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Conference clt::wild_birds

Title:Birders Like to Watch
Notice:June 1997 sightings in Note 65554
Created:Mon Oct 10 1988
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:655
Total number of notes:6735
Number with bodies:120
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1.019UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Conference Announcements
2.08UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Conference Guidelines
3.0UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Conference Directory
4.01UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Keyword Directories
5.03UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Using NOTES - Helpful Hints
6.0117UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Introductions
7.09UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Conference Discussion
8.08UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Organizations
9.038UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Books and Publications
10.0119UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Feeding the Birds
11.022UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988News Items of Interest
12.045UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Rare Bird Alerts - North America
13.04UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Rare Bird Alerts - UK + Europe
14.0UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Rare Bird Alerts - Other
15.027UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Places to go, places you've been
16.0102UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Optics Information
17.03UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Tidbits from USENET REC.BIRDS
18.05UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Improve your writing skills here
19.016UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988Outing and trip announcements
20.0287UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Oct 10 1988What is this bird? bird identification questions
21.025UPNRTH::BRIERLEYWed Oct 12 1988October Sightings
22.05GVAThu Oct 13 1988Thanks Eric!
23.019UBOHUB::YOUNG_RFri Oct 14 1988My favourite bird
24.06JOKUR::PLOETZMon Oct 17 1988What makes birds fly in a pattern?
25.01CSSE32::PITCHERMon Oct 17 1988Snow Geese at ZK.
26.04JOKUR::PLOETZTue Oct 18 1988Organized Walks?
27.02ZEKE::HUTCHINSThu Oct 20 1988Who is that Helo Pilot? #@!
28.01IAMOK::GONZALEZThu Oct 20 1988Info for gift-buyers and knowledge-seekers
29.06CSGFri Oct 21 1988Lost Birds???
30.05WHEEL::ST_ONGEFri Oct 28 1988Who is this Hawk?
31.03CIMNET::LUISIMon Nov 07 1988Help with House Finch?
32.016JUNCO::TBROWNELLMon Nov 07 1988November 1988 Sightings
33.014TLE::HALVORSONTue Nov 08 1988Albino birds
34.0UPNRTH::BRIERLEYFri Nov 11 1988Birds I HAVE seen
35.012UPNRTH::BRIERLEYFri Nov 11 1988Birds I DIDN'T see
36.06UPNRTH::BRIERLEYFri Nov 11 1988Birds I THOUGHT I saw
37.01BOOKLT::HALVORSONMon Nov 14 1988Birders and worms
38.01JUNCO::TBROWNELLMon Nov 21 1988Avast Ye Maties, the Sea Beckons
39.041BASEX::EISENBRAUNMon Nov 21 1988Squirrel problems
40.0TRUCKS::ROBINSONTue Nov 22 1988A question answered
41.08UPNRTH::BRIERLEYTue Nov 29 1988Famous folks who watch birds
42.018JUNCO::TBROWNELLWed Dec 07 1988December 1988 Sightings
43.01DRFIX::IVESThu Dec 08 1988I have this little brown bird.....
45.01CSDPIE::GAGNONWed Dec 21 1988Christmas Feast!
50.03CSMADM::SCHWABEFri Dec 30 1988Doves for breakfast
52.029TLE::HALVORSONTue Jan 03 1989January Sightings
53.04ISTG::KLOCKSONTue Jan 03 1989Flicker in my feeder
54.03ISTG::PLYNCHTue Jan 03 1989name that bird (in Grand Cayman Island)
55.04UBOHUB::YOUNG_RWed Jan 04 1989Great Birding Moments of 1988
56.05BPOVThu Jan 05 1989
57.02CIMNET::LUISIThu Jan 05 1989My little chicadee! [deserted me!]
58.04EST::JARGENTATIWed Jan 11 1989Quabin birding trip (SAT 14 JAN)
59.02CSDPIE::GAGNONWed Jan 11 1989Audobon Society - phone number near Fitchburg?
60.04CSSE::LOMBARDWed Jan 11 1989"The Chickadee" Collector's Plate
61.027TRUCKS::ROBINSONThu Jan 12 1989Close Encounters of the Bird Kind
63.03DARTS::DAVULISFri Jan 20 1989Landscaping for Birds
64.05HILLST::MASONTue Jan 31 1989Food for a freeze following unseasonable warmth...
65.038HPSTEK::SHERMANFri Feb 03 1989Herons by the DOZEN! All ages!
67.026TRUCKS::ROBINSONMon Feb 06 1989February Sightings
68.02SALEM::M_TAYLORTue Feb 07 1989Large black bird with white head question
69.01IAMOK::GONZALEZMon Feb 13 1989Best show on television
70.04MEMVWed Feb 22 1989Unknown Carribean Hummingbird
71.05HPSTEK::JELLISTue Feb 28 1989birding at work
72.010LDYBUG::LAVEYTue Feb 28 1989Florida birding spots?
73.062STAR::VALESFri Mar 03 1989March Sightings
75.08DEMING::ACITOTue Mar 14 1989When you want to do more than watch...
76.022WMOIS::B_REINKEWed Mar 15 1989*S*P*R*I*N*G*F*I*E*L*D*T*R*I*P
77.0TUCSON::COOPERWed Mar 15 1989Arizona Birding?
78.08AKOV12::SELESKYThu Mar 16 1989Hooded Merganser Sightings?
79.014LEZAH::QUIRIYMon Mar 20 1989hurt crow at MRO1
80.0CIMNET::STEWARTThu Mar 23 1989European visitor - look fast
81.0DELNI::K_ULLOThu Mar 23 1989new bird watcher
82.025UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Mar 27 1989Bird Words
83.02UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Mar 27 1989The 6th Annual World Series of Birding
84.014JUNCO::TBROWNELLMon Mar 27 1989Massachusetts Field Checklist
85.013POLAR::FERGUSONRMon Apr 03 1989photos wanted $$
86.067HPSTEK::DSHATTUCKMon Apr 03 1989April Sightings
87.010HAMSTR::MASONFri Apr 07 1989Agressive swans...
89.0SNOCMon Apr 10 1989Dicky Birds in OZ.
90.06UBOHUB::YOUNG_RTue Apr 11 1989Bird Nicknames
91.09UBOHUB::YOUNG_RWed Apr 12 1989The use of bird names today
92.02TARKIN::CHAVESThu Apr 13 1989What did I see?
93.0SMURF::DELOREYMon Apr 17 1989DECUS and Georgia Birding
94.03PCCAD1::RICHARDJWed Apr 19 1989High Ridge Wildlife Mgmt. Area
95.0WMOIS::B_REINKEMon Apr 24 1989Caution on Lyme Disease
96.01CSMADM::SCHWABETue Apr 25 1989Eagles nesting at Quabbin
97.02PCCAD1::RICHARDJTue Apr 25 1989Stokes, "Out On A Limb"
98.09IAMOK::ROSENBERGFri Apr 28 1989Warm Weather Feeding?
99.05BUCKY::HUSTONSat Apr 29 1989How to keep seeds off of the lawn?
100.06CIMNET::STEWARTMon May 01 1989Vacation in Britain
101.065JUNCO::TBROWNELLMon May 01 1989May Sightings
102.08TARKIN::CHAVESMon May 01 1989Cowbird
103.01BOOKIE::AITELTue May 02 1989Sparrows and gardens
104.01TLE::HALLMon May 08 1989egg watching
105.04BOOKIE::HALVORSONMon May 08 1989Costa Rica birding (long account)
106.02IAMOK::ROSENBERGMon May 08 1989Grackle
107.011PACKER::JULIUSTue May 09 1989Killdeer note
108.03CBWND1::MORENCYWed May 10 1989Id a Hawk in Stow
109.01OBSESS::JENSENFri May 12 1989What a gift... handcarved birds!
111.01GLIVET::RECKARDWed May 17 1989Sounds like ...
112.06BIZNIS::LYNCHWed May 17 1989Info on birdhouse exposure
113.0MEMORY::BROWERFri May 19 1989Quabbin Bald Eagle hatchling
114.026GIAENG::PULSIFERThu May 25 1989feeding Hummers
116.08JUNCO::TBROWNELLFri Jun 02 1989Fledgling Behavior
117.028DNEAST::PLENGEY_DEBFri Jun 02 1989Blue bird sightings?
119.023UBOHUB::YOUNG_RMon Jun 05 1989June Sightings
120.013SHALOT::BRIERLEYTue Jun 06 1989The July BIRDS field trip
121.05DEMING::ACITOTue Jun 06 1989Bird Humor
122.0GLDOA::CAREYWed Jun 07 1989Michigan Birds
123.0HPSRAD::DZEKEVICHThu Jun 08 1989Nest box & basket question
124.03WAGON::ST_ONGEFri Jun 09 1989White-Crowned Sparrow in MA
125.02SCIVAX::HARRISMon Jun 12 1989Swallow Habits?
126.0DRFIX::IVESThu Jun 15 1989I need your help, please....
127.017BCSE::TANGThu Jun 15 1989crow, the ugly bird
128.03RHETT::BRINSONMon Jun 26 1989Male swans?
129.0JUNCO::TBROWNELLTue Jun 27 1989Injured Downy Woodpecker
130.05STEREO::COPPERSMITHThu Jul 06 1989How to see a Puffin
131.0UPNRTH::BRIERLEYFri Jul 07 1989The first ever BIRDS netparty!
132.027SMURF::DELOREYMon Jul 10 1989July Sightings
133.026GLDOA::CAREYThu Jul 13 1989Hunters are Birders Too
134.05USWAV1::FARRELLFri Jul 14 1989Plans for Purple Martin House?
135.04LEADIN::MUNIERMon Jul 17 1989Bald Eagle Adventure in NH
137.0NUTMEG::MASONFri Jul 21 1989Birds in computers...
138.0AKAMAI::BRIERLEYFri Jul 21 1989Hawaii trip report
139.036FLOCON::KENNEDY_CFri Jul 21 1989Help required for baby Sparrow!
140.09WMOIS::B_REINKEMon Jul 31 1989Recent National Bird Census Shows Decline in Birds
141.032MYCRFT::PARODITue Aug 01 1989August Sightings
142.01HPSTEK::JELLISTue Aug 01 1989Holiday in Switzerland today!
143.035WOODRO::KRAWIECKIMon Aug 14 1989Neophite looking for some answers
145.02SPGBAS::NPAPPASTue Aug 22 1989Urgent** Opening on field trip tomorrow!
146.02UKCSSE::ROBINSONWed Aug 23 1989A UK Bird Trip?
147.04MSBIS1::BECKETTThu Aug 24 1989fuji-san picture
148.01ASHEIM::THOMPSONTue Aug 29 1989Any information on bird watching in Mexico ?
149.0ASHEIM::THOMPSONTue Aug 29 1989Wildfowl in the Munich area
150.01HDLITE::FEASEThu Aug 31 1989Unusual Pets
151.021HPSRAD::DZEKEVICHTue Sep 05 1989September Sightings
152.03--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 18 1989homing pigeons?
153.09LEZAH::QUIRIYSun Sep 24 1989what (and why) are they doing (it)?
154.030LEZAH::QUIRIYSun Sep 24 1989birdfeeder question(s)
155.02GVAMon Sep 25 1989Patagium?
156.0MASADA::VOLKLEFri Sep 29 1989MA. Birders' Meeting
157.051STEREO::COPPERSMITHTue Oct 03 1989October Sightings
158.013UPNRTH::BRIERLEYThu Oct 05 1989The Fall WILD_BIRDS Outing - Oct 14
159.0AKOV12::WHITTUMThu Oct 12 1989ICBP Lecture
160.03CLOSET::FARRTue Oct 24 1989Almost like `The Birds'!
161.0AKOV12::WHITTUMFri Oct 27 1989Invitation from MBO
162.01UKCSSE::ROBINSONTue Oct 31 1989Bird kleptomania
163.025UPNRTH::BRIERLEYTue Oct 31 1989Trivia and little known facts
164.027MAMIE::KRAWIECKIWed Nov 01 1989November sightings
166.09WMOIS::P_RIVETTSTue Nov 14 1989Anyone seen a Pileated Woodpecker?
167.04JUNCO::TBROWNELLFri Nov 17 1989Species Changes in AOU Checklist
168.02MASADA::VOLKLEFri Nov 17 1989Television events
169.01CARTUN::JANOWSKIMon Nov 27 1989Possible Bald Eagle sighting in Boylston
171.01JUNCO::TBROWNELLWed Nov 29 1989Pelagic Christmas Count
172.03UPNRTH::BRIERLEYThu Nov 30 1989Song bird, served raw with feathers
173.042HABS11::MASONFri Dec 01 1989December Sightings
174.03BOOKIE::DONAHUEWed Dec 27 1989Nashua Wetlands Ordinance
175.035CIMBAD::TBROWNELLTue Jan 02 1990January Sightings
176.0CECVMon Jan 08 1990Birding St. Johns Virgin Islands
177.011GVAMon Jan 08 1990A Winter Birding Outing?
178.07GVAWed Jan 10 1990Non Migrant Swallows
179.010SA1794::INCOMINGThu Jan 18 1990How to find Owls?
180.05AKOV12::EHUBBELLFri Jan 19 1990Question about Wild Bird Seed
181.04FOOZLE::WHITEMon Jan 22 1990Massachusetts Bird Feeding Survey
182.013THEBUS::GAGNONTue Jan 23 1990Small brown birds.....
183.041DECEAT::DRISKELLThu Feb 01 1990February sightings
184.0SWAPO::CELESTINOWed Feb 14 1990Bad News from Bolsa Chica
185.0AKOV12::WHITTUMWed Feb 14 19902nd Annual BBC/MBO Lecture
186.059CHFS32::HMONTGOSat Feb 17 1990are bats birds?
187.02FDCVThu Mar 01 1990Maine trip
188.079UKCSSE::ROBINSONMon Mar 05 1990March Sightings
189.0CSSE32::TDOLANThu Mar 08 1990Lecture,Endangered wildlife, NashuaZKO
190.01ZENBOX::ARGENTATIThu Mar 15 1990Suggestions for NC wildlifing
191.0AKOV12::WHITTUMThu Mar 15 1990ICBP Program
192.010HAMPS::TAYLOR_MFri Mar 16 1990California birding information
193.06WAGON::ST_ONGEFri Mar 16 1990Delaney Project in Mass.
194.09SKIF::CJOHNSONFri Mar 16 1990When to continue/discontinue setting out feed
195.02SENIOR::GERAWAYMon Mar 19 1990Info/Delaney Wtrshd Project
196.016CECVWed Mar 21 1990What's in a Name
197.08GVAFri Mar 23 1990An April outing?
198.02SMURF::WALLACEFri Mar 23 1990Water Protection for wild nest
199.02STLACT::LAFRANCETue Mar 27 1990Thinking about Australia....
200.084BTOVT::HART_ZMon Apr 02 1990April Sightings
202.010KYOA::HANSONMon Apr 16 1990Info on the Plover?
203.05TRACTR::LINDNERMon Apr 16 1990There's a tapping at my window
204.01SYSTMX::TARRYWed Apr 18 1990Spring Trip April 21 & 22
205.0USMRM3::SPOPKESWed Apr 18 1990zoovival inc
206.06USMFG::NROSTANZOWed Apr 18 1990OWLS- Fascination with highways?
209.0HAMPS::TAYLOR_MMon Apr 23 1990Argonne, France
210.0UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Apr 23 1990The Spring WILD_BIRDS Netparty!
211.01UPNRTH::BRIERLEYMon Apr 23 1990Spring migration field trips
212.0AKOV12::WHITTUMMon Apr 23 1990Brookline Bird Club Annual Meeting
213.0EDWIN::WHEATERMon Apr 23 1990Wildlife Refuge, Great Bay, N.H.
214.04SYSTMX::TARRYTue Apr 24 1990Telephone Nos. Bird Reports
215.03GNUVAX::QUIRIYThu Apr 26 1990jargon, terms, definitions
216.076DR::BLINNTue May 01 1990May, 199
217.01CSSE32::TDOLANThu May 03 1990Nashua,NH Area Audubon meetings/events
218.07MAMIE::KRAWIECKITue May 08 1990I'm a lumberjack and I'm O.K.....!!!
219.04WJOUSM::SCHWABEWed May 09 1990Birds reusing old nests
220.03POCUS::FCOLLINSThu May 10 1990I have two beautiful mallards
221.04FDCVMon May 14 1990Swallows and people, working together...
223.025AKOV12::EHUBBELLMon May 14 1990Has anyone seen a Rose Breasted Grossbeak?
226.018NATASH::ANDERSONTue May 22 1990Someone please help me!
227.01SMURF::DELOREYTue May 22 1990Gate closed at PRNWR
228.04SYSTMX::TARRYThu May 24 1990Finding Birds near DEC Facilities
229.03DUGGAN::DAVULISFri May 25 1990swallows vs sparrows!
230.06HAMPS::TAYLOR_MTue May 29 1990Binocular prices
231.03NATASH::ANDERSONTue May 29 1990Did anyone see the 'Duck' story?
232.038CECVThu May 31 1990June 199
233.06GVAFri Jun 01 1990Cranes in the U.K.?
234.03UPNRTH::BRIERLEYFri Jun 01 1990Environmental issues for birders
235.02WAGON::ST_ONGEWed Jun 06 1990birds in Ireland?
236.02TALLIS::DARCYThu Jun 07 1990Bird Books
237.06CECVWed Jun 13 1990Southeast Arizona May
238.09FDCVWed Jun 13 1990Barn Swallow behavior
239.08GEMVAX::CICCOLINIWed Jun 13 1990Nestling fell out - should I help?
240.01SYSTMX::TARRYTue Jun 19 1990How Birds Fish
241.0BSS::TEEUWETue Jun 19 1990Super spotter/telephoto
242.01CLT::KOBAL::FERWERDAWed Jun 20 1990Pileated Woodpecker
243.03CGHUB::WOODRUFF_BMon Jun 25 1990Injured Robin...
244.027CECVThu Jun 28 1990July 199
245.05TALLIS::DARCYMon Jul 02 1990Escaped Parakeet
246.04LANDO::EBENSMon Jul 02 1990Who killed the finch?
247.03SMURF::DELOREYMon Jul 02 1990Brookline Bird Club info
248.0+21IAMOK::RYBICKIThu Jul 05 1990Hummingbird Questions
251.0WHEEL::ST_ONGEThu Jul 05 1990AP News Story on Baby Eagles
252.0CEDSWS::BRIERLEYTue Jul 10 1990A message from Terry Brownell
253.0ORCAS::MCKINNON_JASun Jul 15 1990Who to call w/injured bird
254.011UKCSSE::ROBINSONTue Jul 17 19902 Brits in America
255.01PCCAD1::RICHARDJWed Jul 18 1990Warning! Drop Reflex
256.019GVAMon Jul 23 1990Information on Raptor migration - Pyrenees
257.04PCCAD1::RICHARDJTue Jul 24 1990HANDS OFF!
258.026CECVMon Jul 30 1990August 199
259.01TOPTEN::PLEVAWed Aug 01 1990Albino Purple Finch?
260.0WMOIS::B_REINKESun Aug 05 1990Bye folks
261.06BSS::RUSSELLMon Aug 06 1990Nest for house finches
262.02CECVThu Aug 09 1990Birding Oregon USA
263.06BSS::RUSSELLMon Aug 13 1990Birdbaths and heaters
264.029HABS11::MASONTue Aug 14 1990Small creatures linked to birdwatching...
265.05CECVTue Aug 14 1990Info on Pelagic Trips
266.05HAMPS::TAYLOR_MWed Aug 15 1990Birding in Sweden?
267.06WAGON::ST_ONGEWed Aug 22 1990Grouse in NH?
268.05ODDONE::HALLAM_MWed Aug 29 1990Tape luring in the fall.
269.08MARVIN::RSCOTTThu Aug 30 1990How to recognize albinos?
270.03ODDONE::HALLAM_MMon Sep 03 1990just for a laugh.
271.03HABS11::MASONMon Sep 03 1990Inter-species relationships/dependencies
272.02LARVAE::TATE_LMon Sep 03 1990Brit goes to Boston
273.04WAGON::ST_ONGETue Sep 04 1990Strange behavior...molting?
274.038ODDONE::HALLAM_MTue Sep 04 1990September 199
275.07REMACP::RICHARDSONTue Sep 18 1990Indiginous region of the Snipe ?
277.02JOCKEY::BYNGNThu Sep 27 1990Polish Birdlife
278.04SYSTMX::TARRYFri Sep 28 1990Black Rails
279.031CECVMon Oct 01 1990October, 199
281.08--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 01 1990Birding Texas
282.05RAMPNT::HALVORSONMon Oct 01 1990Birding in Italy
283.024GVAWed Oct 10 1990Ideas for Thanksgiving birding?
284.08HABS11::MASONThu Oct 11 1990Window strikes...
285.01--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 16 1990Birding Georgia
286.06CECVThu Oct 18 1990Bird Lists 199
287.04HABS11::MASONSun Oct 21 1990Care of wild birds and other creatures
288.09UKCSSE::ROBINSONTue Oct 23 1990Are "birdlines" good or bad?
289.029SYSTMX::TARRYTue Oct 30 1990November 199
290.0AIADM::VOLKLEThu Nov 01 1990Second Annual Ma. Birders' Meeting
292.03UKCSSE::ROBINSONWed Nov 07 1990To tick or not to tick
293.0CECVFri Nov 16 1990Amherst Island for Owls
294.01CEDSWS::BRIERLEYMon Nov 19 1990PC based listing software
295.06WAGON::ST_ONGETue Nov 20 1990Another name for a "carnie?"
296.017CECVTue Nov 20 1990December Sightings
297.055CEDSWS::BRIERLEYWed Dec 12 1990Hotline reports from New England
298.03GVAThu Dec 13 1990Weather alert for rarities
299.015SYSTMX::TARRYWed Dec 19 1990January 1991 Sightings
301.0SYSTMX::TARRYWed Jan 09 1991SUNDEC Tours
302.03USMFG::NROSTANZOThu Jan 10 1991Help! They are Eating TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!
303.05DROPIT::BENHAMMon Jan 14 1991Birds stopped using bird feeders
304.012USCTR2::DIIULIOWed Jan 16 1991HAWKS - What kind of animals will they kill?
306.011WHEEL::ST_ONGETue Jan 22 1991Joy of Wrens
307.02CEDSWS::BRIERLEYMon Jan 28 1991Bird books for sale
308.035CECVTue Jan 29 1991Feburary, 1991 Sightings
309.0HABS11::MASONFri Feb 01 1991Birding Hotline online
310.05CECVFri Feb 01 1991Persian Gulf Oil Spill
311.04GVAMon Feb 04 1991January census
312.01TALLIS::DARCYThu Feb 14 1991Winter food supply
313.0AKOCOA::WHITTUMTue Feb 19 1991Brookline Bird Club/MBO Joint Program
314.04ICS::JOHNSONLWed Feb 20 1991The Common Bird Watcher - An essay
315.03WHEEL::ST_ONGEMon Feb 25 1991Year of the Corncrake
316.08RUTILE::PERRYWed Feb 27 1991Lake District ( U.K. ) Information?
317.02ODDONE::YOUNG_RWed Feb 27 1991Night singing birds
318.018KAOFS::P_SAVOIEThu Feb 28 1991Nikon spotting scopes
319.036CECVFri Mar 01 1991Sightings March, 1991
320.04GVAMon Mar 11 1991An April trip?
321.02ASDG::ACITOWed Mar 13 1991Ask the Vendor Opportunity
322.0AKOCOA::WHITTUMThu Mar 14 1991Brookline Bird Club Annual Meeting
323.02ODDONE::HALLAM_MFri Mar 15 1991When meeting Royalty
324.026WHEEL::ST_ONGEMon Mar 18 1991Bird house experience?
325.06WHEEL::ST_ONGEMon Mar 25 1991White-Tailed Eagle in Ireland
326.01CRISPY::HALLAMMTue Mar 26 1991Texas-the big one
327.048CECVWed Mar 27 1991April 1991 Sightings
328.01CECVWed Mar 27 1991Birding in Texas
329.018CECVMon Apr 01 19911991 Plum Island Rules
330.01XANADU::RECKARDMon Apr 01 1991Woodcocks
331.05CHIEFF::UFHEILMon Apr 01 1991Bird Carvings Info?
332.06BTOVT::HART_ZWed Apr 03 1991Hawk Behavior
333.04CECVFri Apr 05 1991High Tech Birding
334.04CECVThu Apr 11 1991Birding Locations Massachusetts
335.0CECVThu Apr 11 1991Birding Locations New England
336.0CRISPY::HALLAMMTue Apr 16 1991Advanced Birding - Kenn Kaufman
338.04NEWPRT::CELESTINO_MAFri Apr 19 1991Wild birds in legend, literature, & history
339.01RAMPNT::DAVISFri Apr 26 1991South Carolina birding
340.061WHEEL::TARRYFri May 03 1991May 1991 Sightings
342.010BTOVT::HART_ZTue May 14 1991Eggs in the nest...
343.03BLUMON::GUGELTue May 14 1991Monhegan Island - spring migration
344.02TPMARY::TAMIRTue May 14 1991They ARE robin's egg blue!
345.0WHEEL::TARRYTue May 21 1991Responsible Birding
346.06WAGON::ST_ONGEFri May 24 1991Foiling Predators
347.04HUGS::AND_KISSESWed May 29 1991English Blackbirds
348.0MADRE::JAEGERThu May 30 1991Domestic Jay Problem!
349.034WHEEL::TARRYFri May 31 1991SIGHTINGS JUNE 1991
350.0OASS::AMATO_AWed Jun 12 1991Report from the Coast
351.0DELNI::JARMSTRONGWed Jun 12 1991hunter becomes hunted
352.08WELWIT::MANNIONThu Jun 13 1991British Rarities
354.03DENVER::EDGINGTONThu Jun 13 1991Bluebirds decommit
355.027WAGON::TARRYMon Jun 24 1991July 1991 Sightings
356.03WAGON::TARRYMon Jun 24 1991Colorado- Grouse Grand Slam
357.03WELLIN::MANNIONMon Jul 08 1991Trip Report - Brittany
358.03CSSE32::OWENSTue Jul 09 1991Trivia: is it possible for...
359.06GVATue Jul 09 1991Trip to Kenya
360.03GVATue Jul 16 1991Information about Atlanta GA?
361.05METSYS::GILROYMon Jul 29 1991Book on Cyprus birds
362.036WAGON::TARRYTue Jul 30 1991August 1991 Sightings
363.04DUCK::HALLAMMWed Aug 07 1991Bay of Biscay
364.024WHEEL::TARRYMon Aug 19 1991Sightings September, 1991
365.02JVAX::SIPILAWed Aug 21 1991What Is This Bird?
366.01DUCK::HALLAMMThu Aug 22 1991Battle of Trafalgar
367.01WAGON::TARRYTue Aug 27 1991South Monomoy Cape Cod, MA
368.08FORUM::ROGERSFri Aug 30 1991Questions
369.014PINION::MCCONNELLTue Sep 03 1991Questions from a beginner
370.02CAPNET::DAVINFri Sep 06 1991Mourning Dove nesting
371.010JAWS::TRIPPTue Sep 10 1991Wanted: Wild Bird Magazine/Article in it
372.02GOLF::JANOWSKITue Sep 10 1991Possible eagle sighting
373.04STEPS1::VOLKLEThu Sep 19 19913rd Annual MA Birders' Meeting
374.02XANADU::RECKARDFri Sep 20 1991Lessons From Geese
375.013RAMPNT::DAVISMon Sep 23 1991Michigan, USA in May
376.021WHEEL::TARRYMon Sep 30 1991October 1991 Sightings
377.06UKCSSE::ROBINSONTue Oct 01 1991Theale Gravel Pits, Berkshire, UK
378.03WHEEL::TARRYFri Oct 04 1991Endangered Species News
379.016WHEEL::TARRYThu Oct 17 1991Cool Discussion of Falconry
380.01STEPS1::VOLKLEThu Oct 17 1991Raptor Rehabilitation
381.04WAGON::TARRYWed Oct 30 1991Isles of Scilly
382.0STEPS1::WHITTUMWed Oct 30 1991Brookline Bird Club Fall Meeting
383.0WAGON::TARRYFri Nov 01 1991More Questions
384.0DUCK::HALLAMMMon Nov 04 1991New book out.
385.028WAGON::TARRYMon Nov 04 1991November, 1991 Sightings
387.03DUCK::HALLAMMThu Nov 14 1991Hunting
388.019HAMPS::TAYLOR_MIWed Dec 04 1991December 1991 Sightings
389.04ISLNDS::LAUBACHFri Dec 06 1991Feeder to control types of birds
390.04SSPENG::WOODRUFFFri Dec 06 1991Great Blue Heron info
391.01CUPMK::SMURPHYMon Dec 16 1991Bird guides for sale
393.09MCIS5::TRIPPThu Dec 26 1991Wild Bird store in NH??
394.01GVAFri Dec 27 1991Eiders on Lake Geneva
395.03PINION::MCCONNELLMon Dec 30 1991Birders see all sorts of wild life
396.019DUCK::HALLAMMThu Jan 02 1992January 1992 sightings
397.03WHEEL::TARRYMon Jan 13 1992Bird Lists 1991
398.04SUPER::ST_ONGEWed Jan 15 1992Birdhouses as Roosting Spots
399.020OBSESS::JENSENSat Feb 01 1992February 1992 Sightings
400.0WHEEL::TARRYMon Feb 24 1992Notes Conference Guidelines
401.0GVAMon Feb 24 1992Sea Eagle on Lake Geneva
402.050UKCSSE::ROBINSONMon Mar 02 1992MARCH sightings
403.04WHEEL::TARRYMon Mar 02 1992Unusual Pine Siskin?
405.05VORTEX::DSSDEV::STEGNERTue Mar 03 1992Brown goldfinches
406.03RENOIR::ORLOWSKIMon Mar 09 1992Fall Cleaning Birdhouses
407.01ODDONE::YOUNG_RMon Mar 09 1992Birds that adapt
408.03ROYALT::PULSIFERThu Mar 12 1992Dead Trees
409.0ROYALT::PULSIFERThu Mar 12 1992Eviction notice on House sparrows
410.057WAGON::TARRYTue Mar 17 1992April 1992 Sightings
411.03VORTEX::DSSDEV::STEGNERWed Mar 18 1992When to feed?
412.011PINION::MCCONNELLTue Mar 24 1992Bluebird houses?
413.03SUPER::TROGON::TARRYWed Mar 25 1992Massachusetts Pelagic Trips 1992
414.01LMOADM::WHITTUMThu Mar 26 1992Brookline Bird Club Annual Meeting
415.0SUPER::TROGON::TARRYMon Apr 06 1992Protecting Raptors
416.016EPS::BAUERMon Apr 13 1992Owl Hunting
417.04OLDTMR::CRAIGTue Apr 28 1992bird nest in our fireplace
418.0LANDO::EBENSWed Apr 29 1992Our Tangled Web of Life
419.072TROGON::TARRYMon May 04 1992May 1992 Sightings
420.07ESCROW::ROBERTSMon May 11 1992Attracting Ducks to a Pond?
422.019LEZAH::QUIRIYSat May 23 1992Mockingbird?
423.024HARDY::TARRYTue Jun 02 1992June 1992 Sightings
424.07SUPER::TARRYTue Jun 02 1992Quiz with International Appeal
425.02MAPLES::WOODRUFFFri Jun 05 1992Directions to Mt. Auburn
427.03SSBN1::COPPERSMITHFri Jun 19 1992Lunar Eclipses and Bird Songs?
428.03CTHQ3::LANGLOISTue Jun 23 1992raccoon raiding birdfeeder...
429.02TEACH::ABBYMon Jun 29 1992Need inexpensive sources
430.07FASDER::CCRISPELLWed Jul 08 1992Painted Bunting search
431.011WHELIN::MORENCYWed Jul 08 1992July 1992 Sightings
432.04GWEN::PULSIFERThu Jul 09 1992Plum Island Trip
433.01GWEN::PULSIFERThu Jul 09 1992Wanted
434.02MCIS2::NANCYZFri Jul 10 1992Bird's nest in Impatient basket
435.04HPSRAD::DZEKEVICHWed Jul 15 1992Baby Robin on lawn
436.0LOWELL::GUGELWed Jul 15 1992Cuttyhunk Island birding
437.015SUPER::TARRYThu Jul 30 1992Sightings August 1992
438.0RAMPNT::DAVISWed Aug 05 1992Maine songbird preservation efforts
439.0ROYALT::PULSIFERFri Aug 14 1992Globe article
440.02ROYALT::PULSIFERThu Aug 20 1992What time of Day to Watch ?
441.012--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 08 1992Sightings September 1992
442.010WKOLTue Sep 15 1992Migrating to a new roost!
443.01ODDONE::YOUNG_RFri Sep 18 1992South Europe birding and hunting
444.01RAMPNT::DAVISTue Oct 06 1992Russian birds on NATURE tonight (New England)
445.019WEORG::DAVISSun Oct 18 1992Sightings October 1992
446.02SUPER::TARRYThu Nov 12 1992Washinton-Montana July 1992
447.01SUPER::TARRYThu Nov 12 1992Florida Trip Report April 1992
448.06ROYALT::PULSIFERMon Nov 16 1992November 1992 sightings
449.02ACETEK::TIMPSONThu Nov 19 1992Male birds
450.08ROCK::ANDERSONWed Nov 25 1992small, inexpensive binocs
451.02SUPER::TARRYMon Nov 30 1992A Wild_Birder in Birding
452.0SUPER::TARRYWed Dec 02 1992Killer Balloons
453.019CSC32::JJONESWed Dec 02 1992On-Line Identification DB?
454.09SUPER::TARRYTue Dec 08 1992December 1992 Sightings
455.09SUPER::TARRYMon Dec 28 1992Sightings January 1993
456.04FASDER::CCRISPELLTue Dec 29 1992What kind of Woodpecker????
457.02BIRDY::SAUDELLIMon Jan 04 1993Too many Sea Gulls...Whats up?
458.03SUPER::TARRYFri Jan 08 19931992 Life and Year Lists
459.06WMOIS::GOSSELIN_ETue Jan 12 1993New birder needs extra help!
460.08ICS::DIIULIOTue Jan 19 1993Windows strikes/decals
461.0ROYALT::PULSIFERMon Jan 25 1993Mass Aud. Survey ?
462.01AKOCOA::LAJEUNESSEMon Feb 01 1993Bluebirds
464.013DPDMAI::SIFTARTue Feb 09 1993Rehab notes file??
465.010SUPER::TARRYTue Feb 09 1993Sightings February, 1993
466.04DPDMAI::SIFTARWed Feb 17 1993Raptor ID book needed?
467.029SUPER::TARRYMon Mar 01 1993Sightings March, 1993
468.01SUPER::TARRYWed Mar 03 1993Spring Migration in Israel
469.02SUPER::TARRYWed Mar 17 1993Birding Trips 1993
470.03AKOCOA::LAJEUNESSEFri Mar 19 1993Feeder Problem
471.06DELNI::JMCDONOUGHTue Mar 23 1993Bird feeding pays---Charlton, Mass..
472.05CSC32::K_MEADOWSSat Apr 03 1993How to get rid of a woodpecker?
473.022WECROW::CORVUS::FULLERTONMon Apr 05 1993Sightings April '93
475.07BASEX::EISENBRAUNTue Apr 13 1993Attracting wood ducks.
476.013TLE::HAMNETTTue Apr 27 1993Birds nest in my Xmas Wreath!
477.030ROYALT::PULSIFERMon May 03 1993Sightings May '93
478.07IAMOK::CHRISBELLMon May 03 1993Question
479.04LEDDEV::FURBECKMon May 10 1993Feeding Orioles
480.03TALLIS::DARCYTue May 11 1993Experience with water fountains?
481.0MCIS2::NANCYZMon May 17 1993Finches vs hanging basket
482.03MPGS::DIMon May 17 1993Nat. Geo. Article
483.04LANDO::EBENSMon May 24 1993Canada Geese at BXB2
484.015SUPER::TARRYThu Jun 03 1993Sightings June 1993
485.06FDCV14::DOTENMon Jun 14 1993Should suet be hung out all year long?
486.0NEWOA::HOLTAM_ITue Jun 15 1993Bird Cruises Nova Scotia
487.03MILPND::CLARK_DMon Jun 21 1993Bird Nesting in Geranium
488.01FASDER::CCRISPELLMon Jun 28 1993Question of the day - Cowbirds
490.08SUPER::TARRYFri Jul 09 1993Sightings July 1993
491.024DECWET::JOMon Jul 12 1993Northwest Bird identification
492.03AIMHI::PETERSThu Jul 22 1993Nursing a injured bird
493.08SUPER::TARRYThu Jul 29 1993Sightings August 1993
494.05PINION::MCCONNELLFri Jul 30 1993Waterfowl cruises
495.05DKAS::FEASEMon Aug 09 1993What a thrill!!
496.0DOCTP::BOYLEThu Aug 12 1993Monhegan Island, Maine?
497.05GVASat Aug 28 1993Unusual Tawny Owl behaviour
498.02GVATue Aug 31 1993Corsica infor?
499.02DECWET::JOWed Sep 22 1993cooper's hawk
501.014MY3SON::STEGNERWed Sep 29 1993Cardinals
502.04DWOMV2::GODDARDThu Sep 30 1993wild turkeys
503.027UBOHUB::YOUNG_RTue Oct 05 1993Sightings October 1993
504.01ROYALT::PULSIFERWed Oct 27 1993High Cost of feeding birds
505.03LARVAE::DRSDWed Nov 03 1993Camargue & Pyrenees, France/Spain
506.020SUPER::TARRYFri Nov 05 1993Sightings November 1993
507.04FASDER::CCRISPELLMon Nov 29 1993Info on videotaping birds
508.0MR4DEC::SFRASERThu Dec 02 1993Lost Loons Helped
509.04ROCKS::ROBINSONMon Dec 13 1993Sightings December 1993
510.012ODIXIE::MILLERTTue Dec 28 1993BIRDCHAT / BIRDEAST Listserver
511.0664346::STEGNERThu Jan 06 1994Sparrow?
512.04MKOTS1::MONBLEAUTue Jan 11 1994Winter Count Off?
513.024BROKE::STEVE5::BOURQUARDTue Jan 11 1994Sightings January 1994
514.02DECWET::JOWed Jan 26 1994seed preference test
515.019LARVAE::DRSDMon Feb 07 1994Sightings February 1994
516.09DECWET::JOThu Feb 10 1994birds and electric fence?
517.023GVAMon Mar 07 1994This note for March sightings
518.0SUPER::TARRYFri Mar 11 1994Audubon Watercolors in Boston
519.0FASDER::CCRISPELLThu Mar 17 1994Avian Cholera outbreak
520.01UBOHUB::YOUNG_RFri Mar 25 1994UK Birder leaves the flock
521.020TRACTR::BLAISDELLSun Apr 03 1994April Sightings
522.010DECWET::JOMon Apr 04 1994berry tree/shrub for birds?
523.01DSSDEV::RICEThu Apr 07 1994Woodpecker, what to do with it?
524.07GVAMon Apr 11 1994Malaysia, information needed.
525.06WMOENG::NEUVONENFri Apr 15 1994Injured Canadian Goose @ NQO
526.01VARESE::FRANZONITue Apr 26 1994Red Backed Shrike census
527.025SUPER::TARRYFri May 06 1994May, 1994 Sightings
528.06CTHQ::SNOWMon May 09 1994Please help identify our new "tenants"
529.0CASDOC::MEAGHERWed May 11 1994Birds Nesting at LKG1
530.06PINION::MCCONNELLWed May 11 1994Another identiy question
531.0VIDEO::PULSIFERFri May 13 1994Rare birds for Mass.
532.06WEORG::DAVISWed May 25 1994Another one gone
533.08USCTR1::LAJEUNESSEThu May 26 1994Name that bird call
534.04DECC::MULLENWed Jun 01 1994June, 1994 Sightings
535.02MKOTS1::MONBLEAUFri Jun 17 1994Care for injured Wildlife
536.05SSPADE::GOONANMon Jun 27 1994Murder mystery?
537.02LANDO::EBENSMon Jun 27 1994Where did the Gardening Conference go?
538.08DECC::MULLENFri Jul 01 1994July, 1994 Sightings
539.04APSMME::STEGNERSun Jul 03 1994Baltimore Orioles
540.01KYOSS1::BOYLEWed Jul 06 1994Virginia Rail?
541.0VARESE::FRANZONIFri Jul 15 1994trip report - Ireland
542.0GVPROD::ILFORD::BOWMANMon Jul 18 1994New breeding species for Switzerland
543.015DECC::MULLENMon Aug 01 1994August, 1994 Sightings
544.0TRUCKS::EDGLEY_MTue Aug 02 1994Bird Watching in Antigua
545.02BGSDEV::STEGNERWed Aug 03 1994Tired Blue Jay?
547.010FASDER::CCRISPELLTue Aug 09 1994Early migration
548.04DECC::MULLENThu Sep 01 1994September, 1994 Sightings
549.0LARVAE::DRSDMon Sep 05 1994Istanbul, Turkey
550.04DECC::MULLENFri Sep 30 1994October, 1994 Sightings
551.07CSLALL::FINN_BRMon Oct 03 1994Bird Life Spans
552.07VIDEO::PULSIFERMon Oct 31 1994November, 1994 sightings
553.05NOVA::MULLENThu Dec 01 1994December, 1994 sightings
555.03PEKING::HALLAMMWed Dec 07 1994cheeryo
556.08FASDER::CCRISPELLWed Dec 14 1994Christmas Bird Count
557.0GVAThu Dec 15 1994News from Emmalee...
558.0GVPROD::ILFORD::BOWMANFri Dec 23 1994White-billed Diver still present.
559.08PSYCHE::JUROWTue Jan 03 1995Bird Feeder Source?
560.04TALLIS::DARCYWed Jan 11 1995Which evergreen is best for birds?
561.03MCCOVY::MRSTESTMon Jan 16 1995Where is PET_BIRD Conference?
562.0KAOFS::B_MOLFri Jan 20 1995birds in Maui
563.0MR1MI1::DHOWEMon Jan 23 1995Crossbill
564.06GENRAL::KILGOREThu Jan 26 1995How do we deter destruction?
565.016SEND::PARODITue Feb 07 1995Titmouse Song
568.01MUGGER::LIVINGSTONEWed Mar 08 1995New Noter
569.09MIMS::WILBUR_DFri Mar 10 1995Do birdfeeders help/harm or do nothing.
570.011MIMS::WILBUR_DFri Mar 17 1995What birds won't feed?
571.015MKOTS1::BUTLERMon Mar 20 1995???'s attracting nesting birds
572.0DECWET::JOMon Mar 27 1995dogfight! red-tail hawks
573.031LARVAE::63814::taylor_miMon Apr 03 1995APRIL 1995 SIGHTINGS
574.02HACMAN::JONESSun Apr 16 1995Captive Parrots
575.04MKOTS1::MONBLEAUWed Apr 19 1995Save our Environment Campaign 4/28/95
576.0LJSRV1::BOURQUARDTue Apr 25 1995Project Feederwatch Info
577.03TROOA::TEMPLETONThu Apr 27 1995new to me
578.045ROCKS::ROBINSONMon May 01 1995May 1995 Sightings
579.06WECARE::FERRIGNOTue May 02 1995nasty geese
580.02NPSS::CREEGANWed May 03 1995Scarlet Tanager's song
581.011NPSS::CREEGANThu May 04 1995You know you're a bird watcher when....(fill in the blank)
582.0+6LJSRV1::BOURQUARDThu May 11 1995birding on the web
583.03CMOTEC::JASPERWed May 17 1995House Martins
584.02BROUGH::DAVIESWed May 24 1995BW in Iceland anyone ?
585.02JVAX::SIPILAThu May 25 1995Baby Robins
586.03MIMS::WILBUR_DThu May 25 1995A party mix that keeps the feeder lively
587.011ROCKS::ROBINSONWed May 31 1995June 1995 Sightings
588.01NPSS::CREEGANThu Jun 01 1995Feed the birds; inspirational.
589.02BOBSBX::QUINLANMon Jun 05 1995Cat finds bird's nest
590.01TROOA::TEMPLETONMon Jun 12 1995Help
591.04TROOA::TEMPLETONSun Jun 25 1995Peregrines
592.019ROCKS::ROBINSONThu Jun 29 1995July 1995 Sightings
593.0CX3PST::HERB2E::TEEUWEFri Jul 28 1995Quality spotter for sale
594.015ROCKS::ROBINSONMon Jul 31 1995August 1995 Sightings
595.010ROCKS::ROBINSONTue Sep 05 1995September 1995 Sightings
596.02NPSS::CREEGANMon Sep 18 1995A book of bird house plans and drawings?
597.07ROCKS::ROBINSONFri Sep 29 1995October 1995 Sightings
598.05GVAFri Sep 29 1995Birding in AP, experiences?
599.05MIMS::WILBUR_DFri Oct 13 1995Egg trivia...left me shell-shocked.
600.013ROCKS::ROBINSONThu Nov 02 1995November 1995 sightings
601.0MKOTS1::MONBLEAUThu Nov 30 1995Bye Bye Birdie....
602.07ROCKS::ROBINSONMon Dec 04 1995December 1995 sightings
603.07JARETH::WIGGINSMon Dec 11 1995Hawk Attacking Feeders
604.08SALES::BERSANIThu Dec 14 1995Where have all the birds gone?
605.04MIMS::WILBUR_DTue Jan 02 1996Hand Feeding
606.015LJSRV1::BOURQUARDTue Jan 02 1996January 1996 Sightings
607.0GVAWed Jan 03 1996Fall migration numbers
608.01SALES::BERSANIThu Jan 04 1996Hunting for Great Horned Owls
609.06GVAMon Jan 15 1996Birding in Dallas?
610.013--UnknownUser--Sat Jan 20 1996Ideas needed for feeders?
611.05SALES::BERSANITue Jan 23 1996Bird Watching Club for North/West of Boston
612.02MIMS::WILBUR_DThu Jan 25 1996More and more Birders.
613.022NETCAD::CREEGANWed Jan 31 1996February 1996 - Sightings
614.031ROCKS::ROBINSONWed Feb 28 1996March 1996 Sightings
615.04SALEM::PERRY_WThu Mar 07 1996Do birds freezr and die after a bath in the winter?
616.019SALES::BERSANITue Mar 12 1996Low Bird Feeder Counts & House Finch Disease
617.034ROCKS::ROBINSONMon Apr 01 1996April 1996 sightings
618.06MROA::DHOWETue Apr 09 1996Kinglets/Crossbills
619.03SALEM::PERRY_WTue Apr 30 1996Need advice on purchasing tripod for spotting scope.
620.039NETCAD::CREEGANWed May 01 1996May 1996 - Sightings
621.05LESREG::SIPILAWed May 22 1996Help in indentifying a new bird
622.017ROCKS::ROBINSONThu May 30 1996June 1996 Sightings
624.012ROCKS::ROBINSONMon Jul 01 1996July 1996 sightings
625.02WECARE::ROBERTSWed Jul 17 1996birdbath site
626.06CHEFS::TAYLORMTue Jul 23 1996New England in September
627.03DV78Wed Jul 24 1996help with pigeons?
628.020ROCKS::ROBINSONTue Jul 30 1996August 1996 Sightings
629.06NETCAD::CREEGANThu Aug 08 1996Help me identify "dippy ducks".
630.09UHUH::JRICHARDSTue Aug 20 1996how to view whip-poor-wills
631.012SALEM::PERRY_WThu Sep 05 1996Sept 1996, Bird sightings.
632.02SALES::BERSANIThu Sep 05 1996Where Do I Find Owls?
633.0SALEM::PERRY_WFri Sep 20 1996The Spotted Sandpiper.
634.0MROA::PULSIFERFri Sep 27 1996goodby
635.08ROCKS::ROBINSONMon Sep 30 1996October 1996 Sightings
636.07SALEM::PERRY_WThu Oct 03 1996North American -or other- bird field guides.
637.0ASDG::BECHTLERThu Oct 10 1996Birding class recommendation
638.09ROCKS::ROBINSONTue Oct 29 1996November 1996 Sightings
639.0+6TLE::JRICHARDMon Nov 11 1996black duck?
640.08ROCKS::ROBINSONTue Dec 03 1996December 1996 Sightings
641.08SALEM::PERRY_WMon Jan 06 1997Jan. 1997 bird sightings.
642.0+5BROUGH::DAVIESWed Jan 08 1997Now Showing: Birds of Nambia. Anyone Interested ?
643.0 *+7SALEM::PERRY_WTue Feb 04 1997Feb 1997 sightings.
644.0 *NETCAD::CREEGANWed Feb 05 1997MASS Audubon's Backyard Bird Feeding Weekend...
645.0 *+1SALES::BERSANIWed Feb 12 1997Directions to Delaney
646.0 *SALES::BERSANIWed Feb 12 1997Cock Pheasant in the suburbs
647.0 *+1GECWed Feb 19 1997Need help finding Bird info.
648.0 *+10ICS::LAJEUNESSEMon Feb 24 1997Northern Flicker Nesting Box
649.0 *+11ROCKS::ROBINSONThu Feb 27 1997March 1997 Sightings
650.0 *+3NETCAD::CREEGANFri Feb 28 1997Ravens in mythology...
651.0 *+9TLE::JRICHARDWed Mar 12 1997any suggestions for nesting boxes in NH?
652.0 *+21ROCKS::ROBINSONTue Apr 08 1997April 1997 sightings
653.0 *+6IMBETR::NEUVONENMon Apr 21 1997Mallard egg incubation period - how long?
654.0 *+27SALEM::PERRY_WWed May 07 1997May 1997 bird sightings.
655.0 *+1BEORN:: May 12 1997Geneva area news.
655.0 *+4ROCKS::ROBINSONMon Jun 02 1997June 1997 Sightings