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Title:Conceptual/Logical Database Design
Created:Mon Oct 24 1988
Last Modified:Fri Feb 04 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:46
Total number of notes:233
Number with bodies:0
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1.0COOKIE::PETERSTue Oct 25 1988Introduction
2.0COOKIE::PETERSTue Oct 25 1988Network Kits
3.01COOKIE::PETERSTue Oct 25 1988Documentation
4.0125COOKIE::PETERSMon Oct 31 1988Interest List
5.04KAOFS::N_KEMPFri Nov 11 1988Conference needs more than interest
6.01CSDPIE::EDGERTONFri Dec 16 1988DecWindows FT2?
7.01DEBIT::SANDERSONWed Jan 18 1989Fighting for the User
8.01COOKIE::SANDERSONFri Apr 14 1989CLDDT P2 prototype now available
9.03STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Apr 17 1989X error BadAccess when starting P2
10.01AIRPRT::GRIERMon Apr 17 1989Installation headaches
11.01AIRPRT::GRIERMon Apr 17 1989Creation time
12.04AIRPRT::GRIERMon Apr 17 1989Subclass...
13.01AIRPRT::GRIERMon Apr 17 1989ACCVIO trying to move connection
14.01AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989Problems with subtype hierarchy
15.01AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989Moving an entire hierarchy tree
16.01AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989More workspace?
17.01AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989Why GObE and not NetEd?
18.01AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989No CLDDT DCL command
19.05AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989Error opening object file
20.01AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989Another DDL-output request
21.01AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989DDIF "real" support
22.01AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989Another ACCVIO using MB2 popup
23.01AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989Meta-topic about problem reports
24.0AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989Problem saving after changing entity descriptions
25.01AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989Entities to table-name relationships
26.01AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989Generate SQL problem
27.01AIRPRT::GRIERTue Apr 18 1989What's a subtype?
28.02AIRPRT::GRIERWed Apr 19 1989DDIF file from print not closed
29.01AIRPRT::GRIERWed Apr 19 1989Generate SQL notification box...
30.01AIRPRT::GRIERWed Apr 19 1989Why two circled arrows?
31.06AIRPRT::GRIERFri Apr 21 1989Multiple Inheritance?
32.02AIRPRT::GRIERFri Apr 21 1989Unqiue attribute names
33.01AIRPRT::GRIERFri Apr 21 1989Named data types
34.02AIRPRT::GRIERFri Apr 21 1989Menu selections which invoke popups should have three dots
35.01AIRPRT::GRIERFri Apr 21 1989Entities without formal keys
36.01AIRPRT::GRIERFri Apr 21 1989Are all keys primary keys
37.01AIRPRT::GRIERFri Apr 21 1989New crash deleting attributes
38.0COOKIE::SANDERSONFri Apr 21 1989Building your own tools
39.02AIRPRT::GRIERFri Apr 21 1989Suggestion for DDIF for object-representations
40.0AIRPRT::GRIERFri Apr 21 1989Connection points
41.01COOKIE::PETERSThu Apr 27 1989ADGE and CLDDT
42.01COOKIE::MUNNSWed May 03 1989A New Future For CLDDT
43.01BISTRO::DOLSThu May 11 1989Subclass or aggregate ??
44.01ILO::CROKEThu May 11 1989Problem
45.02CHOVAX::RASKISWed May 31 1989Entity diagram question
46.01NRMLZE::ESTESThu Aug 10 1989Netkit Location? NOT where 8.