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Conference cujo::tractors_machinery

Title:Giving Old Iron New Life - Tractors, Engines, and Machinery
Notice:#6 - For Sale, #7 - Wanted, #8 - For Trade, #13 - Shows
Created:Tue Dec 12 1989
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:147
Total number of notes:1533
Number with bodies:13
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1.010FSAILS::BROWNTue Dec 12 1989Welcome
2.05FSAILS::BROWNThu Dec 14 1989Announcements
3.01FSAILS::BROWNThu Dec 14 1989Conference Rules
4.05FSAILS::BROWNThu Dec 14 1989Departing Conference Members
5.016FSAILS::BROWNThu Dec 14 1989Sale,Trade & Wanted Details
6.062FSAILS::BROWNThu Dec 14 1989For Sale
7.085FSAILS::BROWNThu Dec 14 1989Wanted
8.05FSAILS::BROWNThu Dec 14 1989For Trade
9.032FSAILS::BROWNWed Dec 27 1989Introductions
10.08FSAILS::BROWNThu Dec 28 1989New Parts Sources
11.012FSAILS::BROWNThu Dec 28 1989Magazines
12.010FSAILS::BROWNThu Dec 28 1989Clubs
13.095FSAILS::BROWNThu Dec 28 1989Shows
14.013FSAILS::BROWNWed Jan 03 1990Book Sources
15.01FSAILS::BROWNMon Jan 08 1990Machine Shops
16.06FSAILS::BROWNWed Jan 10 1990Transportation Methods
17.02FSAILS::BROWNWed Jan 17 1990Cast Iron Repair
18.016CX3COM::T_ESTESWed Jan 24 1990Scale Model Tractors
19.02PERF4::PAYNEThu Jan 25 1990Restoration Aid
20.012WOODRO::TTHOMPSONFri Feb 02 1990Museums
21.020WOODRO::TTHOMPSONFri Feb 02 1990Salvage Yards; old parts
22.017FSAILS::BROWNTue Feb 06 1990Allis Chalmers "RC"
23.010CX3COM::T_ESTESThu Feb 15 1990John Deere 435-D
24.034FSAILS::BROWNFri Feb 16 1990John Deere "GP"
25.011CX3COM::T_ESTESMon Mar 05 1990Official Oliver Note
26.010CSSE::WAITEFri Mar 16 1990Deere Cat?
27.044DNEAST::DEE_ERICWed Mar 21 1990Selecting a Tractor
28.07FSAILS::BROWNTue Apr 17 1990Fuels
29.011NWDTue Apr 24 1990Horse-Drawn Mowers
30.06CX3COM::BROWN_DWed May 02 1990Massey - Ferguson
31.04WAGONS::BAGLEYMon May 07 19908N Hydraulics
32.09LEDS::LEWICKEMon May 07 1990Rust inside fuel tank??
33.013CUJO::BROWNSat Jun 16 1990The weirdest looking tractors
34.06CUJO::BROWNSat Jun 16 1990The weirdest looking engine
35.012CUJO::BROWNSun Jun 17 1990Auctions
36.0GIDDAY::HOOPERMon Jun 25 1990Howard Rotary Hoe
37.015WAGONS::BAGLEYFri Jul 06 1990Tractor Pulls
38.024WILKIE::KEITHFri Jul 13 1990Found equipment
39.06SWSUP3::MILLERRThu Jul 26 1990JD "B" magneto ?
41.011MAIL::ALLERFri Aug 17 1990Cockshutt Model 3
42.05CUJO::BROWNMon Aug 20 1990John Deere 755
43.016MAIL::ALLERFri Sep 14 1990"Building" an Engine
44.014DNEAST::DEE_ERICSun Sep 30 1990Minneapolis Moline note....
45.010SAURUS::JOELMon Nov 05 1990Maintenance
47.01KACIE::DEUFELTue Nov 06 1990JD 1
48.0TDCIS3::RENOUVELThu Nov 29 1990English Tractor Infos Wanted Please
49.016FSDEV2::PFOURNIERTue Dec 11 1990Allis-Chalmers WC
50.041MAIL::ALLERMon Dec 17 1990Farmall H
51.05CUJO::BROWNWed Dec 26 1990Calliopes and Player Pianos
52.08MAMTS5::GHALSTEADSun Dec 30 1990Stalls under Stress ??
53.019LEDS::LEWICKETue Jan 29 1991Caterpillar note
54.05MAMTS5::GHALSTEADWed Feb 20 1991Help with small engine
55.05CANYON::LENFFri Feb 22 1991Roadgraders
56.02LEDS::BATTISTINISun Mar 10 1991EASY washing machine
57.05MAIL::ALLERMon May 20 1991Talk me out of it
58.01CTHQ3::WICKMon May 20 1991John Deere - B's
59.01MAMTS3::GHALSTEADThu May 30 1991tired of buying points
60.04FRAGLE::PELUSOThu May 30 1991Need Ford 8N restoration information
61.023WFOVX8::KOEHLERFri May 31 1991Flywheel Engines.."hit an miss"
62.024MENSCH::FALKOWSKIMon Jun 03 1991HELP- Farmall Cub
63.08SOLVIT::KEITHMon Jun 10 1991MAG repair for my new toy?
64.017FSLENG::FALKOWSKIMon Jun 10 1991Int'l 35
65.025GRANMA::GHALSTEADThu Jun 20 19918N vs.diesel and Price?
66.06NAC::GODDARDTue Jun 25 1991Name that Deere
67.049CUJO::BROWNMon Jul 08 1991McCormick WD9
68.05WFOV11::GAJCOWSKIWed Jul 10 1991McCormick Deering 1
69.04ELWOOD::DYMONFri Jul 12 1991Fordson Majors?
70.06MAMTS3::GHALSTEADTue Jul 16 1991Hydraulic Cylinders
71.04ELWOOD::DYMONWed Jul 17 1991Rube Goldburg/Mickey Mouse
72.02MENSCH::FALKOWSKIWed Jul 17 1991Farmall Super C
73.07SOLVIT::KEITHTue Aug 06 1991Help understanding screw compressor
75.02ELWOOD::DYMONTue Aug 27 1991JD MC's
76.01CUJO::BROWNTue Sep 17 1991Pumps
77.07GRANMA::GHALSTEADTue Oct 01 1991Brushhogs
78.02MAIL::ALLERTue Oct 08 1991Aftermarket Parts Manufacturers & Suppliers
79.012SOLVIT::KEITHTue Nov 19 1991Fungus/bacteria in motor oil/diesel fuel?
80.03CUJO::BROWNSun Jan 12 1992International LB Engine
81.05MAIL::ALLERMon Jan 13 1992Farmall Super M
82.01BTOVT::JPETERSWed Jan 22 1992Sandblasters and sandblasting
83.012DOMINY::TAYLORMon Feb 24 1992Eastern European Tractors
84.02QUIVER::ARGOTue Mar 17 1992Gilson-16
85.017NWTIMA::KASSJEFri Mar 27 1992Ford 9N, 8N note
86.04GRANMA::GHALSTEADTue Apr 07 1992Gearbox growl
88.02KURIUS::LIBS_CWed Apr 08 1992Steam Traction Engines
89.05MPGS::KELLEYTue Apr 28 1992Your choice in a small 4X4...?
90.04ELWOOD::GARVEYWed Apr 29 1992Info on a Wagner Ironworks loader for an 8N
91.030CUJO::BROWNTue Jun 16 1992John Deere Engines
93.03QETOO::FALKOWSKIMon Jul 13 19921963 Case
94.07QETOO::FALKOWSKIMon Jul 20 19921982 Kubota
97.09CUJO::BROWNTue Aug 04 1992Kohler Power Plants
99.016WELTM1::WILLISMon Sep 28 1992international 414
100.03CUJO::BROWNWed Sep 30 1992A Morris/Whatisit Tractor
101.02CSLALL::LANGONEFri Oct 09 1992Antique Mowers
103.04LANDO::OBRIENMon Oct 26 1992CASE 12
104.011CSLALL::PENTTINENThu Oct 29 1992JD Bicycle ???
105.024EVTAI1::RENOUVELMon Nov 02 1992Field Marshall Tractors
106.03ELWOOD::DYMONMon Feb 08 1993Wakishaw engine info
107.03GRANMA::GHALSTEADThu Mar 18 1993help with small Briggs
108.01GRANMA::GHALSTEADMon May 10 1993PTO Chipper/Shredder
109.01GRANMA::GHALSTEADThu Sep 02 1993Burning Oil??
110.02STUDIO::REILLEYFri Oct 01 1993Name that Farmall
111.018CUJO::BROWNMon Jan 17 1994Fairbanks-Morse Type "Z"
112.0CUJO::BROWNFri Feb 04 1994Economy "XK"
113.05JUPITR::BERARDSun Feb 13 1994JD 44
114.014GRANPA::RDOVAX::CARRIGANMon Feb 28 1994JD Jay baler
115.020GRANPA::RDOVAX::CARRIGANMon Feb 28 1994Sawmills
116.017JUPITR::BERARDWed Mar 02 1994info on welders/cutting torches needed
117.014JUPITR::BERARDThu Mar 03 1994fixing wrist pin socket
118.07CUJO::BROWNWed Apr 06 1994Stover Engines
119.01JUPITR::BERARDThu Apr 07 1994estimated on excavator costs
120.02JUPITR::BERARDTue Apr 12 1994PS piston repair info needed
121.08BIGBAD::HURSTMon Apr 25 1994Pasquali Tractors - Ruggerini Diesel?
122.04CUJO::BROWNTue Apr 26 1994Maytag Engines
123.05ADVLSI::BLEAKNEYThu May 19 1994Steam engines
124.0NWDTue May 31 1994TFSO
125.03PFSVAX::MCELWEEThu Jul 07 1994Cub Cadet/ Kohler questions.
126.08USDEV::LESSARDMon Jul 25 1994Backhoe help needed
127.05BIGBAD::HURSTThu Jul 28 1994Detroit Diesel
128.0COOKIE::L_KINGWed Aug 03 1994FMC Husky 8
129.0CUJO::BROWNMon Aug 29 1994Chain Saws
130.04BIGBAD::HURSTTue Aug 30 1994Dynahoe Tractors
131.03SPEZKO::BEARDWed Sep 21 1994Need help to identify European engine
132.015CUJO::BROWNMon Sep 26 1994Aermotor 8-Cycle
133.02ELWOOD::DYMONWed Sep 28 1994woodsplitters
134.03SALEM::TRENHOLMWed Sep 28 1994Info needed on old military generator
135.03SPEZKO::BEARDFri Nov 04 1994Need new leather for Bean Spray Pump
136.01SOLVIT::ALLEN_RMon Nov 14 1994Info wanted on horse drawn farm implements
137.01HYLNDR::PRESTIDGETue Nov 22 19948' blade too large for Ford 192
138.0CLOYD::DEUFELTue Jan 17 1995Antique-Tractor Electronic Forum
140.06SSDEVO::PULSIPHERMon Mar 27 1995Want Info on Small Roadgraders
141.01ASD::BEARDTue Sep 19 1995Taylor Vacuum Engine / Empire Milking Machine
142.01KAOM25::BARRMon Mar 04 1996Toy Tractor Collecting
143.0CSC32::D_BROWNMon Jun 17 1996Economy Model "E"
144.03XANADU::draft.zko.dec.com::tamara::lawrenceWed Aug 28 1996Another request for information about a tractor
145.0+16CSC32::D_BROWNMon Oct 07 1996 McCormick Deering 1
146.01CADSYS::SHEPARDWed Oct 30 1996Machine shop tool lubrication
147.02BIRDIE::DESHARNAISThu Jan 02 1997Building an Antique Machine Shop
148.0+1ZEKE::DUPUISWed Jan 22 1997Case model DI