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Conference decalp::rtr_marketing

Title:DEC RTR Marketing Notefile
Created:Mon Oct 14 1991
Last Modified:Wed Sep 14 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:40
Total number of notes:124
Number with bodies:0
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1.01DECALP::SYSTEMMon Oct 14 1991DEC RTR Notesfile Introduction
2.010DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Announcements
3.02DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Current SPD's
4.02DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Information - Slide Shows
5.01DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Information - Brochures
6.04DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Training - Design and Support
7.01DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Other relevant Notesfiles
8.09DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Reference - ASX (Australian Stock Exchange)
9.01DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Reference - CH SKA (Credit Suisse)
10.07DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Reference - S OM (Options Market)
11.01DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Reference - CH Swiss PTT (Telecoms)
12.01DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Product Set
13.01DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Reference - SF SOM (Options Trading)
14.04DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Related Information / Programs
15.01DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Competition - IBM
16.0DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Competition - Tandem
17.01DECALP::SHRAGERMon Oct 14 1991Reference - SF OKO Bank (Telebanking)
18.05DECALP::REESMon Nov 18 1991Product Information Sheets
19.03DECALP::REESTue Nov 19 1991Next European Training course?
20.01DECALP::REESTue Nov 26 1991DECUS
21.0GLDOA::RABAHYWed Nov 27 1991A little bit of history, RTR shadows!
22.0DECALP::REESMon Jan 06 1992Software Loan Program
23.01DECALP::REESThu Jan 09 1992CONOLD
24.01DECALP::REESThu Jan 09 1992CONDIST
25.04DECALP::REESTue Jan 14 1992WIN at Reuters against Tandem
26.02DECALP::REESTue Jan 14 1992Positioning Statements
27.0DECALP::REESThu Jan 30 1992Reliable Transaction Router tm
28.01DECALP::REESThu Feb 06 1992Requirements for "DEC RTR for VMS 2.1"
29.03DECALP::REESFri Feb 14 1992Short Reference List
30.09DECALP::REESSun Mar 01 1992Press/Analysts - Gartner Group
31.0DECALP::REESThu Mar 12 1992Anyone want to suggest some hard questions?
32.02DECALP::REESTue Mar 31 1992Demonstration program
33.01TAVWed May 27 1992OLTP defense systems
34.02DECALP::REESTue Jul 28 1992Bullitproof Computing - Murphy
35.0DECALP::REESFri Jul 31 1992The Cost of Downtime
36.0151383::WOLFEREN_RTue Aug 11 1992Next RTR course?
37.051383::WOLFEREN_RSun Dec 27 1992Benchmark figures required
38.0POBOX::HAYES_JTue Dec 29 1992Support for UNIX back end servers?
39.047836::CERVINIWed Jan 27 1993credit card background needed
40.012553Tue Sep 13 1994Technical notes conference???