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Conference cssuk::green

Notice:Taking care of our planet
Created:Fri Feb 06 1987
Last Modified:Wed Oct 23 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:189
Total number of notes:2168
Number with bodies:0
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1.010TRUCKS::GKESun Oct 08 1989Welcome
3.013TRUCKS::GKESun Oct 08 1989Change the name of the conference?
4.02TRUCKS::GKESun Oct 08 1989Notes moved by Moderators
5.084TRUCKS::GKESun Oct 08 1989Who is who in GREEN?
6.08SHIPS::GKEMon Oct 09 1989How GREEN is your MP?
7.021MARVIN::JUBBMon Oct 09 1989Leaving the packaging out
8.066JUMBLY::MACFADYENMon Oct 09 1989Unleaded does not equal Green
9.056THEGIZ::PITARDMon Oct 09 1989Nukes or No Nukes????
10.052SHIPS::GKETue Oct 10 1989Just how much does a Hamburger cost?
11.024SHIPS::GKETue Oct 10 1989WATER
12.010KERNEL::FISCHERIWed Oct 11 1989Ozone friendly<>Environmentally friendly
13.019SHIPS::GKEThu Oct 12 1989Environmental Organisations...
14.04ENOTOP::DELPHIASat Oct 14 1989Endangered Animals Note
15.034SHAPES::HARRISONPMon Oct 16 1989The Ivory Trade
16.071SHAPES::HARRISONPMon Oct 16 1989Waste Recycling
17.04TMCUK2::SMITHSMon Oct 16 1989Lift sharing.
18.0115SHAPES::HARRISONPTue Oct 17 1989Overcrowded
19.09SHAPES::HARRISONPThu Oct 19 1989Progress, Green or Both?
20.018BIGHUN::HARVEYThu Oct 19 1989Environment Friendly Catalogues
21.08SHAPES::KERRELLDFri Oct 20 1989National Trust (Great Britain)
22.031EXIT26::CONLEYTue Oct 24 1989Environmentally unfriendly?
23.05HBO::BACHELDERTue Oct 24 1989How to be GREEN
24.011CHEFS::HOENIGAWed Oct 25 1989Conservation Volunteers
25.07EGAVWed Oct 25 1989The Noise Note
26.060JUMBLY::WRIGHTFri Oct 27 1989Organic produce ?
27.03SHIPS::OGDEN_JMon Oct 30 1989Green Party Jumble Sale
28.08AKO619::ANDREWSTue Oct 31 1989current wisdom: coal -->electricity
29.020OLDHAM::MIDONAWed Nov 01 1989Creepy-Crawly Preservation Society.
30.05HILLST::KHALLMon Nov 13 1989California Emissions Package
31.015BEEZER::FISCHERIWed Nov 15 1989Dual petrol pumps
32.015IOSG::BILSBOROUGHFri Nov 17 1989'GREEN' Christmas ideas
33.06TRUCKS::JAMES_IFri Nov 17 1989The GREEN JOKE topic
34.07CSSE32::TDOLANTue Nov 21 1989Earth Day 199
35.07BISTRO::ROOSEThu Nov 23 1989Whale catch.....?
36.048VANISH::FELTONFri Nov 24 1989Are you happy with your green wash?
37.027ENET51::JUBBFri Nov 24 1989How are you getting on?
39.011EUSSMon Nov 27 1989How good are the various Green policies?
40.034NDLIS4::JRICHARDSWed Nov 29 1989Vegetarian a GREEN issue?
41.022COMICS::BELLWed Nov 29 1989Solar heating in the UK ?
42.020LASHAM::KIDDIERWed Nov 29 1989Green Computing
43.010LASHAM::KIDDIERFri Dec 01 1989Car De-icer
44.028BREW11::WILLIAMSMTue Dec 05 1989Green Vs Eco
45.035BEEZER::FISCHERITue Dec 05 1989Greenpeace vessel rammed
46.070TRUCKS::JAMES_IThu Dec 07 1989Smoking, a GREEN issue.
47.013ODIHAM::PARRY_DWed Dec 13 1989ozone-hostile disposable cups
48.011VANISH::FELTONWed Dec 13 1989Are we being told enough?
49.05SHAPES::HARRISONPFri Dec 15 1989Goodbye
50.053NDLIS3::JRICHARDSFri Dec 15 1989Environmentally friendly bottles
52.011ENOTOP::DELPHIAThu Jan 04 1990Idealistic Green-ville
53.04SCOTMN::FISCHERFri Jan 05 1990Green reading
54.0CSSE32::TDOLANSun Jan 07 1990Valdez Principles - Business ethics
55.06CSSE32::TDOLANMon Jan 08 1990USA,Boston TV program "Crisis in the Atmosphere"
56.011SEDSWS::HANCOCKTue Jan 09 1990Diesel vs petrol argument
57.018SCOTMN::FISCHERWed Jan 17 1990GREENPEACE and the UK Government
58.030CHEFS::HOENIGAThu Jan 18 1990Recycled toilet paper
59.01BREW11::WILLIAMSMSun Jan 21 1990Unleaded, Benzine and cancer
60.05PEKING::AMANNPWed Jan 24 1990Recycled Printer Paper found to be unsuitable
61.04CSSE32::TDOLANThu Jan 25 1990questions on Household hazardous waste
62.01VANDAL::FELTONSat Jan 27 1990Planes and Plastics
63.0CURRNT::ROWLEYMon Jan 29 1990Conservation Adventure Communtiy
64.02FENNEL::SILVERBERGTue Jan 30 1990String Shopping Bags are in
65.03SED75Thu Feb 01 1990Green Credit Card
66.0CSSE32::TDOLANWed Feb 07 1990EcoNet - Public Environmental Conference(s)
67.05EXIT26::CONLEYThu Feb 08 1990Another oil spill near Southern Cal
68.011IOSG::BILSBOROUGHMon Feb 12 1990How about an ECO_UNIT?
69.012MARVIN::COCKBURNWed Feb 21 1990Earth Day 199
70.09MFOIS1::TURCHIThu Feb 22 1990Working GREEN is hard
71.046IOSG::BILSBOROUGHTue Feb 27 1990British Gov. Road Building program.
72.02SUCCES::ROBERTSTue Feb 27 1990DEC and toner recycling
73.03COGITO::CONLEYWed Feb 28 1990Charges brought against Exxon!
74.01TIS::AMANNFri Mar 02 1990Stow airport expands
75.013JGO::KWIKKELWed Mar 07 1990Northsee countries congress in The Hague 199
76.030SHIPS::ROBINSON_GWed Mar 14 1990UK Charitable Society
77.066JANUS::JUBBMon Mar 26 1990Gardening green
78.06ENOTOP::DELPHIAMon Mar 26 1990Ten Common Myths Regarding State of Environment
79.01TOPDOC::AHERNTue Apr 10 1990Light Pollution
80.04NZOVThu Apr 26 1990NEW: 1
81.01IOSG::BILSBOROUGHMon Apr 30 1990Genetic Engineering a green issue?
82.010MARVIN::COCKBURNThu May 03 1990Electric cars
83.010DACT53::CHUDSONFri May 04 1990How do you feel about "Greenwash"
84.0WHELIN::LAMBERTSat May 05 1990Yard Sale Donations for the Homeless
86.02NZOVWed May 09 1990The Other side of the Iron Curtain...
87.031IOSG::BILSBOROUGHThu May 10 1990The cons continue
88.05NZOVFri May 11 1990Green Cleaners...
89.011AZUR::GUERRIERIMon May 14 1990Why are we trying to be Green/ecologist ?
90.016IOSG::BILSBOROUGHFri May 25 1990Suggestions for Greening the canteen
91.010SUBURB::DAVIESNThu Jun 07 1990Green geography : National Curriculum
93.017VIVIAN::D_BROWNTue Jun 19 1990Fuming Mad over smoking Diesels
94.08VIVIAN::D_BROWNThu Jul 05 1990Shhhuuusssshhhh
95.01VIVIAN::D_BROWNFri Jul 06 1990Greenpeace Walk for Whales.
96.04VIVIAN::D_BROWNFri Jul 06 1990Consumers blamed for pollution.
97.04FRAIS::LIESENBERGMon Jul 09 1990Brown bears in Spain
98.016IOSG::HORSFIELDMon Jul 16 1990windmills in UK
99.09SHIPS::ROBINSON_GFri Aug 03 1990Has the green bubble burst?
100.041VIVIAN::D_BROWNThu Aug 09 1990Energy conservation and efficiency.
101.0245117::ROBINSONWed Aug 29 1990Rights, Responsibilities & Regulation
102.01EVOAI1::HULLAHMon Sep 03 1990Green: socially untouchable?
103.04MFOIS1::TURCHIMon Sep 10 1990Green laws against pollution ?
104.07JANUS::JUBBMon Sep 10 1990Availability of greener products (reusable/made from recyled materials)
105.01VAXCAT::RKEMon Sep 17 1990Home building Exhibition in London (UK)
106.06BIGHUN::THOMASMon Sep 24 1990Trying to eradicate litter
107.016MARVIN::COCKBURNWed Sep 26 1990Info about Government white paper on the environment
108.02MARVIN::COCKBURNFri Oct 05 1990Impact of recycling paper at Digital
109.01EVOAI1::HULLAHTue Oct 09 1990Recycled Stationery
110.02NYTPThu Oct 11 1990Race To Save The Planet series on PBS
111.06CSS::HAYSFri Oct 19 1990Put good news here.
112.013FDCVWed Oct 24 1990Global Action Network (GAN)
113.0FDCVWed Oct 24 1990Growth Management Forum
114.03FDCVMon Nov 05 1990New England Environmental Conference!!!
115.04BIGHUN::THOMASWed Nov 21 19901
116.0IOSG::EDMONDSONFri Nov 23 1990Useful catalogue
117.02EXPRES::GILMANTue Dec 04 1990Disposable Diapers
118.03AZUR::GUERRIERIMon Jan 14 1991bombs and nuclear plants ?
119.011VAXCAT::RKETue Jan 22 1991Burn the world?
120.0IOSG::EDMONDSONTue Jan 22 1991Sponsored swim in Reading
122.02FRAMBO::DICKMon Feb 04 1991Any Digital departments developing EP solutions ?
123.02COMICS::CUNNEAThu Feb 14 1991'Fresh' Vegetables
124.0FDCVMon Feb 18 1991Help Save the Ancient Forests!!!
125.0WILLEE::FRETTSTue Mar 05 1991Letter on U.S. Energy Policy
126.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Mar 28 1991Package Waste Reduction Challenge
127.0RAVEN1::GHOOPERMon Apr 15 1991Green Quiz....
128.0METSYS::COCKBURNFri Apr 19 1991The Green Show
129.01MFOIS1::TURCHIFri May 31 1991What's happens here ?
133.05GAVIN::ROBINSONMon Jun 24 1991A view from outside
134.06GAVIN::ROBINSONMon Jun 24 1991Measuring Impact
135.02IOSG::BILSBOROUGHFri Jun 28 1991Green thinking
136.03IOSG::EDMONDSONWed Jul 10 1991Green credit cards?
137.021TENERE::CHARLESFri Jul 26 1991Green Issues In Valbonne
138.01SHIRE::PUGHFri Aug 09 1991Waste Disposal Units (in UK)
139.01MFOIS1::TURCHIFri Aug 30 1991Ozone-filter: what is it?
140.03CRATE::LAVINThu Sep 12 1991Water Wastage at Solent
141.05IOSG::BILSBOROUGHTue Sep 24 1991Can bank for DEC PARK
142.0KETJE::DEBLOCKWed Oct 02 1991Sea level encrease / CO2 increase
143.064258Mon Nov 04 1991Human Waste disposal - Composting
144.06COMICS::GLEDHILLFri Nov 15 1991How to recycle ni-cad batteries?
145.06ROMTSS::MARTIREFri Nov 22 1991Farms & rural buildings: who cares?
146.01SHIPS::PUGH_WThu Dec 12 1991Any Experience with Water Filters?
147.03USRCV2::PONDYSHDSat Jan 04 1992Parasites, are we?
148.09CSC32::R_RHODESWed Jan 22 1992Mine reclamation?
149.06RIPPLE::KENNEDY_KASun Feb 09 1992Wolf Haven International
150.0GAVIN::ROBINSONTue Feb 25 1992DIGITAL initiatives
151.0FDCVFri Feb 28 19921992 New England Environmental Conference
152.02NETCUR::MILGROMWed Mar 18 1992PBS-Created Video to be Shown
153.01NETCUR::MILGROMWed Mar 18 1992Video on Diet, Health, Environment - shown at Digital
155.0NODEX::PRASADFri Apr 03 1992When is the Boston Earthwalk??
156.0FDCVThu May 14 1992ELTI
157.0SAVOY::ROBINSONTue May 19 1992MUCH ado about almost nothing
158.02INTUNE::RUDNICKFri Jun 19 1992Suggestions for Cleaning Greenly
159.01WELCLU::DAWSWed Jul 01 1992Whalers unite,boycott they fall
160.0EVTSG8::JACQUIEMon Jul 20 1992Nature Conserv. Council
161.02WARNUT::PAINTERThu Aug 06 1992Ethical/Green investment
162.010BSS::GA_BURGESSTue Aug 11 1992Isn't What It Seems
163.06JGODCL::ISERIEFWed Sep 09 1992where's the conference?
164.04POBOX::SPEIGELThu Oct 15 1992printing on recycled paper
165.0HURON::LINNELLFri Oct 16 1992Oct2
166.07WOTVAX::GLASSUPBTue Jan 26 1993Starting up...Help!?
167.01BAHTAT::CARTER_AWed Feb 10 1993Anti-Fur Trade
168.04WARNUT::PAINTERTue Feb 23 1993Earth Summit
169.06IOSG::EDMONDSONWed Mar 17 1993Saving Electricity
170.04MR4MI1::PRINCIPEWed Mar 24 1993Job Opportunities?
171.03IOSG::EDMONDSONMon Apr 05 1993Silk
172.01NODEX::PRABHUFri Apr 09 1993Recycling newspaper
173.0CPCOD::CPCOD::MACIVERTue Apr 20 1993Earth Day event at MRO - USA
174.01KERNEL::COFFEYJTue May 11 1993Green Technology and the computer user
175.06TAVIS::BARUCHWed Jun 16 1993Israel: Environment Year
176.02BGSDEV::LANGONEThu Jan 06 1994Non-toxic ways to rid home of mice
177.03TAENG4::JCLEEWed Jan 26 199449 Class Chemicals
178.01KWLITY::MACIVERTue Feb 08 1994Mass. Environmental Conference on 26-Feb-1994
179.0KWLITY::MACIVERTue Feb 08 1994New England Env Conf on March 26-27, 1994
180.0OTIGER::R_WHEELERSat Apr 02 1994John Muir Conservation Center
181.01LINGO::MCNAMARAWed May 25 1994Green Events in the UK
182.01KERNEL::TAYLORAThu Jun 30 1994CD recycling ?
183.0WRKSYS::REITHFri Jul 08 1994New England PVC Recycler?
184.0TRUCKS::GROBINSONThu Aug 11 1994Eco Info
185.02ESSB::PBUTLERTue Dec 06 1994Petrol versus Diesel for cars
186.0AYOV27::FW_TEMPThu Dec 22 1994The Internet
187.02QCAVMon Apr 10 1995computers saving paper ?
188.02PCBUOA::DBROOKSFri Feb 16 1996Petra Kelly
189.0WRKSYS::CALABRIATue Sep 17 1996