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Conference clt::software_technology

Title:Software Technology Reports
Notice:Mail to RDVAX::MCC for STP reports
Created:Tue Dec 10 1985
Last Modified:Fri Sep 23 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:196
Total number of notes:407
Number with bodies:0
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1.02CLT::BUTENHOFTue Dec 10 1985Software Technology
2.01CLT::BUTENHOFTue Dec 10 1985Iconic Programming - Dr. Dan Olsen, Jr., BYU
3.0CLT::BUTENHOFThu Feb 20 1986CFM quarterly reports
4.0CLT::BUTENHOFThu Feb 20 1986Approachable Systems plans
5.02CLT::CANDELATue Feb 25 1986Workstation State-of-the-Art
6.01CLT::CANDELATue Feb 25 1986STP May 1985 STAC Meeting
7.0CLT::CANDELAWed Feb 26 1986STP Program Plan
8.0CLT::CANDELAWed Feb 26 1986STP November 1985 STAC Meeting
9.0CLT::CANDELAWed Feb 26 1986STP January 1986 STAC Meeting
10.03CLT::CANDELAThu Feb 27 1986Info about MCC
11.05CLT::CANDELAThu Feb 27 1986VTX listing of MCC reports
12.0CLT::CANDELAMon Mar 03 1986MCC Design Symposium, May 1985
14.01CLT::CANDELAMon Mar 17 1986STP deliverables
15.0CLT::CANDELAWed Apr 16 1986STP April 1986 STAC Meeting
16.0CLT::BRAFFITTMon Jul 21 1986STP Jul-1986 STAC Meeting
17.0CLT::MILLERWed Aug 13 1986July MCC STAC Trip Report
18.0SMURF::CLINEFri Sep 05 1986Bobby Inman Leaves MCC
19.01CLT::CANDELATue Sep 30 1986A survey
20.0CLT::CANDELAWed Nov 05 1986STP October 1986 STAC Meeting
21.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Nov 27 1986New DEC STP liaison
22.030AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Nov 27 1986STP Monthly Reports
23.01CLT::BRAFFITTTue Dec 09 1986CSCW '86 trip report
24.01CLT::REILLYThu Jan 22 1987MCC Report - GORDION Funct. Spec
25.01CLT::REILLYThu Jan 22 1987MCC Report - GORDION Design & Implem.
26.01CLT::REILLYThu Jan 22 1987MCC Report - Gordion: Flavors* UG
29.0CLT::REILLYThu Jan 22 1987MCC Report - petri net tool (UNIX)
31.04CLT::CANDELAMon Jan 26 1987Review of "A Survey of Hypertext"
32.0CLT::CANDELAThu Feb 05 1987STP January 1987 STAC Meeting
33.08CLT::CANDELAThu Feb 05 1987University of Texas Year of Programming
34.0CLT::CANDELAFri Feb 06 1987GARDEN Technical reports reviewed
35.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Feb 09 1987ICSE '87 Formal Spec. and Verification tutorial
36.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Mar 04 1987STP Ada workshop postponed
37.0CLT::CANDELAWed Mar 04 1987MCC gets new CEO
38.0CLT::CANDELAMon Mar 16 1987SUN adopts X
39.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Mar 24 1987Agenda for Apr-1987 STAC
40.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Mar 24 1987PlaneText software transfer/training plan
41.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Mar 24 1987Notes from CodeSmith visit to STP
42.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Apr 06 1987TAME- Tailoring an Ada Measurement Environment - Vic Basili
43.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Apr 13 1987Dansk Datamatik Center visit to STP
44.0VAXUUM::PARSONSFri Apr 17 1987Showing of Project Xanadu Tape
45.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Apr 22 1987Symposium on Principles of Database Systems trip report
46.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Apr 22 1987Predictions on future of computer science (1992)
47.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSat May 02 1987Emerald - An Object-Based Language for Distributed Programming
48.02CLT::CANDELAThu May 07 1987April 1987 STP STAC meeting trip report
49.02AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSat May 09 1987Reading/writing TAR tapes on VMS
50.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri May 15 1987STP's Visual Electronic Calendar and Electronic Communication and Coordination
51.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon May 18 1987Graphical application connector using X windows and UNIX pipes
52.02BAVIKI::GOODThu Jun 04 1987Preliminary Observations from the Field Study
53.09AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Jun 04 1987Jul-1987 STAC video conference
54.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSat Jun 13 1987Gary Perlman talk at MCC on Hypertext Interface to online documentation
55.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Jun 17 1987Summer 1987 USENIX Technical Conference trip report
56.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Jun 23 1987MCC-University Research Symposium 14/15-Jul-1987
57.01EUROPE::SCHERRERMon Jun 29 1987RDVAX::MCC doesn't work!
58.0LOVADA::SCHERRERThu Jul 16 1987ESEC 1987
59.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Jul 17 1987Request for Computer Magazine papers
60.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Jul 21 1987Sun NeWS window server avail. on Amiga
61.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Jul 22 1987Jonathan Grudin - Human Factors in UI Design
62.01CLT::CANDELATue Jul 28 1987John Whiteside's MCC trip report
63.02AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Aug 11 1987Upcoming technical report on STP field studies
64.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Aug 13 1987UT CS Research Review (19/2
65.0CLT::BRAFFITTWed Aug 19 1987HyperCard hypermedia system from Apple
66.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Aug 24 1987STP workshop - Target Downstream Environments for LEONARDO
67.02AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Aug 24 1987gIBIS software
68.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Aug 25 1987UT Software Engineering short course
69.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Aug 28 1987Debugging of Parallel and Distributed Programs
70.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Sep 01 1987Barcographics 4
71.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Sep 03 1987Jim Neighbors / Draco / Structure of Large Systems
72.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Sep 08 1987NeWS (Sun Window System) seminar
73.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSun Sep 13 1987John Brooke's MCC trip report
74.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Sep 18 1987Transferring Soft. Engineering Tools Tech. Workshop
75.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Sep 24 1987MCC Human Interface Newsletter
76.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Sep 25 1987STAC Oct-1987 session abstracts
77.0CHFVMon Sep 28 1987WYSIWYP Open for bullets, discussion
78.0CLT::CANDELAWed Sep 30 1987MCC license requests
79.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Oct 15 19876
80.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Oct 23 1987New STP videos to be shown 29-Oct in ZKO
81.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Oct 27 1987STP Design Expertise empirical study
82.03AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Nov 09 1987SEI/STP Process Assessment Training
83.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Nov 10 1987MCC/SEI/SPC workshop on Software Technology Transfer
84.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Nov 13 1987Guide to current STP videotapes
85.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSun Nov 15 1987Distributed meeting discussion in BULOVA::DECWINDOWS
86.02CLT::CANDELAWed Nov 18 1987STP October 1987 STAC trip report
87.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSat Nov 21 1987Don Petersen's Hypertext '87 workshop trip report
88.02AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Nov 30 1987VIS (Visual Interaction Surface) developer from STP (Bill Janssen) at Digital
90.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Dec 10 1987OOPSLA '87 Trip Report - focus on OODBMS
91.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSat Dec 12 1987TTP proposals due 15-Jan-1988
92.03AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Dec 17 1987STP schedule for 1988
93.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Dec 29 1987Hypermedia bibliography
94.02AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Jan 07 1988Status of CLOS (Common Lisp Object System)
95.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Jan 07 1988Guide to TEBASCO / VERDI materials from STP
96.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Jan 15 19881988 STP message from Les Belady
97.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Jan 15 1988New MCC shareholder - Hughes Aircraft division of GM Hughes Electronics
98.03AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Jan 15 1988gIBIS / VERDI/ Germ transfer workshop - 17-19-Feb
99.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Jan 26 1988PlaneText / gIBIS and other Hypermedia-related info
100.05AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Jan 26 1988Visit to Digital in New England by Jeff Conklin
101.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Jan 28 1988John Donovan's Jan-1988 MCC trip report
102.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Feb 02 1988New MCC program - High Temperature Superconductors
103.0BAVIKI::GOODFri Feb 12 1988Michael Good's trip report - January visit
104.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Feb 26 1988MCC/STP short term assignment (X Window System port)
105.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Mar 03 1988STAC agenda - 29-Mar - 3
106.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Mar 03 1988MCC addresses
107.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Mar 15 1988STP agenda for 23-Mar-1988 CEO day
108.01CLT::CANDELATue Apr 05 1988STP March 1988 STAC Trip Report
109.05AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSat Apr 16 1988Request for VERDI alpha test sites
110.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Apr 18 1988New MCC brochures now available
111.04AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Apr 18 1988STP quarterly report
112.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed May 04 1988Agenda for TAB Strategic Review of STP (1
113.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri May 27 1988Opportunities for Digital Assignees at MCC (STP and ACA)
114.02AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Jun 02 1988TeleSTAC '88 (VIDEO '88)
115.03AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Jun 10 1988DELI-88 seminar to be videotaped
116.01RSTS32::REYERWed Jun 22 1988Jeff Reyer's and Ken Lodding's June MCC trip reports
117.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Jun 30 1988Opportunities for Digital assignees at SEMATECH
118.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSun Jul 03 1988STP Chronological Highlights
119.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSun Aug 07 1988Presentation by Skip Ellis from STP in ZKO 15-Aug on Collaboratioon Technology
120.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Aug 10 1988Simon Gibbs (STP Groupware project) in CA 29-Aug
121.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Aug 15 1988STP external publications - 1987 and 1988
122.02AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Aug 19 1988STP software deliverables Aug-1987 - Jul-1988
123.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Sep 01 1988Q&A -- Digital's withdrawal from Selected MCC Programs
124.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Sep 02 1988STP FAX machine in Kaleido
125.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Sep 07 1988STP people biographical sketches
126.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSun Oct 02 1988STP technologies (from Sep-1988 TTP Woods)
127.02AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Oct 06 1988CSCW '88 trip report
128.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Nov 16 1988LEONET proposal (bulletin board exchange with STP)
129.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Nov 22 1988STP algorithms/software for graph layout
130.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Nov 29 1988DELI Grapher algorithm
131.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Nov 29 1988MCC program office and RDVAX::MCC moving to MLO
132.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Nov 30 1988XSCOPE, a monitor for X11 Server/Client communications
133.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Dec 16 1988STP proposal for direct access to STP network from X windows device
134.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Dec 21 1988Open house at STP 13-Jan-1989 after POPL '89
135.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Dec 28 1988Jeff Conklin's CDC and NCR trip reports on use of IBIS
136.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Dec 29 1988VIS software now available from STP
137.03AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Dec 30 1988TTP Object Oriented Workshop 27-Feb-1989
138.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Jan 10 1989STP Groupware joint prototyping project proposal
139.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Jan 12 1989Summary of STP <-> Digital visitors
140.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSat Jan 14 1989POPL '89 trip report - Glenn Bruns of STP
141.04AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSun Jan 22 1989STP technical report abstracts (1985-1988)
142.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTSun Jan 29 1989gIBIS Users Group Meeting
143.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Jan 30 1989Old STP distribution list
144.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Feb 09 1989mccsh - Time-Issues-Actors
145.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Feb 09 1989mccsh - ICSE tutorials
146.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Feb 09 1989mccsh - gIBIS, IBIS, design
147.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Feb 09 1989mccsh - Tech Transfer visit to Allen-Bradley
148.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Feb 09 1989mccsh - Visit to Software Engineering Research Center, Florida
149.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Feb 10 1989mccsh - GNU news
150.01AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Feb 15 19891989 event calendar for STP
151.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Feb 17 1989IEEE Software Special Issue: Applications of Formal Methods - call for papers
152.05AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Mar 03 1989May-1989 visit to Digital by STP's reuse and design recovery people
153.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Mar 08 1989Susan Gerhart's report on National Research Council meeting
154.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Mar 15 1989Susan Gerhart's Formal Methods Workshop trip report
155.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Mar 16 1989gIBIS/GERM incremental dump/load format proposal
156.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Mar 17 1989stIBIS (IBIS for PCs implemented in Smalltalk) sources available
157.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Mar 22 1989Electronic Design Notebook - Frek Lakin -
158.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTWed Mar 22 1989Design Recovery Workshop - April 27-28, 1989
159.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Mar 30 1989STP technologies of possible interest to SDT
160.06AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Apr 14 1989DELI - STP's Common Lisp computational platform
161.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Apr 21 1989Susan Gerhart's report on the MCC technology forecasting workshop
162.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Apr 24 1989Request for info on Stan Zdonik's (Brown) OOP classes
163.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Apr 25 1989PTAB agenda 26-Apr-1989
164.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Apr 28 1989VERDI V2.
165.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Apr 28 1989Leigh Power's notes on Objective-C
166.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue May 02 1989TDP FAX - (5
167.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu May 04 1989STP's Groupware project activities
168.01EMC2::CATTELTue May 16 1989Desperately seeking for help on VDM and formal methods
169.06AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu May 18 1989Formal Methods and Specifications
170.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTThu Jun 01 1989NASA 1-year contract with STP
171.02AUSTIN::BRAFFITTFri Jun 09 198915-Jun agenda (STP review and Formal Methods) at ZKO
172.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTTue Jun 13 1989Colin Potts's ICSE '89 and IWSSD trip reports
173.0AUSTIN::BRAFFITTMon Jun 19 1989Work with Requirements-Driven Development tool at STP
174.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANMon Jul 31 1989Self-Stabilizing Systems workshop - Aug. 11 '89
175.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed Sep 27 1989TELESTAC '89 (
176.0BURREN::UNLSTD_PARTSMon Oct 16 1989In search of a s/w release engineering position.
177.0DECWET::BINGHAMWed Feb 14 1990has Digital left the Software Technology project of MCC?
178.013TOOLS::BRAFFITTMon Mar 19 1990E-R tutorial/workshop and IPSE workshop at STP
179.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTFri Mar 23 1990STP Workshop on Dist. Sys. Design with VERDI
180.01TOOLS::BRAFFITTTue Apr 03 19902nd gIBIS/Germ User's Mtg Apr 17-18
181.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTFri Apr 13 1990Status of Digital's participation in STP
182.01AUSTIN::CHERUBINISat May 12 1990MCC VERDI Seminar Review
183.02TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed May 16 1990MCC/STP deliverables on DECstation 31
184.0AUSTIN::CHERUBINIFri Jun 15 1990STP E-R Workshop Trip Report
185.0AUSTIN::CHERUBINIThu Jun 21 1990Report on Formal Methods Proposal Workshop
186.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTMon Jul 02 1990Digital STP and ACT participation update
188.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed Jan 23 1991CRL seminar on Computer Communication
189.01TLE::WILDMon Jan 28 1991MCC FM Workshop Trip Report
190.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTWed Apr 24 1991DECspec Conference (Formal Methods, Larch)
191.0TOOLS::BRAFFITTFri May 03 1991Adding Groupware support to systems analysis (SADT)
192.0PACKED::BRAFFITTSun Apr 26 1992Software Development Technologies AD NOTES conference
193.0PACKED::BRAFFITTSun Apr 26 1992Software Development Technologies AD projects
194.0PACKED::BRAFFITTThu Sep 03 1992List of STP-developed software
195.01PACKED::BRAFFITTMon Sep 19 1994New projects at MCC
196.0PACKED::BRAFFITTFri Sep 23 1994MCC CYC Project