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Title:NeXT, Inc.
Notice:Please use topic 3 for Wanted and For Sale items
Created:Tue Oct 18 1988
Last Modified:Mon Dec 23 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:263
Total number of notes:853
Number with bodies:0
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1.0SHALOT::LAMPSONTue Oct 18 1988Introduction and Policies
2.06--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 25 1989Conference Announcements
3.024SHALOT::LAMPSONTue Apr 09 1991For Sale or Wanted to Buy
7.013SHALOT::LAMPSONTue Oct 18 1988The First Baby
8.08SHALOT::LAMPSONTue Oct 18 1988What does the target market think?
9.04SHALOT::LAMPSONTue Oct 18 1988Laser Printers
10.05SHALOT::LAMPSONTue Oct 18 1988Read/Write Optical Drive
11.01SHALOT::LAMPSONTue Oct 18 1988Software
12.06SHALOT::LAMPSONTue Oct 18 1988NeXT and IBM
13.04SHALOT::LAMPSONTue Oct 18 1988OS, Networking and Programming Software
14.03SHALOT::LAMPSONMon Oct 24 1988Some answers - some straight from NeXT
15.07SHALOT::LAMPSONMon Oct 24 1988Motorola DSP 56
16.01BOLT::MINOWThu Oct 27 1988Rumors
17.01SHALOT::LAMPSONFri Oct 28 1988NeXT, Inc. - the company
19.02VIA::SUNKARAMon Oct 31 1988why MACH over UNIX?
20.014EXPRES::FISTERWed Nov 02 1988No floppy prob
21.03EXPRES::FISTERWed Nov 02 1988NuBus
22.04DISCVR::FISTERWed Nov 09 1988NeXT on Video
23.0SHALOT::LAMPSONThu Nov 10 1988NeXT browser on the Mac...
24.03LDP::H_SMITHSun Nov 27 1988NeXT visits Boston
25.08BOLT::MINOWThu Dec 01 1988NeXT at Symphony Hall -- Trip Report
26.06BOSTAC::MORRISMon Dec 05 1988Application Builder Questions
27.04GIDDAY::DAVIESThu Dec 08 1988When will I see one???
28.0SHALOT::LAMPSONThu Dec 15 1988Competition opinions from USENET
29.09DNEAST::MEYER_TOMWed Dec 28 1988NeXT and languages
30.024282Mon Apr 10 1989About Businessland Inc.
31.01OTOOTue Apr 25 1989NeXT Pricing and Configs
32.03RICKS::KAGERMon May 01 1989What's Going On?
33.02SUCRE::CONWAYFri May 05 1989Public NeXT?
34.01CADSYS::HOUCKTue Jun 06 1989Impressions
35.010AUNTB::BOYERFri Jun 09 1989Rumors on Future Next Products
36.01BOLT::MINOWTue Aug 08 1989Color on NeXT
38.01RAVEN1::WALTERSWed Aug 23 1989Compilers available?
40.0CSCOA5::RADICK_DMon Aug 28 1989NeXt Review
41.0SHALOT::LAMPSONMon Sep 11 1989Operating System software V1.
42.03HOTAIR::PAINTERMon Sep 18 1989next step for DEC?
43.03SHALOT::LAMPSONWed Sep 20 1989NeXT starts advertising - 8
44.0CSOA1::DIFIORETue Sep 26 1989Fortune Article
45.08TAVWed Sep 27 1989NextStep description ?
46.03KBOV11::GREGERFri Oct 13 1989 Businessland Inc Adress?
47.02SHALOT::LAMPSONTue Oct 31 1989NeXT: Cover story, USA Today, Oct. 24, 1989
48.06MLNOI1::CECCARELLIFri Nov 03 1989MACH basis for OSF ??
49.02SAMSON::BAHLThu Nov 09 1989Is NeXT the answer?
50.01KBOVFri Nov 24 1989< Whats Up With It? >
51.0KOBAL::WILSONThu Nov 30 1989Excerpts from MIPS article on Desktop Publishing
52.0KOBAL::WILSONFri Dec 01 1989Review of NextStep
53.0KOBAL::WILSONSat Dec 23 1989NeXT Users' Group at MIT, January 9th
54.0KOBAL::WILSONFri Jan 05 1990New applications for NeXT
55.0KOBAL::WILSONSat Jan 06 1990Spreadsheets for NeXT; Network user NeXT
56.0KOBAL::WILSONSat Jan 06 1990Performance notes on NeXT
57.0DACAPO::YAKERWed Jan 17 1990Evaluation of the NeXT Interface Builder
58.0GUIDUK::BROWERMon Jan 22 1990Wall Street Journal article
59.0KOBAL::WILSONThu Jan 25 1990Rumors about next NeXT
60.0KOBAL::WILSONWed Jan 31 1990X Window Running on NeXT
61.0VAXWRK::NORDLINGERMon Feb 05 1990Business Week article
62.0AIS7::FORGEYMon Feb 05 1990the next NeXT meeting
63.01VAXWRK::NORDLINGERThu Feb 08 1990Wall Street Journal Article
64.0VAXWRK::NORDLINGERWed Feb 14 1990WSJ ad 13-Feb-9
65.016255::PENNEYTue Mar 27 1990What's Wrong at NeXT?
66.0KOBAL::WILSONWed Mar 28 1990Consultant's view of NeXT - upside - downside
67.0KOBAL::WILSONThu Mar 29 1990Excerpts from an article on Interface Builder
68.01KOBAL::WILSONThu Mar 29 1990New NeXT applications
69.0OPHION::KENTThu Apr 12 1990Rumors, we got rumors
70.01KOBAL::WILSONMon Apr 30 1990New NeXT book by Doug Clapp - The NeXT Bible
71.06KOBAL::WILSONFri May 18 1990Notes on NeXT upgrade
73.0VMSNIX::BERNEISMon Jun 25 1990Where to get X11 and how to connect DEC-SCCSI devices to NeXt ???
74.0KOBAL::WILSONWed Aug 01 1990Tao: an informal NeXT newsletter
75.0KOBAL::WILSONWed Aug 01 1990NextStep wins PC software design award
76.0KOBAL::WILSONSun Aug 05 1990Floppy Drive for NeXT
77.01DSSDEV::BWALKERTue Aug 14 1990NeXT in ZK?
78.0SYZYGY::SOPKAFri Aug 24 1990BCS presents Wm Parkhurst, 7pm Sept 4th @MIT
79.01SHALOT::LAMPSONThu Sep 13 1990What's NeXT? Color (finally)
80.0STAR::POSNIAKWed Sep 19 1990NeXT product announcement 9/18/9
81.0KOBAL::WILSONThu Sep 20 1990Comments on NeXT as multimedia system
82.0KOBAL::WILSONThu Sep 20 1990Communicae communications package
83.0KOBAL::WILSONSun Sep 23 1990New End User Features for V2.
84.0KOBAL::WILSONSun Sep 23 1990Hardware Notes on new NeXT systems
85.0ASPEN2::BOIKOMon Sep 24 1990USENET - NeXt Intro Day Report..
86.01BHAJEE::BERNEISMon Oct 15 1990X Windows for NeXT
87.09TOWNS::SWEATTSat Oct 27 1990Prices?
88.01HSOMAI::MOFFITTTue Oct 30 1990LPS2
89.02TOWNS::SWEATTMon Nov 12 1990How are they selling?
90.06TOWNS::SWEATTMon Nov 12 19902 Versions of NeXTStep 2.
91.08DATABS::TENNYWed Nov 21 1990NeXT Registration
92.03DATABS::TENNYWed Nov 28 1990BCS NeXT Meetings
93.0DATABS::TENNYThu Dec 06 1990December 4 BCS NeXT group meeting
94.094DATABS::TENNYThu Dec 06 1990NeXT Articles
95.04HOBBLE::SWEATTMon Dec 17 1990Lousy Pricing
96.03DATABS::TENNYMon Jan 07 1991Quick method for pixel plots?
97.01DATABS::TENNYMon Jan 07 1991View initialization?
98.01MARX::MOLLOYMon Jan 21 1991Which file does NEXT use for user accounts
99.0STAR::BOIKOTue Feb 05 1991Lotus Ships Improv...mb
101.0DATABS::TENNYThu Mar 21 1991Allegro 3.1 / NeXT 2.
102.02ATPS::MOLLOYMon Apr 22 1991Help needed with installing using a hard disk.
103.01AICAD::CUDMOREThu May 02 19912 nodes in 1 (using '
104.01DATABS::TENNYFri May 03 1991NeXT Humor
105.0SHALOT::LAMPSONMon May 06 1991NeXT chosen for DARPA paperless office environment
106.03FORTSC::CHABANFri May 10 1991ACE & NeXT?
107.0ATPS::MOLLOYWed May 15 1991NeXT security problems
108.02EEMELI::LEHTINENMon May 27 1991Anyone have their NeXT system on Easynet ?
109.0DATABS::TENNYWed Jun 12 1991Zilla - a distributed <mumble mumble> NextApp
110.01ARTLIB::GOETZETue Jul 09 1991What new app's were announced recently by Adobe?
111.01COLThu Jul 18 1991is there a rt95::mac$* for NeXT
112.04FROCKY::SCHAMARIMon Aug 05 1991new NeXT ??
113.012SUBWAY::LIUMon Aug 05 1991DEC vs NeXT
114.01WONDER::NIKELWed Aug 28 1991When is the New NeXT due?
115.03HOBBLE::SWEATTTue Oct 01 1991Distribution and Pricing?
116.01SPTNIK::SWABOWICZMon Oct 14 1991NeXT system on the Network
117.01WONDER::NIKELMon Oct 14 1991Next to VaxStation 35
118.0HUMAN::SUPNIKWed Oct 30 1991NeXTstation on EASYnet: mail problem
119.0KAZAN::VUILLAUMETue Nov 12 1991NeXT in Europe
120.05STAR::BOIKOSat Nov 23 1991Porting Next OS to Intel/MS-DOS Platform?
121.01TDCIS4::FIN_CCEB91Tue Dec 03 1991Next/AMIGA:how do they compare?
122.0TRNOIS::MELEWed Dec 04 1991NeXT dimension board news
123.0ATPS::MOLLOYWed Dec 18 1991Monitor Display problem
124.02DECWET::BINGHAMMon Jan 20 1992Compaq using NeXT technology?
125.010DANGER::CUDMOREThu Jan 23 1992NeXTWorld Expo
126.01PCL::JAMESTue Feb 04 1992486 Configurations
127.03CSOA1::STUTSONFri Feb 07 1992Matrix:DEC vs NeXT?
128.0EVMS::NORDLINGERFri Feb 07 1992Next and Alpha suggestion
129.02XAPPL::TENNYWed Feb 19 1992NeXT CD-ROM V3.
130.01DANGER::CUDMOREThu Feb 20 1992Dropping support for the Canon MOD drive.
131.01DANGER::CUDMORESun Feb 23 1992GCC 2.
132.05DANGER::CUDMOREWed Mar 04 1992Voice recognition software
133.02FRIDYS::MCCAINWed Mar 11 1992Xwindow displays to Next Stations
134.02CSOA1::STUTSONSun Mar 22 1992Next vs. ACA?
135.0DANGER::CUDMORETue Apr 21 1992Steve answers Sun abuse (warning -- this is a long note)
136.0DANGER::CUDMOREWed Apr 22 1992Adobe has contributed some X Display PostScript sources to the MIT X Consortium
137.0DANGER::CUDMOREThu Apr 23 1992Jobs at Federal Computer Conference
138.0DANGER::CUDMORETue Apr 28 1992Macintosh Emulator
139.0EQUITY::CONWAYFri May 08 1992Printing to a BLP II (and pin-outs)
140.0DANGER::CUDMOREWed May 13 1992NeXT's first licensing venture -- NetInfo
141.01LASCPM::MIYAMOTOWed May 13 1992NeXT w/ VMS server configuration Qs
142.0DSSDEV::BWALKERFri May 22 1992TK5
143.03GRANPA::SHAAVIKWed May 27 1992NeXT Competitive Issues
144.02DANGER::CUDMOREWed Jun 03 1992Bud Tribble leaves NeXT for SUN
145.02MABUZZ::BUZZERDFri Jun 12 1992DECWrite and DECPresent Competition?
146.0DANGER::CUDMOREWed Jun 24 1992NeXT Announces POSIX/GOSIP Compliance for NeXTSTEP 3.
147.04DANGER::CUDMOREFri Jul 24 1992NeXTSTEP x86 for notebooks?
148.0DANGER::CUDMOREMon Jul 27 1992NeXT JOINS OMG, NeXTSTEP Objects Fully OMG Conformant
149.01DANGER::CUDMOREMon Jul 27 1992NeXT Announces ObjectWare: Component-Based Software
150.0DANGER::CUDMOREMon Jul 27 1992NeXT Computer and Object Design Announce Joint Development Agreement
151.02QUICKP::KEHOETue Jul 28 1992Papersight (sp?) on NeXT
152.0DANGER::CUDMORESun Aug 02 1992Announcement: Enhanced Processing Board (EPB) from Spherical Solutions
153.07DANGER::CUDMORETue Aug 04 1992Data General, NeXT announce relationship
154.01DANGER::CUDMOREThu Sep 10 1992NeXT Ships NeXTSTEP Release 3.
155.03DANGER::CUDMOREThu Sep 10 1992A product using NeXTSTEP's new 3DKit
156.01DANGER::CUDMOREThu Sep 10 1992GNU Objective-C Project Has Begun
157.08DANGER::CUDMOREFri Sep 18 1992NeXTSTEP for Intel
158.0DANGER::CUDMOREThu Sep 24 1992Chrysler, Mobil & McCaw Cellular Choose NeXT
159.04NEXUS6::BERNECICHTue Sep 29 1992NeXT in Italy
160.0DANGER::CUDMOREFri Oct 30 1992NeXT presence in stock options market
161.0DANGER::CUDMOREMon Nov 02 1992NeXT(tm) Education Software Sampler: CD-ROM Software Compendium
162.0DANGER::CUDMOREMon Nov 09 1992CAP Gemini America and NeXT Sign Alliance Agreement
163.0DANGER::CUDMORETue Nov 10 1992NeXT and Boston Software Works Announce Collaboration on Email Gateway
164.01DANGER::CUDMORETue Nov 10 1992Objective-C classes available for the NeXT platform
165.0DANGER::CUDMOREThu Nov 12 1992NeXTSTEP Development Environment wins French award
166.0DANGER::CUDMOREThu Nov 19 1992Coming soon -- A monthly NeXT newspaper
167.07DANGER::CUDMOREThu Nov 19 1992If only this "Rumor Roundup" was true ...
168.0DANGER::CUDMORETue Nov 24 1992December's UnixWorld
169.03BOSEDF::FEATHERSTONWed Dec 09 1992Running NeXtStep 486 on the Tiger II (DECpc LP family)
170.0DANGER::CUDMOREWed Dec 09 199288k Dead ? Maybe Not ...
171.0DANGER::CUDMOREWed Dec 09 1992I'm willing to give demos or loan NeXT literature
172.01DANGER::CUDMOREWed Dec 16 19921993 NeXTWorld Expo
173.01BAHTAT::PETERSONThu Jan 21 1993Keyboard re-mapping
174.0DANGER::CUDMOREFri Jan 22 1993NeXT Profitable in Q4 '92
175.0DANGER::CUDMOREFri Jan 22 1993Sun to use DisplayPostScript
176.0TRADE::CONWAYTue Feb 02 1993NeXT on the Easynet
177.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Feb 05 1993Next hardware and software
178.05DANGER::CUDMOREWed Feb 10 1993Announcement: NeXT to Become Software Company
179.01AOSG::NORDLINGERThu Feb 18 1993related topic in TENAYA::DWT
180.0DANGER::CUDMOREFri Feb 19 1993Jobs and Van Cuylenberg (sp?) spoke at the Bay Area NeXT Group
181.03EICMFG::RUEDELFri Feb 19 1993How to obtain NeXTStep beta test?
182.06DANGER::CUDMOREThu Apr 15 1993Dell, DG, Epson, HP, NEC, Siemens Announce NeXTSTEP Support
183.0TOOK::CUDMOREFri Apr 30 1993NeXT Announces NEXTSTEP 3.1 for Black Hardware
184.07TRADE::CONWAYTue May 04 1993NEXTSTEP/Alpha
185.0TOOK::CUDMOREThu May 06 1993Executive Briefing / SCaN Meeting Summary (May 4)
186.0TOOK::CUDMOREMon May 10 1993Notes from NeXT Presentation at Gotham Users of NeXT in New York City
187.01TOOK::CUDMOREFri May 21 1993NEXTSTEP Academic Bundle for Education
188.03SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed May 26 1993NeXT and Digital sign distribution agreements
189.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed May 26 1993Next Announcements
190.0TOOK::CUDMOREThu May 27 1993NeXT Debuts as a Software Company on May 25, 1993
191.0TOOK::CUDMOREThu May 27 1993NEXTSTEP for Intel Processors Ships on May25
192.02TOOK::CUDMOREThu May 27 1993NeXT Announces Support For HP 9
193.02TOOK::CUDMOREThu May 27 1993NeXT Offers Special NEXTSTEP Promotion (good through July 31)
194.0TOOK::CUDMOREThu May 27 1993NeXT Adds Larry Ellison and Dan Case to Board of Directors
195.0TOOK::CUDMOREThu May 27 1993NeXT Embraces Photo CD Multimedia Imaging Technology
196.0HLDEMon Jun 07 1993Is it possible to order a evaluation copy within Digital??
197.0TOOK::CUDMOREThu Jun 17 1993NeXT Announces Object-Oriented Software for Enterprise-wide Client/Server Computing
198.04HUMAN::SUPNIKThu Jul 08 1993Customer/SI feedback on Nextstep
199.01LEMAN::LE_VIETWed Jul 14 1993An other world !
200.03LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconTue Aug 03 1993DECPC & Nextstep, are we reselling it now ?
201.0STKHLM::LAB5::Conferencing-UserThu Aug 19 1993DEPCA - driver for NEXTSTEP
202.0TOOK::CUDMOREFri Aug 20 1993NEXTSTEP Media Quotes (May-August, 1993)
203.01SX4GTO::AUSTINFri Sep 10 1993NeXTStep on Alpha?
204.0TOOK::CUDMOREFri Sep 17 1993Jobs speech at German UNIX fair
205.0SHALOT::JAMESMon Sep 20 1993WAIS index of this notesfile.
206.0TOOK::CUDMORETue Sep 21 1993NeXT Demonstrates Portable Distributed Objects (PDO) on HP 9
207.0MIMS::FINKELSTEINTue Oct 05 1993NeXTSTEP/Digital meeting
208.03HOCUS::KCARPENTERWed Oct 13 1993How to but NextStep from Digital?
209.0TOOK::CUDMOREFri Oct 15 1993NEXTSTEP: Object Advantage Seminar Series
210.0TOOK::CUDMOREWed Oct 20 1993NEXTSTEP Release 3.2
212.0GLOSS::LORENThu Nov 11 1993NeXT class library info available on the Web
215.0TOOK::CUDMOREWed Nov 24 1993NeXT Opens NEXTSTEP, Publishes APIs
216.07WR2FOR::HARPHAM_LYWed Nov 24 1993425SLC & NEXTstep?
217.0GAUSS::BRANDENBERGWed Nov 24 1993Warnings about 3.2 upgrade
218.0ACESMK::RLEEMon Nov 29 199324-26 JAN 94 / NEXTSTEP East Coast Dev Conf / DC
219.0MIMS::FINKELSTEINMon Nov 29 1993NeXT and SUN Press Release
220.0ACESMK::RLEETue Dec 07 19932
221.07TDCAI1::ARBARETMon Dec 20 1993NEXT with DECpc XL PCI architecture.
222.02BOUGY::LE_VIETMon Jan 10 1994NEXTSTEP & Etherworks III Cards
223.0GAUSS::BRANDENBERGWed Jan 12 1994New promotion
224.01TOOK::CUDMOREThu Jan 13 1994Cases of Digital sales people misinforming customers about NEXTSTEP
225.01TOOK::CUDMOREWed Jan 19 1994ANNOUNCEMENT: NEXTSTEP for HP machines
226.02STOWOA::ROODYFri Feb 04 1994Adatpec 174
227.05AZUR::FARRUGIAMon Feb 21 1994Nextstep on Alpha
228.01GENIE::KAUFFri Feb 25 1994PDO's adopted by DEC? (Portable Distributed Objects)
229.01HUMAN::SUPNIKMon Mar 21 1994DEC, Next announce port of PDO
230.0EICMFG::HILLSTue Mar 22 1994NeXTWORLD goes under!
231.06HUMAN::GETTYSThu Mar 24 1994Statement for customers about NeXT
232.01MINNY::WAHLFri Mar 25 1994Info please: 9,
233.01STKHLM::GRANVALDTue Apr 12 1994Digital HW/SW status?
234.0TOOK::CUDMOREWed Apr 20 1994First OpenStep Materials Available
235.0GLOSS::LORENThu Apr 21 1994Quick Guide to NEXTSTEP information on the Internet
236.01MIMS::FINKELSTEINThu May 05 1994Why a no-show at Nextstep Expo '94?
237.07MIMS::FINKELSTEINFri May 06 1994Is anyone attending NSExpo '94?
238.01MIMS::FINKELSTEINWed May 11 1994Talus <-> Next agreement on drivers?
239.01TOOK::CUDMOREMon May 23 1994Announcement: Beta version of NEXTSTEP for HP PA-RISC
240.0DV78Tue May 31 1994EtherWORKS (DE2
241.07OSLLAV::PER_PTue Jun 21 1994OpenStep on DEC OSF/1 ?
242.01CIM::LORENMon Jun 27 1994Wanted: Announcements from comp.sys.next.announce
243.01SWAM1::VELIJANIA_FRThu Jun 30 1994NeXT and OSF/1 NIS interoperability
244.02CIM::LORENFri Jul 01 1994OpenStep specification available
245.0WRKSYS::BRANDENBERGTue Jul 12 1994Driver Note
246.06OZROCK::TURNERThu Jul 14 1994Internal availability of NextStep
247.02GUIDUK::SANFORDWed Sep 14 1994Questions regarding Digital's OpenStep integration with OSF/1
248.0OSLLAV::PER_PMon Sep 19 1994Supported HW from Digital (NeXTStep) ?
249.02STKAI1::HANSPC::HansLofgrenWed Sep 21 1994Celebris & NEXTstep ?
250.05CGOOA::BARNABEWed Nov 16 1994Next & X-Windows ???
251.03TUXEDO::GETTYSWed Dec 14 1994PDO on OSF/1 - call for FT sites
252.0CIM::LORENMon Feb 27 1995Announcement - NeXT is profitable; OpenStep on Windows
253.05CUJO::TOBIASSENWed Mar 01 1995XL56
254.02ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Apr 26 1995Status of OpenStep/PDO ports to UNIX
255.01GVAWed May 31 1995Hinote?,-developer experience comments
256.01MINNY::anteos.zuo.dec.com::HaaspFri Jul 28 1995PDO for Windows NT and NT Alpha
257.01AZUR::VALETWed Aug 02 1995Status questions
258.03NETRIX::"wahl@zuo.dec.com"Thu Sep 28 1995What about SUN?
259.0NETRIX::"wahl@zuo.dec.com"Thu Sep 28 1995PRESS RELEASE: Merrill Lynch, $8 Million deal
260.0NETRIX::"wahl@zuo.dec.com"Wed Nov 01 1995Celebris GL ST
261.0NETRIX::"wahl@zuo.dec.com"Wed Jan 17 1996PRESS RELEASE: NeXT Ships D'OLE and EOF for Windows NT
262.03NETRIX::"Jerome.Braithwaite@uto.mts.dec.com"Tue Mar 26 1996System Designer
263.01CSC32::M_HERODOTUSSun Dec 22 1996Apple purchases NeXT (Notes extracted from HUMANE::MACINTOSH)