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Conference 44.370::aptuser

Title:APTuser discussions
Created:Thu Sep 03 1992
Last Modified:Wed Jun 29 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:110
Total number of notes:455
Number with bodies:0
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1.0CURRNT::OTTENThu Sep 03 1992Welcome
2.06CURRNT::OTTENThu Sep 03 1992APTuser - brief Description
3.02SBPEXE::OTTENFri Sep 04 1992
4.012SBPEXE::OTTENMon Oct 26 1992Documentation Location
5.010PAKORA::CMACDONALDThu Nov 19 1992Where can I get a license
6.04MASALA::SUPPALWed Nov 25 1992User feedback
7.08PAKORA::MIANNARELLIThu Dec 10 1992Problems creating Applications
8.0CURRNT::OTTENMon Dec 14 1992Support moved to the CSC's.
9.03MACNAS::RROONEYMon Dec 14 1992Training?
10.0SBPEXE::OTTENWed Dec 16 1992Support now with the CSC Organisations
11.017INBAL::OFER_AMon Dec 21 1992WHO ARE YOU ?
13.0INBAL::OFER_AMon Dec 21 1992Eurpean References
14.03MASALA::MIANNARELLITue Dec 22 1992Null Dates
16.06TAVAMI::ISGWed Dec 30 1992Media & Documentation
17.02UTRTSC::LIEMWed Dec 30 1992APTuser and Rdb/VMS DATE-TIME datatypes ?.
18.01PAKORA::MIANNARELLIFri Jan 08 1993How do we get full licence
19.02PAKORA::MIANNARELLIFri Jan 08 1993Accumulating totals
20.015TAVAMI::ISGSun Jan 10 1993Wishes...
21.01NWGEDU::BOOTWed Jan 13 1993statusline of Browser displays wrong description
22.01NWGEDU::BOOTWed Jan 13 1993Strange behaviour after $ HELLO
23.02RDGENG::OLDHAM::MIDONAThu Jan 14 1993Software Warranty
24.01NEMAIL::PRABHUFri Jan 15 1993Aptuser KIT address ???
25.02NWGEDU::BOOTFri Jan 15 1993Wrong count in end_break
26.06MASALA::MIANNARELLIMon Jan 18 1993Unsupported RMS literal type
27.01MACNAS::RROONEYWed Jan 20 1993Using ADD - RMS
28.04DELBOY::JOSHPC::RexFri Jan 22 1993Presentation
29.01PAKORA::MIANNARELLIMon Jan 25 1993Specifying Boolean epression "not equal to"
30.04INBAL::OFER_AThu Jan 28 1993Integrating APTuser with RALLY Applications
32.03SBPEXE::OTTENTue Feb 02 1993Complex selection in APTuser..
33.0TAVAMI::ISGWed Feb 03 1993APTuser V2.4
34.03UTRTSC::LIEMMon Feb 08 1993Problem accessing ADABAS db. ?
35.02--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 10 1993APTUSER PAK to 2
36.01ODIXIE::JRFVAX::HODGESMon Feb 15 1993how to use Rdb with APTuser?
37.01MACNAS::RROONEYMon Feb 15 1993Matrix reports
38.01MACNAS::RROONEYThu Feb 18 1993Right-justifying...
39.01MACNAS::RROONEYFri Feb 19 1993LANDSCAPE Printing
40.0PAKORA::MIANNARELLIThu Mar 04 1993Can you use MODULUS
41.01MASALA::DHOLLANDThu Mar 04 1993Selection fields as report parameters.
42.02PAKORA::MIANNARELLIFri Mar 05 1993Complex array requirement
43.04PAKORA::MIANNARELLITue Mar 16 1993Corrupted application
44.0INBAL::OFER_AMon Mar 22 1993a suggested improvement.
45.0INBAL::OFER_ATue Mar 23 1993Introducing APTuser version 2.4
46.04PAKORA::MIANNARELLIWed Mar 24 1993Problem with end break totals
47.0PAKORA::MIANNARELLIThu Mar 25 1993SQF APTuser evaluation
48.0TAVAMI::ISGThu Mar 25 1993ARTL functions
49.02MACNAS::RROONEYFri Mar 26 1993Licencing Arrangements/Costs
50.01OLDTOM::OTTENMon Mar 29 1993APTuser Conference will become part of PICK Notes/News Gateway.
51.08KIRKTN::MIANNARELLITue Mar 30 1993Problems Using Paint Layout
52.01PAKORA::MIANNARELLITue Apr 06 1993Using Menus For Reports with customised ARTL functions
53.09MACNAS::RROONEYTue Apr 06 1993Partial Fields?
54.0MACNAS::RROONEYWed Apr 07 1993Error Messages...
55.03MACNAS::RROONEYTue Apr 13 1993Suppressing ZERO lines
56.06PAKORA::MIANNARELLIMon Apr 19 1993Extending use of site specific ARTL's
57.02PAKORA::MIANNARELLITue Apr 20 1993Problem with very large fields
58.02OLDTOM::OTTENWed Apr 21 1993Max # of fields in a Record?
59.03GLADYS::PARKERTue May 11 1993Conditional printing?
60.09VAOU13::JLEEDHAMWed May 12 1993New to APTuser, and needing some answers
61.05HAN::DOERINGWed May 12 1993Futures of APTuser ?
62.05TAVAMI::ISGFri May 14 1993APTuser and PATHWORKS SETHOST
63.03COPCLU::VINTHERFri May 14 1993Wishlist Marketing
64.06MACNAS::RROONEYMon May 24 1993Urgent - RANGES
65.0TAVIS::YINONMon May 24 1993Temp PAKS
66.01FUNWEB::PARKERTue May 25 1993Problem with find key in spooler?
67.04MACNAS::RROONEYWed Jun 02 1993Matrix report on 2.4
68.01MACNAS::RROONEYFri Jun 04 1993View records with no connections?
69.01LARVAE::PATTERSON_STue Jun 08 1993Viewing Reports on-line
70.02SMAC1Tue Jun 08 1993Non-flat RMS files
71.01BIGUN::ANDERSONWed Jun 09 1993APTuser : replacement for DECquery, DECreport?
72.04MACNAS::RROONEYThu Jun 10 1993Record Locking
73.04UTRTSC::LIEMThu Jun 10 1993APTuser and CDD DMU format ?
74.010TAVIS::YINONThu Jun 17 1993Temp. PAKs
75.03MACNAS::RROONEYMon Jun 21 1993Boolean expression problem
76.02UTRTSC::LIEMThu Jun 24 1993V2.3-26 and ORACLE interface
77.0SALTHL::ROONEYTue Jun 29 1993Matrix problem
78.012MACNAS::MKEYESWed Jun 30 1993DEcadmire and aptuser
79.011PAKORA::MIANNARELLIWed Jul 14 1993V3.
80.02WMOIS::MELANSONTue Aug 03 1993Does APTUSER run on ALPHA?
81.07TAVAMI::ISGSun Aug 15 1993Introducing APTuser Version 3.
82.0MOEUR1::LUTue Aug 31 1993applications installation enhancement
83.01AIMHI::LMCCARTHYTue Sep 07 1993Smartstar -> Aptuser conversion?
84.03SBPEXE::OTTENThu Sep 09 1993Applications using APTUser - Internal
85.04PAKORA::MIANNARELLIFri Sep 17 1993Using Aptuser_recdef
86.01MASALA::MIANNARELLITue Sep 21 1993Strange protection violation error modifying report
87.03UTRTSC::LIEMWed Sep 22 1993VMS Date-time and Time part ?
88.01MASALA::MIANNARELLIWed Sep 29 1993Default Report Generation
89.09TAVAMI::ISGTue Oct 05 1993How To Do In APTuser
90.06ESSB::RROONEYFri Oct 15 1993Security Table?
91.01ESSB::RROONEYFri Oct 15 1993****** displayed in report
92.01MASALA::MIANNARELLIThu Oct 28 1993Probem after using APTuser -U cmd com-file
93.04SUBURB::NEWTONBMon Nov 15 1993Help, Hilfe et al .....
94.01MASALA::MIANNARELLIWed Nov 17 1993Spreadsheet Delimiter
95.02PINION::STONEMon Nov 22 1993Other Documentation?
96.02SXYEXE::OTTENSun Dec 05 1993This conference now available on WWW/Xmosaic
97.01SXYEXE::OTTENSun Dec 05 1993Pricing for internal use
98.02SXYEXE::OTTENMon Dec 20 1993European ASG/Development Training??
99.0EPS::GUTIERREZWed Dec 22 1993Support for Multi-lingual
100.0SXYEXE::OTTENFri Jan 07 1994Service Delivery people??
101.07UTRTSC::LIEMMon Jan 10 1994How to use APTuser in batch mode ?.
102.03SXYEXE::OTTENTue Jan 11 1994Licence configuration.
103.03UTRTSC::LIEMThu Jan 13 1994Datatype Right Overpunched Numeric.
104.04SXYEXE::OTTENTue Jan 18 1994Breaks by computed fields??
105.0SHIPS::OTTEN_DTue Jan 18 1994APTuser Internal Purchase.. Internal use only
106.0SXYEXE::OTTENWed Feb 09 1994Return of APTuser conference.
107.05TAVIS::YINONThu Feb 10 1994APTuser RETIREMENT as a digital product
108.06ESSB::RROONEYFri Mar 11 1994Who's using it?
109.06KURMA::ESPENCEThu May 05 1994Number of working days between 2 dates
110.01IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSMon May 09 1994Any alternatives??