991RTR, ACMS, TP and Realtime op.
252.01PHONE::MURRAYThu Oct 31 1991OPER or RTR$OPERATOR revisited
253.0658869::BROWNTue Nov 05 1991Integration Plans for DmQ, QMAS & PDQ - RTR next?
254.03WHOSTue Nov 19 1991RTR Counter Questions
255.04COOKIE::KITTELLTue Nov 26 1991Using RTR for distributed Media Management
256.01GLDOA::RABAHYWed Nov 27 1991A little bit of history, RTR shadows!
257.01GIDDAY::FLAWNFri Dec 13 1991SSRVEXCEPTN, AST points at RTRSHR+C7A9
258.0DECALP::REESFri Dec 13 1991DEC RTR for VMS V2.
259.0TPVON::VONMon Dec 16 1991DECALP::RTR$PUBLIC: Directory
260.02COOKIE::KITTELLWed Dec 18 1991RTRACP and RTRCOMSRV accessing MFD?
261.02TAVSun Dec 22 1991Help needed
262.04COOKIE::KITTELLThu Jan 09 1992Recovering Transactions with Multiple Requestor Dequeues
263.02862Tue Jan 14 1992RTR & shadowing capability
264.01DECALP::REESThu Jan 16 1992Marketing and Business Discussions use...
265.055Tue Jan 28 1992RTR and Remote SQL
266.01PHONE::MURRAYTue Jan 28 1992RSNSTS for Requester CPU abort is ?
267.0242839::COLLINSThu Jan 30 1992RTR and ACMS
268.01DECALP::REESThu Feb 06 1992Requirements for "DEC RTR for VMS 2.1"
269.01PHONE::MURRAYThu Feb 06 1992Documentation glitches - commit_tx returns et.al.
270.01PHONE::MURRAYThu Feb 06 1992Can .MON files be located on other than SYS$SYSTEM?
271.0533421::WILLIAMSMon Feb 10 1992colorado support ??
272.06PHONE::MURRAYWed Feb 19 1992Conversational txns and shadow set secondary behavior.
273.02COOKIE::KITTELLFri Feb 21 1992Instrusion detection/evasion
274.04GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Feb 24 1992Another ACP crash V1.1...
275.0QCAVSat Feb 29 1992tools for managing /adminstering servers
276.01519Fri Mar 06 1992Very slow broadcasts
277.01COOKIE::MHUATue Mar 10 1992API for Add/delete facility?
278.0TPVON::VONWed Mar 11 1992Example - RTR server running IBM txns
279.01DECALP::REESThu Mar 12 1992Your chance to ask some hard questions.
280.023496Sun Mar 15 1992RTR$OPERATOR --> RTR$ADMIN ??
281.04BITBAG::HOHWYWed Mar 18 1992CSC call # C92
282.01COOKIE::MHUAFri Mar 20 1992Porting RTR application codes
283.0TPVON::VONMon Apr 06 1992Gartner - Understanding DEC RTR
284.0TPVON::VONMon Apr 06 1992Gartner - 3 Level Client/Server Model
285.0TPVON::VONMon Apr 06 1992Gartner - 1993 Year of the Instant System
286.01833656::JANKOWITZThu Apr 09 1992Database consistancy
287.0233656::JANKOWITZTue Apr 14 1992ACMS to RTR?
288.01POBOX::TSUCHIYAMASat Apr 18 1992RTR Benchmark numbers?
289.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Apr 21 1992Requirements for multicast in trading environments
290.03AMCFAC::RABAHYMon Apr 27 1992RDB triggers vs. RTR shadowed concurrent servers
291.05GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Apr 28 1992ACP's dying with journal file locked by another user
292.01SUBWAY::WATSONThu Apr 30 1992RTR SPD?
293.0336973::STUARTSat May 02 1992RTR ULTRIX configuration questions
294.063496Tue May 05 1992Delivery of TXNs to Secondary BE with Shadow, Concurrent Servers
295.03DECALP::HOHWYThu May 07 1992Ch numbers, RTR performance tuning etc.
296.03451Fri May 08 1992Does backend license = full function?
297.0SNOCFri May 15 1992Desktop server sizing issues??
298.02SUBWAY::BUONOMOTue May 19 1992Host RTR in NIS series
299.01519Wed May 20 1992Failed to install RTRSFT_FT2_U1
300.03GIDDAY::BRYDENThu May 21 1992RT$CHM_-F-TCBNOTFOUND, No Tx Ctrl Block error????
301.0TAVWed May 27 1992OLTP defense systems
302.01SUBWAY::OBERLEFri May 29 1992How much GBLPAGFIL needed?
303.014WHELIN::BOLINGWed Jun 10 1992Questions about Standby Servers?
304.0142326::LEATEAFri Jun 19 1992Shadow server failover and timing?
305.023496Thu Jul 09 1992New RTR Show Tran explanation
306.0ACESMK::MCKIMFri Jul 10 1992RTR and ACA
307.08DECALP::REESThu Jul 16 1992RTR and QMS
308.0SOJU::CATEThu Jul 16 1992RTR use for Lottery Ticket Collection ?
309.053496Tue Jul 21 1992Message Flow Congestion and Isolate
310.0118155::QUATTROCHIMon Jul 27 19922.
311.01DBKEY::OBERLEThu Jul 30 1992RTR.H naming confusion
312.0IJSAPL::VANWOLFERENFri Jul 31 1992Replace Tandem by VAX-es with RTR?
313.01COOKIE::SEAGLEFri Aug 07 1992RSNSTS user defined values, and use thereof
314.013496Sat Aug 08 1992Voting on Server, Router, and Requestor at same time
315.01519Mon Aug 10 1992Monitoring pending transactions ?
316.013451Wed Aug 12 1992non-continguous key ranges / servers sharing partitions
317.0151383::WOLFEREN_RMon Aug 17 1992RTR as a banking switch?
318.0133655::JANKOWITZFri Aug 28 1992what doest state: blocked mean??
319.01DECALP::VONTue Sep 15 1992RTR information pointers
320.03519Tue Sep 22 1992Message flow congestions ?
321.02VNASWS::EDERFri Sep 25 1992X.25
322.035Mon Oct 05 1992RTR and 2PC
323.0TPVON::VONFri Oct 16 1992RTR Demo - Avialability announcement
324.0251383::WOLFEREN_RMon Oct 19 1992Q:RTR shadowserver and pratical issues?
325.0134363::ORENGOMon Oct 19 1992ULTRIX, OSF/1 as RTR servers?
326.04COOKIE::SEAGLEThu Oct 22 1992Problems with $GET_TXI from RTR SHOW command
327.0SNOCThu Oct 29 1992Problems running COBOL examples
328.01TPVON::VONThu Nov 05 1992RTR demo on Alpha/VMS-FT4
329.010DECALP::DESHMUKHMon Nov 09 1992Announcing availability of V2.
330.0546672::BYRONFri Nov 13 1992Examples and arguments.
331.03COOKIE::SEAGLEThu Nov 19 1992RTR Journal file questions
332.03046672::BYRONFri Nov 20 1992Need design advice.
333.056Fri Nov 20 1992asynch $START_TX ?
334.01TPVON::VONSat Dec 05 1992IM&T opening for RTR specialist
335.0142326::LEATEAMon Dec 07 1992OSF/OSI?
336.0136944::LOERICHTue Dec 08 1992DECdtm and RTR
337.0146672::BYRONThu Dec 10 1992ABORT on commit, then what?
338.03COOKIE::SEAGLEMon Dec 14 1992? RTR network transport independence
339.02CSC32::D_CAREWMon Dec 14 1992G.E. Capital operations/config question
340.0251383::WOLFEREN_RSun Dec 27 1992Benchmark figures required
341.0TPVON::VONFri Jan 08 1993RTR Runtime Demo Available
342.07WOTVAX::WIGLEYTue Jan 12 1993Design advice - concurrent servers vs partitioned data
343.01451Wed Jan 13 1993error with RTR and SYSMAN
344.02519Thu Jan 21 1993RTR for ULTRIX problems
345.05WOTVAX::WIGLEYThu Feb 04 1993Standbys for Standbys?
346.03519Thu Feb 11 1993How does RCH send broadcasts ?
347.0146672::BYRONThu Feb 11 1993DEQ timeout
348.0351383::WOLFEREN_RThu Feb 11 1993Is this message flow possible?
349.01VICKI::OBERLEFri Feb 12 1993TXID -> Requester on abort?
350.0TPVON::VONFri Feb 12 1993RTR V2.
351.01DECALP::SMITHFri Feb 12 1993New look RTR$KITS
352.03WOTVAX::WIGLEYMon Feb 15 1993Wishlist items??
353.03IAMOK::BOBDOG::GENTILEThu Feb 18 1993PC RTR Support for Windows?
354.0DECALP::SHRAGERFri Feb 19 1993Job opening in RTR Engineering (first year in Sydney)
355.08519Fri Feb 19 1993RTR and DECnet/OSI ?
356.01CHEFS::BRIGGSRMon Mar 01 1993Technical Overview Doc?
357.025Tue Mar 09 1993New application using RTR
358.01519Fri Mar 12 1993Long event names crashes RCH
359.0334363::HENRYFri Mar 12 1993RTR demo hangs DECstation 5
360.02KETJE::PUTMANSWed Mar 17 1993RTR and Desktop-ACMS
361.0936944::LOERICHThu Mar 18 1993RTR examples using C?
362.03WOTVAX::WIGLEYWed Mar 24 1993RSNSTS valid with $VOTE_TX - RTR$M_COMMIT
363.02WOTVAX::WIGLEYWed Mar 24 1993$GET_TXI equivalent of DCL "Show Facility"??
364.0325284::STAVROPOULOSTue Mar 30 1993transaction context ?
365.013496Tue Mar 30 1993In search of RTR white paper
366.0525Tue Mar 30 1993Stoping servers
367.02UTRTSC::VDRIELWed Mar 31 1993Location of journal file ??
368.01TPVON::VONThu Apr 01 1993RTR for VB Question/Problem
370.04COOKIE::SEAGLEFri Apr 09 1993Questions regarding RTR Events
371.01519Wed Apr 14 1993RTR ULTRIX crashes Motif Session Manager
372.0VICKI::OBERLEFri Apr 23 1993$GET_TXI for Requester transaction
373.01GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Apr 29 1993Synch interface journal mem not released
374.01MUCTEC::APPSThu Apr 29 1993Help: multiple, variable requestors and servers
375.01519Tue May 04 1993The RCH crashes because of exceeded quota
376.0425Tue May 04 1993
377.0136944::LOERICHTue May 04 1993Frame relay and RTR
378.0125Wed May 12 1993Callout server and abort
379.0925Wed Jun 02 1993RTRACP crashing
380.05QCAVThu Jun 03 1993Help on RTR journaling
381.0236944::LOERICHThu Jun 03 1993Variable size transaction buffers
382.01DECALP::SMITHTue Jun 08 1993Kit location for RTR V2.1 FT1
383.0433421::WILLIAMSThu Jun 10 1993rumor on queing/defered txns???
384.03HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGSat Jun 12 1993Need RTR diagram
385.03QCAVWed Jun 16 1993Clarification on GET_TXI
386.0358299::BARNETTWed Jun 16 1993DECdtm vs. RTR
387.04WOTVAX::WIGLEYTue Jun 22 1993FT2.1 Bugcheck
388.012268Wed Jun 30 1993RTR for Windows NT ?
389.01DECALP::SMITHTue Jul 20 1993Kit location for RTR V2.1 FT2
390.0TPVON::VONTue Jul 20 19935 US RTR Engineering Job Openings
391.01ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUWed Jul 21 1993RTR supported platforms?
392.0242326::PULLEYFri Jul 23 1993Start--erraccnod, nosuchobj rtr$
393.02ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUMon Jul 26 1993Defining Server Node
394.02ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUMon Jul 26 1993RTR ACP is no longer a viable entity...
395.03SUBWAY::OBERLEThu Jul 29 1993Two node quorum?
396.03GIDDAY::BRYDENFri Jul 30 1993changing decnet addr/node name in RTR config???
397.01ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUFri Aug 06 1993no read access to DATPAR
398.01TRACTR::COUCHTue Aug 10 1993V2.
399.0124683::DIAMONDFri Aug 20 1993Error RTR-E-CHNOTACTIVE
400.0542326::LIVESEYPFri Aug 20 1993Help!
401.04FHOPAS::BREWMN::BREWISSat Aug 21 1993MS-Windows and RTR
402.02CHOVAX::LEVINETue Aug 24 1993BELCORE questions
403.02WOTVAX::LIVINGSTONEPTue Aug 31 1993DECnet/OSI "Wave3" & RTR V2.1 FT2
404.0BLOFLY::RABAHYTue Sep 07 1993DOS vs. failed RCH
405.012BMT::OBERLEWed Sep 08 1993Miscellaneous configuration questions
406.01EEMELI::HUIMA::CASTRENWed Sep 08 1993Semaphore problems with Ultrix
407.0236944::LOERICHFri Sep 10 1993bugcheck resulting from GET_TXI call
408.0WOTVAX::LIVINGSTONEPFri Sep 10 1993DECnet/OSI "Wave3" & RTR V2.1 SSB
409.02WOTVAX::WIGLEYMon Sep 13 1993Servers stuck in active transaction??
410.01VFOVAX::STOWERSFri Sep 24 1993Process per PC for DOS/Clients?
411.0MUCTEC::APPSWed Sep 29 1993? RTR$M_STOANDFOR on SYS$ENQ_TX(W) ?
412.0151383::WOLFEREN_RWed Sep 29 1993Information on RTR in Stock Exchanges
414.0DECALP::SMITHMon Oct 04 1993RTR Training Course in Maynard Area
415.01ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUMon Oct 04 1993Closing channels and commiting a transaction...
416.04WOTVAX::WIGLEYWed Oct 06 1993Monitoring subset of processes
417.0246672::ALBURYWed Oct 13 1993Hangs in LEF state
418.01736944::LOERICHTue Oct 19 1993RTR-E-NODECNET
419.06TPSYS::LYONSThu Oct 21 1993RTR V2.1 kit available (official release)
421.05EEMELI::CASTRENMon Nov 01 1993RTR and DECnet/OSI, current status ?
422.03EEMELI::CASTRENMon Nov 01 1993Dead-lock situation with four nodes
423.04ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUWed Nov 03 1993Does RTR support TCP/IP? and mutliple servers on a given node.
424.0LENK::PULLENThu Nov 04 1993RTR Remote Client 1.1 (EFT3) for MS-DOS
425.02ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUMon Nov 08 1993Changing key-range values while system is running.
427.0233656::JANKOWITZMon Nov 08 1993PC-RTR Libraries for Turbo-C???
428.02VNASWS::EDERMon Nov 08 1993Rdb again...
429.0151383::WOLFEREN_RWed Nov 10 1993RTR in Stock Exchange: Opportunity
430.03ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUThu Nov 11 1993channel
431.08ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUMon Nov 15 1993multiple key-ranges...example?
432.0342326::WILESLWed Nov 17 1993RTR on Aplha AXP?
433.06EEMELI::ATUOVINENMon Nov 22 1993congestion inside a node??
434.04WOTVAX::WIGLEYMon Nov 22 1993RTR V2.1 bugcheck
435.01GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Nov 23 1993ACP crash on V2.1 eco1, when doing facility work
436.03WOTVAX::WIGLEYWed Dec 01 1993Nodes not making links??
437.05SSGVMon Dec 06 1993Can client find out length of buffer PRIOR to DEQing actual buffer?
438.0242326::HIGMANMon Dec 13 1993When running the IVP error -RTR-E-ACPNOTVIA
439.0125Mon Dec 13 1993RTR ON ALPHA Questions
440.01WOTVAX::WIGLEYFri Dec 17 1993GETTXI problem with Facility ID
441.0135Thu Dec 23 1993RTR not startup on system reboot
442.01578Fri Jan 14 1994Can RTR be Loaded in High Memory?
443.0125Fri Jan 14 1994Crash with dump on AXP
444.03ISIDRO::ATTO98::ANTONIOPEREZThu Jan 20 1994RTR Presentation
445.02KETJE::HAESAERTSMon Jan 31 1994What's happened to decalp::rtr$doc ?????? cannot access
446.02ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUMon Jan 31 1994%RTR-I-ACPDIED, the RTR ACP is no longer running
447.01WOTVAX::WIGLEYTue Feb 01 1994FT2.2 not backwards compatible
448.02ANNECY::BULTETue Feb 08 1994Shadow servers - Catchup - Full Copy - Out of sync?
449.02TARKIN::AHOWed Feb 09 1994%RTR-E-BADRTRINS, RTR is not correctly installed
450.02TPSYS::ZAHAVIWed Feb 09 1994Instrumenting RTR for tracking response times
451.02GENIE::FERRUThu Feb 10 1994I need positioning
452.02EEMELI::ATUOVINENWed Feb 16 1994START RTR/PARTITIONS vs performance?
453.03EEMELI::CASTRENWed Feb 23 1994Error sending a message on the network
454.0235857::MATTHEWSFri Feb 25 1994Isis?
455.01ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUMon Feb 28 1994sending client lots of data with ENQ
456.02EEMELI::CASTRENWed Mar 02 1994RCH failover problems
457.0123545::EDDIELEUNGThu Mar 03 1994Doc of RTL interface, where ?
458.0461256::MCCLEMENTSThu Mar 03 1994Customer query on DECdtm and RTR
459.01VNASWS::EDERThu Mar 03 1994"Area Router", hierarchical routing ?
460.02WOTVAX::WIGLEYFri Mar 04 1994FT2.2 problems
461.03EEMELI::ATUOVINENFri Mar 04 1994NCF overflow?
462.0342326::HIGMANMon Mar 07 1994RTR IVP fails with %RTR-F-JOUNOTFOU, journal not found
463.0TPSYS::LYONSTue Mar 08 1994RTR training in ZUO Week of April 11
464.01ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUTue Mar 08 1994Not quorate state
465.05EEMELI::ATUOVINENThu Mar 10 1994RTRACP died on several node??
466.02WOTVAX::WIGLEYWed Mar 16 1994START_TX - when is RTR$_DCLNOTTERM returned?
467.03ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUThu Mar 17 1994No patch data included in image header
468.0145564::DAVIDSONFri Mar 18 1994OSF and docs?
469.01TALER::DESHMUKHThu Mar 31 1994RTR V2.2 kit available (SSB release)
470.01GLDOA::YARMOLUKThu Mar 31 1994RTR for MS-Windows and VB?
471.0BLOFLY::RABAHYWed Apr 06 1994DEC Rdb V6.1 improves support of partitions
472.01EEMELI::CASTRENMon Apr 11 1994RTR for OpenVMS/AXP & OSI/AXP V2.
473.0111434::SRIKANTHTue Apr 19 1994RTR- Programmer's reference documentation?
474.0211434::SRIKANTHWed Apr 27 1994RTR-PC Installation Error "Bad Arg 2:.."
475.0476Thu Apr 28 1994SCO and AIX Remote Clients
476.0TALER::BANERJEEThu Apr 28 1994RTR V2.2 AXP SSB kit now available
477.0BLOFLY::RABAHYThu May 05 1994Process Managers: Anticipated General
478.0BLOFLY::RABAHYThu May 05 1994Process Managers: Flow-Control Requirements
479.073Mon May 09 1994-SYSTEM-F-SHRIDMISMAT, ident mismatch with shareable image
480.0742326::HIGMANMon May 09 1994%RTR-E-ERRACCNOD when starting a command server
481.01VNASWS::EDERTue May 10 1994DDTM questions
482.01WOTVAX::WIGLEYWed May 11 1994What is server state "RETRY"?
483.02476Thu May 12 1994Outstanding ABORTING/COMMITING txsns after router crashes
485.01XSTACY::DMCWEENEYThu May 19 1994general rtr questions
486.05POBOX::HORTONMon Jun 06 1994Windows NT ????
487.01GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Jun 08 1994RTRACP crash when deleting facilities
488.0353451::STEFANOWICZMon Jun 13 1994recovery transparency question
489.032895::MICHIEWed Jun 15 1994OSF 2.
490.0TALER::DASThu Jun 16 1994CDROM release version RTRV3.
491.0222558::JUNGYONGRYUWed Jun 22 1994GET_TXI for client node name?
492.03AUSSIE::HOODFri Jun 24 1994Problem running rtrsrv on RTRV3.
493.01GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Jun 27 1994V2.2 Show RTR generates an ACC VIO
494.0453451::63763::sobolewskiWed Jul 06 1994RTR on PC using TCP/IP
495.0142619::SHARPThu Jul 07 1994More questions on Active Server being demoted to Standby
496.01Tue Jul 12 1994journal file creation problem
497.01253451::63594::sobolewskiFri Jul 22 1994RTR V2.2 and DECdtm - process hangs
498.06PROXY::OPPMon Aug 01 1994Help - RTR hangs executing RTR$COMBINED.COM
499.0632895::THERRIENFri Aug 12 1994Chained/Cascading Transactions?
500.01319Wed Aug 17 1994VMS V6.1 and OSI V5.7
501.0147712::DELMONTEFri Aug 19 1994V2.2A for VMS?!
502.0523989::BEATTIESat Aug 20 1994DECthreads and synchronous RTR calls?
503.02TALER::VONMon Aug 22 1994READ_ONLY flag needed for VB Desktop
504.04ZURFri Aug 26 1994resize NCF problem as on 461 but RTR V2.2! patch#5?
505.0446672::AINSLEYWed Aug 31 1994V2.
506.011ALLVAX::ONEILLThu Sep 01 1994Still Problems with Journal creates
507.01QCAVMon Sep 05 1994Partition Key definition corruption.
508.01TPSYS::LYONSMon Sep 26 1994RTR Training Nov. 16-18
509.05TALER::DESHMUKHMon Sep 26 1994V2.2B-FT OpenVMS VAX/AXP kits available
510.0125472::SCHWABETue Sep 27 1994RTR v2.2 startup problems
511.0153451::63594::SOBOLEWSKIWed Sep 28 1994V2.2B AXP resolves problem with DDTM
512.0646672::ALBURYFri Sep 30 1994More than 1 router doesn't work (ver 2.
513.02EEMELI::ATUOVINENFri Sep 30 1994rtr v2.1 and BUGCHECKPC
514.0122558::JUNGYONGRYUWed Oct 05 1994RTR crashes system?
515.0122558::JUNGYONGRYUTue Oct 11 1994RTR server crashes system !!!
516.0335857::MATTHEWSTue Oct 11 1994RTR 2PC questions
517.0442619::SHARPThu Oct 20 1994RTR goes inquorate when creating/extending facilities
518.01EEMELI::CASTRENMon Oct 24 1994Problems in mixed AXP and VAX configuration
519.0411385::OLEARYThu Oct 27 1994Help needed, ACP no longer running...
520.0158257::CARPENTERMon Oct 31 1994ID mismatch with axp version 2.2b
521.0757421::STAVROPOULOSThu Nov 03 1994rtr set log not creating a new file...
522.0332191::OLEARYFri Nov 04 1994VB and RTR Callbacks?
523.0232191::OLEARYFri Nov 11 1994Two errors with RTR server.
524.0TAVTue Nov 15 1994TP on OSF/1 RFP
525.015639::HOUGHTONWed Nov 23 1994TSR hangs PC when task exits
526.0153451::STEFANOWICZFri Nov 25 1994RTR-DDTM & commit status
527.01CSC32::J_KEHRERWed Nov 30 1994i lost my list.
528.0132191::OLEARYFri Dec 02 1994ACPDIED, LIB-F-BADBLOADR, ACP crashing
529.063913::RAJUMon Dec 05 1994RTR and Pathworks
530.0132895::THERRIENFri Dec 16 1994Could RTR wrap DCE RPC calls?
531.01MRKTNG::RAJUTue Dec 27 1994Hostname is undefined
532.0DELNI::BIROMon Jan 09 1995another ERRACCNOD problem
533.0153451::63594::SOBOLEWSKITue Jan 17 1995DECnet/OSI 5.8 and RTR2.2B - NET$ACP problem
534.01DELNI::BIROWed Jan 18 1995INSVIRMEM and 2
535.0137974::SYSTEMTue Jan 24 1995RTR$RCH_ERROR_FILE.DAT Filling System Disk Up
536.02HGOVC::FRANKYCHEUNGThu Feb 09 1995RTRACP -- no such global section
537.015345Thu Feb 16 1995PKP configuration - stucked during restart
538.04318Thu Feb 16 1995RTR Version mismatch error
539.01MRKTNG::RAJUSat Feb 18 1995DECC 4.
540.036Mon Feb 20 1995No such file - what file please ?
541.05EEMELI::LINNA_ALHOThu Feb 23 1995RDB 6.
542.01578Tue Mar 07 1995HELP! RTR-E-ERRACPNOTVIA RTR ACP is no longer a viable entity problem!
543.04SNOCWed Mar 08 1995Could not start RTRRCHACP
544.056Mon Mar 13 1995CHNOTACTIVE problem
545.0453451::STEFANOWICZWed Mar 15 1995strange behaviour in strange usage...
546.0HGOVC::TOMMULLANTue Mar 21 1995RTR Applications Consulting Needed
547.0122558::DONGWONSHINWed Mar 22 1995How can RTR be co-existed with Tuxedo TPM ?
548.0922558::JUNGYONGRYUFri Mar 24 1995Network failover time?
549.0136495::krasMon Mar 27 1995RTR and TP Monitors
550.0153451::SOBOLEWSKIMon Apr 03 1995..no server available.. after ENQW
551.02KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWThu Apr 13 1995RTR on Sun licencing
552.0142619::SHARPThu Apr 27 1995Not getting Primary/Standby Events on RTR V2.2B
553.0442619::SHARPTue May 02 1995RTR Server application in 'RESTART' state.
554.0TALER::DESHMUKHTue May 02 1995V3.1 (15) for Windows NT - Field test announcement
555.0458257::CARPENTERTue May 09 1995Kit won't install on AXP NT V3.51
556.02EEMELI::ATUOVINENThu May 11 1995noquorum -> RTR-E-NOCURROU -> replayed tx ?
557.02459797::BINGOMon May 15 1995shadow server questions
558.026Thu May 18 1995RTR under SCO UNIX
559.0623848::AINSLEYThu May 18 1995AlphaVMS 6.1 and DECnet Phase IV and RTR??
560.01YUPPY::ANGOVESTue May 30 1995NT and SOLARIS support
561.01QCAVWed May 31 1995VC++ 2.
562.0556815::BRUSSEAUWed May 31 1995Server receiving an RTR-W-ABORT status on DEQ_TXW call
563.02QCAVFri Jun 02 1995RTR Client on RTR V2.2b.
564.01TALER::DESHMUKHFri Jun 02 1995Korea Stock Exchange looking for an Options Guru for 1 month in Seoul
565.01QCAVFri Jun 16 1995RTR V3.1 OSF
566.0759797::BINGOMon Jun 19 1995Shadow server with ddtm bit set get hang
567.02EEMELI::ATUOVINENMon Jun 19 1995Servers goes to WAIT_JNL state
568.0959797::BINGOMon Jun 26 1995SHADOW/CONCURRENT/DDTM svr and DB synch. issue
569.03MRKTNG::RAJUMon Jul 10 1995RTR for VMS 2.2B...What all backends are supported ?
570.0253451::CALKAThu Jul 27 1995RTR v3.2 for VMS/ALPHA
571.03QCAVMon Aug 07 1995RTR WITH ORACLE
572.01EEMELI::ATUOVINENWed Aug 09 1995The pricing of RTR for WNT
573.03TPSYS::STOMMESTue Aug 15 1995RTR opportunities on LYNX 3.2 platforms?
574.0153451::STEFANOWICZFri Aug 18 1995just forget...
575.01MEMIT::HANSONSat Aug 19 1995-SYSTEM-F-TOOMUCHDATA, too much optional or interrupt data specified
576.04GVPROD::63953::MICELITue Aug 22 1995RTR 3.1 on NT/Intel 3.5
577.026Wed Aug 23 1995Looking for RTR document
578.0TPSYS::STOMMESThu Aug 31 1995Examples needed of RTR pricing vs competitive prod
579.04214Fri Sep 01 1995decsafe, rtr question ..
580.01HGOVC::MICHAELWANMon Sep 04 1995Access violation with RTRACP no longer running
581.02MUCTEC::APPSMon Sep 04 1995?RTR Licenses in Europe?
582.0153451::SOBOLEWSKIFri Sep 08 1995SHOW nad MONITOR strange behaviour
583.0956815::BRUSSEAUMon Sep 11 1995Interesting situation using a product that is layered on RTR
584.0154938::RIGAUXWed Sep 20 1995PW 5.1, MS-VB, VAX VMS using TCP/IP
585.0453451::STEFANOWICZMon Sep 25 1995RTR-RMS: any experience?
586.0154938::RIGAUXMon Oct 09 1995RTR & distributed transactions
587.0TALER::DESHMUKHTue Oct 10 1995RTR & ISIS - a comparision
588.05SNOCWed Oct 11 1995Fundamental RTR questions
589.01EEMELI::ATUOVINENTue Oct 24 1995-E-TOOMUCDAT during monitor (about 2
590.02CSC32::D_CAREWMon Nov 13 1995Questions about STALLS picture?
591.0131318::BAYLEY::Randall_doThu Nov 16 1995Windows NT - need help
592.03CSC32::D_CAREWThu Nov 23 1995Hang on router/server node
593.01HGOVC::MICHAELWANThu Nov 23 1995Quorum questions
594.0122558::JAEHOLEEMon Nov 27 1995Windows95 for RTR available? When?
595.06MRKTNG::RAJUTue Nov 28 1995Can a server alone abort a transaction ?
596.0454938::MARTINAGEThu Nov 30 1995TCP/IP and PW 5.1
597.016Fri Dec 08 1995BRS vs RTR shadowing
598.0222558::JAEHOLEEWed Dec 13 1995Process hangs on SYSMAN
599.0222558::JAEHOLEEFri Dec 15 1995Any known problems after upgrading DECnet IV to V?
600.0HGOVC::MICHAELWANMon Dec 18 1995Why a requestor need to wait for a server?
601.02HGOVC::MICHAELWANMon Dec 18 1995How is the RTR console messaging being done?
602.02--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 21 1995Looking for RTR training.
603.01CSC32::D_CAREWThu Dec 28 1995Journal size limitation?
604.01NETRIX::"begona.sanz@sqo.mts.dec.com"Tue Jan 09 1996Several customer questions !!!
605.03QCAVThu Jan 11 1996How to get monitor values through api ?
607.0154938::RIGAUXFri Jan 19 1996RTR/network protocol/PC OS
608.0154938::MARTINAGEMon Jan 22 1996Different number of key segments
609.01CSC32::D_CAREWTue Feb 13 1996Shadowing with extended member absence
610.0TPSYS::STOMMESTue Feb 13 1996Field Test Kit for RTR V3.1 for AIX available
611.03WOTVAX::WIGLEYWed Feb 14 1996GET_TXI item return length longword or word??
612.0TPSYS::STOMMESFri Feb 16 1996Fredi Hoellwarth joins RTR team in Europe
613.0153451::SOBOLEWSKITue Feb 20 1996V3.1 Windows FT2 problems?
614.0TPSYS::STOMMESFri Feb 23 1996Announcing RTR Internals Course, Apr 8-12
615.0TPSYS::STOMMESTue Feb 27 1996Digital India Opens RTR Integration Center
616.01VNASWS::WILFRIEDWed Feb 28 1996what are the future plans for RTR?
617.01EEMELI::ATUOVINENFri Mar 08 1996RTR 2.2C & RTR 3.1A -> RTRACP die
618.01214Thu Mar 14 1996RTR client-server over SLIP protocol ?
619.07HGOVC::MICHAELWANFri Mar 29 1996RTR quorum problem. Urgent help needed!
620.01BUMP::COCONNELLTue Apr 02 1996Help with RTR and DEC Basic - Thanks!
621.0CROWN::HILLTue Apr 09 1996RTR server process goes into WAIT_JNL state
622.01GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Apr 09 1996TRIM FACILITY question
623.04KYOSS1::SLAGLEWed Apr 10 1996Network Stalls
624.02HGOVC::JAMBUTue Apr 23 1996RTR Plans/presentations please ?
625.01DEKVC::JONGHOLEEWed May 22 1996leased line and hang-up
626.03NQOPS::MUDGEThu May 23 1996Question on ECO's...
627.03HGOVC::MICHAELWANMon May 27 1996Trim/Extend caused RTRACP to crash
628.03HANSBC::BACHNERWed May 29 1996Crash in RTRACP with DECnet/OSI
629.05GESSUB::BAGNASCOMon Jun 03 1996%RTR-F-LNQOVERFLOW adding node
630.02PACWH::MARTINAGETue Jun 04 1996Problems/Questions about RTR for Windows 3.1
631.05BUMP::GWESTROPPFri Jun 07 1996RTR and alpha V2.2D
632.02CSC32::D_CAREWFri Jun 07 1996V2.2D at Ford...
633.02LEMAN::BOURAKOFFFri Jun 07 1996help sho rtr /full
634.04PACWH::MARTINAGEWed Jun 12 1996Status of RTR using Windows95, Windows NT and Visual Basic 4
635.05HGOVC::MICHAELWANWed Jun 12 1996Way to minimize Quorum consensus messages?
636.04HGOVC::MICHAELWANWed Jun 12 1996Some general questions on Quorum Consensus, Links and Connection.
637.01DECALP::KLAVINSFri Jun 14 1996ODBC Over RTR field test kit available
638.03HGOVC::MICHAELWANFri Jun 28 1996TRIM in V2.2D still crashes RTRACP
639.03DEKVC::KEESANGLEEFri Jun 28 1996Doc for RTR client for windows ?
640.04CSC32::D_CAREWWed Jul 03 1996V2.2D - IVP failure
641.0+3DEKVC::KEESANGLEEMon Jul 15 1996configuration of rtr vms v2.2d and rtr win v3.1
642.014CSC32::D_SANFORDFri Jul 19 1996-RTR-F-MESFLOCON, message flow congestion w restart on secondary
643.06DEKVC::KEESANGLEETue Aug 20 1996rtr win 3.1b and rtr VMS 2.2D
644.02CSC32::D_SANFORDThu Aug 29 1996RTR MONITOR PARTITION, what is ABT state?
645.04SAWA::SOBOLEWSKITue Sep 03 1996RTR-F_DUPJOUFIL after CREATE JOURNAL on cluster
646.01AMCFAC::RABAHYTue Oct 15 1996control-Z
647.01AMCFAC::RABAHYTue Oct 15 1996install messages seem like errors?
648.02DEKVC::JONGHOLEETue Oct 29 1996question on 2PC under RTR
649.014VIRKE::GULLNASTue Oct 29 1996VMS <-> NT RTR, API mapping, common code
650.01PLACEK::sobol.rpw.dec.com::placek::sobolewskiFri Nov 08 1996rtr_request_info - how to define selection?
651.02PLACEK::sobol.rpw.dec.com::placek::sobolewskiTue Nov 12 1996Nested transaction - how it works?
652.01DEKVC::JONGHOLEEThu Nov 21 1996question about "VREQ" state and process hangup
653.04DEKVC::JONGHOLEEFri Nov 22 1996Rdb recovery process hanged-up
654.03HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGMon Dec 09 1996V2.2D ECO4
655.04PLACEK::sobol.rpw.dec.com::jacek::sobolewskiTue Dec 10 1996How content of replays affects replayed transactions?
656.02ULYSSE::CATTOLICOWed Dec 11 1996proxy for set environment
657.03ULYSSE::CATTOLICOWed Dec 11 1996thread safe on WNT
658.01CSC32::D_SANFORDSat Dec 21 1996RTR MONITOR TRAFFIC -> 'condition absolute'
659.02DEKVC::KEESANGLEEMon Jan 06 1997777778-Exit Handler was not installed
660.02SNOFS1::RASMUSSENWed Jan 08 1997$ENQTX with RTR$M_READONLY and Journal file query.
661.0+2VIRKE::GULLNASSat Jan 11 1997V3 API design issue. Any advice?
662.0+7CSC32::J_HENSONMon Jan 13 1997rtr-i-acpdied
663.0+5ULYSSE::CATTOLICOFri Jan 17 1997abort on UNIX 4.
664.03ULYSSE::CATTOLICOMon Jan 20 1997client hangs if a backend is down
665.0+5DEKVC::JONGHOLEEMon Jan 20 1997RTRNOTVIA, while installing RTR V3.1B for OVMS
666.0TALER::LEHTOWed Jan 22 1997Use DecDTM ? Minimum Alpha VMS version is V7.1.
667.0 *+2EEMELI::AHVENAINENWed Jan 29 1997OpenVMS<->UNIX interoperability, RTR V3.1, when?
668.0 *+1DEKVC::HOONKIMWed Jan 29 1997error in loading dll
669.0 *+4HGOVC::MICHAELWANThu Jan 30 1997How to interrupt an server when it is not waiting
670.0 *+2HGOVC::MICHAELWANThu Jan 30 1997The support of Standby servers in RTR/UNIX
671.0 *+2SNOFS1::RASMUSSENMon Feb 03 1997Abort verses Commit and system resources.
672.0 *DEKVC::DONGWONSHINWed Feb 05 1997RTR 3.1B issue for installation on UCX env.
673.0 *DEKVC::DONGWONSHINWed Feb 05 1997A issue for installing RTR on TCP/IP env
674.0 *+2DEKVC::JONGHOLEEWed Feb 12 1997Question on RTR V3 for OpenVMS & 2PC with DECdtm
675.0 *+2ADCAThu Feb 13 1997RTR on HP ?...INFO. NEEDED URGENTLY PLEASE.
676.0 *+4DEKVC::DONGWONSHINThu Feb 13 1997How tnx is processed in case of failure of Router ?
677.0 *+1NYOSS1::nyodialin1Fri Feb 14 1997COMSTAUNO message after long delay?
678.0 *ALLVAX::KEEFERMon Feb 17 1997 journal blocks?- How many?
679.0 *+2ALLVAX::KEEFERMon Feb 17 1997 journal blocks?- how many?
680.0 *+3DEKVC::DONGWONSHINMon Mar 03 1997Needs detailed inform for the each of RTR MONITOR
681.0 *+3HGOVC::MICHAELWANTue Mar 11 1997Problem when installing 3.1a on Digital UNIX 4.
682.0 *+1CSC32::J_HENSONThu Mar 13 1997shadow server hung
683.0 *+1DEKVC::DONGWONSHINMon Mar 17 1997Any sample using multiple ranges of Key?
684.0 *AMCFAC::RABAHYMon Mar 17 1997not transactional broadcast; transparent multi-partition enqueue/send
685.0 *AMCFAC::RABAHYMon Mar 17 1997not transactional broadcast; reliable streams
686.0 *+5HGOVC::MICHAELWANWed Apr 02 1997Installation problem on Digital UNIX
687.0 *+5PLACEK::sobol2.rpw.dec.com::placek::sobolewskiWed Apr 02 1997does remote commands work in RTR3.1C(126) on WNT?
688.0 *+1TALER::WROBELTue Apr 08 1997Potential socket file protection problem with RTR V3.1B or 3.1C on Digital Unix 4.
689.0 *+5DEKVC::JONGHOLEETue Apr 15 1997Question on replay transaction
690.0 *OSEC::BALMFORTHKWed May 07 1997journal file sizes
691.0 *+3DEKVC::JONGHOLEEMon May 12 1997count the timeout value as server's processing time
692.0 *+6CARDHU::BOURAKOFFThu May 29 1997in doubt aske ...
693.0 *+3CARDHU::BOURAKOFFTue Jun 03 1997some privileges problem
694.0 *AEOENG::16.4Tue Jun 03 1997RTR perf and availability figures wanted
695.0 *DEKVC::JONGHOLEEThu Jun 05 1997Question on RTR V3 - frontend, qualifier, facility