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Conference clt::vuit

Title:DEC VUIT Notes Conference
Notice:Documentation 2.0, Kits 3.0, Bugs 4.0, Wish List 5.0.
Created:Mon Dec 10 1990
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1043
Total number of notes:4180
Number with bodies:2
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.01RTL::LEACHWed Dec 12 1990Introduction
2.02RTL::LEACHWed Dec 12 1990Documentation pointer
3.016RTL::LEACHWed Dec 12 1990Kit Information
4.04RTL::LEACHWed Dec 12 1990Problem Reporting
5.0181RTL::LEACHWed Dec 12 1990 VUIT Wish List
6.0RTL::LEACHWed Dec 12 1990Reserved
7.0RTL::LEACHWed Dec 12 1990Reserved
8.0RTL::LEACHWed Dec 12 1990Reserved
9.0RTL::LEACHWed Dec 12 1990Reserved
10.0RTL::LEACHWed Dec 12 1990Reserved
11.04LARRYC::SYSTEMWed Dec 12 1990On Engineering Hold??
12.06XNOGOV::JOEFri Dec 14 1990Colour mixing in VUIT
13.01MINNIE::DDAVIESFri Dec 14 1990shareable ident mismatch
14.04VNASWS::GEROLDFri Dec 14 1990SPD ?
15.02OLYMPC::GORDONFri Dec 14 1990UIL font definition error...
16.05REDBRD::CHANDLERMon Dec 17 1990Presentation/demo materials available?
17.02AUNTB::GRAYTue Dec 18 1990Can you create templates?
18.08SSGBPM::JOHNSTONTue Dec 18 1990VUIT Resource Pointers
19.07XNOGOV::JOEWed Dec 19 1990Don't you want to sell VUIT in Europe ?
20.0KETJE::PUTMANSThu Dec 20 1990Inserting user-written widgets ?
21.01PRIMES::UEBERSAXThu Dec 20 1990Reasonable configurations.
22.0UEOIS1::WODLIThu Dec 20 1990Productivity measurement
23.03OLYMPC::GORDONFri Dec 21 1990BUGS and things...
24.05EDGEGU::SZE_CHANThu Dec 27 1990Will VUIT need to relink with DECw-IFT(Update)?
25.09UFP::RJLFri Dec 28 1990VUIT Demo software available
26.01ZPOVC::POHINGThu Jan 03 1991'Make' the push buttons 'Current'
27.04EVTAI1::LEGERThu Jan 03 1991Customer question on SSB
28.01XNOGOV::JOEMon Jan 07 1991LD-QAR: Procedure editor loop.
29.03GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon Jan 07 1991ultrix pak available?
30.05RONAN::RONANTue Jan 08 1991LD-QAR: Duplicate reverses Compound Str args
31.01RONAN::RONANTue Jan 08 1991LD-QAR: Duplicate - parent not right; name prompted
32.030CADSE::DDOUCETTEWed Jan 09 1991Access to SVN, NetEd and GObE from VUIT
33.0XNOGOV::JOEWed Jan 09 1991LD-QAR: Iconify during startup is bad
34.01REDBRD::CHANDLERWed Jan 09 1991widget tree behavior between VMS, ULTRIX
35.0XNOGOV::JOEWed Jan 09 1991LD-QAR: Reparenting bug
36.01WASHDC::VALENTINEThu Jan 10 1991Are kits still available?
37.010HOBBLE::PETThu Jan 10 1991Installation Failure
38.01PRLVMS::28Fri Jan 11 1991Ultrix installation problem - example dir of our diskless station. Installation seems to be ok except for the examples directory. As usual examples lies in /usr but exports a link to /usr/var: /usr/examples/vuit -> ../var/kits/VIRVUIT1
39.0OLYMPC::GORDONFri Jan 11 1991LD-QAR: bogus character sets in font editor...
40.02OLYMPC::GORDONFri Jan 11 1991LD-QAR: Bogus UIL code being generated...
41.03SUOSW3::LUFTTue Jan 15 1991CPU/Memory/Working-Set Requirements?
42.02COMICS::FISCHERThu Jan 17 1991Training available?
43.01OLYMPC::GORDONThu Jan 17 1991VUIT brochures available??
44.06FASDER::MTURNERFri Jan 18 1991Dynamic Data Graph Widget(s)?
45.011R2ME2::REYERTue Jan 22 1991VUIT sales opportunities
46.0RONAN::RONANTue Jan 22 1991LD-QAR - VT13
47.04UNTADH::HITCHENSWed Jan 23 1991vuit 1.
48.01OLYMPC::GORDONWed Jan 23 1991presentation location??
49.01OLYMPC::GORDONWed Jan 23 1991Vuit general questions..
50.01OLYMPC::GORDONFri Jan 25 1991Main Window Shrinkage...feature or bug?
51.07GRUBER::RODGERSFri Jan 25 1991Accelerators
52.05TROASun Jan 27 1991VUIT & FORTRAN?
53.0GRUBER::RODGERSMon Jan 28 1991VUIT-related question from Motif conference
54.08MCDONL::SCHEIDMon Jan 28 1991VUIT Problems can anyone help...
55.02GYPSC::BADETue Jan 29 1991Moving Scrolled Lists: Bug or feature ?
56.0RONAN::RONANThu Jan 31 1991LD-QAR Changing to TextField ACCVIO
57.0RONAN::RONANThu Jan 31 1991LD-QAR: Warning on XmText creation
58.05RONAN::RONANThu Jan 31 1991LD-QAR: cannot find TextField
59.0OLYMPC::GORDONThu Jan 31 1991LD-QAR: Exit-->Cancel-->Select-->Dump!
60.018OLYMPC::GORDONThu Jan 31 1991Should it be sold now?
61.02QUARK::LIONELFri Feb 01 1991VUIT performance
62.01TROATue Feb 05 1991PID?
64.02CSC32::B_BRADACHThu Feb 07 1991startup iconified?
65.011BIGUN::ANDERSONTue Feb 12 1991Take scanned map and VUIT?
66.0CSC32::K_TICETue Feb 12 1991Any problems with "Search Path" ?
67.0ESIS::GOKHMANFri Feb 15 1991QAR - sudden abort, no files saved.
68.0RHETT::PICKETTMon Feb 18 1991Vuit dumping in motif burger tutorial
69.0RICKS::SHERMANTue Feb 19 1991How to use the Question and Prompt dialogs?
70.05QOQUAQ::PELTZTue Feb 26 1991When is next version?
71.0RONAN::RONANWed Feb 27 1991LD-QAR: Scratch Pad- Color Editor - Modal Boxes
72.03XNOGOV::JOEThu Feb 28 1991LD-QAR: VUIT crash in delete
73.04XNOGOV::JOEThu Feb 28 1991LD-QAR: Lost values
74.01MINNIE::DDAVIESThu Feb 28 1991motif/vuit mismatch.
75.09ESIS::GOKHMANThu Feb 28 1991INCLUDE in UIL.
76.02XNOGOV::JOEThu Feb 28 1991copying widgets question
77.0XNOGOV::JOEFri Mar 01 1991LD-QAR: Crash in widget editor
78.01XNOGOV::JOEMon Mar 04 1991LD_QAR: Reparenting problem
79.02XNOGOV::JOEMon Mar 04 1991Option list creation query
80.0XNOGOV::JOEMon Mar 04 1991LD-QAR: XmForm resources not properly removed
81.05CUJO::BERNARDMon Mar 04 1991Question: VUIT licensing limits
82.06KINRYU::JENNINGSMon Mar 04 1991Install cant find Motif Dev kit ... Account is running MWM....????
83.02EVTAI1::LEGERTue Mar 05 1991duplicate parent & children
84.02XNOGOV::JOETue Mar 05 1991unaligned accesses
85.021OSLACT::OLAVWed Mar 06 1991VUIT without UIL?
86.0XNOGOV::JOEWed Mar 06 1991LD-QAR: State of literals not removed by "New"
87.0ZPOVC::POHINGWed Mar 06 1991LOAN PAK for VUIT (on RISC)
88.03ZPOVC::POHINGWed Mar 06 1991Comparsion between FT & v1.
89.03TOOK::L_OUELLETTEThu Mar 07 1991XmNsensitive = false,unable to select...
90.02HACMAN::HACKFri Mar 08 1991Product Manager?
91.05WIOVS1::OSCARSun Mar 10 1991VUIT used for DCL Interface??
92.01HXOUMon Mar 11 1991widget vs gadget, interfacing VUIT with a program
93.01ENTIAT::GORDONMon Mar 11 1991Menu Bar Problem...
94.01VFOVAX::BASCHALTue Mar 12 1991What do you need to run VUIT?
95.03CSC32::B_BRADACHTue Mar 12 1991VUIT hangs, unable to resize main window
96.04XNOGOV::JOEWed Mar 13 1991LD-QAR: Resources list disappear
97.01XNOGOV::JOEWed Mar 13 1991LD-QAR: Save as doesn't update title string
98.01STKHUV::HULTMANFri Mar 15 1991Problem with Scrolled Text
99.01VISUAL::WEAVERFri Mar 15 1991VUIT doesn't inform user of file system full!
100.02XNOGOV::JOEMon Mar 18 1991LD-QAR : VUIT crash during delete
101.02DPDMAI::GROVEMon Mar 18 1991Testing the interface within VUIT.
102.04ALAMOS::ADAMSTue Mar 19 1991DECwindows 3.
103.0XNOGOV::JOEWed Mar 20 1991LD-QAR: Broken semantics in file open
104.03COPTOR::BIRGERWed Mar 20 1991DECvuit and MSwindows
105.0XNOGOV::JOEWed Mar 20 1991LD-QAR: Obscured values in resource selector
106.0XNOGOV::JOEThu Mar 21 1991LD-QAR: Icon editor crashed & burned :-)
107.02RONAN::RONANSun Mar 24 1991ld-QAR Ins Dynamic Memory w/Resource List
108.01XNOGOV::JOETue Mar 26 1991VUIT binding menu question
109.02XNOGOV::JOETue Mar 26 1991LD-QAR: VUIT hangs during file read
110.01XNOGOV::JOEWed Mar 27 1991LD-QAR: Offsets get lost in form
111.06ASD::ROSSIThu Mar 28 1991exported values - should this be a qar ?
112.01HDLITE::ALJAARFri Mar 29 1991Help in developing a graphical interface.
113.02DEMON::TIMOFri Mar 29 1991VUIT kit PAK has expired
114.01DOOZER::DAVIDSONMon Apr 08 1991problem accessing kit...
116.02POBOX::SACHSTue Apr 09 1991X-library or X-toolkit?
117.04MLNADWed Apr 10 1991Cannot drag widget anymore
118.03OPG::PHILIPFri Apr 12 1991Accvio when using XmTextField widget
119.06ENTIAT::GORDONMon Apr 15 1991VUIT 1.1??
120.03VISUAL::WEAVERMon Apr 15 1991Want to use existing Xbitmap files (c-include) in VUIT
121.02VISUAL::WEAVERMon Apr 15 1991Resource and literal handling
122.05VISUAL::WEAVERTue Apr 16 1991VUIT T1.1 won't install on ULTRIX/Risc
123.05OPG::PHILIPWed Apr 17 1991VUIT V1.1 Font problem
124.02XNOGOV::JOEWed Apr 17 1991LD-QAR: VUIT detected error
125.02XNOGOV::JOEWed Apr 17 1991LD-QAR: Colouring Mix widget.
126.05XNOGOV::JOEWed Apr 17 1991LD-QAR: Application file generation problem
127.02XNOGOV::JOEWed Apr 17 1991LD-QAR: Funny colours
128.03XNOGOV::JOEThu Apr 18 1991LD-QAR: Problem with window stack
129.04XNOGOV::JOEThu Apr 18 1991LD-QAR: New .uil file widgets not selectable
130.0XNOGOV::JOEThu Apr 18 1991LD-QAR/2 : Widget editor resize behaviour
131.0XNOGOV::JOEThu Apr 18 1991L-QAR: Crash during instantiate
132.02ASD::ROSSIThu Apr 18 1991L-QAR Can't reparent an SVN widget
133.01CSC32::B_BRADACHThu Apr 18 1991VUIT getting bus error on modify
134.01REDBRD::CHANDLERThu Apr 18 1991can I get widgets from other products into VUIT?
135.04COMICS::AUSTINFri Apr 19 1991Bus error followed by accvio ?
136.014XNOGOV::JOEFri Apr 19 1991Code Generation: Discussion Note
137.0XNOGOV::JOEFri Apr 19 1991LD-QAR: name access method in generated code
138.07KETJE::PUTMANSMon Apr 22 1991Write file = delete file first
139.01CTOAVX::VUMon Apr 22 1991Unmanaged XmBulletinBoard problem
140.0CTOAVX::VUMon Apr 22 1991Improper hide/reveal problem
141.0CTOAVX::VUMon Apr 22 1991Unexplainable crash
142.0CTOAVX::VUMon Apr 22 1991More problems with hide/reveal
143.04VISUAL::WEAVERMon Apr 22 1991Kit problem unique to my environment
144.01JMPOFF::RONANTue Apr 23 1991Fuse-VUIT: Common Ground
145.02SWAM2::CIANFLONE_FRWed Apr 24 1991scriptchart widget needed
146.08REDBRD::CHANDLERFri Apr 26 1991Where's T1.1 doc?
147.03REDBRD::CHANDLERFri Apr 26 1991need doc for DEC widgets
148.09XNOGOV::JOEWed May 01 1991Resource names wanted
149.03CFSCTC::DCHOIWed May 01 1991Add a UIL as an User-defined widget?
150.01HOBBLE::PAULINFri May 03 1991shareable image mismatch on v1.1
151.03EVTAI1::LEGERFri May 03 1991ADA,PASCAL,V1.1 ?
152.01MUNICH::BENDERMon May 06 1991XmNValue resource for XmText wants an integer
153.04DPDMAI::VETEIKISMon May 06 1991VUIT on HP/UX?
154.01MAIL::HIRABAYASHITue May 07 1991VUIT V1.1 external field test?
155.08BIGRED::DANIELSTue May 07 1991Identifiers as resource values?
156.01XNOGOV::JOEWed May 08 1991LD-QAR: VUIT crash during reparenting
157.04CSC32::B_BRADACHWed May 08 1991bus error when reading file into vuit
158.04THEBAY::GOODMANWed May 08 1991Insensitive callback resource selector window
159.04THEBAY::GOODMANThu May 09 1991Selection boxes children of main window?
160.0XNOGOV::JOEFri May 10 1991LD-QAR: X-error in simulation controller
161.01VISUAL::WEAVERFri May 10 1991No keywords in conference
162.01MLNADMon May 13 1991VUIT leave garbage when iconized
163.03CSC32::B_BRADACHMon May 13 1991color table problems
164.01MANEGE::SIMONTue May 14 1991Problems with TAG-value =
165.01MANEGE::SIMONWed May 15 1991missing Comments on unnamed objects
166.02KETJE::DIERICKWed May 15 1991C generation with VUIT FT 1.1
167.05FORTSC::DIETZThu May 16 1991Icon masked over by black square with vertical white line
168.01MANIOK::SIMONThu May 16 1991preventing VUIT_Manage??
169.01MANIOK::SIMONThu May 16 19912 UIDs 2 Cfiles one program
170.02MANIOK::SIMONThu May 16 1991missing handles of XmForms children
171.08EVTAI1::LEGERThu May 16 1991T1.1 & DECwindows V3 EFT2 ?
172.02BIGRED::DANIELSThu May 16 1991Observations on interface simulation
173.0AIAG::WRIGHTFri May 17 1991Bug/qar - Modifying XmListBox can lead to Crash (access/sement fault)
174.03CSC32::B_BRADACHFri May 17 1991attachments hang VUIT
175.01BIGRED::DANIELSMon May 20 1991V1.1/2.
176.0XNOGOV::JOETue May 21 1991Wish Fulfilment : reply to 5.91
177.01KYOA::BOYLETue May 21 1991Need Help with some VUIT questions
178.0KYOA::BOYLEWed May 22 1991thanks for the memories
179.0RONAN::RONANWed May 22 1991LD-QAR: reSelection takes long time
180.0RONAN::RONANWed May 22 1991User-defined Widget: "dangerous" and "recreate" args
181.01RONAN::RONANWed May 22 1991tree browser: Expand All, Select All
182.0RONAN::RONANWed May 22 1991"Object Name" window on click
183.0RONAN::RONANWed May 22 1991LD-QAR: right_to_left= true??
184.03LEARN2::PERSELSThu May 23 1991Toolkit update v1.1.1 must be installed first?
185.05TAVTue May 28 1991Simulation mode doesn't work at all
186.01XNOGOV::JOEWed May 29 1991LD-QAR: Include files and attachments bug
187.01KETJE::DIERICKWed May 29 1991How to work with generated C ???
188.05RONAN::RONANFri May 31 1991right_to_left (erroneously) emitted?
189.02RONAN::RONANFri May 31 1991LD-QAR Bus Error when reparenting
190.02RONAN::RONANFri May 31 1991LD-QAR: Change Parent Class from Form
191.04BROKE::BERRYFri May 31 1991loosing comments
192.01RONAN::RONANFri May 31 1991LD-QAR Right_to_left generated
193.01RONAN::RONANFri May 31 1991LD-QAR: Invalid "ARGUMENT Supersedes"
194.0RONAN::RONANFri May 31 1991Request: Feedback window on Duplicate
195.0RONAN::RONANFri May 31 1991request: duplicate generates names
196.03RONAN::RONANFri May 31 1991LD-QAR: Segmentation fault: "Supersedes messages"
197.05AIAG::WRIGHTFri May 31 1991Undesirable "features" around XmMapWhenManaged and SetSensitive
198.06LIBNAN::FLACKMon Jun 03 1991Please make Quit work like other apps
199.0LIBNAN::FLACKMon Jun 03 1991How to size bulletin board
200.0LIBNAN::FLACKMon Jun 03 1991LD-QAR Image crash when doing MAKE CURRENT
201.02KETJE::DIERICKTue Jun 04 1991LD-QAR: Segmentation Violation on attachment
202.01XNOGOV::JOEWed Jun 05 19911/2 LD_QAR: Small Nit, Shouldn't it be 2.
203.02XNOGOV::JOEWed Jun 05 1991LD-QAR: Bug message from vuit
204.02VERN::CARPENTERWed Jun 05 1991Where are the PAKS?
205.02CSC32::A_GEORGEWed Jun 05 1991reparenting pulldown meu
206.08GOTA1::BJERKEHOLTThu Jun 06 1991Is VUIT officially announced for SUN
207.02OSLACT::OLAVTue Jun 11 1991DGIT?
208.08BYENGWed Jun 12 1991VUIT & CLI
209.03CIM::KAIRYSFri Jun 14 1991Somebody axed the DWTOOLS directory last night
210.05TAIPAN::BIBEAULTFri Jun 14 1991Installation failure.
211.04UFRCS1::VINZENZTue Jun 18 1991VUIT Kills Session Manager
212.02BJ6Tue Jun 18 1991LD-QAR: Pull right menu not displaying
213.03TAIPAN::BIBEAULTWed Jun 19 1991VUIT ft and XUI Window Manager
214.02JMPOFF::RONANWed Jun 19 1991LD-QAR(?) Offset
215.02VFOVAX::WOODThu Jun 20 1991VUIT Instal w/o MOTIF??
216.016TOOK::L_OUELLETTEThu Jun 20 1991Kit install failure?
217.05TENAYA::KOLLINGTue Jun 25 1991help bug
218.03MACROW::MCEVOYWed Jun 26 1991Options Menu from Pulldown requested
219.01SYOMV::KRASThu Jun 27 1991Generate C for Mrm or Xm?
220.0SHAWB1::THOMASAThu Jun 27 1991Graphics TCD review
221.01DYOSW1::TAVANOFri Jun 28 1991What libraries to link with
222.0ALEXWS::ALEXSun Jun 30 1991LD-QAR: string_table not displayed properly
223.03VNABRW::PIEBERMon Jul 01 1991VUIT status
224.03MADRE::KOLLINGMon Jul 01 1991parallel processing
225.05MACROW::MCEVOYMon Jul 01 1991VUIT potentially killing window manager
226.03MADRE::KOLLINGMon Jul 01 1991bug: frozen Resource Selector window
227.01MADRE::KOLLINGMon Jul 01 1991bug: save as
228.01MADRE::KOLLINGMon Jul 01 1991bug: cancel create item
229.01DPDMAI::GROVETue Jul 02 1991VUIT 2.
230.02DEMOAX::GINGERTue Jul 02 1991VUIT with COBOL application?
231.03SKYLRK::FAFRAKTue Jul 02 1991VUIT on OSF/1?
232.06MADRE::KOLLINGTue Jul 02 1991double clicking
235.01MADRE::KOLLINGTue Jul 02 1991access violations -> core, or no?
236.02ALEXWS::ALEXWed Jul 03 1991LD-QAR: String-Table won't display non-latin stri
237.01MACROW::MCEVOYWed Jul 03 1991VUIT TESTER - change title string?
238.0TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Jul 03 1991Open window buttons, why in middle
239.02TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Jul 03 1991motifburger glitches
240.04TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Jul 03 1991paint bucket ill in icon editor
241.01TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Jul 03 1991bug: changing a literal background color for a casc button
242.0TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Jul 03 1991chap 9 of user's guide
243.04XNOGOV::JOEThu Jul 04 1991Dump those dialogs
244.04GRUBER::RODGERSMon Jul 08 1991FTU2 Draft of DEC VUIT User's Guide
245.01DENVER::BROTHERTue Jul 09 1991Unable to access FT RISC ULTRIX kit
246.0XNOGOV::JOEWed Jul 10 1991LD-QAR:Nameless pushbuttons cause problems
247.0XNOGOV::JOEWed Jul 10 1991LD-QAR: VAX kit makefile template is incorrect.
248.05IEWed Jul 10 1991Vuit writes UIL code that cause interal error to the uil compiler
249.09XNOGOV::JOEThu Jul 11 1991All the programmers I know wear glasses
250.09TOOK::ICENOGLEThu Jul 11 1991Crashes generating source
251.0XNOGOV::JOEFri Jul 12 1991LD-QAR: Crash in procedure editor.
252.03XNOGOV::JOEFri Jul 12 1991Suggestion to reduce size of the widget editor
253.06HDLITE::ALJAARSat Jul 13 1991GOBE vs. NETED vs. SVN vs. VUIT
254.0MSPET::JENGTue Jul 16 1991Cannot locate files to add widgets to the parts box
255.05RONAN::RONANTue Jul 16 1991LD-QAR: cursor, rubberbanding,handles
256.0UTOPIE::KASPARWed Jul 17 1991VUIT V1.1 and DECWindows/Motif Versions?
257.05KETJE::DIERICKWed Jul 17 1991Customers not satisfied - repost from Motif conference
258.02MARX::WALSHWed Jul 17 1991*** VUIT: Access/segmentation violation signalled ***
259.0KETJE::DIERICKThu Jul 18 1991LD-QAR : VUIT 2.
261.03MLNADThu Jul 18 1991cannot define UNMANAGED children
262.0XNOGOV::JOEThu Jul 18 1991Delete semantics
263.06XNOGOV::JOEThu Jul 18 1991LD-QAR: Simulator Hangs.
264.01XNOGOV::JOEThu Jul 18 1991LD-QAR: problem reparenting toggle buttons
265.03TOOK::L_OUELLETTEMon Jul 22 1991Include File Name
266.02XAPPL::RODGERSMon Jul 22 1991FINAL (sign-off) review of DEC VUIT User's Guide
267.03ELBERT::K_OGLESBYWed Jul 24 1991Can't load color I know is there
268.03ELBERT::K_OGLESBYWed Jul 24 1991Hang changing XmScrolledWindow resource
269.04VNABRW::HOEFINGER_RThu Jul 25 1991Missing resources in resource selector
270.01TAVENG::AVIThu Jul 25 1991LD-QAR: FontList problems: 1. incorrect syntax 2. inconsistency in the FL editor
271.0KETJE::DIERICKThu Jul 25 1991VUIT v2.
272.01TAVENG::AVIThu Jul 25 1991default character set definition
273.02KETJE::DIERICKThu Jul 25 1991VUIT 2.
274.03CIM::GARTNERThu Jul 25 1991VUIT video tapes
275.03CIM::GARTNERThu Jul 25 1991Can't open template file error
276.03XNOGOV::JOEFri Jul 26 1991LD-QAR: VUIT problem with DECwindows Widget set
277.01TENAYA::KOLLINGFri Jul 26 1991odd little painting bug
278.01TENAYA::KOLLINGFri Jul 26 1991bug: come to Momma, little window, wherever you are
279.06TENAYA::KOLLINGFri Jul 26 1991bug: not trying to delete
280.012TENAYA::KOLLINGFri Jul 26 1991bug: in example, scrolling policy in scrolled window
281.01TENAYA::KOLLINGFri Jul 26 1991no name
282.02TENAYA::KOLLINGMon Jul 29 1991vuit saves uil, then can't read it.
283.06TOPCHZ::KASCHINSKETue Jul 30 1991Paned window example??
284.05ELBERT::K_OGLESBYTue Jul 30 1991Strange VUIT interaction with new SSB Motif kit
285.05TENAYA::KOLLINGTue Jul 30 1991can't select a procedure
286.02TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Jul 31 1991two vuit, unpainting area in screen
287.03MACROW::MCEVOYThu Aug 01 1991CbExit - no longer available?
288.05SUBWAY::SAMBAMURTYThu Aug 01 1991Install fails on VMS
289.02TAIPAN::BIBEAULTThu Aug 01 1991Reproducible ACCVIO modifying a callback routine name
290.017TOOK::L_OUELLETTEFri Aug 02 1991Command line operations?
291.05CIM::GARTNERFri Aug 02 1991XmScrolledList in the VUIT_BURGER example??
292.02CUJO::BROWNMon Aug 05 1991Error: Unexpected COLON Token Seen
293.02XNOGOV::JOETue Aug 06 1991LD-QAR: Remove callbacks crashes vuit
294.03CHEFS::MCCAUSLANDAWed Aug 07 1991Motif 1.1.1 Required?
295.01VNABRW::HOEFINGER_RThu Aug 08 1991'Reparent' in WidgetTreeBrowser
296.03XNOGOV::JOEThu Aug 08 1991VUIT hangs when I save and restore
297.02KYOA::BOYLEThu Aug 08 1991What is Linkworks?
298.02XNOGOV::JOEThu Aug 08 1991LD-QAR: Identifiers need dynamite to go away
299.03CRAIGA::SCHOMPThu Aug 08 1991Fake VUIT Install...
300.0CTHULU::YERAZUNISFri Aug 09 1991VUIT on SDC DW3.
301.04CIM::GARTNERFri Aug 09 1991Can VUIT generate language include files?
302.03ELBERT::K_OGLESBYFri Aug 09 1991Need help with Forms
303.05HOPOFF::JOFri Aug 09 1991mouse pointer disappears
304.01DGOSWMon Aug 12 1991output file truncated and ...
305.06CRAIGA::SCHOMPTue Aug 13 1991A question for the developers...
306.0TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Aug 14 1991LD-QAR: bug dirty'
307.03GIDDAY::SMALLWed Aug 14 1991Bus error, ACCVIO in V1.
308.01XNOGOV::JOEThu Aug 15 1991LD-QAR: Form child reparenting problem
309.09R2ME2::PELLEGRINOThu Aug 15 1991Fame! Fortune!! Announcing the VUIT Bug Contest!!!!
310.02HOPOFF::JOThu Aug 15 1991sample not working (kit pre-aug14)
311.0XNOGOV::JOEFri Aug 16 1991Icon Editor suggestions
312.01XNOGOV::JOEFri Aug 16 1991LD-QAR: Strange resizing behaviour
313.0XNOGOV::JOEFri Aug 16 1991Love the new icons
314.02XNOGOV::JOEFri Aug 16 1991LD-QAR: My Favourite to date
315.01STOHUB::REDBRD::CHANDLERFri Aug 16 1991LD-QAR: "trashy" artifacts in parts box
316.06STOHUB::REDBRD::CHANDLERFri Aug 16 1991LD-QAR: corrupted navigation window in widget tree browser
317.02STOHUB::REDBRD::CHANDLERFri Aug 16 1991LD-QAR: VUIT core dumps when reading UIL file
318.01STOHUB::REDBRD::CHANDLERFri Aug 16 1991LD-QAR: key missing from widget tree browser help
319.01TENAYA::KOLLINGFri Aug 16 1991of astericks and greying
320.02CSC32::DUBOISFri Aug 16 1991Errors: Expressions Found & Output Source > 132
321.02TENAYA::KOLLINGFri Aug 16 1991bug; about something or other
322.01TENAYA::KOLLINGFri Aug 16 1991icon
323.01TENAYA::KOLLINGFri Aug 16 1991bug: messes up Parts Box
324.01XNOGOV::JOETue Aug 20 1991LD-QAR: Funny delete semantics for forms child
325.0XNOGOV::JOETue Aug 20 1991LD-QAR: The incredible shrinking form dialog
326.05DGOSWTue Aug 20 1991SSB kit for customers when ?
327.02XNOGOV::JOETue Aug 20 1991Resource query
328.0XNOGOV::JOETue Aug 20 19911/2 LD-QAR: Not really your problem
329.07XNOGOV::JOETue Aug 20 1991LD-QAR : A replacement vuit_makefile_template
330.02XNOGOV::JOETue Aug 20 1991LD-QAR: Release note request
331.0TENAYA::KOLLINGTue Aug 20 1991LD-QAR: bug mninactctx
332.01TENAYA::KOLLINGTue Aug 20 1991bug: InactCtx
333.03TENAYA::KOLLINGTue Aug 20 1991bug(s): name ocnflict and gadgets
334.04TENAYA::KOLLINGTue Aug 20 1991bug: default button
335.01REDBRD::CHANDLERTue Aug 20 1991Option menu doesn't display proper "icon"
336.01REDBRD::CHANDLERTue Aug 20 1991LD-QAR: VUIT doesn't add ".uil" extension using "save as..."
337.01REDBRD::CHANDLERTue Aug 20 1991LD-QAR: can't delete unreferenced callback procedure
338.03TENAYA::KOLLINGTue Aug 20 1991bug: XmText
339.03TENAYA::KOLLINGTue Aug 20 1991LD-QAR: bug or suggestion: widget editor
340.07TENAYA::KOLLINGTue Aug 20 1991vuit as a design tool
341.0TENAYA::KOLLINGTue Aug 20 1991LD-QAR: bug-access violation
342.04TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Aug 21 1991how to do this? buttons
343.03XNOGOV::JOEWed Aug 21 1991LD-QAR: Main window unselectable
344.0XNOGOV::JOEWed Aug 21 1991LD-QAR: Resoruce editor resize behaviour
345.03XNOGOV::JOEWed Aug 21 1991LD-QAR: But in source code template
347.04RHETT::PICKETTWed Aug 21 1991Vuit v2.
348.06TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Aug 21 1991LD-QAR: bug: working area incorrect for Text
349.0TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Aug 21 1991LD-QAR: bugcheck
350.01RHETT::BONNEThu Aug 22 1991Reparenting scrolledlist causes 2 scrolledlists to be created
351.01KETJE::DIERICKThu Aug 22 1991Bug report on simulator, don't find QAR decnet node, so post it herre
352.02TENAYA::KOLLINGThu Aug 22 1991bug: a pixel here, a pixel there.....
353.02TENAYA::KOLLINGFri Aug 23 1991BUGCHECK crash
354.015HANNAH::DOUCETTEMon Aug 26 1991Doing VUIT with multiple application contexts
355.02XNOGOV::JOETue Aug 27 1991LD-QAR: Window popping problems
356.01SMAUG::DESMONDTue Aug 27 1991Installation overestimates disk usage.
357.04REDBRD::CHANDLERTue Aug 27 1991Call for tutorial UIL files
358.02REDBRD::CHANDLERTue Aug 27 1991LD-QAR: VUIT generates uncompilable "C" code
359.05JMPOFF::RONANTue Aug 27 1991Cursor Disappears on 3MIN
360.06SAC::EXTON_MWed Aug 28 1991Languages generated in v2?
361.02CFSCTC::DCHOIWed Aug 28 1991**ERROR** Lock modifier not supported...
362.03TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Aug 28 1991LD-QAR: strange error msg
363.02EIKO::TAYLORThu Aug 29 1991VUIT doesn't find include files
364.02TENAYA::KOLLINGThu Aug 29 1991DXm widgets writeup?
365.0TENAYA::KOLLINGThu Aug 29 1991LD-QAR doc bug
366.02SALSA::MOELLERThu Aug 29 1991PostScript Doc for ULTRIX VUIT v2.
367.0XNOGOV::JOEFri Aug 30 1991LD-QAR: Annoying resizing behaviour.
368.0TENAYA::KOLLINGFri Aug 30 1991LD-QAR doc bug (storage)?
369.03JUNO::SAHDEVTue Sep 03 1991Vuit installed....
370.03LARVAE::BURGESSWed Sep 04 1991SLGMS and Sherrill-Lubinski cf. VUIT?
371.01WELLIN::BULLARDThu Sep 05 1991Is Fortran Generation on VMS implemented
372.0XNOGOV::JOEThu Sep 05 1991in reply to 5.127 (trying to unclutter the wishlist)
373.01HANNAH::SEARSThu Sep 05 1991LD-QAR: can't delete previously attached widget
374.02TOOK::ICENOGLEThu Sep 05 1991Locating Main Window
375.04TROOA::SPACKMANThu Sep 05 1991VUIT vs Windows/4GL??
376.01TENAYA::KOLLINGThu Sep 05 1991LD-QAR bug and question
377.04TENAYA::KOLLINGThu Sep 05 1991LD-QAR mapped when managed
378.05DANEEL::REEDFri Sep 06 1991Managing the Apply button in the Prompt and Selection dialog widgets
379.02WHELIN::RICEFri Sep 06 1991Can't keep track
380.03HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHMon Sep 09 1991App name for using X resources?
381.02VAOUMon Sep 09 1991V2.
382.03CSC32::DUBOISMon Sep 09 1991Will VUIT V1.
383.02ECADJR::RUSSOTue Sep 10 1991Cannot start VUIT after install...
384.01ENTIAT::GORDONTue Sep 10 1991VUIT "C" code portability
385.0TRUCKS::THRUSSELL_RWed Sep 11 1991VUIT on Hi Res Monitor.
386.03WHELIN::RICEThu Sep 12 1991How to: Create OptionMenu
387.05PROXY::POWERSThu Sep 12 1991Please Help Me Understand VUIT-UIL/Xlib vs. UIL/DECW
388.01HIHOSS::HOSSFELDFri Sep 13 1991Blank toggle tag causes crash
389.0HIHOSS::HOSSFELDMon Sep 16 1991The paks for dgit and lwkdt in the kit area aren't the correct ones.
390.03DGOSWMon Sep 16 1991Ada binding for GObE ?
391.01HIHOSS::HOSSFELDMon Sep 16 1991Problem with expressions!
392.02FROCKY::HSCHAEFERThu Sep 19 1991Portability again
393.01HSOMAI::PALOWed Sep 18 1991VUIT OPEN file eats memory for lunch
394.01TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Sep 18 1991LD-QAR exported multi-line compound string literal
395.01DGOSWThu Sep 19 1991Presentation slides ?
396.02CHEFS::MCCAUSLANDAThu Sep 19 1991Exit Application from simulation mode
397.01TRCOA::LIUThu Sep 19 1991kit location not accessible??
398.02PEACHS::GILBERTMon Sep 23 1991DECimage V3.
399.01CESARE::FRASSINOMon Sep 23 1991Template files in new kit, no include_template
400.01TENAYA::KOLLINGMon Sep 23 1991literal, compound string
401.01HIHOSS::HOSSFELDWed Sep 25 1991Help with menu widget id
402.03TLE::WILLIAMSWed Sep 25 1991Widget Selector is unuseable
403.04TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Sep 25 1991DXmScrolledCSText
404.02GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Sep 25 1991color literals in application code?
405.03CHEFS::MCCAUSLANDAFri Sep 27 1991Explicit position of XmMainWindow?
406.05TPOVC::JOHNNYHOFri Sep 27 1991VUIT and FUSE videotapes?
407.01OTOOA::HICKSFri Sep 27 1991XmNitems in a XmList, only 1 shows up
408.06HIHOSS::HOSSFELDFri Sep 27 1991Help with label gadget
409.04TOOK::L_OUELLETTEFri Sep 27 1991VUIT template files
410.0KETJE::ROBBENSTue Oct 01 1991Contessa <-> Vuit ?????
411.04ENTIAT::GORDONTue Oct 01 1991Editing Text...
412.01XNOGOV::JOEWed Oct 02 1991LD-QAR: Pending delete problem
413.02HIHOSS::HOSSFELDWed Oct 02 1991Speed things up?
414.04FULMER::MURRAYWed Oct 02 1991Location of VMS VUIT V2.
415.02TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Oct 02 1991LD-QAR: bug, and how to suppress warning msgs?
416.0HIHOSS::HOSSFELDThu Oct 03 1991Help with toggle pixmaps
417.02TENAYA::KOLLINGThu Oct 03 1991callback proc doesn't receive arg
418.0TENAYA::KOLLINGFri Oct 04 1991LD-QAR "Tag 1
419.03HSOMAI::PALOMon Oct 07 1991LD_QAR: multiple select key sequence changed
420.02SHALOT::WAYERTue Oct 08 1991Help in coping the a saveset
421.02OSLACT::OLAVTue Oct 08 1991Reuse pieces of UIL code?
422.01TYSON::KURATATue Oct 08 1991Whats the VUIT 2.
423.04OSLACT::OLAVThu Oct 10 1991PAK to read the VUIT User's Guide?
424.09OSLACT::OLAVThu Oct 10 1991Widget Manager suggestions
425.07OSLACT::OLAVThu Oct 10 1991Customize default resources?
426.03OSLACT::OLAVThu Oct 10 1991Make more use of popup menus
427.03ZIBIBO::BONFISSUTOThu Oct 10 1991Is VUIT for SUN available ?
428.01HANNAH::SEARSThu Oct 10 1991Destroy button in option menu problem
429.03TENAYA::KOLLINGThu Oct 10 1991LD-QAR: bug in resource list handling
430.0DELNI::WALSHFri Oct 11 1991SVN Example
431.05DANEEL::REEDFri Oct 11 1991Question about XmSelectionBox widget resources
432.07HIHOSS::HOSSFELDMon Oct 14 1991Icon for application
433.03TAVMon Oct 14 1991Couldn't open file vuit.uid - MrmNot_Found
434.010ALEXWS::ALEXTue Oct 15 1991Resource for font in Compound String Editor
435.01ALEXWS::ALEXTue Oct 15 1991LD-QAR: Handles of XmForm children strange behavi
436.0OSLACT::OLAVTue Oct 15 1991How to specify InitialValue to Motif default value?
437.01DELNI::WALSHTue Oct 15 1991XmScrolledText from a XmScrolledWindow and a XmText
438.07DPDMAI::GROVETue Oct 15 1991Installing VUIT on VAX/VMS
439.01DELNI::WALSHTue Oct 15 1991What happened to XmScrolledList and XmScrolledTex
440.011DELNI::WALSHTue Oct 15 1991VUIT c generations problem
441.0TENAYA::KOLLINGTue Oct 15 1991LD-QAR compound_string literal oddity.
442.01XAPPL::CLARKWed Oct 16 1991User Interface Strategies '92 -- satellite seminar
443.01PEACHS::WALKERWed Oct 16 1991ld-qar: vuit dies with unaligned access
444.016GRUBER::RODGERSWed Oct 16 1991New location for DEC VUIT Bookreader files
445.02TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Oct 16 1991LD-QAR: unhand my file, evildoer.
446.01--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 17 1991Ability to modify predefined Motif dialog widgets
447.02CSC32::B_BRADACHThu Oct 17 1991ssb for VMS on Net -- when?
448.05SAC::DUNNE_CFri Oct 18 1991VUIT V2.
449.06BTOVT::THIGPEN_SFri Oct 18 1991
450.01TRCOA::BROWNSun Oct 20 1991Compared to NeXT toolkit?
451.01HIHOSS::HOSSFELDMon Oct 21 1991How do I specify the default, selected button in a option menu?
452.0JRDVTue Oct 22 1991'ln -s' doesn't work well in some systems.
453.04DANEEL::REEDTue Oct 22 1991How do I get a UIL ICON into a Pixmap?
454.02DSTEG1::HOSSFELDThu Oct 24 1991Get the resource default files
455.01CSC32::B_BRADACHThu Oct 24 1991re-open already opened uil results in accvio
456.01CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Oct 25 1991accvio with include file, translation V1.
457.02AIDEV::LANDINGHAMTue Oct 29 1991Why do I get triangle on option menu?
458.02EMC2::ARBUAHTue Oct 29 1991DXm and Ultrix 4.2
459.06BTOVT::THIGPEN_SWed Oct 30 1991VUIT Intro Course???
460.04ONEJND::MMILLERThu Oct 31 1991Help us, oh great gurus...
461.02HANNAH::SEARSFri Nov 01 1991Reparenting problems to paned window
462.01BIGRED::DOMINEYFri Nov 01 1991Will Sun EFT work with ICS Motif?
463.01BIGRED::DANIELSFri Nov 01 1991LD-QAR: Procedure tag inconsistencies
464.01DSTEG::HOSSFELDMon Nov 04 1991Accel on a button
465.09TOPCHZ::KASCHINSKETue Nov 05 1991consistent menu font, 75dpi -> 1
466.05BASEX::KAIRYSWed Nov 06 1991VUIT2
467.02CSC32::B_BRADACHWed Nov 06 1991what is QA order number for documentation?
468.0LOOK::FRANKOSKYThu Nov 07 1991I need documentation on the DEC widget extensions, can someone give me a pointer? Thanks
469.02CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Nov 08 1991PAK VUIT V2.
470.01CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Nov 08 1991problem deleting literall - accvio
471.04CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Nov 08 1991reveal widgets automatically at startup?
472.02IJSAPL::BLEDOEGMon Nov 11 1991acc.viol. when to modify user-defined widget
473.03WECROW::RAGHAVANFri Nov 15 1991Structure as the "tag" parameter
474.03ALEXWS::ALEXSun Nov 17 1991LDQAR: DXmNbidirectionalCusor is not boolean
475.04ALEXWS::ALEXSun Nov 17 1991LDQAR: Incorrect Compound String Direction Flag
476.02ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGMon Nov 18 1991world-wide cust. ref site?
477.04CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Nov 18 1991X Toolkit warning with option menu
478.04PRSUD1::PRONIERTue Nov 19 1991VUIT with MOTIF OSF distribution ?
479.03TENAYA::KOLLINGTue Nov 12 1991LD-QAR Generate in Application
480.0TENAYA::KOLLINGWed Nov 13 1991LD-QAR Browser (Ultrix risc version current -1)
481.04CSC32::B_BRADACHWed Nov 13 1991couldn't convert identifier toolkit warning
482.02TENAYA::KOLLINGThu Nov 21 1991LDQAR resource lists
483.0SONRIZ::T_BURLEYFri Nov 22 1991Errors sizing an XmFileSelectionBox within an XmBulletinBoard
484.03MUCTEC::APPSMon Nov 25 1991HashLookup in FORTRAN ? Calling correctly?
485.04EMASS::MURTHYMon Nov 25 1991Porting to other platforms?
486.01KETJE::DIERICKMon Nov 25 1991vuit 2.
487.04MUCTEC::APPSTue Nov 26 1991Pascal template file problem.
488.06UFP::RJLTue Nov 26 1991Who needs a VUIT 2.
489.0DOWNBE::LOWEWed Nov 27 1991VUIT resellers in the UK
490.01BIGRED::DANIELSWed Nov 27 1991LD-QAR default C header bad
491.01BIGRED::DANIELSWed Nov 27 1991LD-QAR Form shrinks when I change attachments
492.01HOLLIE::alexThu Nov 28 1991Crash: Changing PushButton to Toggle
493.03GOYA::ANAThu Nov 28 1991No mouse operation with keyboard locked set - VUIT 2.
494.041OSLACT::OLAVFri Nov 29 1991How to avoid offset when adding attachment?
495.03TASTY::JEFFERYFri Nov 29 1991Difficulty using reference copy/duplicate
496.01CHEFS::MCCAUSLANDAMon Dec 02 1991Sun FT kit on net?
497.01HSOMAI::PALOMon Dec 02 1991LD-QAR: VUIT generates too long names in FORTRAN
498.05AYOUWed Dec 04 1991Frozen Workstations
499.07TASTY::JEFFERYWed Dec 04 1991Buttons unmanaging dialog (dialogue) boxes.
500.01BIGRED::DANIELSThu Dec 05 1991LD-QAR C generate form defaults are backwards
502.0TASTY::JEFFERYFri Dec 06 1991LD-QAR Widget selector box not visible when doing ref copy.
503.0PAPERS::CORNEFri Dec 06 1991VUIT: Bus error signalled - unaligned access, at pc
504.02XNOGOV::JOEFri Dec 06 1991Internal use only background on menubar (barf!)
505.03AYOUFri Dec 06 1991Background on DECstation 31
506.03DOWNBE::LOWEMon Dec 09 1991Licencing on SUN ?
507.08HGRDWed Dec 11 1991Problems in modifying existing UIL files
508.03ASDS::MICOZZIFri Dec 13 1991Specifying a specific path in an include file statement
509.01KERNEL::CARPENTERSFri Dec 13 1991Ultrix VUIT v2 inc Motif?
510.02HSOMAI::PALOFri Dec 13 1991how does widget editor move buttons around in RowColumns
511.044FUEL::grahamFri Dec 13 1991TelUSE Testimonies...now about VUIT?
512.04BELFST::HILLISMon Dec 16 1991VUIT Detected Toolkit Warning
513.01HSOMAI::PALOTue Dec 17 1991WISHLIST: rename objects from manager
514.01UFP::RJLTue Dec 17 1991VUIT on Sun with OSF Motif
515.01HOLLIE::alexWed Dec 18 1991Vuit: core dumps and hogs memory
516.0AYOUWed Dec 18 1991Paned window problems
517.02ESGWST::BOYERWed Dec 18 1991Problem using Vuit V2.
518.06VEGAS::GURALNIKWed Dec 18 1991Getting Started with VUIT?
519.02VISUAL::WEAVERThu Dec 19 1991*** VUIT: Access/segmentation violation signalled ***
520.05PAPERS::CORNEFri Dec 20 1991**BUG** Method DefaultM called with id = 81 for Help Context instance
521.06COPCLU::BRAMSFri Dec 20 1991How do I reparent in the widget tree browser ?
522.03OSLACT::OLAVFri Dec 27 1991Widget selector should display more information about the widgets
523.03DSTEG::HOSSFELDMon Dec 30 1991Key F17 - F2
524.02KERNEL::TREVENNORMon Dec 30 1991Help Widget not offered. Docs wrong, or me worng
525.04SAAVAK::CHANDLERMon Dec 30 1991pointers to phase reveiw documents?
526.0PEACHS::BURQUESTFri Jan 03 1992VUIT resources for the editors, etc...
527.01TRCOA::LIUFri Jan 03 1992SOURCE_PARAM error??
528.02ROMTue Jan 07 1992Documentation info needed
529.06BIGRED::DANIELSTue Jan 07 1992Defining actions for translation tables?
530.0HOSANA::UTZWed Jan 08 1992Delete Literal Problems in V2.
531.07STKHUV::HULTMANThu Jan 09 1992How to define a Scrolled Text Widget ?
532.01TLSEThu Jan 09 1992SSB DECvuit 2.
534.0KAL::BJERKEHOLTFri Jan 10 1992How to suppress diagnostic messages ?
535.02AYOUWed Jan 15 1992How is the Widget Editor implemented please
536.02LIOSWed Jan 15 1992bug or bad network copy or...
537.02GALVIA::MORRISWed Jan 15 19923 Bugs in V2.
538.01CRAIGA::SCHOMPThu Jan 16 1992A question for the developers...
539.0SONRIZ::T_BURLEYThu Jan 16 1992V2 Rollback after save causes Bus Error Signaled and access violation
540.01AYOUFri Jan 17 1992?? Bug in uil include files
541.01TOOIS1::MANIBEFri Jan 17 1992Does VUIT Kit for SUN available
542.016AIDIVE::HIMBAUTMon Jan 20 1992*** VUIT: Access/segmentation violation signalled ***
543.08DPDMAI::FAHEYMon Jan 20 1992_CW_ConvertValue errors w/ customer - help?
544.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Jan 20 1992LD-QAR: resources removed when changing class
545.010SYSTEM::GOODWINTue Jan 21 1992Scrolled List scrollbars
546.0CIGRBX::NELSONTue Jan 21 1992Table Widget
547.03SAAVAK::CHANDLERTue Jan 21 1992LD-QAR: Help widget "dead" under certain circumstances
548.02MANEGE::GREBEWed Jan 22 1992DXmNformEqualSpacing where is it ??!!
549.01BIGRED::DANIELSWed Jan 22 1992LD-QAR callback happens 3 times
550.0SAAVAK::CHANDLERMon Jan 27 1992Status of UIL extensions?
551.05WMOIS::JAMBU_STue Jan 28 1992Shell Scripts from VUIT??
552.04COPCLU::BRAMSFri Jan 31 1992Help needed - application spec. resource file
553.010YOYODN::J_KASEDAFri Jan 31 1992VUIT, uil$include as search list
554.05COPCLU::BRAMSSat Feb 01 1992WorkingDialog appears when job is done
555.02EICMFG::KOIDAMon Feb 03 1992scale and text widget in scrolled window
556.04NOHOST::LEVINMon Feb 03 1992Pixmaps in UIL (via VUIT) to other drawables
557.05RONAN::RONANTue Feb 04 1992generate C?
558.03RONAN::RONANWed Feb 05 1992Popup Menus cause segment fault?
559.01R2ME2::BRINKLEYThu Feb 06 1992LD-QAR: Bugged VUIT generated hash function (ADA)
560.03CSC32::DUBOISThu Feb 06 1992Hashregister Code - Can it Cause Crash?
561.02TROOA::NAISHMon Feb 10 1992VUIT & MOTIF Self Paced Training Obsolete?
562.0R2ME2::LEACHTue Feb 11 1992Shell size of zero accvio.
563.04SAAVAK::CHANDLERTue Feb 11 1992When will VUIT suport MS Windows?
564.013TLSEWed Feb 12 1992Adding Widgets to VUIT: problems with new Image
565.01STKHUV::HULTMANWed Feb 12 1992BUGS or FEATURES ?
566.04TLSEThu Feb 13 1992How to reorder a control list ???
567.03LWEST::WIECHMANNThu Feb 13 1992ENCased VUIT?
568.01TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 14 1992Motif Tool Package
569.05COUNTMon Feb 17 1992How well does VUIT work with OO code?
570.05SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDMon Feb 17 1992Font editor crash
571.04TENNIS::KAMMon Feb 17 1992UIL - prototyping or production
572.06GOYA::ANATue Feb 18 1992LD-QAR: ACCVIO displaying VUIT 2.
573.01COLTue Feb 18 1992Problems with ULTRIX V4.2 and VUIT V2.
574.01H2O2::ARBUAHTue Feb 18 1992VMS KIt
575.03UNXA::SNYDERTue Feb 18 1992How to make pop up windo invisable when you first start up How to make secondary window invisable unitl called
576.06BIGRED::DANIELSTue Feb 18 1992Arco problems/wishes
577.02CSC32::B_BRADACHTue Feb 18 1992VUIT errors
578.02XSTACY::HUTTONWed Feb 19 1992Populating a list at run time
579.06METSYS::GOODWINWed Feb 19 1992Problems writing prototypes with VUIT
580.011TLSEThu Feb 20 1992Pb with VUIT and ScrolledList/ScrolledText
581.02ALEXWS::ALEXThu Feb 20 1992LD-QAR: Duplicate widget causes resources to reap
582.0TLSEFri Feb 21 1992Bug ? ScrolledWindow in Form not moving !!
583.025Fri Feb 21 1992Question concerning support documentation.
584.06OSITEL::BADEFri Feb 21 1992bitonal icons don't show up
585.01XSTACY::HUTTONMon Feb 24 1992Window positioning
586.018KAU116::VIERICHMon Feb 24 1992help understanding the user-defined widget
587.02XSTACY::HUTTONTue Feb 25 1992Creating a popup
588.03HANNAH::PORTANTEThu Feb 27 1992VUIT Demo without VUIT SSB kit.
589.02GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Feb 27 1992Imports and object Widgets
590.01MACNAS::IMPACS::JFOYFri Feb 28 1992floats(...) being removed by VUIT?
591.01MACNAS::IMPACS::JFOYFri Feb 28 1992Working with the contents of scrolled windows - any tips?
592.01SCHOOL::VOBAFri Feb 28 1992XmNscrollingPolicy = XmCONSTANT in Chapter 3
593.02SCHOOL::VOBAFri Feb 28 1992Incorrectly generated UID filename
594.02BTOVT::MERCHANTKFri Feb 28 1992Experience register dump with VAX/VMS 5.5
595.03SCHOOL::VOBAFri Feb 28 1992Whose Fault?
596.035Sun Mar 01 1992How does VUIT handle Intrinsics?
597.01SASE::TENBRINKEMon Mar 02 1992Error: Expressions in application generation.
598.06WMOIS::JAMBU_SMon Mar 02 1992Help on XmList ?
599.0HOSANA::UTZTue Mar 03 1992
600.03CSC32::B_BRADACHWed Mar 04 1992attaching bottom/right of neted to form, error
601.01CAMONE::ARENDTThu Mar 05 1992Ultrix Mips kit problems?
602.0WEREOK::MSMITHThu Mar 05 1992doc question from DEC TCC
603.03CSC32::B_BRADACHThu Mar 05 1992bus error attach opposite widget
604.01XSTACY::HUTTONThu Mar 05 1992just one final thing...
605.02TKTVFS::FUJIYAMAThu Mar 05 1992specify default fontlist resource ?
606.0CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Mar 06 1992XmWorkArea errors
607.08CWHIZ::M_TURNERMon Mar 09 1992Why 'MENU' font as default for textfield widget; how to change it
608.0AZUR::DICKOMon Mar 09 1992FileSelection/multiple_selection
609.0XAPPL::RODGERSMon Mar 09 1992DEC VUIT Demonstrator's Guide
611.0HOSANA::UTZTue Mar 10 1992Patch for hiRes Screens
612.04NOHOST::LEVINWed Mar 11 1992new version?
613.04NOHOST::LEVINWed Mar 11 1992UIL -> C source converter?
614.07VNASWS::GEROLDWed Mar 11 1992Local modifications ?
615.01VERN::CARPENTERWed Mar 11 1992Want login screen before main window pops up
616.04CHEFS::MCCAUSLANDAThu Mar 12 1992Interface MAP & CD distribution...
617.01DYPSS1::COGHILLFri Mar 13 1992What is the proper procedure for font literals?
618.0WEREOK::MSMITHMon Mar 16 1992VUIT ordering info for Sun, VMS, ULTRIX
619.04TOPCHZ::KASCHINSKEMon Mar 16 1992VUIT on HP or IBM?
620.02REACH::WRIGHTMon Mar 16 1992Moving and resizing widgets....Can I borrow the code?
621.03DPDMAI::GROVEMon Mar 16 1992Fatal Toolkit Error when serving PCs
622.08UNTADH::HITCHENSTue Mar 17 1992font in help dialog is funny.
623.02STKHLM::RANDSTROMTue Mar 17 1992Several Accelerators on one actionroutine
624.04VCSESU::NEDORWed Mar 18 1992Two menu questions
625.01MARX::LEVINThu Mar 19 1992XmNpaneMaximum not supported for panes windows
626.010ENTIAT::GORDONThu Mar 19 1992Customer problem & comments
627.07CSC32::B_BRADACHFri Mar 20 1992preventing bb dialog from being managed by VUIT
628.06XSTACY::HUTTONMon Mar 23 1992RowColumn positioning
629.01EICMFG::HAEUSSLERWed Mar 25 1992**BUG** Method DefaultM called with id=337 for Interface Identifier Object
630.012EEMELI::TAVIThu Mar 26 1992*BUG* V2.
631.02HOSANA::UTZThu Mar 26 1992VUIT V2.
632.08OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 27 1992Parts Box could be better
633.08OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 27 1992Parts Box scrolling bugs VUIT V2.
634.01KAZAN::BENOITFri Mar 27 1992XmNmenuHelpWidget bug ?
635.02LARVAE::SPIRESFri Mar 27 1992Some VUIT queries from a customer
636.01STKHUV::HULTMANFri Mar 27 1992Missing resources in VUIT
637.06YOYODN::J_KASEDAFri Mar 27 1992Access/segmentation violation changing resource/attribute on widget
638.02CIM::KAPLANFri Mar 27 1992DEC FUSE Pack
639.05MARVIN::HAQUEMon Mar 30 1992Bugs in Ada templates?
640.03CHELSY::GILLEYMon Mar 30 1992Bug in VUIT 2.
641.02CSC32::B_BRADACHMon Mar 30 1992XmNqualifySearchDataProc and XmNfileSearchProc?
642.02ASDS::KATZMon Mar 30 1992Installing MIPS V2.
643.01SYSTEM::GOODWINTue Mar 31 1992VUIT V2
644.04SYSTEM::GOODWINTue Mar 31 1992LD-QAR: V2
645.0H2SO4::GERSBACHTue Mar 31 1992Table Widget in VUIT
646.04CSC32::B_BRADACHTue Mar 31 1992compiler warning with user-defined widget
647.05MARVIN::HAQUEThu Apr 02 1992VUIT Detected Fatal Toolkit Error: Unable to create tracking pixmap
648.0JRDVThu Apr 02 1992User-defined resource
649.0SYSTEM::GOODWINThu Apr 02 1992LD-QAR: VUIT V2
650.0XSTACY::HUTTONThu Apr 02 1992sizing the width of a list
651.0METSYS::GOODWINThu Apr 02 1992LD-QAR: Remove resource causes AccVio
652.010ECADJR::RUSSOThu Apr 02 1992VUIT V2.
653.04CAMONE::ARENDTThu Apr 02 1992Problem with popupmenu
655.07CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Apr 03 1992Another access/segmentation violation error
656.01OGWANI::TANAKAMon Apr 06 1992Widget and Gadget in Parts Box Coverage???
657.02SYSTEM::GOODWINTue Apr 07 1992VUIT V2
658.05REACH::WRIGHTTue Apr 07 1992Internals of resource/callback scrolled window in the widget editor.
659.01TASTY::JEFFERYWed Apr 08 1992LD-QAR VUIT V2.
660.012ALEXWS::ALEXWed Apr 08 1992VUIT on DECwindows Motif for ULTRIX EFT
661.05REACH::WRIGHTWed Apr 08 1992Default Directory - how to set it.
662.01BER::SPANDOECKThu Apr 09 1992Icon Editor
663.02REACH::WRIGHTThu Apr 09 1992Bug or a Feature?? Vuit templates picky about contents...
664.01TOOIS1::MANIBEMon Apr 13 1992license for SPARCstation
666.02CSC32::B_BRADACHMon Apr 13 1992invalid columns, must be >
667.03OXNARD::KOLLINGMon Apr 13 1992VUIT and Tin?
668.04CSC32::B_BRADACHMon Apr 13 1992fg/bg for VUIt widgets?
669.05SHALOT::WAYERTue Apr 14 1992How to change the main title
670.01VERN::CARPENTERTue Apr 14 1992Sensitive = false
671.04TINCUP::BITTROLFFTue Apr 14 1992Pascal Hash Table problem, I must be missing something here...
672.01RDVAX::PIERSONTue Apr 14 1992Svn is gone with VUIT 2.
673.04CSC32::B_BRADACHWed Apr 15 1992shadowing on menubar in bb xm1
674.01CHELSY::GILLEYSat Apr 18 1992Problem with Periodic.Uil
675.06CHELSY::GILLEYSat Apr 18 1992Explanation of Expressions
676.0CHELSY::GILLEYSat Apr 18 1992Is there any way to have VUIT log it's messages.
677.035Sat Apr 18 1992Does VUIT fully support the GoBe widget?
678.02TUXEDO::SUDAMATue Apr 21 1992Impressions of a first-time VUIT user
679.04TKTVFS::FUJIYAMAWed Apr 22 1992unexpected COLON token seen
681.02KYOA::BOYLEWed Apr 22 1992VUIT OSF/1?
682.01--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 23 1992XmSelectionDialog - Problems with ItemList
683.02PEACHS::BELDINThu Apr 23 1992VUIT kills server on Sparcstation 1+
684.01MUDIS3::DSCHMIERFri Apr 24 1992**BUGCHECK** OBS: WCIGetEnumCodeValue:
685.01UTRTSC::MIKFri Apr 24 1992VUIT on SUN : Cannot start
686.07CHELSY::GILLEYFri Apr 24 1992VUIT generated widget names.
687.03CHELSY::GILLEYFri Apr 24 1992How does VUIT implement the 'COPY WIDGET' processing?
688.03SHALOT::WAYERFri Apr 24 1992Bug in the Callback Editor
689.02SHALOT::WAYERFri Apr 24 1992Window placement
690.0SHALOT::WAYERFri Apr 24 1992What widget can be the bottom widget
691.03EICMFG::HAEUSSLERFri Apr 24 1992XmSelectionDialog
692.02OXNARD::KLEEFri Apr 24 1992app-defaults resources?
693.03OSLACT::OLAVMon Apr 27 1992VUIT direct manipulation vs. Motif Style Guide?
694.0OSLACT::OLAVMon Apr 27 1992XmMainWindow shrinks when child dropped?
695.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Apr 27 1992**BUGCHECK** ifdynitem: SymTabMakeArgNodeM: invalid item list?
696.03CHELSY::GILLEYMon Apr 27 1992Callback Editor Question
697.02CHELSY::GILLEYMon Apr 27 1992Use of User Procedures
698.0CHELSY::GILLEYMon Apr 27 1992Un-named widgets
699.01HANNAH::SEARSTue Apr 28 1992LD-QAR:New attachment processing causes crash
700.0BIGRED::DOMINEYTue Apr 28 1992How to get links with client/server install?
701.01CHELSY::GILLEYTue Apr 28 1992Bug in color table editor, etc.
702.04CHEFS::MCCAUSLANDAWed Apr 29 1992Popup menu example?
703.04GOYA::ANAWed Apr 29 1992DEC VUIT & C++ ?
704.03REACH::WRIGHTWed Apr 29 1992Vuit's Accelerators & Mnemonics in V2.
706.0R2ME2::BRINKLEYWed Apr 29 1992Last Chance
707.02METSYS::GOODWINFri May 01 1992When is a widget a gadget, when VUIT says so
708.04CSC32::B_BRADACHFri May 01 1992can't add XmNmnemonic for default pb resource
709.04CHELSY::GILLEYFri May 01 1992Compatibility between VMS and RISC Versions
710.06CHELSY::GILLEYFri May 01 1992How does one select a standard font and color table?
711.01CSC32::DUBOISFri May 01 1992Invalid Columns, Homogeneous RowColumn
712.01CX3PT3::XWINGS::T_BURLEYFri May 01 1992Bulletin Board Rejects Placement of Separator
713.06SWAM2::MARTIN_KESat May 02 1992Dynamic Widgets?
714.02OSLACT::OLAVTue May 05 1992Drag widget with attachments and offsets?
715.02METSYS::GOODWINTue May 05 1992LD-QAR: VUIT bus error on DXmHelp
716.03SAAVAK::CHANDLERTue May 05 1992VUIT for Sun questions
717.03THEBAY::GOODMANTue May 05 1992Hide problem - fatal toolkit error
718.02XLIB::CHANGWed May 06 1992VUIT & NetEd
719.04PEACHS::GINGHERWed May 06 1992Problem displaying vuit 2.
720.02WEREOK::MSMITHWed May 06 1992English VUIT for Kanji apps?
722.07SYSTEM::GOODWINFri May 08 1992LD-QAR: Deleting pushbuttons from pulldown menus: ACCVUO
723.03UTRTSC::BEYERFri May 08 1992On SunOs + X11R5 + OpenWindows 3.
724.02CHELSY::GILLEYFri May 08 1992Explanation of identifiers requested.
725.0HANNAH::SEARSFri May 08 1992How to stop Toolkit Modal Popups?
726.05LAVGOD::SIMONIANFri May 08 1992VUIT/Rdb development scenario
727.05CHELSY::GILLEYMon May 11 1992Fetching a VUIT created Icon
728.07SHALOT::WAYERMon May 11 1992SVN on Ultrix
729.03REACH::WRIGHTTue May 12 1992Why were scrolled list boxes pulled from the widget part box??
730.03CSC32::B_BRADACHThu May 14 1992lowercase file names for .uid, .h, .c files?
731.03DASL::THOMASThu May 14 1992XmScrolledList - # of items
732.04VAXRIO::NASCIMENTOFri May 15 1992VMS -> UNIX MAKE file
733.01CERN::JRSWed May 20 1992How about generating application files in BLISS?
734.04BIGRED::DANIELSWed May 20 1992VUIT/FUSE tool interactions
735.01OSLFri May 22 1992how to install license on SUN
736.0--UnknownUser--Mon May 25 1992
737.03GOYA::ANAMon May 25 1992Makefile & user-procedure routines.
738.0METSYS::GOODWINTue May 26 1992Using VUIT for a large prototype
739.03CAMONE::ARENDTTue May 26 1992Literal in callback not sticking
741.0BIGRED::DOMINEYTue May 26 1992Installed on Sun server - how to run on wkstn?
742.01CAMONE::ARENDTWed May 27 1992Tag type changing to string from integer.
743.02CHELSY::GILLEYWed May 27 1992Product Management Information
744.02HOBBLE::RYEWed May 27 1992FLEXlm and Sun License Problem
745.03SHALOT::WAYERFri May 29 1992How do you change SVN fonts
746.05CERN::JRSFri May 29 1992Ada-related problems and a few questions
747.013CRAIGA::SCHOMPFri May 29 1992Request for new feature...
748.02BASTAR::WERNETTETue Jun 02 1992How is the widget editor implemented?
749.0OTOP63::darrenWed Jun 03 1992
750.01SKYLRK::WEYBREWWed Jun 03 1992problems getting gobe and neted into the partsbox
751.02STKHLM::BERGGRENFri Jun 05 1992Widget MGR - how to Search by referencing widget
752.01TYVOLA::CHERRYFri Jun 05 1992Performance issue with Posix
753.02TSOFri Jun 05 1992Who's right? VUIT or UIL/MOTIF?
754.09BREAKR::HAFri Jun 05 1992UIM/X
755.02HSOMAI::FISCHERMon Jun 08 1992Looking for VUIT V2 PostScript Users Guide
756.01MASALA::BHARRISTue Jun 09 1992can't open: /usr/lib/DXM/lib/Mrm/libMrm.a
757.06STKHLM::BERGGRENWed Jun 10 1992LD-QAR: 'expr'-binding using literals
758.04STKHLM::BERGGRENWed Jun 10 1992LD-QAR: Changing modulename doesn't work
759.01HSOMAI::FISCHERWed Jun 10 1992Two Problems w/Chap #3 Example
760.06ALEXWS::ALEXThu Jun 11 1992PartBox buttions won't double-click
762.02PEACHS::FORDFri Jun 12 1992VUIT Segmentation faults on existing .UIL file -- need help debugging
763.03LEMAN::GOLON::bezenconFri Jun 12 1992Fortran generated code ?
764.02SKYLRK::WEYBREWFri Jun 12 1992GObE/NetEd & VUIT & 1.1.3, close but no cigar...
765.0SEFISun Jun 14 1992Re-linking VUIT on VMS with DECwindows Motif V1.1(Motif 1.1.3)
766.02NEWVAX::SHEINBERGMon Jun 15 1992VUIT V2.
767.01STKHLM::BERGGRENMon Jun 15 1992VUIT (VMS) hangs when adding a resource
768.01STKHLM::BERGGRENMon Jun 15 1992question on OptionMenues
769.01XSTACY::HUTTONMon Jun 15 1992XmSelectionBox as a DIALOG_PROMPT
770.03DIEHRD::ODONNELLMon Jun 15 1992correct location SSB Vuit?
771.01BLKPUD::TAYLORJMon Jun 15 1992MOTIFBURGER include file in Fortran callbacks ?
772.01XSTACY::BWALSHMon Jun 15 1992Two problems with forms/message box
773.03PEACHS::PICKETTMon Jun 15 1992vuit does not appear to maintain or re-evaluate constant values
774.03VNASWS::GEROLDTue Jun 16 19921
775.02UFP::RJLTue Jun 16 1992VUIT on SUN problem with saving
776.01OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Jun 16 1992VUIT and CDD/DECset ?
777.03PIET13::DEINNOCENTISTue Jun 16 1992Problems with newest internal kit.....
778.0OSLFri Jun 19 1992Vuit/Sun error opening window
779.02BLKPUD::TAYLORJFri Jun 19 1992Modifying literals causes crash - seen before ?
780.04ISEQ::SMYTHMon Jun 22 1992Cannot access the widgets under the widget class icons
781.02THEBAY::GOODMANMon Jun 22 1992Scrolled Window and List question
782.01NEWVAX::SHEINBERGTue Jun 23 1992XmScrolledWindow, XmText, VUIT (UIL & C)
783.01PEACHS::GINGHERTue Jun 23 19922.
784.04SASE::HILLMANWed Jun 24 1992problem with XmNunitType = 1
785.06SAAVAK::CHANDLERWed Jun 24 1992LD-QAR: VUIT dies trying to delete widgets
786.05SAAVAK::CHANDLERWed Jun 24 1992What's going on with VUIT V2.
787.01SWORD1::ODONNELLWed Jun 24 1992nodes serving VUIT need Motif?
788.02MANIS2::WARTENBERGFri Jun 26 1992a new VUIT user needs help
789.0RONAN::RONANFri Jun 26 1992look at Desqview/X
790.07OGWANI::TANAKAMon Jun 29 1992XmMainWindow doesn't move.
791.03CAMONE::ARENDTMon Jun 29 19922.
792.01GLOSS::KAPLANTue Jun 30 1992Help needed on CANCEL operation
793.01AZUR::DICKOTue Jun 30 1992exit
794.02LSNCSC::MEISTERWed Jul 01 1992access/segmentation violation
795.02RHETT::KATZWed Jul 01 1992Questions about VUIT/FUSE integration
796.05NUMERO::POLCHWed Jul 01 1992expressions w/ literals not parsed correctly (?)
797.01CPCOD::SARJEF::ARRAJTue Jul 07 1992Making list items insensitive?
798.01ARSAGO::GIANNIWed Jul 08 1992Problem with PAK installing vuit on ultrix
799.01CHELSY::GILLEYWed Jul 08 1992Comments are getting fried.
800.014HANNAH::SEARSWed Jul 08 1992Comments from the trench after 1 year
801.01BREAKR::HAThu Jul 09 1992GoBE and NetEd Docs?
802.04SCAACT::ADISESHANThu Jul 09 1992VUIT2
803.02MUCTEC::WENDLFri Jul 10 1992LD-QAR: reals not accepted as literals
804.04CAMONE::ARENDTFri Jul 10 1992Procedure Select in callback Editor?
805.03OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Jul 14 1992Choice of Shell? + ANSI C templates ?
806.02DGOSWWed Jul 15 1992VUIT 2
807.02CX3PT2::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Jul 15 1992Customizing VUIT - Adding Default Resources for an XmList Widget
808.01STKHLM::BERGGRENThu Jul 16 1992problem with VUIT hanging (VAX4
809.03CWHIZ::M_TURNERThu Jul 16 1992Getting literals into generated .H file
810.02BIGRED::DANIELSThu Jul 16 1992LD-QAR: Crash on changing callback in pulldown menu
811.01CERN::JRSWed Jul 22 1992Problem getting horizontal scrollbar in a listbox to work - probably pilot error
812.04LENO::GRIERWed Jul 22 1992Access violation with cascade widget...
813.01LENO::GRIERThu Jul 23 1992ACCVIO selecting pushbutton with pixmap label
814.02LENO::GRIERThu Jul 23 1992ACCVIO moving pointer over VUIT...
815.03LASCPM::YEUNGThu Jul 23 1992
816.04STKHLM::BERGGRENMon Jul 27 1992Problem with ToggleButtons
817.01TASTY::JEFFERYMon Jul 27 1992LD-QAR : Not implemented message on cancel create literal.
818.01R2ME2::BRINKLEYMon Jul 27 1992Icons > 128 bug fix available
819.01LASCPM::YEUNGWed Jul 29 1992Widgets disappearing without errors
820.02CAMONE::CORMIERThu Jul 30 1992Which Xm***Callback?
821.01MLNTSC::RAMAZZOTTIFri Jul 31 1992gks3d-vuit-ultrix-motif
822.02STKHLM::BERGGRENFri Jul 31 1992help on TAB-groups - P L E A S E !
823.010CHELSY::GILLEYFri Jul 31 1992Help request for formdialog and window dressing.
824.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Aug 04 1992Another *** VUIT: Bus error signalled *** error
825.01MLNTSC::RAMAZZOTTIWed Aug 05 1992tabulation
826.03PEACHS::PICKETTThu Aug 06 19922.
827.01JULIET::DRUMMOND_ROFri Aug 07 1992URGENT - References Needed
828.02PEACHS::GILBERTMon Aug 10 1992** ERROR ** Uil output generator, Output source line exceeds UIL line length of 132 characters
830.01LADEDA::GRIGLACKTue Aug 11 1992v2.
831.01CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Aug 12 1992kit location please?
832.04DPDMAI::GROVEWed Aug 12 1992VUIT Crash
833.01PEACHS::GILBERTWed Aug 12 1992Problem with vuit generated code on SUN 1.1.4 server.
834.0CSC32::DUBOISThu Aug 13 1992Attaching ScrolledWindow to Form Gives ScrollBar error
835.03SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDMon Aug 17 1992XmFrame wrongly defined
836.09CSC32::DUBOISMon Aug 17 1992Bulletin Board Appears Overlaying MenuBar
837.01HOLLIE::alexTue Aug 18 1992core dump editing user procedure
838.03DPDMAI::GROVETue Aug 18 1992Crash: changing name of procedure
839.03SHALOT::MACDONALDWed Aug 19 1992Change SVN background color?
840.01DPDMAI::GROVEThu Aug 20 1992UIL Compiler Location
841.017HOSANA::UTZThu Aug 20 1992Alpha for VMS
842.02DPDMAI::GROVEThu Aug 20 1992VUIT or X Problem???
843.02DPDMAI::GROVEThu Aug 20 1992Arabic Fonts in VUIT?
844.01SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDFri Aug 21 1992VUIT crashes doing redraw
845.02SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDFri Aug 21 1992Another VUIT crash with 2.
846.017TOPCHZ::KASCHINSKEMon Aug 24 1992link errors with generated code
847.06TAVTue Aug 25 1992Vuit 2.
848.02R2ME2::RODGERSWed Aug 26 1992Poll: Keep the Revert button on Selectors?
849.02EISJB::BAKERWed Aug 26 1992Changing UIL to support Character Cell Devices
850.05RANGER::FONTAINEFri Aug 28 1992How to access widgets.
851.05STKHLM::BERGGRENThu Sep 03 1992PROBLEM with XmNdefaultButton-resource in a XmForm
852.09CGOOA::GUNDERSONThu Sep 03 1992XmNscrollHorizontal resource in XmText?
853.07SAAVAK::CHANDLERMon Sep 07 1992Advice on rubberbanding inside a DrawingArea Widget?
854.03HOLLIE::alexWed Sep 09 1992ICON editor crash if set icon size
855.09CWHIZ::M_TURNERWed Sep 09 1992strings reversed in UIL file
856.01PEACHS::BELDINWed Sep 09 1992How does VUIT implement sensitive listboxes?
857.03LARVAE::HOWLETT_TFri Sep 11 1992V2.
858.018LJOHUB::LAURENCELLEFri Sep 11 1992TIFF or DDIF icons to UIL?
859.06PEACHS::BELDINThu Sep 17 1992Vuit, defaults, custom widgets...
860.0VAXVLS::DEVILLYMon Sep 21 1992hhhhhhhhhhh
861.03VAOUTue Sep 22 1992problem with VUIT 2.
862.01TSCGPX::UWEHWed Sep 23 1992moved objects don't save correct
863.01UNITED::MCDONNELLFri Sep 25 1992No license for VUIT
864.01LASMon Sep 28 1992The eft -install guid isn't there for the new kit. as notes in note 3.14
865.03UNITED::MCDONNELLTue Sep 29 1992VUIT 2.1 on AXP bugette
866.01PEACHS::BELDINWed Sep 30 1992VUIT, custom widgets and externs...
867.02TAVMon Oct 05 1992VUIT crash, Bus error, simple example.
868.04CSC32::D_DERAMOTue Oct 06 1992Crash in VUIT_Manage (in ADA, in X.CONFIGURE_WINDOW)
869.01SASE::HILLMANTue Oct 06 1992problem with children in a frame
870.04PEACHS::RROGERSFri Oct 09 1992Acc/segment vio when using /widget_meta= qualifier
871.03VERN::CARPENTERTue Oct 13 1992Can't display an include file.
872.03MUNICH::MHEINEThu Oct 15 1992VUIT2.
873.0SDTMKT::JOHNSTONTue Oct 20 1992Competitive info pointers
874.0DPE::WATSONWed Oct 21 1992V2.
875.06PEACHS::LAMPERTThu Oct 22 1992Sun VUIT undefined procedure _XCheckTypedEvent
876.03BASTAR::KAIRYSFri Oct 23 1992Beginner's question about placement
877.05SNOCFri Oct 23 1992Reskilling costs for VUIT/xwindows/motif
878.0OSLACT::OLAVFri Oct 23 1992Edit .xbm files with icon editor?
879.025Sat Oct 24 1992XmPanedWindow processing question.
880.04MUNICH::STULLICHMon Oct 26 1992VUIT crash when using the Font Editor.
881.015Mon Oct 26 1992VUIT 2.1FT, VMS - simulation bug.
882.07BASTAR::KAIRYSMon Oct 26 1992How to get a Minimize button?
883.04CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Oct 27 1992LDQAR: tag value field partially obscured by button in FT 2.1
884.02CWHIZ::M_TURNERTue Oct 27 1992LDQAR: Changing the class of a widget not working properly
885.01BACHUS::RENTYThu Oct 29 1992How to force horizontal scrollbar on scrolledlist
886.02TRCOA::TOYONAGAThu Oct 29 1992VUIT for Sun Solaris 2.
887.01POLAR::CAMPBELLFri Oct 30 1992VUIT and C++
888.01HAM::KUHNMon Nov 02 1992Implementation of 2.1 widget editor ?
889.03MACNAS::BATVAN::BATEMANMon Nov 02 1992imported workarounds
890.02TAVHLT::DORONTue Nov 03 1992Identifiers restriction override?
892.0R2ME2::BRINKLEYThu Nov 05 1992Oh Pretty Please
893.03BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Nov 05 1992How to make XmText scroll for me?
894.03PEACHS::PICKETTThu Nov 05 1992vuit leaves too many include files open
895.01TLSEFri Nov 06 1992User Proc ?? Future for VUIT ??
896.02BACHUS::VANDORMAELMon Nov 09 1992VUIT detected toolkit warning 'Could not convert'
897.01WMOIS::KASZYNSKIThu Nov 12 1992Can't get the XmList to work
898.04SHAWB1::ROBERTSCTue Nov 17 19922.
899.01WECROW::RAGHAVANTue Nov 17 1992Motif 1.1
900.03SHAWB2::ROBERTSCWed Nov 25 1992Accvio caused by 32bit values in UIL file
901.03SWTHOM::TISSERANDThu Nov 26 1992Bus error and ACCVIO with VUIT v2.
902.06BASTAR::KAIRYSThu Dec 03 1992Need help using DXmHelp widget.
903.02BASTAR::KAIRYSFri Dec 04 1992Help! UIL/MOTIF suddently can't include files
904.07ZPOVC::SINSPSTue Dec 08 1992%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation
905.01DPDMAI::GROVETue Dec 08 1992True Type Fonts
906.01MUNICH::STULLICHTue Dec 08 1992How to use user-defined widgets?
907.02TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Dec 10 1992can't create right scrollbar in MainWindow
908.04CSC32::D_SANBORNFri Dec 11 1992Problem with FORTRAN generated code compiled with /CHECK=BOUNDS
910.04ZPOVC::SINSPSMon Dec 14 1992a list of resource names available ?
911.02MACNAS::BATVAN::BATEMANMon Dec 14 1992object variants supported by VUIT?
912.01OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Dec 15 19922.1 for EFT ??
913.01MIMS::FINKELSTEINTue Dec 15 1992Seg Vio in V2.
914.09LENO::GRIERThu Dec 17 1992Can't install T2.1, wants Motif V1.3?
915.02DPDMAI::GROVEMon Dec 21 1992VUIT vs. UIMX vs. Open GL
916.01VNASWS::GEROLDTue Dec 22 1992Crash with ColorMix
917.04ICELAN::MIKETue Dec 22 1992Competitive information on Teleuse
918.02FROSTI::DOUCETTEMon Jan 04 1993Motif Development kit???
919.01DECWIN::GMCCOYTue Jan 05 1993QARS in wrong database?
920.0GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Jan 06 1993sun license problem 1993???
921.01BACHUS::RIJMENANTSThu Jan 07 1993"Generate" compound string literals in .H file ?
922.013KETJE::DIERICKThu Jan 07 1993VUIT on AXP OSF/1 ?
923.0LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconFri Jan 08 1993VAX->AXP ADA&VUIT porting problems
924.02TOOLEY::GEORGEFri Jan 15 1993UID file upward compatibility
925.05BACHUS::RIJMENANTSMon Jan 18 1993remove help button from message box ?
926.01LUXMon Jan 18 1993SUN: Installation error with the Static kit
927.05LUXMon Jan 18 1993SUN: bad C program generation
928.0GALVIA::PFEHINTue Jan 19 1993new book on usability
929.04DEVMKO::LUSTMANFri Jan 29 1993generated app hangs in vuit_manage
930.01ZPOVC::SINSPSMon Feb 15 1993VUIT 2.
931.0TIMBER::ILSLEYTue Feb 16 1993X-Designer from V.I. Corp.
932.02TSCGPX::SUSANNEFri Feb 19 1993LD-QAR: motifburger in vuit_stubs_template_for.
933.01SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PWed Feb 24 1993DXmPrintBox and DXmPrintDialog implemented?
934.0ZPOVC::SINSPSThu Feb 25 1993VUIT 2.
935.01THEBAY::GOODMANThu Feb 25 1993LD-QAR: Duplicate w/no name causes bad UIL code
936.02TYSON::KURATAFri Feb 26 1993Can't locate procedure I just created !!
937.05TINNIE::OMELEYMon Mar 01 1993VIT Toolkit Warning, Bailing out of edge synch.
938.0MARX::GRIERMon Mar 01 1993Availabilty of VUIT sources?
939.01KERNEL::FISCHERIWed Mar 03 1993V2.1 for customers?
940.01ZPOVC::SINSPSThu Mar 04 1993VUIT T2.1 cause UIL file to corrupt ?
941.01PEACHS::GILBERTWed Mar 10 1993** ERROR ** Uil output generator, dump section list unknown tag
942.02NITTY::DIERCKSWed Mar 10 1993..Avoid repeating action..
943.06VINO::DBIGELOWMon Mar 15 1993Font Editor code available?
944.01EVTAI1::RENOUVELTue Mar 16 1993VUIT,UID,UIL,DCL ?????
945.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEWed Mar 17 1993mix of X terminals and VT32
946.02BACHUS::VANDORMAELThu Mar 18 1993XmNcolormap Core resource set not available
948.02VFOVAX::MILLERMon Mar 22 1993New VUIT Question
949.01MKOTS1::ESTRELLAMon Mar 22 1993vuit on vt12
950.02EVTAI1::RENOUVELTue Mar 23 1993Help wanted please...
951.01TERPS::KMOOREWed Mar 24 1993VUIT for Sun anywhere?
952.023GOOEY::VANGILDERFri Mar 26 1993VUIT transition details needed SOON!
953.01MIACT::MURPHYMon Mar 29 1993selection box font invisible!
954.03SAAVAK::CHANDLERThu Apr 01 1993Selecting named colors "lost" at runtime
955.04SYSTEM::GOODWINThu Apr 01 1993No longer using VUIT - using XVT instead
956.02TKOV51::ENDOFri Apr 02 1993Problem on SUN Installation
957.01BLKPUD::NORRISMWed Apr 07 1993Kernel Access Crash at PC
958.04JURA::HUDELOTTue Apr 13 1993Problem with Save/Restore
959.0TOSSUB::CIPOLLONEThu Apr 15 1993Vuit error < letter" > Ultrix 4.3 vuit 2.
960.01EVTAI1::RENOUVELMon Apr 26 1993Buttons customizing
961.01COPCLU::SCHOUBOWed Apr 28 1993More than one .UIL open in VUIT?
962.01AMCMKO::BEAUMon May 03 1993need some pointers/hints to create a user input form
963.01ANNECY::PARKER_SThu May 06 1993FormDialog & Inteface simulator
964.02ANNECY::PARKER_SMon May 10 1993Swapping 1/2 of a window possible ?
965.025Wed May 12 1993VUIT callable UIL and UIl/Motif compatible?
966.03TLSEWed May 12 1993VUIT generated code compatible source ALPHA?
967.0VINO::DIAZFri May 14 1993Where is the license for DECVUIT V2.1?
968.06DEWEYD::KUOTue May 18 1993XmScrolledWindow + Xmlist keep growing up
969.01RIPPLE::REID_PATue May 18 1993Button to adduser?
970.05OSITEL::BRITTAINWed May 19 1993!**VUIT_Manage false *** in uil files ?
971.0DEWEYD::KUOWed May 19 1993widgets didn't register in XmBulletinBoardDialog at the first time pop out
972.01JLR::REYERWed May 19 1993ICS BX V2.6 beta test
973.01RIPPLE::REID_PAWed May 19 1993/usr/lib/DXM kit?
974.0DPDMAI::GROVEThu May 27 1993Part # for BX
975.01AMCMKO::BEAUThu May 27 1993How to make a hidden object visible in VUIT ?
976.02AMCMKO::BEAUThu May 27 1993XmList problem (is it VUIT related ?)
977.03AYOP17::tmccrorieWed Jun 02 1993Display problems on a 1
978.06OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Jun 02 1993VMS t2.1-1 update barfs and dies
979.015STOWOA::HAVILANDFri Jun 04 1993Introducing ICS BX as Replacement for DEC VUIT
980.01BACHUS::VANDORMAELTue Jun 15 1993VUIT V2.
981.0BREAKR::DANAHYMon Jun 21 1993VUIT and DEC ADA not compatible?
982.01COMICS::SUMMERFIELDMon Jul 12 1993Access segmentation violation (v2.
983.012DPDMAI::GROVETue Jul 13 1993Kit location for BX?
984.01UTRTSC::DOOLEYThu Jul 15 1993Installing Vuit on a Landmark system
985.04TRUCKS::TREVENNOR_AMon Jul 19 1993Easywin product?
986.01COMICS::SUMMERFIELDThu Jul 22 1993Floating overflow using VUIT on CSCPAT_1
987.012CASE4U::VERVECKENThu Jul 29 1993VUIT bug? or error?
988.07COOKIE::WALLACETue Aug 03 1993So where is this BX product?
989.02BACHUS::RENTYTue Aug 31 1993Wanted : Ada example for user procedure
990.04DENEBE::SVIGAFri Sep 10 1993U: BX Doc ? (please)
991.01TAOVFri Sep 24 1993structure-typed parameter for callback
992.02ZPOVC::SINSPSFri Oct 01 1993Invalid value with XmPanedWindow.
993.02ZPOVC::SINSPSFri Oct 01 1993VUIT -> BX, Scrolled Window positional error.
994.02ZPOVC::SINSPSFri Oct 01 1993Include file pathnames inconsistent ?
995.02ZPOVC::SINSPSFri Oct 01 1993VUIT -> BX, font tables problem.
996.03ZPOVC::SINSPSFri Oct 01 1993VUIT -> BX compatible ?
997.02CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Oct 04 1993UI review group?
998.01ZENDIA::DBIGELOWMon Oct 04 1993Open VMS 6.
999.0CLT::MGFLOP::STOPERATue Oct 05 1993VUIT and action procedures
1000.01GNPIKE::WPIWed Oct 13 1993problems with unsupported UIL features
1001.01TAOVFri Oct 22 1993Set LABEL Widget Value
1002.01PRSSUD::PRONIERTue Nov 02 1993BX related questions
1003.01TPOVC::STEVEHSUWed Nov 03 1993Need BX product presentation materials
1004.03OSITEL::BRITTAINWed Nov 10 1993Multi format GUI Builders ?
1005.07NEWOA::NEWOA::SCHOFIELDThu Nov 11 1993BX comments
1006.0UNXA::HEGLISat Nov 27 1993New BX Conference
1007.0ZPOVC::SINSPSWed Dec 01 1993Motif scrolled window examples, please.
1008.0VAXSPO::CHICOWed Dec 01 1993BX SPD ?
1009.0EVTAI1::RENOUVELFri Dec 03 1993DECVUIT and VMS Messages
1010.01BGOFri Dec 03 1993VUIT 2.
1011.0MANEGE::GREBEMon Dec 06 1993ICTS Intro ...
1012.0LATINA::MAJOSEMon Dec 20 1993!!UIL/MOTIF errors!!
1013.0R2ME2::BRINKLEYWed Dec 29 19935 of 6 VUIT engineers now gone
1014.01TAOVThu Feb 03 1994Asian Words on Labels
1015.02LATINA::MAJOSEThu Feb 17 1994!!MrmFetchWidget/XtDestroyWidget..memory lost !!
1016.0ERENAN::DAVIESWed Mar 02 1994What V1.1?? patched version of MOTIF for BX??
1017.01NEWVAX::MURRAYFri Mar 04 1994VUIT Status Update
1018.01ZPOVTue Mar 08 1994resource list within application.uil possible ?
1019.04HEDRON::DAVEBMon Mar 21 1994Installation problems
1020.02DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGTue Mar 22 1994HELP window and EXIT
1021.03DC1Wed Mar 30 1994Looking for Alpha OSF/1 VUIT for int use
1022.01TNPUBS::BELLUSCIThu Apr 28 1994license and VTX
1023.01LEMAN::EMADFri Apr 29 1994BX 2.6 and OSF/1 2.
1024.01BRETIM::HELMUTFri May 06 1994bx problem
1025.0DTENG1::CARTYThu May 12 1994How do I do the following .. literal.
1026.0ZURWed May 25 1994*** VUIT: Access/segmentation violation signalled ***
1027.01OSLHW::HAAKONW_PMon May 30 1994DEC VUIT v2.
1028.0BACHUS::RENTYWed Jun 01 1994XmFormDialog decorations...
1029.0COOKIE::WOODMon Jun 20 1994installation problem with DWTOOLS
1030.02ZURTue Aug 09 1994SYSTEM-F-FLTOVF_F, server crash with VMS 5.5-2H4
1031.05HGOCS::ANDYNGWed Aug 24 1994How to define font list ??
1032.01CERN::BOTHNERTue Sep 06 1994Is BX conference active?
1033.0BASTAR::KAIRYSTue Oct 25 1994Is VUIT actually broken under Motif 1.2?
1034.0VAXRIO::VALERIAThu Nov 03 1994Icons >128 bug in version 2.1 ??
1035.01MLNCSC::PASSALACQUAFri Nov 04 1994vuit 2.1 info
1036.0SAVEME::LINTue Nov 08 1994problem on registering ultrix license...
1037.0EVTAI1::RENOUVELWed Nov 09 1994Background Image.
1038.0DECWIN::MESSENGERWed Jul 12 1995SPR: Problem with Pascal code produced by VUIT
1039.0WELCLU::CARTERPFri Jul 21 1995VUIT on OSF/1 and Ultrix for UIL Work
1040.0ROMWed Sep 13 1995Is there a KIT for Alpha (VMS) ?
1041.0WOTVAX::CARTERPFri Oct 27 1995Want icon to flash/change colour
1042.0TAVThu Nov 09 1995VUIT V2.
1043.0 *+1CADSYS::BOGDANOVTue May 20 1997Looks like the VUIT is dead !