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Conference cscma::schlumberger

Created:Mon Apr 29 1991
Last Modified:Tue May 16 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:29
Total number of notes:151
Number with bodies:0
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1.0CSCMA::OBRIENMon Apr 29 1991Introductory Note
2.0101CSCMA::ORRTue May 07 1991Technical Alerts, Schlumberger CAD/CAM
3.02CSCMA::ORRThu May 09 1991Replies to NOTE 2 Technical Alerts
4.0ASPII::CAULFIELDThu May 09 199124 X 7 Support Information
5.02CSCMA::ORRFri Jun 07 1991Schlumberger service Delivery plans.
6.02CSCMA::ORRThu Aug 01 1991FB622B - Monitronix Mon. Adj. see note 6.2
7.0CSCMA::ORRFri Aug 02 1991ECDLO Cover Letter for Monitronix Monitor Parts
8.01CSCMA::ORRMon Aug 05 1991US Area Info Center (LIBRARY) Support
9.01CSCMA::ORRTue Aug 06 1991FCO# 777 Monitronix Mon Vert Defl
10.01CSCMA::ORRWed Aug 07 1991FCO# 772 Monitronix Mon Molex Conn
11.01CSCMA::ORRThu Aug 08 1991FCO# 771 Monitronix Mon LVPS Failure
12.01CSCMA::ORRTue Aug 13 1991FCO# 77
13.01CSCMA::ORRTue Aug 13 1991FCO# 761 Monitronix Mon LVPS/Rev Y Defl
14.01CSCMA::ORRThu Aug 15 1991FCO# 779 Cipher Tape Autoload Problem
15.01CSCMA::ORRWed Oct 09 1991MVX/Dilog Disk Conversion Help Guide
16.02CSCMA::ORRMon Oct 28 1991CDC 972
17.0CSCMA::ORRTue Mar 03 1992Student Guide DD174
18.0CSCMA::ORRFri Apr 10 1992Schlumberger Terminal Hang Report Information
19.0CSCMA::ORRFri Apr 10 1992Monitronix Monitor New LVPS from UBEX
20.01CSCMA::ORRMon Jan 04 1993Applicon FUR1
21.0NECSC::DWORSACKTue Jan 12 1993Schlumberger support update...
22.0CSCMA::ORRWed Apr 21 1993Schlumberger/Applicon Transition Project Plan Rev. #3.
23.0NECSC::DWORSACKFri Oct 15 1993Dump/backup on Sun systems
24.02NECSC::DWORSACKFri Oct 15 1993Format and partition on Sun systems.
25.0NECSC::DWORSACKFri Oct 15 1993Restore disk data on Sun systems.
26.0CSCMA::ORRFri Oct 15 1993Fix for Alert #85 DELQA OPTION - DELQA MODE PROBLEM WITH GW479X
27.01VNABRW::NEUMAR_WTue Jan 11 1994ACC
28.0CSCMA::ORRTue Mar 29 1994VTG1
29.01GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERFri Jul 15 1994 32917-