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Conference csse::rad_jad

Created:Thu Oct 06 1994
Last Modified:Wed May 29 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:57
Total number of notes:221
Number with bodies:0
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1.0CSSE::TURKLEMon Oct 10 1994Introduction
2.050CSSE::TURKLEMon Oct 10 1994Registration/Sign in
3.010CSSE::TURKLEMon Oct 10 1994Scope and types of RAD
4.015CSSE::TURKLEMon Oct 10 1994RAD life cycles
5.0CSSE::TURKLEMon Oct 10 1994Joint Application Development (JAD)
6.07CSSE::TURKLEMon Oct 10 1994Prototyping
7.01CSSE::TURKLEMon Oct 10 1994Implementing RAD
8.0CSSE::TURKLEMon Oct 10 1994Related conferences
9.04SFCMon Oct 10 1994Pointers to Books, Articles, etc. on RAD
10.03LARVAE::BRIGGS_RWed Oct 12 1994Proposal needed...
11.011CSSE::RAUSENThu Oct 13 1994RAD/JAD Training
12.01SFCThu Oct 13 1994Who's the big dog on the block?
13.07PHDSR1::KHARRISFri Oct 14 1994Magic Software
14.03NSICWed Oct 19 1994transition to RAD
15.03USCTR1::LINDGRENSat Oct 29 1994Need Pointers for JAD Article
16.0CSSE::TURKLEMon Oct 31 1994SI News - Application Dlp. & Integr. Platform
17.0CSSE::TURKLETue Nov 01 1994Healthcare Case Study
18.02SFCFri Nov 04 1994Announcement - DPM Version 2.
19.09CHENG6::FEHLMANNTMon Nov 14 1994Quality Planning for RAD?
20.0SFCTue Nov 29 1994RAD case study: Semiconductor Eqmt Mftr
21.02SFCMon Jan 09 1995fyi... "Good Enough" Engineering
22.06ROMThu Jan 19 1995Proposal and contract examples?
23.04MARVA2::EBARONFri Jan 27 1995How does RDB fit into the picture? How does a relational DB fit into the picture?
24.0SFCFri Feb 03 1995Article: Business Redesign and RAD
25.0SFCFri Feb 03 1995Article: Client/Server and RAD
26.0SFCFri Feb 03 1995Article: Iterative Prototyping
27.0SFCFri Feb 03 1995Article: One view of a RAD Approach
28.0SFCFri Feb 03 1995Article: RAD and Cultural Change
29.01SFCFri Feb 03 1995Article: RAD and CASE Tools
30.0SFCFri Feb 03 1995Article: General RAD Issues
31.0SFCFri Feb 03 1995Article: RAD Tools Comparison
32.0SFCFri Feb 03 1995Article: Methodology to Select RAD Tools
33.0SFCFri Feb 03 1995Article: More RAD Tools Comparisons
34.0SFCFri Feb 03 1995Article: One person's view of RAD
35.01TROOA::MILLARWed Feb 08 1995PowerPoint Presentations Anywhere?
36.03TROOA::MILLARWed Feb 08 1995RAD Handbook Available?
37.01CSSE::TURKLEWed Feb 08 1995RAD Manual reviewers needed
38.0CSSE::TURKLEWed Feb 15 1995RAD presentations
39.03SFCThu Feb 16 1995RAD Partners Program?
40.0MARVA2::EBARONTue Feb 21 1995User Analysis Forms
41.03TROOA::MILLARWed Feb 22 1995Additional DPM Documents?
42.04SAVOYE::LANDES::CAGNINTue Mar 14 1995What about poor little old character cell applications?
44.0VCOUMon Mar 20 1995Questionaire on Development methodologies
45.0SFCTue May 09 1995Magazine article with pointers to RAD tools.
46.0SFCWed May 10 1995Job Opportunity.
47.07CSSE::TURKLEMon Jul 31 1995Announcing RAD guide, training, services
48.0CHOWDA::DSULLIVANTue Aug 01 1995RAD Rookie with op's
49.02SAVOYE::SAVOYE::CAGNINThu Aug 24 1995Analysis & Design: Comparison between Oracle CASE and System Architect
50.0CXOSI::GREENEThu Aug 31 1995fyi... interesting info about tools
51.0GEOFFN::PAINTERPTue Sep 12 1995Looking for RAD customer references
52.0124486::BROCKUSFri Nov 03 1995RAD Metrics -- Who measures what?
53.0CSSE::MEYERSFri Dec 01 1995Q2 release - AD&I Tool/Product Guide
54.01QCAVWed Apr 24 1996Problem with RAD_SB.DOC
55.0STUTue May 14 1996LPS2
56.0MPOSTue May 21 1996Network w/External Partners?
57.0BELFST::MARCUSWed May 29 1996DSDM and Digital RAD