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Conference noted::os2

Title:OS/2: More than half an operating system!
Notice:OS/2 2.x & PATHWORKS: Search existing topics for discussions
Created:Tue Oct 27 1987
Last Modified:Wed Mar 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2715
Total number of notes:11724
Number with bodies:6
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1.04MOSAIC::LICHTENBERGSat Nov 18 1989Welcome!
3.0100--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 29 1987Who are you?
4.059COLORS::LICHTENBERGFri Oct 30 1987Public Domain ports to OS/2
5.04--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 30 1987OS/2 Hacks Locations
6.07JOCKEY::SHARKEYTue Nov 03 1987Can I get OS/2 ?
7.06LUDWIG::DESHARNAISWed Nov 04 1987General OS/2 overview?
8.04COLORS::COLOMBOWed Nov 04 1987MS LAN Manager Overview
9.035JOCKEY::SHARKEYThu Nov 05 1987Silly idea
10.04DAVE::MITTONThu Nov 05 1987OS/2 Announcements in the news
11.017MURPHY::ANKERFri Nov 06 1987DIAL sucks!
12.0COLORS::LICHTENBERGFri Nov 06 1987Rumors, rumors...
13.02COLORS::LICHTENBERGMon Nov 09 1987How to find command line arguments
14.07DAVE::MITTONTue Nov 10 1987MSC V4.5 problems
15.0COLORS::LICHTENBERGTue Nov 10 1987Try EXEHDR (from windows kit) on OS/2 files!
16.09USSCSL::JENNINGSWed Nov 11 198764
17.0COLORS::HESSWed Nov 11 1987IBM OS/2 Extended Edition
18.042COLORS::LICHTENBERGWed Nov 11 1987OS/2 wish list -- what do we want to do?
19.01KOALA::LESNIAKWed Nov 18 1987Hard disk size limits
20.04MOSAIC::COLOMBOThu Nov 19 1987Role call for OS/2 plans
21.08MURPHY::ANKERFri Nov 20 1987Tell us all when the first update arrives
22.0COLORS::LICHTENBERGSun Nov 22 1987Undocumented Device Driver DevHelp calls
23.016GLIVET::FLORENTINEMon Nov 23 1987questions about threads
24.013TROAMon Dec 14 1987Is OS2 multiuser?
25.0COLORS::LICHTENBERGTue Dec 15 1987Use Kernel Debugger for multi-thread programs
27.09COLORS::LICHTENBERGMon Dec 21 1987If you have an OS/2 SDK...
28.03GLIVET::FLORENTINETue Dec 22 1987best way to order OS/2 ?
29.0MOSAIC::HOULEWed Dec 23 1987cost of OS/2 software
30.02MURPHY::ANKERMon Dec 28 1987Can I have some time on your system to test Sedt?
31.07KIPPIS::BACKSTROMWed Jan 06 1988AT&T+Sun against OS/2
32.01RED911::OREARWed Jan 06 1988Microsoft U OS2 classes
33.01COLORS::WATERSFri Jan 08 1988OS/2 File System & Device Drivers
34.028MURPHY::ANKERThu Jan 21 1988Please help me test protected mode Sedt
35.06COLORS::LICHTENBERGFri Jan 22 1988OS/2 1.
36.0CHESS::KAIKOWTue Jan 26 1988File Identifier topic in delni::WORLDWIDE
37.08COOKIE::DEVINEThu Jan 28 1988OS/2 speed benchmarks?
38.01DDIF::TANCILLMon Feb 01 1988VAXmate mouse with MS Codeview under OS/2??
39.06COLORS::LICHTENBERGSun Feb 14 1988New book on OS/2
40.02CASEE::LACROIXTue Feb 16 1988Application interactions
41.01COLORS::BONNETTEThu Feb 18 1988WTF
42.06HSKMV1::BERGIUSSat Feb 20 1988IBM vs MS OS/2 SDK?
43.03SUBSYS::JASRASARIAThu Feb 25 1988Help Needed on MicroChannel
44.03DIMSUM::PWONGFri Feb 26 1988OS/2 Product Numbers
45.09SCOMAN::DESHARNAISWed Mar 02 1988Will OS/2 run on the AT clones???
46.05USACSB::DICKERSONTue Mar 15 1988WPS/DOS ==> PS/2
47.014KOALA::BOEBINGERWed Mar 16 1988Anyone ported KERMIT?
48.07MURPHY::ANKERMon Mar 21 1988Can't kill a thread blocked in MOUREADEVENTQUE
49.03XROADS::MACDONALDThu Mar 31 1988Device driver confusion ??
50.02NAC::CLOUTIERFri Apr 15 1988Problem with asynch COM port.
51.01NAC::CLOUTIERFri Apr 22 1988LK25
52.02OS2::LICHTENBERGSun Apr 24 1988Common OS/2 installation problems
53.09OS2::LICHTENBERGWed Apr 27 1988Presentation Manager - First Impressions
54.06NAC::CLOUTIERFri Apr 29 1988Subst util. does not work under OS2
55.0OS2::LICHTENBERGThu May 12 1988Version 1.1 differences (non PM)
56.02NAC::CLOUTIERMon May 23 1988Question on Signal Handlers
57.0VANNA::LORDTue May 24 1988A Real MAKE for OS/2
58.03NAC::CLOUTIERFri May 27 1988SEDT Seems to be a CPU hog when in foreground
59.0OS2::LICHTENBERGTue May 31 1988Timers don't work right in OS/2 v1.1
60.0VANNA::LORDFri Jun 03 1988Announcing VDIR -- Directory for OS/2
61.05GALLOP::SHARKEYAMon Jun 13 1988What apps are around for OS2 ?
62.01GALLOP::SHARKEYAWed Jun 22 1988lan manager
63.02DUBMon Jun 27 1988Whats the news with OS/2?
64.05NAC::CLOUTIERTue Jul 05 19881.
65.02NAC::CLOUTIERWed Jul 06 1988can you stop OS/2 from trapping errors?
66.02NAC::CLOUTIERThu Jul 07 1988Device Drivers Course
67.02NAC::CLOUTIERThu Jul 07 19881.1 b a r e l y fits on 2
68.03DPDMAI::FRAMELISat Jul 09 1988laptop os/2
69.014KOALA::BOEBINGERTue Jul 12 1988Announcing - OS/2 EMPIRE
70.03DAVE::MITTONMon Jul 18 1988CONFIG2 comes to life
71.02DPDMAI::FRAMELIFri Jul 29 1988os/2 vs mac opsys
72.010MKTUP4::EIBENMon Aug 08 1988Kermit 'going' OS2..
73.0PLATA::HEINZERWed Aug 10 1988ROM fix via DASDDRVR.SYS for DOS 3.3 PS/2 5
74.01CGOSThu Aug 18 1988IBM OS/2 DATABASE MGR
75.02KIKETT::MACDONALD_MAThu Sep 01 1988Other OS/2 conferences?
76.01SCOMAN::DESHARNAISThu Sep 08 1988OS/2 training or demo's available?
77.016CGOSMon Sep 12 1988Differences between OS/2 and VMS
78.01MOSAIC::HOULETue Sep 13 1988IBM Multiuser OS/2 Implementation for PS/2s
79.0RAINBO::HOULEWed Sep 14 1988Survey Shows OS/2 Is Gaining Momentum
80.01NAC::ROBINSThu Sep 15 1988QUERYMONSUPPORT question
81.024RAINBO::LICHTENBERGFri Sep 23 1988OS/2 SDK 1.
82.06NACOFF::SHEATue Sep 27 1988VT1
83.07MERIDN::JENNINGSWed Oct 12 1988OS/2 LAN Manager Support
84.01RAINBO::WATERSThu Oct 27 1988Bug Fixes for OS/2 SDK v1.
85.010CLT::BUTENHOFFri Oct 28 1988Request for brain-dump on OS/2 threads:
86.0HERON::DEVRIESFri Nov 04 1988"Named Pipes"!?
87.01KOALA::BOEBINGERFri Nov 04 1988Changed behavior in VioWrtCharStr
88.02ODIUM::EY2558U1Wed Nov 09 1988Is Virtual memory the same as a VAX?
89.03SARAH::CUMMINGSWed Nov 09 1988OS/2 command line editor
90.0RAINBO::LICHTENBERGThu Nov 10 1988Speed up VIO on CGA screens...
91.03CLT::GOODThu Nov 10 1988Consistency between Presentation Manager and XUI
92.07SARAH::CUMMINGSMon Nov 14 1988Microsoft's Editor: M (ME, MEP)
93.02SARAH::CUMMINGSTue Nov 15 1988PM Fonts and Beta SDK 1.
94.03WELCOM::CLOUTIERTue Nov 22 1988What does the /Od compiler switch do?
95.03DUBWed Nov 23 1988WPS-PLUS on OS\2??
96.014RAINBO::LICHTENBERGMon Nov 28 1988HISTORY (command line editor) v2.
97.016ASD::WILLIAMSTue Nov 29 1988Getting OS/2 up on a VAXmate: What does it take?
98.02MKTUP4::EIBENWed Nov 30 1988New OS2 Kermit from CU
99.03YARD::SIMSTue Dec 06 1988Software Developers Toolkit
100.08VAOUTue Dec 06 1988OS/2 competitive information please.
101.022NAC::COLOMBOThu Dec 08 1988Announcing DECnet-OS/2 BL1!
102.03RAINBO::LICHTENBERGFri Dec 09 1988Who has the LAN Manager developer's kit
103.012NAC::ROBINSFri Dec 09 1988SETHOST note
104.0RAINBO::LICHTENBERGFri Dec 09 1988OS/2 VT22
105.018KOALA::BOEBINGERMon Dec 12 1988System hangs on XT/286 with DECnet-OS|2
106.03TROAMon Dec 12 1988OS/2 Named Pipes
107.018RAINBO::LICHTENBERGTue Dec 13 1988OS/2 Server Discussion
108.03MERIDN::JENNINGSThu Dec 15 1988Universal Micro Server?
109.06XANADU::BOEBINGERSat Dec 17 1988SCSI driver for OS/2 SDK?
110.02KOALA::BOEBINGERSun Dec 18 1988DTR gets cleared a lot
111.016CURIE::ANKERWed Dec 21 19881.
112.02KOALA::BOEBINGERThu Dec 22 1988Code to make NumLock look like PF1?
113.0NAC::ROBINSThu Dec 29 1988Netupdat: update a PC's network database
114.02RAINBO::LICHTENBERGSat Dec 31 1988Anybody had luck with MOUxxx() calls?
115.06KOALA::BOEBINGERSun Jan 01 1989ASCII text viewer program
116.02RAINBO::LICHTENBERGThu Jan 05 1989Codeview Tips
117.05MOSAIC::LICHTENBERGMon Jan 09 1989OS/2 Lan Manager available real soon now
118.04KOALA::BOEBINGERWed Jan 11 1989Disk drivers and DECstation 32
119.0WELCOM::CLOUTIERMon Jan 16 1989OS2 1.
120.04NAC::COLOMBOThu Jan 19 1989Announcing DECnet-OS/2 BL2!
121.023SARAH::CUMMINGSFri Jan 27 1989TOY PM APP for browsing VMS MAIL
122.0RAINBO::LICHTENBERGFri Jan 27 1989SideKick for OS/2
124.011MOSAIC::LICHTENBERGMon Feb 06 1989OS/2 Mail Program Discussion
125.015EPIK::PWONGTue Feb 07 1989DECwrite for OS/2
126.09MOSAIC::LICHTENBERGTue Feb 07 1989What projects are we (DEC) doing on OS/2?
127.09EPIK::CUMMINGSWed Feb 08 1989DEC OS/2 products as PM apps
128.0MOSAIC::WATERSWed Feb 08 1989SDK 1.
129.0EPIK::CUMMINGSWed Feb 22 1989Sidekick support for DDE?
130.01CLYPPR::SERRAThu Feb 23 1989DECnet-OS/2 config??
131.05SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Feb 24 1989Is OS/2 a proprietary operating system?
132.012PULMAN::MACKTue Mar 07 1989Questions about DECnet/OS2 features
133.04MERIDN::JENNINGSTue Mar 07 1989Presentation Manager?
134.04RAINBO::LICHTENBERGSat Mar 11 1989PCSA OS/2 Client Product Requirements
135.02EPIK::OREARMon Mar 13 1989OS/2 DECnet installation
136.08EPIK::OREARMon Mar 13 1989Trouble installing DECnet OS/2 - BL2
137.012ROMTue Mar 14 1989Remote management of OS2 systems?
138.05CIVAGE::PRUSSSat Mar 18 1989How to get our feet wet??
139.03RAINBO::LICHTENBERGMon Mar 20 1989Icons for non-pm apps?
140.0BAGELS::HARROWWed Mar 22 1989Software Development Job Opportunities!
141.08H2OSKI::OREARThu Apr 06 1989ARC Utility for OS/2
142.09EIGER::HALBHERRFri Apr 07 1989DECmouse DEPCA and OS2 ?
143.02NAC::ROBINSWed Apr 12 1989DEC Stock Price Quote program available
144.03GLORY::BATTSThu Apr 13 1989DECnet-OS/2 Sharing w/ PCSA Clients
145.02BREAKR::UDICKTue Apr 18 1989TCP/IP and OSI protocols
146.01BREAKR::UDICKTue Apr 18 1989DECwindows management Interface
147.02EPIK::CUMMINGSMon Apr 24 1989At least two sources for PM API information
148.013NAC::COLOMBOMon Apr 24 1989Announcing the DECnet-OS/2 BL3A Kit!
149.0349ER::JPARKETue Apr 25 1989What happened to the SDK?
150.01ZPOVWed Apr 26 1989HP LAN Manager
151.03DDIF::HOSLERWed Apr 26 1989Changing DECnet address
152.09EPIK::CUMMINGSWed Apr 26 1989DIR of OS/2 Nodes A drive from VAX fails
153.02EPIK::CUMMINGSWed Apr 26 1989SETHOST /5
154.05EPIK::CUMMINGSThu Apr 27 1989problem with MAIL's callable editor support
155.019EPIK::CUMMINGSThu Apr 27 1989More BL3a MAIL questions
156.01EPIK::CUMMINGSFri Apr 28 1989Hints needed for NDU printing
157.02EPIK::CUMMINGSFri Apr 28 1989DECnet-DOS problems fixed with DECnet-OS/2?
158.02EPIK::CUMMINGSFri Apr 28 1989USE isn't using AVIO functions?
159.02ROMSat Apr 29 1989read video RAM?
160.0EPIK::PWONGMon May 01 1989Problem with LDNETDLL.LIB from BL3A
161.012OSLACT::ARNETue May 02 1989Bug in SETHOST
162.03RAINBO::LICHTENBERGTue May 02 1989After you create a font, then what?
163.09MEMORY::SLATERFri May 05 1989Dave Cutler and OS/2
164.06OS2NET::CLOUTIERThu May 11 1989Pre Announcing HMS NOTES-PC for OS/2 and DOS
165.02EPIK::CUMMINGSFri May 12 1989LAD questions
166.014SARAH::OREARFri May 12 1989DECnet OS/2 BL3a and Codeview
167.09ROMFri May 12 1989os2+decnet w/3mb and 2
168.07ROMTue May 16 1989OS2 network printer?
169.02RADIO::CLOUTIERTue May 16 1989Async comm at 192
170.03ROMFri May 19 1989who will sell OS2?
171.03ROMFri May 19 1989OS2 down line load?
172.011DAVE::MITTONWed May 24 1989IBM EE V1.2 to support Ethernet NDIS
173.07MOSAIC::CURLESSThu May 25 1989New OS|2
174.01EPIK::CUMMINGSFri May 26 1989Gpi call interceptor
175.025NAC::COLOMBOWed Jun 07 1989Announcing the DECnet-OS/2 BL4/Field Test Kit!
176.03HELLO::CUMMINGSTue Jun 13 1989Who's using OS/2 today (besides developers)
177.02OSLACT::ARNEWed Jun 14 1989PCSA for OS/2 (bl1)
178.01RADIO::CloutierWed Jun 14 1989Bound/Family API Application Problem/Question..
179.0EPIK::PWONGThu Jun 15 1989Announcing the QUEEN::OS2_FORUM Conference
180.03RAH::HARVEYThu Jun 15 1989OS2 + DECwindows + NAS etc?
181.02MOSAIC::LICHTENBERGMon Jun 19 1989RECORD and PLAYBACK programs
182.09RAINBO::LICHTENBERGTue Jun 20 1989How do you debug PM programs?
183.012NAC::SCHUCHARDThu Jun 22 1989Any good data on SPL calls?
184.03MOSAIC::CURLESSMon Jun 26 1989phone
185.0DNEAST::WIGHT_BRIANTue Jun 27 1989For sale
186.05MERIDN::JENNINGSTue Jul 04 1989OS/2 questions?
187.0MERIDN::JENNINGSTue Jul 04 1989OS/2 Article
188.01MERIDN::JENNINGSTue Jul 04 1989OS/2 Technical Seminar
189.05ROMThu Jul 06 1989token+ether on os2??
190.02FINSER::JENNINGSThu Jul 06 1989I want to save DEC some money...
191.01SARAH::CUMMINGSFri Jul 07 1989NFT COPY to LANMGR:: problems
192.0SARAH::CUMMINGSFri Jul 07 1989App for viewing info about screen and printer fonts.
193.03ORT::ORTHOBERThu Jul 13 1989Help Installation OS/2
194.04ROMMon Jul 17 1989DEC lan manager doc?
195.02GRANPA::JZITELMANTue Jul 18 1989os2 sales situation advice needed
196.07NAC::COLOMBOThu Jul 20 1989DECnet-OS/2 Field Test Update (BL5)
197.0MEO78B::HUGHESTFri Jul 21 1989OS/2 and VMS comparison needed
198.06OSL42::TORHFri Aug 04 1989Memory usage and device drivers questions
199.06BER::BALAMIRMon Aug 07 1989tcp/ip under os/2 over ethernet
200.05OSL42::TORHWed Aug 09 1989MAIL and charactersets
201.02EPIK::CUMMINGSFri Aug 18 1989Any official OS/2 support for DEPCA mouse?
202.03EPIK::CUMMINGSFri Aug 18 1989Atron Evaluator
203.03OSL42::TORHTue Aug 22 1989Problems with nodedatabase
204.0SARAH::PWONGWed Aug 23 1989Job opportunity with DECwrite for OS/2
205.0MOSAIC::CURLESSWed Aug 23 1989GREP that searches sub-directories also
206.0SCOTTR::ScottRFri Sep 01 1989DosMonReg() question
207.06PUGET::WARRENTue Sep 05 1989Moving from DOS to OS2
208.04DUBTue Sep 12 1989LAN MANAGER / PCSA ??
209.02SCOTTR::ScottRWed Sep 13 1989Call for vote on comp.os.os2 newsgroup (usenet)
210.03NAC::COLOMBOThu Sep 14 1989DECnet for OS/2 V1.
211.06EPIK::CUMMINGSFri Sep 15 1989When will OS/2 programming toolkits be available???
212.0PHOTON::LICHTENBERGThu Sep 21 1989FC - file compare program for OS/2
213.0EPIK::PWONGFri Sep 22 1989Aldus starts shipping Pagemaker V3 for OS/2
214.04MERIDN::JENNINGSThu Sep 28 1989We need info now on OS/2!
215.015EPSDEV::WILLIAMSWed Oct 04 1989Using OS/2 without Windows?
216.06MERIDN::JENNINGSWed Oct 04 1989Eager for OS/2 Training
217.011OSL42::TorHSun Oct 08 1989Multithreading and semaphore problems
218.01MAIL::HAYDENMon Oct 09 1989looking for OS/2 to VAX connection now!
219.01ASDS::WARDTue Oct 10 1989OS/2, Q+E, Excel, Excel SQL Server links announce,ent
220.07KIPPIS::BACKSTROMTue Oct 10 1989Laid your eyes on Compaq's OS/2 V1.1?
221.08EPIK::PWONGTue Oct 10 1989Super VGA mode?
222.04EPIK::PWONGThu Oct 12 1989Model 8
223.022SCOTTR::ScottRFri Oct 20 1989USENET news reader for OS/2
224.0249ER::JPARKEMon Oct 23 1989Whats needed on VMS side for mail.exe
225.0OSL42::TorHThu Oct 26 1989NFT and bytes/second
226.02TRCAThu Oct 26 1989AD/CYCLE - What is it?!
227.06MINDER::ROBINSONFri Oct 27 1989DECnet OS/2 - LAN Manager, OS/2 2.1 and a bug.
228.04WAV14::ADAMWed Nov 01 1989os2 on 316's?
229.04CSCOA3::RADICK_DTue Nov 07 1989SDK at ALF?
230.011PTOMV4::MIGNOGNAWed Nov 08 1989OS2 for 12hmz 286???
231.014LKPDEE::HELLSTROMThu Nov 09 1989IBM Extended Edition questions
232.0EPIK::CUMMINGSWed Nov 15 1989Note 415.* in DECSTATION conference concerns OS/2, DECnet, and PCSA
233.014WILKIE::COBBWed Nov 15 1989OS/2 Questions
234.09UBOHUB::BRYANThu Nov 16 1989DECnet for OS/2 SPD
236.09EEMELI::WESSLINWed Nov 22 1989DECnet & LAT don't work with SDLC
237.0STRFRY::PWongWed Nov 22 1989Uppercase CONFIG.SYS
238.0KETJE::CALLEWAERTTue Nov 28 1989Help, SCATTERED "386" PC's
239.03CSCOA3::RADICK_DWed Nov 29 1989Logicomm problems
240.0RAINBO::IANNUZZOFri Dec 01 1989OS/2 DECwindows
241.0MOSAIC::WONGTue Dec 05 1989DECnet PCSA Client for OS/2 (BETA) BL1a
242.010TOOK::COOKTue Dec 05 1989OS2 1.2 installation problems...
243.0SARAH::CUMMINGSFri Dec 08 1989PM 1.1 bug w/ cascading menus
244.02EPSYS::WILLIAMSMon Dec 11 1989Looking for a pointer and a command line editor
246.015SCOTTR::ScottRThu Dec 14 1989OS/2 1.2 .vs. VAXmate
247.018VIRGO::CRUTCHFIELDThu Dec 14 1989OS2 vs DOS
248.01KIPPIS::BACKSTROMFri Dec 15 1989NFT COPY/ASCII char. conversion problems
249.06MINDER::ROBINSONFri Dec 22 1989A selection of DECNet questions.
250.04CSCOA5::RADICK_DWed Jan 03 1990NFS for OS/2 ?
251.07WILARD::SUNWed Jan 03 1990More questions on Name Pipes & DEPCA
252.07CSCOA3::RADICK_DThu Jan 04 1990OS2 KBRATE?
253.07CSCOA5::RADICK_DFri Jan 05 1990more messages?
254.010EIGER::SCHMITTMon Jan 08 1990OS/2 Utilities, where to find ?
255.02CSCOA3::RADICK_DTue Jan 09 1990INTERLINK OS2 MAIL 9/89
256.03EPIK::CUMMINGSFri Jan 12 1990NFT problem copying text file
257.01CSCOA5::RADICK_DMon Jan 15 1990OS2ECHO Oct-Dec 89
258.02ODIHAM::STRICKLAND_MMon Jan 15 1990LANmanager APIs Support
259.08CTOAVX::JENNINGSMon Jan 15 1990OS/2 Mail?
260.02RSUN::SYSTEMThu Jan 18 1990More on Named Pipe & MAC Driver
261.014STORM::BROWNFri Jan 19 1990Memory, disk req's: 1.2
262.09DIMSUM::PWONGTue Jan 23 1990LK25
263.01POBOX::SHEPPERD_SFri Jan 26 1990OS2 .VS. OS2/EE
264.04MINDER::THORNTONDFri Feb 02 1990Links to multiple processes from another node?
265.07WKRP::HENRYMon Feb 05 1990HP Laserjet Printer driver
266.05HERON::DEVRIESWed Feb 07 1990Lan Manager and RPC?
267.05CSCOA5::RADICK_DFri Feb 09 1990MSC errs
268.010DIMSUM::PWONGFri Feb 09 19901.2 Task Manager short cuts
269.03KOALA::BOEBINGERSat Feb 10 1990How to order V2.
270.03CTOAVX::JENNINGSSat Feb 10 1990Need info on OS/2 2.
271.016SCOTMN::RADBURNTue Feb 13 1990OS/2 Sethost and LAT
272.01UKCSSE::CULLEYTue Feb 13 1990How widely used is OS/2 ?.
273.025AUNTB::WARNOCKWed Feb 14 1990Seeking information on the OS/2 Server & LANManager
274.0RAINBO::WONGWed Feb 14 1990PCSA for OS/2 Base Level 2
275.01SKYWAY::HOLSTThu Feb 15 1990driver for lj25
276.08SUBWAY::TAKOSFri Feb 16 1990Suggestions On Good OS/2 Books ?
277.03MSDOA::RMITCHELLTue Feb 20 1990DECnet OS/2 and NETBIOS?
278.01ACTORS::SCOTTMon Feb 26 1990Access to OS2 Forum on Queen?
279.05GUCCI::WOLFSat Mar 03 1990OS/2 and POSIX
280.02PASMTue Mar 06 1990request for kdb
281.012LENO::GRIERTue Mar 06 1990What is needed for OS/2 V1.2?
282.04MLNCSC::ORIANAFri Mar 09 1990Memory occupation in Comaptibility box
283.07SCOTTR::ScottRFri Mar 09 1990 HPFS
284.05TROAMon Mar 12 1990327
285.014LENO::GRIERWed Mar 14 1990Linear address space with V2.
286.01DDIF::TANCILLWed Mar 14 1990CDA for OS/2 IFT available
287.04CSCOA5::RADICK_DMon Mar 19 1990OS/2 C programming?
288.04CSCOA5::PRICE_DMon Mar 19 1990SETHOST to COM1 port
289.06LENO::GRIERMon Mar 19 1990ODS-2 on OS/2?
290.05SUBWAY::YOUNGTue Mar 20 1990printing
291.013EACTSI::MALCOLMTue Mar 20 1990Async PCSA?
293.0DIMSUM::PWONGWed Mar 21 1990AT&T to work with OS/2
294.02JRDVThu Mar 22 1990integer COMP-5 for SQL embedded COBOL
295.07CSCOA5::PRICE_DFri Mar 23 1990NDU device drivers w/v1.2 SE
296.07KOALA::BOEBINGERSat Mar 24 1990How to access LISTSERV OS/2 files?
297.03CASEE::GRANTMon Mar 26 1990bzero, bcopy not in DECnet library?
298.06EACTSI::MALCOLMMon Mar 26 1990SETHOST broken in V1.2?
299.02GIDDAY::RAINERTue Mar 27 1990Problem viewing Mail with OS/2
300.09HOO78C::BATSTue Mar 27 1990Problems with user level security with OS/2 server
301.0EPIK::CUMMINGSThu Mar 29 1990Toy DDE application
302.03GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHMon Apr 02 1990DNET OS/2 Install in IBM V1.2 Beta Site
303.03SKYWAY::HOLSTThu Apr 05 1990lanmanager questions
304.07SKYWAY::HOLSTThu Apr 05 1990327x and dds support
305.09NOVA::HSUThu Apr 05 1990Help needed with DLL's
306.011SUBWAY::TAKOSFri Apr 06 1990NETBIOS problems w' Lotus Notes
307.01KETJE::DESCHUYTERTue Apr 10 1990VT34
308.04DIMSUM::PWONGWed Apr 11 1990Strange error code with NFT COPY
309.08SUBWAY::YOUNGThu Apr 12 19903Com and PCSA
310.09SPACED::houleThu Apr 12 1990Microsoft University information
311.04BEEZER::MOOREWed Apr 18 1990Competitive info
312.0SUBWAY::YOUNGWed Apr 18 1990Using PCSA for OS/2 with 3+Open
313.020WMOIS::REINKEThu Apr 19 1990OS/2 vs SCO_UNIX
314.04SUBWAY::YOUNGThu Apr 19 1990327
315.01TASTY::JEFFERYFri Apr 20 1990DECnet for OS/2 not allowing swap/move segments.
316.06KETJE::DESCHUYTERTue Apr 24 1990SETHOST problem using PM-windows
317.03CSOVM1::ZanggerTue Apr 24 1990NDU virt disk starts printing :-{
318.05ROMMon Apr 30 1990DECnet or PCSA for OS/2 cohabiting with LM/X
319.0LEROUF::DARCEMONTThu May 03 1990Select on OS/2 for small and medium models
320.02SUBWAY::TAKOSThu May 03 1990NDIS question...
321.0DIMSUM::PWONGMon May 07 1990Letwin on VCPI support (or the lack of it in OS/2 2.
322.03SUBWAY::CITRONTue May 08 1990MOPsupport? TRN Card coexistance with 8
323.04FSTTOO::HENDERSONWed May 09 1990OS/2 error log info?
324.03KIPPIS::BACKSTROMThu May 10 1990"access denied" with DECnet
325.06SUBWAY::CITRONFri May 11 1990But CAN it load a DEMSB?
326.03DUGGAN::ELCHINGERFri May 11 1990Question: How best to switch between OS/2 and DOS?
327.09SUBWAY::YOUNGMon May 14 1990MS-DOS mode -more memory
328.06OSLACT::OLAVWed May 16 1990DECrpc (NCS) on OS/2?
329.01FSTVAX::HENDERSONFri May 18 1990la75 PM printer driver?
331.01EPIK::CUMMINGSFri May 18 1990"Cannot find file ." error message
332.011GENRAL::HEINTZEFri May 18 1990OS/2 V1.1 on 286 Clone?
333.04FSTTOO::HENDERSONFri May 18 1990os/2 system event codes
334.04CSOA1::SMARACKOMon May 21 1990OS/2 EE Support?
335.014CSCOA5::RADICK_DTue May 22 1990PM Programming?
336.03EPIK::CUMMINGSWed May 23 1990Inappropiate NFT message
337.01CSCOA5::PRICE_DFri May 25 1990OS/2 server crashing system
338.02CSCOA5::OLSEN_RTue May 29 1990Net Send to DOS Client Fails
339.02AIMTEC::ADAMS_SWed May 30 1990new OS/2 user
340.02FSADMN::CARZELLThu May 31 1990Protection Violation when trying to use Pagemaker
341.02FSADMN::CARZELLThu May 31 1990Server Crashing
342.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu May 31 1990OS2 Mail problems
343.03MINDER::THORNTONDMon Jun 04 1990DEC LanWORKS for OS2 kit ( real or FT ) please??
344.02FSTTOO::HENDERSONMon Jun 04 1990serial printing problem
345.010DCL::NANCYBTue Jun 05 1990OS/2's HPFS on a dual-boot system (?)
346.03FSTVAX::HENDERSONTue Jun 05 1990com port setup
347.08CSOA1::CUNNINGHAMFri Jun 08 1990OS/2 Printing Made Easy
348.02OZZAIB::JENNINGSTue Jun 12 1990Need a Technical Explanation
349.03CGOAThu Jun 14 1990Locator issues??
350.0SPACED::HouleThu Jun 14 1990DEC LanWORKS for OS/2 V1.1 IFT information
351.015CURIE::ANKERFri Jun 15 1990Problem using Microsoft C version 6
352.027LENO::GRIERMon Jun 18 1990OS/2 V2.
353.0IGNATZ::JUDDMon Jun 18 1990PAMS Message Bus for OS|2
354.05SUBWAY::CITRONTue Jun 19 1990Max # of nodes with LAN Manager? Limits?
355.011WILARD::JENNINGSWed Jun 20 1990Low Cost Departmental Server
356.01CSOVM1::ZanggerThu Jun 21 1990Long term lock on NCB segment?
357.03SUBWAY::BUONOMOFri Jun 22 1990DDCMP... Again !!!
358.0CSCOA3::PRICE_DMon Jun 25 1990Undocumented DAP messages with NFT
359.01WILARD::JENNINGSWed Jun 27 1990MS Press LAN Manager Book
360.07PHIN::Cockcroft,CSC OZFri Jun 29 1990OS/2 Client connection to PCFS fails
361.03LEDS::SCHMITTTue Jul 03 1990IBM OS/2 V1.2 & LN
362.02LENO::GRIERThu Jul 05 1990Microsoft phone number to order OS/2
363.01WMOIS::REINKEMon Jul 09 1990Who's Running Windows?
364.05BDYSRF::UDICKTue Jul 10 1990SCO Unix and OS/2 boot configuration
365.09WELUP::MCCALLUMTue Jul 10 1990Compatibility of LANMAN over TCP/IP
366.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jul 11 1990OS/2 server and dos clients
367.011KIPPIS::BACKSTROMThu Jul 12 1990Where did [server] portion in LANMAN.INI go in V1.1?
368.02WLDWST::PALERMOThu Jul 12 1990IBM vs Digital OS/2
369.0EPIK::PWONGSat Jul 14 1990OS/2 "Lite"
370.02DIMSUM::PWONGSun Jul 15 1990Forcing file names to be shortened on HPFS?
371.01EIGER::SCHMITTMon Jul 16 1990Problem with NETSETUP accessing the LANMGR field
372.01BOEBNR::BOEBINGERMon Jul 16 1990Different priorities for different links?
373.07SALMON::HENDRIKSENMon Jul 16 1990OS/2 Performance help needed
374.01WLDWST::PALERMOTue Jul 17 1990OS/2 System crash - help!
375.03CSCOA5::OLSEN_RWed Jul 18 1990Can't find NETOEM on net start workstation
376.02BOEBNR::BOEBINGERWed Jul 18 1990Problems with dual boot in V1.2
377.01EPIK::CUMMINGSWed Jul 18 1990HPFS and DEC LanWORKS V1.1 Field test
378.011WLDWST::PALERMOWed Jul 18 1990Digital mouse support???
379.0DIMSUM::PWONGMon Jul 23 1990OS/2 Tools Shipping Guide (13
380.0FRUST::HAGEMANNTue Jul 24 1990asynchornous modus TTT-progr.
381.03CSCOA5::OLSEN_RTue Jul 24 1990net2138: error on "net start workstation"
382.01SUBWAY::LIVIGNIWed Jul 25 1990SYBASE SQL Server anyone ??
383.06WLDWST::PALERMOThu Jul 26 1990Config.sys Please! (re-installation instructions)
384.07TROATue Jul 31 1990Named pipes v. SQL services
385.04STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Aug 02 1990IMB m7
386.01USWAV1::NULLThu Aug 02 1990DOS Client with OS/2 Server
387.01SPACED::HouleThu Aug 02 1990FYI, two new PCI video tapes
388.01NAC::NORTONFri Aug 03 1990Problem With set path / Line Continuation
389.09SUTRA::HALTONMon Aug 06 1990OS/2 V1.2 includes REXX??
390.02CSCOA5::OLSEN_RMon Aug 06 1990Help setting up serial printer as shared printer
392.05ROMFri Aug 10 1990Terminal Emulator under Comp. Box
393.02SUBWAY::KABELFri Aug 10 1990Multicast read questions
394.0SAGE::DRESNERFri Aug 10 1990DECdecison Access Field Test
395.01OTOUTue Aug 14 1990LN
396.01CSCOAC::FARLOW_JWed Aug 15 1990SETHOST OS/2
397.09CSCOA3::OLSEN_RWed Aug 15 1990sys
398.0USWAV1::NULLWed Aug 15 1990NETVIEW and LanWORKS
399.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Aug 16 1990dos .exe on OS/2 file services.
400.010DEMOAX::KUHLFri Aug 17 1990OS/2 and DOS Client "Not Listening"
401.06MONMON::MALCOLMSat Aug 18 1990EGA to Paradise VGA upgrade
402.03BOEBNR::BOEBINGERMon Aug 20 1990Keyboard autorepeat program for V1.2?
403.04DAVE::MITTONTue Aug 21 1990DECnet & OS/2 programming problem
405.06WLDWST::PALERMOThu Aug 23 1990OS/2 Business Graphics??
406.01USHSFri Aug 24 1990What is VDE compliance mean for the DEPCA F
407.02COPCLU::RISTOFri Aug 24 1990Multiple simultaneous protocols on NDIS
408.02CSCOA3::OLSEN_RFri Aug 24 1990PRO
409.01EPIK::CUMMINGSTue Aug 28 1990MSC - Be sure to use -Gs w/ _loadds
410.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Aug 29 1990PCMS for DOS
411.0649ER::JPARKEWed Aug 29 1990Syntax problem with USE command and Lan Works?
412.04LENO::GRIERWed Aug 29 1990TAR reader for OS/2?
413.02DIMSUM::PWONGWed Aug 29 19903
415.02VIA::GOODRIDGEFri Aug 31 1990Set Environment Problem
416.0549ER::JPARKEFri Aug 31 1990OS/2 2.
418.04WIRDI::RICHMONDTue Sep 04 1990Lotus 1-2-3 V3 OS/2 problem
419.01CSCOA3::OLSEN_RWed Sep 05 1990Why are Broadband connects not supported?
420.03BRYAN::KEENANWed Sep 05 1990OS/2 Server questions
421.07SCACT::KNOWLESJIWed Sep 05 1990network access denied
422.0DCL::NANCYBThu Sep 06 1990Microsoft OS/2 Telephone Support Service
423.01349ER::JPARKEThu Sep 06 1990Compaq OS2 V1.21 installation problems...
424.0749ER::JPARKEThu Sep 06 1990MicroSoft ONLINE?????
425.01FACTFri Sep 07 1990Token Ring Help Needed
426.04NUTMEG::ROTHSTEINFri Sep 07 1990DECstation SCSI Tape SW for OS/2.
427.07CSCOA3::OLSEN_RMon Sep 10 1990API function description for netbiosgetinfo - a question
428.0349ER::JPARKEMon Sep 10 1990COMPAQ OS/2 1.21 and LanWORKS 1.1 incompatibility.
429.01TLE::GRIEBTue Sep 11 1990help needed with standard mouse
430.02TROATue Sep 11 1990TCP/IP for OS/2 ? Where ?
431.02CSCOAC::RADICK_DThu Sep 13 1990IBM BBS has CSDs
432.02BOEBNR::BOEBINGERFri Sep 14 1990OS/2 driver/utility for Colorado Jumbo tape?
433.02VAXWRK::INGRAMFri Sep 14 1990How to shutdown DECnet on OS/2
434.02BACHUS::VANTUYKOMMon Sep 17 1990installing ORACLE on PCSA for OS/2
435.0CSCOAC::RADICK_DMon Sep 17 19901.3 IBM info
436.02WARNUT::DENBYTue Sep 18 1990Out of environment space ...
438.049ER::JPARKEWed Sep 19 1990IBM and Microsoft license agreement....
439.02SKYWAY::SOMFri Sep 21 1990LanWORKS OS/2: HPFS support?
440.03XANADU::BOEBINGERSat Sep 22 1990Triple-Boot?
441.0SPACED::HouleMon Sep 24 1990product management response to OS/2 EE
442.0SPACED::HouleMon Sep 24 1990DEC LanWORKS Kit Availability
443.06UTRTSC::BATSMon Sep 24 1990deadlock with accounts and LANmanager v2.
444.0SPACED::HouleMon Sep 24 1990Sales Update Article for DLW for OS/2 V1.1
445.01TRADE::BOONEWed Sep 26 1990need X under OS/2
446.05OSLLAV::TORHThu Sep 27 1990Problems with DLLMAC and DEC LanWORKS v1.1
447.0TROASun Sep 30 1990378
448.01CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KMon Oct 01 1990IBM lan server and X.25
449.05SPACED::HouleTue Oct 02 1990FYI, LanWORKS name is history
450.08NAC::NORTONWed Oct 03 1990PCMS Fails SET NODE On Long User Name
451.02SUBWAY::KABELThu Oct 04 1990user access to DLC
452.015EPIK::CUMMINGSFri Oct 05 1990Hack for executing .CMD file on your OS/2 machine from a terminal
453.09SCOTTR::ScottRFri Oct 05 1990OS/2 1.3
454.01ICENET::JPARKEFri Oct 05 1990?? Does PCSA V3.
455.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Oct 09 1990Remapped keys
456.02EMASS1::MARTINTue Oct 09 1990Microsoft SQL Server
457.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGWed Oct 10 1990Pointer to DECnet OS2 Prog Ref Manual , please
458.08WLDWST::PALERMOThu Oct 11 1990OS/2 Mail - PCSA$MSV6 object
459.05ICENET::JPARKEThu Oct 11 1990LANworks 1.1 user security and the USE command... Problems...
460.03OLYMP::RUEFFFri Oct 12 1990Compaq's multiprocessing (OS2/Netware386/SCO_UNIX)
461.07SNDPIT::SMITHFri Oct 12 1990SW development time, OS/2 vs. MS-DOS?
462.03ICENET::JPARKEFri Oct 12 1990? How can I get a SCSI driver for a DECstation 325c
463.01ZPOVC::MUICHOOTue Oct 16 1990Workstation not started !
464.08WLDWST::PALERMOTue Oct 16 1990Last Driver error message!
465.05TRADE::BOONEWed Oct 17 1990Help Needed with DECnet Non-Transparent Code!!!
466.09VSDDThu Oct 18 1990REQUEST: UNIX against OS/2 arguments
467.0COMICS::MADCOW::FOSTERMon Oct 22 1990Gupta Tech. SQL Base
468.02UTRTSC::BATSMon Oct 22 1990Local Session Table full
469.05TRADE::BOONEMon Oct 22 1990IO direction problem on OS/2 1.2 - Microsoft V6.
470.02TRAMNR::HummerstonTue Oct 23 1990Performance - how long is a bit of string?
471.04TRADE::BOONETue Oct 23 1990system crash and threading delay question
472.08ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue Oct 23 1990SETHOST not 1
473.09TRADE::BOONETue Oct 23 1990Desperately Seeking XR
474.05COLWed Oct 24 1990'dcp -S' (ULTRIX) and DECnet-OS/2
475.0DIMSUM::PWONGWed Oct 24 1990(Untested) Patch to make icons smaller on 8514/A
476.01DECWET::PAINEThu Oct 25 1990Can I reach OS2MAN from Ultrix machine?
477.02CSCOA3::WHITSON_JFri Oct 26 1990Sanity Check
478.02CSCOA5::STEWART_RFri Oct 26 1990Urgent! Printing to HPLaser - Parallel
479.03CMOTEC::AUSTINTue Oct 30 1990Support for OS/2 V1.2 under PCSA
480.08TRCOTue Oct 30 1990PCSA for OS/2 question?
481.01CSCOAC::SMITH_MTue Oct 30 1990NDIS OS/2 and Lanman V2.
482.01ICENET::JPARKEWed Oct 31 1990New Directions for OS/2 2.
483.06EPIK::HOVEYWed Oct 31 1990What level CSD for EE?
484.05KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Nov 01 1990dos to os/2 can't connect
485.03TRADE::BOONETue Nov 06 1990how to make CONTAINER FILE?
486.05STKHLM::BREMSJOTue Nov 06 1990VT LOG IN TO OS/2?
487.04KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Nov 06 1990decnet problem possibly
488.09DAVE::MITTONTue Nov 06 1990It's heere! IBM Announces V1.3
489.01SPACED::HouleWed Nov 07 1990PCSA for OS/2 V2.
490.01CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KThu Nov 08 1990OS/2 V1.1
491.01CRISTA::LEIMBERGERFri Nov 09 1990Mouse driver needed??
492.02ANNECY::LEMMAFri Nov 09 1990LANManager on ULTRIX
495.03VMSNET::R_OLSENWed Nov 14 1990Mail from os/2 command line?
496.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Nov 15 1990net admin 65 network access is denided
497.028VNABRW::PAYLOR_SFri Nov 16 1990Performance attack from Novell
498.0GRANPA::BBICKELFri Nov 16 1990Digital solution for LAN/327
499.0NZOVMon Nov 19 1990ULTRIX and LAN resources
500.05KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Nov 19 1990dos appl disc. from OS/2 server
501.02--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 20 1990Help With Multiple DEPCA Installation
502.02PTOVAX::WILSONWed Nov 21 1990Driver NETWKSTA.SYS will not load
503.01VNABRW::PAYLOR_SThu Nov 22 1990TCP/IP and DECnet transports ...
504.01TRAMNR::HummerstonFri Nov 23 1990Dual boot with DEC's OS/2?
505.01LEMAN::PITTETMon Nov 26 1990PCSA for OS/2 Servers
506.06VNABRW::PAYLOR_SWed Nov 28 1990NETbind hardware error message
507.01VNABRW::PAYLOR_SThu Nov 29 1990Protocol discrimination
508.03WELMTS::BOTTOMLEYThu Nov 29 1990Max No of Reverse LAT connections?
509.03HXOUThu Nov 29 1990OS/2 circuit keeps dropping
510.06CSCOAC::RADICK_DFri Nov 30 1990our Lan Man 2.
511.0EPERNA::HummerstonTue Dec 04 1990corrupt lanman_admref.ps?
512.02CIMFIE::SHIHWed Dec 05 1990user level security for lanwork os/2 1.
513.012KAOU32::SENSKEThu Dec 06 1990TRAP
514.03WILARD::SUNFri Dec 07 1990OS2 V1.2.1 DEClaser 21
515.0EMILE::CRAMPONMon Dec 10 1990IBM 47
516.04CSGTue Dec 11 1990More print problems
517.02AUMINE::ROYTMAN_ANWed Dec 12 1990os/2 mail recommendations request
518.05CSOA1::SCHRAMM_KFri Dec 14 1990Support of Named Pipes?
519.06CSGFri Dec 14 1990SETHOST available on network ?
520.06SUBWAY::DERISEMon Dec 17 1990DOS mode with dual boot?
521.05WLDWST::PALERMOMon Dec 17 1990PATHWORKS 1.1 for OS/2 Available???
522.07VAXWRK::BARRETTTue Dec 18 1990os/2 server setup defined!
523.04AYOV24::JVEITCHWed Dec 19 1990PCSA V1.
524.011SUBWAY::DERISEThu Dec 20 1990OS/2 V1.3
525.02CSCOAC::RADICK_DFri Dec 21 1990enquiring minds want to know
526.08BALZAC::ROMNEYWed Dec 26 1990OS/2 and file server
527.0BALZAC::ROMNEYWed Dec 26 1990Kit references needed
528.05BALZAC::ROMNEYThu Dec 27 1990Notes
529.08BALZAC::ROMNEYWed Jan 02 1991NETLOGON and SETLOGON questions
530.02TRUCKS::HARDYThu Jan 03 1991OS/2 EE on non-IBM kit?
531.04ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKThu Jan 03 1991where is virtkeys.txt?
532.010FORTY2::MANNFri Jan 04 1991Has OS/2 got a future
533.0KAOTFri Jan 04 1991sys1943 installing pcsa os/2 server
534.03ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKFri Jan 04 1991advise on keyboard mapping wanted
535.04BACHUS::VERMEIRMon Jan 07 1991NETLOGON Problem
536.04VMSNET::R_OLSENMon Jan 07 1991Sethost trap D problem
537.01SPACE::HouleTue Jan 08 1991PCSA for OS/2 V1.1 SPD
538.09VMSNET::R_OLSENTue Jan 08 1991Netbeui protocol through repeaters?
539.05GIDDAY::RALLINGSWed Jan 09 1991PATHWORKS for OS/2???
540.05SUBWAY::LIVIGNIThu Jan 10 1991Netbeui vs. DECnet ?
541.012BIS3::MIGEOTThu Jan 10 1991OS/2 version 2.
542.01HERON::BEAUThu Jan 10 1991OS/2 EE and PATHWORKS ???
544.04ATFAM::HARRISThu Jan 10 1991OS/2 task-to-task question
545.01MINDER::THORNTONDFri Jan 11 1991redir already installed error : os2 s.e V1.2 ????
546.06EEMELI::RASANENFri Jan 11 1991OS/2 1.2 mouse problem
547.05SUBWAY::DERISEFri Jan 11 1991Nonsense and politics!
548.04COMICS::SHOULDINGFri Jan 11 1991Backslash not working on Compaq under sethost.
549.03KERNEL::COLOMBOMon Jan 14 1991copying hangs DOS ==> OS/2 large file
550.03LATACP::J_HASSENCAHLMon Jan 14 1991SETHOST/LAT to a password protected services does not work ...
551.01TRNPRC::FALORMon Jan 14 19913rd pty OS/2 porting of DEC products
552.04SUBWAY::DERISEWed Jan 16 1991DECnet-OS/2 Proxy Access?
553.01CACIQE::RUIZJWed Jan 16 1991OS/2 LIMIT...
554.05CSCOAC::RADICK_DWed Jan 16 1991trapped by 1.1
555.014SUBWAY::DERISEWed Jan 16 1991LAN MAN and Requestor together?
556.03VIA::GOODRIDGEThu Jan 17 1991Sed avail. for OS/2?
557.04LEARN1::WEYMOUTHThu Jan 17 1991Trouble with Keyboard Mapping in QVT
558.04VMSNET::R_OLSENFri Jan 18 1991USE/SHOW from dos 3.
559.04SPACE::HouleFri Jan 18 1991PCSA for OS/2 V1.1 is shipping!
560.03SDOGUS::DIAZSun Jan 20 1991x.4
561.04SDOGUS::DIAZSun Jan 20 19911
562.02EPERNA::HummerstonSun Jan 20 1991LN
563.02WILARD::JENNINGSMon Jan 21 1991Uncertain about PATHWORKS for OS/2
564.01PCA112::BoebingerThu Jan 24 1991BOOTANY around somewhere?
565.01VMSNET::R_OLSENThu Jan 24 1991V1.
566.0SPACE::HouleThu Jan 24 1991phase
567.02WLDWST::PALERMOSun Jan 27 1991PCSA Startup errors - Help
568.0JUNO::JUNO::TSMITHMon Jan 28 1991No COM1: with DOS and OS/2
569.021MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Jan 28 1991Is OS/2 dead? Microsoft scraps OS/2 for Windows...
570.04MLNCSC::LANCELLOTTITue Jan 29 1991NET3191 error
571.01OTOOTue Jan 29 1991Device Support Supplement Disk
572.01RANGER::WONGWed Jan 30 1991LAN Requester + DECnet -> PCSA services
573.02UTRTSC::MCCAULEYThu Jan 31 1991sethost script problems with os/2 1.2
574.04SUBWAY::DERISEThu Jan 31 1991DOS, redir, and serial ports
575.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jan 31 1991os/2 1.2 SE spooler
576.08CSCOAC::RADICK_DThu Jan 31 1991LM 1.1 client problems
577.08SARAH::HOVEYFri Feb 01 1991Want to stop junk broadcast messages.
578.02AIMTEC::ADAMS_SMon Feb 04 1991Disk Fragmentation
579.05GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Feb 04 1991NFT Between MAC and OS/2 Causes DAP Error
580.010KLUSTR::GARDNERTue Feb 05 1991LAST and LAT questions
581.02VSDD2Wed Feb 06 1991Developping software for OS/2
582.05SUBWAY::DERISEWed Feb 06 1991User level security: Backup controller?
583.07GIDDAY::MUNNSun Feb 10 1991How much memory left ?
584.02LISA::Joerg_SWed Feb 13 1991PCSA incompatible to LANmanager??
585.04ADO75A::WILEYWed Feb 13 1991Net backup/SCSI-IDE disks/refs?
586.0FLYWAY::GMUENDERThu Feb 14 1991Help: Printer Problem
587.09PHDVAX::WINIGRADThu Feb 14 1991MS Mouse and Full Screen
588.03STKHLM::WETTERBERGFri Feb 15 1991mail ivp fails , netserver.log: error activating image VAXCRTL ident missmatch with shareable image
589.01EMASS::HEBERTJFri Feb 15 1991hp paintjet driver??
590.03KERNEL::COLOMBOMon Feb 18 1991Pathworks 1.1 installing ?
591.06GIDDAY::RALLINGSTue Feb 19 1991Error NET31
592.03EEMELI::WESSLINTue Feb 19 1991problem when changing DOMAIN name
593.01VSDD2Tue Feb 19 1991X(display) server capabilty on OS/2
594.011YUPPY::EDLEYTue Feb 19 1991OS/2 documentation
595.07SUBWAY::DERISETue Feb 19 1991DECnet db: memory usage?
596.07CSCOA1::RADICK_DTue Feb 19 1991future for OS/2 client?
597.01WLDWST::PALERMOTue Feb 19 1991Help w/Printer Manager
598.03GNOCLU::PORELLThu Feb 21 1991Pathworks working with OS/2 V1.3?
599.06JOHNPC::BOEBINGERSun Feb 24 1991Problem with NETWKSTA.SYS on bootup
600.02PHDVAX::WINIGRADMon Feb 25 1991Remote Boot Capability
601.05PHDVAX::WINIGRADMon Feb 25 1991IBM Image Adapter/A Conflict
602.08PHDSRV::KOZICKITue Feb 26 1991 Moving 3Com to Pathworks
603.04BSYBEE::EGOLFTue Feb 26 1991Help needed in installing OS/2
604.03VMSNET::UGADOG::r_olsenWed Feb 27 1991NET31
605.04GLDOA::WESTBROOKSThu Feb 28 1991External SCSI Tape (17
606.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Feb 28 1991dec os/2 1.21 and mouse drivers
607.04CSCOA1::RADICK_DThu Feb 28 1991USE problems?
608.07VNABRW::ENGEL_WFri Mar 01 1991no 386server on DS425 ??
609.02YUPPY::EDLEYFri Mar 01 1991DOMAINS
610.08ALOSWS::HEIGHTSun Mar 03 1991OS/2 EE v1.3 working with Pathworks?
611.01VMSNET::UGADOG::r_olsenMon Mar 04 1991Mail Notification with VMS mail server
612.03PTOVAX::WILSONTue Mar 05 1991Need explanation on printing
613.01BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIWed Mar 06 1991DECStation 21
614.06EPERNA::HummerstonWed Mar 06 1991NET ADMIN blues
615.08GLDOA::WESTBROOKSThu Mar 07 1991How well will it work?
616.011MQOSWS::J_GIGUEREThu Mar 07 1991remote terminal access to LAN
617.05SUBWAY::BUONOMOMon Mar 11 1991Disk Duplexing
618.01GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHMon Mar 11 1991Various Remote Printing Questions
619.0SPACE::HouleTue Mar 12 1991using third party NDIS drivers with PCSA for OS/2 v1.1
620.013GIDDAY::RALLINGSWed Mar 13 1991SETHOST On PS/2 Model 7
621.05GUIDUK::KEROUACThu Mar 14 1991Lan Manager V2.
622.03GIDDAY::RALLINGSTue Mar 19 1991Problems Connecting To Shared Services on DS425c
623.02ROVRUM::ROBINSONTue Mar 19 1991Netsetup and DOS clients
624.02CSCOAC::RADICK_DTue Mar 19 1991net adapter shared ram?
625.08DSTEG1::PACUNASThu Mar 21 1991os2 server with IDE + SCSI
626.02DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEThu Mar 21 1991OS/2 CSD XR
627.01DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEThu Mar 21 1991Support for 3Com NDIS drivers
628.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Mar 21 1991where is setup in lanman
629.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Mar 21 1991net admin probl.
630.03KLUSTR::GARDNERThu Mar 21 1991VAX username as sharename?
631.02MYKENE::CHRISSYFri Mar 22 1991Dedicated OS/2 Server
632.030JOHNPC::BOEBINGERSun Mar 24 1991OS/2 V2.
633.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Mar 25 1991printers lpt2 com1 probl.
634.08KERNEL::GUEST5Mon Mar 25 1991Asynchronous Connections
635.02SCOTTR::ScottRTue Mar 26 1991PATHWORKS for OS/2 V2.
636.01GLDOA::LIBOVETue Mar 26 1991"USE" a LAT service on a COM port?
637.01GLDOA::LIBOVETue Mar 26 1991LAD driver locks up PS/2 on boot
638.04OROILF::HIPPTue Mar 26 1991OS/2 Server vs. VMS Server
639.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Mar 27 1991netsetup probl.
640.016ATLACT::KEMP_MWed Mar 27 1991DECstation 325c-OS/2 v1.21-System Crashes
641.01NAC::NORTONThu Mar 28 1991Inquiries Into VIRTKEYS.TXT (SETHOST)
642.03SPIKER::BOETTCHERFri Mar 29 1991P/W OS/2 v1.1 on DECst. 32
643.03OASS::ADAMS_SFri Mar 29 1991OS2 and laptops
644.02WMOIS::SKOWYRAFri Mar 29 1991Info on Sun Workstation
645.04SUBWAY::BOETTCHERMon Apr 01 1991Remote SA to OS/2 Server without WAN?
646.07GUIDUK::KEROUACTue Apr 02 1991Brdcst message, security, Time service ??
647.07KLUSTR::GARDNERTue Apr 02 1991VMS->OS/2 != VMS->DOS
649.02GIDDAY::BLOOMTue Apr 02 1991os2 mail crashes when run sys 1942
650.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSWed Apr 03 1991PATHWORKS for OS/2 Courses?
651.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Apr 03 1991printing jobs from diff. users
652.015SOJU::QUINNThu Apr 04 1991Error installing OS/2 with MS-DOS already on the hard disk
653.04RUTILE::LAVELLESat Apr 06 1991OS/2 (v2.
654.013KETJE::WARICHETMon Apr 08 1991OS/2 server with a 3C5
655.05SUBWAY::BUONOMOMon Apr 08 1991MOP loading a DECrouter 25
656.03YUPPY::PAUTue Apr 09 1991LAN MANAGER - PATHWORKS FOR OS/2 Differences
657.01GLDOA::WESTBROOKSWed Apr 10 1991login node user PW on OS2?
658.01THEWAV::BRADLEYWed Apr 10 1991327
659.04SNOCThu Apr 11 1991LAN Manager Docs
660.02GLDOA::GRAEFFFri Apr 12 1991OS/2, HPFS and the DECstation 316sx.
661.03GLDOA::LIBOVEFri Apr 12 1991wierd sethost behaviour
662.02BOSWKG::GARDNERFri Apr 12 1991which PROTMAN.OS2 version?
663.02SPIKER::BOETTCHERFri Apr 12 1991DOSLOAD problem to OS/2 server
664.01GUIDUK::KEROUACFri Apr 12 1991LPT1 on DOS - looses directory info
665.08GIDDAY::MUNNSat Apr 13 1991Checkpoint 73/Trap
666.0WLDWST::PALERMOSat Apr 13 1991HP Paintjet driver??
667.03VMSNET::R_OLSENMon Apr 15 1991Trap error when running NET ADMIN
668.02EPIK::PWONGMon Apr 15 1991IBM 1.3 & 2.
669.06NZOMIS::ROBBINSTue Apr 16 1991OS/2 Services for Macintosh?
670.0GUIDUK::KEROUACWed Apr 17 1991Cancel print job hung queue & Network printrs
671.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Apr 18 1991NETBIOS and RoyalBase - don't work ...
672.09GLDOA::WESTBROOKSThu Apr 18 1991Shared Comm port for DOS clients.
673.03GIDDAY::MUNNFri Apr 19 1991Is this a locking problem ?
674.08LEMAN::DELLAPUPPAFri Apr 19 1991NET2131 & SYS1719 Error with NETWKSTA.SYS
675.014SOJU::QUINNFri Apr 19 1991Inquiry about OS/2 and PM documentation, guides, references, books,...
676.03NACAD::PLOUFFEFri Apr 19 1991DOS mode; pcsa
677.01CSCOA1::DALTON_KFri Apr 19 1991Out of environment space
678.02SUBWAY::FOREROFri Apr 19 1991MS Wndws - OS/2 File Serv?
679.02KETJE::WARICHETSat Apr 20 1991Reference Manual ??
680.01SPIKER::BOETTCHERWed Apr 24 1991TTT & TFA under DECnet on OS/2
681.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Apr 25 1991what protocols do we use.
683.01ADO75A::WILEYMon Apr 29 1991PathWORKS & OS/2 EE compatible?
684.01OTOOMon Apr 29 1991Logitech mouse
685.01WPOPTH::BEESONTue Apr 30 1991LANmanager application support
686.01EVTAI1::TIMI::BOUBERTTue Apr 30 1991Customers trouble with Sethost, and Extra Form Feed
687.01TRHTue Apr 30 1991X.25 access to OS/2 server ?
688.04NAC::SCHLENERWed May 01 1991ERRNO and dynamic link libraries
689.02NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu May 02 1991Problem with Partitions and Dual boot
690.02EPIK::CUMMINGSThu May 02 1991DS425C, OS/2 1.21, and PCSA for OS/2 1.1
691.0RANGER::ROBINSThu May 02 1991PATHWORKS for OS/2 V2.
692.01MINDER::THORNTONDFri May 03 1991lat and lan manager coexistence problem?
693.0SOJU::QUINNFri May 03 1991Requirements gathering for OS/2 client to Desktop ACMS
694.01DORIE::COMPTONMon May 06 1991Synch card for OS/2 on our DECstations?
695.04UTRTSC::BARENDREGTTue May 07 1991compaq slt startup error
696.03SCOTTR::ScottRWed May 08 1991OS/2 3.
697.03KLUSTR::GARDNERThu May 09 1991NETBEUI for one and all?
698.0KEIKI::BROWNLOWFri May 10 1991Where is OS/2 Technical Summary on line?
699.04RANGER::PITONIAKFri May 10 1991OS2 1.1/Lanman Printer setup problem
700.03GUIDUK::KEROUACFri May 10 1991X for OS/2 - anyone found any 3rd party solutions
701.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon May 13 1991remap keyboard for SETHOST
702.04ADO75A::WILEYWed May 15 1991OS/2 PW Server devices usable?
703.07BOSWKG::GARDNERWed May 15 1991Netframe anyone?
704.01ZPOVC::KUMARThu May 16 1991No File Services available !
705.02MQOSWS::M_CHEVRIERFri May 17 1991Use an OS/2 system as a server for terminals and access an IMS data base
706.04COPCLU::BJARNERFri May 17 1991File protection
707.0CSCOA1::RADICK_DFri May 17 1991os/2 programming tools futures
708.06BREAKR::HANNANSat May 18 1991MS Lan Manager vs Pathworks OS/2
709.01ROMMon May 20 1991I: IBM's OS2 future
710.013GRANPA::FBOWLESTue May 21 1991OS/2EE VT Terminal Emulation and Netbios
711.01COPCLU::BJARNERTue May 21 1991Configuration help needed
712.010SOJU::QUINNTue May 21 1991Clearing cross-linked files
713.010ADO75A::WILEYTue May 21 1991LANMAN/PATHWORKS Interaction?
714.02VNABRW::ENGEL_WWed May 22 1991OS/2 Slides ??
715.02BRSDVP::VERMEIRThu May 23 1991Netlogon faila and why???????
716.04KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu May 23 1991client and disk services > 32mb
717.05ZURFri May 24 1991Problem installing OS2 1.21 on a DECpc433
718.02FILTON::BARKER_EFri May 24 1991Print from ULTRIX to LAN Server
719.05COPCLU::BJARNERMon May 27 1991HPFS backup to tape
720.01KAOFS::M_VALLEETue May 28 1991setlogon questions.
721.011LENO::GRIERTue May 28 1991Help trying to run windows exes in OS/2 V2.
722.01KAOFS::M_VALLEETue May 28 1991286 and user level security.
723.019RANGER::LICHTENBERGWed May 29 1991What do you think about OS/2 NT?
724.01ADO75A::WILEYWed May 29 1991Network printing via LAT?
725.01COPCLU::BJARNERWed May 29 1991Turbo Pascal can not start from a OS/2 server
726.03KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed May 29 1991386server option not showing
727.04LENO::GRIERWed May 29 1991Ideas for implementing condition variables on OS/2?
728.01KAOFS::R_STJEANThu May 30 1991Sethost and print manager spooling
729.03BRSSWS::SASThu May 30 1991basic with "ctrl alt del"
730.02TPOVC::LARRYLEEFri May 31 1991absence of LANMANAGER?
731.0COLMon Jun 03 1991SCSI Tape for VMS AND OS/2 ?
732.01OTOP21::macwilliamsMon Jun 03 1991Need help setting up 2nd printer
733.02TRCOTue Jun 04 1991Pathworks for OS/2 V2.
734.05BOSTON::MISCHIKWed Jun 05 199164 DECnet Link Limitation for OS/2 Server
735.03STKAI2::NORDBERGFri Jun 07 1991DECNET/NETBEUI Coexist - how?
736.05KETJE::WARICHETMon Jun 10 1991No server confirmed ?
737.01VNABRW::ENGEL_WMon Jun 10 1991KBDCODE for SETHOST ??
738.07UTRTSC::BARENDREGTMon Jun 10 1991System buffers unavailable
739.077SCOTTR::ScottRWed Jun 12 1991PATHWORKS for OS/2 V2.
740.01GUIDUK::VAUGHNWed Jun 12 1991Autodisconnect disabled??
741.0UTRTSC::BATSWed Jun 12 1991OS/2 1.3 EE, PCSA OS/2 v1.1, Tokenring and Ethernmet
742.03COPCLU::RISTOThu Jun 13 1991User Buffers Unavailable
743.016MQOSWS::J_GIGUEREFri Jun 14 1991SYTOS Driver problem !?
744.0KETJE::WARICHETMon Jun 17 1991Error 1943, trap
745.07VICKI::LONGMon Jun 17 1991CSD XR
746.07VMSNET::R_OLSENMon Jun 17 1991TRAP D on net start workstation
747.03NZOMIS::ROBBINSMon Jun 17 1991Migrating 3COM to PATHWORKS for OS/2
748.03NZOMIS::ROBBINSMon Jun 17 1991Backup procedures for OS/2
749.01WPOPTH::BEESONWed Jun 19 19913COM/PCSA Dual Stack
750.02KETJE::WARICHETWed Jun 19 1991Dual boot DOS-OS/2
751.03CGOSWed Jun 19 1991Remote OS2 + DECnet routing
752.010ATLCL2::KEMPWed Jun 19 1991DECpc 433-OS/2-Install Error
753.03SCOTTR::ScottRThu Jun 20 1991IBM OS/2 V1.3
754.0CSCOA1::RADICK_DFri Jun 21 1991OS/2 2.
755.03MEO78B::CON_OREILLYMon Jun 24 1991Big DOS applic. & OS2
756.01HGSW15::NICHOLASHOMon Jun 24 1991Can DOS Display Server run under OS/2 ?
757.03GUIDUK::KEROUACMon Jun 24 1991update on TCP/IP vendors for OS/2
758.01VNABRW::ENGEL_WWed Jun 26 1991LK25
759.02MQOSWS::J_GIGUEREThu Jun 27 1991LAN Manager/ OS/2 and Ohanlan Computer !
760.01OTOOThu Jun 27 1991Solution didn't work
761.04MRKTNG::BOEHMFri Jun 28 1991OS/2 FORMAT = invisible DOS disk?
762.01KERNEL::QUINNFri Jun 28 1991Problem with Lotus/123 and user level security
764.04GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Jul 01 1991Can't Connect To VMS File Service Requiring Password
765.02SUBWAY::LIVIGNITue Jul 02 1991automatic execution of logon scripts?
766.02GUIDUK::TREMBLAYTue Jul 02 1991remote resource access in os/2 environment?
767.03ATLCL2::KEMPTue Jul 02 1991PROTOCOL.INI assistance
768.02CSCOA1::RADICK_DThu Jul 04 1991IBM 1.3 and EISA ?
769.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Jul 04 1991DECstation 325, 3 button mouse and OS/2 V1.21 = pointer on screen
770.05MINDER::THORNTONDFri Jul 05 1991OS2 LAt : LATENTRY problems,GET_CHAR,SEND_CHAR hel
771.07WPOAJB::BeesonTue Jul 09 1991Printing to OS/2 printer from VMS
772.04UTRTSC::BARENDREGTTue Jul 09 1991Internal Processing Error
773.03MJBOOT::COLEMANTue Jul 09 1991depca mouse
774.05OTOP14::RiceTue Jul 09 1991Diskless OS/2?
775.03KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Jul 10 1991REDIR and obtaining the username and password
776.06OTOP14::RiceWed Jul 10 1991Digital OS/2 on IBM PS/2?
777.0SNERT::RALLINGSThu Jul 11 1991Client OS/2 1.1 and PCSA 1.1 No Go With USE
778.06IW::GRACEThu Jul 11 1991Do it at home as well
779.08KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jul 11 1991printing on postscript
780.05KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Jul 11 1991boot diskette for os/2
781.04TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 12 1991DECpc 433T & OS/2: can't find hard disk drives
782.01COMICS::TANFri Jul 12 1991PROGRESS, Error 9 and Netbios submit failed
783.03SSGAT1::ANBEEKFri Jul 12 1991NET3114, NET3195, NET5311 in PW for OS/2
784.01TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 12 1991SPD for OS/2
785.05KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Jul 12 1991broadcast and backup questions.
786.03MINDER::WEBSTERMMon Jul 15 1991Serious OS/2 SYS2
787.08ALICAT::SMITHEMon Jul 15 19918
788.02ALICAT::SMITHETue Jul 16 1991How to start Command Reference?
789.02KETJE::WARICHETTue Jul 16 1991Trap error explanation needed.
790.03COMICS::BIGMORETue Jul 16 1991show users and dos clients
791.02GIDDAY::COCKCROFTWed Jul 17 1991NET PASSWORD from DOS client
792.010GUIDUK::KEROUACWed Jul 17 1991ibm OS/2 EE & SE
793.03EPERNA::HummerstonThu Jul 18 1991Microsoft's Lan Manager & Digital's DECnet OS/2
794.03SUBWAY::DERISEThu Jul 18 1991IBM vs. MS V2.
795.01GUIDUK::KEROUACThu Jul 18 1991sethost icon under presentation mgr?
796.013SNOCThu Jul 18 1991OS/2 + PCSA = CRASH
797.02COMICS::FOSTERFri Jul 19 1991'Cannot run NETAPI'
798.0SWAM2::DINTINO_BEFri Jul 19 1991Coexist with TCP or XNS
799.01BRSSWS::SASMon Jul 22 1991mail via OS2 to appletalk
800.05MERIDN::JENNINGSTue Jul 23 1991Another OS/2 EE install problem
801.03ATLCL2::KEMPWed Jul 24 1991Dual Boot for MS-DOS v5.
802.01BOSTON::MISCHIKWed Jul 24 1991Any CD-ROM drives that work with OS/2
804.01TRLIAN::BARRETTThu Jul 25 1991novell coexistance??
805.0ROMFri Jul 26 1991OS/2 & Pathworks questions
806.07COMICS::COLOMBOFri Jul 26 1991buffer configuration too large, dnp > 32 links
807.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 26 1991pointer to ssa for os/2 path
809.017BOSWKG::GARDNERMon Jul 29 1991Number of served printers?
811.03SNOCTue Jul 30 1991User Level Security & DOS
812.0DEMOAX::DUDEVOIRWed Jul 31 1991OS/2-CICS and PathWORKS for OS/2
814.05GLDOA::SHOTWELLWed Jul 31 1991Disk Mirroring
816.011VAXWRK::BARRETTWed Jul 31 1991help netlogon error userlevel
817.0VMSNET::R_OLSENWed Jul 31 19913com 5
818.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jul 31 1991user level permissions
820.06CGOOA::BARNABEThu Aug 01 1991Is OS/2 dead??
821.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Aug 02 1991HPFS and extended sttributes
822.09DESGOR::GordondesMon Aug 05 1991Sharing Violation
823.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Aug 08 1991WAN connections
824.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Aug 09 1991HPFS and net use
825.0CSCOA1::RADICK_DSun Aug 11 1991VIO calls in FAPI ?
826.0COMICS::COLOMBOMon Aug 12 1991OS/2 + LAT problems
827.01TRCOA::KUNAUSMon Aug 12 1991Mem and Disk MAP 4 Pwrks 4 OS/2 2.
828.03TRCOA::HAZLETTMon Aug 12 1991Mail error - Insufficient disk space
829.01COMICS::FOSTERTue Aug 13 1991DNET Libraries
830.06VMSNET::R_OLSENTue Aug 13 1991sethost keyboard mapping - character codes
831.06KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Aug 14 1991can't access file in HPFS
832.03SNERT::RALLINGSThu Aug 15 1991Support For Setting Up LAT Ports Planned??
833.03VMSNET::UGADOG::r_olsenThu Aug 15 1991Execute network task from NFT?
834.08CTOAVX::DAVENPORTFri Aug 16 1991Export and Generate YES OR NO??
835.08SVAN1Sat Aug 17 1991DEMCA/NDIS/OS2 EE
836.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Aug 20 1991kbdepc.txt AGAIN!!!
837.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGWed Aug 21 1991
838.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Aug 21 1991sethsot and scripts.
839.02FILTON::DOWN_JFri Aug 23 1991Help on mail services
840.03RANGER::PITONIAKFri Aug 23 1991Fault Tolerance Mirror problem
842.01GUIDUK::VAUGHNFri Aug 23 1991NET ADMIN and WANs
843.03KETJE::WARICHETMon Aug 26 1991DECnet & TCP/IP config wanted.
844.03BLGMon Aug 26 1991LAN Manager V1.
845.0UTRTSC::BARENDREGTTue Aug 27 1991use problem
846.0COMICS::COLOMBOWed Aug 28 1991Lan Man updates from microsoft
847.06COPCLU::RISTOThu Aug 29 1991TRAP
848.02COPCLU::RISTOThu Aug 29 1991Performance price of NET SHARE
849.02ATHINA::RAGHEBThu Aug 29 1991PWRK for OS/2 simple question.
850.02COPCLU::RISTOThu Aug 29 1991Where is IBMNULL printer driver
851.01BRSSWS::VERMEIRFri Aug 30 1991Lan Manager course
852.08VMSNET::R_OLSENFri Aug 30 1991os/2 server problem with dos clipper application
853.0ONOIS1::GAIRNSFri Aug 30 1991Extended LANs with TCP/IP
854.0BOSWKG::GARDNERFri Aug 30 1991386 server + 433W = ??
855.02KAOFS::R_STJEANFri Aug 30 1991Async DEcnet toshiba OS/2 1.21
856.010RIPPLE::ANDERSON_BITue Sep 03 1991More Lan Man Questions
858.07TKOV51::NONOSHITAFri Sep 06 1991Teach me about IPC of VMS between LAN MANAGER
859.03LEMAN::DELLAPUPPAFri Sep 06 1991IBM OS/2 Version for PATHWORKS OS/2 1.1
860.02RDMCC1::VDDOELENMon Sep 09 1991OS/2 EE 1.1; DECnet OS/2 1.
861.02TRCOA::KUNAUSMon Sep 09 1991Mail Between OS/2 LANS?DECnet routing?
862.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNTue Sep 10 1991Driver for EZTAPE facility?
863.04TRCOA::KUNAUSTue Sep 10 1991print w/ PWRKS 4 TCP/IP and OS/2
864.01BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONTue Sep 10 1991Has anyone successfully run OS2 EE on a DECStation?
865.011OTOOA::RLAWRENCETue Sep 10 1991SYTOS+
866.04COMICS::COLOMBOWed Sep 11 1991DECNET AREA > 12
867.07COMICS::COLOMBOWed Sep 11 1991os2
868.031VSDD2Wed Sep 11 1991OS2 2.
869.010DECWET::PAINEWed Sep 11 1991OS/2 1.3 Digital vs Compaq on booting
870.01COPCLU::RISTOThu Sep 12 1991Error in NET SAVE command (SYS
871.04STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Sep 12 1991royal base 2 ver 3.1
872.0SCOTTR::ScottRThu Sep 12 1991Help test os/2 server
873.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Sep 13 1991OS/2 V1.1 and PMW
874.02KERNEL::TAGGARTNMon Sep 16 1991DST 425 Caching problem?
875.06GLIND1::MCKEEMon Sep 16 1991Executing command file on OS/2 from VMS
876.01KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Sep 17 1991net admin server options
877.02STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LTue Sep 17 1991PS/2 hangs with DE21
878.03UTRTSC::ANBEEKWed Sep 18 1991Compaq system pro with foxbase hangs
879.0COPCLU::BJARNERWed Sep 18 1991backup/restore problem
880.08HERON::BEAUThu Sep 19 1991DEC OS/2 1.21 on an IBM PS2
881.03COPCLU::BJARNERFri Sep 20 1991Sytos and fileservice
882.03RANGER::MARTINFri Sep 20 1991Basic Redirector vs Enhanced Redirector
883.05CSOA1::MCKENNAFri Sep 20 1991Msg. MAC
884.04POOLTue Sep 24 1991OS/2 and MS-DOS link over TOKEN RING with PATHWORKS
885.09KIPPIS::BACKSTROMTue Sep 24 1991DECnet slow w. MS LAN Man on Systempro w. NE32
886.02PHDVAX::RJENKINSTue Sep 24 1991327
887.01MARSTue Sep 24 1991management of OS/2 server over a WAN
888.0HXOUTue Sep 24 1991what are my options...help
889.0LEMAN::PITTETTue Sep 24 1991login directory
890.01LEMAN::PITTETTue Sep 24 1991printers attached to DOS PCs
891.01COPCLU::BJARNERWed Sep 25 1991RESTORE source code
892.02AIMHI::TAYLORThu Sep 26 1991PATHWORKS for OS/2 and Memory
893.02CSOA1::SMARACKOThu Sep 26 1991LAT questions
894.07VNABRW::ENGEL_WFri Sep 27 1991PIPE error on DOS Client
895.01PHDVAX::JACKSONFri Sep 27 1991Enhanced RDR & VMS Server
896.01MAOTAI::KNOWLESJISun Sep 29 1991PATHWORKS installation on OS/2
897.02NERSW5::MARTINELLOMon Sep 30 1991Lanmanager and SQL
898.07SUBWAY::BUONOMOTue Oct 01 1991OS/2 Command scheduler
899.01MAOTAI::KNOWLESJITue Oct 01 1991Other ethernet cards with the NDIS driver
900.02SUTRA::BASSINNEWed Oct 02 1991Boot from HPFS part. on DECpc433T? -- ANYONE?
901.06KAOFS::R_STJEANThu Oct 03 1991NETLOGON what am I missing ?
902.01COPCLU::RISTOFri Oct 04 1991SYS
903.02NEMAIL::MARCORELLEFri Oct 04 1991BL3 and SYS
904.02VMSNET::R_OLSENMon Oct 07 1991DOS clients connections get error status w/os/2 svr
905.01BLGMon Oct 07 1991pcsa for os/2 kit?
906.02KURTAN::NORDBERGMon Oct 07 1991NETRUN and timedifference
907.0MANTOW::knowlesjiTue Oct 08 1991HP Networks Printers with PATHWORKS
908.0SAHQ::KEMPTue Oct 08 1991DECstation 325c/Comm Mgr/Keyboard issues
909.04TKOV51::NONOSHITAWed Oct 09 1991Urgent!! task-to-task comunication between the VMS and the OS/2
910.01VMSNET::R_OLSENWed Oct 09 1991ftsetup fails, disk driver does not support FT
911.02CHGVWed Oct 09 1991Problems installing MS OS/2 V1.21
912.02--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 10 1991DIR/W omits files
913.0ROULET::RAPHAELSONMon Oct 14 1991OS2 EE For Sale
914.04BLOFLY::GORDONThu Oct 17 1991Error SYS2
915.01MANTOW::knowlesjiThu Oct 17 1991Configuring DOS clients with user-level security
916.02TRCOA::NAHMThu Oct 17 1991VT emulation supported on IBM OS/2 EE?
917.01GUIDUK::VAUGHNSat Oct 19 1991DCL copy of OS/2 file to VMS file
918.02KATIPO::KENTSun Oct 20 1991Token ring to WAN to SNA/gateway
919.0VNABRW::ENGEL_WMon Oct 21 1991Compare - sharing violation
920.01CSCOAC::WHITSON_JMon Oct 21 1991Permissions limited?
921.04SCOTTR::ScottRTue Oct 22 1991How to add DECnet (V2.
922.01SCOTTR::ScottRTue Oct 22 1991How to add TCP/IP to retail LAN Manager
923.01DEC352::WALDWed Oct 23 1991Named Pipes and WAN Decnet Network
924.02VNABRW::HABRICH_PWed Oct 23 1991OS/2 Install question
925.0KERNEL::TAGGARTNWed Oct 23 1991Help partitioning disk in OS/2
926.05CGOWGS::ADAMSWed Oct 23 1991Compaq 386/33L experiences please....
927.02MINDER::WEBSTERMThu Oct 24 1991Is PATHWORKS For OS/2 Available YEt ?
928.02PRIG1::TOKARThu Oct 24 1991reverse telnet
929.03TRCOA::LEWFri Oct 25 1991Serving workstation printers
930.05HGOVC::DANIELYUENMon Oct 28 1991PWKS and DECnet for OS/2 doc.
931.0KERNEL::NIBLOCKDMon Oct 28 1991remote backup
933.07ABSISG::BIRDSALLMon Oct 28 1991OS/2 and viruses
934.08TRCOA::LEWMon Oct 28 1991Need to software to monitor a UPS
935.03PRIG1::TOKARMon Oct 28 1991dual stacks and UB
936.02LEMAN::PITTETTue Oct 29 1991private directory
938.01BIGUN::MAYNEWed Oct 30 1991ISOview network monitor + DEPCA
939.01DURDUR::WALDWed Oct 30 1991MOP AND OS/2
940.08WR2FOR::MIKAO::MullickdaWed Oct 30 1991OS/2 Startup problems with 486 systems
941.04CSCOA1::WHITSON_JThu Oct 31 1991Prioritizing OS/2 applications?
942.0KAOFS::R_STJEANFri Nov 01 1991autodisconnect get device not redirected.
943.02GRANPA::GTHOMASFri Nov 01 1991OS/2 1.3 P/W for OS/2 1.1
944.04COPCLU::RISTOMon Nov 04 1991Servers disappearing from NET ADMIN list
945.0VMSNET::UGADOG::r_olsenMon Nov 04 1991net3193, net3194 and net3196 errors on clients, losing connections to svr
946.03PCAE::CARIDDIMon Nov 04 1991425c os/2 1.21 and DEC Laser 22
947.0TRCOA::ROUSTue Nov 05 1991Pathworks and Windows NT Security Positioning
948.0TRCOA::ROUSTue Nov 05 1991Pathworks and Window NT Security Positioning
949.08COPCLU::RISTOWed Nov 06 1991Shutdown OS/2 and LanMan from commandfile?
950.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Nov 06 1991PROTOCOL.INI switches
951.01KETJE::WARICHETFri Nov 08 1991SETHOST & cannot REGISTER keyboard
952.09KETJE::WARICHETFri Nov 08 1991Token Ring & Ethernet
953.02SUBWAY::AMMUFri Nov 08 1991Is there a SOftpc for OS/2
954.02NYEM1::YOUNGFri Nov 08 1991OS/2 EE 1.2/1.3 install error
955.01NODDY::COCKCROFTMon Nov 11 1991SPAWNER problems with .CMD files
956.02NYEM1::YOUNGMon Nov 11 1991copy 5 1/4" to 3 1/2" floppy
957.02STKHLM::IVANTue Nov 12 1991Pathworks for OS/2 help needed
958.03CAPITN::RILEY_ELTue Nov 12 1991Pathworks for OS/2 on a 3Com 531 Server?
959.02MAIL::HIRABAYASHITue Nov 12 1991DECnet DOS asynch DECnet to PATHWORKS for OS/2?
960.07ALOSWS::HEIGHTTue Nov 12 1991OS/2 and the DECpc 433T?
962.03KERNEL::HBUTTWed Nov 13 1991New features for V1.3 ?
963.0WELLIN::HARRINGTONWed Nov 13 1991Backup options with an OS/2 server
964.02MSAMWed Nov 13 1991Run OS/2 on Compatible PC
965.06VFOVAX::ZITELMANWed Nov 13 1991MOTIF on OS/2?
966.01UTRTSC::WIEBENGAThu Nov 14 1991OS2 and TTT confusion
967.01PANIC::HEPWORTHThu Nov 14 1991Adding NetBEUI without re-installing?
968.0SCOTTR::ScottRThu Nov 14 1991Training for PW4OS2
969.0TAVThu Nov 14 1991DECNET transport for OS/2 over token ring to VAX
970.04NYEM1::YOUNGThu Nov 14 1991Any OS/2 1.2/1.3 EE DECstations w/IDE systems?
971.0SIOG::MKELLYFri Nov 15 1991Database servers SCO V OS/2
972.01BRSDVP::VERMEIRFri Nov 15 1991Printer installation problem
973.0CSCOA1::DURHAM_JFri Nov 15 1991Trying To Link LDNETDLL.LIB and LLIBCNT.LIB
974.0COLMon Nov 18 1991Simultaneous access from DOS clients and VAX ?
975.010TENNIS::KAMMon Nov 18 1991Setting up LA5
976.03VMSNET::R_OLSENTue Nov 19 1991SETHOST hang on ps/2 mod 95 with 85
977.0TAVTue Nov 19 1991Info on InterConnections' I* Token Ring products?
978.09COMICS::FOSTERWed Nov 20 1991TRAP
979.04KETJE::VANGRIEKENWed Nov 20 1991OS/2 + Multiprocessing?
980.05MRKTNG::BOEHMThu Nov 21 1991How do you make a bootable disk?
981.01SIOG::FITZMAURICEThu Nov 21 19913c5
982.01SMAUG::MORENZMon Nov 25 1991SNA Gateways for PC LANs
983.010VNABRW::ENGEL_WWed Nov 27 1991more memory in DOS box
984.01CSCOA1::WHITSON_JWed Nov 27 19913 stacks at once?
986.03COMICS::FOSTERThu Nov 28 1991NET21
987.01ZURThu Nov 28 1991Frequently crash with TRAP
988.03HSKPRF::TAURIAINENThu Nov 28 1991PATHWORKS OS/2 TCP/IP TE intelligence?
989.02OTOP25::SACHARENFri Nov 29 1991Netbeui and Pathworks Co-existance
990.03UNTADH::MACLIESHMon Dec 02 1991X for OS/2, PM
991.01COLISA::COLPC3::stalzMon Dec 02 1991Serious LOCKING problem!!!
992.01ALOSWS::HEIGHTTue Dec 03 1991Having problems with OS/2 Services ?
993.03ADO75A::HAMPTONWed Dec 04 1991netsetup v1.1 aborts with divide by
994.01ADO75A::HAMPTONWed Dec 04 1991Any info on 3+Open and NBP?
995.05COPCLU::RISTOWed Dec 04 1991Obtaining Microsoft LanManager patches
996.02NEAGP::MILOSHWed Dec 04 1991Pathworks-OS/2 & Lotus 3.1+
997.01COMICS::COGGONThu Dec 05 1991LN
998.04SUBWAY::BUONOMOThu Dec 05 1991VAM and OS/2 file attributes ??
999.0VMSNET::R_OLSENFri Dec 06 1991Fault Tolerence/Disk Mirroring Woes..
1000.0GUIDUK::VAUGHNFri Dec 06 1991Print spooling on OS/2 server
1001.01ORABX::CARZELL_MSat Dec 07 1991Is it possible to install the HP Laserjet IIIsi?
1002.03GIDDAY::BLOOMSun Dec 08 1991need help with performance tuning
1003.0VNABRW::ENGEL_WMon Dec 09 1991Pathfinder for LANMAN ??
1004.05MAIL::VOGELWed Dec 11 1991LAT access from a DOS window ?
1005.03VNABRW::ENGEL_WThu Dec 12 1991database manager and Lanman 2.
1006.01BEBBI::SCHMIDTIThu Dec 12 1991strategy for OS/2 clients
1007.03DRLSGT::JENNINGSFri Dec 13 1991Help! LAN Server Platform Recommendation
1008.02CAPITN::DRUMMOND_ROFri Dec 13 1991OS/2 Server - Optical Drives
1010.0POBOX::JESSEEFri Dec 13 1991SAA -> OS/2 -> VAX?
1011.02TENNIS::KAMSat Dec 14 1991OS/2 and 5 1/4-inch media question
1012.01USWAV1::BRAMHALLWed Dec 18 1991Anybody know FLEX/OS?
1013.04NZOV97::NEVILLEWed Dec 18 1991DECNET, NetBEUI clarification
1014.02SMAC1Thu Dec 19 1991DELL File servers
1015.02YUPPY::HEPWORTHTue Dec 24 1991Disk duplexing and PW4OS2 V2
1016.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGFri Dec 27 1991IBM lanserver/requestor , can it access services from PATHWORKS servers
1017.0PCOJCT::YOUNGMon Dec 30 1991PRIVINIT.CMD file?
1018.05ODIXIE::PULIDOMon Dec 30 1991what are u using?
1019.01GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONThu Jan 02 1992Administer OS/2 server from a PC?
1020.07HXOUThu Jan 02 1992Using OS/2 to bridge MS' LAN Mgr and PAthworks
1021.0THEWAV::LEWMon Jan 06 1992LA75 Queued/Direct Driver
1022.02SCOTTR::ScottRWed Jan 08 1992LAN Manager 2.
1023.03GIDDAY::BLOOMThu Jan 09 1992diskcache or not diskcache !!?
1024.0ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Jan 09 1992OS/2 V1.1 config sizing ??
1025.02CSCOA1::WHITSON_JMon Jan 13 1992Monitor's required for OS/2 Where?
1026.01FDCV14::FREITASMon Jan 13 1992installation errors
1027.02GOYA::ANGELTue Jan 14 1992? Maintaining LAN Man Services
1028.010WELLIN::SIMMSWed Jan 15 1992OS/2 1.3 EE question
1029.0SCOTTR::ScottRThu Jan 16 1992How to add DECnet+TCPIP to retail LAN Man V2.
1031.01MAOTAI::KNOWLESJISat Jan 18 1992conflict with DCA COMM SERVER
1032.02AIMHI::TAYLORMon Jan 20 1992VAXstation Client of OS/2 Server
1033.08GUIDUK::CHANGMon Jan 20 1992Any X Windows product for OS/2???
1034.01WELLIN::SIMMSTue Jan 21 1992OS/2 EE and NDIS
1035.0GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHTue Jan 21 1992Can PWORKS OS/2 frontend Database application?
1036.0JALOPY::OWENWed Jan 22 1992OS/2 EE on 433 & Keytronics?
1038.03CANOVA::RUSSOThu Jan 23 1992Can't COPY to OS/2 DECnet node
1039.03MAOTAI::KNOWLESJIFri Jan 24 1992Connection Problem
1040.01SUTRA::KELLEHERFri Jan 24 1992Changing your mind with PWOS2 v2.
1041.03COLFri Jan 24 1992Proteon card with IBM OS/2 EE 1.3 ?
1042.04WARNUT::ROBINSONDMon Jan 27 1992OS/2 server performance problem
1043.0RANGER::NORTONTue Jan 28 1992SETHOST V2.
1044.04MANSW1::WILLEWed Jan 29 1992OS/2 crash w/Compaq 486s/25M (TRAP
1045.03AUNTB::BRILEYWed Jan 29 1992Pathworks to run on OS/2 V2
1046.04VNABRW::ENGEL_WThu Jan 30 1992Bcast and Mail troubles
1047.04KETJE::WARICHETMon Feb 03 1992PCSA OS/2 2.
1048.01UTRTSC::BATSMon Feb 03 1992Some problems with PW for OS/2 2.
1049.02ANGLIN::ROSETue Feb 04 1992"Session open rejected by host"
1050.04PWRKS::R_OLSENTue Feb 04 1992PW for os/2 2.
1051.012CSCOA1::WRIGHT_RTue Feb 04 1992Call to dnet_conn causes SYS1811 trap
1052.0PHDVAX::STOTTWed Feb 05 1992Some Questions Regarding Programming for OS/2 Pathworks
1053.01KERNEL::FOSTERJWed Feb 05 1992NetBIOS Maximum Server Names.
1054.03AUNTB::BRILEYWed Feb 05 1992Install Guide Pathwork for OS/2 V2
1055.08MECCA::STRAUBWed Feb 05 1992DLLFUNC.H
1056.02TROOA::BURGOSWed Feb 05 1992OS/2 and Ultrix File Editing
1057.03FSAEUR::COOLEYThu Feb 06 1992Whats Where In Memory
1058.03COMICS::PEWTERThu Feb 06 1992TRAP
1060.0BACHUS::COLLARTFri Feb 07 19922 DRIVERS FOR LPT1: ?
1061.01HANFri Feb 07 1992Coexist. Ethernet/TRN board?
1063.013RANGER::COOKSun Feb 09 1992Need disk-driver for SCSI/Adaptek 1542-B
1064.08BREAKR::HANNANMon Feb 10 1992Lan Man v2.1 to PW-VMS(TCP)
1065.08OSLLAV::PER_PWed Feb 12 19924OS2 ?
1066.01UTRTSC::BARENDREGTWed Feb 12 1992restore HPFS ?
1067.0TRUCKS::EVANS_MAWed Feb 12 1992Rabbit 3-COM GWY to PW migration?
1068.02RIPPLE::ERICKSODAWed Feb 12 1992DEMCA software???
1069.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Feb 13 1992linking lan ? in pathwork os2
1070.02CSCOA1::WRIGHT_RThu Feb 13 1992NET31
1071.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Feb 14 1992Part number for OS/2 ?
1072.011KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Feb 19 1992setup.exe in pw os/2 2.
1074.02DECSAD::SCRATCHLEYThu Feb 20 1992LM 2.1 recalled?
1075.04KERNEL::FOSTERJFri Feb 21 1992DOS Eror 6, Invalid Handle
1076.05MINDER::WEBSTERMFri Feb 21 1992SYS1943 Error On PS/2
1077.01KURTAN::NORDBERGFri Feb 21 1992com1 - com9 and SETHOST.
1078.03UIST::GRACIEFri Feb 21 1992Wind 3.
1079.01MAIL::HIRABAYASHISun Feb 23 1992OS/2 (TCP/IP) server and client support
1080.02SEDOAS::CAULFIELD_MSun Feb 23 1992Problem - DECpc 433W as client in OS/2-LM Setup
1081.01NZOV97::NEVILLEMon Feb 24 1992IBM OS2 EE PC hangs with Word Perfect, ULTRIX server
1082.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayMon Feb 24 1992Network request not accepted
1083.03VMSNET::R_OLSENMon Feb 24 1992Printer errors sys
1084.0RANGER::HOGANTue Feb 25 1992PATHWORKS Support Survey
1085.03RIPPLE::ERICKSODATue Feb 25 1992Keyboard anomalie in SETHOST
1086.03KERNEL::SINCLAIRALWed Feb 26 1992Local security setup under Pathworks v2.
1087.023T31Wed Feb 26 1992Combined Token Ring and Ethernet Server
1088.02ROMTSS::PASIThu Feb 27 1992OS/2 EE access
1089.02EEMELI::WESSLINFri Feb 28 1992How to change default FAL drive and directory?
1090.03CGOOA::NIXONMon Mar 02 1992X.25 and PWKS for OS/2
1091.01AIMHI::TAYLORTue Mar 03 1992LAN Mgr and PATHWORKS on same machine
1092.04COPCLU::BJARNERWed Mar 04 1992OS/2 V 2.
1093.01MAOTAI::KNOWLESJIWed Mar 04 1992Patch Level of LAN Manager?
1094.0ROMThu Mar 05 1992Why netBEUI only ?
1095.01NODDY::COCKCROFTThu Mar 05 1992NET5317 and NET53
1096.0NODDY::COCKCROFTThu Mar 05 1992Microsoft SQL Server
1097.03ROMTSS::SCALELLAThu Mar 05 1992Client/server on Pathwork for OS2 with Token Ring
1098.01RIPPLE::ERICKSODAThu Mar 05 1992Bookreader access?
1099.0COMICS::RADBURNFri Mar 06 1992433W, SCSI and IDE disks plus woe!
1100.02KERNEL::SINCLAIRALFri Mar 06 1992Invalid parameter
1101.04KURTAN::NORDBERGTue Mar 10 1992LADDRV >32MB again..
1102.01ROMTue Mar 10 1992DECnet access restricted over directory
1103.012RANGER::KALLIOTue Mar 10 1992OS/2 Futures
1104.02SUBWAY::BUONOMOWed Mar 11 1992PW2.
1105.06STKAI1::SONDURFri Mar 13 1992Memory requirements for OS/2 2.
1108.08ONOIS1::GAIRNSMon Mar 16 1992If it works with NETBEUI will it work with DECNET?
1109.01CARAFE::GOLDSTEINMon Mar 16 1992Will it work on a herc? (Mono video)
1110.011KAOFS::R_STJEANMon Mar 16 1992PW4OS2 2.
1111.06EEMELI::MITTSTue Mar 17 1992Unable to read over 47 kb in application.
1112.0KETJE::WARICHETWed Mar 18 1992IBM OS/2 1.31 EE, DEC PC 433W
1113.02COPCLU::RISTOWed Mar 18 1992NETxxxx errors regarding NCB's/session table
1114.04PLDMV1::GAULThu Mar 19 1992Two DECnet links, token ring + Async ??
1115.04BLOFLY::GORDONMon Mar 23 1992Replication of data
1116.04ELWOOD::HAGGERTYMon Mar 23 1992Database Manager, what version.
1117.04AIMHI::TAYLORMon Mar 23 1992DOS Compatibility Box
1119.03RADBOX::ANDERSONTue Mar 24 1992Lan Manager 2.1 & DECnet
1120.0VMSNET::R_OLSENWed Mar 25 1992IBM ICAT tcp/ip and decnet
1121.04VMSNET::R_OLSENWed Mar 25 1992LAT won't work on Pathworks integrated 1.3 EE system
1122.02KAAKAA::SEPPIThu Mar 26 1992Netbeui for VMS?
1123.0KERNEL::FOSTERJFri Mar 27 1992Local Security ?
1125.0OTOUFri Mar 27 1992Timed out, Invalid SMB, Non specific errors, etc...
1126.03HTSC19::KENNETHMon Mar 30 1992Sethost problems on OS/2
1127.0WPOCS1::EMMANUELTue Mar 31 1992Password/Workgroups/Utilities Issues
1128.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Mar 31 1992IBM begins to ship OS/2 Version 2.
1129.02RANGER::PITONIAKWed Apr 01 1992OS2 2.
1130.0BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANThu Apr 02 1992cannot start both DECnet and TCP/IP on OS/2 server
1131.0HOTWTR::FREDRICJAThu Apr 02 1992OS/2 Svr;DOS clients Freeze problems Help!
1132.0MIMS::WRIGHT_RThu Apr 02 1992SAMPLE OS/2 LAT code needed
1133.03ROMFri Apr 03 1992DECnet programming examples
1134.0DBOSW2::ESBECKFri Apr 03 1992Reboot causing print problems
1135.0DBOSW2::ESBECKFri Apr 03 1992File Server Hangs
1136.0DBOSW2::ESBECKFri Apr 03 1992File Server Halts with memory dump
1137.02MIMS::WRIGHT_RFri Apr 03 1992PROMISCUOUS Ethernet access under PW OS/2
1138.04CARAFE::GOLDSTEINFri Apr 03 1992Disk compression for OS/2?
1139.08EEMELI::LEHTOVIRTAMon Apr 06 1992PW4OS2 V2.
1140.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Apr 06 1992ndis depca version
1141.01ZURTue Apr 07 1992Printer Installer missing under OS/2 1.3
1142.02SIOG::FITZMAURICETue Apr 07 1992BACKUP and RESTORE for OS/2 V1.3
1143.0LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERTue Apr 07 1992OS/2 console displaying on VAXStation?
1144.01SALISH::FREDRICJATue Apr 07 1992Next Vers.OS/2 in Patho
1145.0FILTON::DOWN_JWed Apr 08 1992Help needed - Installing Pathworks V2.
1146.010TRCOA::KUNAUSWed Apr 08 1992OS/2 upgrade opportunity!?
1147.07ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Apr 09 1992PW OS/2 V2.
1148.04LEMAN::BEZENCONThu Apr 09 1992DECNET, TCP/IP, Lan Man API & OS2 2.
1149.03DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Apr 13 1992EE or OS/2 v2 access to VAXes
1150.03SCAACT::SARDELLAMon Apr 13 1992integration of IBM LAN server and PCSA for OS/2
1151.0ISIDRO::BURGOSMon Apr 13 1992X.25 file transfer OS2-VMS ?
1152.09BDX64::FOURNIERMon Apr 13 1992REXX on OS 2.
1153.024SMAC1Tue Apr 14 1992HP Laserjet network Printers
1154.0MINNY::BREITENMOSERWed Apr 15 1992IBM Communication Manager in coexistance with PATHWORKS for OS/2
1155.0HOTWTR::GROSS_HEWed Apr 15 1992autocad on os/2 ?
1156.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Apr 15 1992prog. lib where
1157.02MINDER::WEBSTERMThu Apr 16 1992Pathworks For OS/2 V1.1
1158.02KAOTThu Apr 16 1992LAN Manager Replicator Questions?
1159.02MIMS::RADICK_DMon Apr 20 1992OS/2 2.
1160.08ROCKS::KEANETue Apr 21 1992Experiences of a new user!
1161.03SMAC1Tue Apr 21 1992Home Directories
1162.04DWESEL::GERROLTue Apr 21 1992Training available?
1163.01GUIDUK::VAUGHNWed Apr 22 1992The AT utility that comes with LANMAN.
1164.06VNABRW::ENGEL_WThu Apr 23 1992Enhanced tuning for OS/2 server with EISA card ?
1165.07VNABRW::ENGEL_WThu Apr 23 1992OS/2 2.
1166.03RENOIR::HOBSONFri Apr 24 1992OS/2 2.
1167.04LARVAE::TCCS11::Conferencing-UserMon Apr 27 1992printer problems
1168.01DACT18::MITCHELLMon Apr 27 1992MS-Lan Man w/ Pathworks TCP/IP
1169.02COLA1::COLPC3::StalzTue Apr 28 1992LANMANAGER V2.1 and PWDOS V4.1
1170.02GUIDUK::VAUGHNTue Apr 28 1992NCP Tell dos show line ether-1 counters
1171.0CREATV::WHEELERTue Apr 28 1992Async. + Netbios app. problem
1172.0BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHWed Apr 29 1992OS/2 FAL or File System question
1173.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Apr 29 1992mouse and os/2 1.21 driver
1174.0RANGER::PITONIAKWed Apr 29 1992Toshiba txm-33
1175.0MDCRAB::PAULTERWed Apr 29 1992Bad IOS1X.SYS
1176.02GIDDAY::LILICThu Apr 30 1992DECnet does not set errno if Multi-threaded
1177.01ODIXIE::SHILLINGThu Apr 30 1992PATHWORKS for VMS with OS/2 V2.
1178.01VMSNET::R_OLSENThu Apr 30 1992net logon hangs system
1179.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu Apr 30 1992Printing to OS/2 from VMS
1180.03TROPFri May 01 1992OS/2 EE -> OS/2 V2.
1181.02TOHOPE::WSAFri May 01 1992xircom pe2 protocol.ini and config.sys problems
1182.0DECSAD::SCRATCHLEYFri May 01 1992Seeking Oracle server availability
1184.02KURTAN::KJOHANSSONMon May 04 1992Token Ring, PRO
1185.03GUIDUK::VAUGHNMon May 04 1992virtual drives in path
1186.01MINNY::SOMMon May 04 1992PW for OS/2 supporting OS/2 V2.
1187.06KLUSTR::GARDNERMon May 04 1992OS/2 EE+TR+PW4OS2 "fix"?
1188.01--UnknownUser--Tue May 05 1992REMOTEBOOT SERVICE
1189.0PRESS1::PAULTERTue May 05 1992OS2 1.21/433T/Serial Mouse Problem
1190.07HOO78C::ATTEMAFri May 08 1992support for OS/2 back-up (Sytos)
1191.0MIMS::RADICK_DFri May 08 19922.
1192.01GENIE::STOECKLISat May 09 1992OS/2 V2.
1193.02MARVA2::DANGSun May 10 1992DOES 2.
1194.01BELFST::COCHRANEMon May 11 1992OS/2 Standards adherence
1195.02BEAGLE::HASLERMon May 11 1992IBM ps/2 model 9
1196.017MARVA2::DANGMon May 11 1992C COMPILERS FOR OS/2 2.
1197.0SUBWAY::FOREROMon May 11 1992OS/2 2.
1198.010KAOFS::M_VALLEETue May 12 1992no more links left
1199.03ISTCWed May 13 1992About graphics in a DOS window ?
1200.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed May 13 1992pipeline quota
1201.011HIBOB::CHAMBONWed May 13 1992OS/2 V2.
1202.04SNOFS1::MCHENRYThu May 14 1992OS/2v2 Install 2 HDD
1203.02SUBWAY::TEDWARDSThu May 14 1992 Lps4
1204.0MIMS::RADICK_DThu May 14 1992OS/2 2.
1205.03KERNEL::QUINNFri May 15 1992Net 3231 error
1206.02MVDSSat May 16 1992"Best-in-Class" Management Tools?
1207.02HGOVC::THERESALOMon May 18 1992OS/2 EE support HPFS ??
1208.01MINDER::WEBSTERMMon May 18 1992Unknown PS/2 Processes
1209.0STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon May 18 1992How to upgrade PW f OS/2 1.1 to 2.
1210.09GNOJP::PORELLMon May 18 1992PATHWORKS Server 433 - How many clients supported
1211.01YUPPY::STUBBSPMon May 18 1992Dual Protocol Stacks?
1212.02MRKTNG::BOEHMMon May 18 1992Where is protocol.ini
1214.03PTOVAX::WILKINSWed May 20 1992PATHWORKS with HP 9
1215.01MRKTNG::BOEHMWed May 20 1992What controls dec$nbe?
1216.02TODD::WARNOCKWed May 20 1992OS/2 v2.
1217.01ROCKS::KEANEThu May 21 1992New Trident Drivers?
1218.04MARVA2::DANGThu May 21 1992SECOND SCREEN FOR OS/2?
1219.04LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconThu May 21 1992DECpc support on OS/2 2.
1220.01SUTRA::BASSINNEThu May 21 1992433T with Tape drive and only the WD7
1221.01KERNEL::SINCLAIRALFri May 22 1992Can you use 3c5
1222.01LISVAX::RODRIGUESFri May 22 1992OS/2 2.
1223.01DAVE::MITTONFri May 22 1992OS/2 V2.
1224.04BEAGLE::HASLERFri May 22 1992PWOS/2 and Proteon Hang on IBM
1225.02OUTBCK::COCKCROFTTue May 26 1992Large data blocks, DNP, DLL, buffer usage...
1226.0CGOOA::HOMMENWed May 27 1992Customer reference site wanted.
1227.05UTRTSC::ANBEEKWed May 27 19922 simple questions........
1228.0NECSC::PORTERWed May 27 1992OS/2 v2.
1229.0DACT18::MITCHELLWed May 27 1992Macintosh Support on PW for OS/2 2.
1230.02SMAC1Wed May 27 1992Remote Management over WAN
1231.05HEFTY::CHUNGHThu May 28 1992OS/2 Tips and Techniques
1232.06OUTBCK::COCKCROFTMon Jun 01 1992connecting to VMS directories from PWKS for OS/2
1233.06TRHPC1::JOARMon Jun 01 1992remote boot supported in V2.
1234.04ZPUPPY::SEOWHURNMon Jun 01 1992Manage PWOS/2 server from DOS PCs ??
1235.06VNABRW::ENGEL_WMon Jun 01 1992ncp define node ... user ... password ...
1236.01ISIDRO::CARBAYOMon Jun 01 1992OS/2 - "DOS box" client-server dialog?
1237.05HGOVA::TIMA_KIMMon Jun 01 1992Multi boot-SCO, OS/2, DOS, NetWare
1238.03ISIDRO::CARBAYOTue Jun 02 1992Streaming tape as a service?
1239.04THEBAY::SOORENKFETue Jun 02 1992Does PW OS2 work with OS2 version 2 from IBM?
1240.0COPION::CARBAYOWed Jun 03 1992Streaming Tapes for OS/2 V2.
1241.03VIVIAN::J_GILBERTWed Jun 03 1992Remote boot for HP printers?
1242.02ODIXIE::SHILLINGWed Jun 03 1992Support for OS/2 clients, TCP/IP, X-window server
1243.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayWed Jun 03 1992OS/2, PW/OS/2 and NetWare coexistence
1244.0UTRTSC::ANBEEKWed Jun 03 1992OS/2 EE, DE2
1245.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jun 03 1992lotusnotes and decnet
1246.01ODIXIE::SHILLINGThu Jun 04 1992FTP Software - PC/TCP product reference?
1247.02ODIXIE::SHILLINGFri Jun 05 1992What is HPFS and how are Backups/restores handled?
1248.04LENO::GRIERFri Jun 05 1992OS/2 V2.
1249.04ONOIS1::DEGATFri Jun 05 1992URGENT: DEC433T fails to install V1.3
1250.04POBOX::HELLMANFri Jun 05 1992327
1251.01GUIDUK::VAUGHNFri Jun 05 1992OS/2 2.
1252.01ISIDRO::MANGELMon Jun 08 1992? LU
1253.01LISVAX::RODRIGUESMon Jun 08 1992Some OS/2 2.
1254.02SKYLRK::ENDTERMon Jun 08 1992DOS sessions run too slow
1255.03MQOSWS::F_BOURGAULTMon Jun 08 1992Maximum # of Telnet sessions
1257.06INFACT::NORTHERNTue Jun 09 1992Scroll Bars on windows?
1258.02KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jun 09 1992ndu and printing in os/2
1259.01HGOVA::RONLAWWed Jun 10 1992CTRL F1
1260.0MIMS::WRIGHT_RWed Jun 10 1992Extra Separator Page - OS/2 1.3 and PCSA 2.
1261.0SVAN1Thu Jun 11 1992PATHWORKS with DECnet in DOS Box with Dual Controllers
1263.02SKYLRK::ENDTERFri Jun 12 1992Assigning COM port to DOS programs
1265.05JOCKEY::AL35Sun Jun 14 1992Help accessing an OS/2 printer from DOS
1266.05JOHNPC::BOEBINGERSun Jun 14 1992Sony CD-ROM questions
1267.09FILTON::EMSLEY_RSun Jun 14 1992Domains and DECnet
1268.03SKYLRK::ENDTERMon Jun 15 1992OS/2 multitasking question?
1269.0STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon Jun 15 1992upgrade to 2.
1270.08LEMAN::GOLON::bezenconMon Jun 15 1992Programming Socket Interface for Decnet ?
1271.03COPION::CARBAYOTue Jun 16 1992TCP/IP PATHWORKS for OS/2 on the network?
1272.02MIMS::RADICK_DWed Jun 17 1992sales update flash #722
1273.012MIMS::GHEFFWed Jun 17 1992Any known probs with 2.
1274.01VMSNET::R_OLSENWed Jun 17 1992IBM Bus Master Token Ring card
1275.01GUIDUK::VAUGHNWed Jun 17 1992Installing OS/2 2.
1276.01HGOVA::TIMA_BURANCEThu Jun 18 1992LASTDD.SYS loading problem
1277.0JOCKEY::AL35Thu Jun 18 1992Looking for Compaq OS/2 install diskette
1278.02KERNEL::SHOULDINGFri Jun 19 1992NET2228: too many names in the user account system
1279.04MIMS::RADICK_DFri Jun 19 19922.
1281.0SARAH::CUMMINGSFri Jun 19 1992Anyone have 'QuickHelp 4' disk of OS/2 PM Toolkit V1.21?
1282.06KEIKI::BROWNLOWSat Jun 20 1992Can OS2 client connect to Netware?
1283.0MINNY::MEIERHUMon Jun 22 1992Problems with DBaseIII-plus Index-Files on OS/2-Server
1284.0WCW::whitneyMon Jun 22 1992OS/2 V2.
1285.0VNABRW::ENGEL_WMon Jun 22 1992REXX from fileservice traps
1286.0COPION::CARBAYOMon Jun 22 1992Enhanced Redirector on the Network?
1287.03MINDER::WEBSTERMMon Jun 22 1992Problems with PS/2s and AS/4
1288.06ISIDRO::LESTEBANTue Jun 23 1992OS/2,TRN,pathworks,versions ?
1289.07VNABRW::ENGEL_WThu Jun 25 1992Extended Attributes and Backup
1290.02JOCKEY::SHARKEYAThu Jun 25 1992Max Lat sessions ?
1291.022GRANPA::FBOWLESMon Jun 29 1992Coexistence of SDLC and DECnet
1292.05FDCV14::FREITASMon Jun 29 1992Help with named pipes
1293.06FDCV14::FREITASTue Jun 30 1992PCSA & Netware via 2 ethernet cards?
1294.03SMAUG::CAMBRIATue Jun 30 1992OS/2 2.
1295.01SMAUG::CAMBRIATue Jun 30 1992Problems with objects settings
1296.0SMAUG::CAMBRIATue Jun 30 1992ATM 2.
1297.017INFACT::NORTHERNWed Jul 01 1992Serial Port 96
1298.017VNABRW::ENGEL_WWed Jul 01 1992New Requestor received !! OS/2 2.
1299.011SMAC1Wed Jul 01 1992Extended Edition and PATHWORKS
1300.07FREEBE::B_ROSEWed Jul 01 1992multiple boot
1301.03SMAC1Thu Jul 02 1992Performance tuning after migration
1302.0PAULUS::BRILMAYERFri Jul 03 1992How can I use monitor switching driver on laptop??
1303.07BLGFri Jul 03 1992Pathworks for OS/2 v2.
1304.04KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Jul 06 1992Tasks not working from VMS to OS/2 Server.
1305.02JOCKEY::SHARKEYAMon Jul 06 1992How do I invoke NETLOGON service ?
1306.0FDCV14::FREITASTue Jul 07 1992OS/2 and external monitor
1307.04FDCV14::FREITASTue Jul 07 1992PW OS/2, NETBIOS over WAN?
1308.01AUSTIN::RISTWed Jul 08 1992Hardware Option Support on OS/2 2.
1309.05SPEZKO::HOGANWed Jul 08 1992Does OS/2 V2.
1310.02VNOAPP::TIMA_248477Fri Jul 10 1992CDs on OS/2 ?
1311.09JOCKEY::SHARKEYASat Jul 11 1992OS/2 installation woes
1312.04JOCKEY::SHARKEYASat Jul 11 1992In a bad way !
1313.01IW::GRACEMon Jul 13 1992OS/2 1.2EE & 1.3EE - Good Home Required
1314.010DABEAN::B_ROSEMon Jul 13 1992SCO from Boot Manager
1315.05SHIRE::64121::WENGERMon Jul 13 1992PCCMS, USELIB ???
1316.01LEMAN::GOLON::bezenconTue Jul 14 1992Same DNP on PW/DOS % PD/OS2 ?
1317.02KBOMFG::HIDT22::ARMSTRONGTue Jul 14 1992Private users connecting 2 PCs
1318.03MIMS::WRIGHT_RWed Jul 15 1992ADAPTEC
1319.01BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANThu Jul 16 1992OS/2 LAN Server 2.
1320.02UNTADH::MACLIESHThu Jul 16 1992MS OS/2 1.3, ProteonEISA TR, IBM LAN Server Net, DRIVERS ??
1321.03KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Jul 16 1992Basic REDIR & Enhanced REDIR and COPY
1322.05SMAUG::CAMBRIAThu Jul 16 1992Boot Manager on 2ed physical disk?
1323.01CGOOA::HOMMENThu Jul 16 1992DEC Mailworks under OS/2 dos window?
1324.06NZOMIS::WILSONRThu Jul 16 1992OS/2 Sytos+
1325.01SCAACT::SARDELLAThu Jul 16 1992applications sharing
1326.01MLNTSC::LANCELLOTTIFri Jul 17 1992NETWKSTA problem!!! Urgent
1327.03MIMS::MITCHELL_EFri Jul 17 1992Adaptec 154
1328.07BERFS4::BRUNKMon Jul 20 1992ET4
1329.01BACHUS::VANTUYKOMMon Jul 20 1992Net3166 on os/2 client and PW2.
1330.03KERNEL::LYDIATTSTue Jul 21 1992The USE Command and DECnet Access Info
1331.01SMAC1Tue Jul 21 1992NET ADMIN Query
1332.06INFACT::NORTHERNTue Jul 21 1992Communications / Terminal Emulators;Native
1333.05BOSWKG::GARDNERTue Jul 21 19928 characters revisted
1335.06CSOHUB::CSOSWed Jul 22 1992Help! IBM OS/2 v2.
1336.03MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayThu Jul 23 1992Database Manager and PW/
1337.04DELSFri Jul 24 1992Local printer as Priter services
1338.02UTRTSC::ANBEEKMon Jul 27 1992Net321
1339.02SMAUG::CAMBRIATue Jul 28 1992OS/2 2.
1340.03AIMHI::TAYLORWed Jul 29 1992OS/2 and 2 SCSI devices...
1341.01MRKTNG::BOEHMWed Jul 29 1992qb-mrsaa-sa??
1342.04KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jul 29 1992memory max. and pathworks
1343.01LEMAN::GOLON::bezenconThu Jul 30 1992Decnet programming
1344.024DELSFri Jul 31 1992I need kit that works with OS/2 v2.
1345.03ROCKS::KEANEMon Aug 03 1992IBM bug/fix/tech tip articles.
1346.02VNABRW::HABRICH_PTue Aug 04 1992Printer Queue question
1347.03KAZAN::VASILACHEThu Aug 06 1992SYS1943 Problem
1348.02BREAKR::UDICKThu Aug 06 1992OS/2 Hotbackups / Failover ability
1349.0BREAKR::UDICKThu Aug 06 1992Will our CD-ROM work with OS/2
1350.05SMAC1Fri Aug 07 1992LANManager 2.1 and LADDR
1351.06LUXFri Aug 07 1992Lanmanager and IBM's OS/2 V2.
1352.02RANGER::YOSCAMon Aug 10 1992Where to find DOSREAD, ...
1353.04GRANPA::FBOWLESMon Aug 10 1992Performance Info on Telnet and OS/2?
1354.02SMAUG::TSUKERNIKMon Aug 10 1992SCSI CD-ROM under OS2 2.
1355.02KERNEL::SINCLAIRALTue Aug 11 1992Poor performance with 3C5
1356.02GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHTue Aug 11 1992Can't access OS2LAN::OS2:[PUBLIC]
1357.01RANGER::KALLIOTue Aug 11 1992DECstations Certification by IBM!!
1358.03--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 11 1992Workstation not started?
1359.04ROCKS::KEANEWed Aug 12 1992Slow disk I/O using SCSI
1360.01KERNEL::PCIOF3::horseycWed Aug 12 1992FDISK error on install SCSI 42
1361.03NZOMIS::WILSONRFri Aug 14 1992OS/2, Sytos+ and 525MB Tape drive!
1362.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSFri Aug 14 1992How To Change User Password on OS/2 Mail Server
1363.02KERNEL::MADCOW::fosterFri Aug 14 1992NET.ACC Size Limit ?
1364.04VNABRW::ENGEL_WFri Aug 14 1992SYS
1365.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKFri Aug 14 1992IBM PS/2 model 95 with OS/2 1.3 problem
1366.01UTRTSC::ANBEEKFri Aug 14 1992remote boot service
1367.03UTRTSC::ANBEEKFri Aug 14 1992How connect a decnet object on a Dos Machine ?
1368.017CARAFE::GOLDSTEINFri Aug 14 1992Release 2.
1369.02REDBUD::garrisonnaFri Aug 14 1992RemoteWare Server Experience?
1370.01SHIRE::PILOUI::DominiqueMon Aug 17 1992DEClaser network printer
1371.0KAZAN::VASILACHEMon Aug 17 1992Using OS/2 Printer Server from a VAXstation
1372.0SHIRE::PILOUI::DominiqueMon Aug 17 1992Need info about LANSPOOL
1373.010ROCKS::KEANEMon Aug 17 1992OS2 Maintenance Release
1374.0EPIK::PWONGTue Aug 18 1992PIXEL::OS2_FORUM conference needs new moderator
1375.04BELFST::PAULM::millingWed Aug 19 1992HELP: Digital and OS/2 V2.
1376.01WA1UAR::McCarthyWed Aug 19 1992Latest Adaptec SCSI driver upgrade
1377.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGWed Aug 19 1992NET3
1378.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Aug 19 1992backup questions os/2 1.21
1379.02HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Aug 20 1992Virsus scanner for OS/2 ?
1380.01AIMHI::TAYLORThu Aug 20 1992OS/2 Server and 3Com cards...
1381.01UNITED::PCFri Aug 21 1992remote printing over IP WAN from VMS to OS/2 ?!?
1382.02INFACT::NORTHERNFri Aug 21 1992CSD's on-line?
1383.01MIMS::MITCHELL_EFri Aug 21 1992Wanted:OS/2 version 2.
1384.0KAZAN::VASILACHEMon Aug 24 1992LM2.1 et PW4OS2
1385.02SWETSC::KJOHANSSONMon Aug 24 1992NET LOGON, no server has confirmed your account
1386.01DBOSW2::ESBECKMon Aug 24 1992Simultaneous Ethernet and Token Ring
1387.02BELFST::COCHRANETue Aug 25 1992What does Communication Manager do?
1388.01KCBBQ::TERRYTue Aug 25 1992TIGA Wierdness?
1389.02SUTRA::ROBZPC::kelleherTue Aug 25 1992Protocol.ini parameters
1390.01MAST::REISERTTue Aug 25 1992Info-ZIP releases UNZIP 5.
1391.05MIMS::LYNCH_TTue Aug 25 1992Adaptec & DE2
1392.06BROKE::MELINDAWed Aug 26 1992OS/2 V1.3 boot failure
1393.05SUBWAY::YOUNGWed Aug 26 1992OS/2 1.2 upgrade to 2.
1394.02SUOSW3::FELIXThu Aug 27 1992OS/2 V2.
1395.01MIMS::LYNCH_TThu Aug 27 1992Windows 3.1 client can't print to OS/2 Sever
1396.01BRSSWS::BERGMANSThu Aug 27 1992OS/2 V2.
1397.012INFACT::NORTHERNThu Aug 27 1992S3 video drivers
1398.02VNABRW::ENGEL_WFri Aug 28 1992netlogon and script files (like autouser.bat)
1399.03SANFAN::BRENNAN_JIFri Aug 28 1992MS LM V2.1A? When
1400.03INFACT::NORTHERNMon Aug 31 1992Networking with Netware... For beginners
1401.04HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Sep 01 1992OS/2 2.
1402.012MIMS::LYNCH_TTue Sep 01 1992Upgrading from PW OS/2 2.
1403.03RANGER::REZUCHATue Sep 01 1992CVP /2 hello.exe can't access second monitor...
1404.01NZOMIS::WILSONRWed Sep 02 1992OS/2 NDIS driver version ??
1405.0PIYUSH::RUPARELIAWed Sep 02 1992Server! Which ones? (posted in PW_COMP & PWDOS)
1406.04MAASUP::AUSTINWed Sep 02 1992ORACLE on DS45
1407.06AIMHI::TAYLORThu Sep 03 1992DOS applications on an OS/2 server
1408.08AIMHI::TAYLORThu Sep 03 1992VT34
1409.04SWETSC::NORDBERGFri Sep 04 1992PDP - PW 2.
1410.05INFACT::NORTHERNFri Sep 04 1992Error Message SYS
1411.04INFACT::NORTHERNSat Sep 05 1992Help on Help in DOS emulation
1412.04VMSNET::R_OLSENTue Sep 08 1992NCP copy known nodes fails if remotely executed
1413.04COPCLU::BJARNERTue Sep 08 1992HP Network print again !
1414.07INFACT::NORTHERNTue Sep 08 1992Fossil's and OS/2
1415.08CARAFE::GOLDSTEINTue Sep 08 1992Illegal instruction trap in 2.
1416.02MIMS::WRIGHT_RTue Sep 08 1992DNP.SYS 2.
1417.09VMSNET::R_OLSENWed Sep 09 1992Mac Connectivity with LAN Manager 2.1, PW4OS2
1418.04ZPOVC::INDOThu Sep 10 1992Slow graph printing on OS/2 server
1419.0JOCKEY::AL35Thu Sep 10 1992Oracle SQL-NET seems OK under Pw 2.
1420.01TXR5::TOMThu Sep 10 1992DOS routines for OS/2 semaphores?
1421.03EDUOZ::BOERSThu Sep 10 1992IBM OS/2 1.3SE,LM2.1,PW2.
1422.06KERNEL::PCIOF3::horseycFri Sep 11 1992LK45
1423.03KERNEL::PCIOF3::horseycFri Sep 11 1992OS2 1.3 Installation and 2.88Meg Floppy disk drives
1424.0KETJE::WARICHETFri Sep 11 1992Token Ring NDIS PRO
1425.02ROCHE::HUXTABLEFri Sep 11 1992PW on OS/2 V1.3 "standard edition"???
1426.01SUBURB::LEESMFri Sep 11 1992Install problem on AHA174
1427.02KETJE::WARICHETMon Sep 14 1992OS/2 1.3 EE, Comm Manager & PCSA
1428.05MAIL::HOLLINGSHEADMon Sep 14 19923+open 1.1 and decnet
1429.011IW::GRACETue Sep 15 1992Is v2.
1431.01EDUOZ::BOERSWed Sep 16 1992Help for personal account access
1432.02KYOA::PEREZWed Sep 16 1992Basic print problem hp IIIsi on tr
1433.06STKHLM::KOCHThu Sep 17 1992PATHWORKS for OS/2 V2.
1434.010SMAUG::CAMBRIAThu Sep 17 1992Does AT bus restrict how much RAM?
1435.02SMAUG::CAMBRIAThu Sep 17 1992Init13 or not?
1436.01MIMS::LAYMON_DThu Sep 17 1992OS/2 and Banyan
1437.08KLUSTR::GARDNERThu Sep 17 1992OS/2 V2+NW Requester V2+DECnet
1438.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNFri Sep 18 1992error 1
1439.02EPERNA::HummerstonSat Sep 19 1992PATHWORKS V2.
1440.05FREEBE::B_ROSEMon Sep 21 1992Full Backup of OS2 2.
1441.04--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 21 1992for (;;) { open ... close ) runs out of handles!
1442.06HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Sep 22 1992LM 2.1 vs OS/2 LAN Server 2.
1444.03BONES::livigniWed Sep 23 1992OS/2 v2.
1445.05MIMS::LYNCH_TWed Sep 23 1992SETHOST problems with OS/2 v2.
1446.03OTOP14::RiceWed Sep 23 19922.
1447.02FRIGID::MSARAJIANWed Sep 23 1992Which ZIP to use???
1448.03ELWOOD::HAGGERTYThu Sep 24 1992fillm equivalent ?
1449.03MIMS::LAYMON_DThu Sep 24 1992OS/2 2.
1450.01CSCOA2::LYNCH_TThu Sep 24 1992RAS with Pathworks
1451.05WARNUT::TYASDSun Sep 27 1992Sharename Aliases?
1452.01MSASW2::RaymondLau@msavcMon Sep 28 1992PC->PW Server->SNA->IBM?
1453.05SWETSC::KJOHANSSONMon Sep 28 1992Exception in device driver: DEPCA$ , TRAP
1454.05MXOVMon Sep 28 1992MS-windows running under PW server for OS/2?
1455.05KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Sep 28 1992admin problem on client
1456.03EDUOZ::BOERSTue Sep 29 1992OS/2 V2.
1457.012SUTRA::SPATOLISANOTue Sep 29 1992OLICOM ISA 16/4 Token-ring card problem
1458.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNTue Sep 29 1992Permissions for users not saving correctly
1459.0MIMS::WRIGHT_RTue Sep 29 1992LK25
1460.01EDUOZ::BOERSWed Sep 30 1992session open rejected by host
1461.01EDUOZ::BOERSWed Sep 30 1992postscript printer on OS2
1462.03HGOSPS::DENISLIWed Sep 30 1992Pathworks for OS/2 2.
1463.02CANOVA::RUSSOWed Sep 30 1992OS/2 Going to ALPHA
1464.05ODIXIE::WAGNERWed Sep 30 1992need s/w info
1465.02KETJE::WARICHETThu Oct 01 1992DECpc 433ST, IBM OS/2 1.31 EE, FDISK, AHA174
1466.06SWETSC::NORDBERGThu Oct 01 1992DECpc433W OLICOM and ES config help
1467.03BIGUN::BAKERThu Oct 01 19923.
1468.01MIMS::WRIGHT_RThu Oct 01 19922.
1469.06FRIGID::MSARAJIANThu Oct 01 1992Callable Interface to ZIP???
1470.02OTOOA::BELLONIFri Oct 02 1992OS/2 1.3 need SCSII drivers
1471.02RANGER::SVOBODAFri Oct 02 1992Net3
1472.03OTOPFri Oct 02 1992Microsoft Server OS2 V1.3-1?
1473.0LARVAE::SMITH_JONSun Oct 04 1992433w/OS2 DAT drive
1474.01KERNEL::QUINNMon Oct 05 1992Help needed with AT utility
1475.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNMon Oct 05 1992Netpopup with SETHOST on screen updating
1476.03MARIO::ANTO::Conferencing-UserMon Oct 05 1992Problems with SQL+Pw4OS2
1477.03GVMIND::VASICMon Oct 05 1992Help - OS2 PW server crashes when 6 PC's printing together (DECpc433WS)
1478.011BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonTue Oct 06 1992PW OS/2 V2.
1480.02COPCLU::GREGTue Oct 06 1992PATHworks and LAN Support coex...
1481.01COPCLU::RISTOTue Oct 06 1992TRAP
1482.04SMAUG::CAMBRIATue Oct 06 1992peripheral configurations
1483.06TRCOA::ROUSTue Oct 06 1992Singin' the OS/2 V2 Installation Blues...
1484.07HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Oct 07 1992LM2.1 support NE1
1485.04OTOOA::BAYTALUKWed Oct 07 1992yet another SCSI problem
1487.02BLOFLY::GORDONThu Oct 08 1992Error SYS
1488.03MSDSWS::MMOLPS::MHENSONThu Oct 08 1992DECpc 433w/SCSI/Install Problems
1489.05HGOVA::KIMWAHNGFri Oct 09 1992NT Loader or OS/2 Boot manager ?
1490.03WLW::SHREVEFri Oct 09 1992What version of PATHWORKS is shipping today?
1491.04TROOA::LEONGFri Oct 09 1992OS/2 server access to VAX Pathworks services
1492.03MIMS::LYNCH_TFri Oct 09 1992FAL, Submit errors
1493.02EXOCET::ATTWOOLSun Oct 11 1992LM 2.1 and DEPCA/Turbo help
1494.03ROCKS::KEANESun Oct 11 1992OS2 HPFS backup again!
1495.0KERNEL::SHOULDINGMon Oct 12 1992FTP and -u option PW for OS/2 V2.
1496.08MAIL::HOLLINGSHEADMon Oct 12 1992decnet under lanman 2.1
1497.06MRKTNG::BOEHMMon Oct 12 1992How many concurrent sessions in V2.
1498.01AIMHI::TAYLORMon Oct 12 1992IBM LAN Server and PATHWORKS
1499.03VNABRW::PSCSWed Oct 14 1992News about LM 2.1a - OS/2 2.
1500.02FROCKY::LINKWed Oct 14 1992VT34
1501.02CIVIC::NULLThu Oct 15 1992DECpc 45
1502.02NZOMIS::WILSONRFri Oct 16 1992OS/2 V1.3 + PCXAT + Sytos+ V1.34
1503.05BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonFri Oct 16 1992OS/2 & Sytos again
1504.02MIMS::LYNCH_TFri Oct 16 1992Netbios reset function failing
1505.05SUBWAY::BOETTCHERMon Oct 19 1992NETBIOS support to GUPTA server w/ OS/2 v2.
1506.02VNABRW::ENGEL_WTue Oct 20 1992PW4OS2 2.
1507.0CREATV::DUGGANTue Oct 20 1992LDNETDLL and Trap 13
1508.01VMSNET::R_OLSENTue Oct 20 1992spawner error - select error exiting
1509.0LARVAE::SMITH_JONTue Oct 20 1992Backup device required
1510.0MIMS::LYNCH_TTue Oct 20 1992DECnet IDLE Link after FAL Copy
1511.03BEAGLE::WLODEKTue Oct 20 1992OS/2 , driving applications from scripts.
1512.03SMAC1Wed Oct 21 1992Modems
1513.02LJOHUB::MFFL::StraubWed Oct 21 1992Two Dissimilar Netbioses
1514.02HOBBLE::YOUNGThu Oct 22 1992Problems with OS/2 1.3
1515.02TRCP44::KUNAUSThu Oct 22 1992Perf. Problem with 16 bit NIC
1516.01FILTON::EMSLEY_RThu Oct 22 1992Printing effecting performance..
1517.03BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonThu Oct 22 1992SYTOS
1518.05MSASW2::RaymondLau@msavcFri Oct 23 1992PW for O/S 2 and O/S 2 v2.
1519.05ZURFri Oct 23 1992SETHOST, CTRL/F1
1520.04MIMS::WRIGHT_RFri Oct 23 1992FIXLM21 doesn't fix 1
1521.02COPCLU::COPHK::JESPERMon Oct 26 1992DECnet/PW in a DOS box, how ??
1522.04HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Oct 27 1992Question on LISTSERV and ZOO file ?
1523.03MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayTue Oct 27 1992Task to task with TCP/IP
1524.02BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonTue Oct 27 1992Trap
1525.0BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonWed Oct 28 1992Disapearing clients
1526.03JUNG::COCHRANWed Oct 28 1992Lan Srvr & Pathworks???
1527.011MAST::REISERTWed Oct 28 1992IBM's ServicePak for OS/2 2.
1528.0DELSThu Oct 29 1992How to start and configure Mail server
1529.01BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonSat Oct 31 1992TZK1
1530.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGSun Nov 01 1992WORD in a OS/2 file server, cant store docs in VMS file server
1531.03EEMELI::ROKKAMon Nov 02 1992LAN Support v2.1 & decnet
1532.03WARHED::COPPELOVMon Nov 02 1992NET.ACC not replicated
1533.02LARVAE::SMITH_JONMon Nov 02 1992433w & Sytos +
1534.04BLKPUD::SCHOFIELDLMon Nov 02 1992OS/2 and InfoServers
1535.02KYOA::BODNARMon Nov 02 1992slow client w/ enhanced redir only
1536.01HAACK::HAACKMon Nov 02 1992kits where? 11+6 diskettes in V2.
1537.09DELSTue Nov 03 1992Support for Mail server!
1538.01FRIGID::MSARAJIANTue Nov 03 1992MS-DOS DLLs using Dual Mode
1540.01TALE::PILOUI::PITTETWed Nov 04 1992CD-ROM on PATHWORKS for OS/2 server
1541.03VNABRW::PSCSWed Nov 04 1992clearify the a/b version jungle !!
1542.0KLUSTR::BOSPC1::GardnerWed Nov 04 1992newer PROTMAN?
1543.010MEDIA::MELVILLEMWed Nov 04 1992still confused - please help
1544.0UTRTSC::ANBEEKThu Nov 05 1992OS/2 V2.
1545.06BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonThu Nov 05 1992Pathworks in DOS window
1547.02GIDDAY::LILICFri Nov 06 1992Extended Error 84 when accessing File Service (ERROR_OUT_OF_STRUCTURES)
1548.01MIMS::LAYMON_DFri Nov 06 1992OS/2 2.
1549.018KAOFS::R_STJEANFri Nov 06 1992Anybody applied OS2 2.
1550.05KAOFS::R_STJEANFri Nov 06 1992PMSPOOL error SPL1B in error
1551.03ADO75A::SHARPESun Nov 08 1992Remote boot of OS/2 from anything?
1552.07ADO75A::SHARPESun Nov 08 1992X11 or Xcursion for OS2
1553.01SIEVAX::CROWTHERMon Nov 09 1992Code management software on OS/2?
1554.01EXOCET::ATTWOOLMon Nov 09 1992DDE differences ??
1555.05EXOCET::ATTWOOLTue Nov 10 1992OS/2 1.3 and 2.
1556.07UFHCOP::CHEQUERTue Nov 10 1992Making OS/2 bootable from DOS
1557.05ISIDRO::MANUELTue Nov 10 1992Remote boot of OS/2 with DECpc 425
1558.01MIMS::LAYMON_DTue Nov 10 1992Windows 3.1 support?
1559.05MAOTAI::MIKAO::mullickTue Nov 10 1992V2.
1560.03MIMS::LAYMON_DWed Nov 11 1992Peer Services and OS/2 2.
1561.0VNABRW::ENGEL_WWed Nov 11 1992LM 2.2 is coming !!
1562.04VMSNET::R_OLSENFri Nov 13 1992Trap 6 and Trap 7 errors
1563.0MAST::REISERTSat Nov 14 1992Installing Windows 3.1 on top of GA+Service Pack
1564.04ROVRUM::TYASDSun Nov 15 1992What No Password?
1565.0MIMS::LAYMON_DWed Nov 18 1992OS/2 2.
1566.02SUBWAY::YOUNGWed Nov 18 1992tape backup for a OS/2 PC
1567.01MINNY::HUBERFThu Nov 19 1992OS/2 LAN Mgr Servicesharing
1568.01HGOVC::FEFSSPSThu Nov 19 1992OS/2 1.21 on second disk ?
1569.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Nov 19 1992dirty hpfs how to clean
1570.01VNABRW::PSCSFri Nov 20 1992cannot LOGON
1572.03COPCLU::RISTOFri Nov 20 1992Understanding NCP LINE COUNTERS
1573.0COPCLU::RISTOFri Nov 20 1992Problem in NCP TELL LINE COUNTERS
1575.03DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONTue Nov 24 1992PW OS2 at OS2 V2.
1576.03TALLIS::JCAGE::PerkinsTue Nov 24 1992How does OS/2 2.
1577.04PRSSUD::PERUCHOTWed Nov 25 1992Pathworks for OS/2 2.
1578.02ISIDRO::POZUELOWed Nov 25 1992IMB strategy behind WorkPlace?
1579.04BLOFLY::DESGOR::gordonFri Nov 27 1992tcpip crash
1580.0VAXRIO::SCHORFri Nov 27 1992Error on copy from OS/2 to VMS
1581.07VNABRW::PSCSMon Nov 30 1992Printing problems on PW 4 OS/2 Server
1582.03ROVRUM::TYASDMon Nov 30 1992LANServer V3.
1583.01KERNEL::MADCOW::fosterjThu Dec 03 1992Comms Manager And P/W
1584.03ADO75A::HAMPTONFri Dec 04 1992OS/2 V2.
1585.03VAXRIO::SCHORFri Dec 04 1992OS/2 extended attributes
1586.07SUFRNG::WSA122::LYNCH_TFri Dec 04 1992Info on NET31
1587.07RLAV::MURPHYTue Dec 08 1992file transfer
1588.0CARAFE::GOLDSTEINWed Dec 09 1992Funny confusion in 2.
1589.05MIMS::RADICK_DWed Dec 09 19922.
1590.07CREATV::EVANSWed Dec 09 1992PW OS/2 2.
1591.01ODIXIE::VANESSOThu Dec 10 1992File service to OS/2 server on token ring drops co
1592.07RANGER::KALLIOThu Dec 10 1992Feedback Please!!
1593.01GIDDAY::LILICFri Dec 11 1992DOS Extended Error 7
1594.04BIGUN::BAKERSun Dec 13 1992LANMAN for MAC & PWOS2 2.
1595.0CREATV::SHAROSMon Dec 14 1992PATHWORKS for OS/2 (tcp/ip) and Lotus Notes
1596.01SUFRNG::WSA122::LYNCH_TMon Dec 14 1992DEMCA card won't cold boot in PS/2 65
1597.04LEPTON::RYGIELSKIMon Dec 14 1992Connect/Connect Failed
1598.0SWETSC::NORDBERGWed Dec 16 1992PW/OS2 USE.EXE limitation vs. PW/DOS ??
1599.01BIGUN::FEIGLEThu Dec 17 1992Lan Manager V2.1
1600.09PCA112::BOEBINGERThu Dec 17 1992Problem accessing RRD42 under OS/2 V1.3.1
1601.07TOHOPE::WSA122::LYNCH_TThu Dec 17 1992Serial Port problem with Lan Manager v2.1
1602.03TRCOA::KUNAUSThu Dec 17 1992OS/2 clients * LM 2.2 & Pwrks.?
1603.02HANFri Dec 18 1992IBM OS/2 V1.3 EE as PATHWORKS Server supported ?
1604.04KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Dec 18 1992SMC and pathworks crash
1605.0TAVMon Dec 21 1992Multiple Etherworks EISA (DE422)?
1606.04HOBBLE::SWEATTMon Dec 21 1992Approved Hardware List?
1607.04VAXRIO::SCHORMon Dec 21 1992DECnet and segment flow control
1608.04GRINCH::KALINTue Dec 22 1992Can't see disks/partitions from DOS window
1609.06MXOVTue Dec 22 1992Does somebody know if this works (performance concern)
1610.01DEMOAX::DUDEVOIRTue Dec 22 1992Shareable FAX Modem on OS/2 Server
1611.03ZPOVC::INDOWed Dec 23 1992OS/2 Server Crash
1612.04KETJE::GALLOYWed Dec 23 1992Remote command file on OS/2 and IDLE LINKS
1613.0SIEVAX::ECKLEYWed Dec 23 1992SQLPREP problem (Database Manager)
1614.01ONOIS1::DEGATWed Dec 23 1992COM
1615.07OAW::ITZKOWed Dec 23 1992New Install Help
1616.03EXOCET::ATTWOOLThu Dec 24 19921.x Development toolkits ?
1617.01MADMXX::BETCHANSat Dec 26 1992Pathworks available on line???
1618.09CARAFE::ISDNIP::GOLDSTEINSun Dec 27 1992CTERM performance poor w/ 2.
1619.03CREATV::SHAROSMon Dec 28 1992dnet_conn problem with 2.
1620.02CREATV::SHAROSMon Jan 04 1993MSNET.INI
1621.04MIMS::RADICK_DMon Jan 04 1993Win NT vs OS/2 benchmark prelim
1622.06MRKTNG::BOEHMTue Jan 05 1993OS/2 - NON-SUPPORT
1623.01SMAUG::TSUKERNIKTue Jan 05 1993Looking for the Ethernet driver for os/2 2.
1624.01SMAUG::TSUKERNIKTue Jan 05 1993Kits related question
1625.0MIMS::WRIGHT_RWed Jan 06 1993No RECOVERY Diskette in 2.
1626.0MIMS::WRIGHT_RWed Jan 06 1993SYTOS unattended backup with PRIVILEGES
1627.04ROCKS::KEANEThu Jan 07 1993The new Triden 32bit drivers are wonderful!
1628.05MRKTNG::BOEHMThu Jan 07 1993Turbo DEPCA drivers for LAN Server V2.
1629.04TRNThu Jan 07 1993DECpc 45
1630.0XLIB::CHANGThu Jan 07 1993Porting PM application to Motif
1631.012LSNCSC::STSULP::SHEFri Jan 08 1993TeamLinks & V2.
1632.04OTOPFri Jan 08 1993Sanity Check
1633.01TKOV51::FUJIMOTOMon Jan 11 1993327
1634.02VNABRW::ENGEL_WMon Jan 11 1993Whitepaper on 2.
1635.04OAW::ITZKOMon Jan 11 1993UNZIPPING
1636.01ROMTue Jan 12 1993Pathworks 2.
1637.08VNABRW::ENGEL_WTue Jan 12 1993IBM OS/2 2.
1638.01KAOFS::R_STJEANTue Jan 12 1993Home directories
1639.02DWOMV2::MTHOMPSONTue Jan 12 1993Pathworks OS/2 slower?
1640.02OAW::ITZKOTue Jan 12 1993OS2_FORUM
1641.05NZOMIS::WILSONRTue Jan 12 1993DEPCA OS/2 NDIS Driver - 32bit ??
1642.01UFP::DACT18::MITCHELLWed Jan 13 1993LAT Printing From OS/2 server
1643.07ZURWed Jan 13 1993Problem with MOP
1644.04DNTPC3::BURKE_EDWed Jan 13 1993Pathworks os/2 paradox problems
1645.03SCAACT::STEERWed Jan 13 1993HELP NEEDED WITH OS/2 4 Serial Ports
1646.01TOHOPE::WSA122::LYNCH_TThu Jan 14 1993Idle links problem on OS/2 & Lotus Notes & Mail gateway system
1647.01EXOCET::ATTWOOLThu Jan 14 1993OS/2 remote command executor.
1648.08VNABRW::ENGEL_WFri Jan 15 1993SYTOS 1.35 ??
1649.03UFHIS::64796::Conferencing-UserFri Jan 15 1993Problem with OS/2 on DECpc 433
1650.043ROCKS::KEANEFri Jan 15 1993V2.1 beta widely available!
1651.04SMAC1Fri Jan 15 1993OS/2 and Token Ring
1652.0CGOOA::DOELLMon Jan 18 1993Config in Token Ring/Enet environment?
1653.02CARAFE::GOLDSTEINMon Jan 18 1993It's getting hard to open this conference
1654.02OTOPMon Jan 18 1993Help - dropping connections
1655.01OTOPMon Jan 18 1993SCH /N
1656.02ZPOVC::CHIKLIAKTue Jan 19 1993LAST
1657.01UFHIS::64796::Conferencing-UserTue Jan 19 1993DECpc 433 , OS/2 V.1.3 and Video Driver Installation
1658.0COPCLU::COPLH3::RistoTue Jan 19 1993Compaq ProSignia experience
1659.01Tue Jan 19 1993TCP/IP and EE1.3, LU6.2
1660.03TROOA::MARIUZTue Jan 19 1993OS/2 on TigerII
1661.0GIDDAY::RALLINGSWed Jan 20 1993V2.
1662.0LSNCSC::STSULP::ERICWed Jan 20 1993X.4
1663.0VMSNET::R_OLSENWed Jan 20 1993Printers go slow an intermittent interval
1664.02KERNEL::COLOMBOWed Jan 20 1993LAT virtual circuits
1665.04PIYUSH::RUPARELIAThu Jan 21 1993LANMAN Server connection to VMS PW Server
1666.02HANFri Jan 22 1993PW OS/2 V2.
1667.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Jan 25 1993primary 2.1 does not work
1668.01SIOG::FITZMAURICEMon Jan 25 1993ASPI request ?
1669.02NZOMIS::HOWARDMon Jan 25 1993Routing of TELNET over two network cards?
1670.0SWETSC::KJOHANSSONTue Jan 26 1993IBM LANserver and LANmgr question about domain and logon script
1671.0WARNUT::TYASDTue Jan 26 1993IBM4
1672.02DVOPAS::SKIBMP::PROCTORTue Jan 26 1993Where is kit for TCP/IP for OS/2 Pathworks?
1673.01EICMFG::DRECHSELWed Jan 27 1993sttng::"/pub/os2/ftp-os2.index" ?
1674.01CREATV::SHAROSWed Jan 27 1993Network Name cannot be used
1675.01DVOPAS::SKIBMP::PROCTORWed Jan 27 1993How do I find OS/2 Client kit??
1676.02KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Jan 27 1993DECnet/Netbios *only* ????
1677.02AIMHI::TAYLORWed Jan 27 1993PATHWORKS and V2.
1678.03MEOCThu Jan 28 1993Mailserver crash with Dist List >9
1679.02EICMFG::BINGERThu Jan 28 1993 DOS boot test toooo successful
1680.04HGOVC::JONASLEUNGFri Jan 29 1993OS/2 Tuning
1681.01TRHOVE::OveNFri Jan 29 1993Named Pipes, how to configure?
1682.01ZPOVC::KUMARFri Jan 29 1993PW for OS/2 questions
1683.02TAVSun Jan 31 1993Pathworks for OS/2 server functionalities
1684.01JOHNPC::BOEBINGERMon Feb 01 1993Boot OS/2 V2.x without auto-restart?
1685.0EICMFG::DRECHSELTue Feb 02 1993how to read red books ??
1686.04KAOOA::WEISSTue Feb 02 1993LAN Requestor V3.
1687.03LTNUP::SHAROSWed Feb 03 1993LOTUS notes and NETBEUI
1688.01COLWed Feb 03 1993Some questions to OS/2 V2.
1689.04SMAC1Wed Feb 03 1993OS/2 2.
1690.08TROOA::HENDRIKSEWed Feb 03 1993doc's online for pw os/2 2.
1691.02OAW::ITZKOWed Feb 03 1993Where did the Forum go?
1692.01WHYMAC::KENTThu Feb 04 1993FTP to PATHWORKS for OS/2 (tcpip) server from IBM
1693.02TRCOA::KUNAUSThu Feb 04 1993pwrks config parameters?
1694.02TRCOA::KUNAUSThu Feb 04 1993PWRKS OS/2 Questions?
1695.04SWETSC::KJOHANSSONFri Feb 05 1993How many users can there be on one DOMAIN?
1696.0OSLFri Feb 05 1993SETHOST/NRC-mode "funny"characters ?
1697.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNFri Feb 05 1993Installation error on PS/2
1698.03WSTENG::HICKMANMon Feb 08 1993OS/2 Crash on DECpc 425sx LP
1699.03BAHTAT::HANNAN_SMon Feb 08 1993Sytos NOT supported???
1700.0GVPROD::CHAPACOUTue Feb 09 1993Unfortunate "DEL ." command executed !!!
1701.08VINO::ALAMTue Feb 09 1993Can not open DOS or Win-OS2 sessions
1702.01EDUOZ::BOERSWed Feb 10 1993DECpc OS2 1.3 and SCSI boot kit needed
1703.01EICMFG::BINGERWed Feb 10 1993Word perfect for windows under OS.??
1704.0STKHLM::IVANWed Feb 10 1993Pathworks for OS/2 (nearly) security problem
1705.03KERNEL::TAGGARTNWed Feb 10 1993CD ROM and Pathworks
1706.05IDOWS::IDOThu Feb 11 1993PW for OS/2 - Decnet programming refer. manual
1707.04BIGUN::FEIGLEThu Feb 11 1993OS/2 V1.31 upgrade path, we sold em V1.3
1708.09VNABRW::PSCSThu Feb 11 1993OS/2 Restore Command -> no go !
1709.02DPDMAI::JONESDSThu Feb 11 1993LM2.1A TCP and PW2.
1710.03WFOV11::CUTTELLThu Feb 11 1993433ST Installation Problem
1711.01UTRTSC::OOSTINDJERFri Feb 12 1993fal problem from PDP (RSX)
1712.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGTue Feb 16 1993OS/2 2.
1713.01PCOJCT::YOUNGTue Feb 16 1993Benchmark results
1715.08TROOA::GANDERWed Feb 17 1993NEW OS/2 CUSTOMER
1716.0VNABRW::ENGEL_WThu Feb 18 1993SETHOST under OS/2 2.
1717.016MAST::REISERTThu Feb 18 1993Lotus Products for OS/2 2.x
1718.03KERNEL::MADCOW::fosterjFri Feb 19 1993DECnet and NetBEUI on TR
1719.01TROOA::GANDERFri Feb 19 1993OS/2 server questions
1720.0ISDNIP::goldsteinSun Feb 21 1993How to make DOS_VERSION work in 2.
1721.01ALOSMon Feb 22 1993Oracle and OS/2
1722.01KAZAN::CHALLALMon Feb 22 1993LM V2.1 upgrade problem
1723.02LSNCSC::STSULP::ERICMon Feb 22 1993PID for new version ??
1724.02SUBWAY::LEEMon Feb 22 1993OS/2 Pathworks Mail Batch Function
1725.02MAST::REISERTMon Feb 22 1993Borland Products for OS/2 2.x
1726.02TROOA::GANDERMon Feb 22 1993SETHOST with a twist
1727.0BACHUS::DEACETISTue Feb 23 1993Token Ring and Ethernet and Pathworks 2.
1728.02FORTY2::MILLSONWed Feb 24 1993Trying to Install OS/2 2.1beta
1729.01DRAC::HUELVESWed Feb 24 1993SYTOS PLUS and IBM OS/2 v1.3 problem.
1731.02MXOVWed Feb 24 1993Print problem on COM1 and Permission violations
1732.03MEAD::FULLERThu Feb 25 1993Help neeed setting up server
1733.012TAPE::LKLThu Feb 25 1993OS2 command line at Boot time
1734.0EEMELI::ROKKAFri Feb 26 1993Locking violations and DEChub9
1735.02TROOA::HENDRIKSEFri Feb 26 1993fax-modem software?
1736.03MEAD::FULLERMon Mar 01 1993Request REQUESTER help
1737.01NBOIS::NBOFS1::EMRICHTue Mar 02 1993Does LAN-Requestor need a LAN-Server ?
1739.05MEAD::FULLERWed Mar 03 1993DOS Requester and Depca Board
1740.02LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconWed Mar 03 1993PW for OS/2 2,
1741.0LSNCSC::STSULP::ERICWed Mar 03 1993Mail reply truncates X.4
1742.02LSNCSC::STSULP::ERICWed Mar 03 199345
1743.04OAW::ITZKOThu Mar 04 1993DEVICE DRIVERS
1744.06VAXRIO::SCHORFri Mar 05 1993LanMan-Pathworks & domain
1745.02TROOA::GANDERFri Mar 05 1993SETHOST.dat & LANMAN 2.2
1746.02GVAADG::AMAZONSun Mar 07 1993Installation of OS/2 2.
1747.0KERNEL::FOSTERJMon Mar 08 1993Calling dnet_con from a DLL ?
1748.01VERSA::TIMMELMon Mar 08 1993pw os2 2.
1749.01ORING::GULATITue Mar 09 1993URGENT !! Help needed. Client and Server hang during copy
1750.0SMAUG::TSUKERNIKWed Mar 10 1993Syatem trap D in DEC$DLL when printing
1751.05ROCKS::KEANEFri Mar 12 1993Questions on DESCRIBE
1752.04MVDSFri Mar 12 1993HELP! Disk CONSTANTLY seeks
1753.0KERNEL::COLOMBOMon Mar 15 1993OS/2 server and EXCEL/WORD wont save documents
1754.01TRCT19::ALIMon Mar 15 1993Ethernet and WaveLAN cards in 2.
1755.02CGOOA::HOMMENMon Mar 15 1993Is there a 1 G disk limit in OS/2 v1.3?
1756.03NZOMIS::MCINTYREMon Mar 15 1993lanman 2.2 and DECnet
1757.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJTue Mar 16 1993`Computer Name' different to DECnet name
1758.06SWETSC::KJOHANSSONWed Mar 17 1993Extended servises and PW OS/2 v2.
1759.021MAST::REISERTThu Mar 18 1993March Beta - OS/2 2.1.1
1760.02GVPROD::CHAPACOUTue Mar 23 1993Keyboard remapping with PMterm
1761.03BRUMMY::WIDDOWSONTue Mar 23 1993Config files required
1762.02TAVIS::RONENWed Mar 24 1993copying a file from os2 to vaxeln - how?
1763.05SIEBK::AWOLFWed Mar 24 1993DevHlp() functions needed
1764.0VMSNET::R_OLSENWed Mar 24 1993PW4OS2 16mb memory limit on os/2 2.
1765.02GJOVAX::GRAEFFWed Mar 24 1993PATHWORKS for OS/2 Kit?..(and a support question)
1766.02DRAC::HUELVESWed Mar 24 1993IBM OS/2 v1.3 SYTOS+ ADAPTEC 174
1767.02RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Mar 24 1993PATHWORKS for OS/2 Status Update
1768.0CARAFE::GOLDSTEINThu Mar 25 1993PW-OS/2 2.1 wishlist
1769.01WHYMAC::KENTFri Mar 26 1993decstation 45
1770.0OAW::ITZKOFri Mar 26 1993Magazine Articles
1771.01SWAM1::JAYME_ALSat Mar 27 199332MB Mem. Install-NOT!
1772.0SUBWAY::JAUNGMon Mar 29 1993Need a person who knows OS2 1.3 windows
1773.03GVPROD::CHAPACOUMon Mar 29 1993Can't access COUNTRY.SYS !
1774.03VNABRW::PSCSTue Mar 30 1993using a cd drive, os2 hangs
1775.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLTue Mar 30 1993OS/2 2.
1776.0ROCK::OLESINTue Mar 30 1993OS2 2.
1777.01VNABRW::PSCSWed Mar 31 1993MAXIMUM LINKS 256 ????
1778.04SASE::CHENISWed Mar 31 1993Any fix for invisible files under the drives icon in OS/2 w/ PWOS2
1779.02SWETSC::NORDBERGThu Apr 01 1993AT.EXE how to use
1780.03VNABRW::MATHE_WFri Apr 02 1993the name of the network device driver for PW OS2 TCP/IP V1.
1781.02HLDEMon Apr 05 1993Wanted: DOS-Redirector working in DOS-Session.
1782.01EDUOZ::BOERSTue Apr 06 1993Manually reload the profile every time...
1783.0CREATV::SHAROSTue Apr 06 1993Record Locking Problem
1784.06MSAMWed Apr 07 1993PW for O/S 2.
1785.02VMSNET::R_OLSENWed Apr 07 1993Mailsend Scheduled from AT command
1786.03BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONThu Apr 08 1993Looking for Terminal Emulation from OS2 V2.
1787.01VMSNET::R_OLSENFri Apr 09 1993MOP Process crashes with accvio
1788.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSTue Apr 13 1993LAN Server 3.
1789.05HDLITE::MORINTue Apr 13 1993Having problems loading OS/2 on DECpc 45
1790.01MINOS::JAUNGWed Apr 14 1993PATHWORKS KITS for OS/2 1.3
1791.0MUTT::DANIELThu Apr 15 1993OS/2 fails on cold boot
1792.07UTRTSC::ANBEEKFri Apr 16 1993Sethost problems !!!!!
1793.01UTRTSC::WIEBENGAFri Apr 16 1993Driver for Etherworks III card
1794.02JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROFri Apr 16 1993Adding parallel ports to PW Server...
1795.03ROCKS::KEANEMon Apr 19 1993DEPCA Network adaptor driver for V2.X?
1796.0SWAM1::JAYME_ALMon Apr 19 1993Operating System Missing Message
1797.03CANOVA::RUSSOMon Apr 19 1993Setting NETADDRESS on IBM TK
1798.0DBOT14::FITZMAURICEMon Apr 19 1993LAT patches for PATHWORKS
1799.0HOBBLE::SWEATTMon Apr 19 1993Backdrop Utility?
1800.014CARAFE::GOLDSTEINTue Apr 20 1993OS2 2.1 USE: Network name not found
1801.0PIYUSH::RUPARELIAThu Apr 22 1993OS/2 Server Cost of Ownership
1802.03VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAThu Apr 22 1993LAN Manager and Pathworks print services
1803.03OSLLAV::TORHFri Apr 23 1993Problems with Named Pipes over DECnet & NETBeui
1804.01SUBWAY::JAUNGFri Apr 23 1993Please recommend OS/2 books
1805.0SMDBSD::DEDONOVANFri Apr 23 1993enhanced redirector causes pc hang
1806.04GLINDA::REHBEINFri Apr 23 1993disk corruption with os/2, nt
1807.01MSAMSat Apr 24 1993OS/2 v2.
1808.04VMSNET::R_OLSENMon Apr 26 1993WORM drives not accessable if LAST/LAD loaded
1809.04VMSNET::R_OLSENMon Apr 26 1993Running without MOP loaded
1810.02PIYUSH::RUPARELIATue Apr 27 1993OpenVMS, OS/2 & DOS TCP/IP ease of deployment
1811.06VMSNET::R_OLSENWed Apr 28 1993MOP on os/2 2.
1812.0SANFAN::MORTENSEN_MAWed Apr 28 1993Reference Contact for OS/2 on LP or MT
1813.03SASE::CHENISThu Apr 29 1993Password on USE V2.
1814.02VMSNET::R_OLSENThu Apr 29 1993USE/SHOW won't work on LAN Server pathworks install
1816.0SIEBK::AWOLFFri Apr 30 1993327
1817.01SUFRNG::CARZELL_MMon May 03 1993Can't Print Make Sure Default Printer Is Setup PMV1
1818.0PTOVAX::WILKINSMon May 03 1993Product manager ?
1819.01AIMHI::ONETME::TAYLORMon May 03 1993PATHWORKS client printing problems
1820.03ROCKS::KEANETue May 04 1993Lotus 123 for OS2 V2.
1821.02SUBWAY::ZAMLERTue May 04 1993OS/2 V2.
1822.02SIOG::KCAHILLWed May 05 1993CDROM on os2/1.3
1823.028STTNG::reisertFri May 07 1993OS/2 2.1 GA Topic
1824.01BIGUN::BAKERFri May 07 1993PW OS/2 2.
1825.0BIGUN::BAKERSat May 08 1993HD to HD Diskcopy in OS/2 V1.3
1826.03TARUGO::LUISMon May 10 1993ctrl-F1
1827.02TOSSUB::SABBADINMon May 10 1993How use two de2
1828.04SALEM::LEIMBERGERMon May 10 1993install disk munged
1829.04TARUGO::LUISTue May 11 1993TRAP
1830.03STKHLM::WETTERBERGWed May 12 19932 PW for OS/2 nodes cant' see each other on a WAN.
1831.03TRHPC1::JOARWed May 12 1993EWRK3 and OS/2 problems?
1833.01EEMELI::ROKKAWed May 12 1993LM v2.2 & home director..
1834.01VLJIS1::TRUONGWed May 12 1993where to get streaming tape driver for OS/2 ???
1835.0SIOG::FITZMAURICEThu May 13 1993LAT debugger ?
1836.0COPCLU::RISTOThu May 13 19933Com 3C527 MC32 Ethernet adapter?
1837.0STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon May 17 1993DECnet added to retail LANmanager, traps at OD at #
1838.01METMV2::FIELDSMon May 17 1993VT32
1839.010EXOCET::ATTWOOLMon May 17 1993LANserver 3.
1840.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLThu May 20 1993Trap
1841.0TARUGO::LUISThu May 20 1993Two DEMCA's on the same pc
1842.02ANGLIN::RBARBERISThu May 20 1993NETBEUI/DECnet conflict
1843.05TAVIS::RONENMon May 24 1993logon validation using TCPIP - a problem.
1844.0MINOS::JAUNGMon May 24 1993OS/2 1.3 question
1845.0ROMMon May 24 1993DECnet task-to-task examples?
1846.01STKHLM::IVANTue May 25 1993TKZ12/AHA-154
1847.02ROCKS::KEANEWed May 26 1993GTAK help file?
1848.04MAST::REISERTWed May 26 1993USENET question RE: OS/2 2.x and Pathworks
1849.01SUBWAY::JAUNGWed May 26 1993Question on OS/2 presentation manager
1850.0SWETSC::NORDBERGFri May 28 1993TRAP
1851.0PCOJCT::YOUNGFri May 28 1993Adaptec drivers for OS/2 1.3
1852.0BACHUS::DHAENSFri May 28 1993dnp, decnet hanging on os2 with netflex
1853.02NSTG::MCCARTHYFri May 28 1993VC++ on OS/2
1854.0JMPSRV::MICKOLFri May 28 1993Modem/QIC woes
1855.07TARUGO::LUISMon May 31 1993Pathworks on DOS box. Virtual driver.
1856.02TROOA::POOTSTue Jun 01 1993Converting DOS drivers to OS/2 ??
1857.0MINOS::JAUNGTue Jun 01 1993EHLLAPI?
1858.03GLINDA::GODFREYWed Jun 02 1993SMC ethercard plus adapter usage?
1859.02HTSC19::ANDYNGMon Jun 07 1993OS2 server.. Remote Computer Not Listening
1860.02EEMELI::ROKKAMon Jun 07 1993Mail RCV ?
1861.0UTRTSC::WIEBENGAMon Jun 07 1993OS/2, Reflection-8 327
1862.02CGOOA::HOMMENMon Jun 07 1993Anyone tried to use Microsoft RAS?
1864.01BACHUS::VERMEIRWed Jun 09 1993Virtual network drivers in OS/2 ?????
1865.0SMAUG::CAMBRIAWed Jun 09 1993SDLC & Mouse?
1866.04DRAC::HUELVESWed Jun 09 1993Lotus Notes, pathworks and TCP/IP
1867.04BCFI::OSCARSSONThu Jun 10 1993OS/2 2.x support
1868.01EEMELI::ROKKAFri Jun 11 1993Netbios applications with dual stack ?
1869.01ROMTSS::SCALELLAFri Jun 11 1993TZK12 problem with OS2 1.3
1870.02HERON::PATEL_AMon Jun 14 1993SNMP agent for Lanmanager on OS2 needed
1871.01BACHUS::BERGMANSMon Jun 14 1993sethost using COM port hangs keyboard OS/2 v2.
1872.03VNABRW::NESTLERMon Jun 14 1993OS/2 2.1
1873.0COPCLU::RISTOMon Jun 14 1993DECnet and LAN Server 2.
1874.02UTRTSC::BATSMon Jun 14 1993TCP/IP, IBM ES, OS/2 1.3 coexistance
1875.03GRANPA::SFAIRCLOTHTue Jun 15 1993My customers are whining!
1876.04SWETSC::NORDBERGTue Jun 15 1993Microsoft NETNews..
1877.01VNABRW::NESTLERTue Jun 15 1993netware anybody?
1878.02DOMO::NEILTue Jun 15 1993DOS/Windows User Wants to Migrate to OS2
1879.02TPSP11::SYSTEMWed Jun 16 1993User storage limit ?
1880.03RTOEU::SHUEBNERWed Jun 16 1993Trap
1881.03ROMThu Jun 17 1993RTB - record too large
1882.03OTOP14::gormanMon Jun 21 1993LAN Manager Remote Access
1883.04SWETSC::KJOHANSSONTue Jun 22 1993Problem with IBM C /set-2 and IBM OS/2 v2.
1884.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Jun 22 1993HP Laserjet IV printer driver ?
1885.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLTue Jun 22 1993PC Express problems...
1886.04MAST::REISERTTue Jun 22 1993OS/2 2.1GA Fixes/Patches
1887.0KAOFS::M_VALLEETue Jun 22 1993incorrect response from network
1888.01OTOP14::gormanTue Jun 22 1993LAT and print queues
1889.02OSLACT::BJORNU_PWed Jun 23 1993TCPCONNECTIONS in Protocol.Ini (PW4OS/2 with TCP/IP)
1890.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jun 23 1993net password
1891.0ICS::BEANWed Jun 23 1993ANOTHER DECpc 433 Workstation vs. MS OS/2 V1.3
1892.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLWed Jun 23 1993Incorrect responce from network error
1893.01KAOAWed Jun 23 1993LANMAN FOR MAC AND PWfor OS/2
1894.01ONOIS1::GAIRNSThu Jun 24 1993TCP/IP printing on OS/2
1895.02EICMFG::BINGERThu Jun 24 1993Can't finf OSO
1896.01QUICKP::KEHOEThu Jun 24 19938mm tape backup and Sytos
1897.01CMOTEC::AUSTINFri Jun 25 1993AS4
1898.0GANTRY::SRINIVASAFri Jun 25 1993Pathworks installation question on OS/2 1.3
1899.06TKOV51::FUJIMOTOTue Jun 29 1993S3 driver is anywhere.
1900.01SWETSC::NORDBERGWed Jun 30 1993crossposted from token_ring
1901.01PYRO::VANZUYLENThu Jul 01 1993TIGA (Appian) and OS/2 2.1
1902.01GYDMO::DMTue Jul 06 1993Problem with installation of IBM OS/2 1.3 on DECpc 4
1903.05TAVIS::RONENTue Jul 06 1993LAN MANAGER server as a bridge
1904.0SMAUG::TSUKERNIKFri Jul 09 1993Protocol stacks coexistance under os2
1905.0102HOT::WALSHFri Jul 09 1993Pathworks and OS/2 V2.
1906.0IJSAPL::WOODROWMon Jul 12 1993OS/2 2.x; TCP/IP over X.25 to OpenVMS/OSF/1?
1907.04FAILTE::MCERLANEVMon Jul 12 199332 bit OS/2 drivers for S3 model 924
1908.02TAPE::LKLTue Jul 13 1993EA DATA. SF file
1909.01PSCPCTue Jul 13 1993TIFF viewer
1911.01EXIT2::BROWNTue Jul 13 1993Prodigy install ?
1912.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGWed Jul 14 1993Install OS/2 2.
1913.012HOT::WALSHWed Jul 14 1993OS2LAN up and running???
1914.0HGOVA::CORE_SFLIFri Jul 16 1993A tape driver on ESIA AHA174
1915.0DAVE::MITTONFri Jul 16 1993Humor?
1916.01PASTA::QUANFri Jul 16 1993OS/2 device driver guide
1917.04SIEVAX::ATTWOOLMon Jul 19 1993IBM C set/2 problems on PW servers
1918.015RONAN::RONANWed Jul 21 1993X "CLIENT" for OS/2?
1919.04KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Jul 22 1993Pwrks OS/2 V2.
1920.04VNOTSC::PSCSThu Jul 22 1993LM2.1a & Presentation Manager
1921.02AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERThu Jul 22 1993OS/2 V2.1 Network Access for DOS/Windows Apps?
1922.0SHIPS::EXHIBN::yates_mFri Jul 23 1993MS-OS2 1.3 vs IBM OS2 V2. Options
1923.05STUFri Jul 23 1993IBM OS/2 V2.
1924.05CURRNT::CARSONMon Jul 26 1993CIRRUS VLB video drivers
1925.02KERNEL::OSBORNEWed Jul 28 1993Domain Name Service.
1927.01HAMCL3::ROEBENWed Jul 28 1993OS/2 V2.1 + TLZ
1928.0NZOMIS::WILSONRAYThu Jul 29 1993TLZ
1929.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLThu Jul 29 1993SETHOST - Erase line?
1930.03HGOVC::MONTYWONGFri Jul 30 1993OS/2 2.
1931.05BACHUS::VERELSTMon Aug 02 1993device drivers !!!
1932.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLTue Aug 03 1993NFT and Protection Violations
1933.01TIMAMD::PC1Tue Aug 03 1993DEMCA Card V1.
1934.03STKAI1::WIEGERTWed Aug 04 1993DE2
1935.03SIEBK::AWOLFThu Aug 05 1993Own icons in LS 3.
1936.0BLKPUD::PAGEHFri Aug 06 1993DECpc 466D2MTE OS2V1.3 Pathworks V2.
1937.05GIDDAY::COCKCROFTMon Aug 09 1993LAN Manager services for Mac & MS TCP/IP
1938.01ROKCTR::GRAHAMTue Aug 10 1993Error w/DE1
1939.03KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLWed Aug 11 1993Cannot set focus onto a server...
1940.01ISEQ::RCOLLINSWed Aug 11 1993Help on LANMAN V2.2 please
1941.04EMASS::FIELDSThu Aug 12 1993wrknets= blows up LanServer
1942.01KAOFS::J_TRIMBLEThu Aug 12 1993Mounting DoubleSpaced DOS 6 drive possible?
1943.01DRAC::DSMAILFri Aug 13 1993trap
1944.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNFri Aug 13 1993Insufficient system resource error?????
1945.0SCAPAS::HEAT::BOLDMon Aug 16 1993Password Functionality Question
1946.01EICMFG::AHMADTue Aug 17 1993lanmanager 2.2 password problem
1947.01EEMELI::ROKKATue Aug 17 1993What is LAPS ?
1948.0MUDIS3::MFRISK::jergensWed Aug 18 1993Server is loosing Share Names
1949.01EVTAI1::FOURNIERThu Aug 19 1993TRAP's
1950.0KERNEL::WILLIAMSNThu Aug 19 1993DECnet event message
1951.0MIMS::LESSER_MMon Aug 23 1993PATHWORKS OS/2 and 32 compilers?
1952.03KURTAN::NORDBERGTue Aug 24 1993PM in 2.x and PWRKS
1953.03TOHOPE::WSA122::LYNCH_TTue Aug 24 1993Problem copying files from OS/2 to VMS
1954.0SMAUG::CAMBRIATue Aug 24 199332 bit TCP/IP announcement - FYI
1955.03UTRTSC::ANBEEKTue Aug 24 1993Trap
1956.03LGRANG::ShahnamWed Aug 25 1993PW/OS2 serving both DOS and lan server users?
1957.03TAIJI::LKLEEThu Aug 26 1993Pathworks for OS2 supports IBM PS/2 model 56 ?
1958.06PEAKS::RIVERAMon Aug 30 1993how do I 'Set Installable' a partition?
1959.02TOPTEN::CALADIEMon Aug 30 1993Newest Adaptec SCSI driver location?
1960.03SIEBK::AWOLFTue Aug 31 1993Problems with HPFS386
1961.01HITIT::ORANCWed Sep 01 1993TRAP
1962.04MUCCS1::JBAYERWed Sep 01 1993Pathworks V4 and OS/2 2.1
1963.0DAVE::MITTONWed Sep 01 1993IBM rebuts MS on OS/2 vs WNT
1964.010FAILTE::MCERLANEVThu Sep 02 1993Video drivers under OS2 2.1
1965.011WHODA5::DECOLATue Sep 07 1993Multiple OS and Boot Loader
1966.01BACHUS::VERELSTWed Sep 08 1993appian drivers for os2 2.1
1967.01VAXRIO::SCHORWed Sep 08 1993Error acessing config.sys
1968.0211SRUS::MICKALIDEWed Sep 08 1993OS2 <----- DECnet M+
1969.04MSE1::CHENISThu Sep 09 1993compiling w/ decnet on os/2 - can't find dnet_addr or decnet ....
1970.02ROMThu Sep 09 1993Maximum links with Pathworks/Lan Server ?
1971.01FAILTE::MCERLANEVThu Sep 09 1993OS2 1.3 printing locally on serial port
1972.01BACHUS::VERELSTFri Sep 10 1993printing question
1974.01SMEGHD::WOODLTue Sep 14 1993DECNET and os/2 2.1 only ???
1975.02ZIGLAR::CIVTue Sep 14 1993PID for PW and IBM OS/2
1976.01BACHUS::VERELSTWed Sep 15 1993video drivers for s3 chips (86c8
1978.01GYDMO::DMThu Sep 16 1993Sytos 1.35 and OS/2 2.1
1979.02TOPTEN::CALADIEThu Sep 16 1993PMTERM changes hang system.
1980.02ISTWI1::YEGENTue Sep 21 1993VESA VL-Bus SCSI controller and OS/2
1981.01GBIThu Sep 23 1993MAX LINKS how to set it?
1982.01SIOG::FITZMAURICEThu Sep 23 1993PROTEON and IBM LAN Server
1983.03RPSTRY::PALMERThu Sep 23 1993RZ56 support ?
1984.01VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAThu Sep 23 1993More than 32 connections over TCP/IP?
1985.04LARVAE::CHANDLER_SFri Sep 24 1993OS/2, TCP/IP & Novell?
1986.01ISTWI1::YEGENMon Sep 27 1993Drivers for OS/2 2.1
1988.02COPCLU::PALMANNWed Sep 29 1993PC/327
1989.02WRKSYS::REISERTWed Sep 29 1993Video Options for OS/2
1990.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGThu Sep 30 1993OS/2 2.
1991.05KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Sep 30 1993decnet calls under os/2 2.
1992.01EEMELI::ROKKAFri Oct 01 1993DNP and max links ?
1993.04WBC::DEADYFri Oct 01 1993Diamond Stealth Pro VLB
1995.0WRKSYS::HOBSONFri Oct 01 1993NICE TRY .FLC animation files
1996.02GLDOA::ROBERTSSun Oct 03 1993Help OS2 Drivers for NEC25
1997.01ISTWI1::YEGENMon Oct 04 1993How to load Tokenring drivers in OS/2...
1998.02VMSNET::R_OLSENMon Oct 04 1993Version differenced in DNP.SYS 2.
2001.02CAMONE::CAHILLANETue Oct 05 1993PW for OS/2 and LM2.2
2002.02EPS::BOEHMWed Oct 06 1993LAN MANAGER Additional User Paks?
2003.01SEDPCW::MCMICHAELWed Oct 06 1993PW for OS/2 2.
2005.0KETJE::MORRENWed Oct 06 1993Printing with PSF?
2006.0PEACHS::DRYEWed Oct 06 1993LANMAN V1.3 and OS/2 (Netbeui) resource needed.
2007.02SMEGHD::WOODLThu Oct 07 1993Lotus Notes , OS/2 again
2008.02VNOTSC::PSCSFri Oct 08 1993no prototypes for swrite, sread functions ???
2009.01FAILTE::HUTCHESONTFri Oct 08 1993Token Ring and Ethernet?
2010.02STKHLM::WETTERBERGFri Oct 08 1993decnet stack successfully startted but don't work
2011.011VNOTSC::PSCSFri Oct 08 1993PM terminalemulator available ????
2012.01LEMAN::HASLERFri Oct 08 1993APIs for os2 mail?
2013.01VAOP28::RiceFri Oct 08 1993TCP/IP for OS/2 2.1
2014.04GVPROD::CHAPACOUSat Oct 09 1993RZ24L under OS2 ?
2015.01SUBURB::SPUD1::tuppensMon Oct 11 1993Auto-configured parameters in Lan Man 2.1
2016.01ICS::BEANMon Oct 11 1993another print queue question
2017.01ISTWI1::YEGENMon Oct 11 1993OS/2 2.1 drivers for PROTEON EISA
2019.02UTRTSC::ANBEEKWed Oct 13 1993Appian Video Rendition IV drivers
2020.02KERNEL::LYDIATTSWed Oct 13 1993Pathworks for DOS Under OS2 2.1
2021.01BACHUS::VERELSTWed Oct 13 1993password problem with lanserver 3.
2022.0GEMGRP::ANYA::manWed Oct 13 1993Catseye/XGA-2 ISA card for sale
2023.0HGORS::KIMWAHNGThu Oct 14 1993PATHWORKS for OS/2 Hang ?
2024.0STKHLM::LAB5::Conferencing-UserThu Oct 14 1993Netbios error 4
2025.014KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLThu Oct 14 1993DE422, LAN Manager 2.2 and OS/2 2.1?!
2026.0CAMONE::CAHILLANEThu Oct 14 1993Where is 2.
2027.02DOMO::NEILMon Oct 18 1993Question on IRQ2 Availability.
2028.01STKHLM::WETTERBERGMon Oct 18 1993netlogon craches
2029.01NYOSTue Oct 19 1993LS 2.
2030.0VMSNET::R_OLSENTue Oct 19 1993LAN Server 3.
2031.0CHUNK::STEFANIThu Oct 21 1993PW4OS2 with IBM's TCPIP and NetWare problems
2032.02FROCKY::BEHLERThu Oct 21 1993ET4
2033.04UNTADI::PLATTENFri Oct 22 1993PC configuration and OS/2
2034.02NYOSFri Oct 22 1993MTE incompatible w/Olicom & DPT
2035.02SUBURB::TAYLORGMon Oct 25 1993LJ252 with OS/2 2.1
2036.01ATYISA::CHAFFAUT_CTue Oct 26 1993pb booting Thinkpad7
2037.01SCHOOL::PICKETTTue Oct 26 1993Etherworks 3 OS/2 NDIS IFT driver available
2039.03WESTThu Oct 28 1993Multiple serial lines
2040.0LEMAN::HASLERThu Oct 28 1993PWOS2 User-level security ?
2041.02TLAVThu Oct 28 1993DECpc466d2 supports on OS/2 2.1?
2042.03DEKVC::GEUMJOONLEEFri Oct 29 1993TZK1
2043.01WHOSSun Oct 31 1993Corrupt disk and can't find CHKDSK
2044.01KOMAIL::VALASEKMon Nov 01 1993LM2.1A-MS-TCPIP-PWOS2 Domain Name Resolver (DNR)
2045.01ZPOVC::POHINGTue Nov 02 1993clarification required on PW for OS/2 (TCP/IP)
2046.01VNOTSC::PSCSWed Nov 03 1993shared CD-ROM ???
2047.01ZIPZAP::SATTLERWed Nov 03 1993Trap
2048.03OTOOA::PBALLWed Nov 03 1993Single domain on a WAN?
2049.01BONNET::WLODEKThu Nov 04 1993Teamlinks on OS/2 .
2050.02UTRTSC::ANBEEKFri Nov 05 1993California, Please help with this issue
2051.01CMOTEC::AUSTINFri Nov 05 1993Pathworks for OS/2 Product manager
2052.02TRHPC4::arnefMon Nov 08 1993upgrading from 2.
2053.01HAN::HAEUSSERTue Nov 09 1993LANRequester Clients to PW Server ?
2054.06DRAC::HUELVESWed Nov 10 1993S3 driver for 928,8
2055.01STKHLM::LAB5::Conferencing-UserThu Nov 11 1993trap
2056.06UNTADI::PLATTENThu Nov 11 1993PCI Bus
2057.05DRAC::HUELVESThu Nov 11 1993LAN MANAGER 2.2 kit
2058.01UNITED::MCCAMBRIDGEThu Nov 11 1993TLZ
2059.03BONNET::WLODEKThu Nov 11 1993Remote access to OS/2 window.
2060.01DEKVC::GEUMJOONLEEThu Nov 11 1993incorrect response from network
2061.01MUDIS3::MEIERFri Nov 12 1993Test Tool for OS/2 wanted
2062.02BHAJEE::AIGNERFri Nov 12 1993How to get error messages for Dos... functions ?
2063.09WRKSYS::REISERTFri Nov 12 1993OS/2 2.1 Special Edition for use with Windows 3.1
2064.0DRAC::HUELVESMon Nov 15 1993S3 driver for OS/2 v1.3
2065.07VMSNET::RRICKMon Nov 15 1993CDrom on SBlaster Pro?
2066.03BHAJEE::AIGNERTue Nov 16 1993Is there a fork() like call on OS/2 ?
2067.02UNITED::THORND::thorntondTue Nov 16 1993OS/2 V1.3 extended edition on server - is it ok?
2068.01BACHUS::VERELSTTue Nov 16 1993table full,cannot add another server
2069.02HDLITE::WILLISWed Nov 17 1993OS2 2.1 and Lan Requester/Server 2.
2070.0VMSNET::R_OLSENThu Nov 18 1993Loop node doesn't work with Async DECnet
2071.0DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONFri Nov 19 1993incorrect response from network
2072.0ROCKS::KEANEMon Nov 22 1993Where do menus go in the wintertime?
2074.06KERNEL::LYDIATTSMon Nov 22 1993How can I troubleshoot Datalink problem?
2075.02BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANWed Nov 24 1993OS/2 version 2.1 without LANserver + Pathworks
2076.03GRANPA::FBOWLESWed Nov 24 1993CD Device Not Recognized with OS/2 2.1
2077.09NAC::SCHMIDTWed Nov 24 1993PATHWORKS for OS/2 Future Plans
2078.01ZPOVC::POHINGThu Nov 25 1993c:\lanman\setup.exe installation failure
2079.01DRAC::HUELVESFri Nov 26 1993Full support OS/2 2.1 and Pathworks
2080.05CANOVA::RUSSOMon Nov 29 1993Looking for SYSTOS-Plus for OS/2 V2.*
2081.02BACHUS::VERELSTMon Nov 29 1993installation problems with os2 2.1 and decpc 45
2082.01SMAUG::CAMBRIAMon Nov 29 1993NetBios and/or 8
2083.016PCA112::BOEBINGERTue Nov 30 1993OS/2 general questions
2084.032ODIXIE::PFLANZTue Nov 30 1993OS/2 for Windows?
2085.02SUBURB::SPUD1::tuppensWed Dec 01 1993Stopping and restarting Pathworks doesn't work
2086.0BHAJEE::AIGNERWed Dec 01 1993Return values of DOS-functions ?
2087.01GLDOA::MAPPLEGATEWed Dec 01 1993Lotus Notes 3.
2088.05TLAVThu Dec 02 1993S3 driver for OS/2 v2.1?
2089.01PCPLOD::WARBURTONThu Dec 02 1993LM 2.2 Server Tools?
2090.02GYDMO::DMThu Dec 02 1993Installing OS/2 2.1 on LPv from CD-ROM
2091.01ISTWI1::YEGENThu Dec 02 1993MTE crashes...
2092.07SMAUG::HUGHESFri Dec 03 1993OS/2 VS NT Shootout
2093.06NOVA::BOIKOMon Dec 06 1993OS/2 for Windows and DOS 6 disk compression?
2094.04KURTAN::KJOHANSSONTue Dec 07 1993MOP loading a DECSA
2095.04SMAUG::HUGHESTue Dec 07 1993See David Barnes tonight
2096.019WRKSYS::HOBSONTue Dec 07 1993OS/2 2.1 CD NEW PATCHES + nice OS/2 BBS
2097.0USHSTue Dec 07 1993Tools to access Rdb/RMS file on VAX server?
2098.01ISTWI1::YEGENWed Dec 08 1993PROTEON CARD AND OS2 2.1
2100.03GIDDAY::LILICThu Dec 09 1993TRAP
2101.01GYDMO::DMThu Dec 09 1993URGENT: OS/2 Drivers for PCXCR-BA needed
2102.0MIMS::BARNUM_EThu Dec 09 1993Microsoft Mouse Driver for OS/2 2.1
2103.01CSCMA::LACHANCEThu Dec 09 1993Mouse and sound troubles
2104.02STKAI1::WANNERSKOGFri Dec 10 1993how get passw&user set remembered in REDIR?
2105.06EEMELI::SYVANENFri Dec 10 1993FTP server for OS/2
2106.01RANGER::AURIGEMMAMon Dec 13 1993OS/2 V2.1, LS and LR V1.3 with PW OS/2 V2.
2107.0BLKPUD::SAVAGETMon Dec 13 1993NCP> loop node
2108.01COPCLU::GERTTue Dec 14 1993Preload components from WIN.INI
2109.08KAY::FISHERTue Dec 14 1993Industry Standard software compatibility?
2110.04TRCOA::MOKBELTue Dec 14 1993Dbase and corrupted indexes on HPFS drive
2111.03GIDDAY::LILICWed Dec 15 1993Print Job stays printing indefinately - Pwrks 2.
2112.04ROCKS::KEANEWed Dec 15 19932.1 CSD beta available?
2113.01COPSER::64135::Henri Du DatWed Dec 15 1993MCA contra ISA/EISA/VLB performance ???
2114.02SWETSC::NORDBERGWed Dec 15 1993LPS17 driver for OS2 v2.1 ?
2115.02ROMThu Dec 16 1993Term.Emul. on DECserver/Ultrix from OS/2 on TokenR Ring
2116.010VNOAPP::TIMA_7Thu Dec 16 1993DECpc LPx, OS/2 2.1 inst., OS2 !! SYS:
2118.01MJBOOT::TENHUISENWed Dec 22 1993SETHOST problems - PW2.
2119.04KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLWed Dec 22 1993TCP/IP and NETBIOS...
2120.01TRUCKS::SMITH_BThu Dec 23 1993
2121.01DRAC::HUELVESMon Dec 27 1993Etherworks 3(DE2
2122.0UTRTSC::ANBEEKTue Dec 28 1993OS/2 V2.1 128
2123.02NYOSTue Dec 28 1993OS/2 Rdb interface?
2124.03DRAC::HUELVESWed Dec 29 1993OS/2 2.
2125.02ATZIS2::KASBAUER_JThu Dec 30 1993Sytos Plus Driver for DEC TLZ
2126.06VAXWRK::LUCCHESIThu Dec 30 1993Loading programs. TSRs, etc?
2127.01ISTWI1::YEGENFri Dec 31 1993Proteon Card and August93 OS2.1 drivers..
2128.0HGOVC::JONASLEUNGMon Jan 03 1994Oracle, OS2 2.
2129.0CURRNT::CARSONMon Jan 03 1994Installation probs from CDrom.
2130.02WRKSYS::REISERTTue Jan 04 1994Where can I find SETHOST.EXE for OS/2?
2131.02TRCT19::ALITue Jan 04 1994SZ2
2132.0FASTGO::CARAPELLOTTIWed Jan 05 1994Video drivers for OAK-
2133.0FAILTE::MCERLANEVThu Jan 06 1994XL and OS2 recognise CDROM??
2134.0SEDSWS::BRODIEThu Jan 06 1994os2 netwoking
2135.03VIOLON::MANAGERThu Jan 06 1994NETWKSTA.SYS cannot be load
2136.02KALI::WATERMAN_DThu Jan 06 1994OS/2 for Windows & swap space ?
2138.06HLDEFri Jan 07 1994PCI/ISA localbus and OS/2 2.1
2139.04TAVIS::RONENSun Jan 09 1994help with os/2 2.1 and pathworks 2.
2140.01OSLTue Jan 11 1994S3 performance on OS/2 2.1
2141.0ISTWI1::YEGENTue Jan 11 1994OS2 2.1 and P199
2142.01TROOA::KUNAUSTue Jan 11 1994TFA Utility avail. for PW OS/2?
2143.01CARAFE::GOLDSTEINTue Jan 11 199416-color SVGA driver for 2.1
2144.01BREAKR::UDICKTue Jan 11 1994Support for OS2 V1.3.
2145.01FAILTE::MCERLANEVThu Jan 13 1994Driver for CDROM under OS2 2.1?
2146.01EEMELI::ROKKAThu Jan 13 1994OS/2 ODI drivers ?
2148.03SWETSC::NORDBERGFri Jan 14 1994How to delete a file named LPT1 ...?
2149.0UTRTSC::ANBEEKMon Jan 17 1994Decnet and Comm. manager on DEMCA ???
2150.0ROMTue Jan 18 1994Pentium and system buffers errors
2151.0HAN::HAEUSSERWed Jan 19 1994TokenRing-Problem with OS/2 2.1 and PW OS/2
2152.01COLES1::BACHORWed Jan 19 1994IBM LANServer/Requestor 3.
2153.04OZROCK::MCGINTYThu Jan 20 1994Feedback required on DLLs in PATHWORKS
2154.0NBOFS1::LOHWASSERThu Jan 20 19944
2155.07QCAVFri Jan 21 1994Adaptec Drivers for OS/2- Where ??
2156.01STAOFF::SMITHSun Jan 23 1994Dos blodck drivre under os2
2157.01HGRDMon Jan 24 1994Pointer for S3 display driver - thanks
2158.02FROIS1::BRILMAYERMon Jan 24 1994Where are my files gone??
2159.01HLDEMon Jan 24 1994Drivers needed for de212
2160.03QCAVTue Jan 25 1994OS/2 Instlln on 425SX
2161.03VIOLON::MANAGERTue Jan 25 1994How to duplicate an OS2 system over Network
2162.04COPSER::64135::HeNrIkVjTue Jan 25 1994VIPER/PCI in XL56
2163.01FROIS1::BRILMAYERTue Jan 25 1994Sound Blaster Pro Problems
2164.04NODEX::PORTERTue Jan 25 1994Installing OS/2 to dual-boot with DOS
2165.0STAOFF::SMITHWed Jan 26 1994Dos app wants print spool running
2166.01TOOK::DICASTROWed Jan 26 1994LotusNotes OS/2 <pathworks> Clients
2167.0MCDOUG::dougWed Jan 26 1994Need *latest* PW for OS/2
2168.01VAXRIO::MSANTOSThu Jan 27 1994Pathworks and OS2/V2.1
2169.01QCAVFri Jan 28 1994OS/2 2.1 instlln problem on LPV
2170.0HAGEL::HAGELFri Jan 28 1994Programmer Reference documentation request
2171.0BOHITE::E_GONZALEZFri Jan 28 1994OS/2 application server in a Pathworks TCP/IP environment
2172.01EUSACT::64924::SteinmetzMon Jan 31 1994Lotus Notes WAN connection
2173.0DONVAN::REICHERTTue Feb 01 1994Print Shop gives Gen. Protection Fault
2174.06KAY::FISHERTue Feb 01 1994How to init Sound Blaster 16
2175.010COPSER::64135::HenrikVJWed Feb 02 1994The battle: OS/2 contra Windows-suite
2176.0BLKPUD::PAGEHWed Feb 02 1994Last logged on date and time corrupt
2177.06NWDWed Feb 02 1994What rev of PW will support OS2 V2.1?
2178.01EVTAI1::DTSF11::SAMIEThu Feb 03 1994OS/2 2.1 and DECpc425sx Notebbok
2179.02FAILTE::64644::GracieThu Feb 03 1994IBM's TCP/IP on OS/2 to support Windows Apps???
2180.0HLDEFri Feb 04 1994EFT Call for LinkWorks V2.1 on IBM OS/2 client
2181.0OSLMon Feb 07 1994Drivers for Diamond Stealth S3 928 OS/2???
2182.03BACHUS::VERELSTMon Feb 07 1994installation problems on lpv-45
2183.010TOOK::MCPHERSONMon Feb 07 1994Woe is me: PC hangs at LM 2.1 startup (OS/2 2.1)
2184.02SIEBK::AWOLFTue Feb 08 1994DEClaser 1152 and OS/2
2185.01BLKPUD::PAGEHTue Feb 08 1994TRAP
2186.01NODEX::PORTERTue Feb 08 1994Problems installing OS/2 and DOS
2187.01TARUGO::LUISTue Feb 08 1994Decpc LPV and RIPL ROM boot
2188.0SIEBK::AWOLFWed Feb 09 1994Separator page for Postscript printer
2189.0SMAUG::HUGHESWed Feb 09 1994Success with Mitsumi FX
2190.01EEMELI::ROKKAFri Feb 11 1994HPFS386 permissions ?
2191.01ISTWI1::YEGENFri Feb 11 1994How to work in 8
2192.02VAXWRK::LUCCHESISun Feb 13 1994DJGPP compiler pointer?
2193.02FROCKY::BLUMENSTEINMon Feb 14 1994How can I delete assignment of *.zip Files
2194.02BACHUS::VERELSTMon Feb 14 1994printer drivers for dec printers !!!!
2195.0OZROCK::GROHNMon Feb 14 1994OS/2 and 32bit windows apps
2196.06GRANMA::RSHEINBERGTue Feb 15 1994OS/2 for Windows V2.1 (Pathworks ?)
2197.02TROOA::WEAVERTue Feb 15 1994XL 56
2198.02HDLITE::WNNT29::WILLISTue Feb 15 1994Rebooting OS/2 Via Software
2199.05FRUST::SPALTWed Feb 16 1994LM2.2 OS2client from compuserve ?!
2200.04ROMWed Feb 16 1994Pathworks V5 for OS/2 requirements
2201.0RSCII::TAYLORWed Feb 16 1994Running OS2 ver 1.31EE on a DECpc 433w workstation
2202.01GIDDAY::LILICThu Feb 17 1994TRAP
2203.0HLDEThu Feb 17 1994SYS
2204.0SMAUG::HUGHESThu Feb 17 1994Digital, Pentium, and OS/2.....NOT!
2205.01TOHOPE::MIMS::EDOUARD_HThu Feb 17 1994OS/2 2.1 VS. DECPC LPV
2206.01GIDDAY::LILICSun Feb 20 199432-Bit compilers and Pathworks for OS/2 2.
2207.02HLDEMon Feb 21 1994Restart, Shutdown OS/2 from REXX
2208.01MSBCS::NEDOROSCIKMon Feb 21 1994Error SYS12
2209.0MPOSUP::HEISELTue Feb 22 1994Data Corruption with RZ26 disk Mirroring
2210.0FRAIS::BRILMAYERTue Feb 22 1994SBPro - volume parameter ?
2211.0SUTRA::DS2Tue Feb 22 1994
2212.01TROOA::HAZLETTTue Feb 22 1994Pathworks for OS/2 drives icon not supported?
2213.0HLDEWed Feb 23 1994Linkworks and OS/2
2214.08SWETSC::KJOHANSSONWed Feb 23 1994Who many client can connect via tcp/ip LM v2.1
2215.01CGOOA::DANYLUKWed Feb 23 1994OS2 2.1, APPIAN DRIVERS
2216.08TOOK::MCPHERSONWed Feb 23 1994LM2.1 (NETBEUI) and EWRK3.OS2 don't work.
2217.01MQOSWS::MQOP36::m_lemayWed Feb 23 1994LAT and LAN Requestor problem
2218.02TEXT::HARRISWed Feb 23 1994For my simple mind.
2219.01SMAUG::TSUKERNIKWed Feb 23 19942.1 driver for 3COM SCSI Plus?
2220.01TEXT::HARRISThu Feb 24 1994Server unchanged ?
2221.03GRANPA::FBOWLESThu Feb 24 1994OS/2 Lan Server V3.
2222.03PCA112::BOEBINGERThu Feb 24 1994PATHWORKS V2.
2223.02CACIQE::ROSARIOThu Feb 24 1994Syncronous card to IBM Mainframe?
2224.03DONVAN::REICHERTFri Feb 25 1994OS2v2.1 and Sound Blaster-16 SCSI HELP!
2225.06CLOHUB::SYLVAN::ReevesMon Feb 28 1994Boot Os/2 from PAS sound card w/ CD-rom?
2226.01USHS1Tue Mar 01 1994OS/2 2.1 boot problem on Cardinal
2227.06CMGOP1::SIROKYDTue Mar 01 1994Location of OS/2 2.1 Service Pak
2228.01OZROCK::MCGINTYWed Mar 02 1994OS/2 V2.1 + LM V2.2 + rdrhelp.sys = trap d
2229.03SEDSWS::BRODIEWed Mar 02 1994Connecting to Pathworks services.
2230.01EEMELI::ROKKAThu Mar 03 199432-bit SCSI drivers ?
2231.02SHIPS::PADWAC::BLISS_HFri Mar 04 1994OS/2 demo disk Anywhere....?
2232.01OSLFri Mar 04 1994Try to connect to a OS/2 server
2233.0SMAUG::CAMBRIAFri Mar 04 1994Device Driver DEV info/tools needed
2234.011DC1Mon Mar 07 1994TCP/IP for OS/2 2.1 for Windows??
2235.03CVG::DONOVANMon Mar 07 1994Pointer to DEC printer drivers?
2236.01BACHUS::BERGMANSTue Mar 08 1994Server task programming with IBM Cset+ libraty problems
2237.03DBCIC1::FITZMAURICEWed Mar 09 1994Notes and netbeui/ipx/decnet
2238.01UTROP1::OVERBEEK_HWed Mar 09 19943 SCSI drives ?
2239.03NYOSThu Mar 10 1994CICS/OS2 - 8
2240.0MIMS::OLSEN_RThu Mar 10 1994Sethost problem on PS/2 model 85
2241.04RUSURE::MCQUADEThu Mar 10 1994LANMAN V2.1 on OS/2 V2.1?
2242.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNFri Mar 11 1994Set Remote Adapter Name - Table Full?
2244.01TROOA::WALLACEMon Mar 14 1994OS/2 2.1 L.S. 3.
2245.08SUFRNG::WSA122::LYNCH_TMon Mar 14 1994Latest Lan Manager for OS/2 Clients bit - free for the taking
2246.03OZROCK::OBEIRNEMon Mar 14 1994OS/2 Screen capture products
2247.04BAHTAT::HILTONTue Mar 15 1994Automated Jobs in OS/2?
2248.02SEDSWS::BRODIETue Mar 15 1994Installing OS/2 2.1 on DECpc LPv 466d2's.
2249.0NYOSWed Mar 16 1994VT34
2250.02FASTGO::CARAPELLOTTISun Mar 20 1994Service PAK for OS/2 2.1 for WINDOWS
2251.03SIOG::E_CUSACKMon Mar 21 1994LK45
2252.07TRUCKS::GAUKRODGER_DMon Mar 21 1994OS/2 2.1 Compilers?
2253.02GYDMO::TKURTENMon Mar 21 1994LPv and COM-Ports OS/2
2254.02BBIVMon Mar 21 1994PW for OS2 version 2.
2255.010ZPOVC::MICHELLETANGWed Mar 23 1994s3 924 drivers for v2.1 on 466d2LP
2256.04MJBOOT::TENHUISENWed Mar 23 1994DNP/NCP Version - Proceed at your own risk msg
2257.09HGOVC::YIUHUNGPANThu Mar 24 1994Installation problem for OS/2 2.1 on 466d2 MTE
2258.02VAXRIO::SCHORSat Mar 26 1994printer problems PW OS/2 2.
2259.03OZROCK::GROHNMon Mar 28 1994VX-REXX and CA-Realizer
2260.02TRUCKS::YOUNGMon Mar 28 1994OS/2 backup to OSF/1 system
2261.01EVTAI1::CROIZETue Mar 29 1994OS2 2.1 decpc disk streamer cdrom
2262.01HGODCS::KENNETHTOTue Mar 29 1994OS/2 server occational not connect PC clients
2263.01MIMS::LESSER_MTue Mar 29 1994How to program to datalink or NDIS?
2264.03GIDDAY::LILICWed Mar 30 1994Netflex NIC gives SYS
2265.0OZROCK::KIRKMANThu Mar 31 1994Local heap usage under OS/2
2266.02HGOVC::JONASLEUNGThu Mar 31 1994OS2 1.3 with Adaptec 274x controller
2267.016OZROCK::MCGINTYThu Mar 31 1994PATHWORKS V4.1 for OS/2 field test kit
2268.05SMAUG::CAMBRIAFri Apr 01 1994Network Driver sources wanted
2269.02VAXRIO::SCHORMon Apr 04 1994access denied alerts ?
2270.05BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDWed Apr 06 1994When 32 bit Decnet libraries ?
2271.01KERNEL::BURNSWed Apr 06 1994tcpip links
2272.06SNOFS2::VISSERThu Apr 07 1994DOS sessions and Win-OS/2...
2273.01KERNEL::PCIOF2::CHEWTERMon Apr 11 1994Install problems OS/2 V1.
2274.01CHEFS::BRANDPMon Apr 11 1994Ease-of-management? OS/2 vs NT
2275.01CHOSRV::HORNUNGMon Apr 11 1994OS/2 IPF to Windows RTF converter?
2276.01OZROCK::GROHNMon Apr 11 1994ODBC on OS/2
2277.05OZROCK::HENNEKELERTue Apr 12 1994Win 3.1 icons -> OS/2 1.3 icons
2278.02MIMS::DOUGLAS_DThu Apr 14 1994Can OS/2 Spawner be stopped?
2279.07TLE::PERIQUETFri Apr 15 1994How do I get three operating systems on my system?
2280.010HAN::HAEUSSERMon Apr 18 1994Windows Networking in OS/2 V2.1 ?
2281.03OSLMon Apr 18 1994OS/2 2.1 + 325 SL = trouble??
2282.011SEDSWS::MILTONMon Apr 18 1994MTE and Sytos
2283.03VCOUMon Apr 18 1994PW 4.1 and OS/2 Server. What now?
2284.0PCA112::BOEBINGERMon Apr 18 1994SLIP and Ethernet with IBM TCP/IP V1.2.1
2285.01BBIVTue Apr 19 1994OS2 2.
2286.0GBITue Apr 19 1994Novell/OS2/Pathwork coexistance ?
2287.04KALI::S_HARRISThu Apr 21 1994Problems using LAPS..
2288.0MLNPC2::SELVATICIFri Apr 22 1994Lotus Notes server <-> PW OS/2 server
2289.06OSLFri Apr 22 1994Diamond Stealth and OS/2 2.1
2290.01HAN::HAEUSSERFri Apr 22 1994Comm. Manager and PW-OS/2 ??
2291.04TLE::PERIQUETFri Apr 22 1994How do you make the icons smaller?
2292.01ULYSSE::BERENGUIERMon Apr 25 1994PB in the AHA152x.add driver
2293.0GLDOA::LONGANTue Apr 26 1994433DX LPV and OS2 problems.
2294.0ISLNDS::HEIERWed Apr 27 1994Install from CD-Rom fails
2295.01WARNUT::TAYLORJFri Apr 29 1994PCSA on OS2 load problems
2296.03SEDSWS::BRODIEFri Apr 29 1994OS/2 on Alpha?
2297.01OSLMon May 02 1994S3 v1.33 and OS/2 2.1
2298.03ROMTue May 03 1994X.25 between ALPHA OpenVMS and OS/2
2300.0VAXRIO::SCHORTue May 03 1994net admin takes too long
2301.0EVTAI1::SUPWed May 04 1994OS/2 2.1 documentation required Phoenix bios version 1.
2302.01OSLThu May 05 1994OS/2 fail in Bios ver. on a DECpcLPX
2303.06FRAIS::BRILMAYERThu May 05 1994CSD OS/2 V2.1 -> V2.11
2305.01LISTIM::SILVA_AMon May 09 1994OS/2 2.1 and fdisk on 2nd disk
2306.01SWETSC::KJOHANSSONMon May 09 1994HP Network print again ! OS/2 v2.1 IBM LANreq and PW v2.
2307.03SMAUG::HUGHESWed May 11 1994OS/2 Get Editor's Choice Award
2308.02WRKSYS::REISERTThu May 12 1994DCF/2 Disk Compression Software
2309.0TROOA::BANGUSThu May 12 1994Ideas for a SCSI Hack
2310.01HAMER::MACEFri May 13 1994DEC pc 566 XL and OS2,2.1
2311.012SMAUG::CAMBRIAFri May 13 1994OS/2 for Windows SP now available
2312.01ROCKS::KEANETue May 17 1994New version of OS2?
2313.0ATYISA::VASILACHETue May 17 1994PWPRINT1.1 problems
2314.05HLDEWed May 18 1994OS/2 network problem
2315.0OZROCK::HENNEKELERWed May 18 1994OS/2 1.3 PACK utility
2316.010SMAUG::CAMBRIAMon May 23 1994OS/2 2.summer beta available
2317.0ROMCSA::BIANCHINIMon May 23 1994AT for batch job
2318.0GSMAXP::CALVITue May 24 1994AT.EXE & DECnet objects...
2319.09OZROCK::GROHNWed May 25 1994win32s on OS/2
2320.06HANNAH::BAYThu May 26 1994New user questions "upgrading" to OS/2
2321.011SALEM::WONGTue May 31 1994Install OS2 by network
2322.01BAHTAT::HILTONWed Jun 01 1994OS/2 server to PWv5????
2323.01BACHUS::VERELSTThu Jun 02 1994ewrk3 and tcp/ip from ibm
2324.02KALI::S_HARRISThu Jun 02 1994Need to get the AHA274
2325.02OZROCK::THOMASThu Jun 02 1994Who uses the PATHWORKS "NETTIME" and "USE" commands?
2326.01NZOMIS::HOWARDFri Jun 03 19941
2327.0HGOVC::CHOWKINGWAHSun Jun 05 1994OS/2 driver for XL56
2328.01TROOA::BBUTLERMon Jun 06 1994OS/2 share -> PW VMS(LANman) -> PW VMS(Macintosh)?
2329.0ULYS::LIEOUTue Jun 07 1994OS2 crash with 1GB disk?
2330.09STKAI1::PELLE1::WIEGERTWed Jun 08 1994Help Needed
2331.04OSLLAV::64141::larsl_pThu Jun 09 1994OS/2 2.11, IBM LS 3.
2332.0WELCLU::SHARKEYAThu Jun 09 1994Help with VDM ?
2333.04WMOIS::JAMBU_SThu Jun 09 1994OS/2 & ISO 966
2334.0GIDDAY::COOPERSun Jun 12 1994Problem with designated router
2335.03MSBCS::3HMon Jun 13 1994A novice's questions
2336.02PCA112::BOEBINGERMon Jun 13 1994TCP/IP with OS/2 V2.1?
2337.0VAXRIO::SCHORMon Jun 13 1994How to know PW Version ?
2338.02WELCLU::WOODWARDAWed Jun 15 1994SPD 55.24.
2339.0VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOThu Jun 16 1994OS2 installation on MTE/VLB-SCSI
2340.01JEREMY::MAURENEThu Jun 16 1994OS/2 info for driver developers
2341.0STARCH::MONIA::moniaThu Jun 16 1994Problem with WordPerfect 6.
2342.010PCWOLF::TEDWARDSThu Jun 16 1994IBM OS/2 V2.11 and LM22
2343.02VAXRIO::63Fri Jun 17 1994PW for OS/2 Installation Guide
2344.0OZROCK::IRELANDSun Jun 19 1994Pathworks OS/2 DNP Switches
2345.01LISTIM::SILVA_AMon Jun 20 1994Can't find SCSI disk with OS/2 v1.3
2346.0COLWed Jun 22 1994Help/Solution needed ?
2347.01BACHUS::BERGMANSWed Jun 22 1994Pathworks V4.1 or V5.
2348.08ZWERG2::SplettiThu Jun 23 1994Ethernet & TR in one PC?
2349.0DBCIC1::FITZMAURICEThu Jun 23 1994DB2 support with Pathworks 4.1 ?
2350.06BACHUS::VERELSTFri Jun 24 1994os2 2.1 end the etherworks3
2351.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 24 1994For Sale V2.1 for Windows - $3
2352.02KDCFS1::KHOFri Jun 24 1994Hard disk to hard disk copy utility wanted
2353.04ALOSLS::LAMOTHEWed Jun 29 1994DECpc 56
2354.05FAILTE::SWSALE::TimThu Jun 30 1994LAN Server standard or advanced?
2355.0VIOLON::MANAGERThu Jun 30 1994OS2 V2.1 installation CRASH
2356.0EWBV51::MIZOBUCHIFri Jul 01 1994PW for OS/2 V2.
2357.03BIS5::RUTTENSMon Jul 04 1994LANserver on DECpc's
2359.013CMOTEC::AUSTINWed Jul 06 1994OS/2 clients accessing LAN Man servers
2360.02ATYISA::CHAFFAUT_CThu Jul 07 1994TCP/IP and PW for OS/2 V4.1,V5.
2361.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Jul 07 1994net3226 error synchronizing
2362.03NYOSS1::LALLAMon Jul 11 1994OS/2 PATHWORKS and NETWARE ?
2363.02TOOK::SANCHEZMon Jul 11 1994NDIS drivers for OS/2 2.x
2364.0PANHED::DROSTETue Jul 12 1994Install on DECpc 433SLC & mouse connection
2365.04KAORSC::D_CHENGTue Jul 12 1994WFWG client hangs OS/2 server
2366.01ONOIS1::DEGATTue Jul 19 1994LN
2367.01SEDSWS::CLIFFETue Jul 19 1994CCMAIL ROUTER jobs hang Pathworks for OS2
2368.013MSBCS::3HTue Jul 19 1994A beginner
2369.0KAOFS::M_LUKTue Jul 19 1994How to do image copy from disk to disk ?
2370.05OSLLAV::ULFH_PWed Jul 20 1994PW OS/2 and LAN requestor???
2371.02ISIDRO::LESTEBANThu Jul 21 1994max capacity for OS/2 servers, RAID?
2372.05VAXRIO::SANTOSThu Jul 21 1994TeamLinks under WinOS/2 ?
2373.01BERIS3::TJORCZIKFri Jul 22 1994Appian Drivers for 433W
2374.020IOSG::FIELDERAMon Jul 25 19942.99 going spare ?
2375.01MIMS::LESSER_MTue Jul 26 1994PW OS/2 4.1 DECnet with 32-bit compilers?
2376.01PCA112::BOEBINGERWed Jul 27 1994Problems with RZ28 under OS/2 V2.1
2378.02WEAR::62645::DCWBThu Jul 28 1994Pathworks Desktop backup?
2379.02GLDOA::RBROWNFri Jul 29 1994OS/2 PC to PC Communication
2380.01VNOTSC::PSCSMon Aug 01 1994LANserver and PW VMS V5
2381.05ELMAGO::DLIEURANCETue Aug 02 1994Is the TLZ
2382.01KALI::S_HARRISTue Aug 02 1994Video problem...
2383.01OSLWed Aug 03 1994S3 924 and OS/2 v2.1
2384.01ELMAGO::DLIEURANCEWed Aug 03 1994S3 video problems.....
2385.04KERNEL::WILLIAMSNThu Aug 04 1994PWRK 4.1 OS/2 & NET3
2386.03RTOEU::MSCHULZFri Aug 05 1994shareware?
2387.01CGOOA::BARNABEMon Aug 08 1994IBM Lan Server & Lan Man version?
2388.0ODIXIE::PJOHNSONMon Aug 08 1994LM & PW for OS2 -- NETAPI.DLL problem
2389.0COLTue Aug 09 1994netwksta.sys problem
2390.01CGOOA::BARNABETue Aug 09 1994What is IBM Lan Support Program
2391.02MROA::HHESSWed Aug 10 1994OS/2 & MS DOS V6.2 Upgrade
2392.02OZROCK::THOMASWed Aug 10 1994PATHWORKS V5.
2393.01UPROAR::PLATTPThu Aug 11 1994Driver for 3Com 3C579?
2394.02SEDSWS::CLIFFEFri Aug 12 1994eXcursions, PC/TCP and WIN-OS2 problems.
2395.04MSBCS::MSD623::GlicklerMon Aug 15 1994LM install
2396.0KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLThu Aug 18 1994CD Drives shared from a Pathworks 2.
2397.01TAVIS::RONENThu Aug 18 1994PW4.1 and SETHOST - CAVEAT
2398.01VNOTSC::PSCSFri Aug 19 1994TokenRing --- Ethernet: NET LOGON fails
2399.02WARABI::BRESSINGTONMon Aug 22 1994Adaptec 284
2400.04KAOFS::E_LOKENTue Aug 23 1994EWRK3 OS/2 2.1 DRIVER FOR NW4
2401.01BEAVER::MCKEATINGWed Aug 24 1994How to Kill a window?
2402.04AIMHI::HAHNWed Aug 24 1994Driver for DE2
2403.0OZROCK::IRELANDThu Aug 25 1994LOTUS NOTES and Pathworks for OS/2
2404.02OTOP14::GORMANThu Aug 25 1994Ewrks3 Native Packet Driver
2405.01EVTAI1::CROIZEFri Aug 26 1994DRIVERS OS2 1.3 FOR 284
2406.01EVTAI1::CROIZEMon Aug 29 1994lpx OS2 2.1 sytos
2407.02STARCH::MONIA::moniaWed Aug 31 1994Firewall between OS/2 SE and OS/2 BETA-II systems
2408.07VIVIAN::D_VISTUERFri Sep 02 1994OS/2 v2.1 free on CDRom
2409.08VIVIAN::D_VISTUERFri Sep 02 1994Confused ?...yepp!
2410.01FSSB::SAGSTROMTue Sep 06 1994Driver for Viper VLB and OS/2 2.1 ?
2411.0COMET::RICEJWed Sep 07 1994Printer drivers OS2/win2.1
2412.01COLThu Sep 08 1994OS/2 & WIN/OS2 displayed resolution
2414.07MANMSat Sep 10 1994OS/2 sw for SNA via DEC OSF/1 Peer Server?
2415.04UPROAR::PLATTPMon Sep 12 1994NCP Loop node to PW on OS/2 2.11 fails
2416.04VAXRIO::MARCIA_LTue Sep 13 1994Video resotution.
2417.01VAXRIO::SCHORTue Sep 13 1994File permission & HPFS
2418.02BRUMMY::LOXTONWed Sep 14 1994OS2 and Dblspace?
2419.0OZROCK::RTATOO::BrayThu Sep 15 199432-bit applications and PATHWORKS
2420.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLThu Sep 15 1994IBM LAN Server Entry and Installation problems...
2421.08BAHTAT::HILTONWed Sep 21 1994Can't get Windows apps to run
2422.0FSSB::SAGSTROMWed Sep 21 1994PCT7H-EC driver for OS/2 2.1
2423.02UTRTSC::ANBEEKWed Sep 21 1994OS/2 2.1 + LM 2.2a + Pathworks 4.1 for OS/2 proble.
2424.02UTROP1::OVERBEEK_HWed Sep 21 1994PW4.1 no DECNET
2425.0ALOSWed Sep 21 1994PW OS/2 4.1 and async DECnet
2426.03BAHTAT::HILTONThu Sep 22 1994Shutdown and Startup problems
2427.01OZROCK::ICEHSE::thomasMon Sep 26 1994PATHWORKS V5.
2428.01CMOTEC::AUSTINMon Sep 26 1994Pathworks for OS/2 4.1 & Comms Mgr
2429.02KAOFS::G_DONELYMon Sep 26 1994PAS CD Driver for OS/2 Install
2430.0UTROP1::OVERBEEK_HTue Sep 27 1994TR config & Decnet
2431.07KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Sep 29 19944.1 - problems closing Sockets
2432.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWMon Oct 03 1994LAN server not found!
2433.03CSOADM::CSOPC2::Conferencing-UserMon Oct 03 1994PW for OS2 4.1 and Lan requestor 4.
2434.06TROOA::FLOTNERTue Oct 04 1994Problems with Windows in OS/2?
2436.02STKAI1::WANNERSKOGThu Oct 06 1994PW coexisting with TCP/IP
2437.03VAXRIO::SANTOSThu Oct 06 1994The WinOS2 stopped working ...
2438.06VAXRIO::SANTOSFri Oct 07 1994DECnet services within WinOS2
2439.01SWETSC::WIEGERTMon Oct 10 1994Lanman 2.2 and OS2 v 2.1 help
2440.02NETCAD::S_HARRISMon Oct 10 1994CD install hangs system.
2441.02WRKSYS::REISERTMon Oct 10 1994How do you install OS/2 from SCSI CDROM/Adaptec 154
2442.03WASHDC::PAGANOTue Oct 11 1994Understanding PW OS/2 Versions-Head explodes
2443.01ZPOVC::YORKSIEWTue Oct 11 1994Cannot access FPS on PW server
2444.070WRKSYS::REISERTTue Oct 11 1994OS/2 V3.
2445.02HTSCWed Oct 12 1994OS/2 2.11, LAN Requester 3.
2446.02ZURWed Oct 12 1994OS/2 and and Netbios in a Dos Box
2447.03SNOFS1::VISSERThu Oct 13 1994A couple of questions of device support
2448.03VAXSPO::RP_PANTAThu Oct 13 1994LinkWorks under Win-OS2 - GPFs
2449.05RTOEU::MSCHULZFri Oct 14 1994WARP II CD - install problems
2450.02NYOSS1::YANNIOSFri Oct 14 1994Running a VB App. on OS/2?
2451.06WRKSYS::REISERTMon Oct 17 1994Quicken isn't done until it won't run (under OS/2)
2452.01KERNEL::SHOULDINGTue Oct 18 1994Lanserver V3.
2453.04LEMAN::HASLERTue Oct 18 19941
2454.03BAHTAT::HILTONWed Oct 19 1994MS News compares WARP to WFW and Chicago
2455.0WRKSYS::REISERTFri Oct 21 1994NEEDED: Tel. # of IBM National Support Center BBS
2456.03FOUNDR::COLLITONSun Oct 23 1994during installtion which mouse driver so I select
2457.0SEDSWS::CLIFFEMon Oct 24 1994multiple Enet Cards running Decnet on one box
2458.0COPCLU::ANDERSMon Oct 24 1994OS/2 install with CD and responce file(V2.11)
2459.03BAHTAT::HILTONMon Oct 24 1994Any DOS/Win16 ONLY users out there?
2460.012ODIXIE::PFLANZThu Oct 27 1994OS2 pulled off shelves???
2461.0HACMAN::HACKThu Oct 27 1994Internet Network Security packages running under OS/2?
2462.01SNOFS1::GREENANASat Oct 29 1994WARP Problems
2463.01QCAVSat Oct 29 1994Sytos with OS/2 2.1
2464.02FOUNDR::COLLITONSat Oct 29 1994un expected error #54, what can be done?
2465.02BIGUN::wills.cao.dec.com::PINKERTONTue Nov 01 1994PATHWORKS for OS/2 error manual required
2466.01GRUMBL::keaneWed Nov 02 1994GalCiv?
2467.010WRKSYS::GLICKLERThu Nov 03 1994Need help with Lanman on Warp
2468.07GRUMBL::keaneThu Nov 03 1994The IBM internet connection and WARP
2469.0KERNEL::BURNSFri Nov 04 1994Print Lan Requester & Pathworks
2470.02AIMHI::HAHNFri Nov 04 1994Support for Netware OS/2 ODI Drivers?
2471.010ZURMon Nov 07 1994Sethost and Latcp with OS2 2.11 problem with connect
2472.02SUTRA::BATSMon Nov 07 1994OS/2 v2.x and SMP with IBM Lan Server
2473.01MIMS::OLSEN_RMon Nov 07 1994LAN Manager 2.2 Server will not install!
2474.05UNTADI::SAXBYWed Nov 09 1994Windows user looking at OS2 - Is it for me?
2475.05WRKSYS::REISERTWed Nov 09 1994C-Kermit developers need PathWorks help
2476.05BUMP::GOLFN::PeterNeilFri Nov 11 1994OS2 V2.1 - SCSI CD Rom and Disk question
2477.02BUMP::PNEILSat Nov 12 1994Fatal Page Faults in OS/2
2478.015DAIVWed Nov 16 1994TCP/IP over Ethernet on Warp
2479.02BLKPUD::TAYLORJMon Nov 21 1994Adding NT Server to existing OS/2 LAN Manager domain
2480.04KERNEL::BARRETTOTWed Nov 23 1994Which version supported ?
2481.09KISMIF::KISMIF::JEMIOLOWed Nov 23 1994#9GXE64 Drivers
2482.02TROOA::DCHENGWed Nov 23 1994Pathworks V4.1, LAN Server 3.
2483.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLThu Nov 24 1994DEPCA.NIF and LAN Requester..
2484.02TROOA::DCHENGThu Nov 24 1994Crash after PW V4.1 installed
2485.011GRUMBL::keaneFri Nov 25 1994Web Explorer for OS2 V
2486.02MSAMMon Nov 28 1994S3 924 driver for version 3.
2487.01ROMCSA::BIANCHINIMon Nov 28 1994no buffer space available
2488.0NOKNOK::LANDRYTue Nov 29 1994WARP 3.
2489.0ULYSSE::MOULAERTTue Nov 29 1994Need Feedbacks on PC LAN Tools
2490.01EEMELI::ALANNEWed Nov 30 1994DECnet sockets and PWOS2 v5.
2491.01WRKSYS::REISERTWed Nov 30 1994Directions to install WinOS/2 on Warp
2492.01OSLACT::SIGURDA_PThu Dec 01 1994sys
2493.010FSAEUR::ROEMon Dec 05 1994Multiple Operating Systems
2495.01MROA::oohyoo.mro.dec.com::WWILLISMon Dec 05 1994BOEBNR::LOTUS_NOTES
2496.01BOUGY::BRAUNTue Dec 06 1994VT32
2497.0STUTue Dec 06 1994OS/2 Warp and MM Video
2498.0GRUMBL::keaneWed Dec 07 1994How do I run Windows network apps under PW V5.
2499.06FORTY2::ABRAMWed Dec 07 1994OS/2 WARP and DECpc LPv 45
2500.01GRANPA::IKOLMAISTERWed Dec 07 1994HELP! RFP OS/2 questions
2501.04AUSNAC::thomasWed Dec 07 1994OS/2 Warp and S3 drivers
2502.0WRKSYS::REISERTThu Dec 08 1994S3-864 drivers from IBM
2503.0LEMDAB::WAGENHAEUSERMon Dec 12 1994Venturis and OS/2 Warp
2504.02OSLMon Dec 12 1994Max 9 clients with PW os/2 2.
2505.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLMon Dec 12 19944.1, Token Ring....
2506.01SMAUG::HUGHESWed Dec 14 1994Talk Radio is getting Warped!
2507.0SUOBOS::GEYERMon Dec 19 1994Problem with DOS-Sessions under OS/2 Warp
2508.01FRUST::STELTERMon Dec 19 1994OS/2 Warp and Spea V7 Mirage P64 (S3 864)
2509.0SEND::REHBEINTue Dec 20 1994Tape drive perf. and DLL's
2510.01ROCKS::KEANEWed Dec 21 1994help on SLIPPM with PPP required.
2511.01SUOSWS::GEISELHARTThu Dec 22 1994Problems, System doesn't start!
2512.0FSCORE::HOGANThu Dec 22 1994Internet access troubles
2513.0TAVIS::ALEXWS::NSIP17::IGORGMon Dec 26 1994HELP! Venturis 466D2 S3 Trio32/64 764 driver for OS/2 2.1 & Warp
2514.01MROA::HHESSTue Dec 27 1994Warp & LJ25
2515.014HGOVC::JOHNNYSZETue Dec 27 1994OS/2, DOS -- Mass Installation
2516.0ULYS::LIEOUWed Dec 28 1994EXABYTE DAT tape under OS2 and PS2
2518.04CITYFS::STUCKEYThu Dec 29 1994Install of WARP fails on Floppy 7 on LPv+ 466d2
2519.01SWETSC::WIEGERTThu Dec 29 1994Lanserver 4 DE435,DE2
2521.07JBWed Jan 04 1995What Internet tools are provided with OS/2 Warp?
2522.02EZ2GET::STEWARTWed Jan 04 1995 Lan Workplace for Warp? Novell,Netware
2523.0COPCLU::JESPERWed Jan 04 1995Mouse invisible in WINOS2
2524.05COLMon Jan 09 1995Avance Logic
2525.0SMAUG::HUGHESMon Jan 09 1995Lantastic for OS/2
2526.01MANThu Jan 12 1995DEPCA OS/2 mouse drivers ?
2527.07BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jan 13 1995Os/2 floppies in the UK
2528.01MROA::HHESSWed Jan 18 1995HELP: WARP & LJ25
2529.0HGOVC::QCAVThu Jan 19 1995Sytos+ ver 1.34 urgent need ponters...
2530.05PEARS::649Thu Jan 19 1995Appian Video and OS/2
2531.01MIMS::OLSEN_RTue Jan 24 1995Print screen results LM 2.2c vs. LR 3.
2532.03BAHTAT::HILTONWed Jan 25 1995OS/2 Doom?
2533.08BAHTAT::HILTONWed Jan 25 1995Install errors
2534.0MROA::HHESSWed Jan 25 1995OS/2 Warp Patch Release
2535.01SUFRNG::WSA1Wed Jan 25 1995IBM LANServer TCP/IP Address to NetBIOS Name Mapping
2536.03TROU45::D_CHENGThu Jan 26 1995Pathworks OS/2 w 2 NIC
2537.0GVPROD::CHAPACOUMon Jan 30 1995SCSI tape drive under Warp. How ?
2538.02BHAJEE::BEARDSWORTHMon Jan 30 1995Max number of named pipes?
2539.01BAHTAT::HILTONWed Feb 01 1995Adding multi-media support (MMPM/2)
2540.07WRKSYS::REISERTWed Feb 01 1995How to install PathWorks - quick start guide?
2541.03GVPROD::CHAPACOUThu Feb 02 1995Looking for GTAK and SCSI drivers
2542.08WMOIS::POSCOThu Feb 02 1995OS2 *Defrag Partition*
2543.01FSAEUR::ROEMon Feb 06 1995LA75 usage
2544.01CANOVA::RUSSOTue Feb 07 1995PW networks under Windows under WARP
2545.0TOOK::SANCHEZTue Feb 07 1995Defea FDDI on Warp won't work
2546.05TOHOPE::WSA1Tue Feb 07 1995Lockup (Screen Saver) for Warp
2547.01VIVIAN::D_VISTUERSun Feb 12 1995Change window title fonts ??
2548.03VIVIAN::D_VISTUERSun Feb 12 1995Does Doom2 work under Warp ?
2549.03VAXRIO::62981::SCHORMon Feb 13 1995OS/2 2.11, NFS & OSF/1 server
2550.02BAHTAT::HILTONTue Feb 14 1995Free OS/2 Warp for 45 days
2551.03CGOOA::HUNKAWed Feb 15 1995OS2 WARP and Pathworks???
2552.0ANGST::johnpc.mko.dec.com::BOEBINGERWed Feb 15 1995OS/2 apps calling Windows DLLs
2553.0EVTAI1::DTSF11::SAMIEMon Feb 20 1995Video driver for Diamond Viper PCI (os/2 3.
2554.07GRUMBL::keaneWed Feb 22 1995Excursion on Patworks on OS2.....HELP!
2555.0SNOFS2::OGDENThu Feb 23 1995PC Engineerin support for WARP??
2556.02--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 27 1995OS2 Warp For Sale
2557.03WRKSYS::REISERTWed Mar 01 1995Warp Fix Pack (XR
2558.02WRKSYS::REISERTThu Mar 02 1995WANTED: S3 764 "Trio" drivers for Venturis
2559.0GIDDAY::MITROVSKIFri Mar 03 1995LAPS and multiple protocol/adapter bindings
2560.06DRAC::HUELVESFri Mar 03 1995OS/2 warp y CDROM Toshiba driver
2561.0NOVA::ARNOLDFri Mar 03 1995Migrating .GRP files?
2562.01ZPOVC::PHILIPTANGMon Mar 06 1995LPX can't see 32MB on Lanserver 3.
2563.0AYOV16::JNOLANTue Mar 07 1995Sound Support
2564.04ROMEOS::MIKAO::mullickTue Mar 07 1995Cribsheet for OS/2 w/PW & Lotus Notes?
2566.01ALEXWS::ALEXISThu Mar 09 1995Windows to OS/2 porting
2567.0RANGER::MAYBERRYFri Mar 10 1995OS/2 WARP printer drivers for DEC laser 1152?
2568.05KERNEL::AUSTINMTue Mar 14 1995laps.exe not available
2569.0RDVAX::BARBRIETue Mar 14 1995DOS Compatibility Problem
2570.0PEARS::649Wed Mar 15 1995Drivers for Warp
2571.0MIMS::PROCTOR_MWed Mar 15 1995SETHOST/CTERM Debug Utility
2572.0ULYSSE::MOULAERTThu Mar 16 1995Looking for LM, PWRK, NetWare, W/NT Server Sizing Tables
2573.02VLNVAX::VEN_SANVILLEThu Mar 16 1995EA**** files...what are they...
2574.01OSLMon Mar 20 1995S3864 and OS/2 warp drivers
2576.01ANGLIN::HANSONWed Mar 22 1995Install Problem not seeing CD drive
2577.0ANGST::boebnr.ljo.dec.com::BOEBINGERSun Mar 26 1995DDESPY utility for OS/2 Warp?
2578.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLTue Apr 04 1995REXX commands over DECNET..
2579.03STUFri Apr 07 1995OS/2 Celebris Installations Problems
2580.05COPPEL::HEWITTMon Apr 10 1995I'd still like to get it running!
2581.06SMAUG::BLATTTue Apr 11 1995OS/2+LINUX+partitioning
2582.0VIVARA::LUSCIANOTue Apr 18 1995Helps on integration
2583.01OTOOA::SPOONERTue Apr 18 1995A2
2584.02--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 21 1995Installing Multiple O/S
2585.0LATINA::MASTue Apr 25 1995PCXAT-AH not supported?
2586.02OZROCK::BRAYThu Apr 27 1995Future Domain MSC
2587.016GVAADG::AMAZONThu Apr 27 1995WARP installation on 2nd hard disk: problems
2588.01OZROCK::BRAYThu Apr 27 1995MSG DLL not found during OS/2 2.1 install
2589.01HANDVC::APRILLIUThu Apr 27 1995Problem with MS-Word with Warp
2590.02UTRTSC::ANBEEKFri Apr 28 1995NCP def node 4.1 name server hangs Warp completly
2592.0LEMAN::HASLERWed May 03 1995SQL bckup,OS/2,Netware pipes?
2593.0BAHTAT::HILTONThu May 04 1995Warp + wrong icons
2594.02BIS1Thu May 04 1995the OS2 Warp and new range of decpc?
2595.011PENUTS::VMICCIOThu May 04 1995PW 5.
2596.03HLFSMon May 08 1995Mylex and ARCsolo on Prioris
2597.0KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLTue May 09 1995Not enough resources on network, (4.1)..
2598.02KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLWed May 10 1995Config files needed...
2599.01SWAM2::BARNETTE_NEWed May 10 1995What should I buy for doing backups?
2600.03MQOU18::CHOLMSKYThu May 11 1995DECnet programming with V5
2601.02JOBURG::BARNESFri May 12 1995OS/2 V1.3 and ADAPTEC 787
2602.0TESA::BIELAWSKIThu May 18 1995Arbitrary drive letter for a CD drive
2603.06TARUGO::MAITEFri May 19 1995Dual network card, Ethernet and TR PWRKS v5.
2605.01KERNEL::CHEWTERTue May 23 1995DTS errors with Pathworks for OS/2
2606.0XKOVSat May 27 1995Sytos 1.34B + OS/2 2.1 - Help required
2607.02TLAVWed May 31 1995Backup program for OS/2 warp V3.
2608.02ZENDIA::TANNERThu Jun 01 1995DECstation 325c hangs on boot
2610.010MAIL2::OSTWed Jun 07 1995license needed
2611.0ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Jun 09 1995Topics for an OS/2 training course
2612.0RSNC::SCHMIDTTue Jun 13 1995Printer driver Canon BJC4
2613.03MROA::HHESSTue Jun 13 1995Hilgarve & IBM Internet Connection
2614.0ESCBI::PANGAKISThu Jun 15 1995Need to locate an OS/2 system
2615.0COLMon Jun 19 1995General vs. Extended MIDI
2616.01OSLLAV::64198::MonicaTue Jun 20 1995Printing, hang, OS/2, PW for OS/2
2617.02KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLWed Jun 21 1995COM2 not installed with DIAL..
2618.01MXOCWed Jun 21 1995Driver for S3 TRIO 764 for OS/2 Ver3.
2619.01QCAVThu Jun 22 1995SCSI dr files for OS2/wrap
2620.03KERNEL::SMITHPAThu Jun 22 1995Mapping escape key in sethost for os/2
2621.0HLDEFri Jun 30 1995Helpfile conversion from win to OS2
2622.0MROA::HHESSWed Jul 05 1995Bonus Pak: IBM Works & Word Processing
2623.012BBQ::WOODWARDCTue Jul 11 1995Loading Win progs in OS/2-Warp - a 'twink' question
2624.05MKOTS3::LEVESQUE_MTue Jul 11 1995PW, multiple servers 1 NIC?
2626.01GRUMBL::KEANEMon Jul 17 1995How do I read the screen?
2627.01GVAADG::AMAZONFri Jul 28 1995how does one UN-install WARP?
2628.06BULEAN::BANKSMon Jul 31 1995Problems installing OS/2 Warp Connect
2629.06DABEAN::B_ROSEWed Aug 02 1995Hangin OS/2 2.11
2630.06STTNG::reisertWed Aug 02 1995I/O bug on MBs that use PC-Tech RZ1
2631.014ZPOVC::PHILIPTANGThu Aug 03 1995Warp cannot install on LPX+ with AHA152
2632.01COLMon Aug 21 1995change drive letter off OS/2 boot partition
2633.0+3SIOG::T_NOLANMon Aug 21 1995hinote support for pcmcia
2634.04ANNECY::LOTTEWed Aug 23 1995OS/2 CD-ROM for auto install
2635.07WEDOIT::LANDRYThu Aug 24 1995multiple scsi adapters?
2636.02LISTIM::SILVA_AFri Aug 25 1995Celebris and loading MS-Windows from WARP
2638.0KAOAFri Aug 25 1995MOP on OS/2
2639.04MEO78A::VISSERSun Sep 03 1995Anyone running DUALSTOR backup?
2640.0ALEXWS::ELLASun Sep 10 1995PATHWORKS for OS/2 V5.2 information
2641.0POLAR::WHITEIMon Sep 11 1995SB 16 HUMMING
2642.0VMSNET::M_PROCTORTue Sep 12 1995How do you use OS/2 BCAST?
2643.05MRKTNG::absFri Sep 15 1995Video problem with 466MT (924) and Warp.
2644.0SEND::LIUFri Sep 15 1995How can I create an environment variable in its original case?
2645.0MUNSBE::EBENDELTue Sep 19 1995CID
2646.04DABEAN::B_ROSESat Sep 23 1995lotus server crashing
2647.01STTNG::reisertSun Sep 24 1995Fix Pack XR_W
2648.09TINGAU::HEFELEThu Sep 28 1995WARP installaton problem
2651.02ZPOVC::DANIELLIMTue Oct 03 1995Installation disk 4 error
2652.0VIVARA::LUSCIANOTue Oct 10 1995MTU ?
2653.012PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJAMon Oct 16 1995DLL entry points and __syscall, _System
2654.04DABEAN::B_ROSETue Oct 24 1995Adaptec and OS2 2.1
2655.0HAN::HAEUSSERTue Oct 24 1995Share Connection over TCP/IP
2656.01FRSCS::KWETSCHERThu Nov 23 1995OS/2 Warp Connect on an Prioris LX59
2657.01GIDDAY::MITROVSKIMon Nov 27 1995Can OS2 Warp be configured with Pathworks and Novell client software
2658.01CSC32::R_NICKLESThu Nov 30 1995boot manager
2659.01BACHUS::VERELSTThu Nov 30 1995trap oood device dll$dec
2660.0GRUMBL::KEANEMon Dec 04 1995starting sendmail early?
2661.0CSC32::R_NICKLESTue Dec 05 1995os2 archive
2662.0GHOST1::SMALLTue Jan 02 1996Plug and Play utility for OS/2
2663.0SNLVTue Jan 02 1996Venturis51
2664.0HOMERO::FIELDWed Jan 03 1996Drivers for COREL SCSI LS2
2665.01NETRIX::"Jonathan.Hart@ceo.mts.dec.com"Wed Jan 17 1996LANMANGER vs. Lan Server
2666.0NETRIX::"aiyer@superuser.stl.dec.com.au"Thu Jan 18 1996Urgent Help. Etherworks 3 and OS/2 crashing
2667.01VNABRW::GENCER_HThu Jan 18 1996sethost 2.1-
2668.0GIDDAY::MITROVSKIFri Jan 19 1996NET35
2669.01NETRIX::"Jonathan.Hart@ceo.dec.dec.com"Fri Jan 19 1996Connecting Warp to Network
2670.0EVTAI1::TREGARAUDMon Jan 29 1996poor performance in multithread
2671.0AKOCOA::POSCOTue Jan 30 1996OS2 Package Sale
2672.0MSAMThu Feb 01 1996OS/2 driver for 4/8GB DAT Tape Drive
2673.01DYPSS1::COGHILLThu Feb 01 1996Help porting OS/2 to WIN32
2674.02EVTAI1::TREGARAUDFri Feb 09 1996os2 Warp and lanman unix 2.2
2675.0EDSCLU::HUGHESTue Feb 13 1996Quote from a Teleconference <LONG>
2676.0MPGS::WHITNEYTue Feb 13 1996Borland C++ for sale
2677.02HLFSTue Feb 20 1996How to configure Pathworks OS2 without Decnet
2678.04MSAMWed Mar 06 1996OS/2 Trap error in LX 59
2679.02EVTISA::ES_ROETTAWed Mar 13 1996SYSTEM-F-LINKABORT when copying file with decnet
2680.03ROMTSS::TAMPELLONITue Mar 19 1996Prioris LX & OS/2 WARP 3.
2681.05UNXA::WUTue Mar 19 1996Driver Managers, VDD, DMDs, VASI, arrgghh!
2682.0STAR::HUGHESTue Mar 26 1996Xfree86/OS2
2683.05QCAVThu Mar 28 1996how to connect 3rd harddisk in os2..
2684.0EPS::BOEHMWed Apr 03 1996Pentium - OS/2 v1.3, lanman v2.1...
2685.01DABEAN::B_ROSETue Apr 09 1996Switching to Desktop crashes system
2686.02EDSCLU::HUGHESMon Apr 29 1996News About Merlin
2687.0HGOSPS::SFLIWed May 01 1996OS/2 drivers for HiNote Ultra II.
2688.01KALVIN::ROLKEMon May 06 1996Venturis 51
2689.02SALEM::HARRIS_MThu May 09 1996SPANISH to ENGLISH conversion for OS2/warp?
2690.0EDSCLU::HUGHESMon May 13 1996Colorworks Version 2.
2691.02MXOCThu May 16 1996license validation for OS/2 pathworks client
2692.02BULEAN::BANKSMon May 20 1996Anyone ever made a non-WPS OS/2 boot partition?
2693.03SYSSRV::WEISMon May 20 1996WARP V3.
2694.03SPARGL::BENDELThu Jun 13 1996Full Backup with Partitions and Restore ??
2695.01VMSNET::B_GESSONMon Jun 24 1996Pathworks for OS/2 V5.1 and a LAT Print device
2696.0CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Jun 27 1996TeamLinks 2.5 and OS/2
2697.0ALFSS2::PROCTOR_MWed Jul 03 1996OS/2 v5.1 NCP Max Link parameter
2698.01GIDDAY::MITROVSKIThu Jul 25 1996LATCP crashes PW for OS/2 v5.1 PC
2699.01LATINA::VENTURAThu Aug 01 1996OS/2 Warp Connect--PPP-->Windows-NT RAS
2700.01QCAVThu Aug 01 1996Configuring PCTCP With DE43X.
2701.0QCAVWed Aug 07 1996DE435 problem with Warp.
2702.02GRUMBL::KEANEThu Aug 08 1996Switches for ibm1s5
2703.01HGOVC::NANDANSun Aug 11 1996OS/2 2.x & Digital UNIX
2704.01NETRIX::"Chris.Rush@bbp.mts.dec.com"Mon Sep 02 1996OS/2 to NT Reference Sites
2705.01QCAVTue Sep 10 1996OS/2 Warp and Networking.
2706.01VAXRIO::CUPOLILLOFri Sep 13 1996LX running XDB under OS/2
2707.03OTOOA::TRIMBLEThu Sep 19 1996Is OS/2 beta available?
2708.0SEDSWS::BRODIEFri Sep 27 1996server crashes
2709.06GOJIRA::JESSOPMon Oct 07 1996TCP/IP via DE2
2710.0PCBUOA::MCQUADEMon Nov 11 1996Notes Server for sale
2711.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONMon Jan 06 1997PW5 os2, how to set block size,show know circ char
2712.0 *NETRIX::"bert-jan.harens@uto.mts.dec.com"Fri Jan 31 1997OS2 on PCMCIA in HINOTE ULTRA II ??????
2713.0 *KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Feb 10 1997looking for LM 2.
2714.0 *STUTue Mar 04 1997Local Printer, VMS Queue and LAT
2715.0 *+1DJOVTue Mar 04 1997OS/2 Warp and LPX