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Conference csse::coinop

Title:Living in an Arcade!
Notice:For Sale, read 1.15 | Parts Wanted=524 | Docs Wanted=556
Created:Mon Mar 24 1986
Last Modified:Wed May 14 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:988
Total number of notes:4511
Number with bodies:14
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1.014COIN::MILLERTue Aug 13 1985Welcome!!
2.0139COIN::MILLERTue Aug 13 1985Sign In, Please!!
4.07ARNOLD::ROTHTue Aug 13 1985Wanted-jukebox reference
5.030COIN::MILLERWed Aug 14 1985Pinball Reference Books
6.02ERIS::CALLASThu Aug 22 1985Sources?
7.02ERIS::CALLASThu Aug 22 1985Atari Game Change?
9.04PARVAX::YANAGIMon Aug 26 1985Video Games: PAPERBOY
11.08NY1MM::MONASCHTue Aug 27 1985Pinball Trivia #1
12.030ALIEN::POSTPISCHILThu Sep 05 1985Favorite Games
13.010VLNVAX::FEINESThu Sep 05 1985Search for Elevator Action
14.017COIN::MILLERWed Sep 11 1985Pinball Trivia #2
15.02MARRHQ::LARUEWed Sep 11 1985Looking for a video doctor
18.06PENNSY::MCGORRILLThu Sep 26 1985looking for space wars
19.011MUTT::WAGNERMon Sep 30 1985BATTLEZONE Info ??
20.0COIN::MILLERMon Sep 30 1985Jukes in Museum of Art!!
21.02ANYWAY::ALDRICHWed Oct 09 1985The Safe...???
22.058COIN::MILLERTue Oct 15 1985"New Additions / Changes!"
23.015OLIVER::DODAThu Oct 24 1985What I hate about arcades
24.022OLIVER::DODAMon Oct 28 1985Pinball vs Video
25.03CEOMon Nov 04 1985Pack Rat
28.023COIN::MILLERTue Dec 03 1985Tempest Tips/Info
29.016WOODIE::ROTHBERGThu Dec 05 1985Anybody seen Quantum
30.01OLIVER::DODAMon Dec 09 1985electronic poker
32.02AKOV68::NORRISWed Jan 15 1986Three Stooges
33.011ANYWAY::ARVIDSONMon Feb 03 1986The Game Exchange
34.02MOSAIC::WATERSTue Mar 11 1986Local Source for Games!
35.016COIN::MILLERFri Mar 14 1986"Pinball Care"
36.01--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 19 1986How Powerful?
39.03JON::CALABRIAMon Apr 07 1986SiCk ScOrPiOn
40.0NETCOM::HARRISMon Apr 07 1986Mechanical Lunar Lander... Remembering
41.06--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 08 1986Generic Gottlieb
43.02JON::CALABRIAWed Apr 23 1986Thanx much
44.04JON::CALABRIAWed Apr 23 1986If you happen to see a . . .
52.04BRAHMS::FISHERTue Jun 17 1986Video Game Auction in N.H.
53.01NOVA::ARNOLDFri Jun 27 1986Video game availability...
54.03NOVA::ARNOLDMon Jun 30 1986Coin-Op magazines?
55.03PASCAL::BAZEMOREWed Jul 02 1986Wanted : Fireball pinball
58.04JON::CALABRIASun Aug 03 1986This game took a bath ?
59.012TSE::FONSECAWed Aug 06 1986Pachinko anyone?
60.06LATOUR::DZIEDZICFri Aug 08 1986HELP! Flaky pinball
63.02TSE::FONSECAWed Sep 10 1986Problems with B&W XY monitor
65.07LATOUR::DZIEDZICMon Sep 15 1986Gottlieb parts & manuals
66.02CAD::DIPACEThu Sep 18 1986Trivia #3
68.03NOVA::ARNOLDThu Oct 02 1986Tempest documentation...
73.05HPSMEG::LUKOWSKITue Nov 11 1986Where are the warehouses?
74.01NETCOM::HARRISWed Nov 12 1986Buy Local or have it shipped?
75.01NETCOM::HARRISThu Nov 13 1986Inexpensive Jukebox wanted.
76.02PENNSY::MCMAHONFri Dec 05 1986Kits?
86.02ZEPPO::TASCHEREAUMon Jan 26 1987Moving a video
87.04USFHSL::FULLERThu Jan 29 1987Advice on buying a pinball
90.021ZEPPO::TASCHEREAUThu Feb 05 1987Manchester Music
93.0CANDY::BALDYGAWed Feb 25 1987*** OLD CHICAGO wanted ***
96.05CSSE::MILLERMon Mar 09 1987Thanks Bill (get-together review)!
97.08KALKIN::BUTENHOFTue Mar 10 1987Gottlieb's SPIRIT questions
98.08WORDS::ALBINOFri Mar 13 1987Pin-bot OPINIONS???
99.0NETCOM::HARRISMon Mar 16 1987Video copy of 'real' pins... GREAT!!!
100.017CSSE::MILLERThu Mar 26 1987Latest and Greatest (maybe)..
101.08--UnknownUser--Sat Mar 28 1987GREAT score, Player ???
103.012USMRW4::RFLAHERTYSun Mar 29 1987Super Mario Bros.
104.021RAINBW::MILLERFri Apr 03 1987Club Video (Amherst N.H.)
106.03RSTS32::HUNTMon Apr 06 1987Pinball prices
108.06JON::CALABRIAMon Apr 13 1987ARKANOID ?
109.08OLIVER::DODAMon Apr 13 1987Fun World up in flames
111.06CHFVWed Apr 15 1987WANTED: 25/5
115.05--UnknownUser--Sun Apr 26 1987Rowe auction of 4/26/87
116.0VINO::DZIEDZICMon Apr 27 1987Haunted House ECO
117.01--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 27 1987Overheard at Rowe.. goodby ma. vending?
118.017LATOUR::DZIEDZICTue Apr 28 1987Pinball Reconditioning Hints
119.01VINO::DZIEDZICWed Apr 29 1987Haunted House Up Kicke
120.033VINO::DZIEDZICMon May 04 1987Pinball Parts Supplier
121.04PFLOYD::ROTHBERGWed May 06 1987Hyperball
123.02CSC32::J_PARSONSThu May 14 1987Monte Carlo Pinball
124.011EUCLID::FRASERFri May 15 1987SPACE INVADERS wanted...
125.013JAWS::DAVISMon May 18 1987Wher do YOU get 'em?
127.013WAGON::DONHAMWed May 20 1987Out Run's hot!
128.0WAGON::DONHAMFri May 22 1987New Video
130.0VINO::FRANCINIFri May 29 1987Gottleib's "Jumping Jack"?
133.04NUGGET::BRUNDIGEMon Jun 08 1987Pachinco help
134.010KALKIN::BUTENHOFWed Jun 10 1987The little pop bumper that wouldn't...
136.02DELNI::MCGORRILLMon Jun 15 1987Sea wolf wanted!
137.03FILMOR::DODATue Jun 16 1987Make Trax?
138.023WAGON::DONHAMWed Jun 17 1987arcade etiquette
143.06NETCOM::HARRISTue Jul 07 1987Worth the hassle?
145.03STARTue Jul 14 1987Bringing an old vice to a new home
146.02CSC32::M_PFOFFSun Jul 19 1987Schematics for Joker Poker
147.02PROSE::FLAHERTYMon Jul 20 1987Indiana Jones and the Tempel of Doom
149.03WAGON::DONHAMWed Jul 22 1987Looking for arcade
152.0LEZAH::BOBBITTThu Jul 30 1987need help improving my Terra Presta playing
153.05GNUVAX::KARLSONThu Jul 30 1987Has the Golden Age of Video Games passed us by?
155.01--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 10 1987Gotleib CPUs (that arn't available anymore)
156.0CHEFS::DALLISONMon Aug 10 1987" SKY-KID "
158.01CSSE::MILLERFri Aug 21 1987GALAGA Tips
159.0CSSE::MILLERFri Aug 21 1987Crystal Castles Tips
160.03LATOUR::FRANCINIThu Sep 03 1987British 'nudge machines'???
161.03CSSE::WARDFri Sep 11 1987Joust2 Observations sought
162.02DELNI::MHARRISMon Sep 21 1987Next Version of Pole Pos
163.02WAGON::DONHAMMon Sep 21 1987new Williams pin - Fire
168.035QED::EVANSMon Sep 28 1987AUCTION: where the Arcades buy.
169.09VINO::DZIEDZICMon Sep 28 1987Game sale - Sat, Oct 3rd
174.06SMURF::REEVESThu Oct 01 1987Spoilers (tips, info, hints)
176.019VINO::DZIEDZICMon Oct 05 1987Another auction
178.03CSSE::WARDTue Oct 06 1987Game Survey
181.03VINO::DZIEDZICWed Oct 21 1987Poll of arcade addicts
183.02GRNDAD::STONEFri Oct 23 1987One-armed Bandit at Rowe.
184.0DELNI::MHARRISFri Oct 23 1987Switzerland is expensive!
185.0338599::CIRCLESat Oct 24 1987"{{ MARBLE MADNESS MANIA}}"
187.04WORDS::ALBINOMon Oct 26 1987Omega Race Questions
188.0COGVAX::CAREYFri Oct 30 1987Hidden Points Instructions
191.01DELNI::MHARRISMon Nov 02 1987What does eveyone else do for Bally Power Supply?
195.01--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 18 1987F.O. 595?
196.01VINO::DZIEDZICThu Nov 19 1987Gottlieb system 8
198.02BUSY::CIRCLESun Nov 22 1987"Double Dragon" is starting to be a real (DRAG)on
199.01AD::DIPINTOMon Nov 23 1987Playfield Mylar???
200.01DELNI::MHARRISMon Nov 23 1987Source for Ni-Cad replacements
201.0DELNI::MHARRISMon Nov 23 1987BAYONET-TYPE sockets source found.
202.01DELNI::MHARRISMon Nov 23 1987Source needed for CA3
204.024VINO::DZIEDZICMon Nov 23 1987CPU board failures
206.0VINO::DZIEDZICTue Nov 24 1987Nintendo monitor problems
208.04MEIS::FONSECAThu Nov 26 1987Asteroids anyone?
209.05NEURON::MARTINWed Dec 02 1987pin playfield restoration question
210.01MAY2Mon Dec 07 1987Tools and techniques
211.09CSSE::MILLERMon Dec 07 1987The Adventures of Major Havoc
214.09MAY2Wed Dec 09 1987Care and Repair of Pinballs
215.05WAGON::DONHAMFri Dec 11 1987AfterBurner == Tilt-A-Wirl
216.03WAGON::DONHAMFri Dec 11 1987Which manufacturer?
217.06PBA::WOODTue Dec 15 1987I was a teenage pin cheater (reformed)
218.0VINO::DZIEDZICThu Dec 17 1987Pop bumper pooped out
219.02VINO::DZIEDZICWed Dec 23 1987Tempest HV transformers
221.03JENEVR::CHRISTENSENMon Dec 28 1987need repair man
222.04VINO::DZIEDZICTue Dec 29 1987Bally video game manuals
223.04VINO::DZIEDZICThu Dec 31 1987Deguassing video game monitors
224.019CSCMA::EINESMon Jan 04 1988Schematic for ASTEROIDS?
225.011DELNI::MHARRISTue Jan 05 1988WICO's catolog is now available.
227.04VINO::DZIEDZICTue Jan 12 1988"Perfect" Arcade
228.0ISTG::ROTHSTEINFri Jan 15 1988Antique Pinball Machines
229.04DELNI::MHARRISMon Jan 18 1988Good deals?
231.02HIBOB::KRANTZThu Jan 21 1988Nintendo hardware question
232.02--UnknownUser--Sun Jan 24 1988Gottleib roto-wheels that don't roto
233.03CSCMA::EINESTue Feb 02 1988STAR CASTLE weirdness
236.09VINO::DZIEDZICMon Feb 15 1988Black Knight backglass wanted
237.04VAXWRK::INGRAMFri Feb 19 1988What's Fun World doing with their damaged machines?
239.011GRNDAD::STONETue Feb 23 1988Rowe auction of 24-Apr-88
241.024CSSE::MILLERThu Mar 03 1988Post dealers/sources here!
242.04PLDVAX::RWHITETue Mar 08 19881942?????
247.05ISTG::CORAKSun Mar 20 1988Need ADVICE on buying pins
248.03VINO::DZIEDZICWed Mar 23 1988Peach State Distributing
251.01VAXWRK::NEEDLETue Mar 29 1988Need schematics for Defender, Rip-off, and Eagle
252.01NEURON::MARTINMon Apr 04 1988HELP finding Foosball table handles!?
253.01SRFSUP::MORRISThu Apr 21 1988CHEXX
256.03VIDEO::GRAHAMTue Apr 26 1988Need repair person in Worc. area
258.09NEURON::MARTINMon May 02 1988New pin: Cyclone
259.026NEURON::MARTINMon May 02 1988Where is the BEST arcade?!?!
264.03FIVE::ARMSTRONGMon May 16 1988Foosball Fanatics?
265.03VINO::DZIEDZICMon May 23 1988Black Knight loses voice/sounds
269.06ARGUS::STAPLETONTue May 24 1988Looking for QIX video game
272.02--UnknownUser--Thu May 26 1988Space Odyssey E.M.
273.01VINO::DZIEDZICFri May 27 1988Oscilloscope wanted
277.05DELNI::MHARRISWed Jun 22 1988KONAMI's has a REAL LIFE (?) video coming...
279.01DELNI::MHARRISTue Jul 05 1988Going price for OUT RUN?
280.01RSTS32::HUNTTue Jul 05 1988Time Machine Pinball Bought!
281.04ATSE::VMILLERTue Jul 05 1988Wanted - Firepower Manual
286.04STAR::BANKSFri Jul 08 1988Wanted: Crystal Castles and maybe some advice
287.09TALLIS::HOGANFri Jul 08 1988Where to find "Space Misson" pinball game ?
288.07VINO::DZIEDZICMon Jul 11 1988Coin-op parts supplier
289.012CSSE::WARDMon Jul 11 1988Bally ho
291.0VINO::DZIEDZICWed Jul 13 1988Insure your collection
292.01RDGCSS::SAUNDERSWed Jul 13 1988UK pin wanted /?to US's
293.03ATSE::VMILLERWed Jul 13 1988Multiple ROM Selector
295.01NEURON::MARTINSun Jul 17 1988Angle of playfield on pins?
297.03MPGS::CRONINWed Jul 20 1988Pinball Machine & Advice Needed
298.01LOWLIF::DAVISMon Jul 25 19881973 Triple Action: Any value?
299.03TALLIS::YARDTue Jul 26 1988poor mute Q*bert
300.03LOWLIF::DAVISSun Jul 31 1988Help needed with Black Knight
302.01GRAMPS::MUSHOVICMon Aug 08 1988Where is Rowe?
303.0DELNI::MHARRISThu Aug 11 1988I Saw three new machines
305.02COBRA::VAVRUSKAWed Aug 31 1988Video Conversion Legality
306.01VINO::DZIEDZICFri Sep 02 1988Pinball gripes
307.07MERLAN::GREENTue Sep 06 1988Joker Poker score displays
312.01DSSDEV::STONEThu Sep 22 1988Pinball makeing a comeback over videos!
313.01VINO::DZIEDZICThu Sep 22 1988Rewind old coils
316.0DELNI::MHARRISMon Oct 17 1988GERMANY- wow!
318.04LEVEL::MODICATue Oct 25 1988Bronco: Ball 1 forever
321.02VINO::DZIEDZICMon Nov 07 1988Weak Williams pop bumpers?
322.01COBRA::VAVRUSKATue Nov 08 1988They used to seem harder.
323.05SMURF::DIBBLEWed Nov 16 1988Marv. Music Machines
325.02DELNI::MHARRISMon Nov 21 1988Australia has it now!
328.02DELNI::MHARRISWed Nov 23 1988CD based home video games seen in Tokyo.
329.09BOLT::MINOWWed Nov 23 1988Simple repairs (I hope) needed...
330.020MPGS::CRONINMon Nov 28 1988Novice needs help and advice!
331.010LEVEL::REITHMon Nov 28 1988Table version of 'Pede - Pros, Cons and Where
333.07ATSE::VMILLERMon Nov 28 1988"Black Knight" is a pretty complicated game, eh?
334.0SMURF::DIBBLEWed Nov 30 1988Faretta Music & Vending, Concord NH
335.02VINO::DZIEDZICSun Dec 04 1988Kiddietime Auction Dec 3
337.0ASD::SPACHTMon Dec 05 1988A Good Pinball Repair Person
339.0VINO::DZIEDZICMon Dec 05 1988Table/cabaret model vids
340.03LEVEL::REITHTue Dec 06 1988Diode data info requested
345.02GENRAL::BALDRIDGEWed Dec 07 1988Opinions Requested
346.01VINO::DZIEDZICWed Dec 07 1988Pin/vid combos
347.02DELNI::MHARRISThu Dec 08 1988New lamps for old... new lamps for old...
348.05ALIEN::BEZEREDIWed Dec 14 1988problem with BLACK HOLE re-entry
352.01HANNAH::REITHTue Dec 20 1988Machine Conversions
353.03BOLT::MINOWMon Dec 26 1988Choosing the right bulb
354.09GRAMPS::MUSHOVICWed Dec 28 1988The trouble with STAR TREK
356.05ATSE::DMILLERThu Dec 29 1988Galaxy pinball game by Stern
357.0COBRA::VAVRUSKAWed Jan 04 1989Big Betty's Truck Stop
360.06DSSDEV::FORDMon Jan 09 1989Pop bumber sensitivity
361.02VINO::DZIEDZICWed Jan 11 1989Stargate vid?
364.013ANT::YINGThu Jan 19 1989Beginner need help in buying a pinball
365.07JGO::APETERSFri Jan 20 1989Xevious Xuper Xeat???
366.015CANYON::LEEDSFri Jan 20 1989 Pachinko Machines anywhere ??
367.0VINO::DZIEDZICMon Jan 23 1989Williams blows solenoid fuse
368.04VINO::DZIEDZICMon Jan 23 1989Useful fuse substitute
369.0WHEEL::DONHAMWed Feb 01 1989Looking for a SiniStar
372.02VINO::DZIEDZICMon Feb 13 1989Stargate RAM failure
376.04SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Feb 27 1989Compare Workstation and Arcade Display Capabilities
377.0ANT::YINGMon Feb 27 1989Need Help in Finding Pinball in LA
378.01--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 02 1989Williams MAGNA-SAVE
379.09VINO::DZIEDZICMon Mar 06 1989Asteroids (monitor) schematic wanted
382.010FDCVThu Mar 09 1989Rap..Rap..Rap..Rap..Rap..
383.03DSSDEV::FORDTue Mar 14 1989Cleaning a pin -- where do I start?
384.0VINO::DZIEDZICWed Mar 15 1989Replace pinballs
388.02AITG::RAMSTADMon Mar 27 1989Questions from a new person
390.020AITG::RAMSTADTue Mar 28 1989Bulk purchases, anyone?
394.011CSSE::MILLERThu Mar 30 1989Auction at ROWE (23-Apr-89)
395.09PFLOYD::ROTHBERGWed Apr 05 1989New video games you've never seen . . .
396.0NERDS::BARRYWed Apr 05 1989pat hand Williams
398.02NERDS::BARRYSun Apr 09 1989auction tips
400.05VINO::DZIEDZICTue Apr 11 1989Bulk purchase hints
401.03VINO::DZIEDZICThu Apr 13 1989Stern connector problem
402.05FISCUS::PATENAUDETue Apr 18 1989Looking for a little MAGIC
403.08--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 18 1989Shipping machines???
407.04CADSYS::DIPACEWed May 03 1989Schematics to undo a hack for SOLAR-RIDE needed...
409.02WORDS::ALBINOMon May 08 1989Plunger in two pieces
410.01MINDER::HARRISCTue May 09 1989video soundtracks
412.04VINO::DZIEDZICFri May 12 1989WICO NJ branch problems
414.01GRAMPS::MUSHOVICTue May 16 1989Seeking STAR WARS parts
420.01CADSYS::SLATERMon May 29 1989Black Knight PROMs
421.08RAVEN1::K_STEVENSWed May 31 1989LET'S BRAG, O.K.?
422.0AITG::RAMSTADWed May 31 1989Williams HyperBall... Impossible to fix?
423.04--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 02 1989Williams EARTHSHAKER Pinball
424.023--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 02 1989Williams BLACK KNIGHT 2
425.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 02 1989Williams JOKERZ Pinball
426.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 02 1989Data East Time Machine Pinball
427.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 06 1989Data East pinball PLAYBOY
428.02AITG::RAMSTADWed Jun 07 1989Williams Swords of Fury Pinball
430.01SMURF::DIBBLEWed Jun 07 1989Wanted: Part for Williams machine
434.06CAPNET::BARKERTue Jun 20 1989Toobin anyone?
435.04GLDOA::FULLERThu Jun 22 1989Williams Space Mission
436.01VINO::DZIEDZICThu Jun 22 1989Williams "Honey" pin wanted
437.0GUCCI::HERBSat Jun 24 1989new sega game??
441.08ARGUS::PATENAUDEWed Jun 28 1989Shuffle Bowling anyone?
442.07--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 29 1989The joy of reconditioning or Should I pay someone else?
443.04ARGUS::PATENAUDEFri Jun 30 1989How much can these things eat?
444.01GRNDAD::STONEWed Jul 05 1989Restoring my '52 Gottlieb.
445.01CDR::BURKEWed Jul 05 1989WANTED - Antique Gumball and coinop machines
447.02WORDS::ALBINOMon Jul 10 1989All right, who's dream came true??
448.08CSC32::J_PARSONSMon Jul 10 1989Gottlieb 'Touchdown'
449.03SNELL::ALLENTue Jul 11 1989manufacturing differences
450.01HYDRA::GIBSONWed Jul 12 1989Gold Strike ??
451.012DSSDEV::FORDSat Jul 15 1989Help! Black Knight solenoids won't work...
452.010VINO::DZIEDZICSun Jul 16 1989Williams solenoid fuse blows
453.05JUPITR::CRONINMon Jul 17 1989Now what have I got myself into !!
456.041PFLOYD::ROTHBERGWed Jul 19 1989Gorgar questions ...
457.016PARITY::SORBIFri Jul 21 1989Help with a Joker Poker
458.012ATSE::VMILLERFri Jul 28 1989High Speed vs F-14 Tomcat - Opinions Wanted
459.08WFOV11::SPORBERTMon Jul 31 1989Hard Driving?
460.01KURMA::DMCGEACHIEMon Jul 31 1989looking for a pinball machine
461.04DASXPS::JEGREENMon Jul 31 1989Antique Pintables
463.019PFLOYD::ROTHBERGFri Aug 04 1989Tron
464.03AITG::RAMSTADMon Aug 07 1989I need a bridge rectifier...
465.02AITG::RAMSTADMon Aug 07 1989Williams Laser Cue problems...
467.0SALEM::DODAWed Aug 09 1989Sega Baseball
470.0REFINE::KUSun Aug 20 1989Galaxy Force II
471.07NEURON::MARTINFri Aug 25 1989Coke machines anyone??
473.02STOKES::ALLENMon Aug 28 1989'must' smell
474.01HAVOC::GREENWed Aug 30 1989BALLY COSMOS - repair advice
476.02GUESS::KLOCKSONThu Aug 31 1989looking for an all mechanical pinball machine
479.03SMURF::DIBBLEWed Sep 06 1989Upgrade Joust, Parts from Williams?
482.010YOUNG::YOUNGMon Sep 11 1989Refurbishing questions
483.06NITMOI::WITHERSMon Sep 11 1989Advice for pinball purchasing
484.01AITG::RAMSTADTue Sep 19 1989GORGAR sound board problems
485.01CVG::CAMPANELLAMon Sep 25 1989RIP-OFF questions/location?
486.01NUTLET::FRASHERMon Sep 25 1989ZAXXON schematics?
488.0CSCMA::FINIZIOMon Oct 02 1989Pop-A-Shot Help?
489.02CRVAX1::TANGMon Oct 02 1989BOWLING PIN
493.05DASXPS::JEGREENTue Oct 17 1989Williams Banzai Run
494.0CSSE::MILLERTue Oct 17 1989Rifle/Shooter (non-video) Note........
497.0LITE::J_PARSONSFri Oct 20 1989Pinball Championship in Houston?
498.04USWAV1::BARRYMon Oct 23 1989williams for sale
500.04DECXPS::JEGREENWed Oct 25 1989Heathkit/Brunswick pins ??
501.01REPAIR::TAYLORThu Oct 26 1989DEAD RED
505.07--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 31 1989Data East Monday Night Football
506.05--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 31 1989Williams Police Force
508.06--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 31 1989BALLY/williams/midway? back?
509.04YUPPY::MCINTYREMon Nov 06 1989Source in the UK ????
512.05BOSOX::JEGREENWed Nov 08 1989Tips for buying video games
515.0VINO::DZIEDZICMon Nov 13 1989Happy Birthday
522.09WORDS::ALBINOMon Nov 27 19892 auctions-Dec-2&3, 1989!
523.022AITG::RAMSTADMon Nov 27 1989Tempest video blown
524.0+169BOSOX::JEGREENMon Nov 27 1989Generic parts_wanted topic
525.01FSDEV1::DLORADITCHTue Nov 28 1989TANK blows fuse
526.05LEDS::FERRARIWed Nov 29 1989Star Wars schematics wanted
534.07VINO::DZIEDZICMon Dec 11 1989Removing playfield mylar
536.03AITG::RAMSTADTue Dec 12 1989Joust machine broken...need docs and help...
537.013ARGUS::PATENAUDEWed Dec 13 1989Fixing SYSTEM I Gottliebs
538.032ARGUS::PATENAUDEWed Dec 13 1989Fixing BALLY/STERN pins
540.09DASXPS::JEGREENFri Dec 15 1989OFFICIAL Backglass Repair Note
544.0ARGUS::PATENAUDEFri Jan 05 1990PHENIX vid rising from the ashes
545.05ARGUS::PATENAUDEFri Jan 05 1990STAR WARS video fix.
546.030ARGUS::PATENAUDEFri Jan 05 1990Fixing ATARI X-Y monitors
547.03CSC32::STAMSMon Jan 08 1990WANTED: Eight Ball Deluxe Docset
548.0LATOUR::DZIEDZICTue Jan 09 1990Need Laser Ball manual
549.01WAGON::DONHAMWed Jan 10 1990Help with odd circuit
553.013VINO::DZIEDZICSun Jan 14 1990Williams Troubleshooting Manual
556.0106AITG::RAMSTADMon Jan 15 1990Generic documentation needed
557.04NAVCOM::ARNOLDTue Jan 16 1990Atari Dig-Dug and Asteroids for sale (see 557.3)
566.011ARGUS::PATENAUDETue Jan 23 1990For Sale things from PATENAUDE
567.02--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 23 1990Dziedzic's Coinop Shop - best deals in town
569.03GRAMPS::MUSHOVICWed Jan 24 1990FOR SALE by Mushovic
570.0CSSE::MILLERThu Jan 25 1990Stun Runner "Bug"
571.04--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 26 1990New Williams Pin - WHIRLWIND
572.08AITG::RAMSTADFri Jan 26 1990For Sale by Bob Ramstad
575.047HANNAH::REITHMon Feb 05 1990I'm looking for....AKA: Games Wanted
577.0--UnknownUser--Sun Feb 11 1990Williams Pin BAD CATS
578.012VINO::DZIEDZICThu Feb 22 1990Why no interest in bulk purchases?
582.03HLFSTue Feb 27 1990Flight 2
583.04NETMAN::SEGERTue Feb 27 1990SHANOBI
584.011DECXPS::JEGREENWed Feb 28 1990Restoring/Repainting Gumball Machines
585.02CSSE::MILLERMon Mar 05 1990The Official "Murphy Strikes Again" Note
587.01CADSYS::SLATERMon Mar 12 1990Value of 1939 Chicago Machine Pin?
588.012WLDWST::CASPERTue Mar 20 1990Williams's TAXI??
590.04WHEEL::DONHAMFri Mar 23 1990Let's design a pinball machine!
591.018WHELIN::TASCHEREAUMon Mar 26 1990Magic problems
592.07WELKIN::ADOERFERTue Mar 27 1990Top Pin of the 8
593.02CNTROL::KAPPSun Apr 01 1990Need help fixing Wurlitzer amp
594.01WELKIN::ADOERFERMon Apr 02 1990Williams Pinball Rollergames
595.04WELKIN::ADOERFERMon Apr 02 1990Bally pinball Pool Sharks
596.0GRNDAD::STONEMon Apr 09 1990Need help with Space Invaders.
597.0CSSE::MILLERMon Apr 09 1990KLAX (the video game)
598.07--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 10 1990CMIA auction at Rowe, 2
599.0CNTROL::MCKEONFri Apr 13 1990light up~
601.01WELKIN::ADOERFERWed Apr 25 1990Old usenet rec.games.video posting?
603.03NEURON::MARTINFri Apr 27 1990Colorado Auction May 13 in Longmont
604.01CSC32::J_MANNINGSat Apr 28 1990Disco Fever pin
605.0NEURON::MARTINWed May 02 1990Real coinop store in Colorado Springs!!!
606.0WELKIN::ADOERFERWed May 02 1990Bally in the USSR
607.01VINO::DZIEDZICMon May 07 1990Interesting shuffle alley variant
609.02WHELIN::TASCHEREAUMon May 14 1990Source for Stern Manuals?
611.0VINO::DZIEDZICFri May 18 1990Cash Register parts
612.0LEDDEV::CALABRIATue May 22 1990Own a classic...
613.06GRAMPS::MUSHOVICWed May 23 1990SMASH T.V.
614.06STAR::VILETTFri May 25 1990Pengo?
615.03ROYALT::FGZTue May 29 1990For Sale, Fred's note
616.0CSSE::MILLERMon Jun 18 1990Phantom of the Opera (Data East pin)
617.012WORDS::ALBINOWed Jun 20 1990199
618.019WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Jun 29 1990Back to the Future (Data East Pin)
619.04WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Jun 29 1990Vegas (Gottlieb/Premier Pin)
620.02WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Jun 29 1990Radical (New Bally Pin)
623.03TOLKIN::LUKOWSKIThu Jul 26 1990Generic monitor troubleshooting
624.013TOLKIN::LUKOWSKIFri Aug 03 1990Phoenix - (Williams pin) is dead.
625.0WELKIN::ADOERFERSun Aug 05 1990Pinball reviews
627.0DECXPS::JEGREENFri Aug 24 1990E.M. Repair manuals available
628.01WELKIN::ADOERFERTue Sep 18 1990REC.GAMES.PINBALL being discussed on usenet news.groups
630.05WELKIN::ADOERFERTue Sep 25 1990Q: Play tip: DEFENDER REVERSE button
631.02BOSOX::JEGREENWed Sep 26 1990Benson's FINAL auction
632.03CNTROL::HAGANMon Oct 08 1990What if your backglass is beyond repair?
633.03CSSE::MILLERMon Oct 08 1990Moderator Vanishes, film at 11:
634.01CURRNT::POWELLThu Oct 18 1990UK suppliers sought
635.02SHALOT::LANPHEARMon Oct 22 1990Sounds wrong and drop out from PAC MAN Pinball
636.030STAR::DZIEDZICWed Oct 24 1990Geographic registry of COINOP noters?
637.03WELKIN::ADOERFERThu Oct 25 1990Dr. Dude (pin) (Bally)
638.06WELKIN::ADOERFERThu Oct 25 1990Riverboat Gambler (williams) (pin)
639.06WELKIN::ADOERFERThu Oct 25 1990The Simpsons (Data East's new pin)
640.0WORDS::ALBINOMon Oct 29 1990Anyone know rules for Build up?
641.015DECXPS::JEGREENMon Oct 29 1990Williams S/S Games & CPU levels
642.01SCOBIE::KKLOSEMon Oct 29 1990cheep source for vid/pin parts
643.02STAR::DZIEDZICTue Oct 30 1990Electro Home monitor capacitor kits
644.01GRAMPS::MUSHOVICTue Oct 30 1990Colorado Suppliers
645.03VAXWRK::HARNEYThu Nov 01 1990For Sale - Harney
646.01AKOV13::MUNSEYTue Nov 13 1990Transporting Pinball Machines
647.08IAMOK::ALLENDOERFERMon Nov 19 1990Dec 2nd 199
648.01MASADA::DONAHUEMon Nov 26 1990Asteroids Cocktail Table for sale
649.03MKFSA::PATENAUDEThu Nov 29 1990We all must screw up once in a while.....
650.03WAGON::MAGIK::DONHAMThu Nov 29 1990Lost My Marble
651.0LEDS::DIPINTOLFri Nov 30 1990Stories anyone??
653.013TLE::FORDWed Dec 12 1990Funhouse (pin)
654.01TLE::FORDWed Dec 12 1990Air Inferno (video)
655.0FREEBE::REAUMEFri Dec 14 1990POLICE FORCE - Williams pin
657.0STAR::DZIEDZICFri Dec 21 1990ElectroHome (USA) Limited number
658.06BOSOX::JEGREENWed Dec 26 1990HOT SHOTS Retail Store
659.0AIMHI::BARRYWed Dec 26 1990for sale Gottlieb circus
660.01WELKIN::ADOERFERMon Jan 07 1991Anyone translate German to English?
662.04EPIK::D_LATHAMWed Jan 09 1991Renting games for a party?
663.0GUESS::RAMSTADWed Jan 16 1991Tron died when a customer walked in...
664.02GUESS::RAMSTADTue Jan 22 1991Tempest controller died
665.0ICS::BUCKLEYTue Jan 22 1991William's Mousin' Around
666.017PENUTS::DSTJOHNWed Jan 23 1991Looking for Crystal Castles
667.03TRLIAN::VIDIOT::PATENAUDEWed Jan 23 1991Source for ATARI documentation...
668.02SALEM::DODAFri Jan 25 1991Missile Command
669.07SCOBIE::KKLOSEWed Jan 30 1991Help black hole set up's
670.01GRAMPS::MUSHOVICThu Jan 31 1991IT LIVES!!
671.01CSS::FRASERMon Feb 04 1991Pins Date and Function listing
673.0WELKIN::ADOERFERTue Feb 12 1991Desert Storm pin?
674.04JUPITR::BJUBINVILLEWed Feb 13 1991Looking for help...
678.03CHIRPA::GIBSONMon Feb 25 1991Do your flippers hum?
679.02BONNET::HEYERTue Feb 26 1991Wurlitzer address ?
680.0CTHQ2::ALLENDOERFERTue Feb 26 1991Next wave of pins
681.0CTHQ2::ALLENDOERFERWed Feb 27 1991Clearing out. What's your pleasure?
682.04GUESS::RAMSTADThu Feb 28 1991Two Bit Score Williams Test Chip?
683.01LUNER::MEANEYThu Feb 28 1991New Store has Jukeboxes/coke machines etc
684.01--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 14 1991THINGS FOR SALE: DAN CRONIN
685.06CSC32::MCCLOSKEYThu Mar 21 1991battlezone video problem...
686.0JETSAM::WILBURMon Mar 25 1991Gaunlet machine for sale.
687.0WAGON::WHEEL::DONHAMMon Mar 25 1991Wham! Crash! DE's new Checkpoint
688.09CTHQ1::ALLENDOERFERWed Mar 27 1991CMIA auction 4/14/91 at Rowe
689.0CTHQ2::ALLENDOERFERMon Apr 01 1991Pop bumpers pulled in when game plays
690.04--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 03 1991FOR SALE - BRIAN SIART
691.02FCOIS::BERTHENETThu Apr 11 1991Peter Pan infos?
692.06WORDY::ROCHFri Apr 12 1991Wanted: Coin-op Table Hockey
693.02GLDOA::MCMULLENSat Apr 13 1991Wanted: ROCK-OLA Juke Box Parts!
694.063TOKNOW::METCALFEWed Apr 24 1991The Repairing Troubles of Mark Metcalfe's Pinball Machines
695.02--UnknownUser--Wed May 01 1991Mini-mini-mini Bride of Pinbot tournament
696.06STAR::DZIEDZICWed May 01 1991General gripe on pingame quality
697.02WAGON::MAGIK::DONHAMTue May 07 1991Match City
699.04WAGON::MAGIK::DONHAMMon May 13 1991BALLY Gilligan's Island
700.0TRLIAN::VIDIOT::PATENAUDEWed May 22 1991PINBALL "The LURE of the Silver Ball"
702.07STAR::DZIEDZICTue May 28 1991Williams flipper tuning
703.025RAGTOP::SCHMIDTMon Jun 10 1991Video Parts Supply
704.03WHELIN::TASCHEREAUWed Jun 26 1991for sale by taschereau
705.09TOKNOW::METCALFETue Jul 16 1991Parts Ordering Piggyback
707.04LNDRFR::ADOERFERTue Jul 23 1991Time Traveler
708.0WAGON::MAGIK::DONHAMWed Jul 24 1991Time Traveler
710.01TOKNOW::METCALFEFri Jul 26 1991Wanted: Palm plate for a 1973 Gottlieb pinball machine.
711.05PINBOT::ERVINFri Jul 26 1991Space Invaders Question...
712.012WAGON::WAGON::DONHAMSat Jul 27 1991High Score Initials...What's Yours?
713.05BOSOX::JEGREENFri Aug 02 1991Pinfest '91 , Aug. 18
714.06SCOBIE::KKLOSEFri Aug 09 1991star wars driving me crazy...
715.04LEDS::SKRALYFri Aug 09 1991Novice questions
716.0OPAMP::VMILLERFri Aug 16 1991Wanted - Cocktail table vid(s)
717.09SOLVIT::FRASERTue Aug 20 1991PINBOT comments wanted
718.02LJOHUB::LOWEWed Aug 21 1991Stuck on a problem, Card Whiz E-M
719.0WAGON::WAGON::DONHAMWed Aug 21 1991Terminator2
720.0AIMHI::BARRYMon Aug 26 1991Looking foa a pin
721.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERThu Sep 05 1991Gottlieb's Class of 1812
722.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERThu Sep 05 1991The Party Zone
723.06LNDRFR::ADOERFERThu Sep 05 1991Data East Pin - BATMAN
724.04DVOPAS::PONYX::CHANDLERThu Sep 05 1991Gas Pump Restoration ?
726.0NEURON::MARTINFri Sep 06 1991Another Colo Auction by Pacific
727.02SAHQ::ROSENKRANZThu Sep 12 1991Mata Hari advice needed
728.03STAR::DZIEDZICTue Sep 17 1991Pinball mags pay for articles?
729.02KISHOR::BORREROWed Sep 18 1991** PACMAN **
730.03CHIRPA::GIBSONMon Sep 23 1991What's a fried coil/solenoid?
731.01--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 26 1991GRIDIRON WHAT'S IT WORTH
732.014TOKNOW::METCALFEWed Oct 02 1991How long are pinball rubbers supposed to last?
733.04CSCMA::FINIZIOMon Oct 07 1991Warlords help needed
734.05TOKNOW::METCALFETue Oct 08 1991Wanted: Asteroids machine
735.04TOKNOW::METCALFEThu Oct 10 1991In search of a solenoid coil
736.01SAHQ::LUBERWed Oct 16 1991Pinball machines -- what are your favorites?
737.02TOKNOW::METCALFETue Oct 22 1991Williams Seven Up
738.03TOLKIN::LUKOWSKITue Oct 22 1991Win a Williams HIGH SPEED
739.012LNDRFR::ADOERFERFri Nov 08 1991C.M.I.A Auction 12/8/91 11:3
740.013HANNAH::DOUCETTEMon Nov 11 1991Wanted: Feedback on an arcade video game idea.
741.01FURFCE::LNDRFR::ADOERFERTue Nov 12 1991Next Midway Manufacturing (Bally) pin?
742.04SOLVIT::FRASERMon Nov 18 1991For Sale/Wanted: by Andy Fraser
743.02LEVERS::HALLOWELLThu Nov 21 1991Old Bally 'Bingo' style machines ?
745.010TOKNOW::METCALFETue Nov 26 1991Gottlieb Fun Park rescued from the trash
746.01FURFCE::WELKIN::ADOERFERWed Nov 27 1991The 2nd Semi-Annual Pinball Poll from R.G.P
747.04AIMHI::BARRYWed Nov 27 1991bally's baseball arcade game
748.01STAR::DZIEDZICTue Dec 03 1991Source for schematics & etc.
749.04ISLNDS::GRAHNThu Dec 05 1991coin-op pooltable restoration
750.0HPSRAD::BRUCKERTMon Dec 09 1991Goldwings for sale
751.019PCOJCT::THOMASMon Dec 09 1991a question of amp needs
752.012SASE::SZABOTue Dec 17 1991Need Joker Poker repaired soon...
753.02TOLKIN::LUKOWSKIWed Dec 18 1991Auction this weekend: 12/22/91
754.03CHIRPA::GIBSONMon Dec 30 1991Flattening Playfield Plastics
756.0BUFFER::KACZMAREKWed Jan 08 1992Hudson-Mass, PINS Parts Person & More
757.06CHIRPA::GIBSONMon Jan 20 1992Skee Ball anyone?
758.03ESMAIL::HALLOWELLThu Jan 23 1992Pinballs as an "Investment" (?)
760.02ATSE::VMILLERWed Feb 05 1992For Sale by Vernon Miller
761.01LEDS::SKRALYThu Feb 06 1992Anyone have High Speed schematics?
762.010DTIF::STONEMon Feb 17 1992Have question on Space Invaders video.
763.013SUPER::AUBREY::DONHAMWed Feb 26 1992The Addams Family
764.0--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 02 1992For Sale - Bryan Mannila
765.06LEDS::DIPINTOLTue Mar 03 1992For Sale by Len DiPinto
766.012SCOBIE::KKLOSETue Mar 03 1992star trek HV problem
767.01--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 10 1992Bally pins for sale
768.03XNOGOV::GAFri Mar 13 1992Where to play in Northern Mass/Southern NH ?
772.04NYEM1::THOMASWed Mar 25 1992Comments on EM Titles
773.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERSat Apr 04 1992Data East Pin - Lethal Weapon 3
775.02GAMGEE::ROBRWed Apr 08 1992Sega R-36
776.03LNDRFR::ADOERFERThu Apr 09 1992CMIA Auction May 3, 1992 at Mondial
777.07TOKNOW::METCALFEThu Apr 16 1992Operation: Thunder
778.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERThu Apr 23 1992getaway at Funworld
779.01CHIRPA::GIBSONThu Apr 30 1992Old Bowlers
780.04WMOIS::BOUDREAU_CFri May 15 1992TV's in a vid, can it be done???
781.01GRNDAD::STONEFri May 29 1992Thanks for the memories...
782.06BUSY::SWANEYTue Jun 02 1992How much for a Bally's "Spirit of 76"?
785.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERFri Jun 26 1992DDIF images of pins
786.0KALI::ALBINOMon Jul 06 1992spoilers for Future Spa?
787.05SUPER::DBLDOG::DONHAMWed Jul 08 1992For Sale by Perry Donham
789.04CHIRPA::GIBSONMon Aug 03 1992To ground or not?
790.01NEURON::MARTINTue Aug 11 1992CD juke cheap?
791.0HANNAH::DOUCETTEFri Aug 14 1992JAMMA harness spec?
792.04AIMHI::BARRYThu Aug 20 1992next auction??
793.03WMOIS::BOUDREAU_CMon Aug 24 1992For Sale / Wanted by Cary Boudreau
794.01LANDO::ANJOORIANThu Aug 27 1992Anyone heard of this one?
795.05LNDRFR::ADOERFERFri Aug 28 1992Where have all the new games gone?
797.04LNDRFR::ADOERFERMon Sep 14 1992New England Pinfest '92
798.02SCOBIE::KKLOSEWed Sep 16 1992info needed on "countdown" pin
799.03GLDOA::FULLERMon Sep 28 1992Wire frame rails popping out
800.01TRLIAN::VIDIOT::PATENAUDEThu Oct 01 1992How flippers really work...
801.01SCOBIE::KKLOSEWed Oct 14 1992stern "meteor" pin help needed
802.0STAR::DZIEDZICSun Oct 18 1992Haunted House flickering displays/aux lamp driver
803.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERWed Oct 21 1992COINOP indexed in VTX
804.0SUPER::DBLDOG::DONHAMThu Oct 22 1992Williams Fish Tales
805.05MADMAG::NORRISTue Oct 27 1992Wanted: EM Pinball Machine
806.02TOKNOW::METCALFEWed Oct 28 1992Wanted: Defender vid
807.0WSPBU::SAMARASFri Oct 30 1992Wanted: Old table style vid
808.0--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 06 1992Looking for pinball machine
809.06LNDRFR::ADOERFERMon Nov 09 1992Next Pins
810.09RTL::DMULLENTue Nov 10 1992Wanted: "I'm not sure" Pinball Machine (Gorgar)
811.09RTL::DMULLENTue Nov 10 1992Dold Amusement, Nashua NH
812.026LNDRFR::ADOERFERTue Nov 10 1992CMIA Auction - Dec 6th, 1992
813.07NOVA::ARNOLDMon Nov 30 1992Bally's "Black Rose"
814.06LOSER::BEZEREDITue Dec 01 1992Parts for Sale
815.01CSC32::TSAKOPULOSSat Dec 05 1992VIDEO Games date/function list
817.04LNDRFR::ADOERFERFri Dec 11 1992Blinking digits in Williams Pin Displays (1985ish)
818.0SONATA::SADLERFri Dec 11 1992Pinball wanted
819.0RTL::DMULLENMon Dec 14 1992Pinball History...
820.0MADMAG::NORRISTue Dec 15 1992Alfred E. Neuman Slot Machine
821.02MSDOA::SCHMIDTThu Dec 24 1992Need some advice on a pinball repair
822.012MADMAG::NORRISMon Dec 28 1992Another Sick Machine
823.0RUSURE::VMILLERSun Jan 03 1993Wanted - Missile Command to do some troubleshooting
824.03DANGER::SEIGELWed Jan 06 1993Wanted: Black Knight
825.01TFH::CRONINMon Jan 25 1993New England Pinfest 1993
827.0TAPE::LKLWed Feb 10 1993For Sale - Foosball table
828.015FREEBE::REAUMEThu Feb 11 1993Williams WHITE WATER (pin)
830.04KDX2Tue Feb 16 1993Star Wars (Data East)
831.02LNDRFR::ADOERFERTue Feb 16 1993How Lyman won PAPA 3
832.01CSLALL::LEVINE_JMon Feb 22 1993SLOT LOT
833.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERFri Feb 26 1993Motion w/sound F14 Tomcat
834.02CSLALL::JEGREENMon Mar 01 1993Blasting/copying game roms
835.07WMOIS::BOUDREAU_CTue Mar 09 1993Fixing Atari vids (general)
836.01LNDRFR::ADOERFERTue Mar 23 1993Results of 3rd pinball poll
837.03BROWNY::BROWNY::DONHAMSun Mar 28 1993Bullwinkle, Strreet Fighter II at FW
838.0LNDRFR::ADOERFERMon Apr 05 1993USENET pinball feature survey
839.02NARFVX::FRANCINIFri Apr 09 1993Looking for an "Eight Ball Deluxe"...
840.030BROWNY::BROWNY::DONHAMSat Apr 10 1993Pins at Funworld (Nashua NH)
842.014YIELD::HESTERWed Apr 21 1993Machine repair where??
843.01AOKET::KROENINGFri Apr 23 1993
845.07LNDRFR::ADOERFERWed May 12 1993Pinball - Bally - Creature From the Black Lagoon
846.03LNDRFR::ADOERFERWed May 12 1993The state of Pinball - 1993
848.01RTL::COWANMon May 17 1993XENON for sale
849.02LNDRFR::ADOERFERMon May 17 1993
850.012AIMHI::BARRYMon May 24 1993bumper is dull
851.05LNDRFR::ADOERFERWed Jun 02 1993Bally Pinball TWILIGHT ZONE
852.02ASDS::WHITEFri Jun 04 1993Williams DEFENDER for sale!
853.03AIMHI::BARRYSat Jun 05 1993i lost the keys
854.0MADMAG::NORRISMon Jun 28 1993Wanted: Baseball Game
855.011CSC32::J_BALOGHTue Jul 06 1993Burning Raven
856.020AIMHI::BARRYWed Jul 14 1993black hole
857.0CSLALL::JEGREENMon Jul 19 1993Framingham Amusement Center for sale ?
858.02CSLALL::HARRINGTON_RTue Jul 20 1993NBA Jam
859.04RTL::DMULLENWed Jul 21 1993Pinball Plastic
860.03AIMHI::BARRYThu Jul 22 1993cannot reset high score
861.01BPSOF::KISSPALFri Jul 23 1993My high score...
862.02WELKIN::ADOERFERTue Jul 27 1993Pinball Expo '93 schedule of events
863.0SALEM::DODAWed Jul 28 1993For Sale/wanted by Doda
864.034BROWNY::DBLDOG::DONHAMTue Aug 24 1993Tournament discussion
865.0DECC::MULLENWed Aug 25 1993For sale/Wanted by Dan Mullen
866.01LEDS::FERRARIWed Aug 25 1993Sit-down Star Wars Game for sale
867.02KDX2Wed Aug 25 1993Microsoft Arcade
868.08REDVET::LUKOWSKIWed Aug 25 1993Williams Troubleshooting anyone?
869.0FMAJOR::KROENINGTue Sep 07 1993Atari..Space Riders pinball back glass
870.0AIMHI::BARRYTue Sep 14 1993pin ball machine for sale
871.02WR2FOR::HARRIS_MATue Sep 14 1993PC-Based, "Eight-Ball Deluxe" and "Fun House"
872.03LNDRFR::ADOERFERTue Sep 21 1993Indianna Jones (williams pin)
873.01PKHUB3::BROOKSTue Sep 28 1993The Last Action Hero. (Data East)
874.0SALEM::WESTOVERTue Oct 05 1993Wanted: Williams Flippers
875.01POLAR::LOWThu Oct 07 1993Scores????
876.0STAR::DZIEDZICMon Oct 11 1993Prices from Brookline coin-op and related auction 1
877.04MASTR::DIBBLEMon Oct 25 1993Wanted: Star Wars game
879.08FURFCE::WELKIN::ADOERFERWed Oct 27 1993CMIA Auction Sunday Dec 5, 1993 Norwood, MA
880.014CHEFS::SAMOSA::scarrWed Nov 10 1993Space Invaders Pin - advice please
881.0POLAR::LOWThu Nov 11 1993Twilight Zone
882.07THPPT::LAPINEMon Nov 15 1993F14 flashlamp difficulties
883.05PKHUB1::BROOKSTue Nov 16 1993Networkable Video Games
884.05--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 17 1993which would you choose
885.017TOOK::SPRINKLEMon Nov 22 1993Is dead STAR TREK worth anything
886.02SUBSYS::SCHNAREThu Dec 02 1993Mortal Kombat II !!!!!
888.01FURFCE::LNDRFR::ADOERFERWed Dec 22 1993Acton Bowl - Arcade in MA.
889.08WOTVAX::TAYLORRThu Jan 13 1994Help - New Star Trek Pin
891.03KELVIN::ALLENTue Jan 18 1994amusement devices ?
892.02STAR::HSHUBSFri Jan 21 1994Mappy
893.0CRIME::BIJAOUIFri Jan 28 19948-Ball Deluxe: any opinion ?
895.0854797::BOERENTue Feb 08 1994Coin-up Polls
896.054797::GOUWELOOSWed Feb 09 1994Galaga/Gaplus Anyone ??
897.04WMOIS::BOUDREAU_CWed Feb 09 1994New Aerosmith vid/pin???
898.01CSC32::J_BALOGHFri Mar 11 1994raiden II?
899.03DECC::MULLENFri Mar 25 1994Tommy Pin
900.01COMET::SOCORROSun Apr 03 1994"Terminator-Rampage!"
901.074LEDS::MUSHOVICFri Apr 29 1994BULK BUY 3 - The time has come!
902.06LEDS::MUSHOVICMon May 02 1994A fix for problem color Atari XYs?
903.01UNIFIX::DIBBLEMon May 02 1994Wanted: Star Wars
905.01NOVA::ARNOLDFri May 06 1994Bally "XENON" for sale...
906.03REDVET::LUKOWSKITue May 31 1994For Sale by Jim Lukowski
907.01SUBPAC::SKALSKIThu Jun 16 1994Wanted asteroids etc.
908.01SUBPAC::SKALSKITue Jun 21 1994gameroom tips please
909.02ELIS::GOUWELOOSWed Jun 22 1994Looking for a Pin....
910.01ELWOOD::NOBREGAFri Jul 01 1994Gottleib King Pin For Sale
911.07SUBPAC::SKALSKITue Jul 05 1994Defender Vid: Help
913.04WMOIS::BOUDREAU_CFri Jul 08 1994'94 Pinball Expo Where/When
914.04WASHDC::PAGANOMon Jul 18 1994Calling Mid-Atlantic Pinners
915.07FURFCE::LNDRFR::ADOERFERMon Jul 18 1994Welcome Russ
917.01EMAJOR::KROENINGTue Aug 02 1994Star Wars
918.09STRATA::GRIMESWed Aug 03 1994Pin/Vid help please
919.05DECC::MULLENTue Sep 13 1994Misc for sale
920.0IRNBRU::PFYFEThu Sep 22 1994Looking for mags
921.0--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 03 1994Williams
922.0STOWOA::MCGINNISMon Oct 17 1994Miami Heat pin and arcade games for sale
923.01NETCAD::TTESTAFri Oct 21 19942 Antique PARKING METERS - $35 each/bo
924.0RHETT::LINCEWed Nov 09 1994WANTED: TEMPEST vid
925.09FURFCE::LNDRFR::ADOERFERFri Dec 02 1994Auction NECO 12/4/94
927.0RANGER::REITHThu Dec 15 1994Internet resources for coin op info
928.09TOKNOW::METCALFEMon Dec 19 1994Mark Metcalfe's Goodbye note
929.05ASABET::DERAMOTue Dec 20 1994Bally Air Aces
930.04SNLVMon Jan 16 1995HELP:NEW playfield 8 ball deluxe
931.06WASHDC::PAGANOThu Jan 19 1995Troubleshooting heat problem
932.02TOKNOW::METCALFETue Feb 21 1995Gottlieb Jungle Queen
933.01SEDPCW::PARKERTue Apr 18 1995Current video game conference?
934.0CHORDZ::KROENINGTue Apr 18 19951$ slot Machine for sale
935.0CHORDZ::KROENINGTue Apr 18 1995Pin Ball for Sale
936.03WELKIN::ADOERFERWed May 03 1995Auction
937.01STAR::DZIEDZICFri May 12 1995Wurlitzer model 4
939.0MKOTS3::BARRYWed May 31 1995pinball machine for sale
940.0EKLIPS::FIGLERMon Jun 12 1995Gyress Video Game For Sale
941.02APACHE::THOMSONThu Jun 15 1995Address for The Pinball Trader?
942.0CANTH::HARRINGTONFri Jun 23 1995Pinball for Sale
943.0BBOVMon Jul 10 1995coin op digital business??
944.02CRONIC::SHUBSWed Aug 02 1995Components
945.0LNDRFR::SYSTEMWed Aug 02 1995New England Action show
946.01GRIMLY::USPB_ROLLINSThu Aug 31 1995Elvira location?
947.0WELKIN::ADOERFERWed Sep 13 1995Now Playing
949.03PEAKS::TEWALTFri Sep 22 1995Colorado Coinop Collectors
950.03IRNBRU::PFYFEFri Sep 29 1995Classic arcade games
951.06IRNBRU::PFYFEMon Oct 16 1995NAMCO address
952.0IRNBRU::PFYFEMon Oct 23 1995Bomb Jack pinouts
953.01IRNBRU::PFYFETue Oct 31 1995How much for Asteroids / Star Wars
954.05IRNBRU::PFYFEWed Nov 08 1995Help needed with Hantarex 9
955.09WELKIN::ADOERFERMon Nov 27 1995CMIA Auction 12/3/95 at NECO
957.0IRNBRU::PFYFEMon Dec 18 1995Problem with Taito World Cup
958.0BIRDIE::JGREENWed Dec 27 1995Jeff Green's for sale note
959.0IRNBRU::PFYFEMon Jan 08 1996Help needed with Phoenix & Pleiads
960.01AWECIM::SCALZIThu Jan 11 1996FOR SALE
961.03APACHE::THOMSONThu Jan 18 1996Wanted: Haunted House or Banzai Run
962.0UNIFIX::DIBBLEMon Jan 22 1996FOR SALE: Dibble's Note
963.04SALEM::DODAThu Feb 08 1996Lunatic vendors I have known....
964.0CRONIC::SHUBSMon Feb 12 1996Cars, arcade equipment, etc.
965.0WELKIN::ADOERFERThu Feb 22 1996Premier advertiser
966.02RANGER::LICHTENBERGTue Apr 23 1996Free: Atari Tempest vid
967.0BALSAM::DRAPAWed May 08 1996WANTED: cheap or free games
968.0WELKIN::ADOERFERWed May 08 1996Pinball ROM loaners?
969.0BALSAM::DRAPAWed May 15 1996help with defender bootup/options
970.0BALSAM::DRAPAMon May 20 1996Help with a Defender
971.05--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 03 1996CMIA Auction 6/23/96
972.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 06 1996Jeff Green's For Sale Topic
973.01BALSAM::DRAPAWed Jun 12 1996defender schematics
974.01SALEM::MCCULLOCHTue Jun 25 1996Slot Machines Wanted
975.05WELKIN::ADOERFERWed Jul 10 1996Premier/Gottlieb pins out of business
976.05APACHE::THOMSONThu Jul 18 1996Looking for playfield plastics
977.0WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Jul 19 1996IRC chat with industry types in Pins
978.0WELKIN::ADOERFERFri Jul 19 1996The Vegas Show
979.0WELKIN::ADOERFERThu Sep 26 1996The WMS booth at AMOA
980.05354Mon Oct 21 1996Williams MPU bad?
981.01BUSY::BARBAThu Oct 31 1996Older Components for Pins?
982.08ASDG::JOHNSONFri Nov 08 1996Where to Buy?
983.0WELKIN::ADOERFERTue Nov 12 1996Pinball get-together?
984.02WELKIN::ADOERFERMon Nov 25 1996CMIA auction 12/8/96 at NECO
985.01SUBSYS::MUSHOVICTue Jan 14 1997Status of WICO
986.0 *+1RICKS::EMUMFORDThu Feb 06 1997WANTED note location?
987.0 *+1WELKIN::ADOERFERThu Apr 24 1997In the great vms purge...
988.0 *WMOIS::MANNILAWed May 14 1997Space Duel vid and Foosball for sale