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Conference clt::xlse

Title:XLSE - eXtended LSE
Notice:LSE Midnight Software Works
Created:Sun Nov 16 1986
Last Modified:Fri Jan 21 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:210
Total number of notes:638
Number with bodies:0
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.02CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986Welcome
2.01CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986Overview
3.010CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986New Features
4.03CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986XLSE Network Installation Kit
5.01CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986XLSE User's Guide
6.03CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986Initializing and Invoking XLSE
7.02CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986XLSE language support - in general
8.01CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986CDU Language Support
9.012CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986DCL Language Support
10.01CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986LSE Command Language Support
11.01CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986MACRO-32 Language Support
12.02CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986MESSAGE Language Support
13.01CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986RUNOFF and DSR-PLUS Language Support
14.03CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986SDL Language Support
15.01CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986SPITBOL/SNOBOL4 Language Support
16.01CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986DSR-PLUS TABLE Language Support
17.03CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986VAXTPU Language Support
18.01CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986"Unknown Language" Support
19.01CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986Pure Text "language" support
20.01CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986LaTeX Language Support
21.0CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986<<reserved for future use>>
22.0CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986<<reserved for future use>>
23.0CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986<<reserved for future use>>
24.0CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986<<reserved for future use>>
25.0CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986<<reserved for future use>>
26.02CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986EDT Keypad
27.03CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986XLSE Rational Keypad
28.04CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986XLSE Matrix Keypad
29.0CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986<<reserved for future use>>
30.0CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986<<reserved for future use>>
31.0CASEE::CLARKMon Nov 17 1986<<reserved for future use>>
32.03CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986File & Buffer Procedures
33.02CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986Window Procedures
34.06CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986Cursor Movement Procedures
35.09CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986Generic Editing Procedures
36.09CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986Programming Procedures
37.02CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986Session Control Procedures
38.02CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986Miscellaneous Procedures
39.0CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986<<reserved for future use>>
40.0CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986<<reserved for future use>>
41.0CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986<<reserved for future use>>
42.07CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 23 1986Using Callable LSE/XLSE from NOTES and MAIL
43.01CASEE::CLARKThu Nov 27 1986Matrix: GOTO SOURCE/WRITE in Query Mode
44.02ZENO::SHELHAMERTue Dec 02 1986LSE$SECTION and the MATRIX kp
45.01ZENO::SHELHAMERTue Dec 02 1986HELP and MATRIX kp
46.03LOUIS::MAYHEWWed Dec 03 1986Matrix: status line mode indication
47.04PEANO::WHALENWed Dec 03 1986Improve window facilities
48.07PEANO::WHALENWed Dec 03 1986Extending/customing LSE and XLSE (with TPU code)
50.0CASEE::CLARKThu Jan 15 1987Ward's LaTeX placeholders are different from Kent's
51.01TYFYS::MEEHANSat Jan 31 1987Problem with SET MARK keypad function
52.02JAWS::STRYKERTue Mar 24 1987System Analysis Documentation language
53.06CSSE32::SIEBOLDThu Apr 16 1987Errors building XLSE.ENV
55.05CHANCE::OBRYANMon Jul 13 1987Scrolling questions/problems/requests
57.01SNOV17::LISTThu Jul 23 1987xlse ---> eve difference
58.01CASEE::CLARKThu Jul 23 1987GOLD "\" fails on TEXT file
60.01HLDGThu Aug 20 1987VT2
61.02YIPPEE::HALTONThu Aug 20 1987DSRplus template anyone??
62.01YIPPEE::HALTONThu Aug 20 1987Example templates in source???
63.02HLDGFri Aug 21 1987Errors in DCL.LSE X1.2
64.01HLDGFri Aug 21 1987Include system date/time in modification history
65.03DARTS::STRYKERThu Aug 27 1987Got a database system for writing in LSE?
66.02IOSG::HULINWed Sep 30 1987Questions about TPU coding in an LSE environment
67.01TOKLAS::FELDMANMon Oct 19 1987TPU parameter lists shouldn't be forced horizontal
68.016GENRAL::BEAUSOLEILSat Oct 24 1987LSE Thesaurus (and other Linguistic Aids)
69.02SOFBAS::WOLFFTue Nov 03 1987MATRIX: an Object Oriented editor
70.0TLE::MEIERMon Nov 23 1987RUNOFF: text, comments, and FILL
71.05CASEE::CLARKWed Jan 13 1988XLSE_GOTO_FILE can't handle search list
72.01CONTXT::DOOLITTLEWed Jan 20 1988Can you "COMPILE" an LSE in LSE??
73.0CASEE::CLARKMon Jun 27 1988New LSE release --> Rebuild XLSE
75.02MJG::GRIERTue Jun 28 1988Auto-tab stops, like in LSE V2
76.02CASEE::CLARKWed Jun 29 1988Proposal for XLSE user preferences
77.02CRSDEV::PANGAKISWed Jun 29 1988XLSE_BUILD.COM fails -- used up virtual memory
78.02IOSG::HULINThu Jun 30 1988TEXT FILL funnies in XLSE 1.2
79.07CASEE::CLARKTue Jul 19 1988EDT & Rational Keypads redefine 'F14'
80.01STAR::EATONThu Jul 28 1988XLSE_PREVIOUS_BUFFER can't handle CMS buffers
81.01FNYADG::CAGNINThu Jul 28 1988Minimum list of files required
82.07CASEE::CLARKThu Jul 28 1988Some Matrix Keypad actions don't repeat
83.01LATNCY::MORGANSun Jul 31 1988XLSE_BUILD should disable LSE logicals
84.04POOBAH::DOOLITTLEWed Aug 03 1988Cut without remove wishlist request
85.04HLDGThu Aug 11 1988Comments,Rectangular Cut and Paste,Dcl_language
86.06CASEE::CLARKThu Aug 11 1988Mixing conventional & Rectangular Cut and Paste
87.0KOKO::MCCARTHYMon Aug 15 1988SQL support for COBOL available
88.03HOMBAS::TEASE2Thu Aug 18 1988Problems with XLSE's SDML support
89.01HOMBAS::TEASE2Fri Aug 19 1988EMACS-Substit & case sensitivity
90.01MEREK::WESTONMon Aug 22 1988VAX Grammar Checker from XLSE?
91.0CASEE::THOMSONThu Sep 08 1988XLSE support for DW Help?
92.0MVCAD3::BECKERTue Sep 13 1988LSE w/TPU section file???
93.03HOMBAS::TEASE2Wed Sep 14 1988XLSE X1.3 - What and When
94.01HOMBAS::TEASE2Tue Sep 20 1988Strange error in xlse__remap_buffer
95.07HOMBAS::TEASE2Wed Sep 21 1988MATRIX Keypad & Review mode
96.01HOMBAS::TEASE2Wed Sep 21 1988ALIGN with MATRIX keypad
97.0HOMBAS::TEASE2Fri Sep 23 1988NEXT Buffer also for Main Buff
98.04MDVAX3::STEIBWed Oct 05 1988Structured English anybody?
99.04UHAINA::STADTELMEYERThu Oct 13 1988Behaviour with comments
100.03LAVA::LANGENSTEINFri Oct 28 1988spell checking on a buffer?
101.06CLOSET::T_PARMENTERTue Nov 01 1988Using Incremental Search from Matrix Keypad
102.02TRUCKS::CARLILLSun Nov 20 1988Possible problem with xlse_find_mark(FORWARD)
103.0COOKIE::CHAVEZThu Nov 17 1988Error using LINGUISTIC_AIDS.TPU with generic LSE
104.01VAXUUM::T_PARMENTERFri Sep 23 1988XLSE_BUILD.COM leaves files protected
105.04SNOCWed Nov 23 1988Linguistic Aids not working in VAX MAIL
106.0CASEE::LACROIXThu Nov 24 1988DELETE BUFFER confirmation prompt
107.01AZUR::LANGENSTEINMon Nov 28 1988XLSE resetting the Notes keypad?
108.03IOSG::HULINTue Jan 03 1989XLSE 1.2 doesn't seem to like LSE X2.3 (sigh)
110.02AZUR::LANGENSTEINTue Feb 28 1989No thesaurus, but spell checking still works?
111.02CASEE::CLARKThu Mar 02 1989SPELL (and SPAWN) fail using LSE in Notes
112.01TYFYS::MEEHANSat Mar 04 1989X1.3 Rational Keypad missing 'Fnn' key definitions
113.01HSKPRF::SAVOLAINENFri Mar 10 1989Bad expansion of C "MAIN" token in XLSE X1.3
114.02DDIF::DERRFri Mar 10 1989GOTO FILE key won't fetch from CMS lib
115.03LKPDEE::WALLINFri Mar 17 1989Problem: Linguistic Aids ?1.2 on XLSE X1.3-1
116.02DRAKAR::HANNATue Mar 21 1989Has help changed in 1.3 ?
117.0TRON::HULINSun Apr 09 1989Dirty Deeds to get XLSE V1.3 to work with LSE T2.3
119.01DDIF::DERRSat Apr 22 1989Documentation anywhere??
120.0IOSG::HULINFri Apr 28 1989Problems accessing key-bindings
122.04IOSG::HULINFri May 12 1989XLSE can now build its section files using EVE$BUILD
123.05IOSG::HULINTue May 16 1989Do XLSE Linguistics and ALL-IN-1 Linguistics fight?
124.01FNYFS::CAGNINTue May 16 1989DCL: F$ENVIRONMENT expansion missing quotation marks
125.02DECWET::SIEBOLDThu May 18 1989TPU - missing symboltable error ??
126.01CASEE::CLARKThu May 18 1989Why separate VT1
127.02EVETPU::GOUNWed May 24 1989C-SEM build bug: "function_call token is not defined"
130.01RADINA::PASCIUTATue Jun 13 1989Optional parameters on XLSE line-mode commands
131.01ETUDE::BISSONThu Jun 15 1989Slow `Next/Prev Screen' (E6/E5) with XLSE X2.
132.01MUNTRA::WALTERTue Jun 20 1989Combining (X)LSE and EVE - Command line processing
133.0HKOVTue Jun 27 1989Linguistic aids Thesaurus ACCVIO
134.02JULIET::TEJA_DAWed Jun 28 1989Language support for RDO?
135.01RADINA::PASCIUTAThu Jul 13 1989Thesaurus: CALL_USER routine failed
136.07MDVAX3::SOCHAThu Aug 10 1989Plea for customer access to XLSE
137.03CURRNT::OTTENFri Aug 11 1989Support for LSE language/environment definitions?
139.01FLOCON::CAGNINMon Aug 21 1989MATRIX keypad : X2.
140.03FLOCON::CAGNINTue Aug 22 1989Delete Buffer (Matrix keypad) changed in X2.
141.03CASEY::BURACKTue Sep 26 1989Installation Problem with XLSELNG
142.02LEXIS::JJOHNSONMon Oct 09 1989XLSE and LSE/dis=decwindows ??
143.03GVAADG::DONALDSONWed Oct 11 1989line number/position in file
144.02LEXIS::JJOHNSONThu Oct 12 1989Incremental Search-Next broken on LSE T3.
145.02IOSG::HULINTue Oct 24 1989XLSE T2.
146.01JURA::CAGNINWed Nov 29 1989MATRIX: purpose of Major Comment Block ?
147.08ASTUCE::CAGNINThu Dec 14 1989"UNKNOWN language not defined" error
148.01BUFFER::RUDEFri Dec 29 1989Installing XLSE X2.
149.01IOSG::HULINThu Jan 04 1990C language problems with XLSE X2.
151.05BUFFER::RUDEMon Feb 05 1990Any Progress on Linguistic Aids -- Thesaurus, etc.?
152.05TLE::FINLAYSONFri Feb 16 1990GOLD/UP, GOLD/DOWN changes in XLSE X3.
153.01PANIC::NORTHWOODTue Feb 27 1990MMS Support?
154.01POBBLE::PASCIUTAMon Mar 05 1990Case-sensitive SEARCH?
155.0CPDW::WOLFFTue Mar 06 1990XLSE MATRIX equivalent on Ultrix?
156.02PEACHS::BELDINWed Mar 28 1990DECwindows/Xlib/Motif routine support?
157.01LEXIS::JJOHNSONFri Apr 13 1990New copyright notice from the Law Dept.
158.0CASEE::CLARKMon Apr 30 1990XLSE is moving back to Spit Brook Road
159.03KETJE::GEORGESFri Jun 01 1990Matrix usage problem with DECWindows !!
161.04KETJE::GEORGESThu Jun 07 1990?? <GOLD-]> for BEGIN END ?? (possible or not)
162.0BERIS3::JJUDETZKITue Jul 24 1990LSE support for PL/M 86
164.02YENREF::CAGNINTue Aug 07 1990Separate defaults for DECwindows XLSE?
165.04BROKE::DNELSONWed Sep 05 1990XLSE X3.
166.04BROKE::DNELSONSat Sep 15 1990"error" messages during RNF_DO_DIFF_NEXT ?
167.02RTL::CLARKMon Sep 17 1990XLSE Product Awareness Meeting -- 2
168.0BAHTAT::BEAUMONTWed Oct 10 1990CORAL support?
169.01ISLNDS::GRAYMon Oct 29 1990Recovery for FORWARD/EDIT in MAIL possible?
170.02USWRSL::RETINA_NUMon Oct 29 1990SQL support
171.01JURA::CAGNINThu Nov 22 1990Can't access CMS from XLSE MATRIX
172.04POBBLE::PASCIUTAThu Jan 03 1991Linguistic Aids package breaks with DECspell V1.1
173.01SMAUG::PEARSONWed Feb 13 1991Can auto-indentation be turned off?
174.01ULYSSE::GREENWed Mar 20 1991Reformat paragraph? Fill text?
175.05TLE::CARIGNANFri Apr 12 1991XLSE on MIPS/ULTRIX?
176.0WIKKIT::WARWICKThu Jun 06 1991XLSE_GOTO_SCREEN with short buffers
177.0PRSIS4::WILCOCKThu Jun 27 1991VMSINSTAL callback definitions?
178.0KAOU93::VIERICHTue Jul 02 1991PostScript language definitions?
179.04RUTILE::63582::CAGNINTue Aug 27 1991How to change settings of $MAIN buffer
181.04ADTSHR::C_ALLENMon Sep 30 1991Need new XLSE stuff for LSE V4.
182.0RUTILE::63546::CAGNINWed Oct 30 1991MY_XLSE.*: where are they?
183.01EFGVFri Dec 06 1991DECSpell: Feature requires a terminal
184.015Wed Dec 11 1991Help locate the origin of this linguistic AID package.
185.01APACHE::VIJAYMon Dec 23 1991XLSE documentation
186.01CLARID::CHAMEROYWed Jan 22 1992Word not found in dictionary
187.01BERNWed Jan 29 1992Slow section file build & SHOW BUFFER changes with LSE T4.
188.01WELLIN::GRAHAMMon Feb 24 1992use for Consultancy ?
189.01ROCK::FREEDMANThu Mar 12 1992NEXT_DIFF causes endless loop
190.01TLE::CARRELLTue Mar 17 1992Help in moving XLSE to V4.
191.01LATNCY::MORGANWed Mar 18 1992DECwindows startup file for Optional Qualifiers
192.01LATNCY::MORGANWed Mar 18 1992XLSE_INITIALIZE and DECwindows Motif V1.1
193.0IOSG::HULINThu Mar 19 1992Some typos in DCL.LSE (XLSE
194.0CGOOA::RATHNOWMon Mar 23 1992MUMPS - Not just a childhood disease
195.04LATNCY::MORGANThu Mar 26 1992XLSE build procedure needs VMSLSE command language
196.02LATNCY::MORGANSat Mar 28 1992Mysterious "Do" key change with LSEDIT V4.
197.0STAR::CANTORMon Apr 20 1992Errors in DCL.LSE X3.1
198.04STAR::CANTORMon Apr 20 1992Current year for copyright expansions?
199.0STAR::CANTORTue Apr 21 1992XLSE_INITIALIZE.COM omission
200.01ROCK::FREEDMANWed Jun 17 1992Minor (?) errors building XLSE X4.
201.01GLADYS::SHUMWed Jun 24 1992SDML expansion problem with XLSE X3.1
202.02JURA::THESY::CAGNINThu Jul 16 1992Navigate DIRECTORY output and read files
203.03PEACHS::BELDINFri Sep 11 1992Weird indents with xlse and decterm cut/paste
204.0CONTRA::PMCVAYMon Nov 09 1992DCL language support upgraded to VMS V5.5
205.03ESSB::SGREENMon Dec 07 1992Confusion with Cut, Paste and prompting
206.01XKOVThu Dec 31 1992Positioning after a comment block.
207.0XAPPL::PAVANELLOWed Feb 24 1993Installation problem: LSEHELP.HLB is now LSE$HELP.HLB
208.02JURA::THESY::CAGNINTue Aug 17 1993Have <Return> remove a $SHOW... buffer
209.01DCEIDL::CLARKFri Oct 01 1993XLSE and C++ indentation
210.08JURA::THESY::CAGNINThu Nov 18 1993XLSE crashes with "%TPU-E-NONANSICRT, SYS$INPUT must be supported CRT"