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Conference cscma::art

Title:Automated Reasoning Tool
Created:Thu May 08 1986
Last Modified:Thu Jul 15 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:36
Total number of notes:106
Number with bodies:0
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1.0INSANE::SYSTEMThu May 08 1986Welcome to the ART conference.
3.02SPYDER::WINNWed May 14 1986Art on Vax Workstations
4.04MERIDN::BAYFri May 16 1986How do shells compare?
5.03MERIDN::BAYFri May 16 1986Where can you get ART?
6.01BACH::VANROGGENSat May 17 1986Using ART?
7.01TKOV58::MIMOMITue Jun 24 1986When will ART be released?
8.0RACHEL::BARABASHWed Jul 09 1986Wanted: Sample ART programs
9.04PHOBOS::WICKERTThu Oct 16 1986Some *HOT* rumors
11.02TKOV58::YAMAMOTOFri Nov 07 1986ART Scedule
12.01TKOV58::MIMOMIFri Jan 09 1987Monkey and Bananas
13.0TAVMon Jan 12 1987ART references (pre V3.
14.010CONS::GUESTWed Feb 04 1987C-ART V3.
15.03OSAVFri Feb 06 1987ART-C under ULTRIX ??
16.04NY1MM::WICKERTFri Feb 13 1987What does C-based really mean?
17.04USHSMon Feb 23 1987What platforms?
18.01NY1MM::WICKERTThu Feb 26 1987ART on SUN?
19.01TKOV58::MATSUDAIRAMon Apr 06 1987Bug in ART LISP 3.
20.02P51D::EYREThu Apr 09 1987(update ?)
21.04USATSL::HENNESSYMon Apr 20 1987What's GNU?
22.0TKOV58::TAKESHIMATue Apr 21 1987on Utterance facts
23.0P51D::EYRETue May 05 1987(Vaxstation ART ?)
24.04CSCMA::R_ELDRIDGEWed May 06 1987Digital Announces ART/VMS V3.
25.01SKYLRK::MEAGHERThu May 14 1987Error diagnostics handling?
26.0TKOV58::MIMOMIThu Jun 11 1987Statistics in ART/VMS V3.
27.0TKOV58::TAKESHIMAMon Jun 15 1987floating point bug !!
28.0PHOBOS::WICKERTMon Jul 06 1987SUN will be our top ART Competitor... not Symbolics
29.08COOKIE::WAHLSat Nov 14 1987What is the current status of ART?
30.0ITAMKT::SIMINOThu Dec 17 1987ART ON VAX! Is still alive???
31.0AIAG::GANGELSun Feb 14 1988Who's A Good Programmer?
32.01HYEND::RLEEFri Jul 08 1988Compare ART/KEE/KnowledgeCraft ?
33.04SUOEX2::LEDERHAASMon Sep 19 1988ART: better on TI or VAX?
34.01PRSUD1::MERCIERWed Sep 21 1988ART in C (again ?)
35.02PRSUD2::CAYATTEWed Jan 18 1989ART on VMS V5?
36.0SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Aug 23 1990AI question/speculation