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Conference cookie::striping

Title:POLYCENTER Striping for OpenVMS VAX
Created:Tue Jan 02 1990
Last Modified:Mon Apr 21 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:515
Total number of notes:2187
Number with bodies:5
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1.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 02 1990Introduction
2.04MAVSN1::STOTTThu Jan 04 1990Is the SPD out yet?
3.04OPG::SIMONFri Jan 05 1990Unit number and cluster mounts again.
4.03WBC::DOERINGSat Jan 06 1990Stripe Sets Spanning HSCs
5.02GLORY::MAURERMon Jan 08 1990Seeking understanding of overhead introduced by striper
6.011WARNUT::FOSSEYTue Jan 09 1990Requirements for the next phase
7.06TKOV52::HATAKEYAMAThu Jan 11 1990How about SCSI devices ?
8.015PNEWMN::DRMMGRThu Jan 11 1990Cluster / multidisk
9.03PRCSWS::FRANKLINLAUMon Jan 15 1990Vs.Volume Set
10.0COOKIE::RUBENSTEINMon Jan 15 1990stripe users guide / Tuning chapter stripe v1.
11.0COOKIE::MUNSONWed Jan 17 1990Setting stripeset access in a VAXcluster
12.01ROCKT::CROWEThu Jan 18 1990VPA and Striping
13.01BACHUS::PETRIOLIThu Jan 25 1990SPD review
14.01BACHUS::PETRIOLIThu Jan 25 1990USER GUIDE review
16.01LUTECE::SZAFRANSKIThu Jan 25 1990Disk STRIPING distribution
17.0COOKIE::WOODThu Jan 25 1990Striped page/swap disks exhibit unpleasant behavior on SHUTDOWN
18.01TILTS::HICEThu Jan 25 1990Needing help
20.02COOKIE::RUBENSTEINFri Feb 02 1990error vms init integer divid by zero
21.03COOKIE::RUBENSTEINFri Feb 02 1990ERROR Stripe bind device allready allocated/cluster
22.0COOKIE::RUBENSTEINFri Feb 02 1990error sys -f- invalid lock id/ stipe unbind
23.02SCAACT::MALONEYMon Feb 05 1990Any Performance Numbers?
24.06OKYAH::BREIBARTWed Feb 07 1990Striping Vs DSM
25.06WHYNOW::NEWMANSun Feb 11 1990Does Disk Striping work in a cluster?
26.04MANIOK::WILLETue Feb 13 1990DUAL Host/DSSI/Failure Quest.
27.02LUTECE::SZAFRANSKIWed Feb 14 1990Crash with IO$_STRIPE_LIST on served stripesets
28.01PRCSWS::ALEXCHUMon Feb 19 1990Stripe set on multiple star couplers
29.02OKYAH::BREIBARTTue Feb 20 1990Some DCL/Documentation gripes
30.01SWTHOM::SZAFRANSKIFri Feb 23 1990Structures documentation
31.0CSSE32::FRAZIERFri Feb 23 1990ana/disk error on strip disk.
32.05MANIS2::WILLEMon Feb 26 1990PCSA+STRIPING,Good Choice
33.0GLORY::MAURERTue Feb 27 1990Can a Stripe Set be a served system disk?
35.0COOKIE::RUBENSTEINFri Mar 02 1990How to distroy a stripe set! / use copy on a stripe member unit.
36.03UKEDU::BAILEYSun Mar 04 1990Which disks are supported?
38.04CSC32::M_DIFABIOThu Mar 29 1990STRIPE-F-VNF on Stripe Init
39.02UKEDU::BAILEYMon Apr 09 1990How does the overhead file system work?
40.03GIDDAY::MARSHALLTue Apr 10 1990HBS .vs. STRIPE, is it supported?
41.09KYOA::SCHULZFri Apr 20 1990Many users, many I/O's..striping?
42.015ESCROW::DEPLEDGEMon Apr 23 1990Striping a VMS system Disk?
44.0COOKIE::SMOLDTTue May 01 1990Put a Tiger in Your VAX
45.02CSC32::T_ABDELLAMon May 07 1990striping cause node not to complete cluster trans
46.01SCAM::DIALFri May 11 1990Some customer questions
47.02SUBWAY::VAITZBLITSun May 13 1990load balancing
48.03VFOVAX::CHAMBERSMon May 14 1990When is the next release do out?
49.01SUPER::MATTHEWSTue May 15 1990What is an actuator?
50.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERTue May 22 1990Competitive Disk Support?
51.015CSC32::M_DIFABIOFri Jun 22 1990Performance issue
52.01PANIC::BAKERTue Jun 26 1990Striping Presentation?
53.0COOKIE::RUBENSTEINFri Jun 29 1990report on rdb and striping
54.01AIMHI::COHENWed Jul 11 1990Help requested!!
55.05CSC32::M_DIFABIOTue Jul 17 1990Writing tp physical member of stripset
56.02CSOA1::BESKEMon Jul 30 1990Striping under 5.4
57.02COOKIE::RUBENSTEINMon Jul 30 1990Data security erase/ highwater marking / io$_erase / io$_dse
58.06NOTMY::LEEThu Aug 02 1990Large database file I/O problem
59.01MUDDIN::MUNROEMon Aug 06 1990Striping kit location?
60.05COMICS::PARSONSFri Aug 10 1990problem with backups between stripesets
61.01COMICS::PARSONSFri Aug 10 1990... more striping questions
62.04CSC32::M_DIFABIOTue Aug 14 1990BADDIRENT after system powerfail
63.03HYEND::HJAKIELAWed Aug 15 1990Need performance info
64.010PRMSSat Aug 18 1990rms block count and striping
65.06MDVAX3::BROCKUSSat Aug 18 1990MSCP served stripe sets invisible?
66.05COMICS::PARSONSTue Aug 21 1990Striping causing INT-STK INVALID CPU halt
67.04PRMSWed Aug 22 1990Sustained rates for HSC subsystem
68.03GPSDCC::BROWNSat Aug 25 1990VAX4
69.01SOURCE::ZIMMERMANFri Sep 07 1990highwater -psuedo vs phyical
70.03GIDDAY::CULLENMon Sep 10 1990TWO STA1 Devices! - Mounting without BIND?
71.010RUGMAN::SCHLIESMANNMon Sep 17 1990Striping & Shadowing
72.01FRSTSC::GRUENWALDWed Sep 19 1990Striping & Cluster mount & failover?
73.03GUIDUK::KANGThu Oct 04 1990Size Limitation?
74.01MQOSWS::G_POISSANTFri Oct 05 1990allocation vs chunck
75.01SUBWAY::DAVIDSONThu Oct 11 1990Large Queues
76.01SUBWAY::DAVIDSONMon Oct 15 1990Is V1.
77.02REDBRD::BROCKUSThu Oct 18 1990VPA, Split I/O, and stripesets
78.05VAX9K2::GRANTFri Oct 19 1990CPU CRASH with STRIPING driver on stack -- Please Help
79.010SUBWAY::DAVIDSONWed Oct 24 1990Shadowing striped disks with data?
80.04TROATue Oct 30 1990Reference sites ?
81.01COOKIE::RUBENSTEINFri Nov 02 1990looking for internal v2.
82.03THAMSun Nov 04 1990Striping on EDA64
83.01COOKIE::RUBENSTEINWed Nov 07 1990Ift kit now available
84.023THELAB::ASBRIDGEFri Nov 09 1990Is DEC working on RAID?
85.011YOMUNY::WSCTue Nov 13 1990MSCP_SERVE_ALL and stripeset
86.016MOMUNY::GORE::M_DIFABIOSat Nov 17 1990Performance again, sync vs. Async
87.09BLKPUD::WOODLWed Nov 21 1990Striping initialize sets cluster size
88.02HSOMAI::PALOMon Nov 26 1990Support for ELN disk striping
89.08MOMUNY::WSCWed Nov 28 1990striping ra92's
90.01MR4DEC::PASHAPOURWed Nov 28 1990different disks?
91.01CSSE32::FRAZIERThu Nov 29 1990Only one?
92.03NEEPS::NORRIEFri Nov 30 1990Documentation on the network??
93.02MSDSWS::JANSENMon Dec 03 1990when version 2 available
94.03MSDSWS::JANSENTue Dec 04 1990clusta striping
95.01BEEZER::MEGARITYWed Dec 05 1990COPY from stripe set gives IVBUFLEN
96.03CANYON::MARSHALLThu Dec 13 1990A tunning question chunk / cluster size?
97.07FRAMBO::REHBERGThu Jan 03 1991fragmented devices
99.06GIDDAY::TANTue Jan 22 1991dismount deletes pseudodevice?
100.01CX3PST::WSCWed Jan 23 1991RF72's and Chunk Size
101.02COOKIE::WRENNThu Jan 24 1991Having trouble recovering after power fail
102.05ITASCA::LAUERSDORFWed Jan 30 1991Question on reshadowing Stripe Sets
103.09BSS::F_BLANDOFri Feb 01 1991invalid media address
104.01ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESSun Feb 03 1991When is it worth using MCSP Striping?
105.01KETJE::STAESMon Feb 04 1991$GETDVI item codes for stripe sets ?
106.011GPSDCC::BROWNTue Feb 05 1991SF2
107.02DELCHZ::THOMPSONTue Feb 12 1991RMS/FDL effects due to Striping?
108.01FROAKS::THROCKMOR_JOWed Feb 13 1991When will 2.
109.05COOKIE::RUBENSTEINFri Feb 15 1991v2.
111.01CANYON::LEEDSFri Feb 22 1991config question
112.010EISLMC::COHENMon Feb 25 1991performance data
113.05STOHUB::FLYVAX::GOEKEWed Feb 27 1991Share Stripe set across non-clustered systems?
114.07BOSTON::BIANCOMon Mar 11 1991Striping 18 Gbytes on Sybase RDBMS
115.04CSC32::L_BRODEURTue Mar 19 1991remount a stripe set gets %MOUNT-F-NOSUCHDEV
116.01CSC32::BARELAThu Mar 21 1991Expected behavior of STRIPE INITIALIZE command?
117.02CX3PST::WSCThu Mar 21 1991What is FREFIL.SYS
118.03MUTTON::LAMBThu Mar 28 1991Fail Over Re-visited
119.02BARIFri Apr 05 19911.8 MB/sec on 4
120.09CSC32::MASIASFri Apr 05 1991COPY from stripe set fails with BADPARAM
121.01GIDDAY::KINGSMILLMon Apr 15 1991Changing Volume Label
122.07BRDHED::jarMon Apr 15 1991returning to iopost at ipl 8/ecos for v1.
123.06VAXRIO::ABREUMon Apr 22 1991IVBUFLEN error
124.05GOBAMA::CHANDRASEKHAMon Apr 22 1991defragmentation
125.02LUXTue Apr 23 1991Volumeset vs stripeset
127.01MR4DEC::PASHAPOURFri Apr 26 199132kb --> how many?
128.0BRDHED::jarWed May 01 1991striping v2 kit location
129.02KAOTMon May 06 1991Striping, VPA and SPLIT IO Rate.
130.04TROATue May 07 1991VAXSimplus & Stripe member failover
131.03CX3PST::WSCWed May 08 1991Faster disks, lower I/O throughput
132.01DIVING::DAVISMon May 13 1991Where is BL2
133.01DIVING::DAVISMon May 13 1991Striping V2.
134.09CSSE32::FRAZIERWed May 15 1991STRIPE$VERIFY_MOUNT.COM uses???
135.02DPDMAI::FAHEYMon May 20 1991Does Oracle run on Striped disks?
136.0CSSE32::FRAZIERTue May 21 1991Autogen problem
137.02BRDHED::jarTue May 21 1991striping articles
138.01TRCAThu May 23 199132 to 22 disks with disk Striping
139.01KETJE::CORTEBEECKTue May 28 1991Optimal stripe volume creation ????
140.01KERNEL::MEGARITYTue May 28 1991Page and Swap files on Stripe Sets
141.02CSC32::J_FELDMANWed May 29 1991How do we compute number of cylinders?
142.04WARNUT::FOSSEY::FOSSEYMon Jun 03 1991Is the Performance manual available?
143.02FORTSC::SHOMOFri Jun 07 1991Where's ULTRIX Striping Info/Status?
144.012MJBOOT::SOUDERTue Jun 11 1991Rebooting LAVC Boot Node
145.012XLIB::SCHAFERWed Jun 12 1991Programming interface
146.0COOKIE::FRENCHWed Jun 12 1991Support Starter Kit - Striping version 2.
147.02UTRTSC::DORLANDMon Jun 17 1991Backup Strip'ed Shadowset??
148.04CX3PST::WSCMon Jun 17 1991/TRANSFER_BLOCK question
149.01BOSTON::BIANCOMon Jun 17 1991Need info on any patches to Striping V1.
150.012COOKIE::WRENNFri Jun 21 1991Selecting Chunk Size
151.014COOKIE::WRENNFri Jun 21 1991ESE2
152.0CX3PST::WSCMon Jun 24 1991SPM and striping
153.03CX3PST::WSCMon Jun 24 1991Striping V2.
154.03NZOMIS::HOWARDMon Jun 24 1991Striping & RMS multi-user
155.0WARNUT::FOSSEY::FOSSEYTue Jun 25 1991Why V2.
156.0TENNIS::KAMMon Jul 01 1991available on CD-ROM yet?
157.03HSOMAI::PALOTue Jul 02 1991Strange thing about STRIPEsets/MSCP/and Orwell
158.01TENNIS::KAMWed Jul 03 1991striping disks of different geometries?
159.01TALK::W_PIPERMon Jul 08 1991STRIPE$STARTUP doesn't reset SET MESSAGE
160.07TALK::W_PIPERMon Jul 08 1991Dropped characters in -S-BOUND message
161.0TALK::W_PIPERMon Jul 08 1991Ugly, unintelligible messages?
162.010XSNAKE::CHANDRASEKHAMon Jul 08 1991multiple system disks V1.
163.04XSNAKE::CHANDRASEKHAMon Jul 08 1991Rdb/VMS with Disk Striping
164.05CX3PST::WSCTue Jul 09 1991Omit /device_name and it gets weird
166.02ACESMK::RLEEThu Jul 11 1991JUL-91 / ComputerWorld / Marketing Goof?
167.02BRDHED::jarTue Jul 16 1991hsc sta ucbs
168.02YUPPY::MUNROMWed Jul 17 1991Cluster field test
169.01CSC32::C_LEEWed Jul 17 1991allocation class and satellite mount command
170.08KETJE::SCHOOFSMon Jul 22 1991Striping reliability
171.03VNABRW::LATZELSPERGEMon Jul 22 19914 RA7
172.03CAADC::DUMASTue Jul 23 1991Make STAn: Device Go Away
173.01CAADC::DUMASTue Jul 23 1991Device Already Allocated
174.01DLOSWS::EAGANThu Jul 25 1991space not used?
175.0REGENT::HUMMERSMon Jul 29 1991V2.
176.02CSSE32::FRAZIERWed Jul 31 1991Bad Homeblock?
177.04ILKKA::KORKKOWed Jul 31 1991Striping and VMS backup
178.07CSC32::MASIASFri Aug 09 1991Unknown device entry with striping errorlog...
179.01SMOOT::BKEYE4::SABOTue Aug 20 1991Version 2.
181.032BRDHED::jarFri Aug 23 1991Patches for v2.
182.01ANNECY::LEHYMon Aug 26 1991Voice messaging system
183.0NABETH::alanThu Aug 29 1991Short chunks.
184.01OBVIUS::SUNDERLANDFri Aug 30 1991BADNAME on BIND after 1 node crashes
185.01CX3PT3::WSCFri Aug 30 1991What if they don't reinit their stripeset
186.02TKTV2Mon Sep 09 1991License of Disk Striping Driver.
187.02MSAMTue Sep 10 1991General Advise for the Tired??
188.03CSC32::WSCWed Sep 11 1991Performance of V2.
189.01TAVThu Sep 12 1991Rdb ans Striping
190.03SHAWB1::BURKEPFri Sep 13 1991STRIPE-F-IVALOCL, invalid stripe-set allocation c
192.07SOJU::SCOTTFri Sep 20 1991Sales Update with bad information???
193.09PT73::MGRACEFFASun Sep 22 1991STRIPING waiting to synch-lock for bind and unbind??
194.07TROOA::GILBERTSun Sep 22 1991Will STRIPE UNBIND reduce REBUILDs?
195.02TROOA::GILBERTMon Sep 23 1991STRIPE and MSCP conflict
196.08TOOIS1::CUSSOLWed Sep 25 1991A customer situation
197.08PTOVAX::PEARLMANThu Sep 26 1991bound volume and stripe sets
198.06NQOPS::THIBODEAUThu Sep 26 1991Lexical for stripe info
199.04LAVETA::J_MANNINGTue Oct 01 1991Backing up a stripeset and lost files
201.01CALJRN::NEWMANThu Oct 03 1991Performance estimates
202.011BOSWKG::GARDNERFri Oct 04 1991/allocation_class=
203.02TROOA::POOTSMon Oct 07 1991Feedback wanted - striping ok here ?
204.01TMCUK2::LEDGERTue Oct 15 1991Ingres
205.01LUXTue Oct 15 1991DOC on the network
206.01MAGIC1::LOBBY1Wed Oct 16 1991Configuration Performance
207.04HSOMAI::PALOThu Oct 17 1991-SYSTEM-W-HEADERFULL, file header is full
208.0CSSE32::FRAZIERThu Oct 17 1991Device is present on problems...
209.01CSC32::T_ABDELLAFri Oct 18 1991looking for striping listings
210.0AZTECH::LASTOVICAWed Oct 23 19912 nits
211.02AZTECH::LASTOVICAWed Oct 23 1991help needs documentation review. 2 nits.
212.04AZTECH::LASTOVICAWed Oct 23 1991allocate the left over space after a stripe init
213.01LUXFri Oct 25 1991Guide to perfomance Guide to performance
214.01STOHUB::TRIGG::RELIFORDFri Oct 25 1991maximum member number?
215.0BSS::F_BLANDOSun Oct 27 1991Bind an ST device already served?
216.05HGOVC::DEANGELISWed Oct 30 1991Failover/VMS 5.2/Clusters
217.03LUXMon Nov 04 1991/transfer_block = ?
218.05CSSE32::FRAZIERFri Nov 08 1991Next version please?
219.02MQOSWS::N_CARDELLAMon Nov 11 1991additional information
220.0VNABRW::LATZELSPERGEMon Nov 18 1991ADABAS experience with stripesets ?
221.03DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Nov 20 1991system serving a stripe set hangs on reboot into cluster
222.02ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESThu Nov 21 1991What's in an IO?
223.03SCAACT::AINSLEYThu Nov 21 1991STRIPE.EXE linked /traceback?
224.04CSOVAX::SYSTEMThu Nov 21 1991Unsuitable cluster factor
225.0CSC32::LAVETA::M_DIFABIOSun Nov 24 1991IVADDR on Stripeset Shadowsets
227.04BRSDVP::PETRIOLIFri Dec 06 1991QUORUM disk in a stripe set?
228.01AXEL::FOLEYFri Dec 06 1991Patch kits to V2.
229.04AQOPAS::ADRIFT::BURKEFri Dec 06 1991DBMS on stripesets ???
230.0GLDOA::DORAZIOTue Dec 10 1991Reference account needed
231.09CSC32::WSCTue Dec 17 1991Can Decram be striped
232.04HANNAH::B_COBBMon Dec 30 1991Cluster size and stipe sets
233.01FILTON::MARTIN_PThu Jan 02 1992Striping with FOCUS and I/O Express
234.02UTRTSC::BOSMANFri Jan 03 1992Improperly dismounted questions.
235.02NZOMIS::ROBBINSMon Jan 06 1992Problems printing documentation
236.01HLSMThu Jan 16 1992Other cluster_nodes loosing their connections when node joins or leaves the cluster
237.04BRDHED::jarMon Jan 20 1992vms v5.5 / problems with Anal/error
238.02FILTON::MARTIN_PTue Jan 21 1992Will this configuration work?
239.04FILTON::MARTIN_PTue Jan 21 1992Does backup of striped vol shad disks work?
241.02ZPOVC::RICHARDTEOWed Jan 29 1992Disk IO Balancing
242.012VNAED2::KARINFri Jan 31 1992Striped page/swap disk
243.01TENNIS::KAMSat Feb 01 1992Striping Theory and Performance Articles comments
244.02KID2::BOSWELLBRTue Feb 04 1992More performance and theory?
245.0MINNY::MUETSCHFri Feb 21 1992striping and Ingres
247.02FLYWAY::WALKERNThu Feb 27 1992MSCP overhead V Stripe saving?
248.01IJSAPL::VOERMANSun Mar 08 1992PAK for Europe?
249.011ZURMon Mar 09 1992Performance and Tuning Guide for customers available ?
250.012OTOOA::PONDMon Mar 09 1992Striping demo?
251.04EMASS1::OBRIENFri Mar 13 199232Gbyte stripeset and extended addressing
252.01SSDEVO::HODGESMon Mar 16 1992T5.5-1E7 Install problems?
253.01IJSAPL::VOERMANTue Mar 17 1992Conf. questions for a 31
254.03KERNEL::SHELLEYRThu Mar 19 1992Binding another volume into stripe set
255.02FUNYET::ANDERSONTue Mar 24 1992No STRIPE command on other nodes
256.03CHGVTue Mar 24 1992Striping, Shadowing 8GB limit Clarification...
257.01KAOTWed Apr 01 1992Stripeset in a cluster: Need clarification
258.02GIDDAY::BRODRIBBThu Apr 02 1992March 1992 Documentation CD-ROM contains Striping V1.
259.02FDCV14::WILLIAMSWed Apr 08 1992STRIPE V2.
260.03DELNI::MCGORRILLTue Apr 14 1992virtual dev, remembers members
261.01NEWVAX::MURRAYThu Apr 16 1992Striping Impact Utility?
262.016ATOThu Apr 16 1992STRIPE
263.02KERNEL::GOSLINGLSat Apr 18 1992Free Block Count on STA members!
264.02CSC32::A_PARRACOSat Apr 18 1992A5.5, STRIPEU
265.01MOUTNS::J_LAWSONSun Apr 19 1992Is there a formal elevation path? ... like the QAR system?
266.0DELNI::MCGORRILLTue Apr 21 1992How undo this one?
267.01BLKPUD::KINGATue Apr 28 1992HALT executed with directory on stripe set.
268.04FILTON::MARTIN_PTue Apr 28 1992Want to perform parallel bind and mount of stripe sets
269.04UTRTSC::BATSMon May 04 1992Invalide media address errors frm v1.
270.03LSNCSC::TAVERNONWed May 06 1992Striping future?
271.04CX3PT3::DFLPRD::M_DIFABIOWed May 13 1992DSSI - striping capacity
272.03FROCKY::ERIKSSONFri May 15 1992Request for documentation
273.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICTue May 19 1992f$device returns stripe set twice ?
274.02FROCKY::ERIKSSONTue May 26 1992Maximum number of members?
276.04UNITED::MCDONNELLTue Jun 02 1992Hardware performance parameters
277.012CANYON::LEEDSThu Jun 04 1992CPU overhead of striping ???
278.05TAVIS::PELYMon Jun 08 1992RA72 and Striping under Version 2.
279.01NZOMIS::ROBBINSWed Jun 10 1992Unusually high I/O read rate to stripeset
280.02CSC32::BUTTERWORTHThu Jun 11 1992STA virtual unit went into MVTIMEOUT.
281.01ZPOVC::KUMTONGThu Jun 18 1992Where is the patch kit for v2.
282.03ZPOVC::KUMTONGThu Jun 18 1992How to calculate TRANSFER_BLOCK size ?
283.01GBIWed Jun 24 1992STRIPE and ACP QIO
284.01TROOA::NAISHWed Jun 24 1992Member Device Id Change
285.02ZURThu Jun 25 1992%BACKUP-F-CLUSTER, unsuitable cluster factor for $
286.02TROOA::NAISHThu Jun 25 1992Large Queue Length
287.04TROOA::NAISHThu Jul 09 1992Rebuild Message on Members during bind
288.0TROOA::NAISHThu Jul 09 1992Erraneous disk being accessed on bind
290.05KETJE::MICHIELSFri Jul 24 1992Mysterious crashes of satellites with striping.
291.02HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGWed Jul 29 1992Striping and disk shadowing coexist
292.01HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGWed Jul 29 1992Striping for Ultrix
293.01BIGRED::DOMINEYWed Aug 05 1992When to use multiple controllers?
294.02TENNIS::KAMWed Aug 05 1992Striping - do disk have to have the same geometries?
295.040TRCOA::CSULLIVANThu Aug 13 1992Striping on OpenVMS for Alpha?
296.01GRANMA::EHEROLDTue Aug 18 1992Disk Striping "guru" needed
297.09KAOTThu Aug 20 1992Why duplicate STA2 device?
298.011CX3PT2::DFLPRD::M_DIFABIOFri Sep 04 1992Stripe patch is CSCPAT_1
299.04SWETSC::PAAKKUNAINENThu Sep 10 1992mount and logical 2 logical name
300.04POOL::GMURRAYFri Sep 11 1992MOUNT "Index file is full" error with V2.
301.03POOL::GMURRAYFri Sep 11 1992Support for more than 8.5 Gb stripe sets ?
302.02ZURWed Sep 16 1992SHUTDOWN with option REMOVE_NODE dismounts STAn-devices with /CLUSTER
303.02TROOA::NAISHMon Sep 28 1992'HostUnavailable' on DSSI Disk
304.04CSC32::C_LEEMon Sep 28 1992stripe-f-ssinconst on STRIPE BIND
305.011MSDSWS::DUNCANWed Sep 30 1992Disk STRIPING and ALL-IN-1
306.0CSC32::C_LEEThu Oct 01 1992backup-i-xorerrs on DISK TO DISK
307.03GIDDAY::BOJOVICTue Oct 06 1992writing to physical member of stripeset
308.01KYOA::SCHULZWed Oct 07 1992Improper dismount..need something in syshutdwn?
309.03GIDDAY::BOJOVICWed Oct 07 1992striping for 31
310.01ROMOIS::MATTIANGELIWed Oct 28 1992ra73 question
311.01METZ::PAWLOWSKIThu Oct 29 1992Striping with RDB ?
312.01PHDVAX::JMCGLINCHEYSat Oct 31 1992stripe & defrag??
313.01BACHUS::WILLEMSTue Nov 03 1992Striping and f$getdvi
314.01CSC32::COLTERWed Nov 04 1992Stripe Bind command causes Access violation
315.07UTRTSC::DORLANDFri Nov 06 1992STRIPE/SHADOW set performance
316.02CSC32::S_LEDOUXMon Nov 09 1992BINDFAIL + DUPLNAM failure on STRIPE BIND V2.
317.02IJSAPL::SIMONTue Nov 10 1992version 2.7 crashes with PGFIPLHI..
318.0MINNY::MUETSCHTue Nov 10 1992some problem with striping on satellits
319.08CSC32::B_HIBBERTTue Nov 10 1992Process goes into RWAST on STRIPE BIND
320.012MUNICH::REIMANNFri Nov 13 1992BINDFAIL / INSFSPTS Error on binding two 3.42 GB EXSYS Disks
321.02VAXRIO::IVANFri Nov 20 1992STRIPING-A waste of space on the disk ?
322.01ACESMK::RLEEFri Nov 20 1992Performance! Need suggestions / Cross Posting from RDB_41
323.01OSLAGE::AGE_PWed Nov 25 1992Stripe-support for 3Party SCSI disks
324.05USWRSL::LIOU_PEMon Nov 30 1992Backup striped shadow member
325.02MINNY::ROFFLERTue Dec 08 1992STRIPE UNBIND --> system crash
326.01VCOUWed Dec 09 1992Stripe sets always rebuilt on mount?
327.03SWETSC::NORDSTROMThu Dec 10 1992Cluster node reboot and BADNAME ???
328.02DEBUG::CROSBIETue Dec 15 1992Errlog Support Yet?
329.01HDLITE::VANORDENWed Dec 23 1992@ controllers,4 disks. Best order to bind them?
330.03REJOIN::OPPWed Jan 13 1993Double striping,
331.03MINNY::MUETSCHMon Jan 18 1993What means big unaligned transfer rate
332.01MPOPAS::ARKB::MELOMWed Jan 20 1993Striping 2.
333.01KETJE::VANGRIEKENThu Jan 21 1993File Striping i.s.o. Disk Striping
334.01ISIDRO::FMOYAMon Feb 01 1993TOOSMALL message question
335.06KERNEL::SHELLEYRMon Feb 01 1993%STRIPE-I-NOCLUSTER_SUPPO...not supported cluster wide
336.02PARVAX::YANAGITue Feb 02 1993Dumb Pathworks/Striping Question
337.04RULLE::KLASSONMon Feb 08 1993Allocation inhibited because of error on bitmap
338.02GNPIKE::MIKELISTue Feb 09 1993RAID KITS/documentation?
339.01POBOX::CUSUMANOFri Feb 12 1993Version Compatability with VMS 5.5-2
340.02ELMAGO::BSIMONSFri Feb 19 1993Help tuning stripeset, pls
341.03GIDDAY::HAGANSun Feb 28 1993Striping and Infoserver
343.0COOKIE::MCLAUGHLINWed Mar 03 1993Striping V2.1 field test sites
344.03BLGMon Mar 08 1993Help on using Striping ...
345.01HERIAM::DIAMONDMon Mar 08 1993Striping and mounting
346.01CSC32::BARGERTue Mar 09 1993Performance question
347.01CSC32::C_LEETue Mar 09 1993IO$_STRIPE_LIST to get physical units and numbers
348.03CX3PT1::DFLPRD::M_DIFABIOWed Mar 10 1993STriping for High bandwidth
349.03SLOVAX::NEWMANWed Mar 24 1993Limits on BIG Stripe Sets?
350.01CX3PT2::CSC32::J_LACKMANThu Mar 25 1993IO$_STRIPE_LIST and device names
351.01HGOSPS::DENISLIMon Mar 29 1993Discrepancy between total & free+used blocks...
352.0HLDEMon Mar 29 1993striping for SCO UNIX
353.02CHARON::BRUCKMANTue Mar 30 1993Striping for Image Transfer?
354.02UTRTSC::HALLINGWed Mar 31 1993BINDFAIL due to DAD devices.
355.08DPDMAI::BEATTIEThu Apr 01 1993Q: RMS Performance Large Block I/O?
356.04PT73::MGRACEFFAThu Apr 01 1993Striping doesn't work under BLADE (V6.
357.015OHFGMG::OHFITC::MAURERThu Apr 15 1993Can RMS buckets be aligned with chunks?
358.01CX3PT3::CSC32::J_LACKMANMon Apr 26 1993V2.
359.02CSC32::K_GILFORDTue May 04 1993General stripe/bind perf ?'s
360.04STKHLM::ALMERLOVThu May 06 1993MVtimeout caused by stripe list
361.01CSC32::M_DIFABIOSun May 23 1993Any help (tuning) for this???
362.02ZPOVC::SHANYONGWed May 26 1993some questions
363.03TKOVOA::SUGAWARAThu May 27 1993Where does 8.5GB come from?
364.01RULLE::SJOBERGTue Jun 08 1993After shutdown stripeset in mvtimeout
365.06HERON::VIGIERTue Jun 08 1993problem when running STRIPE$TEST ...
366.02MSDOA::CLICKTue Jun 08 1993KFMSA Striping Limit on RF72's
367.03CSC32::J_GONZALEZThu Jun 17 1993Support for VAX 6
368.06IOOSRV::TYPHAIRFri Jun 18 1993shadow/striping = at least original performance??
369.03DELNI::MCGORRILLTue Jun 22 1993Pagedyn exhausted
370.02KERNEL::HANNANSWed Jun 23 1993Performance query..
371.08CHGVWed Jun 30 1993Unique Unit Numbers problem?
372.0TRANSM::JIMFri Jul 02 1993STRIPE set says its almost empty when it is really full....
373.02GIDDAY::PARSONSMon Jul 05 1993anal/disk/repair accvio with stripe sets
374.010KAOFS::BOIVINMon Jul 12 1993Stripe set fails INSPECT test, VMS V6.
375.01MUDIS3::FISCALWed Jul 14 1993what can I expect
376.01GIDDAY::SHCHIUThu Jul 15 1993$1$sta5: appears twice with ( remote mount ) !
377.02DURDUR::JOANNESFri Jul 16 1993Chunk-Size & RZ26B
378.03HTSC19::TONYLIUTue Jul 20 1993stripset lost blocks ???
380.01COOKIE::SAMPLEFri Jul 23 1993Striping V2.1 required for OpenVMS VAX V6.
381.01HOO78C::KNOLTue Jul 27 1993pgfiplhi at stripe +A454, cscpat1
383.01SUBURB::CONNOLLYUMon Aug 02 1993Easy Clarification
384.06KERNEL::ERLAMJMon Aug 02 1993Errors logged against stripe set only
386.04WIZZER::VMon Aug 09 1993Shadowing a stripe-set
388.03PTOVAX::PEARLMANTue Aug 17 1993replace single member stripe set?
389.0KERNEL::MEGARITYThu Aug 19 1993Stripe set member corruption
390.01TIMASA::DRABICKYThu Aug 19 1993ULINCON error when binding a stripe set
391.02TKTV2Fri Aug 27 1993MOUNTVER occurs during Image BACKUP
392.09DUCATI::LASTOVICATue Aug 31 1993striping inited disks have funny
393.01WARNUT::WARNUT::FOSSEYMon Sep 06 1993AXP won't see served stripe set
394.02PLAYER::VANDYCKWed Sep 08 1993COmpatibility with AMDS question.
395.01VNABRW::KARTNER_MFri Sep 10 1993possible to create contiguous files on stripesets?
396.04CX3PST::DFLPRD::M_DIFABIOMon Sep 13 1993Chunksize, RZ28, varying sectors per track
397.017STKHLM::EKLUNDMon Sep 20 1993A secret allocation class, $256$
398.01OLHEAP::JFISCHERThu Sep 23 1993Size of stripesets
399.04WARNUT::WARNUT::FOSSEYFri Sep 24 1993NOMOVE on STRIPE$... files
400.02CSOHUB::CHALET::BESKEMon Sep 27 1993Crashes a 763
401.03TAVIS::TIKVAH::ARTHURTue Sep 28 1993Shadowed stripe members don't fail over ?!
402.06GVAWed Sep 29 1993unable to access STRIPE$VOLS.SYS
403.01BROUGH::DAVIESFri Oct 01 1993Raid 1
404.02FDCV14::WILLIAMSThu Oct 14 1993STRIPEMUPB V2.
405.02LAPO::CERVINIMon Oct 25 1993HSZ4
406.01HLFSMon Nov 01 1993Crashes with pagefile on stripeset
407.01VFOVAX::CROWEMon Nov 01 199313
408.02ZPOVC::PARRYCHUATue Nov 02 1993how to determine disk failure
410.07MINNY::MUETSCHMon Nov 08 1993Striping with shadowing problem
411.03MANWed Nov 10 1993Problem with Stripe-Set showing errors
412.02SIOG::M_BYRNEThu Nov 18 1993STAn device number restriction?
413.03DEBUG::CROSBIEMon Nov 22 1993Help with Stripeset Errors
414.06AUSSIE::LISTERMon Nov 29 1993which alpha kit goes with which vax kit????
415.01SIOG::FRICKERMon Nov 29 1993Defragging a STRIPE set??
416.01TOOHOT::LEEDSWed Dec 01 1993ANA/DISK and BAD STRUCTURE error ??
417.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Dec 01 1993Would virtual io cache work with STRIPING ?
418.04KETJE::CORTEBEECKSat Dec 11 1993VAX and AXP question
419.01HDLITE::GOGUENThu Dec 16 1993 illegal I/O function code
420.01BONNET::STRATMANWed Dec 22 1993Mount verification VERY noisy !
421.03NEWOA::PAVITT_AFri Jan 07 1994Upgrading to VMS V6.
422.07GIDDAY::SHCHIUMon Jan 10 1994MOUNT-F-INCONOWNER inconsistent /OWNER_UIC option.
423.02CSC32::SCHERBSun Jan 23 1994OBCNT larger then 2gbytes error
424.02MLNTSC::PARACCHIThu Jan 27 1994striping system disk?
425.02CSC32::J_RABKEFri Jan 28 1994SYSTEM-W-ENDOFFILE...not
426.05BOSTED::QUEZADAMon Jan 31 1994Host-Based vs Controller-Based Striping
427.01MIMS::VASSILOS_ATue Feb 08 1994What is non-file level striping?
428.04ZPOVC::DAIVFri Feb 11 1994Help with stripeset performance
429.01BRUMMY::CLIFFORDMon Feb 14 1994SPTE's BIND failure
430.01GOVTWed Feb 16 1994RZ28's and 5 disk stripe set problem
432.02ARAFAT::ASUNDQVISTTue Feb 22 1994Striping on OpenVMS AXP V1.5
433.09MRKTNG::SETTYThu Feb 24 1994Partial Disk Striping ??
434.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANFri Mar 04 1994highwater marking and performance
435.02SUBURB::MORRISONGThu Mar 10 1994%INIT-F-DIAGPACK, disk is a diagnostic pack
436.01SWAM2::SOTO_RUFri Mar 11 1994for worldwide distribution??
437.06RBTRN::EERENBERGThu Mar 17 1994Slow stripe set on sequential reads
438.01SIOG::M_BYRNETue Mar 22 1994Patch for ssrvexcept bugcheck?
439.03MANWed Mar 23 1994mount-f-nohomeblk when building a stripe set
440.03DECPRG::PRDS33::MOLNARThu Mar 24 1994Meaningless logfile.
441.01GIDDAY::TANMon Mar 28 1994BACKUP/VERIFY gives errors when backup to tape
442.05GSMAXP::SYSTEMMon Mar 28 1994FATAL BUG CHECK with stripe v 2.1
443.03PRIME8::VAUGHNMon Apr 11 1994HSD
444.06COLTue Apr 12 1994How to interpret stripe statistics?
445.01HAN::AUEThu Apr 21 1994Striping Kit for AXP 1.5 ??? where is it
446.04CX3PT1::CSC32::K_GAMBLEFri Apr 22 1994When will Striping driver be released for AXP/VAX?
447.02DPDMAI::EAGANFri Apr 29 1994Performance / host or controller
449.01EZLCHZ::EZZELLTue May 03 1994StorageWorks RAID Software for OpenVMS V2.
450.04COMICS::JUDDThu May 12 1994Stripe set does not enter mount verfication
451.03KERNEL::BULLOCKKFri May 13 1994Stripe member fails to dismount after unbind
452.01DEKVC::GEUMJOONLEEThu Jun 02 1994system hangs until reboot ni cluster
453.07ZPOVC::DAIVTue Jun 07 1994File corrupt problem
454.01SLOVAX::NEWMANMon Jun 20 1994adabas/rz28/striping questions
455.01HDLITE::BELCULFINEFri Jun 24 1994Crash on bind v2.1..Patch?
456.01WELCLU::ALLENKThu Jul 07 1994Licences for V2.1
457.01GIDDAY::CHEUNGJSun Jul 10 1994STRIPE MODIFY doesn't modify volume label
458.06GSMAXP::SYSTEMTue Jul 12 1994Problem with stripe on OpenVMS 6.1 AXP
459.03KAOFS::R_DAVEYTue Jul 12 1994STRIPE INIT gives "INIT-W-BLKZERO", takes long time
460.06WNOUFri Jul 22 1994Can't use a stripeset - get DEVALLOC message
461.01DECPRG::PRDS33::MOLNARMon Jul 25 1994MVTIMEOUT on STAxxx solution.
462.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Aug 02 1994strip bind hang during system reboot
464.01OPCO::TSG_SJMThu Aug 04 1994Striping V2.1 and AMDS V6.1
465.0COMICS::JUDDWed Aug 10 1994IDXFILEFULL error attempting to mount shadowed stripe set member on OpenVMS VAX V6.1
466.03MXOCWed Aug 10 1994Cluster wide disk heavily used
467.01GIDDAY::BOJOVICThu Aug 18 1994different nodes, different views ?!
468.010FAILTE::ADAMSMon Aug 22 1994Configuration Advice on Raid
469.03HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMTue Aug 23 1994DCX not work in disk striping environment
470.02SWETSC::EKLUNDTue Aug 23 1994V2.1 patch for VMS 6.1 ?
471.0VELI::KORKKOThu Sep 01 1994STRIPE$STARTUP, timing issue, --> $SET MESS/NO...
472.02CSC32::S_ROCHFORDThu Sep 08 1994Missing VBN
473.02GBIFri Sep 09 1994Stripe + Shadow for DSSI cluster?
474.0COMICS::GLEDHILLSun Sep 18 1994(un)bind hangs in lef with default unit no
475.03SSDEVO::PARRISThu Sep 22 1994StorageWorks RAID Software for OpenVMS
476.02ALXNDR::NEWMANThu Sep 22 1994Removing Shadow Members to perform BACKUP
477.0+3MINNY::MUETSCHFri Sep 30 1994AXP kit for Open VMS 6.1
478.01HPCGRP::CLARKMon Oct 03 1994file vs. volume striping
479.01BSS::LYNCHEMon Oct 10 1994Maximum members practical / otherwise?
480.01TROUThu Oct 27 1994Cluster size change reverts to previous value
481.07TAVIS::TIKVAH::ARTHURThu Nov 03 1994Nodes hung in STRIPE-I-WBIND during boot
482.04TAVIS::TIKVAH::ARTHURMon Nov 07 1994Which queue value do you believe?
483.02VNABRW::KARTNER_MTue Nov 15 1994BUG in Stripe INIT (wrong Indexf.sys size)
484.02MSAMWed Nov 23 1994Striping on AXP
485.01CSC32::GULDENSun Dec 11 1994Questions on default chunksize on HSj4
486.01SEDOAS::CLIFFE_STue Dec 13 1994what does "unique license grant" in 2.1 mean ?
488.04COMICS::GLEDHILLThu Mar 16 1995crash @stdriver+17c8 - other node shutdown
489.06MLNCSC::BERETTACLAUDMon Mar 27 1995Stripe performance considerations...
490.0MLNCSC::BERETTACLAUDMon Apr 03 1995stripe/shadow configuration
491.02TAVWed Apr 19 1995Run image fail from stripeset
492.01LARVAE::GALLAGHER_DWed Apr 26 1995RAID 5 - automatic rebuild
493.01COMICS::GLEDHILLSat Apr 29 1995invexceptn during unbind 2.1 vax 5.5-2
494.04GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue May 02 1995FREFIL.SYS what & why?, idxfilefull under V6.1 .
495.01TLASP2::SYSTEMThu May 25 1995The dumfile on striping system disk
496.05LISVAX::CASALThu May 25 1995Sequencial Read Vs Performance Impact
497.01TROUMon Jun 19 1995Q: Ceiling? and /nofiles_11 on stripe init?
498.02ZURFri Jun 30 1995STRIPE$VERIFY_MOUNT resetting mnt cnt to 1 !!??
499.03TROOA::HAZLETTMon Jul 17 1995Nodes Hang on Bind when rebooting
500.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 27 1995Full Shadow merge every time cluster node reboots
501.09HTSCMon Jul 31 1995backup time extremely long.............
502.01LARVAE::HANCOCK_MTue Aug 01 1995Striping,Shadowing and backup question please...
503.01OHFSS1::RBROWNWed Aug 02 1995Note 374 - PSCM Compliance - Is there a Patch ?
504.03BOUGY::BRAUNThu Aug 03 1995write I/Os not balanced
505.01EUROSW::JHENEGHANTue Aug 08 1995Digital UNIX Disk Mirroring & Oracle Striping - Help
506.07HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMTue Aug 08 1995disk crash and an error in errlog about stripeset
507.03BEJVC::HELENZHOUThu Aug 10 1995RAID disks BACKUP?
508.01COOKIE::MCLAUGHLINWed Aug 23 1995Striping to retire
509.01TKOV51::MANABESun Sep 03 1995cluster size magic
510.02ZPOVC::DAIVC::SAPTONOThu Sep 28 1995stripping RF disk and RZ disk
511.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Oct 13 1995Striping V2.1 on VMS V6.2 ?
512.01CX3PST::CSC32::J_UPPERMANWed Dec 13 1995SYSVERDIF after upgrade to VAX 6.1
513.01HGOSPS::KENNETHTue Sep 17 1996Unbind and bind will release disk space, why?
514.01CECMOW::KATCHESOVWed Nov 20 1996RF71 disks node name change - Failed to assign channel to BIND
515.0 *+2HGOSPS::KENNETHThu Feb 27 1997Maximum size for a Stripset, VMS V6.2-1H3.