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Conference cvg::hamradio_iii

Title:Amateur Radio
Notice:Classifieds in #8, please register in #3
Created:Wed Jun 15 1994
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:504
Total number of notes:3678
Number with bodies:214
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.0WRKSYS::REISERTFri Jun 24 1994Welcome to HAMRADIO Volume III
2.06CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Conference Notices
3.0+122--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 15 1994Who Are You
4.010CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Related Conferences
5.0CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Conference Directory
6.0+23WRKSYS::REISERTThu Jun 23 1994Goodbye!
7.03CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
8.0+221--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 15 1994For Sale / Wanted
9.02CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Ham Radio BBSs
10.01CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Ham-related Telephone Numbers
11.0+24CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994The Latest Fleas
12.0+10CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Public Service Event Announcements
13.05CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Silent Keys
16.0+351CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994ARRL Bulletins (ARLB, ARLX)
17.0+42CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994ARRL Letter
18.0+311CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994DX Bulletins
19.0+149CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Keplerian Element Sets
20.0+81CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Newsline Amateur Radio
21.0+142CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Propagation Forcast Bulletins
22.03CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994RTTY Bulletins
23.0+81CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Space Bulletins
24.023WRKSYS::REISERTTue Jul 12 1994ARRL New England Division Director's Bulletin
25.011ICS::BEANMon Feb 13 1995Ham Radio Flea Market - On-line Want Ads
30.011CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Amateur Radio License Classes
31.0+20CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Exam Schedules
32.02CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Latest Callsigns
33.016CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Learning Morse Code
34.0CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994W5YI VEC
35.0CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994ARRL VEC
36.08CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Reciprocal Licenses
37.0+18CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Waiting for license...
38.0WRKSYS::REISERTFri Jun 24 1994Coordinating VECs
40.06CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994AMSAT
41.06CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994ARES/RACES
42.08CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994American Radio Relay League (ARRL) - QST - W1AW
43.02CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)
44.017CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
45.03CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)
46.01WRKSYS::REISERTTue Jul 05 1994Military Affiliated Radio Service (MARS)
50.01CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Acton/Boxborough Amateur Radio Club (ABARC)
51.02CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Algonquin Amateur Radio Club
52.04CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Billerica Amateur Radio Society (BARS)
53.03CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Boston Amateur Radio Club (BARC)
54.0CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Central Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association
55.032CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994DEC Amateur Radio Club
56.04CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Framingham Amateur Radio Association (FARA)
57.0CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Middlesex Amateur Radio Club
58.01CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Minuteman Repeater Association (MMRA)
59.0+2CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club (NVARC)
60.03CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Nashua Amateur Radio Club (NARC)
61.01CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Police Amateur Radio Team (PART) - WB1GOF
62.0CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994New England QRP Club
63.06CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Yankee Clipper Contest Club (YCCC)
64.02WRKSYS::REISERTMon Jan 16 1995Wellesley Amateur Radio Society
65.0WRKSYS::REISERTFri Mar 24 1995Eastern Massachusetts Club Roster
70.0CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994ARRL National Convention
71.010CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Dayton Hamvention
72.011CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994VHF/UHF Conventions
73.03CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Hamfest Announcements
74.0+14CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Hosstraders
75.014CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994ARRL New England Division Convention
76.03CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994New England DXCC Convention
80.044CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Amateur Software Repository
81.0CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Antenna Design/Analysis Software
82.0CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Contest Logging Software (not CT)
83.018WRKSYS::REISERTFri Jun 24 1994CT by K1EA
84.012CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Logbook Software
85.0CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994PC Board Layout Software
86.0CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Schematic Capture Software
90.011CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Internet Mailing Lists
91.06CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Internet Ham Radio Archives
92.01CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Packet <-> Internet Gateways
93.04CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994USENET
94.014CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994World Wide WEB (WWW)
95.01WRKSYS::REISERTThu Dec 01 1994Propagation Bulletins on the Internet
100.05CVG::EDRYWed Jun 15 1994Official ALINCO Topic
101.08WRKSYS::REISERTThu Jun 23 1994Official ROCKWELL/COLLINS Topic
102.04WRKSYS::REISERTThu Jun 23 1994Official DRAKE Topic
103.029WRKSYS::REISERTThu Jun 23 1994Official HEATHKIT Topic
104.0+24WRKSYS::REISERTThu Jun 23 1994Official ICOM Topic
105.042WRKSYS::REISERTThu Jun 23 1994Official KENWOOD Topic
106.050WRKSYS::REISERTThu Jun 23 1994Official MFJ Topic
107.0+10WRKSYS::REISERTThu Jun 23 1994Official TENTEC Topic
108.042WRKSYS::REISERTThu Jun 23 1994Official YAESU Topic
109.01WRKSYS::REISERTThu Jun 23 1994Commercial Equipment Reviews
110.01WRKSYS::REISERTThu Jun 23 1994Modifications to Commercial Eqiupment
111.0WRKSYS::REISERTThu Jun 23 1994Which Radio Should I Buy?
112.07--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 24 1994Amateur Repairs/Service
120.01CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Official CUSHCRAFT Topic
121.01CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Official G5RV Topic
122.01CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Official GAP ANTENNA Topic
123.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Official HYGAIN Topic
124.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Official KLM Topic
125.01CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Official ROTATORS Topic
126.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Official TELREX Topic
127.015CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Official TOWERS Topic
128.0+8CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Official WIRE ANTENNA Topic
129.02CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Official VERTICAL ANTENNA Topic
130.010CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Official YAGI Topic
131.0+8CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Homebrew Antennas
132.02WRKSYS::REISERTThu Jun 30 1994HF Mobile Antennas (Hustler, etc.)
133.01WRKSYS::REISERTTue Aug 09 1994SWR Analyzers
134.012WRKSYS::REISERTWed Sep 14 1994VHF/UHF Mobile Antennas (Larsen, etc.)
140.02CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Antenna Tuners
141.06CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Keys and Keyers
142.018CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Linear Amplifiers
143.06CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Terminal Node Controllers (TNCs)
145.012WRKSYS::REISERTMon Jan 16 1995Headphones, speakers, etc.
150.07CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Ham Radio Outlet (HRO)
151.06CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Tandy / Radio Shack
152.01CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Rivendell
153.0WRKSYS::REISERTFri Jun 24 1994Ham Radio Retail Outlets
160.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Amateur Electronic Supply (AES)
161.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994RadioKit
162.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Tucker Electronics
163.05CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Mail Order Parts
164.0WRKSYS::REISERTFri Jun 24 1994Ham Radio Mail Order
169.03WRKSYS::REISERTThu Dec 01 1994Radio Direction Finding (RDF) / Fox Hunt
170.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Amplitude Modulation (AM)
171.01CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Amateur Television (ATV)
172.026CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994DX Notes
173.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994DXpeditioning
174.012CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Earth-Moon-Earth (EME or Moonbounce)
175.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Frequency Modulation (FM)
176.07CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994HF Digital Modes (AMTOR, etc.)
177.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Hilltopping
178.05CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994NTS Traffic System
179.07CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Packet (VHF and above)
180.013CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994QRP
181.02CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994RTTY
182.02CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Repeaters
183.023CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Satellites/MIR/etc.
184.011CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Slow Scan TV (SSTV)
185.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Spread Spectrum
186.020CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994TCP/IP
187.08CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994VHF/UHF
188.02CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Work the Shuttle
189.020CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994PacketCluster(tm)
190.01WRKSYS::REISERTTue Aug 09 1994Packet Bulletin Boards (software, etc.)
200.05CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994ARRL DX Contest
201.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994ARRL Sweepstakes
202.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994CQ WPX Contest
203.04CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994CQWW DX Contest
204.031CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Field Day
205.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994IARU HF Championship
206.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Novice Roundup
207.03CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994RTTY Contest
208.013CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Special Event Station Announcements
209.015CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994State QSO Parties
210.07CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994VHF/UHF Contests
211.06CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Worked All Europe (WAE)
212.03CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Contest Calendar
213.02WRKSYS::REISERTTue Aug 02 1994North American QSO Party (NAQP)
214.05WRKSYS::REISERTTue Aug 09 1994World Radio Team Championship (WRTC)
215.0PARVAX::YANAGIFri Mar 17 1995The Bermuda Contest
220.01CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994ARRL Incoming QSL Bureau
221.01CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau
222.05CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994On-line Callbook
223.030CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994QSL Information
224.03CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994QSL Information Servers
225.04CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994QSL Cards
226.03WRKSYS::REISERTMon Aug 08 1994QSL Services
227.05STTNG::reisertTue Sep 26 1995Callbooks (general)
230.096CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Islands on the Air (IOTA)
231.03CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994DX Century Club (DXCC)
232.02CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Worked All States (WAS)
233.01CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Worked All Zones (WAZ)
234.02CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994VHF/UHF Century Club (VUCC)
236.01WRKSYS::REISERTTue Feb 21 1995County Hunters
240.05CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Amateur Radio Books
241.018CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Amateur Radio Magazines
242.02CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Amateur Radio on Radio/Television
243.02CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994FCC Part 97
244.0CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Ham License Plates
245.0+30CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Homebrew
246.07CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Humor
247.012CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Military Radios
248.04CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
249.06CVG::EDRYThu Jun 23 1994Vintage Radio
300.04MUDHWK::LAWLERMon Jun 27 1994The FT1
301.03MAY3Tue Jun 28 1994Stolen Equipment note :-(
302.01GOEDUX::JEPSEN_STTue Jul 05 1994Strange Packet QRM on 4
303.01AKOCOA::TANKINWed Jul 06 1994KaGOLD Help
304.04TFH::PARTAINThu Jul 14 1994San Jose bound..
305.0VAXRIO::ROLFFri Jul 15 1994Amplif tube for PY2DP
307.01NYOSS1::COMASSun Jul 17 1994SWR Analyzers: Autek vs. MFJ 259
308.05UTROP1::DONGEN_NWed Jul 20 1994NICAD pack
309.0ASDG::ACITOThu Jul 21 1994WEFAX
310.04BEYER::beyerMon Jul 25 1994Sat Dish Actuators?
311.06STKHLM::WEBJORNTue Jul 26 199411 Ghz LNB's -> 1
312.0STTNG::reisertThu Aug 31 1995Phonetic Alphabets (Alpha Bravo etc)
313.011UTROP1::DONGEN_NThu Jul 28 1994Dipole feederline question
315.015RUSURE::ZAHAREETue Aug 02 1994Band plans and reality?
316.02VAXRIO::ROLFWed Aug 03 1994Ham stores in Chicago and Pittsburg?
317.01UTROP1::BEEKMAN_WFri Aug 05 1994Powerpoint hamradio presentations ??
319.01AKOCOA::TANKINWed Aug 10 1994Fritzel Antennas?
320.017RUXPIN::MARSHALLWed Aug 10 1994mobile HF problem
321.02SUBSYS::DONADTFri Aug 19 1994Packet Switch
322.0FIDICH::WEARINGWed Aug 24 1994Circuit Diagrams Wanted for Old QRP rig
323.02BPSOF::GYONGYOSIWed Aug 24 1994Price info wanted
324.010DECWET::ALEXANDERWed Aug 24 1994Any opinions on the TS5
325.03GOLLY::listnh.zko.dec.com::SimonsMon Aug 29 1994Contacts for Manufacturers
327.01AKOCOA::TANKINWed Aug 31 1994Number of IFs, Sensitivity, Selectivity, etc.
329.02TAMARA::PCMART::hullTue Sep 06 1994Value of '49 Hallicrafters T45 T.V.?
330.06PASTA::SIEGRISTMon Sep 12 1994packet question
332.04MUDHWK::LAWLERWed Sep 14 1994Packet Callsign question
333.05NUTS2U::LITTLEWed Sep 14 1994Masts and yield strength
335.0MUDHWK::LAWLERTue Sep 20 1994Warning HR251
336.0NUTS2U::LITTLEThu Sep 29 1994Help identifying some SMT devices and a circuit
337.0VAXRIO::ROLFThu Oct 13 1994looking for dish projects
338.0ISIDRO::ATTO13::sotorrioThu Oct 20 1994Winlink Pactor BBS software
339.01NETCAD::WADEFri Oct 21 1994anyone in Japan?
341.01NUTS2U::LITTLEMon Oct 31 1994What to send for an SWL request?
342.0PROXY::DEFELIPPIMon Oct 31 1994schem for Crosley715 ??
343.01--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 31 1994Looking for author of note 8.5
344.01BGSDEV::MANGIPUDITue Nov 01 1994Manuals for Kenwood TH77A
345.01HIGHD::MELENDEZTue Nov 01 199494 Deer Expedition 1
346.0OSLThu Nov 03 1994Help on used stuff - no manuals
347.02FCCVDE::KLIMASEWSKIMon Nov 07 1994Power adjust for IC-9
348.08TRIODE::SMOOTTue Nov 08 1994HF Mobile Problem - Ford Explorer QRN
349.0CSSREG::BROWNWed Nov 09 1994How to program GE Phoenix ?
350.01HOTLNE::SILVESTRIFri Nov 11 199444
351.02ICS::BEANSat Nov 12 1994HAM VIEW, from PDK
353.05STOWOA::SIMKOMon Nov 21 1994European Tube Cross-Ref
354.01PROXY::DEFELIPPIMon Nov 21 1994Source of speaker grill cloth?
355.04WLDBIL::KILGORETue Nov 22 1994Need code examples for novice test
356.04CSC32::D_DECKERWed Nov 23 1994Lifetime Amatuer Radio Licenses
358.0SUBURB::FRENCHSMon Nov 28 1994Details wanted for Grundig SW Rcvr
359.04HIGHD::MELENDEZMon Nov 28 1994finally coming to bean town!
360.045WRKSYS::REISERTMon Dec 05 1994FCC #93-3
361.010WRKSYS::REISERTWed Dec 07 1994PRB-1
362.05LORRIN::LEEFri Dec 09 1994Is this legal? ...
363.02CSOA1::HARLANMon Dec 12 1994Command Set "Stuff" Wanted
364.016EST::RANDOLPHFri Dec 16 1994Amateur radio - "horrendous nuisance"?
365.0JOKUR::FALKOFTue Dec 20 1994Words of Wisdom
366.0JOKUR::LINTTue Dec 27 1994Blind ham in Denver Area seeks help - any DECIES able?
367.02CSC32::D_DECKERWed Dec 28 1994Wichita Falls, Texas - Anyone?
368.03JGODCL::CLEEUWMon Jan 02 1995Zenith radio info request.
369.0EST::RANDOLPHTue Jan 17 1995New radio-interest group in Worc., Mass.
370.0UFHIS::WSIEGMUNDWed Jan 25 1995Wavetec SAMIII mods
371.0CSOA1::HARLANWed Jan 25 1995HP3
372.0ASABET::DICENZOTue Jan 31 1995Bay Area Radio Clubs?
373.04SUBURB::JAMESHMon Feb 06 1995Artificial Ground
375.06HANNAH::B_COBBWed Feb 08 1995Climbing belt source
376.03EEMELI::NISKANENFri Feb 10 1995Ham stores in Vienna, Austria?
377.0LANDO::OBRIENFri Feb 17 1995Old Transformer
378.01EST::RANDOLPHWed Feb 22 1995Anyone know N1RGT ?
380.03RDGENG::BRYANTMon Mar 06 1995Bird 8833 dummy load
381.0HOTLNE::CAHILLWed Mar 08 1995Tube Guide Wanted
382.011MUDHWK::LAWLERFri Mar 10 1995Forced to buy an HF rig... :^)
383.09STOWOA::ELGINMon Mar 13 1995Buy by mail? What works?..
384.01SDTPMM::MESSERThu Apr 06 1995AOR AR8
385.04PROXY::DEFELIPPIFri Apr 21 1995GM Antenna trimmer location?
386.0UTROP1::BEEKMAN_WWed Apr 26 1995Visiting PA country for WW-II ending,
387.0GENIE::HELLERTWed May 03 1995Kantronics KPC 9612 9k6 Bd packet controller
388.01CSOA1::LENNIGFri May 05 1995Service
389.01SALES::APIKEFri May 05 199561
390.02XDELTA::HOFFMANMon May 22 1995cw in infomercial?
391.02OSLThu Jun 01 1995More data on 4-1
392.02UTROP1::DONGEN_NFri Jun 02 1995operation modes
393.03OSLMon Jun 12 1995Ham shops in Washington D.C.
394.09AKOCOA::TANKINMon Jun 12 1995Balloon Vertical
395.04AKOCOA::TANKINTue Jun 13 1995HF Packet Advice
396.038RUXPIN::MARSHALLThu Jun 15 1995CB'er causing havoc!!!!
397.0NETCAD::CARUSOFri Jun 16 1995AC Power/Cancer
398.0VAXRIO::ROLFMon Jun 19 1995DXNS contact needed
399.05AOSG::IANNELLIThu Jun 22 1995ISO a good first HF transceiver
400.07BPSOF::GYONGYOSISun Jun 25 1995USA HAM exam/lis?
401.06EEMELI::SYVANENWed Jun 28 1995Hamstores in NY and Chicago?
402.02MILKWY::HIGGINSThu Jul 06 19951
403.0JOKUR::FALKOFMon Jul 10 1995Former DECcie in the News
405.011BPSOF::GYONGYOSIMon Jul 24 1995List of CEPT members
406.04PASTA::SIEGRISTThu Jul 27 1995materials for 2 meter yagi
407.01TKTVFS::KUDOHFri Jul 28 1995Wanted:QST back number copy
408.01BROKE::LAWLERFri Jul 28 1995Packet during Persieds Meteor shower
409.04NYOSS1::YANNIOSTue Aug 01 19952m/44
410.02MPGS::TANKINThu Aug 03 1995Repeater Info for Philadelphia
411.03BPSOF::GYONGYOSITue Aug 22 1995"Out of Thin Air"
412.05ICS::BEANTue Aug 22 1995LOW BAND DXing anyone?
413.02CSC32::D_DECKERTue Aug 22 1995Input sought on Trap Beams (2 or 3 elements)
414.0TKTVFS::KUDOHWed Aug 23 1995Japanese Law change
415.0VAXRIO::ROLFWed Aug 23 1995FT 51
416.03CHEFS::JAMESHTue Aug 29 1995Double Sided PSBs?
417.024EDSCLU::WOOFri Sep 01 1995VHF Antenna Recommendations (not Mobile)
418.01KENT::KENTThu Sep 07 1995TV antenna location and selection
419.01POBOXA::COMMOThu Sep 07 1995<< APLAC Analog Simulator >>
420.02NAC::BLANCHARDFri Sep 08 199522
421.01MPGS::RICHESSONFri Sep 15 1995Seeking Digital Signal Proc advice
422.0MOVIES::HARRISMon Oct 02 1995MH-29/FT-51 Control Protocol?
423.0ASDG::ACITOFri Oct 06 1995JPS DSP Note
424.06CHEFS::JAMESHMon Oct 16 1995GAP Verticals
425.03RMDSRV::BESTThu Oct 19 1995VE Help
426.0RANGER::HUTZLEYThu Oct 26 1995HTX 2
427.0EST::RANDOLPHFri Oct 27 1995Opto 12
428.0BOBSBX::CROWLINGMon Nov 06 1995Looking for MODS for a FT 85
429.0BPSOF::GYONGYOSIThu Nov 09 1995AZ-EL rotator for EME
430.0JGODCL::CLEEUWMon Nov 13 1995Tube wanted: B443
431.01PCMVTue Nov 28 1995WinOrbit v2.7
432.06SMURF::TARSATue Dec 05 1995Do decent AM radios exist?
433.0BPSOF::GYONGYOSIFri Dec 08 1995RIT ectension for FT-1
434.0BPSOF::GYONGYOSIFri Dec 08 19951
435.0NETRIX::"magnus@tla.mts.dec.com"Fri Dec 15 1995Learning morse with MIDI keyboard?
436.0NETCAD::JORDANTue Dec 19 1995need part for FT1
437.03OSLWed Dec 27 1995SuperMorse and Soundblaster 16
438.0CSC32::M_FRAZIERThu Dec 28 1995Mars Relay Flight Test: Can you detect it?
439.02SDTPMM::MESSERThu Jan 04 1996Collins R39
440.0SDTPMM::MESSERThu Jan 04 199619" equipment rack wanted
441.02KAOFS::D_FORBESTue Jan 09 1996Bonjour Bruges, 2M info svp.
442.01BROKE::LAWLERMon Jan 22 1996Aeronautical mobile cross-band repeater?
443.0PARVAX::YANAGIMon Feb 12 1996NT Wizards Symposium anyone?
444.0OSLSun Feb 18 1996Surplus HV capacitors???
445.01CSC32::R_ABBOTTMon Feb 19 1996antenna switch question
446.0BPSOF::GYONGYOSISat Feb 24 199673+CL de HA5CW
447.0STOWOA::ccsr8.ogo.dec.com::haldThu Mar 07 1996AEA PK-9
448.0BROKE::LAWLERThu Apr 04 1996WB1BQE QSY
449.02AKRON::KVOCHICKMon Apr 08 1996Transmit Mods for Standard C1
450.06CHEFS::JAMESHTue Apr 23 1996PC TNC
451.01ACISS2::LENNIGWed Apr 24 1996AEA PK-232 DSP
452.04JGODCL::CLEEUWMon May 06 1996Simulation of thinwire cable.
453.0SEESAW::PILANTThu May 16 1996Humor from the QRP list
454.0NUBOAT::HEBERTWed May 22 1996The ABC's of batteries
455.012ASDG::ACITOWed May 29 1996144 and 44
456.09GOEDUX::JEPSEN_STFri May 31 1996Kenwood to sell through CB outlets
457.0826Mon Jun 03 1996So what would you do?
458.05TPOVC::GUNDERSONSat Jun 08 1996Buy gear in Hong Kong?
459.0CHEFS::JAMESHTue Jun 11 1996Satellite SSTV
460.02OSLTue Jun 18 1996Surpluss Supliers near PKO???
462.02NOODLE::SIEGRISTWed Jul 17 1996transmatch question
463.0MAY3Fri Jul 19 1996ka1rv, qrt de dec.
464.0UTROP1::OORTMAN_HFri Jul 26 1996TL12
465.06SNOFS2::AYREThu Aug 01 1996MSK How does it work ?
466.05TROOA::EPIERCETue Aug 20 1996Ham radio mentioned in SCIFI Independence Day
467.0SNOFS2::AYREMon Aug 26 1996New Amateur Satellite JAS-2
468.01NAC::BLANCHARDThu Sep 05 1996Lecture for a Radio Club, interested?
469.0R2ME2::SIMONSThu Sep 12 1996Vanity License App via Internet
470.04ROCK::SIEGRISTThu Sep 12 1996ARRL BXB convention schedule
471.04OAW1::SIMMONSTue Sep 17 1996Compare SW Rcvr/HF Xcvr ?
472.01RDGENG::BRYANTMon Oct 14 1996Where is X5?
473.04VAXRIO::JEMESSONFri Nov 08 1996New set of tubes to a old DRAKE R4B rcvr
474.03PROXY::DEFELIPPITue Nov 12 1996Question on Kenwood AT25
475.0JHAXP::HURDERMon Nov 18 1996Newsline #1
476.05UNIFIX::BERENSMon Nov 18 1996antenna question
477.0JHAXP::HURDERTue Nov 19 1996The ARRL Letter, 11/15/96
478.0JHAXP::HURDERMon Nov 25 1996Newsline 1
479.0JHAXP::HURDERMon Nov 25 1996The ARRL Letter 11/22/96
480.0JHAXP::HURDERTue Dec 03 1996Newsline 1
481.0JHAXP::HURDERWed Dec 04 1996The ARRL Letter Nov. 29
482.0JHAXP::HURDERMon Dec 09 1996Newsline 1
483.0JHAXP::HURDERTue Dec 10 1996ARRL Letter, Dec 6 1996
484.01TNPUBS::MACDONALDFri Dec 13 1996FS: AOR AR 8
485.0ROCKAT::GRIN_KSat Dec 14 1996Yeasu FT77 good rig??
486.0TNPUBS::MACDONALDMon Dec 16 1996FS: AOR AR8
487.09BIRDIE::DESHARNAISTue Dec 17 1996Autopatches Revisited
488.01ROCK::SIEGRISTThu Dec 19 1996w1fb noise eliminator
489.0RUSURE::ZAHAREEMon Dec 23 1996Latest ky1n list.
489.0SEESAW::PILANTFri Dec 27 1996QST View - A Review
490.01CSC32::J_DAMMTue Jan 21 1997Looking for electret -> dynamic mike crkt
491.0 *+1BULEAN::MCGORRILLSun Feb 09 19971
492.0 *+1NETRIX::"duncan@amt.tay1.dec.com"Mon Feb 10 1997New NII Band
493.0 *+6HUMANE::psmgcd.ogo.dec.com::dehekFri Mar 07 1997Antique info - Silver Marshall model C ?
494.0 *+1ROCK::SIEGRISTFri Mar 14 1997Spread Spectrum questions
495.0 *+3BIS6::VANDEWEYERFri Mar 14 1997How to feed a W8JK array.
496.0 *IJSAPL::utodhcp-197-1-143.uto.dec.com::BEEKMAN_WThu Mar 20 1997Cable specs needed ????
497.0 *+1RDGENG::BRYANTFri Mar 21 199773 KHz TX
498.0 *+2IJSAPL::utodhcp-197-24Fri Mar 21 1997CEPT countries...
499.0 *+5EVTAI1::SAADThu Apr 17 19972 meter equipment help
500.0 *+1SMURF::SEAGRAVESTue Apr 22 1997US license renewal form ?
501.0 *+1NUBOAT::HEBERTTue Apr 22 1997Help with PC interface
502.0 *RDGENG::BRYANTWed Apr 23 1997inductance measurement
503.0 *NPSS::COOPERMon Apr 28 1997Free Copy of AMD's Palasm PAL (Ancient) Software
503.0 *+3USDEV1::CLEMENTMon May 19 1997Novice Needs Help Listening
504.0 *+1HOTLNE::SILVESTRITue May 20 1997Kenwood 69