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Conference clt::trellis

Title:DEC Trellis Object System
Notice:Trellis V1.1 FT1 kits available: see note 437
Created:Thu Jan 07 1988
Last Modified:Mon Feb 06 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:470
Total number of notes:2202
Number with bodies:0
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1.012PBSVAX::SYSTEM_1Thu Jan 07 1988Introduction
2.0115PBSVAX::HALBERTThu Jan 07 1988Who are you?
3.017PBSVAX::HALBERTThu Jan 07 1988Netkits and releases
4.02PBSVAX::HALBERTThu Jan 07 1988Related conferences
5.015PBSVAX::HALBERTThu Jan 07 1988Documentation, papers, reports
6.07PBSVAX::KINGMon Jan 11 1988January 1988 Release of Trellis
7.01MLOKAI::MACKTue Jan 12 1988OWL on a big vax?
8.018PBSVAX::KINGTue Jan 12 1988Trellis and X and DECwindows
9.01MLOKAI::MACKWed Jan 13 1988Concurrency and CSP?
10.08PIPA::CWANTue Feb 02 1988Trellis/Owl Course or workshop ?
11.019PBSVAX::OBRIENSat Feb 06 1988Object database work
12.02DSSDEV::CLIFFORDTue Feb 23 1988How do you restore a category?
13.023BIER::HEUSERMon Mar 14 1988Trellis on VMS V5.
14.015JOEL::BERMANWed Mar 16 1988Sample Programs?
15.05ISTG::COOPERMon Mar 28 1988Help in defining inherited iterators?
16.03RESIGN::HEUSERWed Mar 30 1988Any step-by-step tutorial avaiable?
17.030ANAKIN::BIRKHOLZThu Mar 31 1988Alleged TRELLIS Bugs
18.03PBSVAX::OBRIENFri Apr 01 1988Programming hints for using Trellis/Owl
19.01PBSVAX::HALBERTFri Apr 01 1988Trellis programming environment hints
20.02OSLVS1::ARNEThu Apr 07 1988Redirecting output
21.01OSLVS1::ARNETue May 03 1988Trellis dies on me...
22.05TONE::CORLEYTue May 17 1988Trellis hangs on collect=? or save=?
23.010TONE::CORLEYFri May 20 1988subtype problem
24.0PBSVAX::OBRIENTue May 24 1988OO hits spring Decus
25.01PBSVAX::KILIANTue May 31 1988Release of 31-May-1988.
26.0PBSVAX::OBRIENWed Jun 22 1988Design Automation Conference trip report
27.06ANAKIN::BIRKHOLZMon Jun 27 1988Small System Build
28.03PBSVAX::HALBERTThu Jul 14 1988Experimental X Windows Trellis available
29.07MJG::GRIERMon Jul 18 1988OWLSYS use of P1 space
30.01DOCASE::WERSCHThu Jul 28 1988type generators in trellis
31.02PULMAN::MACKFri Jul 29 1988Good tools in wrong places?
32.03PBSVAX::HALBERTTue Aug 02 1988DECwindows-IFT2 version of Trellis available
33.01PBSVAX::HALBERTTue Aug 09 1988GC (garbage collection) considerations
34.06PBSVAX::HALBERTTue Aug 09 1988DECwindows-IFT2 Trellis installation registration
35.01LOCLE::RATCLIFFWed Aug 10 1988Call implementers!
36.01RESIGN::WERSCHThu Aug 11 1988garbage collector
37.08CIM::LORENThu Aug 11 1988"incompatible specifications"
38.02PBSVAX::KILIANSat Aug 13 1988Log File & Uninitialized Variables
39.02CIM::LORENTue Aug 16 1988Bad Object condition
40.03CIM::LORENMon Aug 22 1988Seeking advice...
41.01CTCADM::MURATORIWed Aug 24 1988Will Trellis/Owl finally be a product?
42.03CIM::LORENFri Sep 02 1988Initializing MYTYPE components
43.02RESIGN::BECHERERTue Sep 13 1988Bugs found after adding components to OBJECT
44.03CIM::LORENSun Sep 18 1988Don't use CAPS LOCK
45.09CIM::LORENTue Sep 20 1988Problem using type generators
46.09PBSVAX::HALBERTThu Sep 22 1988Trellis release of 24-AUG-1988
47.01CAMONE::PROCTORFri Sep 23 1988accvio on definition search
48.01COOKIE::WAHLMon Sep 26 1988BNF
49.01DCC::BALSTue Sep 27 1988Can't access current release files
50.019MJG::GRIERWed Sep 28 1988Comments on the integrated environment of Trellis
51.0RESIGN::BECHERERThu Sep 29 1988playing with subtype(...) expressions
52.0CIM::LORENFri Sep 30 1988Access violation on compile
53.01BMT::RBONOMOTue Oct 25 1988Customer Kits ??
54.03KETJE::DELAMPERFri Oct 28 1988Trellis/Owl on Ultrix ??
55.04CIM::LORENFri Oct 28 1988Problem with read_from (Real, ...)
56.0PBSVAX::OBRIENFri Oct 28 1988Using OO Technology? We'd like to hear from you!
57.0BANZAI::CARPENTERTue Nov 01 1988Database Systems Engineering Bulletin
58.02COOKIE::MANIFri Nov 04 1988Trellis with a SUN4, X11 front end?
59.03CIM::LORENMon Nov 14 1988Possible problem with 24-Aug-88 release
60.04SWSCHZ::THOMPSONMon Nov 14 1988Runtime Only? Non-workstation?
61.04BIER::HEUSERThu Nov 17 1988How to use windows?
62.06VANILA::FRYWed Dec 07 1988 Is OO practical for us?
63.06BYENGWed Dec 07 1988Trellis/X and DECwindows questions
64.07NAPALM::WATERHOUSESat Dec 10 1988Eiffel anyone?
65.026PULMAN::MACKMon Dec 19 1988Reducing Object Coupling Through Parameterization
66.09CRLVMS::HALBERTWed Dec 21 198819-DEC-1988 Trellis/X (DECwindows) kit release
67.010MJG::GRIERThu Dec 22 1988Trellis UI usability revisited
68.01MJG::GRIERThu Dec 22 1988What is "functional" on an operation?
69.02MJG::GRIERThu Dec 29 1988Mathematics in Trellis/Owl
70.03MJG::GRIERThu Dec 29 1988Collection documentation addition request
71.06LIONEL::SAYLORThu Jan 05 1989performance and garbage
72.04ANAKIN::BIRKHOLZFri Jan 06 1989"Class" vs. "Type": Is there a difference?
73.04ANAKIN::BIRKHOLZFri Jan 06 1989Workspaces, Requirements on
74.04LIONEL::SAYLORMon Jan 23 1989help with dyn_seq?
75.02LIONEL::SAYLORThu Feb 02 1989dump_specs broken?
76.06ERLPO::OBRIENThu Feb 02 1989phase
77.06MEWVAX::AUGUSTINEWed Feb 15 1989DECWindows interface from a Trellis application?
78.0ERLPO::OBRIENThu Feb 16 1989Job Opportunities With Trellis and OODB
79.09LIONEL::SAYLORFri Feb 17 1989dyn_seq's flatness is a problem
80.06COOKIE::SANDERSONTue Feb 21 1989Dump-source & Batch-compile problems
81.03LIONEL::SAYLORThu Feb 23 1989graphics help?
82.02BESSIE::HOYTFri Feb 24 1989Named parameter association, default parameter values and side effects
83.03TALLIS::ROBINSONMon Feb 27 19894 months or so, any prognosis?
84.01CURIE::ELIAMon Feb 27 1989Trellis on a PVAX?
85.0LIONEL::SAYLORTue Feb 28 1989talking to mailboxes?
86.01LIONEL::SAISIWed Mar 01 1989using types as arguments
87.07COOKIE::SANDERSONFri Mar 03 1989Determining subtype operation dynamically
88.07PULMAN::MACKSun Mar 05 1989X Toolkit callbacks in Trellis?
89.01PULMAN::MACKSun Mar 05 1989Requirement: Trellis must interoperate with all else
90.02PULMAN::MACKSun Mar 05 1989Effective O-O will require some global support...
91.02COOKIE::SANDERSONWed Mar 08 1989"apply" and exceptions
92.01LIONEL::SAYLORWed Mar 08 1989sleep?
93.04BISTRO::DOLSFri Mar 10 1989Entity-Relationship versus OO ...
94.02EGAVFri Mar 10 1989Help needed installing Terllis/Owl
95.0138597::GERMAINMon Mar 13 1989out of virtual address space....
96.02LIONEL::SAISIThu Mar 16 1989DRYROT Error msg
97.02FERNEY::DUQUESNEWed Mar 22 1989Calling for Implementers...
98.017COPA::CABANYATue Apr 04 1989new release 16-mar-1989
99.02AIRPRT::GRIERThu Apr 13 1989Inheriting values from components
100.09PBSVAX::MAHERWed May 10 1989What you've all been waiting for, ... Trellis/Ultrix
101.07BYENGThu Jun 15 1989Trellis/OWL Training?
102.04PANTHR::STEPFri Jun 16 1989a few bugs I've noticed
103.02LIONEL::SAYLORMon Jun 19 1989debugging aid and performance?
104.07IVERS::NORTONTue Jun 20 1989Installed on 5.1 cluster node/ and does nothing?
105.01KLO::JACKMANFri Jul 07 1989Reading RMS files in Trellis ?
106.01ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KMon Jul 10 1989Any version for Ultrix
107.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 11 1989Help getting docs
108.03ATLV5::HENNESSY_JWed Jul 12 1989How public is TRELLIS?
109.05KLO::JACKMANWed Jul 19 1989Trellis hangs on GPX !
110.01GLDOA::HEINEYWed Jul 19 1989Interface Issues
111.03HIBER::KAKAThu Jul 20 1989Maybe a small problem.
112.03HIBER::KAKAThu Jul 20 1989Docs anywhere?
113.02IMOCAE::SCHAUBERFri Jul 28 1989Missing CLD file
114.07PBSVAX::FREBURGERFri Jul 28 1989Trellis and DECwindows
115.02CXCAD::TRANTue Aug 01 1989Novice questions for a potential application
116.01JRANDM::maherThu Aug 03 1989Whiz-Bang Demos
117.0DRIVEN::MACKTue Aug 15 1989Basic Collections for Trellis/Owl? File I/O?
118.01NSDC::RATCLIFFTue Aug 22 1989ActStk_BadPush: overflow
119.01--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 23 1989SoftPert Systems
120.01NCPROG::WATERHOUSEWed Aug 30 1989An ultrix kink?
121.017PBSVAX::FREBURGERMon Sep 11 1989DECwindows interfaces for Trellis tools
122.02EVETPU::GOUNWed Sep 13 1989Trellis crash while compiling
123.03EVETPU::GOUNTue Sep 19 1989ACCVIO in catagories tool
124.01EVETPU::GOUNThu Sep 28 1989Dyn_seq'{"Foo"} kills evaluator
125.01LISSYS::CALDASMon Oct 23 1989Need support.
126.0KASINO::HEUSERFri Nov 24 1989EDOWL V1.
127.01DPDMAI::MASONMTue Dec 05 1989 Trellis for a Customer
128.06NXTGEN::SYSTEMThu Dec 07 1989installation problem
129.01CIMNET::RUDRAKSHITue Dec 12 1989Kit for VMS 5.3
130.01KASINO::HEUSERMon Dec 18 1989CECplan V1.3
131.04CIMNET::RUDRAKSHITue Jan 02 1990SQL from Ultrix ?
132.01ESIS::BAILEYFri Jan 05 1990crash and VMS exception when creating Out_file
133.04CIMNET::RUDRAKSHIMon Jan 15 1990alternate_trellis vs main
134.01CIMNET::RUDRAKSHIWed Jan 17 1990Portable Trellis code
135.01PERN::PACKARDThu Jan 18 1990"Using Dump in OBJECT"
136.01ESIS::BAILEYThu Jan 18 1990compilation error not appearing in grass catcher
137.01CIMNET::RUDRAKSHIThu Jan 18 1990SQL interface and dyn_seq type
138.03AISVAX::KHALEDTue Jan 30 1990GC_Init problem
139.08LOIOSH::GOUNMon Feb 12 1990Trouble generating application closure
140.01POBOX::LACEYTue Feb 27 1990Hypercard interface
141.01OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 02 1990Trellis schedule?
142.01LENO::GRIERSun Apr 01 1990Minor documentation errors
143.0H2OHUT::WATERHOUSESat Apr 14 1990Eiffel put in the public domain...
144.03HOTAIR::PAINTERThu Apr 26 1990"best" platform?
146.02MANIOK::STEINAUWed May 09 1990Unexpected Interrupts
147.01MANIOK::STEINAUThu May 10 1990command line arguments
149.0BANNOR::HODGEWed May 23 1990Using TRELLIS for CASE.
150.08LENO::GRIERTue May 29 1990FT1 comments
151.0LENO::GRIERTue May 29 1990Code Generation
153.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Jun 05 1990Trellis on other platforms?
154.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Jun 05 1990Double click in Toolbox should open
155.03OSLACT::OLAVTue Jun 05 1990Why is the Trellis user interface so strange?
156.07BERAQ::BAKERThu Jun 07 1990Field Test Documentation Comments
157.0SNOCThu Jun 14 1990Date/time formats
158.02RHETT::SHARBUTTThu Jun 14 1990Trellis/ULTRIX FT workspaces
159.03ESIS::BAILEYThu Jun 21 1990compile vs. batch compile - what's the difference?
160.0ESIS::BAILEYFri Jun 22 1990Locked-up evaluator - how to recover?
161.01ESIS::BAILEYFri Jun 22 1990Clicking "Evaluate" with text cursor on evaluator line - evaluation doesn't happen
162.0CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Jun 26 1990Shareware for Trellis?
163.04ESIS::BAILEYMon Jul 02 1990Insufficient dynamic memory Activity Viewer when searching for definitions of "create"
164.05MANIOK::STEINAUWed Jul 04 1990FT1 / Ultrix
165.03DESTA::TIRADOFri Jul 06 1990New User in trouble...
166.014OSLACT::OLAVWed Jul 11 1990Any DECwindows examples?
167.02AZTECH::WAGNERWed Jul 11 1990Nesting TYPE_CASE statements.
168.03OSLACT::OLAVThu Jul 12 1990Where is "lock" type documented?
169.01ESIS::BAILEYThu Jul 12 1990Grass catcher continues to show "associated errors" until they are recompiled?
170.02AZTECH::WAGNERThu Jul 12 1990*Compiler access violated -- workspace maybe corrupted: proceed with caution
171.0ESIS::BAILEYMon Jul 16 1990Activity viewer didn't appear - "no pages for a new activity" debugger error
172.02OSLACT::OLAVFri Jul 20 1990caret, bar, star, slash
173.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERMon Jul 23 1990Short term product plans?
174.02BEAGLE::VIGIERFri Jul 27 1990Problem with TRELLIS 1.
175.02BORNEO::SOOFri Jul 27 1990Any .txt document files?
176.01ESIS::BAILEYFri Jul 27 1990Breakpoint tool cannot be opened again after being closed?
177.05URSIC::VESTUTOSun Jul 29 1990OVERRIDE of a parent operation??
178.01AICASE::SYSTEMThu Aug 09 1990Trouble with FT1
179.05ESIS::BAILEYThu Aug 09 1990What is the maximum possible string length? maximum/minimum reals and integers?
180.0ESIS::BAILEYMon Aug 13 1990Comments about compilation messages
181.0WOOK::LEEThu Aug 16 1990Autostarting Trellis from the Session Manager
182.0GRANE::HEINTZEMon Aug 27 1990Installing TRELLIS on non-system disk
183.01GRANE::HEINTZEMon Aug 27 1990Is trellis a good choice for Semantic Nets and Expert System implentation?
184.05GWYNED::REILLYFri Aug 31 1990Redefinition of a Type
185.07DATABS::OBRIENWed Sep 05 1990Trellis FT2 Kits are available
186.04FRUST::GOLDBACHWed Sep 05 1990Problems with FT 1.
187.05GRANE::HEINTZEMon Sep 10 1990What Projects (or products) Use Trellis as implementation Language?
188.02GRANE::HEINTZETue Sep 11 1990WANTED: LRP for Corporate Support of TRELLIS
189.07BIGUN::KEOGHTue Sep 11 1990Type implementation issues.
190.09AZTECH::WAGNERThu Sep 13 1990Why a non-standard File selection window?
191.03AZTECH::WAGNERThu Sep 13 1990Run_Debugger got bad debugger message
192.08BIGUN::KEOGHFri Sep 14 1990LSE for TRELLIS
193.01FMCSSE::HEINTZEFri Sep 14 1990WANTED: Development License for Trellis FT2
194.09AZTECH::WAGNERWed Sep 19 1990Calling SYS$GETJPI
195.03BIGUN::KEOGHThu Sep 20 1990RISC FT2 problem
196.06FMCSSE::HEINTZEFri Sep 21 1990Where is hello_world.tre? Help needed getting started with minimal program.
197.02PRFECT::PALKAMon Sep 24 1990How big is trellis ?
198.03FMCSSE::HEINTZETue Sep 25 1990More ques from beginner. How to declare variables and modify type_modules?
199.0FMCSSE::HEINTZETue Sep 25 1990Wanted: List of Major features of Trellis
200.011AZTECH::WAGNERTue Sep 25 1990SHOWSYS (An Example TRELLIS program.)
201.08--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 26 1990a sample program using the DECwindows interface
202.02RUATHA::WAGNERWed Sep 26 1990Motif WM get's blow away by error message box.
203.01NAVIER::SAISIThu Sep 27 1990graphics_frame\draw_box-nothing!
204.01ESIS::BAILEYMon Oct 01 1990Can't use Enumeration as a supertype?
205.02ESIS::BAILEYMon Oct 01 1990Evaluators and activity viewer still up after exiting Trellis
206.0DATABS::RYETue Oct 02 1990Job: Software Engineer, Jr.
207.05PRSUD1::CAYATTETue Oct 02 1990Trellis in Client/Server mode : bug or feature ?
208.03NAVIER::SAISITue Oct 02 1990process monitor in trellis
209.04RUNT::COOPERWed Oct 03 1990Comments lacking in Trellis-supplied code
211.01POBOX::WIECHMANNThu Oct 04 1990Trellis on System V?
212.04ESIS::BAILEYThu Oct 04 1990Problem with loading in a category from a file
213.02CSC32::J_KASEDAFri Oct 05 1990Motif and Trellis, problems
214.07Z::TENNYMon Oct 08 1990VAX/VMS Trellis Install Comments
215.03LENO::GRIERWed Oct 10 1990Notes on the type lib. ref manual (ft1)
216.01NAVIER::LONGWed Oct 10 1990Creating displays on other nodes?
217.04LENO::GRIERThu Oct 11 1990Transactions and nested transactions?
218.07AUSSIE::BAKERWed Oct 17 1990Bad debugger error on default tools (FT2)
219.06AZTECH::WAGNERThu Oct 18 1990Why does Trellis send so much traffic from the server to the client?
220.06LENO::GRIERThu Oct 18 1990Trellis FT2 comments
221.01RUNT::COOPERFri Oct 19 1990Example: Graph and Digraph type generators
222.010GALSAL::REEDTue Oct 23 1990problem with not enough room GC_Table
223.03FMCSSE::HEINTZETue Oct 23 1990Will Trellis FCS with Graphics Capabilities?
224.02RUNT::COOPERWed Oct 24 1990Interpreting external data structures?
225.05AZTECH::WAGNERThu Oct 25 1990The best way to talk to external routines.
226.01RUNT::COOPERFri Oct 26 1990?? Dwt_callback: Why me.tag: Integer
227.01MARVLS::PLYNCHMon Oct 29 1990"not_found" signalled when really not installed
228.04AUSSIE::BAKERThu Nov 01 1990"LINDA TYPES" in example screen
229.02LENO::GRIERFri Nov 02 1990Why is string_form an opertion rather than a component?
230.01LENO::GRIERFri Nov 02 1990Why isn't a Seqence[Type] a subclass of KeyedCollection[Integer,Type]?
231.0DATABS::OBRIENMon Nov 05 1990Trellis is announced!! (you have to look closely but we're in there)
232.010JUDYL::MUNROEMon Nov 05 1990Can't install TRELLIS V1.
233.0DATABS::TENNYMon Nov 05 1990Trellis Language Quick Reference Card
234.02DATABS::OBRIENTue Nov 06 1990Trellis Verson 1 Documentation is available
235.06CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Nov 06 1990Feature Request: Structured Type Libraries
236.04ESIS::BAILEYThu Nov 08 1990Specification in Source viewer - not the same as in the Language Reference Manual
237.03ESIS::BAILEYFri Nov 09 1990What's the purpose of no_subtypes attribute of a type module?
239.04CIM1NI::FOLEYTue Nov 13 1990New User needs help getting Trellis started
240.05DATABS::NORCOTTTue Nov 13 1990Does anyone use me.column ??
241.022CIMPUL::BEFUMOWed Nov 14 1990Selling TRELLIS over other tools?
242.01CIMPUL::BEFUMOFri Nov 16 1990"Creating too large a String" - TRELLIS crashes
243.05CYCLNG::FOLEYSat Nov 17 1990Help in saving workspace from trellis session
244.03CYCLNG::FOLEYSat Nov 17 1990Help with operations calling operations
245.04MARVLS::PLYNCHMon Nov 19 1990ACCVIO on callin from SCAN input procedure
246.03SUBWAY::COMASTue Nov 20 1990CREATE(me) incompatible specifications
247.03WARNUT::DUANETue Nov 20 1990Problem - failed opening display NIL, attempt #1
248.023DATABS::MAHERTue Nov 20 1990Trellis V1.
249.07SYOMV::KRASWed Nov 21 1990Presentation material?
250.01PAVONE::ARGENTOMon Nov 26 1990Description of 'functional'
251.02KETJE::CORTEBEECKMon Nov 26 1990Porting to WHAT and WHEN ???
252.01LESNET::DUVALMon Nov 26 1990File and Screen Output from Trellis?
253.04LESNET::DUVALMon Nov 26 1990Subtype Inheritance Syntax
254.02UTRUST::DEHARTOGTue Nov 27 1990DECwindows really needed?
255.024DATABS::TENNYTue Nov 27 1990AND/OR vs. CAND/COR - Discussion
256.03RTL::WILPOLTWed Nov 28 1990types / software components wanted
257.01AZTECH::WAGNERWed Nov 28 1990V1.
258.01LESCOM::DUVALThu Nov 29 1990Help with inherited operations in abstract types
259.0DECWET::SCOTTThu Nov 29 1990Questions from a prospective user ...
260.02MACNAS::JWALSHFri Nov 30 1990Trellis programming course
261.02MEWVAX::AUGUSTINEFri Nov 30 1990Need help with Trellis window system
262.02QUIVER::WASHABAUGHSun Dec 02 1990Beginner's Problem with Time and Student Demo
263.03KETJE::CORTEBEECKMon Dec 03 1990EMA types defined ????
264.01DATABS::NORCOTTMon Dec 03 1990New operation "flush" for Out_disk_file
265.04AZTECH::WAGNERMon Dec 03 1990OO question. What is the best way to code create operations for subtypes?
266.01BIGUN::KEOGHTue Dec 04 1990Runaway virtual memory in INSPECT
267.06BAVIKI::GOODWed Dec 05 1990Single-character I/O with Trellis on VMS
268.0DATABS::OBRIENWed Dec 05 1990Trellis fact sheet
270.06BAVIKI::GOODThu Dec 06 1990Reporting bugs - QAR system?
271.01TAFT::VONDERBRINKFri Dec 07 1990Help with a Presentation?
272.0BAVIKI::GOODFri Dec 07 1990"Copy" doesn't
273.013KETJE::CORTEBEECKTue Dec 11 1990How will TRELLIS be made a standard ???
274.04ESIS::BAILEYTue Dec 11 1990Questions about in and out stream types
275.03ESIS::BAILEYWed Dec 12 1990Exception signalling and subtyping rules
276.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHThu Dec 13 1990Text frames and buttons
277.0DNEAST::SCHNEIDER_JAFri Dec 14 1990Some one to watch over me
278.08DATABS::NORCOTTTue Jan 01 1991Dump & Restore of objects to Objectivity/DB & files
279.01QUIVER::WASHABAUGHTue Jan 01 1991Callback on list_frame
280.01ESIS::BAILEYWed Jan 02 1991Segmented string not handled by SQL? What's a segmented string?
281.012ESIS::BAILEYThu Jan 03 1991Out of heap space after pausing overnight
282.02ESIS::BAILEYThu Jan 03 1991compilation error when defining subtype of readable
283.05ESIS::BAILEYThu Jan 03 1991Creating an SQL object and saving it across a Trellis session
284.01DATABS::OBRIENThu Jan 03 1991Phase
285.02MARVLS::PLYNCHFri Jan 04 1991Terminal/output formats _long_ strings incorrectly
286.01ESIS::BAILEYMon Jan 07 1991More questions about SQL
287.04ESIS::BAILEYMon Jan 07 1991Questions about application generation facility
288.01NOATAK::WHITEMon Jan 07 1991Tool Font Size
289.04ESIS::BAILEYWed Jan 09 1991callin - using Trellis_System_Start from sample main program
290.03CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Jan 09 1991Problems running V1.
291.08VNAACT::LOBSANGThu Jan 10 1991V1 Install/Compile error: Out of heap space -- sorry
292.0DATABS::TENNYMon Jan 14 1991? Integer\magnitude ?
293.0TOOHOT::ROCHAMon Jan 14 1991PCCC 3/27-29/91, req for participants
294.03KETJE::DELAMPERWed Jan 16 1991problems and questions mips version
295.04KETJE::DELAMPERFri Jan 18 1991callout on Ultrix (mips) ??
296.01SUBWAY::COMASMon Jan 21 1991text frames and return keys
297.04ESIS::WILSONMon Jan 21 1991AI Courses at DLB12
298.07ZUDEV1::ROTHMTue Jan 29 1991What's about the PAKs ?
299.0ESIS::BAILEYWed Jan 30 1991Result registers for callout
300.012DATABS::OBRIENWed Jan 30 1991Demo/Tutorial Tool available
301.0NOVA::ZAGUREKThu Jan 31 1991ObjectMaker/Booch 9
302.01LUTZ::HEUSERFri Feb 01 1991Distributed Trellis announcement
303.02MR4DEC::MFORBESSun Feb 03 1991mips Ultrix install fails...
304.04PHDSRV::LUSKMon Feb 04 1991Implementation of concurrency
305.01ODIXIE::STAROSTAMon Feb 04 1991TP using OO tools
306.01STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Feb 06 1991Frames and DECwindows and Environment not Documented
307.0ESIS::BAILEYWed Feb 06 1991can callin be done from a callout?
308.0ESIS::BAILEYMon Feb 11 1991compiling file through the command line, with "@"
309.011SUBWAY::COMASMon Feb 11 1991'Expanded Types?'
310.04ALICIA::FODENMon Feb 18 1991Trellis V1.
311.010PHDSRV::LUSKTue Feb 19 1991What is the "Note (Restricted)" attribute
312.03PHDSRV::LUSKTue Feb 19 1991Stream/File Implementation
313.01SUBWAY::COMASFri Mar 01 1991How are Versions logged?
314.06IMPROV::PELLETIERFri Mar 01 1991SQL how to handle Nulls easily
315.02GUESS::TATLOWFri Mar 01 1991Problem with VAX/ULTRIX Trellis V1.
316.01RUNT::COOPERTue Mar 12 1991? How to represent type-set refinements
317.08SUBWAY::COMASTue Mar 12 1991Garbage Collecting on Integers and Reals?
318.01RHETT::SHARBUTTFri Mar 15 1991Reporting bugs
319.02RUNT::COOPERFri Mar 15 1991? Cannot find FORCE in OBJECT
320.01RUNT::COOPERWed Mar 20 1991? Order matters in batch compile?
321.03ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGWed Mar 20 1991novice Q: 3GL Language?
322.0DDIF::SURTEESWed Mar 20 1991Not TRELLIS but would be of interest to TRELLIS programmers
323.03PINALL::KENNYThu Mar 28 1991STEP library for Trellis?
324.05BEAGLE::VIGIERFri Mar 29 1991type generator limitation
325.04COOKIE::FREDERICKSMon Apr 01 1991subtype of Set[FOO]??
326.02COOKIE::FREDERICKSTue Apr 02 1991Bug either in the compiler or editor tool.
327.02SWAM2::BENEDICT_JIThu Apr 04 1991Demoers Available?
328.07NAVIER::SAISIThu Apr 04 1991multiple inheritance problem
330.01TROAMon Apr 08 1991DGIT, DXM and LinkWorks?
331.02DYOSW1::TAVANOTue Apr 09 1991Sample_tool_demo.tre Error non-existing type module demo_tool_overview
332.02COOKIE::FREDERICKSSun Apr 14 1991Can't get a compiler listing.
333.01NOATAK::WHITEWed Apr 17 1991Prototyping DECwindow applications
334.01SUBWAY::COMASThu Apr 25 1991synchronous operations in builtins
335.01SUBWAY::COMASThu Apr 25 1991asynchronous callbacks in builtins
336.04DYOSW1::TAVANOTue Apr 30 1991need some guidance on where to go from here need some more beginners help
337.01VINO::VOBASun May 12 1991KITINSTAL needs clean-up
338.0LJOHUB::JESSOPTue May 14 1991Beginners Guide to Programming in Trellis?
339.01SUBWAY::COMASFri May 17 1991Creating dwt_windows by hand...
340.011SUBWAY::COMASMon May 20 1991Adding Accelerators and Mnemonics to frames?
341.04CIMNET::MJOHNSONFri May 31 1991Trellis/ACA Services Integration?
342.01DYOSW1::TAVANOTue Jun 04 1991Conversion of Ada Tasking Demo to Trellis
343.011IJSAPL::ELSWIJKThu Jun 13 1991The meaning of `subtype_visible'
344.03SUOSW3::ROHRMANNMon Jun 17 1991Problems to copy Trellis Documentation
345.02CIMNET::MJOHNSONMon Jun 24 1991Mysterious Trellis Manufacturing Integration Platform
346.05RUNT::COOPERTue Jul 09 1991? Using type generators with abstract types ?
347.01RUNT::COOPERThu Jul 11 1991? Can fixed names be subtype_visible?
348.0NAVIER::SAYLORWed Jul 17 1991Copy Issues
349.0DATABS::TENNYWed Jul 17 1991Trellis Utility Class Repository
350.02SOJU::QUINNWed Jul 17 1991Multiple threads and asynchronous work in Trellis
351.03UFHIS::KHOWEThu Jul 18 1991Problem invoking trellis..
352.02RHETT::SHARBUTTMon Jul 22 1991ULTRIX signals in Trellis/ULTRIX
353.0TRBL2S::TRAPASSOWed Jul 24 1991Review of ONLINE HELP outline
354.01NZOMIS::HOWARDThu Jul 25 1991C++ usable with DEC Trellis?
355.02VOGON::FRYThu Jul 25 1991OSF/1 port of Trellis?
356.02OSLACT::OLAVFri Jul 26 1991Motif version?
357.03TROOA::KAMPFri Jul 26 1991Some Trellis questions.
358.01RUNT::COOPERSun Jul 28 1991? Problem with override
359.02IJSAPL::ELSWIJKThu Aug 01 1991A question about type generators
360.01MUGSY::PAUThu Aug 01 1991C code generation from Trellis code
361.06RUNT::COOPERSat Aug 03 1991? UHashTable insert problems
362.01NAVIER::SAISIMon Aug 05 1991Extent type?
363.0NAVIER::LONGThu Aug 08 1991Wish list - Separate User Library
364.0NAVIER::LONGThu Aug 08 1991Bugs - Categories, Case Sensitivity, and Compile Order-dependence
365.0NAVIER::LONGThu Aug 08 1991Wish list - Comments
366.01NAVIER::LONGThu Aug 08 1991Bugs - Operation Objects
367.0NAVIER::LONGThu Aug 08 1991Wish list - Performance Profiling
368.04NAVIER::SAISIThu Aug 08 1991Bugs: variable/scope and callbacks inactivated
369.010IJSAPL::ELSWIJKFri Aug 09 1991yet another question about typing rules
370.03DATABS::NORCOTTSat Aug 10 1991Faster, smaller Dump/Restore
371.02NAVIER::SAYLORMon Aug 12 1991Bugs - Window lockup
372.03CSC32::J_KASEDATue Aug 13 1991where to find intr.c or other ast example for Trellis
373.04OSITEL::BRITTAINThu Sep 05 19914 Quick Questions
374.0DATABS::OBRIENMon Sep 09 1991Trellis training in Europe
375.02CSC32::J_KASEDAWed Sep 18 1991Info on licensing for Trellis
376.01BEAGLE::VIGIERThu Sep 19 1991fixed name evaluation??
377.03BEAGLE::VIGIERThu Sep 19 1991mytype components
378.03DYOSW1::TAVANOTue Oct 01 1991Beginners coding help needed
379.02SIOG::CARRICKTue Oct 01 1991Trellis Resources - and Thank you
380.06BEAGLE::VIGIERFri Oct 04 1991trellis & oodb integration
381.0OTOOA::HICKSThu Oct 10 1991net kit needed for Ultrix via VMS
382.0DATABS::TENNYThu Oct 10 1991Job Opportunity - Trellis Engineering
383.04BYHAND::MCDONNELLTue Oct 15 1991Dazed and confused
384.03STKHLM::STENSTROMTue Oct 15 1991Customer questions on Trellis
386.08VOGON::FRYWed Oct 16 1991Trellis in a real project?
387.09SUBWAY::COMASWed Oct 23 1991Uninitialized variables?
388.02OTOOA::HICKSThu Oct 24 1991Trellis vs X.desktop or Looking Glass
389.02DATABS::OBRIENFri Oct 25 1991some OO presentations that you might be interested in
390.02OSLWed Nov 06 1991Some questions about DEC Trellis
391.03CGOOA::COATESThu Nov 07 1991Large TRELLIS project reference?
392.07SUBWAY::COMASMon Nov 11 1991Mytype argument as a variable?
393.05VOGON::HAIGHATue Nov 12 1991'friends' in trellis
394.01RHETT::SHARBUTTTue Nov 12 1991Additional introductory material
395.02RHETT::SHARBUTTWed Nov 13 1991Problem with the student tools demo
396.03VOGON::FRYSun Nov 24 1991Contra-/Co-variant typing?
397.0--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 25 1991Basics of OO, Trellis and Frames notes
398.01VOGON::HAIGHATue Nov 26 1991Basics of OO, Trellis and Frames notes
399.03JITWed Nov 27 1991How to start up RISC/ULTRIX Trellis?
400.06JITThu Nov 28 1991Unexpected termination (bug, SPR, etc.)
401.04VOGON::HAIGHAThu Nov 28 1991pushbutton callbacks
402.01VOGON::FRYTue Dec 03 1991Temporaries and garbage?
403.07VOGON::FRYWed Dec 04 1991Confusion about Activities (see .3)
404.06VOGON::HAIGHAWed Dec 04 1991customer thoughts
405.0XAPPL::WILPOLTTue Dec 10 1991opportunity to claim or complain about reuse in Trellis (or any other mechanism)
406.0COUNTFri Dec 13 1991Request for information on OO projects (internal or external)
407.04OSLACT::OLAVThu Dec 19 1991Check class membership checking at run-time?
408.08JITTue Dec 31 1991Syntax deficiency vs x-references
409.05JITThu Jan 09 1992Interesting company name
410.01SUBWAY::COMASMon Jan 13 1992When Motif?
411.04RUNT::COOPERMon Jan 13 1992? How do YOU handle GC ?
412.03SUBWAY::COMASThu Jan 16 1992When will GC algorithm be updated?
413.05RUNT::COOPERFri Jan 17 1992Example type: FSM
414.05VOGON::HAIGHAFri Jan 31 1992analysis_tool ???
415.03XNOGOV::JOEMon Feb 03 1992Customer comments
416.03VOGON::FRYWed Feb 05 1992Activities and DECthreads/RPC?
417.01BUNYIP::QUODLINGTue Feb 11 1992A trellis on Macintosh...
418.03VOGON::FRYFri Feb 14 1992Enable Breakpoints in Tools?
419.02XNOGOV::JOEMon Feb 17 1992Widget Resource names....
420.08YOYODN::J_KASEDATue Feb 18 1992Callout and updating ref to shareable image
421.06PIPE::ICYCLE::SMITHWed Feb 19 1992DEC Trellis V1.2 Product Goals
422.0WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIMon Feb 24 1992Kit location for RISC/ULTRIX is where? (moved from note 422)
423.02WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIMon Feb 24 1992licensing/registration and Educational bodies
424.04RUNT::COOPERFri Feb 28 1992Example type: Priority_queue[T: Type]
425.02YOYODN::J_KASEDAFri Feb 28 1992Changing size of temp area?
426.01VOGON::HAIGHATue Mar 03 1992real X events
427.02YOYODN::J_KASEDAMon Mar 09 1992Trellis and UIL?
428.0RUNT::COOPERThu Mar 12 1992Problem with Out_disk_file?
429.06SUBWAY::COMASTue Mar 17 1992real_value_changed operation in text_frame?
430.01VOGON::HAIGHAWed Mar 18 1992Aid for the Third (Parties) World
431.0PIPE::ICYCLE::SMITHWed Mar 18 1992DEC Trellis JOOP Article
432.03PIPE::ICYCLE::SMITHFri Mar 20 1992Object-Oriented Language Comparison Matrix
433.0RCKGDN::BROWNThu Mar 26 1992Bug in File_system type
434.0MARVLS::PLYNCHMon Mar 30 1992Trellis_Signal ACCVIO's
435.06PIPE::ICYCLE::SMITHFri Apr 10 1992Name That OO Product Contestn
436.02RUNT::COOPERMon Apr 13 1992? Builtin problems ?
437.013R2ME2::MAHERTue Apr 14 1992DEC Trellis V1.1 FT1 (and SSB) kit is now available over the net.
438.01FRUST::SAUERWEINThu Apr 16 1992No access to doc-files.
439.02SUBWAY::COMASWed Apr 22 1992V1.1 questions
440.02SUBWAY::COMASMon May 04 1992What's wrong with 'DECTrellis' ?
441.01RONAN::RONANWed May 06 1992Training available/planned?
442.02SUBWAY::COMASWed May 06 1992List_Frame problem in V1.1?
443.03VOGON::HAIGHAFri May 08 1992Multi-threading air traffic control and graphics
444.01AOSANE::ACHAUERMon May 11 1992Distributed Trellis V1.1 now available
445.03VOGON::HAIGHAMon May 18 1992Activities and the outside world
446.02RGB::MINERThu May 28 1992Trellis port to MS-Windows-NT and/or OS/2?
447.02VOGON::HAIGHATue Jun 02 1992The beginnings of a Trellis => Ada code generator
448.02RHETT::SHARBUTTThu Jun 11 1992Initializing a componet
449.03SUBWAY::COMASFri Jun 12 1992Using Color in V1.1?
450.02SUBWAY::COMASThu Jun 25 1992Getting Widget id?
451.05VOGON::HAIGHAFri Jul 03 1992Actions speak louder than words - when they work
452.04SUBWAY::COMASThu Jul 16 1992Help with String Type
453.0PIBALD::YOUNGMon Jul 20 1992Point and Click funtionality
454.0EVMS::KILGALLENThu Jul 23 1992Looking for One good Program
455.0KAMPUS::HEUSERThu Aug 13 1992Special issue of CACM will include article about distrib. Trellis (x-posted in OBJECT_ORIENTED)
456.0PIPE::ICYCLE::SMITHFri Aug 14 1992OO CASE QFD Session
457.01SUBWAY::COMASMon Aug 17 1992Stand-alone app for Customer problems.
458.01LSTWed Aug 26 1992How to set an icon pixmap for an application
459.01TAMBUR::STADELMANNMon Sep 07 1992Trellis Introduction for Country Management
460.03BIGUN::ANDERSONFri Sep 11 1992Trellis UPI not active?
461.0CRLVMS::HALBERTMon Oct 05 1992External request for Trellis manuals
462.03SUBWAY::COMASThu Oct 08 1992Anyone know details of Trellis/Objectivity Project
463.0PEEVAX::QUODLINGWed Nov 11 1992Trellis for Alpha?
464.0EOTAS::EASTWed Feb 17 1993Trellis V1.1 with RDB V4.1/4.2???
465.06ANGLIN::RBARBERISSun May 16 1993Port Trellis applications to Alpha
466.06RDGENG::FRYFri Jun 18 1993Trellis "donated" to OMG? Why?
467.0WILBRY::BENNETTWed Jul 07 1993OMG Donation - questions
468.0UPROAR::HAIGHATue Aug 17 1993Internally available sources please
469.03NYOSTue Jan 04 1994Modeling Business Rules as Objects?
470.0KAMPUS::NEIDECKERTue Jun 21 1994New compiler for OSF/1 and MIPS/Ultrix