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Conference bookie::writernet

Created:Mon May 12 1986
Last Modified:Fri Oct 11 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:545
Total number of notes:2688
Number with bodies:0
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2.09EDEN::M_FRIEDMANTue Jun 18 1985Other notes files of interest.
3.01GLOSS::YOUNGThu Jun 20 1985comments on ln
4.015GLOSS::YOUNGMon Jul 08 1985proposal writing
5.03PVAX::TRAINING12Mon Aug 12 1985Updating Manuals
6.0105SUPER::MATTHEWSThu Aug 15 1985Who's writing?
7.018WR1FOR::PRYZANTPEWed Aug 21 1985Text formatting software
8.04GRAMPS::LISSFri Sep 06 1985DIGITAL Dictionary
9.0SPIDER::BAINEThu Sep 19 1985Writers Needed
10.05GLORY::YOUNGWed Sep 25 1985Farenheit 451?
11.03GLORY::YOUNGWed Oct 23 1985Lexicon Available?
12.02GLORY::YOUNGWed Oct 23 1985Writing Functional Specs
13.05GLORY::YOUNGWed Nov 06 1985LATEX?
14.022ATOTue Nov 12 1985Tech Writing - Info Please
15.03PNEUMA::ILSLEYTue Nov 12 1985Comments on VT22
16.010BABEL::SAVAGEThu Nov 14 1985Follow/: redundancy
18.06--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 14 1985How would you word this?
19.01ZEPPO::ROSENTHALThu Nov 14 1985Help finding DEC standards info
20.02FSLENG::CHERSONTue Nov 19 1985I want to move ahead!
22.01GLORY::YOUNGMon Dec 30 1985Don't let EDITORIAL die from di
23.016VIKING::FLEISCHERThu Jan 02 1986Indexing Advice Wanted
24.01PNEUMA::MICHAUDFri Jan 03 1986New LaTEX Primer
25.06EIFFEL::SAVAGEWed Feb 12 1986VAX Notes conference anyone?
26.06MANTIS::BAINEThu Feb 13 1986SDP Meetings
27.01FSLENG::CHERSONThu Mar 27 1986Int'l conf. on tx pcsg.
28.0WR1FOR::PRYZANTPEFri Apr 18 1986converting Writernet
30.02SOFCON::SECATOREMon May 19 1986Technical Writer positions
31.03ATLAST::WALDENFri May 23 1986writer's tools
32.0MIST::WESTERNFri May 23 1986Wanted: Technical Writers DECwest, Seattle
33.03LEZAH::LTRAPASSOThu Jun 19 1986A word is a word is a word...?
37.06EXIT26::MITCHELLThu Jul 31 1986Hiring Freeze? -SNORE!...zzzzzz
38.05AYOV14::ASCOTTMon Aug 18 1986Is WRITER:: still around?
39.03CSC32::J_SYKESMon Aug 18 1986Online text
40.0PROSE::HOGANWed Aug 20 1986Merrimack job openings
41.05STAR::TOPAZThu Sep 04 1986Tech. Writing Program
42.07DEREP::JONGThu Oct 02 1986DOCUMENT
43.0IOSG::HORSFIELDTue Oct 14 1986the ideal system
44.0JOKUR::BOICEFri Oct 24 1986Internal Digital Documents - JOKUR::STANDARDS
45.08BLUES::GOLDSTEINSat Nov 22 1986Books, electronically ?
46.09JOKUR::LITCHFIELDWed Nov 26 1986How do Editors Work??
47.0BLUES::GOLDSTEINWed Dec 17 1986* WANTED - Software Writer in Marlboro *
48.0PNEUMA::FIELDSMon Dec 29 1986Looking for a CAD writer
49.0DECWET::FURBUSHMon Jan 12 1987A Fan Letter
50.017VAXINE::TATETue Jan 13 1987"breaking in..."
51.0DSTAR::LADDWed Jan 14 1987Job openings in DIS Communications
52.0JOKUR::SMALLERThu Jan 15 1987new GRAMMAR conference
54.02TLE::CRIMMINWed Feb 11 1987Gd reading/online doc, task orientation...
55.0LOGOS::DEDEKIANFri Feb 20 1987Managing Documentation Projects
56.02DELNI::JONGWed Mar 11 1987DCL Dictionary File Wanted
57.03TSG::GOLDSTEINMon Mar 16 1987DOCUMENT and Engineers
58.03HENRY8::TRAPASSOThu Mar 26 1987Writing for the Computer Industry Conf.
59.01EUCLID::PAULHUSFri Mar 27 1987Opportunities for TW trainer ?
60.0GENIUS::LADDThu Apr 02 1987Marketing Communications job opening
61.02TLE::CRIMMINThu Apr 09 1987SGML tutorials
62.03TSG::GOLDSTEINMon Apr 13 1987Controlling RESTRICTED documents
63.03TOPDOC::DUBEWed Apr 22 1987PageMaker notes file
64.02LEROUF::POOKThu Apr 23 1987International Standards Organization
65.02--UnknownUser--Mon May 04 1987How much schooling/experience?
66.03CSSAUS::BELLWed May 06 1987Advice wanted
67.02FANTUM::SANTIAGOThu May 28 1987Technical Manual Guidelines?
68.06DECWET::CUSTERThu Jun 04 1987Proposed IEEE User Manual Standard
69.07TSG::GOLDSTEINThu Jun 18 1987Can we use DEC ?
70.01LEROUF::POOKFri Jul 03 1987Technical Writing Course.
71.0TLE::SAVAGEThu Jul 09 1987Writers and Editors
72.09CASPRO::MWRESINSKIWed Jul 15 1987Technical vs Software Writers
73.0LOGOS::GREGOIREThu Jul 30 1987Writing positions available
74.03TELCOM::BRUNOTue Aug 11 1987CMS/WPS/Doc.Question
75.06FDCVWed Aug 12 1987Tech Writing Periodicals?
76.03VICKI::TRAPASSOFri Aug 21 1987Spine Inserts Survey
77.05LEZAH::BOBBITTFri Aug 21 1987Do You Hear VOICEs?
78.0BCSE::RODERICKWed Aug 26 1987West Coast (CA) Writing Jobs
79.02VICKI::TRAPASSOFri Aug 28 1987Spine Inserts Standard
80.0VICKI::TRAPASSOFri Aug 28 1987Spine Insert Samples?
81.04BCSE::RODERICKThu Sep 03 1987CUP's Newsletter "Electric Life"
82.02COOKIE::JOHNSTONSat Sep 05 1987Measuring writer skills/performance
83.01JANUS::FAGGMon Sep 07 1987Involve Writers in DEC STD
84.0STAR::ROBINSONTue Sep 08 1987Take this test, please
85.0LOGOS::GREGOIREWed Oct 07 1987CEPS fall show
86.0PRSTRA::DESVIGNESTue Nov 03 1987Parallel conference
87.02LABC::FRIEDMANWed Nov 04 1987Publishing Articles
88.01VAXUUM::FARRMon Nov 09 1987Did you get second issue of writer newsletter?
89.0816566::FRIEDMANThu Nov 12 1987Plurality
90.0HANZI::RITACHUThu Nov 26 1987Chinese Digital Dictionary
91.010COOKIE::JOHNSTONSun Dec 06 1987Competitive Analysis?
92.02COOKIE::JOHNSTONSun Dec 06 1987Rewriting third-party documentation?
94.02--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 11 1987Trainees for Technical Writing
95.02NYEM1::MCCLAINThu Jan 21 1988Info about S T W P
96.07DELNI::SILKThu Jan 28 1988Software Engineering Manual
97.02NCVAX1::DICKSFri Jan 29 1988What is a "White Paper"?
98.02COOKIE::JOHNSTONFri Jan 29 1988Copyright notice for SW code?
99.02CYGNUS::WINOKURFri Feb 05 1988Where can I get translation?
100.02COOKIE::JOHNSTONFri Feb 26 1988Corporate Security Standard 1
101.01ECADSR::RAVENMon Feb 29 1988ITCC Presentors--Identify Yourselves!
102.0CAADC::ADCSROBINSTue Mar 01 1988VISION tool to create HELP and Manuals
103.0748166::JOUANNEWed Mar 09 1988IEEE Professional Communication Society
104.04--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 09 1988Exchanging Tech. Info. Course
105.011ATPS::FODENWed Mar 09 1988Principal Tech Writers and JEC
106.03ATLAST::ANDERSONMon Apr 18 1988List of Manuals
107.06CADSYS::REISSThu Apr 21 1988New Writers
108.04CSSE::COLMANMon Apr 25 1988How To Write
109.027DRACMA::GOLDSTEINThu Apr 28 1988INTERNAL USE on every page ?
111.012DRACMA::GOLDSTEINMon May 16 1988Documentation and Artwork
112.0POET::BURLEWTue May 17 1988Writer wanted for imaging project
113.04HANZI::RITACHUTue May 24 1988Where to find some manuals?
114.0--UnknownUser--Tue May 24 1988Seeking Documentation/Course Dev't. Projects
115.03SCOMAN::ROSOSKYWed Jun 01 1988Graduate Programs for Writers in Mass. ??
116.08CUPOLA::HAKKARAINENThu Jun 02 1988Node names, security, and documentation
117.0TOPDOC::TEMPLEThu Jun 09 1988From the author of "The WPS-PLUS Express"
119.028MPGS::GERDEWed Jun 29 1988Placement of info in resume...
120.03ATLAST::GELBERWed Jun 29 1988Doc Illustration
121.02CUSTOM::REISSWed Jun 29 1988Pointers to DEC Fortran/C documentation?
122.09CORE::NORRISFri Jul 15 1988Publishing Tools
123.02PRSTRA::JOUANNEFri Jul 22 1988Moderator at the 1988 IPCC
124.03FOOT::HBAILEYWed Aug 03 1988Help needed on standards
126.0PRSTRA::JOUANNEFri Aug 12 1988User Information Spec. III Needed
128.08COOKIE::JOHNSTONWed Aug 17 1988Looking for quality checklist for glossary
129.02HPSCAD::ANASTASIAFri Aug 19 1988Who wrote the latest DCL Dictionary?
130.03JOKUR::LITCHFIELDThu Aug 25 1988Documentation Plans??
131.01ATLAST::ANDERSONFri Aug 26 1988Passive Survey
132.02CIMAMT::DOWNINGMon Aug 29 1988Seeking Documentation/Course Dev't. Projects
133.04COOKIE::JOHNSTONThu Sep 01 1988Looking for DIGITAL Press Information
134.02CALLME::MR_TOPAZFri Sep 23 1988IPCC Conference
135.04DSSDEV::EPPESThu Sep 29 1988What's going on here?
136.011DRACMA::GOLDSTEINMon Oct 10 1988War Stories anyone ?
137.04PRSTRA::JOUANNETue Oct 11 1988Screen Design -- Any Ideas?
138.0TAZRAT::CHERSONThu Oct 13 1988Conference Announcement
139.022RUTLND::GIRARDTue Oct 18 1988What depth of Software?
140.012DELNI::SILKTue Oct 25 1988Writing for the support audience
141.0KUDZU::ANDERSONWed Oct 26 1988Lower Reading Levels
142.05CAM::MILLERMon Oct 31 1988Help with Screen Capture
143.08ATLAST::ANDERSONMon Nov 07 1988User Testing
144.04ATLAST::ANDERSONMon Nov 07 1988Writing Consultant?
145.04ATLAST::ANDERSONMon Nov 07 1988Join DEC -- See the World
146.01COOKIE::JOHNSTONTue Nov 08 1988Journal for Proj Mgmt of Doc'n?
147.09GENRAL::RINESMITHFri Nov 11 1988Placement of Information in User Guide
148.03DRACMA::GOLDSTEINMon Nov 14 1988Hardware References ?
149.03ATLAST::ANDERSONTue Nov 15 1988Computer Terminology Dictionary
150.01TLE::SAVAGETue Nov 15 1988Discussion opportunity for Greater Boston writers
151.03579Fri Nov 18 1988contract writer available
152.09IOSG::ANDREWSWed Nov 23 1988Documentation - an article on who should write it
153.01HARDY::MCGANTue Nov 29 1988Wordsmith Available
154.011ATLAST::ANDERSONTue Nov 29 1988Customizable Documentation
155.016ATLAST::ANDERSONTue Nov 29 1988Modularity
156.0ISTG::COOPERMANThu Dec 01 1988Contract TW looking
157.03CLOSUS::WOODWARDThu Dec 08 1988DECwindows Style Guide and Word List
158.08ATLAST::ANDERSONFri Dec 09 1988Need a Metaphor
159.015MILLER::TURNBULLMon Jan 09 1989How Writers Work
160.02DRACMA::GOLDSTEINMon Jan 09 1989Help with DOCPLAN Doctype ?
161.02BALZAC::JOUANNETue Jan 10 1989Screen Design Tool Anyone?
162.021COOKIE::JOHNSTONThu Jan 19 1989What's the add'l effort of not colocating?
163.03ISTG::REINSCHMIDTThu Jan 26 1989Looking for outlining tool
165.02NEWS::HAKKARAINENMon Jan 30 1989Ultrix MAN pages?
166.0DECWET::BOEVEMon Feb 06 1989Sr Prin Soft Writer needed in Seattle..
167.01BUSY::TWOODTue Feb 07 1989INTERNS...SPEAK OUT!!
168.0252393::TURNBULLThu Feb 09 1989Favourite Authors?
169.0252393::TURNBULLThu Feb 09 1989Technical Writing Skills
170.02PENPAL::PHILBROOKThu Feb 09 1989Value of Documentation
171.03BALZAC::JOUANNEFri Feb 10 1989All English-Language Writers Abroad
172.03DRACMA::GOLDSTEINTue Feb 14 1989Template For Customer Letter ?
173.02CADSYS::REISSTue Feb 14 1989ULTRIX LSE, anyone?
174.0ECADSR::HARTTue Feb 14 1989Job Opening Instructor/Writer-Maynard
175.03GLASS::OVERTONTue Feb 14 1989External Course
176.016CADSYS::REISSFri Feb 17 1989Doc Representation on Mgmt Teams?
177.01COOKIE::RJOHNSTONSun Feb 26 1989Information Mapping, file maintenance, etc.
179.05KUDZU::ANDERSONFri Mar 03 1989DOCUMENT Sourec Files and I18N
180.06JANUS::FAGGMon Mar 20 1989To hyphenate, or not...
181.05DELNI::SILKTue Mar 21 1989Documenting duplicate interfaces
182.0BOOKS::GERDETue Mar 21 1989Filing B-sized documentation
183.02ASANA::CHERSONThu Mar 23 1989ITCC conference
185.02ADOMV1::MANDERSONMon Apr 03 1989Docplan and Style guide for customer projects...
186.0TPS::RLEEFri Apr 07 1989Wanted: Volunteer Newsletter Editor
187.01COOKIE::RJOHNSTONWed Apr 12 1989SMC vs SEM templates?
189.010GLASS::OVERTONMon Apr 17 19891989 ITCC
190.0JOKUR::SMALLERTue Apr 18 1989SMC Style Guide Available
191.0416BITS::SAVAGEThu Apr 20 1989Printing costs?
192.0TRUCKS::GETHINGMon Apr 24 1989Character Sets for Sale
193.04CLOSET::FARRThu May 04 1989GLOSSARIES wanted
194.01TPS::RLEEMon May 15 1989SIGGRAPH 89: PYGMALION Needs YOU!
195.021GLASS::OVERTONWed May 24 1989Annual DEC Writers Conference
197.02TYCOBB::LSIGELFri May 26 1989Prerequisites for Tech Writing?
198.012BALZAC::JOUANNEMon May 29 1989"Getting Higher"
199.021ROULET::OSHAUGHNESSYWed May 31 1989career info needed/tech writing
200.01PENPAL::BUCHANANMon Jun 05 1989RPI Tech. Writers' Instit. - ride needed
201.015DOODLE::MEAGHERTue Jun 13 1989Discussion about documentation in HUMAN:DIGITAL
202.04COOKIE::RJOHNSTONWed Jun 21 1989Coding standards for doc'n files?
203.03NIZDAY::GIBEAUWed Jun 28 1989More on hyphenation -- please vote
204.02TRADE::DESCHAMPSMon Jul 10 1989Core Text
205.02AMGHTI::SPERANDIOTue Jul 18 1989Contract Writers' Conference?
206.0LEZAH::KHARTSHORNWed Jul 19 1989To see the TW job descriptions...
207.07DRACMA::GOLDSTEINThu Jul 20 1989JEC - what's your opinion ?
208.014CADSYS::REISSThu Jul 27 1989Corporate Documentation Handbook
209.0MARVIN::HARNEYMon Jul 31 1989Info on MicroVAX 3
211.0INBLUE::POOKTue Aug 01 1989Location of NAC and PCIG Guides
212.0SALEM::JVOGTWed Aug 02 1989stwp question?
213.0DABBLE::HOSIERFri Aug 04 1989Volunteers needed for usability research
215.0TAZRAT::CHERSONMon Aug 14 1989UI user group meeting announcement
216.04MARVIN::HARNEYWed Aug 16 1989SQM Guidelines for Installation Docs
217.03COEM::SCOPATue Aug 22 1989Moonlighting!
218.02CURIE::HAMMONDTue Aug 29 1989Looking for Writing class...
219.02BABBLE::MEAGHERThu Sep 07 1989RISC/Ultrix documentation info needed
220.03DRACMA::GOLDSTEINFri Sep 08 1989Graduate Degrees for Tech Writers ?
221.0SUPER::MACKONISMon Sep 11 1989Tech Writer Organizations???
222.01SHALOT::ANDERSONMon Sep 18 1989Marketing Writing
223.01BOOKS::GERDEMon Sep 18 1989Elec_pubs conversions
224.06DRACMA::GOLDSTEINTue Sep 26 1989When your books go to field test, what then ?
225.0UWRITE::DUBEThu Sep 28 1989Batch vs Interactive Publishing is back...
226.03SHALOT::ANDERSONFri Sep 29 1989Installation, Setup, or Mgmt?
227.04DODO::MARTINTue Oct 03 1989CALS (Comp. Aided Aquisition and Logistics Support)
228.02BABBLE::WSHINDLERWed Oct 11 1989Brief Article on CALS and DOD
229.03BALZAC::JOUANNEWed Oct 11 1989Help Needed From ULTRIX Writers
230.0XANAX::SMALLERThu Oct 12 1989Project Evaluations
231.0MARVIN::TORRThu Oct 19 1989Internationalization issue
232.08COOKIE::RJOHNSTONFri Nov 03 1989OUTLINE -- anyone out there still using it?
233.02DEALIN::ARCHERFri Nov 17 1989User's Doc through ASSETS Experience? Please call.
234.0PENPAL::BAUGHMANWed Nov 22 1989Senior-level writers needed
235.06ANNECY::MARRIAGEMon Nov 27 1989exit
236.08BABBLE::MEAGHERWed Dec 06 1989Objective Case Pronouns: RIP?
238.02EGYPT::HALPINWed Jan 03 1990Standards/Guidelines for Courses???
239.014SHALOT::ANDERSONWed Jan 03 1990Minimalist Documentation
240.04DECWET::HUNTThu Jan 04 1990W. Horton and online doc'n
241.06SHALOT::ANDERSONFri Jan 12 1990Weird But Useful Content
242.01LEZAH::SCANLONMon Jan 15 1990Questionnaire -- Please respond!
243.0COOKIE::CHAVEZThu Jan 18 1990Information Mapping (R) Conference
244.02IOSG::ANDREWSMon Jan 22 1990Information sought: Competitors' books and Videos
245.0TOPDOC::PHILBROOKFri Jan 26 1990Course Developer needed for Q3 & Q4
246.01DRACMA::GOLDSTEINMon Feb 05 1990Documenting integrated system solutions ?
247.06SHALOT::ANDERSONThu Feb 08 1990Proposal Feedback
248.0CLOSET::FARRMon Feb 26 1990Terminology database: proposed pilot (cross-posted from CUP_BOARD)
249.06ZORBA::BURACKMon Feb 26 1990Want STC application
250.05MRMARS::HARPERFri Mar 02 1990Help with career switch
251.06BABBLE::MEAGHERThu Mar 15 1990Documenting Portable Software
252.023VIA::EPPESWed Mar 21 1990Funny Stuff
253.02SHALOT::ANDERSONFri Mar 23 1990From My Collection
254.08ZORBA::BURACKTue Mar 27 1990man pages or manpages?
255.03WR2FOR::MANAGERMon Apr 02 1990Moderator Needed
256.0DECWET::HUNTWed Apr 04 1990ACM SIGCHI '9
257.012SHALOT::ANDERSONThu Apr 05 1990Tech Writiing Exercises
258.0JUMBLY::GETHINGFri Apr 06 1990Auto MOC figures from COBOL programs
259.0TOPDOC::SLOANEMon Apr 09 1990WRITERNET is moving to PICA
260.02COOKIE::RJOHNSTONTue Apr 10 1990Looking for info on PM Conference
261.02NSDC::ESTILLWed Apr 11 1990Help with DECwindows documentation and context-sensitive help
262.02TOPDOC::SLOANEThu Apr 19 1990Welcome! We've moved to PICA
263.03SHALOT::ANDERSONThu Apr 19 1990Readability Formula Programs
264.0RTL::RAVENTue Apr 24 1990Parlez Francais a ZKO
265.03SPICES::REISSThu Apr 26 1990Guidelines on Screens?
266.0MILPND::TURMELMon Apr 30 1990Technical Writing: Part-Time ??
267.03EM::SLOANEFri May 04 1990The future of writing
268.05CLOSUS::TMILLERFri May 04 1990ISG Requirements
269.04COOKIE::ACKERMANTue May 08 1990Have You Used MMS to Build Books?
270.0532291::CHELSEAWed May 09 1990Which groups publish? Who helps newcomers?
271.03ACESMK::CHELSEAThu May 10 1990Observing anniversaries
272.02USEM::ROSENZWEIGFri May 11 1990How Do I Enter the Field?
273.04GIGI::HARPERTue May 15 1990So many writers, so few jobs?
275.010COOKIE::RJOHNSTONWed May 23 1990DECwrite, BookReader, SDMLHELP questions
276.02DECWET::HUNTTue Jun 05 1990packaging a third-party book?
277.02FSHQA2::PBASMAJIANThu Jun 07 1990Marketing vs. Technical Writing
278.04SIMD::ROLLITTFri Jun 08 1990Contract author requirement
279.07DRACMA::GOLDSTEINWed Jul 11 1990Where do I send
280.02BOOKS::GERDEWed Jul 18 1990Online docs ... ordering
281.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 18 1990GETTING STARTED AS A TECH WRITER
282.01ACESMK::CHELSEAWed Jul 18 1990Comments on ULowell courses?
283.013JESDP5::MATSUOFri Jul 27 1990International Relocation?
284.03SHALOT::ANDERSONWed Aug 22 1990Tech Writing Exercises II
285.09SHALOT::ANDERSONMon Aug 27 1990Help with A DECUS Paper
286.06ECADSR::HARTWed Aug 29 1990Need info - Soc. For Doc. Prof.
287.02LEZAH::SCANLONTue Sep 04 1990Storyboarding information?
288.02CURRNT::WALTHERMon Sep 17 1990Trouble-Shooting Guide template?
289.0BABBLE::MEAGHERWed Sep 19 1990Discussion at note 119
290.02MQOSWS::M_VALLEEMon Sep 24 1990Authoring Systems...
291.02ANNECY::HUMANWed Sep 26 1990multi-language warning
292.018DECWET::GETSINGERWed Sep 26 1990Format of Trademark Information
293.03RTL::RAVENFri Sep 28 1990Call for Proposals--U Lowell
294.01PAULUS::HENNE::HAHNMon Oct 01 1990ISTC-Conference 1991
295.01SITBUL::WOODRUFFMon Oct 01 1990An "attractive" doctype....
296.03MQOSWS::M_VALLEEThu Oct 04 1990Sharing internal info with partners
297.0SKID::LALIBERTEMon Oct 08 1990DECforms applications - user manual samples
299.06RANIER::OVERTONMon Oct 15 1990Newsletter mailings - postage paid
300.0DOCTP::SWEENEYTue Oct 30 1990A Technical Writing Research Project
301.031CADSE::GLIDEWELLFri Nov 09 1990Shorter!!!
302.014SHALOT::ANDERSONThu Nov 15 1990Change Bars for New Material?
303.0ICS::MIRABITOThu Nov 15 1990JOB: WRITER 2
304.0ICS::MIRABITOThu Nov 15 1990JOBS: EDITOR 1 & 2
306.01SHALOT::ANDERSONMon Dec 03 1990Please Pass the PIP
307.04SITBUL::THARPTue Dec 04 1990VT1
308.01SITBUL::THARPTue Dec 04 1990'Checkerboard Symbol - Color in Box'
309.05SHALOT::BRADLEYWed Dec 12 1990Looking for DE_MARK in all the wrong places
310.0SHALOT::ANDERSONFri Dec 14 1990Change Pages
311.0SHALOT::ANDERSONThu Dec 20 1990Existentialism and Tech Writing
312.01GALVIA::EMURPHYFri Dec 28 1990Writing error messages and online help
313.01ICS::SHERMANSat Dec 29 1990Need reference(s)
314.01ANNECY::HUMANThu Jan 10 1991Costing docs
315.0JOKUR::ELFRINGThu Jan 17 1991Logo Paper Available
316.04ANNECY::HUMANWed Jan 23 1991Apple, anyone?
317.03CLOSUS::JOHNSTONTue Jan 29 1991Looking for info on technical terms database
318.0DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Feb 01 1991JOB: CUIP/ASG at PKO - Realtime
319.01CFSCTC::GLIDEWELLSat Feb 09 1991Handling review comments
320.05SHALOT::SEALYMon Feb 11 1991How to document an object library
321.01RANIER::OVERTONWed Feb 13 1991DECwrite templates
322.04BALZAC::DONOVANMon Feb 18 1991Writing and User Interface Design In Evry
323.010TPWEST::SILKThu Feb 21 1991Pressing problem with documenting routines
324.02REGENT::WOODWARDFri Mar 01 1991Who assigns EY order numbers? (Video)
325.01LEMAN::SCHUTTEMon Mar 11 1991Information Mapping in Europe - March Update.
326.02CTHQ3::BMITCHELLWed Mar 27 1991Competitive analysis on internal doc.?
327.0ARTLIB::GOETZEMon Apr 01 1991Conference on Adobe-Illustrator available on CALDEC::
328.03HKFINN::MACDONALDFri Apr 05 1991Interleaf to VAX DOCUMENT Conversion
330.05GUESS::WARNERWed Apr 17 1991Proposed standard for Motif screen captures
331.01BALZAC::DONOVANThu Apr 25 1991Second and Third Level Return Codes?\
332.07SHALOT::BRADLEYMon Apr 29 1991.PS to ????? Please?
333.05AUSSIE::TWIGGWed May 08 1991Help with contacts
334.06TPWEST::COLLINSThu May 09 1991Joining a Writing Group
335.02ACESMK::CHELSEAFri May 10 1991Translating line art
336.07GLDOA::CAREYWed May 15 1991Documentation Standards
337.07JUMBLY::BEAUMONTTue May 21 1991Documentation from source code, etc
338.0SHALOT::ANDERSONTue May 21 1991Dave barry Does Tech Writing
339.01NSDC::ESTILLFri May 24 1991Digital linguistic products?
340.05NSDC::ESTILLTue May 28 1991IPCC (IEEE Professional Communication Group)
342.03JESDP5::MATSUOThu Jun 06 1991Tech Communication in Print
343.04METAFR::MEAGHERThu Jun 06 1991Need list of ASCII character codes
344.07SHALOT::ANDERSONThu Jun 13 1991How To Be a Journalist in 6 Easy Lessons
345.0BOOKIE::CHAMBERSThu Jun 13 1991Module Library Available
346.01CUPMK::SLOANEFri Jun 14 1991WRITERNET is moving to CUPMK
348.020METAFR::MEAGHERMon Jul 08 1991Perfect binding and lay-flat binding
349.0ANNECY::HUMANTue Jul 16 1991IM update in Europe
350.011ACESMK::CHELSEAThu Jul 18 1991Including screens in PostScript
352.01NSDC::ESTILLTue Aug 06 1991VMS Doc Set
353.02TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINFri Aug 09 1991MAPPING doctype ?
354.02POWDML::LALIBERTEWed Aug 14 1991medical writing
355.02POWDML::LALIBERTEWed Aug 14 1991interviews
356.01EPIK::DONOHUEWed Aug 14 1991DECwrite/Bookreader Hyperinformation Prototype
357.02PINION::ILSLEYTue Aug 27 1991Templates for UNIX install guides?
358.07GALVIA::FLOODThu Aug 29 199195MB or 95M bytes or 95 M bytes or what??
359.04REDBRD::ETHOMASThu Aug 29 1991Graphics Conventions?
360.0SPQR::REINSCHMIDTMon Sep 16 1991Call for judges
361.04MARVIN::KNOWLESWed Sep 18 1991All a product's docs in one .decw$book
362.011JENEVR::CHELSEAFri Sep 20 1991Software as commodity, Doc as ?
363.01LEMAN::LURASCHIFri Sep 20 1991Course announcements
364.010METAFR::MEAGHERTue Oct 01 1991Policy on sending PS & Bookreader docs with a kit?
365.01METAFR::MEAGHERFri Oct 11 1991What is "virtual" screen capture?
366.02EVTPUB::ANDERSTue Oct 22 1991Functional Spec. templates?
367.0WMOVS4::SCHWARTZ_MFri Oct 25 1991Wanted: Name of Manager with Available Contract Writers
368.04SHALOT::ANDERSONMon Oct 28 1991Quotable Quotes
369.0VAXUUM::MCMULLENTue Nov 05 1991RAGS Graphics Editor questionnaire
370.05JOKUR::BOICETue Nov 05 1991DEC STD
371.06CLOSUS::JOHNSTONFri Nov 08 1991Listing of Recommended Training for Effective Writing
372.010TNPUBS::MICOZZIWed Nov 20 1991Creating a totally online project
373.0SHALOT::ANDERSONFri Nov 22 1991Doc'n Processes around the world
374.08MTVIEW::SILKMon Nov 25 1991Doc'n for usability testing?
375.02TNPUBS::MICOZZIMon Dec 09 1991Guidelines for Printable Documentation
376.07LEMAN::SCHUTTEFri Dec 20 1991APPLE & CLARIS - Methods?
377.02AKOCOA::JWOOThu Jan 09 1992Newsletter Guidelines/Suggestions?!
379.02MTVIEW::SILKMon Jan 13 1992Methodology for planning UI-intensive products
381.08SHALOT::ANDERSONThu Jan 16 1992What is tech writing?
382.02TNPUBS::MICOZZITue Jan 21 1992Multimedia Information for Products
383.07GALVIA::HENRYWed Jan 22 1992A hanging matter
384.011METAFR::MEAGHERWed Feb 05 1992When is boldface used?
385.05BTOVT::PREVOThu Feb 13 1992Software for assessing reading level?
386.03NSDC::ESTILLMon Feb 17 1992
387.0ANNECY::HUMANWed Feb 26 1992non-disclosure text anyone?
388.03SHALOT::ANDERSONMon Mar 09 1992ITC Conference
389.08ASDS::MICOZZIThu Mar 12 1992Marketing vs. on-line help
390.03VISUAL::SCOPAFri Mar 13 1992Consulting Skills
391.0BIS1::VANLIERThu Mar 19 1992URGENT: Need good references
392.08MEO78B::MANDERSONSun Mar 22 1992Sealing wax question.
393.0SHALOT::ANDERSONTue Mar 31 1992UI and Human Factors Tips
394.0CUPTAY::HARTSHORNWed Apr 08 1992JOB: TP writer at TAY
395.037CFSCTC::GLIDEWELLThu Apr 09 1992Reader Comment Cards!
396.0VAXUUM::MCMULLENMon Apr 27 1992RAGS development to be suspended
397.02GNUVAX::DOTYThu Apr 30 1992ULTRIX error messages
398.05ACESMK::CHELSEAFri May 01 1992Marking book as "DRAFT"
399.01FRMWRK::GLIDEWELLSat May 02 1992Change Bars in Final Docs?
400.0HUMOR::EPPESSat May 09 1992Discussion of engineering & documentation in DIGITAL conference
401.0NURSE::BURACKMon May 11 1992Customer needs advice for Online Books
402.02DELNI::DOERFERFri May 22 1992Pointers to DEC's best documentation?
403.0DELNI::DOERFERFri May 22 1992Pointers to other great documentation?
406.01TNPUBS::MICOZZIWed Jun 03 1992Translation Process for Motif Help
407.01COOKIE::S_MILLERMon Jun 08 1992Training for Contextual Inquiry?
408.02SCHOOL::BOBBITTWed Jun 10 1992seeking old manual
409.01SHALOT::ANDERSONMon Jun 15 1992Service delivery guidance
410.01SQM::FENNELLYWed Jun 24 1992Coding ULTRIX Help Files
411.01LINGO::CWALSHThu Jun 25 1992TURBOchannel card documentation
412.010SHALOT::ANDERSONThu Jun 25 1992Productivity Standards
413.0CXDOCS::JOHNSTONWed Jul 01 1992Doc Pointer: Comparing IM and Structured Doc'n
414.08LEZAH::QUIRIYTue Jul 07 1992Choosing a PC
415.01ALFA1::MASONFri Jul 17 1992Project Tracking Software?
416.01MRKTNG::HOOVERMon Jul 27 1992Bug in rcpage.design ?
417.07SHALOT::ANDERSONWed Jul 29 1992CD-ROM standard?
418.02JESDP5::MATSUOFri Jul 31 1992ditroff -> SDML Conversion Tool
419.06CXDOCS::JOHNSTONTue Aug 04 1992A smart distribution list?
420.029TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINTue Aug 04 1992Tech. Communicators and layoffs
421.05MTVIEW::SILKFri Aug 07 1992employees and contractors
422.029MTVIEW::SILKFri Aug 07 1992tangent from 42
423.03BUOVAX::NIKKIFri Aug 07 1992where is VAX DOCUMENTION notesfiles???
424.0WEPUBS::JOHNSTONThu Aug 13 1992Customer Service vs Tech Support vs Acct Mgmt?
425.0LEMAN::SCHUTTEMon Aug 24 1992Info Mapping - Europe - Update
426.01NURSE::FLANAGANTue Sep 01 1992Creating Multiplatform Documentation
427.0MTVIEW::SILKTue Sep 01 1992Motif / PC interfaces
428.031MPGS::SCHOTTThu Sep 03 1992MS Windows application - Help System
429.02HARDY::JONESWed Sep 16 1992Code example "extract and replace" tool?
430.02SMURF::MCMULLENThu Sep 17 1992Wanted: WPS-PLUS documentation
431.08SCHOOL::BOBBITTFri Sep 18 1992graciously <reference>ing unnumbered sections?
432.03LINGO::CWALSHFri Sep 25 1992DECstation 5
433.02CASEY::ERWINMon Sep 28 1992Needed: Volunteers for literary reviews of technical papers
434.0LEMAN::SCHUTTEMon Sep 28 1992Searching for Mappers
435.02BIS1::VANLIERFri Oct 02 1992ISO 6592-1985 ??
436.04MTVIEW::SILKTue Oct 06 1992C++ documentation
437.021IOSG::HUGHESTue Oct 13 1992Word for Windows templates?
438.04CASDOC::MEAGHERTue Oct 20 1992"A User's Headache: Documentation"
439.0GALVIA::GCOTTERFri Oct 23 1992AIX and HP-UX Installation Guide Templates ?
440.02MARVIN::MARSHThu Oct 29 1992Who wrote DEC LanWorks for Macintosh?
441.0AUDIBL::SCOPATue Nov 03 1992VAX 4
442.038TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINWed Nov 11 1992Authoring Tools Speculations
443.04LINGO::MCNAMARAFri Nov 20 1992Written here and packaged there
444.0RIPPLE::BOUDREAU_CHWed Nov 25 1992Validation Plan
445.02FORTY2::MITCHELLMon Dec 21 1992Does anyone know anything about Authorware.
446.03ISOISA::HAKKARAINENWed Dec 23 1992Internet address for STC
447.0TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINTue Jan 19 1993Desperately seeking DEC OSF/1 or ULTRIX RPC documentation person
448.0CTHQ::MCCULLOUGHWed Jan 27 1993Operations plan for service oriented organization...
450.0CASDOC::MEAGHERFri Feb 05 1993Computer articles by James Fallows
451.0ANNECY::HUMANMon Feb 08 1993questionnaire
452.06CREATV::FORBESTue Feb 09 1993Help Building a TOC With WORD
454.01RAGMOP::FALLETTue Feb 16 1993MS Word screen and print fonts
455.08VIVACE::ACKERMANWed Feb 17 1993Using Formal Inspection to Review User Documentation
456.0WELLER::DUNCANWed Feb 17 1993OSF/1 on Alpha: guidelines for docs?
457.05BOOKIE::SHERLOCKWed Feb 24 1993Converters available: SDML->Word, SDML->WinHelp
458.0TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINThu Feb 25 1993Tech. Writer Institute at Rensselaer
459.01Wed Mar 10 1993Announcing Word for Windows Notes Conference
460.028FORTY2::KNOWLESThu Mar 11 1993manpages for OSF
461.02SLBLUZ::COOKSEYMon Mar 15 1993Looking for 2167A documentation!
462.02HANNAH::MAROTTAMon Mar 15 1993HELP/MESSAGES -- fact or fiction?
463.01GALVIA::FLOODMon Apr 05 1993STORME Enclosure Info?
465.07WEORG::ACKERMANMon Apr 12 1993File Formats for PC's
466.01GIZMOE::SKOGLUNDThu Apr 15 1993Color Change?
467.03GALVIA::MMCCARTHYThu May 06 1993Electrical signal name convention
468.05BEBBI1::BCOM38::BrudererFri May 07 1993Seeking "old" DEC Publications
469.0SMURF::MCMULLENWed May 12 1993Customer Requirements samples needed
470.01JRDVThu May 20 1993Ventura or Ventura/gem
471.0CFSCTC::GLIDEWELLThu May 20 1993Technical Requirements Guide - useful for writers
472.01USABLE::RAVENTue Jun 22 1993
473.01AIDEV::CARRASCOFri Jul 23 1993Badness at Brandeis
474.02ANNECY::HUMANTue Jul 27 1993help hints on arabic?
475.0CCAD3Wed Aug 04 1993Looking for : DEC Guide to Developing Software
476.0CLT::CSCAPE::AnastasiaFri Aug 06 1993WATCOM GML
477.0JRDVTue Aug 10 1993Loooong product and manual name for a spine
478.0CTHQ::BELENKYThu Aug 12 1993LA424 Manuals ???
479.02WEORG::ACKERMANWed Aug 18 1993DECplan Documentation
480.03WELLER::DUNCANThu Aug 26 1993no harcopy docs - online only
481.02TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINFri Aug 27 1993WfW .eps file --> DOCUMENT?
482.0GALVIA::FLOODThu Sep 09 1993SCSI storage devices: RZ25L, RZ28, RRD43
483.06SAC::WALTHER_EFri Sep 10 1993Migrating VAX Document documentation project to Microsoft Word
484.03CLARID::STUARTMon Oct 11 1993Fagan's Inspection
485.02LOAD::THOMASTue Oct 12 1993Interleaf for PC wanted
486.06JRDVFri Oct 15 1993definition for 'deliverables'?
487.01CLARID::STUARTFri Oct 15 1993Using Icons
488.01CLT::CSCAPE::AnastasiaWed Oct 20 1993FrameBuilder
490.038566::MASONTue Oct 26 1993Job: Project Manager for Documentation in HLO
491.05LEMAN::SCHUTTEWed Nov 03 1993Help - VAX DOC TAGS - Removal
492.01CASDOC::MEAGHERFri Dec 03 1993Converting SDML to HTML
493.04HLDEThu Dec 09 1993Manual Titles
494.01JOKUR::ELFRINGWed Dec 22 1993References to Notes Conferences
495.03LINGO::FAGGMon Jan 10 1994Help needed: Pathworks for DOS V4.1 DECnet docs
496.04NURSE::FLANAGANThu Jan 13 1994STC Annual Meeting
497.02USABLE::RAVENMon Jan 24 1994DEcwrite to MML?
498.02TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINThu Jan 27 1994
499.0WELLER::DUNCANFri Feb 11 1994required man pages?
500.09CXDOCS::JOHNSTONSat Feb 12 1994IM Post-Training Support - What Does it Look Like?
501.0WEORG::TRBL2S::TRAPASSOThu Feb 17 1994JOB: Senior Tech. Writer, TGV, Santa Cruz, CA
502.01GUESS::CARRASCOMon Feb 21 1994Procedure for patents?
503.06TNPUBS::JONGThu Feb 24 1994Indexing software -- up to the job?
504.01RDGENG::OWENSTue Mar 01 1994Style Guide for MS Windows apps ?
505.0CTHQ::BMITCHELLThu Mar 03 1994Fiscal calendars FY95-FY2
506.0HUMOR::EPPESThu Mar 10 1994Tech. writing Internet discussion list (TECHWR-L)
507.04PEACHS::BELDINFri Mar 11 1994Technical glossary/dictionary for Spanish?
508.01WELLER::DUNCANTue Mar 22 1994Using Mosaic for online help?
509.0RULE62::khWed Apr 27 1994Can we make a living at this?
510.02NURSE::FLANAGANFri Apr 29 1994How to learn more about SGML
511.0245736::WILCOCKTue May 03 1994Help Needed for Drawing DFD's in Word For Windows
512.05TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINMon May 09 1994Web SIG
513.04CRAMTB::FALKOFThu May 19 1994Pointer needed.
514.03HUMOR::EPPESFri May 20 1994Contract/Employment agencies that place Tech. Writers, Editors, Graphic Designers, etc.
516.01LINGO::SILVERMANThu May 26 1994Inquiry about SEAL
517.0NURSE::FLANAGANThu Jun 02 1994FrameMaker User's Group and Mailing List
518.0RULE62::khFri Jun 17 1994Comp.Text FAQ
519.04TPSYS::MACNEILWed Aug 24 1994Ship files with product?
520.02AKOCOA::ATANUWed Sep 21 1994Tech. Writers Needed
521.05RDGENG::BENTHAMThu Sep 22 1994Corporate Style Guide
522.04SMURF::WALTERSWed Sep 28 1994need Digital Guide to Developing International UI.
523.04CRIME::GALLACHERTue Oct 11 1994Help format for multi-platform GUI?
524.01CASDOC::MEAGHERTue Oct 11 1994Excellent Book about Contract Tech Writing
525.02SUPER::MACONISFri Oct 21 1994DECWrite to MSWord?
526.0NSICWed Oct 26 1994Documentation specialists sought in Saudi Arabia.
527.02CLT::CSCAPE::AnastasiaFri Oct 28 1994Job Search Strategies
528.0BIS1::VANLIERFri Nov 18 1994DECwrite to Interleaf conversion
529.02PINION::PEDERSONFri Nov 18 1994Reader's Response Card - Info Wanted
530.02PSYLO::PEDERSONTue Dec 06 1994Info-mapping being rejected - what to do
531.01TPSYS::MACNEILWed Jan 04 1995OSF/1 Doc. Requirements?
532.0DCETHD::J_FULLERTONSat Jan 21 1995College student looking for writing job
533.02LINGO::SILVERMANWed Feb 08 1995ATM on OSF/1
534.08USCTR1::CROSBY_GMon Feb 20 1995RoboHelp
535.01JOKUR::JOKUR::LITCHFIELDWed Feb 22 1995Mouses or Mice?
536.0PINION::PEDERSONMon Feb 27 1995MS Drawing Object becomes 1x1 of Nothing
537.0PINION::PEDERSONMon Feb 27 1995Writer's Needed for Panel Discussion
538.01TPSYS::MACNEILFri Mar 17 1995Creating EDMS Color Figures?
539.01LINGO::SILVERMANThu May 25 1995DECswitch 9
540.01TNPUBS::RBROWNMon Aug 21 1995help authoring on OS/2?
541.03TNPUBS::C_MILLERFri Sep 22 1995Anyone familiar with MIME?
542.0TPSYS::MACNEILMon Oct 30 1995Bye for just now
543.02FORTY2::GOETZWed Feb 28 1996I-Exchange conference gone?
544.0LINGO::SILVERMANTue Jun 25 1996Interleaf-to-Framemaker converter?
545.0TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINFri Oct 11 1996Judges needed for upcoming Boston STC Competition